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fr f 11 1' if , S! 7f 77 C, C i v A . A - . ir- :sf N 1 L 4 N f lf td 'P D u lgrezienfing jk? ,aaa JM 514.,.,f CLARIDE WOODWARD Editor BOB SIMON Business Manager .Agia SADC! Song Once again we as school mates assemhle. We fain would lift our hearts in song. To our high school, our dear Alma Mater, Let gladness the moments prolong. We are proud of our lads and our lasses Of honors won in days gone hy, So here's a cheer for Alva High School, For Alva High School, for Alva High. CHORUS Here's to our classes, here's to our lasses, Here's to the lads they adore. Here's to the Seniors so mighty, lunzors so flzghty, Freshies and Sophomores Let mirth and gladness hanish all sadness, And as the days go hy You'll find us ready and steady Boosting for Alva High. Soon for us will our school days he ended, And joys of youth that fade so fast. But we know that our hearts often ponder On memories of scenes that are past. There are joys that will long he remembered And friendships ma, that ne'er shall die. So here's a cheer for Alva High School, For Alva High School, for Alva High. f S ORVILLE KORN B. S., M. S. Oklahoma A. KL M. College ibecbcafion A strong high school is dependent upon a good and Wise principal, one who helps and guides the students. Because We believe that you are such a man, and in appreciation for all you have meant to the students of Alva High School, we ded- icate the 1950 GOLDBUG to you, Mr. Korn. glam! of gyucafion ALVIN PARIS CLAUDE 0. NIGKELL President Clerk GEORGE w. MURRAY G. OMAR HILL Vice-President E. MILFORD RICE Behind every Well organized and smoothly operating school system is a group of thoughtful and ambitious lead- ers. A great and important responsibility lies with these men, for it is their task to maintain a well balanced school system. The members of the Alva Board of Edu- cation are leaders of this kind. LLIQQFLIL tell elif 3 ezfrfage -3 The presentation of the 1950 Goldbug Annual symbolizes the true Alva High School spirit. The photographs, of the groups and of individuals as well as other articles of interest, will serve as valuable memories in future years. Congratulations to the Annual Staff and faculty sponsors for this fine produc- tion. The many hours that you worked together in this endeavor, is greatly ap- preciated by all. RUTH BRADLEY EDNA DONLEY, B. S., M. A. Office Secretary University of Colorado BRYON ROBERTS A B Northwestern St College Alva Alva 0 l" 6 4 ' CKETT, B. M. E. JAMES BRAKEBILL, B. M. I Q la. 6: 9 ist University, Shawnee Southwestern, Winfield, Kansas MARTHA FRIZZELL, B. S. Northwestern St. College, Alva JOE STITH, B. S. Northwestern St. College, Alva HARZMAN, A. B. St. College, Alva I MARGERY CLINE, B. S. Northwestern St. College. Alv M377 W ROBERT MANNING, B. S. Northwestern St. Colle Alva MARY IDELLE COX, A. B., M. A. University of Colorado JOE HEATON, B. S. 1iJ.,'. LESTER GALLON, B. S., M. A. Northwestern St. College, Alva Oklahoma A. 8a M. College "'X MARGY EWALT, A. B. MARGUERITE ELLIOTT, A. B. Northwestern St. College, Alva Northwestern St. College, Alva LELAND WALKER, B. S. Oklahoma A. Sz M. College r . M, -7" CWM? NOEL TAYLOR, B. S. Northwestern St. College, Alva f"'5 '55 ... 5 'Q BOB SIMON President MOLLIE WEAVER Treasurer CHARLES BINDRUM Yell Leader n. r 'ii if '. fi .I--l IWQC CONNIE BURDICK BETTY ZAHORSKY Vice President Secretary eniord IN 1946 A GROUP OF green, frightened freshmen entered Alva High. We were headed by Marvin Marsh as president. After knocking around the halls for a year and acquiring a little more assurance, we became "sophisticated" sophomores. That year we chose Bob Simon as our leader. Finding sophistication a little hard to take, we re- laxed and the next year as "flighty" juniors, we flew through our junior year under the capable leadership of Claride Woodward, our first lady president. Our final year, as "mighty" seniors we reverted to custom and chose as our president, Bob Simon. Under his guidance we are having a wonderful final year in Alva High. NELDA ELMORE Student Council BRUCE GRAVES Student Council 145 , A ..-. nysrrx f 'T JACK ANDERSON KATIE PAUL Y JIM JACKSON ,p1QN .-of DARREL PEARSON JOY CAMERON CLARIDE WOODWARD DOROTHY KING 7 1 E' KENNETH BEADLES ' 3- .4 Q Q I . '. A L , ELDON WIERSIG JUANITA LEDESMA KIM GILL 'Q 'RF Y? JACK GING WAYNELL MALLORY IVA JEAN ROSE MARVIN MARSH MARJORIE WATSON .I as fix , W '--.. 'EF' 4' VERNA LEE WILSON BILL THROCKMORTON BILLY FULLERTON WILLIS EALEY hx ,N PAUL FETTKE LAVERNA STITES BETTY BURKET if LOWELL REDFERN ii BOB BARR r MILDRED HADA 2 , Rf sw . -'e fix Q WILLIS JACKSON ES NORMA JEAN SHOEMAKER NORRIS SMITH JOYCE McMURPHY ED FAULKNER ,E, Wx GEORGIA LENZ Yi 'N 4-G26 121- S. 4-L . 1:1 4 'J I KATHERINE STERBA HAROLD STITES SADIE OSBURN ROBERT MURROW Tv- W 555. VIRGIL CHANCE MARGARET ECKLES RUBY BARKER KENNETH WOODS Fvx JOE COX BERTHA BOHAM RUTH AI ILE MOREFIELD NETTIE VANDRUFF GLEN CLINE S 3' 'EQ V 'fx sf GENE LYON ELAINE BROWN HARRY ,x W 'F-vs. I W VERNON LIEURANCE DARREL SERVIS 5' 'U'-.X 1 NELDA QUAST , Q . 5 ' 'I' PHILIP WALTERS HARLAND HINTERGARDT -Pl' DONALD LIESWALD RICHARD HARRISON firxxrx DONALD FAILES JACK FRIEZE A .. . ,xXE.Q'f., 6 FEV- A A ' , A vs. X Q NIX ANDERSON DICK KOPPITZ AQ "I Jn Xie f Ya u- P57 ' 3 X Q R Q ,F ,Taz V. Af. f .1 4 . lf w'.',,,, 5 ' ke. a'. A594 A., , r., in UM? Ni Eg,' 'lf y , 'B 'R J, WW CU ' Q ,- 3. '- ' 13, qv- A51 4 '22 9 x - 4 Q- 'G-R. F. 'ik 'hiv' x U X Ile.-,v Q 1 I hav' Fly X in ,. fi ,. 0 r i v ui ' ' . 7 2l'll0l' 0 5 O Most Intellectual BURDICK Sz WOODWARD Best Flirts O FAILES 81 WATSON Best Class Ditchers GING 81 BEADLES Most Talkative MALLORY 8: ANDERSON Most Bashful W BROWN 81 LIESWALD lllls Q l I Q1 'I In -E S ll' ll: gl uniord l l PHIL STEPHENSON President CARL SHAFER Secretary In ROBERTA GASKILL Treasurer unior oem Wben tbe Iuniors go by everyone stares, Their face: are never gloomy witb trouble: or care Happy and carefree witb never a worry No place to go but alwayx in a buffy. Our boyx played with vigor on tbe football squad. And our basketball players we also applaud. Good grades are made by eacb lad and lax, And every day youll find tbem in a typing or a Latin clasx. I ""s-Q. Wm. LARRY HELLMAN Yell Leader DOROTHY TOM DENNER RONALD APPLEMAN EVELYN ENSOR PAULA ROBINSON TOM DEAN flag Ch ' KENNETH RICHARDSON SUE ELLIOTT 4 I v r man 9' JEANE SCHAEFER HAROLD CALHOUN Rm 3935 Q J L2 k ' .E gf- . 11 qv xx.. x ,- MYRNA JO SHELBY BILL PEASTER l 13' N D CAROLYN EDWARDS BRAD CAMPBELL v-nf Al ALVIN GEIS NANCY McGINLEY Z' fu- - MARY TANNER TONY BEADLES "-23 ' lvl f, IMOGENE REIMAN GENE HUFFORD MARIJENE CRISWEI I RYLE ROBINSON MARY WADLEY BILL GROH PN i RITA MAXWELL LEE HADWIGER Y PEGGY HARDGROVE WAYNE KINZIE Q! DON PEASTER DOROTHY BORUM .1'." K' HAROLD LOHMANN LILA JOACHIM T .,fj't' Dfw Y wg I NANCY JOACHIM HARVARD LITTON HENRIANNA ALEXANDER BRYCE HILL "-6? 1:1 3.2: WANDA HOUSTON CHARLES WATT DARRIL PFLEIDER SHIRLEY McDONALD ,ix Y - NANCY ZAHORSKY BOBBY YADON BILL McDOWELL LEONA MORRIS 4, 'GIF' As., I A i LaDONNA WILKINSON KENNETH WEAVER ri vw-'F' 9-1 bv, I .. if HELEN ECKLES LYLE WILSON A 'Z' . T' 5' GLORIA ANN RING HAROLD CELLEN .1-wmv' 9..- LEOTA J ARRED GARNET WILSON MARVIN GRAYSON MARY THILSTED ELAINE I-IADA GERALD DOCTOR l W5 JIMMIE FRIEZE ANNA BELLE FULKERSON DIXIE GOODE ANNA SHARP Ja 1 VIRGINIA MYERS GLENDA ARNDT '27 T FAE LYON JU' PAULA GRAY NINA MAE ASHTON .'.' ' Ox EULALIA KURTH LAVELLE JOHNSON ,Ag Wx PEGGY KRAUS WINONA NELSON an JOAN McMULLEN 7f'fTX I ir' I can P X. .. L X , 4 Q " M' X MX 4 w- S XX Jxifii l 3 un 5 N A 5' ' - A - , .1 . - Y ' ' ' 9, 1 1 - ' - ' L A"i' 4 " . " -..,5., 'aE m . I 1' 511' 'Lrg' STE, . 'L 4 l. 'Q ' X n ' W fb f 'k"' 4 l .1 ' Lift' VY' V . :viii f . 1 s"n..-sf", .' Q iw Q 1 1 Va a .4 1 fs -cf I inf' if X 7 7. g z S10 0l'l'l0I'e5 '11 AUGIE L-EDESMA HAZEL SCHICK BETTY ARTHUR President Vice-President Secretary IRVIN RITTER PEGGY JACKSON Yell Leader DWIGHT REED Student Council Student Council ji! 0lIl0l'2 all When we were Freshies, we felt rather small Because of initiation, new studies and all. Anal at assemblies, sometimes you could hear That quite brave but feeble Freshman cheer. But now on Fridays, we let out a roar To let visitors know we're Freshies no more. The Sophomore Year is so much more lun But still we'ue gotten our studies done. And when we're Seniors, so very almighty Anal start to loole down on the Sophomores, so flighty, l'm sure we'll remember all the memories so dear Which only can come with the Sophomore Year. HARRY Treasurer La DONNA WHITE LARRY PEARSON 'F' NORMA JEAN MEYER KENNETH DIMMICK LEONA RAUH JIMMY GEIS WANDA BRATCHER ROBERT GASKILL BRIDGET ALBAN DICK DOTTER BETTY McCLUNG GENE JOHNSON ,z if BARBARA GASKILL ANN , .av- 1 x WILLIS KRAMP CHARLOTTE TRUESDALE LEROY ALLEN 7 f, V 19' Ql"'s .:"'x 54,5 J 1 J Af- lsfy Y-r ,4' -Q'-'." CHARLES MILLER BETTY RAUH CHUCK RITCHEY PATSY SN ODDY DOROTHY KELTCH GENE KENDRICK La JEAN REED JACK BOSWELL LOUIS HOFFMAN NORMA PETERMAN DALE ZEHR BE'l'TY MIDDAUGH JAY DEE ZEHR JUNE WATSON JERRY KORN PAT BICKEL 751 PAT WAGNER GLENN MADDOX ROY PFLEIDER JANICE WATSON ,Val ZITA RING GEORGE HARNEY BARBARA GALLON ESTHER HADA H. O. SANDERSON DALE CRANE V my KATHY CHILDERS CHARLES SMITH .ang 'YD .lk maj -Q-""A '13, PAT JONES HARRY TYREE DELLA NORDYKE J. W. KING PAT McALISTER DAI E LUDLUM . ap CELIA TAYLOR SIGGAR BATES D R I ILBERT HADA ARLENE WHITELY WAYNE REASONER ESTHER HINTERGARDT JIM GROH naw QS" BILLY PARKER ROBERT WOODS BILLY FRIEZE PAUL JOHNSON NORMAN BREWER REBECCA TERWORT DAVID EARL .nh ' rx --L., 1.54 A ' -M www ' e v . 9 , Wffhv? ,-f' .1 I' f ' we P i " NW , ,Q .nu nun . 'C 3 .JA i.:4 311 -Q. " . ,.,...,. , li N .1 5 A 'l"N f-npgfrf' N X , 3 1 N . Z, 41, G- U 'P 7 .Z fir x f W9 .Q . L, 1-SF I .c- ,. A x ' 'f-LT.-f ' I R-mv V ' , L il 1 X .x. K' .J 7 ' 'fr 4 ' 3? f ,f f f I gl- ' 'fax 1, f- -Q- 'F 3 vu-f g 'bu- K 1 . 'ir ' n -, X, ,.' V .1 ,X 9 ' 5 .' it x T. J.-V5 ,QL :ft ex - 'Y cv Q jfetfkniell A bunch of green Freshmen arrived in September And they're a group we hope you'll remember. Initiation really gave them a fright, And to see bow they looked was quite a sight. The girls wore jeans, and dressed as boys, And to wear ten pigtails was the least of their joys The boys wore dresses and some had curls, The reason they did this was to look like girls. The Freshman party was a hayrack ride, And there were many couples sitting side by side Eighty-eight Freshmen, all of them new, Walking through the halls are really quite a few. Though at times to the teachers, we may seem a trial We hope that next year they'll think us worthwhile EILEEN SHALLOUP Yell Leader ALAN STEPHENSON Student Council Representative MARTHA SUE McCRARY Student Council Representative A A 'I BARBARA BUTLER JACK SIMON KARON SHELBY LEE MACKEY 4 fi 7 Y MARY MOORE ,, Q- PAT MCGINLEY OLETA BABCOCK AUSTIN TRAVERSE JORE'I'I'A THOMAS CARLOS ALEXANDER JANET WOODWARD JERRY HAYWARD DONNA McCORD .DARREL WIERSIG DONNA JO BRADLEY BILL HARZMAN RUTH DEVERY GORDON REED DONALD STITES CONNIE BEVIS 5:1 J 'G' D -'c 'R A Aa T I S 'S 49- J Nb Q3 ,SO ' N4 fi Q I., ,n .A-A ' 'S' 1 RA 'L - N 'fran ,B A .i x QS fg xdy. fm-ff 'X .L if Yi' asv 43 Y' wr, J' 4-5? w. 'Y - 1, ggi . ' A f f- A ' JV: V S v " , ' 4 ' 7 " J X" Q 1 ., . , . A15 im 5 CARL WEIGAND LETA JO MILLEGE SUE CURRY STEARNS ROGERS 5.0 JANENE DUNNIGAN DUANE McOSKER NELLIE FAULKNER 5-3 DUANE FARRIS JACK BEADLES ARNELLA WESTON DWIGHT SURFACE .PC 9' JON TYREE DORLEEN MEIXNER AVA HALTOM BOB SHOEMAKER SYLVIA ECKLES GLENDA PARKER THOMAS CROUCH WANDA PFLEIDER CHARLES NIEMAN i i' Q 6 udj NADINE ARNDT JOHN BARKER GLADYS ABBOTT ARMOND CRAY BETTY KRAFT MAX FAULKNER JOELENE COX HARVEY TREKELI. S' A15- 4 NS-- rf- xi' .' -SI... K tx. 4' ' . 4 -I ,. e xx 3- N w , X' 'YP 'v 1' ,f .iii-D -y-.A.. 12111 - 1 'Z 9 c it '13-g .1':: ,4 -- ' T Nl.- Q? 4 If . iii 'Z-s-,L :i P . Arriving on the Bus O Pfhestra 'WV Q Regular check-up by Nurse f , mg, if PM Q i Gwmeffy xv? I LH' 33' N up UIICPSXG r axxrffg E 9 AMERICAN HISTORY CHEMISTRY NIE BOYS' PHYSICAI EDUCATION WG MI URW SKC QW' ,,...,I.- HOME ECONOMICS X . Fm 'B' " ,.,-,.. ?,.. PN, n, .- fv . hx - Y. null HF' QSGLXSH REFRESHMENTS' a X UNCC lxjx In XC-Xa fl ?gf', EY! I M i .ly .-'N 'ZES7-Ekh GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION .f4cfiuifie:5 ALVA HIGH .gzwlenf Counci! THE STUDENT COUNCIL takes an active part in the life of Alva High School. It is a student representative group with each class and organization electing delegates to the Council. The eighteen member group sponsors one or more major projects each year. This year they purchased several biographies for the li- brary, and some records of Shakespearean plays. They are co- operating with the F.H.A. in redecorating the girls' lounge. The Student Council sponsors one school social each month, and has helped with the volley ball and basketball intramural program. The Student Council this year is under the capable leader- ship of Bruce Graves, president. Other officers are Nelda June Elmore, vice-president, Claride Woodward, secretary-treasurer. Sponsors are Edna Donley, Gresham Elkins, and Margy Ewalt. if "To promote and Serve "We present the 1950 GOLDBUGH UMUC!! 30 Editor CLARIDE WOODWARD Associate Editor NANCY JOACHIM Business Manager BOB SIMON Assistant Business Manager JEANETTE SCHAEFER Class Representatives BETTY ZAHORSKY ROBERTA GASKILI, HARRY CLINE BONNIE RAUH Class Editor MOLLIE WEAVER Class Representatives NELDA JUNE ELMORE SUE ELLIOTT CHARLOTTE TRUESDALE DONNA JO BRADLEY Activities Editor PHILIP WALTERS Activities Assistants HAZEL SCHICK BILLIE FAE FULLERTON Sports Editor Sports Assistants BILL PEASTER BETTY MIDDAUGH EVELYN ENSOR Photography Editor LOWELL REDFERN Class Representatives Art Work Typists Goldbug Sponsors JOY CAMERON RITA MAXWELL BETTY ARTHUR NAN FRANCES CARL SHAFER MARTHA SUE McCRARY WAYNELL MALLORY BETTY BURKET LAVERNA STITES MISS EDNA DONLEY MISS MARGY EWALT tl hfbih .wr L. 64.4 THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB is composed of twenty- three members. Their accompanist is Nancy Joachim. They have taken part in several assembly programs, including the special Christmas program given by the vocal department. Their Student Council representa- tive is Bob Simon. Miss Ruth Crockett is an accomplished pianist and di- rector of vocal music at Alva High School. ir 5' gde THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, under the direction of Miss Ruth Crockett, is composed of fifty-five members. Their accompanist is Dorothy Keltch. They have made several public appearances and have given three assem- bly programs this year. Their Student Council repre- sentative is Hazel Schick. 55 '37 The Girls' Trio is composed of Nan Francis, soprano, Jo- nila Graves, second soprano, and Paula Robinson, alto. f ell Mahory, Virginia Nlynu, , Kenneth R' h . IC ardson, Alvm fels, D arrel qervls Ryle Rob lnson son, T010 Dean Wayn Haruki Cawoun. Mome Weav er. Vauhx Rohm 11 Rita Max well, Ruth A hnS0 e Darr. Lavene Jo R05 drun' - Jo Van Nettle Ecklesw Jo Yaden- Helen Norma n, Harold nn Devery, I.aDonna Wilkinson, Nan Slites, R ose Marie Kline. La cy Zahorsky Donna WiUfinson, Gamez Wilsqpn f Z , l , - ' 4 L Betty Zahorsky. Nancy Joachim. and Joyce McMurphy OFCA 25 ffa Alva High School is proud of her twenty piece string orchestra under the direction of Mr. James Brakebill. Members of the group attended the Music Clinic at Phillips University, and participated in various contests. They have presented several assemblv programs. Tom Dean. Vhuck Ritchey, Wayne Kinzie. Willis Kramp BMJ Alva High School is very proud of her sixty-six piece band, under the direction of James Brakebill. New band uniforms were purchased this year through contributions of business men and school patrons. Nile Joachim, music coordinator for the city schools. has been very helpful in all band activities. 5 1 "The Bachelofs Reverie" .SYQQQCA THESE STUDENTS represented Alva High in the various speech acti- vities at the following tournaments: Phillips University, Northwest Speech Conference at Cherokee, Northwestern District at Alva, and the Central Speech tournament at Edmond. Each member of the group participated in at least one individual and one group event . . . oratory, interpretation, radio, public address and one act plays. These stu- dents did themselves and their school proud by qualifying for the State Meet to be held in Norman in April. Many of the group appeared on programs for local organizations as well as in assembly. All speech acti- vities are under the direction of Edna Donley. F lf I Q Q l l 4 l ledafe ALVA HIGH'S DEBATE TEAMS are an important part of the speech activities. This year eight students worked on debate as an activity the first semester, and then try-outs were held for the teams. Two teams were selected, and these teams debated both sides of the question. In November the debaters went to Guy- mon for practice debates, and to Enid for the Phillips tournament. A group attended the Classen tournament in January. These two teams, Claride Woodward and Philip Walters, and Bob Simon and Kenneth Dimmick represented Alva High at the Northwest Speech Conference in Cherokee, Northwestern District at Alva, and the Cen- tral Speech tournament at Edmond. Alva High is proud of the fine work these stu- dents did. . WN 00. 00 QSBQAV' Sm we . wi' ' wmv 'N xxx 960 ww" P"5 I Y' 5 ,L !. H 1 l X Img ? . X i A C ONTRAST I 1 WT Q ,,,,, il 'E A ' 1 2 'X I if 'E 232 1' 5 ,' ig! 4 My .lime i M F gm 1 U 2 X , ,XUKES OF U-,-v...... 1 E 1 1 I 4 . , . i I Q A i -s ill sf? ir B f ff 5, a .1 Q 'W'-3 . 5 I we WW OVER FOITRTEEN AND SIN! ffl 5 S2 Q , 1 1 - g H2 Nl 5 z ' ' Q 94 O if , 12 ,iii ? 2 rf ' 1, i? r 5 3 S :Z IK V 1 9 l Patty, the tattletale MARY TANNER Mrs. Blaine, her mother NANCY MCGINLEY Mr. Blaine, her father RONALD APPLEMAN Isabel. her older sister JEANETTE SCHAEFER Artie. her younger brother LEE HADWIGER Ida May. her girl friend PAULA ROBINSON RITA MJAXWELL Tod, her boy friend TOM DENNER Paul Dawson, a young editor PHIL STEPHENSON Mr. Nixon, the high school principal BILL McDOWELL Mrs. Nixon, his wife . LaDonna Wilkinson unior add pfay '17..f1LfazZ " mu-:sum 1-:LKINS Director CAST Miss Wiggam. a teacher SUE ELLIOT Walt Kennedy, a detective HAROLD CALHOUN Louella LEOTA JARRED Monica EVELYN ENSOR Barney TOM DEAN Mr. Whitaker, president school hoard KENNETH WEAVER Mrs. Lorimer. president of Woman's Club GARNET WILSON Hetty Heaton, of the radio RITA MAXWELL or DOROTHY RITTER Quiz, a reporter MARY WADLEY ga fare armerd of .xgmerica THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA have forty-nine members, which is one hundred per cent of all students enrolled in vocational agriculture. ' Leadership, co-operation, thrift, character, recreation, scholar- ship, citizenship, patriotism, improved agriculture and service are the foundation stones upon which the FFA structure is built. The FFA motto IS? "Learning to do, doing to earn: Earning to live, living to serve." Twenty-four boys were initiated as Greenhands into the or- ganization this year at an impressive ceremony conducted by the FFA officers. Our chapter was represented at the National Con- vention of FFA in Kansas City in October. Harvard Litton placed seventh with his Angus steer at the Americal Royal. The chapter has entered 23 judging contests on state, district, and county level. The membership has a total of 103 productive projects for the year. Last year the total net income for project work was 316,040.49 on 77 productive projects. Officers are: President, Dick Koppitzg Vice-president, Harvard Litton: Secretary, Vernon Lieuranceg Treasurer, Alvin Geisg Reporter. Darrell Servisg Sentinel. Joe Cox: Advisor, Leland Walker. ,F ll llll lll H The organization of the Future Homemakers of America has a membership of eighty-three girls who have had at least one year of homemaking or are enrolled in homernaking at the time of their initiation. The purpose is to foster development of creative leader- ship in home and community life, and to work for a good home and family life for all. The projects for the year were: patients. 1. Three boxes sent to World Christ- 4. Adding attractive shelving, mir- mas Festival. rors and curtains to the girls' 2. Christmas dinner and gifts for a room at the high school. family of five. 5. Box of sewing supplies to a foreign 3. Valentine favors tn the hospital economics class. At the rodeo party in September all of the girls were enter- tained Who were interested in joining FHA. In December a pot-luck supper and Christmas party were featured. A party-dance in J an- uary was enjoyed by the girls and their dates. In March a parent- daughter dinner was an opportunity to meet and make new friends. The senior members were entertained at a luncheon in May. The officers attended a Leadership Conference at Mooreland and forlty-five members Went to the State Rally at Oklahoma City in Apri . f---.1 ef- ,4 L.:- l Je, 54,4 W THE KEY CLUB is one of the youngest organizations in Alva High School, having been organized three years ago under the sponsorship of the local Kiwanis Club. The local club is a part of the international or- ganization and is under the auspices of the Kiwanis International. The purpose of the organization is to provide for the interests of the boys in high school, and to develop a spirit of school and community serv- ice. The Club sent a basket at Thanksgiving and Christmas to a needy family in Alva. They also assisted in the March of Dimes drive. The activities of the organization include attendance at Kiwanis meet- ings, a hayrack ride and party On HallOwe'en, and a formal dance at the Alva Country Club. E OFFICERS 36 6 vs SPONSORS JACK GING, President 4? GRESHAM ELKINS .4 ' .Qs- 1 04' 9 I fs' fi Q ,fb me bfi I il M CARL SHAFER, vice vresiaem -S4 M. , NOEL TAYLOR TOM DENNER, Secretary fg ZZ, V? -Q W 7 R3 la AY, Z ' -. 'ew ' -f ,-an . . , -GX .T Z? .lr .. A . R. "'f4'Iff'AfWid' - CONNIE BURDICK, Treasurer 1 I CLU6 i --4-J Ai -lm Y-TEEN is one of the oldest organizations of Alva High School. It is a part of an international organization of the teen age group of the Y. W. C. A. The group sponsors several projects each year by money raised from selling at school activities and by dues. The projects this year were con- tributions to the World Friendship Among Children, which was to sup- ply Christmas gifts for the children in the war-torn countries, and also to World Fellowship for reconstruction work in Europe. For a local proj- ect the girls prepared a Thanksgiving basket for a needyfamily. The ideals and purpose of the Y-Teen is: "To build a fellowship of women and girls to the tasks of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians." SPONSOR OFFICERS LUELLA HARZMAN NANCY MCGINLEY, President RITA MAXWELL, Vice I resident ANNA MAE SHARP. Secretary GARNET WILSON, Treasurer The Goldbug Press CIM ALVA UILAHQMA VVEDNESDAKV, OCTOBER 5, T947 i NUVTBEU 2 A sg3: bvy GoIdbugsScaIpCherokee Maroons? SCHUU' ,Mum 551335122 142 Pfllfw In 51 To ZS Rout Before 2,509 Held Fflday , : , lx.: in-t AH --.INN nun 'I :hc- ""'i' ' Q yn ,1"u"'5n, L01-jn Xllllllllllll QfffQfSfQn f fMff'xH1.'QQ'Q 5 5 Y , 6 'CQQTXOIL M1555 4 Krruw .Lxvk Gmg, Lowell R,4-dfcm f 'f Q H nggcpwg 'Q 1 S b' ,vm H, ilk. avi, Q Q., Fu: -.v rm S Q m D v 1 b Q WV .11 sun 3' " . U, Has, D .- EXLI I it J 1l1lLi'fil'SIl'A8 U Q ' glwfgp F Q' S A Q K N V - 4 Nb: ' Q 1 I 'NI gy Iflxmlr K if it JTC! A , QQQ , M, , Y' ' V P I 1 , O 1 K ru 4 E X 11 " U, 5 Z' X' ,up nchm Iuiul C f ' Q mM - -- t 1 V I M K """1 XBXQYF fA?'i5 Hfwfaz-'Qzqzgy 5n5t"12Qsfz?. va f'75Q'?C,4 Q 9 'I' flew L- WW QXBAYQ. A 'N as -Y"-jlw.fX'l . ' H - '5' vu" -r Q' ' X ' 0.9 I 'O '90 0 1 O V1 f X ' 0 0 , fs, J' . ' -1 fu .- O 0 J' E A r A I .Q ry 'ytfof Q90 A , S ,sb M fa, Q 5 5 S- 91, -2- 'fqf Q' ff? X S. Wag! Q., LUG C"u5H ff4?"6,,f Qrdg, etyHFrii:212SonCe 'H-1 Sudan! Councal QQQQS C952 Q Cf'7OQ,7 05 di, 6' 55' .0:zfef7'-W "fm iimw S1d 1 G 1 gb 'Q" wT 2!.g k,,i , 'Q u ens enera e 'X sv lf? .fdfkdficd , 6 I X : i l" 357 gg ,:,zg - 1 " ,. Queen Katie Paul, Captain Jack Ging, Coronation of Football Queen October 21, 1949 Myrna Jo Shelby, Dorothy Ritter, attendants, Marvin Marsh, Co-Captain. . ,1' W .nf - if 1.-I 4 M J. A Captain Jack Ging crowns Katie Paul "Football Queen 1949" P 3? :F , SYOOMC. ff Queen KATIE PAUL , X 1 an a 'twang M- ----n---. ll gugeffea "THE PURPOSE OF the organization shall be to pro- mote pep and enthusiasm among the students of Alva High School and wholeheart- edly support the athletic ac- tivitiesf' Bugettcs was organized in 1938 with thirty members. Now the membership is ninety-nine members. This year the Bugettes held an all-school dance in honor of the Goldbugs 4 Re- gional Champs-at the Le- gion Hut on December 9th, Officers are: Billy Fuller- ton, presidentg Nelda Elmore, vice-presidentg Roberta Gas- kill, secretaryg and Hazel Schick, treasurer. Miss Mar- guerite Elliott is the sponsor. , . ., av.. ' -. . 7' in i ll to 5, .' A . '. ' , . . . - rin.- BACK ROW: Assistant Coach Byron Roberts, Ron nie Appleman, Tom Denner, J' Jackson, Orville Canaan, Kenneth Richardson, Carl Shafer, Vernon Lieurance, Connie Burdick enneth Beadles, LeRoy Allen, Paul Fettke, Bryce Hill, Bob Barr and Coach Dean Simon. CENTER ROW: Bill Groh, Larry Pearson, Harry Kerns, Bruce Graves,, Eld Wiersig, Robert Gaskill, Larry Hellman, Tommy Dean, Jack Ging, Marvin Marsh, Wayne Rea er, Harold Calhoun and Dale Zehr. FRONT ROW: Ronald Grover, Jack Boswell, Augie Ledesma, Irvi b Yadon, Willis Ealey, Bill Peaster, Don Peaster, Harold Cellan, Alvin Geis and Jim Gei Not in the picture: Darrel Servis, Richard Kuntz, Bill McDowel P Stephenson. 0 . 0 uc I All State Back Honorable Mention, All American High School ck Ging - Quarter Back Letterman 2 Yrs., Senior l949 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1949 Sept. 9 Alva Laverne Sept. I6 Alva Cherokee Sept. 30 Alva Shattuck Oct. 7 Alva Fairview Oct. 14 Alva Waynoka Oct. 21 Alva Jet Nov. 4 Alva Woodward Nov. ll Alva Guymon STRIC OFFS Nov. 18 Alva 14 Garb Nov. 24 Alva 20 Geary Dec. 2 Alva 14 Wynnewood v 1 ' 'ff Q ,n j '5'. fi ., , an , 1' 1 ,- X S Il .X4 L , -. A . , ELDON WIERSIG, Fullhack Letterman 2 yrs., Senior ml T , . was ,392 1' J 4 A 6 -. BILL PEASTER, Guard Letterman 2 yrs., Junior KENNETH BEADLES, Halfback Letterman l yr., Senior 1 f r 4 Q all Zia- 5 Us . . - A c A W A H 'Ju ' "f'fo9'L' f"k'm . .I .- A " , . MARVIN MARSH, Center Letterman 2 yrs., Senior THE ALVA HIGH GOLDBUGS, under the coach- ing of Dean Simon and Byron Roberts, began their greatest season by defeating a strong Laverne team in a non-district game, 26 to 12. Showing some improvement in the next game they defeated Cherokee 51 to 25. Shattuck fell next victim to the ever improving Goldbugs by losing a well fought game 31 to 13. The Goldbugs' greatest rival, who next suffered defeat, was the Fairview Yellowjackets. After a 7 to 0 defeat last year, the Goldbugs whipped the Yellowjackets 46 to 0. The next game was with a strong, keyed-up Way- noka team. Alva came from behind to win 12 to 6. With four conference wins the Goldbugs defeated Jet 38 to 12. The next week they won a grueling, hard fought game from Woodward 38 to 28. The Goldbugs then traveled to Guymon and defeated them 32 to 7 in a dusty, JIM JACKSON, Tackle CONNIE BURDICK, End Letterman 3-yrs.. Senior Letterman 2 yrs., Senior U." x. ' 5 . 5.1 . - ...Lf ,J "' is V5 X 'UQ x 9 ORVILLE CANAAN, Tackle Letterman 3 yrs., Junior 1 4 its ", K, H 5? 71 an ,fe 2-.-. - KENNETH RICHARDSON,Tackle CARI. SI-IAFER, End Letterman 2 yrs., Junior Letterman 1 yr., Junior wind-blown game. Emerging as Conference winners, the Goldbugs were eligible for the district play-offs. Garber, Confer ence winners of District I, came to Alva where they were defeated by the close score of 14 to 12. With high hopes, but not over-confident, the Gold bugs journeyed to Geary for the second district play-off game. Geary was defeated by the hustling Alva team 20 to 0. The Goldbugs went to Wynnewood for the state semi-finals. Alva scored first and the situation looked bright, but Wynnewood came back and the score at the half was 7 to 7. The second half Alva scored once and Wynnewood scored twice to defeat the scrappy Goldbug team 20 to 14. Although this defeat eliminated the Gold bugs, they closed one of the finest football seasons in Alva's history. RONALD APPLEMAN, End LARRY HELLMAN. Halfback I ARRY I FARSON Letterman 2 yrs., Junior Letterman l yr., Junior Ietterman I vr v .,- y ' .9m1,4fu'-qv ,L , 1 I at V., x .. ' sf i 1 Y 1 Hi . I E.. N Coach Byron "Starbuck" Roberts, Larry Hellman, Marvin Marsh, Connie Burdick, Paul Fettke, Carl Shafer, Larry Pearson, Ronald Appleman, Robert Gaskill, Kenneth Beadles, Bruce Graves. MARVIN MARSH, Forward CONNIE BURDICK. Forward BASKETBALL SCHEDULE e Dec 20 Enid There fi 4' Dec 26 Dallas Here 7 f'- Dec 27 Dallas Here ff K XX f 5 Jan. 6 Cherokee Here f K Jan. 7 wifhina There LJ Jan. 13 Waynoka There E Q i f Jan. 17 Enid Here rf' 'f' Jan. 20 Jet Here ,I Jan. 24 Cherokee There f . Q..- 2 5 F Jan. 27 Dacoma There v NJ ' , Q3 Feb 3 Medicine Lodge There . 5747 X X Feb 7 Dacoma Here A Feb. 10 Fairview Here Feb 16 Wichita Here Feb 17 Carmen There Feb 21 Medicine Lodge Here Y Feb 24 Woodward There rl Y . 4 1' - REGIONAL CHAMPS J - ' ff 1 - '-'IEEE ' .2 NA, H .. I i E J QQ f ' eff N :nil . , 4 v f - ' I '-'FIS Q 1 M ia? RONALD APPLEMAN, Forward 54 KENNETH BEADLES, Forward BRUCE GRAVES, Guard LARRY HELLMAN, Guard CARL SHAFER, Center ' I ,ivb x ec .3 L . I ' ' I PAUL FETTKE, Center 45 M I C i C 5-T-" :::: 5 X DICK DOTTER, Guard Y ku! 1-' Z 14535 ' 'Fi 4 HARRY CLINE, Guard ms, ,f I' Z Ji I f 95 ' ,Q-,X-T' , :I i r I f F ROBERT G ASKILL, Forward G R E E N B U G S coach, JOHNNY WALKER 4 LARRY PE ARSON, Guard GREENBUGS SCHEDULE Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 20 6 13 17 20 24 27 3 7 10 17 21 24 Enid , There Cherokee , Here Waynoka There Enid 7,A7,, ,L Here Jet Y .. Here Cherokee e...A 7 There Dacoma , , There Medicine Lodge There Dacoma , ,,r, , Here Fairview , Y Here Carmen , 7, There Medicine Lodge There Woodward There The Stafi of the 1950 Coldbug wishes to thank book po-ssible by their contributions. Alva Body and Fender Works Del Brunsfeter Alva Building and Loan Assn. Savings - Loans Alva Electric Supply Alva Ice Company Phone l6i Alva Public Terminal Elevator Co. Alva Review Courier "Today's News Today" Alva Roller Mills Alva Tire and Supply Your Firestone Store Alvin Paris Life Insurance Amon Davis Tractor Co. Amsden Lumber Co. Cooks Paint Arganbright's Real Estate-Auction-Livestock Arnett Supply Co. B and B Lunch Baird Motor Co. Chrysler - Plymouth - G. M. C. ' Beau Mart Beauty Shop Hazel Phone 95 Edna the following firms who helped to make this Beegle's Drug Store Belle's Beauty Shop Bell Sweet Shop Fountain - Candy - Magazines Bird Pontiac and Cadillac Sales New and Used Cars Blakely Print Shop Commercial Printing Blakemore's Foodland AIva's Modern Supply Market Bloyd and Co. Case - Studebaker Bob Reneau Jeweler Bouziden Bros. Implement Co. Brown and Brown Hardware A Good Place To Trade Brunsteter Motor Co. Phone 150 C. E. Loomis Furniture Co. City Cleaners South Side of Square Coca - Cola Delicious and Refreshing Colony Furniture Co. Phone 3 Couch Auto Repair Phone 408 C. R. Anthony Co. Your Family's Store Devery Implement Co. Dotter's Ca te Dr. Pepper and 7 Up Btlg. Co. E. A. Breford Motor Co. Buick Sales and Service Ellison's Women's Wear "Our Best Ads Are Worn" E. W. Moore Public Accountant E. W. Tanner Co., Inc. Farmers Cooperative Ass of Alva, Oklahoma Filson Oil Co. Cities Service Products F. 0. Binkley Insurance '-- Farm Loans Fredricks Studio Portraits Garrett Planning Mill Cabinets - Furniture - Windows Golden Crust Bakery Goodrich Plumbing and Heating Co. Sheet Metal - Air Conditioning Green Abstract Co. Micro-Film Records Groceteria Food Store I Hackett Auto Supply Strong For Alva High Hendricks' Studio Portraits Hester Drugs Hillcrest Dairy Hill's Funeral Home Home Electric and Appliance Eldon Hall Phone 328 Hotel Bell Houston Lumber Co. Complete Building Service Houts Abstract Compan Bonded Abstractors lrene's Beauty Shop Television and Cold Wave P James Horn Lumber Co. J. C. Penney Company House of Quality Jennie Deusinger Your Personal Agent in Real Jetts Joe Edwards Motor Co. Phone 55 Jones Amusement Co. 3 R's of Entertainment J. P. Reed and Co. Y ermanents Estate Produce - Hatchery - Elevator Kampus Kate Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sellers Kent W. Johnson Insurance Le Mar Tot Shop Maxwell Florist McClain's Shoes The House of Good Fit McClure Insurance Agency Insurance and Farm Loans Monforts Drug and Book Store We Grew Up With Alva High Oklahoma Tire and Supply Co. Home of Better Values Old Surety Life Insurance Co. Paul and Sons Implement Co. Your International Dealer Peat and Crapper Wallpaper - Gifts -- Paints Pix Theatre Powder Putt Beauty Shop Pracna Floral Shop Railway Ice Co. Ice and Locker Service Rice - Huff Man's Land Ridgway Nash Company Sales and Service l Rose Bros. Ready Mix Concrete Royal Cleaners Schuchmacher Drug Shafer Radio Service Phone 235 Shallop Packing Co. For Good Meats - For Good Service Snyder's Sperry and Weathers John Deere Sales and Service Stiles - Howerton T G 81 Y Your 5, IO to I.OO Store Thornberry Auction Firm Trenfield Oil Co. Phone IIO Tyree Clothing Co. Hart Schaffner 8. Marx Wall's Cafe . Good Home Cooked Meals Warrick Store Co. W. B. Johnston C. O. Nickell, Mgr. W. E. Lane Insurance of All Kinds Wiebener Food Market Winters Shoe Shop Woods County Abstract Member Am, 81 Qkla. Title Ass' Wood - Appleman Co. Pianos -- Musical Instruments W. W. Starr Lumber Co. Young Clinic and Hospital Zenith Gas System D ULU' .S2l'lC0l'e 346111.46 to the following friends of Alva High School who help- ed to make this book pos sible by their contributions m M27 W In My . ?g2,,,eQ fmwgfffiwg Q.-e'.Q.,3wK5rf QL-J-.oidiilg Xi i5'4Af?'7f7p446vyefv N I 1 . WW ldwww dv NEIMJCEGD UOJIMDJLE PRESS Q r2iE'iF'E?WiElY Yqxqg 1515? Wifi ff Tw? W'QM2! aw' QGM KZKWWI 2548 497 5e.x Z: Lf! fgifisgii? Q Nfl if flex Il 95122 44qofAg,, -- 3 g.g lv-W' W m Q Yi Y my A F535 Mfwdm 555555 E QVWW5 REQ WW ff',,f.L9zi'?' A My Wwjwg fijiifw fl , SW-3 ,p,i,fWMjQ76fW M my B M W W W: 553533 WW Sfgfffixg it MI 5 . W 'B 3 ,wffigj,,Q 1 e affiwm WM MQ T.,+Lg f,,,.,cJc,f 'fo 3 11 L 'J E '.Y' :YN T 9 VJQPII , s ,- N sue xiao. I. Eagffrow E - af :QW5O0,WV6f XIRQER ,E WW :fig EM X afnyxofy J,ef',,fljy'M! Aww N ' cf' ' ' , if bg fjffy fx, ifw gfffffjf' ff 649 7 - if ff . ,fly fffkgf Q ff ff , r w0A,MW!fjW?!Dff!jf '?4l'33?'jA www jig? ' a XWKWEL3 LMW,jW7A Qf 44 i yy jr! W Q wif my ' f4'2jfj!?W6 A ik . . . E , 0 F f -Q , -rp 337 . .ft 9' "" i pw ff XR 3013! 342 ff Q Q 1 , iii Sgfjwlfj- W fp ' 9 fqzgfbffwn 'Q' 5-f' ' , Q4 4 . gghm x w MMM 00,0 1 A-fi? ?fWf" 5?W'116ff Q? 'iEgg- 2 Xfflw Wi'i1QQ?l4?fa is X by Www fig? fqffggx my ,259 F W X L ff x . H QM Aix WWZQQEZW , ,uf ggff,,,Mv, Q5 U W fffyf X fzfzw 914.5 ,OMUL jfXjyWj! W! AE qi f W W4 fjlydf MV OWON . W W M giiwifgix W MfV ' ' Yf SWSEQ W fiiiiy N155 iii is SLS? Em A E W X, WMM QWYJMW g QW Az ff 22: www A ww Verma Agia XJ Qjfbu Q K! Mwzbywfyf wmv? WM !v,,p5"'f W 5? Wy ff ff 19555 AE mg? sag? ffgfw Wzifww Rik, 555575 W' yy Q, iiifsw 2951 Q I , . 5 , 1 X- k 1 Y N' ' l . El ' .4 - ,091 A -P ," D .Jfn-'J - 1, gb .fda-64? ' , f A JY K! 6' 77 . if JJ .540 j, 1 T . O ' rm ima - X . - ,, N '-f-MJ f cb Vmxj' 9 J van a ' 1'-LM - gl? fy . . I cb td , M166 M41 - A A - , ,454 x ' Uv M VZVZLICIJQJ - P If U QL Q 77f2ln':1.woz,iMJw92U 'ZQM-1,g. ". Mccpbf , ' iQ v Md 5, 5 2e.Q.5f,f J I ' I , M! I? TZ 7A ' gig? S x A' ' 5 ' ' 1 . -Q if ' 5 ' , v - X Q I 'X ' ' x I. A ' Q G ' ' qw QL . ' . , n - JW ' , 9 H 1 - ' x . ,A , 1 . e f - ' ' A , J- -V . ,H 1- fr,

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