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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1967 volume:

' -»- MJI . ■tXtt • ' r aludra j he- ' nukey ' lfh Al of Tl pc Wl CO So or to of U. S. S. ALUDRA (AF-55) C O FLEET POST OFFICE SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA From: Commanding Officer. USS ALUDRA (AF-55) To: The Crew of USS ALUDRA (AF-55-j Subj: WestPac Employment, Spring 1967 During the post few months it has been my pleasure to command ALUDRA during the last half of her WestPac employment in the Spring of 1967. In this period ALUDRA steamed about 25,300 miles and replenished 141 ships off both the coasts of North and South Viet Nam. Our activities ranged from the Tonkin Gulf to D ' An Thoi near the Cambodian border. For rest and relaxation we visited such liberty ports as Hong Kong, Yokosuka, Sasebo, Kaohsiung, and Subic Bay. What was the reason for this long and sometimes tedious cruise? This Question can best be answered by reviewing briefly our position in the free world. The United States and her allies are engaged in a struggle against Communist countries who are determined to change our way of life and government to theirs. This a con- flict of not only arms, but also a struggle for the minds of men. At present it is a " cold war " throughout most of the world, but in the area of the small country of South Viet Nam it has become a " Hot War " , i.e., Americans are dying doily in order to protect the freedom of the South Viet Nomese. We feel this fight will help to stop the spread of Communism and keep it far from the shores of our land. The more neutral or friendly countries that ore lost to the spread of the Red menace the greater the menace to our own land and people. It is every man ' s right and re- sponsibility to make the sacrifices necessary in order to protect our heritage, way of life, and freedom that we so earnestly cherish. Let us always remember our re- sponsibility to God and our country regardless of the self-sacrifices we must make. It was hard going on occasions, with many moments of anxiety, frustration, and disappointment, but this book serves to remind us of the many friends we have made, good times we have had, foreign lands we have visited and that all was not hard work. To the wives, families and sweethearts of ALUDRA, we thank you for your loyal sup- port and patience during the many months we were absent from home. R. E. BONDY JR commanding officer Robert E. BONDY, Jr., Captain, USNR, Commanding Officer, relieved on 26 May 1967, He was Director, Programs Administration, Sixth Naval District prior to reporting to ALUDRA. Fol- lowing his graduation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in March of 1945 he was assigned duty as Navigator in USS HILLARY P. JONES (DD-427). Since his first assignment of duty Captain BONDY has served in USS JENKS (DE-665) as First Lieutenant; USS CARPELLOTTI (APD-136) as First Lieutenant; USS CATLING (DD-671) as First Lieutenant and Gunnery Officer; USS STEINAKER (DD-863) as Gunnery Officer; USS STRONG (DD-758) as Executive Officer and USS BLACK (DD- 666) as Commanding Officer. He also served in S S TATTARRAX, S MOBIL FUEL AND S S SOCONY VACUUM. His other assignments include: Gunnery Of- ficer ' s Ordnance School; Commanding Officer, USN MCRTC, Gulfport, Miss.; Reserve Enlisted Plans Officer, Bureau of Naval Personnel. Mrs. BONDY with their 3 children Bob, Bill and Ann reside in Charleston. r e bondy jr capt usnr ? Captain William B. BARROW Jr. grad- uated from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1943 (class of 44), and reported aboard USS WASHINGTON as Assistant Navigator. He was designated a Naval Aviator in July 1946. After a year with VF-41, and F4U squadron, he became the CAG-4 Landing Signal Officer aboard USS ROOSEVELT. In 1950 Captain BARROW graduated from the Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, Maryland and became a Project Pilot in the Flight Test Division. While de- ployed aboard USS KEARSARGE with VF-11, an F2H-2 squadron during the winter of 1952-53, Captain BARROW flew 100+- combat missions, 62 of which were attack missions, over Korea and was awarded four Air Medals. In 1953 he joined the staff of COMFAIRJAX as flight Safety Of- ficer, Attack Training Officer and Landing Signal Officer, In 1955 Cap- tain BARROW reported for duty as Carrier Accident Analyst and Air Base Facilities Officer at Norfolk. He took Command of VA-12 in Jan- uary 1959 aboard USS FORRESTAL. The squadron established weapons delivery records in all COMNAVI- RLANT competitive exercises. Cap- tain BARROW established the un- precedented individual record of winning Battle Efficiency Awards ( (E ' s) in all eight weapons delivery competitive exercises in 1959. After completing the Naval Warfare Course at the Naval War College Newport, R.i. in 1961, Captain BARROW reported to Commander Combat Readiness Air Wing FOUR as Commanding Officer of VA-44. In April 1962, he served in USS FORRESTAL as Navigator and the Operations Officer. In September 1963, Captain BARROW reported to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air) as Head of Sea-Based Air Strike Forces Section. In June 1966, Captain BARROW took commend of USS ALUDRA. commanding officer w b barrow jr capt usn executive Edgar W. Pollum, Commander, United States Navy, Executive Officer, relieved in May 1966. He was under treatment at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Oakland, California prior to reporting to ALUDRA, Following his selection from the enlisted fire control technician rating and assign- ment to the NROTC program he was grad- uated from the University of Nebraska in 1953. His first tour of duty was as Fire Control Officer on USS MANCHESTER (CL-83). Since his first assignment of duty. Commander Pollum has served in: USS WATTS (DD-567) as Operations Of- ficer and Gunnery Officer; USS BEXAR (APA-737) as Engineering Officer. His other assignments include: Chemistry Instructor at the Naval Academy; As- sistant Quality Control and Reliability Officer for BuWeps Special Projects Of- fice; and Chief, Navy Section for Military Equipment Delivery Team, Rangoon, Burma. Commander and Mrs. Pollum with their four children David, Deborah, Julie, and Jeffrey, reside in San Leandro, California. officer e w pollum cdr usn 18 mar 67— The most difficult day of the deployment . . .Forced good humor . . .Brave smiles . . . For wives and sweethearts left behind . . . Yet the sailor ' s feeling of excitement for distant lands. 1 i i underway for westpac •i getting there was wasn ' t it Coursey? Skeet shoot winners Sweepers? I thought they said sleepers! 10 half the fun. . f.-- ,■. " . . ' V " T ' ' ' i G c6£r f .45 caliber winners 11 sasebOf japan ALUDRA ' S first port o ' call and the beginning of hercrew ' s happy outpouring of a record 5100,000 for the cruise. kttA flo " dHf i - 12 subic bay, r.p Alfhough Subic Bay is frequently put down as too hot and or too rainy, there are some compensations in the nearby village of Olon- gapo. on the line. . . and aludra Now set the Breakout at Sea detail 14 shows her raison ' d ' e ' tre Just like the old rodeo days Statements we didn ' t really like to hear: " Put It all back; she ' s not coming. " 15 stand by to receive, . . . Isbell to starboard " Stand by for bolo aft! " 16 Fearless Mr. Felsinger and his charges " They want to know what happened to their green stamps. " " Now secure the Replenishment at Sea detail. " 17 hong kong Two hectic and sleepless weeks on Yankee Station and Market Tinne finally end ... now the ensuing few days are certain to pass slowly ... For at the end of this steaming lies Hong Kong! Visions of hostelry splendor at the Hilton and Mandarin ... Months of carefully-saved nnoney melting away in mo- ments ... Most of all, for many, the mini-skirted lovelies of the Wanchai district. ki Tell Mr. Fuji " The Captain doesn ' t think this is Yankee Station " 3 nlv 18 kaohsiung After the superbly relaxing and enjoyable R n R in Hong Kong, ALUDRA made a brief stop in Subic Bay, and then proceeded to Kaohsiung on the island of Taiwan. This was a new port for most of ALU ' S sailors, and the " old salts " de- lighted in displaying their know- ledge of the wonders to behold- books for sale for a small frac- tion of their state-side price, current long play stereo albums for less than a dollar- and, of course, more girls. •S P?! - enroute to yankee station . . . a balloon Is launched. . ALUDRA ' S mighty guns roar, and . . . . oops! That ' s better! ALU ' S fired-up mount crews then back to the old grind This unreppin ' is easy once you get tiie hang of it The big " E " iyn First load over on station two 21 c ALUDRA can-do Satisfaction! 22 change of command I relieve you sir! - ' Captain, United States Navy departing 23 now the long journey home y After completion of nearly three more weeks on Yankee Station and Market Time, ALUDRA Is finally homeward- bound, but several stops along the way. First are Sasebo and Yokosuko, Japan to onload household effects and automo- biles for delivery to conus. 24 yokosukaf japan No wonder we ' re lost. You ' re hold- ing the map upside down! «c;w 25 aludra ' s aloha-land arrival International Market Place I ' ve got an idea. Let ' s go l ick over tine XO ' s sand castle. Beautiful Walkiki Steak Fry enroute home 26 16 Jul 67 - home at last Those forced smiles of an earlier time are now radiontly beaming . . . excited wives, sweethearts and children un- easily waiting for the ladder to be lowered . . . and now those months that would never pass are a memory. Where ' s that Golden Gate? 27 the aludra crew 28 deck officers LT D. A. KARWOSKI LTJG J. W. KISSINGER ENS R. C. FELSINGER 29 first division •ffffifjjj wi 4 ' ¥ f , tP viH ' t J ' Kneeling- BMCM Snyder, BM1 Wheeler; Standing I to r: BM3 Carter, SN Hepp, GMGSN Davis, FTGSN Wiley, SN Temple, FTG3 Eddy, GMGSN Clark, SN Hurd, BIV12 Mills, SN King, BM3 Walker, SN Rivera, SN Jenkins, SN Lathen, SN Hanko, SN Reed, SN Kovacich, FTG3 Marnich, BM3 Deems, GMG3 Dugger, SN Moore, BM3 Braden, SN Argyris, BM3 Slayton, FTG3 McClenathan, SN Cutler, FTG3 Bingham BM QM FT J ' lgk HHTy jM h IhI Lots o ' Love 30 iri-r Help! Get me down! Ship for six? You bet. AlNav Cf .m So that ' s what they keep in that gear locker! 31 second division Kneeling; BM1 Krajewski, ENS Felsinger, BIV12 Ferguson; Standing I to r: SN Seybert, SN Dunn, SIM Daniels, BM3 Davison, SN Whyte, SN Woldridge, SN Chapman, SN Howard, SN Hopkins, SN Johnson, SN Watkins, SN Austin, BIVI3 Kennedy, SN Moore, SN Hanko, SN Woods, SN Wallace, BIVI3 Nugent A CENSORED Ski in a pensive mood 32 BM Sorry, No collect calls accepted. 33 supply officers LT L. J. ROTH LTJG D. L. TODD W-1 W. A.MALLOY 34 supply division fJ fVI-t Kneeling; LT Roth, LTJG Tod, W-1 Malloy; Standing I to r: SK3 Wilson, SK3 Thomasson, CS3 Irving, SHI Carter, SKI Cooper, SKI Branch, SKCS Smith, SK3 Soto, DK3 Phillips, SK3 Nuse, SKI Berberabe, SH3 Kirkeby, SN Messer, SN Chamberlin, SN Karuza, SN Leonard, SK3 Bisbo, SK2 Hogan, SD2 Panti, SK2 Lola, TN Ronquillo, SN McClure, SN Rodriguez, SN Smith, SN Johnson, CS2 Elliot, SD3 Buban Sorry, we just closed 35 I That damned recruiter never said anything about this SK SH DK CS SD My chili lool s lil e what? 36 engineering officers LTJG C. A. IRWIN LT H. R. ERICHSON ENS L. J. KLAUSTERMEIER W-2 J. B. DRUMMEY ENS C. D. HUGHES 37 b and m division Kneeling; SN Brus Kotter, BT3 Waggle, LT Erichson, ENS Klaustermeier, W-1 o jn9blood, BT3 Howard, BT3 Reisner. Standing I to r: FN Stoudt, FN Hirsch, MM1 DeLong I MS Witwer IVIIVIFN Struempf, IV1M3 Watkins, FN Legglo, FN Freeman, MIV12 Nickell, I " N Fish, FN Tutt BT3 Adams, FN IVlahurin, BT3 Hicks, FN IVlursko, BT2 Alva, FN Adams, BT3 Tyler BT3 Brown, FN Broyles, FN Sliuike, BT3 Cason, BT3 Grimes BT MM 38 Just as I thought. The doo- hickey has broken loose from the framistan. What, me worry? 39 a division Kneeling- ENS Hughes, MMC Swayne, Standing I to r: EN3 Rehder, FN Dickerson, EN2 Jidwell, MMl walker, ENS Talbot, MR2 O ' Bryan, FN Baldwin, FN DeMarco, FN Porter, MM2 Rowe, FN Bane Ml MR EN ao 4] e and r division Kneeling; W-1 Shanks, W-2 Drummey, EMC LeDuc; Standing I to r: SFP3 Norwood, EM2 Schwartz, EIV13 Allen, EMFN Savoy, DC3 Pocholski, EM2 Dungan, SFM2 Gonzales, EIVI2 Barrett, SFM3 Wiedenhoeft, EM2 Brackett, IC2 Mettler, DC3 Klaman, DC2 Thigpen El DC fC SFM SFP I II 42 - A 43 operations officers LT.T. FUJIMOTO LTJG B. R. HOPSON ENS. D. M. SULLIVAN 44 on and oc division Kneeling; ENS Sullivan, QMC Delaney, LTJG Hopson; Standing I to r: ET3 Gallagher, RM3 Garrett, ET3 Strovers, RIVI2 Nansel, SN Hall, RD3 Hindman, SN Parent, RMS O ' Kelly, SM3 Treuer, RD3 Brauer, RD2 Nowaskey, QM3 Hunot, RMSN Christman, RD3 Cloutler, SN Miller, ET2 Hargrove, RM1 Schrayer QM RD ET f? W Sl " Uh... Let ' s try that about face one more time " •45 Mr. Hopson on his diet. And tinen I told the Captain 46 X division t l ' PW .. -«!» BT1 Marshal, YN2 Hollingsworth, YNSN Williams, CDR Pollum, PN3 Harris, HN Mosley, HMC Lepenske, SN Goegg, PC2 Hardy, PN2 Nelson, SN Mowbray YN PN HM PC 47 Another insulting postcard from Mr. Prindle. Gee, Marshall I didn ' t recognize you with your clothes off. 48 mMra ' WSENIL Aludra answers " ELVIS " 49 I m.m. Umi hit H ' MUHtik a .? j A rivffi i Performing for the hospital ship " Sanctuary " And for ship ' s company on number four hold. .A customer ship for the " country ' ' music fans B m . . THE SHIPKICKERS I 51 AN " ANONYMOUS " CREW MEMBER LOOKS IN THE WARDROOM £ND THE MEDAL TO m BROTHER 52 - C0R,.FELSIM6ER - 53 potpourri ' —- nfHSgi m D ' An Thoi, South Viet Nam " Banzai! " Swim Call Mr, Fuji ' s " Second Honeymoon. " Damn! No one seems to know where we ' re going! " 54 ■ .--T.v . . ' • I . ' . ' - •• " Babysitting " Ops at Quarters " And then Snow White said to Dopey . . . " Fastest stomach in the west 55 " Hey, these Oriental girls really are different! " " My God! It is Mary Poppins! 56 f. awards t.. - i » . WlH g q - 57 58 ADVERTISEMENTS FOR 42 YEARS. HONGKONG ' S GREAfEST NAME IN CUSTOM TAILORING EST 1925 fine britisl] importa qualitg faoolcna S: silks custom tailors MAIN STORE SHEUNG ON BUILDING 80, GLOUCESTER RD. HONG KONG H- 726712 TELS. ' BRANCH HONG KONG HILTON HOTEL HONG KONG H- 227536 H-723140 TELS H -230:66 GEORGE BROTHERS CO. custom tailors for ladies and gents 172 gloucester rd. ground fl, hong kong mail orders accepted SMART PEOPLE DRESS RIGHT. DO YOU? made to order HONG KONG CO. custom tailor golden jubilee house 389-399, block f 1st fl., lockhart road featuring the FINEST imported materials suits, coats, pants, shirts, all mode to order 59 HONG KONG ' S Men! You ' re missing Hong Kong if you haven ' t been to the HONG KONG PLAYBOY BAR 10 Fenwick St. Wanchai I J tfttA0«» %5i» C ' ' Wi; : ' , ' ' 60 SISTER - BAR ' S OCEAN BAR 88 Lockhart Rd. NEPTUNE BAR 75 Lockhart Rd. PUSSYCAT BAR 74 Lockhart Rd. RAINBOW BAR 25 Lockhart Rd. 61 mm f ' ZVe£ccme tcr 62 n I your page I ABOUT THE COVER. Superimposed on the principal Japanese island of Honshu is a torii, symbolizing the entrance to the Japanese Shinto shrine. The Japanese characters to the right . . . mean " go-jyu-go, " which translates as " Fifty-Five, " ALUDRA ' S hull number, and is a small claim to fame. Many Japanese residents who would be totally unfamiliar with " ALUDRA " would smile knowingly at the mention of " go-jyu-go. " 63 some of the staff. . . hard at work 64 w WAISWORIH HiKlL ' t Hi UU I t • j is •i M -wj :•■:■ ' . ■; ' iU • ' V ' , v-

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