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On The Drink Of Yesterday In Harmony With The Past As rhe 1979-80 school year replaced rhe lazy days of summer, we found ourselves On the Drink of an exciting new decade-rhe 1980's. With fond loving memories for some- omid disillusionment of unfulfilled dreams for orhers, we closed rhe doors on rhe 70's ond heorrily embraced rhe beginning of a new decode! As rhe rurn of rhe new century encroached upon our proud Sooner Store, we srill gazed boldly bock ro our heritage. The store morro Labor Omnio Vincit which delineares Labor Conquers All Things is accredited ro rhe fame of our short gross counrry ond agriculture. Neighboring stores os we ore, we found ourselves '‘jusr on rhe border" of Texas, a srare ro which we arrribured many years of harsh pioneering. We are also "on the brink" of Red River where our rwo srores lay rheir long disputed southern boundary line. Each day evolved, reflecred, and added ro rhe coming of rhe new decode. Bur mosr imporronr of oil, ir brought us in harmony wirh rhe posr ro link us ro today - jusr on the brink of success. osf o rose our store Preporing for fhe long school doy oN hj f ? ' ' big rosk f( Tony'Dornell openlyOn The Drink Of Today Looking forward to the future Only roo soon did we discover by rhe sound of rhe familiar ringing rhar onorher school year hod begun The firsr few weeks we were faced wirh rhe mosr difficulr rronsirion - rime change Nor from Daylighr Savings Time ro Cenrrol Srondard Time bur more like a rhree or four hour rime change called 'Summer Sleep-In' ro 'Crock of Dawn.’ Some of us found ourselves on the verge of gerring kicked our of class for sleeping in or doodling inno- cenr portraits of favorire reochers The dimax of rhe day was rhe 30 minure lunch break when we re- vived our senses. Dy rhe end of rhe day jusr abour everyone was on the edge of rheir sears waiting for rhar final bell For mosr, studying wasn't over ar 3 20 Cramming! We soon learned ro rry ro meer our gools one day ar a rime. Yesterday .. Today . . On the Drink of TomorrowWhen there was definitely 'nothing to do,' it seemed we always found something. After the hubub of the day, long hours of sirring in doss, it was rime for the lost bell — 3:20. Now whor? It was during the evening hours that the student who didn't study could finally forger about those nasty rests, let loose, and relax. Finding something to do didn't involve o great deal of intrigue. There was making the drag, watching TV, or going to o movie. During the summer, Lake Alrus proved to be o most populor spot for 'worm weather goof- off.’ All day, oil night there wasn't anything to do except what our imaginations could dream up. We all found ourselves on the brink of escaping.Srudenr Life Division 7Sports Of Sorts Compenrion and organization of school sporrs didn't appeal ro everyone, so some of us hod ro find our own way ro do our own rhing This included anything from earing dirr m a muddy mororcross hear ro shooring pool in rhe comforr of your own home Much of rhe male populorion found "pumping iron" and working our ro be rhe besr ways ro keep rhe muscles rippling and in rop condition The females, on rhe other hand, got mro roller skating and roquerboll ro keep rheir figures shapely Taking o break from ine some okj r r • these studenrs liven up rhe lunchtyeo A t Quick gome of Vofceybo i Only o "Dummy ' would get n the wo » one of rhe quick kicks of Korore studc • key Flores On one of their no Cornehus ono Mark Schulz re y on keen and So y to tree 'f - game 8 Unorganized SporrsPumping iron con ieove QChu , tv. - t v consistent Scott Mothero1 works on tonmg up h6 txeps Eddie Reynolds, a long distonce runner on the rrock team uses his t ke to keep n shope unrd rne seoson rofc oround An enjoyable sport con be shored by friends right or home os Mike Worrel ond Vnmy Provence get togerher for o friendly gome of eghr bol Motorcorss offers rhe cholenge ord reword for hot cvty afternoons or rhe Orr rrock for Lloyd Lovett Unorganised Sports 9‘'” rhe Wolverines was rhe rheme for Tim Evans. Srocey Shive, ond Tina Vossello Docking fhe Bulldogs for more giddyop-go ore IWy Gorrerr, Toye Crosslond wirh her horse (Dono Wooren ond Lourie Scoff), ond Dono Miron Charlotte Modison ond Joe Duchonon hove no drffculty downing up rhe role of nerdsAll week long rhe words were "fire up" for rhe biggesr, mosr exciring week of rhe school yeor Each day was filled wirh o differenr idea of spirir. Tino Vossello, Srocey Shive. and Tim Evans realty wonred rhe Bulldogs ro "Sodvirro" rhe Wolverines on T shirr, sock and har day Tuesday proved ro be o doy full of nerds. Joe Buchonnon, Chorlorre Modison, and Mike Smirh were chosen os rhe besr nerds, and rhe worsr dressed On rhor afrernoon, srudenrs were enrerroined by rhe "flicks" feoruring "The Lirrle Boscds" and "The Three Srooges" If you ride o horse or live in o reepee, rhen Wednesdoy was your doy This was rhe day when rhe wild Wesr come olive Ir was Toye Crossland os o rodeo sror wirh Lourie Scorr and Dona Wooren os sidekicks Dona Milron come in second, while Rusry Gorrerr placed rhird. Thirty seniors, juniors, and sophomores gorhered on rhe field rhor ofrernoon for o rry or rhe srudenr council's rough obsrade course. This added srill onorher vicrory for rhe seniors, and srill another loss for rhe sophomores Ar doss meerings for hall Sprir Week 11I Tlno Vossello ond her beor mode1 rhe forest n Bulldog fashion Imoginoflons run wild on Blue ond Whire Doy os studenrs do rheir own rhings to orouse spmr Teoch Shirts ore oppropnorely worn oy Mrs Pen . Mrs W oms, AMs Morier. Mrs O'Beor, ond Mrs Cross on sock ond ree shirr doy 12 Sp r r Weef  Bulldog Spirit 5 preserved here in rhe Senior hot os rhe DuUdog is our 1 fon Teoching Bulldogs new tricks s no problem for rhese Senior ond Sophomore cors betoo9ng ro Sherri Hon ond Kevin Gerhort 1 decoranons rhor nighr, three of rhe seniors' hir men traveled ro rhe home of Todd Tims, where rhe juniors' meeting wos in process on rhe porto Armed wirh 22 worer boHoons, rhe seniors bombarded rhe unexpected juniors — ond turned rheir class meeting mro o splosh parry1 A new idea wos brought on by rhe Student Council's invention of "sporrs day" on Thursday Anorher new idea wos rhor rhe sophomdres won AAirch Lumry ond PoHy Padden achieved first ond second, while senior Jimmy Firrh "girlied" his woy mro third by dressing up os Dr Penee Richards Then come rhe hall decorations Classes were given only one hour in which ro turn rheir holls mro rhe 8rh, 9rh. ond 10rh wonders of rhe world Juniors ond seniors wondered how rhe sophomores won The doy wos blue ond white doy Whar wasn't blue ond white was filled wirh spirit. The spirit lingered in rhe oir oil doy; rhe school wos proud, it was o single being Everyone felt rhe some, after o week of separation ond competition, rhe seniors, juniors, ond sophomores were urnred. Sprtf WeekFrom Fantasy to Reality Homecoming Queen candidates, and their escorts ore Jeanne Butler, escorted by Ricky Bollenboch. Donna Nordman, escorted by Joe Buchanan, and Borbora Kizzior, escorted by NkJsy Gregg The candidates seemed to be step- ping right out of fontosylond onto the field os the breeze rustled their billow- ing skirts and cascaded their hair in the wind. The night of homecoming was one filled with suspense, emotions, and the will power and determination to beat the Wolverines; but the highlight of the night wos the crowning of the 1979-60 homecoming queen of half- time. For the queen candidates, the five days were filled with anticipation ond preparation for the special moment ot halftime. To each one of the girls the excitement, the love ond the butterflies were oil worth the honor they felt in their hearts. Waiting for those magic words to echo from the press box, hearts were pounding, fingers were gripping the supportive arms of their escorts, ond then . . . "Our 1979-80 Homecoming Queen is . . . Miss Joye Watson!” The moment hod come ond for Joye it wos o moment she wished she could hold on to forever. The crown wos presented by the returning 1978-79 A.H.S. Homecom- ing Queen. Miss Debbie English. The victory of the Bulldogs over the Shownee Wolverines interlocked the cli- max of homecoming week. That night oil the Altus fons In the stadium felt the emotion pocked into this traditional event. For the students, the entire five days of spirit week wos planned ond pre- sented by the student council. The spirit wasn't hard to conjure up - it was al- ways there. 14 Homecomrvg1976-1979 Homecoming Queen Miss Debbe English crowns rhe 19791980 Homecoming Queen Miss Joye Worson O.he Queen Fontosy reolly did come true for Joye Worson os she reolized she was obour ro become rhe 1979 1980 Homecommg Ojeen Homecoming 15“Rrrring!" Mory rushed ro rhe phone, her heorr was pounding Hopefully, rhis was rhe coll she hod been wairing for oil nighr Her nervous hands grasped rhe receiver. “Hello." said Mory, srurrering. “Is Mory rhere?" said rhe jusr-as- nervous voice on rhe orher end “This is she." “Mory, rhis is John," os if she did nor already know. “I wasjusr wondering whor you ore doing." “Oh, Nothing. Whor ore you doing?" “Nothing — really I jusr gor off work and wonred ro rolk ro someone, so I rhoughr I'd give you o coll " “Yeah, I'm glod you rhoughr of me." “Well, whor I really wonred ro do was ro ask you our for Sorurdoy nighr. If you oren'r busy, do you wonr ro go our and do somerhing?" “Sounds super! Hove you gor ony greor ideas?" “How does o movie sound?" “Okay, which one?" “Ir really doesn'r morrer I've seen oil of rhem rwice." “Reolly, me roo!" “Gor ony more ideas?" “There's no speciol evenrs, no gomes or donees, so we could jusr go riding around for o while if you wonr ro." “Sounds good ro me Whor rime?" “I'll pick you up or eighr." “See you rhen " Thor wos good-bye When rhe receiver wos oil rhe way down, Mory screamed wirh joy, and John dapped his hands and shoured “Whoopee!!" 16 Enrenonmenr For rhe individuol wirh no dore, o good rime could srill be hod by cruising oround wirh your friends, lisrening ro rhe srereo in your cor. The music wos everyrhing from disco ro counrry wesrern. If you didn'r have an 8-rrock or cosserre player, you probably runed in ro rhe newly rearranged Rock 90 FM ' mw Wfcfftf'rfffftj'ViY . TCV Ett DONT fO«C«T rwc MtcEVSiTin OF L DOES ICE CREAM TURN YOOR CRANK? [EASTERN MOTORS i Steve Dergeron seems ro be soymg. "Come fly wirh me”, os he orrives on rhe drog"Zoom, whoosh, honk, honk!" The sounds of o Fridoy or Sorurdoy nighr when 99% of rhe Bulldogs ore "making rhe drag." The four mile (round rrip) srrerch from rhe renown Sonic ro rhe 1100 block of easr Broadway (colled Shasro's) enrices rhe srudenrs ro drive a way all rheir gos When rhe fuel is gone, one may pork in rhe parking lor of o closed business and warch friends go by If a person enrers rhe drag from norrh Main heading sourh, immediorely afrer passing Sonic he con glance ro rhe righr and view Ken's, where rhe junior high kids hong our and rhe high school people ear Nexr on rhe rrip, we see on old rorn down cor wash ro rhe lefr; people ore parked oH along rhe srreer — jusr rolking, worching, and waving Firsr sroplighr — rhe person nexr ro you revs his engine, asking for a race If you drive a Z-28, rev your moror and ease up o lirrle. If you drive a '68 Volkswagon, look or him like he's bold! Green lighr! Ar firsr, floorboard ir, rhen drop down ro 35 m.p.h. As you pass rhe Merhodisr church parking lor, rhe limir goes down ro 30 m.p.h. Don'r ger caughr! Enrering rhe 100 block of norrh Main, a person comes ro rhe "big rurn." This is rhe place where you con ger rhe besr possible look ar who is riding around wirh whom, if you are chasing someone, or are jusr roo imparienr for rhe arrow in rhe Turning lane ro change, you may speed on down one more block, conrinue around rhe block of 100 sourh Main and come our on rhe 100 block of easr Broadway Take a righr rurn, and you're bock in rhe saddle again Hungry? Now jusr ro rhe righr, rhere's rhe famed golden arches. Across rhe srreer rhere’re more people, who shour your name as you pass Almosr ar rhe end of our voyage is rhe Unired parking lor Usually crowded and inreresring, rhis is onorher spor where one is allowed ro srop and congregare wirh his friends When rhe dock srrikes 10 30, our go rhe lighrs, bur rhe crowd srill lingers. We are or rhe bsr lighr before making rhe rerurn rrip When and if rhe lighr chonges, rravel four more blocks and rurn righr onro Forresr, known now as Shasro's, bur colled Clydes ro rhe generorions pasr Ar rhe end of rhe block, be careful ro srop or rhe sign, rhere may be a camouflaged person wearing a bodge expecring you ro "peel" your rires, or nor ro srop Travel rhose four bkxks on Uveook, rhen moke onorher righr rurn onro Navojoe Make rhis circle from Sonic ro Shasro's an infinire number of rimes rhar nighr, rhen rurn off and go home Expecr a porenral reprimand, "Did you hove fun wasring gas ronighr?" — yer, ro you, ir's all worrh while Jusr rry and remember rhar when your kids "make rhe drag." Drog 19Pooling Together Don't Be Fuelish Times - they ore o'chonging. From 33 9 cents per gallon toW9 cents per galon to ??? THIS HOSE THIS PUMP '0 '0 GALLONS B B y As rhe new decode approached, many people realized rhar rhe ‘rockin’ 70's were over Something else went over rhar summer roo. Gasoline prices wenr over a dollar a gallon in mosr oreas The U S. experienced a fuel shortage rhar became an immediate concern of rhe whole country. Many people waired in line or rhe gas pumps for one ro two hours The siruarion become ridiculous when killings occurred in rhese lines because of hor tempers flaring in rhe summer sun. The lock of gasoline wosn’r quire as bad in Alrus. Gasoline was easily arrained yer rhe fuel cringe was felt in rhe pockerbooks of all Instead of gas-guzzling Trans-Ams and Z2 s, Toyoras and Subarus appeared on rhe campus parking lor Another gas saving idea rhar emerged was rhe mo- ped. Many reens liked rhe idea of riding around rown on a miniarure cyde Car pooling also became a favorire. Ir saved gas and you could enjoy rhe company of your friends Energy Cnsft 21Working Mokes Cent$ What do you ger when you multiply $2.90 by 25 hours? A br of hord work, bur ofrer roxes ond expenses ore token our — very little money What students did with their paychecks was o mystery to some. But for others the money wos utilized for making cor poymenrs. new clothes, extra spending money or doting Weeks Income 290 —2-25 72 50 Expenses With Dotes Without Dotes movie = 5 50 dinner = 7 50 gos - 500 refreshments = 2 00 $20 00 misc expenses =1500 Total Income = 72 50 Toro) Expenses = 35 00 $07 50 Uncle Som = 37 50 Dalonce 07 50 075Q $00 00 To obtain o job, students were required to fill our o simple job application This en- tailed finding references, compiling post and present job experiences, ond determining their qualifications. Different strokes for dif- ferent folks has been demonstrated os stu- dents jobs ranged from being in business for themselves to woirressing to working in o cbrhing store 275 000 500 LQQ $11 75 Dale Petcoff keeps busy at Anthony's straightening clothes ond woitng on customers Tlmberly McKnight ond Michoel Giles do their best to give you service with the speed of sound As owner and monoger of Altus Dicyde Shop. Joe De Hoogh mokes Ns own wheels turn.Laboring at The Blossom Shop. Karen Fox develops o green rhumb os she learns rhe orr of horticulrure Timi Huffman. Jimmy McCullough, and Deborah Coursey demonstrate -heir ob nes by reochmg these youngsters ro swim Jobs 23Fashion? Jusr whor was fashion ro high school srudenrs? More rhon lately, ir wos whor rhe mojoriry of rhe srudenrs found oppeoling ond comforroble ro weor We were porriculorly influenced by fashion mogazines which showed us rhe laresr in world-wide rrends The fashionable reen spenr over $50 a monrh on rhe laresr fods. The brand of dorhes you wore become increasingly more imporronr. If you hod a pair of designer jeans, you had rhe world on a string, you could wear rhem ro school and rhen our ro dinner. For men, srraighr-legged Levis were rhe ulrimare srarus. Fashion wos on the verge of change bur rhe change seemed only ro bring rhe rerurn of previous fashions The sryles we wore were "new" yer were probably whor our parenrs wore olso When our spiked heels, mandarin collars, srroighr legged jeans, ond blazers wirh podded shoulders are "our-of-style," chances ore rhor rhese fads will once again be picked up by our children ' 24 FashionsDanny Dlonien and Roberr Cox prove rhor "onyrhmg goes" or AHS from pulover swearers ond mce poors ro docror shrts and Nfces Rolled up jeons ond spiked heels eye danger Vorious rexfures and porrerns ser off a rrendy ous yer defmrefy m sryle tools for Tracy McGrath HEADLINERS 0 7 Q wr:e A , Or ( b p' Cf -V Ax V AV £ 0" 0 Russian Dancer Defects to U.S. ''Buying gas is more fun now rhor you hove ro ger in rhere and fighr for ir" Chrysler Executives Cut Pay to ll.OO a year 1980 Student Favorites Commerdol: No 1 Dr Pepper No 2 Oscar Moyer Acror: No 1 Burr Reynolds No 2 John Woyne Actress No 1 Solly Field No. 2 Borbro Srreisond Girls choice of opporel: No. 1 jeans No 2 dress ponrs Guys choice of opporel: No. 1 jeons No 2 cur-offsWill it be Carter Kennedy, Regan or Connall for '80 elections? 3Tn1 yje VWC •can Ss "Him, 'acane" Skylab Plunges; No Injury Seen Salt Talks To be Debated Boston Pops Maestro A r t h u r F i e I d I e r Dead at Inflation on the riseThe decopirofed Derryl Dell is yil wirhin orms reoch of unsuspecting victimsMassacre At 409 Hudson . . . October 31, 1979, 7:32 p.m., bloodcurdling screams erupted through the oiry crevices of the old creaky house os the band members once again set the scene for on eerie Halloween eve. The earliest observance of how Halloween was originated is unknown bur it was nor widely observed during the first two hundred years of American settlement. The name Halloween means the evening before oil Hollows or oil Saints Day. All Hollows Eve'n become known during the middle ages os the rime favored by witches and sorcerers to wonder abroad. Halloween is separated now from any meoning it once hod. Children now hove mode it into o funfilled occasion to dress in costumes and go "rrick-or-rreoring" As evidenced here, goblins ore nor oge conscious Hdloween 29American Tradition Remains Alive All over rhe United Stores, people woke up on Thursday morning ro celebrate the 203 year-old tradition — Thanksgiving. Fourteen families were especially thankful for rhe release of their loved ones from rhe U S. Embassy in Iron For forty-nine others, however, it was o rime of hoping ond praying for rhe release of the other captives Alrus High School commemorated the festivity by on annual assembly. The invocation, given by rhe Reverend Keith Wiginron, set rhe mood for rhe music presented by rhe Vorsiry Choir. The gathering in rhe auditorium was o rime when oil of us bowed our heads in gratitude. Together we proyed for rhe captives in Iron; we prayed for leadership throughout rhe country, we gave thanks for our freedom 00 ThonksgvngAmerican Festivities Mean Good Eating Turkeys ore beouriful creorures and hove been adorning the festive table each November for rwo centuries Each holiday students con count on the traditional hor meal of rurkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed poraroes, and hor rolls to be served by the school cooks in the Clifford T. Peterson Cafeteria Eddie Reynolds is no exception as he purs the munch on Old Tom's drum stick. Thonksgiving 31Closing Out The '70's With Pride Students of Mrs. Roberto Holt's Algebro dosses gtody ocknowledge rheir decorored door os the first pkxe winner Somethings never change; for instance, merriment or Christmas when the tree 6 decorated Snoopy appears to be looking bodsword with pride ond looking forward ro whor hes aheod os he par odes around rhe square From papier-mache Santas ro formers in sletghs drawn by fVooren. Porky, ond Squeoly for reindeer, yudenrs go ol out in decorating dassroom doors 32 Christmas 1979Entering The '80 s With Hope American Ends With I Can Not Iran Spanning The Decade There we were on the brink of o new decode and oil we could rhink obour wos rhe siruorion in rhe Middle Eosr. In Iron. 50 U.S. citizens were being held hosroge, Russia hod moved rheir milirary forces into Afghonisron and roken over rhe government. Carrie prices, drought, and rhe energy crunch affected many. Some parents worried obour rhe affects of television on rheir children; others worried about drug abuse, alcoholism, and rheir childrens' morals. Yet much wos accomplished. On rhe national scene, doud-seeding offset rhe drought, and American forces withdrew from Viet Nom. Locolly, rhe 911 telephone service was established, Western Oklahoma Store College was opened, rhe Time Capsule was buried, rhe 7 million dollar base hospital complex was completed, and the first phase of the world's largest mosaic wos dedicated or Granite Teachers who watched the ‘70's come and go while or AHS were Mr. Herman Babb, Coach David Brown, Mr Kenneth Cox. Mrs. Eulo Drury, Mrs Edith Elliott, Mrs. Ruth Ferris, Coach Oesrer Harrington. Coach Bob Hart, Mr. Robert KiBebrew, Mr. Lorry King, AAs. Suson Pettit, Mr Leonard Scalf, Mr. Roy Vineyard, Mr. Bob Weak, Mrs Ivo Whitworth, and Mrs. Luae Williams. The ‘Signs of the Times' ore everywhere Devotion to o good couse-in this cose, educoron-hos kept Coach Bob Hart, Mr Bob Weak, Mr Lorry Harris, and Mr Ken Cox inspired to carry on rhe process throughout rhe decode N V J New Years 1980 33Skits Entertain "Sophomore Suzie'' (Tina Vasselo) works on Professor OuHdoes (Jody Lauderdale) cose Professor Bulldoe confuses Ns secret SKy d, the "Nstgo"'. with o friendly greeting Misroken for the Blind Butler. Tom Tenocity (Joy McPherson) watches os Professor Duldoe leaps in feor inro the or ms of Sophomore Suzie 34 SkrsThe U.S. Gronr Generols pose with rhe proud Mr Creoming the Generols is easy os p e" for Mr Duldog CJmvny Chads) after rhe victory Duldog Students Today-Stars Tomorrow Mr. Maurice King, advisor tor rhe Speech II dass, hod his nonds full wirh twelve "rising stars" The skirs proved ro be good experience for rhe srudenrs and ir gave them rhe chance ro be in front of on audience and express rhemselves. The srudenrs nor only wrore, prepared, and rehearsed rhe skirs bur also builr oil rhe props. The audience of peers were confronted wirh everything from Sophomore Suzie ro ‘WJI Verine,' which were concocted from rhe speech doss' vivid imaginations. Eoch skir hod a preparation rime of two weeks in which rhe actors and actresses learned lines and sroged rhe pep assemblies. "The srudenrs nor only hove ro be willing ro do rhe skirs, bur they also should enjoy whor rhey ore doing and ore prepared ro od-lib!" Maurice King commented. All in oil rhe year of hard work determined only one rhing-rhey were o success! Explaining to the Dulldogs how rhe Generols wl succeed m beormg them ore General Grant (Joy McPherson) and General Hospiroi (Kenneth Drown)Pretending to be on innocent bystonder is rhe bfcnd burier (Jimmy Childs) Coptoin Gilligon (Joy McPherson) horrifies rhe Bufldog soiors wirh deroils of rhe islond cannibals 36 ShftSkits Entertain One deafening yell after another reverberated off the auditorium walls as the introduction to the dimax of the assemblies was onnounced-rhe skits Lots of laughter, puns, pur-downs, lessons, and enrhusiom were sparked to fire the Bulldogs up By popular demand several super srors were continued throughout all the skits. Sophomore Suzie and Professor Bulldoe unraveled many scandals against the mighty Bulldogs. The Blind Butler used the undercover peanut and popcorn seller as a disguise to overthrow Big Blue. Of course with such masterminds os Suzie and Professor Bulldoe to prorecr the Bulldogs' courage, tenacity, and loyalty, it was virurally impossible to interfere with the goals of Alrus High School After twelve individuals pur in their hard and long hours of rehearsals, hammered sets together, pointed scenery, coordinated lights, pulled curtoins, led flog salutes, yelled Bulldog cheers, and got costumes together, then and only then could preparations be arranged for the next home game assembly The runes of rhe famous Thor Alrus Dond seemed ro be poputar even in rhe yone oge The Pie-rots with their leader Captain Hook (Jimmy CNds) orrempr ro smk rhe Buldogs Skits 37Entertainers Charm Diners Gimmering condelighrs, baked chicken on rice, and holiday dress oil conspired ro ser rhe mood for rhe winter wonderland music of rhe vorsiry choir in concert or rhe dinner rheorre. From Johnsron's "Listen ro rhe Music" ro Bourke's "I Know o Heartache When I See One" ro Emerson's arrangement of "The Golden Age of Bock and Boll" ro Begney ond Shane's "Do You Hear Whor I Hear," o coprivored audience of 470 diners were splendidly enrerrained by vorsiry choir ensembles Vocol soloisrs Myron Karner, Lyndo Woods, Komi Koonrz, Frank Bellizzi, Lori Washburn, Derryl Bell, ond Scorr Marcho charmed rheir woy inro rhe hearts of rhe guesrs os rhey performed. Humorous musical sketches were presented by duers consisring of Becky Boy ond Joe Feorhersron, Donna Nordmon ond Jody Lauderdale. Joner Wiginron ond Nicky Gegg were bock up vocolisrs os well os singing "Baby, It's Cold Ourside." The Spirir Sreppers' dancing ensembles odded o dazzling rouch ro rhe entertainment pocked rwo hour program. Behind rhe scenes, bur derrimenrol ro rhe rheorre's success, were vorsiry choir parents, Mrs. Tom Buchholz, Mrs. Ken Cox, Mr. ond Mrs. Duane Turrle, Mrs. Georgeanna Boinwarer, ond Mrs. Bex Thomas. Alan Allies Informs the audience of rhe next number at rhe Dinner Theater "Winter Wonderland'' was only one of rhe many songs sung or rhe Dinner Theorer After snowmen were put together oy Vorsiry Choir members, Steve Easrerfng woddled among rhe audi- enceParents busily sew costumes ond plan robie decor anons Vorsltyjpioir. members rehearse, rehearse ond reheorse foe.Wo weeks Dressed in white, rhese Sprit Steppers prepare to donee to "White Christmas" Dinner Theorer 39The Pojomo Gome, o musicol comedy wrirren by George Abborr ond Richard Bissell ond composed by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, was chosen for rhe 1980 onnuol All School Production. Sid, rhe new superintendent of Sleep- Tire Pajama Foctory, was trying to keep production or its peak. Meanwhile rhe Union workers or rhe foctory were being uncooperative ond demanding o seven ond a half cent per hour raise. Committees formed and reached o decision through oil rhe workers for o strike which caused a rivalry between rhe superintendent ond his union sweetheart who was head of rhe strike committee With rhe union strike rhere were many blossoming romances, love affairs, and frivolous friendships between rhe pajoma factory employees. Performers Play "The Pajama Game” Cost members ore FRONT ROW: Dombi Swenson. Roger Cunningham. John Morgon. Off Cog ?. Joey Morion. Dovid Wises, Stephanie McAfcrer. Loune Owens. Cofeen Soger. Kyle Dr archer, Tom Wrikes. Chnsrma Irwin, Sara Guajardo, Robin Orr, Kirsren Ingtor, Tori Sharp. Sandro Provence. Moonyeen Hopkns ROW TWO: Debbie Dodson Syfvo Carrasco, Annobell Revflto. Onr Wrighr. Debbie Vlorred, Scorr Six. Karen Lumry, Fronk Anderson, Ltso Gomeringer. Mr Lorry Homs (orchestra director), Mr Haold Taylor. Kim Wood. Mke Scatf, Toriro Marts. Kame Re J, Gina Sasse. AJex Rodriquez. Decky Roy. Mark Carrasco. Debbie Moss, Nick Winters. Dererho Shaffer ROW THREE: Dense Gombd. Darboro Kizzior. Melody Dickenson, Joe Feathery on, Janet Wignron, Jody Louderdole. Donna Nordmon, Kenneth Drown. Lynda Woods. Derryl Dell. Dione Nordmon. Allen Wfc. Dornro Massenburg ROW FOUR: Eric Ells. Kely Fisher. Kirk Clark. Cheryl Stephenson, Jimmy DeFord, Jonno Thomason, Phip Reed Cathy York Dona Wooren. Pcxia Roff. Los Ann Huey. Tm Devon. Mcky Gregg, Pouta Murphy. Fronk Deizzi. DeAnn Turrie. Mke Duffy. Mr Mounce Kng (dromo cooch), Srocy Holiday Mrs Sam Crog (moke-up ortlst). Chorio Richeson. Scorr Phfcnck. Richard Durk, Mr Kenneth Cox (general director). Noncy HWinger Andrea Rops Kea Turrie Mitch Lumry. Mrs Rex Thomas (costume designer), Dona MJton. Deverty Fanning. Wode Former. Tino Vasselo TOP ROW: Courtney Yores. Joy McPherson Paulo Gilbert Myron Korner. Erico Swanson. Denns Cain, Kami Koonrz, Georgeono Rainwater (donee cooch). 40 Al School ProductionMoe (Melody Dickinson). Moro (Komi Koonrz), ond Poopsie (Dione Nordmon) confront Prez (Dorryl Del) in o lobor depute Sid Sorokin (Kenneth Drown) tells Mobel (Lyndo Woods) he has no rime for o conference with the boss, Mr Hosier Do be Williams (Donno Nordmon) looks surprised os Sid (Kennerh Drown) asks her to check up on some of the local hoc spots. Under Mr. Hosier s command. Vernon ttnes (Jody Louder dole) drops his ponrsPerformers Ploy "The Pajama Game” Performance dares were March 0 and 4 and morinees were presenred for rhe junior highs and high school srudenr bodies. Endless emorions of frustration, fatigue, and patience were all elements of dedication that resulted in a final sigh of relief and a smile of success as rhe drapes dosed on rhe 20th All School Production of Alrus High School. Prez (Derryl Dell) lays on he charm os he sings "Her Is" ro Godys (Joner Wignron) Nicky Gregg helps Jody Louder dole pull off Ns knife Throwing oo from behind rhe prop Do be (Don no Nordmon) bravely osstsrs Vernon Hnes (Jody Louder dale) in his knife Throwing oo Under the influence. Hines (Jody Louderdole) whisks rhe kmves or Robe s stvxjerre Prez (Derryl Dell. Drendo (Donira Mossenburg). ond Do be (Donna Nordmon) feel sure o 7Vi cenr raise is underway 42 Al School ProductionMr. Hosier (Allen Willis) s o fighrer, he hores ro Joe Feothersfon ond Beverly Fonnlng moke porr w h h6 7Vi cents qu« rouch-ups on Nicki Winrers' moke-upA-excellenr, D-good, Coverage, D-donger of foiling, F-failing. All srudenrs were familiar wirh rhese lerrers of rhe olphober which offecred each of us in some rroumoric way. If you’re one of rhe few rhar really gor down ro srudying, being o genius was no problem; bur nor oil of us inherired rhe brainy chromosomes rhor our porenrs seem ro hove. Did you ever hear your porenrs soy rhor your scholarly brorher or sisrer inherired his or her smorrness from rhem? If you were one of rhe lucky ones, you soon learned rhere could be hope for you yer when you realized rhor 'academic' success wosn’r resrricred ro rhe gifted! Will power, doss orrenrion, and improved srudy hobirs aided many o woyword, downrrodden scholar in rhe srruggle bock up rhe scholasric scale A mere stepping stone from rhe relorively core-free early school era ro somerhing really significanr and losring in life, our high school days prepared rhe way by maruring us inro rhinking individuals wirh o boldness ro moke our own decisions and ro occepr rhe ourcome. Gerring o "C" may hove pleased our porenrs, bur rhe exrro efforr expanded ro reach o higher ploreou broughr pride wirhin ourselves!Acodermcs Division 45Students Seek Guidance In Determining Career Goals Mrs. Undo Morler helps seniors find representatives from colleges of rhetr choice Cooch J.D. Johnson is ovoiloble ro consulr wirh students regarding groduoron requirements or personal diffxiulries Students take the timed PSAT rest ro determine rher ratings in rheir doss. Senior Carol Alexander visits with Air Force recruiter on Senior Doy Projected Job Market Helpful In 1979-80, employers projected on improved job marker for college graduates. There was a 15% increase in hires over 1977-78, according to employers responding ro a College Placement Council's year end assessment This was the third consecutive year that job prospects improved. All disciplinary areas and degree levels surveyed experienced increases in hiring over the 1977-78 season Engineering showed the strongest gains with o 22% increase. Next was the science, math, and technical category which recorded a 19% advance. In the business category, employers indicated that they hired 12% more students with business-related degrees than they did the previous year. As seniors set immediate career goals and underclassmen planned fields of study by selecting appropriate secondary courses, the counselors sought to fomiliorize themselves with current job trends and curriculum requirements for new fields of interests. The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), and the ACT (American College Test) were given ro college bound students and those interested in vocational courses. Counsetors Sentor DoyMr. Lomor folks ro Arden Robinson obour he plons offer groduonon Mr. Donnie Connell explolns ro Mike Chose%obouf the votkxjs courses offered or WOSC » Wlfh o mlllfory coreer m mind, Oeorus McDonel begns Ns rroming while sril o senior An Air Force recruiter disploys Ns conne's ferociousness in o demonsrrorion on Senior Doy Counsetors Semor Doy Morcell West discusses enrronce requirement wirh rhe OSU represenrorive Dob Henderson Joe DeHoogh tokes college courses or WOSC n oddinon ro hs Ngh school dossesLorry Neikirk. disguised os o robblf, looks os i he's reody ro rob o bonk Driving insfeod of hopping owoy, Debbie Dodson ond M he e Moohs porrroy rhe roles of robbirs n Mrs O'Rear's sonre doss Gory Orotherron interviews Kristi Phelps ond Regino Foncher. ornsrs of rhe week, on ACTV Scott Russell, os Ahob. relores he journey in rhe role of MOGY DICK Winners in the onnuol "Voice of Democracy" speech conresr were Tiro Vosselo (4rh). Andreo Rojos (3rd), ond Zock Howard (1st pkxe) 48 AcodemicsWhen In Doubt, Strike It Out "As ro rhe adverb, when in doubr, strike ir our." — Pudd'nheod Wilson's Calendar This and rhe rest of Mark Twain's novel Pudd'nhead Wilson was studied in rhe mini-English course sarire. We may hove laughed or rhe cartoons in rhe newspaper, bur cur our rhe funny stuff and there was a very serious criticism or underlying meaning. In oddirion ro sarire, rhere were ren other mini-courses, induding rhe two requirements for graduation — grammar and composition and American Literature There were different strokes for different folks — if you were interested in John Wayne and watched Gunsmoke every chance you got, western literature was rhe doss for you. If you thought you witnessed UFO's and really were a Star Trek fan, science fiction could have been your thing. If you couldn't get into the tong, drown our studying of a book, short stories was a possible short cur However, if you did like studying big, thick books, English Literature or novels doss provided rhe opportunity. For rhe person with an English mastermind, advanced English or senior English presented the challenge. A remedial reading doss was added ro rhe curriculum ro reinforce proper reoding techniques. Since communication skills ore vital ro rhe new decade, rhe language arts department presented a variety of learning experiences from rhe basic usage ro speaking ro dramatizing. Jimmie Yi from Korea ond Yoshido Ayumu from Philip Reed ond Andy Etherton porrroy rhe roles Japan find rhe rronsfer ro rhe American language of Dr Jeckytl ond Mr Hyde n dromone lirerorure A-ok' Acodemics 49One of Biology's mosr unusual members is rhts hermir crob as he comes our of his shell for rhe comero Kim Clemons ond doss mores work busily ro complere procnce sers in occounring Joonne Purcell rroces Sandy Provence ro derermme her bone srrucrure for one of rher botogy prqjecrs Mrs. Left gives odvlce ro Corolyn Dillon on on occounrmg problem 50 AcademicsCuriosity Adds To Success Of Science Our of oil rhe experiment ond tab ossignmenrs. rhe one rhor was olwoys remembered was dissecting Wherher rhe subject was o worm or o lamb embryo, rhe reocrion was always rhe some . . . nausea mixed wirh o lirrle curiosiry. Ir wos rhor one emorion rhor mode oil science courses successful. Curiosiry mode orherwise non-inreresred students inro probing young scientists. Being able ro use formulas ond equations were inevitable in physics, chemistry, ond Algebra II. Srudenrs enrolled in rhese advanced courses become acquainted wirh burning of the midnight oil ond rhe Technique of cramming for big exoms. Accounting ond business machine courses ore offered for srudenrs who ore inreresred in incorporating moth inro rheir furure field of work. Diology students exon me the lamb embryo after having performed a coesarion secrion on o sheep ixerus Are Mark Foster ond Rusty Hicks gening reody for HoBoween or could they be domg o chemistry experiment? Acodemics 51As of the Jonuory yeorbooh deodSne. Zock Students of Cooch Steve Randall's early 1st Howard and Dureoda Burkhard hodn'r missed one hour openly express rher opinions of Ns ful school day in 12 years government doss Rare Coins A Mint Sonne soy o coin is worrh more if ir is very old. According ro Cody Lemasrer, "A coin is worrh more if ir is one of o few mode during o yeor and ir is in good condition." Cody was firsr introduced ro coin collecting nine years ogo by his father. Over rhe years he has collected over 2,500 coins which ore worrh around $50,000. Nor only does he possess rare American pieces, bur also money from Africa, Turkey, Greece, and Japan. Troding is o thrilling port of coin collecting and Cody travels ro various places in rhis area ro exchange his currency. "Coin collecting is on exciring hobby because you con stumble onto o valuable coin in circulation rhor might nor hove meant much ro anyone else." 52 AcodemicsDono Wooten, winner of the Doughters of the Amerlcon Revolution (DAR) citizenship oword. receives o cemftcore from Mr Howord King. Self-teaching Adds To Versatility Different languages ore hard ro learn, bur for Tim Evons it seemed ro come as a sixth sense. Tim speaks Spanish and French fluently, bur ro rhese two languages he added a lirrle of Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Swahili. Excepr for Spanish and French, he has roughr all of rhese ro himself by purchasing the courses from different companies who advertised bilingual courses. He plans ro rake o correspondence course in Hebrew from rhe University of Oklahoma. Tim traveled ro Mexico wirh rhe Spanish dosses during spring break. The trip mode rhe second country he has vsired of which he knew rhe norive language; previously he visired Puerro Rico Acoderrvcs 53Education Essential To '80's Probably rhe mosr outstanding feature of Altus High School is our ocodemic program. This, like any of rhe other programs such os sports and other extra curricular activities, is by for, one of the finest around. Although joining dubs and getting involved in high school is extremely important, the importance of excelling in ocademics should be stressed. The three years spent in high school prepare us for whatever we moy encounter in rhe future, whether it's getting o job directly after graduating or going on to college and then o career. Many rimes, especially during rhe sophomore year, we don't realize that rhe biology doss that is so boring or rhe algebra doss that we despise are very important and ore helping to prepare for things we moy encounter lorer in life. Every day, of every doss, no matter whor it is, should be utilized to rhe fullest If we keep this in mind, perhaps somewhere down the rood we will be glod that we paid attention to rhe teachers' lectures insreod of sleeping or writing notes to our boy or girlfriend. A good education is going to be even more essential for success in rhe '80's, even if it doesn' go any further than walking down rhe aisle to get your high school diploma If you reolly wont to moke something of yourself and be somebody on education is o must. Rush hour for oil students is every hour on the hour six times o doy Exercising the body during P.E. helps rhe brains rhe rest of the doy 54 AcodermcsReceiving o Letter of Commendation from Mr Krtg for mokng high scores on rhe Prekmmory Schotasnc Aptitude rest ore Korhy HKjnrer ond Kendo! Yores Suzanne Bourgeois ond Jonno Thomason find rime in doss ro rake o break Mr. Jock Dilrz coaches his business minded srudenrs on income rox ond insurance rores Acodemics 55"There ain’t no free lunch!", o topic used by self monvonon speoker Zig Zrglor, is being discussed by Mr Smolrs' students Floyd Trussler checks his time for working on his dtcronory skits Tommy Lewis leofs through o self monvonon pomphler Debbie Jameson uses the Knowledge Mostervlewer 'o work on her geography lesson C 56 AcodemicsClass Away From Class Like a home owoy from home, rhe library is often used os o doss owoy from doss. The library provides o quier ormosphere for studying or completing research. Assistance is furnished to these students by Mrs. Korhrine Jordon, head librarian, who has been with rhe library for rhe past eleven years Mrs Anno Nucci is assistant librarian and Mrs. Vi Marshall is a part rime assistant. The Ibrory is located directly ocross from the longuoge arts building and contains on abundant variety of approximately 19,(XX) books The library also has 80 periodicals, and 56 newspapers, along with rhe New York Times Sunday Edition. Mrs. Jordon osslsts Sreve Easrertng n tocowg research morerid Keeping studenis up to dote on over due books ts Mrs Anno Nuco, assisronr bbronon Mrs. Vi Morshall t$ reody ro o»d srudenrs m locormg proper books When writing term papers o library seems rhe mosr helpful source n preparing nore cords, especially for rhese grommor and composition srudenrs kicky Dolenboch, PhylEs Arnold. Pom Conway and Mark Carrosco library 57Even os early os childhood when lirrle boys organized rheir secrer dubs wirh "No girls allowed,’’ clubs and orgonizorions ployed o big role in many srudenrs' lives. Being o member of o club gives srudenrs o chance ro meer new people, ger ro know rhem, and moke new friends, rhus giving individuals o grearer sense of belonging. The large number of orgonizorions rhor hove been esroblished is cerroinly challenging ro rhe old cliche "You con please some of rhe people some of rhe rime, bur nor all of rhe people oil of rhe rime.” There ore rwenry-five differenr clubs rhor ore available ro srudenrs, so rhere is definirely somerhing for everyone. Ir’s ofren been said rhor rhe more you ger involved, rhe more you'll enjoy high school, and rhor's exocrly whor clubs do — help ger srudenrs involved and develop leadership. AcTrvrries Ovfton 59Art Is . . . raking a group of lines and creating your own individual form of whor orr is ro you. The Arr Club, srorred by sponsor Mr Doug Dolron, began seven years ago. Port of rhe ogendo induded sponsoring rhe Alrus All- School Arr Show in rhe spring and assisting rhe Salvation Army in rheir charitable work during Christmas. The dub raised it's funds by collecting dues at monthly meetings and selling hot dogs or all home football gomes The special onnuol trip was ro Oklahoma City ro rhe Oklahoma Art Center and Cowboy Hall of Fame, os well as rhe Springdale Amusement Park Mrs. Jewel Snyder, one of rhe mony guests of the Att Club, demonstrates her ro panting speaotry Rocky Copeland. Dano Onon. Lori Dor den, ond Espie Do vis dish our the dogs Espie masterminded rhe hot dog business Mt. Dolton (sponsor). Mfce Dush (president) ond Dona Two very promising ort students ore seniors Twilo Onon (vice-president) shore the interest of on Rogor ond Sam Loskowski An Club members ore-. FRONT ROW Ramono Snckney. Harold Wfcon. Kevin Ruzicko ROW TWO James Reece. Andrea Alen John Dush. Ingrid Peacock, Susan Krby ROW THREE Noerm Moreno, Cindy Mayberry, Sandro Socier, Dano Onon. Sam Laskowski TOP ROW Phyfcs Wftoms. Shorvelo Smith. Espie Do vis. Twio Rogor. Robm Hutchison. Angelo Tolbert. Carolyn Funk. Debbie WoBenzm 60 An ClubJETS students who portklpoted m the inter scholastic meer on Engineering Doy or the Universiry of Oklahoma ore SEATED Hondy Thurmond, Dusty Hicks, Robert Cox ond Tommy Colier STANDING James Lewis, Demy Dlonien ond Arden Robeson From Star Gazing To Pet Rocks Junior Engineering Technical Sociery (JETS) is besr described os o glimpse or whor o coreer in o science field is like The members enjoyed learning Through ocruol experiences which may lorer help rhem accomplish rheir goals ond future science careers. The orgonizanon exposed srudenrs ro rhe fields of science ond engineering. To be o member of rhis orgonizanon you hod ro be enrolled in chemistry, physics, senior moth, Algebra II, or geomerry. Club officers were Laurie Scorr (secretary), Zock Howard (president), Danny Dlonien (vice president), ond Tori Sharp (treasurer). Sponsors were Mr. Rex Acker son, Mr Herman Babb, ond Mr. Denton Daucum. JETS members listened ro many guest speakers during rhe course of rhe year. The topics voried from optical illusions ro communicating with insects. JETS offered members vorious trips induding a fly doy in March ond also a trip to rhe Omniplex, building of saence and arts in Oklohomo City. JETS ... J— °"» Laskowski, Suzonne Dourgeos Jets 61Tractors And Troughs . . . "Being rored in rhe rop 3% of rhe norion wasn'r rhe eosiesr thing ro do," soid Mr Lorry McLaughlin, FFA sponsor "Our of 364 store chapters, Alrus ranked 6rh. This meant our choprer received o gold emblem on rhe store level and o silver emblem on rhe national level." A rorol of $6760.00 was mode in rhe slave sole, $3300.00 in rhe sausage sole, ond rhe rurkey sole brought in $400.00. This money was used for rhe club's activities In September, delegares Traveled ro Kansas Ciry, Missouri, ro rhe Notional FFA Convention The notional officers os well os rhe store officers were in attendance Kevin Obenhous. president, proudty deploys the coveted awards FFA officers. Jeff Garrison, Kenny Josey. Drod Moreou, Kevin Obenhous, Tim Dyrd, Drear Cofield, ond Scott Hoyes, show off the awards won on store ond nohonol levels FFA officers ore STANONG AAr Lorry AAcLoughln (odvisor), Kemy Josey (treasurer), Drenr Cofield (porimenrorion). Drod Moreou (vice-presidenr), ond AAr Glen Winrers (odvisor) CENTER Dona Wooten (sweerheorr) TOP ROW Tim Dyrd (choptam), Scott Hoyes (secretary), Kevin Obenhous (president). Jeff Garrison (reporter), ond Doug Crowder, (sentinel) Ag I members ore FRONT ROW: Oernord Huki, Darren AAedders. Evelyn Sydto. Dona Wooten, (sweetheart). Debbie Lerner, Sandra Roberts. Tim HuWI. ond Doug D on ROW TWO Charles Smodes, Jeff Tyner. Jon Josey. Jimmy Cox, Joy Horrold. Gory Thompson. Diake Dyrd, Dole Shero. Robert Chambers, ond Mr Glen Writers (instructor) ROW THREE AAr Lorry McLaughlin (instructor), Richard Frailey. Ricky Dlock, Steve WiSs, Steve Six. Joy Leor. Sron Pruitt. Kevin Drown. Eddy Herrera. D y Ooxrer. Greg Robbins, Curtis Ooyton 62 FFAAltus' delegates to the Notional Convention food the van to get on thee way Kenny Josey goes through rhe every doy task of feeding his sow Dole Shera and Curtis Clayton receive awards or rhe Personal improvement Leodershp Conference held at W O 5 C Ag.ll members ore FRONT ROW: Scort Motherol, Mfce Worrel. Hermino Sierer. Lono Cordwel. Dono Wooten (sweetheart). Kathy Roberts, Tern Modfcn. Greg Neely TOP ROW Mr Lory McLoughfcn (odvtsor). Rex Robertson. Denne Chsum. Jim Danyeur, Junior Miller. Scot Smco. Donny Robbins, Dovid Jouett. Tim Dyrd. Greg Koy. Ooig Rtchordson. Mr Glen Winters (odvisor) Ag IV members ore FRONT ROW: Kevin Obenhous. Scott Hayes, Ket Forquhor. Dono Wooten, Kim Jameson. Mark Cogle. Doug Crowder TOP ROW Mr Lorry McLou Jm (odvisor). Ron Koukol, Steve Wr,rers. Ted Koester. Kenny Josey. Mike Morren. Jomes Huki. Jomes Rothke, Orent CofiekJ. Jeff Gomson. Uoyd Lovett, Mr Glen Winters (odvsor) FFA 63. . . Are Tricks Of The Trade Ar rhe annual Chrisrmas parry, members played volleyball and foorboll, after earing pizza. Raising on animal in FFA con bring a srudenr experience, as well as money, by learning while earning. FFA is nor jusr a bunch of hogwash. Dona Wooten was elected FFA sweetheart for 1979-80 She compered or the store for wirh other sweetheorrs from around rhe store Members of Ag Mechanics look upon this rrocror os o work of art, considering rhe long hours they hove pur into repairing it Loading steers for the state fair ore Jeff Garrison, Mike Worrell. Scott Hayes ond Mr Winters Jeff Garrison does his dolly chore of deoning fts animal's pen ond keeping rhe fodiry dean 64 FFARemoving the block from o broken rrooor ore Ag Pictures below Include: Mr HorokJ Worrell, btdder, Mechonics students Drenr Cofield. Ty Thurmond, and slaves heoded for rhe auction block, and Lydio Mfce Morren Garrison os she goes on sole James Rothke and Drod Moreau weld sow sheds Ag Mechanics I members ore FRONT ROW Roy Gross. Som Colier. Mark Cogle. Dooa Wooten (sweerheon), Robert Porrort, and Doug Crowder TOP ROW Mr Lory McLaughlin. Ron Koukal. Mike Thornton, Ted Koester. John Doiey. Steve Winters. Kevin Low. Jeff Gomson. and Mr Glen Winters Ag. Mechanics II members ore STANDNG Mr Glen Winters, Dona Wooten (sweerheorr), Mr Lorry McLoughkn TOP ROW Kenny Josey. James Hukl. Drod Moreou. Jomes Rothke, Drenr Cofield, and Mke Morren FFA 65Dobby Horrls and Chris Kelly find rhor psychology provides on informal semng for srudying. Mr. Lltsch makes sure al machinery is in working order before giving his srudenrs o lie derecror resr 66 Psychology QubEric Hurd ond Dovid Simmons check on rhe digesnon of Cheop Trick, who ckje ro unexcusoble behovKX, ended up in Imo Killer's yomoch Is it joy or feor thot couses Joe Trevino ro smile so apprehensively? Mind Over Matter Hypnotism, human emotions, ond rhe use of scienrific instruments set rhe environment for psychology students. Desides these interesting experiments, students also shored a classroom with Imo Killer (o boo constrictor), Mr. Dill, T. Thornton Throckrhornron, Mighty They ond Cheop Trick (oil of whom ore rots). They also participate in o survival course, during which some students con be put in rhe real life situation of having o broken leg, being injured, etc. Students also learn how ro handle different human emotions with rhe use of such sdenrific machines os rhe Golvenric Skin Desponse (gsr), EEG, and Alpho Droin Wove. Classmates Julia Branch ond Donna Capps concenrrore on doing a psychology report Psychology CkA 6768 Psychology Oub"Mr. Dill" seems to be very opproprlotely Students contemplote human behavior versus named as he keeps Chris Kefly roratty enrranced. ammol behavior Mr. Lltsch explains ro his srudenrs how to "tome’’ kmo Killer, the boa constrictor Psychology Club 69Club members ore FRONT ROW: Sandro Knox. Sondro Province. Suson Lopes. Loun Rechenboch. Moonyeen Hophns. Richord Durk, Dennie Long Noemi Moreno Corolyn Funk. Kirsren Engkx. Ang Plnetli ROW TWO: Cody Lemosrer. Denrvse Howrhorne. Romooo Domond. Deb Smith. Lourel Keck. Dorboro Porker. Andreo AAcGrory. Lono Reeves. Chris Kelly. J J Iveon. Jone Hoferiond. George Srondord. Korie Horne. LeAnn Conorser. Korhy Hunter TOP ROW: Greg Houchtn Greg Ross Mise Gies. Sherri Hon. Uso Gomeringer. Robert Huffer. Ed Lobough. Lono Cordwefl. Corolyn Crow. Donno Copps, Evelyn Sydto, Juko Dronch. Mr Lirsch Dennie Long stoys cool when onswering quesrions while Dorboro Porker gets coughr by rhe rrurh monitor 70 PsychologyEleves des Francois avec Accent d'un Okie "Once on Okie always an Okie" even if you ore studying French French I and II srudenrs were involved in many activities this year Some of them induded o Chrismnos crepe party in which students brought different sauces for the famous French dish, crepes. A French guest speoker Mrs Monique Drown, who currently lives in Alrus, talked to French II srudenrs about Christmas customs and the many different holidays of France An activity to promote interest in foreign language was a trip to Northeast Junior High to perform skits for freshmen. To get away from the monotony of learning word usoge and pronunciation the srudenrs sang different songs in French, which made French class challenging and fun or the same rime. French Club royalty are Cal Garrison, Risso Troch- Making crepes Is a novelty fa French srudenrs or rnon. Terri Hurley (queen), Mark Ludsono, Paulo Mur- rhe Chrisrmas pony, phy, ond Joe Feorhersron French Club members are KNEELING: Suzie Worson. Mark Ludsono. Tern Hurley, fcsso Trochmen. Cheryl Rodenheover, Cad Rogers. STANDING Worren Schrour, Srephoae McAterer, Tim Evans. Joe Feorhersron. Janer Breeding. Cindy Cumbus, Debde Keefer. Chris Wisner. Podo Murphy. Shonnon Joley. Grerchen Huerta Jennifer Payne ond Chris Wisner ore curious os ro whom rheir French speakng pen pds will beAmigos y Buenos Tiempos Friends and good times were whor Spanish Club was oil about Srudenrs in Spanish Club enjoyed many differenr activities in which they all parricipared Skirs and luncheons ... a new idea for foreign language srudenrs was a ger- rogerher or lunch. During rhese luncheons srudenrs performed skirs of various rales. Dinner parries . . . rhe Christmas dinner consisted of a variety of Spanish food, guesr dancers, and orher festivities such as breaking rhe pinaras. Spring break . . . brought about rhe exciremenr of some srudenrs who enjoyed a 10 day rrip ro Mexico Ciry ro ger a first-hand experience on rhe culrurol background and customs many rourisrs enjoy year-round. The rrip was sponsored by Mr, Tom Stephens. Friends ond good rimes, rhar's Spanish Club. Members of Spanish Club ore FRONT ROW: Isobet Mamn. Andreo Rojos, Dense McGuire, Jufce Drown, LoDonna McKenzie. Dob Sronley, Tim Evers. Kendd Yores. Alis Liu ROW TWO Rurh Ortega. Karen Dow, Sandra SocJer, Tmo Vasseilo. Connie Grinsron, Drendo Dreokron. Suson Muicon. Alex Rodriquez TOP ROW Corios Gcdtordo, Porhck Doque. Kim Wesrbrook. Korhy Cosrio. Cynrho Dolque, DovO Jones. David Drone. John Lesser. Joe Deto Roso, Mike McConnel, Doryl Toylor. Officers for Spanish Club ore Isobel Morrin (secre- rory), Joe Dela Roso (presrdenr), ond Gmger Spoggs (vice-presidenr) 72 Spanish OubA senorlto In distress. Ate Liu, runs owoy from rhe big bod wolf portrayed by Dob Stanley Spanish Club members show rhelr aeonviry by disploying rhe ptnoras Two special dancers provide enrerroinmenr or rhe Christmas partyVorslty Choir Members ore FRONT ROW: Jody Louderdoie. Aion Myers. Mike Duffy. Fronkie Dekzzi. Gory Mchois. Ron Dempsey, Mke Smith, Jrrmy Flores. Denrvs Cari. Joy McPherson ROW TWO Joner Wanton. Dererho Shoffer. Ateon Temper. Lyndo Woods. Trocey Porrish, Gino Sosse. Pouta Gilbert. Mory Shofer. Lori Lucos. Lor. Washburn ROW THREE Metody Smith. Drsy Dolew. Dona Wooten. Royiene Domes. f cky Gregg. Komi Koonrz. Donno Nordmon. Darboro Kizzior. DeAnn Turtle Steve Eosrertng Robin Dnggs. Dorboro Porker. Melody D kenson. Donno Copps ROW FOUR Mr Kenneth Cox. Chris Wisner. Lois Ann Huey. Koren Lumry Mork Foyer Kenneth Drown' Dione Nordmon. Decky Roy. Jimmy Deford ROW FIVE Alon A«es. Steve Willey. Derryl Del. Joe Duchonon. Nei Myers. Doniro Mossenburg, Joe Feotheryon. Denise Gambi. Joe Trevino, Mfce Soker, Krk Oork, Tim Dyrd TOP ROW Steve Oergeron, Korhy Hunter, Myron Korner, Eddie Goodtow, Mark Luasono. Curt Dtock. Scon Marcho. Eddie Dorchelor It s Not As Easy As It Sounds A distinguished musical group, rhe vorsiry choir mastered musical numbers in foreign languages such as Latin, Spanish, French, Irish, and Irolion. Accredited with a wide range of musical knowledge and experience, Mr Kenneth Cox ably directed rhe group as they performed for local civic groups, senior drizens, a fall choir festival which included rhe junior high vocal groups, a Thanksgiving concert, dinner theatre, spring concert which highlighted with rhe coronation of royalty selected by rhe group, and student body assemblies. They attended rhe store choir contest in Oklahoma City, a music contest or Lawton, and all OMEA store rry-ours A major traditional endeavor for rhe choir was rhe all school production "The Pajama Gome” entailed mony hours of rehearsal after school for the perfection expected from rhe choir members Nationally renown for their fine voice 74 Vorsiry Choir quality, a special invitation to perform for rhe American Music Festival or Oprylond in Nashville, Tennessee, climaxed rhe year's endeavors Poising rhe needed $10,000 travel expense from special projects such os, drrus fruit soles, rhe dinner theatre, and rummage sale throughout rhe year, rhe entertainers left April 30 for a pleasure packed week at Oprylond. The vorsiry choir continued to reflea rhe pride and disrinaion of A.H.S. nor only in Oklahoma bur in other parrs of the nation as well. Kothy Hunter. Mr. Cox. and Nicky Gregg review music for rhe Al-School production "Pqjomo Gome " Under the direction of Mr Kenneth Cox, excelence 6 o by product U The Queen And Her Court Varsity Choir court ore Arreodonr Denise Gombill, escort Mar Foster. Kmg N ky Gregg. Queen Donno Nordmon. ortendonr Koren Lumry. escon Alon Ales Serving os Varsity Choir officers ore KMUJNG Frankie Deiizzi, sophomore. Korm Koonrz. junior represenronve STANDING Mcky Gregg, preside™ Koren Lumry. secretory, Joe Ouchonon. vice- presidenr. Dono Wooren. rreosurer Varsry Choir 75Alon Allies, accompanied by Ncky Gregg, sings "Soy I Love You In A Song " Those selected for rhe dl-OMEA Honor Choir ore Myron Korner. Lyndo Woods, Dennis Cc Jody Louderdole Derryl Del. Jama Thomason, ond Alex Rodnquez Scott Morcho Performs "Sol On" os o few Varsity Choir members serve os bodvup Herd work Is the key word os Varsity Choir members unlood rher arrus fruit 76 Vorsry ChorMIXED GLEE CLUO: Mr Kennerh Cox, Danny Rodriquez. Dob Sronley. Ketrh Dyrum, Sandro Knox, Jennifer Payne, Dodo Johnson. Dernoderre SoKer Melody Makers Everybody knows of our arhleric deporrmenr, bur ir seems rhey know lirrle obour our norionoHy renowned music deporrmenr. Orher rhon Vorsiry Choir, Mr Cox has his hands full wirh ralenred srudenrs in rhe Sophomore Girls Gee Club. Sophomore Boys Glee Gub, and Mixed Chorus The class of sophomore girls consisrs of 55 girls who perform for porenrs. school, and Senior cirizens. The Sophomore Boys hove o small group of 12 wide ranged voices. The Mixed Chorus also is a small group wirh boys and girls from sophomores ro seniors. All rhe rhree dosses presenr rhe programs for spring concerr, rhe fall choral fesrival, rry our for all srare, sobs, and ensembles SOPHOMORES GIRLS GLEE CLUB: FRONT ROW Debra Moss. Keo Turtle. Gno Gover Chorkxre Kaminski. Wood. Robm VJIareol. Pom Srifwel. Ingrid Peocock ROW TWO Lodonno McKenzie. Noncy mdmger. Louro Nolan, Debbie Keefer. Korhy Drake. Deverly Fanning. Sharon Cromer, Riro Smith. Paulo Roff, Jonna Thomason. Krisren Russell. Cheryl Stephenson. Suzanne Dourgeo e, Tommy Yochom. Andreo A Sen. Lori Dor den ROW THREE Dona Miron. Cindy Domboy. Janet Morhios. Noroke Drown. Pouto Murphy, Srocy Hoftdoy. Susan Krby. Dona Doocom. Courrney Yores. Michele Pruskowski. Jockie Owens. Sondro Newkrk. Decky Kinder TOP ROW Mr Kennerh Cox. Sherne Prosser. Debbie White. Shannon Jolley. Goyle Hjddlesron, Lindo Porker. Louro Netsenr. Annerre Srmrh. Party McKinney Lisa Dodd. Party Pigg. Tina Dernord. JoNean Gifford, Sylvia Carrasco BOYS GLEE CLUB: Mr Kennerh Cox. Alen Wilis. Richard Woker. John Lews. Dernord Huki. Wode Former. Gregg Koy, Jeff Tyner. Kp Jones, Scor Stmco. Danny Sodler. Tony Hormlron. Greg Neely Muse 77Bond members ore: (FLUTES FRONT ROW) Oombi Swenson. Corot Rogers. Shoron Morgan, Drendo Freed. Angelo Lowell. Eileen Goddcrd, Soro Guqordo, Suson Lopes Srephome McAfesrer ROW 2 Vickey Wesrover. Trocey Thoben, Corhy Drake. Sozie Jomes. R so Trochmon, Enco Swonson, Kome Re»d, Becky Roy. Lorn Drown OBOES Deverty Forming, Shem Horr. Grerchen Hkerto CLARINETS (FRONT ROW) Moonyeen Hopkins, Coleen Soger. Ivon Anderson ROW 2 Kryen Engkx, Courtney Yores. Pom Srmrb, Stephanie Sides ROW 3 Dendro Corron. David Jones. Liso Howkins. Robm Gover, Jen Jones, Undo Dove, Mortsso Holland. Jeoneen Grigsby. Regino Dreokiron TWIRLERS: Lourie Owens. Johnno Srroub. Terr. Hurley. Joye Worson DRUM MAJORS: Ken Drake. Zock Howard CORNETS (FRONT ROW) Chris Scalf. Gory Reynolds Suson AAiAcon. Dole Anderson. Kyle Drorcher. Derryl Dell. Roger Curminghom. Kerb Krughr. Morvm Jen ROW 2 John Gifford. Kirk Payne, Greg Houchm, Joey Morien. Reggie Chnsnon. Charles Roy. Phd DoJey SAXOPHONES (FRONT ROW) Cindy Abernorhy. DeArm Turtle, Shoun Connoly. Sheryl Bodkin, John Nebing, Trixie Dornel ROW 2 Mike Flercher. Jeff Shepherd. David W es, Alon Wofcer. Kim Clemons. LoDonno Littlejohn. Wendy Doles, Sondro Provence FRENCH HORNS: Regmo kenburg. Chris Wisner. Kiyom. Houghr, Tern Deditch. Keo Turtle. Gwen Euchner. Krsn Phelps PERCUSSION (FRONT ROW) Steve Richardson. David Hernandez, John Johnson ROW 2 Mike Scalf Dole Perkoff. Mork Moss. Mon Utsch. Eddie Reynolds TROMBONES: Tim Evans, Robm Orr, Mike Duffy, Monte Nebing, Korhy Duchonon, Dione Kigore. J»n Rodgers BARITONES: Dovd Drone. Liso Washbcm. Off Cogle TUBAS: Tom Mahon. Tom Wflkes. Tom English. Mork Howes. Richord Irwm, Donme Cheek FLAGS: Joanne Purcell T xito Motts loun f echenboch. Carolyn Oow. Cindy Dkxk. Geme Shnver. Pouta Gfcert. Uso Hunter. Morgie Emmen. Chorio Richeson. Gmger Sprggs. Debora Coursey Karen Lumry Rito Johnson. Pony Sides. Gmo Sosse. Pom Dovis Another Superior For Year after year Thor Alrus Band has received superior ratings for excellent half- rime performances. 1979-60 proved nc different. Band members were considered by parents and supporters to be in a dass of their own - outstanding and dedicated Arriving or the early hour of seven during the entire year pur otor of strain and stress on their bodies and minds, bur being in Thar Alrus Band was the most important part of the members' lives. Store Marching Contest at Southwestern Oklahoma Stare University in Weatherford brought superior ratings in both marching TAB Mike Duffy is pleased to find o good fir in the new bond uniforms and inspection With selections such as "Killian." "Boilin' on the River,” and "The Big Country,” TAB employed several different marching maneuvers including both chop step and corps style while the judges aiticolly observed for alignment precision os well as playing errors and intonation. While at attention, the inspector judge checked nearness, uniformity, and cleanliness of both horn and uniform. Their fortitude paid off when they received the prized trophyAttired in bright new uniforms. TAD presenrs o uniform hdf-rime show only ofter much rehearsal indoors ond outdoors Council members ore SEATED Cindy Block, Zock Howard, Joey Morion, Gwen Euchner. Shoron Morgan, Chrisrino Irwin, Cindy Abernathy, Erica Swanson, Sheryl Bodkin. Gma Sosse STANDING Mike Scolf, Kyle Bratcher, Loune Owens, Ken Drake Bond 79 Working together throughout rhe yeor, Ken Drake ond Zock Howard show oursronding leadership Precision is important n making an excellent half time show Thor Alrus Dand proves this ro be rrue os they perform rogerher Twirlers ore (Kneeing) Jaye Worson. (srondlng) Johnno Srroub. Loune Owens. Tern Hurley Practice comes before primping as Jaye Watson shows up for 7 00 o m. rehearsal Twirling otter holftime. Johnno Srroub ond Lourie Owens demonstrare Showing the techniques of twirling is Carl Thibrdeou. store rwirtrxj champion from Motne who is stationed or AAFD 00 BondFlog girls ore KNEELING: Pom Do vis. Pouta Gifoerr. Gndy Otack. Lisa Hunrer. Chorto kicheson. Morgie Emmerr. Kira Johnson. Koren Lumry. Tori Sharp STANDING Joanne Pur cel. Toriro Morrs. Loun Keichenboch. Gmo Sasse. Gnger Spriggs. Debbie Coursey. Parry Sides. Carolyn Crow. Genio Shnver The flog corps prove It Is o llrrle hard ro crock o smle after o days practice A little foil moy turn Into o lough ond o rime ro resr for rhe flog grls ofrer o long doy of maneuvers Drum Majors, Flags, Twirlers Coordinate Routines T A D. flog girls began pracridng rheir 'chop srep' ond preparing for marching season even before rhe 7879 school year ended Exciremenr builr higher ond higher os rhey readied rhemselves for rhe July 9-13 flog comp or Ado, Oklahoma. While in comperirion rhere, rhe 13 new girls wenr ro beginning dosses whereas rhe 5 rerurning girls were promored ro rhe advanced category Even though rhe beginners outnumbered rhe returners, on comperirion nighr rhey performed os on intermediate group ond placed rhird in oil around comperirion Rita Johnson ond Gnger Spriggs were each awarded rhe most outstanding performance ribbons from advanced and beginning dosses respectively. During rhe final awards assembly rhe Alrus ftagsrers received rhe 'Charlie Husrle' award which is given ro rhe most spirited group Bur rhe girls were nor rhe only ones who got owords or comp. First year flog director Mr. Harold Taylor wenr along nor only ro observe rhe girls in comperirion, bur he was also our on rhe field learning oil of rhe maneuvers ond manuals along wirh rhe girls. He was oworded rhe hardest worker ribbon During rhe regulor marching season rhe flog girls were featured in o number of rourines such os "Love is in rhe Air" "Rollin' on rhe River" ond one special number was rhe "Dotrie Donee" Ar rhe January Dand Donquer, Parry Sides was awarded rhe most improved flog for rhe year while Koren Lumry was vored rhe most outstanding flog girl. The twirlers ochieved much also They were named rhe hordesr working group or rheir summer comp ond or coaresr in Weatherford rhey received o superior raring for rheir group performance Jaye Watson wos presented o superior for her solo routine. Leadership was most important rhis year as well as in rhe pasr years The drum majors proved rhis ro be a true statement by successfully showing rhe needed amount of leadership ond spirit ond still getting rhe respect of rhe band members The combination of these groups helped ro keep up rhe spirir and rhe tradition of Thor Alrus Dond“O c o CD Directors Plon As Tolent Unveils Thot Altus Bond director for f ?7950 6 Lorry Haris and his assist on rs ae Som Crag, Gay Fad, axJ HaoW Taytor The looding crew for Tha Alrus Dand loods rhe hors on rhe bus n on assembly ine fashion befae leaving fa o gome Winding up for early maning procrice. bond members then wind down os roy soldiers Keeping in stride coring rhe annual Christmas paode, TAD maches on 82 BondThot Altus Dond Royalty is (SITING) torri Drown (queen) Her court (STANDNG) Decky Roy ond DeAnn Turtle All-Region Dond members ore SITTNG Lorn Drown. Coleen Sogor. Korrle Retd, Sa-oh Guojordo, Srephome McAksrer (Dow TWO) Mike [Xrffy. Krisn Phelps, Courtny Yores. Loune Owens, Tonro Marts. Kirsten Englor DOW THDEE Monre Neblmg. Dobm Orr. Ken Droke. Kyle Drorcher. Sandro Provence. Tori Shorp TOP DOW Tom Mohon. Tom Engteh. Tom Wilkes, Of Cogle, Dole Percoff. Mdse Scolf. Eddie Deynolds. John Johnson. Jeff Sheperd TAD's Stage Dond members ore SITTNG Jeff Sheperd. Ton Shorp. Cindy Abernorhy. K n demons. DovkJ Wilkes. Tom Wires. Monre Nebkng. Dobm Orr. Ken Droke, Mfce Duffy TOP DOW Sandra Provence. Dole Percoff. Mon Lirsch, Tom English. Mr Sam Croig. Mr Lorry Harris. Joey Marien, Keirh Knighr. Doger Cunringhom, Dorryl Del. Kyle Drorcher Dond 83Vocational Week Highlights VYLC Two representatives were selected from each of the eleven vocational programs or Altus High School The duties of the representatives were to plan, organize ond coordinate activities during vocational week The vocational activities for the week were used to develop o scrapbook that was entered in competition with other schools across the store The scrapbook was judged by vocational administrators in Stillwater. Recognition to the best vocational week promotion is given each August at the teachers vocational workshops. Altus has won this state award 4 our of the post 5 years The VYLC presented an assembly progrom for the sophomores explaining the various vocational programs available Students may participate in vocational courses during their junior and senior years. Vocational programs represented were Distributive Education, Interdisciplinary Cooperation Education. Vocational Office Education, Fashion Deisgn, Health Services, Child Core, Carpentry, Electrification, Auto Mechanics, Vocational Agriculture, and Vocational Agriculture Mechanics. The 1978-60 officers for VYLC ore: Kevin Obenhous, Scott Hoyes, Don Chance. Dorboro Hompron. ond Debbie Compbel The members of VYLC ore: Paul Lowhorn (corpenrry). Andy Erhenon (ICE), Debbie Compbel (ICE). Michele Miler (chid core), June Dirney (hedrh services). Dorboro Hompron (chid core), Kevin Obenhous (vocorional ogriculrure), Scott Hoyes (voconond ogncutrure), ond Drod Moreou (vocational ogncuirure mechomcs) Sponsors of VYLC club ore: Mr Robert Kllebrew (corpenrry). Mrs Tomme Richardson (voconond office educo non), Mrs Anno Jockson (child core). Mrs Debbie Thomas (fashion design). Mrs Judy Archer (ICE), Mr Lorry McLoughln (voconond ogriculrure). Mr Terry Dyrd (dbrribunve educorion). Mrs Shoron Dreuer (hedrh services), Mr Joe Harkins (eiecrnficonon), Mr Roy Vinyord (ouro mechonics) 84 VYLCEfficiency In Skills Stressed Corpentry students work on the roofing of the project house or 1604 Jupirer The 3 bedroom. 2 both, ond single goroge house shows o semi-complete look Hord work is required of corpentry student Robert Dennett VICA members ore FRONT ROW Henry Perry. Mike Townsend, Moreen Wey, Russell Jones. Armm Gernyok, Poul Skidmore. Paul Lowhorn. Johnny Dorr era, Kevin Glim. Lorry Glenn, Terry Glenn ROW TWO: James Morgan. Dobby Gipson. Mike Dledsoe. Worren Ross. Rondy Smith, Drion Fols, George Medlock. Mike McConnell, John Gifford. Colvin DeWeese. Tod Sroden, Rondy Gtonore, Skip Domboy. Steven Homs ROW THREE Domion Roblez, Jockie Dlozek, Chcyles Sprouse, Govm Wicker, Ivon Sprouse. Troy Robertson. Phi Daley. Richard Colston, David Coores. Raymond Long, Nfccky Gregg. Sammy Cryer TOP ROW Hugh Young, Richord Cossidy. DU Dorff, Kennerh Doynord. Lewis Dorton, Kety Gensmon. Jimmy Rodgers. Terry Porker, John Cox, Steven McAlister. John Gossoge, MAe Warkms, Kevin CokJwel. Robert Shriver Worten Ross ond Steve Toylor prove rhe old dtche "working roger her wJ ger rhe job done " Schoolroom improvements ore mode by electrification students Vocational Industrial Clubs of America was open to all students in electrification, carpentry, and automechanics classes. One of rhe major concerns of members was deciding on career goals ond preparing for rhe working world. VICA allowed students of all rhe vocational dosses to join together and help develop leadership ond their understanding of rhe business field. Mr. Roy Vlnyord Instructs ouo mechanic yudenrs Colvin DeWeese ond Sammy Cryer on rhe do's ond don'r’s of inyoing firers VICA 65FRONT ROW: Joe DeHoogh. Uso Hunrer, Lourie Scott. Don Chance. Tim Wimes. Lyn Vosse»o. Trocy McGrorh. AAiKe LoFemey ROW TWO Demoderre Soker. Koren Fox. Teresa Martin, Korie Horne. Morgan FelKer, Kim Roberts, Lon Ford. Jone Haferiond, Grerchen Srreer. Jono Olock. Renee Teal, Esp Dovts TOP ROW D one ScoJf, Sherri Horr. Tim Huffman, Mike Poyne. Mike Whirmg. Mott Coppock. Dole Percoff. Oeorus McDonei. Sharon Hogerry. Neil Dlockwel. Terry Dyrd First year student. Grerchen Srreer. shores her secret of making cotton candy with some etemenrcry chil- dren 66 DECAEarning While Learning Disrriburive Educor Ion, commonly referred ro os DE, identifies o progrom of educorion whose purpose is ro provide insrrucrion in distribution and marketing Questions asked about what ro do and what careers ro look for ore answered by the DE progrom. The DE cooperative program is limited ro juniors and seniors who ore employed on a port rime job. DE Teacher Coordinators set up personal job interviews and rests or the volunteer training stations They then place students in appropriate settings. The total instructional progrom encompasses formal dassroom instruction, supervised on-the-job rroining, and directed DEC A (Distributive Education Clubs of America) activities. Selected os Mr. ond Miss DECA for trie 1979-60 school year ore Joe DeHoogh ond Lourie Scorr DECA officers ore SEATED: Laune Scorr, Liso Hunrer. Lyn Vosselo. Trocy McGrorh STANDING: Mike LoFerney. Joe DeHoogh, Don Chcnce, Tim Vdmes DECA 87Rocing ogoiost rhe clock for rhe GATO resr ore Twdo flogor ond Don Chonce Morgon Felker. Jono Block, ond Robert McKinley enjoy mokng cotton condy ot the football gomes 88 DECAFBLA A Taste Of Success 1960 FOLA Royolty ore FRONT ROW: Lydo Garison (queen), and Danny Mamn TOP ROW Debbie Lerner Joe Feathery on, Dererho Shoffer. ond Andy Erhenon Making a success our of life — rhor was whor rhe Furure Business Leaders of America sought ro do Through rheir business oriented club activities For Altus High's FBLA. it began with rhe election of rhe officers, who then hod ro learn how ro present ond conduct a meeting rhor would instruct as well os entertain. The organization was very interested in personal instruction for its members, which was obtained by having experienced guest speakers from many places One such visitor was Bruce Hoover, rhe OSU aviation department director, ond with him was Terri Trinary, rhe top collegiate pilot in rhe United Stores FBLA raised funds for its activities through various fund raising events, such as candy sales Any student who hod been enrolled in or was planning ro enroll in a vocational course qualified for FBLA membership Other members Include FRONT ROW: Dendro Cor ton, June Sample. Joonne Purcel. Debbie Compbel. ond Dererho Shoffer kOW TWO Connie Ghnston. Danny Mamn Lao Gomermger. ond Wode Former kOW THkEE Cynrhw Dolque. Deborah kudd. Erico Swonson, ond Dense Ccmpbei Members of FDLA ore FRONT ROW: Chris Keiy. Hozel Turner, Debbie Lerner, Lydia Gomson. Jocke Artsins, ond Melinda Sec res’ kOW TWO GaH Horns. Tommie Thompson, kenee Musgrove. J McPherson. Jodi Miller. Derrye Srmons, Undo Haris. DefrxJo Gcroo TOP kOW John Lewis, Domra Mossenburg. kocky Copelond. Ke«y Hogan. Jomes Morgon, kurh Onego Undo Dirney. Joe Feorheryon. ond Andy Erhenon 90 FDLAMiss FDLA judges were: Ron Dourbeou, Noncy Dovis. June Doley. ond Ai Dolord The conresronr 6 Toriro Mom Contestont for Mr. FDLA. Joy McPherson, is interviewed by judges M Srebbens, Sandy Hott. Wondo Spencer, ond Ted DeVore FDLA Royalty ore Dererho Shoffer. Andy Erhenon. Lydio Garrison (Miss FDLA). Donny Morrm (Mr FDLA). Debbte Lerner. Joe Feorhersron Special recognition was given to Donny Mamn (Isr pioce condy soles). Jomes Morgon (outsrondng senior boy). Mehndo Secrey (outsrantfng senior girl). Dendro Cotton (3rd pkxe condy soles), ond Rocky Copetond (2nd pioce condy soles) Leaving for the Leadership Development Institute m Oklahoma Gry ore J McPherson. Mr Rshordson. Debbe Lerner. Jod M er. Lydo Gomson. ond Renee Musgrave FDLA 91The FBLA Chrisrmos dinner was held or rhe Sogomor Resrouranr on December 3. Officer insroltorion was conduced by FBLA olumni members Mr and Miss FBLA arrendanrs were recognized and prizes were given for rhe condy soles. An oursronding senior boy and girl were also recognized. Honored guesrs were Dr and Mrs. Morris Foster, Mr and Mrs. Ralph McPherson. Mr and Mrs. Ron Bourbeau, and Mrs. Weldon Ferris Dr. Morris Fosrer congrorulores FDLA members FDLA members were awarded for rheir oursrondng ocnviry in rhe dub Alumni member Scoff Oorton nsrols rhe new female presrdeor. Lydia Garrison Presidenr Lydia Garrison rokes over her new position. Organization sponsors. Mrs Judy Archer ond Mrs Tomme Richardson, look over planned ocrivihes. 92 FDLALearning To Survive On Job First hour ICE students ore FRONT ROW Kennerh Jefferson, Mark Shelly, Carlo Shipp, Wimo Tovor, Dormy Martin TOP ROW James Coleman, Andrea McGrory, Eric Hehnski, Anrhony Richards, Mike Gregg, Done Zielke Jockson Inrerdisciplinory Cooperorive Educorion (ICD is o rwo credir hour course for juniors and seniors. ICE is designed ro oid srudenrs in developing job survival skills (firsr year) and monogemenr skills (second year). Srudenrs orrended class one hour eoch doy and worked in port-rime jobs in rhe afternoon, ar nighr, or on weekends Srudenrs enrolled in ICE were members of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) FBLA was considered ro be a viral parr of ICE doss because one of rhe primary purposes of FBLA was ro develop comperenr business leadership. The ICE srudenrs had rhe privilege ro have a demonstration speech and a film on Telephones and rheir technical odvoncemenrs The lecture began with rhe simple home phone progressing ro rhe more complicated office compuror. This and orher lectures and ocriviries helped rhe srudenrs understand rhe world of business and Communications Debbie Campbell and Tim Smith review job records Second hour ICE members ore FRONT ROW Jimmy Firth, Kevin Huddleston. Jonorhan Werz. Scott Morcha. Dnon Wtourn TOP ROW Carolyn Pough, Cindy K on, Deridro Cotton, DeAnn Tuttle. Delores Dominguez, Angie Goode Third hour ICE members ore: Shown Moms. Denise Compbefl. Andy Erherron. Tim Smith. Debbie Campbell ICE 93HOSA Inspires Medical Futures Heolrh Occupation Srudenrs of America (HOSA) onenrared high school srudenrs for rheir future careers in heolrh related occupations HOSA's second year srudenrs worked opproximorely forty hours per week during school or rhe particular skills rhey inrended upon using in rheir future. Members participated in o wide variety of community activities. The group helped with rhe Jerry Lewis Telethon, rhe Heart Drive, and supplied holiday food boskets to rhe Victory Children’s Home. The various health fields that rhe srudenrs were interested in were well represented or meetings by doctors of medicine, physical therapists, doctors of dentistry, morticians, and doctors of orthopedics. 1980 officers were Pom Conway, president; Jesse Solozor, vice president; Thressie Williams, secretory; Volynda Drake, treasurer; June Vonsrone, historian and chaplain, Connie Smith, reporter; Harold Jefferson ond Goria Doyd. activity directors; Undo Drown, parliamentarian; ond Kotie West, sentinel. Korie West checks o patient's pulse as port of her dunes 94 HOSA Members ore SEATED: Korhy Pise, June Ditney. Maria Roblez. Darlene Kotoidso. Rose Jofroon KNEELING Korhy Hal, Ethel High, Porrioo Robinson, Uso Davts, Loveda Wiloms, Pom Taylor, Kone West, June Vonsrone STANDING Dovid Nelson. Greg Robbins. Undo Drown, Giorio Doyd. Mrs Sharon Dreuer, Pom Conway, Tivessie V oms LrxJo HI. Jesse SakxzorSpecialized Office Skills Acquired Vocational Office Educorion II wos rhe senior year conrinuorion of VOE I. Only those students successfully completing VOE I were eligible for VOE II. A two- hour block course, there were thirteen seniors girls enrolled in this office program. In VOE I, students learned basic entry skills for clerical positions such os receptionist, derk-rypisr, word processor, stenographer, file clerk, etc. VOE II offered on intensified, specialized study of these positions with guest speakers and field trips coordinating with students' interests. The lost 12-15 weeks of school, rhe students participated in o work-study program similar to the 6-weeks work- study program they were o port of in VOE I. The students went directly to employers of business offices for porttime work os a clerical employee Monday through Thursday, then attended doss on Friday. The highlight of rhe year was a rwo- day secretarial seminar at Oklahoma University that they attended In rhe spring. Students held garage sales, bake sales, and typed a student directory to pay for their expenses Members of VOE II ore SEATED Lori Turner. Meteso Cooper, and Derrye Sirmons STANDMG Lindo Homs. Tommie Thompson. Dionne Hirr, Jockie Arkins, Jodi Miler. Undo Leyroo, Tomme Richardson (Sponsor). EJizoberh Roy. God Harris. Debb Lerner. Selling -goodies” or lunch. VOE I ennced many and Kelly Hogan to srroy from ers VOE I 95HERO Focuses On Home The home srill proves ro be rhe focal point in human relorions. Whether one realizes ir or nor, rhe knowledge of home economics offecrs each individual’s life ro o certain degree. Just whor would happen ro rhe human race if no one cored abour designing dorhes, cooking meals, and caring for children? The AHS Home Economics Related Occupations (HERO) club rried ro srress rhe importance of home related careers. Careers such as journalism, reaching, and personnel work require knowledge of home economics. Members of HERO were parr of rhe fashion design and child care classes under rhe direction of Mrs. Debbie Thomas and Mrs. Anna Jackson. The club rook port in Vocorionol Education Week and members participare in a select community projecr and other community activities. The store rally held in Oklahoma City rhe last of March dimaxed rhe year full of activities and educational experiences. Llso Wolton touches up one of mony doss assignments Leaders ore Michelle Miller (choplin). Leslie Walton (secretory), Barbara Hampton (president), Mefcsso Shaver (vice president), ond Judy Noll (historian). FRONT ROW: Yvonne Kane, Kathy Lowe, Lisa Wolroo, Debb e Medders SECOND BOW Brenda Breokron. Borboro Hampton, Michelle MJier, Leslie Wolton, Cindy Abernathy TOP BOW Amro Rogers, Phyllis Wilioms. Melody Porsley, Liso Hawkins, Corina Bur chi, Romono Srickney. Juoniro Barron, Wilo Watson, Melisso Shaver, Tommie Sorter Fashion Design mode this Buldog quilt to be raffled off The use of toys in chid core is important for o chid's development Doric Wilson. Leslie Wolton. ond Cindy Abernorhy exemplify versorflity of dassroom projects 96 HEROIndividual Talent Expressed Home Economics III members must become familiar with the sewing machine Clearing our the shelves for cooking ore Sandrc Sanders and Srocy Doblor Reviewing Home Ec. worksheets are Men Droun, Leo Dkxkwel, Mrs Coffey ond Chortone Modison Home Ec. Ill members ore SEATED: Leo Dlockwel. Sondro Sanders, ond Srocy Dobtor STANDING Char- lotte Mocfcon, Melinda Secresr, Dorboro Kizzor. ond Mrs Por Coffey Washing ond drying dish rowels ore Charlotte ModL son ond Dorboro Kizzor Under the direction Of Mrs. Pot Coffey, rhe Home Economics club helped ro give irs members confidence in their homemoking abilities ond ro promote individual talent os well. Each member was responsible ro pay dues for rhe activities in which Home Economics Club participated. The dub proved not only how creative rhe girls could be, but helped them expand their Dairies os well. Home Economics Oub 97Future Journalists On The Scene Bewildered Charles (Chaz) Caswell, mourns over rhe broken-down ACTV vehide rhor was supposed to get rhe aew ro Yukon ond bock The Alrus chapter of FJA is a member of O I.P.A — Oklahoma Inrerscholasric Press Association — ond indudes students from all high school fields of journolism such os year- book, newspaper, ond rhe television sta- tion. The group traveled ro rhe University of Oklahoma twice this year for fall and winter workshops. Reknown speakers such as Dr. Carroll, president of rhe University of Okla- homa School of Journalism, Colonel S.E. Sa- vedge, yearbook critic, and Dr. J.F. Pascal, director of rhe store FJA. On December 10, rhe traditional FJA Christmas parry was held at rhe home of Mr and Mrs. Weldon Ferris. Special quests were Dr and Mrs. Morris Foster FJ.A. members ore FRONT ROW: Tern Hurley, Lori Washburn. Janer Breeding ROW TWO Lori Lucos. Srocy Shrve, Sara Srouffer. Toro Moss, Leo Gomeringer, Akson Templer, Joner Wiginron. ROW THREE J McPherson. Chorio Richeson. Michele Moohs. Suzie Downs, Metesa Smith. Melody Dickenson. Chortorre Kaminski. Darboro Kizziar, Joye Warson. Noenra Moreno. Corios Galardo. Suzie Warson ROW FOUR Charles Coswell. John Neblmg, Jimmy Firth, Joe Duchonan. Thom SpeWe, Tony Lomkn. Mke Duffy TOP ROW Greg Houchm, Som Lawkowski. Pom Do vs, Tim Wlmes, Burk Cornefcus. ond Gory Brorherron OIPA Director. Mr Paschal, from Oklahoma University presides over rhe annual fal O.l P A meeting or O U Keeping oil rhe different journolism staffs in o somewhat orderly manner throughout the year ore DufcJog Color sponsor. Mrs Lndo Wiginron. Bulldog Yearbook sponsor. Mrs Jolene McLeod, ond ACTV ond broadcasting sponsor. Mrs Ruth Ferris 98 FJANo Escaping For Editors You con'r bar rhe doors and run owoy from rhe endless duries of planning, scheduling, assigning, following up, ond proofing find copy if you're o responsible journalism ediror Borh rhe newspaper ond yearbook sraffs were forrunore ro hove edirors wirh good endurance records and who were nor leory of hard work ond long hours. The edirors conrribured from rwo ro rhree hours of every school day ro rhe improvemenr of rheir chosen medio Assisring ond encouraging orher sroff members os rhe srep by srep process progressed, rhey hod ro be fomilior wirh oil aspecrs of rheir publicorion The Bulldog and The Collar ore imporronr journolisric producrions rhor inform and record rhe year's ocriviries for rhe srudenr body. The goal of rhe edirors ond rheir sraffs was ro presenr o sorisfacrory publicorion ro rhe srudenr body A hospital ''vocation" doesn't holt yearbook production os Soro Stauffer seeks out Chorio Rjcheson ro confer on upcoming deodtmes 1980 BULLDOG VOLUME 47 ALTUS HIGH SCHOol 400 N. PARK AVENr ALTUS OKLAHOMA 1?J CLASS of 1978 Collar editor Lori Lucos combines OuCdog spirit ond school journalsm Writing, schedulng. rypmg. proofing ond proofing ogan ore oH very fomAar dunes ro her Year book planning begins early in rhe school year for co-editors Soro Stauffer ond Chorio Rjcheson os rhey prepare rhe marquee for ririe page production Pubicorions 99THE BULLDOG COLLAR "Mr. Dill'' is rhe name rhar was given ro rhe new Mini-disk Terminal 350 by rhe proud Dulldog Collar sroff. "Mr. DB" is o compurer wirh o keyboard and o viewing screen and rhe Dulldog Collar is one of rhe very few high school newspapers in rhe norion rhor has a compurer sysrem Srories were ryped inro rhe Compugrophic Compurer and rhen rronsferred onro o mini-disk inserred inro rhe machine The disk was rhen roken ro rhe Alrus Times-Democror and run rhrough rwo orher compurers ro ger final, prinred copy Wirh rhis new sysrem rhe sroff did oil of irs proofreading ond correcring, which presenred quire o challenge in publishing rhe weekly newspaper The sroff was very appredorive for rhe Alrus Times-Democror who served in on odvtsory capoary They also provided rhe paper ond prinring process for publication Toro Moss gets final copy from one of rhe compeers or rhe Alrus Times-Democror office Fifth hour members ore FRONT ROW: Toro moss. Srocy Shive. Lori Lucos, Mrs Undo Wiginron(odvisor) ROW TWO J McPherson. John Nebing. Dennie Long. Dovid komines. Leo Gomeringer. Greg Houchin, Charles Caswel Nor pictured ore Joe Feathery on ond Robert Hibbord Dulldog Collar sixth hour stoff members ore Lori Washburn. Sharon Cromer, Esp Do vis. f cfc Winters. Joye Worson. Suzie Worson Nor pictured 6 Scort RusselPerfection Versus Insanity The planning began with rhe O.U. Journalism Workshop in early June Senior sroff members Sara Srauffer, Lori Garrison, Chorio Richeson, and Jimmy Firrh spenr four days and nighrs in yearbook production and photography workshops or rhe University of Oklahoma. We thought we'd planned o great book — then rhe senior doss voted to purchase color portrait pages for their pictures — this mode our book only that much more exdring ond colorful. It also marked o first in Alrus High School history. If there weren't pictures to crop, there were loy-outs to be drown. If there weren't proofs to check, there was copy to write. It was always something — but we did itl Ttylng to meet deadlines brings out rhe worst in every journobr After meeting another deadline, sroff members roke o mental break ond enjoy Jimmy Firth's brthdoy coke Yearbook staff members are: FRONT ROW, Soro Srouffer, Chorio Picheson. Lourie Scott ROW TWO: Suzje Downs, Michele Moahs, Janet Breeding. Noem. Moreno ROW THREE: Mefcso Smith, Michele Comel, Sherri Hon, Darbora Kizziar, Lori Garrison. Mrs McLeod (odvisor) TOP ROW: Thom Spekje, Jimmy Firth, Srocy Holliday. Janet Wigmron. Mcki Winters Staff members discuss ideas for o posstole feature Photographer Joe Alban stays In the dork to get rhe pictures out on time Yearbook OlApproximorely 175 Alrus High School srudenrs hove worked in o full-color Television fodliry os newscasters, camera persons, producers and direcrors since ACW, Channel 2 began relecasring in 1970 Experience on ACTV has been rhe stepping stone for upper doss college placement in television while still freshmen for some, and immediate jobs in radio and television for others. More than o third of rhe 37 staff members this year pion television careers, and hope to follow ACTV alumni os television, rodio and advertising personnel. Filming one of our home foortxtf gomes ore Charles Coswefl ond Thom Speide ACTV Celebrates 10th Year First hour Television members ore.- FRONT ROW Ketfh Priverr, Dorboro Kizzior. fttsy Dallew. Angel Hoehne. ROW TWO Tony LomWn. Mork Schulz, Durk Cornelius, Ricky Bollenboch. Joe Duchonon. Kore Rjten- our TOP ROW Robert Htobord, Krk Nolan. Charles Caswel, Andy Herman News, weather, ond sports ore o darfy ossigrvnenr to ol members At the directors position rs Som Loskowskr ond Andy Previewing o tope ro run ofter rhe morning news is o Hermon cx ushng rhe sound dc y job by ACTV members 102 TelevisionSecond Hour television members ore FRONT ROW Pom Do vis, Melody Dickenson, Susie Downs, Lois Ann Huey, Joye Worson ROW TWO Lori Gorrerr, Espi Do vis, Jm Fisher. Corios Gatardo, Mike Duffy TOP ROW Chris Elledge, Thom Spekje. Cork» Do vis, Gory Drorherton, Don Lone ond Jeff Shepherd. Filming the Varsity Choir is Angel Hoehne, o first hour ACTV member Television 103 Droodcosfers or ACROSS: Dftsy Dolew, Ricky Dolenboch, Gory Brorheaon, Joe Duchonon, Charles Caswel. Dork CorneSus, Corios Dovis ROW TWO: Espi Dovis, Pom Dovis, Melody Dickenson, Suzie Downs, Mfce Duffy, Corios Goltordo, Lori Gorrerr ROW THREE: Andy Herman, Robert Hibbard. Angei Hoehne. Lois Ann Huey ROW FOUR: Joy Jockson, Dorboro Kizzior ROW FIVE: Tony Lomkin, Don Lone ROW SIX: Kirk Noion, Keirh Privert, Kore Rirenour, Mark Schulz ROW SEVEN: Jeff Shepherd. Tom Speide ROW EIGHT: Alison Templer, and Joye Worson The shakes and jitters began when rhey woke up. As rhey sleepily walked roward rhe door of KWHW AM, rhe butterflies began to flutter. It was 7:15 o.m. They knew that in a matter of minutes rhey would be heard by 95% of the community — all listening to find our what activities were to rake place that day. These people were rhe broadcasters. For rhe past 10 years, or 7:15 o.m., one has heard rhe familiar, "Good morning, this is Today or Altus Schools ..." Trying to read a 3 page report in exactly 4 minutes and 10 seconds isn't easy. Some got cur off, others just said, "Your announcer this week has been 104 BroadcastersStudent Council members ore FRONT ROW Phyfcs W oms. Polly Podden. Shem Hort, Poulo Roff, Suzie Downs ROW TWO Dono Wooten, Michele Connell. Done Nordmon. Lourie Scott. Korlo Jessup. Tirm Huffmon. Komi Koontz. TOP ROW: Jimmy McCullough, Jeff Alexander. Robert Cox. Scott Six. Kenneth Drown. Drod Wenk, Tony Darnel, Jimmy Gloss, and Joe Feathery on Elected student council officers for rhe 19791960 year ore Michele Cornel, (secretory), Dono Wooten (treasurer), Kenneth Drown (president), and Scott Six (vicepresidenr) Keeping Channels Open Promoring leadership ond porriaparion in school ocriviries was rhe main goal of rhe srudenr council Members were rhe pillars of building school spirir needed in bringing such o large insrirurion rogerher Delegares were elected losr year by each of rhe three dosses. Responsibilities of rhe members were: planning Homecoming, Spirir Week. Sadie Hawkins Day, cancer drives, rhree school sponsored donees, ond presenring rhe covered Spirir Danner or each pep assembly. The srudenr council was o sounding board for srudenrs ro express rheir views ro rhe foculry ond ro odd amusement ro rhe most ordinary of school days. The Winrer Spirir Week was one of rhe most successful ever planned by rhe council. Kenneth Drown ond Roy Lomor, advisor, kept rhe doss scores while orher council members demonstrated rhe games ro rhe srudenrs. The pillow fighr, baseball bar roce, basketball race, grab bog, ond free throw conresr all hod some rather unusual rules composed by rhe council. The seniors mastered rhe gomes with rhe sophomores coming in second rroiled by rhe juniors. Student Cound 105Being Miss Bulldog is Lyn Vosselo's number one pnoriry Enthusiosm runs high m rhe Vorsiry cheerleoders Strolned muscles ore o problem for cheerleoders especidly for Michelle Connell ond Cord AAeyer STAND UP AND CHEER The Vorsiry squod kicks up rher heels' Whor began as a group of eighr rolenred and spirired girls became rhe award-winning Vorsiry cheerleoders Chosen as one of seven our of sevenry- five squads for rhe "Award of Excellence" or rhe Norionol Cheerleaders' Association Oinic or Oklahoma University was only one of rheir exceprionol accomplishments. Along wirh rhis reword for nnony hours of inrense practice come oil superior rorings, rhe presrigious Spirir Stick, rwisred ankles, sprained wrisrs, ond unforgerroble memories. Alrhough comperirors themselves, rhey provided support ond spirir for foorboll, wrestling, ond basketball. While cheering rhe Bulldogs on ro rriumph, rheir smiling faces were seen ond chants of victory were heord in nor only Oklahoma, bur New Mexico ond Texas os well Excellence was o word which described everything or AHS ond rhe cheerleoders were no exception!The Junior Vorsity's foK cheerieoding dime proves ro be benefiool ro rhe oreo elecnenrory cheerleoders ' e Cheering for the Bulldogs is on exonng woy of fcfe for M che«e AAoohs. Melody Srrvrh, ond Suzie Downs Dowg cheerleoders ore: (Kneefcng) Louro Noion, Borboro Vhirmon (Srondng) Phyte Vilfcoms. Kobto Viorred Vorslty cheerleoders ore: (Sirring) Cord Meyer. Michele Connei. MicheUe Moohs (Srondmg) Jeonne Ourier, Melody Srmrh. Tmo Thornron. Suzie Downs. Chortorre Mocteon LET 'EM KNOW YOU'RE HERE! Robin Villareal. Louro Noton, ond rhe Vorsiry Cheerleoders "fre up" rhe DulWogs1 Cheerleoders 107Building That FRONT ROW: Ncki Wnrers. Undo Dirney. Chns Kely. Tno Vosseta ROW TWO: Lourie Scott Tomrrt Dupros Amefco Gormley. Debra Rudd. Kendal Yores. Jane Frmn, Shem Prosser ROW THREE Norole'Drown. Michelle AAier. J J Ivison. Cheryl Momn, Ann Thompson. Defcndo Gordo. June Dirney. Hazel Turner Debbie Medders AAogg Dyer. Pom Srtlwel TOP ROW Undo Donne . Jockie Wefls, Susie Gibson, Jule Drown. Mehsso Shaver’ Shannon Joiey, Sue Shivers, Men Droun. Andreo Ricjas. end Jockie Wey Carrying our pasr traditions. rhe Pep Qub supported our football players os their Phantom Fans. Giving our cokes, candy, gum and little surprises mode rhe trips ond butterflies before rhe gomes seem more comforting. Under rhe leadership of new sponsors. Mrs. Lindo Wiginron ond Mrs. Ruth Cross, the club ventured with different ideas, uniforms ond activities. As o first this year, the girls got with rhe fashion design dosses ond mode Secret Weapons. The Putnam City Pirates ger rhe messoge from Duldog tons! Tamml Dupras. Linda Dltney. ond Norole Drown Officers ore Undo Dltney. Mcki Wnrers Chris Kely work toward rhe god of rokng yore! Tno Vasselo. ond Kare Rirenour 108 Pep OubBulldog Spirit Alwoys counted on for generating school spirir, or home ond owoy, rhese girls ore rhe ones responsible for odding rhe spork ro our sportsmanship. By populor demand rhe Blue Crew was formed with o total count of 210 spirited moles. Most of rhe oaivities were o new experience for them but with rhe guidance of Coaches Brent Cummins ond Steve Randall, they were able ro support our teams with full effort. Blue Crew's early risers show for picture raking. Blue Crew members meet to get organized ond Cheering on rhe crowd. Mfce Smith soys insri Dmdog Spirir "QddyupTVivacious Dancers One-Two-Three Step-Ball-Change One-Two-Three Dance Dancing ro rhe pulso ring bear of disco music were rhe Solr and Pepper dancers. Combined leaps and srep-ball changes or rhe assemblies and basketball half-rimes mode up lively performances. The performers danced in ourfirs which reflected modern styles of soft, block sarin panrs and glirrering rops. Senior Solr ond Pepper members Tina Thornron, Annobell Revilla, ond Sondra Sonders hove porno pored in rhe group oH of rheir three high school years Mrs Shoron Breuer was rhe school sponsor for rhe group while Mrs. Georgeono Rainworer choreographed rhe donees Salt ond Pepper dancers ore KNEELING: Alison Tempter. Debbie Moss, June Sample. Sheryl Momn, LoNoro Cotemon, Tino Thornron, Leslie Voiron STANDING Mrs Shoron Dreuer (sponsor), Richard Durke, Phyllis Vifcams, Meteso Shaver. A H Homs, Sandro Sonders. Joye Worson. Pom Wilis. Mak Carrasco Debbie Moss ond Joye Worson model rhe new Solr ond Pepper ortire.Enhance Assemblies FRONT ROW: Pom Wife. Trrv Huffman ROW TWO Pouio Murphy (2nd lieutenant). Lyn Vossefc) (coprom). Jono Thomason STANCHNG Dono Mfton, NkJsi Wmrers, Michelle Cox. Carhy York. Debbie Dodson. Ke«y Fisher (1y leurenonr). Cheryl Srephenson. Trocy McGrath. Donno Nordmon. Barbara Kizzior. Courrney Yores. Lono Reeves Mrs. Georgeono Rolnworer contributes much rime in planting new sreps for rhe dancers Then comes rhe hard work for rhe girls in perfecting them Steppers Jazz Up The Pop With Top Top, jazz, assemblies, music, new suirs, and smiles on stage are all significant to Spirit Steppers. They dazzled rhe student body at rhe first assembly with "If My Friends Could See Me Now ' they rook us bock to rhe twenties with "Charleston, Rappers, and Razzamatazz'' during rhe homecoming assembly; and they got us talking about "Pop Music'' during basketball season. Mrs Georgeono Rainwater, choreographer for rhe girls, works on new ideas for dances continuously and is in charge of practices usually held once a week. Mrs. Jolene McLeod is their school sponsor. She and Mrs. Rainwater assist rhe girls with try-outs. It rakes many long practices and a lor of work to learn o dance of which they can all be proud. A final display of togetherness or on assembly is rhe result of rhe many hours of devored practice Spnr Steppers 111aVYIHIIEYIICS At every pep assembly, every foorball game, and all orher sporring events, it was there, the spirit and pride of the fans and competitors. v Even though only about 20% of the student body was actively involved in sports, wild, rambunctious fans with shouts of NUMBER ONE pulled together with the quiet ones to bock the Bulldogs in victory or defeat. Defeat was nor so deflating since we always pur forth 110% effort. Nor that the losses weren't deeply felt, in our own hearts we knew we would always be NUMBER ONE. The whole student body pur forth special effort to prove that Bulldog athletes were ON THE VERGE of being legends in their own rime.Athletics Ovrson 113Sweeping District - Reason To Be Proud They were soiling along wirh o 91 record. Then when rhey found rhemselves 21-0 in rhe third quarter, rhey knew ir was going ro be rough rhor chilly evening of November 16 They ended up losing rhor nighr ro Lowron High 21-6, and wirh rhor loss went rhe hopes of being srore champions. The football ream ended rhe season wirh a 9-2 record, however, including irs astonishing victory over Vernon. A 76-yard scoring jaunr by Eddie Goodtow on rhe first ploy broke rhe season open September 7 bringing victory for Alrus os rhey defeared inrrosrore rival Vernon 14-6. Nor long after rhe first entry into me end zone, Alrhus pur together another drive and scored. The defense dominated ofrer rhe Dulldogs rwo quick rouchdowns Weak punts gave Vernon good field position twice bur rhe Lions couldn't break rhe sreel wall defense on either occasion. Finally, rhey scored, making rhe score 14-6 and Vernon was bock in rhe gome Neirher ream mode o scoring threat in rhe second half The score stood 14-6 The only rhing rhor was on rhe line was pride os rhe Dulldogs lived up ro rheir prestigious No 3 ranking in doss AAAA by defeating Lowron High 35-21. Dulldogs were rhe first ro score in rhe econd period, bur Lowron copirolized on o Dulldog fumble and ran ir inro rhe end zone. Ir seemed rhor whenever rhe Dulldogs scored. Lowron wos nor for behind or rhe some task Dur finally Alrus broke owoy wirh rhe score ending 35-21 Bulldog varsity team members ore FRONT ROW: Edc e Goodow. mmy McCulough, Todd Tims. Alen Wits. Corl Gould. Dowd Ccrter. Terry White, John Daley. Lorry High, ond Krk Oorts ROW TWO: Janes Crawford, Joy Jockson. Cloy Stephens. Mon Perry. Mise Fields, Scon Six, Alon Johnson. MJse Pewrhers. Cal Ganson. Donny Sorrier ROW THREE: Morr Reimer. Jimmy Det-ad. Andy DakJwin, Roben Cox, DovkJ Storey, Kenneth Drown, Tommy Flemons, Rooert Danes. Lorry Netam. Drod Wenk Jirrvny Chids. ond Jorae Goroo ROW FOUR: Keith PrivetT. Greg Robbins. Moris Dassetr. Steve Easterling, Moris Guinn. Oeorus McDonel. Crag Mies, George Gorrison, Moris Reeves Richord Goodlow. Dobby Horns, Robert bpscomb, Jerry Deford, ond Steve Alexonder Coaches loed up the middte ore: Dowd Drown Jock Drftz Jeff Moore Ston Templeton, Jeep" Johnson. Jerry Foyer, ond Dob Har Managers are: Jorge Hernandez ond Tm Devon 114 FoorbolSCOREBOARD AHS 14 Vernon 6 AHS 05 Lowron High 21 AHS 7 Pompo 15 AHS 34 Lowron Eisenhower 14 AHS 21 VF Ryder 0 AHS 20 Shownee 0 AHS 7 Lowron MocArrhur 6 AHS 25 Yukon 7 AHS 10 Purnom Ciry 3 AHS 53 U S Gronr 12 AHS 6 Lowron ttgh 22 Linebocker Tommy Flemons nor only purs rhe crunch on o Lowron high running bock, bur otso on one of Ns own reommores m rhe fry round of rhe A AAA ptayoffs Running bock Jomes Crawford escapes rhe durches of a U S Gronr defender ro gom several hord earned yords Because of o knee injury m rhe Lowron Ike gome. Todd Tims gers o chonce ro worm rhe benchAfter o hord doy of practice. James Gowford and Richard Goocflow gulp down rhe gar or ode prepared for rhecn by rhe Pep Oub and Cheerleoders. Serving os waterboys ond heipr g ro keep our Duldogs' rhry quenched ore Adolf Ab4o, Jon Ed Drown, and Nicky Scolf The Pampo Horvesrers defeated rhe Alrus Bulldogs 15-7 breaking rhe Bulldogs winning srreok. The Bulldogs were obsessed wirh many penalries and mistakes. The penalries came or crucial rimes possibly denying rhe Bulldogs rwo touchdowns. The penolry that made rhe difference was a Bulldog touchdown colled back on a dipping penalty. The Bulldogs couldn't seem ro get any drives going so rhe score ended Pampa 15, Alrus 7. The Bulldogs put it together as they whipped the Eisenhower Eagles 34-14. The Bulldog defense held rhe Eagles ro only 195 yards total offense, 187 in rhe air ond an unbelievable 8 yards rushing, while our offense had 207 in rushing ond 83 in passing. We scored on our first possession raking rhe opening kickoff 78 yards in seven plays. Alrus completely dominated rhe first half. The second half there was just too much for rhe Eagles ro make up ond nor enough rime. The traditional handshake yam rhe game off good sportsmanship Exhausted ond out of breath. Drod Weak makes his way toward rhe locker room after o rough procnce Defensive bock Scott Six heods for rhe sidefcnes after hokJng Pur man Cry for three downs This Putman City Pirote got to know rhe Alrus defense well, as they yop him inches short of o fry down 116 FoorbolEddie Goodlow puts the move on o Purnom Gry Pit ore os he dorrs Toward rhe gooi line Cooch Jock Diltz gives Lorry Nerkrk rhe defensive strategy m rhe homecoming gome ogortsr Shownee ‘ Bulldogs gor revenge on Wichira Foils Ryder Raiders who hod defeored rhe Bulldogs for rhree consecurive years. Wirh quarrerbock Todd Tims our wirh o knee injury, rhe responsibiliry fell on Carl Gould who ably filled rhe posirion. The Bulldogs scored in rhe firsr quorrer ond rhe exrro poinr was good Bulldogs were leading 7 0. Lorer in rhe firsr quorrer Eddie Goodlow recovered o fumble ond ran up rhe middle for rhe second rouchdown Afrer rhe exrro poinrs rhe Bulldogs were brearhing on easy 14-0 lead In rhe rhird quorrer, rhey mode rheir rhird ond final rouchdown. The Bulldogs shur our rhe Raiders ond defeored rhem for rhe firsr rime 21-0. Robert Cox. defnsive end socks W F Ryders' quorrer bock for o loss Robert led rhe ream with 10 socks Around the end of rhe Shownee defensive bne. quor rerbock Todd Tms scrambles for some needed yard oge FoortxJ 117Bulldogs Shut Out Shownee Cooch Jeep Johnson and Cooch Jack Dilfz go over some cruool ploys with rhe defense m rhe Pufnom Gry gome Bulldogs shurour rhe Shownee Wolves 20-0 in rhe homecoming gome. In rhe firsr half neirher ream rook rhe iniriarive and scored, rhe holf-rime buzzer sounded wirh rhe score 0-0. Bur rhe Bulldogs gor bock inro rhe swing of rhings os rhey bursr rhrough rheir defense ro score The scoring come a lirrle bir more easily rhen os Alrus scored rwo more rimes while our srour defense held rhe wolves. Despire rhe seven Turnovers by rhe offense, rhe fine work of rhe defense saved rhe Bulldogs The defense nor only dominored rhe Highlanders bur accounred for rhe only Alrus Touchdown. Mac scored in rhe rhird quarter, bur rhe opporruniries ro blow rhe gome open early. Bur rhey were rheir own worse enemy, ond couldn'r copirolize on rheir good field positions. Finally in rhe fourrh quarrer, Alrus safery David Carrer inrercepred a pass ond raced 17 yords for rhe rying rouchdown. Altus High Lertermen or© FRONT ROW Carl Gould ond Eddie Goodtow ROW TWO: Todd Tims. Scorr Six, Robea Cox, Jorge Hernandez, Mart Reimer. ROW THREE Jimmy Childs, Joy Jockson, Terry Whire. Mike Pewrhers, Jomes Crawford, Mark Guinn, Richard Goodtow, Greg Robbins TOP ROW Lorry Neikrk, Dovtd Coaer, Cleorus McDooei. Sfeve Easrertng, Dovid Srorey, Tommy Flemons IIS Foorbol Behind The Scenes Maurice King hos kept rhe crowd Informed of rhe ocrton on rhe field os he hos been announcing rhe Bulldogs home gomes for 7 yeors Starring or noon on Friday of home gomes, Russel Recror pops popcorn for his third consecutive year Looking ro see how much farther rhe Bulldogs need is Lorry High ofrer being brought down by o Lawton MacAahur defenderThen rhe pressure was on Terry Whire who orrempred rhe extra poinr. The orrempr was successful. The Bulldogs come owoy wirh rhe win 7-6. In rhe first conference gome of rhe season rhe Bulldogs defeated rhe Yukon Millers The bulldog defense lit up rhe scoreboard firsr when Sreve Easterling pid ed up a Yukon fumble and ran ir inro rhe end zone. The exrra poinr was successful and rhe Bulldogs led 7-0 Yukon threatened ro score in rhe firsr half bur were stopped. Bulldog offense finally gor ir together as they proved they were worthy of number 3 ranking ream wirh 3 more touchdowns. Yukon made their only score right before rhe half; wirh rhor touchdown rhe Alrus defense has only yielded 2 touchdowns in four games. The Bulldogs rook command of rhe District by defearing Purnom Gry 10-3. The firsr quarter was merely a defensive quarter, bur rhe Pirates finally broke rhe ice by kicking a field goal early in rhe second quarter. They held rheir lead inro rhe third quarter. The Bulldog defense played on outstanding quarter as they held rhe Pirares on rhe three yardline for four downs. Then our offense pur together several powerful drives and scored. Making rhe score 10-3. The Pirares refused ro give up so rhey returned rhe arrack bur rhe Bulldogs intercepted in rhe last seconds of rhe gomes and spoiled rhe Pirares chances. U.S. Gronr gor shot down 53-12. This win enabled rhe Bulldogs rhe rirle of 4A-1 A fired-up huddle of oil rhe guys gave rhe yoners rhe inceonve ro win. Wirh rh«s omrude rhe Bulldogs coprured rhe Diyricr Chomptonship District Chomps. The Bulldogs hod control rhe enrire game. The firsr Bulldogs points came three minutes into rhe game Three of our touchdowns were ser up by interceptions. Granr finally gor on rhe scoreboard just before rhe half. Bur we still led 27-6. Granr managed ro score once more while rhe Bulldogs scored rhree more coming our on rop 53-12 Mat Si£i Leadership for the Bulldogs come through seniors: Scott Six, Alon Johnson, Robert Cox, Kenneth Drown, All-stater Tommy Flemons. Lorry Neikirk. Greg Dobbins, ond Steve Easterling After Turning o pair of Turnovers into Touchdowns, rhe Lowron High Wolverines' defense lirerolly stopped rhe Bulldog offense ro upser rhe No 3- ronked Bulldogs 22 8 in rhe first round of rhe srore 4 A ployoffs It wos o srunning loss which ended rhe year with o 9-2 mark Despire rhe fact rhor rhe Bulldogs were fired up abour rheir earlier win over Lowron 35-21 ond excellenr week of practice before rhe gome, rhe Wolverines were in control of rhe gome. Ths loss wos quire o disoppoinrmenr ro all, bur for rhe seniors this wos rheir lost chance ro pur on rhe pods for A H S Bulldog coaches Dob Harr. DovicJ Drown, Jock Dirz. Jerry Foster, Jeff Moore St on Templeton, ond Jeep Johnson pep rhe guys up in the playoff gome ogamsr Lowron 120 FoorbalChalking Up Experience The AJrus Junior Varsity "Dowgs” wirh o record of 6-5. were o pleasant surprise ro rhe Duldog cooches despite rher record They ployed very we during rhe fry of rhe season wtrh several ptayers earning yorring berths on vorsty J.V is on opportunity for younger players ro ploy ogainy reams of rher own cotoer and aiows rhecn ro chak up rhe needed playing experience for later years Matt Reimer takes down a Lowton Moc ployer whle Ooig Mies makes sure he yoys down SCOREDOARD J.V 0 Mongum 6 J.V. 10 Lawton MocArthur 6 J.V 26 Vernon 6 J.V 20 Lowron MocArthur 14 JV 35 Lowton rtgh 6 J.V 6 Lone Wolf 13 J.V 13 Lowton Eisenhower 14 J.V 10 Lowton ttgh 8 J.V 6 Lowron Eisenhower 34 J.V 13 Vernon 15 JV 43 Frederick 6 Sophomores Kirk Clork ond Mork Reeves ore anxious ro see who comes up with rhe bal Jimmy McCullough struggles for more yardage ogainy Lowton MocArthur J V Michael Fields evodes o Lowton defender whie Jrnmy McCuiough looks ro block during J V ocnon The Bulldog team shows thot fighting spirt cfcjring o pep assemblyJomes Goodlow monhondles o Weorherford comperitor Man Versus Man Dear hug, bonono splits, honeymoon, ( guillotine-sound like o rrogic love srory? These ore some of rhe rorher unusual terms used in Heod cooch Sreve f ondoll said, "Wrestling is on individual sport combined into o ream sport. A wrestler is oil done our on rhe mot bur it takes oil 12 men wrestling to win o tournament or dual." AHS was rated in rhe top ten in high school AAA A throughout rhe season. The reom was o combination of o tor of experience with some youth. Five of rhe gropplers were seniors, four were juniors. and three were sophomores Wrestling, like other sports where on individual is compering one on one with his opponent, is character building. It develops self-discipline, self-esteem, and determination. Despite illness and injuries the gropplers finished third at rhe grueling Geary Tournament. Wrestling full force they captured first or rhe Ado Tournament, crowning three champions, seven runner- ups, and one third place. Consistent vorsiry members were James Goodlow (101), Scott Morheral (108), Rusty Garrett (115), Kenneth Dempsey (123), Ricky Ddlenboch (130), Mike Pewthers (136), Danny Robbins (141), Mike Carter (148), Phil Roe (157), Robert Cox (168), Joy Jackson (178), and Tommy Flemons (heavyweight). Cooch Sreve Randall prays for ooorher vfcrortous duel Wrestling Team Members are FRONT ROW: Ron Dempsey. Dob Roesch. Scott Morherol. MNe Wotrel. Kenneth Dempsey Ridsy Dolenboch Mtke Pewthers Donnv ''OWTWO Rs y Gotten. MrKe Cotret. msy Gloss, Phi Roe. M se F Ws. Joe Ducharas, Lorry Hgh. Steve Wrap ROW ZITawTs Wei9 H EQSOn DOnf'y '■ Dobby Homs Lee Oo' ‘ TonV O"'1® . Smith. Joy Jodsson, Tommy Flemons, Sreve Winchester LX3VJO Srorey. ond Cooch Johnson 122 VresrtngSCOXEDOARD Perry Tournament Fifth Ploce Geary Tournomenr Third Pkxe Ado Tournomenr First Pkxe AHS 54 Clinton 5 AHS 42 Weorherford 12 AHS 35 Eisenhower 13 AHS 41 Anodarko 15 AHS 45 Lawron High 12 The referee prepores to signal onorher pin for Tom- my Flemons Mike Carter Impatiently takes down o Weatherford comperitor Mike Pewthers holds his breath hoping he mokes weight before o march.Joe Buchonon brings ogony ro the foce of his oppo- nenr Cooch Rondoll uses Lee Dovts ro demonstrate wres- ting techniques and skis 124 Wresting Mat Maids ore FRONT ROW: Sherry Hart, Barbara Hampton, Michele Mier. Cheryl Stephenson, Johnna Srroub, Srocy Shive, Laurie Scott, Loquiro Schiecr SEC- OND ROW Cheryl Rodenheaver. Ncki Winters, Karen Dor, Tracy Conrod, Michelle Aumenr, Robin Hutch, son. Trixie Dornel, Jennifer Osborn, Kami Koonrz, Yvonne Kane, Cheryl Motrin TOP ROW Cathy York, Kate Rjtenour, Kristen Russeii, Michele Cox, Pouta Roff, Ke«y Fisher. Debbie Dodson, Stephanie Sides, Ons Mia cek. Lisa Gomeringer, and Toro Moss Dulldog standout. Joy Jackson, brings o contender ro his knees Tri-captains. Tom Flemons, Ricky Boflenboch, and Kenneth Dempsey, hope for o lucky toss1979 AAAA state champion. Tommy Flemons, at heavyweight doesn't have ro worry about "pulling weight". Tommy is one of the very best athletes ever ro come from AHS Besides his maintaining an undefeated wrestling record, he placed fourth in the 1979 store shot-put. Tommy is a college "blue-chipper". He mode the Oklahoma All-Stare Football Team, All-American Football Team, All- Area Football Team, and All-Disrricr Football Team Flemons is a nominee for the stare's best athlete award, the Jim Thorpe Award. Wresrfng 125When I Say Take - You Soy State! Thrill, excitement, and support from these enthused fans during rhe Sharr gross tournamenr shows the Ouidogs thor Altus is with them oi rhe woy TAKE STATE! was rhe cheer all Bulldog fans were shouring os rhe AAighry Bulldogs ser rheir goals for rhe srore championship. The Bulldogs were rored rhe number one ream in rhe srore os rhe baskerball season began. Despire rwo early upsers ro Moore and OKC Classen, rhe players pur in rhe exrra efforr and procrice necessary ro develop rhe abiliry and posirive orrirude. Wirh mosr of rhe srarrers bock from lasr yeor, rhe Bulldogs hod on odvonrage over some of rheir comperirors. The experienced players displayed rheir skill and copabiliry whfle rhe new roundbollers perfected rheir Techniques. Borh old and new formed rhe kind of ream that Alrus High is known for all over rhe srare and is proud ro hove represent them in a world wide sport as challenging as baskerball. Head Coach Oesrer Harrington and his assisranr cooches, J D. Johnson and Brenr Cummins, hove insrilled rheir knowledge of rhe sport in rhe players willingly and disciplined rhem ro a near perfect ream. The players willingly accepted rhe challenge of rhe hord work. For each individual knew rhe feeling of a victory, and rhey knew that as a ream rhe Bulldogs hod whor ir rook ro take state and be number ONE! Varsity Bulldogs ore KNEELING: Mork Foyer, Ooreoce Blunt, Done Nelson. Head Cooch Cleyer AHS 40 AHS 66 AHS 56 AHS 67 AHS 78 AHS 66 AHS 75 AHS 80 AHS 50 AHS 73 AHS 83 AHS 70 AHS 74 AHS 81 AHS 65 126 Boys Ooskerbal I SCOREBOARD Moore 43 Abilene Cooper 47 OKC Oassen 59 Abilene Cooper 55 Pampo 49 Hobbs Tournament Bel Air 52 Irvin 40 Hobbs 91 Vichro Fals rtgh 46 Lowron me 62 Wichita Folk Rider 64 Lawton MocArrhur 41 Shortaross Tourn. Yukon 62 Ponca City 67 Lawton ke 60 Harrington. Kety Risinger, Kevin McGee, Gary Spriggs STANDING Cooch J.D Johnson, Alan Allies, Ccxi Gould, David Carter. Issoc Newton, Johnny Flowers. Ronnie ChkJers. Eddie Goodtow. Carl Wey, Richard Fields, Cooch Brent CumminsWhen I Say Number - You Soy ONE! Boys' Daskerbal 127Practice + Desire + Coaching = State Alan Allies demonstrates his aoiry or ploying keep awoy Determined to get o shot off even with rhe Eisenhower Eogles closing in is David Correr Kevin McGee outreoches his opponenr Bulldogs execute the art of being "on rhe bol" 128 Boys' DaskerbolEfforr, desire, and coaching ore rhe basic elemenrs for srore champions. The Bulldog ream stood rheir ground well when ir come ro rhese quoliries. As rhe boys rook second in rhe Hobbs Tournament rhey were more determined rhon ever ro prove rhey were number one. They accomplished rhis goal os rhey defeated Lawton Eisenhower in rhe finals of rhe Shorrgrass Tournomenr. An oct of ballet Is displayed by Kely tonger ond his opponent Mork Foster gets o shot posr rhe flying hands of his competitors Apemon Kelly Mslnger hovers oround o Pompo Horvesret mrent on yeoing rhe pass Pausing In mid-air. Richard Fields rokes a second look at rhe basket before letting his shor go Boys Oaskerbal 129100 Doys OoskerbolFree points come from free shots,- J V ployer Corl Robert Lipscomb puts o choke on his opponent Wesr rakes odvonroge of rwo porirs os he blocks rhe shor inrended for the goal Junior Varsity Members ore KNEELING: Roy Wesr, Jimmy McCulough. Corl Wesr, Charles Roy. Dennis Neol STANDNG Cooch Drenr Cummins, Eddie Goodtow. Ronnie Childers. Roben Lipscomb. Issoc Newron, Corl Gould Sophomore Team Members ore KNEELING: Jimmy McCulough, Jeff Burchfl, Terry Cden, Roy Wesr. Eric McDuffie STANDNG: Cooch Drenr Cummins, Roger Pltrmen, Mike Oo'borne. Charles Roy, Deme Ned, Joy Ried. Curris Dlock. Kenr Whirmore Poys DoskerboB «1Lody Bulldogs teom members ore FRONT ROW: Michelle Edwards. Korio Jessup. Susan Dailey. fVaylene Domes. Lori Garrison DACK DOW Assistant Cooch Ooig Cummins. Dirsy Dolew. Jo Fancher. Lisa Juba Dranch, Theda Durrough. Afcson Templer. Hawkns. Heod Coach Don Rjpperoe. Denme Diunr. Assisted Coach Lndo Sour hoi Girls Net Third At Lindsey The Lody Bulldogs were skeptical when rhey found rhey were ro ploy under rhe rhlrd cooch in rhe losr three years or A.H.S. Bur Cooch Don Ripperoe, cooch of rhe year both in store and nationally, srepped in wirh enough spirit and enthusiasm ro boost this years ream ro o store ronking. The girls, having o rough rime getting everything together this year, hove learned rhe importance of hard work, determination and ream effort ro succeed ond become one of rhe best reams in rhe store. Lois Ann Huey defends rhe basher as Denme Diunr waits for a rebound in rhe Frederick gome 132 Gris DaskerbolAHS 46 Stillwell 40 AHS 28 Norman 29 AHS 30 Moore 46 AHS 28 Ardmore 43 AHS 71 Duke 60 AHS 28 Ardmore 49 AHS 28 Duke 46 AHS 37 Lawton he 35 AHS 35 Mooretond 31 AHS 31 Lindsay 43 AHS 44 McGuiness 38 AHS 52 Lawton Moc 28 AHS 64 Frederick 49 AHS 29 Eh Gry 31 AHS 38 Lawton ttgh 37 AHS 40 Sayre 44 Bennie Dlunf brings down o rebound whde Lon Garrison and Lois Ann Huey break open for o pass Raylene Bornes goes In for o layup ogoinsr Duke Julio Branch tries to prevent o Frederick Domber from advancing rhe ball oaoss rmd-court 133Cooch Ripperoe Instructs guords Lois Ann Huey ond Loo Howkins ogoinsr rhe Frederick Dombers Julio Dronch keeps the boll ol to herself ond owoy from on Ardmore defender Senior Suson Dolley stretches up ro score ofrer re- bounding ogoinst Lowton he t34 Girls DoskerbolSophomore Jo Foncher looks oheod ro rhe gome ogamsr Lawton High Hot throwing In the towel but leovng proof of ream strategy Cooch Ripperoe leaves his mark Third At Lindsey Lindsey and Moore ore jusr o few of rhe outstanding reams that pur rhe Lody Bulldogs ro a strenuous rest The season highlighted rhroughour rhe year os they compered in rhe Musrong Festival, Wesrern Oklahoma Girls Invirorionol Tour no men r and finished wirh o strong rhird place in rhe rough Lindsey Tournament. Lori Garrison watches helplessly os o Frederick Domber goes in for o layup w Junior Karla Jessup seems ro find somerhng omusmg on rhe way ro 0k City Gris Baskerbal 135Seniors Lody Bulldog Seniors ore: Sherri Hort, Lori Gorrison, Dono Wooren. Rayiene Domes, Suson tkriey, ond Lois Arm Huey Suson Doiley goes high obove o Dulse defender for rwo pomrs Lori Gorrison gets position ond gets her honds in rhe eyes of o Frederick opponenr Asst. Cooch Croig Cummins ossured safe orrivol to gomes Liso Howkins snatches the boll our of o Frederick defender's honds on o rebound 136 Girls OoskerboHGymnastics Program Best In State The school’s gymnastics program continued to grow both in quality and quonriry of gymnasts under the direction of Cooch Sandra Burrow and the administrative staff. With the continued support of the administration, school board, and Alrus patrons, the program has the finest fadliries and equipment in the store. Each year the program gains more support and recognition. As the host for the U. S. G. F. (United Stores Gymnastics Federation's) Second Zone Elite Qualifying Meet here on February 8 and 9, the Alrus Community mode nationally rared judges ond coaches aware of the support gymnastics is receiving locally. Alrus rakes pride in having two of the best Debbie English women gymnasts to come from Oklahoma in the history of gymnastics. Twelve year old Kelly Garrison, Alrus’ first Elite gymnast and a strong contender for the 1980 Olympics, has made Alrus, Oklahoma known as a leading gymnastics center throughout the United States. Through her strong dedication to her sport, she has brought much recognition to her school, community ond store Twelve year old Debbie English is likewise making a nome for herself in the gymnastics world. Debbie is rated os the top Oass I, Advonced gymnast in Oklahoma Although she is a year behind Kelly in experience, within another year she may weil be rated as one of the top women gymnasts in the United Stares. Gymnasia 137Softball Swings Into The Season Softboll members ore KNEELING: Amy Keck. Theda Durrough. Lon Ganson, Coach J. D Johnson, Suzie Gibson. Soncfro Socler, Diono Orooks STANDING: Lucy Dorr era. Louro Nuco, Kim Dry on, LoDonno Urtiejohn, Tommy Sodle' 136 Gymnosrtcs Softbol The Airus High School's Lody Bulldog sofrboll program has been developing rapidly over rhe pasr five years. The Lody Bulldogs hove nor yer won o disrricr rifle, bur hove compered well in rhe losr rhree disrricr rournomenrs. Comperirion indudes reams from Duncan, El Reno, Chickasho, Bgin, and rhree Lowron reams. The 1979 Lody Bulldog squod finished 3rd in rhe disrricr 8 rournomenr behind rhe Lowron Eisenhower Lody Eagles (semi-finolisr in rhe srare rournomenr). The Lody Bulldogs completed rhe season wirh a record of 10-6 The ourlook for 1980 should be good for rhe young squod.Catcher Kim Dryon rags her opponent our wirh style ond grace. This season was divided inro both fall ond spring competition. The foil season begon in September wirh tournaments or Stillwater, Chickasho and Altus. Pre-season training for the spring season began February 19 The spring competition begon in early March ond continued through the last week of May. The coach is a viral port of an athletic ream. "I joined the Bulldog staff in 1973 after coaching and reoching at Southeast Junior High for 8 years Softball is a year- round job for me. For the past six years I hove served as coach of ASA (American Softball Association) girl's fast-pitch ond stow-pirch reams from Altus. The Alrus 14's, The Alrus 15's, and the Alrus Traveler's ore among the reams I have cooched," commented Coach J. D. Johnson. All eyes ore on the boll, espedaly Lori Gcxrtson ond Thedo Durrough, os the bal sols over the fence First boseman LoDonno the bol. % fc Littlejohn is reody for All systems ore go os pitcher Thedo Durrough gets reody to wind up '■' -1 Sofrbol 109Dose boli reom members ore FRONT ROW: Perry Horch. Gay Thorrpson, Randy Glenn. Dike Diock, Heaor Lopez. Mirch Lumry, Mke Formica. Merrirr Pike. ROW TWO: Vince Edwords, John Hompron. Lorry Nerkrk, Kenneth Gombi. Kyle Drorcher. Lorry Powell. George Homilron, George Srondord. Mke Srem TOP ROW Mark Dooldm. Jeff Alexonder. Jonathan Werz, Tim Murphy. Mcrk Carosco, Cal Scsson, Dryon Wrighr. Roy Schmidr. Cooch Sron Templeron Spring Sports Preview 140 Spring Sports Spring sports which hove rheir main competition occurring after January ore covered more thoroughly in the summer supplement of the yearbook since rhe lost deadline of rhe book is prior to rhe end of rheir season Daseboll, track, tennis, and golf ore rhe sports included os spring sports. People already involved in sports ore induded in these group pictures with rhe exception of track. It wiH ger complete coverage in rhe supplement Golfers ore KNEELING: Scott Phflbrick, Mfce Schulz, Tim Ludsono. PoHy Podden STAfCHNG John Smith, Mark Meocham, Joey Dtoruen, Charles Dobbs. Jeff Ganert, Danny DlontenVorsity tennis feom members ore FRONT ROW: Cooch Don Compbel. Eddie Flores, Mike Townsend. Pout Drown, Cooch Thereso Campbell DOW TWO Dana Onan, Nancy Hfcjinger. Debbte Vllaeol. Pom Mier, Poulo Doff. Ke y Fisher. Dione Nordmon TOP DOW Onr Wright, Dole Anderson. Mari Ursch. Travis Presron, Chories Coswel, Frank Anderson, Dondy Thurmond Mointolning the fop seated positions on rhe Varsity reom ore Eddie Flores ond Dione Nordmon Junior Vorsity tennis members ore FRONT ROW: Cooch Don Campbell, Doben rtbbord. Thom SpekJe. Jomes Lewis, Mike Aldridge DOW TWO Sondro Doberrs. Derry Kuykendol, Usa Gonzales, Corhy York, Evo Moddox, Andrea Diojas, Cooch Thereso Compbel TOP DOW Anhur Corey, Qnr Dussum, John Martin, David Crawford, Sreve Esrerling Spring Spoas 141PEOPLE As we entered rhe new school year, we found ourselves ON THE EDGE of becoming o lirrle more morure ... o lirrle more owore ... o lirrle more responsible ... o lirrle more unique. The seniors were suddenly rhrusr inro rhe limelight os upper dossmen. With rhis glamour also come rhe realization of whar wos expecred from more morure odulrs. Seniors were iniriored inro rhe world of responsibilities os they planned further educorionol goals, become reliable employees, and ser examples (good or bod) for rhe upcoming dosses. Pressure wos on rhe juniors os rhey orrempred ro ourdo rhe previous doss With a slow srarr, hamburger ricker soles picked up (ofrer o lirrle prompting) ond o record $2300 00 wos collected ro nourish rhe senior bonquer fund. Taking o big leap from rhe role of upper dossmen in rhe junior high, rhe sophomores infilrrored rhe crowded halls ond prodoimed rheir righrs os high school srudenrs. With rhis srep upward also come rhe label 'underdowgs'. Accepting rheir role as rhe rorger of oil jokes, rhey roo survived rhe beginning of the decode.People Ovrsion M3Seniors A dignified senior. Keffy Risnger ocrs his odvonced oge. Senior closs porenrs ore: Mr 6 Mrs Jotvime Cox. Mr 6 Mrs Don Kizzwr, ond Mr 6 Mrs Thurmon Gregg These brave couples help ond odvise rhe doss Senior closs officers ore: Laurie Scorr. Robert Cox. ond Done Nordman Looking over senior graduation announcements ore: Renee Musgrove. Mork Schulz, ond Toye Crossland More advanced in dignify, course, or office. Advanced in age or standing. Elder, entrusted with certain disciplinary authority over members of the school. Websrers New Inrernarionol 2nd Edition, page 2277. Reminisdng over rhe losr 12-13 years ond realizing rhar approximately 75% of our lives hove been in school related surroundings, some will simile with relief or having met certain personal goals, while others will shrug with regret or nor having token its importance seriously until the final recessional note was heard Regardless of rhe emotion, rhe future we os seniors hove long anticipated has arrived ond we con do with it what we choose. The new decode offers a world nor of promises bur of hope It is ours ond we greet it. 144 SeniorsSENIORS—SENIORS—SENIORS—SENIORS—SENIORS Aides. Alon Albon. Joe Alexander. Corol Allen. Connie Anderson. Fronk Atkins. Jockie Doartman. Lynne Dailey. Susan Dallard. Harold Domes. Roylene Dorrera. Johnny Darton. Juanita Dotchelor. Eddie Daxter. Jerry Deck. Connie Dell. Kerry Dennett. Dennis Dergeron. Steve Denivomonde. Janie Dlack. Carolyn Seniors 145Block. Cindy Block. Jono Blackwell. Leo Blackwell. Neil Blonkenship. Johnny Blonien. Donny Bollenboch. Ricky Bowie. Jackie Boyd. Gloria Breokiron. Regino Brorherfon. Gory Brown. Kenneth Brown. Lorri Bryont. Judy Bryce. Gene Buchonon. Joe Burchill, Lori Burk. Richard Burkhord. Durendo Bush. Mike 146 SeniorsDutler. Jeonne Dyrum. Keith Compbell. Claudio Campbell. Debbie Compbell. Denise Carline. Cindy Carrasco. Mark Chance. Don Chandler. Patrice Chase. Mike Clemons, Kim Coffin. Jackie Cofield. Drent Collier. Tommy Combs. Harold Connell. Michelle Conwoy. Pom Cooper. Melissa Cornelius. Durk Cox. Robert Seniors 147SENIORS Crawford. Daryl Crossland. Toye Dakil. Jan Davidson. Julie Davis. Carlos Davis. Esperonza Davis. Lisa Davis. Pom DeHoogh. Joe Dempsey. Kenneth Diamond. Ramona Dickenson. Melody Diefenderfer. Steve Dodson. Robin Dominguez. Delores Donnell. Drendo Drake. Volyndo Drechsler, Jonet Duncan. Tony Dyer. Linda 148 SeniorsEoson. Koy Easterling. Steve Edwards. Doug Elledge. Chris Emmett. Margie English. Tom Etherton. Andy Evans. Tim Ferrier. Wayne Firth. Jimmy Flemons. Tommy Flores. Edward Flores. Roy Flowers. Johnny Foster. Mork Freed. Drendo Funk. Lyndo Gallardo. Corlos Gombill. Denise Gombill. Kenneth Seniors 149SENIORS Gordo. Jonie Gorretf. Lori Gorrison. Lori D. Gorrison. Lydio Gover. Michelle Gover. Robin Gerhorf. Kofhy Gifford. Sue Gilbert. Poulo Giles. Mike Gilford. Theolo Gilpotrick. Kenneth Gomeringer. Liso Hogon. Kelly Homel. Croig Honkins. Dovid Horris. Goil Horris. Undo Hort. Sherri D. Hlbbord. Kirby 150 SeniorsHicks. Rusty Hill. Jonice Hitt. Dionne Howord. Zock Howlond. Drendo Huddleston. Kevin Huey. Lois Ann Hughen. Debbie Hunter. Kothy Hunter. Liso Hurt. Dobby Hutchison. Robin Irwin, Chrlstino Jo meson. Kim Jefferson. Horold Jenkins. Morsho Jiminez. Isobell Johnson. Alon Johnson. Rlto Johnson. Rose Seniors 151SENIORS Jones. Jurneofho Jones. Undo Jones. Poulo Jones. Russell Josey. Kenny Kostner. Trocie Keck. Lourol Kelly. Chris Killion. Cindy Kirby. Terri Kizziar. Dor boro Knox. Darry Knox. Debbie LoFerney. Mike Lomkin. Tony Londry. Jomey Lone. Don Losafer. James Loskowski. Som Lauderdale. Jody 152 SenorsSeniors 153 Lerner. Debbie Lewis. James Leyton. Lindo Lobo ugh. Edward Lopez. Paul Lumry. Koren Lynch. Lono Modison. Charlotte Martinez. Jimmy Mason. Todd McAllister. Stephanie McAllister. Steve McDonel. Cleotus McGee. Kevin McGrath. Tracy McGregor. Alon Low son. Tina Lee. Richard Leistner. Steve LeMaster. Cody154 Semors Miller. Jodi Miller. Pom Miller. Steve Moreou. Orod Morgon. Jomes Morgon. Shoron Morren. Mike Morris. Debbie Morris. Shown Mosely. Dovld Moss. Toro Mullicon. Oill Murphy. Tim Musgrove. Renee Nopuunoo. Kim Neiklrk. Lorry McKinley. Robert McKnight. Timberly Medders. Dwoyne Medlock. George SENIORS----- w . Obenhous. Kevin Osborn. Cindy Owens. Lourie Oxner. Woyne Poromore. Nichole Porsley. Melody Pofel. Noyono Peterson. Pichord Peyton. Pouk) Pitts. Arthur Porter. Pomono Purcell. Joonne Purvis. Debbie Pogor. Twllo Pothke. Jomes Poy. Becky Seniors 155 Neilson. Done Nolon. Kirk Nordmon. Dione Nordmon. Donno% Revillo. Annobell Richords. Armefo Richards. Carol Richeson. Chorlo Jo Risinger. Kelly Robbins. Greg Robertson. Troy Robinson. Arden Robinson. Derry Robinson. Ikeirher Robinson. Porrkio Roblez. Domion Roblez. Marcello Rochelle. Dovid Roe. Phil Ross. Warren 156 Seniors SENIC Ray. Elizabeth Rector. Russell Reed. Phillip Reimund. MonicaRussell. Judy Soger. Coleen Soker. Mike Solozor. Jesse Somple. June Senders. Sandro Sea If. Leon Scolf. Mike Schulz. Mark Scoff. Lourie Secresf. Melindo Sevedge. Vernon Shorp. Tori Show. Angelo Shelly. Mork Shrlver. Roberf Simons. Dovld Singlefon. Tino Sirmons. Deffye Six. Scoff Seniors 157Skidmore. Poul Smith. Connie Smith. Debi Smith. Melisso Smith. Rondy Smith. Shorvello Smith. Tim Snyder. Curtis Spriggs. Gory Stauffer. Sara Stickney. Romono Stillwell. Vernio Strom. Mory Toylor. Pomelo Toylor. Steve Teol. Renee Thompson. Kenny Thompson. Potricio Thompson. Tommie Thornton. Tino 158 SeniorsTrussler. Floyd Turner. Cedi Turner. Hozel Turner. Lori Turtle. DeAnn Tyner. Rondy Vonstone. June Vossello. Lyn Veoch. Cheyenne Villorreol. Debbie Walton. Shello Wotson. Annette Joye Wotson. Wlllo Wendlond. Rick West. Katie West. Morcell Seniors 159 SENIORS Thurmond. Rondy Thurmond. Tommy Thurmond. Ty Trevett. MartialWeiz. Jonofhon Whiting. Mike Wilkes. Tom Willioms. Thressie Willioms. Steve Wllmes, Tim Wooten. Dono Worroll. Nicolo Wright. Clint Wyott. Ricky Yotes. Kendol Zender. Joe In rhe rwelve years you have spent as a srudenr in rhe Alrus school sysrem, you hove hod o chonce ro experience rhe besr rhor Alrus has ro offer, one of rhe finesr school sysrems in rhe srore. As o srudenr living in rhe Alrus communiry rhroughour your ocodemic career, you hove grown personally, scholasricolly, orhlericolly, ond os o cirizen. Srudenrs who hove attended Alrus schools rhrough rheir senior year ore grouped wirh rhe school where rhey orrended firsr grode 160 Seniors Lincoln: Derry Dobmson. Thressie Wiioms Rivers: Ton Sharp. Loune Scott • Gilmore. Rondy % of5S i A C. Eugene Field (KNEELING) Sherri Horr, David Romanes, Chorio Rtcheson. Cindy Kiftan. Trocie Kosrner. Sreve Easterling ROW TWO Wio Worsen. Melody Porsley, Clorence Dlunr ROW THREE Undo leyron, Armero Rjchords. Theota Gilford. Usa Do vis, Erhel rtgh Tommy Colter, Kim Jomeson. Sue Gifford, Pom Toylor TOP ROW Kelly Risr»ger. Donny Dkyven Jame Goroo, Lndo Harrs, James Huk , Ty Thurmond. Jomes Colemon Sunset (FRONT ROW) Terri Kirby, Roylene Domes. Jon DokiI. Pouta Pey ron. Dona Wooren. Michetie Connell, Toro Moss, Soro Srouffer. Dorboro Kizzior, Leo Dlockwel. Melisso Srmrh. Janer Drechsler TOP ROW Kenneth GJporrick, Kirk Nolon. Sreve Wilioms. Mark Schulz. Done Nelson, Joe Duchonon, Neil Dlockwell Wilson (SEATED) Lyn Vossello. Kennerh Drown. Derry Sirmons. Horold DoSord STANDMG Ronme Den ms, Kennerh Jefferson. Ann Thompson, Connie White, Dorboro Morgon. Tommy Flemons. Jod e Atkins. AAorcello Roblez Robert E. Lee SEATED) Jurneotheo Jones, Drendo Donnell, Morsho Jen kins STANDING Lndo Drown. Poulo Jones. Glorio Doyd, Pom Conway, Howord Jefferson. Cordyn Dlods, Porriao Chondler Roosevelt Sreve Dtefenderfer. Annobe Revifo STANDING Worren Ross. Kenny Josey. Leon Scolf. Durendo Ourkhord. Cord Alexander Washington (SEATED) jrnearheo Jones. Dedro Cotton CTy .V I Will Rogers: Undo Jones. Donna Nordmon, Kevn Obenhous. Dione Nordmon. Drenr Co- held Seniors 161 T I I I I I I I I JUN' IOR Less advanced: lower In age or standing. youthful; rare; inferior; more modern; immature and undeveloped. OVebsrer's New Inrernorionol Dictionary. 2nd Edirion, page 1346) Perhaps rhe nnosr inferior doss according ro Websrer, rhe juniors were, however, rhe busiesr doss. They were proud of rhe money rhey raised for rhe Junior-Senior Conquer and Prom. Being in berween con really be on odvonroge for ir is when you ore o junior rhar you don'r ger pur down os much os o sophomore, nor praised os much os o senior. A junior is comfortable jusr being rhere ro supporr acriviries ond giving forrh rhe besr efforr possible. Willingly helping the junior class ore Mr and Mrs Dob Moohs, Mr ond Mrs Mott Chids. Mr. ond Mrs Eddie Fisher, ond Mr and Mrs Mickey Tms Ginger Spriggs soys. Here's f i Pulling the juniors together ore Korio Jessup (treasurer), Timi Huffman (vice president), Jomes Reece (president), ond Sherri Harr (secretary) Abernothy. Cindy Alewine. Kothy Alexander. Marsho Alexander. Stevie Anderson. Dale Ashcroft. Kenny Dodger. Jennie Doker. Jimmy Doiley. John Dailey. Phillip Doldwin. Andy Dollew. Dltsy JuniorsBolque Cynthio Dorton. Louis Dotes. Donno Doynord. Kenneth Dell. Derryl Dennett. Robert Ditney. June Block. Dillie Dlozek. Jackie Dledsoe. Michoel Booker Renee Dooker. Tonyo Domboy. (Skip) Warren Doyd. Herman Dronch. Julio Drotcher. Kyle Broun. Meri Breeding. Janet Briggs. Robin Brown. Arthur Drown. Kimberly Drown. Leslie A. Brown. Leslie E. Drown. Susan Bryce. Connie Duchonon. Kothie Durchill. Corina Duroff. Eric Butler. Jacqueline Cogle. Clifton Cogle. Mark Coin. Dennis Copps. Donno Cardwell. Kevin Cardwell. Lono Corline. Cothy Carter. David Corter. Sondi Cossidy. Richord Castillo. Andy Coswell. Charles Childers. Ronnie Childs. Jimmy Christion. Reggie Citron. Coy Collier. Somuel Colston. Richord Cotney. Annette Juniors 160T GO Livin' Disco Robert Lee Stanley, alias Disco Dob, is Alrus High Schools's famed disco dancer He wos given this nick-nome by friends rwo years ogo when he performed ar a rolenr show. His friends said rhor Dob reminded rhem of rhe DJ in "Thank God, Ir's Friday'' whose name was Disco Dob Dob has grear plans for rhe future He plans ro be a professional dancer, o nnodel, or a movie acror Dob also hopes ro record a few albums under rhe name of Rob rr Lee "I hove been dancing since I was a tor". remarked Dob "I hove token almost every kind of danang from one year of Chinese Gymnastic Opera dancing in Taiwan ro four years of ballet here in America Soul and easy rock are rhe other types of music he enjoys. Deweese, Colvin DeWilde. James Dobbs. Charles Dodson. Deborah Do rtf. William Downs. Suzie Drake. Kenneth Drown. Glenn Dyer. Moggie Easterling. Stephen Edwards. Cothi Edwards. Michelle Englor. Kirsten Euchner. Gwen Foncher. Regino Former. James Forquhor. Kelli Felker. Morgan Cotton. Deridro Coursey. Debora Cox. John Crawford. Dovid Crowford. Jomes Crow. Carolyn Crowder. Douglas Cryer. Sommie Cunningham. Roger Darnell. Tony Dovis. Lee Dovis. Lindo Deditch. Teresa Deloroso. Joe Delzer. Robert 164 JuniorsFields. Richord Fierro. Dovid Firmin. Jon Fisher, Jomes Fisher. Kelly Flores, Jimmy Flores. Mory Ford. Lori Ford. Marvin Formico. Mike Fox. Keren Funk. Carolyn Gombill. Jeffery Gombill. Joner Gorcio. Belinda Garrett. Golen (Rusty) Garrison. Corl Garrison. Jeff Gensmon. Kelly Gernjok. Armin Gibson. Jo Ann Gifford. John Gifford. Richord Gilliam. Down Gilliom. Kevin Gillim. Potty Gipson. Dobby Girkin. Andrew Glenn. Lorry Glenn. Terry Goddord. Eileen Goodlow. Eddie Goodlow. Richord Gormley. Amelia Gould. Corl Graham. Michael Keith Griffin. Jomes Grigg. Michoel Grinston. Connie Gross. Lloyd Guajardo. Sorah Guinn. Mork Hoferlond. Jone Hogerty. Shoron Hall. Kothy Hampton. Barbara Hordmon. Joe Harris. Dobby Jurwors 165JUNIORS n Horris. Dobby Horl. Sherryl Hought Kiyoml Howthorne. Dennise Hoyes. Scott Heros. Steven Hermon. Andrew Hernondez. Jorge High. Lorry Hixson. Nyneen Hoehne. Angel Holland. Morisso Holloway. Shown Hopkins. Moonyeen Horne. Katie Houchin. Gregory Huffer, Robert Huffman. Timi Hurley. Terri Ivison. Johnnie Jackson. Jay Jameson. Debbie Jessup. Karlo Jett. Marvin Jones. Poula Korner. Myron Keck. Amy Keck. Molly Keenum. Renee Kilgore. Diane Klousmonn. Dion Knox. Sandro Koester, Ted Kolbicko. Darlene Kolbicka. Robert Koontz. Komi Lomkin. Wendy Lancaster. Kerry Landry. Paulo Low. Kevin Lemieux. Tommy Lesser. John Lewis. Janice Lewis. Tommy Lipscomb. Robert Litsch. Mott Littlejohn. Anna Liu. Allis 166 JuniorsLong. Dennie Lopes. Suson Lowe. Kofhy Lucos. Liso Lucos. Lori Lucisono. Mork Moohs. Michelle Moddox. Evo Morcho. Scott One Wheelin'' Mortin. Isobel Mortin. John Mortin. Tereso Morts. Torito Mossenburg. Donito Moto. Luis After groduorion from rhe fifrh grade, Andy CosriHo was introduced to rhe ort of unicyde riding. His first try on a friend's one wheeler wasn't too promising Accident after acadenr, however, he kept on trying — finally learning to stay orop. instead of on rhe ground. Andy lived only six blocks from Rivers Elementary, which enabled him to ride Ns $32.00 Seors-Roebuck unicyde to school. Six years ond skinned knees later, he is able to ride up curbs os well os down them Although Andy hasn't hod many serious QCddenrs, he hos hod a few dose colls with walls1 McClintock. Charlotte McConnell. Mike McCrory. Andreo McGuire. Donno McKnight. Kenton McPherson. Jacob Roy Medders. Debbie Meeler. Debbie Mendozo. Morgie Meyer. Carol Milocek. Christine Miller. Michelle Modlin. Tereso Moreno. Noemi Morgan. James Moriority. Tommy Morrison. Todd Moss. Mork Juniors 167Myers. Neil Noll. Judy Neol. JoAnn Neol. Rickey Nebling, John Nelson. Dovid GO Newton. Issoc Nichols. Gory Nowicki. Roxonne O'Holloron. Mark Olivo. Mike Orr. Robin Ortego. Melisso Orrego. Ruth Osborn. Jennifer Porker. Dorboro Porker. Terry Parrish. Trocy Porrott. Dob Poyne. Jennifer Poyne. Mike Perkins. Dorry Perry. Alon Perry. Henry Petkoff. Dole Pewthers. Mike Phelps. Joey Pike. Kothy Pinelli. Angie Provence. Sondro Purcell. Joanne Quorles. Lonnie Reece. Jomes 166 Jumors Magic: The Doug Crowder Way If you are a child between rhe oges of rwo and seven, you mighr wanr Doug Crowder ro enrerroin ar your nexr birrhdoy parry. "I pur on shows for parries and elementary srudenrs. I even gave a magic show or Crossroads Moll in Oklohoma Ciry. Doug gor inreresred in magic obour rhree years ago. His cousin gor him starred and gave him a couple of rricks ro work on. Doug has collected many enrerroining rricks over rhe years, some he purchased and orhers were given ro him He doesn't have a rail block hor or cloak, instead our magician wears a cowboy hor and a nice western shirr It seems he doesn't need a costume, jusr his rricks and on enrerroining presentation. Magic: Doug's WayReeves. Lono Reeves. Mork Reichenboch. Louri Reid. Chris Reid. Joy Reimer. Mott Reynolds. Eddie Richordson. Croig Rkhordson. Steve Riojos. Andreo Robben. Scott Roberts. Kothy Roberts. Kim Robinson. Jonice Rodriquez. Donny Rogers. Anito Rogers. Cindy Rogers. Jim Rogers. Jimmy Ross. Greg Rudd. Debro Rushing. Julie Russell. Scott Sodler. Tommie Soker. Oernodette Sosse. Gino Scolf. Dione Schmidt. Roy Shofer. Mory Shoffer. Deretho Shover. Melisso Shepherd. Jeff Shipp. Corlo Shriver. Genio Sides. Potty Sisson. Corl Smith. Dennis Smith. Dusty Smith. Melody Smith. Mike Spelde. Thom Sperow. Liso Spriggs. Ginger Srondard. George Stonley. Dob Stroub. Johnno Stoyton. Todd Stephens. Cloy Juniors 169CO Street. Gretchen Storey. David Strickland. Curt Lee Swenson. Dombi Sydlo. Evelyn Toylor. Robert Templet. Alison Tims. Todd Tovor. Wilmo Townsend. Mike Trevino. Gene Trussler. Freddie Vossello. Tino Woshburn. Lori Weigel. Mike Wells. Jacqueline Wenk. Drod West. Corl West. Jockie West. Roslyn West. Vett Westbrook. Kimberly White. Lindo White. Terry Wiginton. Jonet Wilburn. Drion Wilkes. Dovid Willey. Steve Williams. Robin Winchester. Steve Winters. Nicole-roe Winters, Steve Wollenzin. Druce Woods. Lindo Yeotts. Fonoyre Young. Hugh 170 JuniorsJunior Homburger Supper 171 Serving the food ro the foorboll fons ore Dirsy Qo ew, Uso Lucos, ond Kely Fisher Serving softdrinks ore Jomes Reece. Leslie Drown, ond M»chette Edwards Cleaning up ore rhe forrunore KP crew Sondro Knox. Andy Cosrio. ond Rusty Gorretr M-M-Good Norhing is os nice os a hamburger dinner righr before one of rhe 'mighry Bulldogs' foorboll gomes. On Ocrober 5rh, rhe Juniors only fund raising evenr was held in rhe Clifford Pererson Cofererio. The money raised was used ro sponsor rhe Junior-Senior Bonquer enjoyed in May. The doss reached on all-rime high soles of $1700 96 ro ensure rhe seniors of o very memorable prom ond bonquer They oil pulled rogerher ro sell rhe rickers ond ro complere oil rhe derails required for o successful dinner Wirhour rhe help of rhe doss porenrs ond sponsors who were willing ro assisr rhe doss in every way, rhe juniors would hove hod o much more difficulr rime. Eoting heartily ro gain physical srreogrh ro support rhe Duldogs ore loyal Alrus fonsSOPH • O • MORE A wise fool, second year student in high school. Immature: shallow; bombastic; superficial; argumentative — Webster's New International Dictionary; 2nd Edition; page 2400 As everyone knows, these adjectives describe the sophomores or Alrus High perfectly. Upperclassmen consider being a sophomore os rhe lowest possible form of life. Even though we criridze and sometimes ridicule rhe sophomores, rhey hove played a very imporranr parr in making up rhe srudenr body. The Class officers ore Jeff Alexonder (Presfdenr), Poly Podden (V e President, Jrnmy Gloss (Secrerory ) sophomores have shown much spirit rhis year ond rhey oil pulled together and came in second in spirit week. When rhe sophomores first came to Alrus High, rhey were still (Tams and Huskies or heart, bur after a few assemblies ond games, rhey became one in rhe rate Qulldog Spirit. As it always happens, rhe young sophomores marure and eventually become juniors. Sophomore Paulo Roff shows her immorunry Sophomore class parents ore Mr ond Mrs W McCullough, Mr ond Mrs Harold Worrell. Mr ond Mrs Ken Pnverr. ond Mr ond Mrs Don Roff OPHOMORE-SOPHOMORE-SOPHOMORE-SOPHOMORE-SO 172Alcorto. Ricky Aldridge. Mike Alexonder. Jeff Allen. Andreo Arrington. Kennedy Aumenr. Michelle Azlin. Connie Doir. Koren Dollard. Tommy Dolque. Patrick Dondo. Gilbert Dorna. Michael Domes. Robert Darrera. Lucy Dassetr. Mark Dossett. Mott Doucom. Dono Doxter. Dilly Dellizzi. Frank Dennett. Sherido Dernord. Tino Derning. Alon Derrymon. Condoce Devon. Tim Ditney. Linda Dlock. Curtis Dlonien. Joey Dodkin. Sheryl Domboy. Cindy Dooker. Joneft Dor den. Lorie Dourgeois. Suzanne Doyd. Terry Doyles. Wendy Dozewicz. Paul Drom. Decky Drion. Kim Dreokiron. Drendo Brooks. Diana Drown. Arnold Drown. Kim Drown. Julie Drown. Notolie Drown. Richard Paul Durchill. Jeff Dush. Carla Dyrd. Dlake Dyrd. Tim DM0RE-S0PH0M0RE-S0PH0M0RE-S0PH0M0RE-S0PH0 Sophomores 173Corline. Mike Carrasco. Sylvia Carrola. Tony Carter. Chris Casias. Connie Cassidy. Robert Chambers. Robert Chandler. Antoinette Cheek. Donnie Chisum. Dennis Otron. Richard Clork. Kirk Coleman. LeNoro Colen. Terry Collier. Mike Connolly, Shaun Copeland. Rocky Corey. Arthur Cox. Michelle Craig. Decky Cromer. Sharon Cumbus. Chrissy Cumbus. Cindy Donyeur, Jim Darnell. Trixie Davis, Potty DeFord. Jerry DeFord. Jimmy Extra! Extra! Picture a young boy standing on the street corner early on o brisk December morning, papers under his arm, folding them os he sells. As o rush of people walk up you con hear the high shrill voice coming from the boy's sore, raspy rhroor. "Extra! Extra! Read oil about it ..." Here the stage is set for o December eve in the nineteenth century, with o poor little boy trying to moke o few meager pennies to take home to his poor family. It's o brand new scene with paperboys now-o-days, because the newspapers establishments deliver the papers to the boys. Take a good look at two paper boys who devote their free rime to rake the pressure off the paper deliver to the subscribers-usually without complaints. Gory Reynolds devotes three hours a day, traveling over one and a half miles and delivering between 50 to 60 papers. Depending on the generosity of the people, Gary mokes anywhere from $80 to $100 a month and then deducts (money for purchasing the papers as well as necessary rubber bands. With the money he makes, he divides it, putting half in the bank — to save for a car — and the other half for spending money. Another example is Jimmy Glass, who only takes 10 to 20 minutes folding and delivering papers on route which spons a half mile. He earns about $65 a month, still meeting the same expenses as Gary. When asked what he does with his money. Jimmy casually answers, "Spend it, what else?" SOPHOMORE 174 SophomoresDempsey. Ron Dischner. Rikki Dodd. Lisa Dominguez. Ernest Donnell. Linda Dorsey. Daniel Doughty. Tim Drake. Kathy Drone. Doniel Drone. David Duffy. Mike Dugger. Jon Dupros. Tommy Durrough. Theda Eoglin. Pam Eoson. Stonley Eddie. Randy Edwards, Vincent Eiler. David Ellis. Eric Englert. Loretto Everett. Jackie Fall. Sherri Foncher. Jo Fanning. Deverly Former. Dennis Former. Wade Faske. Kathy Feotherston. Joe Felix. Oritt Feller. Robert Ferris. Cloudell Ferris. Vanessa Fields. Michael Fletcher. Mike Formico. Mike Sallardo. Danny Gallardo. Saundra Garcia. Jamie Garcia. Rito Gorrison. George Gerhart. Kevin Gibson. Jackie Gibson. Susan Gifford. Ronny Gifford. Connie Gloss. Jimmy Glenn. Randy Sophomores 175Gilliam Danny Gomez. Mary Gonzales. Lisa Gonzales. Violo Gover. Gina Greendyk. Gory Grigsby. Jeoneen Hamilton. George Homilton. Tony Hampton. John Hand. Ricky Harris. Lori Hatch. Perry Hawkins. Lisa Hernandez. David Hightower. Mike Hildinger. Nancy Hinojosa. Luis Holliday. Stacy Holmon. Troylene Howes. Mork Huddleston. Gayla Huerta. Gretchen Hukill. Bernard Hukill. Tim Irwin. Richard Isenberg. Regina Jackson. Linda James. Suon Johnson. John Jolley. Shannon Jones. Davis Jones. Jennifer Jouett. Dovid Kaminski. Chorlotte Kane. Yvonne Kay. Gregg Kembich. Ken Kepford. Robin Kieffer. Deboroh Kinder, Rebecco Kirby. Susan Knight. Keith Kovar. Kevin Kuykendoll. Betty Landry. John Laskowski. Jeanne Lee. William £ SOPHOMORE 176 SophomoresPractice, Practice, Practice! Whar began as a pasrime pleasure has become a career goal for Kim Wood. She began piano or rhe age of seven and devores or leasr rwo and a holf hours doily ro procrice Hard work and dedicorion hove landed her rhe posirions of accomponisr for Norrheosr Junior High girls glee dub. Husky Singers, and Sophomores girls' glee dub Nexr yeor she hopes ro be able ro roke lessons from a professor or Sourhwesrern Oklahoma Srore University Evenrually, Kim wonrs ro become o professional concerr pianisr and performer Wirh rhis drive ond ambirion we may hove onorher Liberoce on our hands! Lehr, Joy Lewis. John Lewis. Vincent Littlefield. Russell Littlejohn. LoOonno Lobough. Sue Longorio. Domingo Lopez. Hector Lott. Donny Lowell. Angelo Ludsono. Tim Lumry. Mitch Mayberry. Lucindo Morien. Joey Martin, Cheryl Mortinez. Elvo Martinez. Fronds Motthios. Janet Moynord. Vincent McCullough. Jimmy McDuffie. Eric McGuire. Denise Mdlnoy. Richard McKee. Kelly McKenzie. Lodonno McKinney. Patricio McMahon. Mike Meochom. Mark Miles. Croig Miller. Sonny Joe Milton. Dona Moore. Anthony Moreou. Jomes Sophomores 177Morgon. John Moss. Debbie Motherol. Scorr Muilicon. Susan Mungoven. Jeff Murphy. Poulo Myers. Allan Neal. Roberta Nebling. Fremont Neely. Greg Neisent. Laura Newkirk. Sandro Nolan. Laura Nucci. Laura O'Hair. Druce Onan. Dana Ortega. Carolyn Ortega. Jonie Otten. Jimmy Owens. Jacqueline Owens. Jeff Podden. Polly Porker. Lynda Patten. Sheryl Pough. Gory Payne. Kirk Peocock. Ingrid Perez. Joann Perez, Joelda Phelps. Kristi Philbrick. Scott Bunch Of "Bull" Mike Worrell has no trouble handling his prize winning sreer wirh one hand Mike's sreer was rhe Reserve Grand Champion or rhe Jockson Counry Fair, and his corron exhibit received rhe covered Grand Champion or rhe Oklahoma Srore Fair He usually purs in around twenty ro rhirry hours of work per week on rhe form His chores range from spraying Johnson gross and plowing ro feeding rhe livestock. Mike’s other ocriviries indude wrestling and Blue Crew in which he is sophomore representative 178 Sophomores SOPHOMOREPike. Merritt Pittmon. Roger Powell. Lorry Preston. Trovls Privett. Keith Prosser. Sherrie Provence. Jimmy Pruitt. Stonley Pruskowski. Michelle Roy. Chorles Reid. Korrie Reid. Wondo Reynolds. Gory Ritenour. Mory Beth Rooch. Jonice Rooch. Steve Robbins. Donny Robbins. Todd Roberson. Rex Roberts. Sondro Robinson. Donold Roblez. Rosemory Rodenheover. Cheryl Roderick. Jockie Roff. Poulo Rogers. Corol Russell. Kristen Russum. Clint Ruzicko. Kevin Sodler. Sondro Sonchez. Tommy Sottler. Donny Scolf. Chris Schulz. Mike Schweitzer. Dollos Schweitzer. Troy Shive. Stocy Shivers. Suzonne Shrout. Worren Sides. Stephonie Sierer. Hermine Sims. Liso Simco. Scot Six. Steve Smith. Ann Smith. Gory Smith. John Smith. Pom Sophomores 179Smlrh. Penny Smith. Rito Spradlin. Jerry Stofford. Sallie Steen. Scott Stephenson. Cheryl Stillwell. Pom Stricklond. Potty Swanson. Erico Tomer. Jonny Toylor. Michelle Thoben. Trocey Thomason. Jonno Thompson. Richard Tolbert. Angello Trochmon. Rissa Trimble. Tereso Tuttle. Keo Tyner. Jeff Urongo. Liso Vorelo. Aurora Veach. Shonnon Vice. Liso Villarreol. Robin Walker. Allen Walker. Rolph Walker. Richard Wolton. Leslie Wolton. Liso Washburn. Liso Wotson. Suzie Weaver. Lindo Weigel. Mark Weiss. Tereso West. Roy Westover. Solly Westover. Vickey White. Corl White. Deboro White. Thelmo Whitman. Dor boro Wilcoxen. Alon Wiley. Debro Williams. Phyllis Williamson, Jimmy Willis. Allen Willis. Kenneth Willis. Pom SOPHOMORE 180 SophomoresWillis. Steve Wilson. Dorlo Wilson. Horold Wilson. Jerry Wisner. Chris Wood. Kim Worrell. Mike Wright Oyron Yotes. Courtney Yochom. Tommy York. Cothy Yoshido. Aumu "You Can Call Me Ray, Or You Con Coll Me Joy r r Remember all rhe goofy nicknames our parents hod while they were in high school and how childish we rhoughr they were Well, rhe rimes haven't changed ... it seems we're following in their very own footsteps. Here are just a few examples of rhe never-ending trend of nicknames Dushy (Kenneth Drown) Hondo (Alon Allies) Diesel (Neil Blackwell) Cheeks (Charlotte Modison) Semillo (Melisso Smith) Pete (Kelly Risinger) Grover (Gory Spriggs) Joe Roy (Joe Duchonnon) Tank (Greg Robbins) Theodore (Donny Dlonien) Lightning (James Morgan) Kiki (Ikiether Robinson) Sponky (Jomes Colemon) Heddo (Sherri Hort) Sassy (Sara Stauffer) Funky (Linda Funk) Shorty (Cleotus McDonel) Mickey Nooky (Mike Morten) Dolly (Renee Teal) Doby Huey (Jomes Hukill) Deaf (j Dumber (Steve Diefenderfer) Jeanne Wienne (Jeanne Dutler) Jackie Wacky (Jackie Dutler) Stick (Potty Sides) Cricket (Robert Lipscomb) Tut (Todd Tims) Thug (Doug Edwards) Flash (Suzie Downs) Squeaky (James Griffin) Oscar (Carol Meyer) Osee (Curtis Dlack) Koala Dear (Karen Dolr) Mr. D - (Mr. Daucum) Fred Flintstone (Coach Hort) Wally (Mr. Cox) Jeep (Coach Johnson) Doodle Dabb (Mr. Dabb) Sophomores 1811984 Has Arrived . . . And 1990, too! When college-bound members of rhe doss of 1980 groduore in 1984 rhey wiH find new opportunities os professionals and os citizens. The dire predictions of Orwell's 1984 ore foiling to materialize because Alrus Schools, ond other outstanding school systems, hove prepared them os individuals to foce rhe challenges of rhe final decodes of rhe century. When today's seniors return in 1990 for their first big reunions, their thoughts ogoin will be on rhe individuals on these pages who foresaw their educational needs ond sow that rhey were provided Constantly looking toward the future. Dr Moms Foster studies plans wirh orchirea Joe Miron. AHS Gass of 1949. on updoring rhe y odium ond main high school buiding A congeniol atmosphere ar rhe Alrus Board of Educonon meerings olowed dedicated members ond odminiyrorors ro continue progress of rhe schools Bocrd members ere Dr Morris Foyer. Supernrendenr of Schools. Dr Dennerr Wroy, Dr Clyde G Russell. Mr HotTon McMahon, president, Mr Jock CoKnle, vnee-presidenr. Mr Eugene Pickerr Mr McMahon resigned m December ofrer 18 yeors on rhe board because he moved from rhe dtsmer area he represented Resolutions of appreciation were ptoced in rhe permanent mmures commemorating hs leadership 182 Board of EducononAltus Doord of Eckxotion members began a new Term fofowmg rhe Jonuory 22 School Dtsmcr election when Mr Eugene Pickett was reelected ro o second five year rerm, ond Mr Thurman Gregg, wos elected ro the post he filed on o temporary boss beginning m December Doord members ore: Dr Dennett Wray, vice- president, Mr Thurman Gregg, Mr Jock Cotvle, president; Mr Eugene Pickett, Dr Oyde Russel, ond Dr Morris Foyer. Superintendent of Schools Mr. Jock Colville. President i960 Dr. Morris Foster. Superintendent Mr. Hotton McMahon. President 1979 Dr. Dennett Wroy. Vice-President Dr. Clyde Russell. Member Mr. Eugene Pickett. Member Mr. Thurmon Gregg. Member Board Of Education 180Central Office Duties Vary Few srudenrs or odulrs realize rhor Alrus Public Schools is on educational plonr comprising hundreds of ocres, of which 75 ore rhe Alrus High School compus. The individuals on rhis and rhe succeeding page hove important roles so for os rhe entire school system is concerned os well os Alrus High School. Dr. Morris Foster, superintendent, is known store-wide both os o scholar (with o bachelor's degree in literature and English) and os on outstanding administrator (with 476 employees under his direction including 310 faculty members) "All of whom exist for only one purpose," Dr. Foster reiterates. "We ore here to provide guidance and the best education possible to rhe 5046 srudenrs in our schools." He particularly enjoys visiting with srudenrs and knows rhe majority of high school srudenrs by name. Dr Moms Fosrer. in o familiar setting at his desk in the Board of Education building, may confer with more than 50 persons In a single day yet olways has time to talk with high school students. Speaokzed fields of this quarter of women school executives include: Mrs. Bel Bryan, clerk of the board: Mrs. Thereso Hoehne. payroll-personnel- Mrs. Ruth Ferris, public informorion-relevision director; Mrs. Mary McGrorh. audio-visual.Duses Kept Rolling, Curriculum Planned Mr John Dock, assistant superintendent of schools, spends much time on the telephone eorly each morning ond or the end of the doy keeping In touch with the fleet of Altus School buses, one of his many responsibilities. Mr John McLeod, curriculum dreaor, personally evaluates every textbook used ot every grode level In Altus Schools. Including the new texts selected each year by the state adoption committee. He meets ot set Intervals with oil teachers. These ore famAor foces to the thousands who visit the Doord of Education building each yeor for tickets, opplicotions. paychecks, information, ond general services of the school system. The control office secretaries ore SEATED: Mrs. Dorothy Kuykendall. Mrs. Pot Jacks. Mrs. Vizo Haley. STANDING: Mrs. Rollene May. Mrs. Lillian Dell. Mrs. Morion Wood. Doord of Educonon 185Tackling The Tough Tasks Moinroining a rop AAAA high school con mean long hours, especially ro Those in chorge A day moy being os early os 6:30 a m. for Mr Howard King when subsrirures musr be colled, and rhe day moy nor end until very lore or nighr depending upon rhe school ocriviries going on or rhe rime The odminisrrarion has rhe dose-roimpossible rask of trying ro coordinate cossroom ocriviries, sporring events, and oil orher school relored ocriviries wirh srudenrs, reachers, and parents. Some of rhe tasks they musr do ore keeping up school spirit, keeping rhe morale high among srudenrs os well os reachers, and keeping everyone working rogerher ro help each person reach Ns goal Mr Howard King, rop man on our rorem pole for rhe pasr three years, has shown us rhor cooperation is rhe key ro success He believes in rhe sraremenr, "If you've gor a job ro do, jusr do ir." Mr. Dob Wenk has been around our holls for rhe pasr sixteen years. During this rime, he has been a coach and served as orhleric director for eight years. Now he is employed as ossisronr principal, a job where he fills rhe spot of on ill principal or arrendance director "I couldn'r come ro school, well, urn, I couldn'r find anything ro wear!" — Jusr one of rhe many excuses heard from rhe arrendance direcror, Mike Copeland The question "ro be excused, or nor ro be excused" is answered by a rrip ro his office for a blue slip. Whether rhe srudenrs realized ir or nor, rhis man kept on eye our as ro our whereabouts Ar rimes rules have ro be followed strictly, bur oil of us hove seen rhe rules benr ro our favor in one way or another. Although rhey are somerimes labeled "bad guys," rhey have a job ro do, and do ir. Eoger to assist parents Mr King helps them find their srudenrs’ reochers or open house during Nononol Educor on Week Morning announcements Inform srudenrs ond reochers of current school events 186 AdrrumsrrononOn her knees pleoding for mercy Kore ftitenour fries for one more excused absence wirh Artendooce Director Mike Copetond. Hanging in there until Friday Mr Weak hos everything under control Mr. Copeland begins his day with o qmer moment before the rush for rordy ond obsenree stops beginsCool Nights, Moonlit Waters, Enchantment If this sounds appealing, Mrs Roberto Holt con give you the particulars of the hows ond wheres Having cruised on the "Sun word” to the Dohomos for four days this post June, Mrs Holt hopes for a longer cruise in the future. While cruising on the Atlantic Ocean she ond her husband hod o cobin on the water level where they could see the waves ond hear the water agoinsr the side of the ship Entertainment abounded in the form of dancing, floor shows, gambling, ond mov- ies. Mr. Rex Ackerson: Chemistry I. H Mrs. Mory Adorns. Remedial Marh Mrs. Judy Archer: ICE I. H Mr. Hermon Babb: Physics Algebra I Mr. Demon Doucum: Sr Morh. Algebra I Mr. Robert Dostic: American History. Dlack History Mr. Ricky Bottom: Shop I Mrs. Sharon Dreuer: Health Services I. I Mrs. Dorboro Drinkmon: English I Mr. Dovid Drown: Amencon History. Footbal Mr. Terry Byrd: Distributive Education II. M Mr. Don Campbell: Oology I, TerWs Mrs. Theresa Campbell: French I. II. Tervxs Mrs. Petra Chovorrio.- Spanish I. I Mrs. Joyce Chisum: Typing I Mrs. Pot Coffey: Home Economics I. H. I 188 FoculryMr. Kenneth Cox: Vocoi Mus c. Varsity Chor Mrs. Ruth Cross: Speed Educonon Mr. Drent Cummins: World History. Amencon Hrsrcxy DoseboH, Daskerbol Mr. Doug Dalton: Art I. II. 11 Mr. Jock Diltz: General Dusxiess. Track. Football Mrs. Eulo Drury: Dasic English. American Urerorure Mrs. Edith Elliott: P E . Hedrh and Safety Mrs. Ruth Ferris: TV Mr. Jerry Foster: P E . Earth Science Football Golf Mrs. Ruth Fox: Reading Mr. Joe Horkins: Electrihconoo I. I Mr. Clester Harrington: Driver's Ed OasketboH Mr. Lorry Harris: Dand. Muse Theory Mr. Dob Hart: Driver s Ed . Geography Trock. Foorbol Mrs. Detty Heffel: American History. Dlock Fksrory Mrs. Roberto Holt: Algebro I. I GENIUS VS. INSANITY Edgar Allan Poe, author of such works as 'The Raven" and "Tell Tale Heorr," was a gemus in rhe literary field. A resurrected Edgar Allan Poe has been known to infil- trate our 20th century classrooms in rhe unsuspecting body of Mr Mark Morey Dressed in gothic black, Mr Morey has brought rhe macabre character of rhe famed Romantic writer back to life on sev eral occasions. "I enjoy rhe life of Poe and his writing because they convey a message to all men; rhe only difference is in rhe way we define rhe viewpoint,” remarked Mr. Morey In addition to an intense love for reading good literary works, Mr Morey is a novice m rhe writing field. He is presently engaged in having some of his own short stories ond poems published. Foculry 189Mr. Dill Hoyl: Over Educcnon Mrs. Anno Jackson: Ch J Core I. n Ms. Irene Jones: Soence Fiction, English L rerorure. Ennched Engteh Mr. Robert Killebrew: Deeding Trode I II Mr. Lorry King: Engfcsh I. Short Stones Mr. Maurice King: Speech I. II Debore I I Mrs. Ilerto Left: Accounrng I. Business Machines Mr. Jim Lifsch: Psychology I. Amencon Htsrory Mr. Morlond Moson: Mechoncol Drawing I. Shop I I Mrs. Jolene McLeod: Amercon Literoture. Yearbook Grommor Composirion Mr. Lorry McLoughlin: Agnculfure I, I. Hi IV Mr. Mark Morey: Remedol English I. ill IV Mr. Jeff Moore: Sociology. Football. Golf Mrs. Loverne Muller: English I Mrs. Glendo O Reor: Sonre. Grorrvror Connposiron Ms. Susan Pettit: Sociology. Oomotic Literoture Teacher Or Mwalimu? Nor many of us srop ro rhink rhor even reochers conrinue learning For example, Mr Rex Acker son, who after groduorion from Oklohomo Store joined rhe Peoce Corps In order ro complere his mission, he hod ro orrend Syracuse University so rhor he could reach in Tanzania, Africo. Ar Syrocuse, his studies included learning rhe usual rribol language. Swahili In Tanzania. some of his students were members of rhe famous Ma- sai rribe. Mr Ackerson reported, "My stu- dents were very good, ond tried exrro hard ' He also noted rhor rhe lowesr score mode on o resr by his Tanzonion students was in rhe 70's. "A good reoson for rhis," Mr Ackerson said, "is because in rhor coun- try you hove ro pass o resr in order ro get inro school." After completing his work rhere. he went on ro Kenya where he served os on agricultural officer 190 FocultyAward Winning Coach The Oklohomo Gris Doskerball Cooch of rhe Year in 72 ond rhe Narionol Cooch of rhe Year in 78 ore jusr o few of rhe owords Cooch Don Ripperoe has received in his rwenry-eighr seasons of cooching. He has also jusr complered serving his rhird rerm os rhe presidenr of rhe Oklahoma Cooching Associorion Among his orher occomplishmenrs, he hos guided rhree of his previous reoms ro roke srore. His "Ler's win!" philosophy ond ourlook hos inspired rhe girls ro give ir 110% eoch rime rhey're on rhe courr. Mrs. Christine Provence: Typing I. Genera1 Dusmess Mr. Steve Randall: Government. Heoirh. Wresting Mrs. Tomme Richardson: Business Machines. VOE I. I Mr. Don Rippetoe: Geomerry. Girls Doskerball Mr. Leonard Scalf: Eorrh Science Mr. Gordon Smolts: SpeaoJ Education Mr. Tom Stephens: Sponish I. HI Government Mr. Ston Templeton: General Dusmess, PE. Dasebol Mrs. Debbie Thomos: Foshon Design I. II Mrs. Carolyn Vaughon: Oology I. II Mr. Roy Vinyord: Auto Mechonics I. Mrs. Donno Walker: Grommor Corrposirion Mrs. Ivo Whitworth: American brerorure. Western Literature. Novels Mrs. Linda Wiginton: Short Stones, Newspaper Mrs. Lucie Willioms: Shorthand I. Typmg II Mr. Gory Winters: Ag Mechanics I. u. Field Faculty 191After being here for eleven yeors. Mrs Koren Dryce has become o fomikor face around rhe lunchroom os well as rhe school office Mrs. Bobby Spruiell fingers rhrough fomikor files for fourteen yeors os secretary ro rhe principal Going over bookwork wirh Mr John Ouch is our frsr year secretory Mrs Donna Norton Cooks ore Mike Yores. Ido Moe Correr Ruby Smith, Goldie Horper. Hozel Oakley, Pierrerre SrrickJond Custodians ore Lonme Jefferson Lynn Oreuer. D C Hi . Dwom Freed. Vernon Horre. Cohos Mortmez. Moses Boro Tired Calves, Empty Stomachs, Dirty Lockers Just suppose rhor oil rhe maintenance personnel, cooks, custodians, and secretaries hodn'r been in school for a week, and you get up ro go ro school. Would you even bother ro dress nearly and ridy ro go ro school? If nor, rhen imagine all rhe srudenrs entering rhe school looking like a bunch of hobos. The automatic bell rings; walking down rhe hall you hear phones ringing and no one answering; rhe ringing continues unril you rhink if you don'r hurry all rhar ringing might give you a nervous breakdown. (If rhor happens you could be handicapped for life!) You finally ger ro first hour, you dust off your sear and sir down. Jusr sirring rhere you look around and norice all rhe cobwebs, dirt, rrash, and even rhe smell of rhe room. Your teacher even seems a lirrle disorganized roo. Monoging ro go rhrough rhe rest of rhe two hours, lunch comes up Walking ro rhe cafererio you remember ir is dosed; rhe cooks ore all gone and rhe lunch ricker lady is lounging around on a sofa wirh a Dig Mac and fried for lunch wirh a 10a carton of milk. The inside of your stomach musr hove some food so you feed ir some junk food and end up wirh a stomach oche. The resr of rhe day seems ro be endless and very tiresome, bur finally rhe last bell rings and you rush our of doss ro your locker - which could really use some insecticides. The phones are still ringing and rhe rordy slips all over rhe floor remind you of rhe copy room wirh papers everywhere and office girls giggling over boys' gossip while drinking rhe teachers' coffee Finally you step our of rhe school building and brearhe some dean air. As you walk home (because rhere are no buses or busdrivers), jusr srop and rhink whether you used ro rake all rhe service people for granted. If so, rhink again as a srudenr of a school as great as ours how large a parr rhese people have in making ir grear. Their hard work and efforrs ro moke rhe school a comfortable, dean, and organized place make them os important as we srudenrs A smile and a small rhank you is all ir rakes ro show our appreciation ro all rhe custodians, cooks, bus drivers, and secretaries. If rhey smile bock, you've made some new friends 102 Service PersonnelAbernorhy. Cindy 78, 79. 80, 96, 162 Ale woe, Korhey 62, 162 Alexander. Coro! 46. 145, 161 Alexander. Jeff 105, 140, 172, 173 Alexander. Masha 20. 162 Alexander. Stevie 114, 162 A es, Alan 38. 74, 75, 76, 126, 128, IX. 145 183 Alcorra, Ricky 173 Aldridge, Mke 141. 173 Aflen, Andrea 60, 77. 173 ABen, Connie 145 Anderson. Dole 78. 141. 162 Anderson. Frank 40. 141, 145 Anderson, Ivon 78 Arnold. Phylis 57 Arringron, Kennedy 173 Ashcroft, Kenny 162 Atkins. Jockie 90, 95, 145, 161 Aumenr. Michelle 124, 173 Azin. Connie 173 Doortmon, Lynne 145 Dodger, Jennie 162 Dailey. John 65. 114, 162 Oailey. Phflp 78. 85. 162 Daley, Susan 132. 134. 136. 145 Dor. Karen 72. 124. 173. 183 Doker, Jimmy 162 Daldwin. Andy 114, 162 Dallord. Harold 145, 161 DoHord, Tommy 173 Dallew. Dirsey. 74. 102, 104. 132. 162, 171 Bolque. Patrick 72. 175 Baiqoe, Cynthia 72. 90. 163 Dondo. Gilbert 173 Darno, Michoel 173 Danes, Roytene 74. 132. IX. 135, IX. 145, 161 Danes. Robert 114. 173 Dart on. Ajonito 96, 145 Darton. Louis 85. 163 Oarer a. Johnny 145 Darer a, Lucy IX, 173 Dossett. Mark 114, 173 Dassert, Mart 173 Dachekx. Eddie 74. 145 Daes, Donna 163 Ooucom. Dana 77, 173 Daxrer, Dillie 62 Daxrer, Jerry 145 Doynad. Kenneth 85. 163 Deck, Connie 145 Dell, Derryl 28. X. 40. 74. 76. 78. X. 163 Dell, Kerry 145 Deifczzj, Frank X. 40, 74, 75. 173 Deavomonde, Jome 145 Dennett, Dennis 145 Dennett, Robert 85. IX Dennett, Sherida 173 Dergeron. Steve 18, 74, 145 Dernad, Tina 77, 173 Dernmg, Alon 173 Derrymon. Candy 173 Devon. Tim 40. 114, 173 Dirney. June 84. 94. IX. 163 Dirney. Undo 90. IX, 173 Diock. Dilie 140. 163 Dlack, Carolyn 145, 161 Diock, Cindy 78. 79. 81. 146 Okxk. Curtis 40. 74. 131. 173. IX Diock. Jano X. X, 146 Dtockwe . Leo 97. 146, 161 Diock well, Neu X. 146. 161. IX Dlonkenship. Johnny 146 Dlozek. Jockie 85, IX Dledsoe, Mike 85. IX Otoaen. Donny 25. 61, 140, 146, 161, IX Dtoaen, Joey 140. 173 Diunr. Denae 132, IX Olunt, Clarence 126, IX, 161 Dodkm, Sheryl 78. 79. 173 Dolenboch. Ricky 14. 22. 57. 102, 104. 122. 124. 125. 146 Oomboy, Cindy 77. 173 Domboy. Skip 85. IX Dooker. Jockie IX Dooker. Jonert Mane 173 Dooker. Tonya IX Daden. Laie X, 77. 173 Dourgeas. Suzonne 55. 61. 77, 173 Dowie. Jackie 146 Doyd, Gloria 94, 146. 161 Doyd, Her mon IX Xyd, Terry 173 Doyles, Wendy 78. 173 Bozewicz, Poul 173 Dram, Decky 173 Dronch. Juia 67. 70. 132. IX. 134, IX Drorcher. Kyle 29. 61. 78. 79, X. 140. IX Broun, Men 97. IX. IX Dreokiron, Brenda 72. 96. 1173 Dreokiron. Regina 78, 146 Breeding, Janet 61. 71. 98. 101. IX, 204 Orion. Krn IX. 139. 173 Briggs. Robin 74, IX Brooks, Diona IX, 173 Brother on. Gory 48, 98. IX. 104, 146 Drown, Arnold 173 Drown, Arthur 62, IX Brown. Julie 72, IX. 173 Drown. Kenneth X. 40. 74. 105. 114. IX. 146. 161, IX Drown, Kim 173 Drown, Kimberly IX Drown. Leslie 171 Drown. Undo X, 94, 161 Drown. Lorrie 78, X, 146 Drown, Norolie 77, IX. 173 Drown, Richad 141, 173 Drown, Susan IX Oryonr, Judy 146 Bryce, Conae IX, IX Dryce. Gene 146 Buchonan. Joe 10, 14. 74. 75. 98. 102. 104. 122, 124. 146. 161, IX Buchanan. Kathy 78. IX DurchJ, Como 96 Durchl. Jeff 131, 175 Dacha, Lori 146 Durk. Richad 40, 70, 146 Burkhad. Daendo 52. 146. 161 Daoff. Eric IX Dush, Carlo 173 Dush, John X Dush. Mike 146 Butler, Jockie IX. IX Butler, Jeonne 14, 107. 147. IX Dyrd. Dloke 173 Dyrd. Tim 62. X. 74. 173 By rum. Keith 77. 147 Cogle, Mark X. 65. 78. IX Cain, Denas 40. 74.. IX Caldwell. Kevin IX Compbel, Cloudia 147 Campbell. Debt ? 84. 90. 93. 147 Campbell, Denise 90. 93. 147 Copps, Donna 61, 67. 70. 74. IX Cadwe . Kevin 85 Cadwell, Lono X, 70, IX CorUne, Corhy IX Coriine, Cindy 147 Corline. Mike IX. 174 Corrolo. Anton 174 Carrasco, Mark 40. 57. 140, 147 Carrasco. Sylvia 40. 77. 174 Carter, Chris 174 Carter. David 114. 118, 126. IX Carter, Mike 122, 123 Carter, Sondi IX Casias, Connie 174 Cassidy. Richad 85, IX Cassidy, Robert 174 Casrio. Andy 61. IX. 171. 204 Casrio, Korhy 72 Caswell. Charles 11. 98. 100, 102, IX. 104, 141. IX Chambers, Robert 62. 174 Chance, Don 84. X. 87. X. 147 Chondter. Antoinette 174 Chancier. Patrice 147. 161 Chase, Mike 47. 147 Cheek. Donald 78. 174 Childers, Ronnie 126, 131. IX Childs. Jimmy 35. X. 37. 114. 118. IX Chisum, Dennis X. 174 Christian, Reggie 78. IX Gtron. Coy IX Gtron, Richad 174 Clork. Kirk 40. 74. 114. 121, 174 Clemons. Kim 50. 78, X, 147 Coots, David 85 Coffin, Jockie 147 Cofield. Drear 62. X. 65. 147. 161 Conorser, LeAnn 70 Coleman. James 93, 161, IX Coleman. Lenao 174 Colen, Terry 131, 174 Cotter. Mike 174 Collier. Sam 65. IX Cotter. Tommy 61, 147. 161 Colston, Richad 85, IX Combs. Haold 147 Connolly. Shown 40, 78, 174 Conne . Michelle 4. 101. 105. 106, 107. 147. 161. 204 Conway. Pom 57, 94, 147. 161 Cooper. Metesa 95. 147 Copelond. Rocky X, 90, 91. 174 Coppock, Mart X Caey, Arthur 141, 174 Cornelius. Durk 8. X. 98. 102. 104. 147 Cotton, Dendra 78. 90. 91, 93, 161. 164 Coursey. Debao 23. 78. 81. 164 Cox. John 85. 164 Cox. Michelle 111. 124. 174 Cox. Robert 25. 61. 105. 114. 117. 118. 120. 122.147 Croig. Rebecca 174 Crowfad. Dorrefl 148 Gowfad. David 141. 164 Crowfad. Jomes 114, 115, 116. 118. 164 Cromer, Shaon 77. IX. 174 Gossland. Toye 10. 148 Gow, Caolyn 70, 78. 81. 164 Gowder. Doug 62. X, X. 164 Cryer, Somrrue 85. 164 Cumbus. Chrissy 174 Cumbus, Cindy 174 Curvwighom. Roger 61. 78. X. 164 Index 193DoW. Jon 148. 161 Danyeur. Jomes 63. 174 Dornel. Tony 4. 105. 164 Darnel. Trixie 78. 124. 174 Dovidson. Juke 61. 148 Dovts, Corios 103. 104, 148 Dave,, Espe 60. 86. 100. 103. 104. 148 Do vis. Lee 54. 124. 164 Dovts. Undo 78, 164 Dovts. Lisa 94, 148, 161 Dovts. Pom 78. 81. 98. 103. 104, 148 Dovts. Party 174 Deditch. Tern 78. 164 Deford. Jerry 114. 174 Deford. Jmmy 40. 74, 114. 174 DeHoogh. Joe 22. 47. 86. 87. 148 Deto Rosa. Joe 72. 164 Delzer. Robert 164 Dempsey. Kenneth 122, 124. 148 Dempsey. Ron 74. 122. 124. 175 Dennis. Ronnie 161 Diamond, Romono 70, 148 Dickenson, Melody 40. 74. 98. 103, 104. 148 Diefenderfer. Steve 148, 161 Difcon, Coroiyn 50 D on. Doug 62 Dtschner, RWsi 175 Dobbs. Charles 140. 164 Dodd. Liso 77. 175. 177 Dodson. Debbie 40. 48. 111. 124. 164 Dodson, Robm 148 Dominquez. Delores 93. 148 Dominquez. Ernest 175 Donnell. Brenda 148. 161 Donnell. Undo 108. 175 Dorff. W»om 85. 164 Dorsey. Dome! 175 Doughty. Trrt 175 Downs. Suzie 77. 98. 103. 104. 105. 107. 164. 183. 204 Droke. Korhy 77. 78. 175 Drake, Ken 78. 79. 80. 83. 164 Droke. Volyndo 94. 148 Drechsler. Janet 148, 161 Drone. Dome! 175 Drone, Dovtd 72. 78. 175 Drown. Glenn 164 Duffy. Mike 40. 74. 78. 83. 98. 103. 104. 175 Dugger, Jon 175 Duncon. Tony 148 Dupras. Tommi 108. 175 Durrough. Theda 132, 138. 139, 175 Dyer. Undo 61, 148 Dyer. Moggie 108. 164 EogSn. Pom 175 Eoson. Koy 149 Eason, Sr on 175 Easterling. Steve 114. 118. 120. 141. 148, 161 Eosrerfcng, Stephen 38. 40, 57. 74. 164 Edcfce, Randy 175 Edwards. Corhy 164 Edwards. Doug 149. 183 Edwards. Michele 20. 132, 164. 171 Edwards. Vincerv 140. 175, 177 Eder. David 175 EBedge. Chns 103. 149 Els. Eric 40. 175 Emmett. Marjorie 61. 78. 81. 149 Englar. Kryen 70. 78. 83. 164 Engtett. Loretta 175 English. Debbte 137 Engksh, Thomas 61. 78. 83. 149 Erherton. Andrew 48. 84. 90. 91. 93. 149 Euchner, Gwen 61. 78. 79. 164 Evons, Tim 10. 53. 61. 72. 78. 149 Everett. Jackie 175 fal, Shem 175 foncher. Jo 132, 135. 175 foncher, Regno 48. 164 forming, Beverly 40. 77, 78. 175 former. Jomes 164 former. Wode 40. 61. 77. 90. 175 forquhar. Ke 63, 164 faske. Mory 175 feathery on. Joe 38. 40. 74. 90. 91. 100. 105. 175 fefcx, Britt 175 felker. Morgan 86. 88. 164 feler. Robert 175 femer. Wayne 149 ferris. Goudell 175 ferns, Vonessa 175 Fields. Michoel 114. 121. 175 fields. Richard 126. 129. 165 Fierro. Dovtd 165 Frmm, Jane 108, 165 Pnh. Jimmy 93. 98. 101, 149. 204 fisher, Jomes 103, 165 Fisher. Kelly 40. 111. 124, 141. 165, 171 Remons. Tommy 114. 115. 118. 120. 122. 123. 124. 125. 149. 161 Retcher, Mike 78. 175 flores. Eddie 141. 149 Rores, Jimmy 74. 165 flores. Mary 65 Rores, Roy 8, 149 Rowers. Johnnie 126. 130. 149 ford. Lori 86. 165. 204 ford. Marvin 165 formico, Mike Richard 140. 175 foyer, Mork 50. 74. 75, 126, 127, 129. 130. 149 fox. Keren 23. 86. 165 froiey. Richard 62 freed. Brenda Lee 78. 149 funk. Carolyn 60. 70. 165 funk, Undo 149. 183 GoBardo. Ccrfos 72, 98. 103. 104. 149 Golordo. Danny 175 Golordo, Soundro Mone 175 Gombi. Janet 165 Gombi, Jeffrey Dr out 165 Gombi, Kenneth Rex 140, 149 Gombi, Denise 40, 74. 75. 149 Gordo. Defcndo 90. 108 Goroo. Jamie 114. 175 Goroo. Jonie 150. 161 Gordo. Riro 175 Gorrett. Golen 10. 122. 165, 171 Garrett. Lon 103. 104. 150 Garrison, Carl 114. 165 Gomson, George 114, 175 Garrison. Jeff 62. 63. 64. 65. 165 Garrison. Kely 137 Gomson. Loti 101. 132. 135, 138, 139. 150. 204 Gomson, Lycko 65. 90, 91, 92. 150 Gover, Michele 150 Gaver. Robm 78, 150 Gensmon. Kely 85. 165 Gerhort. Kathy 150 Gerhart. Kevin 13, 175 Gernjak. Armin 165 Gibson. Jockie Jonnette 175 Gibson. Jo Ann 165 Gibson. Suson 138. 177 Gifford. Connie 77 Gifford. Glenda Sue 150, 161 Gifford. John Wayne 78. 85. 165 Gifford. Romy 175 Gilbert. Poulo 40. 74. 78. 81. 150 Giles. Mike 22. 70. 150 Glford. Theolo 150, 161 Giom. Danny 176 Glom. Down 165 Giiom. Kevin Scott 85. 165 Gilom, Potty 165 Glmore. Rondy 160 Gdporrick, Kenneth 150, 161 Gipson. Bobby 85. 165 Gipson. Suscm 108 Girkin. Andrew 165 Goss. Jmmy 105, 172. 174. 175 Germ. Lorry 165 Germ. Rondy Joe 85. 140, 175 Germ. Terry 85. 165 Goddord, Eileen 78. 165 Gomennger. Uso 40. 70, 90, 98, 100, 124. 150 Gonzoles. Uso 141. 176 Goode, Angie 93 Goodlow, Edde 74. 114. 117. 118. 126, 131, 165 Goodtow. R hord 114. 116, 165 Gormley, Ameko 61. 108, 165 Gossoge, John 85 Gould. Cori 114, 117. 118. 119, 126. 131, 165 Gover. Gna 40. 77 Gohom, Michoel 165 Geendyk. Gory 176 Gegg, Michoel 93. 165 Gegg. Nicky 38. 39. 40. 74, 75. 76. 85 Grigsby. Jeoneen 78. 176 Ginyon. Connie 72. 90. 165 Goss, Lloyd Roy 65, 165 Gupfordo. Sarah 78, 83, 165 Guirm. Mark 114, 118, 119. 165 Home!, Craig 150 Homlton. George 140. 176 Homlron, Tony 77, 176 Hampton. Dorbaro 84. 96. 124, 165 Hompton. John 140, 176 Hand. Ricky 176 Honkns. Dovts 150 Haferiond. Jane 70. 86. 165 Hogerty. Shoron 86. 165 Hoi, Korhy 94. 165 Hogan. Kelly 90. 95. 150 Hordmon. Joe 165 Homs. A H 85. 165 Horns. Dobby 66. 165 Homs. God 90. 95. 150 Horns. Undo 90. 95. 150. 161 Homs. Lori 176 Harr. Shem Deloyne 13. 20. 70. 101. 135, 136, 150. 161. 183. 204 Horr. Shem L 78. 86. 89, 105. 124. 162, 166 Horch. Perry M 140. 176 Houghr. Kiyorm 78. 166 Howkins. Uso 78. 96. 132, 134, 136 Hawthorne. Demise 70, 166 Hayes. Scott 62. 63, 64. 84. 166 Hetmski. Eric 93 Heros. Steven 166 Herman. Andrew Gem 102. 104. 166 Hernondez, Dovxj 78. 176 Hernandez. Jorge 114. 118. 166 Herrera, Eddy 62 Hibbard. Krby 100, 102. 150 Hfcks. Rusry 50. 61. 151 194 IndexHigh. Erhel 94. 161 High. Lorry 114. 116. 166 Hightower, Michoel 176 NkJinger. Money 77. 141. 176 HI. Jonice 151 Hinqjoso. Luis 176 Hirt, Dionne 95. 151 Hixon, Nyneen 166 Hoehne. Angel 102. 103. 104. 166 Holond, Mortsso 78. 166 Hofcday, Srocy 40. 77. 101. 176. 204 Hdoway, Shown 166 Holman, Troylene 176 Hopkns, Moonyeen 70. 78, 166 Horne, Kane 70, 86, 166 Houchrn. Gregory 70. 78. 98. 100, 166 Howard. Zock 48. 52. 61. 78. 79. 80. 151 Howes, Mork 78. 176 Howtond, Drendo 151 Huddteston, Goyta 77, 176 Huddesron, Kevin 93. 151 Huerto, Grerchen 78. 176 Huey. Lois Ann 20. 74. 103. 104. 132. 133, 134. 136, 151 Huffer. Robert 70. 166 Huffman, Trrt 23. 86. 105. 111. 162, 166 Hughen. Debbie 151 Hum, Bernard 62, 77. 176 Huki. James 63. 65. 161. 183 Hum. Tim 62. 176 Hunrer. Korhleen 55. 70, 74, 75, 89. 151 Hunter. Lisa 78. 81. 86. 87. 151 Hurd. Eric 67 Hurley. Terri 78. 80. 98, 166 Hurt, Bobby 151 Hutchison. Robin 60. 124. 151 Irwin, Christina 79, 151 Irwin, Richard 78. 176 Isenburg. Regmo 78. 176 Ivison, Johnae Jo 70, 108, 166 Jockson, Joy 104. 114. 118, 122, 124. 166 Jockson, Undo 176 Jomes, Suon 78, 176 Jomeson. Debb ? 56. 166 Jomeson, Kim 63. 151, 161 Jefferson. HorokJ 94, 151. 161 Jefferson, Kenneth 93. 161 Jenkhs. Marsha 151. 161 Jessup. Korio 105. 132. 135, 162. 166 JetT. Morvn 78. 166 Jimhez, Isobel 151 Johnson. Alon 114. 120. 151 Johnson. Dorio 77. 94 Johnson, John 78. 83, 176 Johnson. Riro 78. 81, 151 Johnson, Rose 151 Jolley, Shonnon 77. 108, 176 Jones. David 72. 78. 176 Jones. Jennifer 176 Jones. Jurneorhea 78. 161 Jones. Kip 77 Jones. Undo 152, 161 Jones. Pouio 152, 161. 166 Jones. Russell 85. 152. 204 Josey, Jon 62 Josey, Kenny 62. 63. 65. 152, 161 Jouert, Dav j 63. 176 Kommski. Charlotte 77. 98, 176. 183, 204 Kone, Yvonne 96. 124, 176 Korner. Myron 38. 40. 74. 76. 166 Kasrner. Trooe 74, 152, 161 Kay, Greg 63. 77, 176 Keck, Amy 138. 166 Keck, Lourol 70, 152 Keck. Mdy 166 Keenum. Renee' 166 Kelly. Chris 66. 69. 70. 90. 108, 152 Kombich, Ken 176 Kepford. Robin 176 Kieffer. Deboroh L 77. 176 Kilgore. D one L 78 Kilion. Cindy L 93. 152. 161 Kinder. Rebecca 77. 176 Kirby. Susan D 60, 77. 176 Kirby, Terri L 152. 161 Kizziar, Borboro 14. 40. 74. 97. 98. 101. 102, 104. Ill, 152, 161. 204 Kkxismonn, Dion Demse 166 Knight. Jeffery Keifh 78, 83, 176 Knox. Oorry 152 Knox, Debbie Jeon 152 Knox, Sandro Koy 70. 77. 166, 171 Koesrer. Ted L 63, 166 Kdbicko. Robert 166 Kotoicko. Doriene 94, 166 Koontz. Loura Komi 38. 39. 40. 74. 75. 105, 124. 166 Koukal, Ron Gene 63. 65 Kovar. Kevon L 176 Kuykendol. Betty Jeon 141, 176 Loferney. Michael R 86. 87. 88. 152 Lomkin. Anthony G 98. 102, 104, 152 Lomkin. Wendy L. 166 Lancaster. Kerry 166 Landry. Jomey 152 Londry, John Michael 176 Lone. Donokj 103. 104. 152 Losoter. Jomes 61. 152 Loskowski. Jeonne 61. 176 Loskowski, Som 60. 61. 102, 152. 98 Low, Kevin 65, 166 La whom, Paul 84 Louder dole, Jody 34, 38. 40. 74. 76. 152 Lerner. Debb ? 62. 90. 91. 95. 153 Lee. Richord 153 Lee. Wliom Kent 176 Lehr. Joy Douglas 177 Leisrner. Steven Jomes 153 Lemasier. Cody Forrest 53. 70. 153 Lemieux. Tommy Arm 166 Lesser. John Geon 72, 166 Lewis. Jomes 61. 141. 153 Lewis. Jomce 166 Lews, John 77. 90, 177 Lewis. Tommy 56. 166 Lewis. Vincent 177 Leyton, Undo 95, 153, 161 Lipscomb, Robert 114. 128. 131, 166. 183 Litsch. Mott 5, 78, 83. 141, 166 Littlefield. Russel 177 Urtlejchn. Lodonno 78, 138. 139. 177 Urtiejohn. Anno 166, 96 Liu. Aiks 61, 72. 73. 166 Lobough, Edword 70. 153 Lobough, Sue 177 Long, Dennie 70, 100, 167 Long, Raymond 85 Longoria. Domingo 177 Lopez. Hector 140. 177 Lopez. Pod 153 Lopes, Suson 70. 78. 166 Lott. Danny 177 Lovett. Lloyd 63 Lowe. Kathy 96, 167 Lowell. Angelo 29. 78. 177 Lucos, Uso 167, 171 Lucos. Lon 74. 98. 99. 100. 167 Ludsono. Mark 40. 71. 74. 167 Luosono. Tim 140. 177 Lumry. Karen 40. 74. 75. 78, 81. 153 Lumry. Mitchell 40. 140. 177 Lynch, Lono 73, 153 Moohs. Michele 48. 61. 98. 101. 07. 167. 183. 204 Maddox, Evo 141. 167 Madison. Choriotte O, 97. 07. 153. 183 Mahan, Tom 78. 83 Moidonodo. Alex 170 Morcho, Scott 38. 74, 76. 93, 167 Morion. Joey 78 .79. 83. 177 Martin. Cheryl 08. 124. 177 Mortm. Donny 90. 91. 93 Martin. Isobel 72. 167 Monin. John 141. 167 Martin. Teresa 86, 167 Morrmez. Eh a 177 Martinez. Frances 177 Martinez. Jrnmy 153 Marts, Tariro 29. 78. 81, 83. 91, 167 Mason, Todd 153 Massenburg. Boato 40. 74, 90. 167 Mora, Luis 167 Matthias. Jonet 77. 177 Moberry, Luanda 60, 177 Maynard. Vncenr 177 McAksrer. Stephanie 61. 78. 83, 153 McAisrer. Steve 85. 153 McCkntock, Charlotte A 167 McConnell, Mike 72. 85. 167 McCulough. Jimmy 23. 114, 121. 131. 177 McDonel, Clerus 47. 86. 88. 1114. 118. 153. 183 McDuffie. Eric A 131, 177 McGee. Kevin 126. 128, 130. 153 McGrorh, Trocy L 25. 86, 87. 111. 153 McGregor. Alon 153 McGrory. Andrea 70, 93. 167 McGuire. Denice E 72. 177 McGure. Kim 167 McUnoy, Richord D 177 McKee. Kelly D 177 McKenzie. Lodonno J 72. 77. 177 McKinley, Robert 88, 154 McKmght. Timberly 22. 154 McKrmy. Potty 77 McMahon. Mike 177 McPherson. Jocob R 34. 35. 36. 40. 74, 90. 91. 98. OO. 167 Meochom, Mork R 140, 177 Medders. Dewoyne 62. 154 Medders. Debbie 96, 108, 167 Medtock, George 85. 154 Meeler. Debbie 167 Mendoza. Morgie 167 Meyer. Carol 105. 107. 167. 183 Miocek. Chris 61. 124. 167 Mies. Crag 114. 119. 121, 177 M4er. Jodi 90. 91. 95. 154 MJer. Michelle 84. 96. 108. 124 Index 195Mier, Pom 141. 154 Mier. Sonny J 177 Mier. Sreve 154 Miron. Dono 40. 77, 100. 111. 177 Mocftn, Terri 60. 167 Moore. Anrhony 177 Moreou. Drod 62. 65. 84. 154 Moreau, Jomes 177 Moreno. Noerm 60. 70. 98. 101, 167. 204 Morgon. Oorboro 161 Morgan. Jomes 85. 90. 167 Morgon. Jomes R 90. 154, 180 Morgon. John 178 Morgon. Shoron K 78, 79. 154 Monoriry, Tommy 167 Morren, Mike 60. 65, 164. 180 Morris. Debbie 154 Morris. Kety 90. 154 Morrison. Todd 167 Mosety. David 154 Moss. Debbie 4. 77. 110, 178 Moss. Mark 5. 178. 167 Moss, Toro Lynn 40. XX). 124, 154. 161 Morherol. Scott 9, 60. 122. 178 Mu con, Dfl 154 Muicon, Suson 72. 78. 178 Mungoven, Jeff 178 Murphy. Pouto 40, 77, 111. 178 Murphy. Tim 140, 154 Musgrove. Renee 90. 91, 154 Myers. Alton 74. 178 Myers. Neil 74. 167 Nol. Judy 96. 168 Nopuunoo. Kim 154 Neol. Dennis 101 Neol. Jo Arm 168 Neol. Roberto 168 Nebfcng. John 78. 98. 100. 168 Nebfcng. Monre 78. 80. 178 Neely. Greg 60. 77. 178 Nefcrk. Lorry 48. 114. 117. 118. 120. 140, 154 Neitson, Done 126. 100. 155. 161 Netsenr. Louro 77. 178 Nelson, David 168 Newkick. Sondro 77 Newron, Isooc 126. 101. 168 Nichols. Gory 74. 168 Noton. Kirk 102. 104, 155. 161 Noton. Louro 77. 107 Nordmon. Dianne 40. 74. 105. 141, 155. 161 Nordmon. Donno 14. 08. 40. 74, 75. HI. 155. 161 No wiki, Roxane 168 Nucd. Louro 108. 178 Obenhous. Kevin 62, 60. 84, 155. 161 O'Hor. Druce 178 O Holoron, Mark 108. 168 Oivo. Mike 168 Onon, Dono 60. 141, 178 Orr, Robin 78. 80. 168 Or ego, Carolyn 178 Onego, Jome 4. 178 Onego. Ruth 72. 90. 168 Osborn. Cynrhio 155 Osborn. Jennifer 124, 168 Often. Jomes 178 Owens, Jodoe 77, 178 Owens. Jeff 178 Owens. Lourie 78. 79. 80, 80. 155 Oxner. Woyne 155 Podden, Poly 20. 77. 105. 140. 172, 178 Poromore, Nicki 155 Porker, Dorboro 70. 74, 168 Porker. Lynda 77. 178 Porker. Terry 85. 168 Porresh. Trocy 74, 168 Porron. Dob 65. 168 Parsley. Melody 96. 155, 161 Porel, Noyono 155 Pough, Carolyn 90 Pough, Gory 178 Poyne, Jennifer 61. 77, 168 Payne. Kirk 78. 178 Poyne. Mike 86. 168 Peacock, Ingrid 60, 77. 178 Perez, Jo Arm 178 Perez. Jo Eldo 178 Perkins. Qorry Lynn 168 Perry. Aton 114. 168 Perry. Henry 85. 168 Peterson, Rtoxxd 155 Perkoff. Dole 22. 78. 80. 86. 168 PewThers. Mike 114. 118. 122, 120. 168 Peyton, Pouto 155, 161 Phelps. Joey 168 Phelps. Kristi 48. 78. 80. 178 Phdbnck. Scott 40. 140. 178 Ph ps. Loe 178 Bgg. PotTi 77. 178 Pke. Korhehne 94. 168 Pike. Memrt 140. 179 Pinei. Ang e 68. 70. 168 Pittmon. Roger 101. 179 Pitts, Arthur 155 Poner, Romono 155 Powei, Lorry Woyne 140. 179 Preston, Travts 141. 179 Privert. Keith 102. 104. 114. 179 Prosser. Sherrie 77. 108. 179 Provence, Jimmy 9. 179 Provence. Sondro 50. 70, 78. 80. 168 Ptuct, Stanley 62. 179 Pruskowski, Michelle Demse 77. 179 Purcel. Joanne 50. 78. 81. 90. 155. 168 Purvis. Debbie 155 Roger. Twio 60. 61. 88, 155 Rorhke, Jomes 60. 65. 155 Roy, Charles 78. 101, 179 Roy. Eizoberh 78. 95. 101, 156, 179 Roy, Rebecca 08. 40. 74, 80. 155 Rector, Russell 118. 156 Reece. Jomes 60. 162, 168. 171 Reed, Phdip 40, 48. 156 Reeves. Lana 70, 111, 169 Reeves. Mark 114. 121. 169 Retchenboch. Louri 70, 78. 81. 169 Reid. Christopher 169 Reid. Joy 168 Reto. Korrie 80. 78. 179 Reid, Wanda 179 Renter. Mart 114. 118. 121. 169 Remund, Momco 156 Revlo. Armobel 40. IX). 156. 161 Reynolds. Eddto 9. 78. 80. 169 Reynolds. Gory 78. 176, 179 Richards, Armero 156, 161 Richards. Anrhony 90 Richards, Cord 156 Richardson, Croig 60. 169 Rtojas. Andrea 40. 48. 61. 72. X)8. 141. 169 Rtsinger. Kely 126. 129, 100. 156. 161. 180 Rirenour, Kare 102, 104. 124, 187 Rirenour, Mory Derh 179 Rooch. Jontce 179 Rooch, Steve 179 Robben. Scott 169 Roberts. Kothy 60. 169 Roberts, Kim 86. 169 Roberts. Sondro 62. 141 Robertson, Troy 85. 156 Robbins, Dormy 60, 122. 179 Robbins. Greg 5. 62. 114. 118, 120. 156, 180 Robbins. Todd 179 Roberson, Rex 60. 179 Robinson. Arden 47. 61. 156 Robinson. Derry 156 Robinson. Donald 179 Robinson. Ikeither 156, 180 Robinson. Janice 169 Robinson. Por 94, 156 Rodez, Domien 85. 156 Rodez. Marcello 94. 156, 161 Rodez. Rosemary 179 Rochelle. Dove 156 Rodeoheover. Cheryl 124, 179 Roderick. Jocquelyn 179 Rodriguez, Alex 40, 72, 76 Rodriguez. Dormy 77 Roe. Phillip 122. 156 Roesch. Dob 122 Roff. Pouto 40. 77. 105. 124, 141. 172, 179 Rogers, Anita 96. 169 Rogers, Cord 78, 179 Rogers, Cindy 169 Rogers. Jim 61. 78. 85. 169 Romines. Dovto XX). 161 Ross. Greg 70, 169 Ross, Worren 85. 156, 161 Rudd. Debra 61. 90. 108. 169 Rushing. Julie 169 Russel, Judy 157 Russel, Kristen 77. 124, 179 Russel. Scott 48, XX). 169 Russum. Gnr 141, 179 Ruzicko. Jomes Kevin 60. 179 Sodter, Donny 77 Sodler. Sondro 60. 72, 138. 179 Sodler. Tommie 96. 138. 169 Soger. Cdeen 78. 83. 156 Saker. Dernoderre 77. 86. 169 Saker. Mike 74. 157 Satozor, Jesse 94, 157 Sample, June 90. 157 Senders. Sondro 97. 110. 139, 157 Sonchez, Tommy 179 Sasse. Gina 40. 74. 78, 79, 81, 169 Sorrier, Dormy 114. 179 Scolf. Chris 78. 179 Scolf. Leon 157. 161 Scolf. Dionne 86. 169 Scdf. Michael 78. 79. 83. 157 Schlect. Loquiro 124 Schrmdr. Raymond 140. 169 Schulz. Mark 102, 104. 140. 161 Schulz. Mike 8. 157 Schweitzer. Ddtas 179 Schweitzer. Troy 179 196 todexScott, Lourie 10. 61. 86. 87. 89. 101, 105. 108, 124, 157. 204 Secresr, Melinda 90. 91. 97, 157 Sevedge. Vernon 157 Shafer. Mary 74. 169 Shoffer, Dererho 40, 74. 90. 91. 169 Shorp. Tori 61. 81. 83. 157 Shaver, Mekssa 96, 108. 169 Show. Angelo 157 Shepherd. Jeff 78. 83. 103. 104. 169 Shelly. Mark 93. 157 Shipp. Corio 93. 169 Shive. Srocey 10. 98. 100. 124. 179 Shivers. Suzonne 108, 179 Shriver. Eugenio 78. 81. 169 Shriver. Robert 85, 157 Shrour, Worren 179 Sides, Srephome 78. 124, 179 Sides. Porndo 78. 81. 169. 183 Sierer. Her mine 63, 179 Simco, Scot 63, 77, 179 Simons, Dov»d 67. 157 Sims, Lisa 179 Smgleron. Tino 157 Sirmons. Berrye 90, 95, 157. 161 Sisson. Corl 140. 169 Six, Scott 40. 105. 114. 116, 118, 120. 157 Six, Sreve 62, 179 Skidmore. Paul 85. 158 Smirh. Conme 94. 158 Smirh. Deborah 70, 158 Smirh. Dennis 169 Smirh, Dusry 169 Smirh, Gory 179 Smirh. Jockie 77 Smirh. John Roy 140. 179 Smirh. Meksso 98. 101. 158. 161, 183. 204 Smirh. Melody 74, 107. 169 Smirh. Miched 74. 109, 169 Smirh, Pom 61. 78, 179 Smirh. Penelope 179 Smirh, Randy 85. 158 Smirh, Riro 77, 179 Smirh. Shorveta 60. 158 Smirh, Tim 93, 158 Snyder. Curris 158 Spelde. Thom 61. 98. 101. 102, 103, 141. 169.204 Sperow, Usa 169 Sprodln. Jerry Don 180 Spriggs. Gory 126. 130, 158. 183 Spriggs. Ginger 72. 73, 78. 81. 162, 169 Sprouse. Chories 85 Sprouse. Juan K 85 Sr afford, Sollie Ann 180 Srondord. George 70, 169 SronJey, Robert 40. 72. 73. 77. 169 Srroub. Johmo 78. 80. 124. 169 Stauffer. Sora 98, 99. 101. 158, 161, 183. 204 Sroyron. Todd 85, 169 Steen. Scott Robea 180 Stephens, Clay 114. 169 Stephenson. Cheryl 24, 40, 77, 1H. 124. 179 Srickney, Ramona 60. 96. 158 Stillwell. Porp 77. 108, 180 Srilweil, Verma 158 Strom, Mory 158 Storey, Dovid 114. 118. 170 Street. Grerchen 86. 170 SmcWond. Curt 170 SmcWand. Porricio 180 Swonson. Erica 40. 78. 79, 90, 180 Swenson. Bomb 61, 78, 170 Sydo. Evelyn 62. 70. 169 Tamez, Johnny Moro 180 Taylor, MicheUe 180 Taylor, Pom 94, 158. 161 Toykx, Daryl 61, 72, 170 Taylor. Sreve 158 Ted, Renee 86. 158. 183 Templer, Afcon 74, 98, 104, 132, 170 Thoben, Trocey 78. 180 Thomason, Jonno 40. 55, 76. 77, 111, 180 Thompson, Ann 108. 161 Thompson, Gory 62, 140. 180 Thompson. Kenny 158 Thompson. Porricio 158 Thompson, Richard 180 Thompson, Tommie 90. 95, 158 Thornton. Tino 107. HO, 158 Thornton. Mike 65 Thurmond. Randy 61. 141. 159 Thurmond, Tommy 159 Thurmond, Ty 65, 159. 161 Tims. Todd 114, 115, 117, 118, 170. 183 Totoerr. AngeUo 60 Tovar. Wilma 93. 170 Townsend. Mike 85. 141. 170 Trochmon. Rosso 61. 78, 180 Treverr. Mamd 159 Trevino, Gene 170 Trevino, Joe 67. 74 Tnmbie, Teresa Doriene 180 Trussler. Floyd 56. 159, 170 Turner, Cedi 159 Turner, Hazel 90, 108, 159 Turner. Lori 95. 159 Turtle. DeAnn 40. 74. 78. 83. 93. 159 Turtle. Keo 40. 77. 78, 180 Tyner. Jeff 62. 77. 180 Tyner. Rondy 159 Urongo. Uso 180. 204 Vanyone, June Ann 94. 159 Voreia, Aurora Yurm 180 Vasselo. Lyn 86. 87. 89. 105. HI. 159. 161 Vasselo, Tmo 10. 12. 34, 40. 48. 72. 108, 170 Veoch. Cheyenne 159 Veoch, Shannon 180 Vice. Liso Ann 180 Viorred. Debbe 40. 159. 141 Viorred, Robin 40, 77, 107, 180 Wdker. Alan 78. 180 Waker. Ralph Lews 180 Wdker. Ridxxd 77. 180 Wolenzne. Debbe 60 Wolron. Leslie 180 Wolron, Liso 96. 180 Wolron, Shetfo 159 Washburn. Liso 78. 180 Washburn. Lori 36. 74. 98, 100. 170 Watkins, Michoel 85 Worsen, Joye 78. 80. 98. 100. 103. 104. 110, 159. 204 Worsen. Suzanne 98, 100, 180 Worson. Willo Mae 96. 159, 161 Weaver, Undo 180 Weigel. Mark 180 Weigel. Mike 170 Weiss. Tereso 180 Wek, Jocqukne 108, 170 Weadiand. Richard 159 Weak, Drod 105. 114, 116. 170 West, Corl 126. 131, 170 Wesr, Jocquelino 108. 170 West, Korie 94. 159 Wesr. MorceB 47. 85, 159 Wesr. Rodnck 131. 180 Wesr, Rosiyn 170 Westbrook, Kimberly 72, 170 Wesr over. Sdty 180 Wesrover. Vickey 78 Werz, Jonorhon 93. 140. 160 White. Corl 180 White. Connie 161 White. Undo 170 White. Terry 114. 118. 119, 170 Whring. Michoel 86. 160 Whtfmon. Borbora 107. 180 Wicker. Gavin 85 Wiginron. Joner 38. 39. 40. 74. 98. 101. 204 Wfcurn, Brian 93. 170 Wkoxen. Alon 180 Wiey. Debro 180 Wises. Chories 78. 83. 160 Wises, Dovid 61. 78. 83. 170 Wiey. Sreve 74, 170 Wiioms. PhiBis 60. 77. 96. 105. 107, 180 WBoms, Robn 170 Wiioms. Sreve 160, 161 Wfcoms, Thressie 94. 160 Wifcamson, Jimmy 180 Wife. Alan 40. 77. 114, 180 Wife. Kenneth 180 Wlis, Pamela 111. 180 Wlis. Sreven 62. 183 Wilmes. Tim 11. 86. 87. 88. 160 Wilson. Daria 183 Wilson, Horold 60. 183 Wilson, Jerry 183 Winchester, Sreven 170 Winrers, l cde 40. 100. 101. 108. Ill, 124. 170, 204 Winrers, Sreve 63. 65. 170 W«sner. Chns 61. 74. 78. 183 Wdtenzin. Debbie 170 Wood. Kmberty 77. 135, 177, 183 Woods. Lynda 38. 40. 74. 76. 170 Wooten. Dono 10. 53. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 74. 75. 77. 105. 160, 161 Worral, hfccda 160 Worrel. Miched 9. 63. 64. 122. 183 Wright, Gnr 40. 141. 160 Wright, Byron 140, 183 Wyorr, Ridsy 160 Yores, Courtney 40. 77. 78. 83. Ill, 183 Yores. Kendd 55. 61. 72. 73, 108. 160 Yeorrs. Fanoyre 170 Yi. Jommie 49 Yochom. Tommy 77, 183 York. Catherine 40. Ill, 127. 141, 183 Yoshtdo. Arumu 49. 183 Young. Hugh 85. 170 Zender. Chris 183 Zender. Joseph 160 Index 197Ziel e. Oone 93 Harris. Lorry 189 Zmieco. Anne 170 Hon. Bob 189 Heffel, Berry 189 FACULTY Holt, Roberto 189 HoyT, Bill 190 Jockson, Anno 190 Ackerson. Rex 188 Jones. Irene 190 Adorns. Mary 188 Archer. Judy 188 Kiebrew, Robert 190 King, Lorry 190 Babb, Herman 188 Doucum, Denron 188 King, Mounce 190 Bostic. Robert 188 Lerr, Berra 190 Bottom. Rick 188 Breuer, Sharon 188 Litsch. Jim 190 Orinkmon. Dorboro 188 Mason, Moriond 190 Brown. Oovid 188 McLeod. JoJene 190 Byrd. Terry 188 McLoughkn, Lorry 190 Morey. Mork 190 Compbel. Don 188 Moore. Jeff 190 Compbel. Thereso 188 Chovomo, Perro 188 Muller. Loverne 190 Chisum. Joyce 188 Coffey. Por 188 O'Rear, Glenda 190 Cox. Kennerh 189 Perm. Susan 190 Cross. Ruth 189 Cummins. Brenr 189 Provence. Chnsnne 190 Randol. Steve 193 Dalron, Doug 189 Richardson. Tomme 193 Dflrz. Jock 189 Ripperoe, Don 193 Drury. Euta 189 See . Leonard 193 Ebon, Edtfh 189 Smdrs, Gordon 193 Stephens, Tom 193 Ferns. Rurh 189 Fosrer. Jerry 189 Templeton. St on 193 Fox. Rurh 189 Thomas. Debbie 193 Horringron, Clesrer 189 Voughon. Corolyn 193 Vmyord, Roy 193 Woiker, Doono 193 WhirwofTh, Ivo 193 Wtgmron, Undo 193 Winters. Glen 193 Wittoms. Luoe 193 ACTIVITIES ACTV 102 Art 60 Dond 78 Blue Crew 108 Cheerteoders 106 Color 100 DECA 86 F0LA 90 FFA 62 FJA 98 French Oub 71 HERO 96 Home Ec Oub 97 HOSA 94 I. C E 93 Music 74 Pep Oub 108 Psychology CKjb 66 Pubkconons 99 Sc 6 Pepper 110 Spanish Club 72 Spinr Sreppers 111 VICA 85 VOE 195 VYIC 84 Yearbook 101 198 IndexSeniors 1WOn The Brink Of Tomorrow Embracing The Eighties lr wos our year, molded by vosr and diverse charocrers of who we were Our exisrence was one of consronr new beginnings and continuous endings filling our lives ond memories of '80 os o combination of personalities, o collage of faces, ond o chorus of voices echoed doily through the holls of AHS The prime goal of school wos to leorn, bur contrary to populor belief, homework wasn't fun — there wos o lot of hard work involved We finally understood the Pythagorean theorem, finally mode on "A" on that biology lob. finally turned in o book report, ond learning reolly seemed worth it oil. Student life didn't just begin ot 8:30 ond end or 3:20, it induded skipping fourth hour ond going to McDonalds, being lore to English because of walking girlfriends to doss, having pep assemblies, getting to choose whether to see the All School Production or to go to study hall, wrecking o cor in the driver education simulator, getting caught writing notes instead of taking Oosrig 201Just When You Think Tomorrow Will Never Come . . . It's Yesterday! them, dressing up tor spirit week, finding o dote to the school donee, and buying o volenrine sucker because ir was for o good couse. and only cost o quorrer! New channels for rhe growth of the individual were opened by rhe construction of the swimming pool, while eyes of anticipation watched each oddition of rhe football stadium being erected to enhance rhe pride and beauty of our school None of these things will be lost to memory Everyone’s unique qualities contributed in shaping Altus High ond making ir whor ir is Memories don't come in chronologicol order, but in flashes of recollections Scraps of thoughts ond streams of flashbacks ore rhe intangible ties with rhe post that help to show rhor we hove arrived — ON THE DRINK OF LIVING ! Closing 203Anorher yeor completed ond left for memories For us behind the lines, if was o year of changes Through the yeor. There were mony people who did us Tittle" favors Eoch of the little fovors they did for us deserve o "big" thanks The 1980 Bulldog stoff would like to thank Mr John Clark, our Jostens American Yearbook consultant, who has completed years ot Altus High. Mrs Undo Wiginron ond the 1980 Collar stoff. who gave up mony hours in the darkroom so we could moke our deadlines. Mr Allen Holliday, who acted os o "big Brother" to our photographers ond rocketed some of the tough group shots for them, the Altus Times Democrat, who served os our local photo supply center when we found we were low on pnnring paper. Mrs Ruth Ferris, who wiHingly loaned us needed negatives; club sponsors who seemed to understand when we said, "Just one more group shot ... ond lost bur not least, the faculty ond student body who mode the memories we preserved COLOPHON The 1980 Bulldog was published by the Altus High School yearbook staff ond printed by the Amencon Yearbook Company, Topeko, Kansas It is printed on 80 pound giossy enamel paper in 1 block mk Body type is 10 point Serif Gothic, copnons ore 8 point Most headlines ore 30 point wirh 18 pomt sub heads The book is standard size 8Yj x 11 The Bulldog is self supporting ond ods ore not sold for funding Omey Studio YEARBOOK STAFF Cn|Ef°rS 7.Ch0rlQ Rcheson Qnd Saro Stauffer Organizations Editor — Melisso Smith Class Editor — Joye Watson Thom Speide, Lori Garrison. Srocy Holliday. Michelle Moohs Artists — Som Loskowsk., Noem, Moreno Advisor — Mrs Jolene McLeod STAFF MEMBERS ss sir-1“ r"°-■ i -i-. ; •’. rv- -

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