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The Bulldog 1978 Altus High School 400 North Park Avenue Altus, Oklahoma 73521 Volume 45 Published By Yearbook Staff Editor: Teri Crossland Photographers: Burk Bingham, Brenda Webb Associate Editors: Nancy Beasley, Phyllis Kincannon, Diana Propps, LeAnn Richeson, Megan Russell, Saundra Spruiell, Pam Teigen, Renee Waldrocp. Advisor: SusanPicture yourself in the 1978 Bulldog yearbook It was the year that smugglers tried to smuggle 8.889 boxes of live worms, 9 tons of iron chains and nearly 40,000 tons of strawberry yogurt into the United States. Charlie's angel, Farrah Fawcet-Majors fell from grace, leaving the show to pretty blond replacement bearing the name Cheryl Ladd. Farrah's star was still shining in heaven as she made a deal with Fabregee for a new line of cosmetics. Actress Cheryl Ladd earned her wings quickly and easily when she filled the most sought after vacant position. While Cheryl was. expected to be the next Far- rah, on popped Susanne Somers of "Three's Company” to the TV tube, proving that anyone who is pretty enough can do the same as Farrah. Another blond that was striving for and achieving super-stardom was Dolly Parton ... the queen of country-western was moving into the rock-pop charts. The television tube was flashing new shows across the air waves. Comedy situations such as "Three’s Company", “Barney Miller”, and Soap were tremen- dous hits. A female sweathog was added on "Welcome Back Hot- ter." “Chico and the Man" lost its supporting comic, Freddie Prince to suicide. Edward Asner starred in a new role in his own show, "Lou Grant”, which concerned the in- ner workings of the Los Angeles Tribune..... To help her ratings, the Carol Burnett show was moved from Satur- day night to Sunday. Sweet and innocent Donny and Marie changed their TV image to sexy and sophisticated, which in turn, made them lose their All-American boy and girl image. Family shows, "Eight is Enough", "The Fitzpa- tricks" and "James at 15" gained popularity. A wider variety of televi- sion games were made available to the nation's TV bugs by the use of game cartridges. Giant-wide screen TV was made available to homes to the tune of $1,000. This year, the escape 5 Jo ojMu , %r ° • Ck Cy j yxK mstf c?nr,Iu2 "Wrt i W T-A fl idoKA-JL er JiiJvM.. ‘te Jkfiap isf v J hhQ. ! ... velocity of US culture reached the speed of light. In the movie theatres, "Star Wars" rocketed its way toward the biggest gross in movie history (at $3. per head) transporting millions of people into an interga- lactic shoot out using a simple "good guy-bad guy” plot outline. The most engaging moving star turned out to be a stubby tin can named R2-D2 from the "Star Wars" flick. Another movie "Rocky" which won the 1977 Acade- my Awards, warmed the hearts of every warm blooded American, while George Burns in the movie "Oh, God!" was tickling them. Still adjudged the best feature film ever made was the classic “Gone With the Wind." Games, toys and dolls deplicting these TV and movie characters were at the top of many Christmas lists. In the pop rock music, the talk of the town was "Rumors” as the Fleetwood Mac Album swept award after award at the annual "American........... ■ ... Music Awards" presentations. Debbie Boone was busy lighting up lives with her hit single “You Light Up My Life", which was vot- ed the most popular rock single of the year. Although the lives of music lovers were brightened, the lives of the futures of the nation's farmers were far from bright as the farmers organized a nation- wide strike for 100% parity. On the flip side of Jimmy Cart- er's smile was his brother Billy’s smile, as Billy introduced a new line of beer to America. Billy Beer cans rapidly became collector's items. In the city of Altus, fast food places and convience stores sprang up throughout the city. Jif- fy Food Stores boomed along the streets...... 8. . . . of Altus and self-service gas stations became even more widespread. The price of gasoline stabilized at about .55 for reg- ular and .57 for unleaded. Prices for "junk food" continued to rise. Even the coke machine in the high school cost 30$ to operate. Fifteen cent candy bars went to twenty cents and became smaller. Blow pops became the lolly pop fad and Pop Rocks burst on the scene with their loud and tingling sweetness. The City of Altus demolished the East Park swimming pool with plans in the making to build a new recreation com- plex. Fire destroyed the Altus Auction and the cotton gin suffered several damaging fires. A new medical facility valued at $6,818,000 was built at Altus Air Force Base. A new housing area containing 100 family units was opened. For the first ....Administration — 11w Being superintendent of Altus Schools. (PICTURE 11) Dr Morris Foster has nu- merous forms to examine daily. (PICTURE 2) Reviewing some important school issues are LeAnn Richeson and Mr. John Buck, assistant superintendent of Altus Schools. Board approves tennis courts Jack Coville Hatton McMahan H. Eugene Pickett Dr. Clyde Russell Dr. Bennett C. Wray Discussing matters dealing with the Altus School system are the Board of Education members Bel Bryan. Dr. Bennett C. Wray. Hatton McMahan. Jack Coville. H. Eugene Pickett. Dr. Clyde Russell, and Dr. Morris Foster. All of these men have jobs and fam- ilies to attend to but yet they volunteer most of their spare time to help improve today's schools into stronger and better ones. This year the members approved new tennis courts for high school purposes. The Altus Board of Education has been a great help m making our school system a big suc- cess. 12 — AdministrationJohn McLeod Lillian Bell Bel Bryan Curriculum Coordinator Secretary Board of Education Clerk Secretaries keep office organized Ruth Ferris Dorothy Kuykendall Public Relations Secretary r v Rallene May Mary McGrath Secretary to Mr Buck Audio Visual Coordinator Theresa Hoehne Pat Jacks Personnel Clerk Secretary to John McLeod Keeping the minutes and attending all of the board meetings are the duties of Bel Bryan. Board of Education clerk Mrs. Bryan is also in charge of keeping the books at the Board of Education for the entire Altus School system. 13 Geneva Plew Attendance Director Janice Sonaggera SecretaryFirst year proves successful Being principal is not an easy job and is one that involves long hours, patience, and requires care- ful attention. There has never been a principal so eager and willing to help each individual as Mr. Howard King has done. He has put out a tremendous amount of effort to keep order throughout the school and to help build pride and Bulldog spirit. Mr. King was always concerned with everyone’s academic achievements and future plans. There was never an announcement made or a speech given at an assembly that Mr. King didn’t fail to thank the entire student body for all the time cooperation, and contributions given to Altut High. In reality, we, the student body, should be thankful to Mr. King for his superior guidance, which made the scholastic year, 1977-78, a re warding and enjoyable one for each student. Taking time out of his busy schedule (PICTURE 1) Mr. Howard King helps Dale Donnell figure out a tough problem. (PICTURE 2) Showing his concern for students. Mr. King counsels with Honey Kastner concerning her class schedule. (PICTURE 3) Conversing by telephone, Mr. King discusses mat- ters dealing with new students that have transferred to Altus High. 14Wenk, Copeland offer aid Bob Wenk Assistant Principal Comparing notes with Mr. Wenk are soph- omores Tara Moss and David Romines. Mr. Bob Wenk. assistant principal, stays busy by supervising the federal program, giving work permits, counseling with stu- dents. and just lending a helping hand with the general overload. Mike Copeland Attendance Director • Looking over the day’s work are Tracy McGrath, sophomore, and Mr. Copeland. Among the various duties Mr. Mike Cope- land has as attendance director are being in charge of issuing tardy and absentee slips, handling discipline problems con- cerning attendance, visiting with students and their parents, and attending school functions as supervisor for discipline pur- poses. Administration — 15Teachers get back to basics of learning Cooperation, duty, devotion, and dedication, describe the efforts of the Altus High School faculty as they instruct studies in various specialized fields. Over 1,200 students are individually instructed in the Arts, History, Vocational, English, Math, Science, and Athletic classes. Sixty-three teachers make up the high school faculty. Many teachers are involved directly with sport activities, and give direc- tion and guidance to different clubs throughout the school. During the school day, teachers not only taught students during class hours, but also taught students individually during their own time. Retiring after 29 years of service was Mrs. Virgie Rooker, Spanish teach- er. Altus High School gained much, academically and personally from her services at the high school. Without the instruction and guidance of the faculty, Altus High School would not continually turn out such highly academic and fine caliber students. Rex Ackerson-Chemistry Judy Archer-CVE Herman Babb-Physics. Mathematics Ben Baucum-Algebra. Senior Math Robert Bostic-Social Studies Rick Bottom-Woodworking David Brown-Health and Safety. Athletics Don Campbell-Biology Theresa Campbell-French Petra Chavarria Spanish Joyce Chisum-Business Education Richard Coates-Business, Athletics 16 — FacultySelecting pictures for the yearbook are LeAnn Richeson and Renee Waldroop. This is just one of the tasks of meeting a deadline and a big portion of the jour- nalism department which is headed by Susan Pettit. Participating in the Foreign Language Laboratory is one way Jessie Tipton learns his Spanish. This department is headed by Theresa Campbell. Petra Chavarria, and Virgie Rooker. Patricia Coffey-Home Economics Kenneth Cox-Vocal Music Doug Dalton-Art Jack Diltz-Business, Athletics Eula Drury-Home Economics. English Dale Edwards-History. English Edith Elliot-Physical Education Buel Garvin-Biology Dorothy Garvin-Short Stories. American Literature Howard Hall-Social Studies. Athletics Joe Harkins-Electrification Clester Harrington-Driver Education. Athletics Faculty — 17Larry Harris-Music Theory, Band Bob Hart-Driver Education, Athletics Betty Heffel-History Bill Hoyt-Driver Education Anna Jackson-Vocational Child Care Irene Jones-English Literature. Science Fiction Robert Killebrew-Vocational Carpentry Larry King-English First year chemists run lab tests Combining their efforts in a Chemistry Lab. Mitch Worrel. junior, and Eric Ivester, senior, run tests to find unknown chemicals in a solu- tion. First year chemistry students spend a large part of class time working in labs, under the supervision of Mr. Rex Ackerson. head of the Chemistry Department. 18 — AdministrationMaurice King-Speech. Debate lietta Lett-Accounting. Business Machines Jim Litsch-Psychology Cortis Martin-Geometry Marland Mason-Woodworking Kent Metcalf-Vocational Agriculture Mark Morey-English Joe Muller-Agriculture Mechanics Students learn personal hygiene Charting world events, past and present, is world history teacher Debbie Stevens. Ancient Rome and other geographical so- cieties were brought to the attention of her history classes Recording daily grades for his Health and Safety classes is David Brown. Other instructors in this department are Randy Sullivan and Edith Elliot. This is a one semster course in which students receive a half solid credit.Ruth Ann Omohundro-Special Education Glenda O’Rear-Satire, Composition Susan Pettit-Composition, Journalism. Yearbook Christine Provence-Business Education Tomme Richardson-Office Assistants Virgie Rooker-Spanish Linda Royal-Creative Writing. English Debbie Stevens-History Randy Sullivan-Health and Safety. Government, Athletics 20 Displaying a thatch of cloth. Eula Drury. Home Economics teacher, proceeds to explain the color, tex- ture, weave of the cloth, and what type of garment can be manufac- tured from it. Mrs. Drury also teach- es English classes. Pointing out specific geographical landmarks is Howard Hall. Aside from teaching Geography and coaching an excellent wrestling team, he also finds time to land his eagle eye to the scanning of the cafeteria lunch line.Debbie Thomas-Fashion Design Jeff Trout-Science, Athletics Ray Vinyard-Auto Mechanics Donna Walker-English, Composition. Dramatic Literature Mark Weber-History. Democracy. Athletics Lindy Welborn-Sociology. Physical Education, Athletics Iva Whitworth-American Literature. Novels, Western Literature Lucie Williams-Business Education Barbara Brinkman-English Problems seem small after a friendly talk Performing the much needed role of school counselor is Mrs. Linda Marler. Mrs. Marler is shown juggling and changing class schedules for disillusioned students, such as Jeff Davidson. Administration — 21Discussing possible financial aid from scholarships were Mrs. Linda Marler and senior Michelle Wallace Many scholarships, based on both ability and need, were made available to seniors. Totaling the credit hours accumulated by seniors during the past 4 years of high school. Mr. Roy Lamar checked students' total credits. To graduate a student must have completed 20 credit hours, four of which could be activities. One-to-one counseling given Devoting time and effort to students in need of assistance are the three Altus High School counselors. All were busy throughout the school year counseling students, changing class schedules and administering ACT, PSAT, and SAT forms to students. Many off duty hours were spent by the AHS counselors concerning the organizing of tests and grade tran- scripts. Without the personal touch of these three people, the high school would definitely be missing the warmth, concern and one-to-one counseling which the counselors pro- vide. Changing a schedule to fit the needs and interests of senior Julie Whiting. Mr. J.D. Johnson took a personal interest in each student he counseled. Objective advice and careful consideration must be given in making such a change. 22 — CounselorsOffice kept in tip top shape An excellent example of hard-working secretaries are the three Altus High School secretaries who organized paperwork, transcripts and bills during the school year. Correspondence typing and filing were some of their well-accomplished jobs. Besides providing a friendly smile to those passing by their desks, the school secretaries kept the main office in tip top running order, making the jobs and work loads easier for everyone around them. Assisting teachers by typing and memographing test was Mrs. Karen Bryce. She was also responsible for collecting lunch, mon- ey in the cafeteria. Office — 23Office Aides and Teacher Aides were as fol- lows: (Front row) Paige Browne. Paula Pey- ton. Michelle Connell, Tara Moss. Tammy Baldwin (Row 2) Kathy Huddleston. Shawn Severa. DeeAnn Scoggin, Honey Kastner (Row 3) LeeAnn Richeson, Terri Leflett, Maryse Morton. Carol Linden. Terri Pogue. Tracy Boles. Claire Peard Students lend a helping hand Continually on the move by running errands and carrying messages to classrooms are just a couple of the miscellaneous jobs of the diligent office aides. Office aides help to keep the office running smoothly each hour by answering the phone, picking up the tardy and absentee slips, sorting the mail, counting the money, and contributing to various student needs. Teacher aides also come in quite handy to rid the teachers of some of their minor chores. They do such things as check roll, type, run off and grade tests, along with be- ing a good inspiration to the class. These students earn a full credit for their outstanding effort throughout the school year. Other Office and Teacher Aides were: (Front row) Gayle Braddock, Lucy Drury. Jill Kin- ney. Rhoda Jones (Row 2) Tracy Fancher. Donna Chivers, Debbie Miller. Rhonda Mil- ton. Sophia Alvarez (Row 3) Lorrainne Del- gado. Michelle Hastings. Mike Scalf, Becky Evans. Beverly Chambliss. Pam Davis. Kevin Bloomer 24 — AidesOther Office and Teacher Aides were: (Front row) Tammy Collier. Jeannette Rodriguez. Janet Phelps. Shelly Overcast. Vonda Mowdy. Diana Propps. Janet Linden. Carol Walker (Row 2) Dana Wiginton. Jamie Gray. Liz Parker. April Duval. Teri Crossland. Lori Sides. Judy Brown (Row 3) Kim Row. Bren- da Hicks. Donna Martin. Brenda Ellingwood. Lynette Hill. Scott Morozoff Completing a day’s work for teachers and secretaries, aides Brenda Webb. Megan Russell. Phyllis Kincannon and Toye Crossland take a rest after a hectic day of running errands. Working as aides are Kyle Kirby and Walt Hagerty. The main thing they learned this year was to fill the bottle for the ditto machine without spilling on the floor. Aides — 25Building custodians and main- tenance men helped provide the basic neatness which Al- tus High School stands for. They helped organize tables, kept hallways and classrooms in order and maintained build- ings. Without their high stan- dard of organization, the high school would have no neat fa- cilities on which to build a high standard of education. Cleaning the high school were the custodians. They were (Front Row) E.G. Truitt, Oscar Jones. D.C. Hill (Back Row) Bobby Talley, Joe Black. Lynn Breur, Monceis Vara' Service personnel care about us Serving and preparing tasty, grade A lunches to faculty and students are the Altus High School cooks. Hungry lines formed outside the cooks headquarters, five times a week, while the five cooks made and planned a variety of meals for the school. The cooks made true the saying "An army travels on its stom- ach" Like wise. Altus High School proved that a school's attitude can be high after con- suming tasty and satisfying meals. The AHS cooks became famous throughout the halls of the high school for their pizzas and french fries. Preparing meals for Altus High School were the cooks: Goldie Harper. Millie Yates. Ruby Smith. Hazel Oakley, and Ida Mae Carter. 26 — ServicesMrs. Kathryn Jordan, librarian, checks for Isabelle Jimenez and Lea Lynch get some help from Mrs. Anna Nucci. librarian, on using overdue books. Mrs. Jordan is one of the the “card catalog". Each book in the library is filed under author, title and subject most progressive high school librarians in matter. Oklahoma. Library keeps up-to-date material Enjoying reading the requirement of being a library assistant. These assistants Kim McConnell. July Whiting. Jeri Howland. Teri Watson, Fred Gomeringer and Gayle Harris who work in the library, checking books in and out. do their reading while not working. Offering to students of Altus High many classic books along with modern day volumes, encyclope- dias, play-writes and magazines is the Altus High School Library. Lo- cated in a separate building the library provided a quiet atmo- sphere for students wishing to complete research papers and homework, while having ample research material close at hand to inform the students more on his subject. Large tables and work desks provided fine space for laying out books and papers, making an ex- cellent atmosphere for learning. Many students turned into "book worms" during their time spent at the library. The library was well-organized and helped students and faculty tremendous- ly with their studies. The Altus High School library offered the solitude and sources necessary to reach a level of high- er knowledge. Library — 2700 iStudent Life — 29 litiBecause so many students of Altus High School contribute beyond the academic and social requirements, the staff of the 1978 Bulldog yearbook is pleased to recognize these six people for their contributions in vocations. Spanish, government, mass media, agriculture and music It is for these reasons We salute . .. Tommy Abernathy Agriculture Mark Cain Lisa Cossey Music Distributive Education fO MoiiuisCarolyn Csorosz Mass Media Renee Phillips Mark Sharpe Spanish Government Honors — 31Assemblies boost schools’ spirit Picture 1. Ann Honeycutt, Ann Blonien. Robert McKin- ley. (standing) Danny Blonien. Jeff Davidson. Jim Work- man. Skip Brown. Dana Wiginton. Flint Corey. Mark Sharpe. Lisa Gomeringer. Bryan Wilson. Cherrie Mason. Connie Smith. Debbie Teetsel. Picture 2, Jimmy Sum- mitt. Joe Lauderdale. David Romines. Allen McGregor. Picture 3. Ann Blonien. Danny Blonien. Mark Sharpe, Dana Wiginton. Flint Corey, Skip Brown. Jeff Davidson. 32Altus Highs’ skits filled with excitement, pathos, and laughter Having a talent packed year of assemblies, the Drama and Speech classes present- ed varied types of skits. Through tradition, the skits are put together for game days to boost school spirit. From the first day of school to the last, the students look forward to the assemblies Picture 1 (front row) Ann Ho- neycutt. Becky truex. Mar- tha Pettit. Tracy Harrington. Andrea Parrish. Kate Cris- mon, (row 2) Chet Worthern. Kris Marien, Franie Price. Cherrie Mason, (row 3) Skip Brown. Phil Marche. Dino Vassella. Jim Puckett. Jon Mcllnoy (back row) Mark Sharpe. Janet Privett, Bobby Reynolds. V Picture 2, Mark Sharpe, plays Dudley-do-nothing while he threats Rotten Roy Ranger, protrayed by Jeff Davidson, (picture 3) Not only do the Bulldogs have indoor assemblies, they also have them out- doors. This was a "send-off” to Moore for the foot- ball team.Ann Blomen was a member of the ACTV staff. Varsity Choir Queen. Spirit Stepper. Pep Club member, and had the lead in 'Arsenic and Old lace " She also had a lead in the production "Carousel " She was a Junior class captain. French Club atten- dant. and in French Club. JETS. Future Journalists of America, and in dramatics Who’S Who Ten Bibb was a three year band member, a two year twiner, a nominee to the MacDonald's All American Band. All Region and All State Band. She was in Varsity Choir for two years while going to All State Choir. She was on the ACTV staff. FJ.A . JETS, and the French Club. The most important was that she held a lead role in the production Carouse! " Teh was consistently listed on the honor roll She enjoys music and bike riding Skip Brown was Varsity Choir King, having been in Varsity Choir lor three years He had a lead in the production Carousel.'', and has participated in the Dinner Theater for three years He has been in Biology Club Spanish Club. band. Psychology Club, de- bate team. JETS, and was a Junior class captain. Skip loves to listen to music He also enjoys camping, water skiing, snow skiing, and watching people i 2 1 aPerry Cooper was a three year member of the wrestling team, and was in Biology Club. He held an office in the Blue Crew, the president of JETS, and a member of the Psychology Club He was the vice-president of the wrestling team and won many titles including placing in State Weightlifting Perry was listed on the Honor Roll and the Superintendent s Honor Roll Dave Carraway served as Senior Class vice-president 3nd Stu dent Council treasurer his senior year He was the Junior class president, and a Junior class captain. He was a first alternate to Boy’s State and was listed on Who's Who Among American High School Students Dave was very active in JETS, football, and basketball throughout his high school years Boone Copeland as active in football, and basketball. He was the Biology Club secretary and served in the Junior-Senior Banquet As a senior he was offensive captain, quarterback, and vice- president of Lettermens Club Boone enjoys hunting, fishing, wa- ter skiing, going to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and attending the FCA national conference during the summer Who’s Who — 35■ Susan Dixon was a three year letterman on the tennis team tent member of the Honor Roll and the Oklahoma Honor Society. Shannon Featherston was involved In band her sophomore year and was band council representative She also was awarded All Region Band and was a member of the tennis team She was drum major her junior and senior year and again was in All Region Band- She was involved in JETS. All School production and was Ten Crossland was the 1978 yearbook editor She was a cheer- leader and the president of Press Club. She has been involved in Pep Club. Biology Club. Spanish Club, FBLA, Spirit Steppers. JETS. FJA. was a junior class captain, and was in the dinner theatre She has been a consistent member of the Honor Roll, and was in the top 20 percent of her class She enjoys outdoor activities such as snow and water skiing, swimming, and jogging 36 — Who's WhoBill Hartseil was the captain of the winning Qui Bowl team this year A National Merit Finalist, a member of JETS. Psychology Club. Outdoor Club, debate team. Spanish Club. Biology Club, cast member for “Our Town ". Superintendent's Honor Roll. Okla- homa Honor Society. Top Ten Percent, and Who's Who Among American High School Students He was first alternate for the Alexander Fleming Medical Research Scholarship Rhonda Milton was a member of Varsity Choir and was a queen attendent for the choir She was the song leader tor FCA and a member of the FCA trio She was a member of Pep Club Spirit Steppers. Salt and Pepper Shakers, and participated in the All School Productions She was chosen for the Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award this year and was a staff member tor " Our Town" Who's Who — 37 Brad Leverett was a football team member for three years, and a Varsity Choir member for two years He was consistently on the Honor Roll. Oklahoma Honor Society, and Superintendent s Hon or Roll He was a delegate to Boy s State, member of JETS, dinner theatre, and junior varsity basketball. He was a junior Rotanan of the month and was the president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship He enjoys hunting and playing sports M S jI 'trM 0 Andy Oden was the president of Student Council and Psycholog Club In his junior year. Andy served as Junior class representa- tive on the Student Council During his sophomore year, he was a member of ACTV. Sophomore class president, and had a part in the All-School production “South Pacific.” Mark Sharpe was active in Biology Club and was a football man- ager his sophomore year His junior year included Biology II club, tennis. Junior class representative on Student Council Blue Crew, debate team and Jr Sr banquet His senior year, he was a member of Student Council. JETS, escort for Homecoming Queen, and cast member for Arsenic and Old Lace." 38 — Who‘s Who Steve Powell was involved in Varsity Choir. JETS, lettermen’s Club, and the All-School production He was the French Club vice- president and the queen's escort He was also a member of the Biology Club. Steve W3s very 3chve in football and FCA for three years He enjoys sports of all kinds and loves musicClark Huey was a talented young man Being in Varsity Choir lor three years he served as junior representative, accompanist, royal escort and served as president He also participated in two dinner theatres He was selected vice-president of his senior class He was on the Superintendents honor roll and Oklahoma Honor Society consistently He was also a member of basketball and Blue Crew and was a homecoming attendant escort He enjoys the piano tennis, basketball, and friends. Who’s Who - 39 Saundra Spruiell was chosen this year as a Homecoming Queen Attendant and Future Farmers of America Sweetheart. She was a member of ACTV. Yearbook. Varsity Choir. Spirit Steppers. Out door Club. Pep club, JETS, and held a lead role in the All-School Production her junior year She was also in the Dinner Theatre, and was an honor student. She enjoys singing and playing her guitar, horse back riding, snow skiing, and reading Jill Thacker was this year's Homecoming Queen and was French Queen attendant her sophomore year She was sophomore class secretary and a delegate to SWIM and a member of the Oklaho- ma Honor Society her sophomore year Her junior year, she was on the yearbook staff, in flag corps, and held a lead in Our Town " Her senior year, she was involved m Outdoor Club. Psy chotogy club, and again a member of the Oklahoma Honor Soci- ety i. v x I“Hello, Dolly! was super show Cast and crew members of Hello. Dolly! were (Row 1) Kevin Prock. Lisa Woolsey. Jamie Sears. Jackie Watson. Mr. Sam Craig. Sheryl Lawrence. Orlando Otis. Kim Clements. Jeff Engler. Shannon Feather- ston, Ed Santiage. Kathy Drake. Jim Met- claf. Laurie Owens. Colleen Sager. Lori Brown. Brenda Webb. Joey Deal. Sharan Mitchell. Tom Wilkes. Rhonda Sasse. Nan- cy Chapman. DeAnne Tuttle. Tori Sharp (Row 2) Eric Ivester, Eric Graham. Ken- neth Brown. Kevin Woolsey. Janet Privett. Clark Huey. Rhonda Milton. Craig Stobbe. Teri Bibb. Steve Powell. Dana Wiginton. Skip Brown. Saundra Spruiell. Andy Oden. Jeff Graham. Kevin Tuttle. Mark Cain. Ronnie McGrath. Karen Walston. (Row 3) Karen Bratcher. Kathy Hunter. Tracy Kastner. Beverly Capps. Kathy Hamilton. Renee DeFord. Nancy Dantzler. Jan Sears. Vanessa Wall. Laura Bayless. Carolyn 40 — Hello, Dolly!Csorosz. Angela Troester. Lisa Cossey. Laurie Scott. Lynna Morris. Lisa Villarelli. Angela Aides. LeAnn Kuykendall. Janet Phelps. Rebecca Ray. Debra Speers. Dave Davenport. (Row 4) GayleLynn Garrett. Charla Richeson. Bobby Reynolds. Debbie Baily. Tracy Davis. Ken Marlin. Al Kilgore. Nicky Gregg. Phyllis Kmcannon. Mike Saker. Mr Ken Cox. Mindy Miller. Mr Larry Harris. Eddie Batchler. Mrs. Debbie Thomas. Mrs Anna Jackson Mrs. Geor- gina Rainwater. (Row 5) Lyn Vassella. Charlie Tucker. Charlotte Madison. Jody Lauderdale. Brad Leverett. Jon Mcllnay. Mr Gerald Ford. Tracy McGrath. Susan Scott. Bruce Bufkin. Honey Kastner. Bar- bara Kizzia. Mr Maurice King. Bill Harding. Donna Nordman. Susan Dixon. Tracy Boles. Becky Truax. Sandra Gaines. Hello, Dolly!“Dolly!” stars Teri, Craig "Hello. Dolly!" a musical comedy, was brought to life by Altus High School cast members as the 1978 All-School Produc- tion One of the funniest and most enter- taining shows on boadway. the musical "Hello. Dolly!" came over equally well to the Altus audiences attending performances at the Eula B Peterson Auditorium The All- School Production brightened the stage with costumes and sets of Turn-of-the Cen- tury New York. "Hello. Dolly!" involved many nightly rehersals of both orchestra and cast members General directer was Mr. Kenneth Cox; drama director, was Mr Maurice King; orchestration, was Mr Larry Harris. Successfully diverting Mr Vander- gelder's (Craig Stobbe) suspicious (pic 3). while hiding two men in a ladies hat shop are Dolly Levi, played by Teri Bibb and Mrs Mo loy. played by Saundra Spruiell. Teri Bibb played the title role of Dolly Levi, the sought-after New York matchmaker Pledmg the cases of her clients to the judge. John Mclllnay (pic 1) is Dolly Levi. (Teri Bibb), while the court policeman (Kenneth Brown) listens intentivelyHello. Dolly! orchestra members were (front row) Shannon Featherston. Brenda Webb. Sharan Mitchell. Karen Bratcher. Lisa Woolsey. Tom Sharpe, (row 2) Mr Gary Ford. Lome Owens. Nancy Chap- man. Kathi Drake. Karen Walston. Lome Turner. Coleen Sayer. Rhonda Sassie. Kim Clemmons. Jamie Sears, (row 3) Mr Larry Harris. Jim Metcalf. Kevin Prock. Ed San tiago. Jeff Englar. Orlando Otis. Joey Deal. Sheryl Lawrence. Jackie Watson. David Davenport. De Ann Tuttle. Tom Wilkes Gliding across the stage in the dance num- ber ■'Dancing'' was Am brose played by Clark Huey with his sweetheart. Ermen- garde. played by Rhonda Milton Dancing next to them were Lynn Vassella and Ken- neth Brown. Ordering extravagent meals at the Har- monia Gardens Resturaunt is store clerk. Cornelius Hackle alias Skip Brown, while head-waiter Rudolph, played by Andy Oden. Cordially agrees with the clerk s taste of cuisine. Barnaby Tucker. Steve Powell; Minnie Fay. Dana Wigmton. and Mrs Molloy. Saundra Spruiell anxiously await their expensive dinner orders 43(Picture 1) Arranges the date of Horace Vandergelder and Ernastina Money on a Down Town street in the 14th Street Pa- rade. (Picture 2) On their way to New York City were Mindy Miller. Bill Harding. Charles Tucker. Lisa Cossey. Tammy Jones. Bob- by Reynolds. Angela Ailles. Mark Cain. Bar- bara Kizziar. Becky Truax and Kevin Tut- tle. (Picture 3) Was the song that the crowd of men sang in Horace Vandergelder feed store to express the needs on the up com- ing wife of Horace Vandergelder.Students star in 3 act comedy 46 Arsenic and Old Lace was the three act comedy fall production pre- sented by the speech department. Mr. Maurice King directed. The production was presented in the Gallery Theatre in the Lan- guage Arts Building. Both nights played to standing- room-only audiences. Helping to make the play a success in behind- the-scene jobs were Janet Privett, Andriea Parrish, Donna Hill, Martha Pettit, Tracy Harrington, Kay Cris- mon, Becky Truax, Karen Walston, Bobby Reynolds, Kelly Litsch, De- bra Speer, Chris Marion and Jim Puckett. Abby Brewster (Ann Blonien), Martha Brewester (Lidia Garrison), and Teddy Brewester (Jon Mcllnay), discuss the situation with the Panama canal. Dr. Einstein (Joe Lauderdale) prepares him- self for the bad news that Jonathan Brewes- ter (Andy Oden), is about to break.Catching Officer O'Hara (Skip Brown) sleeping on the job is Mr. Gibbs (Danny Blonien). Officer Klien (Dino Vassella) and Officer Brophy (Phil Marcha) just watch. Making the play possible are Cherrie Ma- son. set construction and design: Mrs. Debbie Thomas, costumes and properties; Mr. Maurice King, Director; Mrs. Anna Jackson, make-up; and Anne Honeycutt. Lighting. Preaching a sermon is the Rev. Dr. Harper (Don Lane) to Mr. Witherspoon (Ken Mar- lin), the head of the Happy Dell Farm. Drama — 47Dinner show opens yule season Clark Huey, senior, accompanied Varsity Choir members in their annual yule Dinner Theatre. “April Showers" came in December (picture top right) when Steve Powell. Rhonda Milton. Randy Smith and Kim Byers danced. Starring as the baby Jesus was Courtney Ma- han daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ma- han. Jan Sears and Jeff Davidson portrayed Mary and Joseph. 48 — Dinner TheatreSkip Brown, Mark Cain and Andy Oden step it up in "Fugue for Tinhorn", from Guys and Dolls. Andy Oden and Ann Blonien. seniors, sang and danced the novelty number "No Time at All from Pippin. Craig Stobbe emceed and kept the show rolling. Dinner Theatre — 49Winter sports activities got off to a good start November 29 with several spirit boosting activities planned for the Winter Sports Spirit Week. The spirit activities were in honor of both girl’s and boy’s bas- ketball teams and the wrestlers and served the purpose of arousing interest of the student body in winter sports. Monday morning That Altus Band pa- raded through the halls of the highschool playing loudly and sending students run- ning to see if a hurricane had hit. Many sported students participated in a "hat day" Tuesday and a very lively pep assem- bly in which the members of the basket- ball and wrestling teams were introduced. That night a boys basketball game against Hirschi drew a large crowd. In the picture below on the right. Scott Six accepts the Spirit Banner for the Soph- omore class from Andy Oden. Pictured be- low on the left. Pam Teigen cheers the Juniors on while participating in the activi- ties. Sophomores swept first place in the Winter Spirit Week activities. Front row is Greg Gipson. Diane Johnson. Robert Fuller. Sherri Hart. Kelly Risinger. Dona Wooten. Susan Bailey. Tara Moss. Kevin McGee, (row two) Phil Allison. Ken Jefferson. Pat Robinson. Willie Jackson. Russell Jones. Dane Neilson, Allen Aides. Cody LeMaster. Debbie Jewett. Robert McKinley. Kenny Williams, (row three) James West. Donnie Holman. Tammy Jones. Cathy Geirhart. Robert Cox. Dennis Bennett and Lori Garrison. Sweeping first, sophomores take over winter spirit weekWednesday began a baby picture contest with pictures of athletes displayed in the careteria and students guessing which baby was which basketball player or wrestler. The sophomore class made themselves known by winning the Spirit Banner in assembly Thursday. Three events took place at the assembly: a timed lay- up competition, dribbling relay and a wheelbar- row race. Placing second in assembly was the junior class which are pictured top right. They are (front row) Janet Privett. Tracy Harrington. Pam Teigen. Debbie English. Gaye Lynn Garrett. Karen Seeberger. (row two) Steve McKeaver. David Walker. Beverly Dorman. Ray Conway. Dale Donnell. Tommy Phillips. Claire Newton. Greg Graves. Becky Truax. (row four) Pam Wat- son. Mike Salone (row five) Noel Crowley. Mitch Worrell. Randy Reber. Charles Tucker. Jeff Gra- ham. Craig Hunter. Jay Durrough. Tim Jones. The seniors which won third place are Saundra Spruiell. Gayle Braddock. Cindy Nichols. Diana Propps. Susan Dixon. Phyllis Kincannon. Tamara Jenkins, (row two) Alfred Fleming. Tony Brown. Kevin Harrington, (row three) Rob Alexander. Sidney Holman. Terri Pouge. Scott Henderson. Stuart Simco. Junior Flores. Liz Dougherty, (row four) Everett Bush. Shelly Overcast. Terri Bibb. Mindy Miller. Erin Doran, (row five) Dean Col- ston. Vanesa Martin. Phil Marcha. Ricky Flores. Ann Blonien. and Andy Oden. Friday was "blue and white day" and many students participated in that to show their enthu- siasm. It was a very exhilerating week and left behind many memories worth remembering. Preparing for the wheelbarrow race. Liz Dougherty can’t seem to figure out why Phil Marcha told her he's getting ready to go head over heels for her. 51Crowning highlights homecoming Tuesday was Clash Day and Skip Brown (middle) was elected as the best dasher at Altus High School. Coming in second was Rhonda Milton (to the right) and third place was given to Donna Chivers (to the left). Friday night was the night that Jill Thacker was crowned as Altus High School Home- coming Queen for the year of 1977-78. Jill was crowned by Student Council president Andy Oden. Wednesday was Mask Day. This was the first year for the high school to have Mask Day and a lot of people participated in this day. The winner of Mask Day was Tara Moss (to the left), Mike Bush (middle) took second place and Nancy Beasley (to the right) won third place. I 52 Ann Blonien Miss Varsity ChoirSkip Brown Mr. Varsity ChoirRenee Waldroop Miss French Club60 Anita Felty Miss Vocational Industrial Clubs Of AmericaBrenda Donnell Miss Black History ClubLaura Bayless Miss Altus BandMr. And Miss Future Business Leaders Of America Scott Hofmann And LeAnn Kuykeneall 63 Andreia Parrish Homecoming Diana Propps French Saundra Spruiell Homecoming Angie Arnold Al Kilgore Varsity Choir FFA Clark Huey Varsity Choir 64 — Attendents Beth Vaillancourt French Jan Sears Varsity Choir Rhonda Milton Varsity ChoirSpanish Mindy Miller Spanish Bonnie McKinley DECA Tracy Rancher Honey Kastner Vica VICA Nancy Rollins DECA Erin Doran Band Attendants — 65Bob Smith is JETS president Weighing liquids for a chemistry lab are chemistry I students. Mark Sharpe. Teri Crossland. Charles Tucker and Andy Oden. Members of the Junior Engineering Technological Society are (front row) Carolyn Csorosz. Megan Rus- sell. Kim Byers. Susan Dixon. Renee Phillips, Jana Felty, Carol Walker. Barbara Walstead (row 2) Teri Bibb. Paula Nathe, Tamara Jenkins, Judy Brown, Debbie Bohannon, Sandra Gaines (row 3) Kimothy Smith. Pat Saindon, Kevin Prock, Jeff David- son. Kevin Bloomer. Kelly Litsch. Jerry Perkey. Dean Colston and Brad Leverett. Junior Engineering Technological SocietyOther members of Junior Engineer- ing Technological Society are (front row) Debbie Hoffmeier, Everett Bush, Sharon Mitchell. Rhonda Mil- ton, Jeanette Rodriquez, Saundra Spruiell, Lori Sides (top row) Eric Ivester, Randy Reber, Tammy Kim- brell, Jill Kinney, secretary; Eddie Snow, Brian Wolfe, Bob Smith, president; Kathy Flood and Rob Chronister. More members of JETS are (front row) Zachary Stillwell. Michelle Has- tings, Debbie Motherall, Nancy Dantzler. Scott Morozoff (row 2) Shannon Featherston, Brenda Webb. Mr. Herman Babb, Mr. Ben- ton Bacum, Mr. Rex Ackerson, April Duval, (row 3) Glenn King, Jimmy Jones, Scott Henderson, John Ri- tenour. Craig Cumbus, Craig Walk- er, Perry Cooper, vice-president, and Steve Sutton. (Front row) Mindy Miller. Jerri Ste- phens. Laura Bayless, Karen See- burger. Tina Acevedo. Beth Vaillan- court. (row 2) Mike Jones, treasur- er; Clark Huey. Ronnie McGrath. Bill Harding. Flint Corey. Dave Daven- port (row 3) Kathy Reinschmiedt. Karen Bratcher, Paul Abernathy. Jeff Graham, Tim Mahan. Julie Gregg and Ann Baden. Junior Engineering Technological Society — 69Andy Oden heads Psychology Club Psychology officers for the 1977-78 year are (bottom row) Laura (top row) Bill Harding, vice-president; Andy Oden, president; Rob Bayless, treasurer; Mr. Jim Litsch. advisor; Liz Parker, secretary: Chronister. reporter. 70is Ben Kraljev. Looking over next month's psychology activities with Mr. Jim Litsch are Psy- chology II students Leland Mayberry, Andy Oden, Angela Ailles and Laura Bayless. One of the largest clubs in Altus High School is the Psychology Club, under the direction of Mr. Jim Litsch. The members may be easily identified by their "Experiment T-shirts”. All first year members were initiated in the “Auschiveta Prison Camp". The lucky survi- vors of the gas chambers and firing squad were then put through a survival test. Most students were then heard screaming for help as they were scorched in the lava pit. This is a simulated initiation that is held every year for the first year Psychology Club members. Taking time out to enjoy the company of their psychology experiments were Kathy Karr and Tommy Harris. Psychology Club — 71Psychology students survive under Psychology I Club members for 1977-78 are as follows, (row 1) Donna Locke. Debbie Motherall. Kelly Reimer, Robie Boaldin, Beth McGraw, Erin Doran. Margaret Parker, Linda Garrison. Teri Bibb. Robin Causey, Sara Sadler. Kelly Dixon. JoAnn Huff, Patty Rathke. Connie Estes. Michelle McGuire. Kate Ritenour(row 2) Brenda Meeler. Toni Funk, Janet Phelps. Shawn Savera. Lisa Worthen. Julie Laskowski. Martha Pettit, Paige Browne, Pam Teigen. Debbie English, Melody Tafoya. Jana Felty. Robin Allen. Kim McNeil, Kenny Marlen. (row 3) Donna Hill. Scott Morozoff. Cathie Oberprillar. Karen Gray. Brian Dedmon. Tony Kowalwski. Tony Psychology Clubadverse conditions Castillo. Darrell Nash. UVonna Dedmon. Tommy Phillips. Bill Harding. Eddie Aber- nathy. Perry Cooper. James Signoreilli. Me- gan Russell, Susan Scott. Bill Hartsell, John Ritenour, (row 4) Jett Davidson, Jim McCarver. Terri Bond. Keith Marple. Kenny Fancher. Dan Covich. Harlan Rodgers. Clay Lewis. Phil Tutor. Steve Sutton, Paul Ever- ett. Susan Talley. Jeri Stephens. Jan Sears. Donita Spear. Karen Bratcher. Ronald High and Kenny Pixley. Psychology Club — 73VJ PiSycho'ogy 11 s dcnts for 1977-78 are (front row) Sheila Hunter. Jill Thacker. Kathy john, Lucille Drury, Cindy Nichols. Laura Bayless. Sidney Holman. Kathy Karr. Rob Chron- Nood. Angela Allies. Mindy Miller. Liz Parker. Jamie Gray, (row 2) Lori Sides. Rita Little- ister. Darla Harris, (row 3) Ben Kraljev and Andy Oden.Psych students use heart monitor Examining the heart monitor along with Mr. Jim Litsch are Tommy Har- ris. Sheila Hunter and Kathy Flood. The heart monitor is used to mea- sure stress. Just relaxing and taking it easy are Rita Littlejohn. Liz Parker. Jamie Gray. Ben Kraljev. Jill Thacker. An- gela Ailles. Mindy Miller. Rob Chron- ister, Sidney Holman and Laure Bayless. Psychology Club — 75Needy families benefit from Art Club activities Helping the Salvation Army to raise money at Christmas time, the Altus High School Art Club rang bells in order to help needy families. To show their artistic ability in- stead of having a regular Art Club annual, the members drew caric- tures of themselves. Another ex- hibit of their talent was the “Artist of the Week". This was done each week and every week there was a different artist chosen and this artist had a display of his art work put in the show case in the main hall. During the last part of the year the Art Club helped in the All- School Production “Hello Dolly”. The Art Club helps every year in the All-School Production in get- ting the back drops and the sce- nery ready for the production. Officers for the Art Club were (to the right) Lynette Hill, presi- dent; Kim Maxwell, assistant vice president; and Sherry Vaughn, vice president. The members of the 1977 78 Art Club .ire (front row) Cheryl Roesch. Janet Dreshler. Carolyn Dillon. Jim Diet , (row ?) Sylvia Sydlo. Flla Bant . Lara Rushing. Tina Lawson. Beverly Roberts. Iwila Ragar. Jerri Spelde. Shannon Fisher Mr Doug Dalton, (row 3) Gary Brotherton. Jamie Rodgers. Sheila Caldwell. Donna Chivers and Cheyenne Veach 76 — Art Clubo I Looking over some information on insects is Dr. Jerry Coakley with Biology Club stu- dents Kevin Prock. Debbie Westlake. Re- nee Musgrave and Laurie Scott. Biologists study nature first hand People getting involved is what Bi- ology Club is all about. Everyone taking time to stop and look at life around them. This year the club members started their first meeting off with electing officers. The members put their heads together and made an excellent choice of offi- cers. Kevin Prock was honored with president. Paula Nathe, vice president; Kelly Dixon, secretary; Jamie Hill and Diane Johnson, sophomore representative. Programs for the Biology Club were carefully selected. Dr. Jerry Coakley, area intomologist who presented a program on insects. Dr. James Lovell, head of Biol- ogy department at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Tours were taken to Jackson County Memorial Hospital, City of Altus Water Treatment Plant, the Wich- ita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and Altus Air Force Base Weather Sta- tion. The Biology Club is composed of fifty members and overall the club programs were a worthwhile educational experience. This years Biology Club officers were Ja- nice Hill, sophomore representative. Diane Johnson, sophomore representa- tive; (back row) Kevin Prock. president. Mr Don Campbell, advisor; and Paula Nathe. vice president Biology Club — 77Bio Club memb Biology Club members (picture 1) Cathy Hunter. Zack Howard and Connie Smith partake in overtime investigations con- cerning stomate structures. Biology I stu- dents (picture 2) Tina Lawson. Laurie Scott and Philip Reed conduct an experi- ment over living organisms. Having no friends, (picture 3) Linda Dyer is caught chatting with the friendly skeleton in biol- ogy 78 — Biology Club ers learn by doingBiology Club Biology Club members for the 1977-78 year are (front row) Richard Burk. Kenny Josey. Todd Mason. Kevin Prock. Paula Nathe. Jill Kinney, (row 2) Pam Watson. Phillip Reed. Ramona Stickeny. Tony Castillo. Tina Law- son. Tara Moss. Mr. Buel Garvin, (row 3) Jerri Spelde. Linda Drake. Lyn Vassella. Kelly Salmon. Pam Miller. Alan McGregor. Margie Emmett. Kimothy Smith, (row 4) Donna Chivers. Sherry Vaughn. Brenda McGruder. Dave Carraway. Debbie Westlake. Renee Musgrave. Laurie Scott. Linda Dyer, (row 5) Diane Johnson. Randy Thurmond. Janice Hill and Kelly Dixon. Vi vOFirst press club organizes Active for its first successful year was the Altus High School Press Club, consisting of students involved with the print media. Open to students of the Collar Staff and Yearbook Staff, the Press Club was involved in many pressing issues of the year. In November, Press Club were guests at a dinner for Senator Henry Bellmon and also attended a program on photography at Western Oklahoma State College. Projects such as selling and delivering corsages for the homecoming dance and working in concession stands helped to raise money for scholarships which were granted at the end of the year to outstanding members. Members of the 1977-78 Press Club are (front row) Pam Teigen. Honey Kastner, Charla Richeson. Carolyn Cxorosz. (row 2) Burk Bingham. Lisa Cossey. Megan Russell. Teri Crossland. LeAnn Richeson. Diana Propps. Phyllis Kincannon, (row 3) Kevin Harrington, Scott Henderson. Walt Hagerty. Barbara Kizzar, Tracy McGrath, Dana Wigin- ton, Connie Case, (row 4) John Ritenour. Renee Waldroop. Shannon Featherston, Brenda Webb. Nancy Beasley. Saundra Spruiell. Sara Stauffer, (row 5) Craig Stobbe. Rob Chronister, Don Chance. Kevin Snyder.Sponsored by Ms. Susan Pettit, the Press Club had its first suc- cessful year of helping to enlight- en print media students about the field of journalism. Officers of Press Club were Teri Crossland, president; Saundra Spruiell, vice-president; Megan Russell, treasurer; LeAnn Riche- son, secretary. Honey Kastner, Renee Wal- droop, Barbara Kizzar, Tracy McGrath, Lisa Cossey, Diana Propps, Pam Teigen, Shannon Featherston, Brenda Webb, and Phyllis Kincannon (to the right) meet and converse with Senator Henry Bellmon. Kevin Snyder pays his monthly Press Club dues to Megan Russell. Press Club secretary. Dues for Press Club were a dollar a month and each Press Club member received a club card when they payed their first due. Press Club — 81Spanish Club promotes traditions The Spanish Club sponsors for the 1977-78 year are Mrs. Vir- gie Rooker and Mrs. Petra Cha- varria. The Spanish Club is open to all students who are in the Spanish 1,11, and III classes. The Spanish Club is also open to anyone interested in the Span- ish dialect. Meetings for the Spanish Club are held monthly. There is some type of Spanish enter- tainment provided at each meeting and refreshments are served. The Spanish Club royalties for 1977-78 were Renee Phil- lips. Spanish Club Queen; Fran- ces DeLaRosa and Mindy Mill- er, Spanish Club Queen Atten- dants. 1977-78 Spanish Club officers are Carol Linden, secretary. Janet Linden, songleader; Mindy Miller, treasurer; Virginia Leyton, reporter; Francis DeLaRosa. president and Debbie Eng- lish. vice president. Cyncrmizing Spanish dance steps to music are seasoned Span- Fleming. Bobby Reynolds, and Donna Chivers of Mrs Virgie ish II dancers Karen Gunther. Ken Marlin. Frankie Price. Brenda Rooker's Spanish class. 82Members of the 1977-78 Spanish Club are (front row) Kim English. Julie Laskowski. Robin King. Eddie Snow. John McConnell. Mindy Miller. Virginia Leyton. Mary Molina. Castillo. Ken Marlin and Bobby Reynolds. (row 2) Donna Chivers. Karen Gunther. Vanisa Wall. Debbie Other members are (front row) Yolanda Rodriguez. Linda Sharon Morgan. Tammy Thurmond. Sherry Vaughn, (row Leyton. Annabelle Rebill. Gayle Harris, (row 2) Tina Thor- 4) David Dewyer. Johnny Barrera. Charla Richeson. Renee ton. Paula Gilbert. Kathy Hunter. Tracie Kastner. Christina Teal. James Rathke and Carlos Galardo. Irwin, (row 3) Kelli Salmon. Lyn Vassella. Kendall Yeats. Spanish Club — 83Ricky was elected as president The Altus High School Black Histo- ry Club worked together all year raising money through various ac- tivities. In November the club elected officers. Ricky Flemons was chosen as president. Other of- ficers elected were Jackie Watson, vice-president; Donna Bridges, sec- retary; Charles Cotton, reporter; and Ronnie Wilson, sergeant at arms. The club met every week at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Center. Planning the activities of Black History Club are Dale Donnell. Kay Igner and Mr. Robert Bostic, the Black History Club sponsor. The club focuses on recognizing and encouraging historical pride of blacks in the community. The club had several fund-raising activities during the year such as car washes and bake sales. Members of the 1978 Black History Club are (front row) Iva Willis. Sally Boyd. Jackie Wat- son, Tomie Alexander. Pamela Conway. Bar- bara West and Pam Taylor, (row 2) Henry Owens. Linda Igner. Anita Bridges. Donna Bridges. Brenda Arnold. Willie Mae Griggs. Naomi Jefferson. Marsha Jenkins. Brenda Donnell and Charles Cotton, (row 3) Ronnie Wilson. Stanley Gibson. Jackie Lipscomb. Dale Donnell. Tony Williams, Alfred Fleming. Angelette Johnson. Thressie Williams. Gloria Boyd. Angela Booker and Ricky Flemons. Black History ClubMembers of the 1978 French Club are (front row) Sara Stauffer. Teresa Case, Lea Blackwell. Melody Tafoya, Tracy Boles and Diane Dagley. (row 2) Amy Powell. Renee Waldroop, Diana Propps. LeAnn Richeson, Sylvia Sydlo, Beth Vaillancourt, Michelle Connell and Melody Dickenson, (row 3) Ann Baden, Jan Sears. Dana Wiginton. Carolyn Csorosz, Sheila Barton. Melissa Smith and Rhea Vanderkolk. (row 4) Paul Everett. Rob- in Causey. Rob Chronister, Julie Gregg. Pau- la Nathe, Kelly Dixon. Tammy Kimbrel. Lisa Hunter, Mike Saker, Dan O'Hair, Mike Giles, Renee Vanderkolk, Tina Singleton. Ramona Stickney and Junior Flores. French II students on ACTV Christmas caroling at nursing homes is not out of the ordinary, except when a group from Altus High School carols in French. This was only one of the various activi- ties the French Club held this year. Many other European accented meetings and get togethers were held. The coronation was held in the winter with Renee Waldroop given the title of French Club Queen. At- tendants were Diana Propps and Beth Vaillancourt. Earlier in the year the French students elected LeAnn Richeson to the post of president and Diana Propps as vice-president. In October over ACTV the French II students pre- pared a genuine French gormet dinner, and gave reports on educa- tion, customs, fashion and history of France. To most French Club students the year was described by the words tres bien. Representing the French Club this year are these offi- cers (from bottom to top) Dana Wiginton, reporter; Donna Nordman, French I re- presentative; Kelly Dixon, treasurer; Diane Nordman. songleader; Beth Vaillan- court. secretary; Jan Sears, program chairman; Diana Propps, vice-president; LeAnn Richeson, president. French Club — 85Steppers spark spirit (Row 2) Jennifer Garrett. Lisa Cossey. Bon- nie Blackwell. Tracy McGrath, Tracy Boles (Row 3) Donna Nordman. Barbara Kizziar. Honey Kastner. Melinda Secrest. (Row 4) Megan Tussell, Phyllis Kincannon, Saundra Spruiell Spirit Stepper members were (Front Row) Lyn Vassella. Janet Phelps. Rhonda Milton. Ann Blonien, Dianna Propps. Melissa Smith. 86 — Spirit Steppers Council leads band activities Participating in many events such as meeting band councils from other bands, helping plan band trips and working with the Band Parents Organization, the 77-78 members of That Altus Band Council were (Front Row) Kelly Reimer, jr. rep.; Mike rep.; Shannon Featherston. drum major; Tracy Kastner, soph, rep.; (Row 2) Jim Metcalf, soph, rep.; Mark Cain, drum major, president; Laura Bayless, treasurer; Lisa Woolsey. secretary; Tim Mahan, vice president; Kimothy Smith, jr. rep. Providing the skill and experience necessary for an excellent band, the band directors contributed many hours of hard work. Directors for the 77-78 That Altus Band were Allan Blackshear. Sammy Craig, Gary Ford, assistant directors; Larry Harris, director. 87“Rocky” becomes band theme song Musicians Flutes (Front Row) Kelly Reimer. Sharon Mor- gan. Debbie Motheral. Brenda Reed. Lori Turner. (Row 2) Kimothy Smith. June Huffer, Tina Acevedo. Tracie Kastner. Lorri Brown. Diane Johnson, (row 3) Paige Browne. Lisa Worthen Clarinets (Front Row) Sherry Kern. Beverly Capps. 88 — Band Twirlers LeAnn Richeson. Teri Bibb. Sharan Mitch- ell. Laura Bayless. Debbie Bailey. Brenda Reed Drum Majors Mark Cain, Shannon Featherston Kathy Drake, (row 2) Tammy Jones. Beth Vaillancourt. Amy Powell. Lori Owens. Jar- nethia Jones. Jackie Watson. Janet Dreschler. Susan Talley. Michelle Crovo. (row 3) Sheryl Lawrence. John Bobell, Mike Sevedge. Karen Seeberger. Colleen Sager. Sheila Smith. Karen Jones. Teri Bond. Cindy Black. Becky Evans. Robin Gaver. Jamie Sears. Rhonda Sasse. Regi- na Breakiron Oboes Lisa Woolsey. April DuvalAlto Clarinets Tenor Saxophones Trombones (Front row) Carla Clemens. Terri Wilson. Lisa Coppock. Karen Bratcher. Jay Wat- son. Marla Clemens, (row 2) John Hunt. Jeff Jett. Bobby Reynolds. Randy Rolland. Reiks Schenkel. Kevin Prock. Tim Evans Baritones Dave Davenport. Kevin Rovell. John Bond. Harold Jefferson Flags Angela Ailles. Brenda Webb. Donita Speer. Erin Doran. Pam Rogers. Cheryl Snyder. Beth McGraw. Sylvia Sydlo. Wendy Combs. Margaret Parker. Mindy Miller. Nancy Beasley. Kathi Duckworth. Lisa Hampton Tubas Russell Jones. Jamie Rodgers. Richard Diamond, Tom English. James McCarver. Tom Wilkes. Andy Oden. Tim Mahan Ramona Diamond. Debbie Juett Cornets (Front Row) Teresa Miller. Teresa Salvag- gio. Tory Sharp. Sandra Gaines. DeeAnn Tuttle. Becky Truax. Kathy Reinschmidt. (row 2) Sam Laskowski. Robbie Gilliam, Pat Saindon. Joey Deal. Ron Turner. John Brown. Brian Wolfe. Zack Howard. Kenny Pixley. Kim Clemens French Horns Jeff Englar. Karen Jones. Bruce Bufkin. Suzanne Morgan. Kevin Woolsey. Kenneth Ingram. Karen Walston, Kate Ritenour Bells Christina Irwin. Nancy Dantzler Drums Kevin Kohler. Bill Harding. Kevin Tuttle. Mike Shoumaker. (row 2) Randall Collins. Mark Alexander. Mike Scalf. James Geigle, Mike Chase. Jimmy Jones Band — 89Ensembles entertain spectators Providing field leadership in marching and contributing many hours of hard work the drum majors for the 77-‘78 band played an important role. Their spirit and dedication make them invaluable members of the Band. Drum majors for the '77-78 That Altus Band were Mark Cam. Shannon Featherston. Twirlers for the 77'78 That Altus Band were Brenda Reed. Sharon Mitchell. Debra Baily. Lee Ann Richeson. Anita Lopez. Ten Bibb. Laura Bayless 90 — BandShowing her talents. ,s senior twirler. Laura Bay A" Hp8,on B-,nd nlcmbo,s wprp ' ro,‘' How K,,pn Bratcher, ten Bill Har.lmg less Laura ,s the 1977-78 Queen of That Altus l',ura Bayless. (Row ?) J.mue Sears. Brenda Webb. Marla Clements. Carla Clements gan(j •• Kim Clemons. (Row 3) Erin Sharon Mitchell. Debra Bailey. Joey Deal. Kevin Prock. (Row 4) Jim Metcalf. Jelf Englar. Rieks Schenkel. Mark Cain (Row 5) Tom Wilkes. Andy Oden. David Davenport. Tim Mahan. Orlando Otis. Laurie Owens. (Row 6) Tory Sharp. Sheryl Lawrence. Colleen Sager. Jackie Watson. Kathy Drake. Shannon Feather ston Not pictured were Lisa Woolsey. Kimothy Smith. Nancy Dantl er. Rhonda Sasse Sandra Gaines f lag Girls for the 77- 8 That Altus Band were (Front Row) Erin Doran. Angela Allies. Margaret Parker. Sylvia Sydlo. Wendy Combs. Pam Rogers. Domta Speer. (Row ?) Brenda Webb. Mindy Miller. Beth McGraw. Cheryl Snyder. Nancy Beasley. Kathi Duckworth. Lisa Hampton Band — 91Members get new uniforms The Altus High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chap- ter worked together to raise money in various activities such as a bake sale and they also sold candy. Other activities that the club participated in were things such as a bowling party and around Thanksgiving each member brought a canned food and they all took it to a needy family. Members of Future Business Leaders of America Club were (front row) Patty Rathke. Cheryl Roesch. Kelly Reimer. (row 2) Warren Ross. Mike Bush. Tony Swenson. Tim Hall. Shelly Overcast. Judy Brown, (row 3) Cheryl Dickenson. Debbie Malena. Sandy Gambill. Sharan Mitchell. Mrs. Iletta Lett. Mrs. Judy Archer. Mrs. Tomme Richardson. Sharon Fuqua, Donna Martin. Jamie Gray, (row 4) Ella Bantz. Anita Felty. Renee De- ford. Kathy Karr. Robin Allen. Kim Roe. Brenda Ellingwood, Teresa Salvaggio. Deb- bie Bohannan. Lynna Morris. Tammy Jones. Ricky Flores. Jana Felty. Ramona Haning. Anita Lopez, (row 6) Sherra Stevenson. Ta- mara Jenkins. Jeff Bennett. Lori Sides. Tina Acevedo. Brenda Reed. Lucy Drury. LeeAnn Beall, (row 7) Connie Estes. Kathy Zender, Sara Sadler. Shannon Featherston. Beverly Chambliss. Margie Emmett. Shawn Savera. David Martin, (row 8) Julie Gregg. Gloria Sanchez. Carolyn Csorosz, Terri Bond. July Whiting. Kathy Oberprillar. (row 9) Scott Barton. Rhonda Sasse, Janet Privett. LeeAnn Kuykendall. Becky Studer, Teresa Everett, Larry Killebrew. (row 10) Stephany Gensman. Carolyn Dillon. Marie Marlin. Brenda Hicks. Mike Causey. Mark Cain, Pen- ny Case and Tammy Kimbrel.Officers for FBLA were (front row) Anita Felty, president; Terri Pogue, secretary; Sharan Mitchell, reporter; Tamara Jen- kins. treasurer, (back row) Mark Cain, vice-president; Brenda Hicks, historian; Jamie Gray, assistant historian; Noel Crowley. Chaplin; Scott Barton, assistant secretary. Attendants honored at coronation At the December meeting the club enjoyed the coronation ceremonies for LeAnn Kuy- kendall and Scott hofmann who were elect- ed as Mr. and Miss FBLA. Their attendants and their escorts were (top right) Lydia Gar- rison, Teri Pogue, (lower right) John Morris and Noel Crowley. All of these honor students were selected after they submitted applications and were interviewed by a panel of Altus business peo- ple. FBLA officers went to a leadership confer- ence in the fall and in April the entire mem- bership attended a state conference. FBLA members got new uniforms this year. FBLA — 93Efficiently manning the typewrit- ers while putting current events and news stories into print for the Altus High Collar, were the Altus High Collar "scoop" reporters in Journalism. Under the supervision of Mrs. Susan Pettit, important events and happenings around the school provided ample material for the students to cover in print. Besides learning and gaining trust in themselves by setting their own goals, the staff gained knowledge in newspaper report- ing. Being Collar Editor plays a big part in Phyl- lis Kincannons life. She has many duties to fulfill throughout the week News, for and about Altus High Members of the Collar Staff were (Front nee Waldroop. Lisa Woolsey (Row 2) Walt sey. Nancy Beasley, Shannon Featherston. Row) Carolyn Csorosz. Dana Wigington. Re Hagerty. Scott Henderson (Row 3) Lisa Cos- Phyllis Kincannon. Diana Propps Busting out to the paper office is Diana Propps and Nancy Beasley's main ambition at this point of the day. Discussing Collar layouts for the next paper are Diana Propps. Scott Henderson. Kevin Harrington, and Rob Chromster. Looking up words in the dictionary plays a big part in Dana Wigmtons job as Collar proof reader Collar — 95Printing memories is our business Preserving precious high school memories for the 1977-78 Bulldog yearbook, were the staff members of the yearbook class. Many students of the staff worked on photograph layouts, some organized names, sorted pictures, and wrote copy for sports, classes and activities. All branches of Altus High were covered in the yearbook, the coverage made possible through the work and concern of staff members. The year-long organizing of events of Altus High School was not completed until the very last day of school, but once more the final deadline was met, and another Bulldog Yearbook packed with memories of people, places and things was distrib- uted to students and faculty. The yearbook staff is proud and happy to be a part of pre- serving a blue-bound book as a keepsake of years spent at Altus High School. Members of the Yearbook Staff were (Front Row) Pam Teigen. Honey Kastner. Nancy Beasley. Carolyn Csorosz. Diana Propps. Penny Case. (Row 2) Barbara Kizziar, Jimmy Firth. Saundra Spruiell. Sara Stauffer. LeAnn Richeson. Charta Looking up correct spelling of names for students is Teri Richeson. Don Chance. (Row 3) John Ritenour. Megan Russell. Teri Crossland. Crossland. Yearbook Editor. She coordinates each section Tracey McGrath. Tony Castillo for the yearbook.Burk Bingham would do anything for a going away party. Even moving to Housten. Texas. In spite of being poisoned, in a car wreck and plagued by the common cold Brenda Webb still pulled through as photographer for the Yearbook. The reason Burk was such a good photographer is because he was born with a strange deformity, a camera stuck on the front of his face. Yearbook — 97Anita Felty named VICA queen Students enrolled in Vocational In- dustrial Clubs of America have many areas in which to choose their course. Some of the branches of VICA are electrification, carpentry and auto mechanics. This lets the student de- cide easily which vocation to go into. Officers were (Front Row) Kevin Duckworth, Larry Killabrew, Anita Felty, Eric Graham, Ernie Boaldin (Row 2) Kevin Kohler, Stanley Bevers, Kerry Van Cleave. David Rochell Members of carpentry were (Front Row) David Rochell, Troy Roberson, Kenneth Gambill. Mark Ortega, David McKeaver. Kerri Vancleave. Stanley Bevers. David Walker. (Row 2) Kenneth Gilpatrick. Danny Eiler. Paul Lopez, Leon Scalf, Stan Riker, Paul Fanning. Bill Wayland. Stanley Gipson. Mr. Killabrew 98 — VICAMembers of auto mechanics were (Front Row) Bob Shriver, Dale Davis. James Rank- horn, John Brown. Kevin Kohler. Joe Gallop. Steven Gregg. Daryl Smith. Steven Polland, (Row 2) Ronnie Sadler, Kevin Duckworth. Ray Conway. Chuck Mackin, Gene Bryce, Mark Chambers. Dave Singleton, Jimmy Jones. Don Loper Members of electronics were (Front Row) Richard Anderson. DeWayne Medders. Bob- by Concan, Bobby Coner. Ernie Boaldin. Richard Alexander. Eric Graham. Larry Killa- brew, Louis Ortega. (Row 2) Dean Hartroff. Rudy Sanderson, Raymond Cummings. Freddy Downs. David Gillim. Kevin Tuttle. David Dudeck, Mr. Harkins VICA — 99Making sure their customer had plenty of assistance were Tim Jones, Gail Manley, Terri Sims and Greg Morrison on the job at a local United Grocery. DECA in charge of local Telethon DECA had many activities through the year. The DECA members participated in the Jerry Lewis Muscular Distrophy Telethon where they were in charge of the Plaza Shopping Center parking lot activities. They raised approxi- mately $2400.00. DECA had a bowling party and a get acquainted party at Mr. Terry Byrd’s house September 14. Going over a price list for the new fall fash- ions were Donna Luebking. Dennis Han- mack and Bonnie McKinley. 100 Stashing it away was Michelle McGuire while her partner Linda Roblez operated the cash register. This "Dynamic Duo” works at K-Mart as a part of the DECA program.DECA members were (Front Row) Rhonda Patterson, Donna Luebking. Susan Scott, Rita Littlejohn (Row 2) Sheila Hunter, Nancy Rollins, Bonnie McKinley, Pat Barnett (Row 3) Mr. Terry Byrd. Hobart Varney, Lisa Cossey, Jim Zielke Terry Byrd advises DECA Mr. Terry Byrd. DECA instructor, supervises DE stu- dents and at the same time helps to find them jobs. DECA members were (Front Row) Janet Holt. Sherra Stevenson, Tammy Baldwin, Sherril Ford (Row 2) Linda Roblez. Vivian Rogers. Shelee Stinson. Michelle McGuire (Row 3) Jim Workman, Lee Mayberry. Terry Mealer. Tim JonesMain focus is individual growth FHA-HERO (Future Homemakers of America-Home Economics and Related Occupations) is focused pri- marily on helping individuals improve personal, family, and community living. Members must either be en- rolled in Vocational Child Care or Fashion Design. Some past activities of FHA-HERO included working with the March of Dimes and a spring trip to Oklahoma City for the state FHA-HERO rally. The advisers for the club were Mrs. Debbie Thomas and Mrs. Anna Jackson. Officers were Gail Tolbert, president; Valarie Bradley, vice-president; Delicia Coleman, secretary; Barbara West, representative Participating in FHA-HERO were Diane Zeilke, Robie Boaldin, Trudy Lanessa Young, Rita Richardson. Kay Igner. Angelette Johnson. Zap- Darnell, Elaine Blache, Mary Malina, Merida Sanchez, Phyllis Arnold, pered Jones. Michelle Tolbert. (Row 3) Barbara West. Brenda Flem- Valarie Holt, (Row 2) Valarie Bradley. Delica Coleman, Gail Tolbert, ing. Patricia Black, Shirley Griffen. Brenda Arnold 102 — HERO-FHAStudents debate national topic Coached by Mr. Maurice King, the Altus High School debate team discussed and debated upon “Should Federal Government guarantee comprehensive medi- cal care to all citizens in the Unit- ed States?" Debate students studied the affirmative and nega- tive cases of the national topic, and, through research, gained more general knowledge about orating, debating, and speech in general. Participating on the debate team were (Front Row) Cherie Mason, Connie Smith, Sherry Kern, Debbie Teetsell, (Row 2) Robert McKinley, Ann Blonien, Lisa Go- meringer, Dana Wiginton, (Row 3) Mr. Maurice King, Mark Sharpe. Flint Corey, Skip Brown, Jim Workman, Danny Blonien Debate — 103Pep Club designs new uniforms; is largest organization at AHS Members of the Pep Club were (Front Row) Diana Propps, Lisa Cossey. Jill Thacker, Anita Felty. Renee Waldroop. Ta- mera Jenkins, Ann Blonien, (Row 2) Sher- ril Ford. Dana Wiginton. Jana Felty. Megan Russell, Phyllis Kincannon, Saundra Spruiell, Kim McConnel, Liz Parker, Susan Dixon, Shelly Overcast. Kim Maxwell. Kim Roe. Rhonda Milton. Renee DeFord. Susan Scott. (Row 3) Gaye Lynn Garrett. Julie Laskowski, Jackie Atkins. Liz Dougherty. Lynna Morris. Carolyn Csorosz, Gayle Braddock, (Row 4) Lisa Hunter. Diane Hitt. Margie Emmett, Tina Lawson. Debbie Vil- lerreal. Pam Miller. Lea Blackwell. Tara Moss. Sara Stauffer. Melody Dickenson. Michelle Connell. Lynn Vassella, Kelly Salmon. Laurie Scott. Debbie Miller. Chris Marien. Sara Sadler, Patty Mason. Lisa Bo- vie, Vanissa Gillreath. Tammy Baldwin (Row 5) Kendall Yates. Christy Winkowski. 104 — Pep Club School spirit and attitude play an important part with Altus High School Pep Club members. They not only give support for the athletic teams, but also help spread enthusiasm during pep assemblies. Phantom Phan was one of the highlights this year. Pep Club members were given a players locker number to put goodies in it for him to get. This year the Club had new uniforms. Mrs. Linda Marler was the Pep Club sponser and all agree that she deserves full credit for making the club so great for 1977-78. Donna Nordman. Janice Hill. Karen Lumry. Barbara West. Pam Taylor. Sandra Sanders. Jan Dakil. Honey Kastner. Tra- cey Fancher. Barbara Kizziar. Paula Pey- ton. Melissa Smith. Laura Atchley. Paula Nathe. Julie Gregg. Connie Estes. Shar- vella Smith (Row 6) Janet Privett. Sandra Donahoe. Lisa Gomeringer. Paula Gilbert. Karen Gunther. Tammy Collier. Lisa Harp- er. Tammy Thurmond. Sherra Stevenson. Brenda Russem. Rita Johnson. Jana Black. Pam Davis. Debbie Davis. Robin Boaldin. Mona Porter. Kathy Hunter. Terri Kirby. Melinda Secrest. LaDawn Thomp- son. Denise Gambil. Lori Garrett, Renee Musgrave. Cathy Gerhart Pep Club — 105Terri builds Bulldog enthusiasm Miss Bulldog. Terri Pogue, cheered the teams of all the sporting events throughout the year. Terri won the title "Miss Bulldog" when she competed against other classmates last spring. She was selected by out of town judges. Chosen as Dawg Cheerleaders for 1977- 78 were Zack Howard, head cheerleader, Renee Teal, Charla Richeson and Char- lotte Madison. Zack and Renee attended cheerleading camp at Weatherford and came home with all Superior ratings. Charla and Char- lotte attended a Norman camp held on the O.U. campus. They also returned with Superior ratings and received a Super Star Squad rating. ssbihMegan elected “Miss Spirit’’ Chosen as Miss Spirit of Altus High School was Megan Russell. This honor was based upon her Pep Club activities and her support of athletics at Altus High. Decorating the halls before the big game are Shelly Over- cast. Liz Dougherty. Carolyn Csorosz. and Renee Wal- droop. These girls are very active in Pep Club. Pep Club — 107Renee heads cheerleading squad At the annual cheerleader tryout last spring Renee Phillips was chosen head cheerleader. Cho- sen by Southwestern State cheer- leaders were Teri Crossland. Kim Byers. Pam Teigen, Tracey Har- rington. Cindy Smith. The cheerleaders attended Renee Phillips Pam Teigen summer clinic on the O.U. cam- pus at Norman. The weeklong workshop involved both perfor- mance and crowd psychology. The sextet was awarded all supe- rior ribbons, the spirit stick, and the coveted super star squad rat- ing. This is the finest performance Tracey Harrington ever achieved by Altus High cheerleaders at a summer camp. The cheerleaders sported many new uniforms this year due to raising money the past sum- mer. Cindy Smith 108 — Pep ClubUnit leaders decorate halls Chosen as President of the Pep Club was Phyllis Kin- cannon and Diana Propps was chosen as vice-presi- dent. Unit Leaders for the Pep Club were (Front Row) Lisa Roberts. Jill Thacker. Renee Waldroop. Renee DeFord. Shelly Overcast. Rhonda Milton. (Row 2) Kim Roe. Saundra Spruiell. Gayle Brad- dock. Susan Scott. Liz Dougherty. Cheryl Kilgore. (Row 3) Caro- lyn Csorosz. Susan Dixon. Anita Felty. Siz Parker. (Row 4) Ann Blonien. Lisa Cossey. Megan Russell Pep Club — 109 Inspecting new ribbons about to be sold are Mrs. Danny Marler. pep club sponsor, and Lisa Cossey. secretary- treasurerACTV, Channel 2, Altus Schools Instructional Television facility, is staffed by members of the Altus High School Television Writing and Production classes. During any day the students may have a wide variety of assign- ments ranging from newscasting, weather reports, and sports to in- terviews with national or state of- ficials, remote documentary tap- ing sessions or supervising a dra- matic or musical production fea- turing students from kindergarten to senior high levels. Busy Morning in the control room with Joey Lingle. second from left at the director s panel: Brent Southall, left on sound: Kelley Litsch. overseeing production details: Judy Brown at the multi-plexer and Sid Holman preparing station break slides. ACTV-2 films documentaries no — ACTVZooming in for a camera shot called by inter-com Scott Henderson adjusts a studio color camera for the required effect. Split second changes often are necessary. Summer remote taping ses- sions included a wheat har- vest documentary Craig Stobbe. left, and Kelley Litsch check the 105 tem- perature effects on the full color mini-cam equipment. Final moment before the ’ you're on" signal is given and this first hour news team is poised for camera pick-up From left. Angela Arnold, news; Stuart Simco. sports; Saundra Spruiell. news and Gayle Braddock. weather AC TV —111Weather forecasters Ann Blonien and Cherie Mason look happy about the predicted weather SNOW! FJA president Sid Holman is presented one of several headsets made available for ACTV, Channel 2. by Southwestern Bell Telephone. Mrs. Johnnie Salmon made the presentation. Pictured above were James Hans. Saundra Spruiell. Caro- lyn Csorsz. an A.F. academy student and Andriea Parrish. 112 —ACTVAngela Arnold Teri Bibb Judy Brown Broadcasting news for Altus schools For the past eight years every school morning an Altus High School student’s voice announces: "Good Morning. This Is Today At Altus Schools.” Arriving at the radio studios at 7:15 each broadcaster has the assignment for one week. The program has won the Marshall Gregory radio education news award twice. Keith Castner Carolyn Csorosz Nancy Dantzler Anita Felty James Hans Tracey Harrington Scott Henderson Sid Holmon Eric Ivestor Jimmy Jones Janet Privett Andriea Parrish Cherie Mason Kenna Metcalf Joey Lingle Kelley Litcsh Brenda Reed Stuart Simco Cindy Smith Kevin Snyder Brent Southall Saundra Spruiell Craig Stobbe Renee Waldroop Broadcaster - - 113Students plan media careers Alpha chapter of the Future Journalists of America is the first of what is now an international society of print and electronic media students. The chapter met the second Monday of each month. Field trips this year included the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Asso- ciation, the Oklahoma Legislature and the Governor’s office and to major television stations in Oklahoma City and Texas. Members of the Future Journalists of Amer- ica were (front row) Diana Propps, Phyllis Kincannon. secretary; Nancy Beasley. Teri Bibb. Renee Waldroop. treasurer, (second row) Cindy Smith. Pam Teigen, Janet Pri- vett, Judy Brown. Dana Wiginton. Anita Felty, Brenda Reed, and Ann Blonien. (third row) Andreia Parrish. Nancy Dantzler. Caro- lyn Csorosz. Gayle Braddock. and Saundra Spruiell. (back row) Eric Ivester. Craig Stobbe. Kevin Snyder, Sid Holman, presi- dent; Kelly Litsch, Rob Chronister, Scott Henderson, vice-president; Stuart Simco. Jimmy Jones. James Hans, and Mrs. Ruth Ferris.Members attend fairs, meetings Future Farmers of America mem- bers participate in speaking con- tests, judging contests, fairs and other farm related activities. Their annual slave sale and sausage sale helps to pay for these activities. Serving as officers of FFA were Mr. Joe Muller, advisor; Tommy Abernathy, president; Greg Graves, chaplain; Sam Vinyard, sentenil; Ernest Simpson, secretary; Saun- dra Spruiell, Sweetheart; Dale Rob- erts, parlimentarian; Bruce Far- quhar, vice-president; Jimmy Pet- koff, treasurer; Kenna Netcalf, re- porter; Mr. Kent Netcalf, advisor. Members of FFA were (Front Row) Kim Jameson, Danny Martin, Mark Cagle. Scott Hayes. Kelly Farquhar. (Row 2) Mr. Joe Muller, Dale Petkoff. Brent Gamble. Ramico Martinez. Gary Weathers, Craig Booker, Doug Crowder. Russ Reimer, Tom McFory. Saundra Spruiell. James Hukill. Brent Cofield. Barry Holt. Ricky Kastner. Ricky Bollenbach. Jay McPherson. Da- vid Wilkes. Mr. Kent Metcalf. (Row 3) Mr. Keller. Charles Shiplet. Steve Win- ters. Ted Koster. Steve Welch. Mitchell Bevers. Mike Morren. Perry Peyton. Gregg Buck. Brad Moreau. Kenny Jo- sie. Bobby Swain. Gary Buckner. Har- old Miller. Kevin Obenhaus. Barry Knox. Jimmy Martinez. Mr. Sorrell. Members of FFA were (Front Row) Mr. Joe Muller Brent Southall. James Col- lier. William Smith. Keith Miller. Paul Abernathy. Kennth Fowler, Greg Graves. Tony Hughen. Saundra Spruiell. Bruce Farquhar. Tommy Aber- nathy. Rob Stephenson. Elda Roberts. Mitch Worrell. Jimmy Petkoff. Sam Vin- yard. Kenna Netcalf. Mr. Kent Metcalf. (Row 2) Mr. Keller. Dan Vinyard. Paul Signorelli. Mike Thomson. Joe Howard. Robert Gormley. John Willes. Ernest Simpson, Steve Jameson. Ronald Ladd. Robert Duval. Dale Roberts. Steve Morren. Butch Conners. Kent Gambill. Cliff Worley. Mr. Sorrell. FFA — 115A council totally made up of stu- dents, by the students, and for the students served as the voice of the entire student body. This was the A.H.S. student council. At their bi-monthly meetings plans were discussed for their up- coming activities. Some of the activities spon- sored by the council include Spirit Weeks, Sadie Hawkins, Flick Day, a school bloodmobile, and were also responsible for dances. Discussing the upcoming Winter Home- coming Dance were Andy Oden, Janet Pri- vett, Dana Wigington. Carlos Gallardo. Council plans Sadie Hawkins events Members of STUCO were (Front Row I Pam Teigen. Becky Truax. Jill Thacker. Laurie Scott. Dona Wooten, Dana Wigington. Deb- bie English. Sherri Hart. Janet Privett. Shan- Oden. Clark Huey. Randy Reber. Dave non Featherston, (Row 2) Sid Holmon. Rob- Carraway, Jeff Hart, Carlos Gallardo, ert Cox. Mark Sharpe. Mark Foster. AndyMembers of the Advisory Council which is composed of all class officers except the class president were (Front Row) Laurie Scott. Shannon Featherston. Becky Truax. Sherri Hart. (Row 2) Clark Huey. Ramona Hanning. Jeff Hart. The students of Miss Stevens decorated their door to help boost the Christmas spirit in Altus High. Hard at work on the sales campaign for the selling of Student Directories, are Dave Carraway, Laurie Scott, and Ran- dy Reber. Student Council — 117VYLC plans National Vocational Week Representing seven vocational courses taught at Altus High School the Vocational Youth Lead- ership Class helped to coordinate activities among the vocational students. Their main endeavor was orga- nizing the annual National Voca- tional Week activities. Terry Byrd, Distributive Educa- tion instructor, is the groups advis- er this year. Members of VYLC were (Front Row) Tommy Abernathy. Kevin Duckworth, Eric Grahm, Stan Reichert. (Row 2) Lynn Stuart. Lee Ann Beall, Debbie Bohannon. Bonnie McKinley. Lisa Cossey. Antia Felty, (Row 3) Teresa Bone. Barbara West. Paul Fanning. Kevin Kohler, Bruce Farquar, Steve Thomason. Steve Moren. Jimmy Morris 118 — VYLCOHOSA attends first national convention Students enrolled in Health Ser- vices belong to OHOSA, Oklahoma Health Occupations Student Asso- ciation. During class hours the girls work at the nursing homes and Jackson County Memorial Hospi- tal. This helps the girls get involved and trains them for medical related fields. Besides their class activities they sold tickets for the teacher- student donkey ball game. They worked the concession stand dur- ing the Short Grass Basketball Tournament. Their state and first national convention is held at Okla- homa City and they enjoy an end of the year banquet. Members are (front row) Terri Thompson. Lynn Stewart. Jeanne Lipscomb, Lisa Rob- Bone, Viveca Powell. Cheryl Kilgore. Angela Kay Kirkland, (row 2) Claire Peard. Kim Lio- erts, Rhoda Jones. Gayla Davidson, (row 4) Booker, nel. Nita Jackson. Jessie Smith, (row 3) Sandra Worsham, Dana Risinger, Teresa OHOSA — 119Varsity Choir awarded State honor The 1977-78 Varsity Choir, under direction of Mr. Kenneth Cox, con- tinued to remain one of the most respected organized gropus at Al- tus High School, while maintaining a high mark of excellence as being one of the best high school choirs in the state of Oklahoma. The Varsity Choir was chosen as the honor choir at the state Okla- homa Music Education Associ- ation's Meeting in January. The choir performed a program of wide variety to the crowd of Oklahoma music directors, leaving many of them with a captivated feeling. Also in January, the choir traveled to Oklahoma City and performed at the McFarlin First Methodist. In Oklahoma City, the choir had the opportunity to attend a workshop taught by world-appraised Dr. Ben Henson, who directed the singing and presentation of various classi- cal numbers.Members of Varsity Choir were (Front Row) Richard Burk, Carolyn Osorosz, Marc For- nal. Ann Blonien. Nicky Gregg. Laura Bay- less. Charles Tucker. Kim Maxwell. Steve Powill. Rhonda Milton. Joe Lauderdale. Kim Byers. (Row 2) Janet Phelps. Kenneth Brown. Jennifer Garret. David Martin. San- dra Gaines. Tracy Davis. Beverly Capps. Andy Oden. Debra Speer. Dana Wiginton. Al Kilgore. Lisa Cossey. Kevin Woolsey. Donita Speer. Bruce Bufkin, Lisa Woolsey (Row 3) Mr. Cox. DougTownsen. Renee DeFord, Joe Buchannon. Kathy Drake. Skip Brown. Teri Bibb. Kevin Tuttle. Debbie Bailey. Tommy Phillips. Lee Ann Kuykendall. Tom English. Angela Truester. Jeff Davidson. Sharon Fu- qua. Gregg Robbins. Ann Baden (Row 4) Neil Blackwell. Alan Ailles. Dane Neilson. Rhonda Sassy. Mark Cain. Jan Sears. Clark Huey. Saundra Spruiell. Ronnie McGrath. Nancy Chapman. Craig Stobbe. Tracey Harrington. Mark Foster. Angela Ailles. Jeff Graham. Le- ander Thacker. Henry Owens. Bobby Reyn- olds. Jamie SearsLargest all-state membership This year was a new experience for sophomores in Girls Glee Club. They participated in various activities such as fruit sales, solo contests and performed in Open House in the Clif- ford Peterson cafeteria. They’ve studied rhythm intona- tion and many different types of mu- sic. All State Choir Members were (Front Row) Charles Tucker, Clark Huey, Saundra Spruiell, Jan Sears. Renee DeFord. Rhonda Milton. Laura Bayless. Teri Bibb. Jody Lauderdale. (Row 2) Beverly Capps, Skip Brown. Mark Cain. Kevin Woolsey. Rhonda Sasse. Jamie Sears Members of Sophomore Glee were (Front Row) Barbara Kizziar, Melinda Secrest, Diane Nordman. Lois Ann Huey. Dona Woo- ten. Kelli Salmon. Cheryl Bone. Bettye Sir- mons, Debbie Hughen. Teresa Case. Cindy Killian. Christina Irwin (Row 2) Laurie Scott. Margie Emmett. Tina Lawson. Teresa Wert. Melissa Smith. Sheila Barton. Kathy Hunter. Donna Nordman. Karen Guenther. Cheryl Price. Tara Moss. Jyanita Barton. Michelle Connell. (Row 3) Tina Thornton. Adena Fitz- simmons. Durenda Cummings. Paula Gil- bert. Charla Richeson. Charlotte Madison. Tracy McGrath. Rhea Vanderkolk, Dixie Brown. Paula Peyton, Melody Dickenson. Rebecca Ray. Karen Tuttle. Jan Dakil. Lydia Garrison. Renee Teal. Lea Blackwell. (Row 4) Mr. Kenneth Cox. Karen Lumry. Beth Welch. Raylene Barnes. Brenda Bechtel. Lindy Drake. Connie Anderson. Janice Hill. Lisa Hunter. Jana Black. Renee Musgrave, Lisa Harper. Chris Miller. Veronica Hall. Pam Davis. Sue Gifford. Linda Harris. Gracie Pos- ley. (Row 5) Sandy Donahoe, Rita Johnson. Lori Pogue. Ramona Stickney, Renee Van- derkolk. Denise Gambill. Lori Garrett. Terri Kirby. LaDaun Thompson. Tracie Kastner. Tammy Thurmond. Debbie Villarreal. Willa Watson. Vicki Etter, Pam Conway. Miriam Torres. Dianne Hitt 122 — Vocal MusicMembers of Sophomore Boys Glee Club were (Kneeling) Harold Jefferson. Dane Reynolds. (Row 2) Mr. Kenneth Cox. Mike Roach. James Little. Frank Anderson. Mike Saker. Phillip Reed. Eddie Batchelor. John Gossage. Keith Byrum. Michael Giles. Brad Morreau Members of Mixed Chorus were (Front Row) Mr. Kenneth Cox, Jana Felty, Lisa Gomeringer. Brenda Fleming. Sharon Bourbeau. Ricky Flores (Row 2) Ricky Kastner. Terry Short. Richard Bellflower. Teresa Collins. Sheryl Lawrence. Judy Ford. Sara Sadler. James Hukill (Row 3) Mitch Barlow. James Signorelli. Brent Cofeild, Pam Fall. Patricia Black. Janet McKee124 — Classes Classes — 125Senior year began with smiles but ended with tears Leading the seniors through their last year of high school was Dave Carraway. Senior class president. Dave was vice-president of his junior class and was a member of student council both his junior and senior years. Senior. A word that means many things. A word which, when uttered, brings back many memories to those who were once a part of the great class of 1978. The final year of high school is now a treasured memory to all students who graduated from Altus High School. What happened in the past, and how it will pertain to the present and future will permanently be embed- ded upon the minds of seniors. Treasured memories like Spirit Week, which was a victory for the seniors who won many of the events "hands down." Personal memories like talking and visiting with friends while eating lunch in the big, round school cafeteria; going to the prom and staying awake all night; cheering on all the Bulldog teams. Even little things will be recalled, such a bending down to your locker trying to reach a book on the bottom shelf. Assemblies seasoned the weeks spent at high school. Skits performed by Mr. Maurice King’s speech students, vocal music assemblies directed by Mr. Kenneth Cox and the Senior Farewell Assembly all were vital assets to the Bulldog spirit. Activities and news happenings around Altus High School was covered weekly by the AHS Collar reporters, who contunually turned out informa- tion and interesting newspapers to the school body, while the ACTV channel 2 news staff broadcasted daily. Seniors composed a large portion of All-School Production, Dinner Theater, Spirit Steppers, Pep Club, That Altus Band and other groups. Not only memorable experiences were enjoyed in high school, but also close, personal ties with fellow classmates were bonded. For the 1977-78 year, AHS was under the direction and guidance of a new principal, Mr. Howard King, who through his daily help and support of the school, gained the trust and confidence of the seniors. Then came the big moment — graduation. Seniors watched while 12 years of study seemed to slip by in one instant as diplomas were placed in the outstretched palms. Tears of sadness and joy were shared by almost all seniors, who were then considered able to formally enter the bounds of a free society and begin real life. The Class of 1978 departed, knowing that in their hearts, yesterday would never be forgotten. 126 — SeniorEddie Abernathy Paul Abernathy Tommy Abernathy Tina Acevedo Tim Adams Angela Allies Richard Alexander Rob Alexander Yolanda Alvarez Cindy Atkinson Donna Austin Ann Baden Tammy Baldwin DeLynda Barnes Pat Barnett Laura Bayless Richard Anderson Angie Arnold Brenda Arnold Seniors amused in cafeteria Spending their spare time in the cafeteria were Boone Copeland, Cary McGregor. Keith Castner and Megan Russell. The student coun- cil holds a ping pong tournament and other events for lunch time entertainment. Senior — 127Scholars come home victorious Howard King, principal, welcomes Quiz Bowl victors Bob Smith. Bill Harding. Bill Hartsell and Flint Corey home with an all-school reception. The team won five straight match- es. Teri Bibb Jim Birdsal! Bonnie Blackwell Ann Blonien Kevin Bloomer Ernie Boaldin Kyle Boaldin Debt Bohannan Sally Boyd Valerie Bradley Gayle Braddock Donna Bridges Judy Brown Rose Ann Brown Royce Brown Skip Brown Tony Brown Dennis Bunting Senior — 128Dave Carraway Bruce Carson Ricky CastiHo Tony CastiHo Keith Castner Mike Causey Putting the finishing touches on the Storm Shelter murel is Eric Graham. Beverly Chambliss Rob Cronister Vickie Coats Dean Coiston Wendy Combs Butch Conner Barbara Cook Perry Cooper Boone Copeland Senior — 129 130 Flint Corey Rhonda Cornelius Lisa Cossey College day was enjoyed Listening to speaker Jerry Gill tell about Oklahoma State Uni- versity. these seniors tried to make a decision on which col- lege or university to attend. Interested students are (front row) Rhonda Patterson. LeAnn Richeson. Saundra Spruiell. Lynna Morris and Sandy Gambill. (row 2) Rob Chronister. Kevin Bloomer. Paul Fanning. Dannie Stoner and John Whit- ter. Ten Crossland Raymond Cummings Ralph Curry Carolyn Czorosz Jane Davies U'Vonna Dedmon Renee Deford Frances DeLaRosa Lee Delgado Cheryl Dickenson Susan Dixon Erin Doran Liz Dougherty Freddy Downs Lucy Drury SeniorKathi Duckworth April Duval David Davenport Donna Dyer Carla Eldred Brenda Ellingwood Becky Evans Teresa Everett Paul Fanning Bruce Farquhar Shannon Featherston Anita Felty Shannon contemplates on tennis Biking and hiking along with tennis and other sports are Shan- non Featherston’s favorite pastimes. She enjoys devoting oth- er extra time to the school and school related activities. Shan- non was elected secretary of the Senior Class by her class- mates. Richard Flores Marc Fornal Sharon Fuqua Senior — 131Kevin checks picture proofs Checking over some proofs for the yearbook is Kevin Sny- der. Kevin participates in baseball and as you can see he also enjoys wearing his Altus High School publication sweater. Kent Gambill Sandy Gambill Richard Gardner Scott Gifford David Gilliam Vanesa Gilreath Pam Gipson Lonny Glatt Enc Graham Becky Gray Jamie Gray Willie Mae Griggs Walt Hagerty Cathy Hamilton Lisa Hampton James Hans Bill Harding Scott Harness Kevin Harrington Darla Harris 132 — SeniorClark Huey Margaret HukiH Dean Hartronft Bill Hartseil Michele Hastings David Hawthorne Bill Henderson Scott Hofmann Ginger Hofmann Sidney Holman Anne Honeycutt Joe Howard June Huffer Sheila Hunter Capturing first place for the seniors in the Volkswagon race were team members (Front Row) Sheila Hunter. Cheryl Kilgore. Wendy Combs. Angela Ailles. Teri Bibb. (Row 2) Brenda Arnold. Brenda Reed. Terri Pogue. Beverly Roberts. (Row 3) Donna Hill, Lanessa Goodlow. Anne Honeycutt. (Row 4) Janet Linden. Mindy Miller. Jan Sears. Yolanda Alvarez. (Row 5) Le Ann Richeson, Vanesa Martin, Delynda Barnes. (Row 6) Mae Griggs. Sally Boyd. 133Tamara Jenkms Raymond Jett Debbie Johnson V-P Clark Huey is versatile Ann Jones Mike Jones Veronica Jones Smiling with pleasure as he strikes the right keys is Clark Huey vice-president of the Senior Class. Clark has been in Varsity Choir for three years, was president this year and is a member of Junior Engineering Technological Society. 134 Cheryl Kilgore Al Kilgore Max Killian Phyllis Ktncannon Glenn King Robin King Jill KinneyKyle Kirby Pam Kirkland Kevin Kohler Terri Leflett Michael leistner Roy Lenard Brad Leverett Virginia Leyton Janet Linden Joey Lmgle Linn Linton Jackie Lipscomb Bob Konen Ben Kraljev Robert Lee Sponsoring is more than just a hobby Devoting their time not only to farming and the Democratic Party. Earl and Sweet Pea Abernathy joined hands with the senior class as class parents for the third consecutive year. Over the expanse of three years, they represented the class of 78 during the student’s sophomore, junior and senior years. Jean Lipscomb Kelly Litsch Rita Littlejohn Senior — 135136 Answering a question posed by June Huffer is Dr. W.C. Burris, president of W.O.S.C. This was during college career day when all seniors had the opportunity to make plans about their future. Debbie Malma Phil Marcha Donna Martin Kim Maxwell Jim McCarver Kim McConnell Jon Mcllnay Janet McKee Bonnie McKinley — Senior Melvin Martm William Meeler Penny Locke Donna Luebkmg Ronnie McGrath Pam McKinney Donald Loper Larry Madison Vanesa Martin Cary McGregor Terry Mealer Tim Mahan Cherie Mason Bill McGruder Anita Lopez Keith Miller Mike M.ller M.ndy Miller Rhonda Milton Sharan Mitchell Damta Moistner Linda Moore Lynna Morns Greg Morrison Jd.e Morrison Marysue Morton Candace Murphy Walter Nagy Diana Neal Cynthia Nichols Robert Nucd Barry Oberpriiler Andy Oden Louis Ortega Donna Otten Shelly Overcast Serving as Senior Class parents for the past year were Lt. Col. and Mrs. David Powell. They have always been eager to participate in their children’s activities and their dedication to serving the Senior Class was a prime example of this. Brian Overlield Elizabeth Parker Margaret Parker Senior — 137Andrea Parrish Andreia I. Parrish Rhonda Patterson Kendall Payne Claire Peard Jerry Perkey Jimmy Petkoff Renee Phillips Terri Pogue Steve Powell Diana Propps Terri Puckett Gwen Raiden James Rankhorn ®re,t Ra,c,lff Susan Ray Brenda Reed Stanley Reichert Mr. and Mrs. Darill Leverett served as class parents again, but this year it was for the Senior Class. Elizabeth Reynard Cindy Reynolds Bob Richard Rita Richardson Lee Ann Riche son Don Rmguette Dona Risinger John RitenourCarl Robertson Beverly Roberts Elda Roberts Lisa Roberts Mane Robinson Wilma Robinson Jeanette Rodnques Kim Roe Pam Rogers Nancy Rollins Linda Rui Jimmy Rushing Jan Sears Mike Sevedge Mark Sharpe Cordia Shivers Lon Sides Paul Signorelli Stuart Simco Terri Sims Mary Smiley Bob Smith Darrell Smith Jessie Smith Senior — 139Saundra Spruiell Jeri Stephens Rob Stephenson Zachry Stillwell Craig Stobbe Karen Stokes Danny Stoner Becky Studer Jim Summitt Shannon Summitt Danny Sutherland Debbie Teetseil Jill Thacker Mike Thomason Steve Thomason Linda Thompson Mike Todd Sonia Tolbert Doug Townzen Bruce Trest Angela Troester Mattie Turner Kevin Tuttle Gary Tyner 140 — SeniorsDon Watson Jackie Watson Brenda Webb Denise Welch Steve Welch July Whiting John Whitten Mane Williams Sharon Williams John Willis Cheryl Wilson Dan Wilson Donald Wilson Matt Wilson Lisa Woolsey Sandra Worsham Chet Worthen Lanessa Young After spending many hours in his closet. Skip Brown finally decides to wear it all and wins first place on Clash Day.So much to do and so little time While frolicking thru the mid-year of their high school careers, the Junior Class continued to achieve many of their goals at AHS. Members of the class participated in a hamburger supper be- fore the Tulsa Hale football game. This was to raise money to sponsor the Junior-Senior Banquet. Juniors were faced with the reality that in one more year they would be out on their own; not all sure of what lay ahead, but most were eager for the challenge. Serving this year as Junior class captains were John Bond, Harlan Rodgers, Mitch Worrell. Barry Knox, Janet Privett, Tammy Kimbrel. Kenna Metcalf. Kevin Duckworth. Marie Marlin, and Becky Truax. Lyle Alexander Debby Allen Donald Allen Sabrina Allen Ann Almeter Sofia Alvarez Joey Amore Michele Anderson Rob Anderson Starla Atchley Lorin Baartman Debra Bailey Carey Baldwin Wayne Barber Mitch Barlow Virginia Barnes Joey Barton Scott Barton Alvin Beall Richard Belflower Blake Bell Christi Bennett Mitchell Bevers Stanley Bevers Burk Bingham Robie Boaldin John Bobell Tracy Boles Chuck Bomboy John Bond Teri Bond Tressa Bone Angela Booker Craig Booker Sharon Bourbeau 142 — JuniorSharon Branch Karen Bratcher JoAnn Brooks Paige Browne Rose Ann Brown Gregg Buck Bruce Bufkin Susan Busby Floyd Byrum Sheila Caldwell Thomas Caldwell Beverly Capps Richard Carney Laura Carroll Etorshi Carson Penny Case Teresa Cash John Castillo Robin Causey Nancy Chapman Cliff Chase Ricky Cheaney Donna Chivers Connie Clark Carla Clements Marla Clements Becky Coffin Delica Coleman Gaylon Collier Randy Collins Teresa Collins Ray Connelly Tom Connelly William Cook Lisa Coppock Broken bones were “in” After lunch, most students are seen cramming for a next hour test or finishing last minute homework. But not today for Vince Bledsoe and Mark Kibee. Instead they decide to give John Carline's foot a rest. Junior — 143an Individuality is important role in student life Participating in such things as. dancing, bowling, band and drama, Becky Truax had her hands full being the secretary of the junior class. Dan Covich Philip Cox Kay Crisman Noel Crowley Craig Cumbus Nancy Dantzler Trudy Darnell Jeff Davidson Gayla Davidson Dale Davis Janice Davis Joe Davis Tracy Davis Joey Deal Brad Dean Jeff DeHough Bryan Dedmon Lorraine Delgado Rudy Delgadillo Robin Delzer Kelly Cftxon Debbie Dockum Dale Donnell Beverly Dorman Laquita Dorsey Melissa Doughty Greg Downs Kathy Drake Tim Drone Kevin Drury Kevin Duckworth David Dudeck Jay Durrough Debbie Eiler Jeff Englar 144 — JuniorDebbie English Connie Estes Jeanny Evans Paul Everett Pam Fall Brian Falls Kenny Fancher Tracy Fancher Jana Felty Shannon Fisher Brenda Fleming Linda Flores Judy Force Sherril Ford Toni Funk Sandra Gaines Pedro Garcia Maxina Gardener Gayelynn Garrett Jennifer Garrett Linda Garrison Tommy Garrison James Geigle Stephany Gensman Stanley Gibson Robert Gilliam Carrie Galvin Frederick Gomeringer Jeff Graham Greg Graves Karen Gray Renee Green Julie Gregg Steven Gregg Shirley Griffin Having that native blood gave president Randy Reber his vitality to arouse spirit for the Junior Class. This was Randy's second year to hold the office of president. Junior — 145Serving as junior class parents for 1977-78 were Mr. and Mrs. Dick Reber. They helped sponsor school related activities and were instrumental in planning the end-of-year activities for the junior class. Robert Gromley Tim Hall Ramona Haning Glenn Harmon Tracey Harrington Debbie Harris Jeff Hart Danny Hernandez Roger Hinton Chris Hobbs Janet Hplt Donna Honeycutt Kelly Hornbake Nancy Howell Jeri Ann Howland Kenneth Howland Charles Huddleston Greg Huddleston Robert Hudson Marilyn Huff Tony Hughen Joseph Hukill John Hunt Craig Hunter Linda Igner Neomi Jefferson Jeff Jett Grace Jiminez Betty Johnson Angela Jones Karen Jones Jim Jones Jimmy Jones Rhonda Jones Steve Jones 146 — JuniorTim Jones Zappard Jones Elizabeth Kastner Nick Keene Sherry Kern Gina Killingsworth Tammy Kimbrel Barry Knox Marshall Knox Kayna Kohler Rhonda Koukal Rowland Ladd Julie Laskowski Sheryl Lawrence Bud Lee Kathy Lee Robert Lemieux Chris Levesque Clay Lewis Carole Linden Donna Locke Melissa Long Paul Lopez Gary Lott Linda Lyons Michael Maahs Chuck Mackin Steve Madden JoAnn Maldonado Gayle Manley Mary Marker Kenneth Marlin Marie Marlin Keith Marple David Martin Oops! Another day another ticket "What? me. speed?", exclaims Martha Pettit to Sergeant Willie Gallop. "And besides." she says, "that's Dee Ann Scog- gin behind the wheel." Junior — 147Jeff and football go together! Having had much experience as a vice-president of his Sophomore Class during the school year 1976-77, Jeff Hart had already received much experience before his election as vice-president of the Junior Class this year. He was on the Bulldog football team, and was on the student council also. Mary Jo Matthias Linda McAllister Vicki McBride Kevin McCarty Pam McCutchen Chris McElwain Beth McGraw Tom McGrory David McKeaver Steve McKeaver Brenda Meeler Kenna Metcalf Deborah Miller Dwain Miller Theresa Miller Mary Molina Suzanne Morgan Scott Morozoff Steve Morren Jimmy Morris Cynthia Mosier Debbie Motheral Vonda Mowdy Dennis Murphy Christine Narien Paula Nathe Steve Negron Phil Nelson Claire Newton Darla Nolan Mark Ortega Henry Owens Kim Payne Perry Peyton Janet Phelps 148 — JuniorTommy Phillips Kenny Pixley Scott Plato Troy Poole Viveca Powell Beth Price Frankie Price Janet Privett Kevin Prock Jim Puckett Bruce Ratcliff Pattie Rathke Randy Reber Cheryl Reichenbach Kelly Reimer Kathy Reinschmiedt Robby Reynolds Rocky Rice Earie Riley Kate Ritenour Dale Roberts Steve Robinson Linda Roblez Susan Roblez David Rochelle James Rodgers Cheryl Roesch Harlan Rogers Vivian Rogers Randy Roland Brenda Russum Ronnie Sadler Sara Sadler Pat Saindon Teresa Salvaggio Elected for the second time, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Crowley were the class parents for the Junior Class during the past year. They took time out of their busy schedule to partici- pate and plan the activities of the Junior Class. Junior — 149Parents chosen by class of ’79 Lending their support to the juniors this year by serving as class parents were Mr. and Mrs. Ken Privett. Both contributed much time and effort toward the success of the Junior class. Merida Sanchez Debra Sanders Rusty Sanderson Rhonda Sasse Shawn Savera Rieks Schenkel Jamie Sears Karen Seeberger Charles Shiplet Terry Short Mickey Shriver Mike Shumacher James Signorelli Ernest Simpson Davy Singleton Tony Sivenson Cindy Smith Kimothy Smith Pamela Smith Randy Smith Robin Smith Sheryl Snyder Brent Southall Debra Speer Gerri Spelde Elizabeth Statler Shera Stevenson Lynn Stewart Shelee Stinson Steve Sutton Sylvia Sydlo Melody Tafoya Susan Talley Pam Teigen Leander Thacker 150 — JuniorsDavid Tipton Michelle Tolbert Vernon Traylor Becky Truax Charles Tucker Ron Turner Beth Vaillancourt Kerry VanCleave Sherry Vaughn Benjamas Vimoktayon Vanisa Wall Carol Walker Cindy Walker David Walker Jeff Walker Michelle Wallace Barbara Walstad Pam Watson Barbara West Dana Wiginton David Willeford Eddie Williamson Ronnie Wilson Terri Wilson Jerry Woodward Larry Woodward Brian Wolfe Kevin Woolsey Cliff Worley Mitch Worrell Lisa Worthon Kathleen Zender Flashing her tenacious tin grin is Ramona Han- ning. Ramona was elected this year as Junior Class treasurer. Continually promoting the various events spon- sored by the Junior Class were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Worrell. This was their second year as class parents. Juniors — 151Sophomore year is full of surprises Undoubtedly, the sophomore year of high school is the most important. During this year students grow immeasurably as individuals and in their capacity to cooperate with others. Old distinctions and classifications fade as the students join as a single body, with one goal in mind, to generate spirit for the mighty Altus Bulldog while nuturing one of their own. Although there is much criticism involved with being a sophomore, the criticism is constructive and is meant in good faith, as the upper class- men try to instill a will for class success in their lower classmen. A year full of surprising new encounters, the sophomore year is the foundation of the years yet to come. Making sure he has the latest in sound is Scott Six, sophomore president. Just as Scott keeps up with the latest tunes, he makes sure the sophomore class is tuned in on current events at AHS. Carol Adams Alan Allies Ann Aldridge Connie Allen Mark Almeter Connie Anderson Frank Anderson Scott Anderson Phyllis Arnold Jackie Atkins Lynn Baartman Miguel Baca Susan Bailey Harold Ballard Johnny Ballard Tuxie Ballard Raylene Barnes Johnny Barrera Juanita Barton Sheila Barton Eddie Batchelor Mark Bauer Jerry Baxter Brenda Bechtel Gary Benetee Dennis Bennett Steve Bergeron Elaine Blache 152 — SophomoreCarolyn Black Cindy Black Jana Black Lea Blackwell Neil Blackwell Johnny Blankenship Danny Blonien Clarence Blunt Robyn Bohannon Ricky Bollenbach Cheryl Bone Lisa Bovie Gloria Boyd Paullet Boyer Regina Breakiron Gary Brotherton Debbie Brown Dixie Brown Kenneth Brown Linda Brown Lorri Brown Judy Bryant Gene Bryce Joe Buchanan Gary Buckner Lori Burchill Richard Burk Mike Bush Jeanne Butler Keith Byrum Claudia Campbell Debbie Campbell Denise Campbell Don Capsey Cindy Carline Cuddling a soft, furry kitten is sophomore vice- president Laurie Scott. Although Laurie spends much of her time in school-related areas, she is also involved in United Methodist Youth Fellow- ship. Sophomore — 153Mark Carrasco Gentry Carson Pat Case Randy Case Teresa Case Mark Chambers Don Chance Patrice Chandler Mike Chase Kimberly Clemons Jackie Coffin Brent Cofield James Coleman Tammy Collier Harold Combs Michelle Connell Pam Conway Charles Cook Burk Cornelius Robert Cox Daryl Crawford Toye Crossland Bill Crovo Michelle Crovo Terry Crowley Israel Costillo Durenda Cummings Julie Davidson Pam Davis Diane Dagley Jan Dakil Joe DeHoogh Robert Delgadillo Ken Dempsey Ronnie Dennis Bicycling is a good sport "Bicycling is a sport enjoyed by everyone," says Sherri Hart, sophomore class secretary. Sherri not only enjoys biking, but is also actively involved in basketball and other community activi- ties. 154 — SophomoreDoubling their pleasure as identical twins. Diane and Donna Nordman agree that two heads are better than one. Both girls enjoy participating in music, basketball, and tennis, among a number of other extracurricular ac- tivities. Janie Derr Ramona Diamond Richard Diamond Melody Dickenson Steve Diefenderfer Caroline Dillon Delores Dominguez Sandra Donahoe Brenda Donnell Valynda Drake Janet Drechsler Devin Duncan Troy Duncan Edward Durrough David Dwyer Linda Dyer Steve Easterling Doug Edwards Danny Eiler Marjorie Emmett Vicki Etter Tom English Andy Etherton Cyndi Evans Tim Evans David Faske Wayne Ferrier Jimmy Firth Adena Fitzsimmons Jeanne Fitzsimmons Tommy Flemons Calvin Flood Edward Flores Mark Foster Brenda Freed Sophomore — 155Robert Fuller Linda Funk Carlos Gallardo Denise Gambill Kenneth Gambill Janie Garcia Lori Garrett Lori Garrison Lydia Garrison Robin Gaver Kathy Gerhart Greg Gibson Sue Gifford Paula Gilbert Mike Giles Randy Gilmore Kenneth Gilpatrick Mike Gipson David Goddard Lisa Gomeringer John Gossage Nicky Gregg Jaime Griffith Karen Guenther James Guyn Veronica Hall Craig Hamel Barry Hankins Alicia Harper Gayle Harris Linda Harris Sherri Hart Brian Hastings Natalie Hawkins Gina Herbert A quick review brings results Agreeing that a last minute look never hurts. Patricia Robin- son. Betty Robinson and Ethel High, sophomores, all take a last minute glance before the big test. 156 — Sophomore“Star Wars’’ is immortalized Participating in various activities, sophomore Sam Laskowski enjoys adding excitement to the side of the local hang out. the Storm Shelter. Sam is painting a scene from this year’s favorite movie. “Star Wars." Ethel High Kirby Hibbard Rusty Hicks Janice Hill Teresa Hill Ruben Hinojosa Dianne Hitt Donnie Holman Ja Juana Holmes Jonathan Holt Zach Howard Brenda Howland Kathy Huddleston Kevin Huddleston Lois Ann Huey Debbie Hughen David Hughes James Hukill Kathleen Hunter Lisa Hunter Eric Hurd Bobby Hurt Kenneth Ingram Christina Irwin Kim Jameson C.J. Jefferson Harold Jefferson Marsha Jenkins Isabelle Jimenez Angelette Johnson Diane Johnson Rita Johnson Rose Johnson Russell Johnson Carl Jones Sophomore — 157Jurneather Jones Karen Jones Linda Jones Russell Jones Tammy Jones Kenny Josey Debbie Jouett Ricky Kastner Tracie Kastner Cindy Killian Terri Kirby Nolan Kirk Chesley Kitchens Barbara Kizziar Mark Kreiling Don Lane James Lasater Joe Lauderdale Paul Lawhorn Tina Lawson Richard Lee Steven Leistner Cody Lemaster James Lewis Linda Leyton James Little Raymond Long Lucy Longoria Karen Lumry Lea Lynch Charlotte Madison Mary Lou Maldonado Jimmy Martinez Patty Mason Todd Mason Being one of those famous Dawg cheer- Q C leaders. Charlotte Madison stops to ask J r classmate Tina Thorton. “Where is the lit- tle girl’s room in this place?” O i t) £ n3 jTi , C-t- .(0 U (A b CO n , CO Q-j- c C 3 u OO-£ $ C 5 3 6 0 £ 158 — Sophomore q (j  Parents sponsor class activities Planning the class activities for the sophomores were class parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Buck. One of their big responsibilities was to help plan the sopho- more class party at the end of the year. Billy McAllister Cleatus McDonel Rodney McDowell Kevin McGee Iracy McGrath Alan McGregor DeAnna McGuire Andrea McKeaver Robert McKinley Timberly McKnight Dewayne Medders George Medlock Jim Metcalf Pam Miller Elton Millet Phyllis Moore Brad Moreau Barbara Morgan James Morgan. Sharon Morgan Mike Morren Shawn Morris • Tara Moss Tim Murphy Renee Musgrave . Ricky Myers Kim Napuunoa Dane Neilson Roxanne Newman Kirk Nolan Diane Nordman Donna Nordman Kevin Obenhaus Brian O'Hair Dan O'Hair Sophomore — 159Bobbie O’Halloran Cindy Osborn Orlando Otis Laurie Owens Nicole Paramore Cheryl Parrish Melody Parsley Natalie Penoyer Paula Peyton Darrell Phillips Lori Pogue Ramona Porter Danny Porterfield Amy Powell Cheryl Price Twila Ragar James Rathke Becky Ray Russell Rector Phillip Reed Annabell Revilla Dane Reynolds Tammy Rice Charla Richeson Kelly Risinger Mike Roach Gregory Robbins Betty Robinson Ikeither Robinson Patricia Robinson Troy Robertson Damian Roblez Marcello Roblez Yolanda Rodriquez Phil Roe Elected as sophomore class parents were Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wooten. They helped to plan the sophomore activities. 160 — SophomoreMr. Babb gives extra tutoring Helping Cindy Osborn to figure out a math problem is Mr. Herman Babb. Mr. Babb also teaches physics and geometry. Mr Babb also helps to sponsor Junior Engineering Technological Society. David Romines Warren Ross Kevin Rovell Coleen Sager Mike Saker Jesse Salazar Lidia Salazar Mary Salazar Kelli Salmon Sandra Sardens Greg Savera Leon Scale Mike Scalf Mark Schulz Harold Schweitzer Laurie Scott Alvin Seay Melinda Secrest Louis Servantez Vernon Sevedge Tori Sharpe Angela Shaw Mark Shelly Mike Shirey Robert Shriver Tina Singleton Bettye Sirmons Scott Six Paul Skidmore Cheryl Slack Aileen Smith Brenda Smith Brian Smith Connie Smith Melissa Smith Sophomore — 161Sharvella Smith Sheila Smith Tim Smith Sara Stauffer Ramona Stickney Gregg Stokes Joyce Studer Carrie Tafoya Felix Tamez Pam Taylor Steven Taylor Renee Teal Kenny Thompson LaDaun Thompson Patrica Thompson Tina Thornton Randy Thurmond Tammy Thurmond Ty Thurmond James Tierman Jess Tipton Miriam Torres Martial Trevett LaSonya Thrower Lori Turner DeAnn Tuttle Randy Tyner Becky Vaillancourt Renee Vanderkolk Rhea Vanderkolk Lyn Vassella Tom Vaught Cheyenne Veach Debbie Villarreal Jaye Watson Experience pays off Doing their part to further interest in sophomore activi- ties were class parents Mr. and Mrs. Will Nordman. They’ve had plenty of experience working with children since they've reared a flock of their own. 162 — SophomoreFailure to yield ends in “crash” Starting off the day with a bang were Scott Six and Sharon Morgan. This mi- nor collision made both of them won- der if turning sixteen and finally getting their license was worth waiting for. Willa Watson Beth Welch Teresa Wert James West Katie West Debbie Westlake Connie White Janice White Mary White Mike Whiting Tom Wilkes Kenny Williams LeVeDa Williams Steve Williams Thressie Williams Tim Wilmes Brian Wilson Christy Winkowski Curtis Winstead Scott Wood Dona Wooten Sophomore — 163The Altus High gymnastics team, coached by Mrs. Sandra Burrow, has been busy this year attending meets and putting on perfor- mances at halftime during foot- ball and basketball games. They work out every afternoon, in preparation for meets. This sport is a newcomer to Altus High and requires flexibility, practice, and coordination. Altus High School is known for its strength in gymnas- tics. The gymnasts compete in var- ious fields such as floor exercise, uneven bars, vault, balance beam, and the rings, which only the boys compete in. If a team member attends a meet, he or she is eligible for a letter award in gymnastics. Alius Twisters lor 1978 (pic 1) are Mrs Sandra Burrow, coach, Jane Haferland, Tom Vaught, Robin Darnell. Kayna Kohler. Kathy Alewine. and Teresa Martin. Dem- onstrating their flexibility (pic 2) are the Altus Twisters, who are doing the National Beam routines. These routines are put to- gether by the National Olympic Commit- tee. and must take long hours of practice to perfect them. 166 — GymnasticsDisplaying his talent on the high rings. Tom Vaught is doing Demonstrating strength, timing, and flexibility which an “L seat press ". are required for learning stunts on the uneven bars is junior gymnast Kayna Kohler. She shows these qualities by performing an "edge catch ". Being able to do the splits is one of the top actions a gymnast can do through this exercise during daily work-out and practice. This requires much pain and practice. These sixth hour students go •t GymnasticsLady Bulldogs build strength on sophomores Being a young team didn’t put any cramp on the 1978 Lady Bulldogs’ style. Eight out of the fourteen team members were sophomores, but these ambitious go-getters showed determination as they de- feated other teams that were com- prised of mostly juniors and sen- iors. Connie Clark, senior forward, was the only returning team starter this year. She exemplified her abili- ty by being the number one leading scorer this season. Wearing a new title this year, the Lady Bulldogs brought with it a suc- cessful and well-played season. The girls were formerly known as the Altus Lassies, but this year's ladies felt the name should be changed. So the team players, along with the parents’ group, had the name changed. The Ladies were happy with their new name and continued to strive to reach the top of their goals! Sayre, Oklahoma was the sight for the Sayre Festival and the Sayre Tournament which the Lady Bulldogs entered and placed in. Tossing one up for two points is Senior standout U'Vonna Dedmon. Susan Bailey anticipates for a rebound. Giving instructions during time out is Coach Randy Sullivan. Listening diligently are Julie Davidson. Sherry Hart, Lori Garrison, Cheryl Kilgore, and Lois Ann Huey. 168 — BasketballAltus Lady Bulldogs are (front row) Susan Bailey. Lori Garrison. Raylene Barnes. Dona Wooten. Julie Davidson. Diane John- son. Pam Watson, (row 2) Coach Randy Sullivan. Sherry Hart. Cheryl Kilgore. U’Vonna Dedmon. Connie Clark. Gaye- Lynn Garrett. Clara Newton. Toye Cross- land. Lois Ann Huey. Coach Rick Moss. Sherry Hart is open for a pass while intensly anticipating to see what Clara Newton will do with the ball. Sherry is a sophomore guard this year and Clara is a junior guard. Basketball — 169v ——itr— h Members of the 1977-78 Bulldog basketball Chandler. Kelly Risinger. David Walker. Rob Mitchell. Kevin Harrington. LeAnder team are: (front row) Coach J.D. Johnson. Alexander, head coach Clester Harrington Thacker. Mark Foster. Kevin McGee. Cla- Boone Copeland. Rudy Sanderson. Alvin (row 2) Coach Casta Thomas, DeWayne rence Blunt. Altus attends holiday tourney Giving instructions is head coach Clester Harrington (at right) as the Bulldogs intently listen. Bas- ketball season was a terrific suc- cess this year as the roundballers held the number one rating in class 4-A during the season. 170 — BasketballShooting for two is senior guard Rob Alex- ander. Rob averaged 20 points per game this year for the Bulldogs. Falling after putting in two points in junior center LeAnder Thacker, a bright spot in this year’s tremendous season. Thacker was one of the leading rebounders on this year’s team. Leaping forward for two points, Kevin Har- rington tallies two more to help enable him to be Altus High School’s all-time leading scorer. Waiting and watching intensely are the AHS coaches Clester Harrington. J.D. Johnson, and Mark Weber. The Bulldogs won easily in this game 82-60 over Wichita Falls Rider. These coaches enjoyed one of their finest seasons ever this season. Basketball — 171Junior Varsity is good training Members of the 1978 Bulldog junior varsity team are (front row) Rudy Sanderson. Kirk Nolan. James West. Robert Fuller. Terry What would the basketball team do without their loyal managers? They are Randy Gilmore. Greg Stokes, and Gregg Savera. These three guys put in extra hours keeping up with the team’s equipment and books of the Bulldogs’ records. White. Mike Pruitt. Pat Robinson, (row 2) Coach Casta Thomas. Arthur Pitts Alan Allies. Ray Conway. Clarence Blunt. Mark Foster. Dane Neilson. Richard Goodlow. Russell Jones. Coach Mark Weber — Basketball( LeAnder Thacker, junior basketball standout, can tip toe and reach nearly as high as Kevin McGee is in this shot David Walker, junior, placed himself on first team this season He was named co winner along with senior Kevin Harrington for the Most Valuable Player award in the Short- grass Invitational Tournament here this year In the leap in the picture above, he was succeeding in another basket for two points. Coach Clester Harrington (left), either isn't too happy about the situation or is anticipating what may happen Coach Harrington coached one of the best years ever during this 1978 basketball season. Basketball — 173The Bulldog wrestlers of 1978 deserve an awful lot of credit. These men practiced many hard, long hours and traveled often to different matches and tournaments. The guys were supported by the mat maids, who were girls who attended the matches and sat around the mats yelling cheers for the wrestlers and acted as hospi- tality hostesses. This helped these guys, knowing they were being supported and that an- other “team” was behind them. Wrestlers have outstanding year Perry Cooper is a perfect example of success as a result of Bulldog tenacity (pic 1). He struggled for a pin in this match. This was Perry's third year on the team. Dennis Bennett, sophomore (pic 2), confers with the man. Coach Hall, on how he’s going to take a big pin in his next match. Dennis was an outstanding team member, being placed on first team while a sophomore. He wrestled at 128 pounds. Kenneth Fowler (pic 3) wrestled his third season as a senior this year. Kenneth was a big success at 157 pounds. He took first place in the Geary, Oklahoma tournament, not to mention all of his other wins. 174Members of the 1978 Bulldog wrestling team are (front row) PeeWee Bush (row 2) Kenny Williams. Tracy Davis. Terry Crowley. Kenneth Dempsey. Ricky Bollenback. Chuck Mackin. Harold Ballard. Kevin Huddleston (row 3) Joe Buchannon. Dennis Bennett. David McKeaver. Kyle Boaldin. Perry Cooper. Prather Richards. Phil Roe. Ronald High. Robert Cox. (row 4) Coach Dick Coates. Cliff Chase. Cary McGregor. Tommy Flemons. Kenneth Fowler. Charles Cotton. Chris McElwain. Ricky Flemons. Coach Howard Hall. Dennis Bennett (left), outstanding sophomore Bulldog wrestler, shows his skills. Robert Cox (below), also a sophomore, was a tre- mendous asset to the wrestling squad. 175Ricky Bolenback (at right), sophomore, struggles to turn his man over and take a pin. Tommy Flemons (below), sophomore, is in quite a tangle. Tommy wrestled heavy-weight on the B team and in some matches, he was moved up to the A team because his older brother Ricky didn't quite make weight. 176 — WrestlingKyle Boaldin, senior, shifted to different weight classes. He started at 130, but due to this being too small, he went up. Kyle had a good third year. Charles Cotton, senior, did a tough job at a huge 178 pounds. This was Charles' third year. Ronald High, a 141 pound senior, was tough and had a pretty good season. Ronald enjoyed his second season. Senior matmen hold most weight Cary McGregor, senior, wres- tled at 168 pounds this year. Cary did an outstanding job. this being his third year. Kenneth Fowler, at 157 pounds, was a mighty tough and successful senior. Ken- neth placed first in the tour- nament at Geary. Perry Cooper, 136-pounder senior, was tough competi- tion for all his opponents. This was Perry's third sea- son. Who would mess with heavy- weight Ricky Flemons? Ricky was a heavy-weight sure-win- ning senior this year. It was his third year. Wrestling — 177Bulldogs end third in boomer Teamwork along with the hard work of each team member played a tremendous role in the success of the 1977 foot- ball team. Six scoreboards this season held favor toward the hard-working Bulldogs. Many tears were spared in the high and low moments of the entire season. The Bulldogs ended it all by finishing in third place in Boomer Conference and a 6-4 record. With goals of the very highest, the Bulldogs had a good year. Coach Jeff Trout was added to the coaching staff this year. He worked with the quarter- backs and receivers and had a good initial year. “Phantom Phans were en- joyed by all the football men when on certain football days, pep club members were as- signed to bring their particular player goodies like homemade cakes, cookies, cupcakes or their own original recipes. This helped promote Bulldog spirit. At any game, a full capacity crowd was always present cheering the Bulldogs on and letting the team know the whole town was supporting them. Crowds were often seen at the locker room after the games so the Bulldogs could know their effort was well ap- preciated. All in all, the football season was enjoyable and Altus High can be proud of what the guys did this year. Being named number one pass re- ceived in Boomer Conference is Al Kil- gore. senior split end. Kilgore received a total of 46 passes for 644 yards. He also ran some touchdowns and gained yardage which gave a big hand in Bull- dog accomplishment. Doing it again is junior tailback Steve McKeaver. McKeaver was often seen running down the gridiron non-stop. He was one of the top rushers in Boomer Conference and was a large part of Bulldog success this year. 178 — FootballMembers of the 1977 football team are the following: (front row) Boone Copeland, Scott Six, Dave Carraway, Randy Reber, Todd Mason. Brad Leverett, Steve Powell. Jeff Hart. Melvin Martin, Steve McKeaver, Jay Durrough. Larry Madison. Ralph Curry. Dennis Bennett (row 2) Steve Madden. Alvin Chandler. Walt Hagerty. Brian Overfield, Randy Smith, Philip Cox, Mike Crawford, Jimmy Firth, Chris McElwain, Jimmy Summit, Ronnie Sadler, Richard Johnson. Charles Tucker. Charles Cotton(row 3) Tommy Flemons, Daniel Roblez, Gregg Graves. Ricky Flemons. Tim Adams. Kenneth Brown. Ray Conway, Bruce Trest. Cliff Worley, Bryan Dedmon. Cletus McDonel. Gary Tyner, Kent Gambill, Steve Easterling (row 4) Gregg Buck.Bryan Wilson, Al Kilgore. Billy Irions. Craig Stobbe. Eric Ivester. Kenny Fancher. Cary McGregor. Mike Gibson. Nicky Gregg. Steve Jones (row 5) Managers are: Randy Tyner, Tracy Davis, Dean Colston. Coaches lined up the middle are: Head coach David Brown. Jack Diltz. Bob Hart. Jeff Trout. Dick Coates, and Lindy Welborn. The AHS coaching staff made a team of their own. They are: (Pic 1) David Brown (Pic 2) Jack Diltz (Pic 3) Bob Hart (Pic 4) Jeff Trout (Pic 5) Dick Coates (Pic 6) Lindy Welborn Altus High Bulldog managers for the 1977 season were Dean Colston. Tracy Davis, and Randy Tyner. These three guys were always on the move and were appreciated very much by all the players. Football — 179Young team raises spirit Altus 14 Lawton MacArthur 12 An outstanding defensive unit including senior standouts Cary McGregor. Larry Madison, and Steve Powell was one key factor in the defeat of Lawton MacArthur Highlanders by Altus Bulldogs 14- 12. Also an extra two points kicked by senior tight end Bill Irions was a part of the win. MacArthur started the tight game with a touch- down with no extra point to score 6-0. The Bulldogs fired back to drive 23 yards in nine plays and Steve McKeaver scored. Irions kicked the ball for an extra point to bring it 7-6. In the third quarter the Bulldogs moved the ball 54 yards in five plays after senior safety Larry Madison returned a punt to give Altus excellent field posses- sion. Alvin Chandler finished the play with a touchdown topped off by a kick from Irions to score 14-6. Bulldogs had it wrapped up 14-12. Altus 20 Vernon 22 Bulldogs were defeated by the Vernon Lions 22-20. Altus scored on their first possession and third possession by junior tailback Steve McKeaver with the help of junior flanker Jeff Hart and senior quarter- back Boone Copeland who completed five passes. Vernon came back in full power for one touchdown before halftirrie to take over the score 14-7 in Bulldogs' favor. No score was made by either team during the rough battle in third quarter. Vernon brought the first score in fourth quarter to make it 15-14. Altus returned in a rage with Alvin Chandler running in another touchdown to bring the mighty Bulldogs back in front 20-15. Vernon came back in front to top it off and win 22-20. Altus 28 Tulsa Hale 2 Altus scored on their first possession of the fight. A pass from Boone Copeland to Jeff Hart brought the big score on. Copeland also ran 18 yards for another touchdown. Steve McKeaver ran two touchdowns of 46 and 37 yards. At half time the score was tallied on the score- board as 28-0. but when the men returned from intermission, the Tulsa Hale Rangers scored a mere two points which are the only points the Altus defense allowed in the game. Larry Madison, senior safety, got two interceptions in the game and Steve Powell, senior, and Randy Reber. junior, each intercepted a pass. Charles Tucker jumped on a Hale fumble, which was an asset in Bulldog play. This was the biggest defeat of the season for the Altus Bulldogs and was also the first time the Bulldog men played Tulsa on home territory. Altus won the game 28-2. Barreling through, junior Tailback Steve McKeaver makes another touchdown, this one being against Vernon. McKeaver was all power this season. He scored the first two touchdowns against the Vernon Lions who defeated Altus 22-20. Getting ready for his grabs, Steve Powell awaits Larry Madison's stop of a run by a Tulsa Hale Ranger. Altus defeated the Rangers in a spill of 28-2. Powell and Madison were a strong defensive power in the game. 180 — FootballIntercepting the big pass which brought the ball deep into Bulldog terri- tory and causing the winning touch- down for the Bulldogs is senior safety Larry Madison. Altus 6 Wichita Falls Rider 17 Altus fell to Wichita Falls Rider Raiders 17-6 in a battle that the Bulldogs weren’t willing to lose easily. Altus out-passed the Raiders and had more first downs, but the score was still in Rider’s favor. The Raiders completed three touchdowns before the hard-working Bulldogs scored on a pass from Boone Copeland to split end Al Kilgore. The battle ended in a triumph for the Wichita Falls team who departed from Altus in felicity to travel back to their Texas home after overthrowing the tenacious Altus Bulldogs in a final tally on the board of 17-6. Altus 24 Lawton High 20 Lawton opened the scoring with the first touchdown to make it 6-0. But then senior quarterback Boone Copeland tied it 6-6 with a touchdown pass to Billy Irions. Lawton then brought the score to an overtaking score of 13-6. Bulldogs wouldn’t allow this on homecoming night, so they slipped up close behind 13-12 after a six yard run by Steve McKeaver. The Wolverines then scampered in a 91 yard touchdown to take lead 20-12. Al Kilgore then made a touch- down to make the winning score back in Altus’ favor. Altus 21 Edmond 17 Altus did a tremendous job to win over the Edmond Bulldogs 21-17, but Steve Powell broke his arm and fell out for the season. Altus started the game by recovering an Edmond fumble and on the next play Boone Copeland threw a TD pass to Al Kilgore. Ed- mond came back to tie the score 7-7 and then took over 14-7. Steve McKeaver came back to make the score 14-14 after a one yard touchdown. Edmond led at half-time 17-14. Senior Larry Madison intercepted and brought the ball way in Bulldog territory and McKeaver scored again to bring the score in Altus favor 21-17 to win. Altus 13 Moore 8 Steve McKeaver was out for the game with an injured knee which cut down a great deal of Bulldog running power. Dave Carraway was also out with a leg injury. However, the Bulldogs played well to win over Moore Lions 13-8. Larry Madison made two inter- ceptions in the game, one of them leading to the winning touchdown of the game with 1:45 left in last quarter. Cornerbacks Brad Leverett and Brian Overfield never left a hole open and Ricky Flemons, Gary Tyner, and Cliff Worley were as solid as steel as they refused the Moore men. Altus came home with a win of 13-8. Bulldogs slide by in homecoming 24-20 Running with everything he's got is senior fullback Walt Hagerty. Hagerty ran a total of 51 yards in this big play which led to a big touchdown. In this game Altus Bulldogs defeated the Moore Lions 13 8 in a well-fought battle. Putting the big tackle on a Lawton High man is Charles Tucker. Other Bulldog defenders are ready to help out. Altus won over Lawton High in this big fight. Football — 181Altus 15 Putnam City West 20 Powerful Putnam City West Patriots patronized the Altus High Bulldogs 20-15 in the last 35 seconds of the rough contest with a 75 yard touchdown. This was the first loss of Altus in Boomer Conference action. Late in the fourth quarter Steve McKeaver raced a long 80 yards for an action-packed and exciting touchdown which was at hand, but to the Bulldogs' dismay. Putnam City West came back all fired up in revenge to take priority of the final score and won 20-15. Altus 20 Lawton Eisenhower 47 Undefeated and high powered Lawton Eisehower Eagles rolled over Altus with a final 47-20 lead. Altus held on with all their might and split the score with the Eagles at half-time 14-14, but as intermis- sion closed, the Bulldogs' unknown bad fate closed in on them and Lawton Ike came out of the dressing room with the attitude to completely take over and win. Steve McKeaver scored all three of Altus’ touchdowns. Boone Copeland and Al Kilgore tallied a total of 166 passsing yards. Brad Leverett, senior cornerback, suffered a broken wrist in the battle and the saddened, but good-sported Bulldogs returned home with a 47-20 loss, their biggest loss of the season. Altus 10 Norman 8 Returning home with excitement and pride, the Altus Bulldogs didn’t mind the ride home with a well-deserved win under their belt. The Bulldogs defeated the Norman Tigers at the Oklahoma University Owen Stadium in a final score of 10-8. Altus scored on a 45 yard run by junior tailback Steve McKeaver. With an extra point the tenacious Bulldogs led the score 7-0. Then Norman came back to out-score the unwilling Bulldogs 8-7. On a fourth down with the ball on the Norman 28 yard line, senior tight and Billy Irions kicked a field goal and the Altus crowd roared in all glee. The Bulldogs won the game with that final field goal 10-8. This game ended the 1977 Bulldog football season. It was a year that was full of much exciting action and sweat and was one that will be remembered by all who took part in it. Conferring with the referee before the game are defen- sive team captains Randy Reber and Cary McGregor, (pic 1) Reber and McGregor were two outstanding de- fensive men on the team this year. Senior ballet pro Larry Madison (pic 2) shows off his new talent to do acrobatics while he knows everyone’s attention will be on him since he's carrying the ball. Brad Leverett, sen- ior cornerback (pic 3) attacks a Putnam City West Patri- ot. Altus lost to the Patriots, but played a great game. The win was a last minute surprise. Leverett broke his wrist in the game. 182 — FootballKilgore named to All State Appearing to be rough and tough are some of the senior members of the 1977-78 Bulldog football team (pic 1). These men are (row 1) Eric Ivester, Al Kilgore, Dave Carraway (row 2) Tim Adams, Brad Leverett, Gary Tyner, Larry Madison, and Walt Hagerty. Mr. Leonard Scalf (pic 2) confers with the Pep Club president and vice-president and DeWayne Mitchell, basketball player, about the up-coming basketball season. Mr. Scalf enjoyed his first year as athletic director this year. Al Kilgore, senior, was named to the All-State team in the Tulsa World and the Daily Oklahoman and was selected for All-Area in the Lawton Constitution. Kilgore was selected for the Red River Twenty-Two Team in the Wichita Falls paper and in this same pa- per, he was voted the offensive player of the year. States Coach David Brown, "I think he was a pleasant surprise and he’s very deserving of it through the hard work and the effort and leader- ship that he put out." Football — 183Did you find yourself in the 1978 yearbook? .... time women pilots trained at AAFB. Nature played havoc this year with the California forest fires, a dam break in Georgia and floods in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Because of the severe drought, water was rationed in many parts of the country. Man-made catastrophies claimed a heavy toll. Two giant 747's collided during take-off in the Canary Islands, leaving 582 dead. Fire swept an oil rig in the North Sea; grain elevators blew up for seemingly unknown reasons and New York suffered its second power blackout in .... 184.... 12 years. Many people had to abandon their homes during one of the worst snow storms ever to hit the Midwest. Trains were stalled, communi- cation was difficult and President Carter sent spe- cial survival troops of the Army to help with the recovery efforts. Slow to make their appearance on the fashion scene, but soon gaining popularity were soft, bulky sweaters, sensuous satins and shimmering shawls. Pastels were the "big” colors of the year, while following close behind were the metallic gold, sil- ver and bronze jackets. Basic white still remained on the color chart, with its hue turning to a silky, not-so-bright shade. Stick pins were worn on cowl neck sweaters and on shawls. The fashionable way to wear clothes was to wear layers upon layers upon layers of practically everything. Round-toed boots were overthrown by boots with a sharper, curving toe. and with higher slen- der heels. Hair styles went berzerk! The ....... 185... wind-blown, uncombed look was defina- tely predominate, with crimped hair being the big rage. Curls were in. With men's clothing, it could be said that the fashion conscious males at Altus High "straightened up" their wardrobes as they replaced their bell bottom jeans with straight legged ones. Leaning neither toward dressiness nor sloppiness, the "in" look for males remained casual as they proudly supported their “cords" of every color. Jeans were still the most popular of all clothing for both guys and gals. As accents, everything from ski vests to patched elbow blazers were used as ward- robe extras. However, still reluctant to make their way into Altus were jumpsuits for males; the ever-so-popular casual wear of men in the larger cities. Eventually, Richard M. Nixon came....... 186 180 . . out of seclusion to tell America on television how he had "let the Ameri- can people down.” Listed high on the political scene were some sad occurances. Senator Hubert Humphrey died of cancer, marking the end of a great political era. Burt Lance, under investigation for idsputed financial practices, resigned as budget director. In world affairs, a quest for peace captured America and the world — the bravura darinf of Anwar Sadat reaching across a generation’s bloody enmity to extend a hand of coexistence to Israel .... Oil provided by the Alaskan pipeline didn't help Florida orange producers when they experienced a season so cold that they could pick frozen orange juice from trees! Women marched forward in 1977, both together and alone. So did homosexuals, but Anita Bryant was there to stop them. The National Women's Conference in Hous- ton whipped up flagwaving excitement. To be missed the most in the years to come were two world famous entertainers -- - Bing Crosby, the serene man who crooned "White Christmas" died at the age of 73; and Elvis Presley, the seething legend who howled "YOUAINTNUGHINBUTAHOUN- DAWG" and began the music of rock-n-roll, died at 42. His legend lives on in his songs 190V .... Charley Chaplin, the "little tramp" of silent movies also died, along with the per- rennial New Year’s band leader, Guy Lom- bardo. The Super Bowl saw the Denver "Orange Crush" Broncos go down before the Dallas Cowboys 27-10. Though the year of 1977-78 may have seemed different, we were still waking up to the gossip of Rona Barrett and the satire of Erma Bombeck and falling to sleep at night to the familiar Johnny Carson, just as high school students had done for years past. 191A Abernathy. Eddie 72. 127 Abernathy. Paul 69. 115. 127 Abernathy. Tommy 30. 115. 117. 127 Acevedo, Tina 69. 88. 92. 127 Adams. Carol 152 Adams. Tim 127, 179 Aides, Angela 40. 71. 74. 75. 88. 91. 127. 133 Aides. Allan 50. 152. 172 Akins. Don Aldridge. Ann 152 Alexander. Carol Alexander. Lyle 142 Alexander, Mark 88 Alexander. Richard 99. 127 Alexander. Rob 51, 127. 170, 171 Alexander. Tommie 84 Aden. Connie 152 Allen. Debby 142 Aden. Donald 142 Aden, Robin 72, 92 Aden, Sabrina 142 Allison. Phillip 50 Almeter. Ann-Marie 142 Almeter. Mark 152 Alvarano, Johnnie Alvarez. Sofia 24. 142 Alvarez. Yolanda 127, 133 Amore, Joey 142 Anderson. Connie 152 Anderson. Frank 152 Anderson. Michele 142 Anderson. Richard 99. 127 Anderson. Scott 152 Anderson. Robert 142 Arnold. Angela 64. Ill, 113, 127 Arnold. Brenda 84. 102. 127, 133 Arnold. Phyllis 102, 152 Atchley. Starla 142 Atchley. Laura 104 Atkins, Jackie 104, 152 Atkinson. Cindy 127 Aufill, Madeline Austin. Donna 127 B Baartman. Lorin 142 Baartman, Lyle Baartman. Lynne 152 Baca. Miguel 152 Baden. Ann 40. 69. 85. 127 Bailey. Debra 40. 88. 90. 91. 142 Bailey. Susan 50. 152 Baldwin, Carey 142 Baldwin, Tamara 24. 100. 104. 127 Ballard, Harrold 152. 175 Ballard, Johnny 152 Ballard. Tuxie 152 Bantz. Ella 92. 76 Barber. Wayne 142 Barlow. Mitch 142 Barnes. Raylene 152 Barnes. Virginia 142 Barnett. Patricia 100. 127 Barrera. Johnny 83. 152 Barton. Joey 142 Barton. Juanita 152 Barton. Scott 92. 143 Barton. Sheila 85. 152 Bassett. Gaye 127 Batchelor. Eddie 152 Bauer, Mark 152 Baxter. Jerry 152 Bayless, Laura 40. 69. 70. 71. 74. 75. 88. 90. 91. 127 Bead. Alvin 142 Bead. Lee Ann 92. 118. 127 Beasley. Nancy 52, 80. 88. 91.94. 95. 96. 114. 128 Bechtel. Brenda 152 Belflower. Rick 142 Bell. Blake 142 Benefee. Gary 152 Bennett. Carla 128 Bennett. Christi 142 Bennett. Dennis 50. 152, 174, 175, 179 Bennett. Jeff 92 Bergeron, Steve 152 Beshears. Robin Bevers. Jimmy 128 Bevers. Mitchell 115, 142 Bevers. Stan 98. 142 Bibb. Teri 36. 40. 68. 72. 88. 90. 91. 113. 114. 133 Bingham. Burk 80. 97. 142 Birdsall, Bo 128 Blache. Elaine 102, 152 Black, Carolyn 153 Black. Cindy 153 Black. Jana 104. 153 Black. Kenneth Black. Patricia 102 Blackwell. Bonnie 86. 128 Blackwell. Lea 85. 104. 153 Blackwell. Neil 153 Blankenship, Johnny 153 Bledsoe. Vince 143 Blonien. Ann Marie 32. 36. 46. 49. 86. 103. 104. 109. 112. 114 Blonien. Danny 32. 47. 103. 153 Bloomer, Kevin 24. 68. 130 Blunt. Clarence 153. 170. 172 Boaldin. Ernie 98. 99. 128 Boaldin. Kyle 128. 175. 177 Boaldin. Robie 102. 72. 142 Bobell. John 88. 142 Bohannan, Debbi 68. 92, 118. 128 Bohannon. Robyn 153 Boles. Tracy 24. 40. 85. 86. 142 Bollenbach, Ricky 115. 153. 175, 176 Bomboy, Chuck 142 Bond, John 88. 142 Bond. Terri 72. 92, 142 Bond. Terri 88 Bone. Cheryl 153 Bone. Tressa 188. 119. 142 Booker. Angela 85. 119. 142 Booker. Craig 115. 142 Bourbeau. Sharon 142 Bovie. Lisa 104. 153 Boyd. Gloria 84. 153 Boyd. Sally 84. 128. 133 Boyer. Paullet 153 Braddock. Gayle 24. 104, 109. 111. 114 128 Bradley. Valerie 102, 128 Branch. Sharon 143 Bratcher. Karen 69. 72. 88. 91. 143 Braun. Deborah Breakiron. Regina 88. 153 Bridges. Anita 84 Bridges. Donna 84. 128 Brooks. JoAnn 143 Brotherton, Gary 76. 153 Brown. Debra 153 Brown. Dixie 153 Brown. John 88. 99 Brown. Judy 25. 68. 92. 110. 113. 114. 128 Brown. L. Kenneth 40. 153. 179 Brown. Linda 153 Brown. Lorri 88. 153 Brown. Melva Brown. Rose 128. 143 Brown. Royce 128 Brown. Skip 32. 33. 40. 47. 49. 52. 105, 128. 141 Brown Tony Leon 51. 128 Browne. Paige 24. 72. 88. 142 Bryant. Judy 153 Bryant. Kimberly Bryant. Theresa Bryce. Gene 99. 153 Buck. Gregg 115, 143. 179 Buckner. Gary 115. 153 Buchanan. Joe 153, 175 Bufkin. Bruce 40. 88. 143 Bunting. Dennis 128 Burchill, Lori 153 Burk. Richard 79. 120. 153 Busby. Mark Busby. Susan 143 Bush. Everett 69 Bush. Karen Bush. Mike 52. 92. 153 Butler. Jeanne 153 Butler. John 129 Byers. Kim 48. 68. 108, 129 Byrum, Floyd Lee 143 Byrum, Keith 153 C Caldwell, Sheila 76. 143 Cain. Mark 49. 88. 90. 91. 92 Capps. Beverly 40. 88. 143 Capsey. Don 153 Caldwell, Jr. Thomas 143 Calhoun. Donald Callahan, Bryan Campbell. Edgar Campbell. Claudia 153 Campbell, Debbie 153 Campbell, Denise 153 Carline. Cindy 153 Carline. John 143 Carlton. Tony 129 Carney. Richard 143 Carlock. Connie Cantu. Cindy Carrasco. Mark 154 Carraway. Dave 37. 79. 116. 117, 126, 129. 179, 181 Carroll. Laura 143 Carson. Bruce 129 Carson. Gentry 154 Carson. Etorshi T. 143 Case. Pat 154 Case. Teresa 85. 154 Case. Penny 80. 92. 96. 143 Case. Randy 154 Cash. Terry 143 Castillo. Ricky 129 Castillo, Tony 72. 79. 96. 97. 129 Castillo, John 83. 143 Castner. Keith 113. 115. 127. 129 Castillo, Israel 154 Caswell. Mary Causey. Mike 92. 129 Causey. Robin 72. 85. 143 Chambers. Mark 99. 154 192 — IndexChambliss. Beverlyn 24. 92 Chance. Don 80. 96. 97. 154 Chandler, Alvin 170, 179, 180 Chandler, Patricia 154 Chapman. Nancy 143 Chase, Mike 88. 154 Chase. Cliff 143. 175 Cheaney. Ricky 143 Chivers. Donna 24. 52. 76. 79. 82. 83. 143 Chronister. Rob 69. 70. 74. 75. 80. 85. 95. 129, 130 Clark. Connie 143 Clement. Dallas Clements. Carla 88, 91. 143 Clements. Marla 88. 91. 143 Clemons. Kimberly 88. 91. 154 Coats, Vickie 129 Cobb. Pam Coffin. Jackie 154 Coffin. Becky 100. 143 Cofield, Brent 115, 154 Cole. Kenny Coleman. Delicia 102, 143 Coleman. James 154 Collier. Gaylon 143 Collier, James 115 Collier, Tammy 25. 104, 154 Collins, Randall 88. 143 Collins, Teresa 143 Colston, Dean 68. 129, 179 Combs. Wendy 88. 91. 129. 133 Combs. Harold 154 Connell. Michelle 24. 85. 104. 154 Connelly, Tom 143 Conner, Butch 115. 129 Conway. Pam 84, 154 Conway. Ray 51. 99. 143. 172. 179 Cook. Barbara 129 Cook. Charles 154 Cook. William 143 Cooper, Perry 37. 69. 72. 129. 174. 175, 177 Copeland. Boone 37. 127, 129, 170. 179, 180, 181 Coppock. Lisa 88. 100. 143 Corey, Flint 32. 69. 103. 128. 130 Cormany, Polly Cornelius. Burk 154 Cornelius. Rhonda 130 Cossey. Lisa 30. 40. 80. 81. 86. 94. 100. 104. 109. 118. 130 Cotton, Charles 175. 177. 179 Cottrell. Kevin Covich. Dan 72. 144 Cox. Phillip 144. 179 Cox. Robert 50. 116, 154. 175 Cox. Vicki Crawford. Daryl 154 Crawford. Mike 179 Crismon. Kay 33. 46. 144 Crossland, Teri 25. 38. 68. 80. 81. 96. 108. 130 Crossland. Toye 25, 65. 154 Crovo, Bill 154 Crovo. Michelle 88. 154 Crowley. Jason Crowley. Noel 51. 92. 93. 144 Crowley, Terry 154, 175 Csorosz. Carolyn 31. 40. 68. 80. 85. 92, 94. 96. 104. 107. 109. 112. 113. 114, 130 Curry. Ralph 130. 179 Cumbus. Craig 69. 144 Cummings. Durenda 154 Cummings. Raymond 99. 130 D Dagley, Diane 85. 154 Dakil. Jan 104. 154 Daniels. Donn Dantzler, Nancy 40. 69. 88. 91. 113. 114. 144 Darnell. Trudy 102, 144 Daughten. Kathy Davenport. David 69. 88. 91. 131 Davidson. Gayla 119. 144 Davidson, Jeffery A. 21.32. 33. 40. 48. 68. 72. 144 Davidson, Julie 154 Davies. Jayne Davis. Dale 99. 144 Davis. Debbie 104 Davis. Dorothy Davis. Janice 144 Davis. Joe 144 Davis. Lisa Davis. Pam 24. 104. 154 Davis, Tracy 40. 144. 175. 179 Dawson. Shari Deal, Joey 88. 91. 144 Dean. Brad 144 Dedmon. Bryan 72. 144, 179 Dedmon. U’Vonna 72, 130 DeFord. Renee 40. 92. 104. 109. 130 DeHoogh, Jeff 144 DeHoogh, Joe 154 DeLaRosa, Frances 65. 82. 130 Delgadillo. Roberto 154 Delgadillo. Rudy 144 Delgado. Lee 130 Delgado. Lorraine 24. 100. 144 Delzer, Robin 144 Dempsey. Kenneth 154. 175 Dennie. Ronnie 154 Derr. Janee Faye 155 Deweese. Curtis Diamond. Ramona 88. 155 Diamond, Richard 88. 155 Dickenson. Cheryl 92. 130 Dickenson. Melody 85. 104. 155 Diefenderfer. George Diefenderfer. Steve 155 Dietz, James 76 Dillon. Carolyn 76. 92. 155 Dixon. Kelly 72. 77. 79. 85, 144 Dixon. Susan 38. 51. 68. 104. 109. 130 Dockum. Debbie 144 Dominguez. Delores 155 Donahoe, Sandra 155 Donnell. Brenda 84. 155 Donnell. Eugene 14. 51. 84. 144 Doran, Erin 65. 72. 88. 91. 130 Dorman. Beverly 51. 144 Dorsey. LaQuita 144 Dougherty. Liz 51, 104, 107. 130 Doughty. Melissa 144 Downs, Freddy 99. 130 Downs. Greg 144 Drake. Kathy 88. 91. 144 Drake. Valynda 79, 155 Dreschler. Janet 76. 88. 155 Drone. Tim 144 Drury. Kevin 144 Drury. Lucy 24. 74. 92. 130 Duckworth. Kathi 88. 91. 100. 131 Duckworth. Kevin 98. 99. 118. 142. 144 Dudeck. David 99. 144 Duke. Delbert Duke. Jessie Duncan, Devin 155 Duncan. Troy 155 Durrough, Bert Durrough, Edward 155 Durrough. Jay 51. 144. 179 Duval, April 25. 69. 88. 131 Duval. Robert 115 Dwyer. David 83. 155 Dyer. Donna 131 Dyer. Linda 78. 79. 155 Dyson. Joe E Easterling. Steve 155, 179 Edwards. Doug 155 Eiler. Danny 98. 155 Eiler. Debbie 144 Eldred. Carla 131 Emmett. Margie 79. 92. 104. 155 Englar. Jeff 88. 144 English. Debbie 51. 72. 82. 83. 116. 145 English. Tom 88. 155 Estes. Connie 72. 92. 104. 145 Etherton. Andy 155 Etter. Vicki 155 Evans. Becky 24. 88. 131 Evans. Cyndi 155 Evans, Darla Evans. Jeanny 145 Evans. Tim 88. 155 Everett. Paul 72. 85. 145 Everett. Teresa 92. 131 F Fall. Pam 145 Falls. Brian 145 Fancher, Kenny 72. 145. 179 Fancher, Phillip Fancher, Tracy 24. 65. 104. 145 Fanning, Paul 98. 118. 130. 131 Farquhar. Bruce 115. 118. 131 Faske, David 155 Featherston. Shannon 38. 65. 69. 81. 88. 90. 91. 92. 94. 116. 117. 131 Felty. Anita 92. 98. 104. 109. 113. 114. 118. 131 Felty. Jana 68. 72. 92. 104, 145 Ferrier, Wayne 155 Fields. L. Thomas Firth. Jimmy 96. 155. 175 Fisher, Shannon 76. 145 Fitzsimmons. Adena 155 Fitzsimmons, Jeanene 155 Fleming. Alfred 51. 84 Fleming. Brenda 82. 102, 145 Flemons. Rickey 84. 131. 175. 177. 179. 181 Flemons. Tommy 155, 175. 176. 179 Flood. Calvin 155 Flood. Kathy 69. 74. 75. 131 Flores. Edward 155 Flores. Linda 145 Flores. Richard 92. 131 Flores. Junior (Serapio) 85. 131 Force. Jucy 145 Ford. Sherril 100, 104. 145 Fornal. Marc 131 Foster. Mark 116. 155. 170. 172 Fowler. Kenneth 115. 174, 175, 177 Freed. Brenda 88. 155 Fritz, David Fuller. Robert 40. 156. 172 Funk. Lynda 156 Funk. Toni 72, 145 Index — 193Fuqua. Sharon 92, 40. 131 G Gaines. Sandra 40. 68. 88. 91. 145 Gallardo. Carlos 40. 83. 116. 156 Gallop. Joey 99 Galvin. Carrie 145 Gambill. Denise 104, 156 Gambill. Kenneth 98. 115. 132. 156. 179 Gambill. Sandy 92, 130. 132 Garcia. Janie 156 Garcia. Pedro 145 Gardner, Maxina 145 Gardner, Richard 132 Garrett. Gaye Lynn 51. 104. 145 Garrett. Jennifer 86. 145 Garrett. Lori 104. 156 Garrison. Linda 72, 145 Garrison. Lori Lori 50. 156 Garrison. Lydia 46. 93. 156 Garrison. Tommy 145 Gaver, Robin 88. 156 Gaver. Carl 132 Geigle. James 88. 145 Gensman. Stephany 92. 145 Gerhart. Kathy 50. 104, 156 Gibson. Gregory 50. 156 Gibson. Stanley 84, 98. 145 Gifford. Scott 132 Gifford. Sue 156 Gilbert. Paula 83, 104, 156 Gilliam. David 99. 132 Gilliam. Robert 88. 145 Giles. Mike 85. 156 Gilford. Mearl Gilford. Theola Gilmore. Randy 156 Gilpatrick. Kenneth 98. 156 Gilreath, Vanesa 104. 132 Gipson. Mike 156. 179 Gipson. Pam 132 Glatt. Lonny 132 Glavin, Carrie Francis Goddard. David 156 Gomeringer. Fred 145 Gomeringer. Lisa 32. 104. 156 Gomez. Gwen Goodlow. Richard 172 Goodlow, Lanessa 133 Gormley. Robert 115 Gossage. John 156 Graham. Eric 40. 98. 99. 118, 129. 132 Graham. Jeff 40. 51. 69. 145 Gray. Becky 132 Gray. Jamie 25. 74. 75. 92. 132 Gray. Karen 72, 145 Gray. Tom Graves. Greg 51, 115. 179 Green. Renee 145 Gregg. Julie 69. 85. 92. 104. 145 Gregg. Nicky 40. 156. 179 Gregg. Steven 99 Griffen. Shirley 102. 145 Griffith. Jamie 156 Griggs. Wille Mae 84. 132. 133 Gromley 146 Guenther. Karen 82. 83. 104. 156 Guthrie. Sandi Guyn, Harold Guyn, James 156 H Hagerty. Walt 25. 80. 94. 132. 179. 181 Hall. Tim 92. 146 Hall. Veronica 156 Hamel. Stephen Craig 156 Hamilton, Cathy 40. 132 Hammond. Venson Hampton. Lisa 88. 91. 100, 132 Haning. Ramona 92. 117, 146, 151 Hankins. Barry 156 Hanmack. Dennis 100 Hans, James 112. 113. 114. 132 Harding. Bill 40. 69. 70. 72. 88. 91. 128. 132 Harmon. Glenn 146 Harness. Scott 132 Harner, Curt Harper, Lisa 104. 156 Harrington. Kevin 51. 80. 95, 132, 170. 171, 173 Harrington. Tracey 33. 46. 51, 108, 113, 146 Harris, Darla 74. 132 Harris, Debbie 146 Harris, Gayle 83, 156 Harris. Linda 156 Harris. Tommy 72, 75. 133 Harris, Wynona Hart. Jeff 116. 117, 146. 148. 179. 180 Hart. Sherri 50. 116. 117, 154. 156 Hartronft. Dean 99. 133 Hartonft, Earl Hartsell. Bill 39. 72. 128. 133 Hastings, Brian 156 Hastings. Michele 24. 69, 133 Hause, Jamie Hawkins. Natalie 156 Hawthorne. David 133 Henderson. 133 Hendrson, Scott 51. 69. 80. 94. 95, 113, 114, 133 Hendrix, Steve 133 Herbert. Gina 156 Hernandez. Danny 146 Hibbard. Kirby 157 Hicks. Brenda 25. 92, 133 Hicks. Rusty 157 Hicks. Teresa High. Marie 156, 157 High. Ronald 72. 133, 175. 177 Hill. Donna 46. 72. 133 Hill. Janice 77. 79. 104, 157 Hill, Lynette 25. 76. 133 Hill, Teresa 157 Hill. Willie Hinojosa. Ruben 157 Hinton, Roger 146 Hitt, Dianne 104. 157 Hobb. Robert Hobbs, Chris 146 Hoffman, Ginger 133 Hofmann. Scott 93. 133 Hoffmeier, Debbie 69. 133 Holmes. JaJuana 157 Holman. Donny 50. 157 Holman. Sidney 51. 74. 75. 110. 112. 113, 114, 116, 133 Holt. Barry 115 Holt. Gregg Holt. Janet 100. 146 Holt. Jonathan 157 Holt. Tim Holt. Valarie 102 Honeycutt. Anne 32, 33. 47. 133 Honeycutt. Donna 146 Hornbake. Kelley 146 Howard. Zack 79. 88. 106. 157 Howard, Joe 115, 133 Howell. Nancie 146 Howland, Brenda 157 Howland. Jeri 146 Howland. Kenneth 146 Huddleston. Charles 146 Huddleston, Greg 146 Huddleston. Kathy 24. 157 Huddleston. Kevin 157. 175 Hudson, Robert 146 Huey. Clark 40. 41. 48. 64. 49. 116. 117, 133. 134 Huey. Lois Ann 157 Huff. Marlyn Joann 72. 146 Huffer. June 88. 133. 136 Hughen, Debbie 157 Hughes. Davied 157 Hukill, James 115, 157 Hukill, Joe 146 Hukill, Margaret 133 Hull. Shenecta Hunt. John 88. 146 Hunter, Craig 51. 146 Hunter. Kathleen 40. 78, 83. 104. 157 Hunter. Lisa 85. 104. 157 Hunter, Sheila 74. 75. 100. 133 Hurd. Eric 157 Hurd. Bob Hurt. Bobby 157 Hutton, Nancy 133 Ingham, Kenneth 88. 157 Irwin. Christina 83. 88. 157 Igner. Kay 84. 100, 104 Igner, Linda 84. 146 Irons. Billy 134. 179, J80. 181 Ivester, Eric 18. 40. 69. 113. 114.134. 179 J Jackson. Nita 119. 134 Jackson. Tommy Jackson. Willie 50 Jameson. Kim 115, 157 Jasinski. Randy 134 Jameson. Steve 115. 134 Jefferson. Bob Jefferson. CJ. 157 Jefferson. Harold 88 Jefferson. Kenneth 50 Jefferson, Naomi 84, 146 Jefferson. Robert Jenkins. Marsha 84. 157 Jenkins. Marsha 84. 157 Jenkins. Tamara 51. 68. 92, 104, 134 Jett. Jeff 88. 146 Jett, Raymond 134 Jewett. Debbie 50 Jimenez, Grace 146 Jimenez. Isabelle 157 Johnson. Angelette 84. 102. 157 Johnson. Betty 146 Johnson. Deborah 134 Johnson. Diane 50. 77. 79. 88. 157 Johnson. Richard 179 Johnson. Rita 104, 157 Johnson. Rose 157 Johnson. Rusty 157 Jones, Angie 146 Jones, Ann 134 Jones, Carl 157 Jones. David Jones. Jim 113, 146 194 — IndexJones. Jimmy 69. 88. 99. 114 Jones. Jurneathea 88. 158 Jones. Karen 88. 158 Jones. Karen 88. 146 Jones. Linda 158 Jones. Mike 69. 134 Jones. Rhoda 24. 146 Jones. Russell 50. 88. 158, 172 Jones. Steve 146. 179 Jones. Tammy 50. 88. 92. 158 Jones. Timothy 51. 100. 147 Jones. Veronica 134 Jones. Zappard 102. 147 Josey. Kenny 79. 115, 158 Jouett. Debbie 88. 158 K Karr. Kathy 71. 74. 92. 134 Kastner, Honer 14. 24. 40. 65. 80. 81. 86. 96. 104. 147 Kastner. Rick 115, 158 Kastner. Tracie 40. 83. 88. 91. 158 Keck, Laurel Keck. Tim Keene. Nick 147 Kellingsworth. Gena 147 Kern. Sherry 88. 102. 147 Kibbe. Mark 143 Kilgore. Al 40. 64. 134. 179. 181. 178 Kilgore. Cheryl 109. 119. 133. 134 Killebrew. Larry 92. 98. 99. 134 Killian. Cindy 158 Killian. Maxie 134 Kimbrel. Tammy 69. 85. 92. 142, 147 Kincannon. Phyllis 25. 40. 80. 81. 86. 94. 104, 109. 114. 134 Kinney. Jill 24. 69. 79. 134 King. Glenn 69. 134 King. Robin 83. 134 Kirby. Kyle 25. 135 Kirby. Terri 104. 158 Kirklannd. Karen 119 Kirkland. Pam 135 Kitchens. Chesley 158 Kizziar. Barbara 40. 80. 81. 86. 96. 104. 158 Knox. Barry 115, 142. 147 Knox. Marshall 147 Kohl. Debbie Kohler. Kayna 147 Kohler. Kevin 88. 98. 99. 118. 135 Konen. Bob 135 Kraljev. Ben 71. 74. 75. 135 Koukal. Rhonda 147 Kowaleski. Tony 72 Kreiling. Mark 158 Kuykendall. LeAnn 40. 92. 93 L Ladd. Ronald 115, 147 Lane. Don 47. 158 Langford. Donald Lasuter. James 158 Laskowski. Julie 72. 83. 104. 147 Laskowski. Sam 88. 157 Lauderdale. Joe 32. 40. 46. 158 Lawrence. Sheryl 88. 91. 147 Lawhorn. Paul 158 Lawson. Tina 76. 78. 104. 158 Lee. Bud 147 Lee. Dennis Lee. Kathy 147 Lee. Owen Lee. Richard 158 Lee. Robert 135 Leflett, Terri 24. 135 Leistner. Michael 135 Leistner, Steve 158 Lemaster. Cody 59. 158 Lemieux, Robert 147 Lenard. Roy 135 Leverett. Brad 39. 40. 68. 135. 179. 181 Levesque. Chris 147 Lewis. Clay 72. 147 Lewis. James 158 Leyton. Linda 83. 158 Leyton. Virginia 82. 83. 135 Linden. Carole 24. 82. 147 Linden. Janet 25. 82. 133. 135 Lingle. Joey 110. 113. 135 Linton. Linn 135 Lionel. Kimberly 119 Lipscomb. Jackie 84. 135 Lipscomb. Jeanne 119. 135 Litsch. Kelley 68. 46. 110. 111. 113. 114. 135 Little. James 158 Littlejohn. Rita 74, 75. 100. 135 Loche. Donna 72, 147 Long, Malissa 147 Long. Raymond 158 Longoria. Lucy 158 Loper. Don 99. 136 Lopez. Anita 90. 92 Lopez. Paul 98. 147 Lott. Gary 147 Ludwig. Marty Luebking. Donna 100. 136 Lumry, Karen 104, 158 Lynch. Lea Ann 158 Lyons. Linda 147 M Maahs. Michael 147 Maberry. Leland Mackin. Chuck 99. 147. 175 Madden. Steve 147, 179 Madison. Charlotte 40. 106. 158 Madison. Larry 136. 179. 180. 181 Mahan. Tim 69. 88. 91. 136 Maldonado. JoAnn 147 Maldonado. Mary Lou 158 Malena. Debbie 92. 136 Malina. Mary 102 Manley. Gayle 100. 147 Manning. Kim Marcha. Phil 33. 47. 136 Marien, Chris 33. 46, 104 Marker. Mary 147 Marlin. Ken 40. 47. 72. 82. 83. 147 Marlin. Marie 92. 142. 147 Marple. Keith 72, 147 Martin. David 92. 120. 147 Martin. Donna 25. 92. 136 Martin. Melvin 136. 179 Martin, Vanesa 133, 136 Martinez. Jimmy 115, 158 Martinez. Ramico Mason. Cherie’ 32. 33. 47. 103, 112. 112. 126 Mason. Patty 104. 158 Mason. Todd 79. 158. 179 Matthias. Mary 148 Maxwell. Kim 76. 104. 120. 136 Mayberry. Lee 71. 100 McAllister. Billy 159 McAllister. James McAllister. Linda 148 McBride. Vicki 148 McConnell Kimberly 136 McCarty. Kevin 148 McCarver. James 72. 88. 136 McConnell. Kim 83. 104 McCutchen. Pam 148 McDonel. Cleatus 159. 179 McDowell. Rodney 159 McElwain. Chris 148. 175. 179 McGee. Kevin 50. 159, 170. 173 McGrath. Ronnie 40. 69. 136 McGrath. Tracy 15. 40. 80. 81. 86. 96. 159 McGraw. Beth 88. 91. 100. 72. 148 Randy McCloud 136 McGregor. Alan 32. 79, 159 McGregor. Cary 127. 136. 175. 177. 179. 180 McGrory, Tom 148 McGruder. Brenda 79 McGuire. Damon McGuire. DeAnna 158 McGruder. Bill 136 McGruire. Michelle 72. 100 Mcllnay, John 33. 40. 46. 136 McKeaver. Andra 159 McKeaver. David 98. 148. 175 McKeaver. Steve 51. 148. 178. 179. 180. 181 McKee. Janet 136 McKinley. Bonnie 65. 100. 118, 136 McKinley. Ro ert 32. 50. 103. 159 McKinney. Pamela 136 McKnight. Timberly McNeil. Kim 72 Mealer. Terry 100. 136 Meeler. Brenda 72. 148 Meeler. William 136 Medders. Dewayne 99. 159 Medlock, George 159 Metcalf. Jim 91. 159 Metcalf, Kenna 113, 115. 142. 148 Meyer, Pat Milam. Lisa Miller. Chris Miller. Deborah 14. 104. 148 Miller. Duwane 148 Miller. Harold 115 Miller. Keith 115. 137 Miller. Mike 137 Miller. Mindy 40. 65. 69. 74. 75. 82. 83. 88. 91. 133. 137 Miller, Pam 79. 104, 159 Miller, Teresa 88. 100. 148 Millet. Elton 159 Milton. Rhonda 24. 39. 40. 48. 52. 64. 69. 86. 104. 109. 137 Mires. Brenda Mitchell. Dewayne 170 Mitchell. Sharon 69. 88. 90. 91. 92. 137 Moistner. Danita 137 Molina. Mary 83. 148 Moore. Linda 137 Moore, Phyllis 159 Moreau. Brad 115, 159 Moreno. Oralia Morgan. Barbara 159 Morgan. Jamer 159 Morgan. Sharon 83. 88. 159. 163 Morgan. Suzanne 88. 148 Morozoff. Scott 25. 69. 72. 148 Marysue. Morton 137 Morren. Mike 115. 159 Morren, Steve 118. 148 Index — 195Morris, Jimmy 93. 118. 148 Morris. Lynna 40. 92. 104. 130. 137 Morris. Shawn 159 Morrison. Greg 100. 137 Morrison. Julie 137 Morton. Maryse 24 Mosler, Cynthis 148 Moss. Tara 15. 24. 50. 52. 79. 159 Motheral. Debbie 69, 72. 88. 148 Mowdy. Vonda 25. 148 Murphy. Candace 137 Murphy. Candace 137 Murphy. Dennis 148 Murphy. Tim 159 Musgrave. Renee 77. 79. 104, 159 Myers. Ricky 159 N Nagy. Walter 137 Narien. Christine 148 Napuunoa, Kim 159 Nash. Darrell. 72 Nathe. Paula 68. 77. 79. 85. 104. 148 Neal. Diana 137 Neal. Frank Negron. Steve 148 Neilson, Dane 50. 159. 172 Nelson, Phil 148 Newman. Roxanne 159 Newton. Claire 51. 148 Nichols. Cynthia 51. 74. 137 Nolan. Kirk 158. 159. 170 Nolen. Darla 148 Nordman, Diane 85. 155. 159 Nordman. Donna 40. 85. 86. 104. 155. 159 Nucci. Robert 137 O Obenhaus, Kevin 115, 159 Oberpriller. Barry 137 Overpriller. Cathie 72. 92 Ochoa. Sylvia Oden. Andy 40. 46. 49. 52. 68. 70. 71. 74. 116. 137 O'Hair. Brian 150 O’Hair. Dan 85. 159 O’Halloran, Bobbie 160 Opitz. Mike Ortega. Louis 99. 137 Ortega. Mark 98. 148 Ortez, Rene Osborn, Cindy 160. 161 Otis. Orlando 91. 160 Otten. Donna 137 Overcast. Shelly 25. 92. 104. 109. 137 Overfield. Brian 137. 179. 181 Owens. Henry 84. 148 Owens. Laurie 88. 91. 160 P Paramore. Nichole 160 Parker. Eliazbeth 25. 70. 74. 75. 104. 109. 137 Parker. Margaret 72. 88. 91. 137 Parrish. Andrea J. 64. 138 Parrish. Andreia L. 46. 110, 112, 113, 114. 137 Parrish. Cheryl 160 Parsley. Marsha Parsley. Melody 160 Patterson. Rhonda 100, 130, 138 Payne. Kendall 138 Payne. Kim 148 Pearce. Randal Peard. Claire 24. 119, 138 Penoyer. Natalie 160 Perkey, Jerry 68. 100. 138 Petkoff. Jimmy 115. 138 Pettit. Martha 33. 72. 147 Peyton. Payla 24. 104. 160 Peyton. Perry 115, 148 Phelps. Janet 25. 40. 72. 86. 148 Phillips. Darrell 160 Phillips. Donna Phillips. Tommy 51. 149 Phillips. Renee 68. 82. 108. 138 Pitts. Arthur 172 Pixley, Kenny 72. 88. 149 Plato. Scott 149 Pogue. Lori 160 Pogue. Terri 106. 133. 138 Poole. Troy 149 Porter. Mona 104. 160 Porterfield. Danny 160 Presley. Gracie Powell. Amy 85. 88. 160 Powell. Steve 40. 48. 138. 179. 180. 181 Powell. Vicky 119, 149 Price. Cheryl 160 Price. Elizabeth 149 Price. Frankie 82. 149 Privett, Janet 33.40. 46.51.92. 104. 113. 114. 116. 142. 149 Prock. Kevin 68. 77, 79, 88, 91. 149 Propps. Diana 25. 51. 64. 80. 81. 85. 86. 94. 95. 96. 104. 109. 114. 138 Pruitt. Mike 172 Puckett. Jim 46. 149 Puckett. Terri 138 R Ragar, Twila 76. 160 Raiden. Gwendolyn 138 Ramirez. Cochee's Rangel. Willie Rankhorn, James 99. 138 Ratcliff. Brett 138 Ratcliff. Bruce 149 Rathke. James 83. 160 Rahtke, Pattie 72. 92. 149 Ray. Becky 40. 160 Ray, Susan 138 Reber. Randy 51. 69, 116. 117. 145. 180 Rector. Russel Dennis 160 Reed. Brenda 88. 90. 92. 113. 114. 133. 138 Reed, Philip 78. 79. 160 Reichenbach. Cheryl 49 Reichert. Stanley 98. 118. 138 Reichert. Steven Reimer. Kelly Sue 72. 88. 90. 92. 149 Reinschmiedt. Kathy 69. 88. 149 Revilla. Annabell Reynard. Elizabeth 138 Reynolds. Bobby 33. 40. 46. 82. 83. 88. 149 Reynolds. Cindy 138 Reynolds. Dane 160 Rice, Rocky 149 Rice. Rod Rice. Tamara 160 Richards. Armeta Richards. Carol Richards. Prayther 175 Richard. Robert 138 Richardson, Rita 102. 104. 138 Richeson, Charla 40. 80. 83. 96. 97. 106. 160 Richeson. LeAnn 12. 17. 24. 80. 81. 85. 88. 90. 96. 130. 133. 138 Richeson. Jea Ann Rico. Johnny Riley. Earie 149 Ringuette. Don 183 Risinger. Dona 119, 138 Ritenour. John 69. 72. 80. 88. 69. 72. 80. 88. 96. 138 Ritenour. Kate 72. 88. 49 Roach. Michael 160 Roberson. Carl 139 Roberts. Beverly 76. 133. 139 Roberts. Dale 115, 149 Roberts. Elda 115. 139 Roberts. Lisa 109. 199. 139 Robertson. Troy 98. 160 Robinson. Betty 156, 160 Robinson. Ikeither 160 Robinson, Pat 50. 172 Robinson. Patricia 156, 160 Robinson, Steve 149 Robinson. Wilma 139 Roblez. Daniel 179 Roblez. Damian 160 Roblez. Linda 100. 149 Roblez. Marcello 160 Roblez. Susan 149 Rochelle. David 98. 149 Rodgers. James 76. 88. 149 Rodrigues. Jeanette 25. 69. 139 Rodrigues. Yolanda 83, 160 Roe. Kim 25. 92. 104. 109. 139 Roe. Phil 160. 175 Roesch, Cheryl 76. 92, 149 Rogers. Harlan 72. 142, 149 Rogers. Pam 88. 91. 139 Rogers. Vivian 100, 149 Roland. Randy 88. 149 Rollins. Nancy 65, 100. 139 Romines. David 15. 32, 161 Roxx. Warren 92. 161 Rovell, Kevin 88. 161 Ruiz. Rosa Linda 139 Rushing. Jimmy 139 Rushing. Laura 76. 139 Russell. Megan 25. 68. 72. 80, 81. 86. 96. 104. 107. 109. 127. 139 Russum, Brenda 100. 104, 149 S Sadler. DeLynda 127. 133 Sadler. Ronnie 99. 149, 179 Sadler. Sara 72. 92. 104. 149 Sager. Coleen 88. 91. 161 Saindon. Pat 68. 88. 149 Saker. Mike 85. 161 Salazar. Jesse 161 Salazar. Lidia 161 Salazar. Mary 161 Salmon. Kelli 79. 83. 104. 161 Salone. Michael 51 Salvaggio. Teresa 88. 92. 149 Sanchez. Gloria A. 92. 139 Sanchez. Merida 102. 150 Sanders. Dedra 150 Sanders, Sandra 104, 161 Sanderson. Rusty 150. 170 Sanderson. Rudy 99. 172 Santiago. Ed 139 Sasse. Rhonda 88. 91. 92. 150 196 — IndexSavera. Greg 161, 172 Savera. Shawn 24. 72. 92. 150 Scalf. Leon 98. 161 Scalf. Mike 14. 88. 161 Schenkel. Rieks 88. 91, 150 Schulz. Mark 161 Schumacher. Mike Schwartz. Ada JoAnn 139 Schweitzer. Harold 161 Scoggin. DeeAnn 24 Scott. Laurie 40. 77. 78. 79. 104. 116, 117. 153. 161 Scott. Susan 40. 72. 100, 104, 109. 139 Sears. Jamie 88. 91. 150 Sears. Jan 40. 48. 64. 72. 85. 133. 139 Seay. Alvin 161 Secrest. Melinda 86. 104, 161 Seeberger. Karen 51. 69. 88. 150 Servantez. Louis 161 Sevedge. James (Mike) 88. 91. 100. 139 Sevedge, Vernon 161 Sevenson, Tony 150 Sharp. Tori 88. 91. 161 Sharpe. Mark 31. 32. 33. 40. 46. 68. 103. 116. 139 Shaw. Angela 161 Shelly. Mark 161 Shiplet. Charles 115. 150 Shirey. Mike 161 Shivers. Cordia 139 Shriver. Bobby 99 Shriver. Mickey 150 Short. Terry 150 Shumaker. Mike 88. 150 Sides. Lori 25. 69. 74. 92. 139 Signorelli. James 72. 150 Signorelli. Paul 115. 139 Simco, Stuart 51. Ill, 113. 114. 139 Simpson. Ernest 115. 150 Sims. Terri 100. 139 Singleton. Davey 99. 150 Singleton. Tina 85, 161 Sirmons. Bettye 161 Six. Scott 50. 152, 161. 163. 179 Skidmore. Paul 161 Slack. Becky Slack. Cheryl 161 Smiley. Mary 139 Smith. Aileen 161 Smith. Bob 69. 128. 139 Smith. Brenda 161 Smith. Cindy 108. 113. 114. 150 Smith, Connie 32. 78, 103. 161 Smith. Darrell 99. 139 Smith. Jessie 119. 139 Smith Kimothy 68. 79, 88. 91. 149. 150 Smith. Melissa 85. 86. 104, 161 Smith. Pam 159 Smith. Randy Smith. S. Randy 40. 48. 140. 150. 179 Smith, Robin 150 Smith. Sharvella 104. 162 Smith. Sheila 88. 162 Smith. Tim 162 Smith William 115, 140 Snipes. Darren Snow. Eddie 69. 83. 140 Snyder. Kevin. 80. 113. 114. 132. 140 Snyder. Sheryl 88. 91. 150 Southall. C. Brent 110. 113. 115. 150 Speer. Debra 40. 46. 120. 150 Speer. Donita 72. 88. 91. 140 Spelde. Gerri 76. 79. 150 Sprague. Janene Spruiell. Saundra S. 40. 41. 51. 64. 69. 80. 81. 86. 96. 104, 109. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115, 130. 140 Statler, Elizabeth 150 Stauffer. Sara 80. 85. 96. 104. 162 Steckman, Lisa Stephen. Bryan Stephens. Jeri 69. 72. 140 Stephenson, Rob 115, 140 Stevenson. Sherra 92. 100. 104. 150 Stewart. Janet. Lynn 118. 1119. 150 Stickney. Ramona 85. 162 Stillwell. Zachary 69. 140 Stinson. Shelee, 100. 150 Stobbe. Craig 40. 49. 80. 110. Ill, 113. 114. 140, 179 Stokes. Gregg 162. 172 Stokes. Karen 100, 149 Stoner. Dannie 130, 140 Studer. Becky 92. 140 Studer, Joyce 162 Summitt. Jim 32. 140. 179 Summitt. Sannon G. 140 Sutherland. Danny 140 Sutton. Steve 69. 72. 150 Swenson, Tony 92 Sydlo. Sylvie 76. 85. 88. 91. 100. 150 T Tafoya. Carrie 162 Tafoya. Melody 72. 85. 150 Talley. Susan 72. 88. 150 Tamez, Felix 162 Tarrant, Alan Taylor. Pam 84. 104. 162 Taylor, Steve 162 Teal. Renee 83. 106. 162 Teetsell, Debbie 32. 103. 140 Teigen. Pam 51. 72. 80. 81. 96. 108. 114. 116, 150 Thacker. Jill 41. 52. 74.75. 104. 109. 116. 140 Thacker. Leander 150. 170, 171 Thomason. Ben Mike 115, 140 Thomason. Steven 140, 118 Thompson, Ann Thompson. Dedra Thompson. Kenny 162 Thompson. LaDaun 104, 162 Thompson. Linda 140 Thompson. Terri 119 Thornton. Tina Kay 83. 158. 162 Thrower. LaSonya 162 Thurmond. Penny 136 Thurmond. Randy 79. 162 Thurmond. Tammy 83. 104. 162 Thurmond. Ty 162 Tiernan. James 162 Tipton. David 151 Tipton. Jesse 17. 162 Todd, Michael 140 Tolbert. Gail 102 Tolbert. Michelle 102. 151 Tolbert. Sonia 140 Torres. Danny Torres. Miriam 162 Townzen, Doug 140 Traylor. Vernon 151 Treece, Tony Trest, Bruce 140. 179 Trevett. Martial 162 Troester. Angela 40. 140 Truax. Becky 33. 40. 46.51,88. 116. 117. 142. 144. 151 Tucker. Charles 40. 51.68. 120. 151. 179. 180. 181 Tudor. Phil 72 Turner. Lori 88. 162 Turner. Mattie DeAnn 140 Turner. Ron 88. 151 Tuttle. DeAnn 88. 162 Tuttle. Kevin 40. 88. 99. 140 Tylor. Judy Tyner. Gary 40. 140. 179. 181 Tyner. Randy 162. 179 V Vaillancourt. Becky 162 Vaillancourt. Beth 64. 69. 85. 88. 151 Vancleave. Kerry 98. 151 Vanderkolk. Renee 85. 162 Vanderkolk, Rhea 85. 162 Varner. Hovart 100. 141 Vassella. David 33. 47. 141 Vassella. Lyn 40. 79. 83. 86. 104. 162 Vaughn. Sherry 76. 79. 83. 151 Vaught. Tom 162 Veach, Cheyenne 76. 152 Villarreal. Debbie 40. 104. 162 VinYard. Dan 115, 141 Vinyard. Sam 115, 141 Vimoktayon. Bejamas 151 W Waldrop. Renee 17. 80. 81. 85. 94. 104. 107. 109, 113. 114. 141 Walker. Cindy 151 Wall. Vanisa 83. 151. 40 Walker. Carol 25. 68. 151 Walker, Craig 69. 141 Walker. David 51. 98. 151. 170. 173 Walker. Donna Walker. Jeff 151 Wallace. Michelle 151 Walstad. Barbara 68. 151 Walston. Karen 46. 88 Watkins. Steve Watson. Don 141 Watson. Jacqueline 84. 88. 91. 141 Watson. James Watson. Jaye 88. 162 Watson. Pam 51. 151 Watson. Willa 162 Wayland. Bill 98 Webb. Brenda 25. 69. 80. 81. 88. 91. 97. 141 Webb. Mike Weems. Steve Wert. Teresa 162 Welch. Beth 62 Welch. Denise 141 Welch. Stephan 115. 141 West. Barbara 84. 102. 104, 118. 151 West. James 50. 162 172 West. Katie 162 West. Luther West. Nadine Westlake. Debbie 77. 79. 162 Wheeler. Randy White. Lonnie White. Janice 162 White. Mary 162 White. Terry 172 Whiting. Julia 92. 141 Whitten. John 130. 141 Wiginton. Dana 25. 32. 40. 46, 80. 94. 95. 103. 104. 116. 120. 151 Index — 197Wilcoxen. Angie Wilcoxen, Michael Wilkes. Tom 88. 91. 162 Willeford. David 151 Williams. Anita Williams. Kenny Wayne 50. 162. 175 Williams. La Veda 162 Williams. Marie 141 Sharon. Williams 141 Williams, Steve 162 Williams. Thressie 84. 162 Williams, Tony 84 Williams. Vincent Williamson. Eddie 151 Willis. Ira 84 Willis. John 115, 141 Wilmes, Scott Wilmes. Tim 162 Wilson. Bryan 32. 162. 179 Wilson, Cheryl 141 Wilson. Dan 141 Wilson. Donald 141 Wilson. Gary Wilson. Matt 141 Wilson. Ronnie 84. 151 Wilson. Terri 88. 151 Winkowski, Christy 104. 162 Winstead. Curtis Wolfe. Brian 69. 151 Wood. Scott 162 Woodall. Nicky Woodward. Jerry 151 Woodward. Larry 151 Woolsey, Kevin 88. 94, 151 Woolsey. Lisa 40. 88. 91. 141 Wooten. Dona 50. 116, 162 Workman. Jim 32. 100. 103 Worley. Cliff 115. 151. 179. 181 Worrell. Mitch 18. 51. 115. 142. 151 Worsham. Sandra 119. 141 Worthen. Chet 33. 141 Worthen. Lisa 72. 88. 151 Wright. Clint 162 Y Young. Vanessa 102, 141 Young. Franklin 162 Yeager. Johnny Yates. Kendal 83. 104. 162 Z Zielke. Jim 100 Zielke, Diane 102 Zender, Kathy 92. 151 Zender. Joe 162 Faculty Ackerson. Rex 16. 18. 69 Archer, Judy 16. Babb. Herman 16. 69 Baucum, Benton 16. 69 Blackshear, Alan 87 Bostic. Robert 16 Bottom. Rick 16 Brown, David 16, 16. 19. 179 Bryce. Karen 23 Brinkman. Barbara 21 Byrd. Terry 118 Campbell. Don 16. 77 Campbell. Theresa 16. 17 Chavarria. Petra 16. 17. 82 Chisum. Joyce 16 Coates. Richard 16. 175, 179 Coffey. Pat 17 Copeland. Mike 15 Cox. Kenneth. 17 Craig. Sam 87 Dalton. Doug 17 Diltz, Jack 17. 179 Drury. Eula 17, 20 Edwards. Dale 17 Elliot. Edith 17. 19 Ferris. Ruth Ford. Gary Garvin. Buel 17. 79 Garvin. Dorothy 17 Hall. Howard 17. 20. 175 Harkins. Joe 17. 99 Harrington. Clester 17. 170. 171. 172 Harris. Larry 18 Hart. Bob 18. 179 Heffel. Betty 18 Hooten. Wanda 23 Hoyt. Bill 18 Jackson. Anna Lee 18. 47 Jensen. Sue Johnson. J.D. 170. 171 Jones. Irene 18 Jordan. Katherine Kellebrew, Robert 18. 98 King, Howard 14 King. Larry 18 King. Maurice 19. 47 Lamar. Roy 22 Lett. Iletta 19 Litsch, Jim 19. 70. 71. 75 Marler, Linda 21 Martin. Cortis 19 Mason. Marland 19 Metcalf. Kent 19 Morey. Mark 19 Muller. Joe 19 Nucci. Anna Laura Omohundro. Ruth Ann 20 O'Rear, Glenda 20 Pettit. Susan 17. 20. 81 Provence. Christine 20 Richardson. Torryne 20 Rooker, Virgie 16. 17. 20. 81 Royal. Linda 20 - . Scalf. Leonard Spruiell. Bobbie 23 Stevens. Debbie 19. 20. 117 Sullivan. Randy 19, 20 Thomas, Casta 170, 172 Thomas. Debbie 21. 47 Trout. Jeff 21. 178. 179 Vineyard. Ray 21 Walder. Donna 21 Weber. Mark 21. 171. 172 Welborne. Lindy 21. 179 Wenk. Bob 15 Whitworth. Iva 21 Williams. Lucie 21 ACTV 110 Art Club 76 Band 87 Biology 77 Black History Club 84 Broadcasters 113 Collar 94 Debate Club 103 DECA 100 FBLA 92 FFA 115 FJA 114 French Club 85 HERO 102 JETS 68 Pep Club 104 Press Club 80 Psychology Club 70 OHOSA 119 Spanish Cub 82 Spirit Steppers 86 Student Council 116 Varsity Choir 120 VICA 98 Vocal Music 122 VYLC 118 Yearbook 96 198 — IndexM, va! U l WCnn) . 4 a o iU, ° r; A;- kCLc ' Ufi Tai «p to . , WJ), Xx s m ® ■ f ujcw r meJl6d rXXT n. V f%i$x x«% V pc-, -t - « V c-x -w K7 ’ sp ', -Sr V 1 °r . r © V'T® -yo jB -b- 'O'? "YOV -5)0f Jl K7s jv J-TSU- Jl --« o - 2p«raj% tq 9T xrr' -p vji jj v,°u 

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