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1970 BULLDOG ALTUS HIGH SCHOOL ALTUS, OKLAHOMA VOLUME 37 Published by ... The Bulldog StaffWIND FROM the North extends the American and Victory flags to their fullest. Bright sunlight from the South imprints long Winter shadows at day's end. Venerable Main Building rests briefly before night classes begin. Of such moments are memories made. Pages which follow record other such brief instants, when and as they occurred. This is the 1970 Bulldog. Kay Price, Dan Iken, Editors CONTENTS FRONTISPIECE .................................. FOREWORD, CONTENTS HIGHLIGHTS OF YEAR ........................ FACULTY AND CURRICULUM ........ Superintendent's Office Board of Education Principal's Office................ -.. Teaching Staff -------------------- Transportation, Maintenance, Food Services CLASSES ..............................-........ Seniors ............-.................. Juniors Sophomores ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ............................. STUDENT LIFE .............................. Royalty ............................... Class Favorites ....................... Scholars Scholarships ........ —........... -.. All-School Production ............. CONCLUSION SUMMER SUPPLEMENT ..................... New Students .......................... Scholarships ............ -...-........ Spring Sports, A-Club ................. Jr.-Sr. Banquet ................. Senior Honors, Assembly ...........— — Graduation 0 00 1 20 21 22 24 36 40 68 78 90 104 148 150 158 161 164 165 ......168 169 169 170 171 177 178 179 INDEX 181 MUSIC EDUCATION building, with year round air condition- ing is in constant use except during five days in August between summer beginners band and fall band and vocal practice. Gleaming white new sidewalks were laid at that time. LAZY AUGUST afternoon two days before enrollment began in the cafeteria gives little indication of the long lines of students awaiting computer card section assignments 48 hours later. COMPUTER SEVENTIES Best-of-the-old retained Best-of-the-new acquired Enrollment by computer, vocational courses, computer programming, college level science, mathematics, new communications, and respon- sible student leadership characterized the first year of the space oriented seventies at Altus High. With chemurgy on the farm, and C-5A's in the air, need for more and more education became graphically apparent to each student. WHEN MAIN building of the 58-acre Altus High School campus was built four decades ago, this was the city limits. They now extend three miles beyond, but Elm Street still deadends at Altus High's entrance.ENROLLMENT line ends each August with sign-up for the BULLDOG. Altus students set national records in patronage of publications. Editors Kay Price and Dan Iken supervise the paper work as Linda Knapp, Vera Caswell, Glen Alexander wait their turn and Joe Boley makes his payment. "IT HAS to work, they've just given you the combination," Marvina Clark tells llene Silva. Learning locker combinations is one of the hazards of sophomore enrollment day. 2YEAR ROUND SCHOOL Summer session offers extra credit opportunities, transfer “catch up” aids This was the year new students arrived too late for the spring session, but in time for summer classes. They joined long time Altus students in getting extra classes to leave time for activity hours dur- ing the winter, or part-time work later. Most in- coming sophomore boys, too young for employ- ment, take driver education, science or history during their first senior high summer. PROJECT WICHITA FALLS, they called the final highway driving test for these summer driver ed students. Each morning for two weeks groups left at 7 a.m., DST, to make a round trip drive to Wichita Falls, Texas. Mr. Art Young, left, gives final instructions. EARLY FALL formal fashions are worn by Pat Orr and member, Carol Weaver. Each designed her outfit for the Future Homemakers sub-district September meeting. RIGHT BELOW: SUMMER BIOLOGY classes meet continuously all morning making it possible for complicated experiments to be completed in a single day. Mack McKeaver assembles equipment for one such project. 3CITIZENSHIP Cooperation, school pride new decade ingredients What is citizenship in the changing times of the seventies. For many it may be expressed rather than spoken in deeds of mutual assistance, ren- dered without desire for recognition. It may be concerned with the trivial or the momentous. Un- abashed school pride, unselfish work together characterized citizenship '70. As graphically shown by the two pictures on this page, the gesture may be spectacular, or merely a daily "he also serves" momento of loyalty. BECAUSE THE turret flag pole it above his classroom, Mr. Anton Edmonson exemplifies the loyalty he teaches in history classes by arriving an hour early each day to hoist the victory flag whenever a victory has been won. FOOTBALL FEVER at its highest carried over into art, and Gary Burrow, artist, left, did the lettering, Mr. Robert Killebrew, foregrond, and his vocational carpentry students the construction. Jerry Shaffer completes final installation.INITIATION for Future Homemakers of America was conducted by Future Farmers of America officers. At far left is Pati Booker, FHA president, David Cole, FFA president is at far right. Cooperation between organizations character- ized the 1969-70 school year at AHS as students became active in cam- pus-wide events. COLOR CAMERA fans, particularly AHS alumni, had a field day at Christmas photographing Mr. Bulldog Santa at main entrance. He was the product of several departments. CAMPUS WIDE cooperation doesn't just happen. Seated around this table are elected planners, members of the Student Council with advisor (back to camera) Mr. Bill Starr, principal. Others, from left clockwise, Dwight Starr, president; Harrison Mock, Gayla Hill, Pam Bell, Linda LeClair, Bobby McMahan, Ben Bob Mahan, Patsy Plew, Kris Risinger, Craig Thomas, Sam Stauffer, Bimbo Herron. 5FACETS High School community unlimited PARENT COOPERATION always is important at AHS, but seldom does a parent volunteer have the professional status of Mexican Olympic Basketball Coach Lester Lane, right, Mr. Lane attended early fall practice sessions to observe his son, Kevin, sophomore, and talk with Coach Clester Harrington about the season he wouldn't be here to see. He left in mid-fall for the Basque area of Spain to coach a team there for European competition. Melting pot for the nation and world? Strangers might so describe Altus High. Stop any three students in a corridor between classes and you might find one who was in high school in Tur- key last year, another who had ridden a bus 35 miles from his rural home where his father and grandfather, all college graduates, had lived for 50 years, and another who recently acquired facility in English, retaining at the same time skill in Spanish and winning awards for his school in bilingual competition. Typical student? Each is in his own way. SOCCER TECHNIQUE worked splendidly for Mexico City student-visitor, Edwardo Cassarin as a football place kicker. Mexicans frequently visit Alius friends or relatives, attending high school and perfecting English before college enrollment. 6 HORSE TRIXIE and rider-owner, Marita Abernathy, sophomore, won first place blue ribbon at Jackson County Fair for performance. Linda Bryce, junior Bulldog staffer, made the picture. Marita later was chosen an Oklahoma Senate page. A WINNER, Pam Avery, left and Merit Scholarship Finalist, Laura Martin, take the patio shortcut between classroom wings. They are in the top two and top one percent of the nation. "YOU'RE ONE THOUSANDTH student," Mr. Bill Starr, Principal, told astonished Sherri Schwartz, junior, as she arrived from Miami, Fla. to enroll. Sherri was presented a special certificate. ALTUS HIGH had a Junior Miss candidate the second straight year. Petite Kathy Herring packs for Miami and the Statewide Competition. 7When 1970 memories are recalled these will be paramount SPONTANEOUS congratulations are extended Homecoming Queen Debbie Byers, Pep Club President by Beverly Young and Jeanne Anne Freeman. FINE GAME DAWGS Mike Thomas, Kevin Stogdill and Billy Thomas tell Lawton Ike "B" team after Dawg victory at Hightower stadium. PATIO PEP assembly generated enthusiasm for the Bulldog victorious invasion of Vernon Lion's gridiron. Coach Jim Cromartie addresses students while Pep Band, in background, waits to play the victory song. At far right are Mr. Bill Starr, principal, Mr. Art Young, attendance director and Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent of schools. 8FAMILIAR STADIUM arrival of Randy Badger, Carol Perry, Kathy Herring, Gail Oakley, Gayla Hill, Georgia Whiteside and DeDe Stenman signal beginning of pre-game cheers. TENSE MOMENT as the Homecoming Queen candidates and their escorts wait for the announcement of the Queen's identity. Ben Bob Mahan, left, moments later crowned Debbie Byers, second from right. Coronation court includes Mahan, Dewey McGee, Gayla Hill, Susie Stauffer, Kyle Ray, Debbie, Larry Turner. OFFICIAL PICTURE day for Altus Bulldogs included individual color pictures of each in new uniforms. Photographer Allen Holliday makes the pictures later displayed by Altus merchants.RECOGNITION Lawmakers, national groups, honor junior, senior students Recognition of groups outside the academic com- munity is earned by numerous AHS students each year. Typical of such awards are those pictured here, and elsewhere in this section. Missing pic- torially is Kim Hughes, congressional page in Washington, D.C. Ex-member of Class of 70, he will be graduated from the Pages School in June. Altus students and teachers consistently are listed in major biographical indexes. Former grad- uates often dominate similar recognition lists on college campuses. HARRISON MOCK, SENIOR, asks Sen. Herchal Crow's opinion on leading legislation. Scott Brantley equally interested listens for answers. They were Sen. Crow's first appointees of the year as legislative pages. BETTY CROCKER Home- makers-of-the-Year award was presented Kathyn Ginn, senior FHA member, by Mrs. Ora Littlejohn, home-ec teacher at request of General Mills. JOURNALISM-SPEECH STUDENT Deborah McNeal was given a professional job on radio, based on her "Today at Altus Schools" broadcasts. Deborah was named to "Who's Who in American High Schools." DAR GOOD CITIZENS Medal was awarded Susie Stauffer by Altus Anne Lee Chapter, then she was awarded first-place in the region. Later she was chosen as one of the top three "Good Citizens of the State." 10Each year science leaders of two high schools in each state are chosen by Bell Tele- phone for a trip to Bell Lab- oratories at Murray Hill, New Jersey, and three days in New York City. Altus High's outstanding science teacher, Mrs. R. J. Lockhart, and Pam Avery, Chemistry II senior, were chosen by Southwest- ern Bell Telephone as its 1970 representatives. TUNABLE LIGHT SOURCE, (optical parametric oscillator) is explained at the Bell Lab by Research Scientist Dr. R. G. Smith as Pam Avery and Mrs. R. J. Lockhart watch. Oklahoma Arts and Humanities grant to AHS Varsity Choir made it possible for this group, win- ner of numerous other awards, to secure a stringed ensemble from Midwestern University as accom- panists for the Schubert "Mass in G" at Christmas. REHEARSAL AFTERNOON preceded the formal dress evening recital. Mr. Kenneth Cox, vocal music director, leads the combined groups, Collette Hill, far left, is soloist.HONORS Students receive national, state, regional awards, acclaim Last year Altus High School students received three top awards in national contests. Although the year's awards will not be complete until the end of school, new honors already have been announced. First of these each term are the Boys and Girl State winners, and special honors at Summer Band Camp and Yearbook Workshop. In order to include them, Altus Bulldog lists early honors in the opening section, additional honors in the later portion of the yearbook and final honors of the year in the summer supplement. FIVE of the six delegates from Altus High to Boys' State met with Congressman Tom Steed after the Veteran's Day breakfast. Billy Bob Starr greets him. Others from left are Jerry Tabb, Mike Cotney, Harrison Mock and David Chapman. Kyle Davis, the sixth delegate was ill. TOP HONORS ar Southwestern State Band Camp were won by AHS Drum Majors Ken Ward and Kittle Moberly. GET TOGETHER with Congressman Tom Steed was arranged for Girls' State delegates also. Karmen Karr could not be present. Other delegates are Paula Williamson, Kim Pecquinot and Debbie Byers.FIRST FOOTBALL assembly of the season introduces players and coaching staff to the student body. Head Coach Jim Cromartie speaks briefly. Bulldog players in travel and game day uniforms are Billy Bob Starr, John Dean, Marty Cotney, Pat Wallace, Paul Battles, Marvin Francoeur, Bobby McMahan, Craig Garnett, Mark Taylor, John Hickerson, Chad Ferguson, James Herron, James Hampton, Jim Stevens, Ronnie Fields, L. C. Stewart, Sam Rice and Tommy Ray. STUDENT-OF-THE-MONTH for the September issue of the Collar was Paula Williamson, selected by Student Council and kept a secret, even from Paula until the newspaper was distributed. ALTUS TIMES-DEMOCRAT honor scroll is presented Coach-of-the-Year Jim Cromartie, left, by Mike Finley, TD Sports Editor. All-State Lineman-of-the-Year Kyle Davis, left center and Billy Bob Starr, All-State Back assist with the ceremonies.AROUND THE CAMPUS School interests, activities encourage each doing his thing Volunteers, book worms, actors, scholars, musi- cians, each finds a niche at Altus High although the process may require a few weeks or even months for the newest arrivals. For some there is a constant series of awards, for others they may prefer the role of group par- ticipant or assistant. Each has a place. ABOVE: NEWLY shelved titles are checked for reviewing by Candi Cavanaugh, senior. BELOW: "MOST Outstanding Teenagers of America" listed this trio for 1970 . . . Kathy Kiker, Pam Avery, Kyle Davis. ABOVE: SUBJECTS needed for college pieparation are suggested to ninth grader Teresa Payne by Tisha Goldston, senior, guidance office volunteer. BELOW: BACKSTAGE at the auditorium, Donna Dollins rushes to make a quick change between "My Fair Lady" scenes. 14IT WAS RUSH, rush, rush for All State Choir members Craig Thomas, David Chapman, Kathryn Ginn, Donna Lamar, Sherri Gober and Judy Byram as they left Northeast Junior High, where Varsity choir performed, to leave immediately for the January 30 All-State Choir rehearsals and concert in Oklahoma City. THIS STUDIO portrait of Kittie Moberly, All-State Band member and her alto-saxophone, now hangs in the AHS Band Hall of Fame in Music Education Building. TOP ONE PERCENT on the American College Test was achieved by Seniors David Alston, Robert Duckett and Laura Martin. Mr. Adrain Rankin, guid- ance counselor, explains the top score meanings. ONE OF EVERY FOUR BANDSMEN from all of Southwestern Oklahoma chosen for the honor Regional Band were from Altus High. Here's the musicians chosen by audition at Hobart for the honor FRONT ROW: Dianne Pigg. Wes Rain- water, Susan Moberly, Theresa Blackwell. Stephanie Maddox, Ken Ward, Guy Grimes, Jim Riddle, Noe Guajardo, Kittie Moberly, Melodye Whitworth, Maria Guajardo, Chrystal LaPin BACK ROW: Steve Barton, Jcanine Miller, Cheryl Alston, Bruce King, Daryl Salmon, John Rosholl, Bob Mills, Roger Duckett, Larry Turner, Vic Alexander, Ross Longley, Zoe Ann McPherson, Mr. Larry Harris, director. NOT PICTURED: Susan Maley.LIBRARY BROWSING pays dividends for Junior Jon Holman as he checks newly bound volumes of back magazines. TRANQUIL VISTA from Park Avenue entrance of the auditorium reveals walkway in front of Cletus Street Field House and AHS Main. BEAUTIFUL ALTUS Junior College Library, adjoining AJC and AHS campuses provides first college experiences for Altus Seniors. Approximately one out of every two college bound AHS graduates attends AJC for part of college work. Library building, completed in 1969, is considered one of the region's most beautiful architectural examples. It was designed by AHS grad Joe Milton of the W. A. Appleby, Jr. firm, who also designed the cafeteria. I 16C5-A ARRIVAL First football field length plane makes Bulldogland home Altus Bulldog and Collar newspaper representa- tives were invited to the press briefing and arrival ceremonies December 17 at Altus Air Force Base for the C-5A, world's largest plane only four feet shorter than a football field. With a tail three times the height of the AHS entrance towers, it now is seen often from classroom windows. Because numbers were limited only those plan- ning to major in a field of Journalism could be accommodated. Accepted as members of the work- ing press, students, writers, and photographers interviewed MAC'S General Catton, toured the University of the Military Airlift Command, manip- ulated controls of simulator, boarded first C-5A. (ABOVE) THEY CAME to interview, but were often interviewed themselves. Tisha Goldston and Janet Hudson discuss television interview. (AT LEFT) DATA Panels are studied by Dan Iken and Judy Keyte on AAAC University tour. (BELOW) VIP luncheon for press and dignitaries began C-5A arrival day events for Collar and Bulldog staffers.OLD AGE arrives at '30' was the theme for Mrs. Bill Brinkman's thirtieth birthday. Her English students brought surprise props to help her play the part. FACULTY What generation gap? Most students at AHS probably would agree it is the good kind. Relationships between teachers and students are cordial, and interest goes be- yond the classroom wall and the subject at hand. Space age knowledge knows no age boundary. 18YOUNGEST BULLDOG boosters are Tannah Cromartie, daughter of Head Coach Jim Cromartie and Mrs. Cromartie, and Pam Pace, daughter of Assistant Band Director Dois Pace and Mrs. Pace. These AHS babies share the same birthday. COOPERATION AMONG faculty and students is demonstrated as nationally known science teacher Mrs. R. J. Lockhart fulfills her promise to bake a victory cake after Clinton game for Chemistry II (college level course) football players, Dwight Starr, Kyle Davis and Tom Holwegner. GUEST OF HONOR speaker at classroom teachers banquet, Lt. Gov. George Nigh, right, discusses pending legislation with Mr. Nick Wolfe, Altus Classroom Teacher Association President. 19ADMINISTRATION School supervisory staff plans future high school expansion During the decade of the sixties education at the high school level made such rapid changes Altus Board of Education, and School Superintendent Clifford Peterson made some major decision con- cerning new subjects, new curriculum, or new buildings at every meeting. Even greater changes are expected in the era ahead. Milestones in the changing world of education for NOW and the future include the data process- ing department with "hands on" computer and key punch machines, vocational courses, college level math, science, English, art and a wide variety of electives. Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent of schools, and former AHS principal, with advanced degrees from OU and Southern California serves on many state and regional boards, including educational research. NEWLY appointed to the posts of Assistant Superintendents, Mr. Bailey Snow and Mr. Jerry Doyle supervise transportation, attendance, textbooks and personnel. Both are former high school principals, and Mr. Doyle was AHS principal before becoming assistant superintendent. Mr. Bailey Snow Mr. Jerry Doyle 20 SPOKESMAN for the school system before many groups, Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent of schools, keeps in close touch with high school events, rarely missing an assembly or program.DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS, these school board members serve without pay because they are interested in continuing educational opportunities for Altus students. All are college men, with intense interest in young people. Mr. Hatton McMahan, left, is president. Others are Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent of schools, Mr. Jack Colville, Mr. Joe Buck, Dr. C. G. Russell, members and Mr. Eugene Bryce, vice president. PRESIDING at graduation ceremonies for both high school and Altus Junior College is what Mr. Peterson characterizes as one of his "most pleasant duties." SMILING and efficient, Mrs. Walter Cross, school board clerk and financial secretary of the school district, can answer almost any financial question without referring to a record. Auditors call her accounting system a model for the state. 21ADMINISTRATION Principal’s offices academic, athletic, activity focal point "Ask Mr. Starr, he'll probaby be able to do some- thing about it," is a familiar philosophy with both students and faculty at Altus High. New in the position as principal, Mr. Bill Starr brings years of experience to the office from former assignments as attendance and athletic director and classroom teacher. BELOW: If it's important, Mr. Starr will announce it second or fifth hour. Messages for a few students are delivered without disturbing all classes. AT RIGHT: Mr. Starr as AHS faculty head conducts monthly meetings and additional ones as needed. Atmosphere is informal, but efficient. Everything is planned. ATTENDANCE DIRECTOR for 1000 students is a major assignment, but Mr. Arthur Young still can call a major portion of the student body by name. LIASON between all sports programs, and physical fitness classes, Mr. Bob Wenk, athletic director for the schools, must plan schedules a year, even two years in advance. 22MR. W. C. DAVIS has both M.A. and M.S. degrees from the University of Oklahoma, is junior counselor, and adult education director for Southwestern Oklahoma. MRS. ERSA KIKER is a graduate of Graves-Bamhart Business College, Madison, Wisconsin. As secretary to the principal she keeps attendance records, supplies transcripts, answers innumerable questions daily. MR. ADRAIN RANKIN holds an M.A. and guidance certif- icate from Oklahoma State University. He counsels soph- omores and seniors, administers testing program. MRS. BUD SPRUIELL attended Southwest Teachers' College, San Marcos, Texas, helps teachers in preparation for testing programs, assists students in securing needed information. MRS. BOB WENK attended the University of New Mexico and came to the high school staff as a teacher's aide for the first time this year. She is cashier for the cafeteria dur- ing the three lunch periods. If it were a military base it would be the command post, if it were a huge corporation it would be the executive suite, but it is neither of these . . . it's Altus High School, and the administrative per- sonnel are executives, but they also are friends, counselors and advisors. For students, arrival at Altus High begins at the pincipal's and guidance counselor's office, and they immediately sense the "we do care" attitude. Student volunteers take them from class to class, introduce them to instructors. For seniors, constant checking and re-checking of records, and early remedial scheduling, helps avoid last minute heart- breaks. It is an office dedicated to student service. 23 CARD FILE of new students is studied by Mr. W. C. Davis, junior counselor.FINE ARTS Music, art students use talent in abundant school activities MR. KENNETH COX, M.A., was graduated from Oklahoma City University and North Texas State University. He teaches vocal music and is a nationally known specialist on the changing voice. MR. LARRY HARRIS, M.T., and B.M.E., attended West Texas State University and Southwestern State College. He is head band director and teaches music theory and stageband. MRS. ADRON HARRIS; B.A., attended Oklahoma University and S.W.S.C. She teaches Art I at Altus High. MR. DEAN HEARN, Bachelor of Music Education, attended West Texas State at Cameron. He is assistant band director at Altus High. MRS. RICHARD MAFFRY, B.S., attended Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. She teaches Art II and Art III. MR. DOIS L. PACE, received his masters from Southwestern State College and also attended West Texas University. He is assistant band director at A.H.S. Vocal music, band, and art students of Altus High School are involved in numerous entertainment activities. Students in each subject performed for other schools, organizations, fellow students, and parents. Constant practice kept at peak of perfec- tion, as pupils worked hard at afternoon and night sessions. Climax of fine arts year was combination of all students' talent in edification of the all-school production "My Fair Lady." DISPLAYING ENTHUSIASM for the holidays is director of music, Mr. Kenneth Cox. Tree was selected by Mr. Cox and decorated by vocal music students. PROUD OF THE AWARDS achieved by "That Altus Band," Mr. Larry Harris prepares to place trophies in the band hall honor case.FOREIGN LANGUAGES Students’ classroom conversations erase language barriers Mandatory speaking of Spanish in Spanish Club, French in French Club, and Latin in Latin Club prepares students for use of foreign language in outside world. Club ceremonies are performed with all dialogues in the particular language of the club. Question and answer periods during class promote learning of responses to questions en- countered in a normal day's activities. Continuous class repetition of common phrases add to the production of fluent speech. MRS. DALE CULVER, M.Ed., attended OU and the University of Grenoble, France. She teaches Latin and French and sponsors these language clubs. MRS. D. M. EWING, M.A., attended OU, UCLA, and Interamer- ican University, Saltillo, Mexico. She teaches Spanish I and is one of the Spanish Club sponsors. MRS. BOB ROOKER, M.A., attended OSU, OU, and is a grad- uate of the Interamerican University. She teaches Spanish II and is the other Spanish Club sponsor. SPANISH I INSTRUCTOR Mrs. Ewing prepares pinata for Spanish club activity. 25LANGUAGE ARTS Better written, spoken, literary English instructional goal MRS. BILL BRINKMAN, B.A., attended Southwestern State Col- lege at Weatherford. She teaches English III, creative writing and is a junior class sponsor. MRS. ELDON DRURY, B.A., attended Altus Junior College, and SWSC. She teaches English III. MRS. WELDON FERRIS, M.A., attended OU, OCLA, and OSU. She teaches journalism, sponsors the school newspaper, year- book, and FJA and directs the school public relations. MRS. PAUL FLIPPIN, B.A., attended OU, SWSC, and CU. She teaches Speech I and II, is a junior class sponsor, and directs plays, assemblies and programs. MR. LARRY KING, M.T., attended Altus Junior College and SWSC. He teaches English II and Speech I. MR. JOHN KNIGHT, B.A., graduated from SWSC. He teaches English IV and English II and is a night class English teacher at AJC. Few realize the changes which occurred during the decade of the sixties in methods of teaching language arts. Today's typical class may hear or see a famous actor reciting the classic which is being studied, or observe speaking techniques on closed circuit television instant replay. Journalism students may write for newspaper, radio or ad- vertising, or prepare a magazine article. Speech students learn to speak more ably themselves in working with elementary students as producers and directors. Linguistics emphasizes the grammar overlooked or ignored in earlier years. KING ARTHUR is portrayed by art student to help visualize the era of Idylls of the King" in Mrs. Dorothy Wells sophomore English class. Kevin Stogdill compares it with text illustration. MRS. EDWARD POWERS, B.S., attended Abilene Christian Col- lege. She teaches English II.BEST TECHNIQUE for play readings is demonstrated by sophomore English instructor, Mr. Larry King to his fifth hour speech class. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT was enhanced by the decoration of classroom doors. Mrs. Edward Powers and practice teacher, Mrs. Marilyn Pryor, inspect their finished product. MRS. EDWARD SIFFORD received her B.S. Ed. at O.U. She previously attended Central State, Arizona State, East Central and the University of Oregon, majoring in Language Arts. She now teaches English IV. MRS. DOROTHY WELLS, M.T., attended OCLA, SWSC, and Western State in Colorado. She teaches English II. MRS. HAROLD WHITWORTH, M.T., has done both graduate and undergraduate work at Southwestern State College. She teaches English III. SPECIAL ATTENTION is given to the special problems of individuals in Mrs. Eldon Drury's English II classes. 27MATH AND SCIENCE Faculty, students achievements garner national awards MR. HERMAN R. BABB, B.S., in math, attended Murray State Junior College, OSU, and SWSC. He teaches physics and high school arithmetic. MR. BUEL GARVIN, M.Ed., attended Texas Christian and OSU. He teaches Biology I and II and sponsors a biology club. MRS. KENNETH HOLT, B.S., attended Altus Junior College, Oklahoma University, and Southwestern State. She teaches Algebra II, trigonometry, and analytics. MR. ARTHUR JANTZ, Masters from SWSC in natural sciences and biology. He teaches biology and sponsors a biology club. MRS. R. J. LOCKHART, M.Ed., attended Carnegie Tech, Arizona University, OU, and SWSC. She teaches chemistry and sponsors the senior class and JETS. Perennial winner of state and district mathematics awards. Altus High scientists rate equally well in science fairs, contests and research experiments. While athletic records tell of team championships, AHS math and science teachers report newest Ph.D. graduates among alumni of the school. This also was the year Bell Laboratories selected Chemistry instructor, Mrs. R. J. Lockhart and Pam Avery, senior, for a tour of the New Jersey facility. BIOLOGY AND GEOMETRY INSTRUCTORS Mr. Buel Garvin and Mr. Cortis Martin prepare to explain teaching methods to students' parents during the American Education Week open house. Language teachers Mrs. E. G. Sifford and Mr. Larry King wait to explain their side of education. 28LISTENING TO CHEMISTRY REPORTS from his students is chemistry instructor Mr. Leonard Sea If. MR. CORTIS MARTIN, B.A., attended SWSC, OU, OSU, and Mid- shipman's School at Notre Dame University. He teaches plane geometry. MR. DENNIS NORMAN, M.S., attended SWSC, OU, and OSU. He teaches Algebra II and geometry. MR. LEONARD SCALF, B.S., attended SWSC, OU, and OSU. He teaches earth science and chemistry I. JIM BUSHNELL, district manager, SW Bell Telephone, Altus explains the functions of simple telephone equipment to Mrs. R. J. Lockhart and Pam Avery. PHYSICS is the subject for Mr. Babb as he speaks to prospective students at open house. 29SOCIAL STUDIES Landings on moon, C5A arrival stimulate historical interest Man's history making flights to the moon, and arrival of the world's largest airplane, the C5A Galaxy, to Altus Air Force Base served to enhance history studies as up-to-date teachers kept students informed on current events. Addition to the com- munity of the Great Plains Museum increased observers awareness of historical events that have occurred in this section of the country. GRADING WORLD HISTORY TESTS is Mr. Anton Edmonson, instructor. MRS. WILLIAM KNARR examines stack of magazines containing articles on the civil war, in preparation for her lecture. MRS. ROBERT CLAYTON, B.A., attended Nyack College and Asbury College in New York. She teaches American history. MR. JIM CROMARTIE, B.S., attended the University of New Mexico. He teaches government and is head football coach. MR. ANTON EDMONSON, M.Ed., has studied at Cameron, SWSC, and Western State College at Gunnison, Colorado. He teaches world history. MRS. WILLIAM KNARR, B.S. Ed., attended Kansas State College. She teaches world history and American History. MR. R. J. LOCKHART, M.T., attended OU, New Mexico Military Institute and SWSC. He teaches American History and economics. MR. MARK McCRACKEN, B.S., Oklahoma State University, teaches democracy and is the wrestling coach. 30SOCIAL STUDIES Liberal arts subjects include both electives, requireds With the advent of the seventies, and over pop- ulation, urban decay, social unrest and dissident groups in the headlines, subjects such as psychol- ogy, economics, sociology, history and govern- ment take on new dimensions of importance. So many students now elect to take psychology and sociology it has been necessary to add addi- tional teachers and sections in each field. With the nearly 50 percent increase in student enrollment additional sections also are necessary in world history and American history. Films, field trips, and source materials provide modern aids in the subject matter. MR. DAVID BROWN. B.S. Southeastern State College, has taught both world and American history, this year also super- vises study hall and cafeteria, is assistant football and wrestling coach. MRS. JACK BOCK, new member of the teaching staff, teaches psychology at AHS, English at AJC. Her degree from SWSC is in both fields. AMERICAN HERITAGE series on the Confederacy and the Union generated enthusiastic discussion on the part of students of Mrs. Robert Clayton in American history. BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE of social needs as an experienced worker in migrant education, brought fresh ideas to the classes taught by Mrs. Alton Reid.BUSINESS EDUCATION Office procedures, data processing provide realistic practice Few departments have made as great changes in the last five years as Business Education. High school students today receive advanced courses in data processing, business machines, and general business that qualify them for immediate entrance into the business world, if they wish, following graduation. Students may major in business while in high school, completing Data Processing, Bus- iness Machines, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing I and II, General Business, Business Math, Business English, and Economics. TYPING STUDENT Melvin Davis works diligently under supervision of Miss Glade Clemons. FACULTY MEMBERS arrive early to await visit of parents. New data processing instructor Mr. Lynn Leonard wait with Mr. David Brown, at left. MISS GLADE CLEMONS, M.B.A., attended Central State College, West Texas State, and OU. She teaches Business English and Typing I. MR. LYNN LEONARD, B.S. Ed., attended Southwestern State College in Weatherford. He teaches Data Processing. MRS. WILLIE MACKEY, B.S., attended Langston University and Northeastern State College. She teaches five sections of Typ- ing I. MRS. N. H. WILLIAMS, B.S., attended Cameron Junior College and Central State College. She teaches Typing II and Shorthand. MR. NICK WOLFE, M.A., attended OU and SWSC. Mr. Wolfe teaches bookkeeping. Business Math, Business machines, and general business. 32HEALTH AND SAFETY Classroom study, daily practice, physical fitness study basis MR. GARY COFFEY, M.T., attended Southwestern State College in Weatherford. He teaches Driver's Education, General business and coaches girls' basketball. MRS. JOHN ELLIOTT, B.S., in physical education, attended Okla- homa State University. She teaches girl's physical education at AHS. MR. LARRY GRAHAM, 6.S., attended East Central State, OU, and West Texas State Colleges. He teaches health and safety and is assistant football coach. MR. CLESTER HARRINGTON, B.S., is a Tulsa University Alumnus with majors in social studies and physical education. He teaches driver education and coaches boys basketball. MR. BOB HART, B.S., graduate of Southwestern teaches drivers education and boys physical education. He is track coach and assistant football coach. MR. GARY COFFEY laughs with drivers education students at the singing of student council members on Valentines Day. DISCUSSING the location and function of various muscles is health and safety instructor Larry Graham. 33VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Students find learned vocational skills useful, entertaining Students enrolled in Altus High's vocational educa- tion courses develop skills in Auto Mechanics, Car- pentry, Chid Care, Sewing, or Agriculture that enable obtain jobs, if they wish, immedi- ately upon graduation. These subjects prepare students for advanced courses of college level work. Pupils enjoy work of vocational courses and find satisfaction in projects perfectly completed. Projects entered in contests have consistently placed among top winners and have gained local, state, and national recognition. MRS. ROBERT BOLTON, B.S., attended OSU, and graduated from OCLA. She teaches Child Care, Home Economics, and sponsors Pep Club. MR. LEE DIAL, M.S., attended Oklahoma State University. He teaches Distributive Education and sponsors DECA. MR. ROBERT KILLEBREW, M.S., teaches vocational carpentry. He attended Central State College and SWSC. MR. WILLIAM SHAFER files projector tapes in a storage rack in his Audio Visual department library. 34TYING DOWN FARM SHOW EQUIPMENT for it trip to state fair and first place awards, FFA sponsor Mr. Kent Metcalf is assisted by Jim Bailey. TOYS MADE BY STUDENTS in Child Care are examined by Mrs. Robert Bolton and Mrs. Marilyn Reddout. Development of skills used in home life is an important phase of a girl's education. Young women enrolled in AHS Sewing or Child Care courses learn the intricacies of each subject, com- bining their knowledge with actual practice. Grad- uates from these gainfully employed courses are prepared to use their skills at home or in com- mercial jobs as professional dressmakers, design- ers, nursery school aides, or office aides for physicians. MRS. ORA L. LITTLEJOHN, M.T., attended OSU, and graduated from OCLA, and SWSC. She teaches Home Economics, and sponsors FHA. MR. KENT METCALF, B.S., attended OSU and teaches Vocational Agriculture I, II, III, and IV. He is FFA advisor at AHS. MRS. ALTON REID, M.S., teaches Home Economics and Sociology. She attended Christian College, O.U., University of Colorado, and Colorado Western. MR. WILLIAM SHAFER, M.S., attended OSU, and East Central State. He teaches mechanical and engineering drawing and is the audiovisual coordinator. MRS. DEL RAY THOMAS, B.A., graduated from Daniel Baker of Southwestern University. She teaches commercial sewing and Sponsors FHA. MR. RAY VINYARD, vocational auto mechanics instructor, at- tended Oklahoma State University, and operated his own auto mechanics business before becoming a fulltime instructor. 35FOOD SERVICE Cafeteria, Snack bar provide noon class-break facilities SMILING, with a greeting for each, Mrs. C. O. Thurman supervises the Field House Snack Bar. Cafeteria staff members proved their flexibility this year as more than once it was necessary to change menus at the last moment. Preparation of over 600 meals a day by 10:50 each morning is handled with efficiency. SOUP DAY requires sandwiches also. Putting together over 500 for the day's first two periods are Mrs. Clyde Yates, Mrs. June Hilton and Mrs. John Oakley. ABOUT 1,000 hot rolls will be made from this dough prepared by Mrs. Homer Raley and Mrs. Eulan Carter, head cook. Mrs. Glen Bell, another permanent staff member, was on leave of absence because of family illness when pictures were made. EMERGENCIES occur in school cafeterias, too. When a water main broke Mrs. Amos Leverett was assisted by Larry Calkins in carrying jars of water from a nearby residence. 36SERVICE STAFFS Maintenance, transportation require rugged dependability Hours before students arrive each morning, and for long periods after classes are dismissed, the men on this page are at work preparing buildings for the day, making the trip out, and back, for students transported to school, checking conditions of buildings, and often returning at night for special meetings. They work so well and quietly, most students are only vaguely aware of the im- portant functions they perform. "CALL MR. Tidwell," is heard at buildings all over the city as custodians and principals turn to the cheerful maintenance supervisor, Alfred Tidwell who spends hours each day going from campus to campus, providing answers and assistance. SO BUSY they rarely have time to pause, even for a group picture like this are Custodians George P. Shanks, Antonio Nunez, Billy Jack Jones, Gilmer Hull, Willy Stayton and Joe Black. THESE BUS drivers in most instances also attend classes at Altus Junior College. Several were bus drivers at their local high school before coming to AJC. Drivers are Ronald Wheeler, Randy Muse, Dana Thomason, Tommie Reed, Del Ray Thomas, Ron Chesser, Doug Tabb, Ben Sermons, David Chapman, Jerry Reeves, Mr. Alfred Tidwell and Mr. Leonard Saunders. 37VOCATIONAL Auto mechanics students, Emmitt Payne and Larry King, sophomores, adjust ignition on student customer's car. CLASSES With more than 60 subjects from which to choose, classes at Altus High offer basic backgrounds in liberal arts, vocations and college preparatory work in science, math, languages, language arts and social studies. That the serious business of educa- tion is gone about in an atmosphere of friendliness, self-discipline and high schol- arship is what Altus High is all about.END OF THE DAY and down the down staircase for Kevin Cossey, Gregg Linton, Brenda Ford and Barbara Mcnges. BIOLOGY experiment engrosses Mack McKeaver, sophomore. SPECIAL TAPES help foreign language students practice pronunciation with the native speakers of various areas of the world. BULLDOG photographers couldn't resist this mathematical arrangement when maintenance personnel removed furniture from math labs for a floor waxing weekend.Senior class officers plan ahead for final scholastic year Class of '70 is "computerized" this year, along with the other 875 students in the junior and sophomore classes. Numbered students may sound impersonal, but the feeling of "belonging" was never stronger, according to often expressed sentiment by both long time seniors and new arrivals. For most class members filling every moment to the fullest seems a must. Apparently it was contagious. Even the 33 new seniors find activities in which they have real interest. Go-go-go was the word. Tests, homework, meetings before and after school, college applications, scholarship interviews, all lead to that final day and the adult world of the seventies. Seniors already have more than the usual share of honors . . . Merit winners . . . All-State vocalists, All-State band, All-State athletes, honor society, exchange students, top rates in academit and publication contests. Nine- teen-seventy has arrived, and Altus High School's record Senior Class of 276 members is ready. SENIORS CHOSE three of the busiest students in the class to be class officers. Harrison Mock is president, Susie Stauffer, secretary- treasurer and Craig Garnett, vice president. PAM ADUDDELL, daughter of Mrs. Lois Aduddell, has been a member of That Altus Band during junior and senior high school years. She plays tenor saxophone. This year she also was in the special music theory class. Pam was born in Oklahoma City but has lived in Altus most of her life. Her future plans aro undecided. CECILLIA ALEXANDER is the daughter of Mrs. Dorla Alex- ander of 1312 Willow. Cecillia has attended schools at Daihart High School. Dalhart, Texas. She is a member of Girls Glee Club 2, Pep Club 4. and F.H.A. Cecillia's hobbies include dancing and swimming. Cecillia's plans for the future are indefinite. JOYCE ALLEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Allen, has been active in DECA and Sophomore Glee Club. Her hobbies are swimming, boating and horseback riding. During her high school years she has worked at Central Pharmacy. Her future plans are to attend Altus Junior College but her major is undecided. ROBERT "BOBBY " ALLEN, son of Mrs. V. D. Allen, has worked Altus Bowling Center while attending high school. Bobby has taken the college preparatory course, is in French Club, lettered in football and wrestling, member of Art Club, and a chemistry lab assistant. He plans to attend Alfus Junior College and Cameron, majoring in industrial or mechanical drafting. DAVID ALSTON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Alston, was born in Puerto Rico, and came to Alfus High from Atwater High Schol, California. He is a member of That Altus Band and has been in the top academic percentage of his class throughout high school. David plans to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara, and major in mathematics. JUDY ANDERSON, daughter of Mrs. Thelma Anderson, was born in Selma, Alabama, but has attended Altus High all three years. She was a member of Vocational Child Care's first class, and her senior year was in Vocational Sewing. Her principal interest is fashion designing. Her future plans are undecided. 40SYBIL ARMSTEAD is the daughter of T Sgt. and Mrs. W. E. Armstead. She has been active in Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 1, was in the Junior-Senior Banquet Show, and is an office assistant. Her hobbies include swimming and tennis. Sybil has worked part-time as a telephone operator, plans to attend Hampton Institute to study physical therapy. PAM AVERY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Avery, has been in Band 3, Spanish Club 1, JETS 1 and is JETS Treasurer, Biology Club 1, Thespians 1, Honor roll 3, Top ten percent 3, Student Council I, Honor Band, twirler 3, and a Merit Commendation Winner. She plans to attend the University of Oklahoma and major in art. RUSTY BABIONE. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Babione, was born in Dallas, Texas, but has lived in Altus since Srade school. He has been in Key Club 1, Latin Club, ECA and FFA. Rusty's hobby is reading. He plans to attend Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts, Chickasha, or Altus Junior College for a major in Spanish. BILLY BAER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Belmont Baer, was born in Puerto Rico where his father was stationed with the Air Force. His activities have included staff member of The Collar, and the animated figure who wore the giant Bulldog head at ball games and in special events. He plans to attend Cameron State College, but is un- decided upon his major. CHUCK BAKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baker, hopes to attend the University of Oklahoma and study law. He has prepared for his planned career by taking speech, democracy, government and history, as well as other college preparatory subjects. Chuck was born in Altus and has attended schools here since first grade. STEVE BARTON is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barton. He was born in Tampa, Florida, and attended school in Elk City before moving to Altus. Steve has worked part time at the Plaza Theatre. He belonged to French Club. Steve plans to attend Oklahoma State University and major in engineering. KENNETH BATES, soar of Mrs. E. K. Killian. 1201 Cherry Street,, was born in Oceanside. California. Ken previ- ously attended school in Duncan. He is an accomplished musician and has been a member of That Altus Band for two years, as well as the Down Beats Stage Band, and French Club. Ken enjoys playing the guitar. He plans to major in music but hasn't chosen his college. SHEILA BAZILE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Bazile, was born in Lake Charles. La. but has attended numerous schools. She came to Altus High when her father was transferred to Altus Air Force Base. Sheila plans to attend college and has taken college prepara- tory subjects as well as commercial sewing. She hasn't decided upon her major. KATHY BECHARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Swader, Chicago, III., moved here from Sheffield, Ala. with her husband, Steve Bechard, when he was trans- ferred to Altus Air Force Base. Kathy attended Sheffield High last year. She was enrolled in Distributive Educa- tion and a member of DECA, and worked part of each day. LYNN BERRY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Berry, was active in Spanish Club 1, Track 1, and Physical Education 2. She enjoys horseback riding, drawing and sports. Lynn hopes to make her hobby of horseback riding lead into a career. She plans to attend the University of Kentucky and major in Veterinary Medicine. PHILIP BESETT, son of Lf. Col. and Mrs. Bob Besett, was born in Philadelphia. He is a three year letterman in wrestling and is the Bulldog Wrestling Team captain this year. Philip's hobby is the guitar and he plays lead guitar in a rock group. He plans to major in business in college. He has made his home with Mr. and Mrs. James Starr this year. LINDA C. BLACKMON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Blackmon, was born in Austin, Texas, but has been in Alfus High all three years. Linda has majored in business while in high school and plans to become a secretary following graduation. Sho has worked part-time at South Main Drug after school and on weekends. SUSAN BLACKSTONE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Blackstone, has been active in both Soph. Glee Club and Varsity Choir. She also belonged to Pep Club 3, French Club 2, JETS 2 and Biology Club 1. Susan has also been on the honor roll for 3'years. She plans to attend AJC and OSU majoring in veterinary medicine. TOM BLACKWELL, son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Black- well. attended Del City High before moving to Altus. He has been a member of band for two years. Tom's main hobby is going to school, and he plans to continue his education following high school graduation. He hopes to attend Sam Houston Institute of Technology. VICKI BOMAR, daughter of Mrs. Wanda Gunderson, was born in Kentucky, September 17» 1952, but has lived in this area for a number of years. In high school Vicki concentrated on business subjects, but hasn't decided what her major will be. She plans to attend college. 41What generation gap? Certain- ly not with the Class of '70 and its loyal parents who manage to be present at every major activity involving seniors. Dur- ing the fall this involved foot- ball games, class productions during the winter, as well as winter and spring sports and the gala Senior Week events. SENIORS SENIORS CHOSE eight adults to be present at class activities as official parents. From left, FRONT ROW: Mr. and Mrs. James Starr, Mrs. Hill and Dr. Alva Hill. SECOND ROW: Mr. and Mrs. John Boyd McMahan, Mrs. Tims and Mr. Sonny Tims. Class parents display their spirit at Chickasha grid game PATI BOOKER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Booker, has been FHA president, delegate to national, vice pres- ident, and historian, and sub-districl vice president. She was in Pep Club 3, Biology Club 1, A Club 3, FFA Sweetheart Attendant, All-School Production, Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet program, 4-H Blue Ribbon winner. She is attending Aladdin Beauty School, plans to be a beautician. GLENN MICHAEL BOZA, son of Miguel A. Bozas, 281 Cedar, was born in Florida. He moved here with his parents in time to attend AHS. Glenn has taken college preparatory work and is one of the students in the new Biology II course. He plans to attend Altus Junior Col- lege following graduation, but has not chosen a major. TERRY BRADFORD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bradford, has been a member of Altus High Biology Club and active in Physical Education. Terry enjoys all types of water sports, his principal hobby. Terry has not made definite after graduation plans, but probably will attend Altus Junior College and the University of Oklahoma. KATHY BROOKS, daughter of SM SGT. and Mrs. Eugene A. Brooks, lettered in basketball, volleyball, won honors in three track events, and science fair, while attending school in Georgia and Athens, Greece. She was Spartan House Captain of the American Academy, belonged to Science Club, Allied Medical Careers, Glee Club and Pep Club. She plans to major in history. TERRI BROWN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Marple of 214 East Liveoak. Terri has been a member of Soph. Glee Club. Pep Club, Future Homemakers of America and D.E.C.A. Her future plans include business college. JUDITH BUFKIN, daughter of SM Sgt. and Mrs. Jack B. Bufkm is one of the new seniors at AHS. At Ben Eiel- son AFB, Alaska, she was in Pep Club, Basketball, Future Teachers, FHA, PE 2. Soph, secretary; Junior freasurer; Keyheart Princess, Sophomore Sports Princess, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Jude attending Aladdin's Beauty College after school. CAROL LYNN BURGETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Burgett. She has been in mixed chorus for three years. Art club 2 years and library club. Carol has been a library assistant and has received an award in typing. Her hobbies include swimming, painting and drawing. Carol plans to attend Altus junior College and major in either Busines or Art. GARY BURROW is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonnie Bur- row of 1501 Spruce. He was born in Altus on Dec. 21. 1951. Gary has been very active in Art while enrolled in Alfus High School. He plans to major in Commercial Art in college. DEBBIE BYERS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Byers. While attending A.H.S.. she has been active in Soph. Glee Club, Girls Glee Club 2, Varsity Choir 2, Mixed Chorus 2, and Girls Trio 1. She has been in Pep Club 3, Latin Club 2, JETS 2, Biology Club 2, and delegate to Girls State, on the honor roll and top 10 percent 2. She plans to attend Baylor. 42FLOYD BYERS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Byers. Floyd has attended schools in Del City, Oklahoma. While attending school, Floyd has worked part time at Tinker Bowling Lanes, Tinker A.F.B. Floyd has been an assistant in History. He plans to attend Central State, in Okla- homa City and major in mechanical engineering. KAREN CALLAGHAN is the daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. F. J. Callaghan. Karen was born in Denison, Texas on July 17, 1952. She has attended Vanden High School at Travis A.F.B., Calif. She has been active in Pep Club and Art. Club. Karen's choice of college and major is undecided. MARTIN CALDWELL is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Caldwell. Martin has been active in Future Farmers of America and was a vocational agriculture student. While attending Alfus High School he has entered active farm- ing enteprise with his father. Martin plans to continue custom combining with his father. MIKE CANNON is the son of MSgt James D. Cannon. Michael was born in Sacramento, Calif., and has attended many different schools. The hobbies he enjoys are bowl- ing and playing the guitar. He held honors in football. Science Club, and Visual Aid Club. Michael plans to attend Louisiana State University, and major in Tech. Engineering. ROBERT CARDER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carder of 715 Hightower in Alfus. He has worked on his father's farm during the years while attending Altus High School. Bob has been active in F.F.A. one year. His hobbies are cars and sports. After graduation from Alfus High School, Bob's plans are undecided. SAM CARRAWAY, son of the W. C. Carraways, was born in Florida, but has lived in Alfus since seventh grade. He lettered in football both in junior and senior high, was in Junior-Senior Banquet program, and various assem- blies. Sam plans to attend college but has not decided upon his major. PAULA CARTER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Carter, has attended Altus School since first grade. During her senior year Paula has taken advanced business courses as well as regular college preparatory. She plans to attend college, but has not made a decision concerning her major. RONALD CARTY, son of Cmsgt. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carty, was born in Valleso, California, on February 21, 1952. He has attended school in Turkey before coming to Altus. He was active in Wrestling his Junior year and on Physical Education during Ron's Sophomore and Junior years. Ron's plans for college are not definite. CANDI CAVANAUGH, daughter of Col. and Mrs. Cava- naugh, has been active during her high school years. Candi was in Pep Club 2, French Club 2, on the honor roll 1, office assistant 1, and on the basketball team I. Her favorite hobby is showing horses. Candy has no definite plans for college at the present. FIRST ASSEMBLY gave classes an equal chance to win the "Spirit Banner." Seniors won. Holding banner are Craig Garnett, Mark Cotney, Ben Bob Mahan, Patsy Plew, and Harrison Mock.SENIORS Sponsors provide liason between students, faculty, parents SENIOR SPONSORS participate in recreational events with the class as well as being marshalls for graduation, and assisting in major decisions for class purchases. HISTORIC STUDENTS celebrate another Bulldog victory with a "victory cake". Beverly Young prepares to cut the first piece. DAVID H. CHAPMAN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Chapman of 916 Denise Street. Arriving from Olustee, David is new to Altus this year. David has been a member of Boys Glee Club, participated in assemblies. Distributive Education Club of America, and Baseball. His college plans are indefinite. DAVID L. CHAPMAN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Chapman. David has been in Varsity Choir for 2 years, Spanish Club, A Club, and Vocal Ensemble 1 yr. His hobbies are reading and playing the guitar. David plans to attend AJC with a major in music. HERMAN CHAVERS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Chavers. Herman previously attended school at Estacado High School in Lubbock, Texas. He was active in Art Club 1, Football 3, Basketball 3, and Track 2. For his hobbies he enjoys sports. Herman is undecided as to his college choice. DAVID COLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Cole. Jr. of Route 1, Altus, has been in Vocational Agriculture 3, Future Farmers of America 3, FFA officer. State Reserve Champion in Barley grain. Yearbook staff 1, State Farmer degree. After graduation David will attend OSU and major in Agriculture. LOYD RAY CONNER, son of M. L. Conner, lives at 1132 Cherry Street in Altus. Loyd plans to attend Altus Junior College or the Oklahoma State University of Technology at Okmulgee. Loyd plans to rebuild automobiles pro- fessionally. He has been active in the Future Farmers of America and in Vocational Agriculture. HAL COPPAGE is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Cop- page of 1313 F. Street. He was born in Altus in 1950. Hal has worked part time at the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant while attending school. He was in the Vocational Industrial Club of America. He is taking vocational car- pentry. Hal's plans for the future are indefinite. 44TERRI COSSEY, it the daughter of Mr. and Mr . Frank Cossey. She ha been a member of Soph. Glee Club I, Varsity Choir 2, Spaniih Club 1. and Biology Club 1. Terry ha been on the honor roll and top ten percent for two year . Terry plan to attend Oklahoma State University but her maior is indefinite at this time. KENT COST, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Cost, has been a participant in band 3, Stage Band 3, Spanish Club, Jets, and Biology Club. Kent was in top 10 his Soph, year and was on the honor roll for 3 years. Kent plans to attend A.J.C. and OU maioring in architectural engineering. STEVE COTNER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cot- ner of 137 Cameron Drive. Steve has been active in Football and Track for one year. He has been on the honor roll and on the Deans list at New Mexico Military Institute. Steve plans to attend O.U. JOHN MARK COTNEY, is the son of John B. Cotney and lives at 1005 N. Lee. Mark has been a member of the French Club and was in the 1969 All-School Production of Unsinkable Molly Brown. He was the Varsity Choir Junior representative. Mark was on the Varsity Football team. His plans for the future are indefinite at this time. LYNN COX is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cox, Jr., was born in Dallas, Texas, and lives at 305 N. Mockingbird. She belonged to the Sophomore Glee Club, the Pep Club, and the Spanish Club. She worked at the Altus Rexall Drug. Lynn plans to attend Altus Junior College and Southwestern State College. Her probable major is interior design. BRENT FRED CRAIG is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Craig. Craig has attended Brownfield High in Brown- field, Texas. While attending Brownfield High, Craig was President of VICA Club and received an Auto Mechanics Award. Craig has worked parttime at Wacker s. He plans to attend Okmulgee Tech. DONNIE CRAMER is the son of Mrs. Larene Brown of 710 S. Blain. Donnie has been a member of Baseball 1, and Physical Ed. 1. He has been very active in the Neighborhood Youth Corps. Donnie's future plans include the University of Southern Calif, and his probable major is Physical Education. DIANE CRAVEN, daughter of M Sgt. and Mrs. Pricey Craven, of 133 Echo, was born in Orangebury, South Carolina, and has attended high school there. She was active in Art Club 1 year, and is an office assistant. Diane's hobby is art and drawing. She has not decided about a college but she plans to major in art or English. JANET SUE CROUCH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Crouch, lives on Route 1, Altus. Janet was born in Altus. Her hobbies include horseback riding and swim- ming. She was active in Glee Club 1, FHA 1, and DECA 2. She also worked part-time at Dunlap's Depart- ment Store. Janet's college plans are indefinite as of yet. FIRST CLASS meeting for Seniors is addressed by Mr. Art Young, sponsor, as the largest graduation group in AHS history assemble in the cafeteria. Nearly 20 percent of the class are new arrivals. 45STEVE DARBY is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Darby. Steve came to Altus High from Duke High School. He was active in sports and was a member of the Future Data Processes of America. After graduation, Steve plans to attend either Southwestern or OU. JENNY IYN DAVENPORT is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Davenport of 701 N. Navajoe. She has been a member of French Club, Biology Club, Sophomore Glee Club, Junior Engineering Technical Society, and Girls Glee Club. Jenny plans to attend Southwestern State College for her major in Mathematics. KYLE DAVIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Davis has been a member of Latin Club 2, Biology Club, Football 3, Basketball 3, and Track 3. While attending A.H.S. he was on the Honor Roll 2. Top 10 Percent 2, was a Boys State Delegate, and a Senate Page. Kyle plans to attend Oklahoma University and major in Dentistry. SENIORS Newcomers find congenial atmosphere, steppingstone Every other student in Altus High attended some other school last year, if incoming sophomores are included. Special plans for newcomers included a handbook, and an open invitation to all academic and school clubs for which they were qualified. Many of the new families represented military assignments in connection with the C-5A installation at Atus Air Force Base. HAVING LIVED on four continents Wayne Russell is used to making new friends, and learning the language of the area. Senior Collar Reporter Lanette Perkins interviews him concerning high school days last year in Ecquador. JOHN DEAN it the ton of Mr. and Mrt. Clyde Dean of 1100 Lloyd. He was born in AJtus, Okla. He has always attended Altut schoolt. John was active in Spanith Club 2, Jets 1, and Football. During the past three years he has worked part rime at the First National Bank. His plans for the future are undecided. JOAN DECKER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Decker has been in Sophomore Glee Club 1, Varsity Choir 2, Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 2, and Biology Club 1. Joan has participated in the all school production for three years, and was in the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. She plans to go to the University of Oklahoma and major in dance. GLENN DEVOLL is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Devoll of 201 Lakeside Drive. He has been a member of JETS and in Football for two years. Glenn has also been on the honor roll for 3 years. His college plans include majoring in business at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. DONNA DOLLINS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dollins, has been active in Soph. Glee Club 1, Varsity Choir 2, Vocal Ensembles 2, and DECA 1. Her hobbies include photography, modeling, and singing. She is un- decided about the college she will attend but wants to major in modeling. ROGER DUCKETT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Duckett, of 2108 Bluebird Lane, has previously attended school in Plainview, Texas. Roger was in band 3, Stage Band 3, and Ensembles 3. Roger was in the Top Ten Percent and won first place in math in S.W.I.M. competition. After graduation he plans to attend AJC or South- western State College in Weatherford. JIMMY DUNCAN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Duncan of Benson Street. He was born in Altus and has attended Altus schools for 12 years. Jimmy has been active in A Club 1, and his hobbies include baseball and basketball. He plans to attend AJC but he is undecided as to what field he will major in. 46LARRY EUGENE EPPERSON, ton of Smsgf. and Mrs. Dorrit E. Epperson has participated in Jets, Bulldog staff and was a chemistry lab assistant. Larry has held a part-time job at the air base. His hobbies include model rocketry and bowling. Larry plans to attend the Uni- versity of Nebraska majoring in chemical engineering. KEVIN ERICKSON is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Erickson. Kevin has been active in Band 1, Stage Band, and Football 1. He has attended school at Ramey High School, Puerto Rico. While attending school, he has worked part time at the commissary on Base. Kevin plans to major in Biology but is undecided upon a college. MICHAEL NEIL ETHERIDGE is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Etheridge of 1200 York. He has been a member of Band 3, Stage Band 2, Pep Band 1, Sax Quartet, and Mixed Chorus. Mike plans to attend Oklahoma State University and to major in engineering. NEW CERAMIC lab facilities are used by art students, Tom Nearhood, Ronnie Miller, and Greg Pitman. VISITING BEFORE the morning bell begins classes Terry Roudebush, Woodine Roudebush and Teresa Greer wait in the sunlit patio. ANGELITA EVERETT is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie E. Everett. She has been a participant of Pep Club 2, French Club 2, Biology Club 2 and Art I. Angelita's hobbies include babysitting and jogging. While attending AHS she has worked at Waller's Dairy Queen. She plans to attend Alfus Junior College but has not decided upon a major. DANNY KEVIN FANCHER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fancher of 901 Oakwood. While attending Altus High School he has been a member of Varsity Choir for three years and in JETS for one year. Danny's plans for the future include attending Oklahoma State Uni- versity and majoring in psychology. PAT FARLEY is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Farley and lives at 908 Sycamore. He has participated in Spanish Club 1, Jets 1, Biology Club 1, Track 1 and Football 2 years. Pat was on the honor roll 2 and in the too ten percent 2 years. He plans to attend the University of Oklahoma and to major in medicine. ALICE MARIE FISHER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fisher of 614 East Cypress. Alice was born here in Alfus. This year Alice was a Physical Education assistant and also won the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Alice's hobby is drawing. Her future plans are undecided as of yet. LAZEL FISHER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fisher of 614 East Cypress. Lazel, like his sister, was born in Altus. He was an art student here at Altus High this last year. Lazel's plans for the future are to attend Oklahoma State University and major in Art. KAREN FLEMING is the daughtor of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fleming. Karen has been a member of Soph. Glee Club, Pep Club 3, Bulldog Staff 1, Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 1, and JETS. She has held offices in Biology Club and JETS. Karen was an alternate to Girl's State. She plans to attend college in Oklahoma and major in business. 47SENIORS Office work becomes pleasant addition to student curriculum FINAL HOUR of the day presents day long check-up of student absences by Principal's Office Aides, Kim Pecquignot and Karen Fleming. SANDRA FOSTER, the daughter of Mrs. Alyce Foster, lives at 800 West liveoak. She was born here in Altus on December 1, 1951. After graduation Sandra plans to attend Altus Junior College. Her plans after that are indefinite. Sandra com- pleted Vocational Child Care Training while at Altus High School. JEANNE ANN FREEMAN, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. Perry Freeman has been active in Varsity Choir 2, Pep Club 2, and Jets 2. She has been on the honor roll and in the top ten per cent. Jeanne Ann was also in all- state chorus, girl's state alternate, and was a cheer- leader. Her college is undecided but her probable major is biochemistry. KEITH FREMIIN is the son of Mr. Williame A. Fremlin of 615 North Tulian. Keith was born in Mereed, Cal- ifornia on December 27, 1951. One of his favorite hobbies is fishing. His plans for the future are at this point indefinite. STEVIE RAY FUEGLEIN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fueglein of 606 Navajoe. He was born on February 27, 1951. While attending Altus High School Stevie was active in Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. Stevie's future plans include Okmulgee Tech, in Okmulgee where he plans to major in refrigeration. CRAIG GARNETT is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Logan Garnett. He was chosen outstanding honor student at Shattuck, Minnesota this last summer, and also vice- K «sident of his senior class. Craig has participated in tin Club 1, the All-School Production, Top Ten Per- cent and football 3. His plans for the future are indefinite. GEORGE GRIFFIN is the son of Colonel and Mrs. George Griffin of 5 Command Circle. He was born in Great Falls, Montana and moved to Altus in his junior year. George has lived in England and worked part time at the officer's club. His hobbies are hunting and fishing, swimming, golf and shell reloading. George's plans for college are indefinite at this time. PATSY GILMAN is the daughter of SM Sgt. and Mrs. R. J. Gilman of 341 Birch Drive. While attending Altus High School she has worked part time at the National Bank of Commerce. Patsy was treasurer of DECA and Secretary-Treasurer of FDPA. Her future plans are to attend college but her major is indefinite. KATHRYN GINN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ginn. Kathryn has been in Soph. Glee Club, Girls Glee Club, Varsity Choir, and FHA for 1 year. She has been in Pep Club and Art Club for 2 years. Kathryn has been on the honor roll. Miss Ginn plans to attend South- western State College with a major in interior decorating. TISHA GOLDSTON, daughter of the Walter Goldsfons, has been in Pep Club one year, Future Journalists of America, and a member of the Collar newspaper staff. Following graduation Patricia plans to attend the Uni- versity of Tennessee at Knoxville and major in teaching the pre-school child. LYNN GOODWIN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goodwin of 509 Navajoe Road was active in Band 3, Boys Glee Club 2, Varsity Choir 2. Spanish Club 2. JETS 1, Biology Club 1, Honor Roll 2, and the top ten percent of his class 2 years. He plans to attend the University of Oklahoma at Norman, Oklahoma and major in account- ing or architecture. 48MIKE GOUGH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Gough, has been active these three years in Altus High. Mike was in Spanish Club 2. and Deca 1. Mikes favorite hobby is golf. He was in top ten per cent his sophomore year. Mike plans to attend AJC and later Bethany Nazarene College. His probable major will be religion. JAMES H. GRAY is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Shriver of 134 Delta. James came to Altus from Clear- field High School in Clearfield, Utah. James has par- ticipated in Football, Track and Wrestling. He plans to attend Lubbock Texas Tech, with a probable maior m Psychology. ELIZABETH JANE GRANT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Grant, has been in Soph. Glee Club, Girls Glee Club, Spanish Club, and Biology Club. She has been on the honor roll since 7th grade and in Top Ten Per Cent for 3 years. Elizabeth plans to attend SWSC at Weatherford m .M a 4i i firvn r e r iIniHO DANNY GREEN is the son of Mrs. Rhoda Green of 6175 South Navajoe Street. Danny was born in Altus, Oklahoma on February 21, 1952. He has previously attended Southside School. Danny has been active in A Club and Baseball for 3 years. He enjoys sports. Danny has been active at a part time job at Young Electric. He plans on a major in Electronics. TERESA GREER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Greer. Teresa has been active in Soph. Glee Club, Varsity Choir, Mixed Chorus. Pep Club, Biology Club, and was a member of a girls trio. As a sophomore she placed second in district contest in vocal solo, and as a Jr. placed first in vocal solo in State. She plans to attend O.C.L.A. DEBORAH CAROL GRIFFIN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Griffin lives on Dill Street. She was born in Orange, Texas. She was in Library Science 2 years and was historian in the Library Science Club. Deborah plans to attend Business College and major in business ma- chines and computer. ARDREN GRIGGS, son of Mr. A. G. Griggs, of 601 South Ethel, was born in Alfus. October 17, 1952. Ardren was a participant in Band 3, Boys Glee Club 3, Varsity Choir 3, Mixed Chorus 3. French Club 2. JETS, and was French Club Vice-President. Ardren enjoys cooking and playing the organ. After graduation Ardren plans to go to College. RANDY J. GROVES is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Groves of 1905 Willard Dr. Randy played a year of Football and has had 4 yrs. of wrestling. He has 'worked part time during school. Randy plans to attend SWSC with a major in Computer Programming and Accounting. MARIA GUAJARDO is the daughter of Santiago Gua- jardo of 1120 N. Benson. Maria came to Altus from Brownsville, Texas. She has been in band while here at Altus High. Maria plans to attend a business college with a probable major in Bilingual Secretary Study. BART HALCOMB, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bose Halcomb, of 416 East Nona, has gone to school in Altus for 12 years. Bart has been active in D.E.C.A. Club while attended Altus High School. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. He plans to attend Oklahoma State University at Still- water and to major in Dental Technology. SUSAN MARY HAMILTON is the daughter of Glenon Hamilton of 708 West Bradford. Susan came to Alfus from Columbus. Georgia. Susan expects to attend college somewhere in the U.5.. but as yet, she is undecided as to which college or which major field of study. DEBBIE HAMPTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Hampton, attended Midwest City High School last year where she was an office assistant for the Vice-principal. She was also active in Pep Club. Debbie's hobbies are swimming and playing the piano. Debbie plans to go to the University of Oklahoma and to major in business. PATTI HARNESS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Harness, was active in Pep Club one year and Biology Club one year. Patti was born in Vernon, Texas, and is now residing at 913 Asalee. in Alfus. After graduation Patti plans to 90 to Business School or to attend SWSC in Weatherford, Oklahoma. GARY HARRIS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Harris, Jr. Gary Don lives at 908 Phoebe. He was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. His hobbies include hunting. He was a member of the French Club for one year. Art Club for one year, and A Club for 2 years. His plans for the future are indefinite. He has not planned a maior. RANDLE RAY HAWKINS is the son of Mrs. Louise Hawkins. He has been active in N.Y.C. as Vice-president. Randle has been a member of A Club for 3 yrs. and was the 100 and 200 yd. dash state champion. He was also named to the all-state track team. He plans to attend Grambling College and major in radio broad- casting. 49INAUGURATION OF 'Today At Altus Schools" by Deborah McNeal marked the beginning of five-days-a-wcek broadcasting by speech and journualism students over KWHW. SENIORS COLLEGE PLANS are discussed early in the year with Senior students. Pat Orr works out her application and test schedule with Senior Guidance Counselor Mr. Adrain Rankin. Student life shows concentration in many varied areas RUTH HENSON was born in Alfus, and has attended schools here exclusively. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Bob Henson. Ruth has been in Sophomore Glee C!ub 1. Girls Glee Club 2 and Mixed Chorus 2. Her include reading. Ruth plans to attend college and will decide upon her major later. KATHY HERN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hem, 2004 Flamingo Lane, has been a member of That Alfus Band and of Biology Club. Her main hobbies include dancing and swimming. Following graduation Kathy plans to attend Alfus Junior College to major in business. KATHY HERRING, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buck Herring, was m Sophomore Glee Club, Varsity Choir 2, Pep Club ? AH J Collar staff. Cheerleader 1, Band Twirler 2, All-School Production 3. top ten percent. She plans to attend O.U. and major in music. Kathy was FFA Sweetheart. REBEKAH HICKERSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hickerson, first major honor was as best all-around girl at Wilson School. She has been active in numerous organizations including Soph. Glee Club, Girls Glee Club 1. Varsity Choir 1, Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 2 and Biology Club I. Rebekah plans to attend college but her plans are not complete. GAYLA HILL, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Alva Hill, has been Varsity Choir Sec.-Treas., Student Council Vice Pres., Cheerleader 2, Spanish Club 2. JETS 2, Biology Club 1. She was Most Popular Soph., Best All Around luP'or: Homecoming Attendant her senior year. All School Production, Jr.-Sr. Banquet. She will attend OSU. TOM HOLLENBACK, son of Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Hollen- back, has been a member of That Alfus Band for three years, and was Biology Club president his sophomore year. Tom is an active JETS member, in Top Ten Per- cent 3, Honor Roll 3, has been a chemistry lab assistant. He wrs! in na,i h usage and American Literature at 5.W.I.M. Tom plans to major in medicine. TOM HOLWEGNER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hoi- wegner, has been an honor roll member every year. He is a three-year letterman in football. Tom previously attended Rapid City, S. Dak. High. He plans to enroll at r n a co,a School of Mines and Technology there this fall for a course in chemical engineering. DAVE ALAN HUBBLE is the son of Mrs. Coella Hubble. He was born in Frederick. Although he works part time at Winkler Auto Supply, he also has been active in assembly programs, has lettered in football I and base- ball 2. Dave plans to attend Oklahoma State University and major in business administration. FRANK HUNT, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hunt, has been in Spanish Club I, Biology Club I, Track 2, and on the Collar Staff, and sports correspondent for the Times- Democraf. Frank was bowler of the year in youth bowl- ing in Oklahoma in 1968. He plans to attend O.U. or Colorado University to major in law. 50SETH HUNTLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Seth Huntley, of 1011 North Spurgeon, was born in Tucson, Arizona. He previously attended Tucson schools and schools in Puerto Rico. Seth was in band I. His hobbies include swimming and camping. Seth has been active in Boy Scouts and plans to attend Oklahoma State University. BESSIE IGNER is the daughter of Mrs. Ammie Robinson. While attending Altus High School, Bessie has partici- pated in Vocational Commercial Sewing, Distributive Educational Clubs of America, and girls basketball. Her hobbies include sewing and singing. Bessie plans to attend Langston University. DAN IREN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Iken. Dan has been on the Bulldog staff for 2 yrs. and was editor his senior yr. While attending Altus High School Dan has been working part time at Hubbard Music Cen- ter. He plans to attend the United States A.r rorce Academy or AJC and major in science. CRAIG JACKSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jackson of 1325 N. Willard. He has been a member of Voca- tional Industrial Clubs of America for two years. While attending AHS Craig has workrd at the United Super Market. He plans to attend SWSC, but his major is indefinite. LARRY LEE JACKSON is the son of Joe E. Jackson of 915 E. Sutherland. Larry was born in Texas on May 9, 1951. He has been a member of Spanish Club for one year. Larry's many hobbies include bowling, where he has won many awards. His college choice is undecided, but his major will be business. JANIS JAMESON is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donal Jameson of 819 East Nona. She was active in Distributive Education Club of America I year. Her hobbies are swimming and horseback riding. Janis future college plans are as yet undecided. DEBBIE JENSEN is the daughter of T Sgt. and Mrs. Kenneth Jensen of 1400 Scott. Debbie was born in Anchorage, Alaska and has attended school at St. Mary's Cathedral, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Omaha, Nebraska. She works at Mir. tie Pearl's. While attending AHS she was in DECA two years. She plans to attend Beauty School atter graduation. ANA MARIA JIMENEZ, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raul Jimenez, of 307 East Walnut Street, was born in Del Rio, Texas. Ana Maria has had a part time job at the hospital. Ana has participated in Neighborhood Youth Corps 3, Gym, and Spanish Club. She also enjoys siwm- ming. After graduation Ana Maria's college plans are indefinite. DONNA JONES is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jones of 809 Pecan. She has been very active in French Club 2. Jets 2, Biology Club 1. assistant in Biology 1, and Chemistry 1. Her hobbies are bowling and explor ing. Donna plans to attend Oklahoma University in Nor- man, and plans to major in Physics. LEARNING THE fine art of make up and costume construction, these Speech I students, Katherine Ginn applies eye shadow for Paula Woolums before a class demonstration speech. MACBETH RECORDS gained new popularity as English IV classes were assigned the play. Terry Wilson, named "Mr. Irresistable" during Spirit Week fun elections, operates the record player for Mrs. Edward Sifford. 51SENIORS Chem. II, Biology II participation bolsters science emphasis BRENDA KASTNER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Oakley. She lives at 1003 East Sutherland and has worked at the South Main Drug after school. She has participated in Girls Glee Club for one year. Brenda is undecided as what college or technical school she will attend. CHRIS KASTNER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlus Kastner. Chris has been active in Latin Club, biology Club, and A Club. Chris lettered in Baseball which he played for 3 yrs. Other honors include Honor Society, Honor Roll and Top Ten Percent. Chris plans to major in Biology Science at SWSC. KARMEN KARR is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Karr. While attending AHS, Karmen worked part time at South Main Drug. She participated in Soph. Glee Club, Spanish 1, DEC A, and was a delegate to Girls State. Her future plans are to attend O.U. and major in Business. CAROLYN KEA is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clement A. Kea of 1009 Burns. She has been a member of Pep Club 1. and FHA 1, physical education 1, and the Collar Staff. Before moving to Altus she had a part time job in Iowa. Her hobbies include art and sewing. Carolyn's future plans are as of yet undecided. BENJAMIN KEYTE is the son of Colonel and Mrs. Ken- neth Keyte of 9 Command Circle. He has been a member of Spanish Club 1, Mathematics Club, and Track 1. While attending Woodward School in Washington, D.C. Ben was President of the International Club. He plans to attend George Washington U for a major in law. JUDY KEYTE is the daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Ken- neth Keyte of 9 Command Circle. She has been a par- ticipant of Future Journalists of America, Collar Staff, and has also made the Honor Roll. Her hobbies include art, sculpturing and music. She plans to attend Colorado University at Boulder for her major in art. HOMO SAPIENS, long a familiar part of the biology department, gets a new role this year with the addition of Biology II to the curriculum. David Koontz adjusts the skull for an experiment. KATHY KIKER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ersa Kiker hat been in Vars y Choir 2. Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 2. Kathy was on the honor roll and in the Top Ten Percent 3. She was exchange student in her J[• y ar «"d «H nded T.W.U. last summer. She plans to attend OU and major in Chemistry. LARRY W KING, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff King, ha part.c.pated in Varsity Choir 3, Boys Glee Club 3, an Boy s °ouble Quarter 1. He was a member of Renisi ud hu w Tked o" fhe Collar Staff. Larry enjoy photography. He plans to attend A.J.C. and OU, major mg in Law. ' 52College level courses for students with plans to continue in a mathematics or science field help make college entrance easier, admission test scores higher. Newest of the science courses this year is Biology II, an elective for seniors, and slanted particularly for those who plan to go into medi- cine or an allied field. DORIS LEE KIRK, born on July 22, 1952 in Mangum, Oklahoma, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Kirk of 409 Mockingbird Drive South. She has been a member of Spanish Club, and Speech Club. Doris plans to attend Southwestern State College at Weatherford, but her major is undecided as of now. DAVID KOONTZ, son of Mr. and Mrs. Trent Koontz, of 621 North Lee, was active in the all-school production, in Biology Club, and JETS. He was on the honor roll in both his sophomore and Junior years. David plans to attend Oklahoma State University and major in biology. KIRK KRAVIG is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Delias. Kirk has worked part time while attending school for Altus Times Democrat. He has been a member of Boys Glee Club and D.E.C.A. His hobbies include paint- ing, drawing and electronics. Kirk plans to major in electronics. DONNIE LA BETH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Myrel La Beth, was born in Hobart, Oklahoma on March 14, 1951. Before making his home in Altus, Donnie went to schools in Hobart, Ardmore, Elgin, Vinita and Okemah. He is a member of VICA. Donnie has not yet decided upon a college or a major. DEBBIE LANE, daughter of John C. Lane, was born in Amarillo, Texas. She has been active in Sophomore Glee Club, Girls Glee Club, Art Club, Biology Club, and DECA. Debbie has had a part-time job at the Desert Winds Restaurant. She plans to major in nursing at St. Anthony's School of Nursing in Oklahoma City. WILLIAM C. LaRUE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hardy C. LaRue, was born in Panama City, Florida. He has been Spanish Club 2, and F.F.A. 4 years. Bill has been football man- ager for two years and wrestling for three. Bill plans to attend Altus Junior College after graduation, and to major in Social Studies. DEBBIE LASKO, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lasko, has been active in Girls Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, Pep Club 4, French Club 1, Art Club 1, and Basketball 1. She was in Future Teachers of America 1, Soph. Pep Club 1, School production 2, and Drama Club. She plans to a'.tond Southwestern and to major In teaching. SHARON NAVELLE LAUEN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lauen. She lives at 901 Asalee Street. Navelle was born in Snyder, Oklahoma. Her hobbies include swimming and horseback riding. Navelle was a member of Biology Club for one year. She plans to attend Patricia Stevens Career College in Oklahoma City COMPARING RESULTS of Chemistry II tests, Debbie Byers, Dwight Starr, Jeanne Ann Freeman and Kathy Kiker find cause for jubilation. Their test is over and the results were even better than they hoped. Ross longley, background, listens. 53SENIORS Bulldog spirit circa ’70 achieves regional, state honors SENIOR SPIRIT which won the spirit banner consistently is exhibited by Pat Farley, second from right, at this year's first Pep Assembly in the auditorium. Joining him in the front row are Billy LaRue, John Dean, Sam Carraway and David Koontz. PEGGY LEDBETTER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Ledbetter. While attending Aleus High she has partici- pated in Sophomore Glee Club 1, Girls Glee Club 2, and Spanish Club I. After graduation from Altus High, Peggy plans to attend Cameron State College in Lawton. ODELLA K. LEISTER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Odell Leister of 803 East Pecan. She was born in Altus on April 29, 1952. Her father is an employee for the city. Odella enjoys sewing; she was a member of the Vocational Sewing class this last year. Odella is uncer- tain what her plans will be after graduation. MICHAEL LESIAK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Lesiak, has been active at Altus High School. Michael was in French Club 1, and Biology Club 1. His hobbies include swimming and reading. Michael was on the Honor Roll 2, and on the state and National Honor Society. He plans to attend Altus Junior College and maior in zoology. RICHARD LIPSCOMB is the son of Mary Lee McMillian. He was born in Oklahoma City on September 4, 1952 and now lives at 619 South Lee St. Richard's hobbies include wrestling. He plans to attend the Officer's Can- didate School, U.S. Navy. SANDY LISTER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Lister of 1304 Polk. She was born in Salina, Kansas on December 28, 1952. Sandy has attended Altus High for two years. Her father is a member of the U.S. Air Force. Sandy has decided neither upon her college or a major at this time. DONNA LITTLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Little, of 1120 Elder, was born in Altus. Donna has worked at the Surgical Medical Clinic. She has been active in Glee Club, Future Homemakers of America, and Distributive Education, and P.E. After graduation Donna is undecided as to her plans. 54PAULA LITTLE is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Little. Paula has been an active member of Glee Club 3, Pep Club 2, FHA 1, and DECA 1. Her future plans in- clude Alfus Junior College but her major, at this point, is undecided. KAY LONG, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Pat Long, 909 East Oakwood. While attending Altus High School Kay has participated in Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 1, Soph. Girls Glee Club 1, Varsity Choir 2, Mixed Chorus 2. She has worked at the Altus Plaza Theater. She plans to attend O.C.C. and major in general education. BUDDY LONG, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Long, has participated in Junior Engineering and Technical Society 2, Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 2, A Club 1, and manager of Girls Basketball team. His hobby is cars. He plans to major in computer programming. ALTUS HIGH students gave $77 to Hurricane Camille Disaster Fund, with DECA members spearheading the drive. Senior DE student, Andres Martinez helps Mrs. A. B. Duncan, Jackson County Red Cross executive secretary, count the contribution. ROSS LONGLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Longley, has attended Altus Schools for ten years. He has been active in band 3years, Pep band 2 years, Spanish Club, JETS I, Biology Club I, honor roll, and top fen percent. Ross' hobby is Amateur Radio. Ross plans to attend the Uni- versity of Oklahoma in Norman, where he will major in medicine. SYLVIA LOPEZ is the daughter of Mrs. Maria Lopez. While attending Alfus High she has participated in Spanish Club, JETS Club, Biology Club and was A Spanish assistant. Sylvia won first place in the Spanish national test at the Southwestern Meet. She has not decided on a college yet, but plans to major in Labora- tory Technology. JOLENE MARY LOVESEE, daughter of T Sgt. Joseph Lovesee, was born in Kansas on Sept. 17, 1952. While attending AHS Jolene has worked at the Park Lane Pharmacy. She lives at 1205 Adams Street. Jolene is taking Vocational Childcare. Her plans for college are not definite. RAYMOND LOVESEE, the son of T Sgt. and Mrs. Joseph W. lovesee is a member of DECA and worked as a Distributive Education student during his senior year. Raymond is also enrolled in Biology. He will probably attend college, but he has made no plans at this time. TRACI LOWRY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Nelson. She has been a member of girls glee Club I, Varsity Choir 2, Biology Club 1, and Physical Ed. 3. She was also an office assistant for 2 years. Traci has been both Sec. and Treas. of Choir. She plans to attend AJC, but her major is undecided. ALAN McASKILL is the son of Mrs. Marjorie McAskill of 1122 E. Broadway. While attending Altus High School Alan has worked at Yates Implement Company. He also was on the Honor Roll for 1 yr. Alan plans to attend OU and major in Business Administration. 55SENIOR Vocational courses provide student career experience early TOM McASKIll is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAskill, 900 E. Commerce. While attending Altus High School Tom has participated in Spanish Club 1, Art 1, FFA 1, DECA 3. P.E. I, and the Collar Staff. After graduation Tom plans to attend Oklahoma State University, but has not decided upon a major. STEVE McCABE is the son of SMSGT and Mrs. Thad McCabe. Before coming to Altus, Steve previously at- tended school in Bangor, Maine. During his sophomore and junior years Steve was on the Honor Roll. He was also on the top ten percent in his junior year. At the present, Steve's future plans are indefinite. CAROL McELROY, daughter of Mrs. Betty McElroy, of 309 Cardinal Circle, was born in Altus, June 17, 1951. Carol has been active in Pep 2, and has participated in the Junior-Senior Banquet. After graduation from Altus High, Carol plans to attend Altus Junior College and Southwestern State College in Weatherford. JACKIE McKAIG is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert 1. McKaig of 484 Honeysuckle Avenue. She was born December 19, 1951, in Caribow, Maine. Jackie's dad is with the United States Air Force. Jackie is not decided on which college she plans to attend or what subject she will major in. DEBORAH McNEAL, daughter of Sgt. and Mrs. F. C. McNeal, resides at 1076 Elk Street. Deborah has been active in pep club 2, Spanish Club 1, DECA 1, Thespians 2, and on the honor roll and top ten percent 2. Deborah was vice-president of pep club 1. Deborah plans to attend Hampton University and Major in sociology. BOBBY McMAHAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Boyd McMahan, has been in Spanish Club 2, JETS, Biology Club, Football and Track. He has been in the top ten percent and Student Council 3 years. He has been Junior Class president, and was Best All Around his Junior year. After graduation, Bobby plans to attend Trinity Uni- versity in San Antonio. ■ MIKE MAINS, son of Mrs. laVon Mains, of 1004 Carrie Drive, was born in Altus. Mike has had a job at George C. Wright Lumber Company. He was active in A Club, VICA 3 years. Track, football, and was Vica officer for 3 years. After graduation from Altus High School Mike plans to attend Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. 7, uauunier oi mr. ana ws. James Md'tm, was born in Missouri and previously attenc schools in Oklahoma City and in Georgia. She has lx in Girls Glee Club 3, Varsity Choir 1, and F Club 3. She has been in National and State Hoi Societies 2. Her hobbies include piano and voice. J is a Merit Scholar. VOCATIONAL CARPENTRY students complete a major residential project each year. Jerry Shaffer and Donnie LaBeth, both seniors, will graduate as skilled craftsmen. 56ANDREAS MARTINEZ son of Mr. and Mr . Emiliana Martinez, has enjoyed hi Distributive Education work o much he plan to make it hi major at Altu Junior College and Southwe tern State. Andreas has been a member of DECA for three yoars and is parliamentarian, he also is an active member of Spanish Club. FELIX MARTINEZ, JR., son of Mr. and Mrs. Felix J. Martinez, has been active in DECA and VICA. Felix has worked part time at Plaza Theatre. He enjoys collecting records and working on cars. Felix plans to attend Altus Junior College, and will decide upon his college major after he completes basic college work. laDONNA MAYRHOFEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mayrhofen, has worked at Jackson County Memorial Hospital, and babysat, gained experience for her future career as a registered nurse. She plans to attend St. Anthony's Hospital Nursing School. laDonna's hobbies include horseback riding, reading, cooking and sewing. PAULA JEAN MEACHAM, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meacham, was born in Fort Worth, Texas during August 11, 1952. Her address is 901 East Cypress. She nas been activo in Scph. Glee Club 1, Varsity Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Pep Club 3, and Biology Club 1. She plans to attend O.S.U. Paula is undecided about what she will major in. BARBARA MENGES is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Menges, of 1037 Coe. Barbara has been a member of art club for one year and was in library science for two years. Some of her favorite hobbies include horses and sports. Barbara's college plans for the future are indefi- nite and so is her major. HERBERT MILBRAT, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Milbrat of 2015 Willard Drive. Herbert moved here last Dec. Herbert was on the Collar Staff. He has lived in Santa Ana, Calif, and Omaha, Neb. In Omaha he was on the Varsity Drill team of the Hiqh School ROTC, He plans to go to A.J.C. and O.S.U. and majoring in agriculture. NAYMON MILLER of 1056 Elk Street, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Miller. He was born in Pampa, Texas. Some of Nayman's favorite hobbies include cars and photography. Nayman plans to attend college but his choice is at this’ point undecided. He plans to major in Electrical Engineering. RONNIE MILLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl O. Lambert, was born in Waco, Texas. He attended Roosevelt High School in San Antonio before moving to Altus this year His principal interest has been in the field of art and he has been president of the Art Club. He plans to continue his education following high school graduation. BETTY MILLS is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Mills of 416 East Everett. Betty has been in Biology Club and was a cafeteria as well as library assistant. She is also a member of Future Homemakers of America. Betty s college plans are not yet final but she plans to major in nursing. BOB MILLS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mills of 911 Oakwood. He has been a member of stage band, pep band and has been in many ensembles. He was also active in biology club. One of Bob's hobbies is hunting. Bob's future college choice is undecided but his probable major is Mathematics. DANNY MILLS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Mills plans to enter construction work following graduation from Fort Worth Engineering School. Danny already has had an engineering job in Fort Worth. He has been active in Spanish, Biology and Art Clubs and is a member of DECA. His hobbies include skiing, hunting, fishing and motorcycles. SHEILA MINK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Mink, was born in Hobart, but has attended high school here. She has been a member of Girls Glee Club for 2 years, French Club and a member of Distributee Educa- tional Club of America. As a DE student she has worked part time. Sheila plans to attend college but her maior is indefinite. LOWERING a motor block Senior Vocational Auto Mechanics Brent Craig and Donnie Russell make minute adjustments as their instructor, Mr. Ray Vinyard observes the operation. 57SENIORS Lunch Time Entertainment features Mr. Legs contest in action Spirit Week, an innovation for Homecoming Cele- bration, was inaugurated this year by Altus Stu- dent Council before the McGinnis game. Zany contests each day added pep and fellowship to lunch hour periods and after school events. Mr. Legs contest, in which boys stood behind screens and only their legs were visible, was one of the biggest hits of the week. It all added up to wholehearted support for the championship foot- ball team. KITTIE RAE MOBERIY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernice W. Moberly. She has been a drum maior for 2 years, lettered in band, and was on the band council. Kittie was also a member of Biology Club and other clubs. She plans to attend Southwestern State College and major in Music or Anthropology. PAUL HARRISON MOCK, JR., son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mock, has been active in Latin Club and was JETS Club president. He lettered in golf and football, was a Boys State delegate, in the National Honor Society, and pres- ident of the Senior Class. Harrison is in the top ten percent and has been in the all-school productions. He plans to go to S.M.U. and major in Law. VALERIE LYNN MONTGOMERY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Montgomery. She has been in stage band for 1 year and Girls Ensemble 2, Mixed Chorus 3, and has been an office assistant for three years. Her hobbies are dancing and photography. Valerie plans an Air Force nursing career but is undecided as to her college. RUTH MORTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Morton, lives at 1904 Robin. She has attended schools in Georgia and Texas. Her activities include band, Spanish Club, Biology Club, Future Journalists of America, Collar Staff and F.A.A. She plans to attend either AJC or Southwestern State College and major in Journalism. RUTH MARIE MOSES is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Moses of 262 Cedar. Ruth was born on Decem- ber 6, 1952, in Illinois. Ruth plans to be a beautician but has not specified which college she will attend. RICK MOSS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Pearson Moss of 2117 East Broadway. Rick came to Alfus High from Elk City High School. He played basketball and was in track. Rick was an active A club member for 2 years. He plans to attend Kansas University with a major in Physical Education. MARY LEAH MURPHY is the daughter of Major and Mrs. Bill W. Murphy. Mary is new to Altus this year and has been in Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus and Pep Club. Mary's hobbies include bowling and tennis. Mary plans to major in business management at Middle Tennessee University. DONNA NALL is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Nall. Donna was born in Altus, Oklahoma and has at- tended Altus schools for 12 years. She has been very active in Future Journalists of America 1 year. Donna's future plans are undecided as of yet. NEIL EDWARD NALL, is a native of Alfus and lives at 1200 Poplar. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Nall. Neil has been active in VICA 3. and was Vice treasurer. He also was a member of the champion carpentry team. Neil is planning to atend Oklahoma State University. TOM NEARHOOD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wilson, of 1224 Karen Drive, was born in Lincoln, on October 8, 1951. Tom has previously attended Winter Park High in Winter Park, Florida. His hobbies include motorcycles and gymnastics. Tom plans to attend college at Okmul- gee, Oklahoma and to major in drafting. JUDY NICHOLS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Nichols, lives at 821 York Street. She was born in Altus, on July 7, 1952. She has worked part-time at Wacker's while attending school. Her hobbies include sewing and reading. Judy's plans for the future are indefinite. BOB OAKLEY is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Oakley of 1003 E. Sutherland. He has been active in Biology Club 1 and in A Club 3. He has played Football 3, baseball 3, and basketball 3. Bob's plans include major- ing in Physical Education. He has not yet. however, decided upon which college he will attend. 58HIGH SCHOOL Senior Glenn Devoll enters his legs in the "Mr. Legs Contest" during spirit week. Glen's legs, however were not favored among seniors. "LEGS CONTEST" was won by this pair of legs belonging to Senior Randle Walker. PAMELA SUE OGLESBY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest E. Oglesby of 919 N. Navajoe. Pam has been a member of That Altus Band for six years. She has as her hobbies swimming and horseback riding. Pam plans to attend Alfus Junior College and her maior is in Business Administration. WALTER DAVID OGLETREE is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Ogletree. David came to Altus from Elk City High. He has been in Key Club, basketball, and Future Business Leaders. David plans to attend Altus Junior College with a major in Math or History. ERIC OLMSTED is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Olmstead of 637 Begonia. He has attended Oscoda Area High School and Kubaski High School. Eric's hobbies include hunting and fishing. Upon graduation from Altus High School, Eric plans to major in Industrial Arts at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. RICK OLSON, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Olson, of 1800 North Main, was born m Jackson, Minnesota. Rick has previously attended schools in Wichita Fells, Texas and in Minnesota. Rick has been in D.E.C.A., Spanish Club, Biology Club, and Art Club. Rick plans to attend the University of Minnesota. PATRICIA ORR is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Orr. Paticia has worked part time while attending Altus High. She was active in Sophomore Glee Club, Girls Glee Club 1, Varsity Choir 2, Pep Club 3, Future Home- makers of America, and Biology Club. Patty plans to attend Aladdin Beauty School in Altus after graduation. PAT ORTEGA is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ortega. He lives at 818 West Walnut bue was born in Amarillo, Texes. Pat has worked part-time at the Tijuana Inn while attending Altus High School. His hobbies include Auto Racing and Drawing. Pat plans to attend Altus Junior College and major in Designing. KIM PEQUIGNOT, daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Pequignot, has been active in Glee Club, Pep Club 2, and Thespians 2. She was a delegate to girls state, a cheerleader for one year, and a member of the Bulldog staff. Kim has been a member of Biology Club I, French Club 1, and Art Club 1. She plans to major in public relations. LANETTE PERKINS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Per- kins, has been active in Soph. Glee Club 1, Girls Glee Club 1, FHA 1, Spanish Club 2. Biology Club 1, Future Journalists 1, Collar Staff, and Thespians 2. Lanetfe has been on the Honor roll and in the top ten percent 2. She plans to major in speech or journalism but her college is undecided. DARRELL PHILLIPS is the son of Bill Philips of 1406 Scott Street. Darrell has attended Navajo High School as well as Altus High. Darrell has been active in F.F.A. while attending Altus High School. After graduation from A.H.S., Darrell plans to major in Computer Programming but his college choice is indefinite. 59SENIORS Computer programming favorite subject with math experts SENIOR COMPUTER programming offers varied experiences. Dan Iken checks the card sorter while Buddy Long feeds a program to the RCA-301 and Pat Farley mans the WU hot line to Oklahoma City. BILLY PICKETT i$ the son of Mr. Bill Pickatf of 1800 North Mam. Billy was a member of the Altus High School Chorus this year. Billy played Football for the Bulldogs. Bill plans to attend Southeastern College in Durant with a major in aviation to become a pilot. GREG PITMAN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pitman. Greg is a new student at Altus, coming here from Wichita Falls. He has been in mixed chorus for I year. Greg is an antique auto enthusiast. Kansas State is Greg's college choice and he plans to major in the sciences. MARGARET POWELL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Powell, was born in Mobile. Alabama. Margaret worked at the FAA cafeteria in Oklahoma City while attending U.S. Grant High School. She was in physical education for two years. Margaret has made no definite plans for college. TERRY PRESTAGE is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Prestage of 1313 Benson. Terry previously attended schools in Bakersfield, California. She was born in Law- ton, however, on April 17, 1952. Terry plans to attend either AJC or Bakersfield Jr. College with a major in Business. KAY PRICE is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Price. Kay was in Soph. Glee Club 1, Pep Club 3, and Varsity Choir 2, and Bulldog Staff 2. Kay was editor of the Bulldog her senior year. Her bobbies include reading and writing. Kay plans to attend OU or OSU with a major in Spanish or Journalism. WAYNE RAGSDALE is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kent Ragsdale. Wayne has attended Altus schools all his life. While attending AHS Wayne has been active in French Club I, A Club 1, Wrestling 2, and Track 1. After grad- uation from AHS, he plans to attend Oklahoma Uni- versity in Norman. JOHN WESLEY RAY is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Cooper D. Ray. John has been in Boys Glee Club, Varsity Choir, and Pep Band for I year. He has been in Band for 2 years, here at Altus. John has been on the honor roll. He plans to attend OU with a premedical major. MIKE REED is the son of Col. and Mrs. Charles Reed. Mike has been active in French Club 1, and was manager for the Football team. For hobbies he enjoys all sports, guitar music, and swimming. He also was in Football 1, and at Midwest City lettered in swimming. He plans to attend the USAF Academy in Colorado, and plans to major in Engineering. SAM LEE RICE is the son of Mrs. Eunna Faye Rice of 615 W. Pecan. Sam is an example of a good citizen and is an avid football supporter. His hobbies are the sports. Sam has been a football player for the Bulldogs alt 3 of his high school years. Sam's plans for the future are indefinite. 60Altus High's "hands on" computer programming courses has attracted national headlines repeatedly since its inauguration as a part of the regular cur- riculum for senior math scholars in 1963. Repeated first and second place awards have been won by AHS programmers, and alumni of the course are in executive positions with industry and govern- ment. This year's class of computer related math- ematics students also has members who plan to make a career of data processing, continuing study at AJC's vocational data processing and at senior colleges as upper classmen. Nearly a half-million in equipment is made possible through the voca- tional education funding by the federal govern- ment, and cooperation of the Board of Education. JIM RIDDLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Riddle, has been active in band, pep band, ensembles. Varsity Choir and Honor Band 3. During school he has worked part time at the base commissary. His hobbies include swim- ming and bowling. He plans to attend Southwestern State College and major in music. MARTY ROBERSON, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Roberson. He has been active in Band 3, Stage Band 1, Pep Band 2, Boys Glee Club 3, Varsity Choir 3, Mixed Choirs 3, Spanish Club 2, Jets 1. Biology Club 1, and he has had the honor of Honor Roll 2, Top Ten Percent 2. Martin, is undecided on his college, but for his major, he has chosen Accounting. DARRELL W. ROBERTSON is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elton Robertson of 1001 North Willard. He has been active in Vocational Industrial Carpentry of America 2 years. Darell plans to attend Okmulgee Tech, and to major in Auto Mechanics. PATRICIA DIANE ROBERTSON is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robertson of 1500 South Main. She was born in Altus, Oklahoma on May 5, 1952. Patricia enjoys swimming, tennis, bowling, and dancing. Her plans for the future are indefinite at this time. PHIL ROBERTSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robert- son of 1500 South Main, is a native of Altus. Phil was an active participant in the Vocational Industrial Club of America, specializing in carpentry. He plans to attend Altus Junior College and prepare for a career in the building industry. KEVIN ROBINSON is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rob- inson of 1136 East Live Oak. He was born on March 14, 1952 in Lawton, Oklahoma. He has been a member of French Club, Football 3, and Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS). Kevin plans to attend Oklahoma Uni- versity and to major in the field of engineering. TERRY ANN ROUDEBUSH is the daughter of Mrs. Oma Roudebush. Terry has been active in Soph. Glee Club, Varsity Choir, Pep Club, FHA, Biology Club, Future Journalists, and a student Guidance Assistant. She plans to major in business adminitration at the Oklahoma School of Banking and Business in Oklahoma City. WOODINE ROUDEBUSH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Roudebush, has been active in FHA, French Club, JETS, and Biology Club. Woodine attended Southeast Junior High. While at AHS she was the President of the French Club 1. Woodine plans to attend Southwestern State or Oklahoma University and to major in Home Economics. DONNIE RUSSELL, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Russell, was born in Alfus. Donnie has attended Alfus High and Blair High School. He has been in Future Farmers of America 4 years, and Vocational Industry 2 years. After graduation from Altus High, Donnie will attend Wayland Baptist College in Plainview, Texas. RANDY RUSSELL is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Thompson of 1407 Scott Street. While attending Alfus High School, Randy has been a member of Art Club. His hobbies include hunting and skating. Randy has been in Vocational Carpentry for three years. He plans to attend Okmulgee Tech, but his major is undecided. DARYL W. SALMON, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Salmon, of 1112 Maple, was born in Altus, Oklahoma. Daryl has been an active participant in Band for 3 years. Stage Band 2, Pep Band 1 and Spanish Club. After graduation, Daryl plans to attend Southwestern State College at Weatherford, but his major is undecided. ELIZABETH ANNE SANFORD is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanford of Route 3. She has been a mem- ber of Sophomore Glee Club 1. Mixed Chorus 1, Pep Club 1, FHA 2, and DECA 2. Beth's hobbies include camping and swimming. She plans to attend Altus Junior College but her major is undecided. 61SENIORS Advanced modern math, science, include analytics, physics JOHN SANTIAGO, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Santiago of 705 Ru Avenue. John was born in San Antonio, Texas, May 3. 1952. He has attended Burns Flat High School and Dill City High School as well as Altus High School. John's major after graduation is indefinite but he would like to attend Oklahoma University, in Norman or Arkansas University. CAROL SAULTS, daughter of Mm Sgt. and Mrs. Robert E. Saults. resides at 817 Oakwood. Carol has been in Girls Glee Club two years and pep club one ycar. Carol's hobbies include water skiing and swimming. She has worked at Plaza Theater while attending Altus High School. At the present, Carol's future plans are indefinite. MANLEY SEAY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernes B. Seay of 712 North Jackson of Altus. Manley has worked at the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant while attending Altus High School. His hobby is working on cars. Manley's plans for college are undecided but he wants to major in Oceanography. DAVID SELF, son of Mr. and Mrs. David W. Self, has been active in Band 4. Spanish Club 2, Biology Club I, Art Club 1, Boys Glee Club and Thespians 2. While attending school, he has worked part time at Andrews Van Lines. David plans to attend Cameron or Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts and major in Drama. JERRY SHAFFER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Winston Shaffer, was born at Quanah, Texas, but attended Pauls Valley High School before coming here his sophomore year. Jerry has been active in Band 3, Biology Club 1, FFA 1, VICA 2 years. During his senior year he also has been in speech activities. Jerry plans to attend Altus Junior College. DEBBIE SHANKWEILER, daughter of M Sgt. and Mrs. Donald C. Shankweiler, has ateended schools both in France and in Germany. While in Altus Debbie was in Girts' Glee Club 1, Pep Club 1, and Biology Club 1. She plans to major in computer programming following high school graduation. BENNY SHERMAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Sherman, was born in Altus. He has been a member of Boys' Glee Club 1, Varsity Choir I, Biology Club I, Art Club 2 and 3 Club 1. Benny is an honor student in the Top Ten Percent. His college choice is Southwestern, where he will major in commercial art. DONNIE SHOTTS, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shotts, has been m the FFA for four years. Donnie was born here but has attended school both here and at Blair. He played basketball for 2Vi year and baseball for 2 2 years. Donnie plans to attend AJC and then OSU with electrical engineering as his probable major. 62Challenge of the seventies is a facet which attracts enrollment in Altus High's advanced, college level mathematics and science courses. Mathematics laboratory facilities comprise equipment for origi- nal research as well as modern mathematics computations. Altus students regularly earn college hours in chemistry and physics while completing their senior year. FREDDIE SIGLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Sigle, previ- ously attended Choctaw High School where he was active in Pep Band. He has been in Pep Band, Pep Assemblies, Band, and Art Club. He hopes to attend Southwestern State College at Weatherford. His future plans for a major are indefinite. BARBARA SMITH daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith, is a member of Oklahoma Honor Society, consistently on the honor roll, and in the top ten percent of her class. Her hobby is sewing and she makes many of her own clothes. She hopes to attend college, but has not chosen a major. CARLA SMITH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith, has been active during her past years at Altus High School. She was a twirler for the Altus Band 3, Soph. Glee Club 2, Varsity Choir 2, Spanish Club I, and in the All-School production 2. Carla plans to attend Oklahoma University. Her probable major is music or education. DOUG SMITH, son of Col. and Mrs. William L. Smith, has been a band officer, and in band for three years. He belongs to Spanish Club and was emcee for the Beat Frederick Week Assembly. Doug's hobbies include writ- ing songs and poetry and playing his bass guitar. He plans to major in music at East Tennessee State University or Southwestern State College. ANALYTICS HOLDS no terror for these senior mathematics scholars who spend much of each class hour in independent work. Roger Duckett adds a table of results. Working directly behind him are Lynn Berry and at left, Mike Reed. RICKY SMITH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Smith of 1723 Hollywood Drive, was born in Norman, Oklahoma. He has previously attended Eisenhower High School. Ricky has been active in A Club 2, and has lettered in baseball. He plans to major in physical education but has not decided which college to attend. ROXANNE SMITH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Smith, was born in Alamosa, Colorado. She lives on Mocking- bird Drive. Roxanne has been in band 3, DECA 1 and was DECA attendant in her junior year. She worked part time at Moore Studio while attending AHS. She plans to attend Altus Junior College and Southwestern. LINDA SPANN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Spann, has been state champion in butterfly stroke swimming, and won numerous swim and track meet awards. Her activities include Library Science, and Thes- pians. She was a life guard at AAFB last summer, and has coached a swimming team. Linda plans to attend Santa Barbara, Calif., City College for a speech or drama major. CONNIE SPIVEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Spivey, is a native of Virginia but attended Del City High before moving here. She is a member of Pep Club, Sophomore Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, and hopes to major in Physical Therapy at Central State College. BILLY BOB STARR, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Starr. He was born in Hobart, Oklahoma. Billy Bob has been active in Spanish Club I, A Club 3, Football 3 and Golf 3. He was a delegate to Boys State and was voted Best All Around his Sophomore year. Billy Bob is undecided about his future plans. JAN STARR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Starr, was active in Sophomore Glee Club 1, Varsity Choir 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Pep Club 2, French Club 2, Biology Club 1 and on student council I year. Jan was French Club Queen, good citizen her junior year and has been on the honor roll and top ten percent both junior and sophomore years. Jan plans to major in history or English at Oklahoma Baptist University. 63SENIORS Folk singer-musician performers gain wide public recognition ORIGINAL LYRICS with guitar accompaniment have made David Chapman one of the most requested members of the school entertainment bureau. VERSATILITY IS the word for Ken Ward, vocalist, stringed bass musician, drum major, and concert tuba player. Ken tunes the big violin for the first vocal program of the year. DWIGHT STARR is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Starr of 2104 N. Robin. Dwight has been a member of Latin Club and JETS. He also has been very active in Football for the past 3 years. Dwight was President of the Stu- dent Council in his Senior year. SUSIE STAUFFER, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Stauffer. She has been secretary of her Jr. and Sr. classes and treasurer of Spanish Club. She was also a member of JETS,» Biology Club, Forensic League, Collar Staff and served as an office assistant for two years. Susie was in the top ten percent of her classes and plans to attend O.U. SUE STEPHENS, daughter of Mrs. Irene Wilson, of 400 North Hightower, was born in Altus, November 20, 1951. Sue has been an active participant in Pep Club 2, FHA 1, Biology Club 1, and Spanish Club. Her hobbies inc .de horseback riding and swimming. After graduation worn Alfus High, Sue will attend Kilgore College in Texas. SARA STICHER is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lou C. Sticher of 1610 N. Willard. Sara was a member of Soph. Glee Club I, and Girl's Glee Club 1, Pep Club 3, Span- ish Club 1, and Biology Club 1. She was also a guidance assistant. Sara was on the honor roll 2. Her future plans are undecided. FRED LEE STONER, son of Sgt. and Mrs. Fredrick C. Stoner of 1413 E. Adam was born on April 12, 1952. Fred has traveled widely to such places as Japan, Hawaii and much of the United States. His hobbies include reading and swimming. He has belonged to a German Club and is participating in baseball this fall. Fred plans to attend Ohio State University. CHARLES STROPUS is the son of Mr. Charles Stropus, of 1050 Dill Street. Charles was born in San Antonio, Texas on August 6, 1949. Charles plans for the future are indefinite at this time. 64JERRY TABB, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan, has been active in Spanish Club 1 as Sgt. at Arms, A Club 3, Football 3. Baseball 3. and Basketball 1. He has been on the Honor Roll and in the Top Ten 3. Also, he was a Boys State Delegate. Jerry plans to attend OU and major in aeronautical engineering. LANE TAYLOR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Taylor, has participated in Band 3, Pep Band, Ensembles. Biology Assistant 1, and German Club. Lane came to AHS from Holmes High School in San Antonio. Texas. His are skiing, fishing, hunting, and music. Lane plans to attend AJC and major in medicine. KATHY TERRY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Terry. She was born in Odessa, Texas and now lives at 278 Birch Street. She previously attended Star Spencer High. Kathy was in Pep Club 3, FTA 1, Thespians 1, and Future Business Leader 2. She plans to attend Oklahoma City College and major in business. STEVE TIMMONS, son of Mr and Mrs. Arthur Groom, lives at 117 Foxtrot. He has been active during his past years at Altus High School. Steve had attended school in Michigan before moving to Altus. He plans to attend Michigan State University and major in psychology. TERRY TIMS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Tims, has been active in Latin Club. Jets, A Club, Biology Club, foot- ball 3, Golf 3, and wrestling 1. He was Vice Pres, of his Soph, and Jr. class. Terry was on the honor roll and top ten percent. Terry plans to attend OSU and maior in Mortuary Science. CHERYL THORNTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton was active these past three years in various activities. Cheryl was in Soph. Glee Club 1, Girls Glee Club 1, Pep Club 3, FHA 3, Jets 1 and Biology Club 1. She was vice-pres. of FHA and Home Ec. assistant. Cheryl plans to attend AJC and is undecided on her maior. DENISE THURMOND is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thurmond. Denise has been active in Pep Club 1, Biology Club 1, Art Club 1, D.E.C.A. and basketball 1. Her hobbies have been water sports and dancmg. Denise plans to attend an airline school and maior in KEITH TROLINGER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor I. Peck. Keith has attended Choctaw High School in Choc- taw Oklahoma. Keith has been active in Biology Club one' year and FFA one year. He was Biotegy assistant. Keith plans to attend OSU and major in Electronics. BARBARA TURNER is the daughter of Mrs. Ellen Turner of 1308 North Blain. Barbara has participated in Soph- omore Glee Club one year and has been an office assistant one year. Barbara s plans for the future are LARRY TURNER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Turner, has been very active in band. Larry has been in Stage Band 3 Pep Band 3, and band 3. Larry was in Spanish Club 2,' Jets 1. and Varsity Choir 1. He was on the honor roll 3 and in top ten 1. Larry plans to maior in elec- tronics or engineering at Oklahoma University. XAVIER VALDEZ is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Valdez. He lives at 713 Kathy Street. Xavier has been a member of Spanish Club 1, and D.E.C.A. 2. He worked part me at Wylie Ellis Insurance Agency and at Jack s Bairber Shop while attending school. Xavier s plans for the future are undecided. MARIANNA VAN MEER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Van Meer has been «clive in Concert Clwr 2, Mixed Chorus, Folk groups 3, Pep Club . « Fre ch Club I. Marianna has also been a Nurses of Geology Club, and student council representative. BILLY VANN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Vann. Billy was born at Muskogee. Oklahoma. He hasca’,eAn i 5i Altus School 4 years. Billy was active in D.E.C.A. I. and Physical Ed. 1. He is undecided as to which college I ...III J U..s kia mai aj ARTHUR VEALS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Lee Jones, of 703 S. Crain, has been active during his past years at Altus High. Arthur has worked in the cafeteria a JVa been a Biology assistant. He has worked on the NYC. program. Arthur plans to enter a branch of military service but has not yet decided which one. ANDALL WALKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maburn Walker, Hides at 1411 East Cypress Street. Randall has taken a sry enthusiastic attitude towards FFA. He has been an ■ • . t a . .... LJ. U • la a rs 1 t AAT • are undecided. 65BACKSTAGE BEFORE a pep assembly. Seniors Carla Smith and Pam Avery, twirlers, check routines with Kathy Herring, (back to camera) cheerleader, in dressing room. AT RIGHT: Joan Decker and Mike Cotney join Spirit Week fun in the cafeteria, waiting their turn for the "charger." CARY PAT WALLACE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy L. Wallace is a member of A Club 2, football 2, Latin Club 1. His hobby is horseback riding and writing. Pat already has had one article published in a national magazine. He plans to attend Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. JEANNE WALLACE daughter of Mrs. Charlotte Wallace, was born in Platfsburg, New York, where she attended school until this year. She has been a member of Soph- omore Girls' Glee Club and of Distributive Education Clubs of America. Her work station in DE was Altus Drug. Jeanne's future plans are undecided, but probably include college. KEN WARD, son of Mrs. Marie Ward, has been in School Band for seven years, in Stage Ban j 3, Pep Band 3, Drum Major 1, and in two ensembles. He was in Mixed Chorus 1, A-Club 3, FFA 3, and Wrestling 2. Ken was a junior class and band representative. He plans to attend Southwestern and major in music WILEY WARE, born in Wichita Falls, Texas, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ware of 1101 Thomas. While attending Altus High he has participated in. Physical Education 1, Biology Club 1, member of Collar Newspaper Staff 1, Future Journalists of America 1. His college major is indefinite. KATHY WELCH, daughter of the Donald L. Hilton's, majored in business while in high school, as well as taking the full high school curriculum. During her senior year she also was in speech and participated in activities of that department. Her future plans are indefinite. BRUCE WILLIAMS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Williams, has attended school in Texas. Germany and Okinawa before moving to Alfus. He is a member of Future Data Processors of America. He plans to attend North Texas State University, majoring in mathematics, and participating in Air Force ROTC. CHARLIE WILLIAMS, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Davis Williams, has attended Altus schools always. For the past two years he has been a member of Neighborhood Youth Corps. Charlie's hobbies are cars, basketball and motorcycles. He plans to enter the service following graduation from Altus High. JOSEPH WILLIAMS. JR., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams, attended high school at Boys' High School, Brooklyn, New York, before moving to Alfus. He has been a member of Spanish Club, Art Club, FFA, Future Journalists and is on the Collar staff. His hobbies are basketball and hunting. He has worked part time while in high school. MELBA WILLIAMS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Williams, was born in Altus and has attended schools here always. Melba is a member of the Vocational Child Care department and has been a kindergarten aide. Her hobbies include swimming and cooking. Melba's after- graduation plans are indefinite. 66MICHAEL LEE WILLIAMS it the son of Mr. and Mrs. Don William» of 1213 Adam». Mike wa born on December 16, 1951 in Kingfisher. Oklahoma. Mike ha been very active In Football for three year . He ha worked part- time at the Safeway in Plaza Shopping Center. Mike'» college and maior are undecided. PAULA WILLIAMSON I the daughter of Mr. and Mr . Don William of 1728 Willard Drive. Paula wa in Pep Club 2, A Club 3, and French Club 2. Paula wa a cheerleader in her Sophomore year and wa an office a» istant for 2 year . Paula plans to ateend Altu Junior College and OU. Her probable major is physical education. KATHY WILLIS, daughter of Mr. and Mr . Romie Lee Willis, resides at 813 W. Nona. Kathy ha been an active participant in the Neighborhood Youth Corps for 2 years. She wa in Girls' Glee Club 1. Kathy plan to attend Lang ton University and major in home economics. TERRY WILSON is the son of Les ie McKeaver of 317 S. Central. He was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Terry ha been a member of French Club, Football 3, and Track 3. Terry has not yet decided upon either a college or a major at this time. DAVID WINGO. son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Arthur W. Wingo, of 72 South Gum, has been in Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, French Club, Football, Track, Golf, Wrestling, and Thespian 1. Dave ha been on the Honor Roll 3 years. He plans to attend Southwestern State College after graduation. Dave plan to major in the field of History. PAULA WOOLUMS is the daughter of Mr. and Mr . Jim Woolum of 418 Ea f Pecan. She ha worked at Bunker Hill Drug and Desert Winds Cafe while attending AHS. She was active in Girls Glee Club. Her hobbies includo horseback riding and swimming. Paula's rlans for the future are undecided. CHRISTY WRIGHT is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wright. She has been active in Sophomore Glee Club, Varsity Choir 2, Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 1, and Pep Club 3. Christy was also Treasurer of her Junior Class and Secretary-Treasurer of Pep Club in her Jr. year. Her major will be English at Oklahoma University. DEBBIE WRIGHT, daughter of Mr. and Mr . William R. Wright of 629 Begonia Drive, wa born in Tampa. Florida. Debbie previously attended Wagner High School in the Philippines. She has been in Latin Club, and Biology Club. She enjoys poetry, dressmaking, basket- ball, and swimming. Debbie's future includes AJC. DOUG WRIGHT is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wright. He previously lived in Borger, Texas where he attended Borger Senior High School. He plans to attend Alfus Junior College, after graduation. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, and water skiing. Doug was a Collar Staff writer. JERRY YARBROUGH is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Yarbrough. Jerry came to AHS from Blair. He has par- ticipated in Spanish Club 1, Band 1, FHA 2, Basketball 3. and Baseball 3. Jerry worked part time at Morrison Wholesale. His favorite sport is golf. Jerry's college choice is undecided. JOHN YATES, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Yates, has been active in Band 2, Stage Band 2, Pep Band 1. Ensembles 2, and Varsity Choir 1. He previously attended E. H. Cary High School, located in Dallas. John plans to attend Southern Methodist University with a probable major in oceanography. BEVERLY YOUNG, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Young, Jr., of 616 Sky Circle, wa born in Alfus. Beverly has been active in Thespians 2, Sophomore Glee Club, Girls Glee Club, Varsity Choir, Pep Club, FHA 3, French Club 2, and Biology Club 1. Her hobbies include smgmg and sewing. She plans to attend OSU at Stillwater. KATHY YOUNG is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Brinegar. Kathy came to AHS from Star Spencer High in Midwe t City. She has participated in Pep Club 3, French Club 2, JETS 1, and Fueure Business leader 2. Kathy lettered in Basketball and was in P.E. She is undecided about what college she will attend but her major is math. AMERICAN PARTY system is explained in fifth hour government class by Mr. Jim Cromartie as Debra Wright checks voting records at the last presidential election. 67JUNIORS Work, earn money, work, earn money — Junior year theme Careful selecting of class officers started the Junior year on a businesslike basis, which was necessary for a successful term in which thousands of dollars were made. Besides being hosts to the Seniors and their teachers for the banquet, this year was also critical scholastically. Juniors participated in PSAT, ACT, and Merit tests. When choosing courses. Juniors must keep in mind the necessary credits in order to graduate next year. Three hun- dred thirty-five class members, forming one unit, had attended more than thirty high schools from five continents. With them came new ideas and friendships. Our Junior class discovered a feeling of willingness to work together in cooperation to make it a successful year. Don Abernathy Mike Adams Steve Adams .. . . . . . —---------------loryciy Dy car coordinated by these captains and co-captains of the Junior Class. Celebrating $1000 in funds as the sale ends are (left from FRONT ROW upward); Glenda Copeland. Carla Dempsey. Shari Gober, Patti Johnston, Cathy Holte, Diane Rinker, ichelle Hollingsworth, Terri Tock. Pam Tims Ruth Snell, Susie Stiles, Wendy Haertel, Benita Elliott, Janie Calkins Dianna Roberts, Connie Wallace, Paula Ray, Dawn Hicks, Mr. Arthur Jantz coordinator, Kevin Cossey, Ronnie Kuykendall and Bob Holsey Vickie Alexander Barbara Allen Mark Allen Micheal Allen Sandra Atchley Brent Bailey Jimmy Bailey Tim Bailey Brian Baker Eddie Ballard Andy Barnes Gloria Barnes Jimmy Barnett Paul Battles Lori Benedict Jim Berryman Lonnie Bevers Mike Bilbrey Jeanette Billman Terry Blackburn James Blackwell Mark Blackwell Teresa Blackwell Joyce Bolinger 68Gail Bradly Alice Branch Scott Brantley Julie Brinkman Sandy Brown Cathy Bryce Linda Bryce Gary Brum ley Franklin Buckner Cecil Burns Phil Burnside Debbie Bush Wanda Butler Judy Byram Janis Calkins Annette Cantrell MONEY-RAISING project leadership is provided by Junior class officers Kyle Ray, Diane Rinker, Craig Thomas, and Shari Gober. Suzette Cantrell La June Carruthers Mary Carter Peggy Castle Christy Chadwick Leola Change Dick Chapman Terry Chenault Joey Click Kenneth Coleman Dwight Cope Glynda Copeland Kevin Cossey Kay Cowart George Crafton Jim Craig Bill Crittenden Brenda Crockett Randy Crow Diane Cutlift Jim Davis Melvin Davis Carla Dempsey Becky Dodson 69ass parents aid annual Junior activity groups JUNIOR CLASS PARENTS are elected on basis of interest and concern for students. Mr. and Mrs. Max Plew, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perry, Mrs. Hill and Colonel Charles Hill arrive for one of the numerous Junior functions in the cafeteria. Linda Dorsey Gary Doughten Gloria Duck Barbara Durrough John Duty Brenda Eastman Cindy Eichholz Benita Elliott Katie Evans Stella Everett Mike Felton Pat Ferguson Ronnie Fields Bernice Fisher Grady Flanagan Brenda Ford Randy Foster Dale Foulk Ned Fraser Carl Gane Alfred Garcia Veda Gilman Mark Glenn Linda Glover Shari Gober Danny Gregg Betty Green Larry Green 70Pattie Greene Victor Grider Lynda Griffin Earl Groves Jane Haaf Windy Haertel SALESMANSHIP IS a definite (and required) characteristic of Junior Class members. Demonstrating their ability as salesmen are Janet Hudson, Brenda Crockett and Ned Fraser. Lydia Haferland Margaret Hall Nancy Hall Barry Halter Leslie Hammock James Hampton Melinda Harkins Ronald Harmon Paul Harralson Dee Harris Judy Harris Vance Hawkins William Hawkins Brent Haynie Patricia Henderson Susan Hensly WILLING TO work at anything, including dishwashing, are Brent Bailey, Ben Bob Mahan, Hugh Bardsley, and Jack McAlester (back to camera). They did their bit at the hamburger supper preceding the Frederick game. James Henson John Hickerson Dawn Hicks Georgia High Kenneth High L W. HighJUNIORS Home Ec. clothing classes makes custom-made clothes Patricia High Colatta Hill James Hill Fay Hillard Kay Hillard Gwendolyn Hodge Randy Holden Michelle Hollingsworth Jon Holman Bob Holsey Cathy Holthe Andy Homewood HEMLINES CHANGE faster than Home Economics girls can get a dress completed. Peggy Castle takes the hemline of Sophomore, Sondra Ford. Robert Hoover Betty Horton Anna Howard Kathy Howard Janet Hudson Patricia Huey Claudine Hukill Beth Hutton Willie May Igner Jan Iken Mike Jackson Reginald Jackson Robert Jackson Margarita Jiminez Darlene Johnson Sharon Johnson Patti Johnston Debbie Jones Doug Jones Jim Jones Myrna Jones Jackie Kellison Doug Kelly Jaque Key 72CAN THIS BE English Class? Susie Roberts, Lori Benedict and Melinda Harkins help Mrs. Eldon Drury make a Thanksgiving arrangement in keeping with the season, and a study of Colonial American Literature. Joe Killebrew Billy Kimball Gary Kincannc Bruce King Diane King Gary Kerbo Beverly Kirby Patty Kline Alita Knapp Kathy Kortum Lynn Kovar Ronnie Kuykendall Donna Lamar Priscilla Lance Phyllis Lavender Benny Lawson Margaret LeClair Beth Leeson Doug Lierman Ann Little John Logan Ronnie Lovett Kenneth Lucos Stephanie Maddox Chris Maffry Ben Bob Mahan David Mahelona Danny Mains Al Martinez Susan Maley Jack McAlister David McElfresh Steve McAlpine Bob McAnallen Darla McClellan Gary McDaniel 73JUNIORS Sponsors give time, energy, thought assisting class members Jon McDaniel Sherry McDonald Monty McElroy Danny McQuiggan Zoe McPherson Ken Medlock Bruce Miller Debbie Miller WHO WOULD ever accept appointment of Junior Class sponsor except these seven Mr. Arthur Jantz, Mr. Herman Babb, Mrs. Paul Flippin, Mrs. Bill Brinkman, Miss Glade Clemons, Larry King, and Mr. Leonard Sea If. Mark Miller Vicki Miller Marian Milner Dicky Mollison Eric Moreau Jim Morrow Cynthia Neel Kenneth Newman Randell Newton Charles Nichols Anita Nucci Tal Oden Leo Passinetti Gail Parks Stewart Parrish Mike Pate Charlotte Paulk Ann Peek Carol Perry Harry Perry Susan Perry Jerry Peters Donna Pigg Patsy Plew Ralph Porter 74Kathleen Prince Troy Puckett Ebilene Purcell P«t Quaghana David Radar Steve Raines Suzanne Raines Kyle Ray Paula Ray Tommy Ray William Reed Joseph Remis Ronnie Richardson David Rico Diane Rinker MAN'S WORLD, not quite. French attracts students preparing for majors in international affairs as Dave Wilcoxson, James Martin and Glen Walker listen attentively. MOLECULAR MODELS are fashioned by Gary McDaniel and Jan Iken for research projects in Chemistry I study of chemical bonding. 75Doris Risinger Diana Roberts Jeff Roberts Patti Roberts Susie Roberts Susie Robertson Kenneth Robinson Pam Rockett Steve Rodda Larry Rogers Lynn Rowland Dusty Rush Wayne Russell Judy Sage Mary Sanchez Carmen Satterfield JUNIORS Spanish is important foundation for the future SPANISH II includes dialogues in foreign language. Pictured are Diane Rinker, Pam Tims, and Dawn Hicks Betty Saults Mike Schwendeman Connie Sellers Teri Setliff Mark Shafer Grady Shaw Gary Shepard Gregary Shepard Jimi Shipley Ramona Shivers Charley Simpson Brenda Siniard Frances Skinner Jackie Smiley Glynda Smith Gayle Smith Linda Smith Mike Smith Ruth Snell Belinda Somez Elaine Southern Marc Spruiell 76Terri Tock Sharon Triplett Brenda Trotinger Barbara Tyree Connie Wallace Calvin Ward Dale Watson Sharon Watts Ruth Thomas John Thompson Patricia Tidwell Pam Tims Sam Stauffer Kathy Stephanovich Jim Stevens L. C. Stewart Susie Stiles Kevin Stogdill Tommy Stroud Marilyn Talley David Taylor Mark Taylor Cindy Terry Larry Terry Terry Lee Terry Judy Thirsk Craig Thomas David Thomas VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE provides practical experience in livestock and crop projects. Terry Chenault won top awards in swine competition at County Fair. Carol Weaver Betty West Mike White Georgia Whiteside Janice Whittington Dave Wilcoxson Kay Williams Tom Williams Paul Willis Joe Wooldridge Patricia Wood Carol Worrel Tony Ybarra Debbie Yocham Joel Zinn Arthur ZunigaSOPHOMORES Tenth year enrollment breaks all previous records EXAMING the computer list of the largest class in Altus High School this year are Sophomore sponsors Mrs. Dell Ray Thomas, Mrs. Robert Clayton, Mr. Nick Wolf, Mr. Anton Edmonson, Mrs. Willie Mackey, Mr. Dennis Norman, Mr. Cortus Martin, and Mr. Buel Garvin not shown. From Turkey and England, Del City and Philadelphia, Anchorage and Atlanta, the sophomores came, joining those who had lived in Altus all their lives. By the second week of school their number had grown to 380, an all- time record enrollment for the tenth year at Altus High. New friendships formed, and old ones renewed as the graduates of Southeast, Northeast and Central merge with those of other schools throughout the world. AUDITORIUM EVENTS are attended by loyal Sophomore Class Parents, from left, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Herron, Mr. and Mrs. johnny Risinger, Mrs. McGee and Mr. Wayne McGee, and Mrs. McMahan and Mr. Hatton McMahan. 78Marita Abamathy Lynn Airington Wayna Alaxandar Do bar a Alaxandar Gary Alaxandar Gian Alaxandar Rita Alaxandar Billy Allison Charyl Alston Liz Andarson Tari Ashcraft Sharon Atkins Bob Austin Karan Autray Bruca Babiona Randy Badgar Jarry Bailay Brett Bakar Richard Barkar Carman Barnes Mary Barnas Susie Barrera Susie Bates Phyllis Battles Charyl Bazile Pamela Beach Eugene Beezley Debra Ball Pam Ball Robert Banoist Mika Barry PROUDLY DISPLAYING the spirit competition banner, finally awarded Sophomores, are Class Officers Dewey McGee, Vice President; Robbie McMinn, Secretary-Treasurer; Bimbo Herron, President. 79SOPHOMORES Language involves concentration, daily practice sessions Language at the sophomore level is the basis for all future courses in the fields at the high school and college level. Altus High School's equipment includes latest audio and visual aids, including records and motion pictures to accompany great works of literature. Modern languages are taught by the linguistic method in a 40-carrel laboratory. CONCENTRATION IN preparation of an in-class English assignment absorbs Steve Foulk, Don Reigel, David Jones and Don DeLaire. Sherry Bettencourt Charlie Bevers Joe Boley Leslie Box Marie Boyd Randy Bradford Ricky Brewer Sandy Brewer Rodger Brian Floyd Brinsfield Rebecca Brooks Scott Brown Deborah Burney Pam Byers June Byrd David Cannon Jimmy Carney Bobby Carter Ed Casrin Randy Caskey Debbie Castanedo Silivia Castro Vera Caswell Ross Cates Mark Chaney Gary Cheney Jim Chumley Jena Clark Marvina Clark Susan Clendenner Wayne Coats Lois Coffman Penny Combs 80lanell Corrt Dorothy Crafton Doug Cross David Crouch Alfred Crowley Hugh Crowley Rita Cunningham David Damerson Mary Davenport Michael Davis Glenn Dean Don Delaire Charlene Dickerson Darlene Dollar Roger Dollins Jesse Dominiques Penny Drake Dianne Draper Nanette Drown Helen Duesterbeck Kathy Duke Sharon Duke Sharia Duncan Steve Duncan Rhonda Edmaiston VOCABULARY DRILL in Spanish I Laboratory provides a fun activity for FRONT ROW: Bob McMahan, Mike Thomas. ROW 2: Kim Hunter, Philip McMahan. BACK ROW: Dewey McGee and Mike Walker. Debbie Ellis Debbie Engel Kenneth Epperson Debbie Evans Marvin Euchner Dwayne Fagen Chad Ferguson Darlene Fields Kenneth Fields Rebecca Fisk Debbie Fitxsimmons Lynn Flint Sheila Flowers Gayla Ford Jan Ford Jim Ford 81SOPHOMORES Biology, geometry required studies for college-bound CAREFULLY EXAMINING the stages of mitosis Kathy Yarbrough adjusts her microscope. BAFFLED BUT TRYING Baxter McSpadden and Louie Nucci work on Geometry problems. Sonda Ford Becky Foster Steve Foulk Robert Fulwider Danny Gardner Robert Gardner Mike Garner Anita Gayle Teri Gibson David Gilman Vickie Glaspie Georgia Godfrey Barbara Graft James Gramling David Green Mary Green Barbara Greene Kenny Gregg Edward Griffin Guy Grimes Noe Gualardo Rodney Guthrie David Haaf Gary Hackworth Pamela Hampton Jo Ann Hardy Linda Harrell John Harris John Hatton Earnestine Hawkins Larry Hawkins James Heard 82Jack Henderson Mary Jane Henderson Berry Hensley Barbara Henson Bimbo Herron David Holder Eddie Hollis Pa» Holsey Lonnie Houch Sam Hubble Gary Hubert George Huffstetler Phyllis Hume Kim Hunter Nancy Hurley Carolyn Huskey Barbara Hymes Ann Igner Dorothy Jackson Margarita Jiminez DePorter Johnson Judith Johnson Richard Johnson Gary Jones Karen Jones Kathy Jones Kathy Jones Mary Jones Vicky Jozwiak Lawrence King Nancy King Larry Kirkeby Linda Knapp Keith Knowlton Robert Kohler Bonita Ladd Debra la Ferney Parker Le Gree Kay Lambent Kevin Lane Paula Lane RED CROSS VOLUNTEENS from Altus Air Force Base manned the Camille disaster booth at Jackson County Free Fair. Rebecca Brooks, standing, offers pamphlets to fair-goers, assisted by Karen Chambliss, freshman.SOPHOMORES Tenth year curriculum includes vocational, industrial arts Chrystal Lapin Melvin Lawson Linda Leclair Carol Ledbetter Gary Ledbetter Vicki Leo Elizabeth Lenard Wanda Lenard John Levick Richard Lighty Greg Linton Charles Lister Mary Little Leslie Lotkwood Sarah Logue Cecilia Longoria Carolyn Love Sondra Love Marcy Lovesee Kim McAskiM Dean McCabe Dewey McGee Mack McKeaver Scotty McKee John McMahan Philip McMahan Robbie McMinn Baxter McSpadden Elizabeth Mahan Marsha Mainard Charlie Marsh James Martin SUMMER TYPING class provided Guy Grimes and Lonnie Houck with an opportunity to gain their first senior high credits eight weeks early. Cathy Martin Johnny Martinez Carolyn Mengus Denise Miller James Miller Jeanine Miller 84VALVE GRINDING in reconditioning customer' engine is assigned Bob Snavely, first year vocational auto mechanics student. John Miller Brent Mink Kathy Mitchell Terry Mitchell Susan Moberiy Ray Moreau Jim Morton Jimmy Moss Vicki Mullins Scott Murray Tawna Myers Steve Myhre Betty Neal Gib Nedrow Louie Nucci Eloisa Nunez Rosa Nunez Gail Oakley Kathy Olson Stan Orr Edward Ortega Shirley Overfield David Pachuta Janet Parks Kim Parrish Kathy Patane Pat Patterson Gail Patterson Phyllis Paul Barbara Payne Emmith Payne ONLY SOPHOMORE in his mechanical drawing section, Randy Watkins hopes to use his training for a future career in advertising. 85Bobby Payne Kayo Peek D'Anna Pelfrey Michael Pena Phil Phillips Sherri Phillips Danny Pickett Diane Pigg Jerry Plew BROWSING THROUGH new book acquisitions, Vida Williams discusses titles with Mrs. Katherine Jordan, librarian. Terry Pollard Veron Pruitt Linda Puckett Susie Quibodeaux Cathy Ragsdale Wesley Rainwater Dale Ranch Jay Rector Bart Reece Joyce Reid Don Reigel Robert Remis Toni Richardson Pamela Riggins Donald Riley Kris Risinger Patty Roberson Mindy Roberts Robbie Roberts Tommy Roberts Connie Robinson Stefani Rodda Terry Rodgers Gary Romines Dana Rook Larry Rosenbaum John Roshell Barbara Rosson Debra Russel Ike Sale Connie Satterfield Don Shankweiler 86SOPHOMORES Morning pre-bell quiet provides sophomores brief locker visits Raymond Shepard Lois Shingary Sandra Shirley Frank Sierer llene Silva Irene Silva Shirley Simpson Debbie Sims Billy Smiley Barbara Smith Deborah Smith Linda Smith Sheryl Smith Kim Snow Richard Spear Tommy Spear Danny Spivey Valerie Stafford Pam Starwalt Karen Stayton Karen Stenman Randy Stevens Ronnie Stevens Kevin Stogdill Deborah Stout Dorenda Stout Jeanetta Surman Joe Surman Gloria Tackett Johnny Telford SHORT BETWEEN class meeting by Carmen Barnes and Dean McCabe typifies hundreds of such moments in which sophomores found time for friendship. 87SOPHOMORES Electives enliven tenth year; varied activity choice offered Diane Terry Ladoris Terry Billy Thomas DRIVING SKILL at a turnabout can present problems, Doug Cross finds. Mike Thomas Wanda Thomas Kenny Thomason Paula Thompson Shelly Thompson Doris Thurman Vicky Timmons Ramona Trest Patricia Turner Danny Tyler Charles Varvorines Shirley Varvorines Vicki Wagoner Andrea Wallace Brenda Walker Glenn Walker SECOND HOUR Sophomore Girl Glee Club is comprised of top vocalists from three junior high Glee Clubs as well as new arrivals from other schools. Typical of the big group meeting daily is this small segment of its membership. Vocalizing are FRONT ROW: Vicki Wagoner, Susie Quibodeaux, Robbie McMinn, Pam Byers, Kathy Olson, Randy Badger. 2nd ROW: Carmen Barnes, Charlene Dickerson, Pat Holsey, Gail Oakley. BACK ROW: Rosa Nunez, and Barbara Hymes. Joan Walker Lenta Walker Mike Walker Debbie Wardlaw Rebecca Ware Ronnie Warren Doug Ward Sharron Warren Carolyn WashingtonPHYSICAL FITNESS is both work and fun when combined with such activities as tumbling, dancing and games. First tumbling hand stand trys present problems. LaNell Corey steadies Debbie Alexander. Marvina Clark almost holds her stance. Randal Watkins Robert Watkins Jeanne Watts Erma Weaver Sherry Webb Larry West Johnny White Phyllis White Melodye Whitworth Vicky Wittington Donna Wiginton Daryl Wilcoxson Benny Williams Carolyn Williams Vida Williams Donald Willis Mike Wilmes Deborah Wilson Donna Wilson Gary Wilson James Wright Kathy Yarbrough Gloria Ybarra Tony Ybarra Louise York Linda York Randy Coffman 89ALTUS INVITATIONAL track meet usually is on dustiest day of March as evidenced by harassed hurdler. HOST PLAYER during Altus Invitational Golf Meet, Terry Tims waits for visitors to arrive. SPEED AND DETERMINATION help Bulldog Player Ronnie Fields carry the ball for the Varsity. ATHLETICS Physical fitness was a part of education in Classical Greece, and it still is an integral part of education in the swinging seventies. At Altus High physical fitness spells f - u - n also with a variety of intra-mural and inter- school sports from which to choose. Girls Physical Education Classes were chosen as demonstration units for the President's Physical Fitness program again this year.THIS PHOTO COULD WIN the Sports Picture Award of the Year for Photographer Gary Dawson. He made a copy for the 1970 Bulldog. Harold Robinson, at left, and Rick Moss make Hobart's offense futile. OPPONENT attempts to crawl across line as Bulldog Wrestler Mack McKeaver tightens hold. LASSIES build an increasing following of fans with every game. Dawn Hicks hurries down the court for a quick goal advantage. FUTURE COLLEGIATE and major league pitchers could be among these Bulldogs lined up in early spring practice uniforms. Jerry Tabb, Rick Smith, Doug Jones and Chad Ferguson prepare for a pepper warm-up.BASKETBALL Razzle, dazzle ball handling attracts home game crowds Bulldog basketball enthusiasm gained momentum as the season progressed. Recovering from a 1-5 season starter, the Cinderella finale of the Bulldog quintet was marked by lightning ball handling and quickened reflexes which left opponents in a dazed stupor. Championship playing made the "69"-"70" season a memorable one. APPREHENSION OR AWE? Freak camera eye view of this play shows Bulldogs Harold Robinson, Tommy Ray, Kyle Davis, and Robert Buckner, in a tense moment during their victory game over Conference rival Chickasha Chicks. POISED FOR ACTION, Rick Moss waits for Robert Buckner to recover ball on the rebound. VARSITY PLAYERS IN 1970 ARE: FRONT ROW: Reggie Jackson, Tommy Ray, Harold Robinson, Robert Buckner. BACK ROW: Coach Gary Coffey, Kevin Lane, Rick Moss, Brent Mink, Hugh Bardsley, Bob Oakley, Steve Duncan, and Head Coach Clester Harrington.VARSITY OPP. AHS ELK CITY 65 66 LAWTON 51 49 PUTNAM CITY WEST 81 56 LAWTON EISENHOWER 89 62 EL RENO 47 46 CLINTON 48 58 HOBART 36 74 LAWTON EISENHOWER 60 47 FREDERICK 71 86 LAWTON 81 72 CHICKASHA 64 69 FAIRVIEW 50 63 ELK CITY 78 49 CORDELL 52 60 CHICKASHA 64 48 HOBART 62 77 ELK CITY .. 72 54 FREDERICK 65 75 LAWTON EISENHOWER 71 76 CLINTON 44 60 LAWTON CENTRAL . 65 57 EL RENO 42 67 PROTECTION is provided by Bobby Oakley and Rick Moss as Reggie Jackson prepares to toss in another 2 pointer against CHickasha. FUTURE BULLDOGS played a heavy schedule as Junior Varsity this season. Team members are: FRONT ROW: Hugh Crowley, Donald Riley, Bimbo Herron, Joe Boley, Barry Hensley. BACK ROW: John Harris, Gary Alexander, Brent Mink, Doug Cross, Steve Duncan, Kevin Lane, and Coach Gary Coffey. 93GIRLS BASKETBALL Motivation, spirit, concerted teamwork, sparks Lassie season Lack of experience was offset by high motivation and the desire to win on the part of the 1970 Lassie team. Paula Williason lone senior, voted best girl athlete of the senior class, provided lead- ership on the floor and in the dressing room. Coach Gary Coffey worked with team members at extra practice sessions whenever girls wanted to im- prove their skills with special workouts. It all spelled TEAMWORK and COOPERATION. LASSIES OPP AHS ELK CITY...............51 41 NEW LIMA .......... . ..34 28 MOORE .............. 41 40 ELMORE CITY ...........46 30 SOUTHSIDE 45 37 MOORE ............... 50 57 HOBART ........... ...41 54 FREDERICK ........... 35 63 FAIRVIEW ........... 33 26 GRANITE ............. 49 31 BURNS FLAT ............46 23 AAARLOW ............. 59 53 BURNS FLAT ............22 48 HOBART ................37 51 MOORE ................ 37 36 ELK CITY .......... 47 28 FREDERICK .......... 37 52 WELLINGTON ........... 29 50 FOOT POWDER pit provides welcome relief for players feet. Lassies played the game because they love it. As games are usually scheduled early in the evening, spectators are likely to arrive at various times. Opponents must be found wherever avail- able, sometimes these require long drives before a game. As one team member remarked, "We play for Altus because we want to." IASSIE FORWARD, Dawn Hicks, attempts rebound from Moore opponent. 941970 LASSIES are Ruth Snell. Patsy Plew, Peggy Castle. Janis Calkins. Carmen Satterfield, Rita Cunningham, Pam Starwalt, Coach Gary Coffey, Carol Perry, Trisha Henderson, Dawn Hicks, Paula Williamson, Charlotte Paulk, Karen Autrey. 95VARSITY FOOTBALL Bulldogs perfect record endures through state AA finals Altus Bulldogs began the 1969 football season by upsetting Lawton High 14-7, thus ending Lawton's long years of domination in this annual battle. In conference play Bulldogs posted a 4-0 record, defeating Chickasha 27-0; Putnam City West 33-0; OC McGuinness 27-8, and El Reno 17-14. Non- conference action also saw the Bulldogs winning every game. Bulldogs stifled Vernon's attack, downing the Texas Lions, Altus' oldest rival, 28-0. In the game rated by sports writers as the No. 1 game in the state, Bulldogs won over Clinton 21- 20, snapping Clinton's 33 game win streak. After gaining the conference title. Bulldogs rousted OC Northeast 26-8 to win a berth in the state AA final game. In the finals Bulldogs tied Okmulgee 7-7. QUARTERBACK Billy Bob Starr scrambles for touchdown in 28-0 win over Vernon. TAILBACK Mike Williams shakes off tackle by McGuinness player in Bulldogs 27-8 victory. 96TENSION BUILDS in Hightower Stadium as Q.B. Billy Bob Starr receives instructions from head coach Jim Cromartie, top right, during the Clinton game. Rushing to the end of the field are coaches Larry Graham and David Brown. ONE of the few relaxed moments of the year for head coach Jim Cromartie and coaches Larry Graham, David Brown, Bob Hart, and Gary Coffey was this afternoon in August. END Terry Tims grabs a pass from Q.B. Starr for an important first down in Bulldogs 14-7 upset of Lawton. HISTORIC PICTURE of champion bulldogs will join others in the school archives. Bulldog team members are FIRST ROW: Coach Bob Hart, Paul Battles, Chad Ferguson, Joe Boley, Ken Newman, Jim Stephens, Randall Walker, Sam Rice, Randall Hawkins, Tommy Ray, Ronnie Pruitt, Terry Wilson, Ronnie Fields, and Danny Mills, manager. SECOND ROW: Dwight Starr, Mark Cotney, Kevin Robison, Tom Holwegner, Billy Bob Starr, Terry Tims, Bobby McMahan, Billy Pickett, John Hickerson, Pat Wallace, Joey Click, Sam Stauffer, Glen Alexander, Mike Reed, Bimbo Herron, and Coach Gary Coffey. THIRD ROW: Coaches Jim Cromartie and David Brown, Harrison Mock, Mike Williams, Craig Garnett, Bob Oakley, James Hampton, Craig Thomas, Mark Taylor, Bill Crittenden, Don Abernathy, Kyle Davis, John Dean, Jerry Tabb, Sam Carraway, L C. Stewart, and Coach Larry Graham. 97VARSITY FOOTBALL Offense, defense units collaborate to defeat opponents BULLDOG OFFENSE lines up to unleash play on opponent McGuinness. Easily recognized are Kevin Robison, L. C. Stewart, Jerry Tabb, Kyle Davis, Billy Bob Starr, Dwight Starr, Randle Hawkins, and Mike Williams. In regular season play, the offense scored 234 points, while the defense allowed only 88 points to be scored against them. VARSITY OPP AHS LAWTON 7 14 CHICKASHA 0 27 VERNON ... 0 28 PUTNAM CITY WEST 20 33 FREDERICK ... 6 25 McGUINNESS 8 27 CLINTON 20 21 EL RENO 14 17 ELK CITY 7 28 WOODWARD 6 14 OC NORTHEAST 8 26 OKMULGEE 7 7 DAWGS TIPTON 29 15 LAWTON 22 24 LAWTON IKE 8 28 DUNCAN B ...16 53 LAWTON IKE 19 12 VERNON 33 55 GRANDFIELD 36 20 WF RIDER 19 21 VERNON 0 38 BURKBURNETT 20 36 CORNERBACK Randle Hawkins and Linebacker Harrison Mock team up to blast Okmulgee back in state championship game. Linebacker Kevin Robinson and Safety Tommy Ray run to make sure of tackle. 98DAWGS Dawgs emerge from tough schedule with 7-3 win record DAWGS leading rusher, Joe Boley, demonstrates his broken field running ability as his blockers Chad Ferguson, Charlie Bevers, and Glenn Alexander knock down opponents. Altus Dawgs once again had a winning season, posting an over-all record of 7-3. Included in the wins were romps over Vernon and Lawton Ike. Closest games proved to be the contests with Wichita Falls Rider and Lawton. Dawgs record assures fans of many more exciting games ahead and continua- tion of champion Bulldog teams. MEMBERS of 1969 Dawg team are, FIRST ROW. Jimmy Miller, Kevin Stogdill, Mike Thomas, larry Kirkeby, Scotty McKee, Edward Ortega, Glen Walker and Danny Gardner. SECOND ROW: David Gilman, Charles Valvor.nes, Chad Fergu- son, Tommy Roberts, Gary Romines, Mike Walker, Mike Wilmes. Leslie Lockwood, Charlie Bevers, Bruce Babione, and Kenny Thomason, BACK ROW. Coach Bob Hart, Gary Hubert, Kim Snow, Larry Hawkins. Doug Cross, Joe Smith, Randy Coffman, Don Shankweiller, Jim Ford, John Harris, Joe Boley, and Coach Gary Coffey. 99BOYS P.E. Fitness classes help build strong, healthy, athletic bodies Altus High School Physical Education department has been chosen as a demonstration program for the President's Council on Physical Fitness. As a result, as wide variety of activities as possible is included. These include gymnastics, track, team games, muscle building routines, and consistent checks on nutrition and general health. CHIN UPS over and over gain help build shoulders of Steve Myrhe and Ed Griffith. ?niD°?RS A r|0y ,8 2 chanSe of scenery by these boys trom lett FRONT D A'r'. B,lfr ,B,aer' P VJpond Shephard, Robert Fulwider, Roberl u Sf Vec XfMft D«vJ‘aV n Pf.v,d Couch« Henderson, Greg Linton, Mike Davu. SECOND ROW: Ed Griffith, Jerry Plew, Charlie Marsh, Benny lewson, Scott Brown, Danny McQuigen. Mike Shwinderman. Bob Carter. DePorter Johnson, James Wright, Johnny Telford, Ray Moreau. BACK ROW: Coach Blankenship, practice teacher, Dwayne Tarpley. Gary Harris, Robert Remis. David Haff, Robert Benioft, Ike Sale, Gary Wilson, David Pachuta, Randall Wat- kms, George Huffstetler, Coach Bob Hart, teacher. 4th HOUR students enjoying the sunlight are from left FRONT ROW: Jim Chumley, Robert Kohler, Harry Perry, Benjamin Leonard, James Heard, Larry Hawkins, Greo Shepherd. John Miller, Kim McAskill, Billy Allison. SECOND ROW; Phil Phillips, Mike Pena, Joe Surman, Louie Nucci, Joe Byran, Dean McCabe, Rodney Guthrie, Kenneth Gregg, Kenny Epperson, Randy Caskey, Alford Crowley. BACK ROW: Coach Blankenship, practice teacher, Keith Knowl- ton, Don Willis, Vance Hawkins, Don Reigel, Lloyd Connor. David Dameron, Jimmy Moss, Randy Bradford, Steve Foulk, Danny Spivey, Ricky Lipscomb, Coach Bob Hart, teacher. 100GIRLS P.E. POISED FOR speed ball game opening whistle. Sophomores Dorothy Crafien and Debbie Evans make a tew adjustments. P.E. develops co-ordination, agility, speed, perception Physical Education is not merely exercises and drills but a variety of activities planned by the instructor Mrs. John Elliott. These include basket- ball, speed ball, tumbling, trampoline and gym- nastics, badminton, volleyball and tennis and softball in the spring. At years end each student is given the physical fitness tests set up by the President's Council. PHYSICAL FITNESS it emphasized end enjoyed by many These fir»» hour plrl» are FIRST ROW: Mercy lovesee, Wanda Thomas Ruth Thomas.LindaPuck» ». Kaye Peek, Debra Russel, Leonila Gomez, Beth Leonard. SECOND ROW: Paula Carter, Debbie Wardlaw, Rebecca Brooks, Judy Mihres, Mary Barnes, Excise Nunez, Marie Bryd. Ann Igner, Phyllis Hume. Kathy J°n«. THIRD WW: Ramina Shivers, June Bryd, Barbara Greene, Vicki Mullins, Sharon ripiett, NEW UNIFORMS are appreciated by the girls in the nd hour class who are as follows from left, FIRST ROW: Sue Longoria, Georgia Godfrey Carolyn Huskey, Carolyn Washington, Sondra Love, Sylvia Castro. SECOND ROW: Odella Leister, Dorothy Crafton, Linda Knapp, Marvina Clark. Sheliah P»v Melba Williams, La Doris Terry, Vicky Jozwiak Vicky Timmons. THIRD ROW: Kathy Patane, Louise York, Cathy Ragsdale, Debbie Wilson, Linda Smith, 5herry Barbara Menges, Dianne Draper, Nanette Drown, Shirley Varvorines, Kathy Yarbrough. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Johnson, Margarita Jiminez, Carolyn Love, Pat Robertson, Helen Deusterbeck, Pat Roberson, Sharon Duke. Carolyn Menges, Gail Patterson, Vera Caswell, Mrs. Elliot. BACK ROW: Donna Nall, Kathy Willis, Penny Combs, Phyllis White, Sherri Schwartz, Jeanetta Surman, Nancy King, Debbie Bell, Kay Lambert, Mrs. Prior. Vebb, Kathy Jones, Betty Neal, Joyce Reid, Denise Miller, Shirley :OURTH ROW: Angelita Everett, Ernestine Hawkins, Cathy Holthe, Uebby Evans, Sherry Bettencourt, Debbie Burney. DeBb.e Alexander. Lois Shmgery. La Nell Corrie, Vida Williams, Barbara Rosson. BACK ROW: Sarah Logue, Mary Davenport. Dorenda Stout, Judith Johnson, Pam Hampton, Cheryl Baz.le, Gay la :ord, Shirley Simpson, Linda LeClair, Claudine Hukill. Cathy Marton, L.nda York. 101WRESTLING Matmen’s season personifies tenacity, loyalty, courage Wrestling, newest sport at AHS, continued to grow in popularity with spectators again this year, and to achieve district and state rankings. Champions in the tournament series included Gary Sheppard, Sam Rice and Phil Bessett. At the regional Randy Groves came out champion in his class, and soph- omore, Bruce Babione, made it to the state con- solation finals, his first year in senior high com- petition. This is the year a full-fledged "B" team emerged, capable of holding their own many after- noons in practice with the Varsity, and bringing home good records in inter-school "B" competi- tion. "We're building," Coach Mark McCracken said. "In time Altus High will be one of Oklahoma's great wrestling schools." Coach David Brown is assistant wrestling mentor. TEAM CAPTAINS Wayne Ragsdale, Randy Groves, Phil Besett, Billy laRue, and Sam Rice were leaders who inspired team when going was rough. KIM PARRISH shows proper form as he upsets determined Pauls Valley adversary. ALTUS BULLDOG WRESTLING SCHEDULE OPP. AHS ANADARKO 13 36 DUNCAN 28 15 PAULS VALLEY 8 33 CORDELL 18 30 MWC .... 38 5 DUNCAN TOURN. 3rd Place CORDELL TOURN. 2nd Place HOBART 26 14 CLINTON 22 22 ANADARKO 7 41 HOBART TOURN. 5th Place WEATHERFORD 3 41 HOBART 30 15 CLINTON .13 36 102STRONG WILLED BULLDOG WRESTLERS finished this season by winning 3 of the last 4 matches. Team members were, FRONT ROW: Gary Shepard, Cornell Lofton, Mike Walker, Bruce Babione, John Hickerson, and Philip, McMahan. ROW TWO: Ricky Barker, Colen Alexander, Wayne Ragsdale, Phil Besett. Randy Groves, Scotty McKee, Kim Parrish, Sam Rice. ROW THREE: Coach David Brown, Jerry Bailey, Charles Leister, Tommy Spear, Stanley Orr, Billy LaRue, David Taylor, Glenn Walker, and Bob McAnallen. BACK ROW: Jerry Peters, Kenny Thomason, Ross Cates, Lynn Rowland, Terry Pollard, Brett Baker, Gary Romines, Ralph Porter, and Coach Mark McCraken. NINETY-EIGHT POUND weight match is wrestled by Mack McKeaver, in a duel against Pauls Valley. GARY SHEPARD escapes a pin attempted by a Pauls Valley opponent. 103EARLY ARRIVAL of Pep Club members was In the unreal atmosphere of sunshine during Daylight Savings Time. (Below) SOPHOMORE girls spend an hour daily preparing for membership in advanced vocal units. ORGANIZATIONS Lifetime friendships ore formed in activity groups such as these where members spend hours together supporting teams, working on school projects, participating in depart- mental achievements, working for awards in professional and special academic groups. Some of the organizations are local, some state-wide, some national. Two are alpha chapters, formed at AHS then be- came nationals.k VARSITY VOCALISTS in silhouette were seen by many from this viewpoint as they sang on portable risers during American Education Week Open House at the cafeteria. NO SO HARMONIOUS as the above, but receiving rapt attention, are Harrison Mock, Patsy Plew and Bruce Babione, Council members, "delivering" a singing Valentine. At right: Student Council and Office Assistant's tree rising in solitary splendor beneath the cafeteria pinnacle. "TAKE SOME CHEESE and you'll have a cheeseburger," Mrs. Paul Flippin, junior sponsor advises, during one of the innumerable fund raising events Junior Class members conducted to raise money for the Junior-Senior banquet.VOCAL MUSIC Varsity Choir performances achieve professional quality Christmas concert gained state-wide recognition when Altus High's Varsity Choir was awarded a grant from the Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Association to provide the stringed ensemble accompaniment of Midwest University sym- phony for its presentation of Schubert's "Mass in G." In March choir members were featured as performers of excerpts from "My Fair Lady" at the general session of the 14-county Oklahoma Education Association meeting. Choir members regularly appear at civic, military and regional functions. One of these was at Quartz Mountain State Lodge when Varsity Choir represented the region at the district convention of the Federal Land Bank. During pre-Christmas events, the choir was guest performer at McDowell Club of Allied Arts Vesper Carol program at the First United Methodist Church. Parents were the honorees and choir members the entertainers at the American Education Week open house- PLANS for future programs and guest appearances are discussed by Jan Starr, Secretary; Mark Cotney, President; Danny Gregg, Jr. Representative; Larry King, Vice-President; Gayla Hill, Treasurer; and Bruce Babione, Soph. Representative! MEMBERS OF VARSITY CHOIR INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Rebekah Hickerson, Veda Gilman, Glenda Copeland, Jan Starr, Jody Byram, Shari Gober, Marilyn Talley, Gayla Hill, Terri Cossey, Christy Wright, Jeanne Ann Freeman, Debbie Byers, Joan Decker, Kathy Kiker, Pat Orr, Kay Price, Cathy Bryce, Teresa Greer, Kathy Herring, Carla Smith, and Linda Bryce SECOND ROW: Mr. Kenneth Cox, instructor, Melinda Harkins, Gloria Barnes, Kevin Cossey, Frances Skinner, Janis Calkins, Dawn Hicks, Beverly Young, Susan Blackstone, Connie Sellers, Carol Perry, Collette Hill, Patti Roberts, Cynthia Neel, Kathryn Ginn, Laura Martin, Ann Little, Donna Dollins, Kay Long, Terry Roudebush, Paula Meacham, Carla Dempsey, Teresa Blackwell, and Donna Lamar. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Stevens, Randy Stevens, David Thomas, Tom Williams, Joey Click. Lynn Rowland, Ken Ward, Bruce Babione, Marty Roberson, Tommy Roberts, Tim Bailey, Earl Groves, John Ray, Made Cotney, Larry Kino, Jim Riddle, Danny Gregg, Ben Bob Mahan, Mark Glenn, Ardren Griggs, and Jay Rector. FOURTH ROW: Billy Pickett, Stan- ley Orr, Mike Pate, Scott Gramling, Billy Thomas, Bob Austin, Paul Willis, Lynn Goodwin, Mike Jackson, Benny Sherman, Mike Smith, Joel Zinn, David Chap- man, Jim Berryman, Tal Oden, David Self, Joseph Remis, Danny Fancher, Craig Thomas, Lonnie Severs, Larry Turner, John Yates, and Mike Etheridge. 106MEMBERS OF VARSITY BOYS GLEE CLUB include: FRONT ROW: Ronnie Stevens, Randy Stevens, Tom Williams, Joey Click, Lynn Rowland, Bruce Babione, Tommy Roberts, Earl Groves, Larry King, Jim Riddle, Ben Bob Mahan, Mark Glenn, Mike Ethridge, and Jay Rector. SECOND ROW: Billy Pickett, Stanley Orr, David Thomas, Billy Thomas, Lynn Goodwin, Ken Ward, Marty Roberson, David Chap- man, Tim Bailey, Tal Oden, John Ray, Mark Cotney, Denny Gregg, Larry Turner, John Yates. BACK ROW: Mike Pate, Scott Gramling, Bob Austin, Paul Willis, Mike Jackson, Benny Sherman, Mike Smith, Joel Zinn, Jim Berryman, David Self, Joseph Remis, Danny Fancher, Craig Thomas, Lonnie Severs, and Ardren Griggs. TOP SCHOLARS and athletes who also have good voices manage to save one period daily during high school for Varsity Choir. These are examples of the extra time also spent for rehearsal. At AHS vocal music is "in." MEMBERS OF VARSITY GIRLS GLEE CLUB are: FRONT ROW: Linda Bryce, Veda Gilman, Glenda Copeland, Jan Starr, Patti Roberts, Donna Dollins, Kay Price, Cathy Bryce, Teresa Greer, Kathy Kiker, Kathy Herring, Carla Smith and Pam Tims. SECOND ROW: Melinda Harkins, Gloria Barnes, Frances Skinner, Gayla Hill, Beverly Young, Christy Wright, Terri Cossey, Debbie Byers, Jeanne Ann :reeman, Joan Decker, Kay Long, Terry Roudebush, Paula Meacham, Carla Dempsey, and Rebekah Hickerson. BACK ROW: Mr. Kenneth Cox, mrtructor, at Orr, Judy Byram, Shari Gober, Carol Perry. Cynthta Neel, Susan Blackstone, Kathryn Ginn, Laura Martin, Ann Little, Collette Hill, Donna Lamar, Kev.n Zossev. Marilyn Talley, and Teresa Blackwell. 107MEMBERS of the Jr.-Sr. Girl Glee Club are: FRONT ROW: Cecilia Alexander, Gloria Duck, Sharon Watt . Cindy Eichholz, Ruth Snell, Karen Hogan, Jeannett Billman, and Peggy Ledbetter. SECOND ROW: Georgia Whiteside. Diane Rinker, Trisha Henderson, Peggy Castle, Anita Nucci, Valerie Montgomery, Cheryl Thom- GIRLS GLEE CLUBS ton, Paula Little, and Dorris Risinger. THIRD ROW: Instructor, Mr. Kenneth Cox, Vicki Voyles, Jackie Smiley, Beverly Kirby, Michelle Hollingsworth, Judi Sage, Loretta Davis, Donna Pigg, Vickie Miller, and Linda Griffin. Co-eds consider daily vocal rehearsals recreational activity Geometry, theorems, unfinished chemistry exper- iments, the dress with the seams that won't fit right in home ec are all forgotten each day as approximately 75 girls arrive for glee club ses- sions. Singing can be fun, and songs learned dur- ing second and last hour will be repeated many times during years to come as glee club members sing on programs or just for fun or vocalizing. Sophomore glee club serves a double purpose. Some members continue in Varsity Choir during their final two years in High School. Sight reading, theory, and a repertoire of pop musical comedy, folk, and classical scores add both to musical knowl- edge and enjoyment for the participants. All who enroll in vocal music classes do so beceuse they want this activity, and choose it as an elective. SECOND PERIOD the Sophomore Girls Glee Club meets. Members ere: FRONT ROW: Ginny Loos, Nancy Hurley, Brenda Walker, Susie Quibadeaux, Becky Ware, Sandra Ford, Donna Wigmgton, Stefani Rodds, Darlene Dollar, Kathy Olson, Vicki Wagoner, and Joan Hardy. SECOND ROW: Karen Stenman, Melodye Whit- worth, Liz Anderson, Vicki Glaspie, Bonita Ladd, Randy Badger, Robbe McMinn, Pam Byers, Pat Holsey, Mary Hughes, Gloria Ybarra, and Carmen Barnes. THIRD ROW: Lynette Jones, Jeanne Watts, Patty Turner, Sharon Atkins, Theresa Atkins, Gloria Tackett, Kathy Duke, Cheryl Smith, Lenita Waller, Mary Green, Barbara Smith, Gail Oakley, Marsha Mainard, and Shelley Thompson. BACK ROW: In- structor, Mr. Kenneth Cox, Rise Alexander, Jana Clark, Debbie Ellis, Phyllis Battles, Charlene Dickerson. Phyllis Paul, Pam Beach. Debbie Smith, Pam Bell, Joan Walker, Barbara Henson, and Rhonda Edmiaston.SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT is always available as Judy Byram performs both for Varsity Choir and personal pleasure. Glenda Copeland listens while Judy plays her guitar. REHEARSAL FOR the performance for Schubert Mass in G, with the Midwestern String Orchestra, takes place in high school auditorium. GUESTS AT AEW open house at A.H.S. were entertained by Varsity Choir, conducted by Mr. Kenneth Cox and accompanied by Cathy Bryce. SOLOIST, COLETTE HILL, takes advantage of last rehearsal for concert. 109THAT ALTUS BAND Marching musicians win district honors, top state ratings It was a long, but eventful season for That Altus Band as it presented half-time shows at home and away for every Bulldog Varsity Football game. Its reputation for precision marching, outstanding musicianship and original shows kept football spectators in their seats during every half-time. As host for the district marching contest, Altus Band members kept records, announced entries, pro- vided hospitality facilities, and took time out to present a show of their own. Judges rated it superior plus. More than 50,000 persons saw the band shows and its parade marches at Christmas in Altus and as honor visiting band at the South- western State College Homecoming Parade and half-time show. Spectacular formations are made possible by marching practice which begins August 15 and continues daily from 3 a.m. until end of first hour, plus an additional after school hour four afternoons per week. All marching music is played by memory. GLEAMING SOUSAPHONE reflects Hightower Stadium as Ken Bates waits for band to begin district marching show. PROUDLY DISPLAYING the first place trophies won at the district marching contest by That Alfus Band and its sister organizations at junior highs here are Mr. Larry Harris, senior high band director, and his assistants, Mr. Dean Hearn and Mr. Dois Pace, who also direct junior high units. REPRESENTING AITUS Band groups are these 1969-70 officers: FRONT ROW: Maria Guajardo, secretary; Kitt.e Moberly, drum major; Nancy Hurley, soph- omore SECOND ROW: Larry Turner, president; Doug Smith, vice president. TOP ROW: Ronnie Kuykendall, junior representative; Ken Ward, drum major; Marty Roberson, senior representative. noAPPLAUSE all the way along the parade route greeted smartly stepping Altus bandsmen as they escor»ed Santa himself in the Christmas parade. CONTROL CENTER for the 26 bands competing in the district marching contest is manned by Mr. Larry Harris, contest director; Doug Smith, announcer, and Pat Phelan, clock official. RAT-A-TAT RESONANCE is loud and clear with the new snare drum parade harness. Bob Snavely keeps the cadence in formation. inCONCERT BANDS Band repertoire includes college music level selections CONTEST drills must be lead by drum majors Kittie Mobcrly and Ken Ward. Capacity audiences are assured each time That Altus Band appears in concert. For most members of the performing group, the concert band is the culmination of years of practice and participation both at the junior and senior high level. Most of them will be college bound, and regardless of future majors will continue concert or marching band, or both, as students and adult citizens. There are no non-performing members of the organiza- tion. Each member, including twirlers is expected to give a creditable performance on one or more instruments. Superior and honor ratings wherever they compete has become a tradition. PARADE entry formation is assumed by Carla Smith, Brenda Crockett, Janet Hudson, and Pam Avery as they exit music building. PERFORMING in 'That Altus Band" are FRONT ROW: Rox- anne Smith, Carla Smith. Teresa Blackwell, Pam Oglesby, Jeanine Miller, Ronnie Kuykendall, Cheryl Alston, Melody Whitworth, Stephanie Maddox, Maria Guajardo. SECOND ROW: Susan Moberly, Nancy Hurley, Diana Roberts, Lynn Airington, James Morton, Crystal La Pin, Leslie Box, Elizabeth Mahan, David Self, Floyd Brinsfield, Pam Avery, Steve Barton, Robbie Roberts, Barbara Graft, Linda Doresey, Susan Maley, Larry Turner, Becky Foster, Sharia Duncan. Dana Rook. THIRD ROW: Brenda Crockett, Kathy Mitchell. Janet Hudson, Noe Guajardo, Frank Sierer, Terry Mitchell, Wes Rainwater, Mark Chaney, Gary Jones, Bob McMahan, Mark Shafer, Vick Alexander, Bob Mills, Roqert Duckett, Bruce King, Marty Roberson, Kent Cost, Mark Blackwell, Mindy Roberts, Diane Pigg. FOURTH ROW: Zoe Ann McPherson, Mary Little, Paula Lane, Ardren Griggs, Guy Grimes, Ricky Brewer, Ken Ward, Jim Riddle, Ken Bates, Marvin Euchner, Doug Smith, Daryl Salmon, Mike Felton. Debbie Stout, Lane Taylor, Kittie Moberly, Pam Aduddell(not pictured). BACK ROW (Standing): Ruth Morton, Ross Longley, John Rochell, Tom Blackwell, Gary Brumley, David Green, Bob Snavely. 112ALTU4 HIGH CONCEIT iAMO contuit of: FtONT ROW: Darrell Salmon, Kittie John Roshell, Kan Bate», We» Rainwater, director Larry Harris, Bob McMahan, Mo bar I y”' LarryTurne , Susan Malay, Ronni Kuykendall. Mari Blackwell, Guy Roger Duckett, and Bob Mills. Grimes, Bruce King, and Kent Cost. BACK ROW: Melody Whitworth, Ken Ward, CONCERT MUSIC from the French horn section is played by Leslie Box, Eliabeth Mahan, David Self, Floyd Brinsfield, Pam Avery, Bob McMahan, and Steve Barton. 113ALLIED ARTS Art III ceramic project provides creative study dimensions Art instruction continues to grow at Altus High with the addition this year of Art III, a college level course providing instruction in such advanced phases as ceramics, sculpture and creative sketch- ing. Art I students learn basic principles of balance, perspective, design and materials. In December each was given the opportunity of designing and preparing a 1970 calendar. Many of these were used as Christmas gifts. Art II students have advanced to water color, oil painting including portraits, charcoal and ink designs and creative skills in mobiles, sculpture, and mosiacs. Art club meetings are planned field trips and outdoor sketching on and off campus. Art III helps with both school and community projects. Much of the art background for "My Fair Lady" was done by this group. PAPER MOSIAC assignment for Art I Students, Joe Surman, and Billy Vann, is supervised by Mrs. Ardron Harris. CALENDARS are made by Art I students, Patti Johnston, Linda Blackmon, Bobby Allen and Jana Clark, as a special assignment. MEMBERS of Art II class such as Ann Peek learn to work with ink. LAST MINUTE touches are added to creative design by Art II student, Del Ranch.ASSIGNMENTS for Linda Spann and Alice Fisher, as well as other Art II Students were done mainly with paints and water colors. CREATED PROJECTS completed by Art III students mirror talent and originality. BACKDROPS for "My Fair Lady" are being worked on by Tom Nearhood, Larry Green and Mike Bilbrey. PROGRESS is made as Art III students, Lynn Kovar, Karen Callaghan, Colette Hill, instructed by Mrs. Richard Maffry begin work on backdrops, using chalk. FIRST CERAMICS projects are displayed by Art III students: FRONT ROW: Karen Callaghan, Sandy Lister, and Judy Keyte. BACK ROW: Colette Hill, Mrs. Richard Maffry, Jeannie Sears, Larry Green, and Greg Pitman. 115FUTURE JOURNALISTS Celebrities, working press, faculty, students make news Journalism has many facets students soon discover as they become involved in publishing THE COL- LAR, their own student newspaper; working also with the Altus Times-Democrat and Radio Station KWHW and members of the professional press corps? Age is forgotten as they are accepted at BIAFRA'S CONDITION was of top interest when journalism students interviewed Mr. David Gowon, doctoral candidate and brother of the Nigerian leader. Deborah McNeal continued interview for a special feature concerning his studies in the U.S. FIRST ISSUE of The Collar is read in class before issuance during lunch period at the cafeteria. Checking the first run are Joseph Williams, Billy Vann, Jerry Peters, Tom McAskill, Carl Gane, Judy Keyte, Ruth Morton, Janet Hudson, Sherri Schwartz, Larry King, Wiley Ware, Doug Wright and Herb Milbrat. press conferences and in public meetings as qual- ified news personnel. Because Altus Air Force Base is a part of the community students have an opportunity, also, to attend press briefings. FIRST FIELD trip of the year was to data processing department. Joseph Williams and Jerry Peters wait turn for the key punch and AJC Lab Assistant Pat Johnson readies computer for Susie Stauffer. 116BROADCASTERS compare program notes for past and future programs on "Today at Altus Schools." Counter clockwise are Carol Kea, Kim Pequignot, Karen Fleming, Susie Stauffer, Tisha Goldston, Patty Green, Lanette Perkins, Candi Cavanaugh, Kathy Herring, and (seated above) Frank Hunt and Dan Iken. Daily news is gathered from every school and bulletins issued on special meetings. At Christmas students interviewed first graders and the Times- Democrat published their features. Journalism students also wrote the graduation features for the Times-Democrat's Class of '70 section. Students double enrolled in speech and journalism were alternated week after week as broadcasters of the official school news program 'Today at Altus Schools" over KWHW. Each student broad- cast for a total of three weeks during the year. FUTURE JOURNALISTS officers look over pictures for special feature. Susie Stauffer is secretary; Larry King, president; Larry Epperson, Bulldog representative. Standing: Dan Iken, vice president and Kathy Herring, Collar representative. FALL FJA breakfast at the Sagamar featured James Hale, publisher of the Altus Times-Democrat as guest speaker. Kathy Patane and Candi Cavanaugh listen intently. WORLD TRAVELER and Olympic Coach Lester Lane is interviewed in "J Class" concerning the Basques and his life among them. 117YEARBOOK Daily events recorded now become future AHS history The yearbook must show all sides of student life. Cameras record important events which students wish to remember. Yearbook staff members begin as sophomores, recommended by their junior highs. By the time they are seniors the staff has acquired much exper- ience in different fields concerning journalism and photography. Printing and developing pictures are only a few of the techniques learned. Many stu- dents continue to work on yearbooks and news- papers after they go to college. Some alumni become professionals in publishing. For the past 12 years Altus Bulldog has been a consistent winner of top awards in major yearbook competition. During that time it has been entered in five different classifications as enrollment went steadily upward. To continue to receive top ratings staff members attempt to give the same coverage of all major events, as they did when the high school was one third its present size. When it happens, a yearbook photographer is usually there. LAYOUT DESIGN and printing pictures are skills learned by Junior staff members, Linda Bryce, Katie Evans, Frances Skinner, and Tal Oden. TRADITIONAL Christmas party at the Altus Golf and Country Club for the Bulldog staff was December 15. Visiting before dinner begins; .are Kay Price, Katie Evans, Linda Bryce, Kathy Pafane, Larry Epperson, Frances Skinner, Karen Fleming, Ray Moreau, Dan Iken, Kim Pequignot, and Tal Oden. 118CONSTRUCTION of the faculty layout is supervised by Editor Dan Iken with Larry Epperson, Senior Staff member. SENIOR CARDS, prepared for computer run, are checked for biographical data by Kay Price, Editor and Kim Pequignot and Karen Fleming, Senior Staffers. VALENTINE SURPRISE from Yearbook staff is opened by Mrs. Weldon Ferris, yearbook sponsor. Katie Evans and Kathy Patane look on eagerly. 119PEP CLUB Bulldog booster membership reaches record; spirit soars Record membership for Altus Pep Club required not less, but more effort on the part of each mem- ber to be present at all meetings, serve on com- mittee assignments, and attend rehearsals for cheers and songs, and pre-game welcomes for the team during the all victorious football season. Equally loyal participation was required in form- ing the nucleus for the Bulldog Boosters, cheering section for basketball, baseball, wrestling, track, and even at the finals in major tournaments for Bulldog golfers. Each Pep Club member purchases her own white flannel blazer with the school emblem, worn with a white blouse and tailored blue skirt, and white socks with dark loafers. Girls also wore their outfits when representing the school at public events. POWDER PUFF game was a new event for Pep Club this year. Senior girls Alice Fisher, Kathy Herring, Beverly Young, and Angelita Everett show their skill in the battle against the Sophomores. DECORATION OF the cafeteria is one of the varied duties of Pep Club: Vice-President, Debra McNeal; Junior Representative, Susie Roberts; Sophomore Representative, Kathy Olson; President, Debbie Byers; Treasurer, Christy Wright. Mrs. Bolton is the new sponsor for Pep Club this year. 120i) "All THE way big blue," was cried by Pattie Harness, Linda Blackman, Doris Kirk and other Pep Club members. "V-l-C-T-O-R-Y that's the Bulldog Battle Cry," is exemplified by cheerleader Kathy Herring. CHEERLEADERS ARE: DeDee Sfenman, Gayla , I Randy Badger, Kathy Harring. ------------------ -. --. Hill, Carol Perry, Georgia Whiteside, and Gail Oakley. PEP CLUB members include: FRONT ROW: Carol McElroy, Sara Sticher, Paula Me ham, Cheryl Thornton, Paula Little, Peggy Ledbetter, Joan Decker, Jan Starr Paula William- son, Debra McNeal, Jeanne Ann Freeman, Susie Stauffer, Sybil Armstead, Kathy Kiker, Debbie Byers, Kim Pequignot, Karen Fleming, Kay Price, Doris Kirk, Laura Martin, Rebekah Hickerson, Susan Blackstone, Terri Cossey, Beverly Young, Kathryn Ginn, Mary Murphy, Debbie Lasko, Mary Ann Van Meer Debbie 5hank- weiler, Connie Spivey. Debbie Wilson. SECOND ROW: Donna Doll ms, Angel,ta Everett, Peggy Castle, Gloria Barnes, Ruth Snell, Melinda Harkins, Pern Tims, Carla Dempsey, Cindy Eichholz, Patricia Henderson, Glenda Copeland, Susie Roberts, Patty Green, Debbie Yocham, Lori Benedict. Frances Skinner Fay Hill- ard, Kay Hillard, Pam Hampton. Kathy Patane. Vera Caswell. Lydia Haferland. Margie O'Donnell. Debbie Jonas, Ruth Moses Connie Sellers, Patty Roberts, Becky Dodson. THIRD ROW: Patsy Plew, Kathy Young Kevin Cossey. Jackie Smiley, Brenda Sianiard, Priscilla Lance, Kay Cowart Paula Rev. Nancy Hall, Connie Wallace, Sharon Johnson, Terri Tock, Kathy Holte, Judy Thirsk, Susie Stiles, Jacque Key, Wendy Haertel, Beneda Elliott, Bonita Ladd, Connie Setter- field, Terri Ashcraft, Ramona Trest, Jan Ford, Sherry Phillips, Linda LeClair, Pam Bell, Sandra Ford, Vickie Jozwiak, Carol Washington. FOURTH ROW: Cecilia Alexander, Debbie Sims, Pat Holsey, Phyllis Battles. Deanne Pelfrev, Veda Gill- man, Shari Gober, Denease Miller, Debbie Ellis, Pam Starwalf, Gloria Tackett, Sherry Bettencourx, Shirley Overfield, Carol Weaver, Cindy Terry, Linda Black- man, Patty Harness, Jana Clark, Pam Riggins, Stephanie Stephens, Kathy Olson, Susie Bates, Brenda Walker, Liz Anderson, Robbie McMinn, Pam Byers, Mary Jane Henderson, Marita Abernathy, Janet Parks. FIFTH ROW: Judith Johnson, Ginny Loos, Joyce Reid, Patricia Tidwell, Janis Calkins, Donna Wilson, Lynn Flint, Vickie Mullins, Phyllis White, Nannette Drown, Penny Combs, Debbie Wardlaw, Debbie LaFerney, Sandy Brewer, Debbie Engle, Shelley Thompson, Sherry Warren, Vickie Glaspie. Karen Autrey, Veda Williams, Carol Ledbetter, Tone Myers, Rita Cunningham, Cathy Ragsdale, Rosa Nunez, Rhonda Edmaiston, Vickie Wagoner, Charlene Dickerson, Ressa Alexander PEP CLUB members not present for the picture session are Christy Wright, Betty Mills, Linda Bryce, Kathy Bryce, and Lynn Cox. 121SPEECH Assemblies, club programs, playlets, engross classes lOYAl FANS cheer for Breve Red Baron (Carol Perry) during Pep Assembly before Frederick game. 10VE BEADS are hung by Larry King as he prepares David Chapman, center, and Mark Cotney for Hippie Skit in a Pep Assembly. Speech department becomes an entertainment bureau for the school and community almost from the first day of the fall term. Public appearance often are correlated with those of vocal music. Some of the most popular club programs have included folk singers and monologists, or modern dramatic cuttings with musical backgrounds. Enroll- ment in speech under Mrs. Paul Flippin, who also is the drama coach, exceeded the number of sections available. Mr. Larry King, new member of the language arts faculty, teaches the additional sec- tion. Students under Mrs. Flippin also write the original script for assemblies. Mason script for special programs, and carry the dramatic roles in the All-School Production. Students cross enrolled in speech and journalism broadcast the morning radio program, "Today at Altus Schools." FOR MRS. FLIPPIN they'll do anything, including singing a song in kindergarten attire. Waiting for their back stage cue are Mike Etheridge, Dan Iken, Kathy Bryce, and Lonnie Bevers. 122ENTERTAINMENT BUREAU member» for the year have included these speech department performers: Lanette Perkins, Judy Byram, David Chapman, Cathy Brooks, Susie Stiles and Benny Sherman. Students in Speech I and li must be ready to ap- pear on school or community programs with little or no notice. To prepare for this speech class ses- sions usually are utilized for performance practices, pantomimes, orations, demonstrations, and play cuttings. Joining the staff during the first portion of second term were student teachers; Mr. Steve Willis and Mr. Kenneth Kleiwer who taught under Mrs. Paul Flippin. They specialized in the physi- ology of speech. PLAY REVIEW practice by Kim Pequignot, left, is critiqued by Gary Burrow. IN ACTION, Mrs. Paul Flippin, left below, speech instructor. PANTOMIME SESSION in the cafeteria featured Silberia Lopez, Judy Byram, Donna Dollins and Carol McElroy. 123CREATIVE WRITING FIRST OFFICERS of the newly organized Pencil Pushers are Lanette Perkins, President; Terri Cossey, Secretary, Mrs. Bill Brinkman, sponsor; and Tom Hollenbeck, Vice-President. United Pencil Pushers join Altus High School’s club ranks Newest course added to the curriculum of Altus High is a senior creative writing class. The main purpose of the class is to help improve individual writing skills. Students write many themes in preparation for Freshman composition courses. Journals are kept in which they are required to write regularly. Also included in their studies are exercises with vocabulary notebooks and the reading of various types of literature. Members, with the help of sponsor, Mrs. Bill Brinkman, organized a club, United Pencil Pushers, in order to commemorate the first year of the existence of the class. ABOVE: Members Jan Starr, Doug Smith, Patsy Gilman, Roger Duckett, Kathryn Ginn, Elzabeth Grant Debra McNeil, Pam Avery, Sybil Armstead, and standing, Kathy Kiker and Carla Smith, hold out-of-door readings. BELOW: Members Susie Stauffer, Jeanne Ann Freeman, Benny Sherman, Steve Macabe, Marty Roberson, Gayla Hill, Donna Jones. Dave Wingo, and John Yates hold class discussion over Shakespeare's Othello.FDPA Future data processors learn space age career essentials PREPARATION OF the tape unit for storage of data is completed by Kent Cost and Larry Turner. Members of the 1970 high school computer class activated the Alpha chapter of the Future Data Processors of America. Computer students heard from qualified RCA technicians, workers in the data processing field, and computer operators from Altus Air Force Base. Members found the data processing field to be wide open, with opportun- ities to make use of their skills as early as gradua- tion from high school. FDPA OFFICERS, Roger Duckett, Vice-President; Tom Holwegner, Parliamentarian; Buddy Long, President; Patsy Gilman, Secretary; and Dan Iken, Reporter, check printed output from computer. FUTURE DATA PROCESSORS are FRONT ROW: Connie Spivey, Patsy Gilman, Donna Jones, and Kathy Young. SECOND ROW: John Yates, Floyd Byers, Bruce Williams, Larry Turner, Pat Farley, Fred Stoner, Mr. Leonard, sponsor, and Tom Holwegner. LAST ROW: Dan Iken, Roger Duckett, Kent Cost, Buddy Long, Randy Groves, Seth Huntley, and David Ogletree. 125SPANISH CLUB Organization activities, programs develop bilingual skills First Wednesday afternoon of each month is set aside by Spanish Club members for the after-school meeting of their organization. During the first three meetings only Spanish II students, and former students in advanced Spanish are eligible to attend. INTENSE STUDY goes into planning activities for Spanish Club by its officers: Marty Roberson, president; Benita Elliott, treasurer; Maria Guajardo, secretary; Patti Roberts, song leader; Doug Smith, vice president. FLY IN SOUP episode with Mike Gough as patron and Paul Battles, the waiter, proved hilarious to club members who could understand their Spanish. First year students are permitted to attend the December meeting, and immediately become a part of the club. All officers are Spanish II mem- bers, elected in September. CLUB SPONSORS pause for momentary relaxation following coronation ceremonies in the cafeteria. Mrs. D. M. Ewing, left, sponsors Spanish I division, and Mrs. Bob Rooker, Spanish II. "IDIOT CARD" is held by Carla Smith as club members sing the Espanol version of Brother John. 126SPANISH CLUB II member» are: FRONT ROW: Kitty Moberly, Jeanette Biliman, Gayla Hill, Deborah McNeal, Maria Guajardo, Linda Bryce, Pam Tim , Kathy Herring, Carla Smith, Georgia Whiteside. SECOND ROW: Doug Smith, Glenn Boza, David McElfresh, Robert Gardner, Lanette Perkins, Mindy Roberts, Kathy Bryce, Susie Stiles, Susan Maley, Jan Iken, Debbie Ingle, Sara Stitcher. THIRD ROW: Joe Killebrew, Ben Bob Mahan, Bob Holsey, Diane Rinker, Sybil Arm- strong, Carol Perry, Patti Roberts, Frances Skinner. Marian Millener, Benita Elliott, Evelyn Cowart, Pam Hampton, Paula Little, Donna Lamar. BACK ROW: Marty Roberson, Ross Longley, Ann Howard. Pam Avery, Lynn Goodwin, Bob Mills, David Self, Jon Holman, Doris Kirk, Vance Hawkins, Larry Jackson, Mrs. Bob Rooker. Ingenuity and originality are requisites for skits presented at Spanish Club meetings. Each month class members are asked to write and present dialogues and playlets suitable for program ma- terial at the club get-togethers. Students choose the ones they like the best, and these are given at the next meeting for special entertainment. Spanish I division members of the club went Christmas caroling, using their newly acquired language skills in public for the first time. High point of the club season was the corona- tion program with Marty Roberson and Lynn Goodwin as emcees. Queen Gayla Hill was the honoree with her attendants, Carla Smith and Maria Guajardo. SPANISH CLUB I members are: FRONT ROW: Patricia High, Deanne Pelfrey, Patricia Tidwell, Debbie Bell, Janet Hudson, Stella Everett, Patty Green. Susie Roberts, Darlene Dollar, Patricia Henderson, Janis Calkins, Ruth Snell, Chrystal Lapin, Stephanie Maddox. SECOND ROW: Zoe Ann McPherson, Connie Wallace, Carol Weaver, Nancy Hall, Teri Took, Marita Abernathy, Randy Badger, Carmen Barnes. Robie McMinn, Rise Alexander, . Paula Lane, Teresa Blackwell. Carla Dempsey. Melody Whitworth, Mrs. D. M. Ewing. BACK ROW: Pam Beach, Robbie Roberts, Gayla Ford, Mark Glenn, Jim Berrymen, Andy Barnes, Whittington. Shelly Thompson, Cherla Duncan, Sharon Johnson, Cindy Terry. 127FRENCH CLUB Savior-faire Parisien atmosphere pervades club meetings Club member include FRONT ROW: instructor, Mrs. Dale Culver, and Anita Nucci. Susan Maley, Judy Thirsk and Stefani Rodda SECOND ROW: Paula Meacham. Gloria Same . Me- lenda Harkins. Judy Keyte. Angelita Everett. Donna P'199. BACK ROW: Susan Blackstone. Jeani Miller, Ann Little. Mi- chelle Hollingsworth, Ronnie Kuykendall, Scott Brantley. One of the first academic groups to be formed at Altus High was French Club. First organized group was in 1918. Then as now French was required for program presentations and in conversation. Today members participate in district and state con- tests and correspond with other clubs. Major social activity is the coronation banquet, when the queen and her court are honored. Decorations include the fleur de lis. Menu listing, of course, is in French. Several members have lived in France, or studied in France during summer terms. French literature, songs and teenage customs are featured on club programs. This will be the third summer the club sponsor, Mrs. Dale Culver, has studied and trav- eled in France. DEFINITIONS for new French words are found by Vice president, Susan Blackstone; Secretary-Treasurer, Jeanirte Miller; President, Scott Brantley.CLASSICAL LEAGUE Contests make dead language live, widen Latin vocabulary TO RECITE the "Pledge of Allegiance" in Latin is one of the first achievements of Latin students. Susan Hamilton and Debra Wright compare pronunciations. CAESAR HIMSELF is the entertainment at a Latin club meeting, as Keith Fremlin, Joyce Reid, and Valerie Montgomery listen to a record of his speeches. Latin students have an opportunity to participate in one of the nation's oldest high school academic organizations . . . Junior Classical League, open only to those enrolled in Latin or Greek. Altus delegates of the league attended planning sessions in mid-winter at Oklahoma City and re- turned to the state meeting at the University of Oklahoma. Fun event of the year is the traditional Slave Day Sale when plebes (first year students) must obey the patricians, (second year students). Plebes have special privileges after initiation. EMBEDS OF THE CLASS- Al LEAGUE are FRONT W: Linda Smith, Jim aig, Kay Erickson, Myrna nes, Sharon Atkins, s. Culver. BACK ROW: vid Taylor, Larry Terry, ris Kastner. Mike 129BIOLOGY BSSC approach permits student laboratory experimentation Basic science requirement for all advanced courses, biology is the first high school science class. Taught ten times daily and every hour of the academic day, every student can find a class section open at the time he needs to take it. Summer School schedule also has one course of biology. SKELETON IS BROUGHT OUT of the closet by members of Mr. Jantz's biology section including Robert Watkins, Danny Pickett, Doug Cross Sandy Brewer and Kathy Patane. BIOLOGY SUMMER sessions allow incoming sophomores, like Phillip McMahan, to get a head start in sciences. MEMBERS OF MR. GARVIN'S BIOLOGY CLUB are. FRONT ROW: Jeanne Ann Freeman, Debbie Byers, Rhonda Edmiaston, Cheryl Alston, Cheryl Smith, Ray Moreau. John LeVick, Mr. Garvin. SECOND ROW: Dana Rook, Linda Bryce, Stephanie Rodda, Crystal LaPin, Sondra Ford, Diane Pigg, Phyllis Battles Kiker, and not pictured Frances Skinner and Scott BrantleyBIOLOGY Sophomores active club members For many sophomore biology club members their club is the first introduction into individual and group research projects. Responsibilities in pre- paring reports and scientific procedures are neces- sary for the students to accomplish their science projects. Films, guest speakers, and field trips help bring biology into reality as a part of daily living. Biology II became a part of the curriculum this year for students who wished advanced work in biological sciences before college. BSSC ap- proach is used for all advanced experiments. BIOLOGY OFFICERS are Phyllis Battles, secretary-treasurer; Rhonda Edmiaston, Planning Committee; Kathy Kiker, Biology 11 representative; Cheryl Alston, Planning Committee; Dana Rook, President; Jeanne Ann Freeman; Biology II Representative; John LeVick, Planning Committee; and Mr. Garvin. MEMBERS OF MR JANTZ'S BIOLOGY CLUB are. FRONT ROW: Mr. Jantz, Glen Walker, Connie Robinson, Chris Risinger, Bob McMahan, Louie Nucci, John Harris, Kathy Yarbrough, Guy Grimes, Jeanine Miller, Kim Snow, Terri Tock, Gary Alexander. SECOND ROW: Debbie Fitzsimmons, Patti Johnston, Sandra Shirley, Floyd Brinesfield, Ronnie Stevens, Jim LaGree, Mindy Roberts, Susie Barrera, Debbie Evans. NOT PICTURED, Kathy Patane, Danny Pickett, Robert Watkins, Sandy Brewer, Doug Cross, Terry Pollard, and Phyllis Paul. MINERAL REACTION on growing plants is observed in Biology II by Frances Skinner and Ross Longley. CELL DIVISION by meiosis is observed through a tri-pod lens, by Jimmy Moss. 131JETS Engineering Technological Society attracts top scholars VOTING MEMBERS raise their hands for election of class officers. Altus High Chapter of Junior Engineering Tech- nical Society schedules meetings every other week with guest speakers from space industries, university faculties, and Altus Air Force Base. Arrival of the C-5A, world's largest plane to its permanent base here made possible guest ap- pearances by world authorities in engineering. COMPARING NOTES on engineering principles discussed by recent guest speaker is recreation for Jets officers Pam Avery, Treasurer; Scot Brantley, Vice-Pres.; Harrison Mock, Pres.; Jeanne Freeman, Sec.; and Karen Fleming, Reporter. LARGEST JET MEMBERSHIP in history includes FRONT ROW: Scott Brantley, Ronnie Kuykendall, Ross Longley, John Ray, Tom Hollenbeck, Vance Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Mary Murphy, Elizabeth Grant, Jan Iken, Diana Roberts, Gayla Hill, Linda Bryce, Cathy Bryce, Kevin Cossey. THIRD ROW: Donna Jones, Lynn Berry, Karen Fleming, Kathy Kiker, Pam Avery, Susan Blackstone, Jeanne Ann Freeman Mr. Leonard Scelf. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. R. J. Lockhart, Ned Fraser, Rfeu°D,nw'kuShuer' J jrner' Harrison Mock, Mike Reed, David Taylor FIFTH ROW: Mr Herman Babb, Larry Epperson, Lynn Goodwin, Kent Cost, Roger Duckett, Kyle Davis, Paul Battles, Victor Grider. 132LIBRARY SCIENCE Basic handling of library facilities learned by assistants Students interested in business gain valuable experience working in the high school library. Advertisement, display, filing, and other business functions are employed. Learning to help other people find the books they need is also incor- porated. Library assistants learn basic principles of library usage, sure to benefit them in the future. ADVERTISING NEW BOOKS by interesting displays on the study hall bulletin board is job of assistants Ruth Moses and Bruce Williams. ASSISTANTS MEET with Mrs. Jordan to review library usage regulations. Library staff members were FRONT ROW: Betty Mills, Barbara Hynes, Mrs. Jordan, Rhonda Null, Judy Johnson. BACK ROW: Bruce Williams, Ruth Moses, Phyllis White, and Connie Robbinson. 133 STUDENT COUNCIL Chosen leaders dig student needs, activities their bag This is the year when Student Council came into its own as a reflection of what students wanted, and what would be of greatest benefit in helping make 1969-70 the year to be remembered. With that last year's Sadie Hawkins Day as an example of what students can do in working together. Council members met sometimes as often as every night for a week. The result? Recreation, friend- ship, cooperation, school spirit of the finest. Inno- vations included Spirit Week, Door Decorations for Christmas, class seating at assemblies, all school support for all sports, stereo for the cafeteria, the list is endless ... all successful. Finale for the year is the council planning of special events celebrat- ing the end of the year and the beginning of the seventies. REREADING a resolution, Mr. Bill Starr, advisor and principal, discusses its possibility with Dwight Starr, Harrison Mock, Bimbo Herron and Sam Stauffer. STUDENT COUNCIL business often is serious business. Listening intently to a speaker are Linda LeClair, Bobby McMahan, Pam Bell, Ben Bob Mahan, Patsy Plew and Gayla Hill. 134 WELCOMED INTO Student Council by Sophomore rep. Bimbo Herron is Bruce BabioneINFORMAL DRESS marks the summer weather meeting as Altus Student Council Bobby McMahan, Ben Bob Mahan, Bimbo Herron, Harrison Mock Dwight Starr holds its first session of the year. Members are FRONT ROW: Patsy Plew, Craig Thomas. Gayla Hill, Kris Risinger, Linda LeClair, Pam Bell, and Sam Stauffer. BACK ROW: VALENTINES WERE delivered in various forms including singing. Kris Risinger and Ben Bob Mahan demonstrate singing for a quarter. OFFICERS ELECTED at the first business meeting of the year immediately look over history of last year's Student Council achievements as a basis for continued growth. Dwight Starr is president; Gayla Hill, left, vice president and Kris Risinger, secretary-treasurer.ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Principal, Guidance Counselor utilize volunteer student aides From one to three hours daily are contributed to the administrative division of the high school by the volunteers pictured on this page, and the more than 150 additional laboratory and classroom aides who work with individual teachers and depart- ments. Volunteers schedule their work periods just as they do regular classwork, assisting with attend- ance census daily, guiding new students and vis- itors around the campus, typing reports and answering telephones. TOP VOLUNTEER of the year is Pati Booker, senior, who works two hours daily in the principal's offices, is a laboratory assistant, with Cheryl Thornton, right, in home economics and is manager of the Lassie Basketball team. ASSISTANTS IN the counseling department are: Susan Moberly, Debbie Stout, Susie Quibodeaux, Diane Craven, Debbie Yocham, Zoe Ann McPherson, and Susie Stiles. VOLUNTEERS IN the principal's department are FRONT ROW: Elaine Southern, Susie Stauffer, Kim Pecquignot. Joyce Bolinger, Lynn Kovar BACK ROW: Robbie Kwucris, -------- r airicia nenoerson, terry Roudebush Karen Flemino Suzette Cantrell, Deborah Wright, Annette Cantrell. 09' Linaa oiover.MEASURING A classroom curtain, Kay Williams and Elaine Hodge are among those who have contributed hours of time to school projects. SEWING Vocational sewing course opens fashion, career doors Fashion designers, custom dress makers, merchan- dise supervisors, department store buyers all are alumni of the Altus High Vocational Sewing Course. Enrollment is restricted with a three-hour course in the morning, and another three-hour section during the afternoon. Girls become skilled textile workers, capable of operating intricate power machines. VOCATIONAL Sewing students are relied upon by all organizations of the school in helping prepare costumes, flags, table coverings and other items requiring sewing skill. MEMBERS of the morning section include: FRONT ROW. Sue Stevens, La June Carruthers, Donna Mavrhoffen. Mrs. Thomas SECOND ROW: Susie Robertson, Barbara Durough, Willie Inger. BACK ROW: Georgia High, Bernice Fisher, Diane Terry, Loretta Davis, and Wanda Lenard. MEMBERS of the afternoon section are from left. FRONT ROW: Margaret Powell, lene Pickett, Benoca Pickett, Odella Leister. BACK ROW: Shelia BaziHe, Alice Kathy Willis, Kay Williams, Mrs. Thomas. SECOND ROW: Darlene Johnson, Troy- Branch, Margaret Hall, Gwendolyn Hodge. Donna Nall, and Judy Anderson. 137MORNING CLASS member are FRONT ROW: Jolene lovesee. Beth Sanford, Cnnjty Chadwick, Ann Maria Jimenei, Alice Fi her. SECOND ROW: Mr . Larry Reddout, in»tructor; Sandy Atchley, Paula Woolum , Betty Mill», Barbara Allen. BACK ROW: Mr . Robert Bolton, first semester teacher; Bettye Horton, Donna Little, Beverly Kirby, Karmen Karr and Sandy Foster. CHILD CARE Pre-school, kindergarten aides, year’s major training project Future careers as kindergarten teachers, nursery school supervisors, day care center workers, hos- pital convalescent aides for children are a few of the opportunitiies open to girls who begin their basic training in Altus High's Vocational Child Care course. Girls attracted wide attention in February when they gave a Saturday to their department for a Baby Sitting event, all proceeds going to their activity fund. Practical experience as kindergarten aides, and workers with day nurseries is in addi- tion to children cared for in their laboratory, and child study classes. TABLE DECORATIONS are arranged by Wendy Haertel and Carole Worrell in preparation for the kindergarten workshop. PAILY »ection meet each afternoon for three hour . Member are: FRONT ROW: Carole Worrell, Debbie Bu»h, Melba William», Mr . Larry Reddout. 138 SECOND ROW: Deni»e Thurmond, Betty We»t, Jani» Jame on. BACK ROW: Mr . Robert Bolton, Brenda Kastner, Kathy Prince, Wendy Haertel and Ramona Shiver .FHA Homemakers year includes national, state conferences FHA INSTALLATION was a major project at the beginning of the year for left— Lynette Perkins and Pati Booker, FHA president. Future Homemakers use skills learned in home economics classes in social activities for the chap- ter, and in service to school and community. Out- standing events have been serving as hostess for FHA Sub-District, for FFA Leadership Conference, for American Education Week All-School Open House, making Christmas cookies for senior citi- zens in convalescent homes, and attendance at the State Future Homemakers of America convention in Oklahoma City in March. FHA OFFICERS for 69-70 are from left to right, reporter, Gail Smith; photographer, Carla Dempsey; historian, Priscilla Lance; pianist, Debbie Byers; song leader, Pat Orr; secretary, Nancy Hall; president, Pati Booker; seated are parliamentarian, Carol Weaver; vice-president, Cheryl Thornton and treasurer, Benita Elliott. FHA MEMBERS were FIRST ROW, Carla Dempsey, Gail Smith, Benita Elliot, Young, Phyllis Battles, Lynotte Jones, Debbie Byers, Lanette Perkins. Veda Gilman, Peggy Castle, Betty Mills, Bonita Ladd, Patti Booker, Patricia THIRD ROW, Mrs. Thomas, Card Weaver, Kathryn Ginn, Nancy Hall, Sharia Orr. SECOND ROW, Katie Evans, Irene Silva, Cheryl Thornton, Beverly Duncan, Joan Walker, Priscilla Lance, and Mrs. Ora Littlejohn. 139DECA Distributive Education students acquire job skills Earning while learning" is the basic principle upon which Distributive Education is a part of the vocational program throughout the nation. At Altus, DE students work in major retail and whole- sale businesses of Altus and Altus AFB. Recognized as regular employees, students are under the supervision both of their coordinator, Mr. Lee Dial, and the employer for whom they work. Distribu- tive Education Club of America, Altus Chapter, is both a state and national leader. Established as a community leader also, DECA helped solicit contributions for Hurrican Camille and for the United Fund. D.E. Ill STUDENTS watch Xavier Valdez place trophy in display case, from left, they are Andres Martinez, Ricky Lipscomb, Valdez, and Terry Chenault. MR. DIAL and the DECA officers discuss business during meeting. Officers are Beth Leeson, Susan Perry, Kay Hillard, Terry Chenault, Andres Martinez, Barbara Hymes, Ruth Moses, and Mike Williams, who is not shown in this picture. D.E. II students are: FRONT ROW: Eddie Ballard, Gayle Smith, Fay Hillard, Beth Leeson, and Kay Hillard. SECOND ROW: Brenda Siniard, Betty Saults, Pam Rocket, Patty Cline, Sharon Triplet Cole. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Davis, Cynthia Neal, Susan Perry, Sandy Brown, and Debbie Hamp- ton. BACK ROW: David Chapman, David Radar, Ken Medlock, Gary Kincannon, Tim Bailey, and Stuart Parrish. 140MERCHANDISE display is discussed with her employer, Mr. John Sumich, manager of the Altus Air Force Base Exchange by D.E. student, Ruth Moses. Distributive Education Club of America at Altus is having a memorable year, with a new coordinator and both local and state activities. To finance out- of-town trips to Lawton for leadership training, to Quartz Lodge for a special meeting, and to host the Sayre Club for installation meeting at Altus, DECA sold candy bars not available in stores. Regular TECHNIQUE NECESSARY for operating a super-market cash register is demonstrated by Mike Williams as Tom McAskill and Debbie Henson observe. meetings were held at local restaurants during the breakfast hour since D.E. students work after school and on week-ends. Paramount event of the year was the state meet at Oklahoma City with Altus students competing in a wide variety of fields. Altus DE had its first adult course this year, a night class in basic Real Estate. MEMBERS of the D.E. I class are FRONT ROW: Barbara Hymes, Bar- bara Henson, Nancy Harper, Karen Stayton, and Shirley Simpson. SECOND ROW: Gloria Ybarra, Betty Neal, Kathy Jones, Dorothy Crafton, and Debbie Sims. THIRD ROW: Leslie Lock- wood, Glenn Dean, Barbara Payne, Dorenda Stout, Charlie Marsh, and Randel Watkins. BACK ROW Mike Davis, Roger Dollins, Brent Mink, David Holder, and Mr. Lee Dial. 141FFA Vocational Agriculture requires year round effort Agriculture members devel- op varied farming skills. Most members have livestock exhibits which they enter in county and state fairs. These projects require constant and year-round supervision. For those with crops proj- ects the year never ends. Wheat is planted in the fall, harvested in eary summer, fallowed during holidays. Cotton is planted in summer, harvested in winter. Cover crops are year round cultiva- tion. Soils must be tested, fertiJizers analyzed, seed de- cisions made. Some agricul- ture students have made and invested large sums of mon- ey by the time they graduate. HIGHEST STATE honors in grain competition were won by David Cole, FFA president (second from right). David's state fair barley entry won the grand champion award. Moments before the Southwest-District FFA Leadership Training Conference, David confers with the National FFA president, state president, state executive secretary and the district vice-president. NEW TYPE of entry for Altus FFA was Mark Spruiell's quarter horse colt. His entry paid off, for the colt was champion at the county fair. CHAMPION STEER production requires months of daily work. Don Abernathy coaxes his champion animal into a correct show pose at the county fair. 142 DEDICATED OFFICERS are needed for the active FFA year. They are, left to right, Kent Metcalf, advisor; Jimmy Bailey, vice-president; Kyle Ray, treasurer; Mark Spruiell, secretary, David Cole, president; Don Abernathy, reporter; and Eric Moreau, sentinel.Vocational Agriculture has been a part of Altus High School for more than twenty-five years. Alumni return as. entomologists, geneticists, spec- ialists in animal husbandry and irrigation farming and agri-business. National attention has been attracted to the Altus program as results of the large percentage of former graduates who have returned for a career in agriculture. Today's stu- dents find both inspiration and companionship in working with these former FFA members. ALTUS FFA members include; FRONT ROW: Kent Metcalf, FFA advisor; Kyle Ray, Don Russell, Martin Caldwell, Don Shotts, Loyd Conner, Kathy Herring, FFA sweetheart; Mark Spruiell, Don Abernathy, Joey Click, David Cole, Rick Barker, Dwight Cope, Steve Boswell, student teacher. BACK ROW: Roy Sharp, student teacher; Bill LaRue, Jimmy Bailey, Mike Allen. Bob Austin, Mark Hatton, Tommy Stroud, Dewey McGee. Randell Walker, Jerry Bailey, Eric Moreau. OTHER CHAPTER members are; FRONT ROW: Roy Sharp, student teacher; Danny Terry, Herb Milbrat, Scott Brown, James Gray, Mark Thomason, David Holder, Kathy Herring, FFA sweetheart; John Houpe, Gary Doughten, Kyle McMahan, Johnnie Hyde, Billy Smiley, Dean Woodard, John Hickerson, Steve Boswell, student teacher. BACK ROW: Mike Salmon, David Renfro, Mike Gillespie, Crew Wilmcs, Donnie Willis, Gib Nedrow, Mark Wriqht, Larry Kirkeby, Wayne Alex- ander, Larry McLaughlin, r. Kent Metcalf, Chapter advisor. 143VICA Carpentry students construct residences; acquire skills Despite the slow-down and work stoppages on construction throughout the nation, the word was "Go" and construction went ahead without inter- ruption at Altus High School Vocational Carpentry department's residential project. During the last nine semesters. Altus Carpentry students have constructed four residences, includ- ing the present $22,000 structure which will be completed by the end of spring term. In addition they have built their own classroom, remodeled portions of existing campus buildings and res- idences, won one state championship and were runner-up in another. Some enter construction fields immediately after graduation, others use their skills for self-support while attending college. " VOCATIONAL CARPENTRY TRANSPORTATION FOR CARPENTRY equipment is supplied by the vocational trailor to house sites for easy storage and access. MORNING CARPENTRY CLASS are, FRONT ROW. James Hill. Barry Hensley, Mike Garner, Randall Hawkins, Bill Allison, and Charlie Beavers. BACK ROW: Eddie Hollis, Ronnie Fields, Mike Mains, Craig Jackson, Larry Green, and Mr. Robert Killebrew. AFTERNOON VOCATIONAL CARPENTRY CLASS are, FRONT ROW: Doug Ward, Killebrew. BACK ROW: James Henson, Brady Shaw. L. W. High, Terry Black- Kenneth High, Randy Russell, Jerry Shaffer, Donnie LaBeth, and Mr. Robert burn, Hal Coppage, and Dan Mains. 144EXTERIOR INSULATION is put on by: Kenneth High, Kenneth Robinson, Brady Shaw, and L. W. High. I LATTICE-LIKE woodwork becomes skeletal frame for residence. REPRESENTING ALL CARPENTRY students are VICA officers: Danny Mains, James Hill, Terry Blackburn, Craig Jackson, Randy Russell, Jerry Shaffer and Mr. Robert Killebrew. CONSTRUCTION NEAR completion takes on modern look representing many weeks of building and applied skills. 145VICA Future mechanics, engineers, designers take auto courses Twice daily a maximum of 15 students report to the vocational auto mechanics classroom for three- hours of classwork and auto mechanics lab. First year students learn basic principles, and advanced students are capable of intricate adjustments in electric systems, engine tuneups, replacement of intricate parts. Many go directly from the depart- ment to job opportunities. Others use their knowl- edge for admission to advanced technical schools of automobile manufacturers and of the state. Each student is assigned a customer's automobile, and under the supervision of his instructor, Mr. Ray Vinyard, the trouble is diagnosed, and repairs begin. Professional operation of mechanical de- partments and career opportunities in the field are discussed at VICA meetings. ATTENTION FOR A TIRE 1$ given by instructor Mr. Ray Vinyard and Harold Robinson. ADJUSTMENT FOR TIRE is simple amend for Jimmy Shipley. VICA students are: FRONT ROW: Ricky Brewer, Mike Allen, Bobby Cullins, Gary Doughten, Kelley, Bob Snavely Mr. Ray Vinyard. ROW: Charles Nichols, Joe Wooldridge. Dale Foulk, Brent Craig, Calvin Ward, George Crefton, Alfred Garcia, and Donnie Russell. Doug , and BACK 146AUTO MECHANICS STUDENTS ARE, FRONT ROW: Larry King, Wayne Russell, David Rico, Arthur Zuniga, Jimmy Shipley. Steve Rodda, and Mr. Ray Vinyard. EFFICIENCY OF I. C. Stewart and Arthur Zuniga corrects intricate malfunction. BACK ROW: Emmitt Payne, Larry West, L. C. Stewart, Darrell Robertson, Felix Martinez, Jimmy Moss, and Bob McAnallen. VICA AUTO MECHANICS OFFICERS ARE: Larry West, parliamentarian; Donnie Russell, historian; Charles Nichols, secretary; Felix Martinez, president; Brent Craig, reporter Calvin Ward, treasurer; Ricky Brewer, vice-president, and Mr. Ray Vinyard. PROFICIENCY in boring is acquired by Felex Martinez and Bob McAnallen. VARIOUS POWER fixtures are checked for operational condition by Larry King, Emmit Payne, and Jimmy Moss.BEFORE SCHOOL all students have an opportunity each morning to meet and visit with friends around campus . . . favorite location is the patio area, protected from weather on three sides it is comfortable most days of the year. STUDENT LIFE Pioneer friendliness, space age acceptance I upon individual worth, describes the feel- 1 ing AHS students call Bulldog Spirit. It per- ■ meates classrooms, laboratories and activ- I ities. It is a contagion soon caught by new- | comers, even though they comprise the ■■ major portion of the student body. PERSONIFICATION OF contrasting fashions in the 70's is depicted by Christy Wright, in maxi-coat and Debbie Byers in mini-coat. Bulldog Harrison Mock, sans coat, shivers as does Cheerleader Randy Badger. NEWEST ADDITION to the cheering squad is Mr. Bulldog, animated by Billy Baer, senior. PSYCHOLOGY HAS its lighter moments. Sharing this experience are Mike Mains, Mike Cannon and Beverly Young. In the background are Paula Woolums and Mrs. Bock, the psychology teacher. BLUE, the Bulldog's lucky mascot, is exercised by Ronnie Fields, voted "Mr. Irresistible" as he waits for the chartered bus taking them to the state championship playoffs. 149VOCAL QUEEN Performance, citizenship distinguish honor choices Selection as Vocal Music Queen depends not only upon popularity with others in the department, but particularly upon leader- ship as a performer, and loyalty to the group. Jeanne Ann Freeman is an accom- plished pianist, organist, accompanist for both vocal and instrumental groups, and an outstanding vocal soloist. Her attendants were chosen upon similar attributes. DURING FINAL rehearsal for "Schubert Mass in G", Jeanne Ann Freeman, vocal queen, accompanies Varsity Choir members. VOCAL QUEEN attendants are Christy Wright and Gayla Hill. VOCAL QUEEN Jeanne Ann Freeman 150VOCAL KING Mike Cotney VOCAL KING Versatility characterizes Varsity Choir’s royal court Participation in all sports as well as other campus activities is taken for granted by the membership of Altus High's Varsity Choir. Vocalists are encouraged to be a part of numerous facets of the school com- munity. Typical of such participants is Mark Cotney, in the starting line-up of Altus Bulldog's Football squad. Mark played in the state finals, and two weeks later was featured soloist for the Christmas Concert, Equally versatile are Vocal King Attendants David Chapman and Larry King. SINGING LEAD score from "Schubert's Mass In G", Mark Cotney was accompanied by Midwest Symphony stringed ensemble. VOCAL KING attendants David Chapman and Larry King. 151HOMECOMING QUEEN All-school vote decides Homecoming honor court This year all-school vote elected Debbie Byers as Homecoming Queen. She was chosen on basis of her outgoing personal- ity, loyalty and enthusiasm for her school, academic, extra-curricular, and volunteer activities. Her attendants were chosen for similar qualities of citizenship and par- ticipation. OVATION FROM Homecoming game spectators honors Queen Debbie Byers and her escort Larry Turner, band president, as coronation ceremonies are concluded. HOMECOMING QUEEN Debbie Byers 152 HOMECOMING QUEEN attendants are Gayla Hill and Susie Stauffer.BAND SWEETHEART Musicians choose twirler, scientist, honored scholar At home, on the field as twirler, or as a part of That Altus Band, Pam Avery exemplifies enthusiasm, and a willingness to work with others for the benefit of all. Equally at home with a baton, a calculus equation, or a fashion model, Pam represents the high standards That Altus Band hopes to achieve each year. Equal band loyalty characterizes her attendants. RECEPTION guests after coronation are greeted by Pam Avery and escort, Jim Riddle. BAND SWEETHEART Pam Avery 153 BAND SWEETHEART attendants are Carla Smith and Kitty Moberly.FFA SWEETHEART Future Farmers choose dancer-vocalist, scholar FFA members chose Kathy Herring to reign as Sweetheart of the Altus FFA Chapter. She was chosen for her enthusiasm for the organization, talents as a dancer, vocalist and news writer. Kathy has been repre- sentative of all FFA ideats and has been active in numerous activities, as have her attendants. CONGRATULATIONS ARE given by David Cole, president, to Kathy Herring, FFA Sweetheart at the Leadership Banquet. Kathy had just been named Altus Junior Miss. FFA QUEEN Kathy Herring 154 FFA Queen Attendants are Pati Booker and Carol Perry.SPANISH QUEEN Fiesta atmosphere pervades Espanol royalty coronation To be chosen Reina Espanol requires the usual qualities of charm, cooperation, active par- ticipation in the organizaion, plus bilingual abilities. Gayla Hill, and her attendants in Spanish Club royal court, meet these requis- ites. Their coronation was given in Spanish, and the equally bilingual court saluted them with "Viva la reina!" SPANISH CORONATION featured fiesta colors in throne covers. Queen Gayla and her attendants received arm bouquets. Martin Roberson, club president, escorts Sra. Gayla Hill, reina. SPANISH QUEEN Gayla Hill 155 SPANISH QUEEN attendants are Maria Guajardo and Carla Smith.DECA SWEETHEART DE Queen personifies beauty, business acumen To be chosen Sweetheart of Altus Distribu- tive Education Chapter of America is based not only upon achievement in the work assignment, but also personal charm, par- ticularly in relation to fellow club members and in dealing with the public. Ruth Moses, assigned to the Base Exchange sales di- vision, proves her qualities of graciousness and courtesy daily in her work and in school activities, as do her attendants. TRADITIONAL CROWN usually Is placed by club president. Since Ruth Moses is both queen and president, the honors were done by Andres Martinez, vice president. DECA SWEETHEART Ruth Moses 156 DECA Sweetheart attendants include Kay Hillard, junior attendant and Debbie Sims, sophomore attendant.FRENCH QUEEN Royalty a la mode Francois represents member’s choice Proud of the heritage the organizaion memorializes in French customs and lan- guage, Alliance Francais members plan events with flair and continental style. Typ- ifying this attitude is the trio chosen for their highest honors by club members. Susan Blackstone combines French scholar- ship with an enthusiasm for its study and loyal work with the group. Attendants also have served on numerous committees. OFFICIAL ESCORT for French Queen Susan Blackstone at official functions is Scot Brantley, Club President. FRENCH QUEEN attendants are Melinda Harkins and Gloria Barnes. FRENCH QUEEN Susan Blackstone 157SENIOR CHOICES Present, future leaders meet athletic, intellectual requisites More than 70 seniors were nominated in prefer- ential balloting for senior Who's Who in the 1970 Bulldog. Ballots were distributed by yearbook staff members to first hour classes, without previous announcement in order that nominations might reflect the thinking of many students. Winners of the awards on this page typify the good choices majorities select in a democratic society. Most Likely To Succeed winners already have been awarded summer seminars at major universities. Best Athletes included the All-State Lineman of the Year and the senior Lassie member. Male lead in My Fair Lady and supporting female lead were chosen Most Talented. How well the students choose was shown in a recent study before an alumni meeting. Many of the "Most Successful" had achieved above the average. Most Talented recipients often had continued in music or drama on a professional basis. Whether class of 1970 chose equally well should be known at the 1980 reunion. SCIENTIFIC BENT is exhibited by Most Likely To Succeed winners Harrison Mock and Kathy Kiker. B ST ATHLETE, Kyle Davis, opens the Bulldog bus door for senior girl Best Athlete, Paula Williamson. MOST TALENTED winners, David Chapman and Jeanne Ann Freeman wait for after-school rehearsal for My Fair Lady to begin. 158REPRESENTATION AT student council district and state meetings requires attendance by senior council members Bobby McMahan and Gayla Hill. Class of '70 voted them Best All Around. BEST ALL AROUND Students recognize classroom talent, citizenship versatility Designation as Best All Around Student in each class meant different attributes to numerous stu- dents. More than 150 were nominated for this honor by the three classes in preferential balloting. All six of the top nominees represent their classes on the Student Council. All are active in other organizations including academic clubs, cheerleading, athletics, chorus and are honor scholars. All have been class officers at the junior high level, and some currently are class officers. Enthusiastic support of school projects is a common characteristic. EAGER PARTICIPANTS in Valentine benefit project, Patsy Plew and Ben Bob Mahan were voted by their class as Best All Around Juniors. FRIENDLINESS IS one of the characteristics Sophomores recognized in electing Kris Risinger and Bruce Babione Best All Around Sophomores. 159SENIOR CALENDAR is marked by Susie Stauffer as fellow Good Citizen Billy Bob Starr reads dates. BEST CITIZENS Classmates give cooperation, unselfish leadership, high ratin Good citizenship must be prevalent among Altus students in the estimation of those who make up the student body. More than 200 were nominated by preferential ballot for the Best Citizen award in the three classes. Qualities of a good citizen may vary slightly from year to year. Circa 1970 re- quired active participation in student affairs as a SERIOUS CONSIDERATION of Student Council business prompted intense concentration by sophomore Best Citizens, Pam Bell and Bimbo Herron. 160 requisite, apparently. Sophomore and Junior choices are student council and class office holders. Senior choice was the DAR Good Citizen and the All-State back. Such were the choices of nearly 1,000 students as their Best Citizens for the Bull- dog section. JUNIORS CHOSE Shari Gober and Craig Thomas as class officers, then named them Best Citizens.SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS are: FRONT ROW: Rebekah Hickerson, Barbara Smith, Susie Stauffer, Jeanne Ann Freeman, Debbie Byers, Kathy Kiker, Sandy Lister, and Candi Cavanaugh. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Grant, Ruth Morton, Carolyn Kea, Denise Thurmond, Joan Decker, Carla Smith, Sara Stitcher, Linda Blackman, Paula Little, and Vicky Bomar. THIRD ROW: Terry Tims, Mike Gough, SCHOLARS Seventy Seniors excel, prove Increased enrollment necessitated two group pic- tures of each class of honor students for the 1970 yearbook. Senior class with 278 members had nearly 70 persons, or more than 25 per cent who made the required number of points. Some of these were ill the day group pictures were made. Oklahoma Honor Society members, representing the Top Ten Per Cent, based on two semesters. Terri Cosscy, Margaret Wolf, Herbert Melbrat, Fred Stoner, Eric Olmstead, and Jerry Shaffer. FOURTH ROW: Harrison Mock, Billy Bob Starr, Dwight Starr, Tom Holwenger, Buddy Long, Kevin Robinson, Jerry Tabb, Rick Moss, Danny Fan- cher, and Dave Hubble. scholastic leadership ability will be in the Bulldog summer supplement. Seniors in the Top Ten places, based upon their entire high school record, will receive Bulldog academic trophies at Honors Assembly at the be- ginning of Senior Week in May. This ceremony also will be recorded in the summer supplement. Honors courses are offered in English, history, mathematics, science, and in several other electives. SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS are: FRONT ROW: Debra McNeil, Lanetfe Perkins, Kathy Herring, Bobby McMahan, Debra Wright, Patsy Gilman, Terry Roudebush, Patti Booker, Carol Saults, and Susan Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Lynn Cox, Kathy Brooks, Billy Baer, and Jan Starr. THIRD ROW: Susan Blackstone, Kathryn Ginn, Kay Long, Debbie Shankweiler, Ruth Moses, Lynn Goodwin, Mary Murphy, and Debra Lasko. FOURTH ROW: David Alston, Roger Duckett, Pam Avery, Karen Callaghan, Craig Jackson, Kent Cost, Bob Mills, John Ray, Marty Rober- son, Tom Hollenback, and Michael Lesiak. 161JUNIOR HONOR SCHOLARS ARE, FRONT ROW: Jan Iken, Jeanette Billman, derson, Carol Perry, Carol Weaver, Lydia Haferland, Patricia High, Margaret Linda Smith, Patti Johnston, Judy Biram, Pat Ferguson SECOND ROW: Cindy Hall, Donna Pigg. FOURTH ROW: Victor Grider, Larry Terry, Mike Adams, Mark Eicholz, Glynda Copeland, Patsy Plew, Bcnita Elliott, Patti Roberts, Shari Gober, Spruiell, Doug Jones, Paul Battles, Scott Brantley, Ronnie Kuykendall, Ben Bob Susan Matey, Brenda Ford. THIRD ROW: Terri Tock, Patty Green, Trisha Hen- Mahan, David Thomas. SCHOLARS Twenty-five percent achieve junior semester hour roll rating For most students, heaviest schedule of their high school days is at the junior year. This is the year for advanced language, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and for heavy schedules. Six subjects are not unusual, and almost every junior has at least five plus an activity. It also is the year when juniors have additional responsibilities as they participate in fund raising projects to host graduation festivities for the seniors. That 25 percent made the honor roll is attributed by guidance counselors to the mature attitude many juniors have assumed by the time they reach the eleventh year. College, jobs, technical school or military service is only 18 months away. It's enough to sober the most lackadaisal, and usually does. ADDITIONAL JUNIOR honor scholar are, FRONT ROW: David Mahelona, Cathy Bryce, Melinda Harkin , Diane Rinker. Dee Harris, Kathy Stephanovich. SECOND ROW: Lynn Kovar, Linda Glover, Veda Gilman, Stephanie Maddox, Ned Fraser, Marian Milner, Debby Miller, Joyce Bolinger. THIRD ROW: Greg Shephard, Leslie Hammock David McElfresh, Brent Bailey, Dale Watson, Randy Holden. Dons Rismger, Vicki Miller, Annette Cantrell, Suzette Cantrell. FOURTH ROW: Davio Taylor Jeff Roberts. Mark Allen. Andy Barnes, Connie Sellers, Steve Adams, Wendy Haertel, Donr a Lamar, Judy Thirsk. Diana Roberts. 162SOPHOMORE HONOR SCHOLARS INCLUDE, FIRST ROW: Gloria Wolfe, Carol Ledbetter, Robert Gardner, John LeVick. SECOND ROW: Connie Robinson, Sylvia Castro, Linda Knapp, Dana Rook, Chuck Lister, Mike Pena, Floyd Brinesfield, Paula lane, Mary Davenport. THIRD ROW: Rita Cunningham, Chrystal LaPin, Diane Pigg, Stephanie Rodda, Michael Davis, Sharia Duncan, Cheryl Alston, Nancy Hurley, Mindy Roberts, Melodie Whitworth. BACK ROW: Mary Jane Henderson, Marita Abernathy, Robbie Roberts, David Pachuta, Elizabeth Mahan, Randy Bradford, Ray Moreau, Jeanine Miller, Debbie Smith and Kathy Duke. SCHOLARS Tenth graders establish high academic standards first year Among this group of honor sophomores are ap- proximately a half-dozen former ninth grade valedictorians, including those from Altus three junior highs, and superior students from school systems in widely separated areas of the world. Whether their freshman year was in Alaska, Alabama, Amsterdam or Altus, each had a com- mon characteristic. This was the desire to learn, and the motivation to work hard enough both in class and outside, to accomplish the wish. Most of them will be members of the Oklahoma honor society, all have made a start on a college transcript that will be viewed with appreciation by admis- sions officers three years from now. ADDITIONAL HONOR student for the first seme»ter are: FIRST ROW: Debbie Fitzsimmons, Linda Smith, Joyce Reid, Vickie Glaspie, Sondra Ford, Donna Wiginton, Pamn Beach, Debbie Russell. SECOND ROW: Kim Hunter, Sandy Brewer, Dorinda Stout, Rhonda Edmainston, Patty Ferguson, Donald Riley, Philip McMahan, Patty Turner, Phyllis Battles, Connie Satterfield. BACK ROW: Shirley Simpson, Grig Linton, Kim Snow, Jeanine Watts, Glenn Walker, Jim Martin, Joan Walker, Pam Bell, Dianne Pelfrey, and Kris Risinger. 163SCHOLARSHIPS Universities award seniors athletic, academic stipends Scholarship announcements have just begun when Altus Bulldog's final deadline for the main book arrives. Additional scholarship announcements will be in the Summer Supplement which most seniors get by mail, and underclassmen receive when they enroll the last week of August. Bulldog editors feel the book is fortunate this year in that three major scholarships were announced in time for this por- tion of the book. All were of such wide interest the honorees were given news and television stories when the announcements were made by the two state universities. Altus High's usual record of scholarships is expected to be exceeded this year with a senior class scholastic average above that of most years. Recipients will be photographed in a group following honors assembly. AFRICAN Kyle Davis signs letter of intent with University of Oklahoma Sooners. At the sign-in are his father, AJC Professor Richard Davis and his mother. Coach Larry Graham, right, watches. OU SCHOLAR for 1970-71 from AHS Pam Avery will be permitted to take extra hours each semester. Pam and Kyle are "Outstanding Teenagers of America" this year as also is Kathy Kiker. 164 LETTER OF INTENT is signed by Sam Carraway as his father. Col. W. C. Carraway and standing, left. Coach Jim Cromartie and Jim Frazier , OSU watch.ALL SCHOOL PRODUCTION Musical background work requires cooperative preparation For more than a decade Altus High has had a Broadway musical for its All-School Production. With each year the preparation has become more professional, the cooperation between departments of greater variety. For "My Fair Lady," the 1970 All-School, art classes began painting backgrounds in late November; carpentry students remodeled previous sets and built new props,- band students auditioned for concert orchestra places and com- mercial sewing students began studying methods for making the formal frock coats for the Ascot races scenes. Journalism students helped send press releases to radio stations and newspapers in several coun- ties; vocal music and speech students auditioned for speaking parts and musical scores,- special ticket sales committees were organized wih seniors, who were not cast members as salesmen, since Senior Class receives a portion of the proceeds for its memorial fund. Choreography repeated the difficult routines of the original Broadway show. By February 15 tech- nical aspects were nearly completed, and "My Fair Lady" was in final rehearsals. All-time record attendance on March 2 and 3 established the show as a precedent setter. ABOVE: THREE DIMENSIONAL effect of background canvas was painted by Art students, directed by Mrs. Richard Maffry and Mrs. Ardron Harris. FAR LEFT: VETERAN COLLABORATORS, Mr. Kenneth Cox, vocal music, and Mrs Paul Flippin, director-producer, discuss finish needed for top hats. CENTER: FINAL FITTING on grey morning coats is checked by Judy Anderson and Odella Leister in commercial sewing. LEFT: VOCATIONAL CARPENTRY students, Jerry Shaffer, Terry Blackburn and Randy Russell, put finishing trim on Prof. Higgins's study. 165"MY FAIR LADY" Longest running Broadway musicale record breaking hit "GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME" scene features cockney neighborhood and Mark Cotney as Alfred Doolittle, right, gone respectable. "TONGUE DEPRESSED," Prof. Henry Higgins tells Eliza Doolittle, as a last minute drill on the "h" sound, before she makes her new personality debut at the Ascot races. David Chapman played Prof. Higgins, Cathy Bryce, Eliza Doolittle. "MY FAIR LADY" CAST. FRONT ROW: Christy Wright, Dianne Rinker, Georgia Whiteside, Susan Maley, Teresa Blackwell, Diane Roberts, John Roshell, Mr. Lynn Leonard, Kent Cost, Melodye Whitworth, Mindy Roberts, Diane Pigg, Chrysfal LaPin, Dana Rook, Jeanine Miller, Bob Mills, Roger Duckett, Cheryl Alston, Mark Glenn, Maria Guajardo, Mr. Dean Hearn, Bruce King, Mike Felton, Sharia Duncan, Zoe Ann McPherson, Ken Ward, Mr. Harris, David Self, Kathy Herr- ing, Rick Olson, Tommy Roberts, Brenda Walker, Dewey McGee. SECOND ROW: Judy Byram, Carla Smith, Joey Click, Kathy Kiker, Glen Devoll, Ardren Griggs, Alan McAskill, Kitty Moberly, Donna Lamar, Larry Turner, Danny Gregg, Mark Cotney, Doug Smith, Cathy Bryce, David Chapman, Jeanne Ann Freeman, Craig Thomas, Beverly Young, Harrison Mock, Cary Pat Wallace, Sandy Lister, Craig Gar- nett, Billy Bob Starr, Lynn Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Mike Williams, Mary Murphy, Mary Hughes, Cynthia Neel, Gloria Barnes, Bob Austin Linda Bryce, David Chapman. Gayla Hill, Ben Bob Mahan, Terry Roudebush, Teresa Greer, Mike Jackson, Rise Alexander, Randy Badger, Marilyn Talley, Paula Williamson, Melinda Harkins, Mrs. Flippin, Pam Tims, Patricia Orr, Woodine Roudebush, Bonita Elliott, Ruth Snell, Colette Hill, Shari Gober, Liz Anderson, Frances Skinner, Donna Dollms. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Tabb. Frank Hunt, Joe Remis, Gary Burrow, Stephanie Maddox, Marty Roberson, Dwight Cope, McAlister, Joel Zinn, Lynn Cox, Gloria Rustmann, Mr. Steve Wi lj . Booker, Mike Etheridge, Lafty King, Guy Grimes, Bob Oakley, Steve Darby, Alan Berryman, Jon Holman. 166APPREHENSION APPARENT on the face of Mrs. Higgins, played by Jeanne Ann Freeman, proves well founded as her son, Prof. Higgins, announces the eminent arrival of Eliza Doolittle. "I THINK SHE'S GOT IT," Prof. Higgins gleefully fells Debonair Col. Pickering, played by Doug Smith, as they ask Eliza to repeat "the rajn in Spain stays mainly on the plain." ABOVE: "YOU DID IT, you did it," the domestic staff serenades Prof. Higgins for achievement in presenting Eliza at the Embassy Ball. Ignored Eliza stands forlornly alone. BELOW: RETURNED ELIZA stares in disbelief as her Cockey Cockney father boasts to pub keeper, Harrison Mock.HOMEWARD BOUND majestic C-5A, world's largest plane, sweeps across AHS campus. Just another year Just another class Yet the AHS memories Echo for eternity Through the corridors Of Time. 168INDEX -A- ABERNATHY, Don - 68, 75, 97, 142, 143 ABERNATHY, Marita - 6, 79, 121, 127, 163 ADAMS, Charles - 68, 162 ADAMS, Mike - 129 ADAMS, Steve - 68, 162 ADUDDEll, Pam - 40, 112 AIRINGTON, Robert - 79, 112 ALEXANDER, Bobby - 79, 143 ALEXANDER, Cecilia - 40, 108, 121 ALEXANDER, Debera - 79, 89, 101 ALEXANDER, Gary - 79, 93, 131 ALEXANDER, Glenn - 2, 79, 97, 99, 103 ALEXANDER, Risa - 79, 108, 121, 127, 166 ALEXANDER, Vickey - 15, 68, 112 ALLEN, Barbara - 68, 138 ALLEN, Joyce - 40 ALLEN, Mark - 68, 138 ALLEN, Michael - 68, 143, 146 ALLEN, Robert - 40, 114 ALLISON, Billy - 79, 100, 144 ALSTON, Cheryl - 15, 79, 112, 130, 131, 163, 166 ALSON, David - 40, 161 ANDERSON, Judy - 40, 137, 165 ANDERSON, Liz - 79, 108, 121, 166 ARMSTEAD, Sybil - 41, 121, 127, 168 ASHCRAFT, Terri - 79, 121 ATCHLEY, Sandra - 68, 138 ATKINS, Sharon - 79, 108, 129 AUSTIN, Robert - 79, 106, 107, 143, 166 AUTREY, Karen - 79, 94, 121 AVERY, Pamela - 7, 13, 14, 31, 41, 66, 112, 113, 127. 132, 153, 161 —B— BABB, Mr. Herman — 30, 31, 74, 132 BABIONE, Bruce - 79, 99, 102, 103, 105, 106, 107, 134, 159 BABIONE, Russell - 41 BADGER, Randy - 9, 39, 79, 88, 109, 121, 127, 166 BAER, William - 39, 40, 100, 120, 161 BAILEY, Brent - 68, 71, 162 BAILEY, Jerry - 79, 103, 143 BAILEY, Jim - 35, 68, 106, 107, 140 BAILEY, Jimmy - 68, 142, 143 BAKER, Brian - 68, 103 BAKER, Chuck - 41 BAKER, Michael - 79 BALLARD, Eddie - 68, 140 BARDSLEY, Hugh - 71. 92 BARKER, Richard - 79, 103, 143 BARNES, Andrew - 68, 127, 162 BARNEY, Carmen - 79, 87, 88, 108, 127 BARNES, Gloria - 68, 106, 107, 121, 128, 157, 166 BARNES, Mary - 79, 101 BARNETT, Jimmy — 68 BARRERA, Susie - 79, 131 BARTON, Steve - 15, 41, 112, 113 BATES, Kenneth - 41, 112, 113 BATES, Susie - 79, 121 BATTLES, Paul - 11, 68, 97, 126, 132, 162 BATTLES, Phyllis - 79, 108, 121, 130, 131, 139, 163 BAZILE, Cheryl - 79, 101 BAZILE, Sheila - 41, 137 BEACH, Pamela - 108, 127, 163 BECHARD, Kathy - 41 BEEZLEY, Eugene - 79 BELL, Debbie - 127 BELL, Pamela - 5, 79, 108, 121, 134, 135, 160, 163 BELL, Sue - 79, 101 BENEDICT, Lori - 68, 73, 121 BENNETT, Johnny - BE NO I ST, Robert - 79, 100 BERRY, Michael - 79 BERRY, Vickie - 41, 63, 132 BERRYMAN, Alan - BERRYMAN, James - 68, 106, 107, 127, 166 BESETT, Philip - 41, 102, 103 BETTENCOURT, Sherry - 79 BEVERS, Charlie - 80, 99, 144 SEVERS, Lonnie - 68, 106, 107, 122 BILBREY, Michael - 68, 115 BILLMAN, Jeanette — 68, 108, 127, 162 BLACKBURN, Terry - 68, 144, 145, 165 BLACKMON, Linda - 41, 114, 161 BLACKSTONE, Susan - 41, 106, 107, 121, 128, 132, 157, 161 BLACKWELL, James - 68 BLACKWELL. Mark - 68, 112, 113 BLACKWELL, Teresa - 15, 68, 106, 107, 112, 127, 166 BLACKWELL, Thomas - 41, 112 BLANKENSHIP. Mr. 100 BOCK, MRS. JACK - 39 BOLEY, Joseph - 2, 80, 93, 97, 99 BOLTON, Mrs. Robert - 34, 35, 120, 138 BOLLINGER, Joyce - 68, 136, 162 BOMAR, Vickie - 41, 161 BOOKER, Pat - 3, 5, 42, 136, 139, 154, 161, 166 BOSWELL, Mr. Steve - 143 BOX, Leslie - 80, 112, 113 BOYD, Marie - 80, 101 BOZA, Glenn - 42, 127 BRADFORD, Randy - 80, 100, 163 BRADFORD, Terry - 42 BRADLEY, Gail - 69 BRANCH, Alice - 69, 137 BRANTLEY, Scott - 69, 128, 130, 132, 162 BREWER, Ricky - 80, 112, 146, 147 BREWER, Sandra - 80, 121, 131, 163 BRIAN, Joseph - 80, 100 BRINSFEILD, Daniel - 80, 112, 113, 131, 163 BRINKMAN, Mrs. Bill - 28, 74, 124 BRINKMAN, Julie — 69 BROOKS, Catherine - 42, 123, 161 BROOKS, Rebecca - 80, 83, 101 BROWN, Mr. David'- 24, 97, 122 BROWN, Sandra - 69, 140 BROWN, Scott - 80 100, 143 BROWN, Terri — 42 BRUMLEY, Gary - 69, 112 BRYCE, Cathy - 69, 106, 107, 122, 127, 132, 162. 166, 167 BRYCE, Mr. Eugene - 21 BRYCE, Linda - 69, 106, 107, 118, 127, 130, 132, 166 BUCK, Mr. Joe - 21 BUCKNER, Franklin - 69 BUCKNER, Robert - 92 BUFKIN. Judith - 42, 115 BURGETT, Carol - 42, 133 BURNEY, Deborah - 80. 101 BURNS, Cecil - 69 BURNSIDE Phil - 69 BURROW, Gary - 4, 42, 123, 166 BUSH, Debbie - 69, 138 BUTLER, Wanda — 69 BYERS, Debbie - 8, 9, 10, 39, 42, 53, 106, 107, 120, 121, 130, 139, 152, 161 BYERS, FLOYD - 43, 125 BYERS, Pam - 80, 88, 108, 121 BYRAM, Judy - 15, 69, 106, 107, 123, 162, 166 BYRD, June - 80, 101 CALDWELL, Martin - 43, 143 CALKINS, Janis - 68, 69, 75, 94, 106, 121, 127 CALLAGHAN, Karen - 43, 161, 115 CARDER, Robert - 43 CARNEY, Jimmy - 80 CARRAWAY, Sam - 43, 54, 97, 164 CARRUTHERS, La June - 69, 137 CARTER, Bob - 80, 100 CARTER, Mary - 69 CARTER, Paula - 43 CARTY, Ronald - 43 CASARIN, Eduardo — 6, 80 CASKEY, Randy - 80, 100 CASTANEDO, Deborah - 80 CASTLE, Peggy - 69, 72, 94, 109, 121, 139 CASTRO, Sylvia — 80. 101, 163 CASWELL, Vera - 2, 80, 101, 121 CANNON, David - 80 CANNON, Michael - 39, 43 CANTRELL, Annette - 69, 136, 162 CANTRELL, Suzette - 69, 136, 162 CATES, Ross - 80, 103 CAVANAUGH, Candi - 14, 43, 117, 161 CHADWICK, Christy - 69, 138 CHANDLER, Linda - CHANEY, Mark - 80, 112 CHANEY, Shirley - 69 CHAPMAN, David L. - 10, 15, 44, 64, 106, 107, 122. 140, 149, 158, 166, 167 CHAPAAAN, David - 44, 166 CHAPMAN, Richard - 69 CHAVERS, Herman - 44 CHENAULT, Terry - 69, 77, 140 CHENEY, Garry - 80 CHUMLEY, Jim - 80, 100 CLARK, Jana - 80, 108, 114, 121 CLARK,. Marvina - 2, 80, 89, 101 CLAYTON, Mrs. Robert - 32, 78 CLEMONS, Miss Glade - 24, 74 CLENDENNEN, Susan - 80 CLICK, Joey - 69, 97, 106, 107, 143, 166 COATS, Wayne - 80 COFFEY, Mr. Gary - 25, 92, 93, 94, 97, 99 COFFMAN, Lois - 80 COFFMAN, Randy - 89, 99 COLE, David - 5, 44, 142, 143, 154 COPE, Dwight 69, 143, 166 COPELAND, Glenda - 68, 69, 106, 107, 121, 162 COPPAGE, Hal - 44 CONNER, Loyd - 44. 100, 143 CORRIE, Lanell - 81, 89, 101 COSSEY, Kevin - 39, 69. 106, 107, 121, 132 COSSEY, Terri - 45. 106, 107, 121, 124, 161 COST, Kent - 45, 112, 113, 125, 132, 161, 166 CO.TNEY, John Mark - 10, 11, 43, 45, 66, 97, 106, 107, 122, 149, 166, 167 COTNER, Paul - 45 COMBS, Penny - 80, 101 121 COLVILLE, Mr. Jack - 21 COWART, EVELYN - 69, 121, 127 COX, Mr. Kenneth - 13, 26, 106 107, 109, 165 COX, Lynn - 45, 161, 166, CRAFTON, Dorothy - 81, 101, 141 CRAFTON, George - 69, 146 CRAIG, Brent - 45, 57, 129, 146, 147 CRAIG, Jim - 69 CRAMER, Donnie — 45 CRAVEN, Marsha - 45 CRITTENLEN, William - 69, 97 CROCKETT, Brenda - 69, 71, 112 CROMARTIE, Mr. Jim - 11, 32, 64, 67, 97, 164 CROSS, Douglas - 81, 88, 93, 99, 131 CROSS, Mrs. Walter - 21 CROUCH, David - 81, 100 CROUCH, Janet - 45 CROWE. Randal — 69 CROWLEY, Alfred - 81, 100 CROWLEY, Hugh - 81, 93 CULLINS, Bobby - 146 CULVER, Mrs. Dale - 27, 128, 129 CUNNINGHAM, Rita - 81, 108, 121, 163 CUTLIFT, Diane - 69 DAMERON, David - 81, 100 DARBY, Steven - 46, 166 DAVENPORT, Jenny - 46 DAVENPORT, Mary - 81, 101, 163 DAVIS, Jim - 69, 140 DAVIS, Kyle - 10, 11, 14, 18, 92, 97, 98, 132, 158, 164 DAVIS, Loretta - 108, 137 DAVIS, Melvin - 69 DAVIS, Michael - 81, 100, 141, 163 DAVIS, Mr. W. C. - 23 DEAN, Glenn - 81, 141 DEAN, John - 11, 46, 54, 97 DECKER, Joan - 46, 66, 106, 107, 121, 161 DELAIR, Donald - 80, 81, 100 DEMPSEY, Carla - 68, 69, 106, 121, 127, 139 DEVOLL, Glenn - 46, 59, 166 DIAL, Mr. Lee - 8, 34, 140, 141 DICKERSON, Charline - 81, 88, 108, 121 DODSON, Rebecca - 69, 121 DOLLAR, Darlene - 81, 108, 127 DOLL I NS, Donna - 14, 46, 106, 107, 115, 121, 123, 166 DOLLINS, Roger - 81, 141 DOMINGGUEZ, Jesse - 81 DORSY, Linda - 70, 112 DOUGHTEN, Gary - 70, 143, 146 DOYLE, Mr. Gray - 20 DRAKE, Penny - 81 DRAPER, Dianna - 81, 101 DROWN, Nanette - 81, 101, 121 DRURY, Mrs. Eldon - 28, 29. 73 DUCK, Gloria - 70, 108 DUCKETT, Roger - 15, 46, 63, 112, 113, 124, 125, 132, 161, 166 DUESTERBECK, Helen - 81, 101, 133 DUKE, Kathy - 81, 108, 163 DUKE, Sharon - 81, 100 DUNCAN, Jimmy - 46 DUNCAN, Sharia - 81, 112, 127, 139, 163, 166 DUNCAN, Steven - 81, 92, 93 DURBIN, James - DURROUGH, Barbara — 70, 137 DUTY, John - 70 -E- EASTMAN, Brenda - 70 EDMAISTON. Rhonda - 81, 108, 121, 130, 131, 163 EDMONSON, Anton Mr. - 4, 32, 78 EICHHOLZ, Cynthia - 70, 108, 121, 162 ELLIOTT, Brenda - 68, 70, 121, 126, 127, 139, 162, 166 ELLIOTT, Mrs. John - 25, 101 ELLIS, Debra - 81, 108, 121 EMERY, Richard - ENGEL, Debbie - 81, 121, 127 EPPERSON. Ken — 81, 100 EPPERSON, Larry - 47, 117, 118, 119, 132 ERICKSON, John Kevin - 47 ERICKSON, Kay - 129 ETHERIDGE. Michael - 47, 106, 107, 122, 166 EUCHER, Marvin - 81, 112 EVANS, Debbie - 81, 101 EVANS, Katie - 70, 118, 139 EVERETT, Angelita - 47, 101, 120, 121, 128 EVERETT, Stella - 70 EWING, Mrs. D. M. - 27, 126, 127 -F- FAGAN, Dewayne — 81 181FANCHER, Danny - 47, 106, 107, 161 FARLEY, Pat - 47, 54, 60, 125 FELTON, Michael - 70, 112, 166 FERGUSAN. Patricia - 70, 162, 163 FERGUSON, George — Tl, 81, 91, 97, 99 FERRIS. Mrs. Weldon - 28, 119 FIELDS, Darline — 81 FIELDS, Kenneth — 81 FIELDS, RONNIE - 11, 70, 91, 97, 144 FISHER, Alice - 47, 115, 120, 138 FISHER, Bernice - 70, 137 FISHER, Lazel - 47 FISK, Rebecca — 81 FITZSIMMONS, Deborah - 81, 131, 163 FLANAGAN, Alice Grady - 70 FLEMING, Karen - 47, 48, 117, 118, 119, 121, 132, 136 FLECHER, Roxanne — FLINT, Lynn - 81, 121 FLIPPEN, Mrs. Paul - 28, 74, 105, 123, 165, 166 FLOWERS, Shelia - 81 FORD, Brenda - 39, 70, 162 FORD, Gayla - 81, 101, 127 FORD, James — 81, 99 FORD, Jan - 81, 121 FORD, Sandra - 72, 82, 108, 121, 130, 163 FOSTER, Randy - 70 FOSTER, Rebecca - 82, 112 FOSTER, Sandra — 48, 138 FOULK, Dale - 70, 146 FOULK, Steven - 80, 82, 100 FRANCOEUR, Marvin - 11 FRASHER, Edward - 70, 71, 132, 162 FREEMAN, Jeanne — 8, 48, 53, 106, 107, 121, 124, 130, 131, 132, 148, 158, 161, 166, 167 FREMLIN, Keith - 48, 129 FUEGLEIN, Steve — 48 FULWIDER, Robert - 82, 100 —G— GANE, Carl - 70, 116 GARCIA, Alfred — 70, 146 GARDENER, Danny - 82, 99 GARDNER, Robert — 82, 100, 127, 163 GARNER. Mike - 82, 144 GARNETT, Craig — 11, 40, 43, 48, 97, 166 GARVIN, Mr. Buel — 30, 78, 130 GAYLE, Anita — 82 GIBSON, Teri - 82 GIFFIN, George — 48 GILMAN, David — 82, 99 GILMAN, Patrecia — 48, 124, 125, 161 GILAMIN, Veda - 70, 106, 107, 121, 139, 162 GINN, Kathryn — 14, 15, 48, 51, 106, 107, 121, 124, 139, 161 GRAHAM, Mr. Larry — 25, 97, 164 GLASPIE, Vickie - 82, 108, 121 163 GLENN, John - 70, 106, 107, 127, 166 GLOVER, Linda - 70, 136, 162 GOBER, Shari - 15, 68, 69, 70, 106, 107, 121, 160, 162, 166 GODFREY, Georgia — 82, 101 GOLDSTON, Tisha - 14, 17, 48, 117 GOODWIN, Lynn - 48, 106, 107, 127, 132, 161, 166 GOUGH, Mike - 49, 126, 161 GRAFT, Barbara — 82, 100 GRAMLING, Scott - 82 GRANT, Elizabeth — 49, 124, 132, 161 GRAY, James — 49 GREEN, Betty - 70 GREEN, Danny — 49 GREEN, David - 82, 112 GREEN, Larry - 70, 115 GREEN, Mary - 82, 108, 144 GREENE, Barbara - 82, 101 GREENE, Patty - 71, 117, 121, 127, 162 GREGG, Danny - 70, 106, 107, 166 GREGG, Kenneth - 82, 100 GREER, Teresa - 47, 49, 106, 107, 166 GRIDER, Victor - 71, 132, 162 GRIGGS, Ardren - 49, 106, 107, 112, 166 GRIFFIN, Deborah - 49 GRIFFIN, Lynda - 71, 108 GRIFFIN, Edward - 82, 100 GRIMES, Guy - 15, 82, 84, 112, 113, 131, 166 GROVES, Earl - 71, 106, 107 GROVES, Randy - 49, 102, 103, 125 GUAJARDO, Maria — 15, 49, 110, 112, 126, 127, 155, 166 GUAJARDO, Noe - 15, 82, 112 GUTHRIE, Rodney - 82, 100 —H- HAAF, David - 82, 100 HAAF, Jane — 71 HACKWORTH, Gary - 82 HAERTEL, Wendy — 68, 71, 121, 138, 162 HAFERLAND, Lydia - 71, 121, 162 HALCOMB, Bart - 49 HALL, Margaret - 71, 137, 162 HALL, Nancy - 71, 121, 127, 139 HALTER, Barry - 71 HAMILTON, Susan — 49, 129, 161 HAMMACK, Leslie - 71, 162 HAMPTON, Debra — 49, 140 HAMPTON, James — 11, 71, 97 HAMPTON, Pamela - 82, 101, 121, 127 HARDY, Jo Ann - 82, 108 HARKINS, Melinda - 71, 73, 106, 107, 121, 128, 157, 162, 166 HARMON, Ronald — 71 HARNESS, Patti - 120, 121 HARPER, Nancy - 141 HARRALSON, Paul - 71 HARRELL, Linda - 82 HARRINGTON, Mr. Clester - 6, 25, 92 HARRIS, Mrs. Adron — 114, 165 HARRIS,-Dec - 71, 162 HARRIS, Gary - 100 HARRIS, John — 82, 93, 99, 131 HARRIS, Judy - 71 HARRIS, Mr. Larry — 15, 26, 110, 110, 111, 113, 166 HART, Mr. Bob - 25, 97, 99, 100 HATTON, Mark - 82, 143 HAWKINS, Earnestine — 82, 101 HAWKINS, Larry — 82, 99, 100 HAWKINS, Randle — 97, 98, 144 HAWKINS, Vance - 71, 100, 127, 132 HAWKINS, William - 71 HAYNIE, Brent - 71 HEARD, James — 82, 100 HEARN, Mr. Dean — 110, 166 HENDERSON, Mary — 83, 121, 163 HENDERSON, Jack - 83, 100 HENDERSON, Patricia - 71, 94, 108, 121, 127, 136, 162 HENSLEY, Bobby - HENSLEY, Berry — 83, 93. 144 HENSLEY, Susan - 71 HENSON, Barbara — 83, 108, 141 HENSON. Jackie - 50, 141 HENSON, James — 71, 144 HERN, Kathrine - 50 HERRON, James — 5, 11, 79, 83. 93, 97, 134, 135, 160 HERRING, Kathy — 7, 50, 66, 106, 107, 117, 120, 121, 127, 143 154, 161, 166 HICKERSON, John - 11, 71, 97 103, 143 HICKERSON, Rebekah - 50, 106, 107, 121, 161 HICKS, Dawn — 68, 71, 76, 106, 91, 94 HIGH, Georgia - 71, 137 HIGH, Kenneth — 144, 145 HIGH, L. W. - 71, 144, 145 HIGH, Patricia - 72, 127, 162 HILL, Gayla — 5, 9, 106, 107, 121, 124, 127, 132, 134, 135, 148, 152, 155, 159, 166 HILL, James — 72, 144, 145 HILL, Coliete - 13, 72, 106, 107, 115, 166 HILLARD, Kay - 72, 121, 140, 156 HILLARD, Faye - 72, 121, 140 HODGE, Gwendolyn — 72, 137 HOGAN, Karen — 108 HOLDEN, Randy — 72, 162 HOLDER, David — 83, 141, 143 HOLLENBACK, Tom — 50, 124, 132 161 HOLLIS, Edwin — 83, 144 HOLLINGSWORTH, Michelle - 68, 72, 108, 128 HOLMAN, Jon - 72, 127, 166 HOLSEY, Pat - 83, 88, 108, 121, 127 HOLSEY, Robert - 68, 72 HOLT, Mrs. Kenneth — 30 HOLTHE, Cathy — 68, 72, 101, 121 HOLWEGNER, Tom - 18, 50 97 125. 161 HOMEWOOD, Raymond — 72 HOOVER, Robert - 72 HORTON, Betty — 72, 138 HOWARD, Anna — 72, 127 HOWARD, Kathy - 72 HOUCK, Lonnie — 83, 84 HUBERT, Gary - 83, 99 HUBBLE, Dave — 50, 161 HUBBLE, Frank — 83 HUDSON, Janet — 17, 71, 72, 112, 116 HUEY, Patricia - 72 HUFFSTETLER, George — 83, 100 HUGHES, Mary — 108, 166 HUKILL, Claudine — 72, 101 HUME, Phyllis - 83, 101 HUNT, Frank — 50, 117, 166 HUNTER, Kim — 81, 83, 163 HUNTLEY, Seth - 51, 125 HURLEY, Nancy — 83, 108, 110 112, 163 HUSKEY, Carolyn — 83, 101 HUTTON, Mary - 72 HYMES, Barbara — 83, 88, 133, 140, IGNER, Ann — 83, 101 IGNER, Bessie — 51, 68 IGNES, Willie - 72, 137 IKEN, Daniel — 2, 17, 51, 60, 117, 118, 119, 122, 125 IKEN, Jan - 72, 75, 127, 132, 162 JACKSON, Bobby - 72 JACKSON, Craig — 51, 144 145 161 JACKSON, Dorothy — 83 JACKSON, Larry — 51, 127 JACKSON, Mike — 72, 106 107 166 JACKSON, Reginald — 72, 92, 93 JAMESON, Janis - 51, 138 JANTZ, Mr. Arthur — 30, 68, 74, JENSON, Debra - 51 JIMENEZ, Ana - 51, 138 JIMENEZ, Margarita — 72, 83, 101 JOHNSON, Darlene - 72 JOHNSON, Deporter — 83, 100 JOHNSON, Judith - 83, 101, 121, 133 JOHNSON, Randy - JOHNSON, Richard - 83 JOHNSON, Sharon - 72, 101, 121, 127 JOHNSTON, Patti - 68, 72, 114, 162 JONES, David - 80 JONES, Debby - 72, 121 JONES, Donna - 51, 124, 125, 132 JONES, Doug - 72, 91, 162 JONES, Gary - 83, 112 JONES, James - 72 JONES, Karen - 83 JONES, Kathy Sue - 83, 101, 141 JONES, Kathy - 83, 101 JONES, Lynette - 108 JONES, Mary - 83 JONES. Myrna - 72, 129 JORDAN, Mrs. Katherine — 86, 133 JOZWIAK, Vicky - 83, 101, 121 -K- KARR, Karmen - 10, 52, 138 KASTNER, Brenda - 52, 138 KASTNER, Christopher — 52, 129 KEA, Carolyn - 52, 117, 161 KELLISON, Jackie - 72 KELLY, Douglas - 72, 146 KEY, Jacque - 72, 121 KEYTE, Judith - 17, 52, 115, 116, 128 KIKER, Mrs. Ersa - 20 KIKER, Kathy - 14, 52, 53, 106, 107, 121, 124, 130, 131, 132, 158, 161, 164, 166 KILLEBREW, Joseph - 73, 127 KILLEBREW, Mr. Robert - 4. 34, 144, 145 KIMBALL, William - 73 KINCANNON, Gary - 73, 140 KING, Bruce - 15, 73, 112, 113, 166 KING, Diana — 73 KING, Larry - 38, 83, 116, 117, 147 KING, Larry Wade — 52, 106, 107, 122, 149, 166 KING, Mr. Larry - 28, 29, 30, 74 KING, Nancy - 83, 101 KIRBY, Beverly - 73, 108, 138 KIRK, Doris - 53, 121, 127 KIRKEBY, Larry - 83, 99, 143 KLINE, Patricia - 73, 140 KNAPP, Linda - 2, 83, 101, 163 KNARR, Mrs. William - 32 KNIGHT, Mr. John - 28 KNOWLTON, Keith - 83, 100 KNUPP, Alita - 73 KOHLER, Robert - 83, 100 KOONTZ, David - 15, 52, 53, 54 KORTUM, Kathy - 73 KOURI, Kara - KOVAR, Lynn - 73, 115, 136, 162 KRAVIG, Kirk - 53 KUYKENDALL, Ronald - 86, 73, 110, 112, 113, 128, 132, 162 LABETH, Donnie - 53, 56, 154 LADD, Bonita - 83, 108, 121, 139 LA FERNEY, Debra - 83 LA GREE, James - 83, 131 LAMBERT, Kay - 83, 101 LAMAR, Donna - 15, 73, 106, 107, 127, 162, 166 LANCE, Doug — LANCE, Priscilla - 73, 121, 133, 139 LANE, Debra - 53 LANE, Kevin — 6, 83, 92, 93 LANE, Paula - 83, 112, 127, 163 LA PIN, Chrystal - 15, 84, 112, 127, 130, 163, 166 LA RUE, William - 53, 54, 102, 103, 143 LASKO, Debra - 53, 121, 161 LAUEN, Sharon - 53, 133 LAWSON, Benny - 73, 100 LAWSON, Melvin - 84, 100 LAVENDER, Phyllis - 73 LE CLAIR, Linda - 5, 84, 101, 121, 134, 135' LE CLAIR, Margaret — 73 LEDBETTER, Carol - 84, 121, 163 LEDBETTER, Gary - 84 LEDBETTER, Peggy - 54, 108, 121 LEE, Karen — 182LEE, Vicki - 84 LEESON, Doris - 73, 140 LEISTER, Odella - 54, 101, 137, 165 LENARD, Benjamin — LENARD, Beth - 84, 101 LENARD, Wanda - 84, 137 LEONARD, Mr. Lynn - 24, 125, 166 LESIAK, Michael - 54, 161 LEVICK, John - 84, 130, 131, 163 LIERAAAN, Doug - 73 LINTON, Greg - 39, 84, 100, 163 LIPSCOMB, Richard - 54, 100, 140 LISTER, Charles - 84, 103, 163 LISTER, Sandra - 54, 115, 161, 166 LITTLE, Ann - 73, 106, 107, 112, 128 LITTLE, Donna - 54, 138 LITTLE, Mary - 84 LITTLE, Paula - 55, 109, 121, 127, 161 LITTLEJOHN, Mrs. Ora - 12, 35, 139, 168 LOCKHART, MR. R. J. - 18, 32 LOCKHART, Mrs. R. J. - 13, 30, 31, 132 LOCKWOOD, Leslie - 84, 99, 141 LOFTON, Cornell - 103 LOGAN, John - 73 LOGUE, Sarah - 84, 101 LONG, Buddy - 55, 60, 125, 161 LONG, Kay - 55, 106, 107, 161 LONGLEY, Ross - 15, 53, 55, 112, 127, 132 LONGORIA, Cecilie - 84, 101 LOOS, Virginia - 108, 121 LOPEZ, Silberia - 55, 123 LOWRY, Freda - 55 LOVE, Carolyn — 84, 101 LOVE, Sandra - 84, 101 LOVESEE, Jolene - 55, 138 LOVESEE, Marcelene - 55 LOVESEE, Raymond — 84, 101 LOVETT, Ronnie - 73 LUCAS, Kenneth - 73, 129 -M- McALISTER, Jack - 71, 73, 166 McALPINE, Lee - 73 McANALLEN, Bob - 73, 103, 147 McASKILL, Alan - 55, 166 McASKILL, Kim - 84, 100 McASKILL, Tom - 56, 116, 141 McCABE, Dean - 84, 87, 100 McCABE, Steve - 56, 124 McCLELLAN, Darla - 73 McCRACKEN, Mr. Mark - 32, 102 McDANIEL, Garry - 74, 75 McDANIEL, John - 74, 75 MCDONALD, Sherry - 74 McELFRESH, David - 73, 127, 162 McELROY, Carol - 56, 121, 123 McELROY,'Monty - 74 McGEE, Dewey — 9, 79, 81, 84, 1431, 166 McKAIG, Jacquelyn — 56 McKEAVER, Mack - 3, 39, 84, 91, 103 McKEE, Scotty - 84, 99, 103 McMAHAN, Mr. Hatton - 21 McMAHAN, John - 81, 84, 112, 113, 131 McMAHAN, Philip - 81, 84, 103, 130, 163 McMAHAN, Robert - 5, 11, 56, 97, 134, 135, 159, 161 McMINN, Robbie - 79, 84, 88 108, 121, 127 McNEAL, Deborah - 14, 50, 56, 116, 120, 121, 124, 127, 161 McPherson, zoe - 15, 74, 112, 166 McQUIGGAN, Danny - 74, 100 McSPADDEN, Baxter - 82, 84 MACKEY, Mrs. Willie - 24, 78 MADDOX, Stephanie - 15, 73, 112, 127, 162, 166 MAFFRY, Chris - 73 MAFFRY, Mrs. Richard - 115, 165 MAHAN, Ben Bob - 5, 71, 73, 106, 107, 127, 134, 135, 159, 162, 166 MAHAN, Elizabeth - 84, 112, 113, 163 MAHELONA, David - 73, 162 MAINARD, Marsha - 84, 108 MAINS, Danny - 73, 144, 145 MAINS, Michael - 39, 43, 56, 144 MALEY, Susan - 15, 73, 112, 113, 127, 128, 162, 166 MARSH. Charley - 84, 100, 141 MARTIN, Cathrine - 84, 101 MARTIN, Mr.. Cortis - 78, 30, 31 MARTIN, James - 75, 163 MARTIN, Laura - 7, 15, 56, 106, 107, 121 MARTINEZ, Al - 73 MARTINEZ, Andres - 55, 57, 140, 157 MARTINEZ, Felix - 57, 147 MARTINEZ, Johnny — 84 MAYRHOFFEN, Ladonna - 57, 147 MEACHAM, Paula - 57, 106, 107, 115, 121, 128 MEDLOCK, Kenneth - 74, 140 MENGES, Barbara - 39, 57 MENGES, Carolyn - 84, 101 METCALF, Mr. Kent - 35, 142, 143 MILBRAT, Herbert - 57, 116, 143, 161 MILLER, Bruce - 74 MILLER, Deborah - 74, 162 MILLER, Denise - 84, 101, 121 MILLER, James - 84, 99 MILLER, Jeanine — 15, 84, 112, 128, 131, 163, 166 MILLER, John - 85, 100 MILLER, Mark - 74 MILLER, Naymon — 57 MILLER, Ronnie - 47, 57 MILLER, Vickie - 74, 108, 162 MILNER, Marian - 74, 127, 162 MILLS, Betty - 57, 133, 128, 139 MILLS, Danny - 57, 97 MILLS, Robert - 15, 57, 112, 113, 127, 161, 166 MITCHELL, Kathy - 85, 112 MITCHELL, Terry - 85, 112 MINK, Byron - 84, 92, 93, 141 MINK, Sheila - 57 MOBERLY, Kittie - 10, 15, 58, 110, 112, 113, 127, 153, 166 MOBERLY, Susan - 15, 85, 112 MOCK, Harrison - 5, 10, 14, 39, 40, 43, 58, 97, 98, 105, 132, 134, 135, 158, 161, 166, 167 MOLLISON, Dicky - 74 MONTGOMERY, Valerie — 58, 108, 129 MOORHEAD, Denise — MOREAU, Eric - 74, 142, 143 MOREAU, James - 23, 85. 100, 118, 110, 130, 163 MORROW, Jon - 74 MORTON, James - 85, 112 MORTON, Ruth - 58, 112, 161 MOSES, Ruth - 58, 116, 121, 133, 140, 141, 156, 161 MOSS, James - 85, 100, 147 MOSS, Rick - 91, 92, 93, 161 MULLINS, Vicki - 85, 101, 121 MURPHY, Mary - 58, 121, 132, 161, 166 MURRAY, Scott - 85 MYHRE, Steven - 85, 100 MYERS, Tawna - 85, 121 -N- NALL, Donna - 58, 101, 137 NALL, Neil - 58 NEAL, Betty - 85, 101, 141 NEARHOOD, Thomas - 47, 58, 115 NEDROW, Gilbert - 85, 143 NEEL, Cynthia - 74, 106, 107, 140, 166 NEWMAN, Ken - 74, 97 NEWTON, Randell - 74 NICHOLS, Charles - 74, 147 NICHOLS, Judy - 58 NIGH, Lt. Gov. George — 18 NORMAN, Mr. J. D. - 31, 78 NUCCI, Anita - 74, 108, 128 NUCCI, Louie - 82, 85, 100, 131 NULL, Rhonda - 133 NUNEZ, Eloise - 85, 101 NUNEZ, Rosa - 85, 88, 121 OAKLEY, Bob - 58, 92, 93, 97, 166 OAKLEY, Gail - 9, 85, 88, 108, 121 ODEN, Tal - 74, 106, 107, 118 O'DONNELL, Margie - 121 OGLESBY, Pamela - 59, 112 OGLETREE, Walter - 59, 125 OLMSTED, Eric - 59, 161 OLSON, Kathy - 85, 88, 108, 120, 121 OLSON, Richard - 59, 166 ORR, Patricia - 50, 59, 106, 107, 139, 166 ORR, Stanley - 85, 103 ORTEGA, Edward - 85, 99 ORTEGA, Pat - 85, 99 OVERFIELD, Shirley - 85, 101, 121 PACE, Mr. Dois - 110 PACHUTA, David - 85, 100, 163 PARKS, Gail - 74 PARKS, Janet - 85, 121 PARRISH, Kim - 85, 102, 103 PARRISH, Stuart - 74, 140 PATANE, Kathy - 85, 101, 117, 118, 119, 121, 131 PATE, Mike - 74, 106, 107 PATTERSON, Ausie - 85 PATTERSON, Gail - 85, 101 PAUL, Phyllis - 85, 108, 131 PAULK. Charlotte - 74, 94 PAYNE, Barbara - 85, 141 PAYNE. Bobby - 86 PAYNE, Emmitt - 38. 85, 147 PEEK, Ann - 74, 114 PEEK, Kaye - 86, 101 PELFREY, Dianne - 86, 121, 127, 163 PENA, Michael - 86, 100, 163 PEQUIGNOT, Kim - 10, 48, 59, 117, 118, 119, 121, 123, 136 PERKINS, Lanette — 46, 59, 117, 123, 124, 127, 139, 161 PERRY, Carol - 74, 94, 106, 107, 121, 122, 127, 154, 162 PERRY, Harry - 74, 100 PERRY, Susan — 74, 140 P6TERS, Jerry - 74. 103, 116 PETERSON, Mr. Clifford - 8, 20, 21 PHILLIPS, Darrell - 59 PHILLIPS, Sherrie - 86. 121 PHILLIPS, Phil - 86, 100 PHYLLIPS, Sheliah - 101 PICKETT, Billy - 60, 106, 107, 132 PICKETT, Binoco — PICKETT, Danny - 86, 131 PIGG, Donna - 74, 108, 162 PIGG, Sheryl Diane - 15, 86, 112, 128, 130, 163, 166 PITTMAN, Gregory - 47, 60, 115 PLEW, Jerry - 86, 100 PLEW, Patsy - 5, 74, 94, 105, 121, 134, 159, 162 POLLARD, Terry - 86, 103, 131 PORTER, Ralph - 74, 103 POWELL, Margaret - 60, 137 POWERS, Mrs. Edward - 28, 74, 29 PRESTAGE, Terry - 60 PRICE, Kay Maragret - 2, 60, 106, 107, 118, 119, 121 PRINCE, Kathleen - 75, 138 PRUITT, Ron - 97 PRUITT, Vernon - 86 PRYOR, Mrs. - 29 PURCELL, Ebalene - 75 PUCKETT, Linda - 86, 101 PUCKETT, Troy - 75 QUAGOIANA, Pat - 75 QUIBODEUX, Wanda - 86, 88, 108 -R- RADAR, David - 75, 140 RAGSDALE, Cathy - 86, 101, 121 RAGSDALE, Wayne - 60, 102, 103 RAINES, Steve - 75 RAINES, Suzanae — 75 RAINWATER, Wesley - 15, 86, 112, 113 RANCH, Dale - 86, 114 RANKIN, Mr. Adrian - 15, 23, 50 RAY, John Wesley - 60, 97, 106, 107, 161 RAY, Kyle - 69, 75, 142, 143 RAY, Paula D. - 68, 75, 121 RAY, Tommy - 11, 75, 92, 97, 98 RECTOR, William - 86, 106, 107 REDDOUT, Mrs. Larry — 35, 138 REECE, Barton - 86 REED, Michael A. - 60, 63, 97, 132 REED, William - 75 REID, Mrs. Alton — 35 REID, Joyce - 86, 101, 121, 129, 163 REIGEL, Donald - 80, 86, 100 REMIS, Joseph - 75, 106, 166 REMIS, Robert - 86, 100 RICE, Dennis — RICE, Samuel L. - 11, 60, 97, 102, 103 RICHARDSON, Ronnie - 75 RICHARDSON, Toni - 86 RICO, David - 75, 147 RIDDLE, James - 15, 61, 106, 107, 112, 153 RIGGINS, Pam - 86, 121 RILEY, Donald - 86, 93, 163 RINKER, Diane - 68, 69, 75, 76, 108, 127, 162, 166 RISINGER, Doris - 76, 108, 162 RISINGER, Kris - 5, 86, 131, 135, 159, 163 ROBERSON, Martin R. - 61, 106, 107, 110, 112, 124, 126, 127, 132, 155, 161, 166 ROBERSON, Patricia - 86, 101 ROBERTS, Diana - 68, 76, 112, 132, 162, 166 ROBERTS, Jeffery - 76, 162 ROBERTS, Mindy - 86, 112, 127, 131, 163, 166 ROBERTS. Patti - 72, 106, 107, 121, 126, 127, 162 ROBERTS, Robbie - 86, 112, 127, 136, 163 ROBERTS, Susie - 73, 76, 120, 121, 127 ROBERTS, Thomas - 86, 99, 106, 107, 166 ROBERTSON, Darrell - 61, 147 ROBERTSON, David - ROBERTSON, Patricia - 61, 101 ROBERTSON, Phil - 43, 61 ROBERTSON, Susie - 76, 137 ROBINSON, Connie - 86. 131, 133, 163 ROBINSON, Harold - 91, 92, 146 ROBINSON, Kenneth - 76, 145 ROBINSON, Kevin - 61. 97, 98, 161 ROBINSON, Terrell - 86 ROCKETT, Pam - 76, 140 RODDA, Stefany - 86, 108, 128, 130, 163 RODDA, Steve B. - 76, 147 RODGERS, Terry - 86, 100 ROGERS, Larry - 76 ROMINES, Gary - 86, 99, 103 ROOK, Dana - 86, 112, 139, 131, 163, 166 ROOKER, Mrs. Bob - 27, 126, 127 ROSKELL, John - 15, 86, 112, 113, 166 ROSENBAUM, Larry - 86 ROSSON, Barbara - 86, 101 183ROUDEBUSH, Terry - 47, 61, 106, 107, 136, 161, 166 ROUDEBUSH, Woodine — 47, 61, 166 ROWLAND, Lynn - 76, 103, 106, 107 RUSH, Dusty - 76 RUSSELL, Doc. C. G. - 21 RUSSELL, Debra - 86, 101, 163 RUSSELL, Donnie - 57, 61, 143 146, 147 RUSSELL, Randy - 61, 144, 145, 165 RUSSELL, Wayne - 46, 76, 147 RUSTMANN, Mrs. Fred - 166 -S- SAGE, Judy - 76, 108 SALE, Roy - 86, 100 SALMON, Daryl - 15, 61, 112, 113 SANCHEZ, Mary - 76 SANFORD, Elizabeth - 61, 138 SANTIAGO, John - 62 SATTERFIELD, Carmen - 76, 94 SATTERFIELD, Connie - 86, 101, 163 SAULTS, Betty - 76, 140 SAULTS, Carol - 62, 161 SCALF, Mr. Leonard - 31, 132 SCHWENDERMAN, Michael - 76 SCHWARTZ, Sherri - 7, 101, 116 SEARS, Jeannie — 115 SEAY, Manley - 62 SELF, David - 62, 106, 107, 112, 113, 127, 166 SELLERS, Connie - 76, 106, 121, 162 SETLIFF, Teri - 76 SHAFER, Mark - 76, 97, 112, 132 SHAFER, Mr. William - 34, 35 SHAFFER, Jerry - 4, 56, 62, 144, 145, 161, 165 SHANKWEILER, Debbie - 62, 121, 161 SHANKWEILER, Donald - 86, 99 SHARP, Mr. Roy - 143 SHAW. Brady - 76, 144, 145 SHAW, Kim - SHEPARD, Gary - 76, 100, 102, 103 SHEPARD, Gregory - 76, 128, 162 SHEPARD, Ray - 87, 100 SHERMAN, Ben - 62, 106, 107, 123, 124 SHOTTS, Donnie - 62, 143 SHINGARY, Lois - 87, 101 SHIPLEY, Jimi - 76, 146, 147 SHIRLEY, Sandra - 87, 131 SHIVERS, Ramona - 76, 101, 138 SIANIARD, Brenda - 76, 121, 140 SIFFORD, Mrs. E. G. - 29, 30, 51 SIGLE, Freddie - 63 SILVA, llene - 2, 87 SILVA, Irene - 87, 139 SIMS, Debbie - 87, 121, 141, 156 SIERER, Frank - 87, 112 SIMPSON, Chiles - 76 SIMPSON, Shirley - 87, 101, 141, 163 SKINNER, Frances - 76, 106, 107, 118, 121, 127, 130, 166 SMILEY, Jacqueline - 76, 108, 121 SMILEY, Billy - 87, 143 SMITH, Barbara Kay - 63, 161 SMITH, Barbara - 87, 108 SMITH, Carla - 63, 66, 106, 107, 112, 121, 124, 126, 127, 153, 155, 166 SMITH, Deborah - 87, 108, 163 SMITH, Doug - 63, 110, 111, 112, 124, 126, 127, 166, 167 SMITH, Gayle - 76, 139, 140 SMITH, Glynela - 76 SMITH, Joe - 99 SMITH, Linda - 76, 162 SMITH, Linda Lee - 87, 101, 129 163 SMITH. Mike - 76, 106, 107 SMITH, Richard - 63, 91 SMITH, Roxanne — 63, 112 SMITH. Sheryl - 87, 108, 130 SNAVELY, Bob - 85, 111, 112, 146 SNELL, Ruth - 68, 76, 94, 108, 121, 127, 166 SNOW, Bailey - 20 SNOW, Kim - 87, 99, 131, 163 SOUTHERN, Elaine - 76, 136 SPANN, Linda - 63, 115 SPEAR, Richard - 87 SPEAR, Tommy - 87, 103 SPIVEY, Connie - 63, 121, 125 SPIVEY, Danny - 87, 100 SPRUIELL, Mrs. Bud - 23 SPRUIELL, Mark - 76, 142, 143, 162 STAFFORD, Valerie - 87 STARR, Mr. Bill — 5, 8, 22, 134 STARR, Billy Bob - 10, 11, 63, 96, 97, 98, 160, 161, 166 STARR, Dwight - 5, 53, 64, 97, 98, 134, 135, 161 STARR, Jan - 63, 106, 107, 121, 124, 161 STAWALT, Pamela - 87, 94, 121 STAYTON, Karen - 87, 141 STAUFFER, Sam - 5, 77, 134, 135 STAUFFER, Susie - 9, 14, 40, 64 116, 117, 121, 124, 136, 152. 160, 161 STENMAN, Karen - 9, 87, 108, 121 STEPHANOVICH, Kathleen - 77, 162 STEPHENS, Elizabeth - 64, 125, 161 STEPHENS, Jimmy - 11, 77, 97 STEVENS, Randy - 87, 106, 107 STEVENS, Ronnie - 87, 106, 107, 131 STEWART, L C. - 11, 77, 97, 98, 147 STITCHER, Sara - 64, 121, 127, 161 STILES, Susan - 68, 77, 121, 123, 127 STOGDILL, Kevin - 8, 28, 87, 99 STONER, Fred - 64, 125, 161 STOUT, Deborah - 87, 112 STOUT, Dorenda - 87, 101, 141, 163 STROPUS, Charles - 64 STROUD, Tommy - 77 SULLIVAN, John - SURMAN, Jeanetta - 87, 101 SURMAN, Joseph - 87, 100, 114 -I- TABB, Jerry - 10, 65, 91, 97, 98. 161, 166 TACKETT, Gloria - 87, 108, 121 TALLEY, Marilyn - 77, 106, 107, 166 TAYLOR, Lane - 65, 112 TAYLOR, David - 77, 103, 129, 132, 162 TAYLOR, Mark - 11, 77, 97 TELFORD, Johnny - 87, 100 •TERRY, Cindy - 77, 121, 127 TERRY, Diana - 88, 137 TERRY, Kathy - 65 TERRY, La Doris - 88, 101 TERRY, Larry - 77, 129, 162 THIRSK, Judy - 77, 121, 128, 162 THOMAS, Billy - 8, 88, 106, 107 THOMAS, Craig - 5, 15, 69, 77, 97, 106, 107, 135, 160, 166 THOMAS, Mrs. Dell Ray - 35, 78 137, 139 THOMAS, David - 77, 102, 106 107, 162 THOMAS, Mike - 8, 81, 88, 99 THOMAS, Ruth - 77, 101 THOAAAS, Wanda - 88, 101 THOMASON, Kenny - 88, 99, 103 THOMPSON, Ann - 88, 108, 127 THOMPSON, Jon - 77 THOMPSON, Paula - 88 THORNTON, Cherly - 65, 109, 121, 136, 139 THURAAAN, Doris - 88 THURMAN, Denise - 65, 138, 161 TIDWELL, Patricia - 77, 121, 127 TIAAMONS, Steve - 65 TIMMONS, Vickie - 88, 101 TIAAS, Pam - 68, 76, 77, 107, 121, 127, 166 TIAAS, Terry - 65, 90, 91, 97, 161 TOCK, Terri - 68, 77, 121, 127, 131, 162 TREST, Ramona - 88, 121 TRIPLETT, Sharon - 77, 140 TROLINGER, Brenda J. - 77 TROLINGER, Keith - 65 TURNER, Barbara - 65 TURNER, Larry - 9, 15, 65, 106, 107, 110, 112, 113, 125, 132, 152, 166 TURNER Patricia - 88, 108, 163 TYLER, Danny — 88 TYREE, Barb - 77 -V- VALDEZ, Xavier - 65, 140 VAN MEER, Marianna - 65, 121 VAN MEER, Steven - VANN, Billy Jack - 65, 114, 116 VARVORINES, Charles - 88, 99 VARVORINES, Shirley - 88, 101 VEALS, Arthur - 65 VINYARD, Mr. Ray - 35, 57, 146, 147 VOYLES, Vickie - 109 -W- WAGONER, Vicky - 88, 108, 121 WALKER, Brenda - 88, 108, 121, 166 WALKER, Harold Glenn - 75, 88, 99, 103, 131, 163 WALKER, Joan - 88, 108, 139, 163 WALKER, Mike - 81, 88, 99, 103 WALKER, Randall - 59, 65, 97, 143 WALLACE, Andrea - 88 WALLACE, Cary Pat - 11, 66, 97, 166 WALLACE, Connie - 68, 77, 121 127 WALLACE, Jean - 66 WALKER, Lenia - 88, 108 WASHINGTON, Carolyn - 88, 101 WARREN, Ronnie - 88 WARREN, Sharron - 88, 121 WARD, Calvin - 77, 146, 147 WARD, Douglas - 88, 144 WARD, Ken - 10, 15, 64, 66, 106, 107, 110, 112, 113, 166 WARDLAW, Debbie - 88, 101, 121 WARE, Rebecca - 88, 108 WARE, Wiley - 66, 116 WATKINS, Randal - 85, 89, 100, 141 WATKINS, Robert - 89, 131 WATSON, Dale - 77, 162 WATTS, Jeanne — 89, 108, 163 WATTS, Sharon - 77, 108 WEAVER, Carol - 3, 127, 162 WEAVER, Erma - 89 WEBB, Sherry — 89, 101 WELCH, Kathy - 66 WELLS, Mrs. Dorothy — 28, 29 WELLS, Victor - WENK, Mrs. Bob - 23 WENK, Mr. Bob - 22 WEST, Betty Louise - 77, 121, 138, 139 WEST, Larry - 89, 147 WHITE, Leon - 89 WHITE, Mike - 77 WHITE, Phyllis - 89, 101, 121, 133 WHITESIDE, Georgia — 77, 108, 121, 127, 166 WHITTINGTON, Vicky - 89 WHITTINGTON, Jamice - 77 WHITWORTH, Mrs. Harold - 29 WHITWORTH, Melodye - 15, 89, 108, 112, 113, 127, 163, 166 WIGINGTON, Donna - 89, 108 163 WILCOXSON, Darryl - 75, 89 WILCOXSON, David - 77 WILLIAMS, Benjamin — 89 WILLIAMS, Bruce - 66, 125, 133 WILLIAMS, Carolyn - 89 WILLIAMS, Charlie - 66 WILLIAMS, John Davis — WILLIAMS, Joseph - 66. 116 WILLIAMS, Kay - 77, 137 WILLIAMS, Melba - 66, 101, 138 WILLIAMS, Mike - 68, 96, 97, 98 140, 141, 166 WILLIAMS, Mrs. N. H. - 24 WILLIAMS, Tom - 77, 106, 107 WILLIAMS, Vida - 86. 89, 101, 121 WILLIAMSON, Paula - 10, 11, 67. 94, 121, 158, 166 WILLIS, Donald - 89, 100, 143 WILLIS, Kathy - 67, 101, 137 WILLIS, Paul - 77, 106, 107 WILLIS, Mr. Steve - 166 WILMES, Michael - 89, 99 WILSON, Deborah - 89, 101, 121, 133 WILSON, Donna - 89, 121 WILSON, Gary - 89, 100 WILSON, Terry - 51, 68, 97 WINGO, David Louis - 67, 124 WOLF, Gloria - 163 WOLF, Margaret — 161 WOLFE, Mr. Nick - 18, 24, 78 WOOD, Patricia - WOODS, Judy - WOOLDRIDGE, Joe - 77, 146 WOOLUMS, Paula - 39, 51, 67, 138 WORRELL, Carol - 77, 138 WRIGHT, Christy - 39, 67, 106, 107, 120, 148, 166 WRIGHT, Debra - 67, 129, 136, 161 WRIGHT, Doug - 67, 116 WRIGHT, James - 89, TOO —Y— YARBROUGH, Jerry - 67 YARBROUGH, Mary - 78, 82, 89, 101, 131 YATES, John — 67, 106, 107, 124, 125 YBARRA, Gloria — 89, 108, 141 YBARRA, Tony — 77, 89 YOCHAM, Debbie - 77, 121 YORK, Edna - 89, 101 YORK, Linda - 89, 101 YOUNG, Mi. Art — 3, 22, 45 YOUNG, Beverly - 8, 39, 106, 107, 120, 121, 139, 166, 168 YOUNG, Kathy - 67, 121, 125 —Z— ZINN, Joel — 77, 106, 107, 166 ZUNIGA, Arturo - 77, 147 184Iv' t

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