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Volume XXXI Published by the Bulldog Staff aw— SENIOR OFFICERS, Gary Winsett, Anne Riddle, and Gary Hornsey, cross Bulldog Lane as they return from the first class meeting where they planned some of the many activities for the senior year. Senior officers set standards for like along Bulldog Lane. THE 1964 BULLDOG of Altus Senior High School, Altus, OklahomaYOU WILL FIND IN THIS BOOK: Administration pages 18-29 Classes Student Life pages 72-105 pages 30-71 Physical Fitness pages 106-119 Personalities pages 120-137MUSIC EDUCATION building, on Bulldog Lane, was completed in February. NEW BUILDING Vocal, Instrumental Music Labs Provided Pink brick exterior masonry walls with a south- west wall of deep blue tile, and blending glass panels of blue alternating with the crystal en- trance glass panels give the Music Education building a gay appearance in keeping with its purpose . . . restful recreation and musical ac- complishment for the students who use it. The peaked, poured concrete roof provides sheltered clerestory windows for the rehearsal halls within. Vocal music is in the west wing of the building, and band rooms are in the east half. Completely air-conditioned, the building may be used with ease throughout the year. Running through the center of the structure is an entrance lobby providing waiting space for students. Trophy cases built into the south walls already are well filled. Large rehearsal halls provide ample space for large vocal and instru- mental groups. Small practice rooms, flanking the big room, add additional rehearsal space. There are correctly designed robe and uniform closets, music libraries and rehearsal rooms. CONTEMPORARY and academic Gothic architec- ture blend pleasantly on campus of AHS. Students wait at entrance of main administration building.VOCATIONAL BUILDING was built in 1957 to be used for agri- culture and industrial arts classes. Both departments are equipped with modern shop laboratories, use'ful also for pre-industrial and pre-engineering training. LIVESTOCK JUDGING team members observe their second place banner, won at the Wichita Falls. Texas, Junior Beef Show, one of the outstanding livestock shows of the country. Members are Mackey Carder. John Bates, Charlie Howard and Fred Schmidt. Hold- ing the award is the sponsor, Mr. Kent Metcalf. At this contest John Bates won first place individual honors in judging. Members of the team placed high in several con- tests during the year. DON McASKILL and Cecil McKinney built this pick-up rack for swine. All Aggie boys participate in projects such as these, building useful equip- ment and learning carpentry and metal work. Vocational agriculture at Altus High provides one of the state’s most outstanding departments for training in the many fields of modern agriculture. Located, as Altus is, in the center of both irri- gated and dry-land farms, boys have numerous opportunities to put “book” knowledge to practical use at once. Prize money earned in contests, and income from livestock and crop projects, often provides students with college money, or resources for entering farming following high school gradu- ation. Animal pens are provided at the “Aggie farm” for the use of boys living in town in order that they may participate actively in projects. CHARLIE HOW- ARD holds the heads of maize which won for him the second place award for dry land feed at the county fair. Charlie i s a member o f various judging teams of the Ag school. 2AUDITORIUM BUILDING for the use of high school students was completed in 1962. Its capacity is approximately 1500. Modern stage lighting, splendid sound facilities, year-round air-conditioning make this building with its padded seats, carpeted runways, and floating scenery, one of the region’s out- standing. Air-conditioning ducts were installed at the time the building was constructed, and re- frigerated air-conditioning install- ed during the summer of 1963. Special features include a sound system, piped into the lobby, pro- viding perfect sound transmission from the stage when standing room only audiences require that over- flow crowds remain outside the auditorium proper. AUDITORIUM Schools, Community, Region Use Building Altus High auditorium also is used by other schools and community groups. However high school events are given priority, and a careful calen- dar is kept of events schedul- ed. Numerous important meet- ings are attracted to Altus as a result of this building, us- able the year-round with every area comfortably cooled or heated. Seniors from a half-dozen counties assemble here for ACT test briefing, and even more return in May for Altus Junior College Sen- ior Day. Nationally known, the Junior High Boys’ Vocal Music Festival is held here. SUSAN BATES, as Cornelia Otis Skinner, and Myra Pitts as Emily Kimbrough, prove their abilities without costumes or staging as they read their lines during an early rehearsal of “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay.” DRAMATICALLY EMPHASIZING the splendid scope of the AHS auditorium stage, and the arrangement of the theatre type padded seats, this photograph was “shot” with available lighting from a raised vantage point near the rear. 3Typing I and II classes meet daily. Basic prin- ciples of typing, as well as the correct forms to use in writing letters, are taught. Approximate- ly 40 percent of the student body takes typing each year. English IV is a senior course that includes many facets of study. English literature, especially Shakespeare’s plays, is studied extensively. Theme writing and English 3200 are used for college preparation. JACK BECKER carefully counts spaces on a term paper cover assignment. Precision typing like this is a part of second term work. Shorthand provides valuable note-taking ability for those going to college. It gives students an opportunity for; summer jobs, for well-paid part time jobs while attending college, and may lead to full time employment following high school graduation if sufficiently proficient. Available light picture, bottom left, shows students in Miss Glade Clemons seventh hour shorthand class taking dictation at approxi- mately 125 words per minute. COLLEEN MOORE, Ann Gragg and Wallace Castle write a literary interpretation of Robert Burns’ poems from today’s standpoint. World history widens the student’s outlook about other nations. It increases his esteem of the culture of others, at the same time building appreciation for the values of his own country. World history is the basis for many other sub- jects both in high school and college, and often is taken during the final year by seniors who realize this in time. SHARON JONES and Sam Aboussie check textbook material as Mr. Anton Edmonson, not shown, empha- sizes data to be studied carefully. 4ACADEMICS Class Rooms Mirror Many Facets Of A.H.S TRAFFIC situations are enacted in miniature with magnetic models by Ann Winsett and Ann DiCindio in Mr. Arthur Young’s Driver Safety class. REVIEWING for a test in Latin, James Duke, Larry Yee, Steve Doughty, Mike Zeaman and Jeff Miller take advantage of flexible desk arrangements in modern classroom of the new language wing. THAT ISN'T A NOTE Steve Green is receiving, it's a paper on geometry being passed to the front in Mr. Cortis Martin’s class. The mathematics laboratory desk- tables and explanatory devices at the front of the room are a part of Altus' new equipment for teaching modem mathematics on space age levels. LOGARITHMS OF real numbers is discussed by Mr. Bill Tipton with Karen Pollock in algebra class. College bound students have an opportunity to take Algebra I and II, Plane and Solid Geometry, trigonometry, analy- tics, computer programming, calculus and business math while in school here. WHO SAYS boys don’t like poetry. Mrs. Frank Smart, lower right, commands rapt attention as she reads excerpts from favorite pieces of literature to her students. English III teachers also emphasize reading lists for students recommended by college admissions officers, helping students prepare for placement.TWELVE BUSSES bring Altus High stu- dents from rural areas, and from the Capehart housing section of Altus Air Force Base. They also are used for field trips in nearby places as evidenced by Nicky Bagley, Glenda Everett, Sheryl Black- stone, Diane Cline and Thalia Anderson. Wes Booker and Bill Ran- dall, student bus dri- vers, give a radiator a final check before be- ginning their route. Transportation has changed greatly during the 70 years since Altus schools were founded. Grandfather did walk three to ten miles, or he rode horseback. On rare occasions a buggy made the trip a little more comfortable. After World War I “truck busses” were an innovation, with open trucks covered with a canvas canopy, and benches along the sides for seats. There was no heat, but it was better than walking through the long cold morn- ings and evenings. Today a well-heated bus comes by the home for the school student, and even from the most distant points of the 100-square mile district the drive is only a few minutes duration. Altus graduates find that an easy way to work their way through college is by driving a school bus and attending Altus Junior college during the first two years. Other students arrive in private cars, with many sharing rides on a car pool basis. Some come on motor scooters, and bicycles, and some walk. However they arrive, one thing is certain, during the day they will get their share of exercise as they go from class to class on the 35-acre campus. WINDSWEPT N. Park at Bulldog Lane offers little protection during a “northener” but the sunny new east en- trance is a welcome noon spot. Hurrying students from parking lot clearly defines dropping temperature. Overcast sky reflects deserted lot minutes after school day.Altus High School has long been noted as a leader in physical education. It is mandatory for those who are not engaged in other activi- ties, such as band or athletics, to take one year of Physical Education. This applies to both boys and girls. The girls course is somewhat differ- ent from the boys. It includes swimming, bowl- ing, tumbling, Red Cross training, dancing. Boys also have Red Cross first aid courses, some tumbling, but work more on calisthentics, touch football, basketball and indoor track. Red Cross training is taught by a certified instructor. Locker rooms in the Physical Education build- ing are large, and there are plenty of showers. When all practice baskets are in use, six basket- ball teams can practice on the gymnasium floor. When volleyball is in season, four nine- man teams can play simultaneously. FITNESS TRAINING Physical Ed Structure Has Multiple Uses MANY PEP assemblies are held in the large gymnasium. Three thousand spectators can be seated when a capacity crowd is in the gym bleachers. Assem- bly shown was one of the first of the year when the Bulldog football varsity team was intro- duced to the students. Cheer- leaders Toy Easley and Patty Mollison help create enthusiasm with school songs, and new yells introduced for the season. Soph- omore Cheerleader Judy Will- iams is out of camera range. Pep Band provides sound effects for all assemblies such as this and leads students back to classes on game days. PHYSICAL EDU- CATION building was completed in 1956 after the framework had been carried away by a windstorm. With its long dressing rooms, and plentiful lockers, the gymnasium is a favorite with South- western Oklahoma teams for both school and city recreation groups. During the basketball season the gymnasium is schedul- ed at al m o s t every hour for practice ses- sions or for play. 7Altus High School campus continues to expand but the Administration building remains the hub of all activities. Its tranquil front, unchanged through three decades, 'does not reveal the space age transformations within, nor the new math and language wings at the rear. In addition special purpose buildings flank it on three sides of the 35-acre campus. Life On Bulldog LaneTHOSE WHO covered the football games include: Bob Horning, Terry Phelps, Nicky Bagley, John Peyton, Roy Sewell, Teddy Woods, Ricky Jackson, Judy Rooker, and Jane Flowers. Bob Homing and Teddy Woods covered the out of town junior high football games. Terry Phelps, Johnny Peyton, Roy Sewell, Ricky Jackson, Judy Rooker, Jane Flowers, and Nickey Bagley covered the grade school games all for the Times- Democrat. Nicky and Terry also covered the home high school games for the Wichita Falls papers. Students are standing in front of the new press box that was added to Hightower Memorial Stadium. STUDENT INTERESTS Reading, Writing Opportunities Attract Many MR. NICK MOODY and Mr. Don Leavitt, band direc- tors, view “That Altus Band” from the new press box. From the higher vantage point they are able to see and correct band members mistakes more easily. MIKE STOCK is contemplating the weekly quotation in the study hall. The quotation is selected by Miss Bessie Brogan, the librarian. Her assistants change the axiom once a week.MODERN FACILITIES for language instruction at Altus High make rapid advancement possible in French, Spanish and Latin. Two years of each lan- guage are offered. In 1962 a completely new language wing was added, containing five classrooms and a language lab- oratory of 48 individual booths, each with earphones, micro- phone, tape recorder and two way communication. French club officers Nanette Bilyeu, president; John Bowen, vice president and Mary Hill, secre- tary, listen to a new tape. They take an active part in all activi- ties of the club. All language teachers at Altus have had at least one National Science Foundation course in linguistics, and are able to utilize the labo- ratory facilities to the fullest LABORATORIES Facilities Provide Practical Opportunities Home Economics spacious, and beautiful labora- tories occupy space that once was an .auditorium wing. Clothing construction, food preparation and interior decoration are offered to help prepare girls for personal and home-making skijls. Built- in electric stoves, washer and dryer, refrigerators, freezers", electric sewing machines and other facilities of a modern home are contained in the kitchen, living - dining room and laboratories. SECOND YEAR home economics students like Glenda Felty learn advanced tailoring under the direction of Mrs. D. A. Shirley, home economics instructor. Many college laboratories do not compare with the modern biology labs found at Altus High. Twelve sections of biology are taught daily. Two biology clubs have been formed, and are now in their second vear of operation. Clubs have had many varied programs which increases the concern of the members for this science. GILDA HERNANDEZ and Carolyn Henry observe specimens under the microscope while Mr. Don Jones makes an adjustment on the instrument. 11ENROLLMENT DAY is always awaited with great expectation at Altus High. New arrivals in Altus are seen for the first time by many students. This day provides a cli- max for the summer during which many school friends were separated. Enrollment day is the start of another period of learn- ing, as well as a time of entertainment bv being with friends. Trees in the photograph were planted as a part of the Hightower Park addition. Park benches, which are to the far left, were a senior class memorial. Altus Junior College, with its booming enrollment, is to the south. SCHOOL DAYS Enrollment To Graduation Brief Interlude Atmosphere of the high school is relaxed and casual. There are no uniforms that have to be worn as in more formal schools. However, there are certain requirements about neatness of appearance. Most students are casu- ally dressed, except for those having to wear dress clothes for special purposes. On pep assembly day pep club girls wear their regular uniforms which consist of a white sweater with a blue AHS megaphone and a navy blue pleated skirt. AUTOMATIC DISPENSERS are always a refreshing welcome to students between classes. Not only are there dispensers located in the school building, but a snack bar is opened during the noon hour in the phy- sical education building lobby. Leroy Kraatz makes a quick stop at the candy machine on his way to class for an afternoon pick-up. FINAL DAY of school is anti- cipated with as much or more eagerness than the first day. Change from studies t o care free time is welcomed. For some the summer is a time to earn money, to apply to college, and for others it is a time to con- tinue their education by attend- ing science institutes or summer schools. And still for others, summer is a time for pleasure and relaxation. But, whatever summer may be, the change is welcomed. Teachers also enjoy their vacations whether they go to school or catch up on their favorite hobby. Many continue teaching or work with the schools. 12JUSTICE FLOYD JACKSON of the Oklahoma Supreme Court briefed Altus High journalism students on historical background of the court, and the judicial branch of the government. He was one of many personages interviewed during the day by the students on their annual field trip to the capitol. Others include Gov. Henry Bellmon, pub- lishing and television personalities, astronomer Marion Jameson, and financier Charles Thompson. Shown with Justice Jackson are Barbara Shook, Thalia Anderson, Billy Randall, Shirley Rice, Brenda Milligan and Lawrence Wilks. CHILDREN’S GAMES assume adult status when they are played at Spanish Club meeting with all directions and responses in Spanish. Betty Snow, mid-way between the Spoon twins, Karen and Sharon, finds game directions hilarious. Mrs. Bob Rooker and Mrs. C. M. Ewing, sponsors, meet with the Spanish Club members regularly throughout the year. Evening meetings provide much more than recreation and fellowship. Students learn to use their new “second language” in informal situations, and to add to conversational vocabularies. Learning opportunities are not restricted to formal class- room situations. Field trips, academic clubs, individual re- search projects and guest lecturers add much to the knowledge and enjoyment of educational endeavors. NICKY BAGLEY, senior trig student measures the largest elm in Altus as Judy Triplett, sophomore biology student looks on. The tree, although not a record breaker, has the largest width of any recorded in the state. Nicky shot the angle with a meter stick and pro- tractor and from this figured the height. The circumfer- ence was found by simply measuring the distance around the trunk. The di- ameter was found by divid- ing the circumference by pi. Various ways were used in order to check the accuracy of the height. Judy deter- mined the species after the computations were made. 13ACTIVITIES are a part of the life of almost every student at Altus High. For instance, glee clubs mem- berships number approximately one out of every five members of the high school student body. There are three glee clubs: sophomore girls, boys’ and varsity girls. They perform at district and state vocal meets, usually obtain- ing superior ratings. Civic clubs, other schools, assemblies and community events request performances. Most of these are made by smaller groups, a part of the school “entertainment bureau.’’ Mrs. A. W. Edwards, far right, directs all vocal music activi- ties at the senior high level. PUBLIC SERVICE Organizations Lead School-Community Unity PEP CLUB is another activity well represented. With approxi- mately every other girl in the high school a member of the pep club, it has strong influence on the loyal support of the school. They are in attendance at all sports activities, and are usually strongest in vocal force at football games. Pep club has officers who are in charge of planning all out-of-town trips which the club takes as a group. An advisor from the faculty is present at all pep club meetings. A special section of bleachers is reserved for Pep Club members at all ball games. During early fall the girls wear white blouses and Bulldog blue skirts. Later white pullover sweaters are a fd- ed. On coldest nights the girls wear dark topcoats. “THAT ALTUS BAND” probably is the best known of any of the activity groups at Altus High School in areas outside the city. They perform at every Bulldog football game, whether it is at home or away. This year they participate in Band Day at the Univer- sity of Okahoma, marched in district, state and regional contests, and scored superiors. Band practice during football season starts before eight, with practice usually lasting until 10:00, much of the time being spent on the practice field. During half-time performances, all music is played by memory, and intricate steps are performed during difficult maneu- vers with instruments played simultaneously. Special groups of the band have performed on television. The “Downbeats” were on the Tom Paxton show. Picture at the left, with Director Don Leavitt, shows how careful prac- tice “makes perfect.” Formations usually are rehearsed for two or three weeks, with several shows in various stages of production at one time. When bad weather makes practice im- possible concert work is rehearsed indoors. 14WITH ONE of the nation’s great Strategic Air Command and Strategic Aerospace Com- mand installations a part of the school district, Altus High School and Altus Junior Coll- ege administrators and stu- dents work closely with the military and their dependents. This policy makes for mutual understanding and helps pro- mote better education for all, school officials believe. Typi- cal of many School-Air Force events is the scene at right, made during Education Day when educators from Altus High-School — Altus Junioi College, as well as from other colleges of the state were guests for a tour of the Atlas Missile sites. Approximately 40 percent of the high school enrollment is made up of mili- tary dependents. Miss Glade Clemons, business education teacher; Mrs. Clifford Peterson, college speech and English teacher, and Mr. Clifford Peterson, superinten- dent of schools, leave an Air Force bus on tour of missile sites. Official Air Force Photo. BASE-SCHOOL COOPERATION Altus High-AJC Focal Point For Progress Approximately 70 percent of Altus High School graduates enter Altus Junior College. AJC has doubled its enrollment almost every year. Oldest municipal junior college in Okla- homa, AJC is in the perfect position to benefit from new legislation for the accredited com- munity college. Last summer the college purchased the air-conditioned church struc- ture, fronting on Park Lane, and will convert it into a modem classroom building. Addi- tional building expansion is planned to take care of the record enrollments expected to continue with each year. Matriculation in the junior college is surprisingly easy because of the close cooperation between Dean Ora Littlejohn, and Acting Principal J. D. Nor- man. All students who enter Altus Junior College must take the ACT test. Basic courses are offered in modern mathematics, science, English and history, as well as foreign language. Required work for science, mathematics, dental, medical, law, pharmacy, teaching and other degrees is offered. DEAN ORA LITTLEJOHN, right, and Mr. Dennis Norman discuss the records of AHS students plan- ning to enroll in Altus Junior College this summer or fall. Students who attend either day or evening school in the summer and the full fall and spring terms followed by another summer term can enter senior colleges with near junior standing. 15Unexpected dividend from the construction of the second story addition to the new northeast wing was creation of an enclosed patio area, and exterior walkways between classes. With this addition also, the rear of the high school building was greatly enhanced architecturally. The south wing which now houses cafeteria and kitchens below, and English classrooms above, was a part of the original L-shaped building. Better balance, and better use of the land area has been achieved with the U-shape. Although some classes meet as early as 7:30 A.M. (for those who want computer programming as an enrichment course) another group of classes meet on Monday and Thursday evenings, and have met for the past 21 years. Typewriting, shorthand and accounting are taught not only in day classes, but also in evening school. SOPHOMORES Mary Montoya and Ann Winsett stroll along the new walaway between wings of the high school, discussing eventful days during this first year in senior high, and landscaping possibilities of the semi-enclosed rear area. BELOW: Lights burn more brightly than usual in AHS administrative building in readiness for the record attendance at the February 13 all- school open-house. Few nights of the year find the building dark. Classrooms are used for night courses, and for numerous community meetings. ERA'S END Buildings Used For Day, Evening ClassesDEDICATION In Memoriam MR. CLETUS STREET 1907-1963 Principal Altus Senior High School 1948-1963 Every student and every teacher felt a great personal loss when Mr. Street suddenly died last November. Mr. Street dedicated much of his time to AHS. He was an enthusiastic sup- porter of the Collar and the Bulldog. He founded the apprentice system for Bulldog staff members, beginning as sophomores. He knew the worth of student publications. Ir sorrow and gratitude the 1964 Bulldog is dedicated to Mr. Cletus Street, principal. Mr. Cletus Street, in a well-remembered pose, preparing to make an intercom announcement from his desk. Many years ago Mr. Cletus Street first recited the following poem as his farewell to the graduating seniors. Mr. Street will not be here to give this poem, which might so easily be his own autobiog- raphy. The Bulldog staff dedicates it to the Class of 1964, in memory of Altus High School’s principal. An old man traveling a lone highway, Came at the evening cold and gray. To a chasm deep and wide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim. For the sullen stream held no fears for him. But he turned when he reached the other side. And builded a bridge to span the tide. "Old man." cried a fellow pilgrim near. "Yon are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day. And you never again will pass this way. "You have crossed the chasm deep and wide. Why build you a bridge at eventide?" And the builder raised his old gray head "Good friend, on the path I hale come." he said. "There followetb after me today A youth whose feet will pass this way. “This stream, which has been as naught to me. To that fair-haired boy may a pitfall be: He. too. must cross in the twilight dim — Good friend. I am building this bridge for him. ... W. A. Dromgoole Mr. Cletus Street, standing right, reads a special announcement to new faculty members following a pre-enrollment coffee last September in the cafe- teria. From left they are Mrs. Chas. Wells, Mr. Bill Cunningham, Mr. Kent Metcalf, Mrs. Ora Dale Rodgers, Mr. Dennis Norman (attendance director), Mr. Sampsey Harjo, Mr. Paul Roach, Mr. Donald Connell. (Lower Picture): Moments after this pic- ture was made on the stage during commencement, Mr. Cletus Street, third from left, recited the poem reproduced here. 17ADMINISTRA TION — Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. President John F. Kennedy Inaugural AddressFEW ADMINISTRATORS of major school systems have the knowledge of how each division operates that is second nature with Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent of schools. Mr. Peterson retains an intense interest in the education of each student under his supervision. A former principal of Altus Senior High School, he frequently stops to visit with a student in a corridor, or stops by a classroom to hear an interesting discussion. Well informed on major educational developments, Mr. Peterson fre- quently speaks before state and regional groups, and takes an active part in the National Association of School Administrators. He has help numerous offices in important educational organizations. Constantly looking toward the future, Mr. Peterson chartered the probable growth of Altus Senior High School so accurately five years ago that he missed the actual enrollment by only a few students each year. His current forecast is 1500 students by 1970, and building needs are being formulated to meet that figure before it materializes. This foresight has enabled Altus students to obtain facilities as they were needed. The same foresight has made possible full utilization of such important cooper- ative projects as purchases through Title III of the National Defense Education Act, through which mathematics, science and modem language equip- ment is made available. MR. CLIFFORD PETERSON, superintendent of Altus Schools, i s widely known as an administrator. ADMINISTRATION Superintendent Plans For New Enrollment MR. BAILEY SNOW, administra- tive assistant, is in charge of transportation, census and textbook materials for the schools. BOARD OF EDUCATION members meet in the conference room of the board building at 221 North Lee with Dr. C. G. Russell, president, presiding. Members from left are Mr. Walter Marshall, vice president; Mr. Jack Colville, Dr. Russell, Mr. Eugene Bryce, Mr. Hatton McMahan, and Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent. 20BOARD OF EDUCATION DEDICATED TO the principle of providing the best possible education for the youth of the com- munity, Altus Board of Education works without financial remuneration for the benefits of the schools. This has been a year requiring many additional meetings to open bids, select new administrative personnel, and work with the superintendent in planning expansion needs of the high school as well as other schools of the system. Board members are keenly interested in the progress of the high school, and of the stu- dents who attend it. They attend major functions, and frequently work with the superintendent and faculty on special projects for adding to the facili- ties of the schools. SCHOOL BOARD headquarters, the Board o f Education building, 221 North Lee. School Men Give Educational Needs Time JACK COLVILLE, Member WALTER MARSHALL, Vice President DR. C. G. RUSSELL, President MRS. WALTER CROSS, Clerk MR. EUGENE BRYCE, Member MR. HATTAN McMAHAN, Member 21MR. DENNIS NORMAN assum- ed the acting principalship last fall after the sudden death of Mr. Cletus Street, who had been principal since 1948. Former aide to Mr. Street, and attend- ance director, Mr. Norman agreed to be the acting princi- pal until a permanent replace- ment could be obtained. Mr. Roy Williams, principal of Central Junior Hign, will become prin- cipal in 1964-65, and Mr. Nor- man will resume his position as attendance director, and teacher of SMSG courses in geometry. He holds a master’s degree in mathematics and science, and is a former National Science Foundation fellow i n modem mathematics. Mr. Clifford Peterson, superintendent, said of Mr. Norman: “He made an outstanding contribution to the school i n a difficult liason position.” PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE Leaders Confer With Students For Future Administrative hub of the entire school, the principal's office at Altus Senior High is more like that of a college than is the average high- school office. Located just off the main en- trance of the administrative building it corre- lates the many faceted instructional program for the 35-acre campus. Student welfare, both from a health and recreational standpoint, as well as the paramount one of academic achieve- ment, is of first concern. Faculty members total 38 this year, and their instructional program also is unified through the principal. ASSIGNMENT as attendance director during the second semester for Mr. Donald Connell was made to relieve Mr. Norman for other duties including open house, graduation and close of school. Mr. Cornell is an administrative aide also to Mr. Norman. GUIDANCE COUNSELOR for the high school body means Mr. Adrian Rankin usually is first to meet new students, and helps introduce them to faculty and student, body. He supervises testing, pre-enrollment and course planning. 22MRS. PAUL FLIPPIN, B.A., attended OU, SWSC, CU, directs class plays, teaches English IV, sponsors Pep Club, Juniors. MRS. WELDON FERRIS, M.A., attended OU, OCW, ASU, teaches journalism, sponsors publications, school public relations. LANGUAGE ARTS MR. J. C. HICKS, M.A., attended OU, SWSC, others, teaches speech, sponsors Thespian Society and For- ensic League. MRS FRANK SMART, B.A., graduated in English from OCW, teaches English III classes, on memorial committee. English, Speech, Journalism Emphasized Language arts at AHS reflected the national classrooms were assigned English department, emphasis on this basic skill, necessary for both new audio - visual equipment added. Several personal and career opportunities. Five new faculty members held important state positions. MRS. B. M. SKIDMORE, M.T., attended SWSC, WU, and Purdue. She teaches Junior English, is on state English workshop board. MRS. BILL BRINKMAN, B.A., in English from Southwestern, graduate work OU, has taught sopho- more English at AHS since 1962. MRS. KESTER LACKEY, M.A., has attended OU, Hawaii, others, teaches college psychology, high- school English II and III since 1963. MRS. CLARENCE RODGERS, B. A. attended Central State. Joining the faculty this year, she teaches English II. MRS. DOROTHY B. WELLS, M.T., attended SWSC, OU, is new English III faculty member this year. MISS BESSIE BROGAN, M.A. in English from OU, library science OU, Colo., Ark., is highsehool-college librarian. 23Importance of speaking the other man’s lan- guage, knowing his country’s history, was never greater than today as the United States continues to be the world’s great power. “Life along Bulldog Lane’’ may seem far removed MRS. BOB ROOKER, M.A., attended OU, OSU, Escuela Interamericana, Saltillo, Mexico, teaches Spanish II, sponsors Span- ish Club. MRS. C.M. EWING. B.A., studied at OU, ECSC, Wichita, SWSC. Mrs. Ewing teaches Spanish I, and is Spanish Club spon- sor. MRS. DALE CULVER, B.A., attended OCW, OU, teaches Latin and French, and is sponsor of Latin Club and French Club. from international problems to an outside adult, but quite the opposite is true. Language and social studies teachers take full advantage of the world-wide living experiences AHS stu- dents can share with classmates. LANGUAGE, SOCIAL STUDIES Understanding Others Past, Present Helps MR. RICHARD W. DAVIS, M.A., attended OU, F. A M, OSU. Mr. Davis teaches American, World History, Junior Col- lege History. MR. ANTON EDMON- SON, M.S., attended WSC, OSU, OU, and others, teaches World History, is a sponsor of the Sopho- more class. MR. WAYNE McGEE, B.S., attended Cameron, OSU, SWSC, teaches Am- erican History, is head football and track coach. MR. RAY TAHSUDA, B.S., attended Cameron State and SWSC, is head basketball, baseball coach, teaches history, P. PL MR. DONALD CONNELL, B.S., attended SWSC, Cameron, AJC, is attendance director, assistant football, basketball coach. MR. NICKY WOLFE, B.S., majored in business, his- tory at Southwestern. He teaches history, is a basketball coach. MR. SAMPSEY HARJO, B.S., attended Central State, teaches history, is assistant football coach, joined faculty this year. 24MR. J. D. NORMAN, M.S., attended OSU, OU, SWSC. He teaches mathematics, is an NSF awardee, but is acting principal now. MR. EARL NEWBERRY, M.S., M.A., has attended many colleges including OU, OSU, has been awarded eight NSF math grants. MR. CORTIS MARTIN, B.S., has attended SWSC and AJC. He teaches plane geometry, is an out- standing vocalist. MR. WILLIAM T. CUNNINGHAM, B.S., is complet- ing graduate work at O.U., also attended South- western. He teaches algebra. MATH, SCIENCE Enrollment Requires Additional Personnel New faculty members, additional classrooms and extra facilities. Altus High also was chosen as latest equipment continued to be added during one of six schools in the state to offer experi- the year as interest in science and math required mental SMSG analytics. MR. BILL TIPTON, B.S.. attended Texas Christian as a NSF fellow, AJC, OU, SWSC, teaches PSSC physics, Algebra II. MRS. R.J. LOCKHART, M.S., attended OU, Carnegie Tech, Arizona as NSF fellow. She teaches highschool- college chemistry. MR. R. J. LOCKHART. B.S., attended New Mexico Military, AJC, SWSC, OU. He teaches chemistry, is a sponsor of the JETS. , MR. BUEL GARVIN, M.S., has attended SWSC and OU. He teaches biology, is sponsor of Biology Club, Sophomore Class. MR. DANIEL REITER, B.S., SWSC and OU in mathematics and physics, is new member of faculty second term. MR. DON JONES, B.S., from Oklahoma Christian College, teaches biology, and is a Biology Club sponsor. 25MRS. D. A. SHIRLEY hold a B.S. degree in voca- tional home economics from OSU, teaches A.H.S. home ec, sponsors sophomore class. MISS GLADE CLEMONS, M.A., West Texas State, teaches business education in day and night classes, is a Junior Class sponsor. VOCATIONAL FIELDS MRS. N. H. WILLIAMS, B.S. Central State, CSC, teaches typing, business mathematics, business Eng- lish. She is SWOEA district secretary this year. MISS JOANNA HIBLER,M.S., from Central State College, teaching typing, shorthand, business ma- chines, is secretary Jackson County OEA. Education Gets Impetus From Federal Aid Both terminal and preparatory vocation educa- tional education provisions of the Federal Aid tion are available at Altus High. With expanded to Education bill, Altus will expand its facilities opportunities available through the new voca- even more in decade of space education to come 26 MR. WILLIAM SHAFER, M.S., in industrial arts from OSU, teaches architectural, engineering, me- chanical drawing, is audio-visual director. MR. DICK CORBITT, B.S., University of Oklahoma, taught shop, was asistant football coach during first semester, resigned to enter business. MR. ARTHUR YOUNG, M.E., from OU, has a de- ree in biology, history, special certification in river safety education, which he teaches. MR. ROBERT KILLEBREW. B.S., in industrial edu- cation from Central State College became shop teacher at Altus in late January. MR. KENT METCALF, B.S., new vocational agri- culture teacher, sponsor Altus FA A. His degree in vocational agriculture is from OSU. MR. PAUL ROACH, B.B.A., and B.A., from OU is the new Distributive Education coordinator, and sponsors the Altus DECA Club Chapter.MRS. ARTHUR W. ED- WARDS, B.S., has attend- ed CSC, AJC, OU, OSU, others, teaches and directs vocal music, school productions. MR. DON K. LEAVITT, M. T., attended OU, SW- SC, NOJC. Mr. Leavitt is band director, teaches instrumental music, en- sembles. MR. JAMES ROGERS, B.S., holds bachelor’s de- free from Southwestern tate. Mr. Rogers is as- sistant band director. ACTIVITIES, GUIDANCE Curriculum Variety Offers Opportunities MR. NICK MOODY, B.S., attended Oklahoma State University, became an as- sistant band director here this year. MRS. JOHN ELLIOTT, B.S., attended Southwest- ern State and OSU, has degree in physical educa- tion which she teaches here. MRS. GEORGE DUNE- G A N is administrative secretary in the office of the principal, correlates scholastic records, makes transcripts. SURPRISE AND elation are reflected by Mr. Dennis Norman, acting principal, as he receives fishing rod and reel from the faculty at the group's Christmas party. Others visible in picture, Mr. Adrian Rankin, Mr Kenneth Crossland (substitute math teacher), Mr. Buel Garvin, Mr. J C Hicks (back to camera). Faculty party was in school cafeteria. MR. ADRIAN RANKIN, M.S., was graduated from Phillips, OSU, attended many others, is AHS guid- a n c e counselor, testing supervisor. 27MRS. L. L. HILL. Mrs. Moss Bryan, Mrs. Gertrude Boaz, and Mrs. Mae Dean Clark, cooks for AHS, plan a menu for the rest of the week. These ladies arrive at 7:30 every morning in order to prepare a meal for more than three hundred persons. Keeping the kitchen is done by this staff of four daily. They are fortunate in having some of the finest and most modern cafeteria equipment LINDA HOOTON, Barbara Crouch, Car- iotta Stout, and Rhonda Fry operate the concession stand during noon break at the gym. They sell candy, soft drinks, and sandwiches to those who want snacks. COOKS, DRIVERS, CUSTODIANS Service Personnel Have Important Duties r BUS STAFF consists of Mr. Bailey Snow, administra- tive assistant, and Mr. Pete Tidwell. Drivers are Alfred Tidwell, Charles Jewell, Arlis Wood, Owen Roberts, Stanley Dudley, Mrs. Irene Lott, Lynn Edwards. Johnny Rutledge, Wesley Booker, Billy Randall, Kenneth Joiner, Newton Troy, and Dewayne Lower. Most of these boys attend Altus Junior College and CUSTODIAL STAFF of Altus High includes Mr. James Turner, Mr. Gilmer Hull, Mr. Jess Dodson, Mr. E. V. Cupp, Mr. James Head, Mr. Charlie Derr, Mr. L. L. Burgan, and Mr. Pete Tidwell. Some work at the gymnasium or audi- torium. Mr. Tidwell is in charge of the school grounds and bus main- tenance. These men, to- gether with gardener, Joe Ray, are responsi- ble for the neat build- ings and carefully kept campus. Mr. Derr, far right, was ill when the group picture was made. the money they earn goes a Ionjc way toward paying their expenses as the majority live with their parents and commute. A chauffeur’s license is required to drive a bus, and most of these boys have attended a bus-driving school. A young man may drive a bus when he is sixteen provided he has attended the driving school and has the required license. 28The energy, the faith, and the devotion we Ining will light our country and all who serve it. And the glow from that fire can truly light the world. And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country will do for you, ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. —From the Inaugural address of President John F. Kennedy January 20, 1961 Saddened by the unexpected death of their principal, Mr. Cletus Street, only 18 days earlier, Altus students sat in stunned silence as word of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy filtered through the intercom. “We will keep you informed,” Mr. Dennis Norman, acting principal, announced. It was fifth hour, the period immediately after lunch. Just as in Dallas, 225 miles away, the sun had broken through the clouds with almost spring- time warmth. Inside the classrooms, however, there was nothing but chilling horror. Class after class held silent prayers, “for the president and our nation.” One boy, whose father sat 100 feet below the surface at a nearby Atlas Missile silo, spoke for many: “Dear God, help those who must make the decisions today to make the right ones.” Students on the east side of the building noted two B-52’s taking off on the runways two miles away, and correctly surmised that an alert was already effective. To each student and teacher the president’s death had personal meaning. Many had met him when he came to Wichita Falls during the campaign, and the championship Altus band had been chosen to glay for him. The picture, at left, first published in the 1961 ulldog, will never be forgotten. Students Mourn Martur; Support Successor THIS UNUSUAL charcoal drawing of President Lyn- don Johnson is a special gift to the 1964 Bulldog. Presi- dent Johnson, the first chief executive to know the Altus area personally, has had an active part in allocating federal monies to schools such as Altus where more than 40 percent of the fathers give their lives to the service of their country in Strategic Air Command and Strategic Aerospace Command. MR. ROBERT KILLEBREW. industrial arts teacher, views a framed color photograph of President Johnson. Mrs. Johnson and their teen-aged daughters. Copies of these pictures were given each school by the Altus Times-Democrat, and were framed by the high school shop class under Mr. Killebrew’s direction. Many other city-wide contributions are made by members of the wood-working class. During first term, under Mr. Dick Corbitt, they made flag stands for classrooms. 29 CLASSESIf “a” is success in life, I should say the formula is a equals x plus y plus z, x being WORK, y being play, and z keeping your mouth shut. Albert EinsteinGrads' Year Reflects Changing Ideas,Lives DOUG ABBOTT DONNA ABOUSSIE BILL ADUDDELL JANE ALLGOOD WAYNE ALTUS AURORA ANDERSON DAN AUSTIN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norris Austin, was born in Hobart. He was active in Physical Education. Collar staff one year, and the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. His hobbies include model cars, water skiing. and leatherwork. Dan’s plans after graduation are indefinite, but he is planning on college. JAMES AVILA, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Avila, was bom in Hutto. Texas. July 7. 1944. but has attended schools in Altus exclusively. His activities have Included Latin Club for 2 years and Spanish Club for 2 years. His hobbies are hiking and swimming. Jim’s plans after gradu- ation are indefinite. NICKY BAGLEY Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Bagley. His activities included Latin Club. Key Club. Pres, of JETS, co-editor of the Bulldog. Chemistry and Biology Laboratory Assistant, staff member of the Collar, and PE. He was a member of the Soph, and Jr. Top Ten. Nicky is undetermined as to attending college. DOUG ABBOTT Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Abbott He has attended Altus High all three years, and has been active in basketball and baseball, three years. He was also a Bulldog trainer. Besides all this. Doug enjoys playing golf. He plans to attend either OU or Oklahoma State and major in chemistry. DONNA LEAH ABOUSSIE. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Aboussle. attended AHS exclusively. She was active In Band. Glee Club, many play casts and assemblies, and was a member of the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Donna was in Span ish Club 3 years. She was a twirler and Band Queen attendant. Donna plans to attend OU or OSU. BILL ADUDDELL. the son of Mrs. Lois Aduddell. was bom in Altus and has attended Altus High School for three years. His extra-curricular activities have included Band and Pep Band, and he was an All-State band nominee. Bill plans to attend OSU where he hopes to major in civil engineering. JANIE ALLGOOD, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. All- good. was bom In Altus and has attended schools here exclusively. Her activities include Spanish Club. Glee Club, assembly programs. Jr. Play. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Pep Club, and the Collar Staff. Janie plans to attend the University of Oklahoma and major in education. ROBERT ALTUS., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Altus, was bom In Waco. Texas. August 7, 1946. He has attended Madrid High School in Madrid. Spain. Robert’s activities include baseball and basketball. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. He plans to attend college or a military school, but has not decided on a major. AURORA ANDERSON is the daughter of the James Robert Andersons. She has attended Weatherford and Madill High Schools. She has been in Glee Club 3 years, and Speech Play as a Junior. She was treasurer of the Junior class before coming to Altus. Aurora plans to attend South- western and major in teaching. THALIA FAYE ANDERSON, daughter of Mrs. Thelma Anderson, was bom in Gadston. Alabama. November 24. 1946. She has attended Altus High School for the past three years. Thalia's activities include Physical Education. Her hobbies are swimming and reading. Thalia's plans after graduation are indefinite as yet. THALIA ANDERSON DAN AUSTIN JIM AVILA NICKY BAGLEY 32CARLYN BAILEY, daughter of CWO and Mrs. C. C. Bailey, was born in Montgome™. Ala., on Aug. 28. 1946. She was active in Pep Club and PE. Hobbies include swim- ming and dancing. Sne was awarded first place in modem math at SWIM at Weatherford. Carlyn plans to attend Southwestern and OU to major in math. MARY BAILEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Temple Bailey, was active in JETS. Latin Club. Spanish Club, editor of the Bulldog. Pep Club. Glee Club. Jr. Play. Jr.-Sr. Banquet, member Collar staff. In assemblies. NSF and JESSI Scholar. Governor's Youth Commission. She was a Girl's Stater of 1963. Mary plans to major In humanities at OU. TOMMY BARNES, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Barnes, has attended Altus schools since the first grade. His activi- ties included PE one year. Spanish Club one year. Collar staff one year, and Jr.-Sr. Banquet. His hobbies are hunt- ing and cars. Tommy plans to attend college but has not yet decided where. JACK BECKER, son of CWO and Mrs. Forest Becker, was born in Buffalo. New York. He has attended Altus High School for 3 years. He has been active in Key Club. Junior- Senior Banquet, baseball for 2 years, football for 1 year. Jack plans to attend Oklahoma University and major in medicine. WILLIAM BENISH. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Benish. has attended school In Altus for four years. He has been active in Boy s Glee Club, and Varsity Choir for two years. His hobby is reading. William, as of now. plans after graduation to attend the University of Oklahoma, where ne will major in education. NANETTE BILYEU. the daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. H. E. Bilyeu. was in Pep Club 3. Speech Club 1. Glee Club I. Dramatics Club 1. Library Club 1. and Latin Club 1. She was a member of the Chemistry Club. Physics Honor Society, the National Honor Society and French Club queen. Nanette plans to attend Southern Methodist Univ. JOHNNY BINGAMAN Is the son of Mr and Mrs. J. E. Bingaman. He has been active in football, basketball, and baseball. He was in the Letterman Club. Junior Vice- President. President of the Rotary Center. Junior Best All Round and In the Sophomore top 10 per cent. Johnny plans to attend OU and major in medicine. LORETTA BLAIR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Villers. was born in Charlottsville. Virginia on December 28. 1944. She has attended Altus High School all three years. Loretta's hobby is sewing. Sne plans to take a business course after graduation but has not as yet decided where she will take it. CARLYN BAILEY MARY BAILEY BILL BENISH NANETTE BILYEU WATCHING workmen put the finishing touches on the sidewalk on Bulldog Lane, serving the new Music Education building, are Senior class officers Gary Winsett, president; Anne Riddle, secretary and Gary Hornsey, vice-president. Note decorative masonry screen. Music Education building with its masonry screens and poured peak concrete roof over- hangs, will be remembered by the Class of 1964 as the big campus addition of their senior year. Senior vocalists and band musicians were able to utilize the air-conditioned facilities during second semester for concert and ensemble labs. TOMMY BARNES JACK BECKER JOHNNY BINGAMAN LORETTA BLAIR 33’64 Sponsors Help Plan Senior Calendar WESLEY BOOKER DIANE BOYD ORETHA BROOKS CHARLES BUERSCHINGER CHARLES BUERSCHINGER. son of Maj. and Mrs. E. C. McKeever. was bom in San Juan. Puerto Rico, and has attended Central Catholic and Alamo Heights in San Antonio. He was in the top 3 per cent in the Merit Tests, and National Education Development. Charles plans to major in dentistry- RONALD LEE BURK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake A. Burk, was bom in Lawton. Oklahoma. September 16. He has at- tended AHS for 3 years, is a member of the JETS, and DECA Clubs, and has been active in track. His hobby is hunting. Ronald hopes to attend some military academy and become a Marine officer. SHERYL BLACKSTONE. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Byers Bom in Oklahoma City and has lived in Altus for 3 years. Her activities include Spanish Club. Latin Club, Pep Club. Honor Roll. Collar Staff, Jr. and Sr. Banquet pro- gram. assembly programs, and PE. She plans to attend Oklahoma State University. DONNA CARTER, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eylan C. Carter, has been active in Pep Club while attending Altus Senior High. Her hobbies include swimming and dancing. After graduaton. Donna plans to attend Altus Junior College and Southwestern State College where she will major in elementary education. TERRY CARY, the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cary, was bom in Altus. Oklahoma, on June 10. 1944. His hobby is model cars. He has attended the Altus School System since the first grade. After his completion of high school. Terry plans to become a projectionist or a Volks Wagon mechanic. JODEE CAUSEY, daughter of the E. L. Causeys, was bom in Spur, Texas. Her first half of highschool was in Orelans. France, where she lived since she was 12. Her activities include Assemblies 3. Majorette 2. Pep Club 3. Collar 1. and DE 1. She plans to be an oral hygienist, studying at Lubbock. WALLACE CASTLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace J. C. Castle, attended Hollis schools before coming to Altus. Wallaces extra-curricular activities Include "That Altus Band." of which he was president, the Downbeats, and Latin Club. His hobbies are sports cars and welding. Wallace plans to attend OU or North Texas State to major in music education. WES BOOKER, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Booker, was bom In Altus. He attended the Headrick School for eight years and his last four have been at Altus. He has been in FFA four years. DE one year, shop two years, and Collar staff. Wes has not decided as of now what college he is going to attend. DIANE BOYD, daughter o' Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Boyd, has attended AHS for 3 years. She was active in Pep Club. Glee Club, Girls' Trio. French Club, speech, and assemblies. Sh was a Girls' Stater and president of Girls’ Glee Club and Pep Club. She plans to attend AJC and later OSU to major in English. ORETHA BROOKS is the daughter of Mrs. Sterlene Grimes Neil. They reside at 185 Coca Street. Oretha was bom at Vernon. Texas. August 28. 1946. but she has at- tended Altus High School all three years. Her hobby is cutting pictures, which she assembles in a collection. Oretha's future plans are not certain. RONALD Bl’RK SHERYL BLACKSTONE DONNA CARTER TERRY CARY WALLACE CASTLE JODEE CAUSEY 34DAVID CHATTERTON. son of SM Sgt. and Mrs. M. W. Chatterton. has attended Altua High all three years, and has been active in football and baseball. He enjoys swim- ming and Judo, and has won first place In a diving contest and three trophies in Judo. After graduating, he plans to Join the Navy and go Into UDT. RICHARD CINOTTO. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Clnotto. was bom In Peoria. Illinois. He has previously attended Seville Junior-Senior High School in Seville. Spain. Richard’s extra-curricular activities Include Letter- men's Club. He has been active In football and tennis. Richard plans to attend OU. MARY CLARK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Clark, has attended Altua High School three years. Her activities Include Glee Club three years and basketball three years. Mary plans to attend Southwestern State College, after completing one year at Altua Junior College, but her major is. as yet. undecided. CAROL CLEAVER is the daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Har- rell W. Cleaver. She has attended Altua High three years and has been active in Speech assemblies. Last year she went to the Play Festival at SWSC. Carol has taken judo, and her hobbies are art and dancing. After graduation, she hopes to attend art schools. VIC CLEVELAND, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cleveland has been active in football 3. Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and Boys' Glee Club 1. He was voted "Best Looking Boy" his Soph, and Jr. years. He was a delegate to Boys' State, the president of tne Jr. class and Boys’ Glee Club. His hobby is cars. Vic plans to attend OU. MRS. R. J. LOCKHART and Mr. Arthur Young, senior class sponsors, find a quiet comer in one of the chem- istry labs to familiarize themselves with class names in the attendance register. Bulldog blue blazer worn by Mr. Young symbolizes All Sports Club membership. DIANE CLINE, daughter of Mr and Mrs. James Cline, was bom In Island Falls. Michigan. Her activities Include DE 2. Collar 2. class plays 3. assemblies 2. Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and Thespian Society. Diane’s hobbies are bowling and writing. She plans to attend OU where she will major in journalism. MARY MARGARET COLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cole. Jr., was bom In Stillwater. Mary attended Altus schools exclusively. She was active in the Girl Scouts. JETS. Pep Club, and Glee Club. Her hobbles are singing and reading. Mary plans to attend St. Anthony’s College where she wil major In nursing. JOHN CRAIN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Crain. He was born here in Altus and has attended local schools since the first grade. His activities Include one year of football, one year of Physical Education, and participation in the Junior Play. He has not yet decided which college he will attend. DAVID CHATTERTON VIC CLEVELAND RICHARD CINOTTO DIANE CLINE Senior classes at Altus High School use such money-raising projects as the class play for memorial funds, and other gifts to the school. As class membership increases memorial gifts become major additions to school facilities. Class committees work with officers and spon- sors in selecting possible memorial gifts. These are voted upon by the entire group, and the favored project is chosen. At commencement farewell assembly, the memorial is announced. MARY CLARK MARY COLE CAROL CLEAVER JOHN CRAIN 35BARBARA CROUCH MARGIE DERUVO JOHN CUMMINS LADONNA DEVOLL RICHARD DECKER SARA DILLEY DWIGHT DENNIS JANET DILLON BARBARA CROUCH, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Crouch, attended school at Southside before moving to Altus. Her activities at Altus High Included Library As- sistant 3 years. PE 1 year, and Collar Staff 1 year. Bar- bara plans to attend business college after graduation, but she hasn't decided which one. JOHN ALLEN CUMMINS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Cummins. He was bom in Yates Center. Kansas. He has been active in the Glee Club, football, basketball, and track. John is a member of the Lettermen's Club. His hobby is playing the guitar. John plans to attend Kansas University, but has not announced his major. RICHARD DECKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin N. Decker, was bom September 29. 1946 in Los Angeles. California. Richard played the saxophone and was active in "That Altus Band.' After graduation from Altus High. Richard plans to attend Altus Junior College, but has not yet decided on a major. He will take basic work there. DWIGHT DENNIS, the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Troy White, has attended the Altus School System since the first grade. He was active in physical education and was a chemistry lab assistant. His hobby is electronics. Dwight plans to attend Oklahoma University where he plans to major in electronics. MARGUERITE DeRUVO. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George DeRuvo. attended College High School before at- tending Altus High School. Her extra-curricular activities have included Pep Club and Hospital Volunteer. Her hobbies include sewing, cooking, and reading. Margie plans to attend OU. OSU, or San Jose and major in social works or psychiatry. LADONNA DEVOLL. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Devoll, has attended Altus High School for 3 years. Her activities include Glee Club. Pep Club. Jr.-Sr. Banquet, vocal trio and plays. She was chosen ‘Best All-Round" her Sophomore year. Her hobbies include piano. LaDonna plans to attend OU and major in interior decorating. SARA LEE DILLEY. daughter of Maj. and Mrs. Riley N. Dilley. attended several schools before Altus High. She has been active in Glee Club, Pep Club, and Spanish Club. She was vice-pres, her Freshman year. Top Ten as a Soph and Jr. and valedictorian of Jr. High. Sara plans to major in computer programming. JANET SUE DILLON is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Dillon. She has attended all three years at Altus High School. Janet's extra-curricular activities Include the All School Production. Glee Club 2. PE 1. Her hobbies are Rimming, cooking , and reading. She plans to attend SWSC or AJC to major in business. SENIOR PARENTS of the Class of 1964 were real life parents of three boy members of the graduating group. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Fenell and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cleveland visit the PSSC physics lab early in the fall to inspect new equipment the re. 36Class Parents Aid Twelfth Year Projects CHERI McLAUGHLIN DODD, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl McLaughlin, has attended AHS all three year . She has been active In Rainbow and music. Her hobbies are horseback riding and swimming. Chert plans to attend Altus Beauty School after graduation. CHARLES DOLL, son of Mrs. Frances Doll, was born in Suanah. Texas, on April 11. 1946. He has attended Altus igh School for three years. He was active in band. Stage Band, and Science Club. After graduation from Altus High, he plans to attend the Air Academy or Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. ROBERT DORSEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Dor- sey. came to AHS this year. He was active in Key Club. Spanish Club, and Debate Team. Robert has won letters in football and track. His hobbies are foreign affairs, sports, and reading. Robert plans to attend the University of Arkansas to major in Law. GLENNA DUNCAN TOY EASLEY LONNIE EGGLESTON PAT ELLIOTT SANDRA ELLIS DON ELWICK CHERI DODD ROBERT DORSEY CHARLES DOLL JERRY DUCK JERRY DUCK is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Duck. He was bom in Altus, on J une 22. 1946. He is traveling, cars, hunting, collecting models, coins, and guns. He was active in physical education one year, and wm oj the Collar staff one year. Jerry plans to join the United States Coast Guard in the near future. GLENNA DUNCAN, daughter of the Ira Glenn Duncans, has attended three high schools Including Star-Spencer of Oklahoma City and Duke High School before enrolling at Altus High. Glenna plans to continue her education at Altus by attending Altus Junior College and then she will probably transfer to a state college. TAWANA EASLEY. ••Toy." is the daughter of T Sgt. and Mrs. Allen Easley. Jr. She was born on Glee has been active as a cheerleader 3. Collar staff 1. Gliee Club 2. Spanish Club 2. assemblies 3. Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1. and play casts 2. She plana to attend OU and study secre- tarial science and law. LONNIE EGGLESTON, son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Lonnie Eggleston, was bom in Oklahoma City. He previously at- tended Richfield High in Waco Texas. His UviUes at Altus High have Included Key Club, basketball andI base ball. Hunting is his hobby. Lonnie plans to attend OSU majoring In Veterinary Medicine. PATRICIA ANN ELLIOTT, the daughter of Major and Mrs. Ronald Elliott, has previously attended other Okla- homa and Texas schools. Her activities include Pep Club, girl s basketball, and Girls' Glee Club. Her bobbies are horses, music, and sewing. She plans to attend Altus Junior College, then a state university. SANDRA ELLIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Benoist. came here from Lampasas High School in Lampasas. Texas. She has been active In FHA. Her hobbies Include swim- ming. horseback riding, and photography. Sandra bjansto become a nurse or a Deautician, but she has not decided on a school to attend. DON ELWICK. son of Mr and Mrs. Don EJ ck waa rn in Shawnee. Oklahoma. Don came to the Altus Public School System in the eighth grade fr the town of King fisher. He was a member of the AHS golf team. His hobbles Include cars, bowling and water •« »£. Don plans to attend OSU to major in Chamber of Commerce management.Seniors Study Shakespearean Productions GLENDA FELTY. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Felty. has been active In vocal music 3. Pep Club 3. as- semblies. Junior Play, and Jr.-Sr. Banquet. In her junior year she was FFA Attendant. Her hobby is playing the piano. Glenda plans to attend OSU and may attend Altus Junior College. DAVE FENELL. son of Major and Mrs. C. H. Fenell, was bom in MinneaDolis. Minnesota. At Altus High. Dave was active in Key Club, football, basketball and baseball. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. After graduation from high school. Dave plans to attend Texas A M or OSU. SKIP FIORETTI. the son of Major and Mrs. Edward Fiorettl. was born in Erie. Pennsylvania, on July 27. 1946. He previously attended Catholic High School In Little Rock. Arkansas. At AHS. he was active in football for 1 year and baseball for 2 years. He plans to attend OU or an academy to major in engineering. NANCY KAY FISHER, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Fisher, has attended Altus schools all her life. At Altus High, she was active In Glee Club for 3 years, and Pep Club for three years. Her hobbies are water skiing and swimming. She plans to attend Southwestern State College at Weatherford and major in English Literature. JEFF FLEMING, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fleming, transferred to Altus in his senior year from Christian Brothers High School in Tenn. While at CBHS he was a member of the Science Club 2. Future Physicians Club 2. band 2. and the yearbook staff 1. At AHS he was on the Collar Staff. He plans to attend OU. SHERRON FORRESTER, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Forrester, has been active in Glee Club. Varsity Choir. Band. Pep Club. French Club, and the Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet. She was an alternate to Girl's State. Her hobbles are sewing and working as a candy striper. Sherron plans to attend AJC and possibly OU. RONDA BETH FRY. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Fry. was born in Altus and has attended Altus schools all her life. She was a member of the Pep Club. Her hobby is working at the hospital as a candy striper. She plans to enter the field of missionary nursing, receiving her education at St. Anthonys. NANCY FISHER JEFF FLEMING SHERRON FORRESTER RONDA FRY CHARLENE EVANS BETTY EVERETT GLENDA EVERETT GLENDA FELTY DAVE FENELL SKIP FIORETTI CHARLENE EVANS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Evans, was born in Altus. She has attended Altus Senior High School 3 years. Charlene's extra-curricular activities included DE and she also worked as an office assistant for two years. Her hobbies are sewing and cooking. Char- lene plans to attend Little Rock University. BETTY LOU EVERETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ward Everett, was bom in Minneapolis. Minnesota. Oct. 27. 1945. Betty Lou's extra-curricular activities included girl's basketball. Although Betty is very definite about going to an institution of higher learning to major In business she has not selected a college. GLENDA EVERETT, daughter of SM Sgt. Robert L. Everett, was bom in Ardmore. Oklahoma. Glenda's hobbies include swimming, and band. She has been active in band, French Club 1. and has been awarded a special service pen for school office. Glenda plans to attend Hills Busi- ness University. Oklahoma City, after graduation. 38RONNIE GARRISON, the son of Sgt. and Mrs. Elgin Garrison, has attended Altus schools since the eighth grade. His activities at Altus High School have Included football, musclemen, track, the Collar staff. Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and assemblies. He was vice-president of his Sophomore class. Ronnie plans to attend OSU. JERRY GATES, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gates, was bom in Watertown. South Dakota, on January 22. 1946. He has been in various class activities including Junior play and the Junior-Senior Banquet program. Jerry plans to attend college after graduation, but has not de- cided which one. NEDRA GLOVER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Glover, has attended Altus schools for llVa years. She was born June 28. 1946. She was in band 3 years. Collar 1 year, Spanish Club 1 and Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Her hobby is tennis. After graduation she plans to attend Cameron College. RONALD GORR. son of Major and Mrs. G. L. Gorr, was born in Jacksonville. Texas, on September 11. 1946. After attending schools in Texas and Louisiana. Ronald came to Altus High School. His hobbies include stamp and coin collecting. Ronald plans to attend the University of Texas majoring in chemistry. PAULA GOVER. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gover. was born in Chattanooga. Tenn.. and has attended Rantoul Township High School in Rantoul. 111., before enrolling at Altus High School. Paulas hobbies include tennis and swimming. Paula plans to attend college at the University of 111., but has not decided on a major. ANN GRAGG, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Prentist Owen Gragg, attended El Reno High School before coming to Altus High School, during her Senior year. Her extra- curricular activities included band and Stage Band. Ann was Band Queen Attendant. Although she is not decided as to a major. Ann plans to attend Oklahoma City Univ. DONALD GRAVES, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Graves, was born In Altus. November 28. 1944. He Is interested in cars and water skiing. He was active in Physical Education one year. Spanish Club one year, and Collar staff one year. Donald plans to attend Okmulgee Tech., majoring in auto mechanics. ALAN GREEN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Green, was born April 1. 1946. in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Alan resides at 1430 N. Willard. While at Altus High, he was active in the Future Farmers of America for four years. Alan is interested in automobile mechanics and car racing. Alan plans to major in agriculture. RONNIE GARRISON JERRY GATES PAULA GOVER ANN GRAGG COMPARING PAPER back text with the Old Vic re- cording of “Hamlet” are senior English IV students, John Mathis, and Karen Pollock, Shakespearean buffs. Compulsory reading of the classics draws much resistance early in high school careers, but seniors often have developed a liking for the old masters of the written word. Literature courses, as a result, draw capacity enrollments. NEDRA GLOVER RONALD GORE DON GRAVES ALAN GREEN 3964 Class Achieves Career Diversification LINDA GREEN KEN GRIDER NANCY GROVES KAREN HAAS KAREN HAAS Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Cost. She was born In Altus on February 12. 1945. and has at- tended Altus High all three years. She has been active in both Pep Club and Glee Club. Her hobbies include water sports of all kinds. Karen plans to attend Altus Junior College after graduation. TANET HALLMARK, daughter of Maior and Mrs. K. H. Hallmark, has attended school here all her life. Her activi ties include Pep Club for three years. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Speech plays for two years, and basketball for three years. She enjoys swimming as a hobby. Janet plans to attend Oklahoma University where she will major In speech and dramatics. DIANF HANCOCK, the daughter of T Sgt. and Mrs Ed- ward Hancock, was bom in Columbus. Georgia. While attending Altus High, she was active in Pep Club, three years. Latin Club, one year; P.E.. one year, and in the Jr.-Sr. Banouet. She plans to attend Miami State Univer- sity. where she will major in Psychology. GARY HARROD was bom In Altus and has attended school here exclusively, beeinning at Wilson. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harrod. Gary has been In vocational agriculture and was in phvsical education two years. Gary's plans are indefinite, but he probably will enter a phase of technical training. PAUL C. HAUK, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Hauk, was bom In Compton. California. He has previously attended high schools in California and South Dakota. While in high school. Pa«'l was active In baseball, earning a letter at Boron High School In California. Paul hopes to attend a junior college in California, but he doesn't know which one. RICHARD HAVEN, son of Mr. Donald W. Martin, was bom in Youkon. Florida. He attended Walnut Ridge Senior High before coming to AHS. Richard was active In Latin Club. Boy's Glee Club and wrestling. His hobbies are liv- ing. model planes, and guns. Richard plans to attend Ohio State University and major in veterinary medicine. CAROL HAWKINS Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Hawkins. She was bom in Frederick. Oklahoma, on Octo- ber 25. 1946. and has attended Altus High for three years. Her activity Includes Pep Club. After graduation. Carol Plans to attend Altus Junior College, but has not decided on a major. LINDA LEIGH GREEN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Green. She was born In Colorado Springs. Colo- rado. has attended Altus High all three years, and has been active in Glee Club 3. and Pep Club 3. Linda plans to attend college, but she has not chosen a major or the college she will attend. KEN GRIDER, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Grider, was bom in San Bernardino. California. Ken previously attended El Segundo High School in El Segundo. California. Ken is proficient In art and plans to become a commercial artist. He plays the guitar. Ken plans to attend Altus Junior College and then an art college. NANCY GROVES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Groves, has attended Altus schools for 12 years. She was active In Pep Club. DECA Club. P.E.. Collar Staff, and Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet. Her hobbies Include swimming, equestrienne riding, and dancing. Nancy plans to attend Altus Junior College, and Southwestern State where she will major in speech therapy. JANET HALLMARK DIANE HANCOCK GARY HARROD PAUL HAUK RICHARD HAVEN CAROL HAWKINS 40ROBERTA HENDRICKS Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hendricks. She attended three schools besides Altus. She was active In Collar staff. Pep Club, and Musical Choir for 2 years. Her hobby Is horseback riding. She was Presi- dent of Vocal Club and a member of Nonettes Sextet. Roberta plans to attend San Fernando State College. KATHY HESS, the daughter of Mr. Robert L. Hess, was bom In Delaware County. Pennsylvania, on September 7, 1946 Her hobbies Include horseback riding, swimming, sail- ing drawing and dancing. Kathy plans to attend Altus Junor College and Oklahoma State University where she will major in marine biology. DON HILLEMEYER. son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Hillemever. was born in Altus. He attended Headrick schools for eight years before attending Altus schools. He has been active In FFA for four years. His hobby Is welding. After attend- ing Okmulgee Tech.. Don plans to farm. MYRNA JEANNE HOLLAND, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M R. Holland, was bom in Altua. April 17. 1946. She has attended Altus High School all three years. Her extra curricular activities Include band. Myma's hobb‘es are skiing, bowling and dancing. She plana to attend Hill Busi- ness College in Oklahoma City. WOODY HOLLINGSWORTH, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Hollingsworth, was bom In Altus on December 23. 1944. Woody came to Altus High from Harding High School of Oklahoma City. He was active in PE for 2 years and bas- ketball for 1 year at Harding. Woody plans to attend Oklahoma University, but has not decided on a major. GARY HOMSEY. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hornsey, has attended Altus schools for twelve years. He has been In the all-school production, was emcee of the Jr.-Sr. Ban quet. has been active In football 2 years, baseball 2 years, basketball 1 year, and was Vice-President of his Senior class. Gary ptans to attend OU or OSU. ROBERT M. HORNING. JR., son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. R. M. Horning, was bom April 7. 1946. in Dallas. Tex. His hobbies are cars and lournalism. and his extra activities Include Collar staff 1. PE 1. library 1. football 1. and band 1. Robert a future plans call for Junior College and Baylor University. CLIFTON RAY HOUCHIN. the son of Mrs. Pauline Houchln. was born in Altus on ADril 20. -1946. He has previously attended Hollis High School. Among other sports, he enjoys playing football. His hobby is the study and practice of mystic arts. Clifton plans to enter the Navy and become a pilot after graduation from AHS. ROBERTA HENDRICKS KATHY HESS WOODY HOLLINGSWORTH GARY HOMSEY ADMIRING a bookcase completed by a fellow class- mate in shop laboratory, Ricky Jackson, Don Graves and Johnny Peyton inspect compartment measurements. Skills learned in Altus High often are the basis for future vocations. For other students such skills become avocations as they follow full time occupations in unrelated fields, proving such training doubly valuable, now, and the future. DON HILLEMEYER MYRNA HOLLAND ROBERT HORNING CLIFTON HOUCHIN 41CHARLIE HOWARD LYNDA HUDSON ODIS JAMES SHARON JONES CHARLIE HOWARD, son of Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Howard, was bom September 24. 1946. He has attended Altus Senior High School three years and attended Warren eight years. His activities are: Agriculture 4 years. Junior-Senior Ban quet. and Collar 1. He plana to attend OSU in the field of agriculture. LYNDA DARLENE HUDSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Hudson, was bom in Altus. She has attended Altus schools exclusively. Lynda has been a member of Pep Club for 3 years, and has been an office assistant. She enjoys art. Lynda plans to attend Oklahoma State University to major in commercial art. APPRENTICE teacher Mr. Forrest Kirby observes as Bill Robinson, Jon Steiner and Marcia Ristow check acceleration ratios in PSSC physics lab. Such courses open numerous Science research'opportunities CAROL JACKSON RICKEY JACKSON CLINT KELLEY JOHN KELLY CAROL ANNE JACKSON, the daughter of CM Sgt. and Mrs. William Jackson, was born at MacDill Air Force Base In Florida. Her activities at Altus High have Included Glee CJub and Pep Club. Her hobbles are golf, swimming and ceramics. After graduation. Carol plans to attend St. Vin cent’s Nursing School in Jacksonville. RICKEY JACKSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson, wus bom in Altus and has attended Altus schools exclu sively. Rickey has played football for two years and in his sophomore year was voted ’’best all-round.” He plans to attend Southwestern State College at Weatherford, where he will probably major In bookkeeping. ODIS JAMES, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. R. James, who now live in Clovis. New Mexico, was born in Altus. March 7. 1946. He has attended Altus schools exclusively. Odis has played football for two years. His hobbies include golf and cars. Odis plans to attend college, but he hasn't decided which one. SHARON JONES of 1419 N. Crain, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Wilson. She has lived in Altus for 3 years. She has been active in Pep Club 3. PE 1. Glee Club 1. Collar Staff, and Jr. Sr. Banquet. Sharon plans to attend Drury College at Springfield. Mo., where she will major In the field of business. CLINT KELLEY, grandson of Mrs. C. E. Kelley, has at tended AHS since his sophomore year. Clint served on the BULLDOG and Collar staff. As a senior he was chief of staff photographers for the BULLDOG and vice-president of the Future Journalists of America. He plans to attend the New York Institute of Photography. JOHN BERNARD KELLY, son of Mrs. Loeta A. Kelly, attended South Berwick High School in South Berwick. Maine, before enrolling at Altus High. He has been active in band since he has been at Altus High. His hobbies in- clude leathercraft and woodworking. John hopes to attend King's Point Maritiihe Acadamy. 42SMSG, PSSC, CHEMS A ttract964 Seniors LONNIE KING, son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Lonnie T. King, has been active In PE 1 year. JETS 3 years, and was in the Top Ten per cent of his Sophomore and Junior classes. His hobbles are skiing, fishing, scouting, sports cars, reading, and hunting. Lonnie hopes to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. THOMAS L. KIRBY, son of Mrs. Mary Kirby, wm bom in Altus and has attended school here exclusively. He has been active in Phys. Ed.. Collar staff 1, Jr. Sr. Banquet committee, and Spanish 1. He plans to attend Oklahoma City University. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, base- ball. and horseback riding. WILHELMINA KOMIOTIS. the daughter of T Sgt. and Mrs. P. S. Komiotis. was bom in Great Falls. Mont. Willi s hobbies are painting, photography, and hairstyling. Her activities have included Red Cross. Prom and Banquet committee, and FHA. Her future plans are to attend the Fayetteville Beauty College in Arkansas. JANE LAGREE SHARI LAMPSHIRE SANDRA LAWSON CAROL LEWTON BRENDA LILE BILLY LITTLE LONNIE KING WTLHELMINA KOMIOTIS THOMAS KIRBY LEROY KRAATZ LEROY KRAATZ. JR., son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Kraatz. was bom in Winters. Texas. He has attended high school in Georgia. He was In Boy's Glee Club and the debate 1 while at Altus High. His hobbies are hunting fishing and cars. Leroy plans to attend OU, majoring in electrical engineering. JANE LAGREE. daughter of Mr. and Mrs Brooks LaGree. was active In Glee Club 2 years. Latin Club 1 year, basket- ball 1 year. Collar staff 1 year. Pep Club 3 years. Varsity Choir 2 years. Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1 year. Jr. Play 1y T T' Pep assemblies 3 years. She is not certain as to the college she will attend. SHARI LAMPSHIRE. daughter of Major and Mrs Edwin E. Lampshire. was bom In Soda Springs. Idaho. She has attended AHS since her Sophomore year. Her hobbles In- clude reading, swimming, and horseback riding Shari plans to attend LDS Business College In Salt Lake City, where she will major in secretarial work. SANDRA IRENE LAWSON, the daughter of the William D. Lawsons, previously attended Agra High School and Bossier City High School in Shreveport. Louisiana. While at Altus High she has been active in Pep Club 1 yr. She paints and draws as a hobby. Sandra plans to attend business college following graduation. CAROL LEWTON. the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Austin Lew ton. has attended the Altus schools since the first grade. She has been active in band 6. Stage Band 3. and Latin Club 2. Her hobbies include music, books, and travel- ing. Carol plans to attend AJC where she will major in English. BRENDA KAYE LILE. daughter of M Sgt Walter Lile. attended Chicopee High in Massachusetts, before coming to Altus. She has been active in Pep Club and the Jr. Sr. Banquet. Her hobbles include swimming, skiing, and horseback ridina. Brenda plans to attend college at South- western State College and major in business. BILLY LITTLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Little, has attended Altus schools since the first grade. He has been active in Physical Education for one year and Distr butlve Education for two years. His hobby is cars. Billy plans to attend Altus Junior College for one year and John Brown University. i r 43Grads’ Year Full Of School Spirit, Events GREGORY D. LOUIS, JR., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Greg- ory D. Louis, was bom in Yuma, Arizona. He has attended Altus High School for three years and has been active in track one year, and physical education. His hobbies include bowling and golf. Gregory plans to attend Oklahoma Uni- versity and major in engineering. BILLY DON LOVELACE, son of Mrs. Betty Jo Lovelace, was bom Julj 20. 1946. in Altus and has attended Altus schools all his life. Billy was active in distributive educa- tion and basketball. His hobbies include swimming, fish- ing, and bowling. Billy plans to attend AJC and then OU but has not decided upon a major. JOANN LUIKART is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Madden. She has been active in the band three years, the Stage Band and was in the Weatherford Honor Band. Her hobbies are golf and horseback riding. After graduation, she plans to attend Oklahoma State University and major in instrumental music. MIKE McKINNEY. son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. McKinney, has been active in Key Club three years. Jr. Sr. Banquet one year. Spanish Club two years, and Basketball two y® ™ HI favorite hobby is water skiing. Mike plans to attend Oklahoma State University after graduation, but has not decided on his major. DAVni) FARRELL MARTIN is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Martin. H«,w bom in Mangum. Oklahoma, but has attended AUus High School all 3 years. David's activities Included PE. Jets, and Latin Club. His favorite hobbles are hunting and fishing. David plans to attend Oklahoma University and major in the field of medicine. MARILYN MARTIN, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cortis ouartin' all nded Altus schools since the first grade. She has been active in Glee Club, the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and 8C?° .P ay8. Her hobbies Include playing the piano and art After graduation. Marilyn plans to attend Southwestern State College. MIKE McKINNEY ROBERT McCLAIN DAVID MARTIN MARILYN MARTIN THERESA LITTLE JUDY LOGUE CHARLENE LONGLEY GREG LOUIS BILLY LOVELACE JOANN LUIKART THERESA MURPHY LITTLE is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Ray A. Murphy. She attended Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia. Missouri before coming to Altus. Sne has been active in Pep Club one year and PE one year. Her hobbies include cooking and reading. Theresa plans to attend OSU and major in business. JUDY ANNE LOGUE is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Logue. Judy's high school activities include Pep Club 3. FHA 1, Junior Plav, Photo Club 3. Newspaper 3. and Girl's Gym Team 3. Her awards Include medals in Gvm. Pep Club and Journalism. Judy plans to attend the Wichita Business College. CHARLENE LONGLEY. the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Longley. was active In band, the Downbeats. Latin Club. Junior Play. All-School Production. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Speech Contest, was Drum Major of the band for two years, and a member of the All-State Band. Charlene plans to attend OU and major in speech therapy. 44JOHN MATHIS, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mathis, has been active in basketball, baseball, and was on the Junior and Senior Banquet program for two years. His hobbies are hunting and auto mechanics. John plans to attend the University of Oklahoma after graduation where he will study engineering. MARY LOU MEDELLIN, daughter of the Cresencla Mer cados, was bom in Corpus Christi. Texas, on December 9. 1945. Before coming to Altus High School, she attended Flows Bluff High School In Corpus Christi. Texas. Danc- ing is Mary's favorite hobby and one at which she is proficient. Mary plans to attend a business college. LONNIE MESSICK. the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Mes sick, was born in Amarillo. Texas. September 29. 1946. He has been active In football 3. and track 2. during his three years at Altus High School. After graduation Lonnie plans to major in physical education at the University of Okla. BRENDA ROBERSON MILLIGAN. Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Esco Roberson. She has attended Altus schools since the first grade. She was active in Pep Club 1. Glee Club, and was a member of the Collar staff. After gradua- tion. Brenda plans to attend Okmulgee Tech, and take a six months business course. VICKI MONROE, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Mon- roe. was born in Lawton. Okla.. Aug. 11. 1946. She has attended ltus schools since the third grade. Her activities Include PE 1 year. Pep Club 3 years. Collar staff 1 year, and she helped with the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Vicki plans to attend a business school. COLLEEN MOORE, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Moore, has been active in Spanish Club. Her hobbles Include listening to music and swimming. She Is a member of That Altus Band." and has been on many programs. Colleen plans to attend Oklahoma State University where she will major in elementary education. STEVEN MOORE, the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Moore, has been active In football for three years. Key Club, the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, the Sr. play, and played Pop Kwimper in the Jr. Play. His hobbies Include hunting and water skiing. Steven plans to attend Oklahoma University where he will study engineering. CATHERINE MORAN, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Moran, was bom in Frederick. Okla. She has attended Altus High School all three years and has been active in Pep Club. PE. and Spanish Club. She plans to attend Oklahoma State University with the possibility of entering the teaching profession. JOHN MATHIS VICKI MONROE MARY MEDELLIN COLLEEN MOORE SENIOR WEEK to decorate the halls found Linda Price and Mary Nicholson usin the water fountains as a focal point both for decoration and refreshment. Cooperation between classes at Altus High re- sults in shared responsibilities for many school activities. Senior girl members of the Pep Club spearhead decoration plans before games, and work with other school committees and projects. LONNIE MESSICK BRENDA MILLIGAN STEVEN MOORE CATHERINE MORAN 45Many Seniors Prepare For Life Vocations JOHN NASH MARY NICHOLSON TERRY O'MALLEY DON OWENS DON OWENS. son of the Arlfto Lee Owens, attended Burkbumett High School before conning to Altus High School Don was a member of the Shop Club and was active in football, basketball and baseball. His hobbies are cats. Don plans to attend Midwestern University in Wichita Falls, but has not decided upon a major. GEORGE PALERMO, son of Sergeant and Mrs. Sam Palermo, was bora in Brooklyn. New York. June 9. 1946. He has attended AHS since nls Sophomore year. George placed ftrsC in a Science Fair in the British Commonwealth. His hobbies are amateur radio and painting. George plans to attend OU majoring in architecture. GARY PARKER, son of A. E. Parker, was born in Atoka. Oklahoma. September 18. 1946. He has attended Altus High School for three years. He was active in drivers training and physical education. Gary Is a sports car en thus last He plans to attend Altus Jr. College for two years and then go on to SWSC. ROBERT PARSONS, son of Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Par sons, has been in PE 1. CAP 3. Latin Club 2. DE 1. and Biology Club 1. His hobbies are radio electronics and cars. Robert plans to make a career of the Navy, hoping later to enter a naval air branch and ultimately being assigned to a carrier. DONALD PATE, the son of Mr. and Mrs J. B Pate, was bora in Hondo. Texas. Before moving here, he attended the Duncan Senior High School. He has been active in Spanish Club and Science Club. Donald plans to attend Altus Junior College two years, but is not sure where he will finish his college term. DANIEL PAULSEN, son of Col. and Mrs D. H. Paulsen, was bora in Gettysburg. South Dakota. He resides at 75 South Gum. His hobbies include swimming, hunting, fish ing. horse bark riding. He won a special award In swim- ming instructing. Daniel plans to attend AJC for 1 year transferring to the University of Oklahoma. MIKE PERRY is the son of Capt. and Mrs. Joseph Perry. He has attended Altus High all three years and has been active In Spanish Club two years and basketball one year. His hobbies are skiing. working with engines, and music. Mike plans to attend the University of Tenneasee and major in engineering. JOHN NASH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nash, spent his first grades in Roosevelt. Okla but has attended Senior High at Altus. He has been active in band 3 years. Dance Band 1 year. Spanish Club 2 years, and Science Club 2 years. John plans to attend Oklahoma University, but has not decided on a major. MARY NICHOLSON, daughter of Mrs Mary Clyde Nichol- son. was active in Varsity Choir. JETS. Pep Club. Latin Club and Glee Club. She was Junior class Treasurer, and won second place in State Latin Vocabulary Contest. She was Central Valedictorian. She was active in many assem biles, the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and was an office assistant. Mary plans to attend OU. TERRY O'MALLEY, son of the Isles O'Malleys, previously attended Paris American High School in Paris. France His hobbles include shooting, wood working, and mechanical drawing Terry plans to attend college at OU or OSU and major in engineering and structural design. GEORGE PALERMO ROBERT PARSONS DAN PAILSEN GARY PARKER DON PATE MIKE PERRY 46JOHNNY CHARLES PEYTON. son of Mr . Elizabeth Ann Peyton has attended Altua High School all three year . He VU bom June 1. 1 46 In Altu . Okla. During hi Junior year, he waa in the Jr. Sr. Banquet program. Hi favorite pastime I drag racing. After graduation. Johnny plana to attend the University of Oklahoma. TERRY PHELPS, aon of SM Sgt. E. L. Phclpa. waa bora In Dallaa. Texas. Auguat 5. 1M6. He has attended achoola in Altus six vear . His activities are Glee Club 3. football 1 Collar 1. He has been in several assembllea and has been a member of boys and mixed quartets. Terry plana to major In English In college. DAVID PICKETT, the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Pickett, was bora In Altua on November 27. 1346. He has been active in baseball 4 yra. and basketball 4 yn and attended Boys State, while attending Altus Senior High School. Hia hobby la hunting. David plana to attend Altua Junior College and major in pharmacy. KAREN POLLOCK, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Pollock, has been active In Pep Hub 3 years. Spanish Club for 1 year, the Jr. Sr. Banquet, play casta, and assemblies Karen plana to attend Southwestern State College for 1 year and the Oklahoma State University to finish schooling as a lab technician. MIKE POWELL, son of Mr. and Mn. R. T. Powell, was born here, but attended achool at Tipton 111 yearj. Hia activities were band 3. Stagehand 1. baseball 2. basketball and yearbook 3. Before coming to Altus he was Vice- President of hia Sophomore clasa and President of hia Junior class. Mike plana to attend OU where he will major in music. LINDA PRICE, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Price. Jr., has been active In Glee Club for 4 years. Her hobbies include playing the piano and cooking. Linda plans to attend Howard Payne College in Brownwood. Texas, where ahe will enter the field of religioua education. ONEIDA RABY la the daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. J. C. Ruby. She was bora in Byers. Texas, and has attended Altus schools for seven years. She has been active in Pep Club 3. PE 1. Jr.-Sr. Banquet and the Collar staff. Oneida plans to attend Colorado State College. BILLIE RANDALL, the son of Mr. and Mrs Eddie Ran- dall of 410 North Willard, was bora in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma, on September 9. 1945. He has attended Altua High School having lived here for seven years. His hobble are automobiles and drag racing. He was In FFA for 1 year, track 1 year, and also In the Junior play. After grad- uation. Billie plana to attend Okmulgee Tech. JOHNNY PEYTON MIKE POWELL TERRY PHELPS LINDA PRICE BUSINESS MACHINES provides vocational opportuni- ties for students who plan work immediately, as well as the college bound. Oneida Raby, wearing earphones, skillfully types a business letter from a taped recording. Although three out of every four Altus gradu- ates go on to college or advanced training, business machine classes provide valuable skills which help pay the way. Some have summer jobs at Altus Air Force Base or in the business and professional community. Others secure office jobs on college campuses, earn their way. DAVID PICKETT ONEIDA RABY KAREN POLLOCK BILLIE RANDALL 47LARRY RAY ROBERT REDMON JEFF REYNOLDS BILL REYNOLDS SHIRLEY RICE ANNE RIDDLE MARCIA RISTOW MORRIS ROBERTS LARRY RAY. the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ray. was born in Altus, and has had all his schooling in Altus schools. His activities Include agriculture. Phys-Ed. and FFA. His hobbies are boating and working on cars. Larry plans to attend Southwestern State, but is undecided on a major. ROBERT REDMAN, son of M Sgt. and Mrs. R. J. Red man. was born in Dennison. Texas, on June 11. 1946. He has attended Altus High School for three years. His hobbies include amateur radio. He's a sports car enthusiast. Robert plans to attend Texas Technological University where he will major in engineering. JEFFREY LYNN REYNOLDS, the son of Mr. and Mrs Frederick Reynolds, was bom in El Paso. Texas. Jeff attended schools in England before attending Altus High School. His activities have included Latin Club. French Club and football. Jeffrey plans to attend the University of Arizona's School of Mechanics. WILLIAM EARL REYNOLDS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds. Jr., was bom Sept. 17. 1946. Before coming to Altus he attended North Side High in Fort Worth. His activities Included baseball. He has won an award for attendance. William plans to attend the University of Arkansas and major in mathematics. SHIRLEY KAYE RICE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rice, has attended Altus High School all three years. She has been active in Glee Club three years; Pep Club two years, and was on the Jr. Sr. Banquet committee one vear. Shirley enjoys hair styling very much and plans to attend Altus Beauty College after graduation. ANNE LENORE RIDDLE, daughter of Major and Mrs. James E. Riddle, was Secretary Treasurer of her Soph.. Jr., and Sr. Classes. She was also elected ' Best All Around" her Jr. year. She loves sports and reading and has been in Glee Club three years. Anne plans to attend Oklahoma State after graduation. MARCIA JOAN RISTOW. daughter of Major and Mrs. H. R. Ristow. was born in Sacramento. California on Decem- ber 14. 1946. During her three years at Altus High School she has been active in Pep Club one year and Girl's Glee Club all three years. Marcia plans to do her basic college work at Altus Junior College. MORRIS ROBERTS, son of Mrs. Doyle Roberts, was bom In Altus and has attended school here since the second grade. His activities include PE 1. Collar staff 1. FFA 3. Jr.-Sr. Banquet 1. His hobbies are hunting and drag racing. He plans to attend Southwestern State College but has not yet decided as to hte major. TRYING OUT a new attachment on their home ec lab machine are Glenda Felty and Myrna Holland. More than half the senior girls list sewing as their favorite hobby. Many also design clothes, plan home decorations. 48Grads Learn Manual, Mental Skills Early WILLIAM ROBINSON JUDY HOOKER JAMES HONEY BEDFORD HOWLAND BEDFORD FOREST ROWLAND, «on of Mr. F. Rowland of 5508 Chris has attended Altus High School for 3 years. He was bom Jan. 7. 1946 In Altus. Oklahoma. Bedford Is very Interested in science. After graduation he plans to study pharmacy but has not decided where. DONNA MARIE RUSSELL I the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manford Irvin Steensgard She attended all of lwr school years in Altus High School and Goldsboro Senior High School, in North Carolina. She has been in G CIuJ 3 years. Pep Club 3 years. Collar 1 year assemblies - years. Donna plans to attend Oklahoma University. KAREN JOY RUSSELL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Russell, has lived in Altus all her life. She has been active in band 2. Pep Club 1. Latin Club 2. Journalism «distant 1 Jr. Sr. Banquet. Collar staff 2. and delegate to Okla- homa Girls State. Karen plans to attend OSU where she will major in Journalism. STANLEY RUST is the son of Mrs. Mayme Ruth Rust. He has been active in band and JETS, andt d for first place in trig. at SWIM and was a Merit Commendation winner. His plans are to attend MIT where he will major in math and minor in chemistry. Stanley hopes to be a computer programmer. ROY SEWELL, son of Mr and Mrs. Cliff Sewell, was born in Paris. Arkansas, on September 4. 1946. He has attended Altus High exclusively. Roy is an automobile enthusiast, and he enjoys drag-racing. After graduation he plans to attend Texas Technological University, but has not an- nounced his major. GARY SHEPARD, son of the J. B. Alexanders, was born here in Altus on December 22. 1945 and resides at the Friendship Inn. Gary has attended Altus High for all three years. He was active in football and track. After graduation from Altus High. Gary plans to attend Cameron College and then Oklahoma University. FRED SHERMAN, son of Colonel and Mrs. Fred P. Sher- man. attended Burkburnett High School before coming to Altus High School. Fred was active in Carol Club. Latin Club. Science Club, football, track and basketball. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. Fred plans to attend Baylor or Texas to major In dentistry. WILLIAM ROBINSON, son of Major and Mrs. Lewis M Robinson, has attended Altus High all 3 years. He has been active in Key Club 1. Spanish Club 2. the Junior Play, the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and football 1. Bill was a Merit Com- mendation winner and plans to attend the University of Michigan to major in Engineering. TAMES RONEY, the son of the James R. Roneys, was born in Hartford. Alabama, on December 31. 1945. He was elected President of his Sophomore class and also 'Most Popular Sophomore Boy.' James has been active in foot- ball for two vears at Altus High. He is undecided as to attending a college. JUDY ROOKER. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ander- son Rooker. has been active in Pep Club. Spanish Club, was on the Collar staff. Jr. Sr. Banquet program and was elected ‘ Best Looking both her Sophomore and Junior years. Her hobbles include sewing and cooking. Judy plans to attend OSU and major In dramatics and home ec. DONNA RUSSELL KAREN RUSSELL STAN RUST ROY SEWELL GARY SHEPARD FRED. SHERMAN 49Classics Still Have Appeal For ’Seniors TERRY SHERMAN LOREN SIMMS DARLENE SINIARD AUDREY SMILEY JANICE SMITH BETTY SNOW TERRY SHERMAN, thp son of M Sgt. and Mrs. Don T. Sherman, was born in Georgetown. Illinois. He previously attended Hamilton Township High School before coming to Altus High. The sports he participates in include swimming and billiards. He collects stamps and classifies coins for a hobby. Terry’s future plans are indefinite. LOREN SIMMS, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Simms, was boro in Hobart. Oklahoma. He resides at 900 N. Willard. He has attended both Altus Jr. High and Altus High School. His hobbies include amateur radio and astronomy. Loren plans to attend Muskogee College and become an electronic technician. DARLENE WYNELL SINIARD. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Siniard was born in Altus and has attended Altus schools since the first grade. Darlene was active in DE 2 years. PE and Collar staff 1 year. Her hobbies are skating artd swimming. She plans to attend Altus Junior College and major in business. AUDREY ANN SMILEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Smiley, has been active in Pep Club 3 years. Spanish Club 1 year. DECA 1 year. Physical Education, and was DE queen her junior year. Her hobbies include dancing and swimming. Audrey plans to attend Draughon’s Business School in Wichita Falls, Texas. JANICE KAY SMITH Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Smith. She was born in Altus and has attended High School here all three years. Janice was band queen. She has been active In Spanish Club. Glee Club, and band. Her hobbies include swimming and twirling. After graduation. Janice will probably attend Altus Junior College. BETTY SNOW, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Snow, has attended Altus High School all 3 years. She was active in Glee Club 3 years. Pep Club three vears. and Spanish Club two years. She participated in the Jr.-Sr. Banquet, and the junior and senior plays. Betty plans to attend San Angelo Nursing School. JERRI LYNN SNOW, daughter of Mrs. Gladys Snow, was active in Varsity Choir, band. Glee Club. Pep Club. Spanish Club. Jr. Play. All School Production. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. She was a twirler. a member of the senior trio and went to Girl’s State. KAREN SPOON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Fergu- son. has been active in Glee Club. Pep Club, in which she has served as secretary treasurer. Spanish Club, in which she was Queen attendant, and Varsity Choir. Her hobby is water skiing. Karen plans to attend OU. but is uncertain as to what her major will be. SHARON SPOON, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ferguson. She has been active In Glee Club. Spanish Club. Varsity Choir. She has made Top Ten percent, been in assemblies. Junior Play and Junior-Senior Banquet. Sharon plans to attend Oklahoma University but has not yet chosen a major. LILA STANFILL. the daughter of Mrs. Bertha Stanfill. has attended Altus High all three years and has been active In library 1 and PE 1. She is a Candy Stripper and a member of Rainbow Girls. Lila plans to attend AJC and then go on to Oklahoma Baptist University to study busi- nes and religious education. JERRI LYNN SNOW KAREN SPOON SHARON SPOON LILA STANFILL 50JON OSCAR STEINER, the son of Lt Col. and Mr». J. O. Steiner was born In Rochester. New York. He has previ- ously attended K isers e autem American High School In Germany He has been active In baseball and other sports which include football. He is also fond of many other sports. Jon plans to attend OU. BETTY JO STEPHENS, the daughter of the Major and Mrs J. J. Stephens, has attended the Altus Senior High School all three years. Her activities Include Glee Club, Pep Club. Latin. Spanish Club and was in the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. Her hobbies include sewing and water skiing. Betty plans to attend Oklahoma State University. DALE STIVER, son of Major and Mrs. M. M. Stiver, was born in Ventura. California on June 4. 1946. He has at- tended Altus High during all his high school years. His hobbies are surfing and sports cars. He has participated in band. After high school graduation. Dale plans to attend Altus Junior College. SHEILA LYNN STOCKTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Boyce Stockton, has been active in French Club one year. Glee Club two years, and Pep Club one year. She went to Clalremont High School during her Junior year. Sheila plans to attend San Diego State University, but has not decided on her major. CARLOTTA STOUT is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stout. She was born here in Altus on December 17. 1945. and has attended Altus High School all three years. Her activities include office and physical education. Her hobby is sewing. Cariotta plans to attend Oklahoma State Univer- sity and major in Home Economics. BRENT STOWE, son of the Francis M. Stowes, was bom in Blair. Oklahoma on October 22. 1944. Brent, as the short- est member of the Class of '64. was a familiar sight on the Altus campus and took all the Jokes with good humor. Brent’s hobby is cars. He plans to attend AJC, and then a state college. BENNY STROUD is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stroud. He has attended Altus High School all three years and has been active in both basketball and track. Benny has not decided whether he will go to college. If he does, he will probably choose Cameron Agricultural College or Oklahoma State University. JEFFREY A. SWITT is the son of Capt. and Mrs. E. C. Swltt. He has previously attended Highland Park High in Topeka. Kansas. He was in the Jr. Play and the Sr. Play. His favorite sports Include golf, swimming, and billiards. He won 2nd place in the 1962 Jr. Golf tournament. Jeffrey plans to attend AFROTC at OU. LATIN HAS modem meaning for Jane Lagree and David Martin who recite the pledge of allegiance a la Caesar. Realizing its importance as a prerequisite for numerous college courses, many seniors have had Latin. What makes an educated person? This is the question many seniors ask themselves as they look toward the future. Increasing emphasis on the languages has prompted approximately 20 percent of the 196 4 class to elect both a modern and a classical language. Audio-visual equip- ment is used for all instruction in language labs. JON STEINER CARLOTTA STOUT HETTY STEPHENS BRENT STOWE DALE STIVER BENNY STROUD SHEILA STOCKTON JEFFREY SWITT 51Math And Science Demand Seniors Time BOB TALLEY GLENDA TATE JIMMY THOMPSON TERRY TISDALE TERRY TISDALE is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Tisdale. While attending high schools in Cheyenne. Wyo., Orlando. Fla., and Port Lyantey. Morocco, she has been active in basketball, intramurals and the Sorocco paper staff in Morocco. Her hobby is photography. Terry plans to attend AJC. JOE TRAMMEL, the son of Mrs. Delores V. Kimball, was born in Quanah. Texas. He has previously attended high school at Burns Flat and Cordell. Okla. His hobbies include hunting, working on rifles and outdoor activities. After Joe graduates, he plans to enter the Army or the Marines as a career. BARBARA TUCKER, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tucker, was bom In Detroit. Michigan. She has been active in Pep Club for three years, in plays, and the Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet. Her hobbies include art. piano, and swimming. Bar- bara plans to be a nurse and attend St. Anthony's School of Nursing in Oklahoma City. TAVY VILLANUEVA, the son of S Sgt. R. B. Villanueva, was born in Harlingen. Texas, and has attended Altus High School. His extra-curricular activities included Distribu- tive Education. His hobbies include collecting model war planes, ships, and tanks. Tavy plans to attend college or a service academy when he graduates. ROGER VILLINES. son of Capt. and Mrs. James Villines. was born in Roswell, New Mexico on April 5. 194ft. He has attended Altus High exclusively and was active in band while attending school. His hobby is music. After gradua- tion. Roger plans to attend college, but he is undecided upon the college. KEITH WALKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Walker, attended all three years of senior high school in Altus. He was a member of the Collar staff and participated in the Jr.-Sr. Banquet. He plans to attend Oklahoma State Uni- versity but has not decided upon a major. His hobbies are reading and hunting. JAMES WALLS, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Walls, resides at 1061 Dill Street. James attended Eielson High School in Fairbanks. Alaska. His extra-curricular activities include Latin Club and Lettermen'a Club, basketbal. foot- ball and track. His hobbies include photography and hunt- ing. After graduation, James hopes to travel. BOB TALLEY, son of Mrs. Opal S. Talley, was bom In Ada. Oklahoma. March 2ft. 1944. He has been going to Altus High for three years. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and he is interested in art work. After graduation. Bob plans to Join the Army. GLENDA TATE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Tate of 327 Cameron Dr., was born in Olney, Texas, on July 10. 1946. Her high school activities have Included basketball 3 yrs . library 2 yrs.: Spanish Club 2 yrs., and Collar staff. Glenda's plans include attending Altus Junior College to major in business. JIMMY THOMPSON, son of Mrs. Ada Thompson, was bom In Olustee. but has attended schools here exclusively. His activities include football. Jr. program. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. FFA one year. Collar staff one year. His hobby is cars. Jimmy plans to attend Southwestern State College and major in business. JOE TRAMMEL BARBARA TUCKER TAVY VILLANUEVA ROGER VILLINES KEITH WALKER JAMES WALLS 52BARBARA SUE WARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Demsey Ward was bom in Altu», and has attended Altu» school» since the first grade. Her activities at Altus High have included Glee Club 1. Pep Club 3. PE 1. DE 1. Jr. Sr. Banquet and the Collar sUff. After graduation. Barbara plans to attend Beauty School. JOHN CLEVELAND WARLICK. son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bills, was bom in Altus. July 5. 1946. He has at- tended Altus schools only. John's activities include the Jr. Play Junior-Senior Banquet, football, and track. He plans to attend Oklahoma State University, although he has not decided on a probable major. DANNA WARRINGTON, daughter of M Sgt. and Mrs. Dan J. Warrington, was born in Windsor. Canada. She has attended high school in Lakenheath. England and Gettys- burg Penn., before enrolling at AHS. Her hobbies Include basketball, swimming and tennis. Donna plans to study at Lady Clariol School of Beauty in London. England. BARBARA WATSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Watson, was born on October 7. 1946. in Altus and has attended schools here. Her activities Include Collar 1. Peo Club 3. Spanish Club 1. DE 1. Jr. Sr. Banquet. Girl's PE 1 Barbara's hobbies include dancing and swimming. Her plans for the future are indefinite. DANNY WAX. son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Wax. was bom In Hobart. Oklahoma, on August 26. 1946. He has attended Altus High School all 3 years and has been active in physical education. His hobbles Include coin collecting and drawing. Danny plans to attend Oklahoma University and major in architecture. ELAINE WELLS, the daughter of Dorothy Wells, has formerly attended Sayre High School. Her activities Include band 3 years. Glee Club 1 year, and basketball 3 years. At Sayre she was the drum maior and in the district honor band. Elaine plans to attend Southwestern State and major in medical technology. JANET WENDT, daughter of M Sgt. and Mrs. Forey Hutchinson, was bom In Middletown. Ohio, and previously attended Fenwick High School there. She was a member of the drill team, library staff, and Glee Club. Her hobbies are sewing, reading and swimming. Janet plans to attend beauty school after graduation. CHERYL WESSON, daughter of Col. and Mrs. Fredrick J. Wesson, resides at Five Command Circle. She has pre- viously attended Bums Flat High School where she was active in Glee Club. She enjoys music very much. Cheryl plans to major in sociology at Texas Women's University in Denton. BARBARA WARD JOHN WARUCK DANNY WAX ELAINE WELLS 'i J 4 SKIP FIORETTI and Mike Williams recheck a problem in trig during a brief study hall period. Such moments become doubly serious as term test time draws nearer. Advanced math students had the opportunity of electing: a before school course in computers, and a second term course in analytics. Both classes had capacity enrollment each semester. DANNA WARRINGTON JANET WENDT BARBARA W ATSON CHERYL WESSON 53AVIS WHITWORTH THOMAS WILLIAMS LAWRENCE WILKS JESSE WILLIS LINDA WILLIAMS GARY WILSON MIKE WILLIAMS PAUL WILSON AVIS WHITWORTH, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whitworth, has attended Altus schools all her life. She was active in Glee Club where she was in the senior trio. She has been in All state Chorus. Girls’ Glee Club, plays, and was the French Club Queen attendant. She plans to at- tend OU. LAWRENCE WILKS, the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Wilks, has attended Altus schools exclusively. At Altus High he was active in Distributive Education, the Collar staff, football, track, and Altus Round-Up Club. His hobbies include cars, hunting, fishing and norses. Law- rence’s future plans are indefinite. LINDA WILLIAMS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Williams, was born on Oct. 16. 1946, in Altus, and has at- tended schools here. Her activities include PE. Collar staff member, and on the Junior-Senior Banquet committee. Her hobbies include bowling and reading. Her plans after graduation are indefinite. MIKE WILLIAMS is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Will- iams. Mike’s activities include Key Club. Glee Club, Play Casts. Jr. Sr. Banauet. Spanish Club, and Varsity Choir. He was in basketball and track. Mike was Freshman salut- atorian and was a member of the honor roll. Mike plans to attend OU to major in architectural engineering. THOMAS WILLIAMS is the son of T Sgt. and Mrs. George Terashlta. He attended Yamato High School In Tokyo before coming here. Tom has been active In football, track, basketball, and weight lifting. His hobbles include train- ing and racing horses. Tom’s plans for the future include attending a Texas college. JESSE WILLIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Willis, was bom April 23. 1946. In Batavia. New York. Jesse has attended Altus High School for three years and is active In FFA. He plans to attend OSU. majoring in agronomy. Jesse plans to buy a farm and follow agriculture as an occupation after graduation. GARY WILSON, son of Mrs. Ada Wilson, was bom in Ardmore. Oklahoma. September 8. 1946. They reside at 513 Chris. Gary has attended Altus High School for three years where he has been active in Distributive Education. His hobbies are cars. Gary plans to attend Oklahoma Univers- ity. but hasn't yet decided on a major. PAUL WILSON, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ramey E. Wilson, has been active in Glee Club. JETS. Key Club, baseball, and basketball while attending AHS. He was In the top 10 per cent his Jr. year. Honor Roll, and Vice-president of Boys’ Glee Club. Paul plans to attend OCU where he will possibly major In psychology. MECHANICAL DRAWING with girls? Carlyn Bailey and Kathy Hess were among several senior girls who elected the course in 1964 and plan to use it for college course prerequisites, for science and fashion careers. 54Seniors Anticipate Changing Future World POLLY WILSON MIKE ZEAMAN GARY WINSETT APPRECIATION IS re- flected by Seniors Charlie Howard, Jerry Duck, and Dan Austin as they view the U. S. Constitution gift of the Jackson County Bar. BELOW: Last day of first term in Mrs. Paul Flippin’s Eng- lish IV class is study time for Richard Decker, Richard Haven, Paul Hauk, Bill Robinson, Jess Willis, Jeff Fleming, Dwight Dennis, Bill Rey- nolds, Colleen Moore, Ann Gragg. POLLY WILSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wilson, has attended Altus Schools for 12 years. She was active In Spanish Club 2. Pep Club 3. Glee Club 2 DE I. Jr. Sr. Banquet and Collar staff. Polly plans to attend Oklahoma State University and Kansas City University where she will major In dental hygiene. GARY WINSETT. son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Q. Winsett. has been active in Key Club, all school productions, foot- ball 3. and was elected most popular Junior boy. and Senior Class President. He was elected to Boys State and was Sooner candidate for Lt. Governor. Gary plans to attend OSU and SMU where he will study law. MIKE ZEAMAN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zeaman. has lived in Altus all his life. His activities Include band 3 years. Key Club 3. assemblies 3. Latin Club 2. Top Ten 2. SWIM 2. Jr. Sr. Banquet 2. play casts 2 and the Collar staff. Mike plans to attend Texas U. and major in a field of dramatic arts. 55FIRST ROW: Larry Abernathy, Jane Ackerman, Bar Nancy Barnes, Robert Barnett, Johnny Barrow, Susan bara Ackerman, Kay Adair, Bobby Alexander, Don Bates, Gary Bearden, Dee Dee Becker, Gayle Bellah. Alexander, Coy Allen, Sylvia Allen. SECOND ROW: FOURTH ROW: Ellen Beseler, Gregory Birtciel, Charles Jayme Alter, Jimmy Anderson, Patricia Anstead, Minnie Blankenship, Gary Blevins, Mandy Blevins, Don Bowen, Ardry, Don Arney, Gavin Auchterlonie, James Back- Beverly Boyd, Michael Bradley, herms, Dawn Barker. THIRD ROW: Brooks Barkwill, Juniors Plan Ahead Now For Future Years Junior year is one of decision making. Students must complete math, language, English, and science requirements during the final two years in school. Searching college catalogues for en- trance requirements becomes all but frenzied toward the last semester. For- some juniors, this preparation began when they started school. Others did not really plan on college until their high school year. Faculty members, as well as the school’s counselor, Mr. Adrian Rankin, work with students to help them erase deficits in requirements and plan toward college years. Vocational advice is also given. JUNIOR CLASS parents. Dr. and Mrs. Malcom Molli- son and Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Diltz, look over space age math problems in AHS' new laboratory in Mr. Earl Newberry’s room. Junior students use the labora- tories every hour of the day for advance study-in math. 56FIRST ROW: Phyllis Brake, Carol Broadwell, Ken rene Bush, Don Butler, Linda Byers, Carole Byrd, Alain Brunhuber, Betty Bullard, Jerry Burden, Janis Burdick, Campbell, Jim Campbell, Chris Carless, Barry Carroll. Donald Burk, Sharron Burton. SECOND ROW': Kathe- FIRST ROW’: Shirley Carroll, Ann Chatterton, Cecil Chesser, Sylvia Chumley, Stuart Ciccone, Roberta Clark, Eddie Coe, Brian Cole. SECOND ROW': Lyndell Cole- man, Brenda Collier, Ann Conatser, Frances Coria, Sherri Coppage, Anna Creasser, John Creasser, Carol Creed. THIRD ROW: Hub Crelia, James Crockett. Judy Cupp, Deannice Davis, Jackie Davis, Liz Davis, Carolyn Dennis, Nancy Denton. FOURTH ROW’: Jack Diltz. Carole Sue Dixon, Fred Doak, Merlin Dobbins, Joe Dobbs, Steve Doughty, Sandra Douglas, Terry Dowdy. 57FIRST ROW: Donald Duke, James Duke, Jimmv Dun- Gatos, Jack Gayler, Thad Gembacz, Clifton Gentry, can, Craig: Dunn. Elaine Eddings, Jeanene Edwards, Shann Gibson, Tommy Gilbert. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Linda Ellis, Tim Fenell. SECOND ROW: Linda Fisher, Goodwin, Karen Gordon, Lynn Gordon, Patsy Gorr, Jane Flowers, Shirley Flowers, James Foster, Steve Suzanne Goss, Howard Gover, Janet Grant, Candy Foster, Linda Fueglein, Joan Gallagher, Jean Garnett. Graves. THIRD ROW: Eddie Garvin, Jo Anne Garvin, Larry FIRST ROW: Carl Green, Gary Green, Howard Green, ley, Mike Hadsel, Terry Haines, Janet Hale, Vickey Kenneth Green, Sherry Green, Steve Grider, Phil Hamilton, John Harazda, Margie Hardie, Wilma Harris. Grimes, Curtis Gwaltney. SECOND ROW: Peggy Had- 58JUNIOR CLASS sponsors, Mr. Bill L. Tipton, Mrs. Paul Flip- pin, Miss Glade Clemons, and Mr. Don Jones, check over the list of the 1963-64 Junior students at Altus High and the various projects planned throughout the year. In addi- tion to their regular classroom duties, these four teachers help to supervise and support Junior Class activities, such as the Junior-Senior Banquet, the Jun- ior Play, the junior candy sales, and class elections. Class spon- sors play a very important role in individual student counseling. Junior Class Sponsors Carry Extra Loads FIRST ROW: Dennis Hawkins, Fran Heard, Anna Heidebrecht, Pam Henderson, Brad Henry, Noal Henry, Gary Herbert, Gilda Hernandez. SECOND ROW: Roy Hernandez, Brenda Hert, Robert Hickey, Larry Higgs, Mary A. Hill, Mary L. Hill, Don Holdridge, Diane Hollingsworth. THIRD ROW: Steve Hoover, Rayford Hopkins, Bill Hoyt, Alice Hudman, Jeanne Hunt, Dar- lene Hurdstrom, Kathryn Jackson, Mike James. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Jewell, David Jones, Jolene Kelly, Larry Kelley, Anna Kimball, Ralph King, Terry King, Richard Kouba. 59FIRST ROW: Carol Kraatz, Jim Laird, Larry LaMar, Lingle, Dana Lovett, Dale McAskill, Jan McAskill, Dale Dina Lange, John Larma, David Lay, Joan Ledbetter, McClure, Eddie MacDonald, Bruce McGill. Richard Lees. SECOND ROW: Gloria Leonard, David r FIRST ROW: Bobby McKenzie, Linda McKenzie, Mike McLaughlin, Eugene McNeely, Keith Malony, Margaret Mann, Pamela Maple, Freddie Marshall. SECOND ROW’: Larry Martin, Gary Massey. Van Maxwell. Mike Mayfield, Gregory Milani, Jeff Miller, Stanley Miller. John Mills. THIRD ROW: Patty Mollison, Rita Moore, Danette Morehead, Keith Morgan, Aurthur Morton. Bill Munson, Janet Murphy, Terry Murrell. FOURTH ROW': Lana Nall, Phil Neely, Judy Neil, Robert Nel- son, Marcia Netherton, Donna Nichols, Mike Norcross. Darrell Norton. 60FIRST ROW: Mike O’Neal, Robert Ortega, Shucki Overton, Ruth Oxford, Jim Parrish, Lois Parish, Floyd Parks, Linda Parsons. SECOND ROW’: Nancy Pate, Jim Percival, John Percival, Diane Perkins, Beth Perry, David Peters, Carolyn Phillips, Marilyn Phillips. THIRD ROW’: Suedie Pittman, Ronnie Pitts, Kathlene Plosiay, Randy Pollard, Larry Poore, Anna Post, Mike Powers, Dorothy Price. FOURTH ROW': Linda Price, Patsy Pride, Myra Pritts, Beverly Purcell, Neal Quigley, Joy Ratcliff, Eddie Reed, Larry Reser. Juniors Gain Valuable Work Experiences AHS juniors of 1963-64, numbering 306, usually take more subjects during this year than either their sophomore or senior year. It is at this time that most students prefer to take the Merit Test and apply for scholarships at the college or university of their choice. Juniors at AHS gain valuable experience, which will be helpful in future years, by working together on the Jr.-Sr. Banquet and the Junior Play, high- lights of the year. Most consider their junior year one of challenge, and of opportunities. JUNIOR CLASS officers, Steve Doughty, president; Jack Diltz, vice-president; Jayme Alter, treasurer; and Susan Bates, secretary, have a high view sitting upon a painter’s scaffold while Altus High School s new building addition is still in the near completion stage. Most of these students have had previous experience in doing the various duties required of them as officers. 61FIRST ROW: Nancy Reutlinger, Bobby Richardson, SECOND ROW': Rhana Robison, Daphne Rowland, Fred Gayle Richardson, Robby Roberson, Anita Roberts, Sohmedt, Richard Schmidt, Jim Sewell, Randel Shadid, Johnny Roberts, Kathy Roberts, Tanna Robertson. Billy Shelton, Virginia Shepard. FIRST ROW’: Linda Sherman, Sammy Sherwood, Bar- bara Shook, Jo Ann Sillivent, Tommy Simpson, Alison Smith, Patty Smithling, Rickey Sonleiter. SECOND ROW’: Steve Spear, Craig Spraggins, Kathy Standlee, Ronnie Stanfill, Jackie Steeves, Mike Stock, Betty Strickland, Kay Suttle. THIRD ROW: Jackie Tarter, Cathy Thatcher, Keith Thomason, Betty Thompson, Robert Thompson, Bruce Thul, Larry Tillery, Linda Townsend. FOl’RTH ROW’: Betty Tucker, Ray Tucker, Rick Ullom, Walley Ure, Ralph Van Oostrum, Rodette Varner, Janet Vinyard, Connie Vorhes. 62AHS Juniors Assume New Responsibilities FIRST ROW: Danny Walker, Jimmy Walker, Marie Walker, Karen Walters, Linda Ware, Charlie Watson, Nona Weber, John Weems. SECOND ROW: Linda Wells, Bill West, Lynn White, Roger White, Sue Whitis, Jeanie Whittington, Keith Williamson, Jim Willis. THIRD ROW: Mike Willis, Barbara Wims, John Wink- ler, Julie Woodard, Teddy Woods, Kent Woolums, Cindy Worley, Rick Wrobel. FOURTH ROW: Judy Yates, Larry Yee, Keith Young, Kathy Youngblood. By tradition, the AHS Junior Class assumes responsibilities of financing, planning, and en- tertaining senior students, faculty members, and distinguished guests at the graduation banquet. Altus High School class events are widely known for their excellence in produc- tion, casting, and continuity. For instance, the Junior-Senior Banquet program is a musical comedy written by students and produced under the supervision of the faculty members. It entails several weeks of scenery construction and rehearsals. For the final night, formally dressed seniors arrive for the gala production and are lavishly served a full three-course meal. JACKI E STEEVES and Larry Abernathy wait their turn while Fran Heard, one of the first in line, carries out the junior candy assigned to her. About 95 per- cent of the juniors participated in the candy sales, and approximately $900.00 was raised. 63FIRST ROW: Sammie Aboussie, Gary Adams, Jacque ROW: Tommy Baker, Anna Barker, John Barkwill, Aduddell, Lucy Aguero, Lupe Aguero, Ricky Aldrete, Harold Barnthson, John Bates, Ronald Belew, Robert Dana Alexander, Chalmus Allen. SECOND ROW: Eddie Belter, Larry Bennett. FOURTH ROW: Lynda Besett, Allen, Lynn Allen, Mary Altus, Bobby Anderson, Judy Pam Bess, John Bezy, Kenneth Bilyeu, Bruce Birtciel, Anglund, Pam Atwater, Mike Avey, Jack Baker. THIRD Virginia Bonds, Larry Bosenbark, Marlise Bowers. FIRST ROW: Mark Briscoe, Barbara Bryan, Douglas Calkins, Brenda Campbell, Mackey Carder, Nancy Buck, Pearl Bunce, Margie Burris, Chester Butler, Carder, Barbara Carpenter, Jean Carver, Jimmy Caster, Eugena Cagle, Peggy Cale. SECOND ROW: Larry Jackie Causey. 64Sophomore class parents, like their sons and daughters, soon learn what it means to be a Bulldog. Being a Bulldog means backing all school events, and attending school functions. Parents are present for such class activities as assemblies, Sopho- more-Senior tea, the all-class party, and special academic events, including open- houses. Class parents are elected with class officers, at the first meeting in the fall. Although entailing work, it also is con- sidered to be an honor, worth the effort. SOPHOMORE CLASS parents for 1963, Maior and Mrs. Brad Henry and Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Robertson, admire the PE lobby memorial mosiac showing the AHS symbol and Bulldog head. CLASS PARENTS Parents Adopt Class FIRST ROW: Kay Cavitt, Vince Chabot, Phyllis Che- nault, Grace Choate, Betty Clark, Bill Clark, Paula Clements, Jimmy Cline. SECOND ROW: Donna Collier, Bill Cook, Cheryl Corey, Donna Coria, Freddie Creed, Bobby Crouch, Linda Crumley, Douglas Culp. THIRD ROW: Richard Cunningham, Sherry Curtis, Bobby of 313 Jr. Members Darwin, Paul Daugherty, Florence Deatherage, Toni DeRuvo, Kay Deutch, Ann DiCindio. FOL'RTH ROW: James Dickson, Jane Doak, Janice Duncan, George Dunegan, Brenda Duvall, Benny Edwards, Sue Edwards, Patricia Eley.FIRST ROW: Curtis Elliot, Suzanne Elwick, Larry Fisher, Diane Fleming, Beverly Forrester, Marilyn Evans, Charles Everett, Juanita Everett, Jack Fancher, Forst, Jerry Foster, Robert Foster, Kay Fox, Scott Lynn Faulkner, Paul Finke. SECOND ROW: Cathy Frederick. FIRST ROW: Greg Gates, Louitha George, Norman Giroux, Terry Glenaenning, Jane Goodwin, Jenny Gools- by, Bobby Gordon, Mike Gordon. SECOND ROD: Cathy Gouge, Ronnie Graham, Gary Green, Raymond Green, Ricky Green, Stephen Green, Julie Haliday, Sherry Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Wilbur Hammack, Linda Hammet, Madeleine Harbison, Charles Harris, Janice Hatton, Albert Hayes, Brenda Haynie, Janice Hays. FOURTH ROW: Jean Henderson, Tom Henderson, Bobby Henry, Carolyn Henry, John Hernandez, Pat Herrin, Loyd Hestand, Jimmy Hillard. 66FIRST ROW: Troy Hillard, Cathy Hillemeyer, Christy Jennifer Jones, Jonnie Jones, Jess Karr, Cathy Kastner, Hillemeyer, Jimmy Hines, Pam Hinkle, George Hogan, Carolyn Kelly, John Kimball. FOURTH ROW': Lucia Dennis Holmes, Sharon Homan. SECOND ROW: Linda Kyes, Cynthia Kyrzakos, Larry LaFon, Janet Laird, Hooton, Larry Hopp, Paul Horton, Margaret Howard, Carla Lamb, Don Lampshire, Kerry Larma, Louanna Cindy Hunt, Diane Hurdstrom, Linda Izzo, Jo Ann Law. Jeffreys. THIRD ROW: John Johnson, Chad Jones, SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Teachers Assist In Soph. Class Projects Although teaching a full load of classes, Sophomore sponsors find time to work closely with tenth grade students, be present at all class meetings and see that Sophomore business is car- ried out efficiently. Class of 1966 now has 313 members. SOPHOMORE CLASS sponsors are Mr. Buel Garvin, biology; Mrs. Bob Rooker, Spanish; Mrs. D. A. Shirley, home economics; Mr. Earl Newberry, mathema- tics, and Mrs. Kester Lackey, English. They work with Sophs. 67Almost every student at AHS takes geome- try, usually during the sophomore year. Many attended class in the mathematics laboratory under Mr. Cortis Martin. Stu- dents do not use paper for their drawings. They utilize the lab desk tops. After a theorem is proved they simply erase what they have done and are ready to begin a new problem. Much time is saved, and problems are easier to perceive in this way. RAYMOND GREEN saves his paper by using the top of his math lab desk to prove a geometry problem. Desks are gridded for space age methods MATH LABS Geometry Pupils Use Newest Equipment FIRST ROW: Sheila Lawson, Bob Lelbach, Austin Lawton, Jeff Litvak, Mike Long, Donald Scott, Errol Lovell, Hal Lovett. SECOND ROW': Thomas Lower, Ronnie Low ranee, Don McAskill, Mary McAskill, Ruth Ann McCarty, Susan McDermott, Pat McDonald, Wayne Me Endree.THIRD ROW:Pat McGinley, Ronnie McKeaigg, Cecil McKinnes, George McQueen, Barbara Malena, Catheline Martin, Joe Mason, Dennis Massey. FOURTH ROW: Ray Medlin, Mary Ellen Medlock, Steve Merida, Ernie Middleton, Glenn Miller, Sherry Mims, Linda Mitchell, Jerry Monroe. 68FIRST ROW: Mary Montoya, Jerry Moran, Robin Darrel Palmer, Linda Parsley .Barbara Parsons, Margaret Moreau, Michael Morgan, George Morin, Sydney Maser, Parsons, Eufala Pate, Craig Phelps. FOURTH ROW: Steve Mullinax, Mike Murray. SECOND ROW: Sue Roger Pippin, Shirley Porter, Tim Potts, Patty Pryor, Murrell, Roger Myatt, Butch Neasley Sharon Newlin, Donna Rayburn, Sally Reagan, Judy Redmon, Robert Sharon Newson, Marie Nickell, Mark Osborn, Carmen Reynolds. Ortega. THIRD ROW: Sherry Owens, Jimmy Oxford, FIRST ROW: Jeff Rinker, Darrel Ritchie, Larry Rob- Beverly Roney, Cynthia Rowan, Sheryl Runividge, Gail bins, Peggy Robbins, Tommy Roberts, Gay Nell Robert- Sanderlin, Ruth Scoggin, Janie Seamon, Steve Shadid, son, David Roberson, Brenda Rogers. SECOND ROW': Glenda Shawn. 69FIRST ROW: Bob Shipman, William Sholar,Myrna ROW’: James Stout, James Stuart, Phyllis Sumner, Shoupe, Karen Slack, Barbara Smith, Mary Smith, Sheryl Suttle, Paula Syptak, Pat Talley, Tommy Talley, Paula Smith. SECOND ROW’: Linda Southern, Mitzie Alicia Tew. FOURTH ROW: John Thaggard, Jack Standlee, Connie Stan fill, Tommy Stapp, Mike Starr, Thomas, Allan Thompson, Valerie Thompson, Rodney Sue Stephen, Shelly Stewart, Gary Stockton. THIRD Tidwell, Billy Tigert, Linda Tigert, Susan Tims. FIRST ROW’: Judy Triplett, Marilyn Troy, Barry Eddie Walls, Janice Wallace, Danny Ware, Wraldo Tyree, Nita Vance, Velma Vance, John Villines, Jane Ware, Lee Weems, Linda Wheeler, Jennifer Wilbom. Walker, Janey Walker. SECOND ROW: Connie Wallace, 70FIRST ROW: Bob Williams, Diane Williams, Dorothy Wilson. Larry Wilson, Melanie Wmdle, Ann Winsett, Williams, Judy Williams, Mike Williams, Tony Williams, Mike Winters, Richard Woolridge, Sandra Wozmak, Karen Willis, Betty Wilson. SECOND ROW: Charles Linda Yarbrough. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Leaders Elected For The First Year READING Charles Dickens’ novel, “A Tale of Two Cities” is an important part of the English II class studies. Every sophomore at Altus High is re- Marion Zumbro quire-d to read the book. Interest is evidenced by this group of Mrs. Ora Dale Rodgers' students. READING DICKENS "Tale of Two Cities” has its light moments for Carla Lamb, Janey Walker, Mary Osborne and Jane Walker, sophomores. Part of the democratic operation of the sopho- more class involves the election of class officers each year. Officials then schedule class meet- ings, carrying out the wishes of members in arranging sophomore projects. These include parties, plans for the sophomore-senior tea, and class projects for the school. It’s all a part of becoming a full-fleged “Bulldog” at Altus High. HEADING class activities were Bobby Darwin, presi- dent; Larry Calkins, vice-president; and Paul Finke, secretary-treasurer. Their terms end June 1, with the close of school. Paul moved at end of the first semester.STUDENT LIFETwo roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by. Robert FrostOFFICERS Wallace Castle, pres.; Bill Aduddell, vice-pres.; Mr. Oliver Jones presents batons to Jerri Lynn and JoAnn Luikart. sec., host the district marching: contest Snow and Donna Aboussie for being outstand- by helping Shattuck Director Pat Malloy and Sandy Stewart. ing twirlers at the District Marching Contest. THAT ALTUS BAND Altus High Band Membership Is Growing FIRST ROW: Charlene Longley, Colleen Moore, Elaine Wells, Myrna Holland, Sue Murrell. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Luikart, Brooks Barkwill, Beverly Boyd, Betty Wilson, Anna Kimball, Sherry Curtis, Sue O’Rear, Hub Crelia. THIRD ROW: Jackie Aduddell, Glenda Everet, Nedra Glover, Pat Eley, Phyllis Chenault, Stephen Shadid, Janice Smith, Jane Walker, Charles Doll, Allen Powell, Don Bowen, Mike Powell, Roger Villines, Van Maxwell, David Peters. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Wozniak, Linda Izzo, Janice Hays, Donna Aboussie, Jane Goodwin, Austin Lewtin, Doug Culp, Chalmus Allen, Ronnie Pitts. STANDING: Mr. Nick Moody, Mr. Don Leavitt, Mr. James Rogers, directors. 74“That Altus Band" began practice two weeks before school started in order to be ready for its first football game half-time show, and those which followed at weekly intervals. Rehears- als were held from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. daily until the beginning of classwork. Fall practice schedules began at 8:00 a.m. Original forma- tions, designed by Mr. Don Leavitt and his assistants, Mr. James Rogers and Mr. Nick Moody were mastered by Charlene Longley, drum major. Band members memorized both steps and music scores. Some shows proved so popular with spectators that they were repeated by request. Fans at Stillwater gave the band an encore, and letters of appreciation were sent from the OSU music faculty to the Board of Education. Twirlers for 1963-64 Janie Walker, Phyllis Chenault, Jerri Lynn Snow and Donna Aboussie, teamed with drum major Charlene Longley, (rive That Altus Band just one more thing of which to be proud. They performed as the march- ing leaders of the band. Directors, Leavitt, Rogers, and Moody chose the girls. New Instrumental Organizations Are Added FIRST ROW: Mike Zeaman, Mary McAskill, Jerri Lynn Snow, Sally Reagan, Stan Rust. SECOND ROW: Ann Gragg, Carol Lewtin, John Barkwill, Sheryl Runividge, Mary Montoya, James Crockett. Nancy Reutlinger, Margie Hardie, Phil Neely. THIRD ROW: Dale Silver, Jess Karr, George Morin, John Bezy, Charles Everett, Jess Haven, Mike Powers, Larry Higgs, John Kimball, John Nash, Sue McDermott. FOURTH ROW: Wayne McEndree, Johnny Villines, John Thaggard, Ralph Van Oostrum, Fred Schmedt, Dwane Lower, Wallace Castle. STANDING: Roger Pippen, Bill Aduddell, John Kelly, Mike Avey, Stephen Green, Madeleine Harbison, James Dickson. This was a historic moment. It was the first picture taken in the new Music Education Building. 75MEGAPHONE in hand Director Don Leavitt directs That Altus Band in a new show. Rehearsals began thirty minutes before school and continued through first period. Two shows usually were rehearsed simultaneously. THAT ALTUS BAND DIRECTOR Don K. Lea- vitt’s principal instrument is the clarinet. New Shows Staged For Game Half-Times Band parents helped finance the chartered buses for out-of-town football trips, as well as band appearances in festivals and the district and state marching contests. Two buses were required for the 80-member marching unit. Outstanding trips of the year included the Weatherford district concert contests, state marching contest at the University of Okla- homa, and the Tri-State Band Festival at Enid. Approximately a half-million persons saw the band in parades, in concerts and in special shows during the year. Uniforms in two shades of blue with white and silver trim were purchased to represent the highschool colors, and at the same time add show glamor to the unit’s gene- ral appearance. White shoes are required uni- form attire, and white hat plumes also are worn when the weather is suitable for marching. DRUM MAJOR Char- lene Longley began as a junior high major- ette, winning her place by try-out each year. GETTING READY to leave for the Stillwater game are Jane Goodwin, Madelene Harbison, Margie Hardy, Phyllis Chenault, Jerri Lynn Snow, Dwayne Lower, Mike Zeaman. Wallace Castle. Marv Montovo and Director Don Leavitt. On longer bus trips causal clothes were worn enroute. 76Going into its third year, the Down Beats provided musical background for many AHS ac- tivities. In addition to staging their own assemblies, and pro- viding accompaniment for oth- ers, the Down Beats assist with concert music for the school’s major productions. January 14 they went to Oklahoma City to participate in the invitational clinic for the ten best stage bands in the state. While there they appeared as guest per- formers on the Tom Paxton television show, Station WKY. DOWN BEATS are: First Row: Sherry Curtis, Sue O’Rear, Sheryl Runividge, JoAnn Luikart, Ann Gragg, Carol Lewton, Charlene Longley, Sue McDermott. Second Row: Ralph Van Oostrum, Wallace Castle, Dwayne Lower, Fred Schmedt. Third Row: Mike Powell, Roger Villines. Charles Doll, Don Bowen. Fourth Row: Allen Powell, Chalmus Allen, and Director Don Leavitt. SENIOR TRUMPET Trio directed by Mr. James Rogers includes Charles Doll, Roger Villines and Mike Powell. All are first chair concert musicians and members of the stage band, The Down Beats. GREETING VISITORS at the band party are Jeff Haven, Doug Culp, Johnnie Villines, John Barkwill, Charlene Longley, James Dickson, and Charles Everett. Band par- ents were hosts to the Shattuck High Band members. PIANIST, DIRECTOR and Arranger Don Leavitt is assisted by Central Junior High’s director, Mr. James Rogers and Northeast Junior High’s director, Mr. Nick. Moodv. Mr. Rogers and Mr. Moody both plav the trumpet and work with Mr. Leavitt in planning activities for the band, organizations, ensembles. Instrumental music in- struction begins at the sixth grade level in Altus schools. As a result only highly qualified musicians are admitted as members of senior high groups. Di- rectors Leavitt and assis- tants, Moody and Rogers, planned special events throughout the season. These included trips to Stillwater, to University of Oklahoma at Norman, to Six Flags over Texas at Fort Worth, and to the dis- trict concert contests at Weatherford. Directors al- so prepare special music scores, writing music for the occasion when needed. 77VARSITY CHOIR members are FIRST ROW: Glenda Felty, Avis Whitworth. Marv Nicholson. Carolyn Dennis, accompanist, Rhana Robison, LaDonna De- voll, Jerri Lynn Snow, Rayford Hopkins, George Leas, Ricky Ullom, Mike McLaughlin, Margaret Mann, Betty Stephens. SECOND ROW: Rita Moore, Ann Conatser, Linda Ellis, Joy Ratcliff, Jerry Evans, Bob Lalback, Lynn White. John Mills. Brian Cole. Kathv Roberts, Sylvia Chumley. THIRD ROW: Betty Bull- ard. Mary Cole. Pam Henderson, Hetty Thomas. Linda McKenzie, Dorothy Price, Eddie Garvin, Thad Gem- bacz, Jean Garnett, Jo Anne Garvin, Janet Vinyard. FOl’RTH ROW': Richard Haven, Vic Cleveland, Jim Percival, Donald Burk, Curtis Gwaltney, Leroy Kraatz, Paul Wjlson, Joe Mason, Mike Stock, Bob Nelson, Terry Phelps, John Percival. AVIS W’HITWORTH, Jerri Lynn Snow, and Diane Boyd make up the senior trio with LaDonna Devoll as accompanist. Senior trio began as a unit while still in junior high and has performed on a near-profes- sional schedule for four years, singing before audi- ances of hundreds both in Altus and surrounding areas. They have continuously brought home high ratings and honors from contests all over the state. Vocal groups from AHS maintain repertoires of program material. When civic clubs, mili- tary organizations, or women’s clubs need a program they call the school. Within min- utes, an ensemble is available. Some groups attend the same university or college and become collegiate headliners. These groups also perform in assemblies with both serious and humorous skits, of many varied types. SOPHOMORE Gf.EE CLUB officers, Patricia Eley, vice-president; Ruth Ann McCarty, secretary-trea- surer; and Jane Walker check over new music se- lections for the use of the Sophomore Glee Club. SOPHOMORE GIRLS GLEE CLUB is celebrating its second year as an established member of the Altus High School music department. It provides vocal training for sophomore girls and at the same time, teaches them to know and appreciate music. 78FIRST ROW: Katy Walters, Donna Aboussie, Betty Snow, Mrs. Edwards, director. SECOND ROWf: Alison Smith, Carol Creed, Diane Boyd. THIRD ROW: Ro- berta Hendricks, Kathryn Jackson, Elaine Eddings Linda Price. FOURTH ROW: Paul Finke, Barry Car- roll, Chester Butler, Jack Fancher. VOCAL DEPARTMENT MRS. A. Wr. EDWARDS, director of vocal music, has coached prize winning vocal ensembles for many years. Her students consistently win superior ratings in vocal contests. She has served as an au- ditioner for the All-State Choir for two terms. Music Study Cultural Trend At Altus High Altus glee clubs are open to all boys and girls, in singing. Mrs. Edwards teaches music ex- regardless of their previous instruction in mu- clusively for the entire six periods of the day, sic. The varsity club is composed of those up- thus enabling her to instruct the numerous per class members who have had instruction students who have music in their schedule. SOPHOMORE GLEE club members are: FIRST ROW: Patty Pryor, M y Smith, Sally Reagan, Sue Stephens, Ruth McCarty, Susan Tims, Barbara Bry- an, Janet Laird, Jean Henderson, Louanna Law, Linda Crumley, Barbara Smith, Paula Clements. SECOND ROW: Judy Redmon, Jennifer Jones, Karen Slack, Judy Williams, Sheryl Suttle, Margaret Parsons, Ja- nice Hatton, Melanie Windle, Connie Wallace, Paula Syptak, Peggy Robins, .Jenny Goolsby, Connie Stan- fill, Cathy Martin, Mrs. A. W. Edwards, director. THIRD ROW': Donna Coria, Joann Jeffreys, Jennifer Wilbom, Diane Fleming, Marion Zumbro, Cheryl Corey, Cathy Kastner, Mitzie Standlee. Carolyn Henry, Beverly Forrester, Pat McGinley, Kay Dutch, Grace Choate, Pam Atwater. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Eley, Jane Walker, Beverly Roney, Barbara Parsons, Eugena Cagle, Lynn Faulkner, Diane Williams, Marie Nickell, Sherry Curtis, Ann Winsett, Ruth Scoggin, Toni DeRuvo, Sherry Mims, Linda Hooton, Robin Moreau, Shirley Porter. 79BOYS GLEE CLUB performed at assemblies and contest; they also make m a part of the Varsity Choir. Members are: FIRST ROW: Jerry Evans, Kathryn Jackson, accompanist, Chester Butler, Rickey Ullom, Mike McLaughlin. Rayford Hopkins, George Lees, Donald Burk, Jack Fancher, Jim Percival. SEC- ENSEAABLES OND ROW; John Mills, Bob Lelbach, Eddie Garvin, Lynn White, Paul Wilson, Brian Cole, Curtis Gwalt- ney, Barry Carroll, Paul Finke. THIRD ROW: David Peters, Thad Gembacz, Richard Haven, Joe Mason, Mike Stock, Bob Nelson, Terry Phelps, John Percival, Leroy Kraatz, Vic Cleveland. AHS Vocal Entertainers Appear Frequently MEMBERS OF the boys number one quartet were: Joe Mason, Jack Carol Fancher, David Peters, and Brian Cole. They sang at many as semblies that were given by the department. PAUL WILSON, Barry Carrol, Eddie Garvin, and George Lees made up the boys quartet num- ber two. These boys sang with the number one quartet. At times the group sang separately. OFFICERS FOR the boys glee club, Brian Cole, secretary; Vic Cleveland, President; and Paul Wilson, Vice-president, look over a piece of music that was selected for the boys. Former high school boys who took glee club often tell alumni groups of the life, both in college and afterwards, that comes as a re- sult of vocal training. Their singing abilities are put to use in civic groups and church choir singing. Many Altus High School male vocalists have literally sung their way through the state universities. Some have gained recognition in college as opera sing- ers, and some have become teachers of mu- sic. Boys who have studied with a glee club have said that it taught them to recognize good music. It widened their field of music appreciation to include opera, classical, and semi-classical music. Many, after having glee club, find that although their voices are not sufficiently trained wish to continue singing after they have left high school. 80MEMBERS OF the Varsity Girls Glee Club included: FIRST ROW: Glenda Felty, Mary Nicholson, Avis Whitworth, Sherron Forrester, Shirley Rice, Terry Kins:, Myra Pritts, LaDonna Devoll, Linda Green. Janis Smith, Ann Chatterton, Carolyn Dennis, Jerri Lynn Snow, Toy Easley, Donna Russell, Sarah Lee Dilley, Betty Stephens. Donna Aboussie, Karen Spoon. Betty Snow, Diane Boyd, Janet Dillon, SECOND ROW: Mary Cole, Judy Neil. Ann Conatser, Rhana Robinson, Betty Bullard, Joy Ratcliff, Donna Nichols, Jolene Kelly, Sheila Stockton, Carol Jackson, Sharon Spoon, Kathryn Jackson, Elaine Eddings. Carol Sue Dixon, Rodette Varner, Kathy Roberts, Sylvia Chum- ley, Aurora Anderson, Linda Price. THIRD ROW: Cyn- thia Worley, Rita Moore, Marsha Ristow, Dorothy Price, Deannice Davis. Marsha Netherton. Linda Price, Linda Ellis, Janet Murphy, Nancy Pate, Danette Moorehead, Carol Creed. Beth Perry. Roberta Hen- dricks, Suedie Pittman, Anne Riddle. FOURTH ROW: Pam Henderson, Betty Tshamas, Linda McKenzie, Linda Parsons, Marilyn Martin. Mary Ann Hill, Kay Suttle. Barbara Wims, Janet Vinyard, Jean Garnett, Jo Anne Garvin, Nancy Denton, Susan Bates, Fran Heard, Kathleen Polsary. Not pictured are: Connie Vorhees, Mary Hill, Gail Richardson, Alice Hudman, Marie Walker, Pattie Mollison. Margaret Mann. Ann Carroll Huckaby, Allison Smith, Daphna Rowland. DOUBLE-MIXED quartet members are popular entertain- ers for assemblies, club meetings, banquets, and other so- cial functions. They are: FIRST ROW: Mary Nicholson. Suedie Pittman. Linda Price, Glenda Felty. SECOND ROW: Lynn White, Bob Nelson, Leroy Kraatz, and Terry Phelps. HONOR CHOIR members went to Duncan contest. They are: FIRST ROW': Rhana Robinson, Alvis Whit- worth, Diane Boyd, Joy Ratcliff, Donna Aboussie, La- Donna Devoll. SECOND ROW': Jack Fancher, Joe Ma- son, David Peters, Leroy Kr atz, Terry Phelps. MELODEARS have sung together in assemblies and before various social groups since the eighth grade. They are: Rhana Robinson, Joy Ratcliff, Kathy Roberts, and Jean Garnett, accompanist. CORDETTES sang at Duncan and the festi- val at Weatherford. They are: Carolyn Den- nis, accompanist, Betty Bullard, Sylvia Chumley, and Kathryn Jackson.SOPHOMORE AND Junior members of the Pep Club are: FIRST ROW: Kay Suttle, Pam Marple, Betty Bullard, Carolyn Dennis, Ann Heidebrecht, DeeDee Becker, Kathy Roberts, Fran Heard, Jackie Davis, Di- ane Hollingsworth, Terry King, Peggy Hadley, Shucki Overton, Linda Wells, Patsy Pride, Marilyn Phillips, Gloria Leonard, Linda Fueglein, Brenda Hert, Terry Haines, Kay Adair, Sylvia Chumley, Janet Vinyard, Kathryn Kackson. SECOND ROW: Joan Gallagher, Gilda Hernandez, Kathy Standlee, Linda Yarbrough, Barbara Parsons, Patty Pryor, Janet Murphy, Nancy Carder, Carol Creed, Suzanne Goss, Beth Perry, Pam Bess, Cindy Hunt, Kay Deutch, Paula Syptak, Ann Dicindo, Margaret Howard, Glenda Shawn, Linda Crumley, Janet Hale, Nancy Pate, Carol Sue Dixon, Danette Morehead, Ann Conatser, Jolene Kelly, Donna Nichols, Rhana Robinson. THIRD ROW’: Jennifer Jones, Karen Slack, Marion Zumbro, Carole Byrd, Cynthia Rowan, Barbara Smith, Margaret Parsons, Cathy Gouge, Alicia Tew, Linda McKenzie, Linda Parsons, PEP CLUB Elaine Eddings, Susan Bates, Nancy Denton, Linda Townsend, Rodette Varner, Janis Burdick, Pam Hen- derson, Diane Perkins, Suedie Pittman, Myra Pritts, JoAnne Garvin, Dana Lovett. FOURTH ROW: Ellen Beseler, Margaret Mann, Nancy Barnes, Jane Walker, Virginia Bonds, Sherri Coppage, Shirley Porter, Sue Stephen, Mitzi Standlee, Jean Henderson, Lynda Be- sett, Judy Cupp, Janet Laird, Janice Hatton, Brenda Campbell, Jenny Goolsby, Connie Stanfill, Beverly Roney, Jennifer Wilbom, Carolyn Henry, Melanie Windle, Ruth Ann McCarty, Sylvia Allen. FIFTH ROW': Jane Doak, Ann Winsett. Jean Carver, Beverly Forrester, Pat McGinley, Sheryl Suttle, Donna Coria, Cheryl Corey, Lynn Faulkner, Susan Tims, Carmen Ortega, Linda Southern, Cathy Kastner, Pearl Bunce, Lucia Kyes, Cathy Fisher, Linda Price, Dana Alex- ander, Karen Gordon, Diane Fleming, Robin Moreau, Dorothy Price, Linda Ellis, Ann Chatterton, Mary L. Hill, Alice Hudman, Jean Garnett. Cheering Squad Expresses School Spirit Life on Bulldog Lane rotates around the per- sonality of the student body. Such organizations as the Pep Club help to express the enthusiasm of students not only for athletic events but also school-wide projects. Membership in the Pep Club is open to all who are interested. It pro- vides a means of forming many friendships for newcomers who arrive almost daily at AHS. Girls are required to wear Bulldog Blue skirts. Sweaters of regulation design are secured through the school. The Pep Club emblem is a cheerleader's megaphone of the school colors which is worn on the sweater. Dues are onlv 25c per year. Membership is open to all girls. OFFICERS FOR the 1963-64 Altus High School Pep Club are Diane Boyd, president; Sharon Spoon, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Paul Flippin, sponsor and advisor; and LaDonna DeVoll, vice-president. It is tradi- tional that all Altus High School Pep Club officers be senior students, and be chosen by fellow members. These officers are in charge of pep club dues, refreshments during home gan es, as well as checking members at ball games, and encouraging Bulldog pep and excellent sportsmai.ship. BULLDOG FLAG, with gold fringe, white emblem and letter- ing, is proudly carried in parades, displayed at assemblies, or where- ever the school emblem is needed. The Bulldog flag is kept on its staff on the auditorium stage. 82SENIOR PEP Club members are: FIRST ROW: Jane LaGree, Glenda Felty, Sharon Spoon, Lila Stanfill, Jan Hajlmark, Polly Wilson. Karen Groves, Karen Spoon, Avis Whitworth, Mary Cole, Mary Nicholson, Sara Lee Dilley. SECOND ROW: Diane Hancock, Donna Russell, Vicki Monroe. Donna Carter, Barbara Tucker, Kathy Hess, Jodee Causey, Sherron Forrester, Mary Bailey, Nanette Bilyeu, Anne Riddle, Linda Green. THIRD ROW: Roberta Hendricks, Ronda Fry, Brenda Li 12, Aurora Anderson, Betty Snow, Diane Boyd, Karen Pollock, Sharon Jones, Carol Cleaver, Betty Stephens, Sandra Lawson. FOURTH ROW: LaDonna Devoll, Cariotta Stout, Oneida Raby, Nancy Fisher, Sheila Stockton, Linda Price, Catherine Moran. Janet Dillon, Linda Hawkins, Carol Jackson, Carlyn Bailey. At far left (from top to bottom) are cheerleaders Judy Williams, Patty Mollison, and Toy Easley. V J HALLS at Altus High School are decorated weekly during the football season by members of the Pep Club. The senior, junior, and sophomore class alter- nate in the decorating, but at tne last game, it’s a joint effort. Kathy Roberts, Jean Garnett, Kathy Standlee, and JoAnne Garvin are busily lettering posters and painting signs for the upstairs hallways. ALTUS HIGH Cheerleaders are chosen by a committee of teachers and students. Entries are judged on their per- formance, personality, and enthusiasm. Cheerleaders chosen were: Judy Williams, sophomore; Toy Easley, (head cheerleader), senior; and Patty Mollison, junior. Their function is to unify and support the Bulldog spirit throughout the year. They conduct Pep Assemblies weekly. 83MEMBERS of the Altus Key Club of 1963-64 represent all classes. FIRST ROW: Mr. Esra Kiker, Mr. Dennis Norman, Advisor, Paul Finke, Van Maxwell, Jerry Foster, David Robertson, Ronnie McKaeigg, George Dunegan, Phil Grimes. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jim Click, Bill Hoyt, Randel Shadid, Joe Mason, Jack Becker, Bobby Darwin, Brian Cole. THIRD ROW: Mr. Curt Holdridge, Johnny Roberts, Larry Lamar, Jimmy Walker, Lonnie Eggleston, Tom Henderson, Steve Doughty, Larry Yee. FOURTH ROW: Robert Thomp- son, Eddie Reed, Larry Abernathy, Doug Abbott, Jack Diltz, Larry Calkins, Mike McKinney, Fred Doak, Mike Starr. FIFTH ROW’: Jim Caster, Fred Schmedt, Robert Dorsey, Steve Merida, Mike Williams, Chalmus Allen, Paul Wilson, Jim Duncan. SIXTH ROW: Steve Moore, Cecil Chesser, Gary Winsett, Bill Robinson, Dave Fer- rell, Tim Potts, Kerry Larma, Mike Zeaman. Not pic- tured are Skip Fioretti,, Jimmie Willis, Paul Daugherty, Jimmy Laird, Brad Henry, Robby Roberson, and Mr. Don Jones, faculty advisor. KEY CLUB Progress Is Shown In Service Club’s Work OFFICERS of the Key Club look at plans for the crowning of the sweetheart. They are Steve Doughty, vice-president, Brian Cole, secretary, Mike Williams, president, and Ronnie fcKeaigg, treasurer for 1963-64. Training in civic leadership for the future is the purpose of Key Club International. The Altus High School members of Key Club use projects which benefit the whole school. As tangible evidence of this clubs worth is the painting of the dividing lines in school parking lot, and other gift services. KEY CLUB meets each Wednesday at noon for business discussion and analysis of projects. Talking with Mike Williams, president, are Lonnis Eggleston, Doug Abbott, State Senator Ryan Kerr, speaker of the day, Paul .Wilson, Jim Potts, Jim Willis and Mike McKinney. 84SENIORS receiving credit in Library Science are Glenda Tate, Dan Paulsen, Roberta Hendricks, Pam Marple, Patty Smithling, and Janet Wendt. They are instructed in cataloging procedure by Miss Brogran. WITH THE death of President John F. Kennedy students compiled a file of the events. Shucki Overton and Janet Wendt file the articles. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB Members Receive Valuable Training Here Library Science is a regular credit activity offered at Altus High School. Library students are taught the Dewey Decimal Index System for filing cards, correct procedure for placing books on the shelf, and how to file cards on checked out books. The AHS Library serves not only Altus High School but the junior college as well. Altus’ library houses 10,658 volumes in addition to 48 periodicals and 2 news- papers. Books ranging from Philosophy, Science, Language, Fine Arts, and fiction can be found there. Perhaps the most important function of the library is to provide a source of reference material for students. The library is well-equipped for this job, having scores of reference books, dictionaries and also recent pamphlets. v ; LIBRARY AIDE Sue Loper arranges magazines on the memorial stand. Each month AHS receives 48 periodicals of all types. Vicki Mahnke, ’60, is memoralized here. Keeping up with the thousands of books stored in the AHS library is a big job. Approximately one- hundred and fifty books are checked out of the library each day. Every book, in order to leave the library, must be listed on a library card. Miss Brogan, with the help of the aides, does this job. ENROLLED in the course as Library aides are Pam Marple, Terry Haines, Peggy Robbins, James Stout, Shucki Oveilon, Patty Smithling, Roberta Hen- dricks, Glenda Tate, Danny Paulsen, Rodney Tidwell, and Janet Wendt, senior. 85FIRST YEAR members of the Latin Club are: FIRST ROW: Marlise Bowers, Patty Pryor, Mary Smith, Donna Nichols, Beverly Forrester, Sue Shephen, Jennifer Jones. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Dale Culver, David Robertson, Janice Hays, Mary McAskill, Judy Williams, Nancy Den- ton, Margaret Howard, Linda Southern. THIRD ROW: Robert Thompson, Jimmy Anderson, Fred Schmedt, Tom Henderson, Glen Miller, Joe Mason, Ronnie Stanfill. Latin I students learn basic Latin words, declensions, conjuga- tions, and some Roman customs. LATIN CLUB LATIN II Club members are: FIRST ROW': Van Maxwell, Carolyn Kelly, Darlene Hurdstrom, Carolyn Dennis, Jean Garnett, James Duke. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Dale Culver, Brenda Hert, Cynthia Kyrzakos, Patsy Gorr, Susan Bates, Jayme Alter, JoAnne Garvin. THIRD ROW: Larry LaMar, Mike Zeaman, Robert Parsons, David Martin, Larry Yee, Jeff Miller, and Thad Gembacz. Members of Latin II study the Roman mythology and transT te Caesar’s GALLIC WARS. Knowledge Of Basic Latin Helps Students ALTHOUGH celestially costumed, Latin Club officers are not Roman gods, but merely the “workhorses” elected to plan club activities. Susan Bates, reporter, smiles at Mrs. Dale Culver’s expression as she watches the slave sale of Latin I students. Other officers are Jean Garnett, president, Jo Ann Garvin, vice-president, Larry Lamar, secretary-treasurer, and Carolyn Den- nis, song leader. Todays Latin Club activities include such modern events as Pizza dinners and automobile caroling caravans at Christmas. Biggest event is the annual Ides of March celebration including a Roman banquet. Latin students are greatly aided in the study of the language by the many varied books on Latin and Latin mythology which are in the Latin room’s library collec- tion. These are of great value to the various people who compete each year in J.C.L. contests. Each year delegates are sent to the state conven- tion where officers are elected and the constitution modified. Altus Latin Club is able to send two voting delegates in addition to those who make the field trip. The voting delegates are the ones who cast a vote to select officers, llowever, anyone of the mem- bers is eligible to serve on the constitution convention. The constitution convention’s main purpose is the election of officers and the changing of rules for the state-wide group. 86Larry Yee, James Duke, Jeff Miller. Steve Doughty and Mike Zeaman Rather to study Latin after school. These boys have been selected by Mrs. Culver to travel to the Junior Classical League State Convention to take tests in Latin derivatives. Joe Mason, Thad Gembaez. Margaret How- ard, Carolyn Kelly and Patsy Gorr are among the Latin students who carolled with the club at Christmas, serenading others. LATIN II students were sold as slaves to the second year Latin Clubmembers at the November fourth Latin Club banquet. This has been a custom for many years in the Latin Club. Proceeds from the sale are put in the Latin Club treasury. Mike Starr feeds his Master, Mike Zeaman, while Norman Giroux waits to give him a modern day drink of soda pop. The banquet had its lighter moments- JANET HALE just seems to be swaying as she is auctioned by Thad Gembaez, who conducted the slave sale of lowly plebes. It was the pho- tographer, of course, who goofed. Thad’s auc- tioneering tactics proved so successful that the treasury of the Latin Club was enriched beyond expectations and it will go for a good cause. Latin Club members vehemently deny that theirs is a useless or dead language. They point out that Latin is the basis of several languages, including French, Spanish and English. More- over Latin is the scientific language of the world, the nearest thing to a universal langu- age today. For these students who plan to major in law or medicine, it is an essential. For students who intend to major in philosophy or any of the humanities it is highly recom- mended. There are various forms of Latin. Among these are classic Latin and medieval or Church Latin, and also Modern Legal Latin. New emphasis on the study of Latin is being felt as a result of additional requirements by several major colleges that Latin be a part of the high school preparatory curriculum. Latin also helps build foundations for science study. 87SECOND AND third year 1963-64 Spanish Club mem- bers included: FIRST ROW: Linda Price, Rhana Ro- berson, Peggy Hadley, Linda Wells, Linda Townsend, Shucki Overton, Betty Snow, Jerri Snow, Sharon Spoon, Donna Aboussie, Nedra Glover. SECOND ROW': Betty Bullard, Nancy Barnes, Ellen Besler, Jackie Steeves, Patty Mollison, Lila Stanfill, Elaine Wells, Sylvia Chumley, Kay Adair, Nancy Denton, Beverly Boyd, Carol Sue Dickson, Toy Easley. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Boh Rooker. sponsor, Janice Smith, Kathy Ro- berts, Dee Dee Becker, Polly Wilson, Karen Spoon, Betty Stephens, Sarah Lee Dilley, Margaret Mann, Ann Conatser, Pam Henderson. FOURTH ROW': Terry Tis- dale, David Peters, Bill Benish, Mike McKinny Mike Williams, Lonnie Eggleston, Mike Hadsel, Brooks Barkwill, Ralph King, Catherine Moran. SPANISH CLUB Language Is Valuable In Southwest Area Early in September the Spanish Club met for the first time. Officers were chosen, and it was decided that the club would meet regularly each month. At all meetings business is conducted in the Spanish language. Many members parti- cipated in short skits done entirely in Spanish. This year the club learned many new Spanish songs, and at Christmas went caroling. It is the belief of the sponsors, Mrs. Bob Rooker and Mrs. C. M. Ewing, that students must use a new' language in order to speak it well. At the club meetings the members had to use Spanish a great deal, because no other language was spoken, even in conversation. Participation in this club not only helped the members to speak better Spanish, but also to understand culture. OFFICERS FOR the Span- ish Club this year were: Mike McKinney, sergeant; Linda Price, secretary; Jerri Lynn Snow, songlead- er; Karen Spoon, treasurer; Janice Kay Smith, ser- geant; Lonnie Eggleston; vice president; and Mike Williams, president. Not pictured i s Mary Bailey, reporter. 88FIRST YEAR Spanish students who were initiated into Spanish Club in January included: FIRST ROW: Jean Henderson, Cathy Gouge, Sharon Homan, Florence Deatherage, Janice Burdick, Janice Duncan. Dorothy Price, Carol Ann Lewton, Barbara Bryan, Pearl Bunce, Linda Price, Louanna Law. Danette Morehead, Joan Gallager. SECOND ROW: Eugena Cagle, Linda Fueg- lein, Mary Hill, Sharon Newlin, Beverly Roney, Jean Students are guided in their studies of Spanish everyday life by both Mrs. Rooker and Mrs. Ewing who have each traveled extensively in Mexico. Both sponsors have brought back many souvenirs and stories of their visits to the “Land South of the Border.” Mrs. Ewing is particularly proud of her “torro” which she had specially made while in Mexico last sum- mer. “Torro” is the Spanish word for bull. The THRILL OF using mike and earphones for the first time is experienced by almost all of the Spanish I students during the beginning weeks of the school year. In the language lab Roger Pip- pin tries the mike while Sherry Curtis listens in. Garnett, Rodette Varner, Carol Creed, Jennifer Wil- bom. Cathy Kastner, Marian Zumbro, Karen Slack, DeanniceDavis.Chris Carless, Marilyn Phillips. Juanita Vinyard, Mrs. C. M. Ewing, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Austin I ewton, Richard Kouba, James Duke, Randel Shadid, Fred Doak, Richard Cunningham, Wayne McEndree, Roger Pippin, Jim Campbell, Jimmy Ox- ford, Barney Bugg, Gordon Poling. pride of Mrs. Rooker’s collection is two large pinatas, candy-filled figures made of pottery or paper that are broken at Christmas celebra- tions and children’s birthday parties. Mrs. Rooker generally keeps a part of her large col- lection on the bulletin board in her classroom. Many times members of the club lend items brought back from their own travels, or resi- dence in Spain and Spanish-American countries. If . , Su SIGNS ANNOUNCING that Spanish Club pictures would soon be made were posted in both Spanish classrooms. Mary Bailey, a second year club mem- ber, and Eugena Cagle, initiated into Spanish Club in January, translate the Spanish to English to double check accuracy of time and place for the yearbook photography sessions. Mary, Spanish Club reporter, was annual editor, and Eugena a sopho- more annual staff member for the 63-64 Bulldog. 89MEMBERS of Mrs. Dale Culver’s 1963-64 French Club included the following:: FIRST ROW: Pam Marple, Nanette Bilyeu, Linda Green, Myra Pritts, Diane Hollingsworth, Terry King, Fran Heard. SECOND ROW: Curtis Gwaltney, Mary L. Hill, Sharon Newson, Sheila Stockton, Kathy Standlee, Jo Ann Garvin, FRENCH CLUB Margie Hardie, Carol Jackson, Don Bowen. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Dale Culver, sponsor. Jack Fancher, Betty Tucker, Joy Ratcliffe, Ann Conatser, Bob Nelson, Tana Robertson, Barbara Smith, Janet Wendt, John Percival, Joe Trammel. Second Year For French Club Is Busy Era 1963-64 FRENCH club officers, Nanette Bilyeu, president, Don Bowen, vice-president, and Mary L. Hill, secretary, check equipment in the French language lab to be sure that it is in good operating order, and ready for use at all times during the day. French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Dale Culver, provides an excellent opportunity for members to practice their French and enjoy practicing at the same time. The club decided to meet one night each month. After the regular business was taken care of, there was time for the members to discuss their travels abroad. Among the highlights of the year’s meetings, was the showing of slides of France taken by John and Jim Percival. During the Yuletide season the group went caroling as is the tradition of the WARMLY DRESSED in winter togs and ready to go, club members, Cindy Worley, Bob Nelson, Nan- ette Bilyeu, Terry King, and Don Bowen, go over their Christmas songs once more before the carol- ing party. Caroling is a traditional practice of the French Club, with a party preceding the song festival. French Club. Another seasonal practice is the crowning of the queen. This year’s queen, Nanette Bilyeu, was crowned at the spring banquet. Since French is a spoken language, first and second year French students use the language lab extensively. There they learn to copy the correct pronunciation and usage of words. French Club members are of the opinion that with their knowledge of the French langu- age they will be able to communicate with other people the world over in their study-travels. 90EXPERIMENTATION IN physics, chemistry, and biology is a regu- lar part of the JETS agenda at their meetings. Looking at the records of a recent experiment are Mary Bailey, and Stan Rust while Mr. R. J. Lockhart, sponsor, holds the records. Observing the weigh- ing of a compound are Mary Nic- holson, Dwight Dennis, Sherron Forrester, Mary Cole, Mrs. R. J. Lockhart, sponsor, and Jeff Flem- ing. They have just completed the making of iron sulfide. Under the guidance of their sponsors, the JETS perform more complicated experiments than time permits in a regular classroom. JUNIOR ENGINEERING Study of Sciences Is Promoted by JETS Junior Engineering and Technical Society ( JETS) is a club organized for the student who is interested in the physical sciences, chemistry and physics, as well as for the person who is interested in any of the various fields of mathematics. JETS meets every other week on Thursday afternoon. Every other week an outside speaker is selected to speak before the club while on alternate meetings a speaker is selected from the club’s own members. The only requirement for being a member is that he or she must have a science project. JETS members make field trips. Outstanding trips this year included a trip to Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, during the Thanksgiving holiday. Geology and the geographic phenomenon of this famous canyon were studied. Other trips had similar goals of increasing scientific knowledge through personal observation. DAVID MARTIN explains his diagram of the different types of blood. The jar contains blood, and is kept refrigerated. STUDIES IN physics have proven to be educational to members of the JETS. Looking at the wave pattern pro- duced bv the human voice on an oscilloscope are David Martin, Lonnie King, Nicky Bagley, Mr. Bill Tipton, spon- sor and Richard Kouba. JETS take fullest advantage of the new facilities at Altus High to develop their various experiments. OFFICERS OF THE JETS are Mary Bailey, re- porter; Stan Rust, treasurer; Lonnie King, vice- president; Nicky Bagley, president; and Sherron Forrester, secretary. The JETS officers are looking at a reference book from which they hope to gain necessary information. 91MEMBERS of Mr. Buel Garvin’s Biology Club are: FIRST ROM: Linda Parsons, Linda Southern, Jenni- fer Wilbom, Karen Slack, Mary Osborne, Judy Willi- ams, Madeleine Harbison, Mary Montoya. SECOND ROW: Marie Nickell, Bill Sholar, Joe Mason, Ernie Middleton, Paul Finke, Cheryl Corey, Mr. Buel Garvin. BIOLOGY CLUB Members Of Club Interview Bacteriologist In Biology Club’s second year of existence, it has proved successful in increasing the interest and knowledge in the science field. Mr. Buel Garvin, sponsor and advisor, has been helpful in planning its many activities. Dues are col- lected to cover expenses of necessary materials for the club’s activities. Meetings are held MR. GARVIN and the officers of the club he spon- sors discuss one of the topics available for study at the next meeting. The officers usually invite a special guest speaker to introduce a new subject to the group. Officers for the 1963-64 yjar were: Jennifer Wiibom, secretary, Paul Finke, president. twice a month in Mr. Garvin’s biology labora- tory. Dr. Phillip Willey spoke to the club on the study of bacteriology and the importance of finishing formal education, no matter what career is chosen. Joe Mason became president to fill the vacancy created when Paul Finke moved to South Dakota during the Christmas. JOSEPH MASON and Mr. Buel Garvin listen at- tentively to Dr. P. Willey as he discusses a rou- tine day in the bacteriology laboratory of a modern hospital. Dr. Willey was one of the guest speakers who were chosen to talk to the group. He appeared on the first program of a two-month-long study . 92AMONG the guest speakers of the biology club sponsored by Mr. Don Jones was Dr. Kenneth Cul- ver. The doctor spoke to the group on the art of hypnotism and its use in therapy for many illnesses. f 1 % art. 11 m ¥ r .LJ "l OFFICERS of the biology club sponsored by Mr. Don Jones were: Sheryl Runividge, president; Jack Fan- cier, vice-president; Carolyn Phillips, secretary; Mr. Jones, sponsor; and Beverly Forrester, treasurer. BIOLOGY CLUB Biological Studies Basis For Later Science Biology becomes increasingly interesting to students who are active in one of the Biology Clubs at AHS. Biology is a basic subject for persons planning to enter medicine, public health, nursing, and allied fields. All Altus High students are urged to take this course and participate in club activities as early in their high school educational careers as possible. MEMBERS of the 1963-64 Biology Club sponsored by Mr. Jones included: FIRST ROW: Sue Stephens, Ruth Ann McCarty, Brenda Campbell, Phyllis Sumner, Mary Med lock, Kathy Fisher. SECOND ROW': Sheryl Sut- tle, Sandra Wozniak, Carolyp Phillips, Marilyn Phil- lips, Barbara Bryan, Susan Tims, Carolyn Henry, Beverly Forrester, Melanie Sue Windle, Mitzi Stand- lee, Janice Hays, Sheryl Runividge. THIRD ROW': Marlise Bowers, Gayle Richardson, Terri Haines t Brenda Hert, Sue Murrell, Janice Hatton, Janet Laird, Cathy Kastner, Patty Pryor, Marian Zumbro, Dana Alexander, Linda Jo Hammett, Jack Fancher, Mr. Don Jones, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Hol- mes, Johnny Jonnson, Steve Grider, Jin Stewart, John Kimball, Norman Giroux, Larry Wilson, Glenn Miller, Gary Sloan, Jerry Monroe, Rickey Aldrete, Brenda Duvall, David Robertson. 93“GO AWAY, little girl,” Bob Homing tells Carol Cleaver in the Speech pro- duction “More Than Welcome.” John Percival adopts an attitude of disinterest. DRAMATIC MOMENT oc- curs as Janet Dillon, whose baby is lost, admires another child. Stan Rust looks on. DANCE ADDS color to the play. Myrna Holland retouches Mary Hill’s make-up as Betty Stephens gets the same. CAUGHT OFF-GUARD by the camera, Carol Cleaver glances at the prompter to “get a line.” Bob Homing waits for his. Speech Department comprises one of the most creative of all AHS courses. The primary objective of the depart- ment is to make students feel comfortable before audiences. Other objectives include making students realize the importance of choosing words carefully and being capable of communicating aims and ideas to others through speech. Many hours are spent by students in preparation of materials for the entertain- ment of both speech class and student body. Speakers bring together research information, imagination, and originality in their talks. On many occasions students are called upon to speak before various organizations on informative and entertaining topics. Through the department speech students also produce a play each year as well as participate in other stage productions. Pep assemblies, coronations, and many other entertain- ment events are planned by students under the direction of Mr. J. C. Hicks. Behind the scenes during these productions, students who are never seen by the audiences are hard at work controlling lighting, prompt- ing, and managing state properties. By the end of the year most students are also competent make-up artists and property and costume designers. In addition they are given practical experience in organizing and pro- ducing an entertaining program. “SOFTEN THE LIGHTS,” J.C. Hicks insthicts Larry Ray during the Queen Crowning. Mr. Hicks spends most of his assembly time directing lighting, props, and rehearsals backstage. SPEECH DEPARTMENT directed the Football Coronation. Members of the court were: Vic Cleveland, Judy Rooker, Avis Whitworth, John Bingaman, Anne Riddle, and Steve Moore. 94WHEN THE TWO debate teams go to tournaments, they are called Team A and Team B. Members of Team A were: Eugena Cagle, Fred Doak, and Leroy Kraatz. Debater’s talents are not limited to one field alone. They may enter many different events such as dramatic interpretations, dramatic duets, poetry reading, and girls’ and boys’ extemporaneous speak- ing. JOHN PERCIVAL strikes the traditional pose of the orator. Of course, he was caught off-guard by the camera at the photography session set up for the debate teams. John and Jim Percival comprise the second debate team. At the Cameron Tournament both boys entered the boys’ extemp contest, and John placed first. Jim later won a first, too. SPEECH LEROY KRAATZ looks on as other members of the Forensic League go over plans for new speeches and debates. Other members were: Fred Doak, John Per- cival, Charlene Longley, and Jim Percival. Activities Varied In MEMBERS OF the newly organized Thespians were: FIRST ROW: Mr. J. C. Hicks, sponsor, Aurora Ander- son, Gary Winsett, Janet Dillon, Judy Rooker. SECOND ROW: Jerri Lynn Snow, Donna Aboussie, LaDonna Devoll, Karen Walters, Diane Cline, Joann Luikart, Mary Nicholson, Teresa Little. THIRD ROW’: Speech Department Danna Warrington, Sudie Pittman, Shari Lampshire, Mary Cole, Diane Boyd, Jayme Alter, Mike Williams. FOURTH ROW: Margie Hardie, Carol Cleaver, John Percival, Jim Duncan, Jim Percival, Tommy Gilbert, Mike Zeaman, Ronnie Burk.Journalism opens the world of gov- ernment, business, science, and fine arts for students a s they travel, interview and comment upon the scene about them. Stu- dents often cover stories for local and other newspapers, radio and television stations. They attend jury trials of district court, see citizenship g ra n t e d, interview stage personalities. They learn the “other side” of their own high school as "beats” are changed with each issue of the Collar. JOURNALISM FIFTH HOUR journalism students look at a new issue of the Collar. SEATED are Janie Allgood, Toy Eas- ley and Cindy Worley; SECOND ROW: Elaine Troy, Diane Cline, Polly Wilson, Sheryl Blackstone, Barbara Watson, Jane LaGree and Karen Russell THIRD ROW: Billie Randall, Morris Roberts, Nicky Bagley, Wes Booker, Billy Little and Lawrence Wilks. BELOW: Looking at exchange copies of other high school papers from all over the world are Linda Williams, Glenda Everett, Barbara Shook, Terry PhelDs, Jimmy Thomp- son and John Crain. SECOND ROW: Teddy Woods, Nedra Glover, Mike Powell, Bob Horning and Thomas Student Writers Develop Creative Ability CHECKING Christmas interviews they wrote for the Times-Democrat are: Nancy Groves, Sandra Lawson, Wynell Siniard, Roberta Hendricks; SECOND ROW: Barbara Ward, Sharon Jones, Shirley Rice, Glenda Tate; THIRD ROW: Jodee Causey, Judy Rooker, Jane Flowers, Vicki Monroe; FOURTH ROW: Brenda Milligan, Barbara Tucker; Onieda Raby, Rickey Jackson and John Peyton. Other sixth hour students planning Collar make-up are: Roy Sewell, Vic Cleveland, Mike Zea- man, Dan Austin, Jerry Duck, Thomas Barnes, Donald Groves, Keith Walker, Charlie Howard, and Lonnie Groves. TOMMY BARNES begins home room delivery route as Mike Zeaman, Elaine Troy, Brenda Milligan, Dan Austin, Barbara Crouch and Jerry Duck stuff the COLLAR with ROTO sections. 96Journalism is a solid subject in Oklahoma, incorporating news, radio and television writing, as well as magazine articles. Altus Journalism students tour the Times-Democrat, the Oklahoma Publishing Company, interview visiting celebrities and go to the capitol for conferences with the governor, justices of the su- preme court and others. Finan- cial writing is learned through financial district tours, weekly chart making and “purchase" of a portfolio of stocks. Photogra- phy includes taking pictures, de- veloping and printing them in the departmental dark room. NO MATTER how much advance planning is made there always is a last minute rush at deadline time. Issue editors for the February Collar were Toy Easley, Roberta Hendricks, Donna Russell and Wynell Siniard (not pic- tured). Nedra Glover, standing, helps out with typing. Issue editors are measuring columns. JOURNALISM volunteer assistants check records, keep the department library, help check out materials. Karen Russell, Elaine Troy and Diane Cline were first semester volunteers. With journalism experience last year, Karen and Diane worked with each issue editor group in editing the Collar. CLINT KELLEY, chief photographer for the Bulldog and Collar, takes a shot of Paul Finke and Judy Williams to be used in the Personalities sec- tion. It was Paul’s last day in school here and Clint caught his picture by the new Bulldog Lane sign. Clint is at almost all school functions to cover life along Bulldog Lane. MISS JOHNELLE KIDD, practice teacher, in- structs Teddy Woods and Jimmy Thompson in developing and printing pictures they took for journalism assignments. Miss Kidd, who worked as a press photographer at OU’s school of journalism, taught the six weeks unit in photography this year while Mrs. Weldon Ferris, journalism teacher, taught make-up essentials. 97NICKY BAGLEY, co-editor; Mrs. Weldon Ferris, advisor, and Mary Bailey, editor, meet for final conference as the Bulldog nears completion. One of the last in a long series of meetings that began more than 15 months ago, they are the ones who select the theme, cover design and type for the Bulldog. CLINT KELLEY, senior staff member, shows Mary Bailey, editor, his new camera. Clint uses a variety of cameras as chief photographer for student publications. What is a yearbook? An annual such as the Bulldog must mirror the year so plainly that 10 years or 50 years from now a reader would know what life really was like “along Bulldog Lane” in 1963-64. Actual planning begins by mid-spring of the year before, long ahead of the summer supplement of the current book. Hundreds of pictures are made to obtain the ones that most clearly represent the school story. Forty percent of Altus student bodv are Air Force dependents. New students ar- rive, others move regularly. Student sections are kept open until the last possible moment. Activities at previous high schools are in- cluded in senior biographies for students who transferred too late to be able to participate in similar ones at AHS. Editors believe that’s why from Morrocco and Anchorage, Labora- dor and Madrid, Ankara and London and other points around the globe come letters from former students: “Don’t forget, I want my yearbook.” JUNIOR EDITORS, Sylvia Allen, Brian Cole, and Jan Mc- Askili, junior staff members, found checking proofs for final revision one of the biggest jobs of the year as the Bulldog reached a record number of pages. Work for the day usually was planned during home room, completed during seventh hour. APPRENTICES a few weeks earlier, sophomore staff mem- bers Eugena Cagle, Tom Hender- son and Madeleine Harbison soon became veterans at picture blocking, paste-ups and copy fitting. It was all a part of the publishing business learned as a modem yearbook, such as the Bulldog, is prepared for the printer. 98ROGER HARMON, Nicky Bagley, Mr. John Clark, and Mary Bailey met early in this year in order to discuss ideas about the theme, motif, and type for the infant Bulldog. There were several such meetings often lasting well into the night as the numerous choices were discussed. TWO JUNIOR members of the staff, Sylvia Allen and Jan McAskill, work together on one of the lay- outs. Sylvia has been a member of the staff since her sophomore year; Jan joined the staff this year. The girls w'orked together on several layouts. BULLDOG STAFF Yearbook Staff Works Diligently On Issue CO-EDITOR NICKY BAGLEY, Mr. Cecil Vaughn, commercial photographer, and editor Mary Bailey, set up a picture of the senior class officers. Gary Winsett is president; Anne Riddle, secretary- treasurer; and Gary Hornsey is vice-president. EUGENA CAGLE, CENTER: Tommy Henderson, sophomore staff members, and editors Nicky Bagley and Mary Bailey are setting up the top ten per cent and scholars picture in the Hightower Memorial Football Stadium. MRS. WELDON FERRIS, FAR RIGHT: listens as Miss Johnelle Kidd tells of the picture she is devel- oping. Student teacher Miss Kidd, an expert pho- tographer, was extremely helpful in setting up and developing pictures. RIGHT: BRIAN COLE, junior, explains style infor- mation to sophomores. Tommy Henderson, Madeleine Harbison, and Eugena Cagle. Sophomores, although inexperienced, form an integral part of the staff. 99DECA Members Learn Salesmanship Arts PREPARATIONS FOR Christmas took many forms. Larry Kelly adjusts the Christmas tree in the Pepsi- Cola window as Don Butler and Randy Pollard add the festive trimmings. Jeanie Hunt places the symbolic Christmas gift on the mantel of the fire- place as Pat Elliot waits to set a large doll under the tree. Practicality is the key word of the AHS Distri- butive Education Club. D. E., in contrast with other clubs, offers students work as well as recreation and education. Through DECA stu- dents are placed in various businesses to learn the art of pleasing the public. Job opportunities are as varied as the students’ interests. Mer- chants from all over the city contact the D.E. co-ordinator, Mr. Paul Roach, to obtain infor- mation about apprentice workers for their re- spective businesses. Students in turn receive the double benefits of learning while earning and receiving credits for their labors. Civic services also lie within the realm of DECA activities. D. E. students participate in Christ- D. E. SECRETARY, Diane Cline, and presi- dent, Larry Ray, discuss plans for the 1964 D. E. “yearbook.” This contains pictures and a small amount of written copy about the members of the club and events of the current year. Last year the Altus scrapbook won second place at the national contest. Although the contests on a state and nation-wide basis have been discontinued, DECA Club decided to keep the practice and compile a yearbook just for the benefit of its members. CLUB OFFICERS are: Mr. Paul Roach, co-ordinator, Ronnie Burk, uarliamentarian; Barbara Watson, .reasurer; Larry Ray, president; Barbara Ward, chaplain; Bruce Magilj, reporter; Lila Stanfill, historian; Billy Little, vice-presi- dent; Diane Cline, secretary. Offi- cers spend much of their class time and many hours of free time in planning club projects and other activities. They also exchange information and ideas with other clubs throughout the United States. 100DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION students are: Ronnie Burk, Mr Paul Roach, co-ordinator, Judy Yates, David Lay, Don Butler, Randy Pollard, Jeanie Hunt, Larry Kelly, Pat Elliott, Gary Bearden, Tommy Gilbert, Bill Munsen, Sherri Coppage. DECA conducts toy drives for underprivileged children and aids drives of charitable organiza- tions. The Distributive Education department has been enlarged and moved to a new area of the school building. The DECA Club has ap- proximately thirty-five members who are en- gaged in their first and second years of the course. Officers are chosen from the ranks of both first and second year students. This year’s club engaged in candy sales as a means of rais- ing money for its operation. The spirit of co- operation between employer and employee helps to improve the effectiveness of the club. Stu- dents and their bosses meet annually for an evening of pleasure and entertainment at the Employer-Employee Banquet. MR. PAUL ROACH, Distributive Education co- ordinator, lectures on the arts of salesmanship and presenting a pleasing image to the public. Through the year students also receive instruction in habits of proper dress and public-pleasing personality characteristics. Mr. Roach faces a challenging job each year in imparting this knowledge of good salesmanship to his students. SECOND YEAR members of Distributive Education Club include: Bruce Magill, Tavi Villanueva, Larry Ray, Billy Lovelace, Lila Stanfill, Barbara Watson, Nancy Groves, Diane Cline, Wynell Siniard, Polly Wilson, Barbara Ward, Billy Little, Audrey Smiley, Ronnie Burk, Mr. Paul Roach, co-ordinator, Gary Wilson. Installation event is shown.SENIOR and junior F.F.A. members for 1963-64 were: FIRST ROW: Ralph Van Oostrum, Jerry Parks, Lynn Gorden, Phil Grimes, Judy Williams, F.F.A. Sweetheart, Don Hillmeyer, David Pickett, James Foster, Coy Allen, and Mr. Kent Metcalf. SECOND ROW: Bill Randall, Mike Norcross, Jesse Willis, Charlie Howard, Larry Abernathy, Wesley Booker, Morris Roberts, Allen Green, Fred Schmedt, Charlie Watson, and Larry Gates complete the upper class roster. ALTUS AGGIES FFA Prepares Young Men for Vocations Future Fanners o f America were organized to give scientific training in agriculture. Boys who live in the city, as well as on the farm, are eligible to be- come members if they are en- rolled in vocational agriculture. Besides farming techniques the boys learn practical carpentry, arc and acetylene welding. In the four years offered, aggies are taught to judge grains, meat and livestock. Study began in July for the boys who went with Mr. Kent Metcalf, supervisor and former AHS student, to Oklahoma City for the Superior Swine Field Day. However, ac- tivities did not stop with the Oklahoma City trip. The entries from AHS won the Sweepstakes award at Cameron College. MR. KENT METCALF, Altus F.F.A. adviser, gives instruction in the judging of maize to the AHS Crop Judging Team. Members for 1963-64 were: David Pickett, Alan Green, Jesse Willis, and Charlie Howard. Altus team rated second place at Cameron State College and sixth »at the Oklahoma State Fair. 102F.F.A. OFFICERS for 1963-64 were; Phil Grimes, sentinel; Judy Williams, F.F.A. Sweetheart; Don Hillmeyer, vice-president; Larry Abernathy, secretary; Allan Green, reporter; Mr. Kent Metcalf; Fred Schmedt, treasurer; and Wesley Booker, president. EDDIE WILLIAMS, a Freshman at Central, shows his Black Angus steer that won Reserve Grand Champion Steer at Greenbelt Stock Show. Meat judging team won first place, and the crop judging team rated second at the Scholas- tic Judging contest. At the crop and livestock judging contests at the state fair. Altus teams placed sixth and seventh respectively. Judging FRESHMAN and sophomore members were FIRST ROW: Billy Hickson, Don Shirley, Joel Walker, Larry Palmer. SECOND ROW: Doug Culp, Larry Robbins. Judy Williams, F.F.A. sweetheart, Mackey Carder, Tony Williamson and Gary Harrod. THIRD ROW : Mr. teams entered the spring livestock shows and judging contests at home, the Interscholastic contests at Cameron Junior College and the State contests at Oklahoma State at Stillwater. Kent Metcalf, Charles Bradford, Melvin Orr, Pat Campbell, Darrel Palmer, John Bates, Don McAskill, Robert Belter. FOl'RTH ROW: Mark Jones, Don Amey, Eddie Williams, Gary Gibson, Tommy Talley, and Cecil McKinney. 103GRADING PAPpRS is a duty of biology lab assist- ants. During lab periods they help the instructor by answering some of the questions of the students while the instructor prepares exhibits. Biology lab assistants are: Carlyn Bailey, Betty Snow’, Suzanne Goss, and Nicky Bagley. LOOKING AT the literature in the office of Mr. Adrian Rankin, counselor, are his assistants. They are responsi- ble for appointments and keeping his books. 1963-64 assistants are: Charlene Evans, Mary Medlin, Aurora Anderson, Brenda Lile, Anne Riddle, Anna Heidebrecht. ASSISTANTS Student Volunteers Aid Faculty And School TAKING A break in their regular duties such as taking roll, answering the telephone, and serving as hostesses for visitors, are the office assistants.' This year they are: Linda Price, Susan Tims, Phyllis Chenault, Judy Rooker. Beverly Boyd, Diane Hollings- worth, Gloria Leonard. Terry King, Roberta Clark, Cariotta Stout, Jennifer Jones, Mary Nicholson. Assistants to the vari- ous teachers receive training in many fields. Among these are the library, office, and counselor's assis- tants. The biology and chemistry assistants have a chance to re- view what they have learned. Average grades, a desire t o serve both faculty and students, and a know- ledge of the depart- ment in which they serve are the require- ments for becoming volunteer assistants. CHEMISTRY ASSIST- ANTS work continuously during the hour supplying the students with instru- ments and chemicals. They also are in charge of mixing some of the solu- tions that are used by the students as well as keep- ing the instruments clean and sorted. This year's chemistry assistants are: Dwight Dennis, Nicky Bagley, Lonnie King, Bill Overell, Stan Rust, Johnny Nash, Jack Becker, Lonnie Eggleston. John War lick. 104Following the tragic assassination of President Kennedy, the flag at Altus High School was flown at half mast until January, 1964. BETTY SNOW, Betty Stephens, Sara Lee Dilley, and Sharon Spoon, senior members of Spanish Club, congregate around the punch bowl at the annual Christmas party. 1963-64 Highlights Are Both Happg, Sad ROBBY ROBERSON. Dennis Massey, Teddy Woods, and Mike Willis unload the junior class candy. This candy, in addition to junior class play tickets, was sold by class mem- bers to finance the Junior-Senior Banquet given in May. DEE DEE BECKER and Judy Rooker make last minute costume adjustments on opening night of the speech play. This year's presentation was the comedy “More Than Wel- come." Most of the cast earned membership in the Thespians. PART OF THE journalism field trip included a tour of WKY-TV in Oklahoma City. "Miss Jane" took John Crain and members of his group through the radio studios, tele- vision studios, prop rooms, art department, and weather room. SPRING IS an important time for juniors. They begin plan- ning for college and taking tests. First of such tests is the Merit Scholarship Test. Mr. Rankin gives tests and helps students, such as Mike McLaughlin analyze the test results. 105I PHYSICAL FITNESSThe secret of success is constancy to purpose. Benjamin DisraeliWITH the Bulldogs are the managers, Jim Laird, Doug Abbot, Bill Hoyt, and Floyd Parks. FIRST ROW: Coach McGee, Jerry Burden, Paul Daugherty, Butch Neasly, Danny Walker, Keith Williamson, Coy Allen, Berry Carroll, Bob Darwin, Bobby Alexander, Eddie Allen, Coach Donnie Connall. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick Corbitt, Jim Duncan, Larry Gates, Brad Henry, Jim Hines, Lonnie Messick, Jimmy Anderson, Steve FOOTBALL Foster, Ron Belew, Roger Myatt, George Duneean, Coach Sam Hario. THIRD ROW': Jimmy Caster, Mike Starr, Robert Ortega, Jack Diltz, Johnnie Bingamin, Vic Cleveland, John Warlick, Steve Merida, Kerry Larma. FOURTH ROW: Terry Murrell, Gary Shepard, Mervin Koons, Dave Fenell, Steve Moore, Gary Winsett, Robert Dorsey, Larry Calkins, Tim Potts. Altus High Bulldogs Show Team Spirit Altus Bulldogs, although scorewise seem to have had a rather disappointing year, never- theless won the district title, defeating the Frederick Bombers and the Anadarko Warriors. Nearing victory often. Bulldog tenacity held the top-rated Clinton Tornadoes to 28 ooints, scoring the season’s record of 20 points against them. It also was the only game of the season which the Tornadoes had been held below 40 points. Bulldogs played Woodward there on Thanksgiving losing the conference title after a hard fought battle. This is the second such play off between Altus and Woodward to decide the bi-district championship. BOB ALEXANDER EDDIE ALLEN COY ALLEN JIM ANDERSON JACK BECKER RON BE LEW JOHN BINGAMAN JERRY BURDEN LARRY CAWKINS BARRY CARROLL 108JIM CASTER VIC CLEVELAND BILL COALE BOB DARWIN PAUL DAUGHERTY JACK DILTZ ROBERT DORSEY JIM DUNCAN GEORGE DUNAGAN DAVE FENELL season's RECORD Date Home Opponents September 13 Woodward at Altus 2 22 September 20 Vernon at Vernon 8 47 September 27 Lawton at Lawton 8 58 October 4 Eisenhower at Lawton 6 7 October 11 Duncan at Altus 0 6 October 18 Frederick at Altus 7 6 October 25 Stillwater at Stillwater 0 41 November 1 Clinton at Altus 20 28 November 8 Anadarko at Altus 22 20 November 15 Elk City at Elk City 12 6 November 28 Woodward at Woodward 15 30 MELVIN KOONS TOM LOWER BOB McKENZEY 105 SKIP FIORETTI LARRY GATES BRAD HENRY JIM HINESFRED MARSHALL STEVE MERDIA LONNIE MESSICK STEVE MOORE ROGER MYATT BUTCH NEASLY MIKE O’NEAL BULLDOG defense specialist Keith Williamson applies a tackle to Woodward left halfback Gary Whitcomb in this first encounter with Woodward. Bulldogs later met the Boomers in bi-district playoffs in Altus High’s bid for state champions. ROBERT ORTEGA JIM PARRISH TERRY PHELPS TIM POTTS BILL ROBINSON JAMES RONEY GARY SHEPARD FRED SHERMAN MIKE STARR JON STEINER noBANDITS RODNEY TIDWELL BARRY TYRE DANNY WALKER JOHN WARLICK LYNN WHITE THOMAS WILLIAMS KEITH WILLIAMSON GARY WINSETT Bulldogs Win District Conference Title Sophomore and junior football players gain valuable game experience as members of the Bandit team. Few athletes face as many work- outs as members of this team with games scheduled on Thursday nights scrimages with the Bulldog team on one or two days a week and back up spots with the regular team on Friday nights. It was a good year with Bandits winning seven, tying two and losing one. Team- work experience is the most valuable product of “B-team” membership. Underclassmen have an opportunity for physical fittness building and competitive experience. Without benefit of bands, cheering squads, or big crowds the Bandits play their very best. FIRST ROW: Jack Becker, Dennis Massey, Mike Starr, Ron Stanfell, Tom Lower, Lyn White, Bob McKensy, Rod Tidwell, Steve Mullen, Jon Steiner. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Graham, Robert Thompson, Butch Neasly, Jim Hines, Roger Myatt, George Dunigan, Faul Daughty, Bob Darwin, Jim Parrish, Skip Fioretti. THIRD' ROW: Jim Caster, Mervin Koons, Kerry Larma. Eddie Allen, Steve Merida, Larry Calkins, Tim Polls, Ron Below. IllSTOPPED after a short gain is Robert Dorsey (21), Frederick's Mike Schartz in the 3rd quarter of the halfback, while Dave Fennel (88), end, charges to block game whicn lead to the Bulldog’s win of district title. COACHES Donnie Connell, Wayne McGee, Dick Corbitt, and Sam Harjo view the football shoes which are part of the new equipment necessary to equip a football team due to the «rough work to which is is subjected. Altus Bulldogs always are equip- ped with the finest material chosen especially for safety. ALTUS Bulldog managers admire the Bulldog jacket which is awarded to boys who letter. We should be careful not to for- get the managers wrho work hard to keep the boys and their equipment in good shape. 112PHYSICAL EDUCATION building, finished in 1956, was the second structure to be built on the 35-acre FITNESS EDUCATION campus. Second largest building of its type in western Oklahoma, P.E. will seat 2,800 spectators. Health Building Exercises Are Encouraged JERRY BURDEN presses 70 lbs. COY ALLEN works in muscle building class. with isometrics. TIM FENNELL, post, and opposing player jump for the rebound as David Pickett, guard, tries to catch it. 113BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD SCHOOL PLAYED DUNCAN MANGUM HOBART ALTUS INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT WOODWARD ANADARKO NAVAJOE OKLA. CITY INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT CHOCTAW CROOKED OAK QUANAH LAWTON CENTRAL CLINTON MANGUM LAWTON QUANAH ANADARKO FREDERICK ELK CITY FREDERICK ANADARKO HOBART CLINTON ELK CITY ALTUS OPPONENT 46 61 56 48 50 40 51 31 46 54 71 56 45 56 59 40 70 33 50 63 44 50 68 77 43 60 81 28 43 60 64 56 45 51 61 73 58 63 35 57 COACH RAY TAHSU- DA has been boys’ bas- ketball coach at Altus for six years. A former star athlete himself, he follows the same long practice schedule h e expects of his players to keep in good condition at all times. BOYS' BASKETBALL Bulldog Cagers Play Heavy Schedule Here JOHN BINGAMAN JACK DILTZ Basketball has always been one of the popular sports at Altus High School. Boys have two competitive teams: the Varsity Bulldogs and the alternate team, the Bandits, composed largely of underclassmen. Home games are played in the gym of the Physical Education building, on Bulldog Lane, and one of Oklahoma’s outstanding facilities. During tournaments, dressing rooms can provide space for as many as eight teams. Basketball games usually are at night. Bandits play at 6:30; the girls’ Lassies at 7:30 and the Bulldogs at 8:30. Teams start conditioning early in the fall, often working extra periods on weekends. Although many vie for the varsity, only 12 make it, and there always is still competition for a suit. In addition to the scheduled games, the boys enter numerous tournaments, regularly bringing back trophies. Evidence of the attainments through the years may be seen in the trophy cases in the lobby of Physical Education building. Proponents of the game believe basketball reflects modem life with its fast changing pace and tremendous concentration required for the split second decisions which must be made during the game. Many of the out- standing scholars of Altus High are members of one of the teams. LONNIE EGGLESTON DAVE FENELL TIM FENELL DAVID PICKETT 114BANDIT MEMBERS are: FIRST ROW: Larry Mar- tin, Mike Norcross, Bobby Darwin. Jim Caster, Don Alexander, Richard Cun- ningham, Hal Lovett. SECOND ROW: Coach Nick Wolfe, Kerry Larma, David Lingle, Tim Potts, Cecil Chesser, and mana- ger Doug Abbott. Bandits team is composed of the sophomore and junior members who go out for basketball but do not re- ceive suits for the Varsity team. These boys play on the same evenings as do the Varsity but two hours earlier. Some boys play on both teams, as regulars for the Bandits and sub- stitutes for the Bulldogs. DOUGLAS ABBOTT, senior, is the only manager of the basketball team this year. Doug manages not only the Bulldogs but the Bandits as well. Among his duties are seeing that the eqipment is in proper order, that the boys’ uniforms are kept clean, and checking equip- ment in and out to the play- ers. Doug assists Coach Tah- suda when first aid is neces- sary. Doug is well versed in his duties. He has been a manager and trainer for three years not only for the basketball teams but also for football and baseball. DAVE FENELL, 6’4” senior gains the rebound from an unidentified Woodward player while David Pickett and other Woodward players watch. Altus won a decisive victory in this game with a 51 to 31 score. Fenell major factor in this game used his height to good advantage in rebounds and close in scor- ing. This game was played as part of the Altus Invita- tional Tournament in which the Altus Bulldogs placed third in hard competition. RICHARD MIKE EDDIE REED SCHMIDT CECIL CHESSER WILLIAMS JIM WILLIS PAUL WILSON 115BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD SCHOOL PLAYED ALTUS Mangum 22 Shattuck 42 Hobart 20 Eldorado 36 Martha 43 Eldorado 39 Mangum 41 Martha 49 Frederick 40 Elk City 34 Frederick 33 Hobart 24 Elk City Dee Dee Becker Marlise Bowers GIRLS' BASKETBALL Lassies Continue Tradition for All Sports Peggy Cale Brenda Campbell Nancy Carder Judy Cupp Anna Heidebrecht Margaret Howard Carolyn Phillips Shirley Porter Patsy Pride Linda Southern Glenda Tate Elaine Wells 116MR. NICKY Wolfe, who trains the girls in the fun- damentals of basketball, has been girls’ basketball coach for the past two years. MEMBERS OF the 1963-64 Lassies are FIRST ROW: Dee Dee Becker, Brenda Campbell, Glenda Tate, Nancy Carder, Margaret Howard, Carolyn Phillips, Linda Southern, Peggy Cale. SECOND ROW: Judy Cupp, Shirley Porter, Mariise Bowers, Patsy Pride, Anna Heidebrecht, Elaine Wells, and Coach Nicky Wolfe. Girls’ basketball can be fun as Altus Lassies have proven for 40 years. One of the few larger schools in the state to maintain girls’ basketball, AHS has given its Lassie team support and encouragement. Competition with surrounding schools in small communi- ties helps maintain friendly relations and build friendships between AHS students and students in rural communities. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL managers are Linda Wells and Marilyn Phillips. They take care of basketball equipment and keep scores. If neces- sary they are ready to give first aid. PATSY PRIDE and Martha guard jump for a rebound while Anna Heidebrecht looks on. Seconds later Patsy made two points after recapturing the ball. 117HUMAN PEDESTAL is the P. E. name for the very-much-alive statue, topped by Carla Lamb, who is supported by fourth hour classmates. WHEEL OF LIFE, or lively wheel, it all adds up to an interesting formation of third hour P. E. class members with Mrs. John Elliott as the hub. GIRLS' P.E. Physical Fitness Classes Help Build Poise In preparation for their adult roles as recreation, Girl Scout and community leaders, Mrs. John Elliott’s girls’ physical education classes study volley- ball, folk dancing, tumbling, badminton and table tennis. Such carry-over sports as ten- nis, swimming, bowling, and golf help keep the participants in excellent condition. At the same time these enable them to be sufficiently adept i n the sport that most of them will continue for recreation the re- mainder of their lives. n n fv "Wp WM 0 ft O rt pi e n n ii THIRD HOUR CLASS, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Elliott, Sheila Lawson, Judy Triplett, Linda Yarbrough, Janice Wallace, Cathy Hillemeyer, Cathy Gouge, Mary Osbum, Oralie Garza. Lucy Aguero; SECOND ROW: Sherry Owens, Christy Hillemeyer, Lynda Besett, Brenda Hert, Margie Burris. Sharon New- lin, Nona Weber, Linda Ti- gert, Sherri Coppage, Brenda Duvall; THIRD ROW: Vel- ma Vance, Alicia Tew, Judy Anglund, Paula Smith, Bar- bara Malena, Cathy Fisher, Linda Parsley, M y r n a Shoupe, Sherry Hamilton. 118 FOURTH HOUR CLASS, FIRST ROW: Mrs. John Elliott, teacher. Pearl Bunce, Liz Davis, Pat McDonald, Sue Edwards, Sharon Holman, Lucia Kyes, Carla Lamb; SECOND ROW’: Dana Alexander, Anna Barker, Betty Strickland, Marilyn Troy, Donna Collier, Linda Hammett, Kay Fox, Mary Altus; THIRD ROW: Nita Vance, Linda Mitchell, Marilyn Forest, Brenda Haynie, Janie Seamon, Linda Ware, Gay Nell Roberson, Brenda Rogers. noOf n MEMBERS OF the fifth hour boys physical education class are: FIRST ROW: William Wooldridge, Billy Tigert, Jack Thomas, Bobby Woods, Jerry Glendenning, Dennis Holmes, Wilbur Hammick, Troy Hilliard, Eddie Walls, Mike Perry, Bobby Crouch, Bob Shipman, Nor- man Giroux, Bill Sholar. SECOND ROW: Barry Tyree, Ricky Bryant, Ricky Aldrete, Lynn Allen. Rod Kluting, Tommy Stapp, Jimmy Hilliard. Dick Grover, Harry Dunahoo, Danny Ware, Don Butler, Bob Lelbach, Gary Adams, Sammy Aboussie, Tommy Roberts, Scott Fred- erick. THIRD ROW: Larry Evans, ('had Jones, Lupe Aguero, Tommy Barnes, Alan Thompson, George Hogan, Glenn Miller, Tony Williamson, Gary Sloan, Jerry Monroe, Charles Harris, Larry Wilson, Jimmy Oxford, Larry Robbins, Don McAskill, Joe Trammel, Ernie Middleton, Larry I aFon. BOYS' PHYS. ED. Physical Fitness ;Classes Paramount Aims COACH RAY TAHSUDA is in charge of the boys' P.E. classes at AHS. Not only does he stress physical exercise, but he also teaches a course in first aid each year. Boys leave the class with a basic knowledge of techniques. MUSCLEMEN EXERCISE daily to ready themselves for the football sea- son that is approaching. FIRST ROW: Jimmy Hines, Roger Myatt. Barry Carrol, Coy Allen, Bill Overell, Steve Mullinax, George Dunegan. SECOND ROW; Bobby McKenzie, Jerry Burden, Mike Starr, Robert Thompson, Bobby Alexander, Ronnie Stanfill. THIRD ROW': Coach Sam Harjo, Lynn White, Terry Murrel, Kenneth Green, Doug Buck, Jimmy Anderson, Jimmv Parish, Brad Henry, Coach Dick Corbitt. Isometrics, conventional weight lifting, and the trampoline are used to keep these boys in top physical condition during their days at Altus High. MEMBERS OF the sixth hour boys’ physical education class are: FIRST ROW: Robert Foster, Gordon Poling, Robert Belter, John Bates, Tommy Baker, Don Lamp- shire, Gregg Gates, Bob Williams. Terry Sherman. Vince Chabot, Mike Gordon, Jerry Moran, Mike May- field, Lee Weems, Charles Wilson. SECOND ROW: Joe Marshall, Bobby Gordon, Jeffrey Schwartz, Bobby Henry’, Errol Lovell, Ray Medlin, Darrel Ritchie, John Hernandez, Russell Rister, Mike Morgan, Barney Bugg, Johnny Barrow, James Foster, Lloyd Hestand, Craig Phelps, Jim Walls, Mike Winters. These boys play volleyball, dead ball, basketball, and participate in vari- ous exercises to improve muscle tone and co-ordination.PERSONALITIESEre the darkness fall, the light be past, A little while I fain would linger here. Paul Hamilton HayneBILL ROBINSON and Sara Lee Dilley were voted most likely to succeed by the senior class of ’64. Bill has scored extremely high on the national tests while Sara Lee continually assumed the leadership scholastically in al- most all her classes. Bill held a major role in the junior play. Both plan to attend college where they will major in math, science. VIC CLEVELAND and Judy Rooker made it a per- fect score by being elected seniors with best appear- ance. Vic and Judy have held the title for the last three years. Judv won the state Smile Contest her freshman year. Best appearance takes in neatness, being well-groomed and physically fit. Vic has long worked out with weights and is a football player. SELECTED AS best all round were Anne Riddle and Steve Moore. Their many faceted lives at AHS were a major consideration when the seniors made them their choice. Steve was a football tri-captain and also a member of the Key Club. Anne has been a class officer three years and a perennial member of the top ten per cent. Both are well-known for cooperativeness. These two are always at school functions and are often depended upon to help MOST POPULAR seniors are Karen Spoon, Gary WinSett, and Avis Whitworth. Being most popular entails participation in all school functions, having a good appearance, and being pleasant and courteous. Their appearance livens up and makes any party a success. Their pleasant dispositions are admirable. Their optimism is singularly unmatched. 122DIANE BOYD and Mike Powell were thought to have the most talent in the senior class. Both are extremely talented in the field of music. Mike, who com- mutes 44 miles daily in order to attend AHS, plays the trumpet. Diane, a mem- ber of the senior trio, is widely known for her excellent voice. She was presi- dent of the pep club and was chosen vocal queen. They are looking at one of the many trophies won by the band. Class favorites were chosen in an all-school election early in the second semester of the year. After the ballots have been counted, the annual staff announced that the names of the favorites would be disclosed at the annual Yearbook Assembly in early May. SENIOR FAVORITES Class Of ’64Picks Last Group Of Favorites SELECTED AS best athletes were Glenda Tate and Johnny Bingaman. Glenda has played on the basketball team since her seventh grade year of school. Johnny is a long-time athlete. He was quarterback on the football team his senior year. He was selected as one of the football tri-captains. Johnny also plays basketball and baseball. JANE LAGREE and Mike Williams, as a result of their personable cheerfulness, were chosen as best citizens of the senior class. Both are of light heart, are well-known for their level-headedness and veracity. Not the least of their charm are their pleasant smiles which are well-known to all of Altus Senior High. Jane and Mike are well-liked by the faculty for their dependability and willingness to help. Although the student body tried for five months to guess who the favorites could be, the secret was well-kept. Many sur- mises were made, and everyone had a different idea on who had won the coveted titles. Candid pictures which were used throughout the book were made of scores of students. This also helped presen e the winners secret for the personality section. 123JUNIOR FAVORITES Junior Classmen Elect Representatives KAY ADAIR and Jack Diltz were elected juniors with best appearance. This title includes neatness, good man- ners, and physical fitness. Kay was named as an attendant for the FFA Queen and the Key Club Queen. Jack is vice-president of his class. In the opinion of the junior class, Kay and Jack possess all the qualifications required to be given this honor. MOST POPULAR members of the junior class, Brad Henry and Patty Mollison, were chosen for their friendliness, de- pendability, willingness to work, and ability to get along with others. Brad is quiet and easy-going and is seldom known to refuse to do a favor for anyone. Patty is a cheerleader and truly symbolizes school spirit. STEVE DOUGHTY, Jo Ann Garvin, and Susan Bates were selected by the junior class as best all round . Each was the juniors’ choice of the ideal student. Susan and JoAnn tied with the exact same number of votes for best all round! girl. The three are well-known for their intellect and personable attitude toward others. 124SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Sophomore Class Of 313 Chooses Favorites CLASS OF ‘66 chose as sophomore best all round Paul Finke and Judy Wil- liams. They were chosen because of their scholastic standing, spirit of competitive- ness, friendliness, optimism, and willing- ness to serve their school. Although the sophomore class was newly formed from the two junior highs, the sophomores had little difficulty in choosing. JANICE HATTON and Jimmy Caster were selected as having the best appear- ance in all the record enrollment of the sophomore class. Being well groomed, neat and friendly were the factors in the choosing of these two. Jimmy, although only a sophomore saw considerable action as quarterback for the Bulldogs. PHYLLIS CHENAULT and Jimmy Hines were elected most popular of the sophomore class. Jimmy won a letter jacket playing football for the Bulldogs. Phyllis is an office assistant and was selected as an attendant to the Key Club Queen. These honorees won the election through their genuine friendliness, will- ingness to work with all groups, and a pleasant disposition toward all. 125ALTUS HIGH School Delegates to the government seminar, Girls1 State and Boys’ State are: Steve Moore. Mary Bailey, Gary Winsett, and Diane Boyd, (standing) David Pickett. Jerri Lynn Snow, Mike Williams, Karen Russell, and Vic Cleveland. Delegates are selected by Altus civic groups from a list of juniors who are eligible. Boy and girl sponsoring organiza- tions are the Lion’s Club, Kiwanis Club. Sponsoring boys only are the American Legion and Rotary Club. American Legion Auxiliary sponsors a girl as does American Association University Women and the Business and Professional Women's Club. MARY BAILEY will receive the good citizenship medal at com- mencement from the Daughters of the American Revolution. Anne I ee Chapter of D. A. R. selected her on the basis of citizenship, patriotism, and knowledge of his- torical backgrounds. HONORS Seniors Show Latent Leadership Qualities BILL ROBINSON and Stan Rust listen as Mr. Adrian Rankin, guidance counselor, explains their Merit Test scores. Bill and Stan scored a 98 per- centile and received a Merit commendation. Both plan to major in math and sciences. Bill was voted most likely to succeed by the senior class. Stan and Bill have attended S.W.I.M. contests; Stan won first in trigonometry NICKY BAGLEY, co-editor of the Bulldog annual, scored highest in Altus Senior High on the American College Test with a percentile of 99.1 for a com- posite score. He scored highest in social science and natural science with a percentile of 99.9. ACT test is required by all state supported colleges in Oklahoma as well as other states. 126Band Queen JANICE SMITH Class of 1964 When a young lady is chosen to repre- sent “That Altus Band”, she must be attractive and well-liked. But most im- portant she must be proud of the orga- nization she represents. She must take an active part in band contests, con- certs and festivals. Janice Smith, 1961 Band Queen, typifies just such a girl. ATTENDANTS Donna Aboussie Ann Grass 127Barbara Watson was chosen to reign as DECA Club Queen here and in the state contest. Besides being a lovely addition to the group, she is treasurer of the club. Barbara is representative of the spirit and enthusiasm that have made the Altus DECA Club a winner in state and national contests for five years. ATTENDANTS Polly Wilson Nancy Groves 128F.F. A. Sweetheart JUDY WILLIAMS Class of 1966 Friendliness and vivacious personality are two of the qualities for which the Altus Aggies searched when they chose the FFA Sweetheart. Altus Future Farmers chose Judy Williams to repre- sent them in the state contest because she exemplified charm, attractiveness, and friendliness, plus genuine loyalty. ATTENDANTS Jane LaGree Kay Adair 129French Club Queen NANETTE BILYEU Class of 1964 French Club Queen must have the qua- lities of a French lady. She must be de- bonair, gracious, and lovely; she must spread warmth and happiness wherever she goes. Altus French Club chose Na- nette Bilyeu, of French ancestry’, to represent them because she not only has these qualities but is also very act- ive in the club, and an outstanding scholar. ATTENDANTS Mary Hill Kathy Standlee 130Football Queen AVIS WHITWORTH Class of 1964 Football Queen must have a likeable personality and be a representative beauty of the student body. She must also combine with these the Bulldog traits of courage and loyalty. She must always be there to back the Big Blue and lend her full support. Avis Whit- worth, Football Queen, fits this motif. ATTENDANTS Judy Rooker Anne Riddle 131■■ Key Club Queen SHARON SPOON Class of 1964 Key Club is organized as a service group for high schools. Members are chosen on the basis of their desire and willingness to work for others. The Key Club Queen, Sharon Spoon, was chosen with these qualities in mind. Active in manv all-school organizations, Sharon cheerfully volunteers. ATTENDANTS Phyllis Chenault Kay AdairSpanish Club Queen BETTY SNOW CLASS OF 1964 Betty Snow, the Spanish Club Queen, has been active in the organization for three years. Besides being a good Spanish student, Betty has participated in skits and other club projects. Her out-going personality and cooperative attitude promoted members to elect her their queen. ATTENDANTS Karen Spoon Jerri Lynn Snow 1Vocal Queen DIANE BOYD CLASS OF 1964 ■I Diane Boyd has represented AHS in many performances for clubs and social groups. Since junior high days she has performed as vocal soloist in annual musicals and assemblies. Diane i s a member of All-State Chorus. One of the most versatile representatives of the vocal department, she was named the 1964 Vocal Queen. ATTENDANTS Jerri Lynn Snow Glenda Felty 134 Vocal King Vocal King, Paul Wilson, is a member of the Varsity Choir, boys glee club, and boys quartet. He is Vice-President of the boys glee club for 1964. Paul is also a four-letter man in sports, includ- ing football, baseball, basketball, and track. Music will be his avocation since he plans a career in a field of science. PAUL WILSON Class of 1964HONOR ROLL for the first semester was announced by school officials. Members of the senior class included: FIRST ROW: Mary Bailey. Catherine Moran. Brenda Lile. Aurora Anderson. Betty Stephens. Janet Dillon. Diane Boyd. Ladonna Devoll Mary Nicholson. Jane LaGree. Shirley Rice. f.0?. Barnes. Oneida Raby. Polly Wilson. SLCOND ROW: Linda Green. Sherron Forrester. Sara Lee Dilley. Janice Smith. Donna Aboussle. Betty Snow. Karen ?£il?ckb T2Y E ,ey- Brenda Milligan. Diane Hancock. Sheila Stockton. Linda Price. Coleen Moore, Janie Allgood. THIRD ROW: Mary Cole. Anne Riddle. Stan Rust. Paul Wilson. Bob Homing. Carlyn Bailey. Elaine Wells. Karen Spoon, Avis Whitworth. Sharon Spoon. Janet Wendt. Terry Tisdale. Kathy Hess FOURTH ROW : Glenda Tate. Carol Jackson, Nanette Bilyeu. Betty Everett. Charlie Howard. Leroy Kraatz. Ronald Gorr, Paul Hauk, Richard Kouba. Bill Robinson. Lonnie King. Mike Zeamon. Nicky Bagley. FIFTH ROW : Jack Becker. Mike Williams. Skip Fiorettl. Gary Winsett. Dave Fenell, Johnny Peyton. Gary Hornsey. David Pickett. TOP TEN per cent of the juniors included these members of the class FIRST ROW: Alison Smith. Margie Hardie. Beth Perry. Carol Creed. Betty Bullard. Janet Hale. Dee Dee Becker. Donna Lovett. Jayme Alter. Jean Garnett. JoAnn Garvin. Ann Conatser. Patty Mollison. Kathryn Jackson. Myra Pritts. SECOND ROW : Sylvia Allen. Dorothy Price, Deannice Davis. Carol Byrd. Elaine Eddings. Roberta Clark. Kay Suttle. Fran Heard. Cathy Roberts. Rhana Robison. Nancy Denton. Kay Adair. Sylvia Chumley. Carolyn Dennis. Carol Sue Dixon. THIRD ROW: Richard Schmidt. Chris Carless. Pam Henderson. Fran Coria. Richard Kouba. Lois Parish. Dina Lange, Jane Flowers. Linda Townsend. Janice Grant. Linda Ware. Patsy Gorr, Janis Burdick. FOI'RTH HOW : Roger White. Chet York. Sammy Sherwood. Brooks Bark will. Michael Bradley. Van Maxwell. Larry LaMar. Lariy Yee. Jimmy Anderson. Randel Shadid. Larry Martin. Jeff Miller Mike Norcross. FIFTH ROW: Keith Williamson. Robert Thompson. Tommy Simpson. Fred Doak. Eddie Reed. John Percival. Jimmy Walker, Robby Roberson. Larry Abernathy. Larry Higgs. Phil Grimes. Steve Doughty. Cecil Chesser. Bruce Thul. Curtis Gwaltney. Brian Cole. SOPHOMORE TOP ten per cent included: FIRST ROW: Tom Henderson. Bill Overall, Joe Mason. Norman Giroux. James Stout. Lee Weems. Richard Cunningham. Bob Darwin. Larry Hopp. Pat Talley. Glenn Miller. Wayne McEndree. Steven Shadid. Dennis Holmes. Tommy Roberts. Cecil McKinney, Harold Bamthson. Jack Carrol Fancher. SECOND ROW: Eugena Cagle. Judy Williams. Linda Hooton. Cheryl Corey. Sue Stephen. Susan Tims. Carolyn Henry. Florence Deatherage, Ann Winsett. Jennifer Wilbom. Beverly Roney. Alicia Tew. Jane Walker. Lucia Kyes. Louanna Law. Carolyn Kelly, John Kimball. THIRD kOW : Linda Southern. Karen Slack. Marion Zumbro. Cathy Kastner. Mary Smith. Brenda Haynie. Jean Carver. Mitzie SUndlee. Melanie Windle. Sally Reagan. Ann DiCidio. Sharon Newsom. Jackie Causey. Mary McAsklll. Donna Coria. Jean Henderson. Diane Fleming. Sandra Wozniak. Linda Izzo. FOI'RTH ROW Barbara Smith. Sue Edwards. Linda Hammett. Karen Willis. Robin Moreau. Ronald Belew, Jimmy Caster. Kerry Larma. Jeff Litvak. Ruth Scoggin, Cynthia Rowan. Mary Altus. Anna Barker. Pearl Bunce. Brenda Duvall. Paula Syptak. Jane Goodwin.FIRST 8EME8TKK senior scholars were: FIRST ROW: Betty Snow. Donna Aboussie, Sara Lee Dilley, Linda Green, Ladonna Devoll. Janet Dillon. Mary Nicholson. Linda Price, Carlyn Bailey. SECOND ROW: Mary Bailey. Avis Whitworth. Coleen Moore. Toy Easley. Na- nette Bilyeu. Ann Riddle. Carol Jackson. Catherine Moran. Diane Hancock. THIRD ROW : Keith Walker, Nicky Bagley, Leroy Kraatz, Bill Robinson, Mike Williams. Stan Rust. Paul Wilson. Mike Zeamon. All of these seniors have taken ad- vanced courses. Most are taking analytic geometry. English IV journalism or speech, and a scientific course. TOP SCHOLARS Bulldog Honor Students Named At Mid-term To be included in the top ten per cent, a stu- dent must have at least two A’s and one B for semester averages. 73 seniors, 63 juniors, and 73 sophomores met the necessary q u a 1 i f i- cations. From that group 71 students qua- lified as scholars. AT MID TERM the junior scholars were: FIRST ROW: Sylvia Allen. Dorothy Price. Dean nice Davis. Carol Creed. Betty Bullard. Dee Dee Becker. Jayme Alter. Jani9 Burdick. Carolyn Dennis SECOND ROW: Larrv LaMar. Jimmy Walker. Rhana Robinson. Kathryn Jackson. Roberta Clark. Jane Flowers. Myra Pritts. Sylvia Chumley. Jean Garnett. THIRD ROW: Phil Grimes. Tommy Simpson. Larry Yee. Brian Cole. Steve Doughty. Larry Martin. Cecil Chesser. Jeff Miller. Most of these juniors are taking five solids and have no study halls, which make the earning of a high average even harder. SOPHOMORE SCHOLARS are: FIRST ROW: Lin da Hooton. Linda Southern. Brenda Haynie. Brenda Duvall. Louanna Law. Florence Deatherage. Jack! Causey. Judy Wil- liams. Susan Tims. Sherry Curtis. SECOND ROW: Eugena Cagle. Jeff Litvak. Glenn Miller. Tommy Roberts. Jamas Stout. Bill Overall, Joe Mason. Ronald Belew. Sheryl Runtvtdge. 137ROBED SENIOR officers return to the auditorium to take part in graduation practice. Soon they and their classmates will leave the scenes along Bulldog Lane making room for a record number of future Bulldogs. THE END 138INDEX administration and faculty Brinkman, Mrs. Bill — 23 Brogan, Miss Bessie — 23, 85 Bryce, Eugene — 20, 21 Clemons, Miss Glade — 26, 59 Colville, Jack — 20, 21 Connell, Donald — 22, 24, 108, 112 Corbitt, Dick 26, 108, 112, 119 Cross, Mrs. Walter — 21, 22 Cunningham, William —- 25 Culver, Mrs. Dale — 24, 86, 90 Davis, Richard — 24 Dunegan, Mrs. George — 27 Edmonson, Anton — 24 Elliott, Mrs. John — 27, 118 Edwards, Mrs. A. W. — 79 Ewing, Mrs. C. M. — 24, 89 Ferris, Mrs. Weldon —23, 98, 99 Flippin, Mrs. Paul — 23, 59 Garvin, Buel — 67, 92 Harjo, Samsey — 24, 108, 112, 119 Hibler, Miss JoeAnna — 26 Hicks, J. C. — 23, 94, 95 Jones, Don — 25, 11, 25, 93 Kidd, Miss Johnelle — 99 Killebrew, Robert — 19, 26 Lackey, Mrs. Kester -— 23. 67 Leavitt, Don — 10, 27, 74, 75, 6, i 7 Lockhart, R. J. — 25 Lockhart, Mrs. R. J. — 25, 35 Marshall, Walter — 20, 21 Metcalf, Kent — 2, 26, 102, 103 Moody, B. Nick — 10, 27, 4, 75, 11 Martin, Cortis — 5, 25 McGee, Wayne — 24, 108, 112 McMahan, Hatton — 20, 21 Newberry, Earl — 25, 67 Norman, J. Dennis — 22, 25, 84 Peterson, Clifford — 14, 20, 21, 1 Peterson, Mrs. Clifford — 14 Rankin, Adrian — 22, 27, 126 Reiter, Daniel — 25 Roach, Paul — 26, 100, 101 Rodgers, Mrs. Bill — 23 Rogers, James C. — 27, 4, 5, Rooker, Mrs. Bob — 24, 67, 88 Russell, Dr. C. G. — 20,21 Shafer, William — 26 Shirley, Mrs. D. A. — H 26, 67 Skidmore, Mrs. B. M. — 23 Smart, Mrs. Frank — 5, 23 Snow, Bailey — 20 Street, Cletus — 20 Tahsuda, Ray — 24, 114, 119 Tipton, Bill L. — 5, 25, 59 Wells, Mrs. Dorothy — 23 Williams, Mrs. N. H. — 26 Wolfe, Nicky — 24, 114, 117 Young, Art — 26, 35 BUS DRIVERS Booker, Wes — 28 Edwards, Lynn — 28 Dudley, Stanley — 28 Jewel, Charles — 28 Joiner, Kenneth — 28 Lower, Dwayne — 28 Lott, Mrs. Irene — 28 Randall, Bill — 28 Roberts, Owen — 28 Rutledge, Johnny — 28 Troy, Newton — 28 Wood, Arlis — 28 CUSTODIANS Burgan L. L. — 28 Cupp, E. V. — 28 Derr, Charlie — 28 Dodson, Jess — 28 Head, James — 28 Hull, Gilmer — 28 Tidwell, Alfred (Pete) — 28 Turner, James — 28 FOOD SERVICE Bryan, Mrs. Moss — 28 Boaz, Mrs. Gertrude — 28 Clark, Mrs. Maedean — 28 Hill, Mrs. L. L. — 28 SENIORS Abbott, Doug — 32, 84, 108, 114, 115 Aboussie, Donna — 32, 74, 75, 78, 81, 88. 95, 127, 136, 137 Aduddell, Bill — 32, 74. 75 Allgood, Jane — 32, 96, 136 Altus, Wayne — 32 Anderson, Aurora — 13, 32, 81, 83, 95, 114, 136 Anderson. Thalia — 32 Austin, Dan — 32, 55, 96 Bagley, Nicky — 10, 13, 32, 91, 96, 98, 99, 114, 126, 136, 137 Bailey, Carlyn — 33, 54, 83, 104, 136, 137 Bailey, Mary — 33, 83, 89, 91, 98, 99, 126, 136, 137 Barnes, Tommv — 33, 96, 119 Becker, Jack — 4, 33, 83, 108, 111, 114, 136 Benish, Bill — 33, 88 Bilyeu, Nanette — 33, 83, 89, 130, 136, 137 Bingaman, Johnny — 33, 94, 108, 114, 123 Blair, Loretta — 33 Booker. Wesley — 34 93. 102, 103 Boyd, Diane — 34, 78, 79, 81, 82, 83. 95, 123, 126, 134, 136 Brooks, Oretha — 34 Bryant, Ricny — 119 Buerschinger, Charles — 34 Burk, Ronnie — 95, 100, 101 Blackstone. Sheryl — 34, 96 Carter, Donna — 34, 83 Cary, Terry — 34 Castle. Wallace — 34, 74, 75, 76, 77 Causey, Jodee — 34, 83, 96 Chatterton. David — 35 Cinotto. Richard — 35 Clark, Mary — 35 Cleaver, Carol — 35, 83, 94, 95 Cleveland, Vic — 35, 78, 80, 94, 96, 108. 109, 122, 126 Cline. Diane — 35, 95, 96, 99, 100, 101 Cole, Mary — 35, 78, 81, 83. 95, 136 Crain, John — 35, 105 Crouch, Barbara — 28, 36 Cummins, John — 36 Decker, Richard — 36, 55 Dennis, Dwight — 36, 55, 91, 114 DeRuvo, Margie — 36 Devoll, LuDonna — 36, 78, 81, 82, 83, 95. 136, 137 Dilley, Sara Lee — 36, 81, 83, 88, 105, 122, 136, 137 Dillon, Janet — 36, 81, 83, 94, 95. 136, 137 Dodd, Cheri — 37 Doll, Charles — 37, 74, 77 Dorsey, Robert — 37, 84, 108, 109, 112 Duck, Jerry — 37, 55, 96 Duncan, Glenda — 37 Easley, Toy — 37, 81, 83, 88, 9o, 136, 137, 97 Eggleston, Lonnie — 37, 84, 88, 114 Elliot, Pat — 37, 100, 101 Ellis, Sandra — 37 Elwick, Don — 37 Evans, Charlene — 38, 104 Everett, Betty — 38. 136 Everett, Glenda — 38, 74, 96 Felty, Glenda — 11, 38, 48, 78, 81, 83, 134, 136 Fenell, Dave — 38, 84, 108, 109, 112, 114, 136 Fioretti, Skip — 11, 38, 53, 109, 136 Fisher, Nancy — 38, 83, 136 Fleming, Jeff — 38, 55, 91 Forrester, Sherron — 38, 81, 85, 91, 136 Fry, Ronda — 28, 38, 83 Garrison, Ronnie — 39 Gates, Jerry — 39 Glover, Nedra — 39, 74, 88. 96, 97 Gorr, Ronald — 39, 136 Gover, Paula — 39 Gragg, Ann — 39, 55, 127, 75, 77 Graves, Don — 39, 41. 96 Green, Alan — 39, 102, 103 Green, Linda — 40, 81, 83, 90, 136, 137 Grider, Ken — 40 Groves, Nancy — 40, 83, 96, 128, 101 Haas, Karen — 40 Hallmark, Janet — 40, 83 Hancock, Diane — 40, 83, 136, 137 Harrod. Gary — 40 Hauk, Paul — 40, 55, 136 Haven, Richard — 40, 55, 78, 80 Hawkins, Carol — 40 Hawkins, Linda — 83 Hendricks, Roberta — 41, 79, 83, 96, 97, 81 Hess, Kathy — 41, 54, 83, 136 Hillemeyer, Don — 41, 48, 102, 103 Holland, Myma — 41, 74, 94 Hollingsworth, Woody — 41 Hornsey, Gary — 41, 33, 99, 136 Homing, Robert — 10, 41, 94, 96, 136 Houchin, Clifton — 41 Howard, Charlie — 2, 42, 55, 96, 102, 136 Hudson, Lynda— 42 Jackson, Carol — 42, 83, 81, 90, 136, 137 Jackson, Rickey — 10, 41, 42, 96 James, Odis — 42 Jones, Sharon — 4, 42, 83, 96 Kelley. Clint — 42, 97, 98 Kelly. John — 42, 75 King, Lonnie — 9, 43,114, 136 Kirby, Thomas — 43, 96 Komiotis, Wilhelmina — 43 Kraatz, Leroy — 43, 78, 80, 95, 136, 137 LaGree, Jane — 43, 51, 83, 96, 129, 136, 123 Lampshire, Shari — 43, 95 Lawson, Sandra — 43. 83, 96, 118 Lewton, Carol — 43, Vo, 77, 89 Lile, Brenda — 43, 83, 136, 114 Little, Billy — 43, 96. 100, 101 Little, Theresa — 44, 95 Logue, Judy — 44 Longley, Charlene — 44, 74, 75, 76, 77, 95 Louis, Greg — 44 Lovelace, Billy — 44, 101 Luikart, Joann — 44, 74, 77, 95 McKinney, Mike — 44, 81, 88 McClain, Robert — 44 Martin, David — 44, 51, 91 139Martin, Marilyn — 4. 81 Mathis, John — 45, 39 Medlin, Mary — 44, 104 Messick, Lonnie — 45. 108. 110 Milligan, Brenda — 45, 136 Monroe, Vickie — 45, 83 Moore, Colleen — 4, 45, 55, 74, 136, 137 Moore, Steven — 45, 84, 94, 108, 122, 126 Moran, Cathrine — 45, 83, 88, 110, 136, 137 Mash, John — 14, 46, 75 Nicholson, Mary — 45. 46, 78, 81, 83, 91, 95, 136, 137, 104 O’Malley, Terry — 46 Owens, Don — 46 Palermo, George — 46 Parker, Gary — 46 Parsons, Robert — 46, 86 Pate, Don — 46 Paulson, Dan — 46 Perry, Mike — 46, 119 Peyton, Johnny — 10, 41. 47. 136 Phelps, Terry — 10, 47. 80, 96, 110 Pickett, David — 47, 102, 114, 136, 126 Pollock, Karen — 5, 39, 47, 83, 136 Powell. Mike — 47, 74, 77. 96. 123 Price, Linda — 47, 45, 83, 88, 104 136, 137 Raby, Oneida — 47, 83, 96, 136 Randall, Billie — 13. 47, 96. 102 Ray, Larry — 48, 94, 100, 101 Redmon, Robert — 48 Reynolds, Bill — 48, 55 Rice. Shirley — 13, 48. 81. 96. 136 Riddle. Anne — 48, 33. 81, 83, 94 99, 114, 122, 131, 136, 137 Ristow, Marcia — 42, 48, 81 Roberts, Morris — 48, 96. 102 Robinson, Bill — 42, 49, 55, 84, 110, 122, 126, 136, 137 Roney, James — 49, 110 Rooker, Judv — 10, 49, 94, 95, 96, 105, 114, 122, 131 Rowland. Bedford — 49 Russell, Donna — 49, 81, 83, 97 Russell, Karen — 49. 96. 97. 126 Rust, Stan — 26, 49, 75, 91, 94, 114, 136, 137 Sewell, Roy — 10, 49, 96 Shepard, Gary — 49, 110, 108 Sherman, Fred — 49. 110 Sherman, Terry — 50, 119 Simms. Loren — 50 Siniard, Wynell — 50, 96. 101 Smiley, Audrey — 50, 101 Smith, Janice — 50, 74, 81, 88, 127, 136 Snow, Betty — 78, 81, 83, 105, 104, 133, 135, 136, 137 Snow. Jerri — 50, 86, 95, 126, 133, 134, 74, 75. 76, 78, 81 Spoon, Karen — 50, 81, 83, 88, 122, 133 , 136 Spoon, Sharon — 50, 81, 82, 83, 88, 105, 132, 136 Stanfill, Lila — 50, 83. 86. 100. 101 Steiner, Jon — 42, 51, 110, 111 Stephens, Betty — 51. 78, 81, 83. 88, 94. 105, 136 Stiver, Dale — 51, 75 Stockton, Sheila — 51. 83. 90. 136 Stout, Cariotta — 28, 51, 83, 104 Stowe, Brent — 51 Stroud, Benny — 51 Switt, Jeffrey — 51 Talley, Bob — 52 Tate, Glenda — 52, 96, 116, 117, 123, 136 Thompson, Jimmy — 52, 96, 97 Tisdale, Terry — 52, 88, 136 Trammel, Joe — 52, 90, 119 Tucker, Barbara — 52, 83, 96 Villanueva, Tavy — 52, 101 Villines, Roger — 52, 74, 77 Walker, Keith — 52, 96, 137 Walls, James — 52, 119 Ward, Barbara — 53, 96, 100, 101 Warlick, John — 53, 108, 111, 114 Warrington, Danna — 53, 95 Watson, Barbara — 53, 96, 100, 101, 128 Wax, Danny — 53 Wells, Elaine — 53, 74, 88, 116, 117, 136 Wendt, Janet — 53, 90, 136 Wesson, Cheryl — 53 Whitworth, Avis — 54, 78, 81, 83, 94, 122, 136, 137 Wilks, Lawrence — 13, 54, 96 Williams, Linda — 54, 96 Williams, Mike — 53, 54, 84, 88, 95, 114, 123, 126, 136, 137 Williams, Thomas — 54, 111 Willis, Jesse — 54, 55, 102 Wilson, Gary — 54, 101 Wilson, Paul — 54, 78, 80, 85, 114, 135, 136, 137 Wilson, Polly — 55, 83, 88, 96, 101, 128, 136 Winsett, Gary — 33, 55, 84, 95, 99, 108, 111, 122, 126, 136 Zeaman, Mike — 5. 55. 75, 76, 81, 84, 86, 95, 136, 137, 96 JUNIORS Abernathy, Larry — 56, 63, 84, 102, 103, 136 Ackerman, Barbara — 56 Ackerman, Jane — 56 Adair, Kay — 56, 82, 88, 124, 129, 132, 136 Alexander, Bobby — 56, 108, 119 Alexander, Don — 56, 114 Allen, Coy — 56, 102, 108, 113, 119 Allen, Sylvia — 56, 82, 98, 99, 136, 137 Alter, Jayme — 56, 61, 86, 95, 136, 137 Anderson, Jimmy — 56, 108, 119, 136 Anstead, Patricia — 56 Ardry, Minnie — 56 Amey, Don — 56, 103 Auchterlonie. Gavin — 56 Backherms, James — 56 Barker, Dawn — 56 Barkwill, Brooks — 56, 74, 75, 88, 136 Barnes, Nancy — 56, 82, 88 Barnett, Robert — 56 Barrow, Johnny — 56, 119 Bates. Susan — 3, 56, 61, 81, 82, 86, 124 Bearden, Gary — 56, 101 Becker, Dee Dee — 56, 82, 88, 105, 116, 117, 136, 137 Bellah, Gayle — 56 Beseler, Ellen — 56, 82, 88 Birtciel, Gregory — 56 Blankenship, Charles — 56 Blevins, Gary — 56 Blevins, Mandy — 56 Bowen, Don — 56, 74, 90 Boyd, Beverly — 56, 74, 88, 104 Bradley, Michael — 56, 136 Brake, Phyllis — 57 Broadwell, Carol — 57 Brunhuber, Ken — 57 Bullard, Betty — 57, 78, 81, 82, 88, 136, 137 Burden, Jerry — 57, 108, 113, 119 Burdick, Janis — 57, 82, 89, 136, 137 Burk, Donald — 57, 78, 80 Burton, Sharron — 57 Bush, Katherene — 57 Butler, Don — 57, 100, 101, 119 Byers, Linda — 57 Byrd, Carole — 57, 82, 136 Campbell, Alain — 57 Campbell, Jim — 57, 89 Carless, Chris------57, 89, 136 Carroll, Barry — 19, 57, 79, 80, 108, 119 Carroll, Shirley — 57 Chatterton, Ann — 57, 81, 82 Chesser, Cecil — 57, 84, 114, 136, 137 Chumley, Sylvia — 57, 78, 81, 82, 88, 136, 137 Ciccone, Stuart — 57 Clark, Roberta — 57, 104, 136, 137 Coe, Eddie — 57 Cole, Brian — 57, 78, 80. 84, 98, 99. 136, 137 Coleman, Lynckdl — 57 Collier, Brenda — 57 Conatser, Ann — 57, 78, 81, 82, 88, 90, 136 Coria, Frances — 57, 136 Coppage, Sherri — 57, 82, 101, 118 Creasser, Anna — 57 Creasser, John — 57 Creed, Carol — 57, 79. 81, 82, 137 Crelia, Hub — 57, 74 Crockett, James — 57, 75 Cupp, Judy — 57, 82, 116, 117 Davis, Carolyn — 57 Davis, Deannice — 57, 81, 89, 136, 137 Davis, Jacki — 57, 82 Davis, Liz — 57, 118 Dennis, Carolvn — 57, 78, 81, 82, 86, 136, 137 Denton, Nancy — 57, 81, 82, 88, 136 Diltz. Jack — 57, 61, 84, 108, 109, 114, 124 Dixon, Carole Sue — 57, 81, 82, 88, 136 Doak, Fred — 57, 84, 89, 95, 136 Dobbs. Joe — 57 Doughty. Steve — 5, 57, 61, 84, 87, 124, 136. 137 Douglas, Sandra — 57 Dowdy, Terry — 57 Duke, Donald — 58 Duke, James — 5, 58, 84, 108, 109 Duncan, Jimmy — 58, 86, 87, 89 Dunn, Craig — 58 Eddings, Elaine — 58, 79, 81, 82, 136 Edwards, Jeanene — 58 Ellis, Linda — 58, 81. 82. 78, 81 Evans, Jerry — 80, 78, 79 Fenell, Tim — 58, 113, 114 Fisher, Linda — 58 Flowers, Jane — 10, 58, 136, 137 Flowers, Shirley — 58 Foster, Janes — 58, 119 Foster. Steve — 58, 108 Fueglein, Linda — 58, 82, 89 Gallagher, Joan — 58, 82, 89 Garnett, Jean — 58, 78, 81, 82, 83, 86, 89, 136, 137 Garvin, Eddie — 58, 78, 80 'Garvin, Jo Anne — 58. 78, 81, 82, 83, 86, 90, 124. 136, 137 Gates, Larry — 58. 102, 108, 109 Gayler, Jack — 58 Gembacz. Thad — 58, 78, 86, 87, 80 Gibson, Shann — 58 Gilbert, Tommy — 58, 95, 101 Goodwin, Ernest — 58 Gordon, Karen — 58, 82 Gordon, Lynn — 58, 102Gorr, Patsy — 58, 86, 136 Goss, Suzanne — 58, 82, 104 Cover, Howard — 58 Grant, Janice — 58, 136 Graves, Candy — 58 Green, Carl — 58 Green, Gary — 58 Green, Howard — 58 Green, Kenneth — 58, 119 Green, Sherry — 58 Grider, Steve — 58, 93 Grimes, Phil — 58, 84, 102, 136, 137 Gwaltney, Curtis — 58, 78, 80, 90, 136 Hadley, Peggy — 58, 82, 88 Hadsel, Mike — 58, 88 Haines. Terry — 58, 82, 93 Hale, Janet — 58, 82, 87, 136 Hamilton, Vickey — 58 Harazda, John — 58 Hardie, Margie — 58, 75, 76, 90, 95, 136 Harris, Wilma — 58 Hawkins, Dennis — 59 Heard, Fran — 59, 63, 81, 82, 88, 136 Heidebrecht, Anna — 59, 82, 104 , 116, 117 Henderson, Pam — 59, 78, 81, 82, 136 Henry, Brad — 59, 108, 109, 119, 124 Henry, Noal — 59 Herbert, Gary — 59 Hernandez, Gilda — 11, 59, 82 Hernandez, Roy — 59 Hert, Brenda — 59, 82, 86, 93, 118 Hickey, Robert — 59 Higgs, Larry — 59, 75, 136 Hill, Mary A. — 59, 81 Hill, Mary L. — 59, 82, 89, 90, 94, 130 Holdridge, Don — 59 Hollingsworth, Diane — 59, 82, 89, 90, 114 Hoover, Steve — 59 Hopkins, Rayford — 59. 78, 80 Hoyt. Bill — 59, 108. 114 Hudman, Alice — 59. 82, 81 Hunt, Jeanne — 59, 100, 101 Hurdstrom, Darlene — 59 Jackson, Kathryn — 59, 79, 81, 82. 136, 137 James, Mike — 59 Jewell, Charlotte — 59 Jones, David — 59 Kelly, Jolene — 59, 81, 82 Kelley, Larry — 59, 100 Kimball, Anna — 59 King, Ralph — 59, 88 King, Ralph — 59, 81, 82, 90, 114 Kouba, Richard — 59, 89, 91, 136 Kraatz, Carol — 60 Laird, Jim — 60, 108 LaMar, Larry — 60, 84, 86, 136, 137 Lange, Dina — 60, 136 Larma, John — 60 Lay, David — 60, 101 Ledbetter, Joan — 60 Lees, Richard — 60 Leonard. Gloria — 60, 82, 104 Lingle, David — 60, 114 Lovett, Dana — 60, 82, 136 McAskill, Dale — 60 McAskill, Jan — 60, 98, 99 McClure. Dale — 60 McDonald, Eddie — 60 McKenzie, Bobby — 60, 108, 111, 119 McKenzie, Linda — 60, 78 McLaughlin, Mike — 60, 78, 80, 105 McNeely, Eugene — 60 Magill, Bruce — 60, 100, 101 Malony. Keith — 60 Mann, Margaret — 60, 78, 81, 82, 88 Marple, Pam — 60, 82, 90 Marshall. Freddie —60, 110 Martin, Larry — 60, 114, 136, 137 Massey. Gary — 60 Maxwell, Van — 60, 74, 84, 86, 136 Mayfield. Mike — 60, 119 Milani, Gregory — 60 Miller, Jeff — 5, 60, 86, 136, 137 Miller, Stanley — 60 Mills, John — 60, 78, 80 Mollison, Pattv — 60, 81, 83, 88, 136 Moore. Rita — 60, 78, 81 Moorehead, Danette — 60, 81, 83, 88, 124, 136 Morgan, Keith — 60 Morton, Arthur — 60 Munson, Bill — 60, 101 Murphy, Janet — 60, 81, 82 Murrell, Terry — 60, 108, 119 Nall, Lana — 60, Neely, Phil — 60, 75 Neil, Judy — 60, 81 Nelson, Robert — 60, 80, 90 Netherton, Marcia — 60, 81 Nichols, Donna — 60, 81, 82 Norcross, Mike — 60, 102, 114, 136 Norton, Darrell — 60 O’Neal, Mike — 61, 110 Ortega, Robert — 61, 108, 110 Overton, Shucki — 61, 81, 82 Oxford, Ruth — 61 Parish, Lois — 61, 136 Parrish. Jimmy — 61, 110, 111, 119 Parks, Floyd — 61, 108 Parks. Jerry — 102 Parsons, Linda — 61, 82 Pate, Nancy — 61, 82 Percival, Jim — 61, 78, 80, 95 Percival, John — 61, 78, 80, 90, 94, 95, 136 Perkins, Diane — 61, 82 Perry, Beth — 61, 81, 82, 136 Peters, David — 61, 74, 80, 88 Phillips, Carolyn — 61. 93, 116, 117 Phillips, Marilyn — 61, 82, 89, 93, 117 Pittman, Suedie — 61, 81, 82, 95 Pitts, Ronnie — 61, 74 Ploszay, Kathlene — 61, 81 Pollard. Randy — 61, 100, 101 Poore, Larry — 61 Post, Anna — 61 Powers, Mike — 61, 75 Price, Dorothy — 61, 78, 81, 82, 89, 136, 137 Price, Linda — 61, 79, 81. 82 Pride, Patsy — 61, 82, 116, 117 Pritts, Myra — 61, 81, 82, 136, 137 Purcell, Beverly — 61 Quigley, Neal — 61 Ratcliff. Joy — 61, 78. 81, 90 Reed, Eddie — 61. 84, 114, 136 Reser, Larry — 61 Reutlinger, Nancy — 62, 75 Richardson, Gayle — 62, 81, 93 Roberson, Robby — 62, 105, 136 Roberts, Anita — 62 Roberts, Johnny — 62, 84 Roberts, Kathy — 62, 78, 81, 82, 83, 88, 136 Robertson, Tanna — 62, 90 Robison, Rhana — 62, 78, 81, 82, 136, 137 Rowland, Daphne — 62, 81 Schmedt, Fred — 2, 62, 75, 77, 84, 102, 103 Schmidt, Richard — 62, 114, 136 Sewell, Jim — 62 Shadid, Randel — 62, 84, 89, 136 Shelton. Billy — 62 Shepard, Virginia — 62 Sherman, Linda — 62 Sherwood, Sammy — 62, 136 Shook. Barbara — 62 JoAnn Sillivent — 62 Simpson, Tommy — 62, 136, 137 Smith, Allison — 62, 79, 81, 136 Smithlin, Patty — 62 Sonleiter, Rickey — 62 Spear, Steve — 62 Spraggins, Craig — 62 Standlee, Kathy — 62, 83, 90, 130 Stanfill, Ronnie — 62, 111, 119 Steeves, Jackie — 62, 63, 88 Stock, Mike — 62, 80, 10 Strickland, Betty — 62, 118 Suttle, Kay — 62, 81, 82, 136 Tartar, Jackie — 62 Thatcher, Cathy — 62 Thomason, Keith — 62 Thompson, Betty — 62, 78 Thompson, Robert — 62, 84, 111, 119, 136 Thul, Bruce — 62, 136 Tillery, Larry — 62 Townsend, Linda — 62, 82, 88, 136 Tucker, Betty — 62, 90 Tucker, Ray — 62 Ullom, Rick — 62, 78, 80 Ure, Walley — 62 Van Oostrtim, Ralph — 62, 77, 102 Varner, Rodette — 62, 82, 89, 81 Vineyard, Janet — 62, 78, 81, 89, 81 Vorhees, Connie — 62, 81 Walker, Danny — 63, 111, 108 Walker, Jimmy — 63, 84, 136, 137 Walker. Marie — 63. 81 Walters, Karen — 63, 78, 95 Ware, Linda — 63, 118, 136 Watson, Charlie — 63, 102 Weber, Nona — 63, 118 Weems, John — 63 Wells, Linda — 63, 82, 88, 117 West, Bill — 63 White, Lynn — 63, 78, 80, 111, 119 White, Roger — 63, 136 Whitis, Sue — 63 Whittington, Jeanie — 63 Williamson, Keith — 63, 111, 108, 109, 136 Willis, Jim — 63, 114 Willis, Mike — 63, 105 Wims, Barbara — 63, 81 Winkler, John — 63 Woodard, Julie — 63 Woods, Teddy — 63, 10, 105 , 96. 97 Woolums, Kent — 63 Worley, Cindy — 63, 81, 90 Wrobel, Rick — 63 Yates. Judy — 63. 101 Yee, Larry — 5, 63, 84, 86, 87, 136, 137 York, Chet — 136 Young, Keith — 63 Youngblood, Kathy — 63 SOPHOMORES Aboussie, Sam — 4, 64, 119 Adams, Gary — 64, 119 Aduddell, Jacque — 64, 74 Aguero, Lucy — 64, 118 Aguero, Lupe — 64, 119 Alderte, Ricky — 64, 93. 119 Alexander, Dana — 64, 82, 93, 118 Allen, Chalmus — 64, 74, 77. 84 Allen, Eddie — 64, 111, 108 Allen, Lynn 64, 119 Altus, Mary — 64, 118, 136 Anderson, Bobby — 64 Anglund, Judy — 64. 118 Atwater, Pam — 64. 79 Avey, Mike — 64, 75Baker, Jack — 64 Baker, Tommy — 64, 119 Barker, Anna — 64, 118, 136 Barkwill, John — 64, 75, 77 Barnthson, Harold — 64, 136 Bates, John — 64, 103, 119 Belew, Ronald — 64, 111, 108, 136, 137 Belter, Robert — 64, 103, 119 Benett, Larry — 64 Besett, Lynda — 64, 118 Bess, Pam — 64, 82 Bezy, John — 64, 75 Bilyeu, Kenneth — 64 Birtciel, Bruce — 64 Bonds, Virginia — 64, 82 Bosenbark, I arry — 64 Bowers, Marlise — 64, 93, 116, 117 Briscoe, Mark — 64 Bryan, Barbara — 64, 79, 88, 93 Buck, Douglas — 64, 119 Bugg, Barney — 89, 119 Bunce, Pearl — 64, 82, 88, 118, 136 Burris, Margie — 64, 118 Butler, Chester — 64, 79, 80 Cagle, Eugena — 64, 79, 89, 95, 98, 99, 136, 137 Cale, Peggy — 64, 116, 117 Calkins, Larry — 64, 71, 84, 108, 111 Campbell, Brenda — 64, 82, 93, 116 Carder, Mackey — 2, 64, 103 Carpenter, Barbara — 64 Carver, Jean — 64, 82, 136 Caster, Jimmy — 64, 111, 84, 108, 109, 111, 114, 125, 136 Causey, Jackie — 64, 136, 137 Cavitt, Kay — 65 Chabot, Vince — 65, 119 Chenault, Phyllis — 65, 74, 75, 76. 104, 125, 132 Choate, Grace — 65, 119 Clark, Betty — 65 Clark, Bill — 65 Clements, Paula — 65, 79 Cline, Jimmy — 65 Collier. Donna — 65, 118 Cook, Bill — 65 Corey, Cheryl — 92, 136 Creed, Freddie — 65 Crouch, Bobby — 65, 119 Crumley, Linda — 65, 79 Culp, Douglas — 65, 74, 77 Cunningham, Richard — 65, 89, 114, 136 Curtis, Sherry — 65, 74, 77, 89, 79, 137 Darwin, Bobby — 65, 71, 84, 108, 109, 111, 114, 136 Daugherty, Paul — 65, 108, 109, 111 Detherage, Florence — 65, 89, 136, 137 DeRuvo, Toni — 65, 79 Deutch, Kay — 65, 82 DiCindo, Ann — 5, 65, 82, 136 Dickson, James — 65, 75, 77 Doak, Jane — 65, 82 Dunahoo, Harry — 119 Duncan, Janice — 65, 89 Dunegan, George — 65, 84, 108, 109, 111, 119 Duvall, Brenda — 65, 93, 118, 136, 137 Edwards, Benny — 65 Edwards, Sue — 65, 118, 136 Eley, Patricia — 65, 74, 78, 79 Elliot, Curtis — 66 Elwick, Suzanne — 66 Evans, Larry — 66 Everett, Charles — 66, 75, 77 Everett, Juanita — 66 Fancher, Jack — 66, 79, 90, 93, 136 Faulkner, Lynn — 66, 79, 82 Finke, Paul — 66, 71, 79, 80, 84, 92, 125 Fisher, Cathy — 66, 82, 93, 118 Fleming, Diane — 66, 82, 136 Forrester, Beverly — 66, 79, 82, 93 Forst, Marilyn — 66, 118 Foster, Jerry — 66, 84 Foster, Robert — 119 Fox, Kay — 66, 118 Frederick, Scott — 66, 119 Gates, Greg — 66, 119 George, Louitha — 66 Giroux, Norman — 66, 87, 93, 119, 136 Glendenning, Terry — 66, 118 Goodwin, Jane — 66, 74, 76, 136 Goolsby, Jenny — 66, 79, 82 Gordon, Bobby — 66, 119 Gordon, Mike — 66, 119 Gouge, Cathy — 66, 82, 88, 118 Graham, Ronnie — 66, 111 Green, Gary — 66 Green, Raymond — 66, 68 Green, Ricky — 66 Green, Stephen — 66, 75 Grover, Dick — 119 Haliday, Julie — 66 Hamilton, Sherry — 66, 118 Hammack, Wilbur — 66, 119 Hammet, Linda — 66, 93, 118, 136 Harbison, Madelein — 66, 75, 76, 92, 98, 99 Harris, Charles — 66, 119 Hatton, Janice — 66, 82, 79, 93, 125 Haven, Jeff — 75, 77 Hayes, Albert — 66 Haynie. Brenda — 66, 118, 136, 137 Hays, Janice — 66, 74, 93 Henderson, Jean — 66, 79, 82, 89, 136 Henderson, Tom — 66, 84, 98, 99, 136 Henry, Bobby — 66, 119 Henry, Carolyn — 66, 79, 82, 93, 136 Hernandez, John — 66, 119 Herrin, Pat — 66 Hestand, Loyd — 66, 119 Hillard, Jimmy — 66, 119 Hillard, Troy 67, 119 Hillemeyer, Cathy — 67, 118 Hillemeyer, Christy — 67, 118 Hines, Jimmy — 67, 108, 109, 111, 119, 125 Hinkle, Pam — 67 Hogan, George — 67, 119 Holmes, Dennis — 67, 93, 119, 136 Homan, Sharon — 67, 89, 118 Hooton, Linda — 28, 67, 79, 136, 137 Hopp, Larry — 67, 136 Horton, Paul — 67 Howard, Margaret — 67, 82, 87, 116, 117 Hunt, Cindy — 67, 82 Hurdstrom, Diane — 67, 86 Izzo, Linda — 67, 74, 136 Jeffreys, Jo Ann — 67 Johnson, John — 67, 93 Jones, Chad — 67, 119 Jones, Jennifer — 67, 79, 82, 114 Jones, Jonnie — 67 Karr, Jess — 67, 75 Kastner, Cathy — 67, 82, 89, 93, 136 Kelly, Carolyn — 11, 67, 86, 87, 136 Kimball, John — 67, 74, 75, 93, 136 Kluting, Rod — 119 Kyes, Lucia — 67, 82, 118, 136 Kyrzakoz, Cynthia — 67, 86 LaFon, Larry — 67, 119 Laird, Janet — 67, 79, 82, 93 Lamb, Carla — 67, 71, 118 Lampshire, Don — 67, 119 Larma, Kerry — 67, 84, 108, 110, 114, 136 Law, Louanna — 67, 79, 89, 136, 137 Lawson, Sheila — 68 Lelbach, Bob — 68, 78, 80, 119 Lewton, Austin —68, 74, 88 Litvak, Jeff — 68, 136, 137 Long, Mike — 68 Scott, Donald — 68 Lees, George — 43, 80 Lovell, Erial — 68, 119 Lovett, Hal — 68, 114 Lower, Thomas — 68, 109, 111 Lowrance, Ronnie — 68 McAskill, Don — 2, 68, 103, 119 McAskill, Mary — 68, 75, 136 McCarty, Ruth Ann — 68, 79, 82, 93 McDermott, Susan — 68, 75, 77 McDonald, Pat — 68, 118 McEdnree, Wayne — 68, 75, 89, 136 McGinley, Pat — 68, 82, 79 McKeaigg, Ronnie — 68, 84 McKinney, Cecil — 2, 68, 103, 136 McQueen, George — 68 Melana, Barbara — 68, 118 Marshall, Joe — 119 Martin, Catheline — 68, 79 Mason, Joe — 68, 78, 80, 84, 87, 92, 136, 137 Massey, Dennis — 68, 105, 111 Medlin, Ray — 68, 119 Medlock, Mary Ellen — 68, 93 Merida, Steve — 68f 84, 108, 110, 111 Middleton, Ernie — 68, 92, 119 Miller, Glenn — 68, 93, 119, 136, 137 Mims, Sherry — 68, 79 Mitchell, Linda — 68, 118 Monroe, Jerry — 68, 93, 119 Montoya, Mary — 16, 69, 75, 76, 92 Moran, Jerry — 69, 119 Moreau, Robin — 69, 79, 82, 136 Morgan, Michael — 69, 119 Morin, George — 69, 75 Moser, Sydney — 69 Mullinax, Steve — 69, 111, 119 Murray, Mike — 69 Murrell, Sue — 69, 74. 93 Myatt, Roger — 69, 108, 110, 111, 119 Neasley, Butch — 69, 108, 110, 111 Newlin, Sharon — 69, 89, 118 Newson, Sharon — 69, 90, 118 Nickell, Marie — 69, 79, 92 Osborn, Mary — 69, 71, 92, 118 Ortega, Carmen — 69, 82 Overell, Bill — 114, 119, 136, 137 Owens Sherry — 69, 118 Oxford, Jimmy — 69, 89, 119 Palmer, Darrel — 69, 103 Parsley, Linda — 69, 118 Parsons, Barbara — 69, 79, 82 Parsons, Margaret — 69, 79, 82, 90 Pate, Eufala — 69 Phelps, Craig — 69, 119 Pippin, Roger — 69, 75, 89 Poling, Gordon — 89, 119 P°rter, Shirley — 69, 79, 82, 116, Potts, Tim — 69, 84, 108. 110, 111, 114 Pryor, Patty — 69, 79, 82, 93 Rayburn, Donna — 69 Reagan, Sally — 69, 75, 79, 136 Redmon, Judy — 69, 79 Reynolds, Robert — 69 142Rinker, Jeff — 69 Rister, Russell — 119 Ritchie, Darrel — 69, 119 Robins, Peggy — 70, 79 Robbins, Larry — 69, 103, 119 Roberts, Tommy — 69, 119, 136, 137 Robertson, Gay Nell — 69, 81, 118 Roberson, David — 69, 84, 93 Rogers, Brenda — 69, 118 Roney, Beverly — 69, 79, 82, 89, 136 Rowan, Cynthia — 69, 82, 136 Runividge, Sheryl — 69, 75, 77, 93, 137 Sanderlin, Gail — 69 Scoggin, Ruth — 69, 79, 136 Seamon, Janie — 69, 118 Shadid, Steve — 69, 74, 136 Shawn, Glenda — 69, 82 Shipman, Bob — 70, 119 Sholar, William — 70, 92, 119 Shoupe, Myma — 70, 118 Slack, Karen — 70, 79, 82, 89, 92, 136 Sloan, Gary — 70, 93, 119 Smith, Barbara — 70, 79, 82, 90, 136 Smith, Mary — 70, 79, 136 Smith, Paula — 70, 118 Southern, Linda — 70, 82, 92, 116, 117. 136, 137 Standlee, Mitzie — 70, 79, 82, 93, 136 Stanfill, Connie — 70, 79, 82 Stapp, Tommy — 70, 119 Starr, Mike — 70, 84, 87, 108, 119, 110, 111 Stephen, Sue — 70, 79, 82, 93, 136 Stewart. Shelly — 70 Stockton, Gary — 70 Stout, James — 70, 136, 137 Stuart, James — 70, 93 Sumner, Phyllis — 70, 93 Suttle, Sheryl — 70, 79, 82, 93 Syptak, Paula — 70, 79, 82, 93 Tally, Pat — 70, 136 Talley, Tommy — 70, 103 Tew, Alicia — 70, 82, 118, 136 Thaggard, John — 70, 75 Thomas, Jack — 70, 119 Thompson, Allan — 70, 119 Thompson, Valerie — 70 Tidwell, Rodney — 70, 111 Tigert, Billy — 70, 119 Tigert, Linda — 70, 118 Tims, Susan — 79, 82, 93,104, 136, Triplett, Judy — 70, 118 Troy, Marilyn — 70, 118 Turee, Barry — 70, 111, 119 Vance, Nita — 70, 118 Vance, Velma — 70, 118 Villines, John — 70, 75 Walker, Jane — 70, 71, 74, 75, 82 Walker, Janey — 70, 71, 74, 75, 79, 82 Wallace, Connie — 70, 79 Walls, Eddie — 70, 119 Wallace, Janice — 70, 118 Ware, Danny — 70, 119 Weems, Lee — 70, 119, 136 Wheeler, Linda — 70 Wilborn, Jennifer — 70, 79, 82, 89, 92, 136 Williams, Bob — 71, 119 Williams, Diane — 71, 79 Williams, Dorothy — 71 Williams. Judv — 71. 79. 83, 92. 102, 103, 125, 129, 136, 137 Williams, Mike — 71 Williamson, Tony — 71, 119 Willis, Karen — 71. 136 Wilson, Betty — 71, 74 Wilson, Charles — 71, 119 Wilson, Larry — 71, 93, 119 Windle, Melanie — 71, 79, 82, 93, 136 Winsett, Ann — 5, 16, 71, 79 8 136 Winters. Mike — 71, 119 Woods. Bobby — 119 Woolridge, Riichard — 71, 119 Wozniak, Sandra — 71. 93, 136 Yarbrough. Linda — 71. 82. 118 Zumbro, Marion — 71, 79, 82, 89, 93, 136

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