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4, . THE ALTO ALTUS HIGH SCHOOL ,,Q IUBI ISHPD BY SENIOR LI ASS 1914 AI TUS, OKLAHOMA e E 5 E i E ? E ? 5 I r F Z P Y E P I Q 5 5' E f L 5 li, A, 4, ,,.. .. .i ,, , DEDICATION. We dedicate this Annual to our beloved mothers and fathers, and may they in reading, live over again the childhood days of their childreng may their hearts be gladdened and saddened in these reminiscences, but in the end strengthened. A. H. S. ALTUS HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. Education. of rd Boa Q5 nd A. L. Ingl T. A. Banks a Standing-A. S. J. Shaw, and L. V. Chadwick. Stroud ey, N. R. H11 Mclii Sitting--B. R. Floyd, B. R. Kimbell, P. M. THE FAC ULTY. NOW LYOUHG WW1ffWQ2 WW 6 X NM! fl XHMNMW ,f',lI'Q,1l W "Y 'efk'E',w3N M 'N.,M yah, mu 5f0f T? pff 3 P + J V N I L CLASS PARENTS THE SEHIOR5 . ,A,',1 ff N f5ff7'7f-ff W ' K M I N lm N Mxikll XR' N. l Na P r 1 gn! "'::" ZH5 ,XX rdf! Hansel Barcus Johnson C'Hensell"J. Noted for-President of Class and high school musician. Ambition-To be a leader of a brass band. Slang Expression-"Oh, shucks I" "If he has any faults, he has left us in doubt, At least in twelve years, we could not find 'em out." 3 Elizabeth Lee McKinley f"Lid"J. Noted for-Secretary of Class and class stand-by. Ambition-To be mistress of the White House. Slang Expression-"Say, kid!" "She laughs at morning, she laughs at night, She laughs if wrong, or laughs if right." Thomas Malcom Aycock C"Tommy"J. Noted for-Stuttering and athletic work. Ambition-To be world's all-round ath- lete. Slang Expression-"Gun zizzle!" "On the stage he was natural, simple, affecting, 'Twas only that when he was off he was acting." Mabel Muriel Weber C"Muggins"J. Noted for-Her winning Ways and good nature. Ambition-To get through A. H. S. Slang Expression-"Oh, girl!" "But peace to her spirit, wherever it flies, To act as an angel, and mix with the skies." - Y, , L John Harold Decker f'KDeck"J. Noted for-His artistic Walk and ath- letic Work. Ambition-To be known all over the World. Slang Expression-"I'll swear!" "So great am I that the world knows only three, I, myself, and mef, Lalla Elizabeth Bristol f"Rusty"J. Noted for-Wit, humor and expression. Ambition-To be a suffragette or a mil- lQonaire's wife. Slang Expression-"l should worrylu K'Who scattered around wit, and humor at Will, ' Whose daily 'bon mots' half a Column might fill." William Phillip Blanton C"Billy"J. Noted for-Good looks and debating. Ambitlon-?????? Slang Expression-"What l" t'When he's good, he's very good, But when he's bad, hels horrid." Virginia Pauline- Strother f"Peggy"D. Noted for-Her popularity and talents. Ambition-To become a soclety belle. Slang Expresslon--"That makes me tired!" "Soar not too high to fall, but stoop to risef' Ralph Rolland Loyd f"Doby"J. Noted for-Good geometry work. Ambition-To become a U. S. postman. Slang Expression-"Say, Prof!" "A pupil of impulse, it forced him along. His conduct still right, with his argu- ment wrong." Lela May Paine C"Lutie"J. Noted-for--Horror of Physics. Ambition-Just to be good. Slang Expression--"My goodness!" "Make away with Physics," she cried. "Make away withiPhysics," and died. ora Churchwell f"Loddie"D. Noted for-Good conduct. Ambition-To be a stenographer. Slang Expression-"Well l" "Would you ask for the merits? Alas, She has none, what was good was spon- taneous, her faults were her own." Juanita Almina Lippoldt C"Wan"D. Noted for-Her perserverance. Ambition-To be a German teacher. Slang Expression-"Gee I" "Honor and shame from no condition rise, Act well your part, there all the honor lies." William Edward Bristol C"D0c,'J. Noted for-Cartooning and president of High School Literary Society. Ambition-To become cartoonist of Chi- cago Tribune. Slang Expression-"Danged if I know I" "A little nonsense now and then, ls relished by the best of men." Leona Viola Johnson f"Lonie,'J. Noted for-Her excellent class work. Ambition-To become a Latin teacher. Slang Expression-"My land I" "She is climbing a difficult roadg but the glory that attends success gives her strength for the labor." Ira Elmo White f"Percy"j. Noted for-Pet of Class and his slow- ness. Ambition-To grow taller. Slang Expression-"Darn it!" "To be great one must first be a 'farmerf " R E. Leach f"B0bby"J. Noted for-Her high temper. Ambition-To become a trained nurse. Slang Expression-"O, hang up!" "Her temper was generous, open, sin- cere, A stranger to flattery, a stranger to fear." .Iames Asa Harrell C'Jim"J. Noted for-Art work and penmanship. Ambition-To become a designer. Slang Expression-"I don't know!" "So long as you are innocent, fear nothingf' Mabel Mae Rayl C"Mab"J. ' Noted for-Harsh words and good thoughts. Ambition-To rule over man. Slang Expression-"Ding bust I" "She is tall and dark, and has those great big, dark, brown eyes." -Chloe Lee Grier f"Bill"J. Noted for-Her quietness. Ambition-To get through geometry. Slang Expression-"Oh, my!" "She's slow, but sure." Eudora Bryce f"Dora"J. Noted for-Droll sayings. Ambition-To get married. Slang Expression-"Yes, sir!" "Shall I go on, or have I said enough ?' 7 Charles Malcolm Starkey Q"Rube"J. Noted for-Singing and basket ball work. Ambition-To be a minister. Slang Expression-"Oh, hee!" "Manhood's brow serenely high, With the liery heart of youthf' Seniors ' 14 Hansel Barcus Johnson Y........... tttoto,,,,,,,,Yt.oo...... P resident Elizabeth Lee McKinley ..i.,,.... .,,,,.,,,,., S ecretary-Treasurer Colors. Navy Blue and Old Gold. Motto. "Success Awaits Us At Labor's Gate." Flower. Pink Carnation. Gem. Pink Pearl. Class History-Seniors For three years or more, the greatest and most important deeds that have been performed by the Class of 1914 have been kept a pro- found secret. It now becomes our duty and privilege to give an account of our most wonderful achievements, so that our under class- mates may thereby protit by our example. FRESHMEN. "So long as you are innocent fear nothing, but press on Until overcoming all difficulties, one by one, the goal you have won." In the Fall of 1910, we entered High School with an enroll- ment of seventy-two. The corps of teachers then consisted of Mr. McClelland, Mr. Griffith, Rose Witcher, and Pauline Abright. "Those green freshies remind me of a fellow who has lost his best friend," thus spoke a smart Senior boy to one of his classmates. "Here comes one of them now, let's have some fun, what do you say?" Just as this remark was concluded, an ignorant looking boy stalked into the laboratory. "Hello, there, kid, have you got lost from your mother ?" "I am sorry to say that we have not seen her." By this time Mr. Freshman was gaining in temper and he dealt Mr. Senior such a blow that he was sent sprawling to the Hoor. The outcome of the battle was that Mr. Senior had to beg the lad's pardon and thence- forth the Freshman Class of 1910 was treated with due respect. It also might be of interest to mention that we took our share of the burdens with a good grace and never shrank from any duty that was ours. By the close of the term we were initiated into full fellowship and good standing with the teachers and the remaining students of our dear old "Altus High." SOPHOMORES. "Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" We returned in 1911, more determined than ever to secure the best knowledge with which opportunity alone could make us acquainted. It goes without saying that our class had greatly de- creased in number. Some took up their abode in other cities, and some left the state entirely, while others-alas! how unfortunate !-- that they should fall a victim to Winged Cupid's darts. Among those who received the fatal blow were our most dear and beloved teachers CMiss Hoffmeister and Mr. Griffithj. We, as students, with a desire to finish the high school course marked out for us, had long since learned from experience that there could be no foul playing. When the race was almost ended, we re- doubled our strength and made the grand rush of our lives. We can boast with pride that not a single one was defeated. Thus closed a most successful and prosperous school year. ' J UNIORS. "Every person has two educations-one which he receives from others, and one, more important, which he gives himself." Another vacation had passed and we were again on duty. It was nothing more nor less than a continuation of the old routine work. This year we took more interest in "Society" than ever before. A Literary Society was organized in which our class was well repre- sented, and we were actually astonished to learn that several mem- bers of our class possessed such talents as had heretofore been hidden from our knowledge. We also had a full representation in the athletic field. Tom Aycock, the famous athlete, was highly honored by receiving a free ticket to Norman, where he participated in the athletic sports of the Interscholastic Meet. The Junior Class had the distinction of being the first class in High School to give a Junior-Senior reception. The affair was an elaborate one and was enjoyed by every one present. Among those whose names we deem worthy in praise is that of Lalla Bristol. She is the inspiration not only of the class, but of the school in general. She was chosen sponsor to the Old Confederate Veterans at their Annual Reunion at Chattanooga. This important event marked the close of another term. SENIORS. "O far glimmering worlds and wings, Mystic smiles and beckonings, Lead us through the shadowy isles Out into the afterwhilesf' We, the Class of 1914, have assembled together for the last time. Inspired with new zeal, we are endeavoring to make this the best year of all. Our first event of the year was organization. Hansel Johnson was elected President of the Class and Lizzie McKinley, Sec- retary. The next undertaking was getting out of the Annual, which meant an extra amount of labor. We are the first class that has undertaken to get out an annual of any kind. We rejoice in the fact that the Fates have permitted us to take advantage of our opportunities, yet we are saddened by the thought that these happy days are slipping by and that we shall soon make our exit to cope with the ways and wiles of the "New World." We believe in bestowing bouquets upon our friends while they are living, and thus, we wish to express our gratitude to our beloved teachers, who have so kindly rendered us their assistance during these four years. We hope that we, too, may have a lasting influence, and that our footsteps may remain to guide others. M. M. R., Class Historian. TOAST T0 SENIORS. "Here's that you may live a hundred happy years, And that I may live a hundred less one day, For I don't care to live any longer, When you good fellows have all passed away." THD JU HIOR5 'mx gf' .5 11 22 -iliif-l Y W I f MW H714 L QW um , 5 ,VI f 4 Chesna Blasingame. "She is pretty to Walk With, and Witty to talk With, and pleasant, too, to think on 97 Vera Barrow. "Active doer, noble liver, Strong to labor, sure to conquer." Herbert Chilton. "He hath marks about him plenty, You should know him among twenty." John Caves. "With graceful steps he Walks the street, And smiles at all the girls he meets." Lida Chilton. "She giggles, and wiggles, and laughs, and talks, Titters, and stutters, murmurs and Walks." Maxwell Carmicheal. 'fBe still, sad heart, and cease repining, Behind the clouds is the sun still shining." Nora Campbell. "If she laughs,-it is the trill Of the wayward whippoor-willf' Viola Goodner. f'Baff1ed and beaten back, she works on still, Sustained by her indomitable will." Meta Bell Douglas. "Scale all the heights, sing all the songs, Achievement is its own rewardf, C. C. Hightower. "Now wrangling, and grumbling, to keep the ball, Now vexing, and teasing, yet laughing at all." Lila Henson. "She has will power, she can manage a boat, She wants her right, she wants to vote." May King. "Sweetness, truth, and every grace, I You read distinctly in her face." rf-f l l i I E l L Mary Kimbell. "Till in my dreams, I joyed to walk alone, The toilsome Way contented with a song." Amy Maupin. "Laugh at your friends, and if your friends get sore. S0 much the better, you may laugh the more." Lillian Moore. "The thing that goes the farthest toward making life Worth Whileg That cost the least, and does the best, is just a pleasant smile." Jessie McCarty. "None knew her but to love her, None name her but to praise." Minnie Mae Mitchell. "If to her share some error falls, Look on her face and you'll forget them all." Sidney McNiel. "With no reason on earth to go out of his Way, He turns and varies full three times a day." I Ferd Morris. "Too courteous, perhaps, or obligingly flat, His very worst foe can't accuse of that." Carl Nesbit. "The tanned face, garlanded with mirth, That has the kindliest smile on earth." Mary Patterson. "My Mary! O! my Mary, are you daugh- ter of the air, That ye vanish, aye, before me, as I fol- low everywhere ?" Horace Smith. t'In framing a scholar art hath decreed, To make some good but others to exceed." Effie White. "Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, is our destined end or way, But to act, that each tomorrow, find us farther than today." Gracie White. "She casts off her friends as a huntsman his pack, For she knows when she pleases she can whistle them back." Glen Wilhite. "A person not too bright and good For human nature's daily food." Ruth Welch. "Men may Come, and men may go, But I go on forever." Corinne Gillette. "A perfect Woman, nobly planned, To marry, to comfort, and command." Bertha White. "The best woman is the one least talked about." Roy Jarbeau. "What shall I do to be forever known ?" Dallas Kirby. "To be or not to be: That is the question." Juniors '14 Lida Chilton ,Y.........,., ,......,Y ....... P resident Lillian Moore viYiiii.....iiiii.. iiiiiiii...,iii,i,i,i V ice-President Chesna Blasingame .,i,ii.i. .,..,....wi S ecretary-Treasurer Colors. Old Gold and Purple. Motto. "Finished, Yet Beginning." Flowers. American Beauty Rose. Class History-Juniors We, the Junior Class of 1913-'14, entered Altus High School as Freshmen in the Autumn of 1911. Our class then numbered fifty- two and never before or since has there assembled in the Altus High School a brighter or more energetic class of students. Of course, we were green to a certain extent, all Freshmen are so, but you are aware of the fact that "Green Things" grow, and we have proved this by our immediate expansion in knowledge and learning. We soon mastered the complicated ways of High School and every Senior, Junior, and little Soph. began to fear for the safety of his former popularity. Our superiority was also readily observed by our teachers and great prophecies were made by them concerning our future. All these prophecies so far in our career have been fulfilled. As Sophomores we numbered just about one-half our number as Freshmen, but our forces were weakened only in quantity and not in quality. lt would be almost impossible to enumerate the many noble deeds done by us during our sophomore year. We, as Juniors, now number twenty-nine, thus exceeding our Soph- omore enrollment by seven students, Several of our old classmates have been dropped from our records-some of them to enter the ranks of some other school, while others-well, you know Cupid will have his Way. Although we miss the presence of the old students, new ones have been added to our forces who are equally bright. It would be of little use to mention each individual in this remarkable class, for We have become famous in more Ways than one, and as great things can not long be kept secret, you are sure to hear from us later. Ever since the day of our entrance into the spacious "Halls of the A. H. S." We have been the envy of all the other classes. Not only for our superior ability on all occasions but for our personal appearance, as Well, as you have only to look at us to tell that we are far above the average. We have accomplished great things during our high school course, indeed, We have accomplished far more than was ever antici- pated by our learned instructors. On the athletic field we have Won many honors-honors which gave to us, to our school, and to our city, everlasting fame. It would be difficult, indeed, for the historian to say What would have become of the A. H. S. Football Team of 1913 had it not been for some of the players from our most illustrious Class. We hope that each and every one of us will be enrolled as Seniors next year and finish our course in the dear old A. H. S. TOAST T0 JUN IORS. "Here's to those Who love us, And tears to those who don'tg A smile for those who willing to And a tear for those who Won't." 1 Q-Y-'Yggl 2 HH hmm Mi I-,.:.. .1 m- . .,, 'Ha-.f :frirwsz ' f . w .1 '. i. . . . au.: A --.11 ggpa... ,g , 1 sf - --H. . 43 , ..-r...,- :Ugg-,, Q my ..-.mga , ,w f .,,. .. , .1 ,. W1 1, i.q:3,.1 .f ,, :..'..- -' , 12- H -fm--A , " L2-:gal 5.52 i -1'-'L.' QFFH.-1 V ' -' ' " I V' . ' .' L... . ' 5:43111 Ui" :11:zz1:w:'g'- V ' in ., -4.5 - - I' 4- ,S 4 wa--g 3:51 -- .. - A -.Aging 1 ...-AL... THE SOPHS. Y E Q53 Q , wfglx Ill!!! WY lilll 5 if ' gf ff '5 4: X 4 7 7 , f :X 1? "' N7 X f ' 1 ' 4 Z5 Q X ' ,lf 1 X in ri, B LASS C ORE OM SOPH E TH SOPHOMORES' FAVORITE JOURNALS OR NEWSPAPERS. Mary Arnette-6'Dress and Vanity Fair." Hallie Baucum-"Life," Sylvia Angland-"Blue Book." Agnes Bonner-"Musician," Elizabeth Burd-"Smart Styles? Verda 'Coen-"Christian Herald." Earl Goodner-"Judge," Bland Harding-"CoInfort." Lois King-t'Literary Digest." Otie Kimbell-"Girls' Companion." Beth King-"Modern Priscilla." Phillip McNiel-"Popular," lnnie c lnney-"Nautilus" Victor McKinney-"Primary Plants." Stella Oliver-"Everybody's." .lack Nelson-"Cavalier," Vera Peacock-t'G0od Housekeeping." Eugene Reid--"Motor Cycle." Elonzo Sessions-"Hollands." John Stanton-"Puck" Sidney Wright-"The Athlete." Clifford Woods-"Oklahoma Farmer." Bessie Morrow-"Opportunity," Edna Gosselin-"Needle Craft." Mary Nix-"Trained Nurse." Loyd Umberger-t'National Food Mag- azinef' Hirshell Hardy-"Outlook," Willard Hyler-"Independent," Lena Hall-"Housewife" Robert Kimbell-"National Sportsman." Jessie Bailey-"Watchman," Guy Childress-"Town and Country." Waldo Markland-"Progress" .lames Moore-"Top Notchf' Floyd Norwood-"Stockrnan." Blain Norwood-"Missouri Valley Farmer." Sophomores '14 Phillip McNeil ....,....,., ....,.l.,w, P resident Mary Arnette ............ ..,....,..i S ecretary Colors. Crimson and Green. Motto. "Success Crowns all Effort." Flower. Red Carnation. Class History-Sophomores On the sixth day of September, 1912, forty-eight boys and girls applied for admission to Altus High School. Most of our number were graduates of the eighth grade of our city schools and had no trouble getting admitted, but those who were from other schools had great difficulty in convincing Prof. McClelland as to their ability to pursue the high school course. We shall never forget how awkward and embarrassed we felt as we took our places on the south side of the study hall, the usual place assigned to Freshmen, a short talk by the principal, who admonished us that many of our "capers" must now end from now on we were to act as ladies and gentlemen. After the ordeal of the first day was ended we felt very much like our high school life would be pleasant and so it has been thus far. We achieved many things as Freshmen. When we gathered as Sophomores in 1913 many of our class failed to return. A few had moved away, others decided foolishly that they did not need an education. During our high school career thus far we have contributed much to place A. H. S. on the athletic map. Sidney Wright, Phil McNeil, and Bert Philips have won many laurels. We are at work this year determined to make our second year better than the first. You will hear from us later on. Just now we are contented with industriously pursuing our studies, for it seems like the teachers give us about all we can do. J. N. THE FRESHNEN rffd CA H PHYSICS iii' Gfowmy E 04-15 'W2ITQ5, f, TY M Ig- 4 JDo A 0 f R IA 'fZ Om f' X ,mum 22' MJ N .. 4 f Af. ff gd, r-f' . I E L, X 5 ASS. NCL FRESHME E TH Ty FRESHMEN'S FAVORITE PASTIMES. Edna Baucum-Rubbering. Carlie Abernathy-Looking Smart. Bessie Abernathy-Dreaming. Thomas Aiken-Writing. Ana Barrow--Being Good. John Bristol-Inquiring. Ruby Braddock-Flirting. Inez Bone-Gazing. Camie Blasingame-Dancing. Katherine Burd-Smiling. Emmet Blakemore-Attracting Attention Emma Burch-Posing. J. R. Baker-Riding. Alice Chism-Primping. Hazel Chism-Making Friends. Etta Cox-Visiting Library. John Dye-Correcting. Edna Duke-Eating. W. J. Duke-Sleeping. Alpha Folley-Acting Dignified. Elmer Frede-Obeying Teacher. Irene Gravelle-Guessing. Claude Hale-Play Ball. Otha Jones-Loafing. Arthur Kordes-Studying. Carrell Mitchell-Building Air Castles. Jim McConnell-Talking. Lonnie McCord-Whispering. Gladys McCarty-Grinning. Nellie Neal-Studying Latin. Bert Phillips-Being Truthful. Joe Prior-Wearing Loud Ties. Marvin Peterson-Trading. Ethel Peterson-Visiting Town. Collins Phillips-Drinking Buttermilk. Kate Rogers-lntruding. John Roby--Sharpening Pencils. Aleda Mae Sanderson-Boasting. Harry Sutton--Chewing Gum. Fern Williams-Giggling. Ben Williams-Blushing. Lloyd Grider-Taking Orders. Elbert Vineyard-Farming. May Beth Gillette-Entertaining. Corna Jones-Studying Latin. Blake Minor-Trying to Please Everyone Hunter Minor-Watching the Clock. Margie Parker--Being Friendly. Edna Minor-Reading. Basil Minor-Hunting. Abbie Woods-Cooking. Lillian Woods-Passing. Cleo Cole-Attending Picture Shows. Effie Blakemore-eMaking Eyes. Ellen Bryce-Talking Over Telephone. Vera Chambers-Reading Novels. Viola Goodner-Going to School. Nona Chism-Playing the Piano. Blanche Churchwell-Gaining Knowledge Aileen Grace--Doing Absolutely Nothing Duke Jones-Whistling. William Newton-Being Polite. Everett Sowers-Telling Jokes. Carl Stout--Thinking. Ott Umberger-Smoking. Alma Williams-Debating. Blanche Harvey-Spelling. Walter Gravelle-Making Nominations. Sidney Johnson-Acting Mannerly. Fannie Minor-Housekeeping. kwlfltm 1 TSN 1 Freshmen '14 Mabeth Gillette ,A ,..AA.... ,,A,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,, P resident J. R. Baker ............. ,......,.,.... V ice-President Alpha Folley .AA.,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., S ecretary Ben Williams ...........,l l,,lllll.,..... ...........,. H i storian Colors. Black and Gold. Motto. "Time and We." Organized. November 7, 1913. Class History-Freshmen September the sixth, 1913, was an eventful day in the history of Altus High School, for on that day a class enrolled that bids fair to excel all other in number, grades, and conduct. Thirty-four boys and thirty-three girls took their places on the south side of the study hall. Silence prevailed, as each surveyed more closely the large study hall, the beautiful pictures, and, most important of all, the august body of teachers and students there assembled. We looked with Wonder and awe at the Seniors, dignified and all-knowing, as they filed into their places on the north side, which each year is the sanctum sanctorum of those learned persons. How small We felt-how fright- ened We were-afraid even to move lest a mistake might be made which would make us the object of pity and laughter. But most of us had received our education thus far in Altus. So We soon adjusted ourselves to the more intricate Ways of high school, and have the distinction of getting started without appearing "green," as the upper classmen sometimes term Freshmen. We were looked upon with favor not only by our schoolmates in the higher classes, but by the teachers as Well. The first morning we were complimented on our appearance, and from that time have felt that We were favorably recognized by all, and that our ability was appreciated at the begin- ning and would not have to be discovered later on. From that never-to-be-forgotten day we have continued to dis- cover in ourselves unsuspected good qualities. Of course, being Fresh- men, we are not expected to contribute much to the verious activities of the school this year, but already we have accomplished enough to foresee that Altus High will have attained its GOLDEN AGE when we become upper classmen. We do not wish to be boastfulg rather, with all due humility, as becometh mere Freshmen, would we point out modestly some few of our main achievements. Had it not been for Camie Blasingame the girls basket ball team could not have been all-victorious. Claud Hale played a star game through the entire foot- ball season. Berry Hensley also starred in football, and broke all records in hammer throwing and shot putting. John Dye expects to take the place of Gene Kirby in the mile run. Besides athletes, we have musicians, debators, readers, and artists in our ranks. We note that our class is often called upon for piano solos, songs, and various other selections, when visitors are present. We believe we have acquitted ourselves as creditably in the Literary Society as our more distin- guished upper classmen. This may sound boastful, but we do not intend it so. We simply want it understood that our class ranks with the best, and promises to shower praise and credit on our dear Old High, before our career is spent. Already the school has learned to turn to our class in time of need, and seldom indeed are found wanting. When some hostile athletic team threatens defeat, or when unexpected company comes and needs to be entertained, our services are much in demand. High school life has so far proved very pleasant for us, and not only pleasant, but profitable as well. We have the distinction of making higher averages in our school work than any previous Fresh- man Class, and it is of our record in the class room that we are the proudest. We have in our number more students from the rural dis- tricts than ever before, and they are without exception among our best students, full of ambition and a desire to work. At the beginning of the second semester our ranks received material reinforcements in the twenty-two new members, who were promoted from the eighth grade. . We feel that our class is great in quality as. well as in numbers. To be sure its history, like its existence, is brief, but as some one has said, we feel that we "have a long, brilliant future before us." We look forward to the three remaining years with the thought that therein is contained happiness, and pleasant and profitable days. B. W. 'Q CLASS PRESIDENTS l ANIZATIU . k g- , ,ff if ' , W5 Literary Society OFFICERS The entire High School is organized as a Literary Society. This society meets every two Weeks and sometimes oftener. Each pupil is required to take part in the exercises whenever his turn comes. Credit is given for literary Work. Much interest is taken in the de- bates, and Altus High School maintains a good debating team. It is not believed that rival literary societies do as good Work and de- velop as harmonious a school spirit as our society. Every pupil is a member, on equal basis and required to do his part. Debates are conducted in connection with the English classes. Officers are elected each semester. These officers may be chosen from any high school grade. The High School has a Girls' Glee Club, Boys' Quar- tette and Orchestra. We QQ 5 W3 QL, 1.71 ff , 'CNE AX ff 42 W V4 Q 7 ig! F W QR N M QV L y 37'U!f , Zn Athletics Athletics is a means to an end and not an end within itself. It is so considered in A. H. S. No pupil majors in athletics nor is allowed to participate in the same unless he does creditably the regular high school course during the regular school hours. The motto, "It is better to lose than to win dishonestlyf' expresses the sentiment of the student body. There is no more honorable body of students anywhere. The town loafer, ringer, professional, and bully are not asked to engage in the various athletics of the school. They are not allowed. A. H. S. has records of which she is proud g athletics which would do honor to any school. A glance in the library at the many beautiful trophies would convince you that this is true. At the Interscholastic School Meet held at Norman, May, 1913, Altus won second place. The school has never employed a profes- sional coach or director of athletics, but the training and coaching has been done by the regular faculty, assisted by several college men of the city who have had athletic training. Ed Woods. Ed Woods, a record smasher. The star athlete of A. H. S. One who deserves praise and holds a place in the memory of every High School student. He has held the Interscholastic record of Oklahoma in the high jump for two years. Record-1912, 5 feet 9 in., 1913, 5 feet 1073 in. ig Girls' Basketball Team Amy Maupin, Jessie McCarty, Lizzie Neal, Camie Blasingame, Jessie Thaggard, Dolores Weir, Otie Kizziar, Rose Witcher, Coach. Girls' Basketball Team, 1913 In the opening game of the season the Altus girls proved their skill in tossing goals. The members of the team showed excellent team Work Which, under the skillful training of Coach Witcher, be- came almost perfect before the close of the season. Altus will never have a team more Worthy of praise than the girls of 1913. They encountered many difficulties that would have completely disheartened and discouraged many Who boast of their love for the game, but for the girls of the Altus team these obstacles only strengthened their determination to play the series out. A team of such spirit seldom goes down in hopeless defeat, therefore it is no more than one should expect to see the championship pennant for 1912-13 hanging on the walls of A. H. S. The game that won the pennant Was marked by the strong play- ing of Misses Thaggard and Blasingame at center. Misses Kizziar and Weir proved themselves masters of the art at guarding, while Misses Neal and McCarty Won the praise and admiration of the spec- tators by their skillful shooting at the baskets. Misses McCarty, Blasingame and Kizziar will be members of the team 1913-14. A Track Team 1 Upper Row-Sidney McNeil, Tom Aycock, Harold Decker, Clifford Pendleton, Ed Bristol. Lower Row-Ed Woods, Fred Caves, Gene Kirby. Boys' Basketball Squad J. L. Jesse, Coachg Sydney McNeal, Guard, Ralph Lloyd, Guard, Gene Reid, Forward, Jim Harrel, Forward, Herbert Chilton, For- ward, John Caves, Guard, Max Carmichael, Center, Malcolm Starkey, Assistant Coach, John Dye, Guardg Phil McNeil, Forward. W 14 Football Squad BRODIE HAMILTON HANSEL JOHNSON Coach Captain Brodie Hamilton.-Former star-center of the T. U. Eleven. Hansel Johnson.-Left half-back and quarterback. EDWARD BRISTOL PHIL M'NEIL C. C. HIGHTOWER Edward Bristol.-Left end. Phil McNeil.-Right tackle and back field "sub." C. C. Hightower.-Left half-back and tackle. HORACE SMITH HOMER HOWELL SYDNEY M'NElL Horace Smith.-Left guard. Homer Howell.-Left half. Sidney McNeil.-Full back. JOHN CAVES BILL BLANTON OTHA JONES John Caves.-Right guard. V William Blanton.-Utility man. Otha J ones.-Left and. E1 ,..J HAROLD DECKER CLAUDE HALE JAMES HARRELL Harold Decker.-Right half-back. Claude Hale.-Right end. James Harrell.-Center. l 4' CARL NESBIT BERRY HENSLEY MALCOLM STARKEY Carl Nesbit.-Quarterback. Berry Hensley.-Fullback and tackle. Malcolm Starkey.-Tackle. Bert Phillips.-Tackle and guard. 'T g o A 1 ' , ll- M 4 A Joke-A form of humor enjoyed by some and misunderstood by mostg in England, requiring a diagram, raised letters, and a club. Just a Word to Loyd Umberger about clothes: Ties are to be seen and not heard. Eudora Bryce-"Papa, what was the first talking machine made out of ?" Papa-"Out of a rib." Miss Kaufman Cin historyl-"John, what is the difference be- tween the Northern and the Southern people ?" "The Northern people wear more clothes than the Southern people." The other day Prof. McClelland rushed breathlessly into the doctoris office and demanded--"Where's my wife ?" "Your Wife? How do I know ?" replied the doctor. "Why, she leftame a note saying she was coming here to have an operation." "Why, I haven't operated on your wife,-let me see the note." "Here it is." 'Dear Prof.-I have gone to have my kimona cut out. Your Wife' " Feint-A pugilist's bluff . F aint-A woman's bluff. Photographer-"Now, Mr. Decker, if you will please look pleasant just for a moment, there. Now you may resume your former ex- pressionf' Lost-Near the school building, one umbrella belonging to a gen- tleman with a bent rib. Finder please return to Prof. Mc. Prof. Mc-"Young man, have an ideal, I say, and hug it to your bosom at all times and places." Harold-"But Prof., she won't let me except when we're alone." "You can lead a horse to water, But you cannot make him drink. You can ride a pony to class, But you cannot make him think." Miss Bond and Miss Corn talking the night before Christmas: Miss Bond-"Miss Corn, would a stocking hold all you want for Xmas ?" Miss Corn-"No, but a pair of socks would." Lalla-"Prof., did you say you could draw '?" Mr. Jesse+"Yes." Lalla-"What, your breath or salary ?" Mabel Weber's Advice on Etiquette. occasion. CSome prefer to take silver spoons.J 'qt ' Do not eat too fast. CThe speed limit is ten miles J an hour, and to do this one must possess ball-bearing Z jaws.J The dinner card is kept as a souvenir of the If W bags Q, fPut it in your pocket or hat.J A FRESHMAN'S THEME ON HIS FAVORITE ANIMAL. A hoss is my favorite animale, because when you punch it in the slats it gets some pep and moves on. It has two hind legs and two front legs. They are made to stand on. He has a couple of ears and eyes, a mouth that works like a coffee-pot lid, and a main that's made to cuver up his dirty neck. He has feet on the bottom of his props and aint got any toes, so he dont have to have his toe nails cut, nor dont have to take a bath nor wash his dirty feet. Lucky feller, aint he? Dogoned if I dont wish I was a hoss myself. Astonished Senior-'lWhy, Ed, I thought you took Caesar last year ?" Ed-"I did, but Miss Bond encored me." IMAGINE Leona Johnson making low grades. Ira White growing tall. Ed Bristol without a joke. Jim Harrell in a hurry. Mabel Rayl without her powder rag. Lila Henson not making suffragette speeches. Do not leave the table with food in your mouth. , 7 -fm I ,. Dallas Kirby with small feet. The solid geometry class being quiet. Hansel Johnson with black hair. Virginia Strother looking solemn. Prof. Jesse five years from now. Harold Decker without a girl. Ralph Loyd in a high collar. Prof. McClelland in knee pants. Lalla Bristol not having her way. C. C. Hightower at work. Fern VVilliams not giggling. Laugh in one's sleeve-the direct route to the funnybone. C. C. Hightower. Prof. Mc-"Camie, will you be back after dinner '?" Camie-"No, sir." Prof.-"Why not T' Camie-"Because that's what I'm going home after." FOOLISH DICTIONARY. Dance-A brisk exercise invented by St. Vitus. Earth-A solid substance much desired by the seasick. M MM v fW:'lq1l""'i s rl! .ill LW! 0- X kts? X is IW ' ' 1 'M .- W' Echo-The only thing that can cheat a woman out of the last word. PY I4 I o,l1"o - leaves his specks behind. Hash-?? Fly-A familiar summer boarder who mingles with the cream of society, gets stuck on the butter, and 1 History-The evil that men do. Hug-A round-about way of expressing affection. Shirt-A man's bosom friend. Spaghetti-A table dish, eaten only by Italians and jugglers. Veranda-An open-air enclosure often used as a spoonholder. Yawns-The air-brakes on a sleeper. Miss Bond-"Hansel, what's a miracle ?" Hansel-"A woman who won't talk." 4 Lost-A valuable cane by a gentleman with a gold head little used, and dented, finder return to Mr. Jesse. Bland Harding's desire to write Latin: "Boyibus kissibus, sweet girlorum. Girlibus likebus wanta somorum. Papabus heaibus kissa somorum, . Kickabus boyabus outa the doorumf' A "Do you believe a woman will ever have as many advantages as a man enjoys ?" asked Herbert Chilton of Lila Henson. "I do not," replied the firm-mouthed suffragette, "a woman can never have a wife." AUCTION SALE IN BOYS' GYM. For Sale-Eleven football suits, slightly soiledg nose guards, per- fectly goodg nose guards, collar bone protectors, shin guards slightly damaged 3 muscle warmer, ear muffs and football shoes, socks thrown in.-Captain of Football Team. "Do you permit old ladies to kiss your baby ?" asked Miss Corn, who was still trying to appear girlish. "Oh, yes," replied Mr. Jesse, looking at his baby with pride. "Go ahead and give the little dear a smack." Ira, turning the steam radiator, HI wonder why the lights won't come on, l've turned this screw as far as it will go." Bland and Hansel talking after the debate: Bland-"I thought C. C. was going to throw up the sponge." Hansel-"Why, did he have a sponge ?" A bird on the plate is worth two on the bonnet.-R. E. Leach. Senior Prayer. Now I lay me down to rest To study hard I've done my best, If I should die before I wake I'll have no more exams to take. f, CUTS UP 1-wwvou my TOHIM THIS Al l viii" L., EDITORIAL STAFF. Harold Decker ....,.... ,... ..Y ,,Y , .,,v, .....................,A...... .,Y....,...,... E d itor-in-Chief Lalla Bristol ....A,,.., ,,, ..,,, ..AAA,.. ,,, B usiness Manager Elizabeth McKinley ..,A.eAeeee4 ........,...,.eeee,,ee,,.,..,. S ecretary Mable Weber,eArreeee,errr,, ,A.,.,,,.,.... L iterary Editor Hansel Johnson ...rrr.., eeer,,,,,, A thletic Editor Ed Bristol ..,.......,....,.r rrr,rr,,,,.,,.,. A rt Editor Bill Blanton ri.i,,,wrr,,.w ...i..oo.,,,ooor ,Y,,rrrr,,.,Yvv,.....,,.,...,.oorr.roo,,,roroo,,,,w,,,,, ,,.,.,,.,ro,o H u rn or Editor WORD IN CONCLUSION. We, the Editorial Staff of this Annual, wish to thank those who have by their earnest co-operation and support made possible its pub- lication. We are especially indebted to the advertisers who have so gen- erously contributed, we are greatly obliged and are glad to render them a generous measure of credit for our success. --STAFF. 1908 Addie Fowler 1909 Edyth Buckley Addie Dye Lucy Mills Leona Ferguson 1910 Edna Greer Leach Bruce Braddock Ennis C. Wilson Miriam G. Landrum Lela May Riddle M. Glenn Beach Gilbert R. Dale Mamie Pearl Wilson Grover Dudley Strother Eugene Arlington Bryce Luther Herman White 1911 John Thomas Obert Samuel Hubert Woods Ruby Ruth White Vanella Dye Faith Elene Potter Beulah Elizira Harris Eugene Albert Talkington Earl David Bonham John Daniel Carmichael Remica Minerva Bickly Minnie Orbin Colville 'li lillll ll! ALUMNI. 1912 Samuel Owen Kimberlin Herbert Eugene Williams Jasper Dunsmore Pendleton Minnie India Thompson Henry Palmer Kirby Alpha Omega Rawls Herman Cecil McCord Velma Beatrice Harrell Jefferson Guilford Goodner Vaughn Russell Williams William Roy Baker Gordon Wells White John Ray Baker Ellis Durward Grace Georgie S. Ford Willie Harper 1913 Lizzie Neal Frank Utt Howell Florence Jackman Viola Mae Hyler Alva Vance J arbeau Eva Belle Hyler Ivy Myrtle Petry George Fleming Sloan Louis Edgar Woods James Albert Kimbell Harlan Ferris Dale Fred Caves Cecil Rogers Hickman Thomas Lloyd Maupin Horace Bishop Howse Wiley Bryant Russell X 173 llll! q.:illlli" X X f W Q9 4 X Xxx gg . f flu , vEli?WI' 1,5 l ,m.'.-if ,- Av- T 'n V 4,55 nil NF .lv ,Xilli r Q kllflllll 1 Wi' W ' 'yu ,llwl l ' T 'Bowl .iw :IW 1 fj 157 bf fl Jo, W1 jf' FIIXIIS. T . J ADVERTISEMENTS + -Q-0-4-0-4-a-0-0--o-l--0-o--9-0-4-no-0-4-Q-0.0.44-+ .swf Q Q 9 + 3 3 Q 4 5 Q e 9 4 2 Q 5 Grace Sz Rodgers Q 3 f 5 Dry Goods Co. 2 2 5 Q 5 , E Q 1 1 A store where you can always find the E Q highest class of merchandise at reasonable 9 Q prices. 5 Q . 3 The store that Sens wooLTEX sU1Ts 1 3 AND COATS. 2 1 5 Z Headquarters for graduating dresses 2 and evening costumes of all kinds. 2 6 z E A store where you can always buy with the assurance that you are getting the 3 latest in style and best in quality. 5 6 Q a ' 2 2 E 5 2 Grace 8: Rodgers 3 D ry Go od s Co . 5 5 Q 9 -9-0-Q--0-om-Q-I-0-0-Q-v0-0-4-A-om-9-0-Q--0-0-0- +--o- 9-0-Q-0-Q-0-Q-0-0-mom-9-0-0-0-Q-0-Q-0-0-me-I' 4-Q--0-I-4-0-4-no-o-Q-0-4-Q-0-0-on-0-no-o-Q-0-4 -o-- Q .o.4.s.+.q.o-0-4-m0-0-0-0-4-0-4-c-0-Q-4-o-4-0-Q I-I. C. RUSSELL 81 SON Northwest Corner of Square. ALTUS, OKLA. F ASHIONABLE APPAREL For the Entire Family Who Dress Well. 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I A Full Line of Toilet Articles, Cigars and Stationery Fine Candies, Liggett 8: Guth's GUARANTEED T0 GIVE COMPLETE SATISFACTION. Cold Drinks ln Season North Side Square. Phone 72. -Q-0-0-0-0-0-Q-0-0-u-Q-m -o-o-c-0-o-o- -Q-0-0-v -0-Q-no -0-0-0-Q-o -o-c-0-0--Q-0-0-o-Q-w0-s-4-o-0-0-Q -0- 0 -0-0-u-Q-o-Q-0-Q-0-449-Q-c-ofa-4-0-Q-0-om-4-s-0-0 -0-0-Q40-4-0-ouI-4-0-Q-no-ov-Q-0--0-0-Q-0-0 -0-4-0-V Q- -4- 4-0-o--I-0-0-0-0-4-0-0--0'+-0-0--0-Q-0-4-D-4-0-0--M 9-0--0-no-s4-Q-4.0-4-0-0-0-4-0-4-c-0-0-4-Q-eo-n-4- -o--r -s-4-Q-4 4.0-Q-0 -0-+-mo-c-9-s-+-u-o-o-o-o-o-o-+- The Altus Hardware Co. Is headquarters for everything in the HARDWARE LINE. We invite you to call and inspect our stock. 9--0-+40-9-me-0-+-m 0-I-9--0-4-0-Q-0-0-0-Q-0-4-Q. Q7 .-Q. Q .g.,...,...,.,.,...+...,.g.44-445.4-g.,...,.g.g. FORD 81 B RKER IN S U R A N C E Office S. Side Square. Phone 41. 440-Q-s--0--0-Q40-Q--mQ-0-4+4-0-on-Q-0-Q-0-9-0- Q -0- V+-o-9-vo-o-+-c-0-0-Q--0-Q-0-Q--0-0-0-Q-0-0-0-Q-0-0 Q THE WIGWAN The home of high-class License Pictures. We guarantee to please you, as our program is changed daily, and we have variety. Our Motto: '6Nothing but the Best." When better pictures are . made, we will get them. Our prices are 5 cents for children, and 10 cents for adults. Bring the children. ..y.g,,.g.....g-Q-o-44.,...,.g.,..g.,...4.n.4.n-Q-Q---y -0- +-mo-Q-Q-0-4-0-0-o'4-a-o-q-+-q-q-pg..-g...,...,. Office Phone 7. Residence Phone 51. DR. W. G. BRISTOL DENTIST Office 1005 E. Broadway St., over Altus State Bank. Q 4-I-4-0-4-r0-c-4-m0-Q-4-0-Q-0-9-Q-Q-0-0-m -0-Q -0- +--s-o-u-Q-c-4-0-Q-o--0-u-4-v0-0-0-o-0-0-0-0-Q40-0-on WHEN WANTING PHOTOGRAPHS Don't Forget the Moore 8. Walk Studio Phone 139. J. P. Moore, Prop. -0-0-o-0--0-0-ow-Q-o-0-ofo-04.9.4-0-Q-a-Q-9-Q-v o fo- 4-0-Q-no-0-Q-o-Q-v0-0-4-mQ-Q-Q-0-0-0-0-0-0404 The Altus Times 31.00 THE YEAR. JOB PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. . -4-0-Q-0-4-0-0-0-0-0-Q-Mo-0-4-mQ-0-Q-0-4-0-Q-0---Q -0- 4-mo-me-0-o-o-o-o-Q-0-Q-n-0-0-0-0-4-mo--0-fairy The Long Bell Lumber Co. Dealers in ALL BUILDING MATERIAL, MCALESTER AND COLORADO COALS. Mound City Paint a Specialty. Phone 56. W. H. Luellen, Mgr. -4-Q-Q-no-0-4-0-Q-0-0-v -0-Q-0-Q-0-o-no-a-0-v on- Q-off-u-9-0-Q-my-g...,.,.g.,...,.g.,.g.,.g.,.g.g. Q 4-vom-4-Q-0-Q-Q-Q--0-o-0-Q-4-c-oar0-o-0-o-9-0-4 -0-4 -Q--0-Q-4-a-4-0-Q-0-4-o-4-u-Q-o--0-o-4-a-Q-o-4-0-4 Perkins-Watkins 0. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING AND SHOES, LADIES' AND GENT'S FURNISHINGS. Twenty-two assoeiated stores. Prices always the lowest. Cash, A and one price. East Side Square Altus, Oklahoma. SEE The Leader Grocery FOR SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT. T. A. HOWELL -ow-Q-o-0--0-0-0-0-me-0-Q-0.y..-4-o-Q-o-4-vom- r-vm 4-0-4-0-Q-Q-o-1-90m0--a-4--s-4-0-4-0-Q-m0-0-4-0-+ J. S. Wood, Pres. Walter Hightower, Cashier. C. C. Hightower, Vice-Pres. E. H. Hightower, Asst Cashier. City ational Bank WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS. Altus, Oklahoma. -4-0-4-I-Q-0-Q-s-0--n-Q-0-4-m0-0-4-0-4-0-4-0-4-m km- 4-0-9-Mow-Q--vow-4-no-me-I-Q-0-Q-v0-I-Q-m 0- -4-o-Q-o-0-o-o-0-o-r fa-ova-ofvo-o-ovmo-o-0-v o -0--0-0-0-o-0-0-0-0-0-o-Q-me-o-o-o-Q-o-Q-0-vw-Q-v Q-g.,...q.g.,...g...,...4...,.,.,...,...4...,..., .q. 4 ...,.......g...-...9...q...,...o...Q-o-o-o.o-c-o- O. F. JEFFREY Confectionery Telephone No. 195. Altus, Oklahoma. ,...-...o-4.0 o-Q-0-Q-4-o-0-o-Q-rew-Q-o-Q-0-4 -of Q -ro-aio-o-o-Q-Q-a 4.4.0-o-o-na -.Q-om-Q-vo-o-4. The Altus Motor Car Company Can be found by using Phone No. 377. Our shop can be found on the forner West of the Post Office. The best Car Service, the most reliable Repairing. The best Casings made. We are always glad to serve you. 0-0--0-o-4-o-4-Q--o-no-0-Q-c-4-o-Q-mQ-o-Q-a-o-me -ol 0 -o-Qfo-0-a-9-m0-s-4-Q-0-0-asmo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- INSURANCE-Life, Accident, Health, Liability, Fire, Tornado. BONDS-Fidelity, Surety. J. W. Agnew 81 Company Real Estate, Loans, Rentals Office in Moore Building. Phone .183. INSURANCE OF EVERY KIND. o f"' k -0--0-1--0-0-0-0-44s-om-4-c-Q-u-4-me-rQ-0-9-I-0-l--+ --o- 0-0-0-v Q-l-Q-0-Q-o-Q-0-Qrv 0-0-Q--Q-4-1-0-0-4-m North Side Square. Phone 29. Long Grocery Company Chase Sz Sanbornis Teas, Coffees and Spices. Also a full line of Specialties in Fancy Groceries. -0-44-+10-on--0-o-0-vQ-0-o-o-o-0--0-u-o-me-me-m fo- -0- 4-04-0-o-o-+-o-o-u-o-o-+-o-+-o-v-pq-4.0--0-Q-m STORES AT Chilicothe, Texas Frederick, Okla. Olustee, Okla. Vernon, Texas Manitou, Okla. Eldorado, Okla. Crowell, Texas Snyder, Okla. Elmer, Okla. Harrold, Texas Headrick, Okla. Tipton, Okla. Davidson, Okla. Altus, Okla. Hollis, Okla. MASSIE-INGLE GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ...Q-0-Q -o-Q-o-+-o-+-o-+-o-o-no-o-4-m 31.50 FOUNTAIN PEN FREE ALTUS, OKLAHOMA 4.9-4.4-v T- If you want the right things at the right prices, at the righ time, go to- 2 3 Rush 9 G. Kimbell's FOR Q Groceries, F ruits 3 and Vegetables 3 3 3 South Side Square E ALTUS, : ' : : OKLA. 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Suggestions in the Altus Senior High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Altus, OK) collection:

Altus Senior High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Altus, OK) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


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Altus Senior High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Altus, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Altus Senior High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Altus, OK) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Altus Senior High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Altus, OK) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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