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mg: A , if'L.',: ' 4 an .-!. A n 1 a 1 4 .- s 1 .Y i.:.,p1 - , -' LJ :c.5...f',! L--agp 'J 4:f Ar -- -f 1 nu ?gxx wh To Henry K. Ver Steeg, who in his eight years atAltoona as band master, teacher, and friend devoted his time and efforts to the young people of the community and made his kindly influence and personality strongly felt. We the Seniors of 1955 respectfully ded- icate this yearbook. XKNXX FRONT ROW: 0. T. Harrell, Supf., Mr. Paul Workman, Mr. J. .l. Cusfer, Mr. Glen Poffen - berger, Mr. Wilbur Yount, Pres. of Board, Mr. Kenneth Champion. BACK ROY: Mft. Roberts, Sec. A James L. Carmody Mrs. Ruflv Roberts Principal Secretory B. Sc. University of Iowa Oren T. Harrell Superi Men dent :Q B. A. Parsons College M. A. Unlvorsify of Iowa University of Chicago -3- .-or .Iames Sells B. A. Vlllllam Penn College Iowa Stare Richard E. Pefers Grandview Junlor College B. Se. Dralxe University Lowell Reed B. A. Simpson College Richard E. Frey B.A. Iowa State College James M. Peterson B. A. Simpson College Mabel Rurlu Smith B. A. Iowa Stare Teachers' Unlverslry of Iowa -4. Mrs. Margaret Calbreatlt B.A. Coe College Graduate Work University of Iowa Drake University Mary Rehmel Cornell College B.A. Iowa State College Mrs. Peggy Porter Iowa State Teachers College B.A. Iowa Unlverslty Florence Iseminger B.A. Drake University Dale D. Kever Bacholor of Music Education at Drake University Hal Ellls Kreutz Bachelor of Music Education Master of Music Education Dralze University -5- Pictured at the right is our ianitor md all around handy mm Bernard Griffin. The school lunch program was under the guidance of the three women at the left. Mrs. Schaf, Mrs. Griffin, and Mrs. Custer. Not pictured me the men who drove the new buses: Mr. Lawless, Mr. Sells, Mr. Cory, Mr. Camody, Mr. Peters, and Mr. Frey. -6- 'SHWRS BRUCE Rufus CALBREATH President Madrigal, Class Play, School News Paper, Band, Vocal, Annual and Student Council. AMBITICN: To lead a happy and prosperous life. -7.- WILLIAM COX Nickname: Bill Activities: Baseball, Band, Vocal, An- nual, Vice-President. Ambition: To never have to worry about where my next million dollars is coming from. KARLA HARRIS Nickname: Tootie Activities: Lions Club Citizenship A- wad, Vocal, Queen Attendant, President, Student Council, Cheerleader, Class Play, Yearbook Editor. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. PHILLIP CRABTREE Nickname: Phil Activities: Vice- President, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Class Play, Lions Club Citizen- ship Awird, Band, Vocal, Annual. Ambition: Play professional. -8- DANIEL BRADY Nickname: Dm Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Track, Football, Class Play, Vocal, Ambition: To be a disc- iockey. LEWIS REES Nickname: Louie Activities: Football, Basketball, Annual. Ambition: To be fairly successful in college md go on to be a successful bus- iness man. Annual. CHARLOTTE WARNER Nickname: Wimp Activities: Basketball, Secretary, Swing Band, Sextette, Class Play, Lions Club Citizenship Awa'd,Vocal, Band, Maiorette, Assistant Annual Editor, Queen. Ambition: To make Jim the happiest and a comptometer operator., ..9.. R ICHARD CATRON Nickname: Kittie Activities, Baseball, Track, Band. Ambition: To go to college and become an engineer. NANCY JO BACKUS Nickname: Nine Activities: Madrigal, Vocal, Sextette, Annual. Ambition: Comptometer operator and es- pecially a Housewife . JUNE DUCKETT Nickname: Jamie Activities: Madrigal, Class Play, Vocal Ambition: To mary a tall blonde. ..10-. GAYE BLAKE Nickname: Gables Activities: Newspaper, Basketball,Class Play, Band, Vocal. Ambition: To complete at least one yea' of college and get married someday. EVELYN BROWN Activities: Vice- President, Vocal, Band. Hobby: Music Ambition: To be successful. l JAMES DAVENPORT Nickname Jim Activities: Annual. Ambition: To be a C. P. A. TED DIEHL Nickname: Ted Activities: Football Ambition: To be a farmer and to have a successful mcrried life. GLORIA DEN OTTER Nickname: Lou Lou Activities: Band, Basketball. Ambition: To be a housewife. JERALD LEWIS Nickname: Jerry Activities: Football, Cheerleader, Track. Ambition: To graduate. ..12.. FREDLOVELL Nickname: Clyde Activities: Football. Ambition: To be a successful business ITICI1. CHARLES LONGNECKER Nickname: Anson Activities: Football, Basketball, Track, Madrigal, Student Manager, Baseball, Vocal, Band. Ambition: To be a C. P. A. CHARLOTTE DOWNARD Nickname: Cher Activities: Sextette, Class Play, Capt. Flag Twirllers, Vocal, Band, Annual. Ambition: To many the Air Force md raise my own squadron. ...13... GEORGE MUR ROW Nickname: Ace Activities: President, Football, Baseball, Track, Cheerleader. Ambition: To be a rodeo clown. EVA ROE Nickname: Emma Lou Activities: Madrigal, Vocal, Band. Ambition: To sing with my sisters on the Grand Ole Opry. PATRICIA IRISH Nickname: Pat Activities: Basketball, Class Play, Sec- retary, Vocal, Band, Annual. Ambition: To live, love, laugh, and be happy- -14- DORATHY STEWART Nickname: ' 'Dottie' ' Activities: Basketball. Ambition: Devote my life to Elden. NORMA HARRISON Nickname: Slink Activities: Basketball, Vocal, Sextette, Queen Attendant, Annual. Ambition: To make Bob happy and to be happy too. GERALD SOPER Nickname: Som Activities: Secretcry, Vice-President, President, Student Council, Class Play, Football, Basketball, Track, Vocal. Ambition: To be a successful firmer and father. --15- NANCY SMITH Nickname: Smitty Activities: Class Play, Queen Attendant, Secretcry, Basketball, Moiorette, Drum Maior, Vocal. Ambition: To go to Texas and own o Cadillac convertible. RAY SIMBRO Nickname: Junior Ambition: Own a ranch. LOUIS SIMMONS Nickname: Lou Activities: Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Track, Madrigal, Vocal, Band. Ambition: To secure my shcre of wine, women, and song. -16- 3---'rv -. .1---fm-m-ww'-H..-,-:Y V ,.... in -. ..-. DAVID TUINSTRA Nickname: Dave Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball, Track. Ambition: To be a successful farmer. MELVA STUART Nickname: Mel Activities: Basketball, Band, Vocal, Annual, Class Play, Sextette. Ambition: To merry a career man and to have a career myself. STANTON SORNSON Nickname: Curly' ' Activities: Class Play, Annual, Band, Madrigal, Vocal. Ambition: Doctor ..17-. WENDELL SNOOK Nickname: Snook Activities: Basketball Ambition: To own a new Cadillac by the age of 25. BEVERLY YOUNT Nickname: Bev Activities: Basketball, Cqatain Basket- ball, Vocal, Band, Annual. Ambition: Third grade teacher. N SANDRA STRAY ER Nickname: Dee Jay Activities: Vocal, Band. Ambition: To be a western D..l. and a lifetime resident of Nashville Tennessee. DONNA WALKER Nickname: Donnie Activities: Annual Ambition: To be a file clerk and get mu'- riecl. Not Pictured PERRY CHAPIN Nickname: Pierre Activities: Basketball, Track. Ambition: Cross mosquito with firefly so you can see them coming. JERALD BROWN Nickname: Jerry Ambition: To own my own service station -19- enior elaoo Cl.Oill of 1955 We the Seniors, being about to depart from the Altoona Halls of learning and having no further use for our superior qualities and achievements, fwhich we received in our long strug- gle through school, here at Altoona. Therefore we will these qualities and achievements to the students who follow our foot steps, on condition that they cherish them always and use them to the best of their ability. I EVELYN BROWN -leaves her bashfulness to Roberta Hood. CHARLOTTE WARNER -leaves her name at the Justice of the Peace. GAYE BLAKE -bequeaths her broken glasses to the repair shop. JIM DAVENPORT-will auction off his old report cards to the highest bidder. CHARLOTTE DOWNARD-doesn't want to leave anything, she iust wants to leave. STANTON SORNSON-bequeaths his wavy black hair to Lanny Shultice. GERALD SOPER -leaves whiskers on Sandra Van Dyke. GEORGE MURROW-wills his heart to Peggy Pollitt. CHARLES LONGNECKER-wills his quiet sweet ways to Bill Newell. NANCY SMITH- leaves her Marching and Basketball memories to Karen Perry. EVA ROE -bequeaths her love of school buses to anyone who has to walk. DONNA WALKER- leaves her friendliness 8. ability to get along in the world to all. DOROTHY STEWART- leaves her old men for new ones. KARLA HARRIS-wills her smiles to Mr. Harrell. NANCY BACKUS-wills Ted to herself. NORMA HARRISON -leaves her flirtiness to Rosalie Bailey. MELVA STUART- wills her piano to Liberace. SANDRA STRAYER- leaves with no regret. PAT IRISH-bequeaths herself to Raymond. BEVERLY YOUNT-wills herself to any old millionaire. JUNE DUCKETT- leaves her giggles in her pocket and goes forth. GLORIA DEN OTTER -leaves her basketball shoes to anybody they will fit. BILL COX- wills his nickname back where it came from. LOUIS REES --wills an empty money bag to Mr. Carmody. LOUIS SIMMONS- leaves his daintyness to Ronnie Lennox. RAY SIMBRO- leaves the girls to fight over him. DAN BRADY-hates to leave Peggy Newell DAVID TUlNSTRA-wills his baby blue eyes to a blue eyed baby. FRED LOVELL-wills his ring to a certain Freshman. JERRY LEWIS- leaves his name with M.G.M. BRUCE CALBREATH- leaves his artistic abilities on the school walls and desk. PHIL CRABTREE-leaves his Athletic abilities to Frazier Coffie. PERRY CHAPIN- leaves for Gay Parree as Peire La Chapin. WENDALL SNOOK-leaves the Kurtesy Kings to get in a wreck. TED DIEHL-wills Nancy to himself. RICHARD CATRON-wills his Kitty back to Bruce. JERRY BROWN - leaves. Therefore, and in Witness thereof, we, being of doubtful mind and unsound body, do seal this great will of the graduating class of 55 . Affixed this day, in the month of May the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five, in the town I?I of Altoona, County of Polk, and State of Confusion. A -zo- Peggy Pollitt President Peggy Newell Vice - President NNKKXS Ginger Milton Secretary Kay Walker Treasurer Rosalle Lorerra Lee Nell Balley Roe Crabfree Cabrearln Don Judi Jo Ann Ronald Cgpl .ng Cfqff Custer Davi s Sue Lucille Sandra Carolyn Decker Evans Barbara Robert Hlelunan Hood Finney Grllfin BIOGRAPHY OF THE CLASS OF 56 The goal of the Juniors is to have a beauti- ful banquet and prom for the Seniors md the Fac- ulty. Some of the proiects to raise money was our l Cont. l R9b'f MlCll0Y Marlorie Angie H004 JOM! Knox McDonald Claudia Velda Francine Janet Nel 300 Pratt Rhoades Roberts Lanny Charles Tom Raymond Shulti ce Snyder Tenhagen Vlol ver Box Social, which we can term as a success. We have had o Jun- ior Work Day, which we spent picking up corn. The class has had fun at Roller Skating Parties, Hayrides and Dances. And had a very successful ploy. Bill Woodley -23-- I 'M lL F' 1 , w ' L IGS. ,I n VA. V 'rn P- 4-V: . . ,,,, . 1. f. . 1 in qi- , I. '11 ,. ' 'fr . ,V 1-4 Richard Den Otter President Sondra Rout? Vice - President ..,-.--,yr 5- Carol Wilson Treasurer Janet Cory Secretary Fran Barker Judy Cox lx: Richard Bettis ' if r -1- ' . . ,O wglvga. l ffoj. f ,f Roy Crabtree V el ma Green Leona Helm sc. 1435, L I lm Hazel Gruver if Cherry Hick Frances Cavender Frazier Janet Coffie Benshoef Larry Larry Jackie Detrlel: Du Bois Ellsworth Jeanine Orien Betty Hamborg Harding Harrison 5 n fqx. Vi A 4 , G: q. We , , 1..., or ,L L- sv V . , . f , Q , 2 'Sr fjTEwfL', ,K K 4 I Fonnie Russell George Hick Houge Lawrence di Laura Betty P McClelland Mgqclwm Arrnantrout Voshell -26.- .-, S -- F- - .sw i 1 Q fij ,Z H Q I Q 9 so R , -il , ' ,f fir. Leona Margie Michael Murphy ,E Zwii 5 v L if '. ' ,.. Doris Ken Pollltt Potter Jim Roger Shaffer Sornson .Aa 4 -4 John Strayer X Betty Tokelm -X Gerald Bill Betty Nelson Newell Paulson t s S sxiti w ' llll , S i 5 'F David Larry Stanley Porter Rhoades Sanford 1 1 rrra 1 9' Russell Fred Charles Spear Stark Story L54 I ' f :,,: j 'gt A f -Q for 'Q S -:ii Roberta Carl Clark Walker West Zickafoose Sophomores star in the field of decoration - - The sophomores this year displayed their talent and ability in decorations, when they decorat- ed the football field for Homecoming, also the beautiful Silver Ball Dance in December. They also sponsered a roller skating party that took place at Ankeny. Q27- E E li -E 2 5 if nl Brian Armantrout President Bruce Armantrout Vice - President YYXBYNYS -2 9- Donna Kooker Secretary Robert Wil son Treasurer Nancy Quinn Q4 'E Harvey Beneely F . r f ' I N Lloyd Dales Norman Galpln Carolyn Holeten .L l Darrell Lovell A x w 1' ZW a i q?'. ,V,:.,eN . 0,-ji jx ,, Aan 'x X'1lK4. Lany Murphy Ellen Catron p' . 7 M ,fl Anna May Ellie Joyce Goldeberry Margaret Houge Marilyn McDannel .,., I ff raya M fs Allen Adair Y Harold Cashatt Danna E l l eworth Jeanine Hamborg 6 ? If ' 3 . Keith Griffin Avon McDonald r Q wr I W are , 1, P x V. Q. , A hgF? if ag , , If 3 g, Betty Marlene Aewegan Bailey Q' Roger Mary Cory Crandel if f f . Mg Tommy Alan Exhelman Fisher S 9 : gl 'M ...Q in h i r: . Frank Lois Helm Holland Pqm Margel lriih Leonard Oh yes, we must not forgot the Freshmen. Something they'll nev- er forget and that was their in- itiation at the first of the yea. Also in their memory, will remain their skating parties at Ankeny by Shlrloy McDougal Karon Reyes po 0' 495' if , My Margaret Sanders 41. 'X U xl A Barbara Tolulm K i M J .. Susan Donna McDannel McClain J ,? x . A ' ',,--- 'L 213' rm : ..,, ' 1 .fri f, Jerry Rita Roberts Robinson J sf' ' ,,.' Q ' ' . gigihg v Karan Sarah Sopor Stark Sandra Charlotte Van Dyck Vos Norman Vlclxl MUYY Arm Walls Was! whlvlll' and their Christmas ParfY hero afthe school. ,1 . f Lualla Wolvor wi 'Q W px -aa x ' lv J ' r if f As 4, Judy Jill Miller Parmenter I in aff JoAnn Donald Roe Rumelharf J 6 J f 7 frm' 5 Betty Lou Lyla Shinback Siory ' 5 at 4' , Q' ' 1157: m A T Sharon James Warner Webb f f' F K . , Kglxl J K. - it ' s., , f , my m y 5 ' 1 f h I M John Terry 4 Williams Wilson Larry Barry Yarrington Yaunf 1 , :Pu :LAL r fx-gl I. J' iii, . A. .,.. ,.. -...-. 1 , 5: 1 nk 1 .M A .-.,. ,..,.. .r 1 ' I ' '81 . . Mg,-1 .. -,535 H-MQQSQL Nj. ,. vp ' ei ' . . ffl- ,- ' '1' -,J -nz.. :ie- ....,.' . . r Norma Stuart Doris Davis Sharon Biddle Iowa State Teacher's Iowa State Teacher's Simpson Sixth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Elda Zeigler Simpson College Fifth Grade Amanda Osfrgm Vivian Vandehaar Pauline Nelson Drake University Central College Drake University Second Grade First Grade Kindergcrten -33... 'Y fy 2. Delores Allen .,. Ab 9 Sharon Chamberlain Jeanneff Haywood J! .. !l, . Donna Mlnich Q ,sl ,L kj Charles Simbro Rf Donnie Townsend V' I.:- lar Karen Ziclsefeese -5-'J 1 W fi: A Chuck Lorna Ballard Bishop -9 Q 4 'Q ' ,.-. 1 V D Q1 . ,,. 4- Joan Raymond Craff EV!!! . 1 3 C' v , K o I Q' 'L I , wr!- ' ' gg A Harold Charles Johnson Johnston .P A. Eur 2 L LZQF' ' if A Y dl 'Vigo Fred Sandra Nelson Parker do Ax Vkk,,, NX - ,f T Margarei Duane Smith Siewart ,., 35 yy Sandra Donna Rae Walker Warner No! Plcfured Gary Shuliice -34.. P ,. W it 1 if Jr- as ,. Larry Esfer Breeding Cofron x .:. f .1 A ..-,:.: ' I I 4 v- Ralph Marvin Fetters Griffin Jghn Francis KH' Moachun J yi ' Y , A TZ I f' I ' C .D L D ' . 1 Bob Bill Fran Quinn L D V' . awry'- ,, .g. 77 . X. J yi, Gerald Darlene Sfuart Tulnsfra .I 1 at y . Ronnie Judy Wheeler Wahlwerd .,,, i W. 6 F ' 55 , X - y Q .lln 'Q' Q X , I Ref i , L ', 1 I Q Richard Joyce Max Terry Ranqld McDougal Miller Miller Oliver Purdekooper N ,., w k 1 ' V Q lf' fl C f-.1 Q lrlr l r h as r ' 4' ' x fx Y Virgennia Roxanne Pllm Carolyn Gary Paul sfrum P0409 Pon R ees Reeves 4 6 2 -H klvkk , l f, N Q 'l ff- A gl rl e we f A L 1 LL' , .. wi A ' . Denny Vernon Donna Junior Wesley Renaud Saunders Silvers Snook Thompson gfg, . fi if l Put Darrel l Sandra Dori e Rqbgn Trung Tulnsfra Van Rossum Wollxer Wilggn If x 4 ' cl ' 3 gr ak il 'rf A I fl A .'S. -35- m David Bony Bllllo ' Pat Donnlo one Boone Brown Chambullan Chopin . F ww- A , ..s F.-gli. Lawoll Dorarhy Nancy Carolo Cggkgygg Davl a p,,,,g,,, Dykstra Eickhom a l - 1 lobby Pllylltl Ann' FUYU Floronco COND' Evans Evans Vlobb Johnson .Ionos Kql q Ronald .loyco .lanleo Kllrlono Lqpa Lonox McAdoa Manln Malhofn Larry Workman -36- Sharal yn Al eny Kenneth Champion ics 99451 'Q sf' ' X ,Q SL ra ffl L x W K,-H, ,f:AQ,Ux,zf,r.ig1'V. aff .A ,- 11f,,. X 5532? 'elif if 3 I N Gerald Belcher at wifi Q 1 J 'V ,S , Tommy Cleaver Jaan Dgnnig Charles Lucretia Ellsworth Fisher Gilmore Hale Margaret Arthur Lanny Meister Mlnich Pifdlll Jennifer Peggy Phil ' i f JW Buddy Krlslnger ,,t., ' , ff jilfjfijf V A A Y. Q :,. .. E James Porter Porter Purcell Roberts Diane EVO Stephan Den ald Shaffer Shul tice Smith Stewart Harry Chamberlain Terry Davenport Nancy Harman 3 be FLW E ,Q -my , -, 45 K flank Q Rlchard Paflfenberger Karen Rumyen Denny Ten Hagen B arbara Susan Geraldine Vlclzie Lllllll Truog Wamer Watson West Vlllbli uv ai W J 5 '5 W ' S. 'J mfg - 1- in ' S Ronnie Sharon Tom Shirley Sfgygn BUHUY Benlamin Brady Brown Churchill .W F .N V ,VIQ , , .4,, V , 17 ,, . x- Q u B Z , , 9 s ' , , ' Cothle Lloyd Lindo Janice Ronnie Cramsie Consilver Cox Garrett Gufuskie mil W 1 9, gp S , f . ,Q - -' V , B Q' .I ' A NWN 44- . 1 3 gh . :,. -fy , L ., , W M A- nn Terry Lee Ronnie Terry Joe Keiih Mike Hummer Hewif! Kilo Murrow Parker v . 5 G ,, W im, 1 A , if , f l W 5 'Q'- -L-n sl A f K Jamean Jim Sieve Patricia Steven pm.,,,,M.,- Sells Shelly Shultice Silver Linda ' Shirley Lois Denny Jerry Wilson Wilson Wilson White Workman Rolomary Sao Judy Kathy Brown Cal broath Chanlborl ln Champion - 'X 'y I . I ,ell-K' ,V .S U Davld Jerry Candy Gary Cotfaa Simpson Dalo Dykstra Not ' V XV y Pictured . ' Q , . QQ Charlotte l V' 5 A 4 A yi J Fu' ,tt'VV C 'fyxf ll. ' 41 . A Earl Kathryn Karon lsomingar McDougal Powsan C 'W , ,A N t t ak, .Ag x I, 2 H w y lf , i ,,g,r K Tom Donna Jo Donald Mary Roavas Roth Runyan Shultlca X ' . i , Not H I' Plcturod 'N 4 ff-og Konnoth Rogor Danna Stuart Stuart Townland .- 1 A Y J .- Gary wilson Alan Churchill Y fc ls v A ABE ,144 Dianna Evans Q13 if i Q .J ' ES Linda Portar ll - 'X Lyla Sopor rg we X e-. I Dianna Welch Blclza Ballard Cary Vlcfor 6 J' Lanco Hammers Lavanno Martin g- 1 AL- 5 .-ev, 'S Richard Sllvor Wi lllam Warren Dana Kaihryn Campbol I Conor wdllfr -is . It .V Mable Gatl Evans Gonot .i!..,lf' -. , --M ' Pai Susan Harrington Harfman ,Il v -K I f 'P .lanlco Lofin McElvagno Murrow urn . 5 -4 4 Al XR Douglas CCYNIY Smifh Tanllagan -40- ?l..g.i ' 4 af I Emmofi Chapin Nova Gibson L L f 'L7'7 - 'f i'il David Llon .,-an 45' x ZSQLHUM :Q x . Bill Purcell W a rr or o A Janet Thompson I , 'FYSSQ we Wayne Clodvor Q. I P' DoVlayno Hall .lim Lovo Merlin Sams 4. if Sue Walker L Indo Barrel! rg! ri--. ! l':5'l EWU Larry Cummings Carol Breeding 1' gd an , no k , '-- -4' John Diclry UK i L .,, Lucinda Currie Harrell Harler . V W? 5 . Q 7 gg is , A on L .. A -M o Q a l he ,L Q V .L .1:.. K v ....W, w--' QLQQQ George Robert Larson McGrean I H gh . K i : i i Annalee Laura Poffenburgor Quinn 5 . .li l ' I H s Ann Mule Connie Vofruba West H ful, , - EBI' Dennis Judy Cheryl Calbroaih Calbreoth Chamberlain , V- A 4 . Q ' 'll 4 ' '- 5+ ' 5+ -onh ,QYYQEQQE ' no Q L ' n IW' '53 l .. sv . C 4.4 , , Laura Viclxi Betty Duffield Evan Frey a a na . .E m y I I - . M1 K in f- K i an . Carla Dlane Paul Henry Hlfchcoclr Isemlnger K '-ww, lg., - n-- H A iggj -r,r1' e .... ' -- 4 Lhee lf r V .. 5 ,ga A. A N Gerold Bruce Pamela Nite hal s Noe Perryman - L ,fl :.:4 or .3 2 A I , 4,., y 2 1 , K 2 Robert Byron Terri Raitt Rees Rossher iii , 51 . 91 A f-' ' .- K VVMVV 223 1.2 -r ' ' ', -IIIAL E M. I . . K lk, ,Z , ur K -a'. . Hi? ,iii Mary Jo Judy Jerry Benlamln Mullenberg Wilson iw-- 34. '-1 . 4 1 ,aw 'WFQ r K. Alllup P. Doll 1 Amid. 3 fb U I. X 4 -D k 1 l , .4 L. Mumford f 2 ' J. Saunders A...Z J. Wall L , - ,.. YK. 1 .. . 1 53 1- Q , ' Bt M. Bullard S. Brody C. Burgof A. Champion 'A f V V n S+ , I ' 9 o Q D- Eichkvfll J- Erlrwn T. Field I. Gufullxlo I' 'I .' 9. V 'A 'sk' ' ' L-+I n vo f ,. V V, ' 4 I K. ht? I 4223. Rini. 1 ' ' 'I s . X V 'Y lm 5 f, f - X I I ' I , wfj E' ' - .l. Mothom B. McGroon M. Morfon D. loorgof Q ,,,. C. Quinn by ,Q '4 I I S. Shulfico B. Watson l ' 731.0 1 V. V ., S. Roborh P. Roth J. Sums ., is' 9' 1 J. Shworf C. TOIIHDQOII D. Von Arllol , . 4 - 9? D. Winslow R. Zlckofooso ,42- Kathy Allsup k v -' Douglas Harrell .1 . Mark Reimer 4-, L 4 6 wi' A ,. . 1 'Fl 'P . -T ffgj W Cindy Stuart .X -.Q .F Bobby Hackler 'B if r n 5 f 4 . uru Bobby Pardelzooper L Richard Wall .- if V 1 A if-?5J4Q1 sg , 'isp 2 if Q M fl K- ' Azvifl :elf Frances Cleaver Barbara Lincoln f .fitv iam, ,:,,, s I I Bobby Renaud Mill ao- ' Bruce Truog 1- V Deonne Hall Donnie Raitf ., was ' aww , .1 is , I Michael Warren 'K mi 5 , . IX :J Q ,, l.,,. T S, h I 5 X L i zi iiyigi E. Bobby Cummings Paffy Mullenburg I J! Rodney Cory ..:, N if is? W3 V B rbb, ,C QM , , . Qi. Curile Churchill David Mc Elvogue 652 1 Linda Reu Donnie Jimmy Claudine Dale Erlxson a ha M F ' BB 'i51'ff Lggnq Debby N9' Roth K ,Y M M 'ufv GUYY Merediih Shlvers Smigh Az. . D My 3 i 3!iWiQi5Llsi 'l 'Y Vance Davis Evans fifty Sharon Pal Michael Nhchals V qu M .. K l .K - 23 Q3 L, -- f:: Q Vs: ' ' up A W ifi, B Beki Alan Sells Vondehaar 'lil' Shar: fy ..,,. i 4555, g Zlckefoose Winglow 'E E v In v: 11 2 3 KXXNXW.. ixecl Qhoruo The high school chorus, composed of seventy voices, had one performance at Christmas time and plans are underway for a spring concert, featuring the years work. Director is Mr. Hal Kreutz, student director Phil Crabtree and accompanist Melva Smart. -45, enior and Pictured are the members of the marching and concert bands, the mcrching band being in unn- forms. BOTTOM ROW, L. to R.: Hamborg, Armentrout, Custer Bailey, K. Walker, Den Otter, Zicke- foose R. Walker, Silvers, Quinn. SECOND ROW: Irish, Hickman, C. Hick, P. Pollit, Quinn, Shultice, Walker, Eichorn, Mathern, Snyder. THIRD ROW: P. Crabtree, Blake, R. Crabtree, Newell, D. Pollit, Rees, F. Slick, Jones, Yount Cashett, Davis. FOURTH ROW: Cox, Catron, Calbreath, Simmons, Stuart, Sornson, Longnecker, Roe, Roberts, Town send. Director: Dale Kever fs irlo extetfe SOPNIIIOS: Nancy Backus Melva Stuart 2nd Sopranos: Betty Harrison Judy Cox Altos: Norma Harrison Charlotte Warner Chosen early in the school yea- the girls sextet has perform- ed for many affairs. A few being the Junior Play, Church groups, and the Christmas Program. .494 FRONT ROW: L- to R Altos: Peg Newell, Betty Paulson, Barbara Hickman. Sopranos: Jeanne Hamborg, Betty Armentrout, Loretta Roe. Tenors: Ronnie Davis, Donnie Townsend, Chucl: Longneclxer. Basses: Louie Simmons, Stanton Sornson, Bill Cox. Altoona was represented with one quartet in the All State Chorus held No- vember 27, ot the KRNT Theater. The members are: Base: Phil Crabtree Alto: Charlotte Warner Soprano: Nancy Backus Tenor: Dan Brady Members of the Boys Quartet are: Bau: Roy Crabtree Baritone: Phil Crabtree Second Tenor: .lan McLeland First Tenor: Dan Brady Their initial performance was at the Christ- mas program but they have also performed for church and civil groups. Student Cgouncil Pres. Bruce Caibreaih, Phil Crabtree, Karia Harris, Seniors. Peggy Pollir, Lorena Roe, Lee Crabtree, Juniors. Richard Den Offer, Judy Cox, Roger Sorenson, Sophomores. Nancy Qulnn, Brian Armantrout, Larry Murphy, Freshmen. .. , .1 nnuccl SMH Editor: Karla Harris, Ass't Editor: Charlotte Warner, Ariist: Bruce Calbreath, Business Manager: Louis Reese, Ass't Business Manager: Jim Davenport. -49... LET ME OUT OF HERE November I2 Sr I3 Eve Boyd - Virginia Melton Bonny Lynn - Sue Decker Bessie Rhoades - Peg Newell Hazel Mills - Roberta Hood Stevie Cobb - Don Capel and Gcrret Lynn - Lanny Shulice Victor Ward - Lee Crabtree Angela Boyd - Kfxen Perry Gifford Morton - N. Calbreath Mcrshall Ward - Chuck Snyder Eve and Bonny lead Aunt Angela to believe that Eve is attending an exclusive girls' school, when she is really earning a salary. Aunt Angela and Gifford, Aunt Angela's choice for Eve's husband arrive for a visit the same day Garret and Vic do. Vic, in town on important business, tears his trousers. Being a holiday, Garret can't get them mended. Vic dresses as one of the girls to hide his embarrassment. Upon Gorrets' return, he swipes Garrets trousers and goes off to his business ap- pointment. Upon Vic's fathers' arrival, he gets his trous- ers swiped by Garret. The girls return, find Garret md rope him in- to playing the part of Eve's teacher. When Garret's skirt falls down, so does the girl's plot. Aunt Angela, forgives them though, and all ends well. Thanks goes to Mrs. Calbreath and the .lr Class for giving a wonderful play. 0- Spotlight Journalism was offered as a credit course for the first time in 54-55 . The main obiect was the printing of the SPOTLIGHT each month. Twelve students Juniors and Seniors made up the staff. Mrs. Porter the class teacher and sponser had fullrespon- sibility of picking editors who were Melva Stuart and Gaye Blake, and seeing that the work was done by the rest of the class. The pqaer came out the first of each month. li -Ki, E V x H . . -xx if X 'Q 3-X CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right,Betty Tokhiem, Sondra Reutt, Betty Armantrout, Karla Harris, Sandra Van Dyke. -51- omecoming One of the biggest highlights of the yea' was homecoming. lt was an even big- ger event this yea' because the football team beat an all time rival--Ankeny. The field was beautifully decorated with gay pennants and footballs by the Sopho- mores. At halftime the Queen and her at- tendants were presented, all riding in con- vertibles. After the exciting game a dance was held in the gorgous gym decorated by the capable hands of the Juniors, while awaiting the crowning of the Queen. Then the big moment came-the grand mach consisting of all the football players, their favorite girls and the thrilled and smiling king and queen. As the crown was placed on her head she was kissed by the king. After a short speech made by her, dancing again took place. -52.5 Q -Q i f . Fit? 'fi Nw -'psi Q S Sz , '3- I X ,rf R S IN A Q 'Sk K X -mas! - . my g 45 ,- 'V'-2? ,f I1 - X .- t 5-NQ V k 1 inn. ,x V , Q 2 X v 1.1.-.JA .IW .,,1s,,, Q.: :- , 15,3 -. gootlsall Squad FIRST ROW: Reed and Peterson, Left to Right: Snyder, Newell, Soper, Wolver, DenOtter, Simmons, Murrow Diehl, Brady, Yount, Cotron. SECOND ROW: Bettis, West, Ziclzafoose, Coffie, McCleland, P. Crabtree, R. Crabtree, L. Crabtree, Yolring- ton, Strayer, Rhoades. THIRD ROW: Wilson, Story, Griffin, Cashatt, Rummellrart, Sliaeffer, Lewis, Tuinstra, Calbreath, Stork, Po te FOURTH ROW: Eshelman, Armantrout, Fisher, Wilson, Armantrout, Dietriclz, Longneclrer. Record - 6 - 2 - 1 Total yards - 2703 Carries Yards Ave. T.D.'s P.A.T.'s Total P. Crabtree 153 1409 9.3 9 54 L. Crabtree 59 300 5.1 5 1 31 R. Crdatree 69 322 4:8 3 18 J. McLeIand 34 270 7.9 3 18 R. Wolver 7 65 9.3 2 12 L. Simmons 12 12 R. DenOtter 1 6 G. Soper 2 2 D. Brady 1 1 322 2366 7.3 23 16 154 Conference Standings Tackles W. L. T. Pct. Wolver 94 Soper 37 Altoona 4 0 1 900 P. Crabtree 65 R. Crabtree 35 Anlceny 4 1 0 .800 Murrow 63 L. Crabtree 35 Johnston 2 1 2 .600 Simmons 53 McLel and 24 Nevada 1 2 1 .375 DenOtter 49 Brady 18 Story City 0 3 1 .125 Diehl 46 West 10 Madrid 0 4 1 .100 FOOTBALL SECTION SPONSERED BY BRADY MANUFACTURING CO. S. E. 30 8. Granger Ph. -3194 Coach Peterson opened his second sea- son at Altoona by switching the single wing and straight T formations to the A and split T formations which proved to be successful throughout the season. ln ending with a 6- 2-l record it can be seen that there was much improvement over last yea-s team which lost all nine ganes. A new trophy was added with Altoona win- ning the conference for the first year. Out- standing was the fact that Altoona placed 8 men on the three conference teams. Louie Simmons, George Murrow, Ray Wolver, Gerald Soper, and Phil Crabtree placed on the first team with Roy Crcbtree on the second and Ted Diehl and Dan Brady on honorable men- tion. Much of the credit for a successful sea- son goes to our tough line. Altoona 26 - Maxwell 0 Showing considerable improvement over last yea' the Ramblers came home with their first victory by piling up 393 ycrds against their opponents. Lee Crabtree scored three times on runs of 35, l9, and 5 yds. and Phil Crabtree scored the other on a 4l ycrd run. Roy Crabtree to Dm Brady and Gerald Soper for two conversions. Altoona 26 - Madrid 0 , With a repeat performance of the Madrid game Altoona won their second straight. Lee Crabtree scored first on a 39 yirder while Jan McLelmd scored twice from the 2 and 8. Rich- ard Den Otter went 26 yards with a fumble for the other score. Passes from Roy Crab- tree to Gerald Soper and Lee Crabtree added two conversions. Altoona 6 - Johnston 6 Playing a good game with tough breaks the Ramblers fought to a tie with Johnston. Ray Wolver grcbbed a fumble and ran 15 for the home teams only T.D. With a goalline stand the Ramblers held Johnston from scor- ing on 4 plays only to fumble the next play and have Johnston recover it over the goal- line. Altoona I3 - Ankeny 12 Altoona proved that Ankeny can be beaten by coming from behind twice while holding their oppenents to a- ll yds. in the second half. Phil Crabtree scored first on a 70 yd. punt return and later on a 55 ycrd run from scrimmage behind beautiful blocking while Louie Simmons kicked the deciding point. Altoona 2 - Dowling 6 Being outmanned the Ramblers held their own against a favored Dowling eleven ltwelve?j Opportunity knocked once for the Rambler eleven but they fumbled on the 4 line. They got their lone two points by tackling Dow- ling's kicker in the end zone. Altoona 28 - Monroe 6 With Monroe scoring first the Ramblers subdued their weak opponent 28-6. Scoring first from 55 yards out was Phil Crabtree followed by brother Roy from the 4 and l yard lines. Ray Wolver went over for the final T.D. while Louie Simmons added the extra points. The score doesn't reveal Altoona's ragged play however. Altoona 34 - Story City I3 The local eleven floored Story City when they scored 3 times in the first seven minutes a-nd gained 519 yards to silence their foe 34- l3. Jan McLeland rcn 54 and Lee Crda- tree 21 to score while Phil Crdatree went 63, 23, Gnd 40 yards to score climaxed by Louie Simmons converting 4 out of 5 times. Altoona 2l - Nevada 6 By defeating a powerful team, Nevada, Altoona became conference champs. Scoring twice was Phil Crdatree on 9 and 8 ycrd runs while brother Roy tallied once from the 4: Louie Simmons' educated toe added the 3 conversions while Nevada crossed the goal- line only once. Altoona 0 - State Center I3 Misrepresenting themselves with a poor showing in the final game of the season the Ramblers cane home with their second de- feat in 9 stats. With State Center dominating from the stcrt. It was the first time all yea' that the Ramblers were out-gained by their opponents.- Qirlo 'gaolzetball FRONT ROW: C. Wilson, B. Paulson, P. Pollitt, M. Staurt, K. Perry, N. Smith, G. Den0tter, C. Wamer, J Cox, G. Milton, P. Newell, G. Blake, S. Warner. SECOND ROW: Coach Reed, Miss Rehmel, P. Irish, C. Vos, L. Helm, C. Hick, M. Wheeler, M. Murphy, L Meacham, N. Quinn, L. Wolver, B. Harrison, L. Michael, Coach Peterson. NOT PICTURED: B. Yount. Alt. Opp. Alt. 37 Ccrl i sle 85 50 Norwalk 63 42 Bondurant 9l 32 Polk City 42 30 Colfax 67 58 Urbandale 51 36 Mitchellville 62 35 Norwalk 43 32 John ston 40 44 F crrar 67 33 Madrid 38 29 Colfax 73 39 Woodside 53 46 Story City 30 37 Mitchellville 65 45 Bondurant 97 41 Ankeny 46 Virginia Melton gained a place on the all conference second team. Honorary co-captain elected by the votes of basketball squad were Gloria Den Otter md Charlotte Warner. The most valuable player was Beverly Yount. -.55.. glue cbecorcl Girls Total Points - 666 Record 2 - 15 G FG Yount 15 68 Melton 16 74 Blake 17 36 Wilson 17 30 Stuart 14 17 Warner C 15 13 Wolver 7 5 Cox 7 2 Werner S 4 1 Perry 14 Newell 17 DenOtter 16 Pol Iitt 14 Smith 11 Paulson 3 FTA FTM 126 53 125 33 93 40 106 33 25 6 19 3 11 4 5 2 2 0 FT2 Fouls 422 52 262 40 432 19 312 15 242 8 162 46 362 6 402 13 - - - 0 37 52 44 27 23 0 Total Points Altoona 666 Opponents 1013 Av. per game Altoona 39.2 Opponents 59.6 Term F. T- Percentage - 342 Won 2 Lost 15 Boys Total Points - 1072 Record 13 - 6 G FGM 18 95 Wo lver McL el md 19 99 Crdatree R 19 70 Crabtree P 19 55 Soper 16 49 Yount 14 20 Murrow 9 4 DenOtter 14 7 Crabtree L 2 Brady 2 Coffi e Total Points Av. per game FTM 54 33 54 73 29 10 8 0 3 1 1 FT2 682 542 542 602 582 532 622 O Fouls Rebounds 51 90 50 100 49 167 63 146 44 95 1 7 39 14 21 13 22 Altoona - 1072 Opponents - 968 Altoona - 56.4 Opponents - 51.0 -57- Ave.f Game 17.2 1 1.3 6.6 5.5 2.9 4.1 3.5 2.0 .5 Ave.f Game 13.6 12.2 10.2 9.6 8.0 3.6 1.8 1.2 oyo aoketlfall QQ T, Q ! FIRST ROW: Newell, Crabtree, Murrow, Longnecker, Wolver, Soper, Yount, Crabtree, Cof- fee, McLeland, Den0tter SECOND ROW: C. Reed, Armantrout, Hood, Helm, Snook, Rumlehart, Cashatt, Brady, Por- ter, Wilson, Armantrout, Peterson. TOTAL POINTS- 1072 RECORD - 13 - 6 Alf. Alt. 55 Carl i sl e 35 65 Norwalk 39 Nevada 48 62 Urbandal e 57 Bondurant 52 60 Bondurant 57 Colfax 45 39 Sheldahl 57 Mitchellville 44 60 Norwalk 65 Johnston 56 73 Farra' 66 Madrid 59 57 Woodside 54 Woodside 51 51 Story City 46 Mitchellville 44 57 Bondurant 52 Ankeny 45 Coach Reed finished his second season with a successful l3-6 record while tying for first place in the Polk County Surburban Conference. Ray Wolver gained a berth on the lst All Conference team in both the Hawkeye Central Six and the Surburbm conferences while Phil Crabtree was named on the second team in each. Jan McLeland also was placed on the second team in the Hawkeye Conference. The Squad elected Ray Wolver mast valuable player and Gerald Soper and Phil Crabtree co- captains for the season. ' -58- CRAZ2 PJ ' The Babe ! ,. , i Call the l1ttJe men Jn Well here I am. 3 A Little expression fellasf 1 11- we got them all rounded up-- finely Crurched 0-K---Wh0 Vhisteled? the whjie coats-quick girls E a bush ThiS is a holdup 5 I'm a bag girl now ! Crurch ! o H Aww ?at--you g0ofed-- SMILE Tell me another DONW sf 'RY bedtime story Mom. Strayer Chick 5 mznutes to zero hour FFOm the land gf Ground brovm dirt Yep- ffm are 'mf Brylcfeam Deana Girl Dunk . Wake up-Jim-whkeup V P Don t push -- you J V all get to look at Jh Lanny, Lanny -- Tneve's Dah L man xn the closet. N I 5 . 1 Oh-vhere'5 A talent scout X' fNavah0l oj -A Q 5 'fl' Little d.a.'1?. ' n Well, whereas Is that May-or the brone-we're ready June? 0 joy'a weeks Pal 5l1 A Plymouth' Smack ! st aboutj Where are my apes? 1 T ' Q ? r I I I I I I I I I Aren't they- a-well er- you know- Every chi ld needs a pet 1 4100 I X K X W K k 5 1, ., Garden Gi rl 2 e ,Af ,. - h . A .3 . tue Angel Totum P011 Oh Dad I Mrss He uses TDANA I ..-.. Chew W1-ig1y's Oh .Tim-what time is it? Wan ia mouse? watch Howd Doody y 1 - --'uv-1 wIlL :ni 1:1 .Did this come with the B ghair? .L know a dark secluded An evening of 'I1.V, place. Glub Q ,lg V come now- - O.Dad its a whirlitzer mn Yount--while you can from He15nand9's hide away! gm: A .!I . ' . I B L 1 sq . 5 1 D i Rags and Crusader. Oh Somebody ggi 3 w fg shovel quick. Og I X s ' ' ggjg 5 T . ' ' .3 V' z, A Get an Cork H Look at that cat f' .I ' ' i , The Vanda- ' at builts f 0 Call out the militia 3 H1 Ftl'lEi'S, Hey Fella's come back dl 4l 'Y'-'I'f'N-svllfLxulMIX-salon?-:ole fxxa Io ISAQQO fxaolo lX..alofN.Anlu 1 0 - f ' '-N., Y - , R . .. .. V, -,X A F' . . it A , fig -- . . -5 '- 'A ' N4 W tr!! -' ' , . Hyip-4 - . , ' 1 1,1 '-'12 . 15-' , 'z 0 I - K 45 ' 4 'J r , t, .X I - ' 'N' 1 41. ' - -f'f,,.v . ' . : P 91 . ' ' - . -A 'T - i 44.55 -A . I 4 --- ' - x ' 5. 'Q A 'f I . V' ,E,.'.f Q I f 1 , A 1 - 1 1 ' - v J 1 ' ,I , 5035 HUBBELL AVE. JUST OUTSIDE DES MOINES OPEN EVERY NITE-'TIL 9 Sundays-1 TO 6 P.M. FREE DELIVERY - - BUDGET TERMS CONGRATULATIONS ' 'Compliments' ' TO THE GRADUATES OF 1955 JAMES P. IRISH Low Office Tue. cmd Fri. 1 P.M. 5 P.M. 3 'Ir Q Evening by Appointment 5 ALTOONA ELEVATOR 5 I I Us ,, I Porrrsn How. co. 2 Square Deal - Best feeds Altoona. Ia. E Corn Shellinq Phone 7611 In Business 53 Years BURGET MILL 1902 - 1955 2 A' ' BOTTLE GAS SERVICE 1 I. R. Porter 7141 I. W. Porter 6421 f WHITE WAY SERVICE STATION I Sinclair H-C Gasoline AL:,g2::A'fe:gwA Goodyear Tires iq' 'NJ I' 'S.f'I'N-xA'lv'x.1 'lv xJr'u-vxgu l'5'S.00IoVi.A 0I'Y'Q'l' -63- ' lo .olofS:ol1fg.qclnf'Lqolofi-A030fi4'l'fS'50l'7L9'l'fs'5'l'i- COURTESY or DAVENPORT OIL CO. Highest Quality Petroleum Products Phone Des Moines 3-9809 Phone Altoona 6151 1 LONE TREE MOTIEL It Is Easier to For Those Who Treasure Sleeping Pleasure E b S Try' GRE 7a,5:-E l MOTEL. , Than to Explain Why 3 You Didn't l Q Mr. and Mrs. L . T. Clark Z 3. som and Hubbell Phone 6-9124 W H DENNISTON PARTRIDGE CO. L 0 E p f.' ' 1 9 ff Altoona and Bonduroni FUIJD THAT sA'rl5l-'IES .ina M. swnanzai. s. num. HENRY, Pun. HUNE -7 B L1-ouNA, mwA KAUFMANN wmoows OF IOWA 'phillips o'HARA PHILLIPS SERVICE : Manufacturers of Aluminum Phono 7551 Windows, . Screens Dependable Service All Ways I Doors ll 1 L Altoona Iowa 0 Altoona, A Iowa ' I '.vxJ.I.,.s-' .I.,.x,, .lair gl .Sf glgx-3-foloYgjol0V'1jaIovI5!a'ov5,l-, -54- vfxvqulowlxv-,qIol4,-,ol 015-xolofx-s vlo WARREN HATCHERY Ames In-Cross Chicks West on Highway 6 Phone 6351 Altoona, Iowa fig lg fS,,pgo f'N.aoIo vliqvIvfNvul ' 'Congratulations' ' PIONEER MACHINE 8. WELDING Altoona Iowa i E. A. PORTER GARAGE General Repairing-Accessories Tires 'Sf Tubes Gasoline Sf Oils Phone 6591 AII'-'Ona WATSON SCHOOL of DANCING Fun Learning Phono 623055 Compliments of FROSTY'S BARBER SHOP THE ALTOONA HERALD Covering Eastern Polk County 52.50 per year Z 5 5 C0f1Q1'UdUlUfi0f1S LEINS LOCKER SERVICE to the Graduates of 1955 W. E' BACKUS Home Made Ice Cream - General Contractor Meats 'md Storage Ahoono Dial 7051 Altoona HARTLINE SERVICE T . . . UNITED SALES G SERVICE Televlslon and Automobile Phone 7031 O Hiw N 6 Accessories n ' 'W 0' In Business Since 1930 PLUMBING HEATING - Altoona. Iowa Phone 7621 Altoona' Iowa Compliments of Moflitt Furniture 6. Funeral . Service - DENY Crime 3036 gtyletlce Cream Floor Coverings - Gifts - Appliances ome a e onu s Mifchellville, Iowa Mitchellville. Ia. Phone 27Ql REYNOLDS SALES at SERVICE EARMER5 EXCHANGE STORE Mifchellville, Iowa Complete Auto Service Gerald Brunette' Prop' Phone 2361 Mifchollvillo, Iowa - E I C at lat' BIERNBAUM a. JACOBSON, Ong' U ms - Cgnfrgcfors W A REMODEUNG Q Mifchellville, Iowa I - - c - HAYES Variety and Drug Sundry MITCHEL ILLE, IOWA Magazines Ice Cream Cigarettes . - I A Mhchollville, Iowa Phono 2051 I'l X.J I0 '5-fl'l'VS.!'l 'i.l'l XJ'l 5-l'I 5f'I x .1.. 2 ' 'lei-xalelS..nleIS.AeI0fk-qelef'S-xole IX.. e le .4olO fN.Aol0 -alll fin e , Compliments of I BURKEYS BARBER SHOP , Mlfchollvlllo, Iowa FARMERS SUPPLY STORE John Deere Farm Machinery 6- Parts Phono 343 Colfax I' COLFAX LOCKER PLANT Melt Curing A Specialty CARL J. JANNEY, Prop , Processing G Freezing for , Lockers G Home Freezers Meets end Vegetables col-FAX' IOWA MENS - BOYS CLOTHING DRY CLEANING . COLFAX IOWA RAY B. PETERSON 8. SON General Hauling Phone 148 Colfax, Iowa Plc 54 Luncheon B 8. H ICE -CREAM The Bestest and The Biggest Malts 8 Howard SO. Colfax, low L.D. IBUCKI BRUNNER General Hauling Bondurant Hardware Co. A Friendly Store in a Grand Hotel Phone 4 Friendly Town Phono 9 Keepsake-Diamonds C. H. BEARLY CROSS JEWELRY 8. SPORTING Long Distance Hauling GOODS Night and Day I coLFAx S . Colfax 243J : Dee Moines 62- 6874 WATCH REPAIR Elgin-WATCHES-Bulova Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1955 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC Colfax Iowa -Peggy-Xing.I-Lfegex-S,epes-gl,age!-gills!-g,ll0vsf0IO'j-!'I 5f'l l 1-nfX.,ulnfX.f,oIlfixll0w7'-'wllfx-NIle fi. e le 54010 fx-xele IXAQIQ fN.qo e - SMITH IMPLEMENT Allis Chalmers New Idea Farm Equipment Sales cmd Service I Bondurant. Iowa Phone 230 Compliments of FARMERS ELEVATOR CO. Compliments of WARREN BROS. CHEV. CO. vy Iowa ROY GHLIBERG'S Sales Chevrolet Service !.-......-lf,-Q L.-. Bondurant, Iowa New and Used Cars Phone 2251 Anlzeny DOUGHNUT KING FAABORG PHARMACY Special Rates ICI' PCIIIIES RAY FAAaons,R.PH. MAXIM: FAAaona.R.Pn-1, 2222 EAST 14TH ST. PHONE S-5159 3310 East 14th Phone 63959 DES Momss, lowA EAST END , LOCKER SERVICE ' EAST 30TH AND CAPITOL AVENUE I 7 Trade With the Boys 5 TEL 6-8586 o H. W. MCGLOTHLEN J L NOX AARON HALE IMPLEMENT COMPANY 2018 East Walnut Des Moines Iowa HAMBORG'S MEATS 419 East Sixth Street Des Moines 9, Iowa MAUGER'S BAKERY AND HOME MADE ICE CREAM PHONE 62-2415 1607 E. GRAND We Specialize In Decorated Cakes 'n'e5'Sllle Ll'lYgflge!-ifegevilelevglolevifelewell!- ele' -57- f Try The Breese Thrifty Gift Plan 1 - I wx! - I -'xr oI lofiAcIoY5AoIo?i4alofSAol-F oi.Aolo9'SAllofSulofX-AoIof'S.qo I I May Success Be Yours DIAMONDS - WATCHES I RINGS - SILVEHWARE With A Smile of Approval mwmm From the Guy in THE MIRROR . . Adnan Diamond Shop Jim Blany Insurance , . E. 46 ma Hubbell rms wAr2gJz3:i'xr1I?:p?sI13vlEI.gIrn?IsrmaING Phone 4-2321 Des Moines. Iowa JACK'S SERVICE tonmav G ' . SILK SCREEN SPECIALTY PRINTERS as Oil Tire Fixing ISI? IIIIIIII rounIII SI . nfs nouns, IOWA Pnouf 75I50 . D M 3505 H b ' It G. HARRITT : W 1 rar-he-wrnru-nu j 'A . 1 , '- A V I 'frs' I -f-'r1- Z!vzlAC7.' sfltflll? .1 l!llCAlllC C,'0-I fiaadwt Wabrtbzy SALES and SERVICE T Wtlltxx I HHH YYNI D5 EAST GFRAND AVENUE J Sf MW P CINE 6-7953 DES MOINES, lcIwA i SELECTED DEALERS h S t E A 1 1 1 4 4 A4 Launderers and Dry Cleaners I c E c R Phone 3-0181 216 Bas! Grand Ave. : mom :AM mm' w I- - ooo I0 snr' DES MOINES 9- IOWA S ' I Main Store Brunch Store , HENRY , CREWSE DRUG C0 y I Ea Locust . E- Grand L ' 8: I' A : Phono 4 -0141 Phone 4 -S289 DES MOINES IOWA 5 Dos Moines I X Since waz f Compliments CARL HERWAY BRADY TRUCK 8- EQUIP. CO. - 1414 so-nh Em som Came Dealer . Dos Moines Phone 62-1441 Cvlfvx Iowa ' Best Gus Buy In Des Moines FURNITURE ACCE SORIES - Discount to Trucks BREEZE GAS 1234 East Euclid Free Gift w'th r P h I - II... p..,fM.i..gZf'u pIfif.i 25200 SAUNOERS MOBILE HOMES NEW AND USED Free Gifts Every Weekend D TELEPHONE 6-8428 Manager Leo wilson FRANK SAUNDERS 332I E, FOURTEENTH ST. 'I433 E. Nth. D. M. Iowa owr-Ian DES MOINES 13, IOWA 1 O ov-gfillou-5,0 I 'gf alex-1jclox-xpcltv-glulovgI,qlnv-X,aQ I I-I-fs-solof'Sn0lnwl'sule1fN-s-Iof'X-A, ' -X' 'Lqllo1f'SA0l I . Compliments of SUPER MARKETS pmnwb King Korn Stamps Free One for each dime you spend. Redeemable for the finest premiums Iowas Most Modem Dairy , I an , Q 2341 - 2 3 - 6294 Des Moines Ford Tractors Dearborn Equipment - !.,.-,,,,DjV-mm-D ..... Machinery Service at Its Best ,. ...r,r , ...D 'L....I GOBEL TRACTOR CC. Paul Manning 2620 E. University Ave. - Chevrolet Phone 62-5507 Des Moines. Iowa 'lhh and Locust Phone 4 - 4245 ' Des Moines 'OWU FORD FARMING Headquarters f gait-hx X EPS! 0 R ' M' CHAMB E S 1 K XE-q,,Xm 'I I ll Bottling Co. of Des. Moines 95 University Phone 3 - 6281 Used Cars -agnvxjnlavgf olov-gf Qing, ol lwlflwillwlllwlllwillw Q DRAM.: fieflifieol ofinnlefiaele fiselefi-NeIef'Lq elelX.g See HOLLEY SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. HIGHLAND PARK STATE BANK for 222 Euclid School Office or Bank Supplies Du Moines, Iowa 100 E. Grand Des Moines Member of F.D.l'.C. I-F LORENZ 8- JONES Boating Headquarters Mall Chain Saws 132 E. Grand Des Moines, Iowa ARMSTRONG BROS. INC. Complete floor covering service 90 3621 Sixth Avenue Telephone 3 -0 Des Moines 13. Iowa 0 I JOHNNY HOPP'S DRIVE-IN 1218 E. Euclid Phone 6-9225 Bar B-Q Ribs, Chicken, Steaks BENDIT'S PHARMACY 1762 East Grand Ave. Dial 6-6111 Des Moines, Iowa 2 Best of wishes to Altoona High School l RONNIE a KAYS 1 New Diamond Horseshoe Restaurant 4330 Hubbell Phone 69311 JOHNSON SEA - HORSE MOTORS Congratulations to the Class of '55 Q Larson-Aluminum Boats SCHWElKER'S I 516 East Walnut Street Des Moines 9, Iowa I' Des Molnes, Iowa Phone 8-4661 , 7 DES MOINES SAVINGS 8: LOANS AS. DES MOINES FEED 8- SUPPLY CO. ' 210 - 6th Ave. Des Moines, Iowa .lOl11'l W- l'l01t I Save for College 2015- 19 Hubbell Des Moines 17, lowa 3 NOLAND JEWELRY 5 Courtesy of nmamondsn 5 TOWNSEND ENGERING CO. Des Moines, Iowa Elgin, Hamilton 6: Bulova Watches Fine Watch Repairing 502 E. Locust St. Des Moines 9, Iowa d O GLEN'S GARAGE 3100 E. Euclid General Repairing - Accessories Des Moines, Iowa. HEARBERLIN REXALL PHAR. dl East 14th and Hull Avenue Professional Pharmacist for 28 years Phone 6-7420 I DUNCAN'S BARBER SHOP East 9th and Hull BYRON BLAKELY E. 29th Hubbell Shoe Repair gevgfaln-gf glev-gin g I evgf el o vgf alex-xlfoles-Nf.lov5p.lavg,.l.v-x,.j, ,,-Jg,.g.vx..l.l'x...l.1fS.4el.IS-ole1fN-seln1l'Sqele4fX-solo We Think Young Folks Are Tops! America's future depends upon We have confidence in your a- bility to keep this the greatest ' country in the world. i' its youth. ' Each year two S6400 scholarships are awarded to sons l or daughters of Sola employees. Current award winners 0 0 are Jerry Dick, Truro High School: and Sharon McKIns' X - Q try, North High School, Des Moines: who received their S Q L A R awards from AI Black, vice president and Des Moines , plant resident manager. 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L 405 E. 5th St. Des Moines, Iowa - Phone 3-8104 COMMERCIAL OFFICE SUPPLY Office Supplies - Printing Rubber Stamps' 329 East Fifth Street FIRE - AUTO - FARM - CASUALTY Des Moines 9, lowo Bill Phillips Rolla Baird Les Clark PICKUP DELIVERY L Main Office - Sth 6 Ellclld - Plone 3-8621 New 2 msriiiieyzasam 5 House OF MARMION 5ll Euclid Z The Home of Dream House Fumiture f Open Every Nite Till 9 Z LEHMAN's L FLOWERS and GIFTS 4 Only Fresh Flowers Are Beautiful 52900 E. Euclid Your Orders Are Appreciated Phone 5,5645 IIIINOIDN elevgf elevgf el evgfrelesx-jelew-gfulevgpeles-g,elev-xw, Q -73 I F 'XI fsqolufi-sol.fSq.I.fi4olof'S.nclof5-Aalofi-an Swim at beautiful 5 W Lamar JBEQEH- 2 SE 30h M M Andrews Studios E if PICTURES F0 GRADUATION 822 Wolmn Sires! Phone 4-4956 Del Moines 9, Iowa -7- OIOVXI OIHPSJ 'I xl'lvv-xJ I01.l-'l 'sl0I' lslo-Runninfi-4clofS4olaf'LqaIq19S.qolofiAoIaf5-5sIo 'L4ol:-f'X..g E C. A. LUCAS PAINT STORE 3 moms 3-2323 2I3 sucuo Avenue ' oss Momes, IOWA Dutch Boy Paints- Elliott Paints, - Wallpaper- Painter SuppIy's Plenty of free parlzlngin Hi-Land Park HARRY'S CLOTHING 211 Euclid Phone 4-8713 BROWN ELECTRIC Compliments to the Senior Class Dos Moines, Iowa Compliments of MOTOR SUPPLY COMPANY 1313-15 Loc-no Des Moines 9, Iowa Congratulations to the use S9l'll.OI' Class ORVILLE LOWE, INC. Phono 3-1 1 11 Iowa' s Largest Ford Dealer - E. 60h and Dol Moines Dos Moines, Iowa Tops for Taste CASE FEED MILL 7 3710 Hubbell Z FLYN DAIRY PRODUCTS P -H 63103 1 ' 'Complete line of ' Staley Feeds 6 Dos Moines, Iowa L Best Wishes HOLT FIRESTONE DEALER STORE Q 2910 -14 Hubbell Avenue Tractor Truck - Passenger Tires 61 l Service L Ph. 62-3234 Dos Moines 17, Iowa DAWSON MOTOR CO. 40 years of service Kriser Sales :S Service Phone 67895 -!'l'V'N.J0I Xf OIOVXA Olifgf ol 0113-flolnx-X-jlloN-x,fkoloN5falav5,..j v-X, l -7 5- T-lNxlIlAAIllAuNlI0fi'NOIlf-W-NUI' IX. a le fSAe I e IN-sele IN-ul' f'N-A Ufflce Hours 2 to 5 P.M. Phone Off. 4-2511 Wed. 8- Sat. II AM. to I P.M- Res. 5-7687 ARCHIE ARKIN. M.D. Physician and Surgeon : 813 Equitable Bldg. Des Moines ROBERT DS STD SERVICE East 38th 8- University Phono 6-9169 Complete Auto Service Des Moines, Iowa BORRALL'S SUPER VALU 10096 Self Serve Plenty of Parking E. Heh 8. Hall HAMMER PHARMACY IOWG'S Oldest Russel E. Johnson Phone 4-0250 Phone 2-9943 HILLTOP VARIETY Clothing - Pottery - Shoes - Toys Baby Gifts - Necessities Des Moines, Iowa 9-8 Wk. OUYS 9-9 Sat- 2822 Hubbell Phone 620792 1sT. FEDERAL SAVINGS AND TENHAGEN LOAN ASSOCIATION . . . 213 Court Av.. 408 Cash Sixth Phone. 40311 Compliments to the Seniors Des Moines, Iowa I QA! IIIIIIIIIIS fi. g I I A- f , A Q A' II ' A I fig'-ff'7 '1W.-E.l 4-4-,.I iqevxfoguvgpeliwxfvoevxf01l'xJ'l xf'l 'N.f'l0'-s.l-:lv s4I i ,.75- 54LLfO9 'ldflgi M 'X sq f m N :f-: f f , f -qv Jn 3 ' v 1 I 's 0 if M I 'S Pi wgvr E 5 E

Suggestions in the Altoona High School - Roundup Yearbook (Altoona, IA) collection:

Altoona High School - Roundup Yearbook (Altoona, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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