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Y " EEE A K3 X' ' gg. Q ,Q 5 if '75 . X X ff .- ff f 4? , f ygf ff? f 11 Y 1 mg qi E Q. aaa: ,yr ,,,, .WW , ' X!- 3 3' 5 : 'J I :Cl 023349, 1 I .'.f--un. If f 5w2Qxm5Me53m '. Q-f'1'.'.V.',g'vj'I.'v,o ggffox I 1 g.j...f,:p.0,0,7.5 414393 ,vtpsve - 9352.85 ' 9' w.+,o2+g.'a, gwmv' Mwiwwavm -Igia' A . , Hg.-.e fun' gd u- ..A-amy .bw A ,V 6.o6y.3,f J xxff .. Q: I ' F X4 Ark' ff" -. 0 . JS? V f V """""".......L"' ,ff '-in '04 7 lfff?fY1'v. 63 : 'f5j.v,la?a ' N-gy xxkzh vyx d xq i t 4 49 ' I Q M- f' x vf 22, ff" ,,'1 foOf. X , FA W,,,f fgxw f,f-"e!,,,f, fk L:A X ' 'L ": gf ' -. L - , yo X 2 Z . S vp ? fi jaw. 9 ' Q2 'W' . K I ff M ' Q5 ,' 5, A A' f X "' L 3 1 M t Q 155 ,, fmfv. ' x Easy K V I If- I, i. - 'AN J: '. ua. xi ,jf47, ff' 4'f! V ,fZ4g ff k 17 ff! ar HS N I ,MX ,wo X LR f, X f Z T H! if Q9 5 -f T ff 'YQ K ,MM Q ' 'Q E3 G19 , .. Q- s iv-xl-11... ' s vlx Mi., E 6' I QQ ' ' to 3 5? if 11--11-1. -Q12-b.. Wi f'-0f!fV5f I wa.:-aT Tn inTerc1uce rny5eH: ---- Ibm URONDO I X H "Ea ,iff Ilrn l1EFE-1-D lllfiflg ya PIOUT' ipxmunclufzru I-Hue annual yearbook FUI FHTUUHE1 Higfw EEHDUI 51Tf:l1eeaTe-.z in l:HT::n:1na, Imwal The tother day, them seniors got aholt of me and they sez, "Rondo," they sez, "We want to dedicate the ROUNDUP to our parents because we feel that they have been one of the most important parts of our lives. We want to show them in just a little way how much we appreciate them, so will you write us a dedication that will tell them that?" Well, I sez to myself, I sez, "Rondo, I figure that them parents have raised them buckeroos right nice so tha oney thing that would be proper to say would have to be one of them things written by a poeteer. Since you caint write no such thing, Rondo, I figure that you'l1 have to tell em in a diffrunt way. I sure wisht ya could've gone ta school and had one of them parents to raise ya cuz it sure ain't no fun ta go through life unedurcated." Well sir the oney thing I could think of to write was this: "THE SENIORS OF THIS HERE SCHOOL WANT TO DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL TO YOU PARENTS BECAUSE YA HAVE ROUNDED EM UP SO NICE. I CAINT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY EXCEPT I'LL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT'I..L HAPPEN TA YA IF'N YA DON'T ACCEPT THIS HERE DEDICATION." WL 'gliYnA?nn'?lJ:P EI?-?rTeCI m - l1fnKfnu ELEJ Tear-E?lID,JKl-Tl? DF- U Cv, jmT , one -nua- V U rp K5 . I1 Q n e. 5 e f ,,,ff,, MXX ,Q ff W! 1, WV! a 'fi N S l x Q f ? 2 ' Z ' 'VI n " rd I f f ll ? L N f if U E K f 9 v E if 'V f fi? ' 1 ' ' Y' c. E-Vg f Wf 2 -M W 55,1 - ' ,1 Un 'S E V 4 ol X4 6 n - C. ' U 1 Z h., ' E I e A E ' U T 59' T 1' U uf - E 5 5 B E '55 3 'Q 5 F' Ta n ' 5 Z X lj ' ml Q t? ff if f 'H "" 'lf l if K hi ,z ..,,..,,.-4 E l x., . ,,-,,'-"fl 0 thx Q . "" 4 L I I ,A Us B -sf. I He 5 . l D 5 I I1 The W !,3q.,h n Bw ' 1YE2?:s-F171 Vu? "R f of fit 95- AZN.-1 f::f-13:-2ga--.- '16, Wfgcrigs' x-'niguw , Q, Hx 1 ',. .yu .-wp X X X F3555 I HTC-E PEP'-'TEUSTE 'F EFIE U B D EW UF These B NEW BUSE5 ' K ' f f --ff ,Q M- - 1 D f"fQw Anrzrvzy -44 CQLLQJ1... COOKS SERVE DAILY LUNCHES! Left to right in the top left corner are Mrs. J. Custer, Mrs. Bernard Griffin, and Mrs. F. T. Scharf. Mrs. Griffin prepares the weekly beef- burgers in the middle left picture. The picture below shows Mrs. Scharf, Head cook, sewing food to the lunch line. Mrs. Custer is shown in the last picture in the important job of wash- ing up. JANITOR STAGES CLEANUP CAMPAIGN! Bernard Griffin, shown in the two lowest pictures, has been janitor here for three years. His job consists of keeping this school clean, but he deserves a vote of thanks for the many kind acts he has performed "outside of the line of duty." l-le is shown in the left hand picture in his supply room. st..t 5- A Y' The school board is one of the most essen- tial parts of our school. It acts as administrator of the finances, and it shapes school policies. .9 MRS. ROBERTS HOLDS TWO JOBS! Mrs. Roberts has been Mr. l-larre-ll's priv- ate secretary for two years as well as serv- ing as school board secretary. Among her duties in the office are those such as being in charge of lunch money, book rental, and keeping the books for the school. Annual, semi-annual, quarter-annual and monthly reports are made up by her. She also acts as receptionist, and she has many other duties which are too numerous to mention. SCHOOL BOARD FUNCTIONS AS SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR FRONT ROW: Supt. O. T. l-larrell, Mr. J. J. Custer, Mr. Wilbur Yount. BACK ROW: Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Paul Workman, Mr. Glen Poffenberger, Mr. Kenneth Champion. Mr. Wilbur Yount is the president of the school board. Mrs. Roberts acts as secretary. 1-r.qI-vn-n1- FW!" PTA PRESENTS TV SET TO SCHOOL' A beautiful 27 lnch Stewart Warner TV set was presented to the school at B111 Riley s talent show in the auditorium We are indebted to the PTA for this very wonderful act High school students reaped benefits from it as well as the grade students ww IFES, .5 lf OREN T. HARRELL Superintendent B. A. Parsons College M. A. University of Iowa University of Chicago 'r JAMES L.. CARMODY Principal B. SC. University of Iowa B. JAMES SELLS A. Williom Penn College Iowcz State JIM PETERSEN B. A. Simpson College LOWELL. REED B. A. Simpson College RUTH WOOLSON B. A. Simpson College , i E . y 4: I As -f' All xv A --1-ss L . --8- BETTY JEAN WALSH B. A. University of Iowa MABEI.. RUTH SMITH B. A. Iowa State Teachers' University of Iowa FLORENCE ISEMINGER B. Sc. Drake University PEGGY PORTER B. A. Iowa State Teachers' University of Iowa v I Not pictured: DALE KEIVEIR MARY REHMEL B. M. E. Drake University B. A. Cornell College Iowa State College Not Pictured: HENRY VERSTEEG HAL KREUTZ Drake University B. M. E. Drake University Central College M. M. E. Drake University l ev HW, , , 4 M 1-J r 112: -10- '3""5 am: CLEA .....l Ki fl, ,LLL ASO fl-SFX EQ I 5Ta.rTec5 w3'Tl-1 Enencimfi wYc.s.S.Tr,UI sez. 'fa rn 5 5 -L 72 -5 .D 26 ? ya 2 Q' 0 'lax ,Z ui, irfvk .fill TOM COBT Vice-President , Aid Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track, Class Officer, Student Council Member. Ambition: To live and learn. VOLLIE SANDERS President Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Boys Ouartette, Madriqal Group, All State Chorus, Class Officer, Band, Student Council Member fPres.l, Basket- ball, Baseball, Football, Track, Student Man- aqer. Ambition: To be a success in life and to work for a peaceful world. -12. CARROLL CLARK Secretary Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Boys Ouartette, Band, All State Chorus, Class Officer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track. Ambition: Success. TOM l-IAMBORG Treasurer Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Student Manager, Class Officer, Citizenship Award. Ambition: To be a success in whatever kind of work l may choose. -ISL S I r BONNIE BRIGGS Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club. Ambition: To marry a buck-private and raise our ovm Army. 1 l W, DICK SCHEEL Student Council Member Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Band, Student Council Member, Basket- ball, Pootball, Baseball, Track. Ambition: To be a successful farmer. -14- ,,0"" SHIRLEY BROWN Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Basketball, Band, Swing Band, Marching Band, School Paper, Cub Reporter, Class Officer, Student Council Member. Ambition: To stick to my ideals and lead a happy life. JOHN CHAMP ION Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Madrigal Group, Foot- ball, Baseball, Band. Ambition: Go to College. ..15.. X " x VIRGINIA ELLSWORTH Activities: School Annual, Class Play. Ambition: To have a career and be happily married. GEORGE DIEBEL. Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Madrigal Group, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Student Manager, Citizenship Award. Ambition: To make qood at college. -16.- VERNEIL. GRIFFIN Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club. Ambition: To be a secretary and get married. Q Q. , sa u 54 MARY JANE HARDING Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Madriqal Group, Sextet, All State Chorus, Band, Swing Band, Marching Band, Queens Attendant, Class Officer, School Paper, Cub Reporter, Cheerleader. Ambition: To be happy and successful. ,- , RALPH HELM Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Track. Ambition: To be a farmer. JOAN HARTWIG Activities: School Annual, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Band. Ambition: To be a success in the business field and get married. -13- PTF! FERN HICK Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Sextet, Band, Marching Band. Ambition: To marry a minister. -qi 1 w EDDIE HINRICHS Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Boys Glee Club, Baseball, Football, Track. Ambition: To have a rich and happy life. -19- X.- -bw l 4. K A JOHN MURHOW Activities: School ,Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Class Officer, Student Council Member, Baseball, Football, Track. Ambition: To be a rich dairy farmer. MARCELLA MEISNER Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Sextet, All State Cho- rus, Class Officer, Student Council, Cheerleader. Ambition: To travel around the world. M. i ,Q -20- , N LLOYD OHL. AND Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Band, Football. Ambition: To be a very prosperous farmer. C y i RUTH SCHEEL Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Madrigal Group, Sextet, All State Chorus, Band, Swing Band, Marching Band, Basketball, Queen Attendant, Class Officer, School Paper, Cub Reporter. Ambition: Live, love, and be happy. L af M gl, f 'A , xt 1 u 'f' ,.. ,. N 5- if ' 3 , fl " " kv ' " X' 'I " Vx fl! I 1 DICK TRAVIS Activities: Mixed Chorus, Madriqal, Basketball, Baseball, Track, School Annual, Class Play, Class Officer. Ambition: To be successful in home and in business. DEANN A SMITH Activities: School Annual, Class Play Ambition: To be a secretary. ..22- 51 Q., i ,S 'W'-in CARLA TUINSTRA Activities: Class Play, Class Officer, Home- coming Queen, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Band, Marching Band, D. A. R. Representative, Cheerleader, Co-Editor of Annual, Cub Reporter. Ambition: To be happy and successful in everything Iundertake, MARLENE YARRINGTON Activities: School Annual, Class Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Cheerleader, School Lunch Cashier. Ambition: To be happily married. -23- I .fair GMI! and Ugifammf We, the Senior Class of 1954, being of sollnd mind and body fwe thinkj hereby bequeath the following properties to the "Underclassmen of Altoona High School' ' 5 To Betty Paulsen, Tom Hamborg wills his false tooth to be used as a spare. To Jimmy Barker, George Diebel wills his basketball ability and eligibility. Ed Hinrichs wills his money and "new" car to Danny Brady. Marcella Meisner wills to Mr. Sells her ability to do her chemistry. To George Murrow, John Champion wills his ability to get along with the girls. Bonnie Briggs wills to Evelyn Brown her quietness. Carroll Clark wills his ability to keep his Chevrolet from flooding and to get it in gear to Phil Crabtree. John Murrow wills his ease at driving while sleeping to Bill Cox. Deanna Smith wills her noiseyness to Peg Newell. To Nancy Smith, Mary Jane Harding wills her tremendous size. To Ginger Melton, Ruth Scheel wills her freethrow trophy. Dick Scheel wills his speed and ability to move fast to Jim Graves. Vollie Sanders, to Don Erickson, wills his ability 'to keep from fouling inbasketball. Tom Cort wills his dad' s Chevy to Bruce Calbreath. To Gaye Blake, Carla Tuinstra wills her Homecoming throne. Lloyd Ohland wills his desire to be at school to Roy Crabtree. Shirley Brown wills a bottle of aspirin to the editor of next year's annual. To Betty Armantrout, Marlene Yarrington wills.her quiet ways. . Fern Hick wills Judy Cox her artistic ability. Ralph Helm wills his eight foot long slide rule to Miss Smith. To Carolyn Griffin, Verneil Griffin wills the club her dad has driven her to school with for four years. Joan Hartwlg wills her private telephone line to Runnells to Dorothy Stewart. To Russell Speer, Virginia Ellsworth wills her mechcmical ability. To the underclassmen as a whole we will all the tortures of high school we have gone through fwe're going to keep the good things that happenedll. Wltnessed by: ' Signed by: 1 f a' CRONDOI ISENIOB OF1954l FUTURSCOPIC TELEVISION PREDICTS SENIORS' FUTURES It was a foggy night after the senior class play, and I couldn't even see the red paint on my truck as I turned the corner to go home. Then it happened! Everything went wrong- the steering wheel twisted out of my hand, the accelerator went down and down, and the speedometer went up and up. When the truck pulled to a stop outside a farm house, I staggered out and ran to the house. No one answered when I knocked, so I walked in the open door. In the living room, I saw an odd-looking television set and when I walked over to it, I found it was a new brand named Futurscopic TV. One of the buttons I punched said, "Ten Years", and another said, "Class of '54". The picture came in clear, but when l saw it focus on a superintendent's office, I was ready to jump out of my chair to change the controls. Before I could move, I recognized the superintendent as Vollie Sanders. He looked at least ten years older than he had when I had seen him just that evening. He no longer had his butch haircut. II guessed that he wanted to look more executive.l As my eye traveled to the other side of the screen, I realized that his secre- tary was none other than Deanna Smith. I' ve never seen anyone take dictation--so fast- She must have Iconfinued on page 61, ...24.. U55 jnnsm flfwffyn iS"l'nner"1uining y On the evenings of November 9 and lO, the junior class presented "The inner Willy." Danny Brady, pictured at the bottom of the page, portrayed Inner Willy hilariously. Phil Crabtree, as Willoughby, was coddled too much by his three old maid aunts: Louise, Hester, and Olga, who were played by Karla Harris, Charlotte Downard, and Nancy Smith respectively. Stanley, played by Gerald Soper, became a bit perturbed when he thought that Willy was trying to steal his girl. Mike, portrayed by Bruce Calbreath, was called on to act as a mediator. The aunts chose a quiet girl named Marybelle, played by June Duckett, as the ideal girl to go with their Willy to the Senior Prom. A set of twins, Trudy and Janet, played by Charlotte Warner and Myrna Detrick, heard that Willy didn't have a girl to go with and volunteered to go with him. When Carol, played by Pat Irish, accepted Willy's invitation to the dance, all problems were solved. irii f,f,..x,if5j!'2gf - ' f . .,.- W' 'f'isQ,,1fi"f, ' f' A 113zf'rZm,q1i,, 1 i, 1 - f,"fi'f1+s-VL:iffy:1 . ' M agis 2: ' Hg- . W s SN, 'xi QQ .-. " 1 iw g gi' ' 5 . T 1 we .AQ A utii 1 5 'ii is y J K , S is frm Sew-ui? wi? 1?-1 E L rr ni gga 1, A Q f at , Eyre? ' 53, Ls. tin., gi fi: I t .I wr' r ti -' RW ' - LE? -f it X H, ,ij ,gpm li 'E 'K ' gfgl I xx W i "F f 3 ,Em Q Y 1 B, le .3 if 1 if f 2.4 , 6 V vis! I , ff, W' lx ii, f F il r?"-gif f .5 . -E' U E18 UJ2LOl'M. ff.""' ' , 9 flflfotlgscf Bang: .M fri in K Beverly Yount acted as student director 5 . ,cf N - 9 .5411 A x X ' A - fe 1 'lf' 1 nl ,G as "' C' x ' l 4 " AHL ' i " V f fffif i it - H X Q -V V gp ' 7 fi 'iff , ' 'S 'W' , s 15: mr, T. l J a' : 85 if 'lm on V kr' X . : pictures named from left to right 26- The following worked on the set: Louis Rees David Tuinstra jim Davenport George Murrow jerry Lewis Sandra Strayer was one of the ticket sellers. Ushers were: Dorothy Stuart Gloria Den Otter Louie Simmons Charles Longnecker Norma Harrison helped with the properties of the play. Nancy Backus also helped with the properties. jim Barker E unioz " '!lfVo'zfl U Bay gluddiiif-UL, Gaye Blake Richard Catton Perry Chapin Bill Cox Ted Diehl jerry Galpin Edgar Harding Fred Lovell J ack Robinson Jim Robinson Eva Roe Ray Simbro Wendell Snook Donna Walker ! 1 L, -5 1 , ,..k, frfrfliftlfl .- -K.. f J?-Ei Yir1?LifiT1.,. X g . - - - , 'A' 1 een -, nrr' 5 .Jin 1, ,,. A f-, - -. H -J ::?ep::,, , --F fh ff: k'h., . 4- f"' 1' QQ,-' 51 M V A A . , ,fzz ,, ,,,, k wifi' fu' 1 .ly i -li gs . . W? f k t N, .ae 1 ,.. . -1 Q ' - ' fs- , Q ' "L, ... K is 'T ' 2 ,, -w 1 4 Nw lx' -1, Yew 5 M ,- f r A M - ' I' 1 5. H 2' - "L .sn rw' ' if QF F.,-F i mn --y 1 5 as , A N V Q . x A x if 3 , wg, we ,M u f 5 si 'ff wi H? ,' " S f ' 1 "' ol e s A Gif W3 ,W ,L Q 1 f , 27- f x 1 0 'Q 6. If . 'X if I' K. L v-"'f I viz ll C 63 of E" 4 fl pe - . 9 '1 1533 lwlll 1 ,,,vk x . V l 1 ft ft?-f i f 4 1 f-5-'f y "'--. ' ' Q , f X , O VA , 7,---I Q 1' :E la i fi if f w. 'ffm' ' ."9'?wfa SSOIJIZOIIZOTE :Box Cgvocitzf 530155, Q cl-fit., FIRST HOW: Velda Pratt, Billy Woodley, Clara Aswegan, Sue Decker. SECOND ROW: Barbara Hickman, ,Ioan Custer, Sandra Finney, Francine Hhoades THIRD HOW: Tom Ten Hagen, Peggy Pollitt, Lanny Shultice, Roberta Hood. FOURTH HOW: Virginia Melton, Lelioy Crabtree, Mickey Jontz, Honalcl Davis. FIFTH ROW: Janet Hoberts. ,23- G5 . l ff I Q yy ' L.L, -11 'T A , VN A , 1 f e f iiliflf A " fi eeii, R W f il? oeia 55, wb bg fs ,sg Q vm K Wir cfllonsbcy, slflauiuzad, Ezcfiu, fo f Cqllii C7'zzu1u'zy.f 42' W - .Z FIRST ROW: Claudia Nelson, ,Ioan Baker, Don Erickson, Raymond Wolver. , ' SECOND ROW: Jim Graves, Loretta Roe, Neil Calbreath, Floyd Yarrington j .f. 4 THIRD ROW: Virgil Webb, Marjorie Knox, Carolyn Griffin, Charles Snyder. - A, X FOURTH ROW: Rosalie Bailey, Karen Perry, Peg Newell, Bob Hood. FIFTH ROW: Kay Walker. Not pictured: Bennie Barker. in I? U1 1 Q", ' x g RQ:-.K .A X A '4 I I .8 f1"5 an-P" . G9 3 b ks, f 1 -,- X I .I I Q 7: ffiibf - A e X .s 4 - u", F D QIN a i , I ' I 4 ., ,ff it ' l H -f 'U' Q' 1 12? F .II Q if Q' -EE- '. I .. x, D 1 I sf Q -"'L' A , , Z7 . ' I fl I is e F - ,I J, f ' L, -X .J , f V, I, 1' - A V h glizi lilnill .gilff Cjclllclj FIRST ROW: Carol Wilson, Russell Ilouge, Francis Barker, Russell Speer, Cherrie Ilick. SECOND ROW: Richard Den Otter, Jeanie Thornton, Laurie Meacham, Fred Stark, Orien Harding. THIRD ROW: Clark Zickefoose, Betty Paulsen, Jackie Ellsworth, Carl West, Judy Cox. FOURTH ROW: Betty Harrison, Velma Green, David Porter, ,Ian McI..eIand, Fonnie Hick. FIFTH ROW: Bill Newell. -30- - 1 .1 - 4 .ull u 1 YQJE I 0' fm F It fi ' . 1 SX 1 x , I Q 4 ,Fe V H' f av M ' 1 nf Q.. K' 5 X4 ,ai- Q I AVQ' ' . 7 if I . 'al ' I I fy -if X., pb I F I I : W jj A A ' U S A.. I at J ,Y 4 J . y x ,, gist I I z lf ' ' 1 I " 355s5Jf,w S j""fig AV ,g if U ' -- . QT , 1 y W.. .ip if . . Q ,pr-Q. .Jr-7 :wif fe: I N, 4!"T9' ' kv ref f i"?2Q' f FIRST ROW: Johnny Strayer, Leona Helm, Kenneth Hartwig, Gerald Nelson, Leona V 'ry' Michael. W Q V , ,1 'f , an iyrurcfa Booafzcff If xH f' I SECOND ROW: Betty Armantrout, Hazel Gruver, Roy Crabtree, Frances Cavendar, Larry Detrick. THIRD ROW: Stanley Sanford, Frazier Coffie, Janet Benshoof, Margie Murphy, Jeanine Hamborg. FOURTH ROW: Larry Rhoades, Roberta Walker, Betty Tokheim, Sandra Routt, Janet Cory. . FIFTH ROW: Doris Pollitt. Not pictured: Gary Bensley. ,31- Q will I 1 . ff' S I r ..., .-, f Q1 I . fA, in Q ff- J 'f " x . . uf I 5434 ' W 4 v b 1 4 5 , V , I I . - F' '- I -t -" As., h. 4' Di T R I' I fu A . "I X 11 . 4... I 1 ,ff xv fifr- ' A" ' 1 A 57 ' 'I . y - 4: S 'H ,:':,:g? .fI',f'-za. 'W " I ' X- f ,xk. - 'R I lm a f I' 2 I 4 E l ,Q i ,I A V 'I A - Q25 .7 -L-.. D MI" DJJ ' -ii' i"'Qr , N l ' 4, , 15, ..--g ' -if' S' "' 4, , t A xy A iii' 1 f M I VR i , X I - X 'v b Q, I I ,jx 13' I f 1,552 If ,V it is , M 9, ... I I :t 7. - , , . y S LQ 3. , -4 I ev I I I IL,-.i"'fix' '.-, 5 is Q- I A " s-J Q, 'l 7 A A "' '-' If sf? NOT PICTURED T' vis JOllIl Williams r A 'Qi 1 I I , A , 6 ,'. L ' . 4 ,fi ii I ly 5 . 'Sf' 5'n fijhltg gratis FIRST ROW: Bruce Armantrout, Brian Armantrout, Harvey Bensley, Ellen Catron, Roger Cory. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Dales, Anna Mae Ellis, Tommy Eshelman, Alan Fisher, Norman Galpin. THIRD ROW: Keith Griffin, Pam Irish, Donna Kooker, Shirley McDougal, Corine Miller. FOURTII ROW: ,Iudy Miller, Marvin Miller, jill Parmenter, Nancy Quinn, Rita Robinson. FIFTH ROW: Karen Soper, Sarah Stark, Barbara Tokheim, Charlotte Vos, Sharon Warner. SIXTII ROW: James Webb, Vicki West, Mary Ann Wheeler, Robert Wilson, Terry Wilson. SEVENTH ROW: Louella Wolver, Larry Yarrington, Barry Young, Lois Holland. 5? X i S. . ry ii X , 1, 11 . f l N . .Q ,K ' ' W - , " if 55.1155 ' lg '55 , 941 ' ' I .. ,X I . K ,mr it ' slls x C i " ' T raarriia stass S g .Y gxfl -. ,' F f , in il fi on , A ,,,,, W 7, L, , i 'R L3 Sat 'HY fa ing 1, Q S Q Q Q 2' M ,es an - i i f,.a.v . S T C H' A' .' T 'E Q' f 4 x f fha ,ai 2 F ii . K A , . or ti, xg s o Y K N I ,,s,, ,:u I ,X 5 ,V '55 fi n -5."9,- ' ' - if gf. f l 1- o a , a i fe I1 H - - R - 4 Wif L . X 9' , , ff. M ' P in Y, ' R i ,.,gh.' , 'ff v1.g ' fl? ' I ' I ' e - i 9 , "-g i .i .., tkik' V H 'V ' ' 'Q 3 C ,Q . , N., t . t , W' 51, 'N ff? s Q' if 2 E, 5' Li' I lt 4 H ' at Q ' ' k"k 7 51-' " - Y f f suenfg grads FIRST ROW: Delores Allen, Chuck Ballard, Lorna Bishop, Larry Breeding, Esther Catron. SECOND ROW: Sharon Chamberlain, Anita Downs, Marvin Griffin, Ralph Fetters, Larry Hartwig. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Haywood, David Ioerger, Chuck johnson, John Kyle, Francie Meacham. FOURTH ROW: Donna Minich, Freddie Nelson, Sandra Parker, Bobby Pratt, Bill Quinn. FIFTH ROW: Charles Simbro, Pete Skalicky, Margaret Smith, Duane Stewart, Donnie Townsend. SIXTH ROW: Darlene Tuinstra, Sandrawalker, Donna Rea Warner, Ronnie Wheeler, Karen Zickafoose NOT PICTURED Donald Steil Cary Shultice Richard Withers 10" i New Grade Building in Second Year! The new grade school building shown on these two pages is just com- pleting its second year of housing students from kindergarten through fourth grade. The classrooms contain light-blond desks, green eyesaving blackboards, and rubber tile floors. Wood- working is also in blond wood. The many windows provide very good lighting. PAULINE NELSON Drake University Kindergarten .-.1 , . '. J ri 4 , S 1 Q A'-?f y If -il' f guys- -,QV , "" - .5431 .' -,':,j' H Ygygqlwm -I r 'Mid f,.:"rg'., f, -2 :i'T"'l H L - l l 9 f ., . ef- "1-ni an-1. my -,I r 1 ., rr fl. ,ft-. ag , ,., .J , Arm' ' , . ,.. Geeuffy Lay. Q 900.1 The kindergarten provides the beginning of school for most students. This year, Mrs. Nelson and her class took trips to many different farms in the fall to study the animals there. Becoming ready for reading was another of the activities of this class. The first grade under Miss Vandehaar, started reading and arithmetic. The first graders' formal instruction also started this year. Mrs. Ostrem helped her second graders enjoy elementary science fgeneral and socialj. They enjoyed all of their formal instruction. Reading proved to be the main interest for third graders. With Mrs. Manny's direction, they illustrated their refrdinq lessens. lesrned poetry related to their fee gf 1' 'ii' . VIVIAN VANDEHAAH Central College First Grade AMANDA OSTREM B. Sc. Drake University Second Grade 434.. Ajouncfafion for ?LLfLL'Z.E! studies, and studied histories. They also had outside reading. Health books and basic seven notebooks were made by the fourth graders under Miss Davis' instruction. The fourth grade started to play flutes in readiness for further musical training. A new study was introduced into the fifth and sixth grade pro- gram which is called social studies. It is a combination of history and geography. Miss Gross, the fifth grade teacher, and Miss Anderson, the sixth grade teacher, combined many of the activities of the two classes this year. Both classes took a field trip to Westminister church in Des Moines, went Christmas caroling, and presented two programs for the Altoona P.T.A. ? Itqwwl LAURA MANNY B. S. Drake University Third Grade . JH' DORIS DAVIS Iowa State Teacher' s College Fourth Grade CHARLENE ANDERSON Iowa State Teacher' s College Sixth Grade RITA GROSS Iowa State Teacher's College Fifth Grade -35- +0- ii gag, 'S ff? .,A, 1-J wif' Blllre Brown Ruaeell Farpenter Patty Fhamberlain, llcnmb Chapm Sl' COND ROW Nancy Dykstra Carole Fxchhorn Bobby Fvans, Ronald Lenox Jamce llllllll ROW lxirlene Mathern lllcharcl Mcllougal Vlrglma Palstring Ronny Pardee POUIVIII ROW Farolyn Rees Cary lleeveq De-nme Renaud Donna Qxlver Vernon l4ll'Tll HOW llesley Thompson Dons Walker Robert llllson Larry Workman its 'Pr W YW I JSI, 'E' as ,- -r""' tvs " 'Qr Qiff Q"? 'x 4 f 5 f I ,ff-x "F-73' -91 gjjzacfz FIRST ROW: Darrell Catron, Harry Chamberlain, Kenneth Champion, Tommy Cleaver, Richard Coffie. SECOND ROW: Terry Davenport, Lucretia Hale, Dale Cant, Buddy Krisinger, Joyce Lenox. THIRD ROW: Donna Marshall, Margaret Meister, Arthur Minich, Richard Poffenberger, James Porter. FOURTH ROW: Jennifer Porter, Phil Roberts, Karen Runyan, Donna Scott, Eva Shultice. FIFVITI ROW: Stephen Smith, Donald Stewart, Denny TenHagen, Susan Truog, Robert Turner SIXTH ROW: Geraldine Wamer, Vickie Watson, Linda West, Barbara Wilson, Wanda Zickefoose. 9. gs. I,,., G35 ii' ln ,, ,.,. N N? QQ an 'ni 1 ' an 4 I , -,o X TT? X Q-W' lw4.t ..l '19- L L.- 1.1 Cmzrgff 4:15. :Je ?' xt, , " 2 A 'a:-.0 If I 5 1. argl, J ' x . V4 n It I y 63" N' " H . W 'Q If! lv I-fZZ ,V 7.1.x if uulf' I S1 n V"-5 1, I " I . I' ,v""'1o-Q Q K' Mu.f .rig--'it ,, it' A ' S aniu II- 'I Q v, I ,L M47 S Z 'is gouzfg Q L FIRST IIOW: Ronnie Bailey, Sharon Benjamin, Tom Brady, Shirley Brown Steven Churchill SECOND IIOW: Lloyd Consolover, Linda Cox, Cathy Cramsle Gary Dykstra, ,Iamce Garret TIIIRD ROW: Danny George, Ronnie Gutuskie, Ronald Hewitt, I' arl Isminger Terry Klle FOURTH ROW: Keith Murrow, Mike Parker, Janean Parmenter, James Sells, Pat Sheldon FIFTII ROW: Stephen Shelly, Patty Shultice, Ricky Smith, Denny Wilson Lois Wilson SIXTII ROW: Shirley Wilson, Linda Workman. not pictured: Shephen Silver, jerry White -38- SQ- wmfw ,., .am , A 9' N s s 'U' -x 8, an I 'hm ', 1 ef. . Jkt' , ' if "- 33 f , ,A Y ' 'QYWX 'f vikiili ., .V.. f X: :L' . 4413- 5 XV Aw I Q A as gi Q . 1 , . C hi.. 'Sw' V-' ,, 7 ,Q C C an l i., 3-:-r it 5 -ff "" , C- :E V.. 'S 3 C 9 'L APL. N, , Q., -, .M ... .,--....-1'- fb., -i 5 , slat hp' 32 'ii- Qm: in '31 'q-:rf 'ui Ysfv' l fa i if ff 'Q FIRST ROW: Rosemary Brown, Sue Calbreath, Judy Chamberlain, Kathy Champion, Alan Churchill. SECOND ROW: David Coffie, Bob Cowan, Candy Dale, Diane Evans, Billy Harrington. THIRD ROW: Janet Ioerger, Dennis Lenox, Arthur Love, Kathryn Mc Dougal, Melvin Newton. FOURTH ROW: Linda Porter, Tom Reeves, Donna ,Io Roth, Donald Runyan, Mary Schultice. FIFTH ROW: Lyle Soper, Denneth Stuart, Mary Tokheim, Patty Truog, Diana Welch. SIXTH ROW: Cary Wilson. Lois Steil: Not pictured. -39- i . i 5 1 L ' ' ' f r I 1 3 6-92 Cf. V' l ' 5 1 ' a- if yggfgt V' 2 '16 , Yi N 2 F' - Y' ' Ji." T y I ,-54,1 1 V 1, 5' 7, efjgg l if? ,fa ,,A"'f rae it ' I - ' , -x ,, . l Jxiffiil u A S ., s C f gr 1- 5. Q ' xl 6 Q 3 fl 3 ,ji 232 WJ- I tri! J V -A, i 'I V ,L 1 J pi -J if .Ig Si L ', it J X-ff C nv 46- :lil-xl' I ' 1 -, - .... y it 4-9 "3 " 4 T at I I . 3 5'-L::',,v-Il , L ll S Y A ' A ": N in .5.f,. 1 , ., vi 2 f .fl M ! 1, v .yky V,. K Q 'fi A Alscofzcf glade FIRST ROW: Bicka Ballard, Dana Campbell, Kathryn Carter, Emmett Chapin, Wayne Cleaver. SECOND HOW: Gail Garret, Neva Gibson, Dwayne Hall, Pat Harrington, Susan Hartman. THIRD ROW: Marilyn llershman, David Lien, Jim Love, La Vonne Martin, Janice Mc Fllvogue. FOURTH HOW: Loren Murrow, Mary Palstring, Merlin Sams, Richard Silvers, Douglas Smith. FIFTH ROW: Candy Ten Hagen, Janet Thompson, Sue Walker, William Warren. ,4OL, 7 TV' O 331525, , Mr we - ' QA is ig? iv I ' ,K 2 ind 1- x W In A v , M 1 L " if '.,x f iv 2 I -. W3-0 , l W X It rw, . 2 , K A 1 'ho , "GSM ' E y ...f r. if f f 4 gy vi r Vu I L Q ww mv? 3 Q--1-4-wav-.Na ...f ., . W .mx ,, ,A W A-me-MW-mv 1 4 4,,,, ia, ,sem r 5 gint grads FIRST ROW: Linda Barrett, Mary Benjamin, Carol Breeding, Dennis Calbreath, Judy Calbreath. SECOND ROW: Howard Catron, Cheryl Chamberlain, Lawrence Cummings, John Dickey, Laura Duffield. THIRD ROW: Judy Cant, Lucinda Harrell, Jack Harris, Curtis Hatler, Carla Henry. FOURTH ROW: Charles Hershman, Diane Hitchcock, Paul Iseminger, George Larson, Robert McGrean. FIFTH ROW: Judy Muilenhurg, Gerald Nitchals, Bruce Noe, Anna Poffenberger, Robert Raitt. SIXTH ROW: Byron Rees, Terrilynn Rossiter, Mick Sheldon, Bobby Scott, Ann Votruba. SEVENTH ROW: Cormie West, Jerry Wilson. fi . -.. I 14 ""' I... - '1f"1y'f ,,,x Q: ,Y"'- 40 .ar 0' f", " w t A ,.,,,, we-I v ..,,s V V ir' I G . .df I . 4 4 " Q 4 I-If .., Q 0 + g 5 efilsalfis v 4 s ,.5.. ,,: in 1 A ma ezkcjczzfsn FIRST ROW: Karen Allsup, Michael Ballard, Stevie Brady, Christine Burget, Alan Champion. SECOND ROW: Pamela Deal, David Eichhorn, Jimmie Erixson, Teresa Field, Stevie George. THIRD ROW: Irene Gutuskie, Mary Harrington, Joyce Hartwig, Dennis Ioerger, Ernest Johnson. FOURTH ROW: James Mathern, Billy McGrean, Marjorie Merten, Stevie Roberts, Paulette Roth. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Sams, Jerry Saunders, Susan Shultice, Ellen Stuart, Jimmie Stuart. SIXTH ROW: Cindy Ten Hagen, Douglas Van Arkel, Barbara Watson, Mary Diane Winslow, Russell Zickefoose. ii I Ii 5Tar-Teal meanderTnouuT :nf The 'Chun' lTl'tTI'lKT!'lo rn auf: was Anne: Vhen El. PTEEE DF Pigskin A UUDCE NTD and mffun my IWQTCI. Wwile rufJlJ7n D if ff e Bum TT a g ODI K was , NQ 0 if -emrnded 413+ ml had Ura UT TEL FuT W!'1aT 'lwesa unken-nag hav een :HH I1 THE G r-s UR I 'makers T1 'HIE clTESl1Ul'lar7 Elhcl fnuncl ya EBM UB Ti..--H Pvfv-n..r"lll--v-?r'nlv'1r 'af-.I-1u1?1-:DP cglanioz- fgamf DIRECTED BY THREE CONDUCTERS THIS YEAR! Marching Band opened the l953-54 band season adding color duringhalt-time at our home foot- ball games. Leading the band were the drum majorettes pictured on the top of the next page. They are: fleft to rightj Judy Cox, Charlotte Warner, Sharon Warner, Leona Michael, and Nancy Smith. Due to the illness of Mr. Versteeg just before our Christmas concert, it became necessary for Mr. Kruetz to direct us. We were pleased that he was able to help in directing our band during the time that Mr. Versteeg was unable to be there. Mr. Versteea resigned at the end of the first semester on doctor's orders. Mr. Kever who is a graduate oi East High and Drake University, took over the baton to direct us for the last half of the year. New festival music provided us with a project for the last semester. -44- BOYS' QUARTET SINGS ON RADIO! The boys' quartet received five dollars for placing second in a talent show held in the Altoona High School Gymnasium. They were invited to appear on the Bill Billey show on radio station KBNT. The song they chose to sing forthe radio audience was "You, You, You." This same song won them the second place prize on the talent show. MADRIGAL GROUP SINGS AT FEDERATION! The madrigal group sang at Womens' Federation January 9. The songs they sang were: "Climbing Up the Mountain, Children," "The Lord Bless You and Keep You," and "Lamb ot God." They will also sing on other occasions soon. The madrigal group is one of the newer vocal groups at Altoona, and it has proved to be worthwhile. 1-I+ BOYS' QUARTET: Qleft to rightj Carroll Clark Phil Crabtree, Vollie Sanders, jim Robinson Madrigal Group: FIRST ROW: Sue Decker, Loretta Roe, Nancy Backus, Eva Roe, Ginger Melton, Gaye Blake. SECOND ROW: Bruce Calbreath, George Diebel, Louis Simmons, Charles Longnecker, John Champion, Bonnie Davis. H45. TWO QUARTETS REACH ALL-STATE CHORUS FINALS' Last November, tryouts for all state chorus were held at Valley Junior High. Altoona sent two quartets and both were accepted and entered all state chorus. Friday and Saturday, prac- tices were held at the KFINT Theater and the concert was held there Saturday evening. The. members of the quartet shown at the top of the page are: CL.eft to rightl Vollie Sanders, Charlotte Downard, Ruth Scheel, and Phil Crabtree. Members of the quartet shown opposite are Ronnie Davis, Fern Hick, Mary Jane Harding, and Carroll Clark. GIRLS' SEXTET SINGS FOR VARIOUS ORGANIZATIONS! The girls' sextet has so far appeared once this year. This was at the first P.T.A. meeting. Before the school year is over they are scheduled to sing for other occasions. Members of the sextet are: Charlotte Downard, Fern I-lick, Marcella Meisner, Charlotte Warner, Ruth Scheel, and Mary Jane Harding. :pcm gum smoqo sql fnuypgzx '.IS1SSLU9S PUCDGS Sql .IOI O r-+- SLU qs .IO STI GIOM PPDICI seqol :J pun ID Il pa FI mb pa 'seypuoo UO H1Om zuos equgnu lse Sl pun USS? DA I I'lU.l -old am sys IDH go uo113a11paq1 Jepun um1SouLuAb aql ug ZZ Jaquleoeq paluasexd SDM ueouoo snmsuqg eqLL nam 9191 '21 qw S19 SHEIOH3 GEIXIW A9 G3.LN3S3Zid 'lVAl.LS3:l CINV .LEIHDNOD Egg S3 4 SQA I IU E 1 3 'uo 9A 9 HAI 0.1 'UM ,.. lid I! aanqexg 4 01. UJ qj '31oqu1eH .IB SSI qoauSuo'1 '19 OI' UL! 'HID uogdw PUEIIGICJOII UBI' 's .ueH apex ' uuog 9 .... .-. 'UOSU '-ICH S 0'I :MOH H.LHflO.:I .... A10 .legy I... 'xouyl Aoueyq UUJS 'Q Alxemag unok 1 EI II! xoj 99 J pe dog .IQ AQH D 33.l1qE.l ..- O SSABJ UOHHQD me U12 'Ja Apnf xoj Asgad Od 'vu ,... eaxqleg 1 'Q 99 .IO 92 I9q9!G Aogafl aanqexg 3 .IE IIOJ '31-'BID aguuog Aeg S A ' PS QFIIO pu .I9 .-. 'uosu qog lugf 's ..-. Ullf :MOH ClHIH.L S expueg aAe.u 'J uv 211091 QEIIO '1 LISUI Wd 4 I-M3 aog Pmxo H usg O ll ,... uoplaqg 'Ja '-'QIIEW aonxg 'ASI eg ag esog ,... .... IJILIS Aa H OJ UM woer' ga SH M 110 ll uaqog E WIEM .... '19 -'V :Aw 'monunw ELI D 'VIOE-U90 'I .IE ously'1 'pmumog anol ml 'ul uamjl N 'Auad .10 Blll S 1.xeH UO uef 18 QOH 'sus ,-. MACH GNODCHS mad 'VIUFH GA EPI d 'um 0.183 IPM 'uos ,-. ueaf aug oqlueH '31 nag A osg.ueH d sgloq 'u Ullo '1 Au:-ag sapeoqu Ham:-JN ASSQC1 UH L11 Q aaqog 'I W .IE auef A H eg 'Sugpxe QA 31918 'a usg:-:W '19 uaqog B 'POOH uuod I Ha I :xo Aejl M le 'Jag H JB H exeq eunqog 'u uwqo 9 'SIOIH OI' uuv sng I .I9 ouexj U! FD :MOH .LSHI.:I USU 01 M921 aunf 'uaxqonq ang 'xaqooq 119101 E seg ueN ' Aa 'Snqoeg D .IE ensugnll el BIN ' OJ BII9 RECREATION ROOM CREATED BY STUDENT COUNCIL! The Student Council is set up to aid the teacher in governing the students of the school. This year the Student Council has been working on several ideas to improve the school. Thanks to the co-operation of the teachers and other people they have started a recreation room in the room where the old shop previously resided. A table tennis table built for the Student Council by Mr. Sells and the shop classes is one of the main features of this room. Nets and paddles were purchased by the school. Mr. Carmody, the faculty advisor, helped very much in keeping the council searching for new ideas to help students and teachers. The president was Vollie Sanders: vice president was Gerald Soperp and the secretary was Russell Speer. - I , ,- ggiillirfd LEFT T0 RIGHT: Phil Crabtree, Gerald Soper, Ray Wolver, Dick Scheel, Vollie Sanders, Russell Speer, Lanny Shultice, Mr. Carmody, jan McClelland. -4Q- 'olume I Ai.-..... ings. semi Pi , H5 ' 7 The journalism class was first oraanized this year with Mrs. Porter as the sponsor. Members were all seniors and freshman because of class inflictions seventh period. Staff members Published the "Spotliaht," the monthly school paper and furnished news for the local community paper each week. Editor .......... Ruth Scheel Co-editor . . . Mary lane Hardinq Sports Editors . . Laura I-,fleacham Frazier Coffee Art tfditor ......... Judy Cox Iixchanao Ilditor .... Fern flick Reporters .... iietty Armantrout Jeanine Harnbora lietty Ilarrison Cherrie Hick Sondra Houtt Carol '.'.'ilson lietty Tokheint This staff wrote reaular stories but quest articles were also pub- lished. NEW NEWSPAPER IS AN IMMEDIATE SUCCESS There were indeed so many desirable things about this new newspaper that it was difficult to summarize in a short space all the aood features of the paper. One of the most delightful features of the paper is the art work on the covers SPOTLIGHT STAFF MEMBERS ATTEND PRESS CONFERENCE ln Iloveinber, nine members of the Qpotliaht staff attended the annual lowa Press Conference at Drake Ilniversity. They attended classes in the afternoon in order to aain more knowledae and ideas of how to oraanize cmd better the school ldlrper' 'krki"k'kHl"A'i' ART WORK IS APPRECIATED Hruce Calbreath has contributed much to the art work in the news- paper as well as workina on art work in the "I?oundup". llis art talent is always in demand and his work is appreciated. 'k'k1l'i"k'k'k'k NEWS BRIEF The school is indebted to the PTA for the beautiful 27 inch Stewart Warner TV set which was presented at Bill Riley's show. -50- of many of the issues. Human interest stories on personalities around the school were colorful and enjoyed to the fullest. The birthday calendar proved to be just the thinq for us "date for- aetters." Editorials plus bits of information about customs and holidays were educational as well as entertaininq. As always the sports paae was one of the most avidly read. Of course those bits of aossip in "Dots and lots" were really fun to read too. The news items were interestina also. Everyone will aaree that this paper was eagerly accepted. 00 PAPERS' SALES SOARED! lt didn't take lonq for the stud- ents at AHS to catch on to the spirit of readinq the latest news in their own newspaper. Pages were added to the paper and sales zoomed. HOMECOMING PROVIDES HIGHLIGHT OF SEASON! Homecoming this year was ruled over by Carla Tuinstra. Attending her were Mary Jane Harding, senior: Nancy Smith, junior: Sue Decker, sophomore: and Betty Harrison, freshman. Although the football boys were unsuccessful in their attempt to furnish us with a homecoming victory, homecoming was very colorful and enjoyed by most. At half time ceremonies, Carla was crowned by the football captain, Dick Scheel, and was given the traditional long-stemmed roses and kiss. The queen rode in a pure white Cadillac con- vertible and the attendants rode in Chevrolets. After the game, ceremonies moved inside the gym. The annual grand march formed, and the attendants were escorted to the stage by Tom Cort, senior: George, Murrow, junior: Raymond Wolver, sophomore: and Richard Den Otter, freshman. Carla was again crowned and took her throne. Homecoming ended with the dance at which Jack Godfroy's orchestra provided music. -X 'X grain-1 . if if . .V .a I5 RAHS FOR THE CHEERLEADERS! l,l'Il"'l' T0 lllG'I'l': Xlurcella '.1eisner, Karla Harris, Carla Tuinstra, Mary Jane Harding, Sondra Ilgun fIl'IN'I'!'I!l: Mary jean Tokheim. Altoona cheerleaders were responsible for the great spirit that the student body obtained during their 1953-54 athletic season. The leaders for the season are pictured above. These spirited Altoona boosters led Altoona cheers in football and basketball games. New cheerleaders will be chosen to replace araduatinq seniors Marcella, Mary Jane, and Carla next fall in the annual tryouts. -,i 'Q -ll fl 'ttt it Experience ainacf Ufrzougfl Qoofgaff Season! TOP ROW: Longnecker, Yarrington, McLeland, West, Snyder, Rhoades, Newell, Lewis, Champion, Shultice, Strayer, Tuinstra, Jontz. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Petersen, Coffee, Den Otter, Clark, R. Crabtree, B. Barker, Graves, J. Barker, Cort, L. Crabtree, Hartwig, Coach Reed. BOTTOM ROW: Soper, Ohland, Simmons, Wolver, Robinson, Hinrichs, Sanders, G. Murrow, Scheel, P. Crabtree, Brady, Diehl. Not pictured: J. Murrow. ALTOONA Altoona had a poor football season this year. The coaches started the season with a green bunch of boys who for the most part had very little experience. The team lost eight of its first string players through graduation or transfer at the beginning of this year. The prospects for next year's team, however, are promising, in view of the fact that several boys gained much football "know how" this yearf The eight graduating seniors are: Cort, Scheel, Ohland, Clark, Hinrichs, Murrow, Champion, and Sanders. Dick Scheel, senior tackle was elected captain by the team at the beginning of the year. Co-captain was appointed each game by Coach Petersen. .-.53-. ALTOONA ALTOONA ALTOONA ALTOONA ALTOONA ALTOONA ALTOONA ALTOONA YOUR SCORE BOARD O .......... Dowling 19 7 . . . ..... Madrid 21 7... ...NewSharonl3 6... .. .Monroe26 O . . . . . Johnston 18 O... ..Ankeny29 l4 . . . . . . Story City 20 O... ...Nevada 29 2 . . . . . . State Center 7 No. Of Player 24 25 35 41 34 27 28 38 23 22 29 39 Name of Player Scheel Melton Warner Brown Blake Perry Yount Cox Harrison Wil son Smith Detrick Den Otter Newell Michael Pollitt P aul sen Meacham FOOTBALL STATISTICS Tackles Passes Attempted 100 T Passes Completed 37 51 Intercepted Passes 10 50 Total Yards 485 33 30 30 30 26 18 Total Yds. Gained 1041 9 Total Yds. Attempted -iig- 4 Total Yds. 1526 2 Yds. Per Carry 6 Total 325 GIRLS' BASKETBALL STATISTICS FT Total Goals FT Made FT Missed Percentage Fouls Points 84 85 80 52 47 253 62 43 65 40 29 167 24 19 30 39 34 67 16 15 29 34 14 47 3 9 6 60 8 15 4 4 12 25 11 12 3 3 7 30 65 9 3 2 8 20 9 8 3 2 1 67 0 8 2 1 1 50 0 5 2 0 0 - - 23 4 0 1 3 25 19 1 - - - - 2 - - 57 - - - - - - - - - 37 - 5 4 - - - - - .. - - 2 - - - - - - - - - - - 5 - - 206 184 245 43 369 596 Offensive Average 37.3 Defensive Average 59.5 Q .-54.. PROSPECTS LOOK BRIGHT FOR '54 - '55 T FIRST ROW: Qleft to right? Ginger Melton, Peg Newell, Charlotte Warner, Karen Perry Nancy Smith, Beverly Yount, Gloria Den Otter, Shirley Brown, Ruth Scheel, Myrna Detrick. SFCOND ROW: Coach Lowell Reed, Miss Mary Rehmel, Norma Harrison, Margy Murphy Peg Pollitt Laura Meacham, Judy Cox, Leona Michael, Gaye Blake, Coach Jim Petersen. THIRD ROW: Barbara Hickman, Pat Irish, Carolyn Griffin, Betty Armantrout, Carol Wilson Cherrie HlCk Betty Paulsen, Sue Decker, Francine Rhoades. The 1953-54 basketball season was not too successful for the Ramblerettes this year. With the exception of the Story City game, all games were lost. The team showed a lot of spirit and ability but the whole team was lacking experience. Except for a few, the whole team was new this year. However, only two members of the team are graduating this year-- Ruth Scheel and- Shirley Brown, and next year the girls should provide a most successful record. The squad elected Ruth Scheel and Beverly Yount as captains: Charlotte Warner as the most' valuable player and Karen Perry as the most improved player. -55- OPPONENTS Woodside Carlisle Bondurant Colfax Mitchellville Johnston Madrid Ankeny Valley Runnells Farrar Pleasantville Story City Defensive Average 50.6 Offensive Average 49,5 Name of Player Cort Barker Erickson Soper Crabtree Helm Wolver Clark Travis Robinson Murrow Diebel BOYS' BASKETBALL STATISTICS FT Total Goals FT Made FT Missed Percentage EEE 63 54 63 47 180 57 32 51 22 146 46 30 51 53 122 39 23 44 57 101 28 24 50 41 80 19 9 50 16 47 9 7 34 18 25 7 8 32 17 22 8 1 20 4 17 1 1 50 3 3 1 - - - 1 2 1 - - - - 1 2 279 189 188 50.3 230 747 -5 TEAMWORK + ABILITY : GOOD SEASON FIRST ROW: Cleft to right! Raymond Wolver, Ralph Helm, Phil Crabtree, Gerald Soper Don Frickson Tom Cort, Jim Barker, Carroll Clark. SECOND ROW: Coach Lowell Reed, Charles Longnecker, Roy Crabtree, ,Ian McClelland, George Murrow Vollie Sanders, jim Robinson, Tom Hamborg, George Diebel, Coach jim Petersen. THIRD ROW: Chuck Snyder, Bob Hood, LeRoy Crabtree, Richard Den Otter, Frazier Coffie Benme Barker Cary Bensley, Bill Newell, ,lack Robinson. The Ramblers started the season very well, winning six of the tirst eight games, but lost their touch and could only manage to win one of the last eight. This is one of the best seasons the boys have been able to attain in the last few years. There are six seniors graduating this year. They are: Tom Cort, Ralph Helm, Carroll Clark, Tom Hamborg, Vollie Sanders and George Diebel. Ralph Helm and Tom Cort were chosen Co- Captains. Tom Cort was the leading scorer for the season with l8O points and Jim Barker was second with 145. The most valuable player was Tom Cort. There are good prospects for the next few years. -57- OPPONENTS Nevada Bondurant Mitchellville Runnells Farrar Johnston Story City Alleman Carlisle Colfax Madrid Ankeny Valley Coq-X W1 I I Q , 11 - IIA, ll' r ' qu- if ff! 4 , Q-"' 3 -I 4 Q T- "" Mx -5 ?"f iff, " -1: h CfF,H'f5ew'f SKf,faQhf,x?MM 0517 Qhcfu HOW .izltf I fbo old hi' khe wS3'0.Y'5 3 mod QYXN Clr-JF 1 i od M0-N C fr- Mumvo Lv Dmcff Cx 'C,-XWCNIYX Sw Eli' ,gy Qrmplf, Loo 8 Y'0 Ln QM Buff: I 20-'W R 1c5d51gs?3c.HS E- Sisfe-Y?Sf OY' Q, To WIS FMCG LQJSG? Oh+ Cf Liboidf 'YHPID 'f'URff,C UAL, ANE MOVW' in hav' nfefcf' -f' ye his iSTe Davy, 'Femme L TQH 9-no one- ls SQ Help nTeJ Double FS N Owl STOP SAYING: A Ch in T N956 s Thus! The A Gro-fnur? Women VVQLSTC .I r'Tlrn '55 e"'Y' Nose IS Cold ff-mmf:"s-A-M If Dlx NDT You .' - 1. I Dgoflfp :Ii UWB Jonvbry ,X IV! N0 Cor-amen X PA TRDLLE ROADS ARE YOUR U TT B igkzhihgsg one TO UML rn a, K' exizvf-K1 H nN Old K one AQ., 5 WSGST9? HI-I Q Class Prophecy fcohtinued from page 241 been writing at least 250 words a minute. lust as I was beginning to enjoy myself watching these two classmates, the picture blurred and when it again cleared, I found myself watching a pro basketball game. Tom Cort was being introduced by the sports announcer as the coach of the Salami Stuffers' League Team. He had quite an impressive record for his team--won IO2, lost 2. Then something flashed on the screen and I was about blinded. When I recovered I found that I was looking at the California sun, and who should I see under that sun and a beach umbrella but Ruth Scheel. She was talking to her husband and she was telling him how much she enjoyed her vacation away from teaching fourth grade. This crazy machine must have been tuned in for teachers, because the scene shifted to a large high school in Colorado where I saw Carla Tuinstra watching her typing students take a timed writing. She seemed to be very happy, and I saw that she wasn't watching her students after all--she was admiring a new wedding ring. Then the infernal machine changed again and there was Bonnie Briggs. She was busy trying to get her little kindergarten pupils to come out of their play house. She couldn't get in the tiny door and they wouldn't come out. She finally whispered something to them and they very meekly filed out of the door. I was wondering what she said, but before I found out, the scene changed again. This time there was a motion picture shown of the new ten-lane highway 6 through Iowa. The object of the motion picture was to lead up to the introduction of the engineer of this highway who was hailed as the greatest engineer since Casey Jones. "When what to my wondering eyes should appear" but Carroll Clark. He cut the red tape and a new airplane wrote "HOOHAY" in the air in less time than it would take me to write it. Luckily the TV set showed me more' of this new plane. It was called an XHLIOO. lt was a rocket-powered plane designed by our own John Champion. The screen focused on John as he entered his inner office. His secretary who was Verneil Griffin, told him that he had a private phone call to answer. After he went into his inner inner office to take it, Verneil started telling about the new plane of "Champion Aircraft." Then the picture went back again to the plane and I saw Virginia Ellsworth working on the engine. She was making some fine repairs after the test flight. Mary Jane Harding stepped out of the XH4OO in a beautiful uniform. pfsgnlov'x4olov'x..i.f'x..l.f'x4alol'snoleY'S4uIc1f'S-4-luf'N-4'1" HAMBORG'S MEATS 419 East Sixth Street ANDREWS' STUDIOS 822 Walnut Street Des Moines 9, low., Phone 4-4956 Des Moines 9, Iowa KECWS Y KOCH Bnos. Priniters Stationers G Office Furniture SERVICE STATION 81 CAFE 5200 Hubbell Phone 6-9366 Ml., 8' Grand Des Moines Phone 4-4224 V'C.TgElQ QFEEQQSRS R. l.. CARPENTAR AGENCY INSURANCE 541 6th Des Moines Phone 4-2545 ALTOONA .F 0 I ovxg o 1 avg, OIOVFXZ e I avg, ng a w-X, ala vxjolozexfo lo-.-ifgla-f,,.I.-fx., is -5 12- lo lcI0YSQIIYSAUIa gcIefi.g0lofi4l1IfS-5.lq .gelq4fg.q Class Prophecy fconfinued from page 611 She said, "Being a stewardess on the XR 400 hardly gives you time to be in the clouds." Outside the plant, I saw Marlene Yarrington in a white Jaguar arguing with a policeman. She told him she was just waiting for her husband cmd that he shouldn't give her a ticket for parking by a fireplug. I don't know whether she got out of it or not because just then the icontinued on page 631 Congratulations to the Senior Class ORVILLE LOWE, Inc. Iowa's Largest Ford Dealer E. 6th and Des Moines "LEHMAN'S" FLOWERS and GIFTS 2900 E. Euclid Phone S-6645 Only Fresh Flowers Are Beautiful Your Orders Are Appreciated MAC'S TRUCK STOP 8. CAFE 2505-15 E. Euclid Highways 6-64-65 Phone 6-9439 8- 6-9321 Cars Trucks BlLL'S SINCLAIR "Lou" Smith John Brutus 03'f::3SLDePGf:mem E. 14th a. Euclid Phone 6-9106 New I Used CORT and-OLMSTIEAD BUI DERS COMPLIMENTS OF HOPKINS Farm Building and Home Remodeling Masonry Wiring GRUBB BOYS Plastering Plumbling For WESTINGHOUSE T.V. Carpentry Heating AND APPLIANCES 6.9001 52-5095 1240 E. Euclid Phone 6-3757 TOM DUN Goto the Phone 6-1117 2323 Hubbell Ave. MOFFITTT FARM EQUIPMENT RIGHT Acnoss FROM n COMPANY THE Mc Cormick Tractors and Machines Drake Campus Refrigerationf F .for 31611-lf I Keepsake-Diamonds Gligfumglliltc of CROSS JEWELRY a. SPORTING Hal Kreutz GOODS COMPLIMENTS COLFAX WATCH REPAIR of Stuart Nursing Home Elgin-WATCHES-Bulova 1!lhBuaudhSaw15l '- H 152595 Sl hone 7881 P 5102 QUALITY FURNITURE Phone 3-7133 Des Moines, Iowa 1 I 'VNJ' HDS! Olvfxdl ole-'xg Ol 0 'xi 'i0YxJ"l0-s.lHI'vxJc!0-x,,nl-v-X, ...62-. 1 .. Aglgf'L4oluf'sulafS4nlqf'k.gelofi-lalofi-kglefiqolefiqel I Compliments of Dr. R. R. Wilson A DENTIST Mi9cI1eIIviIIe Iowa WEBER SALES AND SERVICE CENTER Mi1cheIIviIIe, Iowa Class Prophecy Qconfinued from page 62, picture changed to a parade of the Women's Air Corps in Hawaii. Heading the parade was Major Joan Hartwig. Nothing could surprise me now, so when I glanced at the next scene which was a church, I wasn't surprised to see Fern I-lick entering with six children. Her husband was the minister of this church. Poke County Farmer's Bureau was the title oi the next program, fcontinued on page 641 Sf1UefeDee1 Beef Feeds Mofiitt Furniture 6. Funeral BURGETT MILL Se1'ViCe Ahoona Iowa Floor Coverings - Gifts - Appliances Phon., 7581 Mitchellville. Ia. Phone 27Ql WOLFKILL TRAILER HITCHES 1 Installed on Cm RONNIE AND KAY s DIAMOND Phone 6-0127 Eve. 62-4.562 Euclid and Hubbell Des Molnes KAUFMANN WINDOWS OF IOWA Manufacturers of Aluminum Windows, Screens and Doors Altoona, Iowa Featuring the Best in Foods Bring the Family 4330 Hubbell Ave Phone 6-9311 DUNCAN'S BARBER SHOP MCCORMICK HARDWARE East 9th one Hull 3612 Sth Ave' Des Moines, Ia. Phone 3-0302 Phone 6-9261 U. S. Hiways 163 8. 6 THE LATIN KING KNIGI'IT'S BAKE SHOP Restaurant 1402 E. 9th se. Air Conditioned 2200 Hubbell Blvd. Des Moines, Iowa Des M"I"'s' 'OW ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY "Quality You Can Taste" Phone 6-3 I 72 Des Moines, Iowa I llvggllgl-L' QIIYNQQICYV olov5.folV4x-X-jllos-x.fggnv5,glpw-x-,qlav-X,I ..53.. le AeIof'Le0ll 4ulef.EeeIef'L.qelefi.AOIlf5-Aglefiqelyfiqelui- Class Prophecy fcontinued from page 63, and I had the chance to see five oi our class who had stayed near home. They had all become farmers. Ed Hinrich and Lloyd Ohland who twonder of all wondersj had become partners in a new beef cattle enterprise and had developed an entirely new breed of beef cattle with tour hind legs. John Murrow was giving a demon- stration of the method he used to get contented milk from uncontented cows in his dairy farm. Ralph lC0"'I"Ued on Page 65, SAFEWAY CLEANERS zzas Hubbeu Blvd. CASH and CARRY Phone 6-0151 HOLT FIRESTDNE DEALERS Harrington Service Center STORE Phone 6.5404 E' 44th and Hubbell Tractor, Truck, Passenger Tires Gqgqling, Oils, G1-gqgeg qnd And Tubes and Service Accggggrigg Phone 62-3234 Des Moines 17, ICI- I Pearson's Food Market East 38th and Hubbell Phone 6-4651 HAUGH'S ANTIQUES 3703 Hubbell Avenue Highways 6 6. 65 at E. 37th Street NELSON'S BABY SUPER Grocery - Variety - Hardware Rental Service 4367 Hubbell Ph. 69113 SUBURBAN APPLIANCE CENTER 336 Hull Ave. 6-1612 - Phones - 6-7556 2 I Its Your Future! Prepare For It By Saving Now. . . DeVotie Implement Your John Deere Dealer Ivy, Iowa Phone 3216 Mitchellville Whether your future plans include college or some other worthwhile activity, you'll find a savings account at Capital City is a mighty fine thing to have. Open your savings account soon. Capital City State Bank East Fifth and Locust, Des Moines Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System JEWELL 8. ADRIAN DIAMOND SHOPPEJ 208 SHOPS BUILDING Watch Repairing Diamonds WCHCI195 Rings Silverware Jewelry 1 govglfngoi-X, .lov-gfelev-S, lllvvll EXTRA FLAVOR IOWA APPLES at Apple Grove Orchard Apple House South of Mitchellville 10 Month Season - Cider Phone 2-0471 i I. FILTER QUEEN BAGEESS The one and only vacuum in the world guaranteed never to lose its suction. Bagless Vacuum Cleaning Co. 722 E. 5th St. Des Moines WARREN HATCHERY Ames In-Cross Chicks - West on Highway 6 Phone 6351 Altoona, Iowa E. A. PORTER GARAGE General Repairing--Accessories Tires Sf Tubes Gasoline S Oils Phone 6591 Altoona as-X-felev-xfxsyew-Lpplovgiqlgs-X,. .r 1641 - .,yg,,,g,y'L,ql.fS.qql.f'S.s-Iqf'kqelcY'isolef"S-kel0f5-AIlefi-All BORRELL'S SUPER VALU Completely Self-Service Class Prophecy icontinued from page 641 Helm was successful in growing corn "higher than an elephant's eye." Dick Plenty of Parking Friendly Service Scheel had a thousand-acre wheat farm in E. Heh 8. Hull Canada and was already retired. A sudden shrill scream on the TV set made me jump DAWSON MOTOR CO' i I from my chair. There was an ambulance 309 Eos' Hill Sl' Des Moines' own racing to a large hospital. The stretcher Sales Kaiser-Frazer Service case was .raced to the operating room where A ' George Diebel, a famous surgeon prepared 37 Yrs- ln business to operate. One of the nurses standing there Dial 6-7895 Used Cm-S icontinued on page 66, BONNlE'S HOBBY at GIFT SHOP JOHNNY HOPP.S DRIVE-,N You Make If We S911 It me E. Euclid Phone 6-9225 Phone 6681 Altoona, Iowa Bar B-Q Ribs, Chicken, Steaks Prop. Mariorie Simpson Best Gas Buy ln Des Moines Discount to Trucks BREEZE GAS 1234 Em Euclid Free Gifts with your Purchase Jim Page, Manager Phone 6-7600 Courtesy of Dr. P. Phelan Altoona, Iowa Phone 6461 pm mm SUPER MARKETS At Easton and Hubbell East 40th and University East 30th and University ond 13 other Des Moines Locations SlD'S BAKE SHOPPE 2100 East I4th Street CHEVROLET SALES 8. SERVICE Genuine Parts 24-Hr. Towing Service Des M""'eF' """' "TW Mm WARREN BROS. CHEVROLET co. pcsterleg fir QHIOCCGSIOHS Ivy, Iowa Phone 3212, Mitchellville Bondurant Hardware Co. A Friendly Store in a Friendly Town Phone 9 The Hauqe Insurance Co. 405 E. Sth St. Des Moines. Iowa Phone 3-8104 FIRE - AUTO - FARM - CASUALTY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1954 ir GRUND NOVELTY CO. Carnival Supplies Bingo and Bazaar Supplies 421 E. Walnut Des Moines 3-2777 Princess Nyla Cosmetic Service makes you beautiful, keeps you beautiful because only Nyla is selected just for you. You try-see- and feel Nyla before you buy. Call for a courteous facial analysis by Betty Rogers. All formulas approved, by skin specialists. 22 Years. 320 Shops Blding. Des Moines Iowa ALTOONA ELEVATOR Ph-me 40991 ' 'gy-XJ . I gs-X, .lov-gf g I avgf of o wig? ol: vgfelex-,js lr.-,lfolovigfolvz-X, l 165.- In I S l'rX-'-'lffx-.OIII4--.olDlx--zrlofinIle IS-to Ie fiat! wliaele li-,oIol"N.Auloi Class Prophecy fconfinued from page 651 was Marcella Meisner. Midway in the opera- tion, George whispered somethinq to Dugan, and she walked out oi the room. A short time later, the loud speaker in the hall was saying, "Dr. Brown, callina Dr. Brown." A doctor entered the room in a short time and it was Shirley Brown! She was a heart specialist. After their consultation, Dr. Diebel started to lower his knife, but the fcontinued on page 67, PRUGH GROCERY 4000 E. 29 Des Moines Phone 62-5891 DOGGETT'S RADIO 8. TELEVISION SERVICE 2914 E. 9th St. Prompt Service Phone 6-5500 Commercial Office Supply Office Supplies - Printing Rubber Stamps 329 East Fifth Street Des Moines 9. Ia. Bill Phillips - Rolla Baird - Les Clark Compliments of DR. K. E. WILLIAMS CASE FEED MILL 3770 Hubbell Des Moines Phone 6-3703 BOESEN THE FLORIST Two locations to serve you 7th and Gr d 3422 Beaver Ave. M'Tig5kLV"'LE Phone 4-Sllgl Phone 7-4416 We Telegraph Flowers .E LONE TREE MOTIEL For Those Who Treasure Sleeping Pleasure NE T525 MOTEL Lone Tree Station 6 Cafe The Friendly Home for Thirsty Trucks and Hungry Drivers The Best of Gasoline and Oils Chicken - Steaks - Cigarettes Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Clark 5026 Hubbell Phone 62-2752 3. 50th and Hubbell Phone 6-9124 Compliments PORTER HDW. co. of Altoona' Ia. SILVER'S DEPT. STORE Phone 7611 E. Locust Des Moines, Iowa In Business 50 Years THE ALTOONA HERALD 1902 - 1952 . BOTTLE GAS SERVICE C Zio' P lk C W 1. R. Porter 7141 1. w. Porter 6421 ' pe' Year COURTESY OF HITRTLINE SERVICE - DAVENPORT OIL co. Televlslojlxccgtlfgsmllgmoblle Highest Quality "ln Business Since 1930" Petroleum Products Altoona' Two Phone-762' h 1 te S tar Phone Des Moines 3-9809 Laundeters and cleinets Phone Altoona 6151 Phan' 3-'ga MomEglg'fig5vfrmd Ave- -ge5-glelevifelew-55059115-,egev5-,que-Rfolnvgfelpvie el0v oloj -6 5.. lvl O o AoI l f'5A'll -ill l -lilo New and Used . MOTORCYCLES For Sport, Pleasure and Business Dytch Harley-Davidson Co. , l734 E. University Ave.. Des Moines. la. . CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 1954 from. GRAVES FOOD MARKET One of Iowa's Most Modern Frozen Food Locker Plants Phone 7441 Altoona. Iowa fig olof'iAollf5-Nelefiqolofi-no Class Prophecy Icontinued from page 66l picture blurred and I received the surprise of my life. There I was on TV. Butl couldn't believe it when I saw "Jon Thomas Ham- borq, Pres. Gen'l Motors" written on the door. The TV set blew up--I car1't blame it after its last effort. As I drove home I was thinkinq that this might sound a little far- fetched, but who knows, maybe Futurscopic TV will be riqht!!!!!!!!!!!! T COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE LOW COST CHECKING ACCOUNTS 2 Per Cent Paid on Savings Accounts - LOANS OF ALL KINDS IOWA STATE BANK Member F .D.I.C. E. 7th and Locust . SIWITH IMPLE ENT - UNITED SALES a. SERVICE y M Phone 7031 on Hi.waY No. 6 Allis Chagrgerrqs Equipmenliew Idea PLUMBING HEATING Sales and Service Q Altoona. Iowa Bondurant, Iowa Phone 230 SELECTED DEALERS 111464 i IC CR-EAM FROM EAM IHATS WEEI U 000 T0 EAT Federal Savings 6. Loan Association 408 East Sixth Compliments to the Seniors Hilltop Medical 8: Dental Clinic 2825 Hubbell Blvd. - Phone 6-5187 md 6-5188 Royal S. Anspach, M. D. Ellen E. Anspach, M. D. Lyle A. Norwood, D. D. S. OFHUI HOUR! 9-11 A. ln., daily except Saturday -5 p. m. daily Pleue mah appointment when poufblo DIITAL BIIVIOE BY APPOINTMENT NEEDELS FEED-SUPPLY INC. 2260 E. University 6-6882 Des Moines CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 1 SMITH GROCERY Berwick SEE US For Anything Used in the SCHOOL or OFFICE H O L L E Y ' S 100 East Grand Des Moines. Ia. Ford Tractors Dearborn Equipment Machinery Service at Its Best GOBEL TRACTOR CO. 2620 E. University Ave. Phone 62-5507 Des Moines, Iowa FORD FARMING Headquarters For The Best Buys In Foods Come To The HILLTOP SUPER VALU 2820 Hubbell Phone 62-2734 Des Moines Congratulations from IOWA PAINT MFG. CO. 8th 81 Mulberry Phone 4-2247 Des Moines ADAMS PHARMACY Your East Des Moines Druqgist 501 E. Locust 4-3186 - Phone -iolavgfolgv-xl, QIOYQQ glovg, el ovkfolpv-X-jolex1.fnellv-gfalavgI,aluvg, I' 167, l','XJ-'l'fx:.lI0f5:.oI inf'-zolofk-x llc fi, o lo 7840 I I IX-sole IRAQ I o fx, I CQMPLIMENTS Compliments of ' Townsend Manufacturing Co. of 312 E. 2nd sf. - zoa E. warm PoR'rER's LUNCH 3-SHS 2-4124 CASH 8. CARRY GROCERY Congratulations G to the Seniors of 1954 HARDWARE from E' and 6' Hubbeu ARMSTRONG FURNACE co. Des Moines 1701 E. Euclid Phone 6-1181 Phone 6-9392 THANK YOU x ALTOONA PHARMACY 1, Altoona. Iowa Phone 8181 , Nation Wide Guarantee on Every Tire WlNFREY'S O. K. RUBBER -- WELDERS I World's Finest Recappinq , 515 E. Grand Phone 3-6919 Irvin Winfrey Des Moines, Iowa Q IOWA PIE COMPANY 2240 Hubbell Q 1 DQS Moines PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 6-3835 95 University 3-6281 Des Moi : - W 4 A Q Lloyd Ohland recommends ' '- - " :Sul ly I 1, lab, Q- ,' lv r coco THE BARBER s l Is. I fl I' ' :Y I LW" ' I E in ,farm W" 320 Locus! Des Moines, Iowa s at Flu' ' 7UP COMPANY ' Des Moines. Ia. 16th and Grand Ave. I RED ARROW CAFE AND SERVICE STATION Steaks, Chops, Sandwiches Flattop A Specialty Frank Coco Joe Fasund VITO BARBER SHOP YOUNTS GROCERY Come In And See Us Al'00"'0 Phone 7481 Phone 6381 Prop. Dick Su June Young 1 LEINS LOCKER SERVICE MIKE WILSON CAFE Phone 6-9448 Home Made Ice Cream 412-I Hubbell f Dial 7051 Altoona D05 MOIMSI 'OWU Jalolilllo NIICNIIQNIQINIICNIIINOIQN eloq- l ,.gu"R ,V 6, ls':'f'..'-1i- - i-Q.. I v 4 , J ' 4' '1 - , a. E . ,, - ...... . I.. n 4 .1 .F- g l .." J-- u'.u-u . L ,:, , Y f' r I . 5.51. .nr- Jg . I. , , ,L ..,- . ! ,J1 --.1 -qi .,,.-. M. 9-,dv 1 ' 14 -. -ifv j-':' .9 7 x . . ,. X -. . 1. . W .a 0, uf LT . lp", . 1 N 3 L --1 L b I A1 1 W ' , 4 . I I wr" ' . . N Hmmm . SwIAw9?9h Flffvphws . Nebpiom , ' , 1 1 bv-vw : 211, . , ..,,H,1 1 ,C , A 5 . , . 1 Q.. , f , " "Ur-F 4 5 . ..,,u .. , .l H- E,-.. . lr! .. , A' .52 ' xg.. , 1, -. fix . -',v5n.. 1 , , .. . "..- , ' 2 -, . 2- '. x 1 n FU... . 3... 2, '- K ., 'wql ,Xu 8 az K . 1 gf. A'-f+1n.,.X.L.j,'..,h.' :lv .,., f 1 . I' Y My - . -1 Bed...-in , ' L .fu 'ff in 19'-vc I ."'- :"'.' iii- Qgngg an - 4,11 4-.I -fm ,VV ,,,t,:., 2-fl, Jr J f . M191 - .fr . ' gl 'f' ' 4-1' fi' fu -1 .' S L"- , 'L' , ffl '- ', I. L, V - 5 .,,, .,..g. -. -I M fn- -9--nf! P ... --. - Pg.- ni . Q .. . -K' A LQ!! Y-.,. E.,.1 4' 1- as 1 Z K2 ,Z NX I rx XX X Q Q AM 1 B X Q 1 3 mc F gg NM 1 Q 'QNX XX J Qi F "' 4,5 I ,, -W aff '23 -4 f -. 5 ii: L' "' gf ff lfllwl Vllzf '-5 . ,,. ,4, 936 it is 1' ff 'izzv' N 1 I A55 'I ' 5 .tfdf l.l V I - wwf' . I Z ve- 54' 6? X ,- I ., 8. U s 1 R . O 9' I f ff: I O 64 T! K 1' J 05 a n J X ,X l2V,fA7fk? X1 W Y D .. . T 1 'HJ' :Z fr' JN 4 ,. Ear:-3. '5 Lf'-e2t:9:::::,, If 3 S giiumgziiiiuba g j -gee:-x M. ::::: K .,., fa 'V 51 I iwx J xX W '2i""'v- 5, 1, swf 4' ,QS fri H - Q.-.i-........... 6 0XX,f rv?- sts DDJ- VV ff' 2 3? f K -rx, AH X R376 YQ fmmmfmm iw ,,-gg-u-o--- -.Q---up -.g-pq--u--1-vw" Aj!- 1 av 4 A In 'Q f 'Z' A E' Q ' 'nv' ' , A "'-' L , , -U if ., , I A , N " M , V y , if--534, 3 1 X , . N A , YA ,Q I' 'X AE! 1 i -.-:T-ui:-. I ' X

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