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' . .rj 6, M , M fflnvw 'U ,., ,pn NM'F"s:-hx QQ 'i ,msn -. gn-..,,,w L, g ' S' 34 "J . an mx ,, M5134 "tr,-:O ,ui M, U 11 Ng-5,5 Y i 5 . ff- A ,, , 2 7 4 Q, ga., W. -. . N-ug-+.. ,yf ' "L . fi W edlf L' rims? 4"'G:'hiL 'AWW ll' 'W 1 . M. 'I JU' 'W .J Q4 !.W 52 W ' gl- 5.52, .ftkza " ,-Wx' ' -? W ' 7 ITLUL' . 1 X- ni ,Rf 2: ' Y ,- W, ., ir. .. Q, 2. -7 .l.,f.. WW 35 'iZ,A1,:,,-J" W '- 'W aw E Q'sE'TA':' . , . Ww - 'I W.WeW. V -Fi W, .W.W HW ,,i av - ' vc Wa fag f'-. W ga .WTF afW'+ 'wP Q fir, 'S Y if nw. . l x W 1 .nv- , w W1-vvqnnfqr s' 4-,qjrvrkr W W-.ff ,Q ,-- A W 4 u,. .W " .7 A ,.,, x... ws ,..." ' W W- 1, . f W+ 1"' '- W -, fl-. ' u n -.. W1 . . , ,- -a A 4 4,,1,,- ..l , c Wt., I 1 1 av :FQ ' y ' , ,W -4 ""i. K1 ' ed I. - W W. LJ LW,- ' hi' f' 1 , -ggljsi ,,'1..1WW1LgiJ If 5.59 ip' fivw 'ar Wlkx .W- , 'J"..f , "fling W , WW . ' X, 4. 5,5 f. .- ,W , . ' p- I ggi 1 g,W.,gL,,-- W W, ., -g,,.,L.' :F W1-if W 5. 'f'-,I 1 4---'L-H ' 4 ' W- f' '-W W -F ,..X, . l V: 1 ll' ,, . I V 1 . 1 'fl ' W , W A IU W, W W A mf. W1 :'1WT?- I I ' F ' 25' "'fE7f?sV:g," W ,Wi 2 i- - .-Ffiiii .1 w g!- - . W Hti,Q1aWWr2?f1- ' W W '--1sw'W9:J5'.':rt 1'. .iff W ,, E? fff 'gN:.wv" ' 52, F 551 wa 'si .l .- ,.'.:-51 Lf- 'T fu' l -:'f?Ef.E1-LQ f l , 45 .Wi 'A ' " W?5:,,7 'Ffa-E :J W- -iaWj5 :.'W ' ff 5 'W., iz, -. :NWI " W5 H17-Lf . .. 1' Qgikpw 1- -3:4-.fS:ipf'.W H-Q 3- ,zu W ,.4',' W, ' Q-in ' .W 1.,.,.W,Wg,Q,'.,,i" J . ,.,,.,.3 .Wx ' ll Fry-,W-i-, , 1 .'-5 5, 'f ,' ',u'sWi,'q '1.,' - W ,W::1."-" V iW..v ,.1. W 1 W Q 'Y W X , -W W . ,, W . IOHN POWLHY. Editor-in-chlo! -A ,QR 33? HH' Q Q Y V x . I 5 i ' 94, s s 1 ' 5 . 'X is Q X Q li XJ Tyiiavlxff' F es er N ,s f '- XV Y K . ,, . '91 f' ,351 'fl-S Q. sf ' W Q ,kg .ky x ww.--...-.......,..... M Nw-J ww---..w.......,.....b W-ww Vw MW 53 -. fy I 25,9 . . 4 'f K 5 Wm, m,,....-W L 5 l 4 . . I K W I ll f A Q -f Mff' ig.ifw . f f ,. ' 4 f Y I U K K LV 5 KM Nmfwwbuiikl ' V K ,sf gg , , 5 1 155 g A , 5 3? ' , , MMM A,,, KMM 2 1, vii'-4, ' L 5 ,wvjf-N 1 V wwf, if ,,hI ,Q my ff :W -sa : - f ---m f M 1 4 A, 43 241412 h ly L 5'?!.s A .Z :ig ', , If wi. ' M --. 9 Q gif JA' A V ww 1' w ,A ,, - K . Q I . K I t ' 'Q 31, 4 xxg ' V "W jr' Q! , ' f , f K ' ' 'L , nl A s A . ' P' f ' W ' A ' 4 A 0. , X , 8 it ,E 1,5 ?Nqi Q's mf A an Q, Q in n, A 1: "1 In . J f : U - KA it Q, Q -if if Y V - I a 2 Q f r 55" q X it iff S Til xsmgig ?x s 8 ,lf K' Qt 'X , X! ' .1 ir f .1 4 4 1 fs " ,fr lf If Q Q' Q1 I f' 'N ' 'M W, .if ' I . ,ywwww - 2 X X .WAP "f f K 5 in Q 4 4 A NJ V 4 5 pmf43"'M' is ,ggg , U A A 1 1 Lff- K , wi , dk i- Y ' A ' A , V, .M fe, 8 f J My . 3x y f if was ,gi ,Q . 34? 4 345 F f it .K xl R3 VV 1 Q ' f S ali' , K I 'V Q QQ gg a ? V, Ay 5 MM. i-,uni and? ,O :fy m 'sul 4' . I ,gi 'Q it ' xr ' ,1 ? f L Q, Q Q W A 9 ,lf Lx' N' Q 7' kay an rx.:-..x uA.iJ 12 5 . 'A ' . K K . ,rl Q ' "iv O85 'X Q3-1 en fl Qui? ' A P , W Y" in h"W L' - , ., , y 4 ' 'A i' A , ' I ' W Q33 A2' ' gqQ1.' Q . fx U bn4'f9r X 5 "M ! A 'Nw l 1 ' in-"K f . .sf w f- , 'gl fi T! ,Q " x , fl A - . ' Y , - , 'A af- ' bi '7 1 . '59 ,Q ig , 5 5 sw if fx? fq fi 'ml x 2 ' 'W' L' F , , W 'f ' N W' ' . .Q H -ls I a 1 5 ig... fgk , . ,U 4 ffm NX., Q T f fb x il X ,E , , ,gy Y 44 , 1 3, I ' ,if---if"-" , H Y' 1 if W, 2. fl A '- ' 'W , a, 7 Q, I , H Ye . f sw ' Q Af V .,, K 5 M ', 3 . 'gy ,QM ' .. Q ., . Q- A, ,Q ' 9 f W ' ' I A. - ' . f ' "M 'F' M' ' ha w gf Y ' rt Q r M ,J K gqf 'A i V 'Nm ' 'V I Q iff 4 - ,ff ,wk 'fa-, dvsbjsf ' W. 9 " '1 ,Q X 3 is 73' W 4 an N- t Q ss 3 . ' in u ' " 'R ' 7 ' Q' , ' 1+-4 3. E, ' 1 D " ii QW 'B' A I QQ W? Q 1 x Mfws . ii i nf .a 1 f"-' 44? " 2 J . . i , y 1 , 3 i 4 Q V! i W , ff . -1 fs 5? x J' fs. . ' f 'JJ ' . A t X . 5 f I . f 1 X, mf li . in 1 ' f X SO I ' V' ' ' A A' --A Q ' FQ Each piece has Hs Way life is a puzzle, which, many times, unsolvedeeven at its end. lt is a in the sense that We must fit ourselves e vast pattern of humanity and history. lt is als puzzle in the sense that We must fit together fro periences, from education, and from emotions, the 'eces which make each one of us the imperfect 1 ' iduals that We are. Hence, we have chosen the me, "Putting the pieces together". Take, then, this book. Keep it efullyg handle it lovinglyg and look at it thought . The fragments of 1952-53 are strewn in print and picture throughout the pages, fragments of the lives of each member of the class, memories that become more treasured with every passing year. Open it Where one may-at Classes, at Athletics, at Activities-familiar faces, old friends, adolescent incidents are there for one's pleasure. lt is the wish of the editors, staff, and spon- sors that the 1953 Horseshoe will give each owner the satisfaction that they experienced in putting these pieces together. 4 vs. 125 """'? 1 M. .ffzqx ff VX ,,Z" I I K x This is ox school N X. G Sl . L, V x ,A ,, ., . - ' - " --i ' , +9-if I Q z jst Q I l 'sn Q' , Q I Qu x K 'K' 1 RA Q K ,. 5 1 R, . ' Q ' rw' 5 J' 1 f .,, 01" '- j , X? ,Q , in t , L " ,ws 1 ' A ,mai-ff A 4 ' Q 'f 1 , , ,n ' X if , . " - V, "ff -f'9'55 x , ,,.1 . I Q, ,. 4, . ,, Y J It 51' fl' Us Q u L j 1 ,, U 1 V Q 1. vp' .. . .1 1 7 Nh X W if H ""gi- We , mx flymmfm ww fe 5 B v 1 fx 5 G! 1 W Q34 A ,, 13: 2 I - W. vs: X Y- 1, , Q x 2 L " , , , W K1 yn re W . S 1' N: 1 f 2 7 wkkw 1 Y 225555 Q .1 ww? D Q ' Yr-E-1-A' inn , uf M552 f , -. D. if ,- ., i, :"f.,n, 1- 1 ' , X ' Iii, ,Qui N Wa G, W., sv. K 2 1. 'F iw 'fm . qs d5 1 xr X O C C ,Q F' hi 2 L , N .1 Qian' A ' ' i si an I , J I X' Q , 1 1' J.: Qu- 1-Q S t"S S53 N , M X 1 if, I Si tum 'Vu K si E TN 'Pi gwwk .A ,,Q,, gm www .wr r, , Board of E ducafion PAUL R. REYNOLDS President These nine members of the Board of fessional employees and 10,499 students. School Directors for the School District of This year they spent almost 5519000 for the City of Altoona are in reality the rep- new instructional equipment for the high resentatives of the state in the manage- school and gave our building a new look ment of the schools and in the observance in the corridors with an attractive paint of the state school laws. They also man- job, besides carrying on a planned reno- age a S3,000,00U business with 458 pro- Vation program. W. H. Burchfield Gwynne Dodson David Getz W. F. Lehmann I. K. McNeal Ir. Marjorie March Frank Marsh Roy F. Thompson 10 On a recent trip my attention was di- rected to the printing on the railroad ticket which I held in my hand, awaiting the conductor. The phrase "not good if de- tached" has remained with me. How ap- plicable this expression is in our daily so- cial relationships! The leader who doesn't maintain a close relationship with his fel- lows soon finds that he doesn't have them working as a harmonious unit. He there- by forfeits his leadership. He becomes "not good if detached." This phrase is also a profound argu- ment for internal national harmony and cooperation. Any segment in our so- ciety which becomes a detached group will detract from the general welfare of the nation. Our potential national strength will become effective in the degree to which each unit of our society fits itself into the whole pattern. Cooperative effort is one of the most vital responsibilities which you will face :ts you enter upon your post high school activities. You can add to your potential strength for social and civic efficiency only to the degree that you are able to live and work in harmony and coopera- tion with your fellow men. Remember, you are "not good if detached." IN THIS WORLD PEOPLE "ARE NOT GOOD IF DETACHEDH Dr. A. Bruce Dennisfon The Superinfendenf .-ff, ,. Principal Mr. Joseph N. Maddocks EACH INDIVIDUAL IN LIFE MUST "Fitting the pieces together" into an in- tegrated life is the problem each individual must solve in order to grow into well-rounded maturity. The educational process involves more than the mere acquisition of knowledge, skill, and competence. lt is concerned with preparing the individual for a life not only of doing, but doing what is good. The truly edu- cated person fits together with knowledge a rugged force of character, and a sensitive ap- preciation of moral and spiritual values. A lofty sense of the true meaning of life must be attained before one can know what is good and what is evil. Among the things we hope you have achieved in the Altoona Senior High School are: l. A reasonable amount of factual knowl- edge and the ability to find informa- tion when needed. 2. Mental humility. Remember, "Knowl- edge is proud that it knows so much, wisdom is humble that it knows no more," and "healthy discontent is the the root of all progress." 3. The ability to think straight and the facility to impart your ideas to others. 4. A sense of the fitness of things so that we repulse the base and vulgar and welcome the noble and refined. As students let me urge you to be a part of the worthwhile things happening around you. Be in that great company of men and women who search for truth and virtue as the greatest challenge faced by man and the most rewarding adventure offered by life. Success to all! LEARN TO FIT THE PIECES TOGATHERH It has been said an outstanding as- pect of our lives is the difficulty a person has in encountering things that are "true", "honest", "just", and "of good report". Magazines and newspapers, as Well as today's novels, radio and television pro- grams, serve up just the opposite. Maybe this is encouraging: it indicates that sordid happenings are unusual enough to be considered interesting. However, such a diet, because of this, leaves us filled but starved. We should try to balance the menu. We should make it our business each day to find something that will nour- ish the spirit, something that inspires. It may be a garden, a poem, a landscape, some music, a good book, a kindness, or thought recalled. lf spiritual elements are provided for, much happiness can be stored up for years to come. What better source of inspiration could one have than this, your 1953 Horseshoe, with its theme, "Putting the Pieces Together". For all that happens is a piece to be fitted into the pattern of our livesy therefore it is well to select those pieces with care when we may. As you leave the Altoona High School and go your separate ways, keep this book to bring back pleasant memories of three fpossibly more-of the best years of your lives. May the lessons you learned while with us serve you Well, and-good luck always! Assisfanf Principal Mr. Edgar J. Brooks Deparfm "IT IS ONLY THE IGNORANT Mr. Block Miss Cofle HUGH G. BLACK Dean of Boys IOSEPHINE L. CORLE Attendance Counfelor for Girls ERNEST DEIAII-'FE , Head Mathematics Department 'Q ANNE G. EIFLER .- Head of Cafeterias ' SCOTT S. GEESEY M D H M. BH r Attendance Counselor for Boys L ejgi e iss ie WILLIAM GIBBONS Director of Vocational Education ELEANOR G. mths Dean of Girls: Placement Director RENETTA F. HEISS Head of Busineess Education Department Mr. Geesey Mr. Gibbons Miss Hgrg Miss Heiss Mr. Hoffman Mr. LCIMZ 14 enf Heads WHO DESPISE AN EDUCATION" RAYMOND N' HOFFMAN Miss Minster Mr, Wimmer Head of Lanquaqe Department: Athletic Director ' EUGENE L. LANTZ Head oi Social Studies Department HOWARD W. LINDAMAN Director ot Music MARY E. LOWTHER Head of Home Economics Department MAUD MINSTER Librarian HAROLD C. WIMMER Head of Science Department ROBERT H. WOLFE Director of Health and Physical Education IOHN F. YON Adviser ot Student Government f , tilt' 2 vjzjyr- , X wi? , V D EM, ,1 N f.,5g,-',:-gn . .:- tftiq'-:X gk Q . Mr. Lindaman Miss Lovvther 'nfl Mr. Wolfe Mr, Yon High level policy meeting. 1 A ltt A 123 .Md QW PAUL G. ADAMS Social Studies BYRON ASHBURN Business Education SARAH E. BELL Social Studies HELEN BLOOMFIELD Physical Education KATHRYN A. BLOOMFIELD Business Education RUSSEL K. BOHN Music CHALMERS F. BRACKEN Vocational WALTER E. BRACKEN Vocational IOHN I. BRANNICK Physical Education NORMAN CADLE Vocational PAUL I. CONWAY Vocational HELEN CHERRY Science HAZEL V. CRIST Home Economics WILLARD C. CROSS Vocational RUBY K. CRUMM Language LEANORE G. DICK Social Studies H. MARIORIE DOWNES Social Studies SARAH E. DUNCAN Business Education ALMA M. EBERLE Music CHARLES A. I-'ARIS Language EDITH G. FREDERICK Language NORMAN C. FURRER Mathematics FRANK GHESSIE IR. Business Education STELLA M. GORGON Language MYRTLE GOULD Home Economics CARL E. GRAF Business Education MIRIAM HARBAUGH Home Economics EARL I. HAVERSTICK Science I6 Santas little helpers. F aculiy "A TEACHER A MILDRED E. HELLER Language ETHEL M. HENRY Social Studies WILBERT H. HOFFMAN Science ELIZABETH V. HOLLEY Business Education ALBERTA IOHNS Home Economics GEORGE C. KAVEL Mathematics ANNE E. KRICK Language HAZEL G. KROUSE Business Education ANTHONY LAMONT Social Studies HARRY K. LANTZ Vocational MARIE N. LAUVER Social Studies SARAH L. LEVAN Language ELSIE M. LEWIS Language RALPH F. MARSHALL Social Studies ETERNITY, HE CAN NEVER TELL WHERE HIS INFLUENCE STOPS" Adams W, Bracken Crumm Furrer Heller Krouse Ashburn Brcrnnick Dick Ghessie Henry Lamont Bell Cudle Downes Gorqon Hoffman H. Luntz H. Bloomfield Conway Duncan Gould Holley Lcxuver K. Bloomheld Cherry Eberle Graf Iohns Levcm Bohn Crist Faris Horbuuqh Kuvel Lewis C. Bracken Cross Frederick Hcrverstick Krick Murshull an-'P I 'V' : I I -- ,:5i,.i, ' N I ' we 2: A Nad ,Is Qu: . , L. i ,V . , , ,E K ,ky , ,.: .- -, I 17 rs ....-. i .V Q kd H , . ,, FUCUlfy! "Tis EDucATloN roms THE coMMor Matko Mattern McCall McCartney McGinnis Mclierihan Metzger Metzler I. Miller N. Miller Moffitt Monti Morrison Morse Muncert Paul Peiqhtel Plitt Puckey Ramsey D. Rhodes 18 EDWARD MATKO Business Education E. MARIORIE MATTERN Business Education LESTER C. MCCALL Mathematics HELEN K. MCCARTNEY Science FRANCES MCGINNIS Physical Education RUTH E. MCKERIHAN Home Economics C. IRVIN METZGER Vocational LOIS P. METZLER Business Education IACOB C. MILLER Vocational NELDA MILLER Social Studies LEONARD C. MOFFITT Vocational IOHN C. MONTI Music BEATRICE D. MORRISON Language PAUL E. MORSE Physical Education IEAN MUNCERT Business Education ELSA M. PAUL Nurse WILLIAM E. PEIGHTEL Science MARIAN A. PLITT Art MARIAN R. PUCKEY Mathematics A. CYRIL RAMSEY Social Studies DONALD E. RHODES Vocational MIND JUST AS THE TWIG IS BENT THE TREE'S INCLINED" K Rhodes Rice Sheetz Smith Wareham Wendle KENNETH F. RHODES Vocational PHILIP G. RICE Social Studies DOROTHY M. RICHARDS Physical Education M. MARIE RITTS Language M. FLORENCE ROLLINS Lanquaqe WILBUR K. RUNG Science IRENE I. SAUSERMAN Mathematics Richards Ritts Stong Taylor Whittaker Woomer HERBERT S. SI-IEETZ Mathematics SAMUEL B. SMITH Vocational HAROLD E. STONG Science ELIZABETH E. TAYLOR Mathematics ANNA M. TEMPLE Language A. ANGELLA UNVERZAGT Social Studies EARL I'I. VARNER IR. Vocational 19 Rollins Hung Sauserman Temple Unverzaqt Varner Wray Yoder Yost C. ROSCOE WAREHAM Mathematics LLOYD A. WENDLE Vocational WILLIAM A. WHITTAKER Language IDA E. WOOMER Language ROBERT A. WRAY Vocational HAROLD D. YODER Science IOHN G. YOST Mathematics if First Row: A. Mitchell, B. Davis, P. Brown, B. Holton, P. Porter, Iohn F. Yon, sponsor: I. Reploqle P. King, I. Allernan, D. Summers. Second Row: G. Hurley, R. Kantner, W. Burchiield, S. Port, G. Rhine, H. Kline, C. Taneyhill. Third Row: W. Reeder, I. Merritt, I. Powley, E. Parker, D. Betar. The Senafe PRESIDENT Cora Mae Tcxneyhill Under the sponsorship of Mr. Iohn F. Yon, the A. H. S. student body is capably represented by the governing body ot the school, the Senate. This organization has tour members from each class, plus a rep- resentative from each of the major activi- ties comprising its roster. lt is the responsibility ot this group to study school problems, and to make sug- gestions to help in solving them. The Sen- ate took charge ot the sale ot activity tickets, PTA memberships, and the 1953 Horseshoe. They have worked on such projects as decorating the Christmas trees at the light wells, and they also studied the problem of having recorded music played during the lunch periods in the cafeteria. During the past year the Senate has done a fine job ot supporting the school, helping to maintain a good high school spirit and morale, and living a practical lesson in democracy at Work. 20 HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES tBoysI First Row: I. Evans, G. Schweitzer, A. Hoover, T. Norton, Iohn F. Yon sponsor: W. Bnrulifield, F. I.otrhoy R. leaflet, E. Ptirkei. Second Row: L. Leopold, F. Barr, G Ilurloy, I. Walker, D. Weyandt R, llannnfzker, R. Dusek, VV. Gen try, I. Koch. Third Row: R. McLaughlin, D. Be tar, W. Stewart, D. Arnniennan R, Gottslrill, I. Freltn, A. Hazen W. Fink, D. Vanflorne, HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES tGir1sI First Row: I. Kushner, S. 'Wagner M. I. Parks, M. Folk, B. Dencler P. Porter, G. l-loffinann, L. Moran P. lMlcGrogor, D. Meliaffie. Second Row: Iolin F. Yon, sponsor, V. Davis, D, Storm, I-l. Rupert, D Winter, M. Lego, N. I. Peters, L ft. Hm'slilierger, D. Vifelsh, M. E Barr. Third Row: F. Cliristodoulos, I. A l'lilernan, P. Robertson, K. Vickery S. McGee, A. Youno, B, Noon, D Chipper, li, Reed. Fourth Row: M. l-li-gkey, I. Cody, Y Plunnnc-r, D. Kushner, M. l-Ieiss. Home Room Represenfafives Every home roorn in A. H. S. has an op- portunity to be represented in the Student Council by appointing a home room repref sentative. This group under the leadership of Mr. Iohn Yon and with the cofoperation of the student body achieves outstanding suc- cess in every activity, such as the sale of P. T. A. tickets, activities tickets, and year- books. The representatives meet to discuss home room problems and vital issues of the school, to make suggestions, and to plan home room programs. The results of these meetings are transferred by the representa- tive to students in their classes. Every rep- resentative feels his responsibility for the welfare of the school and his fellow students. SPONSOR tinqf Mr. Iohn F. Yon ig A 1- 5 - my-M114 as vm nu ,W .- . A g.ff:,,5sQfg1 . f-5 f , , my L,if5,E,wrV 1 mm .--Awww ...,..,y....-9.4 .,,f -Lx , K VV my LV, .,,,..,,,,- M.. N ,.-,fl ,V ,,,7Q,Wk3:!,:. .rx ,T --3, vm, .QAM wN.wWw.w,x-.- -.--ff I v 0.- f The Senior Sfory SENIOR OFFICERS SENIOR SPONSORS Miss Cherry Miss Crist Nancy Hicks ............. . . . ...... President Mr, Graf Mr. Hung Betty Davis . . . . . . Vice-President Miss Unverzuqt Mr. Yost Phyllis King ...... .... S ecretary lames Creighton .... . . Treasurer One ot the biggest pieces ot the grand design, around which so many other pieces fit in the pattern of l953, is the sen- ior class. Led by Nancy Hicks, president, Betty Davis, vice presidentg Phyllis King, secretaryg and lim Creighton, treasurer, the l953 grads had a busy year. lnstalla- tion of otticers was in October, with Mr. Maddocks presiding. This was followed up by a dance on October 25 at the lew- ish Memorial Center, which honored our football players. Using their knack tor the unusual, the senior class sponsored a round and square dance on May 2, and to round out their social attairs held the tra- ditional Senior banquet lune 2, with dan- cing to the music of Brad Hunt and his or- chestra. Aiding the officers in their duties as leaders ot the soon-to-be new alumni are the members of the executive committee: Iohn Powley, William Wolfe, Benjamin Le- vine, Fiore Pizzino, and Margie Lego. THE GROVE TWINS BROTHER AND SISTER ACT 1953 Seniors IT WAS JUNE-AND THEN SUDDENLY IT WAS SEPTEMBER' IAMES I. ADAMS COLLEGE PREP jim played basketball for the I-li-Y Club prefers history and Vir- ginia Mayo is irritated by people who brag hopes to go to college after graduation. R. DALE ADAMS GENERAL prefers hunting, fishing, and swimming to any other sports favorite subject is food and his favorite food is French fries planning to join the Marines. ALAN ADLEH COLLEGE PREP participated in annual show junior and senior years member of a Cappella all three years sings with the senior oce tet is often heard saying "Aren't you lucky" plans to go to college. NANCY I. ALBHIGHT BUSINESS EDUCATION served as assistant librarian junior year home room representative sophomore year active in Boosters' Club sophomore year prefers Hit Parade enjoys skating and watching TV . . . hopes to be a secretary. RONALD L. ALBRIGHT COLLEGE PREP active in intramural basketball all three years captain in senior year . .. dotes on Mark Twain and spaghetti . .. people who are always late give him a pain . . . favorite TV program is Comedy Hour. JOAN M. ALLEMAN . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION member of Senate senior year .. . active in Ushers' Club and TAP captain of TAP senior year enjoys the Milton Berle Show and lemon meringue pie favorite subject is typing. IEROME P. ALLEN VOCATIONAL Huckle over- works the expression "A-Raab" .. . cannot endure going for a hair cut spends his spare time looking at girls .. . plans to be an installer at Western Electric. CHARLES T. AMERINE COLLEGE PREP active in annual show and a Cappella all three years . . . enjoys reading books by Ernest Hemingway . . . member of senior octet . .. people who feel they are superior leave him cold. DONALD L. AMICK VOCATIONAL .. . Don's hobby is collecting dimes relishes roast beef enjoys watching the Comedy Hour on TV cannot endure people who break promises. DWAIN R. AMMERMAN VOCATIONAL Duke's favorite pastime is watching TV sports programs pet peeve is girls intends joining the Navy aiter graduation , .. enjoys shops and baseball. TOAN P. ANGESKI BUSINESS EDUCATION Io was a member oi hall patrol and secretary of her home room junior year thinks Esther Williams is tops detests people who are unsociable often says "ls that so?" RICHARD M. ANTESBERGER VOCATIONAL Dick enjoys Robert Mitchum films claims football as favorite sport and sheet metal shop as favorite subject frequently watches Comedy Hour on TV fond of steak. Adams, I. Adams, D. Adler Albright, N. Albright, R. Alleman Allen Amerine Amick Arnmerman Angeski Antesberger 24 WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? --FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 3. 1952 DONNA M. ANTHONY . .. GEORGE-BARDEN pre- fers l've Got a Secret on TV dotes on French fries, chicken, and chemistry moans at people who are late "Rickity tick" comes from this future nurse. GEORGE V. ARDERY .. . VOCATIONAL . .. home room president junior, senior years . . . played home room bas- ketball all three years was member of the football team sophomore year . . . plans to join the Armed Forces. ROBERT K. ARMSTRONG COLLEGE PREP Bob was a member of YMCA last three years partici- pated in home room basketball sophomore, junior years elucidates with "Here you go" is counting on more education at Penn State. IAMES E. ARNOLD VOCATIONAL lim idolizes Marilyn Monroe claims electric shops as favorite subject often watches the l-lit Parade on TV indulges in roast chicken hopes to enter the elec- trical trade. NICK I. ARSENIU GENERAL . .. Big Nick belonged to the Hi-Y senior year captain of his intramural basketball team first two years . .. elected home room vice president senior year. RALPH W. ARTHUR VOCATIONAL Meatball goes for everything about cars-repairing, painting, and driving them . .. wants to be an auto body and paint man his other yens are for football, math, and spaghetti. ALAN N. ASHINSKY COLLEGE PREP relishes eating Chinese food prefers Victory At Sea on TV shouts "Big Deal" . .. always talking about Marilyn Monroe detests people who whisper. FREDRICK S. AUGUSTINE . . . General . . . Fred be- longed to the Hi-Y Club last two years played foot- ball sophomore, iunior years . . . was baseball manager and participated in intramural basketball all three years of school. ROBERT W. AUKER . , . VOCATIONAL . . . except when Bob is sleeping, he'd rather eat fried chicken or play baseball shouts "Ah-yeah" selects Dragnet on TV , . . lohn Wayne is this man's man. MICHAEL R. AURANDT . .. GENERAL .. . in his senior year Motchie joined the Hi-Y Club dribbled a bas- ketball in intramurals three years enjoys physics and swimming . . . plans to become a Coast Guardsman. S. IEAN AURANDT .. . GENERAL . .. Jeannie is the girl with the viola . .. member of the orchestra and the AHS string quartet . . . with the Bowling Club sophomore year . . . dislikes slow people. H. YVONNE BAIRD . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Yonnie took dramatics for a ride all three years was a majorette as a junior adores I Love Lucy on the tele-waves raves with "That's unusual." Anthony Ardery Armstrong Arnold Arseniu Arthur Ashinsky Augustine Auker Aurandt, M Aurandt, I. Baird FOOTBALL AGAIN- THE BAND, THE MAJORETTES Baker Baldessaro Barr, F. Barr, N. Bartholomew Batrus Baum Baumgartner Berkheimer Berndt Black Blair 26 MARGUERITE E. BAKER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Margie likes dancing and shorthand enjoys reading watches Doris Day . . . will eat fried chicken any- time . . . says "You gotta go" to people who show off . . . ambition: to work in an office. RALPH I. BALDESSARO VOCATIONAL Baldy relishes mashed potatoes, Two For The M'oney .. . Mari- lyn Monroe is for him prefers swimming, football, and Robert Louis Stevenson .. .' abhors girls who talk too much . . . desires d college education. ' FRANKLIN H. BARR . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Frankie was home room representative two years mis partial to shops. football, and sleeping . .. enjoys books by Bret I-Iarte . . . prefers metal work and Charlton Heston., ah NANCY A. BARR BUSINESS EDUCATION Hall patrol second year likes the Comedy Hour in- dulges in spaghetti . . . likes math, Dickens, and baseball . . . worships Iohn Wayne in the movies. , M. IOANNE BARTHOLOMEW ESKLLEGE PREP Io was in a Cappella three years, ual show second and third years in senior octet fancies Spanish and swimming . . . watches I Love Lucy, . . . sauerlnaut connoisseur. IEAN P. BATRUS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Ieanne worked in Miss I-iare's office second year active in Ushers' Club and FBLA junior and senior years . . . mem- ber of Horseshoe staff final year . . . on hall patrol junior year. is RICHARD L. BAUM . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Dick participated in track junior and senior years played intramural basketball sophomore and junior years, on cross country squad third year . . . monitor in hall patrol junior year. MARCELLA A. BAUMGARTNER BUSINESS EDUCA- TION shouts "You know it" loves to eat chicken prefers Doris Day and softball craves books by Dickens Wishes to become a secretary. IOHN E. BERKHEIMER GENERAL . . . Berky played home room basketball senior year . . . relishes steak and French fries watches Four Star Revue can be heard saying "l'll bet" enjoys baseball, hunting, and fishing. SALLIE LOU BERNDT GEORGE-BARDEN . . . in Mr. Lindaman's chorus and his office as sophomore . .. in Miss Eberle's chorus second year prefers watching flevision and dancing delights in French tries, lish . shorthand is her favorite. ' GERALD E. BLACK COLLEGE PREP Ierry was president of Boys' Federation as senior took part in annual show and a Cappella second and third years ...Sin English Play junior year intramural sports three years .. . favorite pastime is school. BEVERLY I. BLKIR GENERAL loves to watch Perry Como on TV .. . enjoys eating spaghetti and chili sketches apt to say "I care" quite often psychology is tops as subjects go. ' THE RUNNING MEN ON THE FIELD, THE CHARMAINE R. BLONTZ BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Charlie was home room president during sophomore and junior years .. . delights in steak and French fries Milton Berle and Debra Paget rate high with her . . . loves to loaf. CHARLES M. BOHN . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Nook played in the band during sophomore year played base- ball for two years . . . "How about that" is his constant remark is irritated by upturned collars prefers lerry Lewis. HERBERT S. BOLGER . .. COLLEGE PREP . .. Bolg par- ticipated in varsity baseball and intramural basketball all three years . .. member of I-li-Y Club junior and sen- ior years played with band and orchestra fan- cies Marilyn Monroe. SHIRLEY L. BOLLINGER . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Shir- ley played badminton during senior year and also served as nurses' aid . .. I Love Lucy is her preference has a yen for roast beet . . . is vexed by tardy people. IOHN S. BOOKS GENERAL Iohn played in band as a sophomore .. . participated in track last two years zoology rates high with him loves ham pre- fers to hunt and fish likes The Big Story. ADARIENNE N. BORDER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION Katie prefers Charles Dickens complainers irri- tate her iclolizes jeff Chandler relishes cheese- burgers .. . friends often hear "What do you call it" . .. plans to enter nurses' training . .. delights in roller skat- mg. 1953 Seniors LIGHTS--AND WE WON! -Mt. Union game September 12. 1952 MAURICE D. BOSLET, IR. VOCATIONAL Mike served with auxiliary police for three years and was captain last two years member of stage crew all three years cannot endure tardy people . .. Arthur Godfrey is his favorite. NANCY A. BOSLET COLLEGE PREP Nan has been a member of the chorus for three years Arthur Godfrey and Charlton Heston rate high with her detests conceited people relishes steak and French fries. LOIS I. BOTHWELL BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. Loie was home room president in her junior year . . . received honorable mention in Science Fair while a sophomore . . . member of Ushers' Club and FBLA . . . plans to enter civil service in Washington. LAWRENCE B. BOWSER . .. VOCATIONAL Larry constantly utters "Real shrewd" . . . irritated by tardiness of people loves dancing and swimming . .. Dragnet is a favorite enjoys cheeseburgers for reading, it's Mickey Spillane favorite subject is history. LINDALEE M. BOX . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Boxie participated in intramural sports for three years in Pyramid Club two years while a junior was home room representative and secretary of English class . .. loves shorthand. BARBARA E. BRADDOCK . .. COLLEGE PREP Bar- bara was a member of Future Teachers of America Club while a sophomore in Ushers' Club for two years and in the chorus three years . . . relishes spaghetti. Blontz Bohn Bolger Bollinger Books Border Boslet, M. Boslet, N Bothwell Bowser Box Braddock 27 -Q , ' 'X ci 5 MARTHA B. BRAUN . .. COLLEGE PREP .. . Marty was lieutenant in Ushers' Club her junior year and captain her senior year participated in TAP and took active part on Compass Staff desires to be a nurse. WILLIAM A. BRENNER COLLEGE PREP Bren was co-captain of football squad senior year , .. played baseball three years was tumbler two years enjoys Comedy Hour, baseball, chemistry hopes to attend college. IUNE L. BREON BUSINESS EDUCATION active member of Horseshoe staff junior and senior years home room representative participated in Science Fair sophomore year . . . enjoys Comedy Hour and base- ball . . . desires stenographic work. FRANCIS l. BRODE . . . VOCATIONAL . , . Frank played football and intramural basketball two years is par- tial to math, chicken, football trains dogs in spare time . . . hopes to become a draftsman. CONRAD I. BROOKS COLLEGE PREP member of TAP, executive committee and Baseball Club .. . played intramural basketball .. . student ticket manager . . . goes for steak . . . prefers Randolph Scott . . . loathes people who keep you waiting . . . plans to enter college. MARIORIE A. BROOKS GEORGE-BARDEN Mar- gie was home room secretary junior year . .. member oi a Cappella favorites are I Love Lucy, psychology, and skating detests people who brag intends to enter Service. 1953 Seniors Braun Brenner Breon Brode Brooks, C. Brooks, M. Brown, P. Brown, R. Brumbaugh Brunner, D. Brunner, G. Buckreis PEGGY I. BROWN . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Brownie was member of Senate, Mountain Echo, Quill and Scroll, an- nual show, Academy of Science, TAP, and Ushers' Club . . . idolizes left Chandler . . . loves swimming . . . wishes to become a dietitian. ROBERTA L. BROWN . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . active par- ticipant in Ushers' Club, a Cappella, Boosters' Club, an- nual show, and standard's committee . . . fancies chemis- try and swimming is vexed by flighty people plans to attend college. DONALD E. BRUMBAUGH . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Don was member of orchestra, band, and dance band often heard saying "l bet" favors music, football, and dancing indulges in home-made noodles wants to attend music school. DONNA G. BRUNNER COLLEGE PREP vice president of Girls' League active member of Senate exclaims "Oh, my gosh!" prizes French, swim- ming and reading abhors catty people going to attend West Penn School of Nursing. GRETCHEN I. BRUNNER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . served in Ushers' Club and Y-Teen . . . cares for swimming, zoology, basketball, and ice skating adores Robert Taylor . . . is irritated by people who are late . . . desires to enter school of nursing. ROBERT E. BUCKREIS GENERAL Bucky played intramural basketball was member of bowling team delights in English, baseball, and ice cream is pained by homework "Really" is his pet expression . . . watches TV in spare time. CLASS MEETINGS ARE A FORM OF CLASS DISTINCTION THAT DEMOCRACY 28 WILLIAM H. BURCHFIELD . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Burch was sophomore class president home room represen- tative his senior year . . . active in the senate three years . . . played varsity basketball junior and senior years . . . hopes to enter college. BETTY L. BURKE BUSINESS EDUCATION treas- urer of the Girls' League junior year and president senior year took active part in a Cappella sophomore and senior years . . . desires to be a secretary. LOTS M. BUHKET GEORGE-BARDEN indulges in watching the Hit Parade on TV loves dancing claims French tries are her favorite food detests people who think they know everything adores Dennis Morgan in motion pictures. WILMA G. BURKET BUSINESS EDUCATION , .. Bucket was home room president junior year a re- porter on the Mountain Echo three years member of FBLA senior year . . . hopes to do office Work . .. active in Ushers' Club all three years. PRESTON I.. BURXETT GENERAL Buzz partici- pated in I. V. football as a sophomore played intra- mural basketball sophomore and junior years mem- ber of Hi-Y Club desires to be a state policeman. JAMES E. BURKHOLDER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Jim was a member of the band three years . .. held the office of vice-president of FBLA junior year hates waiting for someone would like to be a business- man. IOSEPH W. BURKHOLDER . . . GENERAL . . . Ioe delights in watching Comedy Hour on TV . .. loves Martin and Lewis films . . . thinks basketball is tops . . . is partial to ice cream often utters "Don't wanna hear it." IAMES L. BURNS BUSINESS EDUCATION Tim was the junior class president , . . member of a Cappella for three years participated in three annual shows played intramural basketball junior year pet peeve, giddy women. PHYLLIS M. CALDERWOOD COLLEGE PREP Phyl was secretary of sophomore English class a home room representative junior year president of senior English class a member of Hall Patrol junior year wants to become an airline hostess. ROBERT D. CALDWELL . .. VOCATIONAL . .. Bob was president of his home room senior year claims foot- ball as his favorite sport enjoys john Wayne in the movies relishes eating turkey hopes to go to college. MONA I. CABLES BUSINESS EDUCATION a member of the FBLA senior year active in the Ush- ers' Club junior and senior years . .. a hall patrol moni- tor junior year .. . plans to be a secretary. F. MARIORIE CARNEY .. . COLLEGE PREP .. . Margie sang in the chorus junior and senior years partici- pated in intramural sports sophomore year in May Festival sophomore and junior years plans to carve a career in nursing. CANNOT REALLY DO WITHOUT. -Senior Class Meeting October 15 Burchfield Burke Burket, L. Burket, W. Burkett Burkholder, I as Burkholder, Ioe Burns Calderwood Caldwell Carles Carney Cashman, E. Cashman, I. Cessna Champeno Charlesworth Chipperfield Christodoulos Cisney Clapper Clarke Cody Cohen 30 EUGENE P. CASHMAN .. . GENERAL . .. Spike partici- pated in intramurals sophomore year in Fellowship Club senior year enjoyed working as student as- sistant in business education and library wishes to work in radio or TV. IAMES E. CASHMAN VOCATIONAL lim enjoys watching the Comedy Hour on TV and dating girls likes English thinks Ernie Pyle is neat always saying "Gee" sings the praises oi Marilyn Monroe. S. IANET CESSNA . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . lanet participated in Y-Teens her sophomore year .. . delights in watching Gary Moore and wrestling on TV can- not endure egotistical people intends to be a sten- ographer. CLYDE I. CHAMPENO . . . GENERAL . .. Champ was a bulletin board manager his junior and senior years likes to spend his time skating is partial to Arthur Godfrey on TV plans to join the Navy. SHIRLEY A. CHARLESWORTH COLLEGE PREP Chuck was in the orchestra and intramural sports all three years president of intramural sports her last year . .. member of hall patrol junior year and Pyramid Club senior year. ELIZABETH A. CHIPPEHFIELD . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Liz was active as nurse's aid as a senior partici- pated in intramural sports and May Festival loves Uncle Miltie on TV plans a career in nursing. FREIDA M. CHRISTODOULOS COLLEGE PREP Christy was a member of the Ushers' Club junior and senior years sang with a Cappella sophomore and senior years . . . home room president and representative senior year. LELAND W. CISNEY . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Sonny was active in a Cappella, annual show, and home room bas- ketball team all three years . . . a member of track team senior year . .. hopes to become a civil engineer. SHIRLEY L. CLAPPER . .. GENERAL . .. idolizes Arthur Godfrey on TV spends her spare moments sewing overworks "Crying out loud" abominates lazy people . .. plans to work for Bell Telephone. GLORIA A. CLARKE GEORGE-BARDEN a par- ticipant in chorus sophomore and senior years . .. cares for history above all other subjects . .. often heard say- ing "Gosh" abhors conceited people fond of sewing and collecting handkerchiefs. RICHARD A. CODY COLLEGE PREP Dick was an active member of dramatics the last two years pet expression is "Is that right?" .. . loathes people who start to say something and don't finish it. IOEL I. CO!-IEN COLLEGE PREP a member of cross-country team junior and senior years . .. active in track junior year sang bass in a Cappella all three years . . . thinks salesmanship is tops. THE WOMAN IS THE ONLY FEMALE Colabove Coleman Colyer Condon Consalvo Conte Cooney Corbin, C. Corbin, G. Corl Cornelius Corrigan REGINA M. COLABOVE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Cheech delights in watching Arthur Godfrey on TV goes for Rock Hudson, steak and potatoes prefers shorthand, james Hilton's books, basketball . .. loathes people who brag. SANDRA V. COLEMAN BUSINESS EDUCATION Sandy was a member of FBLA senior year can't stand people who don't keep their word adores swimming, English, reading has a yen for Rock Hudson, fried chicken, mushball. THOMAS C. COLYER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Radar was secretary of English class senior year . . . treats himself to Hit Parade, beef liver and French fries, baseball detests people who are late likes sports and Esther Williams. GORDON I. CONDON BUSINESS EDUCATION Skip was on football and track team junior year . .. en- joys Red Skelton, Randolph Scott, sports . . . prizes French fries, sleeping, forestry dislikes people who forget . . . wants to go to Forestry School. VERNA A. CONSALVO BUSINESS EDUCATION president of Y-Teens sophomore year delights in watching Show of Shows on TV . . . relishes steak, French fries has a yen for reading Somerset Maugham's books has hopes of becoming a secretary. FRANCES A. CONTE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Fran makes much of watching Arthur Godfrey on TV . . . often found saying "You know it" . . . delights in dancing goes for Lavinio Davis' books and Dale Robertson . . . detests conceited people. MARY A. COONEY . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Mary pre- fers the Arthur Godfrey show . . . enjoys square dancing, round dancing, and swimming . .. idolizes Rock Hudson . . . relishes chicken . . . is frequently caught saying "Never fear" . . . abhors sarcastic people. CORRIN N. CORBIN VOCATIONAI. Corrin de- lights in watching Hit Parade prefers plane geom- etry played home room basketball sophomore and senior years president of English class senior year . . . secretary of home room junior year. G. RICHARD CORBIN GENERAL Dick played l. V. basketball his sophomore year and home room bas- ketball all three years . . . home room officer all three years indulges in dancing and basketball is happy when eating ham. DORIS I.. CORL GEORGE-BARDEN .. .played with the orchestra sophomore, junior, and senior years rates chemistry as favorite subject . .. prefers Kraft Theater on TV . . . spends spare time skating and dancing . . . intends to train for nursing. IOAN M. A. CORNELIUS . .. GEORGE-BARDEN .. . Corky is partial to the Comedy Hour on TV goes for leff Chandler ranks art first on her list often heard saying "Can't have anything around here" plans to be a nurse. GERALDINE A. CORRIGAN COLLEGE PREP Gerry participated in the American Legion Oratorical Contest junior year .. . president of Altoona Iunior Story League member of Future Teachers of America sophomore and junior years plans to become a teacher. 1953 Seniors OF ANY SPECIES WHOSE PLUMAGE IS GAUDIER THAN THE MALE'S. 31 --Style Show. Girls' League October 21 1953 Seniors MARCH OUICKLY IN SINGLE FILE TO ASSIGNED AREA, FACE DOUBLE WALL AVOID R. IAN COUNSMAN COLLEGE PREP treas- urer of Future Teachers of America junior year en- joys sports and O. Henry loathes people who think they are everything treats himself to meat loaf wants to go to college. RICHARD M. COX COLLEGE PREP Dick partici- pated in track all three years cmd was captain senior year . . . played football sophomore year . .. was active in cross country junior and senior years plans to go to college. WAVA V. CRAMER GEORGE-BARDEN sang in chorus junior year . . . enjoys Arthur Godfrey and movies loves spaghetti cannot endure silly girls overworks "You know it" is partial to bacteriology and plans to enter nurses' training. IOHN A. CREASY GENERAL jack participated in home room basketball entered the oratorical con- test junior year is partial to Mr. Peepers and lose Ferrer detests dominating teachers often says "I-loot Mon" hopes to enter law school. IAMES L. CREIGHTON COLLEGE PREP Slats was senior class treasurer served on TAP in Academy of Science senior year participated in orchestra all three years "Down comes your meat- house" comes from this future doctor. DONNA I. CRIDER . . . GEORGE-BARDEN .. . served as home room president sophomore and senior years was a majorette junior year sang in chorus all three years delights in dancing hates "big wheels" ... intends to be a nurse. P. IEAN CRISTILLO BUSINESS EDUCATION lean was home room treasurer senior year has a yen for Show of Shows and jeff Chandler enjoys dancing and Carolyn Keene's books . .. abominates late comers . . . will be a typist. EILEEN R. CROFT BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. was member of Future Business Leaders of America junior and senior years . . . favors I Love Lucy . . . enjoys play- ing piano favorite saying "Holy Cow" plans to go to Penn State. IOHN C. CROFT . .. COLLEGE PREP . .. Big john played in band three years and in orchestra senior year attended Tri-State Band Clinic senior year can' not endure stubborn people . . . enjoys football . . . plans to study music at college. BARBARA ANN CURRY . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Babs was in chorus junior and senior years active in Boosters' Club sophomore year enjoys reading and swimming is partial to Bing Crosby wishes to become a nurse. IOAN E. CURRY COLLEGE PREP was in a Cap- pella sophomore and junior years participated in chorus and hall patrol junior year took part in an- nual show senior year . .. this future teacher often says "That's nice." WAYNE C. DALE COLLEGE PREP active on Horseshoe staff junior and senior years was base- ball manager three years served on sophomore exe- cutive committee enjoys painting says "Isn't that tender?" . . . wants to become a commercial artist. Counsman Cox Cramer Creasy Creighton Crider Cristillo Croft, E. Croft, I. Curry, B. Curry, I. Dale 32 DOORS AND WINDOWS, KEEP QUIET. -Air Raid Drill November 3 DENNA A. DANDREA BUSINESS EDUCATION indulges in reading and drawing idolizes Iulia Adams and Robert Montgomery is partial to sales- manship class . .. relishes cheeseburgers this future telephone operator often says "You're kiddin' RONALD D. DANDREA GENERAL Ronnie par- ticipated in football and intramural basketball three years played baseball junior and senior years was member oi band three years ., . active in l-li'Y sen- ior year . . . overworks "Have a picnic." M. VIRGINIA DANELLA . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Sis was active in bowling sophomore year . . . in chorus senior year enjoys reading and Milton Berle adores Iohn Wayne cherishes "You know it" .. hates conceited people . . . desires to be a typist. EILEEN G. DAUGHERTY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Eileen was in chorus sophomore year listens to Hit Parade idolizes Doris Day delights in collecting stamps and roller skating abhors people who are late . . . plans to do bookkeeping work. THELMA I. DAUGHERTY . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Doc treats herself to Chance Of A Lifetime adores Debbie Reynolds prizes skating loves tried chicken enjoys Longfellow "Don't know, do you?" is heard often from this future nurse. SHIRLEY I. DAVENSIZER BUSINESS EDUCATION sang in chorus sophomore year has a yen for dancing and softball is partial to Comedy Hour and Yvonne De Carlo despises "big wheels" to be a typist is her desire. ELIZABETH A. DAVIS COLLEGE PREP Betty served as senior class vice president and was in Senate senior year sang in a Cappella two years was home room president and active in dramatics sophomore year . . . wishes to attend college. KAY F. DAVIS GENERAL worked in girls' at- tendance oftice junior year thinks books by Carolyn Keene are tops . . . can be heard saying "That's a twist" . . . plans to work at Bell Telephone. VIRGINIA E. DAVIS BUSINESS EDUCATION Ginny was vice president of history class sophomore year served as home room representative and sang in a Cappella senior year . .. was on hall patrol junior year . . . plans to be a secretary. WILLIAM E. DeIULIIS COLLEGE PREP Bill par- ticipated in home room basketball and sang in a Cappella three years . .. ran in track and cross coun- try junior and senior years enjoys Madison Square Garden . . . hates dull-witted people. IOSEPH R. DeNICOLA . .. COLLEGE PREP . .. Coo4Coo played basketball three years, football one year was home room president sophomore year de- lights in talking about girls loves pizza pie is partial to physics hopes to enter college. ANTOINETTE M. DeNISI . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Netty was home room secretary senior year . . . in chorus three years adores Arthur Godfrey and let-f Chandler likes to eat soup .. . enjoys roller skating . .. wishes to become a nurse. Dandrea, D. Dandrea, R. Danella Daugherty, E Daugherty, T Davensizer Davis, E. Davis, K. Davis, V. Deluliis DeNicola DeNisi 33 DeZaiI'fe Dittsworth Dodson Douglas Doyle Drenning Duffy Dunn Dutrow Duval Ebersole, E, Ebersole, K. lr's ALWAYS sooo News WHEN SHIRLEY L. DeZAIFI-'E BUSINESS EDUCATION likes watching I Love Lucy on TV sighs over Farley Granger and pork chops moans "Could have fooled me" . . . reads books by Kathleen Norris . . . enjoys math. FLORA M. DITTSWORTH GEORGE-BARDEN Pinky was active in a Cappella sophomore and senior years participated in Pyramid Club and intramural sports her sophomore year detests tardy people plans a nursing career. EVELYN I. DODSON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Princess was a member of the Ushers' Club and FBLA her last two years, secretary of the latter senior year . . . sent to Keystone Camp by American Legion for scholastic standing junior year. I. DONALD DOUGLAS COLLEGE PREP Doug was voted secretary of his junior home room . .. peeved by flat tires likes cars mostly enjoys football, cake, and Mark Twain's books expresses himself by "I-Iot dog!" MARY I. DOYLE GEORGE-BARDEN Doylie dab- bled in dramatics her sophomore year . .. was in chorus the last two years belonged to the sophomore Boos- ters Club participated in the Nurses' Aide program her senior year. PAUL M. DRENNING BUSINESS EDUCATION Clem played in intramurals his sophomore year ., . likes hunting and is active in the Altoona Rifle and Pistol As- sociation . . . would rather eat or sleep than do anything else. IACK E. DUFFY GENERAL Red Skelton and Esther Williams are Dut'f's favorites in the movie world indulges in bicycle riding and toolball after graduation he plans to join the Navy. IAMES E. DUNN . .. GENERAL . . . Rev was home room president his senior year has the horrors over girls who smoke . . . relishes the I-lit Parade on TV . .. enjoys hunting, boxing, and Shakespeare. DOLORES I. DUTROW GEORGEABARDEN Dody Sana in the chorus her junior and senior years emoted in sophomore dramatics loves TV's I Love Lucy . . . detests "big wheels" . . . interested in becoming a nurse. DAVID R. DUVAL . . . COLLEGE PREP .. . A sports tan, Dave played on football team as a sophomore .. . track all three years . .. elected captain of cross country as a senior . . . hopes for a Penn State education. ELAINE F. EBERSOLE GENERAL Red played all three years in the orchestra took part with the a Cappella in the annual show her junior, senior years played basketball as a sophomore. KAY D. EBERSOLE BUSINESS EDUCATION Red was on hall patrol her middle year . .. moans "Well" at those who stop in the middle of the hall another I Love Lucy fan .. . goes in for taking photographs. 1953 Seniors NEWSHOUNDS GET TOGETHER- FREEDOM OF THE PRESS STARTS IN THE TEENS. VINCENT A. ECKENRODE . ,. GENERAL Hang goes tor basketball and football .. . content when eating spae ghetti .. . has a yen for Hawkins Falls on TV girls with peroxided hair give him a pain . .. thinks Charlton I-Ieston is tops. WINIFRED E. ECKENRODE BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . rates bookkeeping as the best . . . fond of I Love Lucy on TV .. . indulges in books by Carolyn Keene, skating, and watching television . . . loathes conceited people . . . prefers Elizabeth Taylor to other actresses. CAROLYN R. EDMUNDSON' BUSINESS EDUCATION . . .often heard saying "You're lying". . .ranks typing tirst spends spare moments dancing and swimming delights in eating fried oysters . . . goes for Marlon Brando . . . disgusted by annoying people. IANET M. EDWARDS GEORGE-BARDEN thinks Shakespeare is wonderful . . . adores Kirk Douglas . .. collects English china overworks "You know it" prefers history to all other subjects likes Two For The Money hates noisy girls. MARIORIE E. EDWARDS . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Mar- gie was an active member of chorus all three years . .. spends most of her time reading and baby sitting participated in Christmas program junior and senior years . . . plans a career in nursing. CLEATIS M. EICHELBERGER .. . VOCATIONAL . .. Ike is content working with horses and going horseback riding . .. indulges in eating filled meatloaf and reading books by Bristow hopes to work in a sheet metal shop, -Press Convention November 7. 8 ELIZABETH A. EISENHART. . .GENERAL . .likes skating . .. prefers watching I Love Lucy on TV praises the works of Carolyn Keene . .. enjoys Elizabeth Taylor is irritated by conceited people favorite food, pork chops and French tries. IOAN L. ENGLEMAN BUSINESS EDUCATION Engie was a member of a Cappella sophomore year prefers dancing, movies, and skating in her leisure time often uses "You got to go" . . . plans a career as a secretary. WILLIAM K. ERNDL . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Cuke has photography as his hobby . . . pet expression is "Stepped on what?" thinks pork and French fries are tops hates nagging people . . . hopes to become an electrician. CHARLES F. ESPENLAUB . .. COLLEGE PREP Char- lie played in the band and orchestra all three years . .. in district band sophomore year participated in Tri- State band senior year hopes to become a mining engineer. FRANK M. ESTEP COLLEGE PREP . .. active in or- chestra and TAP junior and senior years .. . in band all three years names mathematics as favorite subject . . . enjoys eating turkey . . . cannot endure tardy people. EDWARD K. EYSTER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Ed sang in a Cappella sophomore and senior years . . . treats himself to watching I've Got a Secret .. . indulges in eating meatballs and reading books by Faith Baldwin . . . spare moments are spent studying. Eckenrode, V. Eckenrode, W. Edmundson Edwards, I. Edwards, M. Eichelberger Eisenhart Engelman Erndl Espenlaub Estep Eyster 35 5. ffm Fagan F agley I Faith Fanale Fanelli Farber Farrell, B. Feather Farrell, I. Filer Fink Finkbeiner M .. H. PATRICIA A. FAGAN BUSINESS EDUCATION Patty participated in the chorus senior year selects typing as her favorite subject . . . claims football her fav' orite sport wants to be a telephone operator or a typist. R. LEE FAGLEY VOCATIONAL played intra- mural sports all three years president of home room junior year relishes ice cream watches the Comedy Hour on TV likes to go hunting thinks Donald O'Connor is tops. IUDITH A. FAITH GEORGE-BARDEN Iudy sang in the a Cappella sophomore year claims chemistry is her favorite subject goes for left Chandler spends spare moments skating hopes to be a nurse. DOROTHY M. FANALE BUSINESS EDUCATION Dot delights in watching the Show Ot Shows idol- izes books by Kathleen Norris . . . has a yen for tuna fish . . . admits overworking "Holy cow" . . . prefers an office job after graduation. JOHN W. FANELLI . .. VOCATIONAL .. . Minner's hob- by is collecting knives selects Marilyn Monroe as favorite movie star . . . fancies shop as best-liked subject . . . plans to join Air Force. ETHEL A. FARBER GEORGE-BARDEN sang in chorus all three years treats herself to French fries pet peeve is people who are late is partial to sewing . . . thinks Doris Day is wonderful. 1953 Seniors THE SOCIAL SEASON BURKET R. FARRELL . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Burk enjoys taking part in sports makes much of shrimp .. . dis' gusted by conceited people . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . claims mathematics is his favorite subject. IANET L. FARRELL COLLEGE PREP vice presie dent of junior class active in Ushers' Club . .. mem- ber of Senate junior year sang in a Cappella senior year , . . in TAP senior year . . . plans to attend college. CHARLES H. FEATHER GENERAL Buzz played intramural basketball as a junior and senior . .. sang in chorus sophomore year often utters "Great" prizes French fries plans to make a career in the Service. WALTER L. FILER GENERAL Walt was home room president junior year . . . enjoys collecting stamps favorite subject is history delights in reading Meader's books watches the Comedy Hour on TV . . . hopes to be a carpenter. WILLIAM P. PINK . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Bill appeared in the English department plays junior and senior years . . . participated in three annual shows . . . a home room representative senior year vtishes to become an an- nouncer. ROWENA W. FINKBEINER BUSINESS EDUCATION Row delights in spaghetti watches Arthur God- frey frequently . .. enjoys swimming in spare time cherishes books by Charles Dickens prefers English to any other subject . .. hopes to do secretarial work. GOT UNDER WAY WITH GUYS, GALS, AND se B. IOAN FLECK COLLEGE PREP Ioannie loves to play the piano, Watch TV, and go to English be- longed to a Cappella and Sub-Debs often says "l don't want to hear it" desires to become a teacher. G. WAYNE I-'LECK COLLEGE PREP played the drums in the band for three years . .. participated in or- chestra junior and senior years a member of the woodwind quartet . .. played intramural basketball sen- ior year. PATRICIA M. FLEMING COLLEGE PREP Petey was active in Pyramid Club and intramural sports her sophomore and senior years served as home roorr vice president in junior year . .. played in the orchestra as a sophomore. SHIRLEY L. FOGAL GEORGE-BARDEN loves to go skaiing . . . adores Alan Ladd and spaghetti . .. lists physical education as her favorite subject can often be found watching l Love Lucy on TV. CAROL A. FOOSE GEORGE-BARDEN Carol helped in the girls' attendance office in her senior year served as home room representative in her junior year cherishes dancing, swimming and TV ab- hors late people. ROBERT G. FORNWALT GENERAL baseball, chemistry, dancing and Iohn Wayne are favorites of Robert's . . . enjoys watching l've Got a Secret on TV . . . played baseball for AHS his senior year. IOHN P. FORR .. . GENERAL Iack was the first per- son in Altoona to win first prize in the Pennsylvania his- tory contest. . , served as vice president of his home room senior year . . . fancies sciences, baseball, and ham- burgers. BARBARA K. FOWKES GEORGE-BARDEN took active part in intramural sports sophomore and junior years participated in chorus for three years in annual show sophomore year member of Pyramid Club senior year . . . plans to be a nurse. ROBERTA G. FOWKES BUSINESS EDUCATION Bertie participated in intramurals and Pyramid Club sophomore year in orchestra sophomore and junior years admits overworlcing "Heavens" hates to hear gossip is counting on being a secretary. HOWARD T. FRANK GENERAL Howe played basketball and ping pong for three years partici- pated in track his junior year served as home room secretary as a sophomore fancies English and base- ball. CHARLES A. FRANKS VOCATIONAL Chuck's favorites are reading Zane Grey books. wildlife, ham- burgers, and Elizabeth Taylor enjoys watching Red Skelton on TV and working in the auto shop hopes to be a mechanic. MARY L. FRANKS GEORGE-BARDEN craves French fries and chip steak sandwiches loves to go swimming and enjoys baseball .. . is irritated by people who brag . . . desires to become a nurse. GAIETY AT THE SENIOR DANCE. -Senior Dance November 10 Fleck, I. Fleck, W, Fleming Fogal Foose Fornwalt Forr Fowkes, B Fawkes, R Frank Franks, C. Franks, M. 37 Fritz Fuoss Fusco, A. Fusco, D. Fusco, M. Gallico Gates Gauntner Gehret Geibel Geisler Geist M. A. RODGER L. FRITZ COLLEGE PREP Fritz was a member of the band all three years .. . Academy of Sci- ence junior and senior years Bob Hope and French fries rate with him wants to be an electrical en- qineer. BETTY I. FUOSS BUSINESS EDUCATION Ush- ers' Club junior and senior years her favorites are math, skating, and spaghetti people who are late peeve her spends her spare time writing letters. ANN MARIE FUSCO COLLEGE PREP Ann was on hall patrol junior year active in Horseshoe sen- ior year swimming and horseback riding are tops with her would like to study art in college. DOREEN E. I-'USCO GEORGE-BARDEN Fusco was home room representative and captain in gym jun ior year watches I Love Lucy on TV meat loaf and basketball are her favorites expects to be ti beautician. MARIE A. FUSCO BUSINESS EDUCATION Fus- :o thinks Charles Dickens and Ann Blyth are best collects souvenirs as a hobby . .. prefers chicken, swim- ming, and English hates tardy people a future typist. IOHN D. GALLICE . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Don was home room representative and president his junior year loaiing and math are favorites with him plans on Navy career . . . silly girls peeve him. IOANNE GATES GENERAL Io enjoys hearing Indian Love Call . . . spends spare time dancing . . . fond of john Wayne and Bing Crosby prefers eating ice cream . . . favorite sport is softball . .. ambition talready realizedl to get married. SHIRLEY A. GAUNTNER COLLEGE PREP . .. was active in dramatics and a member of athletic associa- tion sophomore and junior years Red Cross Club sophomore year girls' chorus junior year prefers French fries and watching jeff Chandler. KAY S. GEHRET BUSINESS EDUCATION people who talk too much annoy her expects to be a tele- phone operator spends her spare time skating spaghetti and math delight her. RUTH A. GELBEL .. . GEORGE-BARDEN . .. Ruthie was in chorus her junior and senior years . . . was home room treasurer senior year . . . goes for steak and French tries and basketball in a big way . . . is a future nurse. HOWARD R. GEISLER COLLEGE PREP football manager all three years track manager junior and senior years Martin and Lewis can make him laugh anytime .. . is going to college to study athletic training. SARAH A. GEIST . . . GENERAL . . . Sally's favorite pas- time is loafing Pyramid Club member senior year . . . in girls intramural sports junior and senior years . . . overworks the expression "No, you're kiddin' " . . . is joining the Service. DID YOU EVER HEAR 2,000 PEOPLE Gentry George Gerhard Gerhart Getz Gibboney Gibson Giglione Gill Gipprich Girz Glacken WYATT B. GENTRY COLLEGE PREP Flo was home room president and home room representative sen- ior year took part in intramural basketball first and third years favors trig, baseball, spaghetti and meat balls. NANCY L. GEORGE BUSINESS EDUCATION in Fellowship Club first and second years hall patrol junior year worked in main office as senior en- joys sewing while watching the Aldrich Family on TV. MARGARET B. GERHARD BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. Marge was home room secretary in junior year prefers fried chicken to eat and television to look at . .. likes typing, reading, swimming, and baseball . . . favors English and books by Ruth Fedder. LE ETTA G. GERHART GEORGE-BARDEN an nual show senior year a Cappella first and third years . . . prefers I Love Lucy and Latin . . . likes playing piano, dancing, and swimming. LOUIS GETZ . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Louis was in band as sophomore . . . has own dance band, Melody Men . . . is partial to steak, chemistry, and listening to records . . . swimming and bowling are tops in sports. IAMES D. GIBBONEY COLLEGE PREP lim was in band and orchestra all three years , . . in annual show and clarinet quartet senior year played intramural basketball second and third years partial to band and playing saxophone. 39 DENTON D. GIBSON . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Denny was in band three years and in orchestra as senior fav- orites are biology, painting, and horseback riding favors baseball and Zoo Parade . . . likes books by Mary O'I-Iara and movies with Ieff Chandler. MADELINE I. GIGLIONE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Madge enjoys television, piano music, and health pet peeve is homework reveres Somerset Maugham and lane Wyman . .. hobbies are collecting, piano, and reading . . . ambition is to be a secretary. WALTER I. GILL VOCATIONAL . .. Walt loves cars and shops . .. favors fried chicken, Bret Harte . .. base- ball is his favorite sport likes Alan Ladd on screen . . . wants to join marines. M. EILEEN GIPPRICH . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Peep was president of Quill and Scroll as junior Mountain Echo staff shoe and Ushers' Club second Senate third year partial to senior and secretary as three years Horse- and third years in plane geometry. WILLIAM L. GIRZ VOCATIONAL saves stamps . . .prefers mechanical drafting, hunting, and Edgar Allen Poe loves chili con carne lane Russell does something to him . . . pet peeve is slow people . . . enjoys reading. IOHN IAMES GLACKEN VOCATIONAL lunior participated in band as a senior partial to math, turkey, and reading enjoys Colgate Comedy Hour for entertainment likes football, baseball, and read' ing . . . ambition is to join Air Force. 1953 Seniors LAUGH AT A DATE? WE DID--AT "A DATE WITH JUDY." English Department play November 21. 22 1953 Seniors WHAT DOES ARTHUR GODFREY HAVE THAT AHS HASN'T? NOTHING EILEEN P. GLANDIS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . vice president of Y-Teens sophomore year , . . in FBLA senior year member of Rifle Club second year favors physical education to other subjects . . . enjoys ice cream. NANCY L. GLESSNER . .. GENERAL in chorus three years enjoys reading and playing cards prefers The Lone Ranger on TV admits overworking "You know it" . .. cannot endure bragging people . .. wishes to become a Navy nurse. ANNE L. GLUNT BUSINESS EDUCATION loves Carolyn Keene's books cares for I-lit Parade on TV relishes ham and French fries detests people who are late is partial to English can be heard saying "You know it." BETTIE I. GONTER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION. . .in hall patrol second year member of Ushers' Club senior year vice president of home room senior year crazy about Martin and Lewis hopes to become an airport receptionist. RONALD B. GOSNELL COLLEGE PREP Ron played on baseball team member of TAP par- ticipated in intramural basketball all three years active in band three years in orchestra senior year . . . wishes to attend college. BEVERLY M. GOTTSHALL COLLEGE PREP Bev sang in a Cappella sophomore year .. . worked in main office last two years hall patrol monitor junior year loves I Love Lucy on TV goes for Tony Curtis . . . prefers bacteriology. EDWARD R. GOTTSHALL COLLEGE PREP Ed enjoys all sports but favors baseball sang in a Cap- pella all three years . . . thinks Iennifer Iones is tops . . . participated in annual show junior and senior years watches Show Of Shows on TV. RICHARD T. GOTTSHALL .. . GENERAL . . . Dutch played on the baseball team junior and senior years . .. member of l-li-Y Club senior year played on intra- mural basketball sophomore and junior years hopes to become a ball player. RONALD C. GOTTSHALL COLLEGE PREP Ron- nie played intramural basketball sophomore and junior years likes to skate in spare time overworks "That's tough" prefers physics is irritated by braggers . . . plans to join the Air Force. DOLORES L. GRAF . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Dody was on Mountain Echo all three years news editor of Mountain Echo Quill and Scroll member junior and senior years delights in eating spaghetti. IAMES B. GREEN COLLEGE PREP lim was a squad leader senior year enjoys eating venison fond of gym rates Iohn Wayne as tops played intramural basketball senior year abhors conceited girls. ROBERT I. GREEN GENERAL Turtle delights in eating steak . .. played home room basketball . . . often heard uttering "You know it" enjoys reading books by Mickey Spillane prefers history abominates people who are late. Glandis Gles:ner Glunt Gonter Gosnell Gottshall, R. Gottshall, E. Gottshall, Rich. Gottshall, Ron. Graf Green, I. Green, R 40 BUT A HALF A DOZEN SPONSORS. -Talent Show December 10 WENRICH H. GREEN COLLEGE PREP . . . Nick was in the English Department play and annual show last two years track manager junior and senior years . . . cross country manager during senior year .. . loves flying. GEORGE W. GREINER GENERAL George pre- fers Tack London's writings hates conceited people Dragnet and Marilyn Monroe are his favorites swimming, model plane building, and girls keep him occupied . . . plans to join Navy, IOHN W. GRIFFITH . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Iohnny loves to watch boxing bouts on TV keeps a scrapbook on boxing Edgar Allen Poe is his favorite author baseball and reading rate high as pastimes. ARLINE L. GRIMMINGER BUSINESS EDUCATION Blondie was a member of the chorus her junior and senior years .. . is partial to Hit Parade and Alan Ladd Women's Marine Corps is her plan for future. ROSE M. GRIPP GEORGE-BARDEN Rose sang with the chorus all three years friends forever hear "I'll be a monkey's uncle" collecting stamps and classical music are favorite pastimes enjoys I Love Lucy . . . detests snobs. MAHILEE GROVE BUSINESS EDUCATION Lee served on hall patrol sophomore and junior years thinks Martin and Lewis are tops relishes spaghetti tardy people irritate her photography, baseball. and reading are her chief interests. M. LYNN GROVE GEORGE-BARDEN Lynn par- ticipated in art three years . . . prefers Show of Shows on TV .. . spends time reading, swimming, and knitting .. . people who are tardy peeve her wishes to be a nurse. FRANK L. GUNSALLUS. IR. COLLEGE PREP Frank played in intramural sports all three years during senior year was a member of I-Ii-Y Club and Teen Age Club has a yen for grilled steak. RUSSELL R. GUNSALUS VOCATIONAL Russ is a Groucho Marx fan prefers math hates tar- diness sleeping is his favorite pastime . .. relishes pork chops and enjoys baseball games friends con- stantly hear "You don't say." WILLIAM I. HABACIVCH VOCATIONAL Bill loves hunting, fishing, and participating in sports lack London's writings are his favorites can't stand too talkative people craves steak is interested in Marilyn Monroe plans to enter Air Force. CHARLES L. HAINES . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Ace played basketball three years and was captain the first two . . . English class secretary first two years home room president junior year . . . Comedy I-Iour and chicken rate with him. DONALD L. HALFPENNY . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Donald plans to become a plumber enjoys working on moe tors and playing baseball it's lane Russell in the movies hamburgers are his favorite food on TV prefers Show of Shows reading preference is Mark Twain. , Green, W. Greiner Griffith Grimminger Gripp Grove, M. Grove, L. Gunsallus Gunsalus I-Iabacivch Haines Half penny 41 Hall, Richard Hall, Robert Hammaker Hammond Hample Hancock Hankinson Harley Harris Harshbarger Hartman I-lartsock 42 AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS THEY RICHARD E. HALL GENERAL Dick played foot- ball three years home room president often ex- claims "Think so" fancies Red Skelton on TV goes for chicken claims football as favorite sport . . . wishes to be a welder. ROBERT E. HALL VOCATIONAL Bob took ac- tive part in intramural basketball junior year presi- dent of junior English class . .. loathes tardy people .. . likes Dragnet on TV cherishes the works of Earl Stanley Gardner. RICHARD R. HAMMAKER VOCATIONAL Dick participated in IV and intramural basketball . . . on track team member of Hi-Y Club home room represen- tative senior year indulges in eating cherry pie desires to be a cabinet maker. RONALD W. HAMMOND . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Red was a member of Hi-Y Club . . . active in intramural bas- ketball home room representative senior year home room president junior year prefers math moons over lane Russell. D. DONNA HAMPLE GEORGE-BARDEN Partici- pated in annual show and a Cappella three years member of senior octet vice president of junior Eng- lish class . . . president of senior English class .. . looks forward to nursing. ALLAN G. HANCOCK BUSINESS EDUCATION appeared in English department play sophomore year active in track and intramural basketball .. . sopho- more home room president sickened by conceited boys and girls can be heard saying "You're lying." RICHARD T. HANKINSON . .. COLLEGE PREP Hank played home room basketball junior and senior years . . . is partial to the Comedy Hour on TV ardent fan of lack I.ondon's spends spare moments roller skating. GEORGE D. HARLEY COLLEGE PREP member of Senate and Academy of Science president of Auxiliary Police junior and senior years cannot en- dure people who talk too much treats himself to scallops . . . prefers physics and baseballr BEATRICE E. HARRIS . . . GEORGEABARDEN . . . Bea participated in chorus two years disgusted by snobs . . . iclolizes lane Powell . . . POD, I Love Lucy, and base- ball top her list . . . is interested in nursing. THOMAS A. HARSHBARGER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Tom delights in watching Show of Shows lists history and baseball as favorites indulges in eating chicken prefers Bob Hope intends to work for Harshbarger Dairy. SHIRLEY M. HARTMAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. member of chorus . . .detests people who talk behind her back . . . prizes salesmanship and roller skating . . . relishes spaghetti . . . hopes to be a secretary . .. reads the works of O. Henry. DONNA K. HARTSOCK BUSINESS EDUCATION active in Ushers' Club and Booster Club member of chorus is irritated by loud, boisterous people often expresses "You're really living" loves French fried shrimp . . . wishes to be a government secretary. FINALLY 1953 Seniors IN QUITE NICE COLORS TOO. -Interior redecoration Winter 1952-53 REPAINTED THE CORRIDORS-- AND KARL D. HAUCK VOCATIONAL cannot endure conceited people . .. fascinated by the works of Edgar Allen Poe enjoys hunting cmd baseball boxing is favorite TV program . .. is partial to hamburgers . . . plans to join armed forces. DORIS A. HAYES COLLEGE PREP Dee partici- pated in a Cappella, Ushers' Club, and science fair served on TAP . . . inconsiderate people give her a pain .. . relishes steak and French fries .. . would like to be elementary teacher. MARLENE E. HEISS BUSINESS EDUCATION enjoys reading Longfellow admirer of Dennis Day fascinated by football . .. has a yen for spaghetti and meat balls favors any kind of math hopes to become secretary or telephone operator. MICHAEL R. HEISS VOCATIONAL Mike often quotes "You know it" . .. fishing, wrestling, and history top his list of favorites cares for rice pudding makes much of riding motorcycles wishes to join Navy. NANCY L. HELLER BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . sec- retary of Girls' League senior year . .. secretary of Sen- ate sophomore year moons over Ieff Chandler fancies typing watches Comedy Hour on TV appreciates sandwiches . . . desires to be a stenographer. SHIRLEY I. HELSEL .. . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . idolizes Ieff Chandler . . . is partial to hamburgers and French fries disgusted by "big wheels" delights in roller skating finds pleasure in shorthand . . . in- tends to be a secretary. DONNA E. HENCHEY BUSINESS EDUCATION literary editor of Mountain Echo . . . Ouill and Scroll two years treasurer of junior class participated in Ushers' Club and chorus . .. favors swimming and skate chooses chemistry and music as favorites. ing . . . loves French fries. BETTY I. HAULMAN . . . GENERAL . . . Bets was in cho- rus senior year drools over Charlton Heston treats herself to pizza pie hates smart boys loves popular music prizes English and swimming . . . desires to work at Sylvania. A. JANE HAUPT BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Ianie was secretary of Fellowship Club senior year , . . served on safety patrol sickened by conceited people makes much of bookkeeping . .. reads Grace Livingston Hill . . . would love to be a bookkeeper. DAVID T. HAUSER VOCATIONAL Dave is in- terested in model railroading reads the works of lack London . , . fancies physics and trig . . . enjoys bas- ketball . .. is vexed by conceited people. SHIRLEY A. HAUSER GEORGE-BARDEN Shirl was on hall patrol sophomore and junior years . . . de- tests tattletales . . . fascinated by Robert Taylor . . . loves gym, football, and spaghetti intends to work at Sylvania. STANLEY L. HAWK COLLEGE PREP Spike played in band, orchestra, and AHS dance band intramural basketball three years says "Oh, my!" quite often . .. indulges in spaghetti and meat balls . . . Hauck Haulman Haupt Hauser, D. Hauser, S. Hawk Hayes Heiss, Marlene Heiss, Michael Heller I-Ielsel Henchey , I fi 43 MARLENE D. HENDERSON BUSINESS EDUCATION Ushers' Club senior year dotes on swimming and dancing delights in spaghetti and meat balls likes English and math watches Show of Shows on TV pet peeve, tardy people. BARBARA I. HENDEL COLLEGE PREP Bobbie was secretary of Academy of Science and in English De- partment play senior year TAP, Ushers' Club three years a Cappella, annual show last two years junior class executive committee Mountain Echo first two years. NANCY I. HEPNER COLLEGE PREP home room representative and annual show junior year in cho- rus all three years .. . enjoys listening to music and eat- ing steak and French fries bacteriology rates high. LANE C. HERSHEY GENERAL played home room basketball last year enjoys filled pork chops thinks Marilyn Monroe is tops delights in sports, especially football may be heard saying "Holy cow . NELSON E. HERZOG COLLEGE PREP Nels ran on cross country squad last two years . . . served as cap- tain senior year on track squad second and third years played home room basketball all three years. BETTY I. HESS . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . home room president sophomore year and vice president junior year . . . FBLA last two years .. . hall patrol junior year prefers Booth Tarkington's books rates Spanish tops . . . delights in eating fried oysters. 1953 Seniors Henderson Hendel Hepner Hershey Herzog Hess I-Ietrick Hewitt Hicks Hiltner Hippo l-Iirschbiel IAMES R. HETRICK VOCATIONAL lim enjoys hunting in spare time claims baseball as favorite sport likes to laugh at Red Skelton on television mathematics rates as his best liked subject. WALTER S. HEWITT COLLEGE PREP Walt was in chorus three years loves driving prefers Dinah Shore history, swimming, and French fried shrimps rate high on list of favorites dislikes nosy people. NANCY R. HICKS COLLEGE PREP president of senior class on executive committee in sophomore and junior years English class secretary last two years . . . annual show and Ushers' Club three years plans to attend Penn State. EDNA M. HILTNER BUSINESS EDUCATION Toofie participated in chorus first year enjoys book keeping . . . ardent reader of Dickens' books . . . watches the Comedy Hour on TV . .. football and skating rank high . . . plans to join the Waves. KENNETH D. HIPPO GENERAL favors Southern fried chicken and basketball enjoys history and Mark Twain's books can be heard saying "Thats tough" likes sports in general has dreams of becoming a millionaire. MONA I. HIRSCHBIEL GENERAL Satch was president of home room junior year lists English William Shakespeare, and scooter ball as favorites rates television program The Unexpected as tops often utters "I care." SANTA CLAUS GAVE US A WONDERFUL SIXTEEN-DAY VACATION FOR 44 PEGGY L. HITCHINGS BUSINESS EDUCATION thinks Doris Day is wonderful indulges in spaghetti and meat balls added her voice to chorus senior year frequently says "You know it" chooses swimming and dancing as favorite sports. GRETCHEN D. HOFFMANN .. . COLLEGE PREP . ,. ac- tive in annual show and a Cappella senior year member of Ushers' Club home room representative enjoys doing math problems aspires to be an airline hostess can't get enough chicken. THOMAS C. HOLLAND VOCATIONAL Tom played I. V. basketball sophomore year . .. spends spare time in sports finds science intriguing en- joys eating turkey people who are late annoy him . . . plans to enter the sheet metal trade. FRANCIS E. HOOPES . . . GENERAL . . . Fran delights in watching I Love Lucy prefers Frank Yerby's novels . .. plans to enter a fashion designing school fase cinated by French swimming and designing top list of favorites. BARBARA A. HOOVER BUSINESS EDUCATION Patsy thrills at hearing Mario Lanza and Gordon MacRae sing loves to watch baseball games . .. passes time listening to classical music . . . joining Waves after graduation. IOHN C. HOOVER . .. COLLEGE PREP . .. lack played in orchestra and band three years active in YMCA activities loathes stuck-up girls likes Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and Terry Lewis hopes to go to college. ROBERT P. HOOVER. IR. . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Bob can be heard saying "Holy Smoke" prefers basketball and baseball for sports spends much time working on radios . . . likes Comedy Hour on television . . . would like to travel. NORMAN G. HOSTLER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Norm par- ticipated on the track and field teams three years craves French fries, Swiss steak, and ham ran on cross country team two years takes pleasure in hunting and fishing. WAYNE H. HOUSUM .. . COLLEGE PREP . .. was seen in several dramatic presentations active on home room basketball team two years can't get enough chocolate cake lists football, Clifton Webb, and dra- matics as favorites ambition-aeronautics. WILLIAM E. HOWSARE GENERAL Bill is well remembered for his work in basketball home room representative and basketball captain senior year dislikes silly girls often says "Let's face it" as- pires to join Air Force. DAVID A. HUEY .. . BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . David was secretary sophomore year . . . member of home room school improvement committee thrilled by stock car races doesn't need coaxing to watch Amos and Andy . . . joining the Navy. MARY E. I-IUGAR . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Dutch frequently says "This has gotta go" finds enjoyment in Doris Day films . .. thinks history interesting can be found reading Grace L. Hill's books. A CHRISTMAS PRESENT THIS TERM. -Christmas Vacation I-Iitchings Hoffmann Holland Hoopes Hoover, B Hoover, I. Hoover, R Hostler Housum Howsare Huey Hugar 45 .T Hughes Hyle Ickes Ihnat Ingram Ironside Irvin Irwin, I. Irwin, M. Iackson, jackson, Iacobs I. P, MARY E. HUGHES. . .GENERAL . .active in chorus sen- ior year. . .delights in reading books by Grace Livingston Hill idolizes Arthur Godfrey loves to do mathe- matics . . . hopes to become a Navy nurse. ALBERT L. HYLE . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Al participated in orchestra three years played in band sophomore year active in Fellowship Club junior and senior years wants to become a minister often repeats "Oh brother." ROSS G. ICKES VOCATIONAL played basket- ball three years and football senior year secretary of English class senior year secretary of welding class junior year hopes to join the Air Force. BARBARA E. IHNAT BUSINESS EDUCATION Barb idolizes I Love Lucy and Alan Ladd lists spa- ghetti and football as favorites spends spare time playing records often says "How about that?" wishes to be a bookkeeper. CHARLES E. INGRAM COLLEGE PREP Chuck played basketball sophomore and junior years .. . presi- dent of junior home room . . . abhors agitators .. . favor- ites are beef, trigonometry, and Gary Cooper mem- ber ot Hi-Y senior year . .. looks forward to college. ESTHER I. IRONSIDE BUSINESS EDUCATION vice president of Fellowship Club junior year ian- cies chicken and mashed potatoes can't stand two- faced people . , . enjoys English class . . . reads in spare time . . . hopes to be a bookkeeper. IANET M. IRVIN GENERAL Ian loves to dance and skate idolizes Alan Ladd and spaghetti can often be found watching the Hit Parade enjoys phy- sical education often says "Alrighty" loais in spare time. IAMES T. IRWIN COLLEGE PREP Luck played football sophomore year enjoys hunting and science . . . can not endure waiting . . . watches Milton Berle fre- quently played home room basketball three years hopes to go to college after graduation. MARIORIE L. IRWIN GEORGE-BARDEN Margie loves Shakespeare, science, and pie adores Bob Hope and I've Got a Secret can not endure tardy people enjoys square dancing plans to be a nurse. IAMES P. IACKSON GENERAL played varsity football three years was co-captain of football "B" team junior year played intramural basketball three years seen in annual show sophomore and senior years . . . wants to go to college. PATRICIA I. IACKSON BUSINESS EDUCATION Patty was active in cheerleading three years .. . spends spare time swimming . . . often heard saying "You know it" indulges in hamburgers and pickles abhors jealous people . . . ambition, to be a secretary. MARY V. IACOBS BUSINESS EDUCATION thinks left Chandler and French fries tops enjoys office practice home room treasurer senior year craves spaghetti pet expression, "Bugs" often roller skates .. .wishes to do office work after gradua- tion. A HUMOROUS SPEAKER CAN MAKE Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Johnson, M. Johnsonbaugh Jones Joyce Kaczor Kagarise Kane Kantenwein Kantner Karl CHRISTINE A. IOHNSON. . .BUSINESS EDUCATION. . . Toodle was a member of FBLA in senior year pre- fers art and music enjoys swimming and English goes for Robert Mitchum cheeseburgers and French fries rate high. P. DANIEL JOHNSON COLLEGE PREP known better as plain Dan in orchestra last year and a home room representative as junior likes German, chemistry, and Swiss steak chooses playing piano as favorite pastime. MIRIAM C. JOHNSON . .. COLLEGE PREP Mim was in Art Display Club her senior year likes music, badminton, and English chooses I-lit Parade, novels by James Street, and spaghetti plans to attend college. MARTAVENE H. JOHNSONBAUGH GENERAL Martie was in May Festival and the chorus all three years was home room secretary as a junior enjoys mathematics, sewing, and watching football dislikes two-faced people. NANCY C. JONES GENERAL known as Yecum in chorus all three years and on hall patrol sopho- more and junior years likes history, sewing, and football enjoys saying "Don't know, do you?" A. CECILIA JOYCE GEORGE-BARDEN Ceil was secretary of home room second year prefers jug- gling, driving, and chemistry turkey, Hit Parade, and Burt Lancaster are Ceil's favorites pet expres- sion is "Unga Boongaf' AN AUDIENCE LAUGH, BUT A BALD-HEADED 47 DONNA I. KANE BUSINESS EDUCATION loves to Write letters favorite pastime is reading office practice is tops in subjects French fries and books by Grace Hill rate high. THERESA A. KACZOR COLLEGE PREP partici- pated in intramural sports and Y-Teen Club in Boos- ters' Club sang in a Cappella first two years and annual show second year reads books by Edna St. Vincent Millay. NELLIE L. KAGARISE BUSINESS EDUCATION in Ushers' Club last year and in girls' chorus as sopho- more chooses reading, typing, and tennis as tops . .. enjoys eating chicken, watching football games, and sewing. LEE L. KANTENWEIN . .. COLLEGE PREP . . . Lee was in band all three years played intramural bas- ketball three years played in orchestra as a senior likes mathematics, sports, and Jack Lonclon's books. THELMA R. KANTNER BUSINESS EDUCATION partial to Latin, skating, and swimming rates God- frey Show, June Allyson as the last word would rather eat French fries than anything else. RUTH M. KARL GENERAL Ruthie was in chorus for three years loves to watch football games eats baked macaroni and fish .. . history is favorite . . . reads books by Mickey Spillane. 1953 Seniors ONE HAS A HEAD START. -Paid Assembly January 7 1953 Seniors IT WAS A GREAT DAY FOR THE REPUBLICANS- AND A DANA I. KARLIE GEORGE-BARDEN Blondie sang in the a Cappella and annual show three years active in Pyramid Club enjoys writing letters in her spare time delights in eating pizza pie wants to work at Sylvania. WALTER M. KEARNEY . .. VOCATIONAL Bill was home room president and played intramural basketball likes all sports, especially fishing and baseball loathes nagging women craves steak and French fries will probably join the Service. DOTTYE L. KELLER . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION. . .home room president two years swoons over Ieff Chand- ler lists French fries and swimming as her favorites enjoys gym class immensely dancing and talk- ing take up her spore time. MELVIN C. KEPNER VOCATIONAL Bulgy took active part on the gridiron his senior year thinks lane Russell is swell delights in watching the com- edy team, Abbott and Costello c:an't stand people who brag , .. indulges in spaghetti. RONALD A. KIBLER . . . GENERAL . . . Ronnie was cap- tain of his home room basketball team sophomore year took part in annual show home room vice presi- dent Junior year enjoyed playing in band silly girls annoy him ... likes baseball games. MARYE A. KIMBERLIN COLLEGE PREP Zig added her voice to a Cappella for three years pet peeve, flighty or silly people .. .can eat turkey any time names Robert Mitchurn and Hit Parade as fav- orites . . . ambition, nursing. PHYLLIS I. KIMBERLY GEORGE-BARDEN Kim played center on the girls' ba3ketball team senior year was home room representative never misses a Iohn Wayne film , . . abhors conceited people . . . loves reading Rudyard Kipling's books hopes to be a beautician. PHYLLIS A. KING GEORGE-BARDEN Phyl was editor of Compass, secretary of senior class, member of Senale and Ushers' Club senior year . . . shared hall pa, trol duties associate editor of Compass junior year . . . hopes to marry and have a family. BARBARA KISER COLLEGE PREP . .. Barbie was a loyal rooter in the Boosters' Club sang with chorus three years drools over Ronald Reagan delights in watching I Love Lucy plans to enter nursing school. IOYCE A. KLICK BUSINESS EDUCATION enioys collecting popular records gains pleasures from rol- ler skating and sewing wishes to join Navy ire- guently says "Isn't that cute?" adores chicken din- ners idolizes Doris Day likes watching football games. ROBERT KLINE VOCATIONAL president of aux- iliary police senior year fond of hamburgers and steak homeroom representative sophomore year loves to watch the antics of Red Skelton wishes to do TV and radio work. SYLVIA I. KLOBETANZ . . . GEORGE-BARDEN. . .Shorty can be heard saying "Oh Eine!" swoons over Tom Drake favorites are baseball, French fries, English, and Arthur Godfrey . .. reads in spare time . .. plans to join the WARS. Karlie Kearney Keller Kepner Kibler Kimberlin Kimberly King Kiser Klick Kline Klobetanz 48 HALF-DAY FOR ALL THE STUDENTS. -Inauguration Day Ianuary 20 DAVID R. KNEE GENERAL Dave was a member of the football team all three years . . . participated in intramural basketball the last two years . .. home room president senior year .. . intends to be a truckdriver. NAOMI H. KNEE BUSINESS EDUCATION lvfimi was a majorette junior and senior years . . . goes for jeff Chandler in a big way . . . fond of skating and swimming . . . enjoys Big Payoff on TV. ROSE KNOB BUSINESS EDUCATION admiLs overworking the expression "You've had it" . . . indulges in writing letters, roller skating, and swimming dis- likes people who talk too much favorite subject, mathematics plans to become a secretary. RUSSELL T. KOHUTH . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Russ was well known for his gymnastics, appeared in two annual shows . .. won first prize in talent show junior year plans to enlist in air force, then carve a career in the FBI. WILLIAM N. KOPP VOCATIONAL Bill is crazy over Bing Crosby, steak, and football is entertained by watching Hit Parade on TV . . . has a practical hobby of repairing things . .. intends to become a plumber. CHARLES R. KRAUSE GENERAL Chuck was a pitcher on the baseball team sophomore year . .. presi- dent of English class junior year squad leader jun- ior year . . . wants to play professional baseball. RONALD F. KRAUSE COLLEGE PREP Ronnie loves to devour turkey can often be found indulging in his favorite pastimes hunting and fishing rpends spare moments working on his gun collection . . . favorie subject, history. DAWNIANNELLE M. KUSHNER GENERAL .. . Dawn sang in the chorus junior year . .. ardent lover of l-lelda Lewis's works very fond of Rock Hudson pet peeve, conceited boys . . . hopes to work for Sylvania. MARY E. KUTZATOSKI . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . active in intramural sports and Pyramid Club sophomore year majorette senior year is vexed by nasty people often heard saying "Don't wanna hear it" . . . wants to become a commercial secretary. BARBARA A. LAIRD BUSINESS EDUCATION Babs makes a hobby of collecting movie stars' pictures crazy over Martin and Lewis uses expression "You know it" indulges in hamburgers and French fries. CAROL I. LAMBERSON BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. a member of Miss Eberle's chorus sophomore year active in Youth Fellowship last two years . . . overworks "Let's face it" lists business law as a favorite sub- ject . ,. also enjoys Carolyn Keene and Bob Hope. IOYCE LAMONT BUSINESS EDUCATION loy lists German as her best subject delights in eating French fries . .. gets her exercise by playing badminton loves to watch Martin and Lewis doesn't think much of restless people. Knee, D. Knee, N. Knob Kohuth Kopp Krause, C. Krause, R. Kushner Kutzatoski Laird Lamberson Lamont 49 Lang Lantz, I. Lantz, R. Laratonda Lardieri, C. Lardieri, P. Lasher Lawruk Leader Leap Lear, D. Lear, I. BOWS AND ARROWS CAN BE USED FLORRIE D. LANG GENERAL . .. Florrie loves Mar- tin and Lewis home room representative junior and senior years prefers chicken and French fries often heard saying "Ya hate me" . .. can't stand people who are late. IEMMINGS M. LANTZ COLLEGE PREP sports and cooking rate tops with jimmy . . . played home room basketball three years loathes tardy people president of I-Ii-Y Club senior year plans to study hotel management after graduation. RUTH A. LANTZ . .. GENERAL . .. Ruth participated in Pyramid Club senior year . . . served on hall patrol when a junior . .. member of Horseshoe staff senior year . . . passes the time by serving and cooking. DOLORES I. LARATONDA BUSINESS EDUCATION Dolly prefers reading, ice cream, and Iune Allyson . .. member of Future Business Leaders of America Club junior and senior years . .. can't stand slow people. CECELIA A. LARDIERI BUSINESS EDUCATION relishes steak and Burt Lancaster . . . avoids people who show off spends her spare time at the movies . .. uses the expression "Oh brother" often .. . desires office work for the future. PHYLLIS I. LARDIERI . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Phil dances and watches TV for recreation often heard saying "Get going" .. . conceited people irritate her .. . sang in chorus junior and senior years .. . enjoys Arthur Godfrey, French fries, and football. IANET LASHER . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Torchy is fond of Alan Ladd and softball usually says "Alrighty" . . . lists physical education as favorite subject . . . would like to go into the Service. ADAM S. LAWRUK VOCATIONAL Ierry Lewis and Marilyn Monroe are tops with Adam often re- peats "That's crazy" derives pleasure from hunting and baseball appreciates mathematics to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad is his ambition. C. RICHARD LEADER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Dick was football manager sophomore year and squad leader sophomore and junior years secretary and treasurer of Boys' Federation senior year enjoys science and football . . . aspires to a teaching career. CHRISTOPHER T. LEAP VOCATIONAL Chris loves shop, model building, basketball, and Alan Ladd states "Don't want to hear it" is pet expression spends his spare hours working intends to enlist in the Air Force. DOROLA I. LEAR BUSINESS EDUCATION Deet was business manager of Compass staff junior year enjoys shorthand, swimming, and reading favorite author, Booth Tarkington lists tap dancing as hobby . . . hopes to become a secretary. IOHN W. LEAR VOCATIONAL Barbara Stan- wyck, physics, and volleyball intrigue Chick selects model ship building as hobby spends spare time fishing frequently says "That's the way the ball bounces" . . . looks forward to Penn State. 1953 Seniors FOR BOTH STATIONARY AND MOVING TARGETS. CUPID ALWAYS KNEW THAT. C. MAX LECHNER VOCATIONAL Nook is often heard saying "Holy Smokes" claims spaghetti as favorite food and baseball as favorite sport prefers the Comedy Hour on TV . .. would like to join the Navy. WALTER D. LEE VOCATIONAL Walter is par- tial to books by Ellery Oueen treats himself to ham- burgers fond of working in the shops makes much of Arthur Godfrey lists favorite sport as base- ball. DONNA L. LEGO COLLEGE PREP sang in a Cappella and annual show senior year active in chorus sophomore and junior years makes a hobby of collecting souvenirs ardent fan of Margaret Mit- chel1's . . . plans to become a nurse. MARIORIE A. LEGO COLLEGE PREP Margie was active in intramural sports, Pyramid Club, and dra- matics all three years executive committee senior year member of Future Teachers of America sopho. more and junior years plans to become a physical education instructor. ELEANOR L. LEHMAN COLLEGE PREP El was a member of the Ushers' Club, intramural sports, and Mr. Bohn's chorus junior and senior years partici- pated in Pyramid Club senior year wants to go to nursing school. LOIS R. LEHNIAN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . active in Ushers' Club and hall patrol for two years con- stantly saying "Shucks" . .. finds pleasure in music and roller skating abhors conceited people would like to be a secretary. -Paid Assembly February 5 LEO B. LEOPOLD COLLEGE PREP Lee was on the Mountain Echo and Horseshoe staff home room representative senior year helped with production of English play and annual show .. . secretary of junior English class. DONNA G. LESLIE . .. COLLEGE PREP .. . participated in Ushers' Club senior year . .. helped on senior decor- ating committees member of Future Teachers of America junior year and Bowling Club sophomore year . . . cannot endure sloppy people. BENIAMIN I. LEVINE, IR. COLLEGE PREP Ben played intramural sports all three years member of executive committee senior year active in TAP jun- ior and senior years .. . after graduation plans to study law. LEO I. LIDWELL VOCATIONAL enjoys reading Bret I-larte's books prefers l've Got A Secret on TV show-offs give him a pain lists shops, baseball, and movies as favorites considers Ierry Lewis top movie star. DORIS M. LIMBERT COLLEGE PREP Doris par- ticipated in a Cappella and annual show . . . home room vice president senior year . .. hall patrol monitor junior year loves the dancing of Marge and Gower Cham- pion wishes to attend business school. EDWARD M. LINDSEY VOCATIONAL Ted en' joys boxing on TV . . . lists favorites as history, sleeping, and Gary Cooper admits overworking "You all" . .. pet peeve is untruthful people plans to work in San Francisco, California. Lechner Lee Lego, D. Lego, M Lehman, E. Lehman, L. Leopold Leslie Levine Lidwell Limbert Lindsey 51 Lingenfelter Lockard, Rich. Lockard, Ron. Loechner Long Lonsinger, E. Lonsinger, I. Lorenzen Loucks ROBERT C. LINGENFELTER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Link played in intramural sports three years member of band sophomore and junior years member of track team junior and senior years delights in pizza pie . . . hopes to attend college. RICHARD L. LOCKARD VOCATIONAL Dick played home room basketball three years member of football squad sophomore year favorites include mathematics, French fries, and Red Skelton hates tardy people ambition, to work for Penelec. RONALD M. LOCKARD VOCATIONAL Reading and drawing rate tops with Louis can't live without French fries enjoys reading books by jules Verne lists geometry and mechanical drawing as favorite subjects . . . desires to be a draftsman. IOHN I.. LOECHNER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . john doesn't have a favorite television program or a movie star indulges in chicken loves to do his mathematics often says "For the birds" plans to work in a test plant. EDNA M. LONG GENERAL Eddie spends her spare time reading favorite foods include chicken and French fries may be heard saying "My gosh!" enjoys watching I Love Lucy on TV goes for Farley Granger. EDWARD L. LONSINGER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Ed was captain of his home room basketball team enjoys books by Robert L. Stevenson prefers john Wayne and bowling spends spare time working hopes to take up an apprenticeship. 1953 Seniors Loudon Lucas Luke IOYCE L. LONSINGER . . . GEORGE-BRADEN . . . Io was vice president oi Y-Teens sophomore year vexed by show-offs swoons over Iohn Wayne can be found watching Chance Of A Lifetime intends to en- ter nurses' training in Altoona. V. IOHN LORENZEN COLLEGE PREP Iohnny played home room basketball dislikes flighty girls fond of Humphrey Bogart and steak often heard saying "Let's face it" plans to join the Navy enjoys English class. IOAN P. LOUCKS BUSINESS EDUCATION Doe Doe doesn't have a favorite television program as- pires to a career as a typist has a longing for pork chops . . . lists office practice as her favorite subject. HELEN L. LOUDON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Helen leans toward typing as favorite subject . . . derives pleasure from dancing moons over Dale Robertson spends spare time watching I Love Lucy on TV hopes to work in an office, HAROLD L. LUCAS COLLEGE PREP Luke par- ticipated in dramatics three years played basket- ball first two years at AHS member of executive committee belonged to I-Ii-Y Club senior year plans to ily for Air Corps. SARA E. LUKE BUSINESS EDUCATION Reading books by O. Henry and eating hamburgers rate tops with her often repeats "Your turn's coming" ab' hors tardy people . . . lists salesmanship as favorite sub- ject . . . wants to be a secretary. "THE FORTUNE TELLER" BROUGHT US GYPSIES, SINGING, DANCING GIRLS, LAUGHTER, 52 IAMES H. LYNCH VOCATIONAL Slim makes much of mashed potatoes and grilled cheese sandwiches friends hear often "Holy smoke!" likes the late movies on TV prefers history hopes to join the Navy. ROBERT L. LYNN . . . GENERAL . . . Bob was gym squad leader and participated in intramural basketball three years . . . enjoys Audie Murphy and viewing wrestling on TV likes sports, particularly softball plans to work at Altoona Tribune. SHIRLEY D. LYSINGER . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION Shirley dislikes people who talk too much math is a favorite drools over spaghetti and meatballs enjoys playing ping pong plans on going to the Sal- vation Army Training College in 1954. MARGARET R. LYTLE .. . GENERAL . . . Margie was a member of the Pyramid Club likes Boston Blackie Show on TV sewing, skating, and dancing are fav- orite pastimes . . . really goes for French fries . . . enjoys crafts. DONALD E. MCCANN BUSINESS EDUCATION Red was a member of the l-Ii-Y Club his junior year .. . sang with a Cappella sophomore and senior years was in annual show sophomore year likes turkey with trimmings. MARILYN A. MCCAULEY .. . COLLEGE PREP Mari- lyn was a member of the Fellowship Club sophomore year and in the chorus senior year relishes French fries . . . dislikes tardiness . . . hopes to become a school teacher . . . likes math. EDWIN L. MCCONNELL . . . GENERAL . . . Ed played ine tramural basketball three years . .. served as a junior home room representative .. . sports, particularly base- ball and boxing, are interests dislikes lady drivers . . . loves chili con carne. SAMUEL G. MCCRACKEN VOCATIONAL Sam participated in intramural basketball his sophomore and junior years . .. enjoys Hit Parade, Ierry Lewis .. . pre- fers Zane Grey's writings relishes pork chops radio experimenting, camping, and fishing are main in- terests. MARLENE I. MCCREERY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Marlene likes Piper Laurie and the Hit Parade de- tests prevaricators . .. enjoys dancing, watching TV and basketball games . . . friends often hear "You know it" . . . has a yen for spaghetti. GEORGE M. MCGINNIS GENERAL . . . George par- ticipated in cross country junior year and in basketball his first two years . .. photography, swimming and bas- ketball are interests raves over Za Za Gabor vexed by giggling girls. MARGUERITE A. MCGRAW BUSINESS EDUCATION Peg's forever saying "That's tough" , .. moons over left Chandler . . . enjoys I Love Lucy, movies, and foot- ball dislikes showsofis . .. is partial to spaghetti and meatballs wishes to be a secretary. SHIRLEY I. McGRAW BUSINESS EDUCATION Shirley served as her sophomore home room president and as a junior home room secretary played intra- mural sports first two years likes sewing, reading, swimming and baseball has a yen for French fries. AND A NO ACCOUNT COUNT. -Annual Show February 6, 7 Lynch Lynn Lysinger Lytle McCann McCauley McConnell McCracken McCreery McGinnis McGraw, M McGraw, S. 53 "U Q McGregor Mclntyre McKerihan McKinney McLucas McNeel McSorley Madden Maier Mangiacarne Marchi Martin, D. 54 PATRICIA K. MCGREGOR BUSINESS EDUCATION Pat was home room representative senior year craves spaghetti and French fries . . . thinks I Love Lucy, math, and lune Allyson are tops plans to be airline hostess. IANET L. MCINTYRE BUSINESS EDUCATION member of a Cappella sophomore year took active part on Horseshoe staff two years , . . participated in sci- ence fair snobbish people annoy her finds psy- chology interesting plans to be a stenographer. BETTY L. MCKERIHAN . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . appeared in English play sophomore year active in annual show two years can be heard saying "Here, here now!" . . . exercised vocal cords in a Cappella . . . goinq to Penn State. CAROL A. MCKINNEY BUSINESS EDUCATION active in intramural sports sophomore year moons over Guy Madison . . . home room secretary three years claims swimming, Show of Shows, and typing fav orites hopes to marry after graduation. IOSEPH V. MCLUCAS BUSINESS EDUCATION loe enjoys watching Martin and Lewis on television delights in seeing Doris Day films and eating apple pie loathes mispronunciation of his last name wishes to work for government. W. RONALD MCNEEI. GENERAL member of or- chestra and band .. . well remembered as part of tumb- ling team active in YMCA activities president of Westminster Fellowship among his favorites are Marilyn Monroe, shrimp, and science. MARGARET C. MCSORLEY BUSINESS EDUCATION Margie prefers chicken with the trimmings, busi- ness English, and swimming idolizes Charlton Hes- ton enjoys seeing Hit Parade on TV plans on working in an office after graduation. ANNA E. MADDEN . . . GENERAL . . . Ann enjoys read- ing Louisa Mae Alcott's books zealous in algebra spends much time roller skating and crocheting states ham and veal cutlets are her weaknesses adores Bing Crosby. IRENE T. MAIER . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . aspires to work at Bell Telephone chooses math as favorite subject always ready to eat turkey and mashed po- tatoes ardent football fan swoons over jeff Chandler. IANE A. MANGIACARNE . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . well remembered as cheerleader two years . . . faith- ful member of Boosters' Club sophomore year . . . relishes fried chicken . . . enjoyed duty on hall patrol . . . idolizes jeff Chandler. LEO A. MARCHI COLLEGE PREP finds a thrill in hunting and fishing as a pastime ardent base- ball fan can't resist ice cream reads Zane Grey books with pleasure would like to enter college loves history. DARCHIE MARTIN VOCATIONAL remembered for his rugged action on the gridiron . , . was home room president two years active on l. V. basketball team and track squad participated in Hi-Y activities ambition, physical education instructor. THE BOYS' FEDERATION HAD RING Martin, L. Martz Massabni Massaro Masters Mayhue Meehan Megahan Mehaftie Meister Mengel Menza LUCILLE R. MARTIN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . member of Ushers' Club and Boosters' Club .. . program chairman of FBLA . . . is irritated by inconsiderate people claims Arthur Godfrey is favorite TV program loves to dance would like secretarial work. ROBERT W. MARTZ . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Bob was in English department play two years . . . in dramatics and intramural sports three years loathes a person who brags . .. prefers English . . . enjoys Robert Montgomery Presents . . . plans to enter college. I-'ADLO M. MASSABNI . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . active in track and intramural basketball two years exclaims "You know it" is a Marilyn Monroe fan claims track and field as favorite sports prizes algebra intends to teach mathematics. EUGENE A. MASSARO VOCATIONAL Oggie can be heard saying "Well, that's life" drools over steak sickened by people who talk too much takes pleasure in baseball and math watches Com- edy Hour on TV. IAMES H. MASTERS VOCATIONAL lim is fond of beefsteak ardent admirer of Mark Twain quotes "Ready" quite often fascinated by George Raft prefers history hopes to be an electronic engineer. NANCY L. MAYHUE BUSINESS EDUCATION Nance abhors stuck-up boys a Clark Gable fan cares for English, dancing, and baseball finds pleas- ure in watching Two For The Money looks forward to being a telephone operator. SHIRLEY M. MEEHAN BUSINESS EDUCATION science honor roll sophomore year Rock Hudson fan detests tardy people delights in reading ex- presses "I don't wanna hear it" fond of swimming . . . indulges in steak and French fries. REBECCA I. MEGAHAN COLLEGE PREP Becky was active in chorus two years is vexed by stuck- up people is partial to dancing, bacteriology, and football . . . amused by I Love Lucy . .. plans to go into nursing. DONNA M. MEHAFFIE BUSINESS EDUCATION member of orchestra, a Cappella, TAP, Ushers' Club .. . executive committee sophomore and junior years in senior octet . .. participated in annual show three years desires to work for government. BEVERLY I. MEISTER COLLEGE PREP Bev played in intramural sports active in hall patrol finds horseback riding, drawing, and English pleasures dislikes homework has a yen for watermelon . . . adores Carleton Carpenter . . . intends to be a nurse. PAULINE I. MENGEL GENERAL cannot endure conceited people .. . admirer of Bing Crosby . . . fond of French fries likes to read Mark Twain enjoys watching TV often exclaims "You know it" pre- fers football and salesmanship. DANICE K. MENZA .. . COLLEGE PREP . . . cheerleader three years . . . active in Pyramid Club . . . admires Errol Flynn is partial to baseball, chemistry, and Hit Par- ade . .. enjoys painting .. . plans to go to Penn State. 1953 Seniors SIDE SEATS FOR THE 1952 OLYMPICS, RIGHT IN THE AUDITORIUM. 55 --Boys' Federation February 12 I 953 Seniors IS FRIDAY THE 13TH UNLUCKY? CHEERS, THRILLS, SPILLS, GOOD PLAYlNG-- AND GOOD IAMES S. MERRITT . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . limmie was elected vice president of Boys' Federation secretary of Hi-Y senior year . .. member oi Senate played in- tramural basketball three years is thinking of be- coming a dentist. WAYNE A. MICKEL . . . VOCATIONAL . . . enloys view ing The Life of Riley on TV collects sport magazines relithes French tries and steak likes to play foot- ball wants to work in a woodworking shop. DANIEL R. MILLER COLLEGE PREP Dan played in the AHS band three years in orchestra one year moans at people who are late finds pleasure in refinishing guns and hunting screams "That's for sure." IOHN A. MILLER VOCATIONAL loves to read Kipling's books favorites are ice cream and lootball goes for I-Iit Parade on TV appreciates science. IOHN I. MILLER VCCATIONAL lack lists Red Skelton as a favorite relishes chicken fancies American hisfory makes much of Iohn Wayne is crazy over football. IOHN O. MILLER VOCATIONAL is interested in collecting and putting puzzles together okays Iohn Wayne overworks "Jumping lenny" favorites are English, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes plans to join the Navy. LEE V. MILLER GENERAL Prof prizes Paul Win- chell and Ierry Mahoney on TV . . , sang in chorus three years participated in dramatics first two years interested in radio and TV announcing. PATRICIA A. MILLER BUSINESS EDUCATION Patty sang with the a Cappella in The Fortune Teller . . . home room president junior year home room repree senta ive sophomore year sighs over Ie-H Chandler . . . loves to dance. PAULINE M. MILLER GEORGE-BARDEN Polly participated in intramural sports last year swoons over Charlton Heston shouts "For Pete's sake" at conceited people is partial to swimming ...inter- ested in becoming a nurse. RALPH E. MILLER GENERAL Ralphie was elected home room president and representative first two years played basketball as a sophomore would rather sleep and eat than do anything else wants to become a Marine. RUTH E. MILLER GEORGE-BARDEN in Pyramid Club as a senior participated in intramural sports first and last years in chorus as a sophomore and junior . .. loves to sew .. . plans to be a nurse. SAUNDRA H. MILLER BUSINESS EDUCATION home room secretary senior year in Y-Teens first two years member of Future Teachers of America sophomore year participated in intramural sports. Merritt Mickel Miller, D. Miller. Iohn A. Miller. Iohn I. Miller, Iohn O. Miller, L. Miller, Patricia Miller, Pauline Miller, Ralph Miller, Ruth Miller, S. 56 LUCK- ALTOONA 62, WINDBER 57. -Basketball - Altoona vs. Windber February 13 RONALD I. MILLS VOCATIONAL loe's forever uttering "Crazy" cars are tops with him both as a hobby and as pastime spaghetti is a favorite Mickey Spillane's writings rate plans to be sheet metal worker. ROBERT D. MITCHELL COLLEGE PREP Mitch was a member and served as treasurer of Hi-Y Club dur- ing senior year was home room president . . . played home room basketball all three years is irritated by homework. BEVERLY G. MOHLER GEOHGEABARDEN Bev has sung with chorus all three years spaghetti and meatballs are favorites . .. constantly says "Oh, broth- er!" . . . football rates high . . . detests snobs . . . prefers I Love Lucy on TV. CARROLL A. MOORE . .. GENERAL ., . Carroll was a member of the chorus during sophomore and junior years . . . prefers to roller skate and swim . . . is vexed by con- ceited people . . . cares for Ieanne Crain and French fries. IOHN W. MORTON . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . jack played in band all three years chemistry is his favorite subs ject sports, especially baseball, appeal to him friends hear "Hello, Ace" . .. on TV prefers l Love Lucy . . . loves breaded veal. DONNA C. MUIR GENERAL . .. Donna sang with chorus all three years . . . member of Ushers' Club while a senior . . . lames Street is a favorite . . . relishes French fries roller skating, bowling, and football are main interests. BARBARA A. MUMMERT . . . GEORGE-BARDEN , . . Barb was a member of Fellowship Club while a sophomore in chorus in her senior year can't stand giddy girls . . . plans to enter nurses' training loves steak and French fries. SANDRA L. MURI GEORGE-BARDEN Sandy worked in girls' attendance office three years Alan Ladd and TV show, I Love Lucy, are favorites is vexed by people who are late fancies French fries and hamburgers. IAMES L. MURRAY COLLEGE PREP Duke was sophomore and junior home room president and presi dent of English class played intramural basketball three years .. . daily gym squad leader junior and sen- ior years prefers steak and baked potatoes. GEORGE E. MUSSELMAN VOCATIONAL Bud plans to work in an auto shop . .. crazy over Marilyn Monroe sports, particularly football, and cars are tops relishes spaghetti friends hear "Hi-ya" likes Comedy Hour on TV. DOROTHY I. MUSSER BUSINESS EDUCATION Dottie's forever saying "Boy!" . .. prefers algebra and English . . . spends lots of time listening to the radio and playing tennis and croquet . . . enjoys steak and French fries . . . a Liz Taylor fan. IAMES A. MUSSER COLLEGE PREP lim is par- tial to French fries on TV, prefers Dragnet Ken- neth Roberts' writings are his favorite enjoys bas- ketball games wishes to work for Westinghouse in future . . . likes trigonometry. Mills Mitchell Mohler Moore Morton Muir Mummert Muri Murray Musselman Musser, D. Musser, I. 57 Mutzabaugh Myers, H. Myers, M. Myers, R. Nabers Nagle, C. Nagle, I. Nardelli Nearhoof Nebgen Neil Nevel TWELVE GRADES ALMOST FINISHED THOMAS O. MUTZABAUGH . . . GENERAL . . . Mutz was president of his senior English class captain of home room basketball team second year . . . enjoys prob- lems of democracy, drawing, and table tennis. HELEN E. MYERS . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . in a Cappella first two years partial to chemistry, bowling, and crab cakes sewing and Robert Taylor rate high hopes to continue in math education. MARLENE L. MYERS BUSINESS EDUCATION member of FBLA last two years, president senior year took part in intramural sports sophomore and junior years on refreshment committee of junior class. ROBERT M. MYERS COLLEGE PREP Bob was on track team second and third years in band as a sophomore and junior played in intramural sports first and third years . .. his hope is to attend college. MATTIE L. NABERS BUSINESS EDUCATION Miss Cool was in intramural sports all three years likes to dance and play ball enjoys shorthand, foot- ball, and munching on sweet potatoes. CLETA I. NAGLE BUSINESS EDUCATION presi- dent of home room during sophomore year fancies dancing, shorthand, and swimming loves watching television favors Cornell Wilde and spaghetti her pet peeve is people who are late. M. IOANNE NAGLE BUSINESS EDUCATION lo loves drawing, bacteriology and pizza pie prefers dancing with ? . . . reads books by Charles Dickens and adores basketball may often be heard saying "Oh no!" CARMELINA C. NARDELLI GEORGE-BARDEN Carm sang in the chorus first and third years home room secretary senior year likes English, chicken, and skating . ,. wants to be a telephone operator. LESLIE A. NEAR!-IOOF . . . COLLEGE PREP . . , Bud was in both band and orchestra all three years . . . in annual show as a senior played clarinet in quartet in intramural basketball senior year. MARLENE I. NEBGEN . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . in Pyramid Club and intramural sports all three years skiing, dancing, and French fries are favorites her hobby is collecting four leaf clovers ambition is to do office work. DOROTHY I. NEIL BUSINESS EDUCATION Dot was in a Cappella first year on hall patrol junior year worked in science office third year mem' ber of FBLA last two years. STANLEY I. NEVEL VOCATIONAL lake prefers lack I..ondon's books watches Arthur Godfrey on TV enjoys eating steak claims Iohn Wayne as fav- orite movie star football is his favorite sport. 1953 Seniors NOW MAYBE FOUR MORE. WHAT DOES COLLEGE REQUIRE IN CREDlTS-- AND CASH? B. IOAN NICHELSON BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . Ioan was assistant home room secretary senior year member of Fellowship Club writing stories cmd poems, reading, and swimming are main interests dislikes broken promises .. .wishes to become a secre- tary. RICHARD I. NICODEMUS VOCATIONAL Nick enjoys The Lone Ranger on TV shrinks from ner- vous people has a yen for roast beef a Humph- rey Bogart fan likes to collect guns and to hunt and fish. ROBERT D. NOEL. IR. VOCATIONAL. Bob was home room representative sophomore and junior years prefers Red Skelton on TV and Iohn Wayne in movies favorite food, steaks likes skating and hunting . . . enjoys football. SANDRA I. NOEL BUSINESS EDUCATION Sonny sang with chorus sophomore year . .. "Not even" constantly heard by friends Hit Parade and Tony Curtis are favorites . .. loves ice cream plans to be a telephone operator. MATHETTA A. NOLL GEORGE-BARDEN served as senior English class secretary is irritated by con- ceited people Dragnet and Esther Williams consid- ered tops fancies pork chops likes sports and swimming. BETTY M. NOON . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . worked in main office two years and in girls' attendance office senior year member of Fellowship Club for three years and served as president sophomore year . . . home room representative. -College Conference March 19 BONNIE A. NORRIS GENERAL Bonnie enjoys viewing TV, especially I Remember Mama. . .has a yen for pizza pie . . . a Doris Day fan . . . art and football are interests Pennsylvania history is a favorite. G. EDWARD OAST COLLEGE PREP Ed was a member of hall patrol junior year . .. played intramural basketball three years and was captain sophomore and senior years . . . served as football manager three years . . . enjoys a steak dinner. BARBARA A. O'DONALD COLLEGE PREP Bar- bara served as cheerleader three years, captain senior year sang with a Cappella and took part in annual show all three years senior home room vice presi- dent . . . enjoys dancing. MARILYN I. OLSON . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . .. Jeannie was a member of I-Ii-Y Club sophomore year . . . relishes spaghetti . . . loves to read, skate, and attend movies . . . peeved by broken promises . . . plans to enter nurses' training . . . a Dale Robertson fan. MARILYN I. ORBERG . . . GEORGEABARDEN . . . Marilyn sang with the a Cappella sophomore year member of Ushers' Club junior and senior years .. . dancing and sports, especially basketball, are main interests .. . likes I Love Lucy show. IAMES I. OSWALD . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Duke played intramural basketball a Hi-Y member dislikes silly girls adores Marilyn Monroe enjoys art, writing, and basketball games would like to tour the world . . . loves turkey. Nichelson Nicodemus Noel, R. Noel, S. Noll Noon Norris Oast O'Donald Olson Orberg Oswald 59 Over, Paul Over, Phyllis Overdorff Park Parker Parrish Patterson, D. Patterson, I. Perry Peterman Peters, D. - Peters, N. J, PAUL W. OVER VOCATIONAL Paul often watches Colgate Comedy Hour lists woodwork, sports, and hoalth as favorites played home room basketball Sophomore and junior years wishes to become a state policeman. DOLORES R. PATTERSON BUSINESS EDUCATION Dee lists dancing, movies, and football as favorites dislikes people who are late overworks expres- sion "lsn't that cute?" enjoys hearing Doris Day hopes to be a secretary. IAMES D. PATTERSON VOCATIONAL Dan's preferences include football, electricity, and Ernie Pyle loves to talk to his buddies takes pleasure in drawing . . . watches Dragnet on TV . . . intends to be an electrician. PHYLLIS I. OVER BUSINESS EDUCATION Phyll is peeved by slow people president of home room ronhoniore yoar . .. finds pi7za pie delectable ... enjoys Esther Williams, readina magazines, and swimming froguently says "What's this?" BARBARA A. PERRY GEORGE-BARDEN offered her services as a nurse's aid lists bacteriology as favorite subject spends her spare time reading or watching I Love Lucy on television expects to become a nurse, IOAN R. OVERDORFF . .. COLLEGE PREP lo reads and swims in her spare time social service chair- man of Girls' League senior year . ,. member of Ushers' Club junior and senior years Sang in a Cappella sophomore year. DANIEL S. PETERMAN VOCATIONAL hunting, fishing, and steak intrigue Pete played football jun- ior and senior years . . . likes to watch the Comedy Hour on television . . . prefers history . . . often says "Ok" . . . hopes to be a florist. DARLYNN I. PETERS . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . accompan- ist for girls' chorus all three years in Art Display Club sophomore year swoons over Gene Kelly lists the Hit Parade, music, and spaghetti as favorites . . . plans to go in training. NANCY T. PARK COLLEGE PREP member of Ushers' Club senior year in a Cappella sophomore year abhors tardy people enjoys chemistry, steak, and football ... idolizes Robert Wagner ... ambi- tion. to become an elementary teacher. EUGENE C. PARKER GENERAL I-lughie played football three years active in basketball and track sophomore year served in Senate senior year often says "What a riot" likes lerry Lewis in- tends to be a teacher. PATRICIA L. PARRISH GEORGE-BARDEN Pattie helped in nurses office senior year president of sophomore home room watches I Love Lucy on TV sang in chorus junior year prefers spaghetti and meatballs . , . desires to join WAP. 1953 Seniors IN THE SPRING A YOUNG MAN'S FANCY TURNS TO SOME NANCY I.. PETERS GENERAL Nan sang in the chorus junior and senior years member of street patrol senior year pet expression is "Oh great" fancies French fries and hamburgers president of sophomore English class. 60 YOUNG LAWRENCE A. PETTENATI VOCATIONAL Pet treats himself to books by Iack London thinks Mari- lyn Monroe is tops hates people who are too con- ceited . .. prefers American history to other subjects . . . hopes to become an auto mechanic. FIORE A. PIZZINO . . . GENERAL . . . Babe played in the band and in intramural basketball all three years member of track team sophomore year was football manager junior and senior years , .. senior class execu- tive committee sophomore home room president. ROBERT E. POESCHL BUSINESS EDUCATION Bob is partial to I Love Lucy on TV . .. fond of working in the garden spends spare moments watching tele- vision . .. favorite subject, bookkeeping . .. relishes French fries. PATRICIA A. PORTER COLLEGE PREP Patty was a member of Senate, Academy of Science, and wn: home room representative senior year . . . appeared in English play junior and senior years sang with a Cappella all three years. IOHN R. POWLEY COLLEGE PREP executive committee, stage manager junior and senior years vice president of FTA . . . editor-in-chief of Horseshoe . . . member of Senaie senior year designed set for "A Date With Iudy." R. RUSSELL PRICE .. . VOCATIONAL Russ was captain of the I. V. football team and president of English cla's his senior year uses "I don't want to hear it" repeatedly . .. is irritated by stuck-up girls. PATRICIA L. PRINGLE GEORGE-BARDEN Pal was member of Pyramid Club and took part in inlramural sports sophomore year sang in chorus sophomore and junior years secretary of sophomore and junior English classes squad leader second year. THELMA L. PRITCHARD , . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . admits overworking the expression, "Who-o, me?" prefers I Love Lucy on TV abominates people that are tardy . .. names math as favorite subject and Pearl Buck as favorite author. BOB A. PUCKEY . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . prizes working on anything mechanical watches Herb Shriner fre- guently on TV claims Doris Day as favorite movie star and football as favorite sport plans to join the Air Force. GRACE M. PULCINE BUSINESS EDUCATION Gracie worked in the English office senior year ac- tive in Pyramid Club played ping pong spends spare moments cooking . . . prefers I-Iit Parade on TV . . . moved to Chicago senior year. WARREN S. PYLES . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Skip played in the band all three years and intramural basketball first two years .. . president of Academy of Science .. . captain of TAP home room representative junior year. CHARLES B. QUERRY VOCATIONAL Charlie often utters "Man a1ive" pet peeve, a slow person guns are his hobby lists as favorites baseball, hunting, shops, and Iohn Wayne wants to take up cabinet work. WOMAN AND VICE-VERSA. -Easter Vacation April 2 - 8 Pettenati Pizzino Poeschl Porter Powley Price Pringle Pritchard Puckey Pulcine Pyles Ouerry 61 Raichle Ralston Ramer Reagan Reagen, P. Reagen, T. Reeder Reese Regenbogen Reifsteck Renner Restauri ROY RAICHLE VOCATIONAL Roy spends his spare time drawing heard uttering "Yeah" quite often .. . enjoys Buick Circus Hour on TV . .. has a yen for French fries and breaded veal football is a fav- orite. MORRISON C. RALSTON COLLEGE PREP Bud was on the chemistry honor roll in his junior year science is a major interest . .. enjoys inventing gadgets . .. fancies parfait pie plans to join the Navy after graduation. BARBARA Y. RAMER BUSINESS EDUCATION Barr was a senior home room president and sophomore home room secretary member of Pyramid Club sophomore and senior years a Martin and Lewis fan friends hear "Ya hate me" loves spaghetti. CAROLE A. REAGAN BUSINESS EDUCATION Riggie was squad leader while a junior swimming and reading books are main interests an "I Love Lucy" and Esther Williams fan "Here ya go" is pet expression . . . fancies spaghetti. PAUL A. REAGEN VOCATIONAL Paul plans to study electrical engineering Rudyard Kipling's writ- ings considered tops . .. loves chili con came . . . model railroading and playing cards are pastimes . .. Show of Shows and Audie Murphy are favorites plans to attend college. THOMAS E. REAGEN COLLEGE PREP Tom played home room basketball senior year squad leader junior and senior years fond of Philco TV Playhouse cherishes books by lohn Steinbeck plans to join the merchant marine. WILLIAM E. REEDER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Bill played football and intramural basketball three years . . . served on Senate three years vice president of sophomore class home room president junior and senior years health and gym teacher in future. THOMAS B. REESE GENERAL Tom played with orchestra and band participated in school basket- ball member of dance band relishes wild rabbit crazy over Marilyn Monroe music and sports are main interests. IRIS Z. REGENBOGEN . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Sis played basketball and served as captain three years sang with chorus three years participated in intramural sports sophomore and junior years hopes to attend college. ROBERT R. REIFSTECK VOCATIONAL Bob played on home room basketball team all three years is irritated by girls smoking loves turkey basketball is a major interest hopes to work for Penelec. KENNETH E. RENNER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Ed played intramural basketball three years . . . in sophomore year took part in English Department play . . . dramatics member first two years . . . a Show ol Shows and Dennis Day fan . . . relishes turkey. DENNIS G. RESTAURI COLLEGE PREP . . . Denny played football senior year member of band three years worked in girls' attendance office junior year likes Marilyn Monroe fancies pork chops and French fries plans to attend college. ELECTRONICS, NUCLEAR FISSION, HORMONES Rhine Rhodes, A. Rhodes, R. Rhule Richie Rightnour Riley, D. Riley, I. Riley, I. Rishell Robbins, M. Robbins, T. GEORGE T. RHINE COLLEGE PREP sophomore class treasurer member of senate sophomore year captain on TAP likes playing basketball enjoys Groucho Marx often says "You bet" de- tests impatient people . .. plans to attend college. ANNA B. RHODES . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . enjoys wrestling matches . . . idolizes Esther Williams . . . treats herself to spaghetti partial to books by Zane Grey . . . cares for history . . . has an aversion to tardy people . . . intends to get married. RICHARD E. RHODES COLLEGE PREP Dick de- ights in Abbott and Costello likes to play basketball enjoys jeff Chandler and Spanish class favors books by lack London relishes turkey hopes to join Navy. THOMAS E. RHULE GENERAL enjoys football adores lane Russell likes to collect stamps very talkative people leave him cold . . . wishes to enter college or Service . .. says "That's the way the old ball bounces." REGINA M. RICHIE . .. GENERAL .. . Ieanie was home room secretary two years goes in for dancing it's Stewart Granger in movies enjoys eating fried chicken loathes conceited people prefers Iames Street's works . . . office work is her goal. SALLY L. RIGHTNOUR . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION enjoys I Love Lucy on TV loves horseback riding and basketball .. . idolizes Bing Crosby . .. favors gym classes shudders at tardy people is collecting for hope chest wishes to be a buyer. DEAN O. RILEY . .. GENERAL . .. Dino was home room representative . .. played home room basketball sopho- more year . band senior go into televi .. served on hall patrol junior year in year likes to play tennis hopes to sion. IRMA F. RILEY GEORGE-BARDEN took part in annual show sophomore year . . . prefers Gulf Plays house adores Debra Reynolds . .. bacteriology class is best . .. loves to eat French fries .. . this future nurse detests tardy people. IOSEPH I. RILEY GENERAL Ioe played home room basketball junior year enjoys stamp collecting and eating is partial to English class declares Erskine Caldwell's books delightful idolizes Marilyn Monroe . . . has a yen for baseball. IAMES H. RISHELL VOCATIONAL lim delights in hunting and sports, especially baseball prefers Gary Cooper treats himself to roast chicken en- joys himself in electric shop wishes to do electrical work upon graduation. MARGARET P. ROBBINS BUSINESS EDUCATION Robbie was a cheerleader senior year .. . active in Pyramid Clu b two years worked in main office sec- ond and third years "How about that" often comes from this future stenographer. TERRY I. ROBBINS . .. COLLEGE PREP . . . Iunior Acad- emy of Science junior and senior year . .. delights in art and reading is partial to chemistry class . .. prefers books by Mark Twain relishes steak plans to go to college 1953 Seniors MUTATIONS- ON WHOM WILL THE MANTLES OF EDISON, EINSTEIN, AND CARVER FALL? 63 -Science Fair April 25 1953 Seniors IT TAKES A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF BRASS TO GET ANYWHERE AND LENORA I. ROBERTO GEORGE-BARDEN home room president sophomore year . . . home room treasurer junior year disgusted by people who are late hopes to be a nurse thinks left Chandler is tops. PATRICIA R. ROBERTSON COLLEGE PREP Pat was home room representative sophomore and senior years . . . member of a Cappella . . . adores Mario Lanza is often heard saying 'Let me clue you" plans to be a nurse. DOROTHY M. RODDEY GEORGE-BARDEN member of table tennis and badminton team senior year spends her free time watching TV and saying "You know it" . . . just loves Rock Hudson. IOAN L. RODGERS GEORGE-BARDEN Io be- longed to chorus junior and senior years . . . names Carl Sandburg as favorite author thinks psychology is fun skating is this future telephone operator's favor- ite sport. T. ARLENE ROMPH GENERAL Skippy's favorite subject is typing thinks Audie Murphy is great can eat French fries most any time expects to take up photography after graduation. IOSEPH A. RONAN COLLEGE PREP lee partici- pated in track sophomore year in intramural basket- ball all three years . . . squad leader in gym three years thinks football and skating are tops hopes to go to college. DARLENE F. ROSE BUSINESS EDUCATION. . .mem- ber at Future Business Leaders of America junior and senior years eats ice cream all the time detests bad tempered people enjoys playing miniature golf. KARL R. ROSS COLLEGE PREP Ridgy was a member of orchestra and band all three years stu- dent director senior year in annual show and clari- net quartet senior year can't stand gushy girls. THOMAS B. ROTHRAUFF COLLEGE PREP Tom played intramural basketball sophomore and senior years in dramatics class sophomore year horse- back riding and history rate with him .. . plans on a ser- vice career . . . is often heard saying "All righty." SHIRLEY A. ROWE BUSINESS EDUCATION member of chorus senior year thinks complaining people are a menace prefers the Comedy Hour on TV French fries and pork chops are favorites with her. SHIRLEY L. ROYER BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . hall patrol junior year . . . in FBLA senior year . . . her hobby is drawing thinks Stewart Granger is tops ex- pects to do government work in future. DAVID S. RUBIN , . . BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . Donny played basketball for AZA all three years Zane Grey is his favorite author detests sloppy-looking girls dancing and Iudy I-Ioliday are tops with him home room representative junior year. 4 4 ., I ,NH A Nr A Roberto Robertson Roddey Rodgers Romph Ronan Rose Ross Rothrauti Rowe Boyer Rubin 64 OUR BAND CERTAINLY GOES PLACES. -Band Concert Spring 1953 LESTER F. RUDASILL . . . VOCATIONAL . .. Rudy pre- fers math to all his scholastic subjects . , . loves to spend time skating . .. in the sports field, chooses football as his favorite hopes to join Navy after graduation. IACK M.. RUFFING . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Captain Iack played basketball and baseball all three years . . . mem- ber of track and cross country teams senior year a steak and mashed potatoes fan . .. a real sports enthu- siast. IOSEPH A. RUGGERY . . . VOCATIONAL Chook is an ardent Marilyn Monroe fan . . . collecting guns, sleep- ing, and football are main interests relishes chicken friends hear "What a dope" enjoys machine shop . . . hopes to join the Service. DONNA I. RUNK BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Don- na's found saying "No kidding" quite often loves French fries . . . dislikes conceited people I-Iit Par- ade and Charlton Heston rate as tops prefers busi- ness law , . . enjoys reading and football. HAZEL A. RUPERT COLLEGE PREP . .. Hazel sang with chorus three years . . . member of Ushers' Club sen- ior year . . . junior and senior home room representative . . . junior home room secretary . .. played intramural sports junior year. MARGARET W. RUSSELL . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Peggy sang with chorus three years . . . in annual show first two years . . . senior home room treasurer . . . served on hall patrol junior year . . . relishes steak and French fries. RICHARD L. RUSSELL . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Dick sang with a Cappella junior and senior years . . . appeared in annual show last year . . . took part in science fair sophomore year loves roast beef . .. enjoys reading and sports. DORIS I. RUTHERFORD . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Doris was a member of intramural sports three years in Pyramid Club last two years . . . sang in chorus senior year served on senior home room committee plans to enter nurses' training. ORTRUDE A. RUTTER BUSINESS EDUCATION Ortie enjoys painting and swimming I Love Lucy and Gregory Peck rate as tops prefers math relishes spaghetti wishes to obtain bookkeeping position. DOTTIE I. SALYARDS . . . GEORGE-BARDEN Dottie was junior home room representative member of intramural sports senior year sang in chorus dancing, baby-sitting, and football are main interests . . . wishes to become a nurse. CAROL T. SANTORA BUSINESS EDUCATION Carol is an Arthur Godfrey and a Gene Nelson fan .. . likes dancing, watching TV, and football dislikes noisy people . . . friends hear "You gotta go" . . . enjoys food in general . . . wishes to become a stenographer. THELMA L. SCHADLE COLLEGE PREP . .. Thelma enjoys cooking class more than any other . . . has a yen for hamburgers . . . says often "How tender" . . . intends to get married after finishing school. Rudasill Ruffing Ruggery Runk Rupert Russell, M. Russell, R. Rutherford Rutter Salyards Santora Schadle 65 Scheeler Schmeltzer Schroeder Schweitzer Seedenburg Sellers Semanak Shaefer Shaffer, I-I. Shaffer, I. Shamas Sharrar ALL THE MOTHERS AND THEI IOANNE B. SCHEELER BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. member of Girls' League standards committee was an usher last two years sang with a Cappella in the annual show as a senior in girls' quartet of a Cappella. GEORGE W. SCHMELTZER VOCATIONAL Bill enjoys watching wrestling on TV relishes spaghetti detests girls with short hair claims football as iavorite sport and auto shops as favorite subject plans to start his own auto business. WANDA T. SCHROEDER BUSINESS EDUCATION reporter on the Compass staff junior year par- ticipated in intramural sports first two years Hit Parade rates tops on TV plans to be an airline hos- tess. GENE L. SCHWEITZER COLLEGE PREP home room president and representative senior year . . . squad leader last year . .. president of world history class shouts "You know it!" . .. pet peeve is Shakespeare . . . loves spaghetti and meatballs. DANIEL M. SEEDENBURG VOCATIONAL Cap- tain of AXP sophomore year moans "For the birds" when he sees a girl enjoys reading Edgar A. Poe's books TV favorite is the Comedy Hour wants to join the Army. EDITH F. SELLERS . . . GENERAL .. . Adores Kate Smith on TV knows joy when dancing or eating spaghetti overworks "No kidding" sighs over Tony Curtis bones up on psychology hates talkative people. IOANN E. SEMANAK BUSINESS EDUCATION Semi belonged to the Swimming Club when a sopho- more loves I Love Lucy expresses herself with "You know it" adores Bing Crosby would like to be a telephone operator. FREDERIC V. SHAEFER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Fred re- ported for the Mountain Echo for three years was sports editor of the l952 papers . . . member of Academy of Science, vice-president junior year and treasurer sen- ior year. HAROLD R. SHAFFER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Bud enjoys shops, spaghetti, and swimming likes dating girls says okay for Stewart Granger when he has nothing else to say, comes out with "Cheese and crackers!" . . . would like to travel. F. IANE SHAFFER GEORGE-BARDEN Speed loves intramural sports sang with the chorus as a sophomore member of the Pyramid Club first two years home room president as a senior reads Gwen Bristow's books plans to be a nurse. PATRICIA A. SHAMAS , . . COLLEGE PREP . . . member of Ushers' Club, Pat also harmonized with the a Cap- pella in the annual show her senior year member of the Boosters' Club swoons over Charlton Heston . . . loves to dance. EDWARD B. SHARRAR VOCATIONAL Butch played basketball and baseball moans over women enjoys collecting girls' pictures likes working math problems says leff Chandler is his man plans to attend trade school. 1953 Seniors DAUGHTERS, ALL DRESSED UP SO NICELY, AND ALL ARE SO PROUD OF EACH OTHER. NANCY L. SHAW . .. GENERAL . .. member ot Art Dis- play Club as a senior . .. loves Show of Shows, Shakes- peare's books, and French fries hopes to go to a fashion school. PHYLLIS I. SHAWLEY .. . GEORGE-BARDEN . .. Duchess sang in chorus junior and senior years . . . dan- cing, movies, and baseball are main interests loves spaghetti and French fries . .. dislikes conceited people plans to be Bell Telephone operator. THOMAS A. SHELOW . . . GENERAL . . , Tom played in band three years and participated in intramural basket- ball junior and senior years delights in sauerkraut and mashed potatoes enjoys football and music .. . detests sneaky people. NANCY L. SHEW . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Nancy served as Mt. Echo editor on Quill and Scroll junior and senior years . . . member of FBLA, Ushers' Club, and TAP sang with a Cappella likes reading and sports. CHARLES E. SHIPE. IR. COLLEGE PREP Chuck played with the school band all three years art and sports, particularly football, are main interests rel- ishes chicken . . . girls smoking irritate him . .. Colgate Comedy Hour and Jerry Lewis rate high. DONALD A. SI-IUMA . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Don's heard uttering "Heh, Sam" frequently .. . prefers Bob Hope on TV and Alan Ladd in movies . . . thinks steak is tops . . . likes dancing and sports . . . plans to join Navy. -Mother and Daughter Banquet May 2 DONNA I. SILL COLLEGE PREP Donna served as her English class president attended dramatics class sophomore and junior years . . . drools over filled pork chops . . . interested in stock car races and dancing . . . likes left Chandler. ROBERT D. SILL COLLEGE PREP Bob played football three years and was captain his senior year . .. captain of cafeteria patrol member of baseball team junior year . . . in intramural basketball three years . . . loves lemon meringue pie. LOUIS P. SILVERMAN COLLEGE PREP Louie was president of English class and home room played baseball two years and intramural basketball junior and senior years a member of Iay-Vee foot- ball team senior year sang with a Cappella choir. VIOLA R. SIMPSON COLLEGE PREP Vi has a yen tor French tries . . . Arthur Godfrey and jeff Chand- ler are favorites . .. enjoys Zoology in school, collecting books, and attending movies friends hear "For Pete's sake" often. MARILOU SINGER BUSINESS EDUCATION Slowpoke served on Horseshoe two years member of Boosters' Club and chorus sophomore year a Iulius La Rosa fan friends hear "Down, boy" loves French fries and steak, dancing, and television. CARMELA A. SINISI BUSINESS EDUCATION Carmel hopes to obtain a government job irritated by flighty people . .. Dragnet and Mario Lanza are fav- orites considers sports, especially scooter ball, tops . .. says constantly "Ah, you're kidding" likes short- hand. Shaw Shawley Shelow Shew Shipe Shuma Sill, D. Sill, R. Silverman Simpson Singer Sinisi, C. 67 DELORES A. SINISI GENERAL DeeDee likes Monty Clift and I Love Lucy is partial to spaghetti and meatballs dislikes people who criticize . . . lis- tening to records is pastime . . . prefers English as school subject. IOHN I. SINISI VOCATIONAL Rocky played in- tramural basketball sophomore and junior years . . . likes boxing and Iohn Derek on TV . . . relishes spaghetti and meatballs , . . sports and wishbones are interests . . . plans on naval career. NORMA A. SINISI . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . .. mem- ber of Boosters' Club on hall patrol junior year was junior home room representative main interests are dancing, roller skating, movies, and TV loves spaghetti and meatballs. RICHARD D. SLAGLE VOCATIONAL Dick likes to read and play pinochle dislikes people who brag . . . a Comedy I-Iour fan . . . prefers Zane Grey's writings . . . is partial to turkey . . . enjoys math. DONNA L. SLICK GENERAL Shorty was a ma- jorette and member of chorus junior year junior home room representative and senior home room secre- tary enjoys Martin and Lewis and Esther Williams . . . relishes French fries and pork chops. FRED G. SMALL BUSINESS EDUCATION Fred served on Mountain Echo and participated in intramural sports sophomore year . . . has yen for potatoes dis- likes greedy people Comedy Hour and Ierry Lewis are tops . . . enjoys basketball. 1953 Seniors Sinisi, D. Sinisi, I. Sinisi, N. Slagle Slick Small Smith, D. Smith, G. Smith, I. Smith, P. Smith, Richard Smith, Ruth DELORES M. SMITH COLLEGE PREP Delores was a member and served as reporter of FBLA senior year . . . Ushers' Club member while a junior . . . friends hear "Do tell" loves spaghetti and meatballs is irritated by tardy people. GORDON G. SMITH COLLEGE PREP Gordon played intramural basketball sophomore and junior years and lay-Vee football senior year last two years was member of Academy of Science relishes steak fishing and football are main interests. IAMES E. SMITH COLLEGE PREP Snuffy was display case manager first and second years pre- fers swimming pet peeve, peasants loves sea food . .. I Love Lucy and Tallulah Bankhead are favor- ites . . . plans to attend college. PATTY L. SMITH BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . Smitty was a member of Pyramid Club and intramural sports sophomore and senior years played basketball two years . .. sang with chorus senior year adores Ieff Chandler . .. reading and swimming are interests. RICHARD F. SMITH .. . VOCATIONAL Smitty played home room basketball all three years irri- tated by people being late . . . likes math Comedy Hour and French fries considered tops likes swim- ming and football plans on being an electrician. RUTH M. SMITH GEORGE-BARDEN Smitty likes wrestling on TV and Robert Taylor in movies ham and eggs are favorites dancing and football are chiei interests . .. wishes to be Bell Telephone operator. STRIKE UP THE BAND, WAVE THE BATON, MUSIC HATH CHARMS 68 WILLIAM R. SMITH . . . VOCATIONAL Smitty is a Marilyn Monroe fan drools over steak prefers Those Two on television . .. likes to hunt, fish, and sleep shops is favorite subject plans to be a meat packer. DONALD R. SMITHIVIYER . .. VOCATIONAL . .. Smitty is a guy who likes to sleep . .. in school likes shop is partial to chicken really goes for Marilyn Monroe . . . likes baseball, as sports go. SHIRLEY A. SMI'l'l'IMYER BUSINESS EDUCATION Shirley likes Doris Day and I Love Lucy Show relishes French fries dislikes show-ofis prefers Charles Dickens' writings . .. loves to skate, read, and watch TV . . . hopes to work for Bell Telephone Com- pany. IOSEPH C. SMOUSE . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Ioe played football sophomore year and intramural basketball sophomore and junior year sang with a Cappella choir three years and in annual show last two years . . . loves roast turkey. I. ELAINE SNOWISS . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Elaine was a member of the Boosters' Club sophomore year and of the chorus junior year while a senior served as as- sistant librarian I-lit Parade and Burt Lancaster rate as tops. ALVIN' L. SNYDER BUSINESS EDUCATION Al was junior home room president member of FBLA junior and senior years, served as treasurer last year Horseshoe typist while senior .. . played intramural basketball . . . relishes ice cream . . . Virginia Mayo fan. AUDHEY I. SNYDER GENERAL Red sang with chorus three years swimming, reading, and Shakes- peare are main interests dislikes conceited people .. . fancies spaghetti .. . likes Show of Shows .. . plans to enter nurses' training. ELSIE M. SNYDER GEORGE-BARDEN Elsie makes much of Sid Caesar and Ieff Chandler horse- back riding, viewing TV, and badminton are chief in- terests detests conceited people loves fried chicken . . . chooses nursing for career. IACQUELINE I. SNYDER ., . GEORGE-BARDEN .. . jackie sang with Mr. Bohn's chorus senior year pen pals, talking, and swimming are pastimes has a yen for pickles and steak . .. an I Love Lucy and Doris Day fan. IOYCE E. SNYDER . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Io constantly utters "Don't know, do you?" likes German and chemistry relishes oysters and French fries ab- hors freckles dancing and basketball are interests . . . plans to be a laboratory technician. MARY L. SNYDER . .. COLLEGE PREP . .. Louie was a member of chorus three years dislikes giggling girls says "Forget it" quite often drools over steak and French fries Gregory Peck fan plans to attend junior college. L. IBMES SOCEY GENERAL . .. lim played football three years, baseball during junior year, and basketball sophomore year during senior year was member I-li-Y Club . .. likes Perry Como show, Doris Day, and food in general, FROM THE FIRST GRADE ON. -Music Festival May 6 Smith, W. Smithmyer, D. Smithmyer, S. Smouse Snowiss Snyder, Alvin Snyder, Audrey Snyder, E. Snyder, Iackie Snyder, Ioyce Snyder, M. Socey 69 Sorkin Soyster, I. Soyster, P. Sperl Spinazzola Sprouse Stauiier, B. Stauffer, N. Stenger Stewart, W. Stewart, L. Stewart, I. 70 GRETTA E. SORKIN COLLEGE PREP active in art . .. partial to hiking, art and dogs likes l Love Lucy, Robert Louis Stevenson, and saying "My liver" . . . Elizabeth Taylor, pizza pie rate high. IOSEPH E. SOYSTER VOCATIONAL known as Bub was home room president as a sophomore basketball manager for three years prefers math, basketball, and baked ham desires to enter printing profession. PAUL E. SOYSTER BUSINESS EDUCATION ser- geant-at-arms of Hi-Y Club and member of track squad senior year sports are his hobby chicken is his favorite food bookkeeping, Earle Stanley Gardner's books, and dancing rate high. RUTH A. SPERL GEORGE-BARDEN was presi- dent of home room third year .. . girls' intramural sports senior year on hall patrol first two years lists chemistry, French fries and steak, and swimming as tops. DAN I. SPINAZZOLA . . . VOCATIONAL . . . in orchestra three years Radio Club member big interest is violin hopes to become a music teacher some day favorites are football, basketball, and ice cream. ARMAND W. SPROUSE VOCATIONAL lunior likes physics, boxing, and basketball football, chicken, and basketball rate high pet peeve is con- ceited people prefers watching boxing on TV and reading Kipling. BARBARA A. STAUFFER COLLEGE PREP Barb was in orchestra three years and in Bowling Club one is partial to German, square dancing, and baseball loves spaghetti and Dean Martin hopes to enter nursing. NORA E. STAUFFER BUSINESS EDUCATION was on hall patrol as junior prefers tennis, roast beef, and English likes dancing, skating, and read- ing's lune Allyson films for her may be heard shouting "You know it." THORTON W. STENGER VOCATIONAL Thorty saves match covers, indulges in cake and sports . . . likes Colgate Comedy Hour on TV and Burt Lancaster on the screen favorite subject is general industrial shop. C. WILLIAM STEWART . . . COLLEGE PREP Shorty was vice president of home room first year head football manager all three years in a Cappella and three annual shows was in Hi-Y Club senior year. CAROLE L. STEWART COLLEGE PREP better known as Lynne . . . in orchestra all three years . . . in a Cappella and annual show as junior and senior on standards committee third year and in string quartet first and second years. IAMES W. STEWART . .. VOCATIONAL likes steak, football, and hunting is partial to Arthur Hemming- way's works, electricity, and sports .. . Abbott and Cos- tello and Alan Ladd rate high in the entertainment line. IN A DEMOCRACY TOMORROWS Stiffler Stombaugh Storm, Donald Storm, Dorothy Straw Summers, D. Summers, T. Swanger Talasky Taneyhill Taylor Temple, D. CAROL I. STIFFLER COLLEGE PREP accompan- ist for a Cappella and annual show three years member of senior octet faithful member of Ushers' Club and TAP idolizes jeff Chandler favorites are Latin, fried chicken, Hit Parade, and swimming. A. DOLORES STOMBAUGH. . .GENERAL . .participant in Boosters' Club sophomore year craves French fries and steak frequently says "Don't know, do you?" thinks gym, baseball, and Sid Caesar are tops wishes to go to college. DONALD I. STORM VOCATIONAL Don enjoys boxing, horseback riding, and watching You Asked For It on TV likes dancing as a pastime can be heard saying "Ieepers" abhors people who are always late . . . prefers mathematics. DOROTHY M. STORM BUSINESS EDUCATION Dot was active on Compass Staff two years was home room representative senior year enjoys em- broidering, reading, and sewing worked in cafe- teria junior and senior years delights in hearing Patti Page. ALLAN C. STRAW . .. VOCATIONAL . .. Al was mem- ber of band and orchestra participated in intramural basketball two years . . . operated auditorium sound system . .. prefers skating, Alan Ladd, steak, swimming, and Comedy Hour . . . plans to join Navy. DONNA M. SUMMERS COLLEGE PREP partici- pated in Sub Deb activities . .. shared duties in Ushers' Club . . . member of student Senate . . . delights in seeing Lawrence Olivier films and Robert Montgomery Presents . . . likes all sports, music, and English. THOMAS D. SUMMERS COLLEGE PREP Tom was president of home room senior year played in band three years finds chemistry intriguing loathes people who start to say something and don't finish .. . enjoys watching football games. ROBERT P. SWANGER COLLEGE PREP Bob takes pleasure in eating baked ham and seeing Bette Davis films was a member of executive committee junior year . . . frequently says "You know it" . . . hopes to go to college . . . enjoys reading. WAYNE D. TALASKY COLLEGE PREP . .. Don par- ticipated on baseball team two years a co-captain of intramural basketball team senior year physics, hunting, and Rock Hudson are his favorites . .. indulges in steak and mushrooms plans to enter college. CORA M. TANEYHILL COLLEGE PREP mem- ber of Ushers' Club, TAP, and a Cappella . . . held offices in student Senate secretary of junior class . .. Ger- man, French fries, and football are favorites hopes to become a medical technician always watches Comedy Hour. BARBARA A. TAYLOR BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Buzz was home room president, English department sec- retary, member of Ushers' Club, and in a Cappella choir senior year vice president of FBLA shared in hall patrol duties member of standards committee . . . hopes to become a secretary. DONALD I. TEMPLE VOCATIONAL delights in reading Charles Dickens' books . . . chooses math as fav- orite subject likes to eat any kind of food takes pleasure in listening to the radio thrilled watching any sport . . . undecided about the future. 1953 Seniors 'OLITICS START IN THE TEENS-- AND SO DO TOMORROW'S POLITICIANS. 7l -Class Elections May 7 1953 Seniors COATS, NECKTIES, BOUTONNIERES, NEW DRESSES, CORSAGES, SHINING FACES THE SHIRLEY E. TEMPLE GENERAL Red sang with chorus junior and senior years building puzzles. baby-sitting, and softball are favorite pastimes Roy Rogers and Big Story rate as tops , .. relishes liver and macaroni . . . likes math. KAY M. TEMPLETON GEORGE-BARDEN Kay played intramural basketball senior year sang with chorus last two years . .. loves hamburgers . .. playing the marimba, swimming, and softball are main interests . . . plans to enter nurses' training. CAROLYN I. THOMAS COLLEGE PREP Carol played in orchestra three years member of Swim-V ming Club junior year loves camping, swimming, and square dancing drools over onions jerry Lewis fan friends often hear, "Here you go." CAROL I. THOMPSON COLLEGE PREP Carol sang with chorus sophomore year painting, swim- ming, and playing the piano are her main interests likes I Love Lucy show relishes spaghetti and meat- balls . . . plans on college to study music. ELIZABETH L. THOMPSON BUSINESS EDUCATION Elizabeth worked in athletic office junior and senior years member of Compass staff enjoys Red Skelton Show and Gregory Peck fancies crab cakes . . . wishes to do office work after graduation. WALTER H. THOMPSON . . . GENERAL . . . Walt played baseball his junior and senior years food in general suits him sports, particularly baseball, rate as tops prefers lack London's works an ardent leanne Crain fan. IOYCE M. TILTON . .. COLLEGE PREP . . . loyce was a member of the orchestra and of the concert band three years loves steak and French fries dislikes con- ceited people hopes to be an elementary school teacher. LAWRENCE W. TIPTON COLLEGE PREP Larry likes the You Asked For lt Show and Red Skelton relishes scallops and French fries detests tardiness likes bowling, football, and auto racing wishes to study engineering after graduation. DOROTHY L. TOWLE COLLEGE PREP Dottie sang with a Cappella choir and was in annual show senior year attended Susquehanna High School in Harrisburg sophomore and junior years loves steak . . . hopes to attend Syracuse University. BARBARA A. TRAGON BUSINESS EDUCATION Barbie worked in social studies office her senior year is a Robert Wagner and Rock Hudson fan col- lecting postcards, watching TV, and basketball are in- terests fancies fried chicken dislikes tardiness. KAREN TREESE GEORGE-BARDEN Karen sang with a Cappella choir and was in annual show all three years prefers Charles Dickens' writings likes to read, roller skate, and watch baseball games . . . relishes spaghetti and meatballs. ELAINE E. TROTTER COLLEGE PREP Trot was member of orchestra and of string quartet all three years served on TAP participated in English depart- ment play three years dislikes homework and lazi- ness . . . delights in baked ham. Temple, S. Templeton Thomas Thompson, C. Thompson, E. Thompson, W. Tilton Tipton Towle Tragon Treese Trotter 72 MOST WONDERFUL DAY-- AND ALMOST THE LAST! DAVID W. TROXELL VOCATIONAL Dave takes pleasure in watching Dragnet on TV . . . played on home room basketball team three years . . . craves steak and French fries . . . Iulia Adams, history, and basketball top his list of favorites. MARY I. TURBETT . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Pinky took active part on hall patrol and Compass staff junior year . . . added her voice to chorus . . . worked in boys' attendance office .. . loves outdoor sports . .. hopes to be a secretary. MARYLEE B. TURNBAUGH , . . BUSINESS EDUCATION exercised vocal chords in a Cappella and annual show three years . .. member of social committee and girls' quartet senior year played in orchestra is going to Barbizon Modeling School upon graduation, VIRGINIA M. URBINATO . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Ginny enjoys watching Voice of Firestone and basketball games was member of orchestra three years took part in string quartet senior year names chicken, French, music, and Doris Day as favorites. IAMES M. VAHEY GENERAL lim was home room president sophomore year . . . spends spare time reading or watching Colgate Comedy Hour loathes wise-guys . . . would like to enter college finds sci ence interesting . . . is an ardent golf fan. IOAN H. VAN DERAU BUSINESS EDUCATION sang in a Cappella ,. . . took part in annual show senior year can't stand braggers says "Oh, for pity's sake" frequently fond of football, shorthand, fried oysters, and French fries. M. DALE VAN HORNE BUSINESS EDUCATION Vany played on home room basketball team sophomore year enjoys reading Zane Grey novels math, Alan Ladd, French fries, baseball, and Hit Parade are among his favorites plans to enter Altoona Under- graduate Center. IEAN A. VAUGHN . . . GENERAL . . . enjoys cooking as a hobby . . . moons over Robert Taylor . . . can be heard saying "Holy cow" . . . chooses bacteriology, turkey, and baseball as favorites . . . watches Armstrong Circle Theatre on TV . .. ambition is to be a florist. MARYANN VICARS . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Vicky trilled in a Cappella senior year swoons over Stewart Granger in her spare time delights in dancing or swimming hopes to enter college and study lan- guages . . . chemistry, favorite subject. KAY E. VICKERY . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . added her voice to a Cappella and annual show for two years shared hall patrol duties . .. home room representa- tive senior year and member of FBLA . . . loathes flighty people .. . wishes to be a secretary adores Charlton Heston. RONALD V. VISAGGIO . . . VOCATIONAL Viq took active part on home room basketball team three years crazy over turkey and baseball john Wayne, favorite actor enjoys collecting stamps as a hobby will enlist in Navy .. . likes all sports. BERNADETTE E. WAGNER GEORGE-BARDEN Bernie sang in chorus all three years people who gossip annoy her loves to hear Bing Crosby sing crazy over football, pot-pie, and English plans to work at shoe factory. Senior Day May 22 Troxell Turbett Turnbaugh Urbinato Vahey Van Derau Van Horne Vaughn Vicars Vickery Visaggio Wagner, B. 73 1' Wagner, M. Wagner. R. Waksmonski Walker, E. Walker, I. Walker, M. Walker, S. Walter Walters Wance Washabaugh Watson, D. ALL DRESSED UP TO DINE AND DANCE MERLE H. WAGNER COLLEGE PREP in o Cap- pella and annual show all three years . .. played intra- mural basketball as sophomore and junior on track team first year active in scouting heading for civil engineering. RICHARD I. WAGNER GENERAL l-fussler was home room president both sophomore and senior years on football and track team three years captain of track squad . .. played home room basketball as a sophomore . . . in Hi-Y Club last year. ROSE M. WAKSMONSKI . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Rosie is fond of cherry pie member of TAP last year Ushers' Club as junior and senior and was home room president first year her ambition is gov- ernment work. EDWARD F. WALKER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . Ed prefers shops, roasted grouse, and hunting books by Robert L. Stevenson appeal to him Gangbusters and lane Russell are favorites. IANET M. WALKER GEORGE-BARDEN . .. member of Future Teachers of America and Y-Teen Club sopho' more and junior years took part in intramural sports and Pyramid Club all three years in Fellowship Club first year. MARGUERITE M. WALKER . . . COLLEGE PREP a Cappella sophomore and senior years in annual show as senior and in chorus second year favorites are English, I-lit Parade, and dancing chooses steak and French fries for food. SHIRLEY A. WALKER BUSINESS EDUCATION collects baseball programs and movie stars' pictures likes history, Somerset Maugham, and baseball fav- orite expression is "You don't know, do you?" . .. pet peeve, two-faced people. ELAINE P. WALTER .. . BUSINESS EDUCATION .. . on hall patrol junior year . . . FBLA senior year likes playing piano and organ enjoys reading par- tial to steak and French fries, wrestling, and health desires to become a secretary. DELORES NL WALTERS . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Dorie was a flag twirler in senior year . . . favorites are I Love Lucy and bacteriology prefers French fries for food, football and skating for sports. 0. PERRY WANCE VOCATIONAL color guard during senior year played intramural basketball all three years president of English class as a sopho- more . .. enjoys sports, mathematics, and making lamps. ZOLA F. WASHABAUGH BUSINESS EDUCATION participated in chorus for three years fancies English, Charlton Heston, and swimming . . . likes dan- cing, Arthur Godfrey, and hamburgers and French fries . . . commonly states "Oh, well." DIAN M. WATSON COLLEGE PREP prefers chemistry, meat loaf, and Iohn Wayne loves Robert Montgomery Presents . . . enjoys books by A. I. Cronin dancing is tops plans to enter the nursing pro- fession. 1953 Seniors AND SOMEHOW WE SEEM SEVERAL YEARS OLDER THAN WE WERE YESTERDAY. ESTELLA M. WATSON . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Estella sang with chorus her senior year likes skating and football . . . dislikes conceited people .. . a Martin and Lewis and Esther Williams fan . . . relishes pork chops and French fries. MADELYN E. WATSON . .. BUSINESS EDUCATION Honey was a member of intramural sports her sophoh more and junior years . .. enjoys I Love Lucy and How- ard Duf'f is partial to corn dancing, eating, and baseball are main interests. CHARLES A. WAY GENERAL Charlie enjoys steak and French fries . . .prefers math, books by Mark Twain "How about that" is heard whenever he's around . . . would like to be an electrician. DONNA L. WAY GEORGE-BARDEN Donna's friends hear "You know how it is" often . . . enjoys square dancing, reading, and basketball . . . relishes French fries . . . is irritated by loud people . . . hopes to enter nurses' training. RAYMOND P. WEIGAND COLLEGE PREP Ray played intramural basketball his sophomore and junior years an Audie Murphy and My Little Margie fan . .. dislikes show-offs . .. has a yen for spaghetti enjoys sports and loafing. PHYLLIS I.. WEISE BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . Lig was a member of the orchestra all three years en- joys Dragnet and spaghetti .. . likes sewing, swimming, and her Spanish class detests tardiness would like a position as secretary. -Senior Banquet Iune 2 DON E. WELLER . . . VOCATIONAL . . . I-tank is a fellow who enjoys loafing . . . Dragnet and Ierry Lewis rate as tops . . . a football fan . . . relishes fried chicken . . . hopes to work for the Westinghouse Company. I. BRIAN WELLER GENERAL Brian was senior home room president . . . member of senior class invitae tions committee . . . sang with a Cappella and appeared in annual show and English play member of I-li-Y Club . . . in intramural sports. DONNA M. WELSH GEORGE-BARDEN Donna was her junior and senior home room representative . . . sang in a Cappella sophomore and senior year enjoys I Love Lucy, Stewart Granger, dancing, and swimming prefers chemistry . . . relishes spaghetti. ELVA M. WENDELL BUSINESS EDUCATION Windy Mae was member of intramural sports senior year and of Pyramid Club sophomore and senior years skating, eating, swimming, and basketbalil are main interests . .. friends hear "Who me?" . . . loves cheese- burgers. RICHARD M. WESTON .. . VOCATIONAL .. . Richard played home room basketball junior and senior years . . . is partial to spaghetti . . . enjoys james Cagney and wrestling on TV likes ping-pong, movies, and bas- ketball . . . hopes to become a machinist. SHIRLEY I. WEYANDT .. . BUSINESS EDUCATION Shirley is a Charlton Heston and Hit Parade fan relishes fried chicken and spaghetti detests con- ceited people reading and swimming are favorite pastimes . . . hopes to join the Waves. Watson, E. Watson, M. Way, C. Way, D. Weigand Weise Weller, D. Weller, B. Welsh Wendell Weston Weyandt '75 MAIZIE A. WHITAKER BUSINESS EDUCATION Maizie enjoys swimming attends movies and base- ball games has a yen for ham iriends hear "Oh, gee" likes O'l-Iara's writing and Spanish detests homework hopes to secure position as a bookkeeper. CHARLES L. WHITFIELD .. . COLLEGE PREP . . . Chuck enjoys hunting, fishing, and reading prefers physics and Zane Grey's works is partial to steak and French fries in the sports field, prefers football hopes to attend college. WAYNE E. WIBLE . .. COLLEGE PREP .. . Wib was his junior home room vice president and senior home room representative played junior baseball relishes steak dislikes silly and conceited girls enjoys sports. ALFRED WIDZEH .. . COLLEGE PREP . . . Al was treas- urer of senior English class member of senior class committee played intramural basketball three years relishes steak hopes to be a social worker. MARY E. WIGFIELD GEORGE-BARDEN Mary was a member of intramural sports last two years and of the Pyramid Club last year . .. sophomore home room representative . . . sang with chorus sophomore and sen- ior years . . . hopes to work at Sylvania. NANCY D. WIGFIELD . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Whitey was a member of intramural sports and Pyramid Club junior and senior years sang with chorus junior year enjoys Mr. Peepers on TV loves hot fudge sundaes. 1953 Seniors Whitaker Whitfield Wible Widzer Wigfield, M. Wigfield, N. Wiley Wilfong Wilkinson Williams Wills Wilson, I. MARGARET F. WILEY . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Sis en- joys dancing, watching TV and baseball games a Comedy Hour and Mario Lanza fan is partial to French fries prefers bacteriology hopes to become a nurse. CAROL A. WILFONG . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Ruby was a member of the Academy of Science junior and senior years enjoys learning sesquipedalian words and eating chicken cacciatore a Rory Calhoun fan a future nurse, she hopes. WILLIAM D. WILKINSON VOCATIONAL Bill played basketball three years served as senior home room basketball captain senior home room president relishes spaghetti and meatballs en- joys fishing and working on cars says "How about that!" ELAINE L. WILLIAMS GEORGE-BARDEN Willie was a member of the orchestra all three years . .. loves sauerkraut enjoys playing the violin a Hall- mark Theatre and Liz Taylor fan dislikes people being late. CLAIR T. WILLS . .. VOCATIONAL . .. Farmer played on his home room basketball team skating. square dancing, hunting, and fishing are main interests rel- ishes chili con carne dislikes homework . .. hopes to be a bricklayer. IOANNE A. WILSON GEORGE-BARDEN . .. lo en- joys skating, mushball, and listening to music MII Parade and Tony Curtis rate as tops detesrs con- ceited people .. . friends hear "You can say that again" often . . . loves French fries. TODAY IS THE LAST GREAT DAY FOR SENIORS. TOMORROW THEY ARE JUST FRESHMEN I6 LAMONT C. WILSON VOCATIONAL . . . Whip en- joys ham and eggs is disgusted by nagging people hunting is his favorite sport . .. loves books by Rob- ert L. Stevenson . . . prefers to become an electrician. CLEO W. WILT . . . GEORGE-BARDEN . . . Pete frequent- ly watches Amos and Andy on TV spends spare moments listening to music prefers Alan Ladd fond of swimming can be heard saying, "Oh great" . . . favorite subject is art. HELEN L. WOGAN . . . COLLEGE PREP . . . Helen was a member of the orchestra as a sophomore and junior, and participated on TAP all three years . . . Helen would delight in going to college. GAIL M. WOLF BUSINESS EDUCATION Gail was a member of the a Cappella three years, and was home room representative as a junior .. . it's music, his- tory and reading for her ambition, to be a book- keeper. WILLIAM P. WOLFE . .. COLLEGE PREP . .. Wolf par- ticipated in the Hi-Y Club as a sophomore took part in the English department play as a junior indulges in tuna supreme has a yen to go to college. CATHERINE I. WOLFF BUSINESS EDUCATION Cathy was a member of the chorus sophomore and jun- ior years vice president during her junior year dancing and swimming are tops wants to be a tele- phone operator. IOYCE E. WOODCOCK BUSINESS EDUCATION loycie was pianist of Fellowship Club senior year member of FBLA junior and senior years and on Horse- shoe senior year enjoys art and music hopes to be a secretary. DAVID E. WOODHING GENERAL Dave treats himself to chicken and Arthur Godfrey's television show enjoys Carl Sandburg's books . .. pet peeve is high class people loves to drive wants to join the Air Force. KENNETH H. WOOMER . .. VOCATIONAL Ken played in the band all three years . . . thinks Ieff Chand- ler is tops prefers Spanish rice enjoys watching the Comedy Hour on TV claims football as favorite sport. GENEVIEVE C. WRAY BUSINESS EDUCATION Genny participated in the chorus as a sophomore delights in listening to the radio and eating ham claims swimming as her favorite sport has a yen to become a typist. IANET L. WRIGHT GEORGE-BARDEN Ian was secretary of the Y-Teen Club her sophomore and junior years participated in Miss Eberle's chorus in her senior year loves the idea of working for the PBI. VALERIE E. YECKLEY . .. COLLEGE PREP member of Ushers' Club and TAP senior year .. . sang in a Cap- pella all three years on junior class executive com- mittee active on Girls' League standards committee . . . plans to attend college. IN THE UNIVERSITY OF HARD KNOCKS. -Commencement Day Iune 5 Wilson, L. Wilt Wogan Wolf Wolfe Wolff Woodcock Woodring Woomer Wray Wright Ye ckley 77 . 4 7:3-t t at -I , Q 525:-tjlfff-1' fn' r 1' -4'-? . :4id,,ll'g ' ' ' Hlftwz -si "'l4if'l"'l- 'Lt' Robert A. Frederick Charles H. Hagan Allen F. Hoover Yee Yohn Yon Young, A. Young, I. ,- Zimmerman Zimrners YOT SUN YEE ,. . VOCATIONAL . .. home room president his last year . . . enjoys Bob Hope on TV relishes steak favors shops indulges in sports, especially swimming wants to be a plumber after school. LEWIS M. YOHN VOCATIONAI.. Louie prefers Arthur Godfrey on TV goes for sports in a big way . . . lists swimming, basketball, roller skating as favorites plans to join the USNAF. ROBERT E. YON .. . VOCATIONAL . .. Bob was president of his senior home room . . . played bas- ketball as a junior relishes roast chicken moans at people who think a lot of themselves . . . wishes to join the Armed Forces. IESSIE A. YOUNG . . . BUSINESS EDUCATION . . . home room representative and president senior year sang as a sophomore in a Cappella . . . belonged to the YWCA her first year . .. is think- ing of becoming a beautician. IOHN O. YOUNG VOCATIONAL loy fre- quently watches Camel News on TV spends spare moments attending races claims racing and football as favorite sports . . . prefers math to any other subject. GLORIA M. ZIMMERMAN GEORGE-BARDEN Frenchie harmonized with the a Cappella in the annual show for three years . . . entered in the Nurses Aid program her senior year detests boys who lie. LELIA A. ZIMMERS .. . GEORGE-BARDEN . .. played in the AHS orchestra three years par- ticipated in Fellowship Club as a sophomore in the annual show her last two years . .. would like to be a nurse. Seniors Nof Picfured Above Robert C. Miller Gary R. Powell Ronald E. Settle Ioseph I. Woicil: C. Ierry Wollberg lack E. Whitfield Austin C. Kuhn Russell M. Shannon Kenneth A. Young Edwin E. Skipper Class C olor Class Moffo Class Flower Blue and Silver "Always forward, keeping free, American Beauty Rose Ever onward, Fifty-three." ln Memoriam MARLENE ELIZABETH HEISS. '53 Died April 13. 1953 Sadly missed by her classmates and friends. 78 Around fhe School .rm X-.gmid chop xx Orme wlry to got 11 111. ,lw1mlfl1mf E11 IV Musiv, IIMIVSIIU, plwxsff W,1mt,5kI1OK.kE' Wm! ll A A LH Ouv Wm iw koe N fit. 4 y k I Whlle the lmss .s !.1'.A.'.1y, Maids amd rxnirmxf,-Qgnxplu 111'lCiliI1S. TI1i5lI1L1v,'i1iI1e- wlll pol xy. SM? f, .Y ox 27, gr" IUNIOR SPONSORS Mr. Black Mr. H. Lcntz The .lunior Sfory IUNIOR OFFICERS Allan Hazen ........... ............. P resident Steve Port . . . .. Vice-President Carol Colbus . . , Mr. DeIaiHe . . . Secretary lack Hill . . . .... Treasurer lntrodu . n their organization meeting in October, Mrs. Mar- jorie March, only woman member of the school board, inducted the olticers: Allan Hazen, president, Steve Port, vice-presi dent, Carol Colbus, secretaryp and lack Hill, tre asurer. To help the olticers to make class decisions the ' ' , Juniors elected an executive comm'tt 1 ee which consisted ot Sarah McGee, Marilyn DeHaven, Ken Kuhn, Mary lane Pa lc r s, and Carolyn Gil- laspie. W cing the Class ol '54l l ho could forget th ' i Miss Lowther Miss Puckey SU e Juniors' first dance, The Pilgrim P rance, on November 29 with the brilliant decorations ot mid- night sky etlect? And then, in contrast, the group quietly took an l. Q. test in the auditorium a few days later. Winding up their activities the class f ' , . o 54 held their annual lunior Picnic at Lakemont Park on lune 4. IUNIOR EXECUTIVE CO MMITTEE Left to Right- Sect d . e -Mary lane Parks, Maril Standing-C ' ' yn Delnlaven arolyn Gillaspie, Sarah M :G 1 ee, Ken Kuhn ,L ,J .. F - .. . ,, - gi: up . Li' A x , V L V in o UQ QQ ,f .v Q - , Q k 5 Q a ,X , U.,L V, W, A W, W -5 f ,,. gf f Q 1' ' 'U' - .. B... -5, v, , , , ' .. ' W 7 ':,..- N , ,V .1 'gm Y ' 1 s 3 , , 4 - , 7 - L ii Q .,,,,,, Aiimw KMA 'gf , 3 gii ' A ug z,,,, Wg-- WN. 4? ' Y gl,-4f,1 FMR. 35 I L A Q K , , . , A ' 'V v ' , A ... 5... , V- , , . Lv,,L1.' .. ,M ..,.. 3-,,-gjwyggn if Qu, , A NY.: ,fr ' , Q. N yy y-- V f.l,,0 QL co? fiooggh aziwgfs 95155. S ebQ.' ,'K?'eg a 5 ',a',',W'v J 3:39459 14 .L sabgilm dmv!" of 9' v:"'s'Q' 15'ex, Abt gb' ' in .nm M ."eSQ9 9'5" ,.f'l"! 1' yi' J' n'5K C 5 59 , -A v Q Q If 9 -4 , are . fx Q, 4, ,,. H79 r Q xx wr f, 1 - My . Fi ' A WW51' ' 1 1 . .I f .,.N,,,.- X i ul.. ,. , ,MM ,Q W- , X, .M f gg A su., ziggy Q, .- H W i In x 9 iTI13"l " ' L . six K Z X QR? 1 'L + 5 . A ' iff 'T' ' ' - K' 'K 'ali v1'hEm.. .-.M -WSFX:-aL:ifKl'3L-A n I . V5 S.. , 'SKI fist! LED' 4 w " ' .Mig y , SX ,lg I W T :Qu ' -VX ws' --10:29 EW'-w F 1: E xiii 4 wr ip xv- 'M nl qw ,yx ,.,., Q t dy V3 X gsm 2 5 mai ' n,-,. Q 'Qi wwfqq' Ver? 35 Ywntw . xhwf' , ,I 4 5 'lx -gm. 2 Q 1 4 5 f The Sophomore Sfory SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Don White ................... President Eleanor Rhine .... . . . Vice-President Terry Clarke .... .... S ecretary Quentin Gates . . . . . . . . Treasurer The sophomore class made its bow Ianuary l5 when Principal Ioseph N. Mad- docks inducted its officers. The class of '55 chose the following as their leaders: president, Don Whitey vice president, Eleanor Rhine: secretary, Terry Clarke: and treasurer, Quentin Gates. At the same organization meeting Principal Maddocks installed Carole Dandrea, Sonya Grabill, Dolores Dodson, lohn Buchanan and Donn Betar as members of the executive com- mittee. Afterwards talented members of this class entertained with various selec- tions. The only activity sponsored by the sophomore class was the Spring Dance on April 17. The rest of the year was used in getting acquainted with the school and in just being sophomores. Miss Matte-rn SOPHOMORE WORLD HISTORY CLASS "Where's the iron curtain on this map?" i 7 '-1 sw X f , ,-+fQ?MM,,.v,..,m--W 4- -. v M JZ - f --w I fy- 5' pp X " f::,.,,.m. .55 mn an m ze. rs. Q: ge: gg pi ., .. Q I .I I. K I , ua sq . - .'L, La " in -. Q gf: 53Yv'v:f?Xirf 5-'i"1 3'Qb , ' k U? vi? 1 - iffl , , . , ' 1 M A 555 i - igs, K - l"""""5"v'lf'W-M' fn' 11" Q.:fs,,g""'.-"""X '-" 'FQ ' 0' Q 0- -'-' -"Y - - - .. 4... N L "" - nik , X SJ - , if ff PM W , ' V Q. L -5 E 'xf""KiS1f X' Tig 1- L. W it 'M K 'Q' ' mx MJ: .i ... li 1 ,. ' "' 'V' "' 3 .s ,img :g g .21 I M M W ' " f '- Ei ff J + f :,-A.,...,R,,Q,,2,Mm Y ' 4-A ' .g , , .4 W ,-L, N ,. .. A,... ,,M, 1 -Wx-WK vw ,gg-g,WQ, WSWBMHMF-'VW 3 - u Q. 33 6.- nv- bvt v 5. ii- L Y Q W - Qu qc in U H. L z . - YF "h, - 'Tl g-.. -:1- ,1 Y', :Qin ., AQ'Q K' , iilgjgi-,L 133522 3. 3.- KS, 5 , - f mf k 34 'Q us 5 'f lk ' M L S51 55 - ij: J' +5 Q M 2 in if ww. Kun .ALT ,, M 'www Haw 4,- Qff Ja S W prim if wig S f 3 . as Q fswxkgwxx fs- W wb - 'Ax Y - M . : m an si as as i......... : X9 4 2? aw - . wwn-.,.,.q,,,w 'Quai 1: . 1: 5 ...... -t .. 4- R ,M ,A+ ' HW, ' 11-nr. X' -r lm H , Mm., A ,L N- ,..A.,..N .. V M I vfswfwffw Iwwrfwwiw... , ,h,,ei.mNw,mmw2iWx.m,M.w,wr ... "ffvff:.e:g...:.w, ,qxawf-mf71mAXLr.ash ,, A M .MW 1 ,,4cwfmX,, QM.,, , M -D Ak 5-lf' g 4 ig Q sw w Y ,, . is Q 3 ,- X i - 5 X Q K f 1 -Q, - X . ' X 4.1 f. ... . 5 . jf Lexh X AQ' 1 , 4 U gf ,D -,Q 4' . V , - whiff- .... , L - . N K . 4 X Q NQnF,., , - 4 V Af 3,35-.. 1 Q V if + X W . 'L' XY 5 f' X is If S f i 2 f , .N 1? 2 ix' ki' , 3 l "J I 'Q w.w,4-,.a- V A f X s E ml? -E , , if 1 1+ Q 5 59 X 1x F N. s L, ' ' w '3 n... . be - .I E N -6 x v? 3 , i . X W , ,k k N A J' 'Wx Q Z! s., .41 QQ 5 5 . , , 3 V Q I f A s W. iff' Z' syirovq 42' 1 ., K Rx If -Y x ff S: L , .A H , ,ma ,nn . W., J 1' fl .5 N ,Q Q k Q F f fl 3 3. 2 51 f 'Ms fw 1 X, E a I L", Qi- ? il ' 3 , 3 1 2. X s . XX 1 X. 4 " , A Q Wh ,V ' I ix' n we . W - X Af- kk Z " E, S5 'r Q 1 . N 1 , . ' . . i k LV. I V5 ve 2' if , A v Z li F .,, ,.v, ,,fM ..,,. . Q..........-.-,J K . x X LN 5 ii K Rik 3 f'- ' I . Ex E N i If I M5 U ik ,, X, Mx fu -,ilk ' Q 3 L ,Q ski f ,J 'L J - X fs E Q-J Y U7 l M51 G: 02:--""4' i HEAD MAIORETTE Carol McGirk led the piqskin parade. F oofball LIONS EMERGI .5 IJUARTER M gl f 1 ' K lr - Aunnmi f , 1 ' 'SITURS I i,. fr Q, .V sf v . mm V ' l I I 10, - ,-. A 4 1 r Z5 ! 'fe FN s l . ' 'V ,., . Us , , f' ,Q " 'sh i ,- . 'Q-. I .. t K. 41 t 'mixer N Q 'A u r' Y ,-X E i"-'N , f' X t L . M M. W r ' , W, ' ' 1952 FOOTBALL SQUAD-First Row: Trainer Gerald Gut shall, M. Kepner, R. Dandrea, P. Parson, I. Socey, Ft Sill, W. Brenner, D. Knee, D, Martin, R. lltill, l. lavksnn Assistant Coach Frank Mtistrac-nlti. Handicapped by a coaching change in niidseason with Head Coach George Kavel resigning after the fourth ganie of the season and being replaced by Line Coach Robert Thcrnpson, the thirty-sixth edition of the Altoona High School football teain, with a record of two wins and eight losses, went down as one of the niost disappointing in the schools history. Led by co-captain Bob Sill who scored tour TD's on runs of eight, ten, thirty-two, and sixty yards, the Mountain Lions defeated Mount Union in the opening game of the diss astrous l952 season, 31-7, on the Mansion Park grass. The other A.l-l.S. tally was made on a pass from Nick Villano to end lack Sill. Mount Union's lone tally came late in the fourth quarter on a onefyard line dive by halfback Secrest. VICTORIOUS ONLY TWICE IN TEN GAME SCHEDULE 19544 -- 12 A any iclballl' ri? T . I 0 'ex 2 8 "" . ff -Qf 'Nj' ,W V Q fr. M . 1 3 D E53 . A Second Row: Head Coach Robert B. Thompson, E. Parker, W. Reeder, F. Brode, D. Stango, I. Sill, D. Restauri, I. Catherman, T. Hughes, K. Kuhn, R. Mullen, D. Peter- man, R. Morse, R. lckes, Assistant Coach Iarnes O'Don- ln the second game the A. H. S. winning streak came to an abrupt ending as the Wind- ber eleven rolled to a 31-6 win over the locals at Mansion Park. Dick Wagner scored the Lions' only tally on a pass from lim Socey. The play covered 53 yards. Windber was sparked by their ace quarterback, Han- charik, who accounted tor three touchdowns, one on a pass and two on sprints. Continuing their losing ways in the third game the Kavelmen were soundly drubbed by Westinghouse 27-0. Ernie Iones converted three extra points and scored a touchdown on a 70-yard run tor the Pittsburghers. Dur- ing no time in the game were the Lions able to mount a sustained drive and they ended up with only seven first downs to 22 for Westinghouse. nell. Third Row: G. Condon, I. Hyder, I. Hepner, H, Shawley, W Sweeney, R. Craqo, H. Pellegrino, B. Kauffman, D Trullender, P. Beres. AWARD WINNER sf Co-Captain Bob Sill Our Gridders BOB SILL, SENIOR HALFBACK, GAINS I mIyI' IIVNJIIU-1 HIISI I Ilmbe: I z11:v-' IJI I VI 1' -1 IIfII'IVIIII'Q'III1'I I II1.'I:sw1I IVIII' III ::Iil1 ' .2 I I I E I ff 45 2 . F L'- x QII I I COVETED AWARD AS TEAM'S INDIVIDUAL STAR Dirk I-ldll Ronnie Dondreo Howard Geisler Nick Villono Gordon Condon Phil Parson Dove Knee Bill Brenner Bill Reeder I A ,,., ,fry -1 NIGHT ACTION IN WILLIAMSPORT I-'INALE Darchie Martin carries the pigskin as lim Socey wards off would-be tacklers. Suffering their third straight defeat at the hands of Vandergrift 21-6, the Mountain Lions showed no will to win. Their only six- pointer came on an end run by Bob Sill from one yard out. Shortly after this game Head Coach George Kavel resigned and was re- placed by Robert "Beef" Thompson. Traveling to New Kensington for their next game the Lions were again defeated to the tune of 32-14. Altoona's tallies were scored by lim Socey and lack Sill. Both were on the receiving end of pass plays. Returning to Mansion Park, the A. H. S. gridders came through and soundly whipped Latrobe 25-13. lim Socey scored three touch- downs and Bob Sill scampered 77 yards on a double reverse to notch Altoona's fourth TD. This was Altoona's second win in six contests. The following week Altoona High took their fifth defeat of the season at the hands of Greensburg, 28-6, at the Brown Lion's field. The only bright spot for the A. H. S. rooters was a scintillating 92-yard runback of a punt by halfback Bob Sill. ln the big game of the year Iohnstown crashed through Altoona to the sorrowful tune of 40-U. This was the greatest margin of de- feat since l92l. All Class AA fullback foe Burgo scored five touchdowns for the power- ful Men of Troy. Altoona's net rushing was a minus ten yards. In the last two games of the season, which the locals dropped, they could garner only one touchdown. This came in the con- test with Farrell when Iim lackson recovered a fumble by team mate lim Socey in the Steel- ers' end zone. Although Iohn Hyder regis- tered 99 yards by rushing in ten tries, the Lions left the field on the short end of a 27-6 score. The Millionaires of Williamsport turned the final game into a rout, 27-O, after stopping 1952 FOOTBALL RECORD Mount Union . . . Windber ......,.... Westinghouse lPgh.J . Vunderqrift ......... New Kensington . . . Latrobe ..,.... Greensburg . . . Iohnstown . . . Farrell ...... Williamsport . . . Total ........ Summary Z wins. 8 losses A. H. S. MANAGERS Billport back makes short gain on line plunge. an early threat by Altoona. Prior to the start of this contest all players and fans observed a moment of silence in tribute to the former Head Coach Ken Bashore whose untimely death occurred during the season. Bob Sill, whose consistently good run- ning was a feature of the past two seasons, was awarded the blanket as the team's most valuable player at a special assembly ot the Boys' Federation. At the same time other players were presented with their varsity letters. Meanwhile the Athletic Council an! nounced that the position ot head coach tor 1953 was open to all candidates on an equal basis and began receiving applications. lt is understood that a new deal is in prospect all around for fans at Mansion Park next year. Upper photo: Sam Campaqna, Richard Cartwright, William Russ. Lower photo: Harry Scholl, Howard Geisler, Fiore Q' Pizzino, William Stewart. TH 'Q 5 E Hn, uf. mi, fm 4 3. ii 1 iw "W'lli ii lr llvirl lim I im Baskefball VARSITY SCORES A. H. S. OPP 62 .... .... K itlunninq . . . . . . .49 56 .... .,., W indber . . ..,. 57 50 ,.,. .... M L Union .... ,... 5 2 75 .,.. .... C hcmbersburq . . .... 55 44 ,.,, . , .Duquesne ,... .... 4 8 46 ,... ,.., M cKeespori . . . . , . .59 42 .... ..,. P unxsuluwney . . .... 51 34 .... .... I ohnsiown . , . . . . .35 50 ,... ..,. D uBois .... .... 3 5 47 .,.. .,,. W illicxmsport . . ..,. 55 77 .... .... B urnhum-Derry . , . . . . .45 SS ,... .... C onemciuqh ...., .... 5 2 68 ,... ..., P unxsulczwn:y . . .... 53 51 ..., .... I ohnsiown . . . . . . .34 48 .,., .... W esfmoni ... , . . .53 61 .... .... D uBois ....58 49 .... .... M t. Union ... ....44 52 .... .... W indber . . .... 57 59 .... .... W eslmont ... .. . .43 36 ,.,. . . .Williamsport ,... .,.. 4 7 80 .... ,... B urnham,Derry . . .... 70 71 ..,. .... C onemcluqh ....,.......... 45 55 .... .... I ohnstown lDistric1 Plclyofll. .73 1299 Totals 1181 Summary: 13 wins, 10 loszes VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUADfFirst Row: 'IMI W. mls, Mikr Aiiiislirirm, Clmilvis lrmiaxiii, Pill llww: uv, Hill Hixivlwtiolil Hoi ll'I1I lmiiilif-111. econd Row: Vwri Pi llliil lil 'fy lurk lllwliaiiw, Nl 11: 4U'4'ur11iw1, Tvlmln S.-.filwrilim 1, Iwi 17.1Nii-ful: I'.'1.il1ix:.f1 F1151 il,iyg1,qA Ns. Aw X .Ap ax .P 3 K V X I Garnering a WPIAL playoff berth by virtue of a blistering home stretch drive in which the Mountain Lions won six consecutive do-or-die district games, the 1952-53 cagesters were elim- inated in the semi-finals of District Six play by a strong lohnstown team, 73-55, to conclude the season with a record of 13 wins and ten losses. Altoona High opened the 1952-53 season with a 62-49 win over Kittanning but lost the next two games to Windber, 57-56, and Mt. Union, 52-50, by very close margins. Rebound- ing against Chambersburg the locals staged a strong second half and copped the game 75-55. Top scorers were Altoona's Woods and Burch- field who caged 17 and 15 points respectively. The Mt. Lions dropped their next four games to Duquesne, McKeesport, Punxsutawney, and Iohnstown but gathered up a win from DuBois, 50-36. This brought the season record to three wins and six losses. After a loss to Williamsport, the Lions picked up speed and rolled to four consecutive wins. The cagers smashed a weak Burnham- Derry team, 77-45, edged Conemaugh 66-62, beat a strong Punxsutawney five 68-53, and I Our Busy LION FIVE Coach Phil Rice soundly trounced heavily favored and previous- ly undefeated Iohnstown 61-34. The high spot in individual scoring during the year was achieved by forward Bill Burchfield in the Punx- sutawney game when he scored 14 field goals and four fouls for a new high mark of 32 points. Bill was also top season scorer with 279 points. Dropping a hard fought contest to West- mont, 53-48, the Lions went on another four- game winning streak and registered wins over DuBois, Mt. Union ,Windber, and a revenge win over Westmont to the tune of 59-43. This brought the Lions' season record up to a respectable ll Wins and eight losses. Losing the second game to a stubborn Wil- liamsport aggregation by the score of 47-36, the Lions went on to finish their regular season play with wins over Burnham-Derry and Conemaugh. Top scorers in the 80-70 victory over Burnham- Derry were the dependable Bill Burchfield, with 21 points, and valuable rebounder Chuck ln- gram, who caged 18 points. Little Ted Woods led the way with 25 points in the 71-45 slaugh- ter of Conemaugh. Mike Armstrong was second high with 13 points. Baskefeers ONLY TEAM TO DOWN JAWNS IN REGULAR SEASON SENIOR CAGE STARS F H H Cl 1 I "' Im? DQN 1 w ill VS IIOIKIIU In. k HUH1 B1 Eimvhi ld C1 O "" EEE4A A A 7 N2 J . E gg f If uw A 3 I I. V. BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row Vines Holliday, Ierry Parsons, Norman McCall, Alfred Peterman, Bob White, Don White. Second How Coach Guy Denniston, Dirk Rooney, William Sweeney, Robert Crago, Iim Iohnson, Managt r Alfred Mainello, O J r Varslfy COPS FIFTEEN WINS IN TWENTY-ONE GAMES IUNIOR VARSITY SCORES A H S OPP. Kittanninq .. Windber ..... Mt. Union ,.., Chambersburg Duquesne .... Punxsutowney Iohnstown .... Ht-Y .......,. Williamsport .. Bumham-Derry Conemuugh . , Punxsutawney Iohnstown .... Westmont .. DuBois . . . Mt. Union ., Windber . . . Westmont ..., Williamsport .. Burnham-Derry Conemaugh .. 1093 Totals Summary: 15 wins. G losses Compiling a brilliant record of l5 wins and six losses, the little Mountain Lions showed a lot of promise in forming the nu- cleus for next year's cage team. Starting the season with four straight wins over Kittanning, Windber, Mt. Union, and Chambersburg, the l. V.'s lost their first game to a strong Duquesne team, 47-39. After beating Punxsy 42-36 and then dropping a close one to Iohnstown, the Lion cubs rolled to eight wins out of ten games. The wins were registered over Willianisport, Burnham-Derry, Conemaugh, Punxsy, lohns- town, DuBois, Mt. Union and Windber. Two losses came at the hands of a tough West- mont five, 76-35, and the Hi-Y. Dropping a second game to Westmont and losing to Williamsport 60-53, the I. V.'s ended the season with wins over Burnham- Derry, 91-41, and Conemaugh, 53-44. Mr. Raymond Hoiim an Afhlefic Council APPROVES SCHEDULES AND DECIDES POLICIES An account ot the athletic activities in AHS would be incomplete without an acknowledgment of the part played by the Athletic Council. The chairman, Mr. Ioseph N. Maddocks, and the executive otticer and athletic director, Mr. Raymond Hott- man, head the Council in its many ac- tivities. Composed ot representatives ot the administration, faculty, and school di- rectors, the Athletic Council approves all sports schedules and determines all ath- letic policies in respect to teams and coach- ing personnel. The Council is the author- ity on the Well-earned athletic awards, and it arranges for the transportation of the teams to and from all games and meets. Without the Council the sports program would be practically non-existent. COUNCIL MEMBERS Left to Right: Mr. Ernest Deiaifle, Dr. A. Bruce Denniston, Mr. loseph N. Maddocks, Mr. Rob- ert L. Thomp on, Mr. larnes K. McNeal lr., Mr. Prank Marsh, Mr. Edgar l. Brooks, Mr. Ray- mond N. Hoffman, Mr. Wilbert Hoffman. VIH? Upper Photo: Ivliikinq llIl1f.'OIlll1t'lYtIt'lC. Lower Photo: Making time in the stands. Opening their season in March with a rec- ord breaking performance in the two-mile relay event at the annual Pitt lndoor lnvitational meet, Coach Paul Adams' versatile l952 track team went on to end Mount Lehanons ten-year reign as champions of the WPIAL relays and recap- tured District Six honors from Iohnstown l-ligh's Trojans. ln addition, the A. H. S. cinderpathers gained eight of a possible l2 first places in the annual Coaches relays at Mansion Park, fine ished first in the third annual West Central Coaches association meet at Iohnstown setting four new records in the process, and copped the Pitt Iunior college meet. Don Prough, who finished fourth in the State meet in the 880, was a consistent winner throughout the year in his specialty, as were Dave Freas in the mile, and the two-mile relay team of Dave Freas, lack Russell, Dave Duval, and Don Prough. Dick Wagner in the quarter mile, and Dick Cox in the hurdles, also turned in several sparkling performances to add to team honors. ff HU V' N " l TIIDNJ 10084 Figures don't lie. but Track THINCLADS HALT MOUNT LEBANON TEN -YEAR WIN STREAK 1952 TRACK SQUAD First Row: I. Wills, I. Russell, R. Hooper, I. Beiqle, D. Prouqh, D. Freos, D. Wilson, R. Kuntner, C. Young, R. Ricci, D. Grohorn, T. Smeol. Second Row: Assistant Couch Cyril Romsoy, N. l-lostler, R. Bcrum, R. Dusek, E. Wood, R. De-om, D. Duvol, N. Herzog, G. Condon, D. Martin, F. Mcrssobni, Head Couch Poul Adams. Third Row: W. Deluliis, R. Linqenlelter, H. Showley, R. Myers, I. Books, I. Cclthermon, R. Russell, D. Donley, R. Cox. Fourth Row: Monoqers N. Green, l-l. Geisler, R. Stone. 1952 CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD First Row: R. Baum, D. Donley, I. Rurfing, D. Duval, N. Herzog, N. Hostler, W. Cox, W. Deluliis. Second Row: R. Curry, M. Keller, K. Riggleman, I. Ray, T. Clark, B. l-lostler, V. Caracciolo. Third Row: Manager W. Green, Coach Paul Adams. C ross C ounfry HARRIERS PLACE FOURTH IN STATE MEET The Altoona cross country team placed fourth in the fourteenth annual state PIAA competition with 35 schools at State College, November 8. The final tabulation of points showed Mount Lebanon with the low score of sixty. New Castle finished second and Upper Darby was third. Altoona's lack Ruffing placed fourteenth followed by Dick Curry, Bruce Hostler, Dave Duval, Nelson Herzog, Ioel Cohen, Don White, and Don Donley, The best time for the 2'f2 mile course was ll minutes, 6.3 sec- onds made by Paul lesse of Pittsburgh. ln the first meet of the l952 season the Altoona High harriers downed Latrobe by a score of 17-38. Nelson Herzog led the pack home in ll minutes, and 22 seconds. Other finishers for the Lions were Dick Curry, lack Ruffing, and Don White who finished second, third, and fourth respectively. Although the Lion harriers had to relin- quish the state championship trophy won last year, Coach Paul Adams was well pleased with the team's showing. With the experience gained this season Coach Adams expects the local squad to make a strong bid to regain the state title in 1953. Cheering Secfion PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE PICTURE Cheerleaders While assembling this book the editor came across a group whose piece in this year's pic- ture popped up repeatedly. Because of their great services, the entire student body gives three cheers to a wonderful group of girls for their untiring efforts at school pep meetings, on the football field, and on the basketball court. With plenty of pep, the cheerleaders really put gusto into the games. ln all kinds of weather these spirited girls kept up the morale of the fans and players. lt was their all-out support which helped our fighting football Lions hit the line hard and carry the pigskin over for many a touchdown. Under the able supervision of Miss Helen Bloomfield the girls were a colorful addi- tion to athletic events. M aioreffes Likewise, the majorettes deserve much cre- dit. These snappy girls, high-stepping down the field with batons twirling and skirts swirling, helped greatly to boost the fans' morale as well as that of the players. Their precision and all around perfection of performance drew favor- able comments wherever they appeared. Al- though this is only the third year of a majorette organization in the school, it already consists of two corps of baton-twirlers who are entitled to rank among the very best. Many thanks and three cheers for the faith- ful and loyal cheerleaders and majorettes who have added so very much to 52-53. lOl CHEERLEADERS Upper Photo: Patty lackson, Barbara O'Donald, lone Man- giacarne, Maureen Kessler. Lower Photo: Peggy Detwiler, Margaret Robbins, Ann Roher, loanne Cody, Danice Menza. RJ' Hvlfftllll souwtuorly fir-t a hit?" 1952 SEASON'S SCORES A. H. S. OPP. 7 .... Morrisons Cove CHD 0 8 .... Windber ll-IJ ..........,... 13 ..,. Mercersburq Academy CAI . . 7 .... Clearfield lAl ..... 4 .,.. Windber KAI ...... 7 .... Mercersburq Acudenll l l 1 l l l 9 .... 6 .... DuBois CHD . . , 3 .... Iohnstown CHD 13 .... Kiski Prep. U-ll Summary 10 wins: 0 losses B. C. I. lHl . .,.,....,..... . Baseball ELEPHANT WIN OVER When the Altoona High Elephants downed Kiski Prep, Saturday, May l7, by a score of 13-6, it marked the tenth consecutive victory for Coach Hugh Blacks i952 squad and the first perfect season since l932. Good fielding, timely hitting, and a well balanced mound corps combined to put the Blackmen so far out in front in most contests that only the lohnstown game was so close as to be decided by a single tally, 3-2. The season opened with a 7-O win over Mor- risorrs Cove in which Clair Duffy and Bob Forn- Walt led the attack with two hits apiece. ln the next game Clair O'Connor and Herb Bolger limited Windber to five bingles as the locals tri- umphed, 8-2. 1952 BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Assistfxnt Cfotivti ltoscom- Wiiioiirxiii, C. Duffy, l.lVlorqiin, W. Wcwivci, H. Dtiiiciieti, D. Maier, D. Hoover, l. litilltnfi. Second How: li. Brwitty ln1f.i1.l, R. Gottslitili, l. Sill, VV. Burclitield, R. Gosnell, H. Bolgcr lr., l. Sovcy, Cotifii Huali Black. Th- . ' ,V ' X - ' Y Y ' ird Row. E Au Justine Crnfirl, C, Bohn, D. Simmeis, D,Taicisl-cy, W. Brenner C OConnor L. Burger Fourth How: G, Wticqiifwi' lmfi1.l, G. Kirshnt-lr lnicJr.l, G. Critzfer, R. Sill, H. Ctin1piioll,lC. Burr, lil FOTllWt1ll,'VVl. Tltotitpson W. llwili- l1i1fql,l. 1 '-li'.'- iY.fl,YKlr'-7 5 sw f ' A ' A rg.,:g.g4ait A N. N .A PS5 SEP lt H Nm, ,xxx xxxxlw lax RQXN-.Nx'XX:N Rl KISKI CLIMAXES PERFECT SEASON The following afternoon the Elephants took advantage of ll Mercersburg misplays to de- feat the Academy boys on their own field, l3-6, with the bats of Bob Fornwalt, lack Morgan, and Dan Maier playing a leading role. Following a layoff due to rain, Clyde Barr and Dave Sim- mers combined their efforts to Whitewash Clear- field, 7-U, yielding a total of only three hits. Windber High's Ramblers proved unex- pectedly stubborn on their home lot, but fin- ally fell before the tight pitching and heavy hit- ting of Herb Bolger who hurled the first five frames and drove in two runs in the 4-2 Win. The return game with Mercersburg saw the visitors enjoying a one-run lead until the fourth when the Elephants exploded for four tallies to put the game on ice, 7-3. Lynn Barger and Gene Critzer shared honors on the mound. ln the next game relief pitcher Lynn Barger had to come to the rescue of Clyde Barr after Beccaria had rallied in the late rounds to reduce an Elephant lead of nine runs scored in the first two innings. The final score was 9-5. Altoona's eighth straight victory was a personal triumph for southpaw lack Ruffing who went the entire route to hurl the locals to a 6-3 win over DuBois. ln the historic clash with Iohnstown Lynn Barger again played the hero's role by limiting the lawns to four hits and tripling home the deciding marker. A seven-run rally in the final two frames enabled the Elephants to overwhelm Kiski, l3-6, and close their season unbeaten. Gene Crit- zer's steady pitching and the three solid hits of Bob Fornwalt were decisive factors in the vic- tory. Bill Weaver takes a healthy swing. Bob Fornwalt crosses the happy gum Now it's lack MOIQGHIS turn. Boys' lnframurals hi order to provide on opportunity lor rocrocrtiori thcrt otherwise would riot be ovoil- cihlo to the boys ot the school, the intrdrnurol riroqrfrni wos reorqonized this yeor. Under tho supervision ot Mr. Robert Wolfe ond Mr. Pont Morse, the intrornurol boslcetboll pro- frrcrrii got under woy in December. The teorris were divided into six leoques of tour tecrrris eoch, two leoques eoch niqht Ili' -'iii-'itil iii thfrt lrtflri fill trip! Th ployinq three niqhts o week, one in the girls' qym, the other in the boys' qyrn, Alter o twelve-week period ot competition only horne roorns B-l5, lO7, 315, ond 328 rernoiried to contend for the championship. Finolly the "Electrons" of borne roorn 328 ernerqed vic- torious by downing home room 315 by CI score of 54 to 32. is is willed lriclitrri iiohtiriii. Dorft stretch thiriqs too ifirl 'l'hf vivtirri slifitilfl iw' rf-vived ity Ilflvv. No, thc trwrtrriertt must iicrve item-ri too imrvli tor hirii. Girls' lnframurals FOSTER FELLOWSHIP AND GOOD FUN Miss Frances McGinnis, sponsor ot these girls, says, "The purpose oi the Girls' intramural Sports Club is to foster among high school girls genuine sportsmanship, good fellowship, and the lun that comes from playing a good game." Meeting alter school, the girls enter tournaments in badminton, dodge ball, basketball, and other sports. From the points earned tor participation in these sports eligibility for girls' athletic awards later in the season is determined. Upper: Looks kinda clulvlwy to us. Middle: Ping pong paddle pal:. Lower: Shuttle oft to Buffalo, 105 if is ,EAJF ga .' A K K' , x m'!' Q, m ., ,f , A Z sz, i .sux '5 ,, 5, ' A s 1 ' 14 H 1, K 3? S Ax I Q varm,mw.w,-M,W,,,?t ' rv , .. ar' ts: 2' ' glfggg- o- 53 I 4, if' 'W ' U .J Q V EP A 'Q A rg A i nw' , ww" , ' " .. 4, N gf !q.1w-- 4 i wr' . 4 fig Q ' 5 Q V, X my , A M .fa -M, 1,1 . .Q ,- .HQ X gfk' k??fA " 'Nr V mvgxkkfgsk -,,., ,.-,M - -- QW ' 'ig vt' A :J N J, f A 7 A 4 'Eff aw' 4- H , NNW ff ,,.. . . u, ,,, Mr. Hugh Black Boys' F ederafion MOVIES OF 1952 OLYMPICS DELIGHT AUDIENCE The Boys' Federation, an organization composed of all the boys in the school, had one of its best years in l952-53. One of the most interesting programs was a moving picture of the 1952 Olympic games at Helsinki shown and narrated by Mr. Gene Wettstone, the 1948 gymnastics coach, who took the pictures himself. Other programs included talks by lerry Wolfherg and Walter Reigh, Korean vet- erans, on War experiences, the Fisher Body Corporation movies on cars of the future, and Football Highlights of l95l. The Quar- terback Club presented the Ken Bashore Memorial Football Award to Robert Sill during an assembly. The boys earned over a hundred dollars for their treasury by carrying huge inflated figures in the Santa Claus Parade. FEDERATION OFFICERS-Left to Right: Richard Leader, secretary, Gerald Black, presidcntq Iarnes mlill, vivo IJI'ItS'lClWYil. 108 Girls' League Miss Eleanor Hare VARIED PROGRAMS MARK YEAR'S ASSEMBLIES The Girls' League is an organization ot all girls for the benefit oi all girls. This group gives assemblies designed to inter- est the girls and at the same time to give them aid in their various programs. Other programs featured style shows, a piano and organ program by Dr. Hayden C. Oli- ver ot the Undergraduate Center, voca- tions for girls, and skits on manners. The League endeavors to provide opportuni- ties tor work and service and to engage in wholesome recreational activities. The mother-daughter banquet is a big event that the Girls' League sponsors along with the standards committee. All the girls ot A. H. S. take an equal share in the devel- opment of the Girls' League. LEAGUE OFFICERS-Le!! to Right: Nancy Heller, secretary, Betty Burke, president, Donna Brunner vice-president, Harriet Lee, treasurer. 109 vtdtrd tummy irttorossthtq pdtd dssmubltes this yt wry 'thru sstudotttss orttoyod tho populdr Blue cr, ct ftiszttttqttifsttod picmistg cmd with open moutttf: wfttcphod tho shooting skttl ot hm Ly thtt ftthwr KIISSEOIIHJIY QtIttE3fh'ItIlIItG'IttS were se- Acfivifies Program tested by the studmtt Sohuto amd homo tooth representottvos. This group plcmttod the 'tho cnvtivtttos proqrctht ot tho School prof vorious cxcttvtttes throughout tho your, Atuouq 'Y Si"i4NS' Wttftft mmm SONGMQIS7 W' Hcmk' these were orqcmtztnq tho School t'htItFt3S cmd home room programs, mcthttotutttq tt lost cmd HCM! k,,OWH U5 HKUM AICt1Qr", These Kind found de-pdrtmertt tu the Sottdte othco, cmd putting over the Activity Ticket Soto. ,y-' -1 NX I ll f I f wilt 0 t 'Un I TICKET SALESMEN 'Nhf'sf:1d,"Vt'wtt112utottttttttttr-ptttfsel Stttrtds th this -"tur1try:"' HU It 'Nm 'Inu H .IIN ' Qin: lhlllta ns I us' nl' xx iz . ..,,. X Qgvgziiii N .. ax me :Qs J ' xx-S.. 1 ww, , -f is 'gp ,,...a1G if W ,f ff v.. , Q WEL VL' 22 M . .ai r?-,-'2,Vgg.,.5'',, f',.v:-f.':-:'s,'f:?I1 f":,iff,ijfj:. -142.1-: .5 rf Sm gg j,. vii, ':,::,:-fgj: ' V N , vi sv ' W" eF2'11Ym!:'L1?k3s:.',-312 ' 1 ,A ' E ,E-fQ24V3,:iggi,,1.Kijiji Q..w.z. L f2s.:EaQ'?ij-Lag-Xi , Q. ' lifiirf . f...,:m -, ,iii ,L,,m,.M ..,,M3S, gg A1 ,,. aff K 1441Tjf?5Yi+fQigfr?5ff' f' A F55 . . 531 .ga ' N ' ix f 3 h.i"".,t,! 'MAS-v.1-Q yr 1. P3321-Edgy 'tw , , M ,. we , 1 ,4 .L K ,.,. .pw X 1 ggnsq-ggmx ff ., 3 yy , A ,m,.,., M,,. , ff P , H ' I 'fi Ls.'-3? - 1 . few 4kif,Y,il'!lv Jil: f, 'fr fffdig: in-v ' 'fiifxlfliqfk , Q 1,1 f 1.5 siigiqgzvafpixw-'Q W . f If was , .11 A , , 1 K A 0 .3 5 T N AUX i' X X IH X 1, mu. Alyavsw S ef - ,wa.fw Horseshoe M ounfain Echo Compass Quill and Scroll AY Q Mn...-eq M 'H , 2 IMI! WIA!! Hull! llllf will fx wran- . -W 'll many' 12533524 I ggi E X ww' f Kfkf ,itil Q v Sgyxjfi . L14 Q' : . A ,, , Q: NJ "':'1fjlf-Sw f,fs22f'?Si-iffsrgii-'Y A it V5 ,AW i 3 A "Wi - 'WT .,1w""'W6ngQ,,,,u-M-asf, Wm ,., ,m , ' ' L 4 , -,,.,-gp I .4 f"""" " F ,AW .afsw if V bf' ,Mk ... 3' , ' ix ' 4 OFT HE PICTURE TOGETHER The 1953 Horseshoe statt has endeav- ored to piece together between book covers personalities, scenes, activities, and re- membrances, so that when accumulated, the i953 Horseshoe will give a complete history of the school year. The start mem- bers, with Mr. Charles A. Faris and Mr. Scott S. Geesey as sponsors, have tried to fill the book with the pictures and events to remember in future years. lt's not an easy job putting a book together-Hand there were plenty oi headaches in writing, re- writing, and then re-writing, taking pic- tures, and meeting deadlines. lt was not all play, but the start thoroughly enjoyed working to obtain the final result which is its contribution to commemorating a truly great year at Altoona High School. Seated: Editorrrr tihiet lolrrr Powloy Standing: Sports Editor' Vtftryrre Dale A5 Upper: Typist loyce Woodcot'k, Literary Editors Arrrr Mini Fusco, Benita Iorkasky, Loo Leopold, Middle: Typist Alvin Snyder, Literary Editors Iurrw Breor Itrnet Mrlntyrey Editor Iolrrr Powh-yy Liter rry Etiitrr Marilou Singer. Lower: Literary Editors Kay Saxton, Mfrrilyrr Myt rs, Gt alcline Corrigcrny Typist lf-frrr Etrtrrrsy l.itsvr1rry Edittr Elizabeth Brown, 'kbk f , F9597-.,::,:r. -6' ,213 MLM. -f,t 1' .' -' ,A E' Q55 1 ff . gl . . 'I fab: 5 Q f ' ,,.. ,IL , 3. 4 1 751, -3 N . "1: , 1 L A Miss Mildred Heller Mounfain Echo GIVES EXCELLENT COVERAG ., X - . W. - N Tlwy lmmllv lllE'llE own vcliloxiul pwlxlwrxms. Q.,- 'Maw Q: af --C 1 l R lx. - Tlnly .uv 1ws5wr1s1E lo fm litwzury OF SCHOOL NEWS To the creative mind the work done by the Mountain Echo presents a challenge. The staff of the Mountain Echo has answered the chal- lenge by putting out a paper that gives excel- lent coverage of all phases of school lite in each issue. Under the guidance of Miss Mildred Heller, the paper won a second place award at the an- nual March Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion Convention, which is sponsored by Colum- bia University and attended by speakers and students from all parts of the country. Three members of the high school publications, Mary Grace Kerr and Harry Kaufman of the Moun- tain Echo staff and Leo Leopold of the Horseshoe staff, attended these sessions. In the effort to give complete coverage of school activities, new columns were added this year. The most noted of these were "Discs 'n' Data," a report on latest records and hits, writ- ten by Dick Reddiclc, and "Girls' League," a column contributed by Nancy Shew and Alice Campbell. The Mountain Echo, along with the Horse- shoe, played host to the Pennsylvania School Press Association in November. During April the paper played host to the spring conference of the Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association. They often do their own typing. ll 5 l They confer about sports events. MOUNTAIN ECHO STAFF Managing Editors Literary Editors . Sports Editors . Associate Editors News Editor . Typists .. Sponsor . PeggyBrown Aliceann Wohlbruck . . . . Donna Henchey Benita Iorkasky Ered Schaefer Allan Hazen Nancy Shew, Alice Campbell . ............. Dolores Graf . . . . Evelyn Dodson Sondra Cump . . . . Miss Mildred Heller Miss Ida Woomer The Compass A PUBLICATION WHICH BENEFITS ALL CLASSES COMPASS STAFF Editor in-chief ........,........ Phyllis Kinq Associate Editor . , ..... Dorola Lear Business Manager .. .... Dorothy Storm Proof Headers .. ,....... Evelyn Dodson Elizabeth Thompson l-tc-porters . Wanda Schroeder Martha Braun Rae Crumbaker Doris Van Zandt Typists .. ...... Carmela Sinisi Mary Ann Turbett Shirley Royor Sponsor . .. Miss Ida Woonier COMPASS STAFF Although the Compass is published primarily to help the sophomores, seniors and juniors also benefit from it. Floor plans, a list of courses, names of faculty members, songs and yells, and school req' ulations are only a few of the facts con- tained in this valuable handbook. lts standard book report list is consulted by all classes. Under the sponsorship of Miss Ida Woomer, the staff is selected during the second semester of each year on the basis of merit. The l953 Compass was edited by Phyllis King, ably assisted by the staff. Lett to Right: Dorothy Storm, business manaqerg Martha Braun, Carmelo Sinisi, Shirley Royer, Phyllis Kina, editor in chief, Dorola Lear, associate editor: Mary lane Turbett, Elizabeth Thomp- san, Doris Van Zandt, Rae Crumbalcer, I ll6 Quill and Scroll Miss Mildred Heller TAKES PART IN NATIONAL WRITERS' CONTEST The A. H. S. chapter ot Quill and Scroll was founded to help students interested in the field of journalism. New members are se- lected from those who have done top work on one ot the publications, and who have a high scholastic standing. They enter con- tests within the school and take part in sev- eral national and international contests. ln 1952-53, two essay contests were held, ot which one was on the presidential campaign. As one requirement, each member of Quill and Scroll is required to write two plays. The president ot Quill and Scroll is Aliceann Wohlbruck and the director is Miss Mildred Heller. Allan Hazen Peggy Brown Wilma Burlcet Donna Henchey Benita lorkasky Sponsor: QUILI. AND SCROLL MEMBERS Aliceann Wohlbruck Nancy Shew Eileen Gipprich Steve Port Helen Kocher Miss Mildred Heller Left to Right: Nancy Shew, Peggy Brown, Allan Hazen, secretaryp Alicearm Wohlbruck, vice- presidentg Eileen Gipprich, president: Steve Port, treasurerp Donna Henchey, Benita lorkasky, Helen Kocher, Miss Mildred Heller, sponsor. ll7 1 , Show Pieres: SCENES FROM "THE FORTUNE TELLER" .'11 1 111 1 1 '1'11f'1111111'1111W1'1-'V11111'-1111111111: 1 1 ' F.f1:1111 L 1 .1 . NMMA. A . 1 11 1 1 1 ,X1111111111111 111:1 111'.f- 11' 1 1 1111'111' 111111111 1111111 11 "11" ' 111" 111' 1111"11111- 1111 11 1111 111'111' .,:11:11 11 11:1 1 1151111 .. 11 .1 1-11111151-1111111 .11 f 1 I' 1 I1 'QU-qi! f i if X 7. 5. V 4 was-if A XL Fggfvg L!-,ly MH ' nl fin' I n..,,,. e ff-" V A A .9,ffgylfp.:fV 'W ' 9 W 2.- . ,f .:w,,,'....., ,W , M X, W ' If' ..V'i,,,A:f'm-xrssgxcw fy 9. A "Nw ' v ' ' ,?"4?!5lf7i' ' I' TQ- hx . f, 4" X, 1 ' f' I ,V,, A x 9' ,,y-'W' fy 1 gba-L I . Q 1 "W fiw ff H x -, W , ., A , . . f V, ..:f3', -.QAM "mf gi? gk, ,Y -.iff QN QQ, Rf I ,ar , ' . W , . Y f .. .fx mf 5 .W jg: gh X , b 'QV ' 31 3 wrfffvf ., 4 'Q U Q Q ' N , -, 1 A ' ' ' +4 I 'W ,Q A ff , , 'M Ha'- K ' fr' . ' , ' A ' , - '1- QQB ,ff if I, Z, 8 --N s 51 "L W x i ,gf gf! ,LL 'I A .5 .. 'I ,U if . 1 g ff ,iff K -"' df ,gy A Y , Q f . , Q M . fin- x 'fuhv , Y ' , A gut 7 ,'f, .'f.5,,Qm ' ,lr K-A..55.,4gS,.Q1 tum, X, 1. .,. uf: 'v..f'+ 4"-W.zn,w:!sf--, will ' ff,:i5,gy.fg5:q!r,f5ff-in 1 F3541 V wuz At'2,'flVf1-1521, f ,',f.e!f331,'21g,g13,--E if-. M. , . A.l1,,'.,',iygsar,vf'i1i?311.V7 3. 5-3'a'f'f,1'i'i'g4 v3?lf???B ,Y . . A f ' Vfvfw. --N . Q, A33 Jjf,1, . au Nu -HQ 'n?'a"Q,f" rl, wry., K V ,mg way, 413325. ,ffl , , ff, fqaw, ,,f,5,z:A.: fgfw rr x m,,',,fag,1.,:'x f 3,3-fg2f?4,4 3 , ,,,., .un gwfuf'1?sffwf.1.. ' L+ L. .X Q v,,u, - ,-.,v,4W,f,,f ' 'W 'M ifllkfz, x il f J- 'v N ..3,,,f,g.s , K vgjlfg.-1-W . . , ,yn ,www , X " 1,51 ,jf ' k rifig. M , , V 'gl U f V, P xy,- . Q! 'Wi Syn, V41 3 xl NL' fvf ss lgixzk QM 'fm -wg ' Li' K 4gf,,,m, , 5 If 121. , ,Whig 'L f ff 41, .X .,+ wir ,K 1 4 z f gf U ,A ,. f Q K Mag 1 iffy ,gmisgag iff: 3 'Jiffy' .'-fl 3 L -5 of 1,4f4f."y f 1 -Q fi L, Q ' f , A wg.: 1145 ff,-,Q :fran ,K - .V ,341 :5a!g!3y',4f'ni 10:42 -35: f V - .4 ' 'n' Q iii: e1g5ea:fff,wf:'.g!fK: f in .,..'. ,gm .,. , 5 5,-.., . . . A Q- 5.1. . ,. f!3,1f',fZgg:Ii-'f,if1'3-g.- 41. L ""' 'fi?i1"2Yf?52'lik2? ' vifllfl ,vfkiigf fff':f"-.-kj.. -Q14-H .5515 'ff5e3'5?45j514.-g:12g1+:-12-7V "l, ,fl 3.:' LX '.ff.s,5.,-.w1.'-S: 'f f-92:5 Qvzfsf-3:12 xx fn Q: -:-W . 'fu F' ,v'f'-wfflrfs-'?J'sw:,1-i 1 . 'A Ni , .g'f5'ffg:,,f,q.j,5.-I?.wg X - ' -L 45,1 '44,-ff:.e.fx,.-,q. X 1 ,M ,va ,f,..5., , ,,,. , W ,s .,.r.,5-, -,bf ,V , g.5.g,. .. ,.. ,'. ,422 15125 5 5:3 g:5g5ff'L'3f ,',':1l1'T9f ,ff ffl? :Zeb-,"f .fzw 4 , L. u ?j2Y:,,f,Q',j4.,1'fgL, 1 5 f:.W.fh:52i"f v: 2 I vi sri, 5 if 1 'J , 231-ffwfiff r, rf,if,,.M. My I ,ffffiaiw ' at was if-f I Q , f an 1 i 1 1 if 1 I s 3 , ily: , E X Y S V 2 2 5 LQ Qs? 5, fax 53,2 Q -v J J ,ffli 4. IA .Z K ,Z .Ji V K' lf: I .5 G, I' ' 'gg Vg rg'-Q , ' 57W 2 Q: F ' WF' 3' ""ff- "' ' 'is' - -Amif-ff-J f 'A v ,.5f?i' ' f, , . W is , "iw 'H U , , A Z I Jig' - -A 'W A T a K k lk fx ' 1 , - ,.' , ff 'WU F i' l :5 Ai. Q.,1 L L b'-1.- 1 I ' f"' 4 L' ' ' P :,: - VA 'J 145 :':???, 5-S- A f PWS? ff Q., I 15.5.1 ,isp . i 470- . li ' - -1 ' , ' 'V M .No , In-.--mv ...Alf . 1 U , l .. -. md Q a --XX .I . X XA Left: The lzvmd txt lOllIlSlQJWI1lCtOllW1Illl'LXll1J. Mr. Iohn Monti MUSICIANS GAVE USUAL TOP-NOTCH PERFORMANCE Without the bond g ldrge ond impor- tont piece ot the yedr's picture would be ldclcing. The band, directed by Mr. lohn Monti, gove its usuorl top-notch periorrn- dnce otgoin this yeor. With Korl Ross gsf sisting Mr. Monti os drum rndjor, the bond prdcticed diligently to prepdre music for school sports events, for pdrticipdtion in coinrnunity events, cmd pdrticulorly lor Trombones: ll. Blogger, I. Davis, R. George, R. Gosnell, R. Ktuitiiitiix, H. Kensinqcr, l. Lawrence, S. McDonald, I. lvlvlvlimx, R .OlfTOllHOl, l. Rouzer, D. Smith, A. Strow, Z. VVillit1msmi. Basses: E. Ammermtm, D. Blttclclvurn, R. Domifte, R. Hmel, XV. lvkes, H. lVl-Neel. the onnuctl concert. This orgonizcztion tur- nished the necessory rnusicgl touch dnd precision drills to instill the redl A. H. S. spirit in dll those otttending tootboll gcmies. One of the brightest pieces in the pic- ture ot the bdnd wos the dnnudl concert, which wcxs presented on Morch 26, cmd enjoyed by on dpprecidtive cxudience. Percussion: W. Alwine, G. Aumrm, W. Fleck, L. Gfuiett C. Gates, K. Kuhn, F. Nagle, C. Romrinowit-2, T. Shvlow M. Troxell, N.Vc1sile. String Buss: D. Cduni, D. ML'CIkx'ilClY. Librarian: R. Kihler. if 5 E B w .?2:..'-t'fief'N we was A W 4 ' VK' sv' 'W' V 'xiii' 'q 4 ,Qi ."V J. One ot the best-liked and best-known A CAPPELLA CHOIR-First Row: G. Maximon, I. Fleck, I Bartholomew, D. Lirnhert, M. Kimberlin, B. Burke, G, Wolf, I. Farrell, B. Taylor, I. Van Derau. Second How: I. Curry, B. Mclierihan, B. Hendel, G. Hort- rrrarrri, M. A. Vicars, I., Stewart, C. Stirfler, D. Kariie, M Bing, F. Christodoulos, P. Shamas, K. Vickery, B. Brown, ll, W, Liridaman, director. Third Row: D. Lego, P, Miller, H. Kocher, C. Peterman, M L. Hendricks, E. Ehersole, N. Hicks, B. O'Donald, N Show, I. Woods, I. Lantz, V. Yeckley, M. Walker. Mr. Howard W. Lindamun 1 1 Fourth Row: S. McGee, C. Gillaspie, H. Lee, S. Mehafiie M, Shade, I. Saleme, B. Dencler, M. Wicker, R. Crum baker, A. Wohlhruck, M. Berndt, C, M. Taneyhill, C Colbus, I. Bay. Fifth Row: D. Mehafiie, L. R. Keister, D. Towle, P, Porter M. Turnbaugh, P. Brown, I. Burns, W. Deluliis, L. Cis ney, Ft. Russell, I. Frehn. Sixth Row: M. Wagner, W. Stewart, A. Adler, E. Gottshall G. Hanna, W. Fink, G. Black, I. Cohen, B. Kibler, C Ame-rine, A. Hazen, L. Miller, I. Urban, A Cappella Choir THEY APPEARED BEFORI features ot Altoona High School is the a Cappella choir, under the direction ot Howard W. Lindaman. The most impor- tant appearance of the a Cappella was at Harrisburg, where they sang for the School Directors' Convention on invitation. The group was accompanied by the orchestra and our local school directors, and all agreed that Altoona High School had had a great day. Throughout the year the a Cappella, acting as representatives of our student body, made various public appearances in the community. They were well re- ceived at the Red Feather Kickoirt Banquet at the Penn Alto, at their State Press Con- vention entertainment, and at their ap- pearance in the May Festival. The senior 22 members ol the group ctlso entertoined ctt the Lincoln Dcty Bctncruet cxnd dt the Mosque lor the Shriners. This yeczr, too, the seniors song olone in their own Bctc- colfzuredte ond Cornrnencernent proqrctni. ln post yeors, sophomores ctnd juniors olso toolc port in the services. As usuol the o Coppellcr did ct niojor portion ol the sinqinq ond ctctinq in the dn- nuul show, which, in this cctse, wcts "The Fortune Teller", loy Victor Herbert. Ren- ditions ol such sonqs os HROHTCTHY Life", "Sympathy", ond "Gypsy Love Sonqw will lonq be reniernbered. lt is ctltoqether tittinq thot one of the lost nieniories ol the lost dory of hundreds of school cctreers is the rich sound of the hornioniously blended voices ofthe CI Cop- pello. SENIOR QUARTET cirylcc 'TL111'ilA+tt1eiglx, Bl'IIl'Ilt1 Ofttaritzltl, I iii l Burke: Vdlerie Ycclclcy, l?lllIll5l. LOCAL GROUPS AND MADE A MEMORABLE TRIP TO HARRISBURG A. H. S. SENIOR OCTET: lI..c't to Righil Alun Adloi, llwxiiitt Wlftlrttllirr, N tracy lllflxs, lem: 1: litrrn Bt-tty Burke, Eddie Co'tsli.1ll, lvltzrcl Cfisaiivy, lottniie l5t1!lllNlUlllf'NVj Ctwl-1 Siiltlt 1, 5 t izzrsr. 1953 ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL-Violins: It Adams, B. Urbiiimto, C. Weber, P. Vtfeise. Basses: IW, B11111t1n11rd11e F A I111 111, Il. I'if'1tI, I. Blrwvvf-is, H Hf1td111t, II. C'fI1f'1dd1 11011, S. I3111111b111111I1, IFI. C1111111, I. CI111sri, I7. Cori, I. I7ct1i1'I1, C. Q 1 1 C I1 III l1'1N'1IIII, I. f'1r'1i11I1tr111, II. I71IIf-111I111I11, I7. IIr111I11y, F. fellow, IU,M11C.'11111dy, I.S11Io111ie. I I 1 If-, I.. I1g1::t1i11, A.F11t11, IvI.F111f'1i K. II1111vf11, W. K11111s, Flutes: W.C3111fii11s, B.C1c1vQ, M. M1'Ki1111vy, I. 'I'iIt1111. Obo M I 1aI1111, Il. M111sd1 II, li. S1111ti1, It. S1111f11I1111111, II. Spin D. Cr11i111-, C. Fspt-11I1111I1,I'Q.Ii41ss,F.St111I1Ie, A.T11yI111 I1 It. ISt1111Ilf11, C'. 'I'I11111111::, IJ. 'I'I1r11111 :sr I1 II. T111tt111, F. soons: A,HyI11, I. I.I1I1i1111to, W. W111'I1te1. Piano: I. IIi ft, 1II1 1111::, I.. Wilt, II. W11111111. Clarinets: It.C11ti1111,I.GiI1I1f11111y,I.L.m1s1yI1Iv1iQIm,L N1 11 V10 cs: I. A11111111It, M. IGI11-lc, M. M1-II11-,v1II, If, I'II1i111', Cf. liooi, I1 Yr-111101, P. VViII111111s, M. N11iI. I 1 II , IP. I-1111-'11, tl, il111v1'1, I.. V 1111I111w, I.. 2ii111111+11s. Cellosz Scxxophones: S. Itdwk, I. II111'1vc11, T, II111-sw, IU. Ye1111e11 Per I I ttf-1:1, IS. M11I111II1+, It. IVIIIIIIIIY, I.. iitfiw 11t I". 'I'111tt1-1, V. cussion: VV.AIWI1111,I..G1111ett,G,I.r11'k1111i,F.N1111Ir'. Trum Orchesfra ENTERTAINS SHRINERS AND TEEN-AGE CLUB TI111 11111sic tl1c1t fills tI1et1i1 during tI1e tI1i1-d CIIICI Iou1'tI1 periods is tI1e iiiteiisive IJVCICIICIIICI of tI1e 98 tc'1Ie11ted 11111siciC1r1s wlio CIIJIIIIHIFISO tI1e A. I-I. S. orcI1estrc1. TI1is your Mr. IOIIII Mo11ti's 111e11 c111d WOIIIQII of mite I111d OIIQ of tI1eir fullest ond best sed s1111:s. U11 October V tI1e group troveled by t1c1i11 to l-Iorrisburfji, wtiere tI1e eritire or- f:I111strf1 e11tertr1i11ed 1.1 group of scliool die rrwvtors, Before the concert, oll of tI'1e 111e:11- bfris were coiiducted o11 CI tour IIITGLIQIIOUI tI1e C'f11pitoI. IIIIIQ orcbestrd olso provided SYIIIIJIICJIIIC, cfIf1ssic, c1r1d populor 111usic ot IIIIX Siiriiiers' Vc.1ler1ti11e Forty Iield dt tlie If1tI11 Mosr111eo11 ITOIDILICIYY ll. I11 c1dditior1, tI1oy prefferiterl severol c1sse111blies for tlie f111ti1r1 student body ir1 tI1e c1uditoriu111. 'I'I1c COIIII'UIIIf'?CI IWKIIICI cmd orcliestrri 1-'111v11t:1 fsprmsored ft SweetI1ec1rt Dimce ot H111 'II0F"II'fICjP3 Cflub 011 Februory lfl. Corel M4'Ci1I4 r111d DPIIIIY Gibson were c.I1oser1 to reiqii Us Kiiicg cmd Queen of 111usic. Mike Poliqnorie Grid I'1is bc111d provided tI1e 111usic. TI1e parents Q1Iso qoive CI speciol bclriquet i11 liorior oi tlie bcuid oiid orcI1es- tra HIGIIIIUOTS ot tI1e close of tI1e SCIIOOI ter111. As i11 former yeors, tI1e biggest 111usif col everit oi tI1e year was tlie orcliestro concert, presented April 23, dt tI1e Roose- velt Iuriior Hiqli ScI1ooI. Selections i11- ciuded were, "Belle ot tI1e Bull," "First Sy111pl'1o11y," orid IITTLIIIIDSIQTSI L1iIIc1by." Nciturolly tI'1is qroup ctiso porticipdted i11 tI'1e City Music Festival c1t the Mosque. Followiiiq the estdblislied troditioii, tI1e orcliestrd provided tI1e 111usic tor tI1e qroduotioii service o11 Iuiie 5. The A. H. S. orcI1estrc1 will dlwdys be re111e111bered witli pride o11d fondness. Hiqii SCIIOOI would riot be tlio SCIIIIQ without it. Right: U11'I11s'11:11I.11.11s1I1111 111 dl .. 5 ,W j f I ff, ,,-5 A' K P N, ., . Q , -.. , X 2- v . :I U' .. -. :gp 5 E - :,.,, , 14 ' U4 5 ' gi Q in ' . 4 ,Nffx , 7. M 3 an .-5 .. pa, f , ' - 1 ,:".JiI1,,, 3 :I i F1 1' ' F' mf ffl, . T Q. I Li ,NA 1. . 1 ,I b Q -V. feiifgfmei 1. 'V Le":. 1 QM M .M , W 4. V, . K ' X A ' 'Q- 5 ., A Q5 ,rg fp Q. .SN , I ,U 4 Q 4 in .LT-1-55, Af, ' A ' - . P Q , L' ' X531ii1f1?if3?4gE2fT?5Y3h H " - . ' L ' Q51 ' w W .5 f W, , A -gif ' ,ly 5 "nf M ,. . , X ' if f ' ""' ' ' f ' 1 Q f I NI .V-.-ff' W 1 """'nl 'S-any ' 01-en. 35 L Lk X w it 'XXSR wsqxf X5 ' S , , v ' I I 1:5 .M f - I A F' ' w V A I. ' C wyf . A ' '-:IF ,mr gi ,Zh if 0 , .f ' ,rf 2, pi .s v f A f I L, ,zggigja l grigi Ax X ln! K-Ni 9 I3 ' H V ,ml Q 17 X Miss Alma Eberlo Girls Choruses DRAW FROM AN EXTENSIVE Miss Eberle's Chorus Sponsored by Miss Alma Eberle, this huge chorus is made up ot girls from the sophomore, iunior, and senior classes. Wlieri a practice ot the entire chorus is re- quired for special events, it must take place alter school because the girls have to take chorus several separate periods in order to accomrnodate the large number compris- itiq ll. Miss Eberles chorus participated in the Music Festival at the laiia Mosque in May and also entertained at quite a few P. T. A. meetings. Drawing from an exten- sive list, which included spiritual and light opera numbers as well as popular and folk music, this group maintained the high standards and audience appeal that have been the hallmarks ot the music depart- ment tor many years. First Row: H. iltvwkes, if. Cliipprfilieltl, pianist, G. Zininicrman, C. Nanifilli, D. Welsh. Second Row: S. C14-ist, H. Pt-ny, M. Olson, M, Edwards. Third Row: M. Wifgtts-ld, l. iftwieriltogeri, N. lanes, B. Mohler, R. Kart, B, Harris, N. Peters, K. Twniple ton, I. Wilson. Fourth Row: Miss Alma Elierle, director, C. Moore, S. Temple, R. Geibel, P. Russell, D. Crider, I. liislier. REPERTOIRE AND MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARDS Mr. Russel Bohn Mr. Bohn's Chorus One of the very finest choral groups in the school, under the leadership of Mr. Russel Bohn, has been specializing in some of the world's finest choral literature, ranging from Fifteenth century chants to present day blues and classics. This choir appeared in many of the local churches and pleased congregations with their ex- cellent performances of choral music. They presented the school with a fine Christmas program and participated in many civic and P. T. A. affairs. This most active and capable group has a repertoire of almost two hours of singing and is noted for its descriptive and tonal qualities. They deserve and have always won high com- mendation for their interest and achieve- ments. First Row: N. I. Hepner, M. L. Snyder, D. Peters, N. Boslet, P. Lardieri, A. Snyder, E. Lehman, E. Farber, I. Curry, M. Iohnsonbaugh, R. M. Gripp. Second Row: B. Kiser, B. Mummert, M. McCauley, I. Snyder, B. Braddock, D. Hayes, B. Curry, M. Hughes, D. Leslie, D, Muir. Third Row: Mr. Russel K. Bohn, director, Dolores R. Rhodes, student teacher, D. Rutherford, I. Rouzer, S. Rowe, I. Klick, D. l-lenchey, B. Haulman, M. I. Doyle, A. DeNisi. - v-fat 528 a+ E" 'F SP X ' 5? .pk or W LA Q .-1-uw IQ L. K, ln vi? 4 JUDY" ,NE ACT PLAY: Feudin' Mouritain Boys" This school year the English Department presented "A Date With ludy" to apprecia- tive and enthusiastic audiences November 2l and 22. lt is a tribute to the players and to Miss Sarah Levan's capable direction that it has become necessary to stage the show two nights in order to accommodate the crowd. At different assemblies throughout the year members ot the dramatics classes en- tertained their classmates with a selected number ot plays including "Debt Takes a Holiday", "Leapin' Lena", "Peudin' Mountain Boys", "Submerged", "Miss Personality Plus," "Two Crooks and a Lady", and "Por Two Women". The first year dramatics classes during the first semester study such interesting topics as pantomime, mimic, gesture, and body movement. During the second semester the classes study voice production and charac- terization involving rnind and voice. Both groups made tours to radio stations in the city and made recordings ot their voices. Dra- matics helps people to show to advantage their good qualities and to develop poise and selt-assurance. 129 Mrs. Schlutzliammer of the P. T. A. arrives Picfure of Fun 11x-w1i1i'."r::fxl1 mmlxly iwmfly ll4l'l1'lS. W'hv11Hwyf1w11imrw11-1I1Ilwy m111M:k+w1lH1llx. 'VM' y'r1' XM! uw ,mfl up un tlw-11 wwlk. Hvxyu the 11415 mil mtv Nw Xxvt. l,,.,l.1g4 Mu N1 ,,1.Ny1y,11,fHl l'1yf.11l. Newd11TV hwlwrlifi-xxx? nfz' S.. -., X -, h in-3 fm II T gf V Y- Y Y xx W V' ""' --- . . - '14, -msPk , f ,KX 0 Social f ' Vocational E ducahonal 331 Science students inspect new city air raid siren. Clubs . . . PARTICIPATE IN SCHOOL PROJECTS Ari Display Club Those eye-catching arrangements in the display cases and on the bulletin boards are the results of hard Work and creative thinking by Miss Marian Plitt's Art Display Club. Throughout the year the members advertise coming attractions, celebrate red-letter days, and corrrrrrerrrorate occasions, keeping the stu- dents up with what's What. C afeferia Pafrol The local plain clothes gendarnres situated irr and around the cafeteria are the vigilant rrrerrrbers of the Cafeteria Patrol. Under the di' rection of Mr. Cyril Ramsey, these boys watch for offenders against cafeteria rules. Through their efforts loose garbage, dirty trays, disorder, and leaving before the bell are kept to a civil- ized rrrinimurn. Junior Academy of Science The lunior Academy of Science members take their work seriously. These amateur sci- entists entered their projects in the lndiana State Teachers' College Science Fair, the state science fair at Lebanon Valley College, and they also entered the Science Talent Search. Their own local science fair was a splendid success, too. 132 ART DISPLAY CLUB First ROW: Nancy Shaw, Beverly Heed, Amr Marie Frisco, lVIiriarrr lolrrrson, Gretta Sorkin, Sally Dilwrt, Second Row: Williarrr Roirrrer, Clair Runk, Errgorrcr Ressler, Miss Marian Plitt, sponsor. CAFETERIA PATROL Lei! to Right: Hobart Sill, Mr. Cyril Ram sey, sponsor, Holrert Lirrqerrfeltwr. Dave Duval, Fred Arraustirre. IUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE. First Row: Mr. llarold C. Wirrrrrrer', span sory F. Slraefer, Fl. Yeatts, W. Pylos, rrresidentg B, ilerrdvl, C. Vlfiliorra, A. Vtfolrllrrurk, H lclolsul, l, Viferrrilo. Second Row: R, Fritz, l. I-tolrlrirrs, I. Creighton, P. Porter, P. Brown, S. Wagner, l, Heploalc, S, McGee. Third How: G. Smith, R. White, R, De- laiffo, G. lirrrley, Y. E 2 5. Q. w S , 'i KM . W a Y K, , sv X . ----if Lf: 3 . x -5 d has-squan- Y-TEEN ACTIVITIES Basketball Baby sitting Counseling IUNIOR Y-TEEN CLUB First Row: S. Cump, I. Lantz, M. McMul- len, treasurer: A. Roher, viceepresi- denty S, Woomer, presidentg I. Filler, secretary: S. Mehatiie, M. Kessler. Second Row: M, Shroyer, I. Kenner, K, Burris, P. Brumbaugh, D. Crawford, D. Kopp, I. Heckert, M. I. Parks, I. Rhodes. Third Row: S. McGee, C. Conrad, C. Gil- laspie, B. Dencler, M. Muri, C. Mit- chell, I. Mock, H. Lee. SOPHOMORE Y-TEEN CLUB First Row: M. A. Lyons, A. Matlack, N. Scheiter, D. Dodson, G. Wiley, B. Bowers, L. Chapman, B. Hill, D Richie. Second Row: G. Allen, D. Parsons, R Taylor, K. Speer, P. Marsden, B. Bare I. Cessna, L. Cather. HI-Y CLUB First Row: A. Faris, I. Merritt, secretary, R. Mitchell, secretary: I. Lantz, presi dentp R. Hansard, vice-president: P. Soyster, sergeant-at-armsp R. Gott shall, chaplain, R. Hammond. Second Row: I. Socey, H. Bolger, P. Steele, I. Oswald, I. Burns, I. Adams F. Augustine. Third Row: D, Martin, T. Brantlinger, M Armstrong, C. Ingram, M. Aurandt, N. Arseniu, R. Dandrea. Fourth Row: B. Weller, R. l-lammaker, N. Villano, W. Stewart, H. Lucas, P. Burkett. O O O SUPPLY SOCIAL SERVICES Junior Y-Teens Iunior Y-Teens strive toward Christian unity through friendship, fellowship, and fun. Activi- ties include trips through local factories and to Harrisburg, spaghetti dinners, and working in the polio drive. The sponsor, Miss Iane Owen, helped the girls plan the Fashon Show, Spring Round-up, and the annual Spring Formal. Sophomore Y-Teens Sophomore Y-Teens, under the leadership of Miss Iane Owen, met every Monday to dis- cuss plans tor their various activities, which in- cluded the Sweetheart Dance, Spring Round-up, and the annual Spring Formal. Working to- wards Christian unity, this year they sent candy to a Korean orphanage and collected money at the wrestling matches for the polio drive. Hi-Y Club The Hi-Y Club is organized to promote clean speech, clean sports, and clean living. Meeting every Wednesday night at the Y. M. C. A., this organization planned swimming parties, dances, basketball games, and trips to Harrisburg, Iohnstown, and New York. The sponsor, Mr. Kenneth Clapper, also helped to organize a bas- ketball team which promoted good sportsman- ship among the boys. 135 TRAFFIC PATROL What comes down --4--4 Clubs . . . DEVELOP INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Fellowship Club The Fellowship Club under the leadership oi Miss Sarah Duncan meets twice a month for the purpose oi promoting Christian fellowship. The group sings hymns and choruses, and usually has a speaker from a Bible Institute or a ioreign missionary. The group went caroling together at Christmas time and enjoyed several religious movies. Fulure Business Leaders of America Under the guidance of Miss Lois Metzler, the Future Business Leaders oi America are or- ganized to assist business education students in becoming better business leaders. This year, among their activities, they tabulated a survey of business requirements made by last year's members and toured the offices of several lead- ing business establishments. Traffic Palrol Students of the A. H. S. are very proud oi the Traiiic Patrol. They have done a fine job oi keeping order on the stairs and in the halls between class periods. Candidates are nom- inated and elected by the faculty and members of the patrol on the basis oi citizenship and scholarship. 136 Must go up first. FELLOWSHIP CLUB First How: C. Peterman, M. McCauley, L. Sickenberger, G. Wray, Miss Sarah Duncan, sponsor: I. Nichelson, I. Haupt, B. Noon, S. Grace. Second Row: A. Petter, I. Woodcock, S. I. Watkins, K. Petter, N. McElroy, T. Robison, S. Rhone, H. Light, I. Cas' sidy. Third Row: H. Spanogle, W. Howell, D. Coley, S. McGee, A. I-lyle, D. Grabill, B. Grove. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS First Row: Miss Lois Metzler, sponsor, S. Royer, D. Smith, reporter, B. Tay- lor, vice-president, M. Myers, presi- dent, E. Dodson, secretary, A. Snyf der, treasurer, W. Burket, K. Vickery. Second Row: I. Batrus, N. Shew, E. Croit, I. Burkliolder, M. Carles, D. Rose, C. Iohnson, Miss Renetta Heiss, sponsor. Third Row: L. Bothwell, S. Coleman, I. Woodcock, D. Laratonda, B. Hess, D. Neil, L. Martin. TRAFFIC PATROL First Row: H. Wogan, S. Weamer, N. Shew, B. Levine, G. Rhine, W. Pyles, I. Alleman, I. Filler, B. I-Iendel, R. Waksmonski, Second Row: Miss Marie N. Lauver, sponsor, C. Gillaspie, H. Lee, E. Trot- ter, M. I. Parks, B. Holton. B. Dencler, P. Brown, C. Stifiler, S. Wagner, M. Del-Iaven. Third Row: B. Grove, S. Mehafiie, D. Mehartie, S. McGee, M. Braun, G. Cor- rigan, V. Yeckley, I. Replogle, A, Hazen. Fourth Row: R. Dejaifie, R. Kantner, I. Creighton, C. Brooks, R. Puckey, F. Estep. W -S F ,,- If gp hz: L Q Q ' li ' if A! , if , ! 'Q' GIRLS INTRAMURALS They can bend over backwards or stretch themselves out if necezsary. GIRLS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS First Row: S. Fleming, M. Nebgen, I McBroom, A. Cox, S. Winter, E. Loren- zen, C. Hammel, D. Rutherford, vice- president: S. Charlesworth, N. Wig- field, S. Brown, I. Strunk, l. Regen- bogen. Second Row: Miss Frances McGinnis sponsor: P. Claycomb, R. Taylor, L Box, B. Birely, P. Fleming, E. Wendell M. Lego, P. Smith, D. Parsons, M Wigfield. Third Row: R. Gressley, P. Marsden, P Campbell, K. Fusco, S. Geist, G. Brun- ner, E. Lehman, R. Sperl, G. Thomp son, G. French, D. Ptoddey. Fourth Row: M. A. Lyons, N. Reem, I Walker, S. Balliet, C. McConnell, K Templeton, S. lckes, B. Replogle, L Nabers. BOYS' SQUAD LEADERS First Row: I. Burkholder, T. Hughes, W Deluliis, I. Berkheimer, G. Condon, I. Slates, K. Swope, A. Hancock. Second Row: D. Mengle, I. Kling, A Widzer, K. Smith, K. Tyler, C. Champ eno, D. Adams, F. Smith. Third Row: G. McGinnis, S. Schaeffer R. Albright, I. Duffy, R. Lynn, T. Reag an, W. Hill. Filth Row: I. Dewald, R. Long, L Alper, I. Murray, C. Amerine, R. Mil ler, P. Burkett, W. Artz. GIRLS' PYRAMID CLUB First Row: S. Fleming, M. Nebgen, N Heem, C. Hammel, B. Davis, R. Lantz, D. Rutherford, P. Smith, C. Crisman M. A. Lyons, W. Corbin. Second Row: Miss Frances McGinnis, I. Settle, L. Box, A. Cox, D. Iohnston, M Lytle, N. Sager, M. Lego, E. Wendell M. Wigfield. Third Row: I. McBroom, B. Birely, E Lorenzen, M. Shanafelt, S. Geist, S. Nash, K. Fusco, L. Caporuscio, S Charlesworth, N. Wigfield. Fourth Row: I. Walker, I. Hepner, V Gwin, E. Lehman, I. Miller, B. Taylor, S. lckes, I. Strunk. Fifth Row: C. McConnell, P. Fleming Ft. Fteplogle. Clubs . . . BUILD ALERT MINDS AND BODIES Girls' lnframural Club The Girls' Intramural Club is responsible for most of the shouting, pounding, and Whistle blasts in the girls' gym. From badminton to basketball, they play every game with relish and skill. lt all adds up to good sportsmanship, good health, and good fun. Boys' Squad Leaders Boys' Squad Leaders, selected because of ability and dependability, have been a valu- able aid in making gym classes run efficiently and smoothly. Among their many duties, they take charge of the daily squad work and man- age the dressing room facilities. Pyramid Club Every Thursday night Miss Frances McGin- nis and her fifty-two girls meet for rehearsals and the Pyramid Club is in session. Pyramid building requires that the girls have skill, per- fect balance, and physical strength. The girls gave fine performances at certain assemblies and at the Latrobe football game. 139 ai... 4 USHERS SAFETY PATROL Ushers greet show patrons while Safety Patrol gets measured for coats. O O O PROMOTE THE PUBLIC INTEREST Safefy Pafrol The Safety Patrol, under the direction of Mr. Frank Ghessie and Mrs. Iean Muncert, have this year for the first time added girls to their ranks. The first duty of this group is to pro- tect the students from traffic hazards near the school, and in addition they also park cars at football games and conventions. Ushers' Club The Ushers' Club is a group of girls whose job starts with the first football game and ends only with the Commencement program. ln charge of Miss Marie Lauver and Miss lrene Sauserman these girls are on hand to give out programs and show customers to their seats at all football games, shows, and other major events. Special E d ucafion The Special Education Group bases its work on the concept of a differentiated curricu- lum. By selecting activities in terms of apti- trrdes, interests, and abilities, and using special materials and programs, they are assimilated into the school and prepared for good citizen- ship in the community. l4U SAFETY PATROL First Row: M. Boslet, L. Vandrew, I Farrell, E. Lorenzen, I. L. Zimmernrrrrr D. L. Stiver, B. Kline. Second Row: Mrs. Iean Munn-ert, sriorr sory N. Lytle, I. Haupt, I. Westbrook N, Peters, B. Heverly, Mr, Frank Ghvs sie, sponsor. USHERS' CLUB First Row: L. Bothwell, F. Christodoulos C. Wolff, I, Overdorff, M. I. Parks, M Braun, I. Farrell, I. Filler, B. Waks rnonski, W. Burkot, I, Allernan. Second Row: Miss Mario N. Lauvor sponsor, L. Martin, P. Shamas, D. Les lie, L. Lehman, H. Bupert, V. Yevkley I. Scheeler, G. Hoffman, E. Dodson D. Henchey, D. Mehaffio. Third Row: D. Muir, D. Smith, D. Hart sock, I. Batrus, B. Davis, N. Show, M Henderson, L. Hartsock, P. King, D Simmers, B. Brown, C. Colbus. Fourth Row: N. Hicks, B. Braddock, M Carles, N. Park, N. Kacrarise, B, Tay lor, C. Stirfler, P. Brown, M. Lego, B Gonter, E. Gipprich, E. Lehrrrarr. Filth How: S. Mehaffie, S, Woorner, M. Orberg, B. Fuoss, G. Brunner, B, Den- cler, M. L, Hendricks, B. Hendcl, B. Burke. SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASS First Row: D. Walters, B. Brurnbaugh, B. I. Bowles, M, Troutrnan, L. Lynn, M. I. Leonard, H. Dell. Second Row: Mr. Kenneth F. Rhodes, teacher, S. Banks, B. M. Svalicc, A. Kelly, I. Spade, H. Hate. Third Row: Fi. Walters, K. Cherry, O. Shuff, P. Zitsvh, D. Nebolski, D. Lloyd. R 34" S23 IL, 4-Qu-S 9 CJ -wel' 'wp 1+ ffm? "ww -:zu Klflguu F inis THE LOCKING PIECE IN A PERFECT PICTURE II '.'.' IIIIIII I I:.I IIIII :Iv 1:11. IIIIIII III SwI110ImnIy's SIINIIUII In III III1xI III I If I III1 .wf'yIIII1 I1 I II mf f TIIiswII1ss:IIf1ssI1:Ii:xIiII IIVI 111 'I'2- II' I'I':1IIIIvI'II'IlI TI11- Iin-'I1I-5 Iiusiluwss IfII, IA 1111 IIIII I1 II:11 IIIIIII-112. IIIIIIVI-IIII I sw-N1 ycuu I Q' In w IIIL II 's -gx df -W I-.. ,113-. W- I-.:,13-E153 I "' E 1 vw. I '1- 4 1 :pl 1 W' ww ,W N . g, Eiv I tj ,iff x , ,Ir fpo M, X, '06 -3, ,pon-:Q ,L ,pow ,, - X 5513.5 U -- -,auigggg 125' J 04' f 'f 2 ,,.,. wi uw af :f,,4 . r 504 H' - ' i ,, , ian: 'A . Q . , qu! f 3 , 1 nu.:-f 5 , . uns . 9 . I GI? 5 , p I 5 . . 4 N 1 5 ':' g 5 Y li 1 5 pi I . X 5' ,wp ,V nav-gb if 'ff 'N 'Q x a'aE2p A Jr' Q :,v ,., FY x v 'Ai' I s x! .,' .-N Jeff I fs: t I 5 sfff.f'fg,, 1 WX FHM W 'a ' ff 'w nl S at It sl K 1 'ai fl ,,, .N W K x. Qf'f,Qg.Y,L 4 4' Aufographs .'1f'1L-- fl.-. . . gf .1-- - V I I ' " 5 I I H. ' II I ,, .. I . - f V . .I I. 'I ' P 1 I' F- .V - ., V4.9 .. V I I I N . ,Q -1yf2,,LM ffm . . I ' i , , :A I If H' III: I'I:.I 5. I , I I - i,I'.,',."l,5,. fn Q '. I - ' Im-' I ' I I C Ll 4 Wi. T' in , I + Q 15 I' , L " , . Ji. . - .I 'I N' ' h r 5 -, I f V I: . . I "Ii I 'I 3 V " Q 5 I A ,. 1 5 N I , .g"" Z-S... . - .'j?I1,5slIg- IJ' W' . ,af x -f... ,,?rJ ul A fa I 7 -:I 5 -IQ? 'I' -zrlffiff' 'gif 'e-I M' I A 'fl -I3IIf.l iq , .Ig 'ff ,-,,4g. jijfwf-in :., ., Ur-is 1 'I . P3 'I A 5, .. E 'I .Ii , ., 1,1 I - 1 f I - I u I ... I 1 rf III - .I-II fr' 1. -5, . .. JI 5' I I 1 H Il I SII ls -2 T I-T .I 1 , I I I I I I - 'I ir I- I I I " I I I II' A' I I I It I 'I 'I I 'I- II' I I Q4 ' ' . ,EI ' I -n V , I I N I I if I 'I I I. I I. I , 1? Fri If I r I, ma' IMI' I I ,R I . A I I I 1. 'IIE K 1 'I . 11' 'P I II! :IJ l I II N 'I 'I YI ri I ' II'h '- III! ,H I 'if I , I I I U I I N 'Ii I I I I I I I Y I I f I I IL, I . .,,, I ,,.I I I I I I I I ll I I I I . A sl- : ' hz!!!- '-,, .IM 1 ,I If- - I 5 ' l Eff!-"K' '-.4 Q J. uwmnm ' A-54 vwwlwfsu ,nk JN ' -:a,'wa,, s Y. W' 1 ,K x ., 1.. if f' JF A M I Q "r -I f 2 ' " . 4 4 r ' g- -. L 4 A . .1 N W' . If s i , 1" M , Q S . i 5 ff--., Lx I gr, A V 9 .I " ,. il ' W' x 9' ' 11 , ' . ."" vu: H " P g ' Q H ., i if" K X P W MH? A ' :vi Q ' A. "ig f. V Q J, A' ww M - X. WP fr: Q ' - 1 ' K 55 nag gf 'V 1 - X 4 N' if-I 1, Rf gfiffwif ,WL , . EI s SHP . 'fx , X x g Q, I , Y 'Lg K ,el- ' 9' nf W , 165 . Us . .Arn 'Mvwmhg , -L,, hm - V U ' W fs 5- 'mm url I J l T.. . M. - " 2' , -,gay . an if J" I L ' 1 -s -dmv .. ,. 4' .Q- , 51 'Im mai fait . Q

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