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Q. r V1 - 'f l --'ffgxlqf '1 E .U 'M-5-N 53:1 w7,f E-. 1 'N ' ' ' Rf-f LS, ,Af 1 Q 1 'Q . 1 . .15-5. .,-X.. I 2 FH? , LY . .. I E. . 15- A V. ai-V.. Yf w . . '- ' ' Lf 1 , V, ,, fl .IQ ,Lg 11-fl , . li . -L' L '31 0 i. fbi . 5' . ..-, 5 .J-N 4 ,Q -. 'b x' ' ,arf ,, , . Y . . ' .jj if f , --'35 . ' A - if ' Ji' - -v.- ' '-'-V' .x-1 . I v' 'Y 1 1 r . V ,-Ji V4 151. XM- ,fi-V, .-2' I M ,A-V. ,.. V. if 1 .Ms -I -ff Y '. ,. .,,.L. A' 'fgfm ,959 ' X , 1 491 r , x '- 'Ha The1951 HORSESHOE Y Nancy Boland - Editor - In - Chief Judy Brown - Associate Editor I Q The , A HORKUHOE Published by ALTOONA HIGH SCHOOL ALTQONA PENNSYLVANIA Jggue in every Aecwf Lvwlfw Me froze gyoirilf of .fggfoona 1951 i , Q x 2 8 . , 'M MM . X .af W S if M av 'fx 5 3? 'A 'K as yfff, ' A-F ' ,ff W ff ff? of -- , , s Q so ,M -1 F wor s sf so g n' XX 5 if , ' I me - . 57,7 sf I 5 l i , . 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Introduction . ............. .. 1- L3 Pictures of Yesterday 6- 9 The School ..........,. 10- 79 The Administration 12- 17 The Faculty ....... 18- 21 Student Government 22- 23 The Senior Class . ., 24- 77 The Underclassmen 78- 70 Activities ........ 80-1 17 Girls' League .... 82 Boys' Federation . . . 83 Activity Program .. 84 Publications . .. 85- 91 School Clubs .. 93-105 Music ..... 107-117 Athletics .... 120-145 Football ,.... 122-129 Cross Country . . . 131 Basketball .... 132-138 Track ... 138-139 Baseball ... 140-141 Intramurals . . 142-145 lltg 1 514-'rt'X.,f.51:1'11 . ,gm A .. ,.g.-'...-,Jazz 1 - -- ' . .-,..,.u-.uc-.. .1,,.z 1. .- L-r-if',..w .-1 , --. -' , g- g C111 N. 3-,'. -3.51,-,fa,4f5' 3.-5511123952542:.23s2i':6:9rsi:ss we ,z ' ' ,Q , .,:W1fr':lf ' 'Q' ' 'fl- Sd-.JTWQS51-iSff??6E 1-iiiflxfr--Sfif-f-v-I-'rf- - it - N, n 5 ft- A. sr 3' -.4-5171-.T-: .. -- S' N 4 -7 ' ,- .1 , '3 . - f Q si A sg .-f.-fi,:a:,w,- ., .- .' ,. fri Q A. M3 ' x . s '-I '14 Li,,.j,,,-1.r, f,.h..,,, . vs q hfiriim 43.5 .mn A .,, .et -Sin-re.-- -, , wig ' ' 4- 'g1sf?t'En,:.f:.wfg?e'?2si?fi'g.Mu-,s2?'-5,2-f.s.sfg-ffis?-3315595 su., . ..-- 1.-.Q ,..-., , X V' 1,7 rift.. 'rt ::. 'I:a?.r.riiFr7'.,L-1f,f!sw2.- ff-lTi.y:5 '3-31.-., N' Q3-BQ--,ls-'.:...,-. , , 'j 4 X ,.,,'f?ga2:-if-5v:f:v First Class Contained Six Members The real history of the Altoona High School begins in the year 1877 when the first graduating class of six members, two girls and four boys, proudly re- ceived their diplomas on the stage of the original Eleventh Avenue Opera House. In the 29 years which followed up to the opening of the original brownstone building in 1906, the high school had four different homes. Among these were the Webster, the Penn, the Emerson, and the Lincoln buildings, the last of which was occupied for the first time in the school term 1894-5. At one stage, writes Miss Linda Hooper, a teacher in the early high school days, we had to take temporary refuge in two hastily fitted up rooms above the store at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Twelfth Street. Here the classes were taught by the principal, Mr. L. L. Book, and Miss Hooper in two shifts. Miss Hooper continues, With only a thin board partition separating the basso and treble of the teaching force, blackboards not much larger than a handkerchief, and every article in the equipment of the most primitive, we could almost imagine ourselves in the district school of 'ye olden time.' During this period the high school had a succession of principals whose tenure was brief, the last of whom, a certain Mr. Avis, departed quite suddenly and was succeeded by the late Dr. George D. Robb. Since Avis in Latin means bird the learned scholars of that year coined a phrase to cover the situation, One bird flew out, but we got a Robb-in. Stories concerning the prodigious feats of Professor Robb are so numerous that he has become enshrined as a legend wherever A. H. S. old grads get together. However, records of the early classes furnish authentic proof to the fact that he frequently took his geology classes on all day hikes to the Point or Wopsy in search of specimens, participating in informal football games, and sitting down with the pupils to partake of their box lunches. fContinued on page 9l X- If ,- Q lJ 57' xx X x 4 -A Q , . .Q l!!'3! llis in-fur mir' ' ' 9 1 . 9-9 5 . . 0 1 , -. :g:If 5: ff'-Q ,,d ' f 5 Fw ' Qif14'?3f?f G Q W ff 8. m v ' N 'W . 7' ' M 5 ,Aw I, . , . E 53- f ? Q ? P W ' X 5 Ja Q I .9 fx U 1 1 aw 'ig W W' 2? Q 9 f-4 ' 'M- W' .' Q' F A I l D wi w x - ' . . .,H' , ' , ' X H f 'S X I 'U' A215 ,af N .. N , Y 'V 1' Jlwwm A ln.. e QP H N , W- MM .If 'V v Y if W 4' m W'f1V 1- Quia- i '1,, n , ' P' Y 1 1 X U W , -h jq, X V mg l . A .. ' 39 ' W- ' Avxx ' Q 5 I - 4 3, I X 4, 'N ' A 'N L A Q' N. , V ' PQ 1s+., 'SfE 9 Q M E Hmm S Mm W mf? Q. -, ,. ., ' 41: J... 11,125 f:f:.v --:Tr- k -- ' jiiryf,- .ftpg-qv'-161, r.': gf,.,12'-L- 1-gf,,lr--fxg.71',.J-43,9523 f.,g,'.:5f5w !!,-'f::,,-.. , ,:, ,,...,.rr b - v'YI5f'?ifr'Zl1-if-f:a5 :SI ' Q,!-fyifilligisafgI5 J3i i1f'3i1R5 53 4-'3'5?E1 Ki15' 2 ws 2 '- f - Ms - - ' wir .ts-NGO?-'-.4-f' '- tmfbfcfff-J5,?.LG 'ffviryfzg staffs-r Q- s ww- ,gm ,W .-,. 25-' P n Z' , 1-'P er if -Q. ,' :t'?1'?.'1'T-'lizg-jlz '2 f'1'RTk?f '2 -' Rr ' ' iff P 11 - .:-- 1: '91 ., Q 1-. .., x '1'-,gg-ir:ls':1. , es .. 5, .A . ..- L 1. ., .. rf 'M ., . , 5- .- ' Q S , AY!-L, n . ,E A 55 ,fi 5 zfi, nzigxgff . x':?',T ,-1'1 '.'I'. '.7 '3-'72''i t'?.f:f'7'flL?17R?i:EFI-:'.ff:l-f': ff?,f!St'539 iTli?ni'F3'?EX345'-. X k-ffvv':u-s--.- V 1- - 1- , - . . -1 , , . , -RR:f+',.3,.f. . Great A.H.S. Teams of Past Parents and grandparents of the present generation of students retain vivid memories of the familiar figure of Dean Robb standing at the first floor light- well with stick in hand, challenging all and sundry with the famous Words, Where to, brother? ln the l906 annual, the first ever published, Dr. Robb wrote, The public high school is rapidly becoming the people's college. This is a significant fact. Within the last decade, high schools have sprung up all over the country, and the attendance has increased 10021. High schools no longer are considered expensive luxuries, but the masses are demanding for their children an educa- tion beyond the common branches. They have come to realize that in this com- mercial and industrial age the boy needs brains rather than muscle to meet the sharp competition, and to take his place in the struggle of life. Every com- munity that supports a good high school is increasing its Wage-earning power and setting a high standard for complete living. The truth of Dr. Robb's prophetic message to the class of 1906 has been borne out by the phenomenal growth of education Which, before his retirement, he lived to see. The men who came back from World War I realized more than ever the importance of education and, in 1929, the Board erected a million- dollar annex to the original building. Throughout the 1930's the enrollment of A. H. S. continued to rise until it reached a peak of 4213 in the year 1939-40 with over ll00 graduates annually receiving their diplomas. On his retirement in l930 Dr. Robb was succeeded by Dr. Levi Gilbert, and when the latter was elected superintendent in 1938, he was replaced by the present principal, Ioseph N. Maddocks. lt is estimated that, in the 75 years of its existence, approximately 25,000 men and Women have received their diplomas from Altoona High School. A. -sf L- A ,W If V .ge A QUARTER Pictured above is an architect's sketch of the original Altoona High School building as it appeared at the time the school was opened in 1906. ln the foreground the careful observer will note ladies carrying parasols, a few bug' gies, and even some of those new-fangled Hhorseless carriages. When Altoona High Was built, it cost the then unheard of sum of 3250000 and was the most imposing edifice in the city. Doubtless there were many citizens who shook their heads in dismay and loudly lamented the extrava- gance of the Board of Education. But events have confirmed the wisdom and foresight of those men who had the courage to face critif cism in the belief that Altoona should have a high school second to none. Altoona High School means different things to different people. To some it is only a dreary building Where they spent three or four NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING: l906 MILLION FOR WHAT? reluctant years and then escaped to take their place in the World of affairs. Others, no doubt, when Altoona High is mentioned, Will conjure up a vision of a favorite sport or activity in which they participated, or perhaps a class or a teacher who made a more or less permanent impression upon their memory. However, in the last analysis, a school, like any other institution, is judged by its product. lf this is the case, Altoona High is far from being, as some of its detractors state, a mere diploma mill. Over the years Altoona grads have made an outstanding record in the field of busi- ness, the professions, industry, and the sports and entertainment worlds. Altoona High is justly proud of the achievements of its gradu- ates. And they, in turn, retain fond recollec- tions of the place where they received their earliest training. 0 ff 2 , 5 g F ' I U lg! ,Q M3 . -MW W . , 1. 4 7 Q-ff , 'N ' '54 Q Q' riffs- ' 1 ? Vvtx. M by 1 1 ? 2 I J , , x A X A PAUL H. REYNOLDS President The Board of School Directors for the School Dis- trict of the City of Altoona is composed of these nine men and is authorized by the laws of Pennsylvania. This Board is responsible to the voters for securing funds to run the schools, for spending the funds, and for seeing that the educational program is adequate. This year they controlled an educational system of 11,000 students, 600 professional and non-profes- sional employees, and had an operating budget of 52,504,722 - During the past several years the Board has con- cerned itself chiefly with physical improvements to the school plant. A continual program of improve- ment is now under way, which includes the installa- tion of new heating plants, replacing old lighting with modern fluorescent lighting systems, and paint- ing the interiors and exteriors of various school build- ings. Recently the Board authorized the purchase and erection of a modern flood lighting system of the athletic field to permit night games. DIRECTORS Wm H Burchneld Charles W. Clugh Walter H. Grove Park S. Hite Wm F Lehman Ias. K. McNeal, Ir. Frank Marsh Roy L. Thompson 12 In the world today we witness a terrific struggle being waged between two opposing philosophies of government-communism, as characterized by the Union of Soviet Republics, and democracy, as characterized by the United States of America. I am deeply concerned for the outcome of the contest. I note an appalling apathy among eligible voters in our country for their responsibilities and duties as American citizens. This indifference on the part of our citizens has resulted not only in corruption and inefficiency in our democratic form of govern- ment, but it has enabled certain opportunist in- dividuals to capitalize on these conditions and to spread their pernicious principles of govern- ment among our citizens. When our forefathers established the Ameri- can form of democracy, they recognized that only through the development and maintenance of a thorough system of free public schools could that form of government which they had established be made to function in the manner which they had envisaged. It follows then that you, the graduating class of l95l, who repre- sent the highest level of development of that free public school system, have a definite re- sponsibility to use the skills, the knowledge, the ideals which you have attained through high school not only to make a living but also for the service and improvement of that govern- ment. If the people are to remain the sovereign power, if the will of the people is to be the law of the land, if an act of the government is to be an act of the peaple, then it is absolutely essen- tial that you be concerned about and show a willingness to participate actively in the re- sponsibilities of American citizenship. To do so will truly substantiate Seventy-five Years of Progress. MR. IOSEPH N. MADDOCKS ln june this year's graduating class will be an important addition to that larger group oi more than twenty-five thousand persons to receive an Altoona High School diploma. Cer- tainly We expect the members of this splendid class to take their places in the community and assume the responsibilities of citizenship in a Way that will promote the advancement of our American Way of life. You are graduating from the Altoona High School at a very unusual time in the history of our nation as well as that of the entire World. Self-seeking individuals and nations are creat- ing tensions such as the World has never known. lf our civilization is to survive, intelligent leader- ship and informed citizenship are necessary. Our School is making an earnest effort to pre- w'-fl-'mffjnh - . 'qt,-Q4.34:f4,,5.,-3.i1'gp,.:,-J..,.'. 2.-S5:.,,1?' ,rv - .:--,- Keg.-,g,yl 1:-1,-.11,, ,f .4 ..-ll, - As , -y,:..-,-.- ,W-f,4:x.3,g.j.... r-,E-.J 0.11. 5-Ti fn: ,JJ 3-Q 5, , pare our graduates with adequate knowledge, moral courage, and clearness of vision to face the difficult problems that lie ahead. Your suc- cess will be the measure of our achievement. Since this is the 75th Anniversary Class, it means that seventy-four classes have preceded you. We are justly proud of the records of our graduates. Many have acquired national and international fame. Our graduates can be found in virtually all parts of the world. While our school has enjoyed favorable recognition from every agency qualified to judge the merits of a high school program, nevertheless, the re- sponsibility ior success rests with you as an in- dividual. We sincerely hope you have ac- quired all the attributes necessary for a happy and successful life. N 1 f - 'mu'-.,:1 -.:: -.'.1.:.'f5:',1sw'.f'--1'-1-'11-9if-.iv-J2..--'astra-.-.'1---ff-1f,.K'.-.'-f1..-1,-W . .1.,z Q1 wt- JS 'N' I 1' '15 an' +i akAr wifi? 'P' F vwfecr?5'A' 3-'3VL Q K 1Il 4 595 QF,-vivm '7' F.. 'dhkix haul'-gl Suki 1 ,W-g.1E 22v3'41:'S fin WN 15' 4 qafdwiggrfxi M wr is lv il S 0 ?q'N f l Ulf KPN' 4-'Rr' -.kb-I fp W RYE gifs. r A f 'K , 5 J.. f..'..-?....' . .v . -.-t 1... .., .f....'.----.' --- - - .xsgij ,f .- : x 5- -Qgd2f.ip'f 'at-ps: - ls.-y3'.-'twig 34:51:11:-'-1--3.---,-'army .'fzg11f5-17-'avg-3f.:'1!f:-1-fy.:13'-gvfe-:Sai'.'f31t-j'1.xf:- ' ' M2 i x u int- ,+,z.A ::A1.:,',n'..''-vu'-,MZ'- ', -'::5g A'-4,.-Am:-'gag-1--,f.5'f!-'-11,25 '-Y-7r.w,f -urf.,-fggg -,Q-wg: ,1,13',-5.3-:.' X. Q -.SH FSH, .: V 5 . ' fiat' 4 fins- - Q .twig '..' Q5-3.3 1: 19- ,i,1L..:z.zg17?3,--,- .,',. D: ,ak ff ti. y.g.,-gg.-is Q in s Ui. 4' -lp ,W -' :Q 'i.:,:t...-x ..,.,-- 1- - ' K -hdr, . -, M-. 'r -l--ff-It Q ef-. fs fvff ,fie'X',h- 1.,' 'za ll: ii Eff ' - a '5 FE-'f 6 if 'S v -' E?b'f:f1, W vxifseitif' 3 51 . ., 1 . - f' . - - Z 4 f, f' 4.4. 'Cs-Z r Q. ,wi '-, 43.3 a, 4'5,' - Pub.:-:.n'1.F1. +,'52-2-Sf .9 ':1 ,' 'W y' ., . .. . H- ,L K c - , - - I 1+ gs' .-,. .e 'I'-nw -5-fr. X. .. :Q , WN :-11.1, -.3-,:q,-,Qu-ms, .-,,-. W ..4-,fi-,W - A: wr'---w . L -t . .,. . . ka, - 1--,f ..-' J:-r f. 1 .-1 - 1- .r. ..- ,,, -,M - .4 w-- -:,.s:.'- 5,-',-',.i . ,....-,.-.-119.-rr. ,g .,, . - -,.v.,,, cgi-g,1q, .1 A.. 1.,1'-1f'r A5g.'n7,'ff35!n'5:F'41w3g.vV..,,1m,g4-5.2-.Tn., vi- , 3, ,,:?.,-,- N., 'i,N,3j-9.5 ,. 4, . ..,.x ...r..v.-fn. im .. .... . ,. ..,.-,Q .1-.- 1..4..,, . ' 1. . . . 1.f: 'Sfmt21'--he,z-f-ME-:f15. . 551-:fxwif:-.igtr--tfgqr'We-.-'-'.',v1w.-vw:-Lef-Q-ras-nc-'51-.-.'. ' 'A '- f '-.-F :if -.2-52214.xi-1-Qt'-sciaifriiz vi:.2':J-274-V-'-. '::,1vf.f.i-.2 -'f:.-'fi-1-Q -1 '-11:55 :Rzadn-gp.-3if'ini-Li51:1.1217-,-'.-f21'::.,.xg:.1-1551: ' '- bn ' 1 Fw-,35f'ff' g.'Q?'E-'f'- -5.-'- f '.,.-iz? 1-'f' ' 1 ,----?p,1,1'-Q1-'gl-if-'.-'gzff-2.5:f2.!:,'f1!'L-g.t--z-:Z-?:,'.--,.fvZg,.-,-,--1:1-ning' ww g R503 ,1 ,111 war S ryqigm- fad? v2x, 1, K il 'i' gn- 54 vt 'Say'-Xuqb fs. '- if- N ' 1 1. - ' v- - , . f ,fr-.-,,',.QJs' :u'-'- 'llitlfw-L-- 4 1f'Ji-'- 1 I , ' -- , 1 -. '-',7'z-f'9S7'i'15'P60 , 2SZsaEv:aLls.,:,q .- Lifzri'-2 lgizza :'r-L53,Milr-''Qt,.-:Eff-,-lerfvzv.-ft.,...21-s-if'41-s..11'f.GsLi:eRas' 1471913 '-gi -:gan i' - ' 5,3:4g1.gggi.??5X5',wi?,'i1Z'gg- g,s1Sf.gif:yg' fig 42,2-g.Qc:m-Qq,4 .gn-13,p,f4,f:,,: 1.335135 ,iz 2 -sw :,' J 1' ' . A -:as . 53:-asa:-f.N:-.. ,fn 5:11, ww S .mf V.gwgf::- lf' 'iv ex :Q fi fr 1 is :ef :wit -5 fwf- f 11 ' ' . '?f1vf32'Sf'2-amz' f-'igg2 ' Q- y ug-?,.:g2f',-'lgr w Bulge, rg? - xirig.-1521 f wh :au -'f ' s - 'A ffzslifffiv- -.TER- .-,u?.'f'i Mfcifqi::j?q5??ff5iQis?14z-'f?5tl-5-f'- .3-1:51221,-.-17-Qi:Q.,..g54Wi2gE-1111-3 2 '. .- Y -' -,V - f' - - ---- ,,v, ft f., gf, ,, .. -:-1 .,.-,,.H, ,',:,',: .41 .fr-1.1 .M-2 zz., - gm. wa ,' -. V' V - . :V .. -Q' , -- ,ls ' .. ', .+:'.r.: - 'f-'11-'1f T'S6--WV . fL-'hf1-L:'-'f--- - 'L . Q ,, ,, .. I , f. ,, 'Q' Q '- ' ,f ,- ' :',ff.: ''.jg.,r fAE-1 Z?ffkQfp5tk7ES?. 1 H., f....- Af. 'I 2- . :C '.. 2 .A ' -f,.:.':w'.,'.' ', . rw' . J 1 1. -' '-.1-' ,1,'f-x-tL ..':'-vr- .' ' , .,.f1f ww. , -Q.-p .-- .., . .. .1,. r,.-Ffh., ..,4.,,..-wa. -.-,, ,--.WU - 1, J-s.-.4 52 , . t You have chosen wisely in selecting the theme, seventy-five years of progress, for your 1951 Horseshoe. Do you suppose the six mem- bers of that first graduating class of the Altoona High School could predict the future which is today? Could they have forseen automobiles, airplanes, radio, television, all of which are now commonplace? Can We of today foresee the future with its uncertainty? We older ones can- not, and probably you cannot. However, you have attended and have been graduated from this high school. You have learned this, I hope: you need not have fear because of your inabil- ity to foresee the future: the important thing is not that we foresee the future, but that we do not fear it. 'evils .- - ln your schooling, Which has culminated for the time being in high school, you have done far more than merely acquire knowledge. You have developed habits of Work, study, and play. You have formed attitudes and personal philoso- phies. You have established friendships which will be a part of your life from now on. You have put yourselves in debt intellectually to the faculty who have Worked with you, a debt which you repay when you establish yourself in the World as responsible citizens. And now We send you into the world. Like the class of 1877, you cannot foretell the future, and like them, you must not fear it. Congratu- lations and best Wishes to each and every one of you. MR. EDGAR I. BROOKS ADMINISTRATIVE HEADS MARION R. BANQROFT ERNEST DEIAIFFE Head of Language Department Head Mathematics Department HUGH G. BLACK ANNE G. EIFLER Dean of Boys Head of Cafeterias KATHRYN A. BLOOMFIELD WILLIAM GIBBONS Adviser of Student Government Director of Vocational Education Activities IOSEPHINE I... CORLE ELEANOR G. HARE Attendance Counselor for Girls Dean of Girls: Placement Director Miss Bancroft Mr. Black Miss Bloomiield Miss Corl t x I Mr. Doiaitie Miss Eifler Mr. Gibbons Miss Hare I6 Miss Heiss Mr. Hoffman Mr. Lcmtz Mr. Lindcmcm Miss Lowther Miss Minster Mr. Wimmer Mr. Wolfe RENETTA F. HEISS Head of Business Education Department RAYMOND N. HOFFMAN Attendance Counselor for Boys: Athletic Director in yr EUGENE L. LANTZ Head of Social Studies Department HOWARD W. LINDAMAN Director of Music MARY E. LOWTHER Head ot Home Economics Department MAUD MINSTER Librarian HAROLD C. WIMMER Head of Science Department ROBERT H. WOLFE Director of Health and Physical Education junky . . They Taught 75th Class CHALMERS F. BRACKEN Vocational WALTER E. BRACKEN Vocational PAUL I. CONWAY Vocational FRANK GHESSIE IR. Business Education HARRY K. LANTZ Vocational ELOISE SMITH Home Economics Science Language 18 PAUL G. ADAMS Social Studies KENNETH R. BASHORE Physical Education SARAH E. BELL Social Studies HELEN L. BLOOMFIELD Physical Education KATHRYN A. BLOOMFIELD Business Education RUSSEL K. BOHN Music HELEN CHERRY HAZEL V. CRIST Home Economics WILLARD C. CROSS Vocational RUBY K. CRUMM H. MARIORIE DOWNES Social Studies SARAH E. DUNCAN Business Education HAZEL G. KROUSE Business Education ANTHONY F. LAMONT Social Studies MARIE N. LAUVER Social Studies ALMA M. EBERLE Music CHARLES A. FARIS Language M. VERNA FAUST Science EDITH R. I-'LECK Language RUTH FLEMIN G Assistant Librarian SCOTT S. GEESEY Language MYRTLE GOULD Home Economics CARL E. GRAF Business Education RUTH P. GROVE Science MIRIAM HARBAUGH Home Economics EARL I. HAVERSTICK Science MILDRED E. HELLER Language ETHEL M. HENRY Social Studies WILBERT H. HOFFMAN Science ELIZABETH V. HOLLEY Business Education ALBERTA IOHNS Home Economics GEORGE C. KAVEL Mathematics ANNE E. KRICK Language 19 SARAH L. LEVAN Language ELSIE M. LEWIS Language RALPH F. MARSHALL Social Studies IOHN C. MONTI Music E. MARIORIE MATTERN Business Education LESTER C. MCCALL Mathematics HELEN K. MCCARTNEY Science I. FRANKLIN MCDERMITT Social Studies FRANCES E. MCGINNIS Physical Education RUTH E. MCKERIHAN Home Economics C. IRVIN METZGER Vocational LOIS P. METZLER Business Education IACOB C. MILLER Vocational NELDA MILLER Social Studies LEONARD C. MOFFITT Vocational BEATRICE D. MORRISON Language PAUL E. MORSE Physical Education ELSA M. PAUL Nurse MARIAN A. PLITT Art MARIAN R. PUCKEY Mathematics A. CYRIL RAMSEY Social Studies 20 ECMA? DONALD E. RHODES Vocational A PHILIP G. RICE Social Studies Y DOROTHY M. RICHARDS Physical Education ' M. MARIE RITTS Language M. FLORENCE ROLLINS Language CEYLON S. ROMIG Vocational WILBUR K. RUNG Mathematics IRENE I. SAUSERMAN Mathematics HERBERT S. SI-IEETZ Mathematics SAMUEL B. SMITH Vocational IEANNETTE STEVENS Social Studies HAROLD E. STONG Science ELIZABETH E. TAYLOR Mathematics ANNA M. TEMPLE Language A. ANGELLA UNVERZAGT Social Studies C. ROSCOE WAREHAM Mathematics WILLIAM A. WHITTAKER Language IDA E. WOOMER Language HAROLD D. YODER Science IOHN F. YON Science IOHN G. YOST Mathematics FACULTY NOT SHOWN IN THE PRECEDING PAGES: Alfred H. Dietze, Vocational: Walter Dietze, Vocational, Mary E. Dunbar, 21 Language, William K. Heiler, Vocational, Hilda M. Orr, Language, Una E. Small, Languageg Earl Varner, Vocational. BILL MADISON The Senate Capably sponsored by Miss Kathryn Bloom- fied, the student government in our school, the Senate, has, among its duties, that of maintain- ing a high school spirit and a good morale. This group of Workers, composed of four members from each class plus a representative from each major activity, has the responsibility for the Activities Ticket sale, the Horseshoe sale, and the P. T. A. Membership sale. Among the various school problems these members Worked out was the decoration of the school Christmas trees, the sponsoring of the College Conference, and entertaining the school with a Christmas dance. Seated-M. Bittner, W. Madison, N. Keller. First Row-D. Lockard, N. Boland, E. Brauch, Miss K. Bloomfield, R. Braun, S. Betar, C. Tanneyhill I. Orr. Second Row-N. Hanna, R. Woods, A. Baer, W. Burchtield, A. Hart. Z2 HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES iGIRLSl First Row-M. Caracciole, W. Sessler, L. Becker, P. Beigle, I. Schirt, Miss K. Bloomfield, I. King, M. Nale, M. Smith, S. Betar, P. Dinges. Second Row- S. I-lupert, M. Wigiield, H. Ross, S. Dively, A. Marlett, E. Long, C, Tanneyhill, S. McGraw, D. Lockard. Third Row-L. Roberto, B. Davis, I. Rhodes, N, Buckel, l. Cramer, l. Breon, P. McClain, S. Cherry, P. Mul- ler. HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES IBOYSD First Row-D. Capone, M. Fleming, l. Glasgow, Miss Kathryn Bloomfield, A. Dean, N, Marks, A. Han- cock. Second Row-R. lr- vine, P. Keirn, T. Willneck- er, A. Baer, E. Iarrett, D. Rhine, I. Collins, D, Riley. Third Row-R. Lestochi, R, Capstick, R. Gosnell, R. Barr, W. Wike, P. Fletcher, R. Maurer, R. Noel. Home Room Each of the 80 home rooms of A. H. S. selects one person to represent it at the student coun- cil. These people are the home room represen- tatives, Whose ideals and objects are similar to those oi the Senate. They are required to carry back from representative meetings infor- mation concerning student activities, and to take the lead in the home room programs, which in- clude discussions on student conduct and on fire drills and college conferences. Their goal is to keep the standards ot the school as high as possible in the interest ot the student body and the community. 23 Representatives Miss Bloomlield Top Row: Miss Bancroft, Miss Corle, Miss Faust Bottom Row: Miss Fleck, Mr. Hoffman, Miss Mattern fMiss Orr not picturedl The class of '51 has finally reached that long awaited goal-graduation. During their three years at A. H. S. they have worked ear- nestly to prepare themselves for the future. High on the list of achievements are the honor and distinction brought to the school by two seniors, loan Frank and Sheryl Crain, winners in the American Legion Oratorical and Essay Contests. As a diversion the seniors sponsored a dance on November 24, at the lewish Mem- orial Center, which was quite successful. An active class, seniors led the way in other activi- ties, namely: the English Department play, the SENIOR OFFICERS well, treasurer. annual show, the Senate, and the athletic pro- gram. Seniors forged ahead with improvement as their goal. A panel discussion was held in the auditorium to discuss school problems. Many of the participants in this panel were seniors who stressed school and self-improve- ment. As a result of this panel the student body formed an advisory council composed of four members from each class. These boys and girls are now ready to begin their careers, jobs, and dreams. May they be ever courageous and have as much am- bition as they did in this, their graduating year. SENIOR SPONSORS Lett to right: loan Brown, secretary, Darrell Ray president, Audrea Hart, vice-president, Ioan Both High his pet p turkey. IOI-IN K. IOANNE career, b who are SHIRLEY No more clover, vacation's over! 25 IANET R. HSENIORS ABRAM .. . General lan transfer from Catholic likes to collect records .. . favorite actor, Audie Murphy . . . prefers football hates conceited people intends to go to busi- ness school. FRANK E. ADAMCZYK Vocational hobby, listening to radio enjoys coconut cream pie favorite subject, math ambition, radio or electrical repairman can't stand people who complain. SHIRLEY F. ADAMS Business Education cheerleader, senior year also home room representative says Oh, fine! fre- quently . .. one of Peter l.awford's fans . .. just give her football and basketball. MARIORIE A. AIGNER Marge Business Education annoyed by people who crack gum . . . favorite author, Louisa May Alcott . . . undecided as to her ambition . . . Oh, you know it! is her favorite expression. DALE D. AKINS Vocational Termite intends Ito be drafted after graduation . . . favorite movie actress, Ava Gardner eeve is bottled hair .. . prefers reading as a hobby likes IAMES R. ALBRIGHT . . . Vocational . . . lim . . . shop fore- man, sophomore year Hi-Y club and home room basket- ball, sophomore and junior years . . . big wheels disgust him . . . is set on enlisting in navy. ALLEN College Prep active in intramural sports all three years . . . Hi-Y club, junior and senior years . . . born Iuly 4 . . . pet expression, Ah, zizzt! DAVID A. ALLISON College Prep Dave Eng- lish department play, junior year . . . a Cappella choir, three years hates gabby girls favorite sport, football prefers working for a pastime. L. ALLISON 'george-Deen Io Skating club, sophomore year bowling and photography, hobbies .. . intended eautician . . . favorite subject, sewing . . . offended by people always late. SARA I. ALLISON George-Deen . .. Snook prefers marriage as life-time job favorite author, Robert L. Stev- enson .. . hates people who talk behind your back . .. likes dancing. A. ALWINE Business Education Clock . .. active in basketball, three years member of Pyramids, three years annual show, two years . . . loves crab cakes favorite actor, Hop- along Cassidy. GRACE M. AMRHEIN George'Dean Booster club, junior and senior years takes pictures as hobby in- tends to become a beautician favorite subject, bacteriol. ogy . . . hates show-offs. The long days and short days were changed by decree Anderson Andros Apple M. Armstrong T. Armstrong Atherton Aultman Aurandt Badorrek Badwey Baer Baker AUDREY I.. ANDERSON . . . Business Education . . . Andy IACQUELINE AULTMAN . . . College Prep . . . lackie . . . . . . Horseshoe typist .. . active in the Ushers' club . . . likes member of the Ushers' club, Bowling club, Booster club . .. to play piano prefers baseball enjoyed algebra appeared in the annual show pet expression Gee classes plans to work, then attend college. Whiz . . CONSTANCE D. ANDROS . . . General . . . Connie . . . BETTY M. AURANDT . . . College Prep . . . Bets . . . active enjoys watching baseball .. likes tried chicken and spa- in the Y-Teen club, Pyramid club craves spaghetti and ghetti . . . people who are late annoy her . . . plans to work meatballs . . . detests conceited people . . . drools over in Wildwood after completing school. Stewart Granger. DONNA I.. APPLE College Prep Iackson HARRY W. BADORREK Vocational an avid coin member ot the Ushers' club favorite movie star, Esther collector prefers math loves ice cream finds Williams loves hamburgers enjoys traveling pleasure in swimming . .. enjoys Mark Twain's books. plans to attend college. MARGARET A. ARMSTRONG . .. Business Education . .. ROBERT E. BADWEY . .. College Prep . .. Bob . . . mem- Peggy working at Gables has no favorite food ber of TAP active in intramural sports has a weak- . . . loves to dance, especially to square dance . . . is curious ness for T-bone steaks . . . physics fascinates him. to see the wonders of Texas. THOMAS C. ARMSTRONG General Tom . .. a ARTHUR F. BAER Vocational Art member ot member of the Hi-Y club . . . collects rare coins . .. enjoyed the Senate . .. enjoys all sports, especially baseball . . . all of his math classes likes basketball pet expres- pet expression, Darn you can be seen eating ice sion, Quite so! cream, any time, any place. RUTHANN ATHERTON .. . Business Education Horse- D. IOAN BAKER . . . General .. . Io . . . tops in all sports shoe typist . . . active in intramural sports . . . an enthusi- favorite food, French fries . .. picks gym as her favorite astic bowler pet expression, Much and much . . . class plans to join the Women's Air Corps after gradua- loves chili . . . favorite author, Daphne du Maurier. tion. 1951 26 I .SENIORS RONALD I.. BALASCO General Nature Boy DONALD L. BAUGHMAN Vocational . . . partial to eat- goes fishing and hunting in all kinds of weather secre- ing chicken dotes on solving problems fond of swim- tary of Fishing club in senior year future P. R. R. me- ming interested in anything in scientific fields .. . future chanic. civil engineer. DAVID E. BANKS . .. General .. . Dave track and IANICE E. BEAVER Business Education . .. Andy . . . field and cross country head manager . . . boys' squad lead- active member of Pyramid club . . . a Cappella . . . annual er in senior year . . . active in intramural basketball . . . hall show in senior year . . . home room secretary . . . active patrol captain . . . dislikes girls , .. wants to be a sailor. in local choral societies . .. continually singing. IOHN N. BARRY College Prep cross country and LORRAINE I. BECKER . .. George-Deen . . . Lorry track runner . . . TAP, junior and senior years . . . likes home room president senior year . . . hall patrol member . . . baseball . . . always eating graham cracker pie enjoys worked in library sophomore year . . . member of Skating writing and drawing. club . . . likes to eat ham and French fries. PATRICIA A. BARRY . .. College Prep . .. Trish PHYLLIS I. BECKER General Phyl hall patrol president of Girls' League in senior year . . . enthusiastic member in junior and senior years likes to dissect ani- swimmer . .. TAP floor captain senior year Ushers' club mals in Zoology class enjoys swimming and baseball . . . worked in boys' attendance office. . . ,-,plans to enter WAFS. SONYA L. BASHORE College Prep Bay will PATRICIA A. BEIGLE George-Deen Pat exer- be remembered for her never failing assistance to Pop's cises vocal chords in Booster club Usher club in senior chorus active in TAP and Senate .. . enjoys baseball year home room president .. . member of Skating club and reading. . . . English class treasurer in sophomore year. GEORGE T. BATRUS . .. College Prep . .. president of FTA PATRICK I. BENNER General . . . enjoys playing base- in senior year is always greeting people with, Hello, ball picks skating as his hobby pet peeve is girls son treasurer of sophomore class enjoys Daphne likes to solve math problems is partial to eating du Maurier's writing . , . wants to teach. cake and ice cream. Balasco Banks N. Barry P. Barry Bashore Batrus Bauqhman Beaver L. Becker P. Becker Beigle Benner To daily adjournment at ten before three. 27 SENIORS. EDITH E. BENZ General Edie worked in Miss SHIRLEY M. BETAR College Prep . . . Beet . . . vice- Paul's office loves baseball enjoys zoology president of Girls' League during senior year partici- craves beef stew pet expression, Gee Whiz in- pated in annual show all three years active in the tends to work for Bell Telephone Company. student Senate and Ushers' club. MAXINE I. BERGER College Prep . .. the Horseshoe ARLENE M. BICKEI. Business Education Skip staff senior year home room secretary member of assisted in both Miss Hare's and Miss Paul's offices the hall patrol abhors hearing babies cry in theaters played in intramural sports favors French fries, short- . . . keeps busy knitting . .. favorite sport, talking. hand, baseball . .. likes to collect souvenirs. MARIORIE A. BERGSTEIN Business Education MERRILL H. BICKEI. Vocational transferred from Margie . . . home room representative, junior year . . . Tyrone .. . spends spare time making jewelry . .. is partial aided in the senate and placement offices active in to mushball claims ice cream and cake his favorite Roller Skating club . . . attendance director's office, senior food, auto shop is his favorite subject. year . . . dislikes bashful boys. ROSE MARIE BERINGER College Prep. member of IOHN W. BIGELOW Vocational Walt acted as Horseshoe staff senior year enjoys reading, especially home room president for two years . .. can often be heard Sinclair Lewis thinks history is fascinating pet exclaiming You know it enjoys football and trig. peeve, people who talk loudly at the theater. VIRGINIA E. BERKEBILE . .. Business Education Ging GEORGE W. BILLARD . .. General . .. spends most of his . .. loves to fill up on steak . .. favorite subject, algebra . .. spare time swimming and hunting . .. insists Hello, Ger- enjoys watching baseball . . . dislikes people who show off trude is his favorite expression . . . likes to watch lane Rus- . . . wants to become a comptometer operator. sell . . . hopes to become a carpenter. DONALD L. BERKHIMER General . .. Don active WILLIAM H. BLACK College Prep Blackie in intramural basketball . . . member of Hi-Y club .. . played active on the baseball team his junior and senior year Junior Federation baseball thinks cooking iwun in- sophomore home room president dislikes moody girls tends to join the air force. . . . hopes to become a mortician. Benz Berger Berqstein Beringer Berkebile Berkhimer Beta: A. Bickel M. Bickel Bigelow Billard Black ll ll ll ll Take S as in super and follow with U ...'951 Blutchford Boland Boring Bousum Bowman Boyd IENNIE R. BLATCHFORD College Prep was Girls' League secretary her junior year . . . captain of the TAP . . . majorette .. . took part in the '50 annual show member of a Cappella. NANCY L. BOLAND , . . College Prep active on Horse- shoe three years, editor senior year member of Senate intramural sports and Pyramid club three years prefers chemistry and spaghetti. CRIST K. BORING . .. Vocational Iohnny .. . prefers baseball as favorite sport and likes to hunt and fish machine shops is his favorite subject . .. ambition: to man- age a theatre. DON F. BOSLET Vocational Sparky prefers swimming, printing building model airplanes is his hobby . . . hopes to join the navy . .. dislikes people who brag. IOAN L. BOTHWELL Business Education lo .. . senior class treasurer . . . was active in Ushers' club three years .. . served in orchestra . .. was home room president her junior year. IACK BOTTEICHER , . . General called to his country's service with the 28th Division band in Iune 1950 as sophomore, junior he participated in band, orchestra and dance band. Boslet Bothwell Botteicher Boyer Brannen Broun KENNETH K. BOUSUM Vocational Ken likes plane geo etry . .. favorite sport, basketball . .. states that his pet peeve is people who aren't interested in what you say. RICHARD M. BOWMAN Vocational Dick hopes to be an auto racer . .. prefers basketball and Zane Grey books his favorite subject, auto shop pet ex- pression is one Word, Huh , IOHN E. BOYD . . . College Prep . . . Enos . . . was a Sen- ate member his senior year member ot cross-country and track teams active in Hi-Y club . . . hall patrol. PHYLLIS I. BOYER Business Education .. . Tillie . . . was a typist for the Mountain Echo member of Booster club junior and senior year would like to become a secretary. CAROL LOU BRANNEN General active in art classes, all three years picks art as her favorite subject . .. likes to watch football prefers Audie Murphy on the screen. RUPERTA C. BRAUN . . . College Prep . . . Pete or Perta .. . served on Compass staff, two years, editorein-chief senior year .. . member TAP, Senate, Ushers' club .. . home room president . . . interested in medicine. Add a P and a T and you'll notice who's new! SENIORS . .. DONNA BRESSLER Business Education Bunny elected home room treasurer during her senior year participated in the annual show for three years . . . member of the Skating club. IUNE M. BRIGGS Business Education enjoys swim- ming and dancing . .. thinks French fries and veal steak are lush . . . you'll hear her frequently saying Gee her favorite subject is salesmanship. LESLIE R. BROOKS . . , Vocational . . . participated in home room bas- ketball for two years . .. member of the Hi-Y club senior year .. . en- joys French tries and hamburgs. SHIRLEY L. BROWAND George-Deen Shirl kept busy her sophomore year as vicespresident of her home room and secretary of her history class was in attend- ance office junior year. CHARLOTTE I. BROWN College Prep Charlie . . . exercises vocal chords in octette and girls' quartette . .. vice-president of Girls' League junior year . . . member of TAP and Senate. EDWIN F. BROWN .. . Vocational , . . Pete can't stop admiring lane Russell . . . enjoys swimming . . . thinks sauer- kraut is yum plans to work in P.R.R. shops after graduation. IESSIE I. BROWN . .. Business Education less . .. president of her home room her junior year .. . vice-president of Pyramid builders . . . vice-president of intramurals . . . captain of kick ball. IOAN M. BROWN . . . College Prep Ioanie senior class secretary treasurer oi Girls' League in junior year sings in girls' quartette played Ginny in English department play. IOYCE L. BROWN General fond of dancing enjoys skat- ing is partial to movies starring lane Russell adores French fries and steak plans to join the air force upon graduation. IUDITI-I L. BROWN . . . College Prep . . . lucly . . . was sec- retary of the sophomore class worked backstage in the English department play three years member of the a Cappella sophomore year. PATRICIA A. BROWN , . . College Prep . . . Brownie . . . active par- ticipant in intramural sports for three years . . . belongs to the Future Teachers of America member of the a Cappella for three years. WILLIAM I. BROWN . . . General . . . Crock . . . intramural basketball for three years . . . plays softball as a hobby ' claims all sports as his favorites loathes catty girls. l . Our nine malorettes marching always In 30 step Brought class to our school ancl made football games hep. DORIS A. BRUBAKER. College Prep Dorie sings in a Cappella . . . staunch basketball fan . . . member TAP senior year . .. can always eat spaghetti in an- nual show three years. HIGH S. IOAN BRUNNER Business Education . . . . .. enjoys traveling likes Howard Duff on the screen is a vice-president of the Bowling club member of Booster and Roller Skating clubs sophomore and junior years. MARY E. BRUNTON General . . . Pinky looks ior- ward to a career of nursing . .. enjoys swimming and pho- tography prefers Clark Gable in movies and crab cakes in the line of food. CHARLES W. BRYSON . . . College Prep . . . Charlie . . . enjoys chess and pinochle picks Winston Churchill as his favorite author . . . member of a Cappella in sophomore and junior years .. . plans to attend Franklin and Marshall. PHYLLIS R. BUCHANAN . . . General . . . enjoys roller skat- ing likes to munch French fries dislikes querulous people prefers Alan Ladd on the screen reading is her hobby. DUANE E. BUCK . .. Business Education . .. Buckey active in football and basketball enjoys candied yams and French fries . .. is a member oi TAP and Senate . .. dislikes uncooperative people president of home room. Brubaker Brunner Brunton Burger B. L. Burket B. M. Burket BETTY I. BURGER George-Deen enjoys sewing and making things pet expression is Gee Whiz plays tennis likes Kathryn Grayson favorite subject is Home Art Crafts intends to be a housewife. BARBARA L. BURKET College Prep Barb captain oi the cheerleaders . .. collects stuffed animals . .. plans to attend Dickinson . . . member of TAP . . . vice-presi- dent home room junior and senior years. BEVERLY M. BURKET George-Deen Beve member of a Cappella enjoys steak and French fries ...secretary of home room . .. member of hall patrol abhors people who are late future nurse. SYLVIA M. BURKETT Business Education hopes to obtain a position in an office enjoys reading Margaret Mitchell thrilled by football and Elizabeth Taylor detests big Wheels . DOLORES E. BURR . .. Business Education Dee worked in placement office often munches on potato chips . .. enjoys dancing . . . likes Gordon MacRae . . . dis- likes conceited people . . . future secretary . . . likes writing shorthand. CAROLE E. BURRIS . . . Business Education . . . active cheer- leader all three years . . . often heard saying You know it . . . dislikes untalkative people . . . craves spaghetti and French fries . . . plans to be a fashion reporter. Bryson Buchanan Buck Burkett Burr Burris ..l95l The bandsmen performed with a new skill and fire Burrows Byrd Calvert Campagna R. Campbell R. M. Campbell Capone Caporuscio Capstick Carling Cassarly Cassidy IUDITH R. BURROWS College Prep . .. Indy . . . Flu- DINO M. CAPONE . . . College Prep . .. president and rep- tist in orchestra three years junior class secretary resentative of home room senior year played in band participated in TAP as junior, senior member Academy collects classical records hopes to become a com- oi Science and Ushers' club. poser. IOYCE A. BYRD College Prep three year member MARGARET T. CAPORUSCIO General Peggy ot a Cappella choir, annual show and Ushers' club member of Art, Swimming and Skating clubs claims active in TAP .. . Girls' League social chairman senior year. Zoology, carrots as her favorites .. . dislikes irritable people .. . prefers Ruth Roman on the silver screen. HAROLD L. CALVERT College Prep plans to attend ROBERT A. CAPSTICK General Cappy tenor A. U. C. following graduation prefers chemistry, turkey in a Cappella home room representative played in- his pet peeve is people who lack a sense of humor. tramural basketball collects records and picks football as his favorite sport. DOLORES M. CAMPAGNA College Prep Dolly DONNA D. CARLING . .. General Rabbit home three year member of a Cappella choir treasurer of room president junior and sophomore years member of Booster club senior year . . . her pet expression, You know Bowling club . . . active in hall patrol and chorus . . . prefers it . Dennis Morgan on the screen. G. RICHARD CAMPBELL . . . General less sports MARY E. CASSARLY General . . . Sally a trans- enthusiast varsity cage captain . .. two year baseball fer student from Catholic High program chairman, Sen- veteran his favorite subject, foods and nutrition ior Y-Teens sang in the a Cappella choir her pet plans to work in the shops. peeve, show offs . ROBERT M. CAMPBELL . . . Vocational . . . Crunch . . . IANET L. CASSIDY . . . General . . . Hop-a-long . . . presi- can always devour French fries works on automobiles dent of home room junior year prefers Charles Dickens in his spare time claims Gordon MacRae is his favorite claims turkey is her favorite food, home management 1951 her best subject. 32 DANIEL L. CHAMBERLAIN Business Education Lee ex- cels in basketball . . . remember his saying You can bet me . . . pre- fers Walt Disney dislikes people who don't mind their own busi- ness. GENE F. CHEERS College Prep Ester was a member of Hi-Y club regards physics as favorite subject doesn't care for women drivers plans to attend A. U. C. after graduation. DOLORES I. CHIPPERFIELD Business Education Chip likes swimming and square dancing enjoys eating chocolate frost looks down on big wheels was a member of Roller Skating club. ROBERT G. CIAMBOTTI . . . General . . . Gabe . . . partici- pates in many sports dislikes jealous people enjoys breaded veal looks forward to spring and softball future pilot. MARGARET CIAVERELLA .. . Business Education . .. Maggie . .. nurse's aid at local hospital craves mashed potatoes abhors people who complain likes swimming enjoys writings by G. Henry Richard. IRVIN I. CLAPPER .. . Vocational Dink . .. among his favorite sports is boxing chooses Virginia Mayo as fav- orite star .. . likes corn and potatoes .. . plans to be a truck driver. SHIRLEY M. CLAPPER George-Deen Shirl prefers psy- chology . , . is an ardent baseball fan . . . picks Shakespeare as favor- ite writer . .. enjoys skating . .. has an aversion to conceited people. LAWRENCE T. CLARK General Larry excels in drawing has a high ambition to become a rich man enjoys baked ham james Hilton ranks high among his favorite authors. I. ROBERT CLAYCOMB .. . College Prep Bob . . . chooses Alan Ladd for favorite movie star . .. likes Spanish and baseball . .. tends toward the candid camera as his hobby. GERALDINE M. COCHRANE General Gerry looks forward to spaghetti and basketball doesn't like conceited people finds Jane Powell delightful on screen . . . seeks diversion in reading and crocheting. GORDON H. COLBY Vocational collects model trains for a hobby goes for cake and ice cream gives lack London as favorite author delights in football .. . prefers Esther Williams. C. CLAIRE COLE George-Deen uses Ya, l do as a pet expression craves spinach is delightfully enter- tained by june Allyson looks forward to being a nurse. ...sENloRs ecause they now had new splendid attire. 33 SENICRS DORIS C. COLEMAN .. . Business Education . .. Doris member of Pyramid club, Swimming club, cmd chorus .. . likes baked potatoes and Abbott and Costello . . . expects to be an office worker. IAMES A. COLLINS . . . General . .. Speed . .. speedy on roller skates plays football, basketball, and baseball . . . pet peeve is school . . . likes French fries and hopes to eat lots of them during basic training. THOMAS F. CONRAD . . . Vocational . . . Pete . . . eats salads . . . likes to hunt and fish .. . has a habit oi saying O. K., Baby .. . pet peeveqis people who say I-Iuh? MARGARET L. CONROY . . . General . . . Peggy . . . mem- ber oi a Cappella and annual show likes dancing, skat- ing .. . is perturbed when people are not prompt . . . prefers English. VIVIAN L. CORBETT Business Education . . . Punkin or Chee- chee active in intramural sports, Pyramid club secretary of English class captain ot basketball team tumbled in annual show. NORMA L. CORBIN Business Education Norm member of Tennis club . . . home room vice-president . . . cap- tain of basketball team secretary oi English class hobby is eating. NICHOLAS CORBO. IR. . . . College Prep . . . Nick . . . hobby, saxo- phone . . . favorite subject, psychology .. . member of band . . . presi- dent of sophomore English class . . . varsity football three years. LOMA I. CORONA General Larry was a member of Booster club secretary of home room wants to be a beautician . .. doesn't like people who know all the answers. EUGENE P. COUNSEL Vocational Gene pet peeve is talkative girls served as president of home room wants to be an electrical engineer .. . likes Kipling, hunting, skating, and spa- ghetti. SHERYL I. CRAIN College Prep . . . Horseshoe staff, dra- matics class, sophomore octet, a Cappella hobby is writ- ing poetry . . . iavorite subject is Latin . . . eats whole wheat doughnuts while reading Dostoevsky's novels. IOANNE CRAMER Business Education Io secretary of home room home room representative Booster club finds people who talk in a movie annoying. BARBARA I. CRIDER Business Education lo member Skating club, Bowling club home room secre- tary, home room treasurer dabbles in photography in her spare time favorite subject is English. Our traditiQQ rivals were put in their placf 34 I' MARIAN L. CROOK General . .. Tootie member of chorus appeared in annual show president of Booster club in her senior year chooses Home Management as her favorite subject. MARY E. CROUSE George-Deen Mamie par- ticipated in chorus and annual show member of the Y- Teen club enjoys science, cooking, and sewing hob- bies, swimming and dancing expects to attend School of Commerce. IACK C DALE College Prep Peanut favorite sport is track on track and cross country squads . .. displayed his talents in a Cappella, the English department play, and district chorus favorite subject, math. ANNA F. D'AI.OISIO . . . College Prep . , . Annie . . . home room president sophomore year, vice-president junior year her favorites include art, basketball, and bacteriology . . . plans to become a nurse. DAVID L. DANDREA . . . Vocational . . . Dave . . . hobby, sports . . . mushball is his favorite selects math as his most-liked subject gigglish girls irritate him Mark Twain, chicken, Betty Grable soothe him. ARTHUR E. DAVIS Vocational Art model rail- roading is his hobby chooses math and softball as his favorites will begin apprenticeship in printing after graduation . .. goes for hamburgers in a big way. CHRISTINE I. DAVIS . .. General .. . Chris . .. chooses sewing as her favorite subject as well as her hobby intends to become a dress designer hates people who lecture but not Van johnson. IOHN R. DAVIS College Prep Cisco spent his junior year at Ashland Senior High school, Ashland, Ken- tucky . .. his favorite subject is chemistry enjoys travel- ing by Greyhound and rowing detests noisy girls. MAHIAI. W. DAVIS . .. General . .. Winnie .. . psychology is her favorite school subject . .. favorite sport, basketball .. . collects knick- lcnacks for her hobby , . . her favorite people are Pearl Buck and Gary NANCY E. DAVIS College Prep hobby is music a member of both orchestra and chorus .. . appeared in the annual show, and was a member of TAP. ROBERT F. DAVIS Vocational Bob joined the Hi-Y club participated in home room basketball . .. included among his fav- orites are math, hunting, football, and chili con carne. ESTHER I.. DAY General Suzy member ol chorus in her sophomore year . .. enjoys reading, softball, bicycle riding . . . likes to eat green salads and fried chicken. Our Llons came through, while the Johnles lost face 35 SENIORS. I. WILLIAM DEAN College Prep Bill captain of band senior year orchestra three years TAP, the Executive com- mittee, and the dance band . . . likes Hervey Allen. ANTHONY I. DEANGELIS General . . . Tony his hobby is model railroading his favorite sport, baseball . . . favorite author is George Bernard Shaw his ambi- tion, to go to college. RICHARD I. DEBOLT . . . College Prep. . . Frenchie . . .member of the band his favorite sport is swimming . . . pet peeve, bossy blondes . . . hopes to enlist in the navy . . . rather likes Ruth Roman. ROSE M. DECONNA General Rae member of the Future Teachers of America active in intramural sports reporter for the Mountain Echo member of Miss Eberle's chorus goes in for bike riding. IOYCE L. DEGENHARDT General Icy was a majorette her favorite sport is skating plans to attend the School of Commerce . . . will eat chili con carne any time. ROSEANN M. DELANCY Business Education mem- ber of the Bowling club . . . took part in intramural sports . . . wants to be an office girl after graduation can't stand IIIOGHGTS. GRACE C. DELGROSSO General Gracie favorite sport is swimming . . . favorite subject is history . . . doesn't know what she wishes to do when she graduates , . . can do with plenty of swim- ming, French fries, and Shelly Winters. DAVID T. D'ELIA College Prep Dave member of a Cappella and Hi-Y club . .. took part in intramural bas- ketball home room president and vice-president of his English class . . . plans to be a teacher. IAMES C. DENGLER Vocational lim took part in home room basketball likes sports, especially baseball hopes to enlist in the army . . . machine shop is his favorite. CARMELA G. DENISI General Car member of chorus . . . took part in the annual show . . . her favorite sub- ject is math . . . after graduation she hopes to be a beautician. IAMES E. DEWITT General . .. lim took part in intramural sports . .. favorite sport is baseball wants to be a mechanic always saying, l'1l betcha . SHIRLEY M. DICKERSON . ,. College Prep .. . Sherry 1 a member of a Cappella favorite sport is roller skating hopes to be an executive secretary some day swim- i ming and horseback riding are just fine. 5 F We turrggci the dull days into brilliant nights When we pulled the switch to the Mansion Park lights. ager . . . held the office of secretary in his home room . . . enjoys base- ball . . . would like to work in the P. R. R. shops. RITA M. DIGUISEPPE Business Education . . . held the office of treasurer in her junior year likes shorthand, baseball and chicken wishes to do office work. L. IOANN DINGES . . . Business Education . . . joey . . . a member of Ushers' club and Art Display, TAP and orchestra . , . likes bowling . . . loves art and music . , . wants to be a secretary. DONALD L. DINSEL . . . College Prep . . . Don . . . held the office of junior class president was a member of TAP, band, and class Program Committee in his senior year likes baseball and chemistry wants to study medicine. ELSIE A. DIRRIGL Business Education Mikie Was a member of chorus favorite subject is bookkeeping . .. enjoys foot- ball, sieak and mushrooms . .. would like to do office work. IOHN M. DISABATO General came from Chicago enjoys baseball . . . favorite subject is history would like to be a millionaire. IANET K. DODSON . . . Business Education . . . hobby is square danc- ing enjoys baseball, French fries and shorthand would like to do secretarial work. ROBERT E. DORMAN General Bob captain in intramural basketball enjoys baseball, football, and bas- ketball history is his favorite subject would like to enter the service. MONA C. DOWN General she lists bowling as her favorite sport and English as her favorite subject . . . was a member of the Bowling club . .. held the office of home room secretary in her sopho- more year. SARAH I. DOYLE George-Deen Saw was a member of Senior Y-Teen lists English, swimming, and music as her favorites would like to become a nurse. IAY DULL . . . College Prep . .. Skip he was an active member of the band and orchestra was in the annual show and was a member of the Tennis club .. . would like to be achemical engineer. MARY A. DUNLAP . . . General . . . Dunnie . . . she was a member of a Cappella and was in the annual show she also was home room president in her senior year . . . she would like to be a fashion illustrator. ' 3, . 1951 RONALD E. DICKMAN General Spike . . . basketball man- When you think of success with a team that's' been swell at F vt. .if W f ' ff , ,ii .. i If Dunmire Dunn G. Duvall Eqqerstorfer Eii-hart B. Eisenhart GEORGE B. DUNMIRE College Prep Oskie member of a Cappella played intramural basketball -his favorite sport appeared in annual show en- joys Iohn Wayne on the screen chooses biology as his favorite subject. V D. ROBERT DUNN Vocational Bob is active in sports, baseball being his favorite enjoys cooking as his hobby tapioca is his favorite food likes ferry Lewis and English. GARY E. DUVALL Vocational Gig played intramural basketball selects hunting as his favorite sport, radio as his hobby, and English as his favorite sub- ject wishes to take up electronics after finishing school. IACK R. DUVALL Vocational lists automobiles and auto shop as his hobby and favorite subject . .. among his favorites are basketball, Randolph Scott, and mashed pota- toes and sauerkraut. GEORGE P. DZIARKOWSKI Vocational Georgie is now serving in the United States Army greatly enjoys pork chops and football while attending school, took general industrial shops. WILLIAM A. EBERSOLE General Bill .. . played intramural basketball and was on the track team likes baseball, chicken, and Gene Kelley his favorite author is Rudyard Kipling. 1951... I. Duvall Dziarkowski Ebersole M. Eisenhart England Erb LOUISE I. EGGERSTORFER Business Education en- joys French fries, and seeing Alan Ladd on the screen her favorite sport is baseball her favorite subject is shorthand wishes to get an office job after graduation. CATHERINE W. EIRHART General Cathy lists as her favorites: swimming, hamburgers and French fries, Audie Murphy, and English de-tests show offs would like to be a Bell Telephone operator. BARBARA R. EISENHART General .. . Fat mem- ber of a Cappella, hall patrol, Mountain Echo, and Y-Teen club appeared in annual show would like to be a Bell Telephone operator after finishing school. MARGARET M. EISENHART General Toots enjoys seeing Gordon MacRae on the screen hobby is photography likes baseball and spaghetti lists Maureen Daly as favorite author, salesmanship as favorite subject. THOMAS F. ENGLAND . . . Vocational . . . Irish . . . mem- ber of l. V. football and track team favorite sport is football likes Iohn Wayne on the screen, beef with French fries, and science. IOANN R. ERB George-Deen Io . .. member of Chorus lists as her favorites Farley Granger, football, French fries and hamburgers, and Pennsylvania history wants to be a Bell Telephone operator. .SENIORS ANN M. ERNDL Business Education .. . loves all foods PARDINO F. FERRARA .. . General . . . Blackie . .. likes . . . prefers shorthand . . . bothered by conceited people . . . weight lifting . . . active in intramural sports, especially bas- hears music, starts to dance . .. hopes to become a secre- ketball likes Zane Grey, French fries may join Air tary. Force after graduation. R. LOUISE ERNDL .. . General serves her chicken with IOANNE B. FERRIS . .. Business Education . . . Io .. . an all the trimmings likes softball, baseball prefers enthusiastic gymnast quite active in intramural sports people who speak when spoken to . . . hall patrol a has weakness for French fries . . . hopes to become a future secretary. medical secretary. MARLYN L. ESTERLY .. . College Prep active in chorus ROBERT I. FERRONE Vocational . . . Buddy . . . avid sophomore year . . . history fan, American Problems baseball fan prefers to eat mashed potatoes and steak prefers baseball . .. dislikes people who talk ,behind your . .. likes Audie Murphy on the screen . . . hopes to become back . . . expects to be a housewife. 75- a draftsman. OLIVER R. EVANS College Prep .. . 'Skip . . . always ALICE M. FIELD George-Deen . . . Ally .. . selects pushing forward on the gridiron prefers steak and Zoology as favorite subject prefers roast beef .. . favor- French fries whiz in the physics lab . . . hopes to attend ite sport, baseball . .. will be a fine nurse . . . doesn't like college. to do dishes. Ju BARBARA A. FARRELL . . . College Prep .. . Barbie .. . RONALD L. FILER Vocational .. . Rocky . . . excels active in a Cappella choir prefers to watch, not play at all sports chooses chili con carne as favorite dish . . . football . . . ushers at games . . . plans to become physical has an aversion to rich people . . . hopes to become a whiz therapist . . . baked ham for her. on skates . . . a gay blade, huh? IOSEPH F. FERNICOLA .. . Vocational . .. Ice .. . likes T. RICHARD I-'ILER .. . College Prep . . . Dick active to play baseball . .. active in home room affairs pre- in band trumpet expert . . . prefers cheeseburgers . . . fers spaghetti How rich , favorite expression will chooses baseball and basketball as favorite sports be an electrician some day. would like to attend college. ' Q A. Emdl L. Emdl Esterly Evans Farrell I-'errxicolu Ferrara Ferris Ferrone Field R. L. Filer T. R. Filer Don't forget to remember our coach--Kavel. V 39 SENIORS. WILLIAM C. FILLER . . . Vocational . . . Willy . . . doesn't THOMAS R. FLECK . . . College Prep . . . Tom . . . played like bottled hair often repeats oogie googies when he IV basketball sophomore year intramurals, all three spies his tavorite food, turkey . . . likes basketball . . . years . .. on his list of favorites steak and French fries rank played home room basketball second year. highest with basketball not far behind. DOROTHY I. FINKBEINER . . . Business Education . . . Dot CONSTANCE FLENNER . . . College Prep . . . Connie . . . .. . active in intramurals senior year . .. often says Why ushered in her senior year.. .excelled in art for three years Sure when asked to skate fancies chicken and short- joined FTA junior year and stayed with it her senior hand. year . . . enjoys bowling. BARBARA I. FISHER . .. Business Education .. . Barb . .. SHIRLEY I. FLORY . .. George'Deen . .. craves spaghetti readily munches favorite food, cheeseburgers often enjoys basketball Ushers' club, chorus, and annual cries Holy-cats at sight of Alan Ladd likes basketball show are her main activities hall patrol junior and sen- . . , wants to do secretarial work. ior years. IERRY I.. FISHKIN College Prep Fish played IANET M. FORSHT . .. George-Deen often exclaims hot clarinet three years in band . . . likes spaghetti . .. fav- You know it! when asked if she likes spaghetti . .. looks orite sport, basketball . .. dislikes people who talk long and to the stars for her favorite, Robert Taylor favorite sub- loud. ject, Home Management. RICHARD M. FLACK . . . General . . . Mickey . . . craves IOAN M. FRANK . . . College Prep . . . news editor of Moun- pie and objects to stubborn people played for band . .. tain Echo junior and senior year . . . goes for turkey .. . in tumblers for three years . . . ran for varsity track, junior enjoys horseback riding winner of American Legion ora- and senior years. torical contest vice-president of Quill and Scroll, senior year. IOYCE A. FLAIG . .. Business Education Booster club HOWARD C. FRANKS . . . Vocational Bud . . . wants and Y-Teen junior year enjoys basketball always to become a plumber favorite sport, boxing . . . hobby, ready for big platter of French fries often entrancecl by hunting enjoys breaded veal cutlets likes to watch Alan Ladd. his favorite mermaid, Esther Williams. Filler Finkbeiner Fisher Fishkin Flack Fluiq Fleck F lenner Flory Forsht Frank Franks J. Bach on the organ was great in his day 40 ...1951 I. Frederick R. Frederick Frisch Frischkom Fulton Fusco Guiley Gai-is Garrity M. Gates P. Gates Gedmark IEANNE I.. FREDERICK . . . George-Deen annual show FAE GAILEY Business Education Billie likes and a Cappella likes skating and swimming Wants dancing and swimming prefers French fries and ham to be a nurse has for hobbies, collecting stones and hopes to be a super-saleswoman after graduation watching people. favorite expression, Oh yeh? RICHARD I. FREDERICK Vocational Dick BERNICE E. GARIS George-Deen member of hall plays home room basketball president of English class patrol, nurse's aid wishes to become a nurse sews .. . intends to join the service likes Alan Ladd and as a hobby and makes her own clothes . . . pet expression spaghetti . . . plays pool as a hobby. is Ye gods! ESTHER L. FRISCH Business Education .. . Butch MARLENE I. GARRITY . .. Business Education . .. partici- member of Tennis club, Hi-Y club, a Cappella likes pated in intramural sports Pyramid club worked swimming and chili con carne wants to become a sec- as assistant typist hopes to be a successful secretary retary after attending business school. , . . pet peeve is backseat drivers crochets in spare time. BEN R. FRISCHKORN General Big Ben was MARY LOU GATES Business Education active in active in track, intramural basketball, and as home room Booster club member oi chorus and hall patrol look- president . . . hobbies are eating and sleeping . . . favorite ing for office job . . . pet peeve is public speaking . . . James film star is lane Russell wants to be a millionaire Street is her favorite author. pet peeve is gym teachers. ROBERT S. FULTON . . . College Prep . .. Steamboat . .. PHYLLIS M. GATES Business Education . . . Phyl . . . member of Senate, Auxiliary Police, Future Teachers of appeared in the annual show sings in a Cappella America, Swimming club . . . played intramural basketball was a member of chorus likes badminton, cheeseburg- . . . a rabid misogynist . . . pet expression is Uzzzz . ers, and books by Mary O'l-lata. IOHN L. FUSCO . . . Vocational president of home H. CLARK GEDMARK College Prep . . . a member of room, captain of home room basketball team favorite Horseshoe staff, Chess club appeared in the English expression is Shoot it, Walt likes steak, sports, and department play home room president . . . pet expression vocational math. Good-o , ut we'll take the organ Houraney's sweet way. 41 SENIORS EDWIN P. GEESEY College Prep Ted . . . a member of the Hi-Y club and the orchestra is interested in math and basketball .. . wishes to be an architectural engineer upon graduation. PEGGY A. GERMAN General lists sports and English as her favorites . . . member of the a Cappella, annual show, skating club, and swimming club . .. upon finishing school, she would like to become a nurse. ELIZABETH L. GESSER Business Education Bets . .. worked in the main office was a member of intramural sports, Pyramid club, and the annual show when she finishes school, she would like to be a farmer. THOMAS A. GIBBONS General enjoys sports, his favorite being basketball . . . his favorite subject is Spanish another of his favorites is Swiss steak in the food line. VICTOR A. GIOIOSA Vocational . .. Tony likes to build model planes for a hobby lists among his favorites, math, swim- ming, and chicken and waffles when finished with school he would like to work for Penelec. DONALD T. GLASS Vocational Don enjoys riding as a hobby he lists math as his favorite subject . .. football is his favorite sport .. . upon finishing school, he would like to join the navy. FRANCES A. GLINSKIE General . . . Francie was on corri- dor patrol during her senior year . . . her hobby is crocheting . . . lists bowling and typing as two of her favorites would like to be a telephone operator upon finishing school. BARBARA I. GLUNT George-Deen Barb be- longed to the Skating club .. . enjoys skating and swimming . . . lists English as her favorite subject wishes to be a telephone operator when she finishes school. RUSSELL R. GLUNT Vocational Sonny was vice-presi dent of his home room during his sophomore year . . . his hobby is col- lecting pennants likes swimming and mathematics upon fin- ishing school he would like to join the navy. M. NAOMI GORITY College Prep Nomie she lists French and English as her favorite subjects her hobby is reading her favorite sport is baseball . .. her 1 favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe. F. PAUL GOSS . . . General . . . held offices in his sophomore and jun- ior home rooms Was squad leader in gym for the past two years .. . favorite activities include skating and football. KENNETH L. GOSS Vocational played on his home room football team . . . his hobby is hunting . . . lists machine shop, baseball, and hamburg as his favorites upon fin- ishing school he would like to join the Cadets. The Aliens received quite a rousing ovation 42 Their sound effects program was quite a sensation. PHYLLIS M. GRABILL . .. General . .. Phyl a mem- DOROTHY G. GUTSHALL '. .. General . .. Dottie . . . was ber of a Cappella and the Fellowship club took part home room secretary and worked in the main office .. . was in the annual show after graduation she hopes to be a member of the Bowling club upon graduation she a music teacher. hopes to be a telephone operator. h SHIRLEY M. GRANT General Grandma has M. C. GERBER HACKETT College Prep . . . Gabriel a craving for spaghetti lists football as favorite sport was on the hall patrol and belonged to the Academy and salesmanship as favorite subject plans to work of Science his favorite subject is physics won first upon graduation. prize in physics part of the Science Fair. DONNA I.. GREGG . . . George-Deen . . , favorite sport is KERMIT R. HAINLEY . . . College Prep . . . took part in home basketball and her hobby is crocheting .. . after graduation room basketball and was a member of the band, orchestra, she hopes to be married. .1 and the dance band .. . he was a home room president. CARMEN I.. GRIFFITH . .. Business Education .. . was a IOANNE H. HALLMAN .. . Business Education .. . jo member of the Ushers' club .. . her favorite sport is swims her favorite sport is baseball her hobby is skating ming and her hobby art. favorite subject is bookkeeping after graduation she hopes to obtain office work. SUE ANN GUNSALUS College Prep . . . managing edi- SONDRA I. HAMMAN Business Education .. . Sandy tor ot the Mountain Echo secretary of the Future Teach- was a member of the Bowling club her favorite ers of America also a member of the Ushers' club, sport is basketball and her favorite subject bookkeeping TAP. and the bowling club. . . . hopes to become a bookkeeper. ANN D. GUTSHALI. .. . George-Deen . .. Dede took DELORIS B. HAMPTON George-Deen Dee part in the annual show and intramural sports . .. was a was a member of the Y-Teen club, hall patrol and chorus member of a Cappella and the Skating club. . .. was on the Executive Committee of the junior class . . . took part in the annual show. Grabill Grant Gregg Griffith Gunsulus A. Gutshall 9' D. Gutshall Hackett Hainley Hallman Hammun Hampton .1951 Report cards are items that one can't evade Hanlon Hanna Hamden Harpster A. Hart C. Hart Hartsock C. Hauser D. Hauser Havlin Hazlett Heimbach RICHARD E. HANLON General Dick ranking IAMES H. HARTSOCK , . . College Prep . . . Sam high among his favorites is hunting despises over-talka- participated in band and orchestra activities . . . finds di- tive girls goes for Barbara Stanwyck uses Do l version in basketball chemistry and Doris Day head worry? as his usual expression. his list of favorites. NICHOLAS I. HANNA College Prep Nic the CARL G. HAUSER College Prep Bud active brain in English Play senior year was last boy cheer member of Academy of Science . . . captain of home room leader A. H. S. had . .. member of Senate worked on basketball plans to attend A. U. C. extremely dis- Horseshoe senior year dislikes dishonest people. turbed by complainers. KENNETH I.. HARNDEN College Prep Ken DOROTHY A. HAUSER College Prep Dot general captain of TAP senior year enjoys chemistry hopes some day to become a nurse served on hall and basketball . .. chemical engineering is his desired pro- patrol senior year . . . is satisfied with chicken, French fries fession . . . is irritated by making silly mistakes. and football. CHARMAYNE L. HARPSTER Business Education SHIRLEY L. HAVLIN Business Education member Mamie likes dancing, especially Gene Ke-lley's of hall patrol and Bowling club enjoys swimming and fills up on spaghetti and French fries boils at people English lists Alan Ladd as tops wants to be an who are never on time. ofiice worker. AUDREA HART College Prep Sissy well re- IERRY P. HAZLETT Vocational . .. Gandy . . . goes membered for her leadership as veep of senior class in for reading Zane Grey's works . . . states baseball as secretary of lunior Academy of Science active partici- one of his favorites can be heard saying lovely, pant in intramural sports. lovely . CLIFFORD F. HART . . . General Cliff member EDNA G. HEIMBACH College Prep plans to be a of chorus and in three annual shows goes for base- nurse or a laboratory technician detests people who ball and roller skating . . . plans to join armed forces are late . . . extremely interested in science and reading. dislikes gabby girls. 1951. 44 IAMES A. HELMAN Vocational lim likes the acting of Iimmy Stewart . .. mashed potatoes and gravy suit him to a T doesn't care for bottled blondes. IACQUELINE A. HELSEL . .. College Prep Iacquie .. . elected home room secretary sophomore and senior years . . . member of Future Teachers' club and Bowling club senior year . . . hall patrol member senior year. LOUISE A. HERMESKY College Prep . .. Herman sang in a Cappella senior year . . . played in orchestra her last two years . . . was pianist for the dance band junior year. RAYMOND E. HILL College Prep Ray active member of the band for three years . .. participated in intra- mural basketball member of the Academy of Science. I. WILLIAM HILTNER General captain of intramural basket- ball sophomore and junior years home room vice-president sopho- more and junior years . .. football and basketball rate as his favorite sports. IACQUELINE C. HIRSCHBIEL General lackie transferred from A. C. H. S. in her senior year pet ex- pression is Dear Gussie enjoys sewing in spare time lists swimming as her favorite sport. H. WILLIAM HITE General Bill member of a Cappella tor three years played I. V. basketball took part in annual show home room president sophomore year. CARL W. HOERMAN Vocational lake active in intramural basketball sophomore year loves baseball . . . drools over French fries . . . trigonometry tops his favorite subject list. ROBERT A. FORSBERG .. . General . .. Bob . . . played basketball sophomore year . . . won art award during junior year . . . Bob is now in the service helping Uncle Sam. SHIRLEY M. HOFFMAN Business Education Hottie member of chorus participated in annual show kept the ball rolling in Bowling club member of Y-Teen club. NETTIE I. HOLLAND . . . Business Education . . . active in Booster club Cut the ice in Skating club junior year will hear her fre- quently say Hey . .. plans to do office work upon graduation. BLAIR F. HOLLEN . .. General . .. Blue . .. active in foot- ball for three years on track team sophomore year claims art as his hobby . . . will hear him say You know it. That question that haunts: did I make the grade? 45 SENIORS SENIORS . .. l KATHRYN R. HOOPER . . . Business Education . . . Kathy . . . active in Y-Teen her sophomore and junior years enjoys horseback rid- ing .. . finds people who are always late annoying . .. intends to do secretarial work. WALTER A. HOOPER College Prep Hoop active in football and track chooses French fries and Tennyson as his favorites holds a grudge against silly girls . . . wants to be a teacher. BERNARD T. HOOVER . . . Vocational . . . Bernie . . . picks baseball as his favorite sport likes to Watch lohn Wayne and read the works of Bret Harte . .. enjoys hunting but hates work . B. IEAN HOOVER .. . College Prep . .. Ieanne . .. shared in the activities of Y-Teen . .. gave us change as the cafe- teria cashier all three years thinks baseball and bac- teriology are terrific. DELORES C. HOROMANSKI Business Education Dolly . .. often uses ye gods as her pet expression .. . craves cheeseburgers hates conceited people sighs for Glenn Ford would like to obtain office work. OLLA ANN HORTON College Prep Rusty served as president of sophomore class floor captain of TAP member of Ushers' club played the flute in the orchestra all three years. SHIRLEY ANN HUPERT Business Education helped in build- ing the pyramids for three years took part in intramural sports . .. participated in the annual show her sophomore and junior years. IOHN I. IACHINI Vocational served as home room representative his sophomore year played home room basketball likes to eat French tries picks math as favorite subject. AUDREY M. IMLER General enjoys ice skating in her spare time claims English and typing are her favorite subjects people who talk too much annoy her . .. wants to be a secretary. IUDITH L. IRVIN George-Deen ludy wrote for the Mountain Echo participated in annual show claims boisterous people are her pet peeve . .. can always eat French fries. MARY L. IRVIN . .. General . .. Mary Lou .. . ardent football and softball fan . .. craves chicken skating and dancing fill up her spare time . . . chooses bossy people as her pet peeve. ROBERT E. IRVINE College Prep Bob vice- president of the Biology club his junior year served as home room representative senior year extremely inter- ested in opera, drama, Shakespeare. We'll remember the storm at Thanksgiving - -the nights 46 GEORGE T. IUZZOLINO . .. Vocational . .. lzzie participated in intramural basketball enjoys eating steak gains pleasure in playing baseball .. . likes to work math problems future appren- tice plumber. IAMES A. IVORY General transferred to Tampa, Florida for his junior year . . . craves pork and steak spends his time boxing . .. often heard saying You know it . . . plans to attend college. PATRICK I. IVORY f.. College Prep . . . Pat . .. home room repre- sentative .. . active in intramural basketball . . . squad leader in jun- ior year spends his summers swimming . .. intends to enlist in the air force. CARL A. IOHNSON General Mooney played football in sophomore and junior years . . . engaged in the Tumbling club all three years . .. enjoys playing football in his extra time. ICANN L. IOHNSON College Prep Io member of girls' quartet .. . treasurer of Girls' League senior year participated in annual show TAP member plans to enter jefferson School of Nursing. A. LOUISE IOHNSON . . . General Minnie . .. Roller Skating club home room president in senior year chorus . .. spends time going roller skating enjoys base- ball . . . intends to join Waves. WILLIAM R. IONASIK . . . Vocational . . . Bill . . . can often be seen playing football has school for his pet peeve enjoys eating chicken and going fishing plans to join the air force. PHYLLIS A. IORKASKY . . . Business Education . . . Phil . . . member of Ushers' club all three years . .. craves steak and mushrooms . . . looks forward to spring and baseball . . . plans to do office work. WALTER I. KACHELE . . . Vocational . . . lnk . . . played intramural basketball on I. V. basketball team abhors waiting for people . .. enjoys eating meat and potatoes future sailor. RICHARD S. KARLE General Dick enjoys eat- ing the leg of the turkey .. . likes to play baseball fav- orite subject is history always saying I guess favorite star is Iohn Wayne. IANETTE L. KARLHEIM Business Education lan . .. typist on Horseshoe member of chorus enjoys skating often heard saying Why sure dislikes two-faced people hopes to obtain secretarial position with government. IANET G. KARP College Prep loves to eat all kinds of foods enjoys watching football games likes to solve chemistry problems . . . accepted for Penn State campus . . . future lab technician. . When we read our assignments without 47 1951 any lights. SENIORS. SANDRA Z. KAYLOR College Prep Study orchestra, sophomore year .. . junior chorus . .. can't resist hamburgers, French fries detests stuffed shirts dreams of being a concert pianist . . . now at Combs College of Music. DAVID G. KEITH Vocational Pinky . . . intends to become a cabinet maker hates people who talk behind your back commonly referred to as Red enjoys roller skating pet expression You know! IOYCE KELLER General Io winner of Iunior Womari's club award 1950 girls' attendance director sophomore year wants to become an accountant loves sandwiches favorite sport, scooter ball. IAMES A. KELLEY College Prep Commando Hi-Y club senior year member of I. V. basketball sopho- more year . .. born on April l hates silly girls but likes Iune Allyson! H. IAMES KENSINGER .. . General . .. lim . .. active in band and orchestra . .. intramural basketball senior year . .. pet peeve, Good Night Irene hopes to attend college favorite author Sinclair Lewis. D. RONALD KERNS Vocational Ron or Ronnie participant in intramural sports, three years prefers potatoes and chicken pet expression, Why sure wishes to enter college . . . favorite subject drafting. CALVIN B. KINSEL General left school Iune, l95O now in army at Camp Atterbury member of hall patrol junior year active in sports, PHYLLIS E. KIPP . . . Business Education Phil .. . hall patrol junior year hates two-faced people loves to say, Yea, I'1l betcha! favorite actor Guy Madison . .. work after graduation gales girl. THERESA H. KISIELNICKI . .. General . . . Terry . .. Senior Y-Teen . . . going in training after graduation . . . favorite subject English . . . likes baseball extremely fond of chicken and French fries hobby is dancing. IAMES H. KLING . . . Vocational . . . Iimmy . . . member of the Swimming club . .. active in intramural sports . .. lists math as his favorite subject .. . enjoys watching Ierry Lewis on the screen. RICHARD W. KLING . .. General Dick pet peeve girls who try to be cute intends to roam the country until the government gets him . . . favorite star Ierry Lewis. GLORIA I. KNEE General Yuddy people who talk behind one's back annoy her .. . plans a career as tele- phone operator .. loves to roller skate pet expression, Don't know, do you? Cheers for the play and hurrah for the cast rl ll And Came the Spring will remain unsurpassed. MARIE E. KNEPP Business Education . . . lists favorite food as spaghetti you may hear her saying, You know it lohn Wayne and basketball are among her favorites. LIONEL KRANITZ . .. College Prep . . . active in Academy of Science .. . played father in And Came the Spring . . . lists basketball as favorite sport plans to take up pre- med course in college. I. SYLVIA KRAPF College Prep , . . member of TAP junior and senior year active in a Cappella lists English as favorite subject . . . plans to attend college to become a teacher. ROSE M. KRUMPFL General Rosie prefers roller skating and swimming . . . states that people making fuh of others annoy her would like to attend an art school. RUTH A. KRUMPFL . .. General . .. Ruthie enjoys roller skat- ing . . . lists French fries as favorite food . . . enjoys watching baseball games . . . plans to enter nurse's training. BETTY F. KUSHNER . . . General . . . Bets member of Y-Teen club senior year .. . prefers swimming and dancing lists English as favorite subject states You know it as favorite expression. IANET A. KYLER . .. Business Education . . . member of Senior Class Executive Committee senior year lists bookkeeping as favorite subject prefers baseball ., . would like to obtain office work. SAMUEL F. KYLOR . .. Vocational . .. Sam . .. definitely the strong, silent type cynically states his pet peeve as being meeting someone you know will be late hobby is sports . . . pet expression, Iocko! FRED E. KYPER Vocational .. . Fritz . . . confesses his hobby is sleeping active in sports, especially basketball . . . has a crav- ing for vegetable soup plans to enlist in navy on graduation. DOLORES I. LABRIOLA General .. . Dee . . . has a weakness for French fries and steak . . . prefers dancing and roller skating . . . active in a Cappella junior and senior year. DONNA K. LAI-'FERTY College Prep . .. well-remembered for her work in girls' quartet participated in annual show . . . dislikes people who are never on time. ADELBERT G. LANTZ General . . . Peaches par- ticipated in intramural sports . . . prefers not to get up early . . . chemistry and football are favorites .. . would like to attend art school. 49 .. 1951 We felt the Christmas pageant inspire N gs Lani: Lantzer Lawrence Luwruk Lear Ledford Leidy L. Leighty S. Leighty Lenqa Lepore Lewis '- F MARY C. LANTZ . . . College, Prep . . . Skippedl . . . Eng- KENNETH E. LEIDY . . . Vocational . . . Sam . . . loves eat- lish department play annual show active in the ing ice cream and apple pie enjoys vocational math Booster club tond of French fries and shrimp col- classes favorite sport, roller skating likes reading lects odd and old cups. books of Robert Louis Stevenson. IANET M. LANTZER Business Education Ian LESTER S. LEIGHTY Business Education Tim likes her math classes shows a preference for Ricardo treasurer of home room as a sophomore member of the Montalban loves to dance keeps busy collecting Rifle club as a sophomore at Camp Atterbury. things for her hope chest. DANA I. LAWRENCE College Prep Danny SHIRLEY M. LEIGHTY Business Education member member oi the chorql appeared in the annual show of the Y-Teen club plans on working in an office after in her junior year plans to enter nurses' training graduation enjoys watching Gary Cooper in the movies favorite sport, baseball. . . , favorite subject, typing. r RAYMOND P. LAWRUK . . . Vocational . . . Ray . . . likes MATTHEW W. LENGYEI. . . . Vocational . . . Bill . . . to read the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe craves enjoys all outdoor sports steak rates as his favorite chicken ,hates getting-gup in the morning, common com- food . .. intends to become an electrical engineer . .. detests plaint. -5 , V . gabby girls. IOHN W. LEAK Vocational . . . lack . .. working in PAUL R. LEPORE .. . General Pete intramural the shops at present assistant secretary of home room basketball player hobby, weight lifting prefers as a junior . . . member of the cross country in junior year. French fries to any other food enjoys watching soft- ball games. ' v IAMES E. LEDFORD . .. College Prep lim mem- VESTA A. LEWIS Business Education can't stand ber of the band collects model ships enjoys watch- people who are always late lists English as her favor- ing baseball games hates people who keep him wait- ite subject finds pleasure in reading the books of Agnes ing . . . favorite subject, biology, Turnbull. 1951 i MARTHA M. LIEBL . . . Business Education . . . Marty . . . participated in intramural sports also interested in foot- ball and dancing . .. chooses typing as her favorite school subject . . . outside of school, enjoys French fries, Alan Ladd, and Louisa M. Alcott. DON L. LIGGETT General Spider greatly in- terested in all sports, of which his favorite is basketball also a member of the track team as a sophomore was president of his home room. VIRGINIA R. LIND College Prep Ginny . .. mem- ber of TAP, Mountain Echo staff, and a Cappella ap- peared in the annual show senior year was elected secretary of the Girls' League. BARBARA P. LINDEMER . . . Business Education . . . Babe . . . since her hobby and favorite sport is roller skating, she joined the Roller Skating club .. . appeared in the annual show as a member of the a Cappella. SHIRLEY I. LINN College Prep Linny . . . during her junior and senior years, she worked in the ' N' attend- ance office also served as president of her Erie room .. . she was a member of the Roller Skating club. GLADYS M. LIOY General Glady in her sophomore year became a member of the Roller Skating club . . . football is her favorite sport . . . in school enjoys all types of science. Liebl Liqgett Lind Lippert Little Lockard SENIORS GRETCHEN A. LIPPERT College Prep . .. Greta .. . was a member ot TAP and Horseshoe staff during senior year appeared in a Cappella and annual show enjoys bacteriology and after graduation expects to become a nurse. CAROLYN I. LITTLE College Prep Liney . . . in her senior year was a member of the Ushers' club par- ticipated in a Cappella and annual show her favorites include baseball, steak, and ice cream. CAROL M. LOCKARD George-Deen member of the Boosters' club in her senior year her hobby is making a scrapbook on anatomy . . . her favorite scholastic subject is bacteriology. ROBERT F. LOCKWOOD . .. General . .. Bob hobby is driving and transportation is his favorite subject in school . .. baseball is his favorite sport on graduation plans to become a drafting apprentice. EDYTHE A. LONG Business Education home room president in her senior year in sophomore year was a member of the Mountain Echo staff and a Cappella also a member of the Ushers' club. PATRICIA I.. LONG Business Education Pat member the chorus in her' sophomore year and in the Ushers' club the following two years favorite school subject is shorthand expects to become a stenographer. Lindemer Linn Lioy Lockwood E. Long P Long With lights, and costumes, and caroling choir SENIORS. ROBERT D. LOUDER . . . General . . . Bob . . . transferred from Greeniield, Massachusetts to Al-IS took part in the home room basketball program he left school to enter the armed forces. IOSEPI-I L. LUCIANO . ., Vocational Doodle .. played on the I. V. basketball team his sophomore year . .. participated in home room basketball his junior and senior years. NORMAN LUNGLHOFER Vocational was a mem- ber of the band both his sophomore and junior years left school in i950 and is now serving in the service. ROBERTA M. LYNCH Business Education was a member of the orchestra her sophomore and junior years prefers mathematics in her studies can be heard saying holy cow . ELEANOR M. LYSINGER . . . George-Deen . . . looks for- ward to becoming a Salvation Army ofiicer when she gradu- ates . . . likes French fries and bananas . .. prefers reading books by Booth Tarkington. WILLIAM K. LYTLE, IR. College Prep Bill was a member of the football team, track team, three years took dramatics and played in the intramural program three years. Louder Luciano Lunqlhofer McCall McChesney McElroy F. ELAINE MCCALI. College Prep . . . was a member of the Future Teachers of America and badminton team likes to read, eat French fries and hates to get up in the morning. BARBARA A. MCCHESNEY George-Deen Barb was a member oi the Skating club, Y-Teen club, and hall patrol was home room secretary would like to go into nursing. MILDRED E. MCELROY George-Deen Mimi was active in the Fellowship club her senior year . .. likes books by Louisa Mae Alcott hopes to become a nurse. EVELYN C. MCGUIRE . . . General . . . Evie . . . helped in the attendance office her junior year . .. prefers psychology likes to swim and dislikes conceited people .. . hopes to join WAFS. ORVILLE P. MCGUNIGAL Vocational Ben likes cherry pie when it comes to eating dislikes braggers . .. prefers health as a subject . . . would like to join the navy. GLENN MCKNIGHT College Prep marched in AHS color guard his junior year . . . took active part in drarnatics participated in intramural basketball was a mem- ber of the Tumbling club and a squad leader. Lynch Lysinqer Lytle The season for fun and a sportsmanlike game McGuire McGuniqa1 McKnight ...1951 McMoniqal McMullen McNamara McNe1lis McSorley Madison Maierhofex' Mainello Malone Malloy Manqus Marusco MARLENE I. MCMONIGAL George-Deen Mickey LOUISE M. MAIERHOFEB . .. Business Education pet member of the chorus active in intramural basket- peeve, busy signals when calling on the phone plans ball picks Mario Lanza as her favorite star hates on doing commercial work after graduating loves to racial discrimination. dance. DOROTHY M. MCMULLEN General Shorty PHILLIP MAINELLO General . .. enjoys swimming and on hall patrol as a senior collects pictures as a hobby outdoor sports working in shops after graduating in . . . loves eating French fries . . . enjoys watching football lanuary . . . eats spaghetti in all forms. games. RONALD I. McNAMARA .. . Vocational Mac . . . pet MARIANNA T. MALONE Business Education mem- expression Hi, loafer lists history as his favorite sub- ber of a Cappella enjoys all sports . .. works with sew- ject likes steak better than any other food enjoys ing and needlework . .. worked in girls' attendance office the books of Carl Sandburg. . . . dislikes lying, gossiping, and trouble makers. ANTHONY F. MCNELLIS General Tony sang IOSEPH F. MALLOY Business Education collects with a Cappella in annual show lists dancing and records pet expression, What's trump people who food as favorites played baseball with l2th Ward in chew gum annoy him favorite author, Earle Stanley Iunior League entered air corps after graduating in Gardner loves pumpkin pie. january. IANE P. MCSORLEY General Ianie a camera CHARLES A. MANGUS General Buzz . . . loves fiend . . . favorite subject, chemistry pet peeve, people ice cream . .. enjoys all sports, especially swimming . . . who are not prompt could eat her favorite food, spa- plans to become a pilot after graduation favorite sub- ghetti, any time. ject, math. WILLIAM E. MADISON College Prep Willie A. RALPH MARASCO Vocational . . . Ralphie three years member and president of the student Senate I-li-Y club played intramural basketball loves all , . . sings in a Cappella choir member TAP plans sports favorite food, spaghetti claims math as his to enter the field of ceramic engineering. favorite subject. When football was over then basketball came. 53 SENIORS . .. BEVERLY T. MARCUS College Prep Bev Senior Class Executive Committee . . . Mrs. Fields in English department play . . . participated in the annual show worked on Horseshoe mem- ber ot TAP. RONALD R. MARINELLO . . . Vocational . . . Ronnie . . . in- sists on spaghetti and meatballs . . . enjoys seeing Gloria Del-laven on screen . . . claims math and football, as favorites . . . relaxes by working on his car. VERNA M. MARSHMAN . . . Business Education . . . Mae . . . hopes to obtain an office job after graduation enjoys seeing Esther Wil- liams spaghetti is favorite food likes books by Grace Livings- ton Hill. HAZEI. R. MARTIN . .. College Prep . .. claims favorites are swimming, baseball, and French fries . .. enjoys seeing Alan Ladd on screen . . . participated in annual show three years. IEAN D. MARTIN General leanne participated in the annual show three years enjoys good music, books, and lames Edwards on screen plans to do missionary work. LOIS E. MARTIN . .. General . . . claims basketball, playing checkers, chili con carrie as favorites . . . enjoys seeing Esther Williams on screen plans nursing as a profession. PEGGY MASCHKE College Prep participated in annual show junior year hall patrol senior year member of chorus picks psychology as her favorite subject. IOHN MASSAR Vocational . lack never passes up a second helping of spaghetti . . . claims favorite subject is Lunch enjoys seeing Victor Mature on screen plans to be an auto mechanic. IAMES T. MATHIEU College Prep Midge member of the a Cappella picks sports as his hobby enjoys English classes . .. pet peeve is forgetful people . . . favorite movie star, Brod- erick Crawford. IACK MATTHEWS . . . College Prep . . . member of the Acad- emy of Science TAP member plans to attend college after graduation . . . can't stand people who cheat . . . enjoys watching wrestling, RAYMOND G. MAURER College Prep Ray hall patrol as senior loves steak and French fries plans to become an electronic technician . . . cletests excessive homework. LYNN E. MEADOWS . .. Vocational .. . Blackie mem- ber of the Hi-Y basketball team enjoys all sports , says cherry pie is his favorite food. P The panel discussion on conduct in school 54 Came out to one answer: the golden rule. DELORES I. MELOY . .. Business Education . . . Red . .. chooses skating as her hobby and was a member of the Skating club . . . football is her favorite sport the sub- ject she liked in school is shorthand she plans to do office Worlf. DOLORES A. MENTCH . .. General .. . Dole .. . member of the hall patrol attending sports, especially baseball, is her hobby to join the Women's Air Force is her am- bition. WAYNE W. METHENY . .. College Prep chooses phy- sics as his favorite school subject participates in sports, of which basketball and tennis are his favorites. EDITH M. MICHAELS Business Education Edie . . . worked in the Senate office in her senior year . . . short- hand is her favorite subject and she expects to use this in obtaining a job after graduation. IAMES R. MICKEL Vocational lim favorite sport is baseball enjoys eating French fries starnp collecting is his hobby math is the subject in school which he prefers after graduation plans to go to work. CHARLOTTE L. MILLER George-Deen Char appeared in the chorus and annual show was a mem- ber of the Boosters' club . . . worked as a riurse's aid during her senior year and plans to go into nurses' training after graduation. Meloy Mgtch Metheny D. Miller F. Miller G. Miller DONALD R. MILLER College Prep Don vice- president of the junior class member of the Senate and home room representative in his, junior year partici- pated in Hi-Y club plans to stray civil engineering. FAYETTA D. MILLER . .. Business Education Kippie enjoys dancing and swimming chooses as her fav- orites typing, spaghetti, and Richard Widmark expects to become a clerk after graduation. GRACE M. MILLER George-Deen Gracie worked in the girls' attendance office in her junior year .. . was a member of chorus, hall patrol, Swimming club, and Bowling club after graduation plans to attend modeling school. IOANNA K. MILLER George-Deen lannie or Io . . . member of hall patrol, Y-Teen, Swimming club, and a Cappella served as a nurse's aid during her senior year and was elected to the Senior Class Executive Com- mittee. MARIORIE E. MILLER . . . Business Education . . . Margie appeared in annual show in her sophomore year . . . member of hall patrol and chorus favorite activities in- clude dancing and football . . . expects to apply her knowl- edge of shorthand doing office work. In PATRICIA D. MILLER Business Education . . . Donna elected president and representative of her home room in her junior year member of hall patrol and Skating club favorite activities include dancing, roller skating, and bowling. , an Michaels Micke! C. Miller I. Miller M. Miller P. Miller .1951 The student teachers came here from State S. E. Miller S. A. Miller I. Mills T. Mills Misciaqna Mitchell Mock Mohler Monarch D. L. Moore D. I. Moore Moran SARAH E. MILLER General Pude member of LUELLA F. MOCK Business Education Lou . .. Mountain Echo staff, Quill and Scroll took part in dram- worked in Senate and placement offices senior year .. . atics after graduation hopes to take up radio broad- member of Roller Skating club favorite actor, Clark casting or script writing. Gable . . . wishes to become a secretary. SHIRLEY A. MILLER General Shud treasurer R. KIRK MOHLER General Dizzy transferred of Y-Teen club plans to get married hates people from Kittanning High School, senior year expects to go who are always late pet expression, You know it! to college, then marry pet expression, He's a twerp . . . favorite actress, Ann Blythe. . . . fond of roast turkey. IANET M. MILLS General Maxie member of EDGAR I. MONARCH College Prep Ed mem- Pyramid club three years . .. intramural sports chorus ber Mountain Echo sophomore year . . . hobby, photography . . . active in annual show . . . favorite subject, Spanish .. . . .. likes plane geometry .. . annoyed by late people . . . collects pictures . . . loves chili con came. favorite actress, Ava Gardner. THEODORE M. MILLS General . .. Tedd l-li'Y DONNA I.. MOORE George-Deen . .. in annual show club basketball team home room representative . . . sophomore year girls' attendance office senior year . . . intends to go to forestry college at Ann Arbor, Michigan active in chorus two years . .. plays guitar favorite loves rare steak hobby is skiing. author, Louise MCG AICOU. EDITH A. MISCIAGNA . . . General .. . annual show junior DOROTHY I. MOORE .. . George-Deen Red . . . Ush- and senior years . . . active in chorus three years reads ers' club two years hall patrol senior year in an- books by Booth Tarkington hates loud girls plans nual show sophomore and senior years going in train- work in a department store. ing as nurse. BARBARA A. MITCHELL College Prep Barb . . . MICHAEL F. MORAN Business Education Mike member of Ushers' club English department play, sopho- . .. Swimming club sophomore year .. . home room presi- more year .. . chorus for two years plans to go to col- dent, two years enlisting in service favorite subject, lege . . . loves to bowl. science . . . loves steak . . . likes basketball. 1951 56 DORIS I. MORGAN George-Deen Dorie reporter and business manager for the Compass . . . home room president junior year member of Bowling club hobby is sports pet peeve is waiting for people . HERMAN F. MORGAN. . .General. . .plays sax as a hobby. . . intends to go to music institute after completion of high school considers holding hands in the halls distasteful . . . is interested in history. MARIAN I. MORGAN General secretary oi English class and of home room . .. treasurer of home room junior year hopes to become a beautician likes dancing and baseball can't stand show-offs. DALE E. MOUNTAIN Collece Prep Molehill squad leader appeared in Uncle lulian wants to get away from it all and settle down on a farm some place pet peeve is politics finds the works of Edgar Allan Poe intriguing. NELLIE I. MOYER . . . George-Deen . . . chooses health as her favorite subject . . . expects to take up nursing as a career goes out for swimming . . . is an admirer of Iune Allyson. ANTHONY MUCCITELLI . . . Vocational . .. Tony . .. sec- retary of his English class . .. likes baseball . . . gets a kick out of math spends his rainy nights reading Robert L. Stevenson's novels pet peeve is people who don't listen when l'm talking. ARLENE I. MUIR . .. George-Deen .. . Shorty . . . member of Bowl- ing club and hall patrol . . . favorite sport is horseback riding . . . likes to dabble in bacteriology . .. hopes to be a telephone operator some day. STANLEY M. MURPHY College Prep Abe de- clares basketball his favorite sport plays intramural basketball. . .thinks beef pot pie is a dreamy dish, as well as lune Allyson prefers math as a school subject. WILLARD H. MURRAY General . .. Willie . .. expects to en- list in a navy electronics school .. . enjoys gnawing on turkey drum- sticks is active in band and orchestra likes physics and pho- tography. SHIRLEY L. MUSSELMAN . .. Business Education .. . Tease . . . member of chorus appeared in annual show . . . gets riled at people who think they're big wheels . . . wants to be a stenographer enjoys typing. CAROL M. MYERS . .. Business Education .. . lerry . . . likes typ- ing has a habit of exclaiming Good gravy . .. spends spare time dancing and reading can't stand people who are always bragging. o learn ROBERT E. MYERS Vocational Bob wants to be a nature boy, farming, fishing, and taking life easy favorite reply is Baloney likes hot dogs people who are late make his hair stand on end. the best way to educate. 57 SENIORS SENIORS 2' In a movie CLYDE I. NAIL . . . Vocational .. . Spike member of I-li-Y club, home room softball and home room basketball . . . lists math, basket- ball, and French fries as his favorites would like to enter the service when finished with school. MARILOU D. NBLE . . . College Prep . . . lieutenant in Ush- ers' club . . . active member of Academy of Science . . . home room representative warbles in chorus and took part in English department play her sophomore year. RICHARD D. NALE College Prep . .. Dick . . . was in the band reporter for Mountain Echo . .. played football in his sophomore year . . . lists photography, art and football as his favorites . . . wishes to be a photographer upon finishing school. DOLORES A. NARDOZZA . . . General . . . Dolly likes to spend her nights dancing and eating spaghetti and meat- balls goes wild at a baseball game thinks English is an interesting subject. SYLVIA A. NEARHOOF . . . Business Education . . . Sylvia . . . sings in a Cappella choir . . . appeared in annual show . . . served as president of her home room and as home room representative fond of baseball . . . crazy about Alan Ladd. BETTY L. NEBGEN . . . General . . . Dot . . . active in intra- mural sports and Pyramid club . . . appeared in annual show served as treasurer in intramural sports . . . can't stand conceited people . . . enjoys cooking. BONNIE E. NEIL Vocational played Hi-Y basketball as a member of Hi-Y club acted as president of his English class, then as secretary . .. wants to go to the navy . .. doesn't like high-hatted girls . RUTH S. NIXON General served in Ushers' club member of hall patrol . .. wants to be a doctor's receptionist . .. likes bowling and typing is impatient with people who whine all the time. GEORGE A. NOHAILE College Prep member of band, Acad- emy of Science, Hi-Y club, Slide Rule club . . . received honorable men- tion in Science Fair hopes to become an M. D. plays trumpet in leisure time. DONNA M. NOLL . . . George-Deen . . . member of hall patrol and Swimming club . .. sings in a Cappella hopes to be a beautician likes swimming and Esther Williams gets a kick out of chemistry and algebra. BETSY C. V. NOYE . .. General . .. Betz .. . member of chorus and Skating club enjoys dancing hopes to enter the commercial art field . . . confesses an abhorrence of giddy girls . MADELINE M. O'DONNELL . .. General . .. likes to draw or read in her spare time favorite subject is sewing can't get enough chili con carne favorite sport is swim- ming. we learned what to do, as pre-plannec 58 fan ...1951 MARCIA O'DONNELL College Prep was on the Compass staf-f her senior year. . .home room secretary. . .looks forward to enter nursing . . . prefers chemistry as her favorite subject. FRANK OESSENICH College Prep spends his spare time on model railroading prefers physics as a school subject favorite sport, baseball likes to read Zane Grey. SHIRLEY R. ORANGE Business Education was a member of the Ushers' club junior and senior years and on the Horseshoe staff her senior year . . . chorus. RICHARD E. OURSLER . . . College Prep . . . Dick . . . active in English department play sophomore year states he has a Weakness for swimming and chemistry . .. dislikes people who don't mind their own business. BEVERLY A. OVERCASH George-Deen Bev is a whiz on roller skates lists veal and French fries as favorite foods dislikes people who are always late. GEORGE P. PAPAS . . . General . . . Puppie . . . his hobby is collecting guns . .. prefers pork chops and mashed pota- toes .. . lists baseball as favorite sport plans to work upon graduating. RICHARD A. PARKER . . . General . . . Dick . . . runs a fast mile . . . played varsity football . . . dislikes girls whispering, That's for sure . . . chooses track as favorite sport, gym as favorite subject. LORENA R. PARKS General Parkie active member of Pyramid club and intramural sports forgetful people annoy her French fries, baseball head her list of favorites. DONALD A. PARSON .. . College Prep Reef quite a fer- vent basketball fan prefers English, baseball, and chicken a la king . . . chooses law as his profession .. . lists Zane Grey as fav- orite author. NANCY L. PATTON . . . Business Education Nan chooses shorthand as favorite subject . .. likes to skate and dance member of Horseshoe senior year hopes to become secretary. EDWARD I. PAVLICK . . . Vocational . .. Ed lists his hobby as being sports, especially baseball thinks lohn Wayne and lack London are tops . . . plans to work upon graduation. HELEN A. PENNINGTON General chooses basket- ball as favorite sport . . . Betty Grable as her favorite actress . . . lists salesmanship as favorite subject. A-bomb or H-bomb should fall? close at hand. SENIGRS. DIETRICH L. PETERSEN . .. College Prep Pete . .. transferred from Toledo, Ohio sophomore year I. V. basketball sophomore year . .. member of TAP collects coins plans to become an engineer . . . favorite sport, ice hockey. LEROY C. PFEFFER Vocational Roy . .. intends to become a tin shop operator . . . favorite author, Mark Twain likes Liz Taylor . . . dislikes people who don't answer . . . fond of hamburgers. PATRICIA I.. PHILLIPS General Pattie extremely an- noyed by gum crackers . . . wishes to join WAFS . . . pet expression, You don't say . . . favorite actor, Howard Duff . .. loves skating. IOHN L. PIELMEIER . . . Vocational Booby intra- mural basketball sophomore and junior years . . . expects to be apprentice in carpentry . .. hobby, Woodcraft loves chicken . . . favorite actor, lohn Wayne. EUGENE R. PINE . . . Vocational . . . Gene or Pena . .. hopes to enter college favorite subject, drafting . . . pet expression, D.D. D. S. t Don't drop dead, suffer l . ., likes baked sweet potatoes enjoys football. VINCENT I. PIZZINO . . . Vocational lim plans to become an auto mechanic hates people who show-off . . . favorite author, Mark Twain favorite sport, hunting . . . likes Gary Cooper. ELDIIED I'I. PLETCHER College Prep . .. Eddie . . . participates in band wants to be an auto mechanic favorite star, Iane Russell . . . hobby, stock car racing . .. enjoys music loves hot dogs. CATHERINE I. PORTA George-Deen Kate active in roller skating ambition, employee with Bell Telephone Company favorite subject, clothing pet expression, True . . . hates conceited people. IOAN POWELL .. . George-Deen Ioan or lo hall patrol three years likes Howard Duff Roller Skating club, sopho- more year . . . wishes to get married . . . annoyed by chewing gum. PATRICIA A. PRICE College Prep Pat Stand- ards Committee senior year pet peeve, hecklers when bowling . . . loves to play marimba . . . favorite food, chicken with all the trimmings . . . plans to work. DANIEL F. PRINGLE Vocational . . . Danny . . . wants to become draftsman . . . collects match covers . . . favorite actor, Bing Crosby . . . likes math . . . prefers baseball as favorite sport . . . hates show-offs. SHIRLEY IVI. PRINGLE George-Deen Boogie , cheer leader two years member Y-Teen club . . . Execu- tive Committee Senior Class . . . annual show three years . . . A for girls' sports. The poigrs :decided this year to suppor 60 N decision for forming our own student court. TERRY PROBST . .. General .. . Butch .. . played football all three years basketball, junior and intramurals, sophomore year fancies chili con carne, but dislikes people who love themselves. SHIRLEY L. RABOLD . . . Business Education . . . agrees with most that French fries and steaks are tops acclaimed the badminton champion junior year , . . raves over Iohn Wayne and enjoys softball. PATRICIA A. RATCHFORD George-Deen Pattie sang in chorus for three years and participated in annual show for last two often exclaims, Glory Be! over favorite food, spaghetti. DARRELL B. RAY College Prep president of senior class loyal TAP member, and captain senior year being very musical, he played for orchestra sophomore year sang in chorus, junior and senior. MARY L. REASY Business Education happily nibbles French fries while reading novels by Booth Tarkington . .. annual show first and last year also happy member of chorus as sophomore and senior. K. DEAN REED Vocational enjoys ice cream while watching baseball states girls as pet peeve plans to work for his Uncle tSami after finishing school . . . acclaims lane Powell as favorite actress. IOHN A. REEDER . . . Vocational . . . lack . . . plans to join air force after school books are put away . .. likes steak and mashed potatoes on the table . . . brands show-offs as pet peeve. MONA Y. REGENBOGEN Business Education labels Alan Ladd as favorite actor plans on secretarial work after school enjoys books by Iohn Steinbeck claims rare steak and mashed potatoes as favorite dish. NUNZIO I. REHM . . . General Nunz well remembered for his invaluable aid on the gridiron after the game he is satisfied with spaghetti and jitter bugging . . . quite active in intramural sports. MARTIN W. REIFSTECK General Bill enjoys steak and potatoes, Red Skelton, and many kinds of sports likes the expression How about that amazed by chemistry and electricity. NORMA L. REIFSTECK College Prep . .. member of Tennis club and a Cappella took part in annual show rests by listening to varied music . . . plans to be a doctor. IOYCE A. RENTZ General Annie interested in any field of science . .. an ardent baseball fan has a hobby of reading favors Doris Day and hopes to attend college. 61 1951 3, Using down steps and up steps had minds in a maze X I Reploqle Besides Rexford Richards Richardson Riddle tg! DANIEL M. REPLOGLE College Prep Dan declares chemistry his favorite subject. . .. expects to attend college . .. enjoys the works of Edgar Allan Poe .. . likes steak and baseball. ' if WILLIAM F. RESIDES General Bill presi- dent of English class during sophomore year plays trumpet to pass the time member of Motorcycle club and of Model Airplane club. BARBARA L. REXFORD College Prep . . . Ptexie active in Ushers' club participates in dramatics wants to become a nurse favorite author is Carl Sand- burg . . . likes steak and French fries. DONALD K. RHINE College Prep Don mem- ber of band and of TAP . . . home room president . .. home room representative . . . wants to enter the medical field . . . hobbies are reading and collecting money. EDWARD I. RHOA . .. General . . . Pete . . . active in in- tramural sports home room representative doesn't like people who pretend to be somebody favorite author is Erskine Caldwell likes basketball. EARL P. RHODES. IR. . . . Business Education . . . Barney .. . plays football and basketball in spare time .. . favorite subject is shorthand . .. likes thrillers by Poe .. . pet peeve is someone who is always serious . 1951... Rhine Rhoa , Rhodes Rider Rigqleman Riley IAMES P. RICHARDS . . . Vocational . .. Gitch . .. plays baseball out of school favorite dish is Spanish rice expects to join the navy . . . enjoys mathematics. JANET M. RICHARDSON . . . Genenal . .. hobby is painting favorite subject is art hopes to join the Waves gets cravings for stuffed peppers .. . active in art classes. 1 BLANCHE I. RIDDLE . . . College Prep . . . member of a Cap- pella, Booster club appeared in Christmas pageant and in annual show pet peeve is bad color combinations . . . favorite subject is language . . . hobby is music. RALPH RIDER General Spud member of hall patrol favorite author is William Shakespeare gets his nickname from his eating habits hobby is col- lecting pictures and coins. THERESA M. RIGGLEMAN George-Deen Terry president of home room president of history class vice-president of English class favorite sports are baseball and basketball . ,. chooses English as her favorite subject. ii LLOYDELI. C. RILEY General Dell . . . active in chorus collects records for a hobby likes spaghetti suppers thinks Carl Sandburg is tops as an author declares health her favorite school subject. RAY F. RILEY Vocational Curly member oi l-li-Y club played on basketball I. V.'s sophomore year and football his junior year find him frequently playing basketball. BETTY P. RISBON General Betz member of a Cappella sophomore year overworks the expression Good Heavens! loves to roller skate passes her time sewing . . . plans on marriage. IEAN A. RISOLDI .. . Business Education ,. Bright Eyes . . . iavorite sports include basketball football . . . drools over cheeseburgers and French fries loves danc- ing. it MARY ANN RISOLDI .. . Business Education ..,. was home room representative in her junior year her preferences include shorthand, football, and dancing hopes to work in an insurance office after graduation. OLIVER I. RISOLDI . .. General Fiz likes to read whatever Walt Disney writes gets peeved at stuck-up girls .. . prefers baseball, steak, and psychology class drools over june Allyson. ANGELA M. RISPOLI George'Deen Cookie was home room president and a member of hall patrol and the Roller Skating club loves to sit down to a chicken dinner. Riley ' Risbon I. Risotdi Robbins Robertson Robinson 125: .SENIORS KATHLEEN A. ROBBINS George-Deen Kay aspires to nursing as a career after high school graduation likes English in school, dancing outside favorite sport is baseball. CHARLES ROBERTSON . . . Vocational . . . interested in sports, sports literature favorite school subject is math . . . hopes to secure a position in cabinet shops after gradua- tion. THELMA I. ROBINSON . . . Business Education Robby . .. home room representative . .. secretary of English class member of Ushers' club active in chorus iavor- ite sport is tennis. CHARLOTTE C. ROBLEY . .. Business Education home room president . .. member oi Swimming club and of Boller Skating club . . . favorite sport is basketball. CLAIRE A. ROESSLER . .. Business Education . .. secretary oi Bowling club president oi Swimming club hobby is collecting pennants . . . hopes to attend business school. KENNETH R. ROLES General . .. Duck . .. enjoys all kifhis of sciences . .. hobby is target shooting .. . likes pie, pie, and more pie on his menu .. . expects to enter military service. bfi M. Risoldi O. Risoldi Rispolt Robley Roessler Roles -3' But now we're allowed to use any both ways. SENIORS. PAUL R. ROSE Vocational Maurie enjoys DAHLGREN L. ROUZER George-Deen Daddy books by Sinclair Lewis . . . can't resist roast beef . . . claims participated in a Cappella and annual show . . . likes books swimming and Robert Mitchum as favorites science is by Grace Livingstone Hill can always down spaghetti tops with him. and hamburgers. WALTER C. ROSE College Prep Walt chem- ROBERT S. RUNYEON General Bob can be istry is tops with him enjoys Doris Day on the screen found back stage with the stage crew prefers history, can't resist pork chops dreams of attending college baseball and ice cream active in sports as his hobby. after graduation. HAZEL R. ROSS . . . Business Education . .. Haze . . . en- BETTY I.. RUPERT . .. Business Education .. . member Boos- joys Esther Williams on screen claims softball, chili ter club claims English as her favorite subject as favorites . . . Nathaniel Hawthorne is favorite author prefers steak and French fries . . . plans to work in an office . . . active in girls' intramural sports. following graduation. MAXINE C. ROSS College Prep Mac prefers DOLORES I. RUPERT Business Education active in baked beans, German . .. has hopes of becoming a school Y-Teen . .. spends spare time reading and skating .. . home teacher three-year member of Ushers' club. room treasurer picks typing as her favorite subject. STANLEY D. ROSS Vocational Roscoe his pet BETTY I. RUTHERFORD Business Education Betts peeve peroxide blondes claims mathematics, spinach participated in hall patrol, Horseshoe and intramural and football as his favorites . .. plans to enlist in U. S. navy. sports . . . prefers bookkeeping, roller skating .. . claims Grace Livingston Hill as her favorite author. IAMES C. ROTHROCK College Prep Rothy EDRIS N. RUTTER College Prep active in Ushers' president of Boys' Federation active in varsity football, club, annual show reads the works of A. I. Cronin basketball and track member Academy of Science claims baseball as her favorite sport prefers English. makes telescopes in his spare time. P. Rose W. Rose H. Ross M. Ross S. Ross Rothrock Rouzer Runyeon B. Rupert D. Rupert Rutherford Rutter The teachers explained all our troubles away 64 ...195l Ryan Stmdrus Scheeler Schnaubelt Schneier Schoch THEODORE I. RYAN Vocational Ted active in home room basketball senior year .. . lists health, basketball, and steak as his favorites wishes to be a machinist when he finishes school. CONSTANCE V. SANDRUS Business Education .. . Connie lists baseball as her favorite sport enjoys shorthand, reading, pork chops, and French fries upon finishing school, would like to be a secretary. RICHARD E. SCHEELER . . . College Prep Dick . .. belonged to Hi-Y club, baseball team .. . played intramural and Hi-Y basketball likes chemistry, baseball and col- lecting coins . . . would like to go to college or join air corps. EUGENE P. SCHEITER Vocational Gene be- longed to the Chess club senior year . . . home room sec- retary in his junior year . .. likes math, hiking, and pickled herring . .. upon graduation, would like to be an architec- tural engineer. IBNICE A. SCHIRF . . . GeorgefDeen . . . Ian . . . belonged to the Booster club and a Cappella home room rep- resentative in senior year and home room treasurer in junior year . .. in the annual show wants to be a nurse. DOROTHY L. SCHMERBECK George-Geen Dot was on hall patrol in her junior year her hobbies are dancing and bowling likes home management and baseball wishes to be a beautician when she finishes school. Scheiter Schir! Schmei-beck Schuler S. Scott W Scott ROSELLA SCHNAUBELT College Prep Rosie on the hall patrol during her sophomore and junior years . .. member of a Cappella in senior year .. . likes English, basketball and sewing Wants to enter nurses' training when she finishes school. SHELDON G. SCHNEIER General Mick squad leader in gym senior year .. . vice-president of home room senior year lists football, chicken and American problems as favorites wants to join marine corps when he finishes school. IOAN A. SCHOCH General Io belongs to the Booster club, a Cappella, hall patrol, Y-Teen club lists basketball, spaghetti and psychology as her favorites wants to Work for the Bell Telephone or go to the service. GEORGE A. SCHULER . . . Vocational . . . Wimpy . . . lists music, hamburgers, auto shop and football as his favor- ites favorite author is Sinclair Lewis upon finishing school wants to drive a truck. SHIRLEY L. SCOTT Business Education Scottie . .. was in chorus in sophomore year . . . likes health, roast pork and football her hobby is collecting toy cats upon finishing school wants to do office work. WARREN M. SCOTT . .. Vocational Dudder his hobby is camping lists English, turkey and baseball as his favorites upon finishing school, he wishes to join the naval air force. To our parents on hand for Parents' Day. IOR THOMAS A. SEDERES Vocational thinks meat loaf is scrump- tious . .. will find him shooting basketballs in spare time . . . loves all sports . . . hopes to become a cabinet maker. GEORGE I. SEGMILLER . . . General . . . Segy . . . member of the band for three years played in the orchestra three years . .. was in 28th Infantry division band at Camp Atter- bury, HOWARD T. SEIBERT College Prep Toody member of a Cappella for two years . . . thinks swimming is wonderful . . . pre- fers English as a subject hopes to go to teachers college upon graduation. WANDA I. SESSLER College Prep Swannee active in Future Teachers and Ushers' club elected home room representative two years member of Bowling club . . . elected secretary of Future Teachers club. RONNIE I. SEYMORE Vocational . .. Cottontail . .. lists sports as his hobby Trig intrigues him . . . stuffs himself with stuffed peppers loves all sports claims baseball as his favorite. H. MARLENE SHAAI. George-Deen Blondie nurse's aid senior year . . . has a weakness for French fried potatoes overworks the expression holy cow am- bitious to be a nurse upon graduation. RONNY S. SHADE Vocational Ron will find him catch- ing fish or hunting or drooling over a juicy steak . . . has an aversion to women . . . plans to join the service. CAROLYN SHAFFER College Prep Katie . . . will hear her say, You know! likes to ice skate she's wild about Cornel Wilde . . . thinks spaghetti is simply grand. IACQUELIN A. SHAFFER . . . College Prep lackie snappy strutter in the color guard . .. member of the Y-Teen club sang in a Cappella two years wants to pursue the nursing career. WALTER B. SHARRAR Vocational Pooch . . . is camera crazy .. . detests drug store blondes . . . overuses the expression Weirdy hopes to become a sheet metal worker upon graduation. ALTON C. SHAW . . . Vocational . . . Bud . . . likes mechanical and electrical work claims football as his favorite sport loves to devour meat loaf . . . loathes wise guys . . . reads Mark Twain. BARBARA A. SHEARER College Prep Barb well known for her fiddle playing in the orchestra sings in a Cappella member of Ushers' club participated in annual show. When games were over each boy and his dat 66 Went Teen Age clubbing, to celebrate. IEANNE A. SHELLENBERGER Business Education keeps the ball rolling in the Bowling club also a mem- ber of the Booster and the Skating clubs would like to be a stenographer. GEORGE R. SHELLEY General Gus member of Hi-Y club for two years, serving as secretary his senior year .. . can't get enough French tries . .. thinks chemistry is tops. IUDY D. SHERMAN College Prep well remembered as Magnificent Midge of the English department play member of TAP efficient worker for the Horseshoe participated in annual show for two years. IANICE E. SHIELDS College Prep Ia served as floor captain of TAP . . . member of a Cappella . . . acted as home room president junior year would like to be a telephone operator. IOAN A. SHIPE . . . George-Deen . . . Io . . . vice-president of lunior Y-Teen participated in the annual show for three years member ot hall patrol thinks chemistry, basketball are terrific. LEORA I. SHIPE George-Deen participated in an- nual show her junior and senior years .. . says her pet ex- pression is You kill me enjoys biology ardent baseball tan. Shellenberqer Shelley Sherman Sickenberqer Sickles Skupien PAULINE E. SICKENBERGER General Peggy .. . active member of Fellowship club . .. worked on hall patrol served as home room vice-president and secretary her senior year . . . intends to be a missionary. DOLORES K. SICKLES College Prep served on the Ushers' club her senior year sang in the chorus craves shrimp crazy about Audie Murphy hates people who are always late. ROMAN P. SKUPIEN Vocational . .. Skup . . . can't get enough French tries thinks physics is tops enjoys Mark Twain's stories baseball is his choice for sports . . . wants to be an electrician. RICHARD P. SLATES College Prep Hit favor- ite subject is English can't stand women drivers loves to down steak topped with French fries dance- band music is his main interest. CONSTANCE D. SLOWIK . . . General . . . Connie Lou . . . loves to spend her spare time dancing home manage- ment claims top honors among her school subjects . . . hopes to join Women's Air Force, MARGARET R. SMEAL College Prep sang in a Cappella her junior and senior pated in the annual show the same years math, among her favorites. Shields I. Shipe Slates Slowik ... Peggy ... years partici- .. picks dancing, L. Shipe Smeal 1951 The pitcher winds up, the batter's in gear B. Smith D. Smith E. F. Smith M. Smith M. P. Snyder M. A. Snyder BARBARA E. SMITH . , . General . . , Smitty . . . horse- back-riding is her favorite sport as Well as her hobby enjoys English and clothing classes other favorites in- clude vegetable soup, Grace Livingston Hill, and Monty Cliff. DELORIS E. SMITH . . , General .. . Smitty . . . singing is her hobby . .. enjoys participating in a game of volley ball prefers history to her other classes to become a Bell Telephone operator is her ambition. EARL F. SMITH Vocational Smitty favorite hobby and sport, hunting enjoys studying vocational math after graduation will either join the marines or become a railroad engineer. ERLA M. SMITH Business Education Curley sketching is her hobby enjoys watching her favorite sport, football chooses roast turkey and filling as her favorite food bookkeeping is the subject she likes best. HARRY C. SMITH Vocational foe partici- pated in both l. V. and varsity football, his favorite sport venison is the food he enjoys most expects to fol- low his education in shop classes by becoming a metal spinner. IRENE M. SMITH Business Education Smitty . .. worked in the nurse's office her senior year history is her favorite subject enjoys watching basketball after graduation hopes to obtain secretarial work. 1951... E. M. Smith H. Smith I. Smith N. Snyder P. Snyder W. Snyder MARILYN I. SMITH College Prep Smitty or Mo was a member of the orchestra, Ushers' club, color guard .. . served on a committee in Girls' League . .. plans to become an elementary teacher. MARGARET P. SNYDER Business Education Pete junior vice-president of her home room and sophomore president claims swimming, ice-box cake, and business law as favorites enjoys Shelly Winters on screen. MARY A. SNYDER Business Education wants to be secretary after graduation claims steak, roller skating, football, and reading as favorite pastimes . . . participated in girls' sports three years, including Pyramid club. NANCY I. SNYDER .. . College Prep .. . Nan . .. enjoys munching olives while working physics problems . . . danc- ing, reading, and left Chandler are her favorites hopes to be journalist after graduating. PATTY L. SNYDER . .. Business Education enjoys read- ing, dancing, and swimming was cheerleader for past two years claims transcription is her top subject plans to be a stenographer. WILLIAM H. SNYDER College Prep Nick senior home room viceepresident enjoys seeing lune Allyson on screen active in track, football, and intra- mural sports all three years senior captain, track team. IACQUELINE L. SOCEY Business Education lackie worked in placement office senior year Skating club sophomore year expects to do secretarial Work . . . loves fried chicken hates people who gossip. HELEN M. SOYSTER Business Education typist on Compass staff, two years member of Ushers' club worked in athletic office senior year ambition, secretary . . . pet expression, 1ike sixty . LORETTA L. SPIERS . . . Business Education . . . active in chorus, three years . . . annual show for three years . . . hopes to travel . . . hobby, crafts . . . favorite movie star, Audie Murphy. FRANK D. SPINAZZOLA .. . College Prep .. . Spinny .. . active in football .. . very fond of spaghetti . .. favorite sub- ject is English . .. favorite movie actor, Red Skelton. RICHARD T. SPINAZZOLA Vocational . .. Spinny plans to work after graduation loves chili . .. hobby is ice skating prefers solid geometry . .. likes football .. . pet peeve, wise guys. EARL F. STACEY General Governor color guard in band junior year . . . enlisted in air corps at San Antonio, Texas senior year hobby and favorite sport, mushball. CATHERINE O. STARRETT . . . George-Deen , . . Bubbles . . . active in intramural sports, three years . . . hall patrol, two years . . . Ushers' club .. . annual show for three years intends to become nurse. IAMES L. STEVENS General Sleepy . . . active in intramural basketball, three years squad leader senior year . .. carrier for Altoona Mirror, six years favorite actress, lane Russell exclaims, Well, you know . PATRICIA A. STEVENS . . . College Prep Pat member of Ushers' club and a Cappella prefers cheeseburgers and swim- ming . . . pet peeve, late people hopes to become a telephone operator. V MARY I. STEWART Business Education . . . quite a shut- terbug , . . an ardent baseball fan . . . craves pork and sauer- kraut enjoys bookkeeping may join Qe Women's Air Force after graduation. 7 WILLIAM R. STIFFLER . .. College Prep Bill . .. member of in- tramural sports, especially basketball loudly exclaims You know it confesses his pet peeve is incorrect English hopes to become an electrical engineer. IOHN C. STITELER Vocational lohnnie lists Rudyard Kipling as his favorite author enjoys eating spaghetti and meatballs . .. favorite hobby is repairing cars . . . likes to watch football. The umpire shouts strike, baseball is here. 69 SENIORS SENIORS . .. NANCY A. STRAWMYRE College Prep Nance chooses English as her favorite subject finds pleasure in listening to music member of Swimming club plans to enter Altoona School of Nursing. MAUD M. STRAWN College Prep Tippy well known as managing editor of Mountain Echo has accu- mulated a unique collection of monkeys was co-captain of Ushers' club senior year. IAMES E. STREIGHT Vocational Crooked enjoys the antics of Red Skelton . .. active in baseball .. . looks down on show- offs . . . prefers chicken and printing .. . plans to join the navy. ROBERT F. STREIGHT . . . Vocational .. . Bob . .. unlike his twin brother, desires to be an electrician fills up on pork chops , . . chooses trig as a favorite subject. LOIS R. STUMPF . . . Business Education . . . is quite disturbed by people who are late interested in shorthand and sewing . . . little beaver on Mountain Echo and member of the Ushers' club. IEANETTE E. STURGIS College Prep Sturgie . . . well distinguished as the first head majorette member of Horseshoe claims her pet peeve is dampers at get- togethers . .. chooses to be a beautician or model. BEATRICE A. SUCKLING . .. College Prop . .. Beep . . . competent editor oi Mountain Echo . . . particiapted in the activities of Quill and Scroll enjoys baseball and Latin wants to be an elementary teacher. ANNA C. SUKALA Business Education Anne active in Bowling club . . . interested in swimming, book- keeping, reading, and Alan Ladd .. . desires secretarial work . . . has an aversion to people who gossip. IOSEPH W. SULLIVAN .. . College Prep . .. joe . .. participated in intramural sports . . . says H55 cents is his pet expression nosey people annoy him . .. basketball, English, and dancing are his favor- ites. FRANCIS I. SUTTON Business Education Frank active member of Future Teachers' club his sophomore year extended his talents to Quill and Scroll broadcasts . . . enjoys hockey and English. CLAIR G. TAYLOR Business Education lr. member of the band for three years can always eat apple pie topped with ice cream . . . spends spare time square dancing. ROBERT M. TEMPLETON General Tink mem- ber of the l-li-Y club played intramural basketball likes history enjoys watching baseball games can't resist sweet potatoes. Two decades from now we'll remember still 70 l GEORGE C. THOMAS Vocational Turk ., . likes to watch wrestling states that his hobby is photography prefers Bob Hope and science . . . hopes to become a dairy farmer. 4 PAUL N. THOMAS . . . College Prep . . . member of the band, three years . . . prefers physics although his pet peeve is homework . . . likes to hunt and eat ice cream. GEORGE D. TICE IR. . . . College Prep. . . . active member of Academy of Science and winner in Science Fairs sports editor of Horseshoe and Mountain Echo . .. hopes to become a chemical engineer. IAMES W. TIPTON College Prep lim partici- pated in English plays . . . tooted a trumpet in AHS band . . . chooses physics and solid geometry as favorite subjects hopes to become a medical missionary. D. IOAN TRAFICANTE General . . . lo active member of Swimming club and intramural sports . . . lists all sciences as favorites . . . dislikes people who are late . . . hopes to enter medical field. CONSTANCE L. TRAGON General Connie helped boost the Booster club senior year likes to skate and play tennis craves steak detests gossipers hopes to attend college. ALLEN E. TRAVIS Vocational claims steak as favorite food quite a whiz in shops thoroughly enjoys swimming and basketball . . . plans to work after graduation. HARRY A. TREESE Vocational participated in intra- mural basketball selects math as his favorite subject, spaghetti as his favorite food would like to become a cabinet maker. IOANNE L. TRESSLER . . . George-Deen Io . . . active member of hall patrol and the Swimming club . .. states a preference for fried chicken, baseball hopes to enter the nursing profession. PATRICIA L. TRIMER General Pat enjoys swimming, watching Gordon MacRae on the screen French fries are her favorite food . .. has not definitely de- cided on a profession. IOHN A. TROMM . .. Vocational Arkie among his list of favorites are eating steak, swimming, and working in shops chooses Zane Grey as favorite author .. . may join navy. ALEXANDER I. TROTTA Vocational Ginnie craves ravioli enjoys seeing Alan Ladd on the screen others among his favorites are basketball and reading Shakespeare . . . has no definite ambition. The songs and the music we heard in Red Mill. 71 1951 MAHLON H. TROUT Vocational . . . Sharkie balls, football and seeing Red Skelton on the screen . . . his hobby and practical science his favorite subject written by jackson Shultz. FRED F. TROXELL Vocational Fritz played varsity football which is his favorite sport room representative likes meatballs, practical science, George Raft, and books written by Iackson Shultz. PEGGY I. TROXELL .. . College Prep appeared . . . held a position on TAP . .. active in Ushers' club and in Pyramid club . . . served on Compass staff. DONALD E. TURNBAUGH .. . General sport list with swimming hopes to beco the state police after completing his high school career prefers English as a school subject. ELVIALOU I. TUHNBAUGH Business Education active member of a Cappella member of Senior hopes to find secretarial work after graduation .. . h BARBARA I. TUSSEY College Prep . .. participated in annual show .. . served Echo member of the Swimming club the nursing career. KARL G. ULLRICH . . . Vocational Dutch .. his favorite sport .. . cheeseburgers and French fries Burt Lancaster furnishes him with thrills . .. he's just mad about math. SHIRLEY I. ULRICH . . . General member of the chorus for two years a plate of spaghetti satis . . . overdoes the expression You can bet me GENE VAN HORN Business Education Vany claims collecting stamps is tops can be found stuffing himself with chicken . . . enjoys books by Zane Grey . . . favors baseball. KENNETH B. VEIT ... General ... Ken ... enjoys steak and French fries wi quently say It'll be all right silly girls annoy him. IEHRY N. VENTRE . . . College Prep .. , Ice pl I. V.'s for two years . . . elected home room president member of the Baseball club . . . detests Snobs. ARDATH M. WAGNER , . . General . . . Ardie . . . will find her enjoying spaghetti and meatballs she occupies her- self by embroidering hopes to become a ator upon graduation. . lists football as . .. enjoys meat- lists music as . . . likes books he was home in annual show Don . .. tops me a member of ... Dolly .. Y-Teen club . . . obby is music. member of TAP on the Mountain hopes to follow make him drool iles her appetite loves all sports ll hear him fre- ayed on football senior year . . . telephone oper- All musical groups got together to brinq 72 The grand music festival held in the spring. IOHN S. WAKSMONSKI General Bugs captain in in- tramural sports . .. home room secretary .. . baseball home room vicespresident member of f-li-Y club states his pet peeve is eating . . . expects to attend college. THOMAS WAKSMONSKI Vocational Waxie spends most of his spare time playing baseball has a passion for steak favorite subject is machine shop wants to get a job in the shops. ARTHUR W. WALL Vocational Willie hobby is elec- trical work thinks meat loaf is delicious enjoys fishing favorite subject is trigonometry pet peeve is Wise guys . DAVID L. WALLACE . . . Vocational Dip . . . collects stones as a hobby likes books by Zane Grey gets cravings for chicken and Red Skelton movies . . . enjoys play- ing baseball. PATRICIA L. WALLS Business Education . . . Herk states her favorite subject as English can't stand people who try to be more than they are . . . favorite sport is roller skating . . . likes William Lundigan. THELMA L. WATSON General active in chorus and annual show favorite subject is bookkeeping likes basketball as a sport , . . hopes to attend business school , . . hobbies are reading, singing, and dancing. IAY R. WEAMER Vocational Ronnie .. . plays intramural basketball expects to join the Army thinks lohn Wayne is tops in movies pet peeve is girls that smoke likes mathe- matics. B. LORRAINE WEIMER . . . College Prep . . . active in chorus and annual show serves as nurse's aid passes the time by painting statues enjoys dancing and swimming . . . likes English and chemistry. BARBARA A. WELLER College Prep Bobs active in orchestra, a Cappella, annual show, and TAP member Executive Committee . . . expects to attend music school . . . likes Raymond Mas- sey in the movies and Shakespeare in literature. IANET R. WENRICH .. . Business Education .. . has worked in cafeteria, main office, and traffic patrol office likes shorthand and typing after school hopes to obtain ad- vanced office work. BETTY I. WERTZ College Prep active in Boosters club served as nurse's aid .. . hopes to study nursing after graduation . . favorite subject is chemistry cherry pie is her menu-must. MARTHA I. WERTZ . . . George-Deen . . . Marty . . . enjoys her experience as a nurse's aid served on hall patrol likes to practice up on her roller skating in spare time I considers football and basketball her favorite sports. 73 ...1951 let planes can travel at the speed of a blast Weiner West Whetstine White A. Whitfield B. Whitfield Wlble Wicker Wike Wilkinson D. Williams S. Williams PAUL D. WESNER General Wess was home DONNA L. WIBLE George'Deen worked in social room president in his senior year was squad leader studies office her sophomore and junior years likes Eng- in gym in his junior and senior years .. . likes Social Living lish, French fries . .. prefers Alan Ladd on the screen .. . and spinach when he finishes school, he wants to plans to go in training. enlist. EUGENE C. WEST Vocational Gene was in EMANUEL C. WICKER Vocational Tom en- tlte Roller Skating club and intramural sports . . . was home joys munching French fries picks English as his favor- room president junior year lists coin collecting, print ite subject likes boxing and john Wayne dislikes shop, and baseball as his favorites wants to be a show-offs hopes to join the navy. printer when he finishes school. ELIZABETH M. WHETSTINE Business Education WARREN G. WIKE General Weinie likes Betty . .. hobby is horseback riding . .. lists selling, steak and potatoes . . . picks Esther Williams as his favorite French fries, and swimming as her favorites was home movie star plans to go into plumbing business en- room secretary in senior year . .. wants to be a housewife joys bowling and baseball. when she finishes school. IANET L. WHITE George-Deen Chicken was LARUE C. WILKINSON College Prep Fudge in the Swimming club, and the Y-Teen club belonged likes history and science played intramural basketball to chorus in sophomore year lists dancing, swimming, junior year was home room treasurer in both sopho- English and French fries as favorites wants to enter more and junior years likes Peggy Dow plans a the School of Commerce upon graduation. pre-med course. ANOBEL L. WHITFIELD General elected president DONNA O. WILLIAMS George-Deen Donna enjoys of her English class member of Tennis club partici- fried chicken and French fries is a three year member pated in annual show drools over spaghetti enjoys of a Cappella enthusiastic sports fan participated tennis . . . dislikes people who exaggerate. in the annual show in her junior year. BARRY A. WHITFIELD Vocational Whttty SUSAN L. WILLIAMS College Prep Sue participated in intramural basketball junior year base- hObbY is music WGS IYGCISUYGY Of lL1HiOr CIUSS . - - TAP ball is tops on his sport list turkey satisfies his hunger Ser1iOr YGGF three-YGCII member annual show and a Cape . . . Hello keed is his pet expression. pella . . . intends to obtain music degree. 1951... 74 .SENIGRS RUSSELL C. WILLIS College Prep member of the SHIRLEY M. WITTMAN College Prep . .. Witty . track team as a senior sang in a Cappella picks accompanist for the a Cappella and senior quartet Lena I-lorne as his favorite movie star plans to attend plans to enter a music conservatory pet expression, college. Ioy! Joy! annual show three years. DOROTHY I. WILSON Business Education served FLORENCE M. WOLF General Flossie English on hall patrol is always saying, I-low about that? intrigues her pet expression, Holy cow picks enjoys the books of Edna Ferber Roller Skating, Booster, chicken as her iavorite food people who always inter- and Bowling clubs. rupt annoy her . . . favorite pastime, dancing. YVONNE L. WILSON Business Education Willie IAMES A. WOLF College Prep Wolf member loves cheeseburgers and French fries enjoys watch- of the band chemistry is his favorite subject picks ing baseball and football games hates conceited people basketball and golf as his favorite sports loves 'T-bone . . . hobby, dancing. steak. L. IEAN WILT Business Education very talented CLEO M. WOMBACHER College Prep Rusty . . . musically loves to play the piano enjoys singing in member of Horseshoe, TAP, Ushers' club, Pyramid club the church choir was secretary of her home room. active in intramural sports earned chenille A . . . art editor Mountain Echo last two years. ANN L. WINKLER General Weezy enjoys the RICHARD I. WOODS College Prep Woody singing of Doris Day loves spaghetti and meatballs served both as vice-president and secretary of Boys' Fed- can't stand people who are always late Spanish in- eration active in varsity basketball, football and base- trigues her Booster club. ball . .. member of the Student Senate and TAP. ROBERT T. WISE General Bob considers GERALD WOOMER General Ierry can't re- chemistry fascinating active in intramural sports sist Boston cream pie ran in cross country loves hates fickle women favorite sport, swimming mem- basketball games can't stand people who are always ber of the I-fi-Y club . . . a future salesman. n late . , , now in the air force. Willis D. Wilson Y. Wilson Wilt Winkler Wise Wittmcm F. Wolf I. Wolf Wombucher Woods Woomer Commencement, it seems, comes almost as fast 75 Goodbye, say the seniors, to school days now done, CHARLES E. WORRELL College Prep Chug hopes to be workin' on the railroad hobby, doing electrical work favorite class, trigonometry pet peeve, wise guys likes basketball best. BETTY ANN YEAGER General Betts sang in the chorus and played in the annual show, all three years . . . her preferences range from singing, cooking, and swim- ming to reading Charles Dickens. IOYCE A. YON Business Education lo plans only to get married after graduation prefers shorthand and basketball can be heard to exclaim No kidding . .. drools over banana splits, French fries. EMERSON E. YOUNG Vocational Bud was home room representative his senior year pores over books by Somerset Maugharn likes skating, swimming, electric shops and French fries favorite saying, What a life . EVA B. YOUNG General Evie sang in the a Cappella and was active in her church . . . likes to swim, munch French fries and hamburgers likes psychology class best. PEGGY L. YOUNG . . . General . . . Peg . . . was assistant secretary of the Fellowship club member of the Booster club took part in intramural basketball pet peeve: being late Cshe is, frequentlyl. Worrell Yeager Yon Zaczek Ziontz Banks THADDEUS I. ZACZEK . . . Vocational . . . Ted . . . looks ahead to going into radio and television work . .. likes fish- ing, auto shops and building miniature model railroad, and pork roast. FRANK C. ZIANTZ Vocational Hess prefers vocational mathematics, basketball, and roast beef . .. his hobby's hunting wants to be a plumber detests talkative people . .. reads the works of Zane Grey. MARTIN BANKS .. . General . .. Marty . .. played bas- ketball for Martinsburg gets a bang out of chemistry . . . enjoys munching cake . . . plans to attend Eastern Bible Institute. MELVIN L. ELLIS . . . General ,. . Mel .. . was AHS bas- ketball manager his junior and senior years .. . likes his- tory, football, and spaghetti and meatballs his favorite movie star is Gary Cooper . . . pet peeve: conceit. WILLIAM G. FLACK . .. General .. . Willie active in band first two years is an ardent flash-bulb fan football is favorite sport .. . wants to become a commercial photographer. NANCY I. PHARES . .. College Prep . . . was a member of the orchestra and dramatics group, all three years her hobby is photography and she hopes to write books or teach. E. E. Young E. B. Young P. Younq Ellis Flack Phares 76 .SENIORS 'Ve start the next road, the long harder one. KENNETH POTTER Vocational Ken now serving Uncle Sam with the Twenty-eighth division at Camp Atterbury . . . was a member of the Auxiliary Police his senior year. Seniors Not Pictured In This Section Harry W. Cover, George D. Gonter, Iohn F. Hoffman, Carl F. Holland, Philip E. Krouse, Donald P. Lowe, R. Gene McKe1vey, Leon G. Mitterer, Charles W. Olmes, Nick S. Pasquino, Harvey I. Sell, Henry E. Zaczek. Class Colors Blue and Silver Class Flower Burgundy Rose Class Motto Forward ever: backward never 77 ilk IUNIOR SPONSORS Mr Bohn Mrs. Harbaugh Miss Morrison Mr. Ramsey The Iunior class is always the luckiest class in school. They have passed the awkward adjustments of the sophomore year and still have the pleasures of the senior year to look tor- ward to. The class of 1952 took full advantage of its fortunate circumstances. They elected their officers early and settled down to being juniors. They started off their social season with the Daisy Hop and later sponsored the Cupid Dig, both full-ot-fun events. In February the entire class gathered in the auditorium and calmly took their I. Q. test under controlled conditions, later being complimented tor their conduct and performance. The class was well represented in all activi- ties and sports: they Worked hard and played hardy and now they look forward eagerly to being seniors. IUNIOR OFFICERS Lett to right Eleanor Brauch, vice-presidentg Iucle Pennington, president Patty Maxwell, secretary, Ianet Rhodes, treasurer. 78 Mr. Rice Mr. Wareham Mr. Wimmer The Junior Class SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Left to right: Bill Reeder, vice-president, Bill Burchiield, president Cora Mae Tanneyhill, secretary: George Rhine, treasurer. Following a planned program, the sopho- mores received excellent guidance their first few weeks in Altoona High School. On October l7 and 18 the 800 sophomores attended two re- ceptions in their honor in the cafeteria. At this time they were introduced to the superintendent of schools, the department heads, the sopho- more class sponsors, and the teachers, all ot whom gave them advice and instructions re- garding their high school careers. One of their most outstanding programs was an orchestra concert by the Altoona High School orchestra under the direction of Mr. Iohn Monti. Since the sophomores came from different junior high schools, class elections were not held until the middle of the term to enable them to get acquainted with their classmates. At this time the following students were elected: president, William Burchfieldy Vice president, William Reeder: secretary, Cora Mae Tanney- hilly treasurer, George Rhine. 79 1 The Sophomore Class SOPHOMORE SPONSORS Top Row: Miss Cherry, Miss Crist Middle Row: Mr. Graf, Mr. Rung Bottom Row: Miss Unverzaqt, Mr. Yost tMr. Alfred Dietze not pictured belowl Cast of German Play: 1906 The Activity Program In A.H. Activities in the early high school days were confined largely to glee clubs, debating and oratorical societies, and language clubs. The first orchestra of eight members was organized in 1906 tpage '73 under a student director, Charles C, Woods. ln the same year publication work began with the first an- nual headed by Lynn Nl. Moses, and the first Mountain Echo, edited by Dee Brown, lt was not until l9l2 that the A. l-l,S. band tpage 79 made its initial appearance playing at the War Governors Convention here in that year. For a time the organization lapsed but the band was revived in the l92O's and, under the late Frank Krivslcy, attained state-wide prominence in the l93U's. Choral work, which forms so prominent a part of the modern high school, dates back to the early 1900's when Euphemia Heilrnan flonesi was director of music. Since l925, when Howard luindaman came to Altoona l-ligh, school choirs have Carried the maior roles in the various annual shows. The a Cappella choir fpage 75, perfected by Mr. Lindaman in the thirties, has served to launch many a suc- cessful musical career, invludirig that of lanet'fertyJ Blair who graduated from the ranks of the choir to Broadway and Hollywood fame. One of the oldest continuous organizations is the Girls' League founded in l9Z2 by Miss E, Marie Lentz, to promote standards of service and scholarship among the girls. ln l93l, lrvin S, Gress, then dean of boys, founded a similar organization for the boys. One outgrowth of these societies was the rapid development of student clubs which they sponsored. The student Senate was started about 1930 by Harold l. Pegg and replaced an earlier Student Council of the twenties as the student self-governing body. The leaders of all the major student organizations, in addition to elected represen- tatives of each class, comprise the membership of the Senate. At one time dramatics in A. H. S. was largely confined to productions presented by foreign language clubs tsee picture abovel and one-act assembly plays. During the last two decades, however, the high spot of the dramatics year has been the annual English play presented in the fall of the year. fi 41' fzww ug I A M ' M as X -, K- in N 'Ni-5 3 . V :Aq P q 4791 as h.L.fL f 5 4 .956 04 SM? 10 O 4 K YYNQAGQQ ' 4 G Q' I9-'X 1 4 gi:-4 e-.uw 'Xa . N 'Vw 63 fffvw ' 1 liay, XX K 'ldifxff FW A JY? , MISS ELEANOR HARE GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Lei! to right: Virginia Lind, secretaryg Patty Barry, president: Shirley Betar, vice president, IoAnn Iohnson, treas- urer. 82 Girls' League To create a better understanding among girls is the primary purpose of the Girls' League. ln order to fulfill this purpose, a series of pro- grams is planned for each year. The first of this year's series of genuinely entertaining meetings was an absorbing talk on communism given by Mrs. Silvacs, a refugee from Latvia. The following meeting provided 'an interesting assembly dealing with teen-age habits. Of course, the girls will all recall the style show sponsored by the Simplicity Pattern Company, a show which gave them an idea of the many creations that could be made with just a pattern, a sewing machine, and a little pa- tience. The next program in the series was a movie film called Fast Date, which revealed the horrible consequences that can result from reckless driving. Oh's and ah's were audible on the day delectable foods were made right on stage by the representative from the Natural Gas Company. Concluding the year's programs was the annual mother and daughter banquet. The girls and their mothers were privileged to hear the distinguished Baron Eric Von Tannenberg from Estonia recount his experiences with the Communists. Boys' Federation With the introduction of officers on Septem- ber 28, 1950, the Boys' Federation held its initial meeting. Throughout the year the primary purpose that was maintained Was that of devel- oping the interest of the boys and of advancing their physical, social, mental, and spiritual Wel- fare. Many programs were arranged to promote this purpose. The entertainment at Christmas, which featured Mr. William Houraney at the organ, was well received. The organ music blending with the Voices of the boys in the tradi- tional carols brought forth much seasonal feel- ing. This year most of the boys were due for military service, none of them before gradua- tion. ln order to enlighten their minds a little, speeches were given by actual service officers, who tried to advise the boys concerning the situation facing them. Of all the programs held, the most outstand- ing Was that which had as the main speaker, Benny Bengough, coach of the Philadelphia Phillies. Through his discussion on baseball and the questions from the audience, the pro- gram proved to be one of the best liked of the year. MR. HUGH BLACK BOYS' FEDERATION OFFICERS Left to right: Iohn Russell, vicepresi- dent, lim Rothrock, president, Dick Woods, secretary. 83 TICKET SALESMEN Seated: B. Burket, I.. Mock, M. Bergstein, E .Michaels L. Mare tin. Standing: E. Rhodes, C. Taylor, N. Hanna, I. Brown. , The Student Activities program in our school covers many phases of our school liie. Assuming the leadership in this program are the two groups that make up the Student Coun- cilg namely, the Senate and the Home Room Representatives. Worthy oi note is the work of the senior secretarial pupils, who take care oi the clerical Work involved. From a democratic viewpoint, any student in school may contribute Activities Program to this program either directly or through repre- sentatives. Other responsibilities oi the Activities Pro- gram are: aiding in the preparation oi the monthly home room program, preparation tor the College Conference, helping to initiate and organize the Student Advisory Council Cnewly formed this yeari, maintaining a Lost and Found Department, selecting paid assemblies, and or- ganizing and conducting the Hall Patrol. PUBLICATIONS HORSESHOE MOUNTAIN ECHO COMPASS OUILL AND SCROLL 85 ' Sho says we ou lt Do you think this looks like her? This year the staff oi the l951 Horseshoe has endeavored to produce an improved annual by instituting several new features, including personal Write-ups, a larger club section, anni- versary pictures, and a different style of cover. The write-ups were com posed from material gathered from questionnaires filled out by the seniors themselves. More club pictures and THE 1951 HORSESHOE Editor-innchief .... .... N ancy Boland Associate Editor . . ..... ludy Brown Literary Editor .......... Sheryl Crain Personnel: Nic Hanna-Head Maxine Berger' Rose Berinqer Beverley Marcus Jeanette Sturgis' Clubs: Gretchen Lippert-Head Iudy Sherman Cleo Wombacher Sports Editors: George Tice-Head Clark Gedmark Theodore Sky Typists: Audrey Anderson nn Atherton Ruth A Ianette Karlheim Shirley Orange Nancy Patton' Sponsors: Mr. Charles A. Faris Mr. Scott S. Geesey ' First semester qi to make the dummy. 86 43 Eg 3' enlarged club pictures give more details of club personnel and club activities, and the ac- companying Write-ups tell more about the clubs. We hope you enjoy looking at those old-time pictures we gleaned from ancient annuals to commemorate our being the 75th class to be graduated from Altoona High School. Finally, the entire senior class chose the White cover with the maroon from tive samples by popular vote. The lite of the annual staff was not all a bed ot roses. Daily journals were kept, from which the calendar couplets above the senior pictures were composed. We identified stu- dents in over seven hundred pictures. And oh, that Writing, rewriting, and re-rewriting to tailor all the Writing to fit into carefully meas- ured spaces! The sports writers had their troubles too, with scores, records, and photo- graph identifications. These are the mechanics of putting an annual togetherenot all play, of course, but it was tun. Here you have our combined efforts, and we hope We have fashioned an annual you Will like now and cherish in the future. The seniors will never go for that cover. Why cari't people write so we can read it? That's a good sports shot, George. MISS MILDRED HELLER Do you spell 'Tschaikovsky' with an 's'? ' if zu - One of the best organized groups in the high school is the staff of the Mountain Echo. Several working groups are smoothly synchron- ized into a complete newspaper staff, consisting of twenty-one members. ln addition, there is an extra reporting crew of fourteen people. This staff is reorganized and the editors replaced each semester. Sports, literature, arts, and science are ade- quately covered each month, as well as such features as the Senior Socialite Column, which contains thumbnail sketches of outstanding sen- ior personalities. This year two new columns, I'sfa-lottin's and Lightwell, have been added. This publication has always taken high honors in state-wide school publication compe- tition and has won first place in the Quill and Scroll Contest. ,gt . 88 The Mountain Echo Our circuloiion is storrtinq to pick up. Thot's Q real nice cut. 'We checked that article once before. Let's put that one on page four 89 Seated-M. Ge-y, R. Braun, D. Morgan. Standing-P. Prough, H. Maniglia, P. Troxell, H. Soyster, I. Aultman, E. Vzsocky, M. O'Donnell. Miss IDA WOQMER COMPASS STAFF Editor ....................... Ruperta Braun Associate Editor .... .... .E .... M argaret Gey Business Manager . . . ....... Doris Morgan Typist ........... .. .... Helen Soyster Reporters ..................... Patty Prough, Helen Maniglia, PeQQY Troxell, lackie Ault- man, Evelyn Visocky, Marcia C'Donnell The Compass Each year the Compass staff, under the capable leadership of Miss fda Woomer, pub- lishes a helpful guide to newly-arrived sopho- mores. Many newcomers to our school also de- pend upon the Compass. This little booklet contains all the informa- tion necessary to get along in the school, in- cluding school regulations, attendance rules, songs, cheers, faculty list, required reading list, and even the school floor plans with room num- bers in case one gets lost. F ull credit should be given to those behind the scenes on the publication for the careful Work they do. Each staff member has her own duties. Hers is the job to consult the heads of departments and the administrators for specific material and to check the accuracy of that material. When all the material has been gathered, it is checked, re-checked, and proofread. Then the Compass is ready to go to press. All the hard Work that goes with the Compass is noth- ing compared to the aid it renders to the sopho- mores. 1' Quill and Scroll Tune in every Monday evening at 4:30 to station WRTAl You'll hear your friends of Quill and Scroll performing their weekly broadcast. These plays are Written and produced by mem- bers. Besides broadcasting, the group has other activities such as participation in national and international contests and service on the staffs of one the school publications. The Quill and Scroll Society was originally founded in 1926 to encourage individual lit- erary talent and to reward achievement in journalism in high school. Miss Mildred Heller is the sponsor for the Altoona chapter ot Quill and Scroll. S QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS Sara Miller, Ioan Frank, Beatrice Suckling Brian McKinney, Miriam Close, Iohn Batrus Marjorie Miller, Matilda Cardinal, lack Wil liams. MISS MILDRED HELLER Left io right-M. Cardinal, I. Frank M Close, M. Miller, B. McKinney, S M11 ler, I. Batrus, Btfuckling, I. Williams SHCJP-PING AROUND Now ihe line runs here- Television technicians. How do you like your coffee? The daily grind. CLUBS SOCIAL EDUCATICDNAL VOCATICDNAL fm CLUBS I What's the temperature, Dave? IUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE First Row-C. Mauch, S. Fasick, H. Sell, E. Brauch, Mr. Wimmer, M. Nale, A. Hart, I. Rothrock, C. Hauser. Second Row-P. Krouse, R. Graf, D. Ray, L. Kranitz, G Hackett, R. Hill, G. Nohaile, G. Tice, I. Matthews. ART DISPLAY CLUB First Row-I. Bothwell, I. Dinges, C. Wilt, Miss Plitt, P McClain, D. Peters, l. Keller. Second Row-S. Fasick, I. Smith, D. lmler, D. Wilson, B Hetrick. AUXILIARY POLICE First Row-R. Buchanan, R. McCormick, R. Hoover, Mr. You, A. Snyder, F. Rodgers, C. Franks. Second Row-G. Colby, D. Seedenburg, I. Ritchey, R. Kline. .- Junior Academy of Science Confronted by telescopes, display posters, test tubes, and other scientific equipment the students viewed dozens of projects in the annual A. H. S. Science Fair. The fair Was one of many activities promoted by the Academy of Science which meets monthly under the sponsorship of Harold C. Wimmer. This year members of this group, in addi- tion to speaking before several civic organiza- tions, presented their projects at the science fairs in Indiana, Duquesne, Allentown, and the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh. Art Display Club Display cases make a very realistic con- tribution in highlighting calendar events and seasonal interest. Effective displays are va source of information and pleasure for the stu- dents of A. H. S. They present an opportunity to publicize student achievements and awards. They also promote enthusiasm for departmental activities and school publications. The effect- ive arrangement of the displays is the Work of a group of students trained and interested in this particular field by Miss Marian Plitt. if . . . Auxiliary Police . The difficult and important task of directing pegestrian traffic and enforcing the safety laws outside our building falls to the Auxiliary Police. Under the direction of Mr. Iohn Yon, this group has made their armbandg and poles symbols of safety, and has contributed heavily to our splendid safety record. They also have the job of parking cars at the football games, at Bac- calaureate and Commencement exercises, and are included in the awards given at the end of the year. CLUBS 'WW Carving out a career. BOOSTERS' CLUB 'irst Row-D. Wilson, B. Kiser, I. Rickie, V. Davis, D. Fusco, N. Sinisi, P. Beigle, F. Mazur, Mr. Ghessie, M. Lantz, M. Crook, D. Campanga, C. Miller, C. Lockard. Second Row-M. Buckreis, L. Martin, M. Trotter, D. Stom- baugh, I. Rupert, B. Rupert, A. Winkler, I. Schirf, V. Adams, C. Tragon, G. Amrhein, D. Smith, L. Fagan. Third Row-P. Shamas, I. Scheeler, M. Singer, P. King, R. Brown, E. Mauro, I. Beinick, D. Delancey, R. Rago, E. Snowiss, T. Kaczor, M. Doyle, D. Watson. 'ourth Row-I. Irvine, D. Hartsock, M. Yingling, P. Boyer, I. Brown, B. Curry, L. Cisney, E. Eyster, C. Antke, M. Wagner, W. Deluliis. FELLOWSHIP CLUB 'irst Row-E. Henry, N. Buckel, D. Foster, R. Knouse, Miss Duncan, N. Peters, A. Semple, I. Haupt. econd Row-E. Chippertield, B. Noon, S. Miller, N. George, M. Feather, FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ected-S. Gunsalus, R. Willis, G. Batrus, B. Murphy. irsi Row-M. Lego, S. Krapt, L. Martin, D. Dinges, Mr. Lantz, P. McClain, I. Crider, M. DeLancey, W. Sessler. econd Row-B. Braddock, M. Colby, L. Schadle, B. Mitchell, C. Flenner, P. Brown, R. DeConna, G. Corrigan, I. I-lelsel. Boosters' Club The Boosters' Club, under the guidance of Mr. Philip Ghessie, was responsible for much ot the school spirit found at basketball and foot- ball games during the year. Working in conjunction with the A. H. S. cheerleaders in such projects as the sale ot school pencils and plastic seat cushions, the Boosters have become a vital element in main- taining school morale. Most of the members who met regularly on club period days were seniors, and so Mr. Ghessie sees the need for newer members for the Boosters. Fellowship Club The theme and purpose of the Fellowship Club was Christian service and the obtaining ot experience for those who will some day go into the religious work. The club, sponsored by Miss Sarah Dun- can, carried on a variety of activities during the year designed to promote religious interest. Clergymen from the community came to speak at some of the meetings and missionaries from Alaska and the Philippines were heard. Future Teachers of America The main purpose of the Future Teachers' Club is to promote enthusiasm towards and in- terest in teaching as a lite work. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Eugene Lantz the club meets every other Wednesday to discuss the psycho- logical aspects of teaching and to hear inter- esting talks by college education supervisors, practice teachers, and school administrators. As two of their many projects the members of Future Teachers' Club participated in radio broadcasting and visited elementary schools of the city to gain experience in grade school teaching. CLUBS Where did I put that book? GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB First Row-I. Tillet, L. Baker, M. Aurandt, I. l-lelsel, I. Kyler, W. Sessler, I. Brown, I. Dinges, S. Havlin, S. Hamman A. Muir, P. Ajay, R. Atherton. Second Row-R. Delancey, I. Ferris, M. Freed, B. Mitchell D. Leslie, D. Carling, I. Aurandt, I. Aultrnan, E. Rutter D. Wilson, L. Fagan. Third Row-D. Gutshall, D. Morgan, V. Danella, S. Gun- salus, A. Hart, C. Flewner, I. Shellenberger, A. Whit field, R. Staurter, S: Archey, I. Scheeler. HALL PATROL First Row: I. Claycomb, D. Franks, M. Freed, B. Davis B. Rutherford, H. Ross, L. Pearson, Miss Bloomfield, D Fockler, N. Dodson, R. Powell, S. Havlin, P. Ajay H. Sell, S. Flory. Second Row: B. McLaughlin, N. Suders, I. Schoch, M. Hilt- ner, A. Polignone, I. Ferris, D. Steckroth, I. Helsel D. Moore, D. Hauser, C. Tragon, P. Hershberger, B. Gedmark, N. Muller, I. Smith, S. Murphy, R. Maurer. Third Row: P. Willnecker, S. Emeigh, I. Rhodes, I. Bieniek. I. Miller, D. Noll, I. Flaig, V. Marshman, M. Miller, M. Regenbogen, R. Knouse, S. Miller, E. Seymore, I. Orange Fourth How: B. McChesney, P. Miller, S. Hupert, S. Curran K. Keller, D. Himes, C. Starrett, D. Mentch, N. Iones D. Rhule. Fifth Row: I. Tressler, L. Spiers, S. Schmidhammer, D. Hamp- ton, G. Batrus, L. Clark, G. Wagner, C. Mullen, I. Boyd R. Filer, R. Rider, T. Fleck, P. Vipond. HI-Y CLUB Seated-D. Freas, E. Delozier, C. Hudson, W. Burke. First Row-E. Myers, M. Filler, I. Glasgow, R. Allison, R. Bolling, T. Klevan T Geese , T. Fleck, D Miller D. Li I - Y - I Q' gett, G. Brunnhuber, E. Augustine. Second Row-G. Fink, R. Templeton, I. Allen, L. Schroeder, W. Forsythe, I. Scheiter, G. Shelley, T. Mills, R. Scheeler T. Armstrong, I. Kelley. Third Row-G. Cheers, W. Snyder, W. Walker, C. Cooper. Fourth Row-I. Mathieu, R. Frederick, G. Madam, F. Briggs A. Hart, I. Hoover, I. Boyd, E. Smith, D. Prough, W Smith. Girls' Bowling Club Strike! Oh, to hear that Wonderful word! What a thrill it is to know you've knocked down all ten pins! To knock down ten pins on the first ball is the purpose of the Girls' Bowling Club, under the direction of Mr. George Ufema. The girls meet weekly at the Utema Bowl- ing Club to enjoy this popular sport. One oi the things they learn, incidentally, is never to make a higher score than the steady makes. Hall Patrol Nearly one hundred boys and girls served the school as hall patrol members under the supervision of Miss Kathryn Bloomfield during the l95O-51 term. Among their various duties were the checking of hall passes and the keep- ing ot order in the halls during classes, cer- tainly a difficult iob. This service, rendered to the school by the students themselves, was of great benefit to the whole student body. Hi-Y Club To create, maintain, and extend high standards ot Christian character throughout school and community, is the objective of the Hi-Y club which meets under the sponsorship of Clyde Yon. Members of this group have taken an active part in remodeling the local YMCA, help- ing in an aquatic program for crippled children and aided in the YM's 75th anniversary cele- bration. In Iune Ted Geesey and Eugene Delozier will represent the club at a convention in Cleve- land. CLUBS -. 1. A Q . 4 Q MgL,1,. gg Y IE. F 5' Girl acrobats in action. PYRAMID CLUB Pyramid-M. Snyder, G. Lombardo, I. Baker, C. Wombacher. First Row-F. Dittsworth, B. Fawkes, R. Fowkes, D. Cole- man, N. Boland, C. Starrett, O. Young, T. Lippert, M. Lord. Second Row-R. Fleming, N. Wigfield, P. Smith, E. Wendell, M. Garrity, L. Parks, S. Hupert, O. Menza, S. McGraw, M. Lego, S. Fogal, E. Seymour. Third Row-M. Slippey, S. Weakland, D. Cunningham, G. Pulcine, I. King, P. Pringle, I. Shaffer, D. Karlie, I. Beaver, P. McClain, B. Romer, D. Perry. Fourth Row-I. Mills, I. Walker, H. Ross, M. Watson, I. Brown, V. Corbett, P. Kaphamer, K. Hoffman, A. Frantz, D. Perry, M. Braun, I. Colyer. BOYS' SQUAD LEADERS First Row-R. Flack, R. Foor, I. Pennington, D. Potter, R. Stone, R. Sheetz, W. Burke, D. Mountain, W. McPhee. Second Row-A. Torso, E. Nagle, R. Birely, A. Hart, W. I-lite, P. Goss, D. Banks, B. Frischkorn, C. Woomer, R. Parks. Third Row-N. Behm, W. Lytle, D. Parker, B. Eckenrod, I. Stevens, R. Kling, L. Shaheen, C. McKelvey, I. Kelley, R. Leader. GIRLS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS Seated-B. Nebgen, K. Hoffman, D. Cunningham, 'Miss McGinnis. First Row-F. Dittsworth, E. Chipperfield, D. Rutherford, I. Greiner, N. Boland, C. Wombacher, C. Starrett, D. Young, L. Parks, M. Garrity, T. Lippert, M. Ford. Second Row-B. Fowkes, S. Fogal, P. Pringle, M. Myers, D. Coleman, I. Baker, M. Snyder, D. Menza, M. Lego, S. McGraw, D. Peters, M. Braun. Third Row-R. Fowkes, Peg Brown, Pat Brown, I. Shaffer, I. King, G. Pulcine, S. Hupert, G. Lombardo, I. Alleman, M. Kutzatoski, D. Finkbeiner, I. Colyer. Fourth Row-M. Yingling, G. Iohnson, P. Fleming, S. Charlesworth, A. Frantz, S. Weakland, P. Kaphamer, M. Gwin, D. Perry. Filth Row-I. Mills, I. Walker, H. Ross, S. Miller, I. Brown, V. Corbett, I. Martin, M. Watson, A. Hart. Pyramid Club The purpose of the Pyramid Club is to train girls to build triangular formations, using dif- ferent gymnastic stunts. The girls build the centers of the pyramids on tables using poles and small benches. This year the members of the club have obtained two pyramid ladders in order to build new and different formations. Giving public demonstrations is one aspect of the club. This activity was not begun until the second semester after the return of the sponsor, Miss Frances McGinnis. Boys' Squad Leaders The experience senior and junior boys gain from serving as squad leaders in the physical education classes helps them to develop de- pendability and leadership. Squad leaders are appointed each year to aid in the daily exer- cises, to take charge of equipment, and to open lockers at the close of each class. These boys, chosen for their ability and gymnastic skill, do much to increase general efficiency in conduct- ing the gym classes. Girls' Intramural Sports Club ln case you have ever wondered what those loud screams coming from the girls' gym after school are, it's the Girls' Intramural Sports Club playing basketball or some other rousing game. The purpose of this club, under the lead- ership of Miss Frances McGinnis, is to provide opportunity for, and stimulate interest in, ath- letic activities. ln addition to healthy exercise and physical skills, the girls strive to acquire the spirit of good sportsmanship. CLUBS Howfs your appetite, Mary? TRAFFIC PATROL Seated-I. Shields, D. Ray, I. Blatchford, K. Harnden, P. Barry, O. Horton. First Row-G. Tice, I. Matthews, T. Puckey, M. Bittner, S. Bashore, B. Weller, N. Davis, P. Troxell, C. Wombacher, B. Suckling, D. Petersen, N. Barry, C. Mauch, P. Beard. Second Row-G. Critzer, B. Badway, B. Madison, N. Hanna. B. Burket, E. Heimbach, S. Gunsalus, M. Cardinal, S. Krapf, S. Betar, S. Williams, M. Lauver. Third Row-D. Buck, I. Rothrock, R. Lingenfelter, B. Marcus, M. Miller, R. Braun, G. Lippert, I. Iohnson, B. Tussey, C. Knepper, S. Pennock, I. Sherman. Fourth Row-C. Gedmarlc, D. Rhine, I. Fishkin, B. Dean, I. Winter, D. Woods, W. Rose, D. Dinsel, M. Strawn, N. Lee, N. Snyder, I. Byrd, P. Hostler. CAFETERIA PATROL R. Klinq, Mr. Graf, R. Sheetz, Mr. Yon, S. Welkowitz. USHI-IRS' CLUB Seated-M. Nale, E. Rutter, M. Strawn, O. Horton, M. Car- dinal, M. Miller. First Row-D. Apple, S. Fa'ick, E. Brauch, I. Weyandt, D. Ober, C. Starrett, C. Knepper, P. Troxell, C. Wombacher, I. Blatchford, I. Sherman, B. Shearer, A. Anderson, R. Braun, I. Aultman. Second Row-C. Griffith, P. Iorkasky, W. Sessler, M. Ross, R. Nixon, M. Hoffman, D. Holton, I. Dinges, I. Bothwell. S. Flory, E. Long, L. Stumpf, S. Orange, Miss Marie Lauver. H Third Row--L. Spiridigliozzi, M. Freed, B. Keiper, Bglwllitchell, S. Gunsalus, C. Flenner, B. Farrell, D. Moore, P. Beigle, D. Sickles, I. Byrd, B. Rexford, S. Betar. Fourth Row-S. Hoffman, P. Brown, H. Soyster, H. Brunner. K. Bowen, P. Long, C. Little, M. Smith, P. Barry, P. Kelley. Traffic Patrol Iust as any community has its police force to maintain law and order, A. H. S. can proudly boast of its competent Traffic Patrol-commonly known as TAP. Their badges are in the form of maroon and white armb s. Their job is to maintain orderly condu on the stairs between classes. Candidates are nominated and elected by the faculty and rnembershof the patrol. Miss Marie Lauver is sponsorlffof the group. h Cafeteria Patrol Credit for the fact that there are no flying saucers in our cafeteria, or other flying missiles such as roles, cups, and crumpled napkins, can be given to the Cafeteria Patrol. They also have the task of seeing that chairs are pushed neatly against the tables and dirty dishes are taken to the dishwashers. This unsung but very necessary group is under the direction of Mr. Carl Graf and Mr. Iohri Yon. Ushers Club The girls who come earliest to games and concerts in order to lend a helping hand and a ready smile are known as the Ushers. These girls, with the distinctive maroon hats, are seen in attendance at various other activities, which include the English Department play, the annual show, various concerts, the Baccalaureate Service, and the Commencement exercise. Membership is acquired by recom- mendation by a senior member, after which the students are voted upon. Sponsors of this group are Miss Marie Lauver and Miss Irene Sauser- man. CLUBS ls my slip showing? SENIOR Y-TEEN Seated-S. Miller, I. Schoch, B. Kushner, S. McAlarney. First Row-I. Shipe, M. Cassarly, M. Crouse, B. McChesney S. Doyle, T. Kisielnicki, I. White. Second Row-D. Rupert, B. Aurandt, I. Hoover, D. Turn baugh, I. Miller, D. Morgan, F. Piccirilli. JUNIOR Y-TEEN First Row-M. Arbetski, D. Ober, M. Rollins, E. Visocky. Second Row-H. Maniglia, N. Bonsell, C. Knepper, B. Murphy, I. Crider, I. King. Third Row-I. McManamy, R. Willis, V. Orberg, D. Vitelli, E. Mauro, I. Cassarly. SOPHOMORE Y-TEEN Seated-I. Wright, V. Consalvo, M. Buckreis. Standing-I. Cessna, E. Glandis, A. Romph, G. Brunner, S. Miller, I. Walker, N. Shaw. Senior Y - Teen Speakers on vocations are of particular in- terest to the Senior Y-Teens, and a wide variety of career topics are discussed at the Weekly business meetings. The big social event of the season was the annual senior scruff dance. This group as a unit also participated in the annual Hanging of the Greens ceremony of the YWCA and their annual dinner. The sen- ior group officers include Ioan Schoch, presi- dent: Shirley McAlarney, secretary: and treas- urer, Shirley Miller. The senior adviser is Mrs. Marian Anderson. Junior Y-Teen The Iunior Y-Teen Club sponsored the regu- lar Co-Ed Dances held twice monthly, aided by their adviser, Ada Knepper. Their service pro- jects included the donation of an afghan to a local hospital and cookies for the Red Cross functions at the Veterans' Hospital. The jun- iors met every other week, and their planning included the annual conference of the Hi-Y groups, which was held this year at Iohnstown. The officers are Doris Ober, president: Marian Rollins, vice-presidentg Mary Abreski, secre- tary: and treasurer, Evelyn Visocky. Sophomore Y-Teen Sophomore Y-Teens have made tours of the Butterick factory, the county home, the Sylvania plant, and the Bell Telephone Company. ln ad- dition, the club program included discussion groups, special speakers on grooming and vo- cations, and parties for members and their friends. The sophomores holding offices in Y-Teen are Verna Consalvo, president: Ioyce Lonsinger, vice-president: Mitzi Buckries, secre- taryp and Ianet Wright, treasurer. K' fl Every Day From Eight-Thirty To Three urs erm Hu- platter, today? All present cmd Cxcrounted for. C rxtleumen prwfvl !vlo11des?'?'? Cnr with license-f-- II says here--- mc- tfxles fox HrvH1ucm. VVhc-rv did you qet that cout? 106 MUSIC BAND CRCHESTRA CHOIRS DRAMATICS MR. IOHN MONTI I BAND Resplendent in bright new uniforms ot red and black and led by the newly organized ma- jorette corps, the A. H. S. band appeared in numerous athletic events, community festivi- ties, and many parades and, in addition, pre- sented its annual concert at the Mosque. Under the direction of Iohn Monti, the band has introduced several innovations this year. Monotonous precision drills have been changed to pageant and novelty formations such as a western rodeo, the numeral, twenty eight, in a program for the Twenty-eighth Division, and the Chattanooga Shoe-shine Boy . The music has also been revised for great- er variety. Much to the enjoyment ot all, mar- tial music has been supplemented with popular music ot several types. Flute: D. Potter: Clarinet: I. Beiqle, I. Books, D, Caone, W. Dean, C. Espenlaub, Ir., I. Pishkin, R. Fritz, I. Hoover, R. Lantzer, D. Miller, L. Nearhoof, F. Pizzino, D. Restauri, I. Rhodes, E. Shellenben ger, C. Shipe, I. Snyder, F. Spinazzola, I. Wolfe. Saxophone: W. Axtell L. Foor, I. Gibboney, S. Hawk, I. Hoover, A. I-Iyle, T. Reese, B. Ricci K. Ross, R. Slates, R. Wagner. Trumpet: D. Brumbaugh, I. Burkholder, D. Cacile, R. Dandrea, F. Estep, T. Filer, I. Gunsallus R. Iohnson, L. Kantenwein, I. Ledford, R. Linqenielter, Robert Lingenfelter, I. Morton, W. Murray G. Nohaile, R. Penney, W. Pyles, W. Ritchey, W. Rose, T. Summers, P. Thomas, I. Weber, D. Weltmer I. Wenner. 108 During the football season the band, num- bering 114 pieces, entertained the fans at the games with its new music and formations. It was the largest ever to appear at Mansion Park and included also a five-girl color guard. While the basketball season was in prog- ress, the band furnished the fans with enjoyable music, one hundred piece group presenting a fifteen-minute concert which was broadcast over WISW during the half-time. May l and 2 a Music Festival for Music Week was presented at the Mosque in which the band played an important part. Seven of the band were elected to the All District band and Amalie Hughes, oboist, was chosen for the All State band. Harmony with horns Horns: G. Dixon, I. Glacken, I. Hartsock, S. Hopkins, I. Kensinger, R. McGinnis, R. Myers, I. Stifflerp Baritone: C. Bohn, I. Croft, D. Gibson, D. Hoover, E. Pletcher, I. Winter, K. Woomer. Trombone: L. Barger, I. Batrus, M. Bittner, H. Bolger, D. Gorman, R. Gosnell, R. Hofmann, G. Kemberling, R. Parks, I. Purcell, G. Segmiller, A. Straw I. Tipton: Buss: H. Adams R, DeBolt, W. Kopp, S. Lauver, W. McNee1, D. Nale, E. Nicodemus, F. Rice. Drums: D. Dinsel, R. Flack, W. Fleck, W. Forsythe, K. Hainley, R. Hill, G. Madara, A. Miqnogna, T. Shelow, D. Shope, C. Taylor, Cymbals: B. Yetter, R. Kibler, Bellym: I. Dull, B. Kantnerg Drum Moior: I. Poor, S.Wib1e. 109 Qne ot the best liked and wellfknown features ot this high school is the a Cappella choir. As in the past, they were under the direc- tion this year ot Howard W. Lindaman, and scheduled the first and second periods in the auditorium. The a Cappella concentrates chief- ly on sacred music, including this year Our Lord Now Victorious, sung at commencement, Battle Hymn of the Republic and The Lord's Prayer. However, this year the a Cappella undertook one ot its most ambitious projects, the major portion ot the singing and acting in the annual show, which, in this case, was The Red MR. HOWARD W. UNDAMAN At piano-S. Wittman, S. Bashore. First Row-S. Rennoctk, M. Hauck, A. Gordon, N. Knisely, D. Lafferty, S. Dickerson, D. Young, S, Ncarhoal, C. Ames, l. Loucks, B, Farrell, B, Keiper, C. Brown, I. Brown. Second Row-B. Madison, l. Russell, M. Conroy, S, Brady, l. Albright, M. Nale, S, Betar, M. Dunlap, S, Williams, V. Lind, B. Suckling, P. Masche, P. Srneal. Third Row-Mr. Howard Linclaman, S. Wible, S. Brinkley, C. Defibaugh, D. DeVarris, A. Waltz, P. McGee, B. Shearer, D. Rouzer, N. Reitsteck, I. Byrd, L. Hermesky, B, Riddle. Fourth Row-C. Little, M. Strawn, B. lrvin, P. Beard, L. Colbus, I. Dencler, D. VanZandt, G. Dunmire, D, De-Anqelis, D. Ray, G, Critzer, R. Willis, B. Black, A. Hart, R. Capstick. llfl A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mill, Victor Herbert's well-known operetta. Throughout the year the group, in addition to this major activity, made various public per- formances in the community, presenting a dra- matic effect in their new robes of deep maroon with white collars. They received great ap- plause at the opening of the local community chest drive, at their Veteran's Hospital enter- tainment, at various functions at the laffa Mosque, the Penn Alto Hotel, and the Iewish Temple. Their assembly concerts in our own auditorium were high spots of entertainment here. H Important groups within the main group are the senior girls' quartet, the senior octet, and various barber shop quartets. These small- er groups do performances of their own, under Mr. Lindaman's direction. An interesting in- novation this year was the May Festival, in which all the major music organizations of the city took part, from grade schools up, featur- ing separate groups and larger units. Following in the rich tradition of previous years, this year's a Cappella was one of the best advertisements in the community for the Altoona High School. SENIOR GIRLS' OUARTET r, Left to right: Donna Latferty, lOAnn bison, Charlotte Brown, Ioan Erowng accompanist, Shirley Wittrnan. at lll Violins: S. Charlesworth, M. Close, F. Corbin, I. Creigh- ton, D. Dinges, E. Ebersole, R. Fawkes, R. Graf, B. Murphy, D. Obet, I. Orr, N. Phares, D. Spinazzola, B. Stauifer, C. 'l'hornas, E. Trotter, M. Turnbaugh, E, Williams, H. Wogan. Piano: L. Hermesky, D. Meharlteg Violas: I. Aurandt, M. Aurandt, P. Fleming, B. Shearer, B. Weller, I. Weyandt, H. M. Willis, l.. Zimmersg Cellos: I. Crider, N. Davis, D. Tympani in tempo Mock, E. Parsons, L. Stewart, V. Urbinator, P. Weise. Basses: K. Brunner, M. Colby, D. Cole, S. McKinney, M. Pannebaker, P. Pheasant, M. Smith, Flutes: I. Burrows, A. Horton, I. Tilton, D. Treese, Oboes: C. Espenlaub, Hughes, K. Ross, Bassoon: A. Hyle, I. Williams, Clarinet: . Dean, I. Gibboney, R. Lantzer, L, Nearhoof, E. Shellen- berger. Under the direction ot Mr. Iohn Monti, the A. H. S. orchestra, composed of ninety pieces fully balanced in all sections, presented a ver- satile program of music that was greatly en- joyed by all at the many civic and school atiairs in which it took part. The orchestra furnished the music for the English Department play, presented three as- sembly programs composed oi various types ol music, rendered a number of selections for the annual show, The Red Mill, and partici- pated in the City Music Festival at the Mosque. A special concert was also given in Oller Hall at Iuniata College. A greater variety oi music has been intro- duced this year ranging trom symphony to swing. The orchestra includes in its repertoire, concertos, suites, and popular music such as Begin the Beguinef' and Iealousy, which featured soloist Walter Rose. Well remembered by the students are the Saxophone: W. Axtell, S. Hawk, I. Hoover, T. Reese, R. Ricci, Trumpet: D. Brumbaugh, R. Lingenfelter, E. Ritchey, W. Rose, R. Wertz, D. Weltrnerp Trombone: M. Bittner, H. Bolger, R. Hoffman, G. Segmillerg Tuba: E. Nicodemus, French Horns: I. l-lartsock, S. Hopkins, I. Kensinger, I. Stiftler, L. l-larklessg Percussion: I. Dull, K. Hainley, A. Mignogna D. Shope. GRCHESTRA iovelty numbers Syncopated Clock, featur- ng the percussion section, and Peter the Wolf' with narration by Barbara Weller. Among the avorites also was a concerto for two violins by 3ach featuring l-lelen Wogan and Elaine Trotter. The parents ot the orchestra members, co- iperating with the band members' parents spon- sored a lean and live dance at the Iewish vlemorial Center. Money derived from the lance was placed in a fund which will be used o provide graduation gifts for the seniors oi the Jand and orchestra. The orchestra has gained in popularity as evidenced by the enthusiastic receptions given t at its concerts, and at the programs in the xuditorium. lts worth is also recognized by nther organizations, for many are members of he Altoona Civic Symphony. ln recognition of the orchestra and band, heir parents tendered them a banquet near the and of the year. They know the score MISS EBERLE'S CHORUS First Row-E. Otto, D. Campaqna, I, Schirt, M. Lantz, D. Carliriq, D. Hertzoq, L. Riley, I. Grafiius, M. I. Turhett, D. Finkbeiner, D. Coleman. Second Row-I. Farrell, B. Dirriql, M. Wiqfield, S. Bollinger, R. M. Gripp, D. Musser, R. Schnaubelt, D. Sickles, M. Brooks, I. Sharrar, M. Edwards. Third Row-C. Miller, D. Moore, B. Wagner, D. Patton, M. lrvin, D. Rose, C. Stirller, I. Corman, M. Carles, E. Frisch, C. Thompson, M. Reasy, M. Rollins. MISS ALMA EBERLE Girls' Chorus This large musical group is a favorite With all. It is composed oi girls from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. They specialize in secular musicffrom Bach to spirituals. Because ot the tact that the girls take chorus in separate periods, practices of the complete chorus must take place after school. This year they took an active part in the successful music festival held in May at the Iaiia Mosque. 114 Mr. Bohn's Girls' Chorus BOHN CHORUS First Row-M. Miller, M. Cardinal, C. Davis, L. Spiers, S. Wittman, B. Ame-rine, P. White, K. Treese, S. Flory, C. Sell, I. Shipe, A. Bumgarner, I. Schoch. Second Row-R. Alper, I. Hancock, D. Ault, A. Gutshall, S. McAlarney, D. Peters, P. Grabill, S. Schmidhammer, I. Laiierty, I. Cassarly, K, Lefkow, M. l-iarber. Third Row-R. Vipond, A. Romph, D, Labriola, B. Eisenhart, P. I-lershberger, I. Cornelius, I. Ferris, A. Whitfield, D. Crider, Z. Washabauqh, M. Colby, F. Farber, B. Morning, G. Kerlin, P. Ratchford, D. Zimmerman. Fourth Row-Mr. Bohn, I. Tillet, D. Turnbaugh, I. Ulrich, C. Ames, I. Louchs, N. Lee, I. Iohnson S. Emeigh, M. Bradley, I. Martin, H. Martin. MR. RUSSEL K. BOHN Hidden away on the third tloor of the build' ing are two of the finest choral groups that the high school has ever produced, although they are very seldom publicized as the bigger cho- ruses are. Mr. Russel Bohn's Choruses special- ize in classical numbers, with proper emphasis on songs for the annual show, in which they co- operated this year with the a Cappella. The choruses were scheduled to sing in this year's May Music Festival. ln addition to his two groups, Mr. Bohn has also directed the all girl chorus, another oi our outstanding choral groups. 115 J . M' x f ar 'I It's all done by mirrors t W is t DRAMATICS The highlight of the dramatic year Was the three-act English department play, under the direction of Miss Sarah Le Van, entitled And Came the Spring. The theme of the play cen- tered around a typical American family and their teen-age daughter Whose fascination for her sister's beau brings trouble for the family and laughs for the audience. The arrival of a New York society girl adds chaos to the family household, but all complications are straight- ened out just in time to end the play happily. The play was one of the best received pro- ductions presented in the school thus far. It was outstanding for its remarkable timing and was also financially successful. Another drama presented during the year was the one-act play entitled Red Carnation , which was a dramatic innovation to A. H. S. students as it was a script-in-hand presentation. To those who prefer an exciting melo- drama, The Lights Went Out Was a thriller. The cast enjoyed doing it and the audience re- ceived it Well. As stage productions were impossible for every occasion, skits presented over the public address system often proved quite effective. Tribute was paid to such immortals as Lincoln and Washington in this manner. This year initiated the arena style play called The Confession which was presented after school for those students who were in- terested. ljxdncf 601718 Lights, cameron, oction! 7 7' 7 2 llg K! XS!9l l.l1Q l 0l!!Z1f AVI? 60171186417 Top left: Another cup ot coffee? Top right: Look whot the wind blew ini Bottom left: Time out tor tears. Bottom right: How about cz little privacy? .,..,anvv Q X 1 . xx AA ' is l' s 4w..,4 'I 9 1ul M f ., ff Wh, W' K. ji' 'QW WSW 'G S? 32 - ' fe .fn 1 'si ey K .kk YF M 5 A' ' , 1 , 1: gf W. ,B ' Q: E M Q Q . ff fk y 1 , -ff M s 6' Q X M, x r aw 'N mah X S'n' f' My W.,.,y M FIRST A. H. S. FCDOTBALL TEAM: i895 First Row-Boscoe Beem, Clarence Downing, Chas Tate, H. H. Steele, Phil Fair, Sr., Coach lohn S. Fair. Middle Row-Andy Lytle, Beef Lingenfelter, F, B. Gear- hart, Top Row-lesse Seedenberg, H. L. McCarthy, Eugene Blake, Meade Applebaugh, E. C. Blackwell. ALTOONA HIGH ATHLETIC TEAMS Over the years Altoona High athletic teams have earned respect from most opponents. The trrst athletic team of record was the l895 Football Teanr tpictured abovel. The modern football record dates from l9l7 when the sport was resumed after a lapse of nearly a decade. lt is interesting to notrr that, although victories were recorded over local toes, it was not until 1929 that A. H.S .produced its first championship learn tpage 87, a team which shared the state titlo with Williamsport after a scoreless tie played at the Cricket Field. The Maroon Avalanche, as the team was then called, rnade three more unsuccessful attempts to win the state crown, losing in the l99l linals to lohn Harris, tying Bethle- hern in l934, l3-l3, and bowing to Ashland in l935 at Man- sion Park. Again in l937, the Maroon and Wlrite became the Huncrowned champ of the WPIAL after coasting through an eleven-game schedule undefeated. The teams produced in the early l94U's were also of charrrpionslrip caliber but, of late, the material has been sub par and strong teams have been tew and tar between. Strong basketball teams at A. H, S. have been so num- erous that it is impossible to mention all ot them. Coach Abe Sharadirrs l9l7 team tpage Bl, led by the peerless Walt Irwin, compiled the remarkable record ol Z5 wins and two losses. The l92Z team tpage Sl climaxed a suc' cesstul season by accepting an invitation to play in the na- tional tourney at Chicago where they advanced to the iinal round. ln T933 tpago 83 and again in l938 teams coached by Snaps Emanuel went to the state finals losing to Lower Merion and Hazleton respectively. The l943 and 1946 toarns went through an entire season with only two losses. The 1949-50 team reached the western semi-finals before losing to Homestead. Track experienced a renaissance in the l93O's under Coach Dick Bartholomew, which resulted in perennial Dis- trict Six championships and numerous state titles tor indi vidual performers. The mile relay team oi l932 tpage 75 won the championship of America at the Penn Relays only to be disqualified for iostling. In l935 Rabbit Ward set records in the lUU and ZOO yard dashes of 9.8 and Zl.8 seconds respectively which still stand. Baseball, which flourished for a time in the l92U's, was revived under Coach Hugh Black in the l94U's with great success, victories over such schools as Mercersburg and Kiski being recorded with trequent regularity. 1 Nh VANDERGRIFT GAME Boots lohnson tries vainly to elude three enemy tacklers First Row: Manager I-I. Geisler, I. Iackson, W. Brenner, R. Hall, I. So- cey, R. Sill, I. Smouse, D. Weller, E. Parker, F. Brocle, D. Martin, R. Cox, I. Fanelli, D. Knee. Manager I. Stump, Manager W. Stuart. Second Row: Head Coach George Kavel, R. Cellini, L. Colbus, T. Smeal, H. Bowser, C. Duffy, C. Clouser, P. O'Connor, C. Mullen, K. Rothrock, W. Markel, D. Maier, W. Weaver, W. Iohnson, G. Powell, G. l22 Mountain Lions M UNDER the leadership of new coach Kavel, and inspired Maroon and White grid machine topped a successful season with a 19-12 win over the previously undefeated Can- aries of Allentown and a 6-O victory in Altoona's first decision over lohnstown since the contro- versial l-O win in l94O. FOLLOWING the dedication of the new- ly erected Mansion Park lighting plant, Altoona displayed its new T formation in a grueling 7-7 deadlock with Windber. The next Saturday the locals, sparked by Oliver Evans and Bill Weaver, hit the win column for the first time since l948 with a 20-13 triumph over Westing- house. NEXT, the Mountain Lions, featuring long runs and pass plays, took the measure of Van- dergrift by a 26-6 count. Led by jolting Bill Weaver, the Kavelrnen also turned back the hornestanding gridders of New Kensington, 13-0. Maul Canaries BETUHNING to Mansion Park the follow- ing Friday night, the Lions received their first defeat at the hands of a powerful Latrobe eleven 21-7, the home team's only score coming on Dan Maier's interception and 65 yard run. Touring to Greensburg, Altoona absorbed its second straight defeat 21-O in a game that saw all the scoring confined to the first half. P ACED by the running of Fullback Skip Evans with Quarterback Iim Rothrock going over for the only score of the contest, Altoona defeated its arch rivals from lohnstown. Next week going down to defeat in a night game at Farrell 33-O the Lions took their worst defeat in many a season. REBOUNDING from the previous week's loss, the Lions displayed their best form of the year in deefating a highly favored Allentown grid machine, at that time top contenders for the state title. Upper photo: Boots lohnson about to make tackle in Van dergrift game. , Lower photo: Skip Evans tackled by Vandergrift playerg Boots lohnson in foreground, Corbo at right. 3 u 28?-e2 Reighard, I. Mainello, G. Madara, Manager R. Leader. Third Row: Asst. Coach lack Hooper, Trainer Preston Gutshall, Man- ager I. Gunsallus, Man- ager E. Oast, I. Hoth- rock, W. Hooper, O. Evans, D. Buck, N. Rehm, W. Snyder, T. Probst, N. Corbo, B. I-lollen, Manager A. Hart, Asst. Coaches Cy Ramsey, Frank Mastro- cola, and Harry Dinges. 123 wif 1. .fr 2'm 'tiff it lv gl - Skip Evans breaks up Vcmderqriit spot pussy Wait Hooper in foreqroundp Corbo, Rehrn, and Troxe-11 in 1inep Mcrier ci extreme right. 124 1950 FOOTBALL SCORES A. H. S. Opp. 7 .......... Windber ...... .... 7 20 .... .... W esiinqhouse ..,.... 12 26 ,... .... V crnderqrift ....,.... 6 13 .... .... N ew Kensington ..... O 7 .... .... L strobe ............. 21 U .... .... G re-ensburq ... ....Z1' 6 .... .... 1 ohnsiown . . . . . U U .... .... F crre11 ..,. .... 3 3 19 .... .... A Heniown . . .... 12 Z7 .... .... D onoru ..., .... 7 125 .......... Toicx1 .............. 119 Summary: 6 Wins, 3 losses, 1 tie New Deal at Mansion Park A. H. S. COLOR GUARD BEVIVING the Thanksgiving day Con- Left to right: l, Shaffer, M. Nale, K. Brunner, M. Pannebaker, M. Smith test, the locals closed the l95U football season with a 27-7 victory over the Donora Dragons. A number of innovations appeared at Man- sion Park this season including lights, a new electric scoreboard and the bright new uniforms of the band led by snappy majorettes. The rooters saw the new A. H. S. lion as he scamp- ered across the turf. i t E t f t As a reward for their efforts the members of the band and football team enjoyed a trip to State College where they saw Penn State in action. The Athletic Council also feted the team members at the annual banquet early in De- cember. A. H. S. MANAGERS Left to right: I. Stumpi R. Geisler, E. Oast, A l-lart, R, Leader, l. Gun sallus, W, Stuart. SKIP EVANS DAN MAKER 126 BILL WEAVER I DUANE BUCK FRED TROXELL TIP CLOUSER RUNNING . HEROES SKIP EVANS, plunging fullback, led the L. . . 1on ball carriers and gained mention for the All-State eleven. BILL WEAVER, junior halfback, jaunted many a yard for the A. H. S. cause, caught Allentown with his passing. DAN MAIER held down the left end position throu h tth g ou e season, starring in both offense and defense. Big DUANE BUCK, playing at tackle and end, proved to be a bulwark in the Altoona de- fense. FRED TROXELL, left guard, though receiv- ing few headlines for his work, played stellar ball for the Kavelmen. TIP CLOUSER held down the center of th l' ' ' ' e 1ne, performed the kicking duties, and on occasion showed his running ability WALT HOOPER, senior guard,. did much to help pave the way for the locals' attack and to hold the opponents. NUNZIO RHEHM, right tackle and co-cap- tain highli ht d . g e a strong A. H. S. line with his aggressive play, both offensive and defensive. TERRY PROBST opened the season at cen- ter and moved to right end to bolster the weak spot on the line. BOOTS IOHNSON right halfb k , ac and A. H. S. speed merchant, made many long gains for the Maroons. LI IIM ROTHROCK, quarterback who led the 1ons to a banner year, won the annual blanket award. IIM HOTHROCK BILL . JOHNSON TERRY PROBST WALT HOOPER NUNZIO REI-IM 127 NICK CORBO BILL SNYDER JOHNSTOWN BOWS IN NICK CORBO, guard and co-captain, was injured early in the season and spent the re- mainder ot the year on the sidelines. BILL SNYDER, right end, was forced out of the line-up in September due to sickness, but saw limited action in the later contests. BLAIR HOLLEN, guard, received an oppor- tunity to show his ability because of injuries to the line and proved his worth. DICK CELLINI, a junior, alternated as the man under in the T and developed into a fine player. He is a great prospect for '51. HAROLD BOWSER saw action at end, where he did much in bringing A. H. S. a suc cessful season. LOWELL CGLBUS took over guard duties following Corbo's injury and filled this gap in the forward wall very effectively. BLAIR4 I-IOLLEN flti5.IiFi'igb1 DICK CELLINI HAROLD BOWSER LOWELL COLBUS 'imap' . , M ,,,,,hg k 128 NIGHT GAME, 6-O Buckiield Action in Iohnstown Game Boots lohnson hits the line as Bill Weaver CNG. 263 clears a path. lim Rothrock in left background. On January 24 the Altoona Quarterback Club entertained the football squad in a dinner at the Iuniata Memorial Pavilion. Len Casa- nova, head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers, was the principal speaker, and Ioe Cohen, presi- dent of the Club, presented Iim Rothrock with the annual blanket award for his outstanding work on the gridiron. At the February meeting of the Boys' Fed- eration the senior team members were rewarded with sweaters by Mr. Cohen. ALTOONA HIGH FOOTBALL COACHES Left to Right-lack Hopper, Cyril Ramsey, George Kavel, Harry Dinqes, Frank Mastracola. 1' Y'G5UN,1 its Maiorettes History was mode ot A. H. S. this yeotr when from ct number ot nine girls were chosen one hundred ond eighty to represent our first group oi moiorettes. These sncxppy girls, high stepping down the field with bgtons twirling ond skirts swirl entirely new look to the pdnoromo M . . uch credit is due these girls ond iss Icrckie Smith, for their untiring efforts in beholt of the school. ing, odded on their trdiner, M Cheerleaders Farsi Row: Shirley Ad dms, Elizabeth Adurneck, Carol Burris, Borlnorg Burket. Second Row: Patty Lou Snyder, Potty Muxwell, Shirley Pringle, Potty Hurnler. The energetic grou trgined by Miss Helen B p ot cheerleaders, ololy loorniield, is crlwdys on its toes carrying on the school spirit. They con be found hord gt work protcticdlly every night otter school in the gym perfecting their cheers. Willing crlwdys to hack up the teotms, they trdv- eled to mon oi th y e gwoy ggmes. First How: Iennie Blotchtoid, Miiiilene Gurdner, Diane Treese, Gloria Hyder. Second Row: Minion Dcnighoity, lonfit Sgmuels, leonette Sturgis, Lilliorn Veiiich, Ioyce Degenliurdt. 1 130 During the 1950 segson the A. H. S. Cross Country teorm took port in three meets. The high school hgrriers copped third plorce in the P. 1. A. A. chompionship meet oft Storte Col- lege, November ll. At this meet, Don Prough, the first Altoonon to cross the finish line, took twenty-fourth ploce with or time of 1l:47.1. Dick Hooper took twenty-fifth plorce ond Ed Frederick, lohn Dole ornd Ron Filer finished in thirty-sec- ond, thirty-fourth, ond fiftieth ploce respectively. Altoono registered o teom score of 128, while Mr. Lebonon, hgving o low score of 69, won the meet. The Mgroon ond White compiled cr score of 148 ond sixth plorce for District 6. Cross Country ln their first cross country meet of the seo- son, Altoong met defeort ot the honds of Wil- liomsport, November 3, ot the Pleotsont Vorlley course. ln cross-country meets low score wins. The fingl score of this meet Wors Altoong 32, Wil- ligmsport 23. Bill Luddis of Billtown, first to fin- ish, broke Don Sommers' ll minutes, 23 seconds course record with cr time of 1U minute, 54 seconds. Ed Frederick wots second for Altoong ornd Dick Hooper, third, with 11:06 ond 11:15 time records respectively. Next in order were four Williamsport men followed by Altoono's lock Dole in eighth ploce. 1950 Cross Country Team First Row: E. Myers, R. Filer, R. Birely, D. Freozs, D. Prough, H. Hooper, K. Rczbenstein, 1. Dole, coptgin. Second Row: D. Bcznks, Mgr., D. Potte, I. P 1' ennington, C. Von Ormer, 1. Boyd, E. Frederick, D. Wilson, N. Borry, 1. Russell, Couch Paul G. Addms. m.,,,,N imnxm 131 BASKETBALL Defending their District Six title, Altoona l-ligh hoopsters opened the l950-51 season with a 50-31 victory over Mount Union and Went on to record a season's total ot twelve wins and thirteen losses. After a setback by Farrell, 42-32, the Lions dropped home games to Chambersburg, 52-37, and to Duquesne, 45-33. Traveling to Cham- bersburg during the Christmas recess, the locals met a superior team and went down by a 50-34 count. They then lost a 30-27 heart breaker at Mclieesport. For the first time in six years the Alumni triumphed in the annual game, 56-40, and the locals' losing streak mounted to seven straight when the Maroon and White bowed to lohns- town, 40-3l. 1951 Varsity Seasons Next the Lions vented their spite by piling up an easy 61-29 win over Ferndale, and, still on the rampage, knocked over Franklin, 63-35, and crushed DuBois, 65-31. Unable to stand prosperity, the Lions now dropped two close decisions, to Williamsport, 4l-38, and again to the lawns, 40-36. The latter defeat ended the locals' hopes tor a spot in the District playoits. Returning once more to winning ways, the Lions swept past Westmont, 55-44, and also tagged Franklin with a second deteat, 58-47. However, in a return game, Westmont caught the Lions oft guard and avenged an earlier loss, 47-36. Continuing their in-and-out style ot play the Maroon cagers were outpointed in an away game with Conemaugh, 47-40, but again took VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row-I. Conway, T. Probst, R. Woods, R. Campbell, captain D Second Row-Coach Phil Rice, G. Critzer, P. Giarth, R. Stiflier, D. Weining R De 132 Third Row-R. Cellini, M. Bittner, C. Clouser, l-l. Bowser R B Record Mount Union, 52-45, at home, and, after a mag- nificent fight with Williamsport, were barely nosed out, 37-36. After trampling Ferndale again, 65-39, the Maroon and White closed the regular season by slaughtering Conemaugh, 76-31, in retaliation tor a previous defeat. lt was the largest score ever amassed against an opponent in the school's history. In post season play the Lions took part in the annual St. Francis Tournament and emerged with the Class A championship after downing Indiana, Conemaugh, and Windber with a jun- ior class lineup. The locals were halted, how- ever, in the tourney finals by Gallitzin, winner of Class B, 33-23. I Rothrock, I. Morgan. M Ellis fMqr.l, I. Mainello CMgr.J. W Weaver. TOP-COACH PHIL RICE BOTTOM-COACH IACK HOPPER Action in lonnstown qome. Soprono cheers, Get thot rebound! Varsity Scores A. H. S. OPP. 50 ..,. ...,. 391 .... ..., 37 ..,. ,... 33 ..,. ..... 34. 27 ..., ..... 40 ,... ..... 31 .... ..,. 6l ..., ..... 63 .... 65. 33. 36 .... ..... 55 ,... ..,.. Mt. Union , . . Frilriell ...... Climnlvorslvurq Duquesne . . . Cliombersburq Mctlfeosport , . Alumni , . . lolinsiown . , , Ferndale . . Fionlclin . . DuBois .... Vifilliornsport .. .... . lolinstown ... ..... Vlfesirnont .. . 58. Froinlclin . . , 36. Westinont . . 40. Conerncruqh 52 ,... ...Mt. Union .. 36 .... . . .Williamsport 65 .... ...Ferndale ... 76 .... ,..Conen1ouqli 49 .... ...lndiuno .,.. 67 .,.. . . ,Conemciuqh 57 .... ,..Windber .. 73. .. ..., Gulliizin ., l l6l Totals Suinmoxry: 12 wins, l3 losses 31 42 52 45 50 30 56 40 29 35 3l 4l 40 44 47 47 47 ,..45 .. ...37 ...39 .. ...3l ...39 ,, ...4l ...5l .33 l023 l34 DQ? W5 ,QQ QU Sn, ,i , lng1m,, ackfaw QU Q35 53 45 gwllilgj 1 Q fi? UM? X fpfff 'sy dy, 1- EW U if w f HOCPSTERS The Little Mountain Lions sported a very creditable record of ten wins and 5 losses for the 1950-51 season. Getting oft to a two-win start against Mount Union and Gallitzin, the Little Lions suffered their first setback at the hands oi a visiting squad from Chambersburg. Rebounding at the ex- pense of an invading unit from Duquesne, the lay-Vees took another loss at the Chambers- burg home iloor. A succession of tive straight Wins followed as Williamsburg, Ferndale, Franklin, Gallitzin, and Williamsport Went down in that order. Bowing to lohnstown and Westmont, taking a Win over Mount Union and a loss to Billsport, the lay-Vees ended their season by beating Conemaugh March 2. BASKETBALL SCORES A. H. S. Opp 83 .... .... M ount Union . . . l2 45 .... ..... G allitzin ..... 37 37 .... ,... C hambersburg . . 41 48 .... .... D uquesne .... 38 23 . . Chambersburg . . 3l 42 .... .... W illiamsburg . . . 27 57 .... .... F erndale . . . 14 53 .. .Franklin .. ....28 45 .... ...,. G allitzin ...... 39 46 .... ..... W illiamsport .... . . . 33 32 .... ..... I ohnstown . . . . . 55 37 .... ..... W estmont . . . . . 42 41 .. .ML Union .... 15 36 .... ..... W illiamsport .... . . . 48 40 . . .Conemaugh .. ... 24 665 Totals 484 I. V. BASKETBALL First Row-I. Socey, W. Howsare, P. Parsons, H. Lucas, l. Ruiiinq, W. Burchfield, R. Verillo. Second Row-Coach lack Hopper, I. DeNicola, T. Holland, D. Martin, C. lnqram, R. Wagner, R. Corbin. Third Row-R. Barr CManagerJ, H. Hammaker, E. Parker, A. Forney tManaqerJ. l36 Left to right: Mr. lame-s McNeal, Mr. Raymond Hoffman, Mr. Wilbert Hoffman, Mr. Robert Thomp- son, Mr. Ioseph Maddocks, Mr. Paul Reynolds, Mr. Edgar Brooks, Mr. William Gibbons, Mr. Ernest Delaiffe, Mr. Charles Clugh. Athletic Council The ten men shown in the above photo- graph are the men behind the scenes who are responsible for the working of the Altoona High athletic program. Representing the School Board and faculty they cooperate with M. Raymond Hoffman, the athletic director, in fixing policies, purchasing athletic equipment and supplies, and arranging schedules of games. One result of their planning Was the in- stallation of lights at Mansion Park which were used for the first time last fall in the Windber game. They also gave their approval to the plan to play night football for the first time in the history of the school. Under the able guidance of the Athletic Council Altoona High is marching forward in step with the times. 137 MR. RAYMOND HOFFMAN ,av The A. H. S. track team climaxed the l950 season at the State Meet Where Sommers won the mile, Grove took fourth place in the 100 and 200-yd. dashes. Parker placed fourth in the l20-yd. high hurdles, and Clouser was number tour in the discus. ln the WPIAL Relays match, the Mountain Lions placed a close second. They took two tirsts, the 440-yd. relay and the 880-yd. relay. Next, tangling with the Millionaires of Wil- liamsport, the Maroon and White were upset 1950 Track DeRose passes the baton in miie ralay. 6616 to 60V2. A close battle throughout, the meet was decided by the last event-the broad jump. The Altoona thinclads took their nineteenth title in the Pitt Center meet, winning tive first places. The tracksters were second in the Lock Haven Invitational, and Went on to capture the Coaches Relays with nine tirst places. The Lions ended the season by copping the District Six Title. A. H. S. Track Team First Row: C. Clouser, D. Adams, R. DeRose, R. Parker, D. rock. Second Row: R. Rutter, E. Frederick, D. Prough, I. Dale, D. R. Flack. Third Row: R. Hooper, R. Kantner, N. Barry, P. Bolger, K. T. England. Fourth Row: l. Pennington, T. Smeal, W. Hostler, E. Platt, W. Snyder, D. Liggett. Sommers, R. Grove, E. Kerlin, I. Figurel, W. Conrad, I. Roth Preas, G, Rabenstine, P. Campbell, I. Servelle, B. Frischkorn Rabenstine, P. Feather, W. Overdortt, W. Hooper, O. Evans D. Dunn, E. Rhoades, G. Madara, D. VanZandt, W. Lytle Fiith Row: Coach Ramsey, Manager W. McLaughlin, Manager E. Smith, Manager D. Banks, Manager H. Adams I-lead Coach P. G. Adams. 138 t officials' table in Scene Q ' Meet Distrlci GS -.xx Skip Evcms go over the top 139 X Parker lo ns the ru W hurdles Baseball 1950 SEASONS RECORD - 1950 BASEBALL A Opponent Martinsburg . . . Moshannon Ioint Saxton Liberty . Mercersburq . . . lohnstown . . . Kiski Prep .... Clearfield .. Windber . Houtzdale .. Windber . DuBois ..... Kiski Prep . . . Clearfield ..... Moshannon loint Saxton Liberty . . 1950 Baseball Squad Fu-st Row B Campbell C Barr T Stevens L Barqer R Lawhead, W. Wilson W Costlow econd Row E Shuma R Woods A Baer R Campbell R Scheeler, W. Crownover I Mulhollen Third Row Coach Black R Beaver I Pavlick E Gehrdes Manager, I. Morgan, W Crrtzer Asst A. H. S. Diamond Men Post Ten Victories Led by Bob Beaver with a .440 batting aver- Bill Wilson placed second in the batting age, Coach Hugh Black's 1950 edition of the race with .429. Al Whitsel and Bill Crownover Altoona High Mountain Lions posted a record led the run producers with 17 and 16 respect- of ten wins and five losses. ively. Bill CostloW's one-hit victory over Martins- A feature of the season was an early sea- burg in the season's opener highlighted the son victory over Mercersburg, 7-4. Two close schedule. Bill Cochran, with five Wins, and games were played with Kiski, the locals drop- Costlow, with three, led the pitching staff. ping the first, l-0, and taking the second, 4-3. Mulhollen takes his cut in late season game. 141 BOYS' INTRAMURALS Many a boy in Altoona High would not have the opportunity to participate in organized basketball competition if it were not for the in- tramural basketball program. Each night over a period of l2 weeks the swish of the basketball sinking through the hoop is a common sound at AHS. Under the super- vision ot Mr. Robert Wolfe and Mr. Paul Morse, the contending home rooms were divided into six team leagues. Two leagues played each night, one in the girls' gym, the other in the boys' gym, three days a week during the twelve-week period. Each of the teams in the league took part in two cycles or round-robins with the other five teams in their league. The two best teams from 1--W Ouch, my toei Over the top. each 1eague met in a p1ay-off to determine the final home room winner. Among the first six teams in competition were Rooms 121, 320, 202, B-10, 315, 102. Home room 102 emerged as the intramura1 Winner. 1t was estimated that 42 different teams participated in the program and at one time or another 335 boys played for their home rooms. Severa1 other ath1etic contests took piace during the term in connection with the physical education program. Among these was a free Biock that shot! Oh, my aching back! throw foul shooting contest in which each boy in the gym c1asses was given ten shots from the fou1 1ine. Some perfect scores were regis- tered. To discover hidden taient for the track team, fifty-yard dash ehminations were he1d in the boys' gym. Other notah1e activities of this term's gym program were training in mass rope c1imbing, the Red Cross emergency carries, and artificia1 respiration. Correct methods were taught and practiced by a11 the boys in the classes. GIRLS' Who's got it! I-low do things look, girls? INTRAMURALS Good sportsmanship is as important among the girls as it is among the boys. With a fine spirit the girls of our high school, under the lead- ership of Miss Frances McGinnis, enjoyed friendly competition in the sports events that took place in the girls' gym after school. This year the girls played round robin dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, scooterball, and mushball tournaments, and an elimination kickball tournament. Refereeing, scorekeeping, and timing was done by members of the teams which were not playing. The girls received awards on a point sys- tem. First award was the last half of the class numeralg second was the first half of the class numeralg third was the eight inch Chenille Aug and the highest award was the sweater or blazer, whichever was preferred. K 144 if ,lg 3? 'K FEET aw... Q .Ai r +1 r 1 KH!! a I rx 1 W Kgs. , i 55 7 Q-:If X X K If 1, X Nw, MAX A HU - .N X Q1 1' if 1 A A if . N . agw, x N ---. . 1 A , ,,,, , i,,, f wmv? 1 1 ,Q - if 'J lf?-Q mi S- H Q Yet They Grind Exceeding Small YOUR FUTURE Build in your dreams a future time And build it as you wish it, too. Picture it often, high and fair, And then just hold it always there. Remember, only building thus Can lite's attainments come to us. Who build no castles in the air Will build no castles anywhere. -Abraham Stepcmsky South Philadelphia H. S. Philadelphia, Pa. Quoted from Younger Poets 147 mr' - A Nw WW? ' ,milk-M , H , , W. :gf n ' 1 agar , A . . 'D 1 L. NA ' L ...QL 0. .g !1,' L' .,? nv Q-Q91 - 1: A k- T 1 r- .- , U ' -fqfmgqg :. f4. H ,aEpw-M --0151.114-5. gg 1 -- V ... 'IN-gEiif',fsk , -Y I f bm, -- V. . W ,- . 'al' Lil uf .1 ' ' 'AgfL.1'V: .,.'-Ni 4 - K 3 ' 1 .I ya 6.1 x7 tl-:xfflf 5 l .tMv, - 1, x .?? '1' ' - .i ' !'u,y1 ,,f . .flight alglllifjl- . L-y l.ff'5 - ff Af PW A , .Lien rf:-V ,fin-. U A, and , M ,.vU 5 : . ' ' 1 ' Q N 11 -- I' I. -ww, Vlfg.-f ' ,iff . rf'-iii A? X T' Q' 1- ' . P -zmu A . s z y . 4 , -ag I, ' 'c ' w . VY ' . ' ,w - . ,t X v ' A I . ,!. N . W iyiffml .A V5 Qi- .'M'U ', id'? M ' if - I . ., n. 1 . 1.-as li nl! a A ,,1u: ' k t 5 . 1 i-V w n X . -W A- i gu- .l 'AL E Q X 1 - -Xf- fx 1 1' . LX. - u . , . . . .. . -. X . X . ' 5.1: as -X f ' . -X 'X . Xi-. ,wif 43, XX , - V ,. X X- V - V . V.V. - VV .. VV.-VV.V V V. , V :'- -. : . L- . 'X .JL . VVXVV ,, VVVVV . - wi. V L., , VX.X, V V- ,VV VV- . A ..J,V . V . X --X ,. , X X- . X.. .xx ,,.. , : X , , . V -V. -. .Y V , ,, Q V V V ,. f.VV,,,:VX-1515 V :'f',' 1 V . L Ha. V X 1 XV VX .:X..- . . , -. Y 5. A Y. X, X115 : . 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F 2595- . - . , -1 -- .f .M '25, ,YQ rj wifi: . n , 'Ha .V 'mags V , 'Elf' .1 Qi' A .. 3 I! x 'v 1 1.4 .H fi , ,I ,ff 42' ,y' ,W-,Q f -viii 1 . fi f -,.- .,. -- iff fig-im A ' ' gf.. 7 'ZX 'J ,e 'ig f .V-J f,f J., 1 ff., ' f ,-fx . i. . 1 ,lf few, . xi, ,. nz K .7 3 2-1-, ' ' ,-C717 1 .- , fl.: cv F4 1' 1. ,J .QI '?f ig .,, ,- if '-I

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