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Table of Contents y ' w l ; ' ■ij-: ' ' ! . Best of Fall student Life Freshmen Football Student Council Homecoming Pep Club Academics and Faculty Best of Winter Music 40-45 i Sophomores 46 -49 Pom Pom Squad 50 j Girls Golf and G. A. A. 51 i Basketball 52-57 •- ' Juniors 58-61 Wrestling 62-64 ; Volleyball 65 •: Publications 66-67 Christmas 68-69 Gymnastics 70 71-83 ii ' Sl Advertisements Advertisements Junior High 86-114 115-125 ii! ! " -: " W-;;V i :. Best Fall Students at Their Best? " Momma, he ' s making eyes at me! " There are only eight more left, buddy! ' " Alone again, naturally! ' " Are these what they call earthlings, Zorp Gym class participated in Crab Soccer. Watch out fellas, I ' m tough! With his skill in archery, Allen Fletschock was quite happy over the deer which he acquired. Mass Media class returned home after attending the workshop. Photographer broke the attention of a Geometry class. Denise Belsky received help from Mrs. Russell in Home Ec I. Promise you won ' t tell my dentist? Students At Their Best! like aided Rita in carrying her books. Jeff actively participated in a Karate Exhibition. Even though she seemed to be having trouble with Shawn, Tami still managed a smile. Students showed an active interest in activities at Fishhouse. PaulLenz(SCP) took part in selling popcorn at a football game. Tammy and Shelley took time out from Home Ec, duties to Diligently working on clean up in the kitchen was smile for the photographer. Todd Johnson. Lance Barrett Barb Becker WeVe the Class The officers of the Freshman class were President, Dave Thompson; Vice-President, Barb Becker; Secretary, Terry Manney; and Treasurer, Linda King. August 26, 1974, the class of " 78 " became a part of Altoona High School. They participated earnestly in high school activities. The effort put forth on their homecoming float earned for them second place with a slogan of " Kiss ' em Good-bye! " During the homecoming pep assembly they also re- ceived a second place on their skit. Not only were the freshmen active dur- ing homecoming week, but throughout the entire year by taking part in various sports and clubs. Ricky Bethke Gregory Boley William Boley Kirk Books Ronda Borreson Roger Briski Brock 10 That ' s Really Great Todd Johnson Wayne Johnson Linda King James Kretchmer Mike Lippert 11 Terri Manney We ' re the Class All work and no play was definitely not the freshman ' s way. Debbie Melland Rick Melland Debbie Meyers Greg Misselt Pam Olson Lori Pankratz Laury Peterson Mike Pietenpol Dan Poppe Jeff Reali nRohde Denise Rosentrater Mark Ruscin JimSchafer 12 of Seventy-Eight Don Schneider David Sedahl Pam Sedahl Bob Seidler Debbie Siewert Dan Smith Dave Spehle Jim Stanton Lori Strand John Sumner David Thompson Joy Turner Brian Underwood Connie Uselton Sue VanderWegen Pam Volkman Dennis Wagner Pat Wagner Tammi Walker Jennifer Wenaas Missing: Mark Bauer Charles Boley Bruce Larson Greg Lindner Mark Schroeder Kevin Wilier Kerry Zurek The freshman class always kept up on what was happening. 13 WeVe Proud of Our Team Football equipment awaited action. Powerful J. V. ' s held back opponent. When game pressure ended, the fun began! Coach Bement ' s enthusiasm always fired up Rail fans. Players ' Dads were honored by recognition at halftime. " Where ' d the team go??? ' 14 J. Lopour, S. Flaskrud, D. Leland, M. Boley, M. Bridges, R. Boley, M. Pete rson, M. Passon, R. Weegman, T. Stene, D. Wagner, D. Roach, M. Schroeder, P. Johnson, M. Erickson, S. Johnson, J. Olson, C. Steuding, D. Asmussen, G. Kleist, J. Duncan, G. Frueh, K. Berg, K. Sorensen. Front row: J. Turner, J. Becker, T. Mc- Grouary. Front row: D. Thompson, M. Bridges, M. Boley, B. Boley, S. Flaskrud, J. Duncan, K. Berg, G. Frueh, C. Boley, G. Boley. Second row: Coach Hendricks, R. Boley, D. Ash, D. Leland, D. Schneider, P. Johnson, C. Steuding, J. Olson, M. Peterson, G. Kleist, M. Passon, Coach Strand. Frontrow:J. Grimli, B. Boley, G. Boley, K. Books, G. King, T. Johnson, R. Bethke, C. Boley, D. Duncan, Sec- ond row: J. Gaulrapp, P. Kelly, G. Lindner, D. Ash, D. Schneider, D. Thompson, W. Johnson, D. Smith, Coach Kunsman. 15 16 Jim Becker Jim Turner Kim Sorenson Tim Stene Scott Johnson Tim McGrouary Jim Lopour Ron Weegman Denny Roach Mike Erickson Benchwarmers showed deep concentration during game. 17 Confident of a victory. Rails rushed into play. Tim McGrouary showed player emotion during game. Paul Johnson, DanLeland, Mark Bridges, Chuck Steuding. C ' m V - L Mike Schroeder. Rail defense outpowered Cricket offense. DanAsmussen, RickBoley, and Dan Wagner. Coaches Bement, Hendricks, and Strand observed afternoon practice. 18 United We Stand Altoona ' s spirit soared with varsity cheerleaders: Sue Schafer, Shari Manor, Kim Simonson, Tammy Rogers, Rae Manney , and Kathy Christ Competing for varsity cheering was Sue Schafer. • " " tiL, , ' Saying liello: Front: Barb Becker. Back: Jill Indrebo, Becky Sundquist, Mary Becker, Char LaChapelle, Sue VanderWegen. Proving that cheering was an important part of the game, cheerleaders cheered the team on to a victory. We ' re behind the Rails. v ' M v ' " Frankenstein " was a popular cheer for everyong, in- cluding the cheerleaders. Frosh cheerleaders were: Laury Peterson, Barb Becker, Pat- trice Wagner, Teri Manney, 19 Fresh Ideas Spark Signs were posted and buttons passed out to promote a good campaign for all candidates. With members, D. Johnson, C. Rude, R. Yule, J. Turner, L. Peterson, T. Stene, P. Johnson, Sec. -Treas. S. VanderWegen, P. Olson, Pres. P. Lenz worked with T. McGrouary and Vice-pres. K. Sch afer to promote a new and better school program. Helping them was R. Zahorik. Presidential candidates for Student Council were: P. Lenz, K. Schafer, and T. McGrouary. 20 Student Council Progress I Hil T " B t 9 BB3 m«H Kij ■ 1 1 ■ niH spP ' ' « n ■1 1 Candidates and managers looked on with interest as Council members delegated committees to solve school problems, speeches were given. Roberta Greene and manager Jim Becker awaited student council returns. ' Tm Nick Barkley and everything I see is mine ! ! ! ' Volunteers for Student Council went out petit- ioning for open campus. This year ' s student council came up with new ideas and formed committees in regard to a Badger Girl representative, election cha nges, continuation of the foreign exchange program, the creation of a student talk area, setting up an annual free dance, involvement in the STOP ecology program, representation at school board meetings, and setting up a reward for the conviction of vandels. The entire council worked toward achieving a sound case for open campus, distribution on concession facilities equally, holding bi- monthly meetings for better student represent- ation, enlarging the student council so class presidents can vote, and promoting citizen participation in school activities. Hats off to these people who achieved so much for the students. 21 Hectic Homecoming The prize -winning skit was performed by members of the Senior class. IIING IS T-ULi ;ait? Takingpartin " Dress-up " Day were Deanna Olson and Dan Miller. During the Homecoming Parade, the Pom-Pom girls showed their spirit by marching. Students, dressed in various costumes, enjoyed participat- ing in Oddball Day. As in years before. Homecoming week, September 30- October 4, was looked forward to with eager anticipation by students of all ages. Festivities were begun on Tuesday, Dress-up Day, when the students came to school attired in their best clothes. On Wednesday students observed Oddball Day by wearing the most off-beat outfits they could put together. Wednesday night the entire town turned out for the Pep Rally, where each class put on an original skit. First prize was won by the Senior class, followed by Fresh- men with second. Juniors with third and Sophomores with fourth. Following the Pep Rally everyone hurried outside for the bonfire. The next evening everyone came for the parade, which included the floats on which the classes had worked so diligently. Later, the football team played Fall Creek and defeated them 14-12. Friday was the dance, for which " Kicks " provided music. The King and Queen, Jim Becker and Penny Skahaug, were crowned. The court con- sisted of: Senior representatives- -Mike Erickson and Barb Ventzke; Junior representatives --Dan Wagner and Kim Simonson; Sophomore representatives--Chuck Steuding and Renee ' Mayer; Freshmen representatives- -Darrell Ash and Shelly Dressel. All in all, the entire week was deemed a huge success by everyone. 22 I Week Is Happy Event : n 1, f t 1 The Homecoming court for 1974 was as follows: Dan va iicr, Jr. ; Renee Mayer, Soph. ; Darrell Ash, Fresh. ; Barb Ventzke, Sr. ; Queen Penny Skahaug, Sr. ; King Jim Becker, Sr. ; Mike Erickson, Sr. ; Kim Simonson, Jr. ; Chuck Steuding, Soph. ; Shelly Dressel, Fresh. Couples danced to the music of " Kicks " Reigning over Homecoming court were: Queen Penny Skahaug and King Jim Becker. After receiving the ball from the center, Jim Turner threw a pass for a touchdown. 23 Creative Ideas Inspire Floats Taking first place in the float comp- etition was the Junior class. Their orig- inal float consisted of a large papier- mache Winnie the Pooh and his honey- pot, with the slogan " How Sweet It Is " . Congratulations are extended to them for a job well done. Second place was won by the Freshman class, who did very well for their first year. They constructed an enormous chocolate kiss and used the slogan " Kiss ' em Good- bye " . We would like to thank the follow- ing parents for allowing the floats to be built in their garages: Mr. and Mrs. Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Haugen, Mr. and Mrs. Rulien, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. We appre- ciate your warm generosity. Thank you. The Senior class took third place with their tall grand father clock and the slogan " Time For a Victory " . It was the last Homecom- ing the Seniors could participate in and many long hours of work were put into their final float. The Sophomore class came in fourth, but they added a unique new touch. Instead of pulling the float by car, several of the students pulled it by hand. The float ' s slogan was " Blocks to Success. " 24 Rail Backers For the first time, the Altoona Pep Club of " 74-75 " included boys as well as girls in mem- bership. The main purpose of membership was to cheer on all sports activities and show their spirit by painting signs that were hung thoughout the halls and gym. The elected officers were: Presi- dent, Julie Klee; Vice-President, Penny Skahaug and Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Schafer. When the members attended a game they were given a punch on their membership card. The members with the most punches at the end of the year got a a pin or badge. This year ' s pep club really en- couraged sports activities on to success. Spirit was shown on the way to a game R. Bassing, J. Baraboo, F. Barby, B. Becker, M. Becker, K. Berg, L. Berg, L. Briski, L. Briski, K. Christ, B. Daken, S. DeBord, L. Flaskrud, L. Flaskrud, L. Hagen, R. Haugen, R. Holtz, N. Hoth, J. Indrebo, J. Johnson, J. Klee, G. Kleist, C. LaChappelle, C. Larson, R. Manney, T. Manney, C. Mangru, K. Mangru, S. Manor, D. Mayer, T. Mayer, R. Mayer, L. Misselt, M. Munden, D. Olson, D. Olson, L. Olson, P. Olson, P. Olson, J. Ottinger, S. Pecor, C. Peterson, L. Peterson, C. Pierce, A. Reed, K. Roberts, K. Roberts, T. Rogers, D. Rosentrater, K. Simonson, P. Skahaug, L. Squires, B. Sundquist, C. Thompson, M, Utberg, S. VanderWegen, P. Wagner, J. Wick. As the final quarter ended, disappointed faces showed a Rail loss. Spirit banners were sold by the " 74-75 " Pep Club. 25 The teacher ' s room was used as a place for relaxation and for prepar- ation for the next day ' s class. Mr. Sorensen received a lovely cake for his birth- day, which was devoured by well-wishing teachers. A bulletin board was displayed using faculty members as representatives in the pilgrim era. Taking a break from a teach- er ' s duties, Mrs. Cowley prepared to make a phone call. Jim Schwiebert and Paul VanderWegen prepared a tribute to Mr. Sorensen. 26 Lighter Moments Enjoyed 1 ?% ' On the usual school day Mr. Bredesen ' s office had its usual traffic jam. Our education field is expanding. It allows us now to be- come interested in a trade such as small engines and office practice. However we still have the traditional English, Math, and History to help those who go on to receive a college degree. The next few pages are portrayals of the people who have shaped our future. Part of a teacher ' s duty is helping and Kirs. Stabenow gave Paul Lenz a hand in Jour- nalism. Taking a break from teaching, Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Severson admired Mr. Streif ' s little boy. 27 Advancement of Einar Pedersen Superintendent Robert Bredesen Principal Strolling down the hall, Mr. Zahorik and Laurie Hagen carried on a light-hearted conversation. Richard Zahorik Guidance Counselor, Career Education 28 Students Is Our Goal Writing down the fundamentals of accounting was Mrs. Woodford. Barbara Bredesen, Secretary 29 Barbara Nelson, French Using their English time constructively, English students dived into the next day ' s assign- ment. -jr ssr ysrfi Gunhild O ' Brien, Freshman and Sophomore English Mrs. Nelson explained the conjugation of verbs to the French I class. Elizabeth Stabenow, Yearbook, Journalism, Junior and Senior English. Patricia Solfest, Debate, Forensics 30 ;i ' Concentration was the key f ' to success in the Distribu- tive Education Class. J Arnold Johnson, Algebra, Adv. Algebra, Geometry, Math IV I ' m confused@ (g) ! ?(gi(g) ! ! ? Taste it; I made it myself t Thomas Hendricks, Consumers Math, Coach. James Schroeder Civics -Geography, U. S. History, Drivers Education Betty Cowley, World History, U. S. History, Social Problems, Economics M Amelia Russell, Home Econo- mics. John Streif, Industrial Arts " QlHBSsa iAMiJHSf Through the teeth and over the gums; look out sto- mach , here it comes. As one of their first projects, shop students con- structed bread boards. . Finding measurements exact, Brian Under- wood smiled with sat- isfaction. Students found that being creative was of value in Art Class. Barbara Ahlers.Art, Home Ec. , Family Life, Needlework, Pom Pom ii InHealth Careers, Carol Buchholtz demonstrated mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Alma Roseau, Health Car- eers James Woodington, Biology, Physiology, Aviation Losing points in class was Brad Borgerding. Proofreading her typing material was Pat Curtis. Moment was enjoyed Victor Sorensen, Physics, Chemis- try, Physical Science, Math Foundations. Learning a new office procedure was Laurie Ha gen. Receiving instructions from Mr. Sorensen was Julie Klee. Kenneth Strand, Pre -Al- gebra, Biology, Coach Robert and Marie Kunsman, Business Classes Special attention was giv- en to a student in typing class by Mr. Kunsman. 33 34 Lois Kildahl, Chorus, Folk Group Grabbing a bite to eat be- fore a chorus workout was Mi. Kildahl. Senior Chorus prepared for the musical " Joseph " . Marching for homecoming festivities was the Altoona High School Band. Marching with an air of dignity, the Altoona Band moved along. -«ii James Hamel, Band 35 Necessary Services Rendered Meals were prepared by: Mrs, Fenner, Mrs. I dtke, and Mrs. Leland. Students of Altoona High School appreciated the efforts put forth by the cooks, the janitors, and the bus drivers. Due to their co-operation and hard work, our school system ran smoothly and efficiently. Their tasks were done with a friendly smile on their faces. The students would like to say thank -you for school lunches, clean rooms, and transportation to school. Mini -bus piloted by Bill Leland. Transportation was provided by: Mrs. Underwood, Mrs. Dressel, and Mrs. Pierce. Janitor Bill granted key to seniors. 36 For Proficient Operation a Great care was necessary in preparing lunches . The ke, ■• I atmosphere of cleanliness was created by: Mr. Rad- Mr. Van Dyke, Mr. Underwood, and Mr. Zachau. Students were driven to Augusta by Mrs. Spreckles. Kitchen assistants: Greg Boley, Ken Schafer, Joanne Klingbeil, John Ness, Bill Boley, Dave Thomp- son, Chuck Boley, Mark Rajotte, Randy Anderson, and Todd Johnson, 37 ' ?, ■• ' - ' ' f- ■ . - ' ' f5 ' -i f ' - " ■■ ■■ -. .. ! l ' rw -»:i - ;,i::- i ;.?:■■■?■ ! ' -.■.(K Best Winter Further Musical Education Talents were developed in many areas of music through our ever expanding cur- riculum. Many students have participated actively in both folk group and stage band. New outfits were acquired by the folk group to brighten their appearance. This successful year in both of these classes makes one thing certain, Altoona has rhythm. Practice makes perfect. Stage Band, front: Director Mr. Hamel, K. Sorenson, K. Mangru. Back: P. Olson,. P. Skahaug, M. Trehey, R. Greene, B. Lane, J. Klee, R. Mayer, P. Dorum, W. Johnson, R. Borreson, C.-Lustig, B. Underwood, D. Siewert, B. Sundquist, C. Pierce, D. Wenaas, 40 Develops Natural Talent Folk Group, Front: K. Indrebo, T, Stene, T. Rogers, S. Pecor, K, Sherman, G. Kleist, C. Mangru. Middle:!. Turner, T. McGrouary, B. Daken, M. Trehey. S. Schafer, L. Squires, R. Manney, D. Rosentrater. Back: K. Hasenmueller, K. Ru- lien, J. Turner, L. Hagen,- M, Utberg, J, Becker, P. Skahaug, J. Lopour. All the hours of practice were made worth- while when concerts were performed. Altoona high school has never had a healthier group of tonsils. 4] on o en [ v. ni ra F3Bi «A u XI n3 (LI H 3 O ■a i , -n (1) y. n n U t-i a, n o o W ji rt pa U Di " oo ' n ■z Crj • n s XJ c in o i-i t-( Dh C 1 l l Dh rt 00 J H U n ■n 3 . u c DO O 03 c, o £i t-1 , Di. to 00 3 a, " 2 Q □ P 1 " ■ ■ ! Iff " 42 I m. M I c m - n1 fl u ■ S x; ,iJ -n crt 3 cu P T3 0) J3 n n n n n n U i- n, t r. n O 3 DO O ■?n (1) r: 3 o T3 c 0) i-l •n C O o o o DO c o t 3 O -H (L) si x; 1— 1 x; ■n e o E c o c •a co (U t 3 c u Jd ol (1) (1) o t J3 o C a H -a en c o c iS -a ■- c 5b 8 I f 43 u o o O K 2ff JKSfli: a■yJ o d o a) c c o w o : l-l J3 i) : ' C5 T) ■,j CJ OJ oj C , ' « nn y C m i ; O O O 01 !n E Iggt ' -4 B (U 0} nt U4 b (1) v) O Di 0) t ) d (» D c o c (U o 1) ( ) J3 F U H ni DO ' - - c i-j - ta C 3 - U 1 s c , - n t 3 0) 3 cti (J -!-. M-l 0) i u- ► 45 e re the Clasi? That h ' m ' mm Came from Heaven I Paul Johnson Chaimaine John Lancour Robert Lane LaChappelle Rex Gonyea displayed physical ability. Cindy Larson DeWayne Lukes Lisa Mago Kathy Mar.gru Chris !Manor Renee Mayer Duane Miller Mary Munden Klark Boley made use of the candy machine. Sophomore boys listened as Mr. Severson explained the use of the skill saw. Brian Neill Jerry Olson Pat Olson 47 WeVe the Clas Jacci Ottinger Sandra Pecor Caryn Peterson Mike Peterson Cynthia Pierce Carrie Roberts David Rohn Tim Ruscin Tammy Ryan Roger Schneider Ben Sears Rick Schroeder Cindy Shelley Charles Steuding Renee Struchen Becky Sundquist Daniel Void Judy Wick Randy Yule Kathy Zillmer Daniel Walker Altoona ' s sophomores are our future outstanding figures. These young people have the potential just as sophomores of yester year. They are competitors, trying their best in such fields as basketball, volleyball, baseball, and track. Their dedication to the school has helped make it what it is today, a competitive school. Many soph- omores aren ' t active in sports, but participate in debate, choir and band. Whether or not it ' s basketball or debate, all of them have taken pride in their work. The class of ' 11 will be a big factor in our school ' s history just like years past. Becky Sundquist acted as Joseph in the school play. 48 of Seventy-Seven It does wonders for a girl ' s figure. Don ' t read it; just stamp it. 5?r J Class officers: President, Paul Johnson; Vice- President, JohnLancour; and Treasurer, Chuck Meyer. Half-time performer. Smile, you ' re on candid camera. J A living doll. 49 Performances Please Throughout the 74-75 school year, the pom-pom girls con- tributed their talents to count- less school activities. Many hours of hard work were put forth in making the pom-pom girls a success. Students at Altoona High School appreci- ated their efforts. Keep on Truckin ' . Top to bottom, left to right: Julie Klee, Linda Shelley, Becky Sundquist, Penny Skahaug, Cindy Pierce, Laurie Hagen, Sue Schafer, Tammy Ryan, Nancy Hoth, Sub. Chris Mangru, Rita Haugen, and Advisor, Mrs. Ahlers. On several occasions the pom-pom corps was on hand to entertain spirited fans at half time. 50 Railettes From Top: R. Haugen, Vice-Pres.; D. Olson, Pres.;L. Shelley, Sec.; J. Klee, C. Baker, R. Greene, P. Ska- haug, R. Sharpe, T. Mayer, K. Roberts, K. Christ, K. Olson, K. Berg, D. Rosentrater, L. Briski, K. Rulien, L. Briski, C. LaChapelle, C. Shelley, J. Indebro, R. Mayer, M. Becker, C. Roberts, M. Munden, J. Johnson, L. Flaskrud, S. Fenner, B. Daken, D. Rosentrater, P. Olson S. Vander Wegen, C. Freuh, B. Becker, L. Pankratz, J. Weenaas, T. Gillett, T. Manney, P. Wagner, B. Sund- quist, N. Hoth. " I wonder how far this one will go!? ' E1S| Members of the Golf team were: Kathy Rulien, Cindy Baker, Roberta Greene, Pat Olson, and Penny Skahaug. Pat ' s smile showed her relief in reaching the 18th hole! 51 We Salute Rails Varsity Front: T. McGrouary, B. Neill, K. Schafer, M. Trehey, T. WerleLn. Back: Coach " Duke " Sever- son, S. Johnson, J. Turner, D, Miller, J, Hugdahl, M. Semisch, T, Stene, D. Roach. ■ tk M W 1 « [ ffl H H H l . vnHf ' H H H H The 1974-75 basketball season be- gan well even though we had only two returning starters, guard Jim Turner and forward Dan Miller, both seniors. The other Varsity players were guard Scott Johnson, forward Tim McGro- uary, and center Jeff Hughdahl. Coach Donald " Duke " Severson led the Rails with the help of Jim Schroeder, who also coached the Junior Varsity Team, and Coach Greg Bement, who directed the Freshmen team. Jim Turner Jeff Hugdahl. 52 Denny Roach Tim McGrouary Scott Johnson Dan Miller Ken Schafer Mark Trehey 53 WeVe Only Just Begun Junior Varsity Front: G. Frueh, B. Neill, T. Werlein, S, Flaskrud. Back: J. Duncan, J. Olson, W. Martin, D. Void, M. Semisch, P. Johnson, R. Yule, M. Boley. Freshmen Front: R. Bethke, C. Boley, J. Schafer, J. Rohde, D. Duncan, J. Sumner, G, Boley. Back: Coach Greg Bement, J. Gaulrapp, B. Boley, D. Ash, D. Thompson, D. Smith, W. Johnson, T. Johnson. 54 Managers: J, Baraboo, G, Kleist, B. Borgerding, T. Brennan. During time out Coach Severson and players discussed the next play. Rails looked on as Jeff jumped high to tip the ball. i= v. ' — ' «K Jeff stretched for a rebound. Rails practiced jump shots for oncoming game. 55 Leaders in Spirit Inspire lit It nim This cheer usually worked in coaxing the crowd to cheer along. ' Put ' er there! " A -Squad spirit leaders were: Sue Schafer, captain, Shan Manor, Kim Simonson, Kathy Christ, Tammy Rogers, and Rae Manney, sub. During time out in the game, the cheers were performed. B -Squad included: Becky Sundquist, captain, Charmaine LaChappel- le, Mary Becker, Sue VanderWegen, Nancy Hoth, and Jill Indrebo, sub. Hey, jump a little higher! 56 Girls Gain Great Goals A -Squad Basketball, L to R: Manager; L, Flaskrud, S. VanderWegen, L, Shelley, D. Olson, C. Shelley, P, Skahaug, R, Haugen, Coach: Miss Giese. Missing from picture: D. Johnson, and Manager: C. Peterson. ■1 ■■1 ■ ■ HPPI Rpf «n P F 51 Hi HK K 7Vti m fll P ; j r ' If H Kj 1 vl. T T . ' 1 M " ' 1 i -- ' mJN H f i 1 1 ,-( , J; A i ' . H sf ll lifl ' ' ' ' IIBI ■H ■■-,..■7 • »t . . 1 ' - H H R jK : B itt H ■• ... :. i H • " »,. B 1 1 1 9 ■ v-X H L.J I L t j j Mr JJ HAMMV " ' - •- ' J ' ■ H H ' - -: i wmk Hj B k ufl |f 1 ■L ' ' r ' t Mii ill ■1 ■ 1 iiiS I B-Squad Basketball L to R: Manager: L. Flaskrud, L. Peterson, M. Munden, S, Fenner, D. Roseqtra- ter, P. Wagner, J. Johnson, C. Freuh, K. Carr, T. GlUett, J. Wenaas, R. Mayer, and Coach: Miss Gelse. Showing great ball control was Penny Skahaug. On an out of bound ' s play, the team got ready for action. 57 Randy Anderson Tami Babbitt WeVe Got the Might Jim Baraboo Jerry Bassing Joyce Bauer Kim Berg Rick Boley Brad Borgerding Mark Bridges Laurie Briski Linda Briski Connie Brock Kathy Christ Pam Dorum Mark Erickson Lori Flaskrud Class officers were: President, Dave Johnson; Vice-President, Mike Schroeder; Secretary -Treasurer, Mark Wilier. 4: ' . Greg Halverson Rita Haugen Robin Holtz 58 That Will Never Miss Gary Kleist Joanne Klingbeil Kent Kovar Don Lindner Pete Lippert Kip Lukes Shari Manor Debbie Mayer Mark Wilier takes time out to pose for a picture. Steve Meyer Lori Misselt Scott Nyseth Debbie Olson LuAnn Olson Steve Panktatz Mike Passon Kris Rajotte Amy Reed The class of 1976 proved its versatility and dominance in a number of different activities. Members of this class, with an enrollment of 74 in the fall of ' 74 participated in varsity cheerleading, debate, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, tutoring program, football, for - ensics, ski club, baseball, and track. The juniors won the first place award for their homecoming float, " How Sweet It Is " , and planned a fantastic prom in May. Representatives for their class on the Stu- dent Council were: Connie Rude, Tim Stene, and Dave Johnson. Class officers were: Pres- ident, Dave Johnson; Vice-President, Mike Schroeder; and Secretary-Treasurer, Mark Miller. The juniors exhibited true school spirit enjoying the year eagerly awaiting the role they will play as seniors. 59 We ' ve Got the Kim Roberts Tammy Rogers Laura Rohde Diane Rosentrater Connie Rude Kathy Rulien Sue Schafer John Schmidt Mike Schroeder Debbie Sedahl Mark Semisch Mike Shermo Kim Simonson Ron Sloat Brian Smith Jamie Snyder Peggy Stanton Tim Stene Cindy Thompson Pete Dan Wagner VanderWegen i«k ft IB tm, Ron Weegman Denise Wenaas Mark Wilier Pictures Missing: Dan Asmussen JoAnn Bentley Terry Hays Jeff Hugdahl Scott Larson Dan L eland Barb Martine John Ness Mark Rajotte Tom Werlein W Dan Asmussen prepared for a test! 60 Spirit of Seventy-Six Juniors participating in their skit were: K. Christ, T. Stene, D. Johnson, D. Wagner, P. VanderWegen, R. Haugen, R. Boley, and M, Bridges. Is this a Ladies Aid??? Jim Baraboo and Rick Boley enjoyed their homework. Mike Shermo concentrated on his his- tory! Jerry Bassing, a small lad, took care of a big man ' s job. Don Lindner displayed some expert moves. 61 Grapplers Reach for In Referee position are: K. Hasenmueller, M. Erickson, D. Lindner, M. Erickson, B. Smitii, D. Leland, D. Schneider, R. Ellison, J. Bassing, T. Hjelsand, D. Rohn, B. Lane. Back;]. Grimh, M. Passon, P. Kelley, G. Lindner, Coach Trochinski, D. Poppe, K. Books, K. Zurek. Senior wrestler Mike Erichson. Senior wrestler Ken Hasenmueller. Assistant coach Tom Wei- gand. 62 Successful Season Wrestling has dated back to pre historic days when cavemen used it as a type of defense. Indians used it as a sport to release tension. Successful wrestling demands strength, speed, coordination, physi cal conditioning and balance. The team was well balanced fil- ling all but the 98 pound weight class. 63 We Love Our Team Jill Indrebo, Penny Skahaug, Cindy Pierce, Terri Manney, Sandy Pecor. Pam Olson, Barb Becker, Terri Manney, Connie Frueh, Lori Strand. " I think I made a mistake! Wrestling cheerleaders promoted spirit at a match. Four out of five ain ' t bad! 64 Go, Fight, Win!!!!! Varsity-Front: L. Briski, K. Christ, C, LaChappelle, Coach Giese, S. VanderWegen, R. Mayer, L. Briski. Back: R. Haugen, L. Shelley, D. Olson, C. Shelley, B. Sundquist. A sin years past, another Altoona team proved to many as being one of the BEST! The 1974 Girls ' Volleyball Team finished their conference season with a 11-0 rec- ord and a 4-0 in non-conference action. The Railettes won the Cloverbelt Conference Title by defeating Owen-Withee in the Cloverbelt Playoffs at Altoona. Spiking their way into Regionals the Railettes out served Fall Creek, and passed by Augusta in the Championship Match. Although they were beaten by Arkansaw at Sectionals, the Railettes ended the ' 74 season with a total of 15 wins and 1 loss. The JV ' s finished the season with a 2 -8 record. The JV ' s fired -up for their fame. Mi ssPaskausky presented the Cloverbelt Conf- erence trophy to Coach Giese and the Rail- ettes. Beginning season ' s goal fulfilled. Junior Varsity- -Front: D, Rosentrater, R. Sharpe, B. Daken, Middle; L. Briski, P. Wagner, N. Hoth, L. Flaskrud, T. Mayer, L. Briski. Back: B. Becker, D. Rosentrater, M. Becker, K. Roberts, C. Roberts, Coach Giese. 65 WeVe Got News for You Sue, Kris, and Tammy hard at work. During the 1974-75 year, the Mass Media class very thoroughly and ac- curately covered the current events which were of interest to the students of A.H.S. The Mass Media class is a fair- ly new one, being quite different than the former Journalism class, in that it is more involved and demanding. With the new addition of our school, plans have been made for a Graphic Arts Depart- ment in which we ' ll be able to publish our own paper as well as develop our own pictures. Meggett Printing Com- pany has printed our monthly issues of " Tracks of Time " this year. Co-editors Cindy Baker and Tim Brennan were the only seniors who had taken the pre-requisite last year. Thus, the Mass Media students began in the fall writing and doing layouts for the school paper. K. Rajotte, P. Lenz, T. Krogman, G. Kleist, C. Baker, T. Brennan, S. Schafer, T. Rogers, K. Schafer, D. Olson, L. Briski, Kneeling: Mrs. Stabenow, P. Curtis, C. Peterson. 66 Annual Creativity Front: P. Skahaug, Mrs. Stabenow, M. Utberg, L, Olson, L. Misselt, L. Rohde, D. Olson, K. Rullen, C. Rude, S. DeBord, Back: C. Thompson, J. Turner,]. Baraboo, R. Sharpe, M. Pietenpol, G. Halverson. In order to make a yearbook, much hard work, time, and patience is re- quired. The publications class of 1974- 75 was credited with having these im- portant traits. This year the class was held every day, which was a great fac- tor in the progress of the annual. The yearbook must meet 5 deadlines a year in order to be completed by May. A supplement was also constructed for the yearbook, consisting of Prom, Track and other events which occurred in the spring. Co-editors for the 1975 annual were Penny Skahaug and Marianne Utberg. Jim Turner took the task of Business Manager and the Advisor for this year was Mrs. Stabenow. Being on the yearbook staff also meant getting first peak at the new pic- tures. 67 44 Snowball Express ' ' yuceii LaiidnJates and escorts were: D. Planert, R. Manney; R. Greene, D. Miller; K. Hasenmueller, M. Utberg; L. Shelley, D. Roach. A train in the middle of the gym, snowflakes and snowman enhanced the theme of " Snowball Express " on Dec. 11. Christmas trees were ar- ranged, complementing the atmos- phere . Climaxing the evening was the introduction of the court and the crowning of the royalty. Reigning over joyous affair were F. Barby, and D. Olson. Back drop of Santa captivated the Christmas spirit. 68 Sparks Gala Season Playing cheery Christmas, the band set a festive mood for the dance. Prancing around the gym, Santa wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Paintings of a train and a snow - man depicted the theme of " Snow- Helping out at the dance were Mr, and Mrs. Barby, Mr. and Mrs. Carl- ball Express. " Baker. Court enjoyed their traditional first dance. 69 Successful Agility, Ability I I I Shari Manor Kathy Christ Kim Simonson With new coach Mrs. Schle- witz, Altoona ' s gymnastic team had another great season. The girls diligently practiced to get in shape for their meets. Each girl partici- pated in a different field of gym- nastics. Taking first place be- came common practice for the team. Congratulations to the gymnasts for competing success- 1 fully. Mrs. Schlewitz and Kathy Christ lent Charmaine LaChappelle a helping hand. 1 Coach Schlewitz showed great muscle control as she demonstrated a move. A back summie was flawlessly executed by Kathy Christ. 70 Snow Skiers Tackle Slopes Attending an informal meeting were Mark and Rick. ■ 2i i Instructor, Becky Sundquist, watched her pupil, Mary Munden, fall. -J " i. .- " Si--- • V-. ' B BBFJftyT K aLjiiMF . S JT -i: ' S --.-■ " - N ' ■ ' - «- S 0m ■i -. ' ai r-i ' " Ak ' " ' ' ■ -j " ?S w. i r?l ■ fr ■■■ 1 k I i§ A ■ HI9r ' ■mm WW-] ' 1 Skiers of AHS were from left to right: B. Boley, K. Rulien, S. Pankratz, P. Vander Wegen, J. Bassing, M. Trehey, R. Boley, R. Greene, R, Anderson, ]. Klee, B. Sundquist, R. Weegman, R. Haugen, and S. Vander Wegen. Mary Munden really tackled the slope! A new extra curricular activity at AHS was the ski club. Started in the fall of " 74 " , the 19 mem- bers began planning their skiing trips as early as possible, beginning with raising money. Candy sales, bazaar sales, selling popcorn, and other sales helped to finance their trips. After the first snow fall, they were going to surrounding ski areas over the weekends and using every moment to get in another run down the slopes. The following were elected club officers: B, Sundquist; president; K. Rulien, vice-president; and R. Boley, secretary- treasurer. Advising the club was Lois Kildahl. Since skiing is a growing sport, the ski club hopes there will be more members next year. Becky, Kathy, and Mary prepared for the next run. 71 Christine Mangru Valedictorian Marianne Co-Salutatorian Lenz ' — Student Council President Miller Co-Salutatorian McGrouary Honor Student Vander Wegen Honor Student f| H »»A Cynthia Baker Cynthia Harden Constance James Becker Sally Brock Buchholtz ' m: ' : ' ? i Charlene Carlson f ; •ft Patricia Michael Erickson i; " w: Shelly DeBord Allen Fletschock Cynthia Gilbert Wayne Harris ■?Vt i ' 5 a: ' n Hanstin Johnson Johnson Lopour Mayer :!4- -. ' •-■?, My J ' 1: Ki--- ■ ' tP Kretschmer LV ' A-v , ' MLcliacl Meyer Nimmo » f vf - ' VJ James Schwiebert Linda Shelley V- ' r Vi . ' . J Planert Kenneth S chafer Kathryn Sherman Sorenson RoxAnne Squires 1 ' JB Mark Trehey t I Barbara Ventzke Barry Wasner Wagner Senior Photos ot Available: Richard Claflin Tod Erdman Roxanne Newman Allen Ress ' " ' Mi Senior Class PrcsLdciu: ■u» ' fG ' ' ' ' n Vi r. Cindy Baker, and Secretary-Treasurer: Cluis Man- ;Vi Ann Carr Sue Wane Robin Sharpe 82 Ending with " Best of ' 75 " Jotting down notes, Mrs. Stabenow made a reminder for one of her many classes. From the HEADLIGHT 1965 to the BEST OF ' 75 Mrs. Stabenow has been the yearbook advisor in Altoona. She saw many staffs through last-minute deadlines and scurried planning. When Mrs, Stabenow first took over the job of yearbook advisor, the staff was using school paste-up, a me±od of constructing a yearbook. This method involves cutting up photographs to the size desired and pasting them and typed copy on a mat. She saw Altoona through the transition from this to company paste-up, our present method used . In this method, photographs are proportion- ately shrunk and enlarged and sent in with a sort of blue-print as to how the finished page will look. After ten years, Mrs. Stabenow has decided that the fresh ideas of a new ad- visor will benefit the yearbook more than she can. All staffs have appreciat- ed the help and understanding given by Mrs. Stabenow and say " thank you " for all her years of service. Mrs. Stabenow stressed a point from her familiar position at the podium. Erasing the marks after a busy day, Mrs. Stabenow prepared to leave. 83 f::o- ' ' s1 Best Ads Roy ' s Supermarket 2501 Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. I Corner of Rudolph Rd. and Lowes Creek Rd. Eau Claire, Wis. Duke Severson — Pro . PAR 56 Lowes Creek Golf Club 86 OMa if c7 OAcy»€ Gregory C. Stokes Vernon C. Stokes ssssst Mp Donald V. Stokes George W. Fuller Harriet Golden " May Our Position Be One of Service and Understanding. " Eau Claire-Fall Creek 87 Ikh Mil Skep 1428 Lynn Avenue Altoona, Wise. Telephone 832-3737 . ' -f n T ' S ' , . X i ' % .{ Dining Room )f Coffee Shop OW IM ll y ' ( Hwy . 12 94 Eau Claire, Wise. Phone 874-5600 88 ROLLING MEADOWS MOBILE HOME ESTATES AND SALES EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN. PHONE (715) 834-6802 650 spaces (55x1 00 ' ) all underground utilities, cable TV, recreation center with swimming pool, laundry, grocery and liquor store, gas station and mobile home supply, barber shop and beauty shop. City conveniences with country atmosphere. " •- -r ' rr.;;t5j ' K5:t 89 Go places fast. Be a Navy Man. The New Navy lets you go places in many ways. In the air, on the sea or in submarines. To far-away places like the Mediterranean, the Carribean, Hawaii or Japan. And you can go places in learning, too. More than 300 im- portant, skilled jobs. Earn $340 mo. after only four months. Get all the details now. 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Midway Between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN 54701 TELEPHONE: (715) 834-5321 FOR DIAMOND RINGS, WATCHES, and ASSORTED JEWELRY for M E N and WOMEN SEE US. 113 Find Yourself Anderson, Randy 6, 37, 58, 71. Ash, DarreU 10, 21, 54. Asmussen, Dan 14, 15, 18, 60. Babbitt, Tami 8, 58. Baker, Cindy 7, 20, 30, 40, 41, 44, 51, 66, 74, 80, 81, 127 Baraboo, Jim 23, 55, 58, 61, 67. Barby, Frank 21, 23, 68, 69, 74. Harden, Cindy 74. Barrett, Lance 10. Bassing, Jerry 8, 58, 61, 62, 63, 71. Bassing, Pat 6, 23, 46. Bauer, Joyce 7, 58. Baumann, Stacy 42. Becker, Barb 8, 10, 13, 19, 23, 35, 42, 51,64. Becker, Jim 2, 6, 15, 17, 20, 21, 30, 41, 74, 82,127. Becker, Mary 4, 6, 19, 21, 22, 23, 43, 46, 51, 56. Belsky, Denise7,46. Berg, Connie 74. Berg, Keith 22,46. Berg, Kim 23, 51, 58. Berg, Larry 19,23,30,46. Bethke, Ricky 10, 54. Boley, Bill 10, 11, 37, 38, 54. Boley, Chuck 37 , 54. Boley, Greg 10,37,38,54. Boley, Mark 46, 47, 54. Boley, Rick 6,7,15,18,58,61,71. Books, Kirk 10,62. Borgerding, Brad 55,58. Borreson, Ronda 10. Brennan, Tim 20, 21, 55, 66, 74, 82, 96,98, 127. Bridges, Mark 15, 18, 58, 61. Briski, Laurie 23, 51, 58. Briski, Linda 23, 51, 58, 66, 127. Briski, Roger 10. Brock, Connie 42, 58. Brock, Nancy 10,42, 44. Brock, Sally 74, 81. Buchholtz, Carmin 46, 49 Buchholtz, Carol 32, 74. Bums, Pam 22, 35, 42, 46. Carlson, Charlene 30, 75. Card, Sue 10,42. Carr, Ann 75,81. Carr, Kathy 42,46, 57. Christ, Kathy 19,23,51,56,58,61, 70. Cook, Kim 9, 11 . Curtis, Pat 66,75. Daken, Brenda 23, 41, 42, 46, 51. DeBord, Shelly 20, 23, 38, 67, 75, 81, 127. DeBord, Rick 11. Domm, Pam 40, 42, 44, 58 Dressel, Shelly 9, 11, 21, 30. Duncan, Dennis U, 54. Duncan, Jerry 46, 49. Duncan, Rick 32,46. Durocher, Mike 46. Ellison, Rock 46, 62, 63. Emer ' , Scott 47,46. Erickson, Mark 58. Erickson, Mike 2, 15, 16, 17, 21, 32, 62, 63, 69,75. Fenner, Shelley 11, 51, 57 . Flaskrud, La Yonne 7, 35, 42, 46, 51, 57. Flaskrud, Linda 23, 35, 42, 75, 81. Flaskrud, Lori 23, 44, 58. Flaskrud, Steve 46, 54. Fletschock, A17,75. Fletschock, Ivlike 11. Franson, Karl 46. Freuh, Connie 11, 51, 57, 64. Freuh, Gary 46, 54. Gauhapp, Jon 54. Gilbert, Cindy 75. Gilbert, Julie 11. Gillett, Tammy 9, 11, 44, 51, 57 . Gonyea, Rex 46,47. Gosnell, Pat 11. Greene. Roberta 21, 44, 51, 68. 69, 76,40. Grimh, Jeff 11, 30, 62. Hagedom, Rick 76. Hagen, Laurie 23, 28, 33. 41. 44. 45. 50,43,76. Halverson, Char 11. Halverson, Greg 58, 67 . Hanson, Tim 76. Harris, Wayne 76. Hasenmueller, Brian 11, 51. Hasenmueller, Ken 20, 41, 68, 69, 62, 63,76, 127. Haugen, Rita 8, 20, 23, 50, 51, 57, 58, 61,71. Hemenway, Pam 46. Hjelsand, Tod 46, 47, 62, 63. Holtz, Robin 23, 35, 42, 58. Hoth, Bob 58. Hoth. Nancy 7. 20, 23, 46, 50, 51, 56. Hugdahl, Jeff 8, 38, 52, 55. Indrebo, Jill 19, 23, 46, 51, 56, 64. Indrebo, Kay 21, 23, 41, 42, 44, 58. Jaenke, Chris 11, 30. Johnson, Daneite 1, 20, 58. Johnson, Dave 58,61. Johnson, Debbie 76. Johnson, Janet 11,12,23,51,57. Johnson, Lee 11. Johnson, Paul 1, 14, 18, 22, 20, 47, 49, 54. Johnson, Scott 2, 17, 18, 15, 52, 53, 55, 76. Johjison, Sue 11, 30. Johnson, Todd 9, 11, 54. Johnson. Wayne 11, 54. Johnson, Wendy 40, 43. Kelley. Pat 11, 62. King, Gary 11. King, Linda 6,11,10,35.42. Klee, JuUe 2,20.23,30,40,44,50, 51,71,81. Kleist, Gary 15, 23, 41, 45, 55, 59, 66. Kleist, Lorrie 6, 12, 43, 44. Klingbeil, Joanne 37, 59. Kovar, Kent 6, 59. Kretschmer, Ed 32, 77 . Kretschmer, Jim 11. Kiogman, Tim 66. LaChappelle, Char 19, 23, 47, 49, 51, 56,70. Lancour, John 47, 49. Lane, Bobby 40, 47, 62, 63. Larson, Cindy 23, 42, 47. Leland, Dan 15, 18, 62, 63. Lenz, Paul 8, 20, 21, 30, 66, 73, 77, 96,127. Lindner, Don 59, 61, 62, 63. Lindner, Greg 30, 62, 63. Lippert, Mike 11. Lippert, Pete 32,59. Lopour, Jim 2, 15, 16, 17, 41, 77, 82, 127 Lukes, Du Wayne 47 . Lukes, Kip 59. Lustig, Cheryl 6, 12, 40, 42, 45. Mago, Lisa 30,35,47. Mangru, Chris 20,23, 30,41,43, 50, 73,80,81. 114 in Our Directory Mangru, Kathy 23, 40, 43, 44, 47 . Manney, Rae Ann 2, 19, 23, 41, 43, 68, 69,77. Manney, Terri 10, 12, 19, 23, 43, 51, 64. Manor, Chris 47 . Manor, Shari 2, 19, 23, 56, 59, 70. Martin, Wesley 54. Mayer, Debbie 23,59. Mayer, Renee 21,23,40,45,47, 51, 57. Mayer, Teresa 23, 41, 42, 51, 77, 81, 127 Melland, Debbie 12, 42. Melland, Rick 12. Meyer, Chuck 49. Meyer, Mike 31,77. Meyer, Steve 59. Meyers, Debbie 12. Miller, Dan 20, 30, 52, 53, 55, 68, 69, 73,81. Miller, Duane 7,47. Misselt, Greg 12. Misselt, Lori 23, 59,67. Munden, Mary 23, 47, 51, 57, 71. Neill, Brian 47, 52, 54. Ness, John 37 . Nimmo, Kevin 77. Nyseth, Scott 6, 59. Olson, Deanna 20, 43, 23, 36, 51, 57, 58,67, 68, 69,77,81, 82, 127. Olson, Debbie 6, 7,23, 51, 59, 66. Olson, Jerry 14, 22, 47, 54. Olson, LuAnne 23, 59, 67. Olson, Pam 12, 20, 21, 23, 35, 40, 42, 44,64. Olson, ' Pat 3, 22, 23, 35, 42, 46, 47, 51. Ottinger, Jacci 23,48. Pankratz, Lori 12, 51. Pankratz, Steve 8, 9, 59, 71. Passon, Mike 15,59,62. Pecor, Sandy 23, 35, 41, 42, 48, 64. Petska, Mike 7 8. 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Sears, Ben 48. Sedahl, David 13. Sedahl, Debbie 60. Sedahl, Pam 13, 42. Seidler, Bob 13. Semisch, Mark 6, 52, 54, 60. Sharpe, Robin 6, 20, 23, 40, 41, 42, 51,44,36,67,78,81,82, 97. Shelley, Cindy 48, 51, 57 . Shelley, Linda 23, 43, 50, 51, 57, 58, 78, 81,127. Sherman, Kathy 41, 42, 78, 127. Shermo, Mike 60, 61. Siewert, Debbie 13, 42. Silvernail, Barb 42, 79. Simonson, Kim 4, 21, 23, 19, 56, 60. Skahaug, Penny 19, 20, 21, 23, 40, 43, 44, 45, 50, 51, 64, 57, 67, 79, 81, 82, 127. Sloat, Ron 60 Smith, Brian 6, 60, 62, 63. Smith, Dan 8, 13, 54. Snyder, Jamie 60. Squires, Lance 23, 41, 79. Sorenson, Kim 2, 15, 16, 17, 40, 45, 79. Spehle, Dave 13. Stanton, Jim 13. Stene, Tim 4, 15, 20, 41, 45, 60, 61. Steuding, Chuck 14, 18, 21, 48. Sties, Rocanne 79. Strand, Lori 13, 23, 42, 44, 64. Sumner, John 13, 30, 54. Sundquist, Becky 2, 19, 23, 40, 43, 45,50,51,48,56,71. Thompson, Cindy 23, 60, 67. Thompson, Dave 1, 10, 13, 14, 37, 54. Trehey, Mark 20, 30, 40, 41, 52, 53, 71,79, 127. Turner, Jim 1, 2, 6, 14, 15, 17, 30, 20, 41,52,55,67,79,80, 127. Turner, Joy 6, 13, 41, 43. Underwood, Brian 13, 32, 40, 45 Uselton, Connie 13. Utberg, Marianne 20, 23, 41, 42, 43, 67,68, 69,73,81,127. VanderWegen, Paul 73, 82, 92, 98. VanderWegen, Pete 60, 61, 71. WanderWegen, Sue 2, 4, 7, 8, 13, 19, 20,21,23,51,56,57,71. Ventzke, Barb 21, 79. Void, Dan 48, 54. Volkman, Pam 13. Wagner, Barry 80. Wagner, Dan 14, 15, 18, 21, 60, 61. Wagner, Dennis 13. Wagner, Ken 30,80. Wagner, Patrice 13, 19, 21, 23, 30, 43, 51,57. Walker, Dan 48. Walker, Tammy 13. Wang, Sue 80, 81. Weegman, Ron 6, 15, 17, 60, 71. Wenaas, Denise 40, 60 Wenaas, Jennifer 13, 45, 51, 57. Werlein, Tom 52, 54. Wick, Judy 23, 48. Wilier, Kevin 13. Wilier, Mark 58,59,60. Yule, Randy 20, 48, 54. Zillmer, Kathy 35, 48. Zurek, Kenry 13, 30, 62, 63. 115 WeVe the Class Christine Anderson 4- , t ' Craig Barnes Robin Bennett Christine Berg Dennis Berry Susan Boley Scott Bostrom Tim Brown Class Officers: Dan Mangru, Tim Brown, Jim Peterson, Susan Connie Bruett Kevin Bullard Boley. i i mmi am- kik v Deborah Burfield Sue Constantino Rhonda DeBord Pam Duncan Salina Ellis Lisa Flaskrud Steve Fletschock Susan Grokowsky Pam Halverson Ronald Harms Kerry Hawkenson Seventh graders enjoyed learning how to dance. 116 With the Best Rating John Huftel Tom Huse Kathy Kelly ■ ' .. Class Officers: Jerome Lanners, Jim Kraft, Rhonda DeBord, Alisa Sturtz. Amy Klee Chris Kleist Jim Kraft Cindy Kretshmer Jerome Lanners Lana Larson Doug Lorenz Bill Lowery George Lukes Dan Mangru i - 111 Cindy Melland Ed Moriarity Doug Munden Angela Olson Joining in the Christmas spirit, Mrs. Moore ' s Shelley Ottinger Shelley Pankratz students decorated her home -room door. 117 Mark Olson was reluctantly pulled out onto the dance floor. We ' re the Class Sheryl Paulson Pam Pember John Pletenpol Pat Rafferty Michelle Rau Steve Reali n w Jim Reed Mike Rehberg Class Officers: Mark Olson, Connie Bruett, Ka- Paula Schafer julie Schmitt ren Weghorn. Paul Schnorr Debbie Schweitzer r Stephany Sears Nancy Sedahl Scott Seibel Jeff Siewart Mark Simons Mike Smith Gary Spehle 118 of Nineteen Eighty T f Pat Stein Mary Stelter Randy Struchen Alisa Sturz Tod Sturz w Ricky Sullivan " My Man is a Sweet Man. Mrs. Moore and her students took time out from their studies to pose for a picture. V I, Rod Swerman Amber Tietz Kurt Tomasovich Vicky Tyler Karen Weghorn Pictures Missing: Tom Johnson Ke vin Nybakken Jim Peterson Jon Yule " One, two, three- -wait for me! ' 119 We ' re the Best You ' ll Ever Find, Dan Barton Mark Bassing Before beginning, Mr. Hendricks explained the basic steps of the " Lindy " . Jon Bell Robin Berg Forrest Bresina Jami Bridges Diane Briski Jayne Burgess Beth Burns Jon Cesafsky Neal Christ Cindy Clutts Lori Cook Tammy Drake Dana Duncan Rod Duncan Holly Erdman Class Officers: Mark VanderWegen, Mark Schnorr, Pegi Hubbard, Neal Christ, Mark Everson, Bruce Underwood. 120 We ' re the Class of ' 79. students participated in co-ed dancing. Mark Everson Randy Farwell Linda Feather Shannon Fenner Donna Flaskrud Cheryl Gokee Jean Gauliapp Ann Gilbert Evetta Glassbrenner ' f l Tim Hagedorn Dawn Heller ' Vernon Hemenway Pegi Hubbard Kris Indrebo J .... ] A ■r 1 „ --» „ :...».« I Cheri Johnson Class Officers: Top-Brian Neill, Dan Barton, Mark Bassing. Bot- Becky Johnson Eric Johnson torn-Lisa Larson, Diane King, Dana Squires. Lon Johnson Margaret Kelly Loren Kovar Diane King Tom Lane Tammy Lant Julie Larson 121 Vh Pam Leland Cheryl Little We ' re the Best Students were caught by the camera. Brenda McCann Marge Mangru Jackie Manor Jim Martine Sharon Matykiez Becky Melland Craig Moen Mr. Herrick caught a bite to eat between classes. Cherie Mayer Mike Mayer Brad Neill Debra Nyseth V ■ rS ' ' Pam Olson Russell Pence Kim Peterson Randy Peterson Shelley Pierce Paul Rehberg Kelly Roberts 122 You ' ll Ever Find Teni Romberg Curt Romine Sid Sanwick Becky Schafer Ted Schneider m Students eagerly waited to be called on. Mark Schnorr You VILL dance, and you VILL LIKE it! r ' i ' mm m. -m. Loree Schostek Tina Sharpe Dana Squires Becky Stelter Brian Strand Robert Sumner Joy Thelen Kevin Teitz Tim Bruce Tomasovich Underwood Pictures Missing: Anna Marie Martin Tim Sturz Jennie Vance Mark Kim Volkman Julie Weghorn Nora Wilcox Vander Wegen 123 WeVe the Class Mrs. Nelson Mr. Hendricks 124 of Seventy-Nine Seventh grade chorus. r I ItJOSSS Eighth grade chorus — soprano section. Eighth grade chorus — alto section. Junior High band — woodwind section. Junior High band— brass and percussion section. Mr. Streif stressed a point to his students. Science students dissected frogs. 125 We Appreciate Mr. Pedersen Looking over the mail of the day, Mr. Pedersen contemplated an important decision. Mr. Pedersen graduated from Wisconsin State Uni- versity in 1937 with a Social Studies major and a Mathe- matics minor. After teaching in Portland, North Dakota, he came to Altoona in 1940 to teach science and mathe- matics and coach basketball. In 1942 his team went to the state tournament at Madison. For five years he was in the Marines serving in the South Pacific theater where he attained the rank of cap- tain. It was in 1947 that Mr. Pedersen returned to school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and received his Masters degree in school administration. Since 1948 he has worked for the betterment of the Altoona Public School. With much pride, or. Mr. Pedersen stood in front of the school named in his hon- Mr. Pedersen proved his advanced math ability by solving a complicated formula. The Pedersen family was united in choosing teaching as a profession. His wife Beulah teaches at Randall School in Eau Claire; his son Richard teaches at Memorial High School and his other son Thomas attended the Wisconsin State Uni- versity in Eau Claire, majored in Mathematics and is now Assistant Federal Banking Inspector in Mankota, Although Mr. Pedersen enjoys fishing, it seems more likely that his best hobby is golf. He has won several area tournaments, had a " hole in one " at Hallie and served as golf pro at the Elks Country Club. Since the school burned in 1951, voters have shown confidence in Mr. Pedersen ' s judgment by passing six building referendums. The buildings now represent a two million dollar investment. Student discipline is one more aspect of Mr. Pedersen ' s di- versified job. 126 Best Memories Created What a switch! •75 Pride 127 128 flCj X ' -tLi t ti iS i mm fM WiT i

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