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Q :- ' :m : i ' i " lf: ' :i ' ' : ' l 1973 HEADLIGHT The 1973 graduating class of Altoona High School has spent four years preparing themselves for the future. The time las passed quickly, but everyone has memories that ?ill last forever. These past four years have meant many things--a ;ime of victory, a time of defeat; a time for learning, a time for fun; and a time for sharing. There were the good times IS well as the bad; and now, we have finally come to OUR time--1973 A Time for Us. Altoona High School Altoona, Wisconsin Volume XXVHI Table of Contents Administration Page 7 Junior High Page 15 Freshmen Page 28 Sophomores Page 34 Juniors Page 40 Sports Page 47 Activities Page 65 Seniors Page 95 Advertising Page 111 " A Time for Us " 1973 A Time for Victory Seasons to gather together and to cast away. V %. Vc- 1 s i n To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. And OUR TIME is NOW! ADMINISTRATION Einar Pedersen Superintendent Robert Bredesen Principal Their Services School Board Standing: Robert Bredesen, Einar Pedersen. Richard Indrebo, DarrellWood- ington. Seated: William Peterson, Bernie Larson, Mary Pietenpol. Charles Beaver. . P n City Council Mr. Percy Hugdahl; Mrs. Nadine Martin; Mrs. Robert Pecor, Sec.; Mrs. Lillian Pettis, City Clerk; Mr. Donald Foss, Mayor; Mr. Larry Eisenreich; Mr. Leonard Drescher. John Grafenauer Guidance Counselor Richard Zahorik Intern Guidance Counselor Secretaries: Barb Bredesen and Mary Pietenpol. Are Essential Bus Drivers: Mrs. Boletta Munden, Bill Leland, Doris Dressel, Gertrude Pierce, Sharon Seidler. William Underwood Gordy Van Dyke and Jack EUdtke Kitchen Help: N. Wilier, C. Rajotte, P. Kovar. C. Wagner, C. Wagner, T. Mayer. Pat Leland and Shirley Radtke Kitchen Help: A. Patton, D. Gunderson, K. Rohn. M. Foss, P. Nyre, J. Weisheipl, Their Time Devoted to Elizabeth Stabenow English, Speech, Journalism Alice Held Lib rarian, English Gunhild O ' Brien English Barbara Ahlers Home Economics, Art Mrs. Stabenow pauses during class to have her picture taken. 10 Direct Our Education m Mrs. Russell removes baking from the oven. Marie Frei Business Education Louise Fraser Spanish, French Gregory Bement English, Phy. Ed. Betty Paskausky Phy. Ed. , Gymnastics II Lois Kildahl Vocal Music Gerald Olson Instrumental Music Victor Sorensen Physics, Chemistry. Phy. Science Arnold Johnson Algebra I II, Geometry -ml i James Woodington Biology, Physiology Coach Schroeder--The 7th wonder of the world. 12 Mrs. Kildahl practices in the music room. James Schroeder History, Football Coach Betty Cowley History, Social Problems Donald Severson Ind. Arts, Basketball Coach John Streif Industrial Arts Miss Paskausky and Mr. Bement in Teachers ' Room between classes. 13 Margaret Woodford Business Education Intern Mr. Zahorik helped us this year as an intern guidance counselor. Mr. Bredesen takes time out for a pic- ture. The proud coaches show off the trophy. Joanne Chase, Business Education Intern; Jean An- derson, Chorus Practice teacher; Gerald Olson, Band; Richard Zahorik, Guidance Intern; Marie Frei, Business Education. The liuw uleniencary school was named for Elnar C. Pedersen. JUNIOR HIGH Building Strong Minds Mrs. McLaughlin Miss Bauer Miss Paskausky and Miss Bauer relax in gym. Mr. Herrick Mr. Klorgan A surprised Mrs, Moore Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Moore 16 We ' ve Only Just Begun p. Anderson D. Ash L. Barrett a X i G. Boley R. Bruner B. Curtis B. Becker Pam Olson, Sue anJcrWc en, Terri Mann- ey, Pat Wagner, Julie Gilbert. R. Bethke C Boley W. Boley K. Books R- Borreson R. Briski N. Brock S. Card K. Cook C. Curtis R. DeBord 17 M. Dresel D.Duncan R.Duncan S. Fenner M. Fletschock C.Frueh fh AW J. Gaulrapp G. Gergely J. Gilbert T. Gillett P. Gosnell S. Grambort O ' i I J. Grimh C. Halverson B. Hasenmueller P. Hemenway V. Hemenway J. Johnson f ) f? a t ' ti L. Johnson S. Johnson T. Johnson W. Johnson P. Kelly G. King i m " m m L. King L. Kleist J. Kretschmer T, Larson G. Lindner B, Lundell 18 C. Lustig T. Manney it D. Melland I Wk R. Melland 4 I w G. Misselt V ' , C. Moen P. Olson Y, Pabich L. Peterson M, Pietenpol D. Poppe K. Price J, Reali T. Robertson D. Rogers ' What you are to be, you are now becoming. J. Sumner, S. VanderWegen, D. Schneid- er, J. Turner. y " !■ " N. Brock, B. Underwood, D. Siewert. D. Poppe, D. Ash, D. Thompson. 19 wrr ' ■f-- ;; J. RohJe D. Rosentrater M. Ruscin J. Schafer D. Schneider M. Schroeder D. Sedahl P. Sedahl R. Seidler D. Siewert D. Smith S ' JuUa A ' not CLvailaMc D. Spehle (Pi 1 J. Stanton G. Stone J. Sumner D. Thompson J. Turner B. Underwood S. VanderWegen C. Vaningan P, Volkman V. Vorce D. Wagner P. Wagner T. Walker J. Wenaas B. Winrich L. Wethington K, Wilier L. Wethington K, Wilier K. Zurek 20 Looking Forward to Next Year i M. Becker D. Belsky . K. Berg L. Berg L. Berg C. Buchholz p. Burns R. Ellison S. Emery C M. Boley M. Durocher ••s %- ? S. Flaskrud G. Frueh R. YiUe, W. Martin, K. Mancru, R. Schneider. M. Gergely 21 y " « D. Glassing R. Gonyea R, Grambort P. Hemenway T. Hjelsand N. Hoth P, Johnson S. Kistner C. LaChappelle B, Lane C. Larson R, Lasiuk C. Lodl D. Lukes L. Mago K, Mangru M. Becker, Kl. Curtis, C. LaChappcll 22 r e r C. Manor W. Martin R, Mayer S. McFadden R. McManus D. Miller P .4 k M. Munden B. Neill T TOO BUSY J. Olson P. Olson J. Ottinger C. Peterson M. Peterson C. Pierce N. Priestley M. Reali I ' Acio net Cliuiilaite S. Pecor C. Roberts D. Rohn T. Ruscin B. R Tida R. Schneider R. Schroeder B. Sears C. Shelly C. Steuding R. Sundquist . - J Eb D. Void 23 " i JuSt ff didn ' t isji:,- have % a ' tlj,thing SCwear D. Walker J. Wick T. Woodford R, Yule K. Zillmer C. Manor, C. Shelley, L. Flaskrud, N. Hoth. M. Curtis and B. Sundquist receive CO-ED. A typical Junior High study hall. " Little things can often be the biggest things in someone ' s day. ■ ' " Tlie joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you . " J. Indrebo and K. Zillmer dissect a frog. 24 Jr. High Pupils Unfold Various Talents Row One: J. Indrebo, S. Pecor. R. McManus, C. Brock, R. Brunei, F. Sutton, C. Buchholz, V. Vorce. Row Two: C. Larson, K. Zillmer, J. Wi ck, L. Berg, L. Kleist, B. Winrich, Y. Pabich, P. Anderson, T. Gillen. Row Three: K. Zurek, D. Siewert, R. Borreson, C. Pierce, J. Ulrich, C. Frueh, P. Olson, C. LaChappelle, R. Mayer, B. Sund- quist, M. Reali. Row Four: W. Lundell, J. Reali, D. Rosentrater, Mr. Olson, R. Lane, B. Underwood, J. Schafer. C. Lustig, J. Wenaas, C. Curtis, N. Priestley. w ' -a M(Wi S f tfcrii: ' - rvx.- Row One: P. Sedahl, C. Lustig, P. Burns, P. Olson, T. Manney, L. Wethington, P. Olson, R. Bruner, T. Walker. J. Turner, K. Cook, C. Halverson, M. Munden, N. Hoth, J. Indrebo, B. Curtis. L. King. Row Two: P. Hemenway. F. Sutton, S. Pecor, M. Reali, S. Kistner, J. Wenaas, D. Rosenuater, S. Fenner. B. Becker. D. Melland, D. Rogers, S. Grambort, T. Gillett, M. Dresel. S. Johnson, C. Larson. C. Lodl, D. Belsky. Row Three: C. Buchholz. P. Hem- enway, R. Borreson. D. Siewert, C. Pierce, B. Rynda, S. Card, L. Berg, J. Gilbert. V. Vorce, T. Robertson, R. McManus, R. Mayer, P. Wagner, S. Vander Wegen. J. Ottinger. B. Winrich. L. Kleist. Row Four: Y. Flaskrud, L. Peterson, J. Wick. C. Frueh, C. Brock, M. Curtis, K. Carr, K. Mangru, L. Mago, C. LaChappelle. J. Johnson. P. Volkman, K. Zillmer, S. McFadden, M. Becker, C. Shelley, R. Sundquist. P. Gosnell, Y. Pabich, C. Roberts. P. Anderson, K. Peterson. 25 Row One: R. Mayer, C. LaChappelle, C. Shelley, M. Becker. Row Two: J. Ulrich, M. Schroeder, D. Smith, K. Brooks, B. Boley, S. Flaskrud, G. Frueh. Row Three: W. Johnson, D, Ash, D, Schneider, R. Yule, J. Olson, R. Schneider, D. Thompson, C, Steuding, R. Ellison, P. Johnson, P. Kelly, R. Schroeder, M. Boley, Mr. Morgan. Row One: D. Smith, J. Schafer, D. Thompson, J. Rohde, M. Pietenpol, D. Ash, C. Moen. J. Sumner, R. Bethke. Row Two: R. Melland, D. Void, D. Miller, W. Martin, J. Ulrich, M. Peter- son, B. Johnson, B. Boley, C. Boley. Row Three: R. Yule, S. Flaskrud, J. Olson, P. Johnson, G. Frueh, B. Neill, C. Steuding, R. Gonyea. Row Four: Mr. Kunsman. Mr. Morgan, D. Lukes, T. Johnson, R. Schneider, D. Duncan, D. Schneider. 1 ♦ ' I ' . Ill 1 26 Ar ' : UNDERCLASSMEN Time to Launch B. Borgerding Freshmen class officers: Pres. D. Leland, Vice-Pres. K. Simonson, Sec. M. Wilier, Treas. R. Haugen. L. Briski L. i.riiki C. Brock M. Bridges K. Christ 28 New Horizons R. Dewitz P. Gergely R. Duncan M. Erickson L. Flaskrud mm K. Franson D. Grambort R. Haugen I T. Hays V G. Halverson R. Holtz The freshmen float, " Pickle the Pirates, " won them second place in the Homecoming Parade. R. Hoth 29 J. Hughdahl Freshman cheerleaders add their support at football game. K. Indrebo D. Johnson G. Klelst J. Klingbeil K. Kovar 1 ff A . Leach D. Leland K. Lukes D. Lindner S. Manor b. Martine D , Maye r S. Meyer L. Misselt J. Ness 30 S. Nyseth D. Olson M. Passon K. Rajotte M. Rajotte A. Reed K. Roberts S. Robertson C. Rogers » Several freshmen girls make use of new library facilities. 31 T. Rogers L. Rohde Freshmen students busily studying for their next class. D. Rosentrater C. Rude I M. Shermo Everyone is busy talking on the bus to an away game. 32 K. Simonson R. Sloat B. Smith P. Stanton T. Stene J. Snyder C. Thompson P. Vander Wegen D. Wagner R. Weegman L. Wethington D. Wenaas T. Werlein 33 Time Progresses C. Baker C. Barden Sophomore Homecoming float wins first prize. C. Buchholz W. Burley C, Carlson A. Carr K. Cerutti 34 Future Dreams p. Cemtti D. Curtis P. Curtis S. DeBord M. Erickson C. Frueh Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who ' s the fairest of them all? Could it be Charlene? C. Gilbert itei v L. Hagen T. Hanson W. Harris K. Hasenmueller D. Johnson 35 D. Johnson S. Johnson C. Kemper J. Klee E. Kretschmer K. Nimmo S. Nowicki D. Olson P. Phillips G. Pierce 36 President M. Trehey Vice President R. Manney Secretary -Treasurer T. Brennen D. Planert N. Reali A. Ress Shaver L . Shelley K. Sherman B, Silvemail P. Skahous 37 " PlfMlllffff ififif Sophomores attend Veterans ' Day program. J. Turner K. Sorenson R. Sutton L. Squires R. Sties P. Swanson M. Trehey C. Tyler 38 M. Utberg P. VanderWegen B . Wagner Mike works on float. Photos Not Available: R. Greene, R. Hagedom, R. Klingbeil, C. Markgraf, P. Newman. K. Wagner S. Wang What kind of study hall is this ' 39 Time for L. Baumbach S. Beaver S. Boley C. Brown V. Burfield C. Card His heart. D. Carpentiet D. Christ D. Clirist R. Dewitz 40 Final Decisions IS missins. C. Duncan R. Duncan S. Feather M. Foss T. Gaulrapp D . Gunderson D. Gunderson L. Hasenmueller TOO BUSY p. Haucen L. Hehl D. Hoth J ' fiitto ttiU (iiiailafli: E. Hemenway S. Hook K. Hubbard 41 r K, Johnson K. Kleist P. Kovar S . Larson I V I, G. Lasiuk D. Mann A . Mayer L. McManus t K. McMiller J. Melland T. Meyer Wishes Do Come True! AVAILABLE ' JUSt cainera shy R, Mueller T. Munden S. Ness S. Newman 42 Pres. Pat Haugen V. Pres. Carl Wilcox Sec. -Treas. Paula Nyre Photograph not available K. Nimmo P. Nyre C. Olson T. Otttnoer bsent when pictures ere taken D. Paffel J. Pace A. Patton P. Potter C. Rajotte ■ M. Rogers V . M. Rogers M. Rohde K. Rohn D. Rosentrater 43 A . Rynda . s B. S chafer Photograph not availaHe C. Schmidt R. Sedahl K. Shelley V R. Shermo P. Sieg R. Silvernail C. Simons J. Stanton L, Tho mpson D. Tyler J. Weisheipl J. Weisheipl C. Wenaas T. Werner C. Wilcox N. Wilier S. Wood QUIT PEEKING! " 45 46 • Springtime Calls Bat Men, Back Row: Coach Bement, Scott Johnson, Tim McGrouary, Jim Larson, Kim Sturz, Mike Haugen, Roger Sundquist, Jim Turner, Greg Larson, Craig Wenaas. Front Row. Jon Reed, Carl Duncan, Scott Larson, Paul Larson, Bill Nyre, Dale Christ, Bill Schafer. Scott Larson and Craig Wenaas show off a Rails ' Vic- tory smile. This one has got to be a STRIKE!!! Slugger Bill Nyre The Altoona Baseball team started the 1972 season with three straight victories over Immanuel Lutheran (14-0), Gil- manton (8-0), and Gilman (7-1), but then lost to Cornell (1-5) before beating arch rival Fall Creek (5-2). The second half of the season was a little less cherry, however, as the Rails fell twice to Cadott (0-5) and (1-4), once each to Cornell (3-7) and to Fall Creek (5-8) before defeating Gilmanton (5-1) and Immanuel Lutheran (10-1). The Rails were six wins and five losses as they entered WIAA tournament play. The first tournament game was against Fall Creek and the Rails put on a fine " come from behind " rally to win (8-5). In the Sub-District championship game Eau Claire North stopped our seventh inning rally to win (2-1). The Rails showed much improvement at the plate as well as in the field in this, the second year of baseball. The starting line up was: 1st base, Mike Haugen; 2nd, Bill Schafer or Bill Nyre: Shortstop, Greg Larson; 3rd, Paul Lar- son; Left Field, John Reed; Center Field, Bill Nyre or Jim Turner; Right Field, Scott Larson, Jim Larson, or Kim Sturz; and Dale Christ, Catching. The pitching chores were handled by Kim Sturz and Roger Sundquist, and relief duties were often given to Greg Larson, Scott Larson, Jim Turner and Dale Christ. 48 Other Rails to see action were Craig Wenaas, Tim McGrouary, Scott Johnson and Carl Duncan. I Track Men into Action Back Row: Brian Mann, Randy Dewitz, JimLopour, Kim Sturz, Jim Turner, Bruce Pecor, Jim Larson, Mark Kovar, Gary Bentley, Bill Rohde, Brad Olson, Jeff Weisheipl, Coach Schroeder. Front Row: Terry Gaulrapp, Art Mayer, Tim Mc- Grouary, Bill Schafer, Lance Squires, Jon Thompson, Rex Board, Mark Schmitt, Jay Gonyea, Scott Carlson, Greg Thompson, Roger Sundquist, Bill Nyre. Just one more hurdle left! ! ! ! Look, boys! 1 can fly! The Altoona trackteam had a great 1971-72 season. They had five trackmeets with other schools and came out with a record of four wins and one loss. The scores were as follows: Altoona (69) Cadott (58); Altoona (76) Eleva Strum (51); Augusta (71) Altoona (56); Altoona (66) Mondovi (61); Al toona (89) Fall Creek (35). Altoona also participated in three triangular trackmeets. They placed second in all three meets: Osseo Fairchild (72i) Altoona (50) and Augusta (48); Elk Mound (72|), Altoona (45), and Colfax (26 ); Elk Mound (71), Al toona (54- -), and Fall Creek (26 ). It was also a pleasure for Altoona to send three boys to the Class C State Tournament in Madison: Steve Hugdahl, Scott Carlson, and Gary Bentley. Steve Hudgahl came home with a second in the 440. Mr. Schroeder is proud of his track team. 49 Sportsmen Flourish P ' .J HO- .J ' S - iix Tj V5j 3 |« j- ' ' " l. il 1 1 1 Volleyball " A " Team Row One: T. Schafer, K. Hubbard, Row Two: Coach Fraser. L, Hall, L. McManus, K. Mc- Donald, S. Beaver, C. Wagner, A. Otto. fV - fM loflif n, Vm Golf Team Row Two: T. Brennan. P. VanderWegen, B. Dweitz, T. Hanson, D. Miller, A. Radtke, T. Munden. Coach Severson. IfK - " Mr. Johnson missed the bull ' s eye! " 50 in Varied Activities Volleyball B Team Row One: M. Foss, C. Wagner. Row Two: V. Nowicki, J. Snyder. S. Greene, R. Haugen. Row Three: Coach Fraser, J. Weisheipl, P. Kovar, D. Johnson, D. Olson, K. Sloat. r-r-r-r-rip! Archery Squad Row One: D. Planert. T. Otringer. D. Ash, D. Curtis. Row Two: P. Lenz, P. VanderWegen, J. Schwie- bert, A. Fletschock. Row Three: Mr. Johnson, M. Rogers, M. Rogers, J. Baraboo, S. Holey. Mr. Sorensen. 51 Young Grapplers Strive to Perfect Row One: M. Wibel, D. Leland, C. Duncan, S. Nowicki, D. Carpentier, D. Christ, D. Gunderson, D. Lindner, M. Erick- son, N. Nyseth. Row Two: K. Lukes, R, Anderson, M, Schroeder, J. Becker, C. Kemper, K. Cerutti, D. Johnson, A. Mayer, R, Bruner, D. Moore, D. Abrahamson, Mr. Morgan. Assistant coach Brian Ostenso teaches the basics 52 Don Christ Steve NowicM The 1972-73 wrestling team was coached by Mr. Morgan and his as- sistant, Brian Ostenso. The boys showed great sportsmanship and worked very hard. Outstanding per- formances were made by the team, especially by Dave Gunderson and Don Christ. Dave Gunderson Brian Ostenso 53 Cheering on Kerry Rohn, Renee Manor, Connie Wagner, Nancy VVeegman, Diane Gunderson. 54 School Spririt Shari Manor, Amy Reed, Kay Indrebo, Rita Haugen, Deb- bie Olson, Danette Johnson, Cindy Thompson. Rae Ann Manney, Tammy Rogers, Kathy Christ, Kim Simon son. Sue S chafer. Diane Gunderson, Kerry Rohn, Connie Wagner, Renee Manor, Nancy Weegman. Back Row: Kim Simonson, Tammy Rogers, Rae Ann Manney, Sue Schafer, Kathy Christ. Front Row: Paula Nyre, Sue Beaver, Paula Kovar, Theresa Schafer, Lou Ann Hall. 55 ' 73— Rails Cheerleaders: P. Nyre, P. Kovar, L. Hall, T. Schafer, S. Beaver. Row One-. Coach Bement, L. Squires, C. Wenaas, J. Lopour, B. Schafer, P. Larson, M. Schmitt, D. Christ, L. Stene, R, Sundquist, K. Schafer, S. Carlson, J. Gonyea, Coach Schroeder. Row Two: Coach Severson, T. Gaulrapp, T. McGrouary, M. Rogers, S. Johnson, S. Larson, J. Larson, M. Wilier, T. Werner, D. Christ, B. Nyre, Coach Grafenauer. Row Three: M. Rogers, K. Hasenmueller, R. Dewitz, T. Munden, B. Olson, P. Haugen, J. Turner, B. Pecor, G. Bentley, D, Ash, D, Ely. IDi. BO. b 72 14 iB L ej Cheerleaders: enmueller, R. T. McGrouary R. Manney, T. Rogers, K. Simonson, S. Schafer, K. Christ. Row One: L. Squires, C. Wenaas, K. Has- Dewitz, P. Ilaugen, M. Schmitt, M. Rogers, D. Ash. Row Two: Coach Bement, T. Gaulrapp, M. Rogers, , S. Johnson, B. Schafer, J. Lopour, S. Larson, K. Schafer. Row One: S. Manor, J. baraboo, L . Werleia, D. Asiuussen, D.Leland, S. Meyer, R. Weegman, M. Erickson, M. Rajottc, A, Leach, C, Thompson. Row Two: R. Haugen, D. Arbs, R. Boley, T. Stene, M. Bridges, M. Schroeder, D. Wagner, D. Johnson, J. Ness, G, Kleist, Coach Kunsman, D. Olson. 56 Best Year Paul Larson Scott Carlson Bill Nyre L,iUik ' r Slv. ' :i ' 41 — ZSCiMBI ' ' 1 1 f: fllP » |V 1 ' 4 ' It M " i -■•Mf !•■ ' .«:,, y Gonyea KaH Ja Gary Bentley .ILIM L. a Lie ' 11 J «»» LI I lU U 1.1 1 Sl 57 Ja-,™..- . Bruce Pecor Brad Olson Mike Wilier TuJJ MuaJcn Managers-. Steve Boley, Bill Rohde, Ed Bohn, Kim Sturz. F ootb all Scores Altoona 34 Chetek 6 Altoona 20 Loyal 17 Altoona 26 Greenwood 14 Altoona 12 Cornell 40 Altoona Stanley- Boyd 26 Altoona 22 Oilman 8 Altoona 14 Fall Creek 20 Altoona 22 Cadott Playoff Altoona 24 Neillsville 11 58 ( r t 59 Nearing of a Dream 60 Success, Only a Victory Away B-Squad Row One: T. Hanson, B. Schafer, S. Larson, K. Schafer, D. Roach, T. Brennan. Row Two: Managers, J. Baraboo and G. Kleist, T. Gaulrapp, T. McGrouary, D. Miller, S. Johnson, M. Trehey, D. Planter. Coach Schroeder. Ed Bohn Kim Stuiz Bill Nyre Larry Baumbach I Jim Turner Paul Larson Triumphs in " 73 " Scores Altoona 52 Osseo 57 Altoona 63 Fall Creek 52 Altoona 76 Loyal 62 Altoona 64 Cadott 49 Altoona 73 Cornell 70 Altoona 56 Thorp 55 Altoona 107 Oilman 42 Altoona 77 Stanley 48 Altoona 71 Neillsville 52 Altoona 53 Fall Creek 50 Altoona 81 Neillsville 52 Altoona 69 Cadott 47 Altoona 47 Thorp 60 Altoona 73 Cornell 54 Altoona 58 River Falls 39 Altoona 72 Oilman 38 Altoona 81 Stanley 47 Altoona 57 Thorp 63 U -RAH -RAH DUKE U-RAH-RAH RAILS .% . ' - %.:. -. jS;:M«ioe ' . M P- ACTIVITIES KING David Ely QUEEN Renee Manor 66 44 Precious and Few ' ' Junior and senior couples who served on the court were: Eddie Bohn and Stacy Green; Mark Sundquist and Linda Nyre: Dave Ely and Renee Manor, Sandy Leonhard and Kim Sturz; Theresa Schafer and Brad Olson. Although it ras raining outside, inside it was warm and romantic, a beautiful setting for the Junior Prom held on May 5, 1972. The Junior class built their prom around the theme " Precious and Few " . Upon entering the gymnasium, the couples walked through a Rhododendron Arbor and found themselves in a French at atmosphere consisting of a twelve foot Eifel tower done in royal blue and black. Punch was served by Gail Wick and Anita Wagner. Music was provided by the Rick Tiller Quartet. The Grand March was at 10:15. The girls, dressed in their beautiful gowns, formed their line on one side of the gym and the boys, handsomely attired in tuxedos, formed their line on the other side as Mr. Grafenauer called the girls ' names and whoever escorted them. They then met on the colorful bridge where pictures could be taken. After this came the high- light of the evening which was the crowning of King Dave Ely and Queen Renee Manor. Tommy and Lisa Bement, children of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Bement, served as cro m bearers although Mark Sundquist and Linda Nyre did the actual cro ' ning. A delightful evening was had by everyone who attended. 67 ■• u U U Music was provided by the Rick Tiller Quartet. Tommy and Lisa Bement participa- ted as crown bearers. Dave and Renee enjoy the Royal Dance. Red roses were presented to Mrs. Thompson. 68 A very special mo- ment for Bob and Laurie, Balloons floated gently to the floor while couples danced. Roger and Paula enjoy the Grand March. i A very precious moment for Bill and Sandy. Ed and Stacy were members of the court during the Grand March. «9 Altoona ' s Talent The play " Beauty and the Beef " was presented in April. After grueling tryouts the leading roles were given to Gail Brennan, Con- nie Cota, Colin Everson, Linda Nyre and Bill Nyre. Other roles were given to Sue Beaver, Vicki Bridges, Ruth Harris, Teresa Huf- tel, Steve Hugdahl, AnnMon- son, Greg Ottinger, Terry Patton, Kathy Reed, John Reed, Roger Sundquist, Mark Sundquist, Terri Trehey. The actors alone don ' t make-up the entire play. There also is a stage crew and a make- up crew involved in this display of talent. The make-up crew shows some of their unique hair techniques in the photo on this page; of course without the stage crew the actors wouldn ' t have had any props to emphasize the set- ting. Fun and laughter were com- mon place in this play which con- cerned the Winnebagashi football team in the small town of Win- nebagashi. The Winnebagashians put on a fine play for the enjoy- ment of everyone. 70 Shines Through 71 Harmonizing , ;, ' . ' -•« H ' n V i. ' • ., fer ii T " SB ' k in Row One: C. Brock, C. Berg, T. Rogers, A. Reed, C. Buchhollz, R. Sutton. Row Two: S. Schafer, L. Flaskrud, R. Holtz, K. Rogers, D. Wenaas, K. Johnson, K. Indrebo. Row Sharpe, L. Olson, S. Wang, R. Newman, P. Potter, V. Burfield, S. Feather, J. Baraboo fer, T. Meyer. Row Four: K. Sloat, D. Rosentrater, P. Kovar, C. Stone, C. Raether, M K. Shelley, J. Brock, D. McDonald, K. Sherman. G. Pierce, Three: R. , T. Scha- . Utberg, f Treblairs Row One: S. Feather, R. Sharpe, T. Meyer, S. Wood. Row Two: K. Johnson, D. Rosentrater, T. Schafer, L. Hagen, R. Manney. Row Three: J. Baraboo, L. Hehl, K. Shelly, P, Seig, L. McManus. Shhhhhh! 72 Talents Combine ' ■ • Row One: S. Wood, L, Wethington, B. Martine, D. Sedahl, L. Hasenmueller, K. Kleist. Row Two: L. McManus, C. Rude, P. Swanson, P. Phillips, P. Newman, N. Reali, D. Gunderson, L, Hagen. Row Three: K. Hubbard, K. Roberts, D. Rosentrater, B. Ventzke, P. Curtis, S. Hook, K. Kleist, P. Sieg, A. Carr, S. Greene. Row Four: C. Harris, L. Hehl, D, Olson, L. Shelly, P. Skauhaug, L. Quale, R, Manney, J. Weisheipl, P. Nyre, M. Foss. Choraliers Row One: T. Rogers, R. Sharpe, S. Feather, T. Schafer, M. Foss, P, Nyre, K. Indrebo. Row Two: K. Johnson, L. Briski, S. Schafer, K. Hubbard. L. Hasenmueller. L. Hehl. Row Three: B. Nyre, D. Christ, L, Stene, P. Haugen, J. Weisheipl, R. Sundquist. K. Hasenmueller, M. Trehey, B. Schafer. Another Caruso?! 73. Girl Gymnasts Accomplish Varied Feats A , ; Row One: L. Hall, Miss Paskausky, K. Christ. Row Two: S, Manor, N. Reali, V. Nowicki, P. Nyre, R. Manor. Row Three: T. Meyer, P. Skahaug, L, Shelley, L. Rohde, S. Beaver, J. Klee, M. Rohde, K. Simonson. lis, ftj sil 74 A Little Bit of Everything Lou Ann Hall performs on the beam. Sue Beaver and Theresa Jon Reed shows off his ballet talent. Schafer pose. PdiT The theme of the evening. Ann Monson was our clown. Miss Paskausk} ;cc . i for all her work. ' Cnition 75 Homecoming 1972 King Paul Queen LouAnn Class attendants: Mark Bridges, Chris Mangru, Mark Trehey, Don Christ, Cindy Jordan, Gary Bentley, Ann Rynda, RaeAnn Manney, Tim McGrouary, Sheri Manor. The Odd Couple! Spirit descended on the Rails at the Bon Fire. 76 — « v fV I A memorable evenins The festivities throughout Homecom- ing week were filled with enthusiasm. The week began with Dress-Up Day. Odd Ball day followed with mounting excitement. There was quality, un- iqueness and most of all humor in the apparel the students wore. A new addi- tion to A. H. S. ' s Homecoming Tradi- tion was " Be Kind to Teacher ' s Day. " At night the Pep Assembly and Bon Fire were bursting with Spirit. Thursday, Loyalty Day was respected as usual. The parade was held that night leading King and Queen Candidates: Paul Larson, Cindy Jordan, Lou Ann Hall and Gary Bentley. right into the game against the Oilman Pirates. At half time, the omnipotent Sophomores won First place on their float with the theme, " Drag ' um to De- feat. " The Freshmen placed second with " Pickle the Pirates, " and the Se- niors placed third with the theme, " Rails Treasure A V ' ictory. " The Rails defeated the Pirates 22 to 8. Friday night, Faustus performed for the Home- coming Dance. A victorious week was concluded as Paul Larson and Lou Ann Hall were crowned King and queen. Swinsine, with Faustus! Rails had Spirit throughout the Festivities. 77 Saint Nicholas Snowflake At the throne: Queen Nancy Weegman, King Bill Nyre Presides Over Fantasy Snow Flake Fantasy On December 19, 1972, the Altoona Se- niors held their annual Christmas dance, from 8 to 11 P.M. The music was provided by Community. Decorations were furnished by the Altoona Art Department, which consisted of colorful posters of Christmas, gigantic snow flakes and the three way bridge in red and green crepe paper which was used in introducing the members of the court. Santa Claus, who was Luther Stene, pre- sented the crowns to the Vice Queen Paula McFadden and Vice King Greg Thompson who then crowned the King and Queen. Other court members were Cathy Balow, Jay Gon- yea, AnnMunson, Bruce Pecor. Carol Pope, Jeff Gutsch, Karen Sloat, and Scott Munden. This dance ended the 1972 school year in fine fashion. ' WTiM H .. " F T 8 B 79 Left to Right: Kim Sorenson, Kathy Sherman, Ann Monson, Ed Bohn, Karen Sloat, Pat Haugen, Dave Ely, Larry Baumbach, Bill Schafer, Dan Leland, Ken Wagner, Tammy Rogers. AltoonaHighSchoors Student Council consists of members from each class who work to help us, the students of Altoona, to have a voice in what concerns our school. Included in this year ' s projects were open Campus for Seniors 1st, 6th, and 7th hours. New school sweat- ers were purchased and sold almost immediately. Al- so a scholarship award is presented to a senior each year. Candidate Dave Ely with man- Candidate KarenSloatwithman- ager Brad Olson. ager Laurie Quale. f U Left to right: Vice Pres. Bill Scha- fer, Pres. Dave Ely, Treas. Pat Haugen, Sec. Karen Sloat. Candidate Ann Monson with manager Violet Nowicki. Ann Monson, Dave Ely, Karen Sloat. 80 Luther Stene, Brad Olson, Jill Weisheipl, Larry Baumbach, Karen Sloat, Bill Rohde, BillNyre, Pat Haugen, Theresa Scha- fer, Bruce Pecor, Paula Kovar, Roger Sundquist, Dave Ely, Ann Monson. National Honor Society members are chosen for their leadership, service, and character. Not only are they competent students but also they become involved in varied activities. The National Honor Society is in its third year at Altoona. Last year we had nineteen members participate in Forensics. Each student could choose from one of nine categories to work on. State winners were Linda Nyre, Gerri Lasiuk, Ann Monson, Cathy Poppe, and Roger Sund- quist. This year Altoona had four students compete in the Freedom ' s Challenge speech. They were: Junior, Lynn Hasenmueller; seniors, Mark Kovar, Ann Otto, and Ann Monson. Ann Otto placed second in area competition in this Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsored contest. We con- gratulate all of these students for a job well done! Row OneiLynnHasenmueller, Cathy Poppe, Shannon Wood, Violet Nowicki, Charlene Carlson. Row Two: Joyce Brock, Gerri Lasiuk, Theresa Schafer, Kathy Johnson. Row Three: Laurie Quale, Sue Beaver, Ann Rynda, Ann Otto. Row Four: Art Radtke, Roger Sundquist, Greg Ottinger, Dave RoUand. Row Five: Ken Hasenmueller, Ann Monson. Mark Kovar, Lynn Hasenmueller. Ann Otto. Ann Monson. 81 Spirits Uplifted with Front: L. Stene, P. Nyre, J. Lasiuk, J. Klee. Middle: S. Brock, G. Pierce, A. Reed, L. Flaskrud, K. Indrebo. S. Beaver, P. Kovar. Back: G. Kleist, D. Arbs, R. Greene, D. Rolland, K. Sorenson, K. Hasenmueller, M. Trehey, R. Brunner, C. Baker, J. Weisheipl. Stage Band Jives with Mr. Olson! Majorettes: Missy Foss, Sue Beaver and Paula Kovar. Mr. Olson guides individuals: J. Lasiuk and P. Nyre. 82 the Sound of Music Front: L. Priestley, L. Hagen, C. Mangru, P. Potter, S. Wood. Middle: L. Olson, L. Briski, L. Briski, D. Planert. T. Stene, S. Ness, A. Monson. Back: M. Foss, P. Skahaug, R. Sundquist, R. Sharpe, K. Kleist, K. Kleist. D. Wenaas, K. Berg, D. Mann, A. Mayer. Director: Mr. Olson. Stage Band: Front: A. Mayer, D, Mann, S. Wood, J. Lasiuk, R. Sundquist, K. Kleist, L. Stene. Back: K. Hubbard. K. Hasenmueller , G. Kleist, D. Rolland, M. Trehey, K. Sorenson, A. Monson, T. Stene, D. Planert, K. Kleist, R. Sharpe. 83 Time for Writers to Publish Row One: Jerri Lasiuk, Sue Volkman, Karen Sloat. Row Two: Laurie Quale, Kathy Johnson. Joyce Brock, Julie Klee, Margie Rohde, Cheri Olson, Lynn Hasenmueller, KenGoranson, Shannon Wood. The yearbook staff meets four deadlines a year, between November and February. Sue Volkman is editor of our yearbook with Jerri Lasiuk as her assistant. Business manager for our " Headlight " is Ken Goranson. Laurie Quale and Randy Shermo are photographers. Editor Sue Volkman and her assistant Jerri Lasiuk work hard on a layout mat. 84 School News and Events Row One: Cathy Poppe, Ed Bohn. Row Two: Renee Manor, Pam Holtz, Laurie Quale, Cadiy Balow. Joyce Brock, Dave Rol- land. Row Three: Randy Shermo, Mike Roosevelt, Mark Schmitt, Kim Sturz, Ann Monson. The journalism class at Altoona High meets a monthly deadline to publish the " Tracks of Time. " Co-editors for the paper are Cathy Poppe and Ed Bohn, Feature Editor is Joyce Brock, while Renee Manor and Mike Roose- velt are Sports Editors. Advertising Manager is Pam Holtz and cartoonist is Cathy Balow. Advisor for the " Tracks of Time " is Mrs. Elizabeth Stabenow. Our co-editors Cathy Poppe and Ed Bohn are punlng forth their effort to make our newspaper a success. 85 Better Facilities Give Learning Depth Seated: K. Kleist, S. Brock, L. Quale, J. Brock, Standing: A. Radke, D. Tyler, B. Dewitz, M. Kovar, R. Board, M, Ut- berg, Mrs. Asmussen, C. Poppe, S. DeBord, C. Carlson, G. Wick, P. Snyder, K. Sherman, A. Patton, G. Bentley, C. Duncan, R. Dewitz. Our library has put on a new look with wall to wall carpet- ing and an enlarged area with new equipment. The study hall has a new look also with much more room and a better atmosphere. 86 A Time to Show Talents It ■ t Row One: Vice Pres. Lou Ann Hall, Pres. Connie Wagner, Sec. Treas. Missy Foss. Row Two:P. Nyre, S. Greene, S. Bea- ver, C. Wagner, D. Gunderson, J. Snyder, T. Rogers, R. Manney. Row Three: K. Rohn, K. Simonson, K. Christ. T. Schafer, P. Kovar, J. Weisheipl, L. Shelly, P. Skahaug, S. Schafer. Row Four: N. Weegman. L. McManus, A. One, V. Nowicki, A. Monson, J. Lasiuk, K. Hubbard, R. Haugen. Row Five: K. Sloat, A. Wagner, K, Reed. D. Olson. S. Feath- er, A. Reed, C. Brock, D. Olson, J. Klee. Ro Six: P. Swanson, D. McDonald, J. Brock, L. Hasenmueller. C. Simons. C. Olson, M. Rohde, D. Johnson, L. Rohde, C. Baker. Row One: Kerry Rohn, Cindy Jordan, Diane Gunderson. Row Two:Missy Foss, Colleen Wagner, Kendra Hubbard. Linda Shel- ly, Connie Wagner, Jerri Lasiuk, Debbie Johnson. 87 Pep Club Boosts Rail Spirit Row One: C. Harris, K. Reed, C. Jordan, S. Greene, C. Wagner, M. Foss, J. Weisheipl, C. Balow, P. Holtz. Row Two: K. Sloat, A. Wagner, V. Nowicki, A. Otto, K. Kleist, C. Brown, K, Johnson, S. Wood, V. Burfield. Row Three; L, Quale, J. Brock, S. Feather, C. Olson, M. Rohde, C. Simons, J. Lasiuk, K. Hubbard. Row Four: D. Paffel, L. Thompson, G. Wick, J. Baraboo, K. Shelly, P. Sieg, D. Rosentrater, L. Hasenmueller. Row Five: P. Kovar, C. Wagner. T. Schafer. K. Rohn, S. Beaver, N. Weegman, P. Nyre, R. Manor, L. Hall, D. Gunderson. Row One: R. Manney, K. Christ, K. Simonson. T. Rogers. S. Schafer. Row Two: S. Manor. D. Olson, A. Carr, C. Buc- holtz, R. Sutton, S. Brock, P. Swanson. G. Pierce, K. Berg. Row Three: D. Olson, L. Shelly. T. Mayer. P. Skahaug, C. Baker, J. Klee. L. Hagen, R. Greene, P. Cerutti. Row Four: D. Johnson, C. Thompson, R. Haugen, C. Rude, K . Roberts, D. Rosentrater, K. Rulien, L. Rohde, K. Sherman, L. Olson, R. Sharpe. 88 Recognition of Outstanding Athletes A O ft A ; l . T tfdH X W Row One:B. Schafer, R. Sundquist, M. Wilier, B. Pecor, J. Lopoui, B, Nyre, Mr. Schroeder. Row Two: D. Christ. D. Gun- derson, L. Stene, J, Larson, D. Ely, T. McGrouary. Row Three: T. Werner, D. Christ, P. Haugen, J. Turner. T. Mun- den, K. Stuiz, B, Olson. Row Four: S. Carlson, P. Larson, J. Gonyea, G. Bentley, B. Rohde, E. Bohn, M. Schmitt. Missy Foss, Kendra Hubbard, Colleen Wagner, Lou Ann McManus, Jill Weishelpl, Sue Beaver, Theresa Schafer. Renee Man- or, Lou Ann Hall, Paula Nyre, Ann Monson, Violet Nowicki, Karen Sloat, Ann One. 89 Unique Learning Techniques 90 Put in Action Schools participating in the first year of Capstone Courses were Altoona, Augusta, Fall Creek, and Osseo- Fairchild. Altoona hosted Office Practice while Osseo-Fair- child offered Health Occupations and Augusta gave Auto Mechanics. Capstone Courses are designed for the students ' bene- fit. Upon the completion of the course, he or she may more easily find a suitable job after high school. The courses are open to any Junior or Senior enrolled in the par- ticipating schools. It has proved to be an excellent program and we will add to the course development next year. At Altoona we have started a new program in which high school students help sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who are having trouble in a certain subject. The tutors are all volunteers and leave their study halls twice a week to go tutor the students to whom they are assigned. ' orking on a one to one basis solves a lot of problems the students may have who are being tutored. It has been a complete success, and we hope it will continue to be so. 91 Phantom Photographer 92 I Photos w Remembering Seniors of ' 72 1 Valedictorian Salutatorian Bradley Olson Kenneth Goranson Student Council President David Ely 96 Neal Anderson Conrad Barden Cathleen Balow Gary Bentley Rex Board Edward Bohn 97 Joyce Brock 4 Charles Card Scott Carlson Donald Gillett Jay Gonyea Stacy Greene 98 Jeffrey Gutsch Lou Ann Hall Connie Harris Pamela Holtz Cynthia Jordan Kathleen Kleist 99 Mark Kovar Paul Larson James Larson Jeffrey Leland Carol Lemke Kevin McDonald 100 Paula McFadden Renee Manor Ann Monson Scott Munden Violet Nowicki William Nvre 101 Greggory Ottinger Bruce Pecor Ann Otto Carol Pope Catherene Poppe Laurie Quale 102 Arthur Radtke Timothy Reali Cherie Raether Kathy Reed Gene Rolland illiam Rohde 103 Theresa Schafer Mark Schmitt Randolph Shermo Steven Simons Pamela Snvder Karen Sloat 104 Luther Stene Carol Stone Kimberly Sturz Roger Sundquist Gregory Thompson Jon Thompson 105 Susan olkman Anita Wagner Colleen Wagner Connie Wagner Nancy Weegman Gail Wick 106 Michael Wilier Guy Wroten Sandra Zemple Senior Photos Not Available: Freddie Bruner, Jr. Karen Marline Michael Roosevelt Class Flower: White Rose Class Motto: " Not the sunset, but the dawning. 1 107 A Time for Ed Bohn and Stacy Greene show that our . - — . prom was a most memorable time. Class officers: Vice Pres. , Luther Stene; Pres. , Ed Bohn; Sec. Treas. , Bill Nyre. " Rail ' s Treasure A Victory " was our theme for the Senior float which won us a third place. 108 Memorable Events I Football players were presented with a cake for their efforts in the greatest season of Altoona ' s football history. i . j-ii J ' i Paul and Cindy will long remember the activities which they partici- pated in. T T r-5- , ! , ■ ' Is this the correct way to dress in an office atmo- sphere? Cake decorating was an enjoyable experience in Ad- vanced Cooking as Cathy Balow displays the com- pleted cakes. Lou Ann Hall and Violet Nowicki will long remember the goal they reached from many long rehearsals in gymnastics. I0» ADVERTISING MULDOON ' S Men ' s Wear and Varsity Shop 1506 So. Hastings Way Telephone 832-3502 Eau Claire, Wis. F. E.GROSVOLDINC. Heating, Plumbing, and Industrial Piping Mechanical Contractors 2429 East Clairemont at Blakeley Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 835-3625 Good Luck Graduates from: Hollywood Theater, Cinema I Stardusk Theater 112 HAPPY K A X AUTO HARRY ' S W } BODY FREE ESTIMATES Auto Glass Installed Insurance Work Custom Colors Wrecker and Towing Service Marshall ?Ir Phone Harris WJW 834-5013 Find Out How You Can Save In Low Overhead Country Rt. 1, KK-Altoona Beach Road 113 COCKTAIL LOUNGE • CHICKEN SEAFOOD • STEAKS phone; 83Z.1 756 WfSjs •■••t !■■ EAU CLAIRE, WIS NOON LUNCHEONS DINNERS PROCK FUNERAL HOME AND AMBULANCE SERVICE EAU CLAIRE Compliments of GRIESE ' S 400 CLUB CHICKEN CHASERS BAR FALL CREEK, WISCONSIN GOOD FOOD Compliments of: OZOLINS • D ' JOCK ARCHITECTS, LTD. 2008 Esmond Road Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 EAU CLAIRE IMPLEMENT, INC. R. 6— Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701 CHUCK ' S STANDARD SERVICE 3028 E. Clalremont Ave. A-1 RENTAL CENTER ' We rent most everything " 2124 So. Hastings Way Phone: 832-3993 Free Television Compliments of Hil crest Mote Air Conditioned (On Bob Lorraine Brovvn Proprietors Hwy. 12— One Half Mi. East Of 53 93) Route 6 Eau Claire, Wis. Phone (715)832-9370 ns Gary and Norma ' s 5 O ' CLOCK CLUB 2240 Fenwick Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. THE FRIENDLIEST BAR IN TOWN " Compliments of LONG ' S SPORT SHOP Compliments of: HOWARD JOHNSON ' S RESTAURANTS DICK ' S BARBER SHOP For appointments 832-1185 PRIVATE FITTING ROOM— TOUPEES— HAIR PIECES 1412 S. HASTINGS WAY, EAU CLAIRE DICK COVIN TED COVIN Compliments of: THE HERITAGE MOTEL 116 NEIL ' S BODY SHOP 1428 Lynn Avenue Altoona, Wise. Telephone 832-3737 ABEL CABLE 41 5 South Barstow St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin " There is more to see on Cable TV " EAST SIDE DRUG STORE " In The Gate Way Shopping Center " 1408 So. Hastings Way (Hwy. 53) Eau Claire, Wis. 245 Rooms Indoor and Outdoor Pools Saunas Banquet Facilities Color T.V. Holiday Inn 1202 W. Clalrmont Eau Claire, Wisconsin Phone 834-3181 t f[ 329 Water St. Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 Ph. 834-2246 KING KERN Diagnostic Center Air Conditioning Complete Auto Service Transmission Specialists Phone 832-8222 2351 Spooner Ave Proudly Owned by Over 11,000 Stockholders AMERICAN 2221 Highland Avenue NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF EAU CLAIRE. WISCONSIN Barstow Commons • Hallie • Washington • Westgata MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 117 2irat 2Cabtn 314 Wo« r SirMt EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN Open for Breakfast Daily 6:00 A.M. Phone 834-7122 Close 2:00 A.M. LASKER JEWELERS Diamonds and Gifts Eau Claire, Wisconsin Barstow C ommons London Square Compliments of: EAU CLAIRE TILE TERRAZZO INC. CO-OP SHOPPING CENTER Proudly Owned by Over 11,000 Stockholders 7F!ml. miP hnxii[,nmnl " BaHK CONSUMERS CO-OP CREDIT UNION 2221 Highland Avenue Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 118 ii You deserve a break today " 1513 So. Hastings Way, Eau Claire COMPLIMENTS OF AUSTIN ' S WHITE HOUSE 1)9 oMe f Cac g Charles H. Stokes Gregory C. Stokes Harriet Golden " MAY OUR POSITION BE ONE OF SERVICE AND UNDERSTANDING " 120 MATERIAL HANDLING INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SALES - RENTALS AND LEASE - SERVICE MEIROE BOBCAT PAUET TRUCKS CASTERS - WHEELS KAKD TRUCKS BINS - SKELVINGS I HOISTS AIR and ELECTRIC I INDUSTRIAL RUBBER PRODUCTS I POWER TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT I BELTS - SHEAVES I CHAIN - SPROCKETS I REDUCERS - GEARS I COUPLINGS I ADJUSTABLE STORAGE SYSTEMS PICK-Uf AND Dtii ' ' BRY J PONT tHt LOAC-tf- ' • !CRf LIFT TRL;l.KS MATERIAL mmnOLIKG EQUIP CONVEYORS • KO iTS . PiXiUT TRACKS 834-4178 EMERGENCY SERVICE 832-5245 Planert Sales Service 221 Westgate Road, Eau Claire 121 You will be delighted with Portraits by PORTRAIT STUDIO 1412 So. Hastings Way Gateway Shopping Center Eau Claire, Wis. Randall ' s Discount Foods 10 West Madison St. Open 24 Hours a Day Compliments of THE BRIDGE GIFTS London Square Mall GATEWAY CREDIT INC. Peterson Realty Box 357 Eau Claire, Wis. 832-9751 Your Subaru Dealer Phone 723-1772 MR. MAYNARD ' S MOTORS Chippewa Falls, Wis. 54729 Maynard Marsh Route 1, Hwy. 53 Congratula tions, Graduates COMMUNITY STATE BANK 301 Water Street Eau Claire, Wisconsin 122 LARSON LUMBER AND HARDWARE CO. 2234 Birch St., Eau Claire, Wis. Phone 834-1234 Plumbing and Electrical Supplies MAC ' S TYPEWRITER Across from the K-Mart WELKE AUTO SALES AND REPAIR R.R. 6 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Telephone 834-5895 WICKES LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS Phone 834-5351 Eau Claire, Wisconsin KEN ' S WISCONSIN OXYGEN Everything for Welding 409 North Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 EAU CLAIRE NEWS CO. 307 South Barstow Eau Claire, Wis. Best Wishes rOQV PRONTO DRIVE-IN DAY MUSIC, INC. 417 South Barstow Eau Claire, Wisconsin Phone: 832-5564 HUEBSCH CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 101 North Dewey St. Eau Claire, Wis. Compliments of: LENMARK and SONS 814 1st Avenue Eau Claire. Wis. 54701 123 H9 WlfTING Merl ' s Barber Shop I4D3 LYNN AVENUE ALTDDNA, WIS. JOYCE FAY PASTRY SHOP 436 Water St. " CHAMPIONSHIP DINING " Open Seven Days A Week LEFT GUARD Charcoal House Hwy. 37 85 Between 1-94 Clairemont Ave. On Phone 834-9238 Eau Claire, Wis. Golden Hanger Ltd. Tops— Bottonns— Unlimited Selection London Sq. Shopping Center Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 A 104 Gibson St. Eau Claire american materials corporation it ' s the real thing 124 s Simi BLUEDORN FLOWER SHOP 2255 Spooner Ave. Altoona, Wisconsin Phone 834-9852 ISCO SIGNS, INC. 1305 WOODLAND AVE. EAU CLAIRE, WIS. 125 ALTOONA SERVICE CENTER 213 Division St. Altoona, Wisconsin SOPHIA ' S PANCAKE HOUSE 2627 E. Clairemont Parkway Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701 Compliments of MELVILLE JEWELRY Fall Creek, Wis. LEE ' S C c Open ' Till 9 Monday Thursday 832-6249 TOBAK barstow commons J fjfDK 5s l t Rt No. 6 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Compliments of WALLY ' S CHALET Mobile DIRECT OIL COMPANY 328 Bellinger St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Phone: 832-1696 A B SUPERETTE AL BEULAH WOLF " We Deliver " Phone 834-4731 Altoona, Wis. 126 (standard) COLONIAL STANDARD SERVICE (standard ) Rt. 5, Hwy. 37-85 and Craig Rd. Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 DAVE TIBBITTS, Prop. Phone 832-9489 or 834-9861 HOME LIQUOR STORE There is no place like home- where the bottles are LEHMAN DRUG STORE Barstow Commons Pharmacy Doctors BIdg. Pharmacy G E SALES, INC. 2521 E. Clairemont Eau Claire, Wis. Phone 832-6631 GORDON PETERSON. Pres. Color TV. Appliances Air Conditioning D K DRY CLEANERS At Wagner ' s 40 Lanes 2139 Brackett Avenue STENE ' S SPEEDOMETER SERVICE Repair of speedometers, tachs, tachograplis. Speed checks. Cable and housing for all cars and trucks. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1973 KEN AND PETE ' S " HILLTOP ? 924 E. Madison St. Hot Beefs Chili Soups RAY ' S FOODLAND 1807 Brackett Avenue 127 Roy ' s Supermarket 2501 Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. Marshfield Pre-built Mobile Homes Wisconsin Homes INSTANT HOUSING SALES 1325 W. Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 Compliments of The Uncola Eau Claire, Wis. BRINGS HOUSE OF CARPETS-INTERIORS Compliments K. BLISS of Men ' s Shop HILLESTAD SERVICE STATION GULF PRODUCTS 2203 Birch Street 832-9104 128 PRINTING CO. INC. 2H E MADISON ST. 832-1135 . lETTERPRESJ . OFFSET • COLOR OHice Formi Publicirioni, Cataloci Direct Mail Programs W« )()iii( Aitnouncements Ron Bohl Residential Acreage Residential Homes Commercial Lots Einar Chilgren Mike Ritsch Recreational Development Lots Lake Property Farms Douglas R. Lundholm— Realtor 2143 Brackett Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 Phone 834-3991 Dorothy McCosky Theresa Schafer and Kendra Hubbard model new G.A.A. uniforms. i MUSIC SPORTS NEWS X % ' NYSVENS MAYTAG Home Appliance Center 829 West Clalremont Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701 MIDWAY DATSUN " Midway Between Eau Claire Chippewa Falls on Hwy. 53 " New-Used Cars and Trucks 129 LOCAL OIL CO. INC, NELSON OIL CO. 560 Cameron 834-1281 Crossroads DX-Carwash Birch St. DX-Carwash DX Products KAWASAKI EAU CLAIRE SPORT MOTORS LTD 18 Maple St. JOHNSON AND HULEATT CLOTHIERS Two Stores on the West Side BAKER D JEWELERS 1504 South Hastings Way Eau Claire. Wisconsin Phone: 832-8249 Compliments of: HENRY ' S SPORT SHOP FOREMOST CARPETS INTERIORS INC. 412 Bellinger. Eau Claire Custom draperies Inlaids It ' s okay. We ' re over eighteen. CHARLSON MANUFACTURING CO, 97 Madison St. Phone 835-5144 Lumber— Millwork— Delta tools Manufacturers of the finest in custom kitchen cabinets 130 The State Bank of Fall Creek and its Altoona Office The Bank that Cares A FULL SERV CE BANK 131 HAMBURGERS If iitiiiiiffl ' 4L ite ■ BURGER CHEF 1000 W. Clairemont Avenue ELSIE ' S CAFE Fall Creek 877-2127 Bakery— Catering Smorgasbord, Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Open all night Friday and Saturday VARIETY VENDING SERVICE " Everything from soup to nuts at the drop of a coin: THE JOYNT 322 Water St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin 132 A Time for Being Ourselves Our coveted trophy r 1 wry iT r We ' re number 1 Just one of the gang Youngest wonder of the world Future Rembrandt Another victory 133 A Time for Doing 134 Our Own Thing 135 4 rnt ;r ' ' c5ollogi iUj press, inc. iii ' . i -ys ■ . .1 . T-y F OKAOKD SCHOOL ALTOONA, WIS. T : ' ■ J. ■j :r r:fY " ' ' - ' : ' ;■ ' ; ' « J 5« 4». CJT K -y -v ' v . .-. : ■ s±. - ' §y : -•• • fn,J. ■•;id» ■ A « c • 4i - ' .i p. r- ' -S ?• : ' jt ' ' t. ' t ' , '

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Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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