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1 970 Headlight Altoona High School The door of Involvement closes as another school year conies to an end. Four years of participa- tion and absorption in school activities have harvested a multitude of treasured memories. Memories of victorious games and memories of defeat. Memories of excitement and thrills. But, the most im- portant memory is the memory of being together vk ' ith friends who, also, share our memories. The hope for happiness in the present and success in the future spurred the students on to higher goals in their four years of Involvemetit We Honor Men in Space On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, and Buzz Aldrin made the first historic walk on tlie moon. During the hour and 17 minutes tliey were on the surface of the moon, they collected moon-dust, rocks, and took many pictures-wliich have since been sold or donated for research. Their courageous mission was one of involvement and peace. We, the Seniors of 1970, are dedicating our annual to these three great men. TABLE OF CONTENTS £imu jdduutcMM ) .- .-■ ; ■ f . , t Administrators and Faculty Guid6 Destinies Superintendent einar pedersen Principal Robert bredesen Guid(tnre Director wayne west . i School Board row l; Einar Pedersen.Wmiam Peterson, HollisSchauer,Harold Hams. Row 2: Bernie Larson, Charles Beaver. secretaries Beverly Staves and Barbara Bredesen ELIZABETH STABENOW English, Speech ROBERT BREDESEN Biological Sciences, Coach VICTOR SORENSEN Physical Sciences GUNHILD O ' BRIEN English 10 liH GREGORY BEMENT English, Coach BETTY PASKAUSKY Physical Education, Tumbling JOHN STREIF Industrial Arts, Coach ALICE HELD English, Librarv II BETTY COWLEY Social Studies JAMES SCHROEDER History, Coach JULIA BOBERG French DELORES THOMPSON Art 12 4 LOIS KILDAHL Chorus ARNOLD JOHNSON Mathematics, Coach WAYNE WEST Electronics A. S. RUSSELL Home Economics 13 LINDA RILEY Business Education CLIFFORD OAS Band JEFFERY TULLR Mathematics, Practice Teacher ROBERT KUNSMAN Bookkeeping, Intern u Behind the Scenes BUS DRIVERS: Gordie Van Dyke, Archie Carl- KITCHEN HELPERS: B. Lancette, P. Simonson,P. Schultz.S. Olson, B. son, Betty Berg. Wick, R. Carr, C. Ness, D. Marten. As fi, j COOKS: Mrs. Christ, Mrs. Leland, Mrs. Erdman. MAINTENANCE: Erv Fischer, Line Peterson. 15 ' ■ f » . , •. ( Activities, Academics Round Out School Life Thin Clads Persist Row 1 : B. Mann, S. Struck. Row 2: J. Bohn, K. Hoffman, G. Bresina, T. Planert. Row 3: R. Wang, L. Olson, D. Hug dahl, J. Thalacker. Row 4: D. Johnson, R. Zachau, B. Pecor, N. Rafferty. Row 5: B. Bohn, B. Klee, G. Johnson, C. Wick, R. Olson, C. Larson. Row 6: D. Board, S. Johnson, Coach Schroeder, D. Olson, S. Christ. Row 7: T. Baehr, B. Hubbard, S. Hugdahl, G. Larson. Scores Tell the Story Altoona 59 Mondovi 59 Altoona 83 Eleva-Strum 35 Stanley-Boyd 98 Altoona 43 Gilman 8 Altoona 82 Loyal 47 Fall Creek 18 Augusta 68 Altoona 50 McDonell 72 Altoona 46 Colfax 70 Altoona 48 Augusta 61 Altoona 57 Altoona 72 Osseo 46 18 5 .. ; i ' ■ ' ■■ .- ' - - -, A , Gee, Bob, do you think they ' d notice if we left?? It It takes two to run this road! Bill ' s got power to sparell 19 Frosh Go Undefeated Scores Altoona 40 Osseo Altoona 44 Fall Creek Altoorii 42 Osseo 6 Altoona 14 Fall Creek Altoona 22 Cadott Row 1: Mr. Johnson, E. Bohn, B. Rliode, W. Zell, K. Sturz, J. Lowery.C. Card, M. Wilier. G. Ottinger, S. Carlson. Row 2: B. Pecor, J. Gonyea. D. Ely , R. Sund- quist, K. Staves, G. Thompson, J. Leland, M. Schmitt, A. Radtke. This undefeated freshman team was the finest that I have ever had the opportunity to coach. The team members all siiowed great desire and the ability to play together as a unit. Long hard practice sessions paid off in the final game with Cadott when in the third quarter Altoona began to overpower their pre- viously unbeaten foe and went on to win 22-0. (lur Jit aen 20 Rails Have Tough Season HOME VISITOR TIME Row 1: Mr. Bement, C. Wick, D. Hugdahl, G. Gosnell, T. Becker, K. Hoffman. T. Baehr, B. Klee, S. Hugdahl. T. Planert, M. Sundquist, D. Board, Mr. Schroeder. Row 2: B. Bohn, B. Wagner, J. Thalacker. P. McGrouar . J. Reed. P. Hudson, R. Olson, M. Haugen, B. Hubbard, M. Hagen, R. Sloat. Row 3: N. Rafferty, B. Pecor, M. Huftel, R. Wang, S. Christ, B. Nyre, G. Larson, G. Schlewitz, J. Harris, N. Manor. SCORES Altoona 6 Augusta 6 Altoona Owen Withee 26 Altoona 6 Gilman 14 Altoona 12 Fall Creek 38 Altoona 12 Cadott 26 Altoona 6 Cornell 26 Altoona 30 Hoi combe 6 Altoona 14 Stanley 20 Coach Schroeder congratulates two year all-conference winner, Paul Hudson. 21 I SE Gary Gosnell Jon Reed Pat McGrouary Bill Nyre Bob Bohn - Duane Hugdalil Paul Hudson Jim Thalacker ff ' t B C ■ it t r My Tom Planert Steve Christ Bob Pecor iS.-% Randy Olson Tom Becker Higlilight games for Altoona included our homecoming against Holcombe, the tie with Augusta, and the near upset against Stanley Boyd. After the season was over, all the coaches of the Cloverbelt conference met to pick the all- conference teams. Choices were: Paul Hudson, guard; Duane Hugdahl, halfback; Jon Reed, tackle; and Mark Huftel, guard. Jim Thalacker, Neil Rafferty, and Randy Olson were given Honorable mention. Ted Baehr Mark Huftel Kip Hoffman Action on the Grid 24 25 26 .•r .vy;i, .- ::-: -:i:- :-;-: D: O w ri-.v-. ' .vri .;-; r.s ' . ' j rfA: ' - ' 27 uten tin Homecoming 4 King Paul, Queen Lynn and members of the court were: J. Thalacker, S. Ander- son, M. Huftel, D. Marten, N. Rafferty, J. Leiand, and G. Gosnell, A. Zachau. 28 Aren ' t they sweet????? Doin ' our thing!!!!! The Exchange set mood. 29 Victory Boosters A Squad Pat, Debbie, Becky, Roseanne, Sharon B Squad Connie, Ruth, Debbie, Gail, Barb R. Harris, P. Melland, G. Brennan, D. Marten, R. Carr, C. Cota, S. Crandall, B. Pecor, B. Lancetle, D. Wicklund. 30 A B Squads P. M Row 1: Coach Schroeder, S. Hugdahl, G. Bresina, C. VVick, D. HugdaW, K. HolYman, C. Everson, Coach Bredesen. Row 2: G. Larson, B. Pecor, T. Baehr, B. Bohn, T. Planert , G. Schlewitz. Row 1 : B. Wagner, J. Reed, R. Zachau, R. Bentley, M. Haugen, M. Sundquist, Coach Schroeder. Row 2: B. Hubbard, S. Christ, C. Larson, R. Olson, N. Manor. 31 Railroader Express Ted Baehr.Gary Bresina,Duane Hugdahl,KJp Hoffman, Tom Planert,Bob Pecor. Much wUl be remembered of the 1969-1970 Rails. I will remember them as the team that adapted itself to all types of teams and went on to conquer most. There were times of disappointments and times of happiness. We learned to win and we learned to lose, but most of all we did both like men. They put forth their best effort and were always ready for the big ones. A great job done by a group of young men I ' ll always be proud of. f C i» - - 32 Gary Bresina olin Everson Tom Planert Bob Bohn Kip Hoffman Bob Pecor Greg Larson Duane Hugdahl Ted Baehr Carl Wick fi Involved in Winning Shots v r.VN:-• To■ ' T. v:; .•r - ' : ' y »-;c ' ■.■v »vo tanc Ulintci? UlondefUtid Members of the Court were: Tom Rude, Cynthia Wittren, Tim Nyseth, Sandy Olson, Lynn Harris, Greg Squires, Penny Simonson, Gary Bresina. 38 Music Unlimited provided the beat. Santa was tliere Everyone enjoyed the music. Santa crowns royalty. 39 1 1 R C U 5 Ixi X Jiiin D u p ??! 40 - ? Circus Hour featured all aspects of gymnastics ranging from the basic beginners to the highly skilled and advanced college students who appeared as guests. Being tlie first show of this type to be given at Altoona, it was well received by the students and the public. Gym- nasts delighted the audience as did Mouse Gail Ness who moven the clock which designated the change in acts. Clown Marion Stein performed antics on the mini tramp to add humor to tiie siiow. Proceeds from Circus Hour were used to purcliase a new balance beam and horse, essential equipment for the Tumbling Class. 41 n mn $ti Ael J tn A aj King Tom and Queen Sue smile as their court iooics on. 42 King and Queen lead the traditional Grand March. Romantic music was provided by the George Day Trio. Just one more dance, Tom!!! 43 Pleasant smiles beam forth. Only a few more steps, Tom!!!!!! Regal couples on parade. Dancing made me thirsty!!! A reign to remember!! You ' re so sweet!! Tlie theme, Melody in May, was cho- sen by the junior class for the 1969 Prom. Music was provided by the George Day Trio. Our decor for the social event had a floral arch through which the couples en- tered, a flower cart used for serving punch, and a maypole in the center of the gym. The soft pastels in decorations proved a charming background for the couples who attended. ' Did anyone bring a deck of cards?? 45 I Student Council Back row: J. Beaver, C. Ness, C. Everson, K. Hoffman, T. Nyseth, J. Gonyea, B. Nyre, D. Wicklund. Front row: D. Johnson, D. Peterson, T. Ohnstad, B. Pecor, B. Lancette. The purpose of student government is to give students the power to make decisions which affect them and their school. Perhaps the most important function that student government should play is to effect change which is needed in education; change not for the sake of change but change which will result in our educational system beginning to relate to the needs of today and tomorrow rather than yesterday. Change oftentimes comes at a very slow pace because of two basic reasons. The first being the fact that oftentimes institu- tions, as well as individuals, are afraid of the unknown and unwilling to experiment. There is a new frontier in America. We are all pioneers of meaningful social change. The other reason is that too many of us tend to remain unconcerned as long as we as individuals are not threatened with society ' s evils. We seem to have forgotten about many of the world ' s people who have not been so fortunate. We oftentimes do not use the opportunities we have to be heard; we have become far too willing to let someone else accept the responsibility. This year ' s Student Council is unique in that we have begun to examine new frontiers of change and we have begun to lake the responsibility. Many new reforms have been made which will open the doors to the futur e. This year at Altoona will prove to be a catalyst for future councils, as students are becoming more and more aware of problems and will continue looking for methods of solving them. 46 romotes Leadership Tim promoted more patriotism. Becky suggested new school improvements. Becky and Tim congratulate Tod. Tod forwarded more student voice. 47 Involved in Motivating THE G.A.A. is a girls ' organization which gives the girls of Altoona a chance to earn a letter by participating in various sports. To earn a letter, a member of the club must attend all sports ' activities set up by the club, thus receiving ten points per hour and accumulating 550 points at the end of the year. The officers for the year were: president, Anita Zachau; vice president, Pat Brost; and secretary -treas- urer, Diane Johnson. THE PEP CLUB is an organization to promote school spirit and unity with- in our school. This year each class elected two council members to help their class in making sure that signs were painted and spirit promoted. Points have to be earned to receive a pep club pin the ini- tial year, but each year thereafter an emblem will be added. We have had good response from all students and we hope the new improvements will be an asset to the club. 48 School Spirit THE POM POM CLUB is an organi- zation to provide half time entertainment at football and basketball games. This or- ganization consists of twenty-five girls who attend various meetings and practices to learn routines. At performances tlie girls dress in either black shorts or red flirts, a white blouse, red socks, and white tennis shoes. A pair of red, black, and white pom-poms complement the outfit. LETTER CLUB. Any boy who participates in the sports offered at Altoona and wins a letter be- comes a member of the boys ' let- ter club. Funds for the club are made by checking coats at basket- ball games and by selling Altoona Railroader T-sliirts. Officers for the year were: president, Paul Hudson; vice president. Bob Pecor; and secretary-treasurer. Gary Schlewitz. I JMS 49 Grace - Strength - Talent I rip more pants this way!!! ' Our acrobatic performers. Ready for battle. Altoona High iVlatmen. 50 Springtime Relaxation ST ' ■••i ' TV Robin Hood Johnson and his Merrymen. That ' s my buUseye, not yours!! ' k Pf cflB H V m L 1 jj H iljWi Wi ' f 1 to ' • J This is going to be a hole in one. Mr. Pedersen and his swinging six. 51 The Sound of Music 52 Searching Findings Sharing Practice what the teacher preaches. In forensics the students use the tech- niques they have learned and enter one of several categories for the competitive meets. Declamations, interpretative read- ing of prose and poetry, public address, and original oratory are some of the events from which they can choose. Al- toona participates in the Cloverbelt sub- district. A winners go to the Eau Claire District; and if they receive another A rating they go to the state contest in Madison. Last year, LaVonne Duszynski and Diane Michelson received A ratings at the state. Organized in the fall of 1962, the members of the library club have contri- buted service to our school as assistants in operating the school library. Each fall delegates have attended the Northwest Wisconsin Student Librarians ' Workshop held at various schools in our area. Our members have contributed to these work- sliops by speaking and participating in panel discussions. Two members attended a summer workshop at the campus in Madison. The club has sponsored money- making projects in a modest way, having purchased pictures and equipment for the library. Officers for the 1969-1970 school year have been: Sandy Gunderson, president; and Debbie Olson, secretary -treasurer. 53 Organized Action The Tracks of Time was the new name given to the monthly publication of the AHS school paper. With a newly formed journalism class and a better or- ganized staff an improved paper was produced. The intent of the staff was to establish a more uniform issue and to improve the over-all content. With changes and experiments appearing in each succeed- ing issue a successful pattern was sought so as to be both interesting and informative. Learning by failures and successes, this staff set a criterion for a much better paper in the future. The ski club was organized under the direction of Mr. John Banks, student teacher from Stout State University. Mr. Banks holds his ski instruction certifi- cate and is a member of the National Ski Patrol. The purpose of the ski club, aptly named the Sno-TroUs , is to promote an interest among students in recre- ational skiing, learning pre-season body building e. ercises, learning about prop- er ski-wear, and the basic mechanics of the sport itself. 54 A Bit of Everything She ' s a swinger!!! Pin liim to the mat!! Mi S- f The strategy of a good golf pro!! Do j ' ou think n ' s too shori. ' . ' l! 55 Bob meets one of his many deadlines. Production managers: G. Schlewitz, D. Utberg. Bill Underwood performs one of his many duties. The life of an editor isn ' t this easy!!! V G -f 56 Members of the band and chorus prepare for annual concert. AHS spirit boosters!! Wlio ' s making a monkey out of whom?!! 57 Students of Yesteryear Graduates ponder last moments at A.H.S. 1 Two more inches and it would be a foot. A march, not a protest, for diplomas. 58 Glimpses ofA.H.S A senior love-in ????????? ' ' ' ' Now , in M Y opinion ! ! ! ! ! n X ' My mother warned me there ' d be days like this!!!! Wonder it ' I ' ve got enough??!! 59 Thank you, Mrs. Thompson, for Aunt Cathie ' s Cat. It ' s time for me to go home. Sorry, follcs, our caption was censored. 60 The female revolutionists. Knock on any Norge. Here he comes, my Frito Brandito. 61 Join in the Fun Ma and Pa Kettle The Roaring Twenties. Every school has their drunk! 62 Well, fancy US cheerleaders! Any day now, eh? » Would you like to jump into my potl 63 1: I . Juhior High An I m po r t a n t P a r t Jr. High Faculty RUTH MOORE Science WILLIAM HERRICK History ALMA WARD Mathematics MARGARET McLAUGHLIN English 66 Class Officers S. Feather, T. Werner, P. Haugen, T. Munden. D. Johnson, P. VanderWegen, T. Brennan, P. Skahaug. T. Meyer, D. Davis, S. Larson T. Erdnian, T. Hanson, C. Baker, D. Johnson. 67 Eighth Grade D. Ash J. Baraboo K. Harden L. Baunibach S. Beaver ff .- m Photograph C. Brown V. Burfield C. Card K. Cerutti D. Christ D. Christ L. Davis R. DeWitz S. Feather M.Foss G. Goodpaster D. Gunderson D. Gunderson L. Hasenmueller P. Haugen L. Hehl E. Hemenway S. Hook K. Hubbard K. Huskelhus 68 K. Johnson K. Kleist P. Kovar N. Larson S. Larson D. Mann A. Mayer L. McMannus J. Melland T. Meyer T. Munden S. Ness S. Newman K. Nimmo P. Nyre C. Olson V. Olson T. Ottinger D. Paffel A. Patton P. Potter M. Rohde D. Rosentrater W. Schater C. Schmidt R. Sedalil R. Sedalil R. Sheldon K. Shelly P. Sieg PHOronoTMAIlABLE » R. Silvernail C. Simmons B. Stienkrauss D. Tetzloff L. Thompson R. Tetreault K. Utphall J. Weisheipl J. Weisheipl C. Wenaas T. Werner C. Wilcox S. Wood T. Zielsdorf Seventh Grade C. Barden C. Baker C. Berg T. Brennan S. Brock C. Buchholtz W. Burley A. Carr D. Curtis P. Curtis 70 D. Davis S. DeBord T. Erdman M.Erickson L. Flaskrud A. Fletchschock D. Franklin C. Frueh C. Gilbert R. Green R. Hagedorn L. Hagen T. Hanson W.Harris K. Hasenmueller D. Johnson D. Johnson S. Johnson C. Kemper J. Klee R. Klingbeil M.Lan gland M.Lant P. Lenz C. Markgraf D. Miller T. Meyer P. Newman K. Nimmo S. Nowicki 71 p. PhUlips G. Pierce ' D. Planert L. Priestly N. Reali P. Sieg A. Ress K. Schafer L. Shelley P. Skahaug B. Silvernail K. Sorenson L. Squires P. Swanson R. Sties R. Sutton M.Trehey M.Utberg P. Vanderwegen B. Ventzke S. Wang S. Wicklund W.Zell L. Davis S. Johnson 72 m Santa left more than gifts for Mr. Herrick. ' I . The junior high watch anxiously as their team tries for another victory. 73 Music Echos in the Halls The junior high chorus performs at all concerts. Mixed chorus group newly formed in junior high. 74 ISovices Involved in Sports Top Row: S. Meyers, B. Schafer, T. Meyer, T. Munden, D. Christ, D. Ash, P. Haugen, J. Weisheipl, T. Werner, G. Wenaas, D. Christ, S. Larson. Row 2: Mr. Bement, K. Kemper, K. Nimmo, T. Brennan, M. Trehey, L. Squires, A. Ress, D. Planert, D. Miller, K. Hasenmueller, T. Hanson, S. Johnson, W. Burley, K. Schafer. t t fit A t 1 r t .f ♦ ♦ ♦ t ' ♦ jv 4{t 4 Top Row: T. Meyer, K. Barden, T. Munden, D. Christ, J. Weisheipl, T. Werner, P. Haugen. D. Ash, C. Wenaas, D. Miller, S. Larson. Row 2: Mgr. L. Davis, P. Vanderwegen, M. Erickson, K. Sorenson, K. Nimmo. L. Squires, K. Schafer, T. Hanson, D. Christ, S. Johnson, D. Curtis. 75 I .- ' • ( ■ ' ■ f •■ f Uhderclassmen Hdve Best Year Freshmen Adju m K% N. Anderson B. Babbitt C. Balow C. Balow PRESIDENT, E. Bohn; VICE PRESIDENT, B. Nyre; TREASURER, J. Gonyea. JM£ C. Barden G. Bentley R. Berg R. Board E. Bohn J. Brock C. Card S. Carlson C. Collier D.Ely 78 o New Life D. Gillett J. Gonyea K. Goranson J. Gutsch L. Hall C. Hairis P. Holtz K. Johnson C. Jordan K. KJeist M.Kovar P. Larson J. Leland C. Lemke J. Lowry R. Manor K. McDonald 79 A. Monson S. Munden V. Nowicki B. Nyre B. Olson G.Ottinger B. Pecor C. Poppe L. Quale C. Raether r3 f z wmMi i W. Rohde M. Roosevelt B. Ruscin T. Schafer M.Schmitt 80 T. Reali S. Simons K. Sloat P. Synder K. Staves j J i Ci M.Steidtitiann C. Stone K. Sturz R. Sundquist B. Swanson r-mSi G. Thompson J. Thompson S. Volkman A. Wagner N. Weignion G. Wick D. Wicklund M.WQler W.Zell S. Zemple B. Budolfson A. Radtke 82 83 Sophomores Joi p. Balow J. Beaver L. Bentley R. Berg CLASS PRESIDENT, B. Pecor; VICE-PRESI- DENT. G. Larson; TREASURER, G.Dorn. V. Berg G. Brennan S. Christ C. Cota K. Davis J. Dewitz G. Dorii C. Everson R. Franson D. Giese 84 in Good Life C. Gillett J. Goodpaster M.Haugen R. Harri s K. Hawkenson M.Haugen T. Huftel S. Hugdahl K. KJavetier C. Larson 85 G. Larson M.Licht J. Lowery M.Markey S. Marks J. Marquardt G. Ness jrf ii - L. Nyre T. Patton B. Pecor J. Reed B. Rude P. Ryan R. Schmitt R. Squires M. Stein S. Stouffer 86 M.Sundquist T. Trehey L. Vance D. Ventzke K. Volkman B. Wagner R. Wang 87 S. Weisheipl P. Wicklund E. Wilcox S. Winget J. Wold Sophomore photos not taken R. An- derson,!. Radtke. 88 I feel sorry for that crayfish. Aren ' t they sweet????? Come on Pat, vou can du it! 89 CLASS OFFICERS: Vice-President, Bob Bohn: Secretary, Sharon Crandall; President, Kip Hoffman. Juniors Strive T. Baehr R. Barnum T. Becker R. Bcntley B. Bohn P. Brost S. Buchholz h R.Carr E. Cerutti S. Crandall P. Englebretson S. Gardow 90 for Leadership 1 L. Gloede K. Goranson C. Grimh J. Harris L. Hemenway r ♦- i ' I K. Hoffman B. Hubbard G. Johnson B. Klee M.Kovar C. Larson N. Manor R. Marks C. Ness P. McGrouary 91 R, Olson D. Paulson D. Peterson R. Phillips D. Quale 92 J. Reali D. Ress M.Rliode S. Rumphol D. Scott G. Schlewitz C. Sedahl N. Semisch S. Silvernail G. Simonson 93 R. Sloat D. Snyder K. Tetzlaff D. Utberg D. Wagner S. Weisheipl W.Wibel C. Wick N. Wittren R. Zachau D. Zillmer L. Zimmerman JUNIOR PICTURES NOT TAKEN: B. Radlke 94 Could this be the end of Pat?? ! ! ! ! ! This is a job for Professor Paulson!! Oh no, not another timing!! I ' m fireproof! ! 95 (i ' :- . . I Seniors Meet Challenge Of Tomorrow Valedictorian Rebecca Lancette Salutatorian Timothy Nyseth Student Council Prisident Tod Ohnslad 98 Darrell Board Lynn Brennon t- ii Sylvia Anderson Gary Bresina Jean Da ken 99 Julie Domer David Duerkop Connie Davis Linda Deivitz Cora Franson )00 Steven Erickson Gary Gosnell Sandra Gunderson Lynn Harris Gerald Doss 101 Gfiry Hays Mark Huftel Tobin Hess Pat Hudson Duane Hiigdahl 102 Joyce Jaenke Diane Johnson Barry Lancette Julie Leland Brian Mann 103 Thomas Meyer Deborah Olson Deborah Marten Patricia Melhind Randy Olson 104 Sandra Olson Thomas Planer t Rodney Radtke Dennis Ran 105 Thomas Rude Sandra Sedahl Neil Rafferty Patricia Schultz Patricia Silvernail 106 Penny Simonson Nancy Simonson Gregory Squires Susan Thompson James Thalacker 107 David Underwood Doufdd Underwood Cynthia Wittren Debra Werner Ruth Wick 108 Steven Zilhner Anita Zachau SENIOR PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE: MARK JOHNSON ROBERT RASMUSSEN GARY WOLD STEVEN ZEMPLE Class Officers Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Schultz; President, Tim Nyseth; Vice- President. Tod Ohnstad. 109 Seniors Participate Serious seniors devote their spare time. Last minute efforts were in vain. Seniors patiently wait for their first hour English class. 110 I think I ' m going to cry! If I ever get this contraption out of my garage Is my hem straight? Say, guys, we gotta matce some plans 111 Senioii SYLVIA ANDERSON Trans. Regis DARRELL BOARD Letter Club 3,4 Football 4 Track 1,2,3 Wrestling 2,3 ,4 LYNN BRENNAN Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Play 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 1,2,3,4 Editor 4 Cheerleading 2 Pom Pom 3,4 Homecoming Queen 4 GARY BRESINA Initiation King 1 Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 JEAN DAKEN Pep Club 1 ,3 Student Librarian 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 G.A.A. 1,3 CONNIE DAVIS Pep Club 1,2 Student Librarian 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 DAVE DUERKOP Student Librarian 4 STEVE ERICKSON Letter Club 3,4 Track 3 Wrestling 2,3,4 Archery 1,2,3,4 CORA FRANSON Tumbling Club 3 Chorus 2,3,4 Student Librarian 3 Forensics 4 Play 3,4 Paper Staff 4 Pom Pom 4 Art Assistant 4 GARY GOSNELL Letter Club 4 Football 4 Trans. Regis 4 JERRY GOSS Forensics 4 Paper Staff 4 SANDY GUNDERSON Letter Club 2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Tumbling Club 2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 3,4 Forensics 4 Paper Staff 4 Track Meet 3 Ski Club 4 Pom Pom 3 LYNN HARRIS Pep Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Tumbling Club 2,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 4 Forensics 4 Paper Staff 4 GARY HAYS Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 4 Play 1,4 Football 2 Track 1 ,2 Wrestling 3,4 TOBY HESS Golf 3,4 PAUL HUDSON Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2.3,4 Wrestling 1 ,4 Homecoming King 4 MARK HUFTEL Letter Club 3,4 Football 1,3,4 DUANE HUGDAHL Letter Club 3,4 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 JOYCE JAENKE Letter Club 4 G.A.A. 3,4 Trans. Fall Creek 2 DIANE JOHNSON Pep Club 3,4 Letter Club 4 G.A.A. 3,4 Tumbling 3,4 Forensics 4 Paper Staff 4 Student Council 4 Track Meet 3 Christmas Queen 4 Pom Pom 3,4 Trans. North 3 MARK JOHNSON Letter Club 3,4 Track 2 Wrestling 2,3,4 BARRY LANCETTE Tumbling 1,2,3 Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 BECKY LANCETTE Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Tumbling 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 2,3,4 Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 G.A.A. 4 Most Outstanding Teenager ' s Award JULIE LELAND Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 2,3 ,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Band 1 ,2,4 Chorus 3,4 Forensics 4 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Pom Pom 3,4 Fall Modeling 4 BRIAN MANN Track 2,3,4 DEBBIE MARTEN Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 3,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Tumbling 2,4 Chorus 1,2 Student Librarian 3 Forensics 4 112 ' J.redits Paper Staff 4 Cheerleading 2,3,4 PAT MELLAND Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 4 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Cheerleading 2,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Pom Pom 3 Initiation Queen 1 R.E.A. 2 TOM MEYER Letter Club 3 Wrestling 3 TIM NYSETH Yearbook Staff 4 President 4 Golf 2,3 ,4 Badger Boys State 3 Most Outstanding Teenager ' s Award TOD OHNSTAD Class Officer 1,2,3,4 Student Council 1,2,3,4 President 4 DEBBIE OLSON Letter Club 3,4 Tumbling 2,3,4 Student Librarian 3,4 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Pom Pom 3,4 RANDY OLSON Letter Club 4 Football 4 SANDY OLSON G.A.A. 2,3,4 Pom Pom 3,4 Letter Club 2,3,4 Student Librarian 3,4 Forensics 4 Play 3,4 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 3 D.A.R. Award BOB PECOR Letter Club 2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Forensics 4 Play 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Editor 4 Football 3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 2,3 Golf 4 Most Outstanding Teenager ' s Award Trans. Tomahawk 2 TOM PLANERT Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Prom King 3 RODNEY RADTKE Golf 2,3,4 Basketball 3 NEIL RAFFERTY Letter Club 2,3,4 Play 2 Student Council 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 ROBERT RASMUSSEN Football 1,2 Basketball 1,2,3 DENNIS RAU Wrestling 3,4 TOM RUDE Golf 2 PAT SCHULTZ Yearbook Staff 1,2,3,4 Editor 2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 2,3,4 Forensics 4 Paper Staff 1,2,3,4 Pom Pom 4 PAT SILVERNAIL Pep Club 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 4 NANCY SIMONSON Student Librarian 4 PENNY SIMONSON Pep Club 1,4 Tumbling 3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 3 G.A.A. 1,4 Pom Pom 3,4 GREG SQUIRES Football 4 Track 2 JIM THALACKER Letter Club 3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 3 Track 3 SUE THOMPSON Pep Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Pom Pom 3,4 Prom Queen 3 DAVE UNDERWOOD Football 1 DON UNDERWOOD Football 1 Christmas King 4 DEBBIE WERNER Chorus 3,4 Pom Pom 3 ,4 Trans. Bloomer 2 BETH WICK Pep Club 2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Student Librarian 2,3,4 Play 3 G.A.A. 1,2 CYNTHIA WITTREN Pep Club 2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Pom Pom 3,4 ANITA ZACHAU Pep Club Letter Club 3.4 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 3 G.A.A. 2.3.4 Pom Pom 3.4 STEVE ZILLMER Basketball 1.2.3 Archery 1.2,3,4 Football 1 113 ■ ' • t Acfvertisements Are Life Blood ALTOONA OFFICE OF THE STATE BANK OF FALL CREEK 1420 LYNN AVE. ALTOONA i MBt-K) PHONE 834-7124 )16 In Eau Claire it ' s CONSUMERS CO-OP ASSOCIATION For Happy Family Shopping 5 • I ■•Kaaijii) ■i waaa ii llll !■ and CONSUMERS CO-OP CREDIT UNION For Happy Family Savings Loans 2221 Highland Avenue Eau Claire, Wisconsin 117 SMITH ' S FUNERAL CHAPEL 2222 LONDON ROAD EAU CLAIRE TELEPHONE 832-1141 Compliments of Myron Scott ' s Inc. 118 F. E. KROSVOLD INC. 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ELLIS BUILDING AND HOME IMPROVEMENTS 832-2470 Compliments of EAU CLAIRE BUSINESS FIRM 128 GOOD LUCK GRADUATES I BRINGS HOUSE OF CARPETS-INTERIORS WALKER BROS., INC. LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIAL AND HARDWARE Yard and office: Cor. N. Oxford and Piatt St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701 2521 E. CUiremont Eau Claire. Wis. Phone 832-6631 GORDON PETERSON, Pres. G E SALES INC. Everything in Sports Johnson IVlotor-Boats LONG ' S SPORT SHOP 430 Water St. Eau Claire Compliments of GRIMH ' S ROLLING MEADOWS Mobile Homes, Sites, Sales GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES EAU CLAIRE BOOK STATIONERY 320 S. Barstow COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND )29 Annual Staff ' i i ' y Business Manager Tim Nyseth ,4 , 130 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Lynn Brennan and Pat Schultz. M Staff members: D. Olson, K. Goianson, J. Leland, D. Zillmer, G. Brennan, C. Cota,P. Melland,C. Davis, T. Nyseth, P. Schultz, and Lynn Brennan. 131 In Memoriam Our summer vacation was saddened by the death of Michael Betlike, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bethke, who died late last August in a tragic accident while on a picnic in Como Park. Mike, who would have been a junior tliis year, was a good student, who particularly enjoyed Industrial Arts, and was interested in football, basketball, and the Babe Ruth League. He is missed by all who knew him. The entire student body and our faculty join in extending our deepest sym- pathy to his mother and father, as well as his brother, Ricky, who is in the fourth grade at our school. Our Christmas vacation was saddened by the death of Mr. Wayne West, who was a faculty member of Altoona Public School for 17 years. Mr. West started teaching Industrial Arts at Altoona in 1952. Since then he has helped plan and equip three new shop areas and an electronics room. In 1968 Mr. West shifted some of liis work to the fields of guidance, organizing the first such program in our school. He initiated a planned testing program, promoted annual career days, handled the scholarship pro- gram, served as advisor to the student council, counseled the students, took an active interest in the many functions out of school, and for the past two years had been elementary prin- cipal. Mr. West served in World War H and was a charter member and past president of the Altoona Lion ' s Club. We salute Mr. Wayne West, a teacher and a friend to the students of A.H.S. 133 -- c t ' ' ' . X II inlor ( 9.„ V 9 i ' ■f ' mm

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