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i na (■■■I ii Sil ' nii m Hi nenwll. mgBm HBH 1 . 1969 HEADLIGHT TOONA PUBLIC SCHOO Golden Memories Reviewing our past four years within the halls of A.H.S., we, the seniors, have experienced challenge, achievement, and friendship, as well as defeat and despair. The challenge in academics, the achievement in rewards to our school and ourselves, and the friendship of fellow classmates and underclassmen have been times of pride and joy. Hard- ships which led to defeat and despair darkened our days but helped us mature and search for brighter outlooks. All of these treasured moments have been preserved for us in the 1969 " Headlight " , our yearbook of golden memories. To Those Who Serve Dave Arbs Larry Duerkop Wayne Duszynski Mark Ely Bruce Erickson Rodger Frye Bernard Lancette John Meyer Ronald Moy Randy Nauertz Tom Radtke Greg Roach Donald Winget Randy Paulson Rick Schroder Ted Nyseth Steve Grilley Al Stouffer Mike Emery Steve Johnson Tom Brost David Brantner Robert Crandall Mark Peterson Dedication Four years ago when we were freshmen, you, too, were students of Altoona High School. You studied, participated in varied activities, and attained the reward, your diploma. When the carefree days of high school ended, you accepted the role of being a serviceman. Now you are working for your country as well as for yourselves to have a better world in which to live. The reward will be lasting peace and a democratic way of life where you can assume yet another role, that of a noteworthy citizen of your home community. We, the seniors of 1969, dedicate our annual. " The Headlight, " to you. Calendar of Events AUGUST FEBRUARY Registration 27 Fill the Gym Night 7 First Day of School 28 Valentine ' s Day 14 Career Day 17 SEPTEMBER Labor Day i MARCH Forensics 1 OCTOBER End of 3rd Quarter 19 Homecoming 3 Vacation 20-21 Teachers Convention 10-11 District Solo Ensemble 29 Initiation ACT for Seniors 19 APRIL Vacation 4-7 NOVEMBER All-School Play iO End of First Quarter 1 Spring Concert 24 Veterans ' Program 11 Thanksgiving Vacation 28-29 MAY Prom T DECEMBER District Music 10 Concert 17 Graduation 27 Christmas Tea 17 Last Day of School 29 Christmas Dance 20 Memorial Day 30 JANUARY School Reconvenes 6 Semester Ends 17 til ' m 1 " iA I CI . Table of Contents Title Page 1 Wrestling 73 Dedication 3 Golf 74 Calendar of Events 4 Archery 75 Table of Contents 5 Library 76 Administration Division Page 7 Letter Club 77 Administrators 8 Forensics 78 School Board 9 Paper Staff 79 Faculty 10-14 Seniors of ' 68 80 Kitchen Help 15 Halls of A.H.S. 81-83 Senior Division 17 Sports Division Page 85 Valedictorian-Salutatorian 18 Football Cheerleaders 86 Senior Officers 19 Football Team 87 Seniors 20-27 Individuals 88 Senior Activity 28-29 Football Action 90-93 Senior Who ' s Who 30-31 Basketball Cheerleaders 94 Underclassmen Division Page 33 Basketball Teams 95 Juniors 34-39 hidividuals 97 Sophomores 40-45 Basketball Action 98-101 Freshmen 46-51 Track Team Action 102-103 Student Council 52-53 Junior Higli Division 105 Activities Division Page 55 Junior High Faculty Officers 1 06 Junior Prom 56-59 8th Grade 108-109 Homecoming Dance 60-61 7th Grade 110-111 Christmas Dance 62-63 Junior High Activities 112-113 Pep Assemblies 64-65 Chorus Basketball 114-115 School Play 66-67 Advertising Division Page 117 Band 68 Ads 118-137 Chorus 69 Annual Staff 138-139 Pep Club 70 Memoriani 140 G.A.A. 71 Senior Credits 142-143 Tumbling 72 fSsS 1f » iiBlSSlsss ■■cm riisiHniiiH ■■■■inii Hi iiiiiiL llliiili mwm B BsBfiiiilSMiiiniiH ■■infi Ill nil warn Superintendent einar pedersen Principal Robert bredesen Guidance Director wayne west School Board row l : Einar Pedersen, William Peterson, Mollis Schauer, Harold Harris. Row 2: Bernie Larson, Charles Beaver. Secretary Barbara bredesen Secretary beverly staves GREGORY BEMENT English, Coach A. S. RUSSELL Home Economics MABEL GRAF Business Education ROBERT BREDESEN Biological Sciences, Coach 10 WAYNE WEST Electronics ALICE HELD English, Library ELIZABETH STABENOW English, Speech JAMES SCHROEDER History, Coach II -JtAL " ■- I g ' ' JULIA BOBERG French GERALD OLSON Band BETTY COWLEY Social Studies ARNOLD JOHNSON Mathematics 12 VICTOR SORENSEN Physical Sciences GUNHILD O ' BRIEN English JOHN STREIF Industrial Arts, Coach BETTY PASKAUSKY Pliysical Education, Tumbling 13 LOIS KILDAHL Qiorus DELORAS THOMPSON Art SALLY BRUMMOND Practice Teacher 14 They Serve Us Well Those who transport our students: Dan Welke, Betty Berg, and Archie Carlson. A .V 1 •• Kitchen Help: A. Lostetter, B. Schroder, S. Christ, C. Dorn, C. Odegard, L. Duszynski. Cooks: Mrs. Christ, Mrs. Leland, Mrs. Erdman. 15 BMUniiHfgB Valedictorian Diane Everson Salutatorian Annette Lostetter L Student Council President Steven Struck 18 Class President LaVonne Duszynski Vice-President Thomas Najacht Secretary- Treasurer Jane Baker 19 Catherine Barnuni Linda Brost James Bohn Michael Carlson 20 Mary Dakeii Cheryl Dorn Jack Fischer Kristine Gillett Bruce Gardow 21- Vicky Hays Myrland Hateli Sandra Hageclorn ] Susan Hnftel Curtis Hehl 22 Debra Klee Douglas Lelaiid James Larson Douglas Johnson Steven Johnson 23 Phillip Mellaiul Diane Mickelson Sharon Neill Susan Nelson Rlionda Markgraf 24 Donovan Olson " t ,,: ■-■■■:-,-; ■- ' ■T j ' y-.- ' ' ' A Jacqueline Paulson John Poppe Caryle Odegard 25 James Stein Diane Tlialacker Colleen Sundquist Barl)ara Schroder James Thompson 26 Steven Vance Belinda Snyder Rosemary Welke Clierie Winget Senior Photos Not Available Duane Giese Steven Rogers Patrick Rnscin Rodiiev Grinili 27 A Day in the Life of a Senior " Just a little bit more and it will be perfect. " " Mary had a little lamb " Ladies and gentlemen. May I present the A.H.S. band. " 28 The perfect meal. " Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree 29 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jim Stein. Kris Gillett, Bruce Gardow Seniors ' Who ' s Who BIGGEST FLIRTS Steve Rogers, Linda Brost MOST UNDERSTANDING Sandy Hagedorn, Pat Ruscin BEST DRESSED Diane Mickelson, Curt Hehl BEST DANCERS Caryle Odegard, Doug Leland MOST HAPFY-GO-LUCKY Cheri Wingct, Doug Johnson, Cheri Dorn WITTIEST LaVonne Duszynski, Jack Fischer 30 BEST ALL AROUND Jim Bohn, Debbie Klee SHYEST Jim Thompson, Rose Welke MOST INTELLECTUAL Diane Everson, Larry Olson I A . ' SL MOST ATHLETIC Steve Struck, Annette Lostetter MOST DRAMATIC Steve Vance, Colleen Sundquist MOST WELL LIKED Jane Baker, Harvey Baumbach 31 ■I SliiffiH jilV mm mms UNDERdBMlfflN TOAST ACCOMTCISHMEI«JEB ■niiaik. ! ■llflllB»95KS n iin Class of ' 70 Advisors: Mr. West, Mrs. Graf. Officers: Bob Pecor. Vice-President; Pat Melland. Secretary- Treasurer; Neil Rafferty. President. D. Board B. Borgerding L. Brennan G. Bresina J. Daicen C. Davis L. DeWilz J. Donier D. Duerkop C. Franson 34 J. Goss S. Gunderson L. Harris G. Hays T. Hess K. Howard P. Hudson M. Huftel D. Hugdahl J. Jaenke We welcomed in our Junior year Ready for labor, joy and tears. In all our efforts we ' ve done well- weVe helped our high school to excel. WeVe got the spirit-do or die- that makes us part of Altoona High. With all the hope the future brings- we look ahead to greater things. " D. Johnson M.Johnson B. Lancette R. Lancette J. Leland 35 Juniors in Action »■ .- " Peek-a-boo, I see YOU! ' ' Burn, baby, burn! B. Mann D. Marten P. Melland T. Meyer S. Mickelson T. Nysetli T. Ohnstad D. Olson R. Olson S. Olson 36 D. Rau F. Rieder A. Robinson T. Rude D. Pecor T. Planert R. Radtke N. Rafferty R. Rasmussen " Not another test! 3y 5 " y . p. Schultz S. Sedalil P. Silvernail N. Simonson P. Simonson Here he comes, Mr. America! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! 38 G. Squires R. Squires J. Tlialacker S. Tliompson D. Underwood D. Underwood D. Werner B. Wick C. Wittren G. Wold 39 Class of ' 71 Advisors: Mrs. O ' Brien, Mr. Sorensen, Miss Paslcausky. Officers: Don Peterson, Vice-President; Bob Bohn, President; Sharon Crandall, Secretary- Treasurer. T. Baehr R. Barnum M.Bethke B. Bohn P. Brost S. Buchholz R. Carr E. Cerutti S. Crandall S. Erickson 40 p. Englebretson S. Gardow L. Gloede K. Goranson C. Grimh J. Harris K. Hoffman B. Hubbard G. Johnson B. Klee 41 T. Nimmo F. Olson R. Olson M.Patneaude D. Paulson D. Peterson B. D. Quale B. Radtke D. Rajotte D. Rasmussen J. Real! D. Ress M. Rhode S. Rumphol 42 G. Schlewitz J. Schroeder C. Sedahl N. Semisch S. Silvernail G. Simonson R. Sloat D. Snyder C. Tetzloff D. Utberg D. Wagner S. Weisheipl C. Wick N. Wittren R. Zachau " Our Sophomore Year has found us all- -walking proudly down the hall, We ' ve always tried to do our best- -in sports and clubs and all the rest, WeVe got that extra drive and fame- That earned our famous " Rails " name. Thus, we look to the open door— -and to what the future has in store ' 43 If we ever get this done, it will be a mir- acle! " Oh, no, I burned them! " " If I have to stick another napkin in this float, I ' ll scream! " 45 Class of ' 72 Advisors: Mr. Bement, Mrs. Cowley, Mr. Streif, Mrs. Held. Officers: B. Rude, Vice-President; B. Pecor, Presi- dent; S. Hugdahi, Secretary-Treasurer. P. Balow J. Beaver R. Berg V. Berg G. Brennan S. Christ C. Cota K. Davis J. DeWitz G. Dorn 46 C. Everson R. Franson D. Giese C. Cillett J. Goodpaster R. Grilley M. Hagen R. Harris K. Hawkenson L. Hemmingway Junior High is in the past- WeVe Climed the Steps; We ' re Here at Last. We Gladly Donned the Freshmen Gleani- aiid Tried to Learn the New Routine, Of Lockers, Bells, Teachers And Books— and Upperclassnien ' s Dirty Looks. But Now We ' ve Learned The High School avs- We ' ll Do Our Best in ' Coming Days. 47 T. Huftel S. Hugdalil K. KJavetter C. Larson G. Larson B. Pecor T. Radtke J. Reed M. Rieder W. Rude 48 R. Ryan R. Squires M. Stein S. Stouffer M.Sundquist R. Wang S. Weisiieipl R. Wiciciand E. Wilcox S. Winaet 49 J. Wold Well, almost time to quit this job. Boy, they didn ' t tel! me this work was this hard! A typical Freshman class during Initiation Week. 50 Freshman Homecoming float tied for third place. f iL Freshmen King Bill Rude and Oueen Bobbie Pecor were crowned by Sophomores Rick Zachau and Debbie Zillmer. 51 Our Student Government Row 1 : D. Paulson, B. Bohn, C. Wick, T. Ohnstad, B. Lancette, B. Pecor, C. Cota, G. Larson. Row 2: L. Duszynski, S. Struck, Mr. West, J. Bohn, D. Everson. Candidates and their Managers waited to give their Campaign speeches. 52 f i Steve promoted better student-teacher relationships. Jim suggested scholastic honor society. The Student Council showed its adaptability in the num- ber and variety of projects it undertook throughout the year. In the beginning of the year the Council aided in the purchase of parallel bars for the tumblers. Garbage cans were obtained for the school grounds. In order to promote athletic ability, the gym was opened for use on Saturday mornings. On November 5 students offered their services on a successful voters " drive in the community. Another project of great interest discussed by the Student Council was the possibility of enrolling a foreign exchange student in our school througli the American Field Service Chapter. Diane presented the idea of a coffee house. 53 m 1 H K If! W H ,i r f?] iin m%S8B J MBSHIiil lk, iJiiSHffil !imKP !»i " " EdlPROUND OUT -■ 1 .filllll iHliVI WMi Queen Sue- Waryeyj 56 Junior Prom 1968 57 Some Enchanted Evening was the theme chosen by the junior class of 1968. The music was provided by the George Day Trio and the decorations consisted of a gazebo in the center, a garden scene, a wishing well and an oval ceiling to complete the musical effects. King Harvey Baumbach and Queen Susan Huftel reigned over the occasion. The Junior Prom of 1968 was truly a golden memory. 58 59 60 $ iT! Music Was by Love Sound Development Homecoming 1968 Homecoming week held treasured memories for everyone. Classes hurried to complete their floats for the parade before the big game with Fall Creek, and Seniors won with their slogan, " Go-Phor A Victory " . Activities culminated on Friday niglit with the dance held in the gym and music provided by the L.S.D. King Steve Struck and Queen Debbie Klee had the following members in their court; Jim Bohn and Sue Huf- tel; Doug Johnson and Annette Lostetter; and Tom Najacht and Kris Gillett. Inclusively, it was a week filled with golden mements to be re- membered. Steve and Debbie beamed happily as they waited to receive their crowns. After the crowning, the royal couple and their attendants danced the first number. 62 V. Hays, C. Odegard, C. Dorn, D. Mickelson, C. Hehl, J. Stein, M. Carlson, D. Leland. The Seniors worked hard decorating the gym in gold and white trim accented with angels and holly to complete the theme of the Christmas Dance, " Holly Heaven " . Senior Royalty for the winter dance were King Steve Johnson and Queen Jane Baker. Members of their court were: Diane and Curt, Cheri and Jim, Caryle and Mike, Vicky and Doug. Santa arrived during the evening to present gifts to Coaches Bredesen. Schroeder. and Streif for their achievements. Tlie dance climaxed holiday school events and ushered in Christmas vacation. Santa makes his presence known. 63 Laugh Along with A.H.S. Beware of the blue crusaders. Mrs. Miller and her group visit A.H.S. " Hey, honey, how about a little smooch?? " 44 " Tiptoe through our tulips with us!! ' " Gee, Bob, I ' ll have to ask my mom! ' " Here ' s our bippy, where is yours?? " 65 ONIONS IN THE STEW by Betty MacDonald Director Mrs. Joan Barry Student Director Carole Everson CAST Betty MacDonald LaVonne Dusynski Don MacDonald Bill Klavetter Anne Colleen Sundquist Joan Debbie Minick Howard Dan Ely Claire Fessenden Kathy Struck Roger Bob Meyer Claud Bruce Gardow Lesley Arnold Diane Mickelson Margo Jane Harris Miss Garvey Connie Lewis Bee Gee Linda Rosenberg Salsie Barb Schroder Kitsie Lynn Brennen Mrs. Watson ' s Harry Curt Chown New- Motor Marvin Jim Bolin Mr. Curtis Neil Rafferty Mrs. Curtis Chcrie Winget Lyda Sue Huftel Jim Jim Schlewitz Dotty Vicky Hays Joey Donny Rajotte Phil Murray Darrcll Board Delia Murray Linda Brost Old Buddy Announcer John Gilbert Grover Bob Rajotte 66 Is this a flower?? But can ' t you do something?? At last it ' s over!! A smile of appreciation. CREW Lynn Barrett, Jean Wright. Cherie Dorn. Linda Brost, Barb Schroder, Vicky Hays, Cherie Winget. Paulette Duszynski, Dan Ely, Bob Rajotte, Bob Meyer, Sue Nelson, Diane Mickelson, Pat Oldfield. Terry Ruscin, Carole Everson. What ' s so secret?? Very interesting! 67 Band Row 1 : Mr. Olson, C. Hehl, D. Mickelson, B. Rude, K. Hoffman, K. Johnson, R. Manor. Row 2: N. Weegman, C. Simons, J. Weisheipl, G. Wroten, S. Beaver, S. Ness, R. Sundquist, S. Munden, M. Sundquist, J. Reed, K. Kleist, K. Gorenson, C. Everson. Row 3: T. Trehey, N. Larson, M. Foss, K. KJeist, P. Kovar, N. Wittren, K. Gorenson, S. Nel- son, D. Paulson, A. Meyer, D. Mann. Row 4: J. Beaver, B. Grilley, R. Harris, G. Ness, P. Potter, S. Wood, C. Grimh, E. Wilcox, C. Odegard. Our Majorette 68 Ml 4% i ' 1 Chorus n o M 4 444 4 ' rtir j m - . —I ! ■■ jfci. i « ' - ' 5 - " W -5 Row 1 : C. Winget, V. Hays, R. Squires, B. Pecor, P. Simonson, P. Balow, L. Duszynski, B. Schroder, C. Sundquist, B. Wick, R. Welke, R. Carr, S. Crandall, S. Gunderson, E. Cerutti. Row 2: S. Hagedorn, B. Snyder, P. Silvernail,M. Stein, S. Weisheipl, K. Goranson, D. Wagner, C. Gillett, B. Radtke, B. Grilley, A. Robinson, S. Nelson, C. Ode- gard. Row 3: S. Silvernail, R. Harris, G. Brennan, J. Marquardt, L. Gloede, S. Gardow, C. Cota, C. Ness. T. Rad- tke, K. Tetzlaff, D. Quale, D. Zillmer, C. Franson. Row 4: S. Winget, S. Stouffer, P. Englebretson, R. Squires, D. Werner, S. Rumphol, C. Dorn, D. Everson, T. Trehey, J. Lowery, C. Larson, K. Davis, M. Rohde. L. Duszynski, V. Hays, P. Simonson, S. Nelson, K. Goranson, C. Franson, C. Sundquist, C. Odegard, R. Welke. «9 GAA Row 1 : S. Winget, T. Trehey. G. Brennan. Row 2; S. Silvernail. J. Jacnke, T. Radtke. S. Stouffer, P. Wicklund, D. Johnson. R. Harris, S. Weisheipl, N. Wittren. Row 3: C. Sundquist, B. Schroder, S. Tliompson, P. Melland, C. Larson, C. Ness, P. Brost, J. Paulson, R. Welke, K. Gillett. Row 4: S. Huftel, C. Winget, S. Olson, A. Zachau, C. Wittren, R. Carr, S. Nelson, B. Grilley, J. Baker, S. Hagedorn, D. Mickelson, D. Marten, S. Gunderson, D. Olson, D. Klee. Row 6: L. Brost, D. Everson,C. Dorn, A. Lostctter. " I ' ll get this one myself! " Up. up, and over! 70 Pep Club Row 1: S. Stouffer, S. Winget, K. Davis, P. Wickland, V. Berg, S. Weisheipl, K. Klavetter, N. Wittren. Row 2: S. Silvernail, T. Trehey, C. Gillett, S. Crandall, S. Gardow, P. Brest, C. Ness, J. Paulson, R. Welke. Row 3: B. Schroder. R. Carr, S. Olson. C. Larson. L. Gloede. K. TetzlatT, D. Werner, S. Hagedorn, D. Paulson. Row 4; C. Winget, P. Mell- and, A. Zachau, C. Wittren, J. Leland, S. Tliompson, L. Brennan, S. Nelson, B. Wick. Row 5: P. Schultz, S. Huftel, V. Hays, L. Harris, L. Duszynski, D. Everson, D. Marten, S. Mickelson, D. Olson. P. Silvernail. Row 6: D. Mickelson, D. Klee, C. Odegard, A. Lostetter, B. Lancette, C. Sundquist, R. Harris, G. Brennan, B. Pecor, C. Cota, B. Grilley. B i T«J V i ■Pl- m S n ■■■ ' ■ C: 1 — •■ ■ t» Everyone showed tiieir school spirit. " Come on you guys, let ' s go! 71 Tumbling Club Row 1 ; P. Ruscin, D. Rau, J. Thompson, D. Johnson, S. Johnson, D, Leiand, B. Lancette, R. Franson, K. Hawken- son. Row 2: A. Lostetter, P. Balow, B. Pecor, K. Klavetter, R. Harris, E. Cerutti, S. Huftel, D. Mickelson, M. Daken, T. Radtke. M. Rieder, D. Johnson, C. Odegard. Row 3: S. Weisheipl. B. G rilley, S. StoutTer, T. Trehey, K. Davis, P. Wicklund, S. Mickelson, V. Berg, D. Olson, P. Simonson, S. Gunderson, B. Schroder, B. Lancette, C. Franson. 72 ♦ Wrestling RfiBW I:- Mr. Streif, T. Patton. Row 2: D. Rau, J. Thalacker, D. Rajotte, S. Erickson, G. Hayes. Row 3: G. Squires. D. Johnson, R. Barnum, D. Board, T. Meyer. The boys drill on holds and take downs. 73 Archery Row 1 : H. Baumbach, N. Semisch, J. Thalacker, Mr. Johnson, T. Najacht,S. Zillmer, J. Larson. Row 2; D. Rau, D. Ress, S. Buchholz, T. Meyer, S. Rogers, M. Markey, D. Giese, D. Olson. " How did he say to put the arrow??? " " Hey, I got a bulls-eye!!! ' 74 Golf Row 1 : B. Rasmussen, C. Everson, T. Hess, R. Radtke. Row 2: Mr. Pedersen, B. Borgerding, T. Nyseth. ' •Four! " " Now, if I can hit the ball this time 75 rary Club Row 1 : K. Barnum, J. Larson, C. Wick, F. Olson, B. Wick, B. Schroder, C. Franson. Row 2: S. Gunderson, J. Da- ken, D. Paulson, K. Tetzlaff, D. Marten, M. Hateli, P. Ruscin. Row 3: D. Olson, P. Simonson, L. Gloede, L. Brost, D. Johnson, S. Mickelson, P. Brost. 76 I Letter Club Row 1 : C. Sundquist, D. Mickelson, B. Schroder. Row 2: P. Schultz, D. Klee, A. Zachau, J. Paulson, Row 3: L. Dus- zynski, L. Brost, D. Marten, S. Olson. Row 4: K. Gillett, D. Paulson, N. Wittren, C. Odegard, D. Everson. C. Wittren. Row 5: S. Gunderson, P. Brost, S. Nelson, J. Leland. Row 6: S. Huftel, B. Lancette, A. Lostetter, D. Olson. Row 1 : B. Pecor, P. Melland, J. Reed, P. Hudson. Row 2: T. Najacht, J. Thalacker. Row 3: S. Struck. D. Hugdahl. Row 4: C. Hehl, B. Borgerding, T. Planert, J. Bohn, B. Bohn, S. Rodgers. Row 5: B. Gardow, D. Leland. Row 6; L. Olson, D. Johnson. 77 Forensics Top to Bottom: B. Pecor, P. Ruscin, D. Quale, S. Rum- phol, S. Nelson, S. Huftel, M. Rohde, D. Paulson, S. Sil- vernail. Top to Bottom: T. Ohnstad, C. Sundquist, D. Johnson, D. Mickelson, D. Everson, K. Goranson, D. Zillmer, R. Carr, L. Duszynski. 78 Paper Staff Row 1 : A. Lostetter, S. Huftel, J. Jaenke, L. Brost, R. Welke, T. Ohnstad, H. Baumbach, J. Paulson, D. Klee, K. Gil- lett. Row 2: G. Simonson, D. Peterson, B. Grilley, S. Weisheipl, K. Tetzlaff, C. Ness, R. Carr, D. Paulson, S. Stouffer, B. Lancette, L. Olson. Row 3: C. Davis, M. Daken, J. Bohn, C. Sundquist, D. Everson, D. Mickelson, C. Dorn, S. Nel- son, J. Daken, B. Pecor. The creation of a newspaper. Seniors helped to put the paper together. 79 Seniors of 1968 I ' Are we supposed to be playing golf? " " Did you see that ball go sailing? " " What do I do now? ' Chow time!!! The swinger of ' 68. 80 A.H.S.: Where It ' s at It ' s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad school. " We don ' t got no information on him. Sweet and innocent Seniors. 81 " Okay, which one of you guys hid my Right guard! " Tlial ' s a funny way to grade papers!!!!!!! 82 " Boy, those grades look poor! " Cleaning house? ' ??? One of our swinsin " seniors! ! ! ! Altoona ' s newly formed Folk Singing Club. Pom-pom girls get ready to perform at halftime. 83 ■Mil W mi ' i-W w j ' " an mniimkwm ;% s ---: , Hiiniwii l ifillMMi mmin IBHii fsgm „ ■iH iSaaaai I ' BBiarapHi iniiiiisi, Biiiissa! iiiifi Let ' s Shout for ' Our ' Team! C. Odegard, B. Lancette, D. Marten, A. Lostetter, D. Klee. B. Lancette, D. Marten. C. Odegard. A. Lostetter, D. Klee. 86 The Team Who Ruled the Gridiron Row 1 : Mr. Schroeder. B. Bohn, J. Reed. T. Najacht. D. Johnson. C. Hehl, D. Hugdahl. S. Struck. P. Hudson. C. Chown, S. Buchholz. Mr. Beinent. Row 2: J. Thalacker, B. Gardow, P. Melland. N. Rafferty . J. Bohn, B. Pecor. S. Rogers, D. Leland. R. Sloat, T. Baehr. J. Harris. Row 3: F. Rieder, S. Christ, B. Hubbard. L. Olson, G. Schlewitz, G. Squires, M. Huftel, B. Borgerding. N. Manor We Drove to Score Row 1: S. Struck, P. Hudson. J. Reed. T. Najacht. D. Johnson. C. Hehl. D. Hugdahl. Row 2; N. Rafferty. B. Bohn, B. Pecor, J. Bohn. 87 Bob Bohn Jim Tlialacker Paul Hudson Scores Altoona 7 Augusta 6 Altoona 6 Stanley-Boyd 19 Altoona 12 Owen-Withee 26 Altoona Gilman 31 Altoona 3 Fall Creek Altoona 12 Cadott 7 Altoona 26 Holcombe 12 Altoona 15 Cornell 31 Steve Struck Jon Reed Doug Johnson Tom Najacht Neil Rafferty Duane Hugdahl Curt Hehl The 1968 edition of the Altoona team was possibly the scrappiest team in the league. Pound for pound, they were smaller than every team they faced, but the gridders found salvation in their tiger-like running attack. The four win, four loss record was most indicative of the fine blocking by Paul Hudson, Steve Struck, Tom Najacht, Doug Johnson, Jon Reed. Curt Hehl and Duane Hugdahl. and the power-play running of Bob Pecor, Neil Rafferty, and Bob Bohn. Quarterback Jim Bohn got his passing game rolling in the last few games of the season, finding Steve Struck, Duane Hugdahl, NeU Rafferty, and Bob Pecor in the open after cleverly forcing the opponent out of their way. Defensively, the RaUs were said to be the hardest tackling team in the All in all. this team could be summed up as being the most coachable, toughest men we ' ve had under our direction. Brian Borgerding ryxjf Bob Pecor Jim Bohn Bruce Gardow Memories of a Great Season •. ' . ' jrvV. ' rr. - ' - ri " • !v G vX " - l ' ' ; ' :v ' i : . ( t« «f •l N,y«l « . wmm ; r.-.s:;;r..,S, ' .-,i.:- -.-; ' V-,- • • • TfA- ' :? i - - ;;. • . «v-J ' • • • ' ■, " ••,•-;.; ;- ' • ' .- -r.d ' . ' A-. ' - ' . ' . ' i ' • ■ -» J: rr. ' .. ' :. ' ri ' .; mmmm All Here? Let ' s Cheer! A Squad Annette, Debbie, Diane, Caryle, Beci y. B Squad Connie, Becky, Bobbie, Rulii, Gail. ■Fl ■ • 1 f B H K H pKJ K H Br a K ■ 4 vM V ? ■ H ff!Jk.;«i , -- m r i-t-d Ifwl LlI V Row I : G. Brennan, C. Cota, B. Grilley, R. Harris, B. Pecor. Row 2: D. Klee, A. Lostetter, C. Odegard, B. Lancette, D. Mickelson. 94 A B Squads p f» f f n It ;i, - ' •- ' Coach Bredesen, J. Bohn, B. Pecor, P. Melland,B. Bohn, T. Baehr, T. Planert, S. Struck, R. Hoffman, C. Hehl. R. Zachau, G. Bresina, D. Hugdahl. Managers: M. Kovar, F. Olson. Row 1 : M. Bethke, R. Radtke, B. Bohn, T. Baehr, B. Rassmusen, B. Hubbard, R. Olson, Coach Schroeder. Row 2; C. Wick, K. Hoffman, R. Zachau. B. Borgerding, B. Klee, G. Johnson. N. Manor. 95 Pacers of the Court Coach Bredesen, B. Pecor, G. Bresina, D. Hugdahl, S. Struck, J. Bohn, T. Planert. Consistency was not always ours, but few teams could afford to take the scarlet and black lightly this season. The Rails fought hard to maintain their position in the league standings. At times we faltered; but when the job had to be done, our red and black fought back with the spirit that has characterized the Rail teams of the past. Many past teams have been great, but pound for pound, inch for inch, the 1969 team need take a back seat to none. Hats off to them for a job well done. m lL 96 Curt Hehl Bob Bohn Steve Struck Tom Planert Ted Baehr Phil Melland Duane Hugdahl Bob Pecor Gary Bresina Jim Bohn Kip Hoffman Rick Zachau 97 Where the Action Is! Track Team Row 1 : C. Schlewitz. Row 2: E. Radtke, S. Struck. Row 3: R. Lostetter, G. Stone, T. Hudson. Row 4: J. Schlewitz, T. Najdcht, G. Bresina, T. Planert. Row 5: C. Chown, J. Bohn, L. Squires, N. Rafferty, B. Lan- dette, M. Johnson, Coach Schroeder. Row 6: D. Ely, C. Hehl, B. Cerutti, D. Hugdahl, T. Meyer, D. Board. :5cores Altoona 65 ' 4 Colfax 55 ' . Altoona 102 Eleva Strum 102 Altoona 79 Augusta 39 Altoona 87 ' A Cadott 30 ' Altoona 86 Osseo 31 Altoona 69 North 49 Altoona 78 Fall Creek 40 Altoona 71 Stanley-Boyd 47 Altoona 75 McDonnell 43 Altoona 103 Cloverbelt- -Tied Fall Creek 12 Altoona 44 Greenwood 44 102 " Look I ' m a bird, I ' m a bird!!!!! " Here comes Dan!!!!!! ' Look at that baby go!!!!! ' " Just an inch more and I ' ll make it!! " 103 irili iiir — 3! 3ll!!BSaiiiiS8 !!i!!!Sr ■iim iaBi jffi i At 71 i MIIIHI aliiiiiii 111 il iiSS Jr. High Faculty RUTH MOORE Science WILLIAM HERRICK History ALMA WARD Mathematics MARGARET McLAUGHLlN English 106 Class Officers B. Pecor, J. Gonyea, E. Bohn, A. Manson. A. Wagner, B. Olson, K. Goranson, C. Harris. J. VVeisheipl, L. Baumbach, S. Larson, P. Haugen. D. Rosentrater, T. Meyer, K. Utphal, T. Werner. J07 Eighth Grade B. Babbit C. Balow C. Balow C. Barden R. Berg R. Board E. Bohn J. Brock C. Card S. Carlson D.Ely D. Gillett J. Gonyea K. Gorenson J. Gutsch L. Hall C. Harris P. Holtz K. Johnson K. Johnson C. Jordan K. Kleist M. Kovar P. Larson J. Leland R. Manor K. McDonald M. Mickelson A. Monson S. Munden 108 B, Olson G. Ottinger B. Pecor L. Quale A. Radtke C. Raether T. Reali W. Rohde M. Roosevelt S. Simons K. Sloat P. Snyder K. Staves M. Steidtman C. Stone K. Sturz R. Sundquist B. Swanson G. Thompson J. Thompson S. Volkman A. Wagner N. Weigman G. Wick G. Wroten 109 Seventh Grade Photograph not available m 3 ' D. Ash J. Baraboo K. Barden J. Baumbach S. Beaver C. Brown C. Card K. Cerutti D. Christ D. Christ J. Davis R. DeWitz R. Feather M.Foss G. Goodpastor D. Gunderson D. Gunderson L. Hasenmueller P. Haugen L. Hehl E. Hemenway K. Hubbard B. Johnson S. Johnson K. Kleist P. Kovar N. Larson S. Larson D. Lukkasson D. Mann no A. Mayer L. McMannis J. Melland T. Meyer T. Munden S. Ness S. Newman K. Nimmo C. Olson V. Olson W.Olson T. Ottinger D. Paffel A. Patton P. Potter M. Rohde D. Rosentrator C. Schmidt R. Sedahl R. Sedahl R. Sheldon K. Shelley P. Sieg C. Simons R. Silvernail D. Tetzlofr L. Thompson K. Utphall J. Weisiieipl J. Weisheipl S. Wood III Junior High Activities Junior high girls patiently waited for their names to be called off for being elected a cheerleader. The five happy girls after a long awaited moment. 112 The scientists of all times. One more drop of this stuff, and " POOF ' 113 Jh Chorus and Football • ' ' f 5 f ti r j j J ' ( ]f Row 1 : D. Rosentrator, C. Brown, K. Johnson, C. Jordan, A. Wagner, C. Raether, A. Monsen, K. Schelley, S. Volk- man, C. Stone, G. Wick, J. Brock. Row 2: D. Wicklund, C. Balow, P. Snyder, P. Holtz, S. Zemple, S. Ness, K. Kleist, L. Hasenmueller, N. Larson, P. Seig, M. McMannis, L. Quale. Row 3: S. Feather, C. Simons, K. Utphal, K. Hubbard, J. Beaver, B. Babbitt, N. Weegman, L. Hall, C. Balow, C. Harris, K. Kleist, C. Crad, V. Olson. Row 4: B. Johnson, L. Thompson, D. Paffel, R. Manor, M. Mickelson, C. Olson, J. Baraboo, M. Rohde, P. Potter, M. Foss, S. Newman, J. Melland, J. Weisheipl. Row 1 : D. Ash, S. Munden, T. Werner, D. Ely, J. Gonyea, B. Rohde, E. Bohn, P. Haugen, B. Olson, K. Sturz, K. McDonald. Row 2: D. Christ, J. Thompson, K. Barden, D. Christ, T. Munden, R. Sundquist, K. Staves, B. Pecor, P. Larson, J. Leland. 1)4 Basketball and Cheerleaders ' -ti l 44 ' . ; 5 " 5 ' 2 sg- » ; o v . A ▼ J ' i. P ' ' a .■ fV rt ,..A i , • • , T t » » Row 1 : L. Baumbach, K. Sturz, P. Haugen, B. Rohde, E. Bohn, B. Olson, J. Gonyea. Row 2: T. Munden, D. Christ, T. Werner, J. Weisheipl, K. Staves, B. Pecor, J. Leland, D. Gillett. Row 3: M. Kovar, W. Olson, R. Berg, D. Lukkus- son, R. Sundquist, D. Ely, S. Carlson, G. Thompson, Mr. Bement. Row 4: C. Wenaus, D. Christ, S. Larson. T. Meyer, K. Goranson, R. Board, J. Gutsch, K. Nimmo. ■mm ji fcj 9 D. Wickland, C. Jordan, R. Manor, K. Johnson, S. Beaver. 115 I r1 BSjsas ji , nsess 1 I ►-i- ■» " fAnVBiiliiu X: ■-■ ■fiaa! ■Illllli ■illllll tDVEft3j|SING GUIDES SCHOOL MARKEjy|!|gg iinsKisa Hifissi SBi S£ SSSS!SiSSSTaiHUBB IN EAU CLAIRE For Happy Family Shopping It ' s the CO-OP SHOPPING CENTER 8,000 Shareholder-Shopper Fam i 1 ies k] Great Departments iMniMln in ill III irii ||iH»iii , II „,. ,. „.| llllllll nmmni Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire For Happy Family Savings S Loans It ' s the CONSUMERS CO-OP CREDIT UNION 2221 Highland Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 5 701 Phone 832-831 1 118 STATE BANK OF FALL CREEK ALTOONA BRANCH 1420 LYNN AVE. ALTOONA PHONE 834-7124 119 Dolly Madison Dairies Quality Chekd Milk and Ice Cream SEE IF YOU DON ' T TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: You will be delighted with Portraits PORTRAIT STUDIO Phone 83 -2993 708 S. Farwel 1 Street Eau C 1 a i re , Wis. 120 F. E. UROSVOLD- Heating, Plumbing, Industrial Piping, and Mechanical Contractors 2429 East Clairemont at Blakeley Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 835-3625 MACS TYPEWRITER COMPANY Smith-Corona Typewriters Dictaphone Machines Addo-Adding Machines All Steel Equipment Co. Office Furniture 2527 E. Clairemont Ave. Across from K-Mart Phone 834-3966 121 SMITH ' S FUNERAL CHAPEL 2222 LONDON ROAD EAU CLAIRE TELEPHONE 832-1141 C. R. STOCKS ELECTRIC CO. NORTHWEST WISCONSIN ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING FIRM PHONE 832-1676 EAU CLAIRE, WIS. 122 PROCK FUNERAL HOME AND AMBULANCE SERVICE EAU CLAIRE COMPLIMENTS OF AUSTIN ' S WHITE HOUSE 123 CALL 832-9323 DIVISION ST., ALTOONA Njl ' f ' BROILED STIIKS SEA FOOD 0 ' CHICKES ♦ SANDWICHES • PLATE LUNCHES Wte niftjiY ' jrl Eat It the Railroad Capital of Wisconsin m • SING ALONG MUSIC U Ray and Joey Henning K Owners REGISTERED DIAMOND RINGS BLOUNT ' S JEWELERS 30 South Barstow Eau Claire 835-3346 124 nUTD BEAUTIFUL PAINTING AND ' godl Work • AUTO BODY REPAIRING • PAINTING (Truck and Car) • RUST DAMAGE REPAIRED • AUTO GLASS SERVICE ohilm! RL-AC Call 835-8955 2211 BIRCH ST CARLSON ' S SEAT COVER CENTER AND GULF SERVICE " WHERE THEY TRIM YOUR CAR— NOT YOUR POCKETBOOK. " mm 1725 BRACKETT AVENUE CHICKEN CHASERS BAR FALL CREEK, WISCONSIN GOOD FOOD 1?5 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Bach 306 S. Barstow St Eau Claire, Wis. BRANSTAD DRUG STORE " Where Personal Service Counts " Two Locations in Putnam Heights 605 Walker Ave. 407 Walker Ave Medical Arts Building Rexall Drug 832-1332 835-5919 ' f % EQUITY COOPERATIVE LIVESTOCK SALES ASSOCIATION A 1 toona , Wis, Phone 835-3104 EAU CLAIRE CYCLE SHOP Headquarters for Schwinn Bikes and Yamaha Cycles i+05 Water Street Eau Claire, V i s . 126 JVetler jfurniiurc torc Phone 877-2911 FALL CREEK, WISCONSIN 54742 ( DUALITY AND SERVICE oy§m( a URHEIM PHARMACY Free De I i very In Eau C 1 a i re Al toona 835-61 ' +8 314 E. Grand Ave. Eau C lai re , Wis. Soi S-Pmfx INO. 5 PLUMBING AND HOT WATER HEATING Telephone 832- 795 2 +0 London Rd . CHARLSON MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 835-5144 97 Madison St. Lumber - Millwork - Delta Tools - Ruberoid Roofing Manufacturers of the Finest in Custom Kitchen Cabinets Porter-Cable Electric Tools Electric Garage Openers 127 INVOICES ■ purchase ORDERS PRINTING CO. INC. 219 E. MADISON ST. 832-1135 fRlNTIP JMHML • LEHERPRESS • OFFSET • COLOR Office Forms Publications Catalogs Direct Mail Programs Wedding Announcements Compliments of Lenmark and Sons Phone 834- 73 A B SUPEREHE AL BEULAH WOLF " We Del i ver " A 1 toona , Wis EAST SIDE DRUG STORE " In The Gateway Shopping Center " On Hwy. 53, 1 08 So. Hastings Way COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 128 Free, Prompt Delivery Service in Eau Claire and Altoona i ALTOONA CREDIT UNION -OW RATE : A Community Credit Union Open to any Resident of the City of Altoona, Wis. C. E. Miller, President R. L. Staves, Secretary H. E. Bonell, Manager fcrfijUt ' ill«if 206-210 Eau Claire St. Eau Claire, Wis. 54702 Phone No. 832-7798 C au L laire TILE and TERRAZZO, INC. Terrazzo Floors Quarry Tile Ceramic Tile Marble Washington Heights Eau Claire, Wisconsin Telephone— 835-9914 HILLESTAD SERVICE STATIOI GVLF PRODUCTS mm 2203 Birch Street 83-9104 mM] 129 NEIL ' S BODY SHOP 1428 Lynn Avenue Altoona, Wise. Telephone 832-3737 GARY ' S AND NORMA ' S 5 O ' CLOCK CLUB 2240 FENWICK AVENUE EAU CLAIRE, WIS. BEAUTY SALON Hours: Tues., Thurs., 8 A.M. -9 P.M. Mon., Wed., Fri., 9-5 Sat 8 A.M. -2 P.M. Beauty With Distinction Phone 834-2100 1407 Lynn Avenue Altoona, Wis. DEVNEY CONSTRUCTION CO. EXCAVATING GRADING SEWAGE SYSTEMS Phone 834-4467 or 834-1265 411 Putnam St. Eau Claire, Wis. 130 Mi FEHR CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. 1103 Menomonie Street Eau Claire, Wisconsin PHONE 834-7701 Concrete, Cinder Aglite Blocks Concrete Culvert Sewer Pipe AII purpose Masonry Paints •Aluminum Steel Windows Sakrete Concrete Mixes Wall Reinforcing Glass Blocks and Vents HEHL-GROHN COMPANY CONTR ACTORS-BU I LDERS LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL MILLWORK PAINT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS 834-2711 EAU CLAIRE WITTREN ' S SERVICE 103 N. Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire TraJIblazer WCKSON ' S SERVrCE We Are Factory Authorized Warranty Service For ' General Electric ' Westinghouse ¥ Philco Decca Zenith RCA Sylvania Service On All Makes JNOIANHEAD ■ACHO-tV f ■ACHO-tV London Road Antenna Specialists ' Admiral Emerson 832-7143 131 CHUCK ' S STANDARD SERVICE 3028 East Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 54701 Junction of 12 53 STANDARD Compliments of KOTTON KOVE 503 Bellinger Street Eau Claire, Wisconsin " ladies apparel " VU PHONt. 632-1790 • aT«f laa t « LUNCHEONS OINNEd LARSON LUMBERS HARDWARE CO. | Your One- Stop Lumber Yard In Eau C ai re Wisconsin 223 ' . e;rc h St Ph. 83U- 1231. Comp 1 i merits of a FRIEND EAU CLAIRE TRANSPORTATION CO. " Your City Bus Lines " ' G S E SALES, 252) E. Clairemont Eau Claite, Wts. Osifft Phone 832-6631 GORDON PETERSON. Pres. INC. Color T. V. Appliances Air Conditioning Compl iments of CORKY ' S BAR MILLER Fall Creek MOTORS W I scons i n BIG DUTCHMAN, INC. Poultry Livestock Equip. Box 905 Eau Claire, Wis. Comp 1 iments of MELVILLE JEWELRY Fal 1 Creek, Wis. UNITED RENT-ALL WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING Phone 832- l ' 488 132 EDWINS At the Four Corners Eau Claire, WI scons i n Wolds Ideal Cleaners -r Cleaning Pressing « and« i+38 Water St. . Comphmenls of NORTHWEST TESTING LABOKATORY and ' EAU CLAIRE CO-OP DHIA 219 10th St. West Altooiia. Wis. Phone 832-741S WEAU TV-FM WAXX-AM BROADCASTING CENTRAL Eau Claire, Wis. Eau Claire Able Cable 1 1 Channel TV Service 415 S. Barstow 83 -3151 1 MADISON ST. BODY SHOP 522 East Madison Eau C 1 a i re , Wis. 1 KING KERN AUTO SERVICE " Automatic Transmission Specialists " Auto Service Overhauling Phone TEmple 2-8222 2351 SPOONER AVENUE ALTOONA, WIS. rtttu. FISHER ' S SPORT SHOP p 839 Water Street v Eau Claire, Wis. 5 701 WALKER CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors Office 1701 So. Hastings Way Telephone 832-61 16 1 Camvl ln ;n[i PREY AND BAR Fal I Creek, w BAKER 1 MINTO FLORAL SHOP Our Flowers Speak Where Words Fail INDEPENDENT CLEANERS 402 Bellinger Street Expert dry cleaning and formal wear rental Best wishes PRONTO Comp 1 iments of Seven-Up Bottling Co. Eau C 1 a i re , Wis. DR. R. J. OHM OPTOMETRIST 15 S. Barstow St. Eau Clai re, Wis. 133 Ahelu GATEWAY SHELL 2200 Brackett 835-9617 EAU CLAIRE IMPLEMENT INC Sales and Service John Deere Farm Machinery John Deere Lawn and Garden Equipment McCullock Chain Saws 834-4419 1 — " Phone 832-9350 COIN DRY CLEANING 1 m FOR ■w ' a-fci ■ 2139 Brackett Ave. ARROW ALIGNMENT Wheel Aligniag and Balancing Wheel and Frame Straightening 2216 Highland Avenue Eau Claire, Wisconsin KIRCHOFF PHOTOGRAPHY NaluRil Color • Woddingi ■ Portroih - Commordal Office 834-4694 Home 835-6732 1830 BRACKETT AVENUE EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN m OLSfo usfo cflfls Respected Rel ab i 1 i ty Eau Claire Wis. Phone 835- ■953 Baker Jewelers 1504 SOUTH HASTINGS WAY EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN Phone; 832-8249 Sun Ray Liquors 3028 Spooner Ave. Altoona, Wis. 835-9 05 DALE ' S BLUE FRONT BAR 418 Water Street Eau Claire, Wis. Jean Sires, Prop. Muldoon ' s Men ' s Wear Formal Wear Rental J. F. Muldoon 1506 S. Hastings Way Eau Claire, Wisconsin EAU CLAIRE CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing 622 E. Madison Street Eau Claire, Wis. HOREL-GEORGE COMPANY 1202 Western Avenue Phone 832- 1607 134 HANS H. SOLEM Realtor Altoona, Wisconsin 1719 Fairfax Phone 834-6646 Comp I i men ts of a FRIEND KOHLS AUTO CO., INC. Washington Heights Eau Claire, Wise. Jeeps - Campers 832-9737 WALKER ' S PAINT AND WALL PAPER 412 Washington St. Phone 832-8114 AAMCO Route 1 Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin One Day Service WELKE BROS. AUTO SERVICE R No. 6 Eau Claire, Wisconsin 834-5895 Golf The Game of a Lifetime HALLIE GOLF CLUB Art Tangen P.G.A. Pro DAY MUSIC " Everything in music ' Eau Claire, Wis. 417 S. BarstowSt. Roger ' s FERRY ST. AUTO STORE Speed Equipment and Auto Accessories INSPIRATION BIBLE GIFT SHOP Church and Sunday School Supplies Current Religious Books Crosses - Pictures - Plaques 112 E. Grand Ave. Eau Claire, Wise. 835-5638 " Everything in Sports " Johnson Motors-Boats LONGS SPORT SHOP 430 Water St. Eau Claire Compliments of JOHNSON HULEATT Clothiers Two stores on the west side. FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 1824 Bracket! Avenue 832-1180 Dale Shackleton — Agent NO WAITING Merl ' s Barber Shop 1403 LYNN AVENUE ALTOONA, WIS. Comp] iments of The Fashion Sf ore In Downtown Eau Cla i re 135 Free Television Air Conditioned Compliments of Hillcrest Motel (On Hwy. 12— One Half Mi. East Of 53 93) Route 6 Box 352 Bob Lorraine Brown Eau Claire, Wis. Phone Proprietors (715)832-9370 JOHN ' S TAILOR SHOP AND MEN ' S CLOTHING MIDDESHADE - GROSHIRE - FASHIONBILT CLOTHES 507 SO. BARSTOW— EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN WE GUARANTEE A 100% FIT— OR YOUR MONEY BACK DICK ' S BARBER SHOP GATEWAY SHOPPING AREA PHONE 832-1185 SAMUELSON S Since 1893 -11 South Barstow Street Compliments of ANDY ' S BAR AND STORE Route 2 Fall Creek THE SALVATION ARMY 102 West Grand Avenue Eau Claire. Wisconsin 54701 834-1224 Major B. MacNIchol EAU CLAIRE VAN STORAGE Local Long Distance Moving - 2806 Pleasant " y Eau Claire, Wis. 834-4195 136 KEEGAN ' S - Quality Since 1930 Draperies - Carpeting Uptnol star ing 114 W. Grand Ave., Eau Claire Comp 1 iments of HOLAAAN BEAUTY SALON 3052 Barstow Eau C la i re , Wis. ' Three Generations of Fine Printing ' FRED JOHNSON PRINTING 413 Water Street Eau Claire, Wisconsin Our thanks to The Staff of 1969 your editors Autographs 137 Annual Staff 9 3C Editors: Pat Schultz and LaVonne Duszynski. Staff— Row 1: S. Rumphol, K. Goranson, C. Ness, A. Zachau, C. Dorn, D. Mickelson, H. Baumbach, S. Vance, B. Gardow. Row 2: N. Wittren, S. Nelson, C. Wittren, L. Brennan, S. Huftel, J. Daken, S. Olson, L. Olson. 138 Driver: Steve Vance. Business Managers: Harvey Baumbach and Larry Olson. Photographer: Lynn Brennan. Layout Lesson. 139 In Memoriam Robert Francis Kennedy November 20, 1925-June 6, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929- April 4, 1968 Robert Francis Kennedy, senator from Massachusetts and candidate for the democratic presidential nomination, was struck down by assassin ' s bullets on June 5, 1968. His name will go down in history as a man who was a strong advocate of civil rights and defender of each common and individual man. Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968. He was a man of peace, dedication, and great courage. He stands with our other American martyrs in the cause of freedom and jus- tice. We can only grieve and say that this man was truly great. " Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to im- prove the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. " " It may get me crucified. I may even die. But I want it said even if I die in the struggle that, ' He died to make men free ' . " Senior JANE BAKER Christmas Dance Queen 4 GAA4 Trans, from North 2 CATHY BARNUM Student Librarian 4 Play 4 Trans, from Regis 3 Drama Club 4 H.ARVEY BAUMBACH Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Prom King 3 Archery 3 JIM BOHN Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Play 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Class President 3 Student Council 1,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3.4 Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,4 TV Radio 4 Chorus 4 LINDA BROST Pep Club 2,3 Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Tumbling Club 1,2 Chorus 2 Student Librarian 2,3,4 Play 3,4 Paper Staff 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 MIKE CARLSON Basketball 1 MARY DAKEN Tumbling 1,4 Chorus 3 Forensics I Trans, from Regis 1 CHERl DORN Pep Club 1 ,2,3 GAA 1,2.3,4 Tumbling Club 2 Chorus 2,3,4 Student Librarian 1,2,3 Play 2.3 Paper Staff 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 LAVONNE DUSZYNSKI Pep Club 1,2,3.4 Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Tumbling Club 2 Chorus 2,3,4 Forensics 1 ,2,3,4 Play 2,3.4 Paper Staff 2.3 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Class President 4 TV Radio 2 GAA 1,2,3,4 DIANE EVERSON Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 2,3 Drama Club 4 Chorus 2,3,4 Forensics 1 ,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Student Council 3,4 Homemaker of Tomorrow TV Radio 4 GAA 1,2,3,4 JACK FISCHER Basketball 1 Track 2 BRUCE GARDOW Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Play 2,3,4 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 1,2,3,4 Football 1 ,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Track 2 Baseball 1 Wrestling 3 KRIS GILLETT Pep Club 1,2 Letter Club 3 Forensics 1 Paper Staff 4 Cheerleading 2 GAA 12 3 4 SANDY HAGEDORN Pep Club 3,4 GAA 3,4 Chorus 3,4 Trans, from Central 2 MYRLAND HATLELI Chorus 4 Student Librarian 3,4 Wrestling 3 VICKY HAYS Pep Club 2,3,4 GAA 1,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 1 Play 3,4 CURT HEHL Letter Club 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,4 Student Librarian 1 Forensics 4 Play 2,4 Football 1,3,4 Basketball 1.2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 TV Radio 4 SUE HUFTEL Pep Club 2.3,4 Letter Club 3,4 Drama Club 1,4 Tumbling Club 3,4 Chorus 1 Forensics 3 Play 2,3 Paper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 2,3,4 GAA 2.3,4 Prom Queen 3 Trans, from McDonnell 1 DOUG JOHNSON Letter Club 4 Forensics 4 Football 2,4 Basketball 1.2.3 Track 1,3.4 Wrestling 4 STEVE JOHNSON Tumbling Club 2.3,4 Paper Staff 2.3 Track 3,4 Christmas Dance King 4 DEBBIE KLEE Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 3,4 Paper Staff 4 Cheerleading 2,4 GAA 2,3,4 JIM LARSON Student Librarian 4 DOUG LELAND Letter Club 4 Tumbhng 3,4 142 4ctivities Football 4 Wrestling 3 ANNETTE LOSTETTER Pep Club 2,3,4 Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Tumbling Club 3,4 Play 4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Track 3,4 Cheerleading 2,3,4 Honors Award Most Outstanding Teenagers Award Trans. Coon Rapids 1 RHONDA MARKGRAF Tumbling Club 1 PHILLIP MELLAND Letter Club 4 Football 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 DIANE MICKELSON Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 4 GAA 2,3 Tumbling Club 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1 Student Librarian 3 Forensics 1,3,4 Play 2,3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Track 2 Cheerleading 4 TV Radio 1 ,4 Majorette 3,4 Drama Club 4 Fall Modeling Contest 4 TOM NAJACHT Letter Club 3,4 Yearbook Staff 2 Football 3,4 Basketball 3 Track 2 Trans. Rhinelander 2 SHARON NEILL Pep Club 1 ,2 GAA 1,2 Band 1,2 Student Council 1 SUSIE NELSON Pep Club 1,2,3,4 GAA 1 Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Cho rus 3,4 Student Librarian 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 3,4 Forensics 4 Play 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Track 2,3 TV-Radio 4 Drama Club 4 CARYLE ODEGARD Pep Club 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Tumbling Club 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Play 2,4 Yearbook Staff 3 Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 4 DON OLSON Wrestling 3 Archery 3 LARRY OLSON Letter Club 4 Paper Staff 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 Student Council 3 Football 4 Track 1,2,4 Badger Boys State 3 Wrestling 3 JACKIE PAULSON Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 3,4 Paper Staff 4 GAA 2,3,4 JOHN POPPE Football 1,2 STEVE ROGERS Letter Club 4 Football 3,4 Wrestling 3 Archery 2,4 Trans. Anoka 1 PAT RUSCIN Drama Club 4 Tumbling Club 4 Student Librarian 4 Forensics 4 Play 4 BARB SCHRODER Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 2,3,4 Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Student Librarian 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff 3 BELINDA SNYDER Pep Club 2,3 GAA 2,3 Chorus 3,4 JIM STEIN Letter Club 2 Tumbling Club 2 Band 1,2,3 Play 2 STEVE STRUCK Letter Club 1,2,3,4 Class President 2 Student Council 2,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1 ,2,4 Homecoming King COLLEEN SUNDQUIST Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 1,4 Chorus 2,3,4 Forensics 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 TV Radio 1,2.4 JIM THOMPSON STEVE VANCE Forensics 4 Paper Staff 4 Drama Club 4 ROSEMARY WELKE Pep Club 1,2 Paper Staff 4 CHERI WINGET Pep Club 1,2.3,4 143 mm ±m fl Hn m Til

Suggestions in the Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) collection:

Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Altoona High School - Headlight Yearbook (Altoona, WI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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