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Altoona High School 1967 Headlight Altoona, Wisconsin 1967 Edition Dedication ,-=r CALENDAR OF EVENTS AUGUST JANUARY Registiation Day 26 School Reconvenes 4 First Day of School 28 PTA 23 SEPTEMBER Class Rings Ordered 15 FEBRUARY Football Dedication Valentine ' s Day 9 14 Fill the Gym Night 17 Cloverbelt Play-offs 18 OCTOBER Merit Scholarship Test 28 Teacher ' s Convention 13-14 ACT for Seniors 17 Homecoming 21 MARCH Initiation 21 Career Day ' 1 Announcements 28 Chorus Concert 21 End of 1st Quarter 31 Spring Vacation 16-17 Good Friday 24 NOVEMBER PTA 7 APRIL Veterans ' Program 11 Solo Ensemble 1 Thanksgiving Vacation 24-25 PTA 3 DECEMBER Class Rings Arrived 7 MAY Graduation 31 Christmas Concert 14 Christmas Tea 20 Christmas Dance 21 JUNE Christmas Vacation 22 Final Day 2 ■ ' M m TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Dedication Calender of Events Table of Contents Administration Spring of ' 66 70-71 Mr. Einar C. Pedersen 9 Board of Education 10-12 Faculty Members 10-12 Sports 73 Maintenance 13 Track 74-75 Seniors— Class of 1967 15-25 Football Cheerleaders 76 Senior Class Officers 26 Football 77-81 Senior Activities 27 Basketball Cheerleaders 82 Senior Spotlights 28-29 Basketball 83-87 Senior Participation 30-31 Juniors—Class of 1968 33-37 Sophomores- Junior High 89 Class of 1969 39-43 Faculty 90-91 Freshmen- - 8th Grade 92-93 Class of 1970 45-49 7th Grade 94-95 Student Government 50-51 Activities 96-97 Activities 53 Advertising 100-115 Junior Prom 54-55 Annual Staff 116-117 Homecoming 56-57 Memorial 118 Christmas Dance 58-59 Farewell 119 1 Valentine Dance 3 Spring Dance 4 Band Chorus 5 Pep Letter Club Library Club Paper Staff GAA Tumbling Club f f " A f Jsiem ■. •M I lllWlllll MteiMMi tf im f oM ; " iTb j»?Hr?»?-W--- CiirCi ' .«■-; ■? i. I ' l r .fitVj 1 ■V::;-V . a MuudJtzaCiu Einar Pedersen Principal DEAR CLASS OF " 67 " : As you march down graduation aisle to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance, hold your head up high with pride in your achievements. Your loyalty, interest, and service to A.H.S. has been outstanc ' ing. You will treasure the memories of the games, the dances, the concerts, the trips, and other activities. But, now is the time to look ahead to new challenges. The faculty is confident in your future! May we extend sincere wishes that each of you will find much happiness and success. E. C. PEDERSEN .-- ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Robert Bredesen GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Wayne West SECRETARIES: Beverly Staves and Barbara Bredesen SCHOOL BOARD: Hollis Schauer, Charles Beaver, Lyal Bestul, William Peterson, Harold Harris . MABEL GRAF Shorthand Bookkeeping Typing Office Practice Wisconsin State University Whitewater „ A. S. RUSSELL Home Economics Stout State University Menomonie B.S. Degree WAYNE WEST Industrial Ed. Physics Stout State University Menomonie B.S. in Ed. EINAR PEDERSEN Advanced Algebra Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. University of Wisconsin Master ' s Degree ROBERT BREDESEN Biology Physiology Physical Ed. Coach Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. University of Wisconsin Master ' s Degree ARNOLD JOHNSON Chemistry Geometry Algebra Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. ALICE HELD English Library Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. LAVERNE OLSON U.S. History Geography and Civics Physical Ed. Coach Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. Ed. Degree BERYL IRVINE French 1, 2 English Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. GUNHILD O ' BRIEN Reading Improvement English 10 Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. J, ELIZABETH STABENOW English 3,4 Speech Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. BETTY COWLEY Social Problems Geography and Civics World History Broadfield Social Studies Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.A. in Ed. 11 JEAN MARX Physical Ed. Tum bling First Aid Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.S. in Ed. LOIS KILDAHL Elementary Music Supervisor H.S. Vocal Music B.S. in Ed. Wisconsin State University Eau Claire JOHN STREIF General Science Industrial Ed. Stout State University Menomonie B.S. in Ed. WILLIAM ERICKSON Band Holy Cross LaCrosse B.A. Philosophy Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B.A. Music 12 BUS DRIVERS Bill Underwood Archie Carlson MAINTENANCE Chuck Steuding, Bill Underwood, Roger Erdman, Archie Carlson STUDENT CUSTODIAN Bill Lancette KITCHEN HELPERS Pat Humfeld.Judy Gorell, Vicky Dorn, Sue Domer, Jean Kohls 13 1-1 Valedictorian Barbara Olson Salutatorian Darlene Hehl -«i. Susan Baehr Paula Brantner Barry Behike Jerry Boettcher Kris Borgerding 17 Susan Domer Vicki Dorn Cindy Edwards Richard Brown 18 Michael Emery Charles Feather Bruce Gonyea Michael Fischer Elizabeth Gilbert ' 0W Rodger Frye Kenneth Harris James Hager a Hays Judy Gorell 20 Patricia Humfeld James Johnson William Lancette » : -4 Steven Johnson Jean Kohls Cheryl Klavetter 21 John Lostetter Margaret LeClair Mark McCann Nanette Lawrence 22 Shirley Meyer 41, Bobby Olson Lynn Reed Steven Paffel Susan Rasmussen Leslie Perkins 23 Thomas Schroder Shirley Rosenberg Thomas Shay Robert Rohde 24 Marybeth Staves Linda Thomas Steven Thompson Senior Photos Not Available Thomas Brost Donald Winget Dennis Zingsheim Michael Winget 25 Senior Class Officers John Lostetter Judy Gorell Barb Olson Awards ' Winner Darlene Hehl has been named recipi- ent of the DAR and Betty Crocker awards for Altoona High School. Darlene received the DAR award in recognition of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. Hard at work on the float. Senior Activities Senior Float We fit them all. Sweethearts? Intelligence plus. Victorian Love Song 27 MOST UNDERSTANDING BIGGEST FLIRTS Marge LeClair Vicky Dom Tom Brost Steve Johnson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Darlene Hehl Dick Brown Senior Who ' s MOST WELL LIKED John Lostettei Cheryl Klavener WITTIEST Mike W inget Jean Kohls BEST DRESSED Judy Gorell Kris Borgerding BEST DANCERS Shirley Rosenberg Mark McCann Who SHYEST Rodger Frye Shirley Meyer MOST DRAMATIC Bob Rohde Jo Staves MOST HAPPY GO LUCKY Ken Harris Pat Humfeld MOST INTELLECTUAL Steve Thompson Barb Olson BEST ALL AROUND Nan Lawrence Jim Hager MOST ATHLETIC Tom Schroder Sue Rasmussen SUSAN BAEHR Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 1,2,3,4 Officer 3 Paper Staff 4 Typist GAA 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Library Institute 3 BARRY BEHLKE Tumbling Club 3, 4 Band 4 Pep Band 4 Student Librarian 3 Transferred from Fall Creek 3 JERRY BOETTCHER Tumbling Club 3, 4 Student Libraria n 1,2,3,4 Football 1 KRIS BORGERDING Paper Staff 4 Sales Football 4 TV Radio 4 Mistletoe Madness 4 Court Transferred from Sauk c!entre 4 PAULA BRANTNER Tumbling Club 2 Student Librarian 1 THOMAS BROST Tumbling Club 1,2.3,4 Student Librarian 4 Paper Staff 4 Production, Reporter Football 1 TV Radio 4 RICHARD BROWN Band 1,2,3,4 Officer 4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Mass Band 4 Paper Staff 2 Class Vice-Presi- dent 3 Student Council 2,4 Football 1,2,3.4 Basketball 1, 3 Baseball 1 Badger Boys State 3 SUSAN DOMER Pep Club 1.2,3.4 Chorus 1 Paper Staff 4 Typist Yearbook Staff 4 GAA 3 VICKY DORN Pep Club 1. 2, 3 Tumbling Club 4 Chorus 2 Cheerleading 2, 3 GAA 3, 4 CINDY EDWARDS Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4 Tumbling Club 2 Science Club 3 Band 1,2.4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1, 4 Forensics 4 GAA 3,4 MICHAEL EMERY Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 4 Science Club 3 Yearbook Staff 2, 3 Photographer Football 1 Mistletoe Madness King 4 CHARLES FEATHER Drama Club 3 Science Club 3 Band 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Altoona Story 3 Paper Staff 3 Sales, Production Reporter Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4 Photographer Football 1, 2 MICHAEL FISCHER Paper Staff 4 Sales Football 1 TV Radio 4 RODGER FRYE Tumbling Club 2, 3 Football 1 ELIZABETH GILBERT Pep Club 1,2,3.4 Chorus 1, 3, 4 Student Librarian 1,2,3,4 Officer 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 Reporter, Typist 30 Yearbook Staff 3,4 GAA 3,4 BRUCE GONYEA Class Vice-Presi- dent 2 JUDY GORELL Chorus 1 Paper Staff 4 Reporter Yearbook Staff 4 Class Sec. Treas. 4 TV Radio 4 GAA 3 JAMES HAGER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 . Track 3 Initiation King KENNETH HARRIS Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1 TV Radio 4 Homecoming Court 4 Mistletoe Madness Court 4 ILLA HAYS Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 2, 3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mass Chorus 4 Student Librarian 1,2.3,4 Officer 3 Forensics 4 Altoona Story 2 Cinderella 3 Paper Staff 3.4 Typist, Reporter GAA 3,4 TV Rac ' io 4 Library Institute 3 DARLENE HEHL Pep Club 1,2,3.4 Drama Club 2, 3 Science Club 3 Band 1,2,3.4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Mass Band 4 Student Librarian 1. 2 Forensics 2 Cinderella 3 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Business Manager Class President 1 Student Council 1 Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 DAR Girl 4 Homemaker of Tomor- row 4 TV Radio 3.4 Mistletoe Madness Court 4 GAA 3.4 Salutatorian PATRICK HUMFELD Pep Club 2, 4 Tumbling Club 2. 3 Band 2, 3 Pep Band 2 Cheerleading 3. 4 Homecoming Court 4 Mistletoe Madness Court 4 Transferred from Arcadia 2 GAA 3 Majorette 3, 4 JAMES JOHNSON Tumbling Club 3,4 Student Librarian 3,4 Altoona Story 2 Paper Staff 3,4 Valentine King 4 STEVEN JOHNSON Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4 Band 1 Mass Band 1 Football 1,2,3 Santa Claus 4 CHERYL KLAVETTER Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1 Student Librarian 1,2.4 Officer 4 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Co-Editor 4 Mistletoe Madness Queen 4 JEAN KOHLS Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Student Librarian 1, 2, 3 Paper Staff 4 Typist Yearbook Staff 4 GAA 3 WILLIAM LANCETTE Tumbling Club 3 Class President 3 Class Vice-President 1 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Prom King 3 NANETTE LAWRENCE Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Officer 4 Chorus 1 Paper Staff 4 Typist- Reporter Yearbook Staff 4 Typist Student Council 3 Treasurer TV Radio 2 Fall Modeling Show MARGARET LECLAIR Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 2,3 Chorus 3, 4 Altoona Story 2 Cinderella 3 Paper Staff 3 Reporter GAA 3, 4 President 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 3, 4 Student Council 4 Secretary Cheerleading 2,3,4 TV Radio 4 Initiation Queen Valentine Court 1 JOHN LOSTETTER Paper Staff 4 Production- Reporter Class President 4 Student Council 4 Football 4 Co-Captain Basketball 4 Homecoming Court 4 Transferred from Coon Rapids 3 MARK MC CANN Paper Staff 4 Sales Football 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1 TV Radio 4 Ch osen Senior Boy Best Dancer SHIRLEY MEYER Pep Club 4 Chorus 4 Paper Staff 4 Typist GAA 4 BARBARA OLSON Pep Club 1 Drama Club 2, 3 Officer 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Officer 4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Student Director Chorus 1,3,4 Student Librarian 1 Forensics 2,3,4 State Meet 2, 3 Altoona Story 2 Cinderella 3 Paper Staff 2, 3,4 Editor 4 Class Vice-Presi- dent 4 Class Sec. Treas. 1 Student Council 1, 2 Speech Institute 3 TV Radio 3,4 Homecoming Court 4 Majorette 2, 3,4 BOBBIE OLSON Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 3 Chorus 3,4 Student Librarian 3, 4 Officer 3, 4 Cinderella 3 Paper Staff 3,4 Reporter 3, 4 GAA 3,4 Officer 3 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Co-Editor 4 Class Sec. Treas. 2 Prom Queen 3 Spring Modeling Show STEVEN PAFFEL Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4 Football 1 Baseball 1 LESLIE PERKINS Transferred from Cen- tral Junior High 2 SUSAN RASMUSSEN Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Letter Club 3,4 Drama Club 2,3 Tumbling Club 1,3,4 Chorus 1, 4 Student Librarian 1,2,3,4 Cinderella 3 Paper Staff 4 Reporter GAA 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 Homecoming Court 3 LYNN REED Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Science Club 3 Officer Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Yearbook Staff 3, 4 Class Sec. Treas. 3 Prom Court 3 Valentine Queen 4 GAA 3,4 ROBERT ROHDE Drama Club 3, 4 Tumbling Club Forensics 2, 3, 4 State Meet 3 Paper Staff 3 Production TV Radio SHIRLEY ROSENBERG Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Officer 4 Science Club 3 Chorus 3, 4 Student Librarian 2, 4 GAA 3,4 Homecoming Queen 4 THOMAS SCHRODER Drama Club 2, 3 Forensics 2 Altoona Story 2 Paper Staff 4 Sports Editor Class President 2 Student Council 4 President Football 1,2,3,4 Co-Captain 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Captain 4 Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1 TV Radio 2,4 Basketball Camp 4 MARYBETH STAVES Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 2,3 Tumbling Club 2, 3 Band 1,2,3,4 Officer 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mass Band 3, 4 Chorus 3 , 4 Forensics 2, 3 Altoona Story 2 Cinderella 3 Paper Staff 4 Reporter Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 Speech Institute 3 TV Radio 3,4 Cheerleading Institute GAA 3, 4 LINDA THOMAS Pep Club 4 Tumbling Club 1,2,3,4 Science Club 3 Student Librarian 4 GAA -3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Art Editor STEVEN THOMPSON Student Council 3 Vice-President Basketball 1,2,3,4 MICHAEL WINGET Football 1 Basketball 1 TV Radio 4 DENNIS ZINGSHEIM Football 1, 2 31 -Usi s tS siiSi mmm Hfc l H 1 ■ H H ■ jam ■1 f v- SHS I 1 1 m I 1 1 1 1 T ly . ■ ' . ' " 1 mssr . H. H „,,,,, . ' 3 Bl ffTw Fl ' m i jn ■I ■ 1 i 11 1 1 1 L J Sji m Junior Class AVAILABLE " • J Barrett, L. Boettcher, T. Borgerding, B Brost, D. Brown, D. Brown, L. Christ, S. Daken, L, Duerkop, L. Duszynski, P. Ely. D. Everson, C. Foss, R. Franson, M. Gilbert, J. Goss, R. Grilley, S. Gunderson, R. Hays, D. Hager, L. i . of " 67 " ' " W m jpi ■r - igtrnt A r Mil diM i • .fj Harris, J. Hudson, T. Kerbell, D. Klavetter, W. Krausert, C. Lancette, B. Lostetter, R. Mann, L. McCann, R. Meyer, B. Monroe, B, Nyseth, T. Ohnstad, J. Oldfield, P. Paulson, D. Phillips. D. Planert, R. Poppe, M. Potter, J. Quirk, M. 35 Radtke, C. Tadtke, E. Rajotte, B. Reali, D. Renner, S. Rothstein, K, Ruscin, P. Schlewitz, A. Schlewitz, J. Sedahl, R. Squires, L. Stone, G. Stouffer, A, Struck, K. Underwood, S. Vertelka, M. Weisheipl, D, West, K. Wright, J. Zimmerman, L. 36 Junior Activities ' How do I love thee. Say that again? Do you think it fits? Happiness is a new class ring If I could only get this box open 37 ' ' Sophomore Class k - mah ■ . " .. ' ■ . , ' Mi Js4 r [ L ..» Balow, S. Baumbach, H. Bohn, J. Brost, L. Carlson, M. Cerutti, R. Chown, C. Colwell, J. Daken, M. Dom, C. Duszynski, L. Everson, D. Fischer, J. Gardow, B. Giese, D. Gilleit, K, Hagedorn, S. Hatleli, M. Hayes, D. Hays, V, 40 I of " 69 " i A . ' p 1 Hehl, C. Huftel, S, Johnson, D. Johnson, S. Bj v I I Karpe, B. Klee, D. dh Larson, J. Leland, D. Lostetter, A. Markgraf, R. Marten, K, tm Melland, P. I Mickelson, D. Minick, B. Neill, S. Nelson, S. Odegard, C. Olson, D. Olson, L. Patton, C. 41 •vj r i J . € Paulson, J. Perkins, H. Poppe, J, Rogers, S. Rosenberg, L. Ruscin, T. Schroder, B. Snyder, B. Stein, J. Struck, S- Sundquist, C. Thalacker, D. Thompson, J. Vance, S. Welke, R. Winget, C. Rock-a-Bye Baby What a night! A helpful hand 42 Sophomore Activities mi FmAiMK Freshman Class i I , Board, D, Borgerding, Brennan, L. Bresina, G, Daken, J. Davis, C. Dewitz, L. Domer, J. Duerkop, D, Erickson, S. Franson, C. Goss, J. Gunderson, S. Harris, L. Hayes, C. Hays, G. Hess, T. Hudson, P. Huftel, M. Hugdahl, D. of " 70 " M ' V:. Howard, K. Johnson, M. Kohls, K. Lancette, B. Too Busy ijbfi mdaUt 1 ' ■ I . il 1 i- 7| rV " n , Lancette, Leland, J. Lewis, C. Mann, B. Marshall, D. Marten, D. Melland, P. Meyer, T. Mickelson, S. Nimmo, T. Nyseth, T. Ohnstad, T. Olson, D. Olson, R. Olson, S. Patenaude, M. J A7 Peterson, D. Planert, T. Radtke, B. Radtke, R. Rafferty, N. Rasmussen, R, Rau, D, Rieder, F. Rude, T. Ruscin, S, Schultz, P. Sedahl, S. Silvernail, P. Simonson, N. Simonson, P. Squires, G. Squires, R. Thalacker, J. Thompson, S. Underwood, D. Underwood, D. Wick, a. Winren, C. Wold, G. ■i£. J - Zachau, A. Zempel, S. Zillmer, S. Initiation Week Class Officers Sophomore Class Pres. Steve Struck Vice-Pres. John Poppe Sec, -Treas. Debbie Klee Junior Class Pres. Ron Lostetter Vice-Pres. LaMonte Squires Sec. -Treas, Sharon Christ Freshman Class Pres. Brian Borgerding Vice-Pres, Steve Zillmer Treas. Forrest Reider Sec. Lynn Brennan Student Council ROW 1: J. Lostetter, S. Struck, D. Tahlacker, R. Lostetter, D. Brown, S. Zillmer, B. Borgerding, S. Underwood. ROW 2: M. LeClair, T. Schroder, C. Everson, J. Leland. . smm M , Wm ... iu ■ l f ' ' , .-, w », ■ m -. »:• ■ t: m m ' i . 1 y 1 . - ' - •. ■ -C B " ' Ltti nn ■i Queen Bobbie Junior Prom 1966 54 Oh! Steve, it ' s not that bad! 5 •1 " H ) K G. r My Romeo! 55 Sophomores win 1st Prize Pep rally skit Victory smile of Marge and Sharon 57 Mistletoe Queen Cheryl, King Mike The Court p. Humfeld. D. Hehl. C. Klavetter, M. Emery, K. Borgerding. K. Harris. 58 Madness Even the cripples attended . Santa ' s little helper? Gifts were presented. Music was provided by Doc and the Interns. 59 Superbowl Celebration -—— . M ,lh jti f I K IIph B ' ' t wp ' r 1 WMM T if ir--rS -w " -jRy| |Hr,0BSHPl SP HBi ' T T B The Apostles In Honor of Fuzzy. He Doesn ' t Bite! Here he comes. Aren ' t they sweet? Oh, Really! 60 Sweetheart Dance D. Everson, J. Fischer, J. Wright, L. Reed, J.John- son, R. Lostetter, D. Hugdahl, J. Leland. We crown you King and Queen. Cast your penny. Dance by Royalty. Queen Lynn Reed, King Jim Johnson Here ' s my heart. 61 Senior Band ROW 1: J. Hager, R. Planert. L. Hager, J. Connell, S. Nelson, C. Hehl, D. Winget, B. Behlke, D. Ely, J. Stein, L. Barrett, D. Brown, C. Everson. ROW 2: S. Neil, D. Paulson, J. Beaver, R. Grilley, J. Leland, D. Mickelson, P. Humfeld, P. Duszynski, C. Feather, L. Mann, J. Wright, J. Ohnstad. ROW 3: J. Staves, D. Kerbell, C. Radtke, C. Edwards. C. Everson, N. Wittren, B. Olson, K. Struck, D. Hehl, C. Odegard. Jo Barb Pat Our band in action Senior Chorus ROW 1: J. Harris, P. Duszynski, B. Schroder, S. Meyer, C. Sundquist, R. Welke, S. Baehr, D. Hayes, J. Staves, S. Gunderson. ROW 2: R. Squires, P. Simonson, P. Silvernail, L. Rosenberg, C. Dorn, S. Rosen- berg, D. Everson, D. Minick, C. Odegard. ROW 3: L. IXiszynski, M. LeClair, S. Renner, B.Olson, L.Bar- rett, B. Olson, M. Daken, K. West. ROW 4: V. Hays, L. Brest, L. Harris, 1. Hays, C. Edwards, E. Gilbert. Senior Members The Director 63 Letter Club ROW 1: T. Schroder. ROW 2: K. Borgerding, K. Harris, S. Thompson, E. Radtke. ROWS: A. Schlewitz, J. Hager, G. Stone S. Struck. ROW 4: B. Borgerding, D. Brown, J. Lostetter, J. Gilbert. ROW 5: C. Hehl, R. Lostetter, L. Squires, D. Weisheipl, T. Hudson, D. Ely. ROW 6: J. Bohn, D. Winget, J. Stein, C. Feather. 64 ROWl: C. Sundquist. ROW 2: L. Thomas, D. Thalacker, S. Baehr, L. Mann. ROWS: D. Kerbell, P. Duszynski, C. Everson, S. Rasmussen. ROW 4: L. Brost, L. Hager, B. Olson, J. Wright. ROW 5: S. Nel- son, C. Edwards, J. Staves, D. Hehl, P. Humfeld, L. Duszynski, K. West. ROW 6: S. Christ, C. Radtke, K. Struck, M. LeClair. Pep Club ROW 1: S. Rasmussen, J. Kohls, R. Planert, L. Thomas, D. Thalacker, S. Meyer, S. Domer, D. Mickelson, P. Duszynski. ROW 2: C. Dorn, L. Mann, C. Everson, B. Schroder, S. Baehr, P. Schultz, L. Brown, L. Reed. ROW 3: B. Olson, S. O ' Donahoe, L. Harris, D. Kerbell, J. Harris, L. Rosenberg, S. Renner, D. Ever- son, D. Martin. ROW 4: I. Hays, S. Nelson, J. Potter, D. Minick, L. Duszynski, K. West, C. Edwards, J. Gorell, S. Meyer. ROW 5: K. Gillett, B. Lancette, C. Odegard, A. Lostetter, D. Marshall, S. Huftel, P. Melland, L. Brennan, B. Gilbert. ROW 6: C. Klavetter, P. Humfeld, N. Lawrence, S. Rosenberg, K. Struck, M. LeClair, D. Hehl, S. Christ, J. Staves. Pep Club Members hard at work. 65 Library Club ROW 1: S. O ' Donahoe, T. Brost, S. Rosenberg, L. Thomas, J. Johnson, J. Boencher, D. Hays, S. Renner, L. Duszynski, L. Duerkop, S. Nelson. ROW 2: I. Hays, S. Rasmussen, T. Boettcher, M. Franson, S. Balow, L. Brost, R. McCann. ROW 3: B. Schroder, S. Baehr, Mrs. Held, C. Klavener, B. Olson, B. Gilbert, C. Dorn, L. Rosenberg. SENIOR LIBRARIANS: Jerry, Tom, Sue, Linda, Shirley, Sue, Jim, nia, Sue, Betsy, Bobbie, Cheryl. 66 Paper Staff I ROW 1: J. Potter, S. Renner, J. Harris, J. Lostetter, B. Gilbert, T. Brost, B. Olson, T. Schroder, S. Nelson, L. Mann, L. Barrett, J. Johnson, N. Lawrence, J. Gorell. ROW 2: S. Rasmussen, K. Struck, B. Schroder, P. Schultz. EDITOR: Barb Olson. ADVISORS: Mrs. Graf, Mrs. Stabenow. PRODUCTION: Tom Brost and John Lostetter. TYPISTS: Betsy, Sue, Nan, Jean, Judy, Shirley, Ilia, Sue. Here comes the paper, hot off the press! 67 GAA ROW 1: D. Hehl, S. tosmussen, L. Thomas, R. Welke, D. Thalacker, C. Sundquist, B. Wick, S. Meyer. ROW 2: P. Schultz, C. Dorn, B. Schroder, S. Baehr, C. Everson, L. Brown, S. Rosenberg, L. Reed. ROWS: L. Duszynski, R. McCann, L. Brost, L. Rosenberg, D. Klee, L. Hager, S. O ' Donahoe, K. Gillett. ROW 4: S. Neill, I. Hays, C. Edwards, K. West, D. Minick, J. Potter, S. Nelson, C. Odegard. ROWS: C. Fran- son, A. Lostetter, C. Lewis, V. Dorn, S. Christ, C. Davis, J. Leland, B. Gilbert. ROW 6: J. Staves, C. Radtke, R. Planert, K. Struck, M. LeClair, D. Everson, S. Huftel, B. Olson. Up and In? I Want It! 68 Tumbling ROW 1: Mrs. Marx, B. Schroder, C. Dorn, D. Mickelson, J. Johnson, S. Johnson, B. Behlke, J. Boettcher, M. Emery, L. Thomas. ROW 2: J. Staves, S. Renner, S. Rasmussen, H. Perkins, S. Paffel, P. Duszynski, T. Brost, J. Thompson. ROW 3: K. West, D. Marshall, J. Potter, L. Duerkop, S. Balow, D. Kerbell, M. Fran- son, L. Brost, L. Duszynski. ROW 4: R. Markgraf, B. Lancette, K. Struck, B. Lancette, C. Odegard, S. Christ, V. Dom, S. Mickelson. Sharon flying through space. What form ! 69 Spring of ' 66 Senior Girls ' Tea Diane, Colleen, Diane, Debbie, and Rosemary performed at the " Cracked Cup Coffee House. " Janine Connell received a book from the president of the library Club, nia Hays, for her winning poster during Library Week. Spring of ' 67 Dedication ceremonies of our Athletic Field took place on February 9. The field was dedicated to Green Bay Packer star, Fred " Fuzzy " Thurston, a former student of Altoona High School. msc r i H H 1 Vt v ' Hl 1 T aM P •• iH » • • • 7?? " 1 i HMjr r H ] V | H III B I H I IH 1966 Track Team ROW 1: T. Hudson, J. Gilbert, S. Struck, D. Johnson, A. Schlewitz, R. Los- tetter, J. Schlewitz. ROW 2: Mgr. B, Monroe, J. Thompson, L. Olson, J. Bohn, L. Squires, D. Weisheipl. ROW 3: Mr. Bredesen, R. Foss, C. Hehl, E. Radtke, T. Schroder, B. Cerutti, G. Stone. Flying with ease i Scores Altoona 77 Fall Creek 41 Altoona 83 1 2 Augusta 34 1 2 Altoona 54 Elk Mound 64 A Itoona 78 1 2 Emanuel Luth, 39 1 2 Altoona 46 Stanley Boyd 73 Altoona 65 1 2 Fall Creek 49 1 2 Cloverbelt Conference meet -A Itoona scored 19 1 2 points to place 4th out of 12 schools. No room to spare rrr Football Cheerleaders Marge LeClain, Jo Staves, Pat Humfield, Sharon Christ, Darlene Hehl 1 MrVV M B HLSfl H K ' 1 " mmM P ' WP PIIR - ■, 76 ROW 1: Mgr. D. Weisheipl, J. Poppe, P. Hudson, J. Schlewitz, B. Borgerding, D. Johnson, L. Squires, J. Bohn, Mgr. R. Rasmussen. ROW 2: R. Lostetter, A. Schlewitz, B. Gardow, T. Schroder, J. Lostetter, G. Stone, S. Struck, T. Hudson, Coach Olson. ROW 3: K. Borgerding, K. Harris, E. Radtke, S. Underwood, J. Hager, B. Cerutti, D. Brown. 1966 Football Team The 1966 Railroaders football squad overcame early season difficulties in winning three of their final four games to establish themselves as the finest team that our school has produced in the four year history of football at A.H.S. The late season rally enabled the Rails to post a four win and five loss record which exceeded the vic- tory total of any previous Altoona squad. ROW 1: T. Schroeder, K. Harris, K, Borgerding, D. Brown, J. Hager, E. Radtke, S. Struck. ROW 2: L. Squires, T. Hudson, A. Schlewitz, J. Lostetter. Steve Struck mfiBBi nw II I 1 I » i» i ]i i - -i ,-:• ■. ' - « »t(M(«j Jim Bohn Scores Reserves Dick Brown A Itoona 7 Augusta 13 Altoona 7 Cadott 6 A Itoona Hole om be 6 Altoona 12 CorneU 33 A Itoona 7 - Stanley 37 A Itoona 32 Pepin 7 Altoona 7 Oilman 48 Altoona 26 Fall Creek 12 Altoona 19 Owen-Withee 7 ROW 1: J. Schlewitz, G, Stone, J. Poppe, B. Gardow, P. Hudson, S, Underwood, D. Johnson. ROW 2: R. Lostetter, B. Cerutti, J. Bohn, B. Borgerding. Tom Schroder Ron Lostetter Kris Borgerding Alan Schlewitz Tom Hudson LaMonte Squires John Lostetter Freshman Team ROW 1: J. Goss. G. Squires. B. Lancette. M. Huftel, N. Rafferty. ROW 2: D. Underwood, J. Thalacker. D. Rau. S. Zillmer, F. Rieder, D. Underwood. ROW 3: Ass ' t, Mgr. Mr. Johnson, C. Hayes, D. Hugdahl, B. Borgerding, Ass ' t, Mgr. Mr. Streif. ' Vjw, ' 4 That ' s the way the game is played Set -ready -hit! ' ■: A touchdown in progress Who ' s got the ball? rn ■. ' «»», rrf Our guys are GREAT A-Squad Cheerleaders Jo Pat Sharon Marge Darlene Kris Diane Caryle Annette Becky B-Squad Cheerleaders A Victory Smile A-Squad Basketball T. Schroder, S. Thompson, D. Hugdahl, C. Hehl, A. Schlewitz, S. Struck, J. Lostetter, J. Gilbert, B. Bor- gerding, J, Schlewitz, J. Bohn, L. Squires, Coach Bredesen. B ' Squad Basketball ROW 1: G. Stone, C. Hehl, S. Underwood, D. Hugdahl, E. Radtke, S. Gril- ley, J, Colwell, B. Gardow. ROW 2: D, Weisheipl, P. Melland, T. Planert, D. Johnson, S. Struck, R. Lostetter, M. Carlson, J. Bohn, Coach Bredesen. 83 John Gilbert Jim Schlewitz Tom Schroder Scores Altoona 59 Altoona 67 Altoona 64 Altoona 63 Altoona 58 Altoona 65 Altoona 53 Altoona 43 Altoona 49 Altoona 53 Altoona 43 Altoona 58 Altoona 71 Altoona 54 Altoona 60 Altoona 64 Altoona 61 Bloomer 85 Stanley- Boyd 50 Oilman 72 Thorp 67 Comell 75 Durand 92 Holcombe 61 Fall Creek 46 Cadotl 62 Stanley- Boyd 49 Cornell 63 Thorp 76 Holcombe 54 Fall Creek 60 Oilman 55 Cadott 78 Neillsville 73 84 Bruce Borgerding Steve Struck Duane Hugdahl Jim Bohn John Lostetter Curt Hehl Allan Schlewitz Steve Thompson In spite of inexperience and injuries to key personnel, the Railroaders of A.H.S. continued to hammer away at the task of learning the artful game of basketball. The competition was keen, the road was rough; yet as the season progressed, the pride of the Rails seemed to forge ahead pushing the scarlet and the black into 5th place in the conference making it possible for them to be a tournament contender. This team composed mostly of underclassmen should be ready to avenge the sting of defeat which was felt more often than the Rails desired. To be sure we will miss Steve Thompson and our captain, Tom Schroder, who has been a pillar of basketball for four years at A.H.S. Many players are standing on the Railroader basketball horizon. Which ones will emerge as the " greats " will depend on their determination, desire, and willingness to sacrifice self glory for the sake of the team. 85 Action Shots of ' 66- ' 67 k Basketball I Season rrT I ' , I RUTH MOORE Jr. High Science Wisconsin State University River Falls B.S. in Ed. Junior High WILLIAM HERRICK Jr, High Math Wisconsin State University Stevens Point B.S. in Ed. Student Council ROW 1: G. Larson, D. Peterson, E. Wilcox, C. Ness, R. Carr, R. Grilley, D. Minick, G. Rosenberg, J. Beaver. ROW 2: D. Hayes, W. Rude. G. Dorn, G. Simonson, J. Connell, C. Larson. S. Crandall, G, Brennan, D. Snyder. 90 Faculty MARGARET MC LAUGHLIN Jr. High History Wisconsin State University Eau Claire Teacher ' s College Minot, N. D. REBECCA LEWISON Jr, High English Wisconsin State University Eau Claire B, S. Upper Elementary In Junior High Science the basic curriculum consists of reviewing the fundamental facts of energy, body, machines, weather, communication, and transportation. Eighth grade mathematics leads the student into understanding the basic facts of algebra and plane geometry. Seventh grade history covers the background of our country from its founding to our present day and age. In EngUsh all parts of speech and phrases are studied. 91 Eighth Grade ¥:;:Tf T. Baehr M. Bethke R. Bohn S. Buchholz R. Can J. Connell S. Crandall P. Englebretson s. Gardow L. Gloede K. Goranson J. Harris L. Hemenway B. Hubbard G. Johnson B. Klee M. Kovar C. Larson M. Lewis N. Manor C, Ness F. Olson D. Paulson D. Peterson D. Quale D. Rasmussen J. Reali D. Ress M, Rohde G. Rosenberg D. Ruen S. Rumphol C. Sedahl N. Semisch T. Shurbert S. Silvernail y ■ ! of 67 r i? G. Simonson R. Sloat D. Snyder L. Tibbits D. Utberg D. Wagner C. Wick N. Wittren R. Zachau D. Zillmer L. Zimmerman Junior High Dance k :: Some guys NEVER WILL Some guys have it. Come on, you guys! 93 Junior High tiik - ' ■ JHl jn JH: 1 , Balow, P. Beaver, J. Berg, R. Berg, V. Brennan, G. Christ, S. Cota, C. Davis, K, Dewitz, J. Dorn, G. Everson, C. Franson, R. Giese, D. Gillett, C. Grilley, R. Hagen, M. Harris, R. Haugen, M, Hugdahl, S. Hayes, D. Klavetter, K. Larson, C. Larson, G. Lowery, J. Markey, M. Grade 7 y ' 1 4b i i M . ' ' ■aP 1 40- V • Marquardt, J. Minick, D. Miller, D. Ness, G. Nyre, L. Patton, T. Perkins, N. Radtke, T. Reed, J. Reider, M. Rude, W. Squires, R. Stouffer, S. Sundquist, M. Trehey, T. »..-. % 4iBf- kJBiLi i t j- ■idL. , Vance, L. . ■ ,, ,. ♦ " . , Ventzke, D. i ' jp Volkman, K. Wang, R, Weisheipl, S. J Wickland, P. Wilcox, E, Winget, S. Wold, J. 95 Junior Highi| ROW 1: Mr. Johnson, R. Zachau, R. Bohn, J, Reed, M. Haugen, Mr. Streif. ROW 2: J. Harris, T. Baehr, D. Peterson, C. Wick, W. Klee, R. Sloat, W. Rude. ROW 3: B, Hubbard, G. Dorn, G. Larson, G. John- son, D. Hayes, N. Manor. ROW 1: M. Lewis, C. Wick, R. Bohn, D. Peterson, R. Zachau, W. Klee, Coach Olson. ROW 2: R. Sloat, T. Baehr, G. Johnson, B. Hubbard, N. Manor. 96 I Activities ROW 1: L. Tibbits, E. Wilcox, L. Gloede, K. Goranson, C. Gillett, G. Rosenberg, S. Weisheipl, K. Volk- man, V. Berg, R, Grilley, C. Cota, N. Wittren, D. Paulson, D. Quale, C. Ness, R. Carr. ROW 2: N, Perkins, G. Ness, L. Vance, S. Gardow, S. Rumphol, D. Wagner, D. Zillmer, J. Beaver, D. Minick, P. Wickland, T. Trehey, S. Stouffer, S. Crandall, J. Connell. ROW 3: S. Winget, R. Squires, G. Brennan, P. Englebretson, K. Klavetter, J. Lowery, M. Reider, C. Larson, L. Nyre, M. Rohde. ROW 4: S. Silver- nail, R. Harris, J. Marquardt, P. Balow, D. Giese, K. Davis, T. Shubert. R. Grilley S. Crandall G. Brennan J. Connell C. Cota 97 y ■— AduCAJtU ( I i Courteous Dependabl e Ref r igerated Serv ice HIRRIS Kenneth Harr i s Propr ietor Al toona Phone 834-1551 ALL STAR Division of Oak Park Dairy Eau C I a i re, Wis. 100 IN EAU CLAIRE For Happy Family Shopping It ' s the CO-OP SHOPPING CENTER 7,000 Shareholder-Shopper Fami 1 ies 41 Great Departments .ci oniMJIeinimiiiimi Consumers Cooperative Association of Eau Claire For Happy Family Savings % Loans It ' s the CONSUMERS CO-OP CREDIT UNION 2221 Highland Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. 5 701 Phone 832-8311 101 DEVNEY CONSTRUCTION CO. EXCAVATING, GRADING, AND LANDSCAPING OF ALL KINDS BUILDING-DEMOLITION 18 TON LIFTING CRANE SERVICE 3 4 YARD TO li YARD END LOADER SERVICE k 1 Putnam St. Eau C 1 a i re. Wis. Phone 834-4467 or 834-1265 SMITH rirNii:uAi. :iiAi ]:i. ! ! S. Hastings Way London Rd. Eau C 1 a i re , Wis. Telephone 832-1 141 102 You will be delighted with Portraits PORTRAIT STUDIO Phone 834-2993 708 S. Farwel 1 Street Eau CI a i re, Wis. F. I GROSVOLD INC. Heating, Plumbing, and Industrial Piping Contractors 2429 East Clairemont at Blakeley Ave. Eau Clai re, Wis, 835-3625 103 MACS TYPEWRITER COMPANY Smith-Corona T ypewriters Dictaphone Machines Addo-Add i ng Machines Shaw-Walker Office Equipment 2527 E. Clairemont Ave, Across from K-Mart Phone 834-3966 y oiden FUNERAL HOME Te 1 ephone 834-4209 A i r-Cond i t ioned 622 Wisconsin St Eau C 1 a i re, Wis. CHRIS GOLDEN GENE GOLDEN 04 FEHR CONCRETE PRODUCTS, Inc. Concrete, Cinder Aglite Blocks •k Concrete Culvert Sewer Pipe " k Precast Floor and Roof Systems ■k Aluminum Steel Windows k Waterproofing Paints kWaW Reinforcing 206-210 Eau Claire St. Eau Claire, Wis. 5 702 Phone No. 832-7798 1103 Menomonie St. Eau Claire, Wisconiin PHONE 632-6683 BRANSTAD DRUG STORE " Wfiere Personal Service Counts " Two Locations in Putnam Heights 605 Walker Ave. Medical Arts Building 832-1532 407 Walker Ave. Rexal 1 Drug 835-5919 " t-r Cto«uvu0 Churchill ' s At the Four Corners Eau Cla i re, W i scons in Eau Claire ' s Most Modern Store For the Modern Miss Zenith T V Sales 5- Service Television . Radio . Stereo Sales Putnam Heights Shopping Center 835-9717 or Mrs. 105 MILLER MOTORS Expert Mechanics-Wrecker Service Fall Creek, Wisconsin 547 2 Phone 877-3661 ALTOONA CREDIT UNION tOANS :ipW RATE5; A Community Credit Union Open to any Resident of the City of Altoona, Wis. C .E , Miller, Pres ident R.L. Staves, Secretary E 1 na Bonell, Treasurer FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK A Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation EAU CLAIRE ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK--SINCE 1872 Phone 835-31 1 1 EKICKSOM ' S WE ARE FACTORY AUTHORIZED WARRANTY SERVICE FOR GENERAL ELECTRIC « PHILCO « PHONOLA WESTINGHOUSE « DECCA « CBS MASTERWORK DEALER SERVICE FOR - « ZENITH - « RCA - EMERSON SERVICE ON ALL MAKES ANTENNA SPECIALISTS LONDON ROAD 832-7143 106 Beauty With Distinction Phone 83 -2100 BEAUTY SALON ' " ' " ' rlac(Me4. Hours : He Tues. ,Thurs, , 8A.M.-9P.M, T ' Mon. ,Wed. ,Fri . , 8-5 Sat. 8a.m. -2P.M. Al toona , Wis Compl iments of STATE BANK OF FALL CREEK Member of F . D. I . C URHEIM PHARMACY Free Del ivery in Eau CI ai re S- Al toona 835-6148 314 E. Grand Ave, Eau CI a i re, Wis THE EAU CLAIRE LEADER THE DAILY TELEGRAM 07 Bohrs Prntx INC. PLUMBING AND HOT WATER HEATING Telephone 832-4795 2404 London Rd. EAST SIDE DRUG STORE " In The Gateway Shopping Center " On Hwy. 53, 1 408 So. Hastings Way COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Free, Prompt Delivery Service in Eau Claire and Altoona GOLDEN SPIKE BAR AND GRILL Ray and Joey Henning Steaks - Chops - Chicken - Fish A 1 toona , Wi s . NEIL ' S BODYSHOP Al toona , Wis Phone 832-2033 108 EAU CLAIRE CYCLE SHOP Headquarters for Schwinn Bikes and Yamaha Cycles 405 Water Street Eau Cla i re , Wis. Comp 1 iments of V.FM CLUB POST 305 300 Riverview Drive Eau Cla i re , Wis. Comp 1 iments of £au Ciaire TILE and TERRAZZO, INC. Terrazzo Floors Quarry Tile Ceramic Tile Marble Tel ephone Area Code 715 835-9914 Washington Heights P.O. Box 394 Eau Claire, Wis. 54702 Comp 1 iments of DICK Mcelroy and BRUCE JACKSON SUPER CLARK 100 109 Comp 1 iments of HOLAAAN BEAUTY SALON 3055- Barstow Eau Cla i re , Wis Comp 1 iments of Seven-Up Bottling Co. Eau C 1 a i re , Wis. Dean Kruger Burner Service 83: 832-4337 Eau Clai re, Wis. Radio Equipped Trucks FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION First in Savi ngs--Fi rst in Home Loans Eau Cla i re , Wis. BEN FRANKLIN " Everything In School Supplies " Putnam Heights Shopping Center WEAU TV-FM WAXX-AM BROADCASTING CENTRAL Eau Claire, Wis. DALE ' S BLUE FRONT BAR Piano Bar 418 Water St. Eau Claire, Wis. Jean Dale Sires, Prop. Eau Claire Able Cable 11 Cliannel TV Service 415 S. Barstow 834-3151 K.H. BOLEY ELECTRIC COMPANY Washington Heights J lm. Bros FORD and FURNITURE Learn Beauty Culture at Eau Claire ' s New and Most Modern School SHIRLEE ' S INSTITUTE OF HAIR DESIGN and COSMETOLOGY 321 Eau Claire St. UNITED RENT-ALL WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING 832-1488 Across From the K-Mart EAU CLAIRE VAN % STORAGE 2806 Pleasant Eau C la i re , Wis. 834-4195 ® JOHNSON HULEATT cio Clothiers - Furnishers Shoe Fitters KEEGAN ' S Quality Since 1930 114 W. Grand Ave. Eau Claire Draperies Carpeting Upholstering EAU CLAIRE TRANSPORTATION CO, " Your City Bus Lines ' WEINERSHOE CO, STEVENSON ' S Casual and Dressy Shoes For the College Miss Jensen Drug Stores Five Pharmacists For Prompt Prescription service 422 Bellinger Phone 834-4111 119 W. Grand Ave. 834-1266 ED ' S BARBER SHOP by Four Corners Eau Cla i re , Wis. KELLER FURNITURE STORE 877-291 1 Fal 1 Creek, Wis RAY OLSEN USED CARS Respected Reliability Eau C la i re , V i s Picture Yourself By PIPER Eau Claire ' s Finest New Studio 1412 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire Sun Ray Liquors 3028 Spooner Ave, A 1 toona , Wis. 835-9 05 RAY ' S PLACE 838 Water St. Eau Cla i re, Wis. Beers, Liquors, Wines HILLESTAV CITGO 2203 Bi rch St. 832-9104 Compliments of NORTHWEST TESTING LABORATORY and EAU CLAIRE CO-OP DHIA 219 10th St. West Altoona, Wis. Phone 832-7418 Community State — T .- " - Bank L § M. OIL WASHINGTON HEIGHTS Corner Ki rk St . Hastings Way Eau Clai re, Wis. 5 70 CI s WALKER CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors 1701 So. Hastings Way Comp 1 iments of Office MEADOWVIEW FARMS INC 2529 E. Clairemont Pkway Eau Cla i re , Wis. Fred Johnson Printing " Three Generations of Fine Pri nt i ng " Muldoon ' s Men ' sS Wear J . F. Muldoon 1506 S. Hastings Way Eau Claire, Wis. Formal Rental Wear II VER ' S ajMul Phone 832-8583--Dependable Television 1407 Lynn Ave. Altoona, Wis. Radio Service Benedict ' s Refrigeration Service Harlem Street John Benedict Washington Heights Phone 834-3191 Eau Claire, Wis. Sieg ' s Supper Club Hwy. 12 Fa 1 1 Creek, Wis. FREEMAN ' S 29 2 Starr Ave. Eau Cla i re , Wis SINCLAIR G S E SALES. INC Minto Greenhouses 2521 E. Clairemont Eau Claire, Wis. Phone 832-6631 GORDON PETERSON, Pres Color T.V. Appliances Air Conditioning Our Flowers Speak Where Words Fail Phone 832-6718 Hehl-Grohn Co. PLUMBING AND HEATING Washington Heights, Eau Claire 834-2711 HLINGER S INSTALLATION ♦ REPAIRING IMPORT MOTORS OF EAU CUIRE, Inc. S |§ 2705 HENRY AVENUE • EAU CLAIRE, V ISCONSIN 54701 Volkswagen Bridgestone Cycles MORGAN MUSIC CENTER Everything Musical Piano - Organs - Band Instruments - Guitars Across From the K-Mart Freddie ' s Store and Bar Ludi ngton Freddy and Vera Abramovich KIRCHOFF PHOTOGRAPHY Natural Color - Weddings - Portraits - CommerciaF AND SONS Office 834-4694 Home 835-6732 1830 BRACKETT AVENUE EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN FUNERAL HONE Michael J. Prock Beauty Dignity Experience Hwy. 53 off Birch St. Phone 834-4411 EAU CLAIRE IMPLEMENT INC Sales and Service John Deere Farm Machinery John Deere Lawn and Garden Equipment McCuUock Chain Saws 834-4419 Merl ' s Ba Barber Shopp Corner of Lynn and Division 112 Wold ' s Ideal Cleaners ( Cleaning S- Pressing -nJ-— 412 Washington St. Phone 832-8H4 Your Color Headquarters " Comp 1 iments of MELVILLE JEWELRY Fal 1 Creek, Wi s. WAGNER ' S 40 LANES ALTOONA HOTEL Clean Rooms Archie and Gladys Carlson MADISON ST. BODY SHOP 522 East Madison Eau C la i re , Wis HOUSE OF BEAUTY 1318 Bi rch St. Eau C la i re , Wis. 834-3272 DAY-KITTILSTAD " Everything In Music " 417 S. Barstow St. Eau C la i re , Wis. KING KERN AUTO SERVICE " Automatic Transmission Specialists " Auto Service Overhauling Phone TEmple 2-8222 2351 SPOONER AVENUE ALTOONA, WIS; Comp 1 iments of FREYANDBAKER Fal 1 Creei ,Wi s YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME TO VISIT Harold J. Hoffe PROPRIETOR 1717 WESTERN AVE. EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN TEL.: TE S-9389 ■ HOME; TE 4-d550 Adams Drug Prescriptions Accuratel y Filled AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE WORKS INC. Washington Heights EAU CLAIRE, WIS. Phone 832-6128 or 832-8489 Ask Her Then See Lasker 123 S. Barstow Phone 835-5914 For tPie Finest in Diamonds LUMBER 1 HARDWARE CO. Your One-Stop Lumber Yard In Eau Claire 2234 Birch St. Ph.834-1234 LARSON 13 Why not try the JOLLY TROLL for a change? The whole family is invited Open Seven Days a Week Mi SMORGASBORD A B SUPEREnE AL BEULAH WOLF " We Del iver " Phone 83 -4731 A 1 toona , Wis mrn mens shop Next To Woolworth ' s S. Barstow Eau Claire,Wis SAMUELSON ' S Since 189 -11 South Barstow Street Comp 1 i ments of a FRIEND PHONE: 834-2017 117 WEST GRAND AVE. EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN 54701 14 ROY ' S DISCOUNT % LIQUOR MART AND ROY ' S SUPER MARKET Comp 1 iments of The Fashion Store open 7 Days a Week 8:30 A.M. To 9:00 P.M. In Downtown Eau Claire Compl iments of NORTHWEST TESTING LABORATORY AND EAU CLAIRE CO-OP DHIA 219 10th St. West Altoona, Wis. Phone 837-7 18 AUTOGRAPHS 115 Headlight Production CO-EDITORS: Bobbie Olson and Cheryl Klavetter. TYPIST: Nan Lawrence. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Tom Najacht, Bruce Gar- dow, Chick Feather. BUSINESS MANAGER Darlene Hehl ROW 1: N. Lawrence, L. Reed, S. Rosenberg, C. Everson, J. Kohls, S. Baehr, S. Rasmussen, J. Gorell. ROW 2: J. Potter, B. Gilbert, K. Struck, M. LeClair, P. Schultz, S. O ' Donahoe, L. Mann. UOUSFEATURi sEKSi mm STARS OF YESTERYE JUMP EACK DiTO THE POOL AaiON WITH THE FORLOB Frkhmes Sophisticate jsopflMOREs Jolly Jink r SUPERIOR SENK . ' !!i ' ' ' GHT NOW Our diligent working staff. ART EDITORS: Linda Thomas and Sue O ' Donahoe. 17 In Memoriam Mrs. Gladys Day Mrs. Gladys Day, teacher of seventh and eighth grades for five years, passed away May 15, 1966. Before coming to Altoona, Mrs. Day was a supervisor in the Menomonie schools and a teacher at Maple Drive School in Eau Claire County. Her outside activities were connected with her church at Rock Falls where she was organist and taught a Sunday School class. Mrs. Day ' s genuine interest in her pupils and her love for teaching will be remembered by all the students. 11; Editors ' Farewell The book is completed, And closed, like the day; And the hand that has written it Lays it away. Dim grow its fancies; Forgotten they lie; Like coals in the ashes. They darken and die. Song sinks into silence. The story is told, The windows are darkened, The hearth-stone is cold. 119 Ill: r?7l£ }t i Z '

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