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THE HEADLIGHT 1947 SENIOR CLASS OF ALTOONA HIGH SCHOOL Altoona, Wisconsin VOLUME II Editor ----------------------------------------- Gene Musolf Assistant Editor ---------------- -- --- ------ James Schroeder Business Manager-H - --- - - --- Robert Schilling Q up ICAT D I DEDICATIO MLSS BEULAH TURNEY af her a fmthful guldn ani a qulpt or twenty To Jcvot lu- L pple of -Gltodnax lnsplrat oml le le r of tht young p lf 1 fffrtmonfxts ly iwh Ht c on ywr tm LJU a f wx 1 3 , , ' ' 1 2 X .1 1 in 1 ' 3 Av L .. '- 4 ff 9 5, " , Ti ' - 'f ,X 'uf ui. C LUTHER G KOPPLIN Coach, Science, and GGOKPHPYIY Eau Claire State Teachers College Eau Claire, Wisconsin FACULTY EINAR C. PEDERBEN rvlslng Principal Mathematics Eau Claire State Teachers College Eau Claire, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin MARGARET BRIDGES Ellllsh World History Eau Claire State Teachers College Eau Claire Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Madison, Wlsc onsln HAROLD McKENZIl:. Music Minneapolis School to Music LUCILLE HENDRICKSON Girls Athletics Social Science Eau Claire State Teachers College Eau Claire Wisconsin E 5 S E N I G R S SENIORS VA LEDIC TORIAN Gene Musolf Moose Ain t love grand'?' Vice President 1 2 Student Council President 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 3 Glee Club 3 4 Trackl Editor of Annual 4 "Bolts and Nuts 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Golf 3 4 Busmess Manager of Annual 3 F , ,- , E, L. ,, I 6 A, Y! SK I I . ,., . . I HFuhll DUn Fischer 'Nov Schmo " Glee Club 2 Class Treas 8 Salutatbrlan Delores Asmusseu Dee Dee H but ot heard GAA 1 2 in cnegclum 2 Annual stat! 4 Sec of G A A 4 Gloria Bergan "Bergan 'Vlhistle bali ' GAA 2 3 4 VlcePreS otGAA 4 "Campus Quaran e" 3 "Bolts an Nuts" 4 Annual Sta!! 3 4 Band 1 2 Robert Johnson mor! Ooknpy' Annual su!! 8 4 "Campus Quaran tlne" 8 Glee Club 4 Football 8 Beverly Klemsteln 'Why Reduce ee Club 2 8 4 'Bolts and Nuts ' 4 G A A 2 8 4 Barbara Klelst "Babe 'Love em and leave GAA 12 8 VlcePres otGAA 3 'Bolts and Nuts 4 'Campus Quaran Une" 3 Glee Club 3 Annual stat! 4 3 ' z 11 U Se n n 1 I I 1 I ' l . u I 9 gd 4 II I H Band 1-2-8-4. Churlslder 2-8-4. "aw I ll G1 - - I 1 1 I 1 1 :emu H Holland Reldel Dutch So aln' I Asst Basketba1lMgr 2 3 4 Glee Club 4 James Schroeder ' Schroed "I am a deer h1mter" Basketball 3 4 Football 3 Track 2 Annual Stat! 3 4 Asst Ed of Annual 4 Glee Club 2 President 4 Vice Pres 3 'His Name was Aunt Nellie' " ampus Quarantine" 'Bo Nuts 4 Warren Schwartz Ben 'Wolf ln sheep s clothing' Basketball 4 Football 3 Track 1 Annual staff 3 4 Glee Club 2 4 Band 2 3 4 "His Name was Aunt Quarantine 3 Sec and Treas 2 Charles Steuding "Chas ' ce upon a time' Pres 3 Vice Pres 4 Basketball 1 Track 1 2 Bandl 2 3 4 Barbara Volkma.n ' The Fournier Kid' GAA 12 3 Glee Club 1 2 Cheer leader2 3 4 Sec 1 2 Treas 1 Roland Volkman "Pokey "Little Pro" Basketball Mgr 1 2 3 4 Football 3 Golf3 4 Treas 4 Sec 3 Pres 2 Annual Staff 4 Not pictured Helene Bundt ll I' If t ,I 4 I, . I . . , 3. c 3. ' its am If . I Y I Nellie" 3. ':'Bolts and Nuts" 4. "campus I Il M I flMa,l 5 7 ll C LASS ROLL Delore Asrnussen Gene Musolf Olorl Bergan Holland Re1del Helene Bundt fame Schroeder Don F1 oher Warren Schwartz Robert johnson Charles Steudmg Beverly Klemstem Barbara Volkrnan Barbara Klelst Roland Volkman CLASS OFFICERS James Sehroeder pl-egldgnt Charles Steudmg Vlce PreS1dent Roland Volkman Treasure CLASS MOTTO 'gKnoWledge 1S Power" CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose CLFSS COLORS 'vlaroon md uold Valedlctorun Gene Musoli Salutatormn Don Flsoher S , P. G L, . X s 's, 1 ', Barbara Volkman ------------ Secretary .L LL N , SENIOR CLASS HISTORY On September 6 1943 the Altoona Public High School was glfted with a blessed event Nineteen greenhorns entered their last lap of schooling It wasn t long though before the green was polished off and they were shining Freshmen Our officers for our first year were President Richard Smith Vice President Gene Musolf Secretary and Treasurer Barbara Volkman We were growing up now and they started calling us "Sophomores It was our turn for revenge, as we polished the greenhorns of ' 44 Although we lost three of our members, we were not handicapped m glvlng the teachers plenty of that something called trouble We had Gene Musolf playing basketball and Roland Volkman was manager Officers were President Roland Volkman Vice President Gene Musolf Secretary and Treasurer Warren Schwartz As Juniors we became better known in sports and m school act1v1 ties We added James Schroeder to the squad Our class also decreased th1s year but we trled to keep our spirits up and to be successful in everything We did Our officers th1s year were Vice President James Schroeder Secretary -Roland Volkman Treasurer -Donald Fischer As Sen1ors we cons1dered ourselves on top We had come a long Way W1 W casualties We added Warren Schwartz to the basketball team We are now planning to go out Ln l1.fe and leave the teachers to :rest in peace Officers were President James Schroeder Vice President Charles Steuding Secretary Barbara Volkman Treasurer Roland Volkman Class Advisor -Coach Kopplin , 1 I ,, 5 U ' . President -------------------------- Charles Steuding CLASS WILL We, the class of 47, bemg overworked by cruel teachers and f1t only for the grave, do hereby set forth our last w1ll and testament be queathlng to our underclassmen some of the qual1t1es whlch have made us so likeable Gene Musolf wills his bean pole phys1que to Loren Walker James Schroeder the heart breaking Romeo wills his technique to James O'Keefe ob Johnson wills his ability to murder the King's English" o Eugene Oldfield Gloria Bergan w1lls her sweater glrl figure to Marjone Volkman Charles Steudmg wllls h1s fatherly amb1t1on towards the weaker sex to Bob Berg Barbara Volkrnan wills her name "Ma" to Helen Sauer Barbara Klelst wills her success W1th men to some of the other girls who aren t so lucky Holland Reidel wills h1S wave to Bob Schilling Bob Johnson wills lone Henning to any of the wolves who thmk they can catch her Don F1scher Wills h1s punctuallty to Gladys Horsw1l1 Delores Asmussen Wills her shyness to Joyce Harms "Pokey Volkman wills his manager s job to Coach Kop Warren Schwartz w1lls the wolflsh gleam in his eye to Bob Rockwood Helene Bundt w1lls her temper to Coach Kopplin Warren Schwartz wills his peg leg to anyone who thmks they would enjoy having it 3 1 l u B " t I li 2 pl-in. CLASS PHOPHECY The years roll by and finally we come upon a bright and shming new year, 1957 Much to our sorrow, we are requested to see how the class of '47' has fared through these ten years fl Pokey Volkman has stopped raising H at old A H S an s now raising little Volkmans at the Horel residence Gene Musolf has taken over George Mikans place on the Chlcago Gears fprofessional basketball that 1S7 Don Fischer is cruising around in Mr Larson s new 1957 Chrysler Bob Johnson and Ione Hennmg have settled dovsm on their farm south of Altoona .Al is still looking for Bob Barbara Kleist is still following Tommy Manville s footsteps in marriage, that is Barbara Volkman has taken over the manager s job at the Walgreen Drug Store Delores Asmussen and lim Wagner have settled in Altoona Wh1le Inn still works for the Omaha James Schroeder has taken over Dr Wrigglesworth s Vet pract1ce Charles Steuding has just defeated F I ln the recent election Beverly Klemstein has given up her job as A H S star photographer and is now working for the Eau Claire Press Company Holland Reldel has made a small fortune selling soap to Bathless Groggins Gloria Bergan is now married and she and 11m Woodington are do ing nicely in the dog business raising dogs, that is Warren Schwartz is a big Hollywood executive, currently engaged in directing "Lappie, Great Great Great Grandson of Lassie I ! . n --- . u ' d 1 3 Helene Bundt is now modeling for Varga. l 2 Q u I UNDER GRADE IUNIORS Back Row CL to RJ C Matyslk,1 Musolf G Klohs I Wagner Middle Row QL to RJ R.. Berg, D Radlsewltz, R.. Schilling I Woodlngton, Mrs Bridges Front Row KL to RJ R. Llpke Sauer, D johnson, I Harris, M Volkman SOPHOMORES BackRowfL to RD ISteudlng N Klelst, D Sorenson, R.. Rockwood K Thompson, D Mayer, L Larson Middle Row QL to Rl P Leland A Rudolphson, L Walker, E Bundt Miss Bendrlckson FrontR.owCLtoRJ G Horswill D Weeks L Klohs, D Witt:-en, P Fenner,J Kohn, A Leland. FRESHMEN Back Row fL to R, R. Rask, G Grondin G Lipke I O'Keefe, E Oldfield, D Parker, C Marquardt Front Row CL to Rl I Asmussen B Shafe , r Horswlll I Iohnson, D Gunderson I Henning, D KEPSISXI , . , . . , . : , H. : . , . ' I : . , . Beach, P. Connell, C. Taylor, I. . . , : . , . , . , . . . Z . , . A FRESHMEN The Freshman Class entered Altoona High School on September 9 1 946 After the customary initiation by the Sophomores, they settled down to a very active life in dear old A H S Class officers include President Iames O'Keefe Vice President -Ione Henning Secretary Ioan Johnson Treasurer -Charles Marquardt Advisor Mr Pedersen SOPHOMORES On September 9, 1946 twenty two pupils started their Sophomore year at Altoona High School Their motto is "The Shining Example of Altoona High School" The class gave the most exciting initiation party that the high school ever had Cjust ask themj They contributed three letter men to the A squad Donald Sorenson Paul Leland, and Robert Rockwood They say that they sincerely hope to have two more interest ing years at Altoona High School Officers for the year were Vice President Norman Kleist Secretary -Ione Rudolphson Treasurer Paul Leland Advisor Miss Henrickson IUNIORS The class of forty eight began their high school career with a total aggregation of seventeen pupils Three years have passed and the class has lost two members and gained none, making our total fifteen up to the present time During these last years the class of 1948 has contributed candidates and members to the many functions of our high school and have held our rank successfully Although we have but one more year at A H S , we plan to make the best of it President Jack Musolf Vice President Jim Woodington Secretary Bob Schilling Treasurer Bob Berg Advisor -Mrs. Bridges , - 2 , President ------------------------------ Donald Sorenson Miss Henri kson Teacher GRADE 7 Miss 'hlrney Teacher GRADE 6 Mrs Shelley Teacher GRADE 5 Miss Boe Teacher GRADE 8 Mrs Gibson Teacher GRADE 3 Miss Bergerson Teacher GRADE 2 Miss Badman Teacher GRADE 1 Miss Marek Teacher GRADE 4 'AVO' um AT I-I Back Row KL to RJ Warren Schwartz Robe1+Rpckwoodg Holland Reidel fldgr I James 0'Kee!e, Roland Volkman fMgr I Don Sorenson, Paul Leland Front Row I L to RJ James Schroeder, Don Radisevitz, Robert Schilling, Gene Musolf Robert Berg, James Wookington, Jack Musoli Back Row CL to RJ Robert Rask Leo Larson, Warren Schwartz Loren Walker, Charles Marquardt Front Row CL to RD Don Sorenson James O'Keefe Robert Rockwood Kenneth Thompson Paul Leland BASKETBALL The Altoona Cagers, coached by Luther Kopplin opened the season on November 12 by whipping Alma 57 35 and ended the season with an im presslve victory over the St Pat's Irish 44 39 During the course of the season, Altoona acquired victories over Osceola Thorp, Cornell Augusta, Cadott, St Pats, Fall Creek, Gilman, Boyd and dropped two defeats at the hands of Fall Creek and St Pats Season scoring honors went to Gene Musolf with 355 points, follow ed by Bob Schilling with 177, Bob Berg with 123 Don Radlsewitz with 80 Gene Musolf lead the Cloverbelt Conference in individual scoring by dumping 152 pomts in seven games for an average of 21 8 points per game He also broke the school scoring record for one game by scoring 28 points in the Cadott game Altoona entering the district tournament with a record of 18 Wins and 2 defeats playing Osseo in the first game and defeated them by the score of 47 to 27 'I'hen on Friday night the Rallroaders roared on the trample Whitehall 49 to 33 While we were trampling Whitehall, Fall Creek was thumping Independence which meant that we would meet Fall Creek for championship On Saturday night, we completely outclassed Fall Creek for the championship by a score of 50 to 25 We then met Eleva, the winner of the Mondovl championship, in a play off to see who would enter the Eau Claire sectional which we won easily by a score of 51 23 Meeting Menomon1e's unbeaten Indians in the first game of the sect1ona1, Altoona turned back the Warriors by a score of 45 43 After a hard fought battle We met Blair the following night for the championship and the right to represent this district at Madison in the state tournament All hopes vanished with Blair toppling the Clndermen 46 38 Jim Wookmgroh with eo, and Jim Schroeder fouohing with 52. ' B SQUAD Although hmdered by lack of expemence the Bees had a falrly successful season wmmng e1ght and losmg four games They won the rnaJor1ty of then' t11ts 1n hard fought well earned vlctorles over the Alma Thorp Augusta Cadott Boyd and St Pat's Bee The B squad had the freshman has plenty of tune to develop SCHEDULE Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Alma Thorp 17 Cornell 21 Augusta 18 Alma 15 Cadott 15 Cadott 8 Cornell 19 Boyd 22 Boyd 20 St Pats 14 Thorp 20 ability to progriess into,a powerful qdlnt led by Ijttnes O'Keefe, who as a 20 11 18 19 21 22 21 22 13 14 30 ' 39 . Captain Gene Musolf, ' Moose proved himself outstanding ln his last year of four of basketball by taking scoring honors, a place on the All Conference and All Tournament teams James Schroeder, Schroed an outstanding Senior reserve who had the ability to fill Don Radisiwitz s shoes when he was ill, thus making his last year of basketball a good one Bob Berg, "Buster a capable Junior guard and regular member of the team ls playing his thrid year of a possible four, and was honored by being made a member oi the All Conference and All Tournament teams proved his defensive ability and in the past season has broken into the offensive play and scoring column Don Radisewltz, Danny as the fastest man on the team, Don is capable of wearing the opposition out while breaking into the scoring column Bob Schilling 'Schiller a regular forward with one more year left, he will have to fill the shoes of Gene Musol! in 1948 Jack Musolf, 'Iolm a valuable reserve guard he will prove of great value to next yea:-'s team C il- - 9 D! Jim Woodlngton "Woody"- the other regular guard has, as before, - I li- D I Il Warren Schwartz "Ben" due to an untimely accident, Warren a senior spent his last year on crutches Robert Rockwood "Rocky" because of lack of experience, Bob has seen little action this year but is capable of becoming a good guard Donald Sorenson 'Lovey Dovey' as the eleventh man on the team Don has the ability to develop into a capable guard Paul Leland, 'Wee Willie ' lacking in height Paul has proven by his playing that he will be of value to next year s team James O'Keefe "Beef Jim has three years to develop into a valuable player being but a Freshman this year SCHEDULE Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Altoona Overtime Forfeit Alma 35 Osceola 22 Thorp 21 Augusta 42 Osceola 44 Gilman Alma 29 Cadott 29 Fall Creek 29 Gilman 25 Cadott 24 Cornell 36 Boyd 37 Boyd 38 St Pats 39 Thorp 42 Fall Creek 35 St Pats 39 Thorp 34 Osseo 27 Whitehall 33 Fall Creek 25 Eleva 23 Menomonie 43 Blair 46 5 v ' 1 C D I ! ' 7.9. U 57 . 35 41 Altoona 47 Cornell 35 46 56 44 56 27 65 49 56 58 761 37 . ' 50 36 43 . 46 47 49 50 51 45 T X STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row K'L to RJ: Gone Mulolt, Charles Starling, Mr. E. Podorlon Front Row KL to Rl Norman Klalst, Ione Henning, James Woolllngton BOLTSANDNUTS' Back RowKL to RJ James Schroeder, Warren Schwartz, Robert Schilling Gene Musolf, Jack Musolf, Gerald Klohs, James Wagner, Mrs Bridges Front Row KL to RD Gloria Gergan, Joyce Harris, Marjorie Volkman Barbara Klelst HEADLIGHT STAFF Back Row KL to RJ Joyce Harris, Warren Schwartz Don Sorenson Robert Johnson Charles Steuding Roland Volkman Jack Vlusolf James Woodlngton Front Row KL to RJ Delores Asmussen, Gloria Bergan, Robert Schilling, Gene Musolf James Schroeder, Beverly Klemsteln Barbara Klelst I C I 1 D D Beverly Klemstein. 1 I I STUDENT COUNCIL lhe Student Council consists of the vice presidents elected by ne entire student body The purpose of the organization is to serve the student body as a whole The outstanding project handled this year was the purchase of the magazine sales President Gene Musolf Advisor E C Pedersen 'BOLTS AND NUTS" This year the Junior and Senior classes combined to put on the class play a production of Worthy note Research on plays was conducted by both classes "Bolts and Nuts ' was named by a popular majomty of the group Four Weeks of practice was held during the English period under the direction of Mrs Bridges The play was produced on the nine teenth of November It was a success both financially and dramatically The cast was as follows Dr Joy Gene Musolf Twink Starr Bob Schilling Henry Goober Warren Schwartz Jack Gordon James Schroeder Mr Plunkett Jim Wagner Mr Clippy Jack Musolf Wilbur Gerald Klohs Benita Bolt Barbara Kleist Miss Flgg Gloria Bergan Mrs Glossop Joyce Harris Lutie Spinks Marjorie Volkman Martha Grubb Beverly Klemstem HEADLIGHT STAFF Editor Gene Musoli Assistant Editor James Schroeder Assistants School Activities Sports 1 Robert Johnson, Chr 1 Roland Volkzman Chr 2 James Woodington 2 Jack Musolf 3 Warren Schwartz 3 Charles Steudlng Ph0f0E1'aPhY Humor 1 Delores Asmussen, Chr 1 Barbara melst, Chl. 2 IOYCS Harris 2 Beverly Klemstein 3 Gloria Bergan Typist 1 Margaret Bridges Business Manager Robert scmmng Circulation Manager Don Sorenson Y ! , ' . Rebecca Bolt --------- - - - ----- Helene Bundt GAA Blckllcw KL to RD P Fenner B Shafer, A Beach G Horswill, B Klemstein D Wittran,I Rudolphson A Leland, R Llpke Middle Row CL to RJ D Weeks I Klohs P Connell M Volkman C Taylor I Johnson D Gunderson Miss Hendrickson Front Row QL to RI D Asmussen, Asmussex G Bergan I Harris, A Horswill, Henning I Kahn, D Kersten GIRLS GLEE CLUB BackRnw CL to RD B Shafer-,I Kloha I Harris H Sauer, B Klemsteln, A Middle Row KL to RD D Weeks D Wittren C Taylor, M Volkman Connel.l,J Johnson D Gunderson, Mrs Bridges Front Row U.. to Rl 1 Asmussen, A. Horlwi.11,I Henning, P Fenner I Kohn D Kersten BOYS GLEE CLUB Back Row KL to RJ W Schwartz, Rockwood H Re1de1 G Musolf OKeefe R johnson Mrs Bridges Front ROWCL. to RJ D Parker, E Oldfield, D Sorenson J Steuding R Rash: . , . . lt , Deland, If RQmo1phson,' A. Beach. ' , . . ,P. 5 . R. GAA Do you remember those little girls in crisp paper sldrts who were running around school? Well that was the G A A at work We have been an active girls organ1zat1on sponsormg an all g1rl S party, a sleigh ride fbrrrrrl, and a treasure hunt Gym Instructor M1ss Hendrickson Presldent -Marjor1e Volkman Vice President Gloria Bergan Treasurer Dorothy Wittren joint Secretary Delores Asmussen GIRLS GLEE CLUB The Girls Glee Club was started about a week or so after school started It ls directed by Mrs Br1dges an English teacher The g1rls meet every Thursday morning at e1ght o clock a.nd com bme with the boys on Fr1day mornmgs to form the mixed chorus The Glee Club 1S coming along cnnte well now although Mrs Br1dges st1ll feels that it 1S something d1scouraging to hear the girls try to h1t hlgh "g" 1Il he chorus of the "Desert Song BOYS GLEE CLUB The Glee Club under the d1rect1on of Mrs Br1dges, was reyuvenated th1s year after a two year lay off Although some of the voices were a l1ttle rusty, they are gradually 1mprov1ng Attendance has been rather spotty due to the early hour of practlce e1ght A M regarded by h1gh school boys as an hour su1ted only for ch1ckens New mus1c was purchased at the outset of the year and progress IS being made so says Mrs Br1dges The two p1eces that have rece1ved the most attent1on are "The Desert Song" and 'Your Land and My Land Every F1-lday the boys glee club combines w1th the g1rls glee club to form a mixed chorus usmg three part mus1c The boys fmd some dlff iculty m toning down so that the g1rls can be heard 4 n 1 , , Secretary ------- ----- - - - - - ---- Arlene Leland u n 3 ' t D v Y ' ! Q . l -T O . . C ! D ALTOONA SCHOOL BAND LETTER CLUB Back RQWCL to RJ P Leland W S hwartz H Reidel I O Keeie, ki Rockwood C bteuding D Sorenson 8 R Volkman I Musolf Front Row KL to RD I Woodington G Bergan B Volkman B K1emste.n M Volkman I Schroeder Middle Row: UQ to RJ: Rfjonnson, D, Raaisewm, R. Schilling, G. Musou, R. Ber ALTOONA BAND Though We lost some valuable players through graduat1on, our band has been progressmg steadily during the school year and we ex pect to make a cred1table showing at the distr1ct Band Festival agam this year Last year our band under the direct1on of Mr Harold Mart1n Won a first in marchmg and a second in concert at tlus annual event Paul Leland represented the school at the state contest 1n Madison win ning a second place vcrlth Ins cornet solo The band played at several basketball games, helped W1th the Chrlstmas program and W1ll put on the annual band concert at the C1ty Auditormm A band backer sponsored a sleigh ride and chicken dmner during the Ch1'1StIIl3.S season There are a number of beginner players 1Il the band and a group of new rnayorettes is developing LETTER CLUB This is the second year for the Letter Club Whlch brmgs together all of the letter Wmners of the h1gh school m G A A , cheerleading basket ball, and band Basketball takes the lead in the number of letter wmners Gene Musolf, captain of th1s year's basketball team, IS the only four year letter Winner 1n school There are several Who have Won three year letters in basketball and in cheerlead1ng Coach Kopplin IS in charge of letter awards and presents them to the letter winners durmg Class Day excerises in May , - Director ----- ---- ---- - - ---- - - ---Mr. McKenzie 9 l Q , Q September October November December january ebruary MARCH OF TIME 9 Enrollment 10 Classes began 19 Magazine Sale 20 Year book ads 2 Fifth grade field trip 10 Teachers convention 16 G.A.A. initiation 18 Six Weeks tests 21 P. T.A. Play try-outs begin Report cards 24 Individual pictures March 25 Third grade Wins paper drive Rodney Sinclair program 31 Halloween party 1 Cheerleaders try outs Armistace Day Program Alma here Junior Senior play Osceola there Six Weeks tests Thanksgiving vacation Thorp there Cornell there Augusta there Osceola here junior Christmas dance Grade program Christmas vacat1on Alma there Cadott there Fall Creek here Immunization Clinic Gilman-forfeit Semester exams Cornell here Third Grade Star published P T A Report cards Boyd there Boyd here St Pats ECHS gym Thorp here Thlrd Grade field trip Fall Creek there St Pats ECHS gym Fifth grade f1eld trip L, ALSWO I l April May hpd8Bo dby RTHBHOTHBRB M US A Valentine parties Cloverbelt championship District Tournament First and second grade trip to Eau Claire, Library, police station, and fire department Washington Day program Championship Regional Tournament Six weeks tests Report cards Secitonal Tournament P.T.A. State basketball tournament begins Immunization Clinic Good Friday Six Weeks tests Report cards Fifth grade field trip High School dance Senior class trip Week of grade picnics Commencement High School picnic School ends ll 4 12 ' 4 14 - 11 22 - 14 25 28 ' 9 3 13 6 19 17 22 20 23 24 6 8 14 16 17 20 21 Cadott - St. Pat's gym 24 27 . . . 28 31 5 1 . ' 4 5 . 7 10 . - 12 ' A .1....., .... W H U M O R V., L 3 A ' , - - 4 '1 . ew, 5? A 5 wa -. d f I . " ix VK' Q, .g,, ,M , , V, sf- Vy "GPI I if ' . 3, "- V fii?-'QW , ,A ' I' -fer., A ' it ' , Q, Y 1 A-' - 1' . Q , V .V .1 V, . .I 1 53 ,, ' faxwfj m " wsigiii ggi, his L, ff in X ' Hx., V M, E -A 1 , N ' "' ' V usa, Jf 512354, , I I z ' H" gf! 45:5 fn t I Km, r li 1 I ESKSQVV if 3 V ' -f 42g?Zf A 5 5 A 11 1 ' ,QQ . 'f V, 3 Q . '53, sf-wW'33Z,, 2-gf' ' I 2 35 my A V j Q4 I .ga ' fx. , , , 1 ' W2 ,V . 5 W ' ' " -Vsfl wi, ,JL .L .L ' 7' agftig ' ,' V' , V .. Mm gi fs. H 'f ,, f . 25.29 l 1 f . ,, . M 1 '-.5 V V. 4 YA V , W. ,L-.L ' .M .K if . 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BARSTOW TO BUY - SELL - RENT - HIRE - USE I Frrand Eau Claire Transportatron Company A I RIDE CITY BUSES SAFE MICAL COMFORTA BLE SERVING ALTOGNA AND EAU CLAIRE COMPLIMENTS OF EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF Liquor a t LET US KEEP YOU IN GOOD SPIRITS OPPOSITE HOTEL EAU CLAIRE DIAL 3710 Family Liquor Store 106 GRAND AVENUE EAST WHEN LOW IN SPIRITS DIAL 8737 Piggly Wiggl ' r rhenm Professional Pharmac YOUR P PHARMACY 50 YEARS OF PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE 314 E GRAND AVENUE DIAL 8811 EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN FUNERAL HOME ND AMBULANCE SERVICE OUR SERVICES WITH HSYMPATHY DIGNITY AND REVR N ' PHONE 4411 307 SO FARWELL ST EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN M. J, Prock 84 Sons 84 P Super arket WV P ENVI NL OLERATED BY THQ JH A 1 ll UMW AVL PAFIFIC TEA CO 901 IONED ST H AU CLAIRE WISCONSIN WELIIF Q WE Friend rv-qi-v-vw ll A ff' 5 -N vw vf-r-1 fx,-' V 1 i,:'Tf'.I-alx.D K F , .x 1 7 1 . '. X .X AN , X M1 J -J , ..-. ' ' - - ,' 1-1 'w AVF rn ,A r-4 A -P-1' T X 'w 1 L.- - ."'. 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Henning THE BEST IN COAL - COKEWOOD FUEL - GAS MOTOR OIL Cut Fuel CO COMPLIMENTS OF Fennefs Grocer MEATS AND GROCERY ALTOONA ADDITION Mr and Mrs E FENNER PHONE 5523 O O WHERE QUALITY AND SERVICE RULES Golden Funeral Service EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF SemueIsen's EAU CLAIRE S QUALITY STCRE SINCE 1893 O 4209 104 EAST GRAND AVENUE P COMPLIMENTS OF The Electric Constructron Company Russel s Derry Bar EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN COM MEN Q 0 QUALITY ICE CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS E A RE, WISCONSIN J C Penney Venderbie Jewelers x Paul F. Faast DEALER AND HAULER OF FARM PRODUCE YOU CALL I HAUL PUTTER PAUL PHONE 212112 EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN THE HOME OF FINE FOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES Du Drop Inn Properuors Mr. and Mrs MATT KAPP HIGHWAY 53 EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN WASHINGTON HEIGHTS COMPZIMENTS OE Meyer Music THE ONE STOP MUSIC SHOP 418 S BARSTOW ST EAU CLAIRE WISCONSHNT COMPLIMENTS Lasker Jewelers OF Demmler 5 Florlsts OF COMPLIMENTS , . COMPLIMENTS OI' Johnson 84 Huledtt TWO STORES CLOTHIERS FURNISHERS SHOE FITTERS HEADQUARTERS FOR LORD TAYLOR CLOTHES FROM Flemrng Brothers Jewelers 215 SOUTH BARSTOW ST EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF Badger Alignment Service 501 SOUTH BARSIOW STREET EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN BOB IJATRY K IN OISTAD MOTORS PHONE 7594 OWNER BEST WISHES U - I , - -J, I C1 CITIES SERVICE Wm. G. Sweeney 81 Sen COMPLETE SERVICE AND ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION - TIRES - BATTERY SERVICE GAS SL OIL 24 HOUR SERVICE CORNER WTSCONSIN Sz N. FARWELL SWHERE ALL HUNTERS ND FISHE MEN ME ' Rod 81 Gun Store HUNTING AND FISHING SUPPLIES EXPERT GUNSMITH ROD AND REEL REPAIRS 2 1497 415 E MADISON ST COMPLIMENTS OF IN THE EAU CLAIRE BUS STATION 5174 51 4 Royal Cab Company TI-TE BARTIN GAL Compliments Of E COMPANY Plumbing and Heatmg Contractors 246 Graham Avenue B O T T 209 Graham Avenue Compliments Of LE AND BARREL HOUSE Eau Claire, Wisconsin Compliments Of GOLDEN RULE OIL COMPANY Phone 3437 M A Y T A G Sales and Service Skelgas Ranges Pumps, Washers Ironers, Oil Burners, Monarch Stoves, Radios, Refrigerators Paints, Varnishes, Watch Heaters 138 Graham Avenue Phone 9930 Compliments Of KOPPLIN'S STORE Dealer In General Merchandise and Meats Dial 4713 Altoona Wisconsin YOHNK'S TAVERN An Injoyable Place To Spend An Evening Altoona Wisconsin Wines Liquors Beer " 4 C L U B A Friendly Place To Meet Altoona Wisconsin Compliments Of ALTOONA RESTUARANT RUTH JACOBSON Phone 2 1177 Altoona, Wisconsin , , . . Fine Wines - Liquors - Choice Beer . , . oo if 9 HAROLD F. ANDERSON, Ph R 219 S Barstow Street ANDERSON DRUG COMPANY Prescr1pt1on SpGC1a11StS Medical Supphes Cholce To1letr1es Drug Sundr1es Soda Gr1l1 Phone 3196 Eau Clan-e Wlsconsm C R STOCKS ELECTRIC CO Motor Repair Electr1cal Contractors L1ght1ng F1XtU.I'SS Bulck Chevrolet WOOD MOTOR COMPANY Oppos1te Post Off1ce Sales and Service Phone 3127 Eau Clalre Wisconsin S M SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Autornotlve Wholesale Electrlcal Eau Clalre W1s Mankato Mlnn Rochester Mmn 416 So Barstow St. Eau Cla1re WlSCOnSlH 417 So. Barstow St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Compllments Of AL CRONE Service Station 718 So Barstow St Eau Claire Wisconsin Compliments Of COOK ICE CREAM C0 Everything In Ice Cream Main and Barstow Compliments Of The House Of Good Clothes L U N D ' S Downtown Eau Claire Wisconsin CITIZENS LOAN CO. CashLoans Phone 6117 Eau Claire Wisconsin Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilubrication Compliments Of S T E V E N S O N ' S Eau Clalre, W1sconsin THE FASHION STORE Your Own H1 Teen Shop On The Second Floor Get Your Free Copy Of ' jabberwooky and IIVS Montly slanguage D1ct1onary Eau C1a1re WISCOHSIH SAMUELSON sHoE DEPT cJWoLF V1ta11ty and Queen Quallty Shoes for Women Red Goose Shoes for Ch11dren Fortune and Iorman Shoes for Men Eau C1a1re WISCOHSIH EAU CLAIRE SEED AND FEE D CO NELSON BROS Propmetors Feeds Seeds Fertlhzer Flour and Poultry Equlpment Cleghorn Wlsconsin Eau Clalre Wlsconsm g - ii . , . . Iohn C. Roberts - Winthrop 7 ! . . 7 . . , . . NATIONAL CLEANERS AND TAILORS Quality Drv Cleaning Dial 8936 307 Gibson St Compliments Of MELBY S BARBER SHOP 307GrandE HANSON S CAFE And DOWNY FLAKE DONUT SHOP Phone21l36 22 So Barstow Eau Claire Wis Compliments Of THE KARMELKERN SHOP Eau Claire Wisconsin 7 Eau Claire, Wisconsin 9 ' 7 , L, G L I D D E N S C A F E Hamburger on Toasted Buns Homemade Ch1le 427 Water Street Eau Claire WISCOHSIH Comphments Of MARTINSON S BARBER SHOP 225 West Mad1SOH St Eau Cla1re WISCOHSIH CHARLSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY A ,Complete Lme Of Btuldlng Mater1als Let Us Plan Your Improvements Kltchen Cablnets A Speclalty D1al 15144 97 W Machson St Eau Claire, Wisconsin FEHR CONCRETE PIPE WORKS INC Manufactures CONCRETE PIPE AND BUILDING BLOCKS 1103 Monomome St Telephone 8923 Eau Claire, Wisoonsin 9 S . , . . r J . . v . . . . . . . . . . . , C . . Compliments Of MATTISON IEWELER 203 N Barstow Eau Clalre, W1sc:ons1n REAL ESTATE SALES And REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE LOANS D1a135OO 211 North Barstow Street Eau Clalre, Wlsconsin Comphments Of OYAAS HARDWARE Phone 7934 Eau Clalre Wlsconsin HANSEN FURNITURE ARTHURJ PETERSON If You Don t Know Furmture Know Your Dealer 220 North Barstow Street Eau C1a1re Wlsconsm 218 N. Barstow Street ' , ' I n Compllments Of HUEBSCH LAUNDRY CO 101N Dewey Compliments Cf HANSEN CLOTHING CO ' ere You Lower the Cost of Dressmg Well' Eau Clalre W1scons1n SCRENSON S PHILLIPS '66"STATION CPh111 up with Phllllpsl Phone 6611 602 So Barstow Eau Clalre WISCOHSIH Compllments Of DEMMLER FLORAL 9 0 2 'Wh ' ' Q o o Y ! C . o s u 7 o A EROGERS COMPANY Dodge Plymouth Dodge "job Rated ' Trucks 'We ll Flx It Or Buy It Phone 4186 707 So Barstow CHURCHILL TIRE COMPANY Goodyear TITBS Zeruth Radios Recapplng Radlo Repairlng Oppos1te Post Offlce Compllments Of THE MAJESTIC COMPANY China Glassware Wall Paper And Paints D1al 4921 309 So Barstow St Eau Cla1re WISCONSIN Compllments Of LINPARK CLOTHES FRANK FOX Mgr 301 South Barstow Street Eau Clalre W1sconsm 7 4 i - 77 Vulcanizing - Appliances 3 3 7 I , . 1 Complnnents Of L E A T H ' S Furmshers Of Beautuiul Homes 401 3 So Barstow St EAU CLAIRE PRESS CO THE EAU CLAIRE LEADER Morning THE DAILY TELEGRAM Evenlng 215 S Barstow F L E M I N G B R O S Jewelers Flne D1amonds and Jewelery Slnce 1884 Eau Clalre W1SCODS1H Compliments Of CONRAD FUR CO. Eau Claire, Wisconsin D1al 9731 AANES STUDIO For Quallty Photographs 708 So Farwell Street Eau Clalre WISCOHSIH LEHMAN PRINTING CO "Formerly The Haag ress COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Le Us Take Care Of Your Printing Needs Eau Claire Wisconsin YELLOW CAB STATION Phone 6129 205 S Farewell Compliments Of EAU CLAIRE LINCOLN MERCURY CO And WISCONSIN GIL ETTE TIRE SALES CO Main and So Farwell Sts P I! 415 S. Farwell St. Telephone 8372 JOHNSON Sz HULEATT Clothers, Furmshers Shoe Fitters Two Stores Headquaters For Lord Taylor Clothes 416 Water St 501 Bellinger St HOREL GEORGE CO Eau Claire, Wisconsm ADAMS' DRUG STORE Prescriptions 502 Water St Phone 8331 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Compliments Of AL CARTWRIGHT Distributor of Schlitz Phone 5276 Compliments Of HOVLAND SHEET METAL WORKS Complete Heating Service Complete Sheet Metal Service Dial 2-1691 318-22 Ballinger St, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Compliments Of EAU CLAIRE MENOMONIE FEDERAL SAVINGS Sn LOAN ASSOCIATION 318 South Barstow St Eau Claire Wisconsin Have Your Laundry Done In 30 Minutes At The L A U N D E R E T T E Bring In Your Clothes Try Washing The New Way 318 North Farwell Between Madison And Wisconsin Phone 3665 259 Per Machine OK RUBBER WELDERS HAGEN AND WALLER Owners Passenger Trucks Tractor Tire Repairs Recaps New Used Dial 9110 Dial 450 418 420 Wisconsin Street 623 N Bridge Street Eau Claire Wisconsin Chippewa Falls Wisconsin 7 ! Specialists in Tire Service . , . . . , .

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