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"" 4. y,5'f.. ....,,.',:. .. ..--'I' . ' ' ', 1-.H ..: - ' -F4 ""- - 1 1 T. 17 .. ,. 1 . ' '- ' . A., -Q ., 1-. .dv , ,, , -R .--,-.fd ff, ,.:., ' - f l- H Wfijxlfi . . M...-, . 11... " f 'K , . Q i 1 in ' :fi .ray 1,5 -f,,. . ,j . .. 5 E 1.7 4, I 4 n ,-j , -4- . , 'A ' ,Qi-.s' l - V bw,-Q . f f 2155? g . N- I 'is n ,. ,i 5' ':vt . F. ' . ug- Q14 .1 A.. 4 ,.f R.,-.V . ,H . V ,Q 2 '1 -1 ,. . ' 3? 2 . 5 ' Wifi .a 75.1. " 'Rf ... 5' ' ,xl 1 Ja-2 fa A ' f -'W' I ,. f -1- .45 - I 2' '.s"7. ,- JW . , 3 IFR, . " . .. I Q.- JN Q ,IW 1 3 5.3 .A 3.3.1, . - V I . ' a n-f. 5.-.,.f:'fSg':'?f ' ". fav- 'N A ' 4 ' - fiat" .,.. . . . If' -- fi - ' '14 A - ' 1 1- sv ' . 3 - :'1-" 'Q' ff-- .55 :iii-Br' - ...f.,. 'iff 1 .ist-mug' W. FV 4- ' V 41. ' 1 , UI Q.. ,.V,. A KVI' "V I fy. E -9 v.,w TMI," fi. I.!,. 44. 4 w . 'Va 4' :-Vg., . NV, . .1 ,V , :-.1-V+I:V,- ,pi-Iv --1 'I ' ' ' , V. " . 57. L" . I. .-A ,E VI. .QF-II IVQL-fa, . 1 4 e ,- u V x V :.. , ,J ' ,, ,I VN. V x V 4, v -v. 1 7 Fit J .V-VngH.i,I?Jy,: V I FLA fav. -H551 . ' V:r,'-V.V: .VV.-1-I., . , -' -: gVf":e,V'?'94ffi,':"15f.!J"' V :ga.,3.KI.gE .YI I I , I IAIVIIQVV 1. . -qi .fl -.---Vf-E55V,i!s'.::- ' -V VV - 15'-' V"'fi'L +2 -nun' V f If-' 57 'VT .' . . ' .I .V'.'.,-, 13- I . '-'Ll ". VJ-4 ' . II,-Iiff 3 I -F5 'WV Vi .5 3. V, 'I -9- I 'yu 5, ,'51,2iLI..Vf II rj- II I 'V-VI ..lI4 I I II I, .. .L I., . IVV, r I! I .,!, , I. V I JT., in .., J , I'Iv.:,:IVV HV- V- . . Vp , V, .4 -V V QV. I.V.- -. L5--,ff WV I' f N- . -VI .-VV-I V f .I HI-: -2- ff. V1-' '- ' "1 . -f-,"'V :bf 'V .. 'fi 'ks- Ir V, -In A V . I I , I - ,' I: QV o., I . 4 I fr "' ' , V .7 ' ,T ' :lf N-' 'fwfr .. ,TH V b ' "'V"r.Qx??fg3? I ' ,I.1?F',-: '. .. , , if 'V . V-J, f T"'1-4: ..111..f , ' 9' "--Q. V Lg!-M, "?VV'eg7 If- 1 Tl. VV, ',- Eh" ':.,, . 21: .' -fi' fllw-uc' 5V 1 Vw ', - 4 5 .J-,i V V I.- V II. -V I V. .-VV V' .VV 'VPJIQVFX ,' ,. V V, ' -.' V- V- , v. 'n '.V J -' '- 'V , -, , V V .'rfAEm-.Q f H ,-. V 5V V III -. 5 I. I. xg I V fx. 121' M' 5 . -.Ei-'i!:e--'ELF .?-WV,-1.. V :g4if,h-41,5-1511, ' , 'H his . V ' - :'5gwVf9Q-.-41. .-ii. SJ, an-'21g.,'-'-fV:,V - , .I. I f . ,,I. -- If Ir IIII' I VII I VV .WWA WJIVII, : V V -'fw .V Fiswbh-.03-.F'Q.-xt: ,,- ,Vw-f Veg? -f" ' V .-Iv y..i.V.V-. , W, V ' 7 f 1 .-Qizx-,r ,V ' , V 'C' my--rg V . -V 1 V . ' --'V 1 ' V-un I ' ' 5. ,-I V' -- . A . ' ff ' 1.--,K . ' 'i"Yj' A 1'jV' ,,. ' '.+. ,As 'VSV' -1 E ' V' " IL'fI'l'.':'.:'f"f:f:g-f 1 E r,, V Q V 3 V ' ' ' 'f I 4, 3 I. .-fra' ' ' . :gg 3 . V I . 5, I. I V iz: - . Ly-M T2 " V ' lg3:1Q4i5f"VV V - , I IIIOIVJ. JY V K V . t 1 I V H , ,As I V V. I , V - ' V ,V I. V . "f5..fQ V? L':?Y'3i' -c ., , ' ' , ' 5 J ' . , - --V . V - V' ' ' ' V vii- . ":?IQE: Va f'f2V- :- 3 , li J., .9442 K .!'+x1s. 'gs X 1' an gk - I --1 D 'af'-ff ' 8: 'gwv 'lv . 7 Jw, S T . ,xi I I , .' .f S ' . y- . 1 t 4, 8 .. , . J,2,' . W, I ' . . ', ' , x"'R- ' x -. " XM K . "X" xi., ' . ix- ,Q x irmlnlstrntinn Superintendenf fr 1 Pte' W, A. VOSS, Superintendent of schools, received his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Fort Hays Kansas State College and his Master of Arts eiree from Colorado State College. His pastime is reading. His hobby, is students. Board of Education FIRST ROW-Herald Williams, Earl Poore, Vernon Kurtz SECOND ROW-Addie Williams, Anna Poore, Ida Kurtz FACULTY ROBERT BARNES is the vocational agriculture instructor. He attended the University of Colorado any received his Bachelor of Science de ree from Kansas State College. Hunting and fishing are his hobgies. W , if a . C Z ," L as - 'S ' 1 vf , ,. , ., ,. A k.f,:x 1M... -if 13-iii? Sf BETTY JEAN EDMONDS is the vocational homemaking teacher. She attended Kansas University and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State College. Her favorite pastime is reading and her hobby is sewing. Y-'5' 'Gl- u ky 'l ' Us .' ' ' 1 -K V 45.71 K ,, .Q fy. an - 21.-ff'fi5ff.f 5 gym .gui Q r f RM ' 1 9 1 . L V 'C if 5 2 EVERETT GOULDIE is a teacher of commerce and coaches all boys athletics. He received his Bachelor ofScience degree in Business Administration from Fort Hays Kansas State College. His hobby is any kind of sports. I src' I ,sv MARJORIE VOSS is a teacher of lugh and grade sclnol instru- mental and vocal music. She attended Kansas Wesleyan and Northwestern University and received her A. B. degree in Music and Education from Colorado State College. Her pastime is listening to music and her hobby is sewing. -29 ROBERT BENIGNUS is a teacher of mathematics, economics, and constitution. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State College. His hobby is hunting and fishing. x ai 5 I MARIE DEBEY isa teacher of English and takes careof the library. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Fort Hays Kansas State Colle e and has done additional study through ex- tension with Oklagnoma University and Iowa University. Her pastime is tatting and knitting. Her hobby is fishing. WG V. CARL STEVENS, teacher of the seventh and eighth grades, attended Fort Hays Kansas State College and Pittsburg Teachers Col- lege. His hobby is farming. .1 LUCY LEA BATES, teacher of the third and fourth grades, attended Kansas Wesleyan Universrty, York College and Fort Hays Kansas State College. Her hobby is collect- ingvcats. WALDON KURTZ, teacher of the fifth and sixth grades, received his A. B. degree from Marion College, and attended Ball State College and Colorado University. His hobby is music. ff' 'va MARY KURTZ, teacher of the first and second grades, received her A. B. degree from Marion College and attended Ball State College. Her hob y is crochetlng. S ! . Q Custodian af 'K - -f ff LEVI GUGE JOE KRAHL Cook r t '15 K, 6 :Ia 1ff?2' R '- - 2 1 '55 I " 1. . DL, N. gg' 'nga err I ,V , 4: is ma f ,.,v 'I AH. gn z N M A X b M1 'fu ugju 15 pk? ap ,, w V Q. N ., 3 LaVERNE COVERT LILLIE BILLINGS u the J' fam TRAINING PROGRAM Everett Yoxall, a Vocational Agriculture teacher, is the teacher of the "On the Farm Training" class. He is a graduate of Kansas State College at Manhatten. He as taught Vocational Agriculture at Alton, Woodston, and Osborne. .- i. , ,Lg ,A V Y xr it . Wm "' 4 52? J 1 1 I 1 5 ,M J -my: Aagmm 'Thu H-wwf..-.,...' DIBBLE, TERRY Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, Officer 4 FFA 2,4 Boys Chorus 1, 2, 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,4 CLASS OFFICERS President TERRY DIBBLE Vice -President WARREN NICHOLS Secretary-Treasurer FLORENCE PETHISON Student Council MADELINE STANFIELD :Ensor . BENIGNUS 3 .,,.. Q CARSWELL, GAYLE Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Baseball 2, 3 Hi-Y 3,4 Officer 1,2 FFA 2, 3, Officer 4 Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Boys Quartet 2, 3, 4 731 I Y , I' gi cox, MARJORIE Y-Teens 1, 3, Officer 2,4 FHA 1, Chapter Degree 2, FHA officer 3,4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,4 Triple-trio 2,4 Band 2, 3,4 STEPHENSON, IOHN Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 FFA 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 f-3 .. DIMOND, MARVIN Football 3,4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, Officer 3,4 FFA 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 2, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Band 2, 4 4? x LARUE, GWENDA Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, Officer 2, 3,4 FHA Chapter Degree 2 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Triple Trio 2, 3,4 Trio 1, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 3 Basketball 2, 4 PRATT, NORMAN Football 4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Hi-Y 2, 3,4 FFA 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4 Band 2, 3, 4 swANK, MAURICE Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 FFA 2, 3,4 Boys Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 as 'fre' 71:-b+a,,..,, COOLEY, SIBYL Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,4 FHA 1, 4, Chapter Degree State FHA Degree 3 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 4 2 M707 ouvadd ,Jw the ffffs 5.5 , . gf PETERSON, FLORENCE Y-Teens 2, Officer 1,3,4 FHA Chapter Degree 1, FHA State Degree 2, EHA Officer 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Triple Trio 4 Band 1,2,3,4 ' '33 Km NICHOLS, WARREN Football 4 Basketball 2 Student Colmcil 2, 3 Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, Officer 3,4 FFA 1,2,3, Officer 4 Band 1,2,3,4 5 SWANK, VERN Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 4 FFA 2, 3. 4 STANFIELD, MADELINE Y-Teens 2, 3, Officer 4 FHA 2, 4, Chapter Degree 3 Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4 Triple-trio 2, 3,4 Trio 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 4' Student council 4 Basketball 3,4 GUGE, BETTY Y-Teen 1, 3, Officer 2, 4 FHA 1, 3, 4 FHA Chapter Degree 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Cheerleader 4 Basketball 3, 4 W XR GRIMES, MERLIN Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 FFA 2, 3, Officer 4 Boys Chorus 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Boys Quartet 2, 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 iw? SMITH, GERALD Football 2, 3 Basketball 2,3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 FFA 2,3 Hi-Y 3 MAYFIELD, MARY Y-Teens 1,2,3, Officer 4 FHA Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Chapter Degree 2 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 Triple Trio 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 3 Basketball 3, 4 Most Talented Best Per MADELINE STANFIELD JUNIO sonalmes MERLIN GRLMES VERN 12 JSIRJTT K Best Looking GWENDA LaRUE GERALD SMITH Most Athletic GAYLE CARSWELL BETTY GUGE 1 V' X 'iii ' 5 ,mZ, N Lmm' 25 5 Q 3 ' . E IK: ,wa I 5 xg f Vg 7, .V H R ,E '51 Q X S M5 X , 'I A Rag Most Intelligent -. ' , I FLORENCE MARIE PETERSON WARREN NICHOLS 'lwwa , -we W. , 'Aim ,W '- - Q . -af-.W ' x F1 f, Q- :if ' ' i M' ' u wr n 5-42,253 Y IA CKIE Vt , R E X Pr ' ' E S J' Q 'S' S15 lifes' Hair MARVINCCLOLEI, I X" six ' f' W Q' fn 'vw 'N 1 IMOND Qflasis iilisiurg We, the Seniors of Alton l-ligh School, wish to leave a memory of our past with the under- classmen. We have spent four short years in high school. Into these years we have crowded many helpful and happy experiences. We are now leaving, our dear high school days to go into the world to continue our education or to work, hoping to e successful citizens of America. On September 6, 1948, we entered Alton High School as freshmen. We came from country schools and the grade school. During our freshman year our class officers were: Gerald Smith, presidentg Jay Oliva, vice-president: Florence Marie Peterson, secretary-neasurerg and Mr. Oliver Roberts was our sponsor. Later in the term we were happy to welcome Junior Pratt to our class. During the term we lost one member, Eugene Watson. The following fall, when school opened, we were happy to add to our class David Brecken- ridge from Woodston, Marvin Dimond from Gaylord, and an old classmate, Madeline Stanfield, who had been going to school in Pasadena, California. It was during that year that we lost Jay Oliva, a very dear classmate, in an auto accident. Our president or the sophomore year was Warren Nichols and Mr. Gouldie was our sponsor. Then came the junior year, which brought many interesting and exciting adventures. Our sponsors were Mr. Jansen and Mr. B8l'1iilgllS: for class president we chose Marjorie Smith. That year we were happy to have Ellen Hins w as a member of our class, but we were sorry to lose David Breckenri ge. Our most exciting event of the year was the Junior-Senior Banquet. We put a great deal-of hard work on the banquet, but it was a most enjoyable occasion of that year. We want to especially thank all of those who helped with it. Another exciting event that took place durin that year was the junior play. The name of our play was "Half Past Teen". We want to thani all who helped with it. Now, as we are seniors, we think back over the last three years of our life and high school career. We have, no doubt, had hard knocks and bumps, but we enjoyed each year as we will never enjoy any future years. We chose Terry Dibble as our president and Mr. Benignus a ain as our sponsor. We wish to thank him for the help he gave us with our play. Also all of the work he did in planning all of our graduation activities. This year we had the misfortune to lose Imogene Deichen, Ellen Hinshaw, and Marjorie Smith. This beincg our senior and last year we have had the most enjoyable year of all. We wanted an annual an we have one. We worked and slaved, but we were happy, for we did it willingly. We chose for our senior play, "If Mother Only Knew", an event to which we had long looked forward to. We must and want to say that we would not and could not have attained this great height, if it had not been for the wonderful parents, teachers, and superintendent along the way who have encouraged us and helped us with untiring strength. Historians , Betty Gu ge Gwenda LaRue IE uifii xi! QR 9 tm n if A1 Qylass will WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1952, considering! ourselves thoroughly drilled in English, Mathematics, and History, knowing that we are t e liveliest and possibly the sweetest class ever to leave our beloved and beautiful school, wish to leave our last will and testament to be executed in the order that follows: ITBvl I ---- To our superintendent, Mr. Voss, for his helpful understanding, we leave our gratitude. ITEM II ---- To our coach, Mr. Gouldie, we leave our ability to play basketball. ITBvl III--- To our sponsor, Mr. Benignus, we leave a memory of our good behavior, during our senior sneak. ITBvi IV---To Miss DeBey we leave a new car, in hopes she will quit skidding around corners. ITEM V ---- To Mrs. Voss we leave our ability to play the piano. ITEM VI---To Mr. Barnes we will our ability to crack a Joke and keep a straight face. ITEM VII-- To Miss Edmonds we leave the junior boys to become a good homemaking class. ITEM VIII--To the junior class we will our shorthand books and American history books in hopes that they will get more from them than we did. ITEM IX---To the sophomore class we will our good looks for those who wish to choose. ITEM X ---- To the freshmen we will our ability to be a good class through all four years of school. ITEM XI--- To all the students we will our good manners and willingness tostudy throughout their high school years. The following individuals wish to will certain prize possessions to those who they feel will use them properly: I, Merlin Gale Grimes, will my ability to get along with the girls to Gary Eller. I, Sibyl Marie Cooley, will my ability to play basketball to Charlene Dugan. I, Jackie Stephenson, will my weight to Bob Reeves. I, Florence Marie Peterson, will Codel Carroll to Treva Westfall. I, Robert Gayle Carswell, will my crewcut to Lova Mae Hulse. I, Marjorie Cox, will my attendance at school to Patsy Hunter. I, Madeline June Stanfield, will my Osborne boyfriend to Elma Nadine Gregory. I, Betty Dorothea Guge, will my chance to go to Salina every week-end to Deloris Pratt I, Gwenda Rae LaRue, will my ability to skate to Velma Mae Wilkenson. I, Mary Alene Mayfield, will my light complexion to Nelva Wallace. I, Gerald Lee Smith, will my Osborne girlfriend to Duane Snyder. I, Warren Nichols, will my good looks to Gary Wykoff. I, Marvin LaVerne Dimond, will my height to Carlie Stevens. I, Vern Swank, will my shortness to Ralph Vohs. I, Junior Pratt will my red hair to Naomi Holling. I, Maurice Swank, will my American history grades to Donald Wallace. I, Terry Jerome Dibble, will my ability to play hookey to Lee Barnt. IN 'WITNBS WHEREOF, we the class of 1952 of the Alton High School, have hereunto sub- scribed our names this 23rd day of January, 1952. The Senior Class of 1952 4 ,Lau ' r figs! M7 .r3..g,41s.,,.t 'HMM-W ' 11,1-A---Zami-79 MMM Q-Sf MMM f I H V .. f -1 fs is Q Q ng ..a is, , -. 1 ' E' -s SE IOR S Tl TICS NAME LaRue, Gwenda Mayfield, Mary Cox, Marjorie Guge. Betty Stanfield, Madeline Cooley, Sibyl Peterson. Florence Carswell, Gayle Dibble, Terry Grimes, Merlin Swank, Vem Swank, Maurice Dimond, Marvin Smith. Gerald Pratt, Junior Nichols, Warren Stephenson, Iackie ALIAS Gwen Buzz Marj A. B. Mat Sib Flo Tiny Lightning Mert Jeff Mutt Marv Smitty Red Half-a -dime Jack HE IS SHE IS Engaged Always late Enga ged Engaged Witty Always laughing Brilliant A card Tall Lover boy Short Cowboy Always late Lazy Witty Smart Big CHIEF ATTRACTION Swea ters Pugnose Eyelashes Brown eyes Sweaters Brown eyes Being so small Black hair Jokes Ears His smile Wavy hair Being tall Freckles Red hair Long curly eyelashes La ugh WANTS TO BE Professional skater Airline hostess Housewife Housewife Bea utician Bea uticia n Homemak ing teacher Farmer Psy choana lyst Coa ch Farmer Naval Of f iEer Doctor Farmer Undecided Veterinary Farmer 5--r as 44 9 4 N ,C Q SE IOR STATI FAVORITE SONG C17 Shrimp Boat Because of You Charmaine I Apologize Undecided Slow Poke Down Yonder Sin Slow Poke Slow Poke Sound Off Truly Fair Down Yonder Slow Poke WHAT HE LIKES WHAT SHE LIKES Max Going steady Earl Being engaged D. B. P Writing letters Nice clothes Maurita Girls Nelva Cowboy boots Football Skipping school Janet Certain things Loveliest Night Nothing of the Year Sin Candy FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh shoot! My gosh! Blame it! Guy or Gal? My aching back! Gee whiz I Bang! Gosh daml Hi honeyl Dad blast it! I don't know! Gosh it's hot in here! Ah shucks I Ioopersl Gee whiz! My gosh I G osh l USUALLY FOUND With Max With Emery At home With Bob Ward's Cafe Ward's Cafe Studying In his ford Rtmning around In mischief In bed Doing nothing Loafing With Janet Fooling around Driving around Soda fountain saw? 1 gg V 'X V V , iff ivy-RH V, . ,, ,, , , Neff?" 1: f f - TICS FAVORITE PASTIME Skating Sleeping in class Painting Salina Osborne Osborne Sewing Luray Listening to records Eating and sleeping Doing nothing Reading Girls Osborne Deciding what to do Running around Eating .1 wtf ff' N? A -7 6' rg -I Q .fa . -5 , M 1 1 W I C . hh- .lt 'fi n' "PY ' s "-C? , 'G-4 fe. 1, -5 I 1 Q Tj i 5 fs "' I-. " .1. 54,27 a:--V Es.. fyiv- if T323 .J l '-x F xt A A . g i A :Q-. glass Bprngpnlhsrg It is customary for the class prophet to consult someone who can unveil the future and fore- tell the destiny of each member o the senior class. First of all we seek the Muses. We beg each, but all in vain. Not a sound is heard, save the steam hissin from the radiator: surely that cannot be an answer to our imprecations. Suddenly one of them spogke. "What's that?", we cried eagerly. She was gone, but we remembered one word, "Summus". That was the guy we had been wantinig to consult all the time. We fell asleep, as usual, in American History class and made our irst call on old man Summus. Upon arriving at his kingdom, we stated our business briefly. He introduced us to his son, Morpheus. He stepped to one side and motioned us to follow. We noticed as we went out that Morpheus picked up a kind of hom. As we walked, Qfor we were gloing out into a beautiful dgardenj, he turned the horn directly toward us. From the vapor whic issued therefrom many ings began to take place. The vapor seemed to curl in a peculiar manner until we made out these words: 1952 Alton High School Graduates in the year 1975. Imagine our surprise when we saw a man whom we should know, why he's a United States Senator from Kansas. Coming closer we saw he was none other than Junior Pratt who is now compaigning for his long awaited dream of becoming president of the United States, although he has not announced the party with which he will run. We were also surprised to find Sibyl Cooley as his very efficient secretary and she said that when Junior became president, she would be first lady of the land. At this jimcture the scene suddenly changed, and we found ourselves in New York as the N. B. C. television studio, where a pretty TV sin er ap ears, who we find is Madeline Stanfield. She is married to her fourth husband. She toldg us of, Terry Dibble, a noted author and critic, who is in England at the present time. The vapor seems to envelope us completely and different places whisk by us in rapid succession and we're able to see only a part of them. We find ourselves in Cambridge, Mass- achusetts before Harvard University when a dignified professor of history came down the steps. He was none other than Gerald Smith, who had married a former Osborne girl. He said at the last census taken, he had six sons and two daughters. The scene then changes and we see a big theater with Bates in the limelight and who should it be but Mrs. Max Bates, the former Gwenda LaRue, who is running a roller skating follies with her twelve children as stars. The scene changgd again and we found ourselved ina little town in eastem Kansas by the name of Miltonvale. hen we cross the street, a streetcar hit us and they rusedh us to a doctor. When we came to, we found the doctor to be none other than our old classmate, Marvin Dimond. Marvin took us home to dinner, where we met his charming wife, who teaches in the college there. He told us of another classmate, Mrs. Betty Couse, who hves in Salina with her five girls and one boy. We, then, saw Gayle Carsvvell, owner of the largest Angus ranch in Osborne County. He is happily married and has a large family. Then we saw Vern Swank, Pastor of the Bloomington Community Church, having married the former Dixie Williams. Movin a few miles west, we saw Jackie Stephenson, still single and farming in partnership with his fatlgrer. He told us of Marjorie Bales, formerly, Marjorie Cox, who with her husband and family of two are farming south of Alton. Morpheus suggested that I, Florence Marie, watch closely for next was to be my fortune. After a few years of study, I saw myself in Woodston, and old maid English teacher, who loved cats. Morpheus suggested that I, Warren, watch very closely for next was my fortune. Isaw myself a grizzly o d sheepherder in'the Rocky Mountains, herding my sheep with my faithful dog, Lassie. The vapor thickened and then vanished and we saw a beautiful Colorado Hereford ranch were Mary and Emery lived with their six children. The vapor then took us to a night club in Los Angeles, where we found the owners to be Merlin and Nelva Grimes and their t ee children. They told us thet Maurice Swank was the commander of the Wave base in San Diego. Then the vapor began to vanish and we thought we could hear the beating of a drum. We realized, suddenly, that it was not a drum at all, but our heads and Mr. Voss was rapping us vigirously and protesting against anyone going to sleep in his class. Feeling rather abashed at what had just been reveale to us. The remainder has merely been an everyday occurence such as writing the prophecy, with that, classmates, we beg to leave each of you to your fate and may that fate be kind to you. The Prophets, Florence Marie Peterson ' Warren Nichols A ...JJ it ' QQ lib.. a t X C' IC- Y Q es .,... ...Q ll' -' !"'J5. 1- V fit J , ii Q 3 'Mgt : k'-1 Q4 g,w Q' 1-Sz. ?Iff!w1fAa0,4uM2f X5 yas. ' f- P44 'G-lk fl? A n .i Q, PG n 'N 1 I i 3? I Q X 'LX i ss sw vi' I if gvi dm! E 1 Wim W0 1: -X., ,Q 1. an N 1 ,E A .,,,... , A .,..mvmMfMm,: -tow-wa ' 1 4.0 o-4'-ni 'mx ,rf f it J - MMM ,s wi? glass Eplullelllll 'Today decides tomorrow' , ls for the class of "52". Our flower is the yellow rose Our colors are gold and blue. Terry is president of our class And quite a talented fellow. Sibyl is plump and blond, Her hair is shining yellow. Gayle is a jolly chap Who really likes to slng. Gwenda is a lively lass She wears a diamond ring. Merlin is a dashing fellow Basketball is just his style. Vern is small and happy He always wears a smile. Jackie ls a great blg lad Footbal1's his prize sport. Marvin ls dark and handsome The girls he loves to court. Maurice always has an answer ln history, he's a whiz. Madeline is a brown-eyed gal But, Ohl how onery she is. Gerald never studies much He says, "Oh, what's the use? Mary was our football queen Studying is only her excuse. x, Q Florence is really studious Music is her great delight. Marjorie is an oil artist And poetry, she likes to write Junior is our red-haired boy He loves mischief of any kind A nicer guy than Warren It would be hard to find. Betty is a quiet maid Her task she might shirk. Beniignus is our sponsor He oes all the work, Now you've met the seniors And know just how we rate. In spite of all our blunders We still hope to graduate. A ga 1? s IF MTH ER LY K EW THE SENIOR CLASS of the ALTON HIGH SCHOOL Presents Janet Maxwell. .... . . . Aunt MaYY........ Cormie ............... Betty Lou Maxwell ..... Bernadine ........... . Wilbur Maxwell .... Hercules Nelson ..... Mr. Iohn Maxwell. . . . . Glad Gooch Charles 'Brains' Burke.... . Dr. Ieffry Gooch. .... . . . Badge Burns. . .... . . . . . Policeman. . . . . . . Policeman. . . . . no oaoooooousasn Sponsor: Mr. Benignus fi sl? ,Q uf V 1 1 w I 1 ...J ! an H, . Florence Peterson , Marjorie Cox Gwenda LaRue Mary Mayfield . . . Betty Guge 5, ,Warren Nichols . . Terry Dibble . .Gayle Carswell . . :Madeline Stanfield . . . Maurice Swank . . . . . Junior Pratt , . . . Sibyl Cooley . . . . . Gerald Smith .. . Marvin Dlmond mf .il +-W: qi! ff' QQ ,ai ,311 4496 ali! iff 1,1 Judi Upyla .416 playa 331, 1:71 D01 Q 0411 41:49 if-1 Canal 'Ilia pang C01 wig fn uv 1- 'K - . D' ...O La YI - X If .sg U I -r' VL. 'Ah 'L . : "Cf, .1 V' 35 ' ' qi lv R. . v ROBERT REEV ES . .1 7 ,R ,af ,E . v DELORIS PRATT - ' 10 ' .0 ...L ' i ' X -.Q I 1 NX RALPH vous 'F' 'Y ' , A? feb ' Eumimmrfg ?i- .I i' i r DONNA MILLER 'zip' .QI 1, --v ...J .Ao DUAN E SN YDER ',,f3 -.X ,gm , n V . K A TREVA WESTFALL ,Q f . A 1? is XY ' x I X LEE BARNT rg 5- IOANN COX Q fy xx... j DARRELL CRUSHA 72 Q my y s '1Sl quo- ELVIN DUER WILDA STOCKBRIDGE DONALD WALLACE of the S.. L , Pre sents THE JUNIOR CLASS ALTON HIGH SCHOOL Q rv r ,L Fl DER REEPER xrnf V 9 L wubm Maxwell .... ..... ' .... Hercules Nelson .... .,..... Celeste Nelson ..... .... . Nina Qui ley ..... . Frankie Ifelson. . . . . AuntMary....... .. Uncle Bob.. .., GTHHHY. . . . . . Mr. Quigley..... .. Dr. Brown .... . ..... Madeline Quig1eY.... Harry Schuste.r..... Daphne ...... ... Claude.................. ....... Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs, . . . . Duane Snyder , Darrell Crusha Zwilda Stockbridge . . . Lova Mae Hulse . . . . . Deloris Pratt , , ,Treva Westfall ...... Elvin Duer . . . . . Joanne Cox . . Donald Wallace . . . .... Lee Barnt , , , Patsy Hunter ,, ,, ,, Bob Reeves . . . . Donna Miller ........Ra1ph Vohs Voss 3' 2 ' 'L . KI' pm V NIOR ACT I IES: i A WTS i Q 'Q Q43 1 4 f, E ,, ! . , Q 4 -I : 1 5' in .9291 is .5 ..,,,, If , 2' , 4 ' ,V QL: -3' C nl in ,JL K. .DK Q! V' A 5 as ,, F? 3' l 1 NJ M, W' Q? 1 - ""'4'F 11355 7 3. . was ww it, +5 'X M Y. M diff f?,wi A Q.-af-ll'- ,x4,gy9f , I if ' ' .Q yn is -- ' Ugg A 'W ' T if A 3 fy 5 1? A I E Q ,fi A L fg- rgyl A 3' 1 'A' - A Y 211 N, 4' . in 1 A 3, . . if lsr, M. M If wg kv ,M ff an- A , - -- A N A .A in sw . MQ .2 X yah W 'E' ,mr A A Smphmmwnbw 'Q 5' EG. -Q f'- vi 4' -,-s 1 ,ttf 6, , x-jl ' MARY IO PETERSON NAOMI HOLLING ...A a ,--,E Q ,A "" Y"! li-:AJ x, ,Q . i JU -s sa 1 6? V DOUGLAS HOLLOWAY MARGARET DUGAN ROBERT HOLLOWAY f -A-5 Qc-5 ' ,,,...' 4 -R Nay. -- New ffqllsffb T' 'E' YT'T,-7 VELMA MAE WILKENSON KENNETH HACKEROTT BARBARA NORRIS , ,.,, ,,1.4wX:d.,pq -K, -- y,,,4,,L-- 3 , 5 5- 'uv mw' :W l 5 as-vi' 'uf K ,f. v ww f F " .. . Q ...Q L ?, ,,L E ,wp Q- wps- f 5 Img 11 m haw 4 ,,- x-'sxuwl IWW S Z iiffwhmmn 1 . 'Te 1 QI .Q 75 'Z :A QI if Alf, , ,... 'll sr 5 I x I 1 0 D f I A v E a A I Q MAVIS BLAGRAVE BENNY BRENT NELVA WALLACE BILLY HECHT A f , ,D ca c A 4' "' , f. 1' " . Q.. ' ,J ' I ,J rv' 'N --If ,--1' X 5 4 ,se . '5 --A' A ff 11 , I I ' ju. . J ' X 'L 3 'i " All ,I ' I Y- F UI. w In ' 'K. X Vi- f GARY ELLER MYRNA SWANK PAUL KURTZ MARILYN STEPHENSON P 1' -Q fr K2 'fu-P J am, Q g .La .ix f'v- ':,. 1, Q 1 ,J I ' 'MAX' K , 'Q ' ' M DIXIE WILLIAMS GARY WYKOEF VERNETA DIBBLE IIMMY BURCH .1 'L rv .Q uf: fa' ,f Q Q 5 J I JI X Xvfgv .,-r -1' H -L. 177' ' " J 'Q ..-, ' r 1 I WQ 5 'Q QL, A Is A . f, .fk ' 1 1 L .i ,.,, . T .k,N i ' 0 3 . , ,. 1 ltr' I 'A . i - I X- .. . . f ', CARLIE STEVENS CHARLENE DUGAN FRED NICHOLS ELMA GREGORY TERRY CRUSHA 'iifl-'ia - an 4ua6Sm, 'X W if J 'mm W,--I IC12 S g f M . ' -9, r r 9 S L f L O ICN: I , ' ' 3 EL li' D Sm1th L Rrtchre D Holloway A Peterson D Bartholomew L Wrllrams E Smrth Mrs Kurtz SECOND ROW M McCower L Rrtclue L Stephen A Kerswetter C Drbble L Hoffacker C Brent R Bleam -'N 5 I 1- kr T CII! U F hhfh' FIRST ROW - E. Stroup, R. Boland, I. Gregory, C. Barnt, R. Boland, M. Mardock. SECOND ROW - Miss Bates, E. Hulse, J. Stephenson, R. Moore, G. Moore, G. Bates E. Smith, R. Blagrave. FIRST ROW - R. Stevens, R. Brent, D. Stroup, D. Delaney, M. Dibble, L. Stephen, F. Smith, M. Kin , R. Bleam, D. Cox, J.C. Spiess, Mr. Kurtz. SECOND ROW -1.53. Boland, C. Williams, F. Blagrave, K. McDanie1d, G. Macha, R. Poore, K. Earl, H. Deichen, E. Cooley, D. Lamm. 78: ts , f i Tliii FIRST ROW - B. Cox, A. Stanfield, N. Holloway, L. Stephen, G. Vohs, M. Norris, B Vohs, H. Blagrave, A. Stanfield, C. King, D. Pratt. SECOND ROW - D. Paynter, L. Brent, C. Cox, W. Brent, L. Mardock, D. Dibble, B Williams. J. Reeves, J. Hackerott, Mr. Stevens. Jig, Ni 1 ,ff 1 yu fr , 'Xi - , 5 'A' C' -qi 'W' h . gi- f ri ' M aff 1 i 1 dr ' X N, 'E W x if f 1-.. ,E A ' 'Q 4 f bA25,' Z 1 g'A fb ' . ff W A 'G Q ,L f, x P C "x Q Q 5 . A gfgfili " 'M - Q. W 2 ,. N .,, . .. . '-'li ,.. f . - 1, A A Y 5 . gg get JM , ' if - - iff. ff 'L xg X 1 .1 f 'Q fi! 2' -....... v---C. fl ',..,4 1 Grade Basketball Teams no ff '7 rw Ur. ,. lx X I 'B-.....,l 3 A FRONT ROW - R. Brent, R. Poore, C. Williams, D. Lamm. SECOND ROW - Mr. Kurtz, J. D. Smith, K. Earl, E. Cooley, D. Cox, R. Stevens, Mr. Stevens. BACK ROW - D. Stroup, J. Reeves, G. Macha, D. Pratt, B. Williams, C. Cox, D. Dibble, L. Mardock, W. Brent, L. Brent, J. Hackerott, B. Cox, D. Paynter, J. D. Boland. FIRST ROW - Miss Bates N. Holloway B. Vohs K. Bates 1 M. Norris if A. Stanfield SECOND ROW - D. Delaney H. Blagrave A. Stanfield M. Dibble F. Smith ,,.4 K Yi 'ua L HQ M my fs. Tv My . ,w. V5 1 vi 1 1 , H N . -g.q.4.,n-v v- ,. gf' , H, f 5, ' mime 'A uQLE1m ffitnnillbwamlll Qing Rv 'fi I-I a- ' -3 5. ,K 1 , 'iff N I k',X 'Nw 'Wx A 1 if ATT ENDANTS A .. S f ,L I X X Qin!! kay 44. S+ . .' 0 5? ' ff y I fi' Q K l L.-dw, eg fe.. ' 41' ' -li' H-'Y' .YQ .5 V K 'Y' Y AL: , A UNI ffnnilblnll gleam V3-PQ '1 'fm aa- FIRST ROW - M. Swank, M. Dirnond, J. Stephenson, G. Carswell, M. Grimes, T Dibble. SECOND ROW - Coach Gouldie, P. Kurtz, G. Eller, B. Holloway. J. Burch, D. Crusha D. Holloway, Mr. Voss. THIRD ROW - N. Pratt, T. Crusha, R. Vohs, E. Duer, W. Nichols, B. Hecht. af' - . , at '-4 mf' f , , 1 ' , P Basketball Team Q5 C3 ax 0 'Y FIRST ROW - V. Swank, B. Hecht, T. Crusha, N. Pratt. SECOND ROW - Mr. Gouldie, P. Kurtz, G. Wykoff, D. Snyder, B. Holloway, Mr. Voss. THIRD ROW - F. Nichols, M. Grimes, D. Holloway, G. Carswell, M. Dimond, R. Vohs, G. Smith, T. Dibble, M. Swank, J. Burch, G. Eller, D. Crusha. Squad . 1-1 D. Snyder, B. Holloway, M. Grimes, G. Carswell, M. Dimond, R. Vohs, G. Smith, T. Dibble, M. Swank, D. Holloway, D. Crusha, V. Swank, Coach Gouldie, front. F ,ers 55 94 C -'Warm' '16, BB Us S I N Girls Basketball,Team I -if ,. . 6 Q i fn . L, , . A Q -a Nl V' A -I if, N CL.: ff ' P ' X .' 1 Q f. 1 A X ul ' X ' 4 4 ,.' Q 3- x. is 66 FRONT ROW - B. Guge, C. Dugan, S. Cooley, M. Peterson, M. Swank, Mr. Voss. BACK ROW - D. Pratt, D. Miller, M. Stanfield, N. Wallace, V. Wilkenson, G. LaRue, M. Stephenson, I. Cox, N. Holling, V. Dibble, M, Mayfield, E. Gregory, M. Dugan. Squad Margaret Dugan, Donna Miller, Betty Guge, Deloris Pratt, Madeline Stanfield Gwenda LaRue, Mary May ield, Charlene Dugan Q- Wg, M W: 1 - ,v , g - Mmmmgfrg .1 M, . , ,w.M,W, .,., Q 9 "fire ifflfffi ? '- " 'if 'M N -- -"' - - A V. mwffl- iff' .. ,rr ,rc-we-:wg .ww . 9 QV my . 5 .4 E n S Q .. ..,.. 1 .1 , V as , X if ' S7 nnnl rrey y rere 1 4 5 ee yd V r f L: ,:-, ' ,. f I- 1 5 1 in g , ' il lffiv V 4. ' I 5 5 ' 1 ..i 'fi ir Q f -f or For is d h swf ' ' 'Wi1da Stockbridge, Mary Io Peterson, Betty Guge, Madeline Stanfield. , A l , M N M A 4 , 5 I t ' f xx A A I ' y O yi 301,211 gr L Y? L y ir W U Z d' Of E - 1 1 -' , 1 ' 1 , , iw- OO 5. 2 - 1- QM 1 v ml 'V E Q. Q, 1: Q68 id' .A xr Q. ' 4 A z M 1 LWSE 1- ef Q, 1 N Q R .. gfi r -04J"'li?'f. WZ x,' " 4 , - - if - or f d . "r X ev f .N 5 1 3 'F gf 4: ee X - he W FRONT ROW - Ada Stanfield, Norma Jean Holloway, Adel Stanfield, Diana Holloway. SECOND ROW - Marjorie Cox, Gwenda LaRue, Mary Mayfield. 'A'-"'wv.,,M f - AQEM U95 GQILUQEZQGLEQL ew!-' dr '-3 is PAUL KRUTZ 'lv' MERLIN GRIMES BOB HOLLOWAY GAYLE CARSWELL x M 9' ' .43 Madeline Stanfield Donna Miller Gwenda LaRue Tri le Trio F. Peterson, B. Norris, G. LaRue, M. Cox, D. Pratt, M. Mayfield M. Stanfield, D. Miller, M. Peterson, Mrs. Voss Boys Glee Club PSG--, , Q ,ll I I 1 fiffh FIRST ROW - T. Crusha, B. Hecht. B. Holloway. D. Wallace. N. Pratt. SECOND ROW - L. Barnr, G. Eller. D. Crusha, D. Holloway, M. Grimes, P. Kurtz. W. Nichols, Mrs. Voss. THIRD ROW - B. Brent, J. Burch. J. Stephenson, M. Swank. M. Dimond, R. Vohs, T. Dibble, G. Carswell. GiI'IS Glee ,,,,. H an A K 1 I V Q. , 3 . ' in : fi ' I 1 Y 1 i f I - L E A Y ' 2 R 4 5 P , fi.- x - E s-xr Pi Q J' . DO Don CVS ' R. .4 el , xr ' K. A Q Q I , 'J ' ' Ax I3 .QE Q' fi ' Y 5 A 0 fi v ' 3' pf -I 1 i FIRST ROW - F. Peterson, B. Gu e, D. Miller, V. Dibble. M. Cox. P. Hunter, M. F Mayfield. G. LaRue, M. Stanfiel , N. Wallace, M. Dugan. T. Westfall, L. Deichen, C. Dugan, Mrs. Voss. SECOND ROW -M. Swank. S. Cooley. 1. Deichen, M. Wilk nson, M. Stephenson, W. Stockbridge. N. Blalqlrlve. E. Gregory, B. Norris, V. e Ho ' g, J. Cox, D. Pratt, M. Peterson. 3 , Qghnntrw 5 0 bl-'K W, 'z , W A t , A-A 'J . 3" C H FIRST ROW - F. Peterson, B. Gu e, D. Miller, V. Dibble, M. Cox, P. Hunter, M Mayfield, G. LaRue, M. Stanfielrg, N. Wallace, M. Dugan. T. Westfall. L. Deichen C. Dugan, Mrs. Voss. SECOND ROW -M. Swank, S. Colley, I. Deichen, M Blaqrgve, E. Gregory, B. Norris, V. Wilkenson, M. Stephenson, W. Stockbridge. N H01 ' g, J. Cox, D. Pratt, M. Peterson. THIRD ROW - B. Hecht, T. Crusha, D Wallace, L. Barnt, I. Burch. J. Stephenson, M. Swank, M. Dimond. R. Vohs, T Dibble. G. Carswell. W. Nichols, D. Crusha, N. Pratt. FOURTH ROW - P. Kurtz G. Eller, B. Brent, D. Holloway. M. Griems, R. Holloway. FQ ff-J Emo T 'YT A ' I 1 ' S 5 . 2' j 2 --Y - . I - R 5 g Y' - A f Q I ,p-. . ... - pf., f ff: . v. . 4 W' 8,k,, Wig... ,. Y . 2 "-, N Q M' 1 Q! 3 . 1 ' M 4 J A g I U 1, If 3, f' ps " .1 A h i ,P Ahoy.-. 1 ' Q QQ!!-Q Wk "Na+ , . 'iilw . T Q x Q M " Q .. , it 1- 'MQ 1 4? A ' Xxx A' 'fi A' fxv -H' "I fmk " f F ., . .f K J 1 - ."" ' Y.. . . T .rf . .v .xy , w. K . ,M . N ' V . he ' 'y F -W H . - B :.1f':l F T H QI B M on 2 - 1 ' - I LF . 'JJ , 1 4514? ' F H' FIRST ROW - M. Stantield, L. Brent, T. Westfall. D. Delaney, A. Stanield. B. Brent.. W. Stockbridge, M. Grimes. SECOND ROW - Ada Stanfield, N. Holling. E. Duer, J. Burch, E. Gregory. N. Wallace. P. Kurtz, I. D. Boland, W. Brent. B. Guge, D. Pratt. THIRD ROW - M. Norris, B. Norris, C. Dugan, V. Wilkenson, G. Eller, F. Peterson, M. Stephenson, M. Dugan, R. Poore. K. Earl, R. Stevens. FOURTH ROW N. Pratt. J. Cox, V. Dibble. Mrs. Voss, M. Peterson, S. Cooley, M. Dimond. W. Nichols. iff? r S. 4:,, S 5 4 5 in K A Xi W is ,N 36 ,, id? ,Q YM Z VM 3 2 55? X x vw X. M Q L 5 YQ ggi X qi 6 ,Qi M LE W Q J ww., - . A ,..,?3,,. .Q.Q.N .K . fb E., ,x, 'G is fr M L , X 'rw unsung' Mn li H. 5 ff ,afgmx A, , 5 -fafsxh ,Milf dm ' Q I .M . I-ur 's J-fa 4. , s 1 sy" X -w V' Q liliriitw .a 'M i """'1 l ,, ' 2 X ii SEPTEMBER School starts. Three new teachers and a lot of new Freshmen. FFA and FHA hold meetings. Look at Lova Mae's new sparkler. 4-Hmeetin tonight. I hear thereis an election coming up soon. Methodist Ciiurch sup r for the teachers. More food consumed. Hi-Y boys have their gist meeting. Say don't the Freshmen look cute? The E. U. B. Church entertains the teachers. Say Coach weren't you hungry? Y. W. C. A. sponsors reception for the teachers. District FHA meeting at Smith Center. JoAnn and Marvin, Warren and Naomi seen walking no school together. FHA throws a party--cabinet members only. Band members go to bed early. Band went no Hutchinson no the fair ---- marched miles and miles ---- no sleep--3 A. M. to 3 A. M. --good time was had by all. Madeline and Merlin, Mar aret and Marvin, Benny and Kay were seen at the fair. Terry Diible comes home from the fair with the mumps. Sleepy kids ---- grouchy teachers ---- let's go home and sleep. Boys are all jittery ---- day before their irst football game. Dayarrives ---- football game ---- Hunter here. We won! 14 - 0. FHA party- f- -we initiated the freshmen. Merlin is up to his old tricks ---- wi nking at Marilyn. Mrs. Voss has piano recital ---- lots of music! l I Football game---Q-Natoma here. Ouch! Score 0 - 33. Don and Merlin fined for speeding. How does it feel to be on trial? OCTOBEI Faculty meeting ---- wonder what's cooking? FFA Leadership school at Beloit. FHA and FFA meet--nothing much goin on--Carlie and Terry can't seem to realize that they are in M51 school. 4-H meeting tonight. New officers were elected. gs... . -1 X . ,ips , Alton and Morland tie exciting football game. Score 6 - 6. Game at Morland. Miss Edmonds and FHA girls went to Ellsworth to attend the District FHA meeting. ' Grade school has vacation--teacher's conference at Osborne---- high school keeps working. Oh, to be back inrgrade school! YWCA and Y-teens meet. Hi-Y meeting today. Sibyl who is Joe Greene? An unexpected quiz in American History. What cgrladesl llll More tests! Six weeks this time. Why, oh why di 't I study? We defeated Bunker Hill in a game at Bunker Hill. Score 14 - 13. Y-teen cabinet meeting. Something must be going on. Student Council met- -set honor roll scale. Y-teen and Hi-Y hayride ---- cold wasn't it ---- for some? Mar- garet seems to me you are robbing the cradle. Y-teens give assembly progiam. Band is marc n and workin hard for weekend nip. Students are stal getting tie mumps. Merlin got his face slapped by a freshman. Junior play cast is chosen. Everyone was satisfied ---------- so it seems. Band left for Salina at 7:30 for the Homecoming parade and game. Big day ahead ---- Warren where is your horn???? What would Benny and Kay do without band trips? Osborne County Teachers Association meeting at Osborne--Supt. Voss presiding. Are your teeth clean? We were examined today. "Freshies" and "Sophs" have roller skating party. State Vocational Homemaking Supervisor visited Miss Edmonds and classes today. Seniors had their pictures taken ---- also some groups for the annual ---- what a day! Girls did you ever find your own clothes? Alton loses football game to Luray ---------- 0 - 13. Band takes another trip ----- Homecoming at Hays ----- some members stayed at home ---------- MUMPS! I Miss Edmonds purchases a green ford! FFA jud ing school at Osborne. Mr. Bergiignus has the mumps ---- Mr. lfoss takes over Algebra ---- Miss monds teaches geometry ---- and Mrs. Voss has Junior play practice. I . . ',-. y 4 x F H Pez I . if v-,sn N Q .-- - -,, Wg, gf Q gk' Xltssfwi gg, Jar .gg ,A ' A v rflfld.. N, ., ,f W, I ,, ,E , Vs .. .2739 N ml '-1' Y - 4- . 9 rf- ,i.,2' i' .rx wa 'I an J? 5 n N I I lllillmvhl I N1 . I K' 2 Q I .L I 0 Q Y ' -1 FFA Judging school at Osborne. Masonic banquet held in tht gym ---- girls trio and boys quartett sang. Logan here--who won? ---------- ALTONI ! !! 33 - 12. NOVEMBER No school! State Teachers Convention. Some go duck hunting Still no school. More duck hunters. Did you have any luc Duane? Faculty meeting- -hey kids look--they're eating! Y-teen conference at Wakeeny--Miss Edmonds took a load c irls E-H meets at the high school tonight. Who took Treva home New library books arrived. They really make the shelves loo more interesting. Alton loses to Lucas. Score 8 - 41. Flash! I ! I I Carlie thinl he'll quit school and get married. YWCA and Y-teen meeting. Madeline can't decide whether 1 choose Pud or Terry. FHA and Hi-Y meet. Don't let the football helmets mess yo' new "Tonis" boys. Lots of pheasant hunters ---------- no pheasantsl Duane, rf member your promise to Mr. Voss? FLASH!!! Velma has a new sparkle: on her third finger le hand. Pete is off to the army. Junior class presents"Finders Creepers" ---- good crowd ---- Senic served after the play. Wilda had four gentlemen waiting for h after the play, but leftwith the fifth. What is this strange pow she has? FHA has Thanksgiving dinner in Home Ec. room. FFA meets --------no dinner. Wilson defeats Alton. The score? ---------- 0 - 21. Six wee exams. Thanksgiving vacation. End of the six weeks. Footbal King and Queen nominations made in an assembl FHA meets. Margaret can drive a car now as she has a licens Voting for King and Queen continues ---------- one mad rac! Magician Danny O'Day performs for assembly. Voting closes 1:00 o'clock. Hail Queen Mary and King Gayle. Football Ba quet tonight. x wie. -E, DEC EMBER Faculty meeting ---- wonder what they talk about? FFA - FHA roller skating party ---- most of the teachers partic- ipated. 4-H meedng tonight. Junior Leadership and Recreation school, December 8. Guidance Conference for Juniors and Seniors at Osborne--Mr. Benignus went along as sponsor. OCTA Executive meeting at Osborne. Alton defeats Agra ---------- Alton grades lose from Osborne. FHA put on assembly program. YWCA sponsors Christmas party for Y-teens and Hi-Y. Y-teens and Hi-Y go caroling. Alton wins over Downs. Hi-Y and FHA meet. FHA wants more money. Who doesn't????????? A new corporation has been formed. It is the Pratt-Crusha Corporation. Works fine in class. Alton wildcats lose to Athol ---------- Grades defeat Woodston. Warren and Elvin have been reading Madeline's letters. Do you smell something? It's a turkey ---------- I I Faculty- Board Christmas dinner tonight. Beat Portis. FFA meets. Harold Brent recordedsome band num- bers. The S64 question ---- What are you getting for Christmas? FHA Christmas party. What happened to your pipe, Elvin? Band Concert. Mr. Gouldie would like a new alarm clock for Christmas, so that he will always have time to eat breakfast. Grade and High school Christmas program. A very large crowd attended. More angels! I I I I , Christmas vacation begins. CHRISTMAS DAY! I I I ! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! I ! I I Vacation is over. The 4-H has an Oyster supper. JANUARY FHA and 'FFA meet. Sparkle, sparkle! I I I I More diamonds. Betty Guge, Marjorie Cox, and Gwenda LaRue. Congratulationsl I 4-H meeting tonight. Wilda resolves to be quiet in study hall and stay home more at night. Hi-Y sponsors a Donkey Basketball game. There were some sdff bvszhys the pext day. We will remember the donkeys for some time. ew . 5 ,, 141 D: 1 i New is Alton loses a thriller to Kirwin. Grade school wins from Natoma on home court. Vo-Ag shop bums ----- I Freddie loses feed bunk. Faculty meetinga Eating again. Is that why they meet? No, they discusses sc olarship tests. They always think of something. Alton loses to Downs, on the Downs court. Hi-Y meets. Semester exams! I I I I Please, please ---------- have a. heart. More exams. What these teachers don't think of. Alton wins again ---------- Kensington at Alton. Grades defeat Woodston. YWCA and Y-teens meet. YWCA plans a food sale. Alton wins over Woodston. FFA and FHA meet. Plans are begirmirtjlg for the annual. We would like Mr. Benignus to explain this " r. and Mrs." stuff. Journalism class sells adds in Alton. We hear that Treva is a very good information bureau. Wildcats win again ----- Gaylord here ----- Alton grades lose to Portis grades. County Teachers and School Board Banquet. Miss Edmonds and Mr. Benignus took guests ----- guessl Toumament drawing ---------- such luckl Atholll Senior girls want to go shoppinlg so the annual staff sells ads at Osbome. Beat Agra on the gra court. The Dugans and the Nichols were seen at the show. Girls cget new basketball jerseys, but lose game to Webster. Why does oach Gouldie always go to Hays? Hi-Y meets. Who is Marvel James, Warren, and where does she come from? Alton defeats Harlan on home court. The grade school is defeat- ed by Portis. Mr. Benignus is sponsoring Hi-Y assembly. FHA "Waistline" supper. Betty that hamper that your mother won will come in handy ----- won't it? Senior boys out to sell ads. Girls promise NOT to go shopping again. Portis there. FHA meets. Mrs. Voss has e assembly program, Mr, Bames buys a Nash car. It has been said that it resembles a green bus. ALTON WILDCATS DEFEAT ATHOL. Our league standing is a three way tie with Kirwin and Kensington. Come on Altonl II F EBRUARY 1 Basketball game with Kirwin- -here--we lost!! Alton grades lose to Natoma grades at Natoma. 4 Faculty meeting tonight. 4-H meets ---- Treva entered in the cherry pie baking contest held at Manhattan. Did she learn to bake cherry pies rom Mr. Voss? 5 Leagpe tournament begins at Portis. More group pictures taken for t e annual. FFA meets. 6 More tournament for the "B" team. The tournament for the "A" team short but notsweet. Florence Marie seen sittingon Freddie's lap. 7 Last night of the tournament ---------- Why did Miss Edmonds have a red face? 8 "B" squad wins first place Uophy ---- Yea teaml ! 9 Albrecht sales jud in school for the FFA boys. 11 YWCA - Y-teen liotger and Dau hter banquet. Boys did a nice job of serving. Warren serves cefery to girls. 12 Alton loses to Kensington. FFA and Hi-Y have meeting. Alton chosen to give scholarship tests to students. 13 Why is Marilyn mad at Naomi? Can it be Twirp season? 15 Wildcats beat Woodston ---------- girls defeated by Webster ---- Alton grades defeated by Osborne. 16 Poultry contest at Stockton ---------- Alton takes second place-- --------Maurice takes third high! FHA Disnict election at Plainville ---------- Wilda elected District President. 18 WCTU Institute at Methodist Church. Senior play practice be- gins ---- "If Mother Only Knew". 19 Basketball game at Luray. Boys win girls lose. FFA meets. 21 Senior girls work on the annual. Miss DeBey serves cokes and cookies. Worthwhile comin . 22 Alton wins from Gaylord. Tie boys were really clicking. 25 Senior girls work on the annual. More cokes and cookies. Deloris and Ralph seen together. 26 FHA meets. Girls are planning for their trip to Topeka. Wish I could go too. 27 District basketball tournament begins at Portis. 28 We play Ionia ---------- Hurray we won! I ! ! ! ! l l I ! 29 We win from Athol and the boys are still in the 30 ALTON TAKE FIRST IN THE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT!!! .- vw. ms L I as if f E A Mikiypgvwni 34 iis Q f' ,, FFA Cro s Contest at Hoxie---boys leave in a blizzard---took eighth place. Student Council met---finished plans for Twirp Week. Girls play Agra at Agra--FFA has meeting---talk over yester- days event. Regiona toumament at Glasco begins. American History class had test. Mr. Voss reports---Gerald Smith made high score. Juniors had English test ----- all present in spite of the snow. 4-H hold meeting--took first in Model Meeting on 4-H Day-- they may now enter the District. More tournament---we play Courtland. Yea teamll l Twirp Week begins ---- girls get your manl ! l l I No hair pull- ing, though. . Ra ph Vohs slept in Economics class ----- Benignus almost sent him out of class -------- Rebekah Lodge School of Instruction. Music fumished by High School. FF boys sponsored by Mr. Bames have assembly. Toumament continues. That is quite a trip to Glasco. Public Speakincg contest at Norton-Warren we wish you the best of luck. YW A and Y-teen meet. We have the report of the nomlna tinlg committee. FHA and i-Y hold meetings. FHA still planning their trip to Topeka. A long waited for event. All school TwirpEcpatty---bring-your man or pay a fine---Miss DeBey and Miss monds that cludes youll Assembly by Sophomores under direction of Miss DeBey ----- a good one act play. HA girls leave for Topeka at 5:00 ---- do you suppose some of them even went to be ? FHA State meeting at Topeka ---- Wilda pours tea at the Gov- emor's Mansion. Merlin is sleepy today. Wonder why???l I Blue Monday ----- everyone is grouchyl FFA holds meeting today ---- Seniors are working on their play which suffered during the toumaments. Mixed Chorus working on their concert ----- lots of sour notes. No place to go since basketball. Mixed Chorus Concert ----- the girls really look snazzy in their forrnals. District FFA school -------- Farm Mechanics -------- Oberlin. A A,., .. rs 'J KE, is C as ' N?gg giff..i 9 n 0 0 00 'll 1 1 - ' ' 25 FHA meets ----- girls tell their experiences while in Topeka ---- some of them anyway. Senior play practice--one big headache for Mr. Benignus. 26 Dress rehearsal---who was waiting for Madeline?? 28 Senior lay ----- 'If Mother Only Knew". Good tum out. Good playl l F APRIL 1 FFA has meeting ----- a lot of business going on. 2 4-H meeting tonight ------- where did you go after it was over, Wi1da??l 4 FFA Foster Farms Contest at Rexford. Boys out for an all night trip---anything can happen. 5 FFA boys go on to Colby for Experiment Station Contest. 8 FHA and Hi-Y hold meetings. Not much going on these days. 9 Mixed Chorus working on Operetta. Music doesn't sound so bad. 11 Good Friday. Grade and High School take T. B. skin tests. Ouchl l l That needle hurts! l 14 YWCA and Y-teens have meetings. April showers bring May g flowers ----- we hope! 15 FFA hold meetings. They are all working for the last contests. 18 Band has Spring Concert! Final appearance for the Seniors. 21 Faculty entertains the School boar and wives. 22 FHA meets. Marjorie is in charge of the program. 25 High School Odperetta--'The Gypsy Troubadour'---no one look- ed natural wi all of that dark paint on. 26 FFA Contest at Hays---the boys should do something at some of these contests. 28 State FFA Contest and Convention at Manhattan. 29 State FFA Contest and Convention continues. The Senior boys are staying in Manhattan over night. , N 30 Seniors depart for ---------- Mountains ---------- ???? Ozarks- . A .,g::4 ------------?????North, south, east, west-------??? Who , ' i1 ifg knows??????????! ! I , ,,:s 5 af ' , MAY ' 1 Seniors are still gone. Everything is so peaceful with them gone. Iuniorsfeel quite important. 3 f A y - -Q s ff sf "' H 3,:Q?iQl, , Q ' E . , it 9 ' +4 i . f ' . .sf 1 'lu 45 rl .. 1 if A 4 E I g 3? 0 ,sg Ai- .,.. g,.Vs,l ,7gMi,,,.,,r'g i A .- , My W . 'I' Q , -.V' Q 4S ' Lf' - ar , n 1 A pax v- - fz. gt 4, 'VV' ij? it ' -it ,fv. .ff A ix wi. 4 - , P - 17' Sesrfgifi"E.:p. f .q,: Wh . " 4 Q '-f. j' .N . 'T A ' Eff? .19 grip Q . ' v 7.7 'ff 5, ,' f I t... h -jwx ,ID Q .5-TQ Y N 'g,,l Q f . .fr r. it ,V 'i - Y .. L The 1--2--3--4 grades present operetta. "The Princess Chooses a Kitty". Is Spring Fever catching? Everyone is so lax and lazy. Seniors return---tired ---- dirty---but happy! ! ! Teachers are really pouring it on. Their last chance to make us miserable. Iimior-Senior Banquet---Where are you going after it is over??? FHA nad FFA meet. 4-H hold meeting. Studying for exams. It will soon be time for finals. Baccalaureate services for the Seniors at the High School Audi- torium. Commencement week has begun. YWCA and Y-teens hold years last meeting. We are gradually closing the school year. Hi-Y holds last meeting. "ln the springtime a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love", doesn't it, Terry? High School pic- mc, Grade School hold Commencement in the High School Auditor- ium. There were 15 graduates. Final exams! ll "What did you put down for question 6? High School Commencement ---- everyone looks solemn. Some of the Seniors were worried whether they would make it or not. Marvin almost tripped. The annual "Community last day dinner" at High School. SUMMER VACATION BEGINS. WE HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER. 7 11, . .. 4 ' .. .fr . . ' gig, " ag., ' ., iff' . .,-N?--'I-. hi, k'T..'CV',fu"Q'.-Q -4 ,,, N WJ' aawi-49 I . ,,.. Q ,gg . at , T? G 5 . i s- , 7-A X ' ' ' . 'V ' . sf 'Xb lx NN 1 - A . M-H.. . , -ar 2 I. liz, s V Q- 9 Hia 45 Annual ,Staff W K yx S Ns, .-""' SEATED ----- Gwenda LaRue, Terry Dibble, Mrs. Voss, Sibyl Cooley, Betty Guge, Madeline Stanfield. STANDING-- Miss DeBey, Mary Mayfield, Warren Nichols, Marjorie Cox, Gayle Carswell, Florence Peterson. fx .51 if ,I -Il Sllcxuxblvrmik Qfmmmmil ... ' Nr' 4 l f ll X A 4' ' " .V Mr. Voss, Donald Wallace, Madeline Stanfield, Nelva Wallace, Margaret Dugan fi is ri MY 'Q : , ,JL ? G .g..,z w.H..., r , ,ix '. 3 2 Q, .5 3 s51'1......... "V, I -Wff. A f--v vm-2-.2..-A: Officers FV A ,M f.Mf ,-. My K SEATED ----- M. Grimes, T. Dibble, G. Carswell, M. Dimond, W. Nichols. STANDING--B. Brent, Mr. Benignus. ,151 , "SWI.Q .4 .ii . lg E Q 2. T 2 . 1 3 X X , NA, H? A. ssr D M frm., g r . R. V,-: .ww .15 'Q-i" 5-i s ggfly., R X i ,V , rl K , W Q . H .,.. . .gf ,,,, D . , . ,..: . A .7 I V gf -. 1x Q H S., ', ba O. V, ., N A . ie I 0 f sm " wa!-Ch W 4 ' MR' FIRST ROW - T. Crusha, D. Wallace, P. Kurtz, V. Mvank, N. Pratt. SECOND ROW B. Brent, G. Eller, D. Holloway, D. Crush W. Nichols, M. Grimes, Mr. Benignus. THIRD now -J. Burch, L. Banu, T. Du:-bak, 1. stephen.-ron, G. Smith, M. Swank, G. Carswell, M. Dimond. Officers , E 5 , s 1, . i , I Q 5 y V I L X .M .I ,WSW lr fs "" N'-Q. I . to Q x 1- " N is HAVFV' E75 Q 'Vf"r'li M VV H I ' Al ... ii'k.Q,t .rs . me-' A .Dahlia--'-ff,-" ',:,'z f'j',' K , , jg, i X ... M--'uv' 3 "':"9F.f"7'.,':1 Ja.. A SEATED ----- M. Stanfield, D. Miller, F. Peterson, M. Mayfield, B. Guge. STANDING--Miss Edmonds. D. Pratt, M. Peterson, M. Cox. ' I I ' Q gg 111 I 1 s O I . '-1-f fs F ., I , FIRST ROW - Miss Edmonds, F. Peterson, M. Swank, B. Guge. D. Miller, M. May- field, G. LaRue, N. Wallace, M. Stanfield, C. Dugan. SECOND ROW - S. Cooley. I. Deichen, V. Dibble, E. Gregory, M. Cox. L. Deichen, M. Du an, D. Pratt, M. Peterson. THIRD ROW - B. Norris, M. Blagrave, V. Wilkenson, Stephenson, J. Cox, P. Hunter, W. Stockbridge, N. I-Iolling, T. Westfall. if if 9 -,"1.. Cfficers 'U T f le 5 'NNY . ,,,, ,. .. x.., , - - '-: via.. . 3.33, . f-3. 1, " J' ' r ..,,. Q: v" I. , , .,.M.,..T ,... ' "'ff1"f" W" A .RL 3 7 1 N' 'Lf f A S Nl L 0,7 2 " 'T'-N W V L Nw go V 7 X W 34. 35' R38 W, ,. , , 2 wr 1 'rv , W 'fr 'L ml , .:.:.,g-,:....:... .W f -. :,, 1 W" -V Y J , 'G A-rf . 1 , - -- ,M WM- V 'fgfm' 'L W- if :aa - fi 'S rm.. S SEATED ----- Merlin Grimes. Gayle Carswell, Donald Wallace, Darrell Crusha, Warren Nichols. STANDING--Mr. Barnes, Lee Barnt. , E 2,1 r 1 -:uni FIRST ROW - T. Crusha. B. Hecht. D. Wallace, V. Swank,N. Pratt. SECOND ROW B. Brent, G. Wykoff, D. Crusha, R. Holloway, E. Duer, W. Nichols. Mr. Barnes, THIRD ROW - G. Eller, P. Kurtz. L. Barnt, J. Burch, J. Stephenson, G. Smith, R. Vohs, M. Swank, G. Carswell. M. Dimond, M. Grimes. v tx .id Officers ' ' caan.. .g..w,. F- , ik ' W 'R ,tis J SEATED ----- G. LaRue, M. Mayfield. F. Peterson, T. Westfall, M. Cox, M. Stanfield. STANDING--Mrs. Peterson, M. Peterson, W. Stockbridge, D. Miller. D. Pratt, Miss Edmonds. ,L 'KJ O - --'-',L,,.L i 4' 4 4! -H -, " i ' ri ' , 3 , FIRST ROW - F. Peterson, B. Guge, D. Miller, M. Dugan, D. Pratt, M. Peterson C. Dugan. SECOND ROW - Mrs. Peterson, M. Svyank, M. Mayfield, V. Dibble, M: Cox. P. Hunter, G. LaRue, N. Wallace. M. Stanfreld, L. Deichen, T. Westfall, M1ss Edmonds. THIRD ROW - S. Cooley, B. Norris, I. Deichen, M. Blagrave, E. Gregory M. Steohenson, V. Wilkenson, W. Stockbridge. N. Holling, I. Cox. F il' fa 5 1 4 X , M in A . g 1 ,ww 5 'W 1 2 1 . fh is s I S9551 Em Q, N V 1 v .1 K.: Q 4'- + -S X? YA? gif? JJ, I X 25122 if CF if '4 'E - J Nr M233 47451 F . ? 'M .grffq 9 f i gay A . If , K .fri .'g?z"K s xx qw 1 ue. if -' F3 1' L" Steph enson's Store GENERAL MERCHANDISE GROCERIES PRODUCE SCHOOL SUPPLIES Bob Stephenson - Owner Phone 31 Alton, Kansas l 11-all "7 Alton Lumber Cr Cool Co. "QUALITY AND SERVICE" OUR MOTTO Posts - Building Supplies Lumber - Barbed Wire - Coal - Home Appliances DuPont Paints General Hardware . "A HARDMAN YARD" Alton, Kansas Phone 5 Res. 156 CALVIN IMPLEMENT CO. RQBERT QLARK 31 SON DE Il 6 . 9 4 "' an Qunurv mam 3 Ill EQUIPMENT FURNITURE 4 i 4 HARDWARE "YOUR BUSINESS IS DEERE , TO US" FUNERAL DIRECTORS Osborne, Kansas l l THE QUALITY FURNITURE STORE Complete line of FURNITURE WALL PAPER G E N U I N E FLOOR COVERING MOTH-PROOF CLEANING JohnJ. VanScyoc Osborne, Kansas Osborne, Kansas Hartzler Hardware G' APPUGNCGS Coleman PLUMBING AND HEATING GAS4UU""""3 FLDUR FURNACE "WE STRIVE TO PLEASE" Phone 58 Alton, Kansas BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY LAURA K . BROWN A g e n t DEPENDABLE SERVICE Home Phone 121 Office Phone 70 A 1 t o n , K a n s a s M c F A R L A N D ' S Low Prices Every Day 1 1 i is I1 L 1 -. g5VgyQ',.e.j Authorized dealer ' -?P:33wr 'n'o'o'f!'3. " A- -mg,q9g,9.0.'f - ow E N BO s , Member Mini-Max Buying Service Osborne Kansas A 3 iii WOOLLEY SERVICE STATION RANKIN AND GOS S OSBORNE, KANSAS I ii' E M95 PLUMBING HEATING A DEAL THE YEAR Osborne, Kansas O I ll x on I ' M sh a i Sf , iavlcf 2 I STAN DARD "He's strutting for TANK WAGON SERVICE Alton High Schoo1" Buff Plymouth Rock Chickens T. W. HERNDON Several varieties of Water Fowl Registered Hampshire Sheep Agent NORMAN KARDOSH Alton, Kansas Route Tuttle Motor Cn A GLEANER-BALDWIN - COMBINES F ' NT DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS AND TRUCKS Phone 2 7 2 Os bo rne , Kansas I L UNION NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. F o r W it h Complete, Accurate Information C O m P11 m e n t S O n Your Life Insurance Needs 0 f C H SVS E L KE R JEMISON JEWELRY at CLOTHING Phone 49 Woodston, Kansas Osborne Kansas I sms nnno Latham 8: on BUD'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION SALES Sn SERVICE All Kinds of Motor Oils Auto Parts 8L Accessories Washing--Greasing Osborne, Kansas Lunch Counter . Groceries Phone 143 H Phone 33 Alton, Kansas I .. In l , i -I A THE HILSINGER DRUG STORE 3 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 109 DRUG VETERINARY SERVICE STORE Osborne. Kansas f" ' ' 1 fffmlf Alton ' R. N. GARNER .7 IIN CHIROPRACTOR T X ossomuaz. x.wsAs h e X nfl N Exc hange I FIRST STATE BANK N SAFETY 4' Of voun anvssvnmr 1' 4 g ag -3 INSURED .fl yrro S 284 10,000 ey 'fee ma' THE FIRST STATE BANK Osborne, Kansas NELSON MOTOR COMPANY 120 South First Telephone 209 OSBORNE, KANSAS - 1 RANEY DRUG and JEWELRY GAREY REAL ESTATE AGENCY STORE A COMPLETE DRUG STORE A COMPLETE JEWELRY Josggnfi' agjrey STORE A COMPLETE GIFT STORE L'1?hX1E iggey Palljicfflg Cfglfy Downs, Kansas Phone 330 Office Phone as Osborne, Kansas THE OSBORNE COUNTY FARMERS' UNION Coo D erotive Association ELEVATORS BULK OIL PLANTS Alton, Bellaire, Bloomington, Corinth, Osborne, Waldo, Luray, Downs, Forney, Luray, Mankato, Osborne Bellaire, Alton, Portis, Downs Lebanon, Portis, Waldo STORES AND LOCKERS SERVICE STATIONS Alton, Downs, Osborne Alton, Downs, Osborne PRODUCE STATIONS Alton, Downs, Osborne, Portis I Morkhom Chevrolet Co. "GOOD LUCK TO ALTON HIGH SCHOOL. " LM ' ' 'HEVROHI gif HS OSBORNE KANSAS 111.1-lil ll ' l '- I I- '--I l- -Ii A. L. DUCKWALL STORES CO. wesmn.Am I Low PRICES ON TIRES ASSOCW BATTERIES AND ON "YOUR LOCAL VARIETY STORE" 5'0" AUTO ACCESSORIES HEADQUARTERS FOR SPORTING GOODS Osborne, Kansas ' John V. Hannah - Osborne J. M. Hopper - Manager Ph0ne43 I-libbs Insurance Agency P, csrrruny -R . E 4 . -nnn Q . "W e f A "M Osborne, Kansas Phone S8 L FARMERS NATIONAL BANK 1 Wsufd 00 " E. C. GARRISON, President is 1232. 95 L. S. GARRISON, Cashier gt ":3"."qg R. V. GARRISON, V-Pres RITA LEHMKUHLQf Cashier """ 5 D. C. ROY, V-Pres. 0 T HER, Circle Inn Mobil a Mobiloi 9 5 Z l .-:-.-"'-sl? Youn H A RV E ST E R DEALER . CAFE MOTEL I CLYDE R. WILLIAMS STOCKTON KANSAS 05 BORNE KANSAS mith Funeral H0019 STOCKTON, KANSAS Established 1901 AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY PHONES 67 or 3 NIGHT PHONES 67 or 128 Q , ROOKS COUNTY IMPLEMENT CO CHRYSLER GMC PLYMOUTH JOHN DEERE FARM IMPLEMENTS STOOKTON KANSAS '- Q The new 15 ' NOBLE SERVICE E WOODSTON STATION bv D KANSAS NOBLE KEIISWETTEI. f f I I f --J SALES AND SERVICE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE WALLER MOTOR COMPANY Stockton, Kansas Phone 1 fir-, 1 Popular Ca c-I A - JESS 8: EVELYN ECKMAN Stockton Kansas I Phone 581 Phone 500 Mccammon Tractor 81 Implement OSBORN E, KANSAS rnnc ron Hardman Lumber Co. WHOLESALE Sn MANUFACTURING DIVISION OSBORNE, KANSAS Wholesalers of Ma f nu acturers of A COMPLETE LINE OF H Sz M "DELUXE" WINDOW UNITS BUILDING MATERIALS QUALITY MILLWORK Koesling SNank-Matin-CQ. ii- iff N ' + 1 If Telephone 480 KBFSSFJ. I OSBORNE, KANSAS gm 4 R Q NH THOMPSON'S SERV1-STS. STATION T- J5 T ALTON KANSAS J 0 0 S CL . I 2 PEA num- To aste d 4' A I A 'Q 1 e Peanuts I 01119 ' V CAROLYNE HARDACRE Distributor PO . X , :J 1 , JH 1 ' X. il. -5 H - .1 Y 5 65 undries MEALS - SHORT ORDERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE FARMERS UNION l of GAS - GREASES - OIL CLEANING SOLVENT NAPHTHA Prompt Service ANDREW THORNBURG - AGENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone 59 Alton, Kansas Alton Kansas 7 .Q . 'AU J L A -.: Q :' LARGE fmmvuxh SELECTION xl - MEN's an BOYS' SUITS WHEEL ALIGNMENT 8: BALANCING LUBRICATION WASHING FOR REPAIR SERVICE B. F. GOODRICH TIRES THAT GRADUATE M0'I'0R ERVICE FROM Fleischmann's Osborne, Kansas Phone 282 SOCCNY VACUUM OIL CO- MOBIL GAS AND MOBIL OIL Don Holloway, Agent PHONE 82 ALTON, KANSAS 1 QUENZER APPLIANCE CCD. SALES AND SERVICE I Rural Gas Systems Hardware - Frigidaire Refrigerators Plumbing and Heating Equipment Zenith Radios - Servel Gas Maytag and Roper Gas Ranges Refrigerators and Water Heaters Maytag Washers and Ironers Ranges - Geneva Kitchens STOCKTON OSBORNE HILL CITY NORTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY 'llll lhwwuux Mmm I ll'l C:I:l:I:':i:::n:n 'rRAc1ons and FARM MACHINERY NEW nd USED cus sues and snvlcs - esnums Mars STOCKTON. KANSAS LAMOREUX MOTOR COMPANY Stockton, Kansas 'XHDRI I :bi G' Q0 sift? . ERIE di vu rs u lu 1,6 'A QS' GEO. at EULA GUTHRIE, Owners 3-SEV ' Stockton, Kansas Phone 82 CARS TRAC TORS Roberts Veterinary Clinic DR.. G. H. ROBERTS Osborne Phone 122 LARGE Si SMALL ANIMALS VETERINARY SUPPLIES Burch s Recreation Parlor CANDY CIGARE TTES COLD DRINKS fgzgme .Kwik - li- 1-nn-n , ix J if R jxbii v C V 0 .dv fi ff +3 E fiN,! 5 H X S E lifiqff i f SJ X vp' 2-1. 2- J -, I U ,Y ,,1,j. -1 1 --,,Q'::'- 5 7 14331 ' I I l x 1 rf 1 . .. .,11, ,.,f N , , - .' V1 1 , m ' ae 1, W I F.. ,,-:. 1 1.5-,,,,,.11 -, fy .W N1 ,, Y-.-fiijrug . 4 t 1 k 5 , L ,, . f 1' ..- ' , 1 1 1 f . . a E F1 1 1 . l . Y , lg , A K 1 n 9 'b X F21 1 9-MW l . L. was 4 ' +- J . 1 ' lg ji I if 1215? M .ts 'i r rr 9 .F as : 4 i F . . ., 'L f Hu 1 - '- , O x . q f .1 ,QM V., 1- V' ' I A .r-'Ik ,.- rw .1- .. 5, . , . 1 ? 1"' if i'ii 5'fl3l ., ' . Q 'wwf --if' L t Kun- -2.11 ' ' 31.4.5 . -Q ni! 'wif f chit. V , A .J X M QA .1 4 , I ' i-' :va . I:..15,. " ' rx, 1 V, ...I ' . rv ,-43 F 'wfi.giUgtg' w ,V , ML. 5,-Q f 'r .ax - Us Y -. fyil . .,r '1-. , L . ' atm' V? 1 -- .T XA.-, , I .MA.:. ,l'. - ,P dw- ,- -VM 4 .- ' 'aff A ...JI-Q. a ' .5 . v "4 . 5 . ...Q .N . JJ Q' 1 L. .J w 'f1j"1' '. . "1 9 ... .. a. ., ax -'I 51-mf., -,- . ' -4- 1 , J... ,V I., .- A Q V, ., dx . , -f , , H -zu 1... -. .H .,N f -' .s - 11" N4-5 . I ,A- v .1 -Y . , 4 an 'A . N! . W Ms.-. - ,.,- V ff - - I I . . J-. J ' L w 4 . .. 1... . X . 1, A .Ji -- 'Q33.'2.f'-I .,,, If ,J ,Ab , l 1 gif.. Q r , ,,,, ,J f. .. ,,., .M F4 .V 11, 1 .ra in , ., - -: Ji? ' .ui :'A V ' -J . Y. up - . n , .W M., ' v J ,. .-,Q .i x L4 , 4 q 4 . wg g .- , v

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