Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1988

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 Seniors 4 Activities 49 Sports 79 Theater 117 Music 133 Clubs 149 Academics 164 Vocational ,176 Underclass 186 Faculty 227 ) %■ 45Tg|p3 — it. • • TATLER 1988 ALTON HIGH SCHOOL 2200 COLLEGE AVE. ALTON, ILLINOIS 62002 7 VOLUME 83MALE SINGERS 1. Robert Plant 2. Prince 3. Bryan Adams FEMALE SINGERS 1. Whitney Houston 2. Madonna 3. Tiffany Teachers! Teachers at AHS are devoted to helping their students reach their full potential, whether academically, athletically, or socially. Often these STUDENT LIFE AT AHS 2 demands require extra time and patience due to the individuality of each student. GROUPS 1. U2 2. Led Zepplin 3. Pink Floyd VIDEOS 1. Is This Love 2. Here I Go Again 3. Thriller m? - Mike Velloff, Lori Kanturek, and Lance Johnson's reaction to the new bell system. Bells This year our school changed the tone of the bell. Rumors were said that the reason for doing so was the students ability to imitate the bell. Students feel we should go back to the old bell. Pitball, a growing fad? Pitball originated with the class of 85. The founders of this great sport are unknown to us, but they are greatly appreciated. Pitball is usually played in the morning, during lunch, or during 8th hour. In conclusion, Pitball is growing more and more every year, and it's changing more as well. Our wonderful bell system?!?! Movies 1. Top Gun 2. Fatal Attraction 3. Back to School TV Shows 1. Cosby 2. Alf 3. Cheers Growing Pains Food 1. Pizza 2. Steak 3. Hamburger Places to eat 1. McDonalds 2. Hardee 3. White Castle Bilsbury and Herter playingMany of the students at Alton High spend most of their spare time in the pit. They gather in the morning and during their lunch hours to talk to friends and finish their last minute homework. Although students complain about bad parking and dents in their doors; and teachers complain that the noise is distracting, the pit is a very popular feature at Alton High. Students wait in car before school. Parking in the pit can only be described as, interesting. If you can get here before 7:30, you're guaranteed a space, but after that — good luck! People who double park top the list of pet peeves, followed by people who park three cars in two places. The problem only gets worse, when you return from lunch to find your parking spot filled by someone. Circling the pit, trying to avoid the mighty wrath of the pit cops, you're usually forced to wait til the next lunch hour exits and you can become the someone who took a parking space. FAVORITE CAR 1. Porsche 2. Mustang 3. Monte Carlo WEEKEND HANGOUT 1. People's homes 2. Parties 3. The Mall 4 'The pit's a great place just to hang out, but some of the rules could be relaxed a bit." -Amy Dillinger An example of pit parking. The pit during passing period.Wendy Adams Steve Aimone Karan Albrecht Penny Allensworth Lisa Atchinson Terry Bailey Billie Becoat Kathy Bessler Julie Belchik t -»• i - f | v Bridget Blackledge Tia Bell Lori Blackwood WENDY ADAMS ACTIVITIES BOARD CHORUS FBLA (PRESIDENT) GOSPEL CHOIR NAACP OFFICE EDUCATION OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (PRESIDENT) PEER LEADERSHIP PLAY PRODUCTION CREWS POM PON GIRL VARSITY CHEERLEADER PENNY ALLENSWORTH CHORUS MARCHING 100 23 MUSICALS OFFICE EDUCATION OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (TREASURER) POM PON GIRL RUNNER RUSSEL ARMSTEAD BRIAN BARNETT CHORUS DECA FBLA LINDSAY BARTH BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT JAZZ PEP SYMPHONIC BAND EXCHANGE STUDENT JETS MARCHING 100 23 SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA TAKE A SEAT TREASURER OF MARCHING 100 TIMOTHY BAUER BASEBALL FOOTBALL LEON BEARD BASKETBALL FOOTBALL POWDER PUFF COACH JR. SR. TRACK TEAM VOC. ACCOUNTING CLUB TIA Y. BELL DREAM GIRL JETS JR. SR. POWDER PUFF SQUAD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY POM PON GIRL MARCHING 100 23 SYMPHONIC BAND SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA TRACK TEAM DRUM MAJOR ARION AWARD DAR GOOD CITIZEN AWARD BOB BELOIT AUTO BODY AUTO MECHANICS KATHY BESSLER ACTIVITIES BOARD BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT BAND MODEL U.N. MUSICALS PEER LEADERSHIP PRODUCTION FOR PLAYS REDBIRD WORD SPANISH CLUB BRIDGET BLACKLEDGE COUNSELOR ASSISTANT GERMAN CLUB RUNNER DECA VOCATIONAL ACCOUNTING CLUB LARRY E. BLAND BASEBALL LIFESAVERS RUNNER VOC. AUTO BODY VOC. INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA BRIAN BOEDEKER JETS RUNNER TATLER STAFF KIMBERLIN BOREN COLOR GUARD CONCERT BAND MARCHING 100 RUNNER SYMPHONIC BAND STUDENT SENATE MARISSA BOTTENS CONCERT JAZZ PEP SYMPHONIC BAND CONCERT CHOIR CONCERT PIT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA GERMAN CLUB JUNIOR CHORUS MARCHING 100 RUNNER 6 Larry Bland Becky Blaske Brian BoedekerSINGSATIONS PARRISH BRACHT RICHARD BRAKEVILLE DISK DRIVERS J.E.T.S. LIBRARY ASSISTANT RUNNER SUPER WELDERS VOCATIONAL WELDING CLUB PAULA BROOKS CONCERT SYMPHONIC BAND EXCHANGE STUDENT GERMAN CLUB JETS JR. SR. POWDER PUFF SQUAD POM PON GIRL SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA DENNIS BROWN TRACK TEAM VARSITY FOOTBALL RUTH ANNE BROWN BASKETBALL COLOR GUARD JUNIOR CHORUS MARCHING 100 POM PON SQUAD JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUADS REDBIRDETTE SINGSATIONS TRACK TEAM TROUBADORS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL ELIZABETH A. BUCK DREAM GIRL CANDIDATE HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE FBLA RUNNER THESPIANS SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE STEPHANIE BUHS BIOLOGY CLUB JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD MARCHING 100 REDBIRD WORD SYMPHONIC BAND STUDENT SENATE PUBLICITY (FOR MUSICALS) KELLY BULL J.E.T.S. JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM RUNNER SWING CHOIR TATLER STAFF (ASST. EDITOR) THESPIANS (VICE-PRESIDENT) STUDENT SENATE (SECRETARY) KASKASKIA DISTRICT OF STUDENT COUNCILS SECRETARY AHS MUD VOLLEYBALL RIVERVIEWS SCHOOL DISTRICT DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE SARA BUMBACHER CONCERT PEP SYMPHONIC BAND RUNNER MARCHING 100 DONNA BURGER CONCERT BAND POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. FRENCH CLUB MARCHING 100 SYMPHONIC BAND JAMES BURNETT CHORUS DECA MUSICALS RUNNER LAUREN BURTON BIOLOGY CLUB GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. SR. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM TALTER STAFF EDITOR MATH CLUB RODNEY CAFFEY BASKETBALL FOOTBALL SPANISH CLUB POWDER PUFF COACH STACY CASELTON DECA SADD REDBIRD WORD STAFF SHELLEY R. CHAPMAN COLOR GUARD J.E.T.S. POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. SR. Kim Boren Missy Bowman Paula Brooks Dennis Brown Ruth Brown Liz Buck Rodney Caffey Matt Cambron Dominique Cannon Bonnie Cenatiempo Shelly Chapman Briana Churchich 7Angela Cole Michele Collet Lisa Connors Amy Cook Jacqueline Covington Martha Cowan PEER LEADERSHIP REDBIRDETTE RUNNER MARCHING 23 100 BRIANA CHURCHICH J.E.T.S. JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY RUNNER STUDENT HONOR SOCIETY RUNNER STUDENT SENATE (SECRETARY) AHS MUD VOLLEYBALL TEAM JONATHAN CLARK BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT SYMPHONIC BAND CONCERT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA GOLF SUPER WELDERS RUNNER MARCHING 100 23 MARIESALLE CLEMENTE ACTIVITIES BOARD DREAM GIRL CANDIDATE POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. SR. POM PON GIRL RUNNER LIBRARY ASSISTANT MUSICALS VARSITY CHEERLEADER INTERIOR DECORATING BLACK HISTORY ASSEMBLIES JAMES COCHRAN FOOTBALL ANGELA COLE INTERIOR DECORATING CHILD CARE CLUB MICHELE L. COLLET JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUADS JV AND VARSITY SOCCER MANAGER REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER SCHOOL BOARD CURRICULUM COMMITTEE STUDENT SENATE TATLER STAFF (SENIOR SECTION EDITOR) VARSITY SOFTBALL LISA CONNORS JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD RUNNER INTERIOR DECORATING VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA AMY COOK ACTIVITIES BOARD (TREASURER) BIOLOGY CLUB JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (TREASURER) PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM TATLER STAFF KASKASKIA DISTRICT OF STUDENT COUNCILS TREASURER AHS MUD VOLLEYBALL TEAM SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA J.E.T.S. JAMES COOPERIDER BUILDING TRADES CLUB BIBLE CLUB DANIEL COPE ALTON DISK DRIVERS CAFETERIA ASSISTANT PEER LEADERSHIP RUNNER TATLER STAFF (ARTWORK COMPUTER) "THE ODD COUPLE"-JACQUELINE KAY COVINGTON FOOD PREPARATION FOOD PRODUCTION CLUB RUNNER THEATER DANCE CLUB TERRY CROXFORD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY GREGORY A. CRULL CONCERT BAND FOOTBALL RUNNER SUPER WELDERS VOCATIONAL AUTO MECHANICS Danielle Deneef Amy Dillingei Missy DingeldeinVOCATIONAL WELDING CLUB MARK DAVEY COUNSELOR ASSISTANT HOMECOMING KING CANDIDATE J.E.T.S. JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF CHEERLEADER REDBIRD WORD STAFF MUSICALS VARSITY CHEERLEADER STUDENT SENATE (PRESIDENT) PAULA DAVIS CONCERT SYMPHONIC BAND CHORUS FBLA REDBIRD WORD STAFF MARCHING 100 TATLER STAFF (MUSIC EDITOR) TYRONE DAVIS VARSITY FOOTBALL DENISE DEEDER COLOR GUARD COUNSELOR ASSISTANT DREAM GIRL CANDIDATE HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE J.E.T.S. DANIELLE DENEEF JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD OFFICE EDUCATION OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCATION TRISHA DISERENS CONCERT PIT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA JAZZ PEP SYMPHONIC BAND RUNNER MARCHING 100 23 THESPIANS TAKE-A-SEAT KRISTINE DOERR BIOLOGY CLUB JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD PEER LEADERSHIP RIVERVIEWS SADD DAVID DROSTE SUPER WELDERS VOC. WELDING CLUB DECA DAVID W. EASTMAN ACTIVITIES BOARD EXCHANGE STUDENT JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT GERMAN CLUB VARSITY SOCCER POWDER PUFF CHEERLEADER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PRESIDENT REDBIRD WORD STAFF SARAH ELIZABETH ECCLES BIOLOGY CLUB JUNIOR POWDER PUFF POM PON GIRL RUNNER TRACK TEAM STUDENT SENATE DON ELIK J.E.T.S. RUNNER JOHN EWING FOOD PREPARATION FOOTBALL TRACK TEAM CARLETA MONEY FELDER FOOD PRODUCTION CHILD CARE CLUB GREG FITE J.E.T.S. REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER JULIE ANN FLEMING J.E.T.S. POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. PEP BAND REDBIRD WORD RUNNER MAJORETTE MARCHING 23 100 SYMPHONIC BAND STUDENT SENATE VARSITY SOFTBALL NATE FOLWELL BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT J AZZ PEP SYMPHONIC BAND CONCERT PIT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. MARCHING 100 23 MATH CLUB Trisha Diserens Julie Dobson Shawn Dodd Kristine Doerr David Eastman Sarah Eccles Terra Eldridge Alvin Elliott Annetta Elison Todd Ely Laura Ewing Deanna Farmer Penny Felton Damita Fielding Tammy File Michael Fisher Julie Fleming Nate FolwellAnn Freeman Daniel Fritz Denise Fulks Dionne Gilchrest Lainie Gineris ■ Howard Gooden Robert Gottlob Kris Glenn Rhonda Grant Ryan Grant Regina Gribble Michelle Griesemer (PRESIDENT) MR. IRRESISTABLE CANDIDATE MUSICALS THESPIANS ANN FREEMAN CONCERT PIT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. SR. VOC. ACCOUNTING CLUB POM PON's RUNNER MARCHING 23 100 SYMPHONIC BAND THESPIANS KIM GABRIEL COLOR GUARD CHORUS FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA (VICE-PRESIDENT) JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD MARCHING 100 23 POM PON GIRL REDBIRDETTE RUNNER VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA NATHAN E. GHOLSTON CAFETERIA ASSISTANT CHORUS CONCERT CHOIR CONCERT ORCHESTRA DECA D.E. COOP (VICE-PRESIDENT) MUSICALS PEER LEADERSHIP RUNNER SINGSATIONS SPANISH CLUB SWING CHOIR TRACK TEAM RICOS GIBSON VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY FOOTBALL HOWARD GOODEN JAZZ BAND J.E.T.S. PEP BAND MARCHING 23 100 SYMPHONIC BAND STUDENT SENATE MATH CLUB POWDER PUFF CHEERLEADER SR. MATT JORDAN GORLINE EXCHANGE STUDENT GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. SOCCER REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER TENNIS TEAM RYAN GRANT CONCERT BAND DECA JEROME GRAY DECA JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OFFICE PROCEDURE BRIAN GREEN DECA AARON GREENWOOD CROSS COUNTRY TEAM JAZZ SYMPHONIC BAND MARCHING 100 TRACK TEAM VARSITY BASEBALL BUFFY GREENWOOD MARCHING 100 THESPIANS MICHELLE X. GRIESMER BIOLOGY CLUB COUNSLER ASSISTANT EXCHANGE STUDENT GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY RUNNER SCHOLAR BOWL TOM GROSSHEIM VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP CLUB MELISSA GROVES RUNNER VOC. INDUSTRIAL CLUB OF AMERICA FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA ROBIN HAMILTON BASKETBALL REDBIRD WORD STAFF TRACK TEAM SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD CHRIS HANSEN J.E.T.S. PRES. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM BASKETBALL NATIONAL HONOR 10 Melissa Groves Rose Guess Lynn HalfordSOCIETY VICE-PRES. PIT ORCHESTRA MARCHING 23 100 SYMPHONIC BAND TATLER STAFF, SPORTS EDITOR TRACK TEAM JENNIFER HAYCRAFT PEP SYMPHONIC BAND RIVERVIEWS LATIN CLUB MARCHING 100 MARY HENDRICKS CONCERT BAND JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD RUNNER STUDENT SENATE BETH HIGGINS CHORUS RUNNER INTERIOR DECORATING CHILD CARE CLUB ELIZABETH HOECHST ACTIVITIES BOARD JUNIOR POWDER PUFF REDBIRD WORD KEN HOLLOWAY FOOTBALL JULIE HOWELL BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT BAND COUNSELOR ASSISTANT LATIN CLUB LIFE SAVERS TATLER STAFF PEER LEADERSHIP (PRESIDENT) RIVERVIEWS SADD MELISSA L. HUNT FBLA FOOD PREPARATION RUNNER LORI ANN IMMING BIOLOGY CLUB POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. POM PON GIRL STUDENT SENATE (PARLIAMENTARIAN VICE PRES.) KIMBERLY JEFFERSON RUNNER SONYA JENNINGS ADVANCED CHORUS CHORUS RUNNER LIBRARY ASSISTANT SWING CHOIR TROUBADORS SINGSATIONS TAKE-A-SEAT AMY C. JONES ACTIVITIES BOARD BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT JAZZ SYMPHONIC BAND CONCERT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA SPANISH CLUB POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. PEER LEADERSHIP (PRESIDENT) REDBIRD WORD MARCHING 23 100 SCHOOL BOARD CURRICULUM COUNCIL RUNNER SADD (VICE-PRES.) KASKASKIA DISTRICT OF STUDENT COUNCILS PRESIDENT TATLER STAFF MICHELLE JUTTING ACTIVITIES BOARD COLOR GUARD JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD MARCHING 100 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY REDBIRDETTE REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER VARSITY SOFTBALL LORI BETH KANTUREK J.E.T.S. PEP SYMPHONIC BAND REDBIRDETTE MARCHING 100 23 RIFLE LINE (CAPTAIN) CHRISTY LYNN KEITH POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. FBLA RUNNER TATLER STAFF JON KENNEY SOCCER REDBIRD WORD STAFF RAMONA KERKEMEYER BIOLOGY CLUB J.E.T.S. FRENCH CLUB CHORUS David Halm Denise Halm Leslie Hampton Chris Hamsen Linda Hamby Lance Harris Nichole Harris Tad Hart Marjaana Haverinen Mary Hendricks Dale Hubbard Kelli Henkhaus Julie Howell Franane Jackson Sarah Jehle Heather Johnson 11Laura King Eric Larson Stacy Leavell Melissa Ledford Pam Lewis Tonya Livingstone NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY RUNNER SADD SPANISH CLUB (PRESIDENT) WILLIAM KLINKE ACTIVITIES BOARD J.E.T.S. BASKETBALL POWDER PUFF CHEERLEADER SR. STACY LEAVELL BIOLOGY CLUB CHORUS JETS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY RUNNER TATLER STAFF, ADS EDITOR TROUBADORS STUDENT SENATE, TREASURER ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLAR WHO'S WHO AMONG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS YOUTH CITIZENSHIP SEMINAR RODNEY LEGGETT RUNNER KOSTANTIOS LEKKAS CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM JETS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TRACK TEAM SCHOLAR BOWL MATH CLUB POWDER PUFF CHEERLEADER YOUTH CITIZENSHIP SEMINAR JACK LEONARD RUNNER MARCHING 100 SYMPHONIC BAND JAY B. LIPE EXCHANGE STUDENT J.E.T.S. POWDER PUFF COACH JR. RUNNER LIBRARY ASSISTANT FOOTBALL 2 STEVE LOWE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CASSANDRA MARTIEN BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT PEP SYMPHONIC BAND GERMAN CLUB JETS TREASURER JR. SR. POWDER PUFF SQUAD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PIT ORCHESTRA PRESIDENTAL CLASSROOM MARCHING 100 MATH CLUB JENNIFER MASTERS J.E.T.S. JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD CHORUS STUDENT SENATE RUNNER VARSITY SOFTBALL SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE BETTINA MATHIS CHORUS FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA MYLES MCCAHILL CAFETERIA ASSISTANT CROSS COUNTRY TEAM PEER LEADERSHIP SADD SINGSATIONS TRACK TEAM DONNA MENKE ACTIVITIES BOARD REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER ROBERT MIKE BASKETBALL FOOTBALL VOC. INDUSTRIAL CLUB OF AMERICA LISA MILLER BIOLOGY CLUB J.E.T.S. POWDER PUFF JR. SR. PEER LEADERSHIP RIVERVIEWS RUNNER SADD LATIN CLUB (PRESIDENT) STUDENT SENATE LATIN SCHOLAR KASKASKIA DISTRICT 12 Anne Lutes Angi Maddox Kelly MalsonOF STUDENT COUNCILS WORKSHOP SECRETARY, NEWSLETTER ED SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE SHARON MILLER CHORUS COLOR GUARD CONCERT JAZZ SYMPHONIC BAND CONCERT SWING CHOIR CONCERT ORCHESTRA TAKE-A-SEAT J.E.T.S. FBLA PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM RUNNER LATIN CLUB MARCHING 100 MUSICALS SINGSATIONS RACHELLE MORGAN CONCERT PEP SYMPHONIC BAND COUNSELOR ASSISTANT OFFICE EDUCATION RUNNER MARCHING 100 23 MUSICALS VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA CHRIS NARUP BIOLOGY CLUB J.E.T.S. AHS MUD VOLLEYBALL TEAM STEFANI J. NEILSON RUNNER-ROXANA THESPIANS-ROXANA SPANISH CLUB-ROXANA STAGE STRUCK STARS-ROXANA HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-ROXANA HEATHER A. NICHOLSON ACTIVITIES BOARD COMMERCIAL ART CLUB JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUADS REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE CHRISTOPHER NORMAN CONCERT JAZZ PEP SYMPHONIC BAND MARCHING 100 23 BASEBALL RUNNER MARY BETH NORMAN ACTIVITIES BOARD DREAM GIRL CANDIDATE HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SPANISH CLUB SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER TENNIS TEAM DAVID NORRIS CHORUS RUNNER MUSICALS DECA SHALON NORTHERN ACTIVITIES BOARD ADVANCED CHORUS CHORUS VARSITY CHEERLEADER POM PON GIRL TRACK TEAM POWDER PUFF SQUAD SR. INTERIOR DECORATING SNOW QUEEN JONICA OLIVER BIBLE CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB BASKETBALL AMANDA OULSON COUNSELOR ASSISTANT DREAM GIRL CANDIDATE GERMAN CLUB HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER TATLER STAFF VARSITY CHEERLEADER SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE KAREN PACE POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. CHORUS TATLER STAFF Cassandra Martein Jenny Masters Lisa Maxon Kelly McCollum Shelly McDonald Nicole McGowan C.J. Meyers Lisa Miller Sharon Miller Jeffrey Minzer Jack Monroe Rachelle Morgan Michael Morrissey Chris Narup Heather Nicholson Cathy Norman Mary Beth Norman David Norris 13Shalon Northern Amanda Oulson LJ if 1 V Karen Pace John Pfeifer Michelle Phillips Virna Pizzichillo Miguel Raya Lisa Rhoades Joe Poole Lisa Ramsey f Adrienne Reed Jasson Rendleman Ray Ridenour Jerry Riggs Tracey Robertson Leigh Ruble Dan Schmisseur Theresa Scott INTERIOR DECORATING (PRESIDENT) JOHN PFEIFER FOOTBALL RUNNER SUPER WELDERS (PRESIDENT) VOCATIONAL WELDING CLUB (VICE-PRESIDENT) BRAD PHILLIPS GOLF J.E.T.S. BASKETBALL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PIT ORCHESTRA SYMPHONIC BAND SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA TENNIS TEAM SCHOLAR BOWL JOSEPH POOLE GOLF SADD SPANISH CLUB CHUCK PUENT BASEBALL GOLF REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER TARA RABY CHORUS COLOR GUARD JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUADS MARCHING 100 REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER TROUBADORS JASSON L. RENDLEMAN CONCERT BAND EXCHANGE STUDENT GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. MARY REYNOLDS PEER LEADERSHIP RUNNER SADD LISA D. RHOADES FBLA LATIN CLUB POM PON GIRL SPANISH CLUB VARSITY CHEERLEADER SCOTT ROBERTSON CONCERT SYMPHONIC BAND MARCHING 100 SUPER WELDERS VOCATIONAL WELDING CLUB VOCATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING CLUB JENNIFER ROETTCERS JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD CHEERLEADER SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE VARSITY SOFTBALL LEIGH RUBLE CHORUS RUNNER INTERIOR DECORATING CHILD CARE CLUB DAN SCHMISSEUR BIOLOGY CLUB BOY S STATE GOLF J.E.T.S. BASKETBALL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PEP SYMPHONIC BAND PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM MARCHING 23 100 CENTURY III LEADERSHIP AWARD TATLER STAFF BASEBALL SCHOLAR BOWL (CAPTAIN) WORLD AFFAIRS SEMINAR LAURIE SCHNEIDER CHILD CARE CLUB THERESA SCOTT CONCERT SYMPHONIC BAND JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUADS POM PON SQUAD RUNNER MARCHING 100 23 TRACK TEAM MONA SHELBY CHORUS FOOD PREPARATION MUSICALS SINGSATIONS CHILD CARE CLUB SHERMAN SKINNER BASKETBALL •' 4 DREAM GUY CANDIDATEFOOTBALL HOMECOMING KING JUNIOR AND SENIOR POWDER PUFF COACH TRACK TEAM CHARLES E. SMITH FOOD PREPARATION CHARLES W. SMITH TENNIS KYLE STEINER ACTIVITIES BOARD (PRESIDENT) HOMECOMING KING CANDIDATE J.E.T.S. VARSITY FOOTBALL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY RUNNER TRACK TEAM VARSITY BASEBALL STUDENT SENATE SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT AHS MUD VOLLEYBALL TEAM DAR CANDIDATE JODIE STEWART ACTIVITIES BOARD DREAM GIRL CANDIDATE GERMAN CLUB HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD RUNNER REDBIRD WORD STAFF SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE MARSHA STICE KIM STORMER CHORUS SADD INTERIOR DECORATING CHILD CARE CLUB CRAIG SUN GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM TENNIS TODD TATNALL MARCHING 100 23 RUNNER SYMPHONIC BAND KEVIN TRIMM BUILDING TRADES CLUB KATHERINA TUTOKY BIOLOGY CLUB CONCERT PIT SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA GERMAN CLUB HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE JETS JUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD PRESIDENTAL CLASSROOM STUDENT SENATE NATIONAL YOUTH CITIZENSHIP SEMINAR SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATE ODETTA VANZANDT GOSPEL CHOIR RUNNER DECA AMY S. VENLET PEER LEADERSHIP INTERIOR DECORATING MICHAEL G. VETTER ADVANCED CHORUS CONCERT CHOIR SPANISH CLUB CHORUS RUNNER MUSICALS SWING CHOIR THESPIANS TROUBADORS SINGSATIONS DEAN VOUMARD BASEBALL CONCERT PEP JAZZ SYMPHONIC BAND CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM REDBIRD WORD STAFF RUNNER MARCHING 23 LESLIE WARR POWDER PUFF SQUAD JR. SR. BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FOOD PREPARATION CHORUS RUNNER TRACK TEAM CHILD CARE CLUB LORI WEDDING COLOR GUARD REDBIRD WORD STAFF Brent Stiritz Todd Tatnall Trina Button ■ Joi Terry Desira Thomas Teresa Toussaint Charles Tuey Kate Tutoky Amy Venlet Sara Voumard 15Stephanie Watson 1 ' • • I Steve and Darren Watt Lisa Whitehead Karin Whitten Donnell Williams Royce Williams David and Dana Wilson Corey Woods Debrah Woods Tracy Yost Ronda Zykam RIVERVIEWS LATIN CLUB MARCHING 100 23 LATIN SCHOLAR THESPIANS LATIN CLUB PRESIDENT RIFLE LINE (COCAPTAIN) FUTURE PYSCHOPATHS OF AMERICA MATT WEIRICH DECA SANDRA D. WEST AARON WHALEN GOLF J.E.T.S. RUNNER SADD SPANISH CLUB MODEL UNITED NATIONS FOOD PRODUCTION CLUB DAVID WILSON OCTAGONS PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM RUNNER VARSITY FOOTBALL JULIE WILSON DECA MUSICALS PEER LEADERSHIP REDBIRD WORD STAFF SENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD SPANISH CLUB ROSS WILSON COMMERCIAL ART CLUB TRACK TEAM VOCATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING CLUB SHELLY WITT FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA VOC. INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA ANISSA WOMACK FOOD PREPARATION RUNNER CHILD CARE CLUB DEBBIE WOODS GERMAN CLUB RUNNER TENNIS TEAM TRACK TEAM VARSITY SOFTBALL VOC. INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA SHERRIE WRIGHT FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA TRACY L. YOST FOOD PREPARATION ROBIN ZIMMERMAN CONCERT SYMPHONIC BAND PEP BAND REDBIRD WORD SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA MARCHING 100 23 ERIC ZYUNG ACTIVITIES BOARD GERMAN CLUB J.E.T.S. MINORITY EXCELLENCE RUNNER TRACK TEAM VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY SOCCER 16Missy Abel Jennifer Albrecht Lisa Atchison Lindsay Barth Wendy Adams Michael Augustus Jeff Bartlett Steven Aimone Tim Bauer Kevin Bay ley Jana Beane 17 Thomas Bearce Leon Beard Billie Beacot Julie Belchik Tia BellHey, Lucas, where's your spirit?! Kathy Bessler Jerry Bland Bridget Blackledge Larry Bland Brian Boedeker Becky Bolfing Kim Boren Treena Boren Lori Blackwood Rebekka Blaske Marissa Bottens Missie Bowman Ruth Anne Brown 18 Katrina Brunaugh Liz Buck Tracey Buckner Mark Buettner Stephanie BuhsKelly Bull Sara Bumbacher Donna Burger James Burnett Adrian Burton Rodney Caffey Jim Caffrey Matthew Card Marie Carver Stacy Caselton Matt Castelli Bonnie Cenatiempo 19 David Chapman Shelly Chapman Jason Christians Briana Churchich Jon ClarkSenioritis It's that time of year again, the one parents hate and underclassmen look forward to. Senioritis has struck at Alton High and most Seniors have it, if only a mild case. Senioritis has four different stages, and is usually limited to Seniors, but it can also break down the immunity of others. In the beginning of the school year, Seniors calmly accept the fact that they must attend school. They live for weekends and parties. This stage usually lasts until Christmas vacation. After returning from Christmas vacation, the disease becomes chronic. The year seems everlasting, and most Seniors become bored with their everyday routine. When Spring break nears, Seniors forget the whole idea of paying attention, homework, and studying. They would rather dream about Spring break and parties. After Spring break, the disease is now terminal. In the last week, many Seniors have literally lost control and have exploded!!!!! The only cure for the dreaded disease is graduation and then it is passed on to the next class. Bruce Claxton Jim Cochran Jennifer Clayton Angela Cole Michele Collet Amy Cook Brad Cooper James Cooperrider Dan Cope Jacqueline Covington Amy Culiberk William Curtis Matt Darr Tana Davidson James Davis 20Andrea Dralle David Droste Gina Duckworth Marisa Duda Ricky Dunse 21 Tammy Dunse Loran Dyson David Eastman Sarah Eccles Terra EldridgeDon Elik Alvin Elliot Annetta Ellison Trudy Estelle Penny Felton Damita Fielding Julie Fleming Lori Fleming Randy Fleming Nate Folwell Terry Forrest 22 r i Ann Freeman Danny Fritz Murray Fryman Mary Hendricks and Jenny Masters Amy Gehrke until im Nathan Gholston Scott Giberson Tom Gilbert Dionne Gilchrest Damion Gilligan Bridget Gillom James Gilmore Lainie Gineris Kris Glenn 23 Angela Goldkamp Howard Gooden Aaron Goodrich Matt Gorline Robbie GottlobTraci Halverson Linda Hamby Sonya Hamel David Hamlin Leslie Hampton 24Christopher Hansen Houston Hardimon Steve Harp Charles Harris Lance Harris Nicole Harris Robert Wayne Harris Tad Hart Thad Hartman Mayana Haverinen Deneen Henderson Mary Hendricks Kelly Henkhaus Marcus Hickman Beth Higgins 25Jason Hillary Elizabeth Hoechst Darla Hooks Derrick Howard Julie Howell Dale Hubbard Francine Jackson Sarah Jehle Sonya Jennings Heather Johnson 26 Cassandra Jolliff Amy Jones Todd Jorgensen Michelle Jutting Lori KanturekChristy Keith Nancy Kelly Jon Kenney Eddie Kenshalo Ramona Kerkemeyer Laura King Jason Langer Tony Langford Eric Larson Astrid Kritzler Bill Klinke Clarence Lawrence David Laux Stacy Lcavell Melissa Ledford Rodney Leggett Konstantinos Lekkas Kelly Lenhardt Jack Leonard Pam Lewis Tricia Lewis 27Scott Liley Cassandra Martien Jennifer Masters Tina Mathis Lisa Maxon Steve Lowe Wendy Maher Cindy Marshall Glen McAfoos 28Myles McCahill Kelly McCollum Shelly McDonald Christina Means Rory Meeden Donna Menke Kathy Messerle Robert Mclntire Byron Mike Aaron Miller Lisa Miller Sharon Miller Tenise Miller Jon Milligan Bret Mills Jeff Minzer Toby Mitchell Jack Monroe Chris Montgomery 29Ray Morales Rachelle Morgan Chris Narup Ruth Neely Heather Nicholson Rhett Nischwitz Bruce Nolan Cathy Norman Christopher Norman Mary Beth Norman David Norris V Shalon Northern Matt O'Hair Jonica Oliver Colleen Oiler Amanda Oulson Karen Pace 30r Sarah Rathgeb Miguel Raya Ricky Rea DeAnn Peuterbaugh John Pfeifer Virna Pizzichillo Ricky Plumb Scott Rainey Lisa RamseySarah Reinhardt Jasson Rendleman Mary Reynolds Tammy Reynolds Lisa Rhoades Tony Richards 32 Dan Schmisseur Laurie Schneider Darrell Schroeder Betsy Schudel Andrew SchulteKataka Shelton Jason Shobe Weerapat Siddhiteja Doug Simpson Craig Sisk Sherman Skinner Chuck Smith Deverick Spraggins Susan Snook Kyle Steiner Lori Snyders Earline R. Stewart John Sokolowski Mark Sowders 33 Jodie Stewart Ruth StewartMarsha Stice Nick Stillwell Brent Stiritz Kim Stormer Michael Stutz Erika Sullivan $ L. Brian Summers Patricia Sumner Craig Sun Jay Sundberg Trina Sutton Mary Swarringin Lonnie Tate Todd Tatnall Joe Taylor 34 Joi Terry Angela Thaxton Sandra Thieme Debbie Thomas Desira ThomasDonna Thomas Charles Tuey Amy Venlet Sara Voumard James Thurow Kate Tutoky Trung To Chris Tomlin Teresa Toussaint 1 m Victor Urbonas Odetta VanZandt Adrian Vassar r Mike Vetter Coral Volland Jeff Voss Dean Voumard Michelle Wakeford Kelly McCollum and Todd Ely 35 Rodney Walls Jessica Walters Kendra WaltersLeslie Warr Stephen Watt Bryan Washington Jana Washington Stephanie Watson Darren Watt Tim Westbrook Jim Wilkinson Donnell Williams Aaron Whalen Shondolyn Wheeler Lisa Whitehead Karin Whitten 36 David Wilson Julie Wilson Ross Wilson Shelly Witt Aimee WolffNot Pictured Jason Adkins Russell Armstead Charles Armsterd Michael Augustus Leigh Ballinger Brian Barnett Michael Barnett Curtis Bartholomew Robert Beloit Johnny Boomershine Timothy Bott Richard Brakeville Wanda Brown Carolyn Carter Carolyn Chontofalsky Lisa Connors Jerri Connour Christopher Corethers James Cox Gregory Crull Stacy Cunningham Jerad Dabbs Mark Davey Irene Davis Tyrone Davis Gary Dean Tammera Ditterline Todd Elder James Evans James Ewing John Ewing Tina Ewing David Finch Kelly Fisher Heather Funkhouser Tracey Gallup Jeffrey Gegg Jesse Getter Sharon Gillespie Talena Gillespie Talesi Gilmore Robert Goss Christopher Grammer Andrew Gratton Jacqualine Graves Jerome Gray Michael Green Larry Hall Robin Hamilton Patrick Hand Daryl Hardimon David Harris Patricia Harrison Donald Hebblethwaite Larry Heinemeier Dale Hendricks Scott Hendricks Leeann Henley Antionette Hobbs Marcela Hofman Robert Holcomb Thomas Holland Ronald Holliday Kenneth Holloway Melissa Hunt Angela Huntsman Erik Igo Scott Jenkins Allen Johnson Leslie Johnson Richard Jones Wilbur Kaiser Philip Kleffner Matthew Klopfer Kimberly Knoche Harold Korte John Koshinski James Leady Otis Lewis Ronald Little Sarah Lowe Kristen Lunceford Shane Malley Rusty Mansker Duonne Martin Derek McCormick Angela McDonough Nicole McGowan Kim Meletti Tracie Mendenhall Charles Meyers Judith Michelmann Robert Mike Michael Monroe William Moore Luke Morgenroth Scott Mugge Stefani Nelson Robert Oettle Lori Ottwell John Pace Shannon Parks Benjamin Pate Sam Perkins Zachary Peters Allen Pierson Kyranett Pinn Daniel Robertson Eric Rogers Darren Ross Michael Rushing Tammy Scoggins Timothy Scott Lisa Searles Victor Seward Terry Shaw Edward Shelby Dwayne Sherer Charles Smith Darue Smith David Smith Ernest Smith Jerome Smith Ozell Smith Darald Stafstrom Angela Stockard Darren Swanson Angela Tankersley Matthew Taul Donna Taylor Gregory Taylor Tommie Taylor Erica Terrell Matthew Thompson Kevin Trimm Dylan Vaughn Todd Wallace Lynn Walter Melinda Walter Sandra West Tyrone Whitehorn Matthew Whyte James Wise Bette Wohlgemuth Anissa Womack Regina Womack Melinda Wooff David Zimmerman Robin Zimmerman 37ACTIVITIES BOARD Wendy Adams, Heather Aldridge, Elaine Ambromovich, Dawn Bearce, Janet Beatty, Kathy Bessler, Drew Bilsbury, Marie Clemente, Amy Cook, Meg Davey, Shannon Dean, Allysa Embry, Tanya Feidler, Jennifer Georgewitz, Sara Gibson, Jennifer Guloutta, Chris Gunning, Deneen Henderson, Francine Jackson, Amy Jones, Carla Kirn, Jill Kramer, Jennifer Kuebrich, Carey Lindsay, Tara Meeden, Jack Monroe, Shalon Northern, Buffy Osborne, Nikki Parrino, Tammy Pruitt, Jenny Rankin, Blythe Ridder, Jeannifer Sichra, Jeff Simcox, Anissa Sisk, Suzanne Slaughter, Carrie Snyders, Kyle Steiner, Carrie Stewart, Carrie Sumpter, Jennifer Thompson, Lisa Tucker, Allison VonKoten, Amy Weidenhoefer, Advisor-Larry Thompson STUDENT SENATE Jennifer Batchelor, Angela Berkel, Janelle Berry, Kim Boren, Stephanie Buhs, Kelly Bull, Carrie Carpenter, Briana Churchich, Jodi Cook, Mark Davey, Nat Diaz, Charles Deutch, Tiffany Dykeman, Kristen Ealey, Sarah Eccles, David Edwards, Penny Felton, Julie Fleming, John Frame, Melissa Garret, Marjaana Haverinen, Mary Hendricks, Jennifer Hubbard, Lori Imming, Cassandra Jolliff, Kasey Kline, Ketra Kuenhel, Krista Kuhn, Stacy Leavell, J.B. Liebheit, Jenny Masters, Jason Miller, Lisa Miller, Stacey Mondy, Carrie Owczarzak, Jennifer Perica, Betsy Schudel, Rhonda Scifres, Kim Sherfy, Lori Stewart, Tracey Thomas, Lori Weirich, Tammy Wooff, Advisor-John KlineNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Ramona Kerkemeyer, Michelle Phillips, Cassandra Martien, Briana Churchich, Tia Bell, Lauren Burton, Michelle Greisemer, Todd Schumacher. Row 2: Jim Caffery, Craig Sun, David Eastman, Amy Cook, Terry Croxford, Chris Markel, Charles Tuey, Pam Lewis, Michelle Jutting, Barb Hicks (Advisor). Row 3: Rory Meeden, Brian Weber, Rhonda Zykan, Brad Phillips, Darren Watt, Dan Schmisseur, Leslie Hampton, Stacy Leavell, Chris Hansen, Kosta Lekkas, Kyle Steiner. THESPIANS Row 1: Brian Keith, Mary Ann Greenwood, Cliff Davenport. Row 2: Monica Radcliff, Anissa Sisk, Amy Gibson. Row 3: Mike Nolan, Kelly Bull, Carla Hokenson. Row 4: Chris Edwards, Phillip McFarlane. Row 5: Doug Simpson, Nate Folwell, Gennifer Burjess.THE MARCHING 100 Front Row (Left to Right): Kerri Willmore, Julie Attebery, Lori Kanturek, Angi Maddox, Amber Price, Monica Radcliff. Row 2: Matt Henry, Dennis Gildersleeve, Danny Gore, Jack Leonard, Genifer Burjes, Marissa Bottens, Laura Ortman, Dawn Weber, Blake Fleming, John Ridder, Chris Link, Melissa Cox, John Rulo, Greg Bierbaum, Loran Dyson. Row 3: Kimbra Mezo, Jennifer Loflin, Stacy Bramhall, Sarah Wyatt, Amy Doucleff, Steve Williams, Shondolyn Wheeler, Crystal Lawson, Wi Laohavanich, Samantha Schoeffel, Tia Bell, Darryl Blair. Row 4: Susan Nimmo, Cheryl Gooden, Cindy Wyatt, Kristi Halverson, Claire Sun, Theresa Scott, Cindy Howell, Trisha Diserens, Sara Bumbacher, Beth White, Shane Riley, Carla Hokenson, Ann Freeman, Pam Lewis, Rachel Celia, Barb Ruckman, Amy Walter, Karen Churchman. Row 5: Mike Gagliardo, Joe Taylor, Steve Schoeffel, Christina Kidwell, Jason Lewis, Mike Young, Tim Eagleton, Bill Brooks, Tim Malson, Jim Lavelle, Jason Boren, Eric Ortman, Richard Velloff, Carol Bryant, Howie Gooden, Josh Ruedin, Alex Kanturek, Matt Steele, Nicole Boehler, Carrie Mathewson, Robin Peterson, Buffy Osborne, Diana Miller, Stacy Mondy. Row 6: Bill Hartley, Marc Adams, Darren Eccles, Chris Norman, Melissa Hartley, Katie Medder, Andy Schubert, Robin Zimmerman, Scot Smelser, Jim Wilkinson, Lindsay Barth, J.D. Wilson, Cory Mclntire, Joi Terry, Paul Gitchoff, Nate Folwell, Brad Mettler, Allison Harper, Jay Cates, Allen Reyne. Row 7: Julie Bregenzer, Jennifer Jones, Mone Taylor, Jenni Harris, Carrie Mathewson, Sarah Schmidt, Jennifer Cox, Jennifer Tuey, Jodie Baumann, Becky Walters, Aletha Edwards, Karmen Rulo, Sheila Gray, Buffy Greenwood, Lisa Hayes, Dawn Rulo, Nikki Ballhurst, Keena Hubbard, Kelley Stevenson, Jennifer Adney.Dnuvv Front Row (Left to Right): Janet Beatty, Kasey Cline, Mony Taylor, Jennifer Hughey. Row 2: Mike Goeken, Sharon Miller, Jennifer Murray, Sonya Jennings, Wayne Casey. Row 3: Tiffany Schneider, Terri Corona, Carrie Spring- er, Maryann Greenwood, Lori Rider, Jennifer Duncan. Row 4: Mike Nolan, Luis Saravia, Jason Cox, Jerry Bland, Jerry Berkel. Row 5: Paul Wallace, Kevin Hand, Daman Cates, Mike Vetter, Chris Edwards. VOLLEYBALL Front Row (Left to Right): Damita Fielding, Kristine Angello, Raquel Raya, Kim Sherfy, Kathy Nance, Mary Jo Nevins. Row 2: Deneen Henderson. Jeannie Minzer, Jalyn Ziegler, Diana Constantino, Tammy Wooff, Jennifer Cloninger, Kathy Wagner. Row 3: Coach Whitner, Angela Gold-kamp, Elizabeth Cloninger, Dana Wilson, Earlene Stewart, Keysa Truell, Sondra Thieme, Kelly Britt, Nancy Korte, Coach Pitts. Not Pictured: Ketra Kuehnel, Tammy Stoeckel, Valerie Vinyard.SOFTBALL Seated (Left to Right): Jennifer Roettgers, Jennifer Mcllwaine, Christina Malson, Sara Rathgeb, Kelly Brown. Not Pictured: Coach Batty, Nikki Har-Kidwell, Shannon McFarlane, Cathy Mans, Valerie Vinyard, Kelly Britt, ris, Ann Ingersol. Row 2: Coach Kelly, Julie Fleming, Nancy Korte, Jenny Masters, Kelly VARSITY BASEBALL Seated (Left to Right): Mike Lemons, Joe Twichell, Mike Lewis, Mike Mar-onie, Eric Zyung, Lance Harris. Row 2: Wayne Harris, Mike Milligan, Robby Macias, Alan Scroggins, Scott Hall, Scott Kennedy. Row 3: Coach Munson, Chris Markel, Bryan Clark, Kyle Steiner, Jerome Moore, Chris Doucleff, Dan Schmisseur, Chris Crammer, Coach Macias. Not Pictured: Chris Doucleff.BOYS TRACK Front Row (Left to Right): Chris Hansen, Eric Dancy, Leon Beard, Amy Hughes (Mgr.), Dennis Edwards, Scott Snyder. Row 2: Lamondue White, Dorynell Thompson, Dan Harrigan, Jason Christian, Mike Gunning, Kosta Lekkas, Drew Bilsbury, Todd Salzman, Ron Scott, Jerry Lewis, Dan Fritz, Mike Velloff, Waide Neal, Mike Vartanian, John Ewing. Row 3: Coach Mitchell, Terry Winston, Jesse Brown, Terry Reams, Ray Barnes, Greg Cross, Tony Cross, Maurice Manley, Curtis Warlick, Nathan Gholston, Donnell Williams, Ken Smith, Ron Schneider, Cory Jones, John Shelby. Row 4: Coach Diddlebock, Joe Martin, Mike Bolling. Charles Williams, Chuck Jones, Mario Harris, Brian Generally, Loren Dyson, Tom Travis, Jeff Voss, Bill Williams, Mike Effinger, Colten Steiner, Dave Gilkison, Chris Edwards. Row 5: Roger Lyons, Tim Reams, Joe Musgrow, Eric Warren, Al Womack, Eric Burnett, Jason Sydnor, Myron Hickman. GIRLS TRACK Front Row (Left to Right): G. Lawrence, L. Johnson, R. Brown, D. Fielding, T. Gooden, B. Kyle, D. Koontz Row 4: Coach Wright, N. McElroy, D. Jenkins, Bell, R. Brown. Row 2: A. Hughs, J. Morgan, F. Scott, L. Scott, J. Lewis, S. E. Stewart. Not Pictured: Coach Pitts, Coach Whitner, Tara Meeden. Page. Row 3: S. Kayser, A. Shaw, K. Martin, D. Gilchrest, A. Reed, C.GOLF o Front Row (Left to Right): Julie Hughey, Tracy Thomas, Louise Bowles, Carrie Carpenter. Row 2: Chad Randall, Chris Kanturek, Jason Fleming, Jim Fleming, Jim Davis. Row 3: Jason Herter, Dan Schmisseur, Brad Tiemann, Brad Phillips, John Giertz, Coach Overath. VARSITY. SOCCER Front Row (Left to Right): Mark Haynes, Terry Embry. Row 2: Mike Stutz, Ray Morales, Matt Darr, Aaron Eickoff, Shawn Pohlman, Jimmy Rig-don, Jim Johnson, Eric Zyung. Row 3: Sara Vou-mard (Mgr.), Coach Gentelin, David Eastman, Denny Fish, Scott Hicks, Mike Lucas, Chris Montgomery, Otis Lewis, Mike Retzer, Brian Mossman, Amy Dillinger (Mgr.)FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS A A Si Seated (Left to Right): Jennifer Hughey, Ann Lutes, Wendy Adams, Meg Davey, Latashia LeFlore. Standing: Rebecca Stanley, Jennifer Roettgers, Melinda McAfoos, Sue Kercher. VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row (Left to Right): Eric Burhett, Vernon Davis, Greg Cross, Byron Mike, Leon Beard, Deverick Spraggins, Joe Vann, Jayson Sydnor, Lonnie Hinton (Mgr.). Row 2: John Ewing, Sherman Skinner, Rico Gipson, David Wilson, Rodney Caffey, Jason Armstead, Wilbur Kaiser, Rico Perry, Jimmy Wilson, Coach Mitchell. Row 3: Coach Corona, Bill Williams, Rodney Rag-lin, Ernest Smith, Alferd Womack, Kyle Steiner, Robert Mike, James Cochran, Todd Jorgensen, William Westfall, Robert Holcomb. Coach James.HOMECOMING FANS Homecoming week is one of the most active weeks of the school year. Students are busy preparing for the last home football game, decorating for the dance, deciding who to nominate for King and Queen, and flirting their hearts out with the hope of getting a last minute date for the dance. To add to the fun, the Activities Board organizes special daily activities for each day of the week. This year the activities were: Monday, Sucker day; Tuesday, College sweatshirt day; Wednesday, Class color day; Thursday, Hawaiian day; Friday, Red and gray day. Top: Loyal Redbird fans cheer their team on to victory. Middle left: Alton cheerleaders proudly hold the sign made for the game. Middle right: Number 51, Alfred Womack, and teammates in action. Bottom left: Cheerleaders anticipate a Homecoming victory. Bottom center: Kate Tutoky is all Bottom right: Senior, Cindi Maher, takes a carload of fans to the smiles as she takes part in the parade. game. 46ROCK THE STANDS The pep assembly was held on Friday, Oct. 2, in the auditorium. Cheerleaders opened the assembly by performing a dance to "Control", which was choreographed by Meg Davey, captain of the squad. The football players and Homecoming candidates were introduced and the Marching 100 played the school song. At the close of the assembly the football players also performed. The assembly helped bring a large crowd to the game. 1137-88 JOilE jpEVART Top left: Cheerleaders prepare students and players for the game. Top right: Denise Deeder takes the traditional ride around the track. Middle left: Cassandra Jolliff catches the spirit at the pep assembly. Middle right: Betsy Schudel, David Eastman, and Jason Shobe show their support. The pit was alive with the sound of horns and enthusiastic Redbird fans. Students decorated their cars with balloons, streamers, and signs and met in the pit before the game. The cars led a parade to the stadium, where, with the help of touchdowns by Sherman Skinner and Wilbur Kaiser, the Redbirds won 14-9. Bottom left: Smile Jodie, it's not that bad. Bottom top right: The football players are introduced during the assembly. Bottom right: Fans gather for pre-game parade. 47HAR VEST MOON Damita Fielding and Sherman Skinner, seniors, were crowned Queen and King at the 1987-88 Homecoming Dance. The coronation took place at 10:00. The band, "Cagney", and D. J., "Dem Boys," provided the music for the dance. The Homecoming candidates were Liz Buck, Denise Deeder, Damita Fielding, Mary Beth Norman, Amanda Oulson, Jodie Stewart, Kate Tutoky, Matt Castelli, Matt Darr, Mark Davey, Mark Haynes, Jimmie Johnson, Sherman Skinner, and Kyle Steiner. Top Right: Homecoming Queen and King, Damita Fielding and Sherman Skinner. Top Left: Homecoming candidates Matt Darr and Jodie Stewart 48HOMECOMING KING A 50 Mark DaveyND QUEEN CANDIDATES Denise Deeder Elizabeth Buck Mary Beth Norman Damita Fielding Amanda Oulson Kate Tutoky 51 Jodie StewartBACK TO SCHOOL DANCE The Back to School Dance was held on Saturday, September 26. People came in between the hours of 8 and 11 p.m. to hear the exciting new band, "Palace ' Top Left: What'd you say?! Top Right: Yes, we're jammin ! 53POWDER PUFF SENIORS SENIOR COACHES AND CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS: Matt Darr, Mark Davey, David Eastman, Nate Folwell, Howie Gooden, Mark Haynes, Bill Klinke, Kosta Lekkas, Mike Milligan, Jason Shobe, Darren Watt COACHES: Leon Beard, Dennis Brown, Rodney Caffey, Rob Holcomb, Sherman Skinner-Head Coach, Deverick Spraggins, David Wilson SENIOR PL AYERS Tia Bell, Becky Blaske, Paula Brooks, Ruth Ann Brown, Lauren Burton, Dominique Cannon, Shelly Chapman, Briana Churchich, Michele Collet, Amy Dillinger, Penny Felton, Damita Fielding, Regina Gribble, Robin Hamilton, Marjanna Haverinen, Deneen Henderson, Amy Hughes, Cassandra Jolliff, Pam Lewis, Cassandra Martien, Kelly McCollum, Tinise Miller, Shalon Northern, Jonica Oliver, Shanon Parks, Betsy Schudel, Theresa Scott, Earline Stewart, Trina Sutton, Donna Thomas, Desira Thomas, Kendra Walters, Shondolyn Wheeler, Dana Wilson 54POWDER PUFF JUNIORS Junior Coaches And Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS: Drew Bilsbury, John Giertz, Jason Herter, Scott Hicks, Dan Jaccobitti, Lance Johnson, Phil McFarlane, Chad Randall, Jim Tchoukaleff, Brad Tiemann COACHES: Jason Armstead, Kaury Clanton, Greg Cross-Head Coach, Vernon Davis, William Westphall, Shanon Williams Junior Players Elaine Abromivich, Heather Aldridge, Delcina Angelo, Amy Autenrieth, LaShawna Baily, Betsy Blaske, Tabetha Broomfild, Becky Buhs. Amanda Card, Karen Churchman, Diana Constantino, Meg Davey, Delveena Davis, Kris Dilley, Vicki Dodson, Laura Dona, Kristin Ealey, Aletha Edwards, Alison Elliot, Jennifer Fritz, Linda Garner, Jennifer Georgewitz, Nancy Gonzales, Mikki Grey, Jenifer Gulotta, Rachel Hartman, Jenifer Hughey, Michele Kasten, Jenny Keeley, Christina Kidwell, Christa Kuhn, Latasha Leflore, Gina Level, Kim Marshall, Meme McAfoos, Heather Meyer, Cathy Miller, Rachel Moore, Liz Mottaz, Carrie Owczarzak, Kendalla Pearson, Jeannie Peipert, Martha Phillips. Monica Radcliff, Kyla Reynolds, Felica Sanders, Susan Schrimpf, Rhonda Scifres, Anissa Sisk, Twandalyon Slack, Markeitra Stampley, Becki Stanley. Suzanne Talbert, Keysa Truell, Valerie Vinyard, Sylvonne Warr, Amy Walter, Yvonna Washington, Joanne White, Tracy White, Laura Vhyte Gn Viegand AmyYost 55POWDER PUFF GAME Tia Bell runs the ball. (Below) Jeff Yates, Tammy Pruitt, and Christa Kuhn watching the game. It was Monday, October 12,1987. And the senior Powder Puff squad found themselves at Alton Public School Stadium to play football against the juniors. This was a game they knew next to nothing about, save what basics the inspiring senior coaches could teach in a short couple of weeks. The "basics" included plays with memorable names such as Dennis, Cosby, David, Leon, and L.L. The first half passed quickly, and at halftime the two squads were scoreless. The second half seemed to go even faster. The seniors racked up points as the clock ticked down. When the slaughter was all over, the score stood at SENIORS, 28-Juniors, 0. As the juniors crawled home, in shame, with the sore muscles that come from rough defeat, the seniors went on to celebrations with the thrill of victory that makes hours of hard work all worthwhile. 56MASQUERADE DANCE Alton High's very first Masquerade Dance was held on Saturday October 24. The D.J.'s were Kyle Kennedy and "Dem Boys." Music blared through the thick smoke and spooky costumes while people danced. I got you now! Help! I'm bleeding! Yeah, we're bad! 57FALL BLOOD DRIVE '87 Don't Be A Drip, Give A Drop! Top Right: Jennifer Masters, Lisa Miller, Betsy Shudel dress up for the blood drive. Top Left: Cory Mclntire calmly reads a book while giving blood. Bottom Left: Lori Wedding grimaces while giving blood. Bottom Right: Dean Voumard experiences giving blood. 58A REWARDING EXPERIENCE The annual Fall Blood Drive was held on Tuesday, November 27. Our goal was 125 pints of blood. We received 180 pints. It was another successful blood drive for the Red Cross, sponsored by the Student Senate. Senate members who helped out at the blood drive dressed up in costumes for the Halloween theme. Remember, "Don't be a drip, give a drop!" Top Left: Jay Lipe doesn't lose his sense of humor while giving blood. Bottom Right: Amanda Oulson and Jennifer Clayton recooperate after giving blood. 59The 2nd Annual Easter Seals Trike Race TRICYCLE RACE On May 16, 1987, Alton High students joined forces to raise money for the Easte Seals Society. French Club, Latin Club, German Club, Student Senate, Student Activities Board, National Honor Society, and JETS competed, along with one team not affiliated with a club. The race earned $300.00 dollars for this fund. The winning teams were JETS (1st), NHS (2nd), and Student Senate (3rd). Chairperson Betsy Schudel was excited about the turnout and looked forward to making the trike race an annual event. 60B.I.O.N.I.C. Week B.I.O.N.I.C. WEEK "Believe It or Not I Care” Week at Alton High School took place November 16-20 this year. Among the week's activities were lunchtime competitions, Teacher Appreciation Day, School Spirit Day, and BIONIC Balloon Grams. The highlight of the week was the assembly sponsored by Student Council. Council members worked together to form an all school committee called PRIDE — Please Rid Inconsiderate Destruction Of Our Environment. The committee members worked with Principal Tom Thompson and concerned area businessman Mr. Roland DeGregorio, owner of the Alton Pasta House Company, to promote student awareness in this successful anti-litter campaign. 611987 SNOW QUEEN 62 Jenny Masters with escort Jeff Simcox Elizabeth Buck with escort Martin Johnes Rhonda Scifres with escort Lance Witcher Yvonna Washington with escort Deverick Sprag- Tiffany Dykeman with escort James Cartwright Tracy Thomas with escort Brett HallAND CANDIDATES The 1987 Christmas Dance, Winter Wonderland, was held December 12 in the cafeteria. The dance began at 8:00 and ended at 11:00, coronation being at 10:00. The candidates for the 1987 Snow Queen were: Seniors: Jenny Masters, Kate Tutoky, Penny Felton, Elizabeth Buck, Lisa Miller, juniors; Jeanie Pie-pert, Rhonda Scifres, and Yvonna Washington, sophomores; Jennifer Thompson, Tiffany Dykeman, and Tracy Thomas, freshman; Bethany Bottons, and Blythe Ridder. The Snow Queen for the 1987 school year was ERICKA SMITH. Blythe Ridder with escott John Seibold Bethany Bottons with escort Scott Hall Retiring Snow Queen Shalon Northern with escort David Saunders 63THE 1987 CHRISTMAS DANCE Upper left: What a bummer. Upper right: Don't move and maybe he won't take our picture. Middle left: The band jams! Middle right: It's been a hard day's night Bottom left: I'm not smilin' til I hear some L.L. Cool J.. . . WINTER WONDERLANDBEACH PARTY 66 Beach Party Banzi! Did someone say "goldfish?" "Hey, there's goldfish at this here Beach P r-ty." This year's Beach Party Dance featured a live goldfish pond. Unfortunately, all the goldfish died. Oh well there's always next year!BLACK HISTORY MONTH "Success is never ending, failure is never final." On February 10, Alton High School was fortunate to have as a speaker Yvetter H. Young. She is completing her seventh term in office as a State Representative. She gave a motivating speech about success and failure throughout the Eons of human history. Her speech demonstrated some of the many successes of human civilization such as freedom, democracy, and in her opinion, public schooling. She first decided to run for office when she was attempting to build houses for the poor in East St. Louis, her hometown. The Nixon Administration put a freeze on building and she could not continue her project, so she ran for office to change this. She said that she has been moderately successful in this, however the situation has not been completely remedied, but it is improving. The school was truly enriched by her speech. Right: Clarence Lawrence steals the spotlight during the Black History Month music assembly. Ramon Lacey and Gina Holliday jam during the Black History Month Valentine Dance. Above: Catherine Dunham Dance Company performs for AHS students. Right: D.J. Kevin Woodson from Magic 108 FM gives insight to students interested in communications. 68The Gospel choir is the grand finale of an assembly honoring the Black contribution to music. Left: Terry Winslow speaks to students about the contribution sof Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Below: Penny Felton and others honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Black History Month assembly. 6970Top: Alton High couples enjoy a slow dance. Middle Left: junior, Duonne Martin. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was held on March 24, 1987 in the Alton High cafeteria. This is the dance where the girls ask the guys to the dance. The entertainment was provided by the band Club Zero, and the D.J. Dem Boyz. Mr. Irresistible is also annually crowned at the Sa-die Hawkins Dance. Middle Right: Senior, Jeff Fessler. Above: Sophomore, Chris Edwards and his date. Bottom: The "Brat Pack" 71Mr. Irresistible 87' Right: Senior Kevin Rowe was crowned 1987 Mr. Irresistible. Mr. Irresistible is crowned annually at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Coronation was at 10:00 PM on March 21, 1987. Kevin Rowe was crowned Mr. Irresistible '87; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, he was unable to attend the dance. Because of this, Jeff Mitchell formally accepted this honor in his place. The other candidates were: Seniors- David Middleton, Brad Gentlin; Juniors- Nate Folwell, Matt Darr, and Mark-Todd Reader; Sophomores- John Giertz, Drew Bilsbury, and Chad Randall; Freshmen- Ronnie Hornsey, Blake Fleming, and John Seibold. Senior Candidates Left: David Middleton escorted by Jennifer Mcllwaine Right: Bradley Gentlin escorted by Avonda Medhurst 72Junior Candidates Left- Nate Folwell escorted by Laura Whyte Middle- Matthew Darr escorted by Elizabeth Mottaz Right- Mark-Todd Reader (picture with escort unavailable) Sophomore Candidates Left- John Giertz escorted by Sara Roth Middle- Andrew Bilsbury escorted by Jennifer Thurow Right- Chad Randall (picture with escort unavailable Left- Ronald Hornsey escorted by Kimberly Tanner Middle- Blake Fleming escorted by Lori Imming Right- Jonathon Seibold escorted by Kelly SchildrothNational Honor Society Sponsors Special Olympics At Beverly Farms The National Honor Society, a group of students whose membership is based upon service, character, and leadership, sponsored the annual Special Olympics at Beverly Farms last spring. The National Honor Society entertained the residents in a variety of athletic events, and ended the day with a softball game. Upper left: First at the finish line! Upper Right: Avonda Medhurst looking snappy Middle left: Resident gets first place prize 74 Bottom: Amy Cook and friendNEVER SAY GOOD-BYE Upper left: Lori Wedding with Lindsay Barth Upper right: Shannon Ulrich with Randy Fleming The 1987 Junior Senior Prom was held at the Holiday Inn, May 9th, from 7:30-ll:30pm. The prom's theme was "Never Say Gooa-bye". The music was provided by the popular St. Louis group, the John Bartley Band. This was the third year that the Juniors and Seniors gathered together for their prom. Unlike any of the previous proms Alton High crowned a Dream Guy as well as a Dream Girl. The Dream Guy candidates for the 1987 Prom are as follows: Jim Johnson; Matt Castelli; Mark Haynes; Rhett Nischwitz; Sherman Skinner; and Matt Darr. The 1987 DREAM GUY was NATE FOLWELL The Dream Girl candidates were as follows: Mary Beth Norman; Jodie Stewart; Liz Buck; Denise Deeder; Amanda Oulson; and Marie Clemente. The 1987 DREAM GIRL was TIA BELL Middle Left: Becky Blaske with Matt Raffety Middle Right: Sarah Hauversburk and Jason Herter Lower right: Jack Leonard with Penny Allensworth PROM 1987 75DREAM GUY AND Nate Folwell CANDIDREAM GIRL DATES Jodie Stewart Mary Beth Norman Marie Clemente 7778BOYS' TENNIS '87 Front Row: (left) Craig Sun, Mark Cous-ley, Jeff Simcox, Tom Wohfeil, Jason Miller. Back Row: Matt Gorline. Robert Hall, David Middleton, Chris Inghram, Kris Grabner, Andy Barban, Jim Gillespie, Chuck Smith, Brad Phillips, and Coach Gene Ursprung. (right) Exchange student Fabion Fiejell-ing (far right) Tired after a grueling practice. Matt Gorline, Brad Phillips, Craig Sun, Mark Cousley, and David Middleton relax. Opponents US Them Hazelwood 4 3 Edwardsville 4 3 Wood River 7 0 Roxana 5 0 Cahokia 9 0 Belleville Althoff 1 6 Jerseyville 5 2 Belleville East 1 8 Granite City 5 2 East Side 7 0 Belleville West 0 9 Marquette 6 1 Craig Sun chews on a straw while Chuck Smith and Tom Wohlfeil look on Waiting to receive serve, Jim Gille-before practice. spie adjusts his strings.Coach Ursprung times suicides. Matt Gorline sets up a smashing Brad Phillips after serving another serve. ace. Mark Cousley hits a Winner. mmm V At left, Kris Grabner, Brad Phillips, and Craig Sun in Arlington Heights for State Tournament. The 1987 Boys Tennis team was lead by juniors Craig Sun and Brad Phillips and senior Kris Grabner to an impressive 11 and 3 record. The Belleville schools. East, West, and Althoff, were the only teams to stand in front of these red-hot Redbirds. One highlight of the season was the defeat of cross-town rival Marquette which always fields a determined squad. Craig Sun upset Marquette's number one player in straight sets, 7-6 and 6-2, to lead the Redbirds to victory in a strong home-town showing. Sun, Grabner, and Phillips all earned the right to compete in the state tournament at Arlington Heights. Doubles team Phillips and Grabner won two matches at State to top off an outstanding season. Mark Cousley, Craig Sun, and Brad Phillips get a workout.THE SPRING OF 1986-87 Redbirds Baseball 1986-87 Scorecard Opponent Us Them W Civic Memorial 7 2 L St. Charles 4 9 L Roxana 4 6 L Wood River 4 5 L Belleville East 0 14 L Granite City 1 11 L Collinsville 4 10 W East St. Louis 12 8 L North Green 5 6 W Marquette Tournament 8 4 L Bethalto 1 6 L Marquette 5 15 L Edwardsville 1 12 L Belleville East 0 10 L Belleville West 2 18 L Granite City 1 2 L Jerseyville 0 10 W Collinsville 4 0 L Wood River 3 12 L East St. Louis 0 13 L O'Fallon 3 6 L O'Fallon 2 5 L Belleville West 4 14 L Jerseyville 0 10 Top: Mike Maronie makes a play at second. Bottom Left: Robbie Macias warms up to bat. Bottom Right: Wayne Harris steps up to the plate. varsitySOPH. BASEBALL ! OPPONENT US THEM I Roxana 4 3 | 1 Bethalto 6 6 I Wood River 3 1 ! Belleville East 1 8 I Granite City 0 10 j Marquette 7 9 I Marquette 8 9 1 Collinsville 1 17 East St. Louis 3 8 ! I Belleville West 6 12 1 Edwardsville 11 10 ! Belleville East 0 10 j Belleville West 10 9 Granite City 9 10 Jersey ville 4 9 Collinsville 6 16 East St. Louis 7 10 O'Fallon 0 13 O'Fallon 3 5 Brian Mossman has the spirit. Greg Ruyle making a great effort. The season started out on a high note, but the Redbirds quickly plummeted back to earth after a heart breaking 4th game. After a successful beginning, they lost 8-1 against Belleville East and finally ended the year with a 4-14-1 record. Along with the low points, there were some shattering upsets. The Redbirds beat Ed-wardsville for the first time in three years; a major accomplishment, said Coach Marc Cap-pel. Team managers were Linda Garner and Kathy Elzy. Coach Cappel stated that he used two freshmen as starting pitchers, and was extremely pleased with the results. The major problems were in defense and consistent hitting. Score-wise, it was not exactly a great year for the sophomores. But experience was gained and . . . next year is a whole new ball game. Front Row: John Price, Ronnie Hornsey, Mike Retzer, Gary King, Craig Harris. Second Row: Bryon Mouser, James Hatcher, Chris Bechtold, Brian Mossman, Ray Watsek, Ryan Mouser, Coach Cappel. Third Row: Linda Garner, Brad Tiemann, Jason Armstead, Greg Ruyle, Gary Hubbard, Chris Diddlebock, Scott Redman, Karin Whitten. 54 SportsSOFTBALL (ft '27 If At First We Don't Succeed . . . Try, Try Again! Jennifer Roettgers concentrating on stealing second. Jennifer Masters- Hey, Which way do I go?!? CONFERENCE OPPONENTS US THEM Belleville East 0 22 Granite City 2 12 East St. Louis 13 17 Collinsville 0 7 Belleville West 0 19 Belleville East 0 12 Belleville West 0 25 Granite City 8 18 East St. Louis 14 19 Collinsville 2 15 8586 Left: Coach Diddlebock. Right: Myron Hickman looks pleased with his jump. Best Efforts 1987 3200 Relay: Eric Dancy, Waide Neal 8:12.4, Joe Twitchell, and Curtis War-lick. 400 Relay: Terry Winston, Tony Cross, Danny Fritz, and Dorynell Thompson 42.8. 3200: Joe Twitchell 10:14.6. 110HH: Terry Winston 15.0, and Curtis Warlick 15.0. 100: Dorynell Thompson 10.5, and Danny Fritz 11.0. 800: Eric Dancy 2:01.2, and Waide Neal 2:04.2. 800 Relay: Tony Cross, Le-monydue White, Danny Fritz, and Dorynell Thompson 1:28.8. 400: Lemonydue White 50.4. 300LH: Curtis Warlick 39.4, and Terry Winston 41.0. 1600: Joe Twitchell 4:42.4. 200: Dorynell Thompson 22.0, and Danny Fritz 22.8. 1600 Relay: Lemonydue White, Curtis Warlick, Joe Musgrow, and Eric Dancy 3.25.8. Long Jump: Myron Hickman 22'41 2", and Jason Christian 22'0". Triple Jump: Jason Christian 45'2", and Greg Cross 42'6". High Jump: Chris Hansen 6 0", and Joe Vann 5'10". Pole Vault: Dennis Edwards 1T6", and Waide Neal 10'6". Shot Put: Ernest Smith 45’2", and Bill Williams 43'8". Discus: Tom Travis 138'6", and Bill Williams 127'4". For The Chris Hansen of Alton clears the high jump bar at 5-8 Thursday atracn =. oo mees Tiger relays BOYS TRACK Alton came in second with 105 points at the Tiger Relays Meet on the SIU- Ed-wardsville Campus. The Redbirds won the 400 and the 1600, placed second in the 800, second in the distance medley and third in the 3200. Due to liability insurance problems the Redbirds weren't able to compete in the pole vault for the past two years but were able to this year thanks to Coach Diddle-bock. State Qualifiers 400 Relay: Terry Winston, Tony Cross, Danny Fritz, and Dorynell Thompson. 800 Relay: Tony Cross, Lemonydue White, Danny Fritz, and Dorynell Thompson 1:28.8. 100 Dash: Dorynell Thompson 10.5. 200 Dash: Dorynell Thompson 22.1. 110 HH: Terry Winston 15.1. 330LH: Curtis Warlick.39.6. Long Jump: Myron Hickman 22'4 1 2, and Jason Christian 22 0". Triple Jump: Jason Christian 45'2". •• -W.. - 87GIRLS TRACK , k. V. 1 t b -CDWAROSVItLE ..•v » «1‘ GILL Left: Ruth Ann Brown gets ready for another leap. Above: Tara Meeden looks onward. Right: Everyone keeps a close eye on Georgette Lawrence. ... • -4GIRLS TENNIS if )J r OPPONENTS US THEM Belleville Althoff 0 7 Triad 4 3 Edwardsville 3 4 Jerseyville 4 3 Roxana 4 3 Marquette 2 5 East St. Louis 7 0 Wood River 4 3 Belleville East 0 7 Collinsville 6 1 Granite City 4 3 Civic Memorial 2 5 Belleville West 0 Conference Tournament fourth place 7 Edwardsville Sectionals 2 sixth place 5 1 doubles team qualified for State Tournament Top: Front, L to R: Terri Ash, Casey Finck. Martha Phillips, Marcy Cruthers. Back: Mary Beth Norman. Debbie Woods. Tara Meeden, Mandy Henesey, Coach Dillon Middle: Kelly Fisher looks pleased with the play she just made. Bottom Mandy Henesey, serving the ball. Above. Debbie Woods keeps her eye on the ball.GOLF '87 r l (below) Jeremy Wittles practices his stroke, (right) Carrie Carpenter follows through. The Redbirds' golfers finished their successful 1987 season with a 16-10 record. Led by senior Brad Phillips, and juniors Chad Randall and Brad Tiemann, the Redbirds qualified as a team for sectionals for the first time ip 11 years. Randall led the team with one of the lowest averages in the St. Louis area. The Redbirds made a good showing at the Granite City Scramble, earning medals in all three flights, and finishing fourth overall. After losing a tough three stroke match to Belleville West and finishing third in conference match play, the Redbirds placed 2nd in the conference tournament, and finished 2nd in the Southwest Conference overall. 90 At the area regional the Redbirds shot a combined 330 to finish fourth, and qualified for the sectional on a very windy day at Belk Park Golf Course. Randall shot a S over par 77 to finish 3rd out of 72 golfers and qualified individually for the sectional, the only Redbird to do so. At the sectional the Redbirds did not qualify for state, and Randall missed going to state individually by one stroke with an 83. Overall, the Redbirds had a very successful year, and they will be getting two fine players back in Randall and Tiemann. Look for great things from these two next year. The girls team included Carrie Carpenter, Louise Bowles, Julie Hughey, and Tracy Thomas. Julie Hughey qualified for the sectional tournament. Tracy Thomas exhibits fine form as she putts at Rock Springs Golf Course. (top right) Chris Irvin hits the ball. (upper left) Chad Randall putts, (left) Brad Tiemann's putting form ALTON OPP'S OPP SCORE 166 192 Marquette 173 168 Belleville Altoff 172 165 Belleville East 162 Edwardsville 165 170 Belleville East 154 166 Collinsville 165 156 Granite City 152 Edwardsville 158 161 Jerseyville 157 161 Collinsville 153 150 Belleville West 157 180 Triad 161 200 East St. Louis 146 149 Civic Memorial 166 Marquette 162 170 Wood RiverCROSS COUNTRY Top: Waide Neal. Bottom: Waide Neal, Maurice Manley, and Mike Velloff. For the 1987 cross country season, the Alton High Redbirds were both successful and promising. With a varsity squad consisting of three seniors, four juniors, and a freshman, the harriers were able to qualify for the Sectional meet. After a slow start, the Redbirds became very competitive by placing well in large meets. They also won several dual meets on the course at Gordon F. Moore Park. Near the end of the season, Alton took third place at the Belleville East Invitational. At the Regional meet in Edwardsville, the Redbirds finished fourth, qualifying them for Sectionals. The season ended with a fifteenth place finish at the Sectional meet by the team, with no individual runners qualifying for the State meet. However, juniors Andrew Bilsbury, Maurice Manley, and Waide Neal made the All Southwestern Conference team. Other varsity team members were Chris Hansen, Kosta Lekkas, and Ola Palmblad; junior Mike Velloff; and freshman Chris Scarborough. Sophomore Todd Salzman suffered a knee injury in the middle of the season. Special thanks to Coach Diddlebock and good luck to next year's team. Front (left to right) Rich Velloff, Tad Middleton, Chris Main. Row 2: Maurice Manley, Todd Salzman, Waide Neal, Chris Scarborough, Brad Kline. Row 3: Kosta Lekkas, Mike Velloff, Chris Hansen, Drew Bilsbury, Terry Winston, Jeff Mossman. Below are All Southwestern Conference Runners Waide Neal, Maurice Manley, and Drew Billsbury. Above: Raquel Raya bumping the ball to the front line for a spike. Above: Sandre Thiemes. a foreign exchange student from Germany, serves the ball. Team Game 1 Game 2 us-them us-them Civic Memorial 5-15 10-15 Madison 12-15 10-15 Bunker Hill 1-15 0-15 Edwardsville 0-15 6-15 Collinsville 6-15 8-15 Belleville West 0-15 5-15 Roxana 15-13 15-10 East St. Louis 2-15 6-15 Wood River 6-15 2-15 Belleville East 0-15 3-15 Granite City 2-15 4-15 Triad 1-15 14-16 94 BUMP, SET, SPIKE! In the early part of August, the 1987-1988 girl's volleyball team began conditioning for the new season. They did not have much experience, so they had to start early in August to learn the fundamentals of the game. They were not allowed to handle the ball, but they still conditioned for 2 to 3 hours Monday-Friday. Unfortunately, after all the conditioning, they had a los- ing season with a 1 and 19 record. Ms. Pitts, the head coach, explains this loss: “We have no middle school sports. We're like amatuers playing professionals." In the 1988-1989 volleyball season, the returning letter-men will be without their previous coaches. Ms. Pitts coached for 8 years, and Mrs. Whittner coached for 7 years, but now they will be leaving the team. Don't lose the spirit girls! Maybe next year will be a winning season. Good luck! Ra-quel Raya SOCCER VS. VOLLEYBALL MAYBE NEXT TIME GUYS On November 4, 1987, at 6:30, the Alton High Soccer Team played the Alton High Volleyball Team in an exciting, fun-filled game of volleyball. Unfortunately, for the boys-they lost. The volleyball team beat them 3 games to 1. Maybe next year even more people will come to see the volleyball soccer game. And maybe next year, with a little practice, the soccer team will beat the volleyball team. Make sure you come and see if it'll happen. Good luck guysl Raquel Raya Left: Eric Zyung and teammates preparing to return the ball. Far Left: The volleyball team hyping up in a huddle before the game.VARSITY SOCCER Aaron Eickoff centers the ball on the corner kick. Below: Scott Zerwas drives the goal. 96 The Alton Soccer Redbirds, led by four year letterman Jim Johnson, three year letterman Mike Stutz, and lettermen Jim Rigdon and Mike Retzer, began the year with a positive attitude. The squad consisted of ten seniors: Matt Darr, Dave Eastman, Mark Haynes, Johnson, Otis Lewis, Mike Lucas, Chris Montgomery, Ray Morales, Stutz, and Eric Zyung. Unfortunately, the Redbirds started the season with a losing streak. They lost to Belleville East and arch rival Granite City before leaving on a road trip to Evansville, Indiana. In Indiana, the Redbirds lost to Evansville Memorial High School, but they defeated the defending Indiana state soccer champions, Reitz High School, the next day. After returning to Alton, bad luck struck again; the Redbirds lost to the defending Illinois state soccer champions, Collinsville. Next they traveled to St. Louis where the Redbirds defeated Riverview High School on a spectacular goal by junior Denny Fish. Another string of losses led the Redbirds into the round-robin Alton Soccer Tournament. Beating Roxana High School represented the highlight for Alton of this tournament. Following regular season play, Alton entered regional action by defeating Wood River High School, which advanced the Redbirds into the second regional game in Granite City. Thanks to intense inspiration from assistant coach Don Schmidt, the Granite City game proved to be the best game Alton played all year. Midway through the game Johnson made a beautiful shot through the Granite City goal. However, with minutes left in the game, referees awarded Granite City the penalty shot that tied the game. The chances of Alton defeating the eventual Illinois state soccer champions end- ed when Granite City scored in overtime. Much highlighted the Redbirds' season. Stutz, Johnson, Morales, Fish, Rigdon, and Retzer were named Optimist soccer players of the week. Many of the underclassman proved to be valuable assests. To end the year Haynes was named Alton High's Optimist defensive player of the year; Zyung was named Optimist offensive player of the year; and Darr was named the Optimist 110 percent player of the year. Haynes was also named goalie on the Southwestern Conference second team. The graduating players wish next year's team good Iuck! by David Eastman Varsity Soccer Scores Opponent Us Them Belleville East 1 3 Granite City 0 4 Memorial High School 1 3 Reitz-Evansville, Ind. 3 0 Collinsville 1 6 Belleville West 0 0 Riverview Gardens 1 0 Granite City 0 7 Collinsville 1 3 Edwardsville 0 1 Belleville West 1 1 Belleville East 0 1 Quincy Notre Dame 1 2 Marquette 0 1 Belleville Althoff 1 2 Roxana 3 1 Edwardsville 0 3 Springfield Southeast 1 2 Hazelwood Central 1 2 Granite City 1 2 97JUNIOR VARSITY AND A PROMISING FUTURE Alton High's Junior Varsity Soccer Team enjoyed a record of 6 wins, 6 losses, and 2 ties under the leadership of Coach Don "The Legend" Schmidt. The JV team came away with a number of exciting games this year including a come-from-behind victory over Collinsville and a nail-biting tie against archrival, Granite City. With such a strong showing from a relatively young JV team, Alton High is almost assured of being a soccer powerhouse in the area for years to come. Chris Bechtold Scott Hicks Terry Embry in goal throwing the ball back out to his teammates after making a great save. OPPONENT US Belleville East 1 Granite City 0 Collinsville 1 Belleville West 1 Riverview 2 Granite City 1 Collinsville 2 Edwardsville 1 Belleville West 2 Belleville East 2 Marquette 2 Civic Memorial 2 Springfield Southeast 1 Hazelwood Central 1 THEM Back Row Linda Garner, Chris Bechtold, Marc Thompson, Jason Miller, James Mathenia, Paul Norman, Shawn Pohlman, Mark Zigrang, Mr. Schmidt, Josh Wisley. Middle Row: Colten Steiner, Kurt Hall, Scott Zerwas, Mark Cousley, Jeff Bartow, Pom Satta. Front Row: Allen Groves. Terry Embry, Matt Whisler. FRESHMEN SOCCER MOST VALUABLE MEMBER In every sport everyone wonders who the most valuable player is. As far as the Freshman Soccer Team is concerned, they believe the most valuable member was their coach- Coach Mark Cappel. Sure, he had his grumpy days, but he did an over-all great job. They didn't win too many games, but their team spirit kept them going. Most importantly, they had lots of fun plus a great learning experience for the years ahead of them. Their record ended up with 1 win, 3 ties, and 8 losses. Although they had a losing season, they came out with much experience under their belts, and at the end of the year they were very happy to receive their numbers. (top middle) J V team resting during half-time while Mr. Schmidt explains some plays. (above) Mr. Schmidt talking to his J V squad at halftime. First Row: (left to right) Tim Schaberg, Chris Kelley. Second Row: Chris LaHue, Erik Rockholm, John Lindsay, Jeff Carroll. Third Row: Coach Mark Cappel, Jerry Bemis, Brian Hall, Vance Stutz, Steve Williams, Matt Shrimpf, Scott Lucas. Mitch Smith, Alisa Embry. Not Pictured: Sarah Wills, Carrie Snyders, Matt Whisler, Chad Stroh-kirch. OPPONENT US THEM Granite City 0 7 Civic Memorial 0 0 Belleville West 1 3 Collinsville 1 2 Collinsville 0 2 Belleville East 1 1 Hazelwood Central 0 3 Granite City 0 1 Edwardsville 1 1 Civic Memorial 1 0 Belleville West 0 4 Belleville East 0 2VARSITY FOOTBALL The Alton High Football Red-birds ended their season with a strong showing. Despite a very discouraging start, the varsity football team came on strong at the end. Two of the highlights of the 1987 season were: defeating Belleville West in Belleville for the first time since the mid 60's and establishing a record good enough to earn them second place in the conference. Senior Kyle Steiner was selected as first team, all Southwestern Conference punter, the only Alton High School player named to the first team. Steiner was also chosen as an Honorable Mention punter for the District. Senior Wilbur Kaiser, tailback, was chosen by his teammates as Most Valuable Player. Junior Jason Armstead, linebacker, was awarded the 1X0% award. Junior Greg Cross was selected as offensive back of the year and Senior Byron Mike was defensive back of the year. Junior Rico Gipson was chosen as defensive lineman of the year and Junior Alfred Womack was chosen as offensive lineman of the year. These honors from fellow teammates as well as the Ray Jackson Award presented to Kyle Steiner from the coaches were given to these outstanding players at the fall sports banquet. Congratulations to the players and the coaches for an outstanding and successful year! Right: Pre-game excitement OPPONENT us THEM 1 Belleville Althoff 0 6 Springfield Griffin 0 42 Collinsville 7 14 Edwardsville 10 17 Belleville East 14 9 Cahokia 28 14 East St. Louis 0 34 1 Granite City 17 14 I Belleville West 21 14 Below: Jason Armstead tackles the opponent Top left: Rodney Raglin hikes the ball to Jason Armstead. Top right: Armstead blocks a Lancer. Upper left: Amy Hughes tapes Alfred Womack's wrist. Upper right: The Redbirds pile on a Lancer. Left: The kickoff starts the game. 101SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL 1 102 The Hog Crew: BOTTOM ROW, (left) Jesse Brown, Kelly Rowe, David Ellison, Michael War-lick, Jay Terry, Virgil Thomas, Swabu Jefferson, and Aaron Brown. TOP ROW Coach Hook, David Long, Keith Sanders, Keith Westbrook, Chris Bruce, Joe Hewitt, Corey Jones, Brian Macias, Anthony Scott, Chris Alton, John Shelby, Brian Shealdrof, Ronald Schneider, Joe Martin, Greg Scott, Bone Crusher, and Coach Everage.FRESHMEN FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW, (left) Ralph Miller, Aaron Elson, Markus Anderson, Jason Clayton. Roderick Fane, Randal Crocker, Dean Jansen, Kory Pierson, Harry Anderson, and George Isom. SECOND ROW, Shondus Lovett, Sean Vaughn, Troy Vetter, Charles Walker, Trent Robinson, Carlos Meacham, Karl Davis Jr., Jason Cox, Terrance Robinson, Arthur Knight, Keith Mitchell, and David Wells. THIRD ROW. Brian Croxdale, Diandre Gibson, Craig Womack, Mike Garvey. Brandon Caffey, Marcus Wallace, Mike Woods, Derek Williams, Marcus Cox, Charles Glover, Ramon Webb, and Grady Hickman. TOP ROW, Coach Eckhouse, Trance Ewing, John Dugan, Brian Martin. Twan Perry, Tim Parker, Grady Womack, Joe Anderson, Dan Widdows, Damon Cates, Vince Warlick, Coach Konhe and Damon Stampley. 10JFOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS The football cheerleaders helped set the tone for the homecoming game against Belleville East at the pep rally. The cheerleaders danced to Janet Jackson's Control which was choreographed by captain Meg Davey. Pictured left to right (front row): Lainee Frizzo, Elisha Clark, Becki Stanley, Jennifer Hughey, Latasha LeFlore, Yvonne Washington, Blythe Ridder, Sue Kercher, and Meg Davey. Back row: India Fields, Jennifer Roettgers, Mimi McAfoos, Jeanie Peipert, Tiffany Dikeman, Jody Butler, Ann Lutes, and Amanda Oulson. Above: Wendy Adams cheers the team to victory. Below: Latasha LeFlore, Elisah Clark, and Yvonne Washington perform to Control. Right: Meg Davey, in perfect form, displays super school spirit.ALTON MARQUETTE 77 66 Left: Otis Lewis (45) alters the shot of Marquette's Steve Mason. Bottom left: Steve Watt gets the opening tip to Alton's captain, Joe Vann (33). Bottom right: J.V. starter Eric Dancy shoots the J.V. team to their first victory. The Alton Redbirds flew to a victory over cross-town rival Marquette 77-66. The Explorers jumped out to a quick lead over the Redbirds in the opening minutes with the one-two punch of Marquette's Mason and Blasingim, but in the second quarter Alton began to roll. With great defense by Joe Vann and the near perfect shooting by Rhett Nitschwitz, Alton had gained the lead by halftime. Alton's pressure man to man defense dominated the second half. Steve Watt controlled the middle with several key steals and impressive blocked shots. Sophomore Kevin Caldwell was nearly unstoppable offensively contributing over twenty points. Off the bench were Chris Hansen, Brad Phillips, and Deverick Spraggins all contributing to the win with rebounding help and precious ball control in the waning moments of the game. i 105RUFFLED REDBIRD5 NEVER SAY DIE Despite a regular season record of 6-15, the Redbirds refused to quit. Two and three point losses plagued the Birds, but Alton continued to play with tenacity in every ballgame regardless of the odds. All-state honorable mention Joe Vann, a Junior, led the team in rebounds and scoring, and with sophomore Kevin Caldwell next year's team has promise. Seniors Brad Phillips, Chris Hansen, Otis Lewis, Rodney Caffey, and Steve Watt managed to highlight their season by defeating Granite City on Senior Night by three points in overtime. Appropriately, seniors Watt, Phillips, and Hansen led scoring to close out the bittersweet season. Below Joe Vann soars over Marquette for the basket. Bottom right Joe Vann and Steve Watt on defense Right: Chris Hansen Brad Phillips, and Otis Lewis work for the loose ball in their victory over Edwardsville 106VARSITY BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball Opponent Us Them Cahokia 84 44 Belleville Altoff 65 80 Collinsville 52 77 Belleville West 58 62 Marquette 77 66 Hazelwood East 70 74 Peoria Manual 49 104 Aurora West 52 67 Riverview 68 74 East St. Louis 62 52 Madison 61 70 Belleville East 46 47 Pattonville 56 62 Granite City 74 65 Hazelwood Central 54 66 Collinsville 56 66 Belleville West 53 55 East St. Louis 61 75 Belleville East 39 41 Edwardsville 61 54 Granite City (OT) 66 63 Varsity Team front row (left to right): Mike Bowling. Kevin Caldwell. Kaury Clanton. Troy Henderson. Richie Hickman. Ian Hardin-Mgr Middle row: Coach McAfoos, Rodney Caffey. Deverick Spraggins. Joe Vann, Rhett Nischwitz, Eric Dancy, Coach Mayhew Back Row Derek Harr. Otis Lewis, Chris Hansen, Steve Watt, Jason Sydnor, Brad Phillips. Left Joe Vann takes the hall up strong. 107® BOY'S J.V. BASKETBALL A Promising Team Next Year The Junior-Varsity "birds” came on strong the second half of the 1987-1988 cage season. The highlight of the season was the victory over cross-town rival, Marquette Explorers, 62-61. The Juniors on the squad consisted of the following: Kaury Clanton, Troy Henderson, Eric Dancy, Derrick Haar, Jimmie Wilson, Richie Hickman, and Mike Bolling. The Sophomores included: Jeff Mossman, Brad Kline, Eddie Rounds, Marcus Vaughn, and Garry Hubbard. The team was coached by Mr. Ron Mayhew. (to the right) Jeff Mossman getting ready to stuff a Marquette Explorer, (below) Troy Henderson and Eric Dancy going down court to set up a play. Opponent us Them Cahokia 39 54 Belleville Althoff 46 53 Collinsville 46 61 Belleville West 39 66 Marquette 67 66 Hazelwood East 68 52 E. St. Louis 57 73 Madison 56 61 Belleville East 55 62 Granite City 83 53 Hazelwood Central 83 48 Collinsville 52 71 Belleville West 58 60 E. St. Louis 58 73 Belleville East 50 47 Edwardsville 58 53 106 (above) Brad Kline shooting an outside shot, (top middle) 42-Eric Dancy going up for the shot.POM PON SQUAD Js J The Rockettes? No. These pretty young ladies at the left are not The Rockettes, but they are talented girls who dance during the halftime at the Boy's Varsity Basketball games. The team is made up of 23 girls, a combination of girls from each class. Come and see for yourself if they're-almost-as good as the Rockettes. All in all they are a real delight to the fans. The 87- 88 Pom Port Squad ‘Wendy Adams Amy Arbuthnot Janet Beatty Tia Bell ‘Ruth Ann Brown Terri Corona Alison Elliott ‘Damita Fielding ‘Ann Freeman Missy Goeken Keena Hubbard ‘Shalon Northern Amy Perica Raquel Raya ‘Lisa Rhoades Robin Rhoades Lori Rider Tiffany Schneider Lori Schmoeller ‘Theresa Scott Amy Snell Yolanda Talbert ‘Dana Wilson ‘Senoirs (Top Middle) Heather Johnson, Damita Fielding, and other pom girls performing an aerobics dance. (Above) Raquel Raya practices catching Dana Wilson for a performance. Ruth Ann Brown and Damita Fielding in the SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Upper left: Dan Harrigan leaps high against Pattonville, and below Harrigan and Gary Hubbard fight for the rebound. Bottom right: Jeff Mossman shoots another perfect jumper. Sophomore team front row (left to right): Terrence Coldwell, Orland Wade, Dennis Quigley, Jay Terry, Darome Smith, Eddie Rounds, Jesse Brown, Swaboo Jefferson, Derrick McCrady. Back row: Coach Brockhouse, Dan Harrigan, Don Steward, Marcus Vaughn, Gary Hubbard, Jeff Mossman, Greg Scott, Brad Kline, Tony Simons.FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMEN DOMINATE The Freshman basketball team, coached by Dan Daugherty, had a very good year. They posted a 14-4 record. The Freshman squad was led by Twan Perry. Tony Wilson, Brandon Caffey, K.C. Doucliff, and Marcus W'allace. They had excellent bench support consisting of Arthur Knight, Tad Middleton, Kris Hervey, Jeff Livingstone, Mike Cool, Mike Woods, Roderick Fane, and Aaron Mavhew. The Freshmen Redbirds had a great deal of fans, and they appreciated the fan's support throughout the season. Coach Daugherty says that this team has already shown considerable promise and will surely have continued success throughout their remaining seasons at Alton. Tad Middleton Left: David Quigley takes aim from the free throw line. Freshman team front row (left to right): Kevin Langford, Travis Moore, Kris Hervey, David Quigley, Tad Middleton, Charles Glover, Arthur Knight, Mike Woods, Demarco Woods Back row: Marcus Wallace, K.C. Doucliff, Max Jackson, Brandon Caffey. Twan Perry, Coach Daugherty, Tony Wilson, Mike Cool, Craig Womack. Roderick Fane Below: Coach brings the team in for a strategy session.GIRL S J.V. AND VARSITY The Redwings Basketball Team Tabetha Broomfield Kahuana Brown Kelly Brown Monica Cambron Kaela Edwards Gina Frizell Robin Hamilton Dedra Jenkins Barbara Kyle Georgette Lawrence Jo Anna Lewis Sharon Lewis Julie Morgan Felicia Smith Earline Stewart Tracy Taylor Gina Rhoades Coach: Mary Bowling Assistant Coach: JoAnn Dillon Managers: Lee Rounds, John Ewing VARSITY Opponent Wood River us them 59 36 Granite City 41 67 Belleville West 38 67 E St. Louis 34 60 Jacksonville 40 70 Cahokis 45 38 Collinsville 32 39 Edwardsville 43 73 Belleville Althoff 64 57 Bunker Hill 57 42 Belleville East 38 75 Carrollton 45 53 Carrollton Tourney North Green 64 56 Jerseyville 47 63 J.v. Opponent W ood River US 45 them 17 Granite City 26 50 Jacksonville 44 50 Cahokia 29 35 Edwardsville 26 56 Belleville Althoff 32 34 Bunker Hill 36 25 Belleville West 29 69 Carrollton 64 49 E. St. Louis 36 41 Marquette 54 18 Collinsville 29 28 Belleville East 40 46 (above) Monica Cambron going up for the shot. (to the left) Both of the teams fighting for the ball.BASKETBALL TEAM (above) Gina Frizell going up for the shot. Kelly Brown and Julie Morgan stand by to see if it'll go in. A Great Season For The "Wings" The Alton Redwing's season ended this year when Alton lost the Regional Final game against Jerseyville by two points in overtime. The Redwings advanced to this stage after defeating Civic Memorial with two free throws by Tabatha Broomfield with one second remaining in the game. Alton advanced in the Carrollton Tournament over North Green in overtime by scoring 12 points only to lose against Jerseyville. Alton's pre-regional record was 7-14. The record suffered this year due to difficulties with the Cahokia Team forcing their varsity status to miss two games, and also when the starting five didn't show for a game due to weather conditions. The Redwings will lose one senior manager, John Ewing, and three senior players: Robin Hamilton, who played her first basketball year at AHS; Gina Rhoades, who transferred late this season: and Earline Stewart, who completed her fourth year for the Redwings. The Redwings will have an excellent year next year with most of the team returning. Good Luck Next Year, Redwingsl Earline StewartI I FRESHMEN REDWINGS BASKETBALL Front Row: Likita McCarvey, Rochelle Carter, Latrisha Willis, Sonia Morgan, Shawanda Clay, Angela Musgraves, Shenekia Jackson, Fa-londa White, Shaunda Smith; Second row: Coach Terry Mitchell, Kendie Williamson, Missy Jackson, Melanie Williams, Iris Jones, Gina Holliday, Ericka Smith, Nickey White, Ramon Lacey. Lower far right: Angela Musgraves makes a great play; Lower right: Shawanda Clay sinks one; Bottom right: Falonda White and Kendie Williamson after a win. Basketball Basketball is exciting to watch and a lot of fun to play! The Redwings have shown their outstanding commitment to their teammates and their school. AHS can be very proud of this team. We are looking forward to seeing some of our Redwings moving up to Junior Varsity or Varsity teams. Some of the starting players were Shaneika Jackson, Gina Holliday, Shawanda Clay, Sonia Morgan, and Iris Jones. TEAM US THEM Granite City 22 43 Belleville East 20 51 Belleville West 8 57 Riverview 38 31 Collinsville 23 35 Triad 32 46 Brussels 19 50 Belleville Altoff 33 17 Edwardsville 34 53 Granite City 24 30 Belleville East FORFEIT Belleville West FORFEIT Collinsville 21 36 Triad 15 54 Belleville Althoff 27 22 114 VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS High school wouldn't be high school without cheerleaders. These perpetually peppy people are the ones responsible For leading the school in the awesome school cheers at the basketball games and at the pep assemblies. This years cheerleading squad is also fortunate to have two male cheerleaders who are invaluable in doing some of the stunts that require strength. As a fund raiser this year the cheerleaders sold "rootin' rags", in part to raise money but, also to increase school spirit. Far left: Roger Watkins and Vincent Warlick practice stunts. Left: Becki Stanley, Jennifer Hughey and Becky Shulz wave for the camera at practice. Below left: The entire squad got together for the picture. Bottom row: Becki Stanley, Roger Watkins, Captain Meg Davey, Yvonna Washington, Vincent War-lick, Jennifer Roettgers. Top row: Jennifer Hughey, Latasha Leflore, Co-captain Meme McAfoos, Elisha Clark, Tiffany Dykeman 115J.V. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS TT Front row: Jennifer Thompson; Second row: Lainee Frizzo, Captain Jody Butler; Third row: Jennifer Bonnell, Becky Shulz, Blythe Ridder, India Fields, Jennifer Perica; Top: Co-captain Jeannie Peipert. SWIM TEAM Right: Coach Connie Allen, Peter Travis, Nate Folwell, Jim Tchouka-leff; Below: Coach Connie Allen gives Nate Folwell a last minute pep talk.SPRING PLAY Cast OTTAVIO SYLVESTRO SCAPINO GIACINTA ARGANTE GERONTE LEANDRO CARLO ZERBINETTA NURSE HEADWAITER WAITER WAITER WAITRESS GUITAR Brian Keith Darryl Short Phil McFarlane Martha Phillips Doug Simpson Mike Long Scot Allen Mark Davey Mary Grace Folwell Mary White Mike Goeken Mike Vetter Kyle Nudo Meg Davey Ike Ruedin Production DIRECTOR ASSISTANT LIGHT BOARD STAGE MANAGER Mr. Glenn Waters Missy Dingledein Kyle Wanick Lisa Berndhardt 118SCAPINO Top Row: Mike Goeken, Brian Keith, Phil McFarlane, Scot Allen, Darryl Short. Middle Row: Meg Davey, Mary Grace Folwell, Martha Phillips, Mary White. Bottom Row: Doug Simpson, Kyle Nudo, Mike Vetter, Ike Ruedin, Mark Davey, Mike Long. titALTON HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS FIDDLER ON THE ROOF MAY 1,2,3 1987 Based on the Sholem Aleichem stories by Arnold Perl Book By Joesph Stein Music By Jerry Bock Lyrics By Sheldon Harnick Darryl Short as the Rabbi. The cast of Fiddler on the Roof Robyn Ennis and Mike Vetter dance as Tzeitel and Motel. Production Director Vocal Director Conductor Technical Director, Tickets Costume Director Choreography Mr. Cliff Davenport Mrs. Jean Conrady Mr. Allen Walters Mr. Glenn Waters Mrs. Nan Paeltz Mrs. Bev Reid and Mr. Cliff Davenport 120"We can at least pretend we have food." "Bedtime for Golde and Tevye." "Yo-del-lei-ee-oo!” Jennifer Murray and Meg Davey as Hodel and Chava. Cast Tevye, the Dairyman Dennis McBride Golde, his wife Sarah Utterback Tzeitel Robyn Ennis Hodel Jennifer Murray Chava Meg Davey Shiprintze Anissa Sisk Bielke Lisa Johnson Yente, the Matchmaker Mary White Motel, the Tailor Mike Vetter Perchik, the sailor Ike Ruedin Lazar Wolf, the Matt Warren Butcher Matt Raffety Mordka, the Innkeeper Darryl Short Rabbi Kevin Rowe Mendel, his son Mike Goeken Avrahm, the bookseller Kevin Hand Nachum, the beggar Chris Randall Grandma, Tzeitel Carrie Springer Fruma-Sarah Tiffany Schneider Constable Scot Allen Fyedka Sarah Hauversburk Shandel Luis Saravia The Fiddler Brian Keigh Sasha Lisa Bernhardt, Janet Beatty, Kim Villagers Blair, Jennifer Duncan, Mary Ann Greenwood, Joy Hindman, Sharon Miller, Tiffany Schneider, Carrie Springer, Jerry Berkel, Jerry Bland, Chris Edwards, Mike Nolan, Paul Wallace 121 I Top left: Sarah Utterback practices her skateboarding techniques. Below: "Do you think my eyes are green or brown?" Above: Crew 1st row: Jackie Nash, Stacey Hayden, Elizabeth Seibold, Karen Blanton, Buffy Greenwood, Monica Radcliff, Michelle Kasten. 2nd row: Doug Simpson, Kyle Wannick, Kris Dilley, Genifer Burjes, Carla Hoganson, Missy Dingledein. Penny Allens-worth, Laurie Canter, Eric Hensley, 3rd row: Roger Watkins, James Glover, Meredith McElyea, Liz Eldridge, Katie King. Tracy Francis, Amy Sa-ville, Leann Emerick, Sheila Gray. Bottom Left: What do you mean they stole the cows?" Bottom Right: Kevin Rowe as Mendel. 123The fall comedy "The Odd Couple", directed by Mr. Cliff Davenport, proved itself one of the most comical ever seen on an Alton High stage. Even Davenport admitted he hadn't "had this much fun at rehearsals in years!" The performances of Kelly Bull and Sarah Jehle as the irrepressibly entertaining duo of Madison and Unger were remarkable in that they proved versatile as they yelled, laughed, and even sang. As the curtain closes at the end of the show, the audience laughs and applauds in approval and delight. Yes, Neil Simon's revision of his play "The Odd Couple" proves that some things are better the second time around. The hilarious banter between the sloppy Oscar and nit-picky Felix only gains momentum in the female version as Olive Madison and Florence Unger have the girls over for diet colas and Trivial Pursuit, have their Spanish neighbors over for a date, and have an enjoyable time learning the importance of friendship. The supporting roles of Mickey, Vera, Sylvie, and Renee were played by Lori Wedding, Carrie Reinhardt, Julie Howell, and Elaine Abromovich. The different sizes and facial expressions of these actresses helped them add color to the show as each individual developed her character. And finally, the Spanish brothers Manolo and Jesus played by Mike Goeken and Dan Cope. The two boys livened the show with their Spanish accent, their oversized moustaches, and their poor interpretation of the English language. As one can see, "The Odd Couple" was a success- a credit to Neil Simon, Mr. Davenport, and all those who put their time and effort into this production. Above: Olive throws Florence a nervous glance. Left: Flo looks at the messy apartment. Top: Olive tries to calm Fo with a massage.Above left and above: Mickey, Vera, Sylvie, and Renee play Trivial Pursuit and listen for signs of life. Below: Manolo and Jesus talk with Florence and Olive. 125REHEARSAL FOR MURDER Alex Dennison Ernie Sally Bean Monica Wells Loretta Lloyd Bella Karen David Leo Policeman Policewoman Man in Auditorium Santoro CAST Doug Simpson Kyle Steiner Elinor Norman Jennifer Bachelor Jonica Oliver Brian Keith Genifer Burjes Michele Kasten Phil McFarlane Dan Jacobitti Kevin Hand Betsy Honke Jason Rexford Luis Saravia Directed by Mr. Glenn Waters The Alton High Speech and Theater Department's winter production this year was D. D. Brooke's 'Rehearsal for Murder". This play is about a murder that took place one year prior to the present time. The victim's fiancee returns to the scene of the crime to solve the murder. The play is cleverly done in a sequence of flashbacks with the help of the follow spots. The murder mystery is inexpensive to produce since it takes place in a empty theater. Therefore, the set and props required to stage the scenes are minimal. The fantastic performances of the actors and actresses helped carry the show without these essentials. 126Kyle Steiner and Doug Simpson reminiscing of the old days. Michele Kasten acting as Karen in this school years winter play.n SENIOR AWARDS AND BEST BODY KIM CRONE MATT CASTELLI RHETT NISCHWITZ DAVID WILSON BEST DRESSED KATE TUTOKY CRAIG SUN BEST LOOKING LIZ BUCK MARK HAYNES BEST PERSONALITY JODIE STEWART NATE FOLWELL CLASS AIR HEAD LORI IMMING ROB HOLCOMB CLASS BROWN NOSE KELLY BULL DAN SCHMISSEL'R CLASS CLOWN LORI IMMING TODD SCHUMACHER CLASS COUPLE BRIANA CHURCHICH KYLE STEINER CLASS FLIRT KIM CRONE SARAH JEHLE ARRON GREENWOOD CLASS JOCK DAMITA FIELDING KYLE STEINER CLASS MOOCH AMANDA OULSON MIKE STUTZ CLASS PARTI ER KIM CRONE JAY LIPE MOST ACTIVE BETSY SCHUDEL MARK DAVEY KYLE STEINER MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED TIA BELL CHRIS HANSEN MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT BRIANA CHURCHICH BETSY SCHUDEL MARK DAVEY MOST SHY JULIE DODSON ANDREA DRALLE MICHELLE GRIESEMER CORRAL VOLLAND JAMES CAFFERY MOST TALENTED TIA BELL NATE FOLWELL MOST TALKATIVE AMANDA OULSON JACK MONROE KATAKA SHELTON PRETTIEST EYES DENISE DEEDER NATE FOLWELL PRETTIEST SMILE MARIE CLEMENTE JULIE FLEMMING DENEEN HENDERSON ANNE LUTES BRAD PHILLIPS WORST CAR AMY JONES THE WATTS WORST DRIVER AMY JONES MIKE MORRISSEY Kyle Steiner Dana Wilson and Heather Johnson Derrick Howard and Aaron Whalen. 128TALENT SHOW Ray Morales, Tom Gilbert, Mike Lucas, Charlie Puent. Eric Zyung on drums? Stacy Mondy, Amanda Oulson, and Drew Bilsbury. 129SMILE!! YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA Smile Pretty Shalon And Marie CHEEEEEZZE Middle Left: Can you Smile And Lift Weights? Bottom Left: Smile Steve Somebody Loves Ya!! Take My PictureLET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! 131MUSIC « • • r' 'V Below. Matt Warren, J.D. Wilson, Cory Mclntire and Jim Wilkinson MARCHING 100 The Marching 100 held a band camp for two weeks in August. The band participated in many competitions, marched at football games and in the Halloween parade. The members volunteered their time on August 14 and 15 by having a button sale. The purpose of button day is to earn money for the members to go to competitions. The highlight of the year was their competition at Greater St. Louis. Steve Schoeffel, junior trumpet player, received the Traurnicht Outstanding Soloist Award, which is the overall soloist of 36 bands. Congratulations Marching 100. Laurie Ortman concentrates hard. Joshua Ruedin does keep his eye on the drum ma-jor. 13 Left: Howard Gooden and Richard Velloff march proudly with their saxophone. Below: Blake Fleming, preparing himself to play his drum. Lower Left: Tim Malson, Eric Ortman, and Jason Boren at attention and horns up. Music 135Right: Steve Schoeffel playing his solo that he won first place in the Greater St. Louis Competition.Left: Damon Cates, Janet Beatty, Mike Goeken, Carrie Springer, Chris Edwards, and Missy Goeken performing at the winter concert. SHOW CHOIRSINGS ATIONS Togetherness was the secret to the success of the Singsations. Determination, persistence, and practice were also requirements of each individual member of the group. These devoted students met every Monday night in the chorus room. They held a combined Christmas concert with Show Choir, Freshman chorus, and advanced chorus. Also, they performed at the Skyline Towers. The purpose of Singsations is not only to improve their singing talent, but to get along with others. The ability to work together. “Singsations was an interesting experience and it's a great chance to meet new people," said sophomore Shannon Hickman. Mrs. Jean Conrady, the chorus director, takes time to work with each group to make sure they're properly prepared. Above: Missy Goeken, Paul Wallace, and Maryann Greenwood shows us there's nothing up their sleeves.Melissa Deewall, Damon Cates, Jana Washington, and Carrie Springer singing in the auditorium. Bottom, L to R, Row 1: Jennifer Duncan, Melissa Deewall, Janet Beatty, Betsy Schudel. Jennifer Murray, Maryann Greenwood, Damon Cates, Jason Cox, Mike Goeken, Luis Saravia, Kevin Hand, Melissa Morgenroth, David Fasano, Paul Wallace, Missy Goeken, Lisa Zimmerman, Lori Rider, Karen Blanton. Row 2: Keena Hubbard, De-dra Jenkins, Carrie Bradley, Susan Schrimpf, Robin Peterson, Jason Parker, Brian Petree, Anthrae Gillespie, Barbara Kyle. Amy Buhs, Shannon Hickman, Angie Jacobs. Row 3: Sharon Page, Gwen Schallenberg, Zola Hubbard, Ann Ingersoll, Stacy Kreitner, Jalynn Zeigler, Marnie Watts, Shinzetta Queen. John Ridder, Denise Koontz, J.D. Wilson, Mike Martin, Steve Williams, Jewel Inlow, Mary Curtner, Chris Cauley.LARGE SYMPHONIC BAND Kneeling, L to R: Stacy Mondy, Wi Laohavanich, Kim Mezo, Crystal Lawson, Lisa Hayes, Stacy Bramhall, Jason Boren, Darren Eccles, Melissa Hartley, Kate Medder, Christina Kidwell, Andy Schubert, Bill Hartley. 1st Row Standing: Buffy Osborne, Trisha Diserens, Robin Peterson, Sarah Wyatt, Carol Bryant, Cindy Wyatt, Claire Sun, Laurie Ortman, Melissa Cox, John Rulo, Jennifer Loflin, Dennis Gildersleeve. 2nd Row: Sara Bumbacher, Aletha Edwards, Darryl Blair, Shondolyn Wheeler. Ann Freeman, Pam Lewis, Tia Bell. Matt Steele, Josh Ruedin. Howard Gooden, Chris Norman, Jason Lewis, Susan Nimmo, Cindy Howell, Samantha Schoeffel, Cheryl Gooden, Kristi Halverson, Steve Williams, Chris Link, Matt Henry, Loran Dyson. 3rd Row: Diana Miller, Carrie Mathewson, Lisa Schobernd, Nicole Boehler, Beth White, Jim Lovelle, Eric Ortman, Richard Velloff, Alex Kanturek, Joi Terry, Steve Schoeffel, Marc Adams, Eric Herter, Joe Taylor, Dawn Weber, Tim Malson, Amy Doucleff, Blake Fleming, Jack Leonard Row 4: Carla Hokenson, Rachel Celia, Barb Ruckman, Karen Churchman, Jim Wilkinson, Angi Maddox, Cory Mclntire, Lori Kanturek, Matt Warren, Jay Cates, Allen Reyne, Brad Mettler, Lindsay Barth. Mike Gagliardo, Nate Folwell, Allison Harper. Paul Gitchoff, Tim Eagleton, Mike Young, Bill Brooks, Danny Gore, John Ridder, Scott Cornell, Genifer Burjes. 140SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA Orchestra And Choral Concert, Feb 9, 1988 - Lovejoy SchoolPEP BAND Pep Band had a busy schedule this year. They meet after school every Thursday night to prepare themselves for playing at the home basketball games. Last year their uniform consist of red shirts and white pants but this year they tried something different. Each member wore blue jeans and got t-shirts saying "Redbird Rhythm." Pep Band was directed by Mr. David Drillinger. Pep Band members were Sara Bumbacher, Sarah Wyatt, Stacy Mondy, Nicole Boehler, Cindy Wyatt, Cheryl Gooden, Buffy Osborne, Karen Churchman, Barb Ruckman, Carla Hokenson, Nate Folwell, Paul Gitchoff, Joi Terry, Lindsay Barth, Brad Mettler, Darren Eccles, Mike Gag-liardo, Joe Taylor, Steve Schoeffel, Jason Lewis, Chris Norman, Tim Malson, Christina Kidwell, Katie Medder, Chris Link, John Ridder, Blake Fleming, Alex Kanturek, Trisha Diserens, Allison Harper, Howard Gooden, Richard Velloff, Andy Schubert, Jay Cates, Jim Lavelle, and John Rulo. Right: Darren Eccles-Now was that fingering 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. Below: Is Nate Folwell really looking at Mr. Drillinger? Right Bottom: Lindsay Barth holds back Brad Mettler, Mike Cagliardo, and Allison Harper from the photographer. 142CONCERT BAND This year Concert Band had full band rehearsals on Tuesday's and Thursday's. They played at Horace Mann School, had a Christmas concert with Symphonic Band and an awards concert to show recognition of those students who excelled in their music. Second semester there was a 60 piece band. Mr. Banks was the director. Ray Rhodes and Steve Norris-Things can t be that bad, Ray. Row 1, L to R: Carrie Chestney, Therasia Roland, Regina Dancy, Joanna Lewis, Cheryl Lovett. Row 2: Kathie Jenkins. Kris Dilley, Sherri Dabbs, Lisa Bick, Loribeth Padgett, Brett Stawar. Kathy Klope. Row 3: Mr. Banks. Lance Wehrle, Marcus Anderson, Steve Norris, Jim Lavelle, Joi Terry, Greg Scott, Aaron Brown, Greg Spiller, Ray Rhodes. Left: Row 1, L to R: Duane Dabbs, Shannon McFar-lene, Shaunda Smith, David Bromaghim, Matt Schrimpf. Row 2: Jason McAfoos. Joel Bromaghim, Aaron Elson, Row 3: Nikki Hopkins, Beth Slater. Janell Berry, Kevin Langford. Row 4: Wayne Weber. Mr Banks, Darryl Morse. Brad Sutton. Right: Brett Stawar. 143JAZZ BAND Jazz Band is a club that helps the members understand and appreciate all kinds of jazz. They had practice after school under the direction of Mr. Gary Banks. They held several concerts over the year. To name a few, they played at Alton Square, in the auditorium with the middle school jazz band, with LCCC Jazz Lab Band (with guest soloist, Arnie Lawrence), and ABOB concert with the middle school and Mrs. Reid's dance class. They also competed at SIU-E. As you can tell, being a part of Jazz Band takes time and patience, yet rewarding. John Ridder-Come back to Jamaica. Row 1, L to R: Matt Steele, Josh Rue-din, Howard Gooden, Richard Vel-loff. Row 2: Marissa Bottens, Dawn Weber, Blake Fleming, John Ridder, Joi Terry, Nate Folwell, Brad Mettler, Lindsay Barth. Row 3: Allison Harper, Eric Ortman, Chris Norman, Jason Lewis, Mike Gagliardo, Steve Schoeffel, Mr. Banks. Bottom left: Nate Folwell and Lindsay Barth. Just guess where that leaves Brad Mettler. Bottom right: Dawn Weber and Eric Ortman. 144FRESHMEN CHORUS Left: Row 1: Ericka Smith, Nicole Rippley, and Luciann Ficor. Row 2: Amy Perica, Dawn Rulo, Melissa Sabotta, Katie Lammers, Ann Duncan and Jodi Cook. Below: Row 1: Nikki Ballhurst, Kiko Matthews, Shinzetta Queen, and Sharon Page. Row 2: Carey Chestney, Tara Lipe, and Belinda Lewis. 145fijCUbCVnCjUlt CheruuL .' Right: Tracy Buckner, Janet Beatty, JoAnne White, and Marnie Watts at practice. Right: Andre Bryant, Larry Ehlers, Wardell Johnson, and John Wiser makes up the male section. Above: Brook Northway, Leslie Brown, Jennifer Waters, and Sara Roth.(very top) Students learning how to do a Crand-Right-And-Left. (above) Melanie Ahrling and other P.E. students promenading their partners. (above) "Swing your partner!" Girls Learn The Fine Art Of Square Dancing For the past two years, girls at Alton High have learned to square dance in their P.E. class. The P.E. teachers teach the girls during their first semester P.E. class. The class is only two weeks long, but it's lots of fun and very different. In general, the class offers and experience in square dancing that they might never have learned on their own. We're not sure where these fine skills will come into play in the girl's lives, unless they become professional square dancers, but it adds spice and breaks the monotony of the "regular P.E. class.THE CLASS OF ALTON HIGH WHY DO YOU WORK? A car. Clothes. Money for college. These are some of the answers students give when asked Why do you work?' But, doesn't it take up most of your time? When asked this question, Meg Whittman said, "Not really. My hours are really pretty reasonable. There really isn't much conflict" Some people like to work and some don't depending on the place and the people they work with. Sometimes it doesn't matter if they like where they work or not. Most students need a job for insurance, extra spending money, clothes, college, etc., so they can't be too picky about where they work. No matter how hard anybody wishes, 'money doesn't grow on trees,' and we have to come about it some way, some LEGAL way. (At the right) Sarah Kelly and Lance Witcher working The Cookie Factory, (in the corner) Their wonderful creation: Mr. Cookie! (Below) Tony Raya putting a box of medication in the company car which he delivers for The Beltline Pharmacy. (Far middle right) Marie Clemente waiting on a customer at Fannie May's (Top middle right) Christa Kuhn standing in front of her display at the Gap. (Far right) The Hardee's Gang: Diana Constantino, Sarah Eccles, and Tammy Pruitt. (Right) Ray Morales cleaning the counters at Alton Cine, "Do you do windows, too, Ray?” 148 c L U B SSTUDENT EC! COUNCIL IONS '88 Student Council Elections January 25-29 After a week of intense campaigning, the student body voted on the new officers for the 1988-1989 school year. Throughout the week, officer candidates could be seen taping posters up on every available square inch of wall, hanging brightly colored banners in the cafeteria, and passing out stickers, similar to campaign buttons. Many of the posters displayed surprising creativity and humorous sayings that often rhymed with the candidates name. Despite a few destructive students who took unholy delight in destroying other's signs, the majority of the students and faculty seemed to enjoy the scenery and the excitement generated throughout the week. As voting drew near and campaigning came to a close, the candidates admitted to being more than a little nervous. Many admitted trouble sleeping or headaches, especially before their speeches and the Thursday night before voting. Even with the jitters, the minor pains that accompanied the campaigning, nearly all the candidates agreed that it was a great experience. Top: Nat Diaz and Buffy Osborne putting up campaign posters. Middle: Carrie Stewart, a sophomore, getting support from her friends. Bottom: Colten Steiner, a sophomore, giving his speech. Right top: Lance Witcher, a junior, organizing his speech. Right bottom: 1987-88 presidents Kyle Steiner and Mark Davey. Left. Dave Edwards, a sophomore, telling his Council experience. ISOFUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA First Row: Kathy Jenkins, Gwen Schallenberg, Lisa Lowder, Melissa Morgenroth Second Row: Shawna Bligh, Mary Ann Mack, Quentella Monigan, Ursula Patterson Wendy Adams Third Row: Ruth Stewart, Tina Vaesley, Vincent Warlick, Marcella Stiff, Micheal Martin Fourth Row: Earline Stewart, Miss Wilma Bricker The Future Business Leaders of America presented American Enterprise Leader Certificates to the following persons who represent business, industry and education at the American Enterprise Breakfast on November 18 at Alton High School. Left to Right: Gil Moody, Moody and Carter Properties, President of the Alton FBLA Advisory Council; Terry Barton, Airport Construction Materials Inc.; Debbie Kassler, FBLA President: State Representative, James Me Pike; Tom Thompson, Principal of Alton Hieh School.REDBIRD WORD SECOND HOUR JOURNALISM FIRST ROW: Toby Mitchell, Donna Thomas, Kelly Fisher, Treena Boren, Sara Walker. SECOND ROW: Stacy Caselton, Dean Voumard, Kyla Reynolds, Shelly McDonald, Matt Gor-line. THIRD ROW: Greg Fite, Robbie Gottlob. Jerry Riggs, James Gilmore. FOURTH ROW: Julie Wilson, Matt O'Hair, Chuck Puent, Tara Raby, Kelly Malson, Mrs. Hall. NOT PICTURED: Tim Rolando, Darryl Blair. SIXTH HOUR JOURNALISM FIRST ROW: Jack Monroe, Jennifer Clayton, Mark Cousley, Mike Barnett, Stephanie Buhs, Karan Albrecht, Kim Maple, Paula Davis. SECOND ROW: Wanda Brown, Cassandra Jolliff, John Kenney, Donna Menke, Missy Dingel-dein. Rose Guess, Rodney Caffey. THIRD ROW: Wilbur Kaiser, Robin Hamilton, Jason Shobe, Tom Gilbert, Jerome Smith, Chris Montgomery, Doug Gregory, Deneen Henderson. NOT PICTURED: Angela McDonough, Chris Crammer, Tenise Miller, Betsy Schudel. SEVENTH HOUR JOURNALISM FIRST ROW: Andrea Dralle, Cheryl Crawford, Dave Eastman, Michelle Phillips, Mark Davey, John Sokolowski, Lainie Gineris, Damita Fielding, Mike Lucas. SECOND ROW: Mikki Gray, Kathy Bessler, Amy Jones, Cathy Norman, Amy Gehrke, Jodie Stewart, Heather Nicholson, Lisa Atchison. THIRD ROW: Julie Bel-chik, Sarah Jehle, Amy Dillinger, Michelle Wa-keford, Colleen Oiler, Jason Hillery, Michelle Jutting, Anne Lutes, Amanda Oulson. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Hall, Lori Wedding, Tanya Livingstone, Steve Watt, Rhett Nisch-witz, Ray Hardimon. NOT PICTURED: Mike MaronieThe procedures that the Journalism students follow in producing the Redbird Word takes a lot of time. The students must gather news ideas to be discussed and voted on. The good ideas of interest are taken to the editorial board which consists of representatives from each of the three classes. The controversial material is voted on by them. Next, the students are assigned stories and have deadlines to meet for each story. The best stories are chosen by a class vote. The chosen stories are typed on the computer and saved on a disk. Later the information is transferred to an ASCII disk. Both disks are sent to Greater Metro Graphics where they set the stories in two-inch wide columns on slick paper which is referred to as a repro. The repros are copied and dummy pages are set up. After this is done, the headlines are written for the articles. These headlines along with any photos are sent to J.B. Johnson vocational printing classes, where they set the headlines and return them to the Journalism classes. The final paste is then made using preprinted sheets and a light table so the copy is straight. Finally, the dummies are sent back to J.B. where the paper is printed. iSPANISH CLUB President Ramona Kerkemeyer and faculty sponsor Dr. Beard discuss the future activities for the Spanish Club (top row, left) Kelly Jemison, India Fields (Vice-president), Joe Poole, Raquel Raya (secretary). Crystal Young, Meyna Bratton, Ramona Kerkemeyer (President), Tonya Fielder (treasurer), Richard Root, (middle row, left) Dr. Beard, Tracy White, Tony Raya, Linda Garner, Lisa Schobernd, Tammy Stoekel, Kelly Bauchman, Jalyn Ziegler, Meg Whitman, Amy Varble, Jennifer Waters, Jennifer Mueggenburg, Rachel Corbett, Janet Beaty, (bottom row, left) Luis Saravia, Pam Lewis, Elaine Abromovich, Andrea Sheary, LeeAnn Eccles, Jackie Nash, Sonja Haddock. The purpose of German Club is to help the students to understand the cultures of all German speaking countries. Each year, they sponsor a three week stay for German Exchange Students during the Easter Holidays. The club takes the German students to Spring-field, St. Louis, and Cahokia Mounds to introduce them to our political system, our history, and the American way of life. In return, German Club members are invited to go to Germany for three weeks during their summer vacation. They are introduced to their German exchange student s family, they tour their school and the country itself and they familiarize themselves with the culture. (first row. left) John Ridder, Greg Gaddy, Maurice Manley, Mariana Haverinen, Charles Deutsch, Sue Kercher, and Jason Hagen, (second row, left) Sarah Kubrich, Robin Peterson, Jennifer Thompson, Rachel Hartman, Martha Phillips, Cathy Miller. Jenny Canter, and Tricia Ontis. (third row, left) Eric Zyung, Missy Jobotta, Kathy Klope, Cindy Blasioli, Sherry Dabbs, Christa Kuhn, Danny Jacobitti, Lance Witcher, and lan Hardin, (fourth row, left) Herr Fischer, Todd Schumacher, Charles Knight, Pete Travis, Damon Cates, Jeff Simcox, and Jason Herter.LATIN CLUB Latin Club is a group of dedicated Latin students interested in Latin and community service. The club also seeks to promote friendship among Latin students, sponsering hay rides, flag football contests and similar activities. Earlier this year the Latin Club challenged the German Club to a soccer match. Although they lost 4-5, the day was fun and it helped unite the Latin Club even more. The club also entered an excellent float in Alton's Halloween parade. The float was their rendition of a Roman chariot. The third and fourth year students rode in the chariot while the first year slaves were chained behind. The Latin Club meets every other Wednesday at 7:50 am. Barb Hicks is the faculty sponser. The officers are: Lisa Miller and Lori Wedding (Consuls), Mary Ann Greenwood (Praetor), Amy Gibson (Quaestor), and Jill Kramer (Aedile). back row (left) Carrie Mathewson, Shawna Bowman, Eric McNeal, Lisa Rhoades, Robin Rhoades. Lainee Frizzo, Vicki Doerr, Chris Bechtold, Scott Hicks, Christine Kidwell, and Jill Kramer. 2nd row (left) Tony Scott, Valerie Koontz, Chris Cauley, Karen Maher, Mary Ann Curtner, Jeremy Wittles, Tara Meeden, Shelly Mathews, Jill Taylor, and Chris Gunning. 3rd row (left) Sharon Miller, Kirk Livingston, Andrew Dobson, Jason Hart, David Bromaghin, Greg Scott, Jason Bowen, Ann Montague, Allison Harper, and Mrs. Hicks. 4th row (left) Kim Allton, Mike Allen, Jerry Bemis, Jennifer Haycraft, Julie Howell, Sarah Maher, Lynn Crose, and Richmond Swettenham. front row consuls Lisa Miller and Lori Wedding. BIBLE CLUB Bible Club members, (clockwise from left) Eric Hausman, John Shelby, Leslie Brown. Cheryl Oliver, and Lonnie Hinton »• 155PEER LEADERSHIP Julie Howell and Vickie Dodson receive a reward from Mr Thompson Peer leadership's purpose is to help young people take a stand against the use of alcohol and drugs and to promote a positive self-concept among teenagers. (top, left to right) Mike Goeken, Carrie Springer, Tina Veasley, Tonya Kerkemeyer, Carrie Spencer, Ray Rhodes, Freddie Krueger, Rachel Corbett, Carrie Reinhardt, Calista Dorsey, Amy Venlet, Michele Buckshot, Jennifer Cauley, Chris Means, Kelly Brown, Dan Cope, Julie Howell, (President), Vickie Dodson (Vice President), Mike Reed and Dr. Callahan. Mr. Thompson standing, back row LIFE SAVERS Lifesavers just started last year in February. The program is patterned after the original, which began in Belleville. At a 2 1 2 day retreat, students are trained in communicating, listening skills, problem solving, and creative solutions. They receive up-to-date information on the use abuse of controlled drugs alcohol. Members are expected to return to the school acting as peter models and willing listeners for others. Meetings continue to enhance and refine skills learned at the retreat. The students share a strong sense of community. In addition to the retreat and monthly meetings, Lifesavers conducted a walk-a-thon last June at which they raised nearly $4000. (left, front) Paul Gitchoff (President), Steve Norris (Vice President), Jason Hart, Shannon Dean, Charles Glover, Sarah Scheer, Shane Riley, and Bethany Bottens. (left, middle) Derrick Williams, Ann Dungan, Melissa Sobatta, Katie Lammers, Michele Fester, Sarah Kuebrick, J.B. Liebheit, Robin Peterson, Tiffany Myers, Michelle Underwood, Julie Howell, and Claire Sun. (left, back) Bobby Bonds, Mike Reed, Jason Chapman. Kasey Kline (Secretary), Jodie Baumann, Jayson Cox, Josh Ruedin, Matt Schrimpf, Lori Schmoeler. Renae Greear, Tiffany Schneider (Treasurer), and Mrs. Gitchoff (Sponser).MINORITY EXCELLENCE Marc Adams, Shun Ammons, Reggie Arnold, Maria Baum, Deidra Beard, Jan-ell Berry, Leslie Bratton, Meyna Bratton. Tanya Browning, Robert Bonds, Jesse Brown, Andre Bryant, Katrins Burgess, Brandon Caffey, Wayne Casey, Shawnda Clay, Marccus Cox, Tasha Crawl, Regina Dancy, Dana Edwards, Angela Elliott, David Ellison, India Fields, Cassandra Golley, Cheryl Gooden, Tiana Griggs, David Hamilton, Allison Harper, Adrian Henry, Robert Henry, Richie Hickman, Shannon Hickman, Gina Holliday, Jennifer Hubbard, Kcena Hubbard, Zola Hubbard, Joy Isom, Shenika Jackson, Lynette Johnson, Keisha Knight, Kevin Langford, Georgette Lawrence. Joanna Lewis, Karla Lunceford, Katina Mabone, Kendra Malone, Kiko Matthews, Likita McCarvey, Derek McCrady, Nicole McElroy, Ralph Miller, Keith Mitchell, Tonya Mitchell, Angela Newman, Tu-Cam Nguyen, Aaron Nicholson, Sharon Page, Marrio Pearson, Edrow Perkins. Paul Pittman, Michelle Ross, Eddie Rounds, Anthony Scott, Gregory Scott, John Shelby, Anthony Simon, Ericka Smith, Gail Snipes, Greg Spiller, Marcia Steele, Kelly Stevenson. Marcella Stiff, Yolanda Talbert, Jay Terry, LaDonna Thompson, Tina Veasley, Charles Walker, Ramon Webb, Derrick Williams, La-Trisha Williamson, Latrichda Willis, and Crystal Young DISK DRIVERS Tracy Mitchell and Tilly Morris are really serious about their computer programs. The Computer Club meets every Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 in room 215. The club exists to give interested students recreational time at the computers, a chance to participate in national contests, and an opportunity to share information about the computer and software with each other. 157 (kneeling, left) Jason Hart, Greg Bierbaum, Josh Ruedin, Willie Perkins, and Morgan Lindlay. (on rail, left) Aaron Mayhew, Gary Hubbard, Scott Perrin, and Earline Stewart, (standing, left) Larry Thompson (sponsor), Jeff Miller, Chris Welling, and Ann Trail.BIOLOGY CLUB The purpose of Biology Club is to get students together with the same Biological interests. They go on field trips, a camping trip, and a hayride. They hold fundraisers such as selling candy to raise money for such activities. They also participate in community services. Biology Club is fun and at the same time educational for its members. Below - Bill Slone, Paul Beck, Gary Deck, Kent Cub-badge, Tara Meeden, David Scroggins, Steve Norris, Sue Kercher, Terry Ash, Jenny Waters, Chris Beehtold, Mr. Mondy, Phil McFarlane. Middle - Tara Meeden ind Marcia Frazier having a great time roughing it." Top - Steve Norris making himself at home. Bilolgy Club Members: April Partridge, Stacy Mondy, Nichole Boehler, Carrie Mathewson, Richard Velloff, Josh Ruedin, Mike Sheppard, Lisa Bick, Kathy Klope, Lainee Frizzo, Damon Cates, Shannon Dean, Todd Miller, Scott Hicks, Allison Harper, Steve Norris, Blake Fleming, Jason Fleming, Christina Kidwell, Hillary Corbett, Paul Gitchoff, Jim Lavelle, Brett Stewart, Heather Lewis, Shannon McFarlane, Amy Var-ble, Jill Kramer, Tony Hamberg, Tara Meeden, Nathen Billings, TuCam Nguyen, Claire Sun, Ketra Martien, Therasia Roland, Mike Garvey, Brian Croxdale, Mona Kerkemeyer, and Buffy Osborne. 158"Believe it or not it will all fit I hope.” Sue Kercher to Tara Meeden — "It's only another 40 miles."160 MODEL U.N. Front row: Lauren Burton, Stacy Leavell, Amy Dillinger, Lance Johnson, John Giertz, Brett Stewart, Marc Thompson. Second row: Shelly Matthews, Kim Marshall, Danny Jacobitti, Scott Hicks, Mr. Olson, Andrew Bilsbury, Brad Tiemann, Chris Diddlebock, Aaron Whalen. Not pictured: Elaine Abromovich. Kathy Bessler, and Kathy Messerle. For two days every fall and three days in the spring a delegation of students from Alton High School get together to participate in the McKendree Invitational Model United Nations. Lebanon, Illinois is the sight for the Model U.N. which is a mock session of the real United Nations. Students assume the role of delegates or ambassadors for the countries assigned to their school. The purpose of the Model U.N. is to inform the delegates about the United Nations and the problems of international relations. This includes giving the delegates an understanding of how diplomacy, bloc politics, and caucuses work. The students get an overall view of the politics of other countries, and they gain firsthand experience at compromising and trade-offs which are necessary to reach major agreements. The U.N. sponsor is social studies teacher Mr. Steve Olson. Stacy Leavell Amy Dillinger Top: Brad Tiemann Bottom: Lauren Burton Andrew Bilsbury WORKING TOGETHER Rev. }esse ]acksorv visited Mlot VVv Yv ot VAotv MaxcYv 24t , 19 8. Peiuvy VeUon. MaxV Davev . Kv e Ste'mex axe pictured witYv Rev. Jackson.lUt'LliU THE THREE PUMKINTEERS. DIANA OHLEY, LIZ NORMAN, LISA SCHOBERND, MARCY COLE SARAH JEHLE WORKING ON SENIOR INDEXES. THE GRAVEMANN POSE. SHELLY MATTHEWS WORKING ON A LAYOUT. TATLER EDITOR LAUREN BURTON GETS TRASHED AT SCHOOL. 162Front row (1 to r): Karin Whitten, Tiffany Schneider, Karen Pace, Melissa Hartley, Paula Davis, Lauren Burton, Raquel Raya, Amy Jones, Ketra Mar- tien. Back row (1 to r): Shelly Matthews, Jon Lair, Michele Collet, Rhonda Grant, Chris Hansen, Sarah Jehle, Nat Diaz, Brent Stiritz. Stacy Leavell and Josten's representative Ed Sudgen Marcus Hickman and Liz Norman 16 iHOW HARD WE WORK (left) David Edwards in Drivers Ed. class. (below) Mr. Enloe assisting students in the library. (above) Tracy Yost works on her creative assignment Allen Pierson at work in room 107. 165HONORS PROGRAM While most students have been cruising through school, just hoping to pass and graduate, others have been working hard to excell in the Honors Program. Although Alton High has a gifted program for several years, the actual Honors Program only started this year. It was initiated for students who excell academically and want a challenge from their classes. This program is also a means of recognizing the achievement of these students and to differentiate between the Honors Program and the regular program. Much emphasis is placed on sports and other extra-curricular activities, yet school is a place to learn and students who give their all in a classroom are just as important as students who give their all on a playing field or in a gym. In order to be a part of the Honors Program you must be recommended by a teacher of the subject for which you are interested in. Grades and test scores are also part of eligibility. The grades in Honors Classes are weighted. Classes added to the Honors curriculum are developed and planned in advance by staff members. The Honors Program is a lot of hard work but it also has unlimited rewards. Teachers and Administrators have high hopes that this program will grow and that more students will become involved in the Honors Program at Alton High School. 1bt Upper Left: The heartbreak of writer's block as felt by Joe Poole. Upper Right: Sue Kayser tests the conductivity of Sue Kercher's hair. Bottom Left: "Just because I'm smiling doesn't mean you don't have to do your Calculus homework. " says Mr. Fearheiley. Bottom Right: A relaxed Eric Zyung studies his Physics II.The 1987-1988 school year was an era of change and transition for many students at Alton High. Honors classes were installed for the purpose of helping college-bound students better prepare for higher education. “The old system did not offer enough challenge to students of higher ability," said Mr. Marvin Mondy, chairman of the Honors Program Committee. Top Left: Mr. Clugston gives Robert Peipert a few Physics pointers. Middle Left: Cathy Miller finds her Honors Class amusing. Middle Right: As seven of his female students smile for the camera, it could be said that Mr. Bagwill must have the right . . "Chemistry.” Bottom Right: Dr. Paries at her best lecturing. 167Upper Left: Admit it Mrs. Meggos . . . you'd rather be shopping!! Middle Left: Carrie Daniel asks, "Are we having fun yet?" Above: Joe Taylor and Don Elik show us two different poses of Rodin's great statue, "The Thinker." Upper Right: Newton who???" ask Physics students. John Finch and Brian Weber. Above: New fashion trend? No, it's Bethany Bot-tens in her costume for Mrs. Dirksmeyer's English I class. 168J.E.T.S. JETS, or Junior Engineering Technical Society, is dedicated to encouraging the interest and understanding of engineering. The club meets on the first Thursday of every month at 8:00 in room 218 and on the third Thursday at 3:30 in room 309. The club participates in design and academic competitions, field trips and an end of the year picnic. In addition, selected members of the club participate in the annual T.E.A.M.S. academic contest at Lewis and Clark Community College. This year the team placed second overall and therefore continued on to compete at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Individual winners were: Jimmy Caffery, Michelle Griesemer, Chris Hansen, Jennifer Sherwood, and Brian Weber. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Nancy Meggos and Mr. Joseph Clugsten with assistance from Olin Corporation. The officers are: Chris Hansen (President), Kosta Lekkas (Vice-President), Michelle Griesemer (Secretary), and Cassandra Martien (Treasurer). Top Left: Eric Larson places weights very carefully. Top Right: JETS members look on as Richard Brakeville drops his egg Left: The winners board for the JETS egg drop, clay boat, book support, toothpick bridge, and paper airplane contests. Bottom Left: Cleaning up after the egg drop. Bottom Right: School sponsor Nancy Meggos and Olin Sponsor Toni Brown ask for volunteers. 169At the end of the 7th semester the top ten students of the class of 88' are: James Caffery, Chris Hansen, Cassandra Martien, Brad Phillips, Craig Sun, Dan Schmisseur, Ronda Zykan, Konstantinos Lek-kas, Lauren Burton, and Ramona Kerkemeyer. The students who have maintained a grade point average of 4.0 are: James Caffery, Chris Hansen, Cassandra Martien, and Brad Phillips. The Tatler Staff congratulates these students for their efforts! Cassandra Martien Brad Phillips Craig Sun Dan Schmisseur Ronda Zykan Konstantinos Lekkas Lauren Burton Ramona KerkemeyerSCHOLAR BOWL Scholar Bowl is “The Sport of the Mind." The members of the Scholar Bowl team are selected for their quick recall and their ability to work the buzzer system. The team competes with other area schools in competition, which consists of rounds of toss-up and bonus questions that ask challenging questions on a variety of subjects, including history, math, science, English, literature, and current events. The team meets every Monday for about an hour, sharpening their skills for the competions. In addition to the local contests, the team competes in the State Tournament at the end of the school year. Alton High's Scholar Teams have had a very successful year. The Freshmen team won 4th place out of 19 teams from southern Illinois. Jim Lavelle won an individual trophy for the 16th best individual score. The Freshmen team won a trophy at a tournament. It is the first trophy won by an Alton High Scholar Team. Varsity Team members include: Dan Schmisseur, Chris Hansen, Darren Watt, Michelle Griesemer, and Kosta Lekkas. Junior Varsity members: Jennifer Sherwood, Scott Hicks, Paul Gitchoff, Nat Diaz, Steve Norris, and Jennifer Muggenberg. Freshmen Team members: Jim Levelle, Jason Hart, Buffy Osborne, Wayne Webber, Richard Velloff, and Ann Montague. 171I RIVERVIEWS I - :ks shows a drawing that may be included in this year's issue iews. fer Haycraft and Amy Jones listen intently to the Riverview's , Mrs. Hicks. .angford, Julie Howell, and Nicole Boehler study the possible leas for the 1987-88 issue of Riverviews. •kwise, above) "Duck on Pond" by Boomer Jordan, was part of the vork included in the 1986-87 issue of Riverviews. "Riverviews" is Alton High's literary magazine. It showcases student a enf and creativity in the areas of art and writing at AHS. Most riembers of the hardworking Riverviews staff spend at least thirty to fty hours reading, editing, and typing submitted materials, preparing for publication by the printing class at the J.B. Johnson Center. The ib meets almost daily, starting at the beginning of the second semes-until the book goes to press. tTHROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS AT AHS Middle: Now don't you wish you had talent like this!?! Middle right: DO NOT take my picture!!! Bottom left: I know that card is in here somewhere! iii ftp? jin 9 ui sn m V 41 Jii iuv 1W% J an tSEfe Wiv aSS luwgk, 4Jiro jn 'IW u« « tl lift M» J 173FRIENDS FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE Ola Palmbald Ola Palmblad is an exchange student living with the Rice family. He likes Alton High School and feels that school is easier here than in his home country of Sweden where he took eleven classes. Ola enjoys his private pilot class and computer class the most, but he has a little trouble in English! At school, he is involved in Track and Cross Country Running and in his spare time he enjoys going to Nautilus. He says he misses "real food" from Sweden and he doesn't watch much TV. Marjaana Haverinen Marjaana Haverinen is from Finland. She is staying with the Batchelor family. Marjaana is involved in German Club and was active in the 17488 Upper left: Mr. Wright talks with Gian about the ACT Middle left: Gian at a payphone in New York Middle right: I can't believe I have to cross the Pit again!!! Bottom left: Philipp in his Drivers Ed. class FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS Student Senate first semester. When she is not at school, she likes to watch the Cosby Show, jog, dance, and read. Even though she likes the U.S., she says she misses her two sisters, and nature — lakes, forests, saunas! However, she says American guys are more open." GIAN MARIA TOMAT Gian Maria Tomat is from Italy. He is staying with the Strasser family of Alton. He lived in Italy in the town of Udine for the past two years with his grandparents in order to attend a high school that offered the subjects that he was interested in, such as electronics. Gian Maria likes to watch movies ("Fatal Attraction and' and "Children of a Lesser God" are two of his favorites), and football and basketball games. At school, his calculus class is easy for him but he has a little bit of trouble in American Literature class. Gian Maria feels that the rules at AHS are enforced more strictly than at schools in Italy, for example, absences, homework and tardies count for less there. He also feels that American colleges and universities are better than most in Europe. PHILIPP GUSINDE Philipp was born in Dusseldorf, West Germany. He now lives in Mettmann, which is about eight miles away from Dusseldorf. He is staying in America for three months with the Gitchoff family. At Alton High, he is taking six classes, two of which, Auto Safety and Economics, are not offered at his school in Germany. Philipp says, "In comparison to the German school which 1 attend, Alton High is a bit easier, but not much because of daily homework, long school time (8:30-3:30 despite 7:55-1:10 in Germany), and everything in English." He says that it is interesting to see how many clubs and activities exist at AHS, compared to his small German school without many organizations. He plans to join the Tennis Team in the spring. In Italy, he says, there are not a lot of fast foods, so he takes full advantage of them here in America. "I like the fast foods, even if it causes a little trouble for my face!", he says. Even though he misses his family and friends, he is glad to have had the opportunity to live in America and experience the culture here. "Over in Europe, according to Gian Maria, "America is such a kind of dream for everybody ... it was for me and it is still for my friends who are writing me."176COSMETOLOGY Front Row: Fran Blackketter, Tonya Herter, Debbie Woods, Shelly Witt, Paula Campbell, Kim Gabriel, Marisa Duda, Lisa Maxon. Back Row: Phelecia Williams, Mrs. Brown, Tina Kopp, Krista Fulcher, Sherrie Writght, Mrs. Unthank, Lori Huntsman, Wendy Maher, Jeana Parko, Tracey Gallup, Marsha Stice, Lori Snyders. Front Row: Angie Bilderback, Jennifer Andrus, Beth Whitaker, Shara Madrey, Dawn Meyer, Melanie Angel, Shannon Ulrich. Back Row: Jennifer Williams, Linda Kershaw, Carrie Kistner, Kim Claytor, April Burcham, Angie Roberts, Shannon Drennan, Lori Rider, Suzi Smith, Mrs. Harris. Front Row: Mrs. Brown, Debbie Mitchell, Dionne Hendrix, Carrie Bradley, Dawn Peiffer, Rhonda Berghoff. Back Row: Andrea Burton, Keitra Stampley, Lori Stewart, Jennifer Powell, Mrs. Unthank, Stacy Hayden, Paddy McNamee, Michelle Smith. Cosmetology has been a growing trend in recent years. StU- Rhonda Berghoff, Dawn Peiffer, and Mrs. Unthank. dents who attend the 1500 hour class at the J.B. Johnson Center, are trained to be professionals. Upon completion of the course, students may take the state board exam required in the State of Illinois. 177178 ' i Front Row. Scott Ciberson, Matt Card, Damion Gilligan, Steve Gaston, Matt Cambron, Rob Leggett. Back Row: Mr. Lyerla, Eric Burnett, Ron Haentish, Tim Schobernd, Ron Little. Scoff Ciberson voc Front Row: Cary Weigel, Joe Dresch, Vance Miller, Mike Bolling, Darren Ross, David Shimchick, John Holloway, Kenny Holloway. Back Row: Mr. Lyerla, Keith Graves, Keith Jackson, Mike Wooldridge, Steve Walls, Jeff Sidweii, Tom Fleming, John Georgewitz, Bob Hilligoss, Ralph Bock, Steve Kuenstler, Steve DeWerff. Front Row: Mike Eubanks, Michael Connor, Eric Linder, Eric Fite, Nick Front Row: Jeffery Hatten, Johnny Price, James Hand, Brian Hopkins. Stillwell, Justin Liebermann, Michael Bauer, Mike Hearn. Back Row: Darren Back Row: Blake Fickle, James Norris, Adrian Vassar. Nash, Christopher Morgan, Stephen Nowlin, Alan Heathman, Brad Cooper, Scott Liley, Brian Slack, Ryan Mouser, Brian Mouser, Michael Flatt, Michael Greear. Front Row: Jim Knight, Gary Williams, Larry Bland, Brian Scarborough, Todd Elder, Don Aebblethuraite. Back Row: Mr. Lyerla, Craig Kegney, Tony Millitello, Kevin Bailey, Bob Beloit, Leroy Rhine, Craig Sisk. Mr. Farrow, Adrian Vasser, Pat HandMECHANICS David Moore The J.B. Johnson Career Development Center offers students classes in a wide variety of areas. After successfully completing a course in their chosen field, such as Auto Body or Auto Mechanics, most of the students are able to go on to a trade school to further develop their skills. The classes are open to juniors and seniors and are offered in two different sessions. Other vocational classes available include welding, machine tools, and aviation mechanics, among others. Front (left to right) Bill Becozt, Rob Harrelson, Jeff Bricker, Matt Card, Matt Cambron, Bryon Warren, Mike Bassett. Back (left to right) Mr. Stevenson, Tyrone Davis, Jim Cox, Bret Mills, Bill Sanders, Bob Beloit, Damion Gilligan, Craig Sisk, John Koshinski, Gary Dean, Scott Mugge. Front (left to right) David Lenhardt, Rob Harrelson, Cory Lovett, Lonnie Tate, Calvin Hamby, Bill Curtis, Rick Kitsmiller, Kenny Holloway. Back (left to right) Mr. Stevenson, Bura Robinson, David Robinson, David Jemison, Mike Martin, Tim Kraushaar, Donnie Hamilton, Mike St. Peters, Tim Pruitt, Jerry Berkel. Front Row: Tom Grossheim, Tracy Rigdon, Jim Drew, Joe Stanton, Charles Smith, Matt Klopfer. Back Row: Mr. Chestney, Kevin Boswell, Darrell Schroeder, Todd Beckwith, Mark Cauley. Front Row: David Moore, Darrell Taylor, David Meisenheimer, Keith Kitson, John Pfeifer, Scott Robertson, Matt Klopfer, Greg Crull. Back Row: Mr. Chestney, Kavid Droste, Richard Brakeville, Maurice Phelps, John Bogard, Jason Vowells, Kevin Dugan, Scott Caudill, Chad Wallace, Daniel Robertson, Bill McGiffen, Brian Curvey.Row 1: Troy Henderson, Perry Yates, Robert Mike, Greg Brown, Matt Castelli, Jim Johnson, Scott Zagar. Row 2: Terry Bailey, Andy Agney, Rusty Mansker, Bob Butler, Edward Kenshalo, Kurt Dennis, Scott Clevenger Think about it. Your home is where you spend most of your time — eating, watching TV, doing homework, talking on the phone and sleeping. The J.B. Johnson Center is proud to be training young people how to design, build, and decorate the homes of tomorrow. For example, in architectural drafting, students learn how to work with blueprints; in building trades they learn how to actually build homes. Electronics, obviously, is immensely important also, and the interior decorating course is a valuable tool that teaches the future interior decorators the methods used to improve home decorating. Front Row: Matt Motley, Chuck Ehlers, David Norris. James Cooperider, Matt Irvin, Kevin Trimm, Patrick Harang, Chris Fillop. Back Row: Mr. Larry King (teacher), Rick Dunse, Shane Malley, Ron Scott, Darrell Schroeder, Ozell Smith, Jason Adkins, Clay Schum, Matt Bosaw. WE RE BUILDING OUR FUTURE Beth Higgins. Angie Cole, Karen Pace 180 Front Row: Kim Stormer, Jennifer Yarber, Karen Pace, Kristine Glen, Leigh Ruble, Beth Higgins. Back Row: Shalon Northern, Marie Clemente, Amy Venlet, Angie Cole, Heidi Zippman, Leslie Hampton, Georgia Ross, Mrs. Schrumpf Front Row: Mark Crawford, Steve Mahan, Rod Brangenberg, Matt Siemer, Scott Robertson, Missy Dingeldein, Billy Turner, Tony Raya. Back Row: Mike Creekmore, Matt Thomas, Brent McCann, Bob Vogel, Eric Dancy, Tom Thorp, Carter Hill, Danny Fritz, Dave Dorner, Jon Metheny, Shawn Copeland, Mr. George LovelessFront Row: Scott Snyders, Mike Creekmore, Brett Ballard, Donny Porter. Back Row: Mr. Hallett, Tom Epperheimer, Ray Byrd, Pat Hand Missy Dingeldein Robert Butler, Kurt Dennis, Edward Kenshalo, Matt Castelli, Jim Johnson GROUP PHOTOS Page 180 Bldg. Trades (bottom) Inter. Decor. Arch. Drafting Page 181 Electronics (bottom) Arch. Drafting Electronics Front Row: Chris Crouthers, Jon Lair, Clarance Glover, Roger Watkins, Scott Jenkins. Back Row: Mr. George Loveless, Tim Cromwell, Jay Barrett, Ross Wilson, Scott Rainey, Chris Cauley Front Row: Terry Forrest, Kevin Spahr, Alvin Elliot, Mike Robinson, Derrick Howard, Carl Hamberg, David Chapman, Mike Gray. Back Row: Mr. Hallett, Matt Thompson, Kevin Reathaford, Eric Thyer, Chris Taylor, Brad Whetzel, Tim Baker, Brian Gernon, Scott Griffin, Larry Hamilton, Mark Gilchrest, Todd Thorp 181Business The Students who participate in distributive education are taught the skills of distributing goods from industries to consumers. In the classroom the students are taught the many angles of salesmanship. They develop skills in retail management, accounting, advertising display, wholesale and cash register operation. The students who are very active in distributive education find it easier with their training to find careers in todays competitive job market. Back Row: Victor Urbonas, Odetta VanZandt, Amy Hall, Steve Lowe, Corey Woods, Matt Weirich, James Wise, Ryan Grant. Stacy Caselton, James Leady, Danny Fritz, Mr. Kraus. Front Row: Scott Giberson, Loretta Roberts. Shawn Dodd, Rose Guess, Trudy Estella, Donnell Williams, Bridget Blackledge, Nathan Gholston, Brian Green. Back Row: David Droste, Gralan Alexander, Brian Barnett, James Davis, Charles Puent, J. Voegeli. Front Row: Theresa Wickenhauser, Tammy File, Heather Johnson, Derek McCormick. 182 Back Row: Tenise Miller, Treasurer; Leon Beard; Marnie Watts; Michael Hummel, Vice President; Tracy Buckner. Mary Curtner, Mrs. Stinnett, sponsor. Front Row: Desiree Schulte; Alison Elliott: Ann Freeman, Secretary; Jana Washington, President. Rachel Celia; Martha Cowan, Diana Constantino.Adventures Front Row (I to r) Laura King, Regina Cribble, Charlie Gray, Deneen Henderson, Kelly Malson, Robert Tanner. Back Row (1 to r) Arlene Brannan, Brent Stirtz, Edward Campagna, Darue Smith, Mrs. Stinnett, Tabetha Broomfield, Katie King. Mrs. Stinnett Micheal Hummel Front Row (1 to r) Sheila Bushnell, Linda Hayn, Mary Arbuthnot, Jennifer Fritz, Kimberly Blair, Erica Henry, Tamara Schneider, Faith Grassle. Back Row (1 to r) Mrs. Dodds, Julia Nevlin, Jennifer Case, Kelly Northcut, Beverly McCleery, Melissa Dolbee, Cassondra Borders, Michelle Hoppe, Gioia Turner, Deborah Kassler, Gina Level, Dannette Kreitner, Tonya Betts. Front Row (I to r) Marla Esparza, Amanda Baker, Tammy Reynolds, Terri Brawley, Misty Dejarnett, Kristin Ealey, Heather Meyer, Kendalla Pearson. Back Row (I to r) Trina Lee, Jami Ervin, Monica Radcliff, Carrie Springer, Tiffany Zimmerman. Jill Cartwright, Kelli Henkhaus, Tammy Lowe, Karen Blanton, Kimberly Robinson, Darla Hooks. Christine Laughlin, Mrs. Doods.FOODS - OFFICE EDUCATION Foods- Is a class designed for students who want to learn how to work in a restaurant and also how to manage one. They gain this experience in the restaurant they operate called the Rainbow Room, where they serve breakfast and lunch. Office Education- Is a class designed for students to gain experience for working in an office. They type, take dictation, and learn how to take shorthand. If working in an office is in your future. Office Education is good experience. Row 1: Lisa Searles, Antionette Hobbs, Angela Huntsman, Laura Ewing, Mrs. Hansen. Row 2: Carolyn Chontofalsky, John Ewing, Chuck Smith, Bill Williams, Vanessa Levett, Talesi Gilmore, Bridget Redditt Row 1: Mrs. Hansen, Kristen Lunceford, Lisa Bolling, Wanda Brown, Lisa Ramsey, Jacki Covington. Row 2: Brian Mahanay, Charles Hughes, Tracy Yost, Matt Thornton. Tony Womak, Erica Terrell Matt Thornton Row 1: Deann Peauterbaugh, Penny Allensworth, Donna Thomas, Danielle Deneef. Row 2: Mrs. Hunt, Catrina Sutton, Terrah Eldridge, Aimee Wolff, Marcela Hafman 184 Row 1: Angela Stochard, Amy Hughes, Christine Taco, Gina Duckworth, Lori Ottwell, Linda Hanby, Tricia Lewis. Row 2: Mrs. Hunt, Allan Scroggins, Lori Blackwood, Jana Beane, Nancy Kelly. Laura King, Rachelle Morgan, Dominique Cannon. Amy Culiberk, Bonnie Cenatiempo, Virna Pizzichello, Carrie Fleming, Debbie ThomasCommercial Art Childcare left, Amy Culiberk; right, Carrie Fleming Sherry Payne Front Row: Stacy Cunningham, Patricia Harrison, Kim Stromer. Back Row: Monica, Northcutt, Beth Higgins, Theresa Long. Row 1: Tina Smith, Cathy Huber, Beth Higgins, Jewel Enlow, Katrina Brun-augh, Damita Fielding (on slide). Row 2: Mona Shelly, Makeba Elliot, Kim Stormer (girls in window). Row 3: Mrs. Mary Schrumpf, Tracy Taylor, Louisa Denham, Stephanie Watson, Angie Cole, Theresa Long, Daphne Butts. Anissa Womack, Leslie Warr. Row 4: Laurie Schneider, Monica Northcutt, Stacy Cunningham. Patricia Harrison, Carolyn Chontofalsky. Row 1: Lori Hatcher. Stacy Swank. Melissa Williamson, Theresa Frakes, Tammy Price, Deloris Price, Becky Bolfing. Andrenne Reed. Row 2: Mrs. Schrumpf, Royce Williams, Trudy Estelle, Carla Woodard, Corletta Felder, Sharon Green, Angela Jirdon, Chrissy Stewart, Cathy Williams, Felicia Smith, Darren Swanson. Row 1: C.J. Meyers, John Sokolowski, Heather Nicholson, Patsy Sumner, Melissa Morgenroth, Elisa Moss, Marcus Hickman, Bob Goss, Jay Sundberg. Row 2: Mr Heirman, Mike Slonaker, Scott Parsons, Kevin Bayley, Jimmie Wilson, Loran Dyson, Jimmy Rigdon, Mike Lucas. Matt Whyte, Scott Jenkins, Jeff Lagemann. Darrel Shimchick, Dwayne Sherer. Row 1: Carole Mayes, Pat Settles, Mike Davenport, Sherry Payne, Angie Thaxton, Darald Staftrom, Kara Penn. Row 2: Mr. Hierman, Ross Wilson, Jef Franklin, Doug Haufe, Mike Rushing, Glen McAfoos, Todd Van Voorhis.ABROMOVICH, ELIZABETH E. ADNEY. JENNIFER M. ALBRECHT, MELINDA A. ALDRIDGE, HEATHER L ALEXANDER. GRALAN M ALFORD, JEFFREY A ANDERSON. DEANA L ANGELO. DELCINA K. ANGLETON, GINA R. ANTONIO, SUSAN P ARBUTHNOT, MARY B ARMSTEAD. JASON P. ARMSTRONG. PATRICK C. ASH, TERRI S. BACHMAN, KELLY S. BAILEY. LASHAWNA F. BAKER. AMANDA S. BAKER. WENDY M. BARNES. KEIBA L. BARTHOLOMEW. KIMBERLY S. BARTOW, JEFFERY T. BEARD. ROBERT E BEATTY. JANET C. BECHTOLD, CHRISTOPHER BECKMAN. RANDALL W. BECKWITH. TODD E. BENNETT. COREY J BENTLEY, JAYSON P BERGHOFF, RHONDA M. J U N I O R S 187J u N I O R S BERKEL, JERRY L. BERRY, KEITH D BESAW, THERESA A. BETTS. TONYA R BILSBURY, ANDREW J. BLACK, REBECCA A BLAIR, DARRYL J BLAIR, KIMBERLY P BLAND. ANGELA C. BLANTON, KAREN E BLASKE, ELIZABETH F. BOGARD, JOHN F. BOLLING. LISA M. BOLLING, MICHAEL E. BORDERS, CASSONDRA L. BOSWELL, KEVIN W. BOTT, PAUL A. BOWLES. LOUISE W. BOYER, SUZANNE M. BRADFORD, LESTER B BRADLEY, CARRIE M BRANNAN, EMMA A BRAWLEY, TERRI L. BREGENZER, JULIE L. BRINKMAN. TERRELL A. BRITT, KELLY L. BROCKHOUSE, JAYME R BROOMFIELD. TABETHA S. BRYANT. CAROL S. BUCHANAN. TAMATHA BUHS. AMY K. BUHS, REBECCA E. BURGESS. RENEA J. BURJES, GENIFER J. BURNETT, ERIC D 188BUTLER. ROBERT P. BYRD, PATRICIA J BYRD. RAY C. CAMPAGNA. EDWARD J CAMPBELL. CARMEN E CANTER, JENNIFER L. CARD, AMANDA D. CARPENTER, CARRIE S. CARROLL. SHAWN M CARTWRIGHT. JILL R. CASE, JENNIFER L. CAUDILL, SCOTT A. CAULEY, CHRISTINE A. CELLA, RACHEL A. CHAMBERS, TINA M. CHRISTY, MICHAEL R CHURCHMAN. KAREN K. CLANTON, KAURY D. CLEMENTE, PATRICK R. CLONINGER. ELIZABETH COLLINS, ALLEN M. COLLINS, JOHN C. CONSTANTINO, DIANA L. COOPER. CANDACE S. CORNELL. SCOTT G. COUSLEY, MARK A. CRAIG. KATHEREN S. CRANE, NANNETTE J. CRAWFORD. CHERYL L. J U N I O R S 189J u N I O R S CROMWELL, TIMOTHY W. CRUMER, JILL D. CRUTHIS, MARCY ANN CURTNER, MARY ANN DABBS. SHERRI R DANCY. ERIC M DAVEY, MARGARET M. DAVIS. DELVEENA D. DAVIS, VERNON L. DECK, GARY R. DEJARNETT, MISTY R DENNIS, KURT E. DIDDLEBOCK. WILLIAM C. DILLEY. KRISTINE M. DIXON, BECKY DODSON, VICKIE J. DOLBEE, MELISSA A DONA. LAURA A. DOOLEY. KELLY C. DORNER. DAVID C. DOVER. CHRIE DUBLO, ROBERT L. DUGAN, KEVIN G. DUTCHIK, HEATHER R EALEY, KRISTIN R EDWARDS, ALETHA M. EDWARDS, CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS, DENNIS D. EFFINGER, WALTER H. EHLERS, CHARLES H. EICHORN, MARGARET A EICKHOFF, AARON P ELDRIDGE, ELIZABETH J. ELIK, JENNIFER J. ELLIOTT, ALISON J. 190ELZV, KATHI J. ENLOW, JEWEL L. ERVIN, JAMI L ESPARZA, MARLA A. EUBANKS. MICHAEL E. FICKLE, MALCOLM B. FIELDS, JACQUELINE FINCH. JEAN L. FINCK. CASEY L. FISH, DENNY C. FLETCHER, ALPHONSO D. FOSTER, VICTORIA FOWLER, MICHAEL A. FRANCIS, THERESA M, FRANKFORD. JEFFREY A. FRANKLIN, JEFF E. FRITZ, JENNIFIER L. FURROW, MELODY A, GARNER, LINDA J GARRIS, SHARON L. GEISEN, JOSEPH J. GEORGEWITZ, JENNIFER GEORGEWITZ, JOHN V. GIBSON, AMY L GIERTZ, JOHN W. CILCHREST, MARK J. GILDERSLEEVE, DENNIS R. GILLESPIE. AUNTHRAE D GOEKEN. CLEMENT M. GOEKEN. MELISSA C GONZALES, NANCY A. GOTTLOB, WENDY R CRASSLE, FAITH E GRAY, CHARLIA R GRAY, MICHAEL E. J U N I O R S 191J u N I O R S GRAY. MICHELLE A GREEN. MARSHA C GREEN, SHARON D GREENWOOD, MARYANN L GROTHAUS, DAVID B GULOTTA, JENNIFER A GUNNING, CHRISTINE M HAAR, DEREK W HALL, STEPHEN S HAMBERG, CARL HAMILTON, LARRY D HAMILTON, SHANNON J HAND, JAMES K HANSEN, HEATHER L HARANG, PATRICK X HARNETIAUX, ERIC A HARRIS, SCOTT HARTLEY, MELISSA A HATCHER, JAMES B HATCHER. LORI HATCHER, PAUL S HATFIELD, KATHY M HATTEN, JEFFERY L HAUFE, DOUGLAS B HAUSMAN, ERIC D HAVLICHEK, WILLIAM B HAWKENS, MISSY HAYDEN, STACEY R HEATH, CHERYL A 192HEISTAND, IAN J. HENDERSON, MARCUS A. HENDERSON, TROY L. HENDRIX, DIONNE R. HENESEY, MANDY A. HENRY, ERICA L. HENSLEY, ERIC P. HERNANDEZ, LISA HERREN, KEITH E. HERSMAN, FELICIA M. HERTER, JASON D. HERTZ, GREGORY V. HICKMAN, RICHIE L. HICKS, MATTHEW S. HILLIGOSS, ROBERT S. HOECHST, CHRISTOPHER HOGUE, DAWN R. HOHLBAUCH, LESLIE R. HOKENSON, CARLA A. HOLLIDAY, DEIDRE P. HONKE, BETSY A. HOPKINS, BRIAN D. HOPPE, MICHELLE A. HOSKINS, KELLEY J. HOWARD, EDWARD L. HOWELL, CYNTHIA M. J U N I O R S Meg Davey in Dance Class 193J u N I O R S HSU, SINDY T. HUGHEY. JENNIFER A. HUNT, MELISSA HUNTSMAN, JERALDINE J. INGHRAM, WILLIAM IRVIN, MATT JACKSON, TONY JACOBITTI, EDMUND D. JIRDON, ANGELA M. JOCKISCH, JEANIE I. JOHNSON, ALICIA D. JOHNSON, LANCE C. JOHNSON, SHERRELL L JONES, CHRISTINA A. KASSLER, DEBORAH K. KASTEN, MICHELE L. KAYSER, SUZANNE D. KEELEY, JENNIFER A. KEITH, BRIAN L KELLER, ANNE L. KELLEY, BRIAN R. KELLY, SARAH K. KERCHER, SUZANNE M. KETCHUM, DERRICK R. KIDWELL, CHRISTINA L. KILLION, ROSE M. KING, KATHLEEN J. KISER, KIMBERLY M. KITSMILLER, RICHARD J. KODROS, ARTHUR J. KRAMER, JILL R. KREITNER, DANNETTE E. KRESS. SHERRY KUNH, CHRISTA A. 194LACEMANN, JEFFREY R LAIR, JON L. LAWSON, JOHN E. LEFLORE, LATASHA C. LEGGETT, ROBERT K. LENHARDT, DAVID W. LENOIR, CAROLYN J. LEVEL, GINA N. LEWIS, CARRIE J. LOLLIS, SAMUEL LOVETT, CHERYL D. LOVETT, CORY A. LOWDER, LISA A. LOWE, TAMMY S. LYONS, MARLON A. LYONS, ROGER I. MAAG, REBECCA M. MANLEY, MAURICE J. MAPLE, KIMBERLY A. MARSHALL, KIMBERLY A. MARTIN, MICHAEL A. MASON, FLORINE S. MATHEWS, MICHELLE E. MATLOCK, JODY L. MCAFOOS, MELINDA MCELYEA, MEREDITH S. MCFARLANE, PHILLIP M. MCGIFFEN, WILLIAM M. MCGUIRE, STACEY A. MCKINNEY, DANIEL R. MCMASTER, HARRY S. MEEDEN, TARA M. MEEKS, JASON L. MERIDETH, JASON L. MEYER, HEATHER E. J U N I O R S 195Barbie Scheffel Before Picture Session MIFFLIN, MATTHEW D. MILFORD, VINCENT M. MILLER, CATHERINE A. MILLER. JEFFREY E. MINOR, ERIC E. MITCHELL, DEBRA K. MOORE, RACHEL N. MORALES, TODD C. MORGENROTH, MELISSA MORRIS, THOMAS A. MOTTAZ, ELIZABETH L. MOUSER, BRYON D. MURRAY, JENNIFER L. NEAL, WAIDE P. NEUDECKER, JASON J. NEVLIN, JULIA J. NOLAN, MICHAEL G. NORMAN, ELIZABETH, A. NORRIS, JAMES E. NORTHCUTT, KELLY A. NORTHCUTT, MONICA S. NORTHERN, ERIC B NUDO, KYLE OGLESBY, CRYSTAL L. O'NEILL, TIMOTHY P. ONTIS, JASON P.OWCZARZAK, CARRIE F. PACE. STEPHEN B. PALEN, STEPHEN J. PARKS, MICHAEL L. PARKS. SHERRY D. PARRISH, JASON T. PEARSON, KENDALLA T. PEIFFER, DAWN M. PEIPERT, JEANNIE M. PERRY, RICO D. PHILLIPS, MARTHA E. PHIPPS, FAITH E. POWELL, JENNIFER J. PRICE, DOLORES M. PRICE, JOHNNY D PROFER, JOHN L. PRUITT, NANCY G. PRUITT, TAMMY S. PRUITT, TIMOTHY E. RADCLIFF, MONICA D. RAGLIN, RODNEY D RAHN, ANDREA L RANDALL, CHAD R. RANKIN. JENNY A. RAYA, RAQUEL M. REDMAN, CHRISTOPHER REEDY, BRIAN J. REEDY, MATTHEW K. RESSLER, MARC A. RETZER, SHERMAN M. REYNE, ALLEN T. REYNOLDS, KYLA R RHINE, LEROY R. RICE, TODD E. RIDDER. JOHN W. J U N I O R S 197J u N I O R S RIDER, LORI A ROBINSON. BURA L ROBINSON, HEATHER A ROBINSON, KIMBERLY M ROSS, GEORGIA M ROUNDS, LEE M RUCKMAN, BARBARA J RUYLE, GREGORY W SARAVIA, LUIS H SCHAD, SCOTT R SCHEFFEL, BARBARA M SCHENK, JODIE ANN SCHLOTTNER, SALLY A SCHMIDT, BRADLEY K SCHNEIDER, TAMARA S SCHOBERND, LISA A SCHOBERND, TIMOTHY A SCHOEFFEL, STEVEN S SCHRIMPF, SUSAN M SCHULTE, DESIREE D SCHUM, CHAD E SCHUM, CLAY A SCHUPBACH, AMY L SCIFRES, RHONDA J SCOTT, DENNIS C SETTLES, PATRICK L SEYMOUR, TONYA L SHERER, RENEE D 198SHERWOOD, JENNIFER A. SIEMER, MATTHEW W. SIMCOX, JEFFREY S. SISK, ANISSA E. SLACK, BRIAN K. SLOAN, WILLIAM B. SMALL JERALD R. SMITH, FELICIA Y. SMITH, MATTHEW R. SMITH, SHANNON R. SMITH, SUZANNE M. SMITH, TINA R. SMITH, TRACY L. SNYDERS, SCOTT A. SPENCER, CARRIE E. SPENCER, MICHELE D. SPRINGER, CARRIE S. ST. PETERS, MICHAEL V. STAMPER, GREGORY R. STAMPLEY, MARKEITRA STANLEY, REBECCA C. STANTON, JOSEPH W. STEELE, MATTHEW A. STEWARD, CHRISTIA D. STEWARD, D'ADRIAN Y. STEWART. BRETT B. STEWART. LORRAINE M. STOECKEL, TAMMY J. STROWMATT, LORI J U N I O R S 199J u N I O R S SULICH, TRACEY R. SUMPTER, JAMES M. SWANK, STACEY A. SYDNOR, JASON C. TACKER, QUENTIN W. TALBERT, SUZANNE TAYLOR, JILL P. TAYLOR, TINA R. TAYLOR. TRACY N. TCHOUKALEFF, JAMES E. THOMAS, JEFFREY D. THOMPSON, MARC J. THORNTON, MATTHEW J. TIEMANN, BRADLEY F. TO, PHOUNG D. TRAVIS, PETER S. TRUELL, KEYSA TUCKER, CHARLES L. TURNER, GIOIA N. TURNER, KIMBERLY A. TWEEDY, MICHELE L. ULRICH, SHANNON E. VANFOSSEN, JULIE S. VANVOORH1S, TODD M. VELLOFF, MICHAEL J. VINCENT, TINA L. VINYARD, VALERIE G. VONBERGEN, JAMES VOWELS, JASON J. WALKER, JONATHAN D. WALLACE, PAUL B. WALTER, AMY M. WALTER, RAYMOND R. WANICK, KYLE S. WARLICK, VINCENT P. 200WARR, SYLVONNE N. WARREN, ERIC L. WASHINGTON, YVONNA WATKINS. ROGER D. WATSEK, RAYMOND E WATSON. CRYSTAL WATT, SHANNON J WATTS, MARNIE S. WEBER, DAWN R WEHRLE, LANCE A WESTFALL. WILLIAM G WHITE. JOANNE C WHITE LEMONYDUE WHITE. TRACEY D. WHYTE. LAURA E. WICKENHAUSER, DOUGLAS E WIEGAND. KIM A. WILLIAMS. CATHY WILLIAMS. CHARLES B. WILLIAMS. GARY R WILLIAMS, KEHVEN L WILLIAMS, WILLIAM G. WINDMILLER. JEFFREY WINN. DARREN M L. J U N I O R S 201 WITCHER. ROBERT L WITTMAN, MARGARET EWOLFE, MATHEW M WOODIE, ROBERT L WORTHEN, GREGORY H WUELLNER, TONYA JEAN YATES, JEFFREY V YOST, AMY B YOUNG, TINA L ZERWAS, SCOTT A ZIMMERMAN, LISA A ZIMMERMAN, TIFFANY A ZIPPMANN. HEIDI M CLASS OF 1989 SOPHOMORES ' merlcc. 5c C;mx Ahrling, Melanie A. Allen, Amy S. Allton, Kimberly J. Alton, Christopher M Anderson, Harry L. Arnold, Reginald L. Austin, Allen L. Azzarello, Kristina L. Bacus, Christine M. Baker, Charles J. Baker, Gregory Joseph Bamford, Krystal M. Barker, Andrea M. Barnes, Claraneshi A. Barnhart, Rachel Bartels, Kevin Lee Bartholomew, Craig A. Batchelor, Jennifer R. Beane, David N. Beard, Deidra M. Beaty, Janet K. Beem, Robin M Beemer, Andra L. Bennett, David D. Billings, Earl R. Billings, Nathan E. Blasioli, Lucinda J. Blouin, Jennifer Bohn, Jennifer M Bonnell, Jennifer L. Bowles, Frank E. Bowman, Shawnna S. Bradford, Christy R. Brand, Eric J. Bratton, Leslie D. Bratton, Meyna D. Bratton, Neyna R. Bridgcman. Carrie A. Bridges, Tabitha L. Brinkman. Thomas Brooks, Brandi R. Brooks, William Brown, Aaron C. Brown, Camille R. Brown, Kahuner L. Brown, Kelly L. Brown, Leslie D. Brown, William J. S O P H O M O R E S 203s o p H O M O R E S Browning, Tanya Bruce, Christopher Brumfield. Deedra Brunaugh, Scott Brunnworth, Matthew Bryant, Margaret Burdick, Travis Butler, Jody Caffery, Christopher Cagle, Diane Caldwell, Kevin Caldwell, Terrance Calvin, Bradley Cambron, Monica Cassady, Angela Marie Cauley, Jennifer Church, Lisa Clark, Elisha Clark, Elizabeth Cline, Charles Cloninger. Jennifer Coatney, Julie Cobb, Arthea Cole, Marcie Combs, Barbara Connor, Theathria Coon, Danny Cope, Linda Corbett, Rachel Corona, Theresa Cox, Melissa Coy, Kimberly Crane, John Croquart, David Crumer, Margo Curran, Heath 204Dancy, Regina J. Darr, Amie Leigh Davidson, Mark J Davis, Jeannie L. Davis, Oscar D. Davis, Tabatha L. Dawdy, Dale S. Deck, Julie A. Deewall, Melissa L. Denother, Brenda K. Desherlia, Julia A. Diaz, Nathaniel T. Dickerson, Jesse A. Diuguid, Timothy N. Dodge, Lori B. Doucleff, Amy C. Downey, Aimee E. Downey, Sean E. Duncan, Jennifer L. Dunham, Jason M. Durbin, Elisa D. Dwyer, Laura F. Dykeman, Tiffany N. Eales, Christopher J. Eccles, Lee Ann Edwards, Christopher W. Edwards, David J. Edwards, Kelly D. Edwards, Leslie D. Ehlers, Larry E. Ellington, Kayla N. Elliott, Angela A. Ellison, David L. Ellison, Michelle T. Embry, Terry A. Emerick. Leann C. Ervin, Christopher W. Everage, Rosalind L Eyster, Diana M. 205 mpao Ol-dO  Fasano, David Faulkner, Curtis Fiedler. Tanya Fields, India Cherise Fields, Vernice Fleming, Blake Fleming. Jason Foster, Deanne Francis, Donna Frederick, Todd Freer, David Gaffney, Missy Galligos, Joni Garrett, Malissa Geisen, Mary Geisen, Shawna Gibbs, Jennifer Gibbs. Kristine Giberson, Mindy Gilkison, David Gillespie, Jennifer Gilreath, Dawn Gitchoff, James Glover, Gerry Glover, James Gooden, Cheryl Grap, Heidi Gray, Chad Gray, Shiela Greenwood, Amy Groves, Wain Haddock, Sonja Hall, Craig Halsey, Sean Hamberg, Anthony Hamberg, Eric Hardimon, Tanisha Hardin, Ian Harrigan, Daniel Harris, Jennifer Harshbarger, Veronica Hatten. Jamie Hayes, Lisa Hayes, Matthew Hebblethwaite, Tina Marie Heinemeier, Tanya Helsley, Jennifer Hendrickson, James 206Henry, Robert Herron, Wendell Hewitt, Joseph Hickman, Myron Hickman, Shannon Hill, Larry Holland, John Holloway, Jason Holmes, Aaron Hornsey, Ronald Hubbard, Gary Hubbard, Jennifer Hubbard, Keena Hubbard, Zola Huber, Marc Hughes, Troy Humbert, Shanna Hunt, Angela Hutson, Jerry Ingersoll, Anne Jacobs, Angela Jacobs, Lissa Anne Jefferson, Swabu Jemison, Kelly Jenkins, Dedra Jenkins, Katherine Jirdon, Rhonda Jockisch, Eric Johnson, Eric Johnson, Fredia Jones, Ranetta Jones, Travis Jordan, Christopher Joyce, Christophe Kanturek, Christophe Kelley, Shawn Kerkemeyer, Tonya Louise Kimbrough, Dionne King, Alvie Kirn, Carla Kitsmiller, Craig Kline, Bradley Kline, Kasey Koontz, Denise Koontz, Dorothy Koontz, Valerie Korte, Nancy Ann Kraus, Lee S O P H O M O R E S 207s o p H O M O R E S Kreitner, Stacey Kubicek, Ryan Kuebrich, Sarah Kuehnel, Ketra Kuhn, Peter Kunst, Larry Kurz, John Kyle, Barbara Lagemann, Jerod Lair, Jamie Laohavanich, Rawimas Lara, Angela Lewis, Belinda Lewis, Jason Lewis, Joanna Lewis, Tammy Lievers, Jeffrey Lindley, Morgan Lindsay, Carey Link, Christopher Lockhart, Traye Loflin, Jennifer Logan, Matthew Long, David Lovett, Marcus Lyons, Schelley Macias, Brian Mackelden, Susan Maher, Karen Malson, Timothy Mandorca, Daniel Mans, Cathy Maronie, John Martin, Michael Martin, Sandra Mason, Robert 208Mathenia, James W. McCluskie, Kraig S. McCoy, Debra J. McCrady, Derek W. McElroy, Nicol F. McFarlane, Shannon McGowan, Michelle C. McGuire, Dennis Paul Mclntire, Tracy J. McKenzie, Stephanie R. McLemore, Kerby E. McNeal, Eric J. Mead, Paula R. Meggos, Nick H. Miller, Aaron J. Miller, Diana M Miller, James C. Miller, Jason A. Miller, Michael L. Minzer, Jeanne E. Mitchell, Tonga R. Mook, Jolynne Moore, Kala R. Moore, Kathleen Morales, Jose M. Morgan, Julie A. Morgan-Brown, Nicole S O P H O M O R E S Morris, Priscilla A. Mossman, Brian Lee Mossman, Jeffrey Mueggenburg, Jennifer K. Mueller, Brandy S. Mundy, Brian D. Myers, Stacy A. Nance, Kathleena Star Nash. Jacqueline Ann 209 Below: Karmen Rulos o p H O M O R E S Nash, Timothy W. Nation, Faith Neely, Trudy V. Neudecker, Robert J. Norman, Antoine D. Norman, Paul S. Norris, Stephen M. Northern, Tracey L. Oberlohr, Kelly Jane Ohley, Dianna R. Oliver, Javon C. Oiler, Daniel R. Ontis, Tricia Jolynne Orrill, Christine D. Ortman, Eric A. Ouechani, Jaimie R. Pack, Shawnette D. Padgett, Loribeth 5. Page, Sharon M. Parker, Jason C. Parker, Shawn L. Patterson, Ursula D. Pearson, Marrio M. Perica, Jennifer Perotka, Barbi K. Perrin, Scott A. Perry, Timothy N. Peterson, Robin Pitts, Leslie M. Plunk, Brian C. Porter, Carl J. Proctor, Tonya D. Pruitt, David A. Queen, Shinzetta M. Quigley, Dennis Warren Raffety, Matthew E. Rawlings, Ronald R. Rea, Steven W. Reed, Michael E. Reeves, Tonya M. Reinhardt, Carrie S. Rexford, Jason Rigdon, Corey M. Roberts, Steven M. Root, Richard Michael Roth, Sara E. Rounds, Eddie V. Rowe, Kelly A. 210Rulo, Karmen M. Russell, Todd R. Salzman, Todd E. Sattayatam, Panade Sawyer, Douglas W. Saxton, Jennifer L. Schallenberg, Gwen M. Scharth, Sandy Scheer, Sarah B. Schildroth, Brian E. Schildroth, Kelly R. Schmidt, Sarah M Schneider, Ronald E. Schneider, Tiffany D. Schobernd, Ann M. Schoeffel, Samantha S. Schreiber, Brian M. Schubert, Andrew B. Schulz, Rebecca L. Scott, Leslie T. Scroggins, David H. Scroggins, Melinda K, Seibold, Jonathan J. Shaw, Evelyn U. Sheary, Andrea E. Shelby, John M. Sherfy, Kimberly M. Sholar, Amy E. Sichra, Jennifer Simon, Antonio J. Simpson, Shane E. Smiley, Daniel E. Smith, Chad B. Smith, Dale A. Smith, Darome Smith, Marie A S O P H O M O R E S Sorgea, Brian D. Spiller, Gregory A Stack, Christy L. Steele, Michael A. Steiner, Colten C. Stephens, Robert S. Steward, Donald I. Stewart, Carrie M. Stewart, Clara A. Stiff, Marchella D. Stiritz, Thad A. Streeper, Cynthia M. 211s o p H O M O R E S Sutton, Monica Talbert, Yolanda J. Tanner. Kimberly Gail Taylor, Donnell L. Terrell, Houston D. Terry, Jarrett L. Thomas, Kauanna D. Thomas, Tracy G. Thomas, Virgil D. Thompson, Jennifer Thompson, Ladonna M. Thurman, Murry L. Todaro, Stacy A. Trail, Ann R. Tucker, Lisa J. Tuetken, Alison C. Vankoten, Allison Z. Varble, Amy Lynn Robbie Perotka, Sarah Scheer, and Jason Parker enjoy conversation at a school dance. Right: Diana Miller, Melissa Cox Vartanian, Michael C. Vaughn, Marcus K. Veasley, Christina M. Velloff, Jodie L. Wade, Orlando M. Wadlow, Dale Waggener, Robin L. Wagner, Cathy Walker, Jessie D. Walker, Nichole G. Wallace, Raymon L. Ward, Steven D. Warr, Eugene B. Wasylak, Melissa Daw. Waters, Jennifer Ann Weaver, Thomalita T. Weirich, Lori Ann Welling, Christopher E. 212West, Bryant Westbrook, Keith Wheeler, Dawn Wilkinson, William Williams, Eric Williams, Pattie Wilmore, Kerri Windmiller, Kristin Winston, Terence Wisely, Joshua Witcher, Melissa Wooff, Tammy Wooten, Lori Wyatt, Cynthia Young, Crystal Young, Michael Zigrang, Mark Zimmerman, Laurie CLASS OF 1990 FRESHMEN 213 THE FRAME TWINS THE KNIGHT TWINSF R E S H M E N Adams, Marc D. Adkins, Marilyn S. Afflack, Maria C. Aiello, James M. Akers, Wendy S. Aldridge, Christopher E Allen, Edwaryne D. Allen, Michael R. Alston, Paul C. Anders, Shellie R. Anderson, Joseph F. Anderson, Markus D. Angelo, Kristine M. Angleton, Eric W. Anslyn, Questin J. Antrobus, Lisa M. Arbuthnot, Amy J. 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Leclaire, Amy R. Lee, Billie J. Leone, Sever Anthony 218Lewis, Darin J. Lewis, Heather A. Liebheit, James B. Lindsay, John E. Lipe, Tara L. Livingstone, Jeffrey S. Livingstone, Kirk A. Lofts, Amanda J. Longbottom, Dawn M. Lovett, Carlton S. Lovett, Shondus D. Lowe, Jennifer L. Lucas, James S. Mack, Mary Ann Maher, Joseph J. Maher, Sarah L. Malone, Kendra L. Marshall, William P. Martien, Ketra D. Mathewson, Carroll A. Matthews, Kiko S. Maxon, Lori A. Mayhew, Aaron D. McAfoos, Jason W. McCahill, Kathleen O. McCane, Cynthia McCarvey, Kieron McCarvey, Likita C. McLaughlin, Michael J. Meacham, Carlos Dean Meagher, Shantell A. Medder, Kathleen Elise Meedcn, Elizabeth E. Meininger, Terry W. Mettler, Brad C. Meyers, Christopher J. Mezo, Kimbra D. Michelmann, Molly J. Middleton, Tad R. Mifflin, Christine Elizabeth Miles, Tina M. Miller, Rahshun J. F R E S H M E N Miller, Ralph C. Miller, Star M. Miller, Todd Milligan, Jeffrey J. Mills, Tina M. Mitchell, Keith D. Mitchell, Tracy L. Mohyuddin, Yusuf A. Mondy, Stacy D. Montague, Ann C. Moore, Stephen M. Moore, Travis C. 219Moppins, Shawna G. Morales, Richard A. Morgan, Sonia S. Morse, David K., II Mosby, Heather E. Mouser, Brett D. Musgrow, Michael Wayne Myers. Tiffany L. Nevins, Mary Jo Newby, Marquetta L. Newman, Angela R. Nguyen, Tu Cam Nimmo, Susan M. Norman, Elinore A. Northcutt, Rhonna L. Northway, Brook M. Ortman, Laura M. F R E S H M E N Osborne, Elizabeth K. Osborne, Jennifer H. Otte, Carla L. Palen, Lisa E. Parker, Timothy L. Partridge, April L. Patterson, Joseph W. Pennell, Casey M. Perica, Amy K. Perkins, Edrow R. Perkins, Willie Perotka, Robert A. Perry, Jennifer L. Perry, Twan A. Petree, Brian N. Phelps, Kirk R. Phillips, Randy G. Phipps, Samuel J. Pierson, Kory L. Pierson, Ronald L. Pinkard, Michael A. Pittman, Paul L. Poff, Jerry Poole, Ametra Y. Price, Amber W. Price, David D. Pryor, Corri Reon Quigley, David W. Ragusa, David J. Ralph, Aaron L. Randall, Jennifer L. Rankin. Jason D. Rea, Teresa A. Reams, Lance A. Rhoades, Robin Michelle Rhodes, Raymond F. Rice, Steven L. Ridder, Blythe E. 220Riley, Shane K. Rippley, Nicole Roark, Angie R. Robinson, Brent L. Robinson, Christopher W. Robinson, Terrance H. Robinson, Trent L. Rockholm, Erik S. Roderfeld, Rachel R. Roland, Therasia M. Ross, Michelle C. Ruedin, Joshua C. Rulo, Dawn R. Rulo, John M. Sander, Nathan A. Saunders, Brandy L. Scarborough, Christopher D. Scates, Kimberly S. Schaake, Jason C. Schaberg, Timothy T. Schaffer, Michael W. Schmoeller, Lori A. Schrimpf, Matthew W. Scott, Lori M. Scroggins, Tammy L. Seago, Keila J. Sesseman, Meredith A. Shake, Dean W. Shaw, Celeste J. Sheppard, Michael T. Sherfy, James L. Sholar, Edward R. Shorter, Angel L. Sims, Emelie E. Slater, Beth A. Slaughter, Suzanne Marie Slightom, Melissa S. Small, Jeffrey R. Smelser, Charles S. Smith, Cortez L. Smith, Deborah Suzanne Smith, Ericka L. F R E S H M E N Smith, Gail E. Smith, Mitchell L. Smith, Owen D. Smith, Rondilynn L. Smith, Shaunda A. Snipes, Gail J. Snyder, Matthew A. Snyders, Carrie A. Snyders, Lisa D. Sobotta, Melissa L. Spencer, Carla D. Spencer, David K. Springman, Anthony J. Stamm, Dusty R. Stampley, Damon J. Stawar, Brett T. Steele, Marcia E. Stemm, Heather Tereasa Stevenson, Kelley M. Steward, Jennifer L. Steward, Patricia L. 221F R E S H M E N Steward, Wallace H. Stewart, Leroy O. Stiff, Lashonda Stilwell, Richard Stinson, Shirley L. Strasser, Trisha Lynn Strohkirch, Chad J. Stutz, Vance R. Summers, Darren M Summers, Timothy Michael Sumpter, Keri L. Sun, Claire Sutton, Bradley Allen Sutton, Regina S. Swettenham, Richmond R. Tague, Iva Kay Taylor, David B. Teague, Stephanie D. Telford, Mark A. Thomas, Arturo G. Thompson, Anthony E. Thompson, Tiffany C. Tidwell, Tina L. Tufy, Jennifer L. Tweedy, Daniele L. Underwood, Michelle L. Vahle, Charles W. Van Wyk, Brian P. AHS The Alton High School had many a rumor That let out my fear and have me my humor. Elevators were one that calmed me alas But, when I went searching none did I pass. So there in the hall, Ten books in each arm, I was ready to faint full of alarm. Then came that day I knew it would rain; But, of course there's the tunnel from the Annex to the Main. After second hour as I predicted, It rained. But I saw no tunnel- I was drenched, full of pain. Being extremely angry, I remembered the pool I could finally swim in, so relaxing and cool. I snuck on my bathing suit searching again. For the rumor I'd heard from who I thought was a friend. As I stood in the rain, being the fool, I realized there was none. No elevator, No tunnel. No pool, -a gullible Freshman Claire Sun Kirk Livingstone as a freshman 222 Vann, Nicole S. Vaughn, Sean L. Vaughn. Timeko C. Velloff, Richard J. Vetter, Troy S. Vowels, Michelle L. Walker, Charles E. Walkington, Andrea E. Wallace, Marcus L. Wallis, Shannon D. Walter, Brian R. Walters, Rebecca A. Ward, Daniel J. Wardein, Theresa R. Waters, Keith J. Watson, Jon D. Webb, Julie C. Webb, Ramon A. Webber. Christy Weber, Wayne A. Weller, Susan C. Westbrook, Paul R. Whisler, Matthew D. White, Elizabeth L. White, Falonda L. Whitehead, Jerry W. Whitten, Robert W'ayne Widdows, Daniel Ray Widenhoefer, Amy B. Williams, Derrick L. Williams. Dwight L. Williams, Melanie K. Williams, P. Williams, Stevan W. Williams, Steven E. F R E E N 223 F R E S H M E N Williamson, Kendie C. Williamson, La'Trisha E. Willis, Latrichda D. Willmore, Annette S. Wills, Sarah D. Wilson, Antony D. Wilson, Terry L. Winters, Erika S. Wintjen, Amie Michelle Wiseman, Franklin D. Wittels, Jeremy M Wittman, David W. Wohlert, Vance R. Womack, Craig L. Womack, Grady J. Womack, Monica Reshon Wood, Mark J. Wood, Paul Woods, Demarco J. Wooff, James L. Worthen, Julie E. Wyatt, Sarah E. Yeager, Brad D. Young, Barbara Young, Ron Young, Tavena L. Zimmerman, Michelle K. 224Board Of Education Eugene L. Frizzo, President Joyce L. Robinson, Vice President Verna J. Lewis, Secretary E. M. Irvin, Secretary Pro Tem David P. Lauschke Bob L. Perica Sandra L. Strohmeier ALTON BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated Left to Right: Sandra L. Strohmeier Verna J. Lewis, Joyce L. Robinson Back row Left to Right: Bob L. Perica, E. M. Irvin, Eugene L. Frizzo, David P. LauschkeALTON SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION David B. VanWinkle, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools Michael J. Beaber, Assistant Superintendent % 4 m James E. Baiter, Business Manager T reasurer Gene R. Alston, Ph.D., Administrative Assistant for Chapter 1 and Special Services E. Dean Browning, Administrative Assistant for Vocational Education Sharon A. Capps, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Edmond J. Gray, Administrative Assistant for Operations J---------------U No Photo Available n r Wayne A. Addison, Director of Special Education Ardythe A. Browning, Director of Food Services Peter J. McFarlane, Ed.D., Director of Instructional Services Walter C. Schafer, Director of Data Processing (Not Pictured) David L. Allen, School Engineer 227AHS ADMINISTRATION Tom C. Thompson Principal Alton High School Robert Middleton, Ph.D. Principal J.B. Johnson Career Center Leonard Hawthorne Assistant Principal Jack D. Martin Assistant Principal Ralph McClain Assistant Principal Larry Montgomery Assistant Principal FACULTY Constance Allen Special Ed. Curtis Bagwill 228 Chemistry Joseph Bagley French Patricia Amschler Spanish Joyce Ashpole Counselor Gary Banks Band Joe Beard Spanish Roy Boley Art Beth Bourland LibrarianYou can't be serious! Mrs. Polk Mrs. Dirksmeyer. Mary Bowling Physical Ed. J-----k No Photo Ava iat se N r Billy Brockhouse Physical Ed. James Callahan Counselor Herman Brennecke Math Susan Buckley Physical Ed. Roger Capps Math Wilma Bricker Business Ed. Vernetta Caffey English V James Chestney Welding Anthony Corona Health Elizabeth DaGue English Clifford Davenport Speech Theater William Diddlebock Health Physical Ed. JoAnn Dillon Physical Ed. Mary Jean Dirksmeyer English 229Philip Dodds Welding Shirley Dodds Office Procedures David Drillinger Band Janice Dunbar Physical Ed. Gerva Dunlap Business Ed. Rachel Faries English Dale Evans Biology Brenda Evans English Ronald Enloe English Susan Eastman English Debra Forbes Operation Outreach Carol Fogle CWT Coord Fred Fischer German Joseph Fearheiley Math Richard Farrow Aviation Erma Foster Biology Diana Foreman Special Ed. Denzel Ford Biology j Gillian ial Ed- in Physics MrsJane Gitchoff English Marjorie Hallet English Ruth Henderson Math Greg Guerra Woodworking J-----u No Photo Available r Mark Hallet Electricity Jane Henson Business Ed. Donna Hagen Speech Susan Hansberry Voc. Special Needs Jan Herren Home Economics Patricia Hunt Office Ed. Norman Iman Physical Ed. Gertraud Howald German Robert Jefferson Librarian Anne Johnson Math Albert Journey Math Joyce Hairston Counselor Janis Hansen Food Production Barbara Hicks Latin Ronald Ingersoll History Economics Larry King Building Trades Marlene Hall English Bette Harris Cosmetology I Kenneth Hierman Commercial Art j Collis James Physical Ed. Patricia King Special Ed. 31Pete Leoni Amer. Government Donald Lindsey CWT Coord. John Kline English Paul Klockenkemper Social Studies George Loveless Architechture Mech. Drawing Robert Krauss Distributive Ed. Kevin Lyerla Auto Body Leland Leigh Auto Power Mech. J-----W No Photo Available n r David Lytle Industrial Arts Mach. Shop Stanley McAfoos Physical Ed. Betty McDaniels English Betty McClintock Practical Nursing J-----K No Photo Available n r Dixie Maul CWT Coord. Nancy Meggos Physics y Toni Melton Practical Nursing Marvin Mondy Biology Patricia Moore Work Coord. Y Sandra Ohren Stephen Olson Larry Overath Gloria Parker Russell Phelps Business Ed. Sociology Physical Ed. Counselor Reading EnglishJ-----w No Photo Available r Kathleen Pierce Spanish Debra Pitts Special Ed. Janice Polk English Larry Reid Driver Ed. Philip Robbins Math Mary Schrumpf Child Care Housing Interiors % | k Rebecca Sims Amer. History Donna Suess Business Ed. Richard Russell English Elizabeth Scyoc Practical Nursing A-----k No Photo Available N r Shirley Spranaitis Practical Nursing Lorraine Summers Social Studies Erskine Ryan Art Marilyn Schroeder Home Economics Weldon Stevenson Auto Mech. Larry Thompson Computer Prog. Marie Schickedanz Math Howard Shaw U S. History Wilma Stinnett Business Ed. Lawrence Todoroff History David Schlitt French English Betty Siemer Health Margaret Stroube Counselor r Marlene Toppe Art 233Robert Treise Printing Eugene Ursprung Art J-----w No Photo Available r K Allen Walter?. Orchestra Wayne Tyler Driver Ed. Marion Velloff Chemistry Jo Ann W’angelin Nurse Lillian Withrow-Special Ed. George Wolke Math 234 Gayle York Math A Raymond Young Science Glenn Wraters Speech Theater Dorman Wright Counselor LaDonna Whitner Special Ed. James Wigger Driver Ed. Mr. Underwood in Room 103SECRETARIES, CLERKS, AND TEACHERS AIDES Armelia Armsterd Cheryl Atchison Shirley Bierbaum Francis Boren Eva Bradshaw Rosemarie Brown Gail Burjes Sammie Churchill Virginia Copley Maxine Crivello Beverly Dawn Kathy Godwin Anne Hartman Rita Hatfield Kathy Hawkins Eileen Heeren Norma Henderson Gloria Holmes Catherine Hughey Carolyn Irvin Gary King No Photo Available Marilyn Loveless Sylvia Lumpkins Elaine Mayerhofer Patricia McCoy Linda Phillips Barbara Raya Maribeth Reed Marchia Tucker Elaine Viviano Nancy Whitten Karen Woelfel Ann Xanders Mrs. Reed at work!?! 235CAFETERIA WORKERS Janet Bailey Margo Bailey llene Bowman Vilma Gentelin Mary Holloway Beverly Joyce Elizabeth Kuhn Mary Laird Marion McLaughlin Emojean Melton Claudia Morris Mary Moser Chinh Nguyen CUSTODIANS Naomi Phegley Joann Pinkowski Victoria Rathgeb Ruth Roe Janet Sanders Ritz Womack Marietta Bailey Michael Bailey Bob Bays Charity Burton James Davis Rick Gillson A-----k No Photo Available 1 r Enid Gray Leroy Holman Carroll Kanallakan Roger Kanallakan Tim Killebrew Ronald Kitsmiller Marjorie Liner Gilbert Moody No Photo Available Robert Peterson James Reed Fredrick Whitten Lonetta Wiseman Charles Withrow No Plioto Available Tim Maggart Gwen Meeks IN MEMORY OF . . . A FINAL GLANCE One of the most memorable events of this year was the sage of baby Jessica. Eighteen-month-old Jessica McClure fell into an abandoned well. For fifty-eight frustrating hours, paramedics and volunteers worked to exhaustion trying to save the life of this small child. This touching event brought the family, community, and perhaps even the whole country a little closer together. Even the smallest incidents can show how much people care. The St. Louis Cardinals were the National League Champions, but lost the World Series in the seventh game at Minnesota. Evangelists Jim and Tammy Baker's multi million dollar empire was destroyed by a sex scandal within the ministry. 238HEADLINERS OF 87-88 Lt. Col. Oliver North was put on trial in July. He was accused of appropriating funds made from illegal arms sales to Iran and giving it to the Contras in Nicaragua to overthrow the Communist Sandinista government. The 1988 election year features the following Republican and Democratic candidates. After two unsuccessful attempts by President Reagan to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the House finally approved the appointment of Anthony Kennedy. Previously Reagan had nominated the socialist libertarian turned conservative Robert Bork and the ultra-conservative Robert Ginsburg, but both nominations were rejected. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The Stock Market plunged 508 points in one day'PLACES TO REMEMBER . . . Top Right: An artists depiction of State Street in Alton. Below: The old Owens Illinois Glass which is now being torn down. Above: A view of the Great River Road in Alton. Bottom Right Workers putting the finishing touches on the Homer M. Adams Parkway extension. The Top Six Stories in Alton 87' 1) The St. Louis Cardinals won the National League pennant and came within one victory of winning the World Series in 1987. 2) An incident of highway sniping near Edwardsville on Oct. 27, killing one man and seriously wounding another, touched off a series of apparently random and unrelated shootings on area highways. 3) The day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, signaled the historic opening of the Homer M. Adams Parkway extension. 4) Carlinville farmer James Denbys' plane was sho$ down over Nicaragua. 5) The Sesquicentenial celebrating Altons' 150 year anniversary. 6) Long standing Owens Illinois Glass in downtown was torn down. 240THG CHOICE OF NEW GENERATION trartomarka nl Partai r n m vIt costs no more to have photography by GRA VEMANN probably much less! LEWIS CLARK BLVD. • P.O. BOX 68 • EAST ALTON, IL 62024 • 618 254-3337frr;------— Aozu cm PHOTOGRAPHY 302 State TIMBALLO PALAZZO Good Luck Seniors! From Bill Belli Timballo Palazzo Alton, IL. 62002 462-5850 Alton Illinois KERR DRUG STORE 2512 College Ave 465-5631 "For The Best Party Ever' BAXTER'S 912 E. Broadway Alton 465-9347 EVERYTHING IN VIDEO ' ftfio Wj yPorU' Mike Militello 516 Delmar Alton. IL 62002 Manager (618) 466-3618 3013 Godfrey Rd Godfrey 466-3434 Good Luck Seniors TKcute e JEWELERS ESTAB 1946 • DIAMONDS •“ 1633 WASHINGTON ALTON. IL 62002 618 - 465 • 1410 1639 Main St Alton IL, 62002 463-9826JE A E-EPS s A.'OS S sCE '852 David V. Oberlink PRES CENT CE"T f ec GEVOlOG S’ 604 C. Broadway Alton. IL 62002 (618) 465-3294 LAURA KAMP MEMBER AVER C N GEM SOC E’ 6’8 465-6629 2 • 9 EAST CENTER D» VE Alton III nO S 62002 EPCUT 1703 Washington Ave Alton IL 62002 462-7066 Bob Eppel and Barb Scheffel We Do Great Styles Come In For A Consultation 3RD STREET HAIR CO. Full Service Salon 119 W. 3rd Street Alton IL. 62002 618-462-4122 fl KUT ABOVE COMPLETE STYLING FOR MEN ANO WOMEN Phone 6 1 8 466-0225 3108 GODFREY ROAD GODFREY. IL 62035 JAN (BIERBAUM) MANNS ANN (BIERBAUM) BENSMAN ■ 6 - ♦ ' '' 2506 COLLEGE AVENUE NCVVeST 'N FASH,ONS' HOURS Mon - Sat 9-5 Tmurs. FRi 9-' Alton. IL 62002 (6’8) 465-1833 - OYD'5 Sandwich Shop 2427 College Ave. 465-9726 2515 COLLEGE AVENUE ALTON. ILLINOIS 62002 2515 Colleg e Ave Alton IL. 62002 I 245q WiSter Doruxt Mr. Donut Would Like To Thank The Alton High Staff And Students For Their Patronage." 1625 Washington Ave 462-3297 Grovelin W. Beltin Pkwy 466-6327 I7i’ Present This Coupon For For Order Of Hors D' oeuves With The Purchase Of 2 Or More Dinners 1900 Homer Adams Pkwy 463-0800 2409 Homer Adams Pkwy 465-7026 Drive-In Carry Out Delivery normAN Congratulations: INC. Christopher, Cathy MaryBeth, Lori And The Rest Of The 1988 Graduating Seniors! NORMAN BROS. INC.Sharon Rothe Carolyn Bodenbech THE BRIDAL SUITE Bridal, Prom, Pageants, Tuxedos 140 Alton Square (618) 465-3999 Like Mother Makes Duke Bakery 462-2922 TATLER Plan To Order Your 1989 Tatler Early DUKE BAKERY 462-2922 819 Henry St. ALTON REDBIRDS BASKETBALL BOOSTER: INC. Alton High School Basketball Redbirds - 87-88I COLOPHON The 1987-88 Alton High School Tatler sported the theme, We ve got the Redbirds in the House", a popular cheer at basketball games. The cover was Gray 768, with Red 331 printed over it. The 248 pages were printed on 801B paper, Palatino Italic was the type style used and specifications were as follows: Sub Headlines 18 pt. Body Copy 10 pt. Picture Captions 8 pt. The book was printed by Jostens at their plant in Topeka, Kansas. Underclassmen and some other photos were taken by Hal Wagner Studios. The Tatler sold for $20.00 plain and $22.50 with your name in foil. Advisor: Gene Ursprung Editor: Lauren Burton Asst. Editor: Kelly Bull Activities Section: Rhonda Grant Shelly Mathews Tiffany Schneider Karin Whitten Ads Editor: Stacy Leavell Artist: Marcus Hickman Clubs: Kelly Edwards Copy: Nat Diaz Music Editor: Paula Davis Photographers: Paula Davis Mike Goeken Jon Lair Brent Stiritz Karin Whitten Posters and Publicity: Liz Norman Lisa Schobernd Senior and Underclass Editor: Michele Collet Sports Editor: Chris Hansen Asst. Sports Editors: Buffy Osborne Raquel Raya Underclassmen Layouts: Brian Boedeker Sarah Jehle Christy Keith Dianna Ohley Vocational Section: Melissa Hartley Karen Pace Jef Franklin I 248

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