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TABLE OF CONTENTSTHE SANDS OF TIMESWEET VICTORY — New York Mels Car) Carter is lifted in the air by relief pitcher Jesse Orosco following the Met 8-S victory over the Boston Red Sox in the seventh game of the World Series at New York’s Shea Stadium. The city of New York gave the Statoe of Liberty • Mg 1986 bash — A Fourth of July festival of song, celebrities and fireworks honoring the great lady’s first 100 years. Caroline Kennedy, who captured America’s heart as a little girl romping through the White House, married Fdwin Sc h lossberg, a New York businessman and artist in Hyaaais Port, Mass., on July 19,1986. OCUS ONBritain’s Prince Andrew married red-haired English commoner Sarah Ferguson in July at Westminster Abbey ii a spectacle that mustered the pomp and glory of Britain’s 920-year old monarchy. Andrew is the queen’s second son and fourth in line to the throne. Miss Tennessee Kellye Cash, the grandniece of country star Johnny Cash, was crowned Miss America 1987. She received the crown from outgoing Miss America Susan Akin. Among the celebrities who died in 1986 were singer Kate , Smith who died June 17 of respiratory arrest at the age of 79; Benny Goodman, the King of Swing, died June 13, apparently •f cardiac arrest; James Cagney. (Pictured above) one of Hollywood's famous toughguys, died March 30 at the age of ' 86; Ted Knight, (Pictured below) best known for his role in the television series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show," died August 26 of Cancer at the age of 62. OpeningFOCUS ON... TIM Will you be the one after high school waking up after twelve, catching a few soaps, later watching the, “Brady Bunch” for the 87th time, while indulging in Hostess Twinkies, a six-pack of Pepsi, and a bag of Doritos? SURELY THERE’S PREPARED FOR THE WORST AND DREAM FOR THE BEST! Others might elect to take up a vocation such as architectural drafting, jobs requiring secretarial skills or cosmetology. The J. B. Johnson Career Center offers an entire spec- MORE TO LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL THAN THIS! Exploring a few other possibilities ... You could go to college. There are many colleges to choose from today. Everyone wants to go to a well-known college, but not everyone is so fortunate. Going to college is a big step. Everyone needs — but not all possess — the : responsibility and commitment that goes along with the college life. BE trum of these vocational programs teaching the details and important do’s and don’ts establishing a sound career foundation. Often a part-time job in retail work, selling anything from clothing to stereos, offers future possibilities for managerial or supervisory full time careers. No matter that field develops for you in the future “GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ’87.” FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDE ■■■■■■■■ Thomas Larsen Soren Refsguard Another exchange student from Denmark, pictured above with his host family Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Strasser, Soren Rcfsgaard, finds America and Denmark similar and dissimilar. One of the many differences between the two countries is that in Denmark, the drinking age is 18, and drinking and driving penalties arc greater than in the U.S. If a person is caught drinking and driving in Denmark, he would lose his license for two years, could go to jail, and also would receive a large fine. As for the socializing among teenagers in Denmark, they usually go to discos or a friend's house. If they are drinking they either stay the night where they are or find a ride with someone else sober. Thomas Larsen's home is Wilborg, Denmark, which is about four hours from the German border. Wilborg is an urban area of about 40,000 people. In Denmark, Thomas attends a school called Folkeskolen. “In Denmark, instead of having a weekly test or quiz, we have a test maybe once a month," Thomas stated. When asked what he likes about America, Thomas jokingly replied, “My lunch break!" In Denmark their lunch period lasts only 20 minutes. His interests include music, ice hockey, soccer and skiing. He stated, "I like downhill skiing most!" Aside Thomas’ arrival in St. Ixniis. Barb and Ed Rice, (Host Family), Jeannie Dy Ning, from skiing, Thomas enjoys playing (visiting from Manila, Philippines) Chris Sichra, (Rice’s Neighbor), and Thomas, soccer. He has played for six years and is presently playing for AHS varsity team. Thomas intends to train as a fighter pilot in the Air Force upon his return to Denmark. He revealed, “I came here to learn more about the American culture than what I’ve heard and to see what some of America’s major cities are like." Thomas is currently staying with the Ed Rice family of Godfrey. Fleming Rosenbeck, also from Denmark, stayed with the Rice family last year. Thomas I irsen and Rena Davis, (One of 3 Host sisters). Thomas had not tasted watermelon of this size or variety. HE ATE FOUR LARGE MELONS THE FIRST WEEK HE WAS HERE! Thomas and his sister Annette, visiting from Denmark for Christmas. The decorations they are putting on the tree they hand-crafted. 8 Exchange Students Thomas demonstrates how to vacuum the floor ... completely absorbed by the “Walkman” he’s wearing • - • r : TS EXPERIENCE LIFE AT AHS Gunter Perl “Soul Music, Chocolate chip cookies and Union Station.” These are a few parts of U.S. culture that have impressed AHS Exchange Student Gunter Perl from Munich, Germany. Gunter remarked, “People are more open in America than in Germany.” He has found it easy to make friends, and he especially enjoys the less formal relationships between student and teacher in the U.S. In addition, Gunter enjoys changing rooms and buildings between classes, for in his school in Germany, students stay in one room all day. He is taking five courses this year; his favorite is Architectural Drafting at the J. B. Johnson Center. In Gunter's school in Germany, the day ended at 1 p.m., which gave him time to enjoy windsurfing and racquetball. He played basketball in Germany also. While in America, Gunter has visited St. Louis and Union Station. He also took a date to the Homecoming Dance. On the whole, Gunter feels his stay in America has been enjoyable so far. Gunter is staying with the Andrew Batchelor family during his visit. Soren and Cunler in the AHS “pit before school Another difference between the countries, Soren has found, is the family situation. In the U.S., the family is more caring and interested in where the members are and what they are doing. Soren remembers going out in Denmark and not coming home for two days. He has also noticed that many families in the U.S. give gifts for no real apparent reason. In Denmark they do not. Soren is very talented in gymnastics and is involved in Mid-America Jets on Belle Street. After graduating from AHS, he is planning on getting a job in Denmark with his reference of living and graduating from high school in America. The Danish people think highly of their students who graduate from American schools ... They feel that they are better educated and more mature. Soren feels that it isn't the people, it’s the cultures that make Denmark and the U.S. different. TEENAGERS ARE TEENAGERS ... No manor what nationalit) the) all onjo talk-ing on the phone Gunter with his personal escorts Soren feeding the famil fish Exchange Students 9 Guntrr with his Hosl Tamil)WELCOME TO AMERICA! - Maria catching up on current events - Maria Pena Where is the teacher? She's late!" These might be the words of Maria Pena, 17, of Bogota, Colombia. At Maria’s school in Colombia, the students don't change classes, the teachers do. Maria, a senior, would put on her school uniform (which all public and private schools have) and sit in the same class all day. Although this may seem boring to the rest of us. Maria has other things to look forward to at the end of the day. Clubs, parties and dances are what Maria misses. Fabian Fjaelling What AHS student enjoys windsurfing, listens to the Eurythmics and hails from Goteborg, Sweden? The answer is Fabian Fjaelling, the exchange student residing with Mr. Ron Kelly, a teacher at West Middle School. Fabian enjoys these hobbies and many more. Fabian, 17 years old, lives on the southwest coast of Sweden. He attends the gymnasium, or upper school, in Kungalf, about five miles from his home. He attends school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and studies 11 subjects. In his school, classes last anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. Fabian admits that the clothes worn at AHS are similar to those worn at school in Sweden. After school, Fabian and his friends either study or just socialize together. In his spare time, Fabian enjoys sports. He likes volleyball and is a member of the AHS football team. He also enjoys listening to Billy Joel and Imperiet, a Swedish music group. Fabian is also learning how to play the piano in his free time. Overall, Fabian is enjoying his year at AHS immensely and keeping busy with football, schoolwork, school functions and making new friends. NO! THIS ISN'T DISNEYLAND! It’s the Kelly basement health spa! The Kelly famil) collies 10 Exchange StudentsAMAYA TELLECHEA- ERORECA When Maria came to America it was not what she expected. She adds, “Money and a car are a need to have fun; in Colombia there is always a party or a dance.” Maria is prepared for the winter weather, although she has never seen snow. It is always cold in the Colombian suburb where she lives. Maria leaves a big family back home including two brothers and one sister ... She is staying with the Kenny Lenhardt family, a graduate of Alton High. When Maria returns to Colombia in June, she is planning to attend college. Amaya Tellechea-Eroreca is from Salamn-ca, Spain, a town of around 200,000. Her American family is the Miguel Raya family of Alton. She often refers to Racheal and Tony Raya as her sister and brother. In Spain, she lives with her parents and two brothers in a big flat on the new side of Salamnca. Amaya’s school is very different from AHS in that Amaya stays in the same room with the same students while the teachers move to each classroom. Everyone in school has his own partner whom he works with. Her school has no sports teams so when she came to her first football game, she said, “It was very different because football in my country is soccer.” Amaya hasn’t graduated from high school in her country yet. After she graduates here she will go back to Spain and attend college. She wants to attend Salamnca University and study classical languages. Amaya likes to listen to music, and her favorite group is Depeche Mode. Her favorite book is Lord of the Rings, and she enjoys going to the movie theater. She went sightseeing in St. Louis and especially liked the Arch. Amaya’s parents are very supportive of her coming to America. She was in the hospital while applying for the AFS program and her father filled out the papers while she answered the questions. Soon after she was accepted. Amaya misses her family very much and says her greatest problem is learning English, but she’s trying very hard to overcome that. PHOTOGRAPHS BY: THE ED RICE FAMILY, KAREN CONNER, LAUREN BURTON, AND AMY COOK. INFORMATIONAL BACKGROUND COURTESY OF THE REDBIRD WORD REPORTERS: KAELA BERRY, DERRICK JACOBS, JENNIFER HARPOLE. REBECCA PLUNK, KATHY ARNOLD AND TODD THOMAS. with host family, (he Rayas Exchange Students 1 1 Santa visits the area exchange students at the Kenny lenhardt home over the Christmas Holidays Maria with Lenhardt family dog f A may a in the “AHS PIT' before schoolFOCUS ON... Professional Divider ALTON BOARD 14 Board of Education Eugene L. Frizzo E. M. Irvin IOF EDUCATION Bob L. Perk Joyce Robinson Board of EducationMICHAEL J.BEABER ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT AdministrationGene R. Alston, Ph.D. E. Dean Browning Sharon A. Capps Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent for Vocational Education to the Superintendent David L.AIIen Ardythe A. Browning Peter J. McFarlane, F.d.D. Director of Buildings and Grounds Director of Food Services Director of Instructional Services Administration 17ADMINISTRATION TOM C. THOMPSON PRINCIPAL ALTON HIGH SCHOOL Robert Middleton Ph.D. Principal J. B. Johnson Career Center Administration Jack D. Martin Assistant Principal Leonard Hawthorne Assistant Principal Ralph McClain Assistant Principal Larry Montgomery Assistant PrincipalConstance Allen Darryl Amschler Patricia Amschler Joyce Ashpole Joseph Bagley Mary Bowling Wilma Bricker Reno Calcari Barbara Callahan Roger Capps James Chestney Curtis Bagwill Gary Banks Joe Beard Roy Boley Beth Bourland Patricia Clash) Joseph Clugsten Dennis Cook Jean Conrad) Anthony Corona Faculty 19Elizabeth Dague Clifford Davenport William Diddlebock JoAnn Dillon Mary Jean Dirksmeyer Gena Dunlap Ronald Enloe Evans Rachel Fanes Michael Fearheiley Phillip Dodds Shirley Dodds Janice Dunbar Margaret Erthal Brenda Evans Fred Fischer Carol Fogle Debra Forbes Denzel Ford Diana Foreman Erma Foster Bunny Franz Jon Garner Joseph Gentelin Barbara Gillian 20 FacultyJames Glaeser Elizabeth Glen Gregory Guerra Donna Hagen Joyce Hairston Marlene Hall Susan Hansberry Janis Hansen Bette Harris Ruth Henderson Jane Henson Janice Herren Kenneth Hierman Barbara Hicks Gertraud Howald Pat Hunt Norman I man Ronald Ingersoll Collis James Robert Jefferson Faculty 21Lindsey George Loveless Kevin Lyerla Felix Macias Joe Magro Maloney Dixie Maul Stanley McAfoos Betty McClintock Betty McDaniels John Kline Paul Klockenkemper Robert krauss Inland Ia?igh Pete I-eoni Nancy Meggos Marvin Mondy Patricia Moore Sandra Ohren Steven Olson Larry Overath Gloria Parker Russell Phelps Debra Pitts Larry Reid 22 FacultyDavid Schlitt Marilyn Schroeder Man Schnimpf Melinda Schulmeister Elizabeth Scyoc Lawrence T odoroff Marlene T oppe Wayne Tyler John UlfTers Faculty 23John Underwood Georgia Unthank Eugene Ursprung Marion Velloff Clovis Vest JoAnn Wangelin Glenn Waters laDonna W hitner Lillian Withrow George W olke Dorman Wright Raymond Young SECURITY AND TRUANT OFFICERS Jeffrey Allsman Gary King William Lockhart Gilbert Moody 24 Faculty and Staff AutographsSECRETARIES, CLERKS TEACHER AIDES Armelia Armsterd Cheryl Atchison Eva Bradshaw Rosemarie Brown Gail Burjes Maxine Crivello Beverly Dawn Kathy Godwin Kathy Hawkins Norma Henderson Carolyn Irvin Nancy Lang Marilyn Loveless Sylvia Inmpkins Elaine Mayerhofer Timmy Parker Barbara Raya Maribeth Reed Connie Segobiano Barbara Smith Jane Travis Marchia Tucker Karen Woelfel Ann Xanders 26 Staff Virginia Copley Catherine Hughey Joe SuttonCUSTODIANS AND CAFETERIA EMPLOYEES Bob Bays Chanty Burton Leroy Holman Carroll Kanallakan Roger Ranallakan Tim Killebrew Ronald Ritsmiller Marjorie Liner Christine Lovett James Reed Rick Whitten Ixntetta Wiseman Beverly Joyce Margo Bailey Vilma Gentelin Marion McLaughlin Mary Holloway Shirley Irvin Elizabeth Kuhn Mary Laird Rita W omack Mary Moser NaMi Phegley Victoria RathgebFOCUS ON... Freshmen Divider Freshmen DividerMelanie Ahrling Amy Allen Kimberly Allton Christopher Alton Shun Ammons Harry Anderson Reginald Arnold Allen Austin Kristina Azzarello Charles Baker Cynthia Baker Gregory Baker Marcus Ballinger Krystal Bamford Andrea Barker Claraneshi Barnes Rachel Barnhart Kevin Bartels Jennifer Batchelor Robert Baum David Beane Deidra Beard James Beard Janet Beaty Andra Beemer David Bennett Earl Billings Nathan Billings Lucinda Blasioli Jennifer Blouin Jennifer Bohn Jennifer Bonnell Darrin Boren Frank Bowles Shawnna Bowman Christy Bradford Eric Brand Leslie Bratton Meyna Bratton Neyna Bratton Carrie Bridgeman Tabitha Bridges FreshmenThomas Brinkman Wendy Brin Brandi Brooks William Brooks Aaron Brown Darnell Brown kahuner Brown Kelly Brown Rebecca Brown William Brown Tanya Browning Christopher Bruce Scott Brunaugh Matthew Brunnworth Andrea Bryant Margaret Bryant Travis Burdick Aaron Burnett Jody Butler Diane Cagle Kevin Caldwell Terrance Caldwell Bradley Calvin Monica Cambron Stacey Campbell C arlton C annon Juanita Carroll Sara Carter Jennifer Cauley Elisha Clark HJUabeth Clark Charles Cline Jennifer Cloninger Julie Coatney Arthea Cobb Barbara Combs Theathria Connor Michelle Cooks Danny Coon Linda Cope Rachel Corbett Theresa Corona 31 Freshmen Melissa C ox John Crane David Croquart Plaudella Cross Robin Crull Margo C rumer Matthew Curio vie Regina Dancy William Daniels Amy Darr Brian Davis Michelle Davis Oscar Davis Dale Dawdy Julie Deck Melissa Deewall Jose Deleon Brenda Denother Julia Desherlia Nathaniel Diaz Jesse Dickerson Timothy Diuguid John Dixon Lori Dodge Amy DouclefT Aimee Downey Sean Downey Jennifer Duncan Jason Dunham Elisa Durbin Laura Dwyer Christopher Eales Lee Ann Eccles Christopher Edwards David Edwards Kelly Edwards Leslie Edwards Larry Ehlers Timothy Elder Angela Elliott Carl Ellis David Ellison Freshmen Michelle Ellison Terry Embry I x ann Fmerick Peggy Emery C hristopher Enin Rosalind Everage Jai meson Everitt Steven Ewing Diana Eyster David Fasano Cony Faulkner Curtis Faulkner Tanya Fiedler India Fields Blake Fleming Jason Fleming Donna Francis Todd Frederick David Freer Jeffrey Fulks Missy Gaffney Joni Galligos Malissa Garrett Robert Gaston Shawna Geisen Jennifer Gibbs Kristine Gibbs Mindy Giberson David Gilkison Jennifer Gillespie Dawn Gilreath James Gitchoff Gerry Glover James Glover Chery l Gooden Shunette Goree Heidi Grap Chad Gray Shiela Gray Amy Greenwood Mark Grover Wain Groves FreshmenSonja Haddock Craig Hall Sean Halsey Anthon) Hamberg Eric Hamberg Michael Hamby Carmen Hamilton Michael Hansen Tanisha Hardimon Ian Hardin Daniel Harrigan Jennifer Harris Trudy Harris Veronica Harshbarger Jamie Hatten John Havlichek Matthew Hayes Vanessa Hayes Tina Hebblethwaite Melody Heitzman Jennifer Helsley James Hendrickson Robert Henry Tonya Henry Joseph Hewitt Shannon Hickman Marci Higgins Larry Hill I onnie Hinton Nonie Holland Sarah Holland Jason Holloway Leslie Holloway Clevon Holmes Ronald Hornsey Gary Hubbard Jennifer Hubbard Keena Hubbard Zola Hubbard Scott Hubbert Chandra Hudson Troy Hughes 34 FreshmenShanna Humbert Angela Hunt David Huntsman Jerry Hutson Joshua llch Anne Ingersoll (’Kristopher Inghram Deirdre Ingram Angela Jacobs IJssa Jacobs Stacey Jamison Steven Jason Swabu Jefferson Kelly Jemison Dedra Jenkins Katherine Jenkins Eric Jockisch Eric Johnson Fredia Johnson Kenneth Johnson Angela Jones Ira Jones Melanie Jones Travis Jones Wendell Jones Christopher Jordan C hristopher Joyce Christopher Kanturek Thomas Keller Shawn Kelley Tonya Kerkemeyer Dionne Kimbrough Alvie King Delmar Kircher Caria Kirn Marla Kirn Craig Kitsmiller Bradley Kline Kasey Kline John Kodros Denise Koontz Dorothy Koontz FreshmanValerie Koontz Nancy Korte Lee Kraus Stacey Kreitner Ryan Kubicek Sarah Kuebrich Ketra Kuehnel Peter Kuhn Lorry Kunst John Kurz Barbara Kyle Romona Lacey Jerod l agemann Jamie Lair Rawimas Ljiohavanich Angela Lara Georgette Lawrence Jason Lewis Jo Anna Lewis Sharon Lewis Tammy Lewis Jeffrey Lievers Christopher Link Jennifer Loflin David Long Jeremy Lovett Karla Lunceford Katina Mabone Brian Macias Susan Mackelden Terry Maddox Karen Maher Timothy Malson Daniel Mandorca Cathy Mans Debra Markham John Maronie Joseph Martin Michael Martin Sandra Martin Kraig McCluskie Jonathan McCord Freshmen— I f bra McCoy Derek McCrady Nicol McElroy Shannon McFarlane Sean McGovern Michelle McGowan Dennis McGuire Tracy Mclntire Stephanie McKenzie Kerby McI emore Eric McNeal Paula Mead Nick Meggoa Delores Mellenthin Eric Mike Aaron Miller April Miller Autumn Miller Diana Miller James Miller Jason Miller Michael Miller Jeanne Minzer Mason Mitchell Melinda Mitchell Tonga Mitchell Jolynne Mook Kala Moore Jose Morales Julie Morgan Nicole Morgan Brian Mossman Jeffery Mossman Jennifer Mueggenburg Brandy Mueller lAura Mueller Brian Mundy Stacy Myers Kathleens Nance Timothy Nash Faith Nation Corey Neal Freshmen 37Trudy Neely Robert Neudecker Aaron Nicholson Antoine Norman Paul Norman Stephen Norris Tracey Northern Kelly Oberlohr Dianna Ohley Bradley Oleson Javon Oliver Daniel Oiler Tricia Ontis Christine Orrill Eric Ortman Shawnette Pack Loribeth Padgett Sharon Page Jason Parker Ursula Patterson Tammy Paulda Marrio Pearson Jennifer Perica Barbi Perotka Scott Perrin Robin Peterson Catrena Phipps Leslie Pitts Brian Plunk Shawn Pohlman David Poole Carl Porter David Pruitt Shinzetta Queen Dennis Quigley Matthew Raffety Steven Rea Linda Redenbo Michael Reed Carrie Reinhardt Jason Rexford Decarol Riddlespriger - 38 Freshmen Corey Rigdon Steven Roberts Steven Roberts Richard Root Sara Roth Eddie Rounds Kelly Rowe Karmen Rulo Todd Russell Todd Sal man Joel Sanders Keith Sanders Panade Sattayatam Douglas Sawyer Gw'en Schallenberg Sandy Scharth Sarah Seheer Brian Schildroth Kelly Schildroth Sarah Schmidt Ronald Schneider Tiffany Schneider Ann Schobemd Samantha Schoeffel Brian Schreiber Andrew Schubert Anthony Scott Fayshelle Scott Gregory Scott I eslie Scott David Scroggins Melinda Scroggins Jonathan Seibold Evelyn Shaw Andrea Sheary John Shelby Marci Sheppard Kimberly Sherfy Teresa Shewmake Amy Sholar Jennifer Sichra Antonio Simon Freshmen Shane Simpson Kelly Skelton David Slonaker Rimberl) Slone Daniel Smiley Chad Smith Craig Smith Dale Smith Darome Smith Marie Smith Regina Smith Brian Sorgea Gregory Spiller Jamie Springman Christy Stack April Stark Michael Steele Colten Steiner Donald Steward Carrie Stewart Clara Stewart Patrick Stewart Marchella Stiff Thad Stiritz Cynthia Streeper Kenneth Sutton Monica Sutton Yolanda Talbert Kimberly Tanner Christopher Tate Timothy Taviner Carla Taylor Donnell Taylor Monesia Taylor Houston Terrell Jarrett Terry Berton Thomas Kauanna Thomas Malcolm Thomas Tracy Thomas Jennifer Thompson Ladonna Thompson 40 FreshmenRobert Pieman lance Tite Stacy Todaro Ann Trail James Tucker Lisa Tucker Michael Turner Cammie Vandenvel Allison Vankoten Amy Varble Michael Vartanian C handler Vaughn Marcus Vaughn C hristina Veasley Jodie VellofT Jason Volger Orlando Wade Robin Waggener Sue W aggoner Cathy Wagner Jessie Walker Nichole Walker Raymon W allace Michael W'arlkk Eugene W’arr Walter Washington Melissa Wasylak Jennifer Waters Iltomalita Weaver Lori W eirch Christopher Welling Brayant West Keith Westbrook Ivan Wheeler David White Maria W hite Martha WTute W illiam Wilkinson Anton W illiams Ebony Williams Eric W illiams Nichole Williams FreshmenPattie Williams Virgortta Willis Kerri Willmore John Wilson Julia W ilson Kristin Windmiller Terence Winslon Joshua Wisely Melissa Witcher F.leshia Womack Shavonn Womack Tammy WoofY Cynthia Wyatt David Yoder Crystal Young Michael Young Laurie Zimmerman FreshmenFOCUS ON... 44 Sophomore Divider... SOPHOMORES : r -I Sophomore DividerElizabeth Abramovich Jennifer Adne Melinda Albrecht Heather Aldridge Gralan Alexander Jeffrey Alford Elizabeth Allen Deana Anderson Delcina Angelo Gina Angleton Mary Arbuthnot Jason Armstead Patrick Armstrong Terri Ash Amy Autenrieth Kelly Bachman Lashawna Bailey Amanda Baker Christina Baker Wendy Baker Dana Bandish Keiba Barnes Kimberly Bartholomew Jeffery Bartow Dennis Bean Janet Beatty Christopher Bechtold Paul Beck Randall Beckman Todd Beckwith Keith Belcher Corey Bennett Jayson Bentlye Rhonda Berghoff Jerry Berkel Keith Berry Theresa Besaw Tonya Betts Andrew Bilsbury Rebecca Black Darry l Blair Karen Blanton SophomoresElizabeth Blaske Ralph Bock John Bogard Lisa Bolling Michael Bolling Cassondra Borders Kevin Boswell Paul Bott Melissa Bourland Iouise Bowles Suzanne Boyer lister Bradford Carrie Bradley Emma Brannan Julie Bregenzer Terrell Brinkman Kelly Britt Tabetha Broomfield Craig Brow n Carol Bryant Tamatha Buchanan Jennifer Buford Amy Buhs Rebecca Buhs Renea Burgess Genifer Burjes Eric Burnett Andrea Burton Robert Butler Daphene Butts Ray Byrd Felicia Caldwell Edward Campagna Amanda Card Carrie Carpenter James Cartwright Jill Cartwright Jennifer Case Christine Cauley Rachel Celia Matthew Chadwick Sophomores 47Tina Chambers Michael Christy Karen Churchman Kaury Clanton Patrick C lemente Elizabeth Cloninger Jacqueline C'oalan John Collins Diana Constantino Evan C ook Candace Cooper Christina Cope Shawn C opeland Scott Cornell Mark C'ousley Paul Cow gill Katheren Craig Nannette Crane Cheryl Crawford Michael Cress Laura Croquart Timothy Cromwell Gregory Cross Jill Crumer Marcy Crathis Mary Curtner Sherri Dabbs Natalie Dale Eric Dancy Carrie Daniel Margaret Davey Delveena Davis Jerome Davis Vernon Davis Gary Deck Laura Demand William Diddlebock Kristine Dilley Vickie Dodson Melissa Dolbee I .aura Dona Kelly Dooley SophomoresDavid Dorner Heather Dowdy Robert Dublo Kevin Dugan Kristin Kale) Aletha Kdwards Dennis Edwards Ix renzo Kd wards Sharon Edwards Walter EfTi tiger Charles Ehlers Margaret Fie horn Aaron EickhofT Elizabeth Eldridge Jennifer Elik Alison Elliott Kathi Elzy Jewel Enlow Marla Esparza Michael Eubanks Malcolm Fickle Christopher Fillop Jean Finch Casey Finck Denny Fish Victoria Foster Michael Fowler Theresa Francis Jeffrey Frankford Sylvester Frison Melody Furrow Holly Gale Linda Garner Chad Garrett Garrett Gates Joseph Geisen Jennifer Georgewitz John Georgewitz Stephanie Gibbins Amy Gibson John Giertz Ricco Gipson Sophomores Mark Gilchrest Clement Goeken Melissa Goeken Nancy Gonrales Wendy Gottlob Faith Grassle Charlia Gray Michael Gray Michelle Gray Wanda Gray Shawn GreeMng Marsha Green Sharon Green Maryann Greenwood Rae Ann Grice Christine Gunning Deanna Halford Kurt Hall Louis Hall Larry Hamilton Shannon Hamilton James Hand Eric Harnetiaux Craig Harris Scott Harris Melissa Hartley Rachel Hartmann James Hatcher Lori Hatcher Paul Hatcher Jeffery flatten Douglas Haufe Eric Hausman William Havlichek Stacey Hayden Cheryl Heath Ian Heistand Marcus Henderson Troy Henderson Dionne Hendrix Mandy Henesey Dawayne Henry 50 Sophomores  Eric Henry Eric Hensley Lisa Hernandez Keith Herren Bettie Herrin Felicia llersman Jason Herter Gregory Hertz Matthew Hicks Robert Hilligos Christopher Hoechst Dawn Hogue Carla Hokenson Deidre Holliday Jonathan Holloway Betsy Honke Michelle Hoppe Edward Howard Cynthia Howell Michael Howell Kevin Hoxsie Jennifer Hughey Jeraldine Huntsman Kimberly Isom Edmund Jacobitti David Jemison Jeanie Jockisch Alicia Johnson Deborah Johnson Lance Johnson Willie Jordan Deborah Kassler Michele Kasten Suzanne Kayser Jennifer Keeley Brian Keith Anne Keller Sarah Kelly Suzanne Kercher Derrick Ketchum Christina Kidwell Scott Kiger SophomoresRose Killion Can King Kathleen King Kimberly Kiser James Knight Arthur Kodros Rose Korte Jill Kramer Dannette Kreitner Sherry Kress Christa Kuhn JefTre) Lagemann Jon Lair Dawn Lane Brian Langford Christina I aughlin James leathers Latasha Leflore Robert Leggett David l enhardt Carolyn Lenoir Gina Level Carrie Lewis Samuel Lollis Chery l Lovett Cory Lovett Lisa Lowder Tammy Lowe Marlon Lyons Roger Lyons Rebecca Maag Lyle Madison Maurice Manley Kimberly Maple Kimberly Marshall Michael Martin Florine Mason Michelle Mathews Jody Matlock Melinda McAfoos Josephine McDonald Meredith McElyea 52 SophomoresPhillip McEarlane Stacey McGuire Abena McKenzie Daniel McKinney Tara Meeden Jason Meeks David Meisenheimer Jason Merideth Heather Meyer Matthew Mifflin C atherine Miller Jeffrey Miller Shawn Miller Travis Miller Charles Mills Robert Mills Debra Mitchell Kevin Monroe Rachel Mook Rachel Moore Todd Morales Melissa Morgenroth Charles Morris Thomas Morris Steven Morrison Elizabeth Mottaz Bryon Mouser Ryan Mouser Jennifer Murray Joseph Musgrow U aide Neal Michael Nolan Elizabeth Norman James Norris Kelly Northcutt Monica Northcutt Eric Northern Ralph Nudo Crystal Oglesb} Timothy O’Neil Jason Ontis Benjamin Oswalt SophomoresCarrie Owczarzak Stephen Page Stephen Palen Michael Parks Sherry Parks Rita Parrino Jason Parrish Kendalla Pearson Lenora Pedrero Dawn Peiffer Jeannie Peipert Martha Phillips Faith Phipps Jennifer Powell Johnny Price Tammy Price Nancy Pruitt Tammy Pruitt Timothy Pruitt Monica RadclifT Rodney Raglin Andrea Rahn Chad Randall Jenny Rankin Raquel Raya Gerard Reed Brian Reedy Matthew Reedy Marc Ressler Sherman Retzer Allen Reyne Ky la Reynolds I erov Rhine John Ridder Ix ri Rider Heather Robinson Joseph Robinson Kimerly Robinson Dana Rogers Georgia Ross Lee Rounds Barbara Ruckman 54 Sophomores Gregor) Ru le Felicia Sanders Luis Sara via Scott Schad Barbara SchefTel Jodie Schenk Sally Schlottner Tamara Schneider Lisa Schobernd Susan Schrimpf Desiree Schulte ( had Schum Clay Schum Amy Schupbach Rhonda Scifres Dennis Scott Ronald Scott Patrick Settles Phillip Seymour Tonya Seymour Jennifer Sherwood Matthew Siemer Michelle Siemer Jeffrey Simcox Anissa Sisk Kdward Sitze Brian Slack Vonvincent Slack William Sloan Michael Slonaker Jerald Small Felicia Smith Matthew Smith Michelle Smith Shannon Smith Suzanne Smith Tracy Smith Tina Smith Scott Snyders C arrie Spencer Michele Spencer Angelica Spider Sophomores 55Carrie Springer Michael St. Peters Shawn Staggs Gregor Stamper Markeitra Stampley Tonya Stampley Rebecca Stanley Joseph Stanton Matthew Steele Brett Stewart Lorraine Stewart Johnny Stiff Lasonya Stiff Jeffrey Struif Tracey Solich James Sumpter Stacey Swank Michael Swarringin Jason Sydnor Quentin Tacker Suzanne Talbert Clint Talley Adam Taylor Jill Taylor Tina Taylor Tracy Taylor Bridget Teague Jeffrey Thomas Patrick Thomas Marc Thompson Matthew Thornton Bradley Tiemann PhoungTo Keysa TruelJ Charles Tucker Gioia Turner Kimberly Turner Michele Tweedy Thomas T wichell Shannon Ulrich Todd Van Voorhis Michael Vandygriff Sophomores Julie VanFossen Joseph Vann Michael Velloff Tina Vincent Valerie Vinyard James Vonbergen Jason Vowels Jonathan Walker Chad Wallace Paul Wallace Amy Walter Raymond Walter Steven Walter Kyle W anick Dawn Ward Vincent Warttck Sylvonne Warr Vvonna Washington Crystal Watson Shannon Watt Dawn Weber Ryan Weems I -ance Wehrle Amy Wendle William W estfall I emony due W hite Tracey White l iura Whyte Douglas W ickenhauser Cathy Williams Charles W iltiams Jarrell Williams Kehven Williams Marcus Williams Shannon Williams W illiam Williams James W illiamson Melissa Williamson Jimmie Wilson Michelle W ilson Jeffrey Windmiller Darren Winn Sophomores 57Kenneth Winslow Kimberley Wirch Margaret Wittman Alfred Womack Anthony Womack Carla Woodard Robert Woodie Nancy W oods Gregory Worthen Tonya Wueliner Jeffrey Yates Amy Yost John Young Tina Young Scott Zerwa Jalyn Ziegler Lisa Zimmerman Tiffany Zimmerman Heidi Zippmann SophomoresAutographsFOCUS ON... Junior DividerJUNIORS i m iWendy Adams Jason Adkins Steven Aimone Karan Albrecht Penny Allensworth Russell Armstead Lisa Atchison Jennifer Baer Terrance Bailev Leslie Bank's Michael Barnett Lindsay Barth Curtis Bartholomew Jeffrey Bartlett Timothy Bauer Kevin Bay ley Jana Beane Thomas Bearce Leon Beard Billie Becoat Julie Belchik Tia Bell Robert Beloit Kathy Bessler Bridget Blackledge Lori Blackwood Jerry Bland Larry Bland Rebekka Blaske Brian Boedeker Becky Bolfing Johnny Boomershine Kimberlin Boren Treena Boren Timothy Bott Marissa Bottens Parrish Bracht Richard Brakeville Paula Brooks Brigitte Boving Dennis Brown Ruth Brown JuniorsWanda Brown Jennifer Browning Katrina Brunaugh Elizabeth Buck Tracy Buckner Mark Buettner Stephanie Buhs Kelly Bull Sara Bum bacher Donna Burger James Burnett Adrian Burton Lauren Burton James Caffery Rodney Caffey Eina C aldweli Matthew Cambron Dominique C annon Matthew Card Carolyn Carter Stacy C ase Stacy Caselton Mathew Castelli David Chapman Shelly Chapman Carolyn Chontofalsky Jason Christians Briana Churchich Jonathan Clark Jennifer Clayton Mariesalle Clemente Melissa Cog an Michele Collet Matthias Collins Lisa C onnors Amy Cook Bradley Cooper James Cooperider Daniel Cope Christopher C orethers Jacqueline Covington Martha Cowan JuniorsJames Cox Amy Crane Michael Creek more Kimberly Crone Terry Croxford Gregory Crull Amy Culiberk Stacy Cunningham William Curtis Jerad Dabbs Matthew Dan-Mark Davey Irene Davis James Davis Nichole Davis Paula Davis Tyrone Davis Gary Dean Denise Deeder Natalia Deleon Danielle Deneef Louisa Denham Regina Dew Amy Dillinger Melissa Dingeldein Trisha Diserens Tammera Ditterline Shawn Dodd Kristine Doen Andrea Dralle Gina Duckworth Marisa Duda David Dufner Ricky Dunse Loran Dyson Mandy D iurowitz David Eastman Sarah Eccles Todd Elder Terra Eldridge Donald Elik Alvin Elliot JuniorsI odd Fly Trudy Estelle James Evans I .aura Ewing Tina Ewing Deanna Farmer Corletta Felder Penny Felton Damita Fielding William Finch Kelly Fisher Michael Fisher W illiam Fite Julie Fleming I ri Fleming Randy Fleming Nathan Folwell Terry Forrest Ann Freeman Daniel Fritz Murray Fry man Heather Funkhouser Kim Gabriel Michael Gagliardo Tracey Gallup Brian Garrett Amy Gehrke Jesse Getter Nathan Gholston Scott Giberson Thomas Gilbert Dionne Gilchrest Sharon Gillespie Damion Gilligan Bridgett Gillom James Gilmore I junie Gineris Kristine Glenn Howard Gooden Aaron Goodrich Matthew Gorline Robert Goss Juniors66 Robert Gottlob Ryan Grant Abraham Grassle Andrew Gratton Jerome Gray Michael Green Aaron Greenwood Ann Greenwood Douglas Gregory Regina Gribble Michelle Griesemer Krista Groetken Tom Grossheim Melissa Groves Lynn Halford .Amv Hall Larry Hall David Halm Denise Halm Traci Halverson Linda Hamby David Hamlin Jeffrey Hampton Leslie Hampton Patrick Hand Christopher Hansen Houston Hardimon Steven Harp Charles Harris Dnce Harris Nichole Harris Robert Harris Tad Hart Thad Hartman Jennifer Haycraft Rebecca Hayes Mark Haynes Jeffrey Heil Larry Heinemeier Dale Hendricks Mary Hendricks Scott HendricksKelli Henkhaus I Atann llenley Kate Herbert Jennifer Hicks Beth Higgins Mark Higgins Jason lfiller ' Elizabeth Hoechst Marcela Hofman Robert Holcomb Ronald Holliday Kenneth Holloway Darla Hooks Derrick Howard Julie Howell Dale Hubbard Catherine Huber Lawrence Huff Amy Hughes Michael Hummel Melissa Hunt Angela Huntsman Erik Igo Lori Imming Kenneth Jackson Kimberly Jefferson Sarah Jehle Scott Jenkins Sonya Jennings Beth Johnson Heather Johnson Leslie Johnson Cassandra Jolliff Amy Jones Daniel Jones Todd Jorgensen Michele Jutting Wilbur Kaiser Lori Kanturek Christy Keith Troy Kelley Nancy KellyJonathon Kenney Edward Renshalo Ramona Kerkemeyer I .aura King Pia kircher Philip kleffner William Klinke Matthew Klopfer Kimberly Knoche Harold Korte John Koshinski Robert Rraushaar Judith Lafferty Anthony Ijmgford Eric 1 .arson David Laux Clarence i awrence James Leady Stacy I eavell Melissa Ledford Rodney I eggett Konstantin Lekkas Jack Ieonard Pamela Lewis Scott Li ley Jay Lipe Tanya Livingstone Tina Lohr Sarah I .ow e Steven Lowe Michael Lucas Anne Lutes Angela Maddox Cynthia Maher Wendy Maher Malley Shane Kelly Malson Rusby Mansker Chris Markel Michael Maronie Cindy Marshall Cassandra Martien JuniorsDuonne Martin Malissa Mason Jennifer Masters Bettina Mathis Lisa Maxon Glen McAfoos Myles McCahill Brett McCann Kelly McCollum Marcus McCrady Shelly McDonald Robert Mclntire Christina Means Rory Meeden Kimberly Meletti Donna Menke Katherine Messerle Christa Meyer Charles Meyers Aaron Miller Lisa Miller Sharon Miller Tenise Miller Jon Milligan Bret Mills Jeffrey Minzer Jack Monroe Christopher Montgomery Delen Moody Ramon Morales Luke Morgenroth Michael Morrissey Matthew Motley Scott Mugge Timothy Mundy Christopher Narup Ruth Neely Heather Nicholson Rhett Nischwitz Bruce Nolan Catherine Norman Christopher Norman Juniors 69Man Beth Norman David Norris Shalon Northern Robert Oettle Jomca Other Colleen Oiler Silke Osterhus Ia ri Ottwell Amanda Oulson John Pace Karen Pace Shannon Parks Terrance Parks Robert Peipert Michelle Perica Zachary Peters Deann Peuterbaugh John Pfeifer Maurice Phelps Brad Phillips Michelle Phillips Allen Pierson kyranett Pinn Virna Piz ichillo Joseph Poole Jennifer Porter Charles Puent Tara Rab Robert Rainey Lisa Ramsey Sarah Rathgeb Miguel Raya Mark-Todd Reader Adrienne Reed Sarah Reinhardt Jasson Rendleman Mary Reynolds Tamara Reynolds 1 ony Richards Raymond Ridenour Jerry Riggs I Oretta Roberts JuniorsScott Robertson Michael Robinson Jennifer Roettgers Eric Rogers I eila Ruble Michele Rushing Jeffrey Sanders Daniel Schmisseur Elizabeth Schudel Andrew Schulte I odd Schumacher Tammy Scoggins Theresa Scott Allan Scroggins Lisa Searles Brian Sharp Edward Shelby Kataka Shelton Kandy Shive Jason Shobe C raig Sisk Sherman Skinner Angela Smith Charles Smith Charles Smith Darue Smith David Smith David Smith Susan Snook Lori Snyders John Sokolowski Mark Sowders Deverick Spraggins Darald Stafstrom Kyle Steiner Charles Stewart Earline Stewart Jodie Stewart Marsha Stice Nicholas Stilwell Brent Stiritz Angela Stockard Juniors 71Kimberly Stormer Cress) Story Michael StuU Brian Summers Craig Sun Jay Sundberg Catrina Sutton Mary- Swarringin Angela Tankersley Lonie Tate Todd Tatnall Joseph Taylor Thomas Taylor Erica Terrell Joi Terry Debra Thomas Desira Thomas Donna Thomas Robert Thomas Matthew Thompson James Tieman I rung To David Tomlin Kevin Trimm Charles Tuey Katherina Tutoky Joseph Cnverzagt Victor L’rbonas Odetta Van andt Adrian Vassar Michael V etter Coral Volland Jeffrey Voss Dean Voumard Sara V oumard Michelle Wakefore Sara Walker Todd Wallace Melinda Walter Jessica Walters Kendra Walters i-eslie Warr JuniorsJana Washington Stephanie Watson Darren Watt Stephen Watt Brian Weber Lori W edding Mark Weinman Matthew Weirich Aaron Whalen Shondolyn Wheeler Lisa Whitehead Tyrone W hitehorn Karin Whitten Matthew Whyte James Wilkinson Donnell Williams 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Holliday Sonja Ingram Meredith Jones Kim Kelley David Kincade Christopher Klinke Tamara Lacey Robert ham Jeanette l.ara Jennifer I .a son Shari Lenhardt Joey I-eonard Jennifer I-enis Senior Baby Pictures 77Ill II I ' md Josette Levi Patricia Lorch Shannon Mackelden Heather Mathewson Patricia McGrath Chris McGuiggan Eleanor McPherson Katy McPike Avonda Medhurst Donna Mugge Kelton Neal Randy Newby Brian Palmer Sheila Parker Ruth Paul Daniel Paulda Gunter Perl Rebecca Plunk Chris Randall 78 Senior Baby PicturesCraig Rathgeb Amaya Tellechea-Ercoreca Valerie Vaughan Shannon Warren Kimberly Reams Barbara Thomas Timra T hompson I x rena Walker L Wangelin Sara Woods Amy Wooff Amy Saville Monica Schallenberg Jeff Summers I ori Taylor Tom Travis AnnTutoky Curtis Warlick Jeff Warren Kelly Anne Young Seniors Baby Pictures 79 Sara YatesFOCUS ON... SENIORSToi Adams Julie Aldridge Keith Alford Brent Allen Scot Allen Scott Armstead kath Arnold Steven Atkins Eric Aton A Tina Baggerman Cheri Bailey John Baker Brett Ballard Jennifer Barton 82 Seniors Laurie Barton Steven Bates Missy Baum Tawni Attebery Edward Ballinger I amara BauswellDavid Bean Leah Becoat Joe Bellito Kimberly Bierman Lisa Bernhardt Thomas Borders Jason Boh man f t ' L V. J r? Terry Bratton Donna Beem kaela Berry Aggie Bolfing Jeanne Boh man John Bell Ed Besan Charles Bonds Mitzi Bramley Gary Brice Steven Bell Mark Beuttel Teddy Boomershine Matthen Brimer SeniorsJaimee Brown Katrina Brown Reba Brown Sharia Brown Winford Brown Ellyn Brunnworth Jean Bryant Gary Buck Danny Bunker Cindy Butler Dawn Butler Dan Carter Terry Campbell Denise Carver Jeff Cannon Nick Catanzaro Ijuirie Canter Jennifer Chadwick Tony Carmean Roy Chamness Polly Chase Hobbie Chestney Dawn Christensen Bryan Clark Monique Clark SeniorsRebecca Clark Dwight Cooke Elizabeth Cornell Robert Cousett Ronna Cox Bonnie C rader Tony Cross CarlCrumer I jn Cooper Michael Cope Mary Corby Connie Crader Joe Cranford Bruce Cromwell KentCubbage Vicki Cunningham Anthony Darr Seniors 85Cheryl Dickerson Amy Diddlebock Mike Dilley James Demand Thomas Dixon Rena Dodge Terry Douglas f Darcel Douglas Kelly Edwards Susan Donelson Cry stal Dread Steven Edwards Michelle Dennis Jeffrey Derenne Randy Dillon Cynthia Dixon Gail Doss Chris Doucleff Richard Dunbar Michael Dwyer Anthony F.lliott Felicia Elliott SeniorsDavid Fppel Lisa Everitt Kathy Farmer Joseph F.merick Jan F.mmons Cherie Fowler Kimberly Frank Marcia Frazer Kenny Freeman Shonda Frison Mark Funk William Gaither SeniorsFred Garris Shan tell Gaston Brian Generally Scott Gibbons Troy Gibbs Rebecca Gibson Brenda Gillis Kristine Glenn Karen Godwin Kathy Gross Michael Gunning Joseph Hack worth 88 Seniors Bradley Gentelin Janet Gentry Libby Gilkison C raig Gooch Jim Gillespie Kristopher Grabner Vincent Greer Richard GrindstafT Eric I lagedorn Beth HagenMichael Hagen David Harris Craig Hartman Elizabeth Hager Gary Hall Diana Hallows George Hamilton Clay Harley Jason Harper Lynn Harris Ned Harrison I Aim Hatcher Wendy Hausman Sherri Hamilton Cindy Hansen Sarah Hativersburk Paul Hawkins SeniorsMichelle Hayes Joel Heard Missy Hellrung David Hendricks Richard Henry Chris Hillman Joy Hindmon Lonnita Hinton Steve Hobbs C harles lloene Marina Holcomb Debbie Holifield Patrick Holland Angela Holliday Erica Holliday SeniorsRobert Hughes Barn Ingersoll Derrick Jacobs Don Johnson Felicia Jones Sonya Ingram Lyndon Johnson Janet Jones Tracey Hull Brent Jamison Twyla Johnson Martin Jones Paula Hutson Christine Ing Lee Jackson Carmen Jacobs Brian Jansen Cynthia Johnson Betsy Jolly Bridget Jones r Meredith Jones Yolanda Jones SeniorsKyle Kennedy Stephen Kenney Maria Keshner Brian Kieninger Andre Killebre Kimberly Kimbrough David Kincade Gina King Michael King Chris Klinke Andrea Kodros John Kreitner Jon Kress Aunita Kyles SeniorsJeanette Lara Thomas I.arsen Jennifer Lawson Larry LeFlore Michael lemons Shari Lenhardt Josette Levi Jennifer I ewis it I r w Jerry Lewis Kim Lewis Joseph Leonard Michael Lewis Amy Lobbig Karla tang Michael Long Patricia I.orch Janie Lorton Mike tarts Rodney Lott Michael tauvier Joseph Lupercio Patrick Maag Robbv Macias Shannon Mackelden Roger Mallo SeniorsCurtis Malone Jill Manns Joy Manns Diane Mason Heather Mathewson Chris McGuiggan Jennifer Mcllwaine K leaner McPherson ■ David Middleton Chris Milford Cindy Miller Tia Miller Dechion Mitchell Seniors Jeffrey Mitchell Shelly Moon Minh Nguyen Tom Noll Kelton Neal Sandra Neely Sau Nguyen Scott Nickell Maria O'Connor Brian Monroe Susan Mottaz Jenifer Nimmo James Osborn Trade Mouser Randy Newby Beth Noble Daniel Ottolini SeniorsShelia Parker Patrick Ottwell Missy Palen Curt Paul Ruth Paul Timothy Palen Daniel Paulda Brian Palmer Kevin Peebles f Maria Pena Douglas Pichee Deborah Price John Plunk Matthe Phipps Leonard Perry Rebecca Plunk Craig Ramirez Christopher Randall Derek Randall SeniorsFrank Reithman Ramona Rhine Brad Rintoul Melissa Roberts Susan Root John Roth Kevin Rowe Ike Ruedin Lisa Rushing James Sanders Don Sandidge Khristie Sansone Brett Schoondyke Kevin Schultz Tamara Schultze Sandy Schwegd Elizabeth Seibold Seniors 97Rainny Shaw Mona Shelby Tracy Shew make Darry l Short Christopher Sichra I.amont Smith Paul Smith Tammy Smith DeAnne Smith Trudy Smith Shelley Stephens Courtney Stevenson Anthony Steward Anessa Stilwell Kathryn Stobbs SeniorsSusie Struif Jeffrey Summers Denise Sweet Tym Swick Libby Sykes Donna Taylor Lisa Taylor I ori Taylor Carol Sykes Lisa Thomas Todd Thomas Chris Thompson Christy Thompson Timara Thompson Jennifer Thurow Cynthia Tomlin Thomas Travis SeniorsAnn Tutoky Valerie Vaughan Lee Wangelin Tammy Watson Scott W estbrook Mary W hite Sarah L'tterback Jeffrey Warren Mary Weber Maurice W hite Michele Wesley Alan W'ilkinson Bryan Valerius Sean W allace Shannon W arren Matthew Van Voorhis Rachel Walter David Watson David Westbrook 100 Seniors Joe Twichell Rusty Voumard mtm Daniel Watts Lorena Walker Patricia Turner Curtis WarlickAndrew Williams Darren Williams Perferia Williams Tom Wohlfeil David Wolff Sara W oods Amy Wooff Joe Wyatt Sara Yates Kelly Young Kim Woods SeniorsFOCUS ONSPORTSVARSITY FOOTBALL New Head Football Coach directs Redbird Grinders The 1986 Redbird varsity football team is under the direction of a new head coach: Mr. Collis James. Coach James has been teaching in the Alton School System for 14 years, 12 of which he was assistant football coach for AHS. The Redbirds were forced to forfeit their first four games, but got a real taste of winning at the Homecoming Game, October 10, when the Birds defeated Cahokia 21-13. [ Tony Herd throws a pass. Front Row: Mitchell Musgrow, Dennis Brown, Rodney Caffey, John Ewing, Tony Cox, I on Beard, Tim Reams. Vincent Greer, Gary Brice, Jerome Moore, Wilbur Kaiser Second Row: Sherman Skinner, Fabian Fjalling, Tim Bauer, Mario Voyles, Scott Hall, Tony Herd, Tony Cross, Denny Holloway, David Hamlin, Eddie Kenshallo, Larry LeFore. Third Row: Ernest Smith, Torn Travis, Todd Jergensen, Richard Henry, Kevin Rowe. Chris Hillman. Mike Dilley, Jerry Lewis, Tim Palen, Terry Reams. Jeff Mitchell, Robert Mike, Byron Mike, Patrick Woodard, Joey Davis. Kyle Steiner, Coaches: Collis James, Bill Brockhouse. Tony Corona and Terry Mitchell, Manager: Dannv Fritz 1 A mean offensive line 106 Varsity Football I Jerry l wis and John Ewing pointing out the finer points of footballTHE HOMECOMING GAME . . . . The first victory of the season The Varsity football team provided spectators with some good times at the Homecoming Game. Running backs Tony Herd and Tony Cross exploded for the big plays as the Birds delighted a Homecoming crowd with victory, giving the first year head coach Collis James his initial win. “I’m probably more happy about the victory than the kids are.” James said. — Keil Steiner blocking down on 56 | Varsity players wait in anticipation of the next play.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 108 Cheerleaders Front Row: Cindy Hansen, Anne Lutes, Libby Gilkison, (Captain) LaTasha LeFlore, Ruth Paul Row 2: Sue Kercher, Heather Brenegan, Sarah L'tterback (Co-Captain) Marie Clemente, Jaimee Brown Row 3: Coach Connie Allen, Lisa James (Redbird)J.V. CHEERLEADERS Meg Davey (Co-Captain) Meme McAfoos, Becky Stanley, Elisha Clark, Karan Albrecht, Coach Connie Allen, I'vonna Washington, Shalon Northern, Jennifer Hughey. Jennifer Roettgers, Amanda Olson (C aptain) Cheerleader spends the summer in stitches Alton High School cheerleader Sue Kercher had a very busy summer. She made new uniforms for the 20 varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders and the Redbird mascot. If purchased from a uniform company, the new outfits would have cost about $100 each, according to the cheerleading coach Connie Allen. Sue said she was able to make each one for about $7 — the cost of the material — by donating her time and talents. The uniforms were first modeled at the Homecoming game. Cheerleaders 109ALTON HIGH SC Row I: I mi Wedding. Amy. Culiberk. Krisi Gibbs. Lori kanturek, Julie Fleming. Tia Bill. Jennifer Mcllwaine. Darryl Blair. Angi Maddox. Lisa Lammers. Kerri Willmore, Penny Allensworth Row 2: Genifer Burjes, Mary Grace Folwell. Susan Motta . Amy Doucleff, Deanna Farmer. Theresa Scott. Scott Cornell, Terry Maddox, Loran Dyson, Melissa Cox, ken Smith, John Ridder. Mark Beuttel, Blake Fleming. Jack leonard. Dawn Weber. Jennifer i tflin, Fred Garris, Greg Hertz, Garrett Gates. David Kincade. Cathy Norman, kirn Boren. Barb Ruckman. Marissa Bottens. Sarah Rathgeb, Melinda Scroggins Row 3: kim Maple. Cindy Marshall, Cynthia W yatt, Shandolyn W heeler. I.aura Mueller, Chery l Gooden, Trisha Diserens, Sara Bumbacher. Samantha Schoeffel, Joanna lewis, Cynthia Howell. Jennifer Thurow, Beth Cornell, Kathy Farmer, Sara Roth, Tracy Mclntire, Karen Churchman, Rachel Celia, Regina Gribble, Stephanie Buhs. Ann Freeman. Diana Miller, Pam Lewis. Amy Walter, Amy Buhs 110 Marching 100HOOL MARCHING 100 Ak M J ■ j a 1 at m k Wf 1 Bl §L jf Ik ™ W 8 ikBr 'ML 1 ■ BTrS 'ir v i B A 4BI a ■% . PW. k t Ik 1 d • - .dd, , nual ( CHING BAND FESTIVAL" 8, 1986 St. Louis, Mo. V7 Roh 4: I indsay Barth. Mr. Drillinger. kelton Neal. Cassandra Martien. Mike Cope, Paula Davis, Melissa llartle), Chris Norman. Mike Gagliardo, Joe l onard. Jim Molloy. Christina Ridwell, Jana Beane. Matt Steele, Tanya Browning. Richard Grindstaff. Julie Wilson, Dale Hubbard. Howard Gooden, Carol Bryant, Jason Fleming. Luce Witcher. Sylvonne Warr, Delveena Davis Row 5: Andy Schubert, Robin Zimmerman, Aaron Brown, Jim Wilkinson. Nancy kelly. Eric Ortman. Steve Morrison. Mark kasten. Alan Wilkinson. Jason l wis, Steve Schoeffel, Jim Malson, Joe Taylor, Nate Folwell, Bruce Cromwell. Aaron Cox. Deanne Smith. Joi Jerry, Allen Reyne, Paul Gitchoff. Brandi Brooks. Mr. Banks Row 6: Cory Mclntire, Buffy Greenwood. Deneen Henderson, Mone I ay lor. Carrie Onc ar- ak. keena Hubbard. Carrie Bridgeman, Jenni Harris, Sarah Jehle, Aletha Fdwards. Tiffany Schneider, Carlia Gray. Shiela Gray, Rarmen Rulo. Wendy Gottloh, Nichole Williams, Jim Cromwell. Tenise Miller. Liz Norman Marching 100 111A NEW FACE DIRECTING THE MARCHING 100 A new face is seen on the marching field as Mr. David Drill-inger, the former director of the Marching Showcase in Cen-tralia, takes command of the “ 100.” The Marching 100 is an excellent organization which requires a great deal of work. The students sacrifice their time and effort to achieve their potential. As a result, they endure and enjoy a two week summer camp, a button sales campaign, and long Thursday night rehearsals. This year the band participated in several band competitions and hosted the second annual “Echoes Off The River.” In addition, marching 100 students broke in a new band director. WELCOME TO ALTON MR. DRILLINGER! 112 Marching 100AHS HOSTS COMPETITION: ECHOES OFF THE RIVER Alton High School Marching 100 and the A.B.O.B. co-sponsored their second annual Echoes OfT The River High School Marching Band Competition at Alton’s Public School Stadium. Marching 100 played in exhibition. Competition was held by classes based on the number of wind and percussion musicians. Awards were presented in each class for top drum major, color guard, music, marching and maneuvering, soloist, drum line, brass, woodwinds and the top three musical scores.SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Front Row: Mike Goeken, Dan Jacobitti, Graian Alexander, Thomas Morris, Bura Robinson, Eric Burnett, Lester Bradford, Tony Jackson, Derek Harr, Lee Rounds. Row 2: C'oach TodorofT, Sylvester Prison. Tim Palen, John Walker. Pat Armstrong, Jason Snydor. Joe Musgrow, Jimmie Wilson. Vern Davis, Jason Parrish, Brian Slack, C'oach Hook, Greg Cross, Row 3: Marcus Williams, Scott Redman, Rico Gipson, Jason Armstead, Jarrell Williams, Walt FfTinger, Alfred Womack, Rodney Raglin. Bill Williams, W illiam Westfall, Greg Ruyle. | A hard work-out includes cross overs ... |... and back pedalling ... |... and stretching exercises! I Sophomores receive instructions from Coach TodorofT and Coach Hook 114 Sophomore FootballFRESHMAN FOOTBALL Front Ron: Pat Carter, Ivan Wheeler, Brian Schriber. Fddie Rounds, Chris Alton, Jesse Brown. Jay Terry, Ron Schneider, Jason Dunham, Nathan Billings, Jay Washington, Kelly Rowe Row 2: Corey Jones. Sean McGovern. Dave Ix ng. Vincent Smith, Darome Smith, Steve Rea, Dwayne Terrell, Keith Westbrook, Jeremv Lovett, Shawn Kelly. David FJlison, Rickey Daniels. Row 3: Coach Dave Batty, Eric Williams. Brian Schildroth. David Croquart. Corey Faulkner. Russ Billings, Ronald Watson. Keith Sanders. Joe Martin, Mike Warlick. Tim Perry. Troy Flughes, Brian Macias, Joe Hewitt, Anthony Scott. Shun Ammons, Swabu Jefferson, George Johnson. Greg Scott Coach Mark Macias. Not Pictured: Colton Steiner, Virgil Thomas | The Freshmen Scrimmage t A twelve minute run Freshman Football 115KNJOV • HOMBCQVyNG FA BNJ 116 Homecoming ActivitiesHOMECOMING QUEEN 1986-87 118 Homecoming Candidates Jaimee Brown Carmen Jacobs Jennifer Barton Queen Libby Gilkison S .- I-eah Becoat Josette I evi Jennifer McllwaineKING 1986-87 Jeff Cannon Tony Herd Scott Hall King Tony Darr Scott Gibbons Kevin Rone Ike Ruedin Homecoming Candidates♦ . 198£HOMECOMING Student Activities Boardjpraps Home(4ming a succej I Carmen cobs escort ® by I'ony Herd 1 Libby n escorted Hall | Jenifer Barton escorted Jeff Cannon I Josette I viescorted by Kevin Rowe 120 Homecoming Activities % ♦ ♦♦ L4ST YEAR’£ QUEEN HANDS DQWN HER£ROWN n VTarcv McAfoos and escort IMS w' | Jennifer Mclllwaine escorted by Ike KiBin 71-eah Bi-coat escorted by Tony DarrJ HOMECOMING ROYALTY! Libby Gilkison and Tony Darr, seniors, were crowned Queen and King at the Homecoming Dance on Oc-tobc Il. Libby is the daug p- of Don and Jean Gilkison of Godfrey, and Tony is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Darr of Alton. | Jaimee Brown escorted by Scott Gibbons ♦ ♦ I ft ♦ % Homecoming Activities . 121HOMECOMING DANCE ... The 1986 Homecoming Dance was held October 11 in the Alton High Cafeteria from 8-11. Music was played by the band “Lipstick” and D. J. Kirsten Grey. Coronation of the 1986-87 Homecoming King and Queen took place at 10:00. This year’s Homecoming Dance was one of the best attended in recent years. 122 Homecoming DanceHomecoming Dance 123 A NIGHT OF GOLDEN DREAMSVARSITY SOCCER New Head Coach leads Redbird Kickers Mr. Joe Gentelin, a veteran soccer coach, became the new head coach for the 1986-87 Redbird varsity soccer team. Mr. Gentelin followed Coach Montgomery in the number one coaching position. Mr. Don Schmidt is the assistant coach. The varsity soccer team ended the regular season with a record of 6-9 but four of the losses were forfeits. The team had 11 returning lettermen: seniors Scott Gibbons, Kris Grabner, Steve Kenney, Brad King, David Middleton, Chris Milford, Ike Ruedin, Ryan Tucker and Rusty Voumard and juniors Jimmie Johnson and Mike Stutz. The Players added this year were seniors Tom Noll, Brad Gentelin, Tony Carmean, and Thomas Larsen (an exchange student from Denmark) juniors Ray Morales and Eric Zyung and Sophomores Mike Retzer and Jimmy Rigdon. Mr. Gentelin speaking of the 1986 soccer team, stated that he had a really fine team to work with and had high expectations for the team. The regionals started October 25th when Madison was defeated by Alton 9-0. The Redbirds then played Civic Memorial, defeating them in overtime 2-1. On October 30th the team played in the regionals. All in all the Soccer team had a super season. Front Row. Michelle Collet (Manager) Raymond Morales, Tony Middleton, Bradlwy Gentelin. Jim Rigdon, Ryan Tucker, Kris Carmean, Michael Stutz, Rusty Voumard, Scott Gibbons. Jim Grabner, Steven Kenney. Ike Ruedin, Chris Milford, Thomas Johnson, Brad King, Tom Noll, Amy Dillinger Second Ron: David I arsen, Joseph Gentelin (coach) 124 SoccerJUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Front Ron: James Cartwright, Aaron EickhofT, Denny Fish, Jim Lucas, Coach Don Schmidt, Marc Thompson, Matt Darr, Drew Sumpter. Sara Youmard, Mark Cousley, Kurt Hall, Mike Tetzer, Bilsbury, Mark Haynes Scott Hicks, Eric Zyung, Chris Montgomery. Mark Higgins, Mike FRESHMAN SOCCER Front Row: Kathi Elzy, Jennifer Thompson, Linda Garner. Second Row: Chris Easley, Colten Steiner, Corey Rigdon, Allen Groves, Josh Wisely, and Panade Sattayatam. Row Three: Terry Embry. Jason Fleming. Paul Norman, Shawn Pohlman. Dennis Wtight, Wrigley, Matt Hayes, Dave Yoder, Darrin Boren. Brian Mossman. and Coach Mark Cappel. Chris Edwards was absent when the photo was taken. Soccer 125AHS REDWING TENNIS TEAM Front Ron: Kelly Fisher. Debbie Woods. Jennifer Barton. Jennifer Kelley. Katie Stobbs. Mandy Henesey. Coach JoAnn Dillon Second Ron: Mary Beth Norman, Amy Diddlebock, Rachel Walter. Carrie Daniel. Marcy Cruthis, Beth Hager. 126 Redwing TennisAHS GOLF TEAM Front Ron: Dan Schmisseur. Mike Cress, Brad Tiemann. Brad Phillips, Chris Bechtold. Chad Randall Row 2: John Plunk, Tracy Thomas, Meg Bryant, Kelly Edwards, Carrie Carpenter, Louise Bowles, Coach Overath Goif 127REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL Front Ron: Nancy Korte. Erica Terrell, Kelly Britt, Crystal Bramford. Jalyn Ziegler Ron 2: Ms. Pitts, Jennifer Coninger, Cheryl Edwards, Jennifer Duncan. Damita Fielding. Jeanne Minzer, Raquel Raya, Christy Stack. Ms. Whitener. Row 3: Earline Stewart, Tammy Woof, Tonya Betts, Sandy Martin, Melissa Deewall, Stacy Todaro, Valerie inyard. Mary C urtner (J. V. Captain) Row 4: Shinzetta Queen, Jennifer Gibbs. Elizabeth Colninger. Dana Wilson, Irene Davis, Felicia Sanders. Keysa Truell. Not Pictured: Tonya Schindewolf (Varsity Captain) and Kietra Kuehnel 128 Redwing VolleyballSENIOR NIGHT ... Redwing Volleyball 129CROSS COUNTRY The Alton High School Cross Country Team had a short but successful season, placing 3rd in the Southwestern Conference and qualifying for the sectionals in the district meet by placing 4th. Joe Twichell’s outstanding performance this year dominated the local scene with Joe placing 1st in the conference, 2nd in the district meet and 11th in the sectionals. Joe is the 1 runner in the area and placed 46th on the state level. 130 Cross Country17th ANNUAL ALTON HIGH POWDER PUFF GAME SENIOR SQUAD Jennifer Barton, kitrina Brown, Reba Brown. Molly Cox, Konna Cox, Cindy Dixon. Karen Godwin. Sheri Hamilton, I auri Hatcher. Shari I.enhardt. Jennifer Mcllwain. Kathy McPike, Sis Swcagcl. Katie Stobbs. Tammy Watson. Coaches: Mike Dilley, Scott Hall. Jerry l.ewis, Jeff Mitchell, Tim Palen, Kevin Rowe. Cheerleaders: Steve Bates, John Davenport. Brian Palmer. 132 Powder Puff GameRIVALRY CONTINUES JUNIORS FALL 6-0 JUNIOR SQUAD 1 ia Bell, Paula Brooks. Rufh Ann Brown, Kelly Bull. Donna Burner. Lauren Burton. Bonnie Cenatiempo, Shel-I) Chapman. Briana Chruchich. Jennifer Clayton. Michele Collet, Lisa Conners, Amy Cook. Nicole Davis, Danielle DeNeef, Amy Dillinger, Diane Doerr, Kristine Doerr. Penny Felton, I.ori Fleming. Julie Fleming. Denise Fulks. Kim Gabriel. Amy Gerhke. Buff) Greenwood. De-neen llendereson. Mary Beth Hendricks, Jennifer Hicks, Beth Hoechst. Darla Hooks. Amy Hughs, I ori Imming. Sarah Jehle. Cassandra Jolliff. Michelle Jutting. Christy Keith. Melissa Ledford, Kelly l enhardl, Pamela l-ewis, Cynthia Maher, Kelly Malson, Cassandra Martien, Jennifer Masters, Kelly McCollum. Lisa Miller, Mary Beth Norman. Karen Pace. DeAnn Peuterbaugh. Michelle Phillips. Sarah Rathgeh. Sarah Reinhardt. Betsy Schudel. Farline Stewart, Catrina Sutton, Donna Thomas. Desira Ihomas. Kate Tutoky. Kedra Walters, Dana Wilson. Junior Coaches: Kyle Steiner, Head Coach, Ijince Harris, W ilber Keiser, Rodney Caffey. I eon Beard, Sherman Skinner. Powder Puff Game 12On November 8th Junior and Senior girls gathered at West Public Stadium to battle it out. Spirits were high, and the competition was fierce. The game started at 1:00 and from there on out it was a hard hitting, head-to-head battle in a ton of mud! The two teams fought long and hard until finally, late in the fourth quarter, the Seniors’ Kim Perry scored a touchdown to give the Seniors a 6-0 lead. The Juniors made a valiant effort to recover, but it was too late. Seniors slid by with the victory. JUNIORS TOUGH, BUT SENIORS TOUGHER!Both teams put in hours of physical torture! The Junior team, led by their five sadistic coaches, consisted of over fifty girls! The Senior girls were also led by five wild and crazy coaches but had a roster of only 13 girls. Each team also had a truly beautiful and talented squad of cheerleaders to root them on! Powder Puff Football 135AT A GLANCE...FALL SPORTS CANDIDSOCTOBER-NOVEMBER1986 ... YOU WERE THEREFOCUS ON ... VARSITY 140 Varsity Basketball The Redbird basketball team began play Friday, December 4, meeting Cahokia on home turf. Varsity players are Chris Doucleff, Paul Dread, Jim Gillespie, Tony Herd, Martin Jones, Deleon Lavender, David Middleton, Todd Thomas and Joe Twichell. David Kincaide is the Manager. The JV players this year are Rodney Caftey, Chris Hansen, Ottis Lewis, Byron Mike, Rhett Nischwitz, Brad Phillips, Jerome Smith, Deverick Spraggins and Steve Watt. The JV manager is Dan Fritz. Mr. Ron Mayhew is the Assistant Varsity Coach. Front Row: Deverick Spraggins, Brad Phillips, Joe Twichell, Paul Dread, Byron Mike, Rodney Caffey Row 2: Rhett Nischwitz, Chris ll nsen, Chris DouclefT, Martin Jones, Tony Herd, Otis I ewis. Row 3: David Kincaid, Manager, Jerome Smith, Steve Watt, Jim Gillespie. David Middleton. I odd Thomas, Deleon lavender.BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball 141BASKETBALL’S “BATTLE OF ALTON” Alton met Marquette in basketball’s battle ground, Alton Public School Stadium, Saturday December 20th, to battle for the “Territorial Rights” Marquette gave the birds all they could handle in the first quarter of the game, playing a tight defense and shooting well. Alton held a 9-6 lead after the first quarter. The birds put it all together and missed only three field shots in the second half. Tony Herd played a steady game scoring 18 points, Deleon Lavender finished with 13, and Todd Thomas racked up 10. “We got a lot of confidence as the game went on" coach McAfoos said. “We got a couple of steals early and scored on them.” Final score 67-36. 142 Varsity BasketballEXPLORERS BOW TO REDBIRDS 67-36 m m i Paul Dread dribbles past an Explorer Varsity Basketball 143FOCUS ON... VARSITY REDWING BASKETBALL The Redwings' opened the season this year with a victory over Wood River, racking up a total of 70 points. Girls basketball got an early start this season ... the Illinois High School Association moved the two class state finals forward a month so the season ended in February rather than late March. This Year's starters are Captain Sarah Elliott, 5-foot-6 senior and the only returning starter, Earlene Stewart, center; Nikki Davis, forward; Tabatha Broomfield, forward; and Monica Cambron, Guard. Other varsity players are Kelly Brown, Abena McKenzie, Lenora Pedrero, Lisa Ramsey, Markeitra Stampley, Tracy Taylor, Lisa Zimmerman, Aimee Darr, and Delcina Angelo. From Rot : Coach Mar) Bottling. Usa Zimmerman. Monica Cambron, Sarah Flliott, Coach JoAnn Dillon. Row Two: Earline Stewart, Nikki Davis, Felicia Smith, Tracey Taylor, Markeitra Stumpley. Abena McKenzie, Tabetha Broomfield, lenora Pedrero. Not Pictured — Aimee Darr, Delcina Angela, Kelly Brown, Sharon Lewis, Lisa Ramsey. Managers 144 Redwing Varsity Basketball itRedwing Varsity Basketball 145FRESHMAN REDWINGS BASKETBALL f Allison Hamilton dribbles past the Tigerets! — Coach Mitchell pointing out the finer points of the game. Front Row: Kelly Ewing. Sharon Lewis Row Two: Manager James Steele. Allison Hamilton. Kathy Namee, Gerry Glover, Carmen Hamilton, Manager Troy Hughes. Row Three Managers Deneen Henderson and Tony Cross, Julie Morgan, Rosalind Everage, Manager Lee Rounds. Joanna Lewis, Fayshelle Scott, Manager John Ewing, Leslie Scott, Kelly Brown, Kaela Edwards, Coach Terry Mitchell. Not Pictured, Manager Virgil Thomas 1 Julie Morgan and Kathy Nance displays a tough defense 146 Freshman Redwings BasketballFRESHMAN REDBIRD BASKETBALL Front Row: Matt Hayes, Brad Kline. Burton Thomas, Dann Harridan, Kddie Rounds. Row Two: Dennis Quigley, Eric Mike, Kevin Caldwell, Marcus Vaughn, Swabo Jefferson. Row Three: Coach Daugherty. Gary Hubbard, Donald Steward. Jeff Mossman, John Shelby. Donald Steward and Brad Kline wait for the ball. ] Jeff Mossman shoots a jumper over players from Belleville East. Freshman Redbird Basketball 147SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Front Row Manager Roger Lyons, Thomas Morris, Lemonydue White, Joe Vann, Kaury Clanton, Shannon Williams, Troy Henderson, Greg Cross, Ron Twichell, Row Two Manager Rodney Raglin, Vernon Davis, Alfred Womack, Gerald Williams, Eric Dancy, Marcus Williams, Jason Sydnor, Jimmy Wilson, Coach Bill Brockhouse. Sophomore BasketballVARSITY CHEERLEADERS The 1986-87 Redbird Basketball Cheerleading squad consisted of a 12-member varsity squad with 2 alternates, and an 8-member junior varsity squad with 2 alternates. The varsity squad included two foreign exchange students: Gunter Perl from Germany and Soren Ref-sguard from Denmark. Both guys were enthusiastic additions to the squad! Row One: Amanda Oulson. Lisa James (Redbird Mascot), Libby Gilkison (Captain), Jaimee Brown, Heather Brenegan (Co-Captain), Sue Kersher, Sarah L'tterback. Anne Lutes, Marie Clemente, LaTasha LeFlore, and Jennifer Roettgers. Row Two: Vincent Warlick, Gunter Perl. Soren Refsguard. Row Three: Coach — Connie AllenJ.V. CHEERLEADERS Let’s go Redbirds, Let’s go! THE 1986-87 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Ron One: Elisha Clark, Meg Davey, (Captain). Jennifer Hughey (Co-Captain), Shalon Northern, Karan Albrecht Row Two: Cassandra Jolliff, Meme McAfoos, Becky Stanley, Yvonna Washington, India Fields Row Three: Coach Connie Allen Both Cheerleading Squads enjoyed Cheering before large audiences and enthusiastic fans.HALF TIME ... THE 1986- Pom pons Delight the fans! The Pom Pon Squad for the 1986-87 Redbirds Basketball Season consisted of 25 very talented young ladies. Every game, when half time rolls around, these performers thrill the crowd by dancing to arrangements from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" to "Control” by Janet Jackson. Ron One: (Seated) Amy Hughes, Theresa Scott, Kim Woods, Ron Two: (Kneeling) Kim Marshall, Casey Finck, Robyn Ennis, Penny Allensworth, Janet Beatty, Ranetta Jones, Kim Tanner. Row Three: (Standing) Kim Gabriel, Jennifer Thurow, Paula Brooks, Amy Hall, Aletha Edwards, Keysa Truell. Row Four: Beth Cornell, Heather Johnson, Wendy Adams, Dana W ilson Row Five: Tia Bell, Raquel Raya Row Six: Rebecca Plunk. Damita Fielding Row Seven: Ruth Ann Brown Coaches — (Not Pictured) Janice Dunbar. LaDonna Whitner, Debra Pitts, Pat McGee King, and Joyce Ashpole. 152 Pom Pon Squad1987 POM PON SQUAD Pom Pon SquadSWIM TEAM MAKES WAVESFOCUS ON VARSITY TRACK f Mike Cunning paces himself Norman Bilsbury captures another victory — I Curtis Warlick hands off the baton to Doug Brooks Herd crosses first with a smooth stride — 156 Track1 Herd and Holliday at the tape — Sherman Skinner and Willie Redditt “givin’ it all they got" Jj ] Holliday crosses the finish line ! Bob Brown in his timely stride T Chris Hensen stretching for it Track 157] Tonya Schindewolf paces herself Ruth Brown hangs close —. w I Erlean Stewart... Lets it fly 158 Track I Left to Right: Deneen Henderson Bridgett Reddit. Ruth Brown, and Amy Hughs ... Sharing the Victory! J Tia Bell. .. running for a Victory1 Shirley James and Ruth Bronn passing the baton Track 159TENNIS TEAM ENDS SEAS Front Ron: Craig Sun, Brad Tiemann, Kris Grabner, Brad Phillips, Chris Milford, Chris Hoechst, Mark Cousle) and Tom Wohlfeil. Row Two: Robert Hall, Coach Schleper, Jim Gillespie, Mike Dwyer, David Middleton, Chuck Smith, Chris Lofts, Amy Woolf, Team Manager. Redbird Tennis3N WITH GRAND SLAM! Alton High's boys’ tennis team enjoyed a successful season with Alton placing 3rd in the Southwest Conference and tying Bellevelle Althoff for 5th place in the sixteen team Bellevelle East Invitational Tournament, with Chris Milford earning the 4th place spot in the singles. The birds placed second at the Sectional Tournament in Granite City with a total of 19 points. Craig Sun, (Alton’s number one singles player) placed second and qualified for the state tournament finals. Likewise, Kris Grabner and Chris Milford (Alton’s number one doubles team) placed second at the sectionals and also qualified for state tourney competition. ALTON HIGH BOYS TENNIS ROSTER FEATURED THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS: SINGLES 1 Craig Sun 2 Kris Grabner 3 Chad Randall 4 Chris Milford DOUBLES 1 Kris Grabner and Chris Milford 2 Craig Sun and Chad Randall 3 David Middleton and Mike Dwyer OTHER SQUAD MEMBERS: Tom Wholfeil, Robert Hall, Brad Phillips, Jim Gillespie, Brad Tiemann, Mark Cousley, Chuck Smith, Chris Hoechst, Vincent Szilagy and Chris Lofts. Redbird Tennis 161FOCUS ON VARSITY Front Row: Manager — Lisa Emmons, Joe Twichell, Mike lemons. Bill Gaither, Mike Lewis, Scott Allsman, Don Johnson, Scott Hall, Kyle Kenned), Robbie Macias, Debby Dodson — Scorekeeper. Row 2: Manager — Missy Schrumpf, Lance Kline, Andy Scanlon, Bry an Clark, Tim Polen, Kent Cubbage, Chris DouclefT, Craig Lombardi, Mike Kramer, Jerome Moore, Manager — Jennifer Clayton. Not Pictured: Coach Felix Macias and Coach Harry Munson. 162 Varsity BaseballBASEBALLSOPHOMORE BASEBALL Front Row: Chris Norman, Wayne Harris. Ray Morales, Tim Bauer, Mike Maroni. Scott Giberson, Wilbur Kaiser, Eric Zyung. Allen Scroggins. Dean Youmard. Row Two: Manager — Linda Garner, Mike Milligan, .Aaron Greenwood, Mike Cress, Chris Grammer, Chris Market, Dan Schmisseur. Charlie Puent, Chris Montgomery, Larry Bland, Conch Cappel, Manager — Kathy Elzy. Sophomore BaseballSPORTS CANDIDSVARSITY SOFTBALL I Cindy Rounds and Nicki Harris YOU MAKE THE CALL! 166 Varsity Softball — Nicki pitches one right down the middle! 1 Nicki displays excellent concentration as teammates ( indy Rounds and Michele Jutting look on. ] SWING! QJm Everitt) — WHAT A CATCH! } Sarah Rathgeb covers first base. Varsity Softball 167FOCUS ONSYMPHONIC BAND 170 Symphonic Band S YMPHONIC BAND MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICAL Y: Lindsay Barth, Randy Beckman, Tia Bell, Mark Beuttel, Marissa Bottens. Terrell Brinkman, Carol Bryant, Stephanie Buhs, Sara Bumbacher. Cenifer Burjes, Rachel Celia, Karen Churchman, Beth Cornell, Scott Cornell, Aaron Cox, Melissa Cox, Bruce Cromwell, Trisha Diserens, Chris Ervin, Deanna Farmer, Kathy Farmer, Blake Fleming, Jason Fleming, Julie Ann Fleming, Mary Grace Folwell, Nate Folwell, Ann Freeman, Melody Furrow, Mike Gagliajdo, Fred Garris, Paul GitchofT, Cheryl Gooden, Howard Gooden, Regina Gribble, Cindy Howell, Lori Beth Kanturek, Nancy Kelly, Jack I eonard, Joe I eonard, Jason Lewis, Pam Lewis, Angi Maddox, Heather Mathewson, Cory Mclntire, Steven Morrison, Susan Mottaz, Laura Mueller, Kelton Neal, Chris Norman, Steve Norris, Tim O’Neill, Eric Ortman, John Ridder, Sara Roth, Lisa Schobemd, Samantha SchoefTel, Steve SchoefTel, Ken Smith, Matt Steele, Joe Taylor, Jennifer Thurow, Dean Voumard, Amy Walter, Dawn Weber, Jim Wilkinson, Julie Wilson, Cindy W yatt, Robin Zimmerman.CONCERT BAND The Concert Band performs four regularly scheduled concerts each year. Most of these concerts take place in the AHS Auditorium. This year Gary Banks, the director of the band, also planned a performance at one of the Alton Middle Schools; and the band performed in Alton’s Sesquicentennial celebration in June. CONCERT RAND MEMBERS: a j „ W1 . Front Row: Tim O'Neill, Carla Hokenson, Jennifer Batchelor. Terrell Brinkman. Katin W bitten, Lisa Hayes. Row Two: Marcy StifF, Cheryl Lovett Gary Hubbard. Greg Spider, Martha White, Lisa Thomas, Ryan Grant. Row Three: Greg Scott Melody Furrow, Randy Beckman, Steve Norris. Row Four: David kincade. Mr. Banks. Concert Band 171SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA TSUNG YEH, THE EXXON ARTS CONDUCTOR OF THE ST. LOUIS SYMPHONY, rehearses with Alton High Schools’ Symphonic Orchestra. This rehearsal is in preparation for a very special concert featuring members of the St. Louis Symphony performing side by side with student members of Alton’s Symphonic Orchestra. Music instructor Allen Walters and the Alton Band and Orchestra Builders coordinated this exciting event to allow students an opportunity to share the musical expertise of the professionals. FOR MORE ON THIS CLASSIC EVENT ... SEE THE ACTIVITIES SECTION OF THE TATLER ... PAGES 250 and 251. Symphonic Orchestra FOCUS ON... THE SINGSATIONS THE SHOW CHOIR IS A DANCING AS WELL AS A SINGING CHORUS! Students always put on a stunning show with lively songs that even make the audiences' feet start upping. They practice long hours to get every word, and move down “JUST RIGHT." THE SINGSATIONS AND SHOW CHOIR both work together to put on a fantastic performance at Ivockhaven Country Club during the Christmas holiday season. They really gave their audience a first-class professional performance. A New Face At AHS MRS. JEAN CONRADY IS THE NEW CHORAL DIRECTOR AT AHS THIS YEAR and in a very short time has made a lot of changes. She has created two new singing groups ... THE SINGSATIONS AND THE SHOW CHOIR. They perform both locally and on a sUte level. Students who want to participate in these advanced groups must audition and are selected from a large population of students who try out. Mrs. Conrady is a whirlwind of enthusiasm and has worked very hard to make these Ulented students a show-stopping success. IT REALLY SHOWS! Singsations and Show ChoirAND THE SHOW CHOIR Relaxing before the show Singsations and Show Choir 175SMILE! You’re on Paula’s candid camera! Don’t we make a pair? Yes! I’m a DRUMMER, and darn proud of it! MAKIN’ MUSIC ... As you can see, call all shots around here! When you don’t wear a uniform, you gotta play louder to be noticed! 176 Music CandidsCANDIDS What can I say ... I'm camera-shy What’s wrong, Paul? Haven’t you ever seen a camera before? Act Natural! SEE ME! I told you the lessons would pay off Okay, let’s act serious now. Music Candids 177Kelly Edwards gets a “TASTE" oi what snow is really like. WINTER WONDERLAND Snow CandidsOW, LET IT SNOW? Hey, gimme a push. Gather around, everyone! Let’s play hot-potato! HEY, WAIT! You just ran over Sam! Gome join our Art Class ir. Snow Sculpture! Snow Candids180 Theater Divider FOCUS ON... Theater Divider THEATER VHt v ' “TAKE A SEAT” PLAN RECEIV The Plan to renovate the Alton High School Auditorium began over a year ago. Former Superintendent of Schools Mary Blanche Jungers, and the renovation committee: Mrs. Shirley Mondy (Chair-person) Mr. Edmond Young, Mr. Thom Croxton, Mr. Cliff Davenport, Mrs. Joan Sheppard. Mr. Ronald Enloe, Mrs. Evie Tejada. Penny Nelson, Mrs. Gail Burjes. Mrs. Elviria Werkhaven. Dr. Richard Yoder, Mr. R. J. Tolliver, Mrs. Lin Miller, Mr. Tom Thompson, Mr. Eugene Frizzo, Mrs. Joyce Robinson, Mr. Ernie Irvin, Dr. Mary Blanche Jungers and Mr. Michael J. Beaber, approached the Board of Education with a plan. The board agreed to match $30,000 of the projected $60,000 cost. A fund raising campaign was launched. Contributions came in from over 500 citizens and businesses. In addition, help came from school and community organizations such as Aid Association For Lutherans, Future Business Leaders Of America. Thespians, The Redbird Word. Junior Service League of Greater Alton, Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, Alton Band and Orchestra Builders. Alton Childrens’ Theater and the January-June class of 1945. The $30,000 goal was not only obtained but topped with a collection total of over $45,000. The original seats, installed in 1929 were removed and completely refurbished by a factory specializing in theater renovation. (The same company renovated the Fox Theater in St. Louis). This method was not as costly as the purchase of new scats, and after considering the quality of the old seats, a sample was completed by the Caroll Seating Company and sent to the committee for approval. The floor was recovered and the seats were installed in September. Additional funds collected were used to restore the sagging curtain and to carpet the aisle areas of the floor. The balcony seats, which were not included in the original contract, were also redone.ES A STANDING OVATION Take a Seat 183184 Take a SeatTo celebrate the renovation of the auditorium the Speech and Theater Department, with the help of the Music Departments, presented a variety show on January 23, and 24 at 8 p.m. The first performance on the 23rd was by invitation only for those who contributed to the renovation efforts. Alton High students performed scenes from several plays, including The Importance of Being Ernest, the very first play performed in the Alton High Auditorium. Also featured in the two performances were the Alton High Singsations, the Show Choir, Jazz Band, Dance Chorus, band and orchestra ensembles, and the Allen Singers, representing community groups. The main attraction was a performance by AHS graduates who had played lead roles in past musicals. Alumni performers were: Diane Hand, Toni McCauley Bowman, Debbie Berry Maneke, Mark Bacus. Bob Nagy, Linda Walkington Ferguson, Kame Fischer, Tim Weeks, Kevin Frankes and Susie Paris Delano. Take a Seat 185186 Candids EXPECTATIONS OF EXCE LLENCE Candids 187ALTON HIGH SCHOOL'S SPRING MUSICAL CARNIVAL! Last year's spring musical Carnival, music and lyrics by Bob Merrill, was the story of a run-down carnival in France, set in the early 1900's. Featured were: Jamie Beckman Lili Jennifer Murray Lili Dennis McBride Paul Heather Brennegan Rosalie Jaimee Brow n Rosalie Kevin Rowe Marco Darryl Short Jacquot John Davenport Schlegel Womens Chorus: Nancy Velloff, Missy Dingledein, Mary Vest, Nancy Baker, Kaela Berry, Jenny Cope, Tawni At-teberry, Pam Crane, Rae Robertson, Lisa Pitts, Cami Beaber, Jennifer Hughey. Mens Chorus: Jack Monroe, Mike Long, Peter Ulffers. Reggie Robinson, Steve Peebles, Paul Davey, Ike Ruedin, Mike Vetter. Dancers, Jugglers, Carnival Workers, Roustabouts, etc. Houston Fry, Eric Hensley, Todd Morales, Philip McFarlane, Roger Watkins, Vince Warlick, Shawn Lipe, Cami Beaber, Maria Clemente, Jennifer Harpole, Laura Whyte, Randy Beckman, Steve Peebles, Ike Ruedin, Sarah Utterback, Jennifer Hughey. Directors: Cliff Davenport, George Heidbrink, Alan Walters, Glenn Waters, Bev Reed, Nan Paeltz. 188 Spring Musical1 Paul and B. F. Schlegel 1 The Siamese Twins Rosalie Spring Musical 189| Nancy Velloff, Lisa Pitts, Jack Monroe, Pam Crane and Kaela Bern sine ... “Direct From Vienna” Heather Brennegan and Kevin Rowe, Sing “Magic, Magic” —. i Schlegel (John Davenport) relates good news to Lile (Jennifer Murray) and Jacquot (Darryl Short) I Jennifer Murray and Houston Fry sing ... “A Very Nice Man" — Vender and Roustabouts in “Beautiful Candy" . Rosalie (Jaimee Brown) sings her tails of woe to Schlegel (John Davenport) Spring MusicalFOCUS Alton High offers a variety of courses in Speech and Theater Communicating, Discussion and Debate, Public Speaking, Stagecraft and Theater-A and B, just to name a few, are offered to a wide spectrum of students with a vast scope of interests. Pictured on these two pages are examples of students learning Stage Make-up during a Theater-A class. ON THEATER ...STAGE MAKE-UP Stage Make-Up is just a part of Theater-A. Costume and set design. Broadway Stage History, Character Analysis, and the Principles of Acting are all included in this fascinating course. In the acting unit, theater games, improvisation and other methods are used to convey the concepts. If you’re looking for a course to open a new horizon in your life, THEATER-A JUST MIGHT BE THE ANSWER!Club Divider FOCUS ONJAZZ BAND The Jazz Band is a musical group made up primarily of students who participate in the AHS Instrumental Music Program. This group meets after school and membership is determined through auditions. In the fall they performed on a program featuring trombonist Bill Watrous with the LCCC Jazz Lab Band and were featured at the ABOB “Spaghetti Supper" in January. Also in January the Jazz Band played a major role in the Auditorium dedication! They competed at SIU-Carbondale and Eastern Illinois University under the direction of Gary Banks, assisted by Tim Jarden. 196 Jazz Bandland 197 Front Row: Aaron Greenwood, Carol Bryant. Howard Gooden, Lisa Thomas, Matt Steel. Row 2: Lindsa Barth, Paul GitchofT, Nate Folwell, Joi Terry, DeAnn Smith. Row 3: Steve Schoeffel, Mike Gagliardo, Kelton Neal, Mike Cope, Joe l eonard. Row 4: Eric Ortman, Dawn Weber, Blake Fleming, Trisha Diserens, Marissa Bottens, Nancy Kelly, Brian Weber and Mr. Banks.REDBIRD WORD Vol. 20 Alton High School, Alton, Illinois 1986-1987 2ND HOUR REDBIRD WORD MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Eric Aton, Tracey Banks, Dan Carter, Matt Castelli, Tony Cross, Tracy Deeder, Robyn Ennis, Mike Ferguson, Holly Greenwood, Angi Holliday. Derrick Jacobs, Lisa James, Jimmie Johnson, Mike I-emons, Joe I eonard, Jill Manns, David Middleton, Susan Mottaz, Kim Perry, Trudy Smith. Cheryl Stamper, Joe Tay lor, Lee V angelin 3RD HOUR REDBIRD WORD MEMBERS LISTED ALPH ABETICALLY: Jana Beane, I ah Becoat, Jennifer Chadwick, Connie C'rader. Amy Dillinger, Eric Hagedorn, Scott Hall, Sherri Hamilton, Jennifer Harpole. Jeremy Harrigan. Tony Herd, Steve Hobbs, Elizabeth Hoechst. Carmen Jacobs, Donnie Johnson, Martin Jones. Meredith Jones, Steve Kenne), Brian Keininger. Robbie Macias, Ruth Paul, Carla Pierson. Rebecca Plunk, Mark Pruitt, Cindv Singleton. Susan Struif, Todd Thomas, Cindy Tomlin, Mary W eber 1 Senior Dave Middleton is suddenly hit with another brilliant idea! 198 Redbird Word I Sandy Schwegel and Tracy Hall print out an RBW feature on the new IBM computer.REDBIRD WORD Vol. 20 Alton High School, Alton, llinois 6TH HOUR RF.DBIRI) WORD MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Michele C ollet, Kim Crone. Joey Davis, Denise Deeder, Crystal Dread, Julie Flemming, Kim Frank, Libby Gilikison, Denise Halm, Nichole Harris, Kate Herbert, Tracey Hull, Karla l ong, C hris McGuiggan, Dina Mense, Brian Monroe, Shelly Moon, Mary Beth Norman, Don San-didge, Tonya Schindewolf, Sandy Schwegel, Jerry Sowders. Matt Taul. Rusty Voumard, David Watson. Karin Whitten Kathy Arnold, And) Barban. Steve Bates, Sharia Brown, Bryan Clark, Chris DouclefT, Scott Gibbons, Karen Godwin, Scott Hall, Ned Harrison, Neil Harrison, Missy Hellrung. Joy Hindmon, Marina Holcomb, Kim Holliday, Yolanda Jones, Kim Kelley, Josette Levi, Joe Lupercio, Shannon Mackelden, Dolly Montroy, Beth Noble. Ike Ruedin, Kevin Schultz, Reena Shaw, James Steele. Sarah I tterback, Mary White, Sara Yates Redbird Word 199GERMAN CLUB’S ANNUAL German Club members listed in alphabetical order: Heather Brennegan, Beth Cornell, Libby Gilikson, Mike Gunning, Craig Hall, Gary Hall, Kathy Jenkins, Eric Johnson, James Klinke, Sarah Kuebrich, Craig Sun, Jennifer Thompson, Ann Tutoky, Kate Tutoky, Sponsors Frau Howaki and Herr Fischer. 200 German ClubTRIP TO GERMANY Exploring new horizons WHAT A COUNTRY! The culminating efforts of German Club are that of integrating cultural aspects with the learning of German. Activities include guest speakers, student exchange and an annual trip to Germany in June. Photos here include the BMW plant and the Krone. Brian Orr, Mike Hui. and Herr Fischer are gobbled up by (he "Big Bad Wolf." German Club 201SPANISH CLUB - SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Kelly Bachman, Kathy Bessler, Chris McGuiggan, Miguel Raya, Raquel Raya, Amaya Tellechea-Ercoreca, Valerie Vaughn, Michael Vetter, Jenny Waters. FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: - Lisa Bernhardt, Kim Biermann, Ix uise Bowles, Polly Chase, Terri Corona, Carrie Daniel, John Davenport, Jennifer Farrell, Kurt Ford, Scott Hall, Ramona Kirkemeyer, Randy Newby, Minh C'amh Ngyun, Amy Saville, Jen Sherwood, Earline Stewart, Amy Wooff, Sarah Yates. LATIN CLUB - LATIN CLUB MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Kim Alton, Chris Bechtold, Stephanie Buhs, Jennifer Cauley, Mary Grace Folwell, Amy Gibson, Mary Ann Greenwood, Chris Gunning, Jennifer Haycraft, Scott Hicks, Marina Holcomb, Julie Howell, Sue Kayser, Jill Kramer, Jennifer I iwson, Cindy Maher, Heather Mathewson, Michelle Matthews, Tara Meeden, Vince Milford, Lisa Miller, Raquel Raya, Darryl Short, Carrie Spencer, Jill Tay lor, Roger Watkins, Lori Wedding, Kim Wirch. The purpose of Latin Club is to enhance the study and enjoyment of Ijitin. Foreign Language ClubsJUNIOR ENGINEERS TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY JETS MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY Scot Allen, Andrew Barban, Lindsay Barth, Tim Bauer, Janet Beatty, Chris Bechtold, Tla Bell, Nathan Billings, Andrew Bilsbury, Richard Brakeville, Paula Brooks, Kelly Bull, Genifer Burjes, Lauren Burton, Jenny Canter, Laurie Canter, Dan C arter, Jason Christians, Monique C lark, Asa Collins, Amy Cook, Beth Cornell, Aaron Cox, Carrie Daniel, Matt Darr, John Davenport, Jim DeMand, Missy Dingel-dein, David Eastman, Todd Ely, Kathy Farmer. Mike Ferguson, Greg Fite, Julie Fleming, tari Fleming, Mary Grace Folwell, Nate Folwell, Kurt Ford, Cherie Fowler, Marcia Frazer, Michael Gagliardo, Fred Garris, Bradley Gentelin, John Giertz, Howard Gooden, Matt Gorline, Kris Grabner, Timothy Graves, Aaron Greenwood, Michelle Griesener, Eric Hagedorn, Gary Hall, Scott Hall, Robert Hall, Traci Halverson, Chris Hansen, Chris Hillman, Jannifer Hughey, Danny Jacobitti, Brian Jansen, Kelly Jemison, lance Johnson, Mark Kasten, Jannifer Keeley, Anne Keller. Ramona Kerkemeyer, William Klinke. Jill Kramer. Eric larson, Jennifer I aw son, Stacy LeavelL, Larry LeFlore. Kasta Lekkas. Jay Lipe, Lisa Iawder. Angella Maddox, Kelly Malson. Cassandra Martien, Jenny Masters, Heather Mathewson. Jennifer McAlwaine, Robert Mclntire, Tara Meeden, Avonda Medhurst, Kurt Messerle, David Middleton. Cathy Miller, Lisa Miller, Sharon Miller, Jon Milligan, Michael Morrissey. Beth Mottaz, Chris Nanip, Kelton Neal, Minh Nguyen, Bruce Nolan, Robert Peipert Brad Phillips, John Plunk, Mark Pruitt, Chris Randall, Tim Rathgeb, Brad Rintoul. John Roth, Kevin Rowe, Dan Schmisseur, Darryl Short l oug Simpson. Bobbi Snyders. Kyle Steiner, Courtney Stevenson, Brett Stewart Farline Stewart, I ori Stewart, Michael Stutz, Brian Summers, Craig Sun, Joi Terry. David Tomlin, Jennifer Thurow, Thomas Travis, Ann Tutoky. Kate Tutoky, Bryan Valerius. Rachel W alter, Darren W att, Brian Weber. ALTON DISK DRIVERS — ALTON DISK DRIVER MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Andrea Barker. Kevin Bartles, Richard Brakeville. Tim Harlan. Scott Kiger. Scott Perrin, Matt Phipps, Derek Randall. Gregory Scott Ann Trail. The purpose of Alton Disk Drivers is to provide the opportunity for students interested in computing to gather to exchange ideas and information. J.E.T.S. and Disk DriversNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is a group of students whose membership is based upon scholarship, service, character and leadership. Also, one must maintain a 3.75 grade point average and be recommended by a panel of faculty members. Because of the high standards, only 15 new members were inducted last spring. In an effort to increase club membership, the requirements are being lowered. NHS takes part in the planning and running of several events throughout the year, including the Ned Nilson Scholarship Brunch, ushering at the summer musicals, and helping out at the Beverly Farms Special Olympics. Members are pictured left to right: Front Row: Timothy Graves, Darryl Short, Second Row: Lisa Bernhardt, Amy Wooff, Minh Cam Nguyen, Laurie Canter, Avonda Medhurst Back Row: Ms. Hicks — sponsor, Marcia Frazer, Brian Jansen, Ann Tutoky, Mary Grace Folwell, Beth Cornell, Jennifer Thurow, Bruce Cromwell Not Pictured: Derrick Jacobs. 204 NHS sponsors Special Olympics National Honor SocietyShawn Lipe gets a little too close. Joe Darr and Becky Snyders offer encouragement at the ball toss. Administrators, teachers, coaches and students, organized by Darlene Wright, raise money for the Special Olympics! AvowU Medhuret pins on a wtll-dewrvcd medal. Terry Mitchell goes up for the spike! Leon Wright and Ranee Long are Airborn. On Friday, April 4, High School Students and Athletes from all sports. Teachers, Coaches and Administrators gathered together for an evening of fierce volleyball competition. The annual fund-raiser for the district’s Special Olympians began with the first match featuring the High School Athletes challenging the Coaches in a fast-moving game of lightning serves and deadly spikes. In the second match Teachers from all buildings competed against the Administrators from throughout the district. (The paramedics were standing by) Student Cheerleaders wound up the fans supporting the High School Athletes, and tension grew as the enthusiastic Faculty Cheerleaders composed of Secretaries, Clerks, and Aides resounded deafening cheers for the Coaches and Teachers. The Middle School Jazz Band performed and the National Honor Society Members worked the concession stand. Many Teachers who elected not to actually participate in this elite sporting event volunteered their time to help anywhere they were needed. Area businesses donated the food and beverages for the concession. All in All it was a great evening of entertainment and a successful fund raising event!206 Rivervicws RIVER-VIEWS MAGAZINE MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Scott Allen, Terri Ash, Jennifer Barton, Kaela Berry, Laurie Canter, Monique C lark, John Davenport, Nat Diaz, Kristine Doerr, Kathy Farmer, Mike Ferguson, Mary' Grace Folwell, Kurt Ford, Cherie Fowler, Mark Funk. Paul Gitchoff, Tracy Halverson, Jennifer Haycraft, Scott Hicks, l rr Hill, Joy Hindman, Julie Howell, Lisa James, Sarah Jehle, Sue Kayser, Jennifer Lawson, Heather Mathewson. Avonda Medhurst. Stephen Norris, Beth Seibold, Jennifer Sherwood. Darry I Short. Jerry Sowders, Ann Tutoky, Lori Wedding. Amy Wooff. K ! WORK 1 “-■■■ ■■■ 11 ‘ ‘ 1 —1 ' 1 BY STRAHN HACKWORTHMODEL UNITED NATIONS Alton High Students Visit McKendree College The eleven member delegation representing Poland and the Philippines spent two days in committee meetings at McKendree, and returned for a second session in the spring. The United Nations sponsor is Steve Olson. | The Special Political Delegate from the Philippines hard at work on a resolution. •— The Honorable Lisa James, Philippine Justice to the World Court. Front Row: Lisa James, I Jiuren Burton, Stacy LeavelL, Kathy Vlesserie, Beth Hager. Darryl Short Mary Grace Folwell, Heather Mathewson. Back Row: John Davenport, Mike Vetter. Fred Garris. Model U.N. 207PEER LEADERSHIP PEER LEADERSHIP MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Eric Aton, Jenny Baer, Kathy Bessler. Christine Cauley, Jennifer Cauley, Monique C lark, Nathaniel Diaz, Vickie Dodson. Kristine Doerr, Marla Esparza, Paul Gitchoff, Amy Hall. Jeff lleil, Julie Howell, Amy Jones, Jill Kramer. Lisa l.owder. C hristina Means, Mike Reed, Kevin Schultz, Melinda Scroggins, Amy Sholar. Chris Sichra, Suzie Smith, Allison VanKoten, Dawn Ward, Jenny Waters, Tina Young. ‘I'M purpose of Peer Leadership is to train young adults to become positive influences on their peers, to help young adults take a stand against the use of alcohol and drugs, and to give students the opportunity to develop skills needed to be good helpers. The Peer Leadership group at Alton High School joined the stand against the use of drugs and alcohol with a balloon lift. Each balloon carried a numerical percentage of the students in each class who gave up alcohol and drugs for a week. Members of Peer Leadership and Dr. Callahan, sponsor of the group, encouraged those students who use alcohol or drugs to make a commitment to stay alcohol or drug free for a week. AHS says no ... Peer LeadershipStudents Against SADD MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Eric Aton, Janet Beatty, Tammy Buchanan, Melissa Ledford, Dawn McBride, Mary Reynolds, Kevin Schultz, Ann Shaw, Tina Young. The purpose of SADD is that the members care enough about their friends to not let them drive when they have been drinking. There isn’t a regular membership. Students attend when their schedules permit or when they want. Driving Drunk The S.A.D.D. Mobile... makes a guest appearance in the AHS parking pit to serve as a constant reminder to students of the results of drinking and driving drunk! S.A.D.D. 209ALTON FBLA IS SECOND IN National Leadership Conference Washington, D.C. June 26-29 The FBLA Chapter of Alton High School received four awards at the National FBLA Leadership Conference in Washington, DC on June 26-29, 1986. The awards are as follows: Second Place — National Advisory Council Leadership A ward The Alton FBLA Chapter received second place in the National Advisory Council Leadership Award after having been chosen as one of the top ten chapters. In order to receive second place. Erica Holliday, Janie Lorton, and Ramona Rhine presented a ten-minute oral slide presentation on the National Ad visory Council Leadership Award — Job Seekers. Job Seekers is an employment agency for juniors and seniors of Alton High School sponsored by the FBLA Chapter. Job Seekers is a cooperative project with the Alton FBLA Advisory Council with the original idea of an employment agency for juniors and seniors of Alton High School suggested by Gil Moody, President of the Alton FBLA Advisory Council. Ms. Barbara Bitter, Prudential, and Ms. Jan Wickenhauser, Germania, presented the Job Seeking Skills Workshop. Other members of the Alton FBLA Advisory Council who assisted with the project are Michael Amoine, Mississippi Lime Co.; Patricia Meyer, Alton Telegraph; Carol Osburn, Clark Oil Company; and Edward D. Voumard, Jr., Alton City Clerk. The National Advisory Council Leadership Award is designed to recognize FBLA Chapters that develop and implement the most innovative, creative and effective plan for increasing dialogue and interaction with business leaders in order to determine their roles, responsibilities, and leadership characteristics as executives or entrepreneurs of successful businesses. Left to Right: Wilma Bricker. LB I .A Adviser, with FBLA-PBL Plate for having been an FBLA Adviser for 25 years, Janie Lorton, holding the Fifth Place Plaque in the Outstan ding Project Kvent for Job Seekers, Mr. Gil Moody, President of the FBLA Advisory Council, (Mr. Moody suggested the idea of the employment agency) Job Seekers, Ramona Rhine and F.rica Holliday, holding the Second Place Plaque for Job Seekers. 210 F.B.L.A.THE NATION Front Ron: Lisa Taylor. Janet Beatty. Wendy Adams. Row Two: Erica Holliday. Cheryl Heath. Kathy Jenkins. Row Three: Ruth Stewart, Gwen Shallenberg. Row Four: Romona Rhine. Janie Lor-ton. Sponsor — Miss Bricker. Row Five: Brian Generally Golden Pages for the Golden Ages Senior citizens will find their spring shopping much easier this year, thanks to Alton High School's chapter of Future Business Leaders of America. The “Golden Pages for the Golden Ages," a book featuring businesses which offer special discounts to seniors was originally the idea of Donna Petro, support services program manager for Madison County Senior Citizen Services. Petro's idea was expanded by the FBLA advisory council and was developed by the students members of the FBLA. “This will be a great service to people on a fixed income" says Mrs. Petro. “For many senior citizens faced with increasing medical costs, this guide will save them time and money by being a fingertip reference for discounts available to them." Students also encourage businesses they contact which don't have senior citizen discounts to consider giving them. Their business will appear free in the shoppers’ guide and will not only be good advertisement for their products and services but will, hopefully, prove an incentive for them to offer special discounts. STUDENT COORDINATOR Ramona Rhine, left, with Gil Moody and Donna Petro, originator of the Planned Shopping Guide. F.B.L.A. 2 1 1BIOLOGY CLUB’S ANNUAL r in BIOLOGY CLUB MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Terri Ash, Janet Beauty, Chris Bechtold, Jennifer Blouin, Jody Butler, Betsy Clark, Melissa Cox, Gary Deck, Nat Diaz, Jennifer Duncan, I eeAnn Eccles, kelly Edwards, L ann Emerick, Casey Finck, Tanya Fiedler, Aunthrae Gillespie, Jennifer Gillespie, Sonya Haddock, Veronica Harshberger, Carla Hoken-son. Sue Kayser, Sue Kercher, Christina Kidwell, Nancy Korte, Sarah Kuebrich, ketra Kuehnel, Tammy Ixme, Kim Marshall, Tara Meeden, Diana Miller, Jeanne Minzer. Jennifer Mueggen-burg, Mike Nolan, Robin Peterson, Tiffany Scheider, David Scroggins, Kim Sherfy, Amy Sholar, Cindy Streeper, Jennifer T hompson, Allison VanKoten. THE WILD WILDERNESS GROUP prepares to embark upon their journey down the 11 Point River. Pictured left are Genifer Burjes, Chris Bechtold, Drew Bilsbury, Marcia Frazer, John Mense, Tammy Lowe, Phillip McFarlane. Mike Nolan, Gary Deck, and April Herman. ! L i I w . V. ‘ - t rfiric 212 Biology Club yBrian Palmer Collecting SpecimensSPRING WILDERNESS TRIP Most of the food on the trip is gathered from the land and water. Pictured, (from left) preparing • heart) breakfast are Phillip McFarlane, the trip Counselor. John Mench, Tammy Lowe, Mike Nolan and Chris Bechtold. CANT BELIEVE I ATE THE H-H-O-L-E THING! t Drew Bilsbury and Chris Bechtold observing the scenery near the entrance to a natural cave. Biology Club 213 The breath-taking scenery and unique landmarks are a fantastic fringe benefit of the trip. Here club members climb a gigantic water wheel used in days gone by for grinding flour.SCHOLASTIC BOWL SMART BIRDS GET BOWL GAME BID On Tuesday, February 3, the Scholar Bowl Team met West Frankfort High School in their first competition. The team traveled to SIU — Carbondale, where the meet was videotaped to appear on local television. West Frankfort beat the “SMART BIRDS” 280 to 21$, but the match was the “highest scoring” o( the evening. 214 GIMME A ... S, GIMME A ... C, No! It’s not a cheer for a football team ... it’s the SCHOLASTIC BOWL! The National Honor Society, under the direction of “COACH” BARBARA HICKS, put together a ten student team to compete in Scholastic Bowl competition. The teams compete in answering toss-up and bonus questions, consisting of subjects from a variety of academic areas. Fine arts, math, science, literature, history and current events are a few of the topics presented. The Scholar Bowl competition will not make the pages of our official sports section this year, but, the years of conditioning and the fierce competitive spirits are just as evident as in any other competitive pursuit here at AHS! Front Row: Mrs. Hicks, Heather Mathew son, Ann Tutoky, Darry l Short Scott Allen, Brad Phillip ond Row: Bruce Cromwell, John Davenport, Kevin Rowe (Captain), Chris Hansen, Not Pictura Schmisseuri r THESPIANS AND OCTAGONS THESPIAN MEMBERS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY: Scott Allen, Randy Beckman. Usa Bernhardt, Kaela Berry, Jaimee Brown. Kelly Bull, I Jiurie C anter, Mary Corby. John Davenport, Missy Dingledein, Frida Diserens, Robyn Fnnis, Mary Grace Folwell, Mike Gagliardo, Beth Hager, Marina Holcomb, Mike I ong, Jack Monroe, Dennis McBride, Philip McFarlane, Jim Osborn, Rebecca Plunk, Kevin Rowe, Beth Seibold, Darry l Short, Doug Simpson. I .aura Trigg, Sara Ut-terback. Sponsors are Mr. Waters and Mr. Davenport. Senior Kevin Rowe, shown here in action, — or did he forget his lines? Thespians and OctagonsAviation Mechanics Instructor Richard Farrow shares years of valuable experience assisting students in a very technical field.Experience is required when students start Getting technical Did you ever cut your own hair and make an uncorrectable mistake? How about taking apart a bicycle to fix a broken sprocket and forgetting how to put it back together? For most, the list goes on and on. Technical and Vocational programs teach students the details and important do’s and don’ts which offer them career foundations. Cosmetology classes offer practical laboratory experiences in patron services, salon management and state board preparation. Vocational Printing students learn to set up, adjust and operate all types of printing presses and equipment. Students practice printing safety, photography, platemaking, offset press work, stock cutting and bindery. Auto Body Mechanics is another career opportunity skill. The vocational program offered trains students in a highly skilled and specialized craft. The auto body worker repairs damage to the automobile body caused by accidents and rust or corrosion. Included are training in sheet metal structures and aesthetics, with a broad general knowledge of welding, hand tools and hand-held power tools. A unique course in Aviation Mechanics is offered at J. B. Students learn to maintain aircraft in general aviation (private), and airline or military mechanics. Aircraft mechanics are licensed by the Federal Aviation Agency and all aircraft in the United States must be certified safe for flight by an aircraft engine and air frame mechanic before they may fly. Aviation is an area of the transportation field that is really growing today. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA (VICA) is a growing organization at the J. B. Johnson Career Center. VICA is a national organization of students engaged in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations in high schools, vocational-technical schools, area vocational centers, junior and community colleges. Nationally, 270,000 students are members of VICA in 12,000 chapters. The Alton chapter has 56 members from the vocational areas of Cosmetology, Aviation, Mechanics, Foods, Nursing, Office Education, Vocational Accounting and Electronics. VICA advisors include E. Dean Browning, Principal Robert Middleton, counselor Margaret Stroube and teacher Georgia Unthank. VICA provides local chapters with a speakers bureau, consultant services, alumni programs, collegiate services, fund-raising projects and other activities. Technology know-how is something students at the career center work long and hard for. The talents and skills they learn here they will use in future careers and everyday life. Vocational Clubs 217Architectural drafting’s dream house not just a dream! Architectural Drafting students learn to draw details of a residential structure using drawing techniques, line value, and architectural symbols. They explore creative techniques for floor plan design, plumbing and electrical plans, and several other designs for the basement foundation-footing, truss roof, and floor joist lay-out, and produce a complete set of elevation plans. Advanced students design the house that is built by the building trades classes. ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING — SESSION 3 ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING — SESSION I: Front Row: Daren Strohbeck, Mark Crawford. Bob Vogel, lolard Simmons Row Two: Angie Shelton, Kathy Arnold. Abraham Grassle, Patricia I orch, Jamee Brown Row Three: Joe Hackworth, Carter Hill, Dan Fritz, Ken Freeman, Scott Jenkins, Greg Korando, Mike Dipaolo, Tony King. Joe Lupercio. Jason Sham, Front Row: Fabian Fjalling. Ross Wilson, Tyra Swick, Jeff Lang, Chris Corethers Row Two: Gunter Perl, Dominique Cannon. Jerri Connour, Terry Douglas, Brett Hartley, Vincent Greer.Building trades makes the dream come true One of the greatest needs in the country today is housing for a growing population. The building of homes for people requires highly skilled building trades workers. Carpenters are a very large percentage of these workers, and the need for them is great. In building trades classes students learn to read blueprints and to cut and fit materials together according to the architect’s design. Each student gains experience in concrete work, framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and all the other skills involved in completing a finished home. BUILDING TRADES — SESSION I Front Row: Rick Dunse, John Hogue. Mario Voyles Row Two: Jason Bowman, Matt Hutchins, Jim Yonderheidt, Row Three: Andy Agney, John Walla, Barney Davis, Tony Hensley, Row Four: Randy Cox, Jim Cooperider, Alan Kutter, Row Five: Jason Fowler, Craig Johnson, Mitchell Musgrow, Tim Foster Row Six: Shaun Maynard, T. J. Borders, Bobb Kraushaar, Paul Dread Row Seven: Terry Bailey. Not Pictured — Eric Nichols, Jeff Gregg, Eddie Kenshalo, Tony Leach. Vocational Education 219A Career in Distributive Education? That’s what these students see in their future Distributive occupations distribute goods and services from industry to consumers. Students who participate in Distributive Education develop a wide variety of skills in salesmanship, merchandise management, accounting, advertising display, wholesaling and cash register operation. Serious students who “do their homework” and develop these areas of expertise find employment in the job market due to the large population density in our metropolitan area. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA SESSION 1 Front Row: Carl Cnimer, I aura Kmmons, Cheryl Edwards, Debra Price, Row Two: Craig Hartman, Debra Ramirez, I ee Jackson, Khristie Sansone, Darren Williams. Row Three: Amy Page, laurie Barton, IJsa Taylor, Brian Generally, Patricia Turner, Christine Ing, Donna Taylor. Row Four: Mr. Robert Krauss, Robert Cousett, Mike Dwyer, Curtis Malone, Sean Wallace, Ron Ferguson. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA SESSION 2 Front Row: Charles Bonds, I .aura Cooper, Babette Howes, Perteria Williams, Row Two: Timothy Harlon, Crystal Dread, Cynthia Emmons, Kathry n Gross, Polly Chase, Row Three: Mr. Robert Krauss, Anthony Steward, William Gaither, Micheal Dilley, Felicia Elliott, Felicia Jones.THIS IS THE HOUSE THAT J. B. BUILT ... “SANTA’S HOUSE” Vocational students (from left) Strahn Hack worth of C'ommerical Art, Crystal Dread of Distributive Eduction and Rick Dunce of Building Trades represent the three Helds at JB who helped build the “Santa House” at Home Federal Savings on State Street. Vocational Education 221Commercial art students draw plans for the future The Commercial Art Student explores a wide variety of skills related to showcard lettering, sign painting, calligraphy, finished lettering, photography, paste-up and layout, graphic design, ink renderings, airbrush illustration and photo retouching. Students produce a portfolio of projects displaying their individual skills in various areas of expertise. These collections of student work are a valuable tool to present to a prospective employer. COMMERCIAL ART CLUB SESSION 1 Ron One: Stephanie George, Bob Goss, Christy Houck. Laura Cooper, Bill Barnes, Mr. Kenneth Hierman VOCATIONAL COMMERCIAL ART Ron Two: Beth Diepenbrock, Jill Dugger, Charles Hoene, Babette Howes Row Three: Jason Harper, Chris Sichra, Aaron Goodrich, Mike Hayes Row Four: Brian Monroe. Marty St. Peters, Matt Whyte, Dwight Sumner, Tim Dickerson, Marcos Hickman. 222 Vocational EducationVocational welding ... when you’re HOT' you’re HOT! The student welder uses heat for melting metals to cut, fit and fabricate useful and needed articles. The welder reads blueprints, must be able to visualize well and must be interested in mechanics and design. During JB classes students explore basic ox-yacetylene and electric arc welding, as well as soldering, brazing and inert gas arc welding. The highlight of the Vocational Welding program is certification welding. VOCATIONAL WELDING STUDENTS SESSION 3 Front Ron: I.amont Smith, Kevin Armstead. Row Two: Herbert Mosby, John Higgins, Barry Inger-soU, Darrell Korte, Pat Maag. Row Three: Mr. Chestney, Norman Barnes, Forrest Booth. Richard Henry, Clarence Grover, Ed Besaw. Vocational Education 223Aviation mechanics ... A whole lot is riding on their expertise The aircraft engine and air frame mechanic is a highly skilled and competent worker. They are skilled in the repair and maintenance of aircraft and propulsion units of all types, such as reciprocal, turbo-prop, and jet engines. Aircraft mechanics are licensed by the Federal Aviation Agency and all aircraft in the United States must be certified safe for flight by an aircraft engine and air frame mechanic before they may fly. A VIA TION MECHANICS SESSION 1 Front Ron: Zack Peter, Chris Morgan, Mike Hearn, Mike Connor, Nick Stillwell, Matt Phipps, Brian Strohbeck, Mr. Farrow Row Two: Mike Greear, Adrian Vassal1, Nick Holmes, Jeff Summers, Steve Nowlin, Row Three: Darren Nash, Scott Liley, Mike Flatt, Jim Embry. Row Four: Eric Fite, Brad Cooper, Mike Baver, Jim Tieman, Erik Ieo.VOCATIONAL PRINTERS A SPECIAL “TYPE” The successful Vocational Printing student is a highly competent mechanic and artist all rolled into one exacting perfectionist. The student learns to incorporate several technical skills to create a superior graphic product. The field of printing incorporates various areas such as photography, platemaking, offset presswork, hot type, hand and machine composition, layout, bindery and thermography. Professional printers’ work is interesting and pleasant, and employment opportunity is good. The pay is excellent! Students in the Vocational classes at JB prepare for an apprenticeship of 4 to 7 years to be completed after graduation.REPAIRING AND SERVICING AUTOMOBILES There has been a tendency over the last few years for mechanics to specialize in one or more of the automobile systems. Some of these areas of specialization are: electrical, tune-up, transmissions, chassis and front alignment, wheel balancing, and air conditioning. The auto mechanics program presented at JB is broad in coverage to allow students to practice skills in various areas and develop individual preferences for later specialization. VOCATIONAL AUTO MECHANICS SESSION 1 Seated on Floor. Khristy Sansone, Mr. Stevenson First Ron: Pat Moxin, John Berkel. Steve Esarey, Joel Oliver Row Two: Bryan Brefeld, Ben Andrus. Bruce Silkwook, Row Three: Keith Alford, Matt Fay, Paul Smith Row Four: Charlie Wolff, Jeff Wolff, Blake Radcliff Row Five: Jeff W arren, Brian Curvey. Row Six: Mike Hagen, Tim Molloy, Jim Livesay Row Seven: Sean Wilkinson, Jeff Cannon, Doug Pichee. VOCA TIONAL A UTO MECHANICS SESSION 3 Row One: Tyrone Davis, Mr. Stevenson, Eddie Alexander Row Two: Mike Barnett, John Koshinski, Jason I angen Row Three: Scott Mugge, Steve Gauton, James Wise Row Four: Brad Mortland, Rusty Mansker, Mike Monroe. Vocational Education VOCA TIONAL AUTO MECHANICS SESSION 2 Row One: Kyle Kennedy, Ernest Smith, Royce W i Ilia ms, Richard Grindstaff, Mr. Stevenson. Row Two: Jeff Bricker, John Zimmerman, Matt Card Row Three: Billie Becoat. Reggie Crumer, Mike Wheeler. Don Roberts. Row Four: Jim Cox, David Droste, Randy Dillon, Andrew Grafton Row Five: Damion Gilligan, Tim Reams.VOCATIONAL ACCOUNTING VOCA TZONAL ACCOUNTING SESSION I Row One: Allan Scroggins — Treasurer, C harias Bonds Row Two: Steven Bates, Frank Reithman, Cassandra Jolliff — Vice President, Daniel Paulda — President, Melissa Roberts Row Three: Sarah Flmendorf, Jeanne Bowman, Shelly McDonald, Dina Mense, Mrs. Stinnett, Nancy Kelly — Secretary. Trung To, Randy Fleming. VOCA TZONAL ACCOUNTING SESSION 2 Row One: Sarah Flmendorf. Khristie Sansone — President, Tonya Livingstone — Vice President, Heather Johnson — Treasurer, Rosalind Slack — Secretary . Row Two: Mrs. Stinnett, Sheila Parker, Bridget Blackledge, Patricia Turner, Melinda Walter, Leonard Huntsman, Christy Houck, Joseph Wyatt OFFICE EDUCATION OFFICE EDUCA TION SESSION 1 Row One: Deana Constantino, Terry Holt, Monica Schallenberg, Christy Thompson, Ramona Rhine. Row Two: Diana File, Cindy Miller, Kristine Glenn, Erica Holiday, Diana Gratton Row Three: Alicia Horstman, Susan Mosby. Ixrnita Hinton, Beth Hagen, Dawn Hert, Jennifer I wis, Missy Palen Row Four: Mrs. Patricia Hunt. OFFICE EDUCA TION SESSION 2 Row One: Tammy Schultre, Georgia Turner. Tammy Bauswell Row 2: Stephanie Ivester, Jeanette Ijira, Shelly Moon, Tracy Shew make. Aggie Bolfing Row Three: W endy Hausman. Janie I rton, Shelley Stephens. Michelle Hayes, Paula Hutson. Brent Jamison, Mrs. Patricia Hunt Vocational EducationChild Care specialists prepare for a vital field Child Care is a course designed to prepared child care specialists. The course involves students in the study of the total development of the child, exploring areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. As larger numbers of mothers accept employment outside the home, a need for workers properly prepared to work constructively with children in group situations increases. CHILD CARE SESSION I Front Row: Clara West, Teddy Boomershine. Louisa Denham, Shantell Gaston, Mona Shelby, Perferia Williams. Row Two: I eslie Warr, Damita Fields, Donna Mugge, Leila Ruble, Christy Siebold Row Three: Mrs. Mary Schrumpf, Melissa Merideth. Shelia Parker, I iura Trigg, Beth Higgins. Angela Jason, I.auri Schneider, Angela Cole. 228 Vocational EducationTHE PERSONAL TOUCH! COSMETOLOGY Cosmetology is one of the personal service occupations. Most states have very strict laws controlling licensing and training. In recent years there has been a growing trend that has taken men as well as women into the professional hairdressers ranks. Upon completion of the study of a 1500-hour course, students are eligible to take the state board exam required in the state of Illinois. FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA SESSION 1 Row One: Maria Bickmore, Stephanie Boner. Mrs. Georgia I nthank. Janie YandygrifT. Tracey Staggs Row Two: Dawn Cunningham. Miss) Mortland. Kellie Bolton. Shirlene Brand, Sheri Hamiltion. Dawn Christensen Row Three: Cindy Butler. Paula Reed), Angie Edmiaston, Michelle Ulery Row Four: Pam Roberts, Kellie Segrest, Lori Myers, Donna Wehrie, Robin Scroggins. FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA SESSION 1 Row One: Missy Groves, Christa Meyer Row Two: Fran Blackketter, Shelly Witt, Debbie Woods. Paula Campbell. Kim Gabriel Row Three: Ramona Portwood. Krista Fulcher, Sherrie Wright, Mrs. Harris. Dawn Giberson. Una I am kin. Tonya Herter. FUTURE COSMETOLOGISTS OF AMERICA SESSION 3 Row One: Vicki Goheen, Wendy Maher. Row Two: Iammy Ditterline, Amy Crane, Tracey Gallup, Phelecia Williams. Marchia Duda Row Three: Marsha Slice, Tina Kopp. Lori Snyders, Jeana Parks, Ix»ri Huntsman, Lisa Maxon. Mrs. Gerogia t nthank 230 Vocational EducationVocational Education 231Activities Divider ACTIVITIES 233 Activities Divider STUDENT SENATE STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS Jeff Mitchell...............President Betsy Schudel..........Vice President Briana Churchich............Secretary Kathy Messerle..............Treasurer Lori Imminng..........Parliamentarian John Kline....................Advisor REPRESENTATIVES Cheri Bailey, Marina Holcomb, Kim Kelley, Kurt Messerle, Susie Struif, Karan Albrecht, Lisa Atchison, Kelly Bull, Michele Collet, Sarah Eccles, Penny Felton, Denise Halm, Mary Hendricks, Stacy Leavell, Lisa Miller, Ray Morales, Bobbi Snyders, Heather Aldridge, Kristin Ealey, Carly Gray, Jennifer Keeley, Anne Keller, Sarah Kelly, Carrie Owczarzak. Scott Synders, Lori Stewart, Jennifer Batchelor, Nat Diaz, Amy Doucleff, David Edwards, Chris Ervin, Malissa Garrett, Kasey Kline, Ketra Kuehnel, Brian Mun-dy, Kim Sherfy, Tracey Thomas, Kerry Willmore, Tammy Wooff. 234 Student SenateSTUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD 235 Student Activities ACTIVITIES BOARD OFFICERS Jennifer Barton.............Sr. Class President David Eastman...............Jr. Class President Amy Cook....................Treasurer Beth Hoechst................Secretary Jennifer Mcllwaine.....Parliamentarian Advisor................Larry Thompson REPRESENTATIVES Carmen Jacobs, Lauri Hatcher, Josette Levi, Lisa James, Yolanda Jones, Kim Woods, Mark Davey, Amy Gehrke, De-neen Henderson, Michelle Jutting, Donna Menke, Mary Beth Norman, Jodie Stewart, Mark Haynes, Amy Jones, Bill KJinke, Heather Nicholson, Colleen Oiler, Michelle Wakeford, Eric Zyung, Betsy Allen, Chris Gunning, Jennifer Hughey, Christina Kidwell, Cathy Miller, Tammy Pruitt, Brad Tiemann, Carrie Daniel, Rachel Hartman, Sue Kayser, Jill Kramer, Martha Phillips. Jeff Simcox, Darrin Boren, Melissa Cox, Christy Orrill, Jennifer Thompson, Carey Lindsay, Carla Kirn, Leslie Bratton, Sarah Kuebrich, Carrie Stewart, Allison VanKotenGIVING THEIR ALL The Alton High Student Senate held its annual Red Cross blood drive. On October 16 in the Annex Gym, students, teachers and members of the community donated 142 pints of blood, surpassing the previously set goal of 125 pints. The donation center was organized to resemble the bases on a baseball field. Donors started on “First Base" having their temperature taken. On “Second Base" a blood test was completed, and participants were flagged on to “Third." When the donation was complete a HOME RUN was scored and donors were treated to cookies and juice. The Student Senate would like to thank all those who participated. Susie Struif and Kim Kelly working the registration table ... N-E-X-T! — | Jim Demand. Bruce Cromwell, Mike Tucker, and Aaron Cox waiting their turn. "DO I HAVE TO LOOK”1 Cheri Bailey and Lisa Miller ] Marina Holcomb ... “A REAL TEAR JERKER!” “GRIN AND BEAR IT!" Blood Drive 237Believe it or not I care! t Kelly Bull and Kurt Messerle send a BIONIC GRAM Jerry and Jose participate in BIONIC WEEKS’ pie-eating competition. Here they demonstrate some of the better cafeteria manners of the typical AHS student! ; 238 B.I.O.N.I.C. WeekNOVEMBER 17-21 THE EGG TOSS KING AND QUEEN TURKEY Jack I eonard and Penny ANensworth were crowed “A Turkey of a Couple" at the benefit Dance! This year’s BIONIC week activities included several dress-up days, the annual pie eating contest, BIONIC Grams, and a punch-guzzling contest, an egg toss, and a benefit dance for Alan Droste. Alan is a 19 year old valedictorian of his 1985 graduating class who learned he had cancer while attending his freshman year at the University of Illinois. The benefit dance netted $1,535 at the door and $325 in private donations to help to fund Alan’s bone marrow transplant surgery. The students of Alton High really demonstrated ... BELIEVE IT OR NOT WE CARE! B.I.O.N.I.C. Week 239FOCUS ON “THE BEST OF The 1986 Junior-Senior Prom was held May 10, 1986 from 7:30-11:30 at the Alton Holiday Inn. This was the second year the Juniors and Seniors held the prom together. Music was provided by the band Z Bop and DJ Kirsten Grey. Coronation of the 1986 Dream Girl was held at 10:00. The Junior candidates were: Jennifer Barton, Heather Brenegan. Jaimee Brown, Libby Gilkin-son, Lauri Hatcher, Carmen Jocobs, Josette Levi, and DREAM GIRL — JENNIFER DOUGLAS. 240 PromTIMES” ... 1986 PROM Prom 2411986 DREAMGIRL JENNIFER 242 PromDOUGLAS Prom 243DREAM GIRL w Jennifer Douglas DREAM GIRL COURT Jennifer Barton Heather Brenegan 244 Dream GirlCarmen Jacobs Josette Levi Dream Girl 245CHRISTMAS DANCE HIGH-LIG HT The 1986-87 Christmas Dance was held in the AHS Cafeteria on Saturday, December 13, 1986 from 8-11 p.m. This year's music was provided by the John Bartley Band and D. J. Calvin Hammond. Coronation for Snow Queen took place at 10:00 as last year’s queen Jennifer Georgewitz handed down her crown to this year’s new queen, Shalon Northern. Last year’s Snow Queen Jennifer Georgewitz and her escort Brad King. Newly crowned Queen Shalon orthem and her escort Terry Bratton Amy Diddle bock escorted by Charlie Hornsey Shannon Mackelden escorted by Tony Darr. Jennifer Mcllwaine escorted by Aaron Greenwood. 246 Christmas Dance... CROWING A SNOW QUEEN Just clowning around at the dance. Jennifer Mcllwaine and Tammy Reynolds smile pretty for the camera. Junior candidate Heather Nicholson escorted b Nick Fencel. ALTON SR. HIGH SCHOOL CHRISTMAS IMNdfl • tint m-M Don Elik and Kyl« Stein r “Cm Ih ru .’ Every year 3 Candidates from each class are nominated for Snow Queen. This year’s candidates were: Freshmen; Jennifer Bonnell, Jennifer Loflin, and Carrie Stewart. Sophomores; Meg Davey, Jennifer Hughey, and Gina Level. Juniors; Denise Deeder, Heather Nicholson and Shalon Northern. Seniors; Amy Diddlebock, Shannon Mackelden and Jennifer Mcllwaine. Christmas Dance 247Jennifer Bonnell 248 Snow Queen SNOW QUEEN COURT Heather Nicholson SN on ern Jennifer Hughey Shannon Mackelden tr hie Snow Queen 249■■ THE ST. LOUIS SYMPHONY Master Musicians from the St. Louis Symphony Share their musical expertise with students “NERVOUS? YOU BETTER BEUEVE I’M NERVOUS!” said Jennifer Sherwood before the rehearsal began. “THIS IS QUITE AN EXPERIENCE!” Jon Lair told the Tatler reporter as students and instruments were moved, assembled and tuned. WHAT WAS ALL THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT? Masters from one of the country’s best symphony orchestras sat side by side with AHS music students and shared their knowledge and artistry with their high school age counterparts while performing a concert, delighting students and guests of the Alton Music Department. The rehearsal and concert took place in the Jesse L. Cannon Memorial Cultural Center ... better known to some as the Lovejoy Gymnasium. Tsung Yeh, the Ex-xon Arts conductor of the St. Louis Symphony and conductor of the St. Louis Youth Symphony commanded an outstanding performance. For many guests it was the first opportunity to hear the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Lovejoy school students applauded during breaks between movements of the first selection, allowing their inexperience as symphony going regulars to creep out for all to see. Many students tapped their feet, keeping time to the familiar themes they recognized and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. This fantastic happening was coordinated by AHS Orchestra Director Allen Walters, and the Alton Band and Orchestra Builders. Approximately 60 symphony musicians made the trip across the river to delight both students and guests with their performance. After rehearsal with the professionals playing side by side with high school students, the musicians took a 30 minute break and chatted freely with their protegees. As the “by invitation only” guests filtered into the cultural center, the teams of performers picked up their instruments and performed a 45 minute concert. The professionals offered the young musicians advice on everything from how to get the best sound to how to grease an instrument. Instructor Allen Walters hopes to make the St. Louis Symphony visit a biannual affair. “Plans are in the works to bring the symphony to Alton every two years so each Alton High Orchestra student will have the same opportunity these students have experienced," Walters said. For most Alton Music students, it was “quite a happening "... for some it was an experience that will happen only once in a life time. Symphonic OrchestraPERSON TO PERSON Symphonic OrchestraFEBRUARY: BLACK HISTORY 28 days filled with a wide focus of exceptional activities Black History Month is a special event which focuses on the rich and inspiring heritage of black people. It is held throughout the month of February, helping everyone broaden their scope of Black Americans and their accomplishments to the building of this nation. Only those who have made a notable contribution to society are acknowledged. This event is district-wide, in which everyone works collectively to help make Black History Month a success. Student Council is the “spearhead” of this event, along with the help of Pat McGee King, Vemetta Caffey, Robert Jefferson, Rebecca Sims, and Erskine Ryan. This year there were daily quizzes, a display at Alton Square, various community leadership seminars in Alton High's library, daily tributes to outstanding Black Americans in various fields, a special performance by the SIU dance troop, and a final student assembly. Well said by Vemetta Caffey, “Students, not just black students, were able to expand their perceptions and expectations of the real lives and work of Black Americans.” On February 3, 1987, the “Catherine Dunham Dance Company" from SIUE, performed for the students in the auditorium. They provided lively singing, dancing, and music. This was only the beginning of many performances held throughout Black History Month.Retiring King, Mark Davey and Queen, Penny Felton hand down their crowns. MONTH... Valentine King and Queen Jeremy Lovett and Georgia Ross THE BUNNY HOP takes over the dance floor (left) while Cortney Steven-son, Kyle Steiner and Don F.lik look on (below). Black History MonthShannon Mackelden Co-Editor Tony Cross Sports Section Kditor Bruce Cromwell Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Bunny Franz Adrisor FOCUS ON THE THE TATLER STAFF ■ ■■ ■ .i « Robekka Blaske Vocal Music and Faculty Section Kditor 254 Tatler Staff I isa James sports Section Kditor Darryl Short Theater Section Kditor STAFF THAT MADE IT HAPPEN auren Burton special Events Editor Karen Conner Introduction and Special Effects Editor lohn Davenport Paula Davis I heater Section Editor Music Section Editor Amy Cook Activities Section Editor kim Frank Club Section Editor Scott Mugge V ocational Activities Editor Brent Stiritz Vocational Activities Editor Tatler Staff 255 Jolly Montroy nderclass Section EditorTATLER STAFF Shannon Mackelden types the copy for the underclass section. Stumbling through the door, Karen Conner yawns a healthy jaw stretcher, as she attends her 7:30 Tatler Class. “THIS IS REAL DEDICATION” Editor In Chief Bruce Cromwell discusses the yearbook's theme with the staff members. Staff members brainstrormed various divider page concepts for this year's book and Finally decided to use open lockers displayed with “TYPICAL STUDENT STUFF” tumbling out of the open locker door. Staff members Kim Frank, Bruce Cromwell and Shannon Vlackelden clean up an old set of steel lockers salvaged from a storage shed at J. B. by the Tatler Sponsor, Mrs. Franz, and maintenance men George Depper, Gerald Randol and Don McDowell. The finished lockers ... scrubbed, stripped, painted and embellished with “TYPICAL STUDENTS STUFF” for the Senior divider of the earbook, are shown (right). The lockers were restocked with “NEW TYPICAL STUDENT STUFF” for each section the divider pages introduced. 256 Tatler Staffhe Staff purchased a new IBM computer and printer to be used in the yearbook production process. It has been a fantastic addition. Bruce Cromwell explains the order the pages Karen Conner and Amy Cook plan a lay-out for the Powder Puff Came. No, Darryl, you're supposed to stamp senior pictures, not stamp seniors for pictures! Brent Stint draws the lay-outs for the underclass section. Some students might have been a NO-SHOW for a photography assignment ... but not our diligent journalists. Shannon Mackelden slashed her index finger, made a side trip to the hospital for stitches and still made her evening photographic assignment on time. THAT'S DEDICATION! |V W anna buy aTatler? Tatler Staff 257SENIOR INDEX Aldridge, Julie — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Art Club Allen, Scot — Biology Club, Concert Band, Exchange Student, JETS, Marching 100, Musicals, National Honor Society, Runner, Symphonic Band, Thespians Arnold, Kathy Lynn — Advanced Chorus, FBLA, Redbird Word Staff, Vocational Architectural Drafting Club Aton, Eric — Peer Leadership, SADD (Vice-President) Attebery, Tawni — Advanced Chorus, Color Guard, Exchange Student, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Model U.N., Musicals, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Troubadours Bailey, Cheri — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate Banks, Tracey D. — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff Barbaran, Andrew G. — JETS, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football Barnes, Ray — Sophomore Basketball Barton, Jennifer — Activities Board, Dream Girl Candidate, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Tennis Team, Jr. Class President, Sr. Class President, Snow Queen Candidate Barton, Laurie — FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad, DECA Becoct, Leah — Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Beem, Donna — Counselor Assistant, Exchange Student, German Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Peer Leadership, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate Bernhardt, Lisa — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musicals, National Honor Society, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Troubadours Besaw, Ed — Super Welders, Vocational Welding Club Beuttel, Mark — Marching 23, Marching 100, Symphonic Band Bierman, Kimberly — Biology Club, Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100 Bolfing, Aggie — Office Education Bonds, Charles — Alton Disk Drivers, FBLA, Runner, Sophomore Football, Track Team, DECA, Vocational Accounting Club Boomershine, Teddy — Child Care Club Bowman, Jason — Building Trades Club Bramley, Mitzi — Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musicals, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Troubadours Brand, Shirlene — Concert Band, Runner, Future Cosmetologists of America, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Bratton, Terry A. — Counselor Assistant, FBLA, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Football. Student Senate, Varsity Football Brenegan, Heather A. — Biology Club, Color Guard, Counselor Assistant, Dream Girl Candidate, German Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader (Capt., Co-Capt.), Marching 100, Musicals, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Symphonic Orchestra, Varsity Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate Brown, Jaimee Benet — Dream Girl Candidate, German Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Model U.N., Musicals, Runner, SADD (Secretary), Sophomore Cheerleader, Thespians, Varsity Cheerleader, Vocational Architectural Drafting Club Brown, Katriner — German Club, Runner, Food Production Club Brown, Reba — Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Basketball, Library Assistant, Marching 100, Musicals, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Track Team, Troubadours Brown, Sharia — Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Brunnworth, Ellyn — Vocational Accounting Club Bryant, Jean E. — Biology Club, Concert Band, German Club, Jazz Band, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra Bunker, Danny — Super Welders, 258 Senior Index Vocational Welding Club Butler, Cindy — Varsity Volleyball, Future Cosmetologists of America, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Butler, Dawn — Runner, Future Nurses, Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN I, II) Cannon, Jeff — Homecoming King Candidate, Varsity Football Canter, Laurie — Advanced Chorus, Biology Club, JETS,. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musicals, National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, Sophomore Chorus, Spanish Club, Thespians, T roubadours Carmean, Tony — Junior Varsity Soccer, Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer Carter, Dan — J JETS, Freshman Football, Sophomore Football, Junior Varsity Golf Carver, Marie D. — Biology Club Chadwick, Jennifer — Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Pit Orchestra, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Orchestra, Super Welders Christensen, Dawn — Color Guard, Concert Band, FBLA, Marching 100, Runner, Thespians, Future Cosmetologists of America, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Clanton, Kevin — Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Basketball Clark, Bryan — Junior Varsity Baseball, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball Clark, Monique — Concert Band, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Peer Leadership, Pep Band, Runner, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra Clark, Rebecca — Troubadours, Art Club Clark, Sonya — Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Runner Collins, Asa — Concert Band, Jazz Band, JETS, Marching 100, Pep band. Student Senate, Symphonic Band Conner, Karen — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner Tatler Staff Constantino, Deana — Future Homemaker, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education Cope, Michael — Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Student Senate, Symphonic Band, Sym-SENIOR INDEX phonic Orchestra Corby, Mary Ellen — Advanced Chorus, Biology Club, Concert Choir, FBLA, Musicals, Peer Leadership, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians, Troubadours, Summer Chorus Cornell, Elizabeth Melinda — Concert Orchestra, German Club, Jazz Band, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100. Musicals, National Honor Society, Pep Band, Pom Pon Girl, Symphonic Band, Summer Chorus Cousett, Robert — DECA Cox, Aaron — Concert Band, JETS, Marching 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Band Cox, Randy — Building Trades Club Cox, Ronna — Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club Crader, Connie — Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Student Senate Cromwell, Bruce — Biology Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, National Honor society, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Tatler Staff (Editor), Scholar-Bowl Cross, Tony — Track Team, Varsity Football Cubbage, Kent — Junior Varsity Soccer, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball Cunningham, Vicki — Child Care Club Darr, Tony — Homecoming King Candidate, Musicals, Homecoming King, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Mr. Irresistible Candidate Davenport, John — Biology Club (Vice-President), Concert Band. French Club (Vice-President), JETS, Marching 100, Model U.N., Musicals, Symphonic Band, Tatler Staff, Thespians (Vice-)President), Senior Powder Puff cheerleader, Scholar-Bowl Deeder, Tracy — Color Guard, Concert Orchestra, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 100, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Snow Queen Candidate DeMand, James — Biology Club, JETS Dickerson, Cheryl — Sophomore Chorus Diddlebock, Amy — Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff. Runner, SADD, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Tennis Team Dilley, Mike — Concert Band, Jazz Band, Sophomore Football, Symphonic Band, Varsity Football, Senior Powder Puff Coach, Freshman Football Dodge, Rene — Vocational Accounting Club Donelson, Susan — Counselor Assistant, Office Procedure Doss, Gail — Color Guard, Concert Band, Marching 100 Doucleff, Chris — Junior Varsity Basketball, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball Dread, Crystal — Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club, DECA Dwyer, Michael — Tennis Team, DECA Edwards, Cheryl — Junior Varsity Volleyball, Troubadours, Varsit Volleyball, Runner, DECA Edwards, Kelly — Biology Club, FBLA, Runner Elliott, Felicia — Pom Pon Girl, Senior Powder Puff Squad Elliott, Sarah — Food Preparation, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Basketball, Senior Powder Puff squad, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball Elmendorf, Sarah — Vocational Accounting Club Emmons, l aura — Sophomore Chorus, Troubadours, Child Care Club, DECA Ennis, Robyn — Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, JETS, Junior Powder Puff squad, Musicals, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians, Troubadours, Swing Choir, Summer Chorus Eppel, David — Junior Varsity Soccer, Tennis Team Everitt, Lisa — Color Guard, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Senior Powder Puff squad. Varsity Softball Farmer, Kathy — Concert Orchestra, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Literary Magazine Farrell, Jenifer — Activities Board, French Club, Junior Powder Puff squad, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Troubadours, Freshman Chorus Ferguson, Mike — German Club, JETS, Redbird Word Staff, Junior Powder Puff Cheerleader, Powder Puff Announcer, Literary Magazine File, Diann — Office Education Fjalling, Fabian — Varsity Football, Exchange Student Folwell, Mary Grace — Biology Club, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Latin Scholar, Marching 23, Marching 100, Model U.N., National Honor society, Peer Leadership, Pep Band,Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Literary Magazine Ford, Kurt — French Club, JETS Fowler, Cherie — JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band Frank, Kimberly — Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Tatler Staff Frazer, Marcia — Biology Club, Counselor Assistant, JETS, National Honor Society, Runner, Troubadours Freeman, Kenny — Sophomore Baseball Frison, Shonda Y. — Concert Band, Runner Funk, Mark A. — FBLA, Art Club, Literary Magazine Garris, Fred — Concert Band, JETS, Marching 100, Model U.N. Gatson, Shantell Yvette — Child Care Club Generally, Brian P. — FBLA, Sophomore Football, Track Team, DECA Gentelin, Bradley — Cafeterial Assistant, JETS, Junior Varsity Soccer, SADD, Sophomore Soccer, Varsity Soccer Gentry, Janet — Junior Powder Puff Squad Gibbons, Scott — Activities Board,Homecoming King Candidate, Redbird Word Staff Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer, Powder Puff Cheerleader, Mr. Irresistible Candidate Gibbs, Troy — Sophomore Football Gilkison, Libby — Activities Board. Color Guard, Dream Girl Candidate, German Club. Homecoming Queen Candidate, Homecoming Queen, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varisty Cheerleader, Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Cheerleader, Varsity Senior Index 259SENIOR INDEX Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate Gillespie, Jim — Runner, Tennis Team, GolfTeam Gillis, Brenda — Library Assistant, Runner Glenn, Kristine — FBLA (Treasurer), Library Assistant, Office Education, Runner, Spanish Cub, Troubadours Godwin, Karen — Concert Band, German Club,Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musicals, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Snow queen Candidate Gooch, Craig — Sophomore Basketball Gratton, Diana — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education Graves, Timothy — Biology Club, JETS, National Honor Society, Spanish Club Greenwood, Holly — Activities Board, FBLA, Junior Powder Puff squad, Redbird Word staff, Runner, SADD (Secretary), Summer Chorus Greer, Vincent — Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Football, Freshman Football, Vocational Architectural Drafting Club Grindstaff, Richard — Concert Band FBLA, Marching 100, Symphonic Band Gross, Kathy — DECA Gunning, Michael — Cross-Country Team, German Club, JETS, Runner, Track Team, Creative Writing Club Hagedorn, Eric — JETS, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Football, Freshman Football, Varsity Football Hagen, Beth — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Runner Hager, Elizabeth — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Model U.N., Musicals, Runner, Tennis Team, Thespians, Troubadours, Freshman Chorus Hall, Gary — Alton Disk Drivers, Cross-Country Team, German Club JETS, Track Team Hall, Robert — Biology Club, Concert Orchestra, JETS, Marching 23, Marching 100, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Tennis Team Hall, Scott A. — French Club, Homecoming King Candidate, Red-bird Word Staff, Runner, 260 Senior Index Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Junior and Senior Powder Puff Coach Hall, Scott C. — Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Soccer, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Baseball Hamilton, Sherri Lynn — Color Guard, Concert Orchestra, Marching 100, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Varsity Softball Hansen, Cindy — Concert Orchestra, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, SADD, Sophomore Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Symphonic Orchestra, Varsity Cheerleader Harlan, Tim — Alton Disk Drivers, Cafeterial Assistant, Runner, Troubadours, DECA Harley, Clay — Alton Disk Drivers, Chess Club, Spanish Club Harper, Jason — Commercial Art Club Hartman, Craig — Concert Band, Marching 100. Hatcher, Lauri — Activities Board (Secretary), Dream Girl Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club, Snow Queen Candidate Hausman, Wendy E. — Office Education, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadours Hauversburk, Sarah — Biology Club, Concert Orchestra, FBLA, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Symphonic Orchestra Hawkins, Paul — Junior Varsity Baseball, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football Hayes, Michelle — FBLA, Office Education Hellrung, Missy — Counselor Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Henry, Harvey — Runner, Track Team Henry, Stephanie — Food Production Club Hensley, Tony — Building Trades Club Herd, Kraig Anthony — Homecoming King Candidate, Junior Varsity Basketball, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Basketball Herstman, Alicia Kay — Office Education Hert, Dawn — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Office Education, Symphonic Band Hindman, Joy — Advanced Chorus, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadours, Summer Chorus, Vocational Accounting Club Hillman, Chris — JETS, Sophomore Football, Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football Hinton, I onita Michelle — FBLA, Office Education, Vocational Accounting Club Hobbs, Steve — Redbird Word Staff, Runner Hoene, Charles — Cross-Country Team, Junior Varsity Soccer, Sophomore Soccer Holcomb, Marina — Biology Club, Concert Orchestra, Counselor Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Library Assistant, Musicals, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, SADD, Spanish Club, Student Senate, Thespians Holliday, Angela — FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Holliday, Erica M. — Concert Band, FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Runner, Senior Powder Puff squad Holliday, Kimberly Anne — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Pep Band, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band Holt, Terry — Marching 100, Office Education Holick, Christy — Vocational Accounting Club Hughes, Tavon — FBLA, Runner Hull, Tracey — Exchange Student, FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, SADD, Senior Powder Puff squad, Tatler Staff, Vocational Accounting Club Hutson, Paula — FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Office Education, Literary Magazine Staff Igersoll, Barry — Super Welders Ivester, Stephanie — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Senior Powder Puff Squad Jacobs, Carmen — Activities Board, Color Guard, Dream Girl Candidate, Exchange Student, GermanSENIOR INDEX Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musicals, Redbird Word Staff, Tennis Team, Snow Queen Candidate James, Lisa Michelle — Activities Board, Biology Club, FBLA, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Volleyball, Library Assistant, Model U.N., Musicals, Peer Leadership, Redbird Word Staff Redbirdette, Runner SADD, Spanish Club, Tatler Staff, Track Team, Varsity Cheerleader, Freshman Basketball, Literary Magazine Jamison, Brent — Office Education, Vocational Accounting Club Jansen, Brian — JETS, Junior Varsity Soccer, National Honor Society, Sophomore Soccer Johnson, Don — Junior Varsity Baseball, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Baseball Jolly, Betsy — Color Guard, Marching 100 Jones, Felicia — Food Preparation, FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Basketball, Pom Pon Girl, Runner, DECA, Food Production Club Jones, Martin — Junior Varsity Basketball, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Basketball Jones, Meredith R. — Junior Powder Puff squad. Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Redbird Word Staff,Symphonic Band Jones, Yolanda — Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff squad. Library Assistant, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Cheerleader Kasten, Mark — Concert Band, JETS, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band Kelley, Kim — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Redbird word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate, Symphonic band Kennedy, Kyle F. — Chess Club, Concert Band, Junior Varsity Baseball, Marching 100, Musicals,Pep Band, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Symphonic Band, Tatler Staff, Track Team, Varsity Baseball Kenney, Stephen — Junior Varsity Soccer, Redbird Word Staff, Spanish Club, Varsity Soccer Kieninger, Brian — Junior Varsity Soccer, Redbird Word Staff, Varsity Soccer Killebrew, Andre — Concert Band, SADD Kimbrough, Kimberly A. — Biology Club, Concert Band, Exchange Student, FBLA, Peer Leadership, SADD, Future Nurses, Health Aides Club Kincade, David — Alton Disk Drivers, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Junior Varsity Basketball, Marching 100, Pit Orchestra, Sophomore Basketball, Symphonic Orchestra, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Basketball King, Michael — Commercial Art Club Klinke, Chris — German Club Kreitner, John — Cross-Country Team, Track Team Lacey, Tamara — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad Lammers, Lisa — Concert Band, Marching 100, Runner Lanham, Bob — Runner Lara, Jeanette — Counselor Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Senior Powder Puff Squad Lawson, Jennifer — Concert Band, Jazz Band, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Marching 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Literary Magazine Lemons, Michael — Junior Varsity Baseball, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Football Lenhardt, Shari — Senior Powder Puff Squad Leonard Joseph — Concert Band, Jazz Band, Junior Varsity Soccer, Marching 100, Pep Band, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Symphonic Band, Junior Powder Puff Cheerleader Levi, Josette — Activities Board, Dream Girl Candidate, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Tennis Team. Snow Queen Candidate Lewis, Jennifer — Office Education Lewis, Jerry D. — Concert Band, Junior Varsity Basketball, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Basketball, Powder Puff Coach Lewis, Kim — Child Care Club Lobbig, Amy — Office Assistant, Vocational Accounting Club Long, Karla — Redbird Word Staff Long, Michael — Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Musicals, Octagons, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians, Troubadours Lorton, Janie L. — Biology Club, FBLA, Office Education, Troubadours Mackelden, Shannon — Color Guard, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Spanish Club, Tatler Staff, Snow Queen Candidate Macias, Robbie — Junior Varsity Baseball, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Building Trades Club, Super Welders, Vocational Welding Club Malloy, Roger A. — Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Junior Varsity Football Malone, Curtis — Concert Band, Runner Track Team, DECA (President) Manns, Jill — Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN I, II) Manns, Joy — Office Education Mathewson, Heather — Biology Club, Concert Band, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Latin Scholar, Marching 23, Marching 100, Model U.N., Musicals, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Troubadours, Literary Magazine, Scholar-Bowl McGrath, Patricia — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Senior Powder Puff Squad McGuiggan, Chris — Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Musicals, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, SADD, Sophomore Chorus, Spanish Club, Thespians, Troubadours, Singsations, Freshman Chorus Mcllwaine, Jennifer — Activities Board, Concert Band, Homecoming Queen Candidate, JETS, Marching 23, Marching 100 (Drum Major), Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band, Varsity Softball McPherson, Eleanor — Musicals, Runner Medhurst, Avonda — Concert Band, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Senior IndexSENIOR INDEX Peer Leadership, Spanish Club, Track Team, Troubadours, Literary Magazine Mense, Dina — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner Middleton, David E. — Biology Club, JETS, Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Soccer, Pit Orchestra, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Basketball, Symphonic Orchestra, Tennis Team, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer Milford, Chris — Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer Miller, Cindy — FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Vocational Accounting club Miller, Tia M. — Concert Orchestra, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club Mizerski, David — Food Preparation, Runner, SADD, Food Production Club Monroe, Brian — Concert Choir, Exchange Student, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Commercial Art Club, Super Welders, Vocational Welding Club Montroy, Dolly — Redbird Word Staff, Tatler Staff Moon, Shelly — Office Education, Redbird Word Staff, Runner Mosby, Herb — Super Welders, Vocational Welding Club Mosby, Susan — Advanced Chorus, FBLA, Office Education, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus Mottaz, Susan — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Pep Band, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band Neal, Kelton D. — Jazz Band, JETS, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Band Nevlin, Susan — Concert Band Newby, Randy — Counselor assistant, French Club, Runner Nguyen, Minh Cam — JETS, National Honor Society Noll, Tom — Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer O’Conner, Maria L. — Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Basketball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Varsity Volleyball (Captain) Osborn, Ann — Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN II) Osborn, Jim — Alton Disk Drivers, Musicals, Runner, Symphonic Band, Thespians Palen, Missy — Office Education, Sophomore Chorus, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Palen, Timothy J. — Junior Varsity Baseball, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football Palmer, Brian — German Club, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader Parker, Sheila — Library Assistant, Child Care Club, Vocational Accounting Club Paul, Ruth — Exchange Student, German Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Libra™ Assistant, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader Paulda, Daniel — Alton Disk Drivers, Runner, Vocational Accounting Club Pert, Gunter — Exchange Student, Varsity Cheerleader Perry, Kimberly — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Library Assistant, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Basketball, Track Team, Freshman Basketball, Food Production Club Perry, Leonard — Cross-Country Team, Sophomore Basketball Phipps, Matthew — Alton Disk Drivers, Runner Pierson, Carla Renee Iwaloni — Concert Band, FBLA, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Library Assistant, Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff, Symphonic Band, Tennis Team Plunk, John R. — Biology Club, JETS, Runner, Varsity Golf (Captain) Plunk, Rebecca — Advanced Chorus, Color Guard, Concert Choir, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musicals, Pom Pon Girls, Redbird word Staff, Redbirdette, Runner, SADD, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Club, Thespians, Troubadours, Varsity Cheerleader, Summer Chorus Prica, Deborah — Runner, SADD, Child Care Club, DECA Randall, Christopher — JETS, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football Rathgeb, Craig — Concert Band, JETS, Junior Varsity Soccer, Runner, Powder Puff Cheerleader Reams, Kimberly — Senior Powder Puff Squad, Food Preparation Club Reams, Terry — Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Football Reams, Tim — Junior Varsity Baseball, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football Refsgaard, Soren — Exchange Student, Varsity Cheerleader Rhine, Ramona — FBLA, Office Education Rintoul, Brad — JETS, Runner Roberts, Melissa A. — FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Vocational Accounting Club Root, Susie M. — Advanced Chorus, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadours, Food Production Club Roth, John — JETS, Runner, Sophomore Baseball Rowe, Kevin A. — German Club, Homecoming King Candidate, JETS, Musicals, Sophomore Football, Swing Club, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Junior and Senior Powder Puff Coach, Varsity Football, Scholar-Bowl Ruedin, Isaac — Activities Board, Biology Club, Exchange Student, German Club, Homecoming King Candidate, Musicals, Redbird Word Staff, Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer, Powder Puff Cheerleader, Powder Puff Announcer, Mr. Irresistible Candidate Sandidge, Don — Redbird Word Staff Sansone, Khristie — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad. DECA, Vocational Accounting Club (President) Santoni, Greg — Varsity Baseball Saville, Amy — Concert Choir, Musicals, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadours, Summer Chorus Schallenberg, Monica — Concert Choir, Office Education, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadours Sch indewolf, Tonya — Concert Band, Cross-Country Team, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Tatler Staff, Track Team, Varsity Volleyball Schultz, Kevin — Peer Leadership, SADD Schultze, Tamara — FBLA, Office Education, Runner 262 Senior IndexSENIOR INDEX Schwegel, Sandy — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Scott, Lisa — FBLA Seibold, Elizabeth — Biology Club, Musicals, Runner, Thespians, Troubadours, Freshman Basketball Shaw, Rainny — Redbird Word Staff Shewmate, Tracy — Office Education Short, Darryl — Concert Orchestra, Counselor Assistant, JETS (Treasurer), Latin Club, Latin Scholar, Model U.N., Musicals, National Honor Society, Octagons, Pit Orchestra, Runner. Symphonic Orchestra, Tatler Stan, Thespians (President), Track Team, Literary Magazine (Editor), Scholar-Bowl Sichra, Christopher — Activities Board, Cafeterial Assistant, Counselor Assistant, Library Assistant, Peer Leadership, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, SADD, Tatler Staff, Commercial Art Club Singleton. Cindy — Concert Band, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, SADD, Troubadours Slack, Rosalind — Concert Band Smith, DeAnne — Concert Band, Jazz Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Runner, Symphonic Band, Track Team, Freshman Basketball Smith, Trudy — Counselor Assistant, March 100, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Student Senate Sowders, Jerry — Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Literary Magazine Stamper, Cheryl — Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Stephens, Shelley — Office Education, Sophomore Chorus Stevenson, Courtney — Alton Disk Drivers, Biology Club, German Club, JETS, Runner Stobbs, Kathryn — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Spanish Club, Tennis Team Struif, Susie — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate Surck, Tyra Nichole — Advanced Chorus. FBLA, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate, Troubadours, Vocational Architectural Drafting Club Sykes, Libby (Olivia) F. — Biology Club, Color Guard, Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, Runner, SADD, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Future Nurses, Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN II) Taylor, Donna — Child Care Club, DECA Taylor, Lisa — FBLA, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad, DECA Taylor, Lori — Runner Thomas, Barbara — FBLA, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Spanish Club, Track Team Thomas, Lisa M. — Concert Band, Jazz Band, SADD Thomas, Todd — Junior Varsity Basketball, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Basketball Thompson, Christy — Color Guard, Marching 100, Office Education, Varsity Softball Thurow, Jennifer — JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, National Honor Society, Symphonic Band, Literary Magazine Turner, Georgia S. — Office Education Turner, Patricia — Biology Club, Concert Band, FBLA, German Club, Jazz Band, Pep Band. Runner, DECA, Vocational Accounting Club Tutoky, Ann — Biology Club, German Club, JETS, Junior Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society (President), Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Student Senate, Symphonic Orchestra, Literary Magazine Twichell, Joe — Cross-Country Team, Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball, Track Team, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Basketball Utterback, Sarah — Biology Club, Exchange Student, German Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Musicals, Pit Orchestra, Redbird Word Staff (Editor), Runner, Swing Club, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Troubadours, Singsations, Varsity Cheerleader, Soccer Manager, Snow Quee Candidate Valerius, Bryan — JETS, Library Assistant. Runner Vaughan, Valerie — Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad, SADD. Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club Voumard, Rusty — Junior Varsity Soccer, Sophomore Soccer, Varsity Soccer Walter, Rachel — JETS, Tennis Team Wangelin, Lee — Junior Varsity Basketball, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Track Team, Varsity Basketball Warlick, Curtis — Counselor Assistant, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Troubadours Warren, Shannon — Office Education Watson, Tammy — Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate Watts, Daniel L. — Varsity Football Weber, Mary — Biology Club, Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Troubadours W estbrook, David — JETS White, Mary — Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Freshman Chorus Wilkinson, Alan — Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra W'illiams, Andrew — Redbird Word Staff, Runner Wohlfeil, Tom — Runner, Tennis Team W'oods, Kim Y. — Activities Board, Spanish Club Woods, Sara K. — Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Varsity Softball W'ooff, Amy — French Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society, Runner, Tennis Team Yates, Sara — Concert Band, French Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate Senior Index 263IN MEMORY OF MARGARET DAVIS DECEMBER 14,1925 AUGUST 9,1986 GENE BAILEY MAY 30,1925 JULY 26,1986 TONYA REESE JULY 23,1969 DECEMBER 18,1986 Memorials

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