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 T titUv spirit of THE INDIVIDUAL SENIORS 17 JUNIORS 49 SOPHOMORES 65 FRESHMEN 80 . - jFACULTY 103 spirit Of THE ORGANIZATION SPORTS 114 CLUBS 150 j. 1 ACTIVITIES 162 Spirit Of THE WORLD ' THEATER 194 MUSIC 206 ALTON HIGH SCHOOL 2200 COLLEGE AVE. ALTON, IL 62002Top: Foreign Exchange student Flemming Rosenbeck. from Brioust, Denmark. enjoyed being on the soccer team and the Taller Staff. He stayed with Mr and Mrs. Edward Rice pictured with him here Mrs Debbie Forbes is the Director of Operation Outreach which is an after school and evening school for students that need an alternative to regular school. Starting 2nd semester, the program had 18 teachers and 76 students by mid-term Middle Right. Foreign Exchange student Masae Takahashi from Yokohama. Japan stayed with Mr and Mrs Belmont Wahl and their two children. Amy and Nathan. Sh« enjoyed playing on the Redwings Tennis Team. Bottom left: Amadeus Tao, Foreign Exchange student from West Germany, stayed with Mr and Mrs Jeanno Yaku-bian. Bottom Right: An A. B. C. Entertainment film crew taped students in pre|?er-ation for a featured 5-day segment on Alton High School which was aired on Good Morning in May 1985. Four Students Matt Hausman, Tyra Smith. Kelly Grabner. and Mark Ursch. and their fam-lies were flown to New York City to be interviewed for the segments 2 — Current EventsCURRENT EVENTS This school year saw the emergence of many new faces as well as the return of old faces. The new faces included William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears and the “new” Coke (which became the old Coke when the original Coke was reintroduced. Rambo and Wrestlemania were the older faces that returned to popularity. Also, Michael J. Fox made his movie debut in “Back to the Future”, and the “Miami Vice” duo of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas enjoyed great success. Along with the many great successes of the year came a great tragedy. On January 27, 1986 the Space Shuttle “Challenger” exploded in mid flight shortly after lift off. Seven astronauts including Christa McAu-liffe, a school teacher, were killed in the terrible disaster. Current Events — 3THE INDIVIDUAL Top left: Bruce Springsteen dominated the music scene With his Born In The U S A album and a 15 month tour which ended in October of 1985 only after at tracting 5 million fans Bruce was picked by readers and critics in the Rolling Stone Annual Poll as the top Entertainer of the Year for 1985 Top Right An adult who has gained attention on the Alton High School level is teacher Wilma Bncker. who sponsors the school's FBLA chapter She has been elected to the National Board of Directors for the FBLA This is one of the highest honors one can receive in the FBLA organization. Jean Lanham. senior, submitted the win mng design for the 1986 Alton Vehicle City Sticker. She was among 24 Voca tional Commercial Art students that presented Mayor Wuellner with the sticker design was of Robert Wadlow Mrs Rita Weiss. AHS English teacher, was given the teacher of Excellence Award by SIUE. Mrs Weiss was chosen as the top teacher in English from 20 schools from Madison County and the St. Louis Metropolitan area. She wrote several essays on the merits of teaching and improvements that could be made She received the Award at SIU on April 15. Christa McAuliffe was a popular, dedi cated educator who compared herself to one of the pioneering women of the west. To her. the Shuttle Challenger has a was a covered wagon; and outer space was her frontier It was the wonder of the that frontier that Christa wanted to share with millions of American school children! By reaching out into the ink-nown. of "blazing new trails." Christa McAuliffe symbolized the American Dream Bottom Left On july 7, 1985, 17 year old Boris Becker of West Germany be came the youngest tennis player to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion ship. Bottom Right: Pete Rose, one of baseballs most dedicated players, broke Ty Cobbs careerhit total of 4.191 by hitting a single for the Cincinnati Reds on September 11, 1985. Larry Smith, the 6’3” senior guard on the Alton High basketball team was named to the class AA All-State Illinois High School basketball team. He was also picked to be a starter for the Post dispatch All Metro high school team. Larry helped the Redbirds gain a state rank of 9th this past season 4 — Spirit Of The IndividualTop Left, is that a blackmail note I see there? Top Right: The Olympic sitting team. Middle Left: The four muskateers Candids — 5 Middle Right Now if your just wait your turn we swill get you all in. Bottom Left: Counting bars, dodging cars. Marching 100 is fun. Bottom Right: Don’t tell Mr Meyer that I just swallowed my reedBottom Left: Aw. c’mon. How many pints are you guys going to take?!! Bottom Right: ‘That's typical We order a $3,000 robot that does windows and administration Is sending it to J.B.” Top: Can you imagine marching with those things? Middle Left Some freshmen are animals. Middle Right "The Breakfast Club” 6 — CandidsTop Left Jason's on the five year plan Top Center: The unknown cheerleader. Middle Left. We're outstanding In our field. Middle Right: ‘'Stacey, it’s Nobel not No-ble-but you can give me the Peace Prize anyway." Bottom: "See. I was in the pit when it happened Candids 7Bottom Left: Future fashions Bottom Rights: If you can pick out the Space Invader, you may enter. Top Left: Mr Ulffers. the dog ate my homework Top Right: Are we mean or what? or what! Middle Left. This library really stacks up. 8 — CandidsThe Senior Awards Assembly was held February 24, 1986 at 2:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium. The Band, Trial Three which includes 3 seniors-David Yearwood, Andrew Mottaz, and Matt Hausman-opened the program by playing a medley of songs. Then, the anouncers; Tawnya Hooper. Becky Snyders, and John Wisely, came on stage to begin naming the winners. There were 22 categories raging from the worst car to most likely to succeed. Both the girl and the guy were given some kind of gag gift which dealt with the winning subject. Congratulations to all of the winners!! by, Tawnya Hooper Category Best Looking Most Active Mosy Shy Class Flirt Class Big-Mouth Most School Spirit Male Mike Haar Mike Kramer David Cope Mike Kramer Craig Lombardi Norman Bilsbury Female Tracy Castelli Becky Snyders Julie Reiske Marcy McAfoos Tawnya Hooper Becky Snyders 10 - Senior AwardsSENIOR AWARDS Category Class Brown-Nose Worst Driver Best Personality Class Clown Prettiest Eyes Most Athletic Class Couple Class Partier Male Blake Johnson Steve Peebles David Year wood Matt Hausmann Mike Haar Norman Bilsbury Bobby Collins John Sloan Female Diana Deeter Tawnya Hooper Monika Weathers Tawnya Hooper Chris Welch Shirley James Missy Johnson Tracy Randall Category Most Likely to Succeed Prettiest Smile Best Dressed Class Airhead Best Figure (or Physique) Most Obnoxious Most Talented Worst Car Male Andrew Mottaz Ranee Long Ranee Long John Sloan Jason Coker Craig Lombardi David Yearwood Matt Hausmann Female Mary Vest Kary Klinke Monique LeFlore Amy Velloff Ann Shea Nancy Baker Cami Beaber Marcy McAfoos Senior Awards — 11SENIOR BABY PICTURES “WE ARE THE CHILDREN” Mindy Aired Nancy Baker Lydia Bailey Cami Jo Beaber Bruce Beuttel Marcia Blasioli Shane Calhoon Sue Carol! Stephanie Christy Rebecca Claxton Terry Colbert Trish Conreux Jenny Cope Pam Crane Dana Croxford Paul Davey Diana Deeter Debbie Dodson Tina Downing Jill Dunham Lisa Emmons Houston Fry Jennifer Fulks Sabrina Garrett Helen Gramates Sherri Green George Gunning Hugh Hallett John Hardimon Audra Harris Terence Holliday Steven Holliday Tawny a Hooper Tracey Hokenson Dede Jackson Melissa A Johnson 12 — Senior Baby PicturesMelissa Johnson Tamara Johnson Sara Jones Karine Keith Monique LeFlore Mary Lekkas Christy Liley Cheryl Mathis Charles Mays Jr. Jesse McClure Pam Miller Amy Jo Montague Urvana Morales Star Nelson LeAnn Norman Stacy Noble Mike Oettle Ahren Parker Leonora Perry Lisa Pitts Noelle Poindexter Sherry Rainey Julie Retske Rae Robertson Reggie Robinson Dana Salzman Sonya Schank Tina Schreider Melissa Schrumpf Carla Shaw Tim Simmons Becky Snyders Paul Steinbrueck Bernita Sykes Dan Tejada Tammy Thomas Wendy Tyler Nancy Velloff Mary Vest Deidra Wilson Lavon Wirch Darrell Woodman Senior Baby Pictures — 1314 SENIOR CLASS PICTURE The senior class picture was photographed on Thursday, November 7th during second hour. Over 500 seniors and the school’s administrators gathered together on the girls softball field to have the class of 1986 photograph taken.MAE FRANCES MAYS March 20, 1921 - February 24, 1986BRADLEY DEAN JONES October 12, 1970-April 4, 1986myLisa Ahrling Winston Armstead John Barnes William Baze Michael Aimone Mindy Allred Scott Allsman Tammie Ambrose Lydia Bailey Nancy Baker James Ballhurst James Bailey Paul Barnes Cami Beaber Paige Bartholomew Pamela Beatty Brian Bayley Jamie Beckman Mary BegnelAnnette Borders Christine Bradley Michael Brand Rodney Bollini Charles Berry Renee Boomer Michael Brefeld Timoty Bregenzer Timothy Brimer Douglas Brooks April Brown Robert Brown Amy Bruce 19Timothy Brueggeman Pamela Carroll Marta Cartwright Teresa Castelli Dane Clark Claxton Rebecca John Ceppenati Stacy Clevenger Terry Colbert Scott Colburn Bobby Collins Brian Conrady Trisha Conreux David CopeJenny Cope Kelli Copeland Michael Cox Kelly Crabtree Pamela Crane Paul Davey Billy Davis Tina Downing Julie Drennan Jill Dunham Lisa Dunnagan Margaret DurhamEthel Ellison Lisa Emmons Kent Erst Nicholas Fencel Sarah Fiola Tammy Fish Lisa Fitzgerald Althea Forrest Christopher Frank Michael Frank Alfred Franke Dawn Fredrick Theresa Fricker Houston Fry Jennifer Fulks Joseph Eckhard Marie Edwards Brad Elik Donald Elliott Shari ElliottJennifer Gratton Patricia Gray Rebecca Greer Theresa Grosenheider George Gunning Michael Haar Cala Hagedorn Eddie Hall Hugh Hallett Heather Hampton 23Patrick Harper Nicolyn Hartwell Audra Harris 0m Matthew Hausmann Jill Harris William Harris Catherine Hentrich Christine Hartmann April Herrmann 24 Elisa Hill Heather Hise Tracey Hokenson Steven Holliday Terence HollidayCaprice Homes Tawnya Hooper Kerry Hubbard Karla Hurley Tamara Hysten William Inman Teresa Irvin Dedre Jackson John Jackson Laura Jamaldin Shirley James Douglas Jenkins Melissa Johnson Emily Johnson Michelle Johnson Schreda Johnson Tamara Johnson Martin Jones Patricia Jones 25Mary Kiinke Jeffery Klunk Michael Khosrovani Gus Kodros David Kinder Amy Kohler Lance Kline Michael Kramer Timothy Kraushaar Sandra Kyle Elizabeth Lara Monique Leflore Mary Lekkas 26 Marty Lenhardt Cristie Liley Jeffery Linke Scott Link Shawn LipeRanee Long Michael Lorts Rodney Lott Michael Louvier Bonnie Mans Camilla Mason Thomas Massey Cheryl Mathis Everett Mathis Charles Mays Marcy McAfoos Lisa McCrea 27Patrick McDonald Joyce Mellenthin Debra Menke r; •j Pamela MtUer Jeffrey Miner Demetna Morkel Andrew Motta Stephanie Murphy Amy Montague D a Mitchell Georgia Montroy Melissa Merideth Shanda MilhimeSteven Peebles Leonora Perry Donald Peters Cara Peuterbaugh Brian Phipps 29Noel Powers Eric Randol Jere Price Jody Price Sherry Rainey Tracy Randall Julie Reiske Michele Retzer 30 Stacy Reynolds Kimberly Rhodes Jody Richards Kevin RlffeyMargarita Rodriguez Flemming Rosenbeck Cindy Rounds Andrew Scanlan John Schmisseur Tina Schneider Melissa Schrumpf Jeffrey Schultz Tod Schum 31Sherry Short Larry Smith Kathy Smith Rebecca Snyders 32 Eric Stauffer Brian Stawar Paul Stelnbrueck Gregory Stewart Susan StilwellSusan Stump Daniel Tejada Bryan Terry Tammy Thomas Maria Thompson Carrie Twichell Wendy Tyler Peter Ulffers Michelle Van Hooser Amy Velloff Nancy Velloff 33Terr ah Velloff Mary Vest Teresa Walker Kirk Wallace Katherine Warren Roger Waggener Robert Watt Christine Welch Lora Whitten 34 Andrew Welling Clara West Sherry White Michael WichenhauserLa von Wirch Mary Wilkinson Alfreda Willis Bobby Williams Dedra Wilson Lyle Witcher David Wing Darrel Woodman Velton Woods Sarah Wreath David Yearwood Rochelle Young 358 i n :x s 8 Erin Allen, Scot Allen, Penny Allensworth. Tawni Atteberry. Lindsay Barth. Jana Beanne. Tia Bell, Lisa Bernhardt. Charles Berry. Bruce Beuttel. Mark Beuttel, Jennifer Black. Darryl Blair, Kim Boren. Marissa Bottens, Mitzi Bramley, Carol Bryant. Jean Bryant, Amy Buhs, Stephanie Buhs. Sara Bum bacher. Donna Burger, Genifer Burjess. Laurie Canter. Rachel Celia. Shelly Chapman. Karen Churchman. Becky Claxton. Jenny Cope, Mike Cope. Elizabeth Cornell. Scott Cornell. Bruce Cromwell. Tim Cromwell, Sheri Courter. Aaron Cox. Amy Culi-berk. John Davenport. Delveena Davis. Nikki Davis. Paula Davis, Kris Dilley, Missy Dingledein, Trisha Diserens. Shawn Dodd. Gail Doss. Aletha Edwards. Deanna Farmer. Kathy Farmer. Lori Fleming. Julie Fleming. Mary Grace Folwell, Nate Fowlwell. Ann Freeman. Denise Fulks, Kim Gabriel. Mike Gag-liardo, Garrett Gates. Damion Gilligan. Howard Gooden. Wendy Gottlob, Mikki Gray. Aaron Greenwood. Buffy Greenwood. Richard Grindstaff, Regi na Gribble, Rob Hall. Scott Hall, Chris Hansen. Melissa Hartley. Jenny Haycraft, Dawn Hert, Greg Hertz. Kim Holliday, Cindy Howell. Dale Hubbard. Kerry Hubbard. Karla Hurley, Laura Jamaldin, Sara Jehle, Amy Jones. Meredith Jones. Sara Jones, Lori Kanturek. Mark Kasten, Nancy Kelly. Christina Kidwell. David Kincade, Amy Kohler. Christa Kuhn. Jennifer Lawson, Trina Lee, Jack Leonard. Pamela Lewis. Cristie Liley, Angi Maddox, Kim Maple. Cindy Marshall, Casandra Martien. Shelly Mathews. Heather Mathewson, Patty McGrath, Jennifer Mcll-waine. Robert Mclntire. Cathy Miller. Sharon Miller. Tim Molloy, Rachelle Morgan. Susan Mottaz, Darrin Neal. Kelton Neal. Cathy Norman. Carrie Owczar zak. Martha Phillips, Lisa Pitts. Virna Pizztchilio. Rebecca Plunk. Tara Raby, Monica Raddiff, Sarah Rathgeb, Allen Reyne, Kyla Reynolds. John Ridder, Rae Robertson. Scott Robertson. Heather Robinson. Reggie Robinson. Barb Ruckman. Theresa Scott, Lisa Schobernd. Steve Schoeffel, Dan Schmisseur, John Schmisseur, Mary Beth Slaten, DeAnne Smith. Jeffrey Smith. Kenneth Smith. Tracey Smith. Victor Smith. Matt Steele. Todd Tatnall. Joe Taylor. Joi Terry. Knsty Thompson. Jennifer Thurow, Peter Ulffers. Amy Walter. Dawn Weber. Mary Weber, Lori Wedding. Joanne White, Karin Whitten, Alan Wilkinson, Jim Wilkinson. Lance Witcher. Amy Zimmerman. Robin ZimmermanVARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row: Mike Lewis. Mike Haar, Tony Cross, Wilbur Kaiser. Brian Palmer. Gary Brice. Vincent Greer. Tim Palen, Roger Malloy, Second Row: David Miller, Derrick Lewis. Carl Crummer. Curtis Warlick, Tony Herd. Scott Hall. Jeff Mitchell. Mike Dilley, Larry Le Flore, John Ceppenati, Third Row: Coach Corona. Steve Holliday. Jeff Cannon. Stan Purnell. Terry Bratton, Willie Redditt, Mario Voyles, Mike Kramer. Kyle Sterner, Pat Woodard, Andy Barban, Coach Mitchell, Fourth Row: Joey Davis, Kevin Rowe, Joe Carter. Doug Brooks, Terence Holliday. Eric Randol, Ernie Smith, Robert Mike, Jerry Lewis, Eric Hagedorn, Back Row: Richard Henry, Paul Hawkins. Chris Hillman. Coach James. Todd Jorgerson. Coach Martin, Kirk Wallace, Tom Travis. Tony Cox, Manager I I I coSENIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD Donna Andrews, Nancy Baker, Camt Beaber. Michele Beel, Marcia Blasioli, Erica Bratton. April Brown. Trisha Conreux, Kelli Copeland, Julie Cruz, Diana Deeder, Debbie Dodson. Marie Edwards. Jennifer Fulks, Helen Gramates, Jennifer Gratton. Trina Hallows. Karen Hardbeck. Audra Harris. Ca- price Holmes. Tawnya Hooper. Tamara Hysten, Dedra Jackson. Shirley James. Adrien Jason. Melissa Johnson. Tamara Johnson. Sara Jones. Cheryl Mathis. Deborah Menke, Urvand Morales, Mimi Morkel. Stacey Noble. Lee Ann Norman. Ursala Parks. Leonora Perry. Michelle Rea, Julie Reiske, Cindy Rounds. Dana Salzman, Andrea Sanders. Melissa Schrumpf, Carla Shaw. Kathy Smith. Benita Sykes. Tracey Telford, Nancy Velloff, Mary Vest. Chris Welch. Alfreda Willis Front Row: Robert Hall. Craig Sun. David Eppel. Middleton, Vincent Szilagyi, Tod Volland, Mike Chris Milford. Tom Wohlfeil Back Row: Coach Dwyer Schleper, Kris Grabner. Tony Carmean, David VARSITY TENNIS 38 - Powder Puff-TennisJUNIOR POWDER PUFF SQUAD Julie Ann Aldridge. Cheri Bailey. Tracey Banks. Jennifer Barton. Leah Beacoat, Donna Beem. Lisa Bernhardt. Heather Brenegan. Reba Brown, Laurie Canter. Karen Conner. Beth Cornell. Molly Cox. Bonnie Crader. Connie Crader, Tracy Deeter. Amy Diddle-bock. Cindy Dixon. Robyn Ennis. Lisa Everitt. Kathy Farmer. Mary Grace Folwell. Cherie Fowler. Libby Gil kinson. Karen Godwin, Diana Gratton, Holly Greenwood. Elizabeth Hagen. Lauri Hatcher. Melissa Hell-rung. Joy Hindmon. Marina Holcomb. Angela Holliday, Tracy Hull. Paula Hutson. Christine Ing, Stephanie Ives-ter. Carmen Jacobs. Lisa James. Angela Jason. Felicia Jones. Meredith Jones, Wendy Kohler, Tamara Lacey, Jeanette Lara. Jennifer Lawson. Josette Levi. Shannon Mackelden. Susan Mottaz, Beth Noble. Maria O'Connor. Kim Perry. Rebecca Plunk. Kimberly Reams. Melissa Roberts. Christie Sansone. Sandra Schwegel, Deanne Smith. Olivia Sykes, Jennifer Thurou. Ann Tu-toky, Valerie Vaughan. Denise Walker. Tammy Watson. Sara Woods. Sara Yates REDWINGS TENNIS FRONT ROW: Debbie Woods. Kelly Fisher. Mrs. Dillon. Mary Beth Norman. Carrie Daniel. Masae Takaha shi, Josette Levi. Rachel Walters. Tracy Randall. Carmen Jacobs. Katie Stobbs. Mandy Henesey BACK ROW: Amy Diddlebock. Terrah Velloff, Carla Pierson. Lee Ann Norman. Mary Vest. Jennifer Barton. Beth Hager Tennis-Powder Puff — 39Front Row: Kyle Steiner, Aaron Greenwood, Eric Zyung, Tom Gilbert, Leon Beard. Sherman Skinner. Todd Burton. Jeff Melanthin. Second Row: Steve Edwards. Lee Jackson. Danny Fritz, Jason Christians. Darrin Neal, Carl Crumer. Gary Hall Third Row: Dan Tejada. Mike Crouch, Curtis Malone. Danny Arnold, Steve Wangelin, Todd Jansen. Mike Gunning Fourth Row: Henry Thompson. Charles Bonds. Jerry Lewis. Joel Thiel. Norman Bilsbury. Top Row: Tony Herd. Marcus Patterson. Terrance Holliday VARSITY TRACK Front Row: Chris Welch. Ruth Ann Brown. April Brown. Damlta Fielding. Mary McNamee. Second Row Cassandra Jolliff. Tia Bell. Pam Lewis. Penny Felton. Mary Lekkas, Third Row: Tammy Hysten. Nicole Davis, Desira Thomas. Amy Hughes. Tonya Schindewolf REDWINGS TRACK 40 - TrackREDWINGS VOLLEYBALL Front Row: Leslie Warr. LaShanna Bailey. Cindy Butler. Second Row: Heather Hampton. Deneen Henderson. Kim Bennett, Kelly Britt. Irene Davis, Damita Fielding. Third Row: Tina Smith. Tammy Hysten. Talyn Ziegler. Nicole McGowan. Maria O’ Conner. Coach Pitts, Tonya Schindewolf. Dedre Jackson. Barline Stewart. Lisa James. Shirley Jones. Scott Armstead. Dina Wilson. Lyndia Bailey. Coach Whitner, Felicia Sanders. Lisa Ramsey WLT04r LT04r V JO BEDDING REDWINGS SOFTBALL Front Row: Anessa Stilwell. Jenny Masters. Susan Stillwell, Lisa Everitt, Wendie Kohler, Christy Thompson. Second Row: Ann Lutes. Sarah Rath geb. Jennifer Mcllwaine. Kelly Malson. Back Row: Amy Kohler. Denise Deeder, Diane Fitzgerald. Michelle Jutting Volleyball-Softball - 41Front Row: Amy Velloff, Dan Tejada. Mick McCa- Wisely. Mike Gunning. Norman Biisbury. Joe Twit hill. Joe Geisen. Waide Neal. Stacy Noble. Back chell. Jeff Mellethin. Charles Hoehe. Marcy Reed Row Coach Diddlebock. Leonard Perry. John COUNTRY Front Row Scott Redman. Tim Kanturek. Jenny Hughey. Jenny Tejada, Louise Bowles. Second Row Jason Herter. Jeff Struif. Brad Tiemann. Jeff Simcox. Chris Bechtold. John Giertz, Jeff Link. Chad Randall. Coach Overath. Back Row: John Plunk. Jim Gillespie, Jon Clark. Brad Elik. Joe Eck-hard. Jay Greenwood. Brad Phillips. Aaron Whalen. Charles Tuey VARSITY GOLF 42 - Cross Country-GolfVARSITY BASEBALL Front Row: Wendy Tyler. Kent Cubbage. Andy Scanlan. Alan Robertson. John Hardimon. Scott Allsman. Jody Markel. Mimi Morkel Second Row Jennifer Clayton. Mike Kramer. Matt Hausman. Craig Lombarti. Randy Fields. Derek Dunlap. Ter ranee Charleston. Joe Bowen. Melissa Schrumpf Coach Macias FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Marcy McAfoos, Kary Klinke. Michelle Retzer. Mon ique LeFlore, Nancy Velloff. Debbie Dodson. Jai- mee Brown. Libby Gilkison, Missy Johnson. Cami Beaber, Coach Constance Allen Baseball Cheerleaders 43THESPIANS First Row: Jamie Beckman, Mike Long. Pam Crane. Mr Davenport. Second Row: Noelle Poindexter. Diana Deeter. Rebecca Plunk. Third Row Penny Nelson. Lisa Pitts. Scot Allen. Darryl Stort, Fourth Row: Houston Fry. Doug Simpson. John Schmis-seur. Not Pictured: Nancy Baker. Cami Beaber. Laurie Canter. Dane Clark. Stacey Clevenger. Paul Davey. Maggie Emblom, George Gunning. Christy Liley, Shawn Lipe. Pam Miller. Amy Montague. Jim Osborn. Steve Peebles. Bryan Ready. Reggie Robinson. Jeff Schultz. Sean Schwartz. Paul Steinbrueck, Dan Tejada. Pete Ulffers, Nancy Velloff, Mary Vest NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row Mike Brand. Mimi Morkel. Julie Reiske. Michelle Retzer. Becky Snyders. Laura Waggoner. Trina Hallows. Second Row: Sonya Schenk. Nancy Veloff. Mary Vest. Mary Lekkas, Amy Montague. Third Row: Helen Gramates. Victor Smith. Shawn Lipe. Nancy Neimeier, David Yearwood. Mike Kramer. Tracy Randall. John Schmissur. LeeAnn Norman. Not Present: Cami Beaber. Jamie Beck man. David Cope. Sara Jones, Andrew Mottaz, Susan Stilwell. Lavon Wirch 44 - Thespians-N.H.S.ACTIVITIES BOARD Front Row: Sue Kercher. Laurie Hatcher. Tammy Pruitt. Masae Takahashi, Barbie Scheffel. Wendy Tyler. Marcy Reed. Tracy Randall Second Row: Carmen Jacobs. Amy Diddlebock. Jennifer Barton. Christina Ktdwell. Debbie Dodson. Betsy Schudel. Lisa James Third Row Georgia Ross. Amy Jones. Martha Phillips. Amy Cook. Beth Hoechst. Jill Kramer Fourth Row Suzanne Boyer. Colleen Oiler. Mary Beth Norman. Mike Kramer. Jeff Sim cox. John Wisely Fifth Row: Maria O’Conner. Sue Kayser. Tawnya Hooper. Michael Holliday. Mark Haynes Sixth Row Amy Gehike. Jodie Steward. Larry Thompson. MIKE KRAMER-PRESIDENT JENNIFER BARTON-V. PRESIDENT LAURIE HATCHER-SECRETARY AMY COOK TREASURER MICHAEL HOLLIDAY-PARLIAMENTARIAN Front Row Susie Struif. Bobbie Snyders. Kim Kelley, Brtana Churchich. Julie Reiske. Kris Ealey. Sec ond Row Mark Davey. Stacey Lea veil, Lori Em-ming. Sarah Kelly. Sonya Schenk. Heather Al dndge. Third Row. Diana Fitzgerald. Becky REBECCA SNYDERS-PRESIDENT BOBBIE SNYDERS-V. PRESIDENT KELLY BULL-SECRETARY KURT MESSERLE-TREASURER MARK DAVEY-PARLIAMENTARIAN Snyders. Kelly Bull. Lisa Schobernd. Anne Keller. Gina Level. Row Four: Chert Bailey. Stacey Noble. Robert Brown. Christa Kuhn. Noelle Poindexter. Jeff Mitchell. John Klein, Kyle Steiner. Kurt Mes serle. Todd Van Voorhis Activities Board-SenateX — J V k-Vi M s L A' i a, n V V . r T C SP Ift L ' «. jrSA ts: 1 ' 05 t 14 'Tm 11 tU- -i vW t» vv.r,-. f rr ; m f s .rtV HiS ' -fif■•A 4 • WtfLf lu. t tTC r Zrhi Of '-T fF % V'- “ First Row: Joe Herzon, Jim Johnson, Brad Hill, Row: Larry Montgomery, David Middleton, Fleming Mike Stutz. Rusty Voumard, Second Row: Sarah Rosenbeck. Steve Kenny. Joacher Herr, Craig Lorn- Utterback, John Sloan, Ryan Tucker, Kris Grabner, bardi. Ranee Long, Andy Scanlon. Scott Gibbons. Chris Milford. Sara Voumard. Third VARSITY SOCCERSOUTH PACIFIC Front Row: Houston Fry, Mark Davey. Ike Ruedtn. Mike Long, John Schmis seur, Reggie Robinson, Mark Cowgill, George Gunning. Jack Monroe, David Zimmermann. Kevin Rowe. Scot Allen. Second Row: Rae Robertson. Missy Dingledein. Heather Brennegan, Mary Vest. Jenny Cope. Nancy Baker. Chris tie Liley, Angie Holmes. Tawm Atte-berry. Lisa Pitts. Third Row: Dan Tc jada. Tom Kodros. Steve Peebles. Shawn Lipe. Jaimee Brown. Kaela Berry. Carmen Jacobs. Jenna Gramolino. Monica Davey. Dennis McBride. Jamie Beckman, Matt Simpson. Jeff Acker man. Doug Raffety. Tom Green. Fourth Row Jennifer Harpole, Janet Page. Kary Klinke. Cami Jo Beaber. Melissa Walter. Georgia Campagna. Beth Cor nell. Lezlie Childs. Debbi Middleton50 — CandidsCandids 51Tawni Attebery Tina Baggerman Chyrlan Bailey John Baker Brett Ballard Andrew Barban Jennifer Barton Steven Bates Tamara Bauswell David Bean Christina Bee Donna Beem Regina Beem Kimberly Bennett Kaela Berry Edward Besaw Kimberly Blerman Jennifer Black Charles Bonds Theodcsia Boomershine Thomas Borders Jeanne Bowman Mitzi Bramley Shirlene Brand 52 - JuniorsTerry Bratton Bryan Brefeld Heather Brenegan Matthew Brimer Jaimee Brown Katriner Brown Reba Brown Sharia Brown Ellen Brunnworth Jean Bryant Rachel Bushnell Cynthia Butler Dawn Butler Terry Campbell Laurie Canter Tony Carmean Daniel Carter Nicholas Catanzaro Jennifer Chadwick Polly Chase Robert Chestney Dawn Christensen Karyn Clanton Bryan Clark Monique Clark Cellie Coker Karen Conner Deana Constantino Dwight Cooke Michael Cope Juniors — 53Mary Corby Elizabeth Cornell Robert Cousett Theodoric Cowper Aaron Cox Molly Cox Ronna Cox Bonnie Crader Connie Crader Bruce Cromwell Anthony Cross Carl Crumer Reginald Crumer Kent Cubbage Brian Curvey Timothy Dale Anthony Dan John Davenport Jeff Deawell Tracy Deeder James Demand Cheryl Dickerson Amy Diddlebock Michael Dilley Randy Dillon Michael DiPaolo Angela Disher Cynthia Dixon Michael Dixon Rena Dodge 54 - JuniorsSarah Elliott James Embry Robyn Ennis David Eppel Lisa Everitt Kathy Farmer Jenifer Farrell Mikel Felton Michael Ferguson Jeffrey Fessler Mary Folwell Kurt Ford Timothy Foster Chene Fowler Kimberly Frank Marcia Frazer Shonda Frison Mark Funk William Gaither Freddie Garris Shantell Gaston Brian Generally Brad Gentelin Janet Gentry Juniors — 55Craig Gooch Kristopher Grabner Diana Gratton Timothy Graves Holly Greenwood Richard Grindstaff Kathryn Gross Michael Gunning Joseph Hackworth Beth Hagen Elizabeth Hager Gary Hall Robert Hall Scott Hall Scott Hall Diana Hallows George Hamilton Cynthia Hansen Timothy Harlan Jason Harper Jennifer Harpole Jeremy Harrigan Stephanie Harrigan Eric Harris 56 — JuniorsSteven Harris Ned Harrison Laun Hatcher Wendy Hausman Sarah Hauversburk Paul Hawkins Michelle Hayns Thomas Heindricks Melissa Hellrung David Hendricks Harvey Henry Richard Henry Anthony Hensley Jochen Herr Dawn Hert John Higgins Christopher Hillman Joy Hindmon Stephen Hobbs Charles Hoene Marina Holcomb James Holland Angela Holliday Erica Holliday Kimberly Holliday Nicholas Holmes Terry Holt Alicia Horstman Tavon Hughes Tina Hughes Juniors — 57Lee Jackson Carmen Jacobs Derrick Jacobs Lisa James Brent Jamison Brian Jansen Carmella Jessen Donald Johnson Betsy Jolly Felicia Jones Meredith Jones Timothy Kanturek Mark Kasten Kimberly Kelley Kyle Kennedy Stephen Kenney Brian Kieninger David Kincade Bradley King Gina King Michael King James Klinke Andrea Kodros Wendie Kohler 58 - JuniorsGreg Korando John Kreltner Jon Kress Dawn Kusterman Aunita Kyles Tamara Lacey Lisa Lammers Jeffrey Lang Jeanette Lara Deleon Lavender Jennifer Lawson Larry Leflore Michael Lemons Shari Lenhardt Joseph Leonard Josette Levi Jennifer Lewis Jerry Lewis Amy Lobbig Michael Long Patricia Lorch Janie Lorton Joseph Lupercio William Lynch Patrick Maag Robert Macias Shannon Mackelden Steven Maeweather Laurie Mam Roger Malloy Juniors — 59Curtis Malone Jeffrey Malone Jill Manns Joy Manns Heather Mathewson Thomas Maupin I ■ f Dennis McBride Kenneth McCarvey Patricia McGrath Christine McGuiggan Jennifer Mcllwaine Kathleen McPike Avonda Medhurst Jeffrey Mellenthm Dina Mense Kurt Messerle David Middleton Christopher Milford Cynthia Miller Tia Miller Jeffrey Mitchell Timothy Molloy Brian Monroe Shelly Moon Troy Moore Bradley Mortland Herbert Mosby Susan Mosby Susan Mottaz Donna Mugge 60 — JuniorsMaria O’Connor Ann Osborn James Osborn Daniel Ottolini Lisa Ottwell Patrick Ottwell Melissa Palen Timothy Palen Sheila Parker Curtis Paul Ruth Paul Laurie Perigo i Matthew Phipps Douglas Picljee Carla Pierson Rebecca Plunk Christine Porter Debra Price Debra Ramirez Christopher Randall Derek Randall Timothy Rathgeb Kimberly Reams Mark Reddersdorf Juniors — 61Darrell Reinacher George Reithman Ramona Rhine Bradley Rintoul Melissa Roberts Susan Root John Roth Kevin Rowe Isaac Ruedtn Donald Sandidge Khristie Sansone Lorena Saravia Amy Saville Monica Schallenberg Tonya Schindewolf Kevin Schultz Tamara Schultze Sandra Schwegel Elizabeth Seibold Reena Shaw Tracy Shewmake Darryl Short Christoper Sichra Bruce Silkwood Cindy Singleton Deanne Smith Jeffrey Smith Trudy Smith Jerry Sowders Cheryl Stamper 62 — JuniorsSusan Struif Jeffrey Summers Denise Sweet Carol Sykes Olivia Sykes Lisa Taylor Lori Taylor Travis Taylor Barbara Thomas Lisa Thomas Todd Thomas Chris Thompson Christy Thompson Jennifer Thurow Cynthia Tomlin Thomas Travis Laura Trigg Mona Trujillo Ryan Tucker William Tucker Patricia Turner Shawn Turner Ann Tutoky Joseph Twichell Juniors — 63Denise Walker Christian Wallace Sean Wallace Rachel Walter Lee Wangelin Curtis Warlick Shannon Warren David Watson Tammy Watson Mary Weber David Westbrook Scott Westbrook Michael Wheeler Mary White Alan Wilkinson Andrew Williams Michael Wing Thomas Wohlfeil David Wolff Sara Woods Amy Wooff Sara Yates Kelly Young Sherry Zimmerman 64 - JuniorsMelissa Abel Rozlyn Adams Steven Aimone Karan Albrecht James Aldrich Samantha Aldridge Penny Allensworth Charles Armsterd Mark Armstrong Lisa Atchison Jennifer Baer Terrance Bailey Leslie Banks William Barnes Michael Barnett Lindsay Barth Jeffrey Bartlett Timothy Bauer Kevin Bayley Jana Beane Billie Becoat Julie Belchik Darlene Bell Tia Bell Robert Beloit Kathy Bessler Bridget Blackledge Lori Blackwood Jerry Bland Larry Bland Sophomores — 65Rebekka Blaske Brian Boedeker Johnny Boomershine Kimberlin Boren Timothy Bott Marissa Bottens Melissa Bowman Richard Brakeville Paula Brooks Dennis Brown Ruth Brown Liz Buck Tracy Buckner Mark Buettner Stephanie Buhs Kelly Bull Sara Bumbacher Donna Burger James Burnett Adrian Burton Lauren Burton Rodney Caffey Matthew Cambron Dominique Cannon Carolyn Carter Stacy Case Stacy Caselton Mathew C stelli Bonnie Cenatiempo 66 - SophomoresDavid Chapman Shelly Chapman Carolyn Chontofalsky Jason Christians Briana Churchich Jonathan Clark Bruce Claxton Jennifer Clayton Mariesalle Clemente Heather Clevenger Melissa Cogan Angela Cole Michele Collet Christopher Corethers Jacqueline Covington Martha Cowan Chad Cox James Cox Amy Crane Michael Creekmore Kimberly Crone Terry Croxford Gregory Crull Amy Culiberk Stacy Cunningham Sophomores — 67Raymond Curtis William Curtis Matthew Darr Irene Davis Nichole Davis Paula Davis Tyrone Davis Denise Deeder Danielle Deneef Louisa Denham Regina Dew Amy Dillinger Melissa Dingeldein Trisha Diserens Tammie Dit ter line Shawn Dodd Kristine Doerr Sharon Drakeford Andrea DTalle Gna Duckworth Richard Dunbar Ricky Dunse Tammy Dunse Loran Dyson Mandy Dziurowitz David Eastman Sarah Eccles Luke Elder Todd Elder Terra Eldridge 68 - SophomoresDonald Eiik Bobbi Elliot Annetta Ellison Todd Ely John Ewing Laura Ewing Deanna Farmer Corletta Felder Penny Felton Damita Fielding David Finch William Finch Kelly Fisher Michael Fisher William Fite Carrie Fleming Julie Fleming Lori Fleming Nathan Folwell Ann Freeman Daniel Fritz Murray Fryman Denise Fulks Kim Gabriel Michael Gagiiardo Tracey Gallup Victor Gaston Amy Gehrke Nathan Gholston Thomas Gilbert Sophomores — 69Dionne Glchrest Sharon Gllespie Damion Gilligan James Glmore Lainie Gneris Kristine Genn Howard Gooden Aaron Goodrich Matthew Gorline Robert Gottlob Christopher Grammer Ryan Gant Andrew Gratton Michael Green Aaron Greenwood Douglas Gregory Regina Gribble Michelle Greisemer Krista Groetken Tom Grossheim Melissa Groves Rose Guess Lynn Halford Amy Hall David Halm Denise Halm Traci Halverson Linda Hamby Sonya Hamel Loren Hamilton 70 - SophomoresLeslie Hampton Christopher Hansen Houston Hardimon Steven Harp Charles Harris David Hams Lance Harris Nichole Harris Robert Harris Tad Hart Thad Hartman Jennifer Haycraft Rebecca Hayes Mark Haynes Paul Heaton Jeffrey Heil Deneen Henderson Dale Hendricks Mary Hendricks Scott Hendricks Kelli Henkhaus Kate Herbert Beth Higgins Jason Hillery Antionette Hobbs Elizabeth Hoechst Robert Holcomb Kenneth Holloway Darla Hooks Derrick Howard Sophomores — 71Julie Howell Dale Hubbard Catherine Huber Amy Hughes Melissa Hunt Erik Igo Lori Immig Francine Jackson Kimberly Jefferson Sarah Jehle Sonya Jennings Beth Johnson Heather Johnson James Johnson Leslie Johnson Cassandra Jolliff Amy Jones Bradley Jones Sandra Jones Todd Jorgensen Michele Jutting Wilbur Kaiser Lori Kanturek Christy Keith Troy Kelley Nancy Kelly Jonathon Kenney Ramona Kerkemeyer Laura King Philip Kleffner 72 — SophomoresWilliam Klinke Matthew Klopfer Kimberly Knoche John Koshinki Patrick Kusterman Jason Langer Eric Larson David Laux Clarence Lawrence James Leady Stacy Leaved Melissa Ledford Rodney Leggett Konstantin Lekkas Jack Leonard Pamela Lewis Ethan Light Scott Liley Kimberly Linton Jay Lipe Tanya Livingstone Cassie Lockhart Tina Lohr Sarah Lowe Steven Lowe Michael Lucas Kristen Lunceford Anne Lutes Angela Maddox Cynthia Maher Sophomores - 73Wendy Maher Kelly MaJson Rusby Mansker Michael Marfell Chris Market Michael Maronie Cindy Marshall Cassandra Martien Malissa Mason Jennifer Masters Bettina Mathis Lisa Maxon Glen McAfoos Myles McCahill Brett McCann Kelly McCollum Derek McCormick Shelly McDonald Nicole McGowen Robert Mclntire Shari McPherson Christina Means Rory Meeden Donna Menke Katherine Messerle Charles Meyers Michelle Michael Byron Mike Aaron Miller Herbert Miller 74 - SophomoresLisa Miller Sharon Miller Tenise Miller Mike Milligan Bret Mills Jeff Minzer Jack Monroe Chris Montgomery Ray Morales Rachelle Morgan Mike Morrissey Scott Mugge Timothy Mundy Christopher Narup Ruth Neely Rhett Nischwitz Bruce Nolan Catherine Norman Christopher Norman Mary Norman David Norris Shalon Northern Robert Oettle Jonica Oliver Colleen Oiler Lori Ottwell Amanda Oulson John Pace Karen Pace Shannon Parks Sophomores — 75Michelle Perica Deann Peuterbaugh John Pfeifer Maurice Phelps Brad Phillips Michelle Phillips Allen Pierson Virna Pizzichillo Ricky Plumb Christopher Poole Jennifer Porter Charles Puent Tara Raby Jennifer Radcliff Robert Rainey Lisa Ramsey Sarah Rathgeb Miguel Raya MarkTodd Reader Matthew Rector Adrienne Reed Tonya Reese Sarah Reinhardt Jasson Rendleman Mary Reynolds Tamara Reynolds Jerry Riggs Loretta Roberts Scott Robertson Jennifer Roettgers 76 - SophomoresLeila Ruble Michael Rushing Brian Scarborough Daniel Schmisseur Laurie Schneider Darrell Schroeder Elizabeth Schudel Todd Schumacher Theresa Scott Allan Scroggins Brian Sharp Ann Shaw Charles Smith Charles Smith David Smith Ernest Smith Ozell Smith Barbara Snyders Lori Snyders John Sckolowski Mark Sowders Kyle Steiner Earline Stewart Jodie Stewart Sophomores — 77Marsha Stice Nicholas Stilwell Brent Stiritz Angela Stockard Kimberly Stormer Michael Stutz Brian Summers Craig Sun Jay Sundberg Catrina Sutton Bradley Swaner Todd Tatnall Matthew Taul Joseph Taylor Joi Terry Desira Thomas Robert Thomas Trung To David Tomlin Charles Tuey Jeffrey Turner Katherina Tutoky Odetta Vanzandt Rochelle Vaughn Amy Venlet Coral Volland Sara Voumard Minnie Voyles Michelle Wakeford Sara Walker 78 - SophomoresMelinda Walter Jessica Walters Kendra Walters Leslie Warr Jana Washington Andria Watson Stephanie Watson Darren Watt Stephen Watt Pamela Watters Brian Weber Lori Wedding Karin Whitten James Wilkinson Matthew Williamson Dana Wilson Julie Wilson Ross Wilson James Wise Shelly Witt Aimee Wolff Regina Womack Corey Woods Deborah Woods Sophomores — 791 Paula Wool! Tracy Yost Scott Zagai avtd Zimmerman lobin Zimmerman Eric Zyung .lizabeth Abromovtch Melinda Albrecht Heather Aldridge Jettrey Altord Elizabeth Allen Erin Allen Tina Anderson Delcina Angelo Gna Angleton Mary Arbuthnot Jason Armstead Patrick Armstrong Terri Ash Amy Autenrieth Kelly Bachman Lashawna Bailey Amanda Baker Wendy Baker Keiba Barnes Kimberly Bartholomew Jeffery BaTtow Wanda Bausily Jeffery Baxter Dennis Bean 80Robert Beard Janet Beatty Christopher Bechtold Randall Beckman Todd Beckwith Becky Belcher Keith Belcher Corey Bennett Jayson Bentley Rhonda Berghoff Jerry Berkel Keith Berry Theresa Besaw Jeffrey Bierman Andrew Bilsbury Rebecca Black Kimberly Blair Karen Blanton Elizabeth Blaske John Bogard Lisa Bolling Michael Bolton Cassondra Borders Kevin Boswell Paul Bott Louise Bowles Carl Bozovich Lester Bradford Carrie Bradley Emma Brannan Freshmen — 81Julie Bregenzer Kelly Britt Jayme Brockhouse Timothy Brooks Barbara Brown Craig Brown Gregory Brown Carol Bryant John Buchanan Tamatha Buchanan Dennis Buck Amy Buhs Rebecca Buhs Genifer Burjes Andrea Burton Robert Butler Daphene Butts Patricia Byrd Ray Byrd Edward Campagna Carmen Campbell Jennifer Canter Amanda Card Carrie Carpenter James Cartwright Jill Cartwright Jennifer Case Christine Cauley Rachel Celia Matthew Chadwick 82 — FreshmenTina Chambers Michael Christy Karen Churchman Kaury Clanton John Clark Harold Coleman Allen Collins John Collins Diana Constantino Evan Cook Christina Cope William Cope Shawn Copeland Scott Cornell Mark Cousley Paul Cowgill Katheren Craig Nannette Crane Cheryl Crawford Michael Cress Timothy Cromwell Gregory Cross Jill Crumer Sherri Dabbs Natalie Dale Peggy Damm Eric Dancy Carrie Daniel Margaret Davey Delveena Davis Freshmen — 83Jerome Davis Robert Davis Vernon Davis Misty DeJarnett Gary Deck Laura Demand William Diddlebock Kristine Dilley Vickie Dodson Laura Dona Kelly Dooley David Dorner Charles Ehlers Margaret Eichorn Aaron Eickhoff Elizabeth Eldridge Jennifer Elik Allison Elliott Makeba Elliott Cherie Elsperman Christian Ely Kathi Elzy Jewel Enlow Brian Ernst 84 - FreshmenJami Ervin Marla Esparza Trumel Ewing Keith Farns Kenny Fessler Malcolm Fickle Jean Finch Casey Finck Denny Fish Richard Rom Michael Fowler Theresa Francis Jeffrey Frankford Sylvester Frison Jennifier Fritz Holly Gale Linda Garner Chad Garrett Sharon Garris Garrett Gates Joseph Geisen Jennifer Georgewitz John Georgewitz Stephanie Gbbins Sarah Gbberson Amy Gibson John Giertz Mark Glchrest Aunthrae Gillespie Clement Goeken Freshmen — 85Melissa Goeken Nancy Gonzales Wendy Gottlob Charlia Gray Michael Gray Michelle Gray Wanda Gray Marsha Green Sharon Greene Maryann Greenwood Christine Gunning Derek Haar Deanna Halford Kurt Hall Stephen Hall April Hamilton Larry Hamilton Heather Hansen Eric Harnetiaux Craig Harris Scott Harris Maurice Harrison Melissa Hartley Rachel Hartmann James Hatcher Lon Hatcher Jeffery Hatten Eric Hausman Michelle Hausman William Havlichek 86 FRESHMENStacey Hayden Cheryl Heath Larry Heinemeier Ian Heistand Dionne Hendrix Mandy Henesey Erica Henry Eric Hensley Keith Herren Jason Herter Gregory Hertz Amos Hervey Richie Hickman Matthew Hicks Robert Hilligos Christopher Hoechst Carla Hokenson Diedre Holliday Susan Holliday Jonathan Holloway Nina Hollowell Betsy Honke Michelle Hoppe Kelley Hoskins Jeanifer Houston Edward Howard Cynthia Howell Kevin Hoxsie Jennifer Hughey John Hutton FRESHMEN - 87Matt Irvin Edmund Jacobitti Jeanie Jockisch Alicia Johnson Jeanette Johnson Lance Johnson Willie Jordan Deborah Kassler Michele Kasten Suzanne Kayser Jennifer Keeley Anne Keller Sarah Kelly Suzanne Kercher Derrick Ketchum Christina Kidwell Scott Kiger Rose Killion Gary King Kathleen King Kimberly Kiser Jill Kramer Dannette Kreitner Christa Kuhn Jennifer Kusterman Darryll Lacey Jeffrey Lagemann Jon Lair Dawn Lane Brian Langford 88 — FreshmenJohn Lawson Catherine Lee Latasha Leflore Robert Leggett David Lenhardt Carolyn Lenoir Gina Level Carrie Lewis Cedric Lewis Samuel Lollis Cheryl Lovett Cory Lovett Lisa Lowder Tammy Lowe Jeannett Malone Maurice Manley Kimberly Maple Kimberly Marshall Michael Martin Florine Mason Scott Masterson Michelle Mathews Jody Matlock Melinda McAfoos Beverly McCleery Josephine McDonald Meredith McElyea Phillip McFariane Stacey McGuire Daniel McKinney Freshmen — 89Tara Meeden David Meisenheimer James Meisenheimer John Mench Jason Meridelh Heather Meyer Matthew Mifflin Vincent Milford Catherine Miller Jeffrey Miller Shawn Miller Travis Miller Todd Morales Melissa Morgenroth Charles Morris Elizabeth Mottax Jennifer Murray Waide Neal Julia Nevlin Michael Nolan Elizabeth Norman James Norris Kelly Northcutt Monica Northcutt 90 — FreshmenJennifer Powell Dolores Price Johnny Price Cynthia Pritchard Tammy Pruitt Monica Radcliff Andrea Rahn Cynthia Ramsey Chad Randall Jenny Rankin Raquel Raya Bridget Redditt FRESHMEN - 91 Eric Northern Ralph Nudo Crystal Oglesby Timothy O’Neil Jason Ontis Benjamin Oswalt Carrie Owcsarzak Stephen Palen Michael Parks Sherry Parks Rita Parnno Jason Parrish Debra Pearson Kendaila Pearson Lenora Pedrero Dawn Peiffer Martha Phillips Faith PhippsChristopher Redman Gerard Reed Brian Reedy Matthew Reedy Marc Ressler Sherman Retzer Allen Reyne Donald Reynolds Kyla Reynolds Leroy Rhine Todd Rice John Ridder Lori Rider Bura Robinson Heather Robinson Joseph Robinson Kimberly Robinson Dana Rogers Georgia Ross Kelly Ross Lue Ross Lee Rounds Barbara Ruckman Scottie Rushton Gregory Ruyle Luis Saravia Scott Schad Barbara Scheffel Sally Schlottner Tamara Schneider 92 - FRESHMENLisa Schobernd Timothy Schobernd Steven Schoeffel Susan Schrimpf Diseree Schulte Chad Schum Qay Schum Amy Schupbach Rhonda Scifres Dennis Scott Ronald Scott Patrick Settles Tonay Seymour Melinda Shaw Renee Sherer Jennifer Sherwood Matthew Siemer Michelle Siemer Jeffrey Simcox Anthony Singleton Anissa Sisk Brian Slack Twandalyon Slack Vonvincent Slack Melia Slightom William Sloan Jerald Small Matthew Smith Michelle Smith Shannon Smith Freshmen - 93Suzanne Smith Tina Smith Tracy Smith Scott Snyders Carrie Spencer Michele Spencer Angelica Spiller Carrie Springer Markietra Stampley Tonya Stampley Rebecca Stanley Joseph Stanton Frankie Steele Matthew Steele Brett Stewart Lorraine Stewart Tracey Sulich Kurt Sumner James Sumpter Stacey Swank Jason Sydnor Quentin Tacker Suzanne Talbert Adam Taylor Darrell Taylor Jill Taylor Nathaniel Taylor Tracy Taylor James Tchoukaleff Jennifer Tejada 94 FreshmenCarl Thacker Jeffrey Thomas Patrick Thomas Marc Thompson Matthew Thornton Bradley Tiemann Phoung To Peter Travts Keysa Truell Charles Tucker Goia Turner Kimberly Turner William Turner Michele Tweedy Nathan Tyson Shannon Ulrich Chantel Underwood Mary Urfer Julie Van Fossen Todd Van Voorhis Michael Vandygriff Michael Velloff Jill Vogt James Vonbergen Edwin Wade Brian Walkington Paul Wallace Amy Walter Raymond Walter Steven Walter Freshmen - 95Kyle Wanick Dawn Ward Christopher Ware Vincent Warlick Sylvonne Warr Eric Warren Yvonna Washington David Watkins Roger Watkins Raymond Watsek Shannon Watt Kimberly Watters Mamie Watts Dawn Weber Lance Wehrle William Westfall Joanne White Laura Whyte Ricky Wilkinson Cathy Williams Charles Williams Jarrell Williams Kehven Williams Marcus Williams Shannon Williams William Williams James Williamson Melissa Williamson Michelle Wilson Darren Winn - FreshmenRobert Witcher Margaret Wittman Mathew Wolfe Robert Woodie Nancy Woods Veronica Woods Gregory Worthen Jeffrey Yates Steven Yotter Tina Young Jalyn Ziegler Amy Zimmerman 97 FreshmenMICHAEL JAMES BRENNEISEN January 7, 1969 - August 26, 1985JOEL BARNETT HERZON October 30, 1968 - October 28, 1985LYNELL A. WEAVER April 20, 1914 - October 13, 1985GRADY RUSSELL WINSTON February 22, 1929 - July 26, 1985KENNETH EUGENE HAGEN July 1, 1931 - December 25, 1985BOARD OF EDUCATION David R. Theis School Board President Bonnie Norman President Pro Tern Verna J. Lewis Secretary Joyce Robinson Secretary Pro Tem Eugene L. Frizzo Bob L. Pema David P. Lauschke Board CM Education — 103DR. MARY BLANCHE JUNGERS SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Wayne A. Addison Special Education Director David L. Allen Director of Buildings and Grounds Gene R. Alston, Ph D. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent 104 - Superintendent Of SchoolsJames E. Baiter Staff Accountant Treasurer Michael J. Beaber Assistant Superintendent L Ardythe A. Browning Director of Food Services E Dean Browning Administrative Assistant for Vocational Education Edmond J Gray Administrative Assistant for Operations Peter J McFarlane. Ed. D Director of Instructional Services Sharon A Capps Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent David B VanWinkle. Ph D Assistant Superintendent Assistants To The Superintendent - 105TOM C. THOMPSON PRINCIPAL-ALTON HIGH SCHOOL Robert Middleton. Ph D Principal J.B.J. Career Development Center Leonard Hawthorne Assistant Principal Jack Jungers Assistant Principal Ralph McClain Assistant Principal Jack D Martin Assistant Principal Larry Montgomery Assistant Principalr Joyce Ashpole Joseph Bagley Curtis Bag will Constance Allen Darryl Amschler Patricia Amschler 6 m ■ m Herman Brennecke Wilma Bncker Reno Calcari Barbara Callahan Vernetta Caffey Susan Buckley Phil Dodds Shirley Dodds Janice Dunbar Gerva Dunlap Ronald Enloe Dale Evans Faculty — 107Debra Forbes Denzel Ford Diane Forman Erma Foster Jon Garner James Glaeser Karen Graves Gregory Guerra Donna Hagen Kenneth Hagen f Marlene Hall Joyce Hairston June Hallorah Jams Hansen Robert Hansen Susna Hansberry Bette Harris George Heidbnnk Ruth Henderson Jane Henson Janice Herren Kenneth Hiermann Patricia Hunt Gertraud Howald Norman Iman Ronald Ingersoll Robert Jefferson Anne Johnson Albert Journey Larry King 108 - FacultyDonald Lindsey George Loveless Felix Macias Joe Magro Donald Maloney Dixie Maul Stanley McAfoos Betty McClintock Betty McDaniels Patricia McGee Terry McChee Nancy Meggos Dennis Meyer Marvin Mondy Sandra Ohren Steve Olson Larry Overath Gloria Parker Russell Phelps Debra Pitts Larry Reid Erskine Ryan Roger Schleper David Schlitt Marilyn Schroeder Mary Schrumpf Melinda Schulmeister Faculty — 109Weldon Stevenson Wilma Stinnett Larry Thompson Donna Suess Marlene Toppe Margaret Stroube •vr Lawrence Todoroff Norman Swick Robert Treise Joseph Sutton Wayne Tyler Steven Wilton Lillian Withrow John Ulffers John Underwood Joann Wangelin Joseph Voegeli Eugene Ursprung Marion Velloff Georgia Unthank 110 — FacultySecurity Guards Jeff Allsman Secretaries And Teacher Aides Armelia Armsterd Maxine Crivello Addie Davis Annette Davis Shirley Giasco Kathy Godwin Kathy Hawkins Margaret Davis Norma Henderson Daisy Langford Patricia McCoy Meribeth Reed Connie Segobiana Marchia Tucker Ann Xanders Jane Travis Joe Sutton Barbara Smith Bev Summers Matrons And Custodians Bob Bays i Staff - 111Kevin Bryant Ronald Kitsmiller Kathryn VanVoorhis Ruth Roe Asst Manager Wilma Hetge Marjorie Miller Charity Burton Mark Fisher Marjorie Liner Mae Mays Mary McDowell James Reed Cafeteria Employees d Lonetta Wiseman Charles Withrow Gwen Winston Pauline Spurgeon Ruth Phipps Manager Anita Banks Vilma Gentelln Joan Hensley i I Mary Moser Naomi Phegley Victoria Rathgeb Janet Sanders Rita Womack 112 - StaffTHE ORGANIZATION At the age of 5. Robert Pershtng Wad low stood 5’6” tall By the time he was 10 years old. he was 6’5” tall and weighed more than 200 pounds. At birth he had weighed 8 V? pounds. At the age of 22 he died. At the time of his death he was 8 11.1" tall. Fourty-five years later his hometown folks erected a statue of him for the 'Gentle Gant" Doug Simpson takes a seat in the Seat A Thon which was held on December 7. 1985. Seat-A-Thon is part of an effort to raise money for the auditorium. The money will be used to repair the chairs and floor Burt Wuellner. mayor of Alton, speaks at the dedication ceremony for the Rob ert Wadlow statue. Spirit Of The Organisation — 113TENNIS Top Robert Hall returns the ball for the point. In 1985 the team placed 1st at the Granite City Sectional tournament and qualified for the state tournament at Arlington Heights, IL Middle Center: The winning backhand of Todd Volland Coach Schieper shows the boys how to do it. Edwardsville Roxana Cahokia Hazelwood East Belleville Althoff Edwardsville Wood River Belleville East Collinsville Granite City East St. Louis Belleville West Marquette US THEM 4 2 7 0 7 0 2 5 2 4 4 3 5 2 0 9 5 2 4 3 6 0 0 7 3 4 114 TennisW L W L 1st Todd Volland-Craig Sun 4 5 1st singles Todd Volland 9 11 Todd Volland-Kris Grabner 5 4 2nd singles Craig Sun 19 7 3rd singles Kris Grabner 10 11 2nd Kris Grabner-Chris Milford 6 3 4th singles Chris Milford 4 5 Chris Milford-David Eppel 6 3 4th singles Robert Hall 4 6 Chns Milford-Craig Sun 1 3 4th singles David Eppel 3 4 W L 4th singles Tom Wohlfeil 1 3 3rd David Eppel-Tom Wohlfeil 5 8 Top: Chris Milford shows off his back hand. Middle Left: Craig Sun smashes the ball across the net. Middle Right The serve is demonstrated by Kris Grabner. Bottom: Kris Grabner streaks across the tennis court Tennis - 115VARSITY TRACK Indeed, the 1985 season outlook appeared challenging, inspiring, and lots of fun for the Alton track team. With a larger turnout than usual, more students were out for the spring sport than in the past 5 years. The Redbird track team capici-tated awesome talent and determination. During the first outdoor meet of the year, the 400m and 800m relay teams ran qualifying for the Illinois State meet. A few weeks later, the 1600m relay team ran a sizzling 3:25 for another qualifying mark. Terrence Holiday and Norman Bils-bury were the only ones to qualify for State in Charleston. Holiday would compete in the 200 meter dash and Bilsbury in the 1600. Tragedy struck Terrence as he suffered a pulled hamstring in the prelims after establishing a confident lead. Bilsbury qualified for finals in the 1600 and proceeded on to finish 9th. by Norman Bilsbury 100m Dash Tony Herd :10.65 200m Dash Terrence Holiday :22.22 400m Dash Joel Thiel 51.8 800m Run Norman Bilsbury 1:59.1 1600m Run Norman Bilsbury 4:18.5 3200m Run Norman Bilsbury 9:49.5 110 Hurdles Steve Wangelin :15.9 300 L. Hurdles Steve Wangelin :42.34 400m Relay Willie Redditt Jerry Lewis Terrence Holiday 42.34 Tony Herd :43.3 800m Relay Willie Redditt Jerry Lewis Terrence Holiday Tony Herd 1:29.3s 116 - Track1600m Relay 3200m Relay Long Jump Polevault Shot Put Discus Willie Redditt Joel Thiel David Taylor Todd Jansen 3:29.93 Todd Jansen John Sloan Todd Burton Norman Bilsbury 8:51.0 Willie Redditt 20’11 Vi” Dan Arnold 11’6” Lamont Embrey 45’5Vi” Laron Owens 140’4” TEAM FINISHES pjace Meet 8th Gene Armer 3rd Belleville West Invt. 1st Edwardsville-Cahokia 1st Tiger Relays Madison Country Pattonville Orphan Relays Southwestern Conf. Districts 1st tie No team awards given. 8th 2nd 4th State Qualifiers Terrence Holiday 200m Dash-Injured Norman Bilsbury 1600m Rune-9th with time 4:18.5 Track - 117REDWINGS TRACK The Redwings track had a fairly good season. Although no one qualified for state, the season was still pretty successful. Coaching the Redwings are: Ms. Whitner, Ms. Pitts, Mr. Guerra, Mr. Daughtery, and Mr. Wright. Since most the girls were very young, a great season is expected this year, by Nancy Velloff 100m Dash Damata Fielding 13.1 200m Dash Shirley Jama 27 15 400m Dash Mary Lekkas 1.06.92 800m Tonya SchmdewoH 2 48 00 1600m Run Tonya SchmdewoH 6 19 00 3200m Run Avonda Medhurst 13:32 100 H Hurdles Ruth Ann Brown 16 9 200 L Hut la Ruth Ann Brown 33.6 Top: Mary Lekkas runs around the track. Middle Left: Tonya Schindenwolf runs down the loop. Middle Right: Amy Hughes passes to Pam Lewis. Bottom Left: Mary McNamee runs onward. Bottom Right: Ruth Ann Brown jumps a hurdle 118 — Redwings Track400m Relay 800m Relay 1600m Relay Demeta Fielding Amy Hughes Tia Bell Shirley James Amy Hughes Jonna Lewis Cassondra Jolliff Nikki Davis Mary Lekkas Sandy Buckner Reba Brown Chris Welch 547 1:58.9 4:43.0 Top Left: Tia Bell crosses the finish line. Top Right: Chris Welch treks onward Bottom Left: Pam Lewis carries the baton. Bottom Right: April Brown in action. Sprint Medley Demeta Fielding Shirley James Mary Lekkas Penny Felton 2:01.0 Redwings Track — 119FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS The tryouts for the 1985 Football Cheerleading squad were held during May Over one-hundred girls auditioned for the squad The 1985 Varsity Football Cheerleaders were: Marcy McAfoos (Captain). Cami Jo Beaber (Co-Captain), Jaimee Brown. Debbie Dodson (Alter nate). Libby Gilkison. Missy Johnson. Kary Klinke. Monique LeFlore (Alter nate). Michelle Retzer. and Nancy Vel loff (Redbird). The Junior Varsity squad was: Heather Brenegan (Captain), Jenni- fer Roettgers (Co-Captain). Meg Davey. Cindy Hansen. Cassandra Joliff, Latasha LeFlore (Alternate), Anne Lutes (Alternate). Meme McAfoos. Amanda Oulson. Ruth Paul, and Sarah Utterback (Red bird) The girls started practicing in July and worked diligently Coach Connie Allen said, “When I first took the job, I was told there was no school spirit. The girls really worked to get the crowd moving this season .” 120 — Football Cheerleaders J V. Squad: Heather Brenegan. Ruth Paul. Anne Lutes. Meg Davey, Amanda Oulson. Constance Allen. Sarah Utter back. Meme McAfoos. Cindy Hansen, Cassandra Jolliff, Latasha LeFlore, Jen mfer Roettgers.BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS The 1985-86 varsity basketball cheerleaders were: Marcy McA-foos-captain, Missy Johnson-co-captain, Cami Beaber, Jaimee Brown-Redbird, Libby Gilkison, Kary Klinke, Monique LeFlore, Anne Lutes-alternate, Jennifer Roettgers-alternate, Meg Davey, Cindy Hansen, Sue Kercher, La-tasha LeFlore, Meme McAfoos, Amanda Oulson - alternate, Ruthie Paul, and Carla Pierson-Redbird. In addition, the number of male cheerleaders increased as Jason Coker and Roger Watkins were on varsity and Vince Warlick and Deleon Moody were on junior varsity. Both squads enjoyed cheering before large audiences and enthusiastic fans. Front Row: Varsity-Libby Gilkison. Mi chelle Retzer. Kary Klinke, Cami Jo Beaber. Monique LeFlore. Second Row Varsity-Jason Coker, Anne Lutes-alter nate. Missy Johnson co captain. Jaimee Brown-Redbird. Jennifer Roettgers alter nate. Nancy Velloff, Roger Watkins. Not Pictured: Marcy McAfoos-captain. Third Row: Junior Varsity Vmce Warlick. Sonya Clark alternate. Sarah Utterback captain. Cindy Hansen. Carla Pierson-Redbird. Amanda Oulson alternate. Sue Kircher. Latasha LeFlore. Coach Constance Allen. Not Pictured: Heather Brenegan-captain. Meg Davey, Meme McAfoos. Deleon Moody. Ruthie Paul Basketball Cheerleaders — 121FRESHMEN FOOTBALL US THEM Collinsville 32 8 Edwardsville 0 14 Belleville East 0 24 Cahokia 0 24 Granite City 14 21 Belleville West 12 24 Front Row Steve Palen. Eric Northern. Ronnie Scott. Derek Harr. Tony Womack. Rodney Raglin, Cory Lovette. Patrick Thomas. Delane Mosley. John Davenport. Vernon Davis Second Row: Dennis Scott. John Collins. Richie Hickman. Lee Rounds. Alfred Womank. Tyrone Jones. Greg Cross. Vincent War-lick. Thomas Morns. Bura Robinson Third Row: Coach Dave Batty. Nathan Tyson. Jason Parrish. Jon Walker. Tim Brooks. Shawn Stahhs, Brian Slack, Grayland Alexander. Eric Burnett. Joe Musgrow, John Holloway, Lester Bradford. Fourth Row Matt Mifflin, Chuck Tucker, Jeff Lagemann. Bill Williams. Walt Effinger. Greg Ruyle. Johnny Stiff. Jermaine Ewing. Jimmie Wilson. William Westfall. Coach Mark Macias 124 - Freshmen FootballSOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Front Row: Tarence Parks, Danny Fritz. Billy Becoat. Mike Barnet. Leon Beard, Allen Scroggins. Eric Rogers. Billy Cur tis. Matt Card. Jay Lipe. Doug Gregory. Middle Row David Hamlin. Sherman Skinner. Rodney Caffey, Byron Mike. Lemont Gilmore. Greg Taylor. Bobby Krashire. Mike Rushing. David Zimmer man. Kenny Holloway. Andy Gratton. Back Row: Adrian Burton. Tim Bauer. John Pfeifer. Tony Langford. Keil Steiner, Jerome Smith. Rusty Marsher. Johnny Ewing. Mike Marome. Coach Todderoff, Not Pictured: Wilbur Kaiser. Robert Mike Opponent Us Them Belleville Althoff 20 8 Belleville East 22 12 E. St. Louis 3 48 Granite City 12 34 Belleville West 12 34 Edwardsville 20 21 Sophomore Football 125 Opponent Us Them Collinsville 5 St. Charles 5 Roxana 4 5 Bellville West 1 Wood River 1 5 Jerseyville 2 E. St. Louis 2 5 Granite City 6 Granite City 4 5 Wood River 0 Marquette 7 2 Bellville West 5 Bethalto 5 10 O’Fallon 5 Bethalto 11 14 Edwardsville 3 Bellviile East 4 2 Bellville West 2 4 Collinsville 2 12 East St. Louis 5 4 126 - Varsity BaseballSOPHOMORE BASEBALL Opponent Us Them Roxana 11 9 East St. Louis 5 6 Granite City 0 9 Bethalto 10 12 Bethalto 9 10 Belleville East 7 13 Belleville West 3 12 Collinsville 6 8 Belleville West 3 13 Jerseyville 16 3 Granite City 1 7 Edwardsville 1 5 Belleville East 1 4 Front Row: Donny Johnson. Tom Hen- dricks. Tom Malloy, Joe Twitched, Mike Lewis. Tony Darr. Mike Lemons. Back Row: Gtach Cappel, Kendra Walters (Manager). Theresa Ambrose (Manager). Chris Markel, Billy Gaither. Robby Macias. Chris Doucleff, Kyle Kennedy. Bryan Clark, Scott A. Hall. Scott C. Hall. Not Pictured: Jerome Moore 128 — Sophomore BaseballFront Row: Rae Robertson. Damita Fielding. Janet Beatty. Raquel Raya. Lori Blackwood, Second Row: Jenny Cope. Penny Allensworth. Ruth Anne Brown, Tammy Johnson. Robyn Ennis. Sarah Eccles, Tia Bell. Missy Schrumpf, Third Row Heather Johnson. Deidra Wilson. Casey Finck. Beth Cornell. Aletha Edwards. Fourth. Row Marie Clemente. Polly Chase. Debbie Dodson. Keysa Truell. Fifth Row: Kim Gabriel. Amy Hall. Not Pictured: Missy Dingei dein. Lori lmming. Theresa Scott Pom Pons — 129CROSS COUNTRY The Alton VARSITY HARRIERS, led by senior. Norman Bilsbury. had a very prosperous year. The varsity runners had many victories at home on their new course at Gordon Moore Park and often placed well at other meets in the area. The Harriers did not make it out of regional as a team, but junior Joe Twi-chell and senior Norman Bilsbury. went on to represent the team at the state meet in Peoria. Good luck to the returning Redbirds next year, by John Wisely Top Left: Norman broke 6 different records and went on to state for the Red-birds. Top Right: Charlie running strong at Gordon Moore 130 - Cross CountryGranite City Invitational-Alton-5th Place Triad Invitational-Alton-6th Place Mt. Vernon lnvitational-Alton-6th Place Quincy-24 Alton-26 Jacksonville-41 Edwardsville Invitational-Alton-5th Place Alton-1st Place Alton-17 Springfield South East-40 Alton-22 vs. Belleville East-26 Alton-lst Place Alton-24 Jerseyville-32 Civic Memorial-67 Peoria lnvitational-Alton-20th out of 44 teams Alton-15 vs. Collinsville-43 Alton-26 vs. Carlinville-31 County Meet-Alton-1st Place Conference Meet-Belleville East-54 East St. Louis-55 Alton-56 3rd Place Regional Meet-Alton-5th Place Top: Joe makes his move on the opposition. Middle Left: Mike and Waide finishing strong. Middle Right: Jeff keeping pace as the no. 5 man. Bottom Start of a race at Gordon Moore. Cross Country — 131Opponent Us Them Granite City 1 1 Alton Tourney (Belleville Althoff) 2 0 Alton Tourney (Roxana) 2 0 Alton Tourney (Edwardsville) 3 1 Belleville West 4 0 Belleville East 2 3 Jacksonville 2 0 Riverview 2 0 Peoria Bergan 3 1 Peoria Spaulding 4 3 Edwardsville 1 0 Belleville West 2 3 Granite City 0 0 Hazelwood Central 0 1 Collinsville 2 1 Belleville East 1 1 Quincy Notre Dame 1 1 Collinsville 1 3 Springfield Southeast 1 0 Regional (Roxana) 4 0 Regional (Granite City) 1 2 Top: Jimmy Johnson (3) started for the second year in the 1985 season. He was the third leading scorer for the Redbirds. Middle Left: Ryan Tucker made third team All-Metro of all St. Louis schools He also made All Sectional and was ranked as one of the top 15 players in the area. Middle Right: Coach Montgomery delivers advice to his team in between periods. 132 — Varsity SoccerIn the 1985 season, the Alton High soccer team advanced to the semi finals of the regional championship but was defeated 5-4 in penalty kicks. The Red-birds were ranked in the top twenty of the state and in the top twenty of the St. Louis area. The Redbirds were undefeated on the road, but ended the season with an overall record of 12-5-4. by, Nancy Niemeier Top Left: Goalie Andy Scanlan makes a save to push the Redbirds to victory Scanlan was also chosen for the third team All-Metro Top Right: Fullback Scott Gibbons (7) was a returning letterman as a junior in the 1985 season Middle Left: Due to the death of Joe Herzon (19), 2-year letterman. the Alton Booster Club plans to present a Joel Herzon award and athletic scholarship each year in his memory. The Redbirds were assisted this year by two foreign exchange students: Jochen Herr from W. Germany and Flemming Rosenbeck from Denmark Varsity Soccer - 133JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Front Row: Eric Zyung, Joe Leonard, Dave Eastman. Mark Cousley. Mike Retzer. Second Row: Jim Rigdon. Otis Lewis. Raymond Morales. Chris Montgomery. Mark Reader. Third Row: Brad Gentelin. Mike Lucas. Joe Gentelin. (Coach). Matt Darr. Mark Haynes US THEM Granite City 0 2 Belleville West 2 3 Belleville East 0 2 Jacksonville 2 0 Riverview 2 0 Marquette 2 0 Edwarsbille 1 2 Belleville West 3 0 Granite City 0 2 Hazelwood Central 1 0 Collinsville 1 4 Belleville East 0 0 Quincy Notre Dame 1 0 Collinsville 0 0 Springfield Southeast 2 0 134 — J.V. SoccerFRESHMEN SOCCER Front Row: Mike Retzer, James Cartwright. Mark Cousley, Aaron Eickoff, Tracy Rigdon, Gary Deck. Second Row: Mark Thompson. Brian Fickle. Jimmy Rigdon, Pete Travis, Todd Morales Freshmen Soccer — 135REDWINGS TENNIS Mrs. JoAnn Dillon led the girls’ tennis team to another winning seaton, with 10 wins and only 5 losses. Six girls represented AHS at the sectional tournament. Singles players were Ma-sae Takahashi and Mary Vest. Doubles teams consisted of Ter-rah Velloff-Rachel Walter and Lee Ann Norman-Jennifer Barton. Masae Takahashi placed 2nd in singles and Terrah Velloff-Rachel Walter placed 3rd in doubles. All lost thier 1st round matches at the state tournament. Nest year’s team looks promising. With the loss of only 4 returning seniors-Lee Ann Norman, Tracy Randall, Terrah Vel-loff and Mary Vest-look for a successful season with the help of Jennifer Barton, Amy Diddle-bock, Josette Levi, and Rachel Walter. Top Left: Debbie Woods goes for the ball Top Right Senior Mary Vest prepares for a forehand. Bottom Left: Tracy Randall returns the serve. Bottom Middle: A very promising player. Rachel Walter. Top Bottom Right: Kelly Fisher follows through the shot. V L 136 — Redwings TennisTop Left Mandy Hennesey in ready position Top Middle Mary Beth Norman on serve Top Right: Junior Jennifer Barton comes to net Middle Right Japanese exchange stu dent Masae Takahashi Bottom Left Josette Levi serves Bottom Right Freshman Carrie Daniels lobs the ball jtiYl •Vi •v. A{ WAV w ttwX f •••• •• •• »i ni i.O — • • •• t • • • • I l MM « «• • rrrnfi Belleville Althoff Us 0 Them 7 Triad 9 0 Hazelwood East 3 4 Edwardsville 6 1 Roxana 7 0 Jerseyville 7 0 Wood River 7 0 Belleville East 0 7 Collinsville 6 1 Granite City 5 2 East St. Louis 6 1 Belleville West 0 7 Conference Tournament 3rd Place Bethalto 7 0 Edwardsville 3 4 Marquette 5 2 Redwings Tennis — 137 us them Marquette 15 8 Bethalto 3 16 Roxana 7 13 Granite City 4 10 Woodriver 3 18 Triad 8 6 Edwardsville 3 12 Belleville East 7 13 Marquette 23 17 East St. Louis 6 10 North Green 6 9 Belleville West 1 17 Granite City 4 16 Belleville West 3 18 Woodriver 5 11 Belleville East 4 7 East St Louis 6 7 Calhoun 5 16 139J.V. Redwings Basketball Opponent Us Them Carrollton 40 50 Jacksonville 39 38 Cahokia 30 35 Granite City 53 34 Marquette 51 37 Belleville East 50 76 Cahokia 40 42 Belleville West 32 52 Althoff 38 70 E. St. Louis 33 Collinsville 21 6 Bunker Hill 21 32 Edwardsville 49 54 Collinsville 26 41 Granite City 48 31 140 — Redwings BasketballREDWINGS BASKETBALL Front Row Leslie Warr, Shirley James. Cindy Rounds. Lisa Hill. Lisa Pigee. Amy Hughes. Back Row: Coach Bowling. Lisa Ramsey. Tabbatha Brumfield. Nikki Davis. Earline Steward. Carolyn Carter. Sarah Elliott. Lee Rounds (Man ager). Coach Dillon Opponent Us Them Carrollton 64 61 Jacksonville 52 35 Cahokia 34 42 Granite City 65 48 Marquette 41 39 Belleville East 42 68 Cahokia 65 38 Belleville West 51 63 Althoff 40 64 E. St Louis 56 73 Collinsville 59 44 Bunker Hill 55 41 Edwardsville 51 67 Collinsville 43 46 Granite City 72 44 Carrollton Tournament Brussels 57 51 Southwestern 46 49 Belleville West 46 59 E. St. Louis 38 71 Wood River 57 60 Redwings Basketball - 141 Belleville East 54 73 This year’s Freshmen Girls Basketball team, the best since 1983, posted a winning record of 8 wins and 6 losses. Coached by Terry Mitchell, the girls averaged 40 points per game, compared with their opponents’ average of 36 points per game. FRESHMEN REDWINGS BASKETBALL Front Row Marketra Stampley. Brid-gette Redditt, Sylvonne (Nicole) Warr. Florene Mason, Delcina Angelo, Second Row Coach: Terry Mitchell, Tabetha Broomfield, Leonora Pedrero. Felicia Smith. Deaphne Jolliff. Manager: Lee Rounds Opponent Us Them Hazelwood Central 29 34 River View Gardens 46 32 Roxana 51 43 Belleville West 40 50 Belleville Althoff 36 27 Triad 53 44 Edwardsville 34 22 Belleville East 40 72 Roxana 42 37 Belleville East 29 52 Triad 48 45 Belleville Althoff 45 43 Edwardsville 37 41 Belleville West 34 54 142 Freshmen Redwing BasketballFront Row David Kincade (Manager), Joe Twichell, David Middleton, Paul Dread. James Bailey (Manager), Back Row: Tony Herd. Chris Doucleff, Deleon Lavender, Lee Wangelin. Todd Thomas. Martin Jones. Jerry Lewis, Coach Ron May hew Cahokia us 56 Belleville Althoff 63 Hazelwood East 69 Belleville West 66 Edwardsville 72 Granite City 40 Belleville East 57 East St. Louis 47 Collinsville 52 Wood River 61 Granite City 44 East St. Louis 27 Springfield South East 57 East St. Louis Lincoln 55 Belleville West 53 Belleville East 47 Collinsville them 54 56 57 70 74 60 62 50 51 56 66 76 78 66 65 85 J.V. Basketball — 143VARSITY BASKETBALL Us Them Middle Left Matt Hausman waits for Urbana 82 57 the pass. Mattoon 76 67 Edwardsville 65 58 Front Row: David Kincaid (Manager), Cahokia 67 46 Tim Simmons. Tony Herd. David Belleville 60 48 Middleton. Doug Brooks. Paul Dread. Ha2elwood 89 55 Jim Bailey (Manager). Back Row Belleville 83 57 Coach Ron Mayhew. David Wilkinson. Vashon 54 60 Kirk Wallace. Deleon Lavender. Matt Providence 74 49 Hausman. Todd Thomas. Bobby Oak Park 87 79 Collins. Larry Smith. Coach Stan St Mel 86 68 McAfoos PeoriaManual 67 85 Edwardsville 69 71 Bottom Right Coach McAfoos Granite City 85 80 encouraging the boys. Belleville 67 56 East St Louis 79 66 Collinsville 58 53 Wood River 90 51 Granite City 80 88 East St Louis 87 76 Southeastern 81 73 Lincoln 58 70 Belleville West 76 64 Varsity Basketball Belleville East 99 64 Civic Memorial 45 47Once again the Redbirds dominated the division with their winning team. Led by Larry Smith and Bobby Collins (captain and co-captain), the Redbirds had a spectacular season. In addition. Matt Hausmann, Tim Simmons, Tony Herd, Deleon Lavender, Kirk Wallace and Doug Brooks helped the Redbirds’ success. The team enjoyed sold-out games and enthusiastic fans. The excitement soared when Alton played rival Granite City. The fans also enjoyed seeing David Middleton, Todd Thomas, Paul Dread, David Wilkinson, Martin Jones. Chris Doucleff, Lee Wan-gelin, Jerry Lewis and Joe Twi-chell lend a hand. These players should help the Redbirds have yet another great season next year. Mi Top Left: Larry Smith top form. Top Right: Doug Brooks dribbles down the court. Bottom Left. Tony Herd in action. Bottom Right Bobby Collins jumps for the ball. Varsity Basketball - 145FRESHMEN BASKETBALL The Freshman basketball team had all-6 winning season with the help of Coach Dan Daugherty. Their quick speed and high jumping led to their success. The two top scorers were Kaury Clanton with a 14.75 average and Joe Vann with a 11.93 average. By Nancy Velloff Front Row Alfred Womack. Greg Worthen, Patrick Thomas. Richie Hickman. Shawn Copeland. Troy Hender son. Back Row: Coach Daugherty. Kaury Clanton. Joe Vann. Darrell Williams, Vincent Slack. Eric Dancy, Jimmy Wilson. Marcus Williams, Vernon Davis. Shannon Williams, Manager: Rodney Raglin 146 — Freshmen Basketball Opponent Us Them Belleville West 54 59 Granite City 46 57 Wood River 54 56 Collinsville 53 49 Hazelwood Central 49 47 Riverview Central 75 52 Roxana 58 43 Edwardsville 57 52 Belleville Althoff 56 54 O’Fallon 50 57 Wood River 52 41 Civic Memorial 50 47 Belleville East 54 58 Granite City 2 0 Collinsville 63 66 Piasa Southwestern 78 63 Jerseyville 68 51 Belleville East 88 63SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Front Row: Clarence Lawrence. Dever ick Spraggins. Otis Lewis. Brad Phillips, Rodney Caffey. Byron Mike. James Bur nett. Danny Fritz (Manager). Back Row Adrian Burton. Rhett Nischwitz. Alvin Elliott. Eric Rogers. Chris Hansen. Rob ert Mike. Ray Hardiman. Wilbur Kaiser. Coach Gene Ursprung us them Belleville 35 61 Granite City 50 35 Wood River 36 53 Collinsville 35 46 East St. Louis 59 69 Roxana 60 67 Wood River 49 48 Jerseyville 76 50 East St. Louis 50 64 Roxana 76 77 Belleville East 51 56 Collinsville 54 64 Jerseyville 50 51 Civic Memorial 47 63 Belleville East 44 66 Sophomore Basketball — 147After starting the season 6-0, the Alton High golf team finished the season with a good, but slightly disappointing, 12-6 record. Seniors Joe Eckhard and Andrew Mottaz led the team, followed closely by freshman Chad Randall. Other varsity starters were Brad Elik and Jay Greenwood, seniors; Tom Kan-turek and John Plunk, juniors; Brad Phillips, sophomore; and Mike Cress and Brad Tiemann, freshmen. The Redbirds came in sixth in both the regional tournament Opponent Us Them Belleville Althoff 156 176 Edwardsville Wood River-Roxana 155 138-171-175 Granite City-Belleville Althoff 166 161-169 Belleville East 154 178 Granite City-Edwardsville 163 155 141 Jerseyville 161 173 Collinsville 162 189 Belleville West 165 163 Jerseyville 179 172 Marquette 167 225 E. St. Louis Marquette-Civic 167 168 174 Memorial Wood River 163 168 148 - Golf GOLF and the Granite City Scramble. No individuals qualified for the sectional tourney, although Joe Eckhard missed only two strokes with an 82. Because he is only losing a few starters to graduation, Coach Larry Overath’s team should be even stronger next year than it was this year. The girls’ team, the first in several years, included Jenny Tejada, Jennifer Hughey and Louise Bowles, all freshmen. Jennifer Hughey qualified for the sectional tournament.REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL Bethalto Us 0 Them 2 East St. Louis 0 East St. Louis 0 2 Granite City 0 Triad 0 3 Edwardsville 0 Madison 2 1 Wood River 0 Belleville West 0 2 Collinsville 0 Bunker Hill 0 2 Belleville East 0 Wood River 0 2 Madison 0 Granite City 0 2 Belleville West 0 Belleville East 0 2 Collinsville 0 Roxana 2 0 Bethalto 0 Redwings Volleyball — 149 rorohorororororororoChild Care Session I Front Row: Charlotte Attebery, Pam Scruggs. Margie Martin. Julie Cruz. Wanda Lovett. Gena Hunt, Second Row: Kim Harris, Edith Sutton, Ann Mabone, Sherry Johnson, Back Row: Christy Hartmann. Nikki Swisher, Tracey Ho-kenson. Karine Keith, Joyce Livesay. Paula Rulo, Mrs Mary Schrumpf. Child Care Session III Front Row: Cheryl Dickerson, Melissa Meredith. Kim Sunderland. Teddy Boo mershme. Second: Mary Powers. Carla Stiff. Back Row: Mona Shelby, Lori Huntsman. Star Nelson. Marian Harris. Shantell Gaston. Clara West. Mrs. Mary Schrumpf. Child Care Session II Front row: Donna Mugge, Gail Den-other, Donna Taylor. Shelia Parker. Back: Carla Link. Debbie Price, Rick Harris. Perferia Williams. Shannon Hare, Tammy Lewis. Lisa Durham. Christy Houck, Dee Smith. Laura Emmons. Tammy Fish. Health Aides Front Row: Kristin Stewart. Dawn Butler (President). Anessa Stilwell. Jill Manns (Secretary Treasurer). Kelly Hood. Shawna Peipert. Second Row: Gail Scyoc. Linda Perkins. Ketra Weger. Ann Osborne. Libby Sykes (V. President), Sherry Zimmerman. Shonda Frison, Nancy (Shelly) Ireland.Licensed Practical Nursing I Front Row: Dara Croxford, Marianne James. April Brown. Bonnie Manns. Sherry Rainey. Ann Crase. Betty McClintock (Instructor), Second Row: Janet Kohler. Julie Klatz. Angie Belliot. Julie Drennon. Brenda Oulson. Jill Davenport Commerical Art Club Front Row: Dave Sumner. Dave Stephens. Tom Jennings, Bobby Williams, Pat Bond, Mike Hayes. Eric Stauffer, Beth Diepen- brock. Kris Hutchinson, Stephanie George. Jill Dugger. Mr Heirman, Back Row: Alphie Finley. Travis Taylor. Dale Mathis. Rhonda Patterson, Glen Cauley, Kevin Robinson, Bob Watt. Joe Eckhard, Jeff Klunk, Willie Reddit, Monty Ingram. Licensed Practical Nursing II Left to Right: Kim Copeland, Patricia Ta tara. Troy Moore, Patricia Stewart. Kimber- ly Kimbraugh (front), Sonya Ingram (back), Tina Schneider (front). Katrina DeWerft (back), Dana Mitchell, Betty McClintock (Instructor). Commercial Art Front Row: Holly Knapp, Sarah Fiola, Casey Corbin, Stella Sherwood, Trlna Hallows. Heather Hampton, Second Row: Ken Hier man. Michelle Johnson, Terry Colbert. Cindy Schaaf, Strahn Hackworth, Dana Watts. Bill Howard, Paula Jordan. Rhonda Lewis, Sharon Goff. Back Row: Joe White, Mike Cox. Chris Sichra, Donny Elliot. Jason Harp er, Mike McCoy. Vocational Accounting Club Session 1 Front Row: Kelli Copeland (Treasurer), Jill Dunham, Tammy Herndon (President). Trina Hallows. Laura Wagoner, Second Row: Dane Ann Clark. Andrea Sanders. Emily Johnson, Kerry Hub bard. Mrs. Stinnett, Back Row: Mike Georgeoff, Brent Jamison, Gary Weso lowskt. Jeff Smith, Lisa Hill. David Wil kinson (Vice President), Not Pictured: Erica Bratton (Secretary). Office Education Association Session 1 Front Row: Jennifer Neal. Diedrea Nich olson, Alfreda Willis. Candance, Web ster. Dawn Fredrick. Back Row: Tammi Galloway. Karen Page. Penny Woods. Rochelle Young, Beth Hartqell, Sherry Short. Tncia Voumard. Paige Bartholo mew. Tammie Ambrose. Kim Rhodes Vocational Accounting Club Session 2 Front Row: Urvana Morales. Ellen Brunnworth. Rachel Bushneli, Cindy Miller, Lisa Crumley (Vice President), Second Row: Mrs. Stinnett, Stephanie Murphy, Chris Ing. Lonita Hinton, Joy Hindmon. Rena Dodge, Deane Johann, Amy Page (Secretary), Jenifer Nimmo, Back Row: Amy Lobbig, Tammy Hys-ten. Tracy Watson. John Ceppenate, Tina Downing. Leonard Franklin. Not Pictured: Scott Armstead (President), Shawn Turner (Treasurer). Office Education Association Session 2 Front Row: Susan Stilwell. Rene Boomer. Debbie Menke. Pamela Beatty. Mindy Allred. Stacey Rea. Back Row: Melissa Riley, Sarah Wreath. Jennifer Rushing, Rosa Martin, Sabnna Garrett, Julie Hanneken.Left to Right: Matt Phipps. Travis Gille spie. William Hayes, Dennis Wiegand. Brian Strohbeck. Wil Bilbruck. Kevin Riffy. Shawn Hutson. Brian Phipps. Mike Gunschler. Randy Karpan. Jeff Sum mers, Jeff Schultz. Nick Holmes. Ted Fowler. Mr. Farrow Vocational Wcldng Session 2 Front Ro-w. Darrell Remacher, Byron Thoma son. Patrick Oct well, Randy Lucas. Tim Reams. David Clark, Curt Vaughn Back Row Dan Bunker, Andrew Welling Chad Volger, Jeff Boner Maurice While. Joe Miles, Mr Chestney Shawr Rot he s Aviation Theory: Front Row: Kurt Ford. James Demand. Mike Logan. Eric Hage dorn. Jeff Cannon. Ron Ferguson. Mr. Farrow. Second Row. Sean Schwartz. Mike Aimone. Nick Holmes. James Em ery. Jeff Schultz, Travis Gillespie, Back Row: Aaron Cox. David Cope. Brian Gallagher. Tom Travis. Mike Wheeler. Pat McDonald. Jeff Derenne Vocational Weidmg Session 3: Front Row Jeff Jones. Jasor Stanton. Lamon Smith. Ed Be saw. Doug Hetley; Back Row Kevin Pohlman. Mich Ahin Wayne Bockslruck. Carl Grover. Br-an Monroe. Keith Graves. Mr ChestneyCosmetology II Front Row Starla Turner. Tammie Harbison. Dotty Fowler. Wendy Garrett. Lydia Bailey, Kelly Bollinger. Debbie Da vis. Mrs. Georgia Unthank. Back Row: Lisa Ballard. Kathy Smith. Dianne War ren, Scott Wade. Rhonda Cook. Lisa Dunnagan. Jaycee Nash. Donna Towell, Amy Marko. Cosmetology I Front Row: Maria Bickmore, Cindy Butler. Deanna Holmes. Michelle Ulery. Tracey Staggs. Paula Reedy. Mrs Harris. Back Row: Stephanie Boner, Dawn Cunningham. Pam Roberts. Kellie Bolton. Donna Wehrle. Cosmetology I Front Row: Kellie Segrest, Mrs. Georgia Unthank. Dawn Christensen. Back Row: Melissa Mortland, Angie Edmiaston, Robin Sponn, Lori Myers. Janie Vandy-griff. Shirlene Brand Machine Trades Front Row: Pat Maag. Mike Lewis, Steve Edwards. Middle Row: Scott Colburn. George Nixon. Berry Baker. Bryan Hull. David Harlan. Andy Welling. Back Row: Ron Geske, Russ Jones. Chris Frank. Pat Means. Wayne Bockstruck.Architectural Drafting Front Row H Gross, V. Greer, D. Stroh-beck. M Edwards. J Fulks, T King, J Shaw, E. Keymon. R Bollini, Second Row: B Bayley, J. Lupercio, S. Churchman. H Hampton, A. Shelton, M Moehle, Third Row: L. Witcher, B. Collins. D. Woodman. A Robertson, J. Bai ley. S. Calhoon. A Simmons Distributive Education Session 1 Front Row: Tammy Fish, Shari Elliott. Diane Johann. Sherri Green, Andrea Sanders, Paula Jordan. Becky Green. Carla Frazier, Second Row: Mr. Krauss. Ethel Ellison, Jennifer Gratton. Bill Funk houser, Jody Richards. Tina Downing, Carrie Twichell. Christine Bradley. Jon Martin. Tony Jackson, Johnnie Gordon. Toni Wise Architectural Drafting Front Row: J Long. T Swick. P Lorch. K Arnold. K Lung, B Brass. Second Row: Mr. Loveless. T. Smith. T. Rynders. S Kane. K Calvin. M Dipaoio. B Willis. G Korundo, B Hartley. Distributive Education Session 2 Front Row: Pam Scruggs, Tonya Shulby, Tom Gonzales Treasurer. Kristi Hutchin son President. Christy Hartman. Second Row: Bill Inman. Mary Bensman. Patty Gray. Cala Hagedorn, Jody Price. Pam Miller. Barbara Clark Secretary. Tracey Telford. Back Row Ron Geske, Doug Jenkins. Bill Hayes (not pictured) Bridget Beamon.Redbird Word Staff Front Row: Shirley James. Ursala Parks. Paul Steinbrueck. Kate Stobbs. Matt Hausmann. Traci Cas-telli. Pam Wilhite. Bobby Collins. Second Row: Todd Hensley. Laura Trigg. Andy Williams, Mike Holliday, Chris Welch. Terrah Velloff. Amy Velloff. Third Row Tim Bruggeman. Mike Aimone, Lisa Em mons. George Gunning, Tracey Hoken son. Gene Seal. Katie McPike, Jennifer Barton. Matt Van Voorhis, Back Row Kent Ernst. Brian Gallagher. Joe Ba e. Hugh Hallet. Jim Ballhurst. Penny Nel son. Doug Brooks. Amy Diddlebock. Not Pictured Deidra Wilson Spanish Club: Left to Right: Dr Beard. Chris McGuiggan. Seated: Monique Sponsor. Michelle Wilson, Kelly Bach- Clark man. Miguel Raya. Valerie Vaughn. Redbird Word Staff: Front Row: Tawni Attebery. Laun Matcher. (Barbara Thom as. Georgia Montroy. Sue Carroll. Masae Takahashi. Second Row: Brian Conrady, Diana Deeter. Cami Beaber, Brad King, Marcy Reed. Lorena Saravia. Wendy Tyler. Third Row: Maria Thompson. Stephanie Murphy. Mary White, Noelle Poindexter. Heather Hise, John Barnes. Stacey Noble. Back Row: Guy Oiler. Nick Fencel, Mrs Hall. Marcy McAfoos, Tony Darr, Houston Fry. Lisa Ahrling. Lance Kline. Missy Schrumpf. Not Pictured: Tina Baggerman STUDENTS AGAINST DRIVING DRUNK S A D D.: Front Row: Julie Howell. Lori Taylor, Jenny Baer. Vincent Warlick Back Row: Eric Aton, Matt Hausmann, President, Chris Sichra. Kevin Schultz Not Shown Debbie Price, Amy Jones. Amy HallPEER LEADERSHIP: Front Row Mary Fol-well. Laurie Canter. Amy Jones President Second Row Monique Clark. Avonda Med-hurst. Julie Howell. Dr. Jim Callahan Third Row: Dominique Cannon. Jenny Baer, Lori Taylor. Kevin Schultz Back Row: Eric Aton, Chris Sichra. Vince Warlick Not Shown: Becky Snyders. Lisa James. Nathan Ghol-ston, Julie Wilson. Kaela Berry. Julie Van-fossen. BIOLOGY CLUB Mike Brand. Bob Brown. Rona Caldwell. Georgia Campagna, Laurie Canter. Jogn Carpenter. Monique Clark. Stacy Clevenger. Asa Collins. Trisha Con- reux. David Cope. Beth Cornell, Aaron Cox, Mike Crouch. Joe Darr, John Davenport, Paul Davey. Brad Elik. Mary Grace Folwell, Cherie Fowler. Marcia Frazer. Houston Fry, cn J ETS.: Pal Armstrong, Lisa Atchison. Lindsay Barth, Janet Beatty. Chris Bech told. Andrew Billsbury, Becky Black. Carol Bryant. Amy Buhs. Stephanie Buhs. Jenny Burgess. Jenny Canter. Karen Churchman. Tom Goebel, Howard Gooden. Helen Gra-mates, Tim Graves. George Gunning. Mike Gunning. Gary Hall. Rob Hall. Chris Hansen, Jill Harris, Matt Hausmann, Tawnya Hooper. Lisa James. Blake Johnson. Missy Johnson. Sara Jones. Mark Kasten, Ramona Kerkemeyer, Kary Klinke, Mike Kramer, Larry Leflore, Mary Lekkas, Shawn Lipe, Craig Lombardi. Heather Mathewson. Patrick Mcdonald, Jennifer Mcllwaine. Avonda Medhurt. John Menhc, Kurt Messerle. David Middleton, Amy Montague. Andrew Mottaz. Craig Nathgeb. Kelton Neal, Minh Cam Nquyen, Nancy Niemeir, Lee Ann Norman. Brian Parker. John Plunk. Jere Price. Tracy Randall. Julie Reiske. Mark Ressler. Michelle Retzer, Brad Rintoul, Dan Schmis seur. John Schmisseur, Sean Schwartz. Darryl Short. John Sloan. Richard Small, Victor Smith. Becky Snyders. Greg Stewart Dan Tejada, Brian Terry, Jennifer Thurow, Ann Tutoky. Nancy Velloff, Mary Vest, Roger Waggener, John Walker. John Wisely. Da vid Year wood. Mary Corby. Jim DeMand. Chris Diddle bock. Sarah Eccles, Marcia Frazer. Melody Furrow. Mike Gagliardo, Amy Gbson. John Gertz. Mike Goeken. Mary Ann Green wood. Traci Halverson. Sarah Hauversbuck, Jeff Heil. Dale Hendricks. Scott Hendricks. April Herman, Jason Herter, Betsy Honke, Dale Hubbard. Lori Imming, Danny Jaco bitti, Lisa James. Lance Johnson. Michele Kasten. Jenny Kelley, Anne Keller, Nancy Kelly. Jill Kramer. Eric Larson. Stacy Lea veil, Tammy Lowe. Tara Meeden, John Mench. Cathy Miller. Elizabeth Mottaz, Chris Narup. Bruce Nolan. Mike Nolan. Martha Phillips. Amy Scheupbach. Beth Seibold. Jennifer Sherwood, Becky Stanley. Courtney Stevenson. Brett Stewart. Jim Tchouka leff. Jenny Tejada. Marc Thompson. Brad Tieman. Laura Trigg, Patty Turner, Keysa Truell. Lisa Weber. Mary Weber, Lance Witcher. Meg Wittman, Kelly YoungSTUDENT SENATE Student Senate Officers 1985 86 Rebecca Snyders President Barbara Snyders Vice President Kelly Bull Secretary Mark Davey Parliamentarian Kurt Messerle Treasurer John Kline Advisor Seniors Representatives: Robert Brown. Paul Davey, Diane Fitzgerald. Stacey Noble. Noelle Poindexter. Julie Reiske. Sonya Schenk. Junior Representatives Terry Bratton, Bonnie Crader, Connie Crader. Kim Kelley. Jeff Mitchell. Trudy Smith. Susie Struif. Cheri Bailey. Asa Collins Sophomores Representatives: Briana Churchich, Penny Felton. Stacey Lea-veil. Kathy Messerle. Lisa Miller. Kyle Steiner. Kendra Walters. Lori Imming Freshman Representatives Heather Aldridge. Kris Ealey. Anne Keller. Sarah Kelly, Christa Kuhn. Gna Level. Lisa Schobernd. Todd Van Voorhis, Charlia Gray. Scott Snyders. Yvonna Washington 158 - Student SenateACTIVITIES BOARD Student Activities Board Officers 1985-86 Mike Kramer Jennifer Barton Lauri Hatcher, Amy Cook, Mike Holiday Larry Thompson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Advisor Senior Representatives: April Brown. Debbie Dodson. Tawnya Hooper. Shir ley James. Tony Korte. Mimi Morkel. Nancy Niemeier. Marcy Reed. Wendy Tyler. Monika Weathers. Candace Web ster. John Wisely. Masae Takahashi Junior Representatives: Amy Diddle-bock. Libby Gilkison. Carmen Jacobs. Lisa James, Josette Levi. Maria O'Connor. Sara Utterbach. Tammy Watson. Kim Woods Sophomore Representatives: Amy Gehrke. Mark Haynes. Deneen Hender son. Amy Jones. Mary Beth Norman. Betsy Schudel. Jodie Stewart. Coral Vol land. Beth Hoechst, Colleen Oiler, Donna Menke Freshman Representatives: Erin Allen. Christina Kidwell. Martha Phillips. Geor gia Ross. Tammy Pruitt. Barb Scheffel. Jeff Simcox. Sue Kayser, Carolyn Lenoir. Yvonna Washington. Washington. Suzanne Kercher, Suzanne Boyer. Jill Kramer Activities Board — 159160 F.B.L.A. Future Business Leaders Of America Middle Left: Jam Wkkenhauser. Germania, one of the presentators at the Job Seeking Skills Workshop assists the students filling out applications for Job Seekers Middle Right FBLA Month Proclamation Signing with Mayor Bert Wuellner Front Row Janie Lorton, reporter; Tammy Bauswell. president; Mayor Wuellner; and Kelly Edwards. secretary. Second Row: Patricia Meyer. Alton Telegraph; Barb Bitter. Prudential. Tom Thompson. Principal. Gil Moody. Moody and Carter Properties; Brian Stawar. vice president. Michael Aimone. Mississippi Lime Company; Kristine Glenn, treasurer; Wilma Bricker, Adviser; Ed Voumard. Jr . City Clark Bottom Tammy Bauswell. president; presents Dr Mary Blance Jungers. Superintendent of Schools, a Certificate of Appreciation for her support to the FBLA Chapter. Top Left: Mr. Terry Blaise. PLA Associates, was the guest speaker at the Induction of New Members. Top Right: Tammy Bauswell. president, is presiding at the Induction of New Members. Alton’s F.B.L.A. Celebrate 35th Anniversary The assembly was started by a welcome to all FBLA members, past and present, and to the advisory council, and all guests by Tammy Bauswell, president of FBLA. There were greetings from Dr. Robert Middleton, principal, Jennifer Rushing, vice president of FBLA, and Mr. Edward Voumard, Jr., city clerk of Alton, and member of the advisory council. There were two former FBLA members who spoke to us. They were Penny Gibson Fay, Fay’s Official Referee Supply and Equipment, and Pat Vassar, a tax consultant for H R Block. After the program, there was a reception for the guests. FBLA.1985 86 FBLA Members: Wendy Ad ams. Mindy Allred. Laurie Barton. Tammy Bauswell. Janet Beatty. Renee Boomer, Arlene Brannan, Rebecca Buhs, Charles Bonds. Jill Cartwright. Mary Corby. Lisa Crumley, Misty DeJer nett. Melissa Dolbee. Cheri Dover. Kris tin Ealey. Chris Edwards. Kelly Edwards. Liz Eldridge. Walter Effinger. Jennifer Fritz. Tracey Gallup, Brian Generally. Kristine Glenn. Richard Grindstaff. James Harris. Erica Hollicay. Michael Holliday. Carla Hokenson, Tavon Hughes. Melissa Hunt. Pauline Hutson. Chris Ing, Lisa James, Shirley James. Doug Jenkins. Leslie Johnson. Christy Keith, Kim Kiser. Rose Korte. Janie Lor-ton. Kelly McCollum. Josephine Me Donald. Shelly McDonald. Monica Northcutt, Faith Phipps. Lenora Pe-drero. Christine Porter. Delores Price. Ramona Rhine. Jennifer Rushing. Lisa Scott. Melia Slighton. Carrie Spencer. Brian Stawar. Earline Stewart. Tina Tay lor. Barbara Thomas. Keysa Truell, Mona Trijello. Michelle Tweedy. Paul Wallace. Roger Watkins. Andria Watson. Stephanie Watson. Tracy Watson. Can danice Webster. Kelly Young. Jennifer Nimmo Middle: The members are being inducted into the FBLA Chapter Bottom Left: The FBLA Chapter Celebrated its 35th Anniversary Miss Wilma Bricker, FBLA Adviser; Tammy Bauswell. FBLA President; Penny Gibson Fay. 1969-70 Alton and Southwestern Area President; and Patricia Vassar. 1974-75 Alton Treasuerer; pose with the 35th Anniversary cake The reception was attended by 100 persons Bottom Right Ms Pat Vassar. 1974-75 Alton Treasurer, spoke at the 35th Anniversary to the members on the value of being active FBLA members FBLA 161SADIE HAWKINS DANCE MR. IRRESISTIBLE CANDIDATES SENIORS: Mike Haar Matt Hausman Larry Smith JUNIORS: Tony Darr Joey Davis Tony Herd 162 - SADIE HAWKINSMIKE HAAR IS CROWNED MR. IRRESISTABLE 1986 Sadie Hawkins Dance — 163JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM “The Best Is Yet To Come” - PromFor the first time in over twenty years the juniors and seniors got together and held a combined Jr.-Sr. prom. Also for the first time, the dance was held off campus at the Alton Holiday Inn on May 18, 1985. Tyra Smith, the reigning Dream Girl, prepared to hand down her crown to one of seven junior candidates at the annual coronation. Candidates and their escorts included Cami Jo Beaber and Nick Fencel, Maria Cartwright and Lance Kline, Tracy Castelli and Greg Harris, Cathy Hentrich and Tom Green, Mary Lekkas and Chad Staggs, Monika Weathers and Jody Markel, and Chris Welch and David Ferguson. The crown went to Tracy Castelli who now reigns as the 1985-86 Dream Girl. The band, Z-Bop, provided the musical entertainment and over 600 students attended the dance-more them any year in the past when separate demces were held. The prom was a success off campus and will be held at the Holiday Inn again in May 1986. by Nancy Niemeier Prom - 165DREAM GIRL - TRACY CASTELLIA Dream Qrl Candidates - 167ipvag - g9l AlHVd H3V39On the evening of March 1. 1986. Alton High students threw on their Hawaiian garb and surfed into the Beach Party Dance Approximately 350 beach bums partied to the music of D.J.'s. Kyle Ken nedy and Mike Brand The 1986 "Mr Cool" was named also. Four people from the crowd were chosen randomly to participate in the contest Whoever could stand in a bucket of ice the longest, was crowned Mr (or Miss) Cool After forty minutes, a draw was announced between Eddie Howard and Mary Lek kas by. Becky Snyders 169Homecoming Queen Candidates Homecoming Queen Candidates — 171HOMECOMING KING - DOUG BROOKS 172 — Homecoming KingNorman Bilsbury Paul Davey Tim Brueggeman Matt Havsmann Mike Kramer Homecoming King Candidates Andy Scanlan Homecoming King Candidates 173HOMECOMING DANCE ‘‘An Autumn Evening of Enchantment” was this year’s Homecoming Dance theme. The dance was held Saturday, September 28, 1985,-the earliest in A.H.S. history-in the school cafeteria from 8-11 p.m. Entertainment was provided by the band, R.I.O., and D.J., Calvin Hammond. Each year the upperclassmen nominate seven guys and girls who they feel have participated the most in school activities. Then the entire student body votes and the winners are decided. This year’s royal court consisted of: Cami Jo Beaber, Maria Cartwright. Marcy McAfoos, Michelle Retzer, Becky Snyders, Monika Weathers, Chris Welch, Norman Bilsbury, Doug Brooks, Tim Brueggeman. Paul Davey, Matt Hausman, Mike Kramer, and Andy Scanlan. 174 — Homecoming DanceThe coronation took place at 10p.m. when the reigning King and Queen, Joe Bowen and Kerri Hatcher, stepped down from their throne and proudly turned it over to their successors: Marcy McAfoos and Doug Brooks. Marcy McAfoos, “It was GREAT! It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Homecoming Dance — 175B.I.O.N.I.C. WEEK Believe It Or Not I Care The Student Senate sponsored a week-long activity known as B.I.O.N.I.C. (Believe It Or Not I Care) Week. Activities ranged from a wild pie-eating contest to an assembly where students asked school officials questions. by Darrell WoodmanFEBRUARY IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH This year. Black History Month featured speeches by Bert Wuellner, mayor of Alton, and Carl Officer, mayor of East St. Louis. Also, business and community leaders spoke. Dancing, films, and an assembly titled “Where To Now?”, which recognized blacks in various fields, highlighted the month of February, Black History Month. 178 — Black History MonthNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SPONSOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS On May 15. 1985, the National Honor Society sponsored the annual Special Olympics at Beverly Farms. The NHS members entertained the residents in a variety of athletic events, and ended the day with a softball game. As usual, the home team managed to pull out a surprising victory, by. Nancy Niemeier Top Left: Graduate Amy Stilwell teams with one of the participants in the three-legged race Middle Left: NHS members entertain participants between events Middle Right: Nancy Velloff (junior) teams with a participant in the three-legged race. Bottom: Dena Gravemann. Amy Stillwell. Nancy Velloff and Mike Brand compete with their partners in the three-legged race. N.H.S At Beverly Form — 179CHRISTMAS DANCE The 1985-86 Christmas Dance was held in the Alton High Cafeteria on Friday December 20. 1985 from 8 to II p m This year’s theme was Jingle Bell Rock with the band. Arrowlace. and the D.J.. Terry Fox. The Freshman Snow Queen nominees were Meme McAfoos. Heather Aldridge, and Jennifer Georgewitz. The Sophomore nominees included Amanda Oulson. Jodie Stewart, and Anne Lutes Among the Junior nominees were Karen Godwin. Sarah Utterback. and Tracy Deeder And the senior nominees were Cathy Hentrich, Diane Fitzgerald, and Becky Snyders. The reigning 1984-85 Snow Queen, Jennifer Harpole. handed down her crown to the newly nominated 1985-86 Snow Queen. Jennifer Georgewitz. Top Left Meme McAfoos escorted by Kosta Lekkas. Top Right: Cathy Hentrich escorted by Tim Brueggeman. Middle Left: The 1984-85 Snow Queen. Jennifer Harpole. escorted by Ben Herzon. Bottom Middle Right: Becky Snyders escorted by Kevin Rowe. Bottom Left: Sarah Utterback escorted by Derrick Jacobs. Bottom Right: Karen Godwin escorted by Matt Van Voorhis. 180 - Christmas DanceSNOW QUEEN JENNIFER GEORGEWITZMeMe McAfoos Heather Aldridge Snow Queen Candidates 182 - Snow Queen Candidate?Karen Goodwin Snow Cathy Hentrich Snow Queen Candidates - 183 Queen Candidates Diane Fitzgerald Becky Snyders16TH ANNUAL POWDER PUFF Seniors Squeek By 26-0 | «. T ' Senior Powder Puff Roster Donna An drews. Nancy Baker. Cami Jo Beaber. Michele Bell. Marcia Blasioli. Erica Brat ton. April Brown. Trisha Conreux. Kelli Copeland. Julie Cruz. Diana Deeder. Debbie Dodson. Mane Edwards. Jennifer Fulks. Helen Gramates. Jennifer Gratton. Trina Hallows. Karen Hard-beck. Audra Harris. Caprice Holmes, Tawnya Hooper. Tamara Hysten. Dedra Jackson. Shirley James. Adrien Jason. Melissa Johnson. Tamara Johnson. Sara Jones. Cheryl Mathis. Deborah Menke. Urvana Morales. Mimi Morkel. Stacey Noble. Lee Ann Norman. Ursala Parks. Leonora Perry. Michelle Rea. Julie Reiske. Cindy Rounds. Dana Salzman. Andrea Sanders. Melissa Schrumpf. Car la Shaw. Kathy Smith. Bemta Sykes. Tracey Telford. Nancy Velloff. Mary Vest. Chris Welch. Alfreda Willis. 186 - Powder PuffJunior Powder Puff Roster: Julie Ann Aldridge. Cheri Bailey. Tracey Banks. Jennifer Barton. Leah Beacoat. Donna Beem. Lisa Bernhardt. Heather Brene-gan. Reba Brown. Laurie Canter. Karen Conner. Beth Cornell. Molly Cox. Bon me Crader. Connie Crader. Tracy Deeter. Amy Diddlebock. Cindy Dixon. Robyn Ennis. Lisa Everitt. Kathy Farm er. Mary Grace Folwell. Cherie Fowler. Libby Glkison. Karen Godwin. Diana Gratton. Holly Greenwood. Elizabeth Hage. Lauri Hatcher. Melissa Hellrung. Joy Hindmon. Marina Holcomb. Angela Holliday. Tracy Hull. Paula Hutson. Christine Ing, Stephanie Ivester. Carmen Jacobs. Lisa James. Angela Jason. Fell cia Jones. Meredith Jones. Wendy Koh ler. Tamara Lacey. Jeanette Lara. Jenni fer Lawson. Josette Levi. Shannon MacKelden. Susan Mottaz. Beth Noble. Maria O'Connor. Kim Perry. Rebecca Plunk. Kimberly Reams. Melissa Rob erts, Christie Sansone. Sandra Schwegei. Deanne Smith. Olivia Sykes. Jennifer Thurou. Ann Tutoky. Valerie Vauthan. Denise Walker. Tammy Watson. Sara Woods. Sara Yates. Powder Puff — 187Senior Cheerleaders: Shawn Lipe. David Yearwood. Matt Hausman. Jason Coker. Bob Brown. Joe Darr, George Gunning. Paul Davey. Andy Scanlan. John Wisely. Brian Smith. Mike Hunt •»« ••• it uni11 ninii «• • • 0 0 • • • 0 MM • • • 0 • 0 • • [ill Hill,I «« • 000 PEPSI Welcome To PUBLIC SCHOOL STADIUMSenior Coaches: Tim Simmons. Doug Brooks. Bobby Collins. Mike Kramer. Mike Harr. Terence Holliday. Monty Ingram. Tim Watson Junior Coaches: Tony Herd. Kevin Rowe. Scott Hall. Brian Kieneger. Greg Corondo Marching 23: Kelton Neal. Todd Tatnall. Howie Gooden. Jim Wilkinson Julie Fleming. Victor Smith. Tta Bell. Teresa Scott. Lisa Schobernd, Dean Voumard. Sara Bumbacher. Cory Mclntire. Ann Freeman. Dian Smith. Trisha Diserns. John Schmisseur. Dan Schmisseur. Darryl Blair. Kenneth Smith. Chris Hansen. Cassandra Martien. Peter Ulffers Powder Puff 18 The Sadie Hawkins Dance gave the girls a chance to take the guys out and cover the expenses. The highlight of the evening came when Sr. Richard Dewey was named Mr. Irresista-ble 1985. The other candidates included Deavon Retzer and Jeff Herd, seniors; John Sloan, Doug Brooks, and Ranee Long, juniors; Joel Herzon, Scott Hall, and Brad King, sophomores; Duonne Martin. David Smith, and Mark Haynes, freshmen, by, Darrell Woodman Sadie Hawkins Dance — 191A massive reconstruction of the Statue of Liberty was begun in 1983. Most of the restoration came in 1985 and com pletion was in early 1986 The rededica-tion of the Statue will come July 3. 1986 on the 100th birthday of the great sym bol of freedom and promise Along with the reconstruction and rededication has come a renewed spirit of Americanism the Spirit of 86 Farm Aid. a benefit concert in Cham paign. Illinois, took place on September 22 The concert, which was organized by country singer Willie Nelson, raised about $7 million to help U S. farmers. Performers included John Couger Mel-lencamp. The Charlie Daniels Band. Neil Young. Tom T. Hall, and Foreigner On October 9, 1985 on what would have been John Lennons 45th birthday, a 2.5 acre plot of land in Central Park was dedicated as Strawberry Fields. One hundred twenty three countries sent na lure trees inorder to create a growing environment to the musician who urged us all to ’ Imagine’' world Peace. Pictured here are Lennons wife Yoko Ono and son Sean admiring a marble inlay from the Station Government. Bottom Right Newly appointed Soviet Leader Mickhail S Gorbachev and President Ronald Reagan met in Geneva. Switzerland on November 19 and 20. 1985 They discussed how to achieve world peace This was the first direct meeting with a soviet leader since Franklin Roosevelt during WW II 192 Spirit Of The WorldTHE WORLD On July 13. 1985, Live Aid. the biggest rock concert in history, took place. The simultaneous shows in London and Philadelphia included artists such as Phil Collins. U2. Sting. Bryan Adams. Tina Turner. Mick Jagger, David Bowie. Madonna, and Bob Geldof. who was responsible for the event, which raised over $82 million for African famine relief. Bob Geldof. the lead singer of the British group Boomtown Rats, was the leading force behind both Band Aid and Live Aid. Geldof's famine relief efforts have raised a total of $92 million dollars On May 25. 1986. Hands Across America will take place. This is a plan to form a chain of 6 million people across the nation, from coast to coast Hands Across America, which is sponsored by USA for Africa, is expected to raise $100 million in donations from partici pants. The money will go toward helping homeless and hungry Americans Spirit Of The World - 193SEE HOW THEY RUN Ida Miss Skillon Rev. Lionel Toop Penelope Toop Corporal Clive Winton The Intruder Bishop of Lax Rev. Arthur Humphrey Sergeant Towers Beth Richards Mary Vest Matt Simpson Laura Heil Sean Bippen Doug Simpson Scot Allen Darryl Short Dan Tejada Top: Rev Toop (Matt Simpson) pleads with his wife Penelope (Laura Heil) to behave more like a Vicar’s wife should. (T.R.) Middle Left: Miss Skillion (Mary Vest) ’’the pillar of the church” informs the Vicar of his wife’s wrong doings Middle Center: Ida (Beth Richards), the maid, shows what it takes to attract a man. Middle Right A drunken Miss Skillion (Mary Vest) makes her move on Rev. Toop (Matt Simpson) Bottom: The cast from left to right, front row: Darryl Short. Mary Vest. Laura Heil, Beth Richards. Scot Allen. Back row Doug Simpson, Sean Bippen. Dan Tejada. 194 - See How They RunDirector Mr. Genn Waters Student Director Penny Nelson Stage Manager Mike Long Sound Sean Schwartz Lights Reggie Robinson Top Left: Sparks start to fly between Clive (Sean Bippen) and Penelope (Laura Heil) Middle Left: Front Row: Cindi Weinman. Tracy Hokenson. Marina Holcomb. Laurie Canter. Sean Schwartz. Reggie Robinson. Back Row: Mike Long. Pam Crane. Penny Nelson, Lisa Pitts. Jamie Beckman. Dan Stidham Middle Right Corporal Clive Winton Portrayed by Sean Bippen Bottom Left: Ida (Beth Richards) comforts a confused Bishop (Scot Allen) Bottom Right Sergeant Towers (Dan Tejada) gets to the bottom of things. See How They Run — 195Director Vocal Director Conductor Technical Director Costume Director Choreographer Ticket Sales Assistant Director Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Lighting Control Sound Follow Spots Top Left: Lt. Cables asks Llat if she is “Younger Than Springtime" Top Right: Capt. Bracket orders Billis to clean his ship! Mr. Cliff Davenport Mr. George Heidbrink Mr. Larry Crabbs Mr. Glenn Waters Mrs. Nan Paeltz Mrs. Bev Mundy Mr. Glenn Waters Amy Montague and Noelle Poindexter Beth Richards Danny Stidham Jeff Schultz Sean Schwartz and Derrick Howard John Plunk and Scott Nickel 196 - South Pacific Middle Left: Jeff Ackerman gives Jamie Beckman a Copy Cat Video interview. Middle Right: Luther Billis Tries to ‘gyp Bloody Mary Bottom: The crew enjoys their 'liberty time' on the shores.Ngana Penny Vongs Molly Grisham Jerome Tom Kodros Tim Kasten Henry Dan Tejada Ensign Nellie Forbush Jamie Beckman Monica Davey Emile De Becque Dennis McBride Bloody Mary Kaela Berry Jaimee Brown Abner John Schmisseur Stewpot Doug Raffety Luther Billis Jeff Ackerman Professor Steve Peebles Lt. Joseph Cables U.S.M.C. Mathew Simpson Capt. George Brackett, U.S.N. Shawn Lipe Commdr. William Harbison. U.S.N. George Siampos Yeoman Quale Scot Allen Radio Operator McAffrey Houston Fry Liat Jenna Gramolino Carmen Jacobs Lt. Buzz Adams Tom Green Top: Nellie displays how she’s gonna "Wash That Man Outta Her Hair” Bottom Left: Emile de Becque serenades Nellie Forbush with “Some Enchanted Evening.” Bottom Right: Three seamen swing with Bloody Mary. South Pacific — 197Singing Chorus: Tawni Atteberry, Nancy Baker, Heather Brenegan, Dane Ann Clark, Jenny Cope, Missy Dingledein, Angie Holmes, Christie Liley, Lisa Pitts, Rae Robertson, Mary Vest. Nancy Velloff, Robert Brown, Mark Cowgill, Mark Davey, George Gunning, Mike Long, Jack Monroe, Reggie Robinson, Kevin Rowe, Ike Ruedin, David Zimmerman Dancing Chorus: Cami Jo Beaber, Georgia Campagna, Lezlie Childs, Beth Cornell, Jennifer Harpole, Kary Klinke, Marcy McAfoos, Debbi Middle-ton, Janet Page, Melissa Walter Top Left: Local nurses help Nellie 'Wash That Man Right Outta Her Hair.” Top Right: Nellie sings about her ’‘Honey Bun”. Bottom: Luther Billis entertains the troops at as "one of the gals”. 198 - South Pacificn» CaH of Bth H'm In lheir musical. South Poahc. Richard Rodger and Otcar Hammer ! tell us a lory at an aland located the South Pacific during World War II and how newcomer try to take advantage of native and vice versa South Poahc show an accomplished plantation farmer who ran away from Mind justice to the island but still desperately yearning for love and affection from a woman The tory also tell us how soldttrs and sailors alike coped with the war While a company of sailors are relaxing on the shore of Bab Ha. an old but healthy woman. Bloody Mary m trying to sell grass skirts, shrunken heads, simple earrings, etc to these sailor hoping to get rich quick Luther Bilks. Stewpot. and •The professor" (all petty officer tailors) try to take advantage of Bloody Mary's ignorance by trying to sell her gras skirt at an unfair price She not only takes the skirt , but she also takes their money " for good luck" while gwmg them a valuable boar's tooth bracelet Bloody Mary also trie to marry off her only daughter. Uat. to a promising Marine Second Lieutenant Joseph Cables In hope that she too could enjoy a better Me Emile De Becque. the mam character, was a plantation farmer about his rmd-ftftie When he was much younger he killed a man m France m self defense After the ordeal he knew then that he had to leave his homeland exile and start a new kfe somewhere far away On the island of Bah H al he lived like a king He had slaves working for hkn. a fine home, and two children to call him father (Ngana and Jerome) De spite all of these convenience , he still relentlessly hoped for the warmth and affection of a young worn an Ever since he laid eyes on Ensign Nurse Nelhe Forbush. he has been trying to win her heart ever ■nee Being on the front line m combat situation is not exactly hke a bed of rose petals These brave, young soldier and sailors alike put their Me on the line almost everyday for the country they so dearly loved Home sickness often made them feel alone, alienated, and sometenes forgotten which made them rely on each other even more To help relieve these tensions they would often entertain themselves Higher officials also orgamred special shows for their pawns of war Top: The merry crew proclaims: “There's Nothin' Like A Dame" Bottom Left: The faithful costume crew guided by Mrs. Nan Paeltz Bottom Right: The nurses give the sail ors a Thanksgiving show South Pacific - 199FOOLS Imagine a whole community composed of people with no more intelligence than a bump on a log. In his play, Fools, Neil Simon dares to dream up such a situation. Leon Tolchinsky, a schoolmaster of with great expectations, goes to the village of Kulyenchikov, to tutor Dr. Zu-britsky’s stupid daughter, Sophia. Leon suddenly became obsessed with the thought of breaking the curse after falling in love with such a simple soul. The first play of the school year were performed on November 8th and November 9th. Top Right: The Count shows Leon false documents Top Left: The doctor expresses his love to Lenya. his wife. Middle Left: Leon reads curse to the Zubritskys. Middle Right Leon and Sophia share wedding vows. Bottom. Cast-Front Row: Mary Grace Folwell. Mike Long, Dennis McBride, Darryl Short, Bob Brown. Sonya Schenk. Scot Allen. Second Row: Jack Monroe, Back Row: Doug Simpson. Diana Deeter Director Cliff Davenport Technical Director Student Assistant Stage Manager Lighting Control Sound 200 - Fools Glenn Waters Pam Crane Lisa Pitts Jeff Schultz Sean Schwartz Derrick HowardLeon Tochinsny Snetsky Magistrate Slovitch Mishkin Yenchna Dr. Zubritsky Lenya Zubritsky Sophia Zubritsky Gregor Yousekevitch Scot Allen Darryl Short Bob Brown Mike Long Jack Leonard Mary Grace Folwell Doug Simpson Diana Deeter Sonya Schenk Dennis McBride Top Left: The Count explains diabolical plan. Top Right: Mishkin and Yenchna discover newly acquired intelligence. Middle Wedding at the Zubritsky’s house. Bottom: Crew-Front Row Nancy Baker, Pam Crane. Kevin Riffey, Second Row: Erin Allen. Noelle Poindexter. Rae Rob ertson. Laurie Canter. Lisa Pitts. Third Row Kim Gabriel. Jamie Beckman. John Davenport. Andrea Kodros. Jai mee Brown. Jeff Schultz. Jolle Wilson. Fourth Row: Laura Trigg. Karyn Clanton. Fifth Row: Sandy Kyle. Liz Buck Fools - 201TWAIN Males Left to Right: Tony Darr, Steve Peebles. Houston Fry. Darryl Short. Doug Simpson. Jack Monroe. John Davenport. Mike Long. Females Left to Right Penny Nelson. Jamie Beckman. Mary White. Kelly Bull. Elaine Ambro movich BY THE TALE “Twain By the Tale”, a two-act review of Mark Twain stories, sketches and monologues, was presented on January 17th and 18th, 1986, in the Alton High auditorium. The time was the past “the Past.” The setting was “Places in Mark Twain’s Life and Mind.” 202 — Twain By The TaleProduction Crew-Front Row Mike Long. Pam Crane. Sarah Jehle. Laura Trigg. Genifer Burjes. Second Row Marina Holcomb. Houston Fry. Laurie Canter. Darryl Short. Penny Nelson. Randy Beckman. Back Row Amy Jones. Mary Grace Folwell. Dana Wilson. Shelly Witt 203204 - All P ALL BECAUSE OF AGATHA Clockwise from the top: Kerri Scroggins. Doug Simpson. Phillip McFarlane. Pam Crane. Darryl Short. Marina Holcomb. Mary White. Mary Vest. Diana Deeter. John Davenport Duff O’Hara Doug Simpson Joan O’Hara Kerri Scroggins Mr. Van Buren John Davenport Mrs. Boggs Marina Holcomb Ethel Diana Deeter Dr. Randolph Phillip McFarlane Thelma Breckenridge Pam Crane Flip Cannon Darryl Short Madam La Solda Mary Vest Agatha Forbes Mary WhiteDirector Mr. Glenn Waters Student Director Mike Long Stage Manager Dennis McBride Light Board Dan Tejada DeDe Jackson. Laura Trigg. Beth Hager. Randy Beckman. Dennis McBride. Dan Tejada. Rozalyn Adams. Julie Wilson. Mike Long. Mary Grace Folwell. Gender Buries. All Because Of Agatha — 205MUSIC CANDIDS Top Middle We re all in our places with sunshiny faces! Middle Left: Hokus Pokus. Blast it all! Middle Center: Raise your hand if you're sure. Bottom Left: Hi. you’re just in time for the Rambo aerobics class. Bottom Middle: I’m glad she likes the flowers: I made them myself. My name is Bond James Bond. 206 - Music CandidsSYMPHONIC BAND Flutes: Kathy Farmer, Jennifer Thurow. Jamie Beckman. Susan Mottaz. Angi Maddox. Dawn Hert. Cindy Howell, Terrell Brinkman. Meredith Jones. Beth Cornell. Mary Grace Folwell. Marissa Bottens, Rae Robertson. Julie Fleming. Mikki Gray. Trisha Diserens. Shelly Mathews. Deanna Farmer. Donna Burg er Oboe: Dawn Weber. Jenny Cope Clarinet: Jean Bryant. Paula Brooks. Jeff Smith. Rachel Celia, Pam Lewis, Tia Bell. Karen Churchman. Regina Gribble. Lisa Bernhardt. Patty McGrath. Stephanie Buhs. Ann Freeman. Tim O’Neal. Cathy Norman. Jennifer Lawson. Lori Kanturek, Amy Walter Bass Clarinet: Lisa Schobernd, Heather Mathewson Saxophone: John Davenport. Aaron Greenwood. Mark Kasten, Mike Dilley, Howard Gooden. Jennifer Black 208 - Symphonic BandHorns Brad Phillips. Peter Ulffers. Mary Weber. Cathy Miller. Sarah Kelly Percussion: Mark Buettel. John Ridder. Aaron Khosrovani. Kenneth Smith. Darrin Neal. Todd Tatnall. Rob Hall. Bruce Beuttel. Scott Liley. Jenny Haycraft. Da-mion Gilligan. Mitzi Bramley Trumpet Mike Gagiiardo. John Mench, Kelton Neal. Steve Schoeffel. Karla Hurley. Joe Leonard. Victor Smith. Dean Voumard. Cassandra Martien Percussion: Jack Leonard. Scott Cor nell Trombone: Aaron Cox. Nate Folwell. Dan Schmisseur. Bruce Cromwell. Paul Steinbrueck. Reggie Robinson. Baritone: John Schmisseur. Jim Wilkin son Tuba Cory Mclntire, Tom Trabis. Charles Berry Symphonic Band CONCERT BAND Donna Andrews, Lindsay Barth, Jana Beane. Randy Beckman, Kathy Bessler. Kim Boren. Carol Bryant. Amy Buhs. Sara Bumbacher. Mike Cope. Tim Cromwell. Greg Crull. Delveena Davis, Paula Davis. Mike Dilley. Aletha Edwards. Melody Furrow. Fred Garris. Garrett Gates. Ryan Grant. Jennifer Gratton, Melissa Hartley. Craig Hartman, Jason Herter. Greg Hertz. Carla Hokenson, Erica Holliday. Kim Holliday. Julie Howell. Dale Hubbard. Chris Kidwell, David Kincade. Scott Liley, Kim Maple. Cindy Marshall. Jennifer Mcllwaine. Ra-chelle Morgan. Chris Norman. Martha Phillips, Sara Rathgeb, Allen Reyne. Kyla Reynolds. Scott Robinson. Barb Ruckman, Theresa Scott, Cindy Single-ton. DeAnne Smith, Matt Steele. Joi Terry. Lisa Thomas. James Tieman. Patty Turner. Shondolyn Wheeler. Joanne White. Karin Whitten. Alan Wilkinson. Robin Zimmerman. Gary Banks Direc- 110 - Concert Band ,orSaxophones Howard Gooden Scott Allsman Lisa Thomas Jean Bryant Mike Dilley TRUMPETS Kelton Neal Victor Smith Karla Hurley Dean Boumard TROMBONES John Schmisseur Nate Folwell Reggie Robinson Lindsay Barth RHYTHM Darrin Neal Kenneth Smith Paul Steinbrueck David Year wood Trisha Dtserens Joi Terry Concert Band-Jazz Band — 211SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA Orchestra Personnel: Tia Bell (Concert-master). Jayson Bentley, Genifer Burjes, Cindy Hansen. Sarah Hauversburk. Aar on Khosrovam, Trina Lee. Tara Meeden. Julia Nevlin. David Norris. Ricky Rea. Jenny Tejada, Marc Thompson. Alan Wilkinson. Jim Wilkinson, violins. Ann Tutoky (Principal). Jennifer Black. Jennifer Chadwick. Kris Dilley. Jon Lair, violas; Kate Tutoky (Principal). Becky Black. Darryl Blair. Jennifer Sherwood (Co-Principal). Becki Stanley. Jill Taylor. Lisa Weber. Jalyn Ziegler, cellos; David Yearwood (Principal). Paul Steinbrueck. basses; Aaron Khosrovani, timpani. 212 - Symphonic OrchestraManssa Bottens (Principal). Trisha Dis-erns. Mary Grace Folwell. Mikki Gray, flutes; Amy Gibson. (Principal). Amy Cook, Dawn Weber, oboes; Jennifer Keeley (Principal). Paula Brooks. Ann Freeman, Robin Zimmerman, clarinet; Chris Ulffers (Principal), bassoon; Peter Ulffers (Principal). Brian Conrady. Brad Phillips. Gary Banks, horns; Mike Gag-liardo (Principal), John Giertz. trumpets. Reggie Robinson (Principal). Nate Folwell. John Schmisseur. trombones; Cory Mclntire. tuba Symphonic Orchestra - 213Chorus 1 Deana Anderson. Terri Ash. Lashawna Bailey. Kim Bartholomew. Janet Beatty. Jerry Berkel. Theresa Be saw. Kimberly Blair, Karen Blanton. Cas-sondra Borders. Carrie Bradley. Kelly Britt. Barbara Brown. Amy Buhs. James Burnett. Carmen Campbell. Christine Cauley. Allen Collins. John Collins. Nan-nette Crane. Jerad Dabbs. Margaret Da-vey. Delveena Davis. Kelly Dooley. Cheri Dover. Kristin Ealey. Christopher Edwards. Jami Ervin. Casey Finck. Theresa Francis. Jeffrey Frankford. Wanda Gray. Marsha Green. Maryann Greenwood. James Hand. Heather Hansen. Rachel Hartmann. Stacey Hayden, Cheryl Heath. Dionne Hendrix, Erica Henry. Amos Hervey. Dawn Hogue. Deidre Holliday. Kelley Hoskins. Jean ifer Houston. Cynthia Howell. James Jackson. David Jemison. Sonya Jennings. Angela Jirdon, Kathleen King. Christine Laughlin. Carolyn Lenoir. Gina Front Row: Leslie Johnson. Karen Pace. Beth Higgins. Kim Stormer, Jenny Mas ters. Nathan Gholston. Lori Blackwood, Clarence Lawrence. Second Row Ramona Kerkemeyer. Jennifer Porter. Denise Fulks. Rhonda Grant. Becky Hayes. Jerry Bland. Tracy Buckner. Third Row: Erica Terrell. Terry Shaw. Shari McPherson. Becky Blaske. Jamie Washington. Cassie Lockhardt, Fourth Row: Jack Monroe. Mike Vetter. Amy Hall. Don Taylor. Don Reynolds CHORUS Level. Samuel Lollis, Cheryl Lovett. Vanessa Lovett. Florine Mason. Melinda McAfoos. Meredith McElyea. Debra Mitchell. Rachel Moore, Melinda Mor-genroth, Jennifer Murray, Elizabeth Norman. Monica Northcutt. Jason Parrish. Kendall Pearson. Lenora Pedrero. Dawn Peiffer. Dolores Price. Cynthia Pritchard. Jenny Rankin. Lori Rider. Bura Robinson. Michele Rushing. Brenda Sanders. Luis Saravia. Susan Schrimpf, Amy Schupbach. Renee Sherer, Mi chelle Siemer. Anissa Sisk. Michelle Smith. Tracy Smith. Angelica Spiller, Carrie Springer, Markietra Stampley. James Steele. Christie Steward, Lorraine Stewart. Tracey Sulich. Suzanne Talbert. James Tanner. Carl Thacker. Michele Tweedy. Shannon Ulrich. Paul Wallace. Sylvonne Warr. Shannon Satt. Lemonydue White. Kim Wiegand. Mar cus Williams. Robert Woodie. Amy Yost. Jalyn Ziegler. Heidi Zippmann 214 ChorusChorus 1: Lon Blackwood. Jerry Bland. Rebekka Blaske. Tracy Buckner. Cara line Chonotofalsky. Regina Dew. Amy Dillinger, Shawn Dodd. Gina Duckworth. Denise Fulks, Nathan Gholston. Sharon Gillespie. Rhonda Grant. Amy Hall. Re becca Hayes. Beth Higgins. Melissa Hunt. Leslie Johnson. Ramona Kerke meyer. Kimberly Knoche, Clarence Law rence. Cassie Lockhart. Malissa Mason. Jennifer Masters. Kelly McCollum. Shari McPherson. Michelle Michael. Jack Mon roe. Karen Pace. Donald Reynolds. Terry Shawn. David Smith. Kimberly Storm er. Mary Swarringin. Donald Taylor. An gela Tankersley. Michael Erica Terrell. Michael Vetter. Jana Washingon, Regina Womack Chorus 3: Karyn Clanton. Mary Corby. Pamela Crane. Shelley Hickman. Car mella Jessen, Andrea Kodros. Michael Long. Chris McGuiggan. Susan Mosby. Bryan Ready. Susan Root. Lorena Sara via. Amy Saville. Monica Schallenberg. Kerri Scroggins. Valerie Vaughan. Mary White, Laveta Womack Chorus 4: Starline Johnson, Dennis McBride. Penelope Nelson. Michelle Rea. Regina Robinson Chorus — 215This year’s Pep Band displayed enormous talent at each of the home basketball games. Led by director Dennis Meyer, the Pep Band provided quality entertainment during each half-time period. Also, the Pep Band was invited to play at a St. Louis Steamers’ home game in Busch Stadium. 216 — Pep BandPep Band Marissa Bottens. Julie Flem ing. Angi Maddox. Trisha Diserens, Cindy Howell. Jean Bryant. Amy Walter. Karen Churchman. Wendy Gottlob. Jeff Smith. Jennifer Lawson, Jennifer Black. Howard Gooden. Mark Kasten. Carol Bryant. Amy Jones. Lisa Schobernd. Lori Kanturek. Kelton Neal. Victor Smith. Cassandra Martlen. Mike Gag-liardo, Steve Schoeffel, Dean Voumard. Tim Cromwell. John Mench. Randy Beckman. Chris Norman. Peter Ulffers, Sara Kelly. Alan Wilkinson, Bruce Cromwell. Dan Schmisseur. Nate Folwell. Reg gie Robinson. Deanne Smith. Joi Terry. Lindsay Barth. Jason Herter. John Schmisseur. Robin Zimmerman. Jim Wilkinson. Tom Travis. Charles Berry. Jen ny Haycraft. John Ridder. Ken Smith. Darryl Blair Pep Band - 217Troubadours: Janet Beatty. Jamie Beck man. Randy Beckman. Jerry Berkel. Kaela Berry. Lisa Bernhardt. Reba Brown. Tracy Buckner. Jenny Canter. Laurie Canter. Stacy Clevenger. John Collins. Mary Corby. Chris Corethers. Scott Cornell. Ricky Dunse. Kristen Ea ley. Laura Emmons. Robyn Ennis. Mar cia Frazer. Robbie Gottlob. Beth Hager. Stacy Hayden. Deneen Henderson. Joy Hindmon. Kelley Hoskins. Francine Jackson. Michele Kasten, Stacy Leavell. Samuel Lollis. Duonne Martin. Heather Mathewson. Dennis McBride. Chris McGuiggan. Avonda Medhurst, Jeff Mel lenthin. John Mench, Cathy Miller. Pam Miller. Jack Monroe. Kyle Nudo. Dawn Peiffer. Lisa Pitts. Noelle Poindexter. Monica Radcliff. Jenny Rankin. Lon Rid er. Bryan Ready. Rae Robertson. Susie Root. Georgia Ross. Luts Saravia. Amy Saville. Monica Schallenberg. Susan Schrimpf. Amy Schupbach. Beth Sei bold. Jennifer Sherwood. Kandy Shive. Cindy Singleton. Fred Smith. Carrie Springer. Jill Taylor. Carl Thacker. Dawn Ward. Curtis Warlick. Vince War lick. Shannon Watt. Marcus Williams. Dana Wilson.Sherry Witt Troubadores — 219MARCHING 100 DRUM MAJORS Under the direction of Dennis Meyer, the Alton Marching 100 performed one of its best shows ever. The Marching 100 placed 3rd in Heath, Kentucky in the “March for the Gold” competition. Front Row Tia Bell. Jennifer Mcllwaine. Second Row Jenny Cope 220 — Marching 100Front Row Cristie Liley, Lori Fleming. Second Row: Denise Fulks. Shelly Chap man. Virna Pizzichillo. Christy Thomp son. Lisa Pitts. Laurie Canter. Tara Raby. Sarah Jehle. Third Row Shawn Dodd. Buffy Greenwood, Carrie Owczar-zak. Christa Kuhn. Tawni Atteberry. Missy Dingledein. Heather Robinson. Tracy Smith. Fourth Row Karen Whit ten. Gail Doss. Aletha Edwards. Erin Allen. Kerry Hubbard Marching 100 — 221FLAG AND RIFLE CAPTAINS 222 — Marching 100 Front Row: Lori Kanturek, Lori Fleming. Second Row: Cristie Liley, Becky Clax-tonFront Row Becky Claxton. Lori Kan-turek. Second Row: Donna Burger. Re becca Plunk. Penny Allensworth. Third Row: Amy Culiberk. Trina Lee. Angi Maddox. Lori Wedding RIFLE LINE Marching 100 223Top: Fashion forecast Top Middle Right: All right, what's the password? Middle Left: Hey! Over here! Bottom Middle Right: "Bleep!? Syntax error” to you too! Bottom Left: If I kill myself, I'm suing. Bottom Right: Don’t we look marvelous today? 224 — CandidsBottom Left: M-l-C-K-E-Y. he’s our favorite guy! Bottom Right: Let’s get 'em' Candids - 225Top Left: “Don’t bother me. I'm in a State of Concentration " Top Right: Seriously, we weren't eating in here. Middle Left. 1 Love homework Middle Right: That's Cool! Bottom Such a boring day. 226 — CandidsTop Left I hate to tell you this dear, but I think that we're being filmed for a soap opera! Top Center: I will not take cosmetology again. I will not take cos Middle I think that the book is wrong this time! Bottom Left No, I am not going to pose for you-take my picture as is. Bottom Center: Presenting the winner of the Chuck Yeager look alike contest. Bottom Right: Invade my space and I'll slug you.Top Left: Monica, don't worry! Aigebra isn't too hard. Top Right: Do not disturb! Great mind at work. Middle Left. I am too tired to work. Middle Right The Four Musketeers Bottom Left: Everybody tells me to act my age Aren’t I? Bottom Middle Writing notes is my favorite subject. Bottom Right This Algebra is two tough for me. 228 — CandidsCandids - 229Bottom Middle: Mr Wolke! Quit posing for the camera and pay attention! Bottom Right: Don’t come any closer! I might explode! 230 - CandidsMiddle Right: and a 1, and a 2, and. is it time to go home yet? Bottom Left: Answer: Gaddafi and a life insurance agent Question: Who has been picked to be the commander and next civilian to go on the next shuttle mission? Bottom Middle: Marcy, the camera is that way! 232 - Candids Bottom Right: I thought I told you media people. NO COMMENT!!Top Left Thanks for letting me out of the locker I've been in there since my freshman year Top Right The pen is deadlier that than the sword' Middle Left: Party all the time! Middle Right: I've scared off three Drivers Ed teachers Do you want to teach me to drive? Bottom Left Are we crazy or what? Candids — 233Middle Left Do you think Mr Walton will he hire me?! Middle Right: We’ve got the Redbird's in the house! Woo! Woo' Bottom Left Cheri! I wish you would stay out of my purse! Bottom Right: 2 points! 2 points! 234 - CandidsTop Left Will someone please get him out of here?! Middle Left Watch your language, girl' Middle Right Tm user friendly, why aren’t you?” Bottom Left There's something GREEN in there! Bottom Middle: O K American, show us your underalls' Candid 235Top Julie Howell. Chris Sichra. Starr Nelson Bottom Front Row Renee Sherer. Lauren Burton. Michele Kasten. Monica Radcliff. Missy Geoken. Second Row James Leady. Scott Mugge. Houston Fry. Mary Vest. Tanya Hooper Tatler Staff Lauren Burton. Houston Fry. Missy Goeken. Julie Howell. Mi chelle Kasten. James Leady. Scott Mugge. Starr Nelson. Monica Radcliff. Flemming Rosenbeck. Renee Sherer. Christopher Sichra Tatler Staff Helpers Lori Ann Black wood. Robert Brown II. Terry Colbert. Laura Trigg. Chris Grammer. Rhonda Grant. Strahn Hackworth. Hugh Hallett. April Herrmann. Tayna Hooper. Blake Johnson. Andrew Mottaz. Nancy Nie meier. Victor Smith. Nancy Valloff. Mary Vest. Roger Watkins. John Wisely. Trisha Conreaux Now that my ten year career at Alton High has ended. I want to thank the students, parents, teachers and adminis tration for their support I am grateful for the experience As the Tatler Advi sor for the past 9 years. I have seen this school perhaps closer than anyone else This is a great school that is overflowing with love and opportunity Every stu dent can be successful if they are willing to have faith, dream big. set goals and use the tools and personnel here to help them achieve They also must be willing to change, to grow and develop and to support others in their change This is what I've tried to do and I feel that I have succeeded I hope that you enjoyed the Tatlers Sincerely. Rob Hansen Deaths in 1985 86 Yul Brynner actor. The King and I Adloph Caesar actor Taylor Caldwell-author. many best sellers Mark Chagall artist, whimsical paintings Konstantin Chernenko Gen Secretary of the Communist Party 236 - Tatler Staff Selma Diomond-actress. comedy writer Stepm Fetchit (Lincoln Theodore Perry) actor, black motion picture comedian Margaret Hamilton actress. Wicked Witch of the West {Wizard of Oz) Rock Hudson-actor. romantic Hollywood idol Ray Milland-actor Ricky Nelson-actor, singer. "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" Lloyd Nolan-actor, The Caine Mutiny Court Martial Charles Richter-seismologist, invented Richter scale for earthquakes Phil Silvers-comedian, Sergeant Bilko IThe Phil Silvers Show) Samantha Smith-schoolgirl. 1983 letter to Yun Andropov to promote peace Orson Welles legendary actor and director Tex Williams-Country and Western singer. Hit songs "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke That Cigarette'". “Texas in My Soul" James Cagney dancer, actor-known for ganster portrayals "Hope” by Hugh Hallett In my opinion, to leve in the spirit of love is life's greatest hope It requires more flexibility, sensitivity, tolerance, knowl edge and strength than any other human action, because the forces of love and world reality are the greatest oppos ing forces of life Love and the practices of the real world are always at severe odds Many people feel unable to act or bridge the gap. because in reality, the gap is almost unbridgeable. The strength to believe in loving humankind when pitted against society's nonreinforcing nature is more than most people can accept or deal with. People often fall into patterns of putting caring aside, or to save it for a few special people within their own unique network; and sometimes join the negative forces of society in querying the proof of carings reed existence. To live productively in a spirit of love requires the great est strengths known to man The reality of genuine caring is so seldom experienced that most people don’t really know how to cope with it even when they discover it Recall, they crucified a Jew. shot a Ghandi. beheaded a Thomas More and poisoned a Socrates Society barely countenances honesty, tender ness, or concern These qualities of positive growth get in the way of the "Ways of the World" This fact has been duly noted in Plato's New Republic. Dostoevskii's The Idiot, and Kazantzakes's Greek Passion People search for a figure of love to emulate, spend some time at the prophet's feet in study, and then get skitterish and seem to gain great satisfaction in the person's downfall It's as if they cannot stand to look upon perfection. because it mirrors too much self-reflection which perhaps moves them to thoughts of change which is too fright ening and too painful to support If they are not perfection, the imperfections at their central core come back to haunt them. It would seem that many humans do not function in a world of humanism, indeed a world more likely of cruelty, deception, and manipulation of others Therefore, human beings cannot depend on a problem-riddled society to give direction to their lives in order for them to cope Humans must have the strength to live to their fullest potential-and the strength must generate from within themselves not from external sources There must be a full recognition of evil. hate, and bigotry as real life forces, but one has to ses see love and human potential as the greatest energy forces in life; and one must act as Ghandi with non-violence. Socrates with truth. Jesus with love, and Sir Thomas More with complete integrity The path will be very lonely, but the humanist must comprehend the following ways to gain the strength to act humanly explore one's true self; help others to share ideas, feelings, dreams; recognize forces labeled as "evil or enemies” are all people who are suffering and must try to help them from their beings also; believe life is not evil, but that human action has made it appear evil at certain times in history, be forgiving of self and others; recognize change as good as necessary, realize that behavior to be learned must be tried out. successfully or failed; reject no human even those who are self-rejecting, love even when your love is rejected-true love is never conditional, one gives love freely, because one is lucky to have an abundance of love to give Applying these rules in life seems to be the only true hope for mankind I'd like to close with a quote from Thornton Wilder's Bridge of San Luis Ray ". "Even mem ory is not necessary for love. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead, and the only bridge is love, the only survival and the only meaning "SENIOR INDEX This index lists only the activities of Seniors who requested to have theirs published. It does not mean that other seniors did not participate in any activities. Please note that there may be a few surprises here. Scott Allsman: Concert Band. Jazz Band, Junior Varsity Baseball. Runner, Sophomore Baseball. Symphonic Band. Varsity Baseball Lydia Bailey: Concert Band, Future Cosmetoligists, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Track, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Volleyball Manager John Barnes: Redbird Word Staff Cami Jo Beaber: Activities Board, Dream Girl Candidate, French Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate. J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Musical, National Honor Society, Red-bird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Cheerleader. Swing Choir, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Trouba-dors, Varsity Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate, D-Club, Freshman Chorus, Summer Musicals Jamie Beckman: Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, Musical, Na-tioal Honor Society, Octagons, Pit Orchestra, Swing Choir, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Trou-badors Steve Beiser: Office Helper, Runner Bruce Beuttel: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band. Wayne Bockstruck: Super Welders Club, Vocational Machine Trades, Gym Runner Robert Brown II: Concert Choir, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Football. Musical. Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate, Swing Choir, Tatler Staff, Track Team, Troubadors, Junior Achievement Erica Bratton: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Cheerleader, Student Senate, Varsity Cheerleader, Vocational Accounting, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader Captain. Freshman Cheerleader. Student Senate Treasurer, Finance Committee Chairman, Black History Month Co-Chairman 1985 Tim Brimer: Runner Douglas Brooks: Counselor Assistant, Exchange Student, French Club, Homecoming King, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Football, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Mr. Irrestible Candidate Shane Calhoon. Architectural Drafting Club, Varsity Football Manager, Freshman Football Manager Sue Carroll: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Redwing Tennis, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Maria Cartwright: Activities Board, Counselor Assistant, Dream Girls Candidate, Homecoming Queen Candidate, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Runner, SADD. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Snow Queen Candidate Tracy Castelli: Dream Girl, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Geometry Club, M.B.S., R.H., D.F., B.N., T.C.. Snow Queen Candidate, Coffee Club Stephanie Christy: Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper, Runner Dane Ann Clark: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir. Musical, Octagons. Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir. Thespians, Troubadors, Vocational Accounting Rebecca Claxton: Color Guard. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Redwing Softball, Rifle Line, Rifle Co-Captain, Rifle Captain Terry Colbert: Commercial Art Club, Tatler Staff Trisha Conreux: Activities Board, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Spanish Club, Tatler Staff. Troubadors, Fresh-mam Chorus David Cope: Concert Band, J.E.T.S., National Honor Society, Coffee Club, P.E. Office Helper Jenny Cope: Concert Band, Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra. French Club. Marching 100, Musical, Pit Orchestra. Pom Pon Girl, Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir Accompaniest. Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Troubadors, Marne, South Pacific, Head Drum Major, Assistant Drum Major Pamela Crane: Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. Counselor Assistant. Future Business Leaders. Library Assistant. Musical. Octagons. Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir. Thespians. Troubadors. C.C.F.V. Volleyball, Summer Chorus, Freshman Chorus Lisa Crumley: Future Business Leaders. Future Nurses, Office Helper. Runner, Spanish Club, Student Senate. Vocational Accounting Vice President Tina Curlovic: Activities Board. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Track Team Joe Darr: J.E.T.S., Office Helper. Runner Paul Davey: Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir, Homecoming King Candidate, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsity Soccer, Musical (Four Years), Octagons. Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate President. Swing Choir, Thespians. Troubadors Debbie Dodson: Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Senior Index 237Squad. Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Pom Pon Girl, Redwing Volleyball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Baseball Manager Tina Downing: DECCA, Distributive Education, Library Assistant, Runner, Vocational Accounting, Child Care, Summer Chorus Brad Elik. German Club, J.E.T.S., Office Helper, Runner, Captain Golf Team, President NHRA of Alton High, Varsity Gristleball. Varsity Gristle Toss Lisa Emmons: Counselor Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redbird, Word Staff, Redwing Softball. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Diane Fitzgerald: Color Guard, Concert Band, Marching 100, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Softball, Runner, Student Senate, Snow Queen Candidate Leonard Franklin: Track Team (Francis Howell), Vocational Accounting, Wrestling (Francis Howell) Tom Goebel: J.E.T.S., Office Helper, Runner, Spanish Club, Tatler Staff, Coffee Club, Varsity Pitball, Varsity Gristle Toss, Young Republicans on Campus Sherri Green: Activities Board, DECCA, Distributive Education, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Office Helper, Pom Pon Girl, Runner, Sophomore Cheerleader, Sophomore Chorus. Varsity Cheerleader, Snow Queen, Black History Committee, Black History Assembly George R. Gunning: Advanced Chorus, Chess Club, Concert Choir, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Cheerleader, Musical, Red-bird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Thespians, Troubadors Trina Hallows: Commercial Art Club, National Honor Society, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Vocational Accounting Heather Hampton: Architectural Drafting Club, Commercial Art Club, Concert Band, Exchange Student, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper. Varsity Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Tatler Staff, Girls State Alternate. Illinois State Scholar, Who’s Who Among High School Students, Citizens for Chemical Free Youth. C.C.F.Y. Volleyball League, United States Achievement Academy Art Award John Hardiman: Counselor Assistant, Junior Varsity Football, Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Track Team, V-rsity Baseball, Varsity Football David Harlan: Careteria Assistant, Runner, Vocational Machine Trades, Manager Sophomore Baseball Jill Harris: Concert Band, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Symphonic Band, Teacher’s Helper Matt Hausmann: Cross Country Team, Exchange Student, German Club, Homecoming King Candidate, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Baseball, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, SADD, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball, Tatler Staff, Track Team, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball Cathy Hentrich: Activities Board, Concert Orchestra, Dream Girl Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Freshman Soccer Manager, Snow Princess Lisa Hill: Office Helper, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Freshmen Basketball, Runner, Vocational Accounting, Vocational Printing Tracey Hokenson: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Tatler Staff, Thespians, Child Care Club Michael Holliday Jr.: Activities Board, Concert Band, Exchange Student, Future Business Leaders, Junior Varsity Soccer, Marching 100, Office Helper, Pep Band, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Varsity Baseball, Powder Puff Cheerleader Tawnya Hooper: Activities Board, J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Tatler Staff, Troubadors, Freshman Chorus Kerry Hubbard: Biology Club, Color Guard, Concert Orchestra, Future Business Leaders, Marching 100, Student Senate, Vocational Accounting, High Honor Roll Tamara Hysten: Concert Orchestra, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Freshman Basketball, Redwing Track, Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Redwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Vocational Accounting John Jackson: DECA, Distributive Education, Vocational Machine Trades Laura Jamaldin: Activities Board, Concert Band, Marching 100, Runner, Symphonic Band, Teacher’s Helper, Homecoming Decoration Committee Shirley James: Activities Board, Exchange Student, Food Preparation Service, Health Aides, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Redbirdette, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Fresh- men Basketball, Redwing Track Redwing Volleyball, Runner Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sen ior Prom Decorating Commit tee. Track Team, Varsity Bas ketball Diane Johann: Concert Band, DECCA, Distributive Education, Runner, Vocational Accounting, Vocational Printing Blake Johnson: Biology Club, Concert Orchestra, Exchange Student, Future Business Leaders, German Club, J.E.T.S., Runner, Symphonic Orchestra, Tatler Staff, Tennis Team, Coffee Club, Young Democrats on Campus, Powder Puff Announcer, Calculus Club, Varsity Pit Ball Team Emily Johnson: Marching 100, Office Helper, Pom Pon Girl, Runner, Vocational Accounting Tamara Johson: Concert Band, Counselor, Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musical, Office Helper, Pom Pon Girl, Redwing Track, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band, Track Team, Annie Get Your Gun Sara Jones: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Band, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100, National Honor Society, Pep Band, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band Janet Kohler: Licensed Practical Nurse Michael Kramer: Activities Board, Biology Club, Concert Band, Homecoming King Candidate, Jazz Band, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Football, National Honor Society, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Symphonic Band, Tatler Staff, Track Team Freshman, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Mr. Irresistible Candi- 238 - Senior Indexdate, Freshman Football, Jr. Sr. Prom Co-Chairperson, D.A.R. National Defense Good Citizenship Award Elizabeth Lara: Work Program Monique LeFlore: Advanced Chorus, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Office Helper, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Cheerleader, Troubadors, Varsity Cheerleader Wanda Lovett: Runner, Child Care Club Beth Malin: Concert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Office Helper, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band, Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee Cheryl Mathis: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad Marcy McAfoos: Homecoming Queen, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Musical. Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate Joyce Mellenthin: Teacher Assistant, Work Program Shanda Milhime: Cafeteria Assistant Pamela Miller: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Distributive Education, Future Business Leaders. FUTURE HOMEMAK ER, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Musical, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Tatler Staff, Thespians, Troubadors, Summer Chorus (4 Years), Freshman Chorus, Play Crews, DECCA (Treasurer), Junior Miss. Bleacher Babes Sonja Monigan: Redwing Freshman Basketball, Runner. Work Program Amy Jo Montague: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, J.E.T.S., Library Assistant, Musical, National Honor Society, Octagons, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Swing Choir, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Troubadors Urvana Morales: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Vocational Accounting Demetria S. Morkel: Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society, Redwing Volleyball. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Varsity Baseball Manager Andrew Mottaz: Exchange Student, German Club, J.E.T.S., National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Varsity Golf, Coffee Club, Powder Puff Announcer, Young People in Politics on Campus, Calculus Club, Varsity Pitball Team Stephanie Murphy: Redbird Word Staff, Vocational Accounting Nancy Niemeier: Activities Board, Exchange Student, German Club, J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, National Honor Society, SADD, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Tatler Staff, Treasurer National Honor Society, Snow Queen Candidate Stacey Noble: Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Symphonic Band, Cross Country Manager, Teacher Helper Guy Oiler: Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff. Runner, Sophomore Soccer, Spanish Club Brian Orr: Concert Band, Exchange Student, German Club, Sophomore Football, Track Team, 1982 Moonlight Ramble, 1983, 1984, 1986 Ski Trips Carrie Page: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Library Assistant (East High School, Anchorage, Alaska). Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors, Teacher Helper (East High School, Anchorage, Alaska), Freshman Chorus Steve Peebles: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching 100, Musical. Swing Choir, Symphonic Band, Thespians Noelle Poindexter: French Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Musical. Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Tatler Staff, Thespians, Troubadors, Freshman Chorus, Summer Chorus, Bleacher Bums and Babes, Teacher Helper, Black History Month Committee Rae Robertson: Concert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical. Pom Pon Girl, Runner, Symphonic Band. Thespians, Troubadors Tracy Randall: Activities Board, French Club, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society, Redwing Tennis. SADD. Senior Prom Decorating Committee Bryan Ready: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Musicals, Octagons, Thespians, Troubadors. Summer Chorus, Plays, Summer Chorus Committee Marcy A. Reed: Activities Board. Cross Country Team, Exchange Student, French Club, Marching 100, Peer Leadership, Redbird Word Staff, SADD. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Symphonic Band, Snow Queen Candidate Julie Reiske: J.E.T.S., National Honor Society, SADD. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Freshman Chorus, P.E. Helper Michelle Retzer: Activities Board, Color Guard, Exchange Student, Homecoming Queen Candidate, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Var sity Cheerleader, Marching 100, Musical, National Honor Society Secretary, Pom Pon Girl, Runner, Sophomore Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Coffee Club, Soccer Manager, Snow Queen Candidate, Freshman Chorus Reginald Robinson: Concert Band, Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Band. Marching 100, Marching 23, Musical. Pep Band, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Troubadors, Summer Chorus, IMEA District Chorus Cindy Rounds: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Food Preparation Service, Office Helper, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Softball, Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad Andrea Sanders: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redwing Freshman Basketball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus. Vocational Accounting Andy Scanlan: Cross Country Team. Homecoming King Candidate, Junior Varsity Baseball. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Baseball, Student Senate, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer, Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader, Bonus Club, Captain Alton Freshman Basketball, Soccer Captain Sonya Schenk: Alton Disk Dri vers. Junior Powder Puff Squad National Honor Society, Run ner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Senior Prom Decorating Com mittee. Student Senate, Thespi ans Senior Index — 239Melissa Schrumpf: Color Guard, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band, Baseball Manager Kerri Scroggins: Activities Board, Advanced Chorus, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Runner, Swing Choir, Symphonic Band, Vocational Accounting, Summer Chorus Gene Seal: Redbird Word Staff Mary Beth Slaten: Color Guard, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100 (3 Years). Runner for Driver’s Ed. (3 Years), Senior Powder Puff Squad, Geometry Club (R.H., T.C., D.F., B.N., M.B.S.) Rebecca Snyders: Biology Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, J.E.T.S., National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, Runner, SADD, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate Secretary President, Swing Choir, Trouba-dors Susan Stumpe: Child Care Robert L. Teague: Work Program Maria Thompson: Concert Band. Marching 23, Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Spanish Club, Symphonic Band, Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee Wendy Tyler: Activities Board, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Redwing Volleyball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Troubadors Amy Velloff: Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100,Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band, Cross Country Manager, Redbird Word Editorial Board Staff Nancy Velloff: J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Musical, National Honor Society, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Tatler Staff, Thespians, Troubadors, Varsity Cheerleader. Mary Vest: Advanced Chorus, Biology Club, Counselor Assistant, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Musical, National Honor Society, Octagons, Redwing Tennis, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Tatler Staff, Tennis Team, Thespians, Troubadors, Plays, Ulini Girls State (Speaker of the House), Illinois State Scholar, T.E.A.M.S. Laura Waggoner: Marching 100, National Honor Society, Symphonic Band, Vocational Accounting, Graduation Band, Teacher Helper Kirk Wallace: Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football. J.V. Basketball Tracey Watson: Future Business Leader, Office Helper, Runner, Vocational Accounting, Teacher Helper Monika Weathers: Activities Board, Dream Girl Candidate, German Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Snow Queen Candidate Lisa Weber: Biology Club, Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Vocational Accounting Treasurer, Illinois State Scholar Candace Webster: Activities Board: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Future Business Leaders, FUTURE HOMEMAKER, Marching 100, Office Education, Pep Band, Symphonic Band Lora Whitten: Concert Choir, Runner, SADD, Troubadors David Wilkinson: Concert Band, J.E.T.S., Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Vocational Accounting Vice President Sean Williams: Work Program Lavon Wirch: French Club, National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Amazons John Wisely: Activities Board, Cross Country Team, J.E.T.S., Runner, SADD, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Tatler Staff, Track Team, Coffee Club, P.E. Helper, Fowder Puff Cheerleader, Calculus Club, Pit-ball Champion Toni Zuise: DECCA, Distributive Education, Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Professional Sewing LATECOMERS Houston Fry: Alton Disk Drivers, German Club, J.E.T.S., Musical, Redbird Word Staff, Tatler Staff. Thespians Bonnie Mans: Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Licensed Practical Nurse, Marching 100, Office Helper, Symphonic Band David Year wood: Concert Orchestra, Cross Country Team, German Club, Jazz Band, J.E.T.S., National Honor Society, Pit Orchestra, Student Senate, Symphonic Orchestra, Track Team, Coffee Club, Senior Pit Ball, Captain Alton Squad, Powder Puff Cheerleader Rebecca Claxton: Junior Pow- der Puff Squad, Marching 10 Redwing Softball, Runner, Se ior Powder Puff Squad, Ril Captain, Rifle Co-Captain, Ril Line Missy Merideth: FUTUF HOMEMAKER, Freshman Ch rus Lisa Pitts: Advanced Chori Color Guard, Concert Cho French Club, Marching 10 Musical, Sophomore Chon Thespians, Troubadors Diana Deeter: Color Guar French Club, Junior Powd Puff Squad, Marching 2 Marching 100, Musical, Offi Helper, Redbird Word Sta Runner, Senior Powder P Squad, Thespians, D-Club Nancy Baker: Activities Boar Concert Band, Marching 2 Marching 100, Musical, Seni Powder Puff Squad, Sophomc Chorus, Student Senate, Swi Choir, Symphonic Band. Thes ans, Troubadors, Summer Mu cal. Summer Chorus Comrr tee, D-Club, Freshman Soph more Chorus Darrell Woodman: Architectu: Drafting Club, Future Busin Leaders, President of Hot Rc ders of Alton High Melissa D. Johnson: Activiti Board, Color Guard, Cone Band, Exchange Studer French Club, J.E.T.S., Juni Powder Puff Squad, Junior Vi sity Cheerleader, Marching 1C Peer Leadership, SADD, Seni Powder Puff Squad, Sophomc Cheerleader, Student Senai Symphonic Orchestra, Syi phonic Band, Varsity Che leader, JV Redbird, JV Alt nate Karry Klinke: Advanced Chon. Concert Choir, French Clu J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Che leader Captain, Musical (Sou Pacific), Office Helper, Runn Swing Choir, Troubadors, Var ty Cheerleader 240 - Senior Index : ‘ v" V J • v - .v.Vf . "1C1?

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