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Seniors - 16 113 - Music Juniors - 49 133 - Sports Sophomores - 63 173 - Activities Freshmen - 80 207 - Theater Faculty - 98 219 - Organizations ALTON HIGH SCHOOL 2200 College Avenue Alton, IllinoisREAGAN WINS A LANDSLIDE VICTORY Top: Walter Mondale applauding his opponent during presidential debate. Middle Left: Geraldine Ferraro smiling for the cameras during her 1984 election campaign. "Vice President-It has such a nice ring to it" 2 FEATURES Middle Right: Ronald Reagan here with wife Nancy being sworn into his 2nd term of office as President of the United States. Bottom Left: Senator Gary Hart campaigning for the Democratic nomination. Bottom Right: Jesse Jackson making his speech during the Democratic primaries.BAND-AID FORMS Top Left: Not far from the house of the dead, an Ethopian Woman in Bati comforts her starving child. Top Right: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India was assasinated November 7, 1984. Middle: Band Aid, made up of British Musicians, made the record "Do they Know Its Christmas" for Famine Relief in Ethiopia. Middle Left: A November 19th Mexico City gas explosion kills 490. Middle Right: William Scholder became the second person to receive a permanent Artificial Heart. •Bottom Left: A 30 million dollar project to refurbish the Statue of Liberty should be finished July 4, 1986. Bottom Right: Gas leak killed 2,500 people in Bhopal, India. FEATURES 31984 SUMMER OLYMPICS IN LOS ANGELES U.S. WINS BIG - 83 GOLD Top Left: Olympic Long-)umper Carl Lewis seemed to float through the air to his Gold Medal Victory. Top Right: Gymnanst Mary Lou Retton, America's newest Olympic Sweet Heart, after winning a gold medal in the Summer Olympics. Bottom Left: The Coliseum at the opening of the games. Bottom Right: A torch bearer continues to carry the Olumpic Flame across the world after its lighting in Athens Greece. 4 FEATURESA.H.S. VIDEO YEARBOOK FIRST EVER IN THE WORLD! Alton High School had the distinct honor of being the first High School in the world to have a video yearbook. Sue Wilson and Claudia Walters of Copy Cat Video created the 90 minute videotape which featured highlights of the 1983-1984 school year including plays, sports, awards, and graduation. Perhaps the most Valuable portion of the tape was the optional personal interview which a student could have included on his or her tape. Sue and Claudia were interviewed on “Good Morning America" as well as numerous other T.V. programs and newspapers. A second Copy Cat Video Yearbook is in production for the 1984-1985 School Year. U.S.A. FOR AFRICA Sing-We Are The World United Support of Artists for Africa was formed to raise money for famine stricken Etheopia. Ninety percent of the proceeds will go to Africa and ten percent will stay in the U.S. It is hoped that 250 million dollars will be raised through the single and album titled “We are the World." Unreleased songs from various artists were donated to fill the double album. A full length video of the artists working on “We are the World" will be released also. There comes a time when we heed a certain call When the world must come together as one There are people dying And it's time to lend a hand to life The greatest gift of all We can't go on pretending day by day That someone, somewhere will soon make a change We are all a part of God's great big family And the truth, you know, Love is all we need CHORUS: We are the workworld, we are the children We are the ones who make a brighter day So let's start giving There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives It's true we'll make a better day Just you and me Send them your heart so they'll know that someone cares And their lives will be stronger and free As God has shown us by turning stones into bread So we all must lend a helping hand REPEAT CHORUS: When you're down and out, there seems no hope at all But if you just believe there's no way we can fall Let us realize that a change can only come When we stand together as one REPEAT CHORUS: FEATURES 5Top Left: Ozzy's back-up band. Top Right: Let's get serious for a minute. Middle Left: When EF Hutton talks... Middle Right: We're so excited, and we just can't hide it. Bottom: Lets do the time warp again. 6 CANDIDSTop Left: "They made me dress like this!" Top Right: "Not now Tim, I'm BUSY!" Middle Left: Don't clown around at a time like this. Middle Right: Good lookin? "I KNOW" Bottom Left: YES! "Thais what we said!" Bottom Right: It's almost showtime Joanie. CANDIDS 7Top Left: "I never thought I could feel so good". Top Right: Perfect Combination. Middle Left: "Does it look like I'm paying attention?" Middle Right: "They wouldn't be so happy if they could see what I was doing behind their backs". Bottom: "Now what did you do with the plates?" 8 CANDIDSTop Left: "I'M a THESPIAN and proud of it!" Top Right: "We Theatre People are very close." Middle Left: "HI MOM!!!" Middle Center: "Hey you got 50«?" Middle Right: "Do you wont to buy a flag Cheap?" Bottom Left: Break Out!!! Bottom Right: "Thank GOD it's Fryday!" CANDIDS 9IP Middle Lett It vou think you can flash with that camera, watch this." Middle Rit ht: Lose that smile or lose vour face!" Bottom Left: "I just can't understand why everyone rac es past me when I cross the pit." Bottom Center "If vou would up me each dav, I wouldn't have to dress like this." Bottom RiKht: If I didn't hold up the sky. we would all perish." CANDIDSCANDIDS 11Right: Ricardo is being hosted by the Asaro family Joe, Vicky and their daughter latisha. 12 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS Right: Tina is hosted by the Schien family. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Schine and daughter, Gail, and AHS. Senior. Ricardo Garza From Monterey, Mexico Silke Oetker From Lubeck, West Germany Left: Silke is hosted by the Emblom Family. Front: Ed, Margaret, Will. Back: Maggie, William, Silke. Tina Jonsson From Malmo, SwedenNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Jeffry Ackerman, Wendy Aula-baugh, Michele Berkel, Joseph Bowen, Roger Grandt, Stephanie Church, David Condrey, Kimberly Czerny, Christina Eales, Dana Grave-man, Laura Hiel, Steven Horsey, Darren Jones, Shiela Kerkemeyer, Jean Lusk, James Mcpike, Debra Middleton, Sharon Prather, Todd Sherman, Tyra Smith, Theo Stewart, Amy Stilwell, Tracy Tatnall, Melissa Walter, Douglas Wright, Jed Wuellner. ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARS Kevin Autenrieth, Chris Beatty, Michelle Berkel, Michelle Blood-worth, Joe Bowen, Roger Brandt, Stephanie Church, Susan Conrad, Kim Czerny, Christina Eales, Edmund Giertz, Michael Haynes, An- gele Holmes, Todd Jansen, Darren Jones. Sheila Kerkemeyer, Michael Kunz, Debra Middleton, David Rin-toul, Kelli Schenk, Tracy Tatnall, Eunice Weber, Doug Wright, Jed Wuellner. TATLER STAFF Front Row: Houston Fry, Lisa Atchison, Tim Wilkinson, Lavon Wirch, Jennifer Neal Second Row: Lauren Burton, Scott Mugge, Danny Stidham (editor). Jay Sundberg, Paul Smith, John Simmons Not Pictured: Jennifer Clayton, Kate Herbert, Tracy Hokenson, Kathy Messerle, Amanda Oulson, Christy Ward, Lyle Witcher, Kendra Walters Taller Staff Helpers: Chris Marshall. Vickie Dixon, Gina Greco, Leslie Nimmo, Beth Richards, Denise Walker, Penny Woods, Nolle Poindexter 13"TEACH THEM WELL AND LET THEM LEAD THE WAY" Linda Creed Jeff Ackerman Marla Adcock Kelly Barth Dawn Batell Michelle Bauswell Sean Bippen Joe Bowen Angeline Bramley Ann Briston Karla Brown Marla Calame Dana Cannon Stephanie Church Tracy Connors Mark Cowgill Lisa Davenport Mark Dunbar Derek Dunlap Debbi Ewing Randy Fields Cara Francis Chris Gallup Tammy Gates Dana Gillis Kelly Grabner Jeanna Gramolino Amy Grenn Robin Green Stephanie Halloway Jill Harris Kerri Hatcher Tammy Hellrung Julie Hill Billy Hiller Gayle Hiller Kim Hubbard 14 FEATURESDiane Jones Hajra Kahn Cynthia Kircher Jean Lanham Kristina Loveless Jeanne Lusk Julie McAfoos Dan Metzger Debi Middleton Laurie Mizerski Lenore Ontis Ahren Parker Elizabeth Parker Sherry Lee Prather Doug Rafferty Beth Richards Maria Riley Candy Robinson Amy Ruedin Phylis Sandberg Gail Schien Angela Segoh Dawn Sitze Mike Skordos Tyra Smith Margie Steele Danny Stidham Amy Stillwell Shelia Stinnett Debbie Thomason Dwayne Thompson Tammy Ufert Chris Ulfers Steve Wangelin Staci Westfall Laura Wilkinson Tim Wilkinson Dee Dee Williams Carla Wolff Michelle Wooff Tina Young Julie Zeigler FEATURES 1516 SENIORSWendy AulabaughAnn Bristow Karla Brown Kinberly Brown Robert Bryant Cassandra BucknerBarbara Burkhart Dana Cannon Lisa Christensen Susan Cochran Trina Cheatham Jeffrey Chestney Robert Christeson Debra ChristySusan Conrad Tamara Conreux Sharon Copeland Mary Cowan Mark Cowgill Gary Crane Timothy Crane Randall CressJack Davison Ronald Denother Kelly Depper Joe Dillinger John Douglas Patricia Drainer Mark Dunbar Derek Dunlap Andrew DykemanDebbie Ewing Christina Callup Matthew Ferguson Randall Fields Cynthia Fowler Tammy Gates Beth Gehrke Jeanne Geisen Tina Fowler Edmund Giertz Donna Gillis Kathryn Glazik Lori Gooch Russell Grable Kelly Grabner 22 Regina Graham J Jenna Gramolino Dena Graveman Gina Greco Amy Green Robin Green Thomas Green J? Jill Harris Robert Hartley Julie Harvey Kerri Hatcher Laura Hausman Gary Griggs Larry Griggs Kelly GrovesPatrick Hoag Christy Holloway Angela Holmes Glenn Holmes Thomas Hooper Jeffrey Horn Charles Hornsey Steven Hornsey David Houck Darren HowardDavid Imming Beth Ingram Todd Jansen Kelly Jefferson Joseph Jenkins Theresa Jenkins Diane Johann Erica Johnson Kevin Jemison Anthony Jones Diane Jones Kristina JonssonMartha King Robert Kohler Bradley Koop Andreas Kuhn Jr. Cynthia Kircher Deborah Klaus Michael Kunz John Lafakis Jean Lanham Jeffrey Level Dale Lobbig Lori LorchJulie McAfoos Denise McCann Dionne McClain Yvette McClainDawn McGlasson Michelle Mcllwaine Marc McLemore Mary McNamee James McBike II Vicki Meeks Sonja Melow Daniel Metzger Debra Middleton John Mitchell Laurie Mizerski Elizabeth Moore Veronica Moore Melissa Morgenroth Marshall MorrisLisa Nielsen Leslie Nimmo Matthew Noble Sandra Nolan Paula O'Connor Silke Oetker Joan O'Neal Lenore Ontis Todd Ontis Lathan O'QuinnDaniel Pilkington Kevin Pohlman Keith Powell Sharon Prather Penny Pruitt Ronald Puent Todd Quigley John Raffety Christina Ragus Lori Ralph James Rauscher Donald Ray Anthony ReinhardtKimberly Riggs David Rintoul John Roberts Kelly Roberts Kelly Robertson Candace Robinson Brian Rogers Derek Ross Robert Ruby 'tk Jf Amy Ruedin Shane Schultze Phyllis Sandberg Scott Schumacher Lisa Scoggins Angela Segobiano Tracey Schildroth Catherine Sharp 31Tyra Smith Cheryl Smith Stephanie Snyder Kenneth Spencer Chad StaggsLeslie Strieker Donald Stumpe Wade Thompson Genea Tilley Robert Tyler Tammy Ufert John Ulffers Andrew Travis George Tyler Sarah Ulrich Laura Ballard Denise Wallace Melissa Walter Stephen Wangelin Lindell Wanick Lawanda WashingtonEunice Weber Jonathan Webster Cindi Weinman Sherri Weirich Benjamin Welling Staci Westfall Carrie White Daniel Whiteside Joseph Wickenhauser Laura Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson Timothy Wilkinson Deanna Williams Elizabeth Williams Venus WilliamsMark Woff Tamara Beckman Ricardo Garza Nathen O'Quinn David Swarrmgin Carla Wolff Tina Young Diane Dorsey Veronica Moore William Woods Julie Zeigler Phil Edwards Hoang Cam Nguyen Elwood Stevenson Douglas Wright Aaron Oberts Anthony Goodrich James Sanders Ca'hy Womack Jed Wuellner Michael Cox Frankie Holliday Roger West Mike Slack373839ANNIE GET YOUR GUN SoveRno From Row: Missy Walters, Debi Middleton, Marcy Macafoos, Toi Heininger, Dionne McClain, Dawn Beaber, Cami Beaber, Gayle Hiller, Chris Ramey, Michelle Ret er, Kris Orr, Janet Page, Mark Schneider, Tammy Johnson, Bob Morey Second Row: Tracy Antonovich, Cindy Johnson, Diana Deeter, Mike Long, Kathy Glazik, Kim Hillman, Dennis Dip-piazzo, Vicki Zimmerman, Jeff Weeks, Doug Miller, Jeff Ackerman, Bryan Ready, Ann Montague, Nancy Baker, Monica Davey, Mike Skordos, Sean Bippen, Michelle Bosaw, Karen Jones Third Row: Reggie Robinson, Sheri Long, Dane Ann Clark, Dana Cannon, Bert Dixon, Nancy Velloff, Lisa Pitts, Rae Robert- son, Peter Ulffers, Theresa Boulds, Mary Vest, Angie Holmes, Mark Cowgill Fourth Row: Matt Simpson, Steve Peebles, Judy Grills, Sanford McMurray, George Gunning.First Row: Lemond Embrey, Gerald Harrison, Pat Hoag, Leo Cox, Joe Bowen, Jeff Ackerman, Jeff Harris, Derrick Lewis Second Row: John Ceppenati, Henry Blair, David Rintoul, Tony Herd, Jeff Chestney, Tod Jansen, Mark Wooff, Coach Corona Third Row Coach Munson, Frank Holliday, Mario Riley, Theo Stewart, Greg Jackson, Scott Rushing, Tim Watson, Willie Reddilt, Doug Brooks Fourth Row: Steve Holliday, Bob Brown, Tony Cross, Mike Haar, John Flardimon, Darren Larkins, Saunders Howard, Coach Martin Fifth Row: Larry Griggs, Jeft Herd, Terrence Holliday, trie Randol, Scott Schumacher, Eric Staten, Jerry Lewis, Steve Wangelin, Mike Kramer Sixth Row: Dale Brice, Tod VollancJ, Robert Palmer, Ron Owens, Terry Buhs, Charles Holliday, Dan Arnold, Coach James VARSITY FOOTBALLScott Allen, Tracy Antonovich, Tawni Atte-berry, Kelly Barth, Lindasy Barth, |ana Beane, Tim Bell, Lisa Bernhardt, Charels Berry. Kaela Berry, Bruce Beuttel, Mark Buettel, Sean Bip-pen, Jennifer Black, Kim Boren, Mitzi Brame-ly, Ruth Ann Brown, Jean Bryant, Stephanie Buks, Sara Bumbacher, Donna Burger, Dawn Christensen, Shelly Chapmen, Stephanie Church, Jon Clark, Becky Claxton, Asa Collins, Sue Conrad. Jenny Cope, Mike Cope, Beth Cornell, Sheri Courter, Aaron Cox, Connie Crader, Gary Crane, Bruce Cromwell, Alicia Culiberk, Nikki Davis, John Davenport, Ron Davenport, Denise Deeder, Tracy Deeder, Diana Deeter, Trisha Disearns, Gail Doss, Shawn Dodd, Lisa Everitt, Deanna Farmer, Kathy Farmer, Diann File, Diane Fritzgerald, Julie Fleming, Lori Fleming, Mary Grace Fol-well, Nate Folwell, Cherie Fowler, Ann Freeman, Denise Fulks, Kim Gabriel, Mike Gag-liardo, Damion Gilligan, Donna Gillis, Karen Godwin, Howard Gooden, Aaron Greenwood, Buffy Greenwood, Regina Gribble, Richard Grindstaff, Terri Grosenheider, Rob Hall, Chris Hansen, Jill Harris, Robert Hartley, Craig Hartman, Jenny Haycraft, Mike Hayes, Bill Hiller, Kim Holliday. Angela Holmes, Gary Holmes, Karla Hurley, Laura Jamaldin, Cindy Johnson, Heather Johnson, Tammy Johnson, Betsy Jolly, Amy Jones, Darren Jones, Karen Jones, Meredith Jones, Sara Jones, Michelle Jutting, Lori Kanturek, Nancy Kelly, Kyle Kennedy, Amy Kohler, Bob Kohler, Jennifer Law-son, Jack Leonard, Pam Lewis, Christine Liley, Shawn Lipe, Jeannie Lusk, Shawn Mackelden, Angi Maddox, Beth Malin, Heather Mathew-son, Patty McGrath, Jennifer Mcllwain, Mickie Mcllwain, Robert Mclntire, Debbie Middleton, Rachelle Morgan, Tim Molloy, Susan Mottaz, Darron Neal, Kelton Neal, Cathy Norman, Silke Oether, Joan O'Neal, Karen Page, Virna Pizzichillo, Brad Phillips, Tara Raby, Jennifer Radcliff, Sarah Rathgeb, Rae Robertson, Scott Robertson, Derek Ross, Dan Schmisseur, John Schmisseur, Kerri Scroggins, Missy Schrumpf, Shane Schultz, Theresa Scott, Dawn Silze, Mike Skordos, Mary Beth Slaten, Deanne Smith, Victor Smith, Olivia Sykes, Joe Taylor, Susan Taylor, Joi Terry, De-sira Thomas, Christie Thompson, Maria Thompson, Tom Travis, Chris Ulffers, Peter Ulffers, Jana Washington, Laura Waggner, Mary Weber, Shondolyn Wheeler, Karin Whitten, Alan Wilkinson, Jim Wilkinson, Laura Wikkinson, Robin ZimmermanFUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA THESPIANS Laura Adams, Jeff Ackerman, Nancy Baker, Cami Jo Beaber, Jamie Beckman, Angi Bram-ley, Marla Calame, Stephanie Church , Lisa Christensen, Dane Ann Clark , Mark Cowgill, Pame Crane, Tom Cunningham , Paul Da-vey , Monica Davey , Maggie Emblom, Robin Figge, Kathy Glazik , Donna Gillis, George Gunning, Laura Heil , Angie Holmes, Mike Long , Debi Middleton , Pamela Miller, Amy Montague , Penny Nelson , Lisa Nielsen, Jim Osborne, Steve Peebles, Lisa Pitts, Bryan Ready , Beth Richards , Jeff Schultz , Sean Schwartz , Mike Skordos, Matt Simpson . Paul Steinbrueck, Danny Stidham, Tracy Tat-nall, Mary Vest, Cindy Weinman, Laura Wilkinson, Tim Wilkinson , Carla Wolff Alson Members of OCTAGON. GERMAN CLUB Matt Abel. Michelle Bauswell, Tammy Baus-well, Jana Bean, Renee Boomer, Jeanne Bowman, Theresa Brinkman, Carolyn Carter, Mary Corby, Dawn Christensen, Jason Christians, Melissa Cogan, Laura Cooper, Stacy Crowe, Lisa Crumley, Pauls Davis, Angela Denham, Kelly Edwards, Denise Fredrick, Chris Gallup, Brian Generally, Kristine Glann, Becky Greer, Holly Greenwood, Rose Guess, James Harris, Sarah Hauversburk, Rebecca Hayes, Lonita Hinton, Angie Holliday, Erica Holliday, Darla Hooks, Kerry Hubbard, Paula Hutson, Blake Johnson, Terri Irvin, Lavonda Jackson, Lisa - James, Doug Jenkins, Lisa Jones, Nancy Kelly, Cindy Lanham, Shawn Lipe, Janie Lorton, Lisa Moxon, Cindy Miller, Pamela Miller, Andrea Morris, Cindy Muenstermann, Jenifer Nimmo, Carla Pierson, Ramona Rhine, Missy Roberts, Jennifer Rushing, Tammy Schultze, Brian Stawart, Patricia Stewart, Sheila Stinnett, Joi Terry, Barbara Thomas, Desira Thomas, Sheryl Walkington, Marcia Willis, Lyle Witcher, Tracy Witt, Felicia Woods, Kelly Young, Mike Fisher, Richard Grindstaff, Ingrid Owens First Row: Nancy Niemeier, Marjorie Steele, Michele Griesemer, Cindy Johnson, Leslie Childs, Ann Tutoky, Jeane Bryant, Janet Page Second Row: Herr Fischer, Jack Leonard, Julie Belchik. Sara Reinhard, Debbie Woods, Lauren Burton, Kate Tutoky, Jamee Brown, Silke Detker, Nancy Kelfy, Tim Deall, Lisa Heincman, Blake Johnson Third Row: Chris Keith, Chris Klmke, Jason Christians, Cory Mclntire, Michael Harr, Ros Owens, Matt Hausman, David Yearwood, Brian Orr.VARSITY BASEBALL First Row: Tony O'Connor, Dan Freeman, Chris Dilks, Jeff Wright, Alan Flota, Scott Vou-mard, Murry Capped, Anthony Holmes, Jim Dunham Second Row: Mr. Macias, Mr. Mun- son, Terrance Charlston, Jody Markel, Randy Fields, Keith Barry, Doug Witt, Derek Dunlap, Joe Dillinger, David Rintoul, Joey Bowen, Brittany Miller, Amy Reid REDWINGS SOFTBALL First Row: Jennifer Mcllwaine, Cindy Monta-gomery, Lisa Everitt, Susan Stilwell, Brooke Swick, Gina Gerco, Becky Claxton, Second Row: Amy Kohler, Trisha Conreux, Dede Jackson, Tammy Conreux, Amy Emmons, Ann Stilwell, Susan Enos, Jana Webb, Michelle Mcllwaine Third Row: Mr Batty, Mike Albrecht, Mr. Kelly. 44Front Row: Tony Herd, Tony Cross, Ann Logan (mgr.), John Hardimon Second Row: Tim Deall, Joel Thiel, Willie Redditt, Mike Haar Third Row: Harvey Henry, John Kreitner, Mike Brand, John Wisely, Ryan Tucker Fourth Row: Robert Chestney, Joe Twichell, Scott Armstead, Robert Brown, Gus Kodros Fifth Row: Darryl Short, Lee Wangelin, Jeff Mel-lenthin, Jerry Lewis, Tom Travis, Leonard Perry, Sixth Row: Mike Gunning, Laron Owens, Derek Lewis, Terry Reams, Greg Dancy (mgr ), Gene Hillman Seventh Row: Andy Travis (mgr.), Lamont Embrey VARSITY TRACK First Row: Lisa James, Lydia Bailey, Reaba Brown, Mary MacNamee, Perferria Williams Second Row: DeAnn Smith, Shirly James, April Brown, Lenora Perryr Kirstin Faulken-berg, Third Row: Mgr. Jeannie Lusk, Tanya Schendlewolf. Not Pictured Dionne McClain. REDWINGS TRACK 45REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL Front Row: Andrea Sanders, Jeanne Lusks, Ruth Ann Brown, Tammy Hysten, Middle Row: John Valdez, Molly Cox, Cheryl Edwards, Maria O'Connors, Angie Holmes, Coach Pitts, April Brown, Deneen Hendersan, Cara Peuterbaugh Back Row: Kim Knoche, Lisa James, Dede Jackson, Ren6 Boomer, Tanya Schindewolf, Coach Witner, Shirley James, Leslie Warr, Kim Bennet REDWINGS TENNIS Front Row: Terrala Velloff, Mary Beth Norman, Rachael Walter, Kelly Fischer, Beth Hager, Amy Woof, Amy Diddlebock, Carmen Jacobs, Back Row: Jennifer Barton, Kerri Hatcher, Kelly Grabner, Beth Ingram, Lee Ann Norman, Mary Vest, Coral Volland, Sherry Prather, Mrs. Dillion 46From Row: Beth Baker, Mark Cowgill, Andy Abromovich, Joe Herzon, Jim Johnson, Kris Grabner, Scott Gibbons, Second Row: Margie Durham, Craig Lombardi, Troy Campbell, Rancie Long, Larry Slutz, Joe Bowen, Pat Hoag, Jill Harris Third Row: Larry Montgomery, Joel Thiel, Brian Sisk, David Middleton, Mark Dunbar, John Sloan, Andy Scanlan, David Condrey VARSITY SOCCER Front Row: Janet Page, Michelle Retzer, Cami Monica Davey Third Row: Jenna Gramolino, Jo Beaber, Marci McAfoos, Tyra Smith, Ms. Allen, Gayle Hiller Dionne McClain, Anne Bemis, Erica Bratton, VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS 47Paul Davey-President Jeff Mitchell-Vice President Becky Snyders-Secretary Erica Bratton-Treasurer Monica Davey-Parliamentarian Marla Adcock, Beth Baker, Nancy Baker, Kelly Bull, Brian Churchich. Bonnie Crader, Paul Davey, Margy Durham, Penny Felton, Howard Gooden, Kelly Grabner, Jill Harris, Gayle Hill- er, Kerry Hubbard, Missy Johnson, Kris Loveless, Kurt Messerle, Lisa Miller, Stacey Noble, Trudy Smith, Barbara Snyders, Kyle Steiner, Kate Tutoky, Darren Watt, Noony Weber. ACTIVITIES BOARD President (Senior Class President): Lisa Nielsen Vice President (Jr. Class President): Mike Kramer Treasurer: Judy Sutton Secretary: Michele Wooff Parliamentarian: Dionne McClain Jennifer Barton, Cami Jo Beaber, Norman Bils-bury, Trisha Conreux, Amy Cook. Meghan Cote, Rhonna Cox, Tina Curlovic, Nikki Davis, Debbie Dodson, Jennifer Farrell, Lori Flemming, Libby Gilkinson, Lori Gooch, Howard Gooden, Jenna Gramolino, Holly Greenwood, Kern Hatcher, Laurie Hatcher, Rhonda Hayden, Mark Haynes, Lisa Heinemann, Deneen Henderson, Tawnya Hooper, Kim Hubbard, Carmen Jacobs, Lisa James, Shirley James, Amy Jones, Mimi Morkel, Nancy Niemeier, Janet Page, Karen Page, Marcy Reed, Christine Rhea, Amy Ruedin, Gail Schien, Elizabeth Schudel, Kerri Scroggins, Angela Segobiano, Jodie Stewart, Danny Stidham, Tyra Swick, Matt Taul, Debbie Thomason, Wendy Tyler, Corral Volland, Monika Weathers, Pam Wilhite, Julie Zeigler 48JUNIORS JUNIORS 49Lisa Ahrling Michael Aimone Mindy Allred Scott Allsman Tammie Ambrose Donna Andrews Winston Armstead Myna Armstrong James Bailey Lydia Bailey Roland Bailey Jr. Nancy Baker James Ballhurst Johns Barnes Paige Bartholomew Mark Bates Brian Bayley Joseph Baze William Baze Cami Beaber Corei Bealon Pamela Beatty Jamie Beckman Mary Begnel Steven Beiser Brian Belchik Michele Bell Mary Bensman Bruce Beuttel Wayne Bockstruck so juniorsMichael Brefeld Jr. Milissa Bregenzer Timothy Bregenzer Douglas Brooks April Brown Robert Brown II Amy Bruce Timothy Brueggeman Tracy Bucks John Budde Jr. Julie Burford Shane Calhoon Kevin Calvin Georgia Campagna John Carpenter III Pamela Carroll Maria Cartwright Teresa Castelli Roy Chamness Stephani Christy Kevin Clanton Dane Ann Clark Rebecca Claxton Stacy Clevenger IUNIORS 51Terry Colbert Scott Colburn Bobby Collins Jr. Dean Colman Timothy Connell Brian Conrady Trisha Conteux David Cope Jenny Cope Kelli Copeland Kelly Crabtree Pamela Crane Michael Crouch Dara Croxford Lisa Crumley Julie Cruz Alicia Cultberk Vickie Cunningham Joseph Darr Clara Davenport Paul Davey Billy Davis Vernon Deall Diana Deeter Angela Denham Debra Dodson Tina Downing Julie Drennan Jill Dunham Lisa Dunnagan 52 JUNIORSMargaret Durham Joseph Eckhard Marie Edward Bard Elik Anthony Elliott Donald Elliott Shari Eliott Margaret Emblom Lisa Emmons Kent Ernst Stacey Ewing Nicholas Fencel Tammy Fish Lisa Fitzgerald Christophe Frank Michael Frank Alfred Franke Carla Frazer Dawn Frederick Houston Fry Jennifer Fulks William Funkhouser Brian Gallagher Tammi Galloway Sabrina Garrett Ronald Geske Thomas Goebel Thomas Gonzales Helen Gramates Jennifer Gratton S3Kirstan Cray Patricia Gray Rebecca Greer Theresa Grosenheider Henry Gross George Gunning Michael Gurschler Michael Haar Eddie Hall Hugh Hallett Trina Hallows Heather Hampton Julie Hanneken Karen Hardbeck John Hardiman David Harlan Patrick Harper Audra Harris James Harris Jill Harris Tracy Harris William Harris Christine Hartwell Nicolyn Hartwell Elizabeth Hartzell Matthew Hausmann William Hayes Allen Henderson Timothy Hensley Todd Hensley 54 juniorsMichael Holliday Caprice Holmes Tawnya Hooper Kerry Hubbard Daniel Hudgins Gena Hunt Karla Hurley Tamara Hysten William Inman jr. Teresa Irvin Dedre Jackson John Jackson Laura Jamaldin Shirley James Douglas Jenkins Emily Johnson Melissa Johnson Schreda Johnson Tamara Johnson Sara Jones Karine Keith James Kercher Michael Khosrovani David Kinder JUNIORS 55Anthony Korte Michael Kramer Darrin Larkins Monique LeFlore Mary Lekkas Marty Lenhardt Cristie Liley Jeffery Link Shawn Lipe Joyce Livesay Michael Logan Craig Lombardi Ranee Long Michael Lorts Rodney Lott Michael Louvier Kenneth Lung Terry Luster Patrick Mabone Sara Maher Elizabeth Malin Bonnie Mans Jon Martin Camilla Mason Sfc JUNIORSThomas Massey Cheryl Mathis Charles Mays jr. Michael Mccoy Lisa Mccrea Patrick McDonald Vincente Mcelroy Joyce Mellenthin Debra Menke Melissa Merideth Shanda Milhime Jeffrey Miller Pamela Miller Dana Mitchell David Mizerski Flora Manroe Amy Montague Georgia Montroy Denise Moore Dennis Moore Urvana Morales Andrew Mottaz Stephanie Murray Amy Murray Darrin Neal Jennifer Neal Tonya Neikirk Penelope Nelson Starline Nelson Diedra Nicholson JUNIORS 57Brenda Oulson Laron Owens Karen Page Edward Palen III Bobby Parker Brian Parker Ursala Parks Steven Peebles Deshelle Perkins Leonora Perry Donald Peters jr. Brian Phipps Lisa Pigee Lisa Pitts Erin Poindexter Alvin Powers jr. Jere Price Sherry Rainey Tracy Randall Michelle Rea Stacey Rea Bryan Ready Willie Redditt Marcy Reed se JUNIORSJulie Reiske Michelle Retzer Stacy Reynolds Christine Rhea Kimberly Rhodes Judy Richards Kevin Riffey Melissa Riley Duane Rister Alan Robertson Rae Robertson Reginald Robinson Sean Robinson Kevin Romanko Paula Rulo Jennifer Rushing Dana Salzman Andrea Sanders Andrew Scanlan Sonya Schenk Natalie Schmidt John Schmisseur Tina Schneider Melissa Schrumpf Jeffrey Schultz Tod Schum Sean Schwartz Kerri Scroggins Pamela Scruggs Ann Shea JUNIORS 59Fredrick Smith Kathy Smith Larry Smith Tammy Smith Theresa Smith Victor Smith Rebecca Snyders James Sprague Jason Stanton Richard Starkey Eric Stauffer Brian Stawar Paul Steinbrueck David Stephens Richard Stewart Susan Stilwell Susan Stumpe Todd Taul Lori Taylor Patrick Taylor Daniel Tejada Bryan Terry Tammy Thomas Maria Thompson 60 JUNIORSTina Tillman Carrie Twichell Wendy Tyler Peter Ulffers Michelle Van Hooser Amy Velloff Laura Waggoner John Walker Kirk Wallace Katherine Warren Timothy Watson Tracey Watson Robert Watt Dana Watts Monika Weathers Lisa Weber Candance Webster Christine Welch Andrew Welling Whitney Wells Lori Whitehead Lora Whitten Michael Wickenhauser Pamela Wilhite JUNIORS 61John Wisely Lyle Witcher Penny Wohlgemuth Darrell Woodman Penny Woods Sarah Wreath David Yearwood Rochelle Young 62 JUNIORSSOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES 63Julie Aldridge Keith Alford Brent Allen Scot Allen Traci Antonovich Kevin Armstead Scott Armstead Kathy Arnold Steven Atkins Tawni Attebery Tina Baggerman Chyrlan Bailey John Baker Edward Ballinger Tracey Banks Andrew Barban Rayson Barnes Jennifer Barton Steven Bates Tamara Bauswell Leah Becoat Donna Beem Regina Beem Steven Bell Wkm Pi Kimberly Bennett Lisa Bernhardt Kaela Berry Edward Besaw Jr. Mark Beuttel Kimberly Bierman 64Jennifer Black Charles Bonds Rosalyn Bonds Chris Bonney Theodosia Boomershine Thomas Borders William Bourland Jason Bowman Jeanne Bowman Mitzi Bramley Shirlene Brand Terry Bratton Jr. Bryan Brefeld Heather Brenegan Michael Brenneisen Gary Price Matthew Brimer Jaimee Brown Katriner Brown Reba Brown Sharia Brown Ellen Brunnworth Jean Bryant Gary Buck Danny Bunker Todd Burton Rachel Bushnell Dawn Butler Terry Campbell Laurie Canter 6STony Carmean Daniel Carter Nicholas Catanzaro Jennifer Chadwick Polly Chase Robert Chestney Cellie Coker Asa Collins Karen Conner Deana Constantino Dwight Cooke Michael Cope Mary Cory Elizabeth Cornell Robert Cousett Theodoric Cowper Aaron Cox Molly Cox Ronna Cox Bonnie Crader Connie Crader Bruce Cromwell Carl Crumer Reginald Crumer 66Kent Cubbage Anthony Darr John Davenport Raymond Davis II Tracy Deeder lames Demand Jr. •e Jeffrey Dercnne Cheryl Dickerson Leslie Dickerson Timothy Dickerson Amy Diddlebock Michael Dilley I I I ’ I I Randy Dillon Michael Dipaolo Michael Dixon Susan Donelson Gail Doss Chris Doucleff Jody Dwiggins Michael Dwyer Kelly Edwards Steven Edwards Brian Eickhoff Felicia Elliott Sarah Elliott James Embry Joseph Emerick Cynthia Emmons Jan Emmons Robyn Ennis 67David Eppel Lisa Everitt Daniel Farabee Kathy Farmer Jenifer Farrell Renee Farwell Milli Federle Michael Ferguson Jeffrey Fessler Diann File Mary Folwell Kurt Ford Cherie Fowler Kimberly Frank Marcia Frazer Kenneth Freeman Shonda Frison Melissa Fulks Mark Funk Brian Generally Bradley Gentelin Janet Gentry Scott D. Gibbons Troy Gibbs Elizabeth Gilkison James Gillespie Brenda Gillis Kristine Glenn Karen Godwin Craig Gooch 68Kristopher Grabner William Grace Diana Gratton Keith Graves Timothy Graves Donald Green Holly Greenwood Anthony Greer Vincent Greer Richard Grindstaff Kathryn Gross Lee Guido Michael Gunning Joseph Hackworth Eric Hagedorn Beth Hagen Elizabeth Hager Gary Hall Robert Hall Scott Hall Scott Hall Diana Hallows Adrian Hamilton George Hamilton II Cynthia Hansen Timothy Harlan Jason Harper Jennifer Harpole Stephanie Harrigan David Harris SOPHOMORES 69Eric Harris Steven Harris Ned Harrison Neil Harrison Lauri Hatcher Wendy Hausman Sarah Hauversburk Paul Hawkins Michelle Hayes James Hefley Thomas Heindricks Melissa Hellrung David Hendricks Harvey Henry Richard Henry Anthony Hensley Dawn Hert Joel Herzon David Hicks John Higgins William Hildreth Christopher Hillman Joy Hindmon Lonnita Hinton Stephen Hobbs Charles Hoene Marina Holcomb Kelly Holland Kevin Holland Angela Holliday 70 SOPHOMORESDana Holliday Erica Holliday Kimberly Holliday Nicholas Holmes Alicia Horstman Babette Howes Tavon Hughes Robert Igo Christine Ing Barry Ingersoll Sonya Ingram Stephanie Ivester Lee Jackson Carmen Jacobs Derrick Jacobs Lisa James Brent Jamison Brian Jansen Carmella Jessen Cynthia Johnson Donald Johnson Betsy Jolly Bridget Jones Martin Jones Meredith Jones Timothy Kanturek Mark Kasten Kimberly Kelley Kyle Kennedy Stephen Kenney SOPHOMORES 71Brian Kieninger Kimberly Kimbrough David Kincade Bradley King Gina King Michael King James Klinke Andrea Kodros Wendie Kohler Greg Korando John Kreitner Jon Kress David Kulick Dawn Kusterman Eric Lacey Kimberly Lacey Lisa Lammers Jeffrey Lang Robert Lanham Jeanette Lara Deleon Lavender Jennifer Lawson Larry Leflore Michael Lemons Shari Lenhardt Joseph Leonard Josette Levi Jennifer Lewis Jerry Lewis Michael Lewis 72 SOPHOMORESJames Livesay Amy Lobbig Michael Long Patricia Lorch Janie Lorton Joseph Lupercio Jr. William Lynch Patrick Maag Robert Macias David Mackel Shannon Mackelden Steven Maeweather Laurie Main Roger Malloy Curtis Malone Jeffrey Malone Jill Manns Joy Manns Diane Mason Heather Mathewson Thomas Maupin Dennis Mcbride Lori McCane Kenneth McCarvey Patricia McGrath Christine McGuiggan Jennifer Mcllwaine Eleanor McPherson Kathleen McPike Avonda Medhurst SOPHOMORES 73Jeffrey Mellenthin Dina Mense Kurt Messerle David Middleton Jeffrey Mifflin Christopher Milford Tia Miller Heloise Mitchell Jeffrey Mitchell Timothy Molloy Jr. Brian Monroe Shelly Moon Jerome Moore Troy Moore Herbert Mosby Jr. Susan Mosby Christopher Moss Susan Mottaz Lora Moxey Jaycee Nash Kelton Neal Susan Nevlin Randall Newby Kim Nguyen Minh Cam Nguyen Sau Nguyen Robert Nickell Jennifer Nimmo Beth Noble Maria O'Connor 74 SOPHOMORESJoel Oliver Ann Osborn James Osborn Daniel Ottolini Lisa Ottwell Ingrid Owens Daniel Paulda Shanna Paynic Kevin Peebles Ronald Perrin Jr. Kimberly Perry Matthew Phipps Carla Pierson Christopher Plummer John Plunk Rebecca Plunk Mark Pruitt Debra Ramirez Christopher Randall Derek Randall Timothy Rathgeb Jr. Kimberly Reams Terry Reams Timothy Reams SOPHOMORES 75Mark Reddersdorf Jenni Reed George Reithman Jr. Ramona Rhine Bradley Rintoul Donald Roberts Leann Roberts Melissa Roberts Susan Root John Roth Kevin Rowe Isaac Ruedin Christopher Russell Khristie Sansone Lorena Saravia Amy Saville Monica Schallenberg Tonya Schindewolf Kevin Schultz Tamara Schultze Elizabeth Seibold Reena Shaw Mona Shelby Tracy Shewmake Darryl Short Christopher Sichra Cindy Singleton Rosalind Slack Kevin Slaten Crystal Smiley 76 SOPHOMORESDeanne Smith Jeffrey Smith Kenneth Smith Lamont Smith Paul Smith Trudy Smith Michael Sorgea Jerry Sowders Cheryl Stamper James Steele Courtney Stevenson Anthony Steward Kristin Stewart Anessa Stilwell Kathryn Stobbs Aaron Strack Susan Struif Jeffrey Summers Denise Sweet Tyra Swick Olivia Sykes Donna Taylor Lisa Taylor Lori Taylor Joel Thiel Barbara Thomas Lisa Thomas Todd Thomas Chris Thompson Christy Thompson SOPHOMORES 77Jennifer Thurow Thomas Travis Laura Trigg Ryan Tucker William Tucker Georgia Turner Patricia Turner Shawn Turner Ann Tutoky Joseph Twichell Sarah Utterback Bryan Valerius Matthew Van Voorhis Valerie Vaughan Russell Voumard Mario Voyles Denise Walker Christian Wallace Sean Wallace Rachel Walter Lee Wangelin Christy Ward Curtis Warlick Jeffrey Warren Shannon Warren David Watson Tammy Watson Daniel Watts William Watts Jr. Mary Weber 78 SOPHOMORESDavid Westbrook Scott Westbrook Michael Wheeler Dawn White loy White Mary White Man Wilkinson Cynthia Williams Darren Williams lohn Williamson Thomas Wohlfeil ndrea Wohlgemuth Harry Woods III Sara Woods Amy Wooff Joseph Wyatt II Sara Yates Kelly Young Sherry Zimmerman SOPHOMORtS 79FRESHMEN 80 FRESHMENI Kevin Abel Melissa Abel Wendy Adams Jason Adkins Steven Aimone Karan Albrecht James Aldrich Samantha Aldridge Penny Allensworth Teresa Ambrose Mark Armstrong Lisa Atchison Janet Atwood Jennifer Baer Rory Baggerman Terrance Bailey Leslie Banks William Barnes Michael Barnett Lindsay Barth Curtis Bartholomew Jeffrey Bartlett Timothy Bauer Kevin Beyley Jana Beane Thomas Bearce Billie Becoat Julie Belchik Darlene Bell Tia Bell FRESHMEN 81Robert Beloit III Lemont Bennett Kathy Bessler Bridget Blackledge Lori Blackwood Jerry Bland Larry Bland Jr. Rebekka Blaske Brian Boedeker Becky Bolfing Johnny Boomershine Forrest Booth Unes Booth Kimberlin Boren Treena Boren Steven Bosaw Timothy Bott Marissa Bottens Melissa Bowman Richard Brakeville Paula Brooks Dennis Brown Ruth Brown Elizabeth Buck Billy Bucks Tracy Buckner Mark Buettner Stephanie Buhs Kelly Bull Sara Bumbacher 82 FRESHMENDonna Burger James Burnett Adrian Burton Lauren Burton Rodney Caffey James Caffery jr Dominique Cannon Matthew Card Carolyn Carter Stacy Caselton Mathew Castelli David Chapman Shelly Chapman David Chow Jason Christians Rhonda Chronister Briana Churchich Jonathan Clark Jennifer Clayton Mariesalle Clemente Heather Clevenger James Cochran Melissa Cogan Michele Collet Lisa Connors Amy Cook Amy Cooke Bradley Cooper Christopher Corethers Sheri Courter FRESHMEN 83Jacqueline Covington Martha Cowan Chad Cox James Cox Amy Crane Michael Creekmore Kimberly Crone Carmen Crownover Terry Croxford Gregory Crull Amy Culiberk Stacy Cunningham William Curtis Jerad Dabbs Matthew Darr Mark Davey James Davidson Tana Davidson Irene Davis Nichole Davis Paula Davis Tracy Deck Denise Deeder Danielle Deneef Louisa Denham Bryan Dial Clifford Dial Amy Dillinger Melissa Dingeldein Trisha Diserens 84 FRESHMENShawn Dodd Kristine Doerr Andrea Dralle David Draper David Droste Gina Duckworth Marisa Duda Ricky Dunse Tammy Dunse Loran Dyson David Eastman Sarah Eccles Todd Elder Terra Eldridge Donald Elik Kristina Elkins Alvin Elliott Bobbi Elliott FRESHMEN 85Michael Fisher William Fite Carrie Fleming Julie Fleming Lori Fleming Nathan Folwell Ann Freeman Daniel Fritz Murray Fryman Denise Fulks Kim Gabriel Michael Gagliardo Tracey Gallup Victor Gaston Amy Gehrke Samantha Gerling Nathan Gholston Scott Giberson Thomas Gilbert Dionne Gilchrest Damion Gilligan Bridgett Gillom James Gilmore Lainie Gineris Kristine Glenn Howard Gooden Aaron Goodrich Gerald Gorline Robert Goss Robert Gottlob 86 FRESHMENChristopher Crammer Rhonda Grant Ryan Grant Andrew Gratton Aaron Greenwood Douglas Gregory 1 Regina Gribble Michelle Griesemer Krista Groetken Tom Grossheim Melissa Groves Rose Guess Lynn Halford Amy Hall David Halm Denise Halm Traci Halverson Linda Hamby Sonya Hamel David Hamlin Leslie Hampton Christopher Hansen Daryl Hardimon Houston Hardimon Leigh Harley Steven Harp Lance Harris Nichole Harris Robert Harris Tad Hart FRESHMEN 87Jennifer Haycraft Rebecca Hayes Mark Haynes Paul Heaton Jeffrey Heil Dale Hendricks Mary Hendricks Scott Hendricks Kelli Henkhaus Leeann Henley Kate Herbert Jennifer Hicks Beth Higgins Carter Hill Jason Hillery Elizabeth Hoechst Robert Holcomb Thomas Holland f Kenneth Holloway James Holman Cary Holmes Robin Holmes Eustacia Honnen Darla Hooks Derrick Howard Julie Howell Dale Hubbard Catherine Huber Amy Hughes James Humphrey 88 FRESHMENMelissa Hunt Erik Igo Lori Imming Kimberly Jefferson Sarah Jehie Scott Jenkins Sonya Jennings Gilbert Johnson Heather Johnson James Johnson Leslie Johnson Cassandra Jolliff Amy Jones Bradley Jones Todd Jorgensen Michele Jutting Wilbur Kaiser Jr. Lori Kanturek Christy Keith James Keith Nancy Kelly Jonathon Kenney Ramona Kerkemeyer Laura King Philip Kleffner Kimberly Knoche John Koshinski Michael Kunz Patrick Kusterman Judith Lafferty FRESHMEN 89Tammy Lane Jason Langer Anthony Langford Eric Larson David Laux Clarence Lawrence Stacy Leavell Melissa Ledford Rodney Leggett Konstantin Lekkas Jack Leonard Otis Lewis Jr. Pamela Lewis Ethan Light Scott Liley Kimberly Linton Jay Lipe Tanya Livingstone Tina Lohr Sarah Lowe Steven Lowe Michael Lucas Kristen Lunceford Anne Lutes Angela Maddox Cynthia Maher Wendy Maher Kelly Malson Chris Markel Michael Maronie 90 FRESHMENCindy Marshall Cassandra Martien Justin Martinez Jennifer Masters Bettina Mathis Glen McAfoos Brett McCann Susan McClain Kelly McCollum Derek McCormick Shelly McDonald Nicole McGowan Robert Mclntire Shari McPherson Christina Means Rory Meeden Kimberly Meletti Donna Menke Katherine Messerle Charles Meyers Michelle Michael Byron Mike Aaron Miller Herbert Miller Lisa Miller Sharon Miller Jon Milligan Bret Mills Jeffrey Minzer Jack Monroe FRESHMEN 91Scott Monroe Christopher Montgomery Alicia Moore William Moore Ramon Morales Rachelle Morgan Shelton Morgan Luke Morgenroth Michael Morrissey Scott Mugge Timothy Mundy Christopher Narup Ruth Neely Tuan Nguyen Heather Nicholson Rhett Nischwitz Bruce Molan Catherine Norman Christopher Norman Mary Norman David Norris Shalon Northern Robert Oettle Jonica Oliver Colleen Oiler Darren Orban Kevin O'Sullivan Lori Ottwell Amanda Oulson John Pace 92 FRESHMENKaren Pace Julie Panzier Shannon Parks Benjamin Pate Michelle Perica Deann Peuterbaugh John Pfeifer Maurice Phelps Brad Phillips Michelle Phillips Allen Pierson Virna Pizzichillo Ricky Plumb Christopher Poole Jennifer Porter Steven Privatte Charles Puent Tara Raby Jennifer Radcliff Robert Rainey Lisa Ramsey Sarah Rathgeb Marckus Ratliff Tony Raya Ricky Rea Mark-Todd Reader Matthew Rector Adrienne Reed Tonya Reese Sarah Reinhardt HtESHMEN 9)Lucinda Remaly Jasson Rendleman Mary Reynolds Tamara Reynolds Tony Richards Raymond Ridenour Jerry Riggs Loretta Roberts Virginia Roberts Daniel Robertson Scott Robertson Jennifer Roettgers Leila Ruble Michael Rushing Amanda Sawyer Daniel Schmisseur Darrell Schroeder Elizabeth Schudel Todd Schumacher Tammy Scoggins Theresa Scott Allan Scroggins Clarence Scruggs 111 Lisa Searles Brian Sharp Ann Shaw Kataka Shelton Dwayne Sherer Kandy Shive Jason Shobe 94 FRESHMENDouglas Simpson Cary Simpson Jason Sipe Craig Sisk Charles Smith Jerome Smith Norma Jean Smith Ozell Smith 111 Barbara Snyders Lori Snyders John Sokolowski Johnathon Sorbie Mark Sowders Deverick Spraggins Aaron Springman Kyle Steiner Earline Stewart Jodie Stewart Marsha Stice Nicholas Stilwell Brent Stiritz Angela Stockard Kimberly Stormer Brian Summers Craig Sun Jay Sundberg Leticia Suri Catrina Sutton Mary Swarringin Russell Swarringin FRESHMEN 95Lonnie Tate 11 Todd Tatnall Matthew Taul Gregory Taylor Joseph Taylor Charles Teague Erica Terrell Joi Terry Donna Thomas Desira Thomas Robert Thomas James Thurow Trung To Kevin Trimm Charles Tuey Katherina Tutoky Joseph Unverzagt Odetta Vanzandt Adrian Vassar Amy Venlet Michael Vetter Coral Volland Jeffrey Voss Dean Voumard Sara Voumard Minnie Voyles Michelle Wakeford Sara Walker Melinda Walter Jessica Walters % FRESHMENKendra Walters Leslie Warr Jana Washington Andria Watson Stephanie Watson Darren Watt Stephen Watt Pamela Watters Brian Weber Lori Wedding Mark Weinman Matthew Weirich James Wilkinson Donnell Williams Matthew Williamson Dana Wilson Julie Wilson Ross Wilson Robert Winslow Jr. James Wise Shelly Witt Aimee Wolff Regina Womack Corey Woods FRESHMEN TDeborah Woods Paula Wooff Tammy Woolverton Cheryl York Tracy Yost Scott Zagar t URUPI] David Zimmerman Eric Zyung FACULTYBOARD OF EDUCATION David R. Theis School Board President Joyce Robinson Verna J. Lewis Phyllis Currins President Pro Tem Secretary Secretary Pro TemSUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Dr. Mary Blanche Jungers David Vanwinkle, Ph.D Assistant Superintendent Gene R. Alston, Ph.D Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Michael J. Beaber Administrative Assistant to the SuperintendentWayne A. Addison Special Education Director ASSISTANTS TO THE SUPERINTENDENT E. Dean Browning Administrative Assistant for Vocational Education James. E. Baiter Staff Accountant Treasurer Peter J. McFarlane Director of Instructional Services ilk ASSISTANTS TO THE SUPPERINTENDANT ’01 Ardythe A. Browning Director of Food Services David L. Allen Director of Building and GroundsALTON HIGH SCHOOL ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS Edmond Gray Assistant Principal Leonard Hawthorne Assistant Principal lack Jungers Assistant Principal Ralph McClain Assistant Principal jack Martin Assistant Principal HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION 103 ■H Constance Allen Darryl Amschler Curtis Bagwill Edwina Bailey 1 1 r Elizabeth Bourland Mary Bowling Herman Brennecke Wilma Bricker Susan Buckley Reno Calcari Barbara Callahan James Callahan Roger Capps James Chestney Vernetta Caffey Joe Clugsten Mary Dirksmeyer Phil Dodds 104 f AC 111 TYJo Ann Epplc Dale Evans Rachel Faries Richard Farrow Joseph Fearheiley June Halloran Susan Hansberry Jan Hansen' 4 $ Robert Hansen Bette Harris Wilbur Felkey George Heidbrink Norman Iman Robert Jefferson Anne Johnson Albert Journey Larry King Charles Kirby John Kline FACULTY 105George Loveless Kevin Lyerla Felix Macias Joseph Magro Donald Maloney Stanley McAfoos Nancy Meggos Dennis Meyer Marvin Mondy Larry Montegomery Sandra Ohren Nancy Rowse Nancy Paeltz Richard Russell Erskine Ryan Roger Schleper David Schlitt Marilyn Schroeder 106 FACULTYPete Stavros Weldon Stevenson Wilma Stinnett Margaret Stroube Donna Suess Norman Swick Georgia Unthank Eugene Ursprung Marion Velloff Clovis West Joe Voegeli Homer Vowels Ann Wangelin Steve Wilton Glenn Waters Rita Weiss Gloris Westbrook LaDonna Whitner lames Wigger Lillian Withrow George Wolke Dorman Wright Lela Wright Raymond Young FACULTY 107Security Officers Teacher Aides Office Workers Armelia Armsterd Shirlev Bierbaum Eva Bradshaw Gail Burjes Maxine Crivello Barb Darr Addie Davis Kathy Hawkins Margaret Davis Nancy Lang Beverly Dawn Patricia McCoy Joann Eppel Ann Mercurio Eleanor Hammon Manbeth Reed Connie Segobiano Custodians And Matrons Barbara Smith Bev Summers M Jane Travis Marchia Tucker Ann Xanders Eddie Arnold Bob Bays Kevin Bryant Lois Burton 108 FACULTYLonetta Wiseman Chuck Withrow Ruth Phipps Ruth Roe Fay Baird Mary Laird I Mamie Lanier Marjorie Miller Naomi Phegley Victoria Rathgeb Janet Sanders Jean Sisk FACULTY 109Top: Do you think we look alike? Middle left: This stuff is so boring! Middle right: Ken and Barbie pose for a picture. Bottom left: Bossom buddies Bottom right: Our boyfriends bought us these nice mink coats, honest! noJAMES B. JOHNSON ED. D. February 9, 1907 - March 10, 1985MUSIC MUSIC 113Teresa Ambrose, Kayla Berry, Bruce Beuttel, Jennifer Black, Rosalyn Bonds, Marrisa Bottens, Missy Bramley, Jean Bryant, Dominique Cannon, Jennifer Chadwick, Stephanie Church, Amy Cook, Beth Cornell, Trisha Disernes, David Draper, Nathan Gholston, Audra Harris, Kerry Hubbard, Tammy Hysten, Da- vid Kincade, Gus Kordos, Augie Maddoy, Sharon Miller, David Norris, Jennifer Radelift, Ricky Rea, Darryl Short, Paul Steinbrueck, Brook Swick, Todd Tatnall, Tracy Tatnall, Ann Tutoky, Kate Tutoky, Chris Ulffers, Sarah Utterband, Lisa Weber, Allen Wilkinson, Laura Wilkinson MUSIC 115Cami Beaber, Tia Bell, Kaela Berry, Bruce Beuttel, Sean Bippen, Jennifer Black, Marrisa Boitens, Missy Bramley, Heather Brenegan, Jean Bryant, Jennifer Chadwick, Stephanie Church, Jon Clark, Brian Con-rady, Amy Cook, Beth Cornell, Gary Crane, Tracy Deader, Trisha Dis-ernes, Maggie Emblom, Mike Gag-liardo, Cindy Hansen, Sarah Hau-versburk, Darrin Jones, Karen Jones, Sarah Jones, David Kincade, Gus Kodros, Amy Kohler, Angie Maddox, David Middleton, Beth Noble, Brad Phillips, Jennifer Radcliff, Reggie Robinson, John Schmisseur, Darryl Short, Paul Steinbreuck, Brooke Swick, Todd Tatnall, Tracy Tatnall, Ann Tutoky, Kate Tutoky, Chris Ulffers, Peter Ulffers, Sarah Utterback, Lisa Weber, Mary Weber, Allen Wilkinson, Jim Wilkinson, Laura Wilkinson, David Yearwood 116 MUSICKevin Abel, Scott Allsmen, Donna Andrews, Lydia Bailey, Roland Bailey, Charles Berry, Kathy Bessler, Chris Bradley, Shirlene Brand, Mitzi Bramely, Paula Brooks, Amy Bruce, Adrian Burton, David Chow, Greg Crull, Mike Dilley, Loran Dyson, Tony Elliot, Dionne Gilchrest, Ryan Grant, Andy Gratton, Jennifer Grat-ton, Karen Hardbeck, Neil Harrison, Bill Hayes, Mary Hendricks, Dawn Hert, Erica Holliday, Julie Howell, Dale Hubbard, Doug Jenkins, Amy Jones, Mark Kasten, Kyle Kennedy, David Kincade, Gus Kodros, Dawn Kusterman, Lisa Lammers, Joe Leonard, Scott Liley, Chris Lofts, Cindy Marshall, Cassandra Martein, Jeff Mifflin, Chris Moss, Susan Nevlin, Stacey Noble, Chris Norman, Brian Orr, Jasson Rendleman, Loretta Roberts, Mike Rushing, Ann Shaw, Carla Shaw, Jim Sherman, Doug Simpson, Cindy Singleton, Rosalind Slack, Jeffery Smith, Kenneth Smith, Lamont Smith, Lisa Thomas, Ryan Tucker, Patty Turner, Chris Ulffers, Peter Ulffers, Dean Voumard, Can-dance Webster, Alfreda Willis, 118 MUSICCONCERT BAND MUSIC 119Kanturek, Nancy Kelly, Kyle Kennedy, Amy Kohler, Jennifer Lawson, Jack Leonard, Joe Leonard, Pam Lewis, Shawn Lipe, Patty McGrath, Jennifer Mcllwaine, Mickie Mcll-waine, Robert Mclntire, Angie Maddox, Heather Mathewson, Beth Malin, Tim Molloy, Rachelle Morgan, Susan Mottaz, Darrin Neal, Kel-ton Neal, Cathy Norman, Silke Oetker, Steve Peebles, Rae Robertson, Scott Robertson, Jennifer Rad-cliff, Sarah Rathgeb, Dan Schmis-seur, John Schmisseur, Shane Schultze, Theresa Scott, Kerri Scroggins, Dawn Sitze, Mide Skor-dos, Mary Beth Salten, Deanne Smith, Victor Smith, Kibby Sykes, Todd Tatnall, Joe Taylor, Susan Taylor, Joe Terry, Desira Thomas, Christie Thompson, Maria Thompson, Tom Travis, Chris Ulffers, Peter Ulffers, Laura Waggoner, Jana Washington, Mary Weber, Shondoyln Wheeler, Karin Whitten, Alan Wilkinson, Laura Wilkinson, Robin Zimmerman Scott Allen, Kelly Barth, Lindsay Barth, Jana Beane, Tia Bell, Lisa Bernhardt, Charles Berry, Laela Berry, Bruce Beuttel, Mark Beuttel, Sean Bippen, Marissa Bottens, Dawn Christensen, Stephanie Church, Jan Clark, Asa Collins, Sue Conrad, Jenny Cope, Mike Cope, Beth Cornell, Sheri Courter, Aaron Cox, Gary Crane, Bruce Cromwell, Alicia Culi-berk, John Davenport, Ron Davenport, Trisha Diserens, Gail Doss, Deanna Farmer, Kathy Farmer, Diann File, Julie Fleming, Mary GraceFol-well, Nathan Folwell, Cherie Fowler, Ann Freeman, Michael Gagliardo, Damion Gilligan, Donna Gillis, Howard Gooden, Karen Gooden, Aaron Greenwood, Regina Gribble, Richard Grindstaff, Theresa Grosen-heider, Robert Hall, Chris Hansen, Jill Harris, Jenny Haycraft, Mike Haynes, Bill Hiller, Kim Holliday, Gary Holmes, Karla Hurley, Laura Ja-maldin. Heather Johnson, Tammy Johnson, Amy Jones, Darren Jones, Meredith Jones, Sara Jones, Lori 120 MUSICJAZZ BAND 122 MUSICLindsay Barth, Kaela Berry, Sean Bippen, Jennifer Black, Jean Bryant, Asa Collins, Gary Crane, Nate Foo-Folwell, Howard Gooden, Aaron Greenwood, Dale Hubbard, Karla Hurley, Darren Jones, Sara Jones, Amy Kohler, Jennifer Lawson, Cory Mclntire, Darrin Neal, Kelton Neal, Silke Oetker, John Schmisseur, Victor Smith, Paul Steinbrueck, Chris Ulffers MUSIC 123PEP BAND Front Row: Pam lewis, Lisa Bernhardt, Amy Jones, Marissa Bottens, Ann Tutoky, Mary Grace Folwell, Meredith Jones, Susan Mottaz, Angi • Maddox, Trisha Diserens, Julie Fleming. 2nd row-Mark Kasten, Asa Collins, Jennifer Lawson, Jennifer Black, Kaela Berry, Howard Gooden, Alan Wilkinson, Peter Ulffers, Joe Taylor. 3rd row- Jenny Haycraft, Kenneth Smith, Kim Holliday, Victor Smith, Kelton Neal, Joe Leonard, Mike Gagliardo, Dean Voumard. 4th row- Dennis Meyer-Director, DeAnn Smith, Joi Terry, Darren Jones, Nate Folwell, Reggie Robinson, Jim Wilkinson, Cory Mclntire. 124 -MUSICAlto April Brown Ruth Ann Brown Laurie Canter Jenny Cope Robyn Ennis Deneen Henderson Kate Herbert Joy Hindmon Angi Holmes Cristie Liley Chris McGuiggan Avonda Medhurst Rebecca Plunk Tara Raby Susie Root Dana Salzman Amy Saville Kandy Shive Cindy Singleton Bass Chris Corethers Don Sherer Chris Keith Fred Smith Dennis McBride Bob Brown Ron Owens 126 MUSICTROUBADORS Soprano Tawni Attebery Nancy Baker Lisa Bernhardt Angl Bramley Reba Brown Tracey Buckner Stacy Clevenger Mary Corby Laura Emmons Jenifer Farrell Beth Hager Kathy Messerle Pamela Miller Penny Nelson Noelle Poindexter Rae Robertson Monica Schallenberg Sara Walker Tenors Michael Albrecht Robbie Gottlob Gary Holmes Jeff Mellenthin Jack Monroe Mike Vetter Jason Werner MUSIC 127CONCERT CHOIR Mindy Allred, Wendy Aulabaugh, Jamie Beckman, Annette Borders, Angela Bramley, Robert Brown II, Stephanie Christy, Dane Clark, Stacy Clevenger, Mark Cowgill, Pamela Crane, Paul Davey, Jill Dunham, Chris Eales, Jennifer Fulks, Sabrina Garrett, Donna Gillis, Kathy Glazik, Helen Gramates, George Gunning, Eddie Hall, Karen Hubbard, Schreda Johnson, Kary Klinke, Christy Liley, Dawn Madson, Dennis McBride, Pamela Miller, Amy Montague, Penelope Nelson, Starlene Nelson, Carrie Page, Michelle Rea, Brian Ready, Reginald Robinson, Melissa Schrumpf, Kerri Scroggins, Donald Sherer, Fred Smith, Margie Steele, Susan Stillwell, Dean Thompson, Clara West, Lora Whitten, Venus Williams 1984 GRAMMY AWARDS Record of the Year: "Dancing in the Dark" Bruce Springsteen "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Cyndi Lauper "Hard Habit to Break" Chicago "The Heart of Rock-n-Roll" Huey Lewis And The News •"What's Love Got to do With It" Tina Turner Album of the Year: "Born in the USA" Bruce Springsteen •"Can't Slow Down" Lionel Richie "Private Dancer" Tina Turner "Purple Rain" Prince "She's So Unusual" Cyndi Lauper Song of the Year: •"Against All Odds" Phil Collins "Hello" Lionel Richie "I Just Called To Say I Love You" Steve Wonder "Time After Time" Cyndi Lauper •What's Love Got To Do With It" Tina Turner Best New Artist: Sheila E, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Corey Hart, the Judds, Cyndi Lauper. Best Video Album: The making of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Michael Jackson. • Designates winner in this category. Deaths In 1984-85 Ansel Adams-photographer Jack Barry-television producer Richard Basehart-actor Count Basie-jazz pianist and band leader Richard Burton-noted Welsh actor Truman Capote-provacative writer Jackie Coozan-actor-first child star David-victim of severe combined immudificiency since birth.Spent 15 years in a sterile bubble. Marvin Gaye-Soul singer Jon-Erik Hexum-actor in TV series "Cover UP" Lilliam Hellman-playwright Steve Goodman-composer and folk singer Andy Kaufman-comedian-actor Raymond Kroc-founder of McDonald's Peter Lawford-British born actor James Mason-British born actor Sam Peckinpah-motion picture director Walter Pidgeon-Canadian born actor Francois Truffant-French motion picture director Ernest Tubb-country music singer Meredith Willson-writer, composer and lyricist-Created The Music Man. HELLO GOODBY Rat Tails Ghostbusters Wham! Ratt Dune PG-13 Starlight Drive-In Baby Faye Dr. Lynn Mr. McPhail Mrs. Mae Mays Gremlins 128 MUSICSWING CHOIR Jeff Ackerman, Chris Beatty, Wendy Aulabaugh, Jamie Beckman, Henry Blair, Robert Brown, Dane Clark, Stacey Clevenger, Mark Cowgill, Pamela Crane, Paul Davey, Kathy Gla-zik, George Gunning, Angie Holmes, Marcy Jackson, Kary Klinke, Darrin Larkins, Dennis Me-Bride, Amy Montague, Matt Simpson, Becky Snyders, Monica Davey, Nancy Velloff MUSIC 129MARCHING 100 130 MUSICMUSIC 131FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE CHORUS Sophomore Chorus Kathy Arnold, Jamara Bauswell, Jason Bowman, Ellen Brunnworth, Laurie Canter, Polly Chase, Karyn Clanton, Mary Corby, Cheryl Dickerson, Jody Dwiggins, James Embry, Laura Emmons, Robyn Ennis, Daniel Farabee, Millie Federle, Diann File, Angela Denham, Shelly Hickman, Joy Hindmon, Alicia Horstman, Lori Huntsman, Hajra Khan, Andrea Ko-dros, Shari Lenhardt, Michael Long, Chris McGuiggan, Susan Mosby, Melissa Palen, Leonard Perry III, Rebecca Punk, Susan Root, Lorena Sar-avia, Amy Saville, Mocic Sghallen-berg, Mona Shelby, Shelly Stephens, Tyra Swick, Carol Sykes, Mary White, Chris Woodie, Freshman Chorus 2nd Hr. Melissa Abel, Wendy Adams, Karen Albrecht, Lori Blackwood, Treena Boren, Jennifer Browning, Bonnie Cenatiempo, Paula Davis, Amy Dillinger, Melissa Dillinger, Shawn Dodd, Andrea Dralle, William Finck, Denise Fulks, Nathan Gholston, Laniee Gineris, Rhonda Grant, Jacqueline Graves,, Rose Guess, Amy Hall, Rebecca Hayes, Deneed Henderson, Jennifer Hicks, Melissa Hunt, Ramona Kerkemeyer, James Leady, Stacey Lea-vell, Sara Lowe, Dvon Martin, Malissa Mason, Kelly McCollom, Shalon Northern, Karen Pace, Shannon Parks, Jennifer Porter, Lisa Ramsey, Mary Sweringin, Angela Thompson, Michael Vetter, Sara Voumard, Stephanie Watson, David Zimmerman Freshman Chorus 7th Hr. Penny Allensworth, Rebecca Blaske, Pam Bradford, Tracy Buckner, Kelly Bull, Celli Coker, James Cooperide, Chris Correthers, Kimberly Crone, Mark Davey, Kim Gabriel, Ann Greenwood, Richard Harris, Jeff Heil, Beth Higgins, Amy Hughes, Francine Jackson, Leslie Johnson, Kimberly Knoche, Clarence Lawrence, Melissa Ledford, Kelly Lenhardt, Cassie Lynn Lockhart, Jennifer Masters, Bet-tina Mathis, Nicole McGowan, Rory Meeden, Jack Monroe, Tara Raby, Tonya Reese, Leila Ruble, Terry Shaw, Kandy Shive, Terry Smith, Kimberely Stormer, Angela Tankersley, Donald Taylor, Donna Thomas, Ethel Thompson, Leslie Warr, Lisa Whitehead, Dana Wison, Julie Wilson 132 MUSICSPORTSTENNIS Win Loss '‘'singles: Shane Volland 6 " Angles: Tod Volland 15 4 Singles: )ohn Valdez 6 9 “'singles: David Condrey 6 'singles: Rodney Marlin S singles: Kris Crabner 2 1st doubles: Shane Volland Tod Volland 1. District Champions 2. 3rd place in Belleville Invitational 3. 2nd place in conference 2nd doubles: John Valdez David Condrey 3rd doubles: Kris Gibbons Scott Gibbons 1. 3rd place in conference Individual Point Totals Points 1. Tod Volland 29 2. Shane Volland 20 3. John Valdez 13 4. David Condrey 13 5. Kris Grabner 11 6. Scott Gibbons 10 7. Rodney Martin 5 8. John Sloan 2 9. Tom Wohlfeil 2 T 134 SPORTSTeam members Varsity: Shane Volland, Tod Volland, John Valdez, David Condrey, Rodney Martin, Kris Grab-men, Scott Gibbons. Junior Varsity members: Tony Carmean, Mike Dwyer, David Epple, Robert Hall, David Middleton, Chris Milford, Isaac Ruedin, George Tiampos, John Sloan, and Tom Wohlfeil Alton's Tod Volland and Shane Volland won district championship in doubles ALTON Team Record: won 8 Lost 5 Conference Record: Won 2 Lost 2 for 3rd place Oppooeni Place Result score Edwardsv.lle Alton Won S-1 Mar queue Alton Lost 4-3 Roxana There Won 7-0 Cahokia Alton Won 7-0 Edwardsville Belleville There Won S-2 AlthoW There lost 5-3 Wood River There won 7-2 Belleville tail Alton lost 6-1 Collinsville There won 6-1 Belleville West Alton lost 9-0 Granite South Alton lost 4-3 East St. Louis There won 7-0 Marquette Alton won 4-3 SPORT 135TRACK 100 m DASH, Rod Debruce, 10.7 sec. 200 m DASH, Tracy Brown, 22.45 sec. 400 m DASH, Willie Reddit, 52.5 sec. 800 m RUN, Norman Bilsbury, 2:00.16 min. 1600 m RUN, Norman Bilsbury, 4:27.1 min 3200 m RUN, Norman Bilsbury, 9:51.6 min. 110 m HURDLE, Lemeul Lossis, 15.4 sec. 300 m HURDLE, Steve Wangelin, 44.83 sec. 400 m RELAY, 43.5 sec 800 m RELAY, 1:30.1 min. 1600 m RELAY, 3:38.4 min. 3200 m RELAY, 9:04 min. SHOT PUT, Laron Owens, 40'-5" DISCUS, Laron Owens, 139'-0” HIGH jUMB, Brian Smith, Dwayne Redditt, 6'-8" LONG JUMP, Dwayne Redditt, 2V-11V4" TRIPLE JUMP, Brian Smith, 47'-0V-" POLE VAULT, Dan Arnold, 1V-0" 136 SPORTSREDWINGS TRACK 100 M Dash Shirley James 13.1 100 M Hurdles April Brown 19.55 200 M Dash Dionne Mclain 29.3 400 M Dash Lisa James 1:04.48 800 M Run Mary Mcnamee 3:19 1600 M Run Kristen Falkenberg 7:04 3200 M Run Kristen Falkenberg 14:36.1 400 M Relay 55,17 800 M Relay 1:58.5 800 M Sprint Relay 1:20.5 3200 M Relay 12:52.0 SHOT PUT Dee Dee Smith 247" DISCUS Dee Dee Smith 86'5" 138 SPORTSSPORTS- 139Alton Golf 14 — 7 Conference 3 — 2= 3rd Conference Tourn. 4th Dearor Retzer 1st Medidist 73 Granite City Scramble Tied 6th Regional - 7th of 15 D. Retzer 6th 78 Sectional — Deavon Retzer 89, No Advancement First Row: George Tyler, Tim Kan-turek. Matt Taul, Jeff Heil, Chuck Puent, David Halm, Scott Monroe, Aaron Whalen, Charles Tuey, Second Row: Jason Shobe, Rick Meyers, Todd Cress, (Captain) Deavon Retzer, Joe Eckhard, Brad Elik, Matt Van Voorhis, Ron Perrin, John Plunk, (Coach) Mr. Overath 140 SPORTSJerseyville 181 175 Belleville Althoff 178 165 Edwardsville, WoodRiver, Roxana 156 142 179 175 Belleville East 215 198 Collinsville 206 230 Edwardsville, Granite City 214 143 215 Marquette 160 168 Collinsville 220 245 Granite City, Roxanna, Wood River 167 168 178 184 Belleville West 220 194 Jerseyville 159 169 East St. Louis 198 215 Marquette 154 167 Wood River, Bethalto, Triad 158 156 173 182 SPORTS 141VARSITY FOOTBALL 142 SPORTSColumbia Hickman Us Them Jacksonville 0 16 Collinsville 7 16 Edwardsville 28 6 Belleville East 26 15 Cahokia 3 0 East St. Louis 13 0 Granite City 6 13 Belleville West 20 8 0 14 SPORTS 143SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL First Row: Mike Lewis, Nick Holmes, Carl Crumer, Eric Hagendorn, Jeff Cannon, Tony Darr, Dan Watts, Troy Gibbs Second Row: Marie Voyles, Terry Reams, Terry Bratton, Scott Hall, Stan Purnell, Tim Palen, Curt Warlick, Mgr. Charles Bond Third Row: Lee Jackson, Mark Pruitt, Patrick Woodard, Jeff Mitchell, Joey Davis, Mike Dilley, James Livesay, Jerome Moore Fourth Row: Donald Johnson, Brian Palmer, Tim Reams, Roger Malloy, Brian Generally, Dan Carter, Vince Greer Fifth Row: Coach Terry Mitchell, Chris Randall, Kevin Rowe, Ned Harrison, Brent Allen, Jerry Lewis, Andy Bar-ban, Chris Hillman, Paul Hawkins, Coach Robert Speidel Us Them Granite City 0 38 Belleville West 6 13 Collinsville 20 25 Belleville East 0 46 Belleville Althoff 0 24 East St. Louis 6 54 Edwardsville 0 7 144 -SPORTSFRESHMAN FOOTBALL UNDEFEATED! Us Them Belleville East 24 6 Granite City 38 0 Collinsville 22 0 Belleville West 22 20 Edwardsville 6 0 Cahokia 8 16 Front Row: Kenny Holloway, Luke Elder, Greg Taylor, Ozell Smith, Donald Taylor, Terrance Parks, John Ewing, Doug Gregory, Second Row: Coach Todoroff, Mark Armstrong, Dennis Brown, Mike Barnett, Tim Bauer, Kyle Steiner, Matt Castelli, Greg Crull, Coach Batty, Third Row: Trung To, Che' Mike, Robert Mike, Mike Marfell, John Bozorgnehr, Andy Gratton, Fourth Row: Doug Simpson, Ernest Smith, Sherman Skinner, Wilbur Kaiser, Rodney Caf-fey, Jim Cochran, David Hamlin, Bobby Kraushar, Back Row: Alvin Elliot, John Phiefer, Mike Rushing, Todd Jorgenson, Robert Holcomb, Richard Nascello SPORTS 145VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Andy Scanlan, Ron Stampley, Doug Brooks, Todd Sherman, Back Row Coach Ron Mayhew, Mgr Saunders Howard, Larry Smith, Bobby Collins, Marcus Patterson, Matt Hausman, Kevin Jemison, Kirk Wallace, David Wilkison, Jeff Herd, Dale Brice, Manager George Tyler, Coach Stan McAfoos. 146 SPORTS Us Them Tournament- Urbana 74 60 Tournament- Bethalto 57 45 Hazelwood East 69 46 Tournament- Edwardsville 67 68 OT Cahokia 66 77 Collinsville 70 82 Belleville Althoff 64 63 Wood River 82 63 Belleville West 63 61 Granite City 62 64 Hazelwood Central 72 63 Springfield Southeast 82 49 Holiday Tournament- Lincoln, East St. Louis 60 72 Danville 65 51 Belleville West 61 56 OT Weber 67 54 Belleville East 65 59 St. Mel 69 112 Collinsville 65 69 OT Prospect 80 70 East St. Louis 83 75 Edwardsville 70 57 Granite City 60 69 Belleville East 59 63 I.H.S.A. REGIONALS East St. Louis 94 88 Civic Memorial 88 46 SPORTS 47SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Joe Twichell, Leonard Perry, Paul Dread, Second Row: David Kincade, Mgr., Ray Barnes, Tony Herd, Joey Davis, Craig Gooch, Terry Bratton, Dorynell Thompson- Coach Gene Ursprung. Third Row: Chris Dou-cleff, Todd Thomas, DeLeon Lavender, Lee Wangelin, Martin Jones, Jerry Lewis, David Middleton. Us Them 62 Hazelwood East 40 61 Wood River 40 66 Collinsville 45 61 East St. Louis 60 45 Hazelwood Central 53 93 Belleville West 83 83 Wood River 56 27 Wood River B 27 79 Belleville East 59 54 Civic Memorial B 56 64 Roxana 35 63 Jerseyville 38 77 Roxana 49 89 Belleville East 64 77 Granite City 69 64 Collinsville 60 79 Jerseyville 50 78 Calhoun 58 67 Jerseyville 37 57 Belleville West 70 148 SPORTSFRESHMEN BASKETBALL Kneeling: Lemont Bennett, Rodney Caffey, Deverick Spraggins, Byron Mike, Clarence Sanders, Brad Phillips, Wayne Harris, Wilbur Kaiser, Dan Fritz, Mgr., Standing: Coach Daughterty, Dan Taylor, Kataka Shelton, Rhett Nischwitz, Dan Schmisseur, Robert Mike, Chris Hansen, Alvin Elliott, Michael Green OPPONENT US THEM Wood River 45 49 Collinsville 37 53 Riverview Cardens 43 57 Belleville West 37 68 Edwardsville 24 42 OFallon 42 75 Belleville East 42 53 Wood River 45 54 Civic Memorial 57 50 Hazelwood Central 39 46 Roxana 64 61 Belleville East 42 76 Granite City 51 48 Collinsville 47 49 Southwestern B 43 18 Southwestern A 55 50 Jerseyville 57 46 Belleville West 42 55 Granite City 49 45 SPORTS- 149VARSITY BASEBALL Chris Dilks Leading Hitter .397 Tony O'Connor 8-12 Record On April 30, pitched a perfect game against East St. Louis Had an earned run average 0.81 Struck out 83 batters in 69 innings Selected to: Illinois Coaches All-Star Team St. Louis Post Dispatch All-Star Team St. Louis Democrat All-Star Team Belleville News Democrat All-Star Team Was All-State in Baseball + Vi 150 SPORTSCHAMPS Southwestern Conference And Regional Champs Roxana Us 2 Them 1 Bethalto 3 2 WoodRiver 3 2 Belleville W. 4 0 Collinsville 9 1 Marquette 2 3 Belleville E. 6 2 Belleville W. 1 0 Collinsville 8 1 E. St. Louis 4 0 Edwardsville 5 8 St. Charles 3 16 Granite City 8 10 E. St. Louis 4 1 Jerseyville 8 7 WoodRiver 8 5 Belleville E. 14 6 Jerseyville 10 18 O'Fallon 3 10 O'Fallon 5 4 Regional WoodRiver 4 0 Edwardsville 4 3 Sectionals Belleville 1 3 Southwestern Conference Alton 8-0 Belleville E. 4-4 E. St. Louis 4-4 Belleville W. 3-5 Collinsville 1-7 SPORTS 151JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Us Them Cahokia 62 67 Belleville Althoff 55 60 Belleville West 62 67 Edwardsville 68 55 Belleville East 69 54 East St. Louis 64 78 Collinsville 50 56 Wood River 58 54 Granite City 94 82 Springfield Southeast 90 65 Lincoln, St. Louis 50 65 Belleville West 63 62 Belleville East 64 61 Collinsville 47 58 J.V. Squad Doug Brooks, Tim Simmons, Lance Kline, Kevin Clanton, Matt Hous-mann, Lee Wangelin, Kurt Wallace, Vincent McElroy, Tony Herd, Norman Bilsbury, David Wilkinson. 152 SPORTSCROSS COUNTRY Normal Bilsbury Madison County Winner All Conference Runner All St. Louis Metro Selection 2nd in Regional 4th in Sectional 59th in State Meet Jim McPike All Conference Runner 9th in Regional 4th in Madison County Injured in Sectional Joe Twichell 5th in Madison County All Conference Runner 13th in Regional 26th in Sectional Springfield S.E. (Dual) Jerseyville, Venice (Tri) Triad Invitational Ml. Vernon Jacksonville, Quincy (Tri) Edwardsville Invit. Hazelwood East Invit. Collinsville (Dual) Peoria Invitational Madison County Jerseyville (Dual) Southwest Conference Regional Meet Alton 15-S.E. 50 Alton 16-Jer. 46 Ven. 78 8th Place 5th Place Quin. 39 Al. 41 Jack. 44 5th Place 7th Place Alton 15 Coll. 50 22nd 1st Alton 19 Jer. 42 3rd 5th Freshmen Soccer First Row: Tom Gilbert, Tony Raya, Mark Hanes, Brian Summers, John Kenny Second Row: Unus Booth, Brian Garrett, Cristopher Montgomery, Craig Sisk, Bobby Goss, Daved Eastman, Eric Zyung Third Row: Ottis Lewis, Ray Morales, James Thurow, Mike Lucas, Matt Darr, Mark-Todd-Reader. Edwardsville US 1 THEM A Collinsville 1 2 Bethalto 1 5 Belleville West 1 2 Hazelwood Central 3 3 Belleville East 2 1 Granite City 0 2 Bethalto 4 1 Rozana 4 0 Sophomore Baseball The Tatler Staff would like to appo-logize to the Coaches and Teams of Cross Country, Freshmen Soccer and Sophomore Baseball for having lost the photos and negatives. Us Them Roxana 0 — 10 Civic Memorial 5 — 11 Wood River 2 — 5 Collinsville 4 — 14 Bellville East 0 — 6 Bellville West 1 — 10 Collinsville 4 — 5 East St. Louis 0 — 12 Edwardsville 1 — 4 St. Charles 5 — 2 East St. Louis 16 — 6 Wood River 4 — 10 Belleville East 10 — 8 Jerseyville 13 — 2 O'Fallon 5 — 2 O'Fallon 5 — 3 1 — 11 1 — 6 SPORTS 153SOCCER TEAM GO TO STATE!!! Varsity soccer ended its Season with a 15-5-1 record. This year was the most successful year Alton High has had since 1981. 154 SPORTSA.H.S. SPIRIT ERUPTS The pep assembly helped the varsity team to get "fired up" for the West Chester-St. Joseph (State) Game. The pep assembly was held under difficult weather but that didn't stop our players, cheerleaders or the whole school from showing their enthusiasm. The team captains, Pat Hoag, Larry Stutz and Joe Bowen, agree on the statement, "We could of played better at state." The reason they believe they could of done better is that they were so excited about going to state, that when they got there, their minds weren't set on soccer. Even though they tried their hardest, West Chester got the best of them 2-1. SPORTS 155OPPONENT US THEM Edwardsville 2 0 Roxana 6 0 Belleville W. 3 1 Belleville E. 3 0 Jacksonville 2 0 Collinsville 1 0 Evansville, INO. 0 1 Springfield SE. 2 0 Granite City 0 0 Belleville W. 3 1 Peoria Bergan 4 2 Belleville E. 3 0 Hazelwood Central 1 2 Quincy Sen. 2 3 Quincy Notre Dame 2 6 Collinsville REGIONALS 3 4 Wood River 3 0 Marquette SECTIONALS 4 0 Belleville W. 1 0 Granite City •STATE Westchester 1 0 St. Joseph 1 2 SPORTS 157REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL Varsity Scores Us Them East St. Louis 2 15, 3-15 Triad 2 15, 11-15 Madison 4 15, 7-15 Belleville West 0 15, 0-15 Bunker Hill 1 15, 10-14 Wood River 2 15, 0-15 Granite City 7 15, 3-15 Belleville East 1 15, 4-15 Roxana 3 15, 2-15, East St. Louis 7 15, 6-15 Granite City 10 15, 10-15 Edwardsville 0 15, 7-16 Collinsville 0 15, 6-15 Belleville East 21 15, 8-15 Madison 15 5, 15-11 Belleville East 0 15, 15- 5 Collinsville 3 15, 13-15 Bethalto 5 15, 6-15 158 SPORTSJ.V. Scores Us Them East St. Louis 1 15, 15- 7 Triad 2 15, 15 5 Madison 15 10, 16-14 Belleville West 2 15, 3-15 Bunker Hill 4 15, 2-15 Wodd River 1 15, 9-15 Granite City 1 15, 11-15 Belleville East 5 15, 4-15 Roxana 1 15, 10-15 East St. Louis 5 15, 6-16 Granite City 4 15, 7-15 Edwardsville 2 15, 11-15 Wood River 0 15, 13-15 Collinsville 0 15, 4-15 Belleville East 5 15, 3-15 Madison 13 15, 11-15 Belleville West 1 15, 3-15 Collinsville 0 15, 4-15 Bethalto 10 15, 14-16 SPORTS 159REDWINGS TENNIS WIN LOSS Jennifer Barton 11 6 Lee Ann Norman 12 4 Sue Carroll 8 6 3 5 Amy Diddlebock 8 7 Sherry Prather 3 3 Kelly SisherFisher 4 3 Margie Steele 2 0 Kelly Grabner 12 6 Terrah Velloff 12 9 Beth Hagen 6 4 Mary Vest 11 7 Kerri Hatcher 9 5 Coral Volland 1 2 Beth Ingram 13 7 Rachel Walter 13 9 Carmen Jacobs Lee Ann Norman 2 3 Amy Wooff 5 4 Mary Beth Norman Sherry Prather 160 SPORTS“P V. V •• V A AVA vtt Mi vv v y» v •V Team Scores Belleville Althoff US THEM 0-7 Triad 7-0 Edwardsville 4-3 Rozana 7-0 Hazelwood East 7-0 Jerseyville 7-0 Belleville East 0-7 Wood River 5-2 Collinsville 3-0 Granite City 4-3 East St. Louis Sr. 7-0 Belleville West 0-7 Alton Marquette 6-1 Singles Player Beth Ingram (12) Doubles Team Terrah Velloff (11) Rachel Walter (10) Overall record 10-3 Conference record 3-2 Conference Tournament placed 34 3rd Placed 2nd one-half point behind Highland in the Sectional Tournament. Alton High's IHSA State Qualifiers All lost in first round at State Tournament.OPPONENT Jerseyville Marquette Civic Memorial Roxana Cahokia Wood River Edwardsville Belleville East Marquette Calhoun East St. Louis Wood River Belleville West jerseyville Quincey Notre Dame Edwardsville East St. Louis Belleville West North Greene Belleville East Mulburry Grove Wood River US THEM 21 8 9 10 3 7 10 0 1 17 4 2 4 25 3 8 11 7 8 4 25 24 1 18 3 11 19 8 0 14 2 10 9 11 1 11 4 12 4 27 10 6 1 13 SPORTS 163REDWINGS BASKETBALL Front Row: Reba Brown, Lisa James, Lisa Hill, Shirley James, Paula O'Connor, Rhonda Hinton, Cindy Rounds, Carolyn Carter, Kim Bennett. Back Row: Evelt Jason (Mgr.) Cheryl Edwards(Mgr.), Rhonda Patterson, Tammy Hysten, Ethel Ellison, Kim Perry, Cathy Snipes, Kicki Davis, Earlene Stewart, Sarah Elliott, JoAnn Dillon(Assistant Coach). Not Pictured: Mary Bowling (Coach), Mike Albrecht(Mgr.), Theresa Walker. 164 -SPORTS Us Them Jacksonville 86 70 Cahokia 80 56 Granite City 90 43 Belleville E. 80 58 Cahokia 68 55 Belleville W. 63 61 Belleville Althoff 75 67 E. St. Louis 58 53 Collinsville 73 36 Bunker Hill 90 43 Edwardsville 66 61 Collinsville 75 28 Granite City 76 58 E. St. Louis 54 61 Belleville W. 55 57 Civic Memorial 87 33 Gillespie 58 63 SPORTS- 165JUNIOR VARSITY REDWINGS BASKETBALL Us Them Jacksonville 30 61 Edwardsville 32 58 Cahokia 33 50 Collinsville 38 43 Granite City 42 24 Granite City 59 39 Belleville East 35 51 Belleville East Cahokia 54 47 East St. Louis 39 67 Belleville West 32 53 Belleville West 25 62 Belleville Althoff 37 63 Wood River East St. Louis 36 27 Carrollton Collinsville 21 44 Marquette Bunker Hill 44 43 Kim Bennett, Reba Brown, Carolyn Carter, Nicole Davis, Ethel Ellison, Lisa Hill, Rhonda Hinton, Tamara Hysten, Lisa James, Shirley James, Rhonda Patterson, Kim Perry, Lisa Ramsey, Cindy Rounds, Earlene Stewart, Theresa Walker, Leslie Warr, Eariga Williams 166 SPORTSFRESHMAN REDWINGS BASKETBALL US THEM Riverview Central 18 40 Collinsville Belleville West 12 34 Belleville East Belleville Althoff 38 47 Triad Triad 27 46 Belleville Althoff Roxana 42 33 Edwardsville Edwardsville 33 42 Roxana Belleville East 27 40 Belleville West Hazelwood Central 33 24 Collinsville 12 25 16 27 35 33 31 10 40 44 28 34 49 32 64 37 Front Row: Darryl Gray, Deneen Henderson, Cassandra Jolliff, Ruth-ann Brown, Leslie Warr, Amy Hushes, James Steele, Mgr. Back Row: Coach Terry Mitchell, Carolyn Canter, Lisa Ramsey, Earline Stewart, Nicole Davis, Penny Felton, Ron Dancy, Mgr. SPORTS 167J.V. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Jennifer Roettgers, Ingrid Owens, Ruth Paul, Libby Gilkson, Monique Leflore, Nancy Velloff (Red Bird), Coach Connie Allen, Kary Klinke, Heather Brenegan, Sara Utterback, Jamie Brown, Debbie Dodson. 168 -SPORTSVARSITY CHEERLEADERS Janet Page, Cami Beaber, Marci McAfoos, Ann Bemis, Connie Alien-Coach, Henry Blair, Jenna Gramalino, Dionne McClain Cara Frances, Michelle Retzer, Missy JohnsonJunior Varsity Cheerleaders Front Row: Kerry Klinke, Second Row: Monique Leflore, Libby Gilknson, Heather Brenagan, Ruth Paul, Debbi Dodson, Back Row: Cindy Hansen, Jennifer Roettgers, Ms. Connie Allen, Jamie Brown, Missy Johnson SPORTS 171172 -SPORTS Front row- Kim Bowles, Tricia Kil-lion, Tammy Johnson, Michele Wooff. Second row- Missy Schrumpf, April Brown, Deidra Wilson, Kelly Brabner, Rae Robertson. Third row-on stairs- Marla Riley, Tia Bell, Noony Weber. Fourth row across stairs- Polly Chase, Gayle Filler, Robyn Ennis, Tina Tillman. Top row- Debi Middleton, Chistie Liley. Not pictured: Julie Hill.ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES 173ACTIVITIES 175JUNIOR PROM 9 178 ACTIVITIESDREAM GIRL - TYRA SMITHDREAM GIRL CANDIDATES Michele Wooff Noony Weber Lisa Heinemann ACTIVITIES 181SENIOR AWARDS CEREMONY Best Looking Best Dressed Best Personality Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Smile Class Clown Class Flirt Class Jock Class Partier Most Shy Michelle Wooff Noony Weber Kerri Hatcher Julie Ziegler Michelle Wooff Jamet Page Dee Dee Williams Paula O'Connor Gail Schien Kelly Jefferson Joe Bowen Jed Weullner Andy Dykeman Derek Dunlap Jody Markel Roger Hetge Randy Fields Jeff Herd Pat Ruby David Condry 182 ACTIVITIESClass Loud Mouth Most Active Most Likely To Succeed Most School Spirit Best Body Worst Driver Class Brown Nose Class Couple Class Airhead Janet Page Lisa Nielsen Stephanie Church Anne Bemis Michelle Wooff Julie Beall Michelle Berkel Janiace Lowe Debbie Thomason John Lafakis Joey Bowen Darren Jones Randy Fields Joey Bowen Jeff Ackerman Jeff Ackerman Todd Quigley Joe HolcombHOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES Lisa Heineman Ann Bemis Michelle Wooff ACTIVITIES 185COUNTDOWN DANCE A.H.S. Top Voted Songs — Spring 1984 1. Hello 2. Thriller 3. Footloose 4. Against All Odds 5. Strip 6. Jump 7. Beat It 8. Eat It 9. I Wanna New Drug Lionel Richie Michael Jackson Kenny Logans Phil Collins Adam Ant Van Halcn Michael Jackson Weird Al Huey Lewis 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Hold Me Now Thomson Twins Somebody's Watching Me Rockwell Billie Jean Michael Jackson Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cindy Lauper Dream Debarge 99 Red Ballons Nina Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 Perfect Combination Stacy Latasaw Time Will Reveal Debarge Fresh Tyrone Bronson Hard Times One IN A Million Miss Me Blind P.Y.T. Jam Master J Jam On It Every Breath You Take New Year's Day All Night Long Strange Master Mix Here Comes The Rain Again Bang Your Head Synchronicity I Like It Owner of a Lonely Heart Run DMC Romantics Culture Club Michael Jackson Run DMC Nuclus Police U2 Lionel Richie Cameo Herbie Hancock Uerythemics Quiet Riot Police Cameo Yes 190 ACTIVITIESB.I.O.N.I.C. WEEK Believe It Or Not, I Care 192 -ACTIVITIESALMOST ANYTHING GOES ACTIVITIES-ACTIVITIES BOARD Lisa Neilsen -President Mike Kramer- Vice-President Michelle Wooff -Secretary Dionne McClain- Parliamentarian Megan Cote- Treasurer 194 ACTIVITIESSENATE Paul Davey-President Jeff Mitchell-Vice President Becky Snyders-Secretary Carla Wolff-Parliamentarian Erica Bratton-TreasurerACTIVITIESSNOW QUEEN - JENNIFER HARPOLEJosette Levi Heather Brennigan SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATES Jennifer Clayton Jennifer Roettgers 198 ACTIVITIESSNOW QUEEN CANDIDATES ACTIVITIES 199CHRISTMAS DANCE 200 ACTIVITIESJUNIORS POUND SENIORS JUNIOR SQUAD This year the Juniors su-prised Seniors with a 12-8 victory in the annual Powder Puff game held on October 8th. Missy Johnson scored both touchdowns for the Juniors, while Sandy Buckner scored once for the seniors. Brooke Swick ran the 2 point conversion. Sorry Seniors!! Morkel, Nancy Niemeier, Lee Ann Norman, Ursala Parks, Rhonda Paterson, Leonora Perry, Noel Poindexter, Sherry Rainey, Tracy Randall, Christine Rhea, Cindy Rounds, Melissa Schrumpf, Mary Beth Slaton, Kathy Smith, Bernita Sykes, Tina Tillman, Wendy Tyler, Amy Velloff, Chris Welch, Dedra Wilson Penny Woods Lisa Ahrling, Mindy Allred, Donna Andrews, Lydia Baily, Cami Jo Beaber, Melissa Bregenzer, Kim Bryant, Pamela Sue Carrol, Tracy Castelli, Stephani Christy, Trisha Conreux, Kelli Copeland, Kelly Crabtree, Julie Cruz, Tina Curlovic, Diana Deeter, Debbie Dodson, Julie Drennan, Marie Edwards, Lisa Emmons, Jennifer Fulks, Helen Gra-mates. Heather Hampton, Julie Har- ney, Audra Harris, Jill Harris, Cathy Hentrich, Tracey Hokenson, Caprice Holmes, Tawnya Hoophr, Carla Hurley, Tamara Hysten, Dcdre Jackson, Evette Jason, Melissa Johnson, Tamara Johnson, Sara Jones, Tina Jonsson, Mary Lekkas, Ann Lig-gare, Bonnie J. Manns, Cheryl Mathis, Marcy McAfoos, Deborah Menke, Pamela Miller, Georgia Montroy, Urvana Morales, Mimi 202 ACTIVITIESSenior Squad Schien, Angela Segobiano, Dawn Sitze, DeeShiryl Smith, Marjonie Steele, Brooke Swick, Shelia Talbert, Melissa Walter, Sheryl Walkington, Sheryl Washington, Noony Webber. Sherrie Weirich, Stacy Westfall, Michelle Woolf Marla Adcock, Dawn Bated, Michelle Bausewell, Anne Bemis, Michele Berkel, Tiffany Breden, Theresa Brinkman, Cassandra Buckner, Cindy Buhs, Cara Burch, Susan Butler, Dana Cannon, Trina Cheatham, Debbie Christy, Stephanie Church, Tamara Conreux, Vicky Dixon, Chris Eals, Jeanne Geisen, Chris Gallup Kelly Grabner, Gina Greco, Kelly Groves. Julie Harvey, Rhonda Hay-don, Lisa Heinemann, Tammy Herndon, Gayle Hiller, Christy Holloway, Kim Hubbard, Beth Ingram, Karen Jones, Kristina Jonsson, Trish Kil-lion, Ann Loggan, Cara Leigh Francis, Kris Loveless, lanis Lowe, Cynthia Lucas, Dawn Madson, Anna Maggos, Mary Marshall, Deborah Menken, Debi Middleton, Sharon Neal, Lisa Nielson, Paula O'Conner, Daina O'Hair, Janet Page, Krista Ra-gus, Mary Renken, Marla Riley, Gail ACTIVITIES 20}204 activities Senior Coaches Jeff Ackerman Joe Bowen Marcus Patterson Leo Cox Eric Staten Ron StampleyJunior Cheerleaders Mall Hausmann David Yearwood Jay Greenwood Bob Brown Mike Brand Paul Davey ACTIVITIES 2051984 SADIE HAWKINS DANCE Senior Candidates: Brian Smith Ben Herzon Eric Sumner Junior Candidates: Todd Sherman Rodge Hetge 206 ACTIVITIESTHEATER THEATER 207NIGHT WATCH Director Cliff Davenport Student Assistant Director Dane Ann Clark Stage Manager Penny Nelson Light Control Jeff Schultz Jim Osborne Sound Sean Schwartz Elaine Wheeler Beth Richards John Wheeler Matthew Simpson Blanche Cooke Kathy Glazik Helga Nancy Velloff Appleby Tom Cunningham Officer Vanelli Darryl Short It. Walker George Siampos Dr. Lake Laura Heil Sam Hoke David Kulick The Tatler Staff would like to thank Mr. Don Bradshaw for the use of his photos. 208 -THEATERCast Beth Richards, Matthew Simpson, Kathy Glazik, Laura Heil, Darryl Short, David Kulick, Tom Cunningham, Nancy Velloff, George Siam-pos. Crew Jamie Beckman, Amy Montague, Laurie Canter, Reggie Robinson, Laura Adams, Penny Nelson, Pam Crane, Dane Ann Clark, Sean Schwartz, Jeff Schultz, Jim Osborn, Tim Wilkinson, Marina Holcomb. THEATER 209THE NIGHT OF JANUARY 16TH PRODUCTION Director Glenn Waters Student Assistant Director Lisa Pits Danny Stidham Jeff Schultz Sean Schwartz Kathy Glazik Darryl Shott Pam Crane Beth Richards Stage Manager Light Control Soudn Publicity Chairman Props Chairman Costume Chairman Make-Up Chairman 1st Row: George Siampos, Tom Green, Amv Montague, Mark Davey, Kelly Bull, 2no Row: Mike Long, Scott Allen, Nancy Backer, Tina lonsson, Jamie Beckman, 3rd Row: Penelope Nelson, Matthew Simpson, Micki Mcilwain, Diana Deeter, George Gunning, Deanne Smith, John Davenport, Top Row: Shawn Lipe, Doug Simpson, Steve Peebles. 210 THEATERCAST Prison Matron Deanne Smith Bailiff Mike Long Judge Heath Doug Simpson District attorney Flint Steve Peebles His Legal Assistant Jamie Beckman Defense Attorney Stevensen Shawn Lipe His legel Assistant Kelly Bull Clerk of the Court George Gunning Karen Andre Michelle Mcllwaine Dr. Kirkland John Davenport Mrs. John Hutchins Barbara Thomas Homer Van Fleet George Siamoos Elmer Sweeney Scott Allen Nancy Lee Faulkner Penelope Nelson Magda Svenson Kristina Jonsson John Gram Whitfield Matthew Simpson Jane Chandler Nancy Baker Sigurd Junjquist Tom Green Larry Reagan Mark Davey Roberta Van Rensselaer Diane Deeter Stenographer Amy Montague Crew Front Row, Danny Stidham, Lisa Pitts. 2nd Row: Leslie Childs, Sean Schwartz, DeDe Jackson, Laurie Canter., 3rd row: Jeff Schultz, Noelle Poindexter, Tim Wilkinson, Darryl Short, Beth Richards THEATER 211PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW CAST Elaine Wheeler Beth Richards John Wheeler Matthew Simpson Blanche Cooke Kathy Glazik Helga Nancy Velloff Appleby Tom Cunningham Officer Vanelli Darryl Short Lt. Walker George Siampos Dr. Lake Laura Heil Sam Hoke David Kulick PRODUCTION Director Student Assistant Stage Manager Light Control Sound Ticket Sales Cliff Davenport Director Dane Ann Clark Penny Nelson Jeff Schultz Jim Osborne Sean Schwartz Tim Wilkinson Scenery constructed by student volunteers under the direction of Mr. Glenn Waters. 212 THEATERCast Sitting: Steve Peebles, Laurie Dalton, Paul Davey, Penny Nelson Standing: Mike Long, Mary Vest, Kim Hillman, Doug Miller, Sherri Long, Mike Skordos Stairs: Dawn Beaber, Mike Kramer, Bryan Ready, Mike Rogers, Lisa Pitts, Amy Mota-gue, Kathy Glazik, Dane Clark. Crew Front Row: Brian Ready, Beth Richards, Tracey Hokenson Second Row: Mike Long, Sean Schwartz, Laura Heil, Jeff Schultz, Mark Rogers Third Row: Amy Montague, Jamie Beckman, Hope Wuellner, Tracy Golema, Angie Holmes Fourth Row: Penny Nelson, Mike Skordos, Jennifer Jungk, Lisa Christenson, Danny Stidham, George Gunning THEATER 213ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Alton High School presents Irving Berlin's ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin Book by Herbert Dorothy Fields PRODUCTION Director Vocal Director Conductor Technical Director Costume Director Choreographer Ticket Sales Mr. Cliff Davenport Mr. George Heidbrink Mr. Larry Crabbs Mr. Glenn Waters Mrs. Nan Paeltz Mrs. Bev Mundy Mr. Glenn Waters 214 THEATERCast Charlie Davenport Dolly Tate Mac Foster Wilson Frank Butler Annie Oakley Little Jake Nellie Jessie Minnie Buffalo Bill Mrs. Little Horse Mrs. Black Tooth Mrs. Yellow Foot Porters Pawnee Bill Chief Sitting Bull Wild Horse Pawnee's Messenger Major Domo Mr. Schuyler Adams Mrs. Schuyler Adams Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter Waiter Jeff Ackerman Kim Hillman Mike Long Sean Bippen Jeff Weeks Vickie Zimmerman Bryan Ready Ann Montague Nancy Baker Monica Davey Doug Miller Chris Ramey Janet Page Michelle Retzer Mark Cowgill Dan Dingledein Matt Simpson Mike Skordos Dennis Dipiazzo Sanford MacMurray Dan Dingledein Mark Schnieder Steve Peebles Mary Vest Kathy Glazik Bob Morey THEATER 215Dancing Chorus: Cami Jo Beaber, Dawn Beaber, Sean Bippen, Henry Blair, Albert Dixon, Toi Heiniger, Gayle Hiller, Tamara Johnson, Sanford MacMurray, Marcy McAfoos, Dionne McClain, Debi Middleton, Bob Morey, Kris Orr, Janet Page, Steve Peebles, Chris Ramey, Michelle Retzer, Mark Schnieder, Matthew Simpson, Melissa Walter. Singing Chorus: Henry Blair, Teresa Boulds, Dana Cannon, Marla Ca-lame, Dane Ann Clark, Mark Cow-gill, Dan Dingledein, Albert Dixon, Judy Grills, George Gunning, Angie Holmes, Marcy Jackson, Mark Long, Sheri Long, Steve Peebles, Lisa Pitts, Rae Robertson, Reginald Robinson, Matthew Simpson, Peter Ulffers, Nancy Velloff, Mary Vest, Sanford MacMurray.CREW Row 1: Bcih Siebold, Pam Crane, Margaret Cope, Hope Wuellner, Laurie Dalton, Carolyn Blair. Row 2: Sean Schwartz, Donna Gillis, Jennifer Jungk, Penny Nelson, Kelly Roberson, Amy Montague, Kirstin Griffin, Jin Osborn. Row 3: Mike McCoy, Joe Carter, Jeff Schultz, Cindy Weinman, Dana Mitchell, Janet Hardbeck, Amy Page, Danny Stidham, Beth Richards.V THEATER On January the 3rd, 1985 Alton High Theater students left Alton High to attend the 10th annual Illinois Theater Fest. The Fest was held in Champaign, III on the campus of the U of I. The students attended workshops and plays from other Illinois high schools. Mr. Glenn Waters was the students chairperson. The Students were in Champaign for 3 nights and 2 days. 218 THEATERORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 219FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Matt Abel, Michelle Bauswell, Tammy Bauswell, jana Beane, Rene Boomer, Jeanne Bowman, Theresa Brinkman, Carolyn Carter, Mary Corby, Dawn Christensen, Jason Christians, Melissa Cogan, Laura Cooper, Stacy Crowe, Lisa Crumley, Paula Davis, Angela Denham, Kelly Edwards, Denise Fredrick, Chris Gallup. Brian Generally, Dristine Glenn, Becky Greer, Holly Greenwood, Rose Guess, James Harris, Sarah Haversburk, Rebecca Hayes, Lonita Hinton, Angie Holliday, Erica Holliday, Darla Hooks, Kerry Hubbard, Paula Hutson, Blake Johnson, Lorrie Irvin, Lavonda Jackson, Lisa James, Doug Jenkins, Lisa Jones, Nancy Kelly, Cindy Lanham, Shawn Lipe, Janie Lorton, Lisa Maxon, Cindy Miller, Pamela Miller, Andrea Morris, Cindy Muenstermann, Jennifer Nimmo, Carla Pierson, Ramona Rhine, Missy Roberts, Jennifer Rushing, Tammy Schultze, Brian Stawar, Earline Stewart, Patricia Stewart, Sheila Stinnett, Joi Terry, Barbara Thomas, Desira Thomas, Sheryl Walkington, Marcia Willis, Lyle Witcher, Tracy Witt, Felicia Woods, Kelly Young, Mike Fisher, Richard Grindstaff, Ingrid Owens, Kathy Arnold, Susan Touisant FBLA sponsor Miss Wilma Bricker and Dr. Robert Middleton, Cochaired the committee which organized the Campus Beautification Project. Altogether, $1,200 was raised from community organizations in order to buy trees and shrubs for the A.H.S. Main Campus. Several students organizations, including the FBLA, helped in the planting. Bottom Right: Mr. Gil Moody, President of the Alton Advisory Council and a member of the Illinois FBLA Advisory Council for three years will be named the 1985 Illinois FBLA Businessperson of the Year for his contributions to the Illinois FBLA over the past six years. Mr. Moody recieved the Those Who Excel Award in Oct. 26, 1984 220 ORGANIZATIONS1984-1985 OFFICERS Tamara Bauswell-President Jennifer Rushing-Vice President Kelly Young-Secretary Cindy Miller-Treasurer Angela Denham-Reporter Top: Tammy Bauswell takes the Oath to become the 1984-85 FBLA President from retiring President Michelle Bauswell during the May 14, 1984 ceremony. Middle Left: FBLA President Tammy Bauswell gives oath to FBLA inductees. Middle Right: Michelle Bauswell gives her fairwell speech as FBLA President at the Awards Banquet. Mayor Lenz Proclaimes F.B.L.A. Month Mr. Gil Moody, Kelly Young, Mr. Edward D. Voumard, Jr., Angela Denham, Jan Wickenhauser, Dr. Robert Middleton, Jennifer Rushing, Wilma Bricker, Cindy Miller, Micheal Aimone, Tammy Bauswell Signing ORGANIZATION 221 Proclamation —Mayor Paul Lenz Child Care Session 1 Front Row: Terri Dirksmcyer, Becky Kelly, Brian Orrill, Arynne Shaw, Theresa Brinkman, Robin Green, IN Window: Trina Cheatham, Susan Butler, Donna Wagner, Back Row: Julie Lovell, Kim Harrison, Kim Anderson, Janet Gei-sen, Sharon Neal, Shelia Stinnett, Cindi Weinman, Dawn Madson, Sherri Danis, Mrs. Mary Schrumpf Child Care Session 3 Front Row: Teresa Irvin, Sherry Johnson, Gena Hunt, Rowrena Murray, Mrs. Benson, In Window: Wanda Lovett, Stephanie Martin, Michelle Loggins, Back Row: Phyllis Sandberg, Paula Hartwell, Kim Brown, Julie Cruz, Stacey Ewing, Charlotte Atteberry, Karla Brown, Kim Moore, Kim Turner, Connie Tucker Child Care Session 2 Front Row: Tracey Hokenson, Lillie Williams, Paula Rulo, Kim Harris, Ann Mabone, In Window: Kim Schildroth, Robin Henderson, Sonja Melow, Carrie Mason, Back Row: Tina Downing Karine Keith, Margie Matin, Susan Stumpe, Christy Hartman, Joyce Livesay, Tammy Thomas, Mrs. Mary Schrumpf ond Row: Marianne Jones, Anne Crose, Patty Woodward, Whitney Wells, Janet Kohler, Julie Drennan, First Row: April Brown, Sherry Angela Bellitto, Dara Croxford, Rainey, Brenda Oulson, Jill Daven- Teacher Mrs. Scyoc port, Julie Klotz, Bonnie Mans Sec- L.P.N. Session 1Health Aides Front Row: Jamie Strader, Venus Williams, Shirley James Derrick Ar-mestrong, Janet Harrelson. Back Row: Dorothy Scifers, Rosie Marten, Michelle Me Garrah, Tammy Fish, Gaye Harrison, Kim Moore, Betty McClintock NJ Cosmetology First Row: Gina Neal, Dotty Fowler, Kelly Bollinger, Lisa Dunnagan, Jamie Hooper, Rhonda Cook Second Row: Debbie French, Starla Turner, Tracey West, Cindy Gilkey, Traci Fleming, Stephanie Pratt, Jamie Coots Third Row: Bette I larris, Scott Wade, Debbie Davis, Amy Marko, Julie Harvey, Chris Marshall, Bec ky Musgrave, Alisha Cato, Melody Heutis, Melody Hay, Beth Parker, I isa Ballard, Donna Towell, Kathy Smith, Georgia Unthank Licensed Practical Nursing 2 Front Row: Valerie Nohava, Melody Bimslager, James Stice, Laura Edwards, Edwards, Annette Buchonen, Rita Burns, Back Row: Lori Ewen, Nannette Sutton, Chris Bear, Ellen Conner, Christina Greear, Stacie Scoggins, Mary Cowan, Dena Tin-doll, Mrs. Betty McClitock. Cosmetology front Row: Kathy Ki er, Star i Voyles, Lydia Bailey, Kristie Gum, Alma Garrett, Vickie Meeks, Jaycoc Nash Second Row: Dawn McGlas-son, Dianne Jamison, Dee Sheryl Smith, Janet Crane, Tammy Flarbi-son, Katherine Warren Third Row: Michele Hooper, Mrs. Bette Harris, Andrea Keller, Tammy Northern, Mary Hausman, Jennifer Johnson. Sherrey Fillback, Lynn Bick, Tammy Smith, Sheila Talbert, Mrs. Georgia UnthankWaggoner, Lisa Brown, and Mrs. Pat Tracey Schildroth, Denise Purkis, Hunt, Advisor Carrie White, Nancy Huber, Tiffany Breden, Linda Hans, Cathy Sharp, Accounting Lori Lorch, Michelle Rae, Kerri Scroggins, Karla Jones, Diane Jo-hamm, Christy Markham, Andrea Sanders, Penny Wohlgenuth, Flora Monroe, Lisa Weber-Treasurer, Yvette McClain-President, Terry Charleston, Randall Fields, Lisa Dav-enport-Vice President, Bobby Kohler, Mrs. Stinnett NOT PICTURED-Sherry Prather Secretary Office Education From Row: Gina Greco, Chris Gallup, Michelle Bauswell. Back Row: Leslie Nimmo, Lisa Anders, LaWanda Washington, Dionne Womack, Tracy Witt, Theresa jenkins, Tamy Beckman, Beth Gehrke, Felicia Woods, Laura Hausman, Linda Profer, Mrs. Pat Hunt , Advisor Accounting Front Row: Christine Marshall, Sheryl Walkington, (Secretary) Christy Holloway, Cynthia Muen-stermann, (Vice President) Tina Till- men, Chris Emons, Back Row: Marie Edwards, Keith Skinner, (Treasurer) Donald Taul, Phillph Edwards, Staci Westfall, (President) Marcia Willis, Mark Witt, Mrs. Stinnett. (Sponsor).Food Preparation And Service Front Row: john Simmons, Cynthia Lucas, Tammy Ufert, Lynn Lane, Back Row: Lenore Ontis, Star Nelson, Andrea Debruce, Mrs. Hansen, Tracy Telford, Cala Hagedorn, Sheina Poole, Dawn Moon, Tim Wilkinson, Debbie Ewing, Angela Denham. Aviation Theory Front Row: Chad Staggs, Tim Edwards, Todd Quigley, David Bink, Daryl stamper, Brian Rogers, Back Row: Gary Hodges, Mike Rice, Kevin Riffey, Brian Bollinger, Randy Karpan, Jeff Schultz, Mr. Farrow, Dennis Wiegand, Wade Thompson. Nj Kt V » Food Preparation And Service Front Row: Becky Davis, Evette Jason, Cindy Rounds, Kim Sunder- land, Second Row: Ethel Ellison, Tracy Osborn, Denise McCann, Martha King, Mary Wilkinson, Back Row: Mrs. Hansen, Barb Clark, Cathy Snipes, Lisa Pigee, Dale Brice, John Thomas, Jaci Cucione, Loretta Stegall. Aviation Mechanics Front Row: Tim Edwards, Tod Vol-land, Doug Wright, Kevin Riffey, Houston Fry, Back Row: Brian Phipps, Gary Hodges, Todd Quigley, Joe Dillinger, Mr. Farrow. Not Pictured: Chad Staggs, Jed Schultz.Commercial Art Club Session 1 Front Row- Mick Collins, Torin Mitchell, Jeff Curry, Heather Hampton, Trina Hallows, Michelle Min-drup, Mike Harnetaux, Leslie Fisher, Pat Bond, Matt Ferguson. Back Row —Jeff Klunk, Mike Gray, Greg Edwards, Jay Strakal, Bobbie Williams, Rhonda Patterson, Paula Jordan, Dale Mathes, Glenn Cauley, Casey Corbin, Joe Eckhard, Joe Holcomb, Mike Earnhart. phens, Mike McCoy. Back Row-Richard Evans, Eric Norman, Les Baldwin, Bob Watt, Stella Sherwood, Stephanie Snyder, Cathy Glaziuk, David Grabner, Alph Finley, Brian Hancock. Commercial Art Club Session 3 Front Row- Ken Lung, Lori Hernandez, Jean Lanham, Kris Brooks, Rachel Naylor, Eric Staufer, Kris Hutchinson, Bob Tyler, Dave Ste- ecMM£fio ju Mew Commercial Art Club Session Front Row- Michelle Johnson, Tom Jennings, Monti Ingram, Maria Owens, Deana Schmoeller, Sharon Goff, Ann Stoff, Cory Kanallakan, Carlos Ramirez, Charles Mays, Terry Colbert. Back Row—Doug Franklin, Mark Baldwin, Sara Fiola, Leslie Strieker, Lori Ralph, David Tyler, Dennis Commings, Kevin Robinson, Don Elliott Machine Trades Mr. Wilton, George Nixon, Wayne Bockstrock, Odia James, Randy Cress, Mike Emmons, Tony Jackson, Pat Means, Jeff Ballesteros, Wayne Snyder, Scott Colburn, Ron Geske, Chris Frank, Barry Baker, Don Garret, Dave Hartan, Bryan Null, Brian Denton, Joe Nasello, Andy Welling, not shown was Russell Jones.Vocational Printing Front Row: David Hawk, Tim Burk, Tony Goodrech, Marla Riley, Second Row: Robert Tyler, Eric Taylor, Kristie Ragus, Mr. Treise, Kelly Linton, Percy Mabone, Alan Medford, Back Row: Joe Herndon, Lori Ralph, Ric Kearbey, Tony Jones, Ron Stam-pley, Dale Lobbig M VJ Vocational Welding Front Row: Steve Donelson, Brian Rogers Second Row: Jacob McGowan, Matt Wilson, Byron Thomason, Joe Stepanek, Joe Stanton, Mr. Chestney Third Row: Jeff Boner, Jason Nolte, Randy Cress, Dane Reynolds, Alan Medford, Andy Travis Vocational Printing Seated: Brett Ellington, Front Row: Diane Johann, Deidra Wilson, Hardy Woodward, Larry Douglas, Joe Crawford, Second Row: Brian Denton, Mike Rice, Donald Taylor, Aar- on Oberts, Tim Dungan, Third Row: Duane Lovel, Jeff Chestney, Ben Willing, Scott Billingsley, Back Row: Kenny Simms, Kenny Corbin Not Pictured: Diana Bramlet, Lisa Bunch, Lisa Camerer, Darrell Gray, Lori Whitehead, Velton Woods. Vocational Welding Rugle, Marty Lenhardt, Mr Chestney ... Roy Collins, Kevin Corrigon, Niel Wallace, Shawn Burke, Jacob McGowan, Joe Hensley, Pat Shan-Architectural Drafting Session I- First row- C. Conaway, T. Boyer, H. Blair, Mr. Loveless, D. Stidham, J. Howard. Second row- M. Sabatino, J. Valdez, R. Puent, S. Stewart, S. Witt, C. Eales, D. Arnold, D. Stumpf, M. Mclemore, A. Crump, M. Goodman,). McCord, J. Jenkins. Not pictured: ). Rausher, L. Witcher Architectural Drafting Session III First Row: D. Woodman, B. Brass, D. Sherer, C. Wolff, K. Loveless, K. Hatcher, Second Row: T. Rynders, T. Smith, J. Gottlob, L. Lorch, Mr. Loveless, R Myers, Third Row: B. Bayley, J. Oliver, B. Willis, T. Edwards, M. Noble liott, L. Griggs, A. Robertson, B Hiller, Back Row: S. Schultz, B. Collins, B. Sisk, J. Bailey, G. Edwards, B. Session II First Row: S. Calhoon, K. Christeson. Czerny, D. Taylor, Mr. Loveless, Second Row: J. Stonecipher, T. El- Architectural Drafting T Distributive Education Front Row: Shiela Maag, Nancy Clark, Kelly Depper, Tina Fowler, Diane Dorsey, Veronica Moore, Stephanie Holloway, Carlise Sellirs, Cheryl Smith, Second Row: Mr. Krauss, Kenneth Corbin, Chris Heaton, Steve Dvorak, Mike Feyera-bend, Jim Vogt, Debbie Christy, Erica Johnson, Back Row: Charles Holliday, Greg Dancy, Cedric Shelby, Gregg Jackson, Jeff Herd, Brett Morris, Richard Hamilton, Marshall Morris.Joe Greenburg. Second row- Bob Hardy, Gary Griggs, Dan Pilkington, Tim Lively, Bill Bland, Third row-First row- James Betold, James Ken Spencer, Chris Parrino, John Obert, William Osborn, Mario Ri- Budnyk, Ron Boswell, David God-ley, George Vincent, Ron Thorp, frey, Rick Forrester. Construction Trades Alton Disk Drivers Front Row: Matt Phipps, Jerre Price, Larry Thompson, Pat Harper, Dan Tejada, Tim Harlan. Back Row: Ke- vin Riffey, Scott Collum, Courtney Stevenson, Chris Narup, Johnathan Webster, Joe Hildreth, Chris Lofts, Richard Starkey, NOT PICTURED: Houston Fry 8 Pat McKaig, Brian Paddock, Mark Bates, Sherman Lamere, Clifford Sims, Mark Miller. Tracy Harris, lames Sheaman, Rod Bollini, Ron Puent, Dean Colman, Construction Trades Spanish Club Monique Clark, Cherie Fowler, Susan Mottay, Kate Stobbs, Mary Beth Norman, Shannon Mackelden, Ronna Cox, Chris McCuiggan, Lisa James, Cindy Hansen, Nate Ghol-ston. Joe Beard, (SPONSOR)Redbird Word Afternoon Back Row: Andy Dykeman, Todd Cress, Mark Crane, Todd Taul; Mike Front Row: Penny Pruitt, Erica Brat- Callahan; Mrs. Hall. Absent Carolyn ton, Gayle Hiller. Middle Row: Tri- Blair; Beth Richards cia Tarrant, Carla Burch, Weseley Biology Club Front Row: Heather Matheson, Laurie Canter, Kate Tutoky, Beth Sie-bold, Jason Werner, Second Row: Ann Tutoky, Marcia Frazer, Mary Grace Folwell, Laren Burton, Stephanie Buhs, Densie Fulks, Sarah Hau-verskurk, Mr. Mondy Last Row: John Davenport, Matt Abel, Becky Blaske, Scott Hendricks Redbird Word Morning Front Row: Angie Walker, Kelly Crabner, Molly Stetson, Cara Francis Middle Row: Joe Daengsurisri, Mark Cowgill, Jenna Gramolino, Gina Graham, Julie Zeigler, Diane Jones, Pam Wilhite, Dana Cannon. Third Row: Jeff Horn, Debbie Thomason, Derk Dunlap, Bryant Cook, Duane Lovel Back Row: Larry Stutz, Joe Eberlin, Doug Raffety. Absent: Sandy Bukner, Pat Ruby, Andy Scanlan Not Pictured: Chris Beatty, Jean Bryant, Amy Cook, Bruce Cramwell, Kristine Doerr, Nate Folwell, Tim Graves, Traci Halverson, Dale Hendricks, April Hermann, Marian Holcomb, Julie Howell, Dale Hubbard, Kris Ing, Mike Kramer, Janie Lorton, David Middleton, Lisa Miller, Chris Narup, Dan Schmisseur, Doug Simpson, Courtney Stevenson, Laura Trigg, Patty Turner, Mary WeberFOREIGN LANGUAGE BANQUETMiddle Center: "She works hard for her money.. Bottom Left: The Pointer Sisters.. Bottom Middle: Can you see my tale? Bottom Right: This is my best side. 232 CANDIDSCANDIDS 233Top Left: "Boy, I sure love this school." Top Right: Wait a minute. What's your hurry. Middle Left: "Come back guys. Was it something I said?" Middle Center: "Can you tell who's hair is shorter?" Middle Right: "This is my close up smile." Bottom Left: The Rocketts. Bottom Right: "School is exhausting." 234 CANDIDSTOP LEFT: "Sleep and you gel 50!" TOP RIGHT: "You've come a long way, baby!" MIDDLE LEFT: We should be in pictures! CANDIDS 235 MIDDLE RIGHT: Don't look at me, I didn't do it! BOTTOM LEFT "The wicked witch of Alton High!" BOTTOM RIGHT: Don't look now, but she's standing on my feet.Middle Left: Warm-up with the Breakfast Club. Middle Right: ? : - $ Bottom Left: “While the cat's away..." Bottom Center: I'm a heavy metalest... Bottom Right: "I wonder what my boyfriend would think?" CANDIDS 237SENIOR INDEX This index lists only the activities of Seniors who requested to have their published. It does not mean that other Seniors did not participate in any activities. Please note that there may be a few surprises here. Laura Adams: Future Cosmetologists, Runner, Thespians. Marla Adcock: J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Pom Pon Girl, Senior Powder-Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate. Wendy Aulapaugh: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Ensemble, Musical, National Honor Society, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Teacher's Assistant, IMEA-1985, Scholarship-ll-linois Weslyan Summer Camp, Contest- Illinois High School 1st 83, 84, 85 Ists. Beth Baker: Dream Girl Candidate, French Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Freshmen Basketball, Runner, Student Senate, Varsity Soccer Manager. Snow Queen Candidate. Dawn Bated: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Spanish Club Michelle Bauswell: Activities Board, Future Business Leaders of America, President and Treasurer, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors. Karla Brown: Track Team, Professional Sewing. Kimberly Brown: Pom Pon, Girl, Redwing Track, Runner Teacher's Assistant, Track Team. Carla Burch: Reddird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus. Trina Cheatham: Library Assistant, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Debbie Christy: Distributive Education, Future Homemakers. David Condrey: Cross Country Team, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Soccer, National Honor Society, Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer. Susan Conrad: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Ensemble, Jazz Band(Manager), J.E.T.S. (President), Drum Major Soph, Jr,Sr, Marching 100, Marching 23, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student SenatefSecre-tary. Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Tutor, Illinois State Scholar, Alton DAR-Good Citizenship Award. Tamara Conreux: Counselor Assistant, J.E.T.S., Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Junior Varsity Volleyball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors, Nurse Runner. Mark Cowgill: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Ensemble, Junior Varsity Soccer, Musical, Redbird Word Staff, Student Senate, Swing Choir, Thespians, Troubadors, Varsity Soccer. Tracy Cross: French Club, Future Homemakers, Redwing Track, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant. Stacey Crowe: Counselor Assistant, Future Business Leaders, Teacher's Assistant. Monica Davey: Advanced Chorus, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Cheerleader, Student Senate, Swing Choir, Thespians, Troubadors, Varsity Cheerleader. Vicky Dixon: Senior Powder Puff Squad. Mark Dunbar: Junior Varsity Soccer, Varsity Soccer 3 years. Derek Dunlap: Junior Varsity Base Baseball, Junior Varsity Soccer, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Christina Gallup: Future Business Leaders, (Vice President), Office Education, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant. Ricardo Garza: Activities Board, Exchange Student, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher's Assistant. Tammy Gates: Activities Board, Bat Girl, Counselor Assistant, 9th Grade Chorus, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Runner, Teacher's Assistant. Donna Gillis: Color Guard, Ensemble, Future Business Leaders, Marching 100, Musical, Ref-birdette. Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Student Senate, Symphonic Orchestra, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Freshmen Chorus. Kelly Grabner: Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Pom Pon Girl, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Sen-ate(Vice President Parliomen-tarion). Tennis Team (Varsity). Jenna Gramolino: Activities Board, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Redbird Mascot. Dena Graveman: Activities Board, Ensemble. National Honor Society, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors, Professional Sew- ing Club, A.D.A.'S, Class Brown nose. Gina Greco: Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education, Redwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors. Amy Green: Counselor Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Softball, Runner, Spanish Club. Robert Hartley: Concert Band, Marching 100, Symphonic Band, Chorus. Kerri Hatcher: Activities Boar-d(Representative), Architectural Drafting Club, Dream Girl Candidate, Homecoming Queen, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Varsity Tennis Team, Snow Queen Candidate. Rhonda Hayden: Activities Board, Color Guard, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher's Assistant. Lisa Heinemann: Activities Board, Concert Band, Dream Girl Candidate, Exchange Student, German Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 23, Marching 100, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Symphonic Band, Snow Queen Court. Laura Heil: Runner, A.D.A.'S, Troubadors, Sophomore Chorus Play's, Musical, J.E.T.S., Thespians, (Honor). National Honor Society, Roger Hetge: Concert Band, Office Helper, Runner, Mr. Ir-ristable Candidate, Powder Puff 238 INDEXAnnouncer. Gayle Hiller: Concert Band, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Musical, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, (Treasurer), (Convention Secretary), Teacher's Assistant, Varsity Cheerleader, soccer Mgr. Brian Hiller: Architectural Drafting Club, Chess Club, Concert Band, Junior Varsity Soccer, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians. Angela Holmes: Color Guard, Concert Choir, Ensemble, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Redbirdette, Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Troubadors, Who's Who in American High School Students, Flag Captain, Freshman Chorus, Illinois State Scholar, DAR Good Citizenship Award Candidate, Summer Chorus. Kimberly Hubbard: Activities Board, Concert Choir, Ensemble, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Marching 100, Office Helper, Pom Pon Girl, Redbirdette, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors, Varsity Cheerleader, Black History Committee, Freshmen Chorus, Varsity Redbird, Bleacher Babe. David Imming: J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Football, Sophomore Football, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Football. Beth Ingram: Senior Powder Puff Squad, Super Welders Club, Tennis Team, Varsity Football, Asti Drinkers of America, Varsity Badmitton. Todd Jansen: Concert Band, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Soccer, Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Soccer, Track Team, Varsity Football, Illinois State Scholar, Freshman Soccer. Kevin Jemison: J.E.T.S., Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball. Erica Johnson: Distributive Education, German Club, Junior Powder Puff Sqad, Office Help- er, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant, Professional Sewing Club. Karen Jones: Color Guard, Concert Orchestra, Ensemble, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pit Orchestra, Redbirdette, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Rifle Team, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians, Who's Who In American High School Students Lisa Jones: Future Business Leaders, Office Helper, Office Education, Redwing Freshmen Basketball, Voc. Accounting Club. Darren Jones: Concert Band, Concer Orchestra, Ensemble, Jazz Band, J.E.T.S., Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, National Honor Society, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Tutor, Eyclist, Illinois State Scholar, Letter of Commendation for P.S.A.T., TAMS, All-State Orchestra. Kristina Jonsson: American Field Service, Exchange Student, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Thespians, Ethel Merman Fan Club. Patricia Killion: Color Guard, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching 100, Pom Pon Girl, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band. Cynthia Lanham: Future Business Leaders, Library Assistant, Office Education, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant. Jean Lanham: American Field Service, Commercial Art Club, Library Assistant. John Lafakis: Concert Band, Junior Varsity Baseball, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Symphonic Band, Teacher's Assistant, Varsity Baseball. Ann Loggan: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant, Manager For Track And Cross Country Team's. Lori Lorch: Architectural Drafting Club. Kristina Loveless: Advanced Chorus, Architectural Drafting Club, Concert Choir, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate. Jeannie Lusk: Exchange Student, French Club, J.E.T.S., Marching 23, Marching 100, National Honor Society, Office Helper, Percussion Ensemble, Redwing Volleyball, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Track Team (manager), Bleacher Bum Babes. Dan Metzger: French Club, German Club, Library Assistant, P.E. Helper. Patty Meyers: Advanced Chorus, Concert Choir, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Runner. Debi Middleton: Color Guard, Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, Ensemble, J.E.T.S., Marching 100, Musical, National Honor Society, Pom Pon Girl, Redbirdette (Flags), Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Troubadors, Freshman Chorus, Illinois State Scholar. Laurie Mizerski: Office Helper, Sophomore Chorus. Richard Myers: J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Soccer, Runner, Sophomore Soccer, Varsity Golf Team. Cindy Muenstermann: Future Business Leaders, Office Education, Teacher's Assistant, Vocational Accounting Club. Hoang Nguyen: Future Nurses, Runner, Teacher's Assistant. Lisa Nielsen: Activities Board, J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Senior Class President, President of Activities Board, Snow Queen Candidate. Leslie Nimmo: Activities Board, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Exchange Student, Office Helper, Office Education, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant. Paula O'Connor: Activities Board, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Softball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Silke Oetker: Exchange Student, German Club, Jazz Band, J.E.T.S., Marching 100, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Co-Ed-Volleyball. Janet Page: Activities Board, Color Guard, Concert Band, German Club, J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pep Band. Pom Pon Girl, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Symphonic Band, Varsity Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate. Beth Parker: Future Cosmetologists, Office Helper, Redwing Volleyball, Runner, TATLER STAFF. Dawn Perotka: Office Helper, Runner, Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Accounting Club. Penny Pruitt: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Runner. Doug Raffety: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad (Cheerleader), Marching 100, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Baseball, Symphonic Band, Excourted Snow Queen Candidate. Chris Ragus: Counselor Assistant, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant, (President of Nurses Aid). Lori Ralph: Commercial Art Club, Redwing Freshmen Basketball, Redwing Softball, Teacher's Assistant. Scott Renken: German Club, Junior Varsity Football, Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Football, Freshman Weight Lifters, Junior Varsity Track Alton Disk Driver. David Rintoul: J.E.T.S., Office Helper, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Nurse Runner. INDEX 239Beth Richards: Musical, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, TATLER STAFF, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Honor Thespian, Ethel Merman Fan Club, Octagon. Kelly Robertson: Concert Band, Musical. Derek Ross: Activities Board, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Ensemble, Jazz Band, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Symphonic Band. Amy Ruedin: Activities Board, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher's Assistant, Jr. Class President, Snow Queen Candidate. Angela Segobiano: Activities Board, Exchange Student, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Commitee, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant, Cheerleader Alternate. Gail Schien: Activities Board, American Field Service, Exchange Student, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Snow Queen Candidate, Student Council Parliamentarian. Todd Sherman: French Club, J.E.T.S., National Honor Society, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Mr. Irrisista-ble Candidate. Stephanie Snyder: Commercial Art Club, Future Homemakers, Professional Sewing Club. Tyra Smith: Dream Girl, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Marching 100, National Honor Society, Pom Pon Girl, Redwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band, Varsity Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate, Varsity Redbird, Graduation Band, Bleacher Babe. Margie Steele: Concert Choir, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Tennis Team, Thespians, Bleacher Bums Babes. Chris Steward: Concert Band, Future Business Leaders, Office Education, Vocational Accounting Club. Daniel Stidham: Architectural Drafting Club, Biology Club, Musical, Office Helper, Runner, TATLER STAFF(EDITOR), Thespian, Tutor, Peer Leadership, Snowball Committee, Honor Thespian, Activities Board, Ethel Merman Fan Club. Sheila Stinnett: Future Business Leaders, German Club. Leslie Strieker: Commercial Art Club, Concert Choir, Musical, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Teacher's Assistant, Freshman Choir. Larry Stutz: Counselor Assistant, French Club, Homecoming King, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Soccer, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Soccer, Tutor, Varsity Soccer, Mr. Irresistable Candidate, Freshmen Soccer. Judy Sutton: Activities Board, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Varsity Boxing, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant Spanish Club, ADA Club. Brooke Swick: Color Guard, Concert Orchestra, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Marching 100, Redwing Soft-ball, Rifle Team, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Orchestra, Teacher's Assistant. Tricia Tarrant: Office Helper, Office Education, Redbird Word Staff, Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Freshmen Volleyball, Runner, Teacher's Assistant. Kimberly Teague: Distributive Education, Office Helper, Runner. Chris Ulffers: Concert Band Concert Orchestra, Ensemble, Jazz Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, IMER-ALL-STATE. Tod Volland: Homecoming King Candidate, Tennis Team, Varsity Football. Melissa Walter: Junior Powder Puff Squad, Musical, National Honor Society, Pom Pon Girl, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teacher's Assistant. Steve Wangelin: Junior Varsity Football, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Varsity Football. Noony Weber: Dream Girl Candidate. J.E.T.S., Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Pom Pon Girl, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate (Parliamentarian), Snow Queen Candidate. Staci Westfall: Concert Band, French Club, Future Homemakers, Office Helper, Pep Band, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Voc Accounting. Timothy Allen Wilkinson: Cafeteria Assistant, J.E.T.S., Library Assistant, Musical, Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Baseball (MANAGER), TATLER STAFF, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Tutor, P.E. Helper, Nurse Runner, Octagon Member, Ethel Merman Fan Club, Honor Thespian. Laura Wilkinson: Color Guard-(SEARGANT), Concert Orchestra, German Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians. DeeDee Williams: Activities Board, Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Concert Choir, Ensemble, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student "Senate, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors, Tutor, Spanish Club. Steve Witt: Architectural Drafting Club, Office Helper, Runner. Tracy Witt: Future Business Leaders, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Education Teacher's Assistant. Carla Wolff: Architectural Drafting Club, German Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Thespians. Felicia Woods: Future Business Leaders, Library Assistant, Office Education, Teacher's Assistant, Voc. Accounting Club. Michele Wooff: Activities Board, Dream Girl Candidate, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Pom Pon Girl, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Decorating Committee, Activities Board (Secretary), Snow Queen Candidate. Jed Wuellner: Biology Club, French Club, J.E.T.S., Junior Varsity Soccer, National Honor Society, Runner, Sophomore Soccer, Tutor, Freshman Soccer, Illinois State Scholar. Sheryl L. Walkington: Future Business Leaders. Jim Rauscher: Architectura Drafting Club, Counselor Assistant, Sophomore Baseball, Track Team. Terrence Charleston: Concer Band, Sophomore Baseball Sophomore Basketball, Varsit) Baseball, J.V. Basketball, Ac counting Club. Sharon Prather: Activitie Board, National Honor Society Office Helper, J.V. Basketball Freshmen Sophomore Chorus TATLER STAFF, Tennis Team Accounting Club Treasurer. P5TENS 240 INDEX

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