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Alton High School Alton, Illinois TATLER 1984 Seniors 16 Juniors 49 Sophomores 65 Freshmen 82 Faculty 102 Music 117 Sports 132 Activities 166 Theater 195 Clubs 206Michael Jackson Thrills The World Michael Jackson won an unprccident-ed 8 grammys, including the top two awards- single record of the year for Beat It and album of the year for Thriller , which spawned seven top 10 singles and has sold a record 0 million copies worldwide. He also picked up three best male vocalist awards for rock with Beat It , rhythm and blues with the single Billie Jean and pop with Thriller . Alton School Employees Strike 5 Days Family Of John Bryant Dedicate Book In Alton High Library Bill Lyons Day Alton High School 1976 graduate Bill Lyons was welcomed back in a ceremony organized by F.B.L.A. Bill was an outstanding baseball player for AHS and in 1983 was hired by the St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Team as an utility fielder. Bill was awarded a plaque of appreciation by Dr. Middleton. F.B.L.A. Sponsor Wilma Bricker and F.B.L.A. President Michele Boswell. Alton High Gets First Video Yearbook AHS is the first high school to have a Video Yearbook. Copy Cat Video had video taped many events of the year such as the Mr. Irresistable Dance pictured here. Sue Wilson and Claudia Walter, the Copy Cat creators, were interviewed and featured on several national T.V. shows including Good Morning America. The Tatler Staff welcomes the video yearbook and wishes Copy Cat many years of success at AHS. In June of 1983 a group of AHS students went to Mexico for 8 days. They stayed at the Purua Hidalgo Hotel in Mexico City. They went on many tours and visited the Metropolitain Cathedral. Chapultepec Park. The National Palace, the Pyramids, and a bullfight. They also visited Taco. The Silver Capital of the World and Acapulco. 2 — Features. . . Goodbye Hello In 1983-1984 Matthew Broadrick Vanessa Williams Jennifer Beals Alton High Computer Classes Jaba The Hut And Others From The Return Of The Jedi Adams Parkway Extention New Lewis Bridge “Where’s The Beef?” The Aid Station Goodbye In 1983-1984 Sears Store Jupiter Store Old Lewis Bridge Cabbage Patch Dolls Wildey Theater I aths: Simon Oakland-actor Henry ( Scoop ) Jackson-Senator Harry James- Big Band Leader Buckminster Fuller-Designer of Giodesic Dome Dennis Wilson-Beach Boy Drummer William Demarest- actor -My Three Sons Yuri Andropof-Soviet President Joan Miro-artist Arthur Godfrey-Radio-T.V. Host Ira Gershwin-lyricist David Niven-actor Sir Ralph Richardson-actor Jessica Savitch-T.V. Newscaster Gloria Swanson-actress Slim Pickens-actor Charlie Brown-real-life model for the cartoon character Christopher George-actor Michael Conrad-actor-Hill Street Blues Lillian Cater-Jimmy Carter's mother Joan Hackett-actress Pat O'Brien-actor Raymond Massey-actor Frank Reynolds-T.V. Anchorman Buster Crabbe -athlete actor-first Tarzan Jackie Wilson-singer F.thel Merman-actress George Balanchine-choreographer-director of N.Y.C. Ballet Jack Dempsey-world heavyweight boxing champ. 1919 to 1926 George Halas-owner of the Chicago Bears-helped start Pro-football Earl (Fatha) Hinds-Musician father of modern jazz piano Muddy Waters-singer and blues guitarist lead first electric band Hello-Goodbye — 3Special Events Of 1984 Sally Ride-first female astronaut Jim Hart traded by Cardinals Colonel Guy Bluford-first black astronaut Checkerdome is once again the Arena Australia wins America's Cup Chemical People movement supported in Alton Soviets shot down Korean airliner- Killed 269 U.S. Marines invade Soviet- held in Grenada Brooklyn Bridge- 100 years old Tom Cunningham- Voice of Democracy winner Soviets found responsible for Pope assassination attempt Alton Fife and Drum Corps invited to V.P. Parade Supreme Court allows limited videotaping Barb Burkhart earned Gold Award for Girl Scouting Macintosh- best Apple yet Amy Conrady won 1983 title of Junior Miss (Music Division) Jesse Jackson campaigns in Alton El Nino created disastrous storms in California First time ever UAW sign contract to cut wages and benefits Nutra Sweet is first used in diet Coke U.S. Football Legue begins National Arion winners were William Sewell and Chris Watt Artificial heart recipient- Barney Clark dies Break-up of AT T- phone bills soar Harold Washington- 1st black Chicago mayor Leek Walesa won 1983 Nobel Peace Prize U.S. Embassy blown up in Beirut- 63 killed Steriod drug crackdown at Pan Am. Games Ex-Astronaut John Glenn announces presidential candidacy Martina Navetelova and Jimmy Conners win U.S. open singles New York Islanders win hockey's Stanley Cup Baltimore Orioles win World Series Return of the Jedi grosses a 6.2 million-record 1st day 6(X),(XX) demonstrate in W. Germany over U.S. Missile deployment Tom Sneva wins Indianapolis MX) The Day After'' T.V. Show on nuclear war-100 million Philadelphia 76ers win National Basketball Championship viewers Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XVIII Dow Jones closes at all time high - 1,287.20. Pioneer 10 crosses the orbit of Neptune Gandhi wins Oscars for best picture, actor, director, screenplay Michigan Panthers win USFL 1st championship game Mr. and Mrs. Hansen have first child-Ahren Parker. Marching 100 won 11 trophies Chrysler introduces the Caravan and Mini-van Voyager. Teachers strike for more pay Holidome opens in Alton. $3.00 Pay-to-play” fee for athletics at AHS First un-tethered space walk. District checks graduation requirements Copy Cat Video made at AHS. Owens 111. closes Alton Glass Plant Americans win 8 Gold Medals at Winter Olympics. 1983 spring flood hits area Culture Club awarded Best New Group. Miss Universe Pageant held in St. Louis AHS Video Yearbook featured on Good Morning America. 1983 Coldest December in history Michael Jackson injured filming a Pepsi commercial. 1983 Summer heat wave- One of the worst'' Last John Lennon songs released on Milk and Honey LP. 4 — FeaturesElizabeth Sutton Receives D.A.R. Good Citizens Award Elizabeth Ann Sutton was the recipient of DAR Good Citizens Award. She is active in the Alton High School band and orchestra. She has served as treasurer of the orchestra and was drum majorette of the Marching 100. Daryl Buford Receives D.A.R. National Defense Good Citizens Award Tyler Barban Nationa Merit Semi-Finalist The Illinois State Scholarship Commission has informed Alton High Sch x»l that twenty-four Seniors have been named Illinois State Scholars. This recognition is accorded those students who achieved high qualifying scores on either the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the American College Test, and high class rank. These students will be receiving a Certificate from the ISSC acknowledging this accomplishment and will also be recognized at the Senior Awards Program of Alton High in the spring The students so named are Tvlcr Barban. Susan Brown. Daryl Buford. Michael Christians. Laura Clayton. Timothy Cooper. Dale Cover. Laurel Dalton. Jonathan Davidson. Dana Hardin, Laurie Haycraft. Deborah Howard. Andrew Johnson. Mark Jorgensen. Peter O'Bryan. Stcphaine Odea. Annette Pace. Sara Pellegrino. Robert Reid. Mark Rogers. Bradford Schrumpf. John Stanton. Christine Watt, and Hope Wuellner. City of Alton Illinois 1985 For the past five years Alton's City Motor Vehicle License (the City Sticker ) has been a graphics design project in Dale Livingood's Advanced Vocation Commercial Art Program at the J.B. Johnson Career Development Center. This year 28 unidentified designs were sent to Mayor Paul Lenz to select the 1985 city sticker. The design, which he and his committee chose, was created by Kathy Zibrida. a Jerseyville High School senior The mayor presented a Certificate of Appreciation and a Key to the City of Alton to Kathy. Kathy is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Steve Evancho. Kathy plans to Study-Technical Illustration at Meramec Community College in St. Louis. Kathy Zibrida Designs 1985 Alton City Sticker Awards — 5 Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Country” John F. Kennedy I Have A Dream . . . ” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In August of 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a peaceful civil rights protest march on Washington. D.C. He gave his famous I Have A Dream speech which was so inpirational and effective that it brought world-wide attention to the civil rights problem. President John F Kennedy was assassinated November 22. 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy’s pursuit of social reform created an awakening and hope for a bright future for all Americans. She Loves You. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah . . . The Beatles 1964 A Splendid Time Will Be Guaranteed By All” Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, 1967 The Beatles created a social and musical phenomenon in 1964 which can still be felt around the world today. They arrived in America on February 7th to thousands of screaming teenages. ”1 Want to Hold Your Hand” was the No. 1 hit of the day which was soon to be followed by many others. During one week on March of 196-1 they held the top Five positions of the national top ten. Their music was some of the most influential and enjoyable ever created. Their wit and charm was a very positive force on the youth around the world. 6 — Time CapsuleBlack History Week Trust Trust in thyself as you would trust in they lord Trust in thy name and believe the world will change Trust in me as if I were thy own brother. Trust my words for they'll always be true Trust yourself to be a better person, to know and see All the things that will come to thee Know trust as trust might be true. Know trust your life might start off new. Written By: Sanford McMurray Jr. February is Black History Month. Alton High set aside a week of activities concerning famous blacks ending with an assembly on Friday of that week. The assembly was titled the Ebony Awards and was conducted as an award ceremony. Mark North, and Dionne McClain talked about some of the famous blacks in Politics, Military Services, and Civil Rights. Many other fields were also discussed. Other students worked very hard with Ms. McGee to make it a success. We would like to thank all of the participants. Black History Week — 7Top Left: Good job Chris. Top Middle How can you be here Jan when I'm here.' Top Right Mr. Guerra and helpers complete winning Christmas door design. Center Left: Visitors get rear-ended. Candids — 9Top Left And you thought Moon burgers only came from the Moonlight Restaurant. Top Right Having three times as many Juniors on the field still couldn't defeat the Seniors. Center Left: If only the whole student body had but one neck to choak Center Right Forget it Juniors. We Know you Lost 10 — CandidsTop Left: On the basketball court, we cremate our opponents. Top Ri ht: Punk rockers sunk! You don't believe me.' Center Left: Vanity 6 Center Ri ht It's showtime folks Bottom Left With ci ht or more Juniors, you still can't beat the Seniors! Bottom Ri ht I can t run very far. but you ou ht to see me on the low hurdles.' Candids — ITMaria Claudia' Lagarrgue is an 18-year old exchange student who came to AHS from Tucuman, Argentina She is sponsored by American Field Service, and is staying here with the family of Mr Kermit Schem, whose daughter Gail is a junior at AHS. Claudia Lagarrigue Exchange Student From Argentina Frau Schwarz Exchange Teacher From Germany Frau Sabine Schwartz, an exchange student through the Fulbright Commission. is teaching Fred Fishers German classes at AHS. Her home is Her-ford West Germany that is in a metropolitan area of about 2W).000 people. The main trade in the area is in linen and textiles. Mrs Schwartz taught F.nglish and German at a vocational school there, where she will be returning at the end of the school year. Mrs. Schwartz feels Americans are warm and friendly people' and she has enjoyed our vast and beautiful country. 12 — Foreign F.xchangeAnthony Wayne Henley February 11, 1966-February 19, 19o4Lisa Cubbage Albert Dixon Jr. Blake Doerr Drx)ley an Enos a Garvey Sue Ellen Garvey Dana Gerbig Tina Goodman Kim Grabncr Judy Grills Janet Hardbeck Steve Holloway Twana Johnson Christine Lewis Brittany Miller Twyla Miller Kris Orr Julie Prewitt Chris Ramey Amy Reid Lorna Rendleman Anna Shaw Donald W. Sherer Tammy Shewmake Genary Smith Valerie Smith Mary Springman Ann Stilwcll Lisa Taylor Chris Thompson Joan Uhl Jana Webb Heidi Wense Sheila Wilson Dana Young 14 — Baby PicturesSenior Awards Assembly BEST LOOKING - John Norton Shane Volland, Lisa Ford BEST BODY - Eric Sumner, Jeanie Cousley BEST DRESSED - Steve Weber. Sarah Beth Barton BEST PERSONALITY - Jeff Whitehead. Josie Madson PRETTIEST EYES - Shane Volland. Lisa Ford PRETTIEST SMILE - Jim Mermis, Sarah Beth Barton CLASS AIRHEAD - Kevin Antonovich, Shelley Booth CLASS CLOWN - Keith Garrett, Julie Prewitt CLASS FLIRT - Willie Talbert, Lisa Cubbage f V CLASS JOCK - Brian Smith, Jana Webb CLASS COL’PLE - Alan Flota, Andrea Weathers MOST SHY - Mark Jorgenson, Jody Silveus MOST TALKATIVE Ladele Mack, Stephanie Scott MOST ACTIVE - Kenn Beres. Shelley Booth MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED - Mark Rogers, Laurie Haycraft CLASS BROWN NOSER - Dana Eastman, Jenny Stodd BEST POWDERPUFF COACHES - Brian Smith. James Holmes BEST POWDERPUFF PLAYERS - Dee Dee Kraft. Cindy Davis BEST THESPIAN - Dennis Dipiazzo, Kirstin GriffinSeniorsRhonda Abbott Kevin Antonovich Sarah Barton Linda Bauser Dawn Beaber Kenneth Beem Bradley Beiermann Kenneth Beres Katherine Black Kimberly Blackorby Andrea Blouin Carol Belt Connie Bockstruck Tracy Bogard Michelle Booth Michel Bosaw Theresa BouldsTori Brenegan Daryl Buford Mark Butler Sandra Budde Brian Bushnell 18 Dennis Carter Gregory Carter Grant Chappel James Chestney Michael ChristiansLaura Clayton Timothy Cooper Dale Cover Robert Clayton Jr. Bradley Collier Raymond Corethers Paul Cornell Jean Cousley Beth Conrady Quana Cosby Sarah Cowan Cynthia Cox Debbie Cox Mary Crose Lisa Cubbage Kyle Cummings Mark Cunningham Ruth Cunningham 19 Laurel DaltonLora Depper Christopher Dilks Raymond Dillon Daniel Dingeldein Denise Dipiazzo Dan Dixon Steven Dodge Dawn Doerr Susan Dooley Scott Dorris Denil Doss Pamela Draper 20 Bridget Dread Pamela Dublo Susan Duer James Dunham Jerry DwigginsCarlston Edwards Jamie Eberlin Teresa Elliott David Forbes Jeffrey Foster Steven Foster Patricia Fox Theressa Franke 21Kimberly Gibbons Stephanie Gill David Goen Linda Graves Jonathan Greco Patty Green I Craig Golema Kimberly Grabner Willie Greer Kirstin Griffin Judy Grills Kevin Gronemeier Kerri Grossheim Brenda Gruninger Joanne HaarJanet Hardbeck I Cynthia Hamilton Dana Hardin Stanley Hardimon Dennis Harris Elizabeth Hayes Diane HendricksKevin Hilligoss Edward Holcomb Anthony Hickman Susan Holbrook Kimberly Hillman Brenda Holder 24 Martin Jamison Tammy Jarrett Jesse Jemison Jr Andrew Johnson Christine Hindmon Steven Holloway Gregory Howard Michael Jacobs Michael JohnsonJeffrey Jones Mark Jorgensen Jennifer Jungk David Keene Dean Keller James Keller Sarah Keller Sherry Kelly Henry Kennedy Dennis Kessler Karen Kincade Douglas King Elisabeth Klein Thomas Klockenkemper James Klunk Jr. Linda Knighten William Knoche Jeffrey Korando William Korte III Deanna KraftLisa Kruse Sonja Kuhn Maria Lagarrigue Debra Lagemann Holly Lancaster Shawn Langley Lisa Lavender Kimberly Lemay Christine Lewis Ted Lohr Jeanne Manns Susan Maupin Janet McCord Darrell McCrady Everett McDanielBradley Mitchell Calvin Mitchell Christopher Moore Douglas Morkel Steven Mitchell Sheryl Mohr Cynthia Montgomery Nicholas Murrell Kevin Nolle Michael Myers Jennifer Norman Bradley Nelson Lucy Norris Peggy Niemeyer Mark NorthJohn Norton Annette Pace Peter O’Bryan Carl Parker David Pennell Audrey Perica Grant Peters Warren Phegley Shelley Phillips Annette Phipps Michael Pohlman Gregory Pritchett Sara Pellegrino Joseph Phillips Thomas Pullen Terri Ralph Chrisann Ramey Steven Raymond Melissa ReedAmy Reid Mark Rogers Samuel Roberts Stephen Sanders Shelly Rodgers Toni Sansone Mark Schneider Michael Schobernd Bradford Schrumpf Stephanie Scott Lori ScrogginsGenary Smith Brian Smith Buddy Snyder Mary Springman Jeffrey Singleton Valerie Smith Melinda Stewart Elizabeth Sutton William Talbert James Sumner Jr. Oscar Sundkvist Ann Stilwell Mary Stobbs Marsha Stockard Jeanne Strowmatt Eric Sumner Kenneth TalleyCorliss Taylor Karen Taylor Treaopia Taylor Debra Terrell Brian Thaxton Karen Thomae Roosevelt Turner Jr. Christine Thompson Son To Kimberly Trail Dana Unterbrink Elizabeth Ventimiglia Martin Volland Mark Walker Scott Voumard Ronald Wallace Monique Voyles Shertina Washington Jonathan Trusty Annette Vogt Timothy WatsekChristine Watt Andrea Weathers Heidi Wense Douglas Westbrook Stephen Weber Sandra Westfall Jeffrey Weeks Jeffrey Whitehead Donna Wenner David Whitworth Jeanne Wilkinson Lori Witcher Valeria Woods Michael Wilkinson Peggy Wilkinson James Williams Sheila Wilson 32 Dana Young Darlene Young Scott Zieke Victoria Zimmermann Mary ZiniFront Row: Chris Dilks, Jeff Juhlin, Jeff Wright, Andy Kohler, Dan Hopkins, Mike Saaf, Pete Graves, Second Row: Tony Holmes, Jerry Wilderman, Tony O'Conner, Don Freeman, Steve St. Cin, Stanley Dardiman. Jim Dunham. Third Row: Brittany Miller, Terri Ralph, Adam Cartwright, John Alexander, Chris Maher, Don Zeigler, Cappel Murray. Alan Flota, Lisa Cubbage. Varsity Baseball Front Row. Joe Dillinger, Jum Rauscher, Sean Bippen. Todd Quigley. John Lafa-kis, Terry Charleston, Second Row: Coach Larry Overath, Scott Simmons Mgr., Joe Bowen, Dave Rintoul, Roger West, Gary Griggs, Todd Cress, Third Row: Randy Fenwick Mgr., Bobby Kohler, Doug Rafferty, Jody Markel, Randy Fields. Doug Witt, Derek Dunlap. Chris Parrino. Sophomore Baseball 331 C Front Row: Tim Kanturek, George y J Q I | Tyler. Mike Emmons, Kelly Church, Todd Taul, John Deall, Rob Henshaw, Jim Summer, Second Row: Coach Larry Overath, Grant Peters, Chris Dilks, Todd Cress, Andy Mottaz, Rick Morton, Joe Eberlin, Kevin Hilligoss, Dana Hardin, Dale Cover, Matt Hausmann. 36 Back Row: Coach Roger Schlper, Shane Volland, Front Row: Pat Hoag, Tim Volland, Tim Beamstedt, Tim Brooks, Napello, Gary Elloitt, John Voldez, Scott Beer, Eric Stoutenborivgh, Tod Rodney Martin.Front Row: Fat Hoag, Scott Gibbons, Andy Scanlan, Murray Cappel, Andy Abromovich, Larry Stutz, Second Row: Lori Roper, John Sloan, Steve Sandiers, Mark Dunbar. Craig Lombardi, Mark Cowgill, Cindy Montgomery, Third Row: Coach Larry Montgomery, Jon Davison, Joel Thiel, Jeff Jones, Ben Her-zon, Joe Bowen. Varsity Soccer Front Row. David Middleton, Brian Sisk, Second row: Ryan Tucker, Mike Dwyer,Jeff Mellenthin, Paul Davey, Brian Jausen, Mike Gunning, Steve Kenney, Third row: Kris Grabner, Tony Car-mean, Craig Rathgeb, Chris Milford, David Fppel. Brad King, Alan Robert- son, Fourth row: Robert Klocken-kemper, Scott Hall, Rusty Voumard, Ike Ruedin.Joey Leonard, Joe Herzon, Fifth row: Hal Wittman, Brad Gentelin, Tony Hensley, Derek Dunlap, Mike Maher, Ranee Long, Todd Jonsen, Ted Wuellner, John Duggan. Freshmen Soccer 37Activities Board Officers, Clockwise from top. Nancy Baker, Sara Beth Barton. Michelle Bauswell. Michelle Booth, Man Cartwright, Meghan Cote, Ronna Cox, Jenifer Farrell. Jean Geiscn. Scott Gibbons. Kimberly Gibbons. Libby Gilki-son. Lori Gooch. Kim Grabner, Sheri Green. Holly Greenwood. Kerri Hatcher. Lauri Hatcher. Tawnya Shelley Booth- Sr. Class President Gail Schien- Parliamentarian Amy Ruedin- Jr. Class President Julie Prewitt- Secretary Kim Gibbons- Treasurer Hooper, Carmen Jacobs, Shirley James. Brian Kieninger. Lisa Nielsen, Janet Page, Julie Prewitt, Tracy Randall. Missy Reed. Michelle Retzer. Ike Reu-din, Gail Schien, Angela Scgobiano. Jennifer St. Cin, Judi Sutton, Debra Thomason, Monica Weather, Michelle Wooff. Activities Board Student Senate Student Senate Officers: Monica Davey- Secretary Lori Scroggins- Treasurer Sandy Budde- President Kelly Grabner- Vice President Noony Weber- Parliamentarian Marla Adcock, Lisa Ahrling, Kenn Beres, Sandra Budde, Mike Cope. Molly Cox. Bonnie Cradcr, Monica Davey. Paul Davey, John Dealt. Margaret Durham. Jeannie Geisen, Kelly Grabner, Regina Graham. Tracy Hamilton, Gayle Hiller, Chris Klope. Sonja Kuhn. Maria Lagarrigue. Kris Loveless, Jeff Mitchell. Denise Purkis, Marcy Reed. Andrew Scanlan, Lori Scroggins. Trudy Smith, Tyra Swick. Angie Walker, Noony Weber. Chris Welch. Carla Wolff. 40First Row: Nick Northway, Harold Lovett, Mark Wolff, Jeff Chestney, John Dewey, Dave Rentoul, Eric Sumner, Jeff Ackerman, Second Row: Craig Bealon, Gary Crane, Joe Greenwood, Eric Staten, Tim Watson, Leo Cox, Henry Bliar, Third Row: Mgr Robert Snyder. Dou Hoskins. Steve Wanglin, Gene Hillmai Scott Schoemocker, Dale Brice, Joh ( epponoti. Terrance Holliday. Jett lkr. Fourth Row: Jeff Wright, Warren Ph gely, Larry Griggs, Dwayne Reddi Gerald Harrison, Howard Sanders, La- f ? a 11 mont Hmbrey, Fifth Row: Coach Jack j l Martin. Coach Collis James, Harry Munson, Doug Miller, Brian Smith, Jim Palmer, Tracey Brown, Coach Tony Corona, Mgr. Jim Baily.Marching 100 Scon Allen, Traci Antonovich, Nancy Baker. Kelly Barth, Charles Berry, Kaela Berry, Bruce Beuttel, Kimberly Bierman, Sean Bippen, Jennifer Black. Katherine Black. Michelle Bosaw, Kerri Bradley, Angeline Bramley, John Bryant, Patti Carr, Stephanie Church, Monique Clark. Rebecca Claxton. Susan Conrad. Brian Conrady. Timothy Cooper. Jennifer Cope. Michael Cope, Kenny Corbin. Elizabeth Cornell, Paul Cornell, Aaron Cox, Bonny Crader, Conny Crader, Bruce Cromwell. Alicia Culiberk, John Davenport. Diane Decter. Lora Depper, Robert Diserens, Blake Doerr. David Eagleton, Carlston Edwards, Lisa Everitt, Kathy Farmer, David Ferguson, Mary Fowell. Chene Fowler, Cynthia Fowler. Jim Francis, Alfred Franke, Dawn Frison, Elizabeth Gil -kinson, Stephanie Gill. Donna Gillis. Karen Godwin. Craig Golema, Judy Grills, Richard Grind-staff, Theresa Grosenhcider, Robert Hall, Sherri Hamilton, Audra Harris. Jill Harris. Neil Harrison, Michael Haynes, Julie Hill. Bill Hiller. Kimberly Holliday, Michael Holliday, Andrea Holmes, Angela Holmes, Terry Holt. Kerry Hubbard. Karla Hurley, Carmen Jacobs, Laura Jamaldin, Cynthia Johnson, Melissa Johnson. Tamara Johnson. Betsy Jolly, Darren Jones. Karen Jones. Meredith Jones, Sara Jones. Kimberly Kelley. Kyle Ken-nedy, Patricia Killion, Elizabeth Klein. Robert Kobler, John Lafakis. Jennifer Lawson, Christie Liley, Shawn Lipe, Jean Lusk, Anna Maggos. Beth Malin, Bonnie Mans. Darrell McCrady, Jennifer Mcllwaine. Michelle Mcllwaine, Debra Middle-ton, Sheryl Mohr, Tim Molloy, Chris Moss, Susan Mottaz, Robert Mueller, Darrin Neal. Kelton Neal, Nancy Niemeier, Beth Noble. Sandy Nolan, Mark North, Joan O'Neal. Anne Pace, Karen Page. Steve Peebles. Carl Pierson. John Recknan-gel, Rae Robertson. Reginald Robinson. Brian Rogers. Deren Ross, John Schmisseur, Melissa Schrumpf, Shane Schultze, Kerry Scroggins. Anthony Siler, I awn Sitze, Michael Skordos, Mary Slaten, Dean Smith. Paul Smith. Trudy Smith. Tyra Smith. Victor Smith. Elizabeth Sutton, Denise Sweet, Susan Taylor, Chrity Thompson. Maria Thompson, Wade Thompson. Thomas Travis. John Ulffers. Peter Ulffers. Amy Vel-loff. Laura Waggoner, Chris Watt. Mary Weber. Candy Webster, Christine Welch, Carrie White, Alan Wilkinson, Laura Wilkinson. -n Cast: Peter Ulffers, Vicky Zimmerman, Ann Davey, Cathy Whitlock, Mark Cowgill, David Weber, Matt Simpson, Dennis Dipiazzo, Don Brausen, Mark Schneider, Albert Dixon, Don Naughton, Jeff Ackerman, Tim Ducey, Staci Betz, Mike Brown, Van Meyer, Kay Eisenreich, Laurie Dalton, Diana Dipiazzo, Joe Lawrence, John Leonard, Susan Duer, Eric Thaxton, Becky Border, Lisa Nielsen, Bryan Ready. Singing Chorus: Lexa Browning, Marla Calame, Monica Davey, Monica Duebbert, Angie Holmes, Sheri Long, Jaci Mcllwaine, Jill Vandergriff, Mary Vest, Staci Betz, Jeff Ackerman, Henry Blair, Mark Cow- gill, Paul Davey, Sanford McMurray, Mark North, David Weber. Dancing Chorus: Cami Jo Beaber, Dee Dee Bea-Coat, Angi Bramley, Amy Conrady, Chris Ramey, Michelle Retzer, Don Brausen, Mike Brown, Albert Dixon, John Leonard, Sanford McMurray, Mark Schneider. Mame IRedwings Volleyball Front Row: Ms. Whiter, Renee Boomer, Jana Webb, Michele Telford. Maria O'Conner, Tanya Schindewolf, Ms. Pitts, Second Row: April Brown. Cheryl Edwards, Jean Lusk, Paula O'Connor, Mol- ly Cox, Cara Peuterbaugh, Third Row: Tammy Hysten, Sherry Rainey, Dee Dee Jackson, Mimi Morkel, Debbie Dodson. Wendy Tyler, Fourth Row: Michelle Sherfy, Cynthia Dixon. Redwings Softball Front Row: Cindy Montgomery, Traci Barker, Lisa Emmons, Gina Greco, Brooke Swick, Amy Kohler, Second Row: Trisha Conreux, Cathy Rea, Denise Ewin, Ann Stilwell, Karen Link, Susan Enos, Third Row: Amy Emmons, Marie Edwards, Tammy Conreux, Sharon Neil, Rachel Sheppard, Penny Olive, Coach Flevenstreit.JuniorsMatthew Abel Andrew Abromovich Jeffrey Ackerman Laura Adams Marla Adcock Angela Afflack Michael Albrecht Tim Alexander Susan Allen Lisa Anders Kimberley Anderson Kimberly Anderson Daniel Arnold Rebecca Arnold Wendy Aulabaugh Kevin Autenrieth Christina Baer Beth Baker Terri Baker Laura Ballard Kelly Barth Dawn Batell Michele Baum Michelle Bauswell Julie Beall Christopher Beatty Tamara Beckman Joseph Beilitto Anne Berms Michele Berkel 50 — JuniorsKeith Berry Sean Bippen Carolyn Blair William Bland Michelle Bloodworth Dana Boren Angeline Burnley Roger Brandt Theresa Brinkman Karla Brown Kimberly Brown Lisa Brown Cassandra Buckner John Budnyk Cynthia Buhs Lisa Bunch Carla Burch John Burch Barbara Burkhart Dervon Burnett Susan Butler Marqueto Caffey Marla Calame Michael Callahan Dana Cannon Janet Carter Lisa Casey Terrence Charleston Diedra Chat mon Juniors — 51Trina Cheatham Lisa Christensen Robert Chnsteson Debra Christy Stephanie Church Nancy Clark Susan Cochran George Cockrell Roy Collins Kellie Combs David Condrey Cheryl Conger F.llen Conner Tracy Connors Susan Conrad Tamara Conreux Sharon Copeland Kenneth Corbin Meghan Cote Mary Cowan Mark Cowgill Leo Cox Gary Crane Timothy Crane Joseph Crawford Randall Cress Todd Cress Kristen Crone Anne Crose Tracy Cross 52 — JuniorsKimberly Czerny Vuthipan Daengsurisri Gregory Dancy l.isa Davenporr Rebecca Davis Sherri Davis Ronald Denother Brian Denton Kelly Depper Richard Dewey Joe Dillinger Christopher Dixon Blake Docrr Diane Dorsey Dale Downer Edward Draper Mark Dunbar Derek Dunlap Steven Dvorak Andrew Dykeman Christina Ealcs Joseph Gregory Edwards Larry Edwards Lemond F.mbrey Michael Emmons Christine Emons Debbie Ewing Matthew Ferguson Randall Fields Juniors — 53Leslie Fisher Dwight Flowers Charles Foster Cynthia Fowler James Francis Kctra Fulks Christina Gallup Donald Garrett Tammy Gates Beth Gehrke Jeanne Geisen Dana Gerbig F.dmund Giertz Donna Gillis Lori Gooch Kelly Grabner Regina Graham Jenna Gramolino Dena Graveman Michael Gray Gina Greco Amy Green Gary Griggs Larry Griggs Lisa Grindstaff Kelly Groves Dwayne Hardimon Jill Harris Gerald Harrison Kimala Harrison 54 — JuniorsRobert Hartley Julie Harvey Kerri Hatcher Melody Hatten Laura Hausman David Hawk Rhonda Hayden Michael Haynes Christopher Heaton Laura Heil Lisa Heinemann Tammie Hellrung Randy Henkhaus Tammy Herndon Vincent Herrin Roger Hetge Julie Hill Gayle Hiller William Hiller Gene Hillman Rhonda Hinton Patrick Hoag Andrea Hogue Joseph Holcomb Charles Holliday Christy Holloway Stephanie Holloway Angela Holmes Glenn Holmes Thomas Hooper Juniors — 55Charles Hornsey Steven Hornsey Reese Hoskins David Houck John Howard Kimberly Hubbard Gregory Huxford David lmming Beth Ingram Gregg Jackson Marcey Jackson Todd Jansen Hajra Khan Patricia Killion Martha King Cynthia Kircher Robert Klockenkemper Christopher Klope 56 — JuniorsRobert Kohler Andreas Kuhn Jr Michael Kunz John Lafakis Angela Lafferty Diana Lair Cecilia Lane Cynthia Lanham Jean Lanham Mark Lara Jeffrey Level Venie Lewis Denise Link Kelly Linton Dale Lobbig Ann Loggan Lori Lurch Duane Lovel Kristina Loveless Dawn Lowe Jams Lowe Gina Luckett Jeannie Lusk Dawn Madson Anna Maggos Michael Maher II Jody Markel Christine Marshall Mary Marshall Rodney Martin Juniors — 57Julie McAfoos Yvette McClain Jeffrey McCord Dawn McGlasson Jacob McGowan Jr. Michelle Mcllwaine Mary McNamee James McPike 11 Sonja Melow Daniel Metzger Patricia Meyers Debra Middleton Michelle Mindrup Denise Mitchell John Mitchell Torin Mitchell Laurie Mizerski Dawn Moon Elizabeth Moore Robert Morey Melissa Morgenroth Marshall Morris Elizabeth Morse Cun is Moses Cynthia Muenstermann Richard Myers Sharon Neal Theresa Newby Ricky Newton Hoang Cam Nguyen 58 — JuniorsLisa Nielsen Leslie Nimmo Matthew Noble Sandra Nolan Michelle Northcutt Tamara Nonhem Paula O'Connor John Oliver Joan O'Neal Lenore Ontis Todd Ontis William Osborn Maria Owens Janet Page Robert Palmer Elizabeth Parker Willie Parker Peter Parrino Dawn Perotka James Phegley Jay Phillips Shelley Pierce Daniel Pilkington Keith Powell Sharon Prather Linda Profer Penny Pruitt Sharon Pruitt Kevin Pullman Denise Purkis Juniors — 59Todd Quigley John Raffety Christina Ragus Lori Ralph James Rauscher Donald Ray Mary Renken Scott Renken John Retzer Dane Reynolds Michael Rice Carole Richards Kimberly Riggs Mario Riley Marla Riley David Rmtoul John Roberts Kelly Robertson 60 — JuniorsCatherine Sharp Linda Shaw Cedric Shelby George Siampos Scottie Simmons Matthew Simpson Brian Sisk Dawn Sitze Keith Skinner Cheryl Smith Deesheryl Smith Tammy Smith Tyra Smith Stephanie Snyder Kevin Snyders Kenneth Spencer Chad Staggs Lorra Stamm Eric Stark Eric Staten Mar|orie Steele Rebecca Stetson F.lw x d Stevenson Mary Steward Greg Stewart Scott Stewart Theo Stewart Daniel Stidham Amy Stilwell Sheila Stinnett Juniors — 61Donald Stumpe Lawrence Stutz Philip Sumner Judith Sutton Br x ke Swick Sheila Talbert Patricia Tarrant Tracy Tatnall Douglas Taylor Eric Taylor Susan Taylor Debra Thomason Dean Thompson Henry Thompson Wade Thompson Genca Tilley Richard Torrez Andrew Travis Starla Turner George Tyler Robert Tyler Tammy Ufert John Differs Sarah Ulrich John Valdez Yung Vo James Vogt Tod Volland Ten Waggoner Angela Walker 62 — JuniorsSheryl Walkington Denise Wallace Melissia Walter Stephen Wangelin Donna Warix Lawanda Washington Eunice Weber Jonathan Webster Cindi Weinman Sherri Weirich Benjamin Welling Staci Westfall Carrie White Daniel Whiteside Joseph Wickenhauscr Laura Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson Timothy Wilkinson Deanna Williams Elizabeth Williams Mike Wilson Paul Wmgerter Douglas Witt Tracy Win Harold Winman 11 Carla Wolff William Woods Hardy Woodward Michele Wooff Douglas Wright Juniors — 63Jed Wueller Mary Yost Tina Young Julie Zeigler James Zeman Michael Harnetiaux For one reason or another the following pictures could not be contained in their respected sections. Seniors Laura Bowles Martin Lopez Jane F.ppel Julie Prewitt Geanna Flatt Dana Gerbig Ben Herzon Jackie Stiff Ruth Vollmen Freshmen Randy Dillon 64 — JuniorsSophomoresLisa Ahrling Michael Aimonc Mindy Allred Scott Allsman Tammie Ambrose Donna Andrews Derrick Armstead Winston Armstead Georgeanne Auten James Bailey Lydia Bailey Nancy Baker James Ballhurst Victoria Ballinger Paige Bartholomew Mark Bates Brian Bayiey Joseph Baze William Baze Cami Bcaber Pamela Beatty Jamie Beckman Steven Beiser Brian Belchik Michele Bell Charles Berry Bruce Beuttel Marcia Blasioli Wayne Bocksrruck Rodney Bollini 6 — SophomoresRenee Boomer Christine Bradley Philip Bradshaw Michael Brand F.rica Bratton Michael Brefeld Jr. Melissa Bregenzer Timothy Bregenzer Timothy Bnmer April Brown Cynthia Brown Richard Brown Robert Brown II Amy Bruce Timothy Brueggeman John Bryant Kimberlee Bryant Tracy Bucks John Budde Jr. Marka Butler Shane Calhoon Kevin Calvin John Carpenter HI Pamela Carroll Maria Cartwright Teresa Castelli Roy Chamness Stcphani Christy Karlyton Clanton Kevin Clanton Sophomores — 67Barbara Clark Dane Clark Rebecca Claxton Stacy Clevenger Regina Cochram Holly Coffler David Cope Jenny Cope Kelli Copeland Michael Cox Kelly Crabtree Pamela Crane Michael Crouch Dara Croxford Julie Cruz Alicia Culiberk Vickie Cunningham Tina Curlovic Floyd Dailey Joseph Darr Paul Davey Billy Davis Vernon Deall Andrea Debruce 68 — SophomoresDiana Deeter Angela Denham Larry Depper Jr. Debra Dodson Tina Downing Julie Drennan t Jill Dunham Alfred Dunigan Lisa Dunnagan Margaret Durham Joseph Eckhard John Edwards i Mane Edwards Brad Elik Marie Ellington Anthony Elliott Donald Elliott Shari Elliott Ethel Ellison Margaret F.mblom Lisa Emmons Kent Ernst Joseph Ewing Nicholas Fencel David Ferguson Alphe Finley Tammy Fish Lisa Fitzgerald Craig Flanagan Christopher Frank Sophomores — 69Michael Frank Alfred Franke Dawn Frederick Houston Fry Jennifer Fulks William Funkhouser Christmia Gaither Brian Gallagher Alma Garrett Sabrina Garrett Monica Genutis Ronald Geske Bryan Giertz Thomas Goebel Tracey Golema Thomas Gonzales Johnnie Gordon Jr. Helen Gramates Brian Grammer Jennifer Gratton Patricia Gray William Greenwood Rebecca Greer Theresa Grosenheider George Gunning Michael Haar Gala Hagcdom Hugh Hallett Trina Hallows Heather Hampton 70 — SophomoresJulie Hanneken Karen Hardbeck John Hardiman Walter Harding II David Harlan Patrick Harper Audra Harris James Harris Jill Harris Tracy Harris William Harris Christine Hartmann Nicolyn Hartwell Elizabeth Hartzell Brian Hassel John Hausman Matthew Hausmann William Hayes Allen Henderson Kimberly Henkhaus Timothy Hensley Todd Hensley Catherine Hem rich Joseph Herndon April Herrmann F.ltsa Hill Heather Hise Melissa Hoaglin James Hofherr Tracey Hokenson Sophomores — 71Michael Holliday Terence Holliday Caprice Holmes Wendy Holtorf Tawny a Hooper Doug Hoskins Karla Hurley Kristi Hutchinson Tamara Hysten Richard Igo Matthew Ing Teresa Irvin Dcdrc Jackson Tony Jackson Laura Jamaldin Shirley James Andriea Jason Douglas Jenkins Blake Johnson Melissa Johnson Michelle Johnson Sherry Johnson Tamara Johnson Russell Jones Sara Jones Paula Jordan Karine Keith Sharena Kennedy James Kercher Michael Khosrovani 72 — SophomoresDavid Kinder William Klamcrt Jr. Lance Kline Kary Klinke Jeffrey Klunk Gus Kodros k ' A Amv Kohler Janet Kohler Anthony Korte Michael Kramer Jennifer Kraushaar Timothy Kraushaar Elizabeth Lara Monique Le Flore Mary Lekkas Marty Lcnhardt Silva Lewis Crist ic LileyTerry Luster Patrick Mabone Santear Mabone Sara Maher Elizabeth Malin Bonnie Mans Christina Markham Marjorie Martin Rosa Martin Camilla Mason Thomas Massey Cheryl Mathis Everett Mathis Charles Mays Jr. Marcy McAfoos Michael McCoy Patrick McDonald Tammy McDonald Vincente Me Elroy Joyce Mcllcnthin Debra Menke Melissa Merideth Shanda Milhime Jeffrey Miller Michael Miller Pamela Miller Dana Mitchell Flora Monroe Amy Montague Georgia Montroy 74 — SophomoresDenise Moore Dennis M x re L'rvana Morales Demitria Morkel Andrew Mottaz Lisa Moxey Stephanie Murphy Amy Murray Jennifer Neal Tonya Neikirk Penelope Nelson Starline Nelson Diedra Nicholson Nancy Niemeier Stacey Noble Lee Norman Michael Oettle Guy Oiler Brian Orr Brenda Oulson Laron Owens Bryan Paddock Carrie Page Karen Page Jennifer Panzier Bobby Parker Brian Parker Marie Patterson Steven Peebles Deshelle Perkins Sophomores — 75Lenora Perry Tia Perry Donald Peters Jr. Cara Peuterbaugh Eric Pfaff Brian Phipps Lisa Pitts Erin Poindexter Philip Polen Debra Porter Alvin Powers Jr. Jere Price Sherry Rainey Tracy Randall Michelle Rea Stacey Rea Bryan Ready John Recknagel Willie Rcdditt Marcy Reed Julie Reiske Michele Retzer Stacy Reynolds Christine Rhea Kimberly Rhodes Judy Richards Lyslie Ridenour Kevin Riffey Melissa Riley Duane Rister 76 — SophomoresAlan Robertson Rea Robertson Cberise Robinson Kevin Robinson Reginald Robinson Sean Robinson Cindy Rounds Paula Rulo Jennifer Rushing Michael Ruyle Dana Salzman Andrea Sanders Anthony Santiago Katrin Saville Andrew Scanlan Sonya Schenk Kimberly Schildroth Natalie Schmidt John Schmisseur Tina Schneider Melissa Schrumpf Jeffrey Schultz Tod Schum Sean Schwartz Kerri Scroggins Pamela Scruggs Eugene Seal Marcia Shaw Anne Shea Lytanya Shelby Sophomores — 77James Sherman Stella Sherw M d Sherry Short Timothy Simmons Floyd Sinks Shelly Skelton Michael Skordos Troy Slack Mary Slaten John Sloan Fredrick Smith Kathy Smith Larry Smith Theresa Smith Victor Smith Rebecca Snyders James Sprague Jason Stanton Richard Starkey Brian Stawar Paul Steinbrueck David Stephens Gregory Stewart Susan Stilwell Susan Stumpe Kimberly Sunderland F.dith Sutton Bernita Sykes Juli Szilagyi Donald Taul NO PICTURE AVAILABLE 78 — SophomoresTodd Taul Donald Taylor Loci Taylor Robert Teague Jr. Daniel Tejada Bryan Terry Tonya Tesson Tammy Thomas Maria Thompson Carrie Twichell Wendy Tyler Peter Ulffers Michelle Van Hooter Amy Velloff Nancy Velloff Mary Vest David Vmyard Patricia Voumard William Voumard Roger Waggener Jr Laura Waggoner John Walker Kirk Wallace Katherine Warren Timothy Watson Tracey Watson Robert Watt Dana Watts Monika Weathers Mark Webber Sophomores — 79Lisa Weber Candance Webster Christine Welch Andrew Welling Whitney Wells Thomas Wescott Sherry White Lori Whitehead Lora Whitten Michael Wickenhauser David Wilkinson Mary Wilkinson Bobby Williams Brent Williams Deborah Williams Alfreda Willis La von Wirch Toni Wise John Wisely Lyle Witcher Steven Witt Derek Womack Darrell Woodman Penny Woods Sarah Wreath David Yearwood Tammy Yenne Steven Yocius Rochelle Young 80 - SophomoresJohn Pauly Bryant November 10, 1967-November 18, 1983FreshmenJulie Aldridge Scot Allen Eric Anderson Traci Antonovich Kevin Armstead Scott Armstead Kathy Arnold Tawni Attebery Tina Bagger man Chyrlan Bailey John Baker Edward Ballinger Tracey Banks Andrew Barban Timothy Barrow Jennifer Barton Steven Bates Melissa Baum Tamara Bauswell David Bean Donna Beem Regina Beem John Bell Lisa Bernhardt Kaela Berry Edward Besaw Jr. Mark Beuttel Kimberly Bierman Jennifer Black Agnes Bolfing Freshmen — 83Charles Bonds Rosalyn Bonds Chris Bonncy Theodosia Boomershine Thomas Borders William Bourland Tracy Bowling Jason Bowman Jeanne Bowman Mitzi Bramley Shirlene Brand Terry Bratton Jr. Bryan Brefeld Heather Brencgan Michael Brenneisen Gary Brice Matthew Brimer Katriner Brown Todd Burton Rachel Bushnell Dawn Butler Terry Campbell Jeffrey Cannon l.aurie Canter 84 — FreshmenTony Carmean Daniel Caner Jay Casper Jennifer Chadwick Polly Chase Robert Chestney Robert Chickering Leslie Childs Dawn Christensen Karyn Clanton Bryan Clark Jason Clark Monique Clark Rebecca Clark Karen Conner Gayla Conners Dwight Cooke Kelly Cooper Laura Cooper Michael Cope Mary Corby F.lizabeth Cornell Robert Cousett Thcodoric Cowper Aaton Cox Anthony Cox Molly Cox Randall Cox Ronna Cox Tina Cox Freshmen — 85Bonnie Crader Connie Crader Bruce Cromwell Jenny Cromwell Anthony Cross Carl Crumer Reginald Crumer Kent Cubbage Demetrice Cunningham Brian Curvey Anthony Darr John Davenport Clifford Davis Joseph Davis Raymond Davis II Tracy Deeder James Demand Jr. Katherine Depper Cheryl Dickerson Leslie Dickerson Timothy Dickerson Amy Diddlebick Michael Dilley Michael Dipaolo Cynthia Dixon Thomas Dixon Rena Dodge Susan Donelson Gail Doss Chris Doucleff B6 — FreshmenCrystal Dread Paul Dread Jody Dwiggins Michael Dwyer Cheryl Edwards Kelly Edwards Steven Edwards Sarah Elliott James Embry Joseph Emerick Cynthia Emmons Laura Emmons Robyn Ennis David Eppel Daron Everage Lisa Everitt Kirsten Falkenberg Daniel Farabee Mary Folwell Kurt Ford Ruby Foster Timothy Foster Ronny Foutch Cherie Fowler Freshmen — 87Melissa Fulks Mark Funk William Gaither Freddie Garris Kimberly Geisen Brian Generally Bradley Gentclin Janet Gentry Duane Gibbons Troy Gibbs F.lizabcth Gilkison James Gillespie Brenda Gillis Talesi Gilmore Kristine Glenn Karen Godwin Craig Gooch Kristopher Grabner William Grace Diana Gratton Keith Graves Timothy Graves Donald Green Darren Greenwood 88 — FreshmenHoly Greenwood Vincent Greer Richard Grindstaff Kathy Gross Michael Gunning Joseph Hack worth Hagedorn Beth Hagen Elizabeth Hager Gary Hall Robert Hall Scott Hall Scott Hall Diana Hallows George Hamilton II Cynthia Hansen Timothy Harlan Clay Harley Jason Harper Jennifer Harpole Stephanie Harrigan David Harris Harris Marian Harris Rebecca Harris Sonya Harris Steven Hams Ned Harrison Neil Harrison Brett Hartley Freshmen — 89Lauri Hatcher Wendy Hausman Sarah Hauversburk Laurie Haycraft Paul Hawkins Michelle Hayes James Hefley Thomas Heindricks David Hendricks Harvey Henry Richard Henry Anthony Hensley Kraig Herd Dawn Hert Joel Hcrzon Marcus Hickman David Hicks John Higgins William Hildreth Christopher Hillman Joy Hindmon Stephen Hobbs Charles Hoene Andrew Hogue Marina Holcomb Dana Holliday Erica Holliday Kimberly Holliday Nicholas Holmes Terry Holt — ErtshfocnAlicia Hnrstman Christy Houck Babcttc Howes Thomas Hugenberger Lori Huntsman Shawn Hutson Robert Igo Christine Ing Barry lngersoll Stephanie Ivester Denise Jackson Lee Jackson Carmen Jacobs Derrick Jacobs Lisa James Brent Jamison Brian Jansen Angela Jason Carmella Jessen Cynthia Johnson Donald Johnson Michael Johnson Betsy Jolly Bridget Jones Felicia Jones Martin Jones Meredith Jones Yolanda Jones Timothy Kanturck Mark Kasten Freshmen — 91Bradley King Gina King Michael King Theresa Kircher Patrick Klamert James Klinke Kathryn Klunk Andrea Kodros Wendic Kohler John Kreitner Jon Kress Patricia Kulick Eric Lacey Tamara Lacey Lisa Lammcrs Jeffrey Lang Robert Lanham Jeanette Lara Deleon Lavender Jennifer Lawson Kristi Leathers Larry LeFlore Michael Lemons Shan Lenhardt x I I 92 — FreshmenJoseph Leonard Jennifer Lepes Josette Levi Jennifer Lewis Jerry Lewis Michael Lewis Ktmbla Lewis James Livesay Amy Lobbig Krystal Lockhart Michael Long Patricia Lorch Joseph Lupercio Jr. William Lynch Patrick Maag Robert Macias Shannon Mackclden Steven Macwcather Laurie Main Roger Malloy Curtis Malone Jeffrey Malone Jill Manns Joy Manns Diane Mason Heather Mathewson Kimberly Matlock Thomas Maupin Lori McCane Kenneth McCarvev Freshmen — 93Patricia McGrath Christine McGui an Jennifer Mcllwaine Flea nor McPherson Kathleen McPike Steven Mead Avonda Medhurst Jeffrey Mellenthin Dina Mcnse Tina Menzic Kurt Messerle David Middleton Jeffrey Mifflin Christopher Milford Cynthia Miller Tia Miller Kristi Minor Dechion Mitchell Jeffrey Mitchell Timothy Molloy Jr. Brian Monroe Dolly Montroy Shelly Moon Jerome Moore Troy Moore Caprice Morris Herbert Mosby Jr. Susan Mosby Christopher Moss Susan Mottaz 94 — FreshmenTracie Mouser Lora Moxey Susan Mudd Michael Mueller Donna Mugge Mitchell Musgrow Kelton Neal Susan Nevlin Randall Newby Kim Nguyen Minh Cam Nguyen Sau Nguyen Robert Nickell Jennifer Nimmo Beth Noble Maria O'Connor Joel Oliver Ann Osborn James Osborn Laura Oseland Daniel Ottolini Lisa Ottwell Ingrid Owens Amy Page Melissa Palen Timothy Palen Jr. Brian Palmer Carl Parham Harry Parker Sheila Parker Freshmen — 9 Ruth Paul Daniel Paulda Shanna Paynic Leonardo Pedrero Kevin Peebles Ronald Perrin Jr. Leonard Perry III Loretta Perry Matthew Phipps Carla Pierson Christopher Plummer John Plunk Rebecca Plunk David Postellc Sandra Prater Debra Price Mark Pruitt Debra Ramirez Christopher Randall Derek Randall Timothy Rathgeb Jr. Kimberly Reams Terry Reams Timothy Reams I. Mark Reddersdorf Jenni Reed Dale Reese George Reithman Jr. Ramona Rhine Bradley Rintoul lX» — FreshmenDonald Roberts Joan Roberts l.eann Roberts Melissa Roberts Pamela Roe Susan Root Dana Rossi John Roth Kevin Rowe Isaac Ruedin Lisa Rushing Christopher Russell Peter Sanders Khristie Sansonc Lorena Saravia Amy Saville Monica Schallenberg Tonya Schindewolf Karon Schipkowski Kevin Schultz Tamara Schultze Yalanda Scon Sam Seats F.lizabeth Seibold Daniel Sewell Reena Shaw Mona Shelby Steve Shelby Michelle Sherfy Walter Sherman Freshmen — 9?Rosalind Slack Kevin Slaten Bruce Smith Deanne Smith Jeffrey Smith Kenneth Smith Lamont Smith Paul Smith Terry Smith Trudy Smith Michael Sorgea Jerry Sowders Fatima Spears Jennifer St Cin Cheryl Stamper James Steele Shelley Stephens Courtney Stevenson Anthony Steward Kristin Stewart Carla Stiff Anessa Stilwell Kathryn Stobbs Aaron Strack 98 — FreshmenDonna Taylor Lisa Taylor Lori Taylor Travis Taylor Dennis Teague Joel Thiel Barbara Thomas Todd Thomas Chris Thompson Christy Thompson Jennifer Thurow Thomas Travis Laura Trigg Ryan Tucker William Tucker Georgia Turner Patricia Turner Shawn Turner Ann Tutokv Joseph Twitchell Sarah L’tterback Bryan Valerius Matthew Van Voorhis Valerie Vaughan Freshmen — 99Russell Voumard Mario Voylcs Shawn Waggoner Denise Walker Christian Wallace Sean Wallace Rachel Walter Lee Wangelin Christy Ward Curtis W'arlick Jeffrey Warren Shannon Warren David Watson Tammy Watson William Watts Jr. Mary Weber Neil West David Westbrook Scon Westbrook Michael Wheeler Joy White Mary White Alan Wilkinson Cynthia Williams Darren Williams Tamara Williams John Williamson Janet Winchester Thomas Wohlfeil Andrea Wohlgemuth lUO — FreshmenDavid Wolff Harp, Woods III Kimberly Woods Sara Woods Amy Wooff Joseph Wyatt II Sara Yates Kelly Young Sherry Zimmerman Freshmen — 101Board Of Education David R. Thies Board President Verna J. Lewis Secretary Joyce Robinson President Pro-tern Shirley K Mondy Secretary Pro-tem Bonnie J. Norman Jeffery R Weber Eugene L. FrizzoAdministration Dr. Robert Lynn Superintendent Of Schools David B. VanWinkle Assistant Superintendent for Middle and Secondary Educational Services. Mary Blanche Jungers. Ph.D Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Educational Services. Dean W. Browning Thomas F. Dehler Educational and Director Principal for J.B. Micheal Beaber Controller Treasurer Johnson Career Development Center. Administrative Assistant to the SuperintendentAdministrative Staff Wayne A. Addison Director of Special Education Gene R Alston Director of Chapter I, ECIA David L. Allen Director of Buildings Grounds Mrs. Ardythc Browning Director of Food Services Mrs. Norma Judkins Director of Curriculum Administration — 105Dr. Robert Middleton Principal Dr. Middleton Receives Those Who Excel Award The Alton FBLA chapter nominated Dr Middleton for the Those Who Excel Administrator Award He won the award and was recognized at a banquet in Chicago October 28. 1983. He also received special recognition as an Honorable Mention Winner The Alton FBLA Chapter hosted a reception honoring Dr Middleton on October 31. 1983 Presenting the award to Dr. Middleton is Michelle Bauswell, FBLA President, and Wilma Bricker. FBLA Advisor. 106 — FacultyHigh School Administrative Staff Mr. James Baiter Assistant Principal Mr. Edmond Gray Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Jungers Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Martin Jr. Assistant Principal. J.B.J Mr. Ralph McClain Assistant Principal 107Daml Amschler Rov Boley Elizabeth Bourland Patricia Amschler Joyce Ashpole Fdwina Bailey Shirley As man Joseph Barley Gary Banks Fu ene Bailey Dorothy Benson Joe Beard Mary Bowling Herman Brennecke James Callahan Roger Capps Clifford Davenport William Diddlebock Shirley D)dds Janice Dunbar 108 — Faculty Vernetta Caffey Reno Calcari Lawrence Crabbs Flizabeth Dague Wilma Bricker James Chestney Susan Buckley Anthony Corona Joann Dillon Ronald Fnloe Mary Dirksmeyer Michael Dixon Rachel Fanes l ale Fvans Phillip Dodds Richard harrowGregory Guerra Donna Hagen Kenneth Hagen Joyce Hairston Marlene Hall June Halloran Susan Hansbcrry Janis Hansen Robert Hansen Bette Hams Ruth Henderson Patricia Hunt Jan Herren Gertraud Howald Leonard Hawthorne George Heidbrink Paul Klockcnkemper Peggy Knippel Robert Krauss Leland Leigh Pete Leone Charlie Lightsey Faculty — 109Don Lindsey Felix Macias Patricia McGee Larry Montgomery Dale Livengood Donald Long Robert Long George Loveless Stanley McAfoos Donald Maloney Dixie Maul Kevin Lyerla Joe Magro Samuel McPhail Lydia Mease Nancy Meggos Dennis Meyer Marvin Mondy Sandra Ohrcn Larry Overath Walter Overbey Nancy Paeltz Joann Peuterbaugh Roger Schlepcr David Schlitt Marilyn Schroeder Mary Schrumpf Fred Schwappach Sabine Schwartz 110 — FacultyHoward Shaw Betty Siemer Rebecca Sims Pete Scavros Margaret Stroube Donna Suess Dean Taylor Larry Thompson Marlene Toppe Robert Treise Wayne Tyler Marion Velloff I 1 Rita Weiss Govis Vest Joseph Voegeli Homer Vowels Ladonna Whitner James Wigger Joann Wangclin Glenn Waters Lillian Withrow N • George Wolke Dorman Wright Lela Wright Ramond Young Faculty — 111Security Officers Teacher Aides Office Workers Addie Davis Grady Winston Eva Bradshaw Joann F.ppcl Liaison Officer Gail Burjes Bonnie Fox Maxine Criveilo Shirley Giasco Eleanor llammon Ethclbert Henderson Norma Henderson Jan Hoffman Kathryn Godwin Nancy Lang Carol McClain Patricia McCoy Desiree McLemore Manbcth Reed Ann Mercurio Barbara Smith Bev Summers Marchia Tucker Agnes Vanhook Ann Xandcrs 112— StaffCustodians And Matrons Lonetta Wiseman Harold Mays Pauline Spurgeon Chuck Withrow Mae Mays Anderson Thomas Staff - 113Cafeteria Employees Ruth Pipps Manager 4 Anne Ellcd c Ruth Roc Asst. Manager Vilma Gentclin Faye Baird Joan Hensley Mary Holloway - J Shirley Irvin Janet Sanders Jean Sick Rita Womark 114 StaffDavid Vincent Pennell July 18, 1944-August 24, 1983Herbert Preston Clark May 1, 1967 - January 19, 1984Concert Orchestra Jamie Beckman. Sean Bippen. Rosalyn Bonds. Dana Boren. Mitzi Bramley. Rcba Brown. Patti Carr. Stephanie Church. Monique Clark. Brian Con-rady. Tracy Deeder, Blake Boerr. Maggie F.mblom. Kathy Farmer. Dawn Fri- son. Robert Flail. Sherri Fiamiiton. Cindy Flansen. Audra Harris. Christy Hartman. Sarah Flauversburk. Kerry Hubbard. Tammy Hysten. Blake Johnson, Darren Jones. Karen Jones. Tncia Killion. Amy Kohler. Mike Kunz, Tia Miller. Missy Morgenroth, Bob Mueller. Darrin Neal. Mark North. Ingrid Owens. Ramona Rhine. Shane Schultz. Bill Sewell. Lynn Siler. Paul Steinbrueck. Kris Stewart. Ann Tu-toky, Chris Ulffers. Sarah Ulrich. Sarah I'tterback. Kris Watt. Lisa Weber. Alan Wilkinson, Lyle Witcher. David Yearwood 118 — MusicSymphonic Orchestra Cami Bcaber. Jamie Beckman, Sean Bippen, Debbie Black. Mitzi Bramley. Dathy Farmer. Dawn Prison. Robert David Middleton. Missy Morgcnroth. Tracy Tatnall. Ann Tutoky. Chris Heather Brenegan. Patti Carr, Jennifer Hall. Sherri Hamilton. Blake Johnson. Bob Mueller. Darrin Neal. Beth Noble. Ulffers. Peter Ulffers, Sarah Ulrich. Chadwick. St. Stephanie Church. Mini- Missy Johnson. Darren Jones. Karen Mark North. Kevin Rowe. Shane Tammy Watkins. Kris Watt, Lisa We- que Clark, Brian Conradv. Blake Docrr, Jones. Tricia Killion. Lisa Klein. Amy Schultz, Bill Sewell. Darryl Short. Lunn ber. Alan Wilkinson, Laura Wilkinson. Larry Ldwards, Maggie Kmblom, Kohler. Mike Kunz. Julie McAfoos, Siler. Paul Steinbruck. Broode Swick, David Yearwood Music — 119Symphonic Band Scott Allen, Traci Antonovic. Nancy Baker. Kelly Barth. Charles Berry. Kaela Berry. Bruce Beauttel. Mark Beauttel. Kimberly Bierman, Sean Bip-pen. Jennifer Black. Katherine Black. Kerry Bradley. Angeline Bramley. Patti Carr, Stephanie Church. Monique Clark. Susan Conrad. Brian Conrady, Timothy C x per. Jeanifer Cope. Michael Cope. Kenny Corbin. Elizabeth Cornell. Paul Cornell. Aaron Cox, Conny Crader, Bruce Cromwell, Alica Culiberk, John Davenport. Daine Deeter. Lora Depper. Robert Discrens, Blake Doerr. David Eaglet o. Carlston Fdwards. Kathy Farmer. David Ferguson. Mary Folwell, Cherie Fowler. Alfred Franke. Dawn Prison, Karen Godwin. Graig Golema. Richard Grindstaff. Theresa Grosenhider. Robert Hall. Jill Harris. Michael Haynes. Julie Hill. Bill Hiller. Kimberly Holliday. Michael Holliday, Andrea Holmes. Karla Hurley. Laura Jamaldin. Meli Johnson. Darren Jones. Meredith Jones. Sara Jones. Kimberly Kelley Kyle Kennedy. Elisabeth Klicn. Robert Kohler. John Lafakis. Jennifer Law-son. Shawn Lipe. Jean Lusk. Anna Maggos. Beth Malin. Bonnie Mans. Darrell McC.rady. Jennifer Mcilwaine. Michelle Mcilwaines. Tim Molloy Jr.. Susan Mottaz. Robert Mueller. Darrin Neal. Kelton Neal. Nancy Niemeier, Mark North, Steve Peebles, Carl Pierson, John Recknagel, Rae Robertson, Reginald Robinson, Brian Rogers. Deren Ross. John Schmisseur. Melissa Schrumpf, Shane Schultze. Kerry Scroggins, Anthony Siler. Dawn Sitzc, Michael Skordos, Dean Smith, Paul Smith. Trudy Smith. Tyra Smith, Victor Smith. Elizabeth Sutton. Maria Thompson. Wade Thompson. Thomas Travis. John Differs. Peter Ulffcrs, Amy Velloff. Dura Waggoner, Chris Watt. Mary Weber, Candy Webster. Christine Welch. Alan Wilkinson. 122 — MusicConcert Band Scott Allsman, Donna Andrews. Lydia Bailey. Roland Bailey. John Bell. Charles Berry. Lisa Berndardt. Sean Bippen. Christine Bradley. Shirlene Brand. Amy Bruce. Cindy Buhs. Patty Carr. Dawn Christensen. Scott Colburn. Asa Collins. Bobby Collins Jr.. Brian Conrady. Michael Dilley. Gail Doss. David Eagleton. Anthony El- liott, Diann File. Dawn Frison. Fred Garris, Jennifer Gratton, Beth Hagen. Janet Hardbeck. Karen Hardbeck. Robert Hartley. William Hayes. April Herrman. Dawn Hert. Erica Holliday. Karla Hurley, Stephanie Ivester. Douglas Jenkins. Jennifer Jungk. Mark Kas-ten. David Kincade. Kimberly Kimbrough. Michael Kramer. Gus Kodros. Lisa Lammers. Many Lenardt. Joseph Leonared, Jerry Lewis. Chris Lofts. Curtis Malone. Yvette McClain. Patricia McGrath. Avonda Medhurst. Jeffrey Mifflin, Bob Mueller. Susan Nev-lin. Stacey Noble. Brian Orr. James Osborn. Leonara Perry. Craig Rathgeb. Derek Ross. Tonya Schindewolt. Carla Shaw. Jim Sherman. Cindy Singlction. Rosanlnd Slack. Jeffrey Smith. Kenneth Smith. Lamont Smith. Theresa Smith. Michelle Telford. Ryan Tucker. Patricia Turner. Sean Wallace. Staci Westfall. David Wilkinson. Alfreda Willis. Sara Woods. Sara Yates. David Yearwood. Music — 123Jazz BandDavid Ferguson. Mr Meyer. Asa Collins. Lisa Klein. Doug Raffety. Jennifer Black. Darrin Jones. Kaela Berry. Betsy Sutton. Sara Jones. Doug Jenkins. Da -vid Yearwood. Darrin Neal. Mr. Banks. Bruce Beuttel. Not Pictured: Sean Bippen. Derek Ross. Paul Stein -brueck. Mike Kramar. Kelton Neal. Chris Watt. Stephanie Church. Music — 125Soprano: Tawni Atterbcry. Nancy Baker. Cami Bcaber. Pam Heartv. Reba Brown. Dane Clark.Stacy Clevenger. Pam Crane. Man, Corby. Laura Km-mons. Jennifer Farrell. Wendy Haus-man. Beth Hager, Joy Hindman. Man Klinke. Monica LeFlore. Pam Miller. Amy Montague. Penny Nelson. Starr Nelson. Monica Schallenberg. Tyra Swick. Mary Vest. Lora Whitten. Rea Robertson. Alto Jamie Beckman. Laurie Canter. Polly Chase. Becky Clark. Jenny Cope. Cheryl Fdwards. Robin Fnnis. Jennifer Fulks. Helen Gramates. Angi Holmes. Tawyna Hooper, Christine Liley. Gcorga Montroy. Lisa Pitts. Dana Salzman. Becky Snyders. Laura Tigg. Nancy Velloff. Bass Chris Beat tv. Robert Brown. Tom Cunningham. Dan Dingeldcin. Sanford McMurray. Mike Long. Doug Miller. Reggie Robinson. Fred Smith. Bryan Terry. Tenor: Mike Albrecht. Paul Davey. George Gunning. Charles Mays. Albert Dixon. Bryan Ready. Tim Harlan. Sean Schwartz. Terry Smith. Joel Thiel, Donald Scherer. Troubadors Freshmen Chorus First Row Tracie Mouser. Laura Ose-land. Reba Brown. Lorena Sara via. Mike Long, Laurie Barton. Second Row Amy Savillc. Valeric Vaughan. Tawm Attcbery. F.llen Brums worth. Jenifer Farrell. Laurie Canter. Beth Hayes. Tammy Bauswell. I.usie Mosby. Third Row: Mary Corby, Bren Gillis. Stephanie Henry, Lonita Hinton. Tim Harlan. Laura Trigg. Lee Jackson. Polly Chase, Laura Fmmons. Jody Dwig-gens. 126 — MusicPep Band Horns: Patti Carr. Trombones: Scan Bippen (Lead). Darren Jones (Lead). David Ferguson (Lead). Mike Hanes. Aaron Cox. Flutes: Dawn Frison. Besey Sutton (Lead). Susan Mottaz. Beth Cornell. Mary Folwcll. Clarinet: Shawn Lipc, Monique Clark. Lisa Klein. Staci Westfall, Jeff Smith Percussion Darrin Neal. Bruce Beuttel. Lynn Siler. Trumpet: Gary Crane. Derek Ross. David Eagleton. Bob Disernes, Vic Smith. Joe Leonard. Sara Jones. Darla Hurley. Kelton Neal. Bill Hiller. Shane Schultz. Sax: Kaela Berry. Jennifer Black. Paul Smith. Mike Skordos. Tuba: Tom Travis. Baritones: John Schmisseur. Music — 127Marching 100Concert Choir Wendy Aulabaugh. Chris Beatty. Carolyn Blair. Michelle Bosaw, Carla Burch. Maria Calame. Dana Cannon. Lisa Christensen. Mark Cowgill, Dennis Di-piazzo. Kathy Glazik. Gina Greco. Robin Green. Judy Grills. Anthony Hickman. Kim Hillman. March Jack-son. Sherri Long. Kristine Loveless, Janis Lowe. Dawn Madson. Dennis McBride. Doug Miller. Phyllis Sand- berg. Kathy Sharp. Matt Simpson. Leslie Strieker, Corliss Taylor. Dean Thompson, Sherry Wcireieh. IX anna Williams. Venus Williams. Tyler Bar-ban, Diedra Chatmon. Susan Duer. Ketra Fulks, Jo Anne Haar. Patty Meyers. Stephanie O’Dea, Annette Phipps. Stephanie Scott. Marjorie Steele. James Zeman. Jackie Lamere, Zerithra Reese. 130 — MusicSwing Choir Front Row: Sherri Long. Joanne Haar. Michelle Bosaw. Stephanie Day. Maria Calame, Angie Holmes. Kim Hillman. Vicki Zimmerman. Monica Dave) Back Row Dennis Dipiazzo. Mark Cowgill, Matt Simpson. Chris Beatty. Jeff Ackerman. Albert Dixon. Doug Miller. Dan Dinglcdein. Dennis McBride Music —Sports Tennis OPPONENT US THEM Belleville Althoff 0 7 Triad 4 3 Fdwardsville 5 2 Roxana 7 0 Jerseyville 7 0 Wood River 5 2 Belleville East 0 7 Collinsville 7 0 Granite City 6 1 East St. Louis Sr 7 0 Belleville West 0 7 Edwardsville 4 3 Sports — 133Redwings Volleyball ri x jrv I 134 — SportsVarsity Track District Meet State Qualifiers District Meet 3200 meter relay: 8:08: Kyle Cummings. John Wisely. Tecumpshea Holmes. Todd Jansen. 400 meter relay 43 3: Terrance Holiday. Jesse Jemison. Willie Redditt. Tracey Brown 1600 meter relay 3:25.9: Willie Redditt. Brian Smith. Jesse Jemison. Tracey Brown. 100 meter: 11.5: Terrance Holiday. 800 meter: 2:127: Tecumpshea Holmes 400 meter: 53.2: Willie Redditt 1600 meter: 4:52: Kyle Cummings 110 high hurdles: 19.9: Steve Wangelin 300 Low hurdles: 38.6: Steve Wangelin Long jump: 6.63. Willie Redditt High jump: 6‘2Vi : Bryan Smith Shot put 51’ 10Vj Rick Kitzmiller Discus: 1477 Rick Kitzmiller 136 — SportsFront: Rod Debruce, Billy Funkhouser. Rick Kitzmiller. Steve Halloway. Willie Reddit. Kyle Cummings.. Danny Arnold. Dwayne Reddit. James Holmes. Tracy Bogart, Ann Loggin, Second: Gus Kodros. Bobby Brown. Tim Deal. John Wisely. George Infante. Mike Kramer. Doug Miller. Doug Brroks. Crawford Bealon, Greg Dansy. Todd Jansen. Steve W'angelin. Carla Brown. Sandy Buckner. Third. Lemio Lolis. John Ceppenati. Brian Smith. John Webster. David Year wood. Pete OBrian. Greg Stuart. Ron Owens. Terrance Holiday. Tim Watson. Darrel Me Elroy. Tecumpshea Holmes. Keith Buckner. Gene Hillman, Jim MePike. Lemond Hmbrey. Tracy Brown. Jesse Jamison. Fourth: Coach Joe Hook. Coach Terry Mitchell. Coach Otis Ward Sports — 137Redwings Track From Row Tina Til man Mgr. Anne Loggm Mgr . Trace; Bogerd Mgr.. Sharon Thiel. Mar; McNamee. Deborah Howard. Vicki Brand. April Brown. Sandy Buckner. Second row Karla Brown Mgr. Cheryl Smith. Felicia Davis. Tamara Johnson. Sheila Talbert. Shirley James. Kim Brown. Third Row Mr. Ward, Lucy Armstead. Lydia Bailey. Alfreda Willis. Dutchie Armstead. Dionne McClain, Ms. Pitts. 138 — Sporfs400 meter relay: 52.0: Sharon Thiel. Shirley James. Dionne McClain. Felicia Davis. 800 meter relay: 1:50: Sharon Thiel. Dutchie Armstead. Dionne McClain, Shirley James. 1600 meter relay: 4:29-3: Dionne McClain, Sheila Talbert. Shirley James. Dutchie Armstead. 800 meter relay: 1:53-8: Dutchie Armstead. Dionne McClain. Felicia Davis. Sharon Thiel. 100 meter: 13-3: Felicia Davis. 400 meter: 66.8 Sheila Talbert. 200 meter 26.8: Felicia Davis. Shotput 8’6 Deborah Howard Discus: 58.9: Deborah Howard Sports — 139OPPONENT US THEM Wood River 3 2 Belleville Althoff 0 7 Triad I % Edwardsville 3 Roxana 7 0 Jerseyville 7 0 Belleville East 0 7 C. llmsv ille 7 0 Granite City South 6 1 East St. I.ouis 7 0 Belleville West 0 7 Edwardsville 1 3 140 — Sporty AVarsity Tennis Sports — 141Bottom Row: Dionne McClain. Tracy Bogard. Toi Heineiger. Sherry Green. Second Row. Christc Liley. Debbie Dodson. Dana Young. Tamara Johnson. Missy Schrumpf. Polly Chase. Third Row: Debbie Middleton. Chris Ramey. Dawn Beabcr, Michelle Wooff, Fmily Johnson. Fourth Row: Nancy Velloff, Jenna Granmolino, Rea Robinson. Jennifer Barton. Fifth Row: Noony Weber, Lori Dcppcr, Kelly Grabner. K2 — SportsBasketball Cheerleaders Redbird- Kim Hubbard. First Row Stephanie Scott. Marcv MeAtoos. Janet Page. Twana Johnson. Ame Bemis. Cindy Davis. Cami Bcaber. Brittany Miller. Second Row Missy Johnson (JV Redbird). Monique Laflore. Monica Davey. Tyra Smith. Yolanda Jones. Erica Bratton. Heather Brenni-gan. Michele Retzer. Holly Cofflier Third Row: Angela Segobiano (Alternate). Ms. McGee. Libby Gilkinson (Alternate). Sports — 143Varsity Football Cheerleaders Redbird: Dawn Bcaber. back row: Stephanie Scott. Leslie Demond. Brittany Miller. Twana Johnson. Cami Beaber. Toi Heinenigcr. Anne Bemis. Cindy Davis. J.V. Football Cheerleaders Sherri Green. Marcv McAfoos. Erica Bratton. Janet Ha c. Monica Davcy, Michele Retzer, Kim Hubbard. Dionne McClain. 144First Row: Jay GrecnwtxxJ, John Kritner, Jeff Fessler. Leonard Ferry. Gus Kodros. Dan Tajada Second Row: Kyle Cummings, Norman Bills -bury. Jim McPikc, Fete Obrian. David Yearwood, Sean Robinson, John Wisely. Tim Deal, Scott Voumard Cross Country -» A ; • M-. .A OPPONENT US THEM Springfield Southeast 29 26 Quincy 32 24 Granite City South 28 29 Jerscyville 37 18 Granite City South 9th place 222prs Trad Invitational 6th place 152pts Belleville West Invitational 4th place 24pts Granite City South Invitational 2nd place 40pts Invitational 5th place 150pts Peoria Invitational 2nd place 127pts County Meet 29th place 14}pts Conference 2nd place 7 pts Regional 4th place 86pts Sectional 5th place 1 30pcs 145OPPONENT Granite City South Springfield Southeast Wood River Belleville Althoff Roxana Belleville West Belleville Fast Jacksonville Collinsville Peoria Berdan Fdwardsville Evansville Harrison Belleville West Belleville Fast Quincy Notre Dame Quincy Sr. Collinsville Roxana 146 — SportsSoccer Sports — 147Varsity Football OPPONENT US THEM Columbia Hickman 20 26 Jacksonville 14 0 East St. Louis 0 20 Springfield 47 8 Blee Belleville East 10 6 Cahokia 10 16 East St. Louis 14 20 Collinsville 31 0 Belleville West 15 26Freshmen Football OPPONENT US THEM Belleville East 0 38 Granite City 14 14 Edwardsville 24 26 Collinsville 42 30 Belleville West 70 30 Hazelwood West 0 20 Front Row: Dan Watts. Roger Molloy, Mike Lewis, Brian Palmer, Mario Voyles. Joey Davis, Dan Carter, Tim Reams. Mark Shater, Curtis Wallace. Tony Heid, Larry LeFore Second Row: Darren Talbert. Eric Hagedorn, Charlie Bonds. Steve Bates, Tony Cress. Stanley Purnell. Kent Cubbage. Lee Jack-son, Mark Pruitt. Jon Kress, Kevin Schultz, Joe Lupercio, Jeff Mifflin Third Row: Paul Hawkins. Kevin Taul. Mike Dilley. Bruce Silkwood. Chris Hillman. Jerry Lewis, Chris Randall. Patrick Woodward. David Miller. Chip Mindrup. Jason Clark. Jeff Mitchell, Tom Maupin 150 — SportsSophomore Football OPPONENT US THEM Granite City South 2 13 Belleville West 0 18 Collinsville 12 6 Hazelwood 6 29 Belleville Althoff 6 34 East St. Louis 14 20 F.dwardsville 12 6 First row: Bobby Brown. Mike Ai-mone. Derrick Lewis, John Hardemon, David Godfrey. Mike Oettlc. Jeff Harris. Second row Mike Harr. Brian Or. Willie Reddit. Jim Kirshner, Mark Bates, Mike Kramer. Scott Rushing. Back row: Coach Toderoff. Tony Herd. Curtis Warlick. Stanley Burnell. Tony Cross. Jerry fctwis, Mark Short -ter. Eric Hagadorn, Patrick Woodard. Jeff Mitchell. Jason Clark. Mike Lewis, Chip Mindrup, Coach Mitchell Sports — 151Varsity Basketball Front Row: Craig Bcalon. Brian Smith. Darryl Randol. Bobby Collins, Brad Collier. Second Row Coach-Stan McAfoos. Stan Hardinow. Larry Smith. Marcus Patterson. Jeff Herd, Jesse Jemison. Todd Sherman. Coach-Mahew. 152 — SportsOPPONENT US THEM Providence St. Mel 62 59 Urbtna 60 54 Edwardsville 58 48 Roxana 59 42 Belleville East 52 57 Edwardsville 52 44 East St. Louis 55 64 Hazelwood Central 49 50 Collinsville 69 63 Cahokia 52 65 Wood River 66 58 Belleville Althoff 50 52 Granite City 80 53 Belleville West 45 44 Springfield Southeast 73 74 2 OT Hazelwood Central 74 47 Springfield 61 65 New Lenox Providence 49 46 Belleville West 84 57 Quincy 58 y Belleville East 78 65 Aurora West 37 59 Sports — 153Junior Varisty OPPONENT US THEM Hazelwood East 78 32 Cahokia 72 73 Belleville West 73 71 Hazelwood Central 80 38 Edwardsville 38 36 Belleville East 67 53 Basketball East St. Louis 66 63 Collinsville 52 66 Wood River 69 46 Granite City 66 73 Springfield Southeast 61 53 Springfield 63 61 Belleville West 66 57 Belleville East 69 51Sophomore Basketball OPPONENT US THEM Wood River 49 34 Wood River 45 46 Belleville West 68 63 Colinsville 59 50 Roxana 33 36 East St. Louis 72 67 Belleville East 88 65 Edwardsville 54 62 Granite City 76 41 Venice 66 45 Collinsville 46 41 East St. Louis 44 68 Jerseyville 82 57 Jerseyville 94 63 Belleville East 85 83 OT Wood River 47 42 Belleville West 62 76 Front Row: Robert Snyder. David Wilkcnson. Kirk Wallace. Matt Haus-man, Vincent McHlory, Norman Bils-bury. Brian Terry Second Row Andy Scanlon. Karlvton Clanton. Lance Kline. Tim Simmons. Dennis Moore. Kevin Clanton. Coach-Gene t'rs-prun$. Sports — 155Sophomore Basketball OPPONENT US THEM Belleville East 69 63 OT CM 85 68 Granite City 74 81 Wood river 52 50 Collinsville 54 51 Collinville 88 64 Piasa South-Western 68 54 Hazelwood Central 68 42 Jerseyville 64 36 River View Central 88 V Belleville East 81 63 Belleville East 55 57 Belleville West 65 43 Belleville West 66 67 Wood River CM 86 63 CM 48 31 Jerseyville 99 49 Wood River 45 31 Belleville West 75 62 CM 44 32 Roxana 67 55 Wood River From Row Leonard Peny. Kent Cabbage. Joe Twichell. Paul Dread. Tony Cross. Gary Brice Tony Herd. Second Row: David Kincade. Joey Davis. Sean Wallace. Chris Doucleff. Jerry Lewis. Lee Wanglein. Deleon Lavender, David Middleton. Deron Talbert. Coach Daugherty. 1S6 — SportsRedwings Freshman Basketball Front Row: Cathy Smith. Cind Dixon. Cirsten Falenberg, Kim Pierre. Racheal Walters. Lisa Denton. Sarah Elliott. Kim Anderson Second Row Coach Mitchell. Rcbba Brown. Deann Smith. Molly Cox. Nancy Huber. Marie O'Connor. Debbie Mcrifield. OPPONENT US THEM Hazelwood Central 20 45 Riverview 44 27 Belleville Althoff 3S 7 Triad 42 54 Roxana 40 38 Edwardsville 64 38 Belleville Hast 47 51 Belleville West 41 46 Collinsville 48 47 Belleville East 20 41 Triad 55 48 Belleville Althoff 30 46 Edwardsville 51 35 Belleville West 46 53 G llinsville 44 38 Sports — 157Junior Varsity Scores OPPONENT Brussels Jacksonville F.dwardsville Belleville East Cahokia Belleville West Belleville Althoff Fast St. Louis Collinsville THEM 40 51 53 36 31 60 69 73 41 r.dwardsvelle Collinsville GramteCity Belleville East East St. Louis Belleville West jppONENT Irussels icksonville Jwardsvillc lellevillc East ;ahokia lellcvillc lellevillc Althof ;ast St. Louis .llmsvlllc them 40 52 68 64 58 56 49 58 34 Varsity Scores 68 Bunker H'H 52 60 51 Edwardsville 78 26 Collinsville 85 42 Granite City 69 68 Belleville East 46 65 East St. Louis 44 51 Belleville West 76 40 Mascoutah 78 41 Granite City Mascoutah 49 58 158 — SportsRedwings Basketball First Row Manager- Randy Dillion. Sarah Ellkxt. Dionne Womack. Evette Jasoa. Diane Fitzgerald. Marcy Jackson. Jana Webb. Valanc Woods, Manager-Mike Albrect. Steve Yocius. Second Row Coach-Dillion. Cindy Rounds. Gencry Simth. Fuala O’Connor. Shirley James. Cathy Snipes. Rhonda Patterson. Lisa Pigee. Beth Baker. Ethel Ellison. Manager-Todd Wickenhouser. Coach-Bowling. Sports — 159 160 — SportsRedwings Softball OPPONENT US THEM Beth alto 1 19 Wood river 8 10 Belleville East 11 5 Roxana 18 14 Marquette 15 6 Edwardsville 10 17 Marquette 19 5 East St. Louis 5 6 Belleville West I 8 Jcrseyville 22 9 Cahokia 1 14 Granite City South 7 12 Calhoun 17 15 Belleville West 2 23 Jcrseyville 19 6 Belleville East 8 12 Brussels 10 11 Cahokia 2 24 Sports — 161Varsity Baseball OPPONENT US THEM Roxana 9 3 Collinsville 3 11 O'Fallon 6 5 O'Fallon 8 18 E. St. Louis 14 0 St. Charles 4 1 Belleville East 3 5 Edwardsville 9 8 Wood River 4 3 Belleville West 5 0 E. St. Louis 6 0 Edwardsville 9 2 Belleville West 1 10 Granite City N. 7 6 Marquette 6 16 Bethalto 9 6 Wood River 2 0 Belleville East 3 8 Collinsville 1 2 Jerseyville 11 0 Wood River 5 3 Edwardsville 2 3 162 — SportsSports — 163S o p h o m ore 9 T Roxana 3 -pv 1 11 Bet ha It o Q nKn I I Wood River 11 JlJ (X 3 KJ (X 11 Belleville West 9 G.C. North Collinsville 2 O'Fallon 2 Fast St. Louis St. Charles 6 Belleville Hast Edwardsville 4 Belleville West 2 Collinsville Hast St. Louis 3 Edwardsville 3 Wood River 8 THEM R 6 3 9 5 Cancelled 7 8 Cancelled 4 7 3 15 Cancelled 11 9 9 Front Row Joe Dillinger. Jim Rauscher. Sean Bippen. Todd Quigley, John Lafakis, Terry Charlestion. Second Row: Coach-Overwrath. Scott Simmons. Joey Bowen. David Rentoul, Roger West. Larry Griggs. Todd Crest. Third Row: Randy Fenwick. Bob Kohler. Lou Raffety. Jody Morkley, Randy Fields. Doug Witt. Dereck Dunlap. Chris Penleno. 164 — SportsVarsity Golf OPPONENT US THEM Jerseyville 154 214 Marquette 152 160 Belleville Althoff 156 177 Collinsville 166 204 Belleville East 205 197 Scramble 6ch place Granite City South 159 164 Belleville West 209 201 Edwardsville 161 153 East St. Louis 202 264 Collinsville 196 226 Belleville West 193 201 Belleville East 205 191 Jerseyville 165 173 East St. Louis 200 256 Wood River 159 1V Regional Tournament 8th place Sports — 165 ActivitiesPep Rallies Stir School Spirit1982-1983 King And Queen Jeff Maynard Carolyn Mermis Activities — 171Homecoming King Sandford McMurrayActivities — 17 JBMk Jeff Jones Eddie Cunningham Doug King Homecoming King Candidates Brian Smith Jim Mermis Shane Volland17 — Activities Homecoming Queen Twana JohnsonShelly Booth Cindy Davis Sarah Barton Homecoming Queen Candidates Lisa Ford Heidi Wense Julie Prewitt Activities — 17560’s Dance 176 — ActivitiesB.I.O.N.I.C. Week Believe It Or Not I Care Activities — 177Dream Girl Andrea Weathers 178 — ActivitiesSarah Barton Kim Gibbons Dream Girl Candidates Audrey Perica Julie Prewitt • •»• ytj» iff i y. . '•••« 1 •■ »•••»•« v ' • i, »• •»», I i r ♦ . •»,»- i • 182 — ActivitiesSnow Queen Anna ShawSnow Queen Candidates Beth Baker Jennifer Barton Cami Beaber Tracey Castelli Tina Gaskill Libby Gilkinson Kerri Hatcher Laurie Hatcher Carmen Jacobs 186 — ActivitiesSnow Queen Candidates Marcy McAfoos Dionne McClain Brittany Miller Amy Reudin Stephanie Scott Shannon Warren Activities — 187 Monica Weathers Noony Weber Chris WelchSeniors Pound Juniors (8-6) In Powder Puff 1983 Senior Squad Seniors Claudia Lagarrigue. Audrey Perica. Dee Dee Kraft. Joan Uhl. Laura Clayton. Brittany Miller. Viki Brand. Sandv Budde. Mia MeGauhev. Denise Dipia2zo. Sara Beth Barron, Cindy Montgomery. Jana Webb. Lori Scroggins. Sandy Westfall. Monique Voyles. Annette Vogt. Ann Stilweli. Tanya Felton. Susan Fnos. Debbie Howard. Kim Grabner. Stephanie Gill. Julie Brown. Leslie Demond. Amy Reid. Dawn Frison. Dana Unterbrink. Twana Johnson. Kim Blackorby. Tammy Shewmake. Cynthia Davis. Chris Ramey. Sarah Keller. Lisa Kruse. Sue Ellen Garvey. Jamie Eberlm, Susan Brown. Susan Paige Patterson. Rita ari ■v rr . •HI AV r I?- Sheppard. Susan Delehanty, Julie Prewitt. Debby Lagemann. Lisa Cub- bage. Jeanie Cousley. Robin Rigdon. Heidi Wense. 18ft ActivitiesJunior Squad Juniors Chris Ltnons. Sherri Wcirieh. Fatty Meyers. Jenna Gramolino. Michelle Mindrup. Mary Kenken. Dawn Madson. Julie Harvey. Lenore Ontis. Kelly Barth. Dawn Sit e. Penny Pruitt. Ann Logman. I awn Lowe. Kelly Groves. Beth Baker. Dawn Batell. Debi Middleton. Gayle Hiller. Kelly Grabner. Kristina Loveless. Gail Schien. Rhonda Hayden. Cindy I owler. Julie Zei ler. Knca Johnson. Dana Gerbij;. Gena Greco. Amy Stilwell. Lisa Nielsen. Tammy Conreux. Margie Steele. Tracy Shildroth. Martha Kin . Jams Lowe. Kim Czerny. Daina O'Hair. Michele Wooff. Judith Sutton. Anne Bemis. N'oony Weber. Lisa Heinimann. Amy Rucdin. Denise Wallace. Melissa Walter. Tracy Witt. Michelle Bauswell. Dionne Mcclain. Jeanne Geisen. Sharon Neal. Stephanie Church. Tammy Herndon. Leslie Fisher. Arm Green. Brook Swick. Kimberly Ri s. Marla Adcock. Julie Hill. Gina Graham. Anna Ma os. Meehan Cote. Monica Davey. Paula O'Connor. Carla Wolff. Janet Pa e. Debbie Thomason. Carrie White. Cand Robinson. Tammy Gates. IX-anna Williams. Activities — 191Activities Board Officers 1984-1985 Lisa Nielsen - President Mike Kramer - Vice President Michele Wooff - Secretary Judy Sutton - Treasurer Dionne McClain - Parliamentarian 193TheaterDirector Mr. Cliff Davenport Vocal Director Mr. George Heidbrink Conductor Mr. Larry Crabbs Technical Director Mr. Glenn Waters G stume Director Mrs. Nan Paeltz Choreographer Mrs. Bev Mondy Ticket Sales Mr. Glenn Waters Assistant Director Sarah Pellegrino Stage Manager Laura Heil Lighting Control Ronda Vanara Sound Lynn Hackett Control room Assistant Andy Johnson Follow Spots Bob Christeson. Tim Wilkinson Rehearsal Pianist Mr Mark F.lliott 1% — TheaterPatrick Dennis, age 10 Peter Ulffcrs Agnes Gooch Vera Charles Mame Dennis Ralph Devine Bishop M. Lindsay Woolsey Ito Doorman Elevator Boy Messenger Dwight Babcock Leading Man Stage Manager Madame Branislowski Vicky Zimmerman Ann Davey Cathy Whitlock Mark Cowgill David Weber Matt Simpson Dennis Dtpiazzo Don Brausen Mark Schneider Albert Dixon Don Naughton Jeff Ackerman Tim Ducey Staci Betz Gregor Mike Brown Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside Van Meyer leff Ackerman Uncle Jeff Cousin Fan Sally Cato Mother Burnside Patrick Dennis, age Junior Babcock Mrs. Upson Mr. Upson Gloria Upson Pegeen Ryan Peter Dennis Kay F.isenreich Laurie Dalton Diana Dipiazzo 19-29 Joe Lawrence John Leonard Susan Duer Eric Thaxton Becky Border Lisa Nielsen Bryan Ready Theater - 197Singing Chorus Staci Betz, Lexa Browning, Marla Calame, Monica Davey. Monica Duebbert, Angi Holmes. Sheri Long, Jaci Mcllwaine, Jill Vandegriff, Mary Vest. Jeff Ackerman. Henry Blair. Mark Cowgill. Paul Davey, Sanford McMurrav. Mark North, David Weber Cami Jo Beaber. Dee Dec BcaCoat, Angi Bramley. Amy C.onrady. Chris Ramey. Michelle Retzer. Don Brausen. Mike Brown. Albert Dixon. John Leonard, Sanford McMurray. Mark Schneider. 198 - Theater♦ V Backstage Dawn Beaber. Dane Ann Clark. Richard Dewey. Charlie Hornsey. Bill Korte. Mary Lekkas, Debbie Middle -ton. Nancy Niemeier. Kelly Robertson. Margie Steele. Carla Wolff. Theater - 199Cry Havoc Doc Laurie Dalton Smitty Sheri Long Flo Susan Duer Pat Kirstin Griffin Connie Dane Ann Clark Steve Beth Richards Sue Jamie Beckman Andra Kim Hillman Nydia Kathy Glazik Helen Laura Heil Grace Penny Nelson Sadie Nancy Velloff Native Woman Julie Cruz Front Row: Kirstin Griffin, Kathy Glazik, Second Row Kim Hillman, Susan Duer, Sheri Long, Laura Heil, Jamie Beckman, Third Row: Beth Richards. Penny Nelson. Dane Ann Clark. Laurie Dalton, Nancy Velloff, Not pictured: Julie Cruz 200 — TheaterFront Row Hill Doric. Danny Dingcl-dcin. Hric Milford. Mike Long. Danny Stidham Second Row Staccv Noble. Sara Pellegrino. Hope Wuellncr. Amy Montague. Joan I'hl. Third Row Lisa Christinson. Sabrina Garrett. Jennifer Neal. Tracy Hokenson. Jennifer Jungk. Theater - 201A Company Of Wayward Saints Front Row Pam Crane, Second Row Tom Pullen. Matt Simpson. Mickie Mtilwaine. Kirstin Griffin, Kris Orr, Danny Dingledien, Top Row Dennis Dipiazzo, Doug Miller. St an Bippen. Paul Davey. Director Mr Glenn Waters Student Assistant Director Danny Dingledein Stage Manager Light Control Tickets Make-Up House Manager Props Publicity Laurie Dalton Sean Schwartz Jeff Schultz Mike Long Laura Hcil Tim Wilkinson Costumes Hope Wuellner Lisa Christenson Tom Cunningham Amy Montague Jamie Beckman Kathy Glazik 202 — Theater VCrew Harlequin Scapino Panatalone Dottore Capitano Tristano Isabella Colombine Ruffiana Musicians Cast Sean Bippin Paul Davey Dennis Dipiazzo Kris Orr Doug Miller Matt Simpson Mickey Mcllwaine Kirstin Griffin Pam Crane Tom Pullen Danny Dingledein Theater 205Mister Roberts Director Mr. Glenn Waters Student Assistant Director Laura Hcil Stage Manager Light Board Tickets Cushion Rental Sound Publicity Props Costumes Make I'p House Manager Organist Ronda Vanata Lauri Dalton Tim Wilkinson Richard Bailey Lynn Hackett Diana Dipiazzo Amy Montague Van Meyer Stephanie Church Ann Davey Monica Davey Hope Wuellner Kathy Glazik Kay F.isenreich Beth Richards Ken Beres Front Row Joan Uhl. Marla Calame. Ronda Vanata Laura Heil. Carol Kunz. Julie Austin. Kayla Schroeder. Nancy Nelson. Row 2: Lynn Hachetr. Sandy Nolan, Kay F.iscnrich. Lexa Browning. Ann Da ev. Monica Davey. Cathy Whitlock. Hope Wuellner. Van Meyer. Row V Sean Schwartz, Lisa Christensen. Sara Pellegrino. Stephanie Church. Beth Richards, Jill Chase. Lauri Dalton 204 — TheaterChief Johnson Erie Milford Schlemmer Mike Brown Lieutenant (JG) Roberts Don Reber Matt Simpson Mellenthin F.nsign Pulver Scott Mandrell Front Row Mark Schneider. Paul Da- Doc Don Naughton Dolan Dennis Dipiazzo vey. Mark Rogers. Dennis Dippiazzo. Dowdy Paul Davey Gerhart Mark Rogers Row 2: Greg Howard. Mike Krammer. The Captain John Mai son Lieutenant Ann Girard Lisa Nielson Don Brausen. John Leonard. Matt Insigna John Leonard Shore Patrolman Mike Skordos Simpson. Mike Brown. Row V Erie Mannion Don Brausen Military Policeman Eric Thazton Thaxton. John Malson. Eric Milford. Lindscrom Mark Schneider Shore Patrol Officer Bill Hiller Don Mellenthin. Don Naughton. Scott Stcfanowski Greg Howard Mandrell. l.isa Neilson. Bill Hiller. Wiley Mike Krammer Cast Mike Skordos.The Vocational Education Boosters And Alumni Association The Vocational Fducation Boosters and Alumni Association (VF.BAA) at the J.B Johnson Career Development Center awarded ten scholarships to Alton High School students. VF.BAA recipients were Barbra Czerny. Kristi Fdgar. Cindy Fdwards. Roger Hicks. Philip Moxey, Anthony Osborn. Mary Ruckman. Sean Sninnett. Sharon Thiel, and Janice Tolle. VFBAA was organized in 1980 and the first scholarships were awarded in 1981. In 1983, the total amount of scholarships awarded totaled SI 3.000. Ouhs 207FBLA-Future Business Leaders Of America Top Left: Front Row: Chris Gallup-Vice President. Cindy Muenstermann• Treasurer, Susan Allen-Reporter. Back Row Michelle Bauswell-President. Theresa Brinkman-Secretary. Top Right: Charles Read. Advisory Council Member, presents a $1000 Check for Alton FBLA and Illinois FBLA. He presented it to Michelle Bauswell. Miss Bricker. and Gill Moody. Center Left: Balloon Derby for March of Dimes. Michelle Bauswell. Mr Baiter, and Mr. Moody, were a few who released the balhxms. Center Right: Tammy Bauswell. Michelle Bauswell. Miss FBLA-Pam Crane. Mr. FBLA-Doug estbrook. Lyle Witcher. Doug Jenkins Bottom: Back Row: Miss Bricker. Jeff Mellenthin. Chris Steward. Angela Denham. Becky Greer. Gayla Connors. Joyce Livesay. James Harris. Doug Jenkins. Doug Westbr x k. Jennifer Rushing. Second Row: Felicia Woods. Michele Hayes. Tracy Witt. Dawn Christenson. Tammy Schultze. Cindy Muenstermann. Mike Wilkenson. Charlie Livesay. Michelle Bauswell. Lyle Witcher. Third Row: Pam Crane. Catheren Warren. Tammy Bauswell. Kelly Young. Susan Mosby. Susan Allen. Felicia Jones. Chris Gallup. Theresa Brinkman. 209National Honor Society Sponsored Special Olympics At Beverly Farms May, 1983Redbird Word Sixth Hour Dawn Beaber, Craig Bealon. Susan Brown, Kelly Church. Brad Colliar. Kenneth Cook. Larry Edwards. Ian Gardner, Tena Gaskill. Patrick Hoag. Jesse Jemison.Jeff Jones. Ladale Mack. Eric Milford. Brittany Miller. Warren Phegley. Stephanie Scott. Darrell Simms, Brian Smith. Nj Biology Club Marcia Frazer. Ann Tutoky. Diann File. Lisa Weber. Kristen Falkenberg, Debbie Howard. Shawn Lipe. Heather Mathewson. Mike Kramer. Mary Grace Folwell.John Davenport. Laurie Canter. Sarah Hauversburk. Matt Able. Rob Hall, Bruce Cromwell. Peter Ulffers, David Middleton. Kenneth Smith. Gayla Conners, Marvin Mondy. Redbird Word Biology Club Vicki Brand. Lisa Cubbage. Johathon Davison. James Dunham. Dana Eastman, Susan Enos. Dawn Prison. I ana Gerbig. Stan Hardiman, Deborah Howard, Rodney Martin. Elizabeth Moore. Mark North. S. Paige Patterson. Stephen Weber. Jeff Weeks. Heidi Wense. Lisa Davenport National Honor Society Front Row Mark Rogers. Sara Pelle-grio, Laurie Haycraft. Christcine Watt. Second Row Laura Clayton, Dana Young. Amy Reid. Suzie Brown. Third Row: Daryl Buford, lien Herzon, Dale Cover, Tim Cooper. Please Note: A list of New National Honor Society inductees is on page 220.Computer Club-Alton Disk Drivers Richard K. Bailey, Jcrc T. Price. Houston Fry, Tom Haze, Chuckles Berry (Vice Pres.), Roger Waggener, Court- ney Stevenson. Jeff Mifflin. Nathan Frison, PatrickJ. Harper (Pres.). Mard Reddersdorf, Gary Hall, Bob Christe-son (Sec. Treas.), Devin Riffey. Joe Mudd, Jonathan Webster Jeff Ackernam. Tyler Barban, Michele J.E.T.S. Berkel. Sean Bippen. Michelle Blood-worth. Joe Bowen. Mike Brand. Roger Brandt. Bob Brown. Sandy Budde. Bob Christensen. Mike Christians. Stephanie Church. David Condrey. Sue Conrad. Tim Cooper. Dale Cover. Laurie Dalton, Chris Dilks. Dan Dingel-dcin, Brian Gallagher. Dana Hardin. Greg Harris. Laurie Haycraft, I.isa Heinemann, Jim Hewitt. Pat Hoag. Anthony Holmes. Kevin Jemison. Andy Johnson. Darren Jones. Lisa Klein. Lisa Kruse. Mike Kun . Sandy Kyle. Ben Levi. Shawn Lipe. Jim McPike. Debie Middleton. Amy Montague, Jim Mudd. Joe Mudd. I.isa Nielson. Sara Pellegrino. Keith Powell. Missy Reed. Ron Owens. Amy Reid. Mark Rogers. Lori Roper. John Schmisser. Brad Schrumpf. Gene Seal. George Siampos, Tyra Smith. Greg Stwcart. Theo Stewart. Dan Tegada. Debra Terrel. Mary Vest. Annette Vogt, Tim Watsek. Jim Williams. Doug Wright. Hope Wucllner Youth For Christ Pictured Left to Right Rosie Martin (Pres.), Phyllis Sandberg (Vice Pres.). Vernctta Caffey (Sponsor), Ken Beres (Sec.), Laouie Mizerski. Members: Angela Denham, Tom Cunningham, Flora Monroe. Steve Foster. Cedric Shelby. Danny Stidham. John Oliver. Calvin Seward. Hill Knoche.Jan I lard -beck, Ben Willis. Brenda Gillis (Treas.), Missy Riley. C hess Club Seniors: Mike Christians. Albert Dixon. Rob Menshaw, Andy Johnson. Joe Mudd. Jim Williams. Lynn Siler Juniors: Joseph Greenberg. Michele Ber-kel. Bob Christeson, George Cockrell. Chris Dixon, Robert Palmer Sopho- mores: Victor Smith, Mike Brand. Brian Gallagher. George Gunning. Chris-topher Loft. Fred Smith, Greg Stewart. John Walker. Freshmen Brian Kick-hoff. Steve Mead, Kyle Kennedy, Matthew Brimer. Ken Smith.Stinnett (advisor). Third Row I.isa Jones. Michael Wilkinson. Sheryl Voc. Accounting Club First Row: Felicia Woods. I awn Per-otka. Joan Uhl. Second Row: Kristie Allsman. Kelli Allred. Susan Funk-houser. Tracy Main. Valerie Smith (Sec.), Sandy Westfall. Mrs. Wilma Walkington, Sarah Ulrich. Donna Gil-lis.Jeff Whitehead (Pres ). Dan Copeland. Douglas West brood (Treas.) Not Pictured: Sherie Prather (Vice Pres ), Lora Deppcr. Jenna Gramolino. Nj —i Ua Voc. Child Care Session 2 First Row: Chris Fmons. Susan Butler. Second Row: Michelle Russell, Tambla Elliott. Patti Green. Trina Cheatham. Third Row: Dawn Blumen-stock. Donna Wagner. Fourth Row: Daina O’Hair, Thcrea Brinkman. Fifth Row Shelly Brooks, Cindy Weinman Sixth Row Andrea Blouin. Sharon Neal. Kim Harrison. Terri Dirksmeyer. Roxana Snyder. Voc. Child Care Session 1 Third Row: Mrs. Schrumpf. Carolyn Warner, Fourth Row: Jean Manns. First Row: Debbie Lee. Kelly Connour. Dawn Taylor, Fifth Row: Val Woods, Tammy Fessler, Monique Voylcs, Sec - Molly Lancaster, Melissa Henderson, ond Row: Mary Manelinc, Karen Kin- Zena Stewart, cade, Kris Barnes. Peggy Miemeyer. Voc. Child Care Session 3 First Row: Dawn Madson, Kim Anderson, Robin Green, Sheila Stinnett Second Row: Mrs. Benson. Laura Her-Voc. Machine Trades First Row (Left to Right): F.d Richardson (Teacher's Aid), Roger Boss-man, Steve Neel. Jim McGuire, Brian Denton, Wayne Vassar. Robert Kallal, Dennis Haas. Second Row (Right to Left): Kip Stevenson. Craig Golema, Randy Cress. John Stanton. Kevin Huntsman. John Callison. Brian Rogers. Steve Wilton (Instructor), Brad Nelson, Rod Bick. Brad Wallendorf. Jim Keller. Voc. Architectural Drafting Session 2 First Row: D. Doern, J. Jenkins. B. WcKHen. D. Taylor. R. Grablc. B. I III • len. J. Oliver. M F.mmons. C. Hornsey. Second Row Mr. Loveless, D. Rcdditt. K. Antonovich, J. McCord. H Wilt-man, S. Holloway. M McLcmore, D. McCrady, T. Thacker. J. Valdez, M Walker, P. Sumner,J. Howard. T. Patton, M Miller. N. Aery. Voc. Architectural Drafting Session 1 First Row: J. Gottlob. F. Sumner. R. Dewey. D. Sherer. L. Griggs. R. Chris -teson, C. Riley. Second Row: Mr. Loveless. B. Sisk. T. Buhs. J. Rauschcr. D. Arnold. D. Randol, B. Diserens. H. Blair, J. Dralle. J. Sumner. A. Stilwcll. Voc. Architectural Drafting Session 3 Neuhaus, B Woods. J. Dwiggins, J. Tepen. M. Noble. S. Cyeria. G. Kd-wards, D. Stidham. M. Lara. First Row S. Me Pike, C. Wolfe. T. Heininger, K Czerny. C. Rales, L. Lorch. Second Row: Mr. Loveless. M.Voc. Aviation Mechanics Edw,rd5. Scott Osbourne, Dary Row 1: Mr. Farrow. David Voss. Tod St mp r Quigley, Chad Staggs. Gary Nodges. Bruce Butcher, Jason Daves Row 2: Wade Thompson. F.ric Taylor. Tim Ki V » Voc. Commercial Art Session 2 Row 1: Deana Schmoellcr, Cory Kan-allakan. David Brimer, Torin Mitchell. Kathy Zibnda. Michelle Mindrup Row 2: Ann Scoff. Robin Johnson, Carlos Ramirez, Mike Gray, Missy Burner, Kris Brooks. Cindy Cox. Matt Ferguson Row Rhonda Abbott, Susan Maupm, IXnms Cummings, Steve Workman. Chuck Gutherie, David Tyler, John Cummings. Jeff Singleton. Mike Jacobs, Lcs Baldwin Voc. Commercial Art Session 1 Row 1: Mike Mugler, Linda Garvey. Dana Unterbrink, Jana Webb. Bcv Schumacher. Maria Owens. Rod baton. Dawn Miller, Joan Scales. Jean Lanham. Darren F.ndicott. Trish Ferguson Row 2 Jay Strakal.Joe Meyers. Rick Helmkamp. Dave Grabner. Jeff Foster.Jeff Reedv, BJ Dickman. Brian Hensley. Mike Jenkins. Brian Smith Voc. Commercial Art Session 3 Front: Fric Norman. Leslie Strieker. Brian Hancock. Mike Hartnettaux, Monique Voyles. Alice James. Robert Tyler, Lori Ralph Standing Kath Gla ik, Chris Ramey, Jean Cousley. Scott llarville, Tim Hartwell, John Goeden, Diane Hendricks, Linda Graves. Roxanc C alvert, Linda HvansVoc. Office Education Session 1 First Row: Dee-Dec Kraft, Tammy Shewmake, Susan Delehanty. Shcrtina Washington, Second Row: Tracy Hen- trich, Sandra Hall, Michelle Russell. Janet McCord. Peggy Wilkinson. Kol-Iccn Clark. Voc Diversified Education Session 1 First Row: Lisa Alavender. Dawn Thomas, Corliss Taylor. Ada Smith. Vickie Zimmerman. Tambla Elliott, Party Green. Jon Trusty. Second Row Scott Dillon. Kevin Nolle. Darrin Hutchinson, Ralph Monroe. Sarah Cowan. Sherry Keller. I.orna Rcndlc-man. Louis Finley, Mark Ramirez. Dan Donahue, Eddie Cunningham. Gwen C.ole, Sharon Collins. Lcn Hawthorne. Advisor. Voc. Office Education Session 2 First Row: Mary im. Ruth Cunningham. Sue Ellen Garvey. Cheryl Runtz. Second Row Debbie Walker. Stephanie Davenport. Carla Shaw. Connie Bostruck, Jodi Silveus. Toni Sansone, Mary Webb. Michelle Warner. Terri Ralph. Tammy Jarrctt. Jeanne Strow-mat. Voc. Diversified Education Session 1 First Row Kelli Allred. Cheryl Riley. Geanna Flatt, Cindy Davis. Poursha Jolliff. Brenda Holder. Quana Cosby. Stephanie Smith. Second Row Mr Krauss. Kris Allsman, Tony Godfrey. Keith Garrett. Malcom Clark. Bill Hert. Pat Ford. Kendal Nolle. Mark Schneider. Jeff Foster. Ray Corethcrs. Absent: Mia Edwards, Sue Holbrook. Darrell Simms. Tammy Quercrtavo.Voc. Printing Session 1 First Row: Jeanne Wilkinson, Diane Johann. Monte Neuhaus. Genary Smith. Marshall Morris. Dorothy Smith. Sandra Slack Second Row Mr Treise. James .cman, Tim Hartwell. Jeff Chestney, Rick Kcarbcy, Dale Lobbig, Susan Maupin, David l.argen. John Goeken VJ Cosmetology Morning Front Row Betsy Ventimiglia. Jeanne Shampine, Sharon Reed, Sandy Bab-coc. Second Row: Dana ' .agar. ( beryl Conger, Renee Friedel, Stephanie Pratt, Tracey Roettgers, Mary Yost. Rhonda Sholar. Lori Franke, Lynn Brick, I bird Row: Georga Unthank, Bette Harris, Patti Hardwick. Nancy Lawson. Lois Brewer, Rhonda Lively. Kem Fletcher Melody Heustis, Shannon Standefer Alisha C ato. ( hris Marshall. Becky Musgrave. Julie Williams, Gina Neal IX'esheryl Smith, I ran Fleming. Cyn die Gilkey. Voc. Printing Session 2 Front How Greg Gray. Aaron Oberts. Second Row Tricia Ferguson, l.isaCa-merer, Mike Schobernd, Vince .ip- Sykes. IX-ml Doss. Duane I.ovel Mar-lann Motrland Fourth Row Fddie C.inningham. Limuel I.ollis. Richard Hamilton Not Pictured Henry Ro- pneh. Tim Young. Third Row Aura manko. Hardy X't odward Cosmetology Afternoon Front Row: Grcnda Grumngcr. Pam Raymcr. Jacqueline Fserage. Sandy Brown, Second Row Sherry Kelly, l.ori l.ucht, Patricia Fox. Sheila Talbert, Tammy Northern, Third Row Bette Harris. )ulic Rice. )canme Stewart. An- drea Hogue, |ulic Harvey. Dawn McGlasson, Dianne Davis. Karr Ki er. Melody flatten. Traci Reilmann Michelle Northcutt. Mrs Inthank Fourth Row |im Peuterbaugh, ( and Robinson. I.aura Leadv. Beth Parker Jennifer JohnsonFirst Row Richard Castillo. Joe- See-panck. David Dilley. Harris Wayne. Mr Chestnev. Second Row Curt Hill. Voc. Welding Session 1 wick. Nicl McCiuire. IXnnis Dipia zo, Ken Beem. Grant Chappol. Dave Yo First Row Stacey Smith. Troy Smith. cius. IXnnis Harris III Mike Cox. Steve Sanders. Robert Me letti. Robert Wolff. Second Row: Mr Chestne Chris Beilsmith. Fric Ibrd- Voc. Welding Session $3 Matt wttson Blane F,l,olt-chad Ar ° nold Voc. Welding Session 2 «• 11 d R«n | h f Price, D. Beilsmith. M Goforth. Mr. First Row J. Cr itch field. T. Oitchfield. Chestney. I). Fennel. J McGowan. K. Tally. A. Medford. J. Pratter. Second Row M Voc. Building Trades Ken Spencer. Gary Crain. Mike Polh- man First Row: Casey Willis. Chris Haw-kins. Karl Jones. Reese Hpperson. Joe Greenberg. Second Row Roger West, Marc Patterson. Tony Muenstermann.Left to right Mr. Overbey. G. Vincent. S. CUyton. Licensed Practical Nursing 1 Dena Tindall. Tammic llcllrung. Jim Stice. Valerie Nohava, Annette Buchanan. Linda Wicgand, Nanette K Sutton. Christina Grear. Rita Burns. Lori Swen, Tracia Scoggins. Melody Brimslager. Laura Kdwards. Mary Cowan. Chris Baer. Ellen Conner. Kj X Health Aides Cheryl Derueff, Terri Glass. Kristie Ragus, Becky Arnold. Dune I.air. Hoang Nguyen. Kim Brown. Sandy Rhyne. Linda Hall, Stephanie Holloway. Geanna Falat. Michelle Betts. Tracy Holtorf. Donna Weencr, Pamela K. Dublo. Not Pictured: Rhonda Bates. Karen Houston Licensed Practical Nursing II Front Row Barbara Harney. Donna Stuby, Teresa Warren, Mary Spring-man, Susan Dooley.Jane Dillion. Second row: Betty Mclmtock-instructor. Shelia Wisas. Carmie Waltan, Brenda Steele. Lisa Dunean, Fli abeth Have. Tina Godman. C hris Lewis. l)orth Scifres-instructor N« c pictured Vick Prestan. Sharon AndersonThespians Laura Adams. Richard Hailey. Jamie Beckamn. Stephaine Church. Marla Calamc. Lisa Christensen. Dane Ann Clark. Tom Cunningham. IXnms Di-piazzo. Laurie Dalton. Monica Davey. Raul Davey. Robin ligge. Kathy Cila-zik.Judy Grills. Laura lleil, Kim Mill man. Greg Howard. Sheri Long. Amy Montague. IX-bi Middleton. Lisa Nielsen. Sara Pellegrino. Bryan Ready. Beth Richards. Mark Schneider. Joan I hi. Laura Wilkinson. Tim Wilkinson. Carla Wolff. Hope Wuellner. Vicki Zimmerman. National Honor Society New Inductees Seniors Tylar Barban. Catherine Black. Lori Bregenzcr. Sandra Budde. Brian Bushnell. Murray Cappel, Ratti Carr. Michael Christians. Cynthia Cox. Laurel Dalton. Jonathan Davidson. Christopher Dilks. Dana Hardin. Andrew Johnson. Mark Jorgensen. Annette Race. Shelley Phillips. Chrisann Ramey. Robert Reid. Bradford Schrurnpf. Joan IJhl, Annette Vogt. IX nna Wenner. Sandra Westfall. Hope Wuellner. Juniors: Jeffrey Ackerman. Wendy Aula-baugh Michele Ik-rkel. Joseph Bowen. Roger Brandt. Stephanie Church. David Conrady. Kimberly Czerny. Christina Hales. Dana Graveman. Laura Heil, Steven Hormsey, Darren Jones. Sheila Kerksmeyer. Jean Lusk. James McPike. IXrbra Middleton. Sharon Prather. Todd Sherman. Tyra Smith, Theo Stweart. Amy Stilwell. Tracy Tatnall. Melissa Walter, IXiuglas W right, Jed Wuellner.Taller Start Roger Brandt. Stephanie Church. David Conrady. Kimberly Czerny, Christina F.alcs. Dana Graveman. Laura Heil, Steven Hormsey. Darren Jones. Sheila Kerksmeyer.Jean Lusk. James McPike, Debra Middleton. Sharon Prather. Todd Sherman. Tyra Smith. Then Stweart, Amy Stilwell, Tracy Tatnall. Melissa Walter. Douglas Wright. Jed Wuellner. 1984 Tatler Staff Laura Adams. Mike Aimone.Jim Hailey. Larry Hd wards. Houston Fry, Heather Hampton, Janet Hardbeck. Kyle Kennedy. Dionne McClain. Chris Parrino, Nolle Poindexter. Amy Reid. Beth Richards. Don Sherer, Danny Stidham, Ann Stilwell, Susan Stilwell. Chris Thompson. Jim Vogt, Christy Ward. Penny Woods. Senior Ann Stilwell and Sophomore Penny Woods attended a lour day yearbook workshop in June of 1 )H} in Quincy, Illinois in preparation on being on the 19M Tatler Staff. I uring the workshop they developed skills in yearbook production such as page design and layout. Juniors Larry Kdward and Beth Rich-ards attended in June a two week photography class at the St. Louis University. They both qualified for a scholarship in photography worth five hundred dollars. The Tatler Stall was very fortunate to have these people on the staff this year.Kristie Allsman Distributive Education. Vocational Accounting CJub. Sonya Beaman Concert Hand Ken Beem Golf. Super Welder Club Kim Blackorv Office Helper. Vocational Machine Bookkeeping Club Connie Bockstruck Office Education. Teacher s Assistant Tracy Howard: Concert Band. Concert Choir. Ensemble. Exchange Student. German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Pom Pbn Girl. Redwing Track. Runner Woodwind Quintet Angelo Boukas Architectural Drafting Club. Concert Band. Concert Orchestra. J.F..T.S.. Sophomore Soccer. Theresa Boulds: Concert Choir. Ensamble. Junior powder Putt Squad. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher's Assistant. Trouba-dors. Mike Bourland Concert Choir,Junior Varsity Soccer. Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Soccer. Trouhadorcs. Kerry Bradley French Club. Marching 25. Marching 100, Office Helper. Pit Orchestra. Runner. Symphimc Band Vicki Brand Biology Club. Color Guard. Councelor Assistant. I.atin Club. Marching 25. Marching 100, Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Track. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. TATLER STAFF. Track Team Tori Brenegcn: Concert Band. Ensemble. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Library Assistant. Office Helper. Pom Pon Girl. Runner. TATI.ER STAFF Kim Brice Julie Brown J a Band. Marching 25. Marching 100. Pom Pon Girl. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Symphonic Band. Teacher s Assistant Susan Brown, Activities Board.Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophmorc Chorus. Trouba-dores. Tutor. Louis Bunse Brian Bushnell Teacher s Assistant. Vocational Machine Bookkeeping Club Mark Butler Junior Varsity Football. Sophomore Football. Craig Bealon: Runner. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Football. Varsity Basketball. Varsity FootbtU Dawn Beaber Concert Band. Marching 25. Marching 100. Musical. Office Helper. Pep Band. Pom Pon Girl. Rebird Word Staff. Runner. Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Band. Varsity Cheerleader Sarah Beth Barton Activities Board. Dream Senior Index This index lists only the activities of Seniors who requested to have their published. It does not mean that other Seniors did not participate in any activities. Please note that there may be a few surprises here. Girl Candidate. Homecoming Queen Candidate. Junior Prom I ecorating Committee. Library Assistant. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senate. Tennis Team Tyler Barban Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. German Club. JETS. Troubadors, Junior Powder Puff Cheerleader. Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader. Illinois State Scholar. National Merit Scholar. Summer Musical Mark Baldwin Architectural Drafting Club. Commercial Art Club. Cross Country Team. Exchange Student. French Club. J.E.T.S.. Junior Varsity S xcer. Junior Vanity Wres tlmg. National Honor Society. Pep Band. Rifle Team. Runner. Sophomore Soccer. Super Welders Club. TATLFR STAFF. Thespians. Varsity Soccer. Dirk Camp Junior Varsity Football. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Baseball. Teacher's Assistant. Varsity Golf Patti Carr. Concert Band. Concert Orchestra. Marching 25. Marching 100. National Honor Society. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphimc Band Christine Carrier Professional Sewing Club. Teacher's Assistant Grant Chappel Super Welders Club. Varsity Track Anusorn Chujit Vocational Electricity. I.aura C layton Advanced Chorus. Gmcert Choir, Ensemble. German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Soci-ety. Sophomore Chorus. Illinois State Scholar. Sarah Cowan Counselor Assistant. Distributive Education. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher's Assistant Gwen Cole: Distributive Education. Sophomore Chorus. Bradley Collier Junior Powder Puff Coach. Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Coach. Track Team. Varsity Basketball. Kelly Connour Color Guard. Marching 100. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Child Care Club. Timothy Cooper: Concert Band. French Club. Jaw Band. J F T S. Latin Club. Marching 25. Marching 100. National Honor Society, Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Graduation Band. Illinois State Scholar Raymond Corethcrv Concert Choir, Distributive Education. Sophomore Chorus. Vocational Electricity. Quana Cosby: Concert Choir. Distributive Education. Future Homemakers. Track Team. Jeanie Cousley: Commercial Art Club. Ju-mix Powder Puff Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Tennis Team. Dale Cover JETS l President). National Honor Society (Vice President). Golf. Mary Denise Crose Runner Lisa Cubbage: Activities Board, Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsity Soccer I Manager i. Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. SenuH Prom Decorating Committee. Varsity Baseball I Manager). Varsctv Soccer (Manager Kyle Cummings Biology Club. Cross Country Team. Runner. Track Team. Tutor. Spanish Club Eddie Cunningham Distributive Education. Homecoming King Candidate Ruth Cunningham Biology Club. Cafeteria Assistant. Counselor Assistant. French Club. Future Business Leaders. Future Homemakers Future Nurses. Library Assistant. Marching 25. Marching 100. Office Helper. Office Education. Redbirdette. Runner. TATLER STAFF. Computer Club. Laurie Dalton. Gmcert Band. Concert Orchestra. French Club. J E T S I Secretary I. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Musical. Teacher s Assistant. Thespians ( President). Play Crews. Cynthia Davis: Gmcert Band. Distributive Education. Homecoming Queen Candidate. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsity-Cheerleader. Redwing Basketball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Cheerleader. Symphonic Band. Varsity-Cheerleader. Snow Queen Canditate. Snow Queen Princess. Lori Depper Concert Band. French Club. Marching 25. Marching 100. Pep Band. Pom Pon Girl. Runner. Symphonic Band. Vocational Accounting Club. Play Crews Chris Dilks J.F.T.S.. Junior Varsity Baseball. National Honor Society. Sophomore Baseball. Varsity Baseball. Golf Scrxt Dillon Concert Band. Distributive Education. Marching 100, Symphonic Band Dennis Dipiazzo: Advanced Chorus. Concert. Band. Musical. Sophomore Chorus. Super Welders Club. Swing Choir. Teacher's Assistant. Thespians (Vice President). Troubadors. Denise Dipiazzo Architectural Drafting Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Troubadors. Steve Dodge Vocational Electricity. Dawn I »err Architectural Oafting Club. Dan Donahue: Distributive Education. Dan Dingledein: Advanced Chorus. Ensemble. J.E.T.S.. Musical. Swing Choir. Thespians. Troubadors. Albert Dixon Advanced Chorus. Chess Club. Gmcert Choir. Musical. Swing Choir. Track Team. Troubadors Dan Dixon Counselor Assistant. Runner. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Basketball Blake Doerr Color Guard. Concert Band. Concert Orchestra. German Club. Marching 25. Marching 100. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Rifle Squad (Co-captain i Dawn Doerr Architectural Oafring CJub. Susan Dooley Future Nurses. TATLER STAFF. Jerry Dwiggins Architectural Drafting Club. Counselor Assistant. Office Helper. Runner. Joe Dugan Super W'elders Club Jim Dunham Biology Gub. Junior Varsity-Baseball. Junior Varsity Soccer. Redbird Word Staff. Runner.Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Soccer. Varsity Baseball. Varsity Soccer. Party Brother Jamie Eberlm Jazz Band. Marching 25. Marching 100. Office Helper. Pep Band. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Symphonic Band Amy Emmons Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper. Redwing Softball. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Accounting Club. Susan Enos Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 100. Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Softball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Symphonic Band Jacqueline Everage: Future Cosmetologists. Teresa Elliott Future Business Leaders. German Club. Office Helper. Vocational Maching Bookkeeping Club. Mia Edwards Distributive Education Tambla Elliott Advanced Chorus. Distributive Education. Office Helper. Louis Finlev Distributive Education. Tanya Felton: Concert Choir. Future Business Leaders. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Troubadors. Richard Feyerabcnd Sophomore Fixxball. Super Welders Gub Dawn Prison. Concert Orchestra. Marching 25. Marching 100. Office Helper. Pep Band. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band Tamara Fessler Cross Country Team. Track Team Patricia Fox: Future Cosmetologists. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Junior Chorus. Teresa Frankc Marching 100. Alan Flora Biology Club. Chess Club, Con • cert Choir. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Varsity Baseball. Runner. 222 — Senior IndexSophomore Baseball. Sophomore Basket ball. Super Welders Club. Varsity Baseball. Party Brother Jeff Foster Commercial Art Club. Distribu • tivc Education, Junior Varsity Soccer. Tricia Ferguson Commercial Art Club. Ian Garner Architectural Drafting Club. Commencal Art Club. Counselor Assistant. Junior Varsity Soccer. Rcdbird Word Staff. Runner. Sophomore Soccer. TATl.HR STAFF. Tennis Team. Varsity Soccer Keith Garrett Distributive Education. Ju • nior Varsity Soccer. Sophomore Soccer. Captain Alton Sue Ellen Garvey Office Education. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Teacher s Assistant Linda Garvey; Commercial Art Club. Future Business Leaders. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Education. Teacher s Assistant Kim Gibbons Activities Board. Dream Girl Candidate. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Senior Prom Decorating Gimmittee. Tennis Team Stephanie Gill Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. Concert Orchestra. Ensemble. Marching 100. Office Helper. Pit Orchestra. Redwing Basketball. Redwing freshman Basketball. Redwing Volleyball. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Swing Choir. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Teacher s Assistant. Troubadors Beth Goebel Activities Board. Biology Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Library Assistant. Office Helper. Runner. Tennis Team. John Goeken: Commercial Art Club. David Gtien Kim Grabncr Activities Board Exchange Student, Junior Prom Decorating Committee.Junior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senate. Tennis Team Jon Greco Auto Mechanics Patti Green Distributive Education. Office Helper. Runner Judy Grills Advanced Chorus. Biology Gub. Color Guard. Ensemble. Future Bust -ness Leaders. German Club. Marching 100. Musical. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Thespians. Troubadors. Concert Choir Kern Grossheim German Club Sandra Hall Future Business Leaders. Office Education. Runner. Mary Hanclme Child Care Club Janet Hardbeck Concert Band. Symphonic Band. Teacher s Assistant Dana Hardin Biology Club. French Club. J.E T.S.. Junior Varsity Football. Sophomore Football. Track Team. Illinois State Scholar. Boys State Tim Hartwell Gmtmercial Art Club Dennis Harris Concert Band. Ensemble. Marching 100. Pep Band. Super Welders Club. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Football Chris Hawkins Sophomore Football Elizabeth Hayes Future Business Leaders. Office Helper. L P N Toi Heminger American Field Service. Architectural Drafting Club. Junior Prom Decorating Dofnmittee. Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Pom Pon Girl. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Cheerleader. Sophomore Chorus. Student Senate. Teachers Assistant Varsity Cheerleader. Summer Musical. Ben Her on: Chess Club. Future Business Leaders. National Honor Society. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Super Welders Club. Tennis Team. Varsity Soccer. Party Brothers Anthony Hickman Concert Choir. Computer Club Kevin Hilligoss; Counselor Assistant. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Basketball. Track Team. Varsity Baseball. Sophomore Golf. Junior Varsity Golf. Varsity Golf Captain. Freshman Basketball. Kim Hillman Concert Band. Concert Choir Marching KM). Musical. Pep Band. Rcdbird Word Staff. Swing Choir. Thespians. Advanced Chorus Chris Hindmon Concert Band.Junior Pow der Puff Squad. Marching 100. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Spanish Club JoAnnc Haar Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. Ensemble German Club. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Troubadors. Girls State. Heart Association. Susan Holbrook. Distributive Education. Future Homemakers. Office Helper. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Teachers Assistant. Play Crews. Brenda Holder Distributive Education Steve Holloway Architectural Drafting Gub. Chess Club. Junior Varsity Football. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Base ball. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Football. Teacher s Assistant. Track Team. Varsity Basketball Anthony Holmes Biology Club. German Club. J E.T.S.. Junior Powder Puff Coach. Junior Varsity Baseball. Junior Varsitv Football. Senior Powder Pun Coach. Soph omore Baseball. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Football. Track Team. Varsitv Baseball. Varsity Football. James Holmes Concert Orchestra. Junior Powder Puff Coach. Senior Powder Puff Coach. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Basketball. Track Team Deborah E Howard Advanced Chorus. Biology Gub. Concert Choir. Latin Club. National Honor Society. Rcdbird Word Staff Redwing Track. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Track Team. Editor Redbird Word Greg Fioward Exchange Student. German Gub. J.E T S.. Junior Varsitv Baseball. Junior Varsitv Soccer. Latin Gub. Librarv Assistant. Musical. Runner. Sophomore Soccer. Thespians. Varsity Baseball. Varsitv Soccer. Quarter Club. Future Farmers. Darrin Hutchinson. Distributive Education. Runner. Teacher s Assistant. Track Team Martv Jamison Auto Mechanics. Auto Body Jesse Jemison Office Fielper. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Football. Track Team. Varsitv Basketball Twana Johnson Homecoming Queen. Junior Varsitv Cheerleader. PomPon Girl. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Ovorus. Troubadors. Varsitv Cheerleader Pourshifa Jlliff Distributive Education. Office Helper. Redwing Basketball ' Manage'! Dude Jones Homecoming King Candidate Junior Varsity Soccer. Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore Soccer. Varsity Soccer Earl Jones Runner. Construction Trades. P E Fielper Sarah Keller Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. Counselor Assistant. Ensemble. Ger man Club. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Troubadors Kelli Allred Distributive Education. Sophomore Chorus. Vocational Accounting Club Sherry Kelly Advanced Chorus. Ensemble Future Cosmetoligists. Future Homemakers. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Librarv Assistant. Stophomiirc Chorus. Troubadors Dennis Kessler Auto Mechanics David Keene Runner. Auto Mechanics Club Karen Kmcade Future Homemakers. Teacher's Assistant. Chorus Doug King American Field Service. Biology Club. Color Guard. Homecoming King Candidate. Junior Varsitv Baseball. Junior Varsity Soccer. Office Helper. Rifle Team. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Soccer. Thespians. Varsity Soccer Elisabeth Klien Ensemble. Ja Band. J.E.T.S.. Latin Club. Marching 25. Marching 100. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Woodwind Quintet Lisa Kruse Biology Gub. Ensemble J.E T.S.. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Spanish Gub Band Sonja Kuhn Cwinselor Assistant. Exchange Student. French Club. German Club. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Runner. Senior Prom Dec orating Committee. Student Senate Ladale Mark French Club. German Club. Latin Club. Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff. Runner Holly Lancaster Professional Sewing Club. Child Care Club Lisa Lavender Distributive Education. Sophomore Chorus Christine Lewis Future Nurses. Troubadors. Sophomore Chorus. LPN 1 2 Lemuel Lollis: Concert Choir. Office Helper. Sophomore BasketFiall. Sophomore Chorus. Track Team. Troubadors Sheri Long Advanced Chorus. Biology-Club. Concert Choir. Ensemble. Musical. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Chou. Thespians Martin Lope Activities Board. Exchange Student. Library Assistant. Musical. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher s Assistant. Woodwind Quintet Tracy Mam Future Business Leaders. Office Helper. Teacher's Assistant. Vocational Accounting Club Jeanne Manns Exchange Student. Office Ffelper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Child Care Club Susan Maupm Commercial Art Club Darrel McCradv Architectural I raftmg Gub. Concert Band. Marching KM). Runner. Symphonic Band Mia McGaughev German Gub. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Librarv Assistant. Marching 100. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Professional Sewing Club Neil McGuire: Super Welders Gub RoFiert Meletti Super Welders Club Brittany Miller Bat Girl. Biologv Gub. Ensemble. German Gub. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsitv Cheerleader. Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Cheerleader. Sophomore Chorus. Troubadors. Varsitv Baseball. Varsitv Cheerleader Snow Queen Candidate Dawn Miller; Cafiteria Assistant. Commercial Art Club. Counselor Assistant. Future Business Leaders. Library Assistant Doug Miller Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. Exchange Student. Junior Varsity Football. Musical. Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Football. Swing Choir. Thespians. Track Team. Varsity Football Mack Miller Architectural I afting Club. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Chorus. Troubadores Twyla Miller Marching KM). Office Helper. Runner. Symphonic Band Eric J Milford Architectural Drafting Gub. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Teacher s Assistant. Thespians. Editorial Board. Teens For Christ Bradley C Mitchell Biology Club. Cross Country Team. French Gub. Homecoming Queen Candidate. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Office Helper. Redbirdette. Runner. Sophomore Baseball Teacher s Assistant. Track Team. Tutor Ralph Monroe Chess Club. Concert Choir. Distributive Education Richard Morton Activities Board. Concert Band. German Club.J E.T.S Marching KM). Sophomore Baseball. Golf Team Joe Mudd Chess Club. J.E.T.S.. Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader. Chemestrv II Gub Robert Mueller: Concert Band. Concert Orchestra. Cross Country Team. Ensemble. Ja Band. J E.T S.. Latin Club. Marching 25. Marching 100. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Tennis Team. Symphonic Orchestra Monte N'euhaus Architectural Drafting Club Peggy Niemeyer Office Flelpc-r. Runner Child Care Club Nick N'orthwav: Super Welders Club. Varsity Football Lvnn Orhan. Building Trades Knss Orr Library Assistant. Troubadors Freshman Football. Paige Patterson German Club. Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Summer Chorus Sara Pellegrino Biology Club. Ensemble. J E T S . Junior Powder Puff Squad. Musical. National Honor Society i Secretary). Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher s Assistant. Thespians (Secretary). Troubadors. Tutor. Spanish Club. Plav Crews Audrey Pent a Activities Board. Dream Girl Senior Index — 225Candidate, junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Putt Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Tennis Team Julie Prewitt Activities Board. Biology Club. Counselor Assistant. Dream Girl Candidate. Ensemble. German Club. Home-coming Queen Candidate. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Tennis Team. Troubadors. American Heart Association Snow Queen Candidate Tom Pullen Concert Band. German Club. Jazz Band. J.F T.S. Runner. Thespians Tami Queretaro Distributive Education. Junior Powder Puff Squad Bonanza High ). junior Varsitv Cheerleader ( Bonanza High . Pom Pon Girl ( Bonanza High» Terri Ralph Color Guard. Exchange Student. Marching 100. Office Education. Redbirdette. Teachers Assistant. Varsity Baseball Manager Chris Ramev Activities Board. Commercial Art Club. Concert Band. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsitv C heerleader. Musical, Pom Pon Girl. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Soph-more Cheerleader. Student Senate. Varsitv Cheerleader Darold Rando! Architectural Drafting Club. Varsity Basketball Dwayne Redditt Architectural Drafting Club. Junior Varsitv Foot hall. Office Helper. Sophmorc Basketball. Sophmon- Foot -ball. Track Team. Varsitv Football Lorna Tendleman Biology Club, Distributive Education, Runner. Spanish Club Amy E. Reid Activities Board. Concert Choir. J.E.T.S.. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society. Office Helper. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. TATLER STAFF, Truuba-dors. Alton High's Heart Association Missy Reed Activities Board. Biology Club. Color Guard. Concert Orchestra. Ensemble. Exchange Student. German Club. J.E.T.S. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Marching 23. Marching 100, Redbirdette. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Symphonic Orchestra. Tennis Team. Hosted German Student. I M I. A Sam Roberts Super Welders Club Steve Sanders Junior Varsitv Soccer. Super Welders Club. Varsitv Soccer James Scales: Commercial Art Club Mark Schneider Distributive Education. Junior Varsitv Soccer M.V.C S . Musical Stephanie Scott Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir. Ensemble. Junior varsity Cheerleader. Pom Pon Girl. Rcdbird word Staff. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Troubadors. Varsity Cheerleader. Snow Queen Candidate William Sewell Conert Orchestra. Pit Orchestra Symphonic Orchestra. Anna Shaw Concert Band. Redwing Basketball. Snow Queen Rita Shepperd Office Helper Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Professional Sewing Club Stanley Simons Automechamcs Ada Smith Distributive Education Brian Smith Commercial Art. Counselor Assistant. Homecoming King Candidate. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Football. Teacher's Assistant. Track team. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Football Genarv Smith Redwing Basketball Stephanie Smith Distributive Education. Office Helper. Troy Smith Super Welders Club. Valerie Smith French Club. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Dommit-tee. Student Senate 3 yrs.. Teacher's Assistant. Vocations Accounting Club; Secretary Darrell Simmo Distributive Education. Redbird Word Staff. Track Team Don Shercr Architectural Drafting Club. Runner. Troubadors Wayne Snyder Junior Varsitv Football. Runner. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Football. Track Team. Auto Mechanics. Freshman Basketball. Zena Stewart Child Care Club. Brenda Steele f uture Nurses. Sophomore Chorus. LPN 1. LPN 2. Ann Stilwell Architectural Drafting Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redwing Soft-ball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. TATLER STAFF Jenny Stobbs Activities Board. Biology Club. German (dub. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper. Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Tennis Team. Jim Sumner Architectural Drafting Club. Runner. Varsitv Baseball Varsitv (mil Terrie Tague Concert Choir. Future Business Leaders. Runner. Corliss Taylor: Concert Choir, Distributive Education. Sophomore Chorus Treaopta Shawn Taylor Marching UK). Redbird Word Staff. Sy mphonic Bandhand Debra Terrell Future Homemakers. J ETS., Sibrarv Assistant. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Anthony S. Thacker Architectural Drafting Club. TATLER STAFF. Track Team Joan Uhl Concert Band. Junior Powder Fluff Squad. Musical. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Thespians. Vocational Accounting Club. Play Crews. Spanish Club. Stat Status Winner Dana I'nterbrink Commercial Art Club. French Club. Junior Powder Puff - Squad. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Tim Watsek Biology Club. French (Jub J.F.T.S.. Sophomore Baseball. Student Senate. Christine Watt Jazz Band. Marching KM). National Honor Society. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Symphonic Orchestra May belle Watts Runner Jana Webb: Commercial Art Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redwing Basketball. Redwing Volleyball. Redwing Softball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad Sandra Westfall Marching 100, Office Helper. Redbirdette. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Vocational Accounting Club. Spanish Club Scott Whitworth Runner. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Football, Super Welders Club. Jeanne Wilkinson Sheila Wilson Concert Orchestra. Future Nurses. Runner. Symphonic Orchestra. Track Team. I.PN I. LPN 2 James L Williams. Chess Club. Concert Orchestra. Future Business Leaders. JETS.. Teacher s Assistant Dedna Willis, redwing Track Lon Witcher Advanced Chorus. Concert Choir, German Club. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senate Tina Washington Office Education. Sophomore Chorus Valeria Woods Redwing Basketball. Redwing Volley ball. Child Care Club. Food Production Management Jeff Wright Junior Varsitv Baseball. Junior Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. Varsity Frxitball Hope Wuellner J E T S.. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Latin Club. Musical. Office Helper. Redwing Volleyball. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Teacher s Assistant. Thespians David Yocius: Chess Club. Office Helper, Super Welders Club, Golf Team Dana Young Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society. Pom Pon Girl. Sophomore Chorus. Vickie Zimmerman Concert Choir. Distributive Education. Ensemble. Future Business Leaders. Musical. Sophomore Chours. Swing Choic. Troubadors Item: Last It Has Been A Very Good Year For A.H.S., But Hey! Hey! Let’s Be Very Careful Out There! 224 — Note From The Sergeant 

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