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 ALTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 2200 COLLEGE AVENUE ALTON, ILLINOIS 62002 WElUME 1982 TATLER VOLUME 77 SENIORS - 17 MUSIC - 110 JUNIORS - 49 SPORTS - 124 SOPHOMORES - 62 ACTIVITIES - 166 FRESHMEN - 80 THEATER - 208 FACULTY - 94 CLUBS - 220The world's first space shuttle. Columbia. made its debut flight in April of 1981. Its second venture in November. was delayed for eight days because of complications. The shuttle is expected to be used for both commercial and military purposes to deploy and mointain satellites. Egyptian President Anwar Sadot was assassinated Oct. 6, 1981 while watching a military parade. It began as Muslin fundamentalists opened fire with automatic weapons and tossed grenades. When it ended. 28 spectators were wounded and 7 others either dead or dying. As a result of the tradgedy four presidents (bottom right) were brought together. President Reagan was the target of an assassins bullet on Morch 30, 1981. As a result of the assassination attempt President Reagan. Press Secretary James Brody, a Secret Service agent and a Washington Policeman were hospitalized. Accused of the crime is 26 year old John Hinckley Jr. 2 - FeaturesPope John Paul II was wounded on Moy 14. 1981 In Rome's St. Peter's Square. Four shots were fired by a Turkish terrorist named Mehmet Ali Agca. The pope recovered by the end of August. Royal Wedding: On July 29. 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married. The event was televised Nationwide. The wedding and events leading up to it were some of the most spectacular of the year. On September 24. Arizona's 51-year old appeals-court judge, Sandra Day O'Connor become the first woman ever to be sworn in as a Supreme Court justice of the United States. Many women feel as if this is a great advancement for their struggle to be equally represented. However Mrs. O'Connor asks nothing more than a tombstone reading-. “Here lies a good judge." Features - 3HITS November 19. 1981 is known to some os the doy that St. Louis "got stoned". That is. the doy the Stones rolled info the Checkerdome on their current ' Tattoo You" tour and "started up" close to 100.000 fans. Throughout their four, the Stones really kept their fans "Under their thumbs" as they sung old and new tunes. "You can’t always get what you wont", but let’s just say Mick finally achieved "satisfaction" grossing on estimated S38 million from the tour alone. The Rolling Stones consisting of Mick Jogger. Keith Richards. Billy Wy. man. Ron Wood. Charlie Watts and Don Stewart are one of the oldest touring rock-n-roll bands still hitting the chorts. Originally starting out as a rhythm and blues band, the Stones have been around for some 20 years. Top Right-On of the mony signals that the Rolling Stones were coming to town wos this sign found on Elm Street. Center Right-The Rolling Stones Center Left-Ion Gordner displays several Stones' rkRets. each selling for S17.50. Bottom Right-This video game found at Tilt in Alton Square is typicol of the mony that ore now so popular. 4 - FeaturesEoch year trends come and go. Some stay longer thon others ond sometimes lost for more thon o year. The ever-popular. yet challenging Rubik's Cube continues to boffle most of us even though o book with the solution to the puzzle come out. It has some 43.252,003.274.489.856.-000 possible combinations. Among other ongoing fods is whot is known os the preppie look. This conservative style of dress includes ottire such os knee socks, ploids. Oxford cloth button downs, ond of course the Locoste alligator. Perhaps the most omozing croze is that of the video gomes. Lost year on estimated 20 billion quorters (S5 billion) ond 75.000 mon-yeors were spent ploying orcode machines such os PocMon. Defender, ond Space Invaders. Top Left-leod vocalist. Mick Jogger excited his tons with his dromotic showmanship. Center Right-Rubik s Cube baffled mony students. like Donno Wohlfell. Bottom Left-lndian Jones, played by Harrison Ford, triumphed In Roiders of the Lost Ark. It wos the top box office hit of the yeor and continues to rise. Bottom Right-These models accurately represent the way of dress for a prep. Features - 5HAPPENINGS Top Right-Gene Wilder ond Rkhord Pryor teomed up for the smash movie. Stir Crazy. Center Left-In Poland, under rhe leadership of Lech Woleso. solidarity persisted ond the Poles went on trying to tilt the Soviet-controlled regime In Warsaw. Center Right-At Wimbledon. 22-year old John McEnroe defeated Bjorn Borg. 25. In what is probobly known os the greotest rivalry In tennis. McEnroe olso prevailed in rhe U.S. Open which was held loter in the year. Bottom Right-Roy Wilkins, head of NAACP. died this yeor. He is known for his work to end school segregation. 6 - FeaturesTop Lefr-Generol Hospital is o booming success among people of oil oges around the country. The show's big event this yeor wos the long awaited wedding of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geory) ond Louro Baldwin (Genie Fronds). Top Right-The Alton dom is o significant port of the community In this oreo. It not only provides mony jobs, but also odds to the scenic aspect of the city. Center Left-lt wos Sugar Roy Leonard ond Thomos Heorns fist to face for the Welterweight championship title. Leonard ended the fight in the 14th round ond os o result is now Sll million richer. Bottom-Dill Holey’s death wos o great loss to the musk world. Since 1954 mony fans hove been literolly "Rockin round the dock" to the hit single performed by Dill Holey ond the Comets. Features - 7STIG LUDVIGSEN Sponsored by Youth for Under-standing, Stig Ludvigsen comes to AHS all the way from Norway. He enjoys the United States very much and had no trouble making friends here in Alton. Like the other ex-change students, he is not ready to return home yet. Top Right-5rigis shown here with his American family.the Porrlno's. They ore. Mrs. Rita Par-rino. Chris, Mr. Pete Porrino. ond Nki. Center Left-5r g enjoying the skiing on the mountains of Central Norwoy. Dottom-These ore just some of the new friends Stig has made during his stay here. 6 - FeoturesGODELIEVE STEENEBERGEN Top-Godelieve poses with some friends dressed up os Punk Rockers. Godelieve Steenebergen. the A.F.S. student from the Netherlands, enjoys being o student of Alton High. She finds it eosy to get olong with the people ot AHS, but she still misses her friends bock in the Netherlonds. She plans on returning home in July. She soys. "It's really great here and I think I've leorned alot.” Her favorite hobby is horseback riding along with swimming, dancing, and bicycling. She also likes to go to parties. Comer Rlght-Godelleve Is shown here In o ceremonial dress, wooden shoes ond loce bonnet. Bottom-Godelleve stays with Mr. ond Mrs. Gory ond Gwen Heinlnger. Tol. ond Todd (not pictured). Features - 9JAMIE RODRIGUEZ Jamie Rodriguez Murphy is an exchange student from Madrid. Spain. He lives with Gory Roybin, a AHS senior, and his family In Godfrey. Jamie is sponsored by Youth For Under-standing. He finds that his classes here are easier and less strict, but a wider selection of courses are offered. He is finding it easier to make friends than before. He hopes to continue his study of guitor, or possibly journalism. at the university in Madrid. Top Right: Jamie lives with the Roybin family Dt. ond Mrs. Raybln. Gory, and Jamie ore shown in their home. Top Left: Jamie enjoys the compony of his friends on the weekends. Bottom: Jomie Is on the Redbird Word stoff also. 10 - Feotures JORMA ITKONEN Jormo Itkonen is on exchonge student from Oulu, Finlond ond is living with the Goston Fomily during his stoy. Although he likes it here ot AHS, ond hos mode mony new friends since the beginning of the year, he prefers o smaller school to such o large one. He is sponsored by the Youth for Understanding. When asked if he was ready to back he replied. 'Not yet ' Top-Thls Is Jormo's home in Finlond. Middle Left-Jormo lives with the Goston’s ond their two sons Steve ond Dob while in the U.S. Middle Right-Jorma with Elvl, his mother: Reino. his father ond Pekko his brother. 4 441 Dottom-Jormo is the drummer for o gospel band. FAMOUS VISITORS AT A.H.S. Top Left: Former Bond Director. Greg Cohill, ond students Sue Lorgen ond Jim Porker oc-cept the flog thor was flown during the Inagur-otk n of President Reagan, January 20. 1981 (The day the hostages came home.) It was a gift from Representative Paul Findley to the Morching 100. Top Right: Representative Paul Findley during his onnual visit to AHS campus last spring or the Sociol Studies Assembly. Bottom Left: Senotor Alan Dixon. Mrs. Non Poeltz. Mr. Sam McPhoil. Bottom Right: Senotor Alan Dixon making his first oppearonce at AHS for the Social Studies Assembly. 12 - VisitorsTOP: Asst. Principol Mr. Jungers. occeprs outo-grophed from Chorles Duke, of his 1972 Lunor wolk. CENTER LEFT: In o school ossembly. Mr. Duke showed o film of the Apollo 16 mission ond dicussed mony Interesting ospects of the flight. A question ond onswer session followed. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Mondy's autographed copy of Chorles Duke following the April 16. 1972 Apollo 16 Flight. DOTTOM: Representive Jim McPike observes commercial art student Ann Stillwell in Mr Hansens doss. Mr. McPike was invited to tour the J.O. Johnson Center ond Olin building to get o first-hand view of the Vocational ond Industrial Arts Programs. STUDENT AWARDS CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS 1983 Motor Vehicle License Top Right: The 1963 Alton City Sticker wos chosen by Moyor Pool Lenz out of 29 submitted by the Commercial Art students ot the J. D. Johson center. This year Moyor Lenz chose the Lock ond Dom 26. designed by Koren Yost, of Alton High. This wos the third yeor the students hove designed the sticker. Bottom Left: Greg Nosello won special recognition In the Mr. Teen Pogeonr. Mr. Teen is set up for young men. sophomores to seniors in high school. The judges look for achievement In school ond in the community, scholastic record. athlete record, personality ond teen Im-age. This is not a beauty pageant, but a contest for young men from all over to reveal their talents, abilities ond concerns. Eoch young man is recognized for his abilities. Greg intends to study some form of medicine ond to become a trainer for the Doctors for Athletes. Bottom Right: Son To hos the talent to corve wood ond moke it look 3-dimensionol. Son To hos designed the cover picture of the Main for rhe 1981-62 TATLER. We should all thonk Son To for sharing his time ond tolenr with us.DAR AWARDS AND YOUTH CITIZENSHIP AWARD Top Loft: Orion Strouss received the DAR Aword this yeor. The owords were presented on Morch 13. The winning students were honored during o luncheon ot the Stote DAR meeting in Chkogo. on April 3. Orion wos olso o Notionol Merit Finolisr. Drion plons to ottend o medicol school when he groduotes. Center Right: Oeth Elliott wos oworded the title of Modison County's Jr. Miss for 1902. on September 27. 1901. The Jr. Miss Program offers scholorships to high school senior girls who hove shown leodership. high scholastic achievement, ond service in their school ond community. In December. Oeth ploced second runner-up ot the stote-level competition In Chi-cogo entitling her to 325 dollars in cosh scholarships ond full-tuition ot several universities. Oeth plons o coreer in biomedical engineer-Ing. Bottom Left: Eloine Joehl won first ploce In the Youth Citizenship Awords. She has received the Amerkon Legion Aword ond Voted most likely to succeed . Elaine hos been very active from her freshmen yeor to her senior year. She hos studied poino for 10 years ond hos en-dulged In tutoring, cleaning houses ond form labor SENIOR ASSEMBLY AWARDS OEST LOOKING: Greg Smith. Tino Eschboch BEST DRESSED: Steve Somlor Lao Bunting BEST PERSONALITY: Shown Kinnore Amy Schudel PRETTIEST EYES: Steve McGouhey Suson Stoten PRETTIEST SMILE: Pot Ruedbv Kothy Crone CLASS aOVN: Greg Nasello Rebo Cormene CLASS FLIRT: John Vigger Cathy Cornel CLASS JOCK: Ron Twitchett. Down Chun CLASS PART1ER: Moth Edwards. Kay to Durham MOST SHY: Jim Peterbough. Down Dunham MOST TALKATIVE: Scon Boaeiuke Kothy Toul MOST ACTIVE: Ralph Smith. Down Dennigmon MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Brion Strauss. Eloine Joehl MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Bill Sloth Pony Goeken BEST BODY Bony Modus Solly Bryant BEST P P COACHES Bob Schulte Btod Lister BEST P P OFFENSIVE: Sondy Smith Pot Dunhom BEST P P DEFENSIVE Uso Nkhob. Suonne Carol 9 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Top Lefi to Right: Elizabeth J. Elliott-Presidenf. Mary E. Dlair-VIce President. Teresa O'Neal-Corresponding Secretory. Mary S. Tegtmeyer-Recording Secretory. Charles R. Gromes-Treo-surer. Bottom Right: NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: (Alphabetical order). Mary Blair. Mario Boukas. Mory E. Brown. Mary Chappell. Catherine Cor-nell. Steven Oothoger. Elizabeth Elliott. Shelly Gill. Karen Glozik. Charles Gromes. Jeffrey Grills. Jane Hoycroft. Eloine Joehl. Peggy Johnson. Stacey Kindig. Mory Ellen Muho. Teresa O'Neal. Suson Rhoads. Catherine Romonko. Sarah Schenk. Brian Strauss. Mory Tegtmeyer. Kennerh Till, ond Jeffrey Willett. Norionol Honor Society is on honorary club of students who excel In scholarship ond leadership. This year’s society consists of a small, yet active group of 23 members. Their service activities include: assisting in Special Olympics, sponsoring in Ned Nilsson Luncheon. Funding the Ned Nilsson Memorial Scholarship, and fund raising to finance donations to charity and gifts to the school. However. National Honor Society also plans fun activities, such as racquet-ball parties, a Christmas party, ond on end-of-the-year picnic. ILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARS Deborah Berry. Mory Bloir. Morlo Boukas. To-moro Bromley. Mkhoel Cochron. Catherine Cornell. Kothy Crone. Pomelo Eby. Elizabeth Elliott. Shelly Gill. Keren Glozik. Chorles Gromes. Jeffrey Grills. Michael Horris. Jeon Hon. Eloine Joehl. Peggy Johnson. Shown Kin-nore, Marianne Knezevich. Tereso O'Neal. Gorry Roybin. Gordon Robertson. Catherine Romonko. Jon Ryberg. Brion Strauss. Kimberly Stroube. Mory Tegtmeyer. Kenneth Till. Mi-choel Tlllmon. Donno Wohtfeil. Mark Wolff 16 Awards ' . %Sharon Abborr Korhleen Acker James Acord Willie Adams Bert Adkins Maune Adler Norma Albee Susan Alford Peter Allen Teresa Alverson 1 Patrick Anderson Nancy Andrews Judith Aslone Edward Dolley Jomes Baker Rebecca Basden Hu Cheryl Beckman Annette Bates Belinda Beone Rickey Beckwith Roxanne Beem Kevin Beard Paulo Belcher Mkhoel Becker Mkhoel BellMary Blair Diana Bock Robert Bockstruck Teresa Bodwell Christopher Bollinger Maria Boukos Paulo Bourlond 18 Percy Brotton Henry Brausen Jacqueline Bridgeman Mary Broadway Tamara Bromley Jeffrey BrownDrendo Buckner Vicki Dull Jeon Dunse liso Bunting Mark Burnett Michael Burnett Liso Colome Lyle Campbell Cynthio Connedy Rebo Cormeon Cheryl Cott Dione Chapman Suonne Carroll Mory Chappell Mory Carter Sarah Caselron Christine Chombers David Childers Michelle Christians Down OnethLisa Clausen Tonyo Clevenger Timothy Cline Clarence Clark Jr. James Coleman Monica Conger Douglas Conlee Rodney Cook Paul Cooley Catherine Cornell Susan Courtoway Kenerha Covington Debra Cox Julie Crone Beverly Crownover Thomas Crowson Angelo Creosy Michael Crocker Kathy Crone June Crumer Connie Cruz Micheol CunninghamDonald Dovis Janet Dovis Marcello Dovis Lawrence Dovitz Dennis Dugan Steven Dothoger Down Dunham Patricia Dunham Matthew Dover Jone Droste Delon DunlopMichoelo Durhom Elizabeth Dykemon Sobrino Edwords Jennifer Ebbert Morlo Epps Bradley Evons lino Eschboch Lynette Estelle Jane Estes Mercy Ewing Melinda Federle Jeffery Fencel Scott Ferguson Bradley Fester Joseph Fillbock Jeffrey Fletcher Roger Fletcher Chorles Foreman James FosterShelly Gill Goll Glossmeyer Stode Goldman Toro Gomez iomes Golfher Sheri Genrry Doniel Godwin Diooe Gert««Q Pomoo Goo ken Keren Glazik James Goodman Pool GotschoK Charles Gromes John Granger Brock Gronr Mono 6ro wCherell Gruninger Gwendolyn Hommonds Dyron Harris Cindi Morris Douglas Hompron Diono Harris Tomoro Hargiss Michael Harris John Grounds Ronold Horgrave Janice Harrison Monty HawkinsJane Hoycroft Christopher Henderson Toronce Henderson Jomie Honey Koryn Hook Debra House Dradley Howard Kamola Hoehn Mlchoel Hornsey Teresa Howard iewy HubbardJeonne Jock son Jill Jocksoo Stephen Jocoby Doris Jomoldin Peggy Johnson Volery Koid Tommy JomesMononne Knezevich Rickey Knighten Lisa Kromer Ellen Krebs David Kyle David Laird Morion Lomere Talo Longer Kathryn Lemons Cherl Lankford Debra Lenhordi Drett Losswell Stephanie Lester Glen Lemons  Rebo Lockett Douglos Lovell Robert Moher Mork Lilley Stig Ludvigsen Drodley Lister Joon Moog Dorry Mocios Williom Mockel Kelly Mo boo y Dione Moin Beth Monees Douglos Mortin Jr. Cynthia Moson 28 Douglos McBride Morsholl McCone Sylvester McLoin Dridgett McElroy Steven McGougheyJanice Medlock Dorla Milligan David Moore ■HM Laura Morrow Jomes Meszaros MB Michael Mitchell Richord Moore Charles Morton Angelo Meyenburg Money Miller Antoinette Miller Deanna Mizerski Tommy Mitchell Cindy Moton Robert Moore David Motret Mary MoteeonGregory Nosello Michael Nosh Tiffany Neumann Berlin Nicholas Peter Nosello Liso Nichols Michael Neimeier Thereso Nolon Christina Nimmo Corlos Noble Joyce Monhcun Agrin O'Quinn Jodi Nofthwoy Tereso O'Neol Mark Poce James Porker Valerie Ontis Derek Patterson Potricio OosthofDenjomln Pererson Dorrln Peuterbough Eugene Pohlmon r Anito Purcell Dovid Read John Rhoodes Suson Rsoocs Lisa Rider Michele Rives )ano Roberts Store v Roberts Lorroine Rogers Vincent Rogers Catherine Romonko Scot Roper Richard Rudd Elizabeth Ruyle Jon Ryberg Alon Schorth Sarah SchenkMichoel Scon Denjomin Seward Mogdolene Shoke Elizabeth Show Kimberly Show Debra Shelby Louro Shelby Edno Sheets Thereso Sheff Sondro Show John Sioros Gene Silveus Keren Simpson Melody Singleton Kimberly Sitze Donald Slock Mory Smallwood Co thy Smith Gregory Smith fcochel Smith Kolph Smith Sandta Smith Sondy SmithMork Stotun Mory Sfeorns Dovid Stiffs Godelieve Steenbergen Phyllis Sfraube Lisa Stewort William Stork Robert Sfreeper Jomie Stromske Kimberly Stroube Dovid Stupperich Rkhord Stutz Wondo Sworrlngin Keith Swengrosh Chltquito Switzer Dorlo Stevenson George Stupperich Kothoryn TolbertMichoel Tolbert Kathleen Toul Troy Toul James Taylor Raymond Taylor Volerie Thomoe Melton Thomas Jr. Preston Thomos Trocy Thomas Kathleen Thomason Rochelle Thompson Scott Thompson Michele Tickner Kenneth Till Michael Tlllmon Steven Tindoll Maureen Todd Cynthia Toney Raymond TorrezDenise Tucker Michael Tucker Robert Tuerken Ray Turner Tonetto Turner Willie Veosley 1 Jill Vollmer Ronald Twichell Roger Ulrich Paul Ventimiglio Carol Vetter Robert Vogt Nancy Vollertsen Michele Voyles Non Wolker Angelo Woggoner Timothy Wolker Kenneth Wohlstrom Debro Walls Carlo Woinright Keith Wolter Mork Wolker Thomas WolterDeborah Wegescheide Janice Weigel Willie West Dow no Westbrook Douglas Williams Lester Wlllloms Sherri West Jeffrey Willett Wolter Wetzstein Jr. Todd Wheeler John Wigger Shoron Wilken Roland Williams Terry Williams Lynn WilsonLiso Winch Judith Winkler Steven Winson Drendo Witt Donna Wohlfeil Mark Wolff Regino Wooden Christine Woods Debro Wynn Christine Yost Karen Yost Mary Perkins Jono Wittmon Deborah Woods Tino Wright William Summers Sheila Tyler Wayne Hoxsie Gory Holton Jim Gray Liso GriggsVARSITY FOOTBALL c FRONT ROW: John Moss. Chuck Foreman. Ed Bolley John Uhl. Crowford Deo Ion. Tim Dennett. Dovid Motzet. Dloke Sondidge. Mike Gtoy. SECOND ROW: Doug Wlllloms. Dotty Mo-cios. Drod Lister. Jim Peuterbough. Dotty Sto-tun. Mike McGinnis. Andy Kohlet. Mike Hogen, Doryl McElroy. THIRD ROW: Asst. Cooch Cor-ono. Cleveland Cox. Ralph Smith. Lenny Mus-gtoy. Monuel Ellison. Jim Goeken. Gory Cor- pentet. Willie Adorns. Lenzy Morris. Don Ziegler, Chris Henderson. Heod Cooch Mortln. FOURTH ROW: Toronce Henderson. Cornell Drown. Tony Tolbert. Don Noughton. Delon Dunlop. Don Herd. Drod Allen. Mike Scott. Do-vld Kyle. LAST ROW: Asst. Cooch Munson. Asst. Cooch Word. Rich Kltzmlller. Robert Fronke. Rob Schulte. Ken Hetge. Mike Tolbert. HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS 5T,ra. !:e,r: Orr. Ellen Krebs. Debbie Derry. Joel Mcllwaine M ITUIOI IT D r A I I V TR YIKIf Ann Rkhord5-Pom Fby SECONO ROW Lor ▼ T I I IIWU I IALMLL I I ■» I ll VJ Holl. Dran Kincode Mick Drown. Don Dipiozzo Lorraine Rogers. Tommy Randell. Ted Dovev Lise Downing. Don Naughfon. Doug Fester DO tsertson. Fr 3. • D ROW (C »trc e. Jeon Han or. re Skinner ke horles Grarr es 3URTH RON . Sc MondrellMARCHING 100 John Alexander. Kevin Antonovkh. Julie Austin. Kelly Barth. Belinda Beone. Dawn Beober. D Adrienn Becoot. Brlon Berg. Dorrell Berry. Donald Bertler. Seon Blppen. Michele Dosaw. Morla Boukos. Kerr Brodley. Angelina Bromley. Tamoro Bromley. Vicki Brand. Donald Brousen. Kothryn Brooks. Julie Brown. William Buzon. Llso Colome. Morlo Colome. Potty Corr. Mory Choppell, Stephanie Church. Monlco Conger. Kelly Connour. Susan Conrad. Timothy Cooper, Morgorete Cope. Kenneth Corbin. Catherine Cornell. Poul Cornell. Debra Cox. Lucinda Curvey. Julie Dare. Lori Depper, Robert Diserens. Bloke Doerr. Denil Doss. Andrew Dykeman. Elizabeth Dykemon. Dovld Eagle-ton. Jaml Eberlln. Krlssy Edgor. Corlston Edwards. Beth Elliot. Suson Enos. Lynda Evons. Kevin Ever. Randall Fields. Cynthia Fowler. Teresso Fronke. Down Frlson, Timothy Frison. Candy Funkhouser. Dana Gerbig. Shelly Gill. Stephanie Gill. Soroh Greer Mlchoel Harris. Jeon Hort, Rhonda Hoyden. Michael Hoynes. Llso Heinemonn, Andrew Hentrich, Tracey Hentrlch. Julie Hill. Goyle Hiller. William Hiller. Kimberly Hillmon. Christine Hindmon. Andrea Holmes. Charles Hornsey. Kimberly Hubbard. Jorma Itkonen. Stephen Jacoby. Doris Jamal-din. Darren Jones . Debro King. Trick) Killion. Elisobeth Klein. Marionne Knezevich. Robert Kohler. John Lafokis. Joseph Lawrence. Dawn Lowe. Jean Lusk. Anno Maggos. Julie McA-foos. James McCurley. Kelly McDonold. Mia McGoughey. Jocqueline Mcllwolne. Von Meyer. Twylo Miller. Elizobeth Moore. Sherry Mohre. Richord Morton. Philip Moxey. Robert Mueller. Mlchoel Myers. Borboro Nickell. Llso Nielsen. Sandy Nolan. Mork North. Joan O N-eol. Tereso O’Neal. Lisa Ottolini. Anne Pace. Janet Page. Down Palmer. Rhonda Phillips, Thomas Plunk. Terry Rolph. John Rofferty. Gory Roybin. Leslie Recknogel. Mellsso Reed. Kothleen Rhemkk. Lisa Rider. Brian Rogers Derek Ross. Rochelle Ross. Rebecca Schubert. Lori Scroggins. Andrea Shaw. George Siompos. Anthony Siler. Down Sitze. Tyro Smith. Judith Spillman. Stephen Sumlar. Mark Springgote. Elizobeth Sutton. Kim Stroube. Douglas Taylor. Treoopia Taylor. Eric Thoxton. Debra Thomo-son. Wade Thompson. Amy Tonet. Soroh Ul-rkh. Rondo Vonoro. Jill Vondergrlff. Betsy Ventimiglio. Poul Ventimiglia. Bony Vlviono. Christine Wott. Tracey Webster. Deboroh Woods. Julie ZelglerACTIVITIES BOARD Corlene Schobernd-Vice President. Goll Glass-mey er-Treosurer. Laurl Hofherr-Porllomentor-ion. Drwn Denningmonn-Presldent. Cindy Ron-dolph-Secretory FIRST ROW: Debbie Chappell. Angie Sego-biono Jonke Lowe. Sherry Prother. Kofhy Tool. Teresa Howard. Kelly Church. John Wig. ger. John Green. Glenn Holmes. Michelle Wooff. Ricky Morton. Connie Cruz. SECOND ROW: Liso Ford. Jenny Normon. Cothy Crone. Amy Ruedin. Carolyn Mermls. Holly Moyer. Por Ruedin. Terry Hillen. Corlene Schobernd. Shelly Booth. Lourie Hofherr. Cindy Tondolph. Heidi Wense. Doris Jomoldln. Lorry Thompson. -Advisor. THIRD ROW: Gail Glossmeyer. Mory West. Jomie Georgewitz. Mindy Dllley. Steve St. Cinn. Steve Somler. Monko Duebbert. Down Denningmonn. Tino GoskillLlso Kromer-Secretory. Rochelle Ross-Treosur-er. Potty Goeken-President. Greg Nossello-Vlce President, (not pictured. Greg Smith-Porliomen-torion) STUDENT SENATE FIRST ROW: Greg Smith. Greg Nosello. John Retzer. Godelieve Steenbergen. Potricio Oosthof. Liso Kromer. Jane Deem. Sondy Dud-de.SECOND ROW: Jone Estes. Mory Drown. Jormo Itken. Ken Deres. Mork Gowgill. Monico Dovey. Joy Lumpkins. Sue Conrod. Rochelle Williams. Kothy Schildrofh. Llso Dunting. Ann Dovey. Potty Goeken. Cindy Toney. Rochelle Ross. THIRD ROW: Mike Drown. John Kline. • Advisor. Tol Heiniger. Liso Durchom. Kelly Grobner. Morlo Adcok. Rondy Fields Don Der-tier. Lori Witcher. Sonjo Kuhn. Val Smith. Goyle HillerGOLF FRONT ROW: Todd Cress. Deovon Retzer. George Tyler. Jody Eberlin. Dove Yodus. John Deoil. Down Church. Jenny Show. Koren Yost. SECOND ROW: Kelly Church. Dirk Comp Ken Deem. Ralph Dowles. Jeff Maynord. Dove Stiles. Terry Hlllen. Kevin Hilligoss. Kristi Johnson. Cooch Overoth. SOCCER 44 FRONT ROW: Jerry Wildermon. Pot Hoog. Joey Dowen. Dob Cogon. Mott Mormino. Murroy Coppel. Tim Nosello. Ion Gordner. Doug King. SECOND ROW: Cooch Lorry Montgomery. Greg Nosello. Mike Decker. Shown Klnnore. Willie Tolbert. Jeff Juhlln. Scott Telchmonn. John Green. Steve St. Clnn. Steve Sobotto.FRONT ROW: Sue McPike. Michelle Groy. Rhonda Mock. Undo Worlkk. Sondro Allen. Gwen Rippley. Ms. Pitts. SECOND ROW: Tommy Fesslet. Lyndo Evans. Diono Killion. Dorlo Stevenson. Arlene Kerkmeyer. Fonee Lekkos. Notolie Collohon. THIRD ROW: Shoron Thiel. Juonita Show. Felkio Dovid. Kim Brice. Sherry Mohr. Not Pktured: Laura Wood. Dean-no Weeden. REDWINGS TRACK FRONT ROW Oecky Buxton Cothy Reo Mory Dloir, Michelle Scott. Oetsy Maynord. Dione Dodson. Loti Light. Liso Dunbor. Denise Ewln. OaCK ROW: Ms Peters. Lee Ann Frlsse Gigl Sotengco. ieonnie Geisen. Jeonnke Lusk. Kothy Toul. Potrlcio Torront. Down Toylor. Pen. ny Olive Tommy Conreous. iono Wlttmon. Hope Wuellner. Ms Cloyton REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL 4Smm FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: Lorroine Rogers, Cindy Poul. Potty Goeken. Holly Moyer. Cindy Randolph. SEC- OND ROW: Down Denningmon. Cindy Toney. Stocey Roberts. Suson Stolen Bene Demond. CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW: Drod Mitchell. Corroll Konollokon Bobby Mosley, Kevin Lovel. Bob Miller, Tim Brion Strouss. Roy Toylor. Keith Buckner. SEC- Bromstedt. OND ROW: Cooch Moyhew. Kyle Cummings. 46FIRST ROW: Tim Nosello. Greg Nosello. Eric pos. Dob Deile. Tom Wolters. Joe Ingrom. Stroutenbonough. SECOND ROW: Trefon Siom- Cooch Schleper. TENNIS FIRST ROW: Sherry Prothet. Monoger. Morgie Steele Monoget. Audreo Perlco. Soroh Deth Oorton SECOND ROW: Julie Prewitt. Deth In-grom. Kelly Grobner. Norolie Collohon. Defsy Louschke. Debbie Choppell Kim Grobner. Sol- ly Dryont. Stocey Kmdig THIRD ROW: Cooch Dilllon. Deth Elliot. Erin Dunphy. Jennifer Hos-coll. Jeonie Cousley. Sonl Teimonn. Noncy Schleper. Deth Goebel. Corolyn Mermls. Kim Gibbons, (not pIctured-Rochel Sheppord.) REDWINGS TENNISVARSITY BASEBALL First Row: Mark Edwards. Brod Saylor. George Stupperich. Rusty Meyers. John Green. Scott Wollace. Rich Korrkomp. Ron Twichell. David Stupoerich. Second Row: Barry Mocios. Kent Schelle. David Stites. Scott Johns. Gordon Green. Doug Williams. Darrin Jones. Scott Ber-gesch. Mike Olive. REDWINGS SOFTBALL Front Row: Troci Dorker. Rachel Sheppord. Karen Link, Denise Erwin. Susan Enos. Michelle Scott. Jill Boyle. Second Row: Carol McBride. Judy Winkler. Lisa Dunbar. Carol Bock. Brenda Witt. Mary Bloir, Jeon Tanner. Cothy Rea. Third Row: Lee Ann Dilley. Cindy Gabriel. Debbie Russell. Jill Storkey. Brenda Buckner. Sandy Smith. Penny Olive. Lori Light. Naydo Valdez.Timothy Drooks Michoel Drown Siocey Drown Lexo Drowning Audrey Dryont Sheryl Dudde Penny Durger Stephen Durger Michoel Durnett Mork Dutler Rebecca Duxton William Duzon Dloir Dyron Nancy Colame Wendy Contrell Gory Corpenter Steven Carter Adorn Cartwright Jeff Corver Debra Choppell Jill Chose Robert Cheothom Jennifer Churchill Dryon Clark Jocquelyn Cloyton Robert Cogon Trocey Collins Frank Condrey Amy Conrody Jomes Cook Lisa Coons Gregory Cooper Elise Cope Christopher Cosby Cheryl Cress Down Crider Cothleen Crowson Mork Cunninghom Richard Cunninghom Clarissa Curtis Loronn Curtis ludndo Curvey Kimberly Cyprian Darboro Czerny Ann Dovey Drion Davis Felkio Dovis Mork Davis V Juniors - 51Melody Dovls Annette Decker Jesslco Denother Dovld DeSpoin Angelo Dickinson Lee Dilley Melindo Dilley Diono Depiazzo Mylindo Dodd Dione Dodson Christopher Donohue Liso Drosre Monico Duebbert Doniel Dugon Lisa Dunbor Liso Dunham Erin Dunphy Corhio Eoles Noncy Ebbert Paul Edelmon Timothy Edelen Kristine Edgor Cynthio Edwards Donald Ehlers Sadie Ehlers Koy Eisenrekh Gory Elliott Michele Emmons Morclo Enos Kelly Evons 52 JuniorsChristy Everoge Denise Ewln Renoe Fencel Suson Fill Georgio Fleming Jeffrey Fleming Troy Fleming Cindy Fletcher Dirk Ford Jonice Ford Kimberly Forsythe Robert Fronke Debro Fronkford Douglos Freemon Lee Frisse Timothy Frison Angelo Frye Llzoberh Frymon Kelly Fulks Condy Funkhouser Cindy Gobriel Robert Gobrier Potrklo Geisen Tommy Geisen Cindy George witz Jamie Georgewltz Undo Geske Mama Goewey Mane Gonzoies Peggy Gromores Peter Groves Joyce Gray Juniors - S3Meredith Gray Sheryl Gray Lori Green Michael Green Yvette Greenwood Soroh Greer John Gross Russell Guillory Rodney Gvillo Joseph Hoor Jr. Lynn Hackerr Michoel Hogen Elizabeth Hamilton Tomato Harpole Angie Harrison Coriene Harrison Rhonda Harshborger Cheryl Hartley Donna Harvey Erk Housafus Ethon Housman Robin Hayden Deborah Hayes Gary Hozelwonder Robert Henry David Henson Andrew Hentrich John Hess Roger Hkks Jennifer Hoke Tecumsheo Holmes Daniel Hopkins Frederick Hornsey Suzanne Hoxsie Michoel Huebener Jack Huish Jorge Infonte Douglas Joehl Annette Johnson Curtis Johnson Dianna Johnson Kristi Johnson Lori Jones Jeffrey Juhlin Rodney Kane Susan Kettlewell Usa Kieninger Ann Kienstro S4 - JuniorsDiono Killion Alice King Debro King Richord Kitzmiller John Kochonski Suzanne Kodros Andrew Kohler Pofricio Kopsie Shoron Kopsie David Koshinski Sheri Kruse Carol Kunz Earliest Lacey Lindo Loir Andrew Laird Sharon Lomere Elizoberh Louschke Steven Lowliss Joseph Lawrence Marsha Lenhordt John Leonard Lori Light Karen Link Michael Lombardi Steven Lorts Kevin Lovel Melinda Lutes Amy Lux Patrick Lyerlo Donald Madison Juniors - 55Stephen Moggos Christopher Maher Julio Mondorco Scott Mondroll Michele Mapol Sobrlno Mortln Jomos Moupin Detsy Moynord Jeffroy Moynord Jeffrey McAninch Sue McConn James McCurley Dryont McElroy Darryl McElroy Ted McGibony Oyonn McGlosson Liso McGovern Michelle Meons Donald Mellenthin Jo Ann Menke Corolyn Mermis Von Meyer Koren Miller Korol Miller Korhy Miller Robert Miller Suson Millitello Kevin Minner Dwayne Mitchell Melissa Monroe Cynrhlo Moron Shoron Morgan juniorsMonhew Mormino Soro Mottoz Philip Moxey II Holly Moyer Judith Mueller Mory Muho Potricio Mulreon Maureen Myott Allan Nopp Deborah Nasello Sherry Nosello Timothy Nosello Donald Houghton Noncy Nelson Brton Nicholson Barbara Nkkell Toro Nischwitz Randall Nolle Jone Norman Penny Olive Christine Ontis Kelly Orr Koren Osburn Lisa Oftolini Tracey Oulson William Pace Judee Page Morris Page Dawn Polmer Donald Polmer Brian Parks Sherry Porks Jonet Portridge John Peterson Mkhoel Peuterbough Kimberly Pfoff Jomi Pfleger Rebecca Pilger Darren Plopper Thomas Plunk Dennis Postelle Sandro Postille Dorothy Price Jomie Pyott Heather Roby Darryl Roglin Catherine Rea Leslie Rechnogel Juniors - 57Lucreslus Reed Sharon Reed John Reilly Beth Reiske Bridget Renken Joseph Reno Down Reynolds Delindo Rice Jennifer Rice Michael Rkhnak Debro Rickmon Amber Ridenour Stocy Rigdon John Robinson Shelly Rodgers Mory Roe me r Trocey Roertgers John Rogers Catherine Romano Clara Ross Rochelle Ross Mory Ruckmon Michoel Runtz Sheldon Rushing Michoel Scot Bloke Sondidge Robert Saunders Christine Seville Meghan Scanlon Kathleen Schildroth Koylo Schroeder Rebecco Schubert Michele Scott Jennifer Shaw Juonito Show Rachele Sheppard Christopher Shermon Brian Shobe Stephanie Short Mory Siotos Stephen Simcox Scott Simons Thomas Skelton David Skinner Zsolono Smith Stephen Sobotto Editho Sorengco Morvln Spann - JuniorsSteven Spencer Poul Spickermon Judith Spillman Mork Springgote Crystal Springmon Steven St. Cinn Jeryl Starkey Penny Steele Clarissa Stewort Wayne Stewart Aaron Stilwell Sean Stinnett Melody Stone Robert Storey Susan Stork Eric Stoutenboroug Lisa Stretch Jamie Struif Barbara Stutz James Summer Michelle Sweetmon Down Taylor Tommy Taylor Keith Teichmonn Felicia Terrell Cheryl Teutrine Patrick Thatcher Erk Thoxton Shoron Thiel Johnk Thomos Samuel Thomos Cheryl Thompson Juniors - 59Scon Thompson Timothy Thompson Sondro Tiemonn Liso Todoro Jonice Toll Amy Toner Andrew Torrez Deonn Torrez Rebecco Tumlin John Uhl Cynthio Unrerbrink Anthony Voldes Rondo Vonoto Drod Vondergriff Jill Vondegritf Jeffrey Vinson Tereso Vinson Bony Vivi'''-o Morthew Voumord Mork Wodlow Connie Wolker Meiisso Wolker Liso Wolloce Mirhoel Wolter 60 - JuniorsCorol Word Kimberly Word Gregory Worren Mark Webb David Weber Trocy Webster Todd Westbrook Paris Wheeler Catherine Whitlock Jerry Wildermon Cynthia Wilkinson Aleo Willioms Erk Willioms Rochelle Willioms omes Williamson iynthio Windlond Robert Windmiller Dew roh Witt Delores Witt Todd Witt Loronn Wolse Albert Woods Scott Woolsey Jo Ellen Wuellne Walter Wymon Joney Wynn Dono Zogar Eloine Zohner Matthew Zimmerman Sheilo Zimmerman Christel Zippmon Geoffrey Zyung Juniors - 61Rhondo Abbott George Agnew Alio Aikens Robert Allmon Kelli Allred Kristie Allsmon Andrew Anderson Kevin Antonovich Condy Atkins Rkhord Austin Jr. Catherine Dailey Richard Dailey Steven Dannister Tyler Darbon Dtion Dortels Sarah Dorton Linda Do user Dawn Deover Timothy Dechel Jeffrey Deck John Decker Kenneth Deen Drodley Deiermonn Carol DeltKenneth Be res Steven Derry Kotherine Block Stephanie Dlackburn Kimberly Dlockorby Alice Dloir Connie Dockstruck Christopher Dodwell Trocy Dogard Michelle Booth Michel Dosow Evongelos Boukos Theteso Doulds Louro Bowles Kerry Bradley Vicki Drond Lori Dregenzer Tori Drenegon David Drimer Jr. Michelle Britt Julie Brown Susan Drown Sondra Dudde Daryl Buford Louis Bunse Lisa Durchom Michelle Burger Nickoy Burnett Richord Burton Brian Dushnell Roxane Colvert Dirk Comp Murroy Coppel Patti Carr Chris Carrier Dennis Carter Sophomores - 60Gregory Carter Grant Chappel Michele Childs Michoel Christians Kelly Church Kolleen Clark Malcom Clork Michoel Clork Brian Cloxton Laura Clayton Robert Cloyton JR Brenda Coleman Bradley Collier Sharon Collins Kelly Connour Beth Conrody Kenneth Cook Timothy Cooper Morgorete Cope Daniel Copeland Poul Cornell Quono Cosby Jeon Cousley Dole Cover 64 - SophomoresSoroh Cowon Cynthia Cox Michael Cox Kim Crawford Lisa Cubboge Kyle Cummings Eddie Cunningham Ruth Cunninghom Laurel Dolton Cynthia Dovis Gwendolyn Davis Sandy Dovis Jonathan Davison Morcks Day John Deoil Roderick Debruce Susan Delehanry Lisa Demko Lezlie Demond Lora Depper Debra De Spain Melody Dickerson Christopher Dilks Denise Dipiazzo Sophomores — 65Dennis Dipiozzo Robert Diserens Albert Dixon Don Dixon Down Doerr Doniel Donohue Suson Dooley Scott Dottis Denil Doss Gerold Douglas Pomelo Dublo Jomes Dunhom Jerry Dwiggins Dovid Eogleton Chorles Eostmon III Jamie Eberlin Corlston Edwards Phillip Edwards Timothy Edwards Tomblo Elliott Teteso Elliott Sandro Ellis Ellen Ellison Amy Emmons Suson Enos Jone Eppel Lynda Evons Jocqueline Everoge Kevin Evers Tonyo Felton 66 - SophomoresPotricio Ferguson Tomoro Fessler Louis Finley Denise Fisher Michele Floherty Geonno Flort Alon Floto Lisa Ford Patrick Ford Jeffrey Foster Steven Foster Potricio Fox Teresso Fronke Daniel Freeman Dawn Frison Susan Funkhouser Ion Gordner Cynthia Garner John Garrett Undo Gorvey Sue Garvey Christena Gaskill Kimberly Gibbons Stephonie Gill Sophomores - 67Neil Glossmeyer Chorlene Glover Anthony Godfrey Timothy Godfrey Kimberly Godsey Beth Goebel John Goeken Dovid Goen Tino Goodman Michoel Gorens Kimberly Grabner Undo Groves Jonothon Greco Potty Green Willie Greer Kirstin Griffin Judy Grills Kevin Gronemeier Kerri Grossheim Drendo Gruninger Joonne Hoar Loren Hocket Brett Hogedorn Sondro Holl 66 - SophomoresRicky Homlln Mary Honeline Elisobeth Honneken Janet Hordbeck Stanley Hordimon Dona Hardin Todd Horpole Dennis Harris Gregory Horris Woyne Horris Timothy Hartwell Oorbara Harvey Jennifer Hoscoll James Housmon Chris Hawkins Gaylo Hayes Laurie Haycroft Elizabeth Hayes Tommy Heath Toi Heininger Dedria Henderson Melissa Henderson Diane Hendricks Tracy Hentrich Winston Herron William Hert James Hewitt Anthony Hickmon Mory Hickmon Kevin Hilligoss Kimberely Hillman Christine Hindmon Yulondo Hinton Edward Hofherr Susan Holbrook Edward Holcomb Drendo Holder Toni Hollenbock Steven Holloway James Holman Jr Andrea Holmes Anthony Holmes Deborah Howord Gregory Howard Steven Hoxsie Sandro Hunter Steven Inman Michael Jacobs Martin Jomison Jesse Jemison Jr. Sophomores - 69Andrew Johnson Michoel Johnson Twono Johnson Pourshyo Jolliff Antoney Jones Mork Jorgensen Jennifer Jungk John Kory Dovid Keene Deon Keller Soreh Keller Richord Kelley Sherry Kelly Koren Kincode Douglas King Elisabeth Klein Peter Klinger Jomes Klunk Jr. Undo Knighten William Knoche Deonno Kraft Liso Kruse Sonjo Kuhn Debro Logemann 70 - SophomoresJocqueline Lomor Jocqueline Lomere Holly Loncoster Shown Longley Oovid Lorgen Liso Lovender Debro Lee Kimberly Lemoy Benjamin Levi Oerry Lewis Christine Lewis Anthony Lohogen Lemuel Lollis Sheri Long Horold Lovett Josephine Modson Trocy Moin Jeonne Manns Doniel Mosters Suson Moupin Jonet McCord Darrell McCrody Kelly McDonald Mia McGoughey Sophomores - 71Sonford McMurroy Susan McPike Sharia Meod George Meisenheimer Robert Melerti Eric Milford Drlrtony Miller Down Miller Douglos Miller Mack Miller Mark Miller Twyla Miller Drodley Mitchell Calvin Mitchell Steven Mitchell Sheryl Mohr Rolph Monroe Cynthia Montgomery Alice Moore Christophe Moore Edwin Moore Doudlos Morkel Michael Morten Marionn Mortlond 72 - SophomoresRichord Morton Joe Mudd Robert Mueller Mlchoel Myers Mignon Notions Drodley Nelson Monte Neuhous Peggy Nlemeyer Kendol Nolle Kevin Nolle Jennifer Normon Lucy Norris Mork North John Northwoy John Norton Shown O'Neal Kris Osborn Annette Pace Susan Potterson Troy Porton Jr. Undo Poulda Soro Pellegrino Audrey Perico Grant Peters Sophomores - 73Worren Phegley Joseph Phillips Shelley Phillips Annette Phipps Patricio Plunkett Julie Prewitt Thomas Pullen Lynne Rodcliffe Terri Ralph Chrisann Ramey Steven Raymond Melissa Reed Amy Reid Lorno Rendlemon Thomas Renken Christophe Reno Patricia Ridder Gwynn Rippley Samuel Roberts Suson Roberts Mark Rogers Henry Romonko Jomes Romano Lori Roper 74 - SophomoresCheryl Runfz Michelle Russell Stephen Sonders Toni Sonsone Joonno Scotes David Schnorr Mark Schneider Michael Schobernd Bradford Schrumpf Tony Scoggins Stephonie Scott Lori Scroggins William Sewell Anno Show Carlo Show Scott Sheff Rito Sheppard Donald Sherer Jr. Tommy Shewmoke Joann Shoemaker Anthony Siler Jodi Silveus Darrell Simms Stonley Simons Jeffrey Singleton Brian Smith Dorothea Smith Ernest Smith Genary Smith Jennifer Smith Valerie Smith Buddy Snyder Sophomores - 75Jomes Springmon Mory Springmon John Stonron Drendo Sreele Mellndo Steworf Roslyn Steworf Steve Steworf Ann Sfilwell Steven Stockhousen Jeonne Sfrowmott Erk Sumner Jomes Sumner Jr. Elizoberh Sutton Terri Togue Williom Tolbert Kenneth Tolley Corliss Toylor Down Toylor Treoopio Toylor Debro Terrell Anthony Thocker Son To Jonothon Trusty Joan Uhl 76 - SophomoresDono Unrerbrink Woyne Vossor Timothy Voughn Elizabeth Ventimiglio Annette Vogt Motrin Vollond Dovid Voss sork Voumord Scott Voumord Monique Voyles Sheri Waggoner Debra Wolker Mark Wolker fconotd Wolloce Michelle Warner Deke Worren Shertino Washington Timothy Wotsek Christine Wott Carol Watts Andrea Weathers Jona Webb Mory Webb Stephen Weber Jeffrey Weeks Donna Wenner Heidi Wense Contrino Werner Sandro Westfoll Catherine White Sophomores - 77Tamara White Jeffrey Whitehead David Whitworth Jeonne Wilkinson Michoel Wilkinson Peggy Wilkinson James Williams Leon Williams Pubula Williams Dedria Willis Sheila Wilson Doris Wiltshire Lori Witcher Cathy Womack Kenneth Womack Mark Womack Chana Wooden Volerio Woods Kimberly Woolsey Hope Wuellner David Yocius Dona Young Dorlene Young Potricio Young Victoria Zimmermann Mary Zini Mike Dourlond PICTURE AVAILABLE 76 - SophomoresMESSAGES: John Lennon ond Yoko Ono were oworded the album of the year, "Double Fantasy." To the "Mary" girl I'm crazy about: from the "Twich" guy. To: Cathy Acker From: Usa C. Peoria staying in the bathroom all nightl Waking up to a pillow fight at 6:30 a.m. DAUMP! To Cathy Acker. From-. Lisa C. Going to Jamestown Shopping Moll ond trying on kideous clothes of Merry-Go-Round and remember SHAMPOO! DAUMPI!! Greg Smith: Sunny Dright Mornings And Pale Moonlit Nights Keep Me From Feeling Alone (Som ond I miss you) From the both of us (Lester) Kim Carnes won record of the year for Derte Davis Eyes." Dolly Porton won two Grammys for ”9 to 5". best country song and best female country performance. Rick Springfield won best mole rock performer Grammy for his hit ’’Jessie's Girl." The Oak Ridge Dows won the best country wo-cal group Grammy for "Elvira." Carole. I wish all the best in the world to you. Love, your friend The Police won awards for best rock group performance and best rock instrumental. Marsha ond Joe 11-19-61 Decky and Doug Forever 1-10-6 Pat Denatar won the Grammy for best female vocal rock performance with "Fire and Ice." Cathy -n- Paul Forever To my best friends Julie and Drooke. Good Luck always. Love. Karen Quincy Jones won five Grammys including four owords for his album. "The Dude." and one for the album of Lena Horne's one-woman Droad-way show. Hey Gina Graham, you're No.1 with me. From Scott Whitworth MUSIC COUNTDOWN TOP 40 SONGS George, remember the 3 musketters? Guess Who Theresa Doulds. Will you marry me? Matt Voumard Chris W. you are the sweetest girl I hove ever metl Internationally speaking. I feel that the International ladies ond players are the Dest organization alive. Signed. Sheilo (j Joyce! Gary. Gwen. Todd and Toi. this year was great Thanks To my Little Sisters: Mona C. Anita M.. Valerie O., Robin T.. Remember all the good times, fun, and parties. Love ya always. Your Dig Sis Shew Gentry Todd Q.: To the spoiled brat in 6-2 Study Hall. You're very cute. Love. Lisa D. 6 Karen A. Sue. Missy, Dobby Jo. Lisa, LeeAnn. Friends Forever Loyne and Robin Friends forever Stephanie Loves Tom H. Always remember the times with Jom K. Dest friends forever. S and J. Dear Friends: The Dest is yet to come Love. Tiller Matt. I'll always be yours. Love. Theresa Dest of luck to Jan Pfleger Dest friends. Joyce (j Lorry 1. J. Geils Bond Centerfold 2. Olivio Newton-John Physkol 3 Police Every Little Thing She Does Is Mogk 4. Joon Jett ond the Blockheorts I Love Rock on- Roll 5. Prince Do Me Doby 6. Dob ond Doug McKenzee Take Off 7. GO-GO s Our Ups Are Sealed 0. Time Cool 9. Ozzy Osbourne Diory of o Modmon 10. Foreigner Woiring for o Girl Like You 11 AC DC Dock in Block 12. Sky Coll Me 13. Hall ond Ootes I Can't Go For Thot 14. Rush Tom Sawyer 13. Stevie Knkks Leather ond Loce 16. Devo Through Being Cool 17. Billy Squire Stroke 16. Police Don't Stand So Close to Me 19. Holl ond Ootes Prlvote Eyes 20. Juice Newton Queen of Hearts 21. Foreigner Juke-Box Hero 22. Don Folgelberg Leader of the Bond 23. Billy Squire Don't Soy No 24. Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird 25. Diano Ross ond Lionel Richie Endless Love 26 Devo Whip It 27. Rush 2112 26. Rolling Stones Start Me Up 29. The Ramones The KKK Took My Doby Awoy 30. Sugor Hill Gong Nosty 31. Quarter Flash Horden My Heart 32. Ozzy Osbourne Con t Kill Rock -n- Roll 33. Groteful Deod Sugor Magnolia 34. Air Supply Hear I Am 35. Charlie Daniels Bond The Devil Went Down to Georgia 36. AC DC For Those About to Rock 37. Atlanta Rythum Section Home Sick 36. Rick Springfield I’ve Done Everything for You 39. Sex Pistols God Sove the Queen 40. AC DC Let's Get It Up 1961-1982 GRAMMY AWARDSMotthew Abel Andrew Abromovich Jeffrey Ackerman Laura Adorns Marla Adcock Michael Albrecht Kimberley Anderson Kimberly Anderson Daniel Arnold Rebecco Arnold Wendy Aulabaugh Kevin Autenrlerh Christina Boer Deth Baker Kelly Barth Dawn Bated Michele Baum Michelle Bouswell Julie Beall Christophe Beatty Tomoro Beckman Joseph Bellitto Anne Bemis Michele Berkel Keith Berry Seon Bippen Carolyn Blair Joe Bland Kenneth Bland William Bland 60 - FreshmenDown Blonkenshtp Michelle Dloodworrh Rebecco Border Dono Boren Ronald Boswell Joseph Bowen Chorles Bryant Gordon Bryant Robert Bryont Cynthia Buhs Lisa Bunch John Burch Michoel Burger Barbara Burkhart Dervon Burnett Suson Butler Eddie Caberto Marqueto Coffey Marla Colome Michael Callohon Freshmen — 01William Campbell Dana Cannon Lisa Cosey Deidro Choimon Trino Cheatham Lisa Christensen Robert Christeson Debra Christy Stephanie Church Nancy Clark Shown Clayton Michael Clutts Susan Cochron George Cockrell Roy Collins David Condrey Cheryl Conger Ellen Conner Trocy Connors Suson Conrod Tomoro Conreux 62 - FreshmenOfyonr Cook Jerri Copelond Shoron Copelond Kenneth Corbin Meg ho n Cote Mory Cowon Mork Cowglll Leo Cox Gory Cron Mork Crone Donny Crowford Joseph Crowford Rondoll Cress Todd Cress Joel Criscione Kristen Crone Trocy Cross Stocey Crowe Huie Cunninghom Trocey Curtis Kimberly Czerny Vuthipon Ooengsurisri Gregory Dancy Llso Davenport Monico Davey Rebecca Davis Sherri Davis Joy Davison Ronald Denother Kelly Depper Richard Dewey Joe Dillinger Christophe Dixon Jason Dodd Dloke Doerr Steven Donelson Freshmen - ft3Diane Dorsey Mark Dunbar Derek Dunlop Andrew Dykeman Christina Eales Joseph Eberlln Lee Ebrey Gregory Edwards Herman Edwards Motthew Edwards Timothy Edwards Lemond Embrey Michael Emmons Christine Emons Motthew Ferguson Michael Feyerobend Randall Fields Robin Figge Leslie Fisher Peter Floherty Charles Foster Vincent Foster Cynthia Fowler Tino FowlerMelodie Fox Jomes Ffoncis Dorothy Gobriel Christine Gollup Donold Garrett Tommy Gores Anthony Gegg Beth Gehrke Jeonne Geisen Do no Gerbig Edmund Geirtz Donno Gillis Dorren Givens Kathryn Glazik Lori Gooch Kelly Grobner Regina Grohom Jenna Gromolino Deno Grovemon Darrell Gray Gino Greco Amy Green Joseph Greenberg Gory Griggs Lorry Griggs Liso Grindstaff Kelly Groves Kevin Guy Richord Hamilton Robin Homilton Michael Hornetioux Jill Harris Gerald Harrison Robert Hartley Julie Harvey Kerri Hatcher Melody Hotten Donald Housman Lauro Housman David Hawk Rhonda HaydenVincent Herrin Wesley Herron Roger Hetge Julie Hill Sammy Hill Gayle Hiller Williom Hiller Gene Hillman Rhonda Hinton Potrick Hoag Gory Hodges Andreo Hogue Joseph Holcomb Chorlse Holliday Christy Holloway Angela Holmes Glenn Holmes Charles Hornsey Steven Hornsey Darren Howord John Howord Kimberly Hubbard Gregory Huxford Beth Ingram Morcey Jockson Rufus James Todd Jonsen Kelly Jefferson Kevin Jemison Joseph JenkinsTheresa Jenkins Diane Johann Erico Johnson Rkhard Johnson Anthony Jones Darren Jones Diane Jones Karen Jones Karla Jones Uso Jones Condis Jordon Elizobeth Juhlln Richard Keorbey Rebecca Kelly Louise Kennedy Sheila Kerkemeyer Hojio Khon Martha King Cynthia Kircher Robert Klockenkemper Christopher Klope Robert Kohler Victor Koonti Andreas Kuhn Michoel Kuni John t of oh is Angelo lofferty Diono loir Eric Lambert Cecilia lone Undo lone Mark loro Fresher66 - Freshmen Jeffrey Level Cathy Lewis Julie Lievers Denise Link Kelly Linton Timothy Lively Dole Lobbig Duone Lovel Kristino Loveless Down Lowe Jonis Lowe Cynthia Locos Gino Luckett Jeonnie Lusk Sheilo Moog Percy Mobone Down Modson Anno Maggos Michael Moher II Jody Morkel Christine Morsholl Mory Morsholl David Moson Julie McofoosHorold McBride Pomelo McDrlde Dionne McCloin Timothy McCloin Yvette McCloin Jeffrey McCord Down McGlosson Jocob McGowon Jr. Michelle Mdlwoine Mory McNomee Jomes McPike II Poul Meletti Doniel Metzger Crystol Meyenburg Patricio Meyers Debro Middleton Stocey Middleton Michelle Mindrup John Mitchell Lourie Mizerski Down Moon Elizabeth Moore Gwynell Morre Kimberly Moore Robert Morey Melisso Morgenroth Drett Morris Marshall Morris Elizabeth Morse Jomes Mudd Cynthia Muenstermonn Gregory Myer Richard Myers Rochel Noylor Hoong Nguyen Liso Nielsen Leslie Nimmo Matthew Noble Sandro Nolon Michelle Northcutt John Oliver Joan O'Neal Lenore Ontts Lorhon O Quinn William Osborn Kenneth Osburn Mario Owens Janet Poge Freshmen - 69Robert Palmer Ellzobeth Porker Peter Porrino Marcus Patterson Terri Patterson Down Perotka James Phegley Shelley Pierce Daniel Pilkington Eva Powell Keith Powell Valerie Powell Shoron Prather Victot Price Llndoy Profer Penny Pruitt Sharon Pruitt Ronald Puent Patricio Purcell Denise Purkis Todd Quigley John Roffery Christlno Ragus Tommy Rogusa 90 - FreshmenLori Ralph Corlos Ramirez James Rouscher Donald Roy Liso Reed Joy Reeves Anthony Reinhordt Mary Renken Scott Renken John Retzer Done Reynolds Elizabeth Rezobek Kothleen Rhemick Michoel Rhoades Michael Rice Carole Richords Kimberly Riggs Morio Riley Morlo Riley David Rintoul Jacqueline Rippley John Roberts Kelly Robertson Condace Robinson Cheri Robinson Jeffrey Robinson Orion Rogers Robert Ruby Amy Ruedin Marjorie Ryon Carolyn Sadler Suzanne Sandberg Jomes Sanders Gail Scheln Trocy Schildrorh Shone Schultze Scott Schumacher Lisa Scoggins Angela Segobiono Catherine Shorp Linda Show Cedric Shelby Denise Shelby George Siampos Scot tie Simmons Kenneth Simms Matthew Simpson Clifford Sims Freshmen - 91Drion Sisk Down Sitze Keith Skinner Notolie Slone Deesheryl Smith Tommy Smith Tyro Smith Williom Smith Stephonie Snyder Kevin Snyders Ronald Springman Chad Stoggs Eric Stork Erk Storen Terry Stauffer Morjorie Steele Mory Steward Dryon Stewart Scott Stewort Theo Stewort Amy Stilwell Sheilo Stinnett Lawrence Stutz Philip Sumner Judith Sutton Nonerte Sutton David Sworringin Jeffrey Swiecicki Brooke Swkk Potricio Torrent 92 - FreshmenDouglas Taylor Eric Toylor Suson Toylor Trocy Toylor Debra Thomason Charles Thompson Dean Thompson Henry Thompson Wade Thompson MUchell Torin Richard Torrez Andrew Travis George Tyler Robert Tyler Tommy Ufert John Ulffers Saroh Ulrich Mark Ursch John Valdez Tod Vollond Teri Waggoner Angela Walker Sheryl Wolkington Denise Wallace Freshmen - 00Stephen Wongelin Shane Wankk Sandra Word Jerry Wardein Donna Worix Scon Worr Lawondo Washington Tomoro Watkins Quincy Wotley Eunice Weber Jonathan Webster Cindi Weinman Benjamin Welling Roger West Stoci Westfall Carrie White Tomara White Doniel Whiteside Joseph Wickenhauser Louro Wilkinson Timothy Wilkinson Darryl Williams Deanna Willioms Scott Williams Venus Willioms Charles Winslow Douglas Witt Trocy Witt Harold Wirtman II Carlo Wolff Felicia Woods William Woods Hardy Woodword Mark Wooff Michele Wooff Douglas Wright Jed Wuellner Tlno Young Julie Zeigler James Zemon Keith Sanders 94 - FreshmenBOARD OF EDUCATION Eu9«ne L. Frizzo President Verno J. Lewis Secretory Joyce Robinson President Pro Tem Shirley K. Mondy Secretory Pro Tem Dovid R. Thies Donnie Normon Jeffery R. Weber Foculty - 95DR. ROBERT LYNN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Harold W. Matthews. Ph. Assistant Superintendent D. Mary Blanche Jungers. Ph.D. Assistant Superintendent Thomos F. Dehler Control ler Treasu rer E. Dean Drowning Administrative Assistant David D. VonWlnkle. Ph D. Administrative AssistantADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Dovid L. Allen Director of Buildings ond Grounds Gene R. Alston Director of Title One Woyne A. Addison Director of Speciol Educotion Mrs. Ardythe Drowning Mrs. Normo Judkins Director of Food Services Director of CurriculumDR. ROBERT MIDDLETON PRINCIPAL Dorothy Adorns Assistant Principal James Bolter Edmond Groy Assistant Principal Assistant PrincipalMR. MICHAEL DEADER PRINCIPAL DIRECTOR J.D. JOHNSON CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER Jock Mortin Assistont Prlncipol J.B.J. Center Jock Jungers Assistont Princlpol Rolph McCloln Assistont Princlpol Lynell Weover Assistont PrinclpolDarryl Amschler Eugene G. Dailey Mary Dowling Lawrence Crobbs Jo Ann Dillon Joyce Ashpole Gary Danks Joe Deard Shirley Aszman Dororhy Denson Roy Doley Edwina Doiley Elizabeth Dourlond Mary Draden Hermon Drennecke Wilma Dricker Susan Duckley Vernetto Coffey James Callahan Roger Copps Elizabeth DaGue Merle Cromwell James Chestney Anthony Corona Kenneth Denison William Dlddlebock Clifford Davenport Mory Dirksmeyer Philip Dodds Shirley Dodds Janice Dunbar Gervo Dunlop 100 - FacultyWilliom Eogleton Joseph Feorheiley Erma Foster Ronald Enloe Wilbur Felkey Jon Garner Joyce Hairston Bette Holl Judith Hupperts Mory Husmonn Robert Erwin Richard Farrow Dr. Rachel Faries Corol Fogle Debro Forbes Denzel Ford Kenneth Hagen Fredrick Fischer Donna Hogen Susan Hansberry Jonis Hansen James Gloeser X Tv K Marlene Holl Gregory Guerro George Heidbrink Ruth Henderson Julio Hogle Gertraud Howold Potrkio Hunt Normon Imr Robert Jefferson Albert Journey Foculty - 101Adrian LaDrot Leland Leigh Robert Long George Loveless Stanley McAfoos Betty McClintock Paul Klockenkemper Robert Krouss Donald Long Donald Lindsey Dole Livengood Pete Leonl Dennis Meyer Marvin Mondy Lorry Montgomery Horry Munson Sandro Ohren Lorry Overath Money Poeltz David Pennell Alan Perry Lelo Peters J. Russell Phelps Walter Overbey 102 - Foculty Jonke. Ryon Fred. Schwoppoch Dorothy. Sctfres Pete. Stovros Margaret. Sfroube Marlene Toppe Robert. Treise Mortho. Reif Rkhord. Russell Philip. Robbins Weldon. Stevenson Howord. Show David. Schlltt k Rebecco. Sims Chester. Ryon Mory. Schrumpf Wllmo. Stinnett Fred. Tkknet Eugene. Ursprung Morion. Velloff Clovis. Vest Joseph. Voegeli Homer. Vowels Glenn. Woters Rito. Weiss Faculty - 103LoDonno Whitner Jomcs Wigget Sterne n Vtttoo UUVon 'Wirhtov Roy mood Young Aon Mercund Nurs Qerk Aon 'WongaUo Nurse Paul Gieet Security Ootman t gV t (beotqe 'WoWe Grady 'W r s orv Security Gilbert Wioody Security Robert lohletn Police Losion Office Sue Dilley loAnn Epple Gq Purges Teacher Aide Niaxme OWeWo Margaret Da'iVs borvcue Vox ShhNey OVasco EAeacrot Woratrxor Kathleen Outhom Teochet Aide TEACHER AIDES AND OFFICE WORKERS Shirley Oierbaum Oetty Honii Teochet Aide Teochet Aide Teochet Aide Teochet Aide Pot McCoy Anh Nguyen Motibeth Keed botbaia Smith hevetiy Summers Teochet Aide 104 - FoculfyVelmo Ondges - 1 Shirley Irvin w “ lean Sisk Marjorie Miller CUSTODIANS AND MATRONS Noomi Phegley Eddie Arnold CAFETERIA WORKERS - Ruth Harrison Vktorlo Rorhgeb Moe Byers Mary Holloway Bob Boys James Reed Clinron SmithFACULTY HONORS Mrs. Fories Mrs. Rochele Fories. AHS English teacher was named "Woman of the Year” by the Gotewoy East Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. She eorned the title through her work in research, leadership, and service to education. Mrs. Fories is chairman of the AHS English Department, administrative coordinator of English in grades K-12 and classroom teacher. She has helped bring about programs of AHS to teach students the basic English skills and on understanding of being a person. New Teacher This year, we have seen many new faces on our campus, some of whom we hove seen before in our school system. However, there is one face which is really new to the Alton School System. That face belongs to Greg Guerra. He graduated from Western Illinois University, and he did his student teaching in Hensdole, Illinois. Mr Guerra has chosen Alton High School os his first teaching position. He enjoys teaching woodwork-ing. because his students can see their results. Mr. Guerra believes that because his students con see their results, that this motivates them to do good work. When he is not teaching, he likes to play softball and lift weights. lOfi - FoculryThis is q tribute to our cafeteria employees who haven't forgotten (like so many of us) what it is to have school spirit. Here are the unsung heros of the stock pot and steam kettle who day after day prepare high qualify, nutritious breakfasts and lunches. Top: Combining work ond pleosure on October 31st ore Ruth Roe. Pot Gentelin. Joan Hensley. Foy Baird. ond Vkci Rothgeb. Bottom: The cofeterlo employees believe In getting Involved in school activities. Here they ore on Hobo Doy: Mory Holloway. Alveto Yotes. Adele Kold Mamie Lonier. Joon Hensley. ion Sanders. Morge Miller. Ann Elledge. Lourene Cown. Vied Rothgeb. Solly Elliott. Kathleen Worts. Ruth Horrlson. Minnie Koldlz. Shirley Irwin. Jeon Sisk. Pot Gentelin. Noomi Phegley. Foculry - 109Top Right: Shertlno Washington lends her voice to sing Sunrise. Sunset' from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 110 Top Left: Sophomore chorus members ot o con-cert procrice. Center Left: A sophomore concentrating deeply on the musk. Center Right: Robin Toylor. Cothy Whitlock, and Debbie Derry perform ot the Christmas Concert proctke. Bottom Left: Deon Thompson, fteshmon. lending his voke during the sixth hour chorus with Mr. Kelly. Bottom Right: Liso Lavender. Wendy Aulo-bough ond Stocy McMurroy. sopranos. Sing Sunrise. Sunset' during chorus. - MuskTop: Down Modson. Glno 6rohom. Leslie Fish-er and Down Deober. Center. Sophomore choruses ond Concert Choir practice for the Christmas Concert. Sunday. December 13. 1961. Bottom: Kim Anderson ond Pot Fox. tune up os they get down! Advanced Chorus Members: Loronn Curtis. Eli-zobeth Homilton. Tommy Horpole. Angie Hot-rison. Chery Hartley. Annette Johnson. Alice King. Julie Mondorco. Judee Page Jomi Pfleger. Rebecca Pllger. Dorothy Price. Heother Roby. Shoron Reed. Mory Roemer. Cloro Ross. Koylo Schroeder. Clorisso Stewart. Jomie Struif. Tommy Toylor. Scott Tekhmon. liso Todoro. Cynthio Unterbrink. Connie Walker. Christel Zippmonn Musk - 111SWING CHOIR Concert Choir Members: Jennifer Ackermon. Tereso Alverson. Belindo Beone. Stocey Betz. Kothryn Orooks. Lexo Browning. Solly Bryont. Jill Chose. Amy Conrody. Jomes Cook. Ann Dovey. Melindo Dilley. Money Ebbert. Pomelo Eby. Koy Eisenrekh. Robert Fronke. Kelly Fulks. Mono Grovemon. Deborah Hayes Merionno Kory. Brodley Kincode. Stocey Kindig. Ellen Krebs. Cherle Lankford. Brett Losswell. Joe Lawrence. Karen Link. Betsy Moynord. Jeffrey Moynord. Donald Noughton. Christino Nimmo. Thereso Nolon. Kelly Orr. Sherry Porks. John Peebles. Susan Prort. Delindo Rice. Gordon Robertson. Kothleen Schlldroth. Kimberly Sitze. Paul Spickermon. Robin Toylor. Shoron Thiel. Michoel Tucker. Jill Vondegriff. Dovld Weber. Catherine Whitlock. Jono Wittmon. Deboroh Woods. Deborah Berry. Top Right: Kelly Orr singing her solo. Top Left: Cothy Whitlock showing off her tolent. Bottom: Swing Choir singing ot Sky Line TowersTop Left: The girts sing their port of the song. Cenrer Left: Front row.Jockie Mcllwoine. Kothy Tout. Jill Vondergriff. Amy Conrody. Row 2-Scott Teichmonn. Jeff Moynord. Qrod Kincode. Joe Lowrence. Row 3-Pom Eby. Debbie Derry. Kelly Orr. Ellen Krebs. Cofhy Whitlock Row 4-Gordon Robertson. Robert Fronke. Scott Mon. drell. John Peebles Troubodour Members: Michele Douswell. Down Deober. Michel Bo sow Thereso Doulds. Chris Eoles. Stephonie Gill. Gino Graham. Gino Greco. JoAnne Hoar. Sherry Kelly. Debbie Lo-gemonn. Jonis Lowe. Stocy McMurroy. Soro Pellegrino. Julie Prewitt. Gwenn Rippley. Debbie Walker. DeeDee Willioms. Vicki Zimmer, monn. Aliclo Dlolr. Becky Border Dono Cannon. Liso Cosey. Moncio Dovey. Morcio Doy. Denise Dipiazzo. Suson Duer. Tonya Felton. Deno Grovemon. Judy Grills. Lourie Hoycroft. Laurie Heil. Twono Johnson. Soroh Keller. Chris Lewis. Debbie Middleton. Amy Reid. Stephonie Scott. Heidi Wense. Andy Anderson. Chris Dearry. Tyler Dorbon. Doryl Buford. Dennis Di-piozzo. David Lorgen. Sonford McMurroy. Doug Miller. Mock Miller. Joe Morse. Kevin Nolle. Dorrell Sims. Jeff Weeks. Doug Westbrook. Jeff Ackermon. Henry Bloir. Mike Dour-lond. Mark Cowgill. Albert Dixon. Andy Dyke-mon. Glen Holmes. Lemuel Lollls. Mork North. Kris Orr. Gront Peters. Don Whiteside. Musk - 113Center Right: Front Row: Down Beaber. Morio Boukos. Julie Dore. Judy Spillmon. Liso Co-lome. Chris Wott. Lori Scroggins. Ellsobeth Klein, Trocy Hentrkh. Second Row: Corlston Ed words Mork North. Debbie Woods, Kevin Evers. Andy Dykemon. Joel Mcllwoine. Jill Vondergriff. Tommy Bromley. Angie Bromley. Rhondo Vonoto. Jamie Eberlin. Doug Roffety. Third Row: Gory Crone. Poul Cornell. Dove Eogleton. Kevin Antonovich. Bill Buzon. Seon Bippen. Darrell Berry. Stephen Jocoby. Mork Springgote. Gorry Roybin. Mike Morris. Kitty Brooks. 114 - MuskTop Left. Donno Gillis ploying her violin in the Christmos Concert. Center: Symphonic Bond John Alexonder. Kevin Antonovich. Derrel Derry. Don Dertier. Mo-rio Doukos. Kerry Drodley. Toml Dromley. Don Drousen. Julie Drown. Dill Duzon. Porrl Cor. Stephonie Church. Roy Collins. Cothy Cornell. Poul Cornell. Debbie Cox. Gory Crone. Ludndo Curvey. Julie Dore. Brion Davis. Cynthio Davis. Andy Dykemon. Jomie Eberloin. Susan Enos. Down Prison, Shelly Gill. Stephonie Gill. Soroh Greer. Janet Horbeck. Mike Horris. Liso Heine-monn. Andy Hentrkk. Trocy Hentrick. John Howord. Steve Jocoby. Doris Jomldin. Dorren Jones. Liso Klein. Marianne Knezevich. Bobby Kohler. John Lofokis. John Leonard. Jeon Lusk. Jeff Moynord. Jim McCurley, Joci McCowoine. Von Meyer. Twylo Miller. Phil Moxey. Dob Mueller. Dorb Nickeil. Liso Niesen. Down Pointer. Rhonda Phillips. Rob Plunk. Gory Roybin. Leslie Recknogel. Orion Rogers. Rochel Ross. George Siompos. Lynn Siler, Down Slrze. Tyro Smith. Judy Spillman. Mark Springgote. Shown Toylor. Rondo Vonoto, Jill Vondegriff. Poul Ventimiglia. Borry Vlviono. Chris Watt. Cothy Whitlock Debbie Woods.CADET BAND Flute: Julie Deoil. Tommy Deckmon. Kim Duck-els. Cheryl Conger. Uso Grlndstoff. Ann Log-gon. Stocey Middleton. Denise Purkis. Mory Siotos. Terl Waggoner. Trocy Witt Oboe: Kirstin Griffin. Leslie Nlmmo. Trumpet: Jim Fronds. Todd Jonsen. Shone Schultze. Chris Steward. John Thomos Clarinet: Trocy Dogard. Terrence Charleston. Kelly Depper. Vincent Herrin. Kelly Robertson. Condy Robinson. Michelle Telford. Stoci Westfall Alto Sox: Doug Roffety. Clifford Sims Percussion: Roger Hetge. Don Metzger. Mike Tote. Eric Willioms. Mark Vou-mord Top: Seon Dippen. Drion Davis. John Lofokis. Center Left: Stephanie Gill. Center Right: Corol Kunz. Elise Cope. Bottom Left: George Siompos. Bottom Right: Morio Doukos. 116 - MuskCONCERT BAND Flute: Cothy Whitlock. Ellse Cope. Corol Kunz. Down Beober. Michele Derkel. Betsy Venti-miglio. Annette Decker. Lori Depper. Ellen Krebs. Cherle Lonkford. Joon Uhl. Dionne McCloin. Kim Hlllmon. Deb Thomoson. Sue Conrod. Jonet Poge. Cindy Duhs. Chris Ramey. Mio McGoughey. Andreo Holmes. Betsy Sut-ton. Kitty Brooks. Pot Killion. Candy Jordon. Coronet: Brion Dovis. Gory Crone. Tim Prison. Michelle Mcllwoine. Bill Hiller. Derek Ross. Ed Brond. Cloinet: Cindy Montgomery John How- ord. Lori Gooch. Anno Show. Cindy Dovis. Lori Scroggins. Goyle Hiller. Yvette McCloin. Ellen Conner. Trocy Schlldroth. Jennifer Jungk. Uso Christensen. Lori Roper Rhondo Hinton. Sondy Buckner. Carrie White. Oboe: Kim Czerny. Julie McAfoos. Bassoon: Chris Ulffers. Debro Wolker. Baritone: Jonet Hordbeck. Tom Pullen. Chris Klope. Ken Corbin. Tubo: Bob Diserns. French Horn: Keith Tekhmonn. Bloke Doerr. Angl Bromley. Chris Hindmon. Doug Wright. George Cockrell. Trombone: Mike Hoynes. Bob Chrlsteson. Wade Thompson. Percussion: Vln-cent Andrews. Cheryl Beckmon. Joe Bowen. Kevin Guy. John Leonord. Darrell McCrody. Johnie Thomas. Butch Woods. Suson Funk-houser. Alto Sox: Roy Collins. Jim Phegley. Tim Cooper. Tenor Sox: Rick Morton. Doug Toylor. Charlie Hornsey Top Left: Symphonic Bond. Don Brousen. Rob Plunk. Sorah Greer. Top Right: Pit Orchestro Bottom: Lisa Colome. Uso Klein. John Howard Musk - 117Top Right-Donny Boyd Ploys the violin. Top Left-Jill Vondegriff. Jod Mdlwoine ond An-gie Bromley blow rheir horns. Center-Symphony Orchestro Bottom Right-Tommy Bromley tokes time to reod o book. 116 - MusicCONCERT ORCHESTRA Money Andrews. Kelly Dorfh. Do no Doren. Kofhy Block. DeeDee DeCoor. Dorrell Berry. Seon Bippen. Angelo Boukos. Mono Boukos. Donny Boyd. Tomoro Bromley. Angie Bromley. Audrey Bryont. Uso Colome. Amy Con-rody. Beth Conrody. Meghon Core. Lourie Dolton. Uso Dovenport. Lorry Edwords. Don Free-mon. Donno Gillis. Peggy Gromores. Jomes Holmes. Steve Jocoby. Andy Jonnson. Koren Jones. PotrkkJ Killlon. Tony Jones. Ann Kien-stro. Debbie King. Andy Loird. Down Lowe. Mike Kunz. Julie McAfoos. Joci Mdlwoine. Debbie Middleton. Missy Morgenroth. Robertb Mueller. Mike Myers. Mork North. Teresa ON-eol. Down Palmer. Derek Ross. Potty Schoefer. Bill Sewell. Chris Shermon. Rochel Smith. Michelle Sweetmon. Brook Swick. Soroh Ulrich. Barry Viviono. Tommy Workins. Trocey Web-ster. Louro Wilkinson. Jomes Williams. Jill Von-degriffff. John Crone. Brian Dovis. Theresa Brinkmon. Music - 119FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE CHORUS: Louro Heil. Chris Lewis. Tonyo Felton, lisa Cosey. Monica Dovey. Laurie Haycrofi. Amy Reid. Judy Grills. Debbie Middleton. Heidi Wense. Denise Dipoizo. Twono Johnson. Dono Con. nan. Becky Border. Alicia Blair. Kelly Alrean. Sandy Nolan, Pubulo Williams, Sheri Long, Soroh Keller. Stephanie Scott, Dena Grav.e-mon. Marcia Day. Laurie Mizerski, Kofhy Block. Tino Washington. Karen Kincade. Bren-do Steele. Down Perotko. Elizabeth Rezabek. Cheryl Runtz. DeAnna Schmoeller. Jone Eppel. Josie Modson. Tommy Gotes. Dono Young. Te-resa Frank. Amy Emmons. Pot Tarrant. Tino Young. Storlo Madison. Carlo Wolff. Jeon Lusk. Potty Meyets. Cindy Georgewitz. Volorie Boyer. Laura Bowles. Karla Jones. Denise Shelby. Donna Gillis. Michelle Baum, Pam McBride. Marcey Jackson. Stephanie Blackburn. Beth Hanneken. Shoron Collins. Quana Cosley. Al. bar Dixon. Kris Orr. Grant Peters. Glen Holmes. Mark Cowgill. Mike Bourlond. Sanford McMur-roy, David Largen. Jeff Weeks. Dennis Di-piazzo. Daryl Buford. Kevin Nolle. Chris Beatty. Lemuel lollls, Jeff Ackerman, Andy Dykemon. Don Whiteside. Henry Blair. Mark North. Tyler Borbon. Doug Westbrook. Mock Miller, Joe Morse. Doug Miller. Andy Anderson. Dorrell Sims. Shown Langley. Robert Hartley. Goty Croin. Mike Albrecht. John Budnyk, Dean Thompson. Chuck Bryant. Rolph Monroe. Marvin Spann. Jim Zemon. Tim Folson. Mark Hkk-man. Kelly McDonald. Terri Togue. Annette Phipps. Sandy Ward. Vicki Brond. Erko John-son. Ken Beres. Keith Harris. Shone Wornick. Chris Gallup. Gwen Cole. Pot Fox. Eunice Weber. Beth Gehrke. Tammy Northern. Doris Wilt-shire. Corolyn Blair. Rita Shepherd. Brittany Miller. Lori Scroggins. Michelle Childs. Tiffany Breden. Robin Figge. Sharon Copeland. Debbie Howard, Sheri Waggoner. Judy Sutton. Chris Morsholl. Lauro Hausman. Sherry Prather. Alio Aikens. Corliss Toylor. Lynn Elliott. Shello Kerkemeyer. Meghan Cote. Shelley Pierce. Angle lofferty. Jodi Sllveus. Louro Adams. Ml-chelle Childs. Catherine Sharp. Jaquellne La-mere. Mindy Dodd. Cindy Fletcher. Kathy Beaty. Stephanie Snyder, Lawanda Woshing-ton. Lynn Lane. Kelly Jefferson. Undo Profer. Potty Purcell. Mory Renken. Lisa Jones. Karen Wynn, Lisa Taylor. Trocy Bogord. Penny Pruitt. Lisa Kruse. Theresa Boulds. Vkkl Zimmermon. Debbie Walker. Gina Grohom. Susie Brown, Stephonie Gill. Stacy McMurrary. Michel Bo-sow. DeDe Willioms. Sherry Kelly. Sara Pellegrino. JoAnne Harr Haor. Janis Lowe. Julie Prewitt. Glno Greco. Gwen Rippley. Joy Reeves. Angi Bromley. Terri Rolph. Michele Bouswell. Debbie Lagemonn. Chris Eoles. Borb Horvey. Kim Hubbard. Trocy Hentrich, Jeonne Monns. Tommy Jorrett. Down Beober. Chris Loveless, Hojro Khon. Robin Green, Soroh Cowon. Down Toylor. Down Madison. Llso Lavender. Cheryl Smith. Wendy Aulobough. Leslie Fisher. Down Blonkenship. Teno Goskill. Denise Fisher. Susan Allen. Louro Clayton. An-dreo Holmes. Down Borell. Corlo Burch. Jockie Rippley. Gino Luckerr. Tommy Helrung. Debbie Terrel. Melodie Fox. Kim Brown. Trocy Con-ners. Vol Gordon. Llso Christensen. Angie Holmes. Tol Heininger. Margie Stelle. Korlo Brown. Jeonlne Pittman. Top: Cothy Cornell. Judy Spillman Center Left: Johnie Thomos. Cheryl Beckman Bottom: Chris Steward. Kofhy Rhemick, Shone Schulfze. Todd Jonsen 120 - MuskJAZZ BAND Sox: Julie Drown. Jamie Eberlln. Gordon Robertson. Rondo Vonoto. Mike Harris. Trumpet: Jim Mcurley. Gory Crone. Kevin Antonovich. Trombone: Dob Mueller. Seon Dippen. Mike Hoynes. Percussion: Andy Hentrich. Guitor: Tom Pullen. Doss Guitor: Lorry Edwards. Plono: Amy Conrod Music - 121Top Right: Teri Nolan. Center Left: The Redbird Color Guord In the Queen Anne Solute. Center Right: Redbird Color Guord: Mory Choppell-Sorgeont. Betsy Dykemon-Americon Flog. Debbie King-lllinols Flog. Dona Gerbig-Alton Flog. Bottom Left: Redbirdettes: First Row: (L toR) Condi Funkhouser-Co-Captoin. Terri Nolan-Cap-toin. Second Row: Kelly McDonald. Kim Hub-bord. Julie Mcfoos. Missy Reed. Sondy Nolon. Third Row: Dee Dee Becoor. Trocy Webster. Morgorer Cope. Kelly Connour. Vicki Brond. Krissy Edgor. Fourth Row: Kothy Rhemick. Rhonda Hoyden. Julie Zeigler. Cindy Fowler, Sherry Mohr. Terri Ralph. Bottom Right: Darrell Derry jams on his “Tiger of Son Pedro ' Solo. 122 - MuskTop: Redbird Rifle Squad (L foR) Joan O'Neal. Annette Poce. Motto Boukos. Amy Tower-Cop-toin. Teresa O'Neal. Mkhelle Dosow. Soroh Ulrich. Center: Marching 100 giving their all.Top Right-Mr. Kline ond Mr. Sutfon fake tickers of the door. Center Left-Students help out at the concession stand. Center Righr-Cindy Toney ond Dene Demond In Midair! Bottom Right-Cheerleaders do their workouts before the gome. A NIGHT AT THE GAME ( 124 - SportsTop Left-Germon Club helps out of boskefboll gomes Top Center Left-Down ond Dersy toot their flutes. Top Center Right-AHS fons wotch the bosket-boll gome. Lower Center Left-Pom squod cheer on the AHS boskefboll reom.FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Top: Cindy Poui Center: Sherri Ash. Lezlie Demond. Down Den-ningmon, Cindy Dovis. Holly Moyer, or Homecoming Football gome.JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Top Left: Brittony Miller demonstrates her cheerleoding obilities. Top Right: Suson. Cindy. Chris ond Kim cheer the Redbirds to victory. Bottom: Junior Vorsity Bosketboll Cheer-leoders: Suson Albrecht. Cindy Dovis. Kim Gibbons. Kim Buckets. Kelly Orr. Lezlie Demond. Chris Romey. Brittony Miller, ond not pictured-Anne Bemis. Sports - 127POM PON SQUAD Front Row: Mory Jone Hill. Toi Heinlnger. Jill Chose. Cindy Rondolph. Liso Dunbar. Dede Becoor. Janet Poge. Stephanie Scott. Second Row: Lauti Hofherr. Kim Stroube Gwen Wreoth. Holly Moyer. Gwynn Rippley. Kim Hubbord. Twono Johnson. Third Row: Down Denningmonn, Cothy Cornell. Tina Eschboch. Soni Tiemann. Peggy Gromates. Not Pictured: Noncy Kates. Mory Ellen Muho. Heather Roby 128 - SportsVARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Vorslty Bosketboll Cheerleoders: Bene Demond. Potty Goeden. Cindy Toney. Ondy Poul. Solly Dryont. Toto Gomer. Lorroine Rogers. Mario Epps. Sherrie Ash. Sports - 129JUNIOR VARSITY AND VARSITY SOCCER Top-J.V. Soccer-front row-Uso Cubboge. Cindy Montgomery. Goll Hiller Row 2-Mork Cowgill. Jeff Weeks. Tony Jones. Greg Howord. Mork Dunbor. Keith Gorrett. Mike Dourlond. Drion Sisk. Andy Abromovich. Lorry Stutz. Mike Moher. Steve Senders Row D-Cooch Dugan Jed Wuellner. Kevin Guy. Jeff Foster. Todd Jon-sen. Jim McPike. Rob Klockenkemper. Doug Morkel. Jim Dunhom. Chris Ulffers. Kent Dohl-mon Row 4-Den Levi. Joe Kunz. Hoi Wittmon. Jeff Condrey. Greg Harris. Angie Dukis. Dill Hiller. Rick Moyers. Troy Patton Center-Coach Dugon explains the strategy in the huddle. Doftom Left-Dob Cogan posses the boll to a reomote. Dottom Right-Tim Nosello puts a lot of effort into his kick. 130 - SportsTop Left-Scoff Teichmonn concenrrofes before he kicks the boll. Top Right-Murry Coppel fries fo keep worm during o gome In cold weather. Bottom Left-John Green kicks the boll oround. Bottom Right-Jeff Jublln gives the boll o pow-erful boot. Varsity Soccer Record 14-7-3 AHS- 5 Roxana 0 4 Wood River 0 2 Marquette 1 2 Jacksonville 0 0 Granite City South 1 2 Springfield 0 Southeast 1 Collinsville 2 0 Belleville West 4 1 Belleville East 1 2 Quincy Senior 1 0 Granite City North 4 0 Hazelwood Central 5 1 Edwardsville 0 2 Collinsville 1 0 Cahokia 1 1 Belleville West 0 2 Peoria Spaulding 1 2 Peoria Bergan 2 4 Belleville East 2 0 Edwardsville 0 13 Washington 0 3 Wood River 0 1 Marquette 0 0 Belleville West 1 Sub-sectionol Results AHS- 3 Wood River 0 1 Marquette 0 Sports - id REDWING VOLLEYBALL A 41 Top left-Mary Dloir crouches down, reody to receive the serve. Top Right-Cothy Reo proctices setting the boll before the gome. Bottom-The teom onticipotes the return. 132Top Left-Cothy Reo grits her teeth os she deliv-ers o smoshing serve. Top Right-Dione Dodson returns o volley with o punch. Dottom-Liso Dunbor. Jono Wlttmon. ond Gigi Sotengco ore hoppy offer their win. 100134 VARSITY GOLF The 1961 boys golf team hod a record of 12 wins. 6 losses, and 1 tie. They placed third In conference with o 4-4 record. They captured seventh place in Districts. The outstanding player was David Stifes with on average of 36.4 for the year. Sports Top: Girls Golf ream: Karen Yost. Down Church. Jenny Show, ond Kristi Johnson, won first place In the girls District match, third In the Sectional match. Bottom Left: Mr. Overoth shows us his abilities. Bottom Right: Ralph Dowles getting reody to moke a hole in one.Top Left: Kelly Church, returning lettermon. with o 42.6 overoge. Top Right: Ralph Bowles Dove Stites. Terry Hillen. Jeff Moynord. ond Kelly Church formed o strong port of the team. Bottom Left: Kevin Hilltgoss just missing his putt (o returning lettermon). Bottom Right: Down Church. Jenny Show, ond Kristi Johnson. Sports - 105136 - Sports Top: Beth Baker. Center Left: Vol Woods. Bottom Left: Cooch Bowling. Liso Alexander. Lucy Armsteod. Trod Barker. Down Church. Betsey Maynard. Bottom Right: Lucy Armsteod. Center Right: Bock Row: Cooch Bowling. Mike Albrecht-Mgr.. Dionne McCloin. Stacey Anthony. Cheryl Robinson. Stephonle Gill. Annette Davenport. Cathy Snipes. Lucy Armstead. Kim Moore. Traci Barker. Betsey Maynard. Rhonda Hinton. Traci Johnson-Mgr.. George Tyler. Mgr., Cooch Todoroff. Front Row: Vol Woods. Denise Ewln. Dawn Church. Kneeling: Liso Alexander. REDWINGS BASKETBALL Alton 74 Drussells 40 Alton 46 Jacksonville 57 Alton 74 Toylorville 76 Alton 54 Pekin 40 Alton 60 Socred Hearts Academy 66 Alton 50 Belleville East 52 Alton 64 Cahokio 48 Alton 52 Belleville West 59 Alton 78 Corrolton 24 Alton 54 Belleville Althoff 59 Alton 35 East St. Louis 63 Alton 70 Marquette 40 Alton 22 Lincoln 85 Alton 52 Edwardsville 46 Alton 48 East St. Louis 64 Alton 44 Collinsville 59 Alton 52 Belleville West 73 Alton 63 Nerinx Hall 37 Alton 38 Mascoutah 47 Alton 42 O'Fallon 44 Top: Corhy Snipes (Center). Stocey Anthony (30). Center Left: Dersey Moynord. Center Right: Sheilo Rogers. Sports - 137Top: Rhonda Hinton gets control of the ball. Middle Left: Morcey Jackson playing for the freshmon Team. Freshman: girls basketball Alton 26 Belleville Althoff 34 Alton 20 Corrolton 16 Alton 45 Belleville East 36 Alton 36 Edwrdsville 24 Alton 27 Alton Marquette 26 Alton 32 Belleville East 44 Alton 34 Belleville West 36 Alton 35 Collinsville 11 Alton Alton Morquette-snow Alton 40 Belleville Althoff 30 Alton Edwordsville-snow Alton 23 Belleville West 44 Alton 45 Collinsville 30 Middle Right: L to R Front Row: Kellie Combs. Kim Moore. Cheryl Robinson. Bock Row: Coach Dillon. Juonito Miller. Beth Boker. Trocie West. Rhondo Hinton. Morcey Jockson. Dionne McClain. Liso Jones. Not Pictured Mgr. Rachel Sheppard. Bottom Left: Cheryl Robinson, forword for Freshmon team. Bottom Right: Lucy Armstead, forward J.V. ream. 106 - SportsREDWINGS J.V. BASKETBALL Top Loft: Cooch Todoroff gets the loom together for o pep folk. Top Right: Anno Show for the Sophomore ond J.V. teoms. Middle Left: Rhonda Hinton jumping high for the toss up. J.V. Girls Basketball Alton 65 Brussels 23 Alton 50 Jacksonville 40 Alton 51 Belleville E. 44 Alton 49 Cahokin 28 Alton 43 Belleville W. 69 Alton 35 Carrollton 9 Alton 33 Belliville Althoff 32 Alton 36 East St. Louis 27 Alton 47 Marquette 15 Alton 4 East St. L. Licloln 57 Alton 39 Edwardsville 47 Alton 30 East St. Louis 38 Alton 35 Collensville 45 Alton 30 Belliville W. 68 Alton 62 Belleville E. 31school US 14 14 0 7 VARSITY FOOTBALL 14 19 22 0 7 them Columbia Hickmon 17 Quincy 0 Belleville Eost 27 Edwardsville 13 Joliet 3 Belleville East 21 Collinsville W. fi Belleville West 21 St. Louis 9 The coaches of the Alton High Var-slty football team are: Coach Munson, Coach Williams. Coach Martin, and Coach Macias. These four men put forth effort to make the Alton Redbirds the best they be for this year. We should thank these men for their time and efforts. We should also give thanks to the football team itself for not letting us down in many of the games. Top: The Redblrd Football team, lines up for onother orrack. Center Right: Coach Munson instructs Doug Williams for the next ploy. 140 Center Left: The quarterback, Doug Williams, is well guorded by his Redbird teammate. Bottom Right: Half-time at the Alton Stadium. The Marching 100. Redblrdetfes. ond the Color Guard gove the performance. Bottom Left: The Redblrds huddle to discuss the next play, os the referee stonds close by. SportsTop Loft: The defensive line reody for ocfion. Top Right: The hond-off is mode to Mike Tolbert. os he trovels up the left side of the field, well guorded. Center Left: The offensive line hos time to rest os the defensive line holds bock the opposing teom.SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Cooches: Terry Mitchell and Lorry Todoroff. Craig Deolon. Trocey Drown. Mark Durler. Jomes Chestney. Jon Davidson. Scott Dorris. Chris Howkins. Mark Hickmon Steve Hollowoy. Anthony Holmes. Jesse Jemison. Sonford McMurroy. Douglos Miller. Ralph Mon-roe. Worren Phegley. Cedric Phillips. Dwayne Redditr. Orion Smith. David Spencer. Eric Sumner. Ronald Wolloce. Deke Worren. Douglos Westbrook. Scott Whitworth. Kenneth Wo-mock. Alton 47 Granite City South 0 Alton 22 Belleville West 28 Alton 24 Delleveille East 7 Alton 19 Cahokio 0 Alton 10 E. St. Louis 18 Alton 9 Granite City North 0 Alton 24 Collinsville 21 Center Left: Coach Mitchell giving o word of odvice. Center Right: Fred Skelton trying to goin on-other yard. Dortom: Jessie Jemison signaling another Alton touchdown.FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Mike Cluffs. Jeff Chesfney. Eddie Coberfo. Theo Steworf. David Rintoul. Morlo Riley, Henry Dloir. Erk Sfofen. Lorry Griggs. Done Reynolds. J. C. Selliffo. Jeff Ackermon. Doren How-ord. Lemond Embrey. Dole Drice. James Harrison. Mork Wooff. Jeff Herd. John Voider. Scoff Renken. Dryanf Cook. Richard Homilfon. Don Arnold. Terry Duhs. John Burch. Vince Herrin. Mort Abel. Gene Hillman. John Greenburgh. Derrick Dunlop. Kenny Bonks. Leo Cox. Mike Rke. Scoff Schumacher. Percy Mabon. Monog-ers-Greg Jackson. Corl Porker. Cooches- Pefe McForlone. Joe Hook. Alton 14 Belleville E. 20 Alton 6 Belleville W. 42 Alton 8 Granite City South 0 Alton 21 Granite City North 14 Alton 30 Roxana 21 Alton 28 Edwardsville 27 Alton 12 Collinsville 20 Top Righf: Jessie Jemlson • tackled but keeps on going. Bottom Right: Wingbock. Croig Beolon receives o completed poss from quorterbock Brl-on Smith. Sports - 140144 Alton High's Vorslty Cross Country squod included three returning letter-men: Senior Orion Strauss, Team Captain; Senior Kay Taylor and Sophomore Kyle Cummings. The rest of the team provided strong support, with a 11 but three of its members returning next fall. The young team promises to do well in the future with juniors Draumstedt, Buckner. Lovel. and Miller plus sophomores Cummings and Mosley. Coached by Ron Mayhew, the team finished fourth at confer-ence and eighth at district.CROSS COUNTRY Top Left-Bob Miller pushed himself for good times. Top Right-Three AHS runners finish in o pock behind o Kohok.146 Bottom Right: One of the Redwings shuffles towards o base. Attorn Left: Troci Darker is reody for action. V SportsREDWINGS SOFTBALL Top Lott: Carol McBride owoits the pitch. Top Right: two Redwings teom up for the out ot first. Bottom Left: The hit ond run is on this pitch. Sports — 147VARSITY BASEBALL K‘9h,; Kom Schelle togging on Oiler ployer out before he con reoch first. Center: Mr. Moclos. giving the Redbirds o pep tolk before they enter the gome. Bottom Left. Scott Johns pitches o fost boll to the Oiler member ot bot. 146 - SportsTop Right: Kent Schelle in the catching position. getting reody to teceive the boll. Top Left: An unidentified Redbird runnet togs In safe. Spotts - 149SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Center Left: Allen Noop dives in heod first to the bose. Center Right: Richard Kirzmiller steps up to bor. SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Top: Cooch takes time out to discuss the ploy Center Left: Redbirds tentatively wotching the gome. Center Right: Jim Goeken worms up with the pitcher. Dottom: First Row-. Jimmy Goeken. Domel Hopkins. John Alexander. Adorn Cartwright. Jeff Juhlin. Second Row: Andy Kohler. Ted McGl-bony. Jerry Wildermon. Troy Fleming. Steve St. Clnn. Pete Groves. Third Row: John Uhl. Jeff Dell. Tim Dennett. DovkJ Henson. Don Zeigler. Alon Noop. Tim Drooks. Fourth Row: Kevin Carroll. Cooch. Henry Munson.Center Right: Felicia Davis moklng o getaway. Bottom Left: Running hard with the hand off. Sue Mock has the lead. Bottom Right: Gweyn Rippley forcing herself farther. 152 SportsTop Left: Undo Woriick showing the shot put who's boss. Top Right: Arlene Kerkemeyer cotching up. Dottom Left: Juanita Show grittin her teeth in strength. Dottom Right: Sharon Thiel gets over with no problem. Sports 150Top Right: Kyle Cummings runs his leg of the reloy. Top Left: Lenzy Morris cleors o hurdle with eose. Center: Junior Vorsity members: Front row: Steve Hollowor. Jomes Holmes. Mork Womock. Tony Thocker. Lemuel Lollis. Darrell Simms. Albert Dixon. John Davidson. Dono Hardin. Second row-. Coach Mitchell. Harold Lovett. Eddie Cunninghom. Jesse Jomison. Winston Herron. Romona Portee Miles Reddift. Carl Porder. Third row: Coach Corona. Coach McForiond. Coach Moyhew. Cosey Willis. Darren Hucthinson. Fred Shelton. Steve Sanders. Ed Moore. Robert Moseley. Coach Word. Fourth row: Sonford McMurroy. Orion Smith. Gront Chappell. Anthony Holmes. Kevin Evers. Kyle Cummings. Dortom Right: Delon Dunlop cleors o hurdle with eose. Bottom Left: Darryl McElroy act runs his competition to give Alton o win. 154 - Sports VARSITY TRACK Top Loft: Chris Henderson strides big in on effort to edge out o Lincoln opponent. Center Left: Vorsity trock members: Front Row-Cooch Mitchell. Jeff Musgroy. Gerold Dennis. Tony Holmes. Chris Henderson. Lenny Musgroy. Terry Towenser Row 2-Cooch McForlone. Brlon Smith. Drod Rogers Greg Kopsie. Roy Turner. Lenzy Morris. Steve Lowe. Chuck Foremon. Coach Word Row 3-Cooch Corono. Kevin Lovell. Mike Tolbert. Delon Dunlop. John Tomner. Cole Light. Willie Vesley Dove Ekhen. Dovid Morzer. Dorryl McElroy Row 4-Coach Moyhew, Dotty Stoten. Torrence Henderson. Dutch Woods. Orion Strauss. Gory Choppel. Dove Edelmon. Veron Corvey. Horrlson Porker Cooch Pitts Not Pictured-Cooch Peters Sports — 155 Center Left: Gory Chappell leods the pock in the 2-mile relay.GIRLS TENNIS The girls tennis teom ended their season with nine wins and seven losses. They took second place in the I HSA District tournament finishing behind Edwardsville. Beth Elliott captured the singles title. Soni Tiemann and Kim Gibbons took first place in doubles. These girls participated in the IHSA State tournament in Chicago. Varsity players included Seniors Deth Elliott and Nancy Schleper. Un-derclossmen were Soni Tiemann. Carolyn Mermis, Kim Gibbons and Kim Grobner. s urn f if Top Right-Sonl Tlemonn displays her bock-hood. V»V «VwWWiV Center- Kim Gibbons owoits the return or the net. 5ottom-Beth Goebel returns o backhand shot. . -. .. 156 - SportsBottom Left-Qerh Elliott shows hot forehond swing. Bottom Righr-Jennifer Hoscoll sloshes o viscious forehond. Sports - 157Top Loft: Eric Stoutenborough o sophomore wos number five on the rennis lodder. Eric ployed doubles with Treefon Siompos with o record of seven wins ond six losses. Center: There were mony new ployers this yeor ond Scoff Deer, o sophomore, os shown In this picture wos one of them. Bottom: Treefon Siompos. o senior, ronked number three on the lodder. Treefon ployed twenty-one motches winning eleven out of the twenty-one. 156 Sports VARSITY TENNIS Top Right: Joe Ingram, o junior, the number two ployer hod ten wins ond four losses in single's motches this yeor. Joe. olong with Tom Walter, a senior, come up with o record of sixteen wins ond five losses in their doubles motches.' n •« ' ■ ;U ATI UX Top Left-The number four position wos held this yeor by Tim Nasello. For o sophomore like Tim. this wos on outstanding occomplishment. Center Right- Gory Elliott worked very hord this yeor to o number 9 position on the tennis lodder. Bottom Left-The number one ployer on the tennis reom this yeor wos Tom Walters. Tom. olong with Joe Ingram, won the double’s chompionship ot the Gronite City South District Tournoment. They odvonced to state finols ot Arlington Heights where they won one motch out of three. Sports 159VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Brod Collier Mike Tolbert. Ricky Toylor. Tim Drooks. Dryon Clork. Brion Smith. Erk Cook. Mike Tote - Mgr. Dock Row: Cooch Boiter. Dloine Everoge. Erk Williams. Jim Boker. Ron Twichell. Steve St. Cin. Arthur Hinton. Cooch McAfoos 160 - SportsSi - 82 Season Alton 60 Cohokio 69 OT Alton 64 Belleville Althoff 52 Alton 49 Edwordsville 44 Alton 55 Belleville West 72 Alton 48 Quincy 64 Alton 51 Ook Forest 62 Alton 77 West Frankfort 49 Alton 60 Maine East 61 Alton 54 Edwordsville 47 Alton 58 Belleville East 59 Alton 61 E. St. Louis 60 Alton 57 Collinsville 54 Alton 51 Woodriver 58 Alton 66 Granite City South 57 Alton 57 Jacksonville 55 Alton 69 O'Follon 50 Alton 51 Springfield S.E. 64 Alton 54 Belleville West 63 Alton 59 Belleville East 63 Alton 67 Collinsville East St. Louis Gronite City North 70JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Left: Brion Smith Top Right: Rodney Johnson Center Left: Steve St. On Center Right: Front Row: Dloine Everoge Steve St.Cin. Erk Willioms. Aurthor Hinton. Bock Row: Bryon Clork. Broin Smith. Tim Brooks. Oorold Rondol. Erk Cook. Bottom Left: Tim Brooks Bottom Right: Erk Willioms, Bryon Clork. 162 - SportsTop: Mr. fairer Center: 54-Tim Brooks 32-Drion Smith 50-Eric Cook 4-Eric Willioms Bottom Left: Dloine Everge Bottom Right: Shorter Erk Willioms. 54-Tlm Brooks. 24 Dorrold Rondol J. V. Scores Alton 66 Cohokia Belleville Alton 71 Althoff Alton 54 Edwordsville Alton 75 Belleville W. Alton 40 Quincy Alton 43 Edwordsville Alton 53 Belleville E. Alton 56 Eost St. Louis Alton 57 Collinsville Alton 59 Wood River Granite City Alton 56 South Alton 69 Jacksonville Alton 75 O'Follon Springfield Alton 66 Southeast Alton 61 Belleville W. Alton 54 Belleville E. Alton 61 Collinsville Sports - 163FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Top: 20 Todd Sherman. 23 Derrick Dunlop. Center Left: 23 Derrick Dunlop. Alton 57 Wood River (OT) 61 Alton 42 Civic Memoriol 34 Alton 42 Belleville West 50 Belleville Alton 44 Althoff 41 Alton 43 Belleville West 49 Alton 48 Belleville East 58 Alton 57 Jerseyville 46 Alton 60 Civic Memoriol 45 Alton 55 Riverview Central 53 Alton 31 Hazelwood Central 28 Center Right: First Row: Ken Banks. Pot Ruby. Marshall Morris. Todd Sherman. Terry Charleston. Second Row: Theo Stewart. Marcus Potter-son. Leo Cox. Mike Maher. Derrick Dunlap. Henry Blair. Back Row: Coach Mayhew. Cedric Shelby. John Unger. Kevin Jemison. Randy Fields. Ron Stompley Alton 59 Roxana 33 Alton 42 Belleville East 69 Alton 77 Southwestern 43 Alton 55 Collinsville 45 Alton 48 Belleville East 41 Alton 53 Belleville West 56 Alton 72 Collinsville 52 Alton 54 Wood River 61 "B" GAMES Alton 41 Jerseyville 24 Alton 34 Civic Memoriol 33 Alton 42 Southwestern 24 Alton 52 Wood River 25 164 - Sports Bottom Right: Coach Moyhew giving pr gome strotegy.SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Top Left: Alton out jumps Loncers. Top Right: Kevin Hilligoss. Center: Top Row: Dennis Horris-Monoger. Croig Deolon. Trocey Drown. Sonford McMur-roy. Doryl Rondol. Corl Porker. Lemuel Lollis. Rick Morton. Kevin Hilligoss. Alon Floto. Cooch Ursprung. Kneeling. Jomes Holmes. Dwoyne Redditt Don Dixon. Ston Hordimon. Rod De-Druce Jesse Jemison. (Steve Hollowoy Ab-sent). Dottom Left: 52 Doryl Rondol. 32 Croig Deolon. Dottom Right: Sonford McMurroy. Alton 63 Wood River 50 Alton 49 Hazelwood 44 Alton 30 Hazelwood West 26 Alton 42 St. Louis U High 36 Alton 53 Edwardsville 46 Alton 67 Belleville E. St. Louis 64 Alton 77 Lincoln 3-OT 76 Alton 69 E. St. Louis 63 Alton 64 Wood River 59 Alton 56 Roxana 54 Alton 51 Belleville E. 53 Alton 55 Collinsville 51 Alton 79 Belleville E. 63 Alton 61 Belleville W. 51 Alton 48 Venice 60 Alton 49 Collinsville 54 Alton 50 E. St. Louis 61 Sports - 165ACTIVITIES BOARD Top-. Jeff Moynord goes over his compoign. Middle Left: Pom Wotkins Irons out some problems. Middle Right: Amy Schudel ond Corolyn Mer-mls going over some moteriol for Activities Doord. Bottom: Steve McGouhey ond Suson Stoten get the sroge set for the speeches. 166 - ActivitiesTop Left: Down Dennlgmonn: 1961-62 school yeor Student Senote President Announces student senote electives. Top Right: Greg Nosello ond Pot Ruedin design o compoign sign. Center(L to R) Mike Drown. Llso Ford. John Green ond Audrey Periko. Bottom: Don Melethin. Jeff Moynord. Louri Hof-herr ond Goil Glossmeyer awaits to speok to the school students.STUDENT SENATE Top Right: Potty Goeken spooking about the Student Senote. Centet Left: Holly Moyer, Ann Dovey ond Jone Deem wait patiently until their turn. Bottom Left: Tino Eschboch. o member of the Junior Prom committee, preporing for the big donee. Bottom Right: Amy Schudel strings up streomers for the prom. 166 - ActivitiesBottom: Carlene Schobernd (president). Rochelle Williams. Jol Lumpkins. Holly Moyer. Monica Duebberr. Mike Brown. Debbie Chop-pell. Kathy Schildroth. Jeff Jublln. Steve St. On. Don Dertier. Activities - 169STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Top Left-Down Denningmonn Speaks for her position on the Activities Boord os President. Top Right Rochelle Ross ron for Secretory of the Activities Board ond won over Don Dertier. Dotfom Left-Cor ene Schobernd expressing her views os vice-presidentiol candidate Bottom Right-5reve Somlor running for Treosurer of the Activities Boord. 170Top Right: Greg Smith running for Porliomen-torion. Bottom Left: Greg Nosello wos elected vice-president ot the student elections. Bottom Right: Lisa Kramer specking out for the Secretory position. 171ALMOST ANYTHING GOES Just about everything went on at the "Almost Anything Goes” contest sponsored by the Activities Board on March 20. 1981. The lucky winners were the sophomores, the Jrs. 2nd. and the Seniors 3rd. Following the contest wos a dance with K-SHE's Mark Klose as DJ. Dan Dull, chairman of the event, held several drawings in which the lucky winners received albums. Top: Holly Moyer ond John Alexander show their efforts in the innertube race. Center: Adorn Cartwright. Robbie Cloxton. John Alexander. Scott Deer. Steve St. Cinn. Detsy Maynard. Ann Dovey. Holly Moyer. Darry Vlviono. Kelly Dock. John Mousen. ond Eric Stoutenborough. worked hard to leod the Sophomores to a victory over the Seniors ond Juniors. Dotfom Left: The Junior members of the Almost Anything Goes conslt of Jim Parker. Pot-ty Goeken. Darry Mocios. Greg Smith. Cindy Tony. Susan Staten. Joey Ingrim, Sally Dryont. Lori Hoeffer. Angie Creasy, Jill McNamara. Dorrom Right: Kelly Dock trying to pop the balloon she fried so hard to blow up. 172Top Loft: Tim Donnell Tim Hillen. Mike Ruedin. Tereso Brody lindo Drown. Dovid Richordson. Shonnon Roberts. Christine Nickell. ond Kelly Kohler were the feom members for the sen-tors. Top Right: Greg Nosello blowing up his bolloon os he runs to the choir to pop the bolloon. Center Left-. The sophomore cheering section, cheering their doss on to victory. Center Right: Ann Dovey lending her voice to cheer her teammates on. Dottom Left: Mike Ruedin participating in the pie toss for the Senior Teom. Dottom Right: Scott Hillen receiving the pie for his teom. 173 "NIGHTS OF WINE AND ROSES” The Junior Prom theme "Nights of Wine ond Roses " wos the beginning of o night filled with excitement. The room wos filled with wine bottles ond roses to complete the mood. As the night progressed, the coronation was the highlight of the evening. With o surprised look upon her face. Down Denningmonn wos crowned the 1981-1962 Dreom Girl. JUNIOR PROM Top Right: Down Denningmonn walks down the oisle with escort Mike Decker. Center Left: Tina Eschboch ond escort Dove Richardson. Center Right: Dreom Girl Condidotes (L to R) Tonyo WoHolk. Liso Griggs. Liso Dunting. Down Denningmonn (Dreom Girl) Potty Goeken. Tina Eschboch ond Eloine Joehl. Dottom Left: Escorted by Chris Lyons. Lori Gei-sen is obouf to relinquish her crown os the 1960 Dreom Girl. Dottom Right: Down Denningmonn. surprised os she now tokes over the Dreom Girl Reign of 1981-62.Top Left: Eloine Joehl ond her escort John Wig. ger. Center Left: Pony Goeken ond escort Tim Wolff. Center Right: Uso Bunting ond Grog Nosello wolk the oisle to owoit the results of the Dreom Girl Cotonotion. Bottom Left: Uso Griggs ond her escort Michael Gray. Bottom Right: Dorrel Cunls escorts Tonyo Wol-folk. T 175Top Right: John Green. Shown Kinnore ond Terry Hlllen oct os the moln ottroction ot the Junior Prom. Center Left: Teresa Alverson ond Tom Conklin hove o greet time ot the Junior Prom. Center Right: Korhy Schildrorh. Jane Deem. Corlene Schobernd. Monica Duebberr ond-Jockie McElwoine pose for us oround the punch tobie. Bottom Left: Jeon Hart ond Greg Gelzinnis enjoying the Nights of Wine ond Roses Bottom right: Korhy Acker works hord to prepore for the Junior Prom. 176TOP: Robin Hoyden mokes o foce os we catch her toking vorious things from the snock table CENTER LEFT: Susan Staten mokes plons for the rest of the evening. Ikf M ♦ ♦ M wIvAVm ♦♦ %♦♦♦ ♦ ♦♦ V MM ♦♦Vi MM ♦% ♦ MAVi « ( t i M M f , » « M « t M. ♦%•♦•♦♦♦♦ M MMM AM MMM ♦ ♦ A ♦ ♦ M A V. V • • ty wv • • CENTER RIGHT: Kothy Cornell and Drod Granger Donee o slow one. BOTTOM LEFT: Greg Noswllo poses for the totler staff photographer at the 1960-61 Junior Prom. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lisa Griggs shows of her southern dress with her parasol.DREAM GIRL 176 - Activities DAWN DENNIGMANNTONYA WOOLFOLK LISA BUNTING DREAM GIRL CANDIDATES TINA ESCHBACH LISA GRIGGS ELAINE JOEHL Activities - 179HOMECOMING GAMEBottom Left: Jim McCutley blows his horn for Morching 100. Bottom Right: Doug Willioms escorts Suson Stoten from the cor to the stoge. Activities — I8lHOMECOMING DANCE AND CORONATION Top Right: Lisa Doming and her escort Chris Henderson. Center Left: Eloine Joehl ond escort Greg Smith. Dottom Right: Laurie Hofherr ond her escort Pot Ruedin. 182 - ActivitiesTop Left: Condidotes for Homecoming Queen congratulate Potty Goeken for her success in the forecoming reign os the 1981-02 Homecoming Queen. Center: Potty Goeken (Homecoming Queen) ond her escort Greg Nosello Bottom: Dorb Griffin (1980-81 Homecoming Queen) ond escort Orion Smith. Activities - 103HOMECOMING QUEEN PATTY GOEKENHOMECOMING KING CHRIS HENDERSONDOUG WILLIAMS PAT RUEDIN HOMECOMING KING CANDIDATES GREG SMITH GREG NASELLO BARRY MACIAS Activities 187188 60'S IN CELEBRATION A.H.S. students were "Rocking Around the Clock ” to the 60 s Donee sponosored by the Senote on Morch 14, 1981. President of Senote, Dorb Griffin . soys fhot everyone's spirit mode the donee o greot success. DJ's Don Dull ond Fritz Deer mode the event even more exciting with their enthusiosm. Top Right: The theme of the 60 s wos peoce. love, ond drugs os shown in this picture. Center Left: Beth Elliot ond John Wigger show their dancing abilities. Center Right: Dill Story. Greg Smith. Pom Wot-kins, ond John Wigger enjoy the peaceful of-mosphere. Bottom Right: Don Hopkins imitates the protest of the Vietnom Wor.Top Left: Rolph Smith ond Don Dull show their peoceful humor. Top Right: Rochel Sheppord is hoving o good time. Center Left: The crowd looks on os Fritz ond Steve hit the beoch. Center Right: Detsy Louschke enjoys herself thoroughly. Dorrom Left: Mike. Steve, ond Don boogie to the beat 189190 TWELFTH ANNUAL POWDER PUFF Top Right: Senior Quorterbock Sondy Smith carries the boll down the field os Ressie Block, mon comes in for the flog. Center Left: Soni Tiemonn cleors the woy for Trocey Borker s run for o touchdown. Center Right: Notolie Collohon corries the boll down the open field. Bottom Right: Amy Schudel just misses Trocey Borker. The twelfth annual Powder Puff was won by the over abundant juniors. The juniors team consisted on 77 members, all willing to strive to bring victory. The junior coaches, Jim-my Goeken, Andy Kohler, Jeff Maynard. Adam Cartwright. Scoff Deer, Allan Naap. and Jerry Wilderman were consistent in coaching there team on to the final victory.Left: The junior powder puff members cheer their teom on. Coaches: Adorn Cortwright. Jimmy Goeken. Andy Kohler. Jeff Moynord. Scott Deer. Alan Nop. ond Jerry Wildermon. Center: Junior Powder Puff Members: Holly Moyer. Jomie Georgewitz. Jill Chose. Heother Roby, liso Dunbar Potty Geisen. Down Reynolds Erin Dunphy. Betsy Louschke Koyle Schroeder. Debbie Hoyes. Liso Todoro. Cothy Reo. Kristi Johnson. Amy Conrody. Jill Doyle. Dono Zogor. Cheryl Thompson. Suzie Fill. Connie Walker. Cindy Edwords. Jennifer Ackerman. Robin Hoyden. Koren Allensworth. Shannon Admire. Meghon Scanlon. Debbie Dock. Koren Link. SusonPrott. Liz Frymon. Kelly Ev-ons. Penny Steele. Corlene Shobernd. Debbie Chopped. Monica Dueberr. Jone Normon. Det-sy Moynord. Kelly Orr. Kim Word. Decky Douyeo. Liso Stork. Cheryl Tietrine. Morsho Lenhordt. GIGI Sorengo. Ressie Dlockmon. Jeryl Storky. Ann Davey. Kelly Fulk. Lee Ann Frlsse. Dorb Nickels. Chris Saville. Sonl Tie-monn. Nanette Huck. Lori Jones. Donna Hor-vey. Potty Kopsie. Michelle Scott. Rochele Thompson. Denise Ewln. Trocey Darker. Soro Mottoz. Notolie Callahan. Jenny Show. Dione Dodson. Annette Johnson. Bridget Renken. Cindy Gabriel. Lee Ann Dilley. Decky Duxton. Dutchie Armstead. Julie Mandorco. Annette Davenport. Jockie Cloyton. Cindi Underbrink. Dorb Stutz. Dede Witt. Rochel Sheppard. Jennifer Hoke.. Cheerleaders: Jim McCurley. Scott Mondrell. Jim Dumgordner. Steve Lorts. Borry Viviono.Top Right: Seniors discussing their strotegy. CenterLeft: The Dlues Brothers visit our gome. Center Right: Down Denningmonn grits her teeth in on effort to score. Bottom Right: Juniors in hot pursuit of Sondy Smith.Center: Senior Powder Puff Members- Kothy Acker. Susan Stolen. Mary Carter. Liso Nichols. Lynn Wilson. Teresa Howard. Suonne Carroll. Tommy Rondall. Stocey Kmdig Dev Crow-nover. Kayla Durham. Pot Dunham. Sandy Smith. Liso Kromer. Morilyn Schulz. Solly Bry-ont. Donna Wohlfeil. Joyce Moog. Pom Eby. Kim Sitze. Susan King. MoryEllen West. Connie Ouz. Non Walker. Down Denningmonn. The-reso Dodwell. Debbie Wegescheide. Liso Winch. Amy Schudel. Roxanne Deem. Cindy Paul. Lorraine Rogers. Mary Dlair. Laurie Hof-herr. Shelly Tkkner. Potty Goeken. Tereso Grounds. Jeanne Jackson. Joan Moog. Dev Smith. Liso Bunting. Janet DavK Bottom Right: The enthusiastic Senior cheerleaders look on. Activities - 193BEACH PARTY DANCE On Nov. 20. 1981 Student Senote sponsored o Beach Party Dance as the final activity of D.I.O.N.I.C. week. AHS students decked out in their sum-mer attire for the event. Contests were held in the Limbo and Hula. Best dressed guy ond gal were also chosen. D.J.'s for the dance were Jim Goe-ken. Greg Warren. Barry Viviano and Andy Koehler. All total. $250 was raised for the American Cancer Society. Top Right-Two sophomores swinging oway of the Reach Party. Center-Eric White. John Wigger. Corlene Scho-bernd. Amy Reid. Suzie Drown, ond Sandy Dudde toke time to cool off owoy from the crowd on the beach Dottom Lefr-Detsy Louschke really grooved to the beat of the musk. Dottom Righf-Uso Kruse wos one omong many who jerked " their way to the tunes. 194 - ActivitiesTop Left-Brod Gronger ond Tim Nosello were two of rhe many AHS students decked our in their beoch ottlre for the donee. Top Right-The Hulo wos the appropriate dance for this student's outfit. Center Right-One of the dance attendants showed her enthusiasm by reolly getting down to the musk. Bottom Left-Mono Gravemon, Sally Bryant. Cindy Toney, ond Jonet Davis got together for the event. 195B.I.O.N.I.C. WEEK BELIEVE IT OR NOT I CARE The Senate Bionic Week was held November 16-20. The purpose was to show the entire school that the student Senate cores and wonts students to get involved. Activities during the week were: Mondoy-Speok out AHS assembly. Tuesday-Pie eating contest. One contestant was chosen from each of the four grades. Winners were. Sueonne Caroll. Tim Dennett. Dill Stork. Greg Smith. John Alexander and Susan Albrecht. Wednesday-Student exchange with Edwardsville. Thursday-Class color day and no homework day. Colors were; Seniors-red, Ju-niors-blue. Sophomores-yellow. Freshman-green. 196Top Left: Dill Stork, the winner ond still the chomp. Top Right: Don Dertier is suprised thot he ote the whole thing. Friday: Teacher Appreciation Day ond Beach Party Dance. Other activities during the week were. Happy Grams and selling of Leis. To enter the dance, students had to have a lei. A turkey drawing was held for the Staff. Mr. Schliper was the turkey winner. Students also hod on opportunity to participate in a drawing. Jars were set up in the cafeteria, one for each grade. Students who wished could put their name in the jar. Prizes were awarded to the persons whose names were drawn. There were four winners each day. Bottom Loft: John Alexander, cleaning up after the roce. Bottom Right: A roce to the finish. 197VICKI FRANKS JOY LUMPKINS SNOW QUEEN CANDIDATES 198 ActivitiesSNOW QUEEN CANDIDATES ANN DEMIS TYRA SMITHSNOW QUEEN LORI GOOCH 200 ActivitiesTop: Lori Gooch is crowned Snow Queen of 1962-63. Lori is o freshmon. and os you con see. very surprised of her victory. Tonyo Wol-folk wos our 1960-61 Snow Queen, she's now turning over her crown. Center: Snow Queen condidores. (L to R). Audrey Perico. Liso Ford. Corolyn Mermis. Jamie Georgewitz. Amy Schedul. Kim Duckies. Lori Gooch (Snow Queen). Ann Demis. Cindy Do-vis. Tyro Smith. Joy Lumpkins, ond Vicki Franks.On Soturdoy night. Feb. 13. the AHS Cafeteria was the sight for the Music Countdown Dance. A week before the dance, students voted for their three favorite songs. The votes were tallied, and on Sot. night the top 40 countdown began. Dy 11:00 p.m. D.J., Greg Warren hod only the number one record left to spin. It was Angel in the Centerfold", by the J. Geils Dond. Top Left: Slow dancin'. Just swoyin' to the mu sic. Top Right: Who ore you looking at? Middle: Dumps and Grinds. Bottom Left: Did someone soy boogie? ActivitiesCenter: Let's Donee! Dottom left: Korhy Schildrorh expressing her enjoyment ot the countdown donee. Dottom Right: I hove o massive lip lock on her now! Opposite Pole Dottom Right:-Terri Nolon mos-sively enjoying the Countdown Donee. Activities - 203Remember the big snow of '82? Th week of February 1 through the 5 we hod off, almost a total of 20 inches fell. Here are some pictures to jog your memory. 204 - ActivitiesBLOOD DRIVE On Feb. 15-16. 1982 the Student Senate sponsored o blood drive ot AHS. Anyone over 17 and weighing ot least 110 lbs. could give blood, providing they hod no medical problems. All total. 151 pints of blood was collected. Top Left-AHS students wolt to see if they'll be oble to give blood. Centet Left-Midge Shake gets het blood pressure checked to see if she con give blood. Center Right-Students often helped eoch other out ofter they were done donoting. Bottom Left-Checking for o normal tempero-ture was one of the precautions token by the Red Cross. Bottom Right- Mr. George Loveless monoges o glance while giving blood. Activities - 205I'm o block man and proud to be though I hote It when some men try to judge me. I'm not here to be told that o block mon has no rights. And I'm not here to see oil the other men reach heights I cannot reach. I'm here on this earth to moke a name for myself. To be the best darn mon I con be, but most of oil I'm here to understand, to understand every mon. By: Sanford McMurroy Bottom Left: Rosalie Suggs song Dottle Hymn of the Republic and Semi Classic I Hod o Dream. Bottom Center: Dee Dee Becoot wos Mlstuss of Ceremonies of the Block History Program. Bottom Right: Shown Toylot and Gwen Rip-pley supply the musk. Shown ployed the flute ond Gwen ployed the piono for the program 206 - ActivitiesBLACK HISTORY WEEK The Block History Assembly wos the culmination of o week long tribute to various block leaders of achievement. The activities for the week included bulletin board displays. quizzes announced over the P.A.. o dress-up day. an art exhibit in the cofereria. Top: Keynote Speaker for the Block History Assembly. Richord “Onion' Horton, writer for the St. Louis Argus. Center: Community Leoders Day: Albert Charleston. Henry Peyton. Don Kimble. Rose-lee Suggs. Charlene Cannon. Richard "Onion" Horton. Rev. Standley Henderson. Jesse Cannon. Rev. Abraham Byrd. Dwoyne Bailey. Charles Jockson, Joyce Robinson. Wolter Washington. Andre Chatman. Willie Wolker. Bette Powell. Nathanel Frison. Patricio Dupree. Jimmie Wilson. Stephanie Brown. Rev. Henry Conners. Bottom Left: Mark North leads the chorus in LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING. Bottom Right: Eric Robinson speaks at the assembly. Activities - 207Top Left: Deviously FrumpfDot g Fester) didn't get his way by colling his mother ogain. Top Right: Uso Downing ond Ted Dovey enjoy o romantic moment in the spotlight. Center-. Lorraine Rogers portrays a young secretory nomed "Smitty”. Bottom: Hedy LoRue (Tommy Randolf) is given a very worm welcome by the mole employees ot World Wide Wicket. This Pulitzer Prize winning musical takes place in the Park Avenue office building of World Wide Wicket Company, Inc. Written by Frank Loesser and Abe Burrows, it fells a story of a young executive learning HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. 206 - TheoterTop Left: J.D. Diggley (Don Noughton) enjoys his secret hobby to relieve tension. Dottom Left: Finch seeks odvice on How to succeed in business. Center Right: As they sing Cinderello Dor-ling". Smitty ond fellow secretories fry to convince Rosemoryto morry Finch. Mr. Cliff Dovenport Mr. George Heidebrink Mr. Lorry Crobbs Mrs. Diono Enloe Mr. Glen Waters Mrs. No Poeltz Moureen P. Cowon Michelle Kolditz Tom Taylor Curt Steele. Lynn Hockett Joe Seogo. John Brausen Amy Conrody page 209 Production List: Director Vocol Director Orchestra Director Choreographer Technical Director Costume Design Stage Monager Assistant Director Light Doard Operator Sound Follow Spots Rehersal Pianist 209Finch Gotch Jenkin Tackoberry Toynbee Dovis J.D. Diggley Rosemary Draft Smitty Frump Miss Jones I Mr. Twimble Hedy Scrubwomen Miss Krumholtz Ovington Womper Policeman TV Book Voice Ted Dovey Mike Drown Pete Skinner Charles Dale Mike Tucker G.W. Francis Don Noughton Lisa Downing Dan Dipiazzo Lorraine Rogers Doug Fester Kris Gabriel Gordon Robertson Tammy Randall Diane Dipiazzo Lori Hall Debbie Derry Drad Kincode Gordon Robertson Mon Fritz Deer Pete Deer TOP LEFT: Drod Kincode does the Famous Chipmink delegates solute which caused o greot roar of laughter from rhe audience. TOP RIGHT: Hedy os she tries to capture Finchs' ortenrion. 210 - Theoter CENTER: The office staff presenting they're big number the Brotherhood of Man.” BOTTOM: Mike Drown and Chris Gobriel discuss World Wide Wickets.Top Right: The people behind the scenes: Mory Corter. Beth Elliot. Michelle Kolditz. Debbie Woods. Solly Bryont. Bev Crownover. Sto-cey Kindig. Dorothy Holey. Moureen P. Cowon. Phil Goeken. Curt Steele, ioe Seogo. Heother Robertson. Steve Sobotto. Lynn Hocket. John Brousen. Don Bertier. Rhondo Phillips. Noncy Ebbert. Rhondo Vonoto. Debbie House. Dove Motzer. Don Brousen. Kelly Henderson. Trocy Thomos. Arlene Kerke-meyer. Corolyn Thomson. Fritz Beer. Tom Toy-lor. Not present: Dorothy Hutchinson. Anne Bucher Center Right: Edword Emblom. Peggy Gro-motes. Andy Loird. Corlo Woinwright. Dee Dee Becoot. Debby King. Koren Propes. Peggy Johnson. Chris Mueller. Ann Kienstro. Chris Shermon. Lorry Spillmonn. Morio Boukos. Judy Spillmon. Noncy Andrews. Mourie Adler. Sue Down Polmer. Doved Fritz. Uso Colome. Jill Vondergriff. Debbie Robertson. Jerry Allsmon. Borry Vlviono. Jim McCurley. Steve Jocoby. Dorrell Berry. Jomes Lucos Porker. Amy Con-rody. Cynthio Phegley. Noncy Schlepper. Lin-do Lohr. Gorry Roybin. Mike Horris. John Leon-ord. Dovid Tontype. Koy Eisenreich. Bottom Right: The ' How to doncers. Jeon Hort. Jono Wittmon. Belindo Beone. Kim Stroube. ond Cothy Cornell.Director Mrs. Lynn Bryant Technical Director Mr. Glenn Waters Assistants to the Director ........ Lisa Downing and Don Dipiazzo Stage Manager .........Solly Bryant Stage Door written by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman, is a story about the loves, heartbreaks, and the ups and downs of being an actress. The setting is in New York City in a boarding house for upcoming actresses called the Footlights Club. This ploy was direced by Mrs. Lynn Dryant and was the first ploy she directed at Alton High. 212 Top: The gong begs Jeon Moitland (Melodie Westbrook) to fell them about her coll from the handsome director. Center Left: Dovid Kingley (Mark Liley) is anxiously awoiring the appearance of on upcoming actress. Center Right: Terry Rondell (Debbie Derry) ond the Foorlighters Discuss her day of tryouts. Bottom Left: Maggie (Ann Dovey) keeps everyth-ing in line of the Club. Bottm Right: Dig” Mary (Stacey Kindlg) ond Little” Mary (Pom Eby) discuss the ploy they sow thot night.Top: Mrs. Orcutt (Maureen Cowon) tells Koye Hamilton (Dorothy Holey) obouf the rules of the Footlights Club. Cost of Stage Door: Sitting: Stocey Kindig. Roxonne Beom. Kris Gabriel. Bev Crownover. Debbie Woods. Cothy Whitlock. Deth Elliott. Melody Westbrook. Debi House. Jeon Hort. ond Jockie Mcllwoine Standing: Pom Eby. John Drausen. Don Dipiozzo. Joe Seogo. Doug Fester. Phil Goeken. Gory Roy-bin. Mork Lilley. Debbie Berry. Mike Tucker. Dorothy Holey. Ellen Krebs. Korry Hoszlip. Lori Hall. Don Naughron. Moureen Cowen. Ann Dovey Crew: Front row: Liso Downing. Michelle Kolditz. Lisa Wyott. G.W. Francis Row 2: Debbie Woods. Bev Crownover. Jone Beem. Joe Seogo. Don Brousen. Tom Toylor. Koy Eisenrich Row 3-. Mike Brown. Solly Bryont. Gordon Robertson. Robin Toylor. Rhonda Vonoto. Don Dipiozzo 213LO AND BEHOLD! BY JOHN PATRICK Production: Director Cliff Davenport Student Assistant Director . . . Ellen Krebs Stage Manager . John Drausen Lighting Control ........Curt Steele Sound .......... Lynn Hackett Top: Robin Toylor ploying her comic role os Minnetonke Smollflower. Middle Left: Mike Tucker portrays Jock McDou-gol. Middle Right: Dehind the scenes (L to R) Bottom: Lori Dolton. Jeon Hart. Second Row: Koy Eisenright. Louro Heil. Deonno Mizerski. John Drousen. Ellen Krebs. Derh Elliott. Third Row: Curt Steele. Lynne Hockett. Vol Boyer Rhondo Vonoto. 6ory Roybin. Bottom Left: G.W Fronds os Mr Wingore. Bottom Right: Honey Woinwrlght. ployed by Debi House. 214 - TheoterCost: Milo Alcott ...........Orion Dovis Mr. Wingate .........G.W. Fronds Daisy Durdle Cothy Whitlock Dr. Robert Dorsey . Scott Mondrell Minnetonka Smollflower Robin Taylor Kenneth Moore John Peebles Honey Wainwright . Debi House Jack McDougal Mike Tucker Top Left: Milo Alcott and Honey Woinwright. Top Right: Milo Alcott. ployed by Orion Dovis. Dottom: Milo Alcott. Kenneth Moore (John Peebles). Honey Woinwright. Dr. DorseyCScott Mondrell). ond Doisy Durdle (Cothy Whitlock). Theater - 215SABRINA FAIR Top right: Julio reluctantly takes her medicine. Center Left: Larabee shows his sfubborness. Center Right: Sabrino learns the truth about her father. Above left: Maude butters Larobee up. Above: The cost ond crew of Sabrino Fair: Bottom Row: Lori Depper. Morlo Calome. Koy Elsenreich. Lexo Browning. Dave Larger. Deanna Mizerski. Middle Row: Pamela Eby. Kelly Fulks. Rhonda Phillips. Joel McAlwoine. Laura Hell. G.W. Fronds. Suson Rhoades. Mike Tucker. Lorry Dovirz. Top Row: Rhonda Von- oto. Stoci Betz. Stacey Kindig. John Leonord. Lisa Neilson. Mike Brown. Don Brouson. Dennis Dipiozzo. Scott Mondrell. Jeon Harr. Gordon Robertson. Bottom Right: Whot wos thot? 216 - TheoterMaude Larrobee Susan Rhoads Julio Ward McKinlock ......Staci Betz Linus Lorrabee, Jr. Gordon Robertson Linus Larrobee. Sr.....G.W. Francis Margaret Rhonda Vanafo David Larrobee Scott Mandrell Gretchen ...............Joci Mcllwaine Sabrina Fairchild .........Jeon Hart Fairchild ................Larry Davitz A Young Woman ..........Staci Kingdig A Young Man ............John Leonard Another Young Woman Lisa Nielson Another Young Mon . Mike Brown Paul d' Argenson Dennis Dipiazzo Director: Mrs. Lyn Bryant Assistant to the Director: Debbie Berry and Pamela Eby. Stage Manager: Mike Tucker Light Board: Don Brausen Costumes: Laura Heil Props: Deanna Mizerski Makellp: Lexa Browning Theoter - 217THESPIANS Delindo Deon. Don Dertier Debbie Derry. Jeonie Doswell. Morionne Dourlond. Don Drousen. John Drousen. Mike Drown. Solly Dryont. Dev Crownover. Ann Dovey. Drion Dovis. Diono Dipiozzo Pomelo Eby. Koy Eisenreich. Deth Elliott. G.W Fronds. Charles Grames. Lynn Hackett. Jeon Hort. Debi House. Nonette Huck. Peggy Johnson. Stocy Kindig. Debbie King. Ellen Krebs. Cherie Longford. Mark Lilley. Scott Mondrell. Von Meyer. Joci Mcllwoine. Don Noughton. Rhondo Phillips. Jesse Royo. Gorry Roybin. Gordon Robertson. Heather Robertson. Curt Stelle Robin Toylor. Denise Tucker. Mike Tucker. Rhondo Vonato. Cothy Whitlock. Jono Wittmon. Debbie Woods. V.E.D.A.A Top Left: Guest Speoker. Eorl Dowmon. head of advertising for Ozork Airline ond President of the St. Louis Ad Club, presented a film of the 1961 Cleo Awards-the best In International Television Advertising. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION BOOSTERS AND ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Top Right: 1961-62 VEDAA Officers. President-Miss Wilmo Dricker: Vice President-Mr. Richard Georgewitz: Treosurer-Mr. Gene Wrischnik: Secretory. Mrs. Jon Hansen. Vocational Education Boosters and Alumni Association ore involved in: Supporting Vocatinol 6 Technical Education in our schools and community; Securing speakers from business and industry for our schools; Obtaining employment for vocational education graduates: Supporting ond promoting student organizations; The research and securing of scholarships for vocational education students. Center: Areo business representatives ond educators who have a common interest in Vocorionol Education ond ore promoting employment and providing Scholarships for vocational groduores. Last yeor VEDAA oworded two S500.00 Scholarships to graduating sen-iors. This yeor our goal Is five scholarships. We encouroge porents ond students to become active members. Membership this yeor totals 106. Dotrom Left: Officers ond committee choirper-sons gathering for a planning meeting. The Goal: Jobs and Scholarships for graduates!BIOLOGY CLUB Biology Club consists of students interested in the field of Biologicol ond Ecologicol Science. Eoch yeor oround April, the group takes on environmental survival camp down in Southern Illinois. The purpose of this camp is to make students aware of their environment and show them what they can do to save it. The group is sponsored by Marvin Mondy and they meet every Tuesday of each month in Room 311. Top-Front Row: Michelle Dloodworth. Roger Brandr Row 2-Debbie Howard. Von Meyer. Dovid Weber. Don Whiteside Dottom-Diology Club members ron o coot-check booth during the basketball gomes to roise money for the club. 220 - ClubsCHESS TEAM Team Record Alton 5.0 Beaumont 0.0 Alton 4.0 Central 1.0 Alton 0.0 Country Doy 5.0 Alton 2.0 DeSmet 3.0 Alton 1.0 Edwordsville 4.0 Alton 2.0 John Burroughs 3.0 Alton 2.0 Porkway Central 3.0 Alton 2.5 Sumner 2.5 Alton 3.0 Rosary 2.0 Alton 2.0 Pottonville 3.0 Wins-3. Losses-6. Ties-1 Middle: Chess Club Members, sirring John Mol-son. Mike Hogen. Lynn Syler. Richord Dailey. Loren Hacker, standing Ed Gertz. Mike Clurts. Mike Christians. Tony Jones. Jim Williams. Rusty Guillory. Jeff Chestney. Rob Henshow. Shawn Kinnore. Keith Walter. Loren Reeves. Joe Mudd. Robert Palmer. Jason Dodd. Dob Christenson. DOTTOM: Mike Hogen and Lynn Siler plan their strategy for the gome. Clubs - MlThroughout the year, students in Mrs. Hall's 6th and 7th hour Journalism classes work to produce the Red-bird Word. Before each issue, the students bring in ideas which might be good for the paper. After all the ideas have been considered they go to the editorial board for the final decision. Once this is done students select the stories they want to write. When the stories are written they are sent off where the type is set. The page editors then make up dummy pages from which the final pasteup is made. After all this is finished the paste-ups are sent to the J.B. Johnson center where the printing classes print the paper. Finally the Redbird Word is ready for sale. Top Right-Dob Vogt sells o paper to Tracy John-son during seventh hour. Center Righr-7th hour Journolism: front row. Peter Allen. Dob Schulte. Jeff Fencll. Drod Kin-cold. Marie Dodds Row 2-Jaime Rodriguez. Jeon Hart. Jesse Raya. Maurie Adler. Deth Show. John Green. Kathy Toul. Kothy Crone. Gwen Wreath, John Drausen. Row 3-Dob Vogt. Connie Cruz. Donna Wohlfeil. Shown Kinnore. Jodi Northwoy. Cindy Toney. Greg Nasello. Debbie Derry. Jeff Grills. Gordon Robertson Center Left-Doug Hampton ond Jeff Fletcher help stock the popers before they ore sold. Dottom Right-Dob Schulte and Ed Doily count the papers. 222 - ClubsREDBIRD WORD STAFF Top Left-Jeff Edward watches os Jonet Wot-kins types an article. Center-6th hour Journalism: Front Row-Ashley Hise. Jenny Droste. Jill McNomoro. Solly Dry-ont. Lynn Wilson. Mark Pace. Mark Walker. Jon Ryberg. Row 2-Cindy Rondolph. Toro Gomez. Jeff Fletcher. Jonet Wotkins. Amy Schu-del. Sherry Orinstin Row 3-Jeff Edwords. Rolond Willioms. Jeff Griffin. Ducky Dorr. Vicki Dull. Doug Hompton. Carolyn Mermis. Jone Estes. John Peebles. Ed Doily Dottom Left-Mork Wolker ond Ashley Hise check over the dummy sheet before the final poste-up is done. Clubs - 223I i I ‘ J.E.T.S. JUNIOR ENGINEERING TECHNICAL SOCIETY Junior Engineering Technical Society is o notional, pre-college activity for students interested in engineering technology and science. In a club setting. students choose projects and participate in competitions. They receive the assistance of Mrs. Nancy Meggos and five engineers from Olin Corporation. Olin, hoping to stimulate interest in engineering, fully funds the club. Officers for this year are: Steve Jacoby. President; Cleveland Cox-Vice President; Beth Elliott-Treasurer; and Teresa O'Neol-Secre-tary. Center: John Alexander. Vincent Andrews. Ed Dailey. Mike Decker. Mory Dlolr. Tim Drom-stedt. Mory Carter. Jill Chase. Dryon Clark, Cleveland Cox. Jim Cuthbertson. Larry Dovitz. Steve Dothoger. Cothy Eales. Paul Edelmon. Deth Elliott. Gory Elliott. Robert Gobriel. Karen Glozik. Charles Gromes. Jeff Grills. Joe Hoar. Mike Harris. Toronce Henderson. Steve Jacoby. Douglos Joehl. Peggy Johnson. Ann Kienstro. Carol Kunz. Mike Kunz. Andy Loird. Druce Muensrermann. Greg Nasello. Don Naughron. Money Nelson. Drion Nicholson. Jone Normon. Penny Olive. Tereso O Neol. Amber Ridenour. Orion Russell. Steve Simcox. Greg Smith. Ralph Smith. Drion Strouss. Robert Streeper. Keith Tekhmonn. Scott Tekhmonn. Ken Till. Mike Tillman. Corlo Wainright. Keith Walter. John Wigger. Jeff Willett. Robert Windmlller. Mark Wolff. Doug Wright. Janet Wynn. Top Right: Charles Gromes Weighing his boat os Mory Carter. Jeff Wilier. Ann Kienstro. Cleveland Cox. Rolph Smith. Don Noughton ond Gary Elliott wotch. Dottom Right: Don Noughton. John Wigger. Robert Streeper. Mike Horris ond Keith Walter wotch os Greg Smith loads his boot. 224 - ClubsAlton Finished first ploce in the Dis-tric Jets T. E. A. M.s. test, beating Wood River and Civic Memorial. They will advance to regionals next month, at SIU.E. Individual winners were: English-Beth Elliott. Jeff Grills (tied for first). Doug Joehl (third). Biology- Brian Strauss (first). Jeff Grills (second). Karen Glazik (third). Chem-istry-Brian Strauss (first). Karen Glazik (second). Physics-Mike Tillman (second). Charles Gromes (third). Math-Mike Tillman (first). Charles Gromes (third). Above Left: 1902 TEAMS doss AA District Above Right: One of the five first ploce med-Chompions. Karen Glazik Doug Joehl. Tereso als. O'Neal. Jeff Willett. Deth Elliott. Jeff Grills. Mory Oloir. Chorlie Gromes. Cleveland Cox. Orion Srrouss. Clubs - 225Top Left: Miss Dricker presents the Notionol Leadership Conference Host Choprer Ploque to Cothy Eoles. President. Top Right: Miss Dricker is moking o presento-tion ot the Awords Donquet. Cothy Eoles. President. Front Row-. Liso Winch. Sondro Hall. Undo Geske. Julie Mondorca. Trocy Main. Liso Cooms. Chris Gollup. Michele Douswell. Dionne McClain. Chris Eoles. Second Row: Cothy Eoles. Kayla Schroeder. Liso Demko. Fe-liclo Dovis. Dorb Toylor. Third Row: Miss Dricker. Jim Wetzstein. Robert Tuetken. Tom Walter. Tony Osborne. Troy Whitworth. 226 - ClubsF.B.L.A. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Left- Row 1: Cothy Eoles • President. Kayla Schroeder- Reporter. Row 2: Linda Geske-Vke President. Jonke Tolle-Treosurer. Liso Coons-Secretary. Below: Mr. Charles Reod. Mississippi Lime Co. Advisory Council member, presents o S500 check for scholarships for the FBLA Leadership Workshop to Miss Wilma Drlcker. Advisor and Cothy Eoles. President. Bottom: 1981 Stote Leadership Conference Winners. Amy Bell. Fifth Place. Public Speaking: Cathy Eoles. First Place. Business Moth I; Jane Watsek and Cindy Moson. First Place. Illinois Stote Advisory Council Leadership Award: Mike Tillman. First Ploce. Business Low; Gory Miller. Fifth Place. Accounting II. Clubs - 227Top Left: Country: Jim Wetzsteln ond Kim Weber. Top Right: Soul: Denise Dipiazzo. Bottom Left: Rock: Judy Gills ond Carrie Brod-ley. Bortom Right: Roll: T.J. Neumon ond Terry Wo-verton. The Grand Door Prize - o signed football from the World Champion San Francisco 49'ers - was won by Jana Webb. 220 - ClubsTOP LEFT: TRACY: Is this rock n' roll or country or soul? Down: Yes. Top Right: When ore they going to spin the Best of Clyde McCoy? Center Left: Best dressed Country Western con-testonts: Chris Corrier. Corol Bell. Michele Boswell. David Lorgen. Tommy Hellrung. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. ond Mrs. Wode of Wodes Western World present S25 gift certificates to the winners of the best dressed Country Cow Poke. Dovid Lorgen ond Cow Girl. Tommy Hellrung. Bottom Left: The Boogie Machine ond backup group. BOTTOM Right: Chris Woods, o winner in rhe free-sryle competition, donees to the beat of o different drummer. Activities - 229VOCATIONAL AVATION Top: Mork Webb. Potrkk Thotcher ond John Kochonski work on retooling on engine. Center: Aviofion Theory: left to right: Mr. Forrow. David Vos. Lester Williams. 6ory Monk. Mike Cunningham. Andy Fry. Scott Thompson. Greg Cooper. Brad Fesrer. Dill Ward. Steve Lom. Brock Gronr. David Kyle. Bryon Tucker. Dell Jondre. Mike McGinnis. Robert Plunk. Bruce Kerkemeyer. Bottom: Mr. Forrow. James Williamson. John Kochonski. Ron McLain. Scott Thompson. Pat Thotcher. Mork Webb. Williom Poce. Jomes Corregan. Scott Fronke. Dennis Porter. John Gross 230 - ClubsTop: Dell Jonke. Mike Cunninghom. ond Mr. Forrow find the direction of fhe VOR. Middle Left: Aviation Mechanics. L to R Dill Word. Scott Thompson. Lester Willioms. Mike McGinnis. Ken Floyd. David Kyle. Robert Dockstruck. Mike Telkomp. Ken Hetge. Lorry Lenz. Alon Shorth. ond Mr. Forrow. Middle Right: Andy Fry helps Drod Fester plot o flight course. Bottom: Scott Woolsey. Dill Pace, ond Ron McLoin proudly disploy one of the cur away propellers in aviorion class. Clubs - 231VOCATIONAL MACHINE TRADES Top: Ron Muscorello Center Left: Mott Voumord Center Right: Scott Dykemon. Orion Shobe. Jeff Fencel. Rondy Oennington. Mike McKoy. Orion Oerg. Poul Noble. Mike Green. Mott Voumord. Mike Deord. Fred Housmon. Ron Muscorello. Don Polmer, Mr. Wilton. Dottom: Todd Legote. Jeff Oensmon. Melton Thomos. Lonce Dorr. Tom Crowson. Poul Cooley. Jeff Donnister. Rolond Wlllloms, Mike Wolff. Gene Pohlmon. Wolly Peol. Mr. Wilton 232 - ClubsVOCATIONAL WELDING TOP: Scott A. Cope. Potrick W. Lyerlo Druce Avomts, Dob Deotty. Tony Bridges Dill Corbin. Jeff Diuguid. Jeff Geisen. Dill Hortmon. Odie Hinton. Dob Juhlin. Dill Love. Chorles Luncegood. Jomes Moore. John Pouldo. Tom Reynolds. Claude Walker. Angie Demis. Karen Cope Center: Crawford Deolon. Ron Coirns. Gary Carpenter. Cory Clark. Drod Daves. John Frye Pete Forstyhe. Ethan Hausmon. Roger Hkk. Wolter Judy. Tom Lively. Jim Joupln. Don Mel-lenthin. Lenny Musgroy. Jeff Nichols. Tony Talbert. Adorn Wedding. Mike Veromon. Todd Westbrook. DOTTOM: Dert Adkins. Dobby Cox. Richard Dailey. John Hargis. Corrole Kanollakon. Charles Harris. Tim Korte. Drod Maker Daryle Motthews. Cliff McDaniel. Jim Meszaros. Mike Tolbert. David Wlnfree. Steve Winson. Clubs - 230BUILDING TRADES From Row: Tom Hons. Jim Colemon. Rondy Hoper. Woymond North. Bock Row: Mr. Overbey. Steve Dollini. Dovid Funk. Mike Mitchell. Dove Horrong. Tom Ashlock. Rick Beckwith. Joe Drosre. John Nogy. George Srupperich. 234 - Clubs Front Row: Robert Vonnohmen. Steve Corter. Second Row: Mr. Overbey. Don Hicks. Chris Winfred. Morris Poge. Ken Sanders. Charles Blair. Mike Hueber. Steve Roy. Shone Monns. Bock Row: on truck: Brian Smith. Steve Lowliss. Don St. Peters. Jim Baumgartner. Bottom: Robert Vonnohmen. Ken Sanders.FHA-HERO Extended Core Wing; or Christmas we collected toys and clothes for Oasis and had a Make If and Take Party for our members; in April we attended the State Leadership Conference in Springfield. Alicio Diair. Cheryl Conger. Jerri Copeland. Tracy Curtis. Dottle Gabriel. Tlno Goodman. Tommy Heath. Dawn Henrion. Tommy Herndon. Andrea Hogue. Crbfy Holloway. Karyn Hook. Korlo Jones. Elizabeth Juhlian. Sherry Kelly. Martha King. Cecilia Lane. Linda Lone. Pam McBride. Yverte McClain. Stocey McMur-ray. Michelle Northcutt. Sharon Pruitt. Elizabeth Rezobek. Michelle Rives. Candonce Robinson. Majorie Ryan. Carolyn Sadler. Drendo Steele. Denise Shelby. Joyce Simmons. Michelle Voyles. Tommy Watkins. Stoci Westfall. Melinda Wright. Christell Zippman. Center Left: L to R: Stacey McMurroy. Pom McDride. Elizabeth Juhlin. Jerri Copeland. Lynn Lane. Tommy Watkins, Cheryl Conger. Dottie Gabriel and Mrs. Hansen. The purpose of Future Homemok-ers of America and Home Economics Related Occupations is to provide us with opportunities for: 1) decision making skills. 2) assuming responsibilities, 0) self development, 4) preparation for family and community living, 5) employment Some of our activities and projects this year have been displays promoting vocational education; visiting a child care program; attending our Region 5 Rally (we won second place in name tag design); making granola snacks for the children and mothers at Oasis -a home for battered women; for Thanksgiving we made candy for all the residents of St. Anthonys Clubs - 235Top Loft: Cindy Kemp ond Tommy Mitchell exomine J.D. Jockets ovolloble in the D.E. Store. D.E. Unlimited. Bottom Right: D.E. -I: Left To right. Sondy Show. Gene Silveus. Mekanle Peorson. Tonyo Wol-folk. Robert Moore. Liso Griggs. Mike Scott. Sherri West. CJndy Kemp. Doug Martin. Joyce Moog. Michelle Christians. Don Erfhol. ond Chopter Advisor: Mr. Howthorne. 236 - Clubs Distributive Education identifies a program of instruction, for senior students, which teaches marketing, merchandising, ond management. D.E. offers a wide range of study in many business areas, including display ond promotion, human relations, advertising, personal selling, and leadership training. These areas of study benefit both the student entering the job market immediately after graduation or the college- bound student, majoring in business. D. E. provides in-class ond related on-the-job training which is beneficial in the business field. Employers are partial to prospective employees with work experience. Many employers hove hired students after graduation for full-time employees. To students who wish to continue their education ond a part-time job during school may help pay for their future education.DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Top Left: Don Erfhol sells o J. D. Jocket to two satisfied customers. Mike Scott ond Tonyo Wol-folk. Center Left: D.E.-II: Dock row left to right: Drod Evons. Chapter Advisor-Mr. Krass. Nancy Miller. Scott Antrobus. Alicia Horton. Chris Hoseker. Mike Durnett. Joan Maag. Robert Hartman. Jeon Dunse. Front Row: Korla Doss. Devrl Haus-man. Debie Copeland. Sue Foster. Volarie Tho-moe. Tina Wright, ond TJ. Neumann. Center Right: Robert Moore roking inventory. Dottom Left: Jeon Dunse ond Volarie Thomoe are just a few of the mony students buying J. D. Johnson jockets ovoiloble in the E. E. Store Clubs - 237OFFICE OCCUPATIONS The Office Educotion Associotion is the youth organization that functions as part of the Office Education Class. This program gives students the opportunity to participate in social, leadership and conferences with other Office Education students throughout the United States. This year's students hove participated in many social and service activities and are participating in skills contests at the area, state and national level. Many of these members will be traveling to Nashville this year to participate in the National Office Education Conference. Top Left- Tommy Level works on o project. Top Rlght-Jerry Scoggins moking o poster. Center Leti-Emily Konturek presents Mayor Poul Lenz with o coke of appreciation ofter he visited the O.O. Session II closs. He signed o proclamation of Office Occupation week Feb. 7-13. Center Righr-Session I O.O.: Setting.Theresa Gorman. Sandy Smith. Mary Mulreon. Louro Shelby. Jerry Scoggins. Stephonie Lester. Daw no Westbrook Stonding-Corol McOride. Gino Judd. Cindy Moson. Melinda Federle. Jo-net Davis. Lindo Stork. Moureen Todd. Denise Tucker. Michele Rives. Mrs. Hunt. Bottom Right-Undo Stork ond Sandy Smith work together. 236 - ClubsTop Left-C ndy Mason ond Joner Davis help eoch other drow o picture. Center-Session II O.O.: Front Row-Solly Pohl-mon. Emily Konturek. Jockie Dndgemon. Tere-so Gormon. Fronces Whyte Row 2-Mrs. Hunt. Advisor. Jonet Dovenport. Chris Yost. Liso Corbin. Tommy Dechel. Vickie Drodshow. Dridgert McElroy. Phyllis Sttoube. Don DovisVOCATIONAL PRINTING Top Left-Senior Pot Duhom leods doss members through the off set process of the Dovld-son. Center-Front Row: Mr. Theise. Becky Dosden. Betty Arbuthnot. Kim Ursch. Jim Groy. Jomes Bonds. Liso Kromer. Nonette Miller Row 2-Mike Housmon. Jeff Fleming. Jerry Hubbord. Tony Domron. Ernie Brown. Ricky Lowe. Jim Boiley. Mike Crocker. Rondy Morris Bottom Left-Morsho Lenhordt trims completed work on the paper. Bottom Right-Glen Lemons does his port in the printing process. 240 - ClubsDoug Lovel. Chris McGiffen. Mony Schoondyke Jeff Corver. Keirh Swengrosh Glens Lemons. Richord Loux. Drod Lister. Mike Housmon. Liso Nichols. Richord Toylor. Ron Dlond. Derick Smith. Morsho Lenhordt. Jim Cunninghom. Jule Mondorco. Robert Tuetken. Liso Dunhom Clubs 241COMMERCIAL ART CLASSES The Commercial Art classes ot the J. D. Johnson Center leorn several different skills. First year students leorn photography, lettering, calligraphy, paste-up and layout, and pen and ink projects. Second year students learn airbrush skills, photo retouching. and calligraphy then they specialize in one area for the last semester of their second year. Top: Jose Ramirez demonstrating the airbrush. Middle: Session 1 Front Row: Anito Azell. Tom Harris. Diana Johnson. Stacey Drown. Debbie Lenhardt. Sharon Wllken. Dawn Tungerr. Jim Foster. Andrea Cooley. Jose Ramirez. Dexter Cannon. Julie Crone. Liso Rider. Dock Row: Steve Dourland. Rich Fronz. Mike Holliday. Sherry Nasello. Susan Courrowoy. Missey Monroe. Cathy Hunt. Laura Keck. Lori Carr. Dione Couerer. Bottom: Stacey Drown working with a pen ond ink. 242 - ClubsMiddle Top:Session 2 Front Row-. Liz Frymon. Paulo Delcher. Chris Woods. Carol Word. Cheryl Teutrlne. Toby Gorrert. Angie Meyen-burg. Donno Herring. Mory West. Jim Gray. Erk Decker. Bock Row: Andy Roin. Karen Yost. Steve Tindall. Tony Hoire. Sheldon Rushing. Jill McNamara. Dione Gerbig. Kim Pfaff. Jon McOwon. Troy Whitworth. Bruce Bowers. Top: Uso Rider showing us her photo retouch ing project. Middle Bottom: Session 3 Front Row: Matt Zimmerman. Rodney Eveons. Liz McDaniel. Susan Welch. Marcia Enos. Johna Vahle. Mory Ruck-man. Cindy Unterbrlnk. Debbie Lyerlo. Bock Row: Mike Russell. Wade Abell. Gail Glass-meyer. Jason Iman. Joe Godor. Susan Alford. Jeon Ohlendorf, Mory Lessner. Mory Rushing. Cothy Orr. Rondy Jordon. Bottom: Julie Crone corefully protecting some of her ort work. Clubs - 243VOCATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING Top: Mr. Loveless won't believe this Is my second day in o row. Middle Left: Sure looks better with this hot turned bockwords. 244 - Clubs Middle Right: Front Row: C. Bollinger T. Vol-dez. C. Stillwell. T. Vinson. K. Duckner. Back Row-. G. Loveless. T. Henderson. B. Ash. J. Griffin. J. Uhl. C. Parker. J. Summers. K Wolter. J. Dickerson. S. Thompson, L Rider. R. Taylor, K. Lovel. Bottom: Moybe if I smile he’ll think I reolly know what I'm doing.Middle: Front Row: T. Wolters. M. Duckworth. M. Pinkowski. J. McAninch. P. Moxey. E. Short. R. Dovls. Dock Row: R. Smith. D. Miller. D. McDride. S. Woods. C. Cruthls. T. Flemming. J. Vinson. J. Ingrom. J. Pyott, P. Gotscholl. D. Ton-goy. J. Reed. D. Roy. 6. Clork. G. Loveless. Bottom: De quiet! He told us to be quiet! Clubs - 245COSMOTOLOGY Top Right-Kim Show practices on the dummy. Center Left-Dette Homs demonstrotes o rolling technique to Cindy Chorly. Bottom Right-Afternoon Cosmotology. Front Row-Tommy Oh well. Yvonne Spinks. Toni Un-derhill. Keren Miller. Tommy Horpole Row 2-Jomie Stromski. Terry Wogner. Oione Dock. Su-son Millitello. Ann Atwood. Mrs. Georgio Unrh-onk. Instructor Row 3-Mrs. Dette Horris. Instructor. Kim Show. Joyce Groy. Michelle Domes. Jill Wordle. Mono Grovemon. Kim Cyprion. Terri Whiriker. Mrs. Cynthio Grobner. Instructor 246 - ClubsTop Left-Pom Drown gives o holrcui. Center Left-Front Row: Christino Abner. Joy Motley. Decky Woymon. Connie Dossett. Kim Meyers. Deneen Horvey Row 2-Annefte Dehr-horst. Troci McLoughlin. Midge Shoke. Pom Drown. Debbie Johonne. Jill Vollmer. Stocey Couch. Vonesso Chrlsmon. Donno Strohbeck. Crystol Vineyord. Anito Roe Row 3-Mrs. Dette Horris. Potriclo Mulreon. Llso Droste. JoAnn Menke. Cindy Chorley. Kim Schmidt. Koren Donebroke. Melisso Nixon. Jeonno Hoffmon. Lynne McNeor. Robin Strohbeck. Money Co-lome. Sheryl Dock. Angelo Frye. Jonet Por-tridge. Mrs. Georgio Unthonk Center Right-Shelley Roiney gives o permo-nent to o customer ot J.D.J. Dottom Left-Christino Abner practices o roll up. Dortom Right-Mrs. Unthonk. Cosmotology teocher. Clubs - 247246 PRACTICAL NURSING Top Right- Tommy Geisen ond Stocey Goldman study o patients chott. Center Top-Procticol Nurse 2. Deborah Wag-ner. Sonya Tolley. Patricia Kelly. Shirlene Coughlin. Debro Shelby. Tommy McCormick. Diane Giedehhogen. Heother Rohertson. Cothi Benefial. Carlo Hague. Ed Cline. Detty McClin-tock. Instructor Not pktured-Sherry Schmoeller Center Bottom-Nurse Aides: Betty McClintock. Instructor. Kim Word. Julie Fleigle. Morio Frost. Lee Ann Dilley. Kelly Henderson. Cheryl Davis. Teno Norton. Norma Albee. Melindo Wright. Terry Lows. Keith Harris. Dahlia Agulnogo Not pictured-Corroll Konollokan. Paula Dourlond. Sherry Whirtew Bottom Right-Deborah Wagner ond Heather Robertson look on os Shirley Hoot. R.N. Nursery shows a procedure for looking up things. ClubsTop Left-Second yeor Proctkol Nursing students Corhi Denefiolond Patricia Kelly wotch o demonstration on the computer. Center-Licensed Procticol Nursing I: Front Row-Kim Loubscher. Cothy Romono. Down Crider. Deno Reo. Dyonn McGlosson. Stocey Gold-mon. Tommy Geisen Dock Row-Cindy Nodine. Debbie Witt. Michelle Horris. Trudy Sutterer, Dorris Denton. Korhy Ashlock. Suson Kettlewell. Sheri Druse Dottom leti-Dyonn McGlosson delivering breokfost troy to o potient. Dottom Right-Down Crider gathering linens to begin days work. Clubs - 249 ORNAMENTAL HORTACULTURE AGRICULTURE RESOURSES Top: Anneffe Dotes. Chris Ellington. Mork Sayre ore busy potting plonts. Center Left: Mork Colbert, toking core of plonts of J.D. Center Right: Left to Right. Mr. Eogleton Doug Freemon. Mott Doven. Mike Dell. Poulo llch. Croig Daker, Annette Dotes. Jock Hulsh. Kevin Soles. Chris Ellington. Anne Dlosioli. Mork Soyre. Dione Daniels. Not picture Mork Colbert Dottom: Jeff McKImnon ond Andrew Dechroll. pair oxle.AGRICULTURE MECHANICS Top left-Dove Phillips sands o troctor before painting it. Top Rlght-Dlone Daniels Is o hoser. Vjroocmargeo OlCS€L Center-Rick Grubb. Olake Evans. Andrew Dech-told. Trocey Ellifrirz. Rich Tucker. David Phillips. Jeff McKinnon. Jim Accord. Chuck Harris. Gory Funk. Rodney Gvillo. Richard Stutz. Ken Synder. Doug Conlee. Mr. Eogleton Bottom Left-James Accord paints o machine. Clubs - 251TATLER STAFF Top Left: Phil Sumner. Top Right: Donno WohWeil. Center Left: Sheilo Zimmermon. Center Right: Ruth Cunninghom. Bottom Left: Sue Dooley. Bottom Right: Cheryl Hortley. 252 - ClubsBottom Lett: Melodie Hotten Bottom Right: Tino Goodmon Totlet Helpers: Stig Ludvigsen. Jeff Maynard. Bev Crownover Kothy Acker. Tommy Rondoll. Solly Bryont. Jeryl Storkey. Jim Goeken. Stocy Kindig. Sherri Woggoner. Soro Motaz. Pom Eby. Tom Wolters. Borry Ash. Joyce Groy. Spe-ciol Thonks to: Treefon Siompos. Mrs. Joyce Elliott. Mrs. Jonls Honsen or d oil of the others rhot helped put this book together. Clubs - 253SENIOR INDEX This Index lists only the octlvlties of Seniors who requested to hove theirs published. It does not mean that other Seniors did not participate in any extracurricular activities. Willie Adorns: Counselor Assistant. Librory Assistant. Sophomore Football. Trock Team. Varsity Football. Thereso Adon: Concert Choir. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 23. Morching 100 Musical Red-birdette. Sophomore Chorus. Troubodors. Peter Allen: Bleocher Bums. Redbird Word Staff Nancy Andrews: Concert Bond. Concert Orchestro. Pit Orchestro. Symphonic Orchestro. Symphonic Band Robert Bockstruck: Aviation Mech. and Theory Teresa Bodwell: Bleacher Babes. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Latin Club. Moth Club. Notional Honor Sociery. Pep club. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Tennis Team. Sophomore. Chorus. Donee Club. Steve Bollini: Bleacher Bums. Sophomore Wrestling. V.I.C.A. Jeonie Boswell: Concert Band. French Club. Morching 23. Morching 100. Musical. Runner. Symphonic Bond. Teochers Assistant. Thespians. Mario Boukos: Color Guard. Concert Bond. Concert Orchestro. French Club. Marching 23. Morching 100. Notional Honor Society. Pep Bond. Pep Club, Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Bond. Chorus. AHS Woodwind Quintet. Ralph Bowles: Bleocher Bums. Concert Band. Varsity Golf. liso Bunting: Bleocher Babes. Dreom Girl Maid. German Qub. Homecoming Queen Mold. Junior Prom Decorotion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Student Senote. Varsity Soccer. MTP. Snow Queen Candidate. Scott Bozoluke; Bleacher Bums. Cafeteria Assistant. Future Formers. Moth Club. Runner. Troubodors. Vickie Bradshaw: Concert Bond. Future Business Leoders. Office Helper. Office Occupations (Vice President). Pep Club. Runner. Teocher s Assistant. Tomora J. Bromley: Concert Bond. Concert Orchestro. Morching 23. Morching 100. Pep Bond. Pit Orchestro. Symphonic Orchestro. Symphonic Band. Trock Team. AHS Woodwind Quintet. Chorus. Percy Brotton: Electricity Club, Musical. Redbird. Mory Broadway: Cheerin Chicks. French Club. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Librory Assistant. Office Helper. Pep Club. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Sherry-Lyn Brinson: Dromo Club. Pom Pon Girl. Redbird Word Staff. Runner. John Brousen: Advanced Chorus. Dromo Club. Future Formers, Junior Varsity Football. Library Assistant. Musicol. Office Helper. Redbird Word Stoff. Runner. Science Club. Sophomore Chorus. Teocher s Assistant. Thespians. Trock Team. Troubodors. Vorsity Football. Solly Bryant: Concert Choir. Counselor Assistant. Musicol. Redbird. Redbird Word Stoff. Senior Pow-der Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Tennis Team. Thesplons. Varsity Cheerleader. Brenda Buckner: Concert Bond. Redwing Softboll. Lisa Colame: Cheerin Chicks. Concert Bond. Concert Orchestra. German Club. Morching 23. Marching 100. Musicol. Office Helper. Pep Bond. Pit Or-chestro. Sophomore Chorus. Symphonic Orchesrro. Symphonic Bond. Thespions. Rebo Cormeon: Bleocher Babes. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper. Pep Club. Runner. Senior Award-Class Clown. Catherine A. Cornell: Bleacher Babes. Junior Pow-der Puff Squod. Morching 100. Musical. Notional Honor Society. Pep Bond. Pep Club. Pom Pon Girl, symphonic Bond. Illinois State Scholor. Presidentol Class For Young Americans. Solo and Ensemble Contests. Dance Club. NCTE Writing Competition. Mory Carter. Bleacher Babes. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Lotin Club. Moth Club. Musicol. Pep Club. Redbird Word Stoff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff. Squod. Senior Prom Decoroting Committee. Teoch-er's Assistant. Thespians. Jets. Model UN Page. Model UN Delegate. Tonyo Clevenger.- Sophomore Chorus. Teocher s Assistant. Spanish Club. Debra L. Cox: Concert Bond. German Club. Morch-ing 100. Symphonic Bond. Beverly Crownover: Concert Choir. Musicol. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Thespions. Troubodors. Connie Cruz: Activities Board. Bleocher Babes. Counselor Assistant. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Musical. Pep Club. Redbird Word Stoff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decoroting Committee. Teacher s Assistant. Spanish Club. Senior Awards Nominee. Summer Musicols. Julie Dare: Concert Orchestro. French Club. Marching 23. Morching 100, Musical. Pep Band, Pep Club. Pit Orchestro. Symphonic Orchestro. Sym-phonic Band. Janet Davenport: Advanced Chorus. Future Business Leader. Office Helper. Office Occupations. Sophomore Chorus. Bene DeMond: Activities Boord. Counselor Assistant. Future Business Leoders. Pep Club. Runner, Teacher s Assistant. Vorsity Cheerleader. Down Dennlngmonn: Activities Boord. Bleocher Babes. Dreom Girl. Junior Prom Decorotion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Pom Pom Girl. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decoroting Committee. Sophomore Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader. Snow Queen Court. Marie Dodd: Redbird Word Stoff. Fellowship Of Christian Athletes. Delon Dunlap: Electricity Club. Junior Varsity Baseball. Sophomore Football. Trock Team. Vorsity Basketball. Vorsity Football. Michoelo Durham: Cherrin Chicks. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Office Helper. Redwing Basketball. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Elizabeth Dykemon: Cheerin Chicks. Color Guard. German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Morching 100. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Pamela K. Eby: Concert Choir. Drama Club. French Club. Musical. Senior Power. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Thespions. Sabrina Edwards-. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Sophomore Chorus. Spanish Club. Dance Club. Cheerleader. Elizoberh Jone Elliott: Bleacher Babes. Concert Or-chestro. German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Marching 23. Morching 100. Marh Club. Musicol. Nationol Honor Society. Pep Bond. Pep Club. Science Club. Symphonic Bond. Tennis Team. Thespions. Trock Team, J.E.T.S.. Model UN. Club. Lynerte Estelle: Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistant. Future Business Leoders. Librory Assistant. Office Helper. Pep Club. Sophomore Chorus. Teocher s Assistant. Trock Teom. Tino Eschboch: Dreom Girl Maid. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pom Pom Girl. Redbird. Sophomore Cheerleader. Student Senate. Teocher s Assistant. Vorsity Cheer-leader. Marla Epps: Future Homemokers. Sophomore Chorus. Vorsity Cheerleader. Jone Estes: Bleacher Babes. Debore Teom. Exchange Student. Homecoming Queen Maid. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Redbird Word Stoff. Senior Prom Decoroting Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Student Senote. Teacher's Assistant. Student Senote Member of the Month. Melinda Federle: Concert Choir. Future Business Leoders. Library Assistant. Office Occupations. Pep Club. Sophomore Chorus. Spanish Club. Orchestro. Charles Foreman: Junior Varsity Wrestling. Run-net. Trock Teom. Vorsity Football. George W. Fronds: Chess Club. Concert Choir. Dromo Club. Germon Club. Musicol. Sophomore Chorus. Teocher s Assistant. Thespions. Troubodors. Honor Thespian. Vickie Franks: Office Helper. Pep Club. Runner. Snow Queen Candidate. Shelly Gill: Concert Choir. Concert Orchestra. Marching 100. Musicol. Notional Honor Society. Pit Orchestro. Redwing Volleyball. Symphonic Or- 254chesrro. Symphonic Dand. Teocher's Assistant. Troubodors. Senior Drum Major. Gail Glossmeyer: Activities Board. Oleocher Robes Commercial Art Club. German Club. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Pep Club, Runner. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Dance Club. Koren Glozik: Concert Dand. German Club. Moth Club (team). Musical. National Honor Society. Science Club. Toro A. Gomez: Redbird Word Staff. Varsity Cheerleader. Charlie Grames: Chess Club. Concert Choir. German Club. Library Assistant. Moth Qub (teom). Musical. Notional Honor Society. Science Club. Sophomore Chorus. Thespions. Troubodors. JETS (Junior Engineering Technical Society). Mono Grovemon: Advanced Chorus. Oleocher Robes. Concert Choir. French Club. Future Cosmetologists. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Sophomore Chorus. Troubodors. Drenda Greer: Counselor Assistant. Distributive Education Treasurer. Office Helper. Diana Horris: Advanced Chorus. Jonice Horrison: Sophomore Chorus. Teacher s Assistant. Model United Notions Club Secretory. Jeon Hort: Oleocher Dabes. Concert Dand. Drama Club Junior Powder Puff Squod. Lotin Club. Morch-ing 20. Morching 100. Musical. Nationol Honor Society. Pep Dand. Pep Club. Redbird Word Stoff. Sym-phonic Dand. Thespians. Illinois State Scholar. Robert Hartman: Activities Doord. Counselor Assistant. Distributive Education. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Library Assistant. Office Helper. Runner. Teocher's Assistant. DECI Ambassador. Chris Henderson: French Club. Homecoming King. Homecoming King Candidates. Junior Vorsity Baseball. Junior Vorsity Football. Notional Honor Society. Sophomore Doskerboll. Sophomore Foot-boll. Track Teom. Vorsity Doskerboll. Vorsity Foot-boll. Mary Jane Hill: Bleacher Dabes. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Office Helper. Pep Club. Pom Pon Girl. Runner. Senior Prom Decorotion Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Student Senate. Lourl Hofherr: Activities Doord. Bleacher Dabes. Homecoming Queen Moid. Junior Prom Decora-rion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Musical. Pom Pon Girl. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sen-ior Prom Decoroting Committee. Debl House: Dromo Club. Musical. Thespians. Ploys. Teresa A. Howard: Activities Doard. Advanced Chorus. Cheerin Chicks. Concert Choir. Exchange Srudent. Library Assistant. Office Helper. Pep Club. Redwing Daskefboll. Redwing Volleyball. Science Club. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Track Teom. Troubodors. Nanette Huck: Concert Bond. German Club. Morching 100. Symphonic Dand. Teocher's Assistant. Thespions. Jorma Itkonen: Exchange Srudent. Musicol. Jozz-Combo. Stephen P. Jacoby: Concert Dand. Concert Orchestra. Jozz Dand. Katnips. Morching 23. Morching 100. Pep Dand. Pit Orchestra. Red Dird Word Stoff. Senior Power. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Bond. Junior Engineering Technical Society-President Dream Girl. Dell Jonke: Commercial Art Club. Office helper and runner. Aviation Theory 0 Private Pilot. Doris Jomoldin: Activities Doord. Cheerin Chicks. Morching 100. Senior Power. Symphonic Dand. Concession Stands (at basketball gomes). Senior Power Committe. Karen Kolaskie: Cheerin Chicks. Concert Orchestra. German Club. Pit Orchestra. Senior Power. Symphonic Orchestra. Suson King: Cheerin Chicks. German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Potty Kelly: Concert Bond. Runner. Teocher's Assistant. LDN II Secretory. Stocey Kindig: Cherrin Chicks. Concert Choir. Ger-man Club. Musical. Notionol Honor Society. Senior Powder Puff Squod. TATLER STAFF. Tennis Teom. Thespions. Troubodors. Shawn Kinnare: Dleocher Dums. Chess Club. Junior Varsity Soccor. Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore soccer. Vorsity Soccer. Marianne Knezevkh: Concert Dand. French Club. Marching 100. Symphonic Dand. Teacher's Assistant. Lisa D. Kramer: Cheerin Chick. Concert Dand. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decoroting Committee. Student Senate. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Dand. Student Senate Secretary. 9th grade cheer-leading. Ellen Krebs: Color Guard. Concert Bond. Concert Choir. Dromo Club. Musicol. Sophomore Choir. Swing Choir. Symphonic Bond. Thespions. Troudo-dors. Drett Losswell Concert Choir. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Teacher s Assistant. Troubodors. Summer Chorus. Stephanie Lester: Concert Choir. Junior Vorsity Cheerleader. Office Occupations. Pep Bond. Pep Club. Sophomore Cheerleader Mork Lilley: Concert Choir. Drama Club. Future Business Leoders. Musical. Sophomore Chorus. Teocher's Assistant. Thespions. Powder Puff Cheer-leader (Jr.) Darry Mocios: Dleacher Dums. Homecoming King Candidates. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Vorsity Daseboll. Junior Vorsity Football. Office Helper. Redbird Word Stoff. Runner. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Rose-boll. Sophomore Football. Varsity Daseboll. Varsity Football 1 Phelto Thi (fraternity) Junior ond Sen-ior Powder Puff Cooch Cynthia E. Monson: Activities Doard. Cheerin Chicks. Future Business Leoders. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Office Occupations. Teacher's Assistant Jill McNamara: Activities Doord. Cheerin Chicks. Commercial Art Club. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee Deonna Mierski: Advanced Chorus. Musicol. Sophomore Chorus. Thespians. Diology Club Lenzy C. Morris: Future Auto Technicians. Junior Vorsity Football. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Doskerboll. Sophomore Football. Track Teom. Vorsity Basketball. Vorsity Footboll Mary Mulreon: Future Dusiness Leoders. Office Occupation. Antoinette Miller: Future Dusiness Leoders. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Greg Naseilo: Dleocher Dums. Counselor Assistant. Exchange Student. German Club. Homecoming King Candidates. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Redbird Word Stoff. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Baseball. Student Senote. Tennis Teom. Vorsity Soccer. 1 Phelto Thi. Junior Powderpuff Cheerleader. Senior Powderpuff Cooch. Cindy Paul: Cheerin Chicks. Concert Choir. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decoroting Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Student Senote. Swing Choir. Troubodors. Varsity Dosketboll. Snow Queen Moid. Tommy Perry: Advanced Chorus. Cofeterio Assistant. Future Homemakers. Office Helper. Pep Club. Sophomore Chorus. Rhondo Phillips: Concert Dand. Germon Club. Morching 23. Morching 100. Musicol. Symphonic Dand. Teocher's Assistant. Thespions. B.D. Concession Monoger. Cindy Randolph: Activities Doard. Exchange Student. Future Dusiness Leoders. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Junior Vorsity Cheerleader. Office Helper. Pom Pon Girl. Redbird Word Stoff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decororing Committee. Sophomore Cheerleader. Sophomore chorus. Vorsity Cheerleader. Garry Raybin: American Field Service. Dromo Qub. Exchange Student. German Club. Jazz Bond. Marching 23. Morching 100. Musicol. Pep Bond. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Bond. Thespions. Michele Rives: Future Dusiness Leoders. Office Occupations. Teocher's Assistant. Chorus. Bond. Stocey Roberts: Concert Bond. Junior Prom Decoroting Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 100. Pep Club (Freshmen Year). Student Senote (Junior) Symphonic Bond (Sophomore). Vorsity Cheerleader (basketball-junior year, foot-boll-senior year). Freshman Cheerleader. Bond-freshmen year. Heather Robertson: Americon Field Service. Color Guard. Dromo Club. Future Nurses. Germon Club. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Morching 100. Musicol. Office Helper. Science Qub. Sophomore Chorus. Thespians. Troubodors. Catherine Romonko: Future Dusiness Leoders. Ger-man Club. Notionol Honor Society. Lorraine Rogers: Cheerin Chicks. Concert Dand. Concert Choir. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Morching 100. Musical. Redwing Volleyboll. Senior Power. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Symphonic Dand. Troubodors. Vorsity Cheerleader. Pot Ruedin: Activities Doard. Dleocher Dums. Concert Dand. Homecoming King Candidates. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Cheerleader. President of T.A.M.S. Desty Ruyle: Sophomore Chorus. Troubodors.Brod Soylor: Bleacher Bums Concert bond. Cross Country Teom. German Club. Junior Vorsity Dose-boll. Librory Assistant. Sophomore Doseboll. Vorsity Baseball. Michoel Scales: Distributive Education. Junior Vorsity Football. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Football. Sophomore Wrestling, Track Teom. Vorsity Football. Sarah Schenk: German Club. Notional Honor Society. Sophomore-Junior Student Advisory Committee. Amy Schudel: Activities Board. Bleacher Babes. Exchange Student. Homecoming Queen Maid. Junior Prom Decororion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redbird Word Stoff. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decororing Committee. Student Senote. Snow Princess. Marilyn Schulz: Cheerin Chicks. Junior Prom Decororion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Sen-ior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decororion Committee. Jerry Scoggins: Counselor Assistant. Future Business Leaders. Office Occupations. Runner (counselor). Orchestro. Deth Show: Dleocher Babes. Concert Band. French Club. Junior Prom Decororion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Redbird Word Stoff. Student Senate. Laura Shelby: Office Occupations. Kim Sitze: Advonced Chorus. Dleocher Babes. Concert Choir. French Club. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Greg Smith: Bleacher Bums. Counselor Assistant. Future Business Leaders. German Club. Homecoming King Candidate. Junior Prom Decororion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Cheerleader. Junior Varsity Wrestling. Office Helper. Senior Powder Puff Cooch. Senior Prom Decororing Committee. Sophomore Wrestling. Student Senote. Teacher s Assistant. J.E.T.S., Student Senote Porlementorion. Rachel Smith: Concert Orchestro. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestro. Model United Notions Club. Sandy K. Smith: Junior Powder Puff Squod. 2 years of Redwing Basketball. Redwing Letter Club. 3 yeors of Redwing Softball. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Steven C. Somlot: Activities Board. Dleocher Bums. Concert Band. Jozz Band. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Marching 23. Marching 100. Moth Club. Senior Power. Senior Prom (j Decorating Committee. Student Senote. Symphonic Bond. Tennis Teom. Sponish Club. Voice of Demorocy Runner Up. Apprentice Progrom or Washington University. Presidential Clossroom for Young Americans. Who's Who among High School Students. S.A.R.. Outstanding Negro Student. Yvonne Spinks: Concert Choir. Future Cosmetoli-gists. Redwing Track. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Teochers Assistant. Troubodors. Linda Stork: Office Helper. Office Occupations. Sophomore Chorus. Freshman Bond. Junior Chorus. Brian Strauss: Cross Country Teom (Captain). Ger-mon Club. Moth Club. Notional Honor Society. Science Club. Track Teom. J.E.T.S. (President). Model United Notions Club (Vice President). Kim Srroube: American Field Service. French Club. Musicol. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Marching. 100. Pom Pom Girl. Sympnonic Band. Kathy Taul: Activities Doard. Dleocher Babes. Con-cert Choir. Junior Prom Decorotion Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Musicol. Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Volleyball. Senior Prom Decorotion Committee. Teacher's Assistant. Troubodors. Trocy DeAnn Thomas: Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. V.I.C.A. Club. Michoel Tillman: Advonced Chorus. Cross Country Teom. Future Business Leaders. Germon Club. Math Club. Science Club. Sophomore Chorus. Tennis Teom. Track Teom. Junior Engineering Technical Society. Model U N. Illinois State Scholor. TEAMS Member. J.E.T.S. Competitive Event Contest. Maureen Todd: Drama Club. Latin Club. Office Helper. Office Occupations. Senior Prom Decorotion Committee. Editor of Marquette Newspaper. Cindy Toney: Cheerin Chicks. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Redbird. Redbird Word Stoff. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decororion Committee. Student Senate. Troubodors. Vorsity Cheerleader for 3 yeors. Denise Tucker: Concert Choir. French Club. Future Business Leaders. Musical. Office Occupations. Teacher's Assistant. Thespions. Troubodors. Mike Tucker: Concert Choir. Drama Club. Musical. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. TATLER STAFF. Thespians. Troubodors. Ron Twkhell: Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Dosketboll. Vorsity Doseboll. Vorsity Dosketball. Carol Vetter: Future Homemakers. Runner. Teoch-er s Assistant. Child Core Club. Nancy Vollertsen: Concert Band. Concert Choir. Germon Club. Morching 100. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Troubodors. Non Wolker: Cheerin Chicks. Germon Oub. Junior Prom Decorotion Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Student Senote. Thomas E. Walter: Chess Club. Commercial Art Club. Future Dusiness Leaders. Office Helper. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Totler Staff, and Achitec-rurol Drafting Club. Pamela Watkins: Dleocher Babes. Exchange Student. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Vorsity Dosketball. Redwing Letter Club. Runner. Senior Power. Pow-der Puff Squod. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senate. Teocher s Assistant. Student Senate Parliamentarian, and Sponish Club. Deborah Wegescheide: Dleocher Bums. Cherrin Chicks. Counselor Assistant. Electricity Club Future Auto Technicians. Future Formers. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Wrestling. Super Welders Club. Swing Choir. Troubodors. Vorsity Footboll Dawn Westbrook: Office Occupation. John Wigger: Activities Doard. Bleacher Bums. Counselor Assistant. Cross Country Teom. Homecoming King Candidates. Junior Powder Puff Coach. Junior Vorsity Wrestling. Senior Powder Puff Cooch. Sophomore Footboll. Sophomore Wrestling. JETS. IPT. Moosehead Softball. Jeff Willett: German Club. Notional Honor Society. Junior Engineering Technical Society. Lisa Winch: Future Dusiness Leaders. Senior Pow-der Puff Squod. Teochers Assistant. Jana Wittman: Dleocher Dobes. Concert Choir. Concert Orchestro. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Musical. Pep club. Pit Orchestra. Redwing Volleyball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Symphonic Orchestro. Thespians. Troubodors. Doncing Chorus-61 Donna Wohefeil: Redbird Word Stoff. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squod. TATLER STAFF. Debbie Woods: Activities Doard. Concert Band. Concert Choir. Concert Orchestro. Cross Country Teom. Exchange Student. Junior Prom Decorotion Committee. Morching 23. Morching 100. Musicol. Office Helper. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Redwing Trock. Senior Prom Decorotion Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Symphonic Orchestro. Symphonic Band. Teocher s Assistant. Thespions (treasure). Trock Teom. Bond Treasure. Gwen Wreoth: Activities Doard. Dleocher Dobes. Counselor Assistant. Future Dusiness Leaders (reporter). Junior Powder Puff Squod. Pom Pon Girl. Redbird Word Stoff. Senior Powder Puff Squod. Sophomore Chorus. Jim Porker: Concert Bond. Concert Orchestro. Debate Teom. German Club. Jozz Band. Morching 23. Morching 100. Office Helper. Pep Band. Pit Orchestro. Golf Teom. Scott Teichmann-. Dleocher Bums. Cafeteria assistant. Concert Choir. Debate Team. Katnips. Musical. Pep Band. Super Welfors Club. Stig Ludvigsen: Totler Stoff. IPT's. 256 

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