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1981 UAlLE3 ALTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 2200 COLLEGE AVENUE ALTON, ILLINOIS 62002?, SENIORS 16 JUNIORS 49 SOPHOMORES 69 A FACULTY 111 pr ORGANIZATIONS 131 m THEATER 163 MUSIC 179 ! ACTIVITIES 199 SPORTS 249MT. ST. HELENS VOLCANIC ERUPTION MAY 18, 1980 "Vancouver! Vancouver! This is if ..." and that was the last any living person ever heard of geologist David Johnston. He was just one of 61 people who perished in the eruption of Washington's Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980. The blast, which was the first volcanic eruption to occur in 63 years in the continental United States, also claimed the lives of on estimated 2 million animals, destroyed 140 miles of streams and 26 lakes, and threw the entire Northwest into turmoil. After the eruption, the area that had once astounded tourists for its beauty was left a barren, desolate wasteland. Ash blanketed the area for 200 square miles, creating a ghostly landscape that resembled the surface of the moon. Those living within the area were advised to stoy inside; schools and businesses were shut down, and the long job of digging out of the ash began. In the weeks and months that followed more eruptions occured, but none matched the destructive force of the May 18th blast. Gradually the Northwest, overcome the shock of the eruption, and learned to live with the volcano. which could go on spewing forth lava and ash for years. 4 RONALD REAGAN 40TH PRESIDENT January 20.1981: In Iran, halfway around the world. 52 Americans are beginning a journey that will take them out of the country where they have been held captive for over a year, that will take them back to their native land. In the United States, their destination, Ronald Wilson Reagan is being sworn in as the 40th president of the United States. It was a day of triumph for Reagan, for the hostages, and for the United States. But especially for Ronald Reagan. Since Reagan's landslide victory over Jimmy Carter in the November election, the situation has been building to a climax. The hostages ore free; now comes the hard part; the United States is in a financial slump, and it is up to Reagan to lead us out of it. He has only four years to prove himself, to carry out his plan.52 HOSTAGES RETURN FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! The U.S. Embossy in Tehran was taken over by Iranian militants on November 4. 1979. A number of Americans were released soon after the takeover, but for 52 of the hostages, the ordeal lasted 444 days. During this time, the Carter administration held numberous negotiations to release the hostages, all of which were unsuccessful. An attempt to rescue the hostages in April of 1960. ended in disaster. Finally, through the combined efforts of Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Algerian officials, the terms for the release of the hostages were settled, and on January 20. 1961. the hostages were officially released. Many Americans were upset over the way the situation was handled, yet all were glad the long nightmare was over. ’ Some people ore saying that this is the end of an era. but whot we said before still stands-the eighties will be a beautiful decade. John loved and prayed for the human race. Please remember that he had deep faith and love for life and that, though he has now joined the greater force, he is still with us." -Yoko Ono December 1960 LEFT: Activities Board members tie o traditional yellow ribbon around the flog pole at Alton High. Photo by Alton Telegraph. BOTTOM: Local Missouri resident Rocky Sickmon. one of the freed hostages, emerges from the plone In Frankfurt. Get-mony. WELCOME BACK TO FREEDOMIf you hove to buy a City Sticker for your cor. Sherry Word's design will be on your cor in 1962. The second year students of the Commercial Art club ot the J. B. Johnson Center submit designs to the Mayor and he picks one to be the City Sticker for the next year. Sherrie's design was on arrowhead and the Mayor felt it wos o good choice for Alton’s 1982 motto: "Spearheading Progress.'' Mayor Lenz presented Sherrie with a gold sealed certificate and a key to the city of Alton. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS This year Alton High is proud to have two semi finalists in the 1960 National Merit Scholar ship program. These students are the highest scoring student in the state on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT NMSQT). These students are Mark Edelmon and Mark Lanzeroffe LEFT: Mark Edelmon RIGHT: Mork LonzerofteS.I. S.P.A. AWARD WINNING PHOTOS Three Alton High Students won owords ot the 1960 Southern Illinois School Press Association for their work on the Totter. Dole Davis won 1st place in the activities category for his photographs. Receiving honorable mention for their pictures were Treefon Siampos ond Greg Hill. TOP LEFT: 1st ploce photo token by Dole Davts. TOP RIGHT: An Honoroble Mention wos given to Greg Hill for this photo. BOTTOM LEFT: Dole Davis' 3rd ploce photo In the Sports Category. BOTTOM RIGHT: This photo by Treefon Stempos won him on honoroble mention. 7NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Senior Members. i960: J. Allmon. D. Cor-win. E. Cox. D. Dipiozzo. M. Dothoger K. Eogleton. M. Edeimon. S. Elzy. E. Emblom. D. Forrow. D. Fester. G. Green. E. Hordbeck. T. Henschel. J. Kercher. T. Kinnore. C. Kunz. F. Lekkos. E. Lowe. M. Mermis. M. Morgen-roth. J. Murroy. K. Reynolds. 0. Roller. P. Schwortz. A. Sheppord. C. Skordos. M. Spencer. J. Vest. J. Wotsek. J. Witt. A. Wright. N. Young Senior Members. 1961: G. Adorns. D. Drown. N. Drown. J. Dryont. S. Dudde. K. Collohon M. Coppel. J. Crowford. V. Flippo. L. Floro. D. Fronke. 0. Fritz. D. Holden. K. Johnson. C. Jorst. D. Komp. A. Kerke-meyer. M. Koditz. M. Lonzerotte. S. Lor-gen. D. Miller. D. Peorson. H. Schweppe. J. Smith. D. Sowders. A. Stoutenborough. J. Tonner. T. Toylor. J. Tyler. D. Von Wyk. T. Woters. L. Witcher. Junior Members 1961 M. Dloir. M. Boikos M. Drown. M. Chappell. M. Cochran. C. Cornell. S. Dothoger E. Elliott. S. Gill. K. Glozik. C. Gromes. J. Grills. J. Hoycroft. G. Holton. E. Joehl. P. Johnson. S. Kindig. T. O'Neal. S. Rhoads. C. Romanko. S. Schenk. D Strouss. M. Tegtmeyer. K. Till. J. Willett. J. Witt-Vice President J. Allman-Pres. G. Green-Treasurer M. Mermis-Corresponding Secretary J. Watsek-Recordlng Secretory F.W. AWARDS Two Alton Hlghr School students received awards In the voice of Democracy speech contest. Barb Griffin and Cindy Phegley won 2nd and 3rd place In the contest which was sponsored by the V.F.W. In the city. Participants had to make a 3-5 minute speech and tape It at WOKZ radio. The tapes from all the schools were judged by a panel of judges and 1st, 2nd, (j 3rd place winners received a cash award and a plage presented at a dinner. The theme of the speech contest was "My Committment For The Country." LEFT: Darb Griffin RIGHT: Cindy PhegleyILLINOIS STATE SCHOLARS DAR-SAR The local chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution present Good Citizenship awards based on the student's dependability. cooperation, leadership and patriotism. This years recipiants is Chrisulo Skordos. Chris has olso won the 1981 Youth Citizenship Award presented by the Soroptimisf International of Alton. The award is based on accomplishments of the student in connection with school and country activities. The following students from Alton High have been awarded o certificate of Merit by the Illinois State Scholarship Commission for outstanding performance in the 1980-81 State Scholar Program. This is determined by a combination of ACT scores and high school achievement. Gorry Adorns. Joni Allmon, Julie Bryonf. Kristina Collohan Erk Cox. Don Dipiozzo. Morsho Dothoge Dione Dressier. Mork Edelmon. Steven Elzy. Edword Emblom. Dove Forrow. Douglos Fester. Vol Flippo. Gordon Green. Robert Greenwood. Steven Griffin. Orion Gustin. Beth Holden Gory Holton. Brodley Komp. Thomos Kinnore. Mick-elle Kolditz. Clifford Kinz. Mork Lonzerotte Fonne Lekkos. Soro McNob. Morionne Mer-mis. Dodie Miller. Janet Murray. Elios Pors. Cynthio Phegley. Potrkio Schwortz. Amy Sheppord. Donno Sowders. John Tonner. Thomos Toylor. Daniel Von Wyk. Jeonie Vest. Leeonne Witcher. Jeffrey Witt. This year's finalist for the Notional Achievement Scholar Program for Outstanding Negro Students is Garry Adams. Scoring in the upper 5 percent on the PSAT NMSQT. Gorry was one of 5,100 academically able students recognized. He is considered for an undergraduate scholarship. Also commended was Kormyn Carrington, who scored in the upper 10 percent. She plons to attend Boston University and major in accounting.From the capital of El Salvador. San Salvador, we have Vicky Mena. She is living with the White family in Godfrey. Having just been with us a short shile. Vicky already knows she likes the U.S. Among Vicky's interests ore: Crochet and sports such as basketball and swimming: She plans to study engineering when she returns. Vicky hopes to overcome her shyness and meet many people during her stay here and as is obvious, she is going to reach her goalsl 10 When you hear the name 'Lolls” being called, you know ones calling Dolores Garza, our student from Monterrey. Mexico. She lives with the Asaro family In Godfrey. Among Lolls interests ore: horseback riding, swimming, tennis, and her favorite, bowling. Dolores is very thankful to everyone at A.H.S. for helping her with English, which she plans to study extensively with communications when she returns to Mexico. Dolores soys that she too, like the other foreign students, has enjoyed her stay here. According to "Lolls." •'I'll never forget all the friendly people from A.H.S.” ABOVE RIGHT: Vicky poses with the Whites. her Amerkon Fomlly ABOVE: Vkky (Middle row. 5th person) with members of her graduating doss. RIGHT: Dolores with the Asaro fomlly. All the woy from Mozqulz Coohullo. Mexico. we hove Monica Rodriguez. She lives with the Grohom family In Godfrey. This native of Mexico loves all sports and above all horseback riding. Upon returning to Mexico. Monica plans to study Business Administration. Monica soys she has loved her stay here and will never forget the hospitable, friendly people of A.H.S. TOP LEFT: Monica poses with the Grohom family. TOP RIGHT: Vicky (3rd from left), poses with her fomily in Son Solvodor. LEFT: Righr Monico donees to rhe "Veracruz’ 11From Luebeck, Germony. we hove Peter Oetker. He lives with Mr. G Mrs. Phillip D. Porker in Godfrey. Peter is o tolented musicion os he ploys the trumpet in Symphonic Bond. Pep Bond. ond Morching 100. Among his hobbies ore photography, soccer. frock, ond soiling. Peter soys he will never forget his enjoyable experience in the U.S.A.; especially the Pie Eating Contest!!!Representing A.F.S. this yeor is Todeu Elios Reis from Drozil. He is living with Mr. Cj Mrs. Herbert Wiegond in Alton. Todeu. who wos ottending the University of Drozil, stopped his studies there to come study for 1 yeor in the U.S.A. Upon returning, this native Drozilion will continue his studies in Clericol Engineering and Political Science. Tadeu's hobbies include photogrophy ond soccer. Todeu feels his experience here wos fantastic, ond hos many exciting stories to tell his fellow Brazilians of his stay here. TOP: Socializing along with in tel (actualizing! CENTER LEFT: Todeu points out his beloved homeland. CENTER RIGHT: Todeu holds up the Notional Flog of Brazil. BOTTOM: Todeu "All smiles" with his American family, the Wiegonds. 13STUDENT SENATE PRESIDENT DARD GRIFFIN TOP RIGHT: Dorb wins the Homecoming Queen crown. 1980's Senote President is Dorb Griffin. She has participated in several activities such as: Redwings Volleyball, Sophomore Cheer-leader. Dream Girl Court, Snow Queen Maid. Model U.N.. Chorus. Powder Puff. Cheerin' Chicks. Redbird Student Dooster Club. Teacher Assistant, and French Club. Along with Darb's impressive list ore the titles of Optimist Youth of the Year. Illinois District Student Council Treasurer, and most recently Homecoming Queen. Dorb was also Student Senote Vice-President which led to her present title. BOTTOM LEFT: Dorb explains Senote ocrlvl-ties for the week. BOTTOM RIGHT: Down Dennigmonn. Kelly Green. G Dorb Griffin show the cooperation needed for both groups. Activities Doord ond Student Senote. to function. 14rocr. SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT: KELLY GREEN DELOW: Borb Kelly. Down, ond Mr. Kline plon for the Store Convention. 1960's Senior Closs President is Kelly Green. She has served as Junior Class President os well as Activities Board Vice-President which led to her present role. Kelly hos also been a member of the AFS Club. Redbird Word. Dleocher Babes. Powder Puff. Sophomore Redbird, and Latin Club. BOTTOM LEFT: Kelly puts o greor deol of her time Into student activities. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kelly smiles for the com-ero. If you would like to speak to your Class President, just go to the 4th floor of the Main, anytime during 2nd hour and you'll find Kelly overseeing all the committees and doing well!!! 15VARSITY TRACK SEATED: Jos Romerlt Jim Peuterbough. Mike Scott. Steve Love. Robert Streeper. Jeff Miller. Gory Chopped. Doug Coffler. Dove Elchen. Vernon Curvey. John Tonner. STANDING: Mike Tolbert. Darnell Penelton. Jeff Musgroy. Chris Henderson. Chuck Foreman. Cleveland Cox. Gerald Dennis.Stormy Albers Gorry Adorns Tommy Agee Scott Dergesch Mark Derkel Robert Dlonton Donald Dobbs Carol Dock Debro Doldwin Mortho Dechtold Daniel Dierbaum Julie Albrecht Drien Danks Robert Deile Donald Dlair Timothy Donnell Jerry Allsman Ramona Domes Randall Arnold James Daalman Vl Gary Dosden Mark Douser Michael Dennett Jeri Dland Kathleen Domes 18Thomas Brinkman Rachel Brown Steven Cagle Sharon Brown Shelly Calome Karmyn Carrington Ronald Carter Russell Chambers Julie Chappee Cheryl Charleston 19Darryl Chavours Jeffrey Churchill John Clayton Trudy Colburn Yvonne Covington Eric Cox Robert Craig April Crain Roger Cress Mark Crlfes Rose Clark Steven Clark Liso Cloybrook Timothy Cook Charles Corbin Diane Corwin Jerry Cox Terry Cox Wendy Cox Eric Cronmer Todd Cravens Joseph Crawford Cynthia Crotchett Charles Dale Theodore Davey 20Annette Dovis John Dovis JR Michoel Dlrksmeyer Michael Dorris Dyron Delp Stephanie Dorsey Diane Dressier Laura Droste Pamela Dunham Gerald Dennis Trudie Eberlin' w ui. Daniel Dipiazzo Rodger Downing Mark Edelman Shelia Edelen Emery Edwards Kenneth Edwards Jerry EllingtonJR Andrea ElliottBryan Evans Laura Ellison David Farrow Edward Emblom David Fergurson Douglas Fester Keith Eyer Laura Floto Christy Eyster Elaine Foster Dorinda Fox Jean Freeman Naome Frazier Dolores Garza Yvonne Gates Earl Gillom Phillip Goeken Denise Goen 22Dennis Goen Clinton Groy Steven Griffin Roymond Gonzoles Kenneth Groy Teresa Grounds Michael Hamilton Janet Hand Thomas Goodrich Michelle Gray Brian Gustin Gladys Green Melvin Gutierrez William Hardin Valerie Hart Christy Graham Catherine Hager Ricky Hallemon Patricia Hartnett 23Michael Hausman Michael Heinemonn Edwin Henry Christopher Holden Dorothy Horton Sherry Hausman Sandra Hollenbock ‘I ✓ Julie Hudgins Chris Hendricks Katrina Homesley Robert Hunter Heather Healey Donald Henkhaus Constance Hord Michael Huntsman 24Atloy Jockson Evelyn James Scott Johns Kent Johnson Loverno Johnson Michael Johnson Cassandra Jones Tomoro Jordon Richard Kelly Janet Kercher Honey Kinsello Jesse Kimbrough Jr Cheryl Klncode Glno Kline Kenneth Kincaid T Michelle Kolditz Gerold Kenshold Thomas Kinnore III Wesley Kolk Diana Kopsie Richard Kortkamp Clifford Kunz Michael Kusmonoff William LairdJames Little Jr. Thomas Lyons Monica Markel Karen Lemons Lualis Long fer A Rhonda Mock Rhonda Lessner Jeaneen Lewis Kelly Moher Drodley Manor Michele Mason Nicholas Mason Sandro Mayer Ralph McBride Wanda McCauley Machele McDannel Cole Light Lorry Lung Misti Manns Maurice McElroyRaveno McGhee Patrick McGlffen Dodie Miller Gary Miller Patricia Moore Pomelo Moore Edward Morrison Martha Mugge Robert Mosby Jeffrey Musgroy Jeffrey Nelson Jeffrey Nelson Goyle Nicholson Thomas Niemeyer Donald Millitello Carolyn Moss Richard Noylor Johanna Noble 27Michael Olive Rhonda Nolle Rodney Palmer Rebecco Norris Laurie Parmley Barry Porridge Peter Oetker Ronald Penelton Craig Perry William Petty Schendora Perry David Peterson Marshall Peterson Rondo Petty Shown Phillips Darla Plrtle Karen Propes Jeffrey Pyaft Ronald Raines Joe Ramirez Arthur Redditt Dyrol Reed Kendall Reed Pamela Reed Deborah Robertson Robert Ruyle Deirdre Schaaf PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lester Schuetz Thomas Ryan Grace Sackett Peter Sasek Ruthie Soulsberry Mark Schwappach Patricio Schwartz Mark Scott Carmen ShowChristopher Sheff Su-wen Shuen Mechelle Smith Kimberly Stobener Scottie Stewort Wendell Sims Timothy Shewmoke Chrisulo Skordos Donno Sowders Michoel Stoten Tommy Shive Beverly Smith Mory Spencer Thomos Steele Nothon Shoemoker Gloria Spurgeon Richard Steward Bernadette Stockard James Stumpe David Stutz Katherine Swarringin JOJohn Tonner Todd Tonney Dovid Tontype Corolyn Thomos Dovid Thompson William Tucker Jomes Velloff Rebecca Waggoner James Thompson Richard Tyler Sue Voss Clare Waits Daniel Titchenal Daniel Van Wyk Manul Wade Scott Wallace Jerald Tolle Jomes Vassor Scott Wade Michelle Wallace Wesley Thomas Kelly Trowbridge Walter Wadeklng Scott Walter 31James Ward Gary Webster Nancy Wilson Laura Woods Steven Woodson Sharon WarlicK Theodore Wedding Jane Whited Margaret WinSlow Gary Weihe Nancy Whyte Undo Winson Q w Dana Watts Mark Weirich Brian Williams Jeffrey Witt Alan Zahner Tommy Zlrkelbech Annette Hersman 32Heather Drooks Julio Bryant Craig Adkins v n Lisa Azzarello Anne Ducher Daniel Dull I rmm Nancy Douser Margaret Deckmeyer v Julie Doyd Teresa Drady A Susan Druce Julie Drunough Kristina Callahan Jennifer Campbell 33Mitchell Cappel Liso Chiolero Darryl Curtis Lisa Downing Joy Eisenreich Monique Cormean Dana Costa Vernon Curvey Dovid Drury Dryon Elkins Maureen Cowon Melia Davies Kevin Dunphy Steven Elzy James Carter Kari Cowgill Gory Choppel Alice Curtis Diane Dick Kathleen Eogleton Marsha Dothager Donna Edwards Val Flippo Charlotte Ford 34Mark Ford Kristine Gabriel Christina Godfrey Darbara Griffin Demetra Hampton Amy Fowler Kelly Gallogher Sharon Grace V Kimberly Grossheim Suzanne Hansel Darbara Franke ' Penny Gray Pamela Gvillo Wayne Freeman Loretta Geisen Gordon Green Kaye Halford James Funkhouser V Cynthia Gober Lori Hall Elizabeth Hardbeck David Harman Jack Harpole 35Donnie Hopper Denise Horton Kevin Johnessee Korry Hozslip Glorio Hicks Koren Huebener Deonno Jones Todd Heininger Marcello Holcomb Dorothy Hutchinson Michael Jones Edwin Henry Cynthia Jorstod Bradley Kamp Cynthia Kanturek David Kehr Janet Kercher Arlene KerkemeyerBernard Kienstro Patrick Korte t ■ Barbara Little William Lucas k Nell Mcconahey Robin Kinder Mark Lonzerotte Linda Lohr Trocee Luly Lisa Kitchens Susan Largen It Quinton Long Christopher Lyerlo Melanie Kitchens Fonee Lekkas Steven Love Jacqueline Manns Michelle Kolditz Jeffrey Lenhordt Elaine Lowe Julia Martin Danette Mcghee Sara Mcnab Marianne Mermis Rusty Meyers 37James Middleton Stacy Milford Janet Murray Down Myers Cynthio Owings Mary Neuhaus Kicky Porks Cynthio Phegley Lynette Miller Christopher Paul Shown Porter Donald Moyer Christine Nickell Sandra Preis Jane Kedmond Kelley Reynolds David Richardson Tommie Ritter Thomas Ritter 38Mike Ruedin Noncy Schoonover Joseph Show Kimberly Spurgeon Julie Schulmeister Michelle Show Henry Schweppe III Amy Sheppord Trocy Seymour Jonielle Smith Motthew Smith Morquoto Spann Deirdre Schoof Suson Silverman Jone Spencer 39Thomas Toylor Jeanie Vest Rhonda Warren Melodie Westbrook Mark Stromske Cynthia Tickner Trisho Vroman Thomas Waters JoEllen Stutz Cynthia Tiemann Cherryl Wallace Jane Watsek Terri Sumner Jennifer Tyler Darla Wollendorf Kimberly Wells Mary Taul Kevin Unthank Sherrie Word Christopher West Roxanne Williams Paul Wilson Leeanne Witcher Cindy Witt 40Bonnie Wright Tommy Rhoades Amy Wright 4Jennifer Show. Jeryl Srorkey. Kristi Johnson. Koren Yost. Down "Mouse" Church. GIRLS GOLF BOYS GOLF KNEELING: Robert Belle. Don Hopkins. Kelly Church. Drod Evons. Andy Roines. Rolph Bowles. Tom Bohonnon. Rondy Reed. STANDING: Jeff Moynord. Dove Forrow, Dove Stltes. Clint Groy. Brod Komp. Steve Elzy. Chris Moher. Mike Soof CHEERLEADERS Koy Newcome. Loroinne Rogers. Suson Stoten. Morquito Spann. Cindy Toney. Trtsh Vromon. Cindy Poul. Cindy Rondloph. Pot-ty Goeken. VARSITY FOOTBALL FRONT ROW Rob Schulte. Tim Woof. Choch Dole. John Drousen. Dave Stupperich. Rich Kortcomp. Chris Lyerlo. Scott Wolloce. Tim Donnell Rusty Meyers. Chris Henderson. SECOND ROW: Cooch Munson. Chris West. Delon Dunlop. John Cloyton. Boyd Stroms-dorfer. Dovid Kyle. Kent Schelle. Pot Korte. Jeff Ed words. Doug Wlllioms. Monuol Ellison. Jeff Musgroy. Morshol Morris. Mgr.. THIRD ROW: Cooch Willloms. Cooch Mods. Orion Willloms. Clevelond Cox. Mike McGinnis. Chuck Foremon. Terry Everoge. Joe Connon. Bernard Blockmon. Mgr.. BACK ROW: Cooch Martin. Irv Horrls. Scott Dergasch. Dill Petty. Tom Goodrich. Drod Granger Dove Fergurson. Kevin Johnes-see. Mike Tolbert. Kevin Unthonk. Jim Peu-rerbough. NOT PICTURED: Julius Newton. Mgr. MARCHING 100 John Alexander. Jonl Allman. Jerry Alls-man. Margaret Armstead Morgorite Armstead. Julie Austin. Belinda Deane Darrell Derry. Dan Dertler. Dan Dierbaum. Don Drausen. Julie Dryant. Steve Durger. WII-Ham Duzan. Lisa Colome. Karmyn Carrington. Mary Chopped. Jockie Cloyron. Cothy Cornell. Debbie Cox. Lucinda Curvey. Kim Cyprian. Julie Dare. Mike Dorris. Steve Dorhager. Dersy Dykemonn. Korhy Eagle-ton. Krlssy Edgar. Beth Elliott. Christy Ever-age. Cindy Flerher. Rodger Flerher. Tim Frl-son. Candy Funkhouser. Shelly Gill. Ml-chelle Groy. John Gross. Beth Hordbeck. Mike Harris. Jeon Horf. Korry Hazsllp. Todd Heinemann. Nanerre Huck. Doris Jomaldin. Dione Killion, Marianne Knezevkh. Ellen Krebs. Sue Lorgen. Joe Lowrence. Undo Lohr, Jim McCurley. Machelle McDonnel. Jockie Mclllwolne. Morlonne Mermls. Jim Middleton. Phil Moxey. Barb Nicked. Jody Noble. Terry Nolan. Peter Oerker. Uso Otto-llnl. Down Polmer, Jim Porker. John Peebles. Cynthia Phegley. Rhonda Phillips. Rob Plunk. Heorher Roby. Garry Roybin. Leslie Recknogel. Pam Reed. Ann Rkh-ords. Srocy Roberts. Debbie Robertson. Heather Robertson. Lorroine Rogers. Rochelle Ross. Mike Runtz. Becky Schubert. Julie Schulmelster. Joyce Simmons. Chris Sdordos. Steve Somlar. Judy Spillmon. Mork Sprlnggate. Rkhord Steword. Kim Stroube. David Tantype. Any Toner. DeAnn Torrez. Robin Vonoto. Poul Ventimiglia. Dotty VL viano. Donna Walter. Mark Webb. Jeff Witt. Debbie Woods-S3THE MUSIE MANES FRONT ROW. Cothy Goeken. Ubby Sokso. Tommy Wlttmon. Suzonne McCuen. De-llndo Deone. Koimyn Korrlngton. Peggy Deckmeyer. Jessi Royo. Eddie Bucher. Dry-on Elkins. Todd Helnlnger. James Vossor. Joson Wlttmon. Moff Schrlmpf. MIDDLE ROW: Gretchen Johnson. Cheryl Dunfen-boch. Robin Toylor. Lori Wolier. Tom Toy-lor. Cindy Deem. Tim Weeks. Mike Dour-lond. Dixie Spence. Greg Von Wyke. Ted Dovey. Jill Pleperi, hurt Sokso. Kothy Goeken. Tom Seymour. Jim Dovey. Gordon Robertson. Erk Wendle, Robin Wilson. DACK ROW; Chorlle Gromes. Jerry Alls-mon. Donny Dlpiozzo. Uso Downing. Trisha Vromon. Dono Hewitt. Mario Dueb-burt. Jenny Moynord. Debbie Derry. Donny Tltchmel. Choch Dole. Gobe Gallant. Doug Fester. Mike Sheppord. Sheri Eudy. Rkky Porks REDWINGS TRACK FRONT ROW. Dororhy Price. Deonno Wee-den. Toni Stevenson. Gene Tonner. Melody Dovis. SECOND ROW: Michelle Groy. Debbie Hoys. Heother Roby. Jennifer Rice. Soro Holford. Cothy Deoty. Crissy Everoge. Jill Chose. Holly Moyer. THIRD ROW: Doris Moment. Lucy Armsreod. Niro Show. Dyonn Me Glosson. Jackie Me llwoine. Penny Olive. Robin Dechlold. Sherry Porks. Felicia Rhondo. DACK ROW: Lauro Wood. Fronee Lekkos. Lonnie Willioms. JoEllen Pearson. Arlene Kerkmeyer. Jackie Cloy-ton. Dovis Vonorto.REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL: KNEELING: Llso Dunbar. Jana Wlrtman. Bet-sy Moynord. Lee Ann Frisse. Denise Ewln. Michelle Scott. Cathy Roe. ROW 2: Volorle Woods. Leticia Morris. Dlone Dodson. Bar-boro Fronke. Brenda Witt. Jean Tonner. Cheryl Charelston. Melonle Johnson. ROW 0: Coach Dorlene Peters. Anno Show. Stephanie Gill. Loti Light. Becky Buxton. Penny Olive. Jennifer Ackerman. Sabrina Beatty. Asst. Coach Sandy Bolen. NOT PICTURED: Mary Bloir.REDWING TENNIS: KNEELING: Betsy Louschke. Stacy Kindig. » Cindy Tlemonn. Trido Schwortz. Soto Beth I Borton. Kim Grobner. ROW TWO Cooch Dillon. Corolyn Mermis. Noncy Schleper. Solly Bryant. Norolie Collohon, Rachel Sheppard. Jennifer Hoscoll. Jeonle Cous-ley. BACK ROW. Beth Elliot. Dione Dick. Sonl Tlemonn. Jeonle Vest. Not Pictured: Kim Gibbons.Abbott Sharon Acker. Kathleen Acord. James Adams. Willie Adler. Mourie Albee. Norma Alverson. Teresa Anderson. Porrkk Andrews. Money Arbuthnot. Solly Arnold. Suzanne Ash lock. Thomas Aslone. Judith Doiley. Edward Boker. Craig Bannister. Jeffrey Bosden. Rebecca Bares. Annette Beane. Belinda Beatty. Sabrina Bechel. Tommy Beckman. Cheryl Beckwith. Rickey Beem. Roxanne Belcher. Poulo Bell. Amy Bell. Mlchoel Bemis. Angelo Bensman. Jeffrey Berry. Deborah 50Dloir. Chorles Oloir. Mory Oockstruck. Robert Dodwell. Teresa Dollini. Steven Doomershine. Jewel Domes. Michelle Dosoluke. Scott Doswell. Jeonie Doukos. Morio Dourlond. Poulo Dowles. Rolph Drodshow. Vickie Dromley. Tomoto Drousen. Henry Dridgemon. Jocquellne Droodwoy Mory Drown. Desiree Drown. Jeffrey Drow. Kenneth Drown. Mory Drown. Sherry Dryont. Solly Dunse. Romono Dunting. Lisa Durnett. Mork Durnett. Michael Outlet Jill Calame. Liso Connedy. Cynthia 51Cormeon. Rebo Corr. Cheryl Carter. Mary Chapman. Dlone Chappell. Mary Childers. David Chrisfions. Michelle Church. Down Clork. Anna Clork Jr. Clarence Clary. Guy Clausen. Lisa Clevenger. Tonya Cline. Timothy Coleman. James Colman. John Conger. Monico Conklin. Thomos Conlee. Douglas Cook. Rodney Copeland. Debra Corbin. Uso Cornell. Catherine Courtowoy. Susan Covington. Kenetha Cox. Dobby Cox. Debra Crone. Julie Creasy. Angelo Crocker. Michael 52 Cron . Kothy Crownover. Beverly Crowson. Thomos Cruz, Const once Cunningham. Mkhoel Doiley Richord Dore. Julie Dorr. Lonny Doubmon. Ricky Dovenport. Jonet Dovenport Potty Dovidson. Christino Dovis. Donold Dovis. Jonet Dovis. Morcello Delehonry Debra Demond. Dene Denningmonn. Down Dennis. Steven Dewey. Thomos Dickerson. Jennifer Dodson. John Doss. Karla Dothoger. Steven Draper. Claude Droste. Jone Droste. Jennifer Dungon. Dennis Dunham. Dawn Dunham. Patrkio 53Dunlop. Delon Durhom. Michoelo Dykemon Elizobeth Ebbert. Jennifer Eby. Pomelo Echt. Pomelo Eschboch. Tlno Estelle. Lynette Estes Jone Evons. Drodley Everoge. Terty Ewing. Mercy Federle. Melindo Fencel. Jeffery Ferguson. Scott Fester. Drodley Findley. Christine Findley. Verno Fletcher. Jeffery Foremen. Chorles Foster. Jomes Fronds. George Fronks. Vickie Fronke. Ron 54Dunlop. Delon Durham. Mkhoelo Dykemon. Elizabeth Ebbert. Jennifer Eby. Pomelo Echt. Pomelo Eschboch. Tlno Estelle. Lynette Estes. Jone Evons. Orodley Everoge. Terry Ewing. Mercy Federle. Melindo Fencel. Jeffery Ferguson. Scott Fester. Orodley Findley. Christine Findley. Verno Fletcher. Jeffrey Foreman. Charles Foster. James Fronds. George Franks. Vkkl Fronke. Ron 55Fry. Charles Gode Edno Gollonr. Gabrieli Gerbig Diane Gibbs. John Gill. Madonna Gill. Shelly Glassmeyer. Goil Glazik. Karen Godwin. Doniel Goeken. Parrkia Goldman. Stacie f Gronger. John Grant. Drock Gravemon. Mono Groves. Laura Groves. Linda Groy. Drendo Gray. Mlchoel Greco. James Green. John Green. Lori Greer. Patricio Griffin. Jeffrey Griggs. Uso Grills. Jeffrey Grosshelm. Kevin Grunlnger. Cherell Hommonds. Gwendolyn Hampton. Douglas 56Horgiss. Tomoro Horns. Cmdi Morris. Diono Horris. Every Morris. Mkhoel Morrison. Jonke Hort. Jeon Horfing. Orion Hortmon. Robert Jr. Housmon. Devri Hoycroft. Jone Heorer. Kennerh Helnemonn. Todd Henrion. Cloude Herndon. Jeon Herge. Kenneth Higgins. Suzonne Hill. Mory Hillen. Terry Hise. Ashley Hoehn. Komolo Hofherr. Lourel Hogue. Corlo HoMdoy. Joseph Honey. Jomie Hook. Koryn Hosford. Rondoll House. Debra Howard. Drodley Howord. Teresa 57Hoxie. Wayne Jr. Hubbard. Jerry Huck. Nonerre Ikh. Paulo Ingram. Joseph Ingram. Trade Jock son. Jeonne Jackson. Jill Jacoby. Srephen Jamoldin Doris Janke. Dell Joehl. Elaine Johann. Deborah Johnson. Lorrle Johnson. Peggy Johnson. Tracy Jones. Chrlsrl Jordan. Rhonda Jorstad. Don lei Judd. Regina Koid. Volerie Koloskie. Koren Konoliakan. Carroll Konturek. Emily Kory. Merionno Kores. Nancy Kelly. Porrklo Kemp. Cynthia Kerkemeyer. Druce Kincode. Drodley 58Moog. Joyce Mock)s. Dorry Mockel Willtom Moher Robert Mohony. Kelly Moln. Dtone Manees. Deth Mason Cynthlo Matlock Shown Matthews. Doryl Mayerhofer. Roger McDnde. Corol Meagher. Down Medford. Drlon Medlock Mory Meszoros. Jomes Meyenburg. Angela Meyer. Anita Mkhelmonn. John Mifflin. Keith Miller. Noncy Mitchell. Liso Mitchell. Tommy Mlzerski. Deanna 59Monroe. Frederick Moore. David Moore. Robert Morton. Charles Motzer. David Mulreon. Mary Myer. Jeffrey Nosello. Gregory Nosh. Michael Neumann. Tiffany Nicholos. Berlin Nkholos. Lisa Niemeier. Michoel Noble. Carlos Nolan. Theresa Northwoy. Jodi Oneal. Teresa Ontis. Volerle Oquinn. Agrin Poce. Mark Poddock. Julie Porker. Jomes Porker. Ronald Patterson. Derek Paul. Cynthia Pearson. John Peebles. John Perry. John Peters. Soroh Peterson. Denjomln 60Peuterbough Dorr In Peuterbough. Jnm« Phillips. Rhondo Phillips. Trocey Plummer. Shonno Pohlmon. Solly rorcell. Anile Raines Andrew Ramirez. Jose Ramsey. Darlene Randall. Tamero Randolph. Cindy Rider. Lisa Rives. Michele Roberts. Jana Roberts. Stocey Robertson. Gordon Robinson. Victoria Roemer. Chorles Roettgers. Eugene Rogers. Lorraine Rogers. Vincent Romoin. Darrell Romanko. Catherine 61Roper. Scot Rudd. Richard Ruedln. Pot Rushing. Mary Russell. Lezley Ryberg. Jon Rye. Scott Saylor. Drodley Schenk. Soroh Schleper. Nancy Schmoeller. Sherry Schudel. Amy Schulte. Robert Schulz. Marilyn Schwartz. Thomas Scoggins. Jerry Seago. Joseph Segobiano. James Seward. Benjamin Sewell. Carol Shake. Magdalene Show. Elizabeth Shaw. Kimberly Show. Sondro Sheets. Edno Sheff. Theresa Shelby. Debro Shelby. Louro Siotos. John Sllveus. Gene 62Simpson. Koren Sitze. Kimberly Skelton. Robert Skinner. Peter Smollwood. Mory Smith. Cothy Smith. Cindy Smith. Gre9ory Smith, londos Smith. Rochel Smith. Sondy Somlor. Steven Sotengco. Emilio Spinney. Jonothon Springmon. Stocey Stolcup. Jeffrey Stork. Undo Stoten. Suson Stearns. Mory Steele. Curtis Stewart. Lisa Stltes. Dovid Stork. William Stroube. Phyllis Strauss. Brian Stromske. Jamie Stroube. Kimberly Stupperich. David Stupperich. George Stutz. Richard 63Sumpter Jock Sworringin. Wondo Switzer. Chitquito Tonner. Jeon Toul. Kothleen Toul. Troy Toylor. Ossie Toylor. Roymond Toylor. Robin Tegrmeyer. Mory Teichmonn. Scott Telkomp. Michael Thomos. Preston Thomos. Trocy Thomoson. Kothleen Thompson. Rochelle Thompson. Scott Tkkner. Michele Till. Kenneth Tillmon. Mlchoel Tlndoll. Steven Toney. Cynthio Torrez. Roymond Tucker. Dyron Tucker. Denise Tucker. Michoel Tuetken. Robert Turner. Roy Twlchell. Ronold Ursch. Kimberly 64Von Zondf. Von Erk Veasley. Willie Venfimigiio. Poul Veffer. Cord Vogt. Robert Vollertsen Noncy Vollmer. Jill Voyles. Michele Woggoner. Angelo Wohlstrom. Kenneth Wolker. Mork Wolker. Non Wolker. Timothy Woll. Helen Wolls. Debro Wolter. Thomos Word. Rondy Wore. Korl West. Willie Westbrook. Dow no Wetzstein. Wolter Jr. Wheeler. Todd White. Eric Whyte. Fronces Wotkins. Jonet Wotkins. Pomelo Wegeschelde. Deborah Weigel. Jonice Welch. Suson West. MaryWigger. John Wilken. Shoron Willett. Jeffrey Williams. Ollly Williams. Douglos Williams. Elizabeth Williams. Lester Williams. Roland Williams. Terry Willis. Morricio Wilson. Lynn Wines. Deborah Winkler. Judith Witt. Drendo Wittmon. Jana Wohlfeil. Donno Wolff. Mork Wooden. Regina Woods. Christine Woods. Deborah Woolfolk. Tonya Woolverton. Terry Wreath. Gwendolyn Wright. Melindo Wright. Tino Wyott. Lisa Wynn. Debra Yost. Christine Yost. Karen Ziegler. Harry 66Cook Kevin Fletcher Roger Hoseker Chris Johnson Rochelle McGoughey Steve Smith Sondy Smith Thomos Vossor Kenneth Wolter KeithIN MEMORIAM DONNA M. CHAPMAN April 15, 1964 . December 31, 1980Abner. Christina Ackerman. Dione Ackerman. Jennifer Addison. Timothy Admire. Shannon Adney. Thomas .V Albee. Jeffrey Albrecht. Susan Alexander. John Alexander. Lisa Allen. Drodley Allen. Sandra Allensworth. Karen Allensworth. Lori Allsmon. Michelle Anderson. Richard Andrews. Vincent Anthony. Stocey Arbuthnor. Betty Armstead. Morquerite Ash. Barry Ash. Sherrie Atwood. Laurie Austin. Julie Bailey. James Baker. Zina Borker. Trod Botes. Pomelo Beard. Michoel Beotty. Katherine 70Decoot. D Andrlenn Deem. Jone Deer. Rodolfo Dell. Jeffrey Dellltoo. Karen Dennett. Timothy Dennlngron. Rondy Derg. Dryon Dergesch. Somuel Derry. Oorrell Dertier. Donald Detr. Stocey Dlshop. Todd Dlockmon. Teresa Dlond. Robert Dlond. Ronald Dock. Debbie Dock. Doug Dock. Kelly Dohlman. Kent Dosttck. Mark Dourland. Marianne Douyea Decky Dow man. ShaunBrooks. Kothryn Brooks. Timothy Brown. Mlchoel Brown. Rhonda Brown. Stacey Brown. Yolanda Browning. Lexo Bryant. Audrey Buckels. Kimberly Budde. Sheryl Burcham. Jeffrey Burger. Penny Burger. Stephen Buxton. Rebecca Buzon. William Byron. Blair Colome. Honey Callahan. Natalie Cannon. Dexter Contrell. Wendy Carpenter. Gory Carter. Steven Cartwright. Adam Carver. Jeffrey 72 I Cloxfon. Roberto Cloyton Jackie Clodfelter. Jennifer Cogon. Robert Collins. Trocey Combs. Tereso Condrey. Fronk Conrody. Amy Cook. Jomes Cooley. Andrl Coons. Usa Cooper. Gregory Cope. Ellse Cope. Scotty Cosby. Christopher Cosby. Curtis Crowford. Beolow Cress. Cheryl Crider. Down Crowson. Cothleen Cunningham. Mark Cunningham. Rkhard Curtis. Loronn Curvey. LucindaCyprion Kimbei Czerny. Bor bo o Dole. Chorlei e Daniels. Dio Doubman. Timor Davenport. Anne Davey. 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Dionno Johnson. Kristi Johnson. Michele Johnson. Robert Jones. Johnno Jones. Lori Judy. Wolier Juhlln. Jettyer Kone. Rodney Kensholo. Terri Kettlewell. Suson Kiel. Gory Kleninger. Lisa Kienstro. Ann Killion. Diana King. Alice King. Debra King. Robert Kitzmiller. Richard Kochonski. John Kodros. Suzonne Koonrz. Rkhord Kopsie. Potty Kopsie. Shoron Koshinski. David Kruse. Sheri Kunz. Carol Loir. Linda 79Laird. Andrew Lomere. Shoron Lone, iomes Lortin. Dovid Louschke. Elizabeth Lowliss. Steven Lawrence. Joseph Ledbetter. Drion Lenhardf. Marsha Leonard. John Lessner. Mary Light. Lori Link. Karen Lively. Tom Logan. Marlene Logan. Shirley Lombardi. Michael Looney. Steven j Lorts. Steven Lovel. Kevin Lovett. Tanya Lutes. Melinda Lux. Amy Lyerlo. Potrick Modison. Donald Maggos. Stephen Maher. Christopher Molson. John Mondorco. Julie Mondrell. Scott 804 Moons. Shone Monor. Louro Mopel. Michele Morfln. Sobrino Moupin. Jomes Moynord Betsy Moynord. Jeffrey McAninch. Jeff McConn. Sue McCloin. Trocle McCurley. Jomes McDoniel. Elisoberh McDoniel. Jeff McDonold. Joonn McElroy. Dorryl McGibony. Ted McGiffen. Chris McGlosson. Dyonn Mermls. Corolyn Meyer. Von Miller. Koren Miller. Korol Miller. Korhy Miller. Morie 81Miller. Robert Miller. Shelly Millltello. Susan Minner. Kevin Mitchell. Dwayne Molloy. Mkhoel Monroe. Missy Montgomery. Richard Moron. Cindy Mormino. Mott Mottoz. Sara Moxey II. Philip Moyer. Holly Mueller. Judith Mulrean. Patricia Musgray. Leonard Nopp. Allan Nasello. Debbie Nasello. Sherry Nasello. Timothy Naughron. Donald Nelson. Nancy Nichols. Jeff Nicholson. Brian 82Olive. Penny Onris. Christine Otr. Kelly Ottolini. Llso Oulson. Trocey Poce. Wllllom Poge. Morris Pointer. (Moke Polmer. Down Polmer. Donold Polmer. Kelly Porks. Drion Porks. Sherry Portridge. Jonet Peterson. John Peuterbough. Michoel Pfoff. Kim Pfleger Jomi Sue Phillips. Dovid Pilger. Rebecco Plttmon. Sheryl Plunk. Thomos Postelle. Sondro Powers. Lori Proter. Jone Prott. Suson Price. Dorothy Pruett. Sherry Pyott. Jamie Roby. Heather 83Reeves. Loren Reilly. John Reiske. Derh Renken. Dridger Reynolds. Down Reynolds. Thomos Rke. Delindo Rice. Jennifer Richords. Ann Rkhnok. Mlchoel Rlckmon. Debro Rldder. Rondy Ridenour. Amber Roberts. Pomelo Robinson. John Rodgers. Shello Rodriguez. Monlco Roemer. Mory Roetrgers. Trocey Rodgers. John Romono. Cotherlne Ross. Cloro Ross. Rochelle Ruckmon. Mory 84Runtz. Michoel Rushing. Sheldon Rutherford. Dono Soof. Michoel Soles. Kevin Senders. Kenneth Sondldge. OloKe Sounders. Robert Seville. Christine Sconton. Meghon Schoefer. Potricio Schildroth. Kothleen Schmidt. Orion Schobernd. Corlene Schroeder. Koylo Schubert. Rebecco Scott. Mkhele Sewell. Timothy Show. Jennifer Show. Juonlto Sheppord. Rochel Shermon. Christopher Shobe. Orion Siotos. Mory Simcox. Stephen Simons. Scott Skelton. Thomos Skinner. Dovid Slock. Sondro Slock. Tiso 8SSmith. Lisa Smith. Shelley Smith. Zsalana Sotengco. Editha Spkkerman. Paul Spillman. Judith Springgate. Mark StCin. Steven Stampley. Lorann Starkey. Jeryl Statun. Barry Steele. Penny Stephens. James Stewart. Clorissa Stewart Wayne Srilwell. Aaron Stilwell. Cothy Strulf. Jamie Sturz. Borboro Summers. James Sweetmon. Michelle Tote. Mkhoel Taylor. Barbara 86Taylor Dawn Taylor. Eugene Taylor. Marcus Toylor, Richard Telchmonn. Keith Terrel. Felklo reurnne. Cheryl Thatcher. Potrkk Thoxton. Erk Thiel, Sharon Thomoe. Suson Thompson, Cheryl Thompson. Harold Thompson. Scott Thompson. Timothy Tlemonn. Sondro Tite. Glenda Todoro. Lisa Tolle. ianke Toner. Amy Torrez. Deonn Tucker. Richord Tumlin. Rebecca Tyson. Mack Uhl. John Unterbrlk. Cynthia Vohle. Debbie Voldes. Anthony Vallodares. Noydo Vollery. Kothy 87Vonoto. Rondo Vondergrlff. Drod Vondegrlff. Jill Vetter. Anlto Vinson. Jeffrey Vinson. Teresa Vlnyord. Edword Vlvlono. Barry Voomord. Matthew Woggoner. Chris Walker Connie Walker. Melissa Wallace. Usa Word. Carol Word. Kimberly Worlkk. Velma Warren. Greg Waters. Jerry Webb. Mark Weber. David Webster. Trocy Wedding Adam Weeden. Deanna Wenzel. Melinda Westbrook. Todd Whitlock. Catherine Whorl. Louro Wilderman. Jerry Wilkinson. Cynthia Wilkinson. Liso 88■rr Willioms Aleto V ill toms. Eric Willioms. Rochelle Williomson. iomes Windlond. Cynthio Windmiller. Robert Wirt. Debbie Witt. Delores Witt. Todd Woods. Albert Woods. Moilisso Woolsey. Scott Zini. Ned Zippmonn. Christel Zyuoq. Geoffrey Wooten. Billie Wright. Kimberly Wright. Molindo Wuellner. Jo Ellen Wymon. Tim Wynn. Jonet Young. Jomes Zogor. Do no Zohner. Eloine Zeigler. Donold Zimmermon. Sheilo9394 i V m 95Recently, the Alton High Campus has gone through some changes designed to bring It up to modern day health and safety standards. Some of the changes include the addition of fire escapes, new doors, dropped ceilings, side walls, ond fire doors. In addition, the roof of the Olin Building was redone, and new plumbing and electrical facilities were installed in the Main. The job, which began last summer, is expected to cost around S2 million, ond is paid for by local taxes. Though construction workers doing the job are locally hired, the man In charge of the whole operation is John Bigogno. the superintendent of Kozeny — Wagner. Lnc.. of Arnold, Missouri. Total repairs ore expected to be completed by the end of this summer. CONSTRUCTION TOP LEFT: Students go to dosses os construction workers go obout their business. CENTER LEFT: Workers putting in o new sidewalk In front of the Main. CENTER RIGHT: Alton's fire deportment checks out its equipment on the Annex. BOTTOM LEFT: Student on way to closs wonders If workers reolly know whot they're doing. 97TOP LEFT: Cindy Tkkner curiously osks o question. TOP RIGHT: Poul Findley discussing different motters with the students. Every year rhe Social Studies deportment invites Poul Findley to report on the different events happening in Washington. He also onswers any questions the students moy hove concerning our government. 98 CENTER LEFT: Three prospective theotre students discuss their futures ot College ond Career Night. CENTER RIGHT: One thousand parents ond students ottended College ond Coreer Night. BOTTOM: Child-Core s Robbir entertained the children lost Eoster.TOP LEFT: Mory Dlolr TOP RIGHT: Jim Stevens is one of the mony students who hod to hove o voccinotlon shot CENTER LEFT: U.N. Group in their PLO ottire. Lost spring, opproximotely 700 students received their immunizotion for meosles. If o students shot record did not comply with Public Heolth regulotions on immunizations, they would lie excluded from school. The exclusion list started out with 1200 names . In a matter of 3 days. 28 students were actually excluded. The United Notions Club, sponsored by Mr. Larry Montgomery and Mrs. Donna Kirby, is an excellent learning experience for the students because they get a chance to participate in world affairs rather than just read about them. In the fall session of Model U.N.. the students represented the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). Mrs. Fannie M. Blakemore. sharing 90 years of changing American life styles with the first semester sociology class. Her reminiscences of being let out of school to see the first automobile in Streotor. II.. watching her father light the candles on the Christmas tree, seeing Eddie Cantor. Al Jolson. Will Rogers and others In the Zeigfeld Follies, brought the past right in to the present. Mrs. Blakemore. who will be 91 on May 1 1981. Is the mother of Nan Paeltz. sociology teacher. CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Poeltz and her mother BOTTOM: Scott Admire curiously asking o question. 9910310$TOP: Joyce Groy celebrotes her sweet sixteen” with the Totlet Stoff. CENTER LEFT: Whot's this picture of you picking your nose doing in the Musicol section?” CENTER RIGHT: Treefon reolizes fhot professionol photogrophers only use Bessler enlorgers. FAR RIGHT: ' You reolly expect me to put "Horrense Finkelsrein” on the front of your Totler in gold??” 106LEFT: Holly Moyer tokos o serious look ot the negotives. OELOW: Andreo Stoutenborough ond Mor-celo Holcomb getting reody for onother exciting doy of Totler Stoff. CENTER LEFT: Student Council presents the check to Debbie Lenhordt ond Kothy Inmon from Dottle of the Donds Totler Denefit. CENTER RIGHT: I II roise you two homecoming ond see you one foorboll. DOTTOM LEFT: Jonet Murroy DOTTOM RIGHT: Juonito Show, one of the stoff sports wtiters. 107TOP RIGHT: Treefom Slampos doing his rhing. CENTER LEFT: Cindy Tlemonn: Helpl I don't know what to writ ! CENTER RIGHT: Soroh Greer. in the dorklll BOTTOM LEFT: Shlelo Zlmmermon works In the dork room. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dvrol Reed checks out the pictures. 108TOP LEFT: Pete Sosek. How do you use this thing? CENTER LEFT: TATLER MEMBERS: Treefon Siompos Don Zeigler. Morcelo Holcomb. Jonet Murry. Holly Moyer. Andreo Stouten-borough. Cindy Tlemonn. Potty Nolon. Sherrie Word. Toro Nischwltz. Kelly Trow-bridge. Pete Sosek. Juonlto Show. Cynthio Phegley. Mott Zimmerman. Pom Dotes. Joyce Gray. Dionno Johnson. (Not Pictured: Cheryl Hartley) CENTER RIGHT: Sue Voss works on triplkote forms. DOTTOM LEFT: Mott Zimmerman. You're smiling now. but I haven't told you we re 10 months behind on the Totlerlll 109IN MEMORIAM CAROL F. PILGER August 9. i960- F bruory 2. 1981BOARD OF EDUCATION THOMAS HOLMES SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT Mrs. Suzonne Louschke Mrs. Donnie Normon Eugene L Frlzzo Secretory Secretory Pro Tem Jeffery R. Weber Mrs. Joyce Robinson Dovld R. Thles President Pro Tem 112ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF DR. ROBERT J. LYNN Superintendent of Schools E. Deon Drowning Dr. Mory Blanche Jungers Dr. Harold W. Matthews Administrative Asst, for Vocational Ed. Asst. Supt. for Instructional Service Asst. Supt. for Instructional Service Leroy E. Fritz Administrative Asst, for Personnel f Pivoda. Jr. Thomas F. Dehler Services Asst. Supt. for Administrative Service Controller TreasurerADMINISTRATIVE STAFF WAYNE A. ADDISON DAVID L. ALLEN GENE R. ALSTON Director of Speciol Education Director of Buildings G Grounds Director of Title 1HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION ROBERT W. MIDDLETON, Ph.D. Principal Mr. MICHAEL BEABER Mr. RALPH McCLAIN Mr. JAMES C BANKS Principal Director J.B.J. Assistonf Principal Assistant Principal J.B.J. 115MRS. NAN ADAMS: Rodio ond T.V.. Communications MRS. JOYCE ASHPOLE: Health. Physiology MRS. SHIRLEY ASZMAN: Business Typing A B CD MR. JOE BAGLEY: French 2.0. Germon 1 6 2 MR. GENE G. BAILEY: American Literoture A Modern Literature. Populor Literoture MR. PETER BASOLA: Instrumental Musk MR. JOE BEARD: Spanish 1.2.4 MRS. SANDRA BOLEN: Physical Education MR. ROY BOLEY:(DEPT. HEAD) Pointing 1.2.63. Independent Projects MISS MARY BOWLING: (DEPT. HEAD) Physkol Education MRS. MARY BRADEN: Child 6 Fomlly. Home Environment MR. HERMAN BRENNECKE: (DEPT. HEAD) Geometry 1. Trigonometry. Analytic Geo metry MISS WILMA BRICKER: Business English. Office Mochlnes. Typing A MRS. VERNETTA CAFFEY: Occupational English. Generol English. C.W.T. English MR RENO CALLCARI: Consumer Education. Business Low 1 8 116MR. JAMES CALLAHAN: Counselor MR. GREGORY COHILL: Instrument! Music MR. ANTHONY CORONA: Heolfh. Bosk Physiology MR. LAWRENCE CRABBS: Instrumenrol Musk MRS. ELIZABETH DAGUE: C.P. English. Amerkon Literoture B MR. CLIFFORD DAVENPORT: Theotre A G B. Communkotions MR. KENNETH DENISON: Counselor MR. WILLIAM DIDDLEBOCK: Physkol Educotion. Heolfh MRS. JOANNE DILLON: Physkol Educotion. Heolfh MRS. MARY JEAN DIRKSMEYER: Reodlng Loborotory A. B. G C MR. PHILIP DODDS: Welding. Agrlculturol Occupotions. Mochlne Shop. Power Mechonics MRS. JANICE DUNBAR: Physicol Educotion MRS. GERVA DUNLAP: Typing A G B. Business Mothemotics. Prof. Profile MR. RONALD ENLOE: Amerkon Literoture ' ■ A. C.P. English. Independent Study -rtf English 1 MR ROBERT ERWIN. Geometry 1. Algebro 2. Trig 117DR. RACHEL FARIES (DEPT. HEAD): Creative Writing, American Literature. Generol English. English Comp. Advanced MR. JOSEPH FEARHEILEY: Trig.. Vocational Mathematics. Calculus 1. Geometry 1 MR. FREDRICK FISCHER: German 2.3.6 4 MRS. DEDDIE FORDES: Language Arts. Art. Consumer Education. Health MR. DENZEL FORD: Biology 1 0 2 MRS. DONNA HAGEN: Communications MR. KEN HAGEN: Spanish 3. Lotln 1. 2. 3. 4 MRS. JOYCE HAIRSTON: Counselor MRS. BETTE HALL: Librarian MRS MARLENE HALL: Americon Literature A. Journalism MRS. JUNE HALLORAN: English Comp. Bosic 0 Generol MR. ROBERT HANSEN: Totler Advisor. Commercial Art. Mechanical Drowing. Grophk Principles MR. GEORGE HEIDBRINK (DEPT. HEAD): Chorus. Hormony. Musk Appreciation MRS. RUTH HENDERSON: Algebra 1 G.. Algebro 1 0 s MRS. JUDITH HUPPERTS: Spec Art. Drawing. Handcrafts 118MRS. MARY HUSMANN: Americon Literature D. English Comp. General to K4 . f » MR NORMAN IMAN. Drivers Education. Auto Safety MR ROBERT JEFFERSON: Librorion MR. ALBERT JOURNEY: Geometry MRS. MARTHA KANE: Occupations MR. RON KELLY: Chorus. Psychology MRS. DONNA KIRBY: Communications. Debate, public Speaking. Oral Interpretation MR. JOHN KLINE: Student Condi Advisor. Generol English. American Literature A MR. ADRIAN LA BROT: General Chemistry. Chemistry 1 MR. PETE LEONI: American Government. U.S. History A MR. DON LONG: Counselor MR. ROBERT LONG: Counselor MR. STAN MC AFOOS: Physical Education MRS BETTY MC DANIELS: English Comp. General. American Literature B MR. SAM MC PHAIL: U.S. History. American Government 119MR. FELIX MACIAS: Drivers Educorion. Auro Sofery MRS DIANE MAUL: English. C.W.T. ENG.. American Lit. A. MRS. NANCY MEGGOS: Physics 1.2. MR. MARVIN MONDY: Head of deportment Field Biology. Biology MR. LARRY MONTGOMERY: Social Studies. US. History B.. Themes In American History. Economics MR HARRY MUNSON: Health MR. CRAIG NILSSON: Industrial Art. Wood Shop. Welding. Special Shop. MRS. SANDRA OHERN: Buissness Education. Accounting 1. Typing B. Noreraklng. MR. LARRY OVERATH: Heolrh 1. Physlcol Education P.E. MRS. NANCY PAELTZ: Head of department; Social Studies. Sociology. Issues. Ecology. Gregrophy and Inf. Social Studies. MRS. DARLENE L. PETERS: Physical Education. MR. RUSSEL J. PHELPS: Speed Reoding. Reading Lab. D. DEBRA PITTS: L.D. Proctial Moth. Science. Soc. Studies. Long. Arts. MR. LARRY REID: Driver Education. Auto Sofety MRS. MARTHA REIF: E.M.H. DEPT. HEAD: Health. Math. Cons. Ed.. English 3s, 4s. 120MR. CHESTER RYAN: Counselor MR. ERSKINE RYAN: Bosk Design. Drowing 1. Advertising Drowlng. Ceromics MR ROGER SCHLEPER: Americon Literoture 1M. English Compislfion. Adver tising MR. DAVID SCHLITT: French 1 G 4 MRS. MARILYN SCHROEDER: Foods 1. Clothing 1 MR. FRED SCHWAPPACH: Hondcrofts. Advertising. Drowing REBECCA SIMS: Amerkon History. U.S. History B. Amerkon Minorities MRS DONALD SOBOTTA: U.S. History A G B MR. PETE STAVROS: Physkol Educotlon MRS. MARGARET STROUBE: Shorthond 1. Typing A G B MRS. DONNA SUESS: Business Typing A G B MR. DEAN W. TAYLOR: Coun selor MR. LARRY THOMPSON: Environmental Biology 1. Chemistry. Acfivitys Board MR. FRED TICKNER: World History A.B. U.S. History A.B MR WAYNE TYLER: Auto Safety. Drivers Education 121MR. JOHN UNDERWOOD: U.S. History A MR. MARION VELLOFF: Chemistry MR GLENN WATERS: English. Theoter MRS. RITA WEISS: English MR. JAMES WIGGER: Drivers Education MRS. LILLIAN WITHROW: E.M.H. MR. GEORGE WOLKE: Algebro MR TERRY YOUNG: Physical Educotion MRS. ANN WANGELIN: School Nurse J.D. JOHNSON INSTRUCTORS MRS. DOROTHY DENSON: Clothing 1. Fobrks 1 2. Child Core 1 MR. JAMES CHESTNEY: Voc. Welding MRS. SHIRLEY DODDS: Office Procedures. Dusiness Educotion % MR. WILLIAM EAGLETON: Voc. Agriculture Mech. Ornomentol Hot. Ag. Resources MR. RICHARD FARROW: Aviotion Theory. Power Mechonics. Dosic Auto. Voc. Aviotion Mechonics 122 MR WILDUR FELKEY: Voc. Electronics 1 2MRS. CAROL FOGLE: CWT. Morhemotics MRS OPAL GILLESPIE: Job Onentotion Sociol Studies MR. JOHN GOURLEY: Heoting AIr Conditioning MRS JANIS HANSEN: Interior Design 162. Quolify Foods 102 MR. LEONARD HAWTHORNE: Distributive Educorion Retoiling MRS. JULIA HOGLE: Vocotionol Cosmetology 162 MRS. PATRICIA HUNT: Office Occupotions 1 MR. LELAND LEIGH: Vocotionol Diesel Mechonks 162. Vocotionol Smoll Engines 162 MR. DONALD LINDSEY: CWT. Job Orientation. Sociol Studies MR DALE LIVENGOOD: Vocotionol Commercial Art 162 MR. GEORGE LOVELESS: Vocotionol Architecture 162 MRS. BETTY McCLINTOCK: LPN 2. Heolth Aid 1 MR. JOSEPH MAGRO: Vocotionol Librorlon JDJC MR DONALD MALONEY: Vocotionol Electricity 162. Electricity. Electronics MR. TED MITCHELL: Advertising. Distributive Education 1 123MR. DENNIS MORGAN: Voc. Building Trades MR DAVID PENNELL: Voc. Auto Dody 1G2 MR ALAN PERRY: Voc. Guidance Coordinator at J.B.J. MRS. MARY SCHRUMPF: Child Care 2 MRS DOROTHY SCIFES: Voc. Proctkol Nursing MRS. ELIZABETH SCYOC: L.P.N. 1. Health Occupation Proctkol Nursing MR WELDON STEVENSON: Voc. Auto Mechanics 102 MRS. WILMA STINNETT: Machine Bookkeeping 162 Typing A. Data Processing MR ROBERT TREISE: Voc. Printing 1G2 MRS. GEORGIA UNTHANK: Voc. Cosmetolgy 1G2 MR. HOMER VOWELS: Job Orientation. Social Studies MR. STEVE WILTON: Voc. Mochlne Shop 1G2 MR ROBERT LAHLEIN: Polke Lioslon Office MR. PAUL GREER: Security Offke MR. GRADY WINSTON: Security Offke 124SHIRLEY DIERDAUM: Attendonce Clerk EVA BRADSHAW. Office Clerk GAIL OURJES: Teocher Clerk MAXINE CRIVELLO: Bookkeeper MARGARET DAVIS: Office Clerk TRACEY EDWARDS: Office Clerk DONNIE FOX: Office Clerk SONDRA HALFORD: Secretory ELANOR HAMMON: Secretory GWEN HEININGER: Teocher Aide CAROL HOLMES: Office Clerk GWENDOLYN JOHNSON: Teocher Aide PATRICIA McCOY: Bookkeeper MARLA PURCELL: Teocher Aide 125 MARIBETH REED: Attendonce ClerkDARDARA SMITH: Office Clerk 126 NANCY SMlTH Teocher Aide ARMEUA TAYLOR: Office Clerk ALICE WALLS: Secrerory ANN XANDERS: Secrerory SHIRLEY GLASCO. Secrerory CAROLE IMAN: Secrerory DEVERLY SUMMERS: Secrerory RUTH HARRISON: Monoger CAFETERIA EMPLOYEES RUTH ROE: Assisronr Monoger RUTH DORMAN ILENE DOWMAN VELMA DRIDGES LAURENE COWN ANNE ELLEDGEMAMIE LANIER MARJORIE MILLER NAOMI PHEGLEY VICTORIA RATHGEB JANET SANDERS JEAN SISK GAIL STEELE ALVETA YATES EDDIE ARNOLD CUSTODIANS AND MATRONS MAE OYERS BETTY CHUNN 12 LEROY HOLMANROGER E. KANALLAKAN MARJORIE LINER CHRISTINE LOVETT HERMAN NOLAN ROSIE PARK JAMES REED CLINTON SMITH MRS. KATHRYN VAN VOORHIS FLORA WASHPUN GALE WINCH CHARLES WITHROW 128FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS 129130 CENTER RIGHT: Even rhe overdue books con't keep Mrs. Holl from smiling. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Lkhfi ond son. defending chompions. chollenge Mr. Cr Mrs. Honsen ro o quick fhree-legged mile. DOnOM RIGHT: Mrs. Scyoc. LPN ond Heolrh Occuporlons Teocher.The 1979-80 season ended with Alton’s Chess Team capturing second and third places in the two high school leagues in which it participates. The team took second place in the Metropolitan St. Louis Interscholastic Chess League, a league in which thirty area high schools participated; and third place in the Southwest Conference. The team's M.S.L.I.C.L. record was 13-2-1, and its S.W. Conference record was 6-1-2. The 1980-81 team's current M.S.L.I.C.L. record stands at 6-12. and earning a spot in the playoffs this year again seems highly probable. The S.W. Conference season has not yet begun, but the team hopes to improve on its record of lost year. TOP: Joe Crawford’s end-game prowess devastates onother opponent. CENTER LEFT: Randy Nolle forces o win ond doesn't know how he did It. CENTER RIGHT: Dehold us. opposition, ond tremble. DOTTOM LEFT: Terry Woolverton's awesome visage reflects the ferocity of his ottock. DOTTOM RIGHT: Oruce Hogen ot peoce with himself ond the world ond. os usuol. winning. 132 c JUNIOR ENGINEERING J. E. T. b. TECHNICAL SOCIETY TOP LEFT: Beth Elliot dlsploys her project TOP RIGHT: Ken Till proudly shows off” his bridge. Clevelond Cox. Chorlle Groms. Dreovo Show Jim Elliott Mike Tilton. Mork Edel-mon. Orion Strouss. Steve Jocoby. Deonno Jones. Koren Glozik. There© Houord. Mory Blolr. Peggy Johnson. Mory Anne Mermls. Beth Elliott. Ken Till. Gory Adorns. Mrs. Meggos. Bryon Bonk. Vkkl Groshoms. Morgi Ellis. The JET'S Club (Junior Engineering Technicol Society) primary function is to introduce the high school student to the world of engineering and design with the help of Mrs. Nancy Meggos. the sponsor. The 1st JETS contest was the Toothpick Bridge Contest. Its object was to design o bridge mode of toothpicks ond glue which would hold the most weight. The winning bridge (weighing only 3 ounces) was submitted by Mork Edelmon. Surprisingly. Mark's bridge withstood the pressure of his own weight-the whole 140 Ibs.l Olin donates the money necessary for the various events the group partakes in. BOTTOM LEFT: Steve Jocoby. 131 lbs.. stonds on Mark s winning bridge. BOTTOM RIGHT: Brlon Strouss experiment. Ing.” 133The Language Department, which includes the German. French and A.F.S. Club, sponsored several fun-filled activities throughout the year. Among these events included the International Buffet in which French, German and Mexican dishes were served. In addition to these delectable dishes. German dancers were hired. Not only did they dance for the crowd; but the crowd danced for themll It was a very exciting, memorable evening for everyone! TOP LEFT: "You fry smiling when you're in o position like this!" TOP RIGHT: Some glide ond some slide. Others, well RIGHT: French Club 1st Row (left to right) Jennifer Clodfelter. Mory Bloir. Liso Dunbor. Kenneth Till. Bock Row: Mr. Bogley. Ann Kienstro 134RIGHT: I wonder If he'll be oble to get out of thot position when this contest is over.' MIDDLE LEFT: Germon Club First Row Susan Albrecht. Megan Sconlon. Kay McNob. Trisha Vroomon. Peggy Johnson. Dodie Miller. Trisha Schwortz. Jonl Allman. Jill Chose. Corol Kunz. Dock Row-. Monico Duebbert. Sonl Tiemonn. Cindy Windlond. Pom Dates. Deth Elliot. Scott Teichmon. Orion Strauss. Mark Edelman. Gory Roybin. Morsho Doth-oger. David Fritz- Mr. Fischer. DOTTOM RIGHT: A.F.S. First Row Jon Ry-berg. Ellas Todeu Reis. Ken Till. Second Row Jennifer Clodfelter. Noncy Nelson. Mory Dloir Dock Row Mr. Dagley. Ann Kien-stra. Morcela Holcomb. MIDDLE RIGHT: It would be such fun to see her fall." DOTTOM LEFT: Princess Tex 135INTERNATIONAL BANQUET TOP LEFT: Something must be better looking thon the food or the Internotionol Conquer TOP RIGHT: Our Germon teocher. Herr Bogley soys. "N m. dos 1st gut.” to the food ot the Internotionol Conquer. BOTTOM LEFT: Well, wonder whot kind of goodies do we hove In here? BOTTOM RIGHT: Cothy Hoger must hove seen something she liked ot the Interne-rionol Conquer. 136This is the scene of the second Annuol International Banquet Night at Alton Senior High School. You ask, "What is on International Banquet Night?" It is a social event for grades 9 through 12 - a gathering of the foreign language teachers, students, and their parents. Each student creates a masterpiece, a food delicacy common to the foreign land he studies. One and all hove the opportunity to taste each delicious dish. Following the meal this year, the Schulplattlers provided the entertainment. This group of German Clog Dancers, through folk dances, displayed various aspects of their German heritage. Although the dancers were light on their feet', many in the audience also displayed their dancing talents os they participated in several of the dances. The event proved to be another enjoyable evening for everyone. BOTTOM LEFT: Two of the guests ot the International Banquet performing a dance step. BOTTOM RIGHT: VI Koch and Vlrg Koch ore just two of the many that come from Froh. liche Schulplattlers or the International Banquet. 137FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA F.H.A. is the local chapter of the notional organization of students studying homemok-ing in high school. The goals of F.H.A. ore to foster creative leadership, promote good will, provide interesting individual and group activities. develop appreciation of the homemaking arts, and to encourage further interest in home economics. 138 TOP RIGHT: Mory Roemer ond Sodie Ehlers enjoying their work. MIDDLE LEFT: Kothy Lemons slices white chocolote to be melted down to moke holi-doy candy. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Denson giving Shoron Lomere ond Sheryl Lone o helping hand. MIDLE DOTTOM: Deonn Torrez ond Rhondo Horshborger. "The Great Debate". DOTTOM RIGHT: Evelyn James ond Lorrie JohnsonBUILDING TRADES TOP LEFT: Dennis Goen - Toping Drywoll. BUILDING TRADES AFTERNOON: Mike Mitch-•II. Mike Dell. Craig Doker. John Nogy. Jeff Stolcup. Dennis Goen. Joe Droste. Tom Ash-lock. Don Stolcup. Dove Horong. Emilio So-tengco. Lester Schuetz. Tom Hons. (Not Pictured Dove Potter. Wondo Sworrlngln. Horry Weover.) BUILDING TRADES MORNING: Jeff Edwords. Rondy Arnold. Steve Dollini. Jeff R. Nelson. Alec Hogle. Tim Cook. Rkk Beckwith. Poul Witt. Mott Smith. Dove Funk. Kevls Unth-onk. Woymond North. Jomes Coiemon. Jeff D. Nelson. Ed Willioms. Alon Zohner. Rich-ord King. (Not Pictured George Stupperich. Phil Lucos. Don Riley). ABOVE: Joe Droste - Toping Drywoll. 139RIGHT: Our President. Cindy Mason. CENTER LEFT: Amy Dell. Treasurer CENTER RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Gwen Wreath. Amy Dell. Cindy Randolph. Michele Rives. ROW TWO: Debbie Wynn. Felklo Davis. Aleta Williams. Cothy Eales. Kayla Schroeder. Jone Wotseh. Kelly Maher. Glno Judd. Debbie Fronkford. Janice Tolle. Undo Geske. DACK ROW: Miss Drlcker. Gory Wllllons. Ken Wahlstrom. Von Meyer. Mike Tlllmon. David Sumpter. Jim Wetzsteln. Don Davis. Mory Roe me r. Lisa Coons. I - i f DOTTOM LEFT: Rochele Ford getting involved In the meeting DOTTOM RIGHT: Miss Drlcker explaining the trip to the State Conference. 140TOP: Drawing for Free Record Prizes ore Jone Worsek ond Mkhele Rives. CENTER LEFT: Jone Worsek ond Cindy Eoles. induct the New President. Cindy Mo-son. In May of 1960. FBLA celebrated It's 00th anniversary at it's 17th annual awards banquet ond officers' installation. At the banquet the following students were honored: Cindy Mason, outstanding sophomore; Jone Watsek, outstanding junior ond junior scholastic award; Cindy Eales. outstanding senior; Ken Walhstrom. top selling award; Catherine Romonko. sophomore scholastic award; Monica Fortschneider. senior scholastic award; Jill Storked, charity bowling award. Ladder of Leadership awards were presented to: Don Davis. Katrina Homesley, Leonne Witcher ond Jone Watsek. Officers installed for the 1960-1981 school year were: Cindy Mason, President; Michele Rives. Vice-President; Cindy Rondolph. Secretory; Amy Dell. Treasurer; and Gwen Wreath. Reporter. During this school year. FDLA has been Involved with many various activities. The Chopter conducted o Business. Skill Careers, and Machines Survey to help the students see what type of careers are needed. The Survey was sent out to 100 local businesses. The students hove also rang bells for the Salvation Army, bowled for various charities, visited local businesses for a day ond was entertained by many guest speakers throughout the school year. CENTER RIGHT. Mory Roemer preparing for the store FDLA conference. In Springfield. IL. LEFT: Katrina Homesley ond Jone Watsek. Induct the new Secretory. Cindy Rondolph. 141 TOP: Mike Bennett ond Drod Rogers proc-rice or the reroiling srore or J.D. CENTER LEFT: Floor promoring Free Enrer-prise. mode by D.E. closses for rhe 1960 Holloween Porode. CENTER RIGHT: D.E. Session II. Front row: Liso Heinlein. Jeon Ulrkh. Toni Henschel. Cheryl Kincode. Denise Horton. Shoron Worlkk. Second Row: Mr.Mirchell. David Fergurson. Drod Rodgers. Mike Denner. Jomes Neumann. Rudy Dovid. Aniro Hot-field. RIGHT: Shoron Worlkk. Denise Horton, ond Aniro Horfield. look on os Dovid Fergurson uses rhe “gentle method" ro fix o broken machine. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The Distributive Education class at the J.B. Johnson Center is o work study program which teaches marketing distribution, merchandising and management. Some areas this program offers are: basic business math, display and promotion, human relations, advertising and leadership studies. Mr. Hawthorne and Mr. Mitchell teach the class. nnnr nr a urnm • CLUBS or AMERICA HOOL ALTON SE TOP: Jomes Neumonn promoting solos of J.B. jackets. ABOVE: “You wont to soy that to may foce. Mr. Hawthorne?!" LEFT. 1st row Rolph Me Bride. Koye Holford. Michele Johnson. Christy Graham. Shelly Budde. Barry Portrtdge. Second row: Monica Morket. Connie Coppel. Glorio Spur-geon. Kris Hillhouse. Mr. Hawthorne. 3rd row: Gory Weihe. Sandro Mayer. David Copley. Rhondo Mack. Lee Barham. 143OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION TOP: April Coin. They don ? coll me super secretory for nothing" This is the dub composed of senior students who ore enrolled in the Office Occupofions closs ond ore Interested in o coreer in the business field. The students attend school one-half day ond work in related office jobs in the afternoon for school credit ond pay. The club works to develop all aspects of the individual through leadership, skills competition ond social activities. The students ore all members of the state ond the Notional Office Education Association ond are given the opportunity to travel ond participate in conferences at the state and notional level with students from all over the U.S. With a combination of good skills, hard work and a little luck some of this year's students may represent Alton High of the Notional Leadership Conference in San Antonio. Texas this spring. CENTER RIGHT: Front Row; Valerie Hort. Michelle Show - Areo Treosurer. Heather Jacques. Sandy Hollenbeck. Jill Peipert - President. Dock Row.- Jane Spencer. Michelle Shaw. Darla Pritle. April Croln. Tommy Williams. Kristy Dawson - Secretory. Stephanie Dorsey. Melissa Galliher - Treosurer. Laurie Witt - Vice President. Mrs. Pot Hunt -Coordinator Sponsor CENTER LEFT: Tommy Williams. Michelle Show We re practicing for coffee breaksOFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION CLUB I BELOW: "But Horold. I told you never to coll me ot workl" CENTER: Front Row.- Trocy Seymour. Vicky Schlldroth. Rhondo Nolle. Tlno Godfrey. Tommy Agee. Alison Schudel. Gino Klunk Kim Spurgeon. JoEllen Stutz. Edwin Henry. Kenneth Miller. Lori Gelsen. Bock Row: Sharon Schenk - Historian. Kim Ostermon. Rachel Brown. Julie Brunough - Vice President. Leeanne Witcher - President. Jockie Manns - Secretary. Nancy Schoonover. Clore Waits. Cindy Witt - Treasurer. LEFT: Port of OEA is giving o friendly smile. 145146 VOCATIONAL PRINTING TOP: Mork Stromske controls rhe ink founroin on rhe off-set press. CENTER LEFT: Gole Gollonr kkks rhe Dovids on press Into operorion. CENTER RIGHT: Front Row: Drod Lister. Glen Lemmons. Pot Dunhom. Debbie Drown. Jomes Donds. Kelli Legereir. Gobe Gallant, Flossie Smith. Keith Swengrosh. Ricky Loux. John Dodson. Dock Row: Ricky Lowe. Morfy Schoondyle. John Murphy. Michael Johnson. Jerry Hubbard. Dove Widger. Tom Ritter.CENTER LEFT: From Row: John Burton. Mike Funk. Tom Dohonnen. Doug Mulhollond. Doug Lovell. Lisa Nkhols. Becky Bosden. Bock Row: Mark Stromske. Don Milllfello. Jim Cunningham. Robert Tuetken. Dwayne Rickman. Tom Brinkman. Mr. Treise. Leslie Woshpun. CENTER RIGHT: Tom Bohonnen operates the largest of the off-set presses. BOTTOM. Junior. Adam Sykes, lays out a form for production. 147TOP: Jim Thompson is seen oil oround campus with his comero. CENTER LEFT: Llso Rider osks, "Would you like your face devel-oped." The Commercial Art Club is the oldest club at Alton High. The students learn many different things: sign painting, calligraphy, paste up. lay out photography, airbrush, and much more. It's a very fun class, but you'r learning too. COMMERCIAL ART. Session III: Front Row: Andy Raines. Joe Romirez. Debbie Len-hordf. Sondy Drisrell. Kelly Trowbridge. Sherrie Word. Liso Rider. Susan Welch. Julie Crone. Potty Dilbruck. Kim Wells. BACK ROW: Craig Hurst. Gene Ziegler. Jose Romirez, Julie Mortln. Steve Tindall. Shonno Plummer. Cindy Tidwell. Kevin Wrischnlk Kendall Reed. Debbie Lyerlo. BOTTOM LEFT: Liso Funkhouser trying i stay in the lines. BOTTOM RIGHT: Potty Sherrie practicing to be pros.VOCATIONAL COMMERCIAL ART SESSION II: Row One: Undo Worlkk Rhondo Lessner. Llso Funkhouser. Kim Grossheim Kelly Gollogher. Donno Herring. Goil Glossmeyer. Mory Rushing. Koren Yost. Connie Hord Second Row: Mork Scott. Cole Ughr Rkhle Front Bruce Dow-ers. Donny Mortln. SESSION I: FRONT: Down Tungert. Chris Woods. Shoron Wll-ken. Mike Hollldoy. Jim Foster. Chris Nkkell. Dorcy Adcock. Undo Lohr. Second Row: Louro Keck. Cothy Hunt. Stormy Henrion. Michell Smith. Brion Webb. Troy Whitworth. Suson Alford. Choch Dole. Row Three: Jim Thompson. Rondy Jor-don. Dovid Thompson. Jonet Stein. Dione Comerer. Lori Corr. CENTER RIGHT: Debbie Lenhordt looking busy. BOTTOM: Kendoll Reed leornlng his olphobet. 149VOCATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING SESSION 2 Front Row.- Mork Lender. Kevin Coder. Done Costa. Roy Toylor. Keith Wolter. Second Row: Cedric Porker. Mike Groy. Cleveland Cox. Torrance Henderson. Doug McDride. Ron Muscorello. Dock Row: Mr. G.W Loveless. Woyne Hoxie. Eric White. Rolph Smith. Scott Woods. Jomes Toylor. DELOW: "It sure gets lonely bock here in this corner. 150 SESSION 3 Front Row: Donald Domes. Mike Prosser. Quint Long. Mike Auston. Second Row: Pom Reed. Kelley Reynolds. Jeri Dlond. Dreano Show. Woyne Freemon. R. Scott Greenwood. Greg Powers. Dock Row: Paul Gotscholl. Don Moyer. Don Henkhous. Roy Doehler. Seon Mullikin. Andy Dorr. Nothon Jockson. Steve Griffin. Clint Groy. Phil Goeken. Rondy Eveons. Roger Cress. Joe Ingram. Dorrin Teems. Dob Stillwell. Mr. G.W. Loveless. RIGHT: "Oops, caught again!"TOP: Chris Lyerlo. The Architectural Drafting program is designed to develop o complete working knowledge of termonology and equipment used in the field, an understanding of construction methods and materials available today. and interest in the historical development of Architecture. The student is given the opportunity to develop and express himself in the areas of design and structural development. CENTER LEFT: SESSION 1 Front Row: C. Crufhis. D. Dovls. M. Ford. C. Lyerlo. W. Kolk J. Dickerson. Second Row: T. Allen. D. Hogen. J. Gray. M. Edwards. K. Drown. L. Kitchens. Mr. Loveless. Dock Row: D. Cruthis. D. Dorder. T. Walter. D. Ruyle. T. Steele. D. Cottier. J. Cannon. CENTER RIGHT: Why did the counselor sign up o left hander for this doss?" DOTTOM LEFT: "Every time he mokes me eat this penal I get leod poisoning." DOTTOM RIGHT: "Would you believe Don Dovis Is reolly working?" 151152 Top: The Heolrh Core Aide Closs Standing: left to right: Mochele McDannel Trocee Luly. Down Meyers. Evelyn James. Noncy Stroud. Judi Kotchmar. Students kneeling: left to right: Cheryl Stauffer. Lisa Chiolero. Tracy Adams. Penny Depper. The student in bed is: Nancy Kates CENTER LEFT: The First Year Proctkol Nursing Students Front Row: left to right: Sherri Schmoeller. Shirlene Coughlin. Tommy Johnson. Sandy Rider. Debbie Wagner. Noncy Pugh Bock Row: left to right: Cothi Denefiel. Dione Giedinghagen. Debra Shelby. Corlo Hogue. Sonyo Talley. Potty Kelly. Tommy McCormick. Julie Fleigle. Heother Roberson. Ed Cline. Jeon Albee BELOW LEFT: Heolth Core Aide Mochelle McDonnel practices using the wheelchair while Trocee Luly learns how ir feels to be pushed oround. Below Right: First Year Practical Nursing Student Debbie Wagner weighs fellow student. Tommy McCormick.Top: Trocee Luly. Heolth Core Aide Student. checks Honey Kotes blood pressure. CENTER LEFT: Heolth Core Aide Students core for student. Noncy Stroud in bed in the lob oreo ot the J.B. Johnson Center. i Center Right: Potriclo Kelly. First Yeor High School Proctkol Nursing Student, demonstrates the proper opplkotlon of the blood pressure cuff on Debra Shelby. Left: The Second Yeor High School Proctkol Nursing Closs In(dvlllon) off-duty clothes. Front Row: Borboro Grant. Kori Cowglll. Donno Mllitello. Rebecco Norris. Crystol Stull. Sherri Colburn.- Sherie Porchle Bock Row: Shello Edelen. Pom Gviilo. Beverly Hendricks. Anne Wendle. Tomoro Herd. Rhondo Beochum. Michele Fenton. Sondro Blosingim 153AGRICULTURAL MECHANICS 154 AGRICULTURE MECHANICS: Mr Eogleton. Joseph Dougios. Rlchord Stutz. Douglas Conlee. Ronald Hargrove. John Couch. Mark Derkel. James Acord. Trocey Elllfrlrz. Russel Chambers CENTER LEFT: Dove Hufslor prepores o bulb for planting. CENTER RIGHT: Left to Rlglit: Scott Dosoluke. Mr. Eogleton. Mark Schwoppoch. Jon Yon-cey. John Drouser. Tom Hoog. Robert Shueltz. BOTTON: Andrea Elliott supervises various plonts in the horticulture green house.Top Left; Ornomentol Horticulture Top Left: Doo Horrnett ond Doniel Tiechnol core for the delicote growth in the greenhouse. Top Right: Joseph Douglos ond Douglos Conlee teor down o troctor engine in Agrl-culturol Mechanics. ORNAMENTAL HORTACULTURE: Front row: Mr. Eogleton Oiseree Drown. Jerry Dlond. Trocy Delonger Monty Schwobb. Annette Dotes. Doo Hartnett. Andreo Elliot. Mark Soyre.: Dock row: Julie Voir. Chris Lewis. Anne Dlosioli. Roger Downing. Llso Drown. Dove Hutsler. Mork Colbert. Laurie. Porm. ley. Doniel Titchnol. James Peuterbough. Rodger Stlritz DOTTOM: John Couch reploces the oil pon.VOCATIONAL WELDING TOP RIGHT: 2nd Session Welding J. D. Johnson Center. Glen Wlllloms. Amonuel Wode. Tim Ormon. Don Blerboum. Pot McGiffen. Joml Corter. Dove Mormon. Mike Kusmonoff. Tom Ryon. Chris Poul. Wendell Sims. Still Dill Petty. Loyd Morsholl. Pot Korte. Todd Tonney. Mr. Chestney. Don Stutz. CENTER LEFT: Glen Wlllloms CENTER RIGHT: 1st session J.D. Johnson Center. Tom Ryon. Joe Schmidt. Don Dierboum. Bobby Cox. Jim Meszoros. Mork Crites. Driom Woters. Dert Adkins. Kip Doiley. Tim Korte. Steve Wlnson. Corroll Konollokon. Mr. Chestney. DOTTOM RIGHT: 3rd session J.D. Johnson Center Mike Vromon. Dove Drury. Drod Moher. Richord Doiley. John Horgls. John Conmon. Monty Howkins. Mike Horgis. John Conmon. Monty Howkins. Mike Esporzo. Dove Dullors. Kelly Dickerson. Dove Winfree. Mott Schelling. Cliff McDoniel. Drien Donks Doryl Motthews. Woyne Gllllson. Mr. Chestney. Dob Green. 156TOP: Poul Cooley. Don Slock ond Mel Thomos on rhe Verricol Mill. Third Session: FRONT ROW: Mr. Wllron. Jim Coughlin. Todd Legore. Tom Rexlng. Jeff Lenhordt. Lonce Dorr. STANDNG: Jeff Phelps. Jeff Bonnister. Terry Bridges. Jomes Wofters. Mike Lee. Greg Boren. Wolly Poce. Scort Anrrobus. Jeff Bensmon. Ron Henkhous. Bill Rexlng. Robert Richey. Ken Edwords. Mike Wolff. Mike Dodd. ABOVE: Robert Mosby on rhe Horizonrol Mill. Second Session: Dovid Stutz. Mork Porker. Melton Thomos. Lorry Lung. Rod Polmer. Scott Dovis. Dovid McConn. Tom Lyons. Ricky Holomen. J.D. Cloyton. Poul Cooley. Scott Johns. Mike Huntsmon. Tom Crosen. Jerry Tollle. Rodger Cress. Tollo Longer. 157COSMETOLOGY Top: Getting" oheod In the world? Center Left: Dlone Dock 1S8 Center Right: Morning doss Row One: Decky Voymon. Dedie Hompton. Donnie Word. Chris Nie. Shelly Colome. Amy Fowler. Row Two: Crystol Vineyord. Glno Kline. Jamie Stromske. Dlone Dock: Ann Atwood. Kim Kennington. Joy Motley Row Three: Instructor: Mrs. Hegle. Honey Hedger. Liso Rethorn. Liso Lowe. Llso Griggs. Jamie Kozotos. Anito Roe. Connie Dossett. Dev Eichen. Instructor. Mrs. Unthonk Row Four: Pom Poce. Shelly Roinee. Deth Wil-son. Tonyo Woolfolk. Kim Show. Donno Strohbeck. Vonesso Chrismon. Dorb Huntsman. Tino Holl. Dottom left: One down, nine to goll Dottom right: Mrs. Unthonk explains o point of cosmetology to Donnie WordTop: Llso Low ond the Heod of Cosmetolo- gy Confer: Loft: Afternoon Class Row One: Vicky Whltoker. Glno Dryont. Dobby Johann. Jill Vollmer. Midge Shake. Barb Colvin. Shendora Perry Row Two: Dernle Stockord. Stocy Couch. U»a Steoort. Terri Whitaker. Tommy Ritter. Tommy Funk. Money Lawrence. Tommy Otwell. Row Three: Debbie Tedford. June Crummer. Jill Wordle. Michelle Domes. Denise Homlin. Vicky Doxdorfer. Don no Edwards. Money Kinsello. Coni Dimer. Christy Willioms. Kim Shelton. Money Wllfong. Rhondo Hubbard. 11 Center Right: Ann Atwood practices her skill, before rockling the reol thing Dottom Left: Gonna wash that man tight out of my holt Dottom Right: Cut. cut. snip OOPSI 159AVIATION TOP LEFT: Jeff Drown Would you believe there's no foil wheel”? CENTER LEFT: David Kyle "Doy would this moke my skofe bourd go" Aviation Mechanics and Pilots Club is to give students extra activities in aviation that con not be obtained in the class room or shop such os individual instruction, airplane flights and repair of aircraft at the air port plus visitations to aviation schools. Aviation Mechanics CENTER RIGHT: Lenz. Drown. Holman. Williams. Conley. Dock-struck. Crocker. Dovis. Hunter. Kelly. Dover. Floyd. Deaker. Allen. Thompson. Herge. Sheff. Mr. Farrow. Word. Scorth. Craig. Kelly. Word. Me Gennls. Kyle. Telkomp. DOTTOM RIGHT: Pilots Club- Mr. Forrow, Webb. Pyott. Jonke. Me Orvon. Davit . Word. Dromley. Schenk. Reed. Andrews, Hunter. Godwim. Oerker. Telkamp. Sil-vens. Infante. Haley. 160REDBIRD WORD STAFF LEFT: 7th Hr. Journolism: Goyle Nicholson. Lori Holl. J.D. Cloyron. Korie Tolbert. Ann Stetson. Tom Walters. Trocey Phillips. Mork Stromske. Down Myers. Dove Richordson. Tim Donnell. Koy Holford. Dorrin Jones. Chorles Dloir. Monique Cormeon. Terry Drody Amy Fowler. Andrea Stoutenbor-ough. Koy McNob. Kevin Dunphy. Steve Love. Rich Korrkomp. Shannon Roberts. Mory Sreorn. Karen Huebener. Morty Dris-tow, Donni McGhee. Kothy Acker. Terri Sumner. Dent Schelle. Scott Admire.TOP LEFT: Go blow it out your eors! TOP RIGHT: Yes. this is the line for rhe swine flu vocdnel CENTER RIGHT: Hoi Hoi Won t Dr. Middleton be surprised when he finds out why we re laughing! CENTER RIGHT: Alton High students proctice looking sophisticated. BOTTOM: I wish that guy with the camera would get out of here! 162THE MUSIC MAN He wos o travelling salesman selling musical instruments and couldn't play a notel — He was the MUSIC MAN! This hilarious musical, written by Mr. Meredith Willson, was presented in May of 1980. PRODUCTION Director Vocal Director Orchestra Director Choreographer Technical Director Costume Director Stage Manager Assistant Directors Mr. Cliff Davenport Mr. George Heidbrink Mr. Larry Crabbs Mrs. Diana Enloe Mr. Glenn Waters Miss Theo Tonkinson Donna Dryant Genny McCann and Gabe Dourland Light Doard Operator Don Donnell Light Doard Assistants Gary Raybin and John Drausen Rehearsal Pianists Tim Weeks Rhonda Meeden CENTER LEFT. Mrs. Shinn (Cindy Beem) ond the Wah-Ton-Ye girls (Peggy Beckmeyer. Jill Peipert) do their stuff. ABOVE: Gordon Robertson In action LOWER RIGHT: City officials argue about the new solesmon 164LEFT: Doncing to the beot of "Shlpoopi" BELOW: The Wells Forgo Wogon comes to River Gty. ABOVE: Jomes Vossor ond Kormyn Cor-rington wotch the octton In o moment from 'Shlpoopi" CENTER LEFT: Morion foils to be token In by Harold s con-ortist chorm. LEFT: Pick o little, talk o little 165CENTER RIGHT: Eddie Bucher and Belinda Beane RIGHT: The People who mode this show possible: Glenn Wafers. Cliff Davenport, George Heidbrink. Lorry Crobbs. Diane Enloe. ond Theo Tonkinson. 166BELOW: Jesse Royo ond Trlsho Vromon In o typicol behind-the-scenes moment. CENTER LEFT: Horold transforms bickering River City officio Is Into o barbershop quarter. ABOVE: Cost members catchup on the news in show's opening scene. LEFT: The people behind the scenes. 167THE NIGHT THOREAU SPENT IN JAIL From right fo left Dan Dipaizzo Don Donnell . Ellen Krebs Dove McConn Sarah Smith Dorothy Haley Julie Schulmeister Gordon Robertson Mike Shepperd Greg Von Wyk Dixie Spence Dow Costa Cathy Geoken Rob Wilson Don Dull .......... Chuck Dryont . . . Gorry Raybin Donna Dryont G. W. Fronds . Deacon Dali Som Staples Townsperson Dailey Townsperson Woman Townsperson Farmer Williams Henry .......Ellen ........John Mother Waldo Townsperson . Edward Townsperson Ludion Townsperson RIGHT: Rolph Woldow Emerson ond his wife (Rob Wilson ond Donno Dryont) won. dor the fote of their friend. Henry. 168THE NIGHT THOREAU SPENT IN JAIL by Jerome Lawrence ond Robert E. Lee "If o man does not keep pace with his com panions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or for away. Henry David Thoreau Director Mrs. Diana Enloe Technical Director Miss Theodoro Tonkinson Set Supervisor Mr. Glen Waters Student Director Cindy Deem Stage Manager Tim Weeks TOP LEFT: Som (Don Donnell serves Henry with o notice of bock foxes os townspeople look on. TOP RIGHT: Henry (Greg Von Wyk) explains his world to Ellen. DOTTOM LEFT: Henry Thoreau (Greg Von Wyk) shores huckleberries with a young friend (Chunk Dryont). DOTTOM RIGHT: Henry's brother John (Dow Cowsta) listens with Ellen (Dixie Spence) to one of Henry's lectures. 169ALTON HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS . IT'S A LIVING the 1960 Summer Chorus Prodution of Hothewoy Hall. The musical, directed and produced by Ron Kelly, employed the various singing, dancing and acting talents of the students from Alton High and 14 other local schools. The show was a mixture of the comical and serious situations of working and living in today's society. 170 THESPIANS The International Thespian Society is an organization dedicated to promoting the dramatic arts in schools across the country. Membership in Alton High's Thespian Troupe 126 is awarded on the basis of points earned in dramatic productions throughout the year. Points may be earned in the areas of acting, ploy publicity, lights, make-up. and many other areas. Ten points, in two of more fields, must be earned before a person con be inducted into the troupe, if a person ears 60 or more points, he is awarded the rank of Honor Thespian. TOP RIGHT: Michelle Koldltz. Doug Fester, ond Julie Schulmelsrer wolt for Sonro to come Down the chimney. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Dovenporr gives odvice to the cost of Blithe Spirit.” 172 Thespian Troupe 126 has a tradition of putting on fine productions, ond this year has been no exceptionl in oddition to doing 3 plays ond the annual spring musical, AHS students performed in a production of "The World of Shalom Alecleim" at the Sixth Annual Illinois High School Theatre Festival at the University of Illinois in January. The 3-day festival included productions from other high schools, plus workshops on acting. Make-up. ond similar activities. One AHS student. Senior Ted Davey, was one of 16 Illinois high school students selected to perform in the all-state cast. Alton High plans to send o show to the festival next year. CENTER LEFT: Lynn Hockett. Curt Steele, ond John Drousen mon the lights ond sound. BOTTOM RIGHT: Llso Downing takes time out from o dress reheorsol so her mother con fix her hair.TOP RIGHT: Mr. Dovenport congrotulotes Ricky Porks, who hos Just been Inducted Into Thesplon Troupe 126 os on Honor Thes-pion. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Grovemon photogrophs Uso In dress reheorsol of "Blithe Spirit.” Bottom: Thesplon Troupe 126. First Row: Ellen Krebs. Michelle Koldltx. Dorothy Holey. Tom Toylor. Second Row: Robin Taylor. Julie Schulmelsrer. Jesse Royo. Korry Hozs-Up. Dorothy Hutchinson. Peggy Johnson. Third Row: Mr. Dovenport. Kormen Corrlng-ton. Jill Peipert. Debbie Berry. Jeon Hort. Gory Royblno. Fourth Row: Joe Seogo. Cynrhio Phegley. Lynn Hackett. Don Dl-piazzo Ted Dovey. Gordon Robertson. 173BLITHE SPIRIT PRODUCTION Director Setting Costumes Assistant Director Stage Manager Light Doard Sound sen Cliff Davenport Glenn Waters Donna Kirby Maureen Cowan Ted Davey Curt Steele and John Bru- PROPS Michelle Koldifz. Solly Bryont. Sheryl Dudde. Dev Crownover. Julie Deorty. Jone Deem. Annette Decker. Kay Eisenrekh. Beth Elliott G. W. Fronds. Liz Frymon. Soroh Greer. Lynn Hocket. Peggy Johnson. Mork Lilley. Scon Mandrell. Uso Onolini. Rob Plunk. Gorry Roybin. Uso Sneich. Melodie Westbrook, Cothy Whitlock. Uso Wlilkinson. Sheilo Zimmer USHERS Dryon R. Elkins. Chairman. Cothy Crowson. Lucinda Curvey. Jenny Ebberr. Nancy Ebbert. Phil Geeken. Brett Lasswell. Jon Ryberg. Uso Wyon MAKE-UP Jill Peipert. Choirmon, Pomelo K. Eby. John Frye. Modonno Gill. Jesse Royo. Amber Ridenour PUBLICITY Debbie Berry. Choirmon. Jennifer Ackermon. Morionne Dourlond. Mike Drown. Ann Dovey. Diono Koy. Dipiozzo. Cothy Eoles. Debi House. Deonno Mizerske. Toro Nischwltz. Kelly On. Ricky L. Porks. Cynfhis Phegley. Lori Smith SCENERY 174 SEAT CUSHIONS Gordon Robertson ond Joe Seogo COSTUMES Ellen Krebs ond Potty Nolon Co-Choirmon. G. W. Fronds . Debbie House. Helen Wall TICKET SALES Gordon Robertson Maureen Cowon. Uso Funkhouser. Lisa Hill. Volerie Kold. Michelle Kolditz. Melisso Lewis. Steve Love. Lisso Mitchell. Jodi! Northwoy, Jenno Polen. Dyrol Reed. Mike Wilkinson RIGHT: Modome Arcori (Korry Hozslip) explains the seriousness of the seonce to her clients. BELOW: Ruth (Uso Downing) fries to convience her husband Charles (Don Dipiozzo) fhot she is not jealous of Chorles' first wife. RIGHT: Modome Arcotl Hypnotizes Edith, the mold (Doroth Holey) In on effort to extrkote the spirits of Chorles wives.LEFT: Dr. ond Mrs. Drodmon (Tom Toylor ond Julie Schulmelster) ore served cockroils os they owoit the orrivol of Modome Arcotl. CAST Edith Ruth Charles Dr. Bradman Mrs. Bradman Madame Arcati Elvira Dorothy Haley Lisa Downing Dan Dipiazzo Tom Toylor Julie Schulmeister Korry Hazslip Gabe Bourland ABOVE: Charles' first wife. Elviro (Gobe Dour land) glores ot Charles ond his second wife ofter she is materialized from the deod in Madame Arcoti's seance. FAR LEFT: Ruth, ofter she is occidently killed by Elvira, comes bock with her to pester Charles. LEFT: Charles attempts to introduce the excited Madame Arcati to his first wife. 175AGATHA CHRISTIES 10 LITTLE INDIANS TOP RIGHT: Cothy Whitlock ond Ted Dovey attempts to figure out Who done If.' CENTER RIGHT. The people behind the scenes. First Row: Vol Ontis. Debbie House Liso Downing. Second Row: Deonno Mi-zerski. Mike Tucker. Pom Eby. Lynn Hock-ett. Ellen Krebs. John Drousen. Third Row: Maureen Eowon. Kris Gobriel. Curt Steele. Korry Hozslip. Gordon Robertson. Robin Toylor. Liso Wyott 176 CENTER LEFT: Just one of the fringe benefits of being o moidl BOTTOM LEFT: Don Dipiozzo pours himself onother drinkl DOTTOM RIGHT: Ted ond Cothy discuss the letters they receive from Mr. Owen ‘Director: Mr. Glenn Waters Assistant to the Director: Kerry Hazslip Stage Monoger: Gordon Robertson House Manager: Jan Ryberg Light Doord: Curt Steele Sound; Lynn Hockett Costumes: Ellen Krebs Costume Supervisor-. Mrs. Donno Kirby Props: Robin Taylor. Maureen Cowan Props Supervisor: Mrs. Lyn Dryont Publicity: Gabe Dourland. Cynthia Phegley, Solly Dryont Make Up: Lisa Downing Tickets: Ted Dovey. Kerry Hozsllp. Don Dipiazzo Technical Director: Mr. Glenn Waters TOP LEFT: Scott Mondrell and Mike Drown were two of the first to go. TOP RIGHT: Joe Seogo soils his ship bock to the mainland, leaving the ten guests stronded on the Island. CENTER LEFT: The cost First Row: Ted Davey. Diana Dipiazzo. Cathy Whitlock. Michelle Kolditz. Joe Seogo. Von Meyer. Second Row: Scott Mondrell. Phil Goeken. Mike Orown. Tom Toylorm. Dor Dipiazzo. CENTER RIGHT: With only five of the original 10 guests still olive. Van Meyer and Michelle Kolditz wonder who will be next. DOTTOM LEFT. "He's deodl exclaims Tom Taylor. DOTTOM RIGHT: Did rhe butler do It? 177CENTER RIGHT: Cost crew of the The Music Mon" wotch themselves on T.V. BOTTOM (s): I know this is o Behind-rhe-scenes picture. Butt oren't we going o bit too for? 178TOP: Concert Choir performing or rhe Christmas Chorol Concert. CENTER LEFT: The sophomore chorus olso song of the concert. SOPHOMORE CHORUS CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Heidbrink's sophomore chorus closs: Karen Allensworth. Pom Dotes. Kothy Deotty. Robert Beotty. Koren Dellitto. Marianne Dourland. Dlolr Dyron. Wendy Cantrell. Jocquelyn Clayton. Loron Curtis. Kim Cyprion. Carlo Docis. Lee Dilley. Diana Diplazzo. Elizabeth Dykeman. Kristine Edgor. Janice Ford. Debra Fronkford. Yverte Greenwooe Angie Harrison. Deborah Hayes. Alke King. Suzanne Kodros. Chris McGrlffen. Chris Ontis. Sherry Porks. Derh Reiske. Catherine Romano. Chris So-vllle. Koylo Schroeder Dorb Stutz. Cheryl Thompson. Lisa Todoro. Rebecco TumllnCONCERT CHOIR TOP: With her mother stonding by. junior Jonl Allmon Is congrotuloted by Mr. Cohill ond Mr. Dosolo for receiving the Arion Award ot the bond owords concert lost Moy. CENTER LEFT: Concert Choir. Mr. Heidbrink. director. Jerry Allsmon. Tereso Alverson. Peggy Deckmeyer. Debbie Derry. Gabe Dourlond Solly Dryont. Dev Crownover. Ted Devey. Don Dipiazzo. Liso Downing. Morio Duebbert. Pom Eby. Dryon Elkins. Mellndo Federle. Doug Fester. G.W. Fronds. Dorb Fronke. Kris Govrlel. Shelly Gill. Potty Goeken. Charles Gromes. Susan Horgiss. Kerry Kozslip. Thereso Howard. Dorothy Hutchinson. Drod Kincode. Stocey Kindig. Michelle Kolditz. Ellen Krebs. Cherle Lonkford. Drett Losswell. Mork Lilley. Dodle Miller. Terri Nolon. Ricky Pords. Cindy Poul. John Peebles. Tommy Rondoll. Gordon Robertson. Lorraine Rodgers. Julie Schulmeisrer. Yvonne Spinks. Suson Stoen. Kothy Toul. Robin Toylor. Tom Toylor. Denise Tucker. Mike Tucker. Noncy Voilersten. Trlsho Vromon. Deboroh Weyescheide. Jono Wirtmon. CENTER RIGHT: Concert Choir ot o dress re-hersol. DOTTOM: How con I sing with my mouth shut 181TOP: Advanced Chorus: Mr. Heidbrink. director. Poulo Belcher Henry Drousen. Michoel Burnett. Poul Gotscholl. Mono Grovemon. Cindi Horris. Deborah Johnson. Rochelle Johnson. Susan King. Shoun Motlock. Deonno Mizerski. Tommpy Perry. Morchelle Pittmon. Liso Rider. Mogdolene Shake. Kimberly Sitze. Undo Stork. Janet Watkins. 182 CENTER LEFT: Mr. Heidbrink tinkles the ivory keys. CENTER RIGHT: Sophomores of dress reher-sal BOTTOM: Ron Kelly directs the sophomore chorus at o dress rehersol.SWING CHOIR TOP: Mr. Kelly s 4th hour sophomore chorus doss. CENTER: Swing Choir: Mr. Heidbfink director. Front Row: Peggy Beckmeyer. Debbie Wegescheide. Lori Smith. Lorroine Rodgers. Trteh Vromon. Borb Fronke. Dorothe Hutch-inson, Solly Bryont. Korry Hozslip. Liso Downing. Second Row: Bryon Elkins. Tom Toylor. Bret Losswell. Doug Fester. Mike Tucker. Gordon Robertson. Ricky Porks. Jer-ry Allsmon. Ted Dovey. Don Dipiozzo. Not Pictured: Yvonne Spinks. Cooch Dole Mory Tool.JAZZ BAND RIGHT: Andy Henrrich dlsploys his tolent on drums. Below: Chris Shermon strums the boss guiror.LEFT: Jom session feofuring Mork Webb. Phil Moxey. Steve Jocoby. Mork Springgote. ond Darrell Derry. JAZZ DAND: First row: Amy Conrody. Gordon Robertson. Gory Roy bin. Rondo Vonoto. Steve Durger. Mike Harris 2nd row: Chris Shermon. Don Brausen. Andy Hentrich. Steve Jocoby. Mork Springgote. Jeff Moynord Third row: Director: Dennis Meyer. Dorry Viviono. Jerry Allsmon. Jim McCurley. Mork Webb. Phil Moxey BOTTOM LEFT: Don Broosen keeps the beot on the congos. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Cohlll leads the Jozz Bond In o swing number. NOTE: Mr. Meyer assumed the duty of Jorr Bond Conductor In January of 1961. Mr. Cohill then assumed the duties of Mr. Bosolo who resigned at Alton High. 185186 CENTER RIGHT: Troubadours. Row 1: Jill Chose. Kay Eisenrelch. Joel Mdlwoine. Betsy Moynord. Jill Vondergriff. Row 2: Kelly Foulks. Borry Vlvlono. Momco Ouebbert. Corlene Schobernd. Jim Cook. Lexo Browning. Shoron Thiel. Row Kothy Schildrofh. Jeff Moynord. Cothy Whitlock. Keith Teichmon. Mindy Dilley. Kitty Brooks. Row 4: Ann Dovey. Susan Prott. Don Brousen. Bloke Evans. Row 5: Andy Kohler. Joe Lowrence. Amy Conrody. Don Noughton. Jennifor Ackermon. Kelly Orr. Soro Holford. Robert Fronke. BOTTOM LEFT: Sophomores practice singing King of the Rood' BOTTOM RIGHT: Concert Choir sings in harmony.Top Left: Debbie Derry checks the program to see what's next. Top Right: Will this concert ever end? Dottom: Sophomore Chorus. Mr. Kelly Director. Chris Abner. Jennifer Ackermon. Uso Alexonder. Susan Albrecht. Lori Allens-worth. Laura Atwood. Jone Deem. Stacey Detz. Debbie Dock. Kelly Dock. Decky Douyeo. Volerie Doyer. Kitty Drooks. Lexo Drowning. Don Drousen. Penny Durger. Jill Chose. Jennifer Churchill. Trocey Collins. Amy Conrody. Jim Cook. Sheryl Cress. Shelly Crider. Dorb Czerny. Ann Dovey. Mindy Dilley. Mindy Dodd. Monica Duebert. Cothy Eoles. Money Ebbert. Kay Eisenrich. Oloke Evons. Denise Ewin. Cindy Fletcher. Rochell Ford. Robert Franke. Lee Ann Frisse. Liso Fryman. Kelly Fulks. Cindy Georgewitz. Jim Goeken. Sheryl Gray. Lori Green. Saro Halford. Deth Homilton. Tomi Harpole. Cheryl Hartley. Robin Hoyden. Kelly Henderson. Annette Johnson. Joanna Jones. Liso Kieninger. Andy Kohler. Joe Lawrence. Lori Light. Karen Link. Joy Lumpkins. Julie Mandorca. Scott Mandrell. Detsy Maynard. Jeff Moynord. Jo Ann Me-Donald. Jackie Mdlwoine. Doris Moment. Cindy Moran. Holly Moyer. Debbie Nosello. Don Noughton. Kelly Orr. Trocey Oulson. Jomi Pfleger. Decky Pilger. Susan Pratt. Dorothy Price. Jomie Pyott. Heather Raby. Cothy Rea. Sharon Reed. Dridget Renken. Dede Rice. Jennifer Rice. Debbie Rickmon. Sheila Rodgers. Dona Rutherford. Kathy Schildroth. Carlene Schobernd. Michele Scott. Deane Smith. Paul Spickerman. Marvin Spann. Penny Steele. Ressie Stewart. Jomie Struif. Down Taylor. Tommy Taylor. Keith Teictmon. Felicia Terrell. Sharon Thiel. Deonn Torrez. Cindy Unterbrink. Jill Vondergriff. Dorry Viviono. Connie Walker. Carol Word. Kim Word. Dovid Weber. Cothy Whitlock. Tim Wymon. Christel Zeppmon. Sue McConn. Tonya Lovett. Diane Dodson. Terri Kensholo 187PEP BAND TOP: The Pep Bond, conducted by Sr. Drum Major Sue Lorgen. ploys for the crowd before o gome. CENTER LEFT: Percussionist Dovid Tonrype ploys the cymbol. CENTER RIGHT: Joni Allmon and Morio Bou-kos - two rolenred flutists. 188 BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Woods ond Jeon Hort disploy their tolent in moshing cock-rooches. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jim Porker weos hordhot for protection in cose the crowc gets too rowdy.CENTER LEFT: First Row.- Julie Dore. Joni Allman. Derh Elliot. Mario Doukos. Muorte Adler. Kathy Eogleton. Lisa Colome. Decky Schubert. Down Palmer. Dave Fitz. Second Row.- John Lenard. Debbie Woods. Jeon Hort. Debbie Robertson. Tommy Dromly. Jill Vondergrift. Rondo Vanoto. Linda Lohr. Don Drauson. Third Row: Jerry Allsman. Darry Vivono. Jim McCurley. John Peebles. Dryon Derg. Phil Moxey. Peter Ockrer. David Tontype. Dock Row.- Sue Lorgen. Jim Porker. Darrell Derry. Mork Springgote. Steve Jocoby. Dill Dusan. ANIMAL Jeff Moynord. Joan Alexander. Mr. Cohill. CENTER RIGHT: The pep bond ploys o rousing number before the gome DOTTOM LEFT: The Pep Dond s feorless leoderl DOTTOM RIGHT: John Alexander tries to untangle himself from the clutches to "Tuby the Tubo." 189ORCHESTRA TOP: Shot of the orchesfro s woodwind section CENTER: Mourie Adler. Sue Alford. Noncy Andrews. Morquerite Armsteod. D'Adrienne Decoof. Dryon Derg. Morio Doukos. Don Doyd. Tommi Dromley. Sherry Drown. Lexo Drowning. Audrey Dryont. Dill Duzon. Jennifer Compbell. Amy Conrody. Julie Dore. Drion Dovis. Mory Dressier. Monico Duebberr. Korhy Eogleton. Poul Elieff. Ed Emblom. Kris Gobriel. Peggy Gromotes. Lynn Hockett. Colvin Hommond. Angie Horrison. Anito Howkins. Steve Jocoby. Peggy Johnson. Ann Klenstro. Debbie King. Liso Kromer. Andy Lolrd. Jeff Moynord. Liso McDoniel. Joci Mcllwoine. Jim Middleton. Ed Morrison. Chris Mueller. Sherry Nosello. Penny Olive. Tereso oneol. Down Polmer. Jim Porker. Koren Propes. Leslie Reck nogel. Potty Schoefer. Mork Scott. Chris Shermon. Mork Springgore. Michelle Sweetmon. Jill Vondegrlff. Dorry Vlvlono. Carlo Woinwright. Trocy Webster. Liso Wilkinson. Jono Wittmon. DOTTOM: I've been holding this note for four minutes! 190192 CENTER RIGHT: Color Guard: Karen Propes. Sergeant: Chris Skordos. Rifle Leoder: Noncy Drown. Amy Toner. Ann Kiensrro. Mory Chappell. Ellen Krebs. Heather Robertson. Detsy Dykemann. CENTER LEFT: Chris Skordos performs during halftime. DOTTOM RIGHT: Korry Hozslip and her trusty boron. DOTTOM LEFT: Noncy Drown displays expertise in twirling her rifle.TOP LEFT: Sr. Drum Major: Sue Lorgon. Jr. Drum Major: Jim Parker. TOP RIGHT: The "100" on the move. CENTER LEFT: Redbirdettes: Donno Walter, leoder. Terri Nolon. Co-leoder. Cindy Funkhouser. Joyce Simmons. Christy Everoge. Krlssy Edgor. Jackie Cloyton. Machete McDonnel. Deonn Torrez. Cindy Fletcher. CENTER RIGHT: Koren Propes leods her charges ot holftlme. BOTTOM LEFT: Jonl Allmon. BOTTOM RIGHT: The percussion section keeps the bear. 193CONCERT Ann Decker. Soroh Greer. Carol Kunz, John Leonard. Jeff Maynard. Von Meyer, Sue Millirello. Dill Pace. Down Polmer. Mike Runtz. Mory Sioros. Mike Tore. Keith Teichmonn. Cheryl Teufrine. Eric Thoxfon. Jill Vandegrlff. Darry Vlvlano. Cathy Whitlock. Eric Williams. Debbie BAND Concert Dond: Tom Adney. Vincent Andrews. Darrell Derry. Kim Duckies. Keith Duckner. Kim Cyprian. Elise Cope. Witt. Dutch Woods. Scott Woolsey. Mourie Adler. Cheryl Deckmon. Drenda Duckner. Monica Conger. Scott Ferguson. Shelly Gill. Drendo Gray. Steve Jacoby. Doris Jamaldin. Lisa Kromer. Cherle Lankford. Gordon Robertson. Jerry Allsman. Jeff Derg. Kothy Eagleron David Frltzz. Michelle Gray. Sue Largen. Mary Spencer. Nancy Drown. Darry Potridge, Mr. Cohill, director. 194TOP LEFT: Concert bond performs o selection ot the Chrlstmos concerts. TOP RIGHT: Concert bond trumpets Monko Conger. Pout Elieff. ond Jerry Allsmon blowln' their horns.SYMPHONIC BAND TOP LEFT: View of the symphonic bond. TOP RIGHT: The symphonic band's clarinet secrlon. BOTTOM RIGHT: SYMPHONIC BAND. John Alexonder. Jonl Allman. Jerry Allsmon. Morgoref Armstead. Julie Austin. Dellndo Beone. Darrell Berry. Don Bertier. Don Bier-bourn Jeanie Boswell. Don Brousen. Steve Burger. William Buzon. Lisa Colome. Kor-myn Corrington. Cathy Dornell. Debbie Cox. Lucinda Curvey. Kim Cyprion. Julie Dore. Steve Dothoger. Kathy Eogleron. Beth Elliot. Rodger Fletcher. Tim Frlson. Shelly Gill. Michelle Gray. John Gross. Mike Harris. Jeon Hart. Todd Heinemonn. Nanette Huck. Doris Jamoldin. Diane Killion. Marianne Knezevich. Ellen Krebs. Sue Lor-gen. Joe Lawrence. Lindo Lohr. Jim McCur-ley. Jackie Mcllwoine. Morionne Mermis. Phil Moxey. Barb Nicked. Peter Ocfker. Lisa Ottolini. Down Polmer. Jim Porker. John Peebles. Cynthio Phegley. Rhondo Phillips. Rob Plunk. Heather Raby. Gotry Roybin. Leslie Recknagel. Pom Reed. Ann Rich-ards. Stacy Roberts. Debbie Robertson. Lorraine Rogers. Rochelle Ross. Michoel Runtz. Becky Shubert. Chris Skordos. Steve Somlor. Judy Spillmon. Mork Springgote. Richord Steward. Kim Stroube. David Ton-type. Amy Tonter. Rhondo Vonoto. Paul Ventimiglia. Borry Viviano. Mr. Basolo. Director. 1%TOP LEFT: Concert bond trumpets Jerry Alls-mon ond Pout Elleff. OOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Cohlll conducts the con-cert bond OOTTOM RIGHT: Shot of the concert bond s percussion section. 197TOP LEFT: Boo ml Croshl Boom I TOP RIGHT. The bond Is quicker rhon the eye. CENTER LEFT: Keren Propes leves to fiddle oround. CENTER RIGHT: Morlonne Mermls shows off the 100's lotest morchlng style. BOTTOM: Seventy-slx trombones led the big parade 198ACTIVITIES BOARD Who con you thank for organizing the many student Activities? - The Activities Ooardl This hard-working group, sponsored by Mr. Larry Thompson, has planned many Activities including the Masquerode Ball held on October 32nd, the Bottle of the Bands. Homecoming Activities. Christmas Dance, the Sadie Hawkins Dance and the Almost Anything Goes Contest. With the help of the Senate, the two groups hove sold candy bars, helped Senior Citizens and planned for the Junior and Senior Proms. The Activities Board welcomes any student at AHS to get involved. Visit them in room 400 during 2nd hour any time you wish. TOP: Down Denmngmon ond Scott Admit . ABOVE: Debbie Bock prepares tickets for the basketball gome. RIGHT: Beth Peorson tries to Increase school spirit by advertizing the bosketboll gome. 200CENTER LEFT: BOTTOM ROW: Beth Peorson. Robin Kinder. Cheryl Wolloce. Sue Voss. Mike Ruedin. Kelly Green, llso Funk-houser. Lori Hofherr. Cindy Tiemonn. Mr. Thompson. CENTER ROW Kris Collohon. Amy Sheppord. Sue Proft. Mory West. Korhy Acker. Susie Kodros. Anne Oucher. Jonet Wotklns. Jill McNomero. Down Den-ningmon. TOP ROW: Scoff Acmire. Chris Dovidson. Robert Hortmon. Steve Wood-son. Dione Dressier.Andreo Sroutenbor-ough. Koren Huebener. Sondy Schorth. Jo-net Murroy. Diane Gerbig. Debbie Chop-pell. Steve Ct. Cin. NOT PICTURED: Goll Glossmeyer TOP: Dione Dressier.- Porllmentorion. Down Dennlngmon: Jr. Class President. Robin Kinder: Treasurer. Kelly Green: Senior Closs President. Koren Huebener: Secretory CENTER RIGHT: Why do I olwoys hove to hold the tope when you get to put up oil the signs?l BOTTOM: Kelly recruits three more willing (?) volunteers. 201STUDENT SENATE CENTER RIGHT: STUDENT SENATE MEMDERS Vol Flippo-vice president. Morquoto Sponn-secretory. Dorb Griffin-president Pom Wotkins-porlimentorlon. Terry Drody- treosurer. 202 CENTER: Front Row. Greg Smith. Sherri Ash. Ann Dovey. Terry Drody. Delley Reynolds. Potty Goeken. Annette Dotes. Tino Eschboch. Mory Hill. Vol Flippo. Deth Show. Morcello Holcomb. Middle Row.Corolyn Mermis. Morvin Sponn Eric Robinson. Dorb Griffin. Morquoto Sponn. Eloine Joehl. Chris Ellington. John Molson. Amy Schudel. Down Dunhom. Trocey Phillips. Non Walker. Julie Albrecht. Dock Row; Don Dertier. Tom Dewey. Jerry Ellington. Pom Wotkins. Jone Estes. Trudy Colburn. Delores Gorzo. Mory Drown. Mr. Kline. Undo Drown. Dionne Joehl. DOTTOM RIGHT: "Hello Doxter's? Were In o bind, do you supply volunteers for prom decorating??!"The Senofe. sponsored by Mr. Kline, plons mony projects such os the onnuol Olood Drive, the Fifties Donee, ond one of the lost big events-BIONIC WEEK!! This stonds for Believe It Or Not I Corel!" During this fun-filled week Senofe members. os well os onyone who wonted to join in the fun. possed out buttons with the word ’BIONIC" on if. Other octivities which led to the excitement were the pie-eoting contest, ond the ossembly which informed the students on different school motters. By doing this, the Senate hoped to bring the students closer together. ABOVE LEFT: Borb Griffin President plons activities for the month of February. ABOVE: Senofe members of rheir regulor meeting LEFT: Robin Kinder ond Vol Flippo decorore for the Jr. Prom. 20350'S DANCE TOP: Senior women stop for o short gome of Twister. CENTER LEFT: Brod Klncoide stolks his prey CENTER RIGHT: Archie. Jugheod ond Reggis spin the discs. BOTTOM RIGHT: ond Sue Lorgen ond Cindy Moron shoke it oil obout. BOTTOM LEFT: Jone Normon ond Corlene Schobernd do the Hokey Pokey •On Fridoy. Februory 13. 1961, Alton Senior High School took o trip down memory lone to the doys of greosy hoir. tight skirts, ond block Chevrolets. The second onnuol 50's donee wos o definite hit! All proceeds went to Eoster Seols. Don "Archie” Dull. Fritz "Jughead” Deer, ond Dow "Reggie” Costo set the pace ond beat with their costumes, ond disc jockeying. Deth Elliott ond Mike Ruedin won Best Dressed, ond Barb Nicholls received the title of "Limbo Princess.” LEFT: Potty Noion twists with the best dressed mole - Mike Ruedin. DELOW: Dest dressed female. Deth Elliot shokes ond M.C.. Don Dull bakes. ADOVE: Mike Ruedin gets oil the attention he con hondle. DOTTOM LEFT: Lost yeors Limbo King. Scott "Redic ’ Hlllen. awards o K-Tel Special to this yeors Limbo Princess. Dorb Nicked. DOTTOM RIGHT: D. "Coty" Jones does the Ding-a-ling. 205TOP: Get out ond stoy outl CENTER LEFT: Scott ond Amy go for o stroll. CENTER RIGHT: Hey Dig Doys — goln' our woy?? DOTTOM LEFT: Korhy wonders if he ll look this woy. DOTTOM RIGHT: Thot's my boy! 206207TEACHER-STUDENT PICNIC In every adult there Is a child and this was certainly displayed by some of the faculty members at the Teocher-Student Picnic held May 6, 1980 Yes, the rumors you heard are true, the teachers did participate in the ' egg-throwing'' contest and many other fun-filled events such os; the sock race. 3-legged race, and frisbee throwing. The picnic was a good way to get acquainted the teachers and students outside of the school atmosphere. Many had a great time and ore looking forward to Student Senate sponsoring another such picnic. RIGHT: Thoy’v got It fogetherl 208BLOOD DRIVE LEFT: Steve Woodson. Mord Hofherr. ond Shown Phillips quickly replenishing their lost "energies”. CENTER LEFT: Roxcnne Willioms brovely gives her shore. BELOW: Donors shore their experiences. On April 17. 1980. Student Senote sponsored o Blood Drive. The porticipotion by both students ond teochers was very good ond greatly appreciated. AHS donors gave over 100 pints of blood to the America in Red Cross. Prior to giving blood, all students and teachers were checked to see that they met the health ond age requirements set for donors. After passing these standards, they bravely and generously gave their pint. Donors were then royally wined and dined by the Red Cross with crackers, cookies, ond juice cov. ered with "I gave blood” buttons ond stickers. LEFT: Friendly nurse comforts o donor. 209210 B-l-O-N-l-C WEEK This year. Student Senate sponsored o "D-elieve l-t O-r N-ot I Core" week. Activities were held to bring students ond student government closer together. Activities included Bionic Duttons. Speok Up AHS. Class Prizes. Bionic Teacher Award, and the Pie Eating Contest. Winning chow-hounds were Ossie Taylor. Greg Nosello. Scott Tiechmann. Peter Oetker. Jomie Corter. and Shown Phillips. The Bionic Teacher Aword was presented to Mr. McPhoil for his concern and great teaching abilities. Top-, Barb Griffin awards Mr. McPhoil rhe Oionic Teacher Aword. Center Left: Terry Drody sings rhe Oionic Lulloby. Center Right: Thor false tooth has got to be In here somewhere. Bottom: Cleon starts with Noxemo.TOP: Ho! Ho! Too bod you don't get ony. CENTER LEFT: No foir my pie is spinoch pie ond Scott's is opple CENTER RIGHT: Hey! Give me bock my pie. you slob. LEFT: Senote members give cues to the crowd during the Speak Up Alton High Assembly. 211SADIE HAWKINS DANCE This year's Sadie Hawkins Dance, held on Feb. 28, 1981. was the start of the Mr. Irresistible contest. There were three guys chosen from each class and a penny vote was held In the cafeteria. The money went to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The first Mr. Irresistible was sophomore Matt Mormino. The band for the dance was Rapid Transit. 212 TOP: Mom never fold me Mr. Irresistible wos going to be this much fun. CENTER: Mr. Irresistible candidates: Adorn Cortwright. Ralph Smith. Darrin Jones. David Ferguson. Mott Mormino (winner). Tom Hoys. Barry Macias. John Wigger. and Jim Goeken (not pictured) BOTTOM LEFT: Soni Tiemonn. Mott Mormino. and Corolyn Mermis enjoy the "big surprise." BOTTOM RIGHT: The Grond Finale of "Jerry Vest's Orbiting Sideshow .TOP LEFT: ’’You sly devil youl” TOP RIGHT: ’Trip, since I asked you to this donee, noturally I should lead." CENTER LEFT: The Funkodelicks funk-out. CENTER RIGHT: "I know you osked me, but do you hove to be so aggressive?” BOTTOM LEFT: Sherrie - whot would your mother soy? BOTTOM RIGHT: Moybe Disco Isn't deod after oil. 213Homecoming Week (Sept. 29 - Oct. 4) was o exciting time for Alton High School. The several activities which were sponsored by Activities Board, ranged from Concert T-shirt Day. to probably the most fun for the students, to Homework Doyll To top everything off. Alton High sponsored their first Homecoming Parade. This parade of action included 25-00 cars, involving cars the PowderPuff teams, football teams. Bleacher Babes b Bums. Pep Band. Cheerleaders, and Trans-Ams sponsored by the Trons-Am Club for the candidates. Many supported this fun-filled event and hope to hove another exciting Homecoming Week next yearll TOP RIGHT: Red bird moscor. constructed by Cindy Tiemonn. Kris Collohon G Amy Sheppord. leods the woy in the Homecoming Porode. CENTER LEFT: Some of our Homecoming Court getting ready for coronation. CENTER RIGHT: "Hello Mr. Camera monl” BOTTOM RIGHT: Junior rowdies prepare to lood their deadly cannon. 214HOMECOMING WEEK TOP: "Thors right, we bodl" ABOVE: "Porty? Someone soy party?” BOTTOM LEFT: "I'd rother be with him.” 215HOMECOMING QUEEN BARB GRIFFINANNE BUCHER CONNIE HORD ROBIN KINDER HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES KELLY GREEN VAL FLIPPO LISA FUNKHOUSERHOMECOMING KING SCOTT WALLACETOM HAYES m v GORDON GREEN JOE CANNON HOMECOMING KING CANDIDATES CHACH DALE ■ a TED DAVEY GERALD DENNIS 219TOP LEFT: Nominees Robin Kinder ond Scoff Wolloce TOP RIGHT: Nominees Connie Hord ond Tom Hoys CENTER LEFT: Nominees Borb Griffin ond Gorden Green CENTER: Nominees Anne Ducher ond Joe Connon CENTER RIGHT: Nominees Kelly Green ond Gerold Dennis BOTTOM LEFT: Nominees Llso Funkhouser ond Ted Dovey BOTTOM RIGHT: Nominees Vol Flippo ond Choch Dole 220TOP LEFT: Scort Wolloce. Tom Hoys, ond Gord on Green TOP RIGHT: Previous Homecoming Queen Yvonne Elliot ond her Escort prepore to crown new Homecoming Queen. CENTER LEFT: Runners up wotch the new AHS Homecoming Queen CENTER RIGHT: And the results ore ini BOTTOM: Dorb Griffin ond Scott Wolloce. 1960-61 Homecoming Queen ond King. ABOVE: "Look mom. no jeonsl" 2 21222 HOMECOMING DANCE On October 4. 1960. Alton High School's Annual Homecoming Dance was held. Homecoming Queen 6 King winners were Barb Griffin and Scott Wallace. Everyone danced b enjoyed themselves to the good music by "Rapid Transit TOP LEFT: Lookout. John Trovolro! TOP RIGHT: Kenny Edwards 0 Kothy Belcher looking content. BOTTOM: Trent ond Beth dancing the night owoy.TOP LEFT: Lisa 6 Don. Are Use's eyes wondering? TOP RIGHT: Tom U Liso. Pose happily while wolfing for o slow song. CENTER: Alton High - just o bunch of happy, smiling people. BOTTOM: "Don't look now. but she’s standing on both of my feet."OUR DREAM GIRL LORI GEISENKRIS CALLAHAN DREAM KELLY GREEN RODDIN KINDER BARD GRIFFINDREAM GIRL CORONATION TOP LEFT: Kris Callahan and escort Scoff Jones TOP RIGHT: Anne Bucher and escort J.D. Cloyron BOTTOM LEFT: Kelly Green and escort Mart Morgenrorh BOTTOM RIGHT: Robin Kinder ond escort Rich Korrkomp 226TOP LEFT: Dorb Griffin ond Donny Smith TOP RIGHT: Vol Flippo ond escort Mlhe Hieh 1 BOTTOM LEFT: Lori Geisen ond escort Tirr Wooff THE CANDIDATES The moin event of the Junior Prom wos the crowning of Dream Girl. The candidates were as follows; Anne Ducher. Kris Callahan, Vol Flippo, Lori Geisen, Kelly Green, Barb Griffin, Robin Kinder. Reigning Queen: Miss Lori Geisen 227228 TOP: Tired couples replenish their energy with refreshments. CENTER LEFT: Fritz Deer bites the dust. CENTER RIGHT: Shoke. Rottle. ond Roll. BOTTOM LEFT: Couples slow donee to Aeromemphis. BOTTOM RIGHT: Wendy Mosby ond "Still Bill" somewhere under the rainbow.LEFT: Soy ' che«s I" DOTTOM LEFT: Vol Flippo ond her dote move to o different beot. CENTER RIGHT: Mochelle Me Donnel ond Mike Stolen Everyone donced down "The Long ond Winding Rood" of the Junior Prom on Moy 10. 1980. The bond. Aeromemphis. ployed os the Juniors donee to the music Mony times I've been olone ond mony times I've cried, onywoy you'll never know the mony ways I've tried . . . but still they lead me bock to that "Long (j Winding Rood.'' wos the theme of the Junior Prom on Moy 10. 1980. The bond wos Aeromemphis. 229"FARM FEVER AT THE SADIE HAWKINS DANCE!” 230 Everyone come in their dancin' dungarees to the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance held on February 29. 1960. The Activities Board chose the theme "Dog-oafch U.S.A.” along with the swinging band, landy. To top off the excitement, the gals asked guysll The Girls comments ranged from "having sweaty palms'' to being glad they took the initiative. And of course, having roles reversed made it easier on the guys. Their comments were extremely positive. The thought it was "relieving” and a great "confidence booster” having the girls take the Initiative of asking the guys out. As you can see. the Sadie Hawkins Dance was quite a success. So all you gals out there. Its YOUR chance to make the move!!!232 ELEVENTH ANNUAL POWDER PUFF ADIUM ABOVE: Sondy Shorth gives it o big boor. TOP RIGHT: Debbie Russell mokes the touchdown. CENTER: Senior Powder Puff squad ofter their victory. Morty Bechrold. Corol Bock. Terry Brody. Pom Brown. Undo Brown. Anne Bucher. Kris Collohon. Debbie Coirns. Monique Cormeon. Liso Chilero. Cindy Crotchet. Dono Costo. Wendy Cox. Dione Dkk. Vol Flippo. Jeon Freemon. Liso Funkhouser. Melisso Golliher. Shoron Groce. Kim Grossheim. Lori Holl. Sue Hort. Beth Holden. Connie Hord. Keren Huebener. Dione Joehl. Cindy Jorsfod. Kellie Kohler. Fonee Lekkos. Trodee Luly. Donni McGhee. Stocy Milford. Jonet Murroy. Down Myers. Mory Neubous. Goyle Nicholson. Potty Nolon. Mellisso Peters. Pom Reed. Kelly Reynolds. Shonnon Roberts. Debbie Russel. Sondy Schorfh. Trkio Schwortz. Cheryl Stouffer. Ann Stetson. Andreo Stoutinborough. Cindy Tiemonn. Mory Toul. Jennifer Tyler. Tono Voughn. Dorlo Wollendorff. Cherly Wolloce. Yvette Worreh. Melode West brook. Noncy Wilson. Roxonne Wlllloms. Lourle Witt. Dione Dressier. Amy Sheppord. FAR RIGHT: Kelly Kohler poinfully gets by onother junior.Lynn Wilson. Chris Elliott. Pot Dunhom. Tommy Rondoll. Jackie Dridgmon Down Dunhom. Sobrino Edwards Poulo Belcher Becky Oosden. Mory Oloir. Mono Grove-mon. Annette Dotes. Beth Elliott. Tino Esch-boch. Reba Cormeon. Kothy Acker. Kim Sitze. Joan Mogg. Deth Show. Jone Esres Mory Drown. Mory Hill. Koylo Durham. Thereso Bodwell. Kim Stroube. Debbie Derry. Debbie Johonn. Korhy Crone. Pom Wor-kins. Jonet Davis. Cherie Lonkford. Korhy Thomoson. Poulo Dourland. Mory Orood-woy. Amy Schudel. Cindy Toney. Jill McNo-more Mory Wesr. Eloine Joehl. Dione Ger-big. Sondy Smith. Jomie Honey. Detsy Dy-kemon. Ton Miller. Ashley Hise Merionno Kory. Mourie Adler. Jomie Stromske Mari- lyn Schultz. Down Denningmon. Tommy Level. Liso Corbin. Debbie Lendhort. Solly Pohlmon. Jeon Horr Susan King. Heather Robertson. Michele Voyles. Angie Creosy. Stocey Roberts. Jill Vollmer. Debbie Wege-shiede. Koren Simpson. Cindy Paul. Karen Yost. Kothy Toul. Mory Correr. Non Wolker. Roxanne Deem. Down Lorts. Crisrie Jones. Connie Cruz. Christine Yost. Lourie Hofherr. Delindo Deone. Suson Stolen. Corhy Cornell. Cindy Rondolff. Trocy Phillips. Joyce Moll. Lorroine Rogers Gwen Wreorh Liso Dunting. Jockie Dridgemon. Liso Nichols. Mory Coppell. Down Chruch. Chris Dovid-son. Debbie Delehonry. Porry Goeken. Cin-dy Moson. Liso Kromer. Sondy Smith 233MARCHING 23 AND POWDER PUFF CHEERLEADERS DELOW- Marching 23 solutes the flog. RIGHT • Scott Hlllen featured In ' Wolking Toll". BELOW LEFT- Dorrin Evil Hoyes ploys around on his pride ond joy.A DOVE: A Storburst Dlost-Off! TOP RIGHT: Togo ot Cornlgle Holl. DOTTOM LEFT: I don't core whot onyone soys I’m no. 1 cheerleoder. DOnOM RIGHT: They’re the crozy ones, not me. 235236 Lori Porks, our reining Snow Queen of 1979-60 crowned Tonyo Woolfolk the 1960-61 Snow Queen of Alton High. Her court ond their escorts were; Kris Collohan. ond escort Scott Jones. Connie Hord. ond escort Doug Hampton, Kay Newcome, ond escort Gordon Green. Tino Eschbach ond escort Tom Hoyes. Eloin Joehl. ond escort. Mark Edward. Mindy Dilley. ond escort Brad Beck. Corlene Schobernd. ond escort Jeff Edwards, and Soni Tiemonn. with her escort, Mott Mormino. TOP LEFT: One of our Sophomore Snow Queen condidores Mindy Dilley ond her escorr Drod Deck, TOP RIGHT: Alton High s 1 ?fl0 1 Snow Queen Tonyo Woolfolk. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tonyo Woolfolk our stortled new Snow Queen.CHRISTMAS DANCE TOP LEFT: Nobody told mo It s formoll TOP RIGHT: bout time they ploy o slow song!" CENTER: Ring oround the Rosiell! BOTTOM LEFT: "Whofs next?" BOTTOM RIGHT: "Let's bunny hopl 237OUR SNOW QUEEN - TANYA WOOLFOLK TINA ESCHBACH ELAINE JOEHLKAYE NEWCOME KRIS CALLAHAN SNOW QUEEN COURT CARLENE SCHODERND MELINDA DILLEY SONDRA TIEMANNTOP RIGHT: "Heyl Lei go of my bolll” TOP LEFT: Corol Deck turns 7up. On Morch 22. 1960. the Student Senote sponsored o Multiple Sclerosis Bosketboll Game. After o close bottle between the Juniors ond Seniors the result was on unexpected victory by the Juniors. The Senote was proud to soy that Alton High School raised $225. CENTER LEFT: A moment for o word from above. CENTER RIGHT: The 1 hot-to-trot Juniors. BOTTOM RIGHT: Go ger'eml 241MASQUERADE BALL RIGHT: Poofl All ghosts ond Goblins come to the Masquerade Ball on October 32. 1980. The Activities Board chose the band Ferrari ond also the D.J., Block Kojak, who helped set the mood for this Mysterious night. Along with the usual witches, ghosts ond goblins we had Arabs, Siomese Twins ond Flappers! Maybe next year a group will dress up as freed hostages So sforf planning, ideas for next year ond knock'em dead!!243BATTLE OF THE BANDS Below: Jeff Zyung ploys for rhe winner. Defionce. Right: Mr. Kline ond Student Council count up the votes. Bottom Right: Sondy Schorth ond John Mols on counting votes for Student Council The ' Baffle of fhe Bands" was one of fhe mosf successful acfivifies of fhe yeor. Sponsored by Sfudenf Council. If was a projecf held fo aid Tafler funds ond fo give fhe sfudenfs a fasfe of fhe local falenf. The parficipafing bands - Including Crimson Force. Polaris. The Nonconformist Wildebeasf, ond fhe winning group Defiance - all puf on a fanfasfic show. Members of Defiance are David Laffin, Dave Thompson. Jay Garvey. Jeff Zyung, Dave Winfijen. ond Chach Dale. 244LEFT: Dovid Lottln. bose ployer for defionce ABOVE: It seems os though the crowd hos olreody picked the winner. LEFT: Members of the winning bond. Defionce. 245LEFT: Don Dull thumping out the Wildebeost boss lines. BELOW: Steve Woodson ploying leod guitor for the Wlldebeosts. LEFT: Jeff Bensmon ploying on extraordinary guitor for Poloris. ABOVE: Bruce Rodgers ploys the drums for the "Wildebeost Bond ". 247TOP LEFT: Smile. Vol. you're on condid comerol TOP RIGHT: Two AHS students model the lotest in foshlon. CENTER LEFT: Aperquin. seorching for Antertico. osks o student for directions. CENTER RIGHT: Con’t stop the music. BOTTOM LEFT: Seniors ore No. II BOTTOM RIGHT: Concerned AHS students cleon up the compus. 248FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS CENTER RIGHT: Cindy Toni. Cindy Ron-doulph. Suson Storen Trlsh Vromon. Potty Goeken. Cindy Poul. Lorroine Rogers ond Koy Newcome cheer on the Redbirds. RIGHT: Lorroine Rogers ABOVE: Potty Goeken gets the Redbirds fired up for o winning foot bo 11 seoson. RIGHT: Redbird Cheerleoders build the "Toble Top'' mount. 250BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS LEFT. Redblrd Cheerleoders: Holly Moyer. Cindy Pool. Morquoto Spoon (Redblrd). Sfocy Roberts. Amy Sheppor. Potty Goeken. Cindy Tlemonn. Cindy Toni. Llso Griggs, ond Assistont. James Vossor.REDWINGS SOFTBALL TOP: Smile Mory. you're on condid Comoro! BOTTOM LEFT: Dione Dick stands reody for action. BOTTOM RIGHT: Today. AHS softball- tomorrow. the World Series! 252 FRONT ROW: Bonnie Hopper. Kelli Kohler. Corol Bock. Sandy Smith. SECOND ROW: Corol McBride. Jill Boyle. Mory Blair. Jill Starkey. Louro Floto. Trod Voughn. BACK ROW: Monica Jackson (Mgr.) Dione Dick. Charles Hemphill (Mgr.) Pot Dunhom. Brendo Bickner. Not Pictured; Trlsh Morris (Mgr.)TOP LEFT: I sure hope the umpire s on our sidel TOP RIGHT: Tenseness and determination show in Jill Starkey's foce. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alton's very own "Cosey of the Botl" .1 V • t BOTTOM LEFT: Kelli Kohler Is determined j not to let the other ream win.Alton: 12 Alton 4 Alton : 5 Alton : 6 Alton : 5 Alton 9 Alton: 7 Alton 2 Alton 0 Alton 9 Alton a Alton 5 Alton 6 Alton a Alton a Alton 8 Alton a Alton 4 Alton 2 Alton 0 Alton 2 Alton: 0 VARSITY BASEBALL Roxana: 2 Woodriver: 4 Providence. New Lenox: 3 Belleville East: 2 Civic Memorial: 2 Rich East. Pork Forest: 8 Bloom. Chicago Heights: 14 Collinsville 6 Belleville West: 4 East St. Louis: 2 Belleville East: 6 Edwardsville: 4 Belleville West: 3 Collinsville: 9 Granite City South: 1 Granite City South: 5 Marquette: 6 Jerseyville: 3 Edwardsville: 12 East St. Louis: 1 Granite City North: 7 REGIONAL Woodriver: 1FRONT: Jomes Stewart Rich Korrkomp. Jim Ehlets. Mlkki Robinson. Byron Delp. Scott Wolloce. OaCK: Cooch Mocios. Todd Ton. ney. Greg Fronklln. Scon Bergesch. Mike Olive. Scon Johns. Drod Fields. Motk Ben-nen, Gordon Green. Rusty Meyers. Kent Schelle. John Weigler. Dorrin Jones. Okk Lyons. Don Cruz. Cooch Boiter Robert Hopkins. LEFT: Pre-gome Activities! RIGHT: Mark Bennett hurls o curve. 256SOPHOMORE BASEBALL TOP: Sophomores listen to pre-gome instructions by Cooch Eberlon CENTER LEFT: David Stupperkh worms up his cotching orm before the gome. CENTER RIGHT: George Stupperich rokes o dore by leoding off of first bose. Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton 3 Roxana: 5 Woodriver: 10 Civic Memorlol: 1 Belleville West: 3 Belleville East: 17 Belleville East: 13 East St. Louis: 2 Hazelwood East: 14 Collinsville: 5 Belleville East: 1 Edwordsville: 5 Belleville West: 3 Collinsville: 2 Hazelwood East: 6 Jerseyville: 6 Edwordsville: 5 East St. Louis: 258TOP: Dorry Mocios heods for home. CENTER LEFT: Front Row: George Stupperich. Don Jorstod. Greg Nosello. John Green. Andy Roins. Rkk Doubmon Phil Homilron. Second Row: Assistont Cooch - Mike Smith. Dovid Stites. Jeff Fletcher. Drod Soylor. Dovid Stupperkh. Ron Twkhell. Don Erthol. Dorry Mocios. Dock Row: Mike Decker. Doug Willioms. Mork Edwords. Dob Schulte. Heod Cooch • Don Eberlan. CENTER RIGHT: Drod Soylor tries to squeeze in another base. DOTTOM LEFT: Stites looks for the signol. DOTTOM RIGHT: "Hey cooch. con I hove your autograph?" 259REDWINGS TRACK TOP: Louro Woods hurls the shot put. BELOW: Jeon Tonner In the high jump. BOTTOM: The long jump.TOP LEFT: Dee Dee Deocoot cleors o hurdle. TOP RIGHT: Arlene KerKemeyer tokes o hurdle in stride. DOTTOM: Alton finishes first! 261TOP LEFT: Michelle Groy finishes o reloy. TOP RIGHT: Alton gets reody to finish first. BOTTOM LEFT: Pouring It on. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cleorlng the low hurdles. 263TRACK 264 ADOVE: Vernon Curvey ABOVE RIGHT: Clint Relnhordf RIGHT: Dornell Penelfon clearing o low hurdle.CENTER: Domell Penelton In high hurdleCENTER LEFT: Alton frock tokes o worm up lop. CENTER RIGHT: Gorry Choppel RIGHT: Mike Tolbert runs o reloy. 266RIGHT: Cindy Tlemonn o very steady player. BELOW: Son! Tiemann or net. REDWINGS TENNIS The girls tennis team finished their season with thirteen wins and three loses. For the 1st time since 1974. they won IHSA District Tour-noment. Five of the girls placed in the District match Jeonie Vest 2nd place singles. Diane Dick and Nancy Schleper 2nd place doubles, and Cindy Tiemann and Kim Gibbons 3rd place doubles. These five girls olso participat. ed in the IHSA State Tournament in Chicago, but lost in their 1st rounds. Promising players for next years team will be, Beth Eliot. Nancy Schleper. Son! Tiemann. Carolyn Mermis. Rachel Sheppard, and Natalie Callahan. CENTER: Trfcla Schwartz In deep concentration. 268 RIGHT: Beth Eliot on serve.ABOVE: Corolyn Mermis coming to net ofter her serve. LEFT: Jeonie Vest 92nd piece District Winner. VARSITY PLAYERS RECORDS Dione Dick 15- 5 Beth Eliot 10- a Kim Gibbons 14- 5 Noncy Schleper 13- 6 Cindy Tiemonn 14- 5 Jeonie Vest 10-10 269VARSITY TENNIS It wos o rebuilding season for the 1960 Tennis team due to the loss of seven storting Seniors. The team ended the seoson with o record of seven wins and 10 losses. The returning lettermen for the 1961 seoson ore: Joe Ingram (Jr.). Tom Walters (Sr.). Tom Hoys (Sr.), ond Treefon Siompos (Sr.). Other hopeful contenders ore Robert Beily. Henry Slweppee, Steve Somlar ond Mike Brown. The Nettbirds come inthird place at the annual IHSA District tournament in Gronit City. Joe Ingram mode it to the finals of the district tournament which qualified him for store competition, where he won one ond lost two. 270 TOP RIGHT: Treefon Siompos demonstrates his powerful serve. CENTER LEFT: Robert Belle procrkes serving. CENTER RIGHT: THE i960 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Treefon Siompos. Cooch Roger Schleper. Dole Dovls. Oock Row: Tom Hoys. Joe Ingrom. Mork Harris. NOT PICTURED: Greg Gelzennls. BOTTOM LEFT: Greg Gelzennls resting his roquett during service. BOTTOM RIGHT: Joe Ingrom excelles of 1st singles.TOP LEFT: Mike Drown doesn't need to watch the boll when he ploys tennis. TOP RIGHT: Steve Somlor hos o Consistent forhand. CENTER; TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Treefon Siompos Tom Hoys. Tom Wolters. Joe Ingram. Dock Row: Cooch Rocer Schleper. Dole Dovls. Shown Adler. More Harris. Greg Gelzennis. Steve Somlor. Robert Delle. Mike Drown. VARSITY SINGLES PLAYERS won lost 1. Joe Ingram 9 16 2. Tom Walters 10 9 3. Tom Hoys 6 13 4. Treefon Siompos 12 6 VARSITY DOUBLES PLAYERS 1. Tom Walters - Tom Hays WON 6 LOST 9 2. Jow Ingram - Greg Gelzennis 10 9 3. Marc Harris - Dale Davis 11 5 271 REDWINGS VOLLEYBALL The Vorsity Volleboll team did well this year, finishing 2nd. in the district. Brenda Witt led the feom in the number of points scored, with 82 for o season total. TOP: Brenda Wirt (23) led the feom In scoring. BOTTOM: The Redwings In ocfion. CENTER LEFT: Jeon Tonner (21) wos fhe leodlng offensive hitter. 272TOP: Cheryl Chorleston (42). Becky Buxton (15). ond Jeon Tonner stond reody to bock up Borb Fronke. CENTER: Borb Fronke In oction ogoinsr on opponent. 273 BOTTOM: Redwings keep o wory eye on the boll.274 TOP- Cooch Overofh gives the team lost minute coaching. VARSITY GOLF BELOW LEFT- Clint Gray BELOW RIGHT- Brod Komp tokes o full swing.TOP LEFT- Down Church TOP RIGHT. Steve Elzy In deep concentration BOTTOM LEFT- Dove Stltes In octlon BOTTOM RIGHT- Jennifer Show 275276 CROSS COUNTRY TOP LEFT FRONT ROW: Roy Toylor. Kyi® Cummings. Tim Dromsfedt. Doug Coffler. Doryl Chovours. Chris Cosby. DACK ROW: Corroll Konollokon Mork Springgore. Drion Strouss. Andy Connell. Steve Love. Vernon Curvey. Gory Choppel. Mork Edelmon. Pete Groves. Torrence Henderson. TOP RIGHT: Where's thot finishing line?” Doryl Chovours CENTER LEFT: Vorslty in their vibrant togs. CENTER RIGHT: Dynamic Duo RIGHT: Grlmocing Roy Toylor?Performing superbly throughout their 1980 seoson. the Alton Cross Country Teom proved it a superiority among southern Illinois teams. With the outstanding efforts of seniors: Gory Chappel. Steve Love. Darryl Chovours. Vernon Curvey, and Doug Coffler. the teom won the Southwestern Conference title, the District meet, and the prestigious Class AA Springfield Sectional. Winning this latter event earned the team a berth in the IHSA state meet in Pwoeia. The team come home disappointed, winding up 16th in the big-school meet. Nevertheless, congratulations on a fine season. Kedbirds. TOP LEFT: C'mon Morklll TOP RIGHT: Th fhwt l QQ d roc LEFT: P t ond Andy srr«tching 277278 FRONT ROW: Robert Cogon. Jeff Juhlin. John Green. Greg Nosello. Dove Richordson. Mott Mormino. Scott Teichmonn. Steve St.Cin. Jerry Wildermon. Greg Fronklin. OACK ROW: Shown Klnnore. Robert Saunders. Mike Decker. Tim Brooks Kevin Dunphy. Fritz Deer. Darrin Jones. Tom Walters. Scott Admire. Tom Hoys. Lorry Montgomery. (Cooch) CENTER LEFT: Cooch Montgomery gives odvice to Tom Walters (6) ond Kevin Dunphy. CENTER RIGHT: Superstor Dorm Jones challenges Kohok Goo lie BOTTOM: Shown KinnoreTOP LEFT: Greg Fronklin In oction of Gordon Moore Pork. TOP RIGHT: Tim Drooks (16) scored 3 goals ond hod 2 assists for the seoson. LEFT: Scoff Admire goes offer fhe boll. 279TOP LEFT: Tom Hoys ond challenger from Collinsville bottle for possession of the boll. TOP RIGHT: Dorrin Jones worms up before o gome. BOTTOM: Dorrin Jones ottempts to score one of 11 goals for the season. 280FRONT ROW: Jeff Weeks. Al Frokin. Kent Bohmon. Tim Nosello. Mike Bohrlln. Ion Gordner. Doug King. Moe Poge. Jeff Jones. Ken Cook. Keith Gorret. BACK ROW: John Becker. Terry Hillen. John Norton. Don Jorstod. Rob Allmon. Bill Stork. Rudy Beer. Joey Ingrom. Steve Senders. Wllliom Tolbert. Ben Levi. Jimmy Mermis. Cooch Duggon. BOTTOM: J.V. Cooch John Duggon ond two J.V. ployers. 281VARSITY FOOTBALL TOP LEFT: Borry Macias ( 51). Cleveland Cox ( 32). Jeff Musgroy ( 34). and Mike Scoff ( 79). toke core of B.W. wifh ease. BELOW. Doug Willioms ( 12) hooding off fo Clevlond Cox ( 32). CENTER- Doug Willioms handing off fo Lenzy Morris for more yords. BOTTOM ABOVE- ( 57) Por Dorte ond ( 79) Mike Scoff foke core of defensive fockle os ( 12) Doug Willioms ond reommote approach Sumner. LEFT- ( 22) Scoff Wolloce ond ( 40) Tim Wolff rokes time fo pose for o picture 282TOP LEFT- Gerold Dennlse is tropped by opponents DELOW( 66) Rick Kitimiller. ( 76) Rob Schulte ond Doyd Stromsdofer woiting to be put bock in the gome. CENTER LEFT- Opponent is reody to Smosh Doug Willioms BOTTOM CENTER RIGHT- Doyd Stromsdofer tokes core of opponents ond Doug Willioms gives the boll to Chuck Foremen. ABOVE- Doug Williams ond Mike McGinnis using new strategy. LEFT- Gerold Dennis plonning on going straight through opponentsRIGHT • ' Thor Cooch Willioms reolly bugs mel" FAR RIGHT. 'OK denfense. just fockle the guy with the bold" OELOW- 'Try to block me ond I'll knock your hood offl” CENTER: Now this port of practice we don't mind.'' ABOVE: Toke this thing I don't wont Itl RIGHT: I reolly don't know If I understood o word he Is soylng." BELOW RIGHT: But Cooch Munson, you hove the clipboard upside down. 284SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL RIGHT:Leonord Musgroy gets owoy from Eost St. Louis. BELOW: Crowford Deolon tokes the boll ond heods for o touchdown. This years Sophomore football ream was the GREATEST. Mr. Corona and Mr. Mitchell were the coaches of the team. In the conference, Alton tied for first. A few of the players that helped us get there was Crowford Beolon, Leonard Musgroy. and Tim Bennett. Out of 6 games,- only 1 was lost. Alton was good until this team. Alton became great!!! ABOVE: Crowford Beolon shows his own defensive remedy. CENTER: Leonord Musgroy slides on post opponent. RIGHT: DonHerd shows Eosr St. Louis how ro ploy foorboll. FAR RIGHT: Butch Woods ( 40) Don Herd ( 85) ond Andy Kholer ( 10) ore in their Moments of Concentration. 2 86LEFT: Don Herd ( 65) ond Eric Cook ( ) roke core of deffense while Crowford Deo Ion ( 42) runs for o touchdown. KNEELING: Tony Tolbert. Eric Robinson. Crowford Dealon. Vincent Andrews. Doug Dock. Michoel Tore. John Rogers. SECOND ROW: Curtis Johnson. Srocey Michell. Gory Corpenter. THIRD ROW: Jim Goeken. Mike Hogen. Joe Reno. Andy Kholer. Tim Dennett. Leonord Musgroy. Som Dergesch. Mot Dumont. Drod Deck. FORTH ROW: Dorryl McElroy. Donold Madison Dloke Sondoge. Don Noughton. Dutch Woods. Eric Cook. Poul Edelmon. Don Zeigeler. John Hess. Scott Simmons. Richord Kitzmiller. REDWINGS BASKETBALL RIGHT: Shello Rodgers, for word, getting reody for the bosket. BELOW: Alton Redwings Stocy Anthony Guord. doing her job. BOTTOM LEFT: Troci Barker displays her tol-ent on the court. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lucy Armsteod. for word, deoring o pothwoy for Troci Borker. guord.TOP LEFT: Llso Alexonder moking the jump to poss the boll. TOP RIGHT: Lucy Armsteod posslng the boll to one of her teommotes. CENTER LEFT: Alton Redwings In deep condemnation of the gome. CENTER RIGHT: One of the ctlmsons getting their bonds on the boll first. BOTTOM LEFT: Stocy Anthony, guord. running in to rescue her teommote. BOTTOM RIGHT: Betsy Moynord concentrating on the bosket. 289290 REDWINGS BASKETBALL TOP: Vorsify guard Betsy Maynard, guards the opponent. (kneeling): Trod Darker. Doris Moment. Denise Ewln. Dawn Church. Lisa Alex, onder. Detsy Moynard. Kim Pfaff. (standing): Cooch-Mary Dowling. Manager-Feli-do Davis. Jeanne Vest. Sandy Smith. Pot Durhom. Sheila Rodgers. Annette Davenport. Lucy Armstead. Jennifer Ackermon. Koylo Durham. Diane Dick. Coach-Sandy Dolen. Manager-Carol Dock. DOTTOM LEFT: Kayla Durham. "You can't stop mel" DOTTOM RIGHT: Uso Alexander "I con play on one leg."BOTTOM LEFT: Junior Varsity Guard. Lisa Alexander — Jumpef. BOTTOM RIGHT. Varsity Center. Diane Dick, takes one more from the opponents. 291VARSITY BASKETBALL Vorslty Team-. Asst. Coach Bolter. Dave Richardson. Erk Williams. Jim Coleman. Ron Twkhell. Torrence Henderson. Rodney Johnson. Jim Doker. Brad Collier. Delon Dunlop. Mike Tolbert. Gordon Green. Mike Shelby. Ricky Taylor. Coach McAfoos. Kneeling: Bernie Kienstra (manoger). The 1980-61 Redbird basketball team is 6-11 right now. The Redbirds got some unlucky breaks and were 0-7. The Redbirds started their winning streak by beating Belleville East, 61-60. The Redbirds end their regular season play with the Eost St. Louis game on Feb. 27. Regionols begin March 2 in Wood River. ABOVE RIGHT: Ron Twkhell. the 1979-BO legs contest winner. RIGHT: Look mom. one hondl FAR RIGHT: An eorth-shottering shot.Sophomore Teom - Kneeling: Terry Harris. Sfeve St. Cin. Jeff Juhlin. Dloine Everoge. Lenny Muskgroy. Arthur Hinton. Standing: Cooch Upsprung. Corl Porker (Monoger) Dick Smith. Steve Sobotto. Brian Cork. Tim Drooks. Erk Cook. Marcus Taylor. Keith Buckner (Manager). FAR LEFT: I hove o deodorant that works overtime. LEFT: Just try to trip me and you'll have this elbow in your face. 29$The 1960-61 Redbird Junior Vorsity hos fallen on some hard times this season. The junior birds ore looking far their first win of the season. There are a few reasons this years team hos had problems, some of the younger players are performing for the vorsity and the juniors on the squad did not hove o sophomore program lost season. Even though the team is winless. Coach Baiter feels the season hos been beneficial because a number of sophomores ond a couple of freshman ore giving some valuable experience. With ex-perience this club is gaining. We ore looking for bright moments in the future of the basket, ball program. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING: Rodney Johnnoson. Derrick Smith. Steve St. Cln. Dlaine Everoge. Jeff Juhlin. ond Eric Williams. STANDING: Jim Colemon. Donnie Herd. Jim Baker. Dryon Smith. Tim Brooks Bryon Clork. Delon Dunlop, ond Marcus Toylor. TOP: Jim Boker looking good! BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Boker shoots two for the Redbirds. BOTTOM RIGHT: Come on ref., give me o breokl W7TOP LEFT: Anonymous Voileyboll Ployer TOP RIGHT: Jeff Musgray on his lost leg home. CENTER LEFT: Captain Alton'- carries off onother helpless victim. CENTER RIGHT: "Quick! Hide me. here comes my wife! . soys the umpire.In order to Increose school spirit, the Dleocher Bums and Babes are at all home games to cheer on the Redbird basketball team. This year the girls voted to change their name from the “Cheerin Chicks" of post years to 'Bleacher Babes". LEFT: Cheerleoder Cindy Tiemonn. DOTTOM RIGHT: Trip Schweep takes o swing or tennis. 299GOOD-DYE, AND THANK YOU JOHNSENIOR INDEX This index tun only the octl vines of Soniora who requested to hove fhein published If does not mean shot offset Seniors did not porrtcU pore In ony extrocurrkulor octtvlrtes Adcock Oorcy Oseertn Chicks. Commercial Art Oub Concert Bond. Concert Choir. Morchlng 100 Senior Powder Puff Squod Toiler Staff Troubodors Agee Tommy: Office Occupotions Sophomore Chorus Albrecht, Julie A me tie on field Service. Cheerin Chicks. Concert Bond Jr Prom Decoration Committee. Jr Powder Puff Squod. Morchlng tOO Pep Club Sr. Powder Puff Squod. Si. Prom Decorating Committee Student Senote Vorslty Cheerieoder Allman Jonl Amerkon Field Service. (Sermon Ckib. Jr. Prom Decoration Committee Jr. Powder Puff Squod Marching 100 Moth Oub. Nononol Honor Society. Pep Bond Symphonic Orchestra. Symphon-k Bond. JETS. Allsmon Jerry: Advanced Chorus. Concert Bond Concert Choir Jou Bond Morchlng 23. Morchlng 100 Muskol. Pep Bond. Pit Orchestra Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir Symphonic Bond. Trou-bodots Anorello lbo Cheerin Chicks Future Cosmetologists Future Homemokers. Library Assistant Runner. Teocher s Assistant Boehier Roy Concert Bond Morchlng tOO Architectural Drawing Oub Deckmeyer Morgoret L: Cheerin Chicks Concert Bond Concert Choir. (Sermon Oub. Jt Pram Decoration Committee. Jr Powder. Puff Squod. Marching tOO. Muskol. Pep Oub. Sr. Powder Puff Squod. St Prom Decororing Committee Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir Symphonic Bond. Thespians Troubodors. Vorslty Cheer leoder Donee Oub. Beer Fred: Activities Board Bieocher Bums. Debore Teom. Future Auto Technicians Graphic Chib. Jt Prom Decoration Committee Jr Powder Puff Squod.Pep Oub Redbtrd Vord Staff. Super VekJors Oub. Thespians Vorslty Soccer Bergesch Scott Vorsity Bose boll Vorslty foot boll Semen Mkhoel Color Guord. Distributive Educorton Office Helper Pep Oub. Runner Bierboum. Don Concert Bond. Morchlng 23 Morchlng tOO. Runner. Super Veldots Oub. Symphonk Bond. Blonton. Robert Future Auto Technicians. Ubrory Assistant Offke Helper Runner Bordet Oovid: Architectural Drafting Club Junior Vorslty Soccer. Sophomore Soccer. Tennis Teom Bourfond. Go be Cheerin Chicks Concert Choir. Drama Oub. Musical Redbtrd Vord Staff Sr. Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus Thespians Troubodors Model U N Oub Brooks Heorhet: Future Business leoders. Pep Bond Sophomore Chorus Brown Undo Cheerin Chicks Future Business Leoders. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Runner Sr. Powder Puff Squod. Sr. Pram Decorating Committee. Student Senote, Brown Honey: Color Guord Concert Bond. Concert Choir, Morchlng 23. Morchlng tOO Redbtrd Vord Sroff. Symphonk Orchestra. Symphonk Bond Bucher. Anne Activities Boord. Bieocher Babes Dreom Girl Mold. Intra-State Exchonge Student Homecoming Queen Mold Jt. Prom Decorating Committee. Jr. Powder Puff Squod. Jr. Vorsity Cheer-leoder Muskol. Runner. Sr Powder Puff Squod Sr Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Cheerieoder Teocher s Assistant Bosket Girl Snow Queen Court Burnett. Mkhoel G.: Advonced Chorus. Bieocher Bums. Cofeterto Assistont Color Guord Concert Orchestra Counselor Assisront Fu-ture Business Leoders. Ubrory Assistont Offke Helper. Pep Bond. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Track Teom Spanish Club. P.E Helper. Cose Oub. Colo me Shelly: Cheerin Chicks. Future Cosmetologists. Future Homemokers. Sr Powder Puff Squod. Collohon. Kris Activities Boord Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistont Dreom Girl Mold. French Oub. Jr Prom Decorating Committee. Jt Powder Puff Squod. Notional Honor Society. Pep Oub. Redwing Track. Runner. Sr. Powder Puff Squod. Sr Prom Decorating Committee. Totter Sroff Model UN. NHnots Store Schoior. Snow Queen Condldote. Cannon. Joe Architectural Drafting Club. Homecoming King Cone , dote. Jr. Vorsity Footboll. Sophomore Boskerboll Sophomore Foot boH Track Teom. Vorsity FoofboM Cormon Georgette Future Business Leoders. Offke Helper Run-net Sophomore Chorus Student Senote Cormeon. Monique: Activities Boord. Bieocher Bobes. Jr Prom Decorating Committee. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Muskol. Redbtrd Vord 5toff Runner. Sr Powder Puff Squod. Sr Prom Decorating Committee Teocher's Assistont Carrington. Kormyn Bieocher Bobes. Morchlng 100 Muskol. Moth 0 Science Oub. St Prom Decorating Committee. Symphonk Bond. Teocher s Assistont Thespions Cose Oub Carter Jomie Bieocher Bums Counselor Assistont. Jt Powder Puff Cheerieoder Runner. Sr. Powder Puff Cheerieoder Soper Veldots Oub Choppee. Julie Activities Boord Amerkon Field Service. Cheerin Chicks. Jt Powder Puff Squod. Runner. Teocher'» Assistont Charleston. Cheryl: Offke Helper Redwing Boskerboll Redwing letter Oub Redwing VolleyboM. Runner Teocher s Assistont. Bieocher Bobes Chovouts. Doryl Cross Country Teom Track Teom. Clodfelrer. Gory: Amerkon Field Servke. French Club. Track Teom Coffler Doug: Architectural Drafting Bieocher Bums. Crass Country Teom. French Chib. Runner. Track Teom. Colburn. Trudy: Cheerin Chkhs. Jt. Prom Decoration Committee. Jt. Powder Puff Squod Redbird Vord Sroff Student Senote Corwin Dlone Bieocher Bobes Notional Honor Society. Sophomore Chorus. Summer Chorus. Model UN. Costo. Dono Architectural Drafting Oub. Cheerin Chkks. Jr. Prom Decoration Committee Jr Powder Puff Squod. Library Assistont. Muskol Offke Helper Sr Power St Powder Puff squod Sr Prom Decoration Committee Thespions FICA Cox. Vendy Future Business Leoders. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Run-ner. Sr Powder Puff Squod Sophomore Cheerieoder. Track Mon-oger Donee Oub. Craig Bob- Offke Helper. Runner To tier Staff Cress. Roger Architectural Drafting Oub. Sophomore Boskerboll Dole Orach: Activities Boord. Advonced Chorus. Bieocher Bums. Commercial Art Chib. Concert Choir Homecoming King Condldote. Jr. Pram Decorating Committee Jr Powder Puff Squod Cheerieoder Jt. Vorsity Footboll Musicot St Powder Puff Squod Cheerieoder St. Pram Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Foot. boH Swing Choir. Track Teom Troubodors Vorsity Football. DonteIs Kendra Cheerin Chicks Future Business Leoders. Future Homemokers. Runner Sponish Oub. Dovey. Theodore Bieocher Bums. Concert Choir Debate Teom. Dramo Oub. Homecoming King Condldote Jt. Pram Decorating Committee. Jt. Powder Puff Cheerieoder Jt. Vorsity V re tiling Muskol Office Helper Runner. St. Powder Puff Cheerieoder. Swing Choir. Teochers Assistont. Thespions. Troubodors. Dovts. Rudolph Dbtrtbutlve Education Dawson. Kristy: Future Business Leoders. Offke Helper. Pep Club. Redbird Vord Sroff Sophomore Chorus Dkfc Dlone: Cheerin Chicks Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Redbird Vord Staff Redwing. Boskerboll. Redwing Softboll Sr. Powder Puff Squod. Tennis Teom. Dlpiouo. Oon: Concert Choir. Drama Oub. French Oub. Future Auto Technktont. Future Formers. Muskol. Nortonol Honor Society. Offke Helper Redbird Vord Staff Runner. Sophomore Chorus Swing Choir. Teocher s Assistont Thespions Troubodors Dorris Mkhoel A.: French Oub. Morchlng 23 Morchlng tOO. Symphonk Bond. Model UN Club Dressier. Dlone Activities Boord Bieocher Bobes German Oub. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Pep Club. Sr Powder Puff Squod Sophomore Chorus Student Senote Model UN Illinois Store Schoior Drosre loura Cheerin Chkks Jr Powder Puff Squod. St Powder Puff Squod. Teocher s Assistont P ( Helper Drury Dove: Bieocher Bums. Morchlng tOO Runner. Super Veldots Qub. Track Teom. Vorslty Footboll. Rifle Teom. Dunphy. Kevin: Activities Boord. Bieocher Bums Chess Qub. Debote Teom. Electtklry Qub. Jt. Prom Decorating Committee. Jt. Vorslty Soccer. Muskol. Redbird Vord Sroff Runner. Sr. Powder Puff Squod. Sr Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Soccer. Super VekJors Club. Thespions. Vorslty Soccer Eogleton. Kofhy: Amerkon Field Service. Concert Bond. Concert Orchestra German Qub. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Morchlng tOO Nortonol Honor Society. Pep Bond Symphonk Orchestra. Symphon-k Bond Edeien. Shelia Future Business Leoders. Runner I del mo n Mork Bieocher Bums. Crass Country Teom. German Oub. Moth Oub. Nortonol Honor Society. Track. Jt Engineering Technical Society. Illinois Store Schoior. Nortonol Merit Semi-Finoltsr Ed words Don no Sophomore Chorus. Future Cosmetologists Teoch-er's Assistont Ed words. Emery M Architectural Drafting Oub. Jt. Vorsity Footboll. Sophomore Footboll Track Teom Ebenrekh Joy: Cheerin Chkks. Concert Choir. Future Business Leoders Offke Helper Troubodors Elkins Bryon. Bieocher Bums. Concert Choir. Dramo Oub. Muskol. Offke Helper. Runner Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir Thespions. Troubodors Eliy. Steve: French Qub Moth Oub. Nortonol Honor Society. Vorsity Golf II Knob Store wchoior Ferguson. David Activities Boord Bieocher Bums Chess Oub Counselor Assistont Creative Medki Qub Distributive Educorton Future Business Leoders. Germon Oub. Jr Pram Decoration Com-mirtee Jt. Powder Puff Squod Jt. Vorsity Football Jt. Varsity Soccer. Jt. Vorsity Vresiling. Kotnlps. Ubrory Assistant Nortonol Honor Society. Offke Helper Redbird Vord Staff Runner. St. Power. St. Powder Puff Squod. St. Prom Decora ring Committee. Sophomore Footboll. Sophomore Vresrllng. Super VekJors Oub. Teocher s As-sistonr. Vorsity Bose boll Vorslty Footboll Filppo. Vol; Amerkon Field Servke. Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistont Dramo Oub. Dreom Girl Mold. French Oub. Homecoming Queen Mold. Jr Pram Decorating Committee Jr. Powder Puff Squod. Jr. Vorslty Soccer (Monoger) Muskol. Pep Oub. Runnet. St. Powder Puff Squod. Sr Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senote Vke-PreskJeni Totter Stoff. Thespions. Illlnob Stole Schoior Model UN. Flora, louro: Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Redwing Boskerboll. Redwing Letter Oub. Redwing Softboll. Sophomore Chorus Ford. Choriorte Activities Boord. Student Senote Model UN Oub Ford. Mork Architectural Drafting Oub Bieocher Bums. Jr Vorsity Vresrllng Sophomore Vresrtinq Vorslty Vresrllng St. Powder Puff Cheerieoder Foster. Eksine CVT Fowler. Amy: Cheerin Chkks. Future Business Leoders. Future Cosmetologists Redbird Vord Stoff. Runner. Sr. Powder Puff Squod. Toiler Stoff. VICA member Fox. Dorlndo Offke Helper. Runner. St. Powder Puff Squod. Track Teom. Fronke. Borb Cheerin Chicks. Concert Bond. Concert Choir Concert Orchestra Dramo Oub. Junior Powder Puff Squod. Junior Vorsity Cheerieoder Pep Oub. Pom Pom Girls. Redwing VoHeyboR Sophomore Cheerieoder Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir Teocher't As-stotont Troubodors Franklin Greg Debote Teom. Germon Oub. Junior Vorsity Bose-boil Junior Vorslty Soccer. Runner. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Soccer. Varsity Bose boll Vorsity Soccer Freeman Jeon Cheerin Chkks. Future Business Leoders. Jt. Pow. der Puff Squod. Offke Occupations. St. Powder Puff Squod. Freeman. Voyne Architectural Drafting Oub. Exchonge Student. Pep Oub Frlsse. Oovk Redbird Vord Stoff Frttr Oovid M.: Conceit Bond. Concert Orchestra. Germon Oub. Jou Bond Morchlng 100 Pep Bond. Pep Oub Sophomore Chorus. Symphonk Bond Funkhouser. lbo Activities Boord Bieocher Bobes. Commercial Art Oub. Concert Orchestra Exchonge Student. Homecoming Queen Mold Jr. Prom Decorating Committee. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Musical. Pep Oub. St. Powder Puff Squod. St. Prom Decorating Commit, tee. Sophomore Boteboll Storekeeper. Toiler Stoff. Gollogher. Kelly Cheerin Chkks. Commercial Art Club. Concert Bond Morchlng KX). Pep Oub Gotes. Yvonne; Counselor Assistont. Offke Helper Runner. Cose Oub Gelsen. Lori: Cheerin Chkks. Commerdol Art Oub Dreom Girl. Future Business leoders. Offke Helper. Offke Occupations Gray. Olnt: Architectural Dtofrtng Oub. Bieocher Bums. Vorsity Golf. Redwing Boskerboll Redwing VoileyboH. Redwing Softboll Gray. Michelle S.i Cheerin' Chicks. Concert Bond. Exchonge Student. Future Business Leoders Morchlng 100. Redwing Track. Student Senote. Symphonk Bond. Cose Oub Green. Gordon: Intro-State Exchonge Student. Homecoming King Candidates. Jt. Powder Puff Cooch. Jt. Vorsity Dose boll. Nortonol Honor Society Offke Helper Sr. Powder Puff Cooch. Sophomore Dose boll Sophomore Boskerboll Vorslty Baseball Vorslty Bosket-boll Green. KeKy Activities Boord Amerkon Field Service. Bieocher Bobes Dreom Girl Mold Homecoming Queen Maid. Jr Prom Decorating Committee. Jt. Powder Puff Squod. Lortn Oub. Offke Helper Pep Club Rerfcird Redbird Vord Stoff Runner. Sr. Power. Sr Pow. der Puff Squod Sr Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Cheerieoder. Track Tram. Jt. Ooss President. St. Ooss President. Snow Queen Court TAMS Greenwood. R. Scott: Architectural Dtofrtng Oub. Germon Oub. Runner Griffin Borb Cheerin Chkks. Dreom Girl Mold. French Oub. Homecoming Queen Jt. Powder Puff Squod Offke Helper. Pep Club. Redbird Student Booster Oub. Redwing Track. Redwing Volleyball Runner Sr Powder Puff Squod Sophomore Cheerieoder Sophomore Chorus. Student Senote. Teochers Assistont. Model United Nortons. Snow Queen Mold TAMS Student Senote President Vke President Griffin. 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Spanish Club Toms Vico PtoskJont, Jonos. Do Anno Bioochor Bobos Futuro Businou Loodors. Jr. Pram Docorortng Commlttoo. Jr. Powdor Puff Squod Podwing Boskotboll Podwing Loftor Club Podwing Track Podwing Softball Punnot. Moth 6 Sdonco Oub. St. Powdor Puff Squod Studont Sonoto Tooch Of s AssHtont. Track Toom. JETS. Morsholl Lloyd Supor Voldors Club McBrtdo. Poiph. Advoncod Chorus Concort Choir Dbtrtbutlvo Educorton Jr ClOSS Troasuror McDonnol Mocholo. Choorln Chkks Futuro Businou Loodors. Jr. Powdor Puff Squod Morchmg tOO Muskol Offko Hoipor Pop Oub. Podbkdotto Toochor I AssHtont McGiffon. Pot Supor Voldors Club Vrosrtlng McNob. Koy: AcrtvHtos Boord. Amorkon Fioid Sorvko. Choortn Chkks. Gormon Oub Jr Pram Docorortng Commlttoo. Jr. Powdor Puff Squod Podblrd Vord Stoff. St Powdor Putt Squod. St. Prom Docorortng Commlttoo. Sophomoro Choorloodor. Sophomoro Chorus. Vorslty Choorloodor PtiNUps Shown Bioochor Bums. Powdor Puff Choorloodor Spanish Club Popos Koron Bioochor Bobos Color Guord. Concort Orchosrra Junior Powdor Puff Squod Morchmg 23. Morchmg tOO Muskol. Pop Osib Pit Orchosrra. Podblrd Vord Stoff Symphonk Otchostra. Thov plans. Principal s Advlotory Commlttoo Summor Chorus Summor Chorus Commlttoo Color Guard SGT Pomlroz Joo Anno Commordol Art Oub. Punnot Pood Dyral Punnot. TATLEP STAFF Srogo Craft Pood Pom: Cloochor Bobos Concort Bond Junior Powdor Puff Squod. Marching tOO Pop Bond Sonlor Powdor Puff Squod. Sym-phonic Bond ArchItocturol Drafting Club 303 3 3

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