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2 OUR BOOK SENIORS 33 SOPHS. 65 JUNIORS 89 ACTIVITIES 111 MUSIC 147 THEATER 177 CLUBS 193 SPORTS 225 FACULTY 273Stoe Martin Soul Train!!! Traci Meyers Typical bleacher picture Let's have a fiesta!We also sell test-tube babies. Santa, tell him to remove his hand. THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS VACATION.Christmas design by Cary LaHue in Mr. Below: Decorating for the Christmas Dance. Celebrations were widespread around campus. Sobotta's room.DESIGN GROUP Design Group involves students interested in designing and producing graphic art work for Alton High clubs and organizations. Group designed several pieces for the wrestling team, including a wrestling logo by Chris 0,Neal, and various posters for the Tatler Staff. As Design Group grows, it is hoped that it may develop into a creative force that will increase the graphic awareness at Alton High. This photo taken by Greg Stroube was our most outstanding and unusual photo of the year. To better its compositional impact we cropped out a portion of it for the full page that we felt it deserved. We realized, however, that in cropping we sacrificed another exciting part of the extremely rare and fine photo. Congratulations Greg. Dale Davis, Jennie Daengsurisri, Beth Holden, Nancee Young, Bev Pruett, Sponsor: Mr. Robert Hansen The photo below is an example of some of the experimenting by the Tatler Staff. This photo also appears on page 30. 9Peace Bro' What's he still hanging around here for? Below: Barb Johnson and Baby Alfalfa This Playboy is so educational. ( You want ME to dance? How can I draw myself when I can't hold still?O.K. Mr. Bonynge, let us out! Pop-Top chains are real heavy DANGER: Food fight in progress Mr. Ryan and Mike Norris paint the RedbirdNow, how do I get out of here? HO HUM It's been a long day Going to school is the most exciting adventure that most people will ever go through. Occasionally the exuberance runs out. We call this feeling . . . I've read that same line 999 times There's no point in doing this now; there's always Study Hall. All I have to do is keep these mittens on and I won't have to workTeacher, Teacher!! 'Car Wash' Razzle Dazzle Get yourself Down. Redbird WordICE FOLLIES By Dale Davis Don't worry about the kid, dig out the camera . Tatler Staff members are willing to die for a better picture for the 1979 Tatler. For example. Dale Davis stayed all night in a sleeping bag just to get a picture of the sun rising over the Main but, unfortunately, he over-slept. A concerned student woke him during third hour passing period. Tatler Staff members sure go all out. It's third hour, I'd better wake him. Is it too late for the sun?Earth, Wind and Fire n The Warriors Reading is FUNdamental Wow, let's Xerox my hand! Look ma, three hands!I felt unsure of myself, until I was told, You can do it, and I did. Because I have been given much, I too, shall give. O God, life was empty- I lacked something, until you gave me your Word. Because I have been sheltered fed, by thy good , I cannot see others lack, and not share. The best way to keep happiness is to share it! where there is doubt, let me Life is good and friends are kind was in the dark, until someone showed me The Light . page by Gladys Davis be the candle or the mirror that There are reflects it.OUR EATERY Many People have different ideas about our lunch room. For some, it's their favorite hour, others may have different opinions. This is one unknown poet's opinion . . . There once was a boy named Ra-oul, Who ate in the lunchroom at school. But with the last of his crumbs; He ate a few Turns, For as a rule, Ra-oul was no fool. Do you really expect me to eat this?Don't tell her what she just ate. I know I had some Turns in here someplace. 44 WOW, was that hot! Just wait till they try to eat it. I think I'm going to be sick. Hawk the Hulk. Conehead marching band. The head of Animal School. What a fox! Strict discipline inforced here. We caught a fox! The beat of a different drummer. Aw! Isn't that cute!Every picture is said to tell a story. Occasionally, however, a photo cannot tell the whole story thus supplementary materials such as a write-up or another photo is needed. The Tatler Staff in hopes to bring the whole story to light has put these pages together which are called SEQUENCES Note of course; All of these sequences were indeed true-to-life, and happened just as recorded here. A DAY IN DRIVERS ED. 12:41 P.M. Students congregate | around the V. W. 3. 4. You must always yield to humans in the crosswalks. You sure can't add-up many points that way. You were supposed to stop for me when I stepped in front of you. But he never said anything about stopping for teachers. Did you say ham cheese or who cut the cheese? Students in a field trip. IN SEARCH OF TEN-HES-CHU Field trips have always been a fun and exciting part of the educational process. Thus, when science students take a field trip it is always a neat adventure for them. In the following sequence students are searching out the Ten-Hes-Chu, the Oriental rubber plant (symbol P U). “Follow the leader is popular in wooded areas. Journey, I'm callin' you out.CRAMMED CAN Beginning at 12:34 P.M. on Thursday October 19, a mass Big-Mac Attack occurred in the Pit area. Students were seen assembling around a small red V.W. Then as if led by some strange force, twenty-two ravenous students squished, mingled and mangled their way into the wee automobile. The car didn't move an inch but the twenty-four hour ordeal was heard to be a smashing success. 12:43 P.M. Only students of prestige and or 12:50 P.M Skirmishes broke out as students money were allowed into the car. jockied for the drivers position. Whooooo! Ahaaa! I need a pottie pass. 11:57 A M Friday: One of the students eventually had to be taken away in a wire bus . The little bugger spit tobacco on me. Here a student sniffs out the Ten-Hes-Chu plant. Ah, success afoot! Note the intricate upper lacing which indicates growth around or near pedimentry soil. She: Now what about that lie you told me?'' He: Which one? HANDLE WITH KID GLOVES To learn the outcome of this confrontation buy a 1980 TATRFR i k n TO MR. SHERERTZ Sherertz giving instructions for wrestling opponents.This is nothin' compared to Halloween! For my next trick, THE STAIRS!Where's the team? We didn't do anything.Fighting the blaze in the gym. didn't realize they smelled that bad. I'm sure he said that. Another normal commercial art class. A close-up shot. 33FALL(2X ♦ 1X3X - 2) + (3y = 2X5y - 3 ) ZZZzzzzzzz SOME seniors aren't afraid of the dark. Timothy Acker Carol Acord Jud Admire Joanne Allan Karen Bauser Pam Lynn Diane Stevenson Kim Adkins Jeffrey Allsman Lori Allsman John Almeter Don AndersonFddie Anderson Frank Anderson Glen Anthony Richard Anlrobus Cheryl Armstead Dorothy As man jane Aulabaugh James Bae hie Todd Bailey Brad Baker Terry Banks Jeffrey Ballard Kathy Basden Russell Baughman Timothy Ba zell lay Beehtold Michael Bechtold Cheryl Becker Andrea BeerDaniel Beers Charlotte Berry Marcus Bennett Lynn Blackburn Walter Black ledge John Blackmore Jim Blarkorby Rhoda Bland Chris Bloodworth Robert Bloodworth Pamela Bose her t Diana BoswellFransetta Brice Babeth Brooks David Brooks Donald Brown Randy Brown William Brakeville, Jr John Brinkman Raynard Brown Paulette Bruce Jeffrey Brumfield Dwayne Bruns Paul Bruns Bobbi Bryant David Bull Ronald Bryan! Phyllis Cannedy Pamela Campbell Keith Bu an Michael Butler Mark Carter Cindy Chase Kelly Clark Daryl Charleston Barbara Churchill Gregory Chappel Jo Ann Christen Jennifer Clark Gwen Clark liJtt -aNeva Colburn Debt ' Oilman Carla Commander Cynthia Conger Jennifer Conner Susan Conner Margaret Connolly Danny ex Trxtya C ook fan Cope David Corbin lee Corbin lames Corby Mark Cornell Sheri CoverTeresa Cox Deborah Crafton John Craig Gary Crane Deborah Creamer Steven Creasy Debbie Cunningham Kerry Dailey David Dare Brett Darr Patricia Davey Debbie Davidson Brian Davis Gladys Davis Stephen Davis Patti Davit Andy Dawdy Jeffrey Dawson Teresa Delehanty Marie Deangelo Karen Delehanty David Dennigmann John Donnington Patricia Dowry Diano Donrlson Mike Drow Mark Duffy Mary Dodd Douglas Dodson Bryant Dunlap Christopher Dunphy Terry Icht Martha Eckard |im Edwards Roger Edwards Britta Eichen Chyrisse Elliot Melanie Eiick Terry Forsythe Kimberly Foster Kevin Foust Marietta Fraise Patricia Frank Calhleen Franklin Tina Fran David Freeman Jacqueline Foreman Nan y I lliott Sherri Fvans Fli abeth Fessler William Fl y Dennis Fwing Karen Fisc her William I mblnm Roberta F ell Mark Floyd Steven Ffter Linda Farmer |immy I lias Sharon Iverage Anthony FillopCarol Gaddy Angela Galliher Volt (Gardner Saundra Garrett Gregory Gales Robert Gauntl Sherri Geisler Nancy Cenutfc Mark Gcrhardt Shirley Gillum Mark Giovagnoli Stephen Godfrey Victoria Goeken leonard Gon ales Theresa Gon alesMark Haggard Tamara Halford Rhonda Hall leannie Halloran Wendell Hamlin Bernard Hanneken Sarah Hansel Linda Harbaugh Donna Hardbeck Debra HareEdward Hargis David Hargiss Lori Harman Wayne Harmon Brenda Harris David Hayes Cigi Hays David Hazelwonder Laura Hazelwonder Tamara Hearn Linda Heil Doug Henderson Mary HendrixBoth Milieu Ramona llinlon Magdalena Holr omb I ynda Holmes Clifford Monaker Jeffrey Honey Mark Hook Kay Hopper Cynthia Howard Su anne HuberPal Hughes Joel Humphries Kathy Hunter Melissa Hurley Rebecca Ingram lames Jenkins Denise Joehl Veronica Joehl Richard Johnessee Damita Johns Brian Johnson James JohnsonTed Johnson Patricia Johnson Kelly Johnson Jerry Johnson Noah Jordan Steven Jones Vivette Johnson Elizabeth Joseph Carl Kates Gerald Kelly Nancy Kanallakan Jami Kennedy Linda Kessler Asim Khan Robert Kiel Edward Kienstra Robert Kincade Rhonda Kleffner John Koechner Eleanor Kolditz Karen Korte J0 todney Laird Sherry Lakes Kav Lambrich Torn I Judy Lawrence Stephen Lee Paul Lauschke III Robert Legate Van Lenhardt Vicki Legereit Lisa Light John Livengood Teena Le Hew Anthony Loker Melinda LoganDavid Lope Linda Lowe Jacqueline Lumpkins Sandra lyerla Lisa Lucas Elisa Mack Jeffrey Madison Ramon Mad Jr. Mir hael Madison Kathleen Mafort Mark Mainer Jeffrey Malson Randall Manar Brent Majorca Kurt Manns Wayne Maple Stacy Marquis Timothy Matifes Richard Mattson Bruce Maxson Judith MayerPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGKimberly Olden Keith Orban Dennis Oseland Erie Owens Kevin Owens Trina Pace Ronald Painter Gerald Parham Oscar Patterson III Val Parker Barbara Paul Cynthia Pellegrino Elia Perez Elsa Perez Teresa Perry Christopher Peters Howard Peters Michele Peters Cheryl Pfeifer Christopher PhillipsFloyd Raglin Jr. James Raglin Jo Rain Alana Ramlow Amy Rathgeb Kenneth Raybin Richard Read Marjorie Redditt Timothy Rende Bradley Reynolds Cynthia Reynolds Greg RichardsBonnie Riley Darrel Ringer Diana Rister luclifh Rittenhouse Ronrla Roller )ewell Rose Daniel R onca Mary Ross Sloven Rupi erf Pamela Rush Judith Ryan lay Saho John Sack man Dwayne Sanders Term Samlnor Stephen Sands Mary lane Sasek Brad SayrePamela Scott James Searles Mark Shaffer Robert E. Shaw Robert J. Shaw Barbara Sheary Laurie Sheff Michelle Shelby Jeffrey Sherman Kim Shoemaker Candace Shorter Huay-Wen Shuen William Siatos Teresa Skinner Louetta SlankerCaihy Sloeumb Larry Smith Anita Smith Cynthia J. Smith Cynthia L. Smith Gregory Smith Laurel Smith Michael Smith Vista Smith Wanda Smith Frank Snider Samuel St. Clair Steven Springgate David Spurrier Keith St. Cin Kevin St. Cin Cynthia Stampley Larry Stark Tammy Staten Gwendolyn Stegall Keith Steiger Michael StetsonJames Stevenson Carolyn Straube Christopher Stutz Keith Stewart Monica Stobbs Theresa Stokes Gregory Stroube Janice Strowmatt Michael Stuller Thomas Stutz Paul Stover Joseph Stumpe Bradley Sweetman Timothy Sykes Mary Tague Cheryl Talbert Joel Talbert Karen Talley Carol Tanner Rodney Tate Edward TaulSheri Todaro Trudi Trask Markel Tumlin Bill Toney Toni Torre Terri Tosh Melinda Tovo Cynthia Tyler Timothy Umphletl Kamala Urs Velinda Ursch Rosanita ValentineStephen Voss Pamela Vrooman Janice Waggoner Deborah Walker Dane Walkington Donald Walls Rhonda Watson Linda Walters Anita Watts Gayle Warr Bryan Webb Denita Washpun Julie Webber Robert Waters Cynthia Weber C7 Mark Vanhoy Clara Vaughn Patricia Vaughn Tina Vaughn Mark Velloff Scott Vickrey Janet Voegeli Jean Voegeli Rena Vogt John VollmerDonald Weeks Marguerite Wegener Carol Weinrich Michael Weirich Susan Weishaupt Donald White Steven Whited Carol Whitlock Traci Whyte Stephen Wigger Dana Wilderman Steven Wilken Charles Willett David Williams lamesina Williams Michael Williams Richard Williams Leo Willis Deborah Wilson Donald WilsonGlenda Woods Kelly Wool I M.uth.i Wool! Cynthia Woolscy Sheila Wooten George Wreath l isa Young Mi hael W'nght Kathryn ahner Patric la Yates David Zielinski Kevin Yavorski Reimund ippman Jeffrey Young Tony irkelbachSophomores66 Adams, Carry Adams, James Adcock, Darcy Adkins, Craig Admire, Ronald Agee, Tammy Albers, Bonnie Albers, Stormy Albrecht, Julie Allman, Joni Allsman, Jerry Amistadi, Duane Anderson, Kimberly Andrews, Kimberly Angel, Susan Antrobus, Charles Arnold, Randall Arnold, William Azzarello, Lisa Baalman, James Baehler, Roy Bailey, Cynthia Baldwin, Debra I Banks, Brien Barclay, Christina 1 i Barham, Abe Barker, Faith Barnes, Ramona Basden, Gary Bauser, Mark Bauser, Nancy Baxter, Carol Beatty, Gregory Bechtold, Martha Beckmeyer, Margaret9 Beer, Frederick Beile, Robert Belangee, Tracy Bennett, Michael Bergesch, Scott Berkel, Mark Bierbaum, Daniel Blackledge, Lawrence Blair, Lolita Bland, Jeri Blanton, Robert Bobbs, Donald Bobbs, Thomas Bock, Carol Bohannon, Thomas Bonnell, Timothy Boren, Gregory Botterbush, Kevin Bourland, Gabrielle Bowers, David Bowman, Mike Boyd, Julie Bradshaw, Steven Brady, Teresa Brake, John Brantley, David Bricker, Jefferson Brinkman, Thomas Brockway, Marcia Brooks, Heather Brown, Debra Brown, Jerry Brown, Harold Brown, Linda Brown, Lisa 6768 Brown, Nancy Brown, Pamela Brown, Rachel Brown, Sharon Bruce, Susan Brunaugh, Julie Bryant, Dorian Bryant, Julia Bucher, Anne Budde, Shelly Bull, Daniel Bullard, Dave Bunch, Scott Burton, John Burton, Victor Cairn, Debra Calame, Shelly Callahan, Kristina Calvert, Reyne Calvin, Barbara Campbell, Brian Campbell, Jennifer Campbell, Lorraine Candy, Carolyn Cannon, Joseph Cappel, Connie Cappel, Mitchell Carman, Georgette Carmean, Monique Carrington, Karmyn Carter, James Carter, Ronald Carver, Robin Cates, Joseph Chambers, RussellChappee, Julie Chappell, Donna Chappell, Gary Charleston, Cheryl Chavours Darryl Chiouero, Lisa Churchill, Jeffrey Clark, Rose Claybrook, Lisa Clayton, John Clodfelter, Gary Coffler, Douglas Colbert, Mark Colburn, Trudy Coleman, Martha Cook, Timothy Copley, David Corbin, Charles Corethers, John Corwin, Diane Costa, Dana Covington, Yvonne Cowan, Maureen Cowgill, Kari Cox, Eric Cox, Jerry Cox, Terry Cox, Wendy Craig, Michael Craig, Robert Crain, April Cranmer, Eric Cravens, Todd Crawford, Joseph Creamer, Donald 69Cress, Roger Curtis, Alice Curtis, Darryl Curvey, Vernon Daengsurisri, Jaipong Dale, Charles Daniels, Kendra Darr, Michael Daubman, Wanda Davenport, Constance Davey, Theodore Davies, Melia Davis, |r., John Davis, Michael Davis, Rudolph Dawson, Kristy Delp, Byron Dennis, Gerald Dick, Diane Dickerson, John Dipiazzo, Daniel Dorris, Michael Dorsey, Stephanie Dothager, Marsha Downing, Lisa Downing, Rodger Dressier, Diane Droste, Laura Drury, David Duebbert, Maria Dunham, Pamela Dunphy, Kevin Eagle, Steven Eagleton, Kathleen Earley, Dana 70Eberlin, Trudie Edelman, Mark Edelen, Shelia Edwards, Donna Edwards, Emery Edwards, Jeffrey Edwards, Kenneth Eichen, David Eisenreich, Joy Elkins, Bryan Ellington Jr., Jerry Elliott, Andrea Elliott, Colleen Ellison, Laura Elzy, Steven Emblom, Edward Ennis, Curtis Ervin, Gregory Evans, Bryan Eyer, Keith Eyster, Christy Farrow, David Felton, Veronica Fergurson, David Fester, Douglas Flippo, Val Flota, Laura Ford, Charlotte Ford, Mark Forsythe, Sherri Foster, Elaine Foster, Nicholas Fowler, Amy Fox, Dorinda Fox, Odell 7172 Franke, Barbara Frankford, Kevin Frankford, Michael Franklin, Gregory Frazier, Naomi Freeman, jean Freeman, Wayne Frisse, David Fritz, David Funk, Michael Funkhouser, James Funkhouser, Lisa Gabriel, Kristine Gabriel, Mark Gallagher, Kelly Galliher, Melissa Gandall, Sue Ganter, John Gardner, Jamie Garis, Alan Gates, Yvonee Geisen, Loretta Gerke, Robert Gibson, Shawanna Gillis, Michael Gober, Cynthia Godfrey, Christina Goeken, Phillip Goen, Denise Goen, Dennis Goen, Derrick Gonzales, Raymond Goodman, James Goodrich, Thomas Gordon, JamesGorman, Robert Gorman, Robin Grace, Sharon Graham, Christy Graham, Stanley Gray, Clinton Gray, Kenneth Gray, Michelle Gray, Penny Green, Gordon ■ Green, Kelly Green, Kerry Green, Ronald Greenwood, Robert Griffin, Barbara Griffin, Steven Griffith, Barbara Grossheim, Kimberly Grounds, Teresa Gustin, Brian Gvillo, Pamela Haase, Laurie Hager, Catherine Haglauer, Carla Hailer, Julie Haley, Dorothy Halford, Kaye Hall, Lori Hall, Tina Hamilton, Michael Hampton, Demetra Hancock, Barbara Hancock, Marlean Hand, Janet Hanks, Kimberly 73Hansel, Suzanne Hardbeck, Elizabeth Harder, Daniel Hardin, William Harman, David Harper, Melinda Harpole, Jack Harrison, Micheal Hart, Susan Hart, Valerie Hartnett, Patricia Hausman, Richard Hausman, Sherry Hawkins, Theresa Hayes, Darrin 9 Hayes, George Hays, Thomas Hazslip, Karry Healey, Heather Hearn, Ella Heinemann, Micheal Heininger, Todd Heinlein, Lisa Hellrung, Mary Hendricks, Christopher 74 Henkhaus, Donald Henkhaus, Ronald Henry, Edwin Henschel, Toni Herd, Tamera Hewitt, Dana Hicks, Gloria Hill, James Hill, Lisa Hillen, ScottHines, Wyletta Hofherr, Marcella Hogle, Alec Holcomb, Marcella Holden, Beth Holden, Christopher Hollenback, Sandra Holm, Todd Holmes, Stacey Hord, Connie Horton, Denise Hudgins, Julie Huebener, Karen Hunter, Robert Huntsman, Barbara Huntsman, Leon Huntsman, Michael Hutchinson, Dorothy Hutslar, David Jackson, Atlay Jackson, Falona Jackson, John Jackson, Mark Jackson, Monica James, Evelyn Joehl, Dianne Joehl, Donald Johnessee, Kevin Johns, Scott Johnson, Kristal Johnson, Lavern Johnson, Michael Joiner, Carol Jones, Cassandra Jones, Darrin 75Jones, Deanna Jones, Jeffery Jones, Johnny Jones, Michael Jordan, Tamara Jorstad, Cynthia Kamp, Bradley Kanturek, Cynthia Kauffold, Dora Kehr, David Kercher, Janet Kerkemeyer, Arlene Kienstra, Bernard Kimbrough Jr., Jesse Kincade, Cheryl Kinder, Robin Kinnare III, Thomas Kinsella, Nancy Kitchens, Lisa Kitchens, Melanie Kline, Gina Klinger, Stephen Klunk, Regina Kochanski, Mary Kohler, Kellie 76 Kolditz, Michelle Kolk, Wesley Kopsie, Diana Korte, Patrick Kortkamp, Richard Kusmanoff, Michael Lacey, Kevin Laird, William Lanzerotte, Mark Largen, SusanIN Lee, Colei! Lefler, Barbara Legereit, Kelli Lekkas, Fanee Lemons, Karen Lenhardt, Jeffery Lesicko, Derek Lewis, Jeaneen Lewis, Melissa Lewis, Timmie Light, Cole Little, Barbara Logan, Tamara Lohr, Linda Long, Lualis Long, Quiton Love, Steven Lowe, Elaine Lowe, Lisa Lowe, Susan Lucas, William Luly, Tracee Lyerla, Christopher Lyons, Thomas Mack, Larraine Mack, Rhonda Manar, Bradley Manns, Jacqueline Manns, Misti Markel, Monica Marshall, Lloyd Marshall, Michael Martin, Julia Mason, Michele Mason, Nicholas 77Mason, Vicki Masters, Theresa Mathis, Tammy Matthews, Stacey Mayer, Sandra McCann, David McCauley, Wanda McConahey, Nell McDannel, Machele McDonald, Donna McGee, Terrell McGee, Veloria McGhee, Danetie McGiffen, Patrick McNab, Sara Meisenheimer, Christopher Mermis, Marianne Meyers, Rusty Middleton, James Mielke, Kim Milford, Stacy Miller, Dodie Miller, Gary Miller, Kenneth Miller, Lynette Miller, Tina Millitello, Donald Millitello, Kathy Mizerski, Micheal Moore, Patricia Morre, Robert Morgan, Mary Morgenroth, Matthew Morris, Letitia Morrison, Edward 78Mosby, Robert Mosby, Wendy Moss, Sandra Moyer, Donald Meuller, Christopher Mugge, Martha Mulholland, Douglas Murray, Janet Murrell, Tonya Myers, Dawn Nales, Maria Naylor, Richard Nelson, Jeffery Nelson, Jeffery Neuhaus, Mary Neumann, James Newcome, Kaye Newton, Tina Nicholson, Gayle Nickell, Christine Niemeier, Karen Noble, Johanna Nolan, Patricia Nolle, Rhonda Norris, Rebecca Olive, Michael Parker, Ralph Parks, Ricky Parmley, Laurie Pars, Elias Pairidge, Barry Paul, Christopher Pearson, Beth Peipert, Jill Penelton, Ronald 7980 Perry, Craig Perry, Schendora Peters, Melissa Peterson, David Peterson, Marshall Petty, Ronda Petty, William Phegley, Cynthia Phillips Jr., Donald Phillips, Shawn Pickett, Elva Pilger, Carrol Pirtue, Darla Polen, Jeanna Powers, Gregory Pratt, Dawn Preis, Sandra Price, Roger Propes, Karen Pratt, Jeffery Ragusa, Julie Raines, Ronald Ramage, Michelle Ramirez, Joe Redmond, Jane Reed, Dyral Reed, Kendall Reed, Pamela Renken, Cassandria Reynolds, Kelley Rhoades, Tamara Rhoads, Randall Richardson, David Rickman, Dwayne Rider, Brenda L k Riley, Donald Rister, Joseph Roadv, Janet Roberts, Dawn Roberts, Shannon Robertson, Deborah Rodgers, Bradley Roe, David Rogers, Bruce Roller, Brian Romo, Jeffery Roth, Rodney Rotsch, Cary Ruedin, Mike Russell, Deborah Russell, Trent Ruyle, Robert Sanders, Debora Sandidge, Ellen Sasek, Peter Schaaf, Deirdre Scharth, Sandra Schenk, Sharon Schildroth, Vicky Schoonover, Nancy Schuetz, Lester Schulmeister, Julie Schwaab, Charles Schwappach, Mark Schwartz, Patricia Schweppe III, Henry Scott, Mark Seymour, Dana Seymour, Tracy Shank, Merrede 8182 Shaw, Carmen Shaw, Dwayne Shaw, Michelle Sheff, Christopher Shelby, Michael Sheppard, Amy Shewmake, Timothy Shive, Tammy Shoemaker, Nathen Shuen, Su-Wen Siampos, Treefon Sims, Wendell Skordos, Chrisula Slack, Danny Smith, Flossie Smith, janielle Smith, Julia Smith, Kathleen Smith, Lori Smith, Matthew Smith, Mechelle Smith, Natalie Sommerich, Fred Sowders, Donna Spann, Marquato Spatafora, Donna Spencer, Mary Spinks, Earl Spurgeon, Gloria Spurgeon, Kimberly Stabener, Kimberly Stabener, Rhonda Stalcup, Daniel Stark, Tina Starkey, JillStaten, James Staten, Michael Statun, Holly Stauffer, Cheryl Steele, Deborah Steele, Thomas Stetson, Ann Stevenson, Christina Steward, Richard Stewart, Sharon Stidham, Elizabeth Stiritz, Roger Stockard, Bernadette Strohbeck, Darrell Stromsdorfer, Boyd Stromske, Mark Stumpe, James Stutz, David Stutz, Daniel Stutz, Joellen Sumner, Terri Swarringin, Katherine Tanner, Janie Tanner, John Tanney, Todd Tantype, David Tate, Michael Taul, Mary Taylor, Melissa Taylor, Thomas Terrell, Rick Thomas, Carolyn Thompson, David Thompson, James Tickner, Cynthia 83Tiemann, Cynthia Tilton, Debra Titchenal, Daniel Todaro, Mark Tolle, jerald Torrez, Robert Trowbridge, Kelly Troy, James Tucker, William Tyler, Jennifer Tyler, Richard Unthank, Kevin Van Wyk, Daniel Vassar, James Vaughn, Tona Vest, Jeanie Vetter, Ralph Voss, Deborah Voss, Sue Vroman, Trisha Wade, Rebecca Wade, Roger Wadeking, Walter Waggoner, Rebecca Waits, Clare Wallace, Cherryl Wallace, Donald Wallace, Mark Wallendorf, Darla Walsh, Colleen Walter, Donna Walters, Thomas Ward, James Ward, Keith Ward, Sherrie kWarren, Rhonda Washpun, Leslie Waters, Laura Waters, Thomas Watsek, Jane Watts, Dana Webb, Brian Weber, Kevin Webster, Cary Wedding, Theodore Weihe, Gary Weirich, Mark Wells, Kim Wendle, Anne Wenner, Carla West, Christopher Westbrook, Melodie White, Mark White, Thomas Widger, David Williams, Brian Williams, Glen Williams, Roxanne Williams, Tamara Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Paul Wiltshire, Catherine Winslow, Margaret Winson, Linda Witcher, Lee Anne t Witt, Cindy Witt, Jeffrey Witt, Laurie Witt, Paul Womack, Victor 85Woods, Laura Woods, Michael Woodson, Steven Wooff, Timothy Wright, AmyIN MEMORIAM Susan Lorene Langford September 22, 1962 - September 8, 1978Ackerman, Elizabeth Adler, Shawn Admire, Stacey Adney, Mary Albrecht, Thomas Aldrich, Jamie Alexander, Monica Alexander, Tina Allensworth, Mary Allsman, Jill Almeter, Jay Ammons, Gary Andrews, Bradley Andrus, Gary Apprill, Scott Arnold, Lisa Ashlock, Mark Aukamp, Donna Austin, Joan Ayres, Darlene Baechle, Nona Baker, Deborah Baker, Vernett Banks, Kelly Barban, Peter Barnard, Alice Bassett, Frank Batts, Rebecca Baze, James Beamon, Rosalyn Beatty, Michael Bechtold, Dana Bechtold, Sheri Beck, Tony Beckmeyer, Mary 90Bennett, Mark Berg, Jeffrey Bergie, Gail Berry, Jim Beuttel, Stephen Beyrau, Timothy Blackburn, Constance Blackmon, Lasonia Blackwood, Lynn Blasioli, Greg Bloomer, Thomas Bock, Chris Bock, Gregory Bockhorst, Joan Bockhorst, Marianne Bockstruck, Laura Bohringer, Douglas Bonneli, Donald Bocher, Matthew Bosoluke, Catherine Bowsher, Nancy Brausen, Lori Bricker, James Brinkman, Cecilia Britts. Annette Brooks, Rhonda Brown, Damon Brown, Elandera Brown, Patricia Brueggeman, Beth 91Bryant, Donna Bucher, Edward Buhs, Pamela Bunse, Joan Buntenbach, Cheryl Burdge, Trade Burnett, Beverly Burr, Terry Butler, Carla Butler, Carolyn Cain, Roger Campbell, Dennis Campbell, Rita Campion, Rita Cannedy, Glenn Carter, Clifford Caselton, Sheila Chamberlain, Ginger Chaney, Carla Chaney, Carmen Chappell, Hohn Chatman, Leon Chiolero, Leanne Clark, Bryan Clark, Pamela 92 Clearwater, David Clodfelter, Rebecca Colbert, Robert Colborn, Sherri Colman, Gary Commandar, Ruth Conroy, Jeffrey Cope, Cynthia Copeland, Victoria Corethers, PatriciaCornell, Douglas Corwin, Daniel Costa, Dow Cote, Bridget Cote, Kelly Cover, Tammy Covert, Kim Cowan, Anne Cox, Christine Cox, Gary Cox, Joseph Cox, Steven Cox, Tina Crabtree, Edith Crawford, Susan Creasy, Tamara Crocker, Cathy Cruz, Daniel Cunningham, Charles Curtis, Brian Cyprian, Mark Daengsurisri, Verayuth Dalton, Leigh Dalton, Leslie Damon, Gail Dancy, Ronnie Darr, Robert Daubman, Charles Davenport, Edward Davey, James p- r Davidson, Craig Davies, Ralph Davis, Dale Davis, Karen Davis, Roger 9394 Davis, Scott Decker, David Denham, Terrie Dennington, Robin Denton, Garian Dilks, Suzanne Dirksmeyer, Jackie Dix, Deana Dixon, Steven Dodds, Donald Dooley, Kerry Dooley, Mary Draper, Tracey Duey, Floyd Dugan, Deborah Dunlap, Carlin Dunnagan, Diana Durham, Brien Duball, John Eales, Cynthia Eales, Michael Eberlin, Cathy Edmiston, Tamara Ehlers, James Ele, Rhonda Ele, Jr., Wilbert Elliott, Roger Elliott, Selma Elliott, Yvonne Emery, Kenneth Epps, Julie Estes, Thomas Eudy, Sherri Evans, Valerie Everage, Carolyn V Eyer, Dennis Farrell, Mike Fields, Brad Fischer, Tom Fisher, Floyd Flatt, Dwayne Focht, Rebecca Forbes, Mary Ford, Doug Ford, Kara Ford, Sheryl Ford, Susan Forrest, Karla Forsythe, Randall Fortschneider, Monica Foster, Delois Foster, Suzanne Fowler, Thomas France, Kim Fraser, Cheryl Freeman, Ricky Frisse, Dale Frison, Sabrina Funk, Patricia Gabriel, Sarah Gallup, Sharon Gandall, Dawn Gardner, Kathy Garvey, Gerald Gaskill, Mark Gauntt, Marion Geabes, Randall Geisen, Chris Gelzinnis, Greg Gentry, Cindy 9596 Gilchrese, Mark Gill, Shiela Gilleland, Grant Glazik, Mike Godfrey, Ann Goeken, Catherine Goforth, Scott Goins, Donna Goldman, Dawn Golley, Willie Goodrich, Ken Gorton, David Grable, Debra Granger, Julie Gray, Earl Gray, Mark Gray, Payton Green, Maria Green, Rhonda Green, Teresa Greenwell, Randy Greenwell, Robert Greenwood, Ronald Greer, Valerie Griffin, Kim Gutman, Kathleen Hagen, Bruce Haley, Elizabeth Hand, john Haneline, Lynne fa Harpole, Mike Harris, Beverly Harris, Marc Harris, Mike Harris, Selma Harrison, Michael Harrison, Monica Hartman, Ruth Hartmann, Michael Hausman, Vickie Haycraft, Mary Beth Hayes, Doug Hayes, Robert Hazslip, Kevin Healey, Terry Heineman, Timothy Heishman, Margaret Hemphill, Charles Henderson, Sakina Henderson, Tamara m 9 Henkhaus, Diane Henry, Beth Herd, Edward Higgins, Robert Hill, Alan Hill, Carla Hill, Greg Hise, Gregory Hise, Sherry Hoag, James Hodges, Marjorie Holbrook, Cindy Holland, Eric Holloway, Mark Holmes, Daniel WK4 Holmes, Donald Holmes, Sonja Hopkins, Robert Horney, Donna Horstman, Cathy 97House, Elizabeth Howard, Sandra Howard, Tamara Howell, Sue Huffstutler, Joy Hunt, Veronica Hurley, Kimberly Hurst, Johnny Husmann, Martha Hutchinson, Brian Hyde, Stacy Infante, Mauricio Jackson, Donald Jackson, Rose Jacobs, Lynn Jacoby, David James, Ronald Jarrett, Leslie Jeffrey, John Jeffries, Robert Jemison, William Johnson, Alicia Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Gretchen Johnson, Julie Johnson, Loleatha Johnson, Mark Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Stacey Joiner, Kimberly Jones, Michael Jouett, Jolene Juhlin, Jeri Kaid, Darlene Kaiser, Darryl 98Kanturek, Andrew Kasinger, Jeff Kates, Bryan Keene, Brenda Keene, Lauri Kidwell, Pamela Killion, Michele Kirchner, Michael Knight, Lisa Koechner, Jamie Koehm, Teresa Koontz, Debra Kopsie, Janet Kwas, Carol Lacey, Yvonne Lafikes, Sam La Hue, Gary Lampin, Charles Landers, Gregory Lankford, Vicky Lauck, Linda Leeds, Cindy Lemons, Mark Leoni, Chris Lewis, Susan Little, Joyce Lock,Leanne Long, Ernest Louvier, Brian Lowe, Gail Lyons, Dick Macias, Mark Mack, Gregory Maeweather, Karin Maggos, Sarah 99100 Mahony, John Mainer, Michael Manning, Kim Marquis, Clay Marsch, Pamela Marshall, Bonnie Marshall, David Martin, Rodger Martin, Samuel Mason, Lydia Mayerhofer, Debby Maynard, Jennifer McCann, David McCann, Geneva McCauley, Teri McClung, Leah McCluskie, Kent McConahey, Kate McCurley, Debbie McDaniel, Heather McEuen, Suzanne McGee, Jeffrey McGee, Penny McLemore, William McNamara, Mike Mead, Rhonda Meeden, Rhonda Maszaros, Stephen Meyers, Scott Middleton, Sandra Milford, Mark Miller, Brett Miller, Jeff Mitchell, Sharon Mohler, AndyMoore, Birdina Moore, Dawn Moore, Jimmy Moore, Janice Moore, Paula ‘ I Moore, Scot! Moore, Tina Mormino, Sam Mortland, Linda Mortland, Sieve Mortland, Sieve Moyer, William Musgray, Chuck Myers, Dawn Myers, Tracie V Nasello, Michele Neal, Jeffery Nelson, Kelly Nevlin, Kathy Nichols, Johnnie Nicholson, Laura Nolan, Darrell Northern, Darryl Norton, Laura Oberts, Phillip O'Neal, Chris O'Quinn, Norma Orban, Debra Orrill, Teri Osborne, Tina Oseland, Roger Oulson, Tracy Owens, Kent Parker, Mark Parks, Lori 101102 Parrish, Cheryl Patschull, Susan Patterson, Albert Paulda, Cara Pearson, Joellen Perkins, Sharon Peters, Anthony Petty, Phyllis Phillips, Jennifer Pierson, Andrea Pine, Jayson Pinkowski, James Pluhar, Amelia Plunk. Lisa Polio, Michael Pratt, Terri Price, Elizabeth Price, Jolene Pritchett, Thomas Raby, Lisa Raglin, Ronald Rain, Douglas Raines, Marylin Rainey, Shellee Ramey, Patricia Ramirez, Aniceto Rauscher, John Reid, Todd Reilly, Mary Reinhardt, Clinton Reinhardt Jr., Glenn Reiske, Brent Renken, Marcus Reno, David Rexford, Linda Reynolds, Kelly Rhoads, Brian Rice, Rena Rice, Traci Rickman, Cheryl Ridder, Susan Riddlespriger, Danny Riddlespriger, Ronald Riddlespriger, Sharon Roberts, Craig Roberts, Joe Robinett, jeanie Robinson, Doyle Robinson, Ralph Romain, Yuri Romine, Danny Rose, Theodore Rosendahl, Veronica Ruby, Diane Ruedin, Verna Russell, Cynthia Russell, Tanya Saaf, Lenny Sackett, Danny Saksa, Kurt Salmons, Kathy Sanders, Debbie Sanders, Wayne Schaaf, Paula Schaberg, Teri Scheffel, Donna Schildroth, Charles Schildroth, Pam Schlottner, James Schmidt, Larry 103Schmitt, Laura Schudel, Ellen Schultz, John Scott, Tammy Segobiano, Mark Seward, James Seymour, Tom Shake, Jennifer Shaw, Debbie Shaw, Rodney Shaw, Salena Shelby, Stephanie Sherman, Pondria Shepperd, Michael Shive, Kathy Short, Wayne Showers, Becky Shuen, Vu-Wen Shultz, Joe Siess, Melissa Simmons, Sandra Skelton, Patrick Smith, Brenda Smith, Debbie Smith, Kay Smith, Mark Smith, Monica Smith, Raymond Smith, Sarah Somlar, Scott Sommars, Mike Soper, Donna Sotengco, Elias Sowders, Lisa Spann, CharlesSparks, Rodney Spatafora, Michael Spence, Dixie Spurgeon, Nancy Starkey, Jon Stein, Jo Ellen Stephens, Linda Steward, Otis Stewart, James Stewart, Kelly Stewart, Richard Stice, Cynthia Stidham, Tish Stiff, Michelle Stilwell, Janet Stine, Cheryl Stobbs, Elizabeth Stone, Lloyd Strader, Melissa Street, Cathy Stromske, Jacqueline Stutz, Frederick Stutz, Paul Summers, Christina Swarringin, Karen Sykes, John Tanney, Theodore Tarrant, Karen Taylor, Amy Taylor, Kathryn Taylor, Valencia Tchoukaleff, Cynthia Teems, Randall Tennant, Diane Terrell, Frederick 105106 Terrell, Noel Thomas, Darryl Thomas, Donna Thompson, Stephen Tickner, Michael Tilton, Michael Timmons, Max Tindall, Kevin Todaro, Michael Trout, Patrick Trowbridge, Scott Trusty, Greg Tuetken, Tina Turner, Berintha Turner, Karen Twichell, Lisa Twichell, Steven Ulrich, Susan Ursch, Richard Valdes, Sherri Valladares, Rossina Vanata, Brent Vandergriff, David Vandergriff, David Van Hoy, Vern Vantrease, Debra Van Wyk, Greg Van Zandt, Guedel Vassar, David Vasser, Pamela Vaughn, Tona Vaughn, Traci Vetter, Dennis Voight, Alice Vollmer, Jerome • (Von Bergen, Ruth Vrooman, Steven Wade, Emauel Wadlow, Sheila Walker, David D. Walker, David E. Walker, David Walker, Steven Walker, Tana Walkington, Dawn Wall, William Wallace, Carol Walter, Lori Ward, Grace Warner, Linda Washpun, Troy Watts, Michelle Webb, Michael Weber, Elizabeth Weber, Kathleen Weeks, Timothy Weigler, John Wendle, Eric Westbrook, Monica White, Theresa Whitehead, Stacey Whitfield, Norma Williams, Charles Williams, Connie Williams, De Wayne Williams, Judith Williams, Linnie Williams, Machell Willis, Darin Willis, Deidre 107Wilson, Pat Wilson, Robert Winch, Brian Wiseman, Eric Wiseman, Mike Withrow, Kathy Witt, Jeff Wittman, Mike Wittman, Tammy Woods, Gary Woods, Traci Woolsey, Tracy Wren, Annette Wright, Cynthia Wright, Dawn Wyman, Mark Yates, Laura Yavorski, Patricia Yocius, Debora Yost, Paul Young, Cindy Young, Janet Jackie and ReniFREE FARE Free Fare, a rock group from Florida, performed at an assembly. They returned to put a concert on Friday in the Alton High Auditorium. The concert was sponsored by the Student Activities Board. The members are: T.J. Klay, Corey Fleig, Tony Sellers, Mike Tyrell, Greg Hinde.ORAL INTERPRETATION CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Members of the Oral Interpretation class are seen here performing children's literature for Irving Elementary School. Each semester the class, under the direction of Mrs. Enloe, perform for at least one grade school, a senior citizens group, junior high school or church group. The students use class time to practice their materials and have a hard time filling all the requests for performances.114NINTH ANNUAL POWDERPUFF GAME SENIORS (FIRST PLACE) Row 1, L to R: (Coaches) Steve Wigger, Mike Frosch, Steve Hawkins, Bill Mermis, Doug Henderson, |ud Admire, Dave Denningman, Bruce Maxson. Row 2: Kent Newcomb, David Zeilinski, Kit Kreid, Pat Miller, Keith St. Cin. Row 3: Sue Meyers, Diane Medford, Kim Moore, Veronica Joehl, Marilyn Quigley, Pat Davey, Nancy Jackson, Sarah Schudel, Laura Hazelwood, Jay Sabo, Kathy Franklin, Sandy Lyerla, Britta Eichen, Dana Wilderman, Lisa Lucas, Pam Rush, Kathy Basden, Wanda Hendrix Row 4 Eleanor Kolditz, Sandy Garrett, Tracy Tinkey, Kay Lambrich, Rhoda Bland, Judy Mayer, Patti Davitz, Carol Napp, Lisa Gross, Lisa Young, Sue Conner, Carla Shein, Jane Aulabaugh, Joy Hausman, Patty Vaugh, Sue Weishaupt, Sherri Nickolson, Neva Colburn, Carol Straube, Mary Ross, Jackie Fulks. Row 5: Terri Tosh, Julie Webber, Fransetta Brice, Mary Jane Sasek, Robbi Ezell, Kristy Griffin, Meg Wegener, Mary Nell Eastman, Gigi Hays, Beth Hillen, Denise Joehl, Angie Beer, Becky Mundy, Anita Smith. Senior sidelines. The party's this way!JUNIORS (SECOND PLACE) Don't blame Desenex! Pay up, or we'll break yours, too! Front L to R: Patty Ramey, Debbie Yocius, Row 1: Orvelia Brice, Barb Johnson, Stacey Admire, Laura Yates, Elizabeth Ackerman, Kelly Stewart, Lon Walter, Dawn Walkington, Laura Nickolson, Kim France, Sue Patschull, Diane Ruby, Amy Taylor, Row 2: Alice Barnard, Leanne Chilero, Gail Damon, Cindy Tchoukaleff, Paige House, Clint Reinhardt (Coach), Penny McGee, Cathy Goeken, Bridget Cote, Mary Reilly, Tamara Howard, Carla Hill, Lori Parks, Jolene Jouett, Ginger Chamberlain. Row 3: Laura Norton, Debbie Sanders, Kelly Cote, Donna Horney, Deana Dix, Buggy Johnson, Jackie Stromske, Gail Lowe, Suzanne McEuen, Heather McDaniel, Kathy Belcher, JoEllen Pearson, Monica Fortschneider.Senior cheerleaders If you don't catch me. I'll . . .HOMECOMING 1978 Decorators: Marilyn Quigley, Tonya Cook, Diane Boswell Slow Dancing This years Homecoming kept up the tradition of being very exciting. The week's events were as follows: Monday-Powder Puff Came, Tuesday-Sucker Day, Wednesday-Hat Day, Thursday-No homework and teacher appreciation day, Friday-Red and Gray Day, Saturday-The Homecoming Dance. The theme for the dance was Fantasia, and the band was Boulder. Everyone had a great time and the evening ended with the coronation of the new king and queen. 118 King Floyd Raglin and Linda Farmer Pat Miller and Bessie FullerBrad Baker and Cindy Chase. David Denningmann and Patti Davitz. Floyd Raglin and Malena Holcomb. Kent Newcomb and Joy Hausman. C r Keith St. Cin and Elia Perez.HOMECOMING KING FLOYD RAGLIN 122KEITH ST. CIN DAVID DENNINGMAN HOMECOMING CANDIDATES BRAD BAKER KARL FUNK KENT NEWCOMBCHEERIN CHICKS 1st row: Cindy Pellegrino, Sherry Nicholson, Kathy Nickell, Karen Korte, Pat Davey, Lisa Gross, Kay Lambrich, Lisa Lucas, Britta Eichen, Kathy Basden. 2nd row: Lisa Young, jane Aulabaugh, Diane Boswell, Jaci Fulks, Linda Lowe, Elia Perez, Sue Conner, Sarah Schudel. 3rd row: Rhoda Bland, Joy Hausman, Janet Schweppe, Sarah Hansel, Trish Dewey, Gwen Clark, Casey Scanlon, Barb Brainerd, Nancy Jackson, Vicki Schmidt, Liz Fessler. 4th row: Jeanne Halloran, Sara McCadden, Karen Fischer, Marilyn Quigley, Diane Rister, Robbie Ezell, Patti Davit , Kristi Griffin, Karen Delehanty, Sherri Evans, Judy Mayer. 5th row: Sandy Lyerla, Connie Woodman, Cindy Reynolds, Judy Rittenhouse, Kim Foster, Debbie Davidson, Teresa Gonzales, Kamala Urs, Carol Whitlock, Gigi Hayes. Not Pictured: Terri Tosh, Veronica Joehl, Elsa Perez, Mary Nell Eastman, Neva Colburn, Dana Wilderman, Linda Farmer, Barb Churchill, Pam Rush. AAIn no certain order: Donny Wilson, David Williams, Tim Bazzell, Brian Krepel, Mark Beiser, Les Nolan, Keith St.Cin, Richard Bishop, Pat Miller, Kit Kried, Brian Irvine, Scott Gardner, David Bull, Chris Camp, Bill Toney, Felix Thommen, Steve Whited, Danny Beers, Danny Gutman, Dave Dare, Danny Cook, Mr. Fields, Andy Wilson. Not Pictured: Mike Stetson, Chris Dunphy, Jud Admire, Tom Murray, Doug Henderson, Ralph Freeman, Bill Mermis, Tim Acker, Bill Meyer, Steve Wigger, David Dennigman, Pat Hughes, Doug Elzy, Kevin St.Cin.You light up my life . . Twinkle Toes Well, I cheated the best I could. Why did ya give us the square orange? Almost Anything Goes was a contest where the seniors, juniors and sophomores competed. The contest consisted of doing wild-n-crazy things. It was sponsored by the Activities Board. In the end the juniors won. 130The reactions of the crowd Casey, it shouldn't be too hard. Juniors jump for victoryCHRISTMAS DANCE Funky Chicken Chuck Wow! Santa's another John Travolta Even the crippled come to dances133Snow Q, ueen The Queen and her court There were two candidates from each grade. They were selected by the student body. The senior candidates were Dana Wilderman and Elfa Perez. The junior candidates were Jolene Jouett and Jackie Stromske. The sophomore candidates were Anne Bucher and Robin Kinder. The winner was determined by how many votes she recieved. Voting was held in the cafeteria. Each vote cost a penny and the money went to the Salvation Army. Elia being crowned by the retiring Snow Queen, Martie EckhjrdtElia and Leo Where's Elia? Jolene and Dow Have you been a good girl? Jackie and Doug Robin and Eddie Anne and RichardC.A.S.E. PRESENTS THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS On February 8th the C.A.S.E. Club presented That's The Way It Was , The first Black History Week play. The well attended play was a tribute to the achievements of Great Black American Women such as Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Mary Mcleod Bethune. C.A.S.E. Club Choir opened and closed the program including a duet of No More Tears Mr. White Man with Ricky Terrell and Dan Riddlespringer on the piano. Others in the cast: Raynard Brown, Rev Ike; Michael Sheppard, Dr. Nat Turner. Crew: Tamara Herd, Stage Manager; Brian Kates, Brian Mclemore, Scott Somlar, Edwin Henry, Lights. 136Below: Ricky Terrell Seance for Miss Jane PitmanFront Row Left to Right: Tracy Tinkie, Linda Lowe, Nancy Jackson, Vickie Goeken. Row 2: Clara Vaughn, Jay Sabo, Mark Duffy, Traci Whyte. Row 3: Terry Banks, Mary Jane Sasik, Denise Johel, Sue Conner, Mike Beiser, Elanor Koloitz, Andy Wilson. Row 4: Dan Beers, Jeff Allsman, Richard Bishop, Mike Heston, Tim Sykes. Row S.GregRichards, Chris Dunphy, Tom Murray, Steve Hawkins, Mrs. Hall, Angie Be REDBIRD WORD Left to Right: Dona Hilderman, Pam Rush, Jay Herndon, Steve Lee, Joy Huffstutler, Sue Conner, Sherry Cover, Tim Stykies, Kathy Basden.Left to Right, Row 1: Connie Woodman, Judy Mayer, Lisa Young, Debbie Davidson, Row 2: Kim Foster, Elizabeth Ackerman, Lori Harmon, Elsa Perez, Row 3: Mary Ross, Bill Murmis, Steve Godfrey, Patti Vaughn, Row 4: Tim Janke, Ralph Freeman, Jud Admire, Doug Henderson, Row 5: Mike Stetson, Howard Peters, Bob Bolton, Steve Springate, Jeff Morey, Kathy Mafort False advertising at it's best! The Redbird Word is published about eight times per school year by the journalism classes as part of class work. The paper is then printed by the vocational printing classes at the J. B. lohnson Center. The journalism students turn in suggestions for newspaper articles which include news, features, sports, editorials, photographs and artwork. The students do their own reporting, writing, typing, copy editing and layout work before the copy is set into type. Following type setting, the students do the final proofreading and paste-up and then send the camera ready pages to the J.B. Center for printing. On distribution day, journalism students sell the paper during the seventh hour class period. The price has remained at ten cents per issue since the first Redbird Word was published in 1967. Mrs. Marlene Hall has been advisor since that time.Barb Griffin, Cara Paulda, Vicky Langford, Marianne Bockhorst, Cheri Rickman, Kari Cowgill, Joan Bockhorst, Judy Mayer, Cindy Gentry, Gayle Nicholson, Laura Norton, Cindy Leeds, Patti Davitz, Dianne Joehl, Cindy Eales, Ann Godfrey, Valerie Hart, Veronica Felton, Denise Joehl, Alice Barnard, Barb Johnson, Bonnie Riley, Doug Fester, Tracy Woolsey, Georgette Carman, Sam Martin, Valencia Taylor, Rita Campbell, Clint Champlin, Mark Van Hoy, Dow Costa, Craig Roberts, Terry Banks, Jerry Ellington, Felix Thommen, Jim Pinkowski, Ron Davey, Marquato Spann, John Kline, Advisor STUDENT SENATE See whal we made for Valentines Day. 140 Patti Davitz and Denise JoehlThey are working so hard. You interrupted our conversation. You caught us laughing again. Well, at least I'm working. 141 Excuse me, I was only trying to give a speech. Student Senate is a barrel of laughs.ACTIVITIES BOARD Front: Donna Bryant, Diane Ruby, Kathy Shive, Lisa Funkhouser, Row 1: Monica Hammon, )acki Dirksmeyer, Pam Schiidroth, Beth Henry, Paige House, Rose Clark, Charlotte Ford, Kelly Green, Robin Kinder, Marci Hofhery, Stacy Milford, Veronica )oehl, Kathy Basden. Row 2: Elia Perez, Lisa Claybrook, Patty Nolan, Connie Woodman, Jaci Fulks, Elsa Perez, Sherry Nicholson, Bessie Fuller, Kathy Salmons, Nancy lackson, Lynn Blackwood, Mary Nell Eastman, Britta Eichen, Row 3: Craig Davidson, Mike Shepperd, Mark Milford, Sam Mormino, Clay Marquis, Lisa Lucas, Terri Tosh, Row 4: Buddy Harden, Tim Acker, Larry Thompson, advisor Nancy an Mark supervising the painting.Did you hear the one about . . . Painting just makes me so tired. 143Row 1, t. to b., Barb Paul, Cindy Chase, Janet Schweppe, Regina Thomas, Melody Meyenburg, Debbie Davidson, Kelly Lagemann, Michele Peters, Pam Rush, Tricia Yates, Dorothy Aszman, Debbie Phillips, Cindy Woolsey, Sarah Hansel, Kristi Griffin, Martie Eckhard, Barb Brainerd, Britta Eichen, Kamala Urs, Bryan Miller. Row 2, Bette Joseph, Gigi Hays, Diane Rister, Chris Phillips, Les Nolan, Mark Giovagnoli, Mark Cornell, Phyllis Cannedy, Angela Galliher, Nancy Genutis, Mark Beyrau, David Bull, Steve Sands, Steve Davis. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mr. Bonynge, Martie Eckhard-Vice President, Barb Brainerd-President, Britta Eichen-Recording Secretary, Kamala Urs-Corresponding Secretary, Bryan Miller-Treasurer. 144AHS Disco??? Gel down!! No thanks. I can't dance. FBLA SPONSORS A DISCO CLASS Bev Carter instructs the group. Night fever.ADVANCED CHORUS Cynthia Beem, Brian Durham, Cathy Eberlin, Floyd Fischer, Suzanne Foster, Patricia Franke, Sherri Geisler, Terry Healey, John Jeffery, Teresa Koehm, Leah McClung, Kevin Owens, Susan Patschull, Shellee Rainey, Traci Rice, Hardy Rodgers, Kathleen Salmons, Pamela Schildroth, Laura Schmitt, Teresa Schmittlmg, Kelly Stewart, Diane Tenant, Steve Vrooman, Darin Willis, Tracy Woolsey, Janet Young.DESTINY Brad Andrews, Tom Bloomer, Kevin Clark, Steve Davis, Jeff Dawson, Maria Duebbert, Ed Emblom, Mary Forbes, Kristine Gabriel, Bette Joseph, Rodney Laird, Randy Lane, Judy Lawrence, Gail Lowe, Terri McCauley, Brian Miller, Chris Mueller, Kathy Nickell, Kent Owens, Cheryl Pfiefer, Pam Rush, Bob Shaw, Dixie Spence, JoEllen Stein, Joe Stumpe, Tom Taylor, Kent WeeksReal live models of the Egyptian Pyramids What a HUNK!! Hey there big boy! Getting a better view. You're just learning to read?Come on we can't hold it forever! Andy Mohler in the spotlight. Look at it. It's going right up her back! Kent Owens playing at the new mall.CONCERT BAND Mr. Cohill (director). Miss Shirley Matteson (student teacher), Mike Adams, Cary Andrus, Bob Bloodworth, Tom Bloomer, Scott Bryant, Jennifer Campbell, Jo Ann Christen, Trudy Colburn, Cindy Conger, Jeff Dawson, Robin Dennington, Tom Fischer, Barb Franke, Dave Gorton, Michelle Gray, Julie Green, Dave Hargiss, Mark Harris, Rick Hausman, Carla Hill, Sherry Hise, Sonja Holmes, David Jacoby, Jolene Jouett, Darryl Kaiser, Brad Kamp, Andy Kanturek, Sarah Maggos, Heather McDaniel, Chris Mueller, Keith Orban, Barry Patridge, Jeff Pearson, Cheryl Pfeifer, Cynthia Phegley, Jennifer Phillips, Cassandria Rankin, Brad Rodgers, Brian Roller, Mike Ruedin, Tanya Russell, Trent Russell, Chris Sheff, Tammy Shive, Mary Spencer, Joe Stumpe, Debbie Vantrease, Ruth VonBergen, Dawn Walkington, Kent Weeks, Carol Weinrich, Chris West, Chuck Willett, Brian Williams, Paul Wilson, Andy Wilson, Amy Wright.SYMPHONIC BAND 'H '■ i WSJ- fp '• :vx ’ i -jf %L-V- “iitw niri f W£r K I •. t I Mr. Basola, Darcy Adcock, Julie Albrecht, Mary Allensworth, Joni Allman, Jeffrey Allsman, Jerry Allsman, Kim Andrews, Roy Baehler, Lisa Beekmeyer, Peggy Beckmeyer, Danny Beers, Steve Beuttel, Dan Bierbaum, Nancy Bowser, Nancy Brown, Julie Bryant, David Bull, Rita Campbell, Mitchell Cappel, Karmyn Carrington, John Chappel, Jo Ann Christen, Doug Cornell, David Dare, Debbie Davidson, Dale Davis, Roger Davis, Mike Dorris, Marsha Dothager, Cathy Dustman, Kathy Eagleton, Trudie Ebarlin, Wilbert Ele, Keith Eyer, David Fritz, Karl Funk, Kelly Gallagher, Greg Gelzinnis, Lisa Graveman, Mark Gray, Julia Green, Randy Greenwell, Cathy Hager, Beth Hardbeck, Dan Harder, Mark Harris, Ben Harrison, Mike Harrison, Joy Hausman, David Hill, Sonja Holmes, Gretchen Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Bette Joseph, Darryl Kaiser, Cyndi Kanturek, Lisa Kitchens, Melanie Kitchens, Eleanor Kolditz, Sue Largen, Robert Legate, Linda Lohr, Lualis Long, Elaine Lowe, Jeff Malson, Mike Marshall, Debbie McCurley, Marianne Mermis, Jim Middleton, Bryan Miller, David Miller, Andy Mohler, Karen Niemier, Jody Noble, Kim Olden, Kent Owens, Rod Palmer, Lori Parks, Cheryl Pfeifer, Jennifer Phillips, Lisa Raby, Pam Reed, Greg Richards, Debbie Robertson, Dwayne Sanders, Dene Sandidge, Tom Sandner, Rebecca Sue Showers, Chris Skordos, Steven Springgate, Cheryl Stauffer, Richard Steward, Cheryl Stine, David Tantype, John Thompson, Kamala Urs, Ruth Vonbergen, Julie Weber, Kent Weeks, John Weigler, Carol Weinrich, Tim West, Debbie Wilson, Cathy Withrow, Jeffery Witt, Gary Woods.CONCERT ORCHESTRA Cheryl Armstead, Debbie Baker, Pamela Buhs, Jennifer Campbell, Raynard Brown, David Corbin, Douglas Cornell, Mark Cyprian, Roger Davis, Steve Davis, Kathy Eagleton, William Emblom, Steve Etter, Barb Franke, David Fritz, Lisa Funkhouser, Christy Graham, Randy Greenwell, David Hargis, Ed Hagiss, Mike Harrison, Kevin Hazslip, Marcella Holcomb, Sue Howell, David Jacoby, Heather Jacques, Bette Joseph, Lisa Kitchens, Karen Korte, Clifford Kunz, Sarah Maggos, James Middleton, Bryan Miller, David Miller, Andy Mohler, Edward Morrison, Linda Mortland, Chris Mueller, Karen Propes, Amy Rathgeb, Patricia Schwartz, Mark Scott, Becky Showers, Danny Stalcup, Susan Ulrich, Kamala Urs, Becky Waggoner, Kent Weeks, Carol Weinrich, Carla Wenner, Tim West, Carol Whitlock.Brad Andrews, Cheryl Armstead, Debbie Baker, Kelly Banks, Cindy Chase, Kevin Clark, David Corbin, Joe Crawford, Steve Davis, Maria Duebbert, Ron Duebbert, Kathy Eagleton, Will Ele, Ed Emblom, Will Emblon, Sherri Eudy, Mary Forbes, Cheryl Fraser, Randy Greenwell, David Hargis, Ed Hargis, Mike Harrison, Sonja Holmes, Alicia johnson, Rodney Laird, Sue Lewis, Gail Lowe, Sarah Maggos, Heather McDaniel, Bryan Miller, David Miller, Andy Mohler, Kathy Nickell, Kent Owens, Cheryl Pfeifer, Karen Propes, Amy Rathgeb, Pam Rush, Vickey Schmidt, JoElien Stein, Kamala Urs, Debbie Vantrease, Ruth Vonbergen, Kent Weeks, Dawn Walkington, Carol Weinrich, Carol Whitlock, Chuck Willet, Tammy Wittman.Hey Nickel! Miss Matteson conducts the band. Tuxedo's waiting to be rented. over if you don't want to get jabbed again. Above; At the Christmas Concert.Don't run Mr. Cohill, you're next Bands that play together, stay together Mr. Cohill and the Misletoe Fairy. Hey, get that camera out of here! Below; We don't just monkey around. Below; Voodoo curs Above; The grand prize winner - a one-way ticket out-of-town..«• tJfi v 4 n n K V • M I till Hkt Homecoming halftime MARCHING 23 Salvation Army Band Ben Harrison, Bob Legate The Flying Nun strikes again!MARCHI Darcy Adock, Julie Albrecht, Joanne Allan, Mary Allensworth, Joni Allman, Jeffery Allman, Jerry Allman, Kim Andrews, Roy Baehler, Lisa Beckmeyer, Peggy Beckmeyer, Danny Beers, Steve Beuttel, Dan Bierbaum, Nancy Bowsher, Nancy Brown, Bobby Jo Bryant, Julie Bryant, Pam Buhs, David Bull, Rita Campbell, Mitchell Cappel, Karmyn Carrington, John Chappel, Jo Ann Christen, Pam Clark, Melodie Claxton, Chris Cox, Doug Cornell, Debbie Cunningham, David Dare, Debbie Davidson, Dale Davis, Roger Davis, Mike Dorris, Marsha Dothager, Cathy Dustman, Kathy Eagleton, Trudie Ebarlin, Wilbert Ele, Keith Eyer, David Fritz, Karl Funk, Kelly Gallagher, Greg Gelzinnis, Lisa Graveman, Mark Gray, Julia Green, Randy Greenwell, Cathy Hager, Beth Hardbeck, Dan Harder, Mark Harris, Ben Harrison, Mike Harrison, Joy Hausman, Karry Hazslip, David Hill, SonJa Holmes, Gretchen Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Bette Joseph, Darryl Kaiser, Cyndi Kanturek, Pam Kidwell, Lisa Kitchens. Melanie Kitchens, Eleanor Kolditz, Sue Largen, Robert Legate, Linda Lohr, Lualis Long, Elaine Lowe, Tracey Luly, Jeff Malson, Mike Marshall, Debbie McCurley, Machele McDannel, Marianne Mermis, Jim Middleton, Bryan Miller, David Miller, Andy Mohler, Laura Nicholson, Karen Niemier, Jody Noble, Kim Olden, Kent Owens, Rod Palmer, Lori Parks, Cheryl Pfeifer, Lisa Raby, Kay Raines, Amy Rathgeb, Pam Reed, Greg Richards, Bonnie Riley, Debbie Robertson, Dwayne Sanders, Tom Sander, Dene Sandidge, Vicki Schmidt, Nancy Schoonover, Rebecca Sue Showers, Malissa Siess, Chris Skodos, Steven Springgate, Cheryl Stauffer, Otis Stewart, Janet Stilwell, Cheryl Stine, David Tantype, John Thompson, Susan Ulrich, Kamala Urs, Ruth Vonbergen, Janice Waggoner, Donna Walter, JulieWeber, Kent Weeks, John Weigler, Carol Weinrich, Tim West, Debbie Wilson, Cathy Withrow, Jeffery Witt, Gary Woods, Traci Woods.Redbirdettes Pam Clark, Chris Cox, Pam Kidwell, Machele McDannel, Laura Nicholson, Marilyn Raines, Cheryl Stauffer, Donna Walter, Traci Woods, Traci Luly. Leader, Janet Stilwell Color Guard Bobbie Jo Bryant, Pam Buhs, Melodie Claxton, Amy Rathgeb, Vicki Schmidt, Susan Ulrich. Majorettes Jennifer Conner, Kerry Hazslip, Bonnie Riley, Nancy Schoonover, Melissa Siess. Ut 100's entrance Randy Greenwell October 16. 197« Famous opening onSWING CHOIR L. to R.: Linda Farmer, Tim Weeks, Lori Harmon, Chuck Willet, Karen Fischer, Randy Lane, Marti Eckhard, Ed Taul, Pat Davey, Steve Vrooman, Terri McCauley, Jim Davey, Dixie Spence, Chris Camp.VARSITY SOCCER Vickie Goeken, Joy Hausman, Kelly Lagemann, Barb Johnson, Jackie Fulks, Jane Aulabaugh, Stacy Milford, Sherry Hise VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: Traci Tinkey, Noel Terrell, Second Row: Carla Hill, Kay Lambrich, Martie Eckhard, Sue Meyers. Third Row: Cindy Chase, Patty Ramey, Linda Farmer.TROUBADOURS Darcy Adcock, jerry Allsman, Gabe Bourland, Julie Brunaugh, Dave Bullard, Donna Chappell, Ted Davey, Melia Davies, Danny Dipiazzo, Maria Deubert, Joy Eisenreich, Bryan Elkins, Dave Fester, Barb Franke, Phil Gueken, Danny Harder, Ricky Hausman, Karry Hazslip, Todd Heininger, Dana Hewitt, Gloria Flicks, Connie Hord, Karen Hubner, Dorothy Hutchinson, Jesse Kimbrough, Cheryl Kincaid, Robin Kinder, Fenne Lekkas, Tammy Logan, Quint Long, Nell McConahey, Danni McGee, Jeff Nelson, Jim Newmann, Chris Nickel, Karen Niemeier, Ricky Parks, Randy Rhoades, Julie Schulmeister, Jenny Shake, Tom Steele, Kathy Smith, Mary Taul, Tom Taylor, Dan Titchenal, Sue Voss, Trisha Vroman, Becky Waggoner, Clare Wakes. JAZZ BAND jerry Allsman, Bob Bloodworth, Sieve Davis, Cathy Dustman, Wilbert Ele, Tom Fischer, Randy Greenwell, Dave Hargiss, Sonia Holmes, Dave Jacoby, Andy Kanturek, Bryan Miller, Andy Mohler, Kent Owens, Cheryl Pfeifer, Lisa Raby, Brian Roller, joe Stumpe, Ruth VonBergen, Julie Weber, Kent Weeks, Chuck WilletMary Adney, Mary Allensworth, Jeffery Allsman, Donna Aukamp, Todd Bailey, Edward Bucher, Cheryl Buntenbach, Clifford Carter, Cynthia Chase, Kevin Clark, Leigh Dalton, James Davey, Paula Deck, Suzanne Dilks, Jackie Dirksmeyer, Ronald Duebbert, Gary Dykeman, Martha Eckard, Tamara Edmistom, Melanie Elick, Sherri Eudy, Linda Farmer, Bradley Fields, Karen Fischer, Thomas Fischer, Kimberly France, Angela Galliher, Saundra Garrett, Catherine Goeken, Jennifer Hays, Martha Husmann, Gretchen Johnson, Bryan Kates, Carl Kates, Brenda Keene, Michele Killion, Randy Lane, Judy Lawrence, Susan Lewis, Jennifer Maynard, Teri McCauley, Lecia Morrison, Lori Parks, Lisa Raby, Kenneth Raybin, Jeanie Robinett, Kurt Saksa, Donna Scheffel, Sarah Schudel, Micheal Shepperd, Sandra Simmons, Dixie Spence, Cheryl Stine, Edward Taul, Micheal Tilton, Greg Van Wyk, Guedel Van Zandt, Clare Vaughn, Dawn Walkington, Lon Walter, Donald Weeks, Eric Wendle, Charles Willett, Robert Wilson, Micheal Wood.PEP BAND IB V Row 1: Jennifer Phillips, Kamala Urs, Julie Webber, Debbie Davidson, Doug Cornell, Chris Skordos, Cheryl Pfeifer, Andy Kanturek, Steve Beuttel, Cathy Dustman, Bette Joseph. Row 2: Carol Weinrich, Darryl Kaiser, Marsha Dothager, Gary Woods, David Dare, David Jacoby, Tom Sandner. Row 3: Will Ele, Sonja Holmes, Mark Harris, Mark Wyman. Jeff Malson, Bob Legate. Row 4: Mr. Pete Basola, Andy Wilson, Greg Hill, Andy Mohler, Kent Weeks, Jeff Allsman. Rich Steward, John Chappell, Karl Funk, (student director). Not pictured: Randy Greenwell (student director), Kim Olden, Jery Allsman. By George, I think they've got it. Personally, I don't think it's very peppy.Lisa Rizzoli with the Royal DancersSOPHOMORE CHORUS (MORNINGS) 2nd Hour, front from left to right: Tina Godfrey, Becky Norris, Gabe Bourland, Dorothy Horton, Arlene Kerkemeyer, Gloria Hicks, Karry Hazslip, Trisha Vrooman, Row II: Fanee Lekkas, Dana Hewitt, Tammy Logan, Kim Wells, Gina Klunk, Barb Griffin, Dodie Miller. Row III: Jamie Gardner, Diane Dressier, Maria Duebbert, Suzanne Hansel, Joy Eisenreich, Jan Smith, Melissa Peters. Row IV: Ella Hearn, Theresa Hawkins, Quint Long, Danny Dipiazzo, Rod Palmer, Rob Parmenter, Marcia Brockway. Row V: Jerry Allsman, Rick Parks, Danny Titchenal, Dave Bullard, Tracy Belangee, Donna McDonald. 4th Hour, front from left to right: Laura Flota, Lorraine Rose Clark, Veronica Felton, Kristy Dawson, Martha Bechtold, Mack, Tina Miller, Linda Brown, Wyletta Hines, Julie Boyd, Karen Huebener, Danni McGhee. Row IV: Tom Steele, David Donna Chappel. Row II: Barb Frank, Denise Horton, Mary Taul, Fritz, Scott Wade, Rich Hausman, Charles Dale, Jesse Julie Hailer, Heather Brooks, Tanna Kenshalo, Rhonda Mack, Kimbrough. Georgette Carman. Row III: Diane Corroin, Mary Morgan,SOPHOMORE CHORUS (AFTERNOON) 7th Hour, front from left to right: Kristal Johnson, Brenda Rider, Kellie Kohler, Cassi Renken, Kari Cowgill, Nell McConahey, Sue Angel, Chris Nickell, Julie Brunaugh. Row II: Barb Little, Julie Schulmeister, Tisha Moris, Peggy Beckmeyer, Robin Kinder, Jeanie Daengsurisri, Maureen Cowan, Cindy Gaber, Debbie Tilton, Darcy Adcock. Row III: Mr. Kelly, Kim Anderson, Karen Niemeier, Kathy Smith, Lori Smith, Debbie Cairns, Becky Waggoner, Connie Hord, Mary Hellrung, Sue Hart. Row IV: Barb Griffith, Mike Bennett, Vic Burton, Jim Neumann, Jeff Nelson, Danny Harder, Randy Rhoads, Bryan Elkins, Doug Fester, Reyne Calvert. 8th Hour, front from left to right: Martha Coleman, Michelle Koldit . Row III: ken Gras . Ted Davey, Phil Goeken, Tammy Agee, Kaye Halford, Kay McNab, Donna Edwards, Bonnie Hopper, Rhonda Nolle. Donna Sowders, Clair Waits. Janet Hand, Row II: Monica Jackson, Dorthy Hutchinson, Beth Merrede Shank Pearson, Sharon Grace, Mary Kochanski, Melia Davies,174 Row 1: Kent Newcombe, Dave Denningmann, Brian Johnson, Chuck Schildroth, Mikki Robinson, Jim Ehlers, Eddie North, Greg Bock, Mark Bennett. Row 2: Mgr. Clint Gray, Steve Hawkins, Ron Raglin, Terry Banks, Keith Stewart, Floyd Raglin, Danny Riddlespriger, Pat Wilson, Bob Darr, Bill Corby, Mgr. Bill Hardin, Row 3: Joel Talbert, Dave Reno, Darryl Charleston, Mark Macias, Clint Reinhardt, Vincent Mitchell, Keith Steiger, Paul Stutz, Mike Schwarte, Eric Owens. Row 4: Craig Buntenbach, John Campbell, Dave Vassar, Fred Stutz, Tom Estes, Roger Holman, Bill Brakeville, Joe Cannon, Gerald Dennis. Row 5: John Almeter, Doug Bohringer, Brad Fields, Dow Costa, Scott Somlar, James Roberts, Andy Dawdy, John Duvall, Mark Johnson. Coaches: Jack Martin, Charlie Sheretz, Terry Mitchell, Jim Arico, Wayne Williams, Felix Macias.VARSITY SOCCER Row 1: Mgrs. Sara Smith, Jeannie Halloran, Terri Schaberg, Row 2: Matt Maher, Bard Baker, Mark Duffy, Tim Weeks, Bill Toney, Greg Nasollo, Mike Becker, Tom Hayes, Bill Mermis, Row 3: Coach Hill, Mark Giovnoli, Chris Dunphy, Tim Acker, John Kloc Kenkemper, Mark Milford, Stewart Bramley, Scott Admire, Darrin Jones, Sam Mormino, John Wardein, Coach Brown. i in VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row, kneeling L to R: Frank Bassett, De Wayne Williams, Troy Washpun, Danny Cruz, John Smith. Back Row: Coach Baiter, Coach Moats, Aaron Parker, Pat Miller, Chuck Williams, Robin Stockard, Charles Tyson, Keith St. Cin, Cliff Moore, Mark Wilson, Marcus Renken, Mardy Rogers, Mgr., Coach McAffos.ARION AWARD The Arion Award is given each year to the outstanding graduating senior. In nominating the music student, 10 points are considered: 1. Better than average scholastic standings. 2. Cooperation over and above normal duties. 3. General musicianship. 4. Attendance. 5. Ambition. 6. Diligence. 7. Inspiration to others. -Br Music performance. 9. Personal habits. 10. Qualified to carry on the best traditions of the school. Chuck Willet receives the award from Mr. Basola.TheaterTHE ROYAL PRINCES AND PRINCESSES Mike Bourland, Nicole Choate, Joshua Cox, Sara Cox, Mike Garvey, Paul Gitchoff, Ann Margaret Greenwood, Amy Greenwood, Strahn Hackworth, Heather Hise, Clotil Jones, Stacy Ann Kmdig, Mark North, Mark-Todd Reader, Maurice Shulas, Julie Thies, Kendra Walters, Eric Zyung THE ROYAL WIVES Pat Davey, Marti Eckhardt, Jane Fischer, Sally Hall, Donna Kochanski, Judy Lawrence, Terri McCauley, Dixie Spence, Julie Taylor, Kelly Wooff THE ROYAL DANCERS Cindy Chase, Jennifer Chue, Linda Farmer, Kara Ford, Sandy McCoy, Tammy Wittman, Lisa Rizzoli, Lisa Gross, Joy Hausman, Suzanne McEuen, Mike Wood, Eric Wendle, Mike Tilton, Jack Churchill, Steve Vrooman, Joel Humphries, Scott Callahan 178CAST Captain Ortan Louis Leonowens Anna Leonowens The Interpreter The Kralahome Phra Alack The King Tuptim lady Thiang Prince Chulalongkorn lun Tha Sir Edward Ramsey Princess Ying Yaowlak Mark Harris Scott Mandrell Karen Savage Bob Mitchell Jeffrey Urs Chris Mueller Brad Meyers Karen Fischer Toni McCauley Tim Weeks Ed Taul Mark Elliott Heather Wise THE ROYAL ORCHESTRA Debbie Baker, Karen Ballard, Gail Lowe, Ron Duebbert, Pam Rush, Mary Forbes, Kathy Nickell, |ohn Butler, Steve Bockstruck, Amy Rathgeb, Brad Andrews, Will Emblom, Steve Davis, Kevin Clark, Martha Camped, Betty Joseph, Chuck Wollet, Ruth Von Bergen, Sonja Holmes, Heather McDaniels, Christy Laird, Carol Weinrich, Debbie Vantrease, Brad Wilcox, Kent Weeks, James Ponder, David Harris, Mike Harrison, Wilbert Ele, Steve Bowen, Kent Owens, Chervi Pfeifer, Kamala UrsTHE ROYAL PRIESTS Jeff Allsman, Chris Camp, Brien Durham, Randy Lane, Charles Maneke, Darryl Tantype, Rob Wilson. I know I'm irresistible, but REALLY! Suzanne McEuen and Lisa Rizzoli dancing during a snow storm.THE ROYAL AMAZONS Lori Walter, Sue Meyers, Kay Lambrich, Rita Campion THE ROYAL GUARDS Terry Lorts, Doug Leaved, Steve Nolan, Charlie Hayes Mrs. Enloe- an interested observer. Director Vocal Director Orchestra Conductor Choreographer Technical Director Costume Director Ticket Sales Stage Manager Assistant Director Light Board Rehearsal Pianists Mr. Cliff Davenport Mr. George Heidbrink Mr. Larry Crabbs Mrs. Dianna Enloe Mr. Glenn Waters Miss Theodora Tonkinson Mr. Glenn Waters Barb Caires Jeff Iveser Ann Schmidt Bill Kiser jim Ryan Toni McCauley Cheryl Pfeifer Kamala Urs Is there some kind of problem with the singing chorus? Simon of LeGree, the villian. Peek-a-boo, I see you.Director Student Director Stage Manager Light Board Choreographer Program Design Costume Supervisor DEADWOOD DICK Ned Harris (alias Deadwood Dick) Jeff Ivester Wild Bill Hickok (his heck fur leather pard) John Butler Lily Blossom (a tender prairie flower) Lisa Gross Rose (her resplendent sister) Donna Bryant Blackman Redburn (Black'n Red, a true black villain) Brad Meyers Judge Nix (all the law there is in Deadwood Bill Meyer Calamity Jane (owner of the Man Trap Saloon ) Nan Downing La Paloma (an exotic adventuress) Pam Vrooman Pong Ping (a Chinese cook, pigtail and all) Mike Wood Chet Pussy (a bartender) Joel Copley Sheriff Loveless (who gets his man) Andy Weullner Molly (his wife, more sinned against than sinning) Karen Savage Teetotal Tessie (A Temperance Crusader) Cheri Eschbach Piano Annie (who tickles the ivories at the Man Trap) Tony McCauley Mr. Glenn Waters Rob Wilson Pete Barban Bill Kiser Mrs. Diana Enloe Jeff Ivester Mrs. Diana Enloe Miners . . . Scott Callahan, Chris Mueller, Jim Carroll, Clint Reinhardt, Jack Churchill, Dave Miller, Mark Harris 183Dance Hall Ladies Tessie's Crusaders The Tumbleweeds Mary Adney Leigh Dalton Karen Leeds Donna Scheffel Robbie Ezell Chris Little Kim Dreith Ann Schmidt Steve Davis (bass) Mark Elliott (piano) Steve Bowen (drums)a raisin in the sun Ruth Younger Travis Younger Walter Lee Younger Beneatha Younger Lena Younger(Mama) Bessie Fuller Ronald James Kevin Owens Noel Terrell Valencia Taylor Joseph Asagai George Murchison Bobo Mr. Lindner Moving Men Michael Shepperd Carl Kates Raynard Brown Mark Harris Robert Shaw Kurt Saksa Mama comforts Ruth. Walter Lee and Ruth reconcile What happens to a dream deffered? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? And fester like a sore— And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or curst and suger over— Like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags Like a heavy load. Or does it explode? — Langston HughesMama opens a present from Travis Bennie doing an African dance Ruth talks to Mama Carl disapproves of Beneatha's costume Mama argues with Walter Lee.Crew: Don Bonnell, Tammy Wittman, Lecia Morrison, Lori Brausen, Kevin Clark, Kurt Saksa, Mary Adney, Mike Wood, Leigh Dalton, Donna Bryant, Lori Walter, Fanne Lekkas, Janet Murray, Cindy Jorstad. Not Shown: Cathy Dustman, Doug Ford, Beth Henry, John Jeffrey, Laurie Lowe, Kathy Weber, Carol Whitlock, Cindy Beem, Harriet Thomas, DeWayne Williams, Peter Barban, Jim Carroll, Michelle Kolditz, James Neumann, Jeff Romo, Joanne Aleen, Rita Campion, Veronica Felton, Brad Rodgers, Nancy Kanallakan, Eleanor Kolditz, Tina Newton, Cynthia Phlegley, Mike Stuller, Meg Wegner, Robbie Ezzell, Lisa Gross, Tracy Oulson, Lisa Funkhouser. Asagai gives a present. God, Give me strength!THESPIAN TROUPE 126 Troupe 126 of the International Thespian Society is an honorary organization with the purpose of encouraging students who have excelled in that field. To become a Thespian a student must earn points in more than one type of activity. Ten points are required for membership, and a Thespian continues earning credit after election to the Troupe. If he earns 60 points-a real achievement-he is awarded the rank of Honor Thespian. Troupe President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Mark Harris Mike Wood Donna Bryant Mary Adney Lisa Gross Honor Thespians: Karen Fischer, Lisa Gross, Mark Harris, Chris Mueller, Mike Wood. Standing below: Mr. Waters, Mr. Davenport, Tim West, Rob Wilson, Mark Harris, JoAnne Allen, Kevin Clark, Do Bonnell, On steps: Debbie Orban, Chuck Willett, Donna Bryant, Randy Lane, Mary Adney, Ed Taul, Pat Davey, Lisa Gross, Peter Barban, Mike Wood, Rita Campion, Lori Brausen, Kathy Nickell, Lower landing: Lori Walter, Kay Lambrich, Nancy Jackson, Leigh Dalton, Robbie Ezell, Top landing: Carol Whitlock, Steve Davis, Kent Weeks, Gail Lowe, Cheryl Pfeifer, Kamala Urs. Last minute direction before dress rehersal Chris and Kevin manning the light and sound.THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Eleanor Vance ..... Mrs. Dudley ....... Theodora .......... Dr. Montague ...... Luke Sanderson .... Mrs. Montague ..... Arthur Parker ..... Director .......... Student Assistants .... Stage Assistants .. Lighting Control .. Sound ............. Costume Supervision Ticket Supervision ... cast ...................... Lisa Gross ...................... Mary Adney .................... Pam Vrooman ...................... Mark Harris .................... Greg Gelzinnis ...................... Karen Fisher ...................... Trent Russell Production .................. Mr. Glenn Waters ...................... Leigh Dalton ...................... Kurt SakSa Donna Bryant .................... Chris Mueller ...................... K.D. Clark .................. Mrs. Diana Enloe ............... Mr. Cliff Davenport 190 And I don't do Windows.Well tell me dear something about yourself “Now take it easy Eleanor. “Come Arthur. 'Don't you see the house is trying to separate us?' It's coming to get us! Oh goody! “How dare you. 'It is Hill House.'The Boys at School . . . Gabe Bourland, Chris O'Neal, Tom Seymour, Kathy Dustaman, Val Flippo, Chris Mueller, Tom Tlayor, K.D. Clark, Donna Bryant, Kurt Saksa, Leigh Dalton, Lori Walter, Dene Sandidge, Mike Wood, Don Bonnell, Kevin Owens, Chris Skordos, Michelle Koldite, Donna Chappel, Donna Sowders. 192Clubs and OrganizationsC.A.S.E. CLUB CULTURAL AND SOCIAL EXCHANGE Front Row Left to Right; Gwendolyn Clark, Bessie Fuller, Tamara Hearn, Wyletta Hines, Ella Hern, Sakina Henderson, Kevin Owens, Row II; Polly Allred, Marcus Bennett, Floyd Raglin, Valerie Greer, Vernica Felton, Brian Hutchinson, Rita Campbell, James Raglin, Tracy Everage, Row III; Cynthia Stampely, Sam Martin, Carl Kates, Scott Somlar, Mike Sheppard, James Johnson. C.A.S.E. club was first formed in 1968. It was called Wat-tu-Wayuri, which is Swahali for Beautiful Black People. Its first sponsors were Mrs. Irene Sanders and Mrs. Polly Allred. Under their direction, C.A.S.E. has done many exciting things, such as the play, That's the Way it Was , assemblies, dances and charity drives. This year they formed the C.A.S.E. Gospel Choir. It was formed to encourage the youth to study and perform gospel music. Mrs. Allred sadly left the group at midterm and, Mr. Jerald Randol and Mr. Collis James took over as the new sponsors. Not pictured: Andy Ramirez, Raynard Brown, Deanna Jones, Ronnie Dancy, David Vassaar, Keith Stewart, Michelle Shaw, Brian McLemore, Alice Curtis, Connie Davenport, Hardy Rodgers, Valencia Taylor, Meloivee Johnson, Viviette Johnson, Rosemary Clark, Candice Shorter, Evelyn James, Ronald James, Joyce Little, Daryl Charelston, Cheri Armstead, Bryan Kates, Joanne Ramirez, DeWayne Williams, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Banks, Glenn Anthony, Sue Mack, Michelle Killion, Kelly Banks, Cheryl Griggs, Beverly Burnett, Arvella Brice, Fransetta Brice, Danny Riddlespringer, Wanda McCauley, Bernadette Stockard 194 Mm Ronne Dancy, Activities Director, Rita Campbell, Treas urer, Brian Hutchinscr President, Michael Sheepperd, Assistant Secretary, Rose Clark, Secretary ?Front Row Left to Right; Wanda McCauley, Charlotte Ford. Row II; Carole Joiner, Connie Davenport, Sue Mack, Ella Hearn, Veronica Felton, Bernadette Stockard. Row III; Cheral Armstead, Michelle Killion, Raynard Brown (Director), Tammy Hearn, Delots Foster, Kevin Owens (Pianist), Row IV; Michael Sheppaed, Bessie Fuller, Ronnie Dancy, Danny Riddlespringer. Why aren't you singing? The Farewell Party for Mrs. Allred Jan. 5, 1979. Look at him, the FOOL! Bessie and Mrs. Allred Loosing a good friend hurts.DANCE CLUB Rhonda Nolle, Jill Peipert, Todd Heiniger, Kim Griffin, Clare Waits, Darrin Hayes, Dorothy Hutchinson, Karry Hazslip, Debbie Cairns, Debbie Steele. Michelle Kolditz, Ted Davey, Tim Weeks, Tammy Wittman, Mike Woods, Lori Walter, Steve Vrooman, Mary Adney, Donna Bryant, Ed Bucher, Mike Sheppard, Lisa Gross, Leigh Dalton, Linda Farmer, Cindy Eales. Tracy Seymour, Dixie Spence, Marquato Spann, lulie Schulmeister, Suzanne McEuen, Pat Davey, Doug Fester, Marci Hoeffer, Kelly Renolds, Kara Ford, Kay McNab, Donna Sowders, Tom Bobs, Rick Parks, Sandy Preis, Sue LargenAHS Dance Club was formed last year, and this year is even stronger than ever. The club boasts about 35 regular members who meet weekly to exercise, work on dance combinations and practice entire routines. The Dance Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Enloe, and assisted by )oe Huber and Sandi McCoy of Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, offers a variety of dance techniques and styles including jazz, tap, ballet and character dance. They welcome everyone . . . beginners, people who want to lose weight, advanced dancers and people who want to have lots of good times! Once again Dance Club participated in the Lewis and Clark Community College Spring Dance Recital in which twelve advanced dancers performed and also presented a workshop at the Illinois High School Theatre Festival on the University of Illinois Campus in January. Joe and part of the group You want to hustle? Now everybody watch me.RIFLE TEAM Front Row (L to R): Mark Frisse, Kent McCluskie, Randy Grebes, Coach Decker, Wayne Johnessee. Not Shown are Kara Ford and Dane Walkington. Mondy. Back Row: Dawn Walkington, Chris leoni, John Rauscher, David The Rifle Team appeals to those students having an interest in guns, shooting, and outdoor sports. All equipment . . . rifles, ammunition, etc., is furnished through the sports program at AHS. Riflery is the only co-educational sport at AHS. The team season extends from Oct. to Feb. each year. The Rifle Team practices 4 evenings a week at the Piasa Rifle and Pistol Club Range - Front and George Sts. in Alton. Matches are fired on Wednesdays. The Rifle Team is a member of the St. Louis HS Rifle League which is composed of 8 area high schools. The Rifle Team also participates in the annual state tournament at Peoria, III. each year. 198Wayne Johnessee shot his way to the highest score the Rifle Team History. Front Row, Left to Right: Kevin Botterbush, David Drury, Back Row: Mark Velloff, Greg Irvin, Kevin Johnessee, Mike Glassmeyer Post your target. Ready, aim, blast?GERMAN CLUB Mr. Fischer, Sponsor, Lisa Beckmeyer, Les Nolan, Susan Ulrich, Elizabeth Ackerman, Barb Churchill, Dorothy Aszman, Debra Phillips, Gerald Kelly, Wesley Kolk, Darrell Nolan, Brett Miller, Bryan Miller, Mike Ruedin, Danny Beers, Suzanne Dilks, Peggy Beckmeyer, Melody Meyenburg, Linda Mortland, David Metzmaker, Old Man, Kamala Urs, Tom Waters, Debbie Cairns, Julie Hailer, Diane Dressier, Scott Greenwood, Linda Brown, Nancee Young, Kay McNab, Kathy Smith, David Fritz, Tom Hays, Brad Kamp, Bob Hunter, Kent Johnson, Tim WeeksFRENCH CLUB Jvlor, Bill Tucker, Danny Dipiazzo The French Club is comprised of students interested in France and its customes. They plan dinners with French cuisine as the menu. One of their dinners was fondu, as shown in these pictures, Mr. Schlitt is the sponsor. 201A F.S. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Row 1: Susan Ulrich, Randy Greenwell, Felix Thommen. Row 2: Laurie Haase, Jenifer Tyler, Beth Holden, Kamala Urs, Lori Brausen. Row 3: Kathy Smith, Nancee Young, Jeannie Robinett, Theresa Gonzales. Row 4: Janet Murray, Andrew Kanturek, Bill Toney, Carol Whitlock. Row 5: Mr. Bagley, Brett Miller, Gigi Hays, Tricia Schwartz, Kathy Eagleton. Row 6: Debbie Davidson. Randy Greenwell playing for carolers. The group caroling at Alton Memorial. On no! Here comes a runaway stretcher!CHESS CLUB Sk .“KS'iX0 '«’ ”” • «» “• «-• Dixon, Jeanie Robinett, Mr. MATH AND SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. Broadbrooks, Steve Davis, Bryan Miller. Rodney Laird, Will Emblem. Bob Bloodwor.h, David Bull, Mark Cornell, Kriste GriffinRow 1, left to right: Patty Tillman, Cindy Eales, Cheri Westbrook, Row 5: Georgette Carman, Heather Healey, Armstead, Row 2: Rhonda Brooks, Teresa Grounds, Cara Cheryl Wallace, Row 6: Jime Pinkowski, Jane Watsek, Carol Paulda, Barbara Calvin, Row 3: Shelly Budde, Sheila Edelen, Kwas Row 4: Monica Westbrook, Jennifer Campbell, Melodie Jane Watsek Malena Holcomb Barbara and TeresaPresentation of Outstanding Sophomore FBLA Member, 77-78 The Alton FBLA Chapter has 89 members, who participate in educational, civic, service, social, and fund raising activities. Induction of President, Dan Churchman, 77-78, Patty Tillman, 78-79 The Alton FBLA Chapter has 89 members, who participate in educational, civic, service, social, and fund raising activities. The educational activities included a field trip to Alton Box Board; A Day in the Business World; Parliamentary Procedure Workshop; Area Conference and Contests, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville; State Leadership Conference, Springfield; North-Central Regional Leadership Conference, Des Moines, IA; National Leadership Conference, New Orleans, LA; American Citizenship Seminar, St. Louis, MO; Awards Banquet; and hear speakers from businesses and industries. The civic activities were Ringing Bells for the Salvation Army, and Bowling for Charities. The service activities included a fall Bingo Party and a Valentine Party for Adopted Grandparents at D'Adrian Convalescent Center. For social activities, the members had Disco Lessons and Disco Dances, Christmas Party at Pizza Hut and a Spring trip to Six Flags. The members sold Tom Wat merchandise for their fund-raising activity. Each member receives 1 3 of the sales for his her profit for FBLA activities. 205OFFICE OCCUPATIONS L to R: Bev Angel, Karen Talley, Laurie Sheff, Barb Stephanie Clark, Cindy Miller, Kathy Wetzstein, Kelly Sheary, Connie Woodman, Teresa Delehanty, Allan Wooff, Melinda Westbrook, Melissa Mayer. Hardesty, Linda Heil, Tina Franz, Judy Rittenhouse, L to R: Mrs. Hunt, Bev Angel, Lisa Cravemann, Donna Berghoff, Linda Harrison, Rhonda Baldwin, Debra Scharth, Deborah Creamer, Janet Voegeli, Bob Waters, Cindy Weber, Melinda Logan, Judy Rittenhouse, Diane Donelson, Susan Weishaupt, Sheila Wooten. 206 O.O. students.D.E.C.A. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA Left to right: Lori Allsman, Janice Strowmatt, Mark Hanneken, Gerald Parham, Kay Hopper, Anita McClain, Gerhardt, Vicki Cappel, Reimund Zippmann, Candace Patricia Hersman, Penny Hill, Mr. Hawthorne. Shorter, Brian Johnson, Clifton Moore, Charles Bell, Bernie Left to right: Greg Gates, Cindy Pellegrino, Jenny Mizerski, Liz Fessler, Kevin McKinney, Mary Dodd, Mr. McGinnis, Toni Torrez, Jim Kelsey, Mitch Fryman, Gary Mitchell, Curt Bailey. Not pictured: Brad Goldman Greer, Carol Gaddy, Darwin Wallace, Angie Greer, CynthiaOn June 25, 1978, Kriste Griffin, Christopher Kreid, Paul uschke, Dave Metzmaker, Becky Showers, Elisabeth obbs, Monica Stobbs, and Mr. Fischer set out to explore the ry Heart of Europe - Germany. After a brief stop over in eland and Luxembourg, they arrived in Germany. They aveled the historic Rhine River Valley to the famous niversity town of Heidleberg. A tour through the Bla k orest and the beautiful Neckar Valley took them to the lodern city of Stuttgart where they indulged in Wiener hnitzel, sausage and assorted beverages. Their next stop as the City ot Music - Salzburg, seemingly untouched by the passing of time. Pastoral villages in the alpine regions bordered our way to Munich, capitol of Bavaria, City of the Olympics and home office of B.M.W. Three days of sightseeing, shopping and eating were the highlights of this c itv ot museums, places and churches. Time was passing quit klv, so on they drove to Dinkelsbuehl and Rothburg ob der Tauber, two famous walled medival towns. Spending a dav in a town which has changed little in 980 years was a great experience. From there they returned to Luxembourg for then homeward flight. They returned to St. Louis tired but happy on July 8, 1978 with many pleasant memories. VOCATIONAL HORTICULTURE Robert Bechtold, Jim Bensman, Wally Blackledge, Maria Bowen, Pam Kay Mafort, Susie Mager, Mary Neal, Brad Sayre, Darin Sheraka, Mike Smith, Campbell, Clinton Champlin, John Craig, Floyd Duey, Bill Jenison, Pat Johnson, Patty Tillman, Mr. Eagleton. AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES Mr. Eagleton, David Allen, Larinda Staples, Mike Norris, Jeff Neal, Mulrean, Danny Sackett, Ted Rose, Kermit Taylor, Tracy Belcher Elizabeth Cueeioni, Hank Katzenberger, Stev » C.reasv, John Wardine, MikeVOCATIONAL COMMERCIAL ART Session I Tim Matifes, Cindy Orban, Steve Etter, Ben Harrison, Kathy Schulte, Tom Meyers, Leanne Lock, Marianne Young, Eric Wiseman, Kathy Parish, Gary LaHue, Belinda Leady, Jim Seward, Patty Vaughn, Jo Ann Schneider Session II Tracy Woolsey, Katie McConahey, Laura Hazelwonder, Sheryl Ford, Laura McCormick, Lori Tovo, Michelle Windmiller, Cathy Slocumb, Stacy Thompson, Karen Davis, Tony Zirkelbach, Pat Funke, Randy Brown, David Hayes, Robbie Ezell, Linda McNab, Eleanor Kolditz, Damon Brown, Starla Schum The Commercial Art Club is made up of juniors and seniors that attend the commercial art classes at the J.B. Johnson Center. The advisor and teacher is Mr. Dale Livengood. The club gives the students an opportunity to meet and discuss ideas and plan activities. Some of the activities this year were: A Hot Dog Roast at Rocks Springs Parks, and A Mixer for sophomores to see art demonstrations and to become acquainted with the facilities. The club also has candy sales each year to raise money for equipment and supplies for club members. Counting the clubs money is Steve Etter.Session 3 Seated: John Richardson, Jerry Johnson, Mike Beatty, Keith Cain, Mark Mainer, Debbie Phillips, Buddie Nevlin, John Hyman. Standing: Karmen Fairless, Ron Fensterman, Ann Dubbelde, Teresa Dreon, Sheila Wadlow, Ron Brooks, Melissa Stradder, Jackie Stromske, Joan Bunse, Helen Allen, Janet Little, Scott Bryant, Dennis McGiffen, Albert Wagner.VOCATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING Session 2 seated left to right: Jill Pyle, Dwane Flatt, Ed Bollenger, Brent Mandorca, Jeff Madison, Tim Janke, Dan Cheryl Rickman. Row 2: David Preis, Brian Davis, Jana Evans, Wallace, Jay Pine, Tom Seymour, Mike Williamson. Session 3 seated left to right: Bryan Kates, Steve Breden, Blackorby, George Hanei, Sandy Lyerla, Mike Wilson 212 Tracie Burdge, Robert Wilson, Lisa Hurley, Dave Gregory. Robert Kincade, Dean Lewis, Nelson Taylor, Mike Tilton. Row 2: Mr. Loveless, Ron Dancy, Terry Landon, JimBUILDING TRADES (Morning) Left to Right: jeff Funkhouser, Steve Rupert, Brad Zimmerman, Jeff Lucas, Greg Adams, Chuck Spann, Pat Trout, Bill Siotis, Jeff Murphy, Jeff Gasaway, Mark Harris, Pat Skelton, Enoch Smith, Bob Gallup, Gary Thornhill, Greg Smith, Mr. Morgan. Not pictured: Phil Wickenhouser, Jerry Vollmer, Doug Rain, Bill Manns. BUILDING TRADES (Afternoon) Left to Right: Mike Kasten, Randy Teems, Mr. Morgan, Dennis Eyer, Mark Meeden, Andy Stetson, Mike Mainer, Paul Yost, Doug Hayes, Wayne Short, Brad Searcy, Lester Egelhoff, Steve Nagy. Not pictured: Doug Bruns, Mike Duiguid. 213He REALLY doesn't know what he's doing. Gary Thornhill learns to survey, You thought she'd love your brand new bike, but Keep fingers away from the needle, did she say? Will this fit in the typewriter? Do not disturb. Gnus at work.It's not just a job, it's an adventure. Illinois Chess League Champion, Chuck Mason from Alton High stands with Henry Blackwell, the St. Louis Metropolitan Chess League Champion during a conference chess meet. He don't know it yet, but he's making a wrong move. Thank you, and come again Fido has fleas jFHA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front Row Left to Right: Barbara Hancock, Tammy Cover, Dawn Moore, Sherri Cover. 2nd Row: Kendra Danials, Lisa Azzarello, Shellee Rainey, Bernadette Stockard. 3rd Row: Kelly Trobridge, Tona Vaugn, Pamala Dunhan, Jill Pyle, Beverly Pruitt, Sherry Geisler. Not Pictured: Lisa Arnold, Dawn Daniels, Malena Holcomb, Tammy Shive, Rene Lively, Cathy Reynolds, Gina Kline, Margaret Winslow, Cindy Tickner, Oscar Telford, Kathy Swarnngin, Marie DeAngelo, Advisors: M. Schrumph, N. Doerr, J. Tea ley, M. Schroeder, D. Benson. Ramona Eastham and family Quantity Foods students at the J.B. johnson Center prepared and served Christmas Dinner to Faculty, students, and parents in addition to their other weekly restaurant services. 216The FHA Club consists of students from all areas of Home Economics Preparation for Nursery School Interior Design students working on door decoration at Christmas. mae . I? Child Care students and Nursery School friends Official Food Taster FHA is the local chapter of the national organization of students studying homemaking in high school. The goals of FHA are to foster creative leadership, promote goodwill, provide interesting individual and group activities, develop appreciation of the homemaking arts, and to encourage further interest in home economics. Some of their activities for this year have been a fall trip to Rockholm Cardens, a flower arranging and craft demonstration, participation in the State Leadership Conference, and a spring trip to St. Louis to visit the Arch. 217VOCATIONAL MACHINE TRADES The J. B. Johnson Machine Shop is a class which deals with the processes of cutting, shaping turning, milling and driving metal parts. Class members are organized into a club which has several activities throughout the year, such as, a pizza party, and a Recreation Night. The Grand Finale is a free, all you can eat, Steak-fry and Picnic near the end of the school year. Voc. Machine Shop students turning out their work. Left to Right; Doug Dugan, Mr. Wilton, Kevin Foustst, Jeff Cambell, Steve Meszaros, Kent Jackson, Not Shown; J.J. Mueller, Al Patterson, Mark Day, Terry Cooley, Frank Tom Beets, Mark Parker, Brian Trowbridge Snider, Don Brown, Scott Davis, Jack Mester, Bryan Clark, Setting up the milling machine. Brian Kruse cuts up. Showing off a Small Engines project.VOCATIONAL SMALL ENGINES Front row: J. Vollner, J. Sackman, T. Estes, M. Wyman, S. Bailey, S. Robinson, J. Sherman. P. Walker, A. Fillop, Top row: R. Brown, B. Kruse, Monroe, Mr. Schrumpf Middle row: M. Clemons, J. Johnson, E. Lovett, C. M Drew, T. Theisen. R Lyerla VOCATIONAL AVIATION Herbert Condrey, Stephen Girard, Michael Glazik, Edward Hansen, Kenneth Tepen, Bryan Webb, Mr. Farrow, Roger Cain-not shown, Carl Charles Hemphill, Alan Hill, Mauncio Infante, Allan Journey, Asim Khan, Noble-not shown Christopher Leoni, Gordon McKee, Joseph Schmidt. Randall Streeper, 219VOCATIONAL COSMETOLOGY 2 First Row (seated L to R): Paulette Bruce, Trina Pace, (standing): Mrs. Unthank, Mary Hendrix, Vivian Mead, Sue Miller, Debbie Fletcher, Patricia Messick, Kathie Debra Covington, Julie Pfleger, Karen Hellemeyer, Linda Bryant, Cindy Kirby, Mona Downing. Second Row, Harbaugh, Tammy Mosby.First Row (seated L to R): Teresa Goodnight, Cindy Fincher, Lois Clarke, Gail Sheff, Doreen Jahr. Second Row (standing): Rhonda Sitzes, Kate Sullivan, Mrs. Hogle, Cathy Crocker, Linda McCormick, Jamie Aldrich, Belinda Plopper, Mary Hendrix, Tamara Henderson, Michelle Raymond, Dawn Goldman, Debbie Knocke. First Row (seated L to R): Elandra Brown, Rosalyn Orban, Pam Gross, Kathy Gutmann, Marcie Meyers, Cindy Beamon, Sandy Hedrick, Eileen Malson, Joan Austin, Kim Dawson, Cindy Angel, Linda Dempsey, Alice Voigt, Margie Smith. Second Row (standing): Dawn Goldman, Debbie Hodges, Pam Clark, Mrs. Unthank. 221L.P.N. I: Front Left to Right. Stephanie Shelby, Rene Rice, Sue Ebling, Dawn Thompson, Jerri Wood, Tammy Acord, Kim Hurley. Middle. Tina Osborne, Tracy Hollingstead, Beth Breuggman, Debby Mayerhoffer, Traci Woods, Lisa Twichell. Back. Shari Cabine, Joy Stevens, Karen Abell, Machele Williams, Malinda Waeffel, Jeanne Strunk, Diana Rigdon. Instructor: Mrs. Pellegrino. Not shown Tracy Beard. VOCATIONAL L.P.N. I AND II LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSING L.P.N. II: Karen Birk, Tonya Cook, Randee Morgan, Mary Springman, Dawn Knight, Bridgette Farmer, Mrs. Betty McClintock, Cindy Earley, Linda Fillback, Stacey Robinson, Sandra Montague, Mrs. Chase, Linda Piening, Marilyn Quigley.HEALTH AIDES First Row Left to Right: Angela Taylor, Cheryl Parrish, Tania Covington, Catherine Hartmann, Sherri Colburn, Clarissa Cates. 2nd Row: Dawn Wright, Jenny Johnson, Jan Keppel, Julia Green, Jacquette Jackson, Lori Harmon. 3rd Row: Debra Koontz, Pat Yavorski, Raynard Brown, Michelle Shelby, Kathy Gardner, Angie Holloway, Debra Cunningham. Not Shown: Sabrina Harting, Raymond Bourland, Warren West.FUTURE NURSES CLUB Front Row: Left to Right, Mrs. Armstead, Pam Marsch, Denise Coen, Cheryl Parrish, Bernadette Stockar, Michelle Williams, Back Row: Amy Taylor, Beth Henry, Tina Cox Sandra Simmons, Mr. Beaber, Bessie Fuller, Cheryl Armstead, Not Pictured: Heather JakesSportsgems getwray) Back Row: Gary Chappel, Darryl Chavours, Vernon Walker, Tom Bobbs, Front Row: Mike Sommars, Greg Curvey, Doug Coffler, Kerry Dooley, Coach Diddlebock, Chappel, Eric Burr, Les Nolan, Keith Buzan, Oscar Telford Middle: Kim France, Diane Tennant, Barb Churchill, Dave The Cross Country team was a young team. We were 2-2 in dual meets third in the Southwestern Conference behind Belleville East and East St. Louis, eighth in the district, where Gary Chappel and Darryl Chavours qualified as individuals for the sectional meet at Springfield. Gary was 21st and Darryl 53rd out of 128 runners. There should be a good outlook for next year since alot of the runners will be returning. 226 SENIORS: Eric Burr, Co-Capt. Les Nolan, Co-Capt. Greg Chappel Keith Buzan Barb Churchill JUNIORS: Oscar Telford Greg Feyerabend Mike Sommars David Walker SOPHOMORES: Gary Chappel Darryl Chavours Doug Coffler Vernon Curvey Tom Bobbs Sharon ShenkPAGEPAGESatisfied is Brent Reiske. Wr . Debbie Sanders prepares a shot Winding up is Deana Dix Tom Albrecht; blasting out of the sand. David Williams; tee off at the first hole. Season Performance Record 6-12 Tournament - 2nd place. Granite City North Scramble District - 4th place, Jeff Neal advanced by shooting 80 Sectional - Jeff Neal, as an individual, shot 84 State - none qualified Top Returning Lettermen and their '78 averages Tom Albrecht 40.2 Jr. Jeff Neal 41.4 Jr. Robert Hopkins 41.7 Jr. Dave Jacoby 43.4 Jr. Eric Wendle 44.0 Jr. Todd Reid 43.5 Jr. Girls Season Average Debbie Sanders 48.0 Deana Dix 51.0 Debbie advance to the I.H.S.A. State Tournament by shooting 86 at the district, held at Mt. Vernon. At the State in Bloomington, Debbie finished 32nd out of 178 girls. A very fine showing. Debbie works very hard and has a promising future in golf. 229JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Front row: Mike Lee, Kevin Dunphy, Byron Delp, Shawn Kinnare, Terry Hillen, Bret Miller, Greg Nasello, Greg Franklin. Back row: Coach Hill, Fritz Beer, Matt Maher, Peter Barben, Alton's final record was 10-11-2. This year was a building year in Alton Soccer. An extended mid-season slump hurt the Redbird chances for a better position in the conference standings. Seniors on this years team were - Tim Acker, Brad Baker, Stewart Bramley, Mark Duffy, Chris Dunphy, Mark Giovagnoli, John Klockenkemper, Bill Mermis, Bill Toney, and foreign exchange student Felix Thommen. The leading scorer was Brad Baker with 18, Darrin Jones added 17. Mark Milford led the team in shut-outs. The J.V. Team finished the season with a winning record. Alton will look to the future based on these J.V.'s. Gary Cox, Tom Hayes, Mike Becker, Joe Ingram, Mauricio Infante. TEAMS OPPONENT ALTON LEBANON 2 3 ST. PAUL (HIGHLAND) 3 4 ALTHOFF (BELLEVILLE) 0 6 JACKSONVILLE 0 8 EDWARDSVILLE 0 3 SPRINGFIELD SOUTHEAST 0 4 E. ST. LOUIS 0 19 COLLINSVILLE 3 2 GRANITE CITY SOUTH 7 2 BELLEVILLE WEST 3 2 BELLEVILLE EAST 1 4 CAHOKIA 2 1 GRANITE CITY NORTH 3 2 HAZELWOOD CENTRAL 5 1 EDWARDSVILLE 0 0 EAST ST. LOUIS (FORFEIT) 0 0 QUINCY 1 1 CAHOKIA 2 0 EDWARDSVILLE 1 3 GRANITE CITY NORTH 4 0Mermis Hotdogs around his opponent with fancy footwork!Hayes Dazzles his opponent. Where's the Ball? Up Up and Away!!!! an V VAL ■it - c 'W- 2 Toeing his way through the field? This is no time to be blowing up BALLOONS Mark!!Front Row: Diane Ruby, Jenny Maynard, Debbie Russell, Kathy Shive, Yvonne Elliott, Jackie Lumpkins, Beth Pearson, Traci Vaughn. Back Row: Miss Peters, Karen Tarrant, Jolene Jouett, Jo Ellen Pearson, Angie Beer, Barb EJuntsman, Barb Griffin, Chen Charleston, Pam Rush, Stacy Admire. Not pictured: Joyce Little Lori Brausen. The Redwings Volleyball team ended its season with a 4-15 record after its loss to Wood River at districts. Stacy Admire and Pam Rush received ankle injuries and were out for several games including districts. At the awards banquet, Angie Beer received Most Valuable Player award and Diane Ruby received Most Improved Player award. Karen Tarrant led the Redwings at the end of the season for overall serves and points. Angie Beer led in spiking and blocking. Retiring seniors include: Angie Beer, Jackie Lumpkins, and Pam Rush. 234 Come on Terry, it's only a game.' Losing hurts. Coach Macias confers with players.Magillia Gorilla acts like Coach Nacias Well why didn't you go before the game. CRASH!!! click' click Touch Down!!!SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Row 1 (L to R): Mark Jackson, Scott Wallace, Tim Woolf, Rich Kortkamp, Dave Ferguson, Brian Campbell, Bart Woods, Rusty Meyers, Pat Korte, Scott Bergesch, John Clayton. Row 2: Gary Adams, Steve Love, Jerry Ellington, John Tanner, Boyd Stromsdorter, Kevin Johnnessee, Charles Dale, Cole Light, Mike Schwappach, Chris Lyerla. Row 3: Mike Ruedin, Victor Burton, Joe Lucas, Rick Tyler, Mike Olive, Mark Gabriel, Mike Bowman Jeff Edwards, Chris West, Jack Harpole, Dave Stutz. Row 4: Brian Banks, Coach Sheretz, Tom Goodrich, Chuck Antrobus, Coach Arico, Kevin Lacey, Dwayne Rickman (manager), Greg Powers Kent Schelle THE BIG RUSH IS ON!!!!! Just like a pro!! The Junior varsity and Sophomore football teams fell on a hard time in the 1978 season. The J.V. team ended up with a 0-2 record, losing to Edwardsville, 18-6, and to Belleville West, 47-7. The Sophomore football team started off on the right football by winning first place in the Edwardsville Jamboree, in which they posted victories over Edwardsville and Cahokia. Due to injuries and the Varsity team taking a number of key players, the sophomores had not won a game since the jamboree. 240J.V. FOOTBALL Get off my back Eckhard!SOPHOMORES Laurie Haase, Marguato Spann, Ann Bucher, Barb Franke, Trish Vrooman, Rozanne Williams, ColeU Lee, Rose Clark.BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS VARSITY Sue Meyers, Beth Hillen, Patti Ramey, Kay Newcomb, Suzanne McEuen, Terri McCauley, Cathy Franklin, V l Terrell, Paula MooreJUNIOR VARSITY Left to right: Laurie Haase, Trish Vrooman, Diane Ruby. Ann Godfrey Redbird-Jackie Stromske, Lori Walter. Barb Franke, Ann Bucher, Laura Norton. Big Bird! Baby Bird? Town Stacy Milford, Roxanne Williams, Marquato Spann, Kay McNit R• T Kelly Green, Across: Terry Brady, Colett Lee, Rose Clark, Jennifer Tyle • ( ox. Barb Griffin.WRESTLII Top row Sue Conners, Valencia Taylor, Julie Albrect. Middle: Veronica Felton, Julie Schulmeister, Robin Kinder. Bottom: Peggy Beckmeyer. Foxy Roxy Boogie's Down!Left to right - Front row; Chris Lyerla, Mark Ford, Mike Harpole, Chris wrestlers were included in the starting lineup. The result was a mediocre West, Mark Stromske, Back row; Terry Banks, Pat Korte, Jim Long, Lamont 2-12 record. Alton competes against one of the toughest schedules in Cantley, Mike Hartman, Pat Wilson, Dave Denningmann. The 78-79 season central and southern Illinois. The development of a strong sub-varsity was another building year for the Alton High Wrestling Team. Five first-year program will insure success of future varsity teams. The 78-79 season was another building year for the Alton High wrestling team. Five first-year wrestlers were included in the starting line-up. The result was a mediocre 2-12 record. Alton competes against one of the toughest schools in central and Southern Illinois. The development of a strong sub-varsity program will insure success of future varsity teams. 246Another victory for Harpole. Ready or not here I come. 247JUNIOR VARSITY Left to right front row; Bret Hagerdorn, Steve Carter, Pat Lyerla, Jim Sherertz, Jim Goeken, Jeff Nichols, Greg Smith, Scott Harder, back; Robbie Chewtney, Mike Huebener, middle; Brad Fester, Jeff Albee, Charlie Maher, Gary Restch, Jeff Edwards, Dan Bull, David Sabin, Lee Barham. The Junior Varsity Team made a great deal of progress during the 78-79 season. The team won the Jacksonville Invitational and placed a strong second in the Collinsiville Tournament. This group will strengthen as inexperienced varsity next season. 248Front Row Left to Right: Brenda F. Smith, Laura Flota, Diane Dick, Donna Thomas, Stacey Admire, Jeanne Vest, Jenny Maynard, Yvonne Elliott, Cindy Smith, Rhonda Debbie Cunningham, Casey Scanlan, Oscar Telford, Mgr., Johnson, Pam Rush, Cheryl Charleston, Flossie Smith, Mgr. Marcia Hinton, Mgr. Not Shown: Coach, JoAnn Dillon, Tina Back Row: Coach, Mary Bowling, Tina Moore, Angie Beer, JohnsonThey won't let me move. Good Shot! London Bridge is falling down. You fouled, I didn't! STRETCH Sticky Fingers Scanlan her Gang It's gotta to come down sometime.Aaron Parker scrambling for loose ball. Robin Stockard going over a Tiger player lo gel the tip. The 1978-79 Redbird basketball team has made tremendous over their 9-17 record the previous year. Although the Birds” are small by most standards they have proven to be a very competitive club. Sporting an 8-8 record to date, the Redbirds have lost 4 of those 8 games by 5 or fewer points. With continued improvement over the remainder of the schedule the Redbirds could be the surprise team in the area when tournament time rolls around. With only three seniors on this years squad the future looks bright for the Redbirds. John Smith, a 6'1 junior guard leads the team in scoring through the first 16 games with a 21.6 points per game average. John's high game for the year was 30 points which he scored against Bellville Althoff and later duplicated against Bellville West. 253PAGEPAGEVARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Alton 64 Clinton 53 j Altqft; 54 Alton 59 Chicago Whitney Young 64 Altqn 56 Alton 60 Glenwood 65 Alton 72 Alton 73 j Springfield S.E. 62 Alton 58 Alton 81 Belleville Althoff 70 Alton Alton 73 Edwardsville 68 Alton Alton 55 Quincy 97 Alton Alton 59 Murphysboro 56 Alton Alton 70 Collinsville 84 Alton Alton 67 Belleville West 68 Alton Alton 68 Belleville East 67 Alton Alton 62 Collinsville 66 Cahokia 46 Cranita City South 81 bdwardsville 68 Springfield S.+. Belie •Games not Wmi yet play« (f titVafMrl 'ling. WM-lm JUNIOR VARSITY BASK The Redbird ).V. Squad is currently 7-3 on the season after winning their first six games. Balant ed storing has been the strongest point of the J.V. squat! with five players averaging double figures for the season The scoring is by Marcus Renken and Robin Stock .it 1, each aver; around 14 points a game. The remainder of the scoring is coming from a trio of guards; Todd Retd - 12 pts., Roger Holoman - 11 pts., and Deway no Williams - 10 pts. per game. Dan Cruz, Leon Chatman and Frank Bassett have also contributed greatly to the success of this year's squad. The ).V. team has also received good support from the sophomores that haye been called on during the season; don Green, Odell Fox, Dave Richardson, Mike Johnson, Ronnie Green With the success and hard work displayed by this group combined with this years varsity returnees, the future looks bright for the varsity team next season. Alton J.V. 89 Alton J.V. 84 Alton J.V. 75 Alton J.V. 67 Alton J.V. 65 SpringfielTS.E. 55 Bellevil Althoff 76 Edwatdsville 72 O.T. Belleville West 59 Belleville East 52 Alton J.V. 78 Alton J.V. 63 Alton J.V. 69 Alton J.V. 55 Alton |V. 57 Collinsville 72 Cahokia 69 Granite South 60 Edwardsville 61 East St. Louis 76 SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Tin1 Baby Birds'enjoyed a successful season during the the championship game of the Sophomore Invitational 197{»9 year. Displaying line teamwork and a stingy defense, Tournament. This years title made it 'two in a row' for Alton the sophomores were victorious in a number of key games High emerging as the Champions. The hustle, teamwork. including wins over Collinsville, Madison and East pPmuit. The season was highlighted by a victory over Jacksonville in and desire shown by t his year's group of sophomores should give Alton High fans mut h to cheer about in the future. eifibers of t Aflmire, Joe wox, Gordfci (j i W East St. Louis 66 Granite South 54 Civic Memorial 56 Edwardsville 83 Madison 51 Highland 37 Jacksonville 58 Alton 94 Alton 81 Alton 70 Alton 69 Alton 73 Alton 53 Alton 48 Jerseyville 54 Roxana 41 Belleville East 63 East St. Louis 70 Collinsville 62 Cahok ia 54 Rox.ina '8 - 1.1 54 na '8 •ars squad coached I y Mr. Moats are: Richard Kortkamp, David Richardson, Don Riclv, and John pnojft, Roger Cress, Gerald DrtyyS Tanner. n. Ronnie Green, Mike JohnsonRow 1: Brad Fields, Mike McNamara, Mike Wittman, Mark Milford, Mickey Robinson, Jim Stewart, Mgr. Diane Ruby. Row 2: Dick Lyons, Robert Hopkins, John Weigler, Jim Ehlers, Jim Berry, DeWayne Williams, Brent Rieske, Mgr. Cindy Tchoukaleff. Row 3: Mark Smith, Craig Davidson, Dan Cruz, Jay Garvey, Matt Booher, Marcus Renken, Doug Bohringer, John Raucher, Mgr. Donna Horney, Row 4 Chris Leoni, Coach Jim Arico, Don Fields. The sophomore baseball team had a fine season this year with a record of 14-5. Dick Lyons, voted the most valuable player, was the leading hitter with a batting average of .714. Other outstanding performers were Jim Ehlers, Robert Hopkins, Dan Cruz, and Mark Milford. The team batting average was .368.Hopkins up at bat. Man you better get out of my way! I t 259 Slip sliding away.VARSITY Row 1: )ay Sabo, Doug Leavell, DeWayne Williams, Robert Hopkins, Row 3: Mike Wittman, Tim Miller, Brad Brad Baker, Kevin Carroll, Kent Newcomb, Doug Fields, Doug Dodson, Coach Larry Montgomery, Coach Henderson, Row 2: Coach Wayne Tyler, Mark Macias, Jim Arico. Steve Hawkins, Charlie Hays, John Weigler, Dick Lyons, OPPONENT Roxana E. St. Louis Jerseyville Jerseyville Belleville E. Edwardsville Hazelwood Belleville W. Collinsville Cahokia E. St. Louis Marquette Belleville E. Bethalto Belleville W. Collinsville Cahokia Granite South WE THEY 11 1 4 12 4 Ai. 12 1 7 0 4 3 1 6 $ 2 9 w 4 5 3 1 8 7 6 1 4 5 3 0 3 0 3 2 0 1 5 4 7 2 The 1978 Alton High Redbirds were flying high until the last week of the Conference race. Needing only one victory to win the title, the Birds did make it to the finals in the regional tournament by winning over Granite City and Roxana. They lost to Bethalto in the final inning. The season record was 15 wins and 6 losses. Charlie Hays led the team with 2 home runs Doug Henderson had the highest batting average 373. 260Is there a potty around here? 261SECOND SEASON Redwing softball's second season ended with an overall record of 5-10. The team captain was Cindy Smith. The team's batting average was .191. Beth Hillen had the highest batting average of .344, and Pam Rush had the second highest average of .305. Stacey Admire had the most RBI's of 8. The team consisted of: Pitchers: Jan Nagy, Leanne Chilero, Beth Hillen. Catcher: Pam Rush. First: Casey Scanlon. Second: Debbie Naughton. Third: Kim Olden. SS: Leanne Chilero. LF: Stacey Admire. RF. Debbie Cunningham. CF. Beth Hillen. Substitutes: Gladis Davis, Rhonda Hall, Jolene Jouett, Tracie Myers, Cindy Smith. Managers: Kelly Quinn, Kari Brausen. Coaches: Mary Bowling, JoAnn Dillon. 262First Row: JoAnn Dillon, Kelly Quinn, Jolene Jouett, Leanne Chilero, Casey Scanlon, Beth Hillon, Debbie Naughton, Stacey Admire, Debbie Cunningham, Kari Brausen, Mary Bowling. Second Row: Pam Rush, Gladis Davis, Rhonda Hall, Kim Olden, Jan Nagy, Cindy Smith, Tracie Myers.VARSITY TENNIS Front Row; David Lopez, David Hoag, Bill Mermis; Mark Giovagnoli, Jeff Morey, Back Row; Coach Schleper, Joe Stumpe, Mike Williams, David Brooks, Bill Meyer, Mark HarrisJ.V. TENNIS Player Position Record David Lopez 1st Singles 19-7 Joe Stumpe 2nd Singles 9-9 David Hoag 3rd Singles 17-5 Mike G. Williams 4th Singles 17-5 Bill Mermis 5th Singles 2-5 Hoag - Williams 1st Doubles 13-10 Lopez - Reese 2nd Doubles 4-1 Brooks - Harris 3rd Doubles 8-5 Mark Giovagnoli Doubles Bill Meyer Doubles Jeff Morey Singles David Lopez (Jr.) won Singles Championship for third year in a row. He defeated Pat Meyer of Edwardsville in finals, 6-1, 6-2. David Hoag and Mike Williams won Doubles Championship. They defeated Tim Boker and Ron Backs of Granite City South, 6-2, 6-3. Front row: Coach Schleper, Dale Davis, Darrell Nolan, Walker, Trefon Siampos, Grey VanWyk. Clay Marquis. Back Row: Greg Gelzinnis, Mark Harris, DavidMrs. Dillion Front row: Marianne Mermis (Manager), Cindy Tieman, Monica Stobbs, Liz Weber, Cheryl Ford, Diane Dick, Beth Stobbs, Back row: Barb Brainard, Casey Scanlon, Jeanie Vest, Mary Barnett, Nancy Schleper, Linda Walters, Coach Dillion. Mary Barnett Beth StobbsBarb Branard Nancy Schleper Far Left, Cheryl Ford Diane Dick 1978 Redwing Tennis OPPONENT WE THEY Cahokia 7 0 Belleville 3 5 E. St. Louis, Sr. 5 0 Roxana 8 0 Madison 5 0 E. St. Louis, Sr. 0 7 Jacksonville 9 1 Jerseyville 7 0 Collinsville 21 2 41 2 Granite City N. 4 3 Granite City S. 4 3 Bethalto 7 0 Edwardsville 4 3 Woodriver 2 5 At IHSA District Tennis Tournament Mary Barnett took second place by a score of 6-0 6-0. Mary's season score was 19 and 4, and Mary won 3 out of 5 at state. 267Bottom Row Left to Right: Orvella Brice, Barb Churchill, Pearson, Miss Peters. Back Row: Lennie Williams, Lori Sandra Lyerla, Lisa Johnson, Fransetta Brice, Noel Terrell. Terrell, Cheryl Talbert, Kay Everage, Debbie Van Trease Second Row: Mrs. Watkins, Beverly Burnett, Fay Turner, Loleatha Johnson, Rita Campbell, Lori Parks, Jo Ellen This was not the best year for the Redwing Tracksters but a fair one. Our over all record was not very impressive. There were some outstanding athletes. Such as: Cheryl Talbert, Orvelea Brice, Jo Ellen Pearson and Lori Terrell. These girls ran the 440, 880, 880 relay and sometimes the mile relays. The highlight of the season was the first Annual Co-ed County meet. In this meet, Alton did well against the conference schools. Alton got a first in the 440, 880, and mile relays. Cheryl Talbert placed 1st in the 220 yd. dash and Lori Terrell placed 1st in the 100 yd. dash. It was a young team, so most of them will be returning next year under Coach Diddlebach. He will find a lot of talent in Kay Everage, Sandy Lyerla, and Lennie Williams. 268Running the 330 long hurdles is Mickey Dooley John Campbell: Sprinter; Mark Gerhardt: District Below: Bobby Elliot doing the triple-jump Champion Tim lanke pole vaulting a 13 6' jump. BEST MARKS SHOT PUT: Greg Burton - 56'2'( Rusty Bilbruck - 55 DISCUS: Rusty Bilbruck - 176 , Bill Netzhammer - 155’ HIGH JUMP Kerry Dooley - 6 2'. Jeff Miller - 6 3' POLE VAULT: Tim Janke - 13 6' LONG JUMP: Bobby Elliot - 22'8i 2', Chuck Musgray - 21 8' TRIPLE JUMP: Bobby Elliot - 45 9’. Calvin Warlick - 44 3' Chuck Musgray - 43'8 100 YARD DASH )oe Wade: 10.1 120 YARD HIGH HURDLE: Eddie Anderson - 14.7 880 YARD RUN. Tony Johnson - 2:01, Oscar Telford - 2:01 440 YARD DASH: Mark Gerhardt - 50.1, Mickey Dooley - 50.6 330 YARD DASH: Mickey Dooley - 40.2, Eddie Anderson - 40.8 270 . Ron James in the mile relay Greg Burton with the shot put - his record 56 2' Rusty Bilbruck Mike Stephens in the 2 mile relay Kerry Dooley Rusty's best was 55’ Mickey Dooley in relay Eddie Anderson practices for the high hurdles.NOT JUST ANOTHER FACE IN THE CROWD Why look at me, I didn't do it. Excitement reigns at ball games.THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. Richard Jones President of the School Bcurd Mrs. Kathleen Burroughs C. Thomas Holmes Clarence E. WillisADMINISTRATIVE STAFF E. Dean Browning Admin. Asst, for Vocational Ed. F.W. Pivoda, Jr. Asst. Supt. for Administrative Services Dr. Robert J. Lynn Superintendent of Schools Dr. Harold W. Matthews Asst. Supt. for Instructional Services Leroy E. Fritz Admin Asst, for Personnel Services Thomas F. Dehler Controller TreasurerASSISTANTS TO THE SUPERINTENDENT DEPARTMENTAL DIRECTORS David L. Allen Director of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Ardythe A. Browning Director o Food Services Elliot Pearson Director of Athletics Wayne A. Addison Director of Special Education Mrs. Norma L. ludkins Director of Elementary Curriculum Mrs. Maxine Stevenson Director of Learning Resources Gene R. Alston Director of Title I Danny E. LaTempt Director of Data Processing W. Dean Taylor Director of Secondary CurriculumHIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Blaine Bonynge Principal Michael Beaber Assistant Principal Ralph McClain Assistant Principal Karl Bramstedt Assistant Principal Mr. Bonynge 277 • •• Jack Jungers Assistant Principa Miss Lynell Weaver Assistant PrincipalMy God, Their dead!!! and Soapy Sam says . . . 278 You BuBBIc Brain!!! ENGLISH Mrs. Ward Mr. Eugene Bailey 1 Mrs. Elizabeth L. DaGue Mrs. Marlene Hall Another day another F . . . (sigh) Mrs. Polly Allred Mrs. Laura Bassett Mrs. Vernetta Caffey Mrs. Mary Dirksmeyer Mr. Ronald Enloe r Mrs. )une E. Halloran Mrs. Mary E HusmannMr. John Kline Mrs. Dixie Maul Mrs. Josephine Paisley Mr. Russell Phelps Mr. Roger A. Schleper Is this a good Pose? Mrs. Betty L. McDaniels Mrs. Irma Ward Mrs. Rita D. Weiss CHEESE!!! 279MATH DEPARTMENT tan I go to the bathroom Hi There Mrs. Mabel R. Henderson Mr. George W. Wolke, )fMr. James Arico Mr. Denzel Ford ¥ Mr. Marvin Mondy -Dept. Head Mr. Joseph Clugsten SCIENCE DEPARTMENTMr. Roy Boley-Dept. Head Mr. Gerald Gebauer Mr. Erskine H. Ryan Mr. Fred Schwappach Mr. Heidbrink and the Three Penny Opera. MUSIC Heidbrink-Dept. Head Mr. Gregory Cohill Mr. Larry Crabbs SPEECH AND THEATER Mr. Glenn Waters Now, what about this? Mr. Ronald Kelly Mr. Glenn WatersI'm the teacher, and I say It's My ball. Mrs. Joyce Ashpole Mrs. JoAnne Dillon Mr. William Diddlebock Mrs. Janice Dunbar Mr. Terry Mitchell Mr. Larry Overath HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION I use Ultra Bright One on one. Mr. Greg Jones Mr Stan McAfoos Mrs. L. Darlene Peters Mr. Charles Sheretz Pete Stavros Mrs. Pat Watkins 283BUSINESS DEPARTMENT If you have checks left you can't overdraw. W I • Mrs. Margaret Stroube Dept. Head Mr. Ted Mitchell Mrs. Shirley Dodds Mrs. Shirley Aszman Mrs. Gerva Dunlap Mr. Jim Baiter Mrs. Miller Mr James Beckman Miss Wilma J. Bricker Mr. Leonard Hawthorne Mrs. Patricia HuntSOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT My arm is levitating. Miss Susie M Fenceroy V Mrs. Nancy E. Paeltz - Dept. Head a secret. Mr. Marshall Brown Mr. Pete A. Leoni Mr. Sam McPhail Mr. Larry T. Montgomery Mr. Gerald Randol Ice in your pants McPhail! Miss Rebecca Sims Mr. Donald Sobotta Mr Fred Tickner Mr. |ohn B Underwood Don't move or I'll shoot.SCHOOL NURSES Mrs. Mars Armstead Tracy Edwards Broken leg or not, I need a pass. Mr Beard fills out an el passo . 286 Searching for higher truths or just sleeping? Mr Bear Mrs. Patricia A. Amschler payed off in Gummy Bears. Mr. Fredrick Fischer Mr. David Schlitt But the door judges weren'tDRIVERS EDUCATION Mr. Wayne Mr. James Wigger Mr. Wayne Williams A little song and dance for a little bitty pass. You backed over whom? Right ear signal if you have heard it right. We're going to wreck. TEACHER AIDESCOUNSELING DEPARTMENT C. Vest talking to R. Long. Mrs. Wiseman helps with college planning. Mr. Charlie Lightsey Who cares Don? 288 Why doesn't anyone ever call me? Mr )ames Callahan Mr. Donald Long Mr. Kenneth W. Denison Mr. Robert Long Mr. Lightsey places a bet. Mr. Tom Thompson Mr. Clovis VestMrs. Betty Hall Mr. Robert Jefferson What, me worry? Mrs. Martha Reif Miss Debra Bailey Mr. Joseph Magro Mrs. Hall keeps a great library if you can read. SPECIAL EDUCATION Dept, heads are always bogged down in paper work. Mrs. Martha Damron Party lines can be fun! Theresa Applegate Denise Bradshaw Chris Sutton 289PERSONAL AND PUBLIC SERVICES May I help you? INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Mr. lames C. Banks -Dept. Head Mr. William Fagleton Mr. Richard C. Farrow Mr Wilbur Felkey It's Alive!!! Mrs. Nancy Doerr Mrs. Marilyn Schroeder Miss (anis TeasleyWe will curl-up and dye for you. Mr. John Frerichs Mrs. Opal Gillespie Mr. Ron Hamp Mr. Lewis Kyle Mr. Donald Maloney Removing pennies from fuse box after J. B. incident. Mr. Dennis Schrumpf Mrs. Dorothy Scifres Mr. Weldon StevensonThe Johnson Center is the best in the state. Mr. Robert H. Treise This makes for a hard landing. I want to check your case Hansen! Mason Manor 111 will have a California Hot Tub. Mrs. Georgia Unthank Mr. Homer J. VowelsFrank N. Stein oh yes, here he is. Barbara Smith Pat McCoy Mavis Taylor Don't bother me now. I'm listening in. SECURITY OFFICER Beverly Summers Shirley Glasco Shirley Lyerla Richard Mendoza ATTENDANCE OFFICE Lisa Daniels Armelia Taylor Angelia Welch 293DATA PROCESSING CAFETERIA EMPLOYEES Ruth Harrison, Mgr. Ruth Roe, Asst. Mgr. ■ Ruth Borman Mary Holloway Shirley Irvin Velma Bridges Lavina McLaren Pauline Spurgeon Naomi Phegley Marjorie MillerEd Wells Willis Knight James Reed Marjorie Liner Gale Winch Mae Byer Charles Withrow Kathryn VanVoorhis Herman Nolan Grady Winston Rubba Dub Dolly Clinton Smith Donald Martin James Ellis 295Come on down!!! . . . Just try! Mrs. McCoy Dr. Strange Love And the winner is . . .No, I haven't lost my marbles, they're all here in my pockets. told You so! jnf1 Mmm . . Mmm . . Good Clones' johnny BoyTATLER 79 STAFF Left to Right: Kara Ford, Jerry Kelly, Dale Davis, Mike Beatty, Don Dodds, Greg Hill, Cliff Carter, Gladys Davis, Amy Taylor, Tracy Oulson, Chris O'Neal, Kay Lambrich, Lori Walters, Joe Shultz, Kelly Reynolds. Not shown: Debbie Davidson, Trish Dewey, Jean Halloran, Daral Harris, Vicky Lankford, Laura McCormick, Sue Meyers, Paula Moore, Phyllis Petty, Mary Reilly, Rich Stewart, Jackie Stromske, Greg Stroube, Cindy Tchoukaleff, Jim Thompson, Joan Bunse.THOSE RESPONSIBLE Mary Reilly Kay Lambrich Jerry Kelly and Debbie Davidson Tracy Oulson Trish Dewey and Greg Stroube Joseph Shultz Jackie Stromske, Jean Halloran, Cindy Tchoukaleff Greg Hill and Dale Davis Left: Kara Ford Amy Taylor and Joe Shultz Kara Ford and Don Dodds 299Another berserk Tatler Staffer Jerry Kelly Daral Harris It must be out of film, no picture came out Our Worthy Advisor?SENIOR INDEX This index lists only the activities of Seniors who requested to have theirs published. It does not mean that other Seniors did not participate in any extra-curricular activities. TIM ACKER: Bleacher Burnt. Sophomore Baseball. Varsity Soccer. CARL ACORD Future Farmers. Varsity Football JUD ADMIRE: Bleacher Bums, Junior Powder Pud Coach. Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Coach, Captain Alton JOANNE ALLAN: Cheerm Chicks. Concert Band. Concert Orchestra, Drama Club, Marching 23, Marching 100. Pep Band. Pep Club, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Symphonic Band. Thespians BEN ALLEN: Chess Club, Debate Team, Latin Club. Masquers. Math Club. Musical, Rifle Team. Russian Club, Senior Power, Table Tennis Club, Model U.N JEFFREY AllSMAN: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Counselor Asst., Ensemble, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical. National Honor Society. Pep Band, Redbird Word Staff. Runner, Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Symphonic Band, Teachers Asst.. Troubadort. LORI AllSMAN: Distributive Education. EDDIE ANDERSON Junior Varsity Football, letterman Club, Small Engines Club. Track Team. Varsity Football. CHERYL ARMSTEAD: Color Guard. Concert Orchestra,Cultural and Social Exchange, Future Business leaders, future Nurses, German Club, Latin Club. Marc hmg 100, Symphonic Orchestra, Teachers Assistant DOROTHY ASZMAN: Activities Board. Advanced Chorus. Bat Girl, German Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors JANE AULABAUGH: Cheerm Chicks, Concert Band. Marching 23, Marching 100, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Cheerleader. Sophomore Chorus. Symphonic Band, Troubadors. Varsity Cheerleader CURT BAllY Distributive Education, french Club. Runner BRAD BAKER Chess Club. Homecoming King Candidate. National Honor Society. Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball. Varsity Basketball. Varsity Soccer RHONDA BALDWIN Office Occupations KATHY BASDfN: Activities Board, Cheerm Chicks. Junior Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Recfoird Word Staff. Redwing Track. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teachers Asst TIMOTHY BAZZEll Bleacher Bums. Runner ANDREA BEER: Junior Prom Decoration Committee, letterwoman Club, Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Basketball. Redwing letter Club. Redwing Volleyball. Redwing Softball. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Tennis Team MARK BEISER 8leacher Bums. Commercial Art Club, Junior Varsity Wrestling, latm Club, Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore football. Track Team. Varsity Football CHARLES BELL. Cultural and Social Exchange, Runner. Sophomore Basketball, Track Team, Varsity Football CHARIOTTE BERRY Redbird Word Staff MARK BEYRAU latm Club, letterman Club, National Honor Society, Science Club VAI ARIE BIllINGSlfY Future Cosmetologists. Office Helper, Runner RICHARD BISHOP Bleacher Bums. Letterman Club. Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore football JIM BIACKORBY Track Team RHODA BLAND: Cheerm Chicks, Counselor Assistant, lunior Powder Puff Squad, lunior Powder Puft Squad ROBERT BIOODWORTM Chess Club. Concert Band. German Club. Ja Band, lunior Varsity Soccer, Marching 23. Math and Science Club. National Honor Society. Pep Club. Pit Orchestra, Redbird Word Stall, Sophomore Soccer, Symphonic Band, Tennis Team DIANA BOSWfll Activities Board. Cheerm Chicks. Future Business leaders. Future Homemakers. Junior Prom Decoration Committee, lunior Powder Pufl Squad. Pep Club, Senior Powder Pufl Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus BARB BRANIERD Activities Board. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. National Honor Society, Sophomore Cheerleader. Sophomore Chorus WILLIAM BRAKEVILLE: Bleacher Bums. Track Team. Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling STEWART BRAMLEY: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Soccer. Track Team, Varsity Track. Varsity Football. Letterman Club, Runner. Sophomore Basketball. Sophomore Soccer, Varsity Soccer. FRANSHETTA BRICE: Advanced Chorus. Cultural And Social Exchange Club. Redwing Track. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Track Team JOHN BRIDGEMAN Junior Varsity Football. Sophomore Football |OHN BRINKMAN French Club. Office Helper. Sophomore Baseball RAYNARD BROWN Advanced Chorus, Concert Orchestra, Cultural and Social Exchange Club, Musical. Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Orchestra, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors. PAULETTE BRUCE: Future Cosmetologists, Marching 100, Redbirdette, Sophomore Chorus PAUl BRUNS: Redbird Word Staff BOBBI JO BRYANT Color Guard. Concert Band. Counselor Assistant, Marching 23. Marching 100. Teacher's Assistant VALERIE BUCKNER Cultural and Social Exchange. Office Helper. CRAIG BUNTENBACH Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Football, letterman Club. Sophomore Football, Track Team. Varsity Football MICHAEL BUTLER Future Farmers. Junior Varsity Wrestling. Sophomore Football KEITH BUZAN Bleacher Bums. Cross Country Team. Letterman Club. Math and Science Club. Office Occupations Runner. Science Club. Track Team CHRISTOPHER CAMP Activities Board. Advanced Chorus. Bleacher Bums. Counselor Assistant, Drama Club, Ensemble. French Club. Musical. Pep Club, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senate. Swing Choir. Taller Staff. Thespians. Varsity Baseball BRADCAMPBEll Sophomore Football PAM CAMPBELL Office Occupations PHYlllS CANNEDY: Ensemble. Latin Club, National Honor Society. Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors VICTORIA CAf Pfll Distributive Education GREG CHAPPEl Bleacher Bums. Cross Country Team. Junior Varsity Soccer. Runner, Sophomore Soccer, Track Team DARYL CHARLESTON. Concert Band, Cultural and Social Exchange, Junior Varsity Football. Varsity Football. Sophomore Football CINDY CHASE Advanced Chorus, Cheering Chicks. Dream Girl Maid. Homecoming Queen Maid Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Katnips. Musical, National Honor Society, Sophomore Cheerleader, Sophomore Chorus. Swing Choir. Symphonic Orchestra. Troubadors. Varuty Cheerleader KEllV CLARK Concert Orchestra. Ensemble. Katmps. Musical. Pit Orchestra. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Symphonic Orchestra. Thespians. Troubadors. Concert Choir MElODIf Cl AXTON Color Guard. Cone ert Band. Marching 23. Marching 100. Office Helper, Pep Band. Symphonic Band. Teacher's Assistant CHERYl CLINE Runner. Teacher's Assistant BRIAN COKIR Junior Varsity Football. Sophomore Football Sophomore Soccer NEVA COLBURN: Cheerm Chicks, lunior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redwing Track. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee SUE CONNER Advanced Chorus; Cheerm Chicks. Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper. Redbud Word Staff. Redwing Track Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus, Taller Staff, Troubadors. Varsity Cheerleader MARGARET CONNOLLY: Cheerm Chicks. Counselor Assistant, Creative Media Club, Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad, library Assistant, Majorette. Office Helper, Pep Club. Redbud Word Staff. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Troubadors DANNY COOK Bleacher Bums. Rifle Team TONYA COOK Cheerm Chicks, Concert Band. Marching 100. Senior Powder Puff Squad JAN COPE. German Club. Marching 100. Symphonic Orchestra DAVID CORBIN: Concert Orchestra. Future Farmers. Percussion Ensemble. Symphonic Orchestra LEE CORBIN: Concert Band. Marching 100. Symphonic Orchestra. Track Team JAMES CORBY: Library Assistant MARK CORNELL: Debate Team. Math Club. Musical. National Honor Society. Science Club, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians. Tutor DEBORAH CRAFTON Office Helper DEBORAH CREAMER: Office Occupations, Sophomore Chorus WAYNE DANIELS: Printing Club. DAVE DARE: Bleacher Bums. Ensemble, Marching 100. Marching 23. Symphonic Band. Teacher's Assistant BRETT DARR AdvancedChorus. Bleacher Bums. Office Helper. Runner. Teacher's Assistant DEBBIE DAVIDSON American Field Service. Cheerm Chirks. Marching 23. Marching 100. National Honor Society, Pep Band. Redbud Word Staff, Runner, Symphonic Band. Taller Statf BRIAN DAVIS: Teacher's Assistant. Architectural Drafting Gl ADYS DAVIS Cultural and Social E xchange. Redwing Softball. Taller Staff. Teac her's Assistant. Fellowship of Christian Athletes STEVE DAVIS Concert Ore hestra. la Band. Katnips. Musical. National Honor Society. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Thespians. Troubadors PATTI DAVITZ: Cheerm Chicks. Debate Team. Drama Club, Homecoming Queen Maid. Junior Prom Decorating Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, latm Club, Pep Club. Senior Powder Putt Squad. Senior Prom Dec orating Committee Student Senate. Thespians PAULA DECK. Cheerm Chicks. Redwing Volleyball. Sophomore-Chorus KAREN DEIEHANTY Cheerm Chicks. German Club, lunior Powder Puff Squad MARY DODD Distributive Education. Future Business leaders. Runner DOUG DONELSON Junior-Varsity Baseball, Sophomore Chorus. Varsity Baseball DIANE DONE I SON Counselor Assistant. Office Occupations TIM DOUGl AS MIKE DREW MARK DUFFY Bleacher Bums, Redbird Word Staff. Varsity Soccer CHRIS DUNPHY Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Soc c rr. Redbud Word Staff. Varsity Soccer CATHY DOSTMAN Cheerm Chicks. Concert Band. German Club, la Band. Marching 23. Marching 100. Pep Band. Redwing Volleyball, Runner. Symphonic Band. Teacher's Assistant DAVID DYKE MAN Sophomore Wrestling, Teacher's Assistant GARY DYKEMAN MIKE DYKEMAN Advanced Chorus. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher s Assistant. Troubadors TERRY ECHT Future Business leaders. Office Occupations Sophomore Chorus. Teacher's Assistant MARTIE ECKHARD Advanced Chorus. Cheerm Chicks. Counselor Assistant. Dream Girl Maid. Ensemble. German Club. Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Musical. National Honor Society Redbud. Sophomore Cheerleader Swing Chou. Teacher's Assistant, Tutor, Varsity Cheerleader. Concert Chou Snow QueenROGER DEAN EDWARDS library Assistant. Office Helper, Runner, Track Team BRITTA LICHEN Activities Board. American field Service, Cheerin Chicks, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society. Redwing Track. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. MELANIE EllCK: Advanced Chorus, french Club. Future Nurses, National Honor Society, Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Tedcher's Assistant. Troubadors, Concert Choir, fellowship of Christian Athletes. JIM FltlS: Teacher's Assistant DOUG flZY: Bleai hei Bums, Sophomore Baseball Will f Ml DOM: Concert Orchestra. German Club, Pit Orchestra. Science Club. Symphonic Orchestra. Thespians DfTlEF IRDEL: Bleacher Bums, Commercial Art Club, Counselor Assistant. Custom Car Club. Exchange Student, German Club. Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff, Runner. Senior Power, Teacher's Asst. STEVEN ETTER: Commercial Art Club. Concert Orchestra. Office Helper SHERRI EVANS: American Field Service, Cheerin Chicks. Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Asst SHARON EVERAGE: Counselor Asst , Cultural and Social Exchange. Future Homemakers. Library Asst . Office Helper. Pep Club. Redwing Track, Runner SHERRIE EWING: Office Helper LINDA FARMER Cheerin Chicks, Dream Girl Maid. Homecoming Queen, lunior Varsity Cheerleader, Musical. Sophomore Cheerleader. Swing Choir, Troubadors. Varsity Cheerleader. Snow Queen Candidate, Concert Choir, Dance Club. Summer Chorus. ELIZABETH FESSIER: Cheerin Chicks, Distributive Education. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. TrouE adors. Wrestling Manager KAREN FISCHER: Cheerin Chicks, Drama Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Musical, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. Student Senate. Swing Choir, Teacher's Asst . Thespians, Troubadors. Concert Choir. JACKIE FOREMAN: Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Cultural and Social Exchange, Future Business leaders. Future Homemakers. Future Nurses. Office Occupations. Redwing Track, Senior Power, Sophomore Chorus. Teacher's Asst., Troubadors. KIM FOSTER: Cheerin Chicks, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Office Helper. Redbird Word Staff. Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. CATHY FRANKLIN: Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks. Redwing Softball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Cheerleader, Sophomore Chorus, Varsity Cheerleader. DAVID FREEMAN: Electricity Club RALPH FREEMAN: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Football, Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore Football MARK FRISSE. Bleacher Bums. Electricity Club, German Club. Musical. Redbird. Rifle Team, Senior Power, Thespians JACI FULKS: Activities Board. Cheerin Chicks. Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Cheerleader, Teacher's Asst. Varsity Cheerleader KARL FUNK: Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. Homecoming King Candidate, Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Marching 23. Marching 100. Pep Band. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Orchestra. SympEsonu Band. Teacher's Asst., Troubadors JEFFREY FUNKHOUSER Junior Varsity Football. Sophomore Football. Building Trades. ANGELA GAlllHER Advanced Chorus. Ensemble, Latin Club, National Honor Society. Pep Club. Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors. Tutor, Concert Choir. SCOTT GARDNER: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Soccer, letterman Club, Office Helper, Sophomore Soccer, Hockey Club, Freshman Football. MARK GERHARDT: Cultural and Social Exchange. Distributive Education. Exchange Student, Office Occupations. Track Team MARK GIOVAGNOU: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Soccer, Junior Varsity Wrestling. National Honor Society. Sophomore Soccer. Sophomore Wrestling, Teacher's Asst., Varsity Soccer. STEVE GODRREY: Bleacher Bums, Junior Varsity Wrestling. Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Varsity Wrestling. LEONARD GONZALFS Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Baseball. Sophomore Basetiall, Sophomore Football. Student Senate. Varsity Baseball THERESA GONZALES Cheerin Chicks. Creative Media Club. Pep Club. Sophomore Chorus, Tatler Staff. LISA GRAVEMANN- Concert Orchestra, Marching 23, Marching 100, Office Occupations, Pep Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band. Teacher's Asst KRISTANYA GRIFFIN: Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Asst., French 302 Club, German Club. Math Club. National Honor Society, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Teacher's Asst CHERYL ANNETTE GRIGGS: Cheerin Chicks, Cultural and Social Exchange, Future Business Leaders, Office Occupations, Redwing Track. Runner, Senior Power. Teacher's Asst USA GROSS: Cheerin Chicks, Drama Club, German Club. Marching 23. Marching 100. Musical. Pep Club, Rcdbirdette. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher’s Asst., Thespians, Honor Thespian, Thespian Treasure, Dance Club. DAN GUTMAN: Bleacher Bums RAY CUIllO: Future Farmers, Runner, Teacher's Asst DOUG HAASE: Advanced Chorus. Bleacher Bums, lunior Varsity Soccer. Runner. Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Soccer. MARK HAGGARD: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Football, lunior Varsity Wrestling. Sophomore Football, Sophomore Wrestling, Varsity Football. TAMMY HALFORD Cheerin Chirks, Counselor Asst., Office Helper. Pep Club. Runner. WENDELL HAMLIN: Sophomore Football. BERNIE HANNEKER Distributive Education LINDA HARBAUGH Future Cosmetologist, German Club, Office Helper, Runner. ED HARGIS: Concert Orchestra, Office Helper, Runner, Symphonic Orchestra DAVID HARGIS. Chess Club. Concert Band. Concert Orchestra. German Club. Ja Band. Marchtng 23. Marching 100. Math Club. Musical. National Honor Society. Pep Band. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. LORI HARMON: Advanced Chorus. Concert Band. Concert Orchestra, German Club, Jazz Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Math Club. Musical, National Honor Society, Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Teacher's Asst., Swing Choir, Concert Choir. MARK HARRIS: Distributive Education, Letterman Club. Tennie Team. BEN HARRISON: Commercial Art Club. Concert Band, Counselor Asst , lunior Varsity Wrestling, Latin Club. Marching 23, Marching 100. Pep Band, Symphonic Band LINDA HARRISON: Concert Orchestra. Office Helper. Office Occupations JOY HAUSMAN Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band. Dream Girl Maid, Homecoming Queen, Maid. Marching 23. Marching 100, Musical. Senior Powder Puff Squad. SympEtonic Band. Varsity Cheerleader STEVE HAWKINS: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Baseball. Junior Varsity Footlsall, Junior Varsity Wrestling, Letterman Club, Office Helper, Redbird. Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad Coach. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore football. Sophomore Wrestling. Varsity Baseball. Varsity Football. Varsity Wrestling. GIGI HAYS: Advanced Chorus. American Field Service. Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Asst.. Dream Girl. French Club. Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society. Pep Club. Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors DOUG HENDERSON: Activities Board, Bleacher Bums, Counselor Asst., Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Football. Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore BasketEsall, Teacher's Assistant, Varsity Baseball. MARY HENDRIX: future Cosmetologist WANDA HENDRIX Cheerin Chicks. Office Helper. Redwing Track, Redwing Volleyt all, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Printing Club JERRY HERNDON Junior Varsity Wrestling MICHAEL HESS: German Club, National Honor Society. PENNY HILL: Distributive Education. BETH HILLEN: Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 100, Pep Club, Redwing Softball, Runner. Sophomore Cheerleader. Symphonic Band, Teacher’s Assistant. Varsity Cheerleader. MALENA HOLCOMB Future Business Leaders. Homecoming Queen Maid, library Assistant, Future Homemakers. JEFF HONEY: Future Farmers MARK HOOK Concert Orchestra, Electricity Club, Symphonic Orchestra. KAY HOOPER: Distributive Education, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Orchestra. TAMARA HOWARD future Homemakers, lunior Puff Squad, Runner, Symphonic Orchestra. PAT HUGHES: Bleacher Bums. KATHY HUNTER: Cheerin Chicks. Latin Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Tatler Staff. REBECCA INGRAM Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. Tennis Team. BRIAN IRVIN: Bleacher Bums. Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Teachers Assistant, Troubadors. KENT JACKSON: Chess Club, Teacher's Assistant. Machine Trades. NANCY JACKSON: Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Drama Club. French Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Pep Club. Redtwrd Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decoration Committee. Thespians. TIM JANKE: letterman Club. Redbird Word Staff. Runner, Track Team, Architectural Drafting Club. VERONICA JOE HI: Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, German Club. Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decoration Committee, Sophomore Chorus. WAYNE JOFINESSEE: Future Farmers, Rifle Team, Runner, Student Senate. JIM IOHNSON: Cultural and Social Exchange, Custom Car Club, Junior Varsity Football. Small Engines Club. Sophomore Football, Track Team TED JOHNSON: Counselor Assistant, Office Helper, Runner, Teacher's Assistant. VIVETTE JOHNSON: Cultural and Social Exchange ELIZABETH JOSEPH: Concert Orchestra. Jazz Band, Katmps, Marching 100, Math Club. National Honor Society, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. NANCY K ANALLAKAN: Distributive Education. Future Business Leaders. Thespians. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. CARL KATES: Advanced Chorus. Cultural and Social Exchange, Ensemble. Musical, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir. Track Team, Troubadors. Summer Choi us GERALD KELLY German Club, library Assistant, Taller Staff. JAMI KENNEDY: Cheerin Chicks, Latin Club. Senior Powder Puff Club, Sophomore Chorus, Tatler Staff ASIM KHAN lunior Varsity Football. Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Sophomore Football. Track Team. Varsity Football. EDWARD KIENSTRA Counselor Assistant, German Club. Varsity Basketball ROBERT KINCADE Chess Club. Math Club. Science Club JOHN KLOCKENKEMPER: lunior Varsity Soccer. Office Helper. Runner. Varsity Soccer JOHN KOECHNER Sophomore Football. ELEANOR KOLDITZ: Cheerin Chicks. Commercial Art Club, Concert Band. German Club. Drama Club. KAREN KORTE: Cheerin Chkks, Concert Orchestra, German Club. Musical, Runner, Teacher's Assistant, Christian Athletes Assoc it ion KIT KREID: Creative Media Club. Bleacher Bums, German Club, Runner, Tennis Team. BRIAN KREPEl Runner. Teacher's Assistant. Hockey Club BRIAN KRUSE: Electricity Club, future Farmers. Small Engines Club. V.I.C.A. KELLY LAGEMANN Cheerin Chicks. National Honor Society. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher's Assistant. Troubadors, Varsity Cheerleader. RODNEY LAIRD: Bleacher Bums. Marching 100, Math Club. Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Troubadors. KAY LAMBRICH: Cheerin Chicks, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Musical, National Honor Society. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Cheerleader, Tatler Staff, Thespians, Varsity Cheerleader, Dance Chorus. TERRY LANDON: Architecture Club RANDY LANE: Ensemble, Katmps. Musiral, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Teacher's Assistant, Troufsadors LONNA LASLIE: Future Homemakers. Sophomore Chorus JUDY LAWRENCE: Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Ensemble. Katnips, Musical, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Swing Choir, Thespians, Troubddors. Varsity Cheerleader, BELINDA LEADER: Commercial Art Club BOB LEGATE: Concert Band. German Club. Marching 23, Marching 100. Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Teacher Assistant RUTH LIVELY: Future Homemakers MELINDA LOGAN: Color Guard. Concert Orchestra. Future Business leaders, Office Occupations, Sophomore Chorus. DAVE LOPEZ: Distributive Education. Junior Varsity Soccer. Tennis Team. EDDIE LOVETT: Library Assistant, Small Engines Club, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Bdckctball. LINDA LOWE: Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Future Homemakers, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Prom EYecorating Committee. Varsity Cheerleader JACKIE LUMPKINS: Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistant, CulturaJ and Social Exchange, Office Helper, Redwing Basketball. Redwing Volleyball, Runner. JEFF MADISON: Architectural DraftingMIKE MADISON: Office Helper. Runner. Teacher Assistant. Flag Raiser. JEFFREY MAI SON. Concert Orchestra. German Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, Mutual, Pep Band. Percussion Ensemble, Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band BRENT MANDORCA: Architectural Drafting TIM MATIFES: Advanced Orchestra. Commercial Art Club, Sophomore Football, Track Team, Troubadorv RICK MATTSON Cross Country Team, letterman Club, Office Helper. Runner, Teacher Assistant, Track Team JUDY MAYER Cheerin Chicks, Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper. Pep Club. Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate, Taller Staff. STEPHEN MCCLAIN: Chess Club. Counselor Assistant, Distributive Education, Future Auto Technicians, Future Farmers, National Honor Society, Redbird Word Staff, Rifle Team, Runner, Russian Club, Tutor. JENNY MCGINNIS Distributive Education. German Club NOEL MCKAY: Chess Club, Runner, Sophomore Basketball. ANITA MCLAIN: Distributive Education, Future Business leaders. L.P.N Club TINA MCSWAYNE: Counselor Assistant. Cultural and Social E (change. Chorus VIVIAN MEAD- Future Cosmetologists. Runner, Sophomore Chorus DIANE MEDFORD: Senior Powder Puff Squad. Chorus. MARK MEEDEN National Honor Society, Runner. Teacher Assistant Bill MERMIS Bleacher Bums. Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Teacher Assistant, Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer. PATTY MESSICK Future Cosmetologist. Musical. Sophomore Chorus. Thespians. Troubadors JACK ME ST OR Machine Shop Club WILLIAM MEYER Bleacher Bums. Counselor Assistant. Debate Team, Tennis Team, Thespians SUE MEYERS: Cheerin Chicks. German Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Musical. National Honor Society. Redbird, Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Taller Staff, Varsity Cheerleader STAN MIDDIETON: Future Farmers PAT MILLER: Bleacher Bums. Homecoming King Candidate, Runner. Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Basketball. Varsity Basketball. Junior and Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader. RICHARD MIlllTEllO Electricity Club CLIFTON MOORE: Distributive Education. Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Chorus, Sophomore Football, Troubadors. Varsity Basketball KIMBERLY MOORE Advanced Chorus, Counselor Assistant. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. Teacher's Assistant JEFF MOREY Redbird Word Staff, Runner. Teacher's Assistant. Tennis Team ROBERT MOSBY: Sophomore Football. Track Team CHRIS MUELLER: Concert Band. Drama Club. Marching 23, Marching 100. Musical. Senior Power. Symphonic Band, Thespians MICHEAl MULREAN: Counselor Assistant, Future Farmers, Runner. BECKY MUNDY: Advanced Chorus. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Taller Staff. TOM MURRAY Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Baseball. Junior Varsity Football. National Honor Society. TOM MURRAY: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Baseball, lunior Varsity Football. Redbird Word Staff. Sophomore Baseball. Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Football, Varsity Baseball CHARI ES MUSGRAY Letterman Club, Musical, Runner, Sophomore Football KENT NEWCOMB Bleacher Bums, Homecoming King Candidate. Junior Varsity Baseball. Junior Varsity Football, National Honor Society, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football. Varsity Baseball, Junior and Senior Powder Puff Coach, Varsity Football. SHERRY NICHOLSON: Activities Board. Cheerin Chicks, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Pep Club. Redwing Track, Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Tatler Staff, Teacher Assistant KATHY NICKEll: Cheerin Chicks. Concert Orchestra. Drama Club. German Club, Katnips. Marching 23, Musical. Office Helper. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Thespians LES NOLAN: Bleacher Bums. Cross Country Team. German Club, letterman Club. National Honor Society. Track Team JOHN NUGENT Office Helper. Building Trades KIM OLDEN: Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 100, Office Helper. Pep Band. Redwing Softball. Symphonic Band KEITH ORBAN: Concert Band, Symphonic Band KEVIN OWENS: Advanced Chorus, Cultural and Social Eichange. Drama Club, Musical, Runner, Student Senate. Thespians. RON PAINTER Cafeteria Assistant, Runner. Teacher Assistant. GERALD PARHAM: Commercial Art Club, Distributive Education. BARBARA PAUL: Concert Band Ensemble, Library Assistant, National Honor Society, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Band, Teacher Assistant. CINDY PELLIGRINO: Cheerin Chicks. Distributive Education, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Pep Club. Redwing Volleyball. Runner. HERLINDA ELSA PEREZ: Activities Board. Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistant, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus. MACARIA ELLA PEREZ: Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Homecoming Queen Maid, Junior Prom Decorating Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Teacher Assistant, Junior Class Pres . Senior Class Pres . Snow Queen CHRIS PETERS: Counselor Assistant. Office Helper. Runner. Teacher Assistant, Varsity Baseball HOWARD PETERS: Future Auto Technicians CHERYL PFEIFER American Field Service, Ja Band. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Katnips. Marching 23. Marching 100. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS Bleacher Bums. Counselor Assistant. German Club. National Honor Society DAVID PREIS: Architectural Drafting MICHAEL PRICE: Office helper. Runner, Teacher Assistant PATRICIA PRICE: Activities Board, Cultural and Social E change, Future Homemakers, letterwoman Club, National Honor Society. Office Helper. Pep Club. Redwing Track, Runner. Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Student Senate. Teacher Assistant. BEVERLY PRUETT: Advanced Chorus. Design Group, Future Homemakers. Sophomore Chorus, Teacher Assistant fUl PYLE: Future Homemakers. Runner MARILYN QUIGLEY: Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Pep Club, Senior Power. Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee JEFF RADCLIFF Teacher Assistant ALANA RAMLOW: Future Homemakers, German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad MAAG RAMON: Future Farmers. AMY RATHGEB: Color Guard, Marching 23. Marching 100, Musical. Office Helper. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. KEN RAYBIN: Junior Varsity Wrestling. Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Wrestling. Troubadors. Concert Choir. BRAD REYNOLDS: Printing Club CYNTHIA REYNOLDS: Cheerin Chicks. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Fellowship of Christian Athletes SADIE REYNOLDS: Future Homemakers. GREG RICHARDS: Concert Band. Ensemble. Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band. Redbird Word Staff,Symphonic Band, Troubadors. DIANE RISTER: Cheerin Chicks, Cross Country Mgr., National Honor Society, Office Helper. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Dance Club. |UDY RITTENHOUSE: Cheerin Chicks, future Business Leaders, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Office Occupations, Teacher Assistant. MARY ROSS: Cheerin Chicks. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Basketball, Senior Powder Puff Squad PAM RUSH: Cheerin Chicks, Concert Orcfsestra, German Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Katnips. Letterwoman Club, Marching 100. National Honor Society. Pit Orchestra, Redbird Word Staff, Redwing Basketball. Redwing letter Club, Redwing Volleyball. Redwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, |UDY RYAN: Future Business leaders. Office Occupations, Teacher Assistant. DAN RZONCA: Crosscountry Team. Ensemble. Marching 100, Office Helper. Pep Band. Percussion Ensemble, Runner, Student Senate, Symphonic Band. Track Team. Dixieland Band |AY SABO: Bleacher Bums, Drama Club, Latin Club, Letterman Club, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Chorus. Sophomore Football. Teacher Assistant. Thespians. Troubadors. Varsity Baseball, lunior and Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader STEPHEN SANDS: Latin Club, Math Club. National Honor Society, Office Helper. Runner, Science Club, Teacher Assistant. MARY |ANE SASEK Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Tutor CASEY SCANl AN: Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistant, Debate Team, German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Letterwoman Club. Redwing Basketball. Redwing Letter Club. Redwing VolleyE all. Redwing Softball, Tennis Team. Tutor. Sophomore Chorus DEBBIE SCHARTH: Office Occupations KARL A SCHIEN: Cheerin Chicks. Concert Band, Counselor Assistant, Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Latin Club. Marching 100, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher Assistant, Tutor. SARAH SCHUDEl Activities Board. Advanced Chorus. Cheerin Chicks, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper. Redwing Track, Redwing Basketball. Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Teacher Assistant. JANET SCHWEPPE Cheerin Chicks, French Club. National Honor Society, Office Helper. Sophomore Chorus ROBERT SHAW Letterman Club. Runner ROBERT J. SHAW: Concert Orchestra, Ensemble. Katnips. Musical. National Honor Society, Pit Orchestra, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Orchestra. Thespians. Troubadors CANDANCE SHORTER Cultural and Social Eichange. Distributive Education, Future Business Leaders, Runner. MARIE SIMS: Cheerin Chicks. Cultural and Social Eichange. Future Business leaders. Redwing Track ANITA SMITH: Office Helper. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Teacher Assistant CYNTHIA SMITH Concert Band. Concert Orchestra. Latin Club. Office Helper. Redwing Basketball. Redwing Softball. Symphonic Band. RUDY SMITH: Varsity Baseball SHARI ANNE SMITH: Concert Band, Cultural and Social Exchange. French Club, Marching 100. Musical, Pep Club, RcdEwr deties. Redwing Basketball. Redwing Track. Redwing Volleyball. Student Senate. FRANK SNIDER: Advanced Chorus. Bleacher Bums. Custom Car Club, Runner. Sophomore Chorus, Sophomore Baseball. Sophomore Wrestling, Troubadors, Machine Shop Club STEVEN SPRINGGATE- Ja r Band. Marching 23, Marching 100. Pep Band. Redbird Work Staff. Symphonic Band KEITH ST. CIN: Bleacher Bums. Homecoming King Candidate, letterman Club. Runner. Senior Power, Sophomore Basketball. Symphonic Band. Varsity Basketball. Powder Puff Cheerleader SAM ST Cl AIN Distributive Education LARRY STARK: Future Farmers. Marching 100. KEITH STEIGER: Bleacher 8ums. Concert Band, lunior Varsity Football. Latin Club, letterman Club, Pep Club. Runner. Sophomore Wrestling. Symphonic Band. Track Team. Varsity Football. MIKE STETSON: Bleacher Bums, Office Helper. Rerftird Word Staff. Runner. Sophomore Football, Track Team. KEITH STEWART: Cultural and Social Exchange. Junior Varsity Football. Runner. Teacher Assistant, Track Team. Varsity Football GREG STROUBE: Concert Band. German Club. Marching 23, Marching 100. Redbird Word Staff. Symphonic Band. Tatler Staff. Model United Nation, Presidental Classroom JANICE STROWMATT: Concert Band. Distributive Education. Runner, CHRIS STUTZ: Future Farmers BRADLEY SWEETMAN Office Helper. Runner. Super Weldors Club CHERYL TALBERT: Cultural and Social Exchange. Redwing Track. Runner, Teacher Assistant CAROL TANNER: German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redbird Word Staff. ED TAUl Ensemble. Musical. Sophomore Wrestling. Swing Choir. Tennis Team, Track Team. Troubadors. Concert Choir BILL TAUl: Junior Varsity Baseball, Latin Club. Tennis Team LORI TERRELL Advanced Chorus. Redwing Track HARRIET THOMAS: Drama Club, Chorus TRACI TINKEY: Activities Board.Cheenn Chicks,Concert Band. Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Redbird Word Staff. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader. Homecoming E ecoratmg Committee BILL TONEY: American Field Service. Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Soccer. Letterman Club. Sophomore Baseball. Varsity Soccer. TONI TORREZ: Advanced Chorus. Distributive Education. Sophomore Chorus TERRI TOSH: Activities Board. Cheerin Chicks. Counselor Assistant, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decoration Committee CLARA VAUGHN. Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks. Cultural And Special Exchange. Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Track, Sophomore Chorus, Concert Choir. 303MARK VfllOFF Rifle Team JANET VOICE!I Office Occupations. Teacher Assistant. JACK VOLLMER Small Engines Club. JANICE WAGGONER- Concert Orchestra, Ensemble. German Club, Marching 23, Marching 100. National Honor Society, Pep Club, Symphonic Band. DEBBIE WALKER. Concert Choir. Ensemble, future Business Leaders. Latin Club, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors DANE WALKINGTON: Rifle Team. LINDA WALTERS: Runner, Tennis Team. BOB WATERS: Office Occupations. BRYAN WEBB: Concert Band, Electricity Club. CAROL WEINRICH: American field Service, Commercial Art Club, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. Marching 23, Marching 100, National Honor Society, Pep Band. Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Teacher Assistant CINDY WEBER Musical. Office Helper. Office Occupations, Runner, Sophomore Chorus. Thespians KENT WEEKS: Concert Band. Concert Orchestra, Drama Club, Ensemble. Jarz Band. Katmps. Marching 23. Marching 100, Musical. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra. Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Thespians. Concert Choir. MEG WEGENER: Senior Powder Puff Squad. Thespians MIKE WEIRICH Runner SUE WEISHAUPT: Cheenn Chicks. Office Occupations, Senior Powder Puff Squad KATHY WETZSTEIN: Cheenn Chicks. Future Business leaders. Office Occupations, Student Senate, Teacher Assistant DAVID WHALEY: German Club. National Honor Society. Teacher Assistant DON WHITE: Bleacher Bums. Library Assistant. Office Helper, Runner, Teacher Assistant STEVEN WHITED: Bleacher Bums. Junior Varsity Baseball, lumor Varsity Football, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore football. CAROL WHITLOCK American Field Service, Cheenn Chicks. Concert Orchestra, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians STEVEN WIGGER Bleacher Bums. Senior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Student Senate, Track Team. Aviation Club. DANA WILDERMAN: Activities Board, Cheenn Chicks, Junior PowderPuff Squad. Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Cheerleader, Snow Queen Candidate. CHUCK WILLETT: Concert Orchestra. Concert Band. Jazz Band, Marching 23. Marching 100, Musical. Pep Band, Pit Orchestra. Swing Choir, Symphonic Orchestra. Symphonic Band. Thespians. Concert Choir. DEBBIE WILSON: Concert Orchestra, Marching 23, Marching 100, Office Helper, Symphonic Band. Basketball Concessions DONALD WILSON: Bleacher Bums. German Club MARK WILSON: Concert Band. Electricity Club. Marching 100, Office Helper. Sophomore Basketball. Teacher Assistant, Varsity Basketball MICHAEL WOOD: Drama. Ensemble. Musical. Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir. Thespians. Troubadors. Concert Choir, Summer Chorus. Dance Club CYNTHIA WOOLSEY Cheenn Chicks. Marching 100. National Honor Society, Pep Club. Redbirdette. Sophomore Chorus SHEILA WOOTEN Cheenn Chicks, Counselor, Future Business Leaders. Office Occupations. Sophomore Chorus. GEORGE WREATH Printing Club MIKE WRIGHT Printing Club. PATTI YATES: Cheenn Chicks. Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. German Club, Marching 100, National Honor Society. Symphonic Band, Teacher Assistant DEBBIE YOCIUS:CheermChicks.Counselor Assistant. Exchange Student, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Redbird Word Staff. Redwing Volleyball. Runner, Tatler Staff, Teacher Assistant. Redwing Track. USA YOUNG: Bat Girl, Cheenn Chicks. Junior Powder Puff Squad. Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Sophomore Chorus. KATHRYN ZAHNER: library Assistant DAVID ZIELINSKI: Bleacher Bums, Concert Band, Cross Country Team. Runner. Track Team, Junior and Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader. BRAD ZIMMERMAN: Building Trades REIMUND ZIPPMANN: Distributive Education DAVID DENNIGMANN: Activities Board. Bleacher Bums. Homecoming King Candidates, letterman Club. Sophomore Football. Sophomore Wrestling. Varsity Football. Varsity Wrestling LINDA KESSLER Runner. Teacher's Assistant. SUZANNE MILLER Advanced Chorus, Counselor Assistant. Future Cosmetologists, Sophomore Chorus LECIA MORRISON: Advanced Chorus, Cheenn Chicks, Concert Band. Cultural and Social Exchange. Drama Club. Ensemble. Future Business Leaders VICKI SCHMIDT: Cheenn Chicks, Color Guard. Concert Orchestra, Katmps. Latin Club. Marching 100. Musical. National Honor Society, Symphonic Orchestra. KAREN G. SCOTT: Cultural and Social Exchange, Future Homemakers. Future Nurses, Latin Club. Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Speech Club BARBARA CHURCHILL: Cheenn Chicks. Cross Country Team. Drama Club. German Club. Junior Prom Decoration Committee. Junior Powder Puff Squad, letterwomen Club, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Redwing Letter Club, Redwing Track. Senior Power. Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors DEBBIE CUNNINGHAM: Concert Band, lumor Powder Puff Squad. Marching 100, Redwing Basketball. Redwing letter Club, Redwing Volleyball. Redwing Softball. Runner. Senior Powder Puff Squad, TATLER STAFF. FCA SARAH E. HANSEL: Advanced Chorus. Cheenn Chicks, German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society. Pep Club. Runner, Senior Power, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus DONNA HARDBECK. Cheering Chicks, German Club. Pep Club. Senior Power. PAUL LAUSCHKE III: German Club. National Honor Society SARA McCADDEN: Advanced Chorus, Cheenn Chicks, Counselor Assistant. German Club, Pep Club. Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus. DAVID METZMAKER Chess Club, German Club, Runner, Chem-O Club MELODY MEYENBURG: German Club, National Honor Society, Runner. Senior Power. Sophomore Chorus. BRYAN MILLER Concert Orchestra. Debate Team, Dixieland Band, E nsemble, German Club. |a Band. Katnips, Marc hmg 23, Marching 100. Math Team. National Honor Society. Pep Band, Pit Orchestra. Math and Science Club, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band. NCTE Award. Model U.N. DEBBIE PHILLIPS: Advanced Chorus, Cheenn Chicks, Commercial Art Club- Pres., German Club, lumor Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society, Senior Power. Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors. Concert Choir. MONICA STOBBS: Cheenn Chicks, German Club. Junior Prom Decorating Committee, letterwomen Club. Pep Club. Redwing letter Club. Senior Power. Tennis Team K AM ALA URS: American Field Service, Cheenn Chicks, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Cross Country Team, Ensemble, German Club, Marching 23, Marching 100. Musical, National Honor Society-Corresponding Secretary. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra, Redwing Track, Russian Club, Senior Power, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band. Teacher’s Assistant, Thespians. TRACI WHYTE: Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheenn Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Drama Club, German Club. Junior Powder Puff Squad. National Honor Society, Pep Club. Redbird Word Staff. Runner, Senior Power, Senior Prom Decorating Committtee, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors, Concert Choir. IUUE GREEN: Concert Band. German Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad. Marching 23, Marching 100. Office Helper, Pep Band. Pit Orchestra, Redwing Softball, Runner, Symphonic Band, Teacher's Assistant DENISE JOEHL: Activities Board. Cheenn Chicks. Debate Team, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club. National Honor Society. Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad. Senior Prom Decoration Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate. Teacher's Assistant. TRISH DEWEY: Activity Board, Cheenn Chicks, Junior Prom Decoration Committee. National Honor Society. Office Helper, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate. Tatler Staff, Teacher's Assistant. Troubadors, Concert Choir. WALLACE DURWIN: Commercial Art Club. Distributive Education. MITCH FRYMAN: Concert Orchestra, Distributive Education GREG E. GATES: Cross Country Team, Distributive Education, Library Assistant. Runner. Sophomore football. Track Team BRAD GOLDMAN Distributive Education JIM KELSEY: Distributive Education, Office Helper KEVIN McKINNEY: Distributive Education. Office Helper, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors CYNTHIA MIZERSKI Distributive Education. WALSWORTH Marcellne. Mo.. U.8.A.

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