Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1978

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 305 of 312
Page 305 of 312

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Page 305 text:

Maybe we should have developed this flrstl Sa t K Q . L ! J 1 f-5,1 X . .. Q Hey Big Boyll , ni N . avg """-QM... - Q' You stole my heart!

Page 304 text:

w?'W?fiEff77f '.., , - ' ,hp-K Kg, K , ,, ,....AM4.-Mgt,-M ah ,, i os, 2 g, l 'L ib ' S ' 1 L f :Q 5 W rg 1 xt h I Y' ' Y Z 1 4 , V ti y Q 1' Lyn Burnett, Becky Mundy, Sherry Hise, Laura Yates, Liz Webber, Debbie Yocius ,,-I 6- - fb.. 35" .Z . ' ,- - .gg f I I , . gr' ...A - MA There s got to be an easter way!!! QF' Q- Dear Mr. Hansen, .. Due to lack of interest 300

Page 306 text:

SENIOR I DE This Index lists only the activities of Seniors who requested to have theirs published. It does not mean that other Seniors did not participate in any extra-curricular activities. ADAMS, GI.ORIA Cultural and Social Ex- change, Reclwing track, Teacher's Assis- tant ADLER, RICHARD Activities Board, Com- mercial Art Club, Cross Country, lunior Prom Decoration, Lettermen Cl i, Office Ilelper, Runner, Track Team ADNEY, CYNTHIA Counselor Assistant, Oi- fice Occupations ALEXANDER, CATHERINE Counselor Assis- tant ALEXANDER, IAMES Cultural and Social Ex- change ALLENSWORTH, EDITH Arlvanc ed Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Reclbircl Word start, Reclwing Bas- ketball, Rc:dwing Track, Reclwing Volley- ball, Reclwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus ALLRED, IEANNE Teacher's Assistant AMMONS, IOIIN Distributive Education ANDERSON, TFRENCE Sophomore Foot- ball, Track Team ANCLF, MICHAFL Rifle Team, Teac hers As- sistant, Track Team ARBUTIINOT, R. MICHAFI. Bleac her Bums, lunior Varsity Baseball, lunior Varsity Football, lunior Varsity Wrestling, Office llc-lper, Reclbircl Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Foot- ball, Sophomore Wrestling, Varsity Base- ball ARNOLD, KIMBERLY Advanc ed Chorus, Cheering Chicks, French Club, lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Senior Powdc-r Puff Squad AUKAMP, REGINA Advanc c-rl Chorus, American Fic-lcl Servic e, Cher-ring Chic ks, Tnsemble, German Club, lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad AUTFN, PATTIE Advanced Chorus, Future llomemakers, Sophomore Chorus, Trou- badors BAI LARD, KAREN Advanc ed Chorus, Con- c ert Orc hestra, Ensemble, Katnips, Olfic c- Helper, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Sopho- more Chorus, Swing Choir, Symphonic Orr hestra, Teac her's Assistant, Thespians, Troubaclors BANKS, TERRY Counselor Assistant, Debate Tc-am, Future Nurses, Office llc-lper, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians. BASS, ROBIN Library Ilelper, Offic e Ilelper, Pep Club, Runner BATFS, SANDRA Activities Board, Counsel- or Assistant, Senior Powder Puff Squarl, Student Senate BROWN, NADFAN Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, National Ilonor Soc ic-ty, Pep Club, Senior Prom Dc-c oratin Com- mittee, Sophomore Chorus, 'Troulfiadors attucr, Pitvt its chi-i-can Chicks, tumor Prom Dec oration Comrnittec-, Library As- sistant, Office Occupations, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, 'Teacher's Assis- tant BRYANT, RODRICK Cafeteria Assistant, Cultural and Soc il Fxc hange, Distributive lduc ation, Sophomore Football, Trac k Team BUCI IFR, MARI Activities Board, Aclvanr ed Chorus, American Fielrl Service, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Concc-rt Orches- tra, Cross Country Team, German Club, lunior Prom Dc-coration Committee, lu- nior Powder Pulf Squad, lunior Varsity Cheerleader, Ietterwornert Clttb, Pep Club, Reclbircl, Reclwing Trac k, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Deco- ratin Committee, Sophomore Chorus, 'Tc-acIsier's Assistant, Troubaclors, Varsity Football BUNSF, DIANF American Fit-lcl Secvic e Chec-rin Chic ks, Counselor Assistant, Tu- ture Nurses, German Club, National Ilon- or Society, Pep Club, Sc-nior Prom Deco- ration Committee BURTON, GRIGORY Chem-O Club, Chess Club, Counsc-lor Assistant, Cultural and Social lxchange, Gertnan Club, Hockey 'Tc-am, lunior Powder Pull Squacl, lunior Varsity Football, Lettermen Club, librar Assistant, Math Club, Reclbircl Word Stafii Sc ic-nc e Club, Sophomore football, Stu- dent Senate, 'Teacher's Assistant, Track Tc-am, Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling BUTLIR, IOIIN Aclv.mcc-cl Chorus, Concert Orc hestra, Drama Club, Drum Major, I n- semble, Katnips, Marc hing Zl, Marching 100, Music al, Offic c- I lc-lper, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Sytnphonic Orchestra, Thes- pians CAIN, Rl BICCA lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Office Ilelpc-r, Runnc-r, Senior Powder Puff Squad, TATI FR S TAI F, Teac her's As- sislant CAIRFS, BARBARA Drama Club, Musical, National Ilonor Society, Pep Club, Thes- ptans CAI DWFI I., PATRICIA Counselor Assistant, Distributive Fduc ation, Iuture Business lc-aclc-rs, Future Ilomc-makers, Tc-achc-r's Assistant CAl.I.AIlAN, SCOTT Aclvanc ecl Chorus, American Fielrl Service, Drama Club, li- brary Assistant, Musical, Office Helper, Runner, Thespians CAMPBELL, LUIANA Cultural anrl Social EY- change, Marching 100, Redbirdette, 'Teac er's Assistant CAMPBELL, MARTHA Chc:erin Chicks, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, French Club, Jazz Band, Katnips, March- ing 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Woodwind Quintet CAMPBELL, RICKY Distributive Fduc ation CANNON, DAVID Office Helper CARR, VICKI Aclvancerl Chorus, Concert Band, Marching 100, Musical, Sopho- more Chorus, Symphonic Band CARROLL, KEVIN Bleacher Bums, Counsel- or Assistant, Lettermen Club, Reclbircl Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball, Sopho- more Football, Varsity Baseball, BFCKER, MELISSA German Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Musical, Sophomore Cheerleader, Teac her's As- sistant, Tennis Team, Varsity Cheerleader BFNSMAN, 'TOM Custom Car Club, Future Auto Tec hnicians, Teac her's Assistant, BFRGIF, ANNE Cheerin Chicks, Distributive Fducation, Future Ilomemakers, Future Nurses, Office Helper, Pc-p Club BIGGS, KATIILFFN Future Business Leaders, Teac her's Assistant BILBRUCK, LLOYD French Club, Hockey Club, lunior Varsity Football, Iettermc-n Club, Reclbircl Word Staff, Sophomore Football, Teac her's Assistant, Trac k Tc-am, Varsity Football BI AND, IFFFRFY lunior Varsity Football, Su- per Welclors Club BI FVFNS, RICK Advanced Chorus, Ameri- can Field Service, Backpacking Club, Blc-ac her Bums, Custom Car Club BOCKSTRUCK, STEVFN National Ilonor Society, Super Welclors Club, Symphonic Orc hestra BOIILMAN, IOIIN Cross Country Team, Runner BOIIRINGFR, IFROMF Aclvancerl Chorus, Bleac her Bums, Counselor Assistant, Run- ner, Sc ic-nce Club, Sophomort- Chorus, Tutor BONNFLL, KIM Dream Girl Maid, llome- coming Queen, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, lunior Varsity Cheerleader, Reclbircl Word Staff, Senior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Teac hc-r's Assistant, Varsity Cheerleader BONNFLI , RlJTIl Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chic ks, Counselor Assistant, Drama Club, lnsemble, lxc hange Stu- tlent, lunior Prom Decoration Commit- tee, lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Musical, Office Ilelper, Pep Club, Reclbircl Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Stu- dent Senate, 'TATLFR STAFF, 'Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Troubaclors, Tutor BOSAW, VAI.l RIF Aclvanr ed Chorus, Cheerin Chic ks, Distributive Iducation, Drama Club, Future Businc-ss I c-aclers, Fu- ture Ilomt-makc-rs, Musical, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus BOWFN, STFVFN lan Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Percussion Fn- sc-mblc-, Pit Orc hc-stra, Sophomore Base- ball, Sophomore Soccer, Symphonic Oc- chestra, Sytnphonic Band, Troubaclors BOWSIIIR, BICKY Rc-clbirclette BRADSIIAW, Clll RYL Concert Band, Cul- tural ancl Social lxc hangc-, Iuture Home- makers, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Marching 100, Offic e I lelper, Pep Club, Rc-dbircl Word Staff, Teac her's As- sislant BRAUSFN, KARI Future Ilomemakers, Latin Club, Musical, Rifle Tc-am Manager, Sen- ior Powder Puff Squad, Teac her's Assis- fdrtl BRICF, MICIIAII. Concert Band, and Social lxchange, Future Homemak- ers, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football BROADWAY, SUSAN Cheerin Chic ks, Dis- tributive lcluc ation, Futttre Nurses, latin Club, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad BROOK, SHARON Future Ilometnakers BROTIII RTON, LINDA Counselor Assistant Varsity Football CARTFR, CURTIS Future Auto Technicians, Teac her's Assistant CAR TIR, DIBBIT Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Distributive lclucation, German Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, lttnior Powder Pulf Squad, Marching 100, Pep Band, Reclwing Trac k, Reclwing Volleyball, Sen- ior Powcler Pulf Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Cotntnittee, Studettt Senate, Symphonic Orc hestra CASSIDY, CIIRIS Commercial Art Club, Runner, 'TATLFR STAFF, Varsity Tootball, Varsity Wrestling CIIAMBFRI AIN, IIAROLIJ Bleac her Bums, lunior Varsity Football, Lettermen Club, Office Ilelpc-r, Sophomore football, Trac k Team Cl IUF, IFNNIFFR Aclvanc ed Chorus, Ameri- c an field Service, Cheerin Chicks, French Club, German Club, lunior Prom Decora- tion Committee, lunior Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society President, Redwing Track, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus CHURCHILL, IOHN Bleacher Bums, Chem- O Club, Chess Club, Dance Slub, Drama Club, German Club, lunior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader, Katnips, Musical, Na- tional Honor Society, Science and Math Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad Cheer- leader, Thespians CHURCHMAN, DANIEL Bleacher Bums, Chess, Club, Cross Country Team, Future Business Leaders, Golf Team, I.ibrary As- sistant, Math Club, National Ilonor Soci- ety, Oflice Helper, Pep Club, Science Club, Teacher's Assistant CLARKSON, RICHARD Activities Board, Field Service, Backpacking Club, Bleacher Bums, lunior Prom Deco- ration Committce, Lettermen Club, Musical, Senior Prom Decforatin Com- mittee, Sophomore Baseball, Sopliomore Basketball, Thcspians CLENDENNY, DAVID Office Ilelper, Super Welclors Club COMPTON, BARBARA Pep Club, Runner, Spanish Club COOK, CHERYL Activities Board, American Fielrl Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Frenc h Club, lunior Prom Dec oratin Committee, lunior Powder Puff Squacli Pc-p Club, Senior Prom Decorating Com- mittee COOK, RHONDA Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Fn- semble, Future Business I.eaclers, March- ing 23, Marching 100, Symphonic Band, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians COPLFY, IOFI, Aclvanc ed Chorus, Bleac her Bums, CAPTAIN ALTON, Counselor As- sistant, Drama Club, Fnsemble, Ficc hange Student, lunior Powder Pulf Sc uacl Coac h, Masquers, Music al, Olfic e Ilelper, Pep Club, Reclbircl Word scart, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Cho- rus, Swing Choir, Thc-spians, Troubaclors COVERT, CIIARLFS Aclvancerl Chorus, Cafeteria Assistant, Office Ilelper, Rc-cl- bird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Teac her's Assistant COVINGTON, I.AURA Aclvancerl Chorus, Cultural and Social Exc han ce, Future Ilomemakers, lunior Varsity Clieerleader, Majorette, Reclwing Trac k, Sc ic-nc e Club, Sophomore Chorus, Varsity Cheerleader COX, ITRRY lunior Varsit Soccer, Office Ilelper, Super Welclors Club, Varsity Soc- cer COZART, lACCiUFLINF Advanced Chortts, Cheerin Chic s, CRAIG, MARY Office Oc c upations, 'Tc-ac h er's Assistant CRAIN, MARY Cheerin Chicks, Color Guard, Conc:ert Orchestra, Distributive Fclucation, Drama Club, Marching 100, Pep Club, Senior Prom Dec orating Com- mittee, Sophomore Chorus CRFSS, MARSIIA Distributive Fcluc ation, Future Business I.c-aders, Future llome- makers, Majorettc-, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus CRICK, FDWIN Distributive Fcluc ation CROWF, LORI Runner CRUZ, Il. MICIIAEI. Cross Country Team, Lc-ttc-rmen, Club, Track Team CURTIS, VENUS Cultural and Social lic- change, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Offic e Ilel er, Reclwing Basket- ball, Reclwing Track, DAGUF, KIM Cheerin Chic ks, Frenc Ii Club, Musical, Redwing Track, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians DANCY, ROBERT Cultural and Social Fx- change, Teacher's Assistant DANHOFF, IOANNE Cheerin Chicks, Ger- man Club, Iunior Powder Puff Squad, Na- tional llnnor Society, Senior Prom Dec o- rating Committee, Tutor DARR, BRADLEY lunior Varsity Wrestling, Reclbircl Word start, Runner, Sophomore Wrestling DARR, DIANE Concert Band, Cottnselor Assistant, lan Band, Marc hing 23, Marc h- ing 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Teac her's Assistant DAVIFS, MARGARFT -Aclvanc ed Chorus, Sophomore Chorus DAVIS, IIAZFI, Cheerin Chic ks, Distribtttive Fcluc ation, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Senior Powder Pulf Squad DICKI R, STFVEN Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Troubaclors DIAL, DAVID Olfic e Ilelper, Runner, Soph- omore Chorus, TATI ER STAFF DILKS, MICIIAFL Advanced Chorus, ln- semble, Golf Team, Lettermen Club, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Cho- rus, Sophomore Football, Troubaclors, Varsity Baseball DIX, DANIFI, Backpacking Club, Iileacher Bums, Golf Tc-am, lunior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader DIXON, IOSFPII Chess Club, Runner, Teac her's Assistant DODD, MARK Chess Club, Super Welclors Club DOTHAGER, DOUGLAS Chem-O Club, German Club, Math Club, National Hon- or Society, Rifle Team, Science Club DOWNING, NANCY Cheerin Chicks, Dis- tributive Education, Latin, Musical, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians DREITH, KIMBERLY Advanced Chorus- ,Cheerin Chicks, Creative Media Club, Drama Club, Ensemble, French Club, Musical, Office Helper, Pep Club, Red- bird Word Staff, Rifle Team, Runher, Slophomore Chorus, Thespians, Trouba- ors DUEBBERT, VICTORIA Advanced Chorus, Concert Orchestra, French Club, German Club, National Honor Society, Pit Or- chestra, Riflc Team, Symphonic: Orches- tra, Thcspians DUNHAN1, KIMBERLY American Field Ser- vice, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assis- tant, French Club, Future llomemakers, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, lu- nior Powder Puff Squad, Office Ilelper, Pep Club, Runner, Senior Prom Decorat- ing Committee DUNLAP, MARK Varsity Football DUNNAGAN, KAREN Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Ensemble, French Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Pep Club, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Teac her's Assistant, Tutor FCIIT, BERNARD Future Business Leaclers, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Chorus, Teac her's Assistant, Troubaclors FDFLMAN, RICHARD Chess Club, Concert Band, German Club, Math Club, National Ilonor Society, National Merit: Scholar- ship Program Scmi-Finalist, Renssalser Medalist, Science Club EDWARDS, DALE Cross Country Team, Custom Car Club, Super Weldors Club, Track Team FLE, STEPHANIE American Field Service, Concert Orchestra, Marching 100, Sym- phonic Orchestra FLKINS, KIMBERLY Advanced Chorus, Counselor Assistant, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad FLLIOT, MARK Aclvancerl Chorus, Chess Club, Conc:ert Orchc:stra, Drama Club, Ensemble, Katni s Marching 100 An- nouncer, Musicall National Ilonor Soci- ety, Pit Orchestra, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir Symphonic Orchestra, 'Thes- pians, Troubadors FLY, MARIE American Field Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, lunior Prom Deco- ration Committee, Senior Powder Puff Sq uad, Senior Prom Dec orating Committee, Spanish Club, TATLFR STAFF, Varsity- Soccer Manager FPPEL, IAMFS lunior Powder Pulf Squad Coach, Runner FSCIIBACII, CIIERYI. American Field Ser- vic e, Creative Media Club, Drama Club, Frenc h Club, Future Nurses, Musical, Of- fice Ilel er, Runner, Senior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Teacher's Assistant, Thcspians FSTES, JAMES Bleacher Bums, Musical, Sophomore Chorus, Troubaclors FVANS, IAMES Redbird Word Staff FVANS, NANCY Activities Board, Advartc'etl Chorus, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Reclbircl Word Staff, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, TATl.ER STAFF, Teacher's Assis- tant Troubaclors, Varsity Cheerleader FVFRAGE, IOIIN Cultural and Social Fx- c hange, Distributive Fducation, Teac her's Assistant, Track Team FARMER, CIIRISTOPIIFR Custom Car Club, Small Fngines Club, Sophomore Chorus, Troubaclors FARRFLL, DANIEL Concert Band, Ensemble, lan Band, Symphonic' Band FIRGUSON, DAVID Bleacher Bums, Ger- man Club, Track Team HFLDS, LAURA Distributive Iidttcation, Of- fice Ilelper, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Teac her's Assistant FIFLDS, RACIIFLLE Cheerin Chicks, Con- cert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pc-p Band, Symphonic Band FILE, MAURICE Reclbircl Word start, Run- ner, Super Welclors Club, Teacher's Assis- I-lhl FII LOP, RITA Office Occupations, Teac h- er's Assistant FIOLA, I Russian Club, Tutor TISCIIFR, IANE Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Fxchange Student, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, National Ilonor Society, Senior Prom Decorating Comrnittc-e, Sopho- more Chorus, Troubaclors FLFMING, TIIOMAS Golf Team, Latin Club, Lettermen Club, Reclbircl Word Staff I'I OYD, RIIONDA Activities Board, Cultur- al ancl Social Exchange, Distributive Fclu- cation, Office Ilelper, Reclwing Basket- ball, Tc-acher's Assistant FRASIFR, IOSEPII Cafeteria Assistant, Chess Club, Commercial Art Club, Library Assis- tant, Runner P I I 1. T I 1 I i l -I

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