Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1978

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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I ','L, N V ,,1,-. ,Q Y, - . , X A Y Wu LOUD 797, f0m15N8Gf5X3 Qv'f1C,E , Yea 5095. bibxb 'YN HUE Vq. 1DCDC9C-bfgxjg, -KS QSM 557755 M153 hm we bffiusefd Slmlcl YOU C0m'WC-'95-f Chnencfgg 0 'LEW S700 GMES? Q00 f-HCL mage SNL s5VD Mfdf-Bf-P-S112 Two me . Dgpx-ff CUT TOC? gwd QCH SRfCNQC ffmze , if w74sQm54UHY Gf2f9Ww0 N - 1 STNLL T2-iy ,0 L QGSGEUEY C710 YOO1Mw4C9weaFQwy 0DE QJEUQ wHpk'c kDF- 11OQ.12.eS:Ax11,OQf - LDECLQQDT DDCE- 1?H ,0w DP-ms Qwfff X L0 rg ' HvwE, +cs Dxfsosr +mw0Qf wQxenfD onfxy oviwlffy DK HM mcJQfaof22 sro2Gf+2T 5f-ff We ?i Yoo aff!-NQQDDME - ' f ' L.F'rEp,ofs D 'LEO UQ0C THAT SHDZTSQADK '- E V v6LL0U35PUEST21DGff-v- . K 'Q A ' . V12 . . K. V ' ,, r X . . Y ,- - , .RM Q W9-is , bg-KSAYRSSJXQ A mgx M, 3 x lxisswmg EQQ-SL NY QQ i SQQJMYWQJD NQQSSQ , Ns: - Q kX?s - x X E2gNxSX.N,x 3-cm. NQbmNX,XNXSJQ RN, . Yi Qxiigf mmxmxf- fs gy k W XS Q 4 ' iJ Xxx.-Q K , QEQGQXQ- X , WD QX I X Q-3 Lwyi' -LQ Nfl x A q UJdA A fd 'X'-'W YQCLA 0,7151 QQ -Qpkilrif L vf OA own vu, , 1 e J 05 ,fr-MA CL, A . fr 'J 5 KMA YQMH5' KOCH Mm gl.. 'J .' DJLQ39 L CUGJCALIO 2 U U - u9J,c5L Loavwwp Uni! ,I xLfXX77jlM5'gfw fp JAP? vp?-Q W-a,Lvc1fQit Qbwvrwd ,M Obi' I is 7 NWLGQ-JCL gvffi jjwg J, 6,25 VMQD wf muh 'ffwk I' KQQLUMX Quik QHLVMWMA ky- ,fw', " Odwk I ppm ikwixlrgi. Xnicmjvu MWMWQ QM, wk, ' WW UMD . bxwx M ,M WW W O M Q , uf PQQCQX pwggig T until mm Al 9 wwh Ldgw QQ fm Www w fw Qwwwxwfi , Q WQWWW F' x ff' ' ,Q - ' . , ,wxf WW VIWW iIm,x'3MAm MM UWA B QAM Xrdlhdw R , Q, ,Ao 1' W N 45 VVN5UL'iX 54,01 P . Q Awggawwug 'MDI My 69111 X mm Y C Lgwlefw. QW. 0, QNWWN VM KM OM MQ wma wil A f V KYXMPUK Q ' x ', Oi 40 . MJZQJ Ww ANQMM Q53 T gf . Owe W Luo? D WM 9+ 'M W3 uspfidbwifwl M MMLQO QUTWA W vjffm QM- YM Om WMM W L' li ww ww MM My CWM 'wif , wMkQghWuQMwQ,bvwM5wMNL 4 ?7 ullwg MM fwewil, IM MQAUN Q WQM Mew M QNMUXXXJM .QJJCQQ , MM W4 ,wwff ifvufi 1 3wJx 7Mwk g 3,4 I .36 0 Q! 02135 Ev R -1- ,i N, X 5 wg FQ" in mwjk?9Kf? I, W X1 Q li Q1 iq! BQ ' FQ fa V 1 X 5 BQ XJ f df- LQ QQ 9 TJ FQ, cf AAx1W5i, A SZ 6 9 L Cffy X50 QW A QW' wi W Q og Qghxq N if 1,2 fx ,.. mf-'QA 'rv ' YIJQIEKQ QO29 Q of fg dMwq4dxwfwmwy W QL, Q my .42 3 ma fl mx f X 44ZO,wf'wfb 3 91265 Of JXN'HQAi4XfJ,9Q W 7 ggyq Q 317 'L EW V! JK C KXf'bLfJm . h . . V f ' Q0 1 ' fx ' x ? Q 21 Q ,Q xg XX xg 3 V 'QM H. gtffx ' V .I NQ -2 W5 x X x TH E TATLERZZg,,fiQL,4MVf,gf PRESENTED BY THE CLASS OF 'I978 ALTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOGL ALTON, ILLINOIS 0 I I I x L I , M 1,5 x J " I A - I I ,. p VI In KL ' xx A I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF I V CHRISTY MCDANNEL ADVISOR I MR. BOB HANSEN Qf ' J I . J I ' - 1. . . ' X x ,, I I ' 1 F1 X A ' i " " . I , ' I ' , X, X xx x K' f J I I .V tx X, . N I . - I' I , ,E Q, I , I I, . ' K -.xx X X, .3 M Q Y ,., H J' 1- M nfx. ' N X fx ,, K . x Un M -M214 Qpmwxxsm, Qx Kswxfkf REA Qty. fr ' 1 V Q JN ,N " f KYKN mg xx L NM QU ,x,Lf X Ax -X, , .,. WA ,f W , Nw, VN 1 gp H 5 Q' W V' Q x M . X,N!,,yUx k fi x , vu c . -X Y Q. JZL, Q ' X fax. xx ,AX .Vx , ,, ., T, ,Q U 'Yi AQVJOE A 43 PN, X fp if f ,fi J ' ' 3 ,905 W V, F 2' Q7 ii vp' Y M H ,N w v ' W . 12-bi 'ff 1 -J 5 H - ff J x, ww AX' 'Q -J CQQQ 4-,'f4,',Nrx K uf Xi ill'-4, X-guy 1-2JN.f,2L.,fNf-A AN N X X lX,xYYV,f K5 RK lf X R gwgxg N ji: Lf Q, Am F' K F . 'Q 1 N fr-sf -, fri, CJRJBT' -S:N.fx,,f4Q-,T 1, 2:-vfvfv 5' -Yu X31 x V X"Q,j' 2 CN 'X . -M-1' f -fxlf-vj'5 X30 A N O 0 v ' 5 X uf :M W - l 'LQ-nglx QQ 'li'-:E9XfQ,f'gx T uf . -xg, ,Lk J .1 1 X 95 1 -. , Ll i . 1 I . J 'X QU W0 .4 p RINQWXEPNGBDA 6259! "W ey My 5 M926 5,rJXQ:DJV6fQD C50-Kfxsffwki Ovoyguwiyxgoycxk OJNAW 634, Qyfw. - UQ 6,09 65fX U69fL0- I Wm OB VBCBNQ Ashby 60 S Qfj - A TWP ow YD? ff V9 UI MU M3 9 wi 6259 M6336-L i6ff2w9f 5-ffgofwck YN ATCJAKINTRODUCTION 4-16 IGN , w0ifCp9NXw,s!fQ3SENlORS 18-76 x W Oy UNDERCLASS 94-137 64-38 wk ACTIVITIES 136-173 MUSIC 174-203 ORGANIZATIONS 204-229 SPORTS 230-277 FACULTY 278-296 TATLER STAFF 299-301 Q SENIOR INDEX 302-304 'Iva KINCCXIX Cv 4-K JIM N6 IQSNA9-Syc1f1S19 S QIJIQN , +R 1 A C, 6 C f AVO "OCX -CNN km 'TCNSO CC-:wx IQWS-S 945 QW X MVS C ICI,-gk NISIJQ 'Q MW QGHCIQY. L67-W LMC!! 57725 CI fvvxlc 'ILO Q L7 X2 U YW Ol-Bxcyfx Q 464-gh ff? 1:5 fx fC!W'??q-V-7fA 1A'VUfAf 6' 6110+ '7 " , V-U! Q0 6AA5ff!yjJHql7C OWIDM- 331777K W K K 721 MW! 144 I 'I High On This Mountain The Clouds Down Below l'm Feeling So Strong And Alive From This Rocky Perch l'll Continue To Search For The Wind And The Snow And The Sky I Want A Lover I Want Some Friends And I Want To Live In The Sun And I Want To Do I .All The Things That I Never Have Done. 0417 i r w Sunny Bright 1Mornings A! And Pale Mloonlit Nights Keep Me? From Feeling Alone ' I I y 1 i Now, I'm Learning To Fly And This Freedom Is Like Nothing That I've Ever Known V l've Seen The Bottom And l've Been On'QTop But Mostly l've Lived In Between And Where Do You Go When You Get To The End Of Your Dream? Off In The Nether Lands I Heard A Sound Like The Beating Of Heavenly Wings 'lf And Deep In My Brain I Can Hear A Refrain Of My Soul As She Rises And Sings ,,.... ,we ,..,..,........-..,.,,., Anthems To Glory And Anthems To Love And Hymns Filled With Earthly Delight Like The Sengs That The Darkness Composes To Worship The Light ,,., . -...-....,.,.,.-...,,..-.-,.,,.. , L, ,, , . Once In A-Vision I Came On Some Woods And Stood At A Fork ln,The Road My Choices Were Clear V Yet I Froze With The Fear Of Not Knowing Which Way To Go N if ' 14 1 il Oae Read Was Simple Acceptance Of Life Q The Oyher Road Offered Sweet, Peace e . L, E-. E L' "1-LTI." f' , , ,, ,.,,, ,M A 2 -.1 .ra I:-1, '. : 1'.-VFW. '1 J R .,.. ,..!v, Q ..m.t4- .-a A- . . Z e 'K M When l Made' My Decisio'n M My Visien Became My Release NETHER LANDS High on this mountain The clouds down below l'm feeling so strong and alive From this rocky perch I'lI continue to search For the wind And the snow And the sky I want a lover I want some friends And I want to live in the sun And I want to do all the things that never have done. I Sunny bright mornings And pale moonlit nights Keep me from feeling alone Now, l'm learning to fly And this freedom is like Nothing that I've ever known I've seen the bottom And I've been on top But mostly I've lived in between And where do you go I When you get to the end of your dream? Off in the nether lands I heard a sound Like the beating of heavenly wings And deep in my brain I can hear a refrain Of my soul as she rises and sings Anthems to glory and Anthems to love and Hymns filled with earthly delight Like the songs that the darkness Composes to worship the light. Once in a vision I came on some woods And stood at a fork in the road My choices were clear Yet I froze with the fear Of not knowing which way to go One road was simple Acceptance of life The other road offered sweet peace When I made my decision My vision became my release. Dan Fogelberg Hickory Grove Publishing Co.l STEPHE Wl KLER Elected Senior Class President, Steve accepted the tradi- tional cane and chain and also became president of the Activities Board. While active in Student Council for all his high school years, his first big job was planning the junior Prom, which he managed successfully. His most important upcoming job is of course the Senior Prom. From his' Student Council involvement, Steve has branched out to involvement with community organiza- tions. He represents AHS on TAMS lTeens from Alton and Marquette Schoolsl. He was formerly a representa- tive on a youth advisory committee. From all the work he has done, you can see he really deserved the Homecoming King crown! JAMES SPANN james "Buggy" Spann was elected as the 1977-1978 Stu- dent Senate President last spring. Under his leadership, Senate members have accomplished many things such as sponsoring projects each month to improve relationships between teachers and students and planning charity drives - the softball game, the Dance-a-thon, and the blood drive to name a few. They have also set up sugges- tion boxes for students to voice their complaints and ideas for improvement. Buggy has previous Student Council experience, so he knows his job well. ln his junior year he was co-chairman of the Dance-a-thon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. His involvement with the community includes attending city council meetings and working on the school board liaison committee. He is also an active member of TAMS. Good work, Buggy! NNN.. xi' 1 N H: 77 9 we 5 3 Q! f If 'iff jf' Lfinf Q39 N1 fr " 14, X ,. U ky 'yu 'Q' 1131, MC u , L 1 V if Ja 1 I- , .ff 4 1 M Y f , ' f ,V 'all vi wi. fd -Mfg 5 11,1 , X4 n I rf K' .1 . .X I f'l F 1' If K f at N fl ' Af L A ff f M" ' psf 1. ,f !l, ,fl -.., -D f A fur",--7" ,' K ' , I ,Z , , I I ,- I , Ky, ,L Q L , L ftlfmui, L V 34, fo, V if f If . xv" fl xl fl V' I 4 5 ,' L , J'v fa,-P!! ' , ,X ,fl ' 1 5 f ! X. J 4 , . ' , A J . A , X 1 in 34 I X. . 1 , z bvwhf -, J raw f " ff' ,f f' f ,, ,,, , fl 1 - fa-M , ff f - ff ,ff , , ,K ! I ,f' k"'A -KL X--df' , X I, I f 4 I ' If 54.4, ' Q, L 1. x , , , A 'f 1 ! 4' I f Ali ., LJ I 'x r '1 ' ,I If X- J A . .V "V if Gloria Adams Richard Adler Todd Admire ?""'rp-ox i',.A.,.v Cathy Alexander james Alexander jeffrey Alexander AWA ,-v s. Edith Allensworth Jeanne Allred Paula Allsman Q?" Lillian Adney Michael Allen john Ammons .4 X 7"WL 4Z'i""" Donna Anderson Terry Anderson Michael Angel lohn Anthony l limi E psi .iso-' its ' - Mike Arbuthnot Kim Arnold Linda Arnold Regina Aukamp . gig!-Pa I' a i . , 1 . f X " Q Patti Auten ,.Il""N an lulie Baierlein Michell Bailey lack Baierlein Ellen Baker Gary Baker i s f Larry Baker Penny Baker Carol Baldwin Karen Ballard Malinda Ballinger Terry Lynn Banks Derrick Barker David Barringer Robin Bass Sandra Bates ' r . Q Night.: l. u. jeffrey Beatty Melissa Becker Kevin Beers Steven Belangee Alan Belcher Douglas Belcher Rebecca Benner lay Bennett Thomas Bensman Anne Bergie Keith Besterfeldt Lloyd Bilbruck f,4'.A1 P C C" jeff Bland Rick Blevens 'fx ,Q-v I Steve Bockstruck lay Bohringer Y--1':"X FIA. Kim Bonnell Pamela Bonnell Ruth Bonnell Darlene Moomershine Q ,H-v. k ,-x 'FE "4-sw N 1 Wh.. 'gps 'Ml AT' Ronald Booth Valarie Bosaw julie Bosoluke Susan Bosoluke il 1 julie Bott -' U',f'as'x Kim Bowan Steve Bowan :ra Gb Becky Bowsher Cheryl Bradshaw Kari Brausen Michael Brice . -'T' 5 Mike Bowman Q7-m! , -gpmwf F i 9' 1 Q nr . f 1 Susan Broadway Linda Brotherton Nadine Brown Sharon Brooks 5 3 Phyllis Bruce Roderick Rodrick Bryant -'URN 'CL"""7' Martha Bucher Missy Bucher avi., . s X I' Diana Bunse Lyn Burnett Debra Bush Steven Busse 'IU' A' Yi' , If se john Butler Rebecca Cain Barbara Caires Patricia Caldwell f aff -, :Af bl f lg, ye 'fibre f' : K I 1, Scott Callahan La luana Campbell Martha Campbell Rick Campbell ig c I . . . a'- 'X-, A 14 David Cannon Vickie Carr Amrel Carroll Curtis Carter wi f Q-'QV' 5 S Lorraine Carver Merle Caselton Kevin Carroll 1' LLL' 1 . 1 Debbie Carter X - sg Q... 27 -s V311 .Q Curtis Cassidy Harold Chamberlain jennifer Chue Dan Churchman Audry Clark Donna Clark 'Nf'X wif . . rs M-... I 'S 'K.! David Clendenny jim Colman Mike Colman lack Churchill Richard Clarckson ..-sag. iiis Barb Compton R Cheri Cook 'N Rhonda Cook Teresa Cook Rosemary Coombs l jennifer Conner Lynn Cope loel Copley Michael Corwin A if Charles Covert 'Q""r- Ruby Covington Debby Cox 1 of fi 'X 'x Xa. Laura Covington mf", ww 4t'::"' ye 1 jerry Cox jacquleine Cozart AIMVJ Mary Craig Mary Crain Marsha Cress Edwin Crick Cynthia Crowder Sharon Cruz Venus Curtis Kimberly Dague Henry Cruz Robert Dancy Q,x, Q-L41 loa Anne Danhoff Bradley Darr Diane Darr Mark Daubman Linda Davenport 6 ' -fi ' Aj justina Davis C0015 Margaret Davies David Davis Hazel Davis me 'X YTD". Us C . .- f"" X ' - X - . 1 N. f Michael Delehanty David Dial if X 'L ' N "'i-1 fb Bruce Deall 1 EN me ..,, -eq.-.., . f 4'-1-...?, 1 Karen Dickerman Carol Dickerson mi v Mike Dilks Daniel Dix fix ..- ui ,l Q . . , y fl KK., fi. 5, A .- ' . 5 :V-7' , - V , wi 4 ,- joe Dixon Mary Dixon Mark Dodd lohndolyn Donlow ?2 johnny Dooley Mickey Dooley Doug Dothager Chris Dowdy 32 I J. ,. -fn, S4 UI .. 'lie I, 4 llff' --'II 1, UI: X' ' 5 1,1 1, go: , 1 1 5' 9 W Nancy Downing Kim Dreith Victoria Duebbert Kim Dunham as I-, x 1' K Q:,,,f 'N Mark Dunlap Karen Dunnagan Bernard Echt Richard Edelman Gary Edwards Brenda Ehlers Q Stephanie Ele Dale Edwards Kim Elkins Bobby Elliott ta f. fm- Y: Mark Elliott Marie Ely 2' 1 ' i all t X lim Eppel Cheri Eschbach lim Estes Nancy Evans gnqmk ,ps-A ,E K -PQ' Qrwvp- Nm-a...s 'X-if if A Chris Farmer Dan Farrell Mark Farrow David Ferguson 1.1-o-tl I N3 ! A rg jeffrey Fields Laura Fields Rachele Fields Doug Figge PUB Maurice File Rita Fillops Michelle Findley lane Fischer F W Tom Fleming Nelson Fleshman Q Sw Tw Nunn..-vf' l. Fiola , NX William Fitzgerald ,,.- 15. F Xe 35 ff-, .V Elliott Fletcher Pam Flory 'G 1r"f' Martha Flota Anthony Floyd 'gk Denise Floyd Rhonda Floyd Barbara Foster David Foster in it-eff' 5 7 rm.. Steve Franklin Bryan Fraser joseph Frasier Mel Frasier 36 'Ubi ik- T l l 'y Q' Ie ., :Selig 'xxhxjfa '25 ' Y x il Barbara Fry Carlisa Fry Monisa Frye Albert Fuller 1 'Y' F X M ,., 'lv' X Q joe Funkhouser Garry Gaddy Marvm Gaddy Simone Gallant lamle Gardner Lisa Gaskill Terry Galbreath UF' QUN- fvs f x . f gr .. .a- 1. H ., r f V x lil Molly Ganter 37 3'- Qty Rick Gentry Cass Gillespie Chuck Gillis leanette Glenn A?" my hx X f Q xx ff: N41 Theresa Goss julie Grammar Carlotta Gray is S - Q C o l x , - Laurie Gray john Green Rochelle Green Craig Greer john Greer jerry Gross Betty Gustin james Gutman 'lea mix 'Nu 'if X gb -4, 'Y I Je Z Diane Hagan Cleo Hall Sally Hall Karen Hamberg Patty Hamilton ii 'fe A 3 Tammy Hampton Sandra Hanebrink an Denise Hammon 39 X .f" Robin Haneken Elaine Hardeman i-fx 'q'N'rf Catherine Harris Cathy Harris Donna Harrison Ramona Hartman Pam Hartnett Susan Haseker Robert Hassel jimmy Hausman Kevin Hay Dan Hayes if-We ig , ,' s X 'tl Charlie Hays Lynda Headly Brenda Heishman lane Heppner Y 3 el S' N fl sis Q ,, Rick Healey Lehman Heaviland ' Mais, . A Ng K J if wks! if W 5 555535 ' l , 'X jerry Herbstreit leanne Hess xf. 9'-4 is Sharmaine Hickman Steve Hill Pam Hillen Teresa Hileman 41 WJ. 1. X K '?'f':Q 'if i X I X 2- l I Dave Hoag Datina Hoehn F ex i :ng l john Holbrook loe Holden .fl .L 31, gs ---fe 'H Z3 C.. i Cheryl Holliday Barry Holloway Alicia Holmes Belle Holmes 'Uk N s l Linda Holmes Steven Honaker Dave Hopkins Lyle Hopper Bill Hornsey Thomas Hornsey Bill Horstman lean Horstman ff" Barbara Hoton Deanne House Susan Howells Sue Hughey Richard Hutchmson Mary Kay Iman Nate jackson Tametta Jackson an ,go Richard lames Diana lerret H X-'vi 1 tvs-Q. Yfbyfln M M Gilbert Hoehl lane johnson '15, W!! ' ,gr jeffrey johnson Karen johnson Mitzi johnson Pam johnson Paula johnson Tammy johnson Rick Johnston loiner Gevona 'FQ Cynthia jones Marilyn jones Mike jones Steven jones we 12-r ' - , nn.. Karen Kadell Bob Kaid Patty Kanturek Bob Kase Ns' x 11511 Dan Kasten jeff Kelly ji Us f -.1 j no X ' 5 k -5 r .qyr :r g W , - F H i' -K .X Brenda Kennedy Aiysha Khan j if 'Nu--we-L' ,Q ,, 4 i 5 Carol Kidwell james Kienstra M 'RJ Charles Killion Kathleen Killion jzj. Q ww. ,-:h - C i k .,.. A 5 S .Nw i IQ ' i wi Mark Kindig Bill Kiser Kim Knight Donna Kochanski X . x ,K u Tina Koenig Terri Kohler Karon Kopaie Randy Koranoo xx 'NX Mary Kozonasky Marcia Kozonosky 99N "'-S X cw:-aff Laurie Krotz Lucia Kulp 'Qi Q 1' ' Kelly Krammer Monica Krones Stan Logemann Christi Laird Mike Lamere lim Langford Peggy Lankford A" 5 lackie Lancaster 47 ,L Cindy Lansdon Juanita Largen Q loel Lasswell Robin Leady W., -'E X Douglas Leavell Pam Ledbetter Kent Lee Karen Leeds i i N 48 'Ulf if M Rosetta Lewis Debra Likes Linda Linebarger Chris Little wks N993 " film -'NA Richard Lloyd Tonya Lollis Terry Lorts Barbara Loy X X --:ff Marcy Lucas Doug Luckert Lisa Lumpkins Dawn Lyerla Pam Lynn yy , A r, Michael Mafort Melodie Mandrell Cedric Mack .5 S Chris Manns Charles Maneke Frank Manley '35 Mike Marcum Bridget Marzette 'YZT,'t"" Gregory Markel Bobbie Martin Charles Mason J- .. V iihkew-fthe Nancy Mason Bob Maul Barbara Maulden Mike Mayer Beth McAtee Sharon McBride Toni McCauley Lillian McCleary K nit M 'F , X Q' Q-vvjy ,.., i ' xg' iii A61 -AM.: tt Lee McClintock Scott McCormick Terry McCormick Sandy McCoy 1 -t. I Robert McCrary C Zi, Q' WX? Christy McDannel Robert McGiffen 'wh Mike McCune '1 xr x r . M1 ,-. ,, .i 52 Iustma McLemore Raewyn McNeill ..,. ,X My Brian McNey Belinda Mead T mmmkl fa Virgil Mead Marilyn Medford Cindy Medlock Mike Metzger hi N David Meyer Brad Meyers Sue Mikoff Cheryl Miles Lajeanne Miles Chris Miller Earl Miller Marceta Miller .AQHA Ralph Miller Timothy Miller Micheal Millitello Bob Mitchell dbg Tim Monroe 59' ge, xxx Rhonda Moore Richard Moore yr l x Keith Moore 2 . Shane Moore Wllllam Moore fre Mary Morgan Sharon Morris hw Tammy Mosby Karin Moser F john Mulrean joe Muscarella so x -- .K Paul Mugge janet Mulholland Q ,ski janice Nagy 4---qs-' Ti Wendy Napp T7 fi'- lb 1- 11.4, 'V ludy Nash Debbie Naughton Richard Navarre .N gr '49 'Qbf N -Izzy' a is X 4 N-new Nm 1 W, .. William Netzhammer Mitch Neuhaus john Nicholas Joanne Nielson S i tsl l . r e i " 'Q' ,fix urn George Noble Margaret Nolan X ss: 4: 1' f U "" w. -, six ki' ff AN V R i - ' 'l 1 Ti X- w Y N.s:'1.-1, lg. Mais t st X ,4 NS i Y FF! Carol Neal ll X jim Nicholson George Niemeyer Steve Nolan Ann Norman Maria Norton Cynthia 0'DeIl 'XY i gifs W V ig, L A- P 'Q' in Kevin O'NeilI Denise Ontis Mark Osterman Roger Painter Q4...,f-2' Val Parker Vickie Parker 'Wl""'w- George Parrent 1 ll" Qi K N we Y. 16? Nathen Patterson Tracy Payne X ...- 4 Dean Pearson -1 -2- me-':,a.:J,wf:' If .TP .. ., ,,,, X x S . : fwfr :N '- -Tiitllffll . . ' J - agar. X , , if . ' UVQUFTN Th K x 5 X if ' 4 x vi .nf h'L.N?Ki'f XL-5, I 1- .. do me 1 pf . f 52: 1 K . 2 v . .f-X by Fx Shelly Peipert Charles Pellegrino 3 L Y!-9.94 I fx? Anthon Pe ers Debbie Percia Marty Penning Mary Penning y pp IB, George Perica james Perry 'Fi ini' julie Pfleger fxQg'X ,..,... f K .K It Beverly Perry 57 -r T HY john Phegley Greg Phillips """-Qs Ars 'l john Phillips Tom Phillips fig ' LS it Nancy Pilger Andrea Pitts Audrey Pitts Linda Plunk fv-." MW, 5'1- Ricky Plunkett julie Pohlman Patrick Pohlman joseph Pope 58 ,I P T' W' Ql......,.. julie Porter Sherrie Prager Dave Preis Alice Price , ey, 'QIfT:ju- ,4' Patricia Price David Pritchett Marla Pruitt Susan Pruett QI: -41'-"V L A Tim Quigley Cindy Ragain Brad Rain JN ,QQ x x I' Tom Quigley Q Annette Raines Ann Rawsen JU! v,,,.x . 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Vl- Q-me-ag x Too bad lf you dont like my Cowboy hat with an Eagles Beak . . . ,J On your Mark! Get Set! G-O .... A Will the guy in the Burgundy Mustang please leave the Pit! ,Qc e gillww-+5 4- 5 I iv, I .. 'L -m""l - A Lk! I qs ..!""3 And he came right in here and put snow all over our faces!!! ' 'I 1 83 Hey! Hey! Were the Monkees. 'Q , .4-W' - N -. ,ax v 'P 'Maw S .,,1 am- A - ' Hal ha! Catch me if you can!! Are you sure you are all Sophomores? Another exciting AHS Classroom . . . W ,, .,,, .u,,5 f .. ,ASX SSN .W Now! Who took your pen? M-.. I I ....i...----'-- 1 1' 85 4 K SEN!ORS!!! ! ' ' "---U 1 All ! do is work! work! work! 86 933 rl olzi, L' I bet he don't know ! put that tack in his seat! Hard work and perserverance isn't enough at ASHS. They want blood too! Xu Adolescence takes us through some difficult stages. Don't worry, this snow won't amount to anything. M "i, V7 HJ ,, - 'fi if-Sf... gp 'K K .WV V-1,31 jpqxxl -yiyv VV 5- 5 ,. 1 s if "M -if f ff' f 1 g' f, -if , yn a A , P. ,. ,K - Q- ,-r,Q 4 gyavf ,f QQ 71? Q' ,'i!'3v4"" " 1 ' 21-51,31-L K .. 4, q,:.4'r?f'fQ'f1,:q Q q f -lx ,Y . ,, se Q' . .t, -4 TQ!! -rv" Q A-s -J-7 . N' ,i Q ' ,Q. . J' L xl. I' ir, Some of the best times of our lives. Q93 D.A.R. S.A.R. .-3:3 xifi Q Vw 42- .,, ll ' "' ' R up ' , . 5-4.. Susan West james Spann This year, the Daughters of the American Revolution presented their award to Susan West. james "Buggy" Spann received the Illinois Society of the Sons of American Revolution Good Citizenship Medal. These awards are given to students excelling in the qualities of leadership, patriotism, and service. Congratula- tions Sue and lamesl RENNSSELEAR AWARD Richard Edelman is this year's recipient of the Rennsselear Award. Each year, this award is presented to the student with the highest average and interest in mathematics and science. Congratulations Richard! NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SCHCJLARSHIP PRCDGRAM FOR DUTSTANDING NEGRO STUDENTS FINALISTS BAUSCH AND LOMB AWARD Thrs year Becky Tuetken was awarded the Bausch and Lomb Award Chosen by the Scrence Department as the student with the best record and most promise rn the area of scrence Becky now becomes elrglble to compete for one of several scholarships award- ed at the Unlverslty of Rochester Congratulatnons Becky! NATIGNAL MERIT SCHCDLARSHIP PROGRAM FINALISTS nRy QNX K :ik f'Qf3 YTHZN 'l fx I X 5 4 X 4 . QPU, f ' A. f1...4',1. , 'J' 'Eg . x v t, 'is -.A ftvx - Q f X ' ' X X Ex WU' ffff " ' .' NX ffl o ' 'Qf tum' bg R IlSh dt usse c mi X . Q 1:1 .?k X- i 'W ,yi . . i ' +. K nSlack lff yU He's mine you can't have him! Clean is Sexy! I told you grass is green not purplelll QWO ' X Cvwggmiww W Q1 AW' .f Wmwwwfywtwawkewwf Wffff' Qswkifoglfww f MOM ff W .Md Mf' NW W lmwwffoiwwvod MA ,wW4MUfWW'w?j5,vWk9 ugivyfgog W0 W Q, X fff , . 5501 L J belgian pry, Q15 ?g1,Q,QJQ4f35f'5filjL,Zl gm 550 C iffy? gm my fmw 252 L gf 53 175309. gre COQA 'UQ JQT5 Q 7L7M'f Eff 5UWH63f gfdmf ffwiei M3352 f 'E M0 Vi ' J J WQfQ:Q'Lf,15, "F3'vCif'WCJ5" ff ' ,J f5Lf'5l5ff 5 415124 Q A f -T, . A 1 , o-.,,, ' SIX 3 'XX 'x --X ,- X .. x XX N fi- N qi ' L' ff'-A'fQlTf "if fi 'XI""'Aff V , ,,.... ffl. LAT ,- 'Sm .- .. , .iff 115 -M Q 5 X K- ' - , :Q f, l . .N ix if - Hin... , I fn .I ND1a:RC1,AssM N N51 fx? ..,.., J Q5 C Y 'QT"f7' X X X , -- T fix? 4 fm fri fi, xii: 73 Li ""' ,112 Q2 N R ---- KF' "W" EWS H rf? H f X .1 ' ' f '.,. . ,-if-' X , -,Lux v. . ' QR Q ,fx - -f "1QW Q F- . A ' 3 G -9 ff, nu ' - .-. . I X' ", ' kk M 'wi V, " 'xx 1 hlxl WSNQ ,. .. C- A 1 , Cf! 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Fi 2 1! , - 31 I K Acker, Timothy Acord, Carl Adkins, Kimberly Admire, lud Allan, loanne Allan, jerry Allsman, jeffrey Almeter, john Anderson, Don Angel, Beverly Anthony, Glen Antrobus, Richard Armstead, Cheryl Asbury, Monda Aszman, Dorothy Aulabaugh, jane Badgley, David Baechle, james Baehler, Kathy Bailey, Stephen Baily, Todd Baker, Bradley Ballard, Ieffrey Basden, Kathy Baughman, Russell Bays, Barbara Bazzell, Timothy Bechtold, lay Bechtold, Michael Becker, Cheryl Beer, Andrea Beers, Daniel Beiser, Mark Bell, Cheryl Bennett, Marcus Berry, Charlotte Beyrau, Mark Bishop, Richard Blackburn, Lynn Blackledge, Walter Blackmore, john Blackorby, james Bland, Rhoda Bloodworth, Christina Bloodworth, Robert Booth, Gary Boswill, Diana Bourland, Raymond Bowen, Maria Bowles, james Boyd, Shawn Brice, Fransetta Bridgeman, john Brinkman, john Brooks, David Brown, Demita Brown, Donald Brown, Randy Brown, Raynard Bryant, Bobbi Buntenbach, Craig Burr, Eric Butler, Michael Butler, Veronica Buzan, Keith Camp, Christopher Campbell, Pamela Cannedy, Phyllis Cappel, Victoria Carroll, james Chappel, Gregory Charleston, Daryl d kg: u-D6NUSbY7lq,4,-P fi-if ' li , X 2 fir, s A l "l X it ff I 1 C ia, . ii i , J -ities R -fri -1'5" XL A 2 i j. s . -V ff ,S A it A I M qu . gh. 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W l s' It yt! E ' v Y :Qw- .31 cf -34 if all N V! "1-W. .. K at ' Q U' 7: W' N2-r V, WML, 7 j 4 Q j ,AN 'l'l E ,rg Q. 'x . , ,,,m,.,,s - L iff: Y ii. 1 ., X ,.,, ,gg i2?"" 'J V, 3 . ' aca.u..4m, .a....... ' flibzi ar I :tl l ' .,.. -A L f ,J , -,V A .f . .M WV Q. le: l 1 1 ti ill. M L ,, ' i f 4 V 1 lil 'firm E 1oz ef' Kiel, Robert Kincade, Robert Kirk, Darla Klockenkemper, john Koechner, john Kolditz, Eleanor Koontz, john Korte, Karen Korte, Kathyrn Kreid, Christopher Krepel, Brian Kruse, Brian Lacey, Victor Lagemann, Kelly Laird, Rodney Lakes, Sherry, Lambrich, Kay Landon, Terry Lane, Randy Laslie, Donna Laslie, Lonna Lauschke, Paul Laux, Theresa Lawrence, judy Lee, Stephen Legate, Robert Legereit, Vicki Le Hew, Teena Lenhardt, Van Light, Lisa Lind, Christopher Livengood, john Logan, Melinda Loker, Anthony Lopez, David Lovett, Eddie Lowe, Linda Lucas, Lisa Lumpkins, Jacqueline Lyerla, Sandra Mack, Elisa Madison, jeffrey Madison, Michael Mafort, Kathleen Maher, Christopher Mainer, Mark Malson, jeffrey Manar, Randall Mandorca, Brent Manns, Kurt Marquis, Stacia Marzette, Bridget Matifes, Tirnothy Mattson, Richard Maxson, Bruce Mayer, Judith Mayer, Melissa McCadden, Sara McClain, Stephen McDonald, jamie McGee, Chris McGinnis, Virginia McKinney, Kevin McLain, Anita McNab, Linda McRynders, jeff McSwaine, Tina Mead, Sherry Mead, Vivian Medford, Diane Meeden, Mark Mermis Ill, William Y 1 A Qs 1 L 5 s - i . 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Eg' , l 'WWF fm' 'ki Q t. i if K 4,4 Iyijrl tw C 'I Weber, Cynthia Weeks, Donald Wegener, Meg Weinrich, Carol Weirich, Michael Weishaupt, Susan West, Roger West, Timothy Westbrook, Melinda Wetzstein, Kathryn Whaley, David White, David White, Donald Whited, Steven Whitlock, Carol Whyte, Traci Wigger, Stephen Wilderman, Dana Wilken, Steven Willett, Charles Williams, David Williams, Richard Willis, Leo Wilson, Andy Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Donald Winslow, Steven Witcher, Velinda Wood, Michael Wooden, David Woodford, Nancy Woodman, Connie Woodman, Stacie Wooff, Kelly Wooff, Martha Woolsey, Cynthia Wooten, Sheila Wright, Michael Yates, Patricia Yavorski, Kevin Yost, Brian Young,EHc Young, jeffrey Young, Lisa Zahner, Kathryn Zielinski, David Zippmann, Reimund Zirklebach, Tony , W ,im ww, .QQ 'M ist 4 'Si' I t VA- Y ,J X Y, ' -f - i' ' .. exif i " "ij Y W wi , f ii, yu .L-ix it X i E' . Raindrbps keep falling on mylhead X 'i X ,Xi X ji! .X xy 'I - .J W tome on and dance! i .5, ! yy i , X , W f , N tw 14 V si V , X , X +1 , 1 i , , i V , V- 1 se . X Ne, M ,V , if ., , . X, x, of -V -.iJ 7 yr ,l NX ' Ni! 3' X Don't mess with ME! Sing, sing a song The Sooper, Dooper, Pooper, Scooper. I almost got killed out there! Checkmate. I know they're out there somewherel? Cheryl, one more skip and you're out! Ackerman, David Adler, Shawn Admire, Stacey Adney, Mary Albrecht, Thomas Aldrich, jamie Alexander, Tina Allensworth, Mary Allsman, lill Almeter, lay Ammons, Gary Anderson, Karen Andrews, Bradley Andrus, Gary Arnold, Lisa Ashlock, Mark Aukamp, Donna Austin, loan Ayres, Darlene Badgley, Arnold Baechle, Nona Baker, Mary Baker, Vernett Baldwin, Deanne Banks, Kelly Barban, Peter Barnard, Alice Barnett, Mary Bass, Phyllis Bassett, Frank Batts, Rebecca Bauser, Karen Baze, james Beamon, Rosalyn Beard, Tracy Beatty, Michael affine rf' V 4 t X v T5 L, s 'tj 0 N X J '5 El J X b fl' ff .Q f Q x s...-- --Q, 1 x I ,R ,s n - --W . SWE' v N. Q ,r 'I t... T , L lxfl ,R A .I , Bechtold, Dana Bechtold, Rob Bechtold, Sheri Beckmeyer, Lisa Beem, Cynthia Beiser, Christopher Belcher, Kathleen Belcher, Tracy Bemis, David Bennett, Mark Berg, jeffrey Bergie, Gail Berry, lim Beuttel, Stephen Beyrau, Timothy Bick, Ronald Blackburn, Constance Blackmon, Lasonia Blackmore, Marsha Blackwood, Lynn Blasioli, Greg Bloomer, Thomas Bock, Gregory Bockhorst, loan Bockhorst,Marianne Bockstruck, Laura Bohringer, Douglas Bollinger, Edwin Bonnell, Donald Booher, Matthew Boomershine, Shirley Bowsher, Nancy Brady, David Brausen, Lori Brice, Orvella Bricker, james Brinkman, Cecilia Britts, Annette Brockway, Irvin Brooks, Rhonda Brown, Damon Brown, Elandera Brown, Patricia Brueggeman, Beth Bryant, Donna Buchanan, Darin Bucher, Edward Buhs, Pamela Bunse, loan Buntenbach, Cheryl Burnett, Beverly Burr, Terry Bush, Terry Butler, Carla Butler, Carolyn Cain, Roger Campbell, Dennis Campbell, Rita Campion, Rita Cannedy, Glenn Carter, Clifford Caselton, Sheila Casey, Gloria Cates, Carol Chamberlain, Ginger Champlin, Clinton Chaney, Carla Chaney, Carmen Chappell, john Chatman, Leon Chiolero, Leanne Clark, Bryan I i 0 Q . 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Basil' i t X, Q 4 0' yr" "-53:14 if ' lg U- A Ktftlf in. 2 .gf M I cw ,. ,cf N M' -.MQ P :rl-"'f :fn w-A Clark, Gary Clark, Juliette Clark, Pamela Clark, Yvonne Clarke, Lois Clearwater, David Clemons, Marcus Colbert, Robert Colborn, Sherri Colman, Gary Conroy, jeffrey Cope, jerry Corethers, Patricia Cornell, Douglas Corwin, Daniel Costa, Dow Cote, Bridget Cote, Kelly Cousins, Steven Cover, Tammy Covert, Kim Cowan, Anne Cox, Christine Cox, Cynthia Cox, Gary Cox, joseph Cox, Steven Cox, Tina Crabtree, Edith Crawford, Susan Creasy, Tamara Crocker, Cathy Crosnoe, David Cruz, Daniel Cunningham, Charles Daengsurisri, Tom Dalton, Leigh Damon, Gail Dancy, Ronnie Darr, Robert Davenport, Edward Davidson, Craig Davies, Ralph Davis Dale Davis, Karen Davis, Marcus Davis, Michael Davis, Roger Day, Tamara Decker, David Denham, Terrie Dennington, Robin Denton, Garlan Dickerman, Susan Dilks, Suzanne Dirksmeyer, jackie Dix, Deana Dixon, Carla Dixon, Paula Dixon, Steven Dodds, Donald Dominguez, Nora DdDooley, Kerry Dooley, Mimi Draper, Tracey Dugan, Debbie Dunlap, Garlin Dunnagan, Diana Durham, Brien Duvall, john Eales, Cindy Eales, Mike 4 5 U ,Xl 3' xQ 4' , I if lx' , , i ik A 1 t s X' I 119 X..f' 'au xg' A R 4 T lf V7 t Tl l Nfl I - 4.1 OO" -,N 'TA , ..:i LLVV Vil e- Jli y l. , .s ,...,. ff ,..-14 , " ' Q01 Q .. 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V Eberlin, Cathy Edmiston, Tamara Ehlers, james Ele, Rhonda Ele, Wilbert Elliott, Roger Elliott, Yvonne Ellis, james Epps, julie Eschbach, Lisa Estes, Thomas Eudy, Sherri Evans, Valerie Everage, Carolyn Everage, Cynthia Everett, Robin Eyer, Dennis Farrell, Michael Feyerabend, Gregory Fields, Bradley Fields, Donald Fischer, Thomas Fisher, Floyd Focht, Rebecca Forbes, Mary Ford, Douglas Ford, Kara Ford, Sheryl Ford, Susan Forsythe, Randall Fortschneider, Monica Foster, Delois Foster, Suzanne Fowler, Thomas France, Kimberly Freeman, Kimberly Freeman, Ricky Frisse, Dale Frison, Sabrina Funk, Patricia Gabriel, Louis Gabriel, Sarah Gandall, Dawn Gardner, Kathy Garvey, lay Gaskill, Mark Gauntt, Marion Geabes, Randall Gelzinnis, Gregory Gentry, Cynthia Gentry, Daniel Gerdt, Gary Gis Gilchrese, Mark Gill, Shiela Gilleland, Grant Glazik, Mike Godfrey, Ann Goeken, Catherine Goforth, Douglas Goforth, Scott Goldman, Dawn Goodrich, Kenneth Grable, Debra Grammer, David Granger, julie Gray, Earl Gray, Mark Gray, Payton Green, Rhonda Greenwell, Randy Greenwell, Robert Greer, Valerie lt f l' l . i e . ,N ,. Q Q3 3 1,7 --v L 4,5 I ' Q... 'O X ill i 5,,,,..,,c Q, X K, .xx 1 - x l ft A ,,, ,, I tv - Q4 A- Q1 Q'5iEilc:?1.?J'1 '51 H a 1 'ii g f 1. f tiiise N , K 2, 'I'. Griffin, Kimberly Gutmann, Kathleen Hagen, Bruce Haley, Elizabeth Hall, Mark Hammon, Monica Hancock, Roger Hand, john Harpole, Michael Harris, David Harris, Marc Harris, Selma Harrison, Monica Hardimon, Margaret Hartman, Ruth Hartmann, Michael Hawkins, Ranford Haycraft, Mary Hayes, Douglas Hayes, Robert Hazslip, Kevin Healey, Terry Heishman, Margaret Hemphill, Charles Henderson, Sakina Henderson, Tamara Henry, Beth Herd, Edward Higgins, Robert Hill, Carla Hise, Gregory Hise, Sherry Hodge, Marilyn Hodges, Marjorie Holbrook, Cynthia Holland, Eric Holloway, Mark Holmes, Daniel Holmes, Donald Holmes, Sonia Hopkins, Robert Hopper, Victor Horney, Donna Horstman, Catherine Hosford, john House, Paige Howard, Sandra Howard, Tamara Howell, Sue Hultz, joe Hurley, Kimberly Hurst, johnny Husmann, Martha Hutchinson, Brian Hyde, Stacy lnfante, Mauricio jackson, Donald jackson, Rose jacobs, Lynn jacoby, David jacoby, Millie james, Ronald jarrett, Leslie jefferson, Darnell jeffrey, john jeffries, Robert johnson, Alicia johnson, Barbara johnson, Gretchen johnson, julie johnson, Loleatha johnson Mark , ,jjy L 4 My We ' nun V!! u "ii ' 'liii "tj ' 4. 'fliff f I ' ' 4 . X ,- ' K- 2 ' M - if .X L - ,rf il- of l' . KY . iv Q NH l 4 lif- l. , ., I l l l l 12 i R 4 4 ,L Q' f P ,..,, Q F - 4-.s' 7... gn- ,A -A , , , e ,-3 Us .1 p. , , 'l'i4"'s is cb I B - ..' if K. l ,,.,..,.l , , ,bs GQ fi 124 C f -s -is-A 'wxwfxi Q - is sf X x , wi Q 1, A H "1 I W 112 dai!! . H 4,1 xl , 1 . M di 3 w K lx S" 'sz' SXUF -:wish fa . W f- .M - , li ' R, rl . 'l far 'mi fl Pa Q J ' V V' -lf' -.r K M Yi 'aiu ' J . J. johnson, Rhonda joiner, Kimberly jones, Angela jones, Michael jones, William jouett, jolene juhlin, jeri Kaid, Darlene Kaiser, Darryl Kanturek, Andrew Kasinger, jeffrey Kates, Bryan Keene, Brenda Keene, Lauri Kelley, Robert Kidwell, Pamela Killion, Michele Kirchner, Michael Klaus, Patricia Kleinschmidt, Kurt Knight, Lisa Kochanski, Theodo Koechner, jamie Koehm, Teresa Koehne, Patricia Koontz, Debra Kopsie, janet Kramer, joseph Kwas, Carol Lafilces, Sam La Hue, Gary Lamere, Teresa Lampin, Charles Landers, Gregory Lankford, Vicky Lasswell, Terry fe Lauck, Linda Lawson, Elaine Leeds, Cynthia Lemons, Mark Leoni, Christopher Lewis, Susan Liles, Karen Lilley, jeffrey Little, joyce Livengood, Gerlad Lock, Leanne Long, Ernest Louvier, Brian Lowe, Gail Lowe, Laurie Lyons, Richard Macias, Mark Maggos, Sarah Maher, Matthew Mainer, Michael Manees, Kevin Manns, William Marquis, Clayton Marsch, Pamela Marshall, Bonnie Marshall, David Martin, Rodger Mason, Lydia Mayerhoer, Debbie Maynard, jennifer McBride, Michael McCann, David McCann, Geneva McCauley, Teri McClung, Leah McCluskie, Kent . , , ' ., F C ' C, 1 x- ., .Q 3. A --. sic' ff :st .- r V 2 it l 74, EJ-'mf' it 1: :W .tg F H 'dx :xg ilyy x ll 5 'iyk lll vfll , ' p . .' Ex" fi I ' Q1 an ftll gr ,lll S- l .. : gg ll rs' X l X . H' ll 7 'H ff if lt f 1 l. L 5' , if if Si, 1 ' L A X f , if Q K ii ,sin nn .all is .yn :K I Q f l .41-1- -nw 1, c cs Q l K . J ' ' , '13 'V K ,. . - ,L 4 1 4.1,-, in .af'.1' 1"- : ' as I Q 2 , . 1- 1 sa' 'n fc .fa ,- s an Q N, i 1, 3 ix- . ' e if l I ' .ri 'Oi 125 ,aisfregf CN 275531 f. . ,A N,..,,. 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VJ' li t A 'Z rs tw I 'U if as x is 5 -as ll 1. vii l'l5lLl?EV PM E1 v i -3 ' y af qs' S 2 . l: it ai f .. at if . I. ' V 'lk l l T177 727 ,, se, t ix Q , .Q 3 v B g i R A ju 1 1 A Nu EW' . L.XLVA ll ' 1 'ELT " ls .if M 4, E7 -nz-if F an V1 c- . ia Lp af u Pratt, Terri Preiske, Brent Price, Elizabeth Price, Jolene Pritchett, Thomas Quinn, Dana Raby, Lisa Raglin, Ronald Rain, Douglas Raines, Kay Rainey, Shellee Ramey, Patricia Ramirez, Aniceto Ramsey, Dorothy Rauscher, john Reeves, Kimberly Reid, Todd Reilly, Mary Reinhardt, Clinton Renault, Rodger Renken, Marcus Reynolds, Kelly Rhoads, Brian Rice, Rene Rice, Traci Riddlespriger, Danny Riddlespriger, Ronald Roberts, Craig Roberts, joseph Robinett, Jeanie Robinson, Doyle Robinson, Ralph Robson, james Rogers, Angeline Romine, Danny Rose, Theodore Rosendahl, Veronica Ruby, Diane Ruedin, Verna Russell, Cynthia Russell, Tanya Saaf, Lennart Sackett, Daniel Salmons, Kathleen Sammons, Bernie Sanders, Deborah Schaaf, Paula Schaberg, Teri Scheffel, Donna Schildroth, Charles Schildroth, Pamela Schlottner, james Schmidt, Larry Schmidt, Michael Schmitt, Laura Schneider, Catherine Schudel, Ellen Schwarte, Michael Scoggins, Denise Segobiano, Mark Seward, james Seymour, Thomas Shaw, Debra Shaw, Rodney Shaw, Salena Sheff, Gail Shelby, Stephanie Shepperd, Michael Shive, Kathleen Short, Wayne Showers, Rebecca Siess, Melissa Nw .3 ' it i, ' ' 2: fl. .aa aw X X lm W, R F V4 rc., l"k ,4 .J J is . A XV' we K W if 'ia N f' fi? " K sl as A eh, S il Qld r 'Wil l x l is , A L I- 1 'Nav 1. -.Mrzg ' atfvxz 1,- at P 1 O ' - 5 . WRU HT- izfzif' ' -- H- X - vnu-2, f tw: ' ' I 1 S- zzsiaaus. - xi-1 -- Q at N 3 at F if ta xlxl , wa! f AS ,f if K , 8 . 3 , , ' I s r 5' ' ' x ff! 1' - Q f S it I . --N' ' ,"" , ..-- - N, , , "' . , , 2' txtiif Simmons, Sandra Simmons, Sondra Skelton, Patrick l Q W if I 1 1 I .f, Smith Brenda Smith Kimberley Smith Mark Smith, Monica Smith Raymond Smith Rebecca Smith Sarah I Soetebier, Steven Somlar, Scott Sommars, Michael Sommers, Angela Soper, Donna Sotengco, Elias Sowders, Lisa Spann, Charles Spence, Dixie Spurgeon, Nancy Starbuck, Bill Starkey, jon Stein, jo Ellen Stephens, Linda Stephens, Sherrie Stetson, Andrew Stevenson, Eva Steward, Otis Steward, Trena Stewart, Debra Stewart, james Stewart, Kelly Stewart, Richard Stice, Cynthia Stilwell, janet Stine, Cheryl Stobbs, Elizabeth Stockard, Robin Stone Lloyd Strader, Melissa Street Cath 1 Y Stromake, lacqueline Stutz, Frederick Stutz, Paul Summers, Christina Swarringin, Karen Sykes, john Tanney, Todd Tarrant, Karen Taylor, Amy Taylor, Dana Taylor, Kathryn Taylor, Valencia Telford, Oscar Tennant, Diane Terrell, Frederick Terrell, Noel Thomas, Darryl Thomas, Donna Thompson, john Thompson, Stacey Thompson, Stephen Thornhill, Gary Tickner, Michael Tilton, Michael Timmons, Max Tindall, Kevin Todaro, Michael Trout, Patrick Trowbridge, Scott Trusty, Greg Tuetken, Tina 48 3 Vs 3 t BJ rel L A , e K 4- fi ,t,s ll 1 l ll 94 0 Turner, Bernitha Turner, Karen Twichell, Lisa Twichell, Steven Ulrich, jean Ulrich, Susan Ursch, Richard Valdes, Sherri Vanata, Brent Vandergriff, David Vandergriff, David Van Hoy, Vern Vantrease, Debra Van Wyk, Greg Van Zandt, Guedel Vasser, Pamela Vaughn, Traci Vetter, Dennis Voigt, Alice Vollmer, lerome Volz, Bridget Von Bergen, Ruth Vrooman, Steven Wagner, Albert Walker, David Walker, David Walker, Philip Qalker, Steven Walkington, Dawn Wall, William Walter, Lori Ward, Grace Wardein, john Ware, Beverly Warlick, Calvin Warner, Linda Washpun, Troy Webb, Michael Weber, Weber, Weber, Weeks I Elizabeth Kathleen Randy Timothy Weigler, john Wendle, Eric West, Warren Westbrook, Monica White, Theresa Williams, Charles Williams, Connie Williams, De Wayne Williams, lean Williams, ludith Williams, Linnie Williams, Machell Willis, Deidre Wilson, Patrick Wilson, Robert Winch, Brian Wiseman, Eric Wiseman, Michael Withrow, Kathy Witt, leffery Wittman, Michael Wittman, Tamara Wood, Lee Woods, Gary Woods, Traci Woodard, Tamara Woolsey, Tracy Wren, Annette Wright, Cynthia Wyman, Mark I know its in here somewhere Yates, Laura Yavorski, Patricia Yocius, Debra Yost, Annette Yost, Paul Young, Cindy Young, janet Young, Marianne Ziegler, Maureen Ziegner, Richard Won't you PLEASE go out with me? INDI GESTION Darn those kids! Do you smell something? 44, g, Was that a proposition? 'Nl K- Head 'em up and move 'em out! Ns., ""'-qu-1-.1 3 Sh-5.135 . kai "N 1 ELWHW .ami 3'-"22:f::,,f-g"13'1'.'3, lm brig., :nm ""r-I. - v ' 2, i . CX if REALLY! l' J l Ah, it's only a broken ankle. ls it safe to walk by the Marching 100? 5 137 975925 gas L Nik ACTIVITIES 40 SENICRS BEFORE THE GAME Row 1: Gina Staten, Becky Cain, Buff Spaulding, Patty Hamilton, Marie Ely, Cheryl Miles, Gina Aukamp, Gail Stewart, Kim Elkins, julie Taylor, DeDe House, Penny Baker, Ann Norman, julie Pohlman, Joanne Nielson, Robin Upchurch. Row 2: Kari Brawsen, Karen Leeds, jackie Starkey, Diane Wehofer, jennifer Chue, julie Porter, julie Pfleger, Annette Stromatt, Patty Zimmerman, Kim Arnold, Missy Williams, Lucia Kulp, Sandy Bates, Pam Hillen, Sue West. Row 3: Vince Wardein lCoachl, Linda Vogelsang, Dawn Lyerla, Lisa Gaskill, lean Hess, Kathy Rodgers, Ellen Baker, Edith Allensworth, Laura Reed, Debbie Naughton, Linda Plunk, Rhonda Summers, Marilyn jones, Susan Broadway, Debbie Carter, Ramona Hartman, Theresa Goss, Missy Bucher, Keith Moore CCoachl. And they're off! . . Wvwwikvl ' K K X 'klk Q' QW v Q T.. K, K. K 'K it X K E Ellis st 133521 K K? Q , ' Q tx -1 - 1 V, K' 1--A 0 ,Qu "TE, , A k . -9 ' - A L Q sf k 511 4 K M on s at l A , ,. K , wg, iq . 4 ,L , ,Y , Y . 365. -ta.: ,tei S K K K - is L, . 5 1 'I L a astra 1 gbfie zgggqsji V , L. -t L -. , 13. . . .- K L . K .sf. E K .-,kg E E' L ff - Y s .x ,ig vig: k X l " "R" f-zyg -N'5N-,fig 45' k -V qi'1,,.Se?1:e-sfj ,Q-Ny. ' A L' in ' fx , , :SN E' . '. E" eb' etst 1.4" tar- L Wi' fit , -s. - ffifs 1 4 , wird, Bi X in . V. , .559 gcssixaip w may K 5 .wus X .Sgt W is X :A s, 5 y .,.t,,o'i I Mg, K 4 . -Z . 1 P to M 0 f' firm, a M ' tt q il-L , is A at , E- - X g L 5 --'r -V ,vs f if - Qffsfgw. Strip". -ef 11 f E Y'-1-Xi 1,49 s s. . ti E .E . 'f 'H ' X. Q ,. X ' " fg 'K i , 'X " r"f'--- . L M ,K 3 "1 E- K-1 I f"P'. V . 'N' t 3-il.: P. T ' 3 .:Qflf' , .f - - - ' ' Qs' 5 f es- as K t , , -. S K f L. L L as S , E N '. - W- . fl .-x H ' , -Nfl 'S Q . -.' ' E -f. ? S .t 013' A V kk ' f - l + L A ' ' f - 'K A 2 is 1 1 'Ls 4 jfiug az, .5353 f' - , J A . i X if 5 R I K-0 bf I A ,fn ,Q-ff, ' B 5 - - ' ' I. E . 5:15 as kg , K gg akin? sf if , 9 fv- , 1 - ,rf sf 1' , ' f. - 1 'Y 'Va - J s-'- ff s X ft' - ' 3, ,S ini- t ta Q L 319,-Q, as . 5 , it 4 A ! 4 n K: , Darryl, on the count of three STAND UP! The agony of defeat. Marching 23 at halftime Mr. Diddlebock, how many cookies did 7lfQ!?"'4lf!CQ they give you? IUNICR VICTORY Row 1: laci Fulks, Sarah Schudel, Patty Vaughn, Karen Delehanty, Debbie Phillips, Lisa Young, Elia Perez, Patti Davitz, Kathy Basden, Lisa Lucas, Sue Conner, Mary Ross, Connie Woodman. Row 2: Dorothy Aszman, Traci Whyte, Kim Adkins, Sandra Garrett, Veronica loehl, Dana Wilderman, Brita Eichen, Traci Tinkey, Judy Mayer, Stacy Marquis, Liz Fessler, Wanda Hendrix, Row 3: Terri Tosh, Debbie Cunningham, Cindy Pellegrino, Sue Meyers, Casey Scanlon, Beth Hillen, julie Webber, Meg Wegener, Sherry Nicholson. Row 4: jay Sabo lCoachl, Lenora Hopper, Mike Frosch lCoachJ, Bruce Maxson lCoachl, Angie Beer, Denise joehl, Barb Churchill, Kay Lambrich. Row 5: Sandy Lyerla, David Dennigman lCoach, Jud Admire. lCoachJ, Kevin St. Cin, Richard Bishop, Kent Newcomb lCoachJ yy x rr swf ugq . 1 , ! ., 'L 1-ammw, , , . , Jax Si 1' -:SL cal' nit" 'in 5 x IA' A V' til., 5 Q-Sig 4 W in-15" NJ . x ix .1 x main.. Q' vs -as Q 'V .W , 4. .y -v . 'W 'Q T nil X wi -1 3' kf - J..-,-5 -dx.--4 H: 4 -f'x..'.. 1 X5 -Y fr- T' L 'I977-78 ACTIVITIES BOARD Front row, left to right, Nancy Evans, Laura Reed, Kathy Rogers, Patty Zimmerman, Trish Dewey, Steve Winkler, Row 2, Diane Boswell, Karen Coulson, Kathy Slimick, Tracy Tinkey, Dana Wilderman, Missy Bucher, Veronica loehl, Nancy Jackson, Row 3, Dorothy Aszman, Barb Brainerd, Kathy Basden, Elia Perez, David Goins, lean Hess, Terri Tash. Student Activities Board is the section of Student Council that deals mainly with the social affairs of the school. They are responsible for our Homecoming Dance, Homecoming Week, concerts, proms, and the Christmas Dance. All members of the Activities Board work hard to plan events that are beneficial to the student moral. Advi- sor, Larry Thompson, Steve Winkler, and Elia Perez are congratulated for their fine job ths year! mwogi Enix? CJFFICERS Steve Winkler- Senior President Elia Perez- Junior President Veronica loehl- Treasurer Nancy jackson- Secretary Patty Zimmerman- Parliamentarian Our next activity will be SNOWFLAKES!! Please don't hit me Steve! 77 '78 STUDE T SENATE OFFICERS Top to bottom: Mrs. Kirby, james Spann, President, Craig Shaw, Vice-president, Bonnie Riley, Secretary, Kathy Wetzstein, Treasurer, Dan Rzonka, Parliamentarian. Their goal is a better school for all. Student Senate is made up of ten or more sena- tors representing each class. Meeting each day, 2nd hour, these senators work on student grievances, rights and responsibilities. Senators attend the meetings of city council, of school board and of faculty curricullum committee. Leadership is stressed. Student Senate is also busy with environmental and money making projects. Congradulations to Mrs. Kirby, james Spann and assisting members for a successful year! Back, l. to r., Bessie Fuller, Glenn Anthony, Rita Campbell, Nora Dominguez, Raewyn McNeil, Rochelle Green, Brian Hutchinson, Roger Stites, Brad Darr, jim Kienstra, Karen Fischer, Vern VanHay, Mrs. Kirby. Middle, Claude Rogers, Audrey Clark, Sue West, Patti Kanturek, Sally Hall, Karen Dunnegan, Allison Smith, Maria Norton, jay Springman, Buggy Spann. Front, Charles Spencer, Craig Shaw, Patti Danitz, Beth Brueggeman, Denise loehl, Kathy Wetzstein, Bonnie Riley, Dan Rzonca. STUDE T SENATE , I W, Q! jr' Yi.-159 Not pictured: Terry Banks, Dave Brooks, john Dooley, Bob Maul, Laura Norton, Mary Ann Bockhorst, Tracy Myers, Keith Steiger 1' i ' 4' MI .f .ff 1. P V 5 A ssc BLEACHER BUMS john Churchill, jeff Urs, Steve Nolan, David Meyer Row 1: joel Copley, jamie Gardner, Brad Rain. Row 2: jeff Tanney, Kevin Carroll, Vince War- dein, Bob Sharp, jack Baierlein, Tony Wendle, Andy Wuellner. Row 3: Mike Tchoukaleff, Dave Ferguson, Gilbert joehl. Row 4: Dan Kas- ten, Tim Monroe, Keith Moore. Row 5: Shane Moore, Dan Dix, jim Estes, Mike Stromske, Rick Clarkson, jon Walker, Bill Netzhammer. This year's Bleacher Bums would like to be remembered as a group with high hopes that knew how to party! Both the Bums and the Chicks should be Congratulated on their school spirit! T qw . 77 ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY OFFICERS PICTURED ABOVE: A.H.S. Principal, Mr. Bonynge, President, Jennifer Chue, Treasurer, Buff Spaulding, Record ing Secretary, lean Ryberg, Corresponding Secretary, Lynda Headley, and Vice-president, Cheryl Miles Carrying on with tradition, the National Honor Society worked toward a project which would benefit the Alton High School students. This year's objective was to finish air-conditioning the school li- brary. This project was started by the pre- vious N.H.S. A book fair, the Ned Nilsson Luncheon and candy sales were a few of the events they sponsored. Mr. Enloe and the active members are recognized and appreciated for their hard work towards a better school. ' Back, l. to r., David Bull, jim Gutman, Kenneth Schmidt, Geoff Wiegand, Richard Edelman. Row 5, David Utterback, Dan Churchman, Brian Till, Doug Dothager, Charles Mason, Row 4, Dave Hopkins, Charles Spencer, Mark Kindig, Russell Schmidt. Row 3, Charlie Hays, Diane Bunse, Melissa Becker, lean Horstman, Denise VanWyk, Cheryl Stockhausen, Laurie Vetter, Becky Tuetken, Patty Sommars. Row 2, Earl Miller, Allison Smith, Karen Slack, loanne Nielson, Nadean Brown, jane Heppner, Margaret Nolan, joanne Danhoff, lane Fischer. Front, Joyce Underwood, Cheryl Miles, Lynda Headley, jennifer Chue, Buff Spaulding. '78 'E' 4 r 1 i r , r f,...i e .......f N,...f .- , ' . ,LM e..-.f-af-':' . A . G t 4 ' ... Not pictured, Vicky Duebbert, Mark Elliott, Betty Gustin, Save Hoag, Gilbert loehl, Donna Kochanski, lean Ryberg. 5' 24? fu Af Miss Rochelle Green Miss Barry Holloway HOMECOMING Miss Karen Leeds CA DIDATES Miss Carol Neal Miss Allison Smith CANDIDATES FOR KING Brad Rain, Gilbert loehl, Keitlj Moor Steve Nolan, lame Sp R T Ib Miss Sue West OUR KING STEVE WINKLER Our new Queen, Kim Bonnell AH! The life of our new King, Steve Winkler. Touching moments HGMEGOMI G DANCE Retiring King and Queen, Bill Webber and Karen Wideman. Little do they know, the winner draws nearer. The week's activities were as follows: Monday, Sucker Day, Tuesday, Dress up Day, Wednes- day, Grads are invited back, Thursday, No Homework and Be Nice to Teachers Day, Fri- day, Red and Grey Day. The Homecoming Queen, Kim Bonnell and King, Steve Winkler were crowned at the dance on Saturday night, October 22. The theme was "Golden Country" and the band was "Lightin"'. The other queen candidates were Rochelle Green, Barry Holloway, Karen Leeds, Carol Neal, Allison Smith, and Sue West. King candidates were Brad Rain, Gilbert joehl, Keith Moore, Steve Nolan, james CBuggyJ Spann, and Ron Tolbert. 4 x N . V239 . ff , iv W., fftri ' f S G ,fy fl Q , fn Q 'LUV ,, if .1 74- . gf if PV 5?, f? r ,V -F 6 , ' ,Af k I .4935 53 ls . s . Q Q , In .v 'xy 4 ff f E ,S K 51 1 .f .X X-QF' AARO Aaron, a rock group from England, performed at three assemblies on November 17. They returned to put a concert on Friday, November 18, in the Alton High Auditorium. The concert was sponsored by the Stu- dent Activities Board. The five members of the band were Tim jenks, Ken Hampton, Colin Burke, Trevor Howard and Eddie Phillips. M.R.F. at A.H.S.??? Ken Hampton Exquisite! D R E A M R Kim Bonnell I- Barry Holloway C A N D I D A T E S 4 ww x x FN 1.- wx, l . 11. N, 1 , gg-5,11 , j ijt , ., xi Q . kiifm' K ' "JF x,-.1 . X- x ,.,, CHRISTMAS DANCE Disco Dawn" Do the Hokie Pokie. . just alittle tighter lim. ln the "Winter Wonderland" of Al- ton's Christmas Dance, the first Snow Queen was crowned. after each class had nominated three re- presentatives, the students paid a penny for a vote. A total of 565.10 was raised. for the Tree of Lights in Alton. The nominees for the seniors were Karen Leeds, Carol Neal and Allison Smith. The nominees for the juniors were Cindy Chase, Marty Echard and Linda Farmer. The nominees for the sophomores were Cindy Leeds, Paula Moore and Dixie Spence. Marty Echard was crowned Alton's first Snow Queen. CON- GRATULATIONS Marty!! Q-1 as i vt 5 ,cfs "' I My f g Qi 15.53 gg K A , ' Q 3 5 1 -132 R sf s fr, L xx 8. 'Q 'ita- , K kv mqs- 4 RSA A x N. ff? I .. 1 WIT: 'hw 1, I .Nw X ff J ff mx 1F af f ' 1' M 49. . Q S efgyfkg, ,S 5 'K K - gil ' M. ,,,,,-Q .sings x Ae fy I 5, X ' 1 by 5, pp. fx- C- :Q ' 1 3 r A p X g.'. ' , 44 ' 5. ss., V if , 1. .xg Q A I . I' .. , , 3? 6? 7--M-. ., Q A5 .md . 2-. 4 A . J ?i f , Q 4,9 x....i:'Lf, -QA.. M- ,, ,f ,,.- 1 I r a nk, , I . I , 'X X x . ,MS , , ..a, Y . Je. , ' s W :S ' KWIFL J X 5915 n- .. N w . W. . . fri f :ig Q fi . ,. 5 A l' ' us? W . . . jf . 51 i ."f.,.n S A Q. 3 NA 1 N My N., ' ' , vi s ,fy Tags - fgjfh wigs' JQQL? a YKQ , V 35 ' . fri' M Q . ,M .41 . . .Q Z m . 1. -xg 1 . f ww . , f, gm? W' ,, 4? l , X fi ?f. ' , f A , 5 K gggtik ii 5, R K2 1 y QE' E K f v 3 g 9 W X 'rf ,i k ' '- k N' WS x IU .,. V - ,f fx X A . .giieii 1 I f - Nm. K if 9, " a . , . Q1 Q Q b 'Sari .. - y ,, C :MQIH AT WORK if 1 Ewa, 1:-. Us ,X X, 11 i. QL, A 1 -it Patty Hamilton and joe Holden va 3,4 4' iii f" Mike Arbuthnot Tony Wendle and Sandy Bates National Merit commends seniors Five AHS seniors were commended for their scores on the National Merit Scholarship Competition INMSCJ test. The students are Richard Edelman, Mark Elliott, David Hopkins, Douglas Leavell and David Utterback. These students represent the top two percent of graduating U.S. seniors. Although these students scored slightly below the level required for Merit Program panicipants, they do not continue in Merit Scholarship competition. ln addition, Deborah Turner has been named a semilinalist and Kathleen Killion a commended student in the National Achievement Scholarship for Outstanding Negro Students. CASE plans dance The CASE Christmas Dance will be held Friday night, Dec. 2 from 7:30 until ll:30 in the cafeteria. Tickets will be on sale at the door for 11.50. Dress will be semi- formal. All AHS students are invited to attend. The CASE drama troupe has just been organized. The purpose is to bring Black drama and interpretation to the com- munity and to give AHS students an added outlet for dramatic skills. Anyone wishing to join the troupe should see Rita Campbell or sign up in room 504. REDBIRD WORD Vol. 11, No. 2 Alton Senior High School, Alton, Illinois November 10, 1977 Kickers end record season "It was an especially fine season and I hate to see it end this way." CXPFCSSCC1 kicker coach Mick Brown. Alton finished its season on a disappointing note, by suffering a defeat at the hands of the Collinsville Kahoks during the finals of the sub-sectionais. Even though Alton finished with a loss, the season was the most successful of Alton's four years, ending with record of I3-3-2. The team set a school record of 96 goals scored and 23 goals allowed against them this year. A tribute to the defense. The high-scoring Alton machine was led by co-captain Steve Winkler with 2l goals, senior Dave Hoag with 20 goals, junior 2nd play set by Chris Llttle "You see, I was on my way to the Battle of Bull Run when something went wrong with the machine and I landed here, a hundred years out of my way." states a disappointed Kreaton. In 'Visit to A Small Planet," the house of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Spelding.fMark Harris and Robbie Ezellj is invaded by Kreaton lMark Elliottj, a man from another time zone. Roger and Gen. Tom Powers tBrad Meyersi see an unidentified flying object and witness a man jumping out of fhis UFO. Kreaton is expecting to take part in the Civil War, but it's been over for more than a l00 years. Other cast members are Karen Fisher, fEllen Speldingi, Rob Wilson, fConrad Mayberryjg Jay S8b0, fAidC5l Bob Mitchell, tDelton 41: Debbie Orban. QWACD, and Leigh Dalton and Clint Reinhart, tT.V. techniciansi. The director is Mr. Cliff Davenport. At his side will be Karen Savage, student director. "Visit To A Small Planet" is a science- fiction comedy. ln the movie, Kreaton was played by Jerry Lewis. The play will be given Dec. 9 and I0 at 8 p.m.,Tickets cost fl and may be obtained from any cast and crew member or may be purchased at the door. i68 Brad Baker with I8 goals and 20 assists and junior Chris Dunphy with eight goals. Goalie Doug Leavell, co-captain, also added tothe books the record of six shut- outs in a season. Alton will lose five senior staners to graduation. They are Dave Hoag, Pat Pohlman. Pat Schwarte, Doug Leavell and Steve Winkler. Alton will also feel the loss of senior reserves James Spann, Todd Admire and Jerry Cox. Although Coach Brown will feel the loss of many talented playess to graduation, he is still optimistic concerning future years. "lt was a fine season and Alton soccer is going to grow and continue to grow," stated confident Coach Mick Brown. Can you see . . a school day without skips. . . the cafeteria food not moving. . . the auditorium without a leak. . . Kim Bonnell with a pixie. . . the Main with heat. . . Joel Copley without a mouth. . . the bells working in the Annex. . . Mr. McPhail with laryngitis. Mrs. Hall without a smile. a sophomore not hearing about the swimming pool on top of the Main. . , . Mr. Bonynge wearing Levis. . . . not resting after goingtothe4th floor Main. THE REDBIRD WORD Alton Senior High School 2200 College Avenue Alton, llllnols Published by the journalism classes and prlnted by the Vocational Prlntlng classes Redwlng tennls ends 11-3 season The Alton Redwing Tennis team finished their season with a record of I I-3, while Tracey Stobbs and Mary Barnett advanced to the doubles competition in the state playoffs. Unfortunately, their bid for a state title was cut short in the third round. Chorus, band concerts Music, Music, Music!!! Alton High has a variety of both instrumental and vocal concerts coming up. On Nov. IS, Mr. Larry Crabbs will conduct both the Symphonic and Concert orchestra at 7:30 p.m. in AHS auditorium. Students from Alton High's music program selected for the Illinois Music Education Association's Distirict festival will present a concert Nov. I9 at 7:30 in the SIU-E Ballroom. Mr. Greg Cohill and Alton High Jazz Band will recreate sounds of the big bands of l940's on Nov. 22 at 7:30. Hatheway Hall is the scene for this year's Christmas Choral Concert on Dec. 4. The Marching 'l00', directed by Mr. Peter Basola, and the Concert Band, directed by Mr. Greg Cohill, will present their concert Dec. I3 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tradesmen hammer by Shane Moore "The Fioftse that Jack built"'? No, it's the house '. Alton High's two construction trades c ses are building at Humben Road ant. :z.1hany Lane in Godfrey. Students are under the direction of Mr. Dennis Morgan, the new building trades instructor who taught last year at St. Charles, Mo. 'I he house was started last school year but didn't make it above the ground. Now, Mr. Morgan has got people working and already walls are up, the roof is on, shingles are down and the house is over half completed! The house is a ranch style, part brick and aluminum siding, on one level with a fully- extended basement underneath. There are three bedrooms, kitchen with finished wood cabinets, living room, dining room and two bathrooms. The house is fully carpeted. A two-car garage will be at- tached There are two building trades classes at the .I.B. Center. One session meets from 8- ll a.m. and the second session works from I2-3 p.m. Students are not just sitting in the class memorizing and writing about construction, they are actually out on the job doing it. Their work includes carpentry, brick- laying, plumbing and roofing. The Vocational Electricity classes. taught by Powder Puff Although the name sounds fragile, Powder Puff football is anything but. Many practice hours are put into preparation for the game. T0 the participants, the one game they get to play is as important as the boys' regular football season. The game warrants some professional referees. Mostjuniors and seniors are in favor of shelling out some money to get real referees with black and white striped uniforms. Referees are paid on tht- ncrage S30 each game. The Student Council made roughly S375 on this year's Powder Puff and Roger Smlth Mr. Don Maloney, is connecting the wiring. All of these guys who are getting experience and learning to work as a group, hope to make money in construc- tion after graduation. The building classes have many problems to overcome with their house. Vandalism is a major hazard. Vandals have torn down the walls, stolen equipment and written obscenities .Although no action has been take to stop these culprits, the class repairs the damaged property. Rain is another problem that is being worked around. When it hits, the guys work on the inside of the house or stay back at the Center and study their textbooks. Cold weather is setting in but that won't stop the work. Brush fires will be built on the worksite to provide heat for the hands to keep the hammers pounding. "lt will be a fine house and should be completed by early May," stated Mr. Morgan. 'The market price value is close to 08,000 and will be bid by the school district in June," Mr. Morgan concluded. needs pro refs game. The game would pay for the referees by itself, if the Student Council would be willing to give up some of the profit. More important than giving up money, the players would have to saciificejumping off sides, holiing and clipping on every play. A professional referee wouldn't miss a penalty. A fair game deserves fair play. The girls are gi- -ig to have to make it worth the effort of the referees. There are some sacrifices to he made. but we think it would be worthwhile. lt would eliminate some of the familiar complaints that the referees were paid off in cookies and clean up the field play. Vocational class to print paper For the lirst time in Alton's High's history the school newspaper will be published by the vocational printing classes. The Wood River Printing and Publishing Company has printed the Redbird Word for the past l0 years. Mr. Roben Treise is printing advisor and Mrs. Marlene Hall is newspaper advisor. 4 seniors to compete in Merit SCh0'3f3hiP whois to say whatys Nora comes from Mexico Four AHS seniors will compete in I978 Merit Scholarship Competition. Semi- finalists are Karen Jear- Ryberg, Russell Schmidt, Karen Slack and Jeffrey Urs. The students qualified to become semi- finalists because of their outstanding high scores on the October I976 PSAT!- NMSQT. Semilinalists are in the top one percent of the nation's I978 graduating class. ln addition, Albert Fuller was named a semilinalist in the l978 National Achieve- ment Program for Outstanding Negro Students. right with the white? "What's the best thing to do in the snow?" Bruce Maxson. . . "Hide alhinosf' Laura Norton. . . "lil" Tracy Woolsey. . . "Bury this question 'l Physics ll Glrls. . . " lest the sliding friction ol Vhetn-U boys going down the tool' of the Mum." Dan Dlx. A. . "Make it yellow." Mr. Joe Clugston. . . nlohaggeningf in an MG." REDBIRD WORD Vol- 11. No. 1 Alton Senior High School, Alton, Illinois Qcgobgf 7, 1971 First play to open Oct. 14 Alton Senlor Hlgh School 2200 College Avenue Alton, llllnols Publlehed by the loumallsm classes and prlnted by the Vocational Printing classes Page editors: Page 1 .... ................,..... P atty Hamilton, Jonl Scanlon, Martha Bucher Page2 ........................... .Tony Wendle, Allcla Holmes, Joel Copley Page 3 ....... ...................... . Sandy Bates, Allison Smlth, Brad Darr Page4 ...........,................,,. .Joe Holden, Rusty Bllbruclt, Andy Wuallner Typlstsz. .......... .Lynda Headley, Cheryl Bradshaw, Debbie Ylnger, Bernle Echt, Ramona Hartman, Nancy Evans Photography editors ......... .Klm Drelth, Alan Belcher Business Managers .......... Greg Burton, Glna Staten Edltorlal Board coordinator. ................ . Beth McAtee Circulation. ................. Mlke Arbuthnot, Andre Thomas Art. ...Debbie Perlea,.lanet Wahlstrom, Lauren Lowe, Brian MeVey Exchange Papers .......... Lena Reynolds, Chyrlsee Elliott Publlelty .............,............ Layne Simpson Newspaper Advisor .... ............................. . Mrs. Marlene Hall PrlntlngAdvlsor. ...... .Mr.RobertTrelse Stall: Charles Covert, Marynell Eastman, Laurie Gray, Chris Mlller, Larry Nasello, Mark Oeterman, Roger Smith, Greg Stroube, Jlm Stroud, Carol Tanner, Charlotte Berry, Klm Bonnell, Jay Evans, Tom Fleming, Cathy Harrla, Richard Hutchlnson, Grady Ingram, Doug Luckert, Shane Moore, Mike Skelton, Kathy Stlrnlck, Mike Stephens, Roger Stltes, Rlchard Tlllman, Llsa Wllh-elm, Steve Wlnkler, Debbie Ylnger, Edlth Allensworth, Diane Boswell, Rlchle James, Chrle Llttle, Kevin Carroll Steve Izard "She is like a little safe, locked, that no one can open." She is Helen Keller, one of the most courageous women of our time. The first hlay of the year. 'The Miracle Worker", is the story of Helen fplayed hy Deana Dixj and her teacher Anne Sullivan fplayed by Toni Rene McCauley.J "lt will be a miracle ifyou can get her to tolerate you," was a typical statement made to Anne by Helcn's parents anc family. Her father, Capt. Keller fMark Elliottj and her mother, Kate Kellerf.lean Rybergj are dubious of Anne's talents as a teacher. Helen's brother is portrayed by Andy Mohler while Viney, the maid, is played by Cherie Eschbach. The remaining Cast of players include Brad Meyers, Jackie Starkey, Dianne Limmerman, Nancy Jackson, Karen Fischer, Mark Harris, Pam Vrooman, Chris Mueller, Clay Marquis, Gail Lowe, Diane Husmann and Kathy Goeken. The play is directed by Mrs. Diana Enloe, and Nan Downing is student director. The performances will be Friday and Saturday, Oct. I4 and I5 at 8 p.m. inthe AHS auditorium. Tickets are fl and can be obtained through cast members or at the door. Zeta-Beta tormal to be held Dec. 28 Champagne lcrost is the tltcnte for this year's Christmas formal given by the Zeta Beta Psi and lleta Ciatnntai l'psiion sororities. The dance will be held on Dec. 28 at Ramada Inn. Faustus will provide thc entertainment and Gravetnttn Photography will take pictures. The price of the dance is 57.50 and the cost ol' the pieturcs will be S5. Tickets can be obtained front Deanne House, Alicia Holmes or any sorority member. '77 Homecoming to start Oct. 17 The week's activities are as follows: Monday, Sucker Dayg Tuesday, Dress up Day, Wednesday, Grads are invited back for lunch, Thursday, No Homework and Be Nice to Teachers Day, Friday, Red and Grey Day and pom poms will be on sale. During halftime at Friday night's game on Oct. 2l, the Homecoming Kings and Queens from past years will be introduced. The Homecoming Queen and King will be crowned at the dance on Saturday night, Oct. 22. The theme is "Golden Country' and the band "Lightin"' wiU play. The dance will begin at 8 p.m. and end at ll p.m. The cost is S2 per person in advance and 52.50 at the door. Tickets can be purchased in the main office. Winners in the theme selection contest were Jeanne Allred, senior, Doug Elzy junior and Sue Ford, sophmore. Tennis Wings open season with smash by Alllson Smith The AHS Redwing tennis team, coached by Mrs. .lo Ann Dillon has started the I977 season with a smash. They have defeated Cahokia, 9-0, Madison, 5-0 and Roxana, 6-I. The Redwing players are: seniors, Tracey Stobbs, Melissa Becker, and Allison Smith, juniors, Nancy Woodford, Barb Brainard and Monica Stobbs: sojhomores, Mary Barnett, Liz Weber, Sheryl Ford, Beth Stobbs and Buggy Johnson: and freshman, Diane Dick, Cindy Tiemanrt and Jeanie Vest. by Steve Winkler Have you ever done something just because some of your relatives did it? Well, that's what Nora Mata did and she ended up in Alton. Nora is originally from Mexico City, Mexico. Her cousin went on a student exchange from Mexico City to Kansas, so Nora followed suit and wrote tothe Inter- national Fellowship lnc. to go on an exchange. She was chosen to come to Alton. Another reason for going on the exchange was to learn English. She has classes consisting of Student Senate, art, typing, P.E. and Spanish. Nora enjoys school, in fact she said, 'l like Alton High more than anything in the United States." She could think ofnothing that she didn't like about America or Alton High, but the fact that she only speaks Spanish is a bit of a hindrance. Nora arrived in Alton on Sept. 2 from Mexico. She is staying with the Cletus Keene family. Brenda Keene is a junior at AHS.,Nora is only I5 years old, a sopho- more by our standards. However, in Mexico she is in her third year of secon- dary school. When speaking of the schools in the United States, she explained, "Some are the same, some are different. The different ones are bigger in America, with many more activities." The only activities in her school are basketball, volleyball and soccer. Soccer is a big sport in Mexico. Nora Christina Dominguez Mata came to the United States to learn English and meet new and different people. When asked if she had accomplished this yet, she responded. "Si". Raewyn loves Ice cream by Debbie Ylnger Who's the new girl with the British accent? She's Raewyn McNeill from Christchurch, New Zealand. Raewyn, I8-years-old and a senior at AHS. came here through AFS and is staying with Mr. and Mrs. Gail Weinrich and their daughter Carol, ajunior at AHS. What does Raewyn like best about America? "My favorite is the ice-cream parlor. l've gained seven pounds already," said the petite Raewyn. However, she said she can do withdut the hot weather we had in early September. The entire population of New Zealand l3,000,000l is less than the population of St. Louis. But the population of her city, Christchurch, f320,000J is eight times larger than Alton. Raewyn is taking these subjects at AHS: Interior Design, calculus, Radio!TfV., American Government and psychology. She is participating is Student Senate and AFS. Raewyn explained the difference from her school in New Zealand to AHS. "Back home we have more discipline and had to wear uniforms." Aren't you glad you don't have to wear a uniform everyday? 169 RAEWY MCNEIL o R EXCHA c.E STUDE T Hao cHRlsTcHuRcH, EW ZEALA D Alton Senior High is proud to have Raewyn McNeil From Christchurch, New Zealand, Who is an exchange student on the American Field Service Program. Raewyn is staying with the Gale Weinrich Family. Raewyn is studying Calculus, Psychology, American Government, and Speed Reading. Her hobbies are skiing, canoeing, netball, and playing the piano accordian. Raewyn graduated from Papanui High School in Christchurch and when she returns she hopes to get a job to earn money for college. We hope Raewyn enjoys her stay in the United States and we wish her the best of luck. Q . 1 Raewyn and her American family. ,,,,,....-5 ' w ,X STN fi 5 ' l', ff' Qf,,::,g,.u v A f rv ,ff ,X . ill I 2 151 V, C ur- 3 X mf f' - Q, 'N' vz. :IA . , I ffm N9 . 5 Nh QQX ' Ai. Y M- A COLLEGE AND CAREER IC-HT Over one-thousand parents and students attended "College and Career Night" at Alton Senior High School on March 14, 1978. Students and parents had an opportunity to visit with representatives from the job market in the Alton-Godfrey area to gather information on College Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Career Possibilities, and job Opportunities. Most students took time to visit with all representatives. lt was not uncommon to see a student leaving with information from the Marines, Bailey Tech, and Bradley University. Today there is a new and healthy respect for diversity in education. No longer are the different types of education seen as opposites. Rather they are all coming to be seen as essential elements of a large and complete mosaic that is greater than any of its parts. As education in this country moves more and more toward becoming a life-long enterprise, people will find themselves moving in and out of all kinds of educational programs: to retool for a new job, to train in the arts or for an avocation that enhances the quality of their leisure time, or maybe to take a course in literature or philosophy simply for the sheer joy of learning. "College and Career Night" afforded students and parents an opportunity to help collect useful, up-to-date information in developing long term educational plans. .....a ire- ' 5, B J-N YL Kathy Nickell and Karen Korte speak with Illinois State University representative. 'Sv Military careers provide a future possibility Interested parents seek information ,,.. 'ann' --ar. q-,,. 1 N , xf'-. R I Aw w 31 Q' X f 1 J. AX '. K 'v . ,I .J ' xf N., -1 - Xf '-, f r J . yy jf., X xl . - 7 . -1 , N X , , "XM . ' , PJ . X V XJ if xx - h W x Y N, Q 1 ,L Y' 3 r , - ,I- 'S V , . . . 1 , gg '-,A J ff wid' , V .J ' hm' "' v , ' f J' . , Q. v u X elf, , ' xx ' V ' x, A, N ,J X. ff J ' ' X 'A " - X fx- -.J . X I, Civ J J 5 . ml. . . I1 .J -. -T' ' .V 5: V . V ,.f. f 3 S XX - ' if x 'X D! . 4. ., K KA R I 1 X - N, XV xl f-.J X .hx In -F rx ,fl X . , fn' 2 3 .X 7 kr ' xf X f X ' 1 , x. ,sb A YN iw ,.'.f Ik X1 ' X- x ' AJ ,A 1 . .J my - fr f 1 :K -' f ' Y 7' X v' N 5 YJ f 1- 191 X xy ff' W7 .N 1 Y 'J in v FX-V3 J k ' . V. f ' J A N ' V . I ' , ,' 'J . Tj 3'3. .l --1' X X ' FN 5' ," ' ' X X ,-- 5.1 -J X71 Af f x 'J fl .XJ V , . X . J U K ,YJ X U N1 X ' ' 'Y x. . X V xykg I LX, NX : b J f ' F X K 5 ,J x f J .xv P R .Q N, , -XJ 11 J . X1 ,Q QQ f' .x fx J MJ N Aj --Xu I x.- YK, . '. X L- " .1 K, N L V4 .. , . -V J fa. K . V! ' ., l jfxxf , 5 1 -Q . X, .uf X, X: X.. 5 A .x K. . Mink , xx Q75 39 55 MUSIC ww- vw SYMPHONIC BAND: joanne Allen, Mary Allensworth, jeff Allsman, jane Alabaugh, Lisa Beckmeyer, Danny Beers, Kathy Belcher, Steve Beuttel, Steve Bowen, Dave Brady, Martha Campbell, Melodie Claxton, jan Cope, Lee Corbin, Doug Cornell, Debbie Cunningham, Tom Daengsurisi, Dave Dare, Diane Darr, Debbie Davidson, Roger Davis, Suzanne Dilks, Cathy Dustman, Wilbert Ele, Rachelle Fields, Patricia Franke, Greg Gelzinnis, Lisa Graveman, Mark Gray, julie Green, Randy Greenwell, jerry Gross, Sally Hall, Dave Hargiss, Sue Haseker, joy Hausman, Sherry Hise, Sonja Holmes, Gretchen johnson, Rhonda johnson, Rick johnson, Marilyn jones, Betty joseph, jolene jouett, Karen Kadell, Daryl Kaiser, Andy Kanturek, Kathy Killion, Kim Knight, Eleanor Kolditz, Bob Legate, Doug Luckert, jeff Malson, Debbie McCurley, Dan McGee, David Meyer, Bryan Miller, Dave Miller, Andy Mohler, Karin Moser, Chris Mueller, Kim Olden, Kent Owens, joEllen Pearson, Cheryl Pfeifer, Greg Phillips, jennifer Phillips, james Ponder, Lisa Raby, Greg Richards, Pam Rush, Dan Rzonca, Dwayne Sanders, Tom Sander, Teri Schaberg, Karla Schien, Russell Schmidt, Nancy Seehausen, Mark Segobiano, Steve Springgate, Otis Steward, Cheryl Stine, Greg Stroube, Rhonda Summers, john Thompson, Ruth Von Bergen, julie Webber, Kent Weeks, Tim Weeks, john Weigler, Tim West, Chuck Willett, Debbie Wilson, Robert Wilson, Gary Woods, Kathy Wyman, Mark Wyman, Patricia Yates CONCERT BAND: Debbie Baker, Karin Moser, Kamala Urs, Diane Ruby, Kathy Wyman, Barb Paul, Laura Bockstruck, Tammy Edmiston, Tanya Russell, Tina johnson, Rita Campbell, Cindy Conger, Dave Zielinski, Vista Smith, Alice Barnard, Rhonda Roller, jean Horstman, joyce Underwood, Mary Forbes, Bryan Webb, Kathy Withrow, Vickie Lankford, Daryl Charleston, Steve Wilken, julie Green, jeff Pearson, Salena Shaw, Dawn Walkington, Carol Kwas, Heather McDaniel, JoAnne Allen, Alicia johnson, Nancy Bowser, Martha Campbell, Dale Davis, Dave Bull, Debbie Vantrease, Carol Weinrich, john Phevley, Dan Farrell, Brad Wilcox, Scott Spooner Brad Fields, Keith Steiger, David Garton, joy Huffstutler, Thomas Albrecht, Andy Wilson, Brian Rhoads, Dave Hill, Clint Reinhardt john Chappell, Keith Orban, Gary Andrus, Dave Jacoby, Tom Fischer, Bob Bloodworth, Mary Barnett, Pat Skelton, Dave Utterback Richard Lloyd, Scott Bryant, Tom Bloomer, jeff Dawson, Mark Harris, joe Stumpe, jenny Maynard, jeff Berg, Marcus Clemmons Robin Dennington, Ray Smith, Lee Wood I I I I .4 . 4.4 , A Li. You take the high road and I'II take the low road. lt's a good thing for you I have to play UP, UP, and HWHY- I hope that bubble gets stuck in her flute. ' in A-ff 'STIF , t zip, 'grQ:,5lggcAy:gg 1 V ,Q wwf A S, ggi? . A. f' SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA ll Sh ' B d R nard Brown Pam Buhs Carla Butler Martha Campbell David Corbin, Mary Adney, Brad Andrews, lanice Ba ard, aw oy , ay , , , , Mard Cyprian, Steve Davis, Roger Davis, Ron Duebbert, Mark Elliott, Will Emblom, Steve Etter, Mary Forbes, Cheryl Fraser, Mitch Fryman, Randy Greenwell, David Hargiss, Kemin Hazslip, Carla Hill, Mark Hook, Sue Howell, Dave Jacoby, Barry johnson, Betty joseph, Karen Korte, Christy Laird, Rodney Laird, Melinda Logan, Gail Lowe, Debbie Mc Curley,,Dan McGee, Andy Mohler, Sarah ' ' ' ' R b t Shaw Cind Smith, Susan Ulrich, Carol Weinrich, Maggos, Linda Mortland, Kathy Nickell, Kathy Nickell, Dana Quinn, o er , y Melinda Westbrook, Chuck Willett, Mark Wyman, Debbie Vantrease i v, -i .,,, .. . ...,. Jawa, - ' ,- CONCERT ORCHESTRA: Mr. Crabbs director, Mary Adney, Shawn Boyd, Ray Brown, Pam Buhs, Becky Clodfelter, David Corbin, Doug Cornell, Mark Cyprian, Roger Davis, Will Emblom, Steve Etter, Cheryl Fraser, Mitchel Frymon, Ed Hargis, Kevin Hazslip, Carla Hill, Karen Korte, Rodney Laird, Debbie McCurley, Dan McGee, Bryan Miller, Andy Mohler, Linda Mortland, Janice Nagy, Kathy Nickell, Pam Rush, Bob Shaw, Cindy Smith, Susan Ulrich, Melinda Westbrook, Monica Westbrook, Mark Wyman The tricky part is to get them to fall over, They told me this dress was an original. ......1i,f S . f I.. 4 Ready or not here they come Is this the way you hold it? SWING CHOIR- Row 1: Donna Kochanski, Linda Farmer, Mike Wood, Bob Mitchell, Mike Metzger, Karen Fischer, Chuck Willet, Toni McCauley Row 2: joel Copley, Sandra McCoy, Ed Taul, Pat Davey, julie Taylor Row 3: Lori Harmon, Lisa Rizzoli, judy Lawrence, Cindy Chase, Karen Ballard, Karen Savage, Mark Elliott TROUBADORS- Donna Aukamp, Brenda Keene, Cathy Goeken, Andy Kanturek, Lias Beckmeyer, Sarah Smith, Dixie Spence, Tom Fischer, Ronald james, Charles Spann, Lori Parks, Gail Lowe, LeeAnne Lock, Lois Clarke, Dawn Walkington, Teri McCauley, jenny Maynard, jacki Dirksmeyer, Sheryl Stine, Susie Dilks, Diane Husmann, Mike Tilton, Sherri Eudy, john Chappell, Greg VanWyk, Ron Dubbert, Brad Fields, Lori Walter, Kim France, Gretchen johnson, Mike Sheppard, Brian Durham, jennifer Phillips, Debbie Sanders, Oscer Telford, Marcus Renken, jeff Miller, Lisa Raby, Eric Wendle, Tom Bloomer, Eddie Bucher, Mary Allensworth, David Walker, Paula Moore I don't care if Santa does want his hat back. I wish I had a Raggedy Andy. You're lucky we're not playing. Maybe if we stop playing the team the team will realize the game has started. Does anyone have a straightjacket? we rg - ., Sophomore Chorus 8th Hour: jill Allsman, Donna Aukamp, Don Bonnell, Rhonda Brooks, Cheryl Buntenback, Clifford Carter, Gloria Casey, Chris Cox, Leigh Dalton, lacki Dirksmeyer, Diana Dunnagan, Tammy Edmiston, Sherri Eudy, Floyd Fisher, Cathy Geoden, Kim Griffen, Monica Hammon, Cindy Holbrook, Diane Husmann,1ohn Jeffery, Pam Kidwell, Michelle Killion, Sandra Simmons, Ann Taylor, Steven Vrooman, Darin Willis, Tracy Woolsey, Patti Yaworsk, jane Younge Sophomore Chorus 3rd Hour: Phyllis Bass, Mary Beth Haycraft, Carol Cates, Ginger Chamberlain, jim Davey, Ralph Davies, Tom Fischer, Monica Fortschneider, Delores Foster, Kim France, Debra Grable, Kevin Hazslip, Terry Healey, Sandra Howard, Loleatha johnson, Brian Kates, Marcus Kenken, joan Kunse, Gail Lowe, Karin Maeweather, Rhonda Meeden, Suzn McEven, Genny McCann, jeff Miller, Kathy Nevlin, Laura Nicholson, Linda Nolan, Lori Parks, Susan Patschull, jennifer Phillips, Marilyn Raines, Shellee Rainey, David Reno, Dawn Scheffel, Donna Scheffel, Laurie Schmitt, Catherine Schneider, Dixie Spence, Nancy Spurgeon, joEllen Stein, Kelly Stewert, Noel Terrell, Mike Webb, Machell Williams, Rob Wilson K? 4...-.5 NE. ADVANCED CHORUS: Row 1: Toni Torrez, Regina Aukamp, Melanie Elick, Jeannie Robinett, Cathy Slocumb, Row 2: Suzanne Miller, Sarah Schudel, Kathy Mafort, Sandy Garrett, Row 3: Dan Wagner, Brett Darr, Frank Snider, Paul Bruns, Steve Davis rf? L.. 4 . F5 ADVANCED CHORUS: Row 1: jackie Cozart, Juanita Largen, Pattie Auten, Kim Moore, Beverly Pruitt, Row 2: janet Schweppe, Sarah Hansel, Sara McCadden, Rebecca Mundy, Margaret Davis, Row 3: Doug Haase, loel Humphries, jeffrey Ballard, Chris Camp Goucho, Harpo, and Chico Actually this isn't a Melaphone, it's a machine gun! Hey Big Boyl There goes the neighborhood! Go blow it out your ears! Alton Senior High School presents OLIVER! Oliver Twist Mr. Bumble Mrs. Corney Mr. Sowerberry Mrs. Sowerberry Charlotte Sowerberry Noah Claypole The Artful Dodger Fagin Nancy Brian Hiller Steve Hosfelt Chris Funkhouser Barb Staford Mark Elliott janet Caries Kim Dague lohn Butler Brad Wilcox joe Huber Karen Savage Toni McCauley Bet Mr. Bronlow Bill Sikes Mrs. Bedwin Dr. Grimwig Old Sally Old Lady Sue Sander Karen Fischer Mark Harris lim Carroll joel Copley Nan Downing Chris Mueller Doreen McGhee Cheri Eschbach if an 0 ' 1 xx, my ,i""s.. , ff M, W. mwil-' G ?552?f 'AJ ff QM mfwf ,, ,lizfff WW , -fw- 4, ' V .Q t 3 frli A 1 ' QX. K., , N i ' Y Q wx XX Lfh 5 'Fi " ' ,. , M K ,Q Q n Q, , 'Q sg P N xi, 3' .Yi A Q N Q .N i I . iw A gh QQ' Qui X :fi gif ' 'N V' E vi ,s i W .W if Q 1 YY Q. VVhV fx, f 5 ' 4 1 ,QM I B 4'-vi X 1 QA' x , M Y"-u -www --4 ff mi 'V vmygfw xg , l FAGIN'S BOYS: Mike Bourland, Mark ff ,le andre ott A4 Sc 9, 'U CU U Kin Brad tts, Fi EFI, Talg VVHHe 'Ci L.. O Z JK L FU 2 '5 L fs C PN CU E an .Y GJ GJ 3 '+- 'O-1 2 rf? DD .E E E D U .E Z uf U7 FU .C LJ P-w 'U .E U as :u Dt O :c U 0 Z u z 4 Q E al w : N C3 E CL :Z m : i5 O U :N FV bd di D DC O I U LJ Z LJ Z un ai 'EE H93 QE 22.1 V' :N GJ 22 ::f 25 32 L 5.3 55 I Q9 -is gy -'VE 85 C X E5 --E Es 15:4 75 'S 3: Q2 L- 5-D 53 NC ga: wi? 'JE3 bw 'gi ma: cz if :UO -CU 35 jk CE C m O uw is '22 QQ Z2 Sara rs, 6 San H6 3Y gers Ebvv Ro ryant , B 'O hell 2 E .Q C on PN I- W 2 Q O Tl N i- .Q T5 GJ Q. PN o-I C FU i- Tl 1. L CU CD cf O 4-I DD .E .X FU I- .Y E uf E. E an i- c IU ' : an .A cu 4-V 'z an Nl L- :a N -J -C. f: E LD ' : YU .C U7 'D L fu Q. U .C th ci? TE Q1 .C U v1 CU DD CU 3 cu 2. if 'a 3 Ps FU nc if cu P Ps U1 .fc :E GJ c O i- .c .. GJ ca ner, Mike ge Barb We Q as J TE 3 c: O - '6 L O 'QC as A4 CU 3 Ily Ke ood VV ike en, AA Wilk w c .E C3 3- i 1 1 u 4 I I V ,LX , . . f ,x ix- . K h v K f on xl X 'V The Miracle Worker Anne Sullivan Helle'n'Keller Kate Keller Captain Keller Aunt Ev james Keller Viney Anagnos Percy Martha Doctor Blind Girls Offstage Voices 1 Casts.. .. Q Toni McCauley' Deana' Dix jean Ryberg' S Mark Elliott Diane Housman Andy Mohler Cheri Eschbach Brad Meyers Clay Marquis Gail Lowe Mark Harris Lisa Gross Nancy jackson jackie Starkey Diana Zimmerman Karen Fischer Kathy Geoken Chris Mueller jackie Starkey Pam Vrooman VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET General Tom Powers Roger Spelding Reba Spelding Ellen Spelding Conrad Mayberry Kreaton Aide WAC Delton 4 TV Technicians Rosemary Brad Meyers Mark Harris Robbie Ezzell Karen Fischer Rob Wilson Mark Elliott lay Sabo Debbie Orban Bob Mitchell Leigh Dalton Clint Reinhardt Romeo Dreith TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD lean Louise Finch Calpurnia Scout Maudie Atkinson Heck Tate judge Taylor Stefhanie Crawford Mrs. Dubose jem Rev. Sykes Mayella Ewell Bob Ewell Dill Nathen Radley Walter Cunningham Atticus Finch Tom Robinson Mr. Gilmer Helen Robinson Boo Radley Townspeople jean Ryberg Kathy Goins Lisa Gross Chris Funkhouser Mike Medhurst Mark Harris Kim Dague Ann Schmidt lim Ryan Claude Rogers Kay Coatney joe Huber Kit Kreid joe Wegescheide lim Carroll Steve Dick Darryl Tantype Mark Elliott Alicia Madison Bob Shaw jerry johnson, Rick Blevins Bob Mitchell, Layne Simpson Sophomore Chorus 4th hour: Till Allsoman, Lisa Beckmeyer, Lynn Blackwood, john Chappell, Ronald Dubbert, Brian Dunham, Bard Fields, David Harris, Ronald james, Bryan Kates, Cindy Leeds, Kevin McKinney, Leah McClung, Paula Moore, Shella Rainey, Mary Reilly, Kelly Reynolds, Traci Rice, Lisa Raby, Kathy Salmons, Debbie Sanders, Mike Schmidt, Stephanie Shelby, Sarah Smith, Charles Spam, Cheryl Stine, Karen Tarrant, Amy Taylor, Valencia Taylor, Oscar Telford, Noel Terrell, Mike Tilton, Lisa Twitchell, Greg VanWyk, Guedel VanZandt, Bridgett Volz, David Walker, Lori Walter, Kathy Weber, Eric Wendle, Linnie Williams 1 .hw - I Sophomore Chorus 6th hour: Mary Allensworth, Donna Aukamp, jim Berry, Rosalyn Beumn, Tom Bloomer, Orella Brice, Eddie Bucker, Rita Champion, Pam Clark, Kim Covert, David Decker, Suzanne Dilds, Norma Dominquiz, Cindy Eales, Cathy Eberlin, Suzie Foster, Cynthia Gentry, Selma Harris, Tim Heineman, Sakina Henlenson, Cathy Hortsman, Billy jemison, Gretchen johnson, Andy Kantured, Brenda Keene, Teresa Koehm, Teresa Lamere, Ioyce Little, LeAnne Lock, jenny Maynard, Teri McCauley, Larua McCormick, Suzanne McEven, Paula Moore, Dana Quinn, David Reno, Traci Rice, Donna Scheffel, Pam Schildroth, Chuck Spann, Dixie Spence, Oscar Telford, Diane Tennant, Tina Tuetken, Guedal Van Zandt, Traci Woods . XXX - .Lt .-2 im. 1 ..t..c joAnne Allen, Mary Allensworth, jeff Allsman, Don Anderson, jane Alabaugh, Lisa Beckmeyer, Danny Beers, Kathy Beltcher, Steve Beuttel, Steve Bowen, David Brady, Eddie Bucher, Martha Campbell, Melodie Claxton, jan Cope, Lee Corbin, Doug Cornell, Debbie Cunningham, Tom Daengsurisi, David Dare, Diane Darr, Debbie Davidson, Roger Davis, Sue Dilks, Cathy Dustman, Wilbert Ely, Rachelle Fields, Patricia Franke, Lisa Gaskill, Greg Gelzinnis, Mike Glazik, Lisa Graveman, Mark Gray, julie Green, Randy Greenwell, jerry Gross, Sally Hall, David Hargiss, Ben Harrison, Sue Haseker, joy Housman, Sherry Hise, Alicia Holmea, Sonya Holmes, Gretchen johnson, Rhonda johnson, Rick johnston, Marilyn jones, Betty joseph, jolene jovett, Karen Kadell, Darryl Kaiser, Andy Kanturek, Kathy Killion, Kim Knight, Eleanor Kolditz, Bob Legate, Doug Luckert, Mike Mainer, jeff Malson, Beth Mc Atee, Debbie Mc Curley, Dan Mc Gee, David Meyer, Bryan Miller, David Miller, Andy Mohler, Lecia Morrison, Karin Moser, Chris Mueller, john Mueller, Debbie Naughton, Kim Olden, Kent Owens, joEllen Pearson, Cheryl Pfeifer, Greg Phillips, jennifer Phillips, james Ponder, Lisa Raby, Greg Richards, Pam Rush, 'Dan Rzonca, Dwayne Sanders, Tom Sanders, Teri Schaberg, Karla Schien, Russell Schmidt, Nancy Seehausen, Mark Segobiano, Pat Skelton, Steve Springgate, Otis Steward, Cheryl Stine, Greg Stroube, Rhonda Sommers, john Tompson, Ruth Vonbergen, julie Webber, Kent Weeks, Tim Weeks, john Weigler, Tim West, Debbie Wilson, Bob Wilson, Gary Woods, Kathy Wyman, Mark Wyman, Patricia Yates. john Butler, Drum Major Karl Funk, jr. Drum Major Mr. Pete Basola Director, Mr. Greg Cohill Co-Director Drum Majors Carl Funk, john Butler Row 1 Kathy Wyman, julie Webber, Lynda Headley, Kim Olden, jennifer Phillips, Melodie Claxton, Diane Darr, Rachelle Fields, Lisa Graveman, Ruth Vonbergen, Cheryl Pfeifer, Row 2: Carol Weinrich, David Miller, Greg Richards, Steve Springgate, Sonya Holmes, Dwayne Sanders, Martha Cambell, Bette joseph, john Thompson, Tim Weeks, Karin Moser, Darryl Kaiser, Row 3: Mr. Cohill, john Butler, Brian Miller, Scott Spooner, Kent Weeks, Tim West, Russell Schmidt, Andy Mohler Randy Greenwell, Keith Steiger, David Meyer, Gary Andrews, Row 4: Becky Showers, joAnne Allan, Steve Bowen, Mark Harris, jeff Malson, Marylin jones, Otis Stewart, Bob Legate, David jacoby, Bob Bloodworth, Tom Sandners IAZZ BAND: Front Row: Ruth Vonbergen, Tim Weeks, Chuck Willett, Sonja Holmes, Andy Kanturek, Second Row: Steve Bowen, Lisa Raby, David lacoby, Bob Bloodworth, Dave Hargis, Tom Fischer, Dave Utterback, Mr. Cohill, Third Row: Cheryl Pfeifer, Diane Darr, Tom Bloomer, Steve Davis, julie Webber, Dan Farrell, Brad Wilcox, john Phegley, Scott Spooner, Andy Mohler 5 , V ,, ' f' J- .Pig ,w,,.'.a V Ku ' E 3' 11 mf!" A I .3-,, 1,w,M,,,L .. J , . , ' ,m .3 nf,-L '- - ' " V , , , , L., . ,I -K ff N Q' I f - M-" - " ' 'X' f 4, , .v . P .M mnw - , f -F' N . M . M? vi. A i ,' A W, f , ' -df V n , M .kvv V V, xy! ,V A A K Y Q ,YI Q b r . A , i ' 1 , - A .. , ' ' ' f ug 1 l 1 CGLDR GUARD Cheryl Armstead, Bobbi Bryant, Pam Buhs, Leanne Chiolero, Melinda Logan, Marilyn Raines, Amy Rathgeb - Sargeant at Arms, Ella Riddlespringer, Vicki Schmidt, Sue Ulrich THESPIANS Row 1: Barb Fry, Margaret Nolan, Mike Wood, john Butler, Toni McCauley Row 2: Mr. Waters iSponsorJ, Patti Messick, Rhonda Cook, Lisa Gross, Diana Zimmerman, Karen Savage, Mike Metzger, Randy Lane, Mr. Davenport lSponsorl Row 3: Nan Downing, Scott Callahan, jeff lvester, Rick Blevens, Mark Harris, Denise Van Wyk Row 4: Nancy Kanallkan, lack Churchill, Barb Caires, Bill Kaiser, Mark Elliott, Todd Bailey, Bob Mitchell Row 5: Chris Little, Ann Schmidt, Vicky Duebert, Patti Kanturek, Kim Dague, Cheri Eschbach, jean Ryberg, Chuck Willett, Chris Mueller, Darryl Tantype in c ' 3 ' as ,-. af... 1 V. L J, --1 M Y U K ' . - , J- ., KATNIPS: Row One: Karen Ballard, Gail Lowe, Ianice Nagy, Brad Andrews, Pam Rush, Kathy Nichell, Row Two: Karen Savage, Brad Wilcox, Teri McCauley, Mary Forbes, Ron Deubert, Rodney Laird, Bob Shaw, Kevin Clark, Row Three: Mr. Crabbs, Mark Wyman, Steve Davis, Martha Campbell, john Butler, Mark Elliott, Daid Hargiss, james Ponder I hate it when they make me sing for my supper. I've got a brand new pair of I've got 3 Crick in my neck- rollerskates you've got a brand new key. 'T f' And you thought we sang in chorus. ...fd If you don't quit l'm going home to tell mommy. iw Look what I got for Chrismas. Les Brown's Band of Renound they ain't. lllbllly Did you see the number in the long underwear and tutu? SOPHO GRE FGGTBALL "Fl E5 . f ,A e ' 42-if E ,J 1 4 ' K' X, f i ff- ' l' 355 ,JL W gt?lw9QTbf: Q if ti ,L ,141 Ji L, :div XR fzwgucf ,zu . Y lk 1 ' 1 'fi - .mu lt WE Row 1: lim Ehlers, Duane Moore, Chuck Spann, Dave Vandergriff, Greg Bock, Mike Todaro, Mark Bennett, Mic Robinson, Dan Riddlespringer, Mark Lemon lMgrJ Row 2: -Ron Raglin, Dow Costa, Brent Reiske, Matt Booher, lay Garvey, Fred Stutz, Darryll Northern, Doug Bohringer, Robin Dennington, Fred Terrell, Roger Holman Row 3: Clint Reinhardt, jerry Vollmer, Bob Darr, lim Stewart, Pat Wilson, Kevin jackson, Chuck Schildroth, Dave Vassar, Ed North, john Campbell Row 4: Tom Estes, Mark johnson, lohn Rauscher, Paul Stutz, Scott Somlar, john Duvall, john Nichols, Brian Hutchinson, john Sykes, Mark Macias Row 5: Coach james, Coach Arico VARSITY SOCCER Row 1: Marie Ely, Buff Spaulding, Patty Hamilton lMgrs.l Row 2: Mark Duffy, Buggy Spann, Dave Hoag, Pat Pohlman, Doug Leavell, Mark Milford, Sam Mormino, Darrin jones, Bill Mermis, Mark Giovagnoli Row 3: Coach Brown, Pat Schwarte, Tim Acker, Steve Winkler, Todd Admire, Brad Baker, john Wardein, jerry Cox, Chris Dunphy, Coach Hill JV SOCCER Row 1: Greg Chappell, Tim Weeks, Brett Miller, Mark Milford, Mauricio Infantes, john Klockenkemper, Mark Duffy Row 2: Coach Hill, Bob Bloodworth, Sam Mormino, Stewart Bramley, Mark Giovagnoli, Gary Cox, Mark Van Hoy A 1697 , LUG. had 50-me. good 'HKVVNQS SINVWCP MSJK' yfbaf- VW VXQJ6ff'Qaf3Q+ Sami +5 MW '3k1w+:lvN QXMQ QBQEHQNCS QU ou? SQZBXQQ by +Xfkwfx Qbclajneacf Vomfvefs' 2430 fw gfczlpfovx Quffvwg KPLLQ Qloocl Q-Q 753' T00 DQJ bug gfgfmf 11,4 ,ff 626417061 will 'head 423 Mba Q.iC7ff6afCf'."1? I 975 Qiev- prewffsy 500k Lavlzv' ZJ55. I 20.5 5 ORGANIZATIONS ,,.. ,. -- , - , . ,. . lk, , , , , , , WN. f 5 ACTIVITIES BCDARD Row 1: Tracy Tinkey, Mark Segobiano, Kate McConahey, Donna Bryant, Kathy Basden, Elia Perez, Diane Ruby, Kathy Slimick Row 2: Dana Wilderman, Barb Brainard, Veronica joehl, Dorothy Aszman, Kit Kreid, Nancy Evans, Kathy Shive Row 3: Kathy Rogers, Patty Zimmerman, Karen Coulsen, Terri Tosh, Nancy jackson, Trish Dewey, Mr. Thompson, Advisor Row 4: Steve Winkler, Laura Reed, Missy Bucher, David Goins, Barry Holloway, Paige House, Craig Davidson, Ieanne Hess GULF TEAM Row 1: Gerry.SchuIz, Tom Fleming, David Hopkins, Charlie Hays, Bruce Vest, Scott Spooner, Stan Lageman, Mr. Overath ICoachl Row 2: Debbie Sanders, Deana Dix, Greg Van Wyk, jeff Lilley, jeff Neal, Tom Albrecht, David Jacoby, Todd Reid, David Williams, Robert Hopkins, joe Holden, Dan Kasten, Tony Wendle, Mike Dilks, Eric Wendle A' CULTURAL A D SGCIAL EXCHA GE Row 1: Rochelle Green CSecretaryj, Bessie Fuller, Tammy Hearn, Karen Scott, Carla Butler, Michelle Killion, Beverly Burnett, jackie Foreman, Rita Campbell, Linda Holmes Row 2: Mrs. Allred, Advisor, Terry Watkins, Earlene Smith, Gloria Ware, Loleatha johnson, La juana Campbell, Brenda Smith, Lecia Morrison, Ronnie Dancy, Shari Smith, Venus Curtis, Albert Blackman, Darrell Stockard Row 3: Anthony Curtis, Richard Hutchinson lTreasurerI, Irving Hervey, Glen Anthony, Richard Tolbert Nice-Presidentj, Tina johnson, Marcus Bennett, john Washington, Carl Kates, Robert Dancy, Albert Fuller IPresidentI ERICA FIELD SERVICE Row 'II Randy Greenwell, Marianne Bockhurst, joan Bockhurst, Margaret Nolan, jean Ryberg, jeannie Robinett, Mauricio Infantes, Bruce Hagen, Eric Wiseman Row 2: Gina Aukamp, Susan Ulrich, Roewyn McNeil, Carol Weinrich, Gretchen johnson, Donna Aukamp, Mr. Bagley, Advisor, Sherri Smith, Bill Toney, Theresa Goss, Becky Tuetken, Debbie McCurley LATIN cLu Row 1: Terri Kohler, Cheryl Miles, Pam Marsh, Kara Ford, jill Allsman, Kathy Hunter, lami Kennedy, Denise loehl. Row 2: Mr, Hagen Charles Spencer, Bridget Cote, Kelly Cote, Amy Taylor, Gail Damon, Keith Steiger, Brian Durham, joe Shultz. SCIENCE A D MATH CLUB Row 1: Bob Kincade, Kevin Hazlip, Mauricio lnfante, Scott Goforth, Steve Walker. Row 2: john Churchill, Bob Bloodworth, Eric Tennant, Greg Chappel, Vernet Baker. Row 3: Chuck Mason, jeff Urs, David Walker, Larry Baker, Richard Edelman, Mark Dodd, Mr. Phelps. ' .3 E41 nf' O--4-A ,Xt tab X Row 1: Audrey Pitts, Patricia Young, john Greer, jeff Kelley, Marcia Kozonasky, Mrs. Hunt iclub sponsorl, Cheryl Holliday, Carol Kidwell, Karen Strohbeck, Cindy Adney, Trudi Wooff, Shelly Piepert, Susan Mikoff, Marcetta Miller, Beverly Stanka, jane Ritten- house, leanette Glenn OFFICE GCCUPATIGNS D . . q:."'.4.,,..'?T3' T 5,1 Sitting: Angela Washpun, Marcetta Miller, Sandy Hannebrink. Standing: Mrs. Hunt, Millie Greenberg, Sharon Santacruz, Sue Mikoff, Marsha Kozonasky, Denise Ontis, Michelle Bailey, Mary Craig, Rita Fillop, Cindy Adney. 209 GERMAN CLUB l -uvaxuvs ' A 8 iii, 3 9 ETX Row 1: Andy Wuellner, Allison Smith, Deana Dix, Rodger Martin, Brett Miller, Margaret Nolan, Patty Sommars, jeanne Hess, Diane Bunse, lack Churchill. Row 2: Debbie Sanders, Roger Cain, Cindy Beem, Karen Rhoads, Karen Korte, Mike Hartmann, Linda Mortland. Row 3: Sarah Smith, Teresa Koehm, Cheryl Buntenbach, Laurie Parks, Gerald Kelly, Cindy Eales, Herr Fischer. Row 4: Kriste Griffin, Melissa Siess, David Metzmaker, Darrell Nolan, jim Stewart, David Jacoby, Tom Albrecht, Kerry Dooley. Row 5: Sarah Hansel, Susan Ulrich, Debbie Phillips, Dorothy Aszman. Row 6: Mike Sommars, Bryan Miller, Mark Harris, Bob Leagate, Les Nolan, Greg Gelzinis, Don Dodds, jeff Urs SMALL E GINES 210 Row 1: Ken Voyles, Dennis Carter, Claude Rogers, Scott Cruthis, Bill Roose, jim Sullivan, Alton Ziegler y sw f wk " N ,ww Sf xv in e 5. N fi.. SUPER WELDERS Row 1: Dale Edwards, Tyran Terrell, Ron Tolbert, Pete Wyatt, Maurice File, David Clendenny, Tim Azzarello, Nathan Patterson, Lark Betts. Row 2: Mr. Chestney, Ben Ruedin, Steve Bockstruck, Dunk Shorter, Sam Titus, Lawrence Meyer, Rory Williams, Nelson Fleshman, jeff Bland, Steve Shive, Lonnie Means, Mark Dodd, Kirk Williams rf . ' ',,.,,,,,,,......,.....,,......4,,,.,,..........w.... ..., M,,.,,,,,,,, .,,.N...v...,,........ I. "' Front Row: james Ewing, Wally Stewart, Herb Maxeiner, james Carroll, Mike Bechtold, Robert Northway, Mr. Chestney. Back Row: Kelly johnson, Steve Ross, Tim Gipson, joe Parks, David White, Gordon Watters GR AME TAL HORTICULT RE . ww Row 1: Ray Maag, jay Bechtold, Tom Stutz, jim Bensman, Mr. Eagleton. Row 2: Patty Tillman, Pat johnson, Kathy Mafort, David Corbin, Stanley Middleton, janice Stromatt, Susan Woodson, Vicki Legereit. Row 3: Mark Sanders, Curtis Bailey, Walter Blackledge, Steve Franklin, Randy Korando, David Morgan, Larry Stark, Carl Acord, john Craig VOCATIO AL MACHINES Row 1: Mr. Retzer, Frank Snyder, Steve Creasy, john Mueller, Doug Dugan, Kent jackson, Row 2: Donald Brown, Scott McCormick I jim Stutz, Terence Cooley all wr' Row 1: Todd Admire, Paul Boschert, Danny Beers, Darral Harris, Tony Zirkelbach, Chris Cassidy, Alan Belcher, Rick Adler, Steve Etter, Mickey Dooley. Row 2: joni Scanlon, Michele Findley, Cindy Orban, Robbie Ezell, Starla Schum, jo Ann Schneider, Karen Hamberg, Rhonda Turner, Simone Gallant, Kim Wooff, Cindy Raigan, Gina Staten, julie Pohlman CGMMERCIAL ART Row 1: Nancy Funk, Denise Daniels, janet Wahlstrom, Karen Coulson, Carol Weinrich, Sheila Eales, Carol Slocumb, Linda Arnold, Dave Hayes, Nancy Young, Laureen Lowe, Martha Bucher. Row 2: Debbie Perica, Keith Stephens, Elliot Fletcher, Chris Manns, Gary Edwards, jeff Kelly, Matt Ursch, Tom Ruyle, jeff Noble, Randy Brown, john Reno. ...www 6 'N A ' ik' . ' ,. ff sa --2? 'Q I 1' """" !"'....:'.-ft fi Em" Q, 1 Q K Lf-if Mg A? -pf , V f Q. as Q. Q Q , .- z fl ' 155, l - -mxxm :gg .ssh x . f 'L Q'-1 xx PRACTICAL NURSIN Row 1: Dawn Knight, Randy Morgan, Stacey Robinson, Marilyn Quigley, Anita McClain. Row 2: Brenda Turner, Linda Piening Cynthia Earley, Karen Bick, Tanya Cook, Brenda Hamkleton, Linda Fillback, Brenda Farmer, Teresa Springman, Sandy Montague Chris Arnold. We -viii? .Sw .ms CCJSMGTOLOGY M., 2-J 'si 27' f7'3'lf'. l ' Y 2 V l -Q xo l he l ,W K I ' ' is if l , ef. I' l 3 r Q , 5 J, .4 . ' - l fi V Y. , 5 ii A ,,.., awp , U HI' .?sekA:'g?1'w' " 1'IQOl "Ng--' , f m H -wa l of gl g 'w I Row 1: Sue Miller, Rhonda McKee, Trina Pace, Mrs. Hogle. Row 2: Renate Delp, Chris Hoskins, janice Finley, Mona Downing, Paullett Bruce, Cindy Kirby, Linda Harbaugh, Debbie Fletcher, Lynda Holmes .,--ef' - -i Q1 41. ,T ..M2S' ' J I f l 8 i K H . .x K d,,. 77:9 217 SMALL E GINES A ... .... --- -IS Nag , it Row 1: 1. Sherman, l. Hyman, I. Rodliff, J. Drew, R. Kite Row 2: Mr. Schrumph, S. Bailey, S. Monroe, A. Fillop, T. Robertson, B Heinlein, E. Anderson, E. Lovett. frm, VOCATIG AL MACHI E SHCDP: SESSION 3 " , ez '- fiiy- l or Q N 5 , Q .1 K 4-5 'N' a 'v' E' ,-g if' lb ,af Left To Right: Mr. john Retzer, joe Frasier, Kevin Beers, Lynn Cope, Bob McCrery, Melvin Frasier, Mike Mafort, jeff McRauen, Roy Noble, john Nicolas, Allan Tuetken, Mr. Steve Wilton, George Parrent DISTRIB TIVE EDUCATIO Kziujas Row 1: Mary Tucker, Pam Ledbetter, Sandy Ufert, Rhonda Floyd, Nancy Pilger Row 2: Debbie Carter, Barb Maulden, Pat Caldwell Mary Crain, Nan Downing, Marsha Cress Row 3: Tim Quigley, Linda Plunk, Tom Hornsey, loe Westbrook, Chris Miller gs If N just wait till she finds out that we don't have any money! N Superwelders .I Q, ,- , ' t .. : A MA 1- ,,.J ,,,,... l . - - - ' 'fx' Commerical Art Office Occupations Y' ply: H Rs gary. it Y F A r 6- Q F' Lk. g l 'f W " ff ji 54 - " 3 . 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Lisa Gross, Leanne Dalton, lack Churchill, Lori Walters, Dianne Darr, Chris Mueller. Row 2. Mike Wood, Eric Wendle, Mrs. Enloe, Lisa Rizzoli, Steve Vorroam, Sandy McCoy. Row 3. Eleanor Kolditz, Vicki Schmidt, Kathy Nevilin, joe Huber, Bob Mitchell. l 'xg-. W I L 229 Lfj Q1fAU1Q?7LARjJ5L!J J uw ' MLS op, M .gif J QW M4335 J'Q+Jwf We 0zLbwQZ4A3gfj219ifWM.h4 w Afmwkvdfwwd 1' - Jkqw- Ja'-5 ML M YM fm df- 0 Qf fQWJf,Jfm,1 30 ' m9 WO M MM Mgfwfaf ff Olif1iC"f35i,if4'f1 aff COMQ,-"J mek ww M90 , 1 0 J MMM QQ WM if JWMJMKM, WZZZZQQ WM JW?-fYfLefLQ.,fnw Uwfgib We M' ZfQwQ9dLM4Mf k 7 Q fm-Q61-Mf ' r , gig wf,nw3Z7W,gMw4 Mig. JM Jmmjfgggjj 4 ' VLZW ', fig? Www ww' AU Zdpaewwgffjiwfljzawdwi ' nvwkffk OU' " . wk an . K W-L fi20+ ff? 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S ff: Lf r Q u5Til9ef.f71f'ff ff Q.. -5x.ef'ff-...g'.'. .N .' I ,Z K l in fi y .4 . A i A. r, Enid A ...Z ..,. T.. ,. 4 . K ' . . ,.-,fff.5, - ' K, . ' f . -- .-' ' , rs:-iff" 3".T '- ,A M.,,-.5 -. fg- '.g.vf ' , M .,-TQPJ 51.5 ,if "'fWf"1-f"'f "fl: ' ,f , k , g I ' , W ., ,. .f is V. 1, 'r,, I ' M. .Q M .f".'- v . 1 . , t9::.!gf.i-1n,'yg,fg, -. 55 A ' Ni X M B . .1 ' ' ! IU,-A ., ' . , - I ,. ,Q . jg -L. .Q j W. .. 'j ,, ' 1 .J-fr, - kk HR y 'fv. A! 3, K "kjff,,!Q, A 9 . - ' Lf: ..'., ' " 9 qw,..'9.,,...,,.X3 . 1,35 8355.5 Q .5 A Lfigitd, in .ff 9 .al ., , .,..ff",,.j ' . ,.,j':J J , , :av J, S., . .. J y Msgxhfyw ,ig . V .E , .HQ swi.. A W"'fP- " .h K' K .2 Alu . . '15 if w. iq? f gf nl B' ' " X " Q 5 W fs t Q L5 ix 'lk fi 5. ig! ,Vs xy ,Q 5 ' 'Q' ' ffig, l FQ qi., ?gf?,2jf w . mf? 5. -, .X . , ,, . . , D M A It 4 0 K av . O 4 P MP- ' R v ' K X ' x W 1 . . g F Hgh x GULF Eric Wendell, Bruce Vest, Stan Lagemann, Greg VanWyk, jeff Neal, Dave Williams Alton's entire team will be graduating this year. The future success will greatly depend on the efforts the returning golfers put forth. Next years team will be competitive in the conference with hard work. Season 12-6 overall Conference 5-5 4th place 3rd place finish at Quincy tournament 1st place finish for second consecutive year at Granite City North tournament 3rd place district tournament The 77 team was led by Bruce Vest with a 38.7 average overall, followed by Scott Spooner who had a 39.8 average, then Charlie Hays who had a 40.2 average. S -E.. , Q Ja ix TRACK F -I . 'W' A 9 .g' I . 4 , . 'A1' rn w -., 1 5, , b -- . Jw 'QV N ' ' ffl ,ff if' -F, ' r' f'9W' Li Sgiifqfif ' i 5' 'K I f Q 53' F W X af 'f"l' ' Eg sk. f - ...1 . . 'Wu .4 L.- , -4."0',nggg .AW k -x 7 01' A 'b 'Y N Q . , .5 " lOn?,'.. ,H 'rm --,, s.,"" ., at K. , 'Z , 'a,Qr' Q as " :lk ,r hui, fl r B 240 1st Row: Rhonda Summers, Kathy Shewmake, Sherri Koehm, Cindy Maher, Cindy Smith, Debbie Cunningham. 2nd Row: Ellen Lock Debbie Naughton, lackie Lumpkin, Denita Washpun, Pam Rush, Shelia Pearson, Kelly Quinn, Rhonda Lewis. 3rd Row: Coach Dillon Edith Allensworth, Angie Beer, Mg-r. Theresa Thomae, Sharon Young, Kim Dick, Coach Bowling. "REDWlNG" BASKETBALL The 1977 victorious varsity "Redwing" Basketball team ended their season with an overall record of 22- 2. Placing first in the Regionals, progressed them to the Sectionals in which they placed second. ln the Carrollton Invitational Tournament, the "Redwing" brought home a first place. Leading the "Redwing" pack was junior Kim Dick averaging 28.5 points and 21.2 rebounds per game. She received the honors of being named "Best Offensive Player" and "All-State." Other shining players were senior Co-Captain Sharon Young who was named "Most Valuable Player" and senior Co-Captain Cindy Maher who was named "Best Defensive Player." During the Carrollton invitational Tournament, junior Edith Allensworth, junior Kim Dick and senior Cindy Maher were awarded by being named "All-Tournament." ' "Naughty" making a steal. 1' Rebound that ball you all! .fi l Simon say: Heads Up! "REDWlNG BASKETBALL" 22-2 OPPONENT East St. Louis Lincoln Marquette Cahokia Belleville West East St. Louis Belleville Altoff Edwardsville Carrollton Granite North Triad Marquette O'Fallon Granite South jacksonville Belleville East Lincoln Carrollton Carrollton Brussels Marquette Granite North Centralia WE THEY 60 44 62 23 87 42 74 39 78 36 92 42 ,63 60 73 32 68 41 61 48 76 60 73 32 72 41 87 53 68 70 64 60 79 46 55 40 70 32 51 43 71 23 55 49 58 78 The Aggressive "R edwings "Redwings" on the move. ., 31 AG ! 1st Row: Bill Taul, David Utterback, Kit Kreid, Bill Meyers, Bill Mermis, Allan Belcher, Tom Reese 2nd Row: Ed Taul, Bob Bloodworth, Brian Coker, Mark Giovagnoli, David Hoag, David Lopez, joe Stumpe, David Brooks, Coach Schleper 3rd Row: jeff Coker, Mark Harris, Tom Phillips, john Horn, Kevin St. Cin, Keith St. Cin, Mark Gelzinnis TENN S f ,Reldbicrd ,Teynrtisj gseason ffm- f B fl275,"77,CUdQCl,3Hiillf21if?' ,QY9:fHlls s j af,1fb?EiHiS25,tU,iSf ' BtrittjB,TournamentB,Qati'iiBGran'iteB Q as asjs B j j B B W W City- They also tieclfor iljj third BB ,'fail,l s,ssB f p , ' B , B place in the Southwestern B ALB ' B Conference. For the second K Bsrjs C e',, j yjeariiniarow,lDavid,ig6pez,Bsfirst A l5lQ8l?SsiPl3YQr,eWf5f?lfili?f?SQf?liSfF,lCf B B f ' i iB 1 Bss, i 1 B,B'i Biir ilia Dave-fHoag placeBdBif,,1,secoBn,d, rar KBC, 'rfj V ,District and qualifiedfforthe TQLOW 1 f State,BT0Umame"feaffwihgfen "Holln4l5Eii!igslB w Heighfs along wirh1fLoBpezwAt 3 Bti? State To,urfiH,13Eiefi1,fiDave B l LQPBZ Brylosff Sifialesi 1 A K Y C il C e ir rBi match silieri lost in ithdiseconsd i K VARSITY TENNIS 10-11 OPPONENT WE THEY East St. Louis 2 5 Belleville East 1 6 Granite South 0 7 Edwardsville L 2 5 Belleville West 0 7 Collinsville 7 0 Cahokia 2 4 jacksonville 8 1 East St. Louis 5 2 Belleville East 1 6 Edwardsville 6 1 Wood River 5 0 Belleville West 2 , 5 Collinsville 0 7 Cahokia 6 1 O'Fallon 1 V 6 Granite North 7 0 Roxana 1 4 Granite South 3 4 Lebanon 5 2 Beleville Altoff 1 6 Southwestern Conference: Tied for 3rd place The Hog slams it. 'li- 4 3 1st Row: Pam Rush, Pam Hillen, Kathy Shewmake, Debbie Naughton, Cindy Smith, Gail Stewart, Kelly Quinn 2nd Row Stacey Admire, Cathy Franklin, Edith Allensworth, Liz Spinney, Nancy Schulz, Kim Olden, 3rd Row: Coach Dillon, Mgr. Cathy Slocumb Angie Beer, Cindy Maher, Beth Hillen, Casey Scanlon, Patty Sommars, Scorekeeper, Coach Bowling New in spring sports for 1977 was Girl's Softball. Their record for their first season was a winning one of 9-7. Their Captain Kathy Shewmake led the rookie sluggers to their first place in the Regional Tournament. The team had two Most Valuable Players. They were Pam Hillen and Gail Stewart. Debbie Naughton had the highest bat- ting average of .414 and the most RBl's of 10. "Redwing Softball" CPPONENT Venice Edwardsville East St. Louis Cahokia Wood River Bethalto Bunker Hill Calhoun Roxana East St. Louis Calhoun Ierseyville Bunker Hill Winchester East Pike Cahokia THEY 12 27 15 18 26 20 7 0 4 10 0 3 7 7 3 12 4 OK V4 4"4 ,R W 'x , Z Lntsznzl '22 C' She's safe!!! ..,' Rrrrrrip lt's a home run! 'lst Row: Buggy johnson, Cindy Tieman, Beth Stobbs, Monica Stobbs, Mary Barnett Tracey Stobbs 2nd Row Allison Smith Cheryl Ford, Barb Brainard, Jeanne Vest, Diane Dick, Melissa Becker, Nancy Woodford, Coach Dillon "REDW'lNGS" TENNIS 6 10-3 OPPONENT WE THEY Cahokia 9 0 sMadison 5 0 Roxana 6 1 jacksonville 6 4 lerseyville 6 1 Bethalto 9 0 Collinsville A 4 5 Granite North 9 9 ,O East St: Louis f 1 0 Granite South 2 6 West 3 7 Edwardsville 6 3 East St. Louis 5 0 District: Tied for 3rd place 5 "REDWl G" TENN S Redwing's Tennis finished their season with a 'IO-3 re- cord, losing only to Belleville West, Collinsville, and Granite City South. Singles for the reg- ular season were: Tracy Stobbs, Maryi Barnett, Barb Brainerd, and Diane Dick or Nancie Woodford. The doubles teams were: B y Melissa Becker-Allison Smith, Liz Weber-Dian Dick or Nancie Woodford, Cindy Tiemann-Beth Stobbs, leannr Vest-Monica Stobbs and Buggy Johnson-Sheryl Ford. as T Singles players at District in Highland were Melissa Becker and Barb Brainerd, The :wot doubles teams consisted of Diane Dick-Liz Weber and Mary ,Barnett+Tracey Stobbs. Barnett and Stobbs were unde- featedthrough District and ad- vanced to the 3rd roundat State lthe farthest an Alton Highstennis team has ever got- ten? before losing to Crystal Lake, who ended up winning the State Doubles Competie tion. T as Tracey Stubbs was presented "Most Valuable Player" ,awards Mary Barnett fl f Barb Brainerd 'Nw A A I, 3 Q ,N-nn-,,f 6 A ' x ' 0'3" ' W k . .. -wzfw:7?1T"e 55 -. , Q W.-f,-Q--' 'MW W ' . ' f. K 'r ,Nw N W , H .f 2, ., f, V.,, ,Q iss i K ,, .WWW ' .. -M ,,1 1- -,',x 1 I . E ,,L. X , pw ,, , g , ',.JAg,l om' , f 9, A ig if ---ami-, 9 li - 2 - ' ' W ' f A A 'fl "'g' f ' ' ,Z H- f Tw- ., f T ' ' .. , , . ,. ,Am .'-' Q Q- ' h M, V, wsu.. 'Bax ,.h:.Mf .f - ,, Q k Q k . . - I a :,i 'S R, wif' A J-2. 'Wiki i f V W ., W 1-' " ' M J fjp, f-mfr' Ax - N711 N, V - w .4 , f x -2 A '-pair.-f f-211:-f-'A-Qc-iw-w. -milf ugfili -gf--wwfgfk-,lf SOCCBF4 Thvushaiafheva I ference cyaa 'he fi" a'5z Pfi ' ended A y 3"2- c a a a Sow H011 96 seal? lead by Sffnal Th ea wnthj20 8035? ccay acaay 1,aiY53i'TaYe5QCCER 18 goals ca af a Q W 5 only ca aa ' aaaa WE c THEY Lewlic: cacaca ,ailiiiffifiilaaii1jiigifiii?fgigi5fETjg,f3a1 S ' a y rerivfddsizi ' Q l f 117' f co hon6rca1 g - 1 f 41 Improved aaa Riaydr Ofcth?lyea?Sfgffgifgigf3eig1gfi,2fTL5??ic35igf?f? 2?f12E5,gf2 caaa Lg iffQf5dW??cd5Y?UQEQ fTj 5a c 1 1 y i fi aaaca cya lfffiQ5 yS lgl3 y acc i c cc -6 - 0 Senifrf aaaya aaaa ' ac ac 37 a 5 c ao fbi q a 2 c 8 y c 0 caaa . 53 W a +2 ww 4 aaaac 5 c 2 a y 6 a 0 ' y a aa EaaSfaaac15EQaaPaQQ'Salacccf a 1 1 the rfsssaefay BaI'2v"'? WaSi a Y 2 Q?"En?VFUQlff 2f 1 0 2 afeacmfi ayaaalaaacB2i'SY'!1a ccaccc fait l c .3 1 f 5 a 6 lf. - .Agfa , ,,Q- m,m.-,.k1fL7W,,Av. f .f7A..,W v':, ,A'.- k',g , V-., K 0 MQTYTHSQ ' ' i a aWardEinL1 2 i Y? A ycaa F T? fifiiccci i f i!!51i T W - w ' KKKA- Comb cB"0YYc"'5f 1 1 ' Standing 'Ye?Fia Wa 9ffii5a?33f?f'?Pl!?!Y hcighiiafhi feilffi a dCV6l'?P3d y ?5kicff5 ?f5 5Y lacked in 'preyibq5ag ye:afS+afai a accaa a ccy ifjiiifijf jfjf Q3ag f F c M cC 6lli risQilIe53 Q i- a ' -gSaQuatl7iWi2 StErfnCbhference: 3rd ff mm VKX.A y The Redbird Soccer players are always ready for action. X S 'E' K QF ky - V' W W. -., V33 ,eff gs wx' 1 .jg 45. - hh .N .I I I A gh. -. Ng, ef L J A E...-x. 'PH-EN, U - :. K .. 1 f- - 1.-..-.M K ,X X X X Q 5 . ,N . XR -'WMM ,kk Q ,ff 5 5 f 'M -, ' X A 5 f . is 711 gitw ' .15 X f3TifTl:'3'f '4 14" .. M' -.5'I'.fl'f:'f' 15" K .. ,x I , K 'W-AQ x. X1 V- f:.i5fiS3j - MRM WMM """+-Q.. ---...,, id.-Fwbqw ' ...,NNM-MN W--..,, ,.,s-NN-4 M M . 9--...gxi "'A':1-6 . f 'NS - Xkikmhm-Nm"'m"" , s .. M'- A xi ,. ' . , S S .l xv, ' W-""'i ! f K 1 .,., K x 1 nth ' K - .K 7 jghwf b. ' K - "'yNilef4a......,,,, , 5 , k as Nw Y . 'img 1 W w 1-'YA , YL M, I - Hs .-asv ,, ' 1 I 6 f'igw " '55 ' . 5 L vp H . , as , N .Q fl" AV S152 K. kigiig igr f'5 - 36 2 51426, 5 K , iviygrw ' Akkk X 8 It ,1 V 531 D F 3K ij' X ? ' ,. l 2 If a 9 VARSITY SCCCIER Kathy Rogers, Patty Zimmerman iCaptainl, jackie Fulks, ludy Lawrence, Kelly Lageman, jane Aulabaugh, joy Hausman, Vicky Goeken CHEERLEADERS Carla Hill, Lisa Plunk, Cindy Leeds lCo-Captainl, Patty Ramey, Ginger Chamberlain, Heather McDaniel, Dixie Spence lCo-Captainl, Paula Moore SOPH FOOTBALL V FCJGTBALL CHEERLEADERS 'V , um..- ..., , ..-is -. ' X L A A , E , , yas? L E , E i y , g y EX! K , .fl 1st Row: Lisa Wilhelm, Marti Eckhard lRedbirdJ, Kay Lambrich 2nd Row: Sue Meyers ICO-Captainl, Karen Leeds lCo Captainl, Cindy Chase 3rd Row: Kim Bonnell, Kelly Wooff, Linda Farmer l L l ws , 4 Uh, ,, W! ' UH. Jr ,'5,l:1gr 'iffhqi .3 1- ' 'IL li-'V-wav A Q ,g:3'3Sj::". rcel J Q 14 r A 4 .4 .r .Q- 1st Row: Missy Bucher, Kevin Carroll, Tom Reese, David Dennigman, Bob Maul, Mike Brice, Michael Woodard, Richard Hutching- son, Albert Fuller, jim Hausman, Bart McClain, 2nd Row: Darbin Morris, Charles Bell, Floyd Raglin, Kevin Owens, joel Talbert, Gilbert joehl, Ronnie Talbert, Brian Coker, Ronnie Raglin, Andy Wuellner 3rd Row: Coach Mitchell, Coach Macias, jeff Urs, Mickey Dooley, Steve Whited, Brad Rain, Roger Smith, Carl Acord, Michael Stetson, Terry Banks, Mark Vasser, Tonny Willis, Coach Arico, Coach Williams 4th Row: Coach james, Pete Wyatt, Roger Holman, Buddy Nevalin, Steve Hawkins, Karry Wilson, Keith Steiger, jeff Funkhouser, Craig Buntenback, Greg Burton, Rusty Bilbruck Sth Row: Coach Martin, Keith Moore, Mark Haggard, Darrell Charleston, Rick Talbert, Mark Dunlap, Bruce Maxson, Andre Thomas, john Almeter, Dennis Carter, Bill Netzhammer V FOOTBALL slst lv FOOTBALL j ,, j 35 s OPPQNENT C we j QT:-:EY it e,,l ,7 . y T Qguiiflcyf Q W 12 T tcahplgga A 27? 6 g 0 j - 74, -10 Edwardsville . .my V, . , ,,,,, I , A 34-t W etg, Gfamtedouth ff? e0 28 g,Easm,s151Louis AQO, it West, ytgl ,3 it ' , C6 J ,461 A sprinkle a day helps keep odor away. ,W -f. 'vi 2- e '7"""aff,p. A -riff' s is F X ks is as r X Will the real Captain Alton sit down. og: 1 ...-s MH ' lu e . Q,- Y4 'Ni , e fL:,,n e Q... Who will be the next Mr Universe? U , ..-..--1 ,ia L-QQAWT , e A season that could have been so close, but proved to be so far away spelled a 3-6 record for the 1977 Alton Redbirds' football team. First-year coach Wayne Williams built a solid defense that wound up second overall in the final Southwestern Conference picture, but the inability to produce points in the clutch was the telling factor for the Redbirds. ' In the Birds' six losses, five of the games were decided by seven points or less. In all five of those games, Alton scored either one touchdown or less. Following back-to-back wins against Quincy and Cahokia, the Redbirds were 2-1 at one point in the season. However, a heartbreaking 10-7 loss at Edwardsville in which a controversial call at the end of the game cost Alton a win, was the turning point of the season. The Birds were to finish 1-5 and sixth in the Southwestern Conference. Players to receive Southwestern Conference honors included: Gilbert joehl, Tony Willis, Mark Dunlap, Lloyd fRustyJ Bilbruck, Bill Netzhammer, Karry Wilson, Scott Somlar, and Pete Wyatt. joining Williams in the Birds' coaching staff for 1977 were: Felix Macias, jack Martin, Terry Mitchell, jim Arico, and Collis james. With a fine sophmore team C7-4l waiting in the wings, the Birds hope to complete their rebuilding program next year and reverse their 1977 record. East S 1 'QL 1- REDWI G TRACK First Row: Kim Pitts, Cindy Crawford, KiKi King, Lori Terrell, Cherly Talbert, Sharon Everage, Cheryl Giggs, julie Porter, jennifer Chue, Sue Fulkerson. Second Row: Barb Churchill, Venus Curtis, Missy Bricker, Laura Covington, Carol Gaddy, Sandy Lyerla, Britta Eichen, Sue Connors, Sherry Nickolson, Kathy Basden. Third Row: Miss McGee, Kay Pitts, Kamala Urs, Lisa Lucas, Karen Leeds, Ayshia Kahn, jackie Forman, Bessie Fuller, Mrs. Watkins "Redwings" track had a very successful season for 1977. The team finished the season with second place in districts and qualified seven girls to the State meet. Also four relay teams consisting of the following went to State: 440 Relay 880 Relay 84 880 Medley Mile Relay Laura Covington Valerie King jennifer Chue Valerie King julie Porter Laura Cobington Cheryl Tolbert Cheryl Tolbert Britta Eichen Lori Terrell Lori Terrell julie Porter Laura Covingyon also ran the 110 yard low hurdles. Lori Terrell made it to the long jump while Cheryl Tolbert went to the 220 yard dash. Mrs. Watkins stated, "Our 880 relay team was 13th out of 56 teams which wasn't bad, but I feel it was a definite step in the right direction." She also stated "Girls sports are fairly new, it takes a strong minded, mature, adult with lots of juts and determination to compete and become a good athlete." Tatler Staff wisher "Redwings" track the best of luck! 5 ,Q tw Vu f as cv ' sv-1 'W t X 4' i 2 I I' l Q FALL SPGRTS AWARD BANQUET Gilbert loehl receives the Ray jackson Award for football. Girls' sports showed increasing participation and skill this year The 1977-78 soccer team ended this season with a 13-3-2 record. W '- -- -. :- Banquet Winter Sports Award The Redbird basketball team rebuilt their team throughout the season. ai The Redwing basketball team gained experience during their season. HOCKEY CLUB Back Row: Wayne Short, Bill Mermis, Bill Meyer, Steve Lee, jeff Schmidt, jamie Gardner, Mark Asclock, Andy Stetson, jeff Liley, Mr. Tom Thompson. Front Row: Matt Horn, Mike Mainer, David Peterbaugh, Gina Staten, Mike Davis, jim Eppel, jeff Tanney, john Dooley, Scott Gardner. , X2 flixfflf X, me H. ,f- Mr. Thompson, the coach of the Alton Flames, said that this year was a year of rebuilding for high school hockey. There was a total of 40 students on the Flames this year. as pronounced the most valuable player. They played an Independent schedule having won two games, lost two games, and tied one. Coach Thompson says the prospects look good for next year. F K olbh5Mwl Qrlwlswf ' meta vi f CW giwlsy m.g'gl wgi 2 wi some Questa cl Q4 ww ,Ji if Q5 ggfzymrfgts-12fiffwfezflsv, ,i7s1.fy,,nrQff mit- Y-- :Q1 Grmliwxf'gL"ii,1i?".t-wi, wif- , f' - -s-Q so s QAMtwzzswstfwn,sWw,+Vi .aww ,sms X1 -,W ,d .M-..: t i:gsg'y3fT3ei'f?2ZvEZs2? fZGifQfntff'Q1sf,f,s ',.f,Q'qf f' xgm, lfifiizmifrff :JW fiiHP'X?1'ffFs-SM-'A:I 'X Vt? -- ii S6333 '52 S ' IAif'z-wi-w -fL1,'1?fi:y4fP' Y -' 2 s,,,s-Im: ew. ' 1 ,gi .4 p-3. wr.-swat fy. 'ft -ssl . Nl- X' H-L , Q . slit ,- '53 if i' - T 2 . 4 Mm: izzsiffi f 3, , i .. ton,vs,Granltef p :typ Q t 1 s 1 li, A L'lWiQ'f4325lQflQgjiaffff 5Ef'iiff2lj X Q Qs , L 'Vff F5325 K" 'Ji'-1 'i T 3 egfg ,- in-,rf-Ml 1 ff nazi .X . . s- , 15 igygqzzfi 525 ffl, A V ry TV Qui ii7l'3,i4'Q: - WRESTLI Varsity: Row 1: Mike Harpole, 98 lbs., Roger Smith, 105 lbs., Mark Stromske, 112 lbs., David McCann, 119 lbs., jim Hausman, 126 lbs., Dave Dennigman, 132 lbs., Row 2: Coach Charlie Sheretz, Fred Terrell, 138 lbs., Mike Hartmann, 145 lbs., Steve Nolan, 155 lbs., Steve Hawkins, 167 lbs., john Almeter, 185 lbs., Terry Banks, heavy weight. L LV.: Row 1: Annette Strowmatt, manager, Darrin Hayes, Roger Cain, Ted Davey, Keith Perry, Mark Giovignoli, Micki Robinson, Janice Strowmatt, Manager. Row 2: joe Lucas, Brad Fester, Mike Butler, Pat Wilson, Tom Fowler, Matt Maher, Don Bonnell, Tom Goodrich, jack Harpole, Brian Williams. Y lim Hausman The 77-78 Wrestling season was a difficult one in many ways. First, most of the 76-77 team graduated the preceeding lune including all-time Alton standout and the 6th place finisher in the state jerry Herrin. Secondly, Mr. Sheretz became the new head coach and his ideas and personality were such that several members of the previous years l.V. squad decided not to become part of the new look in Redbird wrestling. A very young and inexperienced squad. Five of the starting team of twelve lincluding three freshmenl had never before this season wrestled. The product was a 4-12 dual meet record- disappointing for this year, to say the least, but the beginning of what Coach Shertz hopes will be a bright future for wrestling in Alton. Of the thirty-five boys on the varsity squad only two will graduate. This years squad scored victories over Roosevelt of St. Louis, jerseyville, Collinsville, and a big upset over Woodriver despite an enormous experience gap. 98 pounder Mike Harpole led the team in pins with 11 and scoring 104 points. The Captain 155 pounder Steve Nolan was the takedown leader and was the top finisher for Alton ii. the District Meet with a third place. We will miss Nolan and Fellow senior jimmy Hausman but we are eagerly awaiting the start of next season when we begin to cash in on the dues we paid this year. 267 WRESTLI G CHEERLEADERS Sue West, Sue Connor, janet Kopsie, Linda McNab, Vicki Goeken, Linda Headley, Linda Lowe. 1 1 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Coach Baiter, Troy Washpun, Brad Baker, Cedrick Mack, Roger Stites, Ron Tolbert, Stewart Bramley, lohn Smith, Keith St. Cin, Coach McAfoos. Back Row: Ed Kienstra, Mgr., Marc Renken, Aaron Parker, Pat Miller, David Goins, Chuck Williams, Bruce Vest, Cliff Moore, Mark Wilson X3 X V ? C - ,MH Y , 5 C X 1 R S pix? 8 9 f . s M 7 :CX df! 554 .. LW ",..,q,-A------' J K Q --."...'.1' Y '1 ,.. ll A,.-...a..c,.,, f v x Q , 'I' U MW .. JW ,. ,ww af .5 . JV ,M vf - -f Q N .. 02959 and K Q . lg 1 1 . li Q A as f, " 2 3 hi . xdulNb Q ' A' . I. A ff , YK - ' , gl. T Y Y V A ky J,L ':.VL 7. .. I LM: i . s 'f -- ' 'A' ' A is -- - W WC' . - f - . .fr . 1 g . , Q my Q JW Mir Y., L.s. 1,- -. .., , I 1 A- 5. an ag Tx.-Q. ..3 Row 1: Andy Hightower, jeff Dilks, jerry Cannon, Terry Zirkelbach, Rick Bouillon, joe Hoefert, Ken Damon, Dwight Cannon, Terry Savage. Row 2: Pete Wyatt, Roger Stites, Doug Leavell, Mike Arbuthnot, Terry Lorts, Chris Dowdy, lay Sabo, Kevin Carroll, Mike Dilks, Bob Wainwright. Row 3: john Nicholas 1Mgr.l, Coach Montgomery, Andy Wuellner, Brad Hewitt, Stan Lagemann, Tim Miller, David Hopkins, Charlie Hays, Coach Tyler ARSITY BASEBALL 3 Q , y A fe. . 1 W 14, K s -,...,, X V qw jx , K X xx. . -.,..f4nn5... .4 ' -vs J.. ' ' ' 1. Vg-SW: ., ... AL 'pw . . ' s g- ' ffjll.. . wi ,A X K , K in K s -. .,',,g,fR'Qf5,Q.X.'f,ff'x 55 .- 1 V ' t WA A e ' ....,'t:-fix -3 gasps W-s,. . . ..,,,,. .5 - f" gn ' V V X w , , A .fake ' f 'tg .. ' A 4. ' i'1', . J. w. . , . '.x . ' ' ' 1 , 4- ' ' K- . '?-I :P-N 'VER' Gr ' ' ' ' f . A ' V .. . ai fx0s',. . ' ? ' fega Q' 'M . g,..ig,,-gg fs:-r..-f.,.:"1-9: 4 'gf-7' -W -' -N f'+W?k a 4 f . L :lite " ,- 'f-f'6?i." '. "Tigris :lim - ' A Q2 K 7-5' 1 f'f"i C' :W-f,-tar". - . W. .ws ' f" ' K A J., ,ep-.' n' .- Q, vis .T t ps -f, mx .K , fry, V XX , ,T b A ,.-- .xt,,..,SQ,, 1 . , , itil, A tk, ,tj 4,7 V, sg gym fs., Akg-qs.2v5,.Wrl3.-,Qi7ft.,x,gL1Q3-TLJ.,:z, ,sfnkgsg .t J., , lv. .tT,..,5kM,,, Qssgmw F, N, Q f . , . v C A . 5vr'5w?f,J. :ef ,Q-5 ' M' ' ' A ' i A 'wrt v ,MH we.4:...,..,r'f3?:1",.:f sa.--V A ii-,,.,'..,,, .. .. .., ,, .. . .'.g" .-. : ,. me H1 1-.I-AG'-.4-,,,. an ' ' N - W . 4 . 'iii ' .fr--H . K .. 2 tt, . .v . Rick Bouillon in the batter's box. joe Hoefert at bat. As the 1977 baseball season started so did the Varsity Basebafll squad. Experienced players were placed in positions they had no experience in. In the key positions like pitching, catching, and shortstop, no one played any better than anyone else, although the team did have depth. After taking several losses, Coach Tyler placed David Hopkins at shortstop, Chris Dowdy and Terry Savage on the mound and lay Sabo as catcher. With thesechanges the team produced better results. Among the several leaders in the squad, Terry Zirkelbach, disignated hitter, held the highest batting average of .357. First base- man, loe Hoefert,1led the hitting with 23 hits and he had an average of .333. Brad Hewitt, right fielder, hit .302 and held the RBi record of 10. Terry Savage, pitcher and first baseman, hit .301. Center Fielder, Andy Hightower, hit .297, lid in runs with 20, home runs with four and time on base with 39. Later Andy signed a pro contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Shortstop, David Hopkins hit .292 and third baseman Rick Bouillon hit .288. Dominating the pitching stat- istics, Chris Dowdy had a 6-1 record and ERA of 1.60, while Terry Savage was 4-3 and had an ERA of 1.60 Lf? iffavi ,.....-Q R 7 Q d 1 4 will .LTU LTU, ua 33 ml l7 Twin 4 2: MQ, 184, DHW Row 1: Pam Rush, jenny Maynard, Karren Tarrent, Traci Vaughn. Row 2: Dana Quinn, Wanda Hendrix, Kathy Shive, jackie Lumkins Traci Meyers. Row 3: Coach Ashpole, Paula Deck, Terri McCauley, Casey Scanlon, Stacey Admire, Angie Beer, Tina johnson, Debbie Yocius, Debbie Cunningham, Yvonne Elliott, Cindy Pellegrino VoHeybaH 4-13 Opponent We East St. Louis lost Madison won Venice won Bunker Hill lost East St. Louis lost Vvoodnver lost Madison wan Roxana won Lincoln lost Edwardsville lost Belleville West lost jacksonville lost Woodriver lost Lincoln lost Granite South lost Bunker Hill lost Bethalto lost "REDWl Cl" VGLLEYBALL They won lost lost won won won lost lost won won won WOR won won won won won 'fi A Redwing player sets up the ball. i if "Lids ay 1 s if X v... vw .--wid The 1977 Volleyball squad ended their season with a recordof 4-13. Captain Pam Rush was given the Honor of being voted "Most Valuable" Player. jackie Lump- kins was voted "High Server"and Terri Watson was voted "Most lmproved" Player. With the return of many sophomores, Coach Ashpole is looking towards next year's season with optimism. Varsity, Squad: Pam Rush-Captain, Angie Beer, Stacey Admire, Tina Johnson, jennifer Maynard, Terri McCauley, Tracie Meyers, Karen Tarrant, Terri Watson Angie Beer sends the ball across the net. The Redwing benchsg- cussing the game. . tg ,' . L f ,X . 4 mi R gi ii-iii 'K' 1- w- . f I 9 WQQ FACULTY Enucfmou 'to 5.0 BOARD Dr. Robert Lynn Dr. Richard jones Superintendent President Suzanne Lauschke David Thies President, Pro Mall' Blanche lUn8e"5f A552 Secretary jeff Weber, Secretary Pro Tem 4 1 l Kathleen Burroughs Tem ' IUV Thomas Holmes Clarence Willis Supt. for' Pupil Personnel Serv. M Leroy Fritz, Admin. Asst. for Personnel Serv. Norma ludkins, Dir. of Curr. z1 Peter Dayman, Controller- fTreasurer David Allen, Dir. of Bldgs. and Grounds Maxine Stevenson, Dir. of Learning Res. DMINISTRATIVE STAFF F. W. Pivoda Asst. Supt. for Admin. Serv. james Bailey Asst. to the Supt. for Inf. Serv. Gene Alston Dir. of Title l W. Dean Taylor Dir. of Test. 81 Guild. Ser. Q!5':9- , Harold Matthews Asst. Supt. for lnstrl. Serv. dvds-ahh E. Dean Browning Admin. Asst. for Voc. Ed. Ardythe Browning Dir. of Food Ser. Elveria Werkhaven Dir. of Spec. Ed. sw.. N X N Bline Bonynge Principal Karl Bramstedt Asst. Principal and Dir. of 1. B. lohnson Micheal Beaber Asst. Principal Lynell Weaver Asst. Principal D 0 7 , . 'Hear' A " . Ralph McClain Asst. Principal lack lungers Asst. Principal james Banks Asst. Dir. of I. B. johnson E GLISH X YS Polly Allred Gene Bailey Laura Bassett Vernetta Caffey LX 5 R A. Mary Dirksmeyer Ronald Enloe Rachel Faries Marlene Hall Z Mary Husmann john Kline Dixie Maul Betty McDaniels ,nn-1... fx s ll Elizabeth DaGue june Halloran Josephine Paisley Russell Phelps Rodger Schleper ' loe Sutto Irma Ward Rita Weiss ' . ' . AA W 282,54 l 3 COUNSELI X 'SL' 'Q 'Q ml lames Callahan Kenneth Denison C. L. Lightsey Donald Long Robert Long Alan Perry Marie Smith Tom Thompson Clovis Vest Delphene Wiseman lr: f 5 " sig! , C' I Ll N l i. .X ,- A Q 51 F f f 5 A 4 1 . t .I Y .pr 0 , Q . ws Q QJ '.,L. V,.l5u 5' X 'N . H. .wr 'g t Q Q ll ' . L' . ' .. B ., K K '94 5 F iii if if , l. -J ii as K 4 . .4 - .. '- ' si,s l b 'esx N llil C ' ff S' - l .. sg, SCCIAL STUDIES Marshall Brown john Bruno Susie Fenceroy Ml, 1 'T' iiic 'Q 'V' . 'g 'Q 31 Pete Leoni Sam McPhail Larry Montgomery Garland Fields Nancy Paeltz Harry Presley Rebecca Sims Donald Sobotta Fred Tickner john Underwood SCIENCE james Arico joseph Clugston Paul Economides Denzel Ford Stephen Hughes Adrain LaBrot Marvin Mondy ff J ir, . n FY! wiiiiifinz' wr 'F Larry Thompson Marion Velloff jr MATHEMATICS Herman Brennecke lane Broadbooks Robert Erwin joseph Fearheiley Carol Fogle f s -'iv ,,,..,-- HEPECIAL EDUCATIG Dennis Hill Albert journey George Wolke .l I. he il Debbie Bailey Martha Damron Martha Reif Melvin Rodgers 53. f Patricia Thorton 'fag ,XX Lillian Withrow D 'V+' ' . , M W 'W ff ,- 'si , 'li QQ ff' o T l 9' 3 5. Z4 is , I 286 0 ' I '- f f MUSIC PERSCNAL A D PUBLIC RELATIONS Dorothy Benson Nancy Doerr Marilyn Schroeder Mary Schrumpf lan Teasley Irv' X1 'u-c.:r- USINESS EDUCATICD Shirley Aszman jim Baiter lames Beckman Wilma Bricker 'wr Gerva Dunlap Margaret Erthal Norma Humm Patricia Hunt rw. lan Miller Sandy Ohren Charles Roedl Wilma Stinnett fa milf. by 'V ff Shirley Dodds Robert Krauss Margaret Stroubfz .fl Donna Suess nk S 'u urn, 1 W V GUI 32 .'-1, iixfea- SM? ..- I e X K ff' fsefx .- W., ,S if I not ' '-7 15251 m 3 if g 531333. , . K - ' -' -, ' f xi. Q. ,Ng - I Q4-NQNWQ' f - Q A . SX 1. ' ., Q, N f , A .N , . .,- ' ,L . , x fx 1 .A . t gi-m ' YT s M ,wfwn g 58 9. f sexy EQQN 'is jig - - 2- Q Q .af . ' Q K, .-ww " ' - , ' 5' !'?x!'f - if Q11 , '-Q ,W - . , N ,' K . ..,. - ., Qw-gg fx i NNQ-v"' 4-Q gy ' 3 YR I I I 5 Q!,,3.f W .fsggg 4 X 1 is if xi' S w I SPEECH A D THEATER Nancy Bollinger Clifford Davenport Theodora Tonkinson Glenn Waters ,Q Donna Kirby Patricia Moore EDUCATIC AND AUTO SAFE Y DIQNQER nl , Y 1 1 Norman Iman Felix Macias Larry Reid 1 -Qi, X 1,-N 4 Wayne Tyler james Wigger Wayne Williams , -T PHYSICAL EDUCATIC A D HEALTH Elliott Pearson, Athletic Director qu. 'X shin loyce Ashpole l 0,5 'gf . ll'-Tw ,J 1 Mary Bowling William Diddlebock loAnn Dillon a?l'1 lanice Dunbar Collis james Stan McAfoos Terry Mitchell Larry Overath ft. EY ix X Charlie Sheretz Pete Stavros Patricia Watkins ig 5 VOCATIG AL EDUCATICD D l DUSTRIAL ARTS -rl' 'F'-..T.I" x 1. , Elma Becker james Chestney Philip Dodds William Eagleton Richard Farrow l l 3 . x X A '1- Wilber Felkey John Frerichs Opal Gillespie Bridget Goebel Ron Hamp Bob Hansen N... ,e . Rosalee johnson 292 105 :wx ,y wx , x- -fl! X , Lewis Kyle Donald Lindsey Dale Livengood George Loveless Donald Maloney 's 1Jf'2b"'u 5' . P X' V lt . li -rv Betty McClintock Renee Pellegrino Dennis Schrumpf Dorothy Scifres Weldon Stevenson Robert Treise Homer Vowles if nr--" ' og, if .l X Steven Wilton less Woodman ORE DATA PROCESSING SCHOOL COMMUNITY OFFICER SCHOOL NURSE MEDIA SERVICE Bette Hall f I I ' - joseph Magro Mary Armste lb . CFFICE STAFF Eva Bradshaw Gail Burjes Maxine Crivello Lisa Daniels Margaret Davis Bonnie Fox Barbara Gomer Sandra Halford Eleanor Hammon Gwendolyn johnson Verna Lewis Shidey Lyerla Patricia McCoy Marla Purcell Barbara Smith Beverly 9 Armelia Taylor Doris Towse Alice Walls Audrey Wiseman lx , rg f nib J 4' X! fl ll W M N" :WW by il QW ,gc .lv 'l wrt, ,il I, M l 1 Milly WJ ,ll wr Of 41' fm will 7 LV 295 CAFETERIA STAFF Ruth Borman joy Brefeld Velma Bridges Lauren town Anne Elledge Opal Irvin Myrtle Kirk Gay Klaus Barbara Maher Lavine McClaren Mabel Meeks Marjorie Miller Naomi phegley Bernadine Postlewait Alberta Ringerling Ruth Roe janet Sanders Pauline Spurgeon 3 Mae Byers CUSTODIANS Mary Clark Bobby Depper Marjorie Liner Mildred lamerson Roger Kanallakan , 1, ' Q .4 l I x -9 s',"N james Reed Gerald Scifires Clinton Smith Gary Williams a..,,.,,w.f ' i r ' ? . H if 2 5 if 'K r K ii F if' ft 1 15' 1- 1. ,. . K 'Ss-Z ' ! ' Q ' f 1 1 , . A . if .. - , . l 5 2 . l is ,, ii ' ' 3 if .A 'Rx lx . .,. . tx Ma"Y Willis Glenn Wilson james Ellis Leroy Holman Richard Mendoza Herman Nolan Anthony Stewart K th V V h- Gale Winch 3 fyn an OOF IS . V 35: l fl S EDITCJRS MESSAGE This year I have learned that putting together a yearbook is not as simple as it seems. It has been a difficult task, especially since our new advisor and I had nothing to start with except the ideas in our heads. I realize now as we finish the Tatler, that all of the frustrations and worries we've been through all of these months, have been worth it. I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Hansen and all of the people who have helped with this book. I hope you enjoy this years Tatler as much as I've enjoyed working on it. Sincerely yours, Christy McDannel QSKWSWSSQ5-YIXQDo:n.wvSbX Editor in Chief TATLER ST FF 'ss xi- . f Q JY l l Kit ? - it 9 9 i -' l' Q F.. Row 1: Susan Haseker, Lillian Adney, Kathy Hunter, Lisa Lucas, Sue Conner, Sherry Nicholson Row 2: jamie Kennedy, judy Mayer, Buff Spaulding, Becky Cain, Gina Staten, Marie Ely, julie Pohlman Row 3: Dorothy Aszman, Sandy Lyerla, Cindy Orban, Karen Kadell, Kevin Beers, Randy Korando, Christy McDannel, Greg Stroube .. '-- ,?S""?f S : C 5giQg.h ?5f3+g Q Hvaf ' -. i Q ge X .. Q. MF, 5 ix?k jg ,L Q s -gh ?.FE Y'H-lj 5.n 2- . 1. . t lg!l?g 1 ..i .,, sjfG.iff.:3.fii 55 1 L :w.1f Q -2 lffEFi1xeWi - , 5 , E +'fy . g 2 fllil llsl rcrc 2 lri, it C q?Wf'Ui'f5s ifgd 52213. o'ee it Ann Schmidt, Nancy Evans Dirrr? 0 0 Q th'q8X7 + Llnrpyi Q 85' 28. .KQ YZ w?'W?fiEff77f '.., , - ' ,hp-K Kg, K , ,, ,....AM4.-Mgt,-M ah ,, i os, 2 g, l 'L ib ' S ' 1 L f :Q 5 W rg 1 xt h I Y' ' Y Z 1 4 , V ti y Q 1' Lyn Burnett, Becky Mundy, Sherry Hise, Laura Yates, Liz Webber, Debbie Yocius ,,-I 6- - fb.. 35" .Z . ' ,- - .gg f I I , . gr' ...A - MA There s got to be an easter way!!! QF' Q- Dear Mr. Hansen, .. Due to lack of interest 300 Maybe we should have developed this flrstl Sa t K Q . L ! J 1 f-5,1 X . .. Q Hey Big Boyll , ni N . avg """-QM... - Q' You stole my heart! SENIOR I DE This Index lists only the activities of Seniors who requested to have theirs published. It does not mean that other Seniors did not participate in any extra-curricular activities. ADAMS, GI.ORIA Cultural and Social Ex- change, Reclwing track, Teacher's Assis- tant ADLER, RICHARD Activities Board, Com- mercial Art Club, Cross Country, lunior Prom Decoration, Lettermen Cl i, Office Ilelper, Runner, Track Team ADNEY, CYNTHIA Counselor Assistant, Oi- fice Occupations ALEXANDER, CATHERINE Counselor Assis- tant ALEXANDER, IAMES Cultural and Social Ex- change ALLENSWORTH, EDITH Arlvanc ed Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Reclbircl Word start, Reclwing Bas- ketball, Rc:dwing Track, Reclwing Volley- ball, Reclwing Softball, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus ALLRED, IEANNE Teacher's Assistant AMMONS, IOIIN Distributive Education ANDERSON, TFRENCE Sophomore Foot- ball, Track Team ANCLF, MICHAFL Rifle Team, Teac hers As- sistant, Track Team ARBUTIINOT, R. MICHAFI. Bleac her Bums, lunior Varsity Baseball, lunior Varsity Football, lunior Varsity Wrestling, Office llc-lper, Reclbircl Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Foot- ball, Sophomore Wrestling, Varsity Base- ball ARNOLD, KIMBERLY Advanc ed Chorus, Cheering Chicks, French Club, lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Senior Powdc-r Puff Squad AUKAMP, REGINA Advanc c-rl Chorus, American Fic-lcl Servic e, Cher-ring Chic ks, Tnsemble, German Club, lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad AUTFN, PATTIE Advanced Chorus, Future llomemakers, Sophomore Chorus, Trou- badors BAI LARD, KAREN Advanc ed Chorus, Con- c ert Orc hestra, Ensemble, Katnips, Olfic c- Helper, Pit Orchestra, Runner, Sopho- more Chorus, Swing Choir, Symphonic Orr hestra, Teac her's Assistant, Thespians, Troubaclors BANKS, TERRY Counselor Assistant, Debate Tc-am, Future Nurses, Office llc-lper, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians. BASS, ROBIN Library Ilelper, Offic e Ilelper, Pep Club, Runner BATFS, SANDRA Activities Board, Counsel- or Assistant, Senior Powder Puff Squarl, Student Senate BROWN, NADFAN Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, National Ilonor Soc ic-ty, Pep Club, Senior Prom Dc-c oratin Com- mittee, Sophomore Chorus, 'Troulfiadors attucr, Pitvt its chi-i-can Chicks, tumor Prom Dec oration Comrnittec-, Library As- sistant, Office Occupations, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, 'Teacher's Assis- tant BRYANT, RODRICK Cafeteria Assistant, Cultural and Soc il Fxc hange, Distributive lduc ation, Sophomore Football, Trac k Team BUCI IFR, MARI Activities Board, Aclvanr ed Chorus, American Fielrl Service, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Concc-rt Orches- tra, Cross Country Team, German Club, lunior Prom Dc-coration Committee, lu- nior Powder Pulf Squad, lunior Varsity Cheerleader, Ietterwornert Clttb, Pep Club, Reclbircl, Reclwing Trac k, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Deco- ratin Committee, Sophomore Chorus, 'Tc-acIsier's Assistant, Troubaclors, Varsity Football BUNSF, DIANF American Fit-lcl Secvic e Chec-rin Chic ks, Counselor Assistant, Tu- ture Nurses, German Club, National Ilon- or Society, Pep Club, Sc-nior Prom Deco- ration Committee BURTON, GRIGORY Chem-O Club, Chess Club, Counsc-lor Assistant, Cultural and Social lxchange, Gertnan Club, Hockey 'Tc-am, lunior Powder Pull Squacl, lunior Varsity Football, Lettermen Club, librar Assistant, Math Club, Reclbircl Word Stafii Sc ic-nc e Club, Sophomore football, Stu- dent Senate, 'Teacher's Assistant, Track Tc-am, Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling BUTLIR, IOIIN Aclv.mcc-cl Chorus, Concert Orc hestra, Drama Club, Drum Major, I n- semble, Katnips, Marc hing Zl, Marching 100, Music al, Offic c- I lc-lper, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Sytnphonic Orchestra, Thes- pians CAIN, Rl BICCA lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Office Ilelpc-r, Runnc-r, Senior Powder Puff Squad, TATI FR S TAI F, Teac her's As- sislant CAIRFS, BARBARA Drama Club, Musical, National Ilonor Society, Pep Club, Thes- ptans CAI DWFI I., PATRICIA Counselor Assistant, Distributive Fduc ation, Iuture Business lc-aclc-rs, Future Ilomc-makers, Tc-achc-r's Assistant CAl.I.AIlAN, SCOTT Aclvanc ecl Chorus, American Fielrl Service, Drama Club, li- brary Assistant, Musical, Office Helper, Runner, Thespians CAMPBELL, LUIANA Cultural anrl Social EY- change, Marching 100, Redbirdette, 'Teac er's Assistant CAMPBELL, MARTHA Chc:erin Chicks, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, French Club, Jazz Band, Katnips, March- ing 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Woodwind Quintet CAMPBELL, RICKY Distributive Fduc ation CANNON, DAVID Office Helper CARR, VICKI Aclvancerl Chorus, Concert Band, Marching 100, Musical, Sopho- more Chorus, Symphonic Band CARROLL, KEVIN Bleacher Bums, Counsel- or Assistant, Lettermen Club, Reclbircl Word Staff, Sophomore Baseball, Sopho- more Football, Varsity Baseball, BFCKER, MELISSA German Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Musical, Sophomore Cheerleader, Teac her's As- sistant, Tennis Team, Varsity Cheerleader BFNSMAN, 'TOM Custom Car Club, Future Auto Tec hnicians, Teac her's Assistant, BFRGIF, ANNE Cheerin Chicks, Distributive Fducation, Future Ilomemakers, Future Nurses, Office Helper, Pc-p Club BIGGS, KATIILFFN Future Business Leaders, Teac her's Assistant BILBRUCK, LLOYD French Club, Hockey Club, lunior Varsity Football, Iettermc-n Club, Reclbircl Word Staff, Sophomore Football, Teac her's Assistant, Trac k Tc-am, Varsity Football BI AND, IFFFRFY lunior Varsity Football, Su- per Welclors Club BI FVFNS, RICK Advanced Chorus, Ameri- can Field Service, Backpacking Club, Blc-ac her Bums, Custom Car Club BOCKSTRUCK, STEVFN National Ilonor Society, Super Welclors Club, Symphonic Orc hestra BOIILMAN, IOIIN Cross Country Team, Runner BOIIRINGFR, IFROMF Aclvancerl Chorus, Bleac her Bums, Counselor Assistant, Run- ner, Sc ic-nce Club, Sophomort- Chorus, Tutor BONNFLL, KIM Dream Girl Maid, llome- coming Queen, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, lunior Varsity Cheerleader, Reclbircl Word Staff, Senior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Teac hc-r's Assistant, Varsity Cheerleader BONNFLI , RlJTIl Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chic ks, Counselor Assistant, Drama Club, lnsemble, lxc hange Stu- tlent, lunior Prom Decoration Commit- tee, lunior Powder Pulf Squad, Musical, Office Ilelper, Pep Club, Reclbircl Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Stu- dent Senate, 'TATLFR STAFF, 'Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Troubaclors, Tutor BOSAW, VAI.l RIF Aclvanr ed Chorus, Cheerin Chic ks, Distributive Iducation, Drama Club, Future Businc-ss I c-aclers, Fu- ture Ilomt-makc-rs, Musical, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus BOWFN, STFVFN lan Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Percussion Fn- sc-mblc-, Pit Orc hc-stra, Sophomore Base- ball, Sophomore Soccer, Symphonic Oc- chestra, Sytnphonic Band, Troubaclors BOWSIIIR, BICKY Rc-clbirclette BRADSIIAW, Clll RYL Concert Band, Cul- tural ancl Social lxc hangc-, Iuture Home- makers, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Marching 100, Offic e I lelper, Pep Club, Rc-dbircl Word Staff, Teac her's As- sislant BRAUSFN, KARI Future Ilomemakers, Latin Club, Musical, Rifle Tc-am Manager, Sen- ior Powder Puff Squad, Teac her's Assis- fdrtl BRICF, MICIIAII. Concert Band, and Social lxchange, Future Homemak- ers, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football BROADWAY, SUSAN Cheerin Chic ks, Dis- tributive lcluc ation, Futttre Nurses, latin Club, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad BROOK, SHARON Future Ilometnakers BROTIII RTON, LINDA Counselor Assistant Varsity Football CARTFR, CURTIS Future Auto Technicians, Teac her's Assistant CAR TIR, DIBBIT Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Distributive lclucation, German Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, lttnior Powder Pulf Squad, Marching 100, Pep Band, Reclwing Trac k, Reclwing Volleyball, Sen- ior Powcler Pulf Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Cotntnittee, Studettt Senate, Symphonic Orc hestra CASSIDY, CIIRIS Commercial Art Club, Runner, 'TATLFR STAFF, Varsity Tootball, Varsity Wrestling CIIAMBFRI AIN, IIAROLIJ Bleac her Bums, lunior Varsity Football, Lettermen Club, Office Ilelpc-r, Sophomore football, Trac k Team Cl IUF, IFNNIFFR Aclvanc ed Chorus, Ameri- c an field Service, Cheerin Chicks, French Club, German Club, lunior Prom Decora- tion Committee, lunior Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society President, Redwing Track, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus CHURCHILL, IOHN Bleacher Bums, Chem- O Club, Chess Club, Dance Slub, Drama Club, German Club, lunior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader, Katnips, Musical, Na- tional Honor Society, Science and Math Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad Cheer- leader, Thespians CHURCHMAN, DANIEL Bleacher Bums, Chess, Club, Cross Country Team, Future Business Leaders, Golf Team, I.ibrary As- sistant, Math Club, National Ilonor Soci- ety, Oflice Helper, Pep Club, Science Club, Teacher's Assistant CLARKSON, RICHARD Activities Board, Field Service, Backpacking Club, Bleacher Bums, lunior Prom Deco- ration Committce, Lettermen Club, Musical, Senior Prom Decforatin Com- mittee, Sophomore Baseball, Sopliomore Basketball, Thcspians CLENDENNY, DAVID Office Ilelper, Super Welclors Club COMPTON, BARBARA Pep Club, Runner, Spanish Club COOK, CHERYL Activities Board, American Fielrl Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Frenc h Club, lunior Prom Dec oratin Committee, lunior Powder Puff Squacli Pc-p Club, Senior Prom Decorating Com- mittee COOK, RHONDA Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Fn- semble, Future Business I.eaclers, March- ing 23, Marching 100, Symphonic Band, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians COPLFY, IOFI, Aclvanc ed Chorus, Bleac her Bums, CAPTAIN ALTON, Counselor As- sistant, Drama Club, Fnsemble, Ficc hange Student, lunior Powder Pulf Sc uacl Coac h, Masquers, Music al, Olfic e Ilelper, Pep Club, Reclbircl Word scart, Runner, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Cho- rus, Swing Choir, Thc-spians, Troubaclors COVERT, CIIARLFS Aclvancerl Chorus, Cafeteria Assistant, Office Ilelper, Rc-cl- bird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Teac her's Assistant COVINGTON, I.AURA Aclvancerl Chorus, Cultural and Social Exc han ce, Future Ilomemakers, lunior Varsity Clieerleader, Majorette, Reclwing Trac k, Sc ic-nc e Club, Sophomore Chorus, Varsity Cheerleader COX, ITRRY lunior Varsit Soccer, Office Ilelper, Super Welclors Club, Varsity Soc- cer COZART, lACCiUFLINF Advanced Chortts, Cheerin Chic s, CRAIG, MARY Office Oc c upations, 'Tc-ac h er's Assistant CRAIN, MARY Cheerin Chicks, Color Guard, Conc:ert Orchestra, Distributive Fclucation, Drama Club, Marching 100, Pep Club, Senior Prom Dec orating Com- mittee, Sophomore Chorus CRFSS, MARSIIA Distributive Fcluc ation, Future Business I.c-aders, Future llome- makers, Majorettc-, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus CRICK, FDWIN Distributive Fcluc ation CROWF, LORI Runner CRUZ, Il. MICIIAEI. Cross Country Team, Lc-ttc-rmen, Club, Track Team CURTIS, VENUS Cultural and Social lic- change, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Offic e Ilel er, Reclwing Basket- ball, Reclwing Track, DAGUF, KIM Cheerin Chic ks, Frenc Ii Club, Musical, Redwing Track, Sophomore Chorus, Thespians DANCY, ROBERT Cultural and Social Fx- change, Teacher's Assistant DANHOFF, IOANNE Cheerin Chicks, Ger- man Club, Iunior Powder Puff Squad, Na- tional llnnor Society, Senior Prom Dec o- rating Committee, Tutor DARR, BRADLEY lunior Varsity Wrestling, Reclbircl Word start, Runner, Sophomore Wrestling DARR, DIANE Concert Band, Cottnselor Assistant, lan Band, Marc hing 23, Marc h- ing 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Teac her's Assistant DAVIFS, MARGARFT -Aclvanc ed Chorus, Sophomore Chorus DAVIS, IIAZFI, Cheerin Chic ks, Distribtttive Fcluc ation, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Senior Powder Pulf Squad DICKI R, STFVEN Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Troubaclors DIAL, DAVID Olfic e Ilelper, Runner, Soph- omore Chorus, TATI ER STAFF DILKS, MICIIAFL Advanced Chorus, ln- semble, Golf Team, Lettermen Club, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Cho- rus, Sophomore Football, Troubaclors, Varsity Baseball DIX, DANIFI, Backpacking Club, Iileacher Bums, Golf Tc-am, lunior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader DIXON, IOSFPII Chess Club, Runner, Teac her's Assistant DODD, MARK Chess Club, Super Welclors Club DOTHAGER, DOUGLAS Chem-O Club, German Club, Math Club, National Hon- or Society, Rifle Team, Science Club DOWNING, NANCY Cheerin Chicks, Dis- tributive Education, Latin, Musical, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians DREITH, KIMBERLY Advanced Chorus- ,Cheerin Chicks, Creative Media Club, Drama Club, Ensemble, French Club, Musical, Office Helper, Pep Club, Red- bird Word Staff, Rifle Team, Runher, Slophomore Chorus, Thespians, Trouba- ors DUEBBERT, VICTORIA Advanced Chorus, Concert Orchestra, French Club, German Club, National Honor Society, Pit Or- chestra, Riflc Team, Symphonic: Orches- tra, Thcspians DUNHAN1, KIMBERLY American Field Ser- vice, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assis- tant, French Club, Future llomemakers, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, lu- nior Powder Puff Squad, Office Ilelper, Pep Club, Runner, Senior Prom Decorat- ing Committee DUNLAP, MARK Varsity Football DUNNAGAN, KAREN Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Ensemble, French Club, lunior Prom Decoration Committee, Pep Club, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate, Teac her's Assistant, Tutor FCIIT, BERNARD Future Business Leaclers, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Chorus, Teac her's Assistant, Troubaclors FDFLMAN, RICHARD Chess Club, Concert Band, German Club, Math Club, National Ilonor Society, National Merit: Scholar- ship Program Scmi-Finalist, Renssalser Medalist, Science Club EDWARDS, DALE Cross Country Team, Custom Car Club, Super Weldors Club, Track Team FLE, STEPHANIE American Field Service, Concert Orchestra, Marching 100, Sym- phonic Orchestra FLKINS, KIMBERLY Advanced Chorus, Counselor Assistant, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad FLLIOT, MARK Aclvancerl Chorus, Chess Club, Conc:ert Orchc:stra, Drama Club, Ensemble, Katni s Marching 100 An- nouncer, Musicall National Ilonor Soci- ety, Pit Orchestra, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir Symphonic Orchestra, 'Thes- pians, Troubadors FLY, MARIE American Field Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, lunior Prom Deco- ration Committee, Senior Powder Puff Sq uad, Senior Prom Dec orating Committee, Spanish Club, TATLFR STAFF, Varsity- Soccer Manager FPPEL, IAMFS lunior Powder Pulf Squad Coach, Runner FSCIIBACII, CIIERYI. American Field Ser- vic e, Creative Media Club, Drama Club, Frenc h Club, Future Nurses, Musical, Of- fice Ilel er, Runner, Senior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Teacher's Assistant, Thcspians FSTES, JAMES Bleacher Bums, Musical, Sophomore Chorus, Troubaclors FVANS, IAMES Redbird Word Staff FVANS, NANCY Activities Board, Advartc'etl Chorus, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Reclbircl Word Staff, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, TATl.ER STAFF, Teacher's Assis- tant Troubaclors, Varsity Cheerleader FVFRAGE, IOIIN Cultural and Social Fx- c hange, Distributive Fducation, Teac her's Assistant, Track Team FARMER, CIIRISTOPIIFR Custom Car Club, Small Fngines Club, Sophomore Chorus, Troubaclors FARRFLL, DANIEL Concert Band, Ensemble, lan Band, Symphonic' Band FIRGUSON, DAVID Bleacher Bums, Ger- man Club, Track Team HFLDS, LAURA Distributive Iidttcation, Of- fice Ilelper, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, Teac her's Assistant FIFLDS, RACIIFLLE Cheerin Chicks, Con- cert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pc-p Band, Symphonic Band FILE, MAURICE Reclbircl Word start, Run- ner, Super Welclors Club, Teacher's Assis- I-lhl FII LOP, RITA Office Occupations, Teac h- er's Assistant FIOLA, I Russian Club, Tutor TISCIIFR, IANE Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Fxchange Student, lunior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, National Ilonor Society, Senior Prom Decorating Comrnittc-e, Sopho- more Chorus, Troubaclors FLFMING, TIIOMAS Golf Team, Latin Club, Lettermen Club, Reclbircl Word Staff I'I OYD, RIIONDA Activities Board, Cultur- al ancl Social Exchange, Distributive Fclu- cation, Office Ilelper, Reclwing Basket- ball, Tc-acher's Assistant FRASIFR, IOSEPII Cafeteria Assistant, Chess Club, Commercial Art Club, Library Assis- tant, Runner P I I 1. T I 1 I i l -I FRASIER, MELVIN Cafeteria Assistant, Chess Club, Commercial Art Club, Office Help- er, Sophomore Chorus FRY, BARBARA Advanced Chorus, Katnips, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Pit Orchestra, Science Club, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Orchestra, Thespians FULLER, ALBERT Advanced Chorus, Bleach- er Bums, Cultural and Social Exchange President, Debate Team, Ensemble, Fu- ture Business Leaders, Junior Varsity Football, Latin Club Vice President, Let- termen Club, National Honor Society, So homore Chorus, Sophomore Foot- bali Student Senate, Track Team, Trou- badors, Varsity Football GARDNER, JAMES Bleacher Bums Presi- dent, Hockey Team, Junior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Junior Varsity Football, Ju- nior Varsity Soccer, Senior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Sophomore Soccer GARNER, SCOTT Distributive Education GASKILL, LISA Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Marching 100, Pep Band, Senior Powder Puff Squad GILLESPIE, CASSANDRA Activities Board, American Field Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Junior Prom Decoration Commit- tee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Letterwo- men Club, Office Helper, Pep Club, Redwing Volleyball, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee GIVENS, LARNETTA Cultural and Social Ex- change, Distributive Education, Redwing Softball, Table Tennis Club GLENN, JEANETTE Concert Orchestra, En- semble, Future Business Leaders, Katnips, Office Occupations, Pit Orchestra, Run- ner, Symphonic Orchestra GOINS, DAVID Activities Board, Bleacher Bums, Cultural and Social Exchange, Pep Club, Senior Prom Decorating Commit- tee, Sophomore Basketball, Track Team, Varsit ' Basketball GOSS, THERESA American Field Service, Backpackii.g'Club, Cheerin Chicks, Fu- ture Homemakers, Pep Club, Senior Pow- der Puff Squad GRAMMAR, JULIE Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Runner GRAY, CARLOTTA Cultural and Social Ex- chan e, Drama Club, Redwing Track GRAY,LAURIE Concert Band, Concert Or- chestra, Jazz Band, Marchin 23, March- ing 500, Redbird Word Stafg Symphonic Ban GREEN, ROCHELLE Cultural and Social Ex- change, Exchange Student, Homecomin Queen Maid, Junior Powder Puff Squaci Library Assistant, Office Helper, Runner, Student Senate, Teacher s Assistant, Track Team GREENBERG, MILDRED Counselor Assis- tant, Future Nurses, Latin Club, Office Helper, Office Occupations, Runner, Sop omore Chorus GROSS, GERALD French Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, Symphonic Band GUSTIN, BETTY Office Helper GUTMANN, JAMES Chem-O Club, Nation- al Honor Society, HALL, CLEO Runner HAMBERG, KAREN Commercial Art Club, Runner, TATLER STAFF HAMILTON, PATRICIA Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, German Club, Junior Prom Deco- ration Committee, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, TATLER STAFF, Varsity Soccer Manager HAMMON, B. DENISE Musical, Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Chorus HAMPTON, TAMMY French Club, Future Homemakers, Library Assistant HANEBRINK, SANDRA French Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Occupations, Teacher's Assistant HANNFKEN, ROBIN Counselor Assistant, Future Cosmetologists, Teacher's Assis- tant HARDIMON, ELAINE Library Assistant HARRIS, CATHERINE Counselor Assistant, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Cheer- leader, Sophomore Chorus HASEKER, SUSAN Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Red- bird Word Staff, Symphonic Band, TATLER STAFF, Teacher's Assistant HAUSMAN, JIMMY Bleacher Bums, Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Wrestlin , Lettermen Club, Sophomore Footban, Sophomore Wrestling, Varsity Football, Varsit Wrestling HAY, KEVIN Custom Car Club, Electricity Club, Office Hel er HAYS, CHARLES Bljeacher Bums, Chem-O Club, German Club, Golf Team, Junior Varsity Baseball, Lettermen Club, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Runner, Sci- ence Club, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball HEADLEY, LYNDA American Field Service, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Orchestra, Ma- jorette, Marching 23, Marching 100, Na- tional Honor Societ , Pe Band, Pep Club, Redbird Word Stafiz Symphonic Orchestra, Teacher's Assistant, Varsity Cheerleader HEAVILAND, LEHMAN German Club, Sophomore Chorus, Sophomore Football HEISHMAN, BRENDA, Runner HEPPNER, JANE Advanced Chorus, Ameri- can Field Service, Cheerin Chicks, French club, Musical National Honor Society,Pep Club, Senior Prom Decorating Commit- tee, Sophomore Chorus HESS, JEANNE Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, German Club, Junior Prom Deco- ration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, National Honor Society, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians HILEMAN, TERESA Future Cosmetologists HILL, STEVEN Concert Orchestra, Sopho- more Football HILLEN, PAMELA Cheerin Chicks, Counsel- or Assistant, French Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Redwing Soft- ball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee HOAG, DAVID Bleacher Bums, German Club, National Honor Society, Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer HOLBROOK, JOHN Backpacking Club, Bleacher Bums, Commercial Art Club, Office Helper, Runner, Science Club, Spanish Club HOLDEN, JOSEPH Advanced Chorus, Golf Team, Latin Club, Lettermen Club, Red- bird Word Staff, Runner, Sophomore Wrestling, Tutor HOLLIDAY, CHERYL Advanced Chorus, Fu- ture Business Leaders, Future Homemak- ers, Office Occupations, Sophomore Chorus HOLMES, ALICIA Cheerin Chicks, Ensem- ble, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Marching 23, Marchin 100, National Honor Society, Pep BancE Pep Club, Red- bird Word Staff, Senior Prom Decorating- Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate Symphonic Band, Troubadors HOPKINS, DAVID Bleacher Bums, Chem-O Club, Debate Team, German Club, Golf Team, Junior Prom Decoration Commit- tee, Junior Powder Puff S uad Cheer- leader, Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Var- sity Basketball, Lettermen Club, National Honor Society, Senior Powder Puff An- nouncer, Senior prom Decoratin Com- mittee, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Bas- ketball, HORNSEY, THOMAS Distributive Educa- tion, German Club HORNSEY, WILLIAM Commercial Art Club HORSTMAN, H WILLIAM Bleacher Bums, Cross Country Team, Junior Varsitg Wres- tling, Office Helper, Runner, Sop omore Wrestling HORSTMAN, JEAN Cheerin Chicks, Con- cert Band, German Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, National Honor Society, Symphonic Band HOUSE, DEANNE Activities Board, French Club, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant HUTCHINSON, RICHARD Activities Board, Counselor Assistant, Cultural and Social Exchange, Junior Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Junior Varsit Football, Lettermen Club, Redbird WordvStaff, Runner, Soph- omore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Track Team, Troubadors, Varsity Football IMAN, MARY KAY Future Homemakers, German Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Office Helper, Pep Club, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sopho- more Cheerleader, Tutor, Varsity Cheer- leader INGRAM, GRADY Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Varsity Basketball IZARD, STEVEN Bleacher Bums, Chess Clu- b,Redbird Word Staff, Runner JOEHL, GILBERT Bleacher Bums, Chem-O Club, Homecoming King Candidate, Ju- nior Varsity Footba , Lettermen Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Sophomore Foot- ball, Varsity Football Captain JOHNSON, KAREN Cultural and Social Ex- change, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Office Helper, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus, Teac er's Assistant JOHNSON, MITZI Distributive Education, Sophomore Chorus JOHNSON, PAMELA Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, German Club, Teacher's Assistant JOHNSON, TAMMY American Field Ser- vice, Cheerin Chicks, French Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sopho- more Chorus, Teacher's Assistant JOINER, GEVONA Advanced Chorus, Fu- ture Nurses, Office Helper, Redwing Track JONES, MARILYN Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Office Helper, Pep Band, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Spanish Club, Symphonic Orches- tra, Symphonic Band KADELL, KAREN Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Orchestra, Marching 23, March- ing 100, Sym honic Band, TATLER STAFF KAID, ROBER'lPBackpacking Club, Bleacher Bums, Commercial Art Club, Exchange Student, German Club, Office Helper, Runner, Sophomore Football, Varsity Wrestling KANTUREK, PATRICIA Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Drama Club, Ensemble, German Club, National Honor Society, Sophomore Chorus, Speech Club, Stu- dent Senate, Thespians KASE, ROBERT Cross Country Team, Soph- omore Football, Track Team KASTEN, DANIEL Bleacher Bums, Golf Beam, Lettermen Club, Sophomore Foot- a KENNEDY, BRENDA Cafeteria Assistant, Fu- ture Homemakers, Runner KHAN, AIYSHA Cheerin Chicks, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Office Helper, Redwing Track, Runner,Senior Prom Decoration Committee, Sopho- more Chorus, Track Team KIDWELL, CAROL Office Occupations KIENSTRA, JAMES Bleacher Bums, Debate Team, Junior Powder Puff Announcer, Lettermen Club, Musical, Office Helper, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Basketball, Student Senate, Teacher's Assistant Varsity Basketball KILLION, KATHLEEN Cheerin Chicks, Con- cert Band, Cultural and Social Exchange, Latin Club, Marching 100, ational Honor Society, Symphonic Band KINDIG, MARK Concert Band, German Club, National Honor Society, Varsity Wrestling KISER, WILLIAM Concert Band, Drama Club, Marching 100, Musical, Symphonic Band, Thespians KNIGHT, KIM Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching, 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pep Clu , Sophomore Chorus, Sym honic Band KOCI-i-ANSKI, DONNA Advanced Chorus, Drama Club, Ensemble, Future Home- makers, Musical, National Honor Societ , Redbird Word Staff, Redwin Volleyball, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Trou- badors KOHLER, TERRI Cheerin Chicks, Concert Orchestra, Counselor Assistant, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Office Helper, Runner KOPSIE, MICHAEL Lettermen Club, Track Team KOZONASKY, MARCIA German Club, Li- brary Assistant, Office Occupations, Teacher's Assistant KULP, LUCIA Future Business Leaders,Jun- ior Powder Puff Squad, Office Occupa- tions, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Teach- er's Assistant LAGEMANN, STANLEY Junior Varsity Base- ball, Lettermen Club, Office Helper, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball LAIRD, CHRISTY Advanced C orus, Ameri- can Field Service, Cheerin Chicks, Coun- selor Assistant, German Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Marching 100, Na- tional Honor Society, Pit Orchestra, Redwing Track, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Sym- phonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Thespians, Troubadors LANKFORD, PEGGY Commercial Art Club LARGEN, JUANITA Advanced Chorus, Of- fice Helper, Runner, Teacher's Assistant LAWSON, LINDA Commercial Art Club, Distributive Education, Office Helper, Teacher's Assistant LEADY, ROBIN Distributive Education LEAVELL, DOUGLAS Debate Team, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader, Junior Varsity Baseball, Lettermen Club, National Honor Society, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Baseball, Sopho- more Basketba I, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Soccer Co-Captain LEDBETTER, PAMELA Advanced Chorus LEE, D. KENT Runner, Sophomore Football LEEDS, KAREN Cheerin Chicks, Dream Girl Maid, French Club, Homecomin Queen Maid, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Redwing Track, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sen- ior Prom Decorating Committee, Teach- er's Assistant, Tutor, Varsit Cheerleader LEWIS, ROSETTA French Club, Future Busi- ness Leaders, Future Homemakers, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Office Helper, Office Occupations, Runner, Senior PromDecoratin Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Stucaent Senate LIKES, DEBRA Future Homemakers, Office Helper,Teacher's Assistant LINEBARGER, LINDA Future Business Lead- ers, Office Helper, Runner, Teacher's As- sistant LLOYD, RICHARD Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Drama Club, German Club, Katnips, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musical, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Or- chestra, Symphonic Band, Teacher's As- sistant, Thespians LOLLIS, TONYA Advanced Chorus, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, Pep Club, Teacher's Assistant LORTS, TERRY Junior Varsity Baseball, Musical, Sophomore Baseball, Sopho- more Chorus, Thespians, Troubadors, Varsity Baseball LOWE, LAUREN Commercial Art Club, Ju- nior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Runner,TATLER STAFF, Teacher's Assistant LOY, BARBARA Cheerin Chicks, Runner, Teacher's Assistant LYERLA, DAWN Bat Girl, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Student Senate MACK, CEDRIC Activities Board, Concert Band, Cultural and Social Exchan e, Let- termen Club, Marching 100, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Basketball, Student genate, Symphonic Band, Varsity Basket- a MAFORT, MICHAEL Sophomore Football MANDRELL, MELODIE Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Ensemble, Future Busi- ness Leaders, Future Homemakers, Fu- ture Nurses, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Musical, Pep Club, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher's Assis- Kant MANEKE, CHARLES Advanced Chorus, Concert Band, Ensemble, Musical, Soph- omore Chorus, Thespians, Troubadors MANUEL, GREGORY Distributive Educa- ll0n MARTIN, BOBBIE Future Homemakers, Ju- nior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper, Pep Club, Runner, Teacher's Assistant MASON, CHARLES Chess Club, German Club, National Honor Society, Runner, Teacher's Assistant MASON, NANCY Office Helper, Runner MAULDEN, BARBARA Distri utive Educa- tion, Runner MCATEE, ELIZABETH Cheerin Chicks, Con- cert Band, Concert Orchestra, Drama Club, Marching 23, Marching 100, Musi- cal, Pep Band, Redbird Wor Staff, Run- ner, Symphonic Band MCBRIDE, SHARON National Honor Soci- ety, Office Hel er MCCAULEY, TCQNI Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Chess Club, Concert Band, Drama Club, Ensemble, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Musical, Office Helper, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Redwing Track, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Thespians, Trouba- dors, Tutor MCCLEERY, LILLIAN FutureCosmetologists, Future Homemakers, Office Helper MCCLINTOCK, LEE Latin Club MCCOY, SANDRA Advanced Chorus, American Field Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Ensemble, French Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Var- sity Cheerleader,MusicaI, Office Helper, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Com- mittee, Sophomore Cheerleader, Sopho- more Chorus, Swing Choir, Thespians, Troubadors, Varsity heerleader MCGIFFEN, ROBERT Advanced Chorus, Ensemble, Musical, Sophomore Chorus, Troubadors MCLEMORE, JUSTINA Advanced Chorus, Cultural and Social Exchange MCNEILL, RAEWYN American Field Ser- vice, Cheerin Chicks, Exchange Student, Student Senate MCVEY, BRIAN Redbird Word Staff, Teach- er's Assistant MEAD, BELINDA Distributive Education, Future Homemakers, Runner, Teacher's Assistant MEDFORD, MARILYN Office Helper, Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant MEDLOCK, CINDY Future Homemakers, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Office Helper METZGER, MICHAEL Advanced Chorus, Backpacking Club, Cross Country Team. Drama Club, Ensemble, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader, So ho- more Chorus, Spanish Club, Swing Cllmoir, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Trouba- dors MEYER, DAVID Bleacher Bums, Concert Band, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Symphonic Band , MIKOFF, SUSAN French Club, Musical, Of- fice Occupations, Pep Club, Science Club, Senior Prom Decorating Commit- tee, Teacher's Assistant MILES, CHERYL Cheerin Chicks, Drama Club, Junior Prom Decoration Commit- tee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Musical, National Honor Societ , Office Helper, Pep Club, Redwin Track, Redwing Volleyball, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Commit- tee, Sophomore Cheerleader, Sopho- more C orus, Varsity Cheerleader MILES, LAJEANNE Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant MILLER, CHRISTOPHER Distributive Educa- tion, Redbird Word Staff MILLER, MARCETA Activities Board, Cul- tural and Social Exchange, Future Busi- ness Leaders, Future Homemakers, Office Occupations, Runner, Symphonic Or- chestra MITCHELL, ROBERT Advanced Chorus, Counselor Assistant, Dance Club, Drama Club, Musical, Runner, Sophomore Cho- rus, Swing Choir, Thespians, Troubadors MIXON, JOHN Distributive Education MONROE, TIMOTHY Bleacher Bums, Ju- nior Varsity Football, Sophomore Football MOORE, KEITH Bleacher Bums, Counselor Assistant, Homecoming King Candidate, Junior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Junior Varsity Football, Senior Powder Puff Squa Coach, Sophomore Baseball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football MOORE, RHONDA Cultural and Social Ex- change, Library Assistant, Pep Club, Run- ner, Teacher's Assistant MOORE, RICHARD Office Helper, Redbird Word Staff, Sophomore Football, Super Weldors Club MORGAN, MARY Teacher's Assistant MORRIS, DARBAN Electricity Club, Letter- men Club, Runner, Track Team, Varsity Football MOSER, KARIN Concert Band, Concert . Orchestra, Ensemble, Marching 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symcphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra MUG E, PAUL Concert Band, Symphonic Orchestra MULREAN, JOHN Distributive Education, German Club, Rifle Club NAGY, JANICE Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Orchestra, Cross Coun- try Team, Ensemble, Katnips, Pit Orches- tra, Redwing Track, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Orchestra, Teacher's Assis- Ian! NAPP, WENDY Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Cross Country Team, Ju- nior Prom Decoration Committee, Redw- ing Volleyball, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Teach- er's Assistant NAUGHTON, DEBRA Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Debate Team, lunior Powder Puff Squad, Letter- women Club, Marching 100, Pep Club, Redwing Basketball, Redwing Letter Club, Redwing Track, Redwing Volley- ball, Redwing Softball, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Symphonic Band, Teacher's Assistant 9 .9 0 I t ' ' Z U I' Q Cf NAVARRE, RICHAR bi d BERTS, COLE Distributive Ed ommitlteginiorgdwoer Pa S uad, 0 Soph Football, ubadors, M NEAL, CAROL Drea irl d, - SON,RHO A Dra a utu klational Honor Socie fice I-'lg , otb 1 coming Qu aid ne' makers, Club IX wg! dbird Wor St Ru Senio - , BR E unior DgUGti0n NI HOLAS, Ri am, Wmm R ER, ELL Co mercial Art 2 , uff Squ e r Pr Deco m ' ee, men Math Club, or s, u el r sstant, ture Ho rs mittee, TA LER STAFF, Teacher's ' nal Ho Socie , mice Club, K LSE , NNE Advan dChorus ss R R HERIN ctiv'tXBoard, sistant Prom orating m ittee, ' ount -.Y J-u ' r owd uf! Chee n hicks N Ei al Hex' ociety, STEPHENS, MICHAEL r sCou eam, S re Bas ,Sophomor sket- , N i ': o ' enior Senior Powd ' It quad, Se ior Prom Letterm ub, Re Wor taff b her's A nt, Varsity et- er 'H Squa , p h u ecorating v itte Varsity Cheer- Runn , Team all I u a I 5 der STEVENSOQEBRA Pep ls, Ru pq GNER,,lImEL Ad d Chorus, NOLA , ARG ' RET American F' r- YAN, JAMES Runn spians Sophomore rus, Teacher's Assistaf ' Varsity F all vice, Ch : ' A ' ' s, German , Ju- YBE G, K. JEAN H ican Field Service, STEVENSON, Cheerin CW, Cul- W TRO , ET ial Art 'or Pro U or ' omm' , Musi- X Ch rin 'Chicks, nch Club, Musical, tural and Soci hange, l C ounse ssistant,J Powder cal, Na' . -ji! Societ edwing al Honor S iety, Sophomore STEWART, DOR F ure Business rs, f! Puf Offi el er, Re Word Bask -QI eni ' om ecora ing Co - orus, ians, Tr badors Future Homema rs, Office Oc - ftaff, r, T AFF mitte irq. DE A Of i H per, Runner tions, Pep Club, more s LLAC , G ALD D utive E 'on NORM L, re ub, Se ' ow- AN H HI uture Business STEWART, G ert Band, Counseloy ' E,GLO dvanced c us, C rin r Puff Squ , ar y Cheerle Le , f e , ffice Occupa- As nlor Powder Squad, Let- hicks, Lmand Soci ange, Of- RTON,MARI or Prom Decoration tion , P p R n r, Senior Prom te omen , Mar 0, Offices fice H , Ru?,Soph e Chorus Co ittee, ird rd Staff, Sen Decorat g ttee H edwi Softba ner, Senior WAS ANG A Counse Assistant, , P orating Com 'ttee, t EKG A EN Advanced Chorus, Po er ff S uad, Sym nic Band Futur memakers fice Hel f- - nate A eer l , Concert Band, Concert STEWA TRA Cultura ocial Ex- ' Oc 'ons, Ru TIS, E Fre Iub,Offic Helpe Or r ama Club, Ensemble, Kat- Change, Club, Student 6 5, Amefl ield 'Ce, Offic ccupat , Runner, Teacher s ni us National Honor Society, STITES, RO dbird Word St op C nior Pr eco g Assistant and, Pep Club, Sophomore Chorus, omore Bas Sophomore Ba etball, mittee, e er's Assista ERMAN, MARK r Bums, Letter- ng Choir, Symphonic Orchestra, Sym- f Student Sena ' Baseball, Varsity HN, THER A Cheerin C , . men edb ord Stagoplfb- phonic Band, Thespians, Troubadors Basketball Bl Aft Club, ral and ' Ex- m s Il, ophomo etball, SCANLAN, MOLLY Color Guard, German ST BBS, TRACEY American Field Serv cha Ju 'or Pow fSqua nior Us Bas Club, Student Senate, Teacher's Assistant B Girl, Cheerin Chic CIUIJ, U OW 5 I-lad, T STA GS, PATRICIA Future memakers, SCANLON, JONI Commercial Art Club, Ju- nio rom Decoration mmittee, Let- W , 'ce Occu ns, Ru N- ffice Helper, Office Occupati ns,.Run- nior Powder Puff S uad, Redbird Word terwo n Club, Office Redwing 50 Om Of . K ner Staff, Sophomore Cglieerleader, TATLER Basketba edwing Letter ub Redw- END A leach PAR , VALERI 'ce H STAFF ' a , Runner, Senior eco- erme Clu ' d Wor ff, Jlifl ' P ER, VIC v d horns, scHMlDT, ANN American Field servic , rating Commitee, Teacher' ' t am, LE Teack GK , oncert ra, ore Chorus, Debate Team, Ensemble, Future Nurses, Ter1rliS Team, Troubadors T, 5U5 Ad d l'I0fUS, rift S5lTroubad - Musical, National Honor Society, Office STOCKAR RYL Electricity Cl , Of- Guar ert Orchstra, PAYNE,TRACY Counselor Assistant, French Helper, Sophomore Chorus, TATLER fice He er, R e Teacher's Assistant ss Count Tea er, French Club,Troub dors STAFF, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, STOCK D,CELIN uture Homeaars Club, Future siness Lea , Home- EARSO EAN National Honor Soci- Woodwind Quintet USEN YL Cheerin ks, coming Queen id,J ' rom Deco- ety, So more Baseball scHMlDr, KENNETH National Honor seei- nseo sntsnt,'FU1Ure ses, Na- ration Committee Letterwomen , P ELLY Advanced Chorus, Office ety tional Honor Society, Runner Marching 23, Red g Tr c wing pations, Pep Club, Science Club, SCHMIDT,RUSSELL Concert Band,German STROHBECK, KAREN Office Occup ns, Volleyba , 5eDl0l' Powdbuff Squa , ior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Chorus, Q PENNING, MARTHA Office Helper, Office xg Occupations, Senior Prom Decorating fx Committee PENNING, MARY Future Cosmetologists PERICA, GEORGE Ieacher Bums PERRY, BEVERLY Dis cation PFLEGER, JULIE Future Cosmetologists, Fu- ture Homemakers, Junior Powder Pu Squad, Marching 100, Office H , Redbirdette, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad PHILLIPS, GREGORY Concert Band, Marc ing 23, Marching 100, Pep Band, S '-phonic Band, Teacher's Assistant P ILLIPS . STEVEN Counselor Assistant Club, Latin Club, Marching 23, Marchin 100, National Honor Society, Pep Banda Symphonic Band SCHWARTE, PATRICK Lettermen Club, Varsity Soccer SEEHAUSE - - heerin Chicks, Con- cert Band, D ma ' ub, Future Busines Leaders, M ' 3 23, chin h'l0 , i ts n .uv- Teac er's 47 - s SHARP, ROBERT Bleacher Bums Junio Varsity Baseball, Soph - - aseba sity Wre 3 f , rdgf-sf f' ,F eto of s, Future ome akers, A ,C BleacherB -- niorVarsi- , J , ty oct , Sophom e Baseball, Sopho- German Club, Runner, Small E ine ore all, Stu a Club 1 ' , w, YN ex- PILGER, NANCY Cheerin Chicks, ' . f hang , lstributlve ducation, Offi tive Education, Drama Club, rman elper, Redwing Trac , Teacher's Ass Club, lJ,unior Prom Deqprationl 1 'tn tant tee, Li rary Assistant, O ice He p ' - S VE E - uni , " 0 -, ner, Senior Prom Decorating Com , - : ' it ob l - ' ft - dors Sophomore Chorus F C e Teacher s ' sistant PITTS, A. KAY Cultural and Social Exchange, Sl 0 LAYNE Cheeri Chicks Coun- Future Business Leaders, Future e- makers, Office Helper, Office a- tions, Redwing Track, PITTS, AUDREY Cultural and Soci Ex- change, Office Occupations, R in Track 'A PLUNK, LINDA Cheerin Chicks, Dist Education President, Drama Club Prom Decoration Committee, Libr As Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom D be tion Committee POHLMAN, JULIE Commercial Art Club, Ju- nior Powder Puff Squad, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Soph more Chorus, TATLER STAFF POHLMAN, PATRICK Bleacher Bums, man Club, Lettermen Club, Sopho Baseball, Varsity Soccer PORTER, JULIE Counselor Assistant,Cross Country Team, French Club, Junior Pow- der Puff Squad, Office Helper, Office Oc- cupations, Pep Club, Redbird Word Staff, Redwing Track, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus PRAGER, SHERRIE Cheerin Chicks, National Honor S ociety, Runner QUIGLEY, THOMAS Office Helper QUIGLEY, TIMOTHY Counselor Assistant, Distributive Education RAIN, BRADFORD Bleacher Bums Presi- dent, German Club, Homecoming King Candidate, Junior Varsity Football, Letter- men Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad Coach, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football RAINES, ANNETTE Future Cosmetologists, Library Assistant, Runner, Sophomore Chorus, REED, LAURA Activities Board, Advanced Chorus, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Ensem- ble, Future Nurses, Junior Prom Decora- tion Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad, Latin Club, Musical, Pep Club, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee. Sophomore Chorus, Teacher's Assistant, Troubadors REESE, THOMAS Bleacher Bums, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Lettermen Club, Sophomore Football, Tennis Team, Varsi- ty Football RIDDLESPRIGER, ELLA Color Guard, Con- cert Band, Cultural and Social Exchange, Future Cosmetologists, Marching 100, Office Helper, Re wing Track, Runner, Symphonic Band RIDER, WILLIAM Junior Varsity Football, Super Weldors Club I RITTENHOUSE, JANE Office Helper, Office Occupations, Redwing Track, Teacher's Assistant RIVES, DONNA Cheerin Chicks, Office Helper, Runner, Teacher's Assistant RIZZOLI, ELIZABETH Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, German Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Pep Club, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, 304 Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir r 8 f sistant, Office Helper, Runner, -dh - ' n Jnior P - ' e wing asketbal C ent Sen- x ate Troubadors e OClub ross Co - tion Hon rSoclet Ch ru SLATEN JU TH 0' - Helper So ho- more C o - -. - D u ure ome mak rs uture Nurses Junior Pr m s A A - , ' .2 I am, UnIUI" o . -01 f Sq ad, .- . H . 1 , i , i 5 I V Y J . i at' n mmitte p u 'r af R 'o ting ommittee Soph ore Chor a ity Ch TH Bat G' rea a G m n coming Queen Maid Junior Prom Deco i . . ' ration Committee, Junior Pow er Puff Squad, Letterwomen Club, Nat nal Hon- or Society, Pep Club, Redbird ord S f Sophomore Chorus, Stu S , Teacher's Assistant, Tennis ea SMITH, GRACE Cultural and S 'I Ex- change, Library Assistant, Off' elper SOMMARS, PATRICIA Ameri iel S - vice, Cheerin Chicks, Co nse Sl - tant, German Club, Letterwomen Club, Masquers, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Redwing Volleyball, Redwing Soft- ball, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Committee SPANN, JAMES Bleacher Bums, Cultural and Social Exchange, Exchange Student, Future Business Leaders, Homecoming King Candidate, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Junior Varsit Soccer, Letter- men Club, Musical, Sophomore Basket- ball, Sophomore Chorus, Student Senate, TATLER STAFF, Teacher's Assistant, Track Team, Troubadors, Varsity Soccer SPAULDING, ELIZABETH American Field Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, National Honor Society Treasurer, Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Spanish Club, TATLER STAFF, Teacher's Assistant, Varsity Soccer Manager SPENCER, CHARLES Latin Club President, National Honor Society, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Student Senate SPOONER, SCOTT Concert Band, Golf Team, Jazz Band, Lettermen Club, Marching 100, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band SPRINGMAN, JOHN Junior Prom Decora- tion Committee, Student Senate, Tennis Team STANHOPE, SUSAN Future Homemakers, Teacher's Assistant STANKA, BEVERLY Future Farmers, Office Helper, Office Occupations, Runner STARBUCK, BARBARA Runner, Teacher's Assistant STATEN, GINA Commercial Art Club, Hockey Team, Junior Prom Decoration Teacher's Assistant STROMSKE, DEBORAH ffi --uier, O - fice Occupations, R i - -. - - - sistant STROMSKE, MICHAEL : Board Bleacher Bums, Exchange 5, -V unior arsigy Soccer, Sophomore - . we sf-If it C d'uL g '. STROW TT, ANNE E Cheerin Chicks Future Cosmetologists, Junior Varsit? Wrestling Manager, Senior Powder Puf Squad, Varsity Wrestling Manager STUTZ, JAMES Future Farmers, Teacher's Assistant SUMMERS, RHONDA Cheerin Chicks, oncert Band, Marching 23, Marchin 100, Office Helper, Redwing Basketbals Runner, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Symphonic Band SUTTON, DEBRA Cheerin Chicks, Ex- change Student Marching 23, Marching 00, Pe Club, Redbirdette Student Di- rector, Sjophomore Chorus, Spanish Club, Teacher's Assistant SYDDALL, GAYLE Counselor Assistant, Fu- ture Cosmetologists TALBERT, KALFRED Cultural and Social Ex- change,Runner, Track Team LEY, LOIS Distributive Education, Office elper, Pep Club NTYPE, DARRYL Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, Swing Choir, Teach- er's Assistant, Thespians, Troubadors YLOR, JULIE Advanced Chorus, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, Musical, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Sophomore Chorus, swing Choir, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians, Troubadors OUKALEFF, MICHAEL Bleacher Bums NANT, :R. ERIC Chess Club, Cross Country Team, Lettermen Club, Table Tennis Club, Track Team TERRELL, TYRAN Junior Varsit Football, Super Weldors Club, Troubadors THOMAS, ANDRE Bleacher Bums, Concert 5 Band, Cross Country Team, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, LettermenCIub, Redbird Word Staff, Rifle Team, Runner, Track Team, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football - TILL, BRIAN French Club, National Honor Society, Tennis Team TITTLE, MICHAEL Small Engines Club TOLBERT, DONALD Cafeteria Assistant, Counselor Assistant, Distributive Educa- tion, Library Assistant, Office Helper, Runner, Teacher's Assistant, Track Team TOLBERT, RICHARD Cultural and Social Ex- change, Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football TUETKEN, BECKY American Field Service, Chem-O Club, National Honor Society, Teacher's Assistant TURNER, RHONDA Commercial Art Club, Student Senate, TATLER STAFF UFERT, SANDRA Distributive Education UNDERWOOD, JOYCE American Field Ser- vice, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, Na- tional Honor Societ ,Symphonic Band URS, JEFF Advanced! Chorus, Bleacher Bums,, Chess Club, Concert Band, Ger- man Club, Junior Varsity Football, Letter- man Club, Math Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Sophomore Foot- ball, Track Team, Varsity Football UTTERBACK, DAVID Concert Band, Ger- man Club, Jazz Band, National Honor So- ciety Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Tennis Team VAN WYK, DENISE Advanced Chorus, American Field Service, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, French club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, National Honor Society, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Teacher's Assistant, Thespi- ans VARBLE, GREGORY Custon Car Club, Fu- ture Auto Technicians, Small Engines Club, Teacher's Assistant VASSAR, MARK Sophomore Basketball, , fl' e , in . .f e 7 irGtZ1" sifQ , De It ' if Ib, bl if, If D , Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Stu- dent Senate, Symphonic Orchestra, Var- sity Cheerleader, Varsity Wrestling Man- ager WESTBROOK, JOSEPH Concert Orchestra Distributive Education, Future Business eaders, GAND, GEOFFREY Chem-O Club, th Club, National Honor Society WILC X, BRADLEY Advanced Chorus, ert Band, Drama Club, Ensemble, d, Katnips, Marching 23, March- , Musical, Senior Powder Puff rleader, Sophomore Chorus, S c Orchestra, Symphonic Band, ' s, Troubadors WIL LISA French Club, Junior Prom , Decor Committee, Letterwomen lub, , Redwing Letter er, op omore Chorus, Varsi- ty C eerleader WILLIAMS, RORY Super Weldors Club, WILLIAMS, KIRK Science Club, Super Wel- dors Club WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY Sophomore Chorus WINKLER, STEPHEN Activities Board, EX- chancge Student, Homecoming King, lu- nior lass President, Junior Prom Decora- tion Committee, Junior Powder Puff Squad Cheerleader, Letterman Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Redbird Word Staff, Senior Class President, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Sophomore Baseball, Student Senate, Varsity Soccer WITHROW, KENNETH Commercial Art Club, Marching 100, Symphonic Band, Track Team W3OlFF, TRUDI Office Occupations, Pep U YINGER, DEBORAH Activities Board, American Field Service, Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Counselor Assistant, French Club, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Ma- Eprette, Marching 23, Marching 100, Red- ird Word Sta f, Redwing Volleyball, Runner, Senior Prom Decorating Com- mittee YOUNG, PATRICIA Cheerin Chicks, Office Helper, Office Occupations, Pe Club, Re wing Track, Runner, Sopliomore Chorus, Troubadors ZIEGLER, ALTON Small Engines Club ZIELINSKI, MARGARET Bat Girl, Cheerin Chicks, Concert Band, French Club, Ju- nior Prom Decoration Committee, Marching 100, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Symphonic Band, Teacher's Assistant, Thespians ZIMMERMAN, LINDA Concert Orchestra, Katnips, Pit Orchestra, Symphonic Or- chestra, Teacher's Assistant ZIMMERMAN, PATTY Activities Board, Cheerin Chicks, Cross Country Team Manager, Dream Girl, Exchange, Student, Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Ju- nior Varsity Cheerleader, Office Helper, Senior Powder Puff Squad, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, So homore Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader ZIMMERMAN, DIANA Advanced Chorus, American Field Service, Cheerin Chicks, DebateTeam, Drama Club, German Club, Office Helper, Runner, Thespians i - P 1"'N 1 ,JWw C-ffk all la M. jf gf , 01,0-cML 1.. ,EM .017 OQ152 0'1"-ff-'VKW-I Ovwfzwkick I Czidfwgd QQ, , QXqWLQMgMq M5 2'jq,wVm2A, xv ,Q -XB , X-Bvekuo EMMA -Ly, W 7 QV? i Mkwx fe- 2 1 A mi f xexX,lX NB i 1 my 'N - c' X M Eu., Mm Om ff If K N M X bfi flow? 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