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Dr. J. B. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools An education is an investment for the future. The time, work, and money spent for your high school education will prepare you for business, industry, or college. The work habits which you develop in school probably will govern your activities after graduation. The attitude you develop toward the world around you will influence your cooperation with others and your interest in the social, political, economic, and cultural life of the community in which you live. The friends you choose and your respect for the dignity of others undoubtedly will have an influence on your success and happiness. During the twelve or thirteen years you attend the public schools, you are molding your character and personality traits. The achievement you make in the academic, vocational, and co-curricular activities will help you to advance during the post-adolescent years. The time you spend studying is time well spent. The time you waste will be lost forever. Mr. E. M. Leamon, Assistant Superintendent We are living in a world in which the status of a democratic way of life is being challenged. Therefore it becomes the duty of each citizen of a democracy to take advantage offered through public education for each to develop his ability to think, speak and write critically and accurately. Mr. Macy Pruitt, Administrative Assistant in charge of Junior and Senior High School Curriculum An ancient philosopher bequeathed to his children the following proverb, which he said would be worth more to them than silver and gold: "Knowledge is puffed up because she knows so much: wisdom is humble because she knows so little." Mr. C. R. Wright, Administrative Assistant in charge of Vocational Education We can set no bounds upon the applications of technical knowledge, nor upon the limits of human skill. Our country will gain in wealth and knowledge in proportion as these factors are developed and applied. Administrative Staff Miss Louise Anthony Director of Libraries. Mr. James M. Casper Director of Audio Visual Education. Mr. Leroy Fritz Director of Music. Miss Jane Henry Director of Home Economics and Lunch Service. Mr. Don Keil School Engineer. Miss Elsie Kohlmann Director of Nursing. Mr. Lloyd Norman Director of Special Education. Mr. Raymond Ready Administrative Assistant in charge of Elementary Curriculum. 4 Mr. Dean Taylor Director of Counseling and Guidance Miss Bernice Williamson Director of Art. Mr. Pearl Woods Head Custodian.Board of Education Mr. Robert S. Minsker, President Mr. W. H. Thomas Dr. David E. Bear Mr. John L. Webb Mr. Harold W. Davidson, Secretary Mr. Clyde C. Campbell 5Mr. S. C. Davis, Principal The Alton Senior High School strives to provide a school environment conducive to healthful living. The school helps the student to make an acceptable social adjustment. All of the personnel of the school try to develop in the student an appreciation of moral, spiritual, and aesthetic values. The Alton Senior High School hopes to develop the student's personality and a feeling of social competence through extra-class activities. 6 Mr. Anton Jureziz, First Assistant Principal Mr. George Abner Assistant Principal Mr. James Bailey, Assistant Principalfaculty Mr. Gene Bailey Speech, American Literature; B.A., Shurt-leff College; M.A., Washington University. Mrs. Dorothy Benson Study Hall; B.S.; Illinois State Normal University. Miss Dorotha Bosket Librarian; B.Ed.. Southern Illinois University; M.S., University of Illinois. Mrs. Irma Allen Counselor; B.S., Culver-Stockton College; M.A., Washington University. Mr. James Banks Wood; B.S., Bradley University; M.S. Bradley University. Miss Clara Blackard French; A.B.. University of Illinois: A.M., University of Illinois: Sponsor, Le Cercle Francais. M iss Mary Lou Bowling Physical Education; B.S.. Arlconsas State College: Sponsor, Girls' Athletic Association. Mrs. Pearl Anderson Study Hall; B.S., University of Illinois. Mrs. Mary Batson Cosmetology; Sponsor, Future Cosmetologists of America. Mr. David Bliven Sheet Metal, Welding; B.S., Western Illinois University; M.S., Western University. Mrs. Celestia Brandenburg Practical Nursing: B.S.. St. Louis University; M.Ed.. University of Illinois. Mrs. Ruth Bachman Civics, U.S. History; A.B., Shurt-leff College; M.A., Washington University. Mrs. Elma Becker Cosmetology; Sponsor. Future Cosmetologists of America. Mr. Roy E. Boley Art, Art Appreciation; B.S.. Eastern Illinois University; M.A.. Colorado State College. Miss Gloria Branson Physical Education: B.S., Southern Illinois University; Sponsor, Cheerleaders. 7Miss Wilma Bricker Business; B.S.. Western Illinois University; Sponsor, Future Business Leaders of America. Mrs. Dorothy Buerkle Office Occupation; B.S.. Southwest Missouri State College; A.M.. University of Illinois. Mr. Loyd Carr English; B.A.. Washington University; M.A. Washington University; Sponsor. Camera Club. Mr. Edgar Cook English; A.B., Syracuse University. 8 Mrs. Ardythe Browning Clothing; B.S.. Western Illinois University; M.Ed., University of Illinois; Sponsor. Future Homemakers of America. Mr. Dean Browning Trade and Industrial Coordinator; B.S., Western State Teachers College; M.Ed.. University of Illinois. Mr. John Buerkle Vocational Auto Mechanics; B.S.. Southeast Missouri State College. Mr. John Chappell Social Studies; A.B.. Oakland City College: M.S., Indiana University. Mr. Clifford Davenport Theater Practice: B.S.. Indiana University; M.A., State University of Iowa; Sponsor. Dramatics Club. Thespians. Mr. Warren Campbell Bookkeeping, Advanced Business: B.S., Southern Illinois University; M.S., Southern Illinois University. Miss Dorothy Colonius English; A.M., University of Chicago. Mr. Kenneth Denison Counselor; B.S., Western University State College: Sponsor. Scholarship Committee. Mr. John Bruno U.S. History. Sociology; A.B., Shurtleff College: M.A., University of Illinois. Mr. Earl Carr Mathematics: B.S.. Union University: M.S., Iowa State University; M.Ed.. University of Illinois. Mrs. Muriel Conrady Chorus; B.M.. Southern Illinois University. Mr. Robert Erwin Algebra; B.Ed.. University of Illinois; M.Ed., University of Illinois.Miss Elizabeth Feldewerth Typing; B.S.. Control Missouri Stote Teocher's College. Miss Julia Foster Health; A.B., Washington University; A.M.. Washington University. M iss Alice Gates Geometry. Trigonometry: Ph.B., Shurt-leff College: Sponsor. National Honor Society. Mr. Paul Glaeser Vocational Agriculture: B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University; B.S., University of Illinois: M.A.. Washington University: Sponsor. Future Farmers of America. Mr. Al Gregor Counselor: B.S., Eastern Illinois State College; M.A.. Washington University. Mr. Kenneth Hagen Spanish. Latin; A.B.. University of Illinois; M.A., University of Illinois; Sponsor. Latin Club. Mr. Kenneth Hammonds Health; B.S.. Indiana University; M.S.. Southern Illinois University. Mr. Cecil Harden Physics; M.Ed.. Missouri University; B.S. Missouri University: Sponsor. Science Club. Mr. Ernest Howard Spanish; B.A., University of Texas; M.A., University of Illinois; Sponsor. Spanish Club. Mrs. Nadine Harden English; B.S.. Kirksville Missouri State Teacher's College. Miss Marguerite Huebner English; A.B., Shurtleff College; M.A.. University of Illinois. Mr. Frank Harlan Counselor; M.A., University of Michigan; B.S.. University of Michigan: Sponsor. National Honor Society. Mrs. Mary Etta Husmann Study Hall; B.S.. University of Illinois. Mr. Ralph Hendrix Business Education; B.S.. Greenville College: M.S., Indiana University; M.C.S., Indiana University. Mrs. Ethel Ingles Typing; A.B., Greenville College. 9Mr. Clifford Keclc Study Hall; B.A., University ol Southern California: M-A.. University of Illinois. Mr. Boyd La Marsh Band: B.S.. Southern Illinois University: M.S.. University of Illinois. I Mr. Dale Livengood Vocational Commercial Art; B.S., Indiana University; M.Ed.. Colorado State University; Sponsor, Tatler Staff. Commercial Art Club. Mr. George Ingles Civ.cs: M.A. Indiana State' A.B.. Millikan University- Miss Ada Klump Algebra: B.S.. University of Illinois: M.S.. University of Illinois. Mr. Lloyd Leifer Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing: B.S., Bowling Green University of Ohio: M.A., Columbia University. Mrs. Harriet McBrien English; A.B., Illinois Wesleyan University. Mr. Ralph McClain Health; B.S., Murray State College: M.A., Murray State College. Mr. Ray Jackson Geography: A.B., Salem College: M.A., Colorado State College of Education. Mr. Richard Johnson Physical Education: A.B., Illinois College: M.Ed., University of Illinois. Mr. Donald Lewis U.S. History; Ph.B., Shurtleff College: M.A., University of Missouri. Mr. Ralph Kober Biology. Director of Summer School; B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University; M.A., University of Michigan; Sponsor, Patrols. Mr. Jack Jungers U.S. History, World History: B.S., Southern Illinois University: M.A., Southern Illinois University. Mr. Edwin Koerber Biology; M.A., University of Missouri; B.C., Southeast Missouri State College. X f Miss Irene Liebig Family Living, Foods: B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University: M.S., Iowa State College: Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America. N Mrs. Evelyn Macleod Nurse, Clinic; R.N., De Paul Hospital: Sponsor, Future Nurses of America.Mr. Donald Maloney Vocational Electricity; B.S.. Bradley University. Mr. Julius Marti U.S. History. Economics; A.B., University of Illinois; M.A., University of Illinois. Mrs. Janis Miller Business Education: B.A., Elmira College. Mr. Harold Matthews Geometry; B.S.. Taylor University; M.A.. Ball State Teacher’s College. Mrs. LaVerne Miller Practical Nursing: R.N.. St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing. Mr. Verle Monical Chemistry: B.Ed.. Southern Illinois University; M.S.. University of Illinois: Sponsor. Science Club. Mrs. Josephine Paisley English; M.A., University of Illinois; B.A., Greenville College. Mr. Robert Paul Welding: B.S.. Western Illinois University; M.Ed., Colorado State University. Mr. William Perrin Driver Education; B.S.. Missouri Valley College; M.A., Northeast Missouri State Teacher’s College. Mrs. Eleanor Perry American Literature; B.A.. College of Emporia. Miss Agnes Pilger Counselor; M.S.. Indiana University: B.S., Normal College of American Gymnastics. Mrs. Uarta Pointer Latin: B.Ed.. Illinois State Normal University; Sponsor, Latin Club. Miss Dorothy Maxfield Home Economics: A.B.. MacMur-ray College; M.A. Columbia University. Miss Ruby Oliver English; B.S.. Southern Illinois University; M.A. Southern Illinois University. Mr. Allen Perry Driver Education; M.Ed., University of Illinois: B.S.. Illinois State Normal University. Mrs. Sarah Robinson Librarian; B.S.M., Oberlin College. IIMr. Carl Springer Business Arithmetic; B.S.. University of Northern Illinois; Sponsor. Future Teachers of America. Miss Jewell Sutherland English; Ph.B., Shurtleff College; M.A., Indiana University. 12 Mrs. Doris Rue Chorus; B.M.. MacMurray College. Miss Mary Sidwell Clothing, Interior Decoration, Home-making; B.S.. Southeast Missouri State College: M.S.. Iowa State University; Sponsor, Future Homemakers of America. Mrs. Margaret Stroube Business Typing; B.S.. Missouri University. Mr. Jack Tanner Physical Education; B.S., Southern Illinois University (Carbondale). Miss Mildred Rutledge College Preparatory English, English Literature; A.B., Shurtleff College; Sponsor, National Honor Society. Mr. Herbert Ross Distributive Education. Bookkeeping: B.S.. Western Illinois University: M.A.. Washington Univer- sity; Sponsor. Distributive Education Club. Mr. Melvin Sheets Driver Education; B.S.. Millikin University; M.S.. Washington University. Mr. C. M. Stuchlik Orchestra, Russian; B.F.A., University of Nebraska. Mrs. Doris Taylor Registrar; B.S.. Western Illinois University: M.S., Western Illinois. Mrs. Mary Smith Physical Education: B.S., MacMurray College. Mr. Roger Schleper English; B.S.. St. Louis University; M.S.. Southern Illinois University. Mrs. Beverly Spear English; A.B., Indiana University. Dr. Donald B. Summers Chemistry: M.A., Wesleyan University: B.S., Wesleyan University; A.M., Princeton University; Ph.D., Columbia University. Miss Leona Teter Counselor; B.S.. Northwest Missouri State Teacher's College: M.A., University of Illinois; Professional Certificate. University of Colorado.Mr. DeWitt Thomas Plane and Solid Geometry: A.M., Washington University; A.B.. Missouri Valley College: Sponsor, Student Council. Miss Margaret Tibbets Shorthand, Typing, Notehand; B.E., Illinois State Normal University; M.A., University of Illinois. Miss Rosemary Tomlovic German: B.A.. Southern Illinois University; Sponsor. German Club. Mr. James Tyree Physical Education: B.S., Illinois State Normal University. Mr. Marion Velloff Chemistry: B.S.. St. Louis University; Sponsor, Science Club. Mr. Robert Watson Vocational Machine Shop: M.Ed., Colorado State College: A.B., Shurtleff College. Miss Mary K. Welborn Librarian: A.B.. Indiana University. Mr. John Whitman Reading. Language Arts: B.S.. Southern Illinois University; M.A. Burton College. Mr. Fred Will Driver Education; B.S.. Washington University; M.A., Washington University. Mr. Walter Willis Mathematics. Trigonometry. Algebra. General Math.: Ed.B., Southern Illinois University: M.S.. University of Illinois: Sponsor. Radio Club. Mrs. Florence Wollerman English; M.A., University of Illinois: A.B.. Illinois State College. Mr. Leo Wools Chemistry: A.B., Arkansas College: B.S.. M.S.. University of Texas: Science Club. w z Mr. Robert H. Treise Printing; B.S., Stout State College: Sponsor. Graphic Arts Club. Miss Virginia Weigel Biology; A.B.. University of Illinois; M.S.. University of Michigan. M iss Julia Williamson I American Literature: E.Ed., Southern Illinois University: M.A.. University of Illinois. M iss Margaretha Zeltmann World History; B.S.. University of Illinois. 13Office Hall:© Carr Margaret Davis Marilyn Duley Helen Farril Jean Taylor Doris Tows© Lorraine Yeager Marcela Griffen Eleanor Hammon JoAnn Joy Alice Smith Cafeteria A Merle Acord Pauline Bunt Ruth Lawrence Clara Lewis Jane Doerr Rachel Ernest Anna Ewing Anna Kuhn Ruby Shinn Violet Sitze Custodians Doris Gormley Laura Headly Pearl Smith Beulah Strader Edward Ballhurst Everett Banks George Depper Flossie Edsall Violet Halford O. B, Jones Harold Klockinga Herman Nollan Herman Oswald Lonie Prewitt George Rogers Herbert Sadler Edward Wallner Orville Williams 14"Now, where did I read that?" "No. I'm not wotching 'Search for Tomorrow'." "How can anyone work so hard, yet look so happy?" "If only two and two equaled five!" "She said she put the coffee in here somewhere!" 15The sun gently warms the enchanted island of Hawaii. Majestic mountains guard the land and soaring palm trees wave overhead. The ocean waters rush in to meet the vast sandy shores. The shrill cries of the colorful birds can be heard above the crashing surf. Hawaii is a pleasure land, which beckons to travelers. We admire its beautiful scenery and its many opportunities for recreation. We are proud of this industrious nation and proud that it is a part of our own great United States. In this island paradise we see prosperous people engaged in successful business. We see the useful products of toil and the triumph of success. Truly, Hawaii inspires our dreams and encourages us on to worthwhile goals. To Hawaii, island paradise, we, the students of Alton Senior High School, dedicate our 1962 Tatler. 16 'Dedication presented by chiton cSencor tiy i School class of Volume Twenty-eight Alton, IllinoisWilliam George Almonroeder "It's a man's world." Pep Club, Counselor Assistant. Patrol. Robert Charles Anderson "Nice to know." James Charles Arbuthnot "Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you." Football, Track, Pep Club. Frances Eileen Arkis "She numbers her friends by the thousands." Taller Staff Business Manager, National Honor Society. Chorus, Latin Club, Pep Club, Basket girl. Tom Christy Anton "A wonderful guy." Patrol. Science Club. Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Leonard Dale Armstrong "His quiet congenial way makes new friends every day." Patrol. Camera Club. Science Club. Tatler Staff. 22 AMichael Rand Arst "I don't talk very much but I think a lot." Pep Club, Latin Club. Dramatics Club, Office Assistant. Patrol, Debate, National Honor Society. Tom Michael Atherton "What! No girls in heaven? Just leave me here." Basketball. Pep Club. Science Club, Patrol. Debate Team. Ronald Lee Ayres "The girls call me cutie. but the boys call me Ron." Football, Patrol, Intramural Basket-bajl. Track. Merrilee Grace Austin "Idleness has no place In her life." Latin Club. French Club. F.T.A., Pep Club. Chorus, Counselor Assistant. Wilma Bacus "She is made of the right stuff." Patrol, G.A.A., Office Runner, Pep Club. Chorus. Library Assistant. Tom George Bailey "You’d be surprised!" Graphic Arts Club. German Club. 23Billy Dean Baker "Everything happens to me." Pep Club. O Janice Marion Ballinger "She always has a gentle smile and a kindly word to say.” F.N.A.. F.T.A., Chorus, Latin Club. French Club. Pep Club. Library Assistant, G.A.A. Janice Pauline Barbour "Too good to lose." Wilma Gaynell Barnes "She is pert, she is clever." Library Assistant. Pep Club, Office Assistant. F.T.A.. Basket girl. Cathy Marie Barrilleaux "Stay as sweet as you are." Adele Jean Barocca "When she finds nothing to say. she thinks a while and laughs anyway." French Club. F.H.A., Dramatics Club, Pep Club. Science Club. Tatler Staff, Student Council, Office Assistant, National Honor Society. 24Stormy Jane Barton "We like her frank and friendly way." Student Council. Office Assistant, German Club, Latin Club, Chorus, Pep Club, Science Club, Tatler Staff, National Honor Society. John Everret Barton "He’d rather argue in Physics class than eat, and he has no small appetite." Office runner. Science Club, Russian Club, National Honor Society. Joseph Raymond Bayer Jr. "Little but mighty. So was Napoleon." Football. Track. Intramural Basketball. Student Council, Pep Club, Chorus. Office Assistant. Susan Diane Bayley "One ear heard it, the other, out it went." French Club, Pep Club, D.E., F.H.A. Janet Beck "Blessed with plain reason and sober sense." F.H.A., F.T.A.. Pep Club. Office Assistant. Library Assistant, O.O., F.N.A., French Club. Stephanie Sue Bean "Does she or doesn’t she—only her hairdresser knows." Tatler Staff. Pep Club. Secretary; Chorus, Student Council. Jr. Prom Committee. Patrol. Library Assistant, Council Assistant, F.H.A. 25Sally Louise Beiser 'This little girl is short and light, but her virtues far exceed her height." Patrol. Pep Club, Library Assistant. William Bellitto "My memory is the thing I forget with." Office Assistant. Anna Pearl Berkel "It is better to be laughing than sighing." F.H.A., F.N.A.. Science Club, Pep Club, Library Assistant. Tom Allen Bennett "I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." Basket Boy, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Patrol. Beverly Ann Bernhard "Nothing endures like personal qualities." Chorus, Marching 100, Concert Band, Basket Girl, Pep Club, Tatler Staff. 26Rose Elizabeth Berry "Well worth knowing." "I'm bashful, but I'm awful nice.' Commercial Club. Track. David Berry "That's a man for you." Intramural Basketball. Science Club. Dramatics Club. Boys' cabinet. Jerome Gerald Besterfeldt Judy Betz "On her toes in more ways than one." Patrol. Paper Staff. Office Assistant. Gym Assistant. Counselor Assistant, Chorus. French Club. Dramatics Club. F.N.A., Pep C'ub. Jr. Prom Club. Jr. Prom Committee. Library Assistant. Nurse Assistant. Debate. Vera Jeanetta Bock "As modest and sweet as a girl can be." G.A.A.. F.H.A., Chorus. F.T.A.. F.B.L.A., Office Assistant. O.O.. Camera Club. Shirley Jean Bizaillion "As merry as the day is long." F.N.A., F.H.A.. F.C.A. Mont Everett Bodine "I can dream, can’t I." Marching 100. Intramural Basketball. Cadet Band. Concert Band. Penny Jo Boedecker "I wonder who’s kissing her now?' Cheerleader, Student Council. Patrol. Maid to Dreamgirl. French Club. Jr. Prom Committee. Counselor Assistant. Debate. Maid to Homecoming Queen. 27Ronnie Lee Booth "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow." Intramural Basketball, Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Tatler Staff. Patricia Ann Bolton Little I ask; my wants are few." F.H.A., F.N.A.. Chorus. Clinic Assistant, Patrol, Pep Club. Girls' Council. Charles Bowman "Charlie, my boy." Chorus, Pep Club, Boys' Chorus. Jeanne Terry Borko "Ain't she sweet!" Pep Club. Chorus, Dramatics Club. Twyla Kay Bradshaw "A pretty girl is like a melody." National Honor Society, Student Council. French Club. Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee. Patrol, Office Assistant, Dream Girl Candidate. Richard Harrison Boyer "A nice man to have around." Baseball, Track. Pep Club. Spanish Club, Patrol. 28Linda Breeden "You beautiful Red Head." Chorus. Gym Assistant, F.C.A.. Pep Club. Patrol. Danny Lee Brandon "One of the happy-go-lucky sort." Patricia Ann Bryant "A good lass is best known by a quiet nature." Pep Club, Chorus. F.B.L.A.. F.H.A.. F.N.A. . : j Jacqueline Ruth Burjes "Mindful not of herself, but bearing tfie burdens of others." Pep Club. French Club. F.N.A. Bonnie Ellen Burnett "One who is always willing to do her part." F.H.A.. Chorus. 29Alice Butler "A girl with high ideals, but full of pranks." Cheerleader. Pep Club. French Club. Jr. Prom Committee. National Honor Society. Thespians. Minnie Pearl Caffey "Keep on the sunny side." Library Assistant. Patrol. Counselor Assistant. Basket Girl. F.B.L.A., G.A.A.. F.H.A., Girls’ Counci . Chorus. Pep Club. Tony Cahill "Quiet, unlike most boys." German Club. James Maurice Cannon "We only live once, so come on, let’s go." Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Radio Club. James Carrol "Care will kill a cat, so let’s be merry." Graphic Arts Club. 30Kathleen Rose Carter "Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." F. H.A., Chorus. F.N.A., Pep Club. D.E.. G. A.A. Beverly Judith Champlin "Blest with plain reason and with sober sense." Basket Girl. F.H.A. Mabel Cation "Always thoughtful, kind. and untroubled." Pep Club. Chorus. F.H.A.. G.A.A.. Girls' Council. Basket Girl. Perry Eugen Chester "Gee Mom. I think I've got the measles!" Basketball. Pep Club. Patrol. Office Assistant. Gym Assistant. 31Harold Melvin Cole "If silence were golden, I'd be dead broke." Gloria Jean Combs "Overflowing with fun. Counselor Assistant. PeP 1 Dramatics Club, G.A.A., r.H. r i Nancy Lee Combs "A friend in time of stress, we wish her much success." Latin Club, G.A.A.. F.N.A., Basket Girl. Milce Cooke "My ambition is to be ex-senior." F.T.A., Baseball. Track, Manager. Delilah Mae Conner "A mild manner and a gentle way.' F.H.A., G.A.A., Pep Club. Lloyd Eugene Cooke "Oh well, easy come easy go." Concert Band. Marching 100. 32Pete Cooke "I . . . just don’t understand!" Football. Manager; Basketball, Manager; Track, Manager: National Honor Society. Pete Wayne Cunningham "I’m a shy guy." Pep Club. Jerry Allen Curry "Take a good look at me. girls; opportunity knocks but once." Orchestra. Pep Band. Concert Band, Football, Patrol, Marching 100. Jr. Prom Committee. Basketball. Jesse Maurice Cox "I may not be handsomo. but I’m so darn close to it. it doesn't make that much difference." Basketball, Intramural Basketball. Spanish Club. Patrol. Chorus, Basket Boy. Glen Arthur Crepps "Blessed is the man who invented sleep." Caren Jean Currins "Oh. If everyone were like her." Patrol, Office Assistant. F.B.L.A., Pop Club. Chorus, Jr. Prom Committee, Switchboard operator. 33Carolyn Dannenbrink "Me and my shadow." F.H.A. Marilyn Dannenbrink "My shadow and me." F.H.A. mi Wilbert Douglass Davis "Wilbert was nimble. Wilbert was quick. Wilbert Jumped over the candlestick." Track, Intramural Basketball. Patrol, Cross Country. Concert Band. Marching "100", Pep Band. Vernon Davis "He dances up a storm." Chorus. I Sherry Louise Dawdy "Still water runs deep." F.H.A.. Pep Club. Basket Girl. Jim Michael Dean "Me. my Volkswagon. and I." French Club. Pep Club, Track. 34Winnie Morgan Delano "Late to bed, early to rise, makes a girl healthy, wealthy, and tired." Tatler Staff. French Club, Pep Club, Chorus. Dramatics Club. Gym Assistant. Pat Dilling "All called her good ond fair!" F.N.A.. Pep Club. G.A.A., F.H.A., F.C.A. I Mary Ruth DeMunbrun "Who says she gets embarrassed." Latin Club. F.H.A. Pep Club. Chorus, Tatler Staff. Patrol, Student Council. Carolyn Lavern Deucker "If you’ve got the money, honey." Patrol, F.H.A., Chorus, Library Assistant, Office Runner, Basket Girl. Pep Club. James Edward Dodd "You can always trust him to do his best." Frederick Dillon "I know my task and I do it." Mary Kay Doerr 'One accomplished in the art of making friends." F.H.A., F.N.A.. Pep Club. Chorus. Basket Girl. 35Kathy Arreen Dourson "True to her conscience, her friends, and the Y.W.C.A." Chorus. Spanish Club. G.A.A.. Pep Club. Brenda Joyce Douglas "Not much talk, a great sweet silence." Pep Club, G.A.A.. F.H.A., Drama Club. Robert Earl Downing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Paul Allan DuCommun "They wondered how that one small head could carry all he knew." French Club. Science Club. Chorus, Patrol. Pep Club. Richard Hurley Duncan "A man not of words but of actions." Baseball. Latin Club, French Club, Patrol, Pep Club. Gym Assistant. Science Club, Pres. Carolyn Jane Dumey "You Bring Happiness." F.T.A., F.H.A. 36Sandy Kay Dunston "There’ll never be another you." F.H.A., Pep Club. Patrol. Latin Club. Office Runner. Richard Franklin Eccles "He’s got what it takes—ninety cents to get into the show." Intramural Basketball. Football. Orchestra. Patrol. Marching 100, Drill Team. Linda Lou Eden "I want to be happy.' Sarah E. Elliott "My Gal Sal." Basket Girl, O.O. Mike Ellis "Blushes are not always a sign of bashfulness." Pep Club. Radio Club. 37Mattie Jo Ewing "Her policy is to be polite." Pep Club. F.H.A. Sherry Dell Fay "Date Balt." Pep Club, Office Runner. Basket Girl. Louis William Finley "Always happy, always gay." Boys’ Cabinet. Pep Club, Intramural Basketball. Kathryn Sharon Fleming "A friend in time of stress." Spanish Club, F.H.A., Dramatics Club. Pep Club. Chorus. F.T.A.. Counselor’s Assistant. Mike Fettinger "Never let studying interfere with your education." Basketball. Patrol. 38 Yvonne Marie Felder "Everybody's friend, nobody's enemy." Stephen Arthur Flenner "His virtues far exceed his height." Pep Club.Paul Thomas Foster "That much prized gift, a keen and thorough intellect is thine." Latin Club. Concert Band. Pep Club, Office Helper. Science Club. Intramural Basketball. Fred Victor Fowler "One Man Atom." Sandra Jo Foley "A maiden fair with dusky hair." D.E.. F.H.A.. Patrol. Chorus. Latin Club, Basket Giri, Library Assistant. Pep Club. ' y Sandra Sue Frazer "Oh. give me back my heart." F.N.A.. F.H.A., F.C.A.. Pep Club. Office Helper, G.A.A.. Science Club. F.B.L.A. Patricia Scharlene Flye "She willingly does whatever is asked." F.B.L.A. Jim Frasier . . i;.« •• «nre iS DUS5 "Jim is happy, cause ignore" Commercial Art Club. David Frye "A good man is hard to find.' Pep Club. Patrol. Becky Freeland "Goldie Locks." Patrol, Chorus, O.O. Club. Office Runner. Pep Club. Basket Girl.Bob Roy Fulk "Got the world on a string." Pep Club, Chorus, Basket Boy. Mary Ann Fry© "Mary. Mary, quite contrary." F.N.A. G.A.A.. Pep Club. Chorus. Latin Club. B. B. Gator "On your mark, get set. ; . .!" Football, Basketball. Track, Boys' Cabinet. Hershell Gill "I've got Joy." Cross Country, Track, Office Helper. Intramural Basketball, National Honor Society. Joan Marie Gill "She carries the mark of efficiency." French Club. Latin Club, Chorus, F.H.A., Pep Club, Patrol. Charles Francis Gillard "He walks as though the band were playing 'Hail To The Chief'." Patrol. Latin Club, Science Club, German Club, Pep Club, Dra- Imatics Club, National Honor Society. 40Jim Gillian "Sometimes I just sit end think; mostly I just sit." Patrol. Pep Club, Chorus. Jr. Prom Committee, Counselor's Runner. Ruth Gnerich "Quiet, unlike most girls." F.H.A.. Gym Assistant. Library Assistant. F.B.L.A., 0.0. Club, Office Assistant. Pep Club. Mary Ann Gorman "She's a lady." French Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Drama, Counselor's Runner. Sandra Jean Gosling "I want to linger." Concert Band. Marching 100, Orchestra, F.H.A., Dramatics. Counselor's Assistant. Donald Bennett Greenwood "Here’s one worthy to be mentioned." Basketball Manager, Baseball Manager. Donna Graziana "Somebody's rockin my dreamboat." Chorus. Pep Club, F.H.A., Basket Girl. Carol Rose Greenwell "Well—deep subject." 41Jean Groves "Don't make me blush." Pep Club. Cheryl Ann Gustine "Pleasure before business for success." Pep Club. Chorus. P.H.A., Patrol. Of fice Runner. Tom Frederick Hack "Hey, shortstop!" Latin Club. German Club. Science Club. Marching 100. Vincent H. Hale "Without my hair that bull would've never stopped." Tatler Staff. Patrol. 42Norma Ruth Hamelmann "Don't feel sorry for me: I’m having a good time." Chorus, Concert Band, Marching 100, Latin Club. Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee. Michael Hammonds "Heap big smoke, but no fire." Track. Patrol. French Club, Pep Club. Lola Pearl Harrison "Angels smile at the good she has done." F.N.A., Basket Girl. Mike Richard Hartnett "He Is gentle, he is shy. but there's mischief in his eyes." D.E. Club. Pep Club. Office Runner, Spanish Club. 43Bonne Kay Haun "The longer we know her the more we like her.” Library Assistant. Office Runner. Basket Girl. G.A.A.. Pep Club. F.B.L.A., French Club. Band. F.H.A. Orville M. Harvey "It's a friendly heart that has a plenty of friends.” Camera Club, Science Club. Pep Club. Charlene Haynes "A nice little girl." F.T.A.. Spanish Club. Pep Club. Dramatics. Harry Joseph Haien "You can tell a good coin by it’s ring, so who cares about being a good coin." Chorus. Pep Club. Intramural Basketball. James Eugene Healy "Five words he spoke, but he played his part." Spanish Club. Pep Club. 44 Beverly Ann Hefley "Good qualities need no advertising." F.H.A.. Pep Club Counselor Assistant. Carolyn Leota Henderson "Turn off the bubble machine." Pep Club. G.A.A., F.H.A., Chorus. Marilyn Jean Heffron "If I had my way." William Earl Hendricks "Big bad Bill is sweet William now." Patrol. Victor Henkhaus "A nice guy to have around." Jim Hentrich "Everything's moving too fast." 45Sharon Herren "For she is just the quiet kind, who's nature never varies." F.H.A.. Library Assistant. ■ Marlene Himmel "Sorry boys, She's already taken." Chorus. Pep Club. F.C.A., F.H.A., Patrol. Judith Ann Hicks "Whistle while you work." Tatler Staff. Marching "100". Concert Band. French Club. Dramatics Club, G.A.A.. F.T.A.. National Honor Society. Jr. Prom Committee. Patrol. Rosemary Hildebrand "Southern Belle." Office Runner, Dramatics, Spanish Club, Pep Club, F.H.A., Science Club, F.N.A. Tom Hise "What's the greater, what he did do or what he didn't do." Intramural Basketball, Patrol, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club. Science Club. Janet Kaye Holt "She smiles and the shadow departs." Chorus. Commercial Art Club, Pep Club. Junior Prom Committee, Tatler Staff, F.H.A. Gilbert Hise "Don't fence me in.' 46 Gerald Hoover "A pleasant companion.' German Club.Alice Diane Horn "Fun to be with." Marching 100, Dramatics Club, Pep Club Concert Band. Marilyn Horsley "A perfect model of sweetness." Chorus, Orchestra. F.T.A.. F.H.A., Patrol, Pep Club, Library Assistant, French Club, National Honor Society. Mary Martha Huber "A true friend is a friend forever." F.H.A., Pep Club, Chorus. Richard Milton Hussong "He will make music wherever he goes." Marching 100, Chorus. Orchestra. Science Club, Spanish Club, Patrol. Drill Team. Boys’ Chorus. Pep Club. Concert Band. 47Tamara Hutte "Madame President." Patrol. Student Council. National Honor Society, Latin Club, Dramatics Club. Pep Club. Office Helper. Jr. Prom Committee. Sherry Jann "She’s as 'Corny' as Kansas in August." G.A.A., Pep Club. V Betty Ann Isom "A light heart lives long." Basket Girl, Chorus. Pep Club, F.H.A. Ella Jane Jackson "My heart is a hobo." F.T.A., F.N.A., Debate, Spanish Club, Science Club. Chorus, F.H.A.. Pep Club. Dramatics. 48Jackie Jacobs "Don't you ever frown." Harry Richard Jenkins "Nice guy with a friendly smile." Donna Johnson "Understanding is the wealth of wealth." Pep Club. F.H.A. Jane Sparks Johnson "She has rings on her fingers." Patrol. Cheerleader. Office Assistant. Counselor Assistant. Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Club. Candidate for Dream Girl. 49Sharon June Johnson “Life is gentle.” Pep C'ub. G.A.A.. Clinic Assistant. Patrol. F.N.A.. F.H.A.. Chorus. Marching 100. ant. Mary Lou Jones “My heart is young and gay." Chorus, Office Assistant, Library Assistant. Patrol. Pat Jones “I love Paris in the summer." Tatler Staff. French Club. Pat Ann Jordan “All dressed up in a smile." F.H.A., Girls' Council. F.B.L.A., F.N.A.. F.T.A.. Pep Club. Basket Girl, Patrol. Nancy Marie Jones “I'll be there if the Good Lord's willin' and the creek's not dry." Tatler Staff. Counselor Assistant, Pep Club. Chorus. F.H.A.. Library Assistant. Jr. Prom Committee. Switchboard Operator. Max Kassler “A truer word was never spoken." Latin Club. Pep Club. Office Runner. 50Jim Keenan "A fresh, a free, a friendly man." Ruth Ann Keil "A little goes a long way." Student Council. Tatler Staff. Co-Editor; Patrol, Debate. Dramatics Club. Secretary: Library Assistant. Spanish Club. Secretary. Margaret Ann Kelly "Blissful spirit." Future Nurses. Pep Club. D.E. Club. James Thomas Kelly "There is wisdom behind a cloak of silence." Football. Orchestra. Science Club. Patrol. Baseball. Pep Club. Chorus. Sharon Frances Kirbach "She is good as she is fair." Office Helper. O.O.. F.B.L.A., Tatler Staff. Gym Assistant, Pep Club. 51Violet Marie Kirby "Come rein or shine, she’s el-weys heppy." F.N.A., Librery Assistent. John Kolesa "Long ego end fer ewey." William Walter Klein "Billy the Kid." William Korte "Gotte be this or thet." President Rodio Club, Pep Club. Boys' Cobinet. Chorus. Office Runner. 52Sandra Kruse "Glad to have you with us." Pep Club. F.H.A.. D.E., Chorus. Robert Lacey "No sooner said than done—so acts the man of worth." Chorus. Patrol. Pep Club. Intramural Basketball. Bob Browning Lahlein Larry Franklin Lamb "God's gift to women—why don't we "Brightest and best." exchange him?" Chorus. Patrol, Science Club. Pep Club. Cross Country. Basket Boy. 53Janet Faye Langer "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Patrol. Library Assistant, Student Council, Chorus, Dramatics Club, French Club, Pep Club. Junior Prom Committee, F.T.A., Notional Honor Society. Kathleen Langford "A pleasure to know." Pep Club, Chorus. Leo Larsh "Strong reasons moke strong actions." Mary Kaye Leitner "Free as the dial to the sun." French Club, Basket Girl, Pep Club, G.A.A., Office Assistant, Dramatics Club. Mary Alice Layton "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble." Chorus, Patrol, F.H.A., Offxe Assistant. Pep Club, O.O. Ray Leonard "Just wait until I make my first million." 54Howard Seal Lewis "King of Hearts." Football, Student Council. Pep Club. Alan Curtis Liebig "This guy’s best friend is his camera." Basket Boy. Camera Club. Football. Carolyn Linenfelser ' Gee. I’m sprouting wings —or is it horns?" Tatler Staff, Chorus, Pep Club. Dramatics Club, Girls' Council. Spanish Club, Patrol, Junior Prom Com mittee, Gym Assistant. Counselor Assistant, Office Assistant, Library Assistant. Linda Livingston "She is the very picture of friendliness." F.H.A., Chorus, F.N.A., G.A.A. Susan List "A woman's work is neveV done." F.T.A.. Office Assistant, Pep Club, French Club. F.B.L.A. Dorothy Jean Losch "So dependable, so considerate, so nice." Pep Club, Band. Marching 100. Chorus, Patrol. Latin Club. F.C.A., F.N.A., Orchestra, Office Assistant. 55Georgia Ann Lumley "Happy Times." G.A.A.. F.N.A.. Pep Club. Chorus, Basket Girl. Mary Malloy "Good company." Concert Band. Marching "100", Latin Club, French Club, G.A.A., F.T.A., National Honor Society. Noel Manns "She draws pictures which no one can identify." Commercial Art Club, Chorus, Co-Editor Tatler Staff. Camera Club, Office Assistant. Ronald William Maple "Hitch your wagon to a star." Pep Club. 56Ronald Richard Marshall "A worthy addition to our class." Veda Mae Maxeiner "Dream a little dream." F.H.A., Chorus. Betty Ann May "Real-I-I nice." Commercial Art Club. Chorus, French Club. Pep Club. Richard Mayberry "Have a little fun." Dean McAninch "Full of Pep." 57Judith Ellen McDanel "A disposition to match her laughing eyes." Science Club. Dramatics Club. Orchestra. Latin Club. Band. Patrol, German Club. Pep Club, Chorus. National Honor Society. Queen Esther McFern "Strangers are just friends she hasn’t met yet." G.A.A.. F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club. Marching 100. Timothy Phillip McPilce ”1 know a trick worth two of that." Patrol, Pep Club. Chorus, Office Assistant, Dramatics Club. Junior Prom Committee. Joy Medler "She has a weakness for redheads." Orchestra, Chorus, Tatler Staff, Latin Club. Pep Club, Student Council. Dramatics Club. F.H.A.. Patrol. National Honor Society. Mary Lucille McManus "You musta' been a beautiful baby." Tatler Staff. Debate. Pep Club. Chorus, Patrol. Counselor Assistant. Dramatics Club. F.H.A., Commercial Art Club, Junior Prom Committee. 58 Robert William Meloy "A smile is worth a million words." Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Pep Club, Patrol.Aden William Miller "Billy Boy." Latin Club. Band. Patrol. Marching "100", Pep Club. Creighton John Miller "All great men are dying—I don't feel so well myself." Patrol. Office Assistant, Gym Assistant. Latin Club. Science Club. Intramural Basketball. National Honor Society, Pep Club. George William Miller "Young fellows will bo yeung fellows." Pep Club, Science Club. Patrol. Office Assistant, Counselor Assistant, Latin Club. Karen Mink "A few more and you'll have enough to make a coat." Tatler Staff, Cheerleader. F.H.A., Latin Club. Chorus. National Honor Society, Student Council, Maid to Dream Girl. Gym Assistant. Jr. Prom Committee. Pep Club. 59Gary Edward Moolc "When I feel the urge to work coming on. I just lie down until it passes." Student Council, Band. Boys' Cabinet. Orchestra, Science Club. Latin Club. Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Baseball Manager, Junior Prom Committee. National Honor Society. Terry Lee Monks "He's headed for greater things, but he's pointed in the wrong direction." Spanish Club, Office Assistant. Pep Club. Candy Sue Moore "Big and Beautiful." Counselors Assistant. F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Patrol. Pep Club. Dramatics Club, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Chorus. Nancy Ann Moore "Uhmm. what lovely hair." Marching 100. Concert Band. Orchestra. F.T.A., Pep Club. Science Club. Jerrie Loraine Morgan "Church bells soon will ring." F.N.A., Color Guard, F.H.A., Office Assistant. Chorus. Donna Moyer "Delicious springs of |oy." F.C.A., G.A.A., Pep Club, Chorus, Color Guard. Robert Lee Mossman "And to you, young man, goes first prize." Patrol. Intramural Basketball, D.E., Pep Club. Office Assistant, Basket Boy. 60Jacob Thomas Muehleman "Gourmet, but food is not his only dish." Basketball, Patrol. Student Council, Office Assistant, Pep Club, Boys’ Council. Golf, Basket Boy, National Honor Society. Frances Kay Munson "Enchanting smile." Tatler Staff, Patrol, Latin Club, F.H.A., Pep Club, President; Office Assistant. Jr. Prom Committee. Girls’ Council. Johnny Musgraves "A firm character." Sharon Kay Musgrave "Sharon with the laughing Face." F.N.A., F.C.A., Patrol. F.H.A.. Basket Girl. i Judith Nave "Attraction, attracting all like a magnet." G.A.A.. Pop Club. O.O., F.B.L.A.. Patrol. Counselor's Assistant. Kenneth Royal Nale "Drivin nails in my coffin." Pep Club. Graphic Arts Club. Patrol, Jr. Prom Committee. 61Howard Neal "Jump. Howard. Jump.1 Band. Chorus. Carol Ann Nichols "It's better to be faithful than famous." Chorus. Library Assistant. Pep Club. Sarah Jane Nicolet "Always helpful, always fun. under the bed when there's work to bo done." Pep Club, Counselor Helper, F.T.A., National Honor Society. Mary O'Conner "Hail, lovely queen." Student Council. Patrol. Jr. Prom Committee, Chorus, Homecoming Queen. Gerald John O'Dell "Long legs make for a tall boy." D.E. Club. Counselors Assistant, Science Club, Pep Club. Paulette Marie Nolan "Dear hearts and gentle people." F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club. Office Helper, Counselor Helper. Nancy Maye Odell "Fashionelity plus personality." Tatler Staff, Dream Girl Candidate, Cheerleader, Chorus. National Honor Society. Latin Club. Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committoe, Student Council. Careers Night Committee. 62John O'Donovan "When Irish eyes are smiling." Intramural Basketball. Science Club, German Club. Pep Club. Chorus. Fred Oettle "That ain’t fat, man. that's muscle!" Marching 100. Concert Band. Latin Club, National Honor Society. Sandy Lucille Ozee "Fun . . . Fun . . . Fun!" F.N.A.. Chorus. Pep Club. Basket Girl, F.H.A., Dramatics Club. Floy Patterson "Eager to please." Spanish Club. F.H.A., Basket Girl, G.A.A., Chorus. Pep Club. 63Thelma Patterson “I can dream, can’t I?" Pep Club. F.H.A., G.A.A. William Gustus Pelot "Definitely Able." Chorus, D.E. Club. i ■ Sid Ross Peterson "He'll never wear out." Marching "100", Concert Band, Pep Club, Chorus. Sally Jane Pinkerton "Face like a Dresden doll." Chorus, Patrol, F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Pep Club. Anita Poindexter "All American girl." Spanish Club, F.N.A., Cadet Band. Pep Club, Concert Band, Marching "100”. F.H.A., G.A.A. Pat Pinkowski "Talkative little gal who never has a serious thought." Pep Club. 64 Roberta Pointer "Steady, studious, and sincere." National Honor Society. Student Council, F.N.A.. Latin Club, Chorus. Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee. Katherine Ellen Priest "Angel of mercy." F.N.A., F.H.A., Latin Club. Ger-mon Club, Clinic Helper. Lonnie Earl Pollard "He leads a carefree life." Basebo' , Band. Drill Team, Marching 100, Patrol. Donald Porter "Simp'icity and an unaffected air." Pep Club, Camera Club. Roger Ward Queen "Me and my slush pump." Marching 100, Pep Band, Concert Band, Orchestra. Drill Team, Spanish Club. Darla Raisner "Isn't she cute?" F.H.A. Dorothy Rose Prager "Only the best is good enough." F.H.A.. Band. German Club. Office Assistant. F.B.L.A. Mickey Ralph "He 'ikes a good joke." F.F.A. 65 Loren Randol "Hi ya Speedy!" Linda Ann Rawlins "Such pretty hair and eyes." Spanish Club. Pep Club. Chorus. Patrol. John Recknagel, Jr. ' One of the few among many." Office Assistant. Patrol. Donna Ribble "A true word can scarcely be measured." F.N.A., Latin Club, Dramatics Club. F.H.A.. Clinic Assistant. Jr. Prom Committee. Tatler Staff, National Honor Society. 66Damon Rickard "I'd rather hold a football than any girl, or would I?" Varsity Football, Pep Club. National Honor Society. Pam Ring "The imoge of you." Linda Lee Risler "Shorty's got to go." Pep Club, Chorus, Patrol, Counselor Assistant. Basket Girl, Latin Club. French C’ub, F.N.A., Debate. Dramatics. Jr. Prom Committee. Marion Ringering "Hello." Chorus. Patrol. Clinic Assistant, F.N.A., F.H.A., Latin Club, Pep Club. Office Assistant. Gym Assistant. Beverly Joan Robinson "As busy as a bee, and full of honey." Color Guard. Latin Club, Chcrus, Careers Night Committee. F.T.A., Counselor Assistant, Pep Club, Y.F.C. 67Alicia Rae Roe "Row. row. row your boat.” Student Council. Chorus, Orchestra. F.N.A.. Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Latin Club. Office Assistant. Susan Elizabeth Rulon "Little and full of fun." Chorus, Spanish Club, Library Assistant, F.T.A., Pep Club, Office Runner. Rebecca Ann Russell "If joy were silver, she’d never be broke." Patrol. Becky Lynne Roettgers "I love the Marines." Tatler Staff. F.H.A.. Commercial Art Club. Pep Club. Chorus. Alice Ruckman "My sweet little Alice-Blue-Gown." F.C.A.. Switchboard Operator. Joyce Rudd "Busy as a bea ver." Carolyn Ruth Rogers "She sparkles and so does her ring." F.H.A.. Chorus, Pep Club. Y.F.C. Barbara Rowden "A combination hard to beat—scholar, friend, musician." Band. Orchestra. Spanish Club. Pep Club, Chorus. Science Club. Patrol, Drama Club, National Honor Society.Robert Milford Ruyle "That sly old gentleman.” Robert Schiermeier "Fastest way to a man’s heart is a gun." Pep Club. Allen Lee Schmidt "Money talks, but all I ever hear it say is goodbye. ’ Stephen Oliver Schmidt "A leader of men. a follower of women." Football. Track. Student Council, Intramural Basketball, Band. National Honor Society. 69Karen Yuonne Schneider "With my eyes wide open I'm dreaming." Latin Club, F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club. Chorus, Dramatics. Y.F.C. Larry Joe Schneider "HI string along." James Schueler "My father never raised a bond to any of his children except in self defense." Student Council, Chorus. Jr. Prom Committee. Pep Club. Intramural Basketball. Harriet Yuonne Searles "Full of good words and deeds." F.H.A., G.A.A.. Pep Club. Gary Lee Seal "Any more from where you came from." Mary Anne Sekerke "There is no virtue that is so truly great as justice!" French Club, F.H.A., Color Guard. Prom Decoration Committee. Tatlor Staff, National Honor Society. 70Mitzi Sevier "Majestic sweetness." Patrol. Latin Club. French Club. Chorus. Office Assistant, Counselor Assistant, National Honor Society. Melinda Seymour "The most valuable articles are found in the smallest packages." Student Council. Varsity Cheerleader, J.V. Cheerleader. Candidate for Dream Girl, French Club. Counselors Assistant. Pep Club. Chorus, Jr. Prom Committee. Maid to Homecoming Queen. Frances Jean Shaw "Things come easy for an easy going girl." Clinic Helper. Library Assistant, F.H.A., F.B.L.A.. Office Assistant, Pep Club, French Club. Switchboard Operator. Barbara Carole Shackelford "Education is a wonderful thing; every school should have one." Band. Counselor Assistant, Orchestra, Library Assistant, Basket Girl, French Club. Marching 100, Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee. Sue Sheldon "If you knew Susie." Chorus, Orchestra. Office Assistant, Tatler Staff, Pep Club. French Club, "Dream Girl." National Honor Society, Career’s Night Committee, Jr. Prom Committee. William Shelton "Lazy bones." Track. J Mary Shaw "Full of vim and vitality." F.H.A., Patrol. Spanish Club, Library Assistant, Pep Club. O.O. Club. Counselor Assistant. Hazel Ruth Sheppard "All greatness loves to be surprising." F.H.A., Pep Club. Office Assistant. 71Sandy Shy "Runnin’ wild." Patrol. Student Council, French Club. Pep Club. Byron Sherfy "The good live longest." Marching "100". Drill Team. Gene Paul Siglock "Take me out to the ball game." Latin Club. Barbara Smith "Girl with the flaxen hair." Chorus, Basket Girl, F.C.A., F.N.A., Pep Club. Clinic Assistant. Office Runner, Y.F.C. Charles Smith "I have a barrel of fun." Band. Marching "100", Pep Band. Orchestra. 72Susan Kay Smith "Perky little girl." Chorus, Band, Pep Club, Latin Club. Dramatics Club. G.A.A., F.N.A. Pam Soper "Sharp as a tack." Patrol. Chorus. Pep Club. Office Helper, F.H.A., Latin Club. Dramatics Club. Student Council. Rita Stahl "She doesn't stall around." Jr. Prom Committee, Counselor Assistant. Patricia Yvonne Stamper "I hate nobody. I’m in charity with the world." G.A.A.. F.H.A., Latin Club. Barbara Staub "Since I've been wearing these glasses, I wonder who's hugging me now?" Tatler Staff. Cheerleader, Pep Club, F.H.A., F.N.A., Chorus. Dramatics Club, Gym Assistant. Sharon Kay Spooner "Singing through life." F.N.A., r.H.A., G.A.A., Pep Club. Beverly Ann Stauffer "Sunshine follows you." F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club. 73Janice Kay Steele "At last, after 12 years, it’s over." Patrol. F.N.A., F.H.A., G.A.A.. Latin Club. German Club, Pep Club. Chorus. Science Club, Tatler Staff, Y.F.C. Paul Wayne Stilwell "A swell fella." Spanish Club, D.E. Club, Intramural Basketball, Patrol, Office Runner. Freddie Joe Stice "An honest man. ' D.E. Club. John Stokes "Big Otis." Basket Boy, Graphic Arts Club, Office Runner. 74Leslie Eugene Strader "He’s just the right kind." Lynn Stuart "Leave silence to the saints; I’m only human.” Jr. Prom Committee, Tatler Staff. Latin Club. Pep Club. Patrol, Office Assistant. Library Assistant, Student Council. Gym Assistant, Chorus. Jeanne Marie Swinney "In the twinkling of an eye." Orchestra, Chorus. F.N.A.. G.A.A., Pep Club, Majorette. Latin Club. Clinic Assistant. F.H.A., Library Assistant. Y.F.C. James Sumpter "Young in limbs, in judgment old." Tatler Staff. Boys' Cabinet. Office Assistant, Pep Club. Jr. Prom Committee. Science Club. Spanish Club, Dramatics Club. Dennis Tavlos III "One at peace with all below." 75Paul Tchoukaleff "A devil on my shoulder." Track. Cross-country, Office Runner. Donna Thornton "Sweet as sugar candy." Student Council. Counselor Runner. French Club. Patrol. Jr. Prom Committee. Pep Club, Basket Girl. 76 Susana Marie Theison "Oh! Suzanna." F.H.A. Paul Tinsley "Liberty is breath of progress."Lane Beall Venardos "How utterly crass!" Football Manager. Basketball Manager. Track Manager. Science Club. Patrol. Spanish Club. Counselor Runner, Pep Club. State Spanish Champion. Office Worker. Belmont Edward Wahl "I'm not in the role of common men." Eleanor Elaine Wahl "A face with gladness overspread." F.N.A.. F.H.A., Chorus. Patrol. Office Helper. Pep Club. F.B.L.A., Clinic Assistant. Basket Girl. Robert Lawrence Walford "I get my kicks on route 66." Sharon Lea Walker "When I think. I must speak." Chorus. F.H.A.. F.C.A.. Pep Club. 77Richard Lee Warren "Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." David Robert Watkins "Anything for a quiet life." Office Helper, Chorus, Camera Club. Intramural Basketball, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club. David Ray Watkins "Have car. will travel." Nancy Joan Webster "Nancy, with the laughing face." D.E. Cub. Pep Club, G.A.A. Diana Lee Weber "Full of spirit." Spanish Club, F.H.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Patrol. Chorus. 78 Alice Louise Wells "Why worry! I may live another year." F.H.A. Pep Club, Dramatics Club.Millie White "Never strays from the right.” F.H.A.. F.B.L.A. Sheila Jean Whitten "Where did she get all that energy?” Library Assistant. Gym Assistant, Pep Club. Larry Dean Whitten "Who Me? A Lady Killer??” Graphic Arts Club. Chorus. Pep Club. Tom William Wicks ”A man of noble thoughts, and faultless character." Science Club, Latin Club. National Honor Society, Camera Club. Claudette Williams "Silent and aware.” Pep Club. F.H.A., Latin Club. Student Council. Gloria Jean Williams "I am as I am and so will I be." F.H.A.. F.N.A.. Chorus. Pep Club. Counselor’s Assistant. 79Lucy Williams "A friendly girl is a real joy." Chorus, F.N.A., Gym Assistant, G.A.A., F.H.A.. Pep Club. Willard Woodrow Wilson "Move over Einstein, here comes Woody." Spanish Club, Science Club. Mary Wiseman "Busy as a bee, she’s full of honey." F.H.A., Pep Club. Dramatics Club. Science Club, Spanish Club. Leanna Woodard "She 'done' herself proud." F.H.A., Chorus. Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Spanish Club. 80Cheryle Lee Younger "Rich in saving common sense." F.H.A.. Runner. Virginia Ann Yount "Simplicity, sweetness, stillness is she." National Honor Society. Latin Club, Dramatics Club. Science Club, Pep Club. Gregory William Edward Yust "Nothing succeeds like success." National Honor Society, Concert Band. Orchestra. Latin Club. Marching "100", Pep Club. 81Senior Superlatives "Best Figure and Physique" Jane Howard and Lewis Johnson "Friendliest" Penny Boedecker and Wesley Bayles "Most Likely To Succeed" Sue Sheldon and Greg Yust "Most Talented" Joy Medler and Steve Batchlor 82"Peppiest" Melinda Seymour and Joe Bayer "Best Dressed" Snookie Keil and Jessie Cox "Best Looking" Twyla Bradshaw and Wayne Bott "Best Dancers" Lynn Stuart and Vernon Davis 83"Most Courteous" Donna Thornton and Bob Lahlein "Most Athletic" Sanny Butler and John Trowbridge 84 "Most Sophisticated" Sherry Fay and Creighton Miller "Cutest Couple" Jane Nicolet and Ron Ayres"Most Popular" Mary O'Connor and Jerry Curry 85 OUR SENIOR RING One of the most important events of the climax of the senior year for students .s receiving h,s class ring. The history of the class ring at Alton Senior High School is especially fascinating. It was designed eight years ago by a committee of students and faculty members. On one side of the ring is an impression of the front of the main building; on the other is our well-known Redbird. These features make it a ring which is of lasting value to only an Alton High graduate. Under the impression of the main building is the number 19 resting on an open Book of Learning; the number 62 is likewise under the Redbird and is also resting on an open book. Below these numbers are chevrons which are symbolic of strength. The laurel leaves which lie behind the main building represent achievement. The center is either a ruby which denotes the school color or an all gold top with a block letter "A". Around the center of the ring is Alton High School spelled out in raised gold letters. On each side of "Alton" a star rests which is symbolic of aim and aspiration. Almost all students order their rings in the spring of their junior year; so that they will have the pleasure of wearing it during their complete senior year.Zke seniors trooped in eagerly to see their proofs, and then... 88"Ain't We Got Fun?"90r 92"A White Christmas only 3 weeks late—or was it 352 days early? "I wonder where everybody is?" 93"Well, there's one ant that’ll never bother me again." Et tu. Brutus! "Come in Captain Video. Earth calling Captain Video." Jk "100 words a minute—no typewriter." Sewing Circle—keeps each other in stitches." 98 "Kind of gets you right here, doesn't it?" 99"This 'adequate lighting' business is going too far." "Be careful around all that machinery. One false move and you'll be torn limb from tree." "A warm fire sure is a comfort on a cold night."J "Are you sure Jackie Kennedy started this way?" Psst . . . there goes the girls' gym class again." "At this rate I'll be lucky to get to "Z" by next summer." 101 "Just what I always wanted, a steam engine typewriter!" "In the old days, a woman's face was her fortune; now it's the beauty parlor's! 102"Good grief! That guy's gonna take our picture!""Really. I think the game is too. too amusing." "And as the sun slowly sets in the west, the members of the P.E. classes wind their weary (?) way to the showers." 104What form . . . the batter's, that is.bored. "Look Zelda. they’re taking our picture!" "A toast ... to good food and congenial friends."You d lough too if someone were tickling your beard!! 108Don't step on it, he might be Lon Chaney! Sometimes I think the only way I'll get out of here is to burn the school.Now, take it easy . . . I'll give you the "A". no A peek into the kitchens of Chef Boy Ar-Dee."My. Grandma, what big eyes you have!" "That's a lot of trouble for one pint of mountain dew." "Hey! Quit crackin' nuts and get back to work!!"Caught in the Act! "Caught in the process of taking another candid picture are Nancy Jones and Stormy Barton. These are the two sneaky little rascals responsible for the candid section." 112Queen Mary at Home Howard, you know—'H' as in Jose and 'O' as in oops." Ma, she's making eyes at him! 1139 mr jPfBP vHomecoming Queen Miss Lavern Brown escorted by James Jackson Miss Penny Boedokor escorted by Jerry Curry Miss Melinda Seymour escorted by Joe Bayer Hail Lovely Queen Hail lovely queen! To thee our song we sing Our loyalty and homage now we bring Smile Thou on us, be happy and gay For this is your coronation day! Hail gracious queen! The pride of our dear school Blessed by thy reign, and happy be thy rule We bow to thee, the fairest ever seen Long live our Queen, our fair and beauteous queen Miss Karen Mink escorted by Rick EcclesVarsity Cheerleaders Melinda Seymour. Pat Arnold. Penny Boedeker—Capt.. Karen Mink. Pat Young 118Alton High has had the good fortune of having more than its share of very capable cheerleaders. This past year had been no exception. Our '62 cheerleaders have done an outstanding job in creating new and clever cheers which have inspired our teams and the many fans of Alton High. The position of cheerleader is not to be taken I ightly. These girls represent our school, therefore; they must have qualities of which we can be proud. These include scholarship, dependability, pep, poise, and a pleasant personality. Besides these important qualifications, our cheerleaders are chosen on their athletic ability to encourage school spirit. Cheerleader is a position of prestige, but it is also a job involving hard work. We, at Alton High, appreciate the effort and time which these girls have given. S. B. junior Varsity Cheer leaders Pam Grosenheider, Judy Buffington. Ann Skinner, Libby Pars, Sue Almonroeder. 119Alton 13; Bast St, Couis 0 The Flyers received the opening kiclcoff on their 10 yard line. They made it to their 24 when Redbird end, James Jackson, hit the East Side ball carrier and caused him to fumble. Jackson quickly recovered the ball for Alton. Five plays later quarterback, Steve Schmidt, pitched out to fullback, Don Davis, who went crashing over the goal line making the score 6-0 Alton's favor. Davis' kick added another point for the Birds making the score 7-0. Approximately three minutes of the game had gone by. Davis again kicked off to the stunned Flyers. This time East Side made it to their own 22 yard line. However, on East Side's first running play linebacker, Richard Stevenson, hit the Flyers' right halfback forcing him to fumble the pigskin. Stevenson hurriedly recovered the ball giving it to Alton. The Birds steadily worked the ball toward the opponent's goal. Left halfback, Terry Mitchell, did the trick as he plowed through the East Side line for the second touchdown. The score npw stood at 13-0 Alton's favor with six minutes of the game having elapsed. East Side didn't have the recuperative power to make a comeback during the third and fourth quarters, and the determined Redbirds whipped the amazed Flyers 13 to 0. Congratulations to the Redbirds and Coaches McClain and Will for a truly outstanding game. Richard Green Steve SchmidtRow One: Terry Mitchell, Steve Schmidt, Jim Minslcer, Richard Stevenson, James Logan Ron Ayres, Damon Rickard. Rick Eccles. Ed Herd, Don Davis, Richard Green, Jerry Curry. James Jackson, Joe Bayer Row Two: Coach Ralph McClain, Coach Richard Johnson. Jim Austwick Bill Henson, George Koch, Danny Gantz, Dennis Brandt. Jim McConathy, Howard Lewis. Carl Davis, George Fulkerson, Merle Hazelwonder, Don Hale, Earl Dancy, Paul Hanold, David Dickerson Row Throe: Marshall Moyer Richard Clark, Bill Schuemyer, Loren Rondo!, Jim Blair, Jim Arbuthnot, Bob Carver, Bob Boedecker. John LaBlanc, Ken Anderson, Gary Halford. Paul Economides. Jim DeMumbrurn, John Mulvill, Nelson Metz. Mike Wyatt, Lane Vernardos, Coach Fred Will As the leaves of autumn began to fall, the loyal Alton High fans headed for the attic in search of the old dusty trunk containing their raccoon coats and red and gray pom-poms. The thrill and excitement of football was once again in the air. Inspite of all this enthusiasm, the Redbirds found their first game a tough one as they fell to the Billikens of St. Louis University High 19-13. But as everybody knows, you can't keep a good Redbird down; and Alton proved it the next game as they rolled over their cross-town rival, Marquette 26-6. Now the Redbirds had the ball rolling; but the question was could they keep it rolling with what was to face them next. As September 29 arrived, the Redbirds found themselves up against the seemingly unconquerable East St. Louis Flyers. But finally the law of averages caught up with East Side, and the jinx was up. A decided under-dog, the mighty Redbirds dug in and when it was all over, came out on top 13-0 for the first time since October 21, 1938. Now that the impossible had been done, the Redbirds thought they were ready for anything. However, they found out different as they met up with the rough-going Granite City team and were forced to call it a 12-12 tie. The boys picked themselves up and tore into the hard-hitting I960 Missouri State Champions as they downed Parkview of Springfield 13-0. Next on the menu for the Birds were the Edwardsville Tigers. Edwardsville had a rugged ball team but not rugged enough for Alton as we walked over the Tigers 31-13. If the Redbirds could clinch their next game with the Belleville Maroons, they would have the Southwestern Conference title within grasp. However, Fate found different plans for the Birds on October 27 as they fell to the Marrons 25-0. The Redbirds once again pulled themselves out of the gutter as they came back to hand the Collinsville Kahoks a crashing defeat in 35 degree weather with a score of 43-6. The Redbirds' last game was a tough one as they came out with a 7-0 victory over Woodriver. Five Alton players made the 1961 All-District Team. They are Howard Lewis—guard, Richard Green—tackle. James Jackson—end, Terry Mitchell—halfback, and Don Davis—fullback. Thank you, Redbirds, for presenting Alton High with a truly splendid performance this year. We would also like to thank coaches McClain, Will, Johnson, Perrin, and Tanner for an excellent job of coaching the Redbirds. And now all you loyal Alton High fans can put your raccoon coats back in the old dusty trunk until the leaves of autumn begin to fall once more. 124junior Varsity Row One: Ray Wallace Dennis Brandt, George Koch. Richard Clark, Merle Hazelwonder, Richard Stevenson, George Fulkerson, Bob Boedeker, Don Hale, Jim Minsker. Jim McConathy. Danny Rodgers Row Two: Danny Gantz. Mike Wyatt. Jim Austwick, Gary Halford. Earl Dancy, Ken Anderson, Marshall Moyer. Paul Hanold. Bill Henson. Jim Blair. Nelson Metz, Mgr. Sophomores Row One: Kenneth Best, Paul Caldweil. Brent Gwillim. Andrew Johnson. Leroy Johnson, Peter Komlos. George Maher, Pat Purcell. Tim Schmidt. Lloyd Harris, Richard Kearby, Fred Stampley Row Two: Coach Jacjc Tanner. William Ehlart, Ken Fessler, Carl Hamberg, Richard Horn. Ed Kaizer, David Kirbach, David Lews David McClendon. David Stalker, Frank Taylor, Mike Vandergriff. David Walls, Coach Bill Perrin Row Three: Bob Armstead, James Connors. Steve Dennis, Don Huebener, Robert Lynn, Marian Perica, Larry Pugh, Richard Searles. Tom Sims. Frank Holliday, Kenneth Link, James Summers, Vic Schartz, Bob Tungett 125 ss-tountry tJamj , ill their firs trier s Ifedbirds-rfo an over Granitej Cit; p the Alton-Westa d came out on tfo were seven The Ain lor. Hershr Cadwell ai The S'tud bnqretulatjonj to Cc Ration and perforin. Cross-Country Im 1 Q Cl V j , i it ■ y 4 Wk UiA I 1 The tfr.ighiv Al on High S off witf a bi pom Friday, $jfep and jftielleviile John Trowbijjdrj Birdf kep1 up tjiair good start,Vw op fa|ir (feres. in this meej. jhhis rh6|t against Westerr. V ! ctobir 6, Alton took first Oc beh 7, the Birds travel finished second with only f fjrove ftheir ability as they domirrati pl of points. This was the Birds iJ atiofcjl. which featured 215 rurgm jyvever, the Oilers didn't prove; jail duAl and triangular tne. pow ready to face the cqpference bwith a score of Alton- 02r Ed' Job- tun' ■ "..... angular r 3 • viutwy git September n t ji+fhy meet, wimfjtan— 19: teran letterrj aci ktarted meet of the year witif Jw dsville over both their Jmjpneijlsf The 26. ThlhRscfcir ) Jook Alton's JiMor yjsity Western M3 tary®-40. Belleville Invitational. Th Sext the Hi AnnyrfT oria High School jvitatieni f1" on? of 10 points. The Redbifejs !igh School cross-country 4na t Jtf thewfive year history of theWeajn meet was a dual meel( ,a‘prS»iei J the Redbirds easily tjj the BOT ille and Beaumont Invitatrpnell, ran 9 mil e s aS The Alton runners won the Southwest errCC He second with 39 points, and Collir l| thiB f'time of 9:51.1. Other Alton plaqehnfnts jn Trowbridge took first placed -fijiird place, Bob Brown—four Leonard Perry—sixth place, Jdaving seized the conference, crl| red. This sent Alton to the lllinoi l in the state meet with John Troylijr and Steve Batchelor—thirteenth tl district title, which they also highly respectable ei ghj v fjohn Trowbridge, Paul Tchoukaleff ferry. Darrell Groves, and G« Snfi . r drl Wigger for a "magnificent ¥• ' , WM os Counfry .etternrialy tun't. Bo b Brown, Letfn received provisional I Tom fne teamVarsity Row Ojie: (kneeling) Steve Batchelor. John Trowbridge Paul Tchoukaleff. George Hunt. Leonard Perry. Bob Brown. Darrell Groves Row Two: (standing) George Frazier, Hershall Gill, Tom Cadwell.129Clotis Fowler Danny Gantz Larry Shoemaker Tom Atherton Ed Herd Roosevelt Wilson Bob Jones Dale Kuhn Earl Dancy Mike WyattVarsity Row One: Roger Capps, Ed Herd. Bob Jones, Danny Gantz. Cletis Fowler Row Two: Rick Clark—manager, Mike Wyatt Dale Kuhn, Larry Shoemaker.Earl Dancy. Roosevelt Wilson, Tom Atherton, Don Greenwood—manager Junior Varsity Row One: Rick Clark—manager. Jim Baiter, George Terry. Danny Gantz. Dennis Brandt, Dale Parrish. Darrell McGibany. Ralph Ford—manager Row Two: Tom Jones. Dave Brewer, Dale Kuhn, Earl Dancy. Dave Wilson, Bev Terry 131As the basketball season came in with the Christmas spirit again this year, the Alton High Redbirds found themselves with six varsity men returning. The Redbirds got a good start in their first game, December I, in a triumph over Christian Brothers of Quincy 67-57. Following this victory, the Birds were the hosts of two home games. In the first clash the Redbirds barely skimmed by Mt. Vernon 39-38. The second home game on December 8 proved even more of a disappointment as the Redbirds fell to the East Side Flyers in their first defeat 69-54. December 9 found the Birds in Decatur where they tangled with the Decatur team, but to no avail, as they left the court with a 61-55 loss. Having previously lost two consecutive games, the Redbirds thought it was time to turn over a new leaf. They did this as Edwardsville's guest on December 15 when Alton outplayed the Tigers and came up with a 65-55 victory. The Birds kept up their new trend with a 71-51 victory over Wood River. December 26 marked the beginning of the East St. Louis Tournament. The Redbird's first opponent was Lincoln of Venice. The Birds continued their winning streak as they trounced their first opponent 77-62. Alton now found itself face to face with the mighty Kahoks of Collinsville. However, the Kahoks didn’t prove so mighty, and the Redbirds emerged the victors 61-53. Larry Shoemaker was the center of attraction in this contest as he set a new Alton High record of 43 points in one game. In the final and championship game of the tournament, the Birds and Madison fought a fierce battle. But Alton had to step down to a second place position as they fell to Madison. The Redbirds started out the new year wrong with a 74-61 loss as they met the Collinsville Kahoks again January 5. Alton High would truly like to show their deep gratitude to the team. Head Coach Mel Sheets, and Assistant Coaches. Harold Matthews and Jim Tyree, for a superb presentation.Friday, December I Saturday, December 2 Friday, December 8 Saturday, December 9 Friday, December 15 Saturday, December 16 Friday, December 22 December 26-29 Friday, January 5 Saturday, January 6 January 10-13 Thursday, January 18 Friday, January 26 Saturday, January 27 Saturday, February 3 Friday. February 9 Saturday, February 10 Saturday, February 17 Friday, February 23 Friday, March 2 ......... CBC (Quincy}—There Mt. Vernon—Here East St. Louis—Here Decatur (Stephan)—There Edwardsville—There Roxana—Here Wood River—Here East St. Louis Tournament Collinsville—Here Belleville—There Dupo Tournament East St. Louis—There Edwardsville—Here Granite City—There Wood River—There ..... Collinsville—There Belleville—Here Quincy—Here Granite City—Here .....Pinckneyville—ThereVarsity Row One: Ron Ayres, Steve Batchelor, Joe Bayer. Ed Dancy, Mack Davis. Wilbur Davis, Paul Economides, Mike Dan Gantz Row Two: B. B. Gator, Herschell Gill, Jerry Gormley, Richard Green, Don Hale. George Hunt. Bruce Klosterhoff. Bert Mary. Leonard Perry. Danny Rodgers Row Three: Bill Richardson, Steve Schmidt, Paul Tchoukaleff. John Trowbridge. Loren Rondol. Dan Watrous, Tom Wilson: Managers: Peter Cook, Mike Hacke. Lane Vernardos Junior Varsity Row One: Dan Gantz, Bob Brown, Joe Williams. Leonard Perry. Jim Blaine Row Two: Ed Johnson. Steve Fiedler. George Fulkerson. Richard Pat Miller. Paul Economides. Earl Dancy Bruce Klosterhoff. Ray Wallace, Bert Mary. Jerry Fielder. Don Hale. Green. Bob Boedeker. Dale Parrish. Merle Hazelwonder. Tom Cadwell. Dennis Brandt. Bill Edminston. 135INDOOR TRACK AND FIELD EVENTS The Redbird Indoor Track Squad has once again made an outstanding showing. In their first meet at Evanston the Birds" captured first with 83 points. In the Oak Park Relays, the big meet of the season, they captured fourth. Last year Alton placed seventh in a field of 63. Now the Redbirds have improved to fourth in a field of 70. This feat verges on the miraculous considering that we have no indoor facilities. The final meet was a combined indoor and outdoor effort at East St. Louis. The Birds", once more took first place honors. The coaching that led to this record is of the finest possible. Our hats are off to: Mr. Will—sprinters and hurdlers: Mr. Perrin—field-men: and Mr. Wigger—distance. OUTDOOR TRACK AND FIELD EVENTS The Alton High track team made a fine showing this season despite heartbreaking setbacks in the try for state. The Redbirds scored impressively, winning 7 of 9 meets in which Alton men competed. Six of these wins were scored before we met a crushing defeat at the district meet. Numerous injuries prevented the team from winning this meet and from qualifying our various runners at state. John Trowbridge ran the 880 for Alton in state and placed sixth, just missing a point for Alton with his magnificent run. The "Birds" staged an amazing comeback at the Southwestern Conference meet by beating Eastside by one point in the most thrilling meet of the season. With legs wrapped in tape, our team showed their true capabilities. Our mile relay team ran over the famed Eastside team to capture the winning point and set a new meet record. The greatness of Alton’s individual trackmen is exemplified by speedster B. B. Gater's invitation to the nationally famous Memorial Track meet in honor of the deceased members of the football team of California Polytechnical College.Baseball Row One: Lonnie Pallard. Cletis Fowler. Bll Roettgers. Joe Perica. Jerry Curry Bill Dawson. Frank Bemls. Jim Norvell. Jim Minsker Row Two: Perry Chester. Rick Boyer. George Koch. M ke Wyatt. Bob Jones. J-m Munskerman, Ron Jurezlz. John Alrich. Dick Duncan. Mac Kely. Don Greenwood Row One: Jeff Harris, Richard Webb. Jim Austwick, Russ Hendricks. Jim McConathy, Rick Clark, Ken Anderson. Ray Watsek, Rick Bock. Steve Davidson. Robert Emmons Row Two: Mike Elliott. John Dorman. Steve Taylor, Roger Willis. Kent Cooper. Mark Cartwright. Bill Henson. A. J. Smith. Mike Neal. Ron Kuhn. Coach Ralph McClain 138139The Redb'rd golf team has once again teed-off to an outstanding series of victories and high-placement in the state tournament. Our team steadily knocked-off its opposition on the climb to the top. They captured the district tourney and moved on to take an extremely impressive ninth-place in State. Varsity Golf Team—Row One: Mike Johnson, Tom Muehlman Bob Gou'ding, Mike Mason. Bill McBride. Row Two: Tom Lambie. Hardy Weathers, Larry Word. Jim Ingram. Jim Mulqueeny. Carl Fors. 140'Dream (fir! of 196 As the couples, donned in their festive formal wear, arrived and stepped onto the dance floor, the atmosphere of "My Blue Heaven" magically came to life. At the far end of the room, beneath the glow of the spotlights, was a large mural picturing a silhouette of a boy and a girl walking hand-in-hand up the pathway to a vine-covered cottage. Alternate strips of ice blue, snow white, and sapphire blue crepe paper had been gently draped to form the ceiling. Tables covered with small white, cloths and decorated with stars of blue fluff sparkling with glitter lined the walls. As the time for the coronation approached, a lump of excitement formed in my throat. Soon the candidates and their escorts had gathered in a room to learn the lucky girl's identity. A feeling of tenseness filled the room as we anxiously awaited the news. When I heard my name, surprise and happiness overwhelmed me. My whole world spun crazily around me, and I was still in a daze when, in the final moments of excitement, Mr. Jureziz handed each of us a snow drift bouquet of shaggy mums and lined us up at the entrance. Two by two the girls and their escorts were announced with a fanfare: "Miss Jane Johnson escorted by Joe Stock. "Miss Nancy Odell escorted by Jesse Cox. "Miss Karen Mink escorted by Bill May. "Miss Penny Boedecker escorted by Chuck Swartz. 'Miss Melinda Seymour escorted by Wendell McAfoos. "Miss Twyla Bradshaw escorted by Bob Jones." Then Steve Schmidt announced me, Sue Sheldon, as Dream Girl of 1961. Our class president, Wesley Bayles, escorted me to the throne and placed the crown upon my head. As we waltzed out onto the floor, it was as if a dream had come true. I shall never forget the thrill and excitement of that night.Zatler Staff Stormy Barton Candid Editor Nancy O'Dell Associate Editor Adele Barocca Associate Editor Jim Crane Sports Editor Stephanie Bean Associate Editor Nancy Jones Candid Editor Joy Medler Club Pictures Editor Karen Minlc Associate Editor Alicia Roe Associate Editor Mary Anno Sokerke Club Pictures Editor 146Kathy Koehnc Director ot Photography and Layout Mary Lu McManus Art Becky Roettgers Art Director Donna Ribble Dark Room Secretary Donnis Tavlos Art Ruth Ann Keil Co-Editor Fran Arkis Business Manager Mary DeMumbrun Sales Vince Hale Book Sales Manager Tom Henesey Sales Judy Hicks Sales Manager 147Carolyn Linenfelser Typist Fran Munson Sales Barb Staub Typist Lynn Stuart Correspondent Secretary Janice Steele Typist Susan Miller and Betty Dunston Hurry up and take it before the car falls in." "Ink here, paint there, and that's modern art." 148"I just knew they'd wait till the last minute.” "And this is me when I was only 4 years old.” "Do we have a student named Boom-Boom Gabrowske?”Row One: Roberta Pointer, Tamara Hutte, Twyla Bradshaw Row Two: Pat Mueh eman, Ann Gouldng Melinda Seymour. Gayle Schneider, Linda Hardwick, Donna Thornton, Nedra Patison Row Three: Barb Logan. Mary Anschuetz. Sue Monica!, Mary O'Connor, Nancy Sunderland, Pam Soper. Stephanie Bean, Marsha Lahey Row Four: Dennis Brandt, John Rodgers, Wes Bayles, Peter Komlos. Bev Terry, Bob BurressJuture Zeaekers of America Mr. Springer, Janet Langer, Dawn Waidman, Carol Burleson Row One: Judy Tussy, Anna Porter. Wilma Bacus, Tina DeSherlia. Linda Alters. Trudy Stilwell Row Two: Libby Wolf. Kay Storey, Nancy Combs. Georgia Lumley. JoAnn Jackson, Estel Oswalt. Sue Walton. Carol Brooks, Miss Bowling 153Jrenck Club Row Ono: Mary Anschuetz, Kathy Gifford E''en Whited. Carol Emerick Pat Muehleman, Gail Judy. Cynthio Seymour Row Two: Lura Davis Kathy Heitz, Roberta Ghent. Jan Teasley, Elizabeth Sunderland, Charlene Fowler, Betsey Hamer Row Threo: E'izabeth Schulenburg, Sue Monicol. Kathy Grady. Jane Hughson. Nancy Sunderland Ann Gou ding Row Four: Paul Ducommun, Janet Heiney. Georgia Peterie, Terry Witcher. Judy Heavner Row Five: Richard Duncan, Karen Muehleman, Ruth Lehr, Vicki Sheff Row One: Elizabeth Pars. Jean Bartlett. Kathy Bund, Sandra Westbrook, Susan Olson. Jo Ann Wilson. Mary Ann Sekerke, Susan Almonroeder Row Two: Susan Wittman. Pat Young. Sharon Hall. Nedra Patison. Mary Cousley. Ramarrah Moore, Alice Butler. Sharon Smith. Larry Orris Row Three: Nellis Wiliams. Linda Jenkins. Nancy Zapf, Elaine Frischkorn, Gloria Markham. Anne Co ins. Twyla Bradshaw Row Four: Richard Bock, Janet Keeling. Froze'la Croslin, Tom Boschert. Ruby Dav's, Michelle Surveyor. Don Marti 154Debate Row One: Bob McBrien Bob Schiermeier, Ruth Ann Keil. Jane Nicolet, Glazebrook Row Two: Alien Schmidt. Frozella Ooslin. Tom Wicks, Randy Arst. Tom Miss Colonius, Penny Boedecker. Judy Betz. Mary Lu McManus. Stove Schmidt, Bob Atherton. Ed Cooper, Michelle Surveyor. Ella Jackson. John Wagner. Tim M:ddleton Commercial J rt Club Row One: Kathy Koehne. Sandy Camp Mary Lu McManus Georgia Peterie. Dons Harmon. Jerry Stressor Row Two: Dale Raymond. Susan Milior, Kay Courter 155Row One: Sharon Calame, Phyllis Hopkins. Peggy Lewis. Pat Osborne, Jeri Parrish. Eva Wagner, Sandra Willings, Pat Colluccini, Cathy Fleming. Jane Redd. Diane Edwards. Judy Seymour. Linda Boliard Row Two: Nelson Ledbetter. Lynn Walter. Walter Gregory. Ann Whetzel, Gail Bryden, Gail Ledingham, Pam Grosenheider. Ann Skinner, Sharon Chamber-lain. Kathy O’Donnell. Roberta Wohlert. Mary Ellen Lewis. Elizabeth Sunderland. Yvonne Forbes. Susie Flenner, Roberta Pointer. Chloe Sellier. Mrs. Pointer. Mr. Hagen Row Three: Paul Burkhardt. John Peipert. Mike McKee. Lee Witcher. Brent Gwillim. Gary Phipps. Paul Forbes. Creighton Miller. Paul Bierbaum. Don Christy. Caron Hannebaum Jerry Sims. Margaret Turley. Gwen Crouch. Karen Gill. Carol Killion, Mary Anschuetz. Bonny Allgeyer, Kaela Moore. Ann Nitsche Qernan Club Row One: Carol Erdman, Judy McDane!, Cathy Houston, Stormy Barton, Jane Fichtel Row Two: Charles Schnider, Wilbur Schnider. Charles Gillard. Bill Bierbaum Row Three: Tony Cahill. Richard Hibbs, Homer Davis. Paul Hanold. David Denison 156Russian Club Row One: Sue McClintock. Marilyn Schwartz, Janice Gosling. Dale Bower, Emily Bardolph, Lydia Bunecky Row Two: Mr. Stuchlik, Judy Rowden. Jon Keeling, Lorry Duncan. Lorry Cooke, John Barton. Ron Downey Spanish Club Row One: Mr. Howard. Jan Daniels, Joyce Garbor. Cereza Cockrell, Carolyn Craig, Karen Bedwil! Row Two: Donna Wilson. Sally Holloway. Kathy Dourson. Sharon Hawkins, Carolyn Conham, Mark Whiteside. Charles Gill Row Three: Nancy Harris. Bonnie Allgeyer, Terry Monks. Dennis Hamby, Steve Blakely 157Barbara Jackson Sandra Frazier Jo Ann Walton Thelma Ham Sandra Geisen Marlene Himmel Sharon Walker Linda Breeden Betty Johnson Pat Dilling Jo Ann Dixon Janice Barbour Donna Moyer Pat Pinkowski Mrs. Becker Dorothy Losch Marilyn Heffron Dixie Harris Alice Ruckman 158graphic Arts Club Gerald Bizollion, Lee Harrelson, Jerry Howard. Bill Miller, Mike Hopper, Bill Romo. Harry Anderson. Mr. Robert Treise Mr. Ronald Rathberger. Tom Bailey. Lloyd Cook. Jim Carroll. Maurice Stilley, John Stokes, Ken Nail. Kent Elhoffer 159Distributive Education Club Row One: Margaret Kelly, Kay Derr, Paul Stilwell. Gerald O'Dell Row Two: Susan Bai'ey. Nancy Webster. Carolyn Dumey. Sandy Kruse. Cathy Carter, Sandra Foley. Bob Mossman Row Three: Mike Hartman, Bill Pelot, Bob Buhs, Joe Stice, Mike Haag. Paul Finsley. Mickey Ralph 160Hoys’ Cabinet Row One: Pennington McGee, James Stockard. Steve Taylor, Greg Lafakis. Secreary: Dennis Tavlos, Preisdent; George Frazier, Jeff Gilbert— Sergeant of Arms; Bob Brown, Vernan Stokard Row Two: Charles Lambie. Kent Cooper, Tom Boschert, Ulysess Gainer, Dave Voracek. Max Kassler, Vince Ha'e. James Holloway Row Three: Tim Middleton. John Sanders, John Holloway, George Cambell, Clark Harley. Harry Seorles, Louis Finley. Gan Craig Juture Business Ceaders of America Row One- Sally Pinkerton. Mary Barcey, Dorothy Prager, Marilyn Harris, Claudia Boomershine, Karen Oden, Susan Olson, Jean Rollfing, Patricia Jordan, Marclene Goring. Jo Ann Lofts Row Two: Miss Bricker, Rose Mary Whittleman. Kerren Petersen. Diane N.asello. Brenda Franklin, Bonne Hauhn. Karen Whittleman. Pat Bryant, Minnie Caffey 161■ David Joehl. Willie Generally. Dick Wagner. David Knoche Knooling: Tony Baker, Richard Walters. Tommy Kortkamp Standing: Frank Cope. Gordon Berry, Richard Ruyle, William Whitehead, Tom Holbert, James Manns. Mike Cannon, Norman Cranefuture Homemakers of America Row One: Josephine Patterson, Lois Caulkins, Nancy Maul, Thelma Patterson, Sharon Johnson. Bonne Haun, Joyce Pruitt Row Two: Matt e Ewing. Rebecca Nichols, Margaret Turley. Kathy Voege. Linda Doerr. Virginia Ballesteroz. Janet Talbert, Dorothy Curry, Virginia Tinsley Row Three: Cindy Pipered. Barbara Patterson. Darlene Underbrink, Jean Poindexter, Pat McFern. Lois Ketchum Row Four: Veda Maxeiner, Jonet Wood, Susan Howard. Delores Manda, Camille Parker, Jessica Jameson, Joan Faulks Row One: Bernadine Henderson. Barbara Johnson, Ruth Myers. Barbara Teutken, Nancy Greenwood Row Two: Kay Storey. Mary Lou Henderson. Eliz Covington. Winnie Marsh. Sharon Adair, Martha Heuer, Sandra Harding, Marilyn Keltic Row Three: Susan Crivello. Jean Myers, Carol Williams, Priscilla Yost, Carolyn Cunningham, Vicki Langford, Margaret Greeling, Marilyn Harris Row Four: Linda Eden. Carolyn Walfore. Pat Soto. Carolyn Mitchell, Donna Frazier, Carolyn Rogers, Janice Wyhs, Claudia Boomershine 163National Manor Society Row One: Sanny Butler, Stormy Barton, Barbara Rowden, Janet Langer. Joy Medler, Judy McDaniels. Twyla Bradshaw, Mary Anne Sokerke. Row Two: Fran Arkis, Alicio Roe. Marilyn Horsley, Roberta Pointer. Adelo Barocca, Virginia Yount, Diane Wehrle Judy Hicks, Sue Sheldon. Karen Mink. Row Three: Steve Schmidt, Damon Rickard, Gary Mook, Hershell Gill, Charles Gillard, Ron Downey. Jane Nicolet. Mary Malloy Row Four: Fred Oettle, Don Mackenroth, Tom Muehleman. Greg Yust, Wesley Bayles, Randy Arst, Creighton Miller. John Barton, Tom Wicks, Nancy O'Dell Not Pictured: Michele Surveyor, Donna Ribble. Tamara Hutte. Mitzi Sevier. Peter Cooke, Linda Ringering 164future purses of America Row One: Jane Gormley. Nancy Schneider, Sharon Johnson. Roberta Pointer, Yvonne Forbes, Cheryl Spooner, Donna Ribble. Kathleen Watrous Row Two: Loretta Mills, Linda Baiter, Gay Leadicker, Linda Cravens, Sheila Pea. Jeanne Swinney. Carol Erdman. Cheryl Ramage Row Three: Jeon Lenhardt. Sandy Willings, Goil Siegrist, Judy Seymour, Alicia Roe, Lois Caulkins, Wanda Warnsing, Ann Nitsche, Tarrah Doech, Pat Colluccini Science Club Row One: John Weslick, Dave Miller, Diana Weslick. Barbara White. Stormy Barton, Elaine Frischkorn, Chuck Evers, Richard Schenke. Michael McKee. Steve Blakely. Mr. Wools Row Two: Mike McKenzie. Alfred Healy. Bill Bierbaum, Jim Rugh. Brent Schindewolf. Tom Wicks, Richard Hussong. George Campbell. Roger Smalley Row Three: Mr. Monical. Paul Bierbaum. Russell Surveyor. Richard Allton. Dennis Hamby, Richard Hibbs. Richard Huener 165Office Occupations Dian Gross. Sarah Elliott. Sherry Dowdy, Carolyn Hudson. Sharon Kirbach, Mary Alice Layton. Patricia Flye, Mary Lou Jones. Marie Market, Janet Beck, Vera Jeanette Bock. Susie Rulon, Joyce Rudd. Beverly Stauffer. Donneetia Hopper, Donna Graziana. Ruth Gnerich. Betty Isomy Becky Freeland. Mrs. Dorothy Buerk'e, Pamela Read. Carolyn Deucker, Mary Shaw, Paulette Nolan. Hazel Sheppard. Judith Nave, Linda Livingston, Brenda Teitelbaum. Ralph TerryRadio Club Robert Tripp, Homer Davis. W. W. Willis W9QNV, Gordon Haxel K9YWY John Hardaway, David Oliver K9VUA, Wil iam Bierbaum. Tom Carr Ernest Winchester K9GOR. William Korte K9VKU, Richard Morgan Kn9GAQ, John Carlton K9FGO Camera Club Row One: Pennington McGee. Cheri Cockrell, Sandy Pelot, Pete Harvey. Robert Tripp. Marvin Saville, Mr. Carr Row Two: Ronnie Bock, Jim Rugh. Mike McKenzie, Dave Miller, Tom Wicks. Alvin Haywood. Tim Middleton. Ren Downey 167Bev Steve Chuck Roger Sue Bernhard Batchelor LaMarsh Queen Monical Sid Jack Gary Geoff Libby Peterson Montgomery Faye Harris Davis John Rich Bill Lee Gaye Rogers Clark Bryant Veltum Leadicker Roger Mr. Boyd Rich Dave Wilbert Willis LaMarsh, Director Fritz Webb Davis Greg Dave Dennis Roger Larry Yust Miller Brandt Elliott Hermes Lonnie Gary Marilyn Leonard Sue Pollard Campbell Weigand Woods Webb Paul Mike Dan Sandy Barb Foster Wyatt Gantz Gosling Shackelford Gail Jim Rich Jan Don Seigrist Jackson Hussong Gosling Bachman Janet Nancy Phyllis Leonard Dave Carson Moore Paul Perry Watkins Mary Jackie Gail Bill Norma Malloy Jennings Judy Walter Hamelmann Judy Charles Jean Aubrey Hicks Smith Zimmerman Moore Renee Richard Linda Fred Corlis Musgrave J arret Oettle Rosie Jerry Martha Waine Maneke Curry Heuer Ward Diane Glennda Larry Brad Wehrle Creal Duncan Hull Zke Mocking “ZOO” Color Guard: Linda Jenkins, Rosie Maneke. Peggy Simms, Marcia Liley Byron Sherfy Tom Renken Libby Davis Gail Judy Carol Sue Hunter Gaye Leadicker Mike Hartman Bill Meyers Sherry Adair Jacqueline Jennings Gail Siegrist Barbara Chalk Shelly Boone Barbara Shackelford Charles Smith Larry Hermes Sandra Gosling Nancy Moore Jackie Churchill Carol Carleton Sue Monical Leonard Woods Marilyn Manns—Head Majorette Janet Daniels—Majorette Renee Corlis Bob Sims Elaine Frischkorn Dorothy Losch Susan Diemer Marcelene Goring Mary Malloy Clarence Ellis Charles Haynes Janet Carson Linda Roller Diane Wehrle Sue Webb Judy Hicks Wilbert Davis Larry Scroggins Bradley Hull John Miller Howard Neal Beverly Bernhard Sam Jenkins Sid Peterson Roger Willis Janis Williams—Majorette Karen Walker—Majorette Sue Almonroeder—Majorettet Color Guard: Marilyn Weigand (Sergeant), Joan Robinson, Judy Rowden, Mary Anne Sekerke Richard Schoeffel Judy Lagemann Darryl Amschler Steve Batchelor Alice Horn Geoff Harris Randy Godwin Lon Pollard Jim Casper Anita Poindexter Jean Zimmerman Roger Queen Kent Cooper Bill Bryant Richard Conway Larry Duncan Bill Walter Richard Hussong Eileen Freeman Richard Fritz Gary Campbell Martha Heuer David Watkins Richard Musgrave Phyllis Paul Dave Miller Jeff Gaylord Fred Oettle Richard Cannedy David Webb Tom Gillard Gary Fay George Campbell Waine Ward Linda Jarrett Roger Elliott Mont Bodine Norma Hamelmann Bill Miller Jan Gosling Aubrey Moore Lee Veltum Charles LaMarsh Marty Voss Nancy Cannedy —Majorette Mr. Boyd LaMarsh—Director Janet Elliott—Majorette Jack Montgomery—Drum Major Ellen Whited Majorette Jeon Morrow-Meiorette Drill Zearn Jack Montgomery Lee Veltum Jim Jackson Wilbert Davis Clarence Ellis Gary Fay Ken Tom Link Gillard Bill Bryant Richard Hussong Waine Ward Roger Willis George Campbell Geoff Harris Richard Sitze Richard Fritz Richard Roger Elliott Schoeffel Jim McConathy Robert Sims Chuck LaMarsh 169Ken Richard Jim Rich Mike Link Allton McConathy Eccles Cannon Larry Walter Gary Rich John Scroggins Traitor Thompson Conway McManis Sam Jim John Tom Libby Jenkins Casper Miller G ilia rd Wolf Bill Byron Darryl Earl Mr. Boyd LaMarsh, Meyers Sherfy Amschler Mosby Director Eileen Dan Bill Marvin Sandy Freeman Andrews Edmiston Saville Smith Richard Mike Jeff Rich Sue Schoeffel Hartman Gaylord Sitze Koprivica Sharon Marcelene Clarence Judy Randy Hawkins Goring Ellis Lagemann Godwin Robert Jackie Dave Jim Karen Sims Churchill Kirbach Blair Gill Barb Tom Carol Marty Becky Chalk Renken Hunter Voss Buckshot Carol Linda Shelly Anita Carlton Jenkins Boone Poindexter Pat Judy Frosty Mont Kimball Rowden Croslin Bodine Sue Charles Randy Kent Diemer Haynes Hemple Cooper Pep ft and Jack Larry Geoff Bob John Aubrey Leonard Montgomery Hermes Harris Sims Rogers Moore Woods Roger Charles Gary Richard Chuck Bill Charles Willis Smith Campbell Musgrave LaMarsh Walter Haynes Dave Roger Richard Clarence Roger Wilbert Miller Elliott Fritz Ellis Queen Davis 171Senior Chorus: Row One: Jeanne Swinney. Joyce Schultz, Jean Dugge, Nancy Schneider, Jean Georges, Mary Lu McManus, Joyce Garber, Tina De Sherlia, Jane Fichtel. Roger Duncan. Robert McBrien. John Wagner, Steve Batchelor, Dale Lockard. Janet Longer, Mary DeMunbrun, Gayle Basden, Jean Morrow, Linda Hardwick, Lucy Williams, Edina Buckshot, Loretta Cook, Joy Medler, Mary Kochersberger. Carolyn Linenfelser Row Two: Jill Doerr, Sharon Campbell. Jane Barnett. Elizabeth Boodeker, Sheila Varble, Marilyn Howe, Cheri Cockrell, Betty May. Carol Erdmann. David Watkins. Harold Johnston. Jerry Sims, Ronnie Lofts, Greg Yust. Gary Hickerson. Don Christy. Judy Buffington, Marilyn Manns. Nedro Patteson, To' Holloway. Cheryl Rowland. Roberta Pointer. Sue Sheldon. Ruth Lahr, Winnie Delano, Karen Meyer, Mary Frye Row Three: Jan Stiritz, Sharon Fleming. LaVerne Brown. Billie Walters. Cheryl Ramage. Karen Hendrickson, Penny Randall. Linda Rawlins. Nancy Foeller, Carole Stauffer, Patty Jo Reed. Pete Wittman, Vernon Davis, Glen McAninch. Roosevelt Wilson. Roger Vol'mer, Robert Wilson, Danny Johnston. Frances Dodd. Barbara Staub, Sandy Ozee. Diane Weber, Emily Bardolph. Joan Keiser, Sandra Pelot, Barbara Logan, Joy Scheurer, Sharon Ward, Joan Robinson. Carolyn Rogers Senior Chorus: Row One: Pat Miller. Pat Edwards. Doris Lee. Roberta Edwards. Janet Helney, Kathleen Bell. Becky Riney, Sheila Pea, Veda Maxeiner, Dale Bower, William Alexander, Robert Burress. Paul Du Common. Dave Niederkorn. Ed Cooper, Janet Fagan. Pat Payne. Kathy Heintz. Kathy Grady, Mary Rizzotto. Ann Goulding, Morian Ringering, Barbara Porter Row Two: Charlotte Stearns, Carol Jones, Janet Holt, Nancy Zapf, Ginger Graul, Doris Gormley. Vicky Perez, Anna Ball, Kathy Houston, Bonnie Ward. Joy Shoemaker, Pennington McGee. Charles Bowman, Tom Anton. Ken Anderson. Larry Miller, James Kelley, Richard Sitze, Frances Arkis, Janet Keeling. Karen Muehlman. Carolyn Cunningham. Elizabeth Cook. Karen Kortkamp, Katherine Carter Row Three: Daisy Ingram Carolyn Seiler, Nancy Carroll. Nancy Harris, LaVerne Brown. Pat Walls, Susan Smith, Merrilee Austin, Becky Gillard, Jeanne Borko. Kathy Dourson. Margaret Lewis. Tim McPike. Paul Economides. Jerry Eaker, Richard Bock, Jerry Smith, Robert Lacey, Karen Glassmeyer, Pat Bolton, Eleanor Wahl, Barbara Chalk, Janice Ballinger, Barbara Smith, Anita Bryant. Adele WilliamsSophomore Chorus: Bonita Allgeyer. Don Bachman, Linda Baiter. Dora Baker. Virginia Ballasteroz, Mary Barsy. Jean Bartlett. Judy Boyer. Steve Belchick, Judy Bertles, Dorthy Best. Judy Betz. Michelle Blackard. Glenda Blankenship, Sharon Bode. Rita Bond, Claudia Boomershine, Carol Boyer. Linda Breuchaud. Carole Brooks. Dana Brown. Paula Bruce. Gail Bryden. Billie Buehleman. Sharon Colame. Carol Campbell. Sharon Chamberlain. Ann Childers. JoAnn Clark, Mary Clark, Anne Collins. Patricia Colluccini. Janet Conner, Georgia Coughlin. Mary Cousley. Elizabeth Covington, Donald Cox, Carolyn Craig. Gwendolyn Crouch. Barbara Darnell. Libby Davis. Ruby Davis, Linda Doerr. Becky Douglas. Joyce Dunnagan, Diana Edwards. Catherine Fleming. Ralph Ford. Kathleen Foster. Charlene Fowler, Donna Frazier. Dorothy Frye. Alpha Galliher, Geraldine Grable, Kathy Gifford. Karen Greene. Nancy Greenwood. Linda Greer. Trudy Hall. Dennis Hamby, Elizabeth Hamer, Cynthia Hammock, Sandra Harding. Thomas Harris. Stella Hartley. Daniel Hatcher. Ellen Hayes. Judy Hester. Jean Hinderhan. Sally Holloway. Susie Howard. Brenda Hudson, Trina Huffstutler, Nancy Hunt. Jane Hutto. Vincent Igo. Peggy Jefferson Joyce Jenkins. Mary Jimpson, Marilyn Keltie. Carol Killion Kathleen Kinsella. Ronald Kuhn. Jane Lageman, Marsha Lahey. Sandra Leach, Carolyn Lewis. Janice Lingle, Mary Little. JoAnn Lofts. Delores Manda. Marie Ellen McBrien, Carla McCord. Sandra McCormick. Gloria Merkham, Sally Maucker. Nancy Maul. Brenda Miller. Michelle Miller. Michaela Moore. Patricia Muehlman. Dianne Nasello, Kathleen O'Donnell. Nancy Ohley. Patricia Osborne. Catherine Owens. Jeri Parrish. Barbara Patterson. John Peipert. Shenna Perkins, Janice Pivoda, Joseph Poole. Charles Porter. Joyce Pruitt. Susan Pyle. Ronald Ridder. William Riley. Linda Roberts, Janet Robertson. Martha Ruckman. Marilyn Sass. Rosemary Schmittling, Gayle Schneider. Roger Smalley, Marilyn Smith, Patricia Soto, Betty Starkweather. Shirley Strange, Carol Sumpter, Priscilla Swan, Walter Tate. Jan Teasley. Anne Titus. Marsha Tuchalske, Marharet Turle, Eva Wagner. Marlene Waits. David Walls. Linda Watkins. Alice Wilderman, Susan Wills. Mark Whiteside, Lee Witcher. Guy Wood, Mariana Schramm. Victor Schwartz, Sharon Scroggins.Row One: Barb Rowden, Gail Ledingham Sandy Pelot, Eloise Rathbone, Marilyn Horsley. Bill Schneider, Alicia Roe, Joy Medler Row Two: Roger Simon, Jane Fichte!. Judy Ostondorph. Janet Bush, Carol Emerick, Sylvia Waters, Cheryl Cockrell, Janette McCormick, Richard Huerner. Joan Keiser Row Three: Judy McDanel, Gerry Grable, Kay Bush. Paul Forbes, Gail Judy, Frozella Croslin. Rosie Maneke. Charles Smith, Nancy Moore, Janet Carson. Diane Wehrle, Sue Monical. Richard Hussong, Jeanne Swinney, Jim Kelly Row Four: Ruth Lahr, Sharon Chamberloin, Gary Thompson, Sharon Minor, Larry Duncan, Janice Gosling, Bill Bryant. Lon Pollard, Miko McKenzie, Roger Elliot. Geoff Harris. Mr. Stuchlik, Director Row Five: Sid Peterson, Roger Willis "Who turned off the bubble machine?" "I found, after months of research, that I play much better with my shoes off."After 177Zkesp'ms 178 Row One: Eloise Rathbone, Sanny Butler. Jessie Lyon, Molly McAdams. Bob McBrien Row Two: Georgia Peterie. Greg Lafakis Row Three: Wally Shearburn. Tim Middleton. Pete Harvey. Dave Vorzack;Dramatics Club Row One: Alice Wells, Ruth Ann Keil, Kathy Kinselle, Virginia Yount, Kathy Bund, Paula Bruce, Jane Fichtel, Alice Butler Row Two: Nancy Snyder. Barb Logan. Mary Clark, Carol Emerick, Winnie Delano, Candy Moore Row Throe: David Bel- cher. Jesse Lyon, Judy Heavner, Judy Sweeney, Molly McAdams, Wally Shearburn. Jeanne Borko Row Four: Sharon Fleming, David Voracek. Greg Lafakis, Bob Mc-Brien Randy Arst, Tim Middleton, Mr. Davenport Row One: R a m a r a h Moore. Gail Leding-ham, Nedra Patison, Dennis Tavlos, Dale Bower, Charles Schneider, Libby Davis. Jeanne Hinderhan Row Two: Lura Davis. Terry Witcher, Gloria Reid, David Berry, Paul Bierbaum, Marsha Leahy Row Three: Janet Fagan. Michelle Miller, Donna Ribblc Dave Neider-korn, Georgia Peterie, Tom Boschert, Tom Ernst Row Four: Judy McDaniel, Janeen Jamison. Doris Owens, Margaret Lewis, Tim McPike, Pete Harvey, Ron Downey, Mary Little t r "Now. don't you think that new dross makes her look like a fire engine?" Milo Alcott Tim Middleton Mr. Wingate Wally Shearburn Daisy Durdle Sanny Butler Dr. Robert Dorsey Robert McBrien Minnetonka Smallflower Jessie Lyon Kenneth Moore David Voracek Honey Wainwright Molly McAdams Jack MacDougal Greg Lafakis 181 "Just because my mother was always drunk, that was no reason to fire her after only two days."you Can’t Zake Essie ................ Rheba Paul Sycamore Mr. De Pinna Ed Donald Martin Vanderhof Alice Henderson Tony Kirby ................ Borio Kalenkhor............ Gay Willington............. Mr. Kirby Mrs. Kirby ................ 1st Man ........... Mac Jim Grand Duchess Olga Katrina Penelope Sycamore "After all. Mother, you've been writing plays for eight years." Yes. but you shouldn’t count my first two years, because I was learning to type." 182 "We're putting some red stars after the bombs and then the baloon. That ought to do it.Jt With ou Sue Mindrup Ella Johnson Jim Norval Terry Carmean Hal Marks Franklin Johnson Ed Houston Becky Allgeyer Jerry Clardy Bob Grelling Jorg Gabelman Patsy Gould Tom Lenhardt Ann Young George Nicolor Bill Steck Steve Gibbins Jeanette Arnold Sydney Sue Ferguson 'Mr. De Pinna, has something happened to your figure during these eight years?' 'Do you like canned salmon. Mr. Kirby?' 183{Juniors o, ? 3 .? « 9 f'- A'± Acup, Delores Adair. Sherry Allen, Kathryn Ament, Jim Anderson. Harry Anderson, Ken Armstead, James Arnold. Cynthia Arnold, Pat Austwick. James Baker, Dennis Bardolph. Emi ly Baron, Ronald Barton, Bill R. Basden, Gayle Batson. J. Paul Beatty, David Bedwill, Karen Ann Belcher. David Bell. Kathleen Beloit, Bob Bennett. James Bennett. Phil Berkel. Earl Berry. Violet Bertels. Emil Blair, Jim Bock, Jackio Bock Richard Boedeker, Bob Boedeker. Libby Bohn. Philip Boone, Shelley Borders. Harry Boschert. John Thomas Bower. Dale Boyer. Carol Bradley, Bob Brandt, Dennis Brinson, Sharon Britt. Mary Lou Brockman. Carol Broemser, Ginny Brown. Robert E. Bryant. Anita Buchanan, Dale Buckshot, Ed ina Budde, Betsy 186Buffington, Judy Bumbacher, Phil Bund. Kathy Bunecky, Lydia Burger, Richard Burleson, Carol Bush, Kay Byrd, Harriet Cadwell, Tom Camp, Sandra Campbell. George Canham, Carolyn Carlton, Carol Carson. Janet Carson, Sandi Carter. George Carter. Janice Cartwright, Mark Cassidy, Sharon Cavasher. Bob Chalk, Barbara Chester. David Clark. Richard Clyde, Kristin Cockrell, Cherri Compton. Kathryn Conger, Richard Connors, Henry Cooke. Larry Cooper, Ed Cooper, Kent Cope, Frank Cope. Linda Corrigan. Martha Courter. Kay Craig. Gayle Crane, Bonnie Crane, Jim Creal, Jim Cresswell. Jerome Christy, Don Crosiin, Frozella Czarnecki. Henry D ech, Terrah Daniels. Jan Davidson. Steve Davis. Charles Davis. Elizabeth Davis. John Davis, Judy Davis, Linda Davis. Lura DeMunbrun, Jim Denham, Dinah 187Denison, David Denson. Sue Desherlia, Tina Dickerson. David Diemer, Susan Ditterline, John Dodd, Frances Doerr, Jill Dooley. Janice Dorman, John Donelson, Jerry Downey. Harold Duffey. Sam Dugge. Jeannine Duncan. Larry Duncan. Roger Dunston. Betty Dykeman, Mary Eaker, Jerry Economides. Paul Edged. Nancy Edmiston. Bill Edwards. Patricia Edwards. Roberta Elhoffer, Kent Elliott. Mike Elliott. Rodger Ellis. Clarence Elshire. Donna Emmons. Bob Emmons. Larry Ennis. Anita Ennis. Mary Erdmann, Carol Ervin, Ernest Evers. Chuck Ewing. Diane Ewing. William Fagan, Janet Fansler. Robert Farlow, Connie Farrow. Jim Fichte!. Jane Fiedler. Steve Fielder. Jerry Fillback, Doris Fines. Ricky Fleming. Gary Foeller. Nancy Forbes. Yvonne Foreman. LcRoy Fowler, Cletis Fowler. Gerald Francis. JoAnneFrankford, Roger Frazier, Donna Frischkorn, Elaine Fritz, Marilyn Frohock. Kathleen Fry. Gordon Fulkerson, George Gainer. John Gantz, Danny Garber, Joyce Garry. Cheryl Gaylord, Jeff Geisen. Joseph Geisen, Sandy Georges, Jeanne Ghent. Roberta Gilbert, Jeff Glassmeyer, Karen Glassmeyer, Larry Gormley, Jane Gosling, Janice Goulding, Ann Gowan. Harvey Grady. Kathy Graham, Beverly Graham. Judy Graul. Virginia Gravett, Steven Green, Carol Green, Johndolyn Green. Richard Gregor, Ellen Grosenheider, Pam Gruver, Marlene Hacke, Mike Hair, Jo Ann Hale, Don Hall. Sharon Hanold, Paul Hardaway. John Hardimon, Margaret Jean Hardwick. Linda Harmer, Sally Harris. Geoff Harris. Loretta Harris. Nancy Harris, Nelson Harris. William Harting, Richard Hayes, Robert D. Haywood, Alvin Hazelwonder, Merle Healy, Alfred Heavner. Judy 189Heiney. Janet Heitz, Kathie Hempel. Randolph Hempel, Ronald Hendricks, Russ Hendrickson. Karen Henry, Linda Henson, William Heuer. Martha Hickerson. Gary Highsmith, Sadie Hiller, Billy Hoehn, Henry Holbert, Richard Holloway, Toi Hopper, Micheal Houston. Kathy Huebener, Fred Hughson. Jane Hunt, George Hunt, Nancy Huntsman, Darell Jackson, Barb Jamison, Janeen Jarrett, Linda Jarrett, William Jenkins, Linda Jennings, Jacqueline Johnson. Betty Johnson, Gary Johnston. Danny Johnston, Harolh Jones. Arrilla Jones, Phyllis Jones. Raymond Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Kahney. Judy Kaid, Judy Keeling, Janet Keiser, Joan Keith, John Kenshalo, Larry Kidwell. William Kimbro, Sharon Kirk. Norma Kitzmiller. Bob Kline. Jerry Kloos. Sue Klosterhoff. Bruce Knight. Donetta Koch. George Kochersperger, Mary Korilko, Judy 190Kreitner, Edward Krotz, Sandra Kuhn, Dale Kuhn, Ronald Lafakis. Greg Lahr, Ruth Lakes. Joyce LaMarsh. Chuck Lambie. Charles Langford. Vicki LeBlanc, John Ledingham, Gail Lee, Doris Leitner. Dick Lemastus. Betty Lenhardt. Jean Lewis. Margaret Lewis. Patricia Liley, Marcia Lockard, Dale Lofts. Ronald Logan, Barbara Lucas, Pauline Lyon. Jessie McAdams. Molly McClintock, Sue McConathy, Jim McCormick. Jeanette McGee. Pennington McKenzie, Mike Mack. George Maneke, Rosemarie Manns, Marilyn Mans. Allen Mans, Joseph Marsh, Winnie Martin. Francis Martin, Helen Jo Martin. Kathryn Mary, Bert Mason. Allen May. Darrell Merkle, Pat Meyer. Karen Meyer, Ruth Meyers, William Middlecoff, Sharron Miller, Bob Miller. Carol Miller. David Miller. Judy Miller. Patricia Miller. Susan Millikin, Shelly l?lMilner, Marilyn Mindrup. Jim Minsker. James Mitts. Betty Monical, Sue Morrow, Jean Moyer, Marshall Muehlemon. Karen Mulvill, John Musgrave. Karen Neal. Mike Nichols, Rebecaa Norris. Bobbi Oldham. Beverly Olson, Susan Orrill, Sharon Kay Ostendorph, Judy Oswalt, Estell Owens. Doris Parrish. Dale Patison. Nedra Patterson. Floyd Patterson, Josephine Payne. Patricio Pea, Shelia Pelaez. Javier Pelot. Sandra Elaine Perez, Vicky Perry. Conell Perry, Leonard Peterie, Georgia Peters. Margie Peterson. Kerren Porter, Anna Powers. Bonnie Price. Jean Price, Jere Price. Joyce Pruiett, Don Pruitt, Walter Pugh. Mary Beth Randall, Penny Randol, Rose Marie Rathbone. Eloise Raymond. W. Dale Reed, Pinkie Reid, Gloria Rench. Sue Ressler. Bill Rice, Karen Sue Richey. Jackie Richey, Jo Ann Riney. Rebecca Sue Rizzotto, Mary Ann 1921 + A es 9 Robley, Mary Ann Robinson, Marga Rodenhauser, Rodney Rogers, John Rohlfing, Jean Roller. Linda Romo. Bill Rosenberg, Ken Rowland. Cheryl Rugh, James Ruyle, Ken Saley, Donna Sanders, Julia Ann Saylor. Ron Schaefer, James M. Scheurer. Joy Schmittling, James Lee Schneider, Nancy Schramm. Bob Schulenburg, Elizabeth Schwartz, Rose Marie Seago. Kathleen Secor, Don Seitzberg. Vicki Settles. Robert Seiler, Carolyn Seitzinger, Phil Shearburn. Wally Sheary. Linda Lou Sheff, Vicki Shoemaker, Joy J. Sims, Jerry E. Sims, Peggy Simmons, Doris Singleton. Larry Sitze, Richard Slone. Patsy Smith. A. J. Smith, Jerry Smith, Rick Smith, Yvonne Sokolowski, David Sorbie, Sharon Spaulding. Nancy Spooner. Cheryl Stauffer, Dennis St. Clair. Charles Stearns. Charlotte Stevenson. Richard Stilwell, Trudy Stockard. James Storey. Patricia Kay Stormer, Donald Strasser. Jerry J93Sunderland, Nancy Synalc. Charla Taylor, Jessie Taylor, Steve Theisen, Carol Sue Thompson. Andrew Thompson, Glen Toot, Melody Trail, Eugene Travis, Kenneth Tripp, Robert Trout. Alana Tuetken, Barbara Turner. Henry Tussey. Judy Tyson, Lily Unverzagt, Joyce Vahle, Larry Van Zandt, Rose Varble, Sheila Via, Margaret Voege, Kathryn Vollmer, Roger Voracek, Dave Voumard. Dennis Wade, Randy Wagner, Harold Waidmann. Dawn Waiters. Billie Wallace, Garret Wayne Wallace Raymon Walls. Patricia Walton. Sue Ellen Ward. Bonnie Ward, Sandra Ward. Sharon Wardein, James Washpun, Yvonne Waters. Sylvia Watkins, Linda Watsek, Raymond Watscn, Michael Watts, Viola Webb Richard Webb. Susan Weber, Susan M. Weilmuenster. Robert Weslick, Diana West. Joyce Ann White. Joseph White. Lane White, Tom Whitehead, William M. Whittleman. Karen 194Whittleman, Rosemary Wiegand, Marilyn Willard, Carolyn Sue Wille. Susan Williams, Carole Williams, Karen Willis, Roger Wilson. Glen Wilson. Robert Witcher, Teri Wittman. Peter Wood. Carolyn Wood, David Woodard. Lillie Worden. Gayle Wyatt, Mike Yost, Percilla Ann Young, Flora Young. Pat Young. Paul Zapf, Nancy "Watch out, I'm a contact wearer!"Sophomores Akers, Linda Allgeyer, Bonita Allsman. Shirley Allton. Richard Almonroeder, Sue Amschler. Darryl Anschuetz, Mary Armstead, Robert Armstead. Sharon Asaro. Peggy Aulabaugh, Richard Ayres. Bowen Bachman, Don Bacus, Joseph Baiter, Jim Baiter, Linda Baker. Dara Baker. Tony Ballesteroz, Virginia Ballinger, Jeanette Ballinger. Terry Barbee. Jimmie Barnes, Chuck Barsy. Mary Bartlett, Jean Bayer. Judy Beckman. Connie BeDell. Tom Beem, Carol Jean Beiser. Bill Belchik, Steve Bell, Danny Bennett, Stuart Bertels. Judy Best, Kenneth Bierbaum. Paul Bierbaum, William Bizaillion. Gerald Blackard. Michele Blakely. Stephen Bland. Bernerdine Bland. Jerry Blankenship, Glenda Bock. Ronnie Bode. Sharon Boedeker, Mike Boland, Mike Bollard. LindaBollini. Don Bond, Rita Marie Boomershine. Claudia Bopp, Larry Boulds. Laraine Bowers. Kenneth Boyd, Jerry Breuchaud. Linda Brewer, David Bridgeman. Mary Jane Brooks. Carole Jean Brown. Alma Brown. Earl Bruce, Paula Bryant. Bill Bryden, Gail Buchanan, Phyllis Buckshot, Becky Buehlman, Billie Bunt, Susanne Burgoyne. Janice Burjes. Robert Burkhart. Paul Burroughs. Hugh Bush. Janet Butler. Wilmatino Cain. Juanita Calame, Sharon Caldwell, Paul Calvey. Louis Campbell, Carol Campbell, Gary Campbell. Gregory Cannedy. Nancy Cannon. Ethel Cannon, Michael Caperton, Willis Carlton. John Carroll. Bruce Carr. Tom Carter, Rosa Carver. Bob Castillo. Michael Caulkins. Lois Chambers, Mary Chamberlain. Sharon Chamness, Ronald Cherry, Sandy Chester, Ralph Childers. Ann Churchill, Jackie Chower, Giles Clark, JoAnn Cobbs. J. M. 197Clark, Mary Cochran. Lincoln Cogan. Judy Collins. Anne Collisson. Fred Colluccini. Patricia Connel. Richard Conner, Janet Connors. James Conreux, Bob Conway. Richard Coombs, Karen Corlis. Renee Corrigan. Mike Coriine, Memory Cosco. Philip Coughlin. Georgia Covington. Elizabeth Cousley. Mary Cox, Donald Craig. Carolyn Crane. Norman Cravens. Linda Crawford. Richard Creal. Glenda Crivello, Susan Crouch. Gwen Cunningham. Dennis Curdie. Mike Curry. Dorothy Czarnecki. Elaine Dallas. Linda Darnell. Barbara Darr. Lonnie Davis. Alvias Davis. Homer Davis. Karl Davis. Ronald Davis, Ruby Davis. Russell Davis. Terry Demkey. George Denham. Judy Dennis. Steven Dodd. Edwin Doerr Linda Douglas. Becky Dumey. Betty Dunnagan. Joyce Edwards. Charles Edwards. Diana Ehlert. Dirk Elizondo. Fred Elliott, Janet 198Emericlc, Carol English, Roger Ennis. Tom Ernst. Tom Ewing. Robert Farley. Mary Fay, Gary Fern, Patricia Fessler. Kenneth Fettinger. Joy Fleming. Bob Fleming, Cathie Flenner. Susan Forbes. Paul Ford. Bette Ford. Ralph Foster, Kathleen Fowler. Charlene Fowler, Malcolm Frakes, Connie Franklin, Brenda Frazier. George Freeman. Eileen rritz, Richard Fulks. JoAnn Funk. Kerry Gaffney, Francis Gaither. Marlene Galliher, Alpha Gallup, Michael Garrett. Louise Gayan, John Gentry. William Gersman, John Ghent. Richard Gifford, Kathy Gill. Charles Gill. Karen Gillard. Tom Gillson. Carolyn Gleason. Dianna Godwin. Randy Goodwin. Richard Goring, Marcelene Grable. Gerrie Grabner. Keith Grace, Donna Grant, James Greeling, Margaret Greene. Karen Greenwell. Jeanie Greenwood, Nancy Greer, Bonnie Greer, Linda 199Gregory. Walter Gresham. Charles Gross. Sharon Grover, Michael Groves. Darrell Gunter. Larry Gurgamus, Barry Gwillim, Brent Hacke, Gregory Hair. George Hall. Trudy Hamberg Carl Hamby. Dennis Hamer. Betsy Hamilton. Donna Hammock. Cindy Handler. Diane Handler. JoAnn Hannebaum, Carol Harbaugh. Nancy Harding. Sandra Harman. Doris Harmer. Doris Harms, Gary Harris. Carla Harris. John Harris. Lloyd Harris. Marilyn Harris, Terry Harris. Tom Hartley. Stella Hatcher. Daniel Hatcher, Norman Hausafus. Walter Hawkins. Sharon Haxel. Gorden Hayes. Ellen Haynes. Charles Hearn. Mary Heater. Ruth Heffron. Sue Heitzman, Tom Henderson. Bernadine Henderson, Mary Hermes. Larry Hernandez, Larry Herren, Pamela Herrman. Donald Hester. Judy Hibbs. Richard Hill. John Hinderberger. Roger Hinderhan, Jeanne Holbert. Tom tr ft a ft ft 200Holloway, Sally Holman. James Holman. Phillip Holmes, Nancy Holme, Pleas Holmes. Richard Holtwisch, Vickie Hopkins. Phyllis Horn, Richard Howard. Susie Howard, W. A. Hudson. Brenda Huebener, Donald Huerner, Richard Huffstutles. Trina Hull. Bradley Hunt. Richard Hunter, Rosemary Hutte. Jane Igo. Vincent Ingold, Cheri Irvin, Ernest Jackson, Karon Jacobson, Ronald Jacoby, Pamela Jamison. Richard Jarrett, Lemoyndue Jefferson, Peggy Jemison. Jessica Jenkins, Chester Jenkins. Joyce Jimpson. Mary Jockisch, Lloyd Johnsen. Sandra Johnson. Andrew Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Cathy Johnson. Cheri Johnson. Don Johnson. Evelyn Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Sheryl Jones. Mary Judy. Gail Kaestner. Dorothy Kaizer. Edward Kauffold, John Kearby, Richard Keenan, Tom Kegs. Rosalie Keith, Jim Kelly. Jerald Keltie. Marilyn Ketchum. Lois 201Killion, Carol Kimbro. Anita King. Susan Kinsella. Kathy Kirbach, Dave Kirsch. Joyce Klopfer. Mike Kochersperger. Terry Kohler. Robert Komlos. Peter Koprivica, Susan Kortkamp, Tom Kovic. Stephen Kreid, Tom Lageman, Jane Lacemann. Judy Lahey. Marsha Laux. Mike Lawson. Horry Leach. Sandra Leodicker, Gaye Ledbetter. Nelson Lee. Deloeis Lewis. Carolyn Lewis. David Lewis. Mary Lewis. Peggy Lewis. Randall Lindley, Dorothy Linenfelser. Robert Lingle. Janice Link, Ken Little. Mary Lofts. Joann Logan. Victor Luster. Virginia Lutes. Don Lynn, Jackie Lynn. Robert McAfoos. Alan McBrien, Mariellen ViaI A McCann. Becky McCleery. Betty McClendon, David McCord. Carla McCormick. Margaret McCormick. Sandy McCoy. Lee McDanel. Chris McFern, Patricia McGibany, Darrell McKee. Michael McManis, John 202Maher, George Maker, Fred Manda. Delores Mandorca, Donald Manns, James Markham. Gloria Marsch, Michael Marsh, Steve Marshall, Paul Marti. Don Mary, Glenda Maucker, Sally Maxeiner. Linda Mayberry. Don Meletti, Bob Mendenhall, Tom Metz. Nelson Meyer, David Meyer. Jean Miles. David Miller. Brenda Miller, Hettie Miller, John Miller, Marvin Miller. Michelle Miller, Wesley Milligan, Helen Millspaugh. Sue Minor, Sharon Mitchell. Carolyn Montgomery. Jack Moore, Aubrey Moore, Michaele Moore. Ramarrah Morales, Raymond Moss, Barbara Muehleman, Patricia Naujokas, Irene Necellio. Dianne Neikirk. Patti Nelson, Jerry Newby. Larry Nisinger, Charles Nitsche, Ann Norris, James O'Donnell. Kathy Ohley. Nancy Ohlson. Nils Olive, Steve Oliver, Kenneth Orris, Larry Osborne. Pat Overmeyer, Bob Owens, Catharine 203Parker. Mary Parish, Nancy Parrish, Jeri Pars. Elizabeth Patchet, Beverly Patterson, Barbara Patterson, David Patterson. Pat Paul. Phyllis Peipert, Cindy Peipert. John Perica. Marion Perkins. Shanna Peterson. Ted Pfaft. Tom Phipps. Gary Piepert. John Pine, Lois Pippins. Shirley Pivoda, Janice Plumb. Cora Poindexter, Elizabeth Poole. John Poole. Joseph Porter. Barbara Porter. Charles Porter. James Poston, James Preis. Carole Pruitt. Joyce Pruitt. Mory Elise Pugh. Larry Purcell, Patrick Pyle, Susan Ravenstein, Joe Reams. James Redd. Jane Renken. Tom Renken, Walter Reno. Harold Ressler, Gary Richard. Freddie Richardson. Randy Ridder, Ronald Ridlespriger. Harold Riley, William Ringering. Jean Roberts. Linda Robertson, Janet Robinson. Bill Robinson, Karen Rowden, Judy Ruckman, Janet 204Ruckman. Marty Russell, Jeanette Ruyle, Richard Sale. Jerry Sanders, Clifford Sanders, Jim Sass, Marilyn Saterlee, Penny Saville, Marvin Sawyer. Kathi Schaumburg, Ronald Scheake. Richard Scheer, Mike Schiermeior. Bill Schmidt. Ken Schmidt, Sanford Schmidt. Tim Schmittling, Bill Schmittling, Rose Mary Schneider, Charles Schneider. Wilburt Schoeffel. Richard Schramm, Mariana Schwartz. Marilyn Schwartz, Victor Scott, Colette Yvonne Scott. David Scroggins, Larry Scroggins. Sharon Seago. Nancy Searles. Harry Searles. Richard Lee Sellier. Chloe Sexton. James Seymour, Cynthia Jane Sevmour. Judith Ann Shade, Sharon Shaw. Lela Shaw. Nancy Shive. Danny Shobe. Jerry Sibley. Frank Siegrist. Gail Simon, Roger Sims. Robert Sims. Thomas Sitton. Judy Skelton. David Lee Skelton. Jane Skinner. Ann Smalley. Roger Smith. Marilyn Smith. Robert Scott Smith, Sandra 205Smith, Sharon Snyder. Gayle Soto, Patricia Ann Spears. Ralph Stalker. Dave Stampley, Fred Starkweather. Betty Stauffer, Joan Stewart, Elmer Stiritz, Betty Strange, Shirley Streeper, Bill Strohbeck. Lois Summers. James Sumner. John Sumpter, Carol Sunderland. Bill Sunderland. Elizabeth Surveyor, Russell Sutton, Daniel Swan, Priscilla Sweeney, Judy Swift, Richard Synak, Rhana Talbert. Janet Tate. Walter Taul. Jane Taulli, William Teasley, Janis Terry, Bev Theison. Kenneth Thompson. Gary Tinsley. Virginia Titus, Anne Traitor. Walter Treadway. Carl Tuchalski. Marsha Tungett, Bob Turley. Margaret Unterbrink, Darlene Vandergriff, Mike Varel. Joseph R. Veltum, Lee Vermillion, Cheryl Vesely, Karen Vicari. Jack Vinyard. Carla Vondracek, Daniel Voorhees. Shirley Voss, Martin Waggoner, Vicki Wagner, Eva Jean Waide, Michael L. Waits. Marlene 206Walker, Claude Walker, Karen Walker, Peggy Walker. Susan Wallace, Bonny Wallace, Don Wallace, Elsie Wallace. Winfred Walls. David Walter. Larry Walter. Lynn Walter, Richard Walters, William Wanick, Danny Ward, Jeff Warnsing, Wanda Watkins, Dave Watkins, Linda Watrous, Kathleen Webb. David Webber, Bill Wehrle. Joanne Wehrman. Joe Weinmann, Robert Weirich, Albert Wells. Donna Weslick, John Westbrook, Sandra Wheeler. Helen Whetzel. Ann White, Jim White, Jim White. Judy Whited. Ellen Whiteside. Mark Whitten, John Wickenhauser, John Wiegand. Jim Wiegand, Michael Wilderman, Alice Williams. Carolyn Williams, Eleanor Williams, Janis Williams, JoAnn Williams. Linda Willings, Sandra Wills. Susan Wilson, David Wilson, Donna Wilson. Glenn Wilson. JoAnn Wilson, Scott Witcher. Lee Withers, Linda 2074 A Jr A v A ” Due to the Tatler Staff's error, we saved our Best till last. Wittman, Susan Wood, Guy Wood. Janet Wood, Wesley Wooff. Charles Wooff. Dennis Wuellner. Eric Wyhs, Janice Young. Ruth Yount, August Zeigler, William Zimmerman, Jean Best, Dorothy 208Students, Office Staff, faculty, and Administration. . . May we, the Alton Senior High Tatler Staff, borrow a few moments of your time to express our sincere appreciation —why not, we've borrowed everything else. We have managed to wear a deep path from the commercial art room to every office, classroom, teacher, and counselor at Alton High and have received nothing but courtesy and cooperation from each. The staff has found patience to be among the virtues of our school—and boy has the staff been trying on the virtues when it comes to our spot commercials. These have included such announcements as . . . Will the person who entirely neglected to include the senior class in the yearbook please report to the Tatler room at once! Our thanks are also extended those students other than staff members who so willingly sacrificed many hours which, under normal circumstances, would have been spent taking tests. We sincerely hope they didn't flunk! THANKS! 209 dvertisers gafnThis year, we of the Tatler Staff wish to express our deepest appreciation for'your willing and helpful cooperation in advertising in the 1962 Tatler. While, to many people, the yearbook is only a collection of pictures of school events, to us of the staff it is something more—it is a responsible business enterprise. Needless to say, it costs very much to produce this book, but with your co-operation, we have been able to produce another yearbook which will pass through many hands, for many years, serving not only as a reminder of school, but will also indicate your name, which signifies your good will to the school and an invitation to everyone to patronize your establishment. Again to our advertisers, "Thanks a million. The 1962 Tatler Staff 210WE'RE GOING WITH YOU Whether you know it or not, almost every day of your school year you've used a product made by OlinMathieson,orone thatOlinMathieson helped to make. Once you're established in your life's work, you'll probably hear a lot more about 01 in Mathieson. A good many of you may have business with us, and a few of you may even come to work for us. There wi 11 be room because 01 in Mathieson is growing. When 01 in Industries, Inc., merged with the Mathieson Chemical Corporation in August, 1954, they brought together the skills, facilities, and resources of two of the country's most rapidly expanding industrial organizations. We extend our best wishes to you. May the future bring you all you've hoped for and everything for which you have worked. OLIN MATHIESON East Alton, Illinois 212WARDEIN PHARMACY Prescriptions Drugs PHONE HO 5-5313 2510 State St. Alton. Illinois Compliments of BEIDERMANS Broadway and Piasa 217 Piasa HO 5-2813 MORROW-QUINN MORTUARY "Always ready in your hour of need." Just 5 Minutes Driving Time From Anywhere in Alton Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 6th AND HENRY STREETS PHONE HO 2-9296 ADAMS PRINTING COMPANY HO 2-0044 536 East Broadway Alton, Illinois 213Compliments of CARLS SHOE STORE 119 West Third Street Alton, Illinois Congratulations Humbert Road Alton, Illinois STREEPER FUNERAL HOME 1620 Washington Ave.ROCK POOLE PHARMACY 2526 College NATHAN MARCUS Alton, Illinois Exclusive Shops for Women PHONE HO 5-3547 ALTON LAUNDRY CO. 909 East Broadway — 2012 State — 226 East Elm HO 5-8877 Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services LEW GILBERTS L L FURNITURE, INCORPORATION West Fourth at Piasa, Alton, Illinois HO 5-7776 "We Salute the Citizens of Tomorrow" 215Compliments of PAUL'S SHOES 219 Piasa Alton, Illinois Phone HOward 5-7727 121 W. Third St. ALTON'S QUALITY APPAREL Alton, Illinois Store for the Entire Family Featuring Brand Name Merchandise for Men, Women, and Children Phone HOward 5-3321 Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 SMITH FUNERAL HOMES ALTON BETHALTO WOODRIVER Tbrjjjnj APRESCR Pr OM DRUG- STORES ] Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '62 319 Belle Street Downtown Alton 2521 College Avenue Upper Alton 508 Delmar North Alton Alton Plaza Shopping Center Wilshire Village Shopping Center Double Eagle Stamps With Prescriptions Compliments of DILLIE'S PASTRY SHOP 1307 State St. HO 2-2143 Compliments of HENDERSON BROS. Shell Service Station Elm and Alby PHONE HO 5-9739 216 ST. PETERS ELECTRIC AND HARDWARE Household Supplies—Appliances Plumbing Supplies Complete Line of Kyaniie Paints and Varnishes 2502 State DIAL HO 5-8931 Authorized Elgin Dealer 1714 Washington Avenue ALTON, ILLINOIS SPEED B. KERR GORDON C. KERR Compliments of KERR'S DRUG STORE GAIL P. KERR WELL'S TIRE COMPANY Goodyear Tires and Tubes Goodyear Batteries—Vulcanizing TELEPHONE HO 2-9284 833 East Broadway (at Oak) BREITWEISER GIFT SHOP Monticello Plaza GLIK'S Godfrey, Illinois Alton Plaza 466-3622 Phone HO 5-4469 Gifts of Distinction for All Occasions 217Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 1962 from your WEDGE BANK 620 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Telephone 2-9221 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 218Follow the Redbirds on WOKZ AM Radio — 1570 kc FM Radio — 100. 3 M.C. We hope that you include us in your future SNYDERS Third and Piasa Alton, Illinois BEN FRANKLIN STORE Locally Owned — Nationally Known State and Elm North Alton FINE FOOD GIFTS Congratulations VIETH'S North Side Sweetshop 2518 State Alton , III. "North Alton's Meeting Place" Quality Home Furnishings Since 1883 JACOBY'S 627-633 East Broadway Alton, Illinois LAMMERS FLORAL CO. ANNAME AND GEORGE LAMMERS Flowers for All Occasions 2524 College Avenue PHONE HO 2-0668 Alton, Illinois 219 ALADDIN CARPET COMPANY PETERS GIFT SHOP Draperies Greeting Cards and Gifts Rug Cleaning and Repair Furniture Cleaning PHONE HO 2-4611 KURT SUNDBERG 2510 College Avenue Monticello Plaza Shopping Center Alton, Illinois Phone 466-1 145 Wherever You Go HOTELS ARE Your Home Away From Home The Hub of Many Community Activities An Impression of the City to Outsiders Who Stop There WE STAND READY TO SERVE YOU IN MANY WAYS HOTEL STRATFORD Alton's Best Godfrey, Illinois Shellubrication Wash and Wax SMITH'S SERVICE ELDON L. SMITH Brown and Washington HO 5-9442 Plugs and Points Free Pick and Delivery 220 MILTON PHARMACY PHONE HO 2-0678 1238 Milton Road Alton, Illinois STEWART WILLIS, Reg. Pharmacist uxUo Ua. enor k, CARPET C9 1636 MAIM ST. •• A.A. GRAVES 1S0NS«AIT0M CERTIFIED FIRTH CARPETS CERTIFIED GULISTAN CARPETS CERTIFIED DAWNS CARPETS QUALITY, VALUE AND SERVICE TACKLESS CARPET LAYING ANCHORS FLOOR CARPET FLUSH TO WALLS WITH ROBERTS SMOOTH EDGE NO QUARTER ROUND 221 1636 Main Street ALTON, ILLINOIS HO 5-8141STAAS FLORAL 1636 Washington Avenue HO 5-2833 Prom Corsages Our Specialty Flowers Express the Heart Compliments of BOYD'S SANDWICH SHOP DICK DRUG STORE BROWN AND WASHINGTON ALTON, ILLINOIS Prompt Prescription Delivery Service SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. Lumber — Millwork — Roofing Wallboard — Insulation Building Hardware — Paints Electrical Tools and Appliances Plumbing Fixtures — Furnaces 1101 EAST BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of UPTOWN BARBER SHOP 1650 Washington Avenue Alton, Illinois SCHAEFFER'S Distinctive Fashions ALTON, ILLINOIS 222For the Brands You Know Men's Wear 630 East Broadway COOK PAINT AND VARNISH CO. West Broadway Alton, Illinois G T TEXACO SERVICE 2605 College Avenue Complete one-stop service GRAVES C. TODD and TOM SCHELLE Owners HO 5-9860 WEDGE PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY AND HONKE PHARMACY Third and Henry Alton, Illinois WE DELIVER BURT'S Launderers Dry Cleaners Garment Storage "Let Our Phone Line Be Your Clothes Line' 2517 College Avenue Alton, Illinois HO 5-8941 "WALT" BLACKS Sporting Goods Quality Athletic Equipment 540 East Broadway Alton, Illinois HO 2-8831ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. "Frigidaire" BINDLER DEPT. STORE Authorized Headquarters for latest fashion Sales and Service for both young men and women. 550 East Broadway HO 5-7721 1520 WASHINGTON AVENUE ALTON, ILLINOIS PHONES: ALTON 2-9761 ALTON'S MOST CONVENIENT BANK DE LUXE CAFE Phone HO 2-8514 2519 College Ave. Open to 6 A.M. — 7:30 P.M. Daily Specializing in Good Food and Courteous Service Try our fried chicken, none better Property of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. BrownCAN HAM SHEET METAL CORP. 1480 Pearl Street Alton, Illinois HO 2-0614 Compliments of I. C. HAMER FOOD MART 1904 State Street STUART INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Edward L. Stuart-General Insurance Pierce Building Alton, Illinois St. Louis 2, Missouri HOward 5-7082 CHestnut 1-0433 THE GIFT NOOK Compliments of Hallmark Cards BOWL HAVEN and Gifts 225FIRST JVatterui J BANK a TRUST COMPANY IN ALTON Capital and Surplus $2,250,000.00 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS ALTON, ILLINOIS Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 226now its Pepsi-for those who think young Today we get more out of life because we put more in-more activity, more lively, modern ideas. This is the life for Pepsi-light, bracing, cleantasting Pepsi. In stores, at fountains, think young. Say “Pepsi, please!" 227GERMANIA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 543 E. Broadway Alton, III. PHONE HO 5-5543 SAVINGS Certificate Savings Passbook Savings Payroll Savings Christmas Club "The Place for Savings" HOME LOANS Conventional Home Loan Construction Home Loan HUDSON'S JEWELERS "ALTON’S MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY STORE" — Charge Accounts Invited — Extra Jewelry and Watch Repairing PAUL'S FABRICS 206 State Street Highest Quality Fabrics Sewing Accessories "Take It to Huddy” 314 Belle HO 2-2722 Congratulations MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL 301 East Broadway VOGELSANG'S STANDARD SERVICE Godfrey Road WALTERS TOM BOY MARKET Groceries, Meats Fruits and Vegetables 3400 Brown St. Alton, III. PHONE HO 5-9432 229Best Wishes to the Class of '62 For Contact Lenses See CARL PRICE INSURANCE AGENCY HEITZ OPTICAL 307 Henry Street HO 5-1712 ALTON BRICK COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors Alton, Illinois HO 5-3531 Since 1892 Buff and Red Face Brick Roman Brick Lightweight Concrete Blocks—Stone Block Insulux Glass Block Glazed Tile Structural Clay Tile ALTON Loan Service Phone HO 5-3596 309 State St. Compliments of KATHERINE-K SHOP 205 West Third Street Mrs. Etna C. Carothers — Owner KEN CARSTENS Commercial Building Over Grants Manager 230 ONE BROS CREDIT JEWELERS 118 W. 3rd St. RUSTY'S SERVICE Standard Oil Products Road Service 30 Minute Battery Charger Batteries—Tires Class Rings Silver 1400 Milton Road Diamonds ALTON, ILL, HO 5-9770 Watches DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry St. Phone HO 2-2922 Quality Pastries We Specialize in Wedding Calces and Party Cakes Distributors for Libbey-Owens-Ford LYONS GLASS CO. 2400 Belle —Alton HO 2-2731 COMPANY FROZEN FOOD DISTRIBUTORS PHONE: HO 5-4459 Third and Langdon — Alton, Illinois 231Compliments of Path fOR PRfTEf R5 flno JUniORS JONES CONFECTIONERY 519 Ridge Alton HO 2-6312 2022 Central Ave. (On the Circle) Alton, Illinois THE GIBERSON INSURANCE AGENCY FOUNDED — 1908 Protecting the Future Through Insurance Seniors May Pick Up Their Class Keys at 212 W. Third—Downtown Alton Guaranteed Fine Quality and Lowest Prices, Too! Ebbler's of North Alton Invites You to See Us for Your College Entertainment Needs in Portable T-V's, Transistors, Clock Radios and Record Players EBBLER FURNITURE, T-V's, APPLIANCES 2606 STATE HO 5-7588 232 EDDIE'S BICYCLE SHOP Bicycle Sales and Service We Service All Bikes—We Sell ALTON, ILLINOIS 3320 Fernwood HO 5-6755 GENT FUNERAL HOME Alton's Only Funeral Home Built Specifically for the Purpose . . 2409 STATE ALTON, ILLINOISCongratulations and Best Wishes for Success to the 1962 Graduating Class of Alton Senior High School ALTON BOX BOARD COMPANY 233Robert Muehleman HO 2-8421 ALTON MEMORIAL SALES Elm and Henry Street Alton, Illinois THE ELEGANTE'' 201 W. THIRD Formals Cocktail Dresses For the “MOST in LOCAL COVERAGE Street Dresses ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Compliments of Compliments of RAIN RAIN FOOD-MARKET LACLEDE STEEL CO. BUCK'S Paint Floor Covering Store CHARLES M. BUCK Armstrong Linoleum and Tile O'Brien Paints 655 East Broadway CALL HO 5-25811 asci J st FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION LA PERLE BEAUTY SHOP AIR CONDITIONED Complete Beauty Service Pleasing You Is Pleasing Us PHONE HO 5-6931 402 State St. HORN HORN INC THELMA DORMANN-GIFTS 330 ALBY—NEXT TO POST OFFICE Choice Gifts for All Occasions The Shop Where Brides Can Choose the Finest in China, Crystal, and Silver Congratulations to the Class of '62 STOBBS TIRE SALES 3525 College Ave. ji SPRING MAN LUMBER HARDWABE ALLIED PRODUCTS | GODFREYS g - 23l 235Congratulations to All Alton High Graduates CDRSOn J e weleri JISW THUD SI Pkou Hill Low Discount Prices for the Whole Family NO MONEY DOWN CORDES MOTOR CO. LARK 2350 State Street Alton, Illinois Open Monday—Friday Till 9:00 P.M. Open an Easy Charge Account For a Lovelier You MODERN BEAUTY SHOP 1327 Pearl St. Phone HO 5-3823 LENA BAILY ALTON, ILLINOISALTON-WOOD RIVER AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATIONGINTER-WARDEIN COMPANY Dry Lumber HO 5-3588 GE 6-3988 81 Henry St. Alton, Illinois RAND R. CONSTRUCTION CO. 735 Park Drive, Alton, Illinois HO 5-8806 Compliments of B W DRUG STORE GLAZEBROOK AGENCY 820-22 East Broadway Phone HO 2-2641 Alton, III."YOUTH MUST BE SERVED" GOULDING'S with the kind of clothes they like . . . and we're doing our best to do that in our uitra-friendly "Quad Shop" tucked away in the back of our upper Alton Store. Come see—you'll like! 'COKE” "STYLE- BAR MAGS Palm Beach Tuxedos Rented All Year Round Special Student Rates Golden G Twill Suits • Van Heusen • Sire Nunn Bush Esquire • Levis IN UPPER ALTON IN DOWNTOWN ALTON 1662 Washington 329 Belle NO Years Jewelers In Downtovyn Alton ... the name GOULDING'S is Your Assurance of Fine Quality, Good Value and Satisfaction. • Teen-age Charge Accounts Invited (—of Course With Parents Consent) REGISTERED JEWELERS— AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY IN WOODRIVER 36 E. Ferguson You'll Find All Your School Supply Needs at GODWIN Office Supply, Inc. "Alton's Commercial Stationer" 114 E. BROADWAY PHONE 465-7756 Paper—Pencils—Pens—Drawing Supplies Notebooks—Briefcases—Portable Typewriters THEEN Insurance Company Complete Insurance Service 1703 Washington Alton, Illinois PHONE HO 2-9238 HELMKAMP COAL SERVICE Formerly Ramey Coal Service Quality Coal for All Purposes 1834 Rodgers Avenue PHONE: 465-7341SELHIME'S Godfrey Road, Godfrey, Illinois Steaks-Chicken-Sea Food Compliments of BEN 0. MOORE, REALTOR S. L. MOORE INSURANCE AGENCY 613 E. Broadway Acknowledgement to the following photographers for photographs contributed to our yearbook: HO 2-2222 Vincent Price Studio Alton Evening Telegraph Jim Weeks, Stanly Photo Service Jim Rugh TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY

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