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—— k 4 • « •«» » • V » • • J, « ' '• t • r f • • •'• •’•' », , %•• « %♦ ,•. ««•••«•» M J i» i «« » »» ui 4 I • f • « O » • l ' • ® • •. || « «4 t « %•%« •• % , . « % V,' IM i •»« •%.'« O • » • w » • 4 -. • lt « V •«'••• ft »•■«•• 4M •« • »«•« 4'Sm « 1«II' MI t«« W«i» M l ll 'a «• • • • V • I || •««!• tf 1 ••% • • % u • % •• • '• » Ml 1 • ««••••« • •' • • 9 » • • • • S« I • I • • ( « • ••»••« • • I«|| t «« •••» • • • » M M • I|« « »•» r»H • - ••• • • • ••• •«• • « l! 1 tit) f u Kunn k W a, i •«• « « .4|4M« 4»«H I • • V •«• • • '» • fi w (• « «• • If | |l »• %»« | 4 " x.r.«, i,t«St.i. i.a • « U J.i • ».. • « ««••'» C » 't'J?, ?v |Eternal Rome .... the beacon light of antiquity, whose rays of culture and splendor illuminated the darkness of the Old World, and still linger in the shadows of the New. By her established principles of education and government, by her achievements in literature and art, we the people of today are inspired to attain these same worthy goals. Therefore, we dedicate this 1961 Tatler to Rome and all its glory!'Jimnki txj 'TJkt dim oi 1161DR. J. B. JOHNSON, Superintendent of Schools. Students have the opportunity during their twelve years of public school education to compile the type of record which gives a complete picture of their ability and achievement. When high school students apply for a position in business and industry, or for admission to college their school record becomes a part of the application. People who are going to employ students or admit them to college, are interested in the students' academic record, courses taken, ability, co-curricular activities, health, attitude, and plans for the future. If a student has ability and desires a good record, he or she may take the required courses and compile an excellent record of achievement. This will be beneficial after high 8 school graduation. Practically all students receive a high school diploma but very few prospective employers or college admissions officers will ask to see the diploma. These people are interested in the transcript of school credits which includes the complete record of all of the activities of a student during his years in the public school. Work habits, interests, attitudes, and ability are a part of the record that is placed on file in the high school office. To each student is given the opportunity to make his record whatever he wants it to be. Therefore, I challenge all students to evaluate and consider the type of record they are making during the time in which they are enrolled in school. I sincerely hope that all teachers and pupils will take time to study this problem before it is too late.I MR. E. M. LEAMON, Assistant Superintendent "Those who arc courteous in action and speech realize the many benefits of a good education. Let us all speak and conduct ourselves in a manner that commands the respect of our fellow men.” MR. MACY PRUITT, Administrative Assistant in charge of Junior and Senior High School Curriculum. "Physically, most of us reach our maximum height before the age of twenty-one years. Mentally, it is possible for us to grow as long as we live.” Whether you go to college or go directly to a job, we urge you to continue your education. Read a few good books and see a few good plays each year. It will pay bigger dividends than any other investment you can make.” MR. C. R. WRIGHT, Administrative Assistant in charge of Vocational Education. "A vocation is composed of the responsibilities one accepts when he becomes a contributing member of our society. All of us are vitally interested in vocations because the talents of each is necessary to the well being of all.”Administrative Staff MISS LOUISE ANTHONY Director of Libraries MR. LEROY FRITZ Director of Music MISS JANE HENRY Director of Home and Lunch Service Economics MR. DON KEIL MISS ELSIE KOHLMANN MR. LLOYD NORMAN School Engineer Director of Nursing Director of Special Education MR. RAYMOND READY Administrative Assistant in charge of Elementary Curriculum MR. DEAN TAYLOR Director of Counseling and Guidance MISS BERNICE WILLIAMSON Director of ArtBoard of EducationMR. G. C. DAVIS, Principal It is the hope of the administration of this high school that we may teach all our young people the essential values, the understandings, and the knowledge necessary to prepare them for the vocations which they may choose and fit them into the community in which they will live. MR. ANTON JUREZIZ, Assistant Principal MR. GEORGE ABNER, Assistant Principal 12MRS. IRMA ALLEN MRS. PEARL ANDERSON MRS. RUTH BACHMAN MR. G. E. BAILEY MR. JAMES BANKS Counseling Study Hall Social Studies English Wood MRS. MARY BATSON MRS. ELMA BECKER MISS JOAN BECKMANN MISS CLARA BLACKARD MR. DAVID BLIVEN Cosmetology Cosmetology Physical Education French Metal, Welding MR. ROY E. BOLEY, JR. MISS DOROTHA BOSKET Art Study Hall, Library MRS. CELESTIA BRANDENBURG Practical Nursing MISS WILMA BRICKER Business Education MRS. ARDYTHE BROWNING Home Economics MR. DEAN BROWNING Industrial Co-ordinator MR. JOHN BRUNO Social Studies MRS. DOROTHY BUERKLE Business Education MR. JOHN BUERKLE Auto Mechanics MR. JAMES CALLAHAN Bookkeeping 13MR. WARREN CAMPBELL MR. EARL CARR MR. LOYD CARR MR. JOHN CHAPPELL MISS DOROTHY Business Education Mathematics English Social Studies COLONIUS English MR. EDGAR COOK English MR. KENNETH DENISON MISS NANCY ELY MR. ROBERT ERWIN MISS ELIZABETH Counseling Chemistry Mathematics FELDEWERTH Business Education MISS MARY LOU FOCHT MISS JULIA FOSTER MISS ALICE GATES MR. PAUL GLAESER Office Occupations Health Mathematics AgricultureMR. ERNEST HOWARD Spanish MRS. MARY ETTA HUSMAN Physical Education MRS. ETHEL INGLES MR. GEORGE W. INGLES Business Education Social Studies MR. RAY JACKSON MR. JACK JUNGERS MR. CLIFFORD KECH MISS ADA KLUMP Social Studies Social Studies German Mathematics MR. RALPH KOBER Biology MR. EDWIN KOERBF.R Biology MR. BOYD LA MARSH Band MR. LLOYD LEITER Drawing MR. DONALD LEWIS Social Studies MISS IRENE LIEBIG Home Economics MR. DALE LIVENGOOD MR. FORREST LUDDEN DR. DONALD LUKETICH MRS. HARRIET MC BRIEN MR. RALPH MCCLAIN Commercial Art Health Health Director of Ath- English Physical Education leticsMRS. EVELYN MACLEOD MR. DONALD MALONEY MR. JULIUS MARTI MISS DOROTHY MRS. LA VERNE MILLER Nurse Electricity Social Studies MAXFIELD Practical Nursing Home Economics MISS RUBY OLIVER MRS. JOSEPHINE PAISLEY MISS LAURETTA PAUL MR. ROBERT PAUL MR. WILLIAM PERRIN English English English Welding, Sheet Metal Driver Education MR. ALLEN PERRY MRS. ELEANOR PERRY MISS AGNES PILGER MRS. UARTA POINTER MR. JOSEPH PUKACH Auto Safety. Driving English Counseling Latin Counseling MRS. SARAH ROBINSON MR. HERBERT ROSS MRS. DORIS RUE Study Hall Distributive Education Chorus MISS MILDRED MISS LORAINE RUTLEDGE SANDERS English Physical Education 16MR ROGER SCHLFPFR MR. MFLVIN SHEETS MISS MARY SIDWELL MRS. MARY SMITH MRS. BEVERI.Y SPEAR English Driver Education Home Economics Physical Education English MR. CARL SPRINGER MRS. MARGARET MR. CYRIL STUCHLIK DR. DONALD SUMMERS MISS JEWEL Business Education STRAUBE Orchestra Chemistry SUTHERLAND Business Education English MR. JACK TANNER MR. DEAN TAYLOR MRS. DORIS TAYLOR MISS LEONA TETER MR. DEWITT THOMAS Physical Education Counseling Registrar Counseling Mathematics MISS MARGARET TIBBETTS Business Education MR. ROBERT TRIESF. MR. JAMES TYREE MR. MARION S. VELLOFF MR. ROBERT WATSON Printing Physical Education Chemistry Machine Shop 17MISS VIRGINIA WIEGEL Biology MISS MARY KAY WELBORN Study Hall MR. FRED WILL MISS JULIA WILLIAMSON Driver Education English MR. WALTER WILLIS Mathematics MR. F.DYE WISEMAN English MRS. FLORENCE WOLLERMAN English MR. LEO WOOLS Chemistry MISS MARGARETHA ZELTMANN Social Studies Our English exchange teacher — Mr. Edye Wise man 'Keeping cool on fourth floor."Cafeteria Office Merle Acord Josie Bruck Doris Gormley Jerry Gormley Laura Headley Edna Hughson Mora Kohle Anna Kuhn Ruth Lawrence Clara Lewis Maxine Nickolson Beulah Strader Hallie Mae Carr Margaret Davis Helen Farril Marcela Griffen Catherine McKernan Alice Smith Jean Taylor Doris Towsc Custodians Henry Aljcts Edward Ballhurst George L. Deppcr Flossie Edsall John M. Brown Lucille Clark Violet Halford O. B. Jones H. Klockinga George Rogers Otilde Purcell Pearl Smith Herman Nolan Herman Oswald Lonie Prewitt Orin L. Ufert Edward Wallner Orville F. WilliamsJoua wJwtA %iUaJm {w MISS WILMA BRICKF.R Business Education MRS. A DELI A INMAN Home Economics MRS. HARRIET MCBRIEN English MRS. JOSEHINE PAISLEY English and this is how it works.' "Well, what is it today headache, sore throat, stomach ache, homework?”7)wu-Uf 2 Mf Dress-up Day! And everyone did. All the students came decked out in their Spring finery to help celebrate Student Council Week. The boys wore suits, ties and their Shiny Sunday Shoes, while the girls, parading in their flowery dresses, teetered in their high-heeled shoes. But wait a minute — this woman isn’t a student! Why we all know her — that’s Miss Beckman, our gym teacher. She just had to look "Special" for dress-up day too. And doesn’t she look lovely! One might even say she’s "a sight for sore eyes." Look at that charming Spring bonnet, and the lovely shoes! Even her flowers and jewelry personify her picture of Spring. And could anyone deny the stylishness of her skirt? It’s a little short we must admit — but with Spring in the air who wants to trip around in a skirt down to the ankles. Thank-you Miss Beckman for helping to make our Dress-up Day complete and we hope that next year the faculty will look as charming as you did! Robert William Abbott The Mechanism of a car — bis fond delight." Pep Club. Haroldyne Jean Alexander "A diamond is a girl's best friend. Student Council, Patrol, F.N.A., Spanish Club, O.O. Club. Jesse Clyde Adams "Some must watch, while some must sleep." Soph. Football, Soph. Track, Patrol, Intramural Basketball, Pep Club. Rodney Allen Alford "Work is a disease, why sicken?" Donald Eugene Admire "Ambitious and unobtrusive” Intramural Basketball, Pep Club, Student Council, Patrol, Basketball Manager. French Club, Office Worker. Rebecca Joanne Allgeyer "She modestly hides her talents." National Honor Society, National Thespians, Band, G.A.A., F. N.A., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Girl’s Council, Pep Club, Science Club, Dramatics Club, Tatler Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, "Marching 100", Orchestra, Career’s Night Comm. 28Eddie Frank Arnold "Silence is golden Pep Club, J.V. Track, Football, Intramural Basketball, Tatler Staff. Robert August Bachman "Red hair and quiet nature: F.F.A. Secretary William E. Armstead "Youth is all for gladness.” Latin Club, Patrol, Pep Club. June Marie Ayres "The Ay re of one’s delight.” O.O. Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Patrol, Office Helper, Pep Club, Latin Club. Jeanette Helen Arnold "A nurse of man’s needs.” Nurse Assistant, Library Assistant, Basket Girl, F.N.A., Chorus, Newspaper Staff, Patrol, Office Runner. Linda Kay Bacus "So teasing! so pleasing ” D.E. Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Carolyn Dee Ash "She moves a goddess and she looks a queen.” Jr. Prom Committee, Patrol, Spanish Club, Girl’s Council, Library Assistant, Cheerleader, Pep Club, Counselor's Assistant, Football Queen, Dramatics Club, Homecoming Maid. Dream Girl.Charles Wesley Baker "He adores girls.” Chorus. Nancy Louise Barber 'That untaught innate philosophy”. Tatler Staff, Patrol, Student Council, Hornets Buzz Staff, Latin Club, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Office Assistant, Girls Council, Chorus, Girl’s Ensemble, Jr. Prom Committee. Janice Pauline Barbour " love a marine.” Jr. Prom Committee, Commercial Art Club, Tatler, Girl’s Ensemble, F.N.A., F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club. Edward James Ballhurst "A willing worker.” Graphic Arts Club. Mary Marcella Barker "A friendly girl and a charming lass.” F.H.A., Pep Club, Band, Y.F.C.Mariann Jean Barnes "How cheerfully she passes each day” Student Council, Pep Band, German Club, Pep Club, Dramatics Club. Richard Campbell Barocca, "Of Science and logic he chatters.” Newspaper Staff, Chorus, Science Club, French Club, Patrol, J.E. T. S. Terence Dale Barron "Success was never so easy.” Student Council, Basketball, Track, Football, Office Runner, Senior Class President, American Legion Award, Pep Club, Patrol. David Lee Bauser "Wynken, Blynken. and nod.” Pep Club, Football, Track, Basket Boy. Helen Jean Beamon "Blithe Spirit.” F.H.A., F.N.A., Pep Club. James Leon Beemer "He knows all the answers: Kathleen Luella Belcher "No sweeter can he found” F.H.A., Pep Club, Patrol, Gym Assistant, Maid to Football Queen, Chorus, Student Council, French Club. F.B.L.A. 31 Floyd Richard Bazzell "Razzle, Dazzle, Bazzell.” Pep Club, Office Runner.Frederick Andrew Berkel "Boy with a winning personality:' J.V. Football, Junior Newman, Latin Club. Richard George Bengel "Man of many talents.” A.H. Drill Team. Chorus, Boys Ensemble, Science Club, Cross Country, Patrol, Stamp Club. Spanish Club, Concert Band, "Marching 100", Orchestra, Boy's Cabinet, Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Band. Robert Neal Berry "Berry fine intellect. Berry fine voice” Marching Band, Chorus, Pep Band, Concert Band. James Alfred Bendy Jr. "Prove it” Orchestra, Patrol, Science Club, Manager Football and Track, Gym Assistant, Chorus, Office Assistant. Gordon George Besterfeldt "Little man with an enormous heart. Commercial Art Club, Tatler Staff, Band, Art Service Club. 32 Carl Robert Bergstrom 'Tis the mind that makes the body rich ” Golf Team, French Club, Pep Club, Track Manager, Jr. Prom Committee, National Honor Society. Patricia June Billings "Hup-two-three-four!" Spanish Club, Patrol, Girl’s Council, Color Guard, F.H.A., Chorus, Girl's Ensemble, Pep Club, G.A.A., Jr. Prom Committee.Lowell Thomas Billings "The Lowell Thomas of Alton High” Science Club, Latin Club, Basketball. "Marching 100", Concert Band, Drill Team, National Honor Society, Pep Band, Hornets Buzz Staff, Patrol. James Alan Blackburn "Herein may be seen noble chivalry, courtesy.” Pep Club, Basketball, Track, Football, Patrol, Jr. Prom Committee. Sandra Jean Bott "Every girl knows.” Pep Club, Newspaper Staff, Patrol, Office Assistant, Library-Assistant. Marvin Alvin Bock "Quiet in appearance with motive unknown.” Varsity Football, Intramural Basketball, Varsity Track. Mary Elizabeth Blayney "Once you meet her, you have to love her.” F.T.A, F.N.A., Tatler Staff, Girl’s Council, Patrol, Latin Club, French Club, Thespians, Chorus, Pep Club, Dramatics, Hornets Buzz Staff, Office Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Debate. Gloria Jean Bowie "Young at heart.” F.H.A., Latin Club, Patrol, Office Runner, Basket Girl. William Frederick Bowen "Free and easy!’ Boy’s Chorus, Band, Pep Club. 33Michael James Bowker ”When I grow too old to dream-----■" Student Council, Drama Club, Jane Valentine Brewer "Bluebird of Happiness” Pep Club, Chorus, Drama Club, Student Council, G.A.A., Hobby Club. Gerald Stewart Brewer 'Quiet, solid, frie fids hip” Pep Club, Pep Band, "Marching 100", Concert Band. Sally Louise Braun "Gracious and great in all she pursues” Patrol, Library Assistant, Latin Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Dramatics Club, Girl’s Council, National Honor Society, Pep Club. Joyce Marie Brock '"Sweet as sugar — twice as nice.” Pep Club, F.H.A., Chorus. Michael Anthony Brinkman "Mike's on the brink of success” F.F.A., Pep Club. 34John Aubrey Brockway "Music awakens the rhythm in me". Band, Orchestra, French Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Patrol, Boy’s Chorus. L m Mary Helen Brown "Mary's a grand old name.” D.E.C.A., Latin Club, F.B.L.A., Office Runner, F.H.A. Brooks Boyd Brown "A quiet Brook in babbling waters." Track, Cross Country. Cheryl Marla Brown "Gayer than laughter is she" Pep Club, Cheerleader, Assistant Editor—Yearbook, Girl’s Basketball, School Paper Staff, Student Council, Girl’s Softball, Drama. Roberta Joyce Brown "She’s is a winsome thing.” wee Linda Ellen Brunner "All this and nice, too!" Chorus, Patrol, German Club, Latin Club, F.N.A., Science Club, Drama Club, Falcon Staff, Pep Club, Booster Club, Counselor's Assistant, Office Assistant, Library Assistant. Dennis Neal Brown "An honest man ." Graphic Arts Club. Charla Ann Buck "Blue eyes can win the strongest heart." Office Assistant, Counselor's Assistant, Patrol, Girl's Council, Pep Club, French Club, Dramatic Club, Library Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee."Small women win great commendations.” Pep Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A. 1 Dewey Edward Burgoyne "An even temper and a fiery head.” Catherine Irene Budde "A perfect model of sweet- F.N.A., F.H.A., Drama. Nancy Louise Burjes "Her quiet, congenial way wins friendships all the day” Library Assistant, F.N.A., Secretary Pep Club, G.A.A., Office Assistant. Areta Marie Bunecky "A silent nature concealing a warmth of true Friendship” Drama, Glee Club, Language Club, Cheerleader, Sodality. Vera Lee Burney "She’s the Burnished glow of youthful success.” Pep Club, F.H.A., O.O. Club, National Honor Society, Library Assistant, Chorus. 36 Jean Carol Burch "She’s neat and she’s sweet from her head to her feet!’ Chorus, Library Assistant, French Club, Dramatics Club, F.N.A., Pep Club. Linda Sue Bush "The depth of her smile is far reaching”. F.H.A., Pep Club, F.N.A.Marilyn Kay Busse "Cute enough to model” Kathryn Butler "Greatness stems from sweetness.” Cheerleader, Larin Club, President of Student Council, National Honor Society, Thespians. August Dale Campagna "A handsome face and charming manner.” J.E.T.S., Patrol Captain, Band, Library Assistant, Chorus, Pep Club. Henreen Barbara Cannon "Naturally nice”. F.H.A., Office Assistant, Clinic Assistant, F.N.A., Band, Pep Club. Sharon Faye Calvey "She truly has a heart of gold." Pep Club, Drama Club, Girl's Council, F.B.L.A. Josephine Lucille Carlton "Like a breath of spring” F.H.A., Y.F.C., F.N.A. 37David Earl Carter "Unchained melody.” "Marching 100," Drill Team, Pep Band, Concert Band. Norma Deane Carter "A friendly smile is worth a thousand words.” Drama, F.H.A., Chorus. Y.F.C., F.N.A. Mary Jane Carhorall "Silence is more musical than any song.” F.H.A.. F.N.A., Band, Chorus, Gym Assistant, Clinic Assistant. O. O. Delores Ann Cathorall "The world loves modesty." O.O., F.H.A., Y.F.C., Office Assistant. 38 Patricia Louise Castle "Mystery Lies in her Eyes.” F.H.A., G.A.A.. Chorus. F.N.A., Pep Club. Carol Jean Chambers "A lady sweet and kind.” F. H. A.Gerald Wayne Chapman "Nice but Naughty Eyes” Varsity Football, Pep Club, Track (Sophomore and Freshman). Nellie Marie Clark "A great big grin, a great big smile, she has it with her all the while.” Counselor's Assistant, Office Assistant, F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Maid to Football Queen (9), Maid to Dream Girl, Girl’s Council, Pep Club. li Sharon Lee Church "Cute as a bug in a rug .” Counselor’s Assistant, Chorus, Patrol, Maid to May Queen, Spanish Club, Girl’s Ensemble, Pep Club. Robert Alfred Clark "Are you really as fast as they say you are?” Varsity Cross Country, Track, Counselor's Assistant, Baseball, Pep Club. Jerry Edward Clardy "Strangers are friends he hasn’t met yet.” Intramural Basketball, Concert Band, Pep Band, Drill Team, "Marching 100”, Debate, Track Manager (9), Patrol, Student Council, Chorus. Clarence Gene Clark "Big things come out of little packages.” Carolyn Eileen Coats "She wears a cloak of understanding” F.H.A., Foreign Language Club, Dramatics Club, S.C., Library Assistant. Merl Leroy Collins "He’s a member of F.F.A. He’ll be a great farmer some day.” «r J Carol Elaine Colston "Laughter makes the world go around” Drama Club, F.H.A., Chorus, F.N.A. Bruce Lyle Cook "Give a man a car he can speed in, but don’t slam the doors”. 40 Marvin Arthur Colston "Bashful but brilliant”. Camera Club, Patrol. Nancy Elizabeth Coombs "I may be quiet, but I get around”. F.H.A., F.T.A., Y.F.C., Spanish Club, French Club, Cafeteria worker. Barbara Jean Compis "Walk, don’t run”. Lana Kay Cown "Our blond bomb-shell”. Pep Club, Patrol, F.B.L.A., F. N.A., Hornet's Buzz, G.A.A. Deanna Lee Conrad "Life is a song and dance”. F.N.A., F.T.A., Drama Club, F.H.A., Cradle Song, Pep Club. Susan Elizabeth Craig "She toots her flute and does it well”. Band, Orchestra, Paper Staff, F. B.L.A., F.N.A., F.H.A., G.A.A., Girl’s Council, Office Assistant, Chorus, Patrol, Pep Club, F.T.A.Linda Lee Cunningham "Every day's a holiday". Chorus, F.H.A., O.O., F.N.A. Sharon Faye Curry "A calm exterior is a silent commendation.” F.C.A., F.H.A., Spanish Club. I Carolyn Lee Crain "Today is the time for la tgbter”. F.H.A., Chorus. Gary Arnold Crain "He will do well". Pep Club. Michael Gene Dare "He who dares get ahead". Spanish Club. Karen Sue Daniels "Who does good will do better”. F.H.A., F.N.A. Janet Kay Davis "Her sunny disposition is more radiant than gold”. Y.F.C., D.E., G.A.A., F.H.A. Harold Leo Daniel "He would rather hold a football than a girl, would he”? Football, Chorus, Track, Student Council, Basketball, Cafeteria Worker, Pep Club.Susan Rae Dickinson "She's not afraid of man or Devil". F.H.A., Basket Girl, Patrol. 42 Mack Irvin Davis "Sports make the man". Cross Country, Latin Club, Patrol, Band, Intramural Basketball, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball. Robert William Dingeldein "The fame that a man wins himself is best". Football (Freshman), Track. Pamela Sue Davis "Big as a minute, lovely as a flower". F.H.A., G.A.A., F.C.A., Chorus. JoAnn Dixon "Simplicity and an unaffected air". Chorus, Pep Club, F.H.A.Sharon Joyce Downey "Don’t be Downey-Hcarted”. Pep Club (9). Jacob Carlyle Edwards "He has a dark and roving eye”. Varsity Baseball, Commercial Art Club. Intramural Basketball, Pep Club, Football (Freshman), Dark Room Club. Marilyn Kay Duley "Gentlemen prefer blondes”. Cheerleading, Office Occupations, Dream Girl, (candidate), Harvest Queen (candidate), Pep Club, Chorus, Spanish Club, Office Assistant, Patrol, F.H.A. Loretta Mae Edwards "What little ue know of her is complimentary”. F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Chorus, F. N.A., Maid at Queen’s Court (9), G.A.A. Anita Frances Dunston "A cheery Smile, a pleasant way”. F.N.A., F.H.A., Art Club. G.A. A., Chorus. Sharon Sue Edwards "She strolls down fashions lane”. Daniel Lynn Edgar "If you can’t be true to one or two you’re much better off with three”. Football, Patrol, Office Assistant, Latin Club, Pep Club. Jerry Leroy Ellington "Let every man enjoy his whim”. Intramural Basketball, Science Club, Office Assistant. 43Edward Allan Evertsen "Great Men Are Apt to Be Quiet”. Football, Pep Club, Basketball Manager, Patrol, Spanish Club, Hornet's Buzz. Office Assistant. Sharon Sue Ewing "The World is as You Take It”. F.H.A., Spanish Club. Michael Farris "The Harder I Try To Be Gooder, The Worser I Am”. Track, Football, Jr. Class Play at New Athens, Basketball. Judi Ann Fairbanks "Freckles and a Great Big Smile”. Dramatics Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Tatler Staff, Student Council, Debate Team, Library Assistant, Cheerleader, Girls Council, Office Assistant, Chorus, F.H.A., F.N.A., Spanish Club, Highlights Staff, Counselor Assistant, Pep Club, Patrol. Mary Lou Fehrenbacher 'Tm Not Bashful, Just Well-trained”. Carol Ann Fairless "Not Fairless, But Fair”. Chorus, Pep Club, Y.F.C., F.N. A., F.H.A., Gym Assistant, Clinic Assistant, Library Assistant. Thomas Gene Fenwick "No Really Great Man Ever Thought Himself So”.Edward Carlin Ferguson "No really great man ever thought himself so" Boys Cabinet, French Club, Science Club, Intramural Basketball, Pep Club. Sydney Sue Ferguson "She acts well her part". Co-Editor Hornets Buzz, Patrol, Foreign Language Club, Orchestra, Chorus, French Club, National Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Y.F.C., Tatler Staff, Career's Night Committee. Donald Francis Finke "A mighty man is he”. Baseball, Camera Club. Arthur William Fields Hand me my gun. there goes a flock of them". Sandra Lee Fields "Dates are her favorite fruit”. Pep Club, F.B.L.A., F.N.A., Student Council, Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Library Assistant, Paper Staff, Office Assistant, May Queen Maid. Janice Carol Fletcher "Courtesy is contagious". Patrol, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Y.F.C., Pep CluF F.H.A., F.N.A. Freida Marie Fletcher "Her cardinal virtues are in her hair". F.H.A., F.C.A., Pep Club, Band. Joseph Angelo Fin "Give me a man who has enough brains to make a fool of himself”. Sophomore Football, Intramural 45 Basketball.Jerry Wilbert Ford "Life is short and so am 1". Don Edward Forrester "Better to wear out than rust out”. Freshman Football, Graphic Aas Club, Intramural Basketball. Emma Frazier "Always full of fun”. G.A.A., F.H.A., F.N.A., Patrol, Pep Club, Clinic Assistant, Cafeteria Worker. Frederick William Foss "His quiet congenial way makes new friends every day”. Football Manager, Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Tatler Staff, Patrol. Mary Rose Freeland She puts the "Pep” in pepper Cheerleader, F.H.A.. (State President), Maid to Homecoming Queen, Pep Club, Student Council Society. Marshall Clinton Fowler "The Music Man”. Concert Band, "Marching 100”, Chorus, Drill Team, Orchestra, Pep Band, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track. Charles Lewis Freeman "Oh, why must all life be work”. Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Spanish Club, Office Assistant, Pep Club. Doris Ann Fox "Cunning as a fox isn’t she, boys”? F.H.A., Latin Club, Chorus, Counselor’s Runner, Pep Club, Candidate to May Queen.Jorg Walthcr Gablemann "A smile is the same in any language” V.C.C., Basketball, Varsity Track, Varsity Gymnastics, German Club, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Handball. John Marlin Gabriel "T oo much study wearies Stephen Gibbins "Why worry, I may live another year!” Boy’s Chorus, Gym Assistant, Y. F.C., French Club, Concert Band, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Tatlcr Staff, Marching Band, Patrol, Foreign Languages Club, Hornet's Buzz Staff. Vicki Lee Garner "Every inch of her length is an inch of co?nprehension” National Honor Society, German Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Patrol, F.F.A., Hornet's Buzz Staff. Dudley Fernald Giberson "River Road Romeo” Debate, Tatler Staff. 47Nancy Lou Gilpin "Perseverance must prevail”. F.B.L.A. ■ Verla Fay Glover "Sweet harmony”. F.H.A., Y.F.C., Band, "Marching 100”, Pep Club. Karen Elaine Goltz "She's backward about coming forward”. Science Club, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, F.T.A., Pep Club, National Honor Society, Patrol. Jerold William Gormley "Who does not love wine, woman, and song remains a fool his whole life long”. Pen Club, Track, Science Club, Patrol, Basketball, Foreign Language Club, Jr. Prom Committee. wmwk Pamela Rose Goss "Sophisticated Lady”. Orchestra, Y.F.C., Pep Club. Sharon Kay Goss rA silent nature concealing a warmth of true frietidship”. F.H.A., O.O., Cafeteria Worker, Office Assistant. 48 Jerry Goodman "A brave man on the football field, I'm sure this school will never yield”. Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. Barbara Jean Gottlob "Are all blondes light- headed”? F.T.A., F.H.A., Counselors Assistant, May Queen, O.O., D. E., Cheerleader, Chorus, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Patrol.Robert Edward Goulding "Because of him, women dislike each other”. Football, Basketball, Student Council, Pep Club, Boy’s Cabinet, Golf Team. Robert Clark Greeling "Terror of the ladies”. German Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Hornet’s Buzz Staff, Football Manager, Counselor's Assistant. Norma Jean Gowens "Are you deceiving us with your quiet manner”? Pep Club, Majorette, F.H.A., Chorus, Patrol. Patricia Ann Greer "Happiness is my pursuit”. F.H.A., F.N.A., Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Y.F.C., Chorus. Philip Eugene Grable "Benny Goodman has nothing on you”. "Marching 100”, Drill Team, Concert Band. Janet Ann Gricsbaum ”1 take what comes with a smile". Pep Club, Latin Club, F.N.A., Chorus, Office Assistant, Paper Staff, Clinic Assistant, Band. ■f A V kifff Mi Patricia Ellen Gould "How good to be honest and trutf'. National Honor Society, Girl's Council, Student Council, Counselor's Assistant, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Spanish Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Patrol. Kathryn Louise Gravett "Naturally Nice”. O.O., Y.F.C.Melody Ann Grisham "Sweet Melody". Pep Club, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Color Guard, G.A.A., Dramatics Club, Girl’s Council, Gym Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Patrol, Library Assistant. George Wilford Griffin, Jr. "He had one idea, it was wrong". Varsity Football, Pep Club, Track, Patrol, Spanish Club, Boy’s Cabinet, Varsity Basketball. Carolyn Kay Hampton "Sweet Someone". Pep Club, Science Club, F.N.A., F.H.A., History Club, F.B.L.A., O.O. Club, Foreign Language Club, Girl’s Council, Chorus. Roddy Gene Grover "He does what he pleases, seldom what he ought". Pep Club, Chorus. Jack L. Hand "A bird in haTid is worth two in the bush".Fred Walter Haper, Jr. 'To be a gentleman is to be respected by all”. Football, Art Club. Lois Jean Harris "Religion comes first on her list of virtues”. President of Y.F.C., French Club, F.H.A., "Marching 100”, Concert Band, Chorus. William Raymond Haper "He worries little, he hurries much”. Track. Stephen Leroy Harrison "Look out, here comes that blue thunderbird.” Pep Club, Football. Track. Homer Lucius Harder, Jr. "It’s the little things that count”. Y.F.C., Pep Club, Basketball, Chorus, Cross Country, Track. James Garrett Hartley, Jr. "Ready for fun”. Student Council, Pep Club, Falcon Staff, Patrol, Football Manager, Science Club. Willie Ruth Harrington That’s a faraway look in your eye”. F.H.A., Pep Club, Latin Club. Sharon Kay Hauversburk "She makes her dreams come true”. F.N.A., Paper Staff, F.H.A., F. B.L.A., Pep Club, Clinic Assistant, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Science Club.Francis June Hayden "We need ?nore like you". G.A.A., F.B.L.A. Ruth Ann Healy "Gay and carefree as a bird". 52 Tamara Camille Hayes "Are you related to Gabby"? O.O., Pep Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A. Carolyn Sue Heater "No sweeter than Heater.” F.C.A., F.H.A., Pep Club. Glen Lee Haynes "A placid stream of contentment”. Football, Track. Marilyn Jean Heffron "A small keg holds a lot of dynamite.” Tatler Staff, Commercial , Art Club, Office Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Club.selor’s Assistant, Patrol. Robert John Hellrung "Another rung on the Udder of success !' Michael Fredrick Hensler "Let’s go hunting”. Track Manager. Gail Hermens "Of doing for others, she never tires.” Patrol, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Falcon Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, F.H.A., Office Runner, Switchboard Operator, Library Assistant, Gym Assistant, and Counselor's Assistant. Janice Marie Henderson '7 am grateful for small blessings. Pep Club, F.H.A., G.A.A. John Nicolas Herndon '77 get along”. Latin Club, Science Club, Boy s Cabinet. George Michael Henry "Happy go Henry” Boys Cabinet, Patrol. Pep Club, Football Manager. Ethel Mae Herrin "Ethel Mae, gay as a spring day”. F.H.A., Pep Club, Band. 53Richard Arthur Hetge "Tall, dark, and handsome”. Mary Sue Hindleang "It pays to be inquisitive”. French Club, F.H.A. Patrol, Basket Girl. Robert Harold Hill "Leave the world of tomorrow to him”. Science Club, Camera Club, Library Assistant, Latin Club, Laboratory Assistant. Myrtle May Hill "She will climb the hill of success”. G.A.A., Pep Club, F.C.A., Spanish Club, F.N.A. Jean Ella Hicks "Oh, that wicked smile”. Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Tatler Staff, Counselor's Assistant, Gym Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, F.H.A., F.T. A., Paper Staff, Patrol, Career's Night Committee. Michael Henry Holliday "Happy Holliday”. Varsity Football, Chorus, Intramural Basketball, Camera Club. Track, Boys Chorus, Pep Club. Joyce Elaine Hoagland "You're a natural”. Chorus, Cheerleader, Majorette. Donna Lou Hine "Hi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i”!!!” Latin Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Dramatics Club, Falcon Staff, Patrol. 54Edward Ray Houston "Chivalry is not dead". Thespians, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, French Club, German Club, Track 9th Grade, Football Manager 9th Grade, Basketball Manager 9th Grade, Junior Achievement, Science Club, Jets Counselor’s Assistant. Jean Ives Humphrey "Bright as sunlight and cute as a button”. Cheerleader, Football Queen Candidate, Chorus, Patrol, Paper Staff, French Club President 9th Grade, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Girls Council, Pep Club. Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee, Office Helper, Gym Assistant 9rh Grade. Gary Wayne Howdeshell 'Don’t look intelligent, you might be called on Golf, Pep Club. Penelope Ann Horn "Shiny as a brand new penny!1 Y.F.C., F.H.A.. Secretary, Chorus, Band, F.N.A. Mary Elizabeth Hucbner "Are there any more at home like you”? Latin Club, Science Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Falcon Staff, (West Jr.), Jr. Prom Committee, Career’s Night Assistant, Office Helper, Clinic Helper, Counselor’s Assistant. Toni Jean Howard "Patience and gentleness are power”. F.H.A.. Office Helper, Patrol. Karen Jean Hooper "Cute and Sweet”. 9th Grade Prom Committee.. Student Council, Girl’s Council, French Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Annex Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Dramatics Club, Chorus, Sr. Prom Committee. Judith Dale Hunter "Brains and Beauty”. Student Council Secretary 9th Grade, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club President (North), Student Council Secretary, Paper Staff 9th Grade.Terry Grayatt Hurley "Hitch your wagon to a star”. National Honor Society. Joan Marie Hutchinson "Always Friendly”. Pep Club, Chorus, F.H.A. Linda Jane Jackson "My heart is young and gay”. Counselor Assistant, Patrol, Football Queen Maid, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Girls Council. Dramatics Club, National Honor Society, Dream Girl Maid, Homecoming Maid, Library Assistant, Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee. Eldon Eugene Icenogle "Big Things come out of Little packages ” Stephanie Jacobson "As merry as the day is long”. F.H.A., Latin Club, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Jr. Prom Committee, National Honor Society. Glen Allen Ingram "His actions speak louder than his words”. Varsity Golf, Pep Club. Dennis Irving Jarden "He takes things as they come — easy”. Boys Cabinet, Intramural Basketball, Patrol.Barbara Jean Johnson "Friendly girl and a charming lass". F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Spanish Club, Pep Club, Candidate for May Queen. Michael Allen Johnson "What’s the greater? What he did do, or what he didn’t do". Donneice Joyce Johnson "She has the voice of gladness". Spanish Club, Science Club (Secretary), F.N.A., Falcon Staff, Patrol, Counselor Assistant, Library Helper, G.A.A., French Club, Chorus, F.B.L.A. Ella Geraldine Johnson "Eager to please". F.N.A., Falcon Staff, Patrol, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Girl's Council, F.B.L.A., PBX Operator, Nurse's Assistant. Roberta Lee Jouett "Simplicity is beauty". Patrol, F.H.A., Candidate to May Queen, Chorus, Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Career's Night Hostess, Hornett’s Paper Staff, Office Helper. Doris Marie Jones "One in a million". F.H.A., Pep Club. Franklin Roosevelt Johnson "Always honest with himself and others". Latin Club, Science Club, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Pep Band, "Marching 100", Orchestra, Safety Patrol, Alton High Drill Team. Reginald John Jun Are you deceiving us with your quiet manner"? 57Reba Sue Keene "Laughter, her favorite hobby". Pep Club, Library Assistant. Counselors Assistant, F.H.A., Cheerleader (North Jr.), Tatler Staff. Nancy Louise Keidel "The sophisticated lady". F.T.A., Chorus, Editor School Paper (North Jr.), Spanish Club. Student Council, Counselor’s Assistant. Varsity Basketball, Science Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Hornet’s Buzz Staff, Freshman Football, Chorus, Patrol. Sharon Louise Kasinger "1 take what covies with a smile". Spanish Club, F.T.A., Chorus, Orchestra, Co-Editor North Jr. Highlights, F.N.A. Richard Ralph Kasten "Vm a stranger here myself". Baseball, Football Manager, Basketball Manager. Karen Lee Kcehner Ronald Edward Jureziz "No one knows how much he knows". I Joan Marie Keeman "Now she’s one of ours". Library Club (Detroit). "Was ever a brown eye so keen”. F.N.A., School Paper Staff (North Jr.), Office Helper, Clinic Helper. Latin Club. James Raymond Kciser "From his spark will burst a mighty flame". Science Club, National Honor Society, Jr. Prom Committee. Latin Club, Pep Band, Drill Team, ’’Marching 100”, Concert Band, JETS, Chorus, Patrol, Paper Staff.David Scott Kelly "A man of few words”. Nancy Sue Kimbro "A friendly girl and a charming lass”. Y.F.C., O.O. Club. Mack Philip Kelly " like them blond, brunette and redheaded.” Football, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Science Club, Pep Club, Track, Spanish Club, Horner’s Buzz Staff, Student Council, Office Assistant. Ernestine Marie Kennedy "She takes life in her stride”. F.H.A.. G.A.A., Pep Club. 1 Francis Jerlyn Kirsch "Good things come in small packages”. Pep Club. Michael Robert Kistncr "Actions speak louder than words”. Science Club, JETS, Student Council, Junior Prom Committee. 59Lou Edward Kitzmiller "Leader of men, follower of women”. Pep Club, Patrol. Marlene Kaye Kreider "Miss Efficiency''. F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee, F.H.A. Gym Assistant, French Club, Tatler Staff. Office Assistant, Foreign Language Club. William Arthur Klumb "Nice to know”. Thomas Charles Krepel "Remember when we — HA! HA! HA! Commercial Art Club, Tatler Staff, Pep Club. Darkroom Club. John Steven Kodros "Such a character, so much fun", Cross Country, Track, Football, Counselors's Assistant, Student Council. Mary Louise Larsh ''Like sunshine after rain!" Geary James Kraft "A good man is hard to find”. JETS, Pep Club, Math Club. ( ■I Sharon Lee Layton "One of the few among many". Chorus, O.O. Club, Y.F.C., Hornet's Buzz Staff, Counselor's Assistant, National Honor Society.Victoria Marie Ledbetter "Nice to Know”. F.C.A. Kenneth Lee Lewis "The life so short, the craft so long to learn” Commercial Art Club, Movies of Football and Basketball Anita Lee "Sitting Pretty”. F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Patrol, F. HA., Candidate for Harvest Queen. Katherine Susan Marie Leimbach "Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with smiles predominating”. Co-Editor Tatler, Commercial Art Club, Pep Club, Cheerlcad-ing. Girls Council, Careers Night Hostess, Band, Jr. Prom Committee. Robert Douglas Lewis "We look up to you”. Track, Cross Country, Cross Country Manager, Basketball, Patrol, Pep Club, Student Council. f Thomas Frederick Lenhart "It may be life but ain't it slow?” Band, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Office Runner. Edward Garvy Lindsay "It matters not how a man dies but how he lives”. Science Club, O.O. Club, Office Assistant. games.Joseph Walter List "What? An even tempered redhead”. Varsity Football, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Freshman Basketball, Band, Orchestra. Judy Kay Littleton "Friend of the human race”. F.N.A., F.H.A., Chorus, Clinic Assistant, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Paper Staff (North), Science Club. Zettie Mae Love "Give her a job and it’s doner". F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Student Council, Pep Club, Girls Council, Patrol, Counselor’s Assistant, Office Helper, Switchboard Operator, Falcon Staff. Gary Thomas Lockhard "One in a million”. Constance Rose Loveless "I don't know why, but I like boys”. Band, Pep Club, F.H.A. Brenda Louise Loftis "Gayer than laughter is she”. F.N.A, F.H.A., Patrol, Basket Girl, Office Runner, Counselor’s Assistant. Carol Ann Lovell "Girl with the flattering frames”. F.H.A., Pep Club. Gayle Marie Loy "She has a pleasant way and sweet, a lovely character to meet". 0.0. Club, F.H.A., Office Runner, Basket Girl. Phyllis Jean Mackeldin "Sweet and sincere". Josephine Priscilla Luckett "A nice person to know”. Pep Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., G. A.A., Chorus. Sandra Kaye Manns "Like the Northwest Mounted she always gets her man”. Office Runner, Student Council, Cheerleader, Majorette, F.H.A., F.N.A., Gym Assistant, Pep Club, Chorus, Patrol, Latin Club, Paper Staff, Candidate for Harvest Queen, Library Assistant. Pautius Andrew Mack "Gifted with a golden voice?’. Sophomore Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Boys Chorus, Pep Club, Chorus, Track, Football, Basketball, Patrol. Michael Edward Mason '"The good are silent". Golf, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Patrol. 63David Ray Massey "I like them blonde, brunette, or redhead”. Chorus, Boys Chorus, Pep Club, Basketball, Patrol. Nancy Lynn Maucker "Cute and Sweet9’. Band, Orchestra, Patrol, Library Assistant, F.N.A., Pep Club, Science Club, Latin Club, Clinic Assistant, "Marching 100.” Sharon Ruth May hew "She takes life in her stride”. Chorus, Spanish Club, Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Y.F.C., Girls Ensemble, Foreign Language Club. Wendell Ermon McAfoos "My resemblance to Rock Hudson doesn’t do me any good”. Pep Club, Boys Cabinet, Patrol, Counselor Assistant. Marilyn Jean Maupin "A faithful friend and exceedingly smart, but ah, we know who has her heart”. F.T.A., Patrol, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Hornet’s Staff, Debate Office Helper. James Briggs McBrien "When Irish eyes are smiling”. German Club, Office Helper, Pep Club, JETS, Camera Club, Patrol, Science Club. Bill Gamble May "And with a voice that was full of glee, he answered, "I don’t know.” Pep Club, Track, Football, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Patrol. Janet King McBrien "Olympic bound”. Patrol, G.A.A., Spanish Club. 64Mary Nell McCallum "A little peach in the school yard grew”. Cheerleader, F.H.A., Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatic Club, F.N.A. Ronald K. McConathy "He lives to build not to boast”. Basketball Manager, Intramural Basketball, JETS, Science Club, Patrol, Library- Assistant, Chorus, Pep Club. V Sue Jean McCourtney ’’Sort of the girl you like to meet, in the home or on the street”. Cheerleader, Student Council, Patrol, Chorus, Basket Girl, Jr. Prom Committee, Maid to May Queen, Pep Club, Office Helper. Scott Bell McLain "A Bonnie Wee Lassie”. Falcon Staff, Latin Club, F.N.A., German Club, Science Club, Drama Club, F.T.A., Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee, Patrol. Delores Ann McDaniel "A quiet type of earnest, active girlhood”, Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Chorus, G.A.A., F.C.A., F.H.A. Laura Ann Meisenheimer "Sweet Simplicity”. F. H. A. Judith Ann McGhee "One, two, three, that's our McGhee F.H.A., Pep Club. JoAnn Mary McGee "Just an innocent bystander” F.N.A., F.H.A., French Club, G. A.A., Latin Club, "Marching 100," Band, Nurse's Helper, Pep Club. Ralph Julian Mendelsohn "He will succeed", Spanish Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Intramural Basketball, German Club. Wilma Caroline Meyer "What a sense of humor". F.H.A., Pep Club, Patrol. Marie Catherine Meyer "Understanding is the wealth of wealths”. F.H.A., Office Assistant, Gym Assistant. Francis Kay Milner "Glasses frame her personality”. Sharon Kay Mills "Speech is golden”. Orchestra, F.B.L.A., F.N.A., Pep Club, Alternate Cheerleader, Gym Assistant. Barbara Ann Miller "Girl with the brilliant red hair”. Girl’s Council, F.C.A., F.H.A., National Honor Society, Gym Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, G.A.A.Sue Ann Mindrup 'Your smile has such as sunny flavor.” Student Council (Vice-President,) Thespian, Harvest Queen, American Legion Award, Cheerleader, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Girl’s Council, Pep Club, Maid to Dream Girl, Maid to Homecoming Queen, Jr. Prom Committee, F.H.A., F.N.A., Chorus, Newspaper Staff. Carol Sue Misegades f'A fresh, a free, a friendly girl.” Library Assistant, Chorus, F.H. A., F.N.A., Chorus, F.B.L.A., Pep Club. Gerald Patrick Morris "Quiet, solid friendship.” Band. Molly Gene Mitchell "A Great thought comes from the heart.” F.H.A., (President), Harvest Queen Candidate, Chorus, Pep Club, (Secretary.) Robert Marshall Murphy "A credit to the Irish.” Phillip Morrison Murray "Murray, you're always in a hurry.” Football, Pep Club, Art Club, Ind. Basketball. Patricia Lee Mondy "No blue Mondy's for this redhead.” D.E. Club, F.N.A., Pep Club, Chorus, Counselor's Assistant, Basket Girl, Office Assistant. Bobby Otis Nash "Always to be best and distinguished from the rest.” Spanish Club, Science Club, National Honor Society.Ronald Waye Nelson "Any relation to Ricky?" Chorus. Walter Wesley Nitsche "Passive in deed, active in thought." Band, Orchestra, Marching ”100,” Camera Club, Science Club, Chorus. Marilyn Ella Nichols An we thought DOLLARS were all that had worth!" Patrol, F.N.A., Dramas Club, Chorus, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Hornets Staff, Orchestra Charles Joseph Norman "Level headed — has a flattop" Pep Club, Patrol, Football. George John Niclou "It’s what you've got that gets us." Student Council, Latin Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Office Runner, Prom Committee. Carole Louise North "We know what directions she’s bound " F.H.A., Pep Club, Office Occupation ClubIvory Jerclene Northern "Who wouldn’t be proud to call her a classmate”? G.A.A., F.N.A., Pep Club, F.H. A., Chorus. Sara Frances Oswalt "Nothing succeeds like success”. F.H.A., G.A.A., Camera Club. James Riley Norvell "I told her not to, but she jell for me anyway”. Football, French Club, Track, Science Club, Drama Club, Baseball, Intramural Basketball. Sheila Ann Overmeyer "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free; nothing there is that bothers me?’. National Honor Society, G.A.A.. Y.F.C., Pep Club, F.B.L.A., O.O. Club, Chorus, Gym Assistant, Hornets Staff. Sue Ellen Orris "Small but she packs a punch”. F.N.A., F.H.A., Clinic Assistant. Drama Club, Latin Club, Chorus. Sandra Kaye Oldham "Her friends are many, her enemies are few”. Pep Club, Office Assistant, F.H. A., Basket Girl, Library Assistant. 4 Rodney Duncan Owens "A little learning is dangerous, Beware”! Larin Club, Science Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society. Rita Ellen Owens "With a song in her heart". F.N.A., F.H.A., Patrol, Chorus. Pep Club, Student Council, Office Helper, Girls Ensemble, Hornet’s Staff. 69Nina Jean Pace "In pace with popularity D.E. Club, Pep Club, F.N.A., Office Assistant, Basket Girl. Janet Louise Parrish "Oh, those eyes ” Chorus, Patrol, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Office Assistant, F.B. L.A. Donald Wesley Park "You'd be surprised”, Co-Editor Paper Staff (North), Science Club, F.F.A., Pep Club, Student Council, (Treasurer), Orchestra, Chorus. Karen Sue Patterson William Ellis Park "Fast stick-6” Track, Boy’s Cabinet, Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball. mural Basketball. John Phillip Paul "When fun and duty clash, let duty go to smash”. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Track, Intramural Basketball, Office Runner, Patrol, Spanish Club. "Wisdom is thought, not speech”. Pep Club, Spanish Club, F.B.L. A., F.H.A., Chorus, O.O. Club.Sandra Kay Peipcrt "Nice and sociable F.N.A., F.H.A., Drama Club, Library Assistant, Chorus, Pep Club. Karen Joyce Peterson "Nice, Nice, Nice”. Latin Club, Chorus, F.N.A., F. H.A., Pep Club, G.A.A., Clinic Helper, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant. Sandra Jane Penning "Pennings from Heaven”. Chorus, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Science Club, Paper Staff, Girl’s Ensemble. Terrence Glenn Peterson "Click. Flash, he's back again”. Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, Camera Club, Science Club, Football, Tatler, Thespians, JETS. Joseph James Perica "So rare, so nice a guy”. Spanish Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Student Council. Carolyn Jean Persinger "Good as Gold”. Constance Marie Phillips "Nice and small”. F. H.A., F.N.A., Chorus, Pep Club, French Club, Y.F.C., G. A.A. 71William Marvin Phipps "WOW ” D.E., Club, Spanish Club. Donna Marie Porter "Generali) speaking, she's generally speaking", Chorus, Spanish Club, F.N.A., Pep Club. Jean Pierce "Neat in every way". Latin Club, French Club, National Honor Society, Girl's Council, Pep Club, Tatler Staff, Paper Staff, Chorus, G.A.A., Orchestra, Patrol, Foreign Language Club. Joyce Ann Porter "Quiet and refined". Pep Club, F.N.A., F.B.L.A., Y.F.C Janis Lynn Pinkerton "So rare". Pep Club, Drama Club, Girl’s Council , F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Chorus, Patrol, Student Council. Roger Arthur Price "He dares do all that becomes a man”. Intramural Basketball. Hattie Lemar Poindexter "One of the one-hundred". Band, Pep Club. Timothy Price, Jr. "Why worry about tomorrow? It’s still today". 72Mildred Karen Pugh 'Her smile frames her personality.” Spanish Club, Y.F.C., G.A.A Ronald Gene Rathgeb "A capital boy with a capitol interest.” Pep Club, U.F.C., Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball. Michael Thomas Purcell "A good natured chap and a friend to all.” Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Track. I I Donald Joseph Rapp "Rapp on the door of success and it will open.” Donna Joyce Quinn "Complexion like peaches and cream!' Office Assistant. Girls' Council, Patrol, Head Majorette, Cheerleader, Pep Club, F.H.A., Jr. Prom Committee. Chorus. Patrick Henry Raymond "Red hair, freckles, and intelligence; who could ask for more?” R i Minnie Mevall Reaves "Minnie are the pearls of her wisdom.” Pep Club. F.H.A.. G.A.A. Jane Raymond "She is a sincere and loyal friend. What higher praise can be given.” Pep Club, Office Runner, Basket Girl. 73Charles Albert Reeder "If you find a good book. Reeder". Chorus, O.O. Club, F.F.A., Paper Staff (North). Marilyn Kay Riffey " love my love and my love loves me?’. F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club. 74 Darwin Lance Richard ”1 wonder what Darwin's theory is". Science Club, Commercial Art Club, Track, Pep Club, Football. Catherine Mary Riley "Her good humor is a fountain never dry". F.H.A., Gym Assistant, Office Runner, Library Assistant. Delores Joan Richards "What a sense of humor, she sure tickles those keys". Latin Club, Drama Club, F.N.A., Orchestra, Clinic Assistant, F.H. A. Karen Wilma Riley "Her heart is bigger than she is 0.0. Club, F.H.A. William By He Richardson "I can’t take the pressure". Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, Intramural Basketball, Pep Club, French Club. Boy's Cabinet. Carol Rosemary Ringering "For her the bells are Ringer-ingerring F.N.A., Pep Club, Patrol, Chorus. Drama Club.James Henry Robbins "I may not be handsome, but I’m darn good looking Varsity Football, Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Track, Pep Club. Mildred Earlene Roberts "She speaks, believes. and acts when she ought". F.H.A. William Allen Roettgers "Quiet, but with a wisdom passeth all understanding’’. Varsity Football, Baseball, Chorus, Freshman Basketball, Track. "His inactivities are more numerous than his activities". Chorus. Joseph Robinson "Never overdoes himself". John Russell Roe "Roe your boat down the stream of life". Science Club, Radio Club, JETS, Patrol. John Me Minn Rippley "The will to do. the soul to dare". Science Club, Boy’s Cabinet, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Pep Club, JETS, Patrol. William Mayo Rippley "If he will he will and you can depend on it, if he won't he won’t and you can’t depend on it". Boy's Cabinet, Latin Club, Science Club, JETS, Patrol. I Gerald Edwin RobertsonBetty Louise Rogers "A girl of life, upright; who's guiltless heart is free from vanity F.N.A., Clinic Helper, Pep Club, Chorus. Robert Eugene Rushing "Rushing but never gushing". Track, Intramural Basketball. 76 Robert Eugene Romo "Romo, Romo, wherefore art thou Romo"? Graphic Arts Club. Jean Ann Ruyle "She's our Colden Ruyle". Pep Club, F.H.A., Chorus, Counselor’s Runner, O.O. Club. Jessie Pearl Rucker "A pearl is prize possession G.A.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, F.N.A., Y.F.C. Kenneth Ralph Ryder "Short in stature, but high in ideals Tatlcr Staff, Commercial Art Club, Science Club, Track, Crosscountry. "There always a rj , Phillip” h o Glenna Lee Sanders "She speaketh with her eyes". 9th Cheerleader, Band, Orchestra. Chorus, F.H.A., Office Runner, Switchboard, Pep Club.Pauline Elaine Sawyer "Has a mind of her own and uses it!' F.H.A. Vice-President, F.N.A. Treasurer, Chorus, Library Assistant. Jane Eleanor Schmidt "Sunny, smiling, Senior!' Pep Club, Chorus, Spanish Club, Gym Basket Girl. Lorraine Katherine Schmuck "Lorraine our scatterbrain!' Student Council, Cheerleader (Varsity), Homecoming Queen. Pep Club, History Club, Patrol, Office Runner, Hornet Buzz, East Junior Patrol, Candidate for Harvest Queen, Gym Assistant. F.H.A., F.T.A. Terry Lynn Schaefer "The student with a purpose!' F.F.A. Charles Bernard Schoeder "Monsieur Curie, the second, second What?" French Club. Latin Club, JETS, Science Club, Orchestra, Chorus. Astronomy Club, Pep Club. Elizabeth Ellen Scott "Sweet old-fashioned girl!' French Club, Patrol, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee, Band, Girls Council. Letitia Alberta Schumacker "Red means danger, but not in this place; when it comes to good nature she wins first place!' Latin Club, German Club, Falcon Staff, F.T.A. James Allan Schoeffel "Good Service is a gift from Heaven." Band, "Marching 100," Drill Team, Pep Band.Karol Gay Scott "Sophisticated Lady". Linda Ann Scott "She is kind and pleasant to air. Chorus, F.H.A., Pep Club, O.O. Club, French Club. Chorus, Pep Club, Dramatic Club, Girls Council, Counselor Assistant, Latin Club, Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee, Library Assistant, Hornet's Buzz Staff, Sr. Prom Committee. Marsall Nelson Selkirk "Polite, dignified, and always in good humor”. Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Patrol, Pep Club. Mike Dennis Scroggins "I’ve got my mind on music and my eye on girls". "Marching 100", Drill Team, Concert Band, Pep Club, Pep Band, Patrol, Student Council, Orchestra, Latin Club. Carol Christina Settles "She believes hair is a woman's crowning glory”. F. C. A. Kenneth Leroy Searles "Here’s one worthy to be mentioned”. 78 Sarah Patricia Seago "She has the remarkable gift of making everyone around her happy”. Latin Club, Patrol, Hornets Buzz Reporter, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Chorus. Walter Joseph Settles "Walter Settles for nothing but the Best”.James Todd Show "His good looks go a long way" Boy’s Cabinet, JETS, Pep Club, Patrol. Gary Alvin Simpson "Large was his bounty and his soul sincere." D.E., Football (9th). Madeline Elaine Sigite "A sweeter girl could not be found, if we should search the whole world round." Pep Club, Com. Art Club, F.H. A., Gym Assistant, Sophomore Class Plays. Robert Simpson "A great big grin, a great big smile, he is a clown all the while.” Cadet Band, Patrol. Kay Ann Simon ”A walking personification of the expression, 'Laugh and the world laughs with you! " Patrol, Student Council, Chorus, Pep Club, Counselor Assistant, G.A.A., Candidate to May Queen, Girl’s Council, Gym Assistant. Ronald Lee Singleton "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit.” Band, Science Club. 79 Sondra Sue Shaw "She’ll swim her way to success." French Club, Pep Club, Orchestra, G.A.A. Rhoda Ellyn Simon ”We adynire her for her intelligence and love her for her sweetness." Band, Orchestra, Marching ’TOO,” Patrol, Student Council, G.A.A., F.T.A., Pep Club, Girl’s Council, National Honor Society, Science Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Career’s Night, Latin Club, German Club, Chorus.Merry Dell Skelton ’'Merry, is there a Skelton in your closet?" F.H.A., Pep Club, Patrol, F.B.L. A., F.N.A.. Gym Assistant. Chorus. Ruth Ann Slaughter 'We value her for her many fine qualities” Pep Club. F.B.L.A., Chorus. Sue Ellen Smith "A nice little girl ” F.H.A., Pep Club. Chorus. Shirley Lou Smithee "Romance often has peculiar effects Girl's Council, O.O. Club, Pep Club. F.HA.. F.B.L.A, F.N.A. Henry Edsel Small "Small in name, but high in ideal.” Band, Int. Basketball, Pep Club. Florence Esther Soto ’’Dark eyes can be danger- ous.}t F.H.A., Chorus. Carolyn Jean Smith ”A little stick of TNT” Band, Orchestra, Girl's Council. Spanish Club, Pep Club. Candidate for Harvest Queen. Robert Wayne Southward "Anything for a quiet life" 80Samuel Louis Stampley "Sink it Sam, sink it”. Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Orchestra, Student Council, Patrol. Carol Kay Stice "Blissful Spirit”. Pep Club, Office Runner. O.O. Chorus. Janer Lee Stanka "Simplicit) and unaffected air”. Pep Club, Counselor’s Assistant, Dramatics Club. Roberta Ann Stilwell "A blush is nice but sometimes inconvenient”. F.H.A., G.A.A. Gerald Roy Steiner "His life is a progress and not a station”. National Honor Society, Science Club, JETS, Pep Club, "Marching 100 ”, Concert Band, Orchestra, Drill Team, Patrol, Chorus. William Harry Steck "Who said life is a serious business”? Football, Intramural Basketball, Track, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Patrol. Mary Helen Stobbs "Full of fun, pep, vim, and vitality”. Girls Ensemble, Dramatics Cfeb, Thespians, F.T.A., F.H.A., Latin Club, F.N.A., Hornets Buzz, Patrol. Jr. Prom Committee, Girls Council, Tatler Staff, Commercial Art Club, Foreign Language Club, Careers Night Chairman, Pep Club, Chorus, Debate. Joseph Robert Stock "What men dare do”. Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, J.V. Basketball, Pep Club, Patrol, Office Runner, Jr. Prom Committee, May King, Trampoline Exposition. 81Robert Austin Stormer "He's headed for great things”. Baseball 1-2, Intramural Football, Intramural Volleyball, Thespian. William Herbert St. Peters "Beware — he may do something yet". Chorus, Com. Art Club, Graphic Arts Club, Boy’s Chorus. Richard Morgan Sutton "Potv! There goes Room 301" I tin Club, JKTS, Science Club, Astronomy Club, Pep Club. Band, Patrol. Terrence Mark Stuchlik "To our extreme mortification. he grows wiser every day”. National Honor Society, Band, Orchestra. Charles Alfred Taylor "A mighty mite is he”. Boy’s Cabinet, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, JETS, Patrol, Office Assistant, School Paper, Football Manager. Larry Eugene Sumner "A sort of 'reckless fellow” Varsity Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Industrial Art Club. 82Johnnie Taylor, Jr. "If you ever see him once, you'll always remember him". Michael Henry Taylor "He sings with a syncopated swing". Pep Club, Chorus Richard Orville Thomas "I will be good”. Chorus, Pep Club. David Wayne Thompson "Patience is a virtue”. James Franklin Temple "A man is not measured by inches”. Richard Arrhur Thompson "Are you sure he's not a teacher". Joan Arnette Texada "Pahdon ma southin accent". Maid to Harvest Queen, G.A.A., F.H.A., Science Club, Pep Club, Girls Council, Dramatics Club, Debate Team, Spanish Club, Chorus, Jr. Prom Committee, Patrol, Tatler Staff, Student Council, Foreign Language Club. Mary Elizabeth Tierney "The longer we know her the more we like her”. French Club, Girl’s Council, Band, Patrol, German Club, Paper Staff, Office Assistant, Pep Club, Chorus.Sally Ann Tinsley "Tiny Tinsley F.H.A. Linda Lou Tuerken '’Wonderful W1L”! Library Assistant. Jay Noble Tolley "It's strange what a gti) may do. and a girl still thinks he's an angel". J. V. Baseball, Patrol, Runner, Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee, Intramural Basketball. Peggy Marie Trail "She’ll Blaze her own Trail” F.N.A. Vicky Leah Tuetken "As sweet and sincere as a riolet”. Spanish Club, Chorus, Commercial Art Club, Y.F.C., F.N.A., Patrol, Science Club. Gertie Mae Unthank "The personification of precision". Pep Club, O.O. Club, F.H.A., Y.F.C. James Albert Troy "Don’t take any wooden horses". Pep Club. Y.F.C., Library Staff, Patrol, Intramural Basketball, Debate, Freshman Football. John Richard Ulrich "What shall we do — or go fishing?" Varsity Baseball, F.F.A. 84Michael James Vahle "Ever so nice”. Freshman Football, Wrestling, Junior Class Play, and Literature Class. Ragnars Valdes Veilands "If wisdom were measured by the size of feet, he'd be Solomon”. Football, Cross Country, Track, Pep Club, Counselor’s Assistant. Phyllis Irene Vanhoy "Snookie is a cute cookie”. F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Drama Club. mtm Carolyn Sue Veltjes "I'm sitting on top of the world”. Cheerleader, Chorus, Girls Counsel, F.N.A., F.B.L.A., Orchestra, And Pep Club, Drama Club. Donna Louise Vanover "Art is talented, and so talented is she”. Joseph Donald Vogr "Remember last year, ready for a lot of fun”? Pep Club, Football, Patrol. 85Patricia Alice Waggoner " shot an arrow into the air". G.A.A., Color Guard, Patrol, Gym Assistant. Bonnie Kay Voumard ''Undisturbed". F.H.A., G.A.A., O.O. Club, Chorus. Carolyn Joyce Ward "You talk too much, you worry me to death’’. Band, Pep Club, Girls Council, Dramatics Club, Cheerleader. Joseph Edmund Wanna-maker "In my opinion . . . ”! Patrol, Office Helper, Football, Intramural Basketball, French Club, Debate, Band, Science Club, JETS, Tatlers Staff, Jr. Prom Committee. Stephanie Jane Walczak "Politeness is one of her virtues". Pep Club, Y.F.C., National Honor Society, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Girls Council. Carolyn June Waits "Glad to have you back”. Pep Club, Y.F.C. Larry Allen Ward "A common lad”. Pep Club, Varsity Golf, Patrol, Intramural Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Freshman Track.■ Anita Sylvia Watkins "Her words and ways are winning". Chorus, Pep Club, F.H.A., Drama Club. Roberta Joy Watkins "A leader in every way.” Band, Patrol, F.H.A., French Club, Drama Club, Girl’s Council, Pep Club, Counselor Assistant. John David Weaver ''Charlie Weaver has nothing on you". F.T.A., Latin Club. Anita Mae Webb "A spider in my parlor". Y.F.C., F.H.A., G.A.A., Chorus, Drama Club, Latin Club. William Thomas Watts "A nice kind of boy to know". Ronald Charles Weindel "Jupiter Bound”. Boy’s Cabinet, Science Club, JETS, Track, Pep Club. 87Neal Stephen Westbrook "Adventure Awaits”. Ronald Eugene Westbrook "Go west, young man. go West”. Chorus. Ronald Edward Wilkinson "Clown around town”. Graphic Arts Club. Danny Gene Williams "Traveling is my one desire”. Pep Club, D.E. Club, Football, Basketball (Mgr.), Band, Latin Club, Science Club. Bonnie Kay Wheeler "Our bold, our beautiful, our Bonnie". F.C.A., F.H.A., F.N.A., Pep Club, Candidate for May Queen, Chorus, Patrol. Geneva Williams "Let's have a conference, Genevd’. G.A.A., F.H.A., Chorus. Beverly Ann Whitten "Charm and Whit”. F.H.A., F.N.A., Chorus, Pep Club. Judith Mae Williams "After the storm comes the calm”. J.A., F.C.A. 88Patsy Ann Williams "Always a smile on her face”. Student Council, Patrol, Latin Club, Pep Club, Counselor’s Assistant, Gym Assistant. Larry James Williams " picked up life and looked at it seriously”. Spanish Club, Science Club. Terry Michael Williams "A quiet tongue shows a wise head”. Peggy Jean Williams frThat Jones Boy”. F.H.A., Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Maid to Sweetheart Queen, Chorus. Ross Eric Williamson "Go man, go”. Ronald Ervin Williams ’’Can we ever have too tnuch of a good thing”. Latin Club, Boy’s Cabinet, Patrol, Pep Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Counselor's Assistant. Phyllis Ann Willis "Pleasure first, business later”. Tatler Staff. F.N.A., Chorus, Patrol. Girl’s Ensemble, Pep Club. Sharon Ann Williams "She’s so dependable and so nice”. Tatler Staff, Patrol, Vice-Presi- G.A.A., Dramatics Club, Pep dent of F.H.A., Falcon Staff, Club, Student Council Alternate, Gym Assistant, Spanish Club, Candidate for Sweetheart Queen.Glenda Louise Wills "The smile in her eye. F.H.A., F.C.A Curtis Leigh Wood "Not curt, but courteous". Science Club, Track, Football, Radio Club, Math Club, Chorus. Herschel Glen Wilson ''Einstein's got nothing on you’’. JETS, Science Club, Patrol, Chorus, Pep Club. Fred Lee Woodard " With that certain look in his eyes.” Track, Intramural Basketball, Pep Club. Thomas Carver Wilson "Good ole Mr. Wilson Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Band (Concert), Pep Club, Pep Band, Track, J.A. Marching ”100”, Drill Team. Angela Jean Woods "She's just a babe in the woods”. F.H.A., Patrol, Student Council, Pep Club, Band. Fred Robert Winston ’’Are you any relation to Churchill". Joyce Yvonne Wooff ”A kind word is always on her lips”. Office Assistant. Y.F.C., Pep Club. 90Roger Leon Wooff "Happy go lucky me”. Ronald Dinnis Younger "Younger than spring time is he”. Track, Football. Jane Patricia Yoder "Nice girl and a friendly lass”. Sandburr staff (W. R. Paper), D. E. Club, Girl’s Ensemble, Chorus, Pep Club. Mary Lee Zimmerman "Last but not least”. Patrol, Chorus, Counselor Assistant, Office Assistant, French Club, Drama Club, Pep Club, Girl’s Council, Jr. Prom Committee. "George, our German scientist. Ann Mansfield Young "Intelligence comes easy for her”. Thespians, National Honor Society, Student Council, State Larin Contest, F.N.A., Paper Staff, Dramatics Club, French Club. Latin Club, Science Club, Patrol. Pep Club. Council, Thespian, Jr. Prom Committee (Chairman), Science Club, Tatler Staff, Runner, Debate Team, Pep Club, G.A.A., Library Assistant, Foreign Language Club. t J Ellen Sleator Young "Warmth and sincerity honesty, integrity, beauty, and intelligence are all facets of our crown jewel”. Hornets Buzz, Patrol, Maid to Football Queen (East Jr.), French Club, President; Girl's Council, Dramatics Club, StudentSenior Superlatives 92 "Most Sophisticated” Sue Mindrup and Bob Goulding"Most Likely To Succeed" Ellen Young and Bob Bergstrom "Best Dressed” Linda Jackson and George Griffin 93"Best Dancers” Sandra Manns and Dudley Gibcrson -V v x "Friendliest” Caroline Smith and Jim Robbins "Peppiest" Mary Freeland and Jay Tolly "Most Athletic" Jan McBricn and Danny WatrousDecember 24, 1960 — "Hey Kathryn, come back from West Point! And George, Where arc you? Did you go back to Germany? We lost the print of your picture.” Our apologies, The Tatler Staff ",Most Courteous” Kathryn Butler and George Gableman 95 "Most Talented” Rita Owens and Marshall Fowler"You say no one came?” "That's what you get for eating taffy! "Where do the sophomores register?" "Hurry up, we are sick and tired of waiting!" 96"And — then — the — little — piggy — cried — wee - wee - wee —” "What’s this thing called school? 97Insert your hand here and it comes out. . . . I got this kit when I was 3 years old and I'm still trying to figure it out."Put your best face forward! !" 99"You say there's a bug in here?" 100One over here Waiter. Kill another cow for Krepel!! Aren't some people a little bit ridiculous!Junior Prom Committee That s an awfully big puzzle. No, No, you had "X” and I had "O”. Tic Tac Toe, anyone?SYDNEY FERGUSON Associate Editor SHARON MAYHEW Associate Editor JEAN PIERCE Associate Editor JOAN TEXADA Associate Editor ELLEN YOUNG Associate Editor Sports Editor NANCY BARBER Business Manager JOE WANNAMAKER JAN BARBOUR Sales Manager Art Editor LANCE RICHARD Photography Editor -SlSlSlSlSlSlSlSlSWSlSlSlSlSlSlSlSSlSTSlSinSLJlSl 109Production Close planning is done by the Co-editors. The sales staff meets. Left to Right: Joe Wannamaker, Phyllis Willis, Reba Keene, Betty Blayney, Steve Gibbons, Judy Fairbanks. Tatler They keep us from going in debt. Nancy Barber, Business Manager and Ruth Ann Kiel, Assistant Business Manager. Advertising sales are important. Kae Leimbach, Co-editor and Gib Giberson, Sales Staff. Portraits arc made. Jeanne Hicks and Terry Peterson, Photography.Tom Krepel works on photography. The Art Staff — hard at work. Left to Right: Ralph Ryder, Eddie Arnold, and Fred Foss. Jan Barbour and Ralph Ryder work with airbrush. The Journalism Staff identify Sophomore pictures. Left to Right: Jean Pierce, Sharon Mayhcw, Sydney Ferguson, Joan Texada, and Ellen Young. Becky Allgeyer does layout work.2 iem With a little glue, crepe paper, work, and imagination, it is surprising what can be done to our drab old gym As Fred and I walked beneath the towering pillars at the entrance, we entered a new atmosphere. Confronting us was Plantation Ball, complete with all the beauty and grace of the Old South. To each side of us was the garden, the entire length covered with an enormous white trellis adorned in pink flowers. Arranged on top of the tables near the trellises was a dainty goblet vase containing a tiny rose. Small white trees resplendent with ale pink, blue, and green flowers were scattered throughout the garden. Looking above, I stared at the beauty of the ceiling draped with crepe paper and giving the effect of the sky on a .summer day. I took a deep breath and felt satisfaction in knowing that we had successfully created the loveliest prom ever at Alton High School. Continuing through the garden, we gazed upon a massive Southern mansion surrounded by elegant old moss-covered oaks. In front of the mansion was a rich spread of green grass with the typical wrought iro chairs set upon it. Even on cardboard our mansion held the refinement and charm of the traditional home of the South. As the coronation grew' near, 1 had a funny, tingling sensation, a feeling of nervousness and excitement. Soon the candidates and escorts were assembled in a room to determine the Dream Girl. When they named me, someone could have knocked me over with a feather. We were handed our bouquets of flowers, and we prepared to start the coronation. Nellie Clark escorted by Arthur Reditt began the procession followed by Marilyn Duley escorted by Jim Wolfbrandt, Linda Jackson escorted by Jack Keith, and Sue Mindrup escorted by Fred Foss. After having been announced, Terry Barton, the class president, escorted me through the garden to the chairs on the lawn and crowned me Dream Girl of I960. With a special song played by the band, Terry and I waltzed alone on the dance floor. By this time I really felt like a real Southern belle, and I will never forget our Plantation BThespians Row One: Betty Blayncy, Ellen Young, Sidney Ferguson, Becky Allgeyer. Row Two: Mary Stobbs, Ann Young. Row Three: Ed Houston, Sue Mindrup. 114Dramatics Row One: Carol Green, Jean Morrow, Kathy Bund, Stevie Jacobson, Joan Tex a da, Joyce Brown, Gail Ledingham, Ellen Young. Row Two: Jean Burch, Sandy Peipert, Betty Blayncy, Jane Brewer, Mary Zimmerman, Carolyn Ash, Karen Hooper, Becky Allgeyer, Cindy Arnold, Shelly Boone, Anita Henderson, Mr. Edye Wiseman. Row Three: Adele Barocca, Sharon Calvey, Anney Young, Joy Watkins, Sue Mindrup, Sharon Williams, Carol Coston, Norma Carter, Sydney Ferguson, David Berry, Ken Anderson, Mary Stobbs, Nancy Barber, Betsy Scott, Darol Scott. Row Four: Robert McBrien, Terrence Peterson, Edward Houston, Tim Middleton, Randy Arst, David Vorsack, Tom Lenhardt, Linda Jackson, Charla Buck, Jean Humphery, Molly McAdams, Sally Braun, Judi Kaid, Sue Rench, Vicki Sheff, Judy Heavner. 115"The Cradle Spring brought the last play of the year to Alton High. The Story involved a young girl, Theresa, who was left as a baby at the Convent of the Dominican Nuns. Here she was raised and after seventeen sheltered, blissful years must leave to become married and travel afar to America. This heartfelt performance shall not soon be forgotten. "Parting is such sweet sorrow"Song” "Antonio, Theresa's future husband, comes to call on her and pay his respects to the nuns.” In the last few hours Theresa grasps a moment alone in which to say "Good-bye” to the one who has truly been a mother to her during her years at the convent, Sister Joanna of the Cross." "The Doctor, Theresa's foster father, has come to take her to An tonio.” "During a quiet moment the nuns listen to their sister read from 'The Treasury of Patience' while they complete the finishing touches of Theresa s trousseau."A Doll’s House The set from "A Doll’s House" by Henrik Ibsen "Oh, How thoughtless of me!” 118"Ah, Mrs. Linden, I'm pleased to meet you. 119Latin Club Row One Mrs. Pointer, Pat Bolton. Roberta Wohlert, Janet Car-son, Carole Williams, Karhi Bund, Roberta Edwards, Scott McLain, Bill Kidwcll, Betty Blayney, Roberta Pointer, Gail Ledin-ham, Gayle Worden, Mary Malloy, Virginia Yount, Stormy Barton, Mr. Hagen. Row Tiro: Tcrrah Dacch, Susan Webb, Sandy Carson, Judy Kaid, Joan Keisoer, Judy Buffington, Jeannine Duge. Pam Grosenheider, Carol Burleson, Jane Hughson, Kathi Hietz, Roberta Ghent, Judy Davis. Row Three: Doris Owens, Carol Mil- ler, Fran Arkis, Barb Logan, Emily Bardolph, Shelley Boone, Sharon Ward, Lydia Bunechy, Janice Carter, Jean Lenhardt, Jeannette Hancock, Nancy Odell, Elizabeth Schulenburg, Jane Barnett, Karhrin Kilchenmann, Letitia Schumacher. Row Four: George Campbell, Dan Edgar, David Sokolowski, Gary Hicher-son, Jim Rugh, Tom Boschert, Don Christy, Jerry Sims, Dave Miller, Jean Pierce, Marilyn Chalk. Joan Robinson, Linda Jenkins, Wally Shearburn, Dale Bower. John Davis. German Club 120 Row One: Judy McDanel. Janet Steel, Charley Gillard, John O'Donovon, Steve Pfaff, Bonnie Ward, Kathy Houston, Donna Elshire, Mr. Fisher. Row Two: Ricky Fines, Paul Hanold, Frank Sheel, Jim McBrien, Raymond Cope, Vickie Ganter, George Gableman, John Wagner, Rhoda Simon, Letitia Schumacher.Spanish Club Row One: Kathy Dourson, Cherri Cockrell, Janet Daniels, Becky Riney, Cynthia Arnold, Becky Allgeyer, Karen Bedwill, Arita Bunecky, Mary Lou Jones, Trudy Stilwell, Carol Hunter, Carol Carlton. Row Two: Ruth Ann Kcil, Carol Brooks, Margaret Lewis, Sharon Mayhew, Sharon Williams, Janet McBrien, Jackie Jenings, Karen Pugh, Mary Beth Pugh, Karen Sue Rice, Carolyn Canham, Barbara Rowden, Diane Wehrle, Mark Cartwright. French Club Row One: Nancy Zaph, Nancy Sunderland, Pat Young, Ellen Young, Mary Zimmerman. Linda Risler, Melinda Seymour, Nedra Patison, Sharon Hall, Kathleen Bell. Row Two: Robert Peek, Sue Kloos, Elaine Frischkorn, Paul Ducommon, Winnie Delano, Sue Sheldon, Twyla Bradshaw, Alice Butler, Joan Gill. Nancy Coombs, Jean Humphrey, Peter Kilchermann. Ron Three: Jackie Richey, Kathy Mayfield, Michelle Surveyor, Mary Ann Sckcrkc, Melisse Thomas, Mitzi Seview, Pat Kaulfold, Betsy Scott, Molly McAdams, Charla Buck. Row Four: Eloise Rathbone, Lura Davis, Jesse Lyons, Katrin Kilchermann, Sue Monical. Row Five: Mike McKenzie, Pat Jones, Frozclla Crolsin, Janet Keeling, Alice Milnor, Kathy Grady, Ann Goulding, Anne Young, Joy Watkins, Mary Tierney, "uth Lahr, Bob Cavasher, -j21 Richard Bock.Graphic Arts Club Row One: Tom Bailey, Larry Whitten, Don Forrester, Bill St. Peters, Maurice Stillcy, Gene Clark, Donald Pearson. Row Two: Dennis Brown, Larry Summer, Bob Rome, Laverne Hooper, Phil Halford, Ronald Wilkinson, Mr. Treise. Row Three: John Strokes, James Carroll, Ed Ballhurst. David Kelly, Ronald Stroud. Radio Club Row One: John Roc (K9RVA), William Korte (K9VKU), Richard Morgan. Row Two: Mr. Willis (W9QNV), James Duffcy (KN9YZQ), Ernest Winchester. Row Three: John Carlton, David Oliver (KN9VUA), Gordon Haxel (KN9YWY), Bill Harris.Commercial Art Club Row One: Ronald Booth, Gordon Bestefcldt, Janet Holt, Janice Row Two: David Good, Noel Manns. Kay Lcimbach, Jake Ed-Barbour Becky Roettgers, Sandy Camp, Ralph Ryder. wards, Betty Dunston, Tom Krepel. Camera Club Row One: Dick Naylor, George Naylor, Lorraine Wyhs. Don Marvin Colston, Ralph Terry, Bob Hill, Dan Andrews, Bill Mc-Porter, Sarah Oswald, Frank Schcel, Jim Mindrup, Georgia Petrie, Brien, Wes Nitshe. Terry Peterson, President. Loyd Carr, Sponsor. Row Two: Dale Armstrong, Tome Wicks, 123Distributive Education Club Row One: Janet Davis, Jane Yoder, Pat Mondy, Nina Pace. Row Two: Sammy Beem, Bill Phipps, James Hayes, Joyce Hoagland, Mary Brown, Jeanette Webb, Linda Bacus. Office Occupations Club Row One: Carol Stice, Linda Scott, Marilyn Duley. Row Two: Shirley Smithee, Charles Reeder, Karen Patterson, Delores Gayle Loy, Barbara Gottlob, Nancy Kimbro, Linda Cunin ham, Cathorall, Nellie Clark, Carolyn Hampton, Sheila Overmeyer, Freda Metz, Mary Cathorall, Sharon Layton, June Ayres, Tamara Vera Burney, Karen Riley, Haroldyne Alexander, Eddie Lindsay. Hayes, Sharon Goss, Bonnie Voumard, Carole North. Row Three: 124Boy’s Cabinet Row One: Jerry Clardy, Bill Rippley, Bill Park, Charlie Taylor Ronald Weindcl. Row Two: John Gainer, Greg Lafakis, Tom Lambie, Louis Finley, Jeff Gilbert. Row Three: Don Mackenroth, Tim Middleton, Jim Show, Ed Ferguson, Dennis Jarden. Row Four: Dale Parrish, Greg Yust, John Ripley, Tom Muehleman, Bob Twitty. Row Five: James Holloway, George Gabelmann, George Campbell, Ralph Terry, Richard Mus-grave, Dennis Tavlos. 125Future Business Leaders of America Row One: Anita Lee, Carol Buckshot, Pat Flye, Ruth Slaughter. Pat Jordan, Sharon Mills, Janet Parrish, Carol Sue Nusegrades, Sharon Kirbach. and Marlene Kreider. Rou Two: Miss Tibbetts, Dorothy Prager, Eleanor Whal, and Mr, Callahan. Future Farmers of America Row One: Richard Walters, Tony Baker, James Manns, Jerry Oulson, Allen Mans, Tom Holbert, Robert Weilmuenster, Robert Schramm. Row Two: Donald Stormer, Joseph Dumey, George Demkey, Virgil Stormer, Mike Neal, Gary Ncese, Mickey Ralph, John Wickenhauser. Row Three: Richard Ruyle, Joseph Mans, Robert Bachman, Terry Schaefer, John Ulrich, William Klumb. 127Future Homemakers of America Row One: Jean Price, Janice Henderson, Ethel Herron, Connie Phillips, Pat Miller, Beautyna Hill, Sandy Kidwell, Brenda Loftis, Brenda Teitelbaum, Peggy Trail, Carol Ryne, Sandy Foley'. Rou- Two: Joan Gill, Kay Tcutkcn, Kathyrn Martin, Nancy Hunt, Mattie Ewing, Vicky Preis, Jackie Twitchel, Carol Brock- man, Billie Walters, Mary Docrr, Pamela Read, Hettie Poindexter. Row Three: Carol Theisen, Betty Mitts, Nellie Webster, Martha Corrigan, Geneva Williams, Sarah Oswalt, Carolyn Rogers, Lillian Tuttle, Anita Poindexter, Doris Simons, Adele Williams, Wilma Martin. 128 Row One: Joyce Brown, Marilyn Riffcy, Mary Freeland, Reba Keene, Judy Weller, Diane Schnabel, Sherry Adair, Phyllis Cochran, Bonne Haun, Janeen Jamison, Sharon Johnson. Row Two: Carol Misegadcs, Nancy Burjes, Sue Smith. Sandra Kruse, Rebecca Nicholos, Nancy Coombs, Kay Littleton, Connie Farlon, Ginny Broemser, Jeanie Marlow, Linda Sheary, Leona Bridges, Mary Rizzotto, Verla Glover, Jerrie Morgan, Pat Castle, Jeanne Swin-ncy, Marilyn Maxeincr. Row Three: Carol Kraushaar, Lorraine Wyhs, Joanne Willis,Jo Ann McGhee, Linda Gillahan, Henreen Cannon, Linda Griggs, Pat Walls, Vicky Langford. Eesteele Oswalt, Priscilla Yost, Cheryl Garry, Anita Dunston, Norma Carter, Marilyn Horsley.129 Office Workers Row One: Charles St. Clair. Caren Currins, Becky Russell,Carolyn Ash, Karen Hooper, Sharon Kimbro, Nancy Jones, Sue McClin-tock, Winnie Marsh, Nancy Spalding, Gail Ledinham, Glenna Sanders. Row Two: Jeanne Hicks, Bobalu Norris, Judy Nave, Mary Freeland, Lorraine Schmuck, Jane Nicolet, Sue Sheldon, Anita Henderson, Jane Biewer, Gloria Combs, Sandy Dunston, Sandy Bott. Row Three: Norma Carter, Sue Kloos, Catherine Riley, Frances Shaw, Jim Rugh, Jim Minsker, Ken Lcnhardt, Mike Elliot, Tom Cadwell. Row Four: Becky Gillard, Carolyn Hudson, Richard Thompson, Mike Haag, Charles Taylor, Tom Lcnhardt, Ralph Terry, Kenny Mitchell, Bob Clark.Future Nurses of America Row One: Donna Quinn, Judi Fairbanks, Don Admire, Charles Lambie, John Hardaway, Paul DuCommon, Dale Bower, Ellen Gregor, Donnetta Knight. Ron Tuo: Mary O’Connor, Jesse Lyons, Jean Georges, Elizabeth Schuleburg, Nedra Patison, Sara Belle Oliver, Sandra Bott, Elemor Wahl, Eloise Rarhbone, Kathie Heitz. Row Three: John Brockway, Charles Taylor, Jim Minisker, Marshall Selkirk, David Massey, Jesse Adams, Carolyn Waits, Janice Flethcher, Jim Troy. Row Four: Ron McConathy, John Row, Alfred Smith, Mike McKenzie, Jim Crane, Henry Turner, Dale Raymond, George Henry. Patrol Row One: Sandy Peipert, Delores Richards, Linda Brunner, Sandra Kidwell, Brenda Loftis, Pam Grosenheider. Becky Allgeyer, Lucy Williams, Sharon Ward. Row Tuo: Jean Burch, Nancy Buries, Kay Littleton, Adele Williams, Yvonne Forbes, Patricia Bolton, Jeanne Swinney, Jerry Morgan, Roberta Pointer, Kathy Budde. Row Three: Sharon Johnson, Mary Frye, Anita Poindexter. Rose Marie Schultz, Kay Story, JoAnne McGee, Queen McFern. 130National Honor Society Row One: Judy Handler, Stephanie Jacobson, Scott Maclain, Becky Allgeyer, Rhoda Simon. Row Two: Ed Ferguson, John Rippley, Rod Owens. Row One: Sidney Ferguson, Terry Hurley, Terry Stuchlik, Vicki czak, Sally Braun. Row Three: Carl Bergstrom, Jerry Clardy, Jim Ganter, Barb Miller, Karen Goltz, Pat Gould. Row Two: Franklin Keiser, Jerry Steiner, Marvin Bonner. Johnson, Bobby Nash, Ann Young, Jean Pierce, Stephanie Wal Members not in the Picture: Vera Burney, Jerry Gormley, Kathryn Burlar, Anita Henderson, Mary Huebner, Karen Keehner, Sharon Layton, Sheila Overmeyer, Ronnie Jureziz.Future Teachers of America Row One: Cathy Koehne, Carol Carlton, Nancy Coombs. Carol Sue Hunter, Mary Malloy. Row Two: Marilyn Horsely, Nancy Moore, Judy Hicks, Ruth Larr, Rhoda Simon, Diane Wherle. Science Club Row One: Leo Wools, Sponsor; Elaine Frisckorn, Paul DuCom-mun, Elizabeth Schulenberg, Charles Gillard, Stormy Barton, Scotty McLain, Sandra Penning, Nancy Mauckcr, Linda Brunner, Rebeccah Allgeyer, Steve Velloff, Sponsor. Row Two: Nancy Ely, Sponsor; Ronald Downey, Jerry Steiner, Hal Marks, Joan Kciser, Kathy Kilchenman, Emily Bardolph, Verncll Curvcy, Jan Keeling, 132 Judy McDaniels, Rhoda Simon, Randy Hemple. Row Three: John Barton, Tom Anto, Frank Scheel, Jim McBrien, Bob Hill, John Hendon, Bill Rilpley, Jim Keiser, Wesley Bayles, Greg Yost, Tom Wicks, Richard Bock, Gary Mook, John Ripley. Row Four: Curt Wood, Tom Stuchlik, Tom Boschert, Mike McKenzie, Richard Sutton, Herschel Wilson, Charles Schroeder, John Roe, Ed Houston, Wesley Nitsche, Ron McConathy, Jerry Clardy, Rod Owens, Joe Wannamaker, George Campbell, David Belcher, Bobby Nash.Future Cosmetologists of America Carol Kraushaar, Shirley Bizaillion, Linda Bush, Marie Fletcher, Barb Miller, Donna Martinez, Pam Davis, Mary Fehrenbacher, Jackie Lindley, Frances Miller. Linda Breeden, Thelma Ham, Alice Ruckman, Marilyn Biggs, Betty Watson, Donna Moyer, Myrtle Hill, Mary Batson. Instructor: Delores McDaniel, Sitting. 133Student Council Karol Gay Scott, Roberta Pointer, Marilyn Wicgand, Ann Goulding, Karen Mink, Stevie Bean, Stormy Barton, James Hartley, Rita Owens, Sue Mindrup, Bob Jones, Kathryn Butler, Sharon Hall, Paul Bconomidcs, Jim Crane, Judy Hunter, Don Admire, Terry Barton, Mary O’Connor, Scott McLainc, Penny Boedecker, Bob Lewis, Dennis Brandt, Alice Milnor, Joan Hunter, Jean Humphrey, Twyla Bradshaw, Tamara Hutte, George Nicolou, Wesley Bayles, Mike Kistner, Pamela Grosen-heider, DcWitt Thomas, Sponsor. 73 5Debate Standing: Marilyn Maupin. First Row: Judi Fairbanks, Dudley Giberson, Ellen Young, Mary Stobbs, Joan Texada. Second Row: Betty Blayney, Jerry Clardy, Joe Wannamaker, Teddy Healy, Michelle Surveyor. Standing At Rear: Miss Colonius.140141Ron One: Sydney Sue Ferguson, Gail Ledingham, Judy McDaniel, Sandra Pelot, Marilyn Nichols, Eloise Rathbone, Melisse Thomas, Joy Medler. Row Two: Barbara Rowden, Jane Fichrel, Judy Ostendorf, Sharon Mills, Sylvia Waters. Mary Kay Bush, Bill Kiumb, Sharon Kasinger, Aliscia Roe, Joan Keiser. Row Three: Sondra Shaw, George Gebelman, Pamela Goss, Marilyn Chalk, Marilyn Horsely, Charles Schroeder, Ruth Lahr, Jerry Curry. Row Four: Franklin Johnson, Terry Stuchlik, Rose Marie Maneke, Carolyn Smith, Charles Smith, Jerry Steiner, Diane Wherle, Rhoda Simon, Nancy Maucker, Mr. Stuchlik, Director; Keith Dailey, Carol Schildrof, Jean Swinney, Jim Kelly. Row Fit e: John Brockway, Larry Duncan, Gary Mook, Mike McKenzie, Marshall Fowler, Mike Fike. Row Six: James Keiser, Richard Bengcl, Roger Queen.The Marching 100 Mike Scroggins, Drum Major. Row One: Boyd LaMarsh, Director; Dick Bcngel, Geoff Harris, Jim Reiser, Richard Sitze, Gerald Morris, Roger Elliot, Roger Queen. Row Two: Kent Cooper, Connie Loveless, Phillip Grable, Norma Hamelmann, Hettie Poindexter, Carol Carlton, Jerry Curry. Row Three: John Brockway, Jan Gosling, Fred Octtle, Bill Woodward, Martha Heuer, Ruth Healy, Larry Duncan. Row Four: Jim Schoeffle, Dennis Brandt, Queen McFern, Jeff Gaylord, Lloyd Cooke, George Campbell, Lonnie Pollard. Row Fite: Marshall Fowler, Chuck La-Marsh, Bill Miller, Alice Horn. Bill Meyers, Dave Miller, Bill Dawson. Row Six: Tom Wilson, Mont Bodine, Sue Dicmcr, Anita Poindexter, JoAnn McGee, Clarence Ellis. Linda Roller. Row Seven: Franklin Johnson, John Rogers, Howard Neal, Beverly Bernhard, Terry Stuchlik, Sid Peterson, Roger Willis. Row Eight: Marvin Bonner, Dorothy Losch, Diane Wehrle, Nancy Moore, Mary Malloy, Carolyn Ward, Dave Carter. Row Sine: Jery Steiner, Judy Hicks, Sue Webb, Lois Harris, Becky Allgeyer, Elaine Frischkoen, Wilbert Davis. Row Ten: Gerald Brewer, Sue Monical, Nancy Mauckcr, Sandy Gosling, Rhoda Simon. Janet Carson, Leonard Woods. Rr u Eleven: Charles Smith, Jackie Jennings, Barbara Shackelford, Sherry Adair, Carol Hunter, Libby Davis, Carolyn Smith. Row Twelve: Steve Batchelor. Ronald Baron, Bill McBcide. Richard Clark, Jim McConathy, Steve Doerr, Dan Andreuos, Robert ( auashcr, Mike Hartman.MAJORETTES — Norma Gowens, Marilyn Manns, Sandy Manns, Phyllis Cochran, Janet Daniels,Donna Quinn. COLOR-GUARD — Marcia Liley, Rifle; Marilyn Wiegand, Rifle; Pat Waggoner, U.S. Flag; Melody Grisham, School Flag; Rosemarie Maneke, State Flag; Joan Robinson, Rifle; Mary Ann Sekerke, Rifle; Pat Billings, Sergeant. DRUM-MAJOR — Mike Scroggins.Concert Band Row One: Tom Wilson, Roger Queen, Jim Keiser, Geoff Harris, Dick Bcngel, First Chair; Roger Elliott, Richard Sitze, Anita Poindexter, Marilyn Weigand. Row Two: Lonnie Pollard, Jim Schoeffle, Mike Pike, Mike Scroggins, Bill Dawson, Dennis Brandt, Chuck LaMarsh, Marshall Fowler, First Chair; Dave Miller, Mike Wyatt. Row Three: Sid Peterson, Paul Foster, Jim McConathy, Sreve Batchelor, First Chair; Dan Andrews, Frank Johnson. Percussion: Beverly Bernhard, How-ard Neal, Terry Stuchlik, John Rogers. I ejt Side. Row One: Charles Smith, First Chair: Rosie Maneke, Bob Boedeker, Linda Jenkins. Row Two: Marvin Bonner, First Chair; Jerry Steiner, Becky AUgeyer, Diane Wehrle, Gerald Brewer. Row Three: Dave Carter, Rhoda Simon, Mary Malloy, Jim Jackson, Nancy Moore. Rotv Four: Nancy Maucker, Janet Carson, Sue Monical, Wilbert Davis, Judy Hicks. Ri%ht Side, Row One: Carolyn Smith, Barb Shackclfor, Libby Davis, Rich Hussong. Row Two: John Brockway, First Chair; Jan Gosling, Martha Heuer, Hettie Poindexter, First Chair; Jerry Curry. Row Three: Larry Duncan, Ruth Healy, Fred Oettle, Jerry Clardy, Connie Loveless. Row Four: Norma Hamelmann, Phil Grable, Kent Cooper, Bob Berry, Boyd LaMarsh, Director. Cadet Band Row One: Gerald Dulson, Bill Woodward, Gerald Morris, Ronald Baron. Row Two: George Campbell, Jim Casper, Chris Volf, Lloyd Cooke, Rick Eccles, Jeff Gaylord, Bill Miller, Steve Gibbons, Jim Creal, Queen McFern, Bill Edmiston, Boyd LaMarsh, Director; Allan Mason, Drums. Row Three: Byron Sherfy, Bill McBride, Steve Docrr, Jim Blair, Roger Willis. Percussion: Robert Simpson, Bill Meyers, Bill Bowen, Dave Cross. Left Side, Row One: Sue Webb, Clarence Ellis, Leonard Woods. Row Two: Lois Harris Elaire Frischkorn, Sue Diemer. Row Three: Dorothy Losch, Carol Carlton, Linda Roller, Barbara Chalk. Right Side, Row One: Sandy Krotz, Judy Korilko, Sherry Adair, Shelly Boone, Frozella Croslin. Row Two: Carol Sue Hunter, Vicki Sheff, JoAnn McGee, Sam Norman, Alice Horn. Row Three: Leonard Perry, Robert Cavasher, Mont Bodine, Steve Davidson.Pep Band Drill Team 149tinmHomecoming Queen Mary Freeland escorted by Gary Nickens. Carolyn Ash escorted by George Griffin Linda Jackson escorted by Jim Robbins Hail Lovely Queen Hail lovely queen! To thee our song we sing Our loyalty and homage now we bring Smile Thou on us, be happy ami gay For this is your coronation day! Hail gracious queen! The pride of our dear school Blessed be thy reign, and happy be thy rule We bow to thee, the fairest ever seen Long live our Queen, our fair and beauteous queen Sue Mindrup escorted by Bill May. Lorraine Schmuck — Our I960 Homecoming Queen, escorted by Terry Barton. 155Cheerleaders.mold, Pat Young and Melinda Seymour. Butler, ludv Buffingtji «a 'V George Griffen Jim Robbins B. B. Gator Jerry Goodman Tom Payne bam m Stampley Ed Herd Gary Nickens Frank Bemis Terry Barton Joe List 3 Marvin Bock Bill May Leo DanielRow One: Bill Roettgers, Loren Randol, Steve Schmidt, B. B. Gator, Damon Rickard, J. B. Kelly, Joe Bayer, Mickey Hammond, Ron Ayres, Howie Lewis. Jim Robbins, George Griffin, Terry Barton, Leo Daniel, Mike Holliday, Lane Vernardos. Row Two: James Jackson, Henry Stewart, Gerald Chapman, Don Davis, Mike Fike, Wesley Bayles, Rick Eccles, Sam Stampley, Ed Herd, Bill Richardson, Joe List, Frank Bcmis, Gary Nickens, Marvin Bock, lorn Payne, Jim Parks, Bill May, Steve Taylor. Opponent Date We They St. Louis U. High Sept. 16 7 0 Marquette Sept. 23 18 6 East St. Louis Sept. 30 0 19 Granite City Oct. 7 41 13 Parkview Oct. 14 7 27 Edwardsville Oct. 21 20 14 Belleville Oct. 28 13 6 Collinsville Nov. 4 7 27 Woodriver Nov. 11 26 6Junior Varsity Row One: Loren Randol, Joe Bayer, Charles Tyson, Marshall Mayer, Carl Fors, James Logan, James Jackson, Myrle Hazel-wander, Don Hale, Dan Gantz, Dan Rogers. Row Two: Steve Schmidt, George Mack, Mike Hammonds, James Kelly, Damon Rickard, Mike Fike, Bob Boedecker, Paul Econo-mides, Jim Minsker, Pat Merkle, Dennis Brandt, Wesley Bayles. Row Three: Jim Austwick, George Cook, George Faulkenson, Rick Eccles, Terry Mitchell, Ron Ayres, Richard Green. Sophomore Row One: Carl Fors, Marshall Mayer, Richard Green, Dan John- Watsek, Bruce Klosterhoff, Bob Boedeker, Gene Hindmon, Jim ston, Jim Minsker, Dennis Brandt, Don Hale, George Mack. Austwick, Tom Cadwell. Row Two: Dan Gantz, Jim McConathy, Greg Lafakis, Raytiis wrist.Golf Row One: Mike Mason, Bob Goulding, Richard Skinner, Mike Johnson. Row Two: Coach Sheets, Bill Muehlman, Bob Bergstrom, Tom Muchlman, Larry Ward, Glen Ingram, Gary Lawson. The Alton High Golf Team was very successful this year and finished their season with a 14-0 record in their dual meets. Alton went to the Quincy Invitational and swung their way to seventh place among 23 teams. This was very good for such a big meet. Continuing their domination of this area, as far as golf is concerned, the team won first in the conference meet and emerged as the conference champion. But the Redbirds didn’t stop proving themselves here and went on to win the district championship. From the district Alton moved up to the State Meet at Champaign, Illinois, and finished tenth among 19 teams. We are proud of our golf team and their fine record, and we are also proud of the good individual showings, too. Bill Muelman placed first in conference and district, and Bob Goulding placed second in Conference and District. Along with the team we also thank Coach Sheets for his fine support. 163Cross-Country Row One: George Gabelman. Bob Brown, Steve Batchelor, Paul Tchoukaleff, Dan Watrous, John Trowbridge, Hershell Gill, Mack Davis, Roosevelt Wilson. Row Two: Coach Wigger, Mike Elliot, Bob Lahlein, Brooks Brown, Wilbert Davis, Ron Rath-geb, Bob Lewis, Bob Clark, Leonard Perry, Mike Wyatt.Let us praise the unsung sport of Alton High, for it certainly deserves praise. Few people know that the boys out for cross-country start training even before school starts. This year they went on a canoe trip one week before school and starred their training then. Their hard work certainly paid off because they won their first dual meet, beating Woodriver 18 to 40. As you know, in cross country the lowest score wins. Also at this meet John Trowbridge set a record time: 8:44. Edwardsville then traveled to Alton and met defeat at the hands of the Redbirds. The score was 18 to 41. On September 27th at the Muni Golf Course, Alton came out on top at a triangular meet with Collinsville and Granite City. The Redbirds scored 18 while Granite City and Collinsville scored 67 and 61 respectively. Our Redbirds then went on to capture first place at the Peoria Invitational and a trophy to boot. John Trowbridge set a record time of 10:30.8 and Dan Watrous was second with 10:32.8. Traveling to Belleville and there meeting Edwardsville, Alton again defeated them 18 to 45. Still climbing the ladder to success, on October 7th, Alton captured another first place at the Belleville Invitational by excitingly beating Vashon (Missouri State champs) 69 to 70. Trowbridge and Watrous finished second and third respectively. On October 14th Alton met Vashon again at the Beaumont Invitational. Here Alton came in a very distinguished third place with Trowbridge and Watrous finishing second and fourth individually. At the Southwestern Conference Meet, Alton came in second. John Trowbridge finished first individually .We undoubtedly suffered from the injury of Dan Watrous, who was not able to participate in the meet. Alton finished a very fine first in the District Meet, with fine performances from the whole squad. To top off the I960 season, the Redbirds finished seventh in the State. As far as individual performances were concerned, Trowbridge finished fifth, Watrous twelfth, and Gill fourtieth. As a rewarding finish to its season, Alton beat Vashon and Beaumont (Second in Missouri) to win first place in a ten mile relay. We of Alton High thank the boys on the crosscountry team for their hard work and rewarded efforts. A great deal of thanks is also owed to Mr. Wigger, the coach of the cross-country team.Varsity BasketballBasketball Row One: Howard Neal, Roger Capps, Ed Herd, Joe Stock, Terry Barton, Jerry Goodman. Row Two: Dale Kuhn, Sam Stampley, Ed Dancy, Larry Shoemaker, Bob Jones, Roosevelt Wilson. Opponent Date We They Christian Bros. College Dec. 2nd 63 54 Mt. Vernon Dec. 3rd 62 55 East St. Louis Dec. 9th 52 45 Canton Dec. 10th 65 60 Edwardsvillc Dec. 16th 69 71 Roxana Dec. 17th 52 48 Wood River Dec. 23rd East St. Louis Tourn. Dec. 26-27-28-29 Collinsville Jan. 6th Belleville Jan. 7th Dupo Tourn. Jan. 11-12-13-14 East St. Louis Jan. 20th Edwardsville Jan. 27th Granite City Jan. 28th Wood River Feb. 4th Collinsville Feb. 10th Belleville Feb. 11th Granite City Feb. 17th Quincy Feb. 18th Pinckncyville Feb. 24th Sophomore 2sr z Row One: Gary Fleming, Earl Dancy, Clarence Ellis, Carl Fors, Richard Green, George Faulk-erson, Cletis Fowler, Coach Tyree. Row Two: Jim Blair, Dan Gantz, Don Hale, George Cook, Dale Parrish, Mike Elliot, Tom Jones, Mike Wyatt. 168T rack Row One: Elmer Harley, Ed Danccy, Jim Robinson, Maynard White, Wiggcr, Ron Ayres, John Trowbridge, B. B. Gator, John Taylor, Dan Mike Yavorski, Hershel Epps, Larry Donahue. Row Two: Coach Watrous, Marvin Bock, Don Davis, Coach Will, Coach Perrin. Row One: Loren Randol, Marvin Bock, Elmer Harley, Ed Dancey, Jim Robinson, Maynard White, Jerry Gormley, Mike Yavorski, Sam Stamp-ley, Henry Smith, Mike Fike, Ron Ayres, Ed Herd, Don Davis, Dan Watrous. Row Two: Mannis Taylor, Bill Shelton, Brooks Brown, Larry Donahue, John Taylor, Bob Burress, Rick Boyer, Wilbert Davis, B. B. Gater, Hershel Epps, Joe Bayer, John Trowbridge, Paul Tchouka- leff, Hcrshell Gill, Steve Schmidt, Eddie Arnold. Row Three: Bob Lewis, Lewis Finly, Ron Westbrook, James Jackson, Mack Davis, Leonard Wood, James Logan, Phil Afflack, Dick Adams, Denis Miller, Roger Day, Steve Batchelor, Jerome Besterfeldt, Fred Woodard, Odell Fox, James Dean.Marvin Bock Member of 880 Team which won First in State Ron Ayres Member of 880 Team which won First in StateCoaches Perrin coaches sophomore football and field c mts in track. Coach Johnson coaches footba 11. bach Will coaches the line for varsity football an hurdle irents for track. Coach McClain is the Head ftxAall coach anti aches the backficld for varsity football. Coach Washington coaches ic line for varsity football and the junior vars ry football team. - ' nilAbernathy, Dayne Aldrech, Rodger Almonroder, Bill Anton, Tom Arbuthnot, Jim Arkis, Frances Arnold, Sam Arst, Randy Atherton, Tom Aubrey, Bill Austin, Merrille Ayres, Ronald Bacus, Wilma Bailey, Tom Baker, Bill Ball, Anna Ballinger, Janice Barcelona, Ruth Ann Barocca, Adele Barnes, Wilma Barton, John Barton, Stormy Batchelor, Steve Bayer, Joe Baylev, Susan Bea, Elizabeth Bean, Stephanie Sue Beck, Janet Beiser, Sally Bell, Joan Bennett, Mike Bennett, Tom Berkel, Pearl Berliew, Vicky Bernhard, Beverly Bern', David Besterfeldt, Jerome Biggs, Marilyn Bizaillion, Shirley Bock, Vera Bodine, Mont Boedecker, Penny 178 Bolton, Pat Bolton, Robert Booth, Ronnie Bopp, Marion Borko, Jeanne Bott, Wayne JuniorsBowman, Charles Boyer, Richard Bradshaw, Twyla Brandon, Danny Breeden, Linda Brown, Christine Brown, La Verne Brown, Saddic Bryant, Pat Buhs, Bob Burjes, Jacqueling Burress, Robin Bushnell, Nancy Butler, Alice Butler, Wanda Caffey, Minnie Cahill, Tony Calvert, Linda Capps, Roger Carpenter, Gary Carroll, Nancy Carter, Kathy Casper, Jim Cation, Mabel Cauley, Herbert Champlin, Virgil Chester, Perry Clinkingbeard, Gary Cochran, Phyllis Cole, Harold Combs, Gloria Combs, Nancy Conner, Delilah Mae Conners, Janet Cooke, Lloyd Cooke, Mike Cope, Ray Corte, Butch Couey, Sid Cox, Jessie Creeps, Glen Crowder, Ronald Cunningham, Carolyn Cunningham, Pete Cunningham, William Currins, Caren Curry, Jerry Dannenbrink, Carolyn 179Dannenbrink, Marilyn Darr, Kay Davis, Don Davis, Jim Davis, John Davis, Vernon Davis, Wilbert Dawdy, Sherry Day, Rodger Dean, Jim Delano, Winnie De Munbrun, Mary Deucker, Carolyn Dilling, Pat Dintelmann, Dennis Dodd, James Doerr, Mary Dorsey, Beverly Douglas, Brenda Downey, Ronnie Dourson, Kathy Du Comman, Paul Dumey, Carolyn Duncan, Richard Dunston, Sandy Eaker, Judy Eberlon, Janet Eccles, Richard Edems, Linda Eichoen, John Elliot, Sally Ellis, Mike Evans, Jerry Evertsen, Lana Ewing, Mattie Ewing, William Farmer, Carol Faye, Sherry Fike, Mike Finley, Louis Flemming, Sharon Flenner, Steve Flye, Pat Foley, Sandra Foster, Paul Francis, James Frasier, Jim Frazer, SandiFreeland, Becky Frye, Mary Gator, B. B. Gator, Jesse Gill, Herskell Gill, Joan Gillard, Charles Gillian, Jim Glazebrook, Bob Gleason, Basil Gnerich, Ruth Golenor, Bill Gorman, Mary Ann Gosling, Sandy Graziana, Donna Green, Bill Greenwill, Carol Greenwood, Donald Gregory, Janet Gross, Diane Groves, Jean Gurley, Shirley Gustine, Cheryl Haag, Mike Hack, Tom Hagen, Albert Hamelmann, Norma Hampton, Harold Harmer, Sally Harting, Janice Hartman, Mike Hartnett, Mike Harvey, Orville Haun, Bonnie Hausman, Colin Haynes, Charlene Haynes, Roger Harrison, Lola Healy, Jim Heflcy, Beverly Henderson, Carolyn Hendricks, Bill Henessey, Tom Hentrich, Jim Herd, Ed Herren, Sharon Hicks, Judy Hildebrand, RosemaryHill, Beautyna Himmel. Marlene Hise, Tom Holloway, Toi Holt, Janet Hooper, La Verne Hoover, Gerald Hopper, Donneetio Horn, Alice Horsley, Marilyn Howe, Marilyn Hudson, Carolyn Hunter, Carol Sue Hunter, Joan Hunter, Wanda Hutte, Tamara Hyndman, Nora Imel, Tom Ingram, Daisy Isom, Betty Ivester, Richard Jackson, Ella Jackson, James Jackson, Jo Ann Jacobs, Jackie Jacoby, Mike Jenkins, Tom Jenkins, Richard Jennings, Larry Johnson, Jane Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Mike Johnson, Sharon June Johnson, Sharon Jones, Carol Jones, Mary Lou Jones, Mike Jones, Nancy Jones, Pat Jordan, Pat Kassler, Max Keenan, Jim Keil, Ruth Ann Kelley, Dale Kelly, James Kennedy, Richard 182 Kilchenmann, Katrine Kilchenmann, PeterKillion, William King, Jerry Kirbach, Sharon Kirby, Violet Kittle, Jack Kitzmiller, Beverly Klaus, Johnny Koehne, Kathy Kolesa, John Kortkamp, Karen Kunz, Homer Kruse, Sandra Kustermann, Ronald Lacey, Robert Lahlein, Bob Lamb, Larry Landiss, Ed Langer, Janet Langford, Kathleen Layton, Jerry Layton, Mary Alice Leitner, Mary Kaye Lenhardt, Kenneth Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Howard Lewis, James Liebig, Allan Linenfelser, Carolyn List, Susan Livingston, Linda Logan, James Losch, Dorothy Lucas, Charlene Lutes, Willa Dean Lumley, Georgia Mackenroth, Donald Maher, Gene Malloy, Mary Manns, Ellen Manns, Noel Maple, Ronald Markel, Marie Marshall, Ronald Martin, Judith Martinez, Donna Mattcson, Dan Maxeiner, Veda Mayberry, Richard 183184 McAnich, Dean McAnich, Glenn McBriede, William McBrien, John McClain, Janet McClusky, Ruth Ann McCormick, David McDaniel, Judith McFern, Queen McManis, Mary Lou McPike, Timothy McReynolds, Katherine Medler, Joy Meloy, Robert Middleton, Timothy Miller, Creighton Miller, Dennis Miller, George Miller, Larry Miller, William Mills, Loretta Mink, Karen Mitchell, Kenny Monks, Terry Mook, Gary Moore, Ben Moore, Candy Moore, Nancy Morgan, Kathy Morgan, Jerrie Morgan roth, Judy Mossman, Robert Moyer, Donna Muchleman, Tom Mulquccny, Thomas Munson, Franny Murray, Priscilla Musgrave, Richard Nale, Kenneth Nave, Judith Neudecker, Spe-icer Nicolet, Jane Nichols, Carol Niederkorn, David Nolan, Paulette O’Conner, Mary O’Dell, Gerald O'Dell, NancyOden, Karen O’Donovan, John Oettlc, Fred Oliver, Sara Bell OZec, Sandy Patterson, Floy Patterson, Thelma Park, Judy Parker, Camille Pclot, William Peterson, Sid Pinkerton, Sally Pinkowski, Pat Poindexter, Anita Pointer, Roberta Pollard, Lonnie Porter, Donald Powers, Bonnie Pragcr, Dorothy Pratt, Bonnie Pratt, Connie Priest, Katherine Queen, Roger Ralph, Mickey Ramage, Cheryl Randol, Emerson Read, Pam Recknagel, John Reed, Patty Jo Risler, Linda Rench, Mike Ribble, Donna Rice, Donna Richards, Sandra Ridder, Sandra Ringcring, Linda Ringering, Marion Robertson, Sharon Robinson, Donna Robinson, Joan Robinson, William Roe, Alicia Roettgers, Becky Rogers, Carolyn Rowden, Gary Ruckman, Alice Rudd, Joyce Rulon, Susan 185Russell, Rcbccca Ruyle, Robert Sanders, Janet Saunders, Jo Ann Saunders, Joyce Scheel, Frank Schildroth, Carol Schmidt, Allen Schmidt, Steven Schmoellcr, Jon Schneider, Karen Schobernd, Mike Schueller, James Seago, Evelyn Searles, Harriet Secor, Fred Sekerke, Mary Anne Servey, Verwell Seymour, Melinda Siglock, Gene Shackelford, Barbara Shaw, Frances Shaw Mary Sheldon. Sue Shelton, William Sheppard, Hazel Sherfy, Byron Shy, Sandy Skinner, Juaneile Small, Janet Small, Mary Smith, Barbara Smith, Larry Smith, Gerald Smith, Henery Smith, Katherine Smith, Catherine Smith, Mary Smith, Susan Soper, Pam Spencer, John Spooner, Sharon Stahle, Rita Staub, Barbara Stauffer, Beverly Stauffer, Carole Stauffer, Terry Steel, JaniceStiritz, Janet Stice, Freddie Stiiwell, Paul Stilley, Morris Stockard, Vernon Stokes, John Stormer, Virgil Strader, Leslie Stuart, Lynn Summers, Barbara Sumpter, James Surveyer, Michele Sevier, Mitzi Swinney, Jeanne Tables, Dennis Talbert, Charlene Tate, Ronald Tchoukaleff, Paul Teitelbam, Brenda Thomas, Mary Thornton, Donna Tinsley, Paul Trowbridge, John Tuttle. Lillian Twitty, Robert Vernardos, Lane Varasity, Mike Via, Earnestine Wadlow, Sherry Wagner, John Wahl, Belmont Walker, Sharon Walton, Joanne Washpun, Yvonne Watkins, Dave Watkins, David Watson, Barbara Watson, Betty Weathers, Hardy Weber, Diane Wehrle, Diane Weller, Judy Wells, Alice Westbrook, Gary Westbrook, Judy Westbrook, William Wheeler, Carolyn Whitten. SheilaWhitten, Larry Wicks, Tom Wilkes, Cheryl Williams, Claudette Williams, Jeanne Willis, JoAnne Wilson, Roosevelt Wilson, Willard Whyres, Judy Wiseman, Mary Woodard, Leanna Woods, Leonard Wright, Phyllis Younger, Cheryle Yust, Greg May, Betty 188Sophomores Abbott, Nellie Acup, Delores Adair, Sharon Allen, Kathryn Allred, Fred Ament, James Anderson, Kenneth Armstrong, Dale Arnold, Cynthia Arnold, Pat Austwick, James Bailey, Keith Bardolph, Emily Barnett, Jane Baron, Ronald Barton, William Basden, Gayle Batson, Joseph Bayer, Carol Beach, Glenda Beatty, David Bedwell, Karen Bell, Jaycc Bell, Kathleen Bell, Rosemary Beloit, Robert Bennett, Phillip Berkins, Adna Berry, Violet Bertels, Emil Bess, Daniel Blair, James Bock, Jacqueline Bock, Richard Boedecker, Elizabeth Boedecker, Bob Boone, Shelly Borders, Harry Boschert, John Bower, Dale Bradley, Robert Belcher, David Brandt, Dennis Brinson, Sharon Britt, Mary Brockman, Carol Brocol, John Broemser, Virginia - 189190 Brooks, Carol Brown, Robert Bryant, Anita Buchanan, Buford Buckshot, Edina Buckshot, Peggy Budde, Elizabeth Buffington, Judith Bund, Kathryn Bur ford, David Burleson, Carol Bumbacher, Phillip Bush, Mary Byrd, Harriett Cadwell, Thomas Camp, Sandra Campbell, George Campbell, Sharon Cannuvan, John Carlton, Carol Carson, Janet Carson, Sandra Carter, Constance Carter, Janice Cartwright, Mark Cassidy, Sharon Cavasher, Robert Chalk, Barbara Chester, David Christy, Donald Clark, Richard Clemons, Beth Clyde, Kristim Coatney, Janet Cockrell, Cheryl Compton, Kathryn Conger, David Conners, Henry Cooke, Larry Cooper, Edmund Cooper, Kent Cope, Linda Corrigan, Martha Courter, Kay Covington, Kay Craig, Gayle Crane, Bonnie Crane, JamesCreal, James Can ham, Carolyn Cress well, Jerome Croak, Carol Croslin, Frozella Dancy, Earl Daniels, Janet Davidson, Stephen Davis, Charles Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Judy Davis, John Davis, Linda Davis, Lura Dawson, Sharon Deck, Terra DeMunbrun, Jim Denison, David Denson, Susan Denham, Dina DeSherlia, Tina Dickerson, David Diemer, Susan Dodd, Frances Doerr, Norma Donelson, Gerald Dooley, Janice Dooley, Linda Dorman, John Dorman, Pauline Downey, Harold Dugge, Jeanine Dumey, Joseph Duncan, Roger Dunston, Elizabeth Dykeman, Mary Lou Dykeman, Rita Eaker, Jerry Economides, Paul Edgell, Nancy Edmiston, William Edwards, Patsy Edwards, Roberta Ehlers, Donald Elhoffer, Kent Elliot, Michael Elliot, Roger Ellis, Clarence 191192 Elshire, Donna F.mmons, Robert Emmons, Larry Ennis, Anita Ennis, Mary Ed man, Carol Ervin, Ernest Ervin, Ronald Evers, William Fagan, Janet Fansler, Robert Farlow, Constance Farrow, James Fichtel, Jane Ann Fiedler, Stephen Fillback, Doris Fines, Ricky Lee Flemming, Gary Lee Flure, Robert Foeller, Nancy Forbes, Yvonne Foreman, Leroy Fowler, Gerald Fowler. Judge Frazier, Donna Frisckhorn, Elaine Fielder, Jerry Fritz, Marilyn Frohock, Cora Fry, Gordon Fulkerson, George Francis, Mary Gainer, John Gantz, Danniel Garber, Joyce Garry, Cheryle Garner, Ronald Gaylord, Geoffrcy Geison, Joseph Geison, Sandra Georges, Jean Gent, Roberta Gillbert, Jeffery Gill, Dennis Gillahan, Linda Gil lard, Rebecca Glassmeyer, Karen Good, DavidGormely, Jane Gorzine, Micky Gosling, Janice Goulding, Ann Gowan, Harvey Grady, Katherine Graham, Beverly Graham, Judith Graul, Virginia Gravett, Steven Gray, Jerry-Green, Carol Green, Johndolyn Green, Richard Gregor, Ellen Griggs, Linda Grosenheider, Pamela Gruver, Marlene Hacke, Charles Hagen, Dennis Hair, JoAnne Hale, Donald Hall, Sharon Hancock, Jeanette Hanold, Paul Hardaway, John Hardimon, Jerry Hardimon, Maragaret Hardwick, Linda Harrelson, Leslie Harris, Dixie Harris, Geoffrey Harris, Nancy Harris, Ronald Harris, William Harting. Richard Haywood, Alvin Hazelwonder, Merle Hcaly, Alfred Herdman, Jerry Heavner, Judy Heitz, Katherine Hem pel, Randy Hempel, Ronald Hendricks, Russ Hendrickson, Karen Henry, Linda Henson, Bill 193Herrin, Charles Heuer, Martha Hickerson, Gary Hiller, Billy Hiney, Janet Holberr, Richard Holloway, Toi Hohn, Philip Hopper, Michael Houston, Kathryn Huebner, Freddie Hughson, Jane Hunt, George Hunt, Nancy Huntsman, Darrell Hurlbert, Beth Ingram, James Jackson, Barbara Jamison, Janecn Jarrett, Linda Jarrett, William Jennings, Gary Jennings, Jacqueline Jenkins, Linda Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Betty Johnson, Gary Johnson, Edward Jones, Arrilla Jones, Phyllis Jones, Raymond Jones, Tommy Kaid, Judith Kelling, Janet Keiser, Joan Keith, John Kerley, Carol Kidwell, William Kimbro, Sharon Kirk, Norma Kitzmiller, Beverly Kitzmiller, Robert Kline, Jerold Kloos, Susan Klosterhoff, Bruce Knight, Donetta Koch, Arthur Kochersperger, MaryKolk, Arnold Dale Kreitner, Edward Krotz, Sandra Kuhn, Dale Kuhn, Ronald Lafikis, Gregory Lahr, Margaret LaMarsh, Chuck Lamble, Charles Lane, Betty Langford, Vicki Leady, Henry Ledingham, Gail Lee, Doris Leitner, Richard Lemascus, Betty Lenhardt, Jean Lewis, Margaret Lewis, Patricia Liley, Marcia Lockard, Joseph Lofts, Ronnie Logan, Barbara Lucas, Charlene Lucas, Pauline Lyon, Jessie Mack, George Washington Maneke, Rosemarie Manns, Marilyn Mans, Joseph Marsh, Winnie Martin, Francis Martin, Helen Martin, Kathryn Martie, Wilma Mary, Bert Mason, Allen May, Dorrell Mayfield, Cathy Mendelsohn, Toni Merkle, Pat Mettler, Nancy Meyer, Karen Meyer, Ruth Meyers, William Middlecoff, Sharon Middleton, Anne Miller, DaveMiller, Judy Miller, Patricia Miller, Sharon Miller, Susan Millikin, Linda Mills, Betty Millspaugh, Jim Milner, Marilyn Milnor, Alice Mindrup, Jim Minsker, Jim Mohon, Bob Monical, Emilie Moore, Earlene Moore, Willie Morgan, Richard Morgenroth, Jim Morrow, Claudia Moyer, Robert Meuhleman, Karen Musgrave, Karen McAdams, Molly McBride, Jack McClain, 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Roberts, Paul Robley, Mary Rodenhauser, Rodney Ridder, Mary Rodgers, Danny 197Rogers, John Rohlfing, Jean Roller, Linda Romo, Frank Rosenberg, Ken Rowland, Cheryl Rugh, James Ruyle, Walter Reydon, Richard Richard, Sandra Richards, Tim St. Clair, Charles Sanders, Julia Schaefer, James Scheurer, Joy Schindewolf, Brent Schmittling, Jim Saylor, Ron Schneider, Nancy Schramm, Nancy Schulenburg, Elizabeth Schultz, Joyce Schwartz, Rose Seago, Ruth Secor, Don Seiler, Carolyn Seitzinger, Philip Seitzberg, Vicki Self, James Settles, Robert Shearburn, Wally Sheary, Linda Sheff, Vicki Shoemaker, Joy Shoemaker, Larry Shoptaw, Linda Simmons, Doris Simms, Peggy Sims, Jerry Sims, Man- Singleton, Larry Sitze, Richard Smith, Alfred Smith, Dorothy Smith, Jerry Smith, Yvonne Sokolowski, David Sorbie, SharonSpaulding, Nancy Spooner, Cheryl Staats, Virginia Stauffer, Denins Stevenson, Richard Stewart, Robert Stillwell, Trudy Stiritz, Patricia Storey, Patricia Stormer, Donald Strasser, Jerry Sunderland, Nancy Taley, Donna Taylor, Jessie Taylor, Oscar Taylor, Steve Terry, Ralph Theisen, Carol Thompson, Andrew Tinsley, William Toot, Melodye Tors, Carl Trail, Eugene Travis, Ken Trout, Alana Tuetken, Barbara Turner, Henry Twichell, Jackie Twichell, Janice Tyson, Charles Tyson, Lily Tharp, Terry Vahle, Larry Vanzandt, Rose Varble, Carol Ventimiglia, Leonard Via, Margaret Vollmer, Roger Voumard, Dennis Wade, Randy Wagner, Harold Wcidmann, Dawn Wallace, Garrett Wallace, Raymon Walling, Mary Wallis, Pat Walters, Billie Walton, Sue200 Ward, Bonnie Ward, Bruce Ward, Sandra Ward, Sharon Wardein, James Warren, Janice Waters, Sylvia Watsek, Raymond Watts, Viola Webb, Richard Webb, Susan Weber, Susan Webster, Nancy Weilmuenster, Robert Westbrook, Ron White, Joseph White, Lane White, Tom Whittleman, Karen Whittleman, Rosemary Wiegand, Marilyn Willard, Carolyn Wille, Susan Williams, Carole Williams, Joseph Williams, Karen Williams, Sharon Willis, Roger Wilson, Glen Wilson, Robert Witcher, Theresa Wohlert, Roberta Wolf, Olivia Wood, Carolyn Wood, David Woodward, Bill Worden, Gayle Wyatt, Mike Wyhs, Francis Weslick, Diana Yaeger, Randy Yost, Percilla Young, Duane Young, Flora Young, Patricia Young, Paul Zapf, Nancy203Watch It! ! !” 204OUR COLORED LINER INSPIRED BY METRO - GOLDWYN - MAYER PRODUCTION "BEN HUR" DIRECTED BY WILLIAM WYLERYou who graduate today live in a world where the peoples of all nations will become ever closer in contact with one another. More and more the great differences which exist between the world's nations are being brought into light. Predominately the problems and tensions confronting world leaders may be traced to a prevailing lack of mutual understanding and trust. For a nation to attempt imposing its way of life and ideals upon another nation becomes a grave mistake. Instead, nations should strive to bridge the existing gap through better understanding of the customs and ideals of other nations in an attempt to accept them for what they are and what they believe. Freedom for each individual to think and believe as he saw fit was recognized in this country when our ancestors declared their independence. They felt all men should be guaranteed this right as long as they did not interfere with the rights of their fellow men. So it should be with the nations of the world today. Many men, both great and small, have in the past rendered harsh judgement upon the people of other nations because these men were unable to understand the motives of those nations. As future leaders of the world, you should endeavor to cultivate an understanding of all people of the world as only through a world of better understanding will it be possible to develop feeling of mutual trust and understanding so vital if the world is to remain free of violence and tyranny. Owens-Illinois PLANTS • ALTON. ILLINOIS EDELMAN'S PETERS GIFT SHOP BEN FRANKLIN STORE Greeting Cards and Gifts "Discount Given To All School Authorized Phone HO 2-4611 Clubs" 2510 College Avenue Upper Alton Alton, Illinois 2528 College Alton, Illinois Compliments of CARLS SHOE STORE 119 W. Third St. Alton, Illinois ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Authorized Frigidaire Sales and Service "See us about any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment,” Alton, Illinois 550 East Broadway Dial HO 5-7721 ROCK POOLE PHARMACY Quality Home Furnishings Since 1883 2526 College JACOBY'S Alton, Illinois 627-633 East Broadway Phone HO 5-3547 Alton, Illinois 210 Congratulations And Best Wishes For Success to the 1961 Graduating Class of Alton Senior High School ALTON BOX BOARD COMPANY"Quality In Service" ALTON OIL SERVICE 4200 East College Avenue Route No. 1 — Alton, Illinois RIVERSIDE ZEPHYR on McAdams Highway STAAS FLORAL 1636 Washington Avenue HO 5-2833 Prom Corsages our specialty Flowers speak the heart. The latest in Hair Styles The newest in techniques Phone HO 2-1619 THE FLORENTINE FAIR 'ESE BEAUTY STUDIO st.......• FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Germania Bldg Alton, Illinois Clayton, Mo. Suite 204 PA 5-2994 Specializing in Cold Waving Contour Hair ShapingSTREEPER FUNERAL Pi«zase fOR PRETEEDS MO JU0I0R5 HOME 1620 Washington 2004 State HO 2-6312 2022 Central Ave. (On the Circle) Alton, Illinois Compliments Compliments of of HENDERSON BROS. HUBBELL PHARMACY Shell Service Station 520 Ridge St. Elm and Alby Alton, Illinois Phone HO 5-9737 WELLS TIRE COMPANY GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES GOODYEAR BATTERIES — VULCANIZING Telephone: HO 5-3131 833 East Broadway (At Oak) THELMA DORMANN Gifts Choice Gifts For All Occasions The Shop where Brides Can choose The finest in China, Crystal and Silver Compliments of JONES CONFECTIONERY 519 Ridge Alton 213iiperidrlsi, CARPET C9 1636 MAIN ST. •• A.A. GRAVES SONS ALTON CERTIFIED FIRTH CARPETS CERTIFIED GULISTAN CARPETS CERTIFIED DAWNS CARPETS QUALITY, VALUE AND SERVICE TACKLESS CARPET LAYING ANCHORS FLOOR CARPET FLUSH TO WALLS WITH ROBERTS SMOOTH EDGE NO QUARTER ROUND 1636 Main Street ALTON, ILLINOIS HO 5-8141WE'RE GOING WITH YOU Whether you knew it or not, almost every day of your school year you've used a product made by Olin Mathieson, or one that Olin Mathieson helped to make. Once you're established in business or professional life, you'll probably hear a lot more about Olin Mathieson. A good many of you have business with us, and a few of you may even come to work for us. There will be room because Olin Mathieson is growing. When Olin Industries, Inc. merged with the Mathieson Chemical Corporation in August, 1954, they brought together the skills, facilities and resources of two of the country's most rapidly expanding industrial organizations. We extend our best wishes to you. May the future bring you all that you've hoped for and everything for which you've worked. New York, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. New Haven, Conn. East Alton, III.Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 1961 from your WEDGE BANK 620 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Telephone 2-9221 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 216TODD Cleaning -Tailoring Compliments Repairing of Phone HO 2-1312 BOYD'S SANDWICH SHOP 1718 Washington Avenue Alton Class Rings Diamonds Silver Watches Compliments of PAUL'S FABRICS KATHERINE-K. SHOP 206 State Street 205 — West 3rd. Street Mrs. Etna C. Carothers — Owner Commercial Building Over Grants Highest quality fabrics Sewing accessories Humbert Road Alton, Illinois 217MILTON PHARMACY - At Phone HO 2-678 1238 Milton Rood Alton, Illinois Stewart Willis, Reg. Pharmacist HORNS DRIVE-IN mountain valley water distilled water HORN AND HORN, INC. Union and Ridge Phone HO 5-6658 BURT'S Launderers and Dry Cleaners "Let our phone line be your clothes line” 2517 College, Alton, Illinois, HO 5-8941 SMITH'S SERVICE STATION Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr Compliments of KERR'S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP 1327 Pearl Street Phone No HO 5-3823 "Regular Professional Care is Best for the Hair” 218 HUDSON'S JEWELER'S "ALTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY STORE" — charge accounts invited — Extra Jewelry and Watch repairing "Take it to Huddy” 314 Belle HO 2-2722DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry St. Phone HO 2-2922 — QUALITY PASTRIES — We Specialize In WEDDING CAKES AND PARTY CAKES 1520 WASHINGTON AVENUE ALTON, ILLINOIS PHONES: ALTON 2-9761 ALTON'S MOST CONVENIENT BANK JOUETTS SERVICE STATION STANDARD College and Washington Scluieffers Distinctive Fashions ALTON, ILL. 219ELM WAY DRIVE-IN Elm at Henry St. HANDY PAINT CO. Across from the Wood River Bank, Wood River, Illinois CL 4-2212 Eagle Stamps Complete Line of Art Supplies, Picture Framing Compliments of I. C. HAMER FOOD MART 1904 State St. MELBA'S BEAUTY SHOP Air Conditioned 307 Ridge St., Alton, Illinois, HO 3-8951 Congratulations to All Alton High Graduates cflRson 220 Jeweler Low Discount Prices for the whole family No Money Down Open Monday — Friday till 9:00 P.M. Open an easy Charge Account For Contact Lenses See HEITZ OPTICAL 307 Henery Street HO 5-1712 KENNEDY SON SERVICE "We welcome your Patronage" 1322 Milton Road HO 2-6342 or HO 6-7861 AltonALTON-WOOD RIVER AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION ALADDIN G T SERVICE CARPET COMPANY College at Main Carpeting, Rugs, Rug Cleaning and Complete one stop service Repair Graves, Todd Tom Schelle Kurt Sundberg Owners 2514 Brown Street Phone HO 5-3754 SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. Lumber — Millwork — Roofing Wallboard — Insulation Building Hardware — Paints Electrical Tools and Appliances Plumbing Fixtures Furnaces 1101 East Broadway Alton, Illinois Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '61 ,1 ME, “7 JRtSCR PT ON DRUG- STORES J 319 Bell Street Downtown Alton 2521 College Avenue Upper Alton 508 Delmar North Alton Alton Plaza Shopping Center Wilshire Village Shopping Center Double Eagle stamps with prescriptions HELLRUNG CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractors Alton, Illinois Industrial Commercial Residential 222MONTICELLO COLOR For the Brands You Know CENTER (Smile, Inc.) Monticello Plaza Shopping Center Paint Wallpaper Drapery Floor Wall Tile Men's Wear Carpeting 630 East Broadway LAMMERS FLORAL CO. Annamae and George Lammers Flowers for all Occasions 2524 College Avenue Phone HO 2-0668 Alton, Illinois For your convenience work done by appointment GODFREY BARBER SHOP Phone HO 6-3714 Everett Auer, Owner 8:30 to 5:30 Closed Monday Authorized Elgin Dealer 1714 Washington Avenue Alton, Illinois CHILDERS MARKET HEAVEN TO SEVEN Fine Foods 701 Sering Avenue Alton, Illinois Phone HO 2-1921 2503 College Avenue HO 5-1412 Infants and Childrens Wear To size 14 Girls — 7 Boys 223BANK a TRUST COMPANY IN ALTON Capital and Surplus $2,250400.00 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONTHE FLATTOP SHOP ELM STREET CLEANERS Pick Up and Delivery 515 Ridge Street Mitt Kinder Phone HO 2-1922 53 East Elm Street Alton, Illinois SELHIME'S Godfrey Rood, Godfrey, Illinois Steaks — Chicken — Sea Food WEDGE PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY AND HONKE PHARMACY Third and Henry Alton, Illinois We deliver ST. PETERS ELECTRIC AND HARDWARE Household Suppl ies — Appliances Plumbing Supplies Complete Line of Kyanize Paints and Varnishes 2502 State Dial HO 5-8931 GRAVEMANN STUDIO 91 1 Milton Road, Alton, Illinois Ralph E. Gravemann, Owner HO 2-2267 'The area’s leading and most versatile photographer:LEWIS AUTO REPAIR A complete Automotive Service Sales and Service Mark IV Auto Air-Conditioners Charles E. Lewis, Owner 3112 Ray Street, Alton, Illinois Compliments of LACLEDE STEEL CO. GOULDING'S Engagement Diamonds — the name GOULDING'S is your best — the name GOULDING'S is your best assurance of Full Worth, Service and Integrity. Reg i ste red J ewe I e rs — American Gem Society 109 Years Jewelers in Downtown Alton ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 227 THEEN WyOWi , INSURANCE COMPANY w Complete Insurance Service ICE CREAM COMPANY 1703 Washington Alton, Illinois Third and Langdon Phone HO 2-9238 Alton, Illinois Wherever you go HOTELS ARE your home away from home the hub of many community activities an impression of the city to outsiders who stop there WE STAND READY TO SERVE YOU IN MANY WAYS HOTEL STRATFORD Alton’s Best Good pop music all day long over 1570 WOKZ CORDES MOTOR CO. BREITWEISER Gift Shop Gifts of distinction for all occasions LARK ceramics — pictures Westmoreland glass 2350 State Street Hummel figurines Hallmark cards Alton, Illinois Montecello Plaza 228 Godfrey Road Alton, Illinois HO 6-3622ALTON BRICK COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors Alton, Illinois HO 5-3531 Since 1892 Buff and Red Face Brick Roman Brick Lightweight Concrete Blocks — Stone Block Insulux Glass Block Glazed Tile Structural Clay Tile PRES7 BAKERY AND MARKET 1625 Washington Avenue Open everyday 7 A M. to 11 P.M. HO 5-9870 Alton, Illinois LA PERLE BEAUTY SALON JOE BRANDT HARDWARE Air Conditioned Complete Beauty Service Pleasing you is pleasing us. 715 East Broadway HO 5-5213 Alton, Illinois Phone HO 5-6931 402 State St. 229Snyder's 2)9 Piasa Alton, Illinois Third and Piasa Phone Howard 5-7727 Alton, Illinois Alton's Quality Apparel Store For The Entire Family, Featuring Brand Name Merchandise For Men, Women, And Children WARDEIN PHARMACY Prescriptions Drugs Phone HO 5-5313 2510 State St. Alton, Illinois GENT FUNERAL HOME THE GIBERSON INSURANCE AGENCY founded — 1908 protecting the future through insurance 230 Alton’s only Funeral Home built specifically for the purpose............ 2409 State Alton, Illinois Distributors For Libbey-Owens-Ford LYONS GLASS CO. 2400 Belle — Alton HO 2-2731 Maybe not the bike, but the girl certainly knows how to get around. Like so many young people, she’s as good at figure-work as she is at fixing wheels—which is why she leans to lighter, less-filling foods. Pepsi-Cola figures, too, for those who “take it lightly.” It’s the modern, the light refreshment. Never heavy, never too sweet. Refreshes without filling. Have a Pepsi. refreshes TA71 I 1 1 231MORROW-QUINN MORTUARY Always ready in your hour of need” Just 5 minutes driving time from anywhere in Alton. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 24 Hour Ambulance Service 6th and Henry Streets Phone HO 2-9296 232''Congratulations to the Class of ’61” DICK DRUG STORE STOBBS TIRE SALES Brown and Washington Alton, III. 3525 College Ave. Wm. E. Dick R. Ph. E. G. Schumacher R. Ph. Pennsylvania Tires Grant Batteries C. Buechner R. Ph. Toro Lawn Mowers Complete Tire Service and HO 5-9231 Lawn Mower Repair Free Delivery Service Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 SMITH FUNERAL HOMES Alton Bethalto Woodriver Congratulations from GREERS LUNCHEONETTE Russel Stover Candies Always fresh . . ."WALT" BLACK'S SPORTING GOODS Quality Athletic Equipment 540 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois HO 2-8831 SPRINGMAN LUMBER COMPANY Lumber — Millwork — Roofing Wallboard — Insulation Building Hardware — Paints Electrical Tools and Appliances Plumbing Fixtures — Furnaces 1101 East Broadway Alton, Illinois 234 Congratulations from "Alton’s Most Beautiful Jewelry Store”. REDMAN'S MARKET HUDSON'S JEWELRY 1602 Belle Alton, Illinois Phone HO 2-2722 316 Belle Open evenings'til 7 P.M. HO 2-4542 Congratulations to Class of '61 from CHUCK AND RONNIE CARTER BOATS AND MOTORS Godfrey, III. HO 6-3711 ADAMS PRINTING COMPANY HO 2-0044 536 East Broadway Alton, Illinois 235 ALTON FINANCE AND THRIFT COMPANY 412 East Broadway AltonALTON LAUNDRY CO. 909 E. Broadway — 2012 State — 226 E. Elm HO 5-8877 Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Compliments of Compliments of VOGUE Adams Printing Company 236Phone HO 2-8514 HO 5-9516 DELUXE CAFE specializing in Good Food and Courteous Service Open 6 AM. 7:30 P.M. Doily Proprietors 2519 College Ave. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Brown EBBLER ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Appliance Sales Service 2606 State Street — Phone HO 5-7588 Alton, Illinois Alton, Illinois CANHAM SHEET METAL CORP. 1480 Pearl Street Alton, Illinois HO 2-0614 FLOWERS, GIFTS JOHN LOCK Compliments of BOWL HAVEN 2356 State St. Alton, Illinois HO 3-8611 LEW GILBERT'S L L FURNITURE, INC. West Fourth at Piasa, Alton, Illinois HO 5-7776 "We salute the Citizens of Tomorrow" 237Compliments of MISSISSIPPI LIME 7 Alby Street, Alton, Illinois THE WINDMILL CAFE for fine food 6 A M. to 7:30 P.M. weekdays Sundays and Holidays 6 A M. to 7 P.M. Completely Air Conditioned Steaks — Chicken Seo foods in season Facilities for Club Parties — Call in your order for Home Made Do-Nuts COOK PAINT AND VARNISH CO. 8 West Broadway Alton, Illinois 1711 Washington Ave. Alton, Illinois HO 5-9725 238INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Factory — Home Office Kansas City — Winnipeg U.S.A.• • • • • • 9 M • f M • • % • W •• • • V' «yt a SBE35 ® .Hr- I • ft • % t •• M V fW ’f I • • « •• « % r • « « ik . I »« t »•,•►•! • I » • W • k ' '• % • «% % » • • •. • 1 • - - • • • t • ti I Ht f ♦ • % Vm ’ I I, 1 »• ••. » I . . • t»■ i • . . I • % » I » • I » » s . . . 1 •• »» I » % If) )-M» , •••• ••"«. n, i i. .............. I . • %• » • » »■• M • • • • r» • • tK ••l ' % • » t: ;r r:: • m • • • « • t % w • • I • • -. .7 f « • f « i • • ' • • ;%:r. • • V » • • « If « • • » • » - r« - ,4 I •• "•' » » . » H i , Si ' I It v«t • «• •»•«»»•' ” v 111 • ’» »«••• • »• •••• « » 4 • ( I ■ ' V • »' « » •« . • inn xHiriiti .s «• o . ,1 ► • ' •• •••. »i» i • • • Mu ii • Vii'-iUWiMiI inniMUMilin i III • • I I • nil • li "••I lilt »• ••11,11111 ••••I » • •»« • »•-» i r mli.lii ml • • 0 I ! ■ 14 «» «I III '' » ' '• • i • .!!!!! 1.1% • « I • • • I • 4 , i,» I ill. M. (r,,.iii ti s ««• •• }» u: ' i.tM'i » • t » • |,ill||ill 'J Ml • I • I • •( If i « rM» « l II • »« «•• i i ■ I .»i » %•%» % •' » ••• • f . •« » , i «» • «« t«| 1|» M • ««»9 !« ••!» • Vf ' »«4 | . 0 • « « r i «•••% iT

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