Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1960

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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A X , cn-wwf' - -'vm ww. "Im-gf ,M 1-augur rw 'im 1, Wk we S 55:4 fvi' w. U-Q-Q. Thy ,ww x I -,. 1. Q Q ' , I ,wxkqvs-W -Qbfuwx -. , 6 I fs -1vfW f'1 ,,,, 1...x ii .v V W Q Q , is 1 fm - cw , f . W u xgm, I U I 4 3, MP wk. X 1, uf , , V M U 5' G nf 9' S. ,f 2 ri! , W A Q in ,V A-A W 5 sr mm Q p . 4, ,XXX 4. Qu if a. pr: R , -nal, ..:,, .-..,. I i, - -sd. Q-gif, . mb . digg" xl tax? L l' E ' x han 1, fi-,O ,, IVFU-N .,..4,,,, xx" 1' Q',- .1 'PW 'wi"' M f,'2x ff 41 "-.W if" ... Q .fl J, n rn- w' 0- -- 1- . xf -: w f , w'..-.fav 4 1,,-,.. 1-1 kk' gh, 1 .. V any , In fi Zggyxkl . if 115-rf -h ' ':5ff f ' 'I - . " P ' , , - nf i 11 "vm, ...if- , 7 . A .'rv:'p-my .U K 'L ' A 1 . -A Aw '- vi .Y sf ' E ix? Q ' V ' 1' ' ,. ,J w. Awww 9 ' ,, ' . Q,-. 2, M, .5 xx. ,fy M .' "iff ,!'!'tP"- 'ir 71" ,, Q' ' 1-' i -, L ,- - tv Q.. 9: 1 M gh? 1 . . Q4 F. ,Av uni! , Q! -W, A my in . Q- -1. ,Ja N t 4 J: ,V Y ,rw 3 A' 4 ir? si W -., ht -M . Af 'pl , , b -1,4 6 H ' f I :ik ,'2q,, Af ir, ' M f'if,1 .MW ---.4 . ,y .fb gf, ,H-a - .- . 2 ' as - -- Q+,. 'af' f f'f'i.a.-2- -,,-ul. 54- t ,f "3 ' 'J' ' i7-"P if ---'fwfr' Q' Q ' ' ,um 'tsl . V: Q ,gn ry.. M554 A I 4 5 3. E ' ,: .,1g1 fu .,1 .WQF '-f iw 'X 35?-it-4 S -, ' W ,V n gwfi . N at M fxnf-H Q' C gd A .f . K .p .Q X Af--P,- E W 5' X-1. 2 " A . ' ' "' '.-,1'Z"ali' , M. - WW 'f F-f "M, f L- 12. .. .Q - :Q 1 'J 1- 1 .,, jxlh .' 'qw x r"- ' .1 W !"'v-4-,L 'gnu- 4:37- ' 1 '1 1' v..e ff, '- " I . 1. N, ' I , " '51 ' .:. . .- was , 1 Pwr 1 1--,-P 2' 1' 'if T11 fi-' . 2 1 9 QM f ' H. I A2 - ,..1 si!! Y .jeu-'js-, v-lf, 'nh ' ' F "Kg 2 P fi A 5' V M' 5 . - , ,f fo . if 1- ' pr ' f ,"-' K..-P-,',' "NL 1 f! M .3--f- -"sa . xl N t- .NAIL l B. "-x n . - ' X v . ,- ' .4 W A ' ' - ,ff'.!:'- . .:+-A . w-jy'xh- A QX Q .T ,MJ-X ' I 4-,Mm ' uf' .gfwg A 0 A , 'Q f 1 9 Y 'K 1 .5 -. .A .a A ' A K L ,:., I. h 1, I - W, ' . " 1 uv-'P 1 s'.X , K , v. 'fl 'M 'Jn' AA'k.yylA Q' L' as S' 4 ix. ul I Rf. i,ii "2 a.g , i wg m - ,W .Q V x ' 51' 'pt' ga . tg V N C K Q suis - .4 lvxl 'lf N x 'U f sq- A, 411 ,,. Q-., -1 A ...H ,, v--.Q 2 :,- I - .Lbs 77"- 2 . wq 141. MPI: " u 1 AJ, " I ws 24 J 13, ,Q-1, 1 1.5, , " .-3' -an - W 2 we, l ' fig. L91 .ini M if - ' 1.5, ' ., A Q. , .sf I '?' fx, e w x J, ' fb 4--A - -.,,- ,." -V ,4 ,- 3: EAA V I iuvugfl T- n. 1 ,. 1.1. Y' ' 1 ' ' I 'Bit 51655. ,L , ' . . Frei 'N , at Q ,. N rf . il- ,,..A . . .-.Sym .- -, , Q -- f.vsffg,,, U -- Q . ' . -, S 2, .. ff ' ,. Jr,i:J1.1.'- . . , ,. H, x , ,Y . Q - - ,+ - 1 1-f. L . 'X--j' 115 :E-1 ,-lgfwifg 3 -gf' W. 1-i?H"i- ,,itgV.AA. J' .f' F L. ', 11. ,V . If.. v,-I I-B . tw... 1 f I., .5 , .L A '. QE, ' - ' -Hif i , 'F ' -' 1 . TL. ' 3 y"i,,Ct.,, L 415 ,... 1. 41 Jw fi ' '57 fu Y "EQ, - -'-- -no Q V: C Q F fc ff-IE ill MN M54 MEP CAT PPE SEN!! ffl TLFR wsu Annex Building Main Building 4-11. way.. 'Q .A . ! ..- .- "A .H ., fy "iff ff, Liv n n Y A W IH ' an W., ., - 'A " 14 ll III . 3 , A n.5i:.J f wwf I a 0 Alton Sensor Hugh chool Buildings 3 WM Q1 jgfgffjff gs ?4jQ? 3 fg WOUNIEN f MW lf' XX Q, in 'Vi ILI :I ', ff 1: f l W W4 1 ,Q l Ai ,fixing f ff' .:A1i ' gf fG 5 N1lgliiZl37' ON? 15 X A .q bb GP M VY A MEM' 1.- . gg-fx.. .x,, 'b fgjk QELUJM 5 wi www mmm wwf fag, Q Kiwi qv fi: Q2 f ff? QM For Her Majesty Coronation of Th Chuck Schwartz, Lizzie Halpin, Floyd Raglin, Nellie Webster, Ken Damron, Cindy Kodros, Retiring Queen. omecoming Queen Jim Robison, Carolyn Miller, Queen: Regan Taylor, Jed McClain, Train Bearer, Crown Bearer. Bill Kodros, Margie Thies, Mike Yavorski, Suc- Miller. The Crown Bearer The Flower Girl K So we got the pictures mixed up? "Look ma, no cavities!" Taboo for a Commercial Art student-A clogged air br ush. ,,, ' " wi ii if Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Student Council gossip session "This "gizmo" should he con- nected to this here "what-cha-mix -call-it" and ..... oh heck!" AnLl2-l-2:4, and 2 + 3 15. Whoops! This is t e h wrong class. Doesn'r this look like a lot of fun? Hmmmm! Wonder if that's Spanish they're listening ro. rw 'W if 5 M I ' ' Mm. f ' f lg 6, O '- J? fn Q7 3 3 X .1 A ' 'f -U f 4 E vi ,ff 5 4 W' Q' ' 1 f' 4 ,ii .I V' Its . , 'W s "Hi-ho, Hi-hu, lt's oft to class we go." Ir! up, up, .llltl mm-H Ur is it! So nice to lmvc 1 snake nmuml thc Classrooxn. Wfcll wlmt Jul vnu uxmu, The RIK7? -is 'QAR ini-ETX a " F .gy faq nw I bi wonder if those are rwe lls they're making? nry do liar "Look Einste in, it's this way." ,N-ff 14 "Egad U CRY. 1 that's not my "Oh w ell, easy COITIC easy go !" "I su "So rhat's from!" re hope where t he sack look Came "What, no Sp oolies ? "Phooey, who can'r draw a straight line?" "Watch the fin-better luck next time." "Hmmmmmm. Another press. I think J. Edgar Hoover better look into this!" mf, Whatever that girl typed, the teacher must find quite interest- in g. J DMIMQMT Vvue Robert B. Lynn, M.D. Prerident Mrs. Mary C. Hershey Secretary Clyde C. Campbell Director of Health Safety Harold W. Davidson Director of Public Relation: R. S. Minsker Board of Education and For the past twenty-three years, the Board of Education of Alton has been carrying out the man- agement of the public schools. It sets the machinery in motion necessary for providing the funds to erect new buildings, to repair old buildings, to employ teachers, to purchase instructional supplies and all other necessary incidentals needed to keep our school buildings modern, clean, and comfortable. The school board is an executive body com- posed of seven prominent citizens elected by the people of this district. It employs a Superintendent of Schools as its representative to take charge of the everyday executive problems and to keep the organization running in the intervals between the Boards meetings. We are grateful to the Board for the work it has done in the past and for the work it will continue to do in the future. E. P. Waterhcuuse Dirermr of Buildingr and John L. Webb Director of Curriculum Groundx Difeqof of pe,-mmwl I I claoolf, DR. J. B. johnson, Superintendent of S We, the class of 1960, wish to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. J. B. johnson for his fine work as head of our school system. Indebted are we to a fine man, whose countless hours of patience and unselfish ' ' ri as Dr. johnson's in out community. guidance merit such a porno MR. E. M. LEAMON, Anirtant Superintendent Mr. Leamon's seven years as assistant to Dr. john- son prove the indispensability of this fine man. The community and school are proud of Mr. Lea- mon's excellent service. MR. MACY PRUITT, Administration Arrirtant In charge of junior and Senior High School Curric- ulum. Perhaps nothing is more important to a good junior and Senior High School system than its curricula. Ours is one of the finest, and we owe Mr. Pruitt a great deal of thanks. MR. C. R. WRIGHT, Adminirtrative Auirtant In charge of Vocational Education. Today, good vocational training is becoming increasingly im- portant. We, at Alton Senior High School, are proud to have as head of the Olin Vocational Building, Mr. C. R. Wright who is doing a truly commendable job. 4, rag MR. RAYMOND READY W. DEAN TAYLOR MISS BERNICE WILLIAMSON HORACE WOLLERMAN Adminiflrative Amiitcznl in Direclor of Counreling and Direclor of Art Director of Audio - Vi.: charge of Elementary Cur- Gwllfdglllff' Education riculunz MISS ELSIE C. KOHLMANN LLOYD D. NORMAN LEROY FRITZ Direclor of Nurfing Director of Special Educa- Direcior of Mzuic lion MISS JANE HENRY Director of Home Econom- icx and Lunch Service 20 MISS LOUISE ANTHO1' Director of Libraries I MR. G. C. DAVIS, Principal Many of us think we have a good school. How good is it? According to records of the year 1958-1959, we were rated one of the top schools in Illinois. How did we get there? Were we picked at random? The answer is quite obvious. We were picked because our leadership is one of the para- mount factors. Mr. G. C. Davis has done a very outstanding job as head administrator of our school. We, the students of Alton Senior High School salute you. MR. JUREZIZ and MR. ABNER, Arrittant Prin- cqmlr Being principal of a large high school such as ours certainly requires assistance. We believe Mr. Anton jureziz and Mr. George Abner are two of the finest. Our hats are off to these gentlemen. Alton is a growing industrial metropolis. The center of any growing community is its schools, such as Alton Senior High School is to us. With the leader- ship rhese men are giving us, our school will remain a high point in the lives of our graduates and our community. MRS. IRMA ALLEN MRS. PEARL ANDERSON MRS. RUTH BACHMAN MR. G. E. BAILEY Attendance, Coumeling Study Hall Social Studie: Englirh MRS. ELMA BECKER MISS JOAN BECKMANN MISS CLARA BLACKARD MR DAVID BLIVEN Camtetology Phytical Education French Metal, Welding MISS DOROTHA BOSKET Library, Study Hall MRS. CELESTIA BRANDENBURG Practical N Ilfllng MISS WILMA BRICKER Buxinen Education MRS. ARDYTHF BROWNING Home Economic: MR. DEAN BROWNING lndmtrial Ca-ordinator MR. JOHN BRUNO Social Studie: 22 MR. JAMES BANKS Wood MR. ROY E. BOLEY, Art ? . N one 1:5 IRS. DOROTHY MR. JOHN BUERKLF. MRWARREN CAMPBELL MR. LOYD CARR MR. JOHN CI-IAPPELI. 'UERKI-E Auto Mechanic: Buxineu Education Englixh Social Studie: Buxinen Education .nss DOROTHY Mn. EDGAR coox MR. CLIFFORD MR. KENNETH MR. ROBERT ERWIN :oLoN1Us E,,g,,,h DAVENPORT DENNISON Mafhemum Englixb Englixb Attendance, Coumeling MISS ELIZABETH FELDEWERTH Burinen Education MISS MARY LOU FOCHT Buxinen' Education MISS JULIA FOSTER Pbyxieal Education MRS. MARY FULLER Coxmetology MISS ALICE GATES Mathematic: MR. PAUL GLAESER Agriculture 23 MR. ALBERT GREGOR MR. KENNETH HAGEN MR. SHERRIL HANKS MR. CECIL HARDEN MRS NADINE HARI Auto Safely, Driving latin Pbyxiral Education Phydc: Englub MR- FRANK HARI-AN MR. RALPH HENDRIX MR. ERNEST HOWARD MRS. MARY ETTA MRS ETHEL INGLES Affmdfncf Cofm-felhlg Buxinen Education Spanish HUSMANN Banner: Educahon MR. GEORGE W. INGLES Social Studie: MR. RAY JACKSON Social Studk: MR. JACK JUNGERS Social Studies MISS ADA KLUMP Malhemazicx MR. RALPH KOBER Biology MR. EDWIN KOBER Biology 24 PbyJical Education JOHN KOLDITZ MR. BOYD LA MARSH bernixtry Marching Band DALE LIVENGOOD MR. DONALD LUKETICH nrnrnercial Art Phyxical Education MR. DONALD MALONEY Electricity MR. JULIUS MARTI Social Studie: M ISS DOROTHY MAXFIELD Home Economic: MRS. LAVERNE MILLER Practical Nuning MR. LUTHER MYERS Social Studie: MISS MARGARET NICKELS Burineu Education MR, LLOYD LEITER MR. DONALD LEWIS MISS IRENE LIEBIG Dfdwiflgy Affhilfffllfdl Social Studie: Home Economic: Drawing MRS. HARRIEIT MR. RALPH MC CLAIN MRS. EVELYN MACLEOD MC BRIEN Pbyfical Education Nurxe Englixb 'IR MISS RUBY OLIVER Englixh MR. ALLEN PERRY Auto Safety, Driving 26 MRS. JOSEPHINE Mlss LAURETTA PAUL PAISLEY E,,gl,,,, Englixb MRS. ELEANOR PERRY MISS AGNES PILGER Englixh Attendance, Coumeling MR. HERBERT ROSS Bufinexx Education MRS. DORIS RUE Cham: MISS MILDRED RUTLEDGE Englixh MR. MELVIN SHEETS Driver Education MISS MARY SIDWELL Home Economic! MR. CARL SPRINGER Buxinen' Education S U' . . R 'TR X X gs AVAILABLE MR. ROBERT PAUL Welding, Sheet Metal MRS. MARGIE PROPES Cborur MR. WILLIAM PERR Pbyxical Educazion MRS. SARAH ROBIN Library, Study Hall 4 .I sq. In -,Lf In 'A ' I - - R.. I I g. .I 30191 ' 5 L CYRIL STUCHLIK MISS JEWEL MR. DEAN TAYLOR MISS LEONA TETER MR. DE WITT THOMAS Drchettm SUTHERLAND Coumeling Attendance, Coumeling Mathematic: Englixh l. ROBERT TRIESE MR. ROBERT WATSON MISS VIRGINIA WEIGEL MISS MARY KAY Mr. JOHN WIGGINS Drinting Machine Shop Biology WELBORN Englirh, German MR. FRED WILL Phyxical Education MISS JULIA WILLIAMSON Englixh MR. WALTER WILLIS Mathematic: MRS. FLORENCE WOLLERMAN Englifh MR. LEO WOOLS Chemixtry MISS MARGARETHA ZELTMAN Social Studie: Library, Study Hall 27 Doris Taylor, Hallie Carr, Margaret Davis, Helen Farril, Marcela Griffin, Alice Smith, Doris Towse. Dorris Gormley, Merle Acord, Edna Brown, Josephine Bruck, Bertha Cartwright, Jane Doerr, Rachel Ernst, Anna Ewing Laura Headly, Edna Hughson, Mora Kohle, Anna M. Kuhn, Clara Lewis, Otilde Purcell, Pearl Smith, Beulah Strader Henry Ajets, john Brown, Wallace Cummins, Ross Darr, O. B. Jones, Herman J. Nolan. Donald Keil Ionic Prewitt, Otto H. Scheffel, Edward Waller, Orin Uferr, Lucille Clark. 28 Who knows what the fads will be tomorrow? When we were in school we can remember everyone dying his hair with cake coloring . . . and if you don't think it was shocking to walk into a class and see a room full of bright red, green, orange and purple-headedstudents, ask some of the teachers who taught our group. They survived it though - as teachers have survived all the fads of teenagers through the ages. "We dig those real cool ligures in algebra, or get all squared away in English class, maybe even have our carefully planned history report go over like a lead balloon." Quite possibly these expressions don't fall in the groove with the type of oral commentary expected from a supposedly educated teenager. The discerning language perfectionist might gasp disdain- fully at the use of such phrases. However, as long as we, the students, realize the incorrectness of slan- guage, and keep it in its proper place, which cer- tainly is not in an essay, a speech, or formal conver- sation, it remains harmless as a threat to the English language. QQJOMOPZ5 'QAM GZIJWNZZ I N Sq ffl ' 5 so 'o an sy fu A WY Wit s .ig . .E any .V is X . if Dayne Abernathy Carol Admire Roger Aldrech Bill Almonroeder Dan Andrews Tom Anton Jim Arbuthnot Frances Arkis Dale Armstrong Sam Arnold Randy Arst Tom Atherton Merrilee Austin Ronald Ayres Wilma Bacus Tom Bailey Bill Baker Ann Ball Janice Ballinger Ruth Ann Barcelona Richard Barnes Wilma Barnes Adele Barocca John Barton Stormy Barton Stephen Batchelor Elizabeth Barts Joe Bayer Wesley Bayles Susan Bayley Elizabeth Bea Stephanie Bean Janet Beck Sally Beiser Joan Bell Tom Bennett Beverly Bernard Vicky Berliew Bonnie Besaw Jerome Besterfeldt Judy Betz Marilyn Biggs Shirley Bizaillion Vera Bock Mont Bodine Penny Boedeker Par Bolton Robert Bolton Ronald Booth Marion Boppt Jeanne Borko Wayne Botr Charles Bowman Richard Boyer Twyla Bradshaw Danny Brandon Linda Breeden Ed Breitweiser Chrisrene Brown Gloria Brown Linda Brunner Par Bryant Eva Buchanan Neva Buchanan Bob Buhs Jacqueline Burjes Bob Burress Nancy Bushnell Alice Butler Wanda Butler Minnie Caffey Doris Campbell Richard Cannedy Roger Capps Nancy Carroll Gary Carpenter Kathy Carter jim Casper Zoe Ann Cassella jo Cathcart Sars yi ,Lv f iv, - , X, ,. , ., W. 51- 'Qf - Mable Cation Beverly Champlin Vergil Champlens Perry Chester Gary Clinkingbeard Phyllis Cochran Harold Cole Nancy Combs Gloria Combs Janet Conners Lloyd Cooke Barbara Combs Raymond Cope Sydney Couey Jesse Cox Janie Counts Glenn Crepps Ronald Crowder Pete Cunningham Caren Currins Jerry Curry Vernell Curvey Carolyn Dannenbrink Marilyn Dannenbrink Kay Darr Ruth Davidson Ron Davis Paul Davis Vernon Davis Wilberr Davis Sherry Dawdy Roger jim Day Dean Winnie Deland Mary DeMumbrun Carolyn Deucker Pat Dilling Dennis Dinrelmann Jim Dodd Mary Kay Doerr David Dorner Beverly Dorsey Brenda Douglas Katherine Dourson Ronald Downey Richard Duncan Sandra Dunston Judith Eaker Janet Eberlin Richard Eccles Linda Edens Mary Eisenreick Terry Ele Sally Elliot Michael Ellis James Eskridge Jerry Evans Lana Evertsen Mattie Ewing Sherry Fay Mike Fike Louis Finley Sharon Fleming Stephen Flenner Patricia Flye Sandra Foley Carol Former Paul Foster james Francis Sandra Frazer Rebecca Freeland David Frye Mary Ann Frye Bob Fulk jerry Gailian Norma Gaither B. B. Gater Jesse Gater Hershell Gill V .,, -my r,--- .-. ...,.,.. ,.-.-: -flwtiwtfi-1 fggjgkq Q M. X iffy-ff f ...-Sugar.. at H A f n::..,:::f sf!-. 1 QS r' ,W 1 , X a s T., 5 Z2 gi-M Q, W 2-Quit ' 5 rf' ,,,,.. h e M rzwzrffx - wr? H ---. ,. gi .. at - - '-I : -:f':fe:, 1' icaliifiili. digs ,. ii' . ist F . , W Q t. t F, +26 gi 2645 - J 1 fre .Ln E? ,r ee B gftslygsrv, .f x Miz . ,. 5 Q' it J S -an -Wrti,,.vw1.r:i .- ..,.,.,,,,.,.,,i,f:ffgyggggrifggkggzglf 'wt fr!-2--ff 7 'S E. wg. 2523 , ,Q .. ,.i,,f,,,f,,-tt, t ,ft :se:-':.-2.txrrftzaww ' wgzifr .nth :.w.:: -. if 'iii -EQ53SZi!ifi'f:43Kl lat 'wil -: ' - -- . -': 1' x ii ft: mil? gr X t ri, D 1. elm: " w e IEE' ree 4 Q Sw L mr ,wg -is 'few vffr fk 7 M in 'BW- , . gg E if in X31 rx, X , ,, c 2 ft Q M 5 K, -,sf :,:5' . i if in we 'r Cf t + tr in Qllkfllbffiirlf we egg, ' .. --it rig ,Q 0 tt joan Gill Charles Gillard Jim Gillian Bob Glazebrook Ruth Gnerich William Golenor Sandra Gosling Donna Grazianna Carol Greenwell Donald Greenwood Janet Gregory Dian Gross Jean Groves Donna Gruble Cheryl Gustine Mike Haag Torn Hack Paul Hackett Carl Hafford Albert Hagen Vince Hale Thelma Ham Norma Hamelrnann Sally Harmon Walter Harris Lola Harrison Janice Harting Mike Hartman Mike Hartnett Orville Harvey Bonnie Hauhn Colin Hausman Roger Haynes Harry Hazen jim Healy Beverly Hefley Carolyn Henderson Bill Hendricks Tom Henessey Jim Hentrich Edward Herd 'L Sharon Herren J Judy Hicks D 'ff S Rosemary Hildebrand 1 Beautyna Hill N A J 9 sk at .. ,Q ' Marlene Himmel Alberta Hinton J Janet Holt ' 'X J Lavern Hooper ' Gerald Hoover 12 wi ,. 2 'lfj V43 is fa I I! -' Donneeria Hopper ., , Alice Horn X , . - , Marilyn Horseley Q ' ' ' Evelyn Hoskins V' .A. e AQ it Paul Howard F' lt " ' 1 L , Mafi1yn,H0we D, ' Joyce Hubbard t if j J Carolyn Hudson ,X J' Dick Hungate A A ,,,L..V J hlz. ' 7, M' A I ki ,Y . , Carol Sue Hunter J ai Joan Hunter 'H K I m m Richard Hussong 'Z i i Tamara Hutte ilii if N ,:., M W - Shirley Hyman tnii J - 3 ' A 4' U s X' s Q- fis t fl Nora Hyndman Daisy Ingram Q ,.. Betty Isom A " " alto- Richard lvester 'SH X if Naz- James Jackson D 1 A is s Jo Ann Jackson Loretta Jackson Jackie Jacobs Mike Jacoby Sherry Jann 'E' is Richard Jenkins Larry Jennings W J a t J Barbara Johnson 5' A ii Jane Johnson A wb Q Louis Johnson H 3 ' A is 37 N K r, -.xv ,ef 0' I -1 ., , , QV 5. 15 , i- 2 mi X V 1 L i 6,f Lf e 4? N -5 I -M i' Emir 6 . i in 32 M. Mike johnson Sharon Faye Johnson Sharon June johnson Carol Jones Marine Jones Mary Jones Mike Jones Nancy jones Patricia jordan Max Kassler James Keenan Ruth Ann Keil Gary Kelly James Kelly Peter Kilchenmann Katrin Kilchenmann Jim Killion jerry King Sharon Kirbach Violet Kirby Jack Kittle john Klaus Cathy Koehne Ronald Kopsie William Korte Karen Kortkamp Sandra Kruse Ronald Kustermann Bob Lacey Bob Lahleim Joyce Lakes Larry Lamb Ed Landiss janet Langer Leo Larsh Mary Layton Mary Leitner Ken Lenhardt Betty Lewis Howard Lewis Alan Liebig I Carolyn Linenfelser Susan List Joe Anna Lockhart james Logan ' ii I Dorothy Losch Mike Lowe Georgia Lunley Willadean Lutes Ed. Lyons Dean McAnich 1 Glen McAnich V,.b John McBrien Janet McClain ' ':" John McClintock Ruth McCluskey k'Wz V' David McCormick Judith McDanel q Queen Esther McFern N .4 Q Marilyn McHatton Mary McManus Timothy McPike r by Cathy McReynolds f Donald Mackenroth 41 ytt' fr Gene Maher Mary Malloy Noel Manns Ronald Maple Sue Marin Marie Markel il' U' ,,'fA it .. , Donna Martinez ' Daniel Matteson V 3 3 . HM Mai' .U if ww' km X F'--Q 3 xx D I ll , , . IL . 'LJ i J' Q xslt" , . Veda Maxeiner r,, 4-if A K . Betty May A' e hrti A 1 'U L M Richard Mayberry I A ' b H V ' st joy Medler A Q A Bob Meloy ,,, "ii Tim Middleton Henry Miles Bill Miller 39 di .. ' ml 11-11.:e+..:,s,ge Q H., gg gg. .-,f ,iw 1 1 Q-r:.,mf,'., in 7 is, .ex 1.14-W lm: f -- :.f,, la f .--v - f - f Y ll ig ,lliiii' c , .... N iii" J I A: in K fi ? :ZZ - l5?4f1a.g,g'5QQ1f r' -Q 1 if I I ,,A. ' ' iii Bi bf -' - Si rf Jil Q ss Q4 if K: 5 re lm! 5 Wi g X m 1+ iw N m :Els W if 'lll 74 :V': if . 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X .SJ 'mai ---: Wulf' 1. ,r 2 a 2 Alice Ruckman Joyce Rudd Susan Rulon Rebecca Russell Bob Ruyle Gary Salzman Diane Sanders Frank Scheel Carol Schildroth Allen Schmidt Stephen Schmidt Jon Schmoeller Karen Schneider Larry Schneider Michael Schobernd Jim Schueler Mary Jane Scroggins Evelyn Seago Gary Seal Harriet Searles Fred Secor Mary Ann Sekerke Mitzi Sevier Melinda Seymour Barbara Shackelford Frances Shaw Mary Shaw Sue Sheldon Hazel Sheppard Gary Shewmake Larry Shoemaker Sandy Shy Juanelle Skinner Janet Small Mary Ann Small Barbara Smirh Catherine Smith Charles Smith Dorothy Smith Gerald Smith Mary Smith Susan Smith James Snipes Pamela Soper Dennis Spencer Sharon Spooner Rita Stahl Roger Starkey Barbara Staub Beverly Stauffer Carole Stauffer Terry Stauffer Janice Steele Freddie Stice Maurice Stilley Paul Stilwell Janet Stiritz Leslie Strader Lynn Stuart Barbara Summers Michelle Surveyer Jeanne Swinney Charlene Talbert Dennis Tavlos Maurice Taylor Paul Tchoukaleff Brenda Teitelbaum Ralph Terry Susanna Theison Melisse Thomas Donna Thornton john Trowbridge Clarence Turner Lillian Tuttle Bob Twitry Lane Vernardos Farnestine Via Michael Vrazsity George Warllington Sherry XVadlow 7 1 1 . r , X iw' if ! .,t 'iw rf af . if L Q? MM Y gg, .. it .. . - ii . ish 3. 11 gi L 3 V " I af' ..- . it e ,A-ff? Sift L if I W ,W ei iii? .Qian 'i 5 , 5 an i 464.3-fi 6 ,. .R :In-f ga Z Y-fs? N IE pq, gal 2' Q W' i f Q' f John Wagner Elanor Wahl Sharon Walker Jo Ann Walton Clark Washpun Yvonne Washpun David Watkins Barbara Watson Betty Watson Hardy Weathers Diana Weber Diane Wehrle Alice Wells Gary Westbrook Judy Westbrook William Westbrook Larry Whitten Sheila Whitten Judy Whyers Tom Wicks Cheryl Wilkes Barbara Wilkinson Claudette Williams Jean Williams Robert Williams Joanne Willis Roosevelt Wilson Willard Wilson Mary Wiseman ' Lee Anne Woodard Leonard Woods Phyllis Wright Paula Yost Cheryle Younger Virginia Yount Greg Yust Don Porter JUN! OP! X W A x lf, Q6 i l john Baker Carmen Ballesteroz Edward Ballhurst james Ballinger Nanqf Barber Janice Barbour john Barlow Marriann Barnes Richard Barocca Terrance Dale Barton Henry Barts David Bauser Ronnie Bawns Floyd Bazzell julia Beatty Vera Beatty Sammy Beem Kathleen Belcher Frank Bemis Richard Bengal Robert Abbott Jesse Adams Donald Admite Gordon Admire Haroldyne Alexander Rodney Alford Rebecca Allgeyer Eddie Arnold Jeanette Arnold Carolyn Ash Stanley Ash June Ayres Robert Bachman Linda Bacus Chuck Baker in J james Benner james Benrly Bob Bergstrom Robert Berry Gorden Besrerfeldr Patricia Billings Al Blackburn Berry Blayney Marvin Bock Marvin Bonner Gary Booth Joyce Borock Sandra Bort Willia Bowen Gloria Bowie ' r K r-'f 3 A " ' l ,N . ii '- -X , . I' . kv .... -,a f Q, Aff. ,W Michael Bowker Ralph Bracht Sally Braun Gerald Brewer Jane Brewer Leona Bridges Michael Brinkman joyce Brock john Brockway Brooks Brown Joyce Brown Mary Brown Phyllis Brown Zaddie Brown Louise Buchanan Charla Buck Carol Buckshot Cathy Budde Jvrry Bum: -lean Burrh X ff,- uf 1-E Q f:U,ji'i'r." il l all ' ' 3 'NL 6-Paw? u r , me .3 f Patricia Castle Delores Cathorall Mary Cathorall Marilyn Chalk Carol Chambers Gerald Chapman Carole Cherry Sharon Church jerry Clardy Nellie Clark Robert Clark Gene Clonk Carolyn Coats Merl Collins Carol Colston Marvin Colsron Barbara Compis jack Conner Deana Conrad Bruce Cook Dewey Burgoyne Katheryn Butler Henreen Cannon ,Sf -Q mf -,Z X , ,M rr,, J. . i D ' K we' K e ,af wwf ' A X refl l,l - -- - 115 fr- f , .-,,. , if sw 1 M vi , 1 A-1 ' V 1 Y iill li 5' 5 i' f eaa' if if rall C Marilyn Busse August Campagna Norma Carter Q , f, .Qs i Em, 'ii f 'sf -s m V , I , Nancy Coomb Lana Cown Sandra Cox Susan Craig Carolyn Crain Bill Cunningham Linda Cunningham Sharon Curry Karen Daniels Harold Daniel Michael Dare janet Davis Kenneth Davis Pamela Davis William Daws O11 5 , l james De Vore Sue Dickinson Robert Dingeldein Jo Ann Dixon James Dodd Stephen Doerr Sharon Downey Marilyn Duley Anita Dunston Shirley Edelen Danny Edgar Lorretta Edwards Mary Edwards Sharon Edwards Jerry Ellington Joyce Elliott Sharon Embry Alice Emery james Ervin Lynda Evans , ,. 2 1 W an -F r Marshall Fowler Doris Fox Emma Frazier Mary Freeland Chuck Freeman Richard Friedline Karen Fulk John Gabriel Vicki Gamer Stephen Gibbons Dudley Giberon Nancy Gilpin Verla Glover Phyllis Goetz Karen Goltz jerry Goodman Carl Goodwin Carol Goodwin Jerald Gormley Sharon Goss -W6 Edward Evertsen Judi Fairbanks Bill Farris Mary Fehrenbacher Edward Ferguson Sydney Ferguson Arthur Fields Sandra Fields joseph Fin Billye Fletcher Janice Fletcher Marie Fletcher jerry Ford Don Forrester Fred Foss ' 1 sh, .I f is 51184 r fir My if y - yay, :Fifi P' V "la: N ii ' K ml ' -. , . wi v i Qs Barbara Gottlob Patricia Gould Bob Goulding Norma Gowens Phillip Grable Lester Graham Kathryn Gravett Bob Greeling Marlene Green Marge Greenwell George Griffen George Griggs Melody Grisham Rod Grover Shirley Gurley G My if uf- Ji El W lfrwfsg Xl! 5 , dy K 5 .t ,ff A arm sg Q x H X me 7 .5 lrrrl Ella Guthrie Willimn Hagen Phillip Halford Carolyn Hampton Jack Hand Judith Handler Fred Haper William Haper Homer CBucldyJ Harder joseph Harper Ruth Harrington Annerta Harris Lois Harris Stephen Harrison james Hanley Wilma Hatten Sharon Hauversburk Frances Hayden James Hayden Tamarra Hayes .aw 1 'Fl fra, Q af Joyce Higdon Myrtle Hill Bob Hill Donna Hine Gilbert Hise Joyce Hoagland Karen Hooper Penelope Horn Edward Houston Toni Howard Beth Huebner Jean Humphrey Judith Hunter Terry Hurley Thomas Imel Glen Ingram Bob Ivester Linda Jackson Stephanie Jacobson Gregg Jameson i 3 X f 23, Q wa? ff rs W 1 Q. R 5, Qt R at if My :ss ,fix-X4 Glen Haynes Ruth Ann Healy Teddy Healy Carolyn Heater Marilyn Heffron Robert Hellung Anita Henderson Janice Henderson George Henry Mike Hensler Gail Hermens John Herndon Ethel Herron Richard Hetge ean Hicks awma :L ,. mfawfm'-W2 9' l igln W N Y SQL :: J we 1- . .- if WX 1 A, 11 X age- mm-leer. . 1 - 2 at M 15 sa . .Q nl' r v ef' , ii if 45. YS ,al , A W zlsmze l trfffl rl ljt a ri 3 wg ifliv :EN so U " - ,fr X L ijt - J l e sf Kai X 53 A ws? anis? A 'I Q t 1. r gem. ,r, - swr sg V, ,N ww, . 5 " eil-4 zffzfe 1, xi ' Q ggi l K - tf K sn., ,, Den nis jarden Thomas Jenkins Peggy Jewel Barbara Johnson Franklin Johnson Michael johnson Roberta Jouett Reginald jun Ronnie Jureziz Sharon Kasinger Karen Keehner Joan Keenan Reba Keene Nancy Keidel James Keiser L y ik. -, -an Q, v-'33 QS' W. Fa .ll ilu Re VVAL aia K sf- . A. 5 . -L Q L, L I9 if s W If V J q L - K I L ,f V A 1 . . +A if if FQ a n "-V john Keirh David Kelly Mack Kelly Ernescine Kennedy Sandra Kidwell Nancy Kimbro Larry King Patricia Kirk jerlyn Kirsh Mike Kistner Lon Kirzmiller john Kodros Geary Kraft Carol Kraushaar Marlene Krieder - Q ' Mary Larsh H by fs .- VV. A- Jerry Layton i if in ,V Sharon Layton , ' . V if Anita Lee ' - '2 Richard Lefler fiffif H ." " 'fr 53 E h fi f if iffgswggzzgsswf ' ix, M ,Q A , t si 5 iw 3 N 4 it i S g rf Sisfu fx i fnfsli 4 is 4 v X xx 1 NM, f S X Mary Losch Carol Ann Lovell Zettie Love Connie Loveless Gayle Marie Loy Gary Lynn Wendell McAfoos james McBrien Janet McBrien Ronald McConarhy Sue McCourtne'y Delores McDaniel JoAnn McGee Scott McLain Colin Mandorca Sandra Manns Mike Mason David Massey Nancy Maucker Sandra Maul Y 1 457 32 :Vis Katherine Leimbach Roger Lemons Tom Lenhardt James Lewis Kenneth Lewis Robert Lewis Jackie Kaye Lindley Eddie Lindsay Sandi Kay Linenfelser Joseph List Edward Lively Kay Littleton Gary Lockard Brenda Loftis Alice Lopez Marilyn Maupin Marilyn Maxeiner Bill May John May William Derm Sharon Mayhew Laura Meisenheimer Ralph Mendelsohn Freda Metz Marie Meyer Wilma Meyer Barbara Miller Sharon Mills Frances Milner Gary Mindrup is May K Ada W , l T Z., , 'CVM W xA . f if ei i IA -- s ew 4 ,Q f lx 'S' s 1 If M + X W N f Hia' 3 Sue Mindrup Carol Misegades Molly Mitchell Patricia Mondy Rose Monroe Nathaniel Moore Gerald Morris Robert Mosby Phillip Murray Beverly Musgrave Sharon Musgrave Howard Naggon Bobby Nash Rose Nekola Pauline Nelson Harrelson Neldin Marilyn Nichols Gary Nickens George Nicolou Walter Nirsche in 'E Q? if if 5 1 5 if Q if ia if Diana Parker james Parks Janet Parrish Karen Patterson john Paul Thomas Payne ' I. I 'I Wyatt Pecligo PA ' Sandra Peipert Sandra Penning ' Joseph Perica J' - rrrar Karen Peterson ' Q I 'AAA' Terrance Peterson b Q , 2,55 steven Pfaff 5 i s P Connie Phillips iii L i" - William Phipps H A i X -- jean Pierce Donald Pigg W9 jams Pinkerton Herne Poindexter Willie Pierson . . , V I f " fl I Q 1 ' Charles Norman Bill Norris Carol North james Norvell Margie Ogle Sandra Oldham Sara Oswalt Gerald Oulson Sheila Overmeyer joe Owens Rita Owens Rodney Owens Nina Pace Donald Park William Park 4, , as 'L ff 'L' . 433 yi Marilyn Riffey Catherine Riley Karen Riley Carol Ringering john Rippley William Rippley james Robbins Mildred Roberts Jerry Robertson joe Robinson 1 W John Roe I ' William Roettgers Q 5 , Betty Rogers ' Robert Romo as I Donna Rudolph -- f f , I jerry Ruedin Gerry Rush Jean Ruyle Ralph Ryder Robert Sr. Clair Charles Porter Donna Porter Joyce Porter Roger Price Mildred Pugh Mike Purcell Donna Quinn Robert Rainey Jane Raymond Wayne Rea Charles Reeder Laura Retherford Lance Richard Delores Richards William Richardson .rr-as sfy 5,90 ..., S., ,,i.,.m, X , A R 5 , X i ' 'av- 4 if ' was law W 'SN E Q, fiff nf 1 . Q if C sg if M A Q' fs Q- t :fyzf A . li F 'H -F ,K P ' r P :iw S , iQ" i?r'sggiL?'ii"ek ' -'.- , E??+zrf"i'j' Ser Q Hgiw, 9: , W t ii K . . in - 'Qu ,N , -if., we F 1.4. , .Im Kenneth Searles jackie Seibold Marshall Selkirk Carol Settles Walter Settles Bob Shaw Sondra Shaw Beverlee Sherer james Show Madeline Sigite Kay Simon Rhoda Simon Gary Simpson Robert Simpson Ronald Singleton George Sitton Merry Skelton Ruth Ann Slaughter Henry Small Carolyn Smith il ' 2 s M' N an 4 Q rt at .3 V lm " rv Kr S l 'Q si Q at 1 f km lp S siff , ta William St. Peters Glenna Sanders Pauline Sawyer Terry Schaefer Lorraine Schmuck Diane Schnabel james Schoeffel Charles Schroeder Leritia Schumacher Betsy Scott Karol Scott Linda Scott Sandra Scribner Mike Scroggins Sarah Seago X t JW Q Y l - I 'faking' ,f , . 'f-.. Q, , ag f t Q S K F r AM' X ilrimlzi 25? Qi' ' M' 7 W"",lffS .. , , G 2 i V, , sf --.- ' at "' V l ' V . ,-" is 'fr e vi 5' 3,5 3 4: J r I 'L' ,H 4 , ffcffif' nga. Dennis Smith Melvin Smith Sue Smith Michael Smithee Shirley Smithee Florence Soto Robert Southward Sam Stampley janet Stanka Bill Sreck Jerry Steiner Vassie Stewart W. Henry Stewart Carol Srice Mary Srobbs ji , ' v :V r fl nfl: .' f- ,qi ' . .W .H A w ,ly megs. an-334 ,rf 1 f - 'WKYJ' T ,-.,,3"'v ,, 3 will ,' :win if,w-ag ,C xl Q nm -3 ll g is QW mardi K X Q I a if Yagi L is , 3 935 7 ' i I ,i,,l.f?m, rigging-, M ! "' X v "In-Ji, on f V. A I y R .Lk, .1 R k,r,l - 1 , tl? A Q c -, Qifjg c - i ff t ie ' 'du- Joe Stock David Stromske Georgia Smart Terry Stuchlilc Larry Sumner Richard Sutton Bob Swegle Carol Tarrant Peggy Tate Charles Taylor John Taylor Mike Taylor james Temple Joan Texada Richard Thoma.s David Thompson Richard Thompson Truman Thompson jon Tickner Mary Tierner M K, s e .R if 7 fl, 54 ,5 is 155452: , 4 1' if Joe Vogr Chris Volf Ronnia Voumard Harold Waggoner Pat Waggoner Stephanie Walczak Janet Walker joe Wannamaker Bruce Ward Carolyn Ward Larry Ward joy Watkins Dan Warrous Peggy Warsek Beverly Watson Anita Wehh Ronnie Weindel Eugene Weinman Neal Westbrook Bonnie Wheeler W ,rr X , 3 'Riff ,,rr - Sally Tinsley jay Tolley Peggy Trail James Troy Linda Tuerken Nancy Tuetken Vicky Tuetken Sonya Turner Gertie Unrhank Phyllis Van Hoy joan Van Ohlen Donna Vanover Emma Vassar Rocky Veilands Sue Velties , k:.,Lif I wg 'W 54' Q' 2 was -2 ,g if N, 3, ., ,.,kk iff' Beverly Whitten Ronald Wilkinson David Willie Danny Williams Geneva Williams Judy Williams Larry Williams Patsy Williams Peg Williams Ronnie Williams Sharon Williams 5 ., Terry Williams -iii X -, s 2 1 ,qua l 5 I . Q , for Ross Williamson ii Phyllis Willis R Glenda Wills W R 1 li if ii i, ' + R r s - f l MJ I lili X if ' r givin . li' Z :zzli same aa il I ,f " Sfiillllff 2 l X i Herschel Wilson Tom Wilson Curr Wood Donna Wood Ramona Wood Fred Woodard Angela Woods Joyce Wooff Roger Wooff Tom Wreath Anne Young Ellen Young Ronald Younger Mary Zimmerman Willie Davis f I 1 mw v G L 3 P lf , f lVl0l?6' X f J lif I I f 'J V' , ' 1 ' I' .4 V X ff x U I , V I LW 5 ,, V 1 ' V a' v' tl 1 f I HL L , ' L . 2092 RICHARD EMIL ADAMS Football, Track, Cross Country, F.F.A., Pep Club, Cafeteria Worker. PHIL LAUREN AFFLACK RONALD ALVIN ALFORD Office Helper. IO ANN ALMONROEDER Tatler Staff, Times Staff, Student Council, French Club, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Girls' Council, G.A,A. GARY ANDERSON Football, Radio Club, Student Council, Pep Band Pep Club, Patrol, Concert 8: Marching Band. DELORES RUSSELL ARMSTEAD Pep Club, Chorus. DIANE LORRAINE ARNOLD Chorus, F.N.A., G.A.A., Girls' Council, Pep Club, Commercial Art Club. DONNA RAE ATTEBERRY F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Counselor Assistant, G.A.A., Patrol. MARVIN EDWARD BARTH Cafeteria Worker, D. E. Club, Basketball. PATRICIA JOYCE BARTON Student Council, Vice Pres., Girls' Council, Dra- matics Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Spanish Club. JANINE DIANE BASSFORD French Club, Girls' Council, Pep Club, Tatler Staff, Commercial Art Club, Sr. Prom Comm. BONITA LOUISE BATCHELOR National Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Y.F.C. Club, F.H.A. RONALD EUGENE BAILEY Student Council, Latin Club, Basketball. DANIEL WESLEY BAKER LINDA DEE BAKER Dramatics Club, F.B.L.A., F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Girls' Council. DOUGLAS ADOLPH BALLINGER Chorus. BARBARA ANNE BAUSER Pep Club, Chorus, F.N.A. RUTH ELLEN BAUSER Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Chorus, O. O. Club, F.H.A., F.N.A. JANET LOUISE BAXTER Pep Club, Orchestra, F.B.L.A., F.H.A. JOHN ARTHUR BEAN Band, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Pep Club. ROGER ELMER EDWIN BECKER Student Council, Tatler Staff, Latin Club, Science Club, Senior Class President, Pep Club, Chorus, Sr. Prom Comm., Careers Night Comm. WILLIAM ROBERT BETTENDORF Co-Editor Tatler, Latin Club, JETS, Pep Band, Science Club, Marching "100". MICHAEL LOUIS BISHOP Tatler Staff, Patrol, Science Club, Boys' Cabinet, Band, Student Council, Sr. Prom Comm., Pep Club. SHARON KAY BAZAILLION Chorus, Commercial Art Club, F.H.A. STEVEN PAUL BLACK WALTER FREDERICK BLACK Radio Club. MICHAEL GEORGE BLAKLEY ANITA LOUISE BLAYNEY Pep Club, F,T.A., Chorus, Latin Club, Patrol. NANCY CLAIRE BOCK Student Council, Editor of Falcon, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Times Staff, Chorus, Library Assistant, National Honor Society. GARY LEE BOGART National Honor Society, Student Council, Tatler Staff, Dramatics Club, Chorus, Latin Club, Pep Club, Sr. Prom Comm. SALVATORY BONO Pep Club. RAMONA MARCIA BOOTS G.A.A., D. E. Club, Gym Assistant. 'IUDITH LEE BOYD Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Student Council, Patrol, Girls' Council, Chorus, Latin Club, F.N.A., Spanish Club, F.T.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club. SHARON LEE BOYD F.N.A., Y.F.C., Office Assistant, Clinic Assistant, Pep Club, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Gym Assistant. BARBARA ANN BOYER F.H.A., Chorus, General Business Club, Girls' Council, G.A.A., Pep Club, Band, F.B.L.A. DONALD CLIFFORD BOYER Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Cafeteria Assistant. THOMAS J. BORMAN Football, Baseball, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, Intra mural Basketball. PAUL DOUGLAS BOURLAND German Club. ULYSSES SIMSON BOWIE Band, Basketball, Patrol, Marching Band. ZELLA MAE BOWMAN Clinic Assistant, Gym Assistant, G.A.A., F.N.A. DAVID LEE BROKAW Patrol, Pep Club, Track. MIRIAM ANN BROWN Chorus, Tatler Staff, F.H.A., Latin Club, Hornet's Buzz Staff, Foreign Language Club, Basketgirl, Pep Club, jr. Prom Comm. WILMA ELAINE BROWN F.H.A., F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Chorus, Pep Club, Gym Helper. PATRICIA JOAN BROWNING Maid to May Queen, F.H.A,, F.N.A., Pep Club, Girls' Council, Office Assistant. RITA GERTRUDE BRADLEY Pep Club, F.N.A., F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Chorus, D. E. Club. IDA PAY BRECHT F.H.A., F.T.A., Spanish Club, Band Librarian, School Librarian, Concert Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, Chorus. RICHARD DAVID BRECHT STEPHEN ALBERT BRITT Pep Club. ,.f"' X DONNA SUE BROYLES Spanish Club, F.N.A., F.T.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club Library Assistant, Debate, Local History Club Dramatics Club, Girls' Council. RONNIE EUGENE BUCKSHOT Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Rifle Club, Radio Club. SANDRA KAY BULL Spanish Club, Pep Club, Newspaper Staff, Girls' Ensemble. BARBARA AILEEN BURDORFF G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Spanish Club, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble. 1 1 ELENOR MARIE BURGER Gym Assistant, Girls' Ensemble, Pep Club, F.H.A., G.A.A. TED SETH HENRY BURLESON Basketball, Science Club. BARBARA LYNN BURRIS National Honor Society, Latin Club, French Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Patrol, Dramatics Club Counselors Assistant, Falcon Staff, Times Staff Tatler Staff, Girls' Council. ROBERTA LEE BURRS Pep Club, Chorus, Gym Assistant, German Club, F.H.A. N. r 1 C-Z CYNTHIA LOUISE BYFORD Girls' Council, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Chorus, Patrol. SALLY ANN BYRLEY SANDRA SUE CAMP National Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Chorus, Latin Club, Pep Club, F.H.A., Sr. Prom Comm. JAMES DAVID CAMPBELL Patrol, Science Club, Band, Chorus, Y.F.C. BARBARA LOUISE CANNON Latin Club, Pep Club, G.A.A., Orchestra. GARY ELREE CANNON Basketball. JOAN MADELINE CARROLL F.B.L.A., F.H,A., G.A.A., Pep Club, Chorus Office Assistant. JOHN GERRIT CASE JETS, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Science Club Patrol, Basketball. JOHN ROBERT CLARK. SHIRLEY MARIE CLAYTON Student Council, Chorus, Pep Club, F.N.A., Y.F.C., F.H.A. SHIRLEY LAVONE CLOWERS F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club. RALPH RONALD COATS Latin Club, Science Club, Patrol, Pep Club, JETS, Art Club. RICHARD ALLEN CHADWICK Football, Boys' Chorus, Chorus, Pep Club, Coun- selor's Helper, Library Assistant. DOROTHY SHARON CHAPMAN F.H.A., Booster Club, G.A.A. OSCAR LYNN CHASE Football, Intramural Basketball, Cross Country, Science Club. MARGARET ANN CHILDERS Patrol, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Girls' Council. i RALPH PERRY COONS, JR. Student Council, Commercial Art Club, Pep Club, Mgr. Football Bc Basketball, Chorus, Baseball. BEVERLY GAY COOPER Pep Club, F.H.A., Chorus, Library Assistant. MARILYN KAYE cops o.A.A., FHA., F.B.L.A., Pep Club. sHARn.YN LEE coma Pep club, G.A.A., omg' Council, F.n.A. RONALD LYNN COCHRAN Football, Track, Pep Club, Y.F.C., Band. FANNIE BELLE COLE Pep Club, F.H.A. NANCY LEE CONOUR Latin Club, Dramatics Club, F.T.A., Pep Club, Girls' Council, Marching "100", Sr. Prom Comm., Band. ROGER LEE COOKE Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Student Club, National Honor Society. Council, Rifle . ,!:'fQ2TQ1fxIlNl7'Lg?3'f'tz7'4:. '+'7'N,-j.nLj"f','y,l it 1-53 N f' I Ni, 5. ,,i,4 . ,-4: 1. PAUL EDWARD CORBIN Student Council, Pep Club. HOPE JACKSON COUSLEY National Honor Society, Patrol, Girls' Ensemble, Chorus, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Sr. Prom Comm. GEORGIA ANN COVINGTON LEO CHESTER COX Basketball, Baseball. 1 L I A WILLIAM EDWARD CRANE Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Y.F.C. SCHUBERT RAYMOND CRESSWELL Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club. CLAUDIA JEAN CROFT Pep Club, Office Runner, F.H.A. Club, Dramatics Club, Patrol. CARL BERNARD CRUMER Football, Track, Pep Club. , G.A.A., Spanish 'I 5 MARY GAIL CURVEY Pep Club, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble. DAVID LEE CZERNY Patrol, Track, Sr. Prom Comm. WANDA LEE DAILY Chorus, Patrol, Office Assistant. KENNETH BURTON DAMRON Student Council, Football, Spanish Club, Thes- plans, Dramatics Club, Track, Chorus, Pep Club HAROLD HOWARD DAMS Patrol, Rifle Club, Science Club, JETS, Pep Band, Marching "100". MARY LOVEOLA DAVIS F.H.A., Latin Club, Pep Club, F.N.A., Office Helper, Library Assistant, Gym Assistant, Chorus. PATRICIA LOU DAVIS F.N.A., North Junior Highlights Assis't. F.T.A., Student Council, Spanish Club, Chorus, Pep Club. BARBARA LEE DAVIS Office Assistant. JANET MARIE DICKERSON F.H.A., Maid to Dream Girl, Pep Club, Office Helper, Switch Board, WILLIAM PAYSON DIDDLEBOCK Football, Basketball, Track, Patrol, Studs-ntCouncil, Latin Club, Pep Club. HAROLD BOYSEN DIEMER Football, Track, Patrol, Spanish Club, Boys' Cabinet. LINNETTA GALE DIX Pep Club, Spanish Club, Chorus, Girls' Council, F.T.A., Office Assistant, G.A.A. JEANETTE IRENE DEMUNBRUN Pep Club, Latin Club, Chorus, F.H.A., Paper Staff, Office Assistant, Sr. Prom Comm., Basket Girl. DOROTHY MAE DENOTHER Chorus, Spanish Club. JOHN LARRY DENOTHER THOMAS LESTER DEUCKER Patrol, Latin Club, Ofhce Helper, Chorus, Science Club, Pep Club, Camera Club, Dramatics Club. gi me A xc S KENNETH JOHN DUNCAN Baseball, Basketball, Track. JUDITH ANN DUMEY F.H.A., Pep Club, Chorus, F.T.A. ANN KATHERINE DYE J. V. Cheerleader, Girls' Council, Pep Club Chorus, Dramatics Club, French Club, Commer- cial Art Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Counselor's As- sistant. MICKEY DAVID DYE F,N.A., F.T.A., Chorus, Student Council, Patrol. ALICE KAY DODGE G.A.A., F.C.A., F.H.A. FRANKLIN LARRY DONAHUE Track, Football, Basketball, Cross Country, Patrol Student Council. RUTH ANN DOTSON Pep Club, Patrol, F.H.A. SANDRA RAE DUNBAR F.C.A., Gym Assistant, G.A.A., Lib. Assistant ROBERT THOMAS EBBLER Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, Patrol, Bancl, Chorus, Pep Club. LANA ECONOMIDES Chorus, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club F.T.A., F.H.A., Patrol, jr. Prom Comm., Coun- selor's Assistant. THOMAS SPENCER EDSALL French Club, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Science Club, Pep Club. KATHRYN KAY EDWARDS Patrol, F.C.A., F.I-I.A., Dramatics Club, Library Assistant, Careers Night Comm. DAVID GLENN ELLINGTON Spanish Club, Football, Boys' Cabinet, Patrol Science Club. DONALD ELLIOTT Patrol, Pep Club, Office Runner. I SHEILA KAY ENDERS Pep Club, EI-I.A., Girls' Ensemble, Chorus, Office Runner, Switchboard Operator. I-IERSCHEL LEE EPPS, JR. Pep Club, Boys' Cabinet, Commercial Art Club, Football, Track, Intramural Basketball. GERALD HOWARD EVANS LESLIE JANE FAIRBANKS CAROLE ANN FAIRLESS Pep Club, F.N.A., Chorus. GARY WAYNE FANSLER Football, Basketball, Patrol. 1 A N, if MARY ELIZABETH FARMER F.N.A., F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club, F.C.A., Clinic Assistant. JUDY KAREN FATCHETT F.C.A., Chorus, Spanish Club, Color Guard, Office Assistant. RUSSELL THOMAS FAULKNER THOMAS JAIVIES FEARNO Boys' Chorus, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Chorus. wa Sv :lf F N all ' JANICE FERN ELACKUS Majorette, Pep Club, Office Assistant, F.H.A. IDA MAE FLEMING F.H.A., G.A.A. JOYCE MARIE FLEMING Pep Club, Chorus, F.H.A., G.A.A. PAINIELA GENE FLORY Paper Staff, Gym Assistant, Office Assistant, Pep Club. PHYLLIS GAIL FERGUSON Pep Club, Spanish Club, Chorus, F.H.A, THOMAS CONRAD FICHTEL Counselors Assistant, Patrol, Paper Staff, Chorus Y.F.C., Science Club, Drumatics Club, Pep Club JUNE EVELYN FISHER Pep Club. VUILMA JEAN FISHER Chorus, G.A.A., F.H.A. -,L 1 xi . RICHARD LEE FRANCIS Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Counselors Assistant. TERRY BERNARD FRANKE Patrol, Pep Club. GARY LEE FRANKLIN Chorus. SANDRA LEE FRAZIER F.N.A., Pep Club, Girls' Council, F.H.A., Chorus, Band. JUDY MARIE FOELLER Student Council, Co-Editor Tatler, Times Staff Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Chorus, F.T.A. WILLIAM MICHAEL FORRESTER CAROL DEE FOWLER Pep Club, Oflice Assistant, Library Assistant. ROGER HAROLD FOWLER Pep Club. is K5 HERBERT HADLEY FROHOCK, JR. FRANCES ANN GAINER Patrol Library Assistant French Club Latin Clu , , , b, Dramatics Club, Sr. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Office Assistant. ROBERT JOSEPH GALLIGOS Pep Club. LINDA FAY GALLIHER Student Council, French Club, Chorus, Girls' En- semble, Sr. Prom Comm., Pep Club, Girls' Coun- cil, F.H.A., G.A.A. I E Q . I . '- Arai W GEORGE THEODORE GAVELLAS Pep Club, Counselor's Helper. ROBERTA KAY GAYAN F.H.A., Switch-Board Operator, Runner, Chorus Pep Club. CHARLES WILLIAM GEORGES Student Patrol, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Boys' Cabinet, Football, JETS, Basketball Manager. SANDRA MARLENE GILBERT Latin Club, Paper, Patrol, French Club, Pep Club, Local History Club, Sr. Prom Committee, Dra- matics Club, Chorus. E 81 at ., CHARLES THOMAS GILL French Club, Pep Club, Band. DARRELL DARWIN GILL Radio Club. GARY WAYNE GILLELAND Basketball, Baseball, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club. DONALD JAMES GISSLER D. E. Club. 251 Y KENNETH JAMES GLEN Chorus, Dramatics Club, Cross Country, French Club, Patrol, Ollice Assistant. ERNEST OTTO GNERICH Commercial Art Club, Library Assistant. JO ANNE GOODWIN F.B.L.A., O. O. Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Office Assistant. j. MICHAEL GRAY DONALD EVERETT GRIZZLE Patrol, Football, Baseball, Track, Student Council, Pep Club. JANICE ELLEN GROSS F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Alton High Color Guard. THOMAS VUILLARD GROVE Commercial Art Club, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Track. FREDERICK LEO GRUBB ' D. E. Club. ALICE FAYE GREENE F.H.A. CAROL JANE GREENE F.H.A. Q94 WO cb 9550 D09 Q f UFS 503' x ARTHUR LEROY GREENWOOD Basketball Manager, Band, Cross Country, Track Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball. -IO ANN GRIESBAUM Chorus, Paper, Patrol, Counselor's Assistant, Li- brary Assistant, French Club, F.N.A., Pep Club KENNETH WALTER HARDWICK WILLIE E. HARLEY Football, Track, Chorus, French Club. JOHN MARSTON HARLOW National Honor Society, Patrol, French Club, Science Club, Boys' Cabinet, Football, Track, Sr. Prom Comm., Band, Orchestra. CHARLES XVILLIAM HARPOLE PHYLLIS ANN GUENNEWIG F.B.L,A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Gym Assistant. JUDITI-I ANN HAGEN F.N.A., F.H.A., Student Council, Pep Club, Clinic Assistant. ELIZABETH ANNE HALPIN Student Council President, Dramatics Club, Thes- pians, Latin Club, Varsity Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Maid to Homecoming Queen, Maid to Dream Girl. ROBERT WILLIAM HARDING Football, Basketball, F.F.A. 'Gb' ALICE ANN HARRIS Pep Club, G.A.A., Patrol, Chorus, Girls' Coun- cil, Sr. Prom Comm., Spanish Club. DENNIS ELDON HARRISON Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Pep Club, Patrol, Counselor's Helper. JAMES BUCKLEY I-IATCHER ERROL FLOYD HAUHE ,. .. CHARLES RANDOLPH HAUSMANN Track, Football, Baseball, Pep Club, Commercial Art Club. SEIGLE CHARLES HAYES Football, Basketball, Patrol, Pep Club. FLO JEAN HEARD Chorus, G.A.A., F.I-I.A., Pep Club. JOHN CHARLES HELM Football, Basketball, Track, Patrol, Football Man- ager, Student Council. JOHN FLOYD HENDERSON French Club, Football, Track, Basketball, Intra- mural Basketball, Band, Boys' Chorus, Pep Club, Baseball. ANNA LOUISE HENRION LARNIE ROBERT HENSON, JR. Chorus. RAYMOND EUGENE HELSLEY Band. IANA CLARE HERRIN Paper Staff, Patrol, Maid to May Queen, Chorus, Local History Club, Pep Club, Office Assistant, Latin Club, F.T.A., F.H.A. JUDITH LOUISE HERSHEY Foreign Language Club, Orchestra, Chorus, Hor- net's Buzz Staff, Library Assistant, Science Club, Maid to May Queen, Student Council, F.H.A., Pep Club, French Club, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, National Honor Society, Tatler Staff. JUDITH ANN HICKERSON Girls' Council, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Chorus, Pep Club, Patrol, Girls' Ensemble. JOHN EVERETT HICKEY Pep Club, Patrol. ROBERT FRANKLIN HOLLIS Football, Track, Basketball, Spanish Club, Or- chestra, Office Assistant. KENNETH EDWARD HOLLOWAY Pep Club, Basketball, Track, Patrol, Office Assist- ant. CAROL JEAN HONCHELL Patrol, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, F,N.A., F.H.A. JOYCE SUE HONCHELL Pep Club, Science Club, Girls' Chorus, F.I-I.A. DONNA JEAN HIGDON Chorus, O. O. Club, F.N.A., F.B.L.A CARL GILBERT HIMMEL GENE RANDOLPH HINDMON ANDREW JACKSON HOGUE JAMES LEROY HUBBARD Basketball, Student Council, Patrol, Track, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball. ANN KAREN HUBBELL Counselors Assistant, Chorus, Tatler Staff, Latin Club, jr. Prom Comm., Dramatics Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society. MYRA KAY INGRAM Counselor's Assistant, Sr. Prom Comm., Dramatics Club, Chorus, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Tatler Staff, Latin Club, F.T.A., Girls' Ensemble. RALPH JOSEPH JACKSON Chorus, Football, Basketball, Commercial Art Club, Boys' Glee Club. ALICE JOYCE I-IOOPER Pep Club, Chorus, D. E. Club, Library Assistant F.N.A. DAVID MATTHEW HORN Pep Club, Spanish Club. CAROL ANN HORSTMAN Pep Club, Chorus, F.H.A. CAROLE ANN HOWARD Chorus, F.C.A., F.N.A. KENNETH LEE JAMISON Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball. HERMAN JANN PATRICIA ANN JARRETT Chorus, Latin Club, F.N.A., F.H.A., G.A.A., Club, Basket Girl. HELEN MARIE JENKINS Pep i THEROEL ADOLPH JENKINS ALVIN ROSCOE JOHNSON Chorus, Band, Track, F.F.A., Paper Staff, Library Assistant. CLYDE ROBERT JOHNSON Student Patrol, Office Helper, Jets. JANE LORIEL JOHNSON Student Council, Times Staff, Band, Orchestra, Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Na- tional Honor Society, Spanish Club, Latin Club. LYNDEL RAY JOHNSON Student Council, Band, Pep Club, Pep Band, Patrol, Oflice Assistant, Counselor's Assistant. STEPHEN EDWIN JOHNSON Patrol, Football Manager, Track, Latin Club, Pep Club, Camera Club. RUTH ANN JONES Patrol, Office Assistant, F.H.A., F.C.A. PHILLIP JOHN KARDIS Band, Orchestra, Basketball, Baseball, Latin Club, Pep Band, National Honor Society. t gi' KARAN GAYLE KEASLER F.N.A. Pres., Pep Club, Clinic Assistant, Patrol, Counselor's Assistant, G.A.A., Gym Assistant, Latin Club, Hornet's Buzz Staff. BARBARA JEAN KEENE Gym Assistant, Pep Club, Office Assistant, F.H.A., F.N.A. EDWARD AUGUST KELLER Football, Track, Basketball, Pep Club, Office Assistant. CONNIE Vl KETCHUM Band, French Club, F.T.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Counseloi"s Assistant, Jr. Prom Comm. VERNON DALE KITZMILLER D. E. Club. CAROLE GAY KLAUS Chorus, F.H.A., F.N.A., Pep Club, F.T.A., Girls' Ensemble, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant. LARRY GORDON KLINE Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Spanish Club. RICHARD MARION KNIGHT Track. MYRNA LOUISE KIMBRO Chorus, Gym Assistant, F.T.A., F.NA O O Club President, Pep Club. EDNA EARLENE KING General Business Club, Chorus, D. E. Club Vice Pres., Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant Spanish Club. MARGARET KAREN KIRSCH Pep Club, F.H.A. JUDITH DIANE KISTNER National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Patrol Pep Club, Science Club, Latin Club, jr. Prom Comm Chorus, F.H.A., Office Assistant, F.T.A Foreign Language Club. yt s Yuri ,law ,as as l SYLVIA LUCILLE KREITZER F.H.A. GWEN JEAN KUHN F.I-I.A., Chorus, G.A.A., Pep Club, Girls' Coun- cil, Dramatics Club, Patrol. CAROLE SUE KUSTERMAN G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Chorus, Girls' Ensemble. LUCIA MARIE LAIRD F.N.A., Student Council, Pep Club, Chorus, Na- tional Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Clinic' Assistant, Counselor's Assistant. WILLIAM JOHN KODROS, JR. Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Paper Staff, Pep Club, Chorus, Baseball, Office Assistant. JEAN MARIE KOLKMEYER Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, French Club, Pep Club, Jr. Prom Comm. NANCY JANE KORTKAMP Band, O. O. Club, F.I-I.A., Orchestra, Marching "100". BONNIE ANNE KRAMER Pep Club, French Club, Dramatics Club, Com- mercial Art Club, Counselor's Assistant, Office Assistant, Times Staff, Tatler Staff, jr. Prom Comm. WILLIAM EDWARD LAIRD DELORES KAYE LAMBIE Ofiice Assistant, Gym Assistant, Pep Club, F.H.A., Latin Club, Patrol, Paper Staff, Chorus. DANIEL JAY LANDISS 9th Grade Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Falcon Staff, Band, Science Club, Radio Club, National Honor Society. PAUL DAVID LANGER Football, Pep Club, Coach's Assistant. CAROL ANN LAPELLE Pep Club, Library Assistant, F.H.A., F.N.A., Of- fice Assistant, Chorus, Clinic Assistant, Gym Assistant, Counselor's Assistant. ANNIE LOUISE LASTER F.H.A., Pep Club. BARBARA -IEANNE LAWHORN Gym Assistant, G.A.A., F.I-LA., F.N.A., Pep Club. GARY DALE LAWSON Golf Team. . s ,,.,.: .WI , 93 JOHN DAVID LEWIS Football, Baseball, French Club, Pep Club, Y.F.C., Science Club, Math Club. RONALD ALFRED LEWIS Pep Club. DONNA ISABELLE LINDSAY Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Times staff, Pa- trol, Pep Club, Girls' Council, Library and Of- fice Assistant, F.T.A. VERONICA LEE LOCKE F.I-LA., F.C.A,, Pep Club, Chorus JEFFREY FRENCH LOGAN Band, French Club, Pep Club, Football, Basket- ball. JUDITH ANN LOGAN National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Student Council, Spanish Club, Times Staff, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Chorus, Sr. Prom Comm. TERRY OLIN LONG Football. KARON GAII.. LOUGI-I F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Student Council. JAMES DONALD MCCLENDON Track, Chorus, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, F.B.L.A. JOHNNY LESTER MCCLENNAN Chorus, Pep Club. PEGGY JANE MCCORMICK Chorus, F,B.L.A., Pep Club, F.H.A., Office Helper, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant. NANCY ANN MCDONALD F.N.A., F.H.A., F.T.A., Chorus. WILLIAM HEWITT MCADAMS Student Council, Pep Club, Library Assistant Times Staff, Latin Club, Patrol. STANLEY EVAN MCAFOOS Basketball, Track, Pep Club, Office Helper, Patrol Counselor Assistant. MILDRED ANN MCBRIDE Times Staff, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Student Council, Librarian, F,B.L.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Patrol. GAY DONNA MCCARTY General Bus. Club, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Girls' Council, Pep Club, Gym Assistant. Rl L ROY LEE MAGUIRE Science Club. JERRY ALAN MAPLE Track, French Club, Pep Club. JOANNA KAY MARQUIS Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Chorus, F,H.A., F.N.A,, Patrol. LARRY GENE MARSHALL Commercial Art Club, Patrol. Office Assistant, JAMES FORTH MCGAUGHEY MICHAEL WILLIAM MCKEE Basketball, Spanish Club, Pep Cl ant, Patrol. BETTY MAXINE MeMAN1s r.N.A., F.C.A., Pep club. ROBERT DAN MCDUFF Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Chorus, Science Club. ub, Gym Assist- Thespians, Band EDWARD THOMAS MATTESON Pep Club. DOROTHY MAUGER Vice-Pres. Y.F.C., G.A.A., Girls' Ensemble, Na- tional Honor Society, F.N.A., F.H.A., Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Pep Club. THOMAS NOEL METZGER Basketball. JAMES EDWARD MEYER Baseball, Basketball, Pep Club, Coaches' Assist- ant, Student Council, Office Assistant. RONALD OLIVER MEYER APRIL LEE MEYERS Chorus, Girls' Council, Dramatics Club, F.H.A. Pep Club, Spanish Club, Girls' Ensemble. PAULINE FRANCES MILLEN Spanish Club, General Business Club, Pep Club, Chorus, F.N.A., F.H.A. CAROLYN HOPE MILLER Cheerleader, Student Council, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Girls' Council, Patrol, Homecoming Queen, Times Staff, Chorus, Debate, Counselor's Assistant, Girls' Ensemble. KAREN SUE MILLER Cheerleader, Chorus, Spanish Club, French Club, Pep Club, Girls' Council, jr. Prom Comm., Maid to Homecoming Queen, Vice-Pres. North jr. Stu- dent Council, Office Assistant, Dramatics Club. ROSIE ANN MITCHELL DAVID PAUL MIZERSKI Gym Assistant. SANDRA KAY MOEHLE Chorus, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant, Coun- selor's Assistant, F.H.A., O. O. Club. JERRY LYNN MONTAGUE Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Pep Club, Pres. Boys' Cabinet, Baseball. MARY Jo MOORE National Honor Society, Thespians, Debate, Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Times Staff, Latin Club, Spanish Club, F.T.A. RUTH ANN MOYER Pep Club, Chorus. ROBERT WILLIAM MUEHLEMAN Pep Club, Patrol, Student Council, Baseball, Golf Science Club, Latin Club. if a RONALD WAYNE NELSON PEGGY JO NEUDECKER Spanish Club, F.H.A., Pep Club, Patrol, Student Council, Paper Staff, Chorus, Gym Assistant, Girls' Ensemble. ROBERT LEE NICOLET National Honor Society, Student Council, Base- ball, Pep Club, Chorus, Orchestra. EVANTHIA NICOLOU F.B.L.A., Office Assistant, Girls' Glee Club, Spanish Club, F.I-I.A., Chorus, Paper Staff, Patrol. DONNA MARIE MUSGRAVE Band, Chorus, Library Assistant, Y.F.C., F.H.A., F.N.A. RUSSELL LEE MUSGRAVE Football. THOMAS LEE NANCE Intramural Basketball, Football, Track. DAVID JOSEPH NEKOLA Baseball Manager, Football, Pep Club. ' 'im RUTHIE JANE OSWALT Clinic Assistant, F.N.A., Science Club, Basket Girl, G.A.A. LARRY JOE OVERATH Football, Basketball, Track, Pep Club. GEORGIA DELAINE OVERBEY F.H.A., F.C.A., Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Chorus, French Club, Patrol, Library Assistant, Foreign Language Club. RICHARD ALLEN PARKER Patrol. CONSTANCE IRENE O'CONNOR Spanish Club, Pep Club, F.H.A., F.T.A., Patrol MARY MARGARET OLESON Latin Club, Art Club, Pep Club, Chorus. CARL WAYNE OSBURN RONNA KAY OSTENDORF Orchestra, Band, F.H.A., O. O. Club, F.B.L.A Marching "100", Pep Club. MAUREEN KAY PARKINS Chorus, F.H.A., G.A.A., Latin Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Office and Gym Assistant, Sr. Prom Comm. BEATRICE PATTERSON Pep Club, Patrol, Sr. Prom Comm., F.H.A., Span- ish Club. MARY LOUISE PATTERSON Chorus, Pep Club, F.H.A. SALLE ANN PERKINS F.N.A., Dramatics Club, F.H.A., Science Club, Y.F.C. PRISCILLA JANE PETERSON Chorus, Pep Club, Girls' Council, F.H.A., F.T.A., Science Club, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Latin Club, Patrol. PAUL PHILLIPS, JR. National Honor Society, Student Council, Tatler Staff, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Pep Club, Band, Latin Club, Chorus, Orchestra. NANCY ANN PICKENS Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, French Club, Office Assistant, Chorus. JEFFERY DEAN PINKERTON Football, Basketball, Baseball Mgr., Boys' Cabinet, Patrol. WILLIAM ROGER PLUMMER Marching "100", Chorus, Pep Club, Patrol, Boys' Cabinet, Science Club, Basketball, Baseball, Pep Band. DAVID LEE PLUNK Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Orchestra. BARBARA ANN PORTER AMY JOSEPHINE POWERS Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Girls' Council, Times Staff, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Latin Club. NANCY JOSEPI-IINE PREIS F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Y.F.C., Band, Chorus, G.A.A. CAROLYN LOIS PRITCHARD F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Latin Club, French Club, Chorus, Counselor's Assistant, Pep Club, Cheer- leader. BEVERLY ANN PYBAS Student Council, Debate, Patrol, Dramatics Club Counselor's Assistant, Pep Club, Spanish Club French Club, Chorus, Times Staff. GARY DON RALSTON D. E. Club, Intramural Basketball, Pep Club. 1 DAVID F. RHOADS Sec.-Treas. D. E. Club. SHAROLYNE JETAUN RICHARD Chorus, F.H.A., Girls' Council, F.B.L.A., Pep Club. THELMA KAY RICI-IEY Cheerleading, F.H.A., F.N.A., Band, Pep Club. CHARLES EARL RICHMOND Football, Baseball. HAROLD DEAN RATHGEB, JR. Hornet's Buzz Staff, Basketball, Pep Club. MARTHA JANE READY Patrol, Cheerleader, French Club, Pep Club, Girls' Council, Girls' Ensemble, Corr. Sec. National Honor Society, jr. Prom Comm., Majorette, As- sociate Editor Tatler Staff, Chorus. ARTHUR LEE REDDITT Football, Basketball, Track, Boys' Cabinet, Chorus. DONALD WAYNE REDENBO Football, Track. 1hA N. ni l JAMES DUNCAN ROBISON Football, Basketball. WILLIE FRANK ROBISON Basketball, Pep Club, Spanish Club, General Business Club. STEPHEN HOWARD RODGERS Spanish Club, Football, Pep Club, Track, Student Council, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Basketball Manager, Boys' Cabinet, Cross Country. MARGARET JANE ROEMER Pep Club, Latin Club, French Club, F,B.L.A., Chorus, Ofhce Assistant, National Honor Society, Library Assistant. BERNICE MILDRED RINGERING Office Assistant, F.H.A., F.N.A., Pep Club, Y.F.C., Clinic Assistant, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble. SANDRA JEAN RIVES G.A.A., Girls' Ensemble, Chorus, Student Coun- cil, Patrol, Pep Club. .IEANETTE KAY ROBINSON Spanish Club, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, D. E Club, General Business Club, Clinic Assistant. ROBERT FLOYD ROBINSON, JR. Sophomore Basketball, Football. PATRICIA JOAN ROGERS Y.F.C., F.N.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club. GEORGE FREDERICK ROLLA Spanish Club, Science Club, Chorus, Pep Club, jr. Prom Comm. SALLY MARIE ROLLER F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Latin Club. PATRICIA ELLEN ROCK Student Council, French Club, G.A.A. O. O. Club, Counsc-lor's Assistant. :W ,YH55 ,iii :ff ,Mi iuitafii' A 4 ji-'lhfll T 5 'ir , TERRENCE ALBERT ROWAN Latin Club, Pep Club, Othce Assistant, Patrol Debate. JESSIE PEARL RUCKER F.N.A., F.H.A., G.A.A., Pep Club. ANITA LOUISE RUCKMAN F.H.A., F.N.A., O. O. Club, Clinic Assistant, Othce Assistant. DIANA MAE RUDOLPH Pep Club, F.B.L.A., F.I-LA., G.A.A., Chorus. EDWARD ARTHUR SCHAEEER Latin Club, Dramutics Club, Thespians, Pep Club, Chorus. CHARLES JOSEPH SCHILDROTH D. E. Club. MARJORY ANN SCHLOBOHM National Honor Society, E.B.L.A., E.H.A., Pep Club, Chorus, Tatler Staff, Student Council, Counselor's Assistant. DONALD LEE SCHRUMPF Band, Student Council, Pep Club, French Club, Football Mgr. ROSEMARY RUTH RUEDIN National Honor Society, Girls' Council, Y.F.C., Pep Club, F.N.A., Dramatics Club, German Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Girls' Ensemble. RAYIWOND FRANKLIN RUSHING Track. JAMES MICHAEL RUSSO EUGENE FREDERICK SANDERS Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, Science Club, Track Radio Club, Chorus, Gym Assistant. DANIEL ROBERT SCHUELER Student Council, Pep Club, Football, Spanish Club, Chorus, Library Assistant. KENNETH LEON SCHULENBERG II Science Club, German Club. RICHARD ALAN SCHWAAB Jets, Pep Club, Science Club, Office Assistant. CHARLES BRYAN SCHWARTZ Football, Basketball, Track, Chorus, Pep Club, Science Club. '-'W JACQUELINE KAYE SEARS Library Staff, F.N.A., Science Club, Pep Club. JAMES MILFRED SEIFRIT Chorus, Pep Band, Track. JEFFREY EDWARD SEKERKE Radio Club. GARY DEAN SHACKELFORD Band, Orchestra, French Club, Student Council, Patrol, National Honor Society, Basketball, Boys' Cabinet, Track. 107 Ai 1hQ MARY CLAUDETTE SLAUGI-ITER Spanish Club, Pep Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Chorus. PHYLLIS LORRAINE SMALL Pep Club, Girls' Ensemble, Girls' Council, Y.F.C. JUDITH ANN SMITH F.H.A., Ofhce Assistant, Chorus, Patrol. MICHAEL DOUGLAS SMITH Paper Staff, Patrol, Track, Basketball Manager, Office Assistant. BARBARA DARLINE SHERER F.H.A., Student Council, Latin Club, Clinic As- sistant. CHARLOTTE JUNE SHIVE F.H.A., O. O. Club, Ofhce Assistant. VIRGINIA SURVELLA SIMS Pep Club, Chorus, F.H.A. RICHARD DOUGLAS SKINNER Football, Golf, Cross Country, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club. PATRICIA LOUISE SMITH Pep Club, F.H.A., Chorus. ROBERT WEINDEL SMITH D. E. Club, Science Club, Football Mgr., Latin Club. CAROLYN SUE SMITH EE Pep Club, F.H.A., Cheerleader-North Jr., Stu- dent Council, Library Assistant. CARL JACKSON SNYDER III Basketball, Pep Club, Cross Country, Boys' Cab- inet,JETS Club, Latin Club, Track. 'rl MARILYN KAY SPENCER Y.F.C. Club. CHARLES STALKER French Club, D. E. Club, Pep Club, Band, Chorus, Office Assistant, Football, Basketball Track. JAMES WESLY STEWART Football, Band. MARY JANE STICE F.H.A., Chorus. 109 VIRGINIA ROSE STILLEY Chorus, F.H.A., Oficice Assistant, Library Assist- ant, Pep Club. OTTO CARR STILLWELL Patrol, Basketball. LOREN JUNIOR STOECKEL DAVID EUGENE STROUD Boys' Cabinet, Radio Club, Patrol. E THOMAS MATHEW STUCHLIK Orchestra, Band, Spanish Club, Paper Staff. GEORGE LEONARD STUMPE PHYLLIS ELAINE STUTZ Pep Club, Olflce Assistant, Gym Assistant. JUDITH SUNDERLAND Student Council, Pep Club, French Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, G.A.A. Dramatics Club, Girls' Council, Candidate for Dream Girl, Times Stall. LARRY DEAN TARRANT JOANNE TAVLOS Chorus, Drumatics Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Pep Club. ELLA MARIE TAYLOR F.H.A., Chorus, Pep Club, Clinic Helper. MARILYN JANIECE TAYLOR F.N.A., Pep Club, F.H.A. PHILLIP E. SWAN Patrol, Band, Track, Baseball, Orchestra. -IUDITH ROSE SWETTENHAM Chorus, Pep Club, Library Assistant, F.H.A P F.N.A., Office Assistant. ROBERT LEE SWINNEY Pep Club, Y.F.C., Science Club, Track. BARBARA ELLEN SWOFFORD Patrol, F.H.A., Pep Club, Office Assistant, O. O Club. 117 JULIA ANN THOMPSON Band, F.T.A., Orchestra, Library Assistant, tional Honor Society, Latin Club. MARILYN SUE THOMPSON Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Patrol, Dramatics Girls' Council, Pep Club, F.B.L.A. RONALD EUGENE THORNTON Patrol, Ofhce Assistant. RICHARD WOODROW TODD Pep Club, Spanish Club. Na- Club, SHARON LEE TAYLOR Pep Club, Chorus. SHIRLEY KAY TEMPLE Oflice Helper, F.H,A. IANA LEE THEISEN Pep Club, Dnxmatics Club, Girls' Ensemble. MARGARET ANNE THEIS Sr. Prom Comm., Dream Girl, Chorus, Coun- selor's Assistant, National Honor Society, Student Council, Maid to Homecoming Queen, Pep Club, Patrol. JUDITH ANN TRICE KAREN KAY TROUT F.T.A., F.H.A., O. O. Club, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant, Otiice Assistant. GLENN THOMAS TRUITT Chorus, Student Council, Football Manager, Bancl. ALLEN BYRON TUETKEN Office Assistant, Spanish Club, Science Club. ROSE MARY TWITTY F.N.A., F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Ofhce Assistant, Patrol, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Girls' Ensemble. RONALD GENE UPCHURCH Science Club, JETS. NANCY KAYE VAN AUSDOLL Science Club, Chorus, Counselors Assistant, Latin Club, Patrol, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant. ROMA LEE VANFOSSEN Patrol, Office Assistant, Student Council, National Honor Society, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, F.T.A., Maid to Football Queen. DEANA KAY VAN VOORHIS F.N.A., Office Assistant, Clinic Assistant, Chorus, F.H.A., Pep Club, Y.F.c. GARY LEE VIETH Boys' Cabinet. CAROL JEAN voor Band, Clinic Assistant, Pep Club, F.B.L.A., F.N.A.. G,A.A. Vice-President. DOROTHY AMELIA VONDERHEIDT F.N.A., F.H.A., Commercial Art Club. DEANNA JEAN VOORHEES F.H.A., Cheerleader, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, O. O. Club. KARLA JEAN Voss Cheerleader, Chorus, F.H.A., Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, National Honor Society, Maid to Football Queen, Office Assistant. LARRY WAYNE VOUMARD F.F.A., Patrol, Gym Assistant. MARY LEE WADSWORTH F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Clinic Assistant, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Gym Assistant. EARLENE FRANCES WALLACE Gen. Bus. Club, Y.F.C., F.H.A. MARILYN ANN WALTERS F.N.A., F.H.A., O. O. Club, Library Assistant, Student Council. l-l15'l'l'R XYARR 'l'r.xcl4, lk-gi Club, lntramurxil liasketball. JOYCE ANN XY'.ARREN Chorus, l,.izin filub. Frencli Club, Pep Club, F.N.A,, G.A.A.. li'l'.A., Girls Council, Science Club. ANTHONY GERALD WAGNER Student Council, Latin Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Boys' Glee Club, Band, Chorus. MARILYN HOPE WAIDE F.T.A., Band, Library Assistant, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Times Staff, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Thespians, Debate, Y.F.C., Office Assistant. JOHN LYNN WALKER Band, Track, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball. CHARLES EDWARD WALL Football, Basketball Manager, Marching Band, Library Assistant, Baseball. E SHARON KAY WEBBER Chorus, Pep Club, F.I-I.A., D. E. Club, Office Worker. BARBARA LOUISE WEBER Spanish Club, National Honor Society, G.A.A., Counseloi"s Assistant, F.T.A., Pep Club. JEFFREY ROGER WEBER Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Pep Club, Patrol, Sr. P1'OIT1 Comm., Boys' Cabinet, Coun selor's Assistant. NEI-I.IE MARIE FAYE WEBSTER Pep Club, Candidate for Homecoming Queen. MARY CATHARINE WATSEK Cheerleader, Pep Club, F.B.I.,.A., F.N.A., F.H.A Counselors Assistant. RUTH ANN WEATHERS Chorus, O. O. Club. CAROL -IEANETTE WEBB Chorus, Pep Club, D. E. Club. EDDIE RAY WEBB Pep Club. SONDRA SUE WEISSENFLUH F.H.A., F.N.A., Switchboard. JAMES MICHAEL WELLS Basketball, Pep Club, Student Council, Patrol. HAROLD ADRIAN WHITE Band, Orchestra, Patrol, Pep Band, Chorus. SAUNDRA KAY WHITE F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Student Council, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble. i Y Stix? fgwr: . 15, in . mg I N5 IULIE ANN WHITESIDE Y.F.C., F.H.A., F.N.A., Concert Band, Orchestra, Latin Club. ROBERTA JANE WHYERS French Club, Cheerleader, Pep Club, Girls' Coun- cil, Sr. Prom Comm., F.H.A., Maid to Football Queen. JANET KAYE WIELAND Pep Club, Chorus, French Club, Drnmatics Club. BRENDA KAY WILKINS Switchboard, Office Runner, Library Helper. DAPHNE JEAN WILSON Sr. Prom Comm., Dramatics Club, Pep Club, F.H.A., Latin Club, Chorus. HELEN ANN WILSON F.N.A., F.H.A., Chorus. CHARLES LEO WITTMAN Latin Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Chorus, Pep Club. MARTIN GREGORY WITTMAN Football, Pep Club, Boys' Chorus. Baseball, ll CHARLES JAMES WOLFFBRANDT Commercial Art Club, Pep Club. MARIE ELAINA WOOFF Pep Club, F.B.L.A., F.N.A., Latin Club, Patrol Chorus, Office Runner. NANCY JANE WRIGHT Y.F.C. EUGENE VALENTIN WRISCHNIK Track, Pep Club, Office Runner, O. O. Club. HELEN LORETTA YOUNG Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Chorus. DIANA FAY YUST Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Spanish Drnmatics Club, Sr. Prom Comm. CARLTON EARL ZEIGLER Pep Club. Club, Pep Club, ELIZABETH ANN WYATT F.H.A., G.A.A., Pep Club. THOMAS IRVIN WYATT Band, Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Pep Band. CAROLE BERNIECE YANCEY MICHAEL THOMAS YAVORSKI Football, Basketball, Truck, Boys' Cabinet, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Office Runner, Patrol. 0,35 10034 WDM 0999, W Dream Girl 1959 Jr. Prom ' .. -.SMH if me . ROGER BECKER MARGARET THEIS Clan' Prerident Dream Girl ! ren 'fx L!! si Z X2 Left to Right: Judith Sunderland escorted by Gary Shackelford. janet Dickerson escorted by Glen Ingram. Margaret Thies escorted by Roger Becker. Carolyn Miller escorted by Dan Schueler. Elizabeth Halpin escorted by Michael Yavorski. 1960 Tatler taff Row One, Left to Right: Jo Ann Almonroeder, Jan Bassford, Judy Hershey, Judy Kistner, Hope Cousley, Judy Foeller. Row Two: Miriam Brown, Bonnie Kramer, Barbara Burris, Myra Ingram, Margie Thies, Judy Logan. Row Three: Gary Bogart, Paul Phillips, Mike Bishop, Mr. Bailey, Spomor. Judy Hershey Auociate Editor Paul Phillips wines: Manager Martha Ready Anociale Editor Jane Johnson Anociate Editor Margie Thies Auociate Editor ww i Judy Foeller C o-Editor Judy Kistner Buxineu Manager Mr. G. E. Bailey Spomor Gary Bogart Strom Edimr Bill Bettendorf C o -Editor B ' do ff? Roger Becker Sport: Editor Bonnie Kramer A rr Editor Jan Bassford Art Editor 1116 19A Alton enior High chool Chapter: National Honor ooiety OLD MEMBERS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY x 1 Y 7 .. L tg Q5 Row One: Carolyn Miller, Barbara Weber, Judith Boyd, Jane Johnson. Row Two: Judith Hershey, Karla Voss, Margaret Thies, Rosemary Ruedin. Row Three: Judith Kistner, Lucia Laird, Margaret Roemer. Row Four: Bonita Bachelor, Hope Cousley, Barbara Burris, Martha Jane Ready. Row Five: Judith Sunderland, Roma Vanfossen, Mary Jo Moore, Myra Ingram. Row Six: Gary Gilleland, Gary Shackelford, Dorothy Mauger, Elizabeth Halpin, Marilyn Waide, James Campbell. Raw Seven: Roger Cooke, John Robert Nieolet. NEW MEMBERS Row One: Beverley Pybas, Stephanie Jacobson, Frances Gainer, Nancy Bock, Paul Phillips, Thomas Stuchlik. Row Two: Jean Pierce, Kathryn Butler, Ann Hubbell, Thomas Fichtel. Frank- lin Johnson. Row Three: Jean Kolkmeyer, Lana Economides, Priscilla Peterson. Rou' Four: Ida Faye Brecht, Sidney Ferguson, Judith Logan, Linda Jackson. Rou' Five: Anne Young, Rhoda Simon, Scott McClain, Judith Foeller, Jana Herrin, Diana Fay Yust, Roger Becker, Row Six: Michael Yavorski, William Kodros, Ronald Jureziz, Robert Muehleman, Ronald Clardy, Gary Vieth. Harlow, Philip Karrlis, Daniel Landiss, Gary Bogart, Clur Ibhwctor Mr. Clifford Davenport, "We salute you." espuans 'Th ' Rau' One: Mary Jo Moore, Sue Mindrup, Ellen Young: Marilyn Waide. Row Two: Ed Schaeffer, Sydney Fergin- son, Ann Young, Priscilla Peterson, Mr. Davenport. Ron Three: Gary Bogart, Tom Edsall, Ken Dameron, Ed Hous- ton, Jon Tickner. Really! . . . Well, I don't believe it 'I26 "THE NIGHT IS MY ENEMY Hold ir . . . I've lost my place . . . Cl a J Aa "The :cky Allgeyer ancy Barber, Secretary lt Barton ormy Barton annie Batchelor ldy Betz :tty Blayney ary Bogart lly Braun ndy Byford argaret Childers lrolyn Coats ancy Conour ape Cousley ,san Craig :rn Dueker na Economedes dney Ferguson vrn Fictell Fleet's in Alton High School enior Play- "My Sister Eileen" "J " ' "l "What could this boy possibly be selling?" "Everyone's here . . , might as well get started. Places everyone!" This looks like a tense moment . . "Ah! So you finally got a job!" "Get out, Chick! . . . you snake!" yn Members of A.H.S. Dramalios Judy Foeller Frances Gainor Sandy Gilbert Karen Goltz Janet Gregory Melody Grisham Judy Handler Anita Henderson Karen Hooper Ed Houston Jean Humphrey Tamara Hutte Myra Ingram Linda Jackson Stephany Jacobson, Judy Kistner, Treasurer Lucia Laird Janet Langer Mary Kay Leitner John Lewis Donna Lindsay Carolyn Linenfelser Scotty McLain Mary Lou McManus Joy Medler April Meyers Tim Middleton Sue Mindrup Mary Jo Moore Marilyn Nichols Georgia Overby Priscilla Peterson Sally Perkins Paul Phillips, Prexident Janis Pinkerton Martha Ready Rosemary Ruedin Pat Rogers Club Steve Rogers Ed Shaeffer Richard Schwaab Betsy Scott Carol Scott Barbara Stobbs Georgia Stuart Mary Stobbs Judy Sunderland JoAnn Tavlos Marilyn Thompso Jon Tickner Roma Vanfossen Marilyn Waide Anita Webb Sharon Williams Ann Young fl Ellen Young, Vice-Prefident Mary Zimmerman 177 Commercial Art Club Row One: Mr. Dale Livengood, Janice Barbour, Sharon Workman, Kay Leimbach, Carol Horstman, Sharon Bizaillian, Mike Morales. Row Two: Tom Grove, Lance Richards, Kenneth Lewis, jake Edwards, Randy Hausrnan, Tom Krepel, Ralph Jack- son. Row One: Anna Ball, Becky Roettgers, janet Holt, Gordon Besterfeldt, Noel Manns, Kathy Koehne, Ann Dye, Donna Blair. Row Two: Jerome Besterfeldt, Larry Mar- shall, Mary Stobbs, Dorothy Vonderheir, Bonnie Kramer, Ronnie Buckshot. Latin Club Row One: Gloria Bowie, Joan Gill, Betty Blayney, Mary DeMunbrun, Linda Brunner, jean Humphrey, Janice Ballenger, Scott McLain, Mr. Hagen. Row Two: Max Kassler, Bob Mc- Brien, Frank Johnson, Karen Mink, Greg Yust, Ron Downey. Row Three: Fred Oettle, Paul Foster, Tom Wicks, Randy Arst. German Club Row One: Franklin Scheel, Rosemary Reudin, Dorothy Prager, Karen Fulk, Tom Hack, Mr. Wiggins. Row Two: Bob Greeling, Ray Cope, Mariann Barnes, Vicky Ganter, Ralph Mendel- sohn. Row Three: Dick Thompson, Ken Schulengerg, Rhoda Simon, jim McBrien, Ed Houston. French Club Ron' One: Betty Blayney, Mary Zimmerman, Martha Alice Butler, Betsy Scott, Judy Sunderland, Mary Ann Ready, Paul DuCommun, Melinda Seymour, Beautyna Hill, Sekerke, Sue Sheldon. Row Three: Charles Schroeder, Bar- Ellen Young, Winnie Delano, Miss Clara Blackard. Row bara Burris, Michelle Surveyer, James Dean, Ed Ferguson, Tico: Bonnie Haun, Marilyn Horsley, Katrin Kilchenmann, Beverly Pybas, Row One: Paula Yost, Lois Harris, Donna Thornton, Karen Hope C01-1SlCy, Penny Boedecker. Rvu' Three-' Linda Galli- Hooper, Georgia Stuart, Sandy Gilbert, Alice Horn, Janet her, Barbara Shackelford, Judy Hicks, Judy Hershey Langer. Row Two: Susan List, Anita Henderson, jean Jacqueline Burjes, Anne Young. Humphrey, Twyla Bradshaw, joy Watkins, Cheryl Ramage, ludenl Council One, Left lo Right: Mr. y Kiedel, Becky Allgeyer, Diane xubell, Pat Gould, Ruth Ann Kiel, tis Tavlos. Ron' Tun' Bob Nash, 1 Westbrook, Terry yn Miller, Sharon 3 Wehrle, Linda Alarkson. Row One, Left to Right: Mr. Thomas, Shirley Clayton, Ellen Young, Par Bar- ton, Liz Halpin, Roma Vanfossen, Mary jo Moore, Stephany Jacobson, Nancy O'Dell. Ron' Tu-0: jean Hum- phrey, jane Johnson, Carolyn Miller, Joan Texnda, Karol Scott, Katherine Butler, Stephany Bean, Karen Mink, Sue Mindrup. Ron' Three: Margie Thies, Judy Boyd, ,ludy Focller, Gary Bogart, Rog Becker, George Nicolou, Wesley Boyles, Hardy Weathers, Tom Muehleman. panish Club Howard, Monks, Willizlms, 'IQ1 179 A.H.S. Girls' Council Rou' One: Ellen Young, Priscilla Peterson, Karol Scott. Row Two: Sue Veltzes, Shirley Smithee, Rosemary Ruedin, Pat Barton, Pat Billings, Jean Humphrey, Joan Texada, Donna Quinn, Pat Gould, Carolyn Ash, Carolyn Ward, Joan Hunter, Betty lsom. Rou' Three: Gwen Kuhn, Zettie Love, Anita Henderson, Becky Allgeyer, Mary Stobbs, Melody Griesham, Patricia Jorden, Carolyn Smith, Judy Boyd, Betty Blayney, Phyllis Small, Anita Blayney. Ron' Four: Anita Lee, Susan Craig, Karon Hooper, Nancy Barber, Charla Buck, Lorraine Schmuck, Betsy Scott, Mary Zimmerman, Jane Nicholet, Bar- bara Staub, Nellie Clark, Mary Tierney, Nancy Conour, Rnu' Five: Linda Galligher, Joy Watkins, Donna Lindsay, Cindy Byford, Margaret Childers, Barbara Miller, Sally Braun, Rhoda Simon, Sarah Seago, Janice Pinkerton, Judy Faribanks, Sue Mindrup, Linda Jackson, Ella Johnson, Ruth Healy. A.H.S. Bo s' Cabinet Y Row One: Hershell Epps, Art Greenwood, Bill Ripley, Bill Parks, Charley Taylor, Dennis Tavlos, Ed Ferguson, Robert Mosby. Rau' Two: Dave Straud, Gene Sanders, Jerry Mon- tague, Dick Skinner, Dennis Jarden, Ron Weintlel, John Rip- ley. Row Three: Arthur Reddit, James Dorsey, Bob Swegle, Boisen Diemer, Jack Snyder, Steve Rodgers, Shubert Cresswell. Row Four: John Harlow, Rog Plummer, Don Schrumpf, Gary Vieth, George Henry, Jarry Clardy, Charlie Georges. A.H.S. Science Club Row One: Mr. Wools, John Hurnden, Bill Ripply, jim Row Three: jim Keiser, Dan Landiss, Ronnie Upchurch, McBrien, john Rippley,Torn Anton, Ron Downey, Vernell Phil Swan, Mike Kistner, Rhoda Simon. Row Four: joe Curvey, Frank Scheele, Mr. Kolditz. Row Two: Anne Wannamaker, Ed Houston, Ken Schulenburg, Herschel Young, Barbara Rowden, Nancy Maucker, Stormy Barron, Wilson, john Brockway. Scotty McLain, Becky Allgeyer, Mary Wiseman, Mr. Kober. Row One: Eddie Lindsay, Ronald Coates, Roger Plummer, Bengel, Terry Peterson, Ed Furgeson, Mike Wrich, Charles jim Middleton, Judy McBride, Greg Yust, Ralph Ryder, Schroeder. Row Three: Richard Sutton, jerry Clardy, Ron Dick Hussong, Bob Hill. Row Two: Rickard Barocca, Dick McC0nathy, Tom Wicks, john Rowe. Future Homemakers of America Row One: Doris Northern, Evlyn Seago, Joyce Fleming, Carolyn Dannenbrink, Kathy Carter, Linda Edens. Carolyn Wheeler, Connie Ketchum, Carol Honchel, Peggy McCormick, Judy Hagen, Flo Herd, Sue Ottis, Sharon Goss, Barbara Lawhorn, Laura Mis- isheimer. Rau' Tim: Shirley Temple, Kay Watsek, Carolyn Pritchard, Wanda Butler, Janet Hamilton, Phyllis Wfright, Willa- den Lures, Camille Parker, Sandy Peipert, Beverly Cooper, Bar- bara Boyer, Carolyn Smith, Carol Fairless. Row Three: Jana Theisen, Carolyn Rodgers, Bernice Ringering, Mary Doerr, Caro- lyn Duecker, Vera Maxeiner, Nancy Combs, Thelma Ritchey, Rosie Hearn, Neva Williams, Melody Grisham, Ruth Dodson, Karen Peterson, Nancy Pries. Pat Greer Ron' Four: Connie Pratt, Glenna Sanders, Ernestine Via, Beverly Bernhart, Anita Dunston, Mary Fleming, Bonnie Pratt, Sharon Walker, Elaine Brown, Sandy Davis, Pat Kirk, Elizabeth Wyatt, Annie Laster, Bea Patterson, Jana Herrin. Rout One: Sally Tinsley, Joyce Sons, Nancy Jones, Alice Green, Bossy Stewart, Ethel Herron, Ann Stockard, Mabel Cation, Susan Bayley, Shirley Clayton, Virinia, Sandy Frazier, Juanelle Skinner. Row Tivo: Donna Martinez, Claudia Croft, Marilyn Riffee, Becky Rottgers, Beverly Musgrove, Janice Henderson, Christine Brown, Mary Anne Sekerke, Doris Campbell, Sarol Admire, Sandy Ozee, Joan VanOhlen. Rau' Three: Carol Klaus, Barbara Varney, Phyllis 134 Small, Mary Louis Patterson, Zaddie Brown, Kathy Koehne Mary Lee Wadsworth, Barbara Rowe, Peggy Jewell, Teddy Healy Jane Oswalt. Ron' Four: Gloria Jean Roland, Davis Baze, Caro Jones, Janet Small, Elizabeth Bea, Joane Willis, Ernestine Ken nedy, Judy Morgenroth, Donna Shampline, Carolyn Cunningham Kathie McReynolds, Donna Sons Future Homemakers of America Rouf One: Donna Musgrave, Carolyn Smithee, Jo-Ann Dixon, Verla Glover, Carol Farmer, Sharon Robertson, Marilyn Danner- brink, Ruth Gnerich, Edith Wilderman, Shirley Bizaillon, Jusy Parks, Brenda Teirelbaum, Salle Perkins, Dorothy Evans. Row Two: Toni Enders, Judy McGee, Mary Davis, Emma Frazier, Geraldine Skinner, Barleara Summers, Cherly Younger, Vera Bock, Leona Bridges, Carolyn Hinderson, Bertha Reaves, Daisy Talbert, Barbara Watson. Rau' Three: Ella Taylor, Rose Mir- chell, Carol Green, Hazel Sheppard, Eliabeth Barts, Donna Grazians, Carmen Ballsteroz, Sheri Watllow, Vera Burney, Carolyn Coates, Kathleen Morgan, Floy Patterson, Charlene Lucus, Mary Patterson, Ruth Ann Jones. Row Four: Shirley Clowers, Mary Stice, Sue Dickerson, Sharon Herrin, Bonne Haun, Alicc Wells, Susan Tyler, Ina Mae Flemming, Gloria Brown, Judy Whyers, Beverly Hefley, Anna Ball, Annie Laster, Alice Harris, Gay Mc- Carthy, Judy Trice, Dorothy Kozatos. 20111 One: Barbara Porter, Zadie Brown, Betty Henderson, Made- ine Segire, Pat Castle, Connie O'Connor, Evelyn Hoskins, Berry iitson, Mary Smith, Sarah Bell Oliver, Catherine Smith, Emma Vassar. Ron' Tzm: Barbara Sherer, Louise Buchanan, Carolyn Srain, Connie Ketchum, Gwen Kuhn, Mary Freeland, Marie vieyer, Carolyn Smithee, Shirley Hyman, Shirley Redden, Jacque- ine Jacobs, Mattie Ewing. Rout Three: Phyllis Ferguson, Alice Dodge, Linda McElyea, Penny Horn, Molly Mitchel, Rosemary Twirty, Wilnm Hatton, Ellen Miller, Jana Thieson, Pat Jarrett, Thelma Patterson, Janet Connors. Rau' Four: Thelma Richie, Shirley Temple, Barbara Varney, Linda DeHart, Judy Hickerson, Norma Carter, Beverly Chaplin, Sue Mindrup, Phyllis Cochran, Janet Dickerson, Ruth Herrington, Sherry Dowdy, Mary Harber, Joyce Sons. .I 35 Counselors 8. Library Assistants Row One: Janet Stanka, Nancy Keidel, Barbara Weber, Lana Economides, Lucia Laird. Row Two: Judy Nave, Donna Thornton, Jane Nicolet, Myra Ingram, Judy Westbrook, Judy Kistner. Ron' Three: George Gavcllas, Dan Landiss, John Trowbridge, Bill Almonroeder, Dick Adams, Mickey Dye, Bob Clark. Row One: Margie Ogle, Carolyn Ash, Joanne Griesbaum. Rau' Two: Ida Faye Brecht, Janice Fletcher, Mary Losch, Dorothy Kozatos. Patrols Row One: Larry Voumard, August Compagna, Judy Hagen, Jeanette Arnold, Mickey Dye, Lillian Turtle, Georgia Covington. Rau' Tivo: Larry King, Par Billings, jana Theisen, Gwen Kuhn, Mary Losch, William Laird, Susan Craig. Ron' Three: john Roe, Bill Almonroeder, Tom Deucker, Judy Kistner, Bob Lewis, David Czerney, Eleanor Wahl, Par Waggoner, Ron Coates. Row Four: Jim Troy, George Gavellas, Danny Edgar, Marshall Selkirk, Ron McConarhy, Ken Damron, Bill Kodros, Charles Gill, Gary Fansler, Richard Parker, George Henry. Radio Club Row One: Dan Lanrliss-KQRWK, Bill Korre-KQVKV, Roger Smalley. Ron' Two: Mr. Walter Willis-WQQNV, Gorden Haxel, David Oliver, Ron' Three: Jack Kirtel, john Roe-KNQRVA, Bill Harris, jeff Sekerke-K9RHV. Future Business Leaders of America Row One, Left to Right: Miss Nickels, Sponsor, Karla Voss, Joyce Porter, Loretta Edwards, Shirley Smithee, Sue Veltjes, june Ayers, Dorothy Kozatos. Row Two: Amy Joe Powers, Tamara Hayes, Marilyn Thompson, Sharon Ed- wards, Gay McCarty, Karen Patter- son, Barbara Boyer. Row Three: Sheila Overmeyer, Janis Pinkerton, Susan Craig, janet Baxter, Evanthia Nicolou, Rosemary Twitty. Future Teachers of America 138 Row One, Left to Right: Nanc' Coriour, Anita Blayney, Berry Blay ney, Scotty McLain, Rhoada Simon Row Two: Ruth Healy, Ida Fayr Brecht, Susan List, Michelle Sur veyer, Connie Ketchum, Nanq Keidell. Future Nurses oi America Row One, Left io Right: Sue Velges, Penny Horn, Delores Ann Goodwin, Nancy Mnucker, Joanne Griesbaum, Bar Richard, Becky Allgeyer, Nancy Burges, Sue Orres, Pat bara Lawhorn. Rott' Three: Mickey Dye, Kathy Budde Bolton, Emma Vassar, Sally Perkins. Row Tim: Shirley Cheryl Ramage, Katherine Priest, Mary Frye. Loretta Mills Smithee, Rosemary Rueden, -iutiy Hagen, Lucia Laird, Jo- Janice Steele. Clinic Assistants Ron' One. Left to Right: Shirley Smithee, Penny Horn, Sue Orris, Barbara Lawhorn. Razz' Tu'o: Ann Young, Lucia Laird, Judy Hagen, Mary Wadsworth. Rout Three: Karen Keasler, Nancy Maucker, Katherine Priest. Distributive Education Row One: Chuck Stalker, Sharon Webber, Jeannette Webb, Ricky Grubb, Vernon Kitzmiller, Richard Chadwick, Ramona Botts, Jeannette Robinson, Alice Hooper, Rita Charles Schildroth. Row Three: Bob Smith, David Rhoads, Bradly, Mr. Ross. Ron' Two: Don Geisler, Earlene King, Marvin Barth, Gary Ralston. Ffice Occupations Ron' One: Karen Trout, Pat Rook, Deanna Vorhees, Pam Ronna Ostendorf, Myrna Kimbro, Ruth Ann Weathers Flory, Sandra Moehle, Sylvia Schriner, Barbara 'Swofford, Ruth Bauser. Row Three: Jo Ann Goodman, Nancy Kort Miss Foct. Rau' Two: Marilyn Walter, Anita Ruckman, kamp, Eugene Wrischnik, Charlotte Shive. Future Cosmetologists . , ' ' ' XJ' ss ' be zlotzff f , , rw ,, , ss as ..:, K. Row One, Left to Right: Carol Settles, Billye Fletcher, Mary Farmer, Carole Howard, Veronica Locke. Row Two: Vicky Ledberter, Linda Evans, Alice Dodge. r r f iff' ' sg U S...5 ,,..Q T f , ' Q - M. -Hes.. L , 1 g e its as is os eo x Raw One, Left to Right: Barbara Cochran, Teacherg May Fuller Batson, Teacher: Betty McManis, Mary Fernbocker, Marie Fletcher, Miss Becker. Row Two: Sandy Dumbar, Georgia Overby, Jackie Lindley, Barbara Miller. Row Three: Marydell Byrd, Bonnie Wheeler, Kathy Edwards, ttice Assistants Row One, Left Io Right: David Kelley, Linda Baker, Margaret Roemer, Zettie Love, Susan List, Phyllis Small, Sandy Bott. Row Two: Albert Hagen, Marilyn Spencer, Kay Darr, Nellie Clark, Karen Hooper, Donna Quinn, Glenna Sanders, Dorothy Kozatos. Row Three: Michael Haag, Mickey jones, Sandy Dunston, Bonnie Haun, Jerry Morgan, Ella Johnson, Richard Thompson, Gary Lockhart. Ron' One, Left to Right: Mr. Triese, Phil Halford, Ed Ballhurst, Larry Northcutt, Albert Sheets, Don For- ester, Tom Bailey. Row Two: Richard Baker, Gary Cannon, Bob Romo, Ar- thur Reddit, Bill St. Peters, Jim Dodd. Row Three: David Brokaw, Dennis Brown, jerry Layton, Larry Summers. 1.40 Graphic Arts Future Farmers of America Row One, Left to Right: joseph Manns, Alvin Johnson, Mickey Ralph, Allen Manns, joseph Dumey, Larry Vahle, Robert Weilmoester, Mr. Glaeser. Row Two: Mike Brinkman, Robert Bachman, Donald Ehlers, Terry Schaefer, Bill Francis. Row Three: William Klumb, Larry King, Dwight File, john May. .2 :Q M a i A . K if-jiww .y gy -I , ..,,.,etd'? rift .M . . M , it 'Tn e 5 1 'V i .1 gil-6 . M-92 .-.. 'LZ r ' 'ff " 1 .34 K.. :gr 1 . sl ' AV '21 .. -. , -' -5' ' 5 t ,ij l f i 4 - ., , ' , I S9253 Kia, - g ji f M t Ifjffxi' if Lf ' ei N233 Mil? 'I' 'EWEQEL ' Dfllm I 414' lY?,i'?:'f11!, 2 r f, r 'i ff' f-ff: lf? gil' 'IQ 225331 .fig Mike Scrogglns , Color Guard R' bt Donna Moyer, Judy Front, Left to sg .' Fatchetr, Mary Slaughter. Back: Par Billings Georgia Overbey, Jana Theisen. A Almonroeder Margie Ogle, Barb From, Left to Right: jo rm , Gottlieb, Martha Jane Ready, Norma Gowens, Donna Quinn, Molly ' ' k: P 'scilla Peterson, Sandy Manns. Mitchell, Phyllis Cochran. Bac ri 2. 144 Majorettes A.H.S. Proudly Presents Its Drill Team Oulride Left, Front to Back: Steven Batchelor, Rich Mus- Grable, Mike Scroggins. Inside Left: Franklin johnson grave, Wyatt Pedigo, Marshall Fowler, Jerry Steiner, Jerry Ulysses Bowie, Jim Schoeffel, Marvin Bonner, Mike Fike Clardy, Dick Bengel. Outside Right: jim Ballenger, Tom Inside Righl: Tom Wilson, Paul Phillips, Lonnie Pollard Wyatt, David Carter, Rog Plummer, Harold Dams, Philip Jim Keiser, Gerald Morris, Bill Bettendorf. This year the Alton High School drill team was honored to have appeared at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis. They appeared at Kiel once the previous year and provided entertainment during the pre-game and half-time periods. The drill team was in- deed fortunate to have appeared on KPLR, Channel ll, on January 29, when the Edwardsville-Alton game was televised, The drill team is under the able leadership of Mr. Boyd LaMarsh. Rou' One, Left to Right: Ida Fay Brecht, jerry Steiner, Bill Bettendorf, Rhoda Simon, Nancy Maucher, Diane Wehrle. Row Two: Sandy Gosling, Becky Allgehyer, Steve Schmidt, Mary Malloy, Lois Harris, Roma Vanfossen. Rou' Three: Gerald Brewer, David Carter, Marvin Bonner, james jackson, Judy Hicks. Row One, Left to Right: jerry Montague, Jim Henderson, Bob Berry. Ron' Two: Hettie Poindexter, Phil Kardis, Harold Dams, jerry Clardy, Jerry Curry. Alton enior Hi Row One, Left to Right: Mary Jo Moore, Sharon johnson. Row Two: Julie Whiteside, Charles Smith, Carolyn Smith, Barbara Shackelford, Fay Yust. Row One, Left to Right: Norma Hamelman, Nancy Con- our. Rou' Tu'0.' jim Ballinger, Bonnie Batchelor, Carol Vogr, Phillip Grable. hool Concert Band Row One, Left to Right: Marshall Fowler, Mike Fike, Dan Landiss, Greg Yust, jim Schoeffel, Lyndel johnson. Row Two: jim Seifrit, Richard Echols, Chris Volf, Lloyd Cooke, Lanny Collard, Adrian White. Row One, Left to Right: Ruth Healy, Julia Thompson, Fred Oettle, John Brockway, Tom Stuchlik. Row Two: Richard Musgrave, Paul Foster, Mike Hartman, Danny An- drews, Steven Batchelor, Tom Wilson. Left to Right: Richard Hussong, Ronald Ayres, John Walker, Dick Bengal, Jim Keiser, Richard Queen, Tom Wyatt. Left to Right: Howard Neil, Roger Plummer, Franklin johnson, Beverley Bernard, Terry Sruchlik, Dan MacDuff. adei Left to Right: Connie Loveless, Connie Ketchum, jim Swaneson. Row One, Left to Right: Jo Ann Goof win, Don Schrumpf, Mont Bodinl Carol Sue Hunter, Susan Craig. R01 Two: Verla Glover, Carolyn War: Wilberr Davis, Dorothy Losch, Riel ard Kennedy, Leonard Woods. 148 Rou' One: Adrian White, Bill Milla Steve Gibbins. Row Two: Ulyss Bowie, James Casper, Queen McFex jim Snipes. Row One, Left to Right: Anita Poindexter, Alice Horn. Rauf Two: Wyatt Pedigo, Sid Peterson, Bill Brown, Robert Simpson. Left to Right: Wendell Sims, Gerald Oulson, Gerald Morris, Anita Blayney. Orchestra Row One, Left to Right: Tom Stuchlilc, Julia Thompson, john Brockway. Row Two: Roger Plumber, Franklin john- SOD. Ron' One, Left lo Right: julia White- side, Faye Yusr, Rona Ostendorf. Roz: Two: Rhoada Simon, Diane Weheshe Phil Kardis, Ida Faye Brecht. Ron' One, Left to Right: Judy Daniels, Barbara Rowden, Sonda Shaw, Ron Two: Charles Schroeder, Susan Sheldon, janet Baxter, Don Parks. Ron' One, Left to Riglal: William Klumb, Sharon Kasniger, Don Nevins, Ron' Two: joy Merller, Melisse Thom- as, Barbara Cannon, Rau' Three: Carole Sue Schildrorh, ,lean Sweeney, Dave Horn. Orchestra Row One. Le!! In Right: Pamela Goss, Marilyn Horsely, Wilma Meyer. Rau' Tivo: jim Bentley, Sharon Mills, Mari- lyn Chalk. RON' One, Left to Riglaff Adrian White, jim Seifert, Marshall Fowler. Rau' Two: ,lim Kaiser, Dick Bengel, Roger Queen. Chorus Rou' One: Marian Ringering, Vicky Tuetken, Helen Wilson, Barbara Boyer, Edith Wilderman, Andrew Mack, Anthony Wagner, Fd Schaefer, Rita Owens, Ann Stockatd, Geneva Williams, Sally Perkins, Josephine Luckett. Row Tzzfoi Mary Stobbs, Anita Webb, Karen Patterson, Peggy Neudecker, Cindy Byford, Donice Johnson, Alvin Johnson, Charles Bowan, Bill St. Peters, Alice Harris, Carolyn Crain, Sue Mindrup, Bar- bara Kerwin. Ron' Tlnreei Gwen Kuhn, Betty Rogers, Norma Carter, Jo Anna Marquis, Judy Hickerson, Fred Haper, Robert McBrien, Nancy Bock, Anita Watkins, Barbara Johnson, Kay Littleton, Sheila Overmeyer. R011' Four: Jackie Sears, Rose Monroe, Sue McCourtney, Carol Ringering, George Rolla, Bill Roettgers, Bill Kodros, Tom Fearno, Haroldyne Alexander, Sharon Mayhew, Freida Metz, Donna Quinn. Rout' One: Nancy Jones, Nora Hyndman, II Moyer, Thelma Ham, Joe Boyer, Bob Lal Buddy Harder, Jane Nicolet, Sandy Pratt, I Dourson, Karen Schneider. Ron' Two: C Jones, Carolyn Linenfelser, Ruth Ann Barct Minnie Caffey, Ronald Tate, Bob Meloy, Whitten, Cheryl Ramage, Karen Kortli Karen Oden, Sandra Ozee, Twyla Brad: Row Three: Mary Lou McManius, Becky I gers, Judy Whyers, Patty Jo Reed, Joan W Roosevelt Wilson, Hardy Weathers, Gary man, Nancy Carrole, Jean Groves, Karen I Stephanie Bean, Mary Layton. Rout' Four: Robinson, Mary Lou Jones, David Watkins, Q lyn Howe, Jeanne Borko, Mabel Cation, Balton. 21 I Rau' One: Anna Ball, Anita Henderson, Mai Duley, Sharon Kasinger, Susan Smith, Mai Taylor, Donna Lindsay, Joy Medler, Rota' '1 Dianne Weber, Lorraine Schmuck. Sue Mi Linda Baker, Anita Blzlney, Norma Gowens, C lyn Henderson, Lucy Williams. Ruiz' Tl Diane Schnabel, Becky Russell, Rosemary ' din, Leona Bridges, Nancy McDonald, Rol Pointer, Jean Williams, Martlia Ready, Herrin. Ron' Four: Sharon Fleming, Nc Hammelman, Cathy Budde, Jane Sthmitlt, Ci Stauffer, Judy Morynnrotli, Ruth llc-aly, L Cunningham, Francis Arkis. Chorus 1' One: Ruth Ann Moyer, Karen Daniels, Ann Dixon, Carolyn Smirhee, Bonnie Bache- Sue Velries, Sandy Penning, Carolyn Miller. ii Tim: Daisy Ingram, Donna Porter, Vera k, April Meyers, Ann Dye, Joan Carroll, icy Conour, jackie Seibold, Janice Barbour, gy McCormick. Razr' Three: Linda Bacus, ron Layton, Carmen Ballesreroz, Beda Ma- ier, Sherry Wfadlow, Mary Ann Sekirke, Lana nomides, Rita Bradley, Ruth Bauser. Row One: Margaret Childers, Delores McDan- iel, Karen Lough, Par Castle, Linda Galliher, Sandy Rives, Nancy Barber. Ron' Tim: Sandy White, Cheryl Wilkes, Sandy Frazier, Tim Mid- dleton, Richard Hussong, Delores Lambie, Ann McBride, Shirley Clayton, Carol Honehell. Ron' Three: Karen Fulk, Hope Cousley, Mike Holli- day, Bill Pe-lot, David Massey, Margy Schlobohm, Myra Ingram, Marilyn Thompson, Karen Web- ster. Ron' Four: Bernice Ringering, Phyllis Small, Beverly Pybas, Sggvg Rodgers Vernan Cunning- ham, Charles Georges, Ralph Jackson, Gay Mc- Carty, Pauline Sawyer, Ella johnson. Ron' One: Barbara Staulv, Gertrude llnthank, Janice Ballinger, Bonnie Bes.1w, Ciarivlyn Rogers, -Iuanelle Skinner, joan Tex.1d.i, Ruiz 'I'1iri: Cfona nie Phillips, Mary Doerr, S.lllxlI'.l Scribner, Alolin XX7z1,L:ner, Ricliaril Thomas, rind 'l'.iylor, Marie Markel, Betty Isom, Priscilla l't'rerson, Rim Tlirrfa' Karen Peterson, Mary Demninlwrnn, Mary Frye, Doiina Rilwhle, llenr.y Smirli, Yerinin Davis, Harriet Sr-arles, planet llolr, l'l.inor XY'aIil. Razz' l'lf?lH',' Mithelle Silrwyeig lariwlyn ljL'lltl'it'I'. I,iniI.i Riiigt-ririg, .Liner Sririrf, Holi Fulk, Lllen lxlCAIllkl1, ,lerry Rolwertsoii, Kathy MtRa'yi1nlds, Gut-ii Kuhn, Mcrrilue Austin, ljiYfUlllX' lmtli, 153 An lnnovaiion Oi The Fabulous Fifties Miss Carolyn Waits, a junior at Alton High School, is the dis- trict's first shut-in student using the Executone system which per- mits her to tune in on classes at Alton High from her bedroom. The girl, attractive and cheerful, has been virtually bedfast for several months following an attack of rheumatic fever. Carolyn is taking a full load of courses and is'keeping up with the rest of the classes. Ordinary telephone lines connect the Waits home in Milton to five classrooms at the school. She can hear the teacher instructing a class and can cut in herself to ask questions. Carolyn is not cut off from personal Contact completely with her teachers. Mr. Thomas is considered her homeroom teacher. He drops by the Waits home twice a week to deliver assignment papers and tests and to pick up those that the girl has completed. -.v- 4 , 5 ,- 5 g.,J f.. f 2-io-won gfffom 1 'gif I , fX l .gh J, ji XJ 93' f' I Cheerleaders 1 ,. www-we-wvhl"' THE VARSITY Sue Miller, Judy Boyd, Carolyn Miller, Lorraine Schmuck, Marilyn Duley THE JAYVEES Mary Freeland, Ann Dye, Kathy Butler, Carolyn Ash, Roma Vanfossen. gl g F ar 4' .L 5 a rel , r - 1 7 d , ,,,,,, JE l 5 17 .1 , , ,.L, "On the Ball" "Shimmy shimmy Coco-bop" "Up and At'em" T . 4 45- N -L I' i . X. , f . f . . .s 'Q N' uqs.L:zgf:414,i E .J 5 Through superb playing, both the Redbird football and basketball squad gained recognition as one of the strongest prep powers of the area. As a result, and through the efforts of athletic director Don Luketich, tele- vision channel KPLR televised two of our home games. The Redbirds on both occasions proved worthy of the honor given them. In the football game with Collinsville, Alton High gained a 39-13 victory. The end result in basketball was the same with the Edwardsville Tigers falling before the 'Birds by a score of 48-41. by E' f'i'l,l STUDIO illlli, 1 f' .llll T g 1 will 'J ,, JPN A Typical Football Night 'AE W X D Q Q I F911-,L , QX 1 ' Ami ip0'f,? 4 LV! ,h . ff ' ' f fw , ,f K , ff M ' ' .5 P 9 ,- img , 1, .,j, "' LK" MA Afv1'13'i'A - Y - A ' Y M,'MMfwvwQu L ,gm . 1 -. :A , M ki' ' V' A J M ' A ' Q L., K ,WM D j ,Wy 1 - I ' ., k X K1 '--' K ,ww " n an Football Fran! Roux' Floyd Raglin, Carl Crumer, Ken Damron, Maynard White, Chuck Schwartz, Arthur Reddit, Bill Kodros, Herschell Epps, Ron Cochran, jim Robison. Middle Roux' Mike Yavorski, Bob Ebbler, john Henderson, Charlie Richmond, Randy Hausmann, Tom Borman, Mike Forrester. Bob Robinson, Odell Fox, John Lewis. Bark Row: jerry Goodman, B. B. Gator, Bill Harley, Seigle Hayes, joe List, Terry Barton, Leo Daniel, Frank Bemis, Gary Nickens, Ed Hurd, Marvin Bock, George Griffin, Tom Payne, Donald Davis. Coach McClain was assisted this year by Fred Will, Harold Mathews, james Wash- ington, and Ron Hill. RALPH MCCLAIN BILL KODROS Fullback CHUCK SWARTZ RON COCHRAN CWM' Fullback - L C936 BAK, 0 YLO Ham, h -1 V3 1W"b' cf- M131 QW KEN DAMRON Guard xii QW HERSCHELL EPPS JIM ROBISON '- .9 Halfback Tackle 1:1.F'-L- Bo RM MA YNAR Fad ITE DWH v ffgiffi :f fwff' MIKE ,.-, St, JV JMVO .1 Q 3219. C, f Xl ,,, CK 'jV. JJ Q XJ Q., of v Yr Q . 'F 7 ff "j' ff-H wfi fwxh .JJ J . -1.1 -ff J M 95,507 f QM' fi? ff? Jg, J s', f' , U! 163 Basketball The Redbirds pose for a picture after winning the Dupo Tournament championship by de fearing Dupo, 56-51. Team members, from left to right, are, Rau' One: jeff Robinson Mike Yavorski, Harold Rathgeb, jim Robison, Stan McAfoos. Rota Two: Head Coach Sherrill Hanks Gary Gilleland, Gary Shackelford, Sam Stampley, jeff Weber, Terry Barton, Joe Stock Ed Dancey, Assistant Coach Mel Sheets.. Holding the trophy is Mike Hanks. Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Gillespie Highland Mt. Vernon C. B. of Quincy Canton Edwardsville Roxana E. St. Louis Collinsville Belleville E. St. Louis Granite City Edwardsville Quincy Wlood River Collinsville Belleville Granite City Wood River Lamphier of Springfield The Redbirds finished the regular season with an impressive f' f ,Qu QF ll-BVU' ff' ,.f,' k f ff .1 ,n Q 'T' M11 ff A-T55 5 . an . f . J 6 Q, 'feb ' gc.:-'S QP gil! - Q . . 4- I Sgfe as 'xfg N w 56aQ+ , new 756' sq fm X' 32 In i f 0 N WQ -xg Li v . 53' ax' X 5 -fl 0 3 Q ' f -:ya 4 M,- L' ' r 'f 'C . Q . 1 i,rceQNM W', ,f 5 l f Pi QQQX - f x, www x R - n " H , iz k-., . X 2 ' f5iiT:ii,' ' K, f . ji WSL f P It -' --H X f 5 5 is ss a. 1 x. , 'r ,fx 1 L R .2 5' T' QR '1 L a ff. . 'ia cgfgxw I ff! mg -MF' ff qw-www Mike Yavorskk s,an Mc A foos 5 im Robis Of! J 06 Stock smnvw Ga of Shack ...- elford Ga,y ,N Gjlle 13,1 d Haruki R achgeb Jeff R O ,AWMK b. lnson Temj Ba H. moan 3 Teii Weber Cross Country This year's Cross Country team couldn't quite match last year's team that won the state championship, but they did do quite well, finishing second in the district and ninth in state competition. The team, coached by Bill Perrin, included, Row One: Herschell Gill, Bob Clark, Bob Burris, Don Watrous. Row Two: SKY? Rodgers, John Trowbridge, Mack Davis, Dick Adams, Wil- bur Davis, and manager Kenny Glen. The Start. On the way home f fl L ,, ..,..s. 168 The finish. Down Lovers' Lane L U-h-h-h 'bl Pull for the Redbirds Going to the principal G.A.A Pictured above are the state archery champions, members of our own Girls' Athletic Association. The girls compiled the highest team total with three girls finishing in the top five of all girls competing. They are Janet McBrien 13165, Pat Jarret 13125, and Carol Vogt 13105. The complete team consists of, Row One: Pat jarret, Janet McBrien, Barbara Lawhorn, Karen Oden. Row Two: Pat Waggoner, Janice Pinkerton, Carol Vogt, Jo Ann jackson, and Myrtle Hill. The Girls' Athletic Association had a very successful and enjoyable year. Under the direction of Miss julia Foster the girls proved that they, too, have athletic ability. In addition to archery, the girls have participated in such activities as badminton, trampoline, bowling, volleyball, basketball and skating. Ron- One: Karen Oden, Barbara Cannon, Carole Vogt, Pat Jarrett, Janet McBride, Sandy Rives Carole Kusterman. Rau' Tim: Miss Foster, Diane Wehrl, Carol Sue Hunter, Pat Dilling Mary Anne Frye, Marie Fletcher, Vera Buck, Barbara Lawhorn. Rou' Three: Sherry Jann, Mary Malloy Thelma Richey, Ruth Moyer, Georgia Lumley, Judy Nave, Pat Gould. Ron' Four: Jo Ann Jackson, Pat Waggoner, Sheila Overmeyer, Sue Craig, Becky Allgyier, Rhoda Simon. BASKET GIRLS Rou' One: Shirley Temple, Leone Harris, Mary Cal trorall, Ruth Moyer, Marilyn Maxiener. Rau' Tzm Nancy Ulrighr, Lorraine Schmuck, 'Lora Harrison Barbara Staub, Wilma Barnes, Pat Dilling. Rou' T,fff6t?.' Jean Hicks, Marilyn Thompson, Pat Wag- goner, Carole Vogt, Mary Lightner. G.A.A. in action 401412541125 WM W M WSW W gALE p.Wf M WM will w Www M4 WAMMWW Ww X W H pin, Roar' Left to Right: Ralph Jackson, Roger Cooke, Henry Smith, Bill Rocrrgers, Tim Middleton, Dic gel, Jim Seifrir, Steve Batchelor, Tom Edsall, Ed Scheafer, Ridlafd HUSSOUH, .lOhI1 BFOCIKWHY. TOHI A I y james McClendon, David Massey, Tom Truitt, Tom J0hU50H, Andrew Mafk, Ch fl 5Chf09,LB1" Feamo. Second Row: Vernon Cunningham, joe Robinson, fb ' V ' N., Lt . x06 NN I . W , ,YQJYPS2-. . J -js, WW fb' , 5 If 5 A Z X QW .MVB . f Q f9! X X ' ' r - if mY , X, y . LESLIE EERECIN, X-GI PLASTIC LAMINATIDN CIF "VAL.uAm.E CARDS AND PICTURES CUMPLETELY SEALED lN PLASTIC" Sizes LIP TU 5" x 7" 1 fl 1121 VERNIE Pi-anus HD 2'D339 ALTQN. ILL I Compliment! Of I. C. HAMER FOOD MART 1904 State St. ' r f by I ll I Ir W I 'W I o fs W If 15 I D N, A rs e . rs in ownto Sh K HON 5 7K gl j I' n wn M ' ' A oun es ave c osen Q, iw bag' 0 FMQWS llzlmth mogd rings alnd dialllnond V , jew f 'BSN I D N 0 jmause t can be assured of the latest i De- , 307 i e to X ,n, in S slgn - Qu I y -- and Value. - N GOULDING'S WV by Q! Re stered Jewegers - American Gem 5 f I ociety I CM m Y HoME FURNISHINGS SINCE 1883 II ' Agfggl I JAcoBY's WI AAAAA EAST BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS Real Estate Mortage Loans Conventional Plan - Long Term F. H. A. Loans Home Improvement Loans V O SAVINGS ACCOUNTS BUILDING 8A LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ALTON BROADWAY AT PIASA ST. ALTON, ILL. The Sign of the "Time and Temperature" H. Edward Meyer- Sec'y. I H. F. Horstman - Pres. L . A .1 174 CONGRATULATIONS ond BEST WISHES to QASS OF 1960 from your , we-J 'Wy' WEDGE BANK 620 E. Broodwoy Alton, Illinois Telephone 2-9221 Member: Federal Depofit Insurance Corp. A I Savings Passbook , 463, Certificate tl awfzqd 4 4.44.-4. Payroll 5' AND,,LoAN ASSOCIAIION 1 4 H L 4 4 , 4 .f- Q, ' 1 t ' m,m. Offle OCll'1S 'K , Af , E- Q Q39 Conventional Erin Exd ' ,l m l l A Savings Insured To 510,000 is Phone 2-0058 BFA 543 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois . ' - tj-D A Y i 1 f 'E ' M ' r t t , W,,,i ,tra md ALLEN and NIMMONS 1 1 , ' 4'-fy' M, J su- COMPANY ' JB ,iszv , f' ' , I MORTGAGE LOANS - . REAL ESTATE bm 'ff' Jr J: ,i INSURANCE .1 6,9 If I , Ii .jf ju Dowd U ,ZAI4 Q ,, . 544 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. ' -U0 - ,L , f PHONE 2-9249 J" 4 V fx l by rf J A - Phone: 3-3431 CHARMODE BEAUTY SALON 2320 Tibbitt Alton, Illinois Barbara Cochran V uni" l 5 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE SCI-IIFF SHOE STORE 323 BELLE ST. ALTON, 1LL1No1s , 0.4 vv...cS':-Q - I5 Ste rt iw, "ilQ'fl iE?T.T1l3lD Oo-4.1 CDlrx,ii3ff..kX- vu-Coker V?""J"-05""""A' Aww? - Qovuanvk S Wx env' suede vewkxgs W. +- lewegflf Nxfkv-.....L.s Ce:-v vs-Xl -,fu-nr --, CZOL-J-ka-UK vwe-.aL lx' wE'RE some wiTH You w'l"N OJ' Whether you knew it or not, almost every day of your school year you've used a product made by Olin 'lk Mathieson, or one that Olin Mathieson helped to make. Once you're established in business or professional life, you'll probably hear a lot more about Olin Mathie- son. A good many of you -may have business with us, and a few of you may even come to work for us. There will be room because Olin Mathieson is growing. When Olin Industries, lnc. merged with the Mathieson Chem- ical Corporation in August, l954, they brought together the skills, facilities and resources of two of the country's most rapidly expanding industrial organizations. We extend our best wishes to you. May the future bring you all you've hoped for and everything for which you have worked. OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION New York, N. Y. New Haven, Conn. Baltimore, Md. East Alton, lll. ..l ?" "I ""'--' .ipwyaawvw-:A w-Mwafm flew I'- 04'l-dia: ' MM? N1 . MM ?,pC5f-- 42 ' Wm. P. Morrissey 81 Co u,4,g,4,.,y,,L, Compliment! FISUFOFICG Q"""' .iff ZMM' 4..,.',w4ba, ' 6 THE ALTON WATER I' COMPANY I STREEPER FUNERAL - HOME 1620 Washington 2004 S EZ 99 LAMMER'S FLORAL 2524 College Ave. ,gy Auron, min - 1 HO 2 0668 Xl! A' K, .1 53346 ,N Q29 aff like se. f525fS"o,?" 957 m ' ff- w , 'iii -X. was for the Whole . 'N y. A lton High Graduates Pay Nothing Down As low as Sl.O0 a week N-f . s -.X 1'3" A TSDQKT. 'r NU' ly? Sjlxl C Eff-Cx ' welers tj V , 05 Y I l.E.lll-fl o ISJEILEI JACK KELLER'S SERVICE I Elm 81 Doole . Alton, Illinois Washing M ' reasing CONSTRUCTIN MPA A General Co t ctors Alton, lllinois Residential industrial Commercial THE BANK OFXLTO-Ill I l 520 Washington Ave. Claw . 5.4 -W.,-,,,f ll" ' -r llll x "-- ,mv f .1 fr as -., ,kg-sf: - ,f ,g,Mf-1-,s..J:f- g' w - E fi. ALTON'S MOST CONVENIENT BANK 5 Pg 1 xx - an 1 , egg r mfr! A I twjbef ,U LL. 'A' MQVLI liyv NV P J Ji 5 LUV LW df! ul" A" ! I XL if'W-FV! fLj'VV,: "X N 'YJU q Tk LV' Ju V if 0 W L ,ae , L it X X Lb F7 I. 't ' lx! - , . K' xr w .1 f JMX 'X' A NB ' of xv 1 , , 1 ' 1 t R. X NAL! '14 we L W ttf, HAM A T Vi Q UYMMMQVQJX to 5,2 R T ,Q QQ , J "L .QW ff Sill, MFfM'T I W" ALTUII ICE CREAM I f Ajfrtf Tf'if',,f' wiki' 9 11 rm! v I ug! : Wh , My 4 . J 'A 19' S1 MILLERS ' 2,,,. wbgvzm H691 fa ,, tW1 fl MUTUAL INSURANCE Q "' 5 gn VF ' " k Ai' ,N 1 , f 'A Vw eyelid' 1,9 Thomas L. Marquis 5 V , ' Agent V hsgtifl J- i T potnmunity - ,." 51 if ,L j P Iflesfl it , JA? ' if' - - V , ef fQTJf'Q'?fES'o Efophfhgg to I 'VWE STANDSTQEADY TO SERVE , Air Conditioned YOU IN MANY WAYS Complete Beauty Service n HOTEL 'I80 LA PERLE BEAUTY SALON Pleasing You Pleases Us Phone HO 5-6931 L 402 State St STRATFORD ALTON'S BEST S ,J -1- May you enjoy success at all times. And enjoy Pepsi-Cola at any time . , , today's lighter Pepsi, the refreshment that act sociable people prefer. Be sociable. have a Pepsi The refreshment Will, ,It H, . f-vi AQ l , 1 I NX v 1 . 1 I A 1 it J ' -1 1 1f"'frea 4- !' A . t I 1 1. A,-1 V, , I ,Y , H1 ,, f 1 ' , -- Q Vi t z I U ,i X , . , V, H N' 'lit , I f- 'J . lr ' , vi' h 1' j ,. ' , . ,Nj .1 i E1 W J 1 - ll - ,' li. ' ill F 1 .7 , 5 if .hx 1' X! I l l I F 'J . 2 5 ' -, fl y, ! ls, 1.4 i I X f 1 . , , . 1, X. ll " 1 " w 1 I ,f P ' i A I 1: l I 1 1 1. ' F ' - ' , Y 'A' Y .1 V.. 'I X l 1 - ,, I Q . W J j I-t , , I .N 1 1 "ll ' l ll ' H L. fl l F 1 ' J J . , 1 .T ,V ,fx f ' i w if ' w ,f ' ' 2 . , , 4 -- 1. 1, 1 f"'N .t I , A, , , L 3' f I , ,I J yt' Jgf' JM' " t 4, W 1 1 1 5' , O 21 l 5 ji A x , EVENING EGRAPH i t of if Stbllngqlflilji 1 yy, l QN I j r Al 1 M1 l lffly llll 1 1 fllllll H' lvl? il W 'li is if S l J 1 , M4150 11 X lllx A rl, Jl f 1 W" U 1 !1i,, 1 lx, C I , M 300 East Broadway MCONCRATULATIONS FR NKLIN NION HOME FURNISHERS Phone HO 5-7761 Alton, Illinois HlLDEBRAND'S House of fine flowers WEGENERIS FOODLINER And Gifts TWO-Twenty Four Broadway Eost I 901 Alby sfreef Phone HO 2-0031 Alton, lllinois Quality Meats Phone HO 5-6631 182 ! Jzdf p I O . -' ,Vip W gif? rf!! DIMM Q! ,7 J girl M ,f f W 4 4 f I ' ,QW ,W ,M bfi, ij!! U ly' W 1 ii i A I f J V ' CQU ,N is MZ fnpl. 1, 1, 4, if .' Fnj1UfLfif1l f .fu 6 M if C5 TUAR ojmi HOUR or NEED" Just 5 minutes' driving time from anywhere in Alton Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class, of 1960 ' ' 5 sg- gs' '-452-is3sg:fszg:a5g:s:s:'a:sgz:g,.1g:1:s:e:21:21zs1fsffsw---2:ew:f-'V """ ..,., 1 ' 24-Hour Ambulance Service 6th 81 Henry ALTON Ph. HO 2-9296 , .H . - ,bf 'J' Q, J,,':id: iH2 it pa, A' fe . if sf ,ff of ,ga eng SPRINGMAN, INC. U ' 43" Affil- ffj ,:'f?j'S.IJ DJJ ip :gre y.,j+" Lumber- Hordwore 81 Allied Products ,Q I '., 4 ,,1Wf'9 ' rf Phone HO 5-4231 South gf, T 'rg 'X ee Godfrey, lllinois l B E E T S We give Compliments of 1011 A .rm V-ici one Sllllll S mm m In nonucx Ano co. . Phone Shop CIT 2320 WGShif19fOP - HO 5-5511 Seors ond Sove F-R-E-E Pickup and Delivery 309 Pioso Alton, lllinois Closs Rings Diomonds l Silver Wotches Flowers Gifts - PETERS GIFT SHOP Greeting Cards and Gifts I . - - 1-JIOWJ N Tel. HO 2-46ll 2510 College Ave John Lock 2356 Stote St. Alton, lll. Alton, lllinois Telephone HO 3-86l l 'I84 if ' C iw . M -1 X 111524 gb . Qefggcqfff 11 1 Joe 2. - STOP! SEE Te GEORGE PETERIE AGENCY FOR REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 525 Ridge, Alton Phone HO 5-2539 -I R Q 712 EA ROA 5 ' Akgik 4 HO 5-5213 Alto n Compliment: of MID-STATE LOAN 626 E. Broadway Phone HO 2-9218 Compliment: of Jones Confectionery B U C K ' S Paint 8z Floor Covering Store CHARLES M. BUCK 519 RIDGE ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM and TILE ALTQN O'BRIEN PAINTS 655 East Broadway L.. 185 f""-""""' I 219 Pia-.. Phone Alton, Illinois HOword 5-7727 I ALToN's QUALITY APPAREL I CONFECT ON STORE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY, Phone HOward 5-1721 FEATURING BRAND NAME ME RCHANDISE FOR I ME WOM N, AND CHILDREN - ' ' E Fi X For . I LI Y MONDS, WATCHES, CAMERAS IQX 5 FHEFOS ORSI RQ I and all your GIFTS ' u gen., rices ome to X A sb X S' SU YN NIFSN I I ' ' Ku R A A R X D6l'3xII'O .I-I0 - 8lI w. 3 sf. ALTON 3 I T Eh I I td " X 'X eI Ccoun S nvi e M c I I eJb 6 CI of WI R gl Y ll I N Ml S X XXXQAITH U RAIgIE R 5 N ill' N SNNR I IE BA iAR?lOERgDQlII7QCO?APxNY R ' SI I A NR RESIN I OVW LW 'D . L-1 , ,v A L73 l lil ll llf, . 1 ,UC ibpllf ,VX Pl Rf P . X, J ,, f,"1f, KI' yd' X 1 L4-flf' X lf' ,ll f gil Wh , . West Fourth at Piasa 'P - ' L' , ,Q -' Alton, Illinois , fl , ' W' A HO 5-7776 l ' L O , 7 'jg' 1 U .. if Agfa L 1 1 We mlute the Cmzem' of Tomorrow xfxirfii ,, E LV STAAS FLORAL Compliment! of 1636 Nlllgzghgm-gZtgm513Avenue The Typewriter Shop Office Machine Exchange pROM CORSAGES 643 East Broadway A SPECIALTY Alton' llllnols Flowers Speak the .... SC I W PRES' BAKERY AND MARKET A . x l V- xi: ,- xl' 1625 Washington Ave. Open Every Day 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. HO 5-9870 Alton, Illinois DICK DRUG STORE Brown and Washington Alton, lllinois Wm. E. Dick R. Ph. E. G. Schumacher R. Ph. C. Buechner R. Ph. HO 5-9231 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE , 187 ' I ' 5 fe-I , , I 4 L4-f0'4-d y.u'1":"L- 1-are-x fksztuvf,-0Lm,1'k Clfvxlll I,7q,,,.q, U Vai 'Ai' X1 A01 -711' s'.1wfiu'14,e--lives at-JXs-,1tl.,D1,tl1 I I ,I7 1 I 5 1 ' 7711i -,f'L'oL1SQ 1 .. Q, i . 2 9 Owukf Q V 'Nil 25: H' -5 fflljw:-"M:-"'-::'-: 7:1-'Z - gg: 3-.9:'1':':' ' in Now the future is spread out before you like a golden path. As you start on this iourney through life, take with you all our best wishes for com- plete success in all your goals. Bon voyage! GATELYCS' the store "ibut just love! people" Serving your community since 1903 X App if DEPT STURE -u I 1 C" 1 ' "" 1f15"5' I W , i Yi , 208 West 3rd St Alton -- For I Contact Lenses See I HEITZ OPTICAL 614 East Third Street HO 5-l7l2 You Can Be .Sure With L 188 HAND DRIVE INN 33 East Elm Street MEAT PRODUCTS Wdwvv ov APPQREL FOZZJQNIORS Jccj MCU W D ROGERS - RUS ING -cAPEHART du 1650 ASHI G ON AVE Do S :PM ALT 0,9 Pnaso dim, - 474, . Q I f :l l FORPRE1EEl1541l1l1JU11IUR5 ZTAJJ Discount Given To All School HO 2-6312 a JZ! Authoruzed Clubs 2022 Central Ave. lOn the Clrclel 2 ege Akon mmms A L T O N .... l L L TODD CLEANING TAILORING REPAIRING STAN DARD PHONE HO 2-1312 Washington Ave. ALTON nusrfs MARKET 'lp "1 R I. lllmm 1 Groceries and Meats Phone HO 2-6511 ...- Wi A .... .. ... ..... Lat t air les- if e est Techniques- IRFIHN X h - Y 0 Q, 8 I lim , ' e I fenfif' JE ELER F lr eaut tudio G 1 Ge CI O . Y Alton, HI- 1714 Washington Ave. Q , Mo Swfe 4 PA 5-2994 I ALTON, lu.. ' S ' . . . . MCU Wgfia tiiaair Shaping I Senior High Class Rings Q11 A A MW , THE FLATTOP SHOP Washington Ave. Market Louis and Cathrine Scudere 515 Ridge sf. Pfopfi'-210' 2101 Washington Avenue Mitt Kinder HO 5-3911 Q If J ef x-'64 . 1 4 -' -X., 1 A 1 , V- A: sn Q9 my mth dj' jj V X962 Q54 JKQ IV.-if K X b Q- Q2 , V ig, ,ff SOX A , W NN-Gif? 5 .Yr r , , s A, ' f A rw A A A ' 'uf' Ab 'Q KLM V 1 36, . c 1 euif F0 1 Qggifljqjggf , ,QQ Fl'.,i . Ykvbfr r , X, - ,QW .I N XP I J I C' X l Qjfhe op ere es can choose V A , Cyl e nest i gChina, Crystal , , Ps ' JJ 96' . 2jQ'Hd Silver. SX M W g I5 ' -I I J 1 Gould Music Co. Magnavox Stereo Phonos Wurlitzer Pianos Fender, Gibson and Martin Guitars Selmer, King, and Olds Band Instruments Phonograph Records Sheet Music 551 E. BROADWAY ALTON, lLL. Phone: HOward 5-3213 190 der"s fl THIRD Mo PIAINN-TON 1 1 Y' II K, 1... I I , , I nd I , ' ' ' f I A .zwtouifahfwt o er: rim. CARPET C9 ' 1656 MAIN ST. 0 AA. GRAVES SSONSHALTON G xx 'fx' , CERTIFIED FIRTH CARPETS CERTIFIED GULISTAN CARPETS CERTIFIED DAWNS CARPETS QUALITY, VALUE AND SERVICE TACKLESS CARPET LAYING ANCHORS FLOOR CARPET FLUSH TO WALLS WITH ROBERTS SMOOTH EDGE NO QUARTER ROUND 1636 Main Street HO 5-8141 ALTON, ILLINOIS 1 u l 1 1 I 'i 5 Convenient Locations W .4 ff' xxfgyjg MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL - -1' f.RSllTS CONGRATULATIONS TO UATES or THE CLASS or 1959 i QW FTW" H. J. JUNGK, Manager ,WW yr! O5 'T S I .I lift will cARL'S sHoE STORE II9 W. Third St. ALTON, ILLINOIS ,WW up L ft HWS? l Phone HO 2-6534 Mrs. Mildred Rockefeller Owner Rockefeller Beauty Shop 200 W. Third St. Alton, Ill. Your Appointment is ...... At ..... D Time C omplimentx of I HENDERSON BROS. Shell Service Station Elm and Alby I PHONE HO 5-9737 I I92 V ... My "1- Uj yijylvgjjjpoln THE BRANDS You Know . . . x fl fl ll if ll ll P My 95139233 i W A qui N p XV' -::'-""-- . H A 5 --" iflfif fy 599' of l l MEN'S WEAR A I 630 East Broadway W 3 ' 1 if U A ' '-,CEL uid 1 IC AQ: A Evans Pastries X li' lvl K MJ tc ,F .QSPRIN Phone HO 2-9421 bf il 2611 sfafe Anon, lu. ff, Hoo Menon Road LW I g bi ' , U Phone HO 2-9136 E Y if 'Xjh V15 ,ti 'r 3 Millwork 1 Roofmg ffm Y J, V M oard - Insulation lf A '- X ' l' ' y A H X R li 1 X' Buxelilhg Hardware-Paints ' NNW-J,' P+' Nr lf , 'J U' lectrigal Tools and Appliances pai' WJ My -- U GDS S 1 PJ il N N, lumbing Fixtures Monticello Plaza Shopping vl All Furnaces Alton Plaza Shopping Ctr. A Z HO 5-5721 HO 6-3821 1101 East Broadway Women's Apparel Alton, lllinois Burt's Launderers and Dry Cleaners Best Wixber from "Let Our phone line be your I edermons clotbex line" Broadway 8. Piasa 2517 College g Alton lllinois I H0 2'927l'2'3 HO 5-8941 l... If T39 My , K 1 J ll ii fibd Y If A , ag ,fy g gm, I Pc1infCo. enum vwaw, Maud I P95 I YQ I GnocEmes,MeATs,rauITs AND vssmms 53, Sf Frank I. SaJek,,Pre.I. 3400 Brown Sf. Alton, Illinois HBV Phone H0 2'364' Phone HO 5-9432 S 2504-06 c nege Av AI III I .... I E' .. .Q 55,3 - , ' X A Q I WELLS TIRE COMPANY -ggi? Q, GooDYEAn TIRES AND TUBES is X9 EXIDE BA'l'I'ERIES - - VULCANIZING ,gig , eep one: HO 5 I 83 gf gy fAt TI h 4? ,QUT -B-QQ M, CJ Yi , Spf! I I '+P M I I A 55 3 5AAVCE AG CY ui vb I 9- X om ' TWNSURANCESSQ ICED- 1 ' PHONE HO 9238XD my 4 J o ash ngton I,,I f M, Alf HI A E4 I I I W Q W G-jm Goon PoP MUSIC 'JJ ALL DAY LONG OVCI' 1570 - - w0Kz - - 1570 l 1.4 ...J 194 , 7 W,-M E E .lm W W ff jijf Wfiijkwj Wiff -1 - ' W Wffwfjfyffigaw f,ffQW yifffw my . 52, 476 K Ds 'gpz-Q Y ., A . EE. E ,, EE E E E, ,322 ,ak ' ' '::- rzwiaa- W BA NK 9, 1-Rus-r COMPANY 44:2 , 6 0 4 Capxlal and Surplus S2.250.000.00 'umm nm menu: smnnrs Al.'l'0N, ILLINDIS MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION if -ed-5 "r-4 . " 44g cfe -F ffhfmlf 55-MLP cam MS '6 C9 S ce sv fer 44147 ofa! CGMUZH- izudff as we-:Lf 'SGQMA' fC'V6"""e 4,0 UJFSQ 57091. -ffafo '52-56 of fuels 425.4042-75 My ,haf ww Aw-Q AM QW wwf, Llgfpsawl MDV! 5 x XC E ov ...I 195 Scl1aeffer's X lf I cform.,-rl alpotw ' li , l s m-rs SERVICE I Ever. i t A I . p I I . . .gf Juni l is7l. ,W My i 2 l fl will will il il ,m UW ll Wlcglixw U co fyvfifzyj alitY uelfxjumflf 6th and oak s . W l 4 Phone HO 5-8841 ALTON THE GIFT NOOK REFRIGERATION CO. 318 Belle sneer Anon, illinois Aufhofiled Phone HO 2-8220 FRIGIDAIRE. Sales and Service "You,'re invited to come in and browse" See Us about any Household Appliance and Gifts- Hallmark Greeting Cards Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial HO 5-7721 Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr Compliments of KERR'S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr 196 7k-'Jlqll 1 NYE? its I I3 .nh X? TX Whoever you are Q "':' whatever yo 151 QKNGMPI, Cowie HO 2-97l8 5 Q2 flower: ROCK POOLE PHARMACY By 2526 C0"e9e I 7066664011 gleaming Alton, Illinois Phone HO 5-3547 IO6 East Broadway Alton, Illinois PAUL'S FABRICS 206 State St. Highest quality fabrics-Sewing accessornes 12 I- Wx0,9W SWW0VW,,4LW Q WWW H J f V Hs v5xmEbU5WWW,V'fm?gfp , W WW w M 1114525 BAKERY N5 My - UALITY PASTRI fb WM0EIWEDDlNGYiKSpS31nI. 'Lf CAKE Wffw W XQQXM v Od Lf AMW UV, X K 0,6 ,Wai ix Q LL M SELHIMES odfrey Rd., Godfrey III' ' A 1 I '-' ' l C mpliments 9 I of y Ll... V ELMWAY BOB an DEL'S DRIVE IN Sinclair Service Station - NORTH ALTOIN - Elm ot Henry St. WEDGE Comments of PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Mc KEE's MARKET and HONKE PHARMACY 2514 College I Th'rd and Henr Phone HO 5-3822 Y Alton, lll. We deliver. ,..... l ...I "LOGAN'S MGRNING STAR DAlRY" Food ond Doiry Products Home owned Since 1905 HO 5-9213 Proprietor . . . Mr. R. E. Logon Phone HO 2-8514 HO 5-9516 ST. PETERS ELECTRIC ygeggm Cage AND HARDWARE Specializing In HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES . APPLIANCES Good Food ond Courteous Service PLUMBING SUPPUES A OPEN 6 A-M- 7i3O P-M- Duily Kyanixiorlsxgmieahd Vainishes Proprietors 2519 College Ave I 2502 State Dial HO 3-8931 ' L Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Brown Alton, lllinois ' A l I 199 Q Vs 'E Tqfgt 555-5 ' I -I 17 cg Sf 7' Q gf I AEBELERL CD LM STREET lp ELECLRICFMPANY, INC. CLEANERS S7 Q fgypatlpje QQ! 3. service PICK-UP and DELIVERY 6 2606 slgxbai Phone HO 5-7588 Qx 6 A Ylton, Illinois 0 ch Q7 Q 'E J Phone HO 2- I 922 3 East Elm Street Alton, Illinois ml Q A O HUMBE ROAD tulatiom ALTON, ILLINOIS I HEAVEN TO SEVEN C DES MOTOR CO. I 2503 COLLEGE AVE. PACKARD HO 5-1412 2350 STATE STREET Al-TON ILLINOIS Infants and Childrens Wear ' To Size I4 Girls-7 Boys Compliment! American Reprint Service of Blueprints - Whiteprints - Photostats - Engineering and Hubbell Pharmacy ' Dfoffing Supplies 5I5 Ridge Street Telephone HO 2-4336 520 Ridge St. Alton, III. ALTON, ILLINOIS I 200 I 1f"'j .ffyplilj 4.0 My lb J wf . W M A f df .. Qufylimafzfj :Ol X MW M! Wai!!! lj so u a V or W J MQ! eiffwnfffwf l. MJ M JMU J4W,y iffy 5 dffblfwigf' JW W' W WWW' W 4 1 W' W fffyw IWW!! fV7ZfW IJWWM WJKZQAJDVV J J Cfwpff Lf! b W ,MGM W Li W WW Wi 11" - My Z A' ' 0 M f 4 A wi? V? ff W W! M WM l 1 lf N s ev INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers lomas - Graduation Announcemen e0 K CtyM -0,3 -Q 1 ww in 1 ,- 529' 3 R5 r pn .-"WH, 1 .. I V X A K A i 1 Q., M. YM A W , ' if: "M kk. 5. . - K Q ' Agn . , ' " wwnwwwmm-p M , W A V 4' QHLQWM , ' m M M' 'f -Y 'WH-' Ma X f . 3 sw. ' , ' ' " 1 I ,Y 1 , M of .KM A y X Q, rm' .., W H K W in W M. 5 . I I- ' ' in ' 55' I "' . Q, j f ff' :JM , M , jg3w+W Y 4' - J - . A w mf--fn V mf f W Ji M A iq, M 'i ' L' . by .fi . H A W, " I K K fu ' -no-1 , , . J, t ,. 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