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 Cv Alton senior high schoou ALTON, iuinois1959 Senior This is the river — the all encircl-our climate ... to the river we modities . . . the river takes little surrounded by the river ... it dom-affects our every move . . . there-theme of the 1959 TATLER . . .Ta tl g r High Sch ool • • • • 2 Z X 1 III I 111 III IlimiMlHH } Co-Editors Lucy Zimmerman Dick O'neal Associate Editors Ann Bryan Sue Seely Sondra Veilands Dorothy Ull Sports Editor Grady Robinson Business Manager Judy Wieneke ing river ... to the river we owe look for an endless stream of com-. . . gives much . . . here we live inates our daily life ... it closely fore — we have selected as the the river — the mighty Mississippi.Table of Contents Preface 2-5 Administration 6-11 Staff 12-19 Student Life 20-25 Seniors 26-85 Juniors 86-104 Sophomores 105-117 Sports 118-135 Organizations 136-169 Advertising 170-200 45Dr. James Burris Johnson DR. J. B. JOHNSON, Superintendent of Schools A man who has done much for educational advancement is our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. J. B. Johnson. We are pleased to join the many hundreds who have graduated under his fine leadership, and wish to offer our sincere thanks for the countless hours of patience and guidance that he has extended to our community.Macy Pruitt C. R. Wright MR. E. M. LEAMON, Assistant Superintendent This is Mr. Leamon’s 6th year of valuable assistance to Dr. Johnson. He has added much to the betterment of our school system. MR. MACY PRUITT, Administrative Assistant in Charge of Junior and Senior High Curriculum It is to Mr. Pruitt, our Administrative Assistant, that we owe our thanks for the fine curricula offered at our Junior and Senior High Schools. E- M. Lecimon MR. C. R. WRIGHT, Administrative Assistant in Charge of Vocational Education Mr. Wright, the number one Vocational man for School District 11, has done an admirable job in the advancement and counseling of our vocational students.ROBERT B. LYNN, M.D. President CHARLES J. HEMPHILL, D.D.S. Secretary It is the purpose of the Board of Education to develop the total school program in terms of what is best for the child in the American way of life. The curriculum, the techniques of teaching, the materials used and the atmosohere of schools and classrooms are being set up, administered, and adapted, in so far as possible, to meet the needs and provide for the potentialities of the pupils. The Board of Education stresses this type of learning which gives special attention to the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of children as well as to their mental growth. Such a philosophy gives each teacher a part in (1) determining the needs of children; (2) building objectives for the major subject matter areas that link with one another; (3) utilizing the varied learning experiences; and (4) evaluating the outcomes. The realization of such a program demands the highest degree of efficiency on the part of all those connected with the Alton Public Schools and encourages teachers and pupils to work to the best of their ability. We are thankful for the work the Board has done this year, and we are grateful for the opportunities and advancements their work has given to us. JOHN L. WEBB Director of Personnel HAROLD W. DAVIDSON Director of Public Relations MRS. MARY C. HERSHEY R. s. MINSKER E. P. WATERHOUSE Director of Health and Safely Director of Curriculum Director of Building and GroundsDirector of Library Services Director of Music Director of Home Economics Director of Physical Education and Lunch Service MISS ELISE C. KOHLMANN Director of School Health Services LLOYD D. NORMAN Director of Special Education Counseling and Guidance RAYMOND READY Administrative Assistant in Charge of Elementary Curriculum W. DEAN TAYLOR Co-ordinator of Counseling and Guidance MISS BERNICE WILLIAMSON Director of Art HORACE WOLLERMAN Director of Audio-Visual EducationMrs. Irma Allen Attendance, Counseling Mr. James Banks Wood Mrs. Pearl Anderson Study Hall Mrs. Elma Becker Cosmetology Mrs. Ruth Bachman Social Studies Miss Marie Behymer Library, Study Hall Mr. G. E. Bailey English Miss Clara Blackard French, Library Mr. Carroll Balster Business Education Mr. David Blivens E. M. H. Mr. Roy E. Boley Art Miss Dorotha Bosket Library, Study Hall Miss Celestia Brandenburg Practical Nursing Miss Wilma Bricker Business Education Mrs. Ardythe Browning Home Economics Mr. Dean Browning Industrial Co-Ordinator 12Mrs. Joyce Bruder Business Education Mr. Loyd T. Carr, Jr. English Mr. John Bruno Social Studies Miss Dorothy Colonius English Mr. Wilfred Buddell Health Mr. Edgar Cook English Mrs. Dorothy Buerkle Business Education Mr. Clifford Davenport English Mr. John Buerkle Auto Mechanics Mr. Kenneth Denison Attendance, Counseling Mr. Robert Erwin Mathematics Miss Elizabeth Feldewerth Business Education Miss Mary Lou Focht Office Occupations Miss Julia Foster Physical Education Mrs. Mary Fuller Cosmetology Miss Alice Gates Mathematics 13Mr. Paul Glaeser Agriculture Mrs. Nadine Harden English Mr. Albert Gregor Auto Safety. Driving Mr. Frank Harlan Attendance, Counseling Mr. Kenneth Hagan Latin Mr. Ernest Howard Spanish Mr. Sherril Hanks Physical Education Mrs. Ethel Ingles Business Education Mr. Cecil Harden Physics Mr. George W. Ingles Social Studies Mr. Ray Jackson Social Studies Mr. Jack Jungers Social Studies Miss Ada Klump Mathematics Mr. Ralph Kober Biology Mr. Edwin Koerber Biology Mr. Lloyd Leiter Drawing, Architectural Drawing 14Mr. Donald Lewis Social Studies Mr. Jean McCormick Band Miss Irene Liebig Home Economics Mrs. Evelyn Macleod Nurse Mr. Dale Livengood Commercial Art Mr. Donald Maloney Electricity Mr. Donald Luketich Physical Education Mr. Julius Marti Social Studies Mr. Ralph McClain Physical Education Miss Dorothy Maxfield Home Economics Mrs. Laverne Miller Practical Nursing Mr. Luther Myers Social Studies Miss Margaret Nickels Business Education Miss Ruby Oliver English Miss Lauretta Paul English Mr. Robert Paul Welding, Sheet MetalMr. Alan Perry Auto Safety, Driving Mr. Herbert Ross Distributive Education Mrs. Eleanor Perry English Mrs. Doris Rue Chorus Miss Agnes Pilger Attendance, Counseling Miss Mildred Rutledge English Mr. Elgie Posey Physical Education Mr. Samuel Scharber Biology, Chemistry Miss JoAnn Robertson Physical Education Mrs. Dora Schenk Study Hall Mr. Neal Schmelzel Attendance, Counseling Mr. Fred Schwappach Art Mr. Melvin Sheets Driver Education Miss Mary Sidwell Home Economics Miss Marcia Stone Physical Education Mr. Cyril Stuchlik Orchestra 16Miss Jewel Sutherland English Miss Virginia Weigel Biology Miss Leona Teter Attendance, Counseling Mr. John Wiggins English Mr. DeWitt Thomas Mathematics Miss Julia Williamson English Miss Margaret Tibbetts Business Education Mr. Walter Willis Mathematics Mr. Robert Triese .Printing Mrs. Florence Wollerman English Mr. Robert Watson Machine Shop Mr. Leo Wools Chemistry Miss Margaretha Zeltmann Social Studies 17Alton Senior High School, in the scnool year 1958-59, was rated one of the top high schools in the state of Illinois. This rating was not acquired by pure chance. It took some student work, some teacher work, and a lot of trained and expert guidance. This guidance has been provided by Mr. G. C. Davis, head administrator of Alton High. Assisting Mr. Davis, are Mr. Anton Jureziz and Mr. George Abner. Without the constant, ever-anxious work of these two men, Alton High would never be the superb school it is. With the continued guidance of men such as these, Alton Senior High School shall forever continue to be the best and foremost school in the minds of our fellow classmates and the citizens of Alton. 18Cafeteria Workers Dorris Gormley, Merle Acord, Edna Brown, Josephine Bruck, Bertha Cartwright, Rachel Ernst, Anna Ewing, Laura Headley. Edna Hughson, Gay Klaus, Mora Kohle, Anna Kuhn, Clara Lewis, Otilde Purcell, Pearl Smith, Beulah Strader. Custodians Donald Keil, School Engineer, O. B. Jones, Henry Ajets, Edward Ballhurst, John Brown, Lucille Clark, Winfred Cook, Wallace Cummins. Ross Darr, Bertha Elliott, Violet Holford, Herman Nolan, Lonie Prewitt, Otto Scheffel, Edward Wallner.Middle Name Locker Locker Partner Home Room Counselor a DAILY PROGRAM Name ALWtL M Last Name First Name Period! Subject Subj. No. j Room j M T W| T F i M 4 CS 3ot 2 QfoMerpv 206 3 coun. AS 'I. 20k I 4-i 1Q C 4-2 1 - i 5-1 5-2 4TuDy « CLOTtlMG 6 7 JM£Z l T. il-OI. Gad, what noise! Onward • • •2223We Study . . Night Wo ch eer . The four stooges. We made a basket, no? 2425Senior Nicest Personality Janet Hiller, Dick O’Neal Most Popular Cindy Kodros, Don Lahr Best Looking Linda Edwards, Jack ClaytonClass Athletes Dorothy Ull, Mike Hunter Best Dancers Judy Wieneke, Bob Smith Best Figure and Physique Sondra Vielands, Gary Burmester 29 Most Likely to Succeed Ann Bryan, Don Lowery Best Dressed Mary Jane Steck, Larry ParksRAYMOND ALLEN ABEL Definitely able, but also, ready and willing” Student Council LINDA JUNE ASTROTH Busy as a beaver always” Future Cosmetologist Club F.H.A., Student Council, Pep Club 30 GEROLD LEONARD ALLEN Among the girls he’s always found” Pep Club, D.E. Club JANICE RHEA ANGLIN Sweet as the day is long” Pep Club, Band, History Club SANDRA MARY ALSOBROOK Face like a Dresden doll” Band, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, O.O., Patrol, Art Club PHILLIP FREDRICK ARMSTEAD Quiet but efficient” Pep Club, Band, Football Intramural Basketball JANET LOUISE ADAMS Talkative little gal who never has a serious thought” Pep Club, G.A.A., Orchestra JUDITH ANN ATTEBERRY 'There are smiles that make me happy” F.H.A., G.A.A., Student Council, Times Staff, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Pep Club, ChorusGARY DEAN AUSTWICK I like fun, doesn’t everyone?” Football, Basketball, Track Baseball, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet, Science Club ADDIE JANE BARNES A true friend is a friend forever” Paper Staff, Tatler Staff, Latin Club, Pep Club, Dramatics, G.A.A. CLEOPHUS BEAMON For he’s a jolly good fellow” Football, Basketball, Track, Band, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club RONALD KEITH BAYLEY Ronnie is the quiet type but beware, he’s dynamite” Spanish Club, Pep Club, D. E. Club DONALD ELLIS BEARD Strong silent type” LARRY KENNETH BEASLEY Dangerous after midnight” Pep Club, Student Council, D.E. Club, Football, Golf, French Club, Track, Cross Country DANNA JEAN BALL Freckles and a big smile” Spanish Club, Patrol, Chorus, Hornets Buzz Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Girls’ Council, Times Staff I DIANA MARIE BEEMER Different colored hair to match each outfit” Pep Club 31SALLY ANN BERG She’s little and full of fun” Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Library Assistant, Counselor Assistant, Dramatics Club, Chorus ANN MARIE BOCKSTRUCK Doesn’t talk much but thinks a lot” Spanish Club, Library Assistant, Pep Club, F.H.A., F.T. A., F.B.L.A., Tatler Staff, Chorus, Patrol, Office Assistant, Dramatics Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Paper Staff BARBARA ANN BELL She has a smile for everyone” French Club, Pep Club, O.O. Club, Chorus FAY CAROLYN BEMIS This girl will twirl her way to success” Office Helper, Drama Contest. Band Contest, French Club, Pep Club, Head Drum Majorette, Dramatics Club, Debate, Chorus, National Honor Society JANICE LOUISE BERNHARD Quiet sweet girl” F.H.A., Paper Staff, Library Staff, Chorus ROY CHARLES BOEHLER He speaks the strangest words” German Club, D.E. Club BARBARA SUE BOHANNON 'Two dimples tack her smile in place” Pep Club, Student Council, F.H.A., Science Club, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Office Helper, Library Assistant, Sweetheart Queen Candidate 1956, Patrol 32 EDWARD MICHAEL BOHN 'The smiling scientist” Patrol, Intramural Basketball, Science Club, German Club, Pep Club, Extracurricular GermanROBERT L. BORDEAUX ’Our class wouldn't be com plete without him” Pep Club, Office Assistant DIANNE LEE BOWKER Sorry boys, she’s taken” Paper Staff, Chorus, F.H.A., Patrol, Cheerleader, May Queen, Pep Club, Dramatics, Times Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, Office Helper, Latin Club, Girls’ Council WILLIAM TROY BOLLINI He’s the first out of the door on the 3:30 bell” ALAN WEIMER BRESSON He drums a mean beat” Science Club, Pep Club, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Boys’ Cabinet, Football, Track, Cross Countfy, J r. Prom Committee JOAN CHARLENE BONNER She will make music where-ever she goes” Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., F.T. A., Patrol, Hornets Buzz Staff, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble, F.H.A. JOHN STEPHEN BOSNAK A combination hard to beat — scholar, friend, athlete” Football, Baseball, Track, Student Council, Pep Club, Boys’ Chorus, National Honor Society MARSHALL DAVID BRANDON Curly, cute and contagious smile” JOSEPH ARTHUR BREWER Looks like a soldier with all his contest medals” Band, Chorus, Pep Club, Pep BandJOHN CURTIS BRIDGEMAN What a girl wouldn't give for his curly hair” Chorus, Intramural Basketball MONTE HARDIN BRITTS His head touches the clouds Pep Club GEORGE NELSON BROOKS He's not thin, he's tall — that's all” Football, Track, Basketball, Pep Club, Band, Student Council MARIA DONNA BROWNING A stitch in times saves nine Girls’ Ensemble, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, F.T.A.. F.H. A., Switchboard Operator, Chorus, Thespians, Patrol ALBERT FRANKLIN BROWN Wine, women, and song’J D.E. Club WILLIAM GENE BROYLES Fun to be with F.F.A. LARRY ROBERT BRUCE The Robin Hood of A.HSJ Band, Science Club, Pep Club, Art Club, Patrol, Orchestra, History Club, Basket-Boy ANN WHITMAN BRYAN A true friend to all she knows Patrol, Chorus, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Times Staff, Tatler Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, F.T.A., F.H.A., Girls’ Council, Latin Club, Science Club, Cheerleader, Candidate for Football QueenSONDRA JEAN BRYDEN A perfect model of sweetness” Student Council, Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, F.H.A., Pep Club, Candidate for Football Queen, F.N.A., Liberty Assistant, Times Staff CAROL DEAN BUTLER Don't fence me in” F.H.A., Basket Girl SANDRA LEE BUCK Beautiful eyes with a face to match” French Club, Times Staff, Tatlcr Staff, F.T.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club, G.A. A., Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee, Girls' Council LARRY HENRY BUHS ”A pleasant companion” Pep Club GARY LEE BURMESTER There's only one for me. ”]” Science Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Let-termans’ Club, Times Staff, Patrol, French Club, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet JAMES THOMAS BURGER ”A man of excellence” Pdp Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball JANICE KAY BURNER Always honest with herself and others” D.E. ClubTHOMAS WILLIAM BUTLER Great men are apt to be quiet” French Club, Cross Country, Golf, Counselor Assistant, Boys’ Cabinet, Pep Club, Basketball TOM WILLIE CAFFEY His ways and words are winning Football, Basketball, Chorus, Track, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet JUDITH GAYLE CALLENDER 1 try so hard to be good” Clinic Assistant, French Club, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Student Council, Gym Assistant, Counselor’s Assistant, O.O. Club, Falcon Staff, G i r 1 s’ Council PATRICIA JEAN CAMBRON She smiles and the shadow departs” F.H.A., F.N.A., Cafeteria Assistant, Office Assistant, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Chorus i V HR V m oj i FRANCES MAY CAMPBELL Cute smile and a winning wayn Pep Club, Office Assistant, Girls’ Council, F.H.A., Sweetheart Queen Candidate, Chorus, History ClubSHARON LEE CHAPMAN As merry as the day is longn Pep Club SUSAN KAY CHAPPELL There’s no other like her' F.H.A., Pep Club NEOMA DARLENE CAULEY She sparkles and scintillates Patrol, Pep Club, F.N.A., O. O. Club IDA LOUISE CHAMBERS Ida — sweet as apple cider Office Helper, F.H.A., Pep Club KENNEY SUE CHAPPEE Who said life was a serious business Pep Club, Chorus, French Club, F.H.A., F.T.A., Girls’ Ensemble, Girls’ Council, Nurses’ Assistant, F.N.A. GARY RAY CHRISTY What's the greater? What he did do. or what he didn’t do JOHN DAVID CLAYTON It is a great plague to be too handsome a man” Pep Club, Baseball, Football, Track, Patrol, Camera Club, Radio Club, Office Assistant HERBERT CLEMONS That ain’t fat, man, that’s muscle!” Band, Football, Basketball Manager, Track, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet CALLIE VIRGINIA COBB Not bold, not shy, not short, not tall” Chorus, F.H.A., Pep Club MARTHA JEAN COCKRELL She has such winning ways!” Pep Club, F.C A., Dramatics Club, Patrol, F.B.L.A., Spanish Club, Chorus, Art Club ROGER JOHN COLBURN Come on, show’em what you can do” Patrol, F.F.A., D.E. Club, ChorusMATTIE SUE COLE Friendly girl and a charming lass O.O. Club, F.H.A., Pep Club BEVERLY GAY COOPER She's pretty to walk with and witty to talk with F.H.A., Pep Club, Chorus CHESTER HERBERT COPLEY Worry kills me, why die? GEORGE THOMAS CORWIN A willing worker Spanish Club, Pep Club FREDRICK EDWARD COX He who laugh best laughs last Track ti PATRICIA ANN CORNELL She's as corny as Kansas in August PEP Club, Office Assistant, Switchboard Operator 0.0. Club, Gym Assistant JAMES LEE COVINGTON Ain’t misbehavin'' Track, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Band, Spanish Club DONALD ALFRED CRABB Watch out for flying footballs Football, Track, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet, BasketballMARY LOUISE CRABB Cute in looks and dress” G.A.A., French Club, Latin Club, F.N.A., Pep Club, Li-brary Assistant, Chorus, Student Council JOHN NEIL CRAIG One of the few among many” JILL CHERIE CRAIGMILES Why worry! I may live another year” Chorus, F.N.A. DORIS DELL CRAWFORD Happy - go - lucky” Band MARYLIN LOUISE CRAIN fTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” Gym Assistant, Thespians REX KARL CRESS He takes things as they come — easy” Library Staff, D.E. Club, Chorus, Pep Club, B o y s’ Chorus, Basketball CHARLES ROY CRULL One of the minute men — always a minute slow” Pep Club, Camera Club, French Club, Band, Rifle Club, Dramatics Club, Intramural Basketball, Chorus, History Club, Spanish Club EDWARD DARBY CRUMER Sink it, Crumer, sink it” Basketball, TrackCAROL SUE DAVIS Why aren’t they all content-ed like me” F.H.A., Commercial Art Club, Office Assistant, Switchboard Operator ROBERT LEE DAVIS Holy mackerel there Andy” Pep Club, Spanish Club Football, Basketball, Track, Let-termen Club, Patrol, Student Council JOHN JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM ’’Wise men say nothing at dangerous times” LANNY HOWARD DARR All great men are dead or dying — I don’t feel so well myself” Pep Club, History Club MARTHA LYNN DAVIS Rich in saving common sense” Science Club, Paper Staff, Patrol, Student Council, Pep Club, French Club, Chorus, Gym Assistant, Office Assistant CARL EVAN DICKINSON ”His life is a progress and not a station” GORDON ARTHUR DINGELDEIN ”A footer who tooted his flute” Camera Club, Radio Club, Band, Rifle Club, Patrol NOREEN JEAN DIXON To see her is to love her” Girls’ Council, Pep Club, Library Assistant, O.O. Club, Student Council, Chorus, F. H.A., F.N.A., Gym Assistant, Office Assistant, Maid to Dream GirlROBERT GEORGE DOERR Life is short and so is he Pep Club. Spanish Club EVELYN MAE DUNN Her ivork is never done Band, G.A.A., Pep Club, Tat-ler Staff, Dramatics Club, Library Assistant RUTH ANN DONELSON Her heart is young and gay Student Council, Sp a n i s h Club, F.B.L.A., Chorus, O.O. Club, Patrol, F.H.A., Paper Staff RONALD GILBERT DOOLEY A smile will go a long, long way” Pep Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Dramatics Club BARBARA JOSEPHINE DOUGLAS She has a voice of gladness F.C.A., F.H.A., Pep Club SHARON W. DOOLEY Lovely to look at” Pep Club, F.N.A., Chorus, Patrol, F.H.A., Gym AssistantFRED THOMAS DYKEMAN Sharp is the word for him Pep Club, Chorus, Basketball, Boys' Chorus YVONNE DELANE EDELEN Only the best is good enough” F.B.L.A., Spanish Club BARBARA SUE EDWARDS Angel of mercy F.C.A., F.H.A., Chorus, F.N. A., Pep Club NINA ELIZABETH EASTMAN What? An even-tempered redhead! National Honor Society, Times Staff, Tatler, F.H.A., Dramatics Club, Patrol, Chorus, French Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Office Assistant, Counsellor's Assistant, G.A. A. LINDA LEE EDWARDS Isn’t she cute? Cheerleader, Miss North Jr., Library Assistant, Vice-President Student Council 9th Grade, Paper Staff, Pep Club, Chorus, Spanish Maid to Dream Girl, Jr. Prom Committee SHARON KAY EGG LEY Such pretty hair and eyes Office Helper, French Club, Student Council, Pep Club, Latin Club, Chorus JERRY NEIL ELHOFFER A true word can scarcely be measured Science Club, German Club, Patrol, Cafeteria Helper, Pep Club RUTH ANN ELKINS Don’t you ever froum? F.H.A., Pep Club, O.O. Club, Chorus KENT ROGER ELLIOTT JACQUELYN JOLY I’m not in the role of EYSTER common men” Silence is golden” Club, Spanish Club Orchestra, F.H.A., Pep Club Science Club, Track, Pep JAMES ALLEN FENSTERMAN An all-round guy” Track, Football, Spanish Club, Pep Club THOMAS ALLEN FESSLER Words are women, deeds are men” Office Assistant, F.F.A., Parol, Pep Club RONALD DALE FACCIN I'm beginning to like school — there’s nothing like getting used to a thing” Football, Basketball, Patrol, Pep Club, Student Council, Counselor Helper SANDRA KAY FANSLER Considerate and dependable is she Paper Staff, Patrol, Student Council, Chorus, Science Club, Girls Council, Girls’ Ensemble, Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Substitute Cheerleader, Candidate for Football Queen JERRY DWAIN FAGAN He toots his own horn and does it well” Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Science Club MARY JANE FEARNO When I think. I must speak” D.E. Club, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, F.H.A., Chorus, F.N. A., Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Clinic Assistant, Girls’ CouncilRICHARD LARRY FLETCHER He plays well that wins” Pep Club, Basketball, Office Assistant BARBARA SUE FLOWERS Sweet as sugar candy” Pep Club, F.A.A., F.H.A., Gym Assistant, Library Assistant, Science Club, Chorus PEGGY SUE FIELDS A smile will go a long, long way” F.H.A., Pep Club DAVID KEITH FLEMING He DID like quiet evenings at home” Pep Club, Basketball, Office Assistant ROBERTA MARGARET FLETCHER With a smile on her face...” Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics Club, F.C.A., Patrol, Office Helper, History Club, Art Club JOHN ALAN FORD His actions speak louder than words” Pep Club, D.E. Club ROBERT MICHAEL FORD He leads a carefree life” Boys’ Cabinet, Pep Club, Chorus, Camera Club, History Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Student Council, Rifle Club, Football, Basketball CAROLYN SUE FORRESTER Simplicity and an unaffected air” Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., O.O. ClubLINDA CARLENE FORS Laugh thy girlish laughter” F.T.A., F.H.A., Chorus, Latin Club, Pep Club, Girls’ Council, Times Staff, Tatler Staff, Cheerleader, Maid to Football Queen, Patrol, Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee CARL RAY FRANKFORD Imagination rules the world CAROLYN ANN FREELAND Nice, nice, nice F.H.A., F.N.A., Chorus WILLIAM FRANKLIN FOX Sonny hoyn Band SHARON KAYE FREELAND ROBERT WILLIS FRIEDLINE A blithe heart Chorus, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Band, Dramatics Club, History Club His ways and words are winning” Pep Club DONALD DEAN FRITZ The guy who alivays manages to manage” Student Council, Dramatics Club, German Club, Science Club, Band Orchestra, Paper Staff, Spanish Club, Thespians VIRGINIA SUE FRYE Patience is a necessary ingredient of a genuis” Chorus, G.A.A., Latin Club, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Girls’ EnsembleRITA JOYCE FULLER Tall, attractive redhead” Gym Assistant, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Switchboard Operator, Office Helper, French Club, O.O. Club SPENCER GIBBINS The play's the thing” National Honor Society, Thespians, Dramatics Club, French Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Band, Tatler Staff, Patrol, Freshman Prom Committee, Science Club, Careers Night Host JOHN AUGUSTUS GILL Silence is golden” Basketball, Band, Patrol MELBOURNE FERNALD GIBERSON Happy wanderer, has car” Spanish Club, Rifle Club, Student Council, Football, Pep Club, Baseball, Band, Science Club, Office Helper MAUREEN SANDRA GILL A fish out of water” F.H.A., F.N.A., Chorus EDDIE RAY FUNKHOUSER Nice guy with a friendly smile” Football ft NANCY JOAN GILLARD Miss Efficiency” Thespians, Dramatics Club, History Club, Science Club, F.T.A., Latin Club, Pep Club, Band, Art Club, Patrol, Gym AssistantIRENE ELIZABETH GILLESPIE Brevity is the soul of wit” MARILYN ALMEDIA GILLIS She done herself proud F.H.A. WENNONAH MARGARET GIVHAN Understanding is the wealth of wealth’’ G.A.A., Latin Club BARBARA JEAN GOLENOR Plenty is the child of peace French Club, 0.0. Club, Gym Assistant BRENDA ANN GLOVER Busy as a bee, she’s full of honey French Club, Pep Club, F.N. A., F.H.A., Chorus, G i r 1 s' Ensemble, Student Council, Latin Club, Patrol, Maid of Honor to Football Queen PATRICIA RUTH GOSS All is well with him who is beloved of his neighbors” F.H.A., Debate, Band TONI RUTH GOULD You don’t have to hang from a tree to be a nut State Speech Contest, Student Council, Office Assistant, Girls’ Council, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Science Club, History Club, Debate Squad, Jr. Prom Committee, Library Assistant, National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Alton High Times GLENNA FAITH GRAHAM Pretty is as pretty does F.H.A., Office Assistant, Chorus, Pep ClubJAMES ARTHUR GREER A jazz piano fiend TIMOTHY ANDREW GRAUL 'This guy’s best friend is his camera” Tatler Staff, French Club, Times Staff, Boys’ Cabinet, Intramural Basketball, National Honor Society JUDITH ANN GREEN A quiet nature with a fun-loving smilen Chorus, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Patrol, F.N.A., G.A.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Girls’ Ensemble WILBERT LEE GREER Wicked dancer, sore feet Pep Club. Patrol, Dramatics Club, Intramural Basketball, History Club I SHARON RAE GRIFFIN A honeysuckle blonde with a pleasing personality” Pep Club, Chorus, O.O. Club, F.H.A., Library Assistant, Cheerleader, Office Helper, Candidate for Miss North J u n i or, F.T.A., Nurses’ Assistant PATRICIA LORENE GROVES A woman’s work is never done” Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble, F. N.A., Dramatics Club, Science Club, Patrol, Pep Club VIRGINIA FANNY GRIGSBY My heart is young and gay” French Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Counselors Assistant, Science Club, Student Council DONALD URBAN GUBSER ,Move over Einstein, here comes Guhser” Student Council, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Cross Country, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Science Club ALICE JOY HARDER Did you say you were busy?” Patrol, Jr. Prom Committee, Latin Club, Chorus, Science Club, G.A.A., Pep Club, Tat-Ier Staff, Dramatics Club, Girls’ Ensemble DAVID THOMAS GUSTINE Talking pays no toll Football, Track, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Patrol JANET ELAINE HAGERMAN Sugar and spice and everything nice F.HA., Band, G.A.A., Pep Club, Science Club, F.B.L.A., History Club EDITH ANN GRUBB Glasses frame her personality” Band, Majorette, F.N.A., Pep Club JERRY HOWARD GWILLIM Liberty is the breath of progress” Partol, Science Club RICHARD NELSON HALFORD 'A truer word was never spoken” MARY LOUISE HALL Friend, companion, happiness” Pep Club, Patrol, F.H.A.DELLA JOSEPHINE HARDWICK Little as a minute, lovely as a flower Pep Club, Latin Club, Chorus, Patrol THOMAS DELANO HARLEY Such a little man to hare so many brains Pep Club, History Club, Intramural Basketball CAROLYN JOYCE HARRIS So dependable, so considerate, so nice Band, Pep Club, F.T.A., F.H. A., Paper Staff, Library Staff JANE GINTER HARRIS No words can express her infinite sweetness Pep Club, French Club, History Club, F.A.A., Science Club, Chorus, F.H.A., F.T.A., Gym Assistant, Library Helper, Paper Staff ESTHER MAE HARRIS She is the very picture of friendliness Pep Club, F.N.A., Library Helper, F.H.A., Paper Staff WAYNE EUGENE HARRIS A fresh, a free, a friendly man Patrol, Dramatics Club, Football, Pep Club JOHN STEPHEN HARRISON Hate car. will travel O.O. Club ROBERT JOSEPH HARTMANN Man is free at the moment he wished to be Boys’ Chorus, D.E. Club, Pep ClubLANCE EDWARD HAUSMAN MARY LOU HAUVERSBURK A nice guy with a sophisticated air” Chorus Understanding is the wealth of wealth F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Chorus MARGIE LOU HAYNES “There is no virtue that is so truly great as justice 3ep Club ENDA JOYCE HEATON A lovely girl with a lovety voice Prudent Council, Pep Club, 3ym Assistant, F.H.A., F.N. ., F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Chorus, 7rench Club RONALD AUGUST HELLMUTH Great deeds are for great ELIZABETH MARION HELMES Full of good words and deeds Chorus, G.A.A., Pep Club THOMAS WILTON HEAD Are you shrinking or is your bass violin growing? Spanish Club, German Club, Patrol, Commercial Art Club, Orchestra, Band DAVID EUGENE HECKMAN Speak of voices changing — Tenor to Bass! Chorus, Spanish Club, Patrol, History ClubGARY EUGENE HENDRICKS A little bit shy but an all around guy” Pep Club NANCY IRENE HENSLEY Speech is golden” Gym Assistant, Pep Club, F. B.L.A., F.H.A., 0.0. Club, Office Helper, Switchboard Operator, Chorus ANTHONY HAYWARD HENDERSON Millions of jokes in one hand, his clarinet in the other” Football, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Pep Band, French Club FRANK EUGENE HENDERSON Elbow-grease is the best polish Spanish Club FRANK SCOTT HENDRICKSON Anything for a quiet life Boys' Cabinet, Tatler Staff, Latin Club, Radiological Detection Course, Camera Club, Pep Club, History Club, Science Club, Patrol THOMAS ANTHONY HENTRICK Such a character, so much fun” Pep Club, Student Council, Football PEARLINE HERD Majestic sweetness” F.H.A., Pep Club, F.N.A. SHARON LOIS HICKEY Always full of fun” Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Patrol, Gym AssistantFRANCES ELLIOT HOWELL 'Mixing chemicals is this boy’s hobby” 3erman Club, Science Club JANET SHARON HILLER Full of pep, rim and vitality” Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, F.H. A., Times Staff, Student Council, Girls' Council, Pep Club, F.N.A., Candidate for Dream Girl, Candidate for Football Queen, Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble, Orchestra JAMES LEO HINDELANG Long legs made for a tall boy” Chorus, Intramural Basketball, Spanish Club, Science Club TAMARA LOUISE HOAGLAND She truly has a heart of gold” Patrol, Dramatics Club, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant, Library Assistant, Science Club, Latin Club, Times Staff, Chorus, Student Council, Pep Club, Jr. Prom Com--mittee. Girls’ Ensemble, Commercial Art Club, Delegate to State Student Council Convention GORDON LEO HOLMES Many happy thoughts and deeds” Pep Club, Rifle Club, Camera Club, Chorus, Office Assistant MARY KAY HILL A blush is nice but sometimes inconvenient” G.A.A., F.T.A., Latin Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Science Club, Patrol JERRY LEE HUBBARD Nothing succeeds like success” Band GORDON HENRY HILL 'Closer and closer comes my goal” Track ✓ VEDWARD HARLYN HUEBENER 'There are many lovely women, but no perfect ones” JAMES DEXTER HULL All greatness loves to be surprising” Science Club, Rifle Club, German Club KATHRYN RUTH HUNTER She is much sought after because she is always followed by a hunter” F.B.L.A., F.T.A., Pep Club, F.H.A., Chorus, Student Council, Office Assistant, Camera Club mm NANCY BETH JACKSON Fashionality plus personality” National Honor Society, Times, Tatler Staff, French Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Maid to Dream Girl, Student Council, Debate, Dramatics Club, History Club, Girls’ Council, G.A.A., Falcon Staff, Counselor’s Assistant, Homecoming Candidate for Queen STEVEN ORVILLE JACKSON 7 agree with no man’s opinions. I have some of my own” Latin Club, Pep Club MICHAEL NATHAN HUNTER I’d rather hold a football than any girl, or would I?” Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Boys' Cabinet, Let-terman's Club DAVID EDWIN JACOBY A whiz on the trampoline” Pep Club, Patrol, Radio Club MICHAEL EDWARD JACOBSON Quiet, solid friendship” History ClubDARRELL EUGENE JENKINS It is better to be faithful than famous” 7ootball, F.F.A., Chorus, Pep 21ub, Jr. Prom Committee MARVIN DEWAYNE JOHNSON 'I’ll speak to thee in silence' CAROL LEENEY JAEGER EDWARD TERRENCE She has the world at her JANSEN fingers tips” Oh! those, eyes Spanish Club, Times Staff, Pep Club, Latin Club, Patrol, Pep Club, Dramatics Club Science Club, Football, Golf CARL LEROY JONES Moves but slowly, slowly” JANNIE FRANCIS JONES Likes sunshine after rain F.H.A., Pep Club, Spanish Club, F.N.A., Patrol JOHN JOSEPH JERASHEN What a sense of humor! PATRICIA ANNE JOHNSON Attraction attracting all like a magnet Latin Club, German Club, French Club, Patrol, Student Council, F.N.A., Pep ClubDENNIS ALLEN KAID Take me out to the hall game” Football, Track, Baseball, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Basketball DENNIS SLYVESTER KELLY Common Sense” D.E. Club WILLIAM DALE JONES GEORGE ARTHUR KAHL The good live longest” Gentlemanly conduct” Pep Club MARY SUE KEITH ”Good company” Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., Chorus, Band, Pep Club, Office Assistant, Orchestra BILL DEAN KIRBY Conduct maketh a ready man” CAROLE SUSAN KOBER Pleasures of intellect” Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Chorus, French, Club, Dramatics Club, F.T. A., F.B.L.A., Science Club, Newspaper Staff, Patrol, Girls’ Council CYNTHIA ANN KODROS Nothing endures but personal qualities” Cheerleader, Pep Club, F.H. A., Jr. Prom Committee, Chorus, Gym Assistant, Office Helper, Dream Girl, Times Staff, Girls’ Council, Freshman Prom Committee, Homecoming QueenBOBBY JOE KYLE A confused mass of muscle Football, Track, Baseball JOYCE KATHERINE LAGEMANN A sweet attractive kind of grace Chorus, Nurses’ Assistant, F. B.L.A., Pep Club, Orchestra, G.A.A., Office Helper, Student Council DONALD ODELL LAHR RONALD ALLEN LAIRD Diversity of humours A firm character■ hreedeth tumours Baseball, Basketball, Track, Football, Pep Club, Science Club, Student Council, Patrol, Chorus, Times Staff, Senior Class President, National Honor Society 3 q Iz, I GEORGE MITCHELL LAMMERS Medicine cannot cure Football, French Club, Basketball, Patrol, Cross Country, Cross Country Manager, Pep Club, Radio Club, Student Council SONDRA SUE LAUCK Enchanting smile F.H.A., F.C.A., Chorus, French Club, Patrol CHARLES DAVID LEAMON Our aim is glory Pep Club, Basketball, Patrol, Boys’ Cabinet RONALD EUGENE LEAVELL Level headed, has a flat top Science Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Let-terman’s Club, Student Council, Chorus, French Club, Pep Club, Boys’ CabinetSHIRLEY ANN LEMASTUS 'Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde” Latin Club, Office Helper, Pep Club, Nurse's Assistant, Chorus, Gym Assistant, Student Council, Girls’ Council, F.H.A., Counselor's Assistant WILLARD HEATLEY LIVINGSTONE Dr. Livingstone, 1 presume!” Patrol, Pep Club LEAH PATRICIA LENHARDT Cyprus Gardens — here I comef” Pep Club, Cheerleader, F.H. A., F.N.A., Chorus, Office Assistant, Girls’ Ensemble, Student Council, Clinic Helper, Maid of Honor to Miss North Junior CHARLES JOSEPH LIBRO What men dare do” Pep Club, French Club, Library Assistant, Cafeteria Helper, Office Helper CHARLES ANDREW LEWIS Hitch your wagon to a star” Pep Club, Science Club, Intramural Basketball FRANCES LYNN LINGENFELTER ”The smile that robs” Art Club, Office Helper, Clinic Helper, Science Club, Pep Club, F.H.A., F.N.A., Chorus, Band, Times Staff, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club, Girls Council, Jr. Prom Committee, Cheerleader, Maid to May Queen JACK EDWARD LENHARDT A man of gladness” NORMAN RAY LOHR On! Don't let my feet touch the ground!” Cross Country Track, Football, Pep ClubJUDITH KAYE LONG A little goes a long way Cheerleader, Student Council, French Ciub, Jr. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Gym Assistant, Office Assistant, History Club DONALD JOE LOWERY Eccentricities of genius, Sam Times Staff, Track, Science Club, Spanish Club, German Club, French Club, B o y s’ Cabinet, National Honor Society, Student Council LONNA LEE LYNN Delicious springs of joy G.A.A., Gym Assistant, Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Girls' Council, Student Council, Times Staff, Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Patrol DWIGHT GRAHAM MCAFOOS So I'm short. I’m built Commercial Art Club JAMES BRUCE LYON The only athletic sport he hasn’t mastered is backgammon National Honor Society, Sru-dent Council, Football, Times Staff, Band, Orchestra, Track, French Club, Pep Club, Boys' Cabinet VERLA KAY MCCANN Great joys are silent Chorus, F.H.A., Girls’ EnsembleHAROLD EUGENE MC GOWEN Splendid Mankind” Football Manager, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet il MICHAEL PAUL MC KELVEY Life is a jest” Science Club, Pep Club, Art Club, Patrol, Gym Assistant, Chorus MARY MARIE MACKELDEN A friend of the human race' MALCOLM HANNAY MC LAIN Curse of Scotland” Student Patrol, Football, Pep Club, Science Club, German Club, Radio Club, Dramatics Club, Cross Country, Civil Defense Course JANET GAYE MALONEY A small girl with a big personality” Pep Club, Spanish Club, F. N.A., F.H.A., Orchestra, Cheerleader CLYDE HENRY MARQUIS There is uisdom behind a cloak of silence” Football, Basketball, Track, Patrol, Office Assistant, Pep Club MADELEINE CAROL MARTI ” Vhat’s hidden behind the shyness?” Band, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Commercial Art ClubEDWARD LESLIE MARTIN Great men are apt to be quiet” Counselor's Assistant, Pep Club, Spanish Club THEODORE FITCH MAUGER And to you, young man. goes first prize Track, Science Club, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Radio Club, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball RONALD PEARCE MAYHEW Great. Glorious, and Free” Band, Pep Club, Cross Country, Track, Basketball LINDA DARLENE MAYHALL She is good as she is fair Chorus, F.B.L.A., F.N.A., F. H.A., Pep Club, Clinic Helper, Gym Assistant JERRY FRANCIS MEDLER Mr. Music Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Track, Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Science Club, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Jr. Prom Committee JOHN WESLEY MEEDEN Up the mount of glory Science Club, Chorus, Baseball, Basketball, Patrol, Track AUDREY MAXINE MASON Silent are the good Chorus, Spanish Club, F.B.L A., Pep Club, Office Assistant CAROLE LOUISE MEYER A mind careful in business Latin Club, Pep Club, Band, Dramatics Club, F.B.L.A., Girls’ CouncilCHARLENE KAY MEYERS Church bells may ring” Girls Council, F.H.A., F.B.L. A., Pep Club, O.O. Club, Office Assistant PEGGY ANN MICHAEL Never too late for delight” Band, G.A.A., F.H.A., Chorus, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Girls’ Council PATRICIA ANN MIDDLETON Girl with a smile to match her personality” F.C.A., Chorus ROBERT WAYNE MIDDLETON Spare the fun. he’ll make some!” Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Times Staff, Boys Cabinet, Chorus, Pep Club, Counselor's Assistant, Patrol, Jr. Prom Committee, Track, Science Club DENNIS LEE MILFORD Fine as a student, but even better as a friend” Patrol, Paper Staff, F.T.A., Student Council, Boys’ Cabinet, Camera Club, Pep Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, History Club, National Honor Society, Tarler Staff, Latin Contest, Dramatics Club BEVERLY ANN MILLER She has such winning ways” Latin Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Paper Staff, Patrol JEFFREY DEAN MILLER Gourmet, but food is not his only dish” Pep Club, Spanish Club, Boys’ Cabinet, Chorus, Student Council JUDITH ANN MILLER Come rain or come shine. she’s always happy” Student Council, Pep Club, Chorus, Library AssistantROGER PHILLIPS MILLER 'To be or not to be?” Latin Club, Spanish Club, Radio Club, Science Club, Patrol, Chorus, Orchestra, Boys' Chorus JOSEPH EDWARD MOELLER Man with a million friends” Library Assistant, Dramatics Club, Pep Club PRESTON SCOTT MONROE What's the secret of your success?” Science Club, Pep Club BRUCE NOLAN MONTGOMERY A leader of men, a follower of women” Student Council, Football, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, Basketball, Track JAMES ALLEN MORKEL Man around the house” Football, Track, BasketballRICHARD LEE MUSGROVE Open the door, Richard” Patrol SHARON JEANETTE NICHOLSON Uhmn, what lovely hair! Pep Club, Office Assistant, Library Assistant CHARLENE KAY MUELLER A pleasure to know F.H.A. KAYE FRANCES MURPHY Girl with the Flaxon hair Pep Club, D.E. Club, F.N.A., Gym Assistant JEAN ELIZABETH NUZUM fThe school sensation Pep Club, F.H.A., Counselor’s Assistant, Chorus HARRY GEORGE OBERKFELL Hey, girls! He’s the man! Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Patrol, Student Council, Jr. Prom Committee, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, Science Club ROBERT EUGENE NAUGLE A little bit shy, but an allround guy Rifle Club, Pep Club, Student Council JERRY WAYNE NORMAN Who me? A lady killer? Pep Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Office AssistantALBERT ARTHUR OLESON His conversation is always refreshing” HELEN PANOUZIS Helen of Troy” STEPHEN ANDERSON OLSON Sure. Ill help you with your homework” Track, Basketball, Spanish Club, Science Club, Patrol RICHARD REID O’NEAL You say that's a car?” Patrol, Boys’ Chorus, Pep Club, Tatler Staff, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Junior Prom Committee DONALD MURLE OLIVE Here comes Tommy Dorsey!” Football, Band, Pep Band JOYCE MAE OSTROWSKI She never gives up! Pep Club, Dramatics Club, French Club, Chorus, Girls’ Chorus, Spanish Club, Archery Club, F.N.A., G.A.A., Press Club CHARLES WAYNE P»T OVERATH Charter member of the order of Romeos” Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, Pep Club, D.E. Club, Patrol OTf 2, lb « 7 LARRY JOHN PARKS Smart dresser, top drawer” Football, Boys' Chorus, Pep Club, BasketballALBERT PATTERSON Sitting pretty” Football, Basketball, Cross Country, Chorus PATRICIA ANN PERKINS A 'perky’ little gal” D.E. Club, Pep Club, F.B.L. A., Chorus, F.H.A. CHARLES GARY PATTON ”He’ll travel far and wide” D.E. Club, Track, Football JUDITH KAY PEA Where did she get all that energy” F.N.A., Commercial Art Club, Clinic Assistant, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Patrol, Chorus Wallace wayne peal philip leroy peek A good man is hard to find” Run silent, run deep!” O.O. Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Office Assistant MARK ALAN PATTERSON Consideration with a captitol C” Cafeteria Helper, Chorus CAROLYN SUE PETERS A pretty girl is like a melody” Library Assistant, Gym Assistant, Pep Club, Counselor’s Assistant, Science Fair Exhibit, F.B.L.A., Pep Club, French Club, F.N.A.BIANCA BARBARA PHILLIPS Stars in her eyes” Gym Assistant, Pep Club, G. A.A., Office Assistant, F.C. A., Student Council, Chorus, F.N.A. RONALD WAYNE PHIPPS Don't you think he's dreamy'' WILLIAM HENRY PETERSEN A duck hunter am I” Spanish Club Boys’ Cabinet, Pep Club, Office Assistant, Track, Football, Rifle Club, Science Club MARTHA ANN PHELPS The girl with the golden French Club, Student Council, F.T.A., Office Assistant, Times Staff, Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble, History Club, Debate, Pep Club, Highlights Staff FREDDI MARIE PINKERTON Happy are the good F.H.A., Pep Club CYNTHIA KAY PHILLIPS Cindy, Oh, Cindy Jr. Prom Committee, Cheerleader, Thespians, Times Staff, Student Council, Band, Pep Club, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Office Assistant, F.H. A., F.N.A., Latin Club LINDA SUE PHIPPS Sweet, sophisticated F.H.A., Pep Club, Chorus, O. O. Club, Cheerleader, French Club, Office Assistant PAUL EDWIN PIERCE Fast in sports, but even faster in making friends Paper Staff, Pep Club, Cross Country, Track, Band, National Honor Society  ROGER EWING POTTER Greatest intellects often lie unseen National Honor Society, Spanish Club ROBERT MORRISON PRIVETT A dozen doughnut holes please Spanish Club, Band, Chorus, Office Assistant GLADYS MARIE HELEN PEARLEVA PITCHFORD POINDEXTER Glad to have you with us Domestic happiness F.H.A., Counselor’s Assistant, Latin Club, French Club, Pep Chorus Club, Band, Orchestra, G.A. A., F.N.A., Chorus JACQUELINE FRANCES PRICE At the end of the rainbow F.H.A. JUDITH ANN PYLE If less wise, more happy Band, G.A.A., French Club, F.N.A. JAMES BRUCE QUACKENBUSH He's ducky Radio Club RHONDA LEE MARIE QUINN Silent and aware F.B.L.A., Majorette, Patrol, Careers Night Assistant, Counselor’s Assistant, Science ClubPAULA LOU RAYMOND Greatness stems from sweetness ;.H.A., Office Assistant, Li-»rary Assistant, F.B.L.A. JACQUELINE SUE REED A friendly girl is a real joy French Club, Pep Club, Patrol, F.H.A., Dramatics Club CHARLES ARTHUR REESE Among the girls he's always found Baseball, Football, Pep Club, Office Assistant, Basketball DARRELL LYNN RICH As I am, so I see” Latin Club, Pep Club, Basketball, Patrol DONNA MARIE RICE Sharp as a tack Pep Club, Office Assistant, Cheerleader, Student Council, F.T.A., F.H.A., Library Assistant, Maid of Honor to Miss North Jr. BARBARA KAY RICHARDSON The girl with the flattering frames Latin Club, F.N.A., Dramatics Club, Chorus, Science Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Girls’ Ensemble ROBERT RAY RICHARDSON You've got to be a football hero ootball. Basketball, Track, tudent Council, French lub, German Club, Patrol, ep Club, Letterman's Club 3 SUSAN JANE RINGERING Gayer than laughter is she G.A.A., Student Council Science Club, Chorus, F.H. A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Times Staff, Gym Assistant, Spanish Club, Maid to Football QueenSHELBY JEAN ROBERTS Charming gale F.H.A., G.A.A., Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Jr. Prom Committee I •» CAROL JANE ROBERTSON Big as a minute, lovely as a flower F.C.A., Student Council, Pep Club, Spanish Club GRADY LEE ROBINSON Active in class activities never refuses to do a favor Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Boys' Cabinet, Pep Club, Letterman’s Club, Chorus, Tatler Staff JERRY BRUCE ROGERS His studies will bring him success Rifle Club, Pep Club, Football, Track, Student Council JUDY KAYE ROBISON If you want anything well done, let Judy do it Spanish Club, F.N.A. ARLA BESS ROLLER I am as I am and so will I be F.H.A., Spanish Club, Commercial Art Club, Pep Club I 1 SALLY LUCILLE ROWAN She's one step ahead — she was born wise Student Council, Pep Club, Latin Club, Girls’ Council, Counselors Assistant, ChorusROBERT TOLLEY RUBY 'The wildest colts make the best horses” Track, Pep Club, Football, Rifle Club, History Club, Science Club, Boys’ Cabinet, Basketball Manager, Office Assistant HOMER LA VERNE RUEDIN Word of the women” Pep Club, Student Council, Football, Boys’ Cabinet ENELOPE ANNE RUHE Girl with the sparkling personality” rench Club, Student Coun-1, Pep Club, Band, Orches-a, Jr. Prom Committee, ramatics Club, Thespians, erman Club VANCE ADEAN RUSSELL Sharp is the word for her” H.A., Pep Club, Jr. Prom ommittee, Chorus, Tatler taff. Girls’ Council, Spanish lub MARTHA-JEAN RULON ”Nature girl” Student Council, Library Assistant, Paper Staff, Office Assistant, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Chorus, Pep Club,, F.B.L.A., O.O. Club, Gym Assistant, F.N.A. ROSE MARIE LILLIAN SACCHI Her greatness and her sweetness” Dramatics Club, Thespians, Latin Club, Office Assistant, Pep ClubPHYLLIS JUNE SCHLOBOHM Her pencil draws our faces, her manner, our hearts” Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble, Dramatics Club, Debate, National Honor Society, Tatler, Times, Library Assistant, Commercial Art Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Careers Night Assistant CHARLENE ESTHER SCHLUETER A bundle of common sense tied with a ribbon of originality” Pep Club, F.H.A., Latin Club, Girls’ Council, Tatler Staff, Times Staff, Paper Staff, Chorus DAVID HENRY SCHAFFER A worthy addition to our class' F.F.A., Paper Staff, Student Patrol LYNN LUCILLE SCHAEFER Investments in knowledge are wise ones” Pep Club, Tatler Staff, F.H. A., Spanish Club, Office Assistant, Dramatics Club, G.A. A. SANDRA JANE SCHLOSSER A true friend is a friend forever” F.H.A. DONALD LEE SCHMIDT He's small but he packs a powerful punch” Spanish Club, Pep Club, Patrol PAUL SAMUEL SCHMIDT Actor, dancer, drum major, student — what can’t he do?” Orchestra, Band, French Club, Dramatics Club, Thespians, Science Club, Drum Major, Counselor’s Assistant ROBERT EUGENE SCHOBERND He is never less at leisure than when at leisure D.E. Club, Pep Club, FootballWAYNE LEWIS SCHOEFFEL Young in limbs, in judgement old Radio Club, Science Club, Latin Club, Band, Radio Class LOIS LA VON SCHUETZ In the twinkling of an eye Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble CARL ROBERT SCOTT Strong reasons make strong actions JOHN WAYNE SCHULTZ Gentlemen is written legibly on his brow” KERMET FREDERICK SCOTT Young fellows will be young fellows Pep Club, Intramural Basketball RICHARD LEON SCHROEDER What a man needs in gardening is a cast-imn back, with a hinge in it Patrol, Football, Basketball, Track, Library Assistant, F.T. A., Science Club, Baseball JAMES LYNN SEAGO Can one desire too much of a good thing? -atin Club, National Hon- r Society, Pep Club, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, ’atrol, Office Assistant, Stu-'ent Council, Football Manger, State Latin Contest SUSAN ARLINE SEELY Respect to her is what we owe; love, what we give” History Club, Tatler Staff, National Honor Society, Thespians, Latin Club, Pep Club, Girls’ Council, Band, Patrol, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Jr. Prom Commit tee, OrchestraJOSEPH BERNARD SHAW A 'Penny1 for his thoughts Pep Club DOLORES ANN SHOCKLEY She makes a July's day short as December” Times Staff, Tatler Staff, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, French Club, Commercial Art Club, Cheerleader, Student Council, History Club, Office Assistant, Falcon Staff, Gym Assistant DONALD GENE SINGLETON ”Here's what education means — to he able to do what you've never done before Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet BERNARD FRANCIS SLAUGHTER Education makes the man” Science Club, Spanish Club, Baseball ORVILLE OTTIS SITZE No sooner said than done —so acts your man of worth Latin Club, Band, Pep Club CAROLYN JEAN SMITH Though she be but little, she is fierce Clinic Assistant, Office Assistant, Pep Club, Library Assistant JUDITH ANNE SMITH As good as gold Pep Club, Gym Assistant, G.A.A. ORVILLE ALBERT SMITH A wise and good man can suffer no disgrace ROBERT ADRIAN SMITH 'Thou hast no sorrow in thy song, no winter in thy year” Football, Basketball, Track, Boys’ Cabinet, Patrol, Pep Club, Intramural Basketball, Jr. Prom Committee WILLIAM PAUL SMITH Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet, Intramural Basketball •BARBARA SOKOLOWSKI I shall laugh myself to death” Pep Club, Spanish Club, F. H.A., F.N.A., Student Council, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Chorus, Gym Assistant SCOTT ALBERT SPENCER Brightest and Best Chorus, Radio Club LEO MICHAEL SPRINGMAN He went forth conquering and to conquer” Chorus, Library Assistant BARBARA JEAN STAMER I make the most of all that comes, and the least of all that goes” Library’ Assistant, Chorus, Science Club, F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club ROY ROBERT STAMPER He lives to build, not boast” Basketball, Cross Country, Pep Club WILLIAM ROBERT STANTON His works will follow him’ Rifle Club, Pep ClubPATRICIA ANN STATEN 'That sex which is therefore called fair” Cheerleader, Pep Club, F.H. A., French Club, G i r 1 s’ Council, Office Worker JON CONN STAUB Here is a dear and true industrious friend” History Club, Student Council, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet SHIRLEY KAY STAUFFER A fair exterior is a silent recommendation” Pep Club, Tatler Staff, Paper Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, F.H.A., Girls’ Council, Chorus, Spanish Club ALICE MAE STEVENSON All women are naturally ambitious” Band, Pep Club, Chorus, G. A.A., F.B.L.A., O.O. Club «sT ,c! • MARY JANE STECK Of surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth” Tatler Staff, Dramatics Club, Soanish Cub, Pep Club, Chorus, Student Council, F. H.A., Jr. Prom Committee, Patrol, F.N.A., 1955 Football Maid of Honor FLOYD WAYNE STICE 'To seek a tiger, one must go into the tiger’s den” CAROLINE JEANNE STILWELL Blushing is the color of virtue” Library Assistant, Commercial Art Club, F.N.A., Counselor’s Assistant, Office Assistant, Science Club, Spanish Club, Times Staff, Student Council, Girls’ Council, Pep Club, Patrol, Clinic Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Chorus, G.A.A. CAROLYN JANE STIRITZ Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind” Latin Club, Tatler Staff, Orchestra, F.H.A., G.A.A.DONNA DOLORES STOWERS '7 hate nobody; I am in charity with the world” F.N.A., F.H.A. SANDRA LEE TEASLEY Patience is the best of all instructors” Patrol, Pep Club, G.A.A., Gym Assistant, F.H.A., Dramatics Club DAVID RUDOLPH STRASSER His time is forever, everywhere is his place” Camera Club, French Club, F.T.A. DAVID EARL STUPPERICH His time is forever, everywhere is his place” Pep Club, Football, Golf, Track DAVID MALLORY SWINNEY If we’ve promised them aught, let us keep our promise” Spanish Club, Counselor's Assistant JAMES HOMER SUMNER '7 never saw a wild thing sorry for itself” Baseball, Basketball NORMA JEAN TATE A good mind possesses a kingdom” Latin Club, Student Council, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Switchboard Operator DONALD RAYMOND TEUTRINE To be strong is to be happy” French Club, Patrol, Office AssistantRICHARD RAYMOND THOMPSON He looks wise” Track, D.E. Club VIRGINIA LOU THORNTON True as the dial to the sun” G.A.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Patrol, Gym Assistant HUGH MAURICE TIEMAN Great is truth. Fire cannot burn, noi water, drown it” Pep Club WILLIAM PATRICK TIERNEY A smile is worth a million words” Football, Track, Basketball, D.E. Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Band KALLIE KAY TODD Patience is the best remedy for every trouble” F.B.L.A., G.A.A., F.T.A., Latin Club, Pep Club DANIEL FRANKLIN TRAVIS He is allergic to 9:00” Pep Club, Patrol, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Track Manager, Jr. Prom Committee, Times Staff, Football, Intramural Basketball, Boys’ Chorus, Spanish Club, Band, Track DONALD ROSS TROWBRIDGE You'll find us rough. Sir, but you’ll find us ready” Track, Cross Country, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet BEVERLY ANN TINSLEY As merry as the day is long” Cheerleader, F.H.A., F.C.A., Pep Club, ChorusJAMES DAVID TUETKEN For truth is precious a n d divine” Chorus, German Club, Cafeteria Helper, History Club BEVERLY JEAN TURNER Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired Pep Club, Spanish Club, F. H.A., Chorus, Counselor's Assistant, Office Assistant, Student Council RODNEY CARROLL TUTT know a trick worth two of that Football, Golf, Commercial Art Club, Pep Club, B o y s' Cabinet, Basketball, Track, Patrol, Science Club, J r. Prom Committee, Chorus BARBARA JEAN TYLER 'The female counterpart of Robin Hood Patrol, Girls' Ensemble, Chorus, F.N.A., G.A.A., Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Li-rary Assistant, Clinic Assistant BERTHA LOUISE ULRICH Real-l-l nice F.N.A., F.H.A., Cafeteria Helper, Counselor’s Assistant, Pep Club, Chorus HENRY JAMES VASSAR Any connection with Vassar College? Pep Club, Football, Cross Country, Patrol, Intramural Basketball, Band MARILYN KAY TWITCHELL She ain’t tall, she’s small, that’s all DOROTHY GEORGIA ULL The running between classes keeps me slim Student Council, Tatler Staff, Office Assistant, Counselor’s Assistant, Pep Club, Chorus, G.A.A., F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Girls’ Council, Gym Assistant, Cheerleader, F.H. A. Sweetheart QueenSONDRA BITITE VEILANDS Who says brains and beauty don’t mix?” Chorus, Girls' Council, Tat-ler, Times Staff, Jr. Prom Committee, Latin Club, Pep Club, Patrol, National Honor Society STEPHEN JAY VOSS 'Wait until I make my first million” Band, Times Staff, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Office Assistant, Basketball Manager MARY ELIZABETH Wade Who said I don’t like boys?” Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble HARRIETT MARIE WALCZAK Gentlemen prefer blondes” Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, F.N.A., Science Club, G.A.A., Chorus JEANNETTE LOUISE WALKER A small barrel of fun” Chorus, Pep Club, G i r 1 s’ Council, F.B.L.A., F.H.A., O.O. Club, Cheerleader, Patrol, Paper Staff, May Queen Candidate ISABEL AMELIA WALTERS Blonde or gray; we like her anyway” Pep Club, Commercial Art Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Counselor's Assistant, Dramatics Club, Jr. Prom Committee, Chorus, Gym Assistant, F.H.A., May Queen Candidate, G i r 1 s’ Council, Science Club, Patrol BARBARA JEAN WARDEIN Good things come in small packages” F.H.A., F.N.A., Camera Club, Chorus, D.E. ClubJANIS KAY WASSON Sweet and neat” French Club, Pep Club, Student Council, Library Assistant, Paper Staff, F.T.A., Chorus, Office Assistant JOHN HARRISON WEDIG '7 like them — blonde, tanned, and with brains French Club, Latin Club, Patrol, Pep Club, Cross Country', Track LOIS MARGARET WEBER '7 don't know why, but I like boys F.N.A., Chorus, Clinic Assistant, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, G i r 1 s' Ensemble JEANNE KAY WEISS Her hair is truly her ’crowning glory' Pep Club, Spanish Club, Band, Gym Assistant, F.H.A., OrchestraKATHRYN ANN WEST Su eet and gentle” 0.0. Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Library Assistant CAROLYN SUE WHEELER ,fHamlet — now there was a man!..” Chorus, Patrol, Jr. Prom Committee, Spanish Club, Girls’ Council, F.T.A., Pep Club, Student Council, Office Assistant JUDITH ANN WIENEKE There’s only one for me, G” Cheerleader, Times Staff, Office Helper, G.A.A., F.B. L.A., Chorus, Debate, Latin Conoest, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Girls’ Council, Falcon Staff, Pep Club, Speech Contest, Careers Night, Counselor’s Assistant, Jr. Prom Committee, Tatler Staff, 9th Grade Prom Committee JANET MARIE WESTBROOK Give her a job and it's done” F.B.L.A., Pep Club, 0.0. ClubRONALD KENNETH WOLFF Wolf? Not really Pep Club, Office Assistant, Rifle Club PAUL EDWARD WOOD An honest man D.E. Club ANN MAE WOODS The language of the heart” Pep Club, F.H.A., Office Assistant, Band JANICE GENIECE WOODS A disposition to match her laughing eyes Pep Club, F.N.A., F.B.L.A., F.H.A., Chorus RICHARD LEE WOOLEY Redheads are a weakness of his” Basketball, Track, History Club, Student Council, Pep Club, Boys’ Cabinet, Rifle ClubJUDY ANN WREATH 'The best part of school is the holidays’’ F.H.A., Pep Club DOLORES JEAN WRIGHT For some reason. basketball fascinates her” Band, French Club, F.A.A., Chorus, F.N.A., F.H.A., Pep Club JOHN CHARLES YAGER Doesn’t say much, not much he doesn’t” Football, Basketball, Pep Club EDITH MARY YOUNG Who studies? Not me!” National Honor Society, Science Club, French Club, Pep Club, Patrol, Orchestra, Library Assistant ROBERT HART YATES He likes, to work!” F.F.A., D.E. Club THOMAS HOMER ZIGRANG 'That Buick really goes” Pep Club, Commercial Art Club NANCY JEAN ZIMMER All this and nice, too” G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Pep Club, F.H.A., Gym Assistant LUCY ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN Strangers are just friends she hasn’t met yet” Tatler Editor, National Honor Society, Times Staff, Chorus, French Club, J r. Prom Committee, Pep Club, Science Fair Winner, Library Assistant, Counselor’s Assistant, Freshman Prom Committee, Football Queen CandidateJuniorsRichard Adams Joyce Admire Phil Afflack Ronald Alford Jo Ann Almonroeder Gary Anderson Janet Anderson Delores Armstead Diane Arnold Stanley Ash Donna Atteberry Jean Aubrey Omar Austin Ronald Bailey Linda Baker Douglas Ballinger Pat Barton Jan Bassford Bonnie Batchelor Barbara Bauser Ruth Bauser Janet Baxter John Bean Roger Becker Bill Bettendorff Mike Bishop Richard Bivens Sharon Bizaillion Walter Black Wade Blackmore Mike Blakely Anita Blayney Gary Bogart Sam Bono Ramona BootsTom Borman Zella Bowman Judy Boyd Sharon Boyd Barbara Boyer Donald Boyer Rita Bradley Dick Brecht Ida Faye Brecht Tom Breitweiser Robert Briggs Stephen Britt David Brokow Elaine Brown Miriam Brown Pat Browning Donna Broyles Gail Buchanan Ronnie Buckshot Sandra Bull Ted Burleson Barbara Burdoff Elenor Burger Barbara Burris Bobbie Burrs Cindy Byford Sally Byrley Sandy Camp Jim Campbell Tom Cannavan Barbara Cannon Gary Cannon Jerry Carpunky Joan Carroll Gary CaseDick Chadwick Lynn Chase Margaret Childers Bob Clark Shirley Clayton Shirley Clowers Ronnie Coats Ronnie Cockran Fanny Cole Nancy Conour Rog Cooke Pery Coons Marilyn Cope Sharilyn Cope Paul Corbin Hope Cousley Georgia Covington Terry Cowgill Leo Cox Bill Crain David Crawford Claudia Croft Sharon Cummins Vernon Cunningham Gail Curvey David Czerney Wanda Dailey Kenneth Damron Harold Dams Mary Davis Pat Davis Sandra Davis Barbara Day Jeanette DeMunbrum Dorothy Denother o % John Denother Thomas Deucker Janet Dickerson Harold Diemer Gale Dix '-W - f a r f A Alice Dodge Judy Doerr Larry Donahue Ruth Dotson Judith Dumey '-Jr ri Ok ¥ a 9 Sandra Dunbar Joey Dungan Ken Duncan Ann Dye Robert Ebbler Lana Economides Tom Edsall Kathy Edwards David Ellington Donald Elliott Toni Enders Jean Ennis Herschell Epps Gerald Evans Kay Ewing Leslie Fairbanks Carol Fairless Gary Fansler Andy Farnbach Mary Farmer Judy Fatchett Tom Faulkner Tom Fearno Phyllis FergusonTom Fichtel Barbara Fisher Jeanne Fisher June Fisher Janice Flackus Joyce Fleming Mae Fleming Pam Flory Judy Foeller Terry Forbes Mike Forrester Carol Fowler Rodger Fowler Richard Francis Terry Franke Ed Frankford Gary Franklin Sandy Frazier Louise Freeman Herbert Frohock Phyllis Furgeson Frances Gainer Bob Galligos Linda Galliher George Gavel las Roberta Gayan Charles Georges Richard Georgewitz Sandy Gilbert Charles Gill Gary Gilleland Don Gissler Kenny Glen Jo Ann Goodwin John GrayMike Gray Margaret Green Alice Greene Joe Green well Art Greenwood Jo Ann Griesbaum Judy Griesbaum Don Grizzle Janet Gross Ricky Grubb Judy Grounds Tom Grove Alvin Grillo Phyllis Guenncwig Judy Hagen Lizzie Halpin Kenny Hardwick Bill Harley John Harlow Charles Harpole Alice Harris Myrtle Harris Dennis Harrison Carol Hart Mary Hartly Jim Hatcher Earl Hauke Randy Hausemann John Hayes Seigle Hayes Flo Heard Rosie Hearn John Helmn Raymond Helsley Betty HendersonJohn Henderson Robert Henderson Bob Henson Rosie Herrin Jana Herrin Judy Hershey Judy Hickerson John Hickey Donna Higdon Carol Himmel Gene Hineman Sandy Hoffmann Andy Hogue Shirley Holiday Frank Hollis Ken Holloway Carol Honchell Sue Honchell Alice Hooper David Horn Carol Horstmand Carol Howard Gary Howdenshell Jim Hubbard Ann Hubbell Pat Hunter Myra Ingram Bob Ivester Ralph Jackson Kenny Jameson Herman Jann Pat Jarrett Marie Jenkins Theroll Jenkins Peggy JewelAlvin Johnson Jane Johnson Steve Johnson Lyndel Johnston Phyliss Johnston Ruth Ann Jones Philip Kardis Karen Keasler Barbara Keen Eddie Keller Nancy Kerwin Connie Ketchum Patricia Kick John Killion Myrna Kimbro Billie Jean King Erlene King Judy Kistner Vernon Kitzmiller Carol Klaus Larry Kline Richard Knight Sharon Kochersperger Bill Kodros Jean Kolkmeyer Nancy Kortkamp Dorothy Kozatos Bonnie Kramer Sylvia Kreitzer Bob Krodger Carol Kusterman Gwenn Kuhn Lucia Laird William Laird Dolores LambieDanny Landess Paul Langer Carol La Pelle Annie Laster Barbara Lawhorn Gary Lawson John Lewis Ronnie Lewis Donna Lindsay Veronica Locke Jeff Logan Judy Logan Terry Long Victor Lohr Karen Lough Marjorie MacAninch Bill McAdams Stan McAfoos Ann McBride Gay McCarty James McClendon Peggy McCormick Nancy McDonald Dan McDuff Glenn McElroy James McGaughey Linda McGowan Mike McKee Betty McManis Phyllis Mackeldon Neil Maguire Roy Maguire Luke Malone Roy Manning Jerry MapleJoAnna Marques Larry Marshall Eddie Matteson Dorothy Mauger Walter Mawdsley John May Harold Mayhall JoAnn Medina Gary Metcalfe Tom Metzger Jim Meyer Ronald Meyer Pauline Millen Carolyn Miller Gary Miller Sue Miller John Mitchell Kenny Mitchell Les Mitchell Rosie Mitchell Paul Mizirski Sandy Moehle Jerry Montague James Montgomery Mary Jo Moore Ronny Morgenroth Ruth Moyer Bill Muehlman Barbara Murphy Donna Musgrave Russell Musgrave David Nekola Bob Nicolet Evanthia Nicolow Peggy NeudeckerJackie Newman Connie O’Connor Ronald Oden Kay Odle Mary Olson Carol Osborne Ronna Ostendorf Jane Oswalt Larry Overath Georgia Overby Kay Parkins Bea Patterson Mary Patterson Priscilla Peterson Paul Phillips Nancy Pickens Jeff Pinkerton Rodger Plumber Dave Plunk Barbara Porter Amy Jo Powers Nancy Preis Roger Price Timothy Price Carol Pritchard Beverly Pybas Robert Rainey Gary Ralston Floyd Raslin Harold Rathgeb Martha Ready Norman Reed Sandra Reeves Don Redenbo Arthur ReddittLaura Retherford Dave Rhoads Sharolyn Richards Thelma Rickey Charles Richmond Jean Ridenhower Bernice Ringering Frank Robinson Jeanette Robinson Jim Robinson Joe Robinson Robert Robinson Pat Rodgers Stephen Rodgers George Rolla Sally Roller Pat Rook Terry Rowan Barbara Rowe Mary Edna Rowland Pearl Rucker Enita Ruckman Diane Rudolph Rosemary Rued in Margaret Rueman James Russo Connie St. Clair Gene Sanders Margie Schlobohm Jackie Sears Jim Seifrit Ed Schaefer Don Schrumph Don Schueler Kenny SchulenburgRichard Schwaab Chuck Schwartz Gary Schacfelford Madeline Shaw Lynda Shaw Barbara Sherer Charlotte Shive Richard Skinner Mary Slaughter Phyllis Small Judy Smith Mike Smith Pat Smith Bob Smith Carolyn Smithec Jackson Snyder Marilyn Spencer Charles Stalker Henry Stamm Larry Starkey Jim Stewart Mary Stice Virginia Stilley David Stroud George Stumpe Phyllis Stutz Judy Sunderland Judy Swettenham Barbara Swafford Robert Swinney Chuck Tackwell Larry Tarrant Norma Tarrant Joanne Tavlos Ella TaylorMarilyn Taylor Sharon Taylor Shirley Temple Jana Theisen Margie Thies Julia Thompson Marilyn Thompson Richard Thompson Ronny Thornton Richard Todd Judy Trice Karen Trout Tom Truitt Alan Tuetken Rosemary Twitty Larry Unverzagt Ronald Upchurch Nancy Van Ausdoll Deane Van Voorhis Roma Vanfoosen Carol Vann Ben Vanzadt Gary Vieth Carol Vogt Deanne Voorhees Karla Voss Mary Wadsworth John Waggoner Anthony Wagner Marilyn Waide Shirley Walker Charles Wall Ray Wallace Troy Wallace Carol WaltersMarilyn Walters Edythe Wardle Lester Warr Sylvester Warr Joyce Warren Kay Watsek Ruth Ann Weathers Jeanette Webb Eddie Webb Sharon Webber Barbara Weber Jeff Weber Nellie Webster Sue Weissenfluh Jim Wells Steve Wenzel Mary West Ronald Westbrook Ad rain White Maynard White Sandy White Julia Whiteside Roberta Whyers Janet Wieland Edith Wilderman Brenda Wilkins Sandy Wilkinson Jean Wilson Helen Wilson Shirley Winters Charles Wittman Marty Wittman Jim Wolffbrandt Marie Woof Delbert WrightNancy Wright Eugene Wrischnik Elizabeth Wyatt Tom Wyatt Carole Yancey Mike Yavorski Loretta Young Fay Yust Carlton Zeigler Pat ZirkelbachBob Abbott, Jessee Adams, Don Admire, Gordon Admire, Jerry Admire, Joyce Admire, Haroldyne Alexander, Robert Allsmann. Rodney Alsord, Jeanette Arnold, Carolyn Ash, Carolyn Austin, Larry Austin, June Ayres, Linda Bacus, Robert Bachman. Stanley Bailey, Chuck Baker, John Baker, Chris Balf, Carmen Ballesteroz, Edward Ballhurst, James Ballinger, Nancy Barber. Janice Barbour, John Barlow, Mariann Barnes, Richard Barocca, Terry Barton, David Bauser, Flloyd Bazzell, Julia Beatty. Sam Beem, Jim Beemer, Kathleen Belehev, Frank Bemis, Dick Bengel, James Bentley, Bob Bergstrom, Bob Berry. Gordon Besterfeldt, Pat Billings, Judy Birt, A1 Blackburn, Mary Betty Blayney, Dale Boatright, Marvin Bock, Carmen Bolestroes.Marvin Bonner, Gary Booth, Henry Boren, James Boren, Sandy Bott, Ronnie Bounds, Bill Bowen, Mike Bowker. Sally Braun, Gerald Brewer, Jane Brewer, Leona Bridges, Mike Brinkman, Joyce Brock, John Brockway, Brooke Brown. Joyce Brown, Phyllis Brown, Zadie Brown, Louise Buchanan, Wayne Buchanan, Charlotte Buck, Carol Buckshot, Cathy Budde. Jerry Bugg, Dewey Burgoure, Nancy Burjes, Claudette Burvey, Vera Burvey, Linda Bush, Katherine Butler, Tom Camp. August Campagna, Henreen Cannon, Josephine Carlton, Terry Carmeau, David Carter, Norma Carter, Jack Carver, Pat Castle. Delores Cathorall, Mary Cathorall, Gerald Chalman, Marilyn Chalk, Carol Chambers, Carol Cherry, Sharon Church, Terry Clardy.Gene Clark, Nellie Clark, Bob Clark, Carolyn Coats, Merl Collins, Carole Colston, Barbara Compis, Deanna Conrad. Nancy Coombs, James Corwin, Joyce Counts, Lana Cown, Sandy Cox, Susan Craig, Carolyn Crain, Danna Cravens. Bill Cunningham, Linda Cunningham, Sharon Curry, Glenda Dalton, Leo Daniel, Karen Daniels, Mike Dare, Janet Davis. Joyce Davis, Kenny Davis, Pam Davis, Willa Davis, Bill Dawson, Richard Deem, Sue Dickinson, Bob Dingledein. Jo Ann Dixon, James Dodd, Steve Docrr, Marilyn Duly, Carolyn Dumey, Anita Dunsten, Shirley Ebelen, Danny Edgar. Jake Edwards, Loretta Edwards, Frances Edwards. Sharon Edwards, Betty Elkins, Jerry Ellington, Joyce Elliot, Sharon Embry.Shirley Ennis, Jim Ervin, Lynda Evans, Eddie Evertson, Sharon. Ewing, Judy Fairbanks, Bill Fairless, Mike Farris. Mary Fahrenbacher, Tom Fenwick, Sydney Ferginson, Ed Ferguson, Sandy Fields, Dwight File, Joe Fin, Billie Fletcher. Marie Fletcher, Janice Fletcher, Don Forrester, Freddy Foss, Marshall Fowler, Doris Fox, Mary Freeland, Charles Freeman. Richard Friedline, Karen Fulk, John Gabriel, Vicki Ganter, Henry Gavin, Steve Gibbins, Dudley Giberson, Nancy Gilpin. Margaret Gleason, Verla Glover, Phyllis Goetz, Karen Goltz, Jerry Goodman, Jerry Gormley, Sharon Goss, Barbara Gottlieb. Pat Gould, Bob Goulding, Norma Gowens, Philip Grable, Kathy Gravett, Jim Gray, Bob Greeling, Marleen Green.Marie Greenwell, Pat Greer, George Griffin, Beverly Griffith, George Griggs, Melody Grisham, Rod Grover, Shirley Gurley. Bill Hagan, Philip Halford, Carolyn Hampton, Jack Hand, Judy Handler, Fred Haper, Homer Harder, Phyllis Harlander. Joe Harper, Lynn Harrelson, Ruth Harrington, Leona Harris Lois Harris, Steve Harrison, Janet Harshbarger, James Hartley. Wilma Hatten, Sharon Hauversbrink, James Hayes, Tamara Hayes, Glen Hayes, Ruth Healy, Teddy Healy, Carolyn Heater. Marilyn Heffron, Bob Hellrung, Anita Henderson, Dave Henderson, George Henry, Mike Henslcr, Gail Hermens, Richard Hetge. Jean Hicks, Joyce Higdon, Betty Highsmith, Myrtle Hill, Robert Hill, Mary Hcndelang, Donna Hine, Gilbert Hise.Joyce Hoagland, Georgia Holliday, Karen Hooper. Penny Horn, Edward Houston, Mary Beth Huebner, Jean Humphrey, Judy Hunter. Terry Hurley, Thomas Imel, Glen Ingram, Bonnie Irvin, Linda Jackson, Stephanie Jacobson, Greg Jamison, Dennis Jarden. Tommy Jenkins, Barbara Johnson, Donneice Johnson, Ella Johnson, Frank -Johnson. Mike Johnson, Roberta Jouett, Reginald Jun. Ronald Jureziz, Sharon Kasinger, Reba Keene, Fred Keidel, Nancy Keidel, James Keiser, Jack Keith, Mack Kelly. Ernestine Kennedy, Barbara Kerwin, Sandy Kidwell, Nancy Kimbro, Roy King, Jeryln Kirsh, Michael Kistner, Lon Kitzmiller. John Kodros, Darryl Kokos, Karl Kopsic, Marlene Kreider, Tom Krepcl, Carol Ladd, Jeanette Lane, Mary Larsh.Jerry Layton, Sharon Layton, Anita Lee, Kathy Leimbach, Roger Lemons, Tom Lenhardt, Jim Lewis, Kenneth Lewis. Bob Lewis, Victoria Liedbetter, Eddie Lindsay, Sandy Linenfelser, Joe List, Kay Littleton, Gary Lockard, Brenda Loftis. Alice Lopez, Mary Losch, Zettie Love, Connie Loveless, Carol Lovell, Gayle Loy, Josephine Luckett, Gary Lynn. Wendall McAfoos, Janet McBrien, Jim McBrien, Ron McConathy, Sue McCourtney, Deloras McDaniel, Juanita McDonald, JoAnn McGee. Scott McLain, Andrew Mack, Calin Mandorea, Ronney Manns, Sandy Manns, Mike Mason, David Massey, Sharon Mathews. Nancy Maucker, Marilyn Maupin, Marilyn Maxiener, Bill May, Sharon Mayhew, Jon Means, Laura Meisinheimer, Ralph Mendelsohn.Janis Mercier, Freda Metz, Marie Meyer, Wilma Meyer, Barbara Miller, Ellen Miller, Sharon Mills, Frances Milner. Sue Mindrup, Molly Mitchell, Shirley Mitchell, Patricia Mondy, Gerald Morris, Robert Mosby, Robert Murphy, Philip Murray. Beverly Musgrave, Sharon Musgrave, Judy Myers, Bobby Nash, Rose Nekola, Marilyn Nichols, Gary Nickens, George Nicolow. Wesley Nitsche, Richard Nordyke, Charles Norman, Bill Norris, Carole North, Jim Orvell, Margie Ogle, Sandy Oldhom. Sue Orris, Pat Osborne, Sara Oswalt, Gerald Oulson, Sheila Overmeyer, Rita Owens, Rod Owens, John Ozee. Nina Pace, Donald Park, William Park, Diana Parker, James Parks, Janet Parrish, Karen Patterson, John Paul. 113Tom Payne, Wyatt Pedigo, Sandra Penning, Joe Perica, Karen Peterson, Steve Phaff, Connie Phillips, Bill Phipps. Jean Pierce, Janis Pinkerton, Hettie Poindexter, Donna Porter, Mike Purcell, Donna Quinn, Gerry Rankin, Carol Rath. Ronald Rathgeb, Jane Raymond, Wayne Rae, Minnie Reaves, Charles Reeder, Jerry Reuden, Lance Richard, Deloras Richards. Bill Richardson, Marilyn Riffey, Catherine Riley, Karen Riley, Carol Ringering, Bill Ripley, John Ripley, Jim Robins. Marjorie Roberts, Mildred Roberts, Nancy Roberts, Jerry Robertson, John Roe, Bill Roettgers, Betty Rogers, Bob Romo. Bill Rosack, Donna Rudolph, Gary Rush, Jean Ruyle, Ralph Ryder, William St. Peter, Glenna Sanders, Terry Sarginson. 114Pauline Sawyer, Lorrain Schmuck, Diane Schnehal, James Schoeffel, Charles Schroeder, Letica Schmacker, Frank Scoggins, Betsy Scott. Karol Scott, Linda Scott, Sondra Scribner, Mike Scroggins, Sarah Seago, Ken Searles, Lois Self, Marshall Selkerk. Carol Settles, Walter Settles, Artie Shaw, Bob Shaw, Sandra Shaw, Beverly Sheves, Wendell Simms, Kay Simon. Roda Simon, Gary Simpson, Ronnie Singleton, Marg Skelton, Henry Small, Carolyn Smith, Dennis Smith, Melvin Smith. Sue Smith, Shirley Smithy, Robert Southward, Janet Stanka, Harold Stauffer, Georgia Staurt, Bill Steck, Gerald Steiners. Vassie Steward, Henry Stewart Carol Stice, Mary Stobbs, Joe Stock, Ann Stockard, David Stromske, Terry Stuchlik. 115Larry Sumner, Richard Sutton, Philip Swan, Bob Swegle, Reginald Scott, Lenetta Talbert, Carol Tarrant, Peggy Tate. Charles Taylor, John Taylor, Mike Taylor, Joan Texada, Dick Thomas, David Thompson, Jon Tickner, Mary Tierney. Sally Tinsley, Pat Tolle, Jay Tolle, Peggy Trail, Jim Troy, Linda- Tuetken, Nancy Tuetken, Vicky Tuetken. Sonja Turner, John Ulrich, Gertie Unthank, Phyllis Van Hoy, Joan Vanohlen, Donna Van Over, Emma Vassar, Rocky Vielands. Sue Veltjes, Joe Vogt, Bonnie Voumard, Pat Waggoner, Harold Waggoner, Stephanie Walczak, Janet Walker, Betty Wallse. Joe Wannamaker, Bruce Ward, Nelson Ward, Carolyn Ward, Larry Ward, Joy Watkins, Don Watrous, Peggy Watsek. 116Beverly Watson, William Watts, John Dave Weaver, Ted Webb, Karen Webster, Ronny Weindel, Eugene Weinmann, Neal Westbrook. Bonnie Wheeler, Carolyn Wheeler, Beverly Whitten, Ronald Wilkinson, Dave Wille, Danny Williams, Judy Williams, Larry Williams. Pat Williams, Peg Williams, Roddy Williams, Sharon Williams, Terry Williams, Ross Williamson, Phyllis Willis, Genda Wills. Hershal Wilson, Tom Wilson, Curt Wood, Donna Wood, Ramona Wood, Fred Woodard, Anbela Woods, Joyce Woff. Roger Wolff, Sharon Workman, Tom Wreath, Jerry Wright, Ann Young, Ella Young, Mary Zimmerman. 117JUNIOR VARSITY Bottom Row, Left to Right: Katherine Butler, Caroline Miller. Top: Jeannie Humphrey, Pat Hunter, Sue Miller.JIM WILSON BOB DAVIS JIM ROBISON FLOYD RAGLIN DAVE GUSTINE HERB CLEMMONS BRUCE LYON MIKE YAVORSKI BOB RICHARDSON CARL CRUMER GEORGE BROOKS DON CRABB CLYDE MARQUIS JOHN BOSNAK jNNY DAMRON. TOM BORMAN JIM MORKEL HARRY OBE1 BILL KODROS Friday, September 12 Webster Groves, 12, Alton, 26 Marquette,' 7f; Alton, 32 Friday, September 26 .... .. . Quincy, 14, Alton, 13 ■ida y, October 3 Wood River, 0, Alton, 33 October 10 Edwardsville, 0, Alton, 39 FridSf; October 17 Collinsville, 0, Alton, 18 GARY BURMESTER MIKE HUNTER JerseyviMe, 0, Alton, 26 Firday, Nowwiber 14 Belleville, 7, Alton, 191958 Ho e From Left to Right: Maid of Honor, Janet Hiller, escorted by Bob Kyle; Maid of Honor, Nancy Jackson, escorted by Mike Hunter; Retiring Queen, Carol Wolffbrandt, escorted by Bob Richardson; Homecoming Queen, Cindy Kodros, escorted by Bob Davis; Maid of Honor, Sandy Bryden, escorted by George Brooks; Maid of Honor, Ann Bryan, escorted by Gary Burmester. Crown Bearers: Barbara Schenk, Barbara Erwin, Mary Jane Bruno, Paul Allen. 124JANET HILLER escorted by BOB KYLE 125 NANCY JACKSON escorted by MIKE HUNTER— If '01 I ilt I »(»- ( ge Menu fljlJjij | Oder-RedbwiTBaT ■— kvxV j Iff I Olor» 1 flO I ™ tLJflvori « O' ” '» «'■ (MMOSS ton. Oilers Start inference Play OJM i'j€ace Tow 't . ju'? •1 %• » ' nrf r« A0 fio Tests ,S„ »5v. S» %£ - .' u,, • •fc' % 4 S ' Vt «W- l •- 3‘ 'f » rW, ' s. 4 v ;.... : rj -; ' m ’i - • •; s?z p - tfT’-rw - ■ rr: • I ) and N'apf »- M r , . ' • - a VVj 4 • » m 1 r. J “T • ctbtt imrt ter ftr | V ft S-, J '• ■•VSi s ;: J|H£3 riK r' t i N7-v O % ' 0 c v ; a K s % W Alio 1 1 owns Notrdf ame 62-53 V v, Y Vt r ■ a»y c '' N 4 .r s I -ct%v iV MIKH HUNTER ■- Lu-t Minul ■ Score Gair 19-17 Wii Fv P4 4 .Alton M 3 ,-Place in » Kuk spitiNweir. » «. L rJU r ; ■ -krt fl r IM fcw IV Mira, °,r w» to » w7!2 4 ™rf J . 11 W ,4n' • 1 I y jftr « A« d •“ , T thMr • . STn CLYDE MARQUJS Redbirds Wui Battle Two V;;. ■ GARY SHACKLEFORD ‘ fh.-rdb T .nnn Fn Tl, w nnl.Z Je-lh in «•- TmVl„Ut r ni8lbGs 'J V'V '5 ' J- «• , v, v V 4 - . 'r •.,- «• v ? JSSL :::; r°mtlFwstiiaifSinks x cii m Over Squad - S »Sj R' VB.n r | ■ -—, i V- LaSalle-Peru ''O )|rf10 I71 1 East Proviso Wt- t(Jh nls “ v ' w ■ i ac vjn , I Miville 50 32 Es ‘ „ ltfj.5'2 V (ll)jf H'ds Jerseyville Dupo East Jstr-Ebuis ire Cife 1 ■dw sfell' r»(V V »% f tA N«o Dam (Quincy) • '-?• WocxJ avpr . JIM ROBISON Ai.o,.vi,1i ' iH r , Reve.l, ..... .A«»V Only I . ' T;; : :- BellesdiB e ite City' i. 0'“ -' J- £ •:, i-vti»“ —•— su„.., -1 vvV''-v , if,- t av r-1 - rAa b ' -; .. ' !.' » - «p i in’1 L-:. T $ers i§£ v.nh »' IVV . mT ’ £JC ' «tfs' 4l ' “ . . T1 64.31; - T,» • rd»MeveT°;fili i 4:y?Z’s - ' 7 L 19 47 62 67 75 68 68 57 : 54 52 68 62 64 31 69 60 57 49 84 46 67 64 50 32 63 ‘ 70 52 72 55 ,,65 47 49 43 62 4 53 69 64 55 53 67 58 53 52 , 77 41 7. .«• ,% ,' , ,.»v • ;|t| '3 i Vl» Poll -«.«cis Register 20th j (.age W in ol Season 4% - Alton Redbinfc l Noire Dane ot Quinry »2- 1 '• ;- for t. , 1 , ,. -• , ' • -' ' ' A Redbirci ' V O. ■ pi ,e,: „i v.„i Junior'Cymruum,., • ’■ J' • inratat thm , rime ,L„rt,eJ' „ - '- -. 1 ■ , i ' • - “ 'q. TOWARDSVK-LE heairtlfnl hall In downing in a Southwv nrrn OOnfarer 'r:r -- 4 v 1 '. « .' •, ■ters,««.N. • ? 4 : . W ill Fad %u«9» V.W aXi 7$ in ■ V ft % ’K k i % iV STAN MCAF00S 5 .. . . mkWM !;) 5 “Jte WM ' 03k4 H¥ilkw ■ 9V 7 'sV- osim' r ? {tW»i . LVarsity Basketball Row One, Left to Right: Stan McAfoos, Mike Yavorski, Clyde Marquis, Mike Hunter, Ed Crumer. Row Two: Coach Sheets, Gary Shackleford, Jim Robinson, Harold Rathgeb, Sam Stampley, Gary Gilleland, Jeff Robinson. 128Senior Group Ron Three: Bill Kodros, Maynard White, Hershel Epps, Larry Donahue, Mike Yavor-ski, Andy Farnbock, Jim Robison, Arthur Reditt, Odel Fox, Lester Warr. Row Four: Coach Posey, Dave Czerney, Dick Adams, Don Redenbo, Bill Harley, John Harlow, Richard Knight, Bob Ebler, Jerry Maple, Charlie Schwartz, Arthur Greenwood, Coach McClain. Row One, Left to Right: Jerry Montaque, Harold Wit-man, Don Crane, Don Crabb, Don Watkins, Virgil Alexander, Warren Widdows, Sandy Cox, Danny Travis. Row Two: Jim Marcle, Bruce Lyon, Don Trowbridge, Harry Obkerfelt, Jerry Medler, Ed Crummcr, Bob Richardson, Tom Caffey, Cleophas Beamon, Ed Pierce, Jim Seago, Jerry Rodgers. junior Gro upThe Alton High Redbird Harriers have taken their second consecutive Beaumont Invitational Cross Country meet in Saint Louis. The two-milers won first place in the Southwest Conference for the fifth straight year. The Birds went on to win their seventh consecutive district championship. Alton then went to Peoria to get a little respect. The Redbirds took their second straight Peoria meet. Coach Neal Schmelzel proved he had the team to make history for Alton High. Mr. Schmelzel then took nine boys, with only victory in their eyes, to compete with other teams from many parts of the state. The Alton High Redbird Harriers left Alton with a smile and came back home with the State Championship. ampions Row One, Left to Right: Alan Bresson, Tom Butler, Donald Urban Gubser, Ed Pierce. Row Two: Art Greenwood, Dick Adams, Dick Knight, John Wedig, Malcolm McLain. Row Three: Bob Lewis, Dan Watrous, Andy Farnbach, Jim Seago, Manager, George Lammers, Ron Mayhew, Henry Vassar. Row Four: Bob Middleton, Coach Schmezcl, Albert Patterson, Joe Stock, Mike Percil, Jim Ervin.Our Loyal Fans 132 Hard working StudentsGolf The Alton golf team swung their way to a 7 win 1 loss in a dual meet. Alton went to Quincy to compete with twenty teams, and finished tenth in that big meet. Just to prove that they were a good team, the Redbird golfers took their third straight conference championship. Not content with their honors, the willing golfers went on to take their second consecutive district championship. From the district, the club’s swingers advanced to the 22 team state golf meet, at Champaign, Illinois. MikeThiele finished in a fiveway tie for second place among the individuals, and the Redbirds settled for sixteenth place. The man that was at the boys side giving them the deserved encouragement was Coach Neal Schmelzel. Row One, Left to Right: Gary Lawson, Tom Butler, Jim McBricn, Mike Thiele. Row Two: Coach Schmelzel, Dave Stupperich, Rodney Tutt, Dave Keasler. 133 ReAbirds In Actio Coaches of Redh ir ds th JAMES WASHINGTON Football MEL SHEETS Basketball RALPH MCCLAIN Football and Track Coaches, not pictured, are Basketball and Football and e ELGIE POSEY Football and Track SHERRIL HANKS Basketball and Baseball Harold Mathews, Bill Perrin, Track.SONDRA VEILANDS Associate Editor JUDY WIENEKE Business Manager DOROTHY ULL Associate Editor L LUCY ZIMMERMAN Co-Editor MR. G. E. BAILEY Sponsor DICK O'NEAL Co-Editor SUSAN SEELY Associate Editor GRADY ROBINSON Sports Editor ANN BRYAN Associate Editor 139Times Staff Seated. Left to Right: Martha Phelps, Toni Gould. Row One: Linda Fors, Dianne Bowker, Nancy Jackson, Lucy Zimmerman, Phyllis Schlobohm. Row Two: Ann McBride, Marilyn Waide, Ann Bryan, Jane Johnson, Lonna Lynn, Nina Eastman, Sandy Buck, Carolyn Miller. Row Three: Tim Graul, Don Lowery, Brucy Lyon, Bill McAdams, Priscilla Peterson, Carol Jaegar. Which one’s the dummy? 140Dramatic Club a Row One, Left to Right: Rose Marie Sacchi, Spencer Gibbons, Jane Sceck, Sue Seely, Penny Ruhe. Rou Two: Don Lowrey, Joyce Ostrowski, Dan McDuff, Nancy Gillard, Donna Browning, Priscilla Peterson. Row Three: Evelyn Dunn, Carol Jaeger, Lois Weber, Judy Kistner, Tom Hoagland, Donna Lindsay. Row Four: Sharon Williams, Stephanie Jacobson, Judy Handler, Judy Green, Virginia Frye, Marilyn Childers. Row Five: Bonny Batchelor, Jean Humphrey, Hope Cousley, Marilyn Waide, Danny Travis, Diane Bowker, Martie Cockrell. Row Six: Virginia Thornton, Sidney Ferguson, Steve Wenzel, Sam Schmidt, Ann Young, Jerry Medler. Row One, Left to Right: Penny Ruhe, Nancy Gilliard, Mary Jo Moore, Spencer Gibbins, Cindy Phillips, Rose Marie Sacchi, Ellen Young. Row Two: Don Lowrey, Sam Schmidt, Don Fritz, Ted Mauger, Steve Wenzel, Tamara Hoagland, Mr. Davenport, Susan Seely, Donna Browning, Mary Jane Steck. espia ns 141142Patroli Row One, Left to Right: Pat Waggoner, Virginia Thornton, Nancy Winters, Barbara Tyler, Della Hardwick, Sydney Ferguson, David Jacoby. Row Two: Kathy Edwards, Wilbert Greer, Alice Harris, Roberta Gaynn, Martie Cockrell, Terry Barton, Ed Evertsen, George Henry, Bob Richardson. Row Three: Ronnie Morgenroths, Judy Willis, Barb Burris, Lana Cown, Kathleen Belcher, Gail Hermans, Mary Zimmerman, Betsy Scott, Carolyn Ash, Judi Faribanks, Gordon Hill. Row Four: Larry Flecher, William Laird, Troy Wallace, Rodney Tutt, John Meeden, Jim Robinson, Jack Clayton, Mike Yavorski, Mack Davis, Marshall Selkirk, Bob Abbottk, Don Admire, Don Schmidt, John Helm. Standing: Charles Leamon, Harry Oberfell, Bob Middleton, John Gill, Henry Varrar, Jerry Ellhopper. FCA 143 Mary Farmer, Diana Beemer, Pat Martin, Barbara Edwards, Kathy Edwards, Barbara Douglas, Barbara Tyler, Martie Cockrell, Roberta Fletcher.National Honor Society Row One, Left to Right: Lucy Zimmerman, Nancy Jackson. Row Two: Toni Gould, Roger Potter, Faye Bemis, Ed Pierce, Tom Butler. Row Three: Ann Bryan, Susan Seely, Nina Eastman. Row Four: Edie Young, Sondra Veilands, Don Lowrey, Bruce Lyons, Spencer Gibbins. Row Five: Don Lahr, John Bosmak, Jim Seago, Tim Graul, Dennis Milford. 144 Row One, Left to Right: Carole Meyer, Charlene Bonner, Dee Shockley, Rosemary Ruedin, Linda Edwards. Row Two: Rose Marie Sacchi, Marilyn Waide, Martha Phelps, Helen Poindexter, Don Trowbridge, Don Gubser. Row Three: Martha Ready, Hope Cousley, Bob Nicolet. Row Four: Jane Johnson, Carole Kober, Roger Cook. Row Five: Judy Hershey, Barb Burris, Scot Hendrickson, John Harlow. Row Six: Mary Jo Moore, Kay Richardson, Darrell Jenkins. Row Seven: Carolyn Wheeler, Tamara Hoagland, Bob Richardson. Row Eight: Gary Shackelford, Sam Schmidt.Club Row One, Left to Right: Mr. Wools, Janet Hager-man, Tom Fichtel, Ronnie Coats, Bob Hill, Don Landiss, John Herndon, Mr. Scharber. Row Two: Jane Harris, Nancy Gillard, Toni Gould, Ed Houston, Malcolm McLain, Frances Howell, Jim Keiser, Roy Maguire. Row Three: Don Park, Jim Hull, John Brockway, Phillip Swan, Richard Schwaab, Ted Mauger, Joe Wannamaker, Bill Bettendorf, Harold Dams. Row Four: Jim Tyson, Steve Wenzel, Kent Elliott, Kenny Schulenburg, Jerry Ellington, Jim Bentley, Ronnie Upchurch. Local History Row One, Left to Right: Sandy Gilbert, Martha Phelps, Lorraine Schmuck, Janet Hagerman. Row Two: Toni Gould, Carole Kobcr, Jane Harris, Janna Herrin, Sue Seely, Scott Hendrickson, Carolyn Hampton, Nancy Gillard, Mr. Lewis, Mr. BrunoGirls ’ Go unci 1 Row One, Left to Right: Judy Boyd, Janet Hiller, Patsy Gould. Row Two: Ann McBride, Peggy Michael. Row Three: Carolyn Miller, Ellen Young, Carole Meter. Row Four: Mary Zimmerman, Sue Mindrup, Carolyn Ash. Row Five: Janet Hagerman, Betsy Scott, Martie Cockrell. Row Six: Carolyn Hampton, Becky Allgeyer, Mary Stobbs. Row Seven: Karol Scott, Toni Gould. Row Eight: Lonna Lynn, Priscilla Peterson, Carole Kober. B 0 Y S c A B 1 N E T Row One, Left to Right: Wendell McAfoos, Frank Bennett, Bob Ford, Mike Hunter, Bob Middle-ton, Gary Ausrwick, Dennis Milford, Scott Hendrickson. Ron Two: Jerry Montague, Don Lowrey, Charles Crull, Homer Reudin, Rodney Tutt, Tom Butler, David Straud, Tom Caffey. Row Three: Grady Robinson, Cleophus Beamon, Dennis Jarden, Bill Ripley, Charles Taylor, Ronney Wendell, John Ripley, Bill Smith. Row Four: George Griffin, Ed Ferguson, Dick Bengel, Herbert Clemmons, Bobby Mosley, Ronny Williams, Harry Obkerfell. 146Student Council Row One, Left to Right'. Ann Bryan, Don Lahr, President. Row Two: Roger Becker, Mike Bishop, Nancy Bock. Row Three: Perry Kuhns, Jim Hartley, Karen Hooper, Judy Hunter, Roger Cook. Row Four: Lorraine Schmuck, Don Schrump, Jon Staub, Marilyn Taylor, Ton Truitt, Dorothy Ull. Row One, Left to Right: Jo Ann Al-monroeder, Linda Astroth, Nancy Barber, John Bean. Row Two: Judy Foel-ler, Brenda Glover, Bob Goulding, Don Gubser, Judy Hagen. Row Three: Kay Parkins, Cindy Phillips, Grady Robin-son, Jerry Rogers, Kenny Dameron, Homer Ruedin. Row One, Left to Right: Janie Brewer, Sandy Buck, Shirley Clayton, Bill McAdams. Row Two: Lyndel Johnson, Pat Johnson, Ronnie Juriesez, Judy Long. Row Three: Jeff Weber, Carolyn Wheeler, Paul Phillips, Gary Bogart, George Lammers.F.B.L.A. Row One, Left to Right: Shirley Clayton, Judy Wieneke, Dorothy Ull, Sue Keith, Janet Hagerman, Carole Kober, Nancy Zimmer, Margie Schlobohm, Charlene Bonner. Row Two: Carole Meyer, Karen Lough, Linda Baker, Ann McBride, Barbara Burdorff, Phyllis Guennewig, Jo Ann Goodwin, Carole Kusterman. Row Three: Ruth Bauser, Rita Bradley, Cecil Anderson, Janet Baxter, Donna Atteberry, Carol Vann, Margaret Roemcr, Marie Wooff. Row Four: Peggy Michael, Ronna Ostendorf, Jo Anna Marquis, Barbara Swofford. ERA. Cjr C'mn n mr N 4 V rtjfR.gbt: Richard Adaff-.s. Jerry Orison, Al lfe Johns j, Da JSdSefer.JKror ILahr, Merl CcfjjEr Terry xhaeier. Rou Two: John Cunbror., Richard Llrick, William Klumb.. Robert jBachmann, Donald Greel- Gfelson, Alv% Johnsdoh,Row One: Jane Steck, Dorothy Bander-heidt, Joan Romain, Cindy Kodros, Sandy Kidwell, Vassie Lee Stewart, Susan Chappell, Phyllis Vanhory. Ron-Two: Mary Wiley, Carolyn Dumey, Sue Dickenson, Shirley Ennis, Karen Daniels, Pat Osborne, Carol Tarrant, Pat Talle, Helen Wilson, Rita Owens, Karen Peterson. Row Three: Deana Van Voorhis, Marilyn Gillis, Judy Wreath, Peggy Fields, Charlene Mueller, Lorene Sanchez, Phyllis Harlander, Joyce Brock, Willa Davis, Donna Stowers, Callie Cobb. Row Four: Aria Roller, Angelina Wense, Pat Kirk, Mary Washington, Earlinc Wallace, Pearl Herd, Freddi Pinkerton, Karen Lough, Mary Ann Dolley, Pat Browning, Peggy Michael, Judy Atteberry. Fifth Row: Shirley Smithee, Delores McDaniel, Pam Davis, Beverly Mus-grave, Joan Van Oklen, Bonnie Vou-mard, Glenda Wills, Sue Willis, Sue Honchell, Irene Gillespie, Nancy McDonald, Phyllis Mackeldon, Bonnie Wheeler, Susan Craig. Row One, Left to Right: Sandra Maul, Shirley Walker, Edith Wilderman, Judy Trick, Maureen Gill, Sonja Turner, June Allen, Glenna Graham, Pat Castle, Carol Buckshot. Row Two: Carolyn Crain, Joyce Higdon, Betty Elkins, Karen Trout, Sandra Smith, Agnes Dclchanty, Ida Chambers, Susan Ringering, Lynda McElyea, Barbara Flowers, Sharon Dooley. Row Three: Mary Davis, Janet Dickerson, Janice Woods, Emma Frazier, Will Jean Davis, Mary Mackeldon, Fannie Cole. Row Four: Betty Hysmith, Peg Watsek, Beverly Watson, Judy Mvers, Alice Roberts, Frances Milnor, Marv Freeland, Barbara Keene, Barbara Wardein, Deloros Catheroll, Nancy Coombs, Eleanor Broker. Row Five: Claudette Burney, Sharon Curry, Betty Walt, Mary Louise Hall, Emma Vassar, Maty Louise Patterson, Dolores Wright, Annette Gillispie, Jannie Tones, Gretchen Hausafus, Karen Webster, Linetta Talbert. Mary Washington. Row Six: Carol Chambers, Shelw Holliday, Pat Groves, Pearl Rucker, Pam Goss, Tudy Fairbanks, Doris Fox, Mollv Mitchell, Marlene Kreider. Peg Williams. Marlene Green. Bert Whvers, Tean Nuzum, Connie O’Connor, Marie Meyers. FHARow One: Lynda Sue Bush, Sharon Williams, Kathy Riley, Stephanie Jacobson, Claudia Croft, Brenda Glover, Janet Sue Anderson, Connie St. Clair, Barbara Swofford, Barbara Sherer, Carol Buckshot, Elizabeth Berry, Cathy Budde, Joyce Elliott, Josephine Luc-kett. Row Two: Marilyn Riffey, Kathleen Belcher, Judy Logan, Amy Jo Powers, Doris Crawford, Helen Beamon, Judy Hagen, Carol Lovell, Shirley Clowers, Nina Eastman, Virginia Sims, Lynda Shaw, Janice Henderson. Row Three: Wilma Hatten, Anita Lee, Helen Sparks, Ann Stockard, Ann Woods, Rose Mitchel, Angel Woods, Joyce Fleming, Barbara Cannon, Laura Meisemheimer, Peggy Trail, Shirley Lemastus. Row Four: Thelma Richey, Darlene Northcutt, Barb Bohannon, Kenny Chappee, Phyllis Wilson, Leona Bridges, Pat Staten, Marilyn Tavlor, Janet Maloney. Row Five: Nancy Tuet-ken, Pat Cambron, Barbara Edwards, Mary Grecling, Shelby Roberts, Kay McDonald, Ann Bockstruch,, Margaret Ridenhower, Berniece Ringering, Lesl'e Fairbanks. Tackie Reed, Lvnda Mavhall. Kay Odle, Donna Rudolph, Shari Ewing. Row One, Left to Right: Ernestine Kennedy, Norma Gowens, Rosie Hearn, Geneva Williams, Judy Birt, Betty Henderson, Bev Turner, Diana Parker. Row Two: Jane Stiritz, Lynn Schaefer, Joyce Counts, Mary Edwards, Penny Horn, Barbara Miller, Sharon Mathews. LaVerne Webb, Sue Smith, Sandy Wilson, Sally Tinsley, Joyce Gillispey. Row Three: Zaddie Brown, Minnie Reaves, Jereline Northern, Jo Ann Whctzel, Carolyn Heater, Verla McCann, Janet Stanka, Gayle Loy, Merrv Skeleton, Brenda Loftis, Donna Williams, Janet Hamilton. Row Four: Carol Greene, Ruth Harrington, Alice Lopez, Karen Riley, Judy McGee, Josephine Carleton, Beverlv Griffith. Lois Self, Sara Oswalt, Sandra Cox, Bonny Irwin, Joyce Brown, Janice Barbour. Row Five: Peggy Tate, Carolyn Wheeler, Pat Greer, Marv Losch, Mildred Roberts, Beverly Whitten, Rose Monroe, Carol Kraushaar, Sharon Fauvers-burk, Kav Littleton, Marie Fletcher, Linda Scott. FHAFTA Row One. Left to Rizht: Sandra Gilbert, Martha Phelps, Charlene Bonner. Row Two: Judy Boyd, Kay Hill, Carole Kober. Row Three: Nancy Gillard, JoAnn Moore, Davis Strausser. Row Four: Jana Herrin, Mr. Balster, Dennis Milford. mi Row One. Left to Rit ht: Zella Bowman, Becky Allegever, Maureen Gill, Judy Hagen, Janet Maloney, Donna Wood. Row Two: Sally Perkins, Nancy Maucher, Dee Richards, Lucia Laird, Jo Ann McGee, Donna Stowers, Emma Frazier. Row Three: Judy Pea, Rosemary Reudin, Jean Cope, Ester Harris, Barbara Cannon, Gerve Cannon, Helen Poindexter. Row Four: Ann Young, Diane Arnold, Bernice Ring-ering, Judy Green, Brenda Glover, Karen Kcesler, Mrs. Macleod.0.0. Row One: Left to Right: Jeanette Walker, Marie Clark, Marty Rulon, Linda Phipps, Sandra Alsobrook, Darlene Cauley, Kathryn West, Judy Callendar, Janice Bernhard, Janet Adams, Sharon Griffin, Sue Cole. Row Two: Barbara Golenor, Sue Forrester, Ruth Donelson, Rita Fuller, Alice Stevenson, Charlene Meyers, Karen Morris, Barbara Bell, Noreen Dixon, Janet Westbrook, Kallie Kay Todd, John Harrison, Wayne Peal, Miss Focht. Seated: Bob Hartmann, Bill Tierney, John Ford, David McCoy, Bob Shoebern, Sponsor, Mr. Ross. Standing: Barbara War-dein, Lois Powers, Janice Burney, Pat Perkins, Mary Jane Fearno, Kay Murphy, Ronnie Bayley, Roy Boehler, Gary Patton, Rex Cress, Charlie Overath, Albert Brown, Bob Legate, Jerry Allen, Larry Beasley, Dick Thompson, Dennis Kelly. 152ommercia 1 Art Row One. Left to Right: Tamara Hoagland, Madeline Marti, Pokie Walters, Ann Dye, Bonnie Kramer. Row Two: Don Sherer, Dwight McAfoos, Tom Zigrang, Gordon Besterfeldt, Aria Roller. Row Three: Dorothy Vonderheidt, Randy Haus-man, Tom Grove, Ralph Jackson, Tom Krepel, Jake Edwards. Hocus Row One, Left to Right: Gordon Dingledein, Mr. Carr, Scott Hendrickson, Dennis Milford. Camera Club F, ocusLibrary Assistants Sitting, Left to Right: Nancy Russell, Toni Gould, Norma Tate, Frances Gainer, Mary Grabb, Gerva Cannon, Carol LaPelle. Standing: Linda Jackson, Donna Musgrave, Marilyn Walters, Bill Ripley, Ida Brecht, Barbara Flowers, Jo Griesbaum, Sandra Moehle. Counselors ’ Assistants First Row: Gladys Pitchford, Beverly Turner, Eddie Keller. Second Row: Pokie Walters, Sally Rowan, Ann McBride, Judy Logan, JoAnn Almond rode. Third Row: Lucia Laird, Nancy VanAusdoll, Ann Hubbcll, Barb Weber, Barb Burris, Mickey Dye. Fourth Row: David Swinney, Ed Hughston, Jon Bean, Rocky Vielands, Mike Bishop. 154Row One, Left to Right: Sharon Dooley, Joyce Heaton. Row Two: Nancy Gilliard, Virginia Thornton, Peggy Fields. Row Three: Jeanette Robinson, Ella Taylor, Dorothy Kazatos. m Assistants Clinic Assist a nts Row One, Left to Right: Judy Pea, Gerva Cannon, Judy Green. Row Two: Brenda Glover, Diane Arnold, Bernice Ringering, Esther Harris. 155Office Assistants Row One, Left to Rif ht: Barbara Sherer, Jean Ennis, Janice Fletcher, Row Two: Claudia Croft, Maria Myers, Marie Clark, Julia Beatty, Marge Greenwell. Row Three: Sharon Freeland, Lorraine Sanchez, Ruth Ann Jones, Ann Woods. Row Four: Bruce Cook, Charles Freeman. Row One: Miss Colonius, Varsity Debate Squad: Judy Wieneke (Allen), Phyllis Schlobohm, Toni Gould, Don Lowery. Row Two: Pat Goss, Madeline Shaw, Marilyn Waide, Sally Rowan, Martha Phelps, Ann Bryan, Nancy Jackson, Donna Broyles, Penny Ruhe, Tom Corwin. Row Three: Jill Craigmiles, Faye Bemis, Jane Barnes, Darrell Jenkins, Jim Tuetken, Wayne Schoeffel. 156Y. F. C. Row One, Left to Right: Ted Mauger, Rosemary Ruedin, Tom Fearno. Row Two: Phyllis Groves, Ed Schaeffer, Larry Parks. Shirley Clayton, Dave Swinney. Row Three: Dick Halford, Dave Gus-tine, Sandy Auldebaugh, Martie Cockrell, Phil Halford, Brenda Glover. Row Four: Verla Glover, Ronnie Cockier, Robert Swinney, Janice Flacks, Aria Roller, Patsy Greer, Spencer Gibbins, Carolyn Harris. Row One: Malcolm McLain, Pat Groves, Reverend Kimbrough, Dennis Milford. Row Two: Georgia Stuart, Jim Campbell, Dan Watrous, Carolyn Freedline, Kenny Chappee. Row Three: Steve Gibbins, Lana Econimedes, Ronnie May hew, Janet Hiller, Karen Riley, Freda Metz. Row Four: Ester Harris, Dot Mauger, Bonnie Batchelor, Sharon Workman, Joy Harder, Virginia Frye, Mildred Roberts, Delores Osborn, Penny Horn, Joyce Harris. Row One: Scot Hendrickson, Roger Miller, Sharon Boyd. Row Two: Martha Phelps, Diane Rudolph, Bernice Ringering, Judy Green. Row Three: Sharon Mayhew, Sydney Ferguson, Judy Robinson, Nancy Kimbrough, Kathryn Gravett. Row Four: Lois Harris, Delores Catharoll, Dot Denother, Marilyn Welling, Donna Musgrave, Nancy Wright, Jim Troy, John Meeden. 157French Row One: JoAnn McGee, Don Lowrey, Jo Gries-baum, Bcv Pybas, Roma VanFoosen, Judy Sunderland, Jean Humphrey. Row Two: Martha Ready, Betty Blayney, Hope Cousley. Row Three: Frances Gainer, Barbara Burris, Carole Kober. Row Four: Sandra Shaw, Joyce Harris, Joy Watkins, Mary Zimmerman, Anita Henderson, Carolyn Harris. Row Fite: Jane Harris, Betsy Scott, Karen Hooper, Ellen Young, Charla Buck. Row Six: Edith Young, Sydney Ferguson, Bob Bcrguson. Row Seven: Ed Ferguson, Ed Huston, Richard Barocca. Rou Eight: Miss Blackard, Steve Gibbins. panisn h Club Rou One. Left to Right: Toni Gould, Pat Gould, Carolyn Ash, Judy Boyd, Joyce Ostrowski. Rou Two: Barb Gottlob, Carolyn Smith, Haroldyne Alexander, Diane Schnabel, Nancy Coombes. Row Three: Donna Lindsay, Jane Johnson, Bev Pybas. Rou Four: Carolyn Miller, Barb Weber, Carla Voss, Sandra Penning, Margie Thies. Row Five: Judy Fairbanks, Sharon Williams, Joe Perica. Ron-Six: Karen Goltz, Vicky Tuetken, Chuck Freeman, Melody Grisham. Row Seven: Fay Yust, Mary Jo Moore, Don Lowery. Row Eight: Becky Allgeyer, Sharon Workman, Jim Fensterman. Row Nine: Mr. Howard, Dennis Milford, Dick Bengel. 158Germ a n Club Row One, Left to Right: Don Lowery, Francis Howell, Malcolm McLain. Row Two: Ross Williamson, Jim Mc-Brien, Rosemary Ruedin, Dick Thompson, Bob Gree-ling. Row Three: Robert Kogel, Karen Fulk, Don Fritz, Barnes, Steve Wenzel. Row Tour: Jim Tysen, Mr. Wiggins. Latin Clu Row One, Left to Right: Vicki Ganter, Carolyn Miller, Lucia Laird, Mary Stobbs. Row Two: Janes Griesbaum, Karen Kiehner, Judy Handler, Be v Blayney, Nancy Maucker, Nancy Barber, Sue Mindrup. Row Three: Beth Huetner, Sarah Seago, Janet Walker, Scott McLain, Letitia Schumacher, Anne Young, Delores Richards, Cindy Byford. Row Four: Stephanie Jacobson, Kay Hill, Beverly Miller, Kathryn Butler, Rhoda Simon, Jean Pierce, Donna Hine, Ellen Young. Row Five: John Rippley, John Herndon, Bill Rippley, John Brockway, Charlie Schroeder, Richard Sutton, Ronnie Williams, Jim Seago, Roger Miller, Dennis Milford, Scott Hen-rickson. 159G.A.A. Row One. Left to Right: Judy Atte-berry, Jane Harris, Virginia Thornton, Nancy Zimmer, Sandra Teasley, Anita Blayncy, Claudia Croft. Row Two: Carol Vogt, Carol Custerman, Sara Oswalt, Zelda Bowman, Barbara Law-horn, Barbara Cannon, Elizabeth Wyatt, Emma Frazier. Row Three: Joyce Fleming, Janet Henderson, Jo Anne Goodwin, Pat Waggoner, Pat Jarrett, Dolores Wright, Marjorie Roberts, Rose Monroe. Drum Major ana Left to Right: Diane Meloy, Priscilla Peterson, Faye Bemis, Captain: Pat Hunter, Sandy Camp. Majorettes ' 160 SAM SCHMIDT, Drum Majororus % CV , o 161 'o V i 'V v ‘ 'V c S c tcS • c uV ■ t K ■«? V - fo ' 'tc. v c N ° c' «.. »S' . - . b c V AC - -.«. v S L b0° 'tC - «. . A ' XC .sc'' .Le'vVo'1 ■ 2? % r rus £ ? v. . S X °V 3 ., %.. % ojs?4S y rA :,'fy 0' C°% . A. X -£% !• A',, A aS X SI' ■ w v 91 oSS oXX' - %N. , • A 'J 3, % „-v ' Nt A-CSl 163Chorus Jo CY scC V S- • V s 0 V W Yx Js VV O'- ; °V‘ tV Y V v vy? x »%fc .s o C V° ; y v Yc VCadet Hand Flutes: Kae Leimbach, Susan Craig, Glenna Sanders. Oboes: Mary Jo Moore. Clarinets: Roma Van-fossen, Sharon Workman, Becky Allgeyer, Carolyn Ward, Verla Glover, Marvin Bonner, Jim Ballinger, Jo Ann , Janet Walker, Donna Wood, Marie Wooff. Bass Clarinets: Bonnie Batchelor. Alto Saxophones: Jerry Clardy. Tenor Saxophones: Jeff Logan. French Horns: Don Fritz. Cornets: Steve Gibbins, Ulysses Bowie, Diane Schnabel. Trombones: Anita Blayney, Wendell Sims, Gerald Morris. Baritones: Tom Wilson. Bass: Taymond Helsley. Drummers, Standing: Terry Sarginson, Bob Simpson, Bill Bower, Wyatt Pedigo. Boyd LaMarsh, standing. 165FLUTES — Sandra Alsobrook, Gordon Dingeldine, Romma Ostendorf, Susan Seely, Carolyn Smith, Julie Whiteside, Faye Yust. OBOES — Tom Head, Mary Jo Moore. BASSOONS — John Harlow, Sam Schmidt. Steve Wenzel. CLARINETS — Bill Bettendorf, Barbara Bohannon, Ida Faye Brecht, Gerald Brewer, David Carter, Lois Harris, Tony Henderson, Mary Sue Keith, Carole Kober, Nancy Kortkamp, Madeline Marti, Ronald Mayhew, Nancy Maucker, Darlene Northcutt, Paul Phillips, Helen Poindexter, Wayne Schoeffel, Rhonda Simon, Gerald Steiner, Roma VanFoosen. ALTO CLARINETS — Nancy Conour, Cynthia Phillips. BASS CLARINETS — Spencer Gibbins, Philip Grable, Don Schrumpf, Carol Vogt. ALTO SAXOPHONES--Harold Dams, Philip Kardis, Connie Ketchumk, Hettie Poindexter. TENOR SAXOPHONES — Jerry Fagan, Bill Fox.High Hand BARITONE SAXOPHONE —Bob Berry. BASS SAXOPHONE —Jerry Montague. CORNETS — Bill Dawson, Marshall Fowler, Jerry Hubbard, Lyndel Johnson, Dan Landiss, Jeff Pinkerton, Mike Scroggins, Jim Seifrit, Chris Volf, Adrian White. HORNS — Charlene Bonner, John Brockway, Don Fritz, Sandra Frazier, Ruth Healy, Tom Stuchlik, Julia Thompson. TROMBONES—Dick Bengel, Don Gubser, Jim Keiser, Don Olive, Orville Sitze, John Walker, Tom Wyatt. BARITONES — Joe Brewer, George Brooks, Dave Henderson, Bruce Lyon. BASSES — Steve Doerr, Ben VanZandt. BASS VIOL — Jerry Medler. PERCUSSION — Gary Anderson, Alan Bresson, Evelyn Dunn, Frank Johnson, Dan MacDuff, Roger Plummer. 167Row One, Left to Right: Sydney Ferguson, Edith Young, Jane Sturitz, Marilyn Two: Jim Hatcher, Pam Goss, Sam Stampley, Sandra Shaw, Charles Schroeder, John Harlow, Phil Kardis, Joy Medler. Row Three: Don Park, Janet Baxter, Mary Jo Moore, Susan Seely, Ronna Ostendorf, Faye Yust, Helen Poindexter, Tom Stucklik, Charlene Bonner, Adrian White, Marshall Fowler, Jim Seifer, Mr. Stucklik, Dave Horn, Tom Head, Jerry Medler. 168gh Orchestra Nichols, Barbara Smith, Don Nevins, Barbara Cannon, Janet Adams. Row William Klumb, Maria Meyor, Sharon Casinger, Margie Miller, Janet Maloney, Delores Richards, Jim Bentley, Sharon Mills, Sue Veltjes, Marilyn Chalk, Ida Fay Breck, Paul Phillips, Tony Henderson. Row Four: Julia Thompson, Don Olive, Don Gubser, Dick Bengel. Row Five: Rog Plummer, A1 Bresson, 169AdvertisersTHE ALTON-WOOD RIVER AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION 173Congratulations What does the future hold for you? For each of you, the answer will vary with individual talents, aptitudes and ambitions. But for all of you, this is true: Right here in your own home town, you will find broad scope for growth, progress and outstanding achievement in the career of your choice. Whatever your aim may be .. . from industry to retailing, from banking to journalism . . . you will find here a world of opportunities to build solidly for success. When you look to the future, look first at home! Serving your community for over 55 years. GflTClYS DEPT. STORE ; 208 West 3rd St., Alton, III. cursor Jewelers 215 w third st. phone 2-3912 THELMA DORMANN-Gifts Choice Gifts For All Occasions The Shop where Brides can choose the finest in China, Crystal and Silver. 174FRANK LYNN, INC. Hiway 67, Alton, Illinois Ford Tractors—Farm Industrial Machinery SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. Lumber — Millwork — Roofing Wallboard — Insulation Building Hardware — Paints Electrical Tools and Appliances Plumbing Fixtures Furnaces 1101 East Broadway Alton, Illinois ST. PETERS ELECTRIC ANI) HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES - APPLIANCES PLUMBING SUPPLIES Complete Line of Kyanize Paints and Varnishes 2502 State Dial 3-8931 SAVOY CAFE 101 Market St. Ph. 5-9818 open 5:30 a.m. — 7:30 p.m. except Sundays Myrtle and Clarence Dunn, Owners 175ALTON MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL OFFERS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1959 H. J. JUNGK, Manager NORMAN BROS. INC. Harbor Service M. E. Norman Wm. Norman Chas. Norman Phone 3-3406 Air Conditioned Complete Beauty Service LA PERLE BEAUTY SALON Pleasing you pleases us Phone 3-6931 402 State St. Telephone 2-3313 ALTON TV SERVICE Jerry Evans Prop. 303 W. Delmar Alton, III. Compliments of MOREHEAD SERVICE 218 Williams St. Compliments of BERT RITCHEY'S HOME SUPPLY Clifton Terrace RR No. 2 Godfrey, Illinois 176KLINKE ICE AND FUEL CO. Quality Fuel 6th and Oak Sts. Phone 3-8841 GENT NORTH SIDE FLORAL Sydney Gent, Owner Phone 2-3909 2514 State St. Alton, Illinois Compliments of I. C. HAMER FOOD MART 1904 State St. Wiring THE WINDMILL CAFE Industrial Virginia A. Muehleman Commercial Residential 1711 Washington Ph. 5-9125 Telephone 2-9758 open 6-9 Weekdays 6-8 Sundays MIKE'S ELECTRIC CO. Ho-Made Donuts 2354 State St. Alton, III. 177PLANNING A WEDDING? We will be happy to help you. We con save you money, time and worry. We corry a complete line of bridal gowns by the leading manufacturers at prices to meet every budget. Veils, bridesmaids' dresses, formats, hats and shoes to match, Invitations, napkins, etc. If you cannot visit the shop during the day . . . Phone 2-9813 For Evening Appointment Closed On Tuesdoys The Bridal and Sportswear Shoppe 2516 State St., North Alton Alma M. Steele ROLLA H. HARRISON Be“ SIT AGENCY Whh“ Real Estate and Insurance Sager Pharmacy 2511 State Street 400 State St. Alton, III. BURNETT'S JEWELRY 2615 State Street iLirip) Alton, Illinois Senior Class Rings for young fashions GOOD POP MUSIC ALL DAY LONG over 1570 - - WOKZ - - 1570 178. . . Congratulations . . . PETERS GIFT SHOP Greeting Cards and Gifts Tel. 2-4611 2510 College Ave. ALTON, ILL. Compliments of Russell’s Shoe Store 2520 College WHERE ALL THE YOUNGER SET BUY THEIR SHOES IF e carry all widths Real Estate Mortage Loans Conventional Plan — Long Term F. H. A. Loans Home Improvement Loans SAVINGS ACCOUNTS HOMF BUILDING LOAN V C ASSOCIATION OF ALTON BROADWAY AT PIASA ST. ALTON, ILL. The Sign of the Time and Temperature” H. Edward Meyer — Sec'y. H. F. Horstman — Pres. 179 Wm. P. Morrissry Co. Compliments of Insurance THE ALTON WATER COMPANY MODERN PLUMBING HEATING SUPPLY CO. 356 Main East Alton Phone 4-4354 c LAUNDERERS - DRY CLEANERS - RUG CLEANERS OOe) '' chiton, Lfilinoit CITY FUEL Coal — Shell Fuel Oil Ready Mix Concrete — Front and Ridge Sts. Alton, SUPPLY CO. — Building Materials - Williams Oil Burners Phone 3-3544 Illinois 180Office Phones 2-1506 — 3-7622 — 5-9261 First National Bank Building Alton, Illinois Harry J. Steck Richard C. Stewart BILL'S BAKERY AND MARKET 1819 Central 1652 Washington Open Every Day 7 A M. to 11 P.M. Phone 5-1312 Phone 5-9870 Alton, Illinois ALLEN and NIMMONS H. A. NEVLIN COMPANY MOVING STORAGE MORTGAGE LOANS - - REAL ESTATE Coast To Coast Service INSURANCE LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOVING 544 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. All Loads Insured - Bonded Warehouse PHONE 2-9249 1628 Washington Ave. - - Phone 2-2665WELLS TIRE COMPANY GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES EXIDE BATTERIES - - VULCANIZING Telephone: 3-3131 833 East Broadway (At Oak) The Latest In Hair Styles — The Newest In Techniques Phone 2-1619 The Florentine Fair 'Ese Beauty Studio Germania Bldg. Suite 204 Alton, Specializing In Cold Waving — Contour Hair Shaping THE FLATTOP SHOP 515 Ridge St. Mitt Kinder Compliments of Uptown Barber Shop ROGERS — RUSHING — CAPEHART 1650 WASHINGTON AVE. ALTON Alton Hardware Paint Co. FRANK J. SASEK, Pres. Phone 2-3641 2504-06 College Ave. Alton, 111. GERMANIA Savings and Loan Association 543 East Broadway Telephone: 2-0058 Passbook Savings Certficate Savings Payroll Savings Disappearing Home Loans Conventional Home Loans Open End Loans Savings Insured To $10,000 Alton, IllinoisCompliments of MIDWEST ACCOUNTS SERVICE DIV. OF M. A. S., INC. 321 E. Broadway Phone 5-5561 Alton Illinois NORTH SIDE AUTO BODY 2355 State Street Alton, Illinois Freer Davis Compliments of NATIONAL AUTO SUPPLY 1320 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Compliments of LOU'S SERVICE STATION 1312 Central Phone Alton 5-9764 Illinois Mrs. Mildred Rockefeller Owner ROCKEFELLER BEAUTY SHOP 24 W. Broadway Alton, Illinois Compliments of THIES DRY GOODS CO. THE CORNER OF COLLEGE and WASHINGTON HEAVEN TO SEVEN 2503 COLLEGE AVE. 5-1412 Infants and Childrens Wear To Size 14 Girls — 7 BoysTHEEN INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE PHONE 2-0238 1703 Washington Alton, Illinois Quot'd. Jlaundsup Your Phone Line is our Clothes Line” 2517 College Alton Illinois WE SALUTE THE CITIZENS OF TOMORROW L and L FURNITURE and APPLIANCE CO. Dial 3-7776 West Fourth at Piasa - - Alton, Illinois Flowers Gifts Compliments of DAN'S BRAKE SERVICE Alton, Illinois Telephone 3-8611CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to CLASS OF 1959 from your WEDGE BANK 620 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Telephone 2-9221 Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.Sjouim Aajjpo£ NNI 3Aiaa S AdWIM nOA H03 1S38 s,u ±V3 33S dOlS M31A Nl Compliments of MID-STATE LOAN 626 E. Broadway Phone 2-9218 IRVIN H. JEWELER 1714 Washington Ave. ALTON, ILL. Senior High Class Rings LAUNDERERS - DRY CLEANERS - RUG CLEANERS OiX? l 3ic u cLsjay on, LlClinoii Phone 2-8514 3-9516 T)ejluxe Cafe PHONE 3-8951 Specializing In Melba’s Beauty Shop Good Food and Courteous Service AIR CONDITIONED Open 6 A.M. 7:30 P.M. Daily 307 Ridge St. Alton, Illinois Proprietors 2519 College Ave Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Brown Alton, Illinois Compliments of HENDERSON BROS. Shell Service Station Elm and Alby PHONE 5-9737 ELM STREET CLEANERS PICK-UP and DELIVERY Phone 2-1922 53 East Elm Street Alton, Illinois CLIFF'S SERVICE STATION Accessories — Tires — Batteries Washing and Lubrication Phone 5-9581 Corner Solu and Washington Alton, III. B W DRUG STORE Broadway Market — Barth Corner Phone 2-2641 Alton, III. Compliments of VIETH'S NORTHSIDE SWEET SHOP 2518 State — Alton, III. North Alton’s Meeting Place” ROCK POOLE PHARMACY 2526 College Alton, III. Phone 3-3547 J A SPRINGMAN, INC. Lumber—Hardware Allied Products Phone: 5-4231 South Street Godfrey, Illinois DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry St. Phone 2-2922 - - QUALITY PASTRIES - - We Specialize In WEDDING CAKES and PARTY CAKES EBBLER ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC THE BANK OF ALTON Appliance Sales Service 2606 State Street — Phone 3-7588 1520 Washington Ave. Alton, Illinois U'::,, 9‘r- H Ji§5Pl2r CORDES MOTOR CO. PACKARD ALTON'S MOST 2350 STATE STREET CONVENIENT BANK ALTON, ILLINOIS PAUL'S FABRICS 206 State St. Highest quality fabrics — Sewing accessoriesWEDGE PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY and HONKE PHARMACY Third and Henry Alton, III. We deliver. Compliments of Jones Confectionery 519 RIDGE ALTON RAY WEBER’S MID-CITY MARKET 1805 CENTRAL American Reprint Service Blueprints - - Whiteprints - • Photostats - - Engineering and Drafting Supplies 515 Ridge Street Telephone 2-4336 ALTON, ILLINOIS Do 2-B3S fflRPRETKn5flnDJUniOR5 2012 C£nTR8LflVE.(0ntl«Grclt) ALTON . . . . ILL. Magnavox Stereophonic, Hi-Fi Phonos, Wur-litzer Spinet Electronic Pianos, Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch Guitars, Selmer, King, Olds, Artley Band Instruments Records — Sheet Music — Repair Service Moil Orders Promptly Filled. GOULD MUSIC COMPANY 551 E. Broadway Phone 3-3213 Compliments of HUBBELL DRUG STORE 520 Ridge Street Alton, Compliments of MC KEE'S MARKET 2514 College Ph. 3-3822 189CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE SCHIFF SHOE STORE 323 BELLE ST. ALTON, ILLINOIS You Can Be Sure With MEAT PRODUCTS UNION AND INSURED JACK C. SmiTH MASONRY CONTRACTOR 2457 HENRY STREET Alton. Illinois JACK C. SMITH telephone 5-5490 FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW . . . HANLON HAEGELE MEN'S WEAR 630 East Broadway 190Schaeffer's (formerly Sapots) Everything that's new! . . . for Juniors Misses! BUCK’S Paint Floor Covering Store CHARLES M. BUCK ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM and TILE O’BRIEN PAINTS 655 East Broadway ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Compliments of CARL’S SHOE STORE Authorized FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service See us about any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7721 119 W. Third St. ALTON, ILLINOIS Wardein Pharmacy PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS Phone 5-5313 2510 State St. Alton, Illinois Class Rings Diamonds Silver Watches 191KEEPING THE HOME FIRES BURNING Consumers and businessmen the world over know the Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation as one of the world's largest producers of chemicals, metals and packaging materials. But to the citizens of St. Louis, Alton, East Alton, Wood River, Bethalto, Cottage Hills, Edwardsville and many other neighboring communities, Olin Mathieson has a much more personal meaning. It's the job or the office to over 5,000 of our neighbors — their home away from home. If Olin Mathieson is especially proud of the contribution our payrolls have made to the growth of the Southern Illinois-Greater St. Louis area, there is a very good reason. Some sixty-six years ago, we were born here. We grew up here. Many of our finest people, wherever they may now be working, were and are from this area. If today Olin Mathieson operations are world-wide, one of our largest plants is still in East Alton. This area is our home, as well as yours, and we're proud of it. That's why we'll always join with you, in any way we can, to make this a still better place to live and work. OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION East Alton, Illinois The Priceless Ingredient Of Every Product Is The Honor And Integrity Of Its Maker” 192Teens and Adulthood TEENS STRIVE toward adulthood. Many of them can qualify for it . . . something all adults can't claim to do. TRUE ADULTS can stand evaluation . . . from both themselves and others. It is the job of newspapers to report what teens as well as adults do day by day. Can teens stand this evaluation? We believe most of them can . . . particularly the kind of teens Alton High School produces. We pledge our best efforts to give the most objective evaluation humanly possible in our day by day accounts of events. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for more than 122 years ENRICHED BREAD ICE CREAM 193K SiotCi. Gx Lfict. 0 £n£xuajbLuU. iiperidrls, CARPET C9 1636 MAIN ST. •• A. A. GRAVES SONS- ALTON CERTIFIED FIRTH CARPETS CERTIFIED GULISTAN CARPETS CERTIFIED DAWNS CARPETS QUALITY, VALUE AND SERVICE TACKLESS CARPET LAYING ANCHORS FLOOR CARPET FLUSH TO WALLS WITH ROBERTS SMOOTH EDGE NO QUARTER ROUND 1636 Main Street ALTON, ILLINOIS Dial 3-8141Compliments of ALTON BOX BOARD CO. AND CONGRATULATION AND OUR WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE 1959 GRADUATING CLASS OF Alton Senior High School 195Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr Compliments of KERR’S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr Compliments of Joe Brandt Hardware 712 EAST BROADWAY Tel. 5-5213 Alton, 111. Compliments of BOB DEL’S Sinclair Service Station NORTH ALTON NORTHSIDE SHELL Edwin L. Burmester, Manager State and Mather J. B. Distributing- Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Phone 5-9347 554 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Novelties - Carnival and Picnic Supplies QUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS SINCE 1883 JACOBY'S 627 - 633 EAST BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS 196 gap j ✓ FIRST Jvateeria BANK a TRUST COMPANY IN ALTON Capital and Surplus $2,250400.00 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 197SELHIME'S Godfrey Rd., Godfrey Illinois Steaks — Chicken — Sea Food STOP! Donated SEE by GEORGE PETERIE AGENCY FOR A REAL ESTATE—INSURANCE FRIEND 525 Ridge, Alton Phone 5-2539 198KSHEUd Your, NkiliPShe Deoler B|LL ROLLER 5th and Ridge Alton, III. 209 Piasa St. Phone 3-8631 TOWNE SHOP, INC. Women's Apparel (Under 21” Charge Accounts) Alton, Illinois MODEL BEAUTY SALON THE GIFT NOOK Phone 2-9413 Cold Waving 318 Belle Street Alton, Illinois Tinting Phone 2-8220 Hair Shaping 2613B State St. You’re invited to come in and browse” Alton, III. Gifts — Gibson Greeting Cards COMPLIMENTS OF INTERNATIONAL SHOE COMPANY Wood River Tannery 199EDELMAN’S Ben Franklin Store Discount Given To All School Authorized Clubs UPPER ALTON 2528 College Alton, Illinois TRY-FINER CLEANERS 23)1 STATE STREET PHONE 2-1911 SMITH'S SERVICE STATION 200INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers Covet Monufod urers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City PITINTEO in u s A

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