Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1958

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 31 of 208
Page 31 of 208

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Page 31 text:

TH ESPIANS Row One: Kelly Webb, Spencer Gibbins, Sam Schmidt, Judy Shackelford. Row Tzro: Penny Ruhe, Ralpha Echols, Betty Lookie- bill, Sharon Lewis. Ron' Three: Steve Wenzel, Sue Seely, Don Fritz, Sam Horstman.

Page 30 text:

lll.TOIl HIGH TIMES me127 , V A Alton High School v, January 17, i958 Numbe ld '33 Alton High Times l lr Teachers and Students Discuss High lce an, ' Student Voice of the I --., , V1 - ' ALTON SENIOR HIGH scnool U ,QW X ,m chool SCICIICO Ellld C0lll'SBS 5 Alton High School Concert Alton, Illinois W mg , . , , , -will PM-'f fe BMI PM- 'I me .. 'l""St""" To wha' r"e"' .do You "mf Mau' and Se concert on Monday night, Member Illinois High School of - 't and 'mfrsfs should be Stepped up smce our awareness Of the S0 my 27, ml the East Junior press Assogiatign a de. w .students Jmons development in those fields? nrium at 8 pm. For the first ' ----- who ben.. J -'-'l 'lub are dis- Miss Gates - "A.H.S. for thel ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,. the concert must be moved FIRST ssmssrsn STAFF missed a few minutes earlier from ast 30 years has haf' ' --Q ofi from the high school audi- S1 L their seventh hour classes for the mathematics. Al M Roller and Cousley -wi im. :sion owls - . . Q , ,. 'gsjvzi ,V M, n because of the increas' -in ansil' fjlecollffifhfe r- V 'cad Tatler Staff of the band. Last year , D liver: llrh. ' 3 K U E lmllos 1 9 lg? " ' school was crowded an KWHA, . A .lmml 5-,m,,,, to have an indoor pep session for ersities ar th Stephany Roller and S Y-no players, and iiifliifrweszifg the Studentlbody' A in l cf--QMS' the i 1-seven present memb ,gg Y CWI Ann Inwcased numbers of Students :ge Prep 1 iok staff has started li llbe Impossible- to ag it LS' lime ioined the Alton High Pep idered by ' w.W,,f I 'mf Hlgh School' MF' G in the auditorium. 1 -,'-- 1' Efmef, l...1,-lljlul, ,MS year, and, judging bylb Wm im f,-, ' ' ,V IS The faculty advlsffl' ly, this C0UCe1't Wlu be 1 ' ' i'ifW'l Clmitlxm fm enthusiasm and volume in yelling, ulus and a .group Robert R' Lee ls e ools . QZILQSIQCSQQQQ. to a good Mage 2122 Ge' est Junior High School K' ,me Carole' Kober, Start- 5-H-S. are - fdenKe icldljenllih JuZlr.'l IHEWU Avenue- ul. Nancy lesson, lan hath courses than .., ce on L' ' y z program will contain some ard marches, ovei-tures, novel- mbers, descriptive pieces, and rn selections. Baton twirlers ne featured in a flag routine g the closing march. ze of admission is 25 cents. 1- Anuerson, Dee Shockley. Sporui .... Bruce Lyons, Editor. Richard Fields. Don Lahr, Sieve Voss, lin' Brown, Ioel Frazer. Photographer ........ , . .......... lon Hay Debaters Win At St. Louis Tourney Alton dehaters, directed by Miss is-othy Colonius returned from ond Se' dreis High School, si. Louis, ers V L ' K, January 13, with 4 vie-3 J ' L3 'n the invitational debatei ny stu QQ Sill- l - . i: -:- . . , . l greek fg ff-, V ,ting against Rosati - Kam, ion hal ty City, Fairview, and ow the n. High Schools in the 19- t to be . lf- I ' 1 "" tourney, Alton students won gl the sect 2' 'Magi glial 'e is a chronolo! ' ' no school days" lor nigh l students: The first day in vffing is Lincoln's birthday, esday, February 12. A one- ession of the Madison County ers' Institute will be held esday, March 5. The one-day ug of the Southwestern Di- . of the Illinois Teacher As- ion is set for Friday, Marci- 'his meeting will not be h St. Louis as informer y ters will be assigned to ities, in the Division as lter vacation provide: cutive days, beginning .eir rounds. .he affirmative team composed of Phyllis Schlobohm and Toni Gould and the negative team corn- posed of Judy Allen and David Whiteside debated on the subject: "Resolved, that the United States Foreign Aid Should B0 Substan- tially l'ncreased." L The next debate will be a con- test debate to be held at Washing- ff' A Sat., Feb. 8. The A a debate, Feb. , A 1-fl 'stress Club. 1, 'j hate will be 1 State Sec- Vlf ent to be , M . March 8 I weaves if 1 Friday, April 4, and cl 4 ,vvh I Q. to Tuesday, April 8. Fri f - so, the schools win be clos jshllls servance of Memorial Day. Jemors 1-...-.-.......................... Alton Students me College' Boards students from St. Louis and 'ban areas were present at on High School at Clayton, Saturday, January 11 to take Iollege Board Scholastic Apti- Test. these soo students, ui? 10 attended from Alton High as follows: Kelly Webb, l, 'George Mendelsohn, Rich- Pields, Stephelkxlioller, Jerry it, Sharon Lewis, Nancy Wil- la-rn 'Prnomnnr 'flhmirn 1i'l'nna-- Illinois high-school seniors will compete on Feb. 1 for S600,000 in .first-year scholarships to Illinois colleges and universities. Science Research Associates of Chicago will construct, administer, and score the examinations. Test results and students' high-school records will be used to determine capacity to profit from higher education. House Bill 380 enacted by the Illinois General Assembly provides scholarships for any Illinois resi- dent of good character who will have completed high school by the end of this school year, is in the upper half of his class, demon- strates superior capacity to profit: from college work, and is unablel i "" a valuable ' l display- , -h game lling at .ugh schools in Illinois. The courses al- 'eady in the curriculum are avail- able to all students, not to just a select few as in Russia. The stu- ilent should become aware of his water are editorial staff as ants. The remainder of the stef composed of the following dents: Trudi Weber, Jay W opportunity to get all the math Elsle 'Du'ncaY1, Lois Erdlil W I' and science pgsgible in his four Louise Pope, Carol Nuzum, . 're years of high sghoglj' Humphrey, Barbara Malcolm, 1 ,V M Iv H , Gwm' Tana Burns, Marg A M i'i' ,e offered tx iff Hilrden, "' I fhmk lhhf' 'une Caroll, S the .interior Dec- tlanlgli m Sfisnees Should be 1 Mottaz, ovation , , will be taught cnsllu? ' Wblfgummg In the 9, Sue D1 by Miss Sidwell, .and Gx'eativcl1gF?wly be 0918- BY the 1 bars. Ste wa-lung, which will he taught by fx lid inlets high M091 he ,H lreie B2 Miss Rutledge. Harmony will re- F'Z.St?'d1ed enough UI ht J! Zh Sha: place Music Appreciation. bf? is lmterestsv hls ablhl fa gl T", tty Loc his aptltudes for a study o gf" " 3 yl All students schedules are com- ical 303011095 Call be delle. 1 melee. Changing of nv For those who have strong . " Jean mee . , ., . - - - - 3 school and tel pl-Dgl-am Garda xn Physical bczences and K Qi , ,B V i , , f will almggt bg 3 wt promises success in mo. f ' effing 'Ia' because of the l Sflldy perhaps the high "K.w' 9 lm e' the fact thai 3 lflould ,offer 4 years in the"'1 alter-llollegiate Press,.Inc ferred with Sciences terminating in Kansas Cxtyf ,Vincent Price dents might ,WL I i year with a course com- take the portrmts Sept' 30 um the lunch ho at gg? f' .o the present General oct' 4' of their par, , ' ly X qlwfll 1 College course. These . subjects. And Q would then be able to de- Ngtlce Studen have to be bale neil' college study to more Tatlel. pictures will be tal extent fo have 'X f duced work and fs fhe research September 30 October I number of students V Ufbadll' needed' Seniors will haye their Pictui Cafeteria' Stan Ba,-th H. R V f taken on Monday, Tuesday 2 Semester programs will be bick- mzesem time' W' qdnesdayl Juniors on 'Blu ed up in the first hour class of Sclence and ? " and sophomores on Frmd the previous semester. Changes fafiss it EP' A Chgsen will be in the auditorium. Conn- Coll get U f,,, y ll ,, ' 1 selors and Assistant Principals SYS we C01-ll 3 'M 'lN. l of Jan' -1 feel that there will be need for Lois END l ts were held Thursday very few changes. Changes will Math and S uni-.u-ef January 9 and 10 for be inade only in study halls, never be required' , N -The Night of January during Classes' jects provide g. 1' the direction of Mr. Clif - mind and I believe '-VenP0l"9- Cheerleaders' such activities will res., ..t- Boasting 8 large Cast: this 1 V er prog'ress.'l tery thriller promises to be Squad U' - , c 'me of outstanding dramatic productio the Cr l X in Dave Handler - "I think that lhe School year. Altm. , A 'he our standards in Math and Science The following cast has beer hosv mf, P ,5 courses are high and that there legged: Mau-on, Marty We Va- , ,A ,H . should be more encouragement Eailjff . ' - . , , V,,, i 1 , Dale Whiteside, Ji lea , . I ' Y . provided for the students to arouse Heath, Steve Wenzel: D. A' 5 ite 1 mlfefesli In them- Kelly Webbg Secretary, Mary . 159' 4 ' A 'rm Gwillim - --1 think that Sfe?k1Aff0meY Stevens' Ted 1 W' T' ff' our Math and Science programs ser, -Sec1etqry',Barbanf Maki Ga- Vg -013 are very good. We, in this coun- Clefkf genius Milford? karen,- and all A ' i it gave try, have the right to choose our Gfvllllm' Dr' Klrklandf. SP5 8 talk abs- -11 same. vocation in school, whereas in G1bbmS3'MrS' John Hutchumf E which Iowa won and demonstra- tions of college cheerleading. Mr. Davis, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Posey, Mr. Hanks, and Susan Ringer-ing gave talks on selected subjects. Russia the students who are in- telligent have no choice. In our 'science and Math programs we have persons who are interested in it and will work." , Y 'Fha Vnmvtv nhnn:-lnnAA1-. 'M'a..,.:- , , Lookiebillg Homer Van Fleet, l colin McLaing Elmer Swee 'Carl Brachtg Nancy Faulkner, McNeillyg Magda Svenson, Ph Schlobohm: John Whitfield, Schmidtg Jane Chandler, N:

Page 32 text:

DRAMATIC CLUB Row One: Nancy Kerwin, Marilyn Thomp- son, Pat Barton, Lana Economides, Sandy Camp, Ed Schaefer, Jo Ann Almonroeder, Carol Keith, Georgeanne Sokolowski, Jean Wilson. Row Two: Judy Logan, Hope Cousley, Ann McBride, Bonnie Batchelor, Nancy Conour, Nancy Wilson, Barbara Malcom, Carol Nuzum, Margaret Childers, Judy Boyd, Joy Harder. Row Three: Dennis Milford, Jim Fisher, Beverly Pybas, Judy Kistner, Donna Lindsay, Myra Ingram, Cecelia Diaz, Priscilla Peter- sen, Richard Fields, Barbara Burris, Mary Jo Moore, Nancy Bock. Row One: Carole Meyer, Mary Jane Steck, Elsie Duncan, Ralpha Echols, Sue Seely, Spencer Gibbins, Sam Schmidt, Kelly Webb. Penny Ruhe, Judy Shackelford, Sharon Lewis, Betty Lookiebill. Row Two: Carol Humenick, Barbara Phelps, Faye Bemis, Carole Kober, Marilyn Waide, Judy Kerwin, Judy Franklin, Cindy Phillips, Fran Lingenfelter, Nancy Jackson, Linda Whetzel, Connie Hickman. Row Three: Sandy Buck, Lois Weber, Nina Eastman, Steve Wenzel, Don Fritz, Jay Willis, Larry Beasly, Tara Gwillim, Lois Erdmann, Donna Browning, Janice Korilko, Anita Tchoukaleff, B. J. Tyler, Rose Marie Sacchi.

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