Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1957

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 71 of 200
Page 71 of 200

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Page 71 text:

National Honor Society Pep Band Patrol ROGERS. CAROL-IO Band Orchestra Chorus F.B.L.A. 0.0. Club Spanish Club Student Council ROMANA, ANNA IEAN Pep Club Patrol G.A.A. ROSENBERG, DONNA RAE Chorus Latin Club Band French Club Student Council Tatler Staff Dramatic Club Pep Club Girls' Council Office Helper National Honor Society ROUSSEFF, PAUL Patrol Spanish Club Baseball Cross Country ROWLAND. WAYNE ROBERT RUEBLING, ANNETTA WINFERD Pep Club F.I-I.A. G.A.A. Office Helper Chorus RUEBLING, DELORES EVELYN Pep Club F.H.A. RUSSELL, LEWIS EVERARD SANDERS. IESSIE LaVONNE F.C.A. Chorus French Club SANNER. KAREN WAY Band SAULS, CLARA LEOTA F.C.A. SCHAEFER. STEPHEN HAROLD Art Club Chorus Camera Club Boys' Chorus National Honor Society SCHAFFNER, SUZANNE RAE Pep Club German Club Latin Club Girls' Council Tatler Staff Library Helper Patrol Office Helper Science Fair SCHEFFEL, NANCY ROSE Art Club Comm. Art Club SCHILDROTH, lOl-IN ROBERT Office Helper Chorus Spanish Club D.E. Club SCHMIDT, EDGAR WILLIAM SCHMIDT. SHEILA CLARE Pep Club F.N.A. Chorus Library Assistant Latin Club SCHMITT, RONALD EUGENE Band Times Staff Orchestra Pep Band SCHUELER, RUTH ANN Student Council F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Latin Club 0.0. Club Current Events Club Cafeteria Helper SCHUETZ, MARY MARGARET Chorus SCHWAAB. KAY LOUISE Library Assistant Chorus ' F.B.L.A. French Club F.H.A. F.T.A. Pep Club Tatler Staff Girls' Council SCHWARTZ. DONNA RUTH Iunior Prom. Comm. Latin Club Spanish Club F.N.A. Times Staff Dramatic Club Library Assistant Clinic Helper Office Helper 0.0. Club Pep Club SCHWARTZ. SYLVIA CI-IARLEEN Chorus Pep Club Girls' Council F.H.A. Office Helper Girls' Ensemble SCOGGINS. IERRY LEE Football Basketball Cross Country Baseball Boys' Cabinet SCOGGINS, ROBERT FREDRICK Baseball SEAGO, HELEN ANN Pep Club F.C.A. Office Assistant Clinic Assistant Chorus SEARLES. ROBERT EUGENE Band Pep Band Track SELKIRK, SHARON CAROL Chorus Spanish Club Camera Club Pep Club D.E. Club F.H.A. SHUTTLEWROTH. DELORES ANN Chorus Spanish Club Pep Club F.B.L.A. G.A.A. SIMPSON, BEVERLEY ANN Latin Club F.N.A. Chorus Office Helper Gym Assistant Dramatics Club Girls' Council Pep Club Tatler Staff Careers Night SIMS. ESSIE ADELLA Pep Club Chorus F.H.A. Patrol SITTON. ROBERT GARY SLOAN. DONALD DAVID SLOAN. SHIRLEY IRENE Pep Club D.E. Club Spanish Club F.H.A. Gym Assistant SMITH, CHARLES NOBLE Football Basketball SNIDER, WILLIAM CLIFTON Student Council Cross Country Pep Club SPARTER, LOIS IEAN F.C.A. SPIESS, IUDITH MAE Latin Club Clinic Helper F.N.A. Pep Club Girls' Council Science Club F.B.L.A. National Honor Society STEFFEN, EDWIN WILLIAM Basketball Football Student Council Patrol STEWART. SONIA MARIE Chorus STILLWELL. ROY EDWARD Student Council Band Orchestra National Honor Society STOCKTON, IOYCE OVA F.I'I.A. Chorus Pep Club Cafeteria Helper F.B.L.A. Spanish Club Office Assistant STOCKTON, RAYMOND EDWARD Track Cross Country Latin Club STREEPER. CHARLES ROBERT STROMSKE, EDWARD DALE Basketball Football Boys' Cabinet Pep Club Track STUPPERICH, GLORIA STUART Chorus Latin Club Pep Club Girls' Council F.T.A. Deans' Assistant SULLIVAN, WALTER RAYMOND SYKES. IOHN CURTIS Football Track Pep Club TALBERT, EUGENE BARNETT Football THEISEN, ANNETTE ESTHER F.I-I.A. 0.0. Club THIES, DAVID RICHARD French Club Band Pep Club THOMPSON, BENNIE LOU Chorus THOMPSON, IUDITH French Club Student Council Pep Club Chorus F.I'I.A. TIERNEY. SHERRYL ANN Pep Club F.l'I.A. Band D.E. Club

Page 70 text:

MUSGROVE. SAMUEL ORVAL Track Patrol Football, Manager MARTIN, PAUL DAVID Camera Club NASELLO, CHARLES DELANO Basketball Manager D.E. Club Pep Club NAUGLE, LINDA KAY National Honor Society Times Staff Dramatic Club Pep Club Latin Club Student Council Girls' Council F.B.L.A. G.A.A. Librarian Helper F.T.A. Debate Club Tatler Staff lunior Prom Comm. NEEDI-IAM. NANCEE IAN F.H.A. Pep Club Chorus NICKENS. HARRY RICHARD Rifle Club Radio Club Band Olin Office Helper NOBLE. SALLY ANN Chorus Spanish Club Pep Club 0.0. Club Gym Assistant NOLAN. NORMA LOUISE Science Fair Spanish Club F.H.A. F.N.A. Chorus Pep Club Girls' Ensemble National Honor Society NOLES. BARBARA EILEEN F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Pep Club Patrol NORMAN, PAUL THEODORE German Club Councilors' Assistant Cross Country, Manager NOTTOLI. FRANK IOSEPH O'CONNOR. BEVERLY ANN Pep Club F.B.L.A. OLDEN. VELMA THEADELL F.C.A. F.H.A. Pep Club Band Chorus OLESON, RUTH ELIZABETH F.H.A. D.E. Club F.N.A. Chorus Science Fair OSBORNE, PAUL EDWARD Baseball Student Council Lettermans' Club OWENS. BRENDA ANN Times Staff Chorus F.B.L.A. Pep Club F.H.A. PARKER, THOMAS WAYNE Football PARTON, ELOISE F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Band Pep Club PATCHET. WILLIAM EDWARD PATTERSON. ALBERTA Chorus Pep Club F.H.A. PATTERSON, BRIAN Boys' Encemble Times Staff Tatler Staff Pep Club Chorus Delegate to State P.E. and Health Conventions Football Manager Track Manager Science Club Patrol PATTERSON. WILLIE MAE Pep Club Chorus Maiorette F.H.A. PELOT. EDWIN WILLIAM Baseball PENDT, RONNIE VICTOR Baseball Basketball Cross Country Pep Club PENSINGER, IEANNIE K. F.B.L.A. Dramatic Club Thespians Pep Club Chorus Latin Club Science Club Clinic Helper Patrol National Honor Society PETERSON, RUTH ESTER Cafeteria Helper PHILLIPS. STANLEY GERALD French Club Fooball PHIPPS. MYRNA KAY Latin Club Pep Club F.B.L.A. 0.0. Club F.H.A. lunior Prom Committee PIERCE, BARBARA ANN Pep Club French Club F.T.A. F.H.A. Tatler Staff Chorus Patrol Girls' Council PITCHFORD. BARNEY MICHAEL Olin Assistant PIERSON. CAROL ANN F.H.A., National Pres. Student Council Girls' Council Pep Club Drama Club Thespians Chorus National Honor Society Latin Club Band Patrol PLEGGE. DOROTHY VERNA F.N.A. Cafeteria Helper D.E. Club . PLUMMER. TRUDI ANN Pep Club office Helper F.B.L.A. Girls' Council Chorus POINTER. DONNA MARIE F.B.L.A.. Pres. Chorus Student Council F.H.A. Pep Club Office Helper Patrol Library Assistant Clinic Helper PORTER. WALTER NATHANIEL Chorus Band Basketball Football POWERS. WILLIAM HENRY Football Boys' Cabinet Baseball Basketball Pnewrrr. 'rnnnoaus 1ErrsRsoN Cross Cou try Spanish Cllub REAMS, CHRISTINE Spanish Club Pep Club G.A.A. REESE, WANDA LOU F.B.L.A. Office Helper 0.0. Club Pep Club Latin Club REID, GARY DALE Chorus Boys' Chorus French Club Comm. Art Club Latin Club Dramatic Club Science Fair RENCH. SANDRA IEAN F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Chorus 0.0. Club Office Helper RICH, GERRALD LEE RICHARDS. GENE HAROLD RIDDER, IAMES DAVID Band Student Council French Club National Honor Society RIGAS. STEVE FRANK Band Pep Band. Director Student Council Patrol RILEY, EDITH MAXINE Pep Club Office Helper RILEY. VERNDA DORIS F.H.A. Pep Club 0.0. Club F.B.L.A. RIZZONTTO, IRMA IEAN Student Council F.C.A. ROADES, MARY LOUISE Science Club Latin Club F.N.A. Gym Assistant Pep Club ROBBINS. IOHN LEROY ROBERTS. LOIS LORETTA Pep Club F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Office Helper 0.0. Club Cafeteria Helper ROBERTSON. CHARLES LEE Patrol 0.0. Club Basketball ROBINSON, CHARLES RAY Band Orchestra Student Council 157

Page 72 text:

TINSLEY. RUSSELL WAYNE TOWSE, CHARLES BYRON Band Science Club Pep Club Basketball Patrol TROUT. IERRY EARL TROWBRIDGE, DONALD RAY TUCKER. GERALD LEROY UNTERBRINK, MARCELLA LOUISE Library Assistant Chorus Girls' Ensemble Pep Club F.H.A. UNTERBRINK, ROBERT EDWARD Football Basketball URBANI. IOSEPH AUGUSTO USHER. ROBERT CARL Patrol Football VANZANDT, DOROTHY HAZEL Band Chorus Latin Club VANZANDT, LEWIS WALLACE Band VOGT, MARILYN IOAN Science Club Chorus P.N.A. Camera Club Pep Club F.B.L.A. Clinic Helper VOLZ. IANICE KAY F.C.A. F.H.A. Pep Club G.A.A. VONDERHEIDT, IEROME TALFORD VOORHEES, ALICE DARLENE F.H.A. G.A.A. F.C.A Pep Club VORACEK, CAROL IANE Spanish Club Brush 8 Palette Pep Club Girls' Ensemble G.A.A. Dramatics Club Tatler Staff WADE, RONNIE GENE Football Latin Club Track Chorus Boys' Chorus D.E. Club WALK, WILLIAM ROBERT Chorus Comm. Art Club Patrol Track Football Pep Club Science Club Brush 8 Palette WALKER. IIM RAY Track WARNER. LOIS ANN Latin Club Pep Club Tatler Staff P.H.A. F.N.A. Office Helper National Honor Society WATERHOUSE, ALICE Library Assistant Student Council Times Staff Tatler Staff Iunior Prom Comm. Spanish Club Pep Club Comm. Art Club Thespians Dramatic Club Girls' Council Patrol Football Maid VJATKINS, PATRICIA ANNE Cheerleader Pep Club 0.0. Club WATKINS, ROBERT RUSSELL Bancl Pep Club WEBB, BILLY IOE Track WEEKS. GEORGE DANIEL Student Council Football Track Boys' Cabinet Pep Club Comm. Art Club Letterman's Club President of Senior Class WENZEL, OLIVER LEO WILSON. DAISY ROBERTA Cheerleader F.H.A. F.C.A. Chorus G.A.A. Pep Club WHITESIDE, KAY KAREN F.B.L.A. 0.0. CLUB WHYERS, ALICE MARIE 0.0. Club F.H.A. WILDERMAN, DORENE ELAINE G.A.A. Gym Helper WILLIAMS. IESSE DERENDY WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY IEANNE German Club WILLMAN, KENDALL LEE WILSON, DAVID MELVIN Pep Club WILSON, NAOMI ROBERTA Pep Club Times Staff G.A.A. Latin Club F.T.A. F.N.A. Library Assistant Orchestra WINANS, PATRICIA ANN Comm. Art Club Pep Club Tatler Staff Brush 8 Palette F.H.A. Chorus WCODMAN. IRENE MAIRE Patrol Pep Club F.B.L.A. Office Helper WOODMAN. PEGGY Lou D.E. Club WOOFF. RONALD EUGENE Track WOOF. WILLIAM WAYNE D.E. Club ' Chorus WOOLS. IANET SUE F.N.A. F.B.L.A. F.H.A. Science Club Pep Club Patrol WRIGHT, CHERYL EILEEN - Patrol National Honor Society Rifle Club Orchestra Student Council F.H.A. Pep Club Times Staff Tatler Staff Art Club WRIGHT, WANDA SUE Chorus Pep Club F.H.A. WYATT, DORIS BEATRICE Band Chorus Latin Club Pep Club F.H.A. F.N.A. YEMM. CAROLE KATHLEEN YOST, LARRY A. ZERKOWSKY, IENECE MARIE Band Chorus French Club G.A.A. Office Assistant ZIGRANG. MARY ELAINE Student Council Tatler Staff Times Staff Girls' Council F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Pep Club Chorus Latin Club 159

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