Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1957

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 65 of 200
Page 65 of 200

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Page 65 text:

CHAMBERS. IULIA FAYE Chorus CHAPPEE. DORAN BARNES Chorus Girls' Ensemble Pep Club Spanish Club F.H.A. Library Asst. CHAPPELL. SANDRA LEE CHILDERS. MARY ELIZABETH Pep Club F.N.A. Times Staff Tatler Staff Latin Club Gym Assistant Library Assistant Patrol Careers Night CHONTOFALSKY, THERESA ANN F.C.A. CHRISTESON. ROBERT LOGAN Student Council Spanish Club Student Patrol CLARK. EDWARD IOSEPH Pep Club 0.0. Club, Pres. COLBURN, HOWARD LYNDAL Band Orchestra F.F.A. Spanish Club COLLEY, DONALD WARREN COOPER, PHYLLIS KATHLEEN Pep Club French Club F.B.L.A. F.H.A. Dramatic Club Chorus COVINGTON, HAROLD RICHARD COX. ROBERT ARDEN Spanish Club Patrol Basketball Pep Club Student Council Cross Country COY. FAYE EVELYN F.C.A. CRAVENS. BARBARA ANN Pep Club Future Homemakers Future Cosmetalogists Chorus CRAWFORD. CAROL SUE Girls' Council F.B.L.A. Times Staff Dramatics Club Maid to Dream Girl Chorus Pep Club Ir. Prom Comm. CRIVELLO. KARI IUNE Pep Club CUNNINGHAM, ERLENE IOYCE Pep Club CURRY RONALD IAMES CLIRVEY. SALLY RAE Chorus Latin Club Girls' Council Debate F.H.A. Pep Club CUSHMAN, CAROLYN SUE Patrol Science Chorus Spanish Club Pep Club Girls' Council G.A.A. Library Asst. Latin Club DALTON, CAROL IEAN Latin Club Science Club DALTON, IANICE KENT DALTON, IUDY KAYE Pep Club G.A.A. Chorus DARNELL, DOROTHY LOUISE Pep Club DARNELL, IOANN F.H.A. Chorus DAVIS. GARY THOMAS Pep Club DAVIS, KATHLEEN Band Spanish Club Comm. Art Club Rifle Club Camera Club Orchestra G.A.A. Pep Club Librarian DAVIS. MILDRED PATSY ANN F.N.A. DAVIS. SHIRLEY IEAN Library Asst. DAVIS, TARRIE ALICE Latin Club French Club Band Orchestra National Honor Society DAVISON, CONNIE GENEVA Spanish Club Pep Club Band Office Worker G.A.A. DEHNER, IANET PEARL Library Asst. Chorus Latin Club F.H.A. F.N.A. Pep Club 0.0. Club Debate Club F.B.L.A. DENBY. DONALD IOHN Student Council Patrol Times Staff Spanish Club Band Chorus National Honor Society DENNIS, VALERIE LOUISE Chorus Pep Club F.B.L.A. Dramatic Club Times Staff G.A.A. DEPPER, BARBARA ANN Camera Club Gym Office Patrol DIAZ, ROBERT HARLEN Football . Basketball Baseball Student Council Boys' Cabinet Latin Club Pep Club Orchestra Times Staff National Honor Society DIETZMAN, MILDRED ANN Spanish Club F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Gym Asst. DONELSON, CAROL IEAN F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Chorus Latin Club Debate Club Pep Club DUNCAN. SHIRLEY ANN DYKEMAN, NANCY DRUCILLA EARLY. ALLEN DALE Football Basketball Track Letterman's Club Pep Club Band Science Club Patrol Chorus ENGSTROM, CHARMAYNE MARIE Dramatic Club Office Asst. Chorus Pep Club EUBANKS, RICHARD EUGENE Patrol EVANS. ioYCE ARDELL National Honor Society 0.0. Club EVERETT, PATRICIA DEAN Student Council Girls' Council Pep Club F.H.A. F.B.L.A. G.A.A. Chorus Tatler Stuff Office Asst. Clinic Asst. Football Maid Dream Girl Maid Ir. Prom Committee FABIANIC. DAVID ANDERSON National Honor Society Latin Club Basketball Cross Country Student Council Times Staff Pep Club Letterman's Club FARNBACK. IUDITH ANN Band F.N.A. F.T.A. G.A.A. Science Club Pep Club FATCHETT. LARRY NEWTON FAULKNER. GERALD EDWARD Cross Country FESSLER, MARILYN LINDA Chorus F.B.L.A. Tatler Staff Girls' Council Office Asst. Ir. Prom Comm. Pep Club FISHER. CHARLES SYLVESTER Football FLAMM. LOUELLA IEAN FLOWERS. DELORES IUNE FOLEY. ZADA NEIL 0.0. Club F.H.A. FOREMAN. SHIRLEY LOU F.H.A. F.B.L.A. 153

Page 64 text:

ACKERMAN, DAVID RALPH Basketball Mgr. Baseball Mgr. ADAMS. CHARLES THOMAS ALLEN, IANET MARION Cheerleader National Honor Society Pep Club Latin Club Homecoming Queen Maid Chorus ALLSMAN. IERRY ARTHUR Baseball ALLSMAN, LARRY EUGENE Baseball ANDERSON, RAYMOND IEWELL Radio Club Basketball AUBREY, TERESA CAROL Office Helper Clinic Assistant Latin Club Pep Club F.N.A. Patrol Science Club ANDERSON, VELMA MARIE F.C.A. BACUS, GLEN EVERETT Student Council Chorus Co-Editor Tatler Alton High Times Staff Drama Club Thespians Boys' Ensemble Latin Club Camera Club Pep Club BACUS, HARLAN WILLIAM German Club Patrol BALDRIDGE, EVELYN WILMA F.H.A. Chorus Girls' Ensemble D.E. Club BALLESTEROZ. VINCENT MANUEL BALLINGER, WALLACE HOWARD Band Chorus Patrol Library Assistant BAILEY, MARTHA DARLENE F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Girls' Council Pep Club Office Helper BAILEY, ROBERT GENE Drama Club Art Club Chorus Boys' Ensemble BAKER, LILY LAVINA F.H.A. Office Helper BARLOW, CONXVAY CLIFTON. IR. Spanish Club Pep Club Patrol BARROW, MARGARET ANNE Spanish Club Office Helper Gym Assistant BARTON, IUDITH CAROL F.H.A. Chorus Pep Club BAYLEY, ANITA IEAN Pep Club Office Helper F.H.A. 152 BAYIEY. IUDITH KAY Chorus Pep Club Comercial Art Club Library Assistant 0.0. Club BEALS, NORMAN DAVIS BEAN, ROBERT HIRONS Band Rifle Club Science Club BELLE, GWENDOLYN MARIE F.H.A. Pep Club Chorus Library Assistant BENEZE, MORA LUELLEN F.T.A. Band Drama Club F.H.A. Pep Club Latin Club Library Assistant BENTLEY, MARY LOU Art Club D.E. Club BLUNK. NANCY IEANETTE F.C.A., Pres. F.H.A. Patrol Pep Club BOCK. EMMA LOUISE Pep Club Office Helper F.N.A. Councilors' Assistant BODENSTEIN, IAMES WILLIAM Patrol Orchestra Band Pep Band Latin Club Science Club Tatler Staff BOHN. IOHN IOSEPH D.E. Club BONO. WILLIAM IOSEPH BORKO, SANDRA LOUISE Pep Club F.B.L.A. Chorus Girls' Council BORNES. SANDRA IOAN Chorus Art Club ROTTERRIISH, WILFRED EUGENE Patrol Latin Club BOWMAN, IUDY RUTH F.H.A. F.C.A. BRADSHAW. MARY EILENE Office Helper Councilors' Assistant Chorus Girls' Ensemble F.C.A. BRAUN. NANCY LEE G.A.A. Chorus Patrol National Honor Society Gym Assistant Tatler Staff Pep Club Girls' Council Dramatic Club Delegate State P.E. and Health Conv. Library Assistant BREMER, PATRICIA LOUISE Pep Club F.B.L.A. F.H.A. BREWNER. BARBARA ANN Chorus Pep Club 0.0. Club BRIDGEMAN, CAROL GEORGINE Cafeteria BROWN. ROBERT CRAWFORD Student Patrol Pep Club BRUCE. DOUGLAS LESLIE D.E. Club BRUNNWORTH, GARY FORREST BRYANT. MARILYN KAYE F.H.A. Spanish Club Dist. Ed. Club Pep Club Cafeteria BURGOYNE. IAMES IOSEPH I.V. Basketball D.E. Club BURGOYNE. IUDITH BELLE F.B.L.A. Chorus Student Council 0.0. Club Pep Club BURRIS. SANDRA IEAN Girls' Council Future Nurse F.N.A. French Club F.H.A. Chorus F.B.L.A. Science Club Pep Club BUTLER, RALPH WILSON Track Football Patrol BUTLER, SHARON DELL P.E. Office Pep Club Cafeteria CALHOUN. IDELLA Pep Club Science Club CAMP, CHARLES ROBERT Patrol D.E. Club Football CAMPBELL, MARY LYNNE French Club National Honor Society Latin Club Science Club Dramatic Club Thespians Library Asst. Times Tatler Chorus Pep Club Careers Night Committee CANNON, RUDOLPH VALENTINO Chorus Library Asst. Student Patrol Pep Club CARTER, RONALD HERMAN Chorus Com. Art Club Track CASTELLI, BETTY IEAN F.B.L.A. Pep Club Chorus CATANZARO. AUGUST Track Pep Club CHADWICK. PAUL DON Student Council Dramatic Club Patrol

Page 66 text:

FOSTER. CARL ALEXANDER FOWLER. DEE ANN Pep Club FRANCIS. GEORGE WAYNE Patrol FRISON. SYLVESTER Baseball FROHOCK. BARBARA KAYE Girls' Council Pep Club F.B.L.A. F.H.A. Art Club GABRIEL, NINA LEE F.N.A. Gym Asst. 0.0. Club Clinic Asst. GABRIEL. SUSAN IANE Iunior Prom Comm. Chorus F.B.L.A. Pep Club Cheerleader Times Latin Club Dream Girl Football Mtid F.H.A. Girls' Council .GARVEY, GERALD IOSEPH Golf Pep Club GAYLORD. IILL ELISABETH Latin Club Pep Club Brush 8 Palette Comm. Art Club Dramatics Club Tatler Staff Office Helper Chorus Iunior Prom. Comm. Gym Assistant GENT, NANCY ANN Pep Club Latin Club Comm. Art Club Brush 5 Palette Office Helper Chorus lunior Prom. Comm. Tatler Staff Patrol GERHARDT, PEARL ANN Chorus Majorette F.H.A. GILL, IOYCE LAURETTA Band Latin Club F.H.A. Chorus F.T.A. GILLESPIE. HENRIETTA IEAN Pep Club Home Ec. Club Chorus GILLIS. CHARLOTT LAVON Cheerleader Chorus 0.0. Club Girls' Ensemble GLAESER. CHARLES PAUL Basketball Football Cross Country Track Boys' Cabinet Patrol Student Council Chorus Boys' Chorus Orchestra GLASSEY. KATHRYN VERNICE Pep Club Tatler Staff Asst. Librarian Chorus Girls' Ensemble Latin Club Patrol Girls' Council GLEN. ELIZABETH LOUISE Chorus Science Club French Club F.H.A. Debate Club F.T.A. Gym Asst. G.A.A. National Honor Society GLOSS. KAY LOUISE Spanish Club Girls' Council Band Pep Club F.B.L.A. Chorus GOINGS. BETTY LOUELLA Chorus Pep Club F.B.L.A. GONZALES, FELIX PETER GONZALES, IUANITA GOWAN, LOU ANN F.H.A. F.N.A. Chorus GRAHAM, IUDITH MARIE Chorus Girls' Council Tatler Staff Pep Club F.B.L.A. GRAMATES. EFFIE Latin Club Pep Club F.N.A. Chorus Student Council Times Staff Tatler Staff F.H.A. Clinic Asst. GRANT, MAY ELIZABETH Patrol GRAVEMAN. EDWARD EMAN Tatler Photographer Times Photographer Student Council Photographer Track Manager Camera Club Pep Club GRAVES. MERLIN ANSEL Baseball Letterman's Club Boys' Cabinet Pep Club Football Cross Country GREENE. BILLY GALE Student Council Baseball GRIGSBY, ELIZABETH ANN Pep Club Chorus Brush E1 Palette Science Club GRINKEY, KENNETH KEEN Pep Club Baseball Manager GRIZZLE, BETTY IEAN Band F.N.A. Office Helper Science Fair 0.0. Club GROSIIAN. MABEL HELEN F.H.A. D.E. Club Pep Club GROSS, PAUL IOHN GVILLO, IRENE NATHALIS F.H.A. Office Helper Cafeteria Helper Councilors' Asst. GWILLIM. MARGY LOUISE 0.0. Club UAL. HACKETT. MINARD DAVID Baseball Manager Spanish Club HALEY. IOHN LAYMAN D.E. Club Baseball Basketball Softball HALFORD, TOM WHITTEN Football HAM. DAVID RICHARD HAMER, CAROL ANN Pep Club Spanish Club HANSEL, CAROL SUE Chorus 0.0. Club HARGRAVE. GARY ARNOLD Latin Club Pep Club Pep Band Band Baseball HARPOLE, IACK LEE HARPOLE. youu ROBERT National Honor Society HARRIS. MELVIN WARD Football Pep Club HARTMAN. VELMA IANE Girls' Council Pep Club F.H.A. Latin Club F.B.L.A. Chorus Iunior Prom Comm. HATCHER. CHARLES RONALD French Club HOWARD. NANCY LEE Chorus Spanish Club 0.0. Club HOWARD. WAYNE CARL Band Pep Band HOWSER, LYNDA Tatler Staff HUEBENER, NANCY ANN Chorus F.H.A. Tatler Staff Times Staff Debate Club Pep Club National Honor Society HUFF. SANDRA STEEDE Times Staff Tatler Staff Student Council Spanish Club Pep Club Patrol HUNT. FRED LEWIS F.F.A. HUNTER. CURTIS STANLEY. Latin Club Band Library Staff Times Staff National Honor Society HAUSAFUS. NANCY MAE HAWKINS. RONALD GENE Football Baseball Boys' Cabinet Letterman's Club Pep Club HAYES, DAVID WITT Football HEAD. STEPHEN ANDERSON Student Council Band German Club IR

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