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GETTING ALONG As high school days draw lo a close, you will realize a cherished goal and reward—your diploma. This reward you should accept with pride, for it has been hard-won by the constant vigilance and effort of a dozen years or more, and it represents one of your greatest achievements thus far in life. • •• n WS6 But what were the ingredients necessary for this achievement? Enthusiasm, honest effort, promptness, attention lo detail—all of these in no small way have contributed. Other qualities, acquired along the way, have added their full measure, as you learned the importance of cheerfulness. of service to others, helpfulness, friendship, and staunch loyalty to your school, family, and friends. In brief, you learned the art of "getting along" with others. This ability to "get along" was not gained from a textbook. The extent to which you acquired this quality is the result of experiences with people and the degree to which you have tried to make these associations pleasant and helpful. You are now equipped with an education. But. how well you can apply what you have learned, how successful you will be. how you will be able to contribute to the success of your family, your community, or your place of employment, will also depend on how well you have learned the art of "getting along" with your fellow man. To be successful a business must learn to live with other businesses in a business world, in a community, and with people. The Alton area is prosperpous partly because many good businesses have been able to accomplish this purpose, and you, in the future, will need similar qualities lo be equally successful. This ability to "get along." coupled with frankness of purpose, sincere earnestness of endeavor, and a humble and grateful altitude, adds untold strength to your formal education and will help establish your individual future success in this, the world's greatest nation—America. WENS LLINOIS ALTON, ILLINOIS sis 1 t.IALTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLComing to . .. Scientific calculations? Maybe. explore our school i J wParticipating in ourHumans Do The Most What will his future be? We are the people of Alton High . . . the individuals. We dress alike, cut our hair the same, and wear glasses, but we think differently. Our differences in ideals, tastes and personalities have made each of us a person. Adding A. H. S. to rocket fuel. Cartoonists at work.Mass innoculation against space disease. Jabbing the Space Cadet. Tall Dark Earthmen. Humans Are Funny rB SKIN TESl £ OCTOBER 4--H Say Doc., that hurts.How many box tops did you have to send in? Three "Marsketeers." Or Natural These last years have kept our minds running fast with new knowledge about life and the world. But look closely! Among our friends we can see the minister, journalist, artist, nurse, and housewife. We are all together now, mixing our own personalities with others to make the student body of Alton High, and waiting to walk into an older world.Rally for the Red Birds. Earth People Participate In Homecoming Festivities Hear this royal proclamation. The crisp autumn weather and the sight of golden mums mean that the time for the annual Homecoming game which closes the football season, is here. During Homecoming week, the beautiful coronation takes place. The Queen presides at the half-time ceremonies at the game. r s Sue McAfoos — Don Sandidge Bette Lefler — Bill Powers Jimmy Buerkle Bette Lefler — Bill Powers Sue Stobbs — Emery Monroe Diane Lingenfelter — Chris Lavick Linda Cunningham — Jack Rhoades Ruth Curry — Neal Schlobohm Classes and Curriculum Alton Senior High offers one of the largest selections of subjects of any school. There are subjects to fit the needs of every student. A good background for college can be had by anyone willing to take the courses and study. Science, math,social sciences, language, and English are all necessary for college. The individuals not planning on a college education can take the business, vocational, and homemaking courses, to prepare them for what they are planning to do after graduation.Pep Band The pep band is composed of members of the concert band. Their lively songs raise enthusiasm at all the pep assemblies and the home basketball games. The members of the pep band are: Tom Monical, Kenneth Krancher, Andrew Dorsey, David Marshall, Kenny Schoeck, Jim Bodenstein, Steve Rigas, Jerry Stone, Earl Phillips, Jim Bailey, Lefty Robinson, Bill Martin, George Loveless, Jim La Marsh, Steve Head, Bob Searles, Tony Kardis, Bob Henderson, and Clifford Wilderman. Their sponsor is Mr. McCormick.Boys’ Ensemble The Boys’ Ensemble is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior boys. They have sung at many different functions such as the Y.M.C.A., the Y.VV.C.A. and the Rotary Club. Their sponsor is Mrs. Rue. All members were not present for the picture. Row 1. Bob Elrod, Jim Hendrickson, Carl Reed, Gary Reed, Alan Landers, Bill Lambert, John Holland Row 2. Jesse Billings. Jim Massey, Charles Glaeser, Bill Walk, Bryan Patterson, Bob Erdmann, Danny Soko-lowski, Luther Ingram.Deck the halls There will be sleigh riding tonight. Brings Snow To A. H. S. Campus A sure sign of winter is the rows of snowy boots lined up in the halls outside lockers. Alton students enjoy trudging through the snow to school, but are also happy to reach the warmth of the building on freezing mornings. The big thaw.Durinq F. H. A. Week, Joan McKelvey and Patsy Deucker presented rose bushes to the city park commissioner. Civic Minded F.H.A. Members F.H.A. girls tending the March of Dimes booth downtown. Another of the F.H.A. projects was ringing the bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas.Earthmen Curl, Shoot and DriveDramatic Club Presents "320 College Cast: Carol Pierson, Clifford Wilderman, Jim Carstens, Alice Waterhouse, Jerry Stone, Carol Green, Beverly Gibbs, Joan Holland, Ervin Steele, George Springman, Donna Schwartz, Donna Huebner, Joe Godwin, Barbara Lindsey, Mike Bressen, Alan Landers, Glenn Bacus, Kenneth Krancher, Judy Windsor, Keith Brown, Gerry Rousseau, John Stewart, Jim Ebbler, Harold Kuhn. It could happen to anyoneMurdered with a jeweled hat pin Listen here now, don't get smart with me! Avenue" Hamming it up back stage Let's not be quite so realisticDream Girl and Candidates Miss Sue Stobbs was crowned 1955 Dream Girl of the Junior Prom. She was escorted by Jim Massey, Class President and Chairman of the Prom Committee. Her four maids of honor were: Janice Reed escorted by Emery Monroe, Opal Winson escorted by Bill Powers, Sue Voss escorted by Don San-didge, and Judy Green escorted by Bob Elrod. The Prom theme was "South Pacific".Observing OurVarsity Football The Redbirds dedicated Alton Public Schools Stadium by edging Marquette 7-6, in the first game of the season. In their second encounter, Alton crushed McKinley 21-0. The Redbirds then lost the next seven games giving a season mark of two wins and seven defeats. Although the season’s record was not impressive, a fine group of lettermen will provide the nucleus for next year’s team.Season Record Alton 7—Marquette 6 Alton 20—McKinley 0 Alton 0—Quincy 7 Alton 0—Wood River 27 Alton 7—Granite City 12 Alton 6—Edwardsville 20 Alton 6—Collinsville 40 Alton 7—Belleville 19 Alton 0— East St. Louis 20 Locker room briefs Sea of feet "The calm before the storm"hat their game. — -■'•'re and Shorwit VIS, Wpf k Clj O.n lS l"'C‘ in , ® Redbird Vi gd i H otfa r»lr r»nt »- • as nere and Sherwin Whit jn the Birds’ annual Homecoming Werner to Lur —- The new stadium at West zone. Alton b, should provide an attrac- the extra potf Queen’s pro B1 a O’ th d- rix th is VARSITY LINEUP 1. JACK RHOADES 2. BOBBY JANSEN 3. CHARLES FISCHER 4. CHRIS LAVICK 5. EMERY MONROE 6. DANNY WEEKS 7. BOB DIAZ 8. TED MORKEL 9. DON SANDIDGE 10. FRED HOLLOWAY 11. ALLEN EARLY ive to uiv. . rds took over the Dai1 vn 25. Sandidge threw iss to Weeks who ga e Collinsville 30 ulled down. right tackle n yards. ° fjWglwi«n ista ed a v % ccurat1 The Rev ppy tackh. t handicaps. 1 River scoring was I with Stanley, Bosco, W rather each getting a T.D.j 'W| tedbirds Sq — L ei Jivrp . .kick fori was successful A v as Bill Powers -rut. The other ■ of the period wa Birds had rear stripe, when Sa tllv . -«i hi VS Ifest Gum ismal Season End ' ■ « 2 SLVa intercepts mith Oct. 14. ai Hium. ■ -s Alton's first confeceu sson. In regular pi rord and in c j k w » ■ Vo f 'O' , o . ■ V k A ;l Si «JV J period ball on tli| I. ily chewed plays later d over and .ton High K proved Af V thp . xirst quarter JP® powerful Bel lev i 11 J ail. Belleville was foi .ck each time they got 4 “e plays 9 . m handed oained 11 more. . the remaining 6 iwo carries. a p- W? '' ughtly K? -am scoring :«. inza the Granite .»ed the ball over with ‘minutes left after the Birds aton could not advance the ball and was forced to kick from their own 28. The Tigers moved down field to the Redbird 6. where thev I AliLT rT .pc then lost the ball on a f« , TlifPP 1 lilt' ° ■ is Scores 1»r oall. However, they managed hold Alton scoreless too. To start the second quarter Bre nitz and Calhoun moved the from Alton’s 18 to the 10. The ... OOlis were penalized, then quar back Gary Starr passed to Sch! for the touchdown. Starr took pvf.-----■ extra point over on After covered by Ronr the second tim€ quarter the Tig of the fieli lly. The T D(U‘lS it As Alton Defeat McKinH COACH POSEY This was Mr. Posey’s first year as head football coach at Alton High. Mr. McClain, Mr. Hanks, and Mr. Willis all assist in various coaching functions. Mr. Posey has established himself at Alton with his fine basketball team for the last three years. FIRST ROW—Ronald Farnbach, Gabe Bourland, Fred Holloway, Ben Ruedin, Dale Mueller, George Snyder, Frank Carver, Bill Powers, Neal Schlobohm, Emery Monroe, Jack Rhoades, Don Sandidge, Chris Lavick MIDDLE ROW—Charles Green, Bob Harsh-barger, Everett Jefferson, Harold Horsley, Bob Jansen, Ron Hawkins, Ted Morkel, Bob Dial, Danny Weeks, Allen Early, Charles Fischer, Gilbert Moody, Bob Unterbrink LAST ROW—Coach Posey, Harold Wittman, Don Watkins, Albert Brown, Ed Middleton, Kenny Williams, Jerome Lacy, Lloyd Eaken, Paul Bore-man, Rodger Farley, Jay Blunck, Larry Rea, Bob Davis, Henry Smith, Coach McClain Several members of this year’s football team earned recognition for themselves either by having their team mates bestow honors on them or by being named to honorary area teams. At the end of the season, the players selected Don Sandidge as captain, and Bob Diaz and Danny Weeks as the Lineman of the Year and Back of the Year candidates in the annual Player of the Year Banquet. Bob Diaz and Danny Weeks were named to first string All-District Team and Kenny Williams to the second team. Diaz was also on the first string All-Conference Team; Don Sandidge received honorable mention.Up with that jump shot, Dick The 1955-56 Basketball season was one of the Redbirds’ finest. They compiled a regular season work of 23-6. The Red-birds took second place in the newly organized Southwestern Conference, also second in the Pontiac Holiday Tournament and Hillsboro Tournament. In Regional Tourney play, the Alton cagers were downed by Edwardsville thus severing their hope of a return trip to the state finals at Champaign. Speed - - Drive - - Accuracy Gene Velloff Dick Chester Andrew Miller Jim Hendrickson Tom Nalley Charles Green Larry Holmes Charles Glaeser Alex Smith Dave Fabianic Fred Holloway Bill McAfoosIn for a lay up! Assured Victories Flexed muscles VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Darlene Van Hoy, Ruth Curry, Yvonne Anton, Margie Kodros Linda Cunningham— in Over East Si .-« Iton Win Throws Scot 3ad Alton South ee-way r East The Ri ne in tl k befoi e win be mark 1 of Edw The 1 h straigl ins, wer content st Side remained througl picture c periods a up the ] x Smith ans with nd floor i before period, the che packed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Charles Green Larry Holmes Gene Velloff Alex Smith Fred Holloway Bill MeAfoos Jim Hendrickson David Fabianic Andrew Miller Tom Nalley Charles Glaeser Dick Chester rv sVcuog, o ; T atto N W e Holm Velloff the boa ige in th lead th ig with 20 points, followed by hit from near midr MeAloos and Nalley with 15 and Smith with 11. Richie Brooks paced the scoring with 21 points, and the East Side team in the with his fine rebounding ip-in work. Mel Roustio show-e kind of play which has r y earned him a starting y 14 points and a good he boards. y mes turned ry sive job on, r holding t less in ' il of the score to 28-2F MeAfoos an ers for the play be front bu' % 7 pioj • . V, b' I vmwx d5 ' ■a ■ ■ i ° vF V o P 1 •O ,vV DouWc Joe W c one »c Ucli e S kj Wl - (V r«: cAfooj {Ugliest "I v0C sV ■ exYMlvon oi «« Potato 0 wcXotv ove esl 3uw Satoadav ot He vecotds va V. ;V vw» ■ , WO vVcl0t » MyWkveat. j tot seaa s a so a aVnst V ad c viTT cd nldway Vft V e laws potato, vtaco ?r es out on $ Alton's oft Mt Y e pta' contustan t TY e od tv afcatast Ivoxxv lar Y e doutae ott Vota .I I Mill I J H •' 11U 111 U All kw81 i 74‘61 Triumph by Altc (J» VY . VTIAC—With Gene VelJoff tying the indi record for most points scored in a v»d out to a 74-61 win over Thoi V rfinal round of the Pontiac X E§ h •m Z • 3% tit} SQ ‘ VA •A 4?' oird holiday preparation v afternoon. and 12 free throv ton made 1 '»’k in a ght. na also u. ■ lay this wee. Shells will mi-v preliminary game ight. while Gil . Litchfield and ( [Tuesday night, first round bye meet. Larry Holmes of Roxana each points [ tyith n 18 » increased it to .14- fouled out ear ond half, and R rv little success und thereafter, n sides substituted t 22 players for both ng action in the game iene Velloff paced the th 18 points, while Ril i'vfoos and Larry Holmes teach and Tom Nalley elgh v . Walmsley had 14 1 -C Shclls, with none Shaking into doubl Alias t Flayer Nalley S.TMth Holmes felloff ■-A fnrt9 vO' , e ve' vcaioo . vnic  Row 1—Coach McClain, Allen Early, Steve Eaton, Loyd Johnson, Ronald Wooff, Vic Bel-langer, Jim Tyree, Herb Meyenburg, Tom Monical, Vic Parker Row 2—Coach Posey, Bob Taylor, Gilbert Moody, Lester Tyson, Bill Hardin, Ken Veith, John Camp, Ted Morkel, Andrew Miller, Tom Conroy Row 3—Ed Gravemann, Wesely Lohr, Archie Edwards, Maurice Robinson, Glenn McPherson, Bobby Jansen, Bob Harsh-barger Row 4—Roy Hughes, Bill Martin, Dave Romano, Charles Kidwell, Emery Monroe, Ray Stockton, Ralph Butler, Danny Weeks, Don Rintoul, Frank Carver, Glen Ivester Track Men put forth their The Redbirds, Alton High’s men with hearts of steel, hold a high position in the number of championships won. It is no accident that AHS rates as high in track as it does. Fine teams are the product of long hours, much sweat, and good coaching. Our coaches have hammered many a new recruit into a seasoned veteran.Where are your shoes? Nearing the home stretch. Only one more mile. Measure that! Please. Here comes the winner. BEST in every eventIt's a A wide variety of sports are offered to A. H. S. girls in their physical education classes, taught by Miss Foster and Miss Walker. Besides archery, golf, and soft- Keep trying, Ruth. Practice makes perfect. Girl's Sports World in ball, pictured here, the girls enjoy basketball, tennis, field hockey, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, and shuffleboard in their weekly gym hour.A Future Babe Zaharias?Joining ourTypists, Writers and Photographers get Together on Your TATLER 1956 TATLER STAFF The preparation of the Tatler is an extracurricular enterprise at Alton High, which requires the co-operative effort of a large efficient staff. The new staff members are appointed in the Spring of their Junior year. This staff considers the selection of a theme and plans a rough dummy of their publication which will come off the press a year later. In September they set up a schedule for three chief divisions of year book work— taking pictures, solicitation of advertisements, and selling of subscriptions. This Typists—Barbara Schmidt, Lucia Horn, Gerry Rousseau, Gladys Butler Ed. Staff Assistants—J u d y White, Diane Mercier, Danny Sokolowski work continues until the completion of the dummy. The book then goes to press April 1 and then returned to be given to the subscribers about the middle of May. The faculty sponsor for the past three years has been Mr. Gene Bailey. Photographers—Ed Gravemann, Carol Green Bob Yackel, Alan KlopeCo-Editors—Carol Green, Clifford Wilderman; Organization— Sonja Grady; Sports—Tom Monical Business Staff—Sue Willis, Savilla Anderson, Chris- Marlene Lagemann, Marilyn Meyers, Norma Mins-tine Alexander, Anemone Smith, Patsy Deucker, ker, Ruth MaherEditors: Yvonne Anton, associate; Carole Cousley, chief; Carol Johnson, news; Virginia Adams, feature. Sports: Harry Hershey, Tom Monical, Allen Klope LET'S GO TO PRESS The Alton High Times is a bimonthly newspaper publication covering timely topics around school. The Times is supported through advertising. Mr. Don Lewis, sponsor, assists the staff and editors, Carole Cousley and Yvonne Anton in running the paper. Feature: Savilla Anderson, Beverly Gibbs, Stephany Roller, Joan Holland, Norma MinskerBusiness: Shirley Shoemaker, Carol Crawford, Lee Westbrook, Jim LaMarsh, Judy Cover News: Brian Patterson, Cheryl Wright, Donna Hueb- ates, Marilynn Meyers, Sherman Lyon, Gerry Rous ener, Ruth Maher, Alice Waterhouse, Effie Gram- seau.Sopranos, Basses Chorus—4th Hr. Row I—Pat Henson, Mary Lambie, Janett Landiss, Linda Cunningham, Melvina McCann, Florence Rowland, Sally Hamer, Pat Deucker, Nancy Haynes, Betty McDermott Row II—Christine Alexander, Gloria Stupperich, Sue Stobbs, Phyllis Cooper, Helen Bowns, Bob Bailey, John Holland, Bill Lambert, Barbara Strohkirch, Delores Wood, Judy Leonard, Judy Windsor, Sandy Burris Row III—Virginia Adams, Janet Keirn, Juanita Evans, Sandra Borka, Mary Bradshaw, Bob Scott, Ronnie Carter, Dallas Dalton, Yvonne Anton, Susan Gabriel, Velma Hartmann, Pat Everett, Sandy Burnes Row IV—Alice Boedeker, Ruth Herring, Lynn Menard, Mary Jane De-Frates, Carolyn Cushman, Mary Lynne Campbell, Bob Erdmann, Jim Massey, Ineta Henderson, Joan McKelvey, Doris Carney, Alice Waterhouse, Nancy Connor, Shirley Shoemaker, Catherine O'Brien Chorus—2nd Hr. Row I—Janice Reed, Bette Lefler, Norma Nolan, Janice Richey, Keith Brown, Charles Henderson, Alan Landers, Bryan Patterson, Wilbur Oulson, Barbara Schmidt, Brenda Owens, Sally Noble, Earlene Stilley Row II—Sandra Stobbs, Joyce Stockton, Donna Pointer, Nancy Braun, Terry Flint, Danny Sokolowski, Ronnie Wade, Howard Czerny, Stephen Schaefer, Shelia Schmidt, Ruth Speight, Sandra Storm, Lynn Sutton, Barbara Lindsay Row III—Barbara Frohock, Mary Schuetz, Carol Crawford, Joan Holland, Jeannie Pensinger, Edna Perez, Carl Reed, Steve Head, Derry Mills, Ed Gator, Doran Chappee, Barbara Pierce, Mary Sons, Rosie Herd Row IV—Donna Heaton, Sandy Rench, Barbara Brewner, Ruth Oleson, Judy Price, La Vonne Gillis, Pat Colston, Jim McKinley, Glen Bacus, Vic Parker, Bob Elrod, Jim Hendrickson, Judy Graham, Trudi Plummer, Gail Hildebrand, Margie Kodros Row V—Katherine Glassey, Jean Jones, Sylvia Schwartz, Phyllis Young, Joyce Thompson, Judy Barton, Kay Schwaab, Kay Hussong, Barbara Whetzel, Theresa Beck, Effie Gram-ates, Roberta Gnerich, Henrietta Gillespie, Sonja Stewart, Dorothy Myers, Barbara LeonardChorus—7th Hr. Row I—Gwendolyn Bell, Elaine Zigrang, Linda Naugle, Marilyn Fessler, Donna Crandell, Sally Curvey, Phyllis Hill, Janet Block-berger, Bennie Lou Thompson, Judy Ohely Row II—Mary Rawlins, Marcella Underbrink, Judy Burgoyne, Sue McBrien, Lois Erdmann, Judy Hurley, Betty Foss, Beverly Simpson, Sandy Simpson, Florence Dodd, Eleanor Drake Row III—Brenda Hartley, Sherain Baker, Judy Whittleman, Lois Eades, Peggy Gallagher, Judy Eggley, Jackie Stassie, Nancy Dunbar, Bernice Malone, Carol Huminick, Georgeanne Sokolowski, Jo Ann Secor Row IV—Paulla Sims, Louise Brewster, Judy Searles, Hugh Branhall, Sandy Cox, Jim McNeil, Skip Kaetzel, Brady Ivester, Carol Afflack, Norma McDonald, Judy Doerr, Pat Brown Row V—Doreene Hancock, Dorothy Covington, Ronnie Poindexter, Jo Ann Washpun, Frances Brown, Elizabeth Grigsby, Judy Massey, Jim Layton, Margaret Rolla, Wayne Ann Carroll, Joan Harper, Wanda Green, Mable Johnson Row VI—Kay Hagen, Carol Nuzum, Bobbye Cowgill, Nancy Wilson, Elizabeth Glenn, Bob Davis, Jesse Billings, Don Slack, Walter Dick, Donna Davis, Emily Dierstein, Donna Galla-her, Phyllis Darr, Janet Allen, Barbara Cravens, Jane Lusk , a, r -v n '.mlXir. . Chorus—3rd Hr. Row I—Ruth Stockard, Linda Corby, Edna Caldwell, Bertha Goetz, Barbara Phelps, Sue Duley, Judy Richards, Jeanette May, Sharon Lewis, Nancy Pelot, Donna Little, Jackie Hughson Row II—Becky Boedeker, Wanda Wright, Essie Sims, Alberta Chapman, Glenna Fulks, Gaynell Green, Helen Stone, Carole Miller, Kay Calvey, Marilyn Butler, lola Williams, Carol Keith Row III—Carol Green, Barbara Tiemann, Linda Huebener, Jean Bunse, Vernda Riely, Linda De Hart, Lavetra Clark, Debbie Streeper, Mary Cerver, Frances Jones, Willie Mae Patterson, Nancy Dooley Row IV—Betty Lookiebill, Linda Ambrose, Pat Bell, Linda Avants, Sherry Stahl, Judy Rawlins, Nell Clowers, Joyce Hayes, Carolyn Clayton, Terrie Chester, Barbara Malcolm, Barbara Knight, Melba Banks, Armelia Carmen Find Way To ChorusesJim LaMarsh, the Alton High Drum Major A party for the band parents after the Mid-year Concert. After long PRACTICE, majorettes, band STRUT and PLAY Flute Section—Row 1—Jane Miller, Martha Gunter, Rodney Forcade, Kathleen Davis Row 2—Donna Rosenberg, Darlene Boyd, Steven Mottai, Crystal Luly The Alton Senior High Concert Band meets every day fourth hour in Room 103 under the direction of Mr. Jean McCormick. The band officers are: Cliff Wilderman, president; Tom Monical, vice president; Carol Green, secretary; and Herschel Rose, property manager. Each band member participates in a small group class lesson once a week. In addition to concerts played in Alton and at other schools, the band goes on an annual Spring tour. Some of the members of the band take part in the Band Contest playing solos and participating in ensembles. The tour is looked forward to with great anticipation. This year the band toured through Southern Illinois, May 9, and 10, playing concerts at Centralia, Mount Vernon, and Salem, staying all night at Mount Vernon in the Emerson Hotel.groups for audiences Double Reed Section—Row 1—Carol Jo Rogers, Tarrie Davis, Ruth Harris, Mora Beneze Joan McKelvey, Betty Grizzle, Judy Cover. Row 2—Kelly Webb, David Marshall, Bill Martin Majorettes—Carol Wolffbrandt, Judy Shackelford, Head Majorette Dee Griffin, Lynn Sutton, Judy Eggley Row 1—Alto Clarinets—Pat Moore, Sandra Storm, Mary Roades Row 2—Bass Clarinets—Marvin Cooke, Joyce Gill, Eddie Porter, Bob Stockard Saxophones—Row 1—Bob Henderson, Irma Van Hoy, Anthony Kardis Row 2—Stanley Barth, David Byrnes, Walter Porter, James SmithHorn Blowers FRENCH HORNS— Row 1—Diane Mercier, Carol Jacobson, Gloria Hine Row 2—Lucia Horn, Earl Phillips, Tom Andrews, Jerry Stone TROMBONES— Row 1—Charles Robinson, Kay Korte, Larry Manns Row 2—Norman Howell, Ronald Schmitt, Andrew Dorsey, Kenneth Krancher CLARINETS— Row 1—Norma Miller, Donna Morgan, Margaret Wilson, Jim Bailey, Carol Green, Cliff Wilderman Row 2—Judy Kerwin, Ruth Speight, Judy Shackelford, James Fisher, Ruth Maher, Norma Minsker, Marlene Lagemann, Margie Baron, Kay Gloss, Tom Powers, Eloise Parton, Gary Hargrave, Addie llch. Merle Beuttel, Shirley Schumacher, Judy FarnbachBARITONES— Row 1—Linda Wetzel, Gladys Butler, Carl Chitwood, George Loveless Row 2—Dale Daniels, Hershel Rose, Lyndal Colburn, Steve Head, Jim LaMarsh RNETS AND TRUMPETS— Row 1—Harold Wittman, Kenneth Schoeck, Karen Row 2—Jim Bodenstein, Robert Bean, Allen Early, Mercier, Robert Cleveland, Richard Donald Denby, Virgil Alexander, Steve Nickens, Wayne Howard RigasOrchestra- Upper right: Row 1—Don Nevins, Bob Diai Row 2—Roy Stillwell, Tarrie Davis, Sylvia Hack Row 3—Steve Head, Lyndall Colburn, Paul Rowe Center: Row 1—Crystal Luly, Tara Gwillim Row 2—Jim Bailey, Dona Morgan, Marlene Lagemann, Norma Miller Row 3—Bill Martin, Joan McKel-vey, Tony Kardis, David Byrnes from Mantovani to Mendelssohn orchestra combines singing violins with mellow cornets The orchestra is in its first year at Alton High after the absence of an orchestra for many years. They play classical and modern numbers. It is under the direction of Mr. Stuchlik. Lower left: Row 1—Jane Burns, Donna Crandall, Sarah Freeman Row 2—L o i s Erdmann, C h e r yl Wright, Julis Ward Row 3—Loretta Mayfield, Shirley Harmon, Marvin Cooke, Sandra Hoggatt, Joe Schroeder Lower right: Row 1—Earl Phillips, Tom Andrews, Diane Mercier, Jerry Stone Row 2—Andrew Dorsey, Allan Early, Karen Mercier, Tom MonicalCharacter, grades, personality . . . mark HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is composed of members who are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students must have a scholarship average of 90 or above. Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor a student can win at Alton High. Miss Gates and Miss Hall are co-sponsors for this group. Row 1—Norma Minsker, Sue Willis, Pat Deucker, Virginia Adams, Carole Cousley, Dorothy Roemer Row 2—Emma Webb, Gerry Rousseau, Barbara Dickinson, Marlene Lagemann, Sonja Grady, Anemone Smith, Carole Johnson, Mary Lynn Campbell Row 3—Lucia Horn, Christine Alexander, Margaret Kodros, Diane Lingenfelter, Barbara Lindsay, Alice Waterhouse Row 4—Harry Hershey, Savilla Anderson, Janet Tyler, Diane Mercier, Linda Naugle, Shirley Shoemaker, Judy Green, Mary Jane DeFrates Row 5—Tom Monical, Roger Mathus, Ronnie Bogart, Cheryl Wright, Carol Green, Marcheta Keasler, Carol Pierson Row 6—Bob Diaz, Charles Robinson, Jim Massey, David Fabianic, Clifford Wilderman, Donald Denby, Jim CarstensRow 1—Judy Chilero, Pat Everett, Joan McKel-vey, Pat Deucker, Judy Burgoyne, Sue Miller, Jane Burns, Lynn Menard, Sonja Grady, Carol Pierson, Donna Rosenberg Row 2—Mr. Thomas, Carol Osborne, Carol Jean Crawford, Barbara Lindsay, Shirley Gottlob, Judy Leonard, Judy Thompson, Elaine Zigrang, Margaret Rolla, Judy Green, Anita Tchoukaleff, Eleanor Drake, Bob Lowe, Bob Brauer Row 3—Glen Bacus, Bob Scott, Jerry Stone, Joe Godwin, Roger Mathus, Terry Moffit, Charles Robinson, Jeff Pruitt, Stan Barth, Peter McAdams, Paul Osborne, Bill Snider Row 4—Allan Klope, Marion McAdams, Bill Thiele, O. J. Miller, Dick Claybour, Steve Cousley, Bill Little, Sherman Lyons, Dave Keasler, Jessie Billings, Bob Diaz, Dan Weeks, Tom Monical, Jim Carstens, Mickey McBride Student Council Keeps Alma Mater PT' On Even Keel The Student Council, which is sponsored by Mr. Dewitt Thomas, meets once each week to discuss problems and improvements for the student and school. The Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes are all represented so that suggestions and ideas may be presented by majority representation rather than by a select few. Each year the Council handles our talent show and Homecoming. This year they also published a “Buzz Book” and selected the school assemblies. The Councils’ chief source of income is derived from handling the concessions at the football games. Every Spring there is a colorful campaign and election of officers. The 1955-1956 officers as elected last spring were: Tom Monical, President and Bob Diaz, Vice President. At the beginning of this school year the Council selected Barbara Lindsay as Secretary.Girls’ Council The Girls’ Council, sponsored by Miss Teter, is a service organization composed of Junior and Senior Girls. Some of their projects have been selling Alton High beanies and stationery, candy sales, entertaining new girls from out of town, and checking coats during the tournament. In the past, among many other projects, the Council has presented bulletin boards, and helped buy the audiometer for the Clinic. The council meets the second and fourth Mondays of every month. Boys’ Cabinet The Boys’ Cabinet is an organization with a membership of about 25 boys which serves the school in many ways. Mr. Jureziz, the club sponsor, assisted by Jack Rhoades, who is club president, set up plans to be used in selling concessions at basketball games. The boys pass out programs at football games, maintain a large school bulletin board, and take tickets at school functions. This year the Cabinet purchased some spotlights to be used for school plays and assemblies. Girls’ Council Members Row 1—ludy Green, Earl-ene Linville, Linda Naugie, Gail Hildebrand, Carol Green Row 2—Joan Holland, Sue Miller, Mary Jane DeFrates, Barbara Lindsay, Bar-b a r a Dickinson, Lynn Menard, Emma Webb, Diane Lingenfelter Row 3—Opal Winson, Mar-I e n e Lagemann, Shirley Gottlob, Carol Pierson, Miss Teter, Pat Duecker, Sandra Stobbs, Sue Willis, Carole Cousley, Sue Stobbs Boys’ Cabinet Members Row 1—Larry Jones, Ted Morkel, Bill Me-Afoos, Bob Diaz, Jack Rhoades, Bussie Monroe, Tom Miller, Bill Powers Row 2—Paul Borman, Merle Graves, Larry Henderson, Tom M o n i c a I, John Camp, Danny Weeks, Jerry Dorris, Bob Jansen, Everett Jef-ferson, Mike Frerichs Row 3—J e r r y Scoggins, Ronnie Hawkins, Ray Lutes Charles Glaeser, Tom Nalley, E d Strom ske. Bob SteinmanRow 1—Jeannie Pensinger, Donna Schwartz, Joan Holland, Gaynell Green, Judy Shackelford, Barbara Schmidt, Kay Hussong, Carol Green Row II—Mora Beneze, Carol Pierson, Beverly Gibbs, John Stewart, Sue Willis, Gerry Rousseau, Barbara Lindsay, Donna Hueb-ener, Virginia Adams, Clifford Wilder-man, Alice Waterhouse Row III—Glen Bacus, Mike Bresson, Gloria Hine, Kenneth Krancher, Jim Carstens, Irvin Steele, Mary Lynn Campbell DEBATE or DRAMA ... A VOICE Dramatic Club— Tryouts are held once or twice a year for Dramatic Club. Candidates who are chosen for membership are selected for interpretations of roles, enunciation and diction. One play is presented each semester by the Dramatic Club. Members help with lighting, props, make-up, and prompting in addition to acting in plays. This club was founded in 1923 for the purpose of creating and expressing the interests in drama and its function. Miss Mildred Rutledge is sponsor of the Dramatic Club. The grinding hours of rehearsal.Row 1—Gerry Rousseau, Barbara Schmidt, Carol Row 2—Carol Pierson, Virginia Adams, Barbara Green Lindsay, Alice Waterhouse Row 3—Ervin Steele, Clifford Wilderman, Alan Landers, Jim Carstens there's MORE to it than Thespians The National Thespian Society was started at Alton High in 1932; the Alton Troupe 126. It is composed of students who wish to further their dramatic interests. Having been in a play, and having had the required number of lines, they are eligible to become inducted into the society. An induction ceremony is held twice a year when new members are then taken into the society. A banquet is held at that time and the Best Thes- Best Thespians of the year pian is announced. Some of the activities of the group are candy sales and directing plays. Miss Rutledge is faculty sponsor of the troupe. Just an old fashioned gab sessionRow 1—Carol Jacobson, Sandy Burris, Donna Rosenberg, Barbara Whetzel, Jenene Zerkowski, Phyllis Curvey Row 4—Elsie Duncan, Ted Rock, Harriett Ren-ken, Donna Gallaher, Dellcinus Woodard, Steven Childers Row 2—Barbara Pierce, Janet Landiss, Robin Williams, Tarrie Davis, Elizabeth Glenn, Betty Foss Row 3—Phyllis Cooper, Kay Schwaab, Carol Green, Linda Ambrose, Sara Freeman, Mary Lynn Campbell Row 5—Ralph Schmidt, Paul Rowe, Bob Brauer, Trudi Weber, Jean Morrisey, Judy Blake, Cliff Wilderman, Jim Fisher, Bill Hoag-land, Barbara Phelps, Bob Steinman, Steve Cousley, Dave Byrnes FRENCH CLUB French Club officers at induction French Club is composed of students who are interested in learning more about the French people. Movies in French and speakers who are French or have traveled in France add to the members conception of the life of the French people. Their activities include games in French, picnics, and participation in the Annual Language Banquet. The business meetings are conducted in French. Miss Blackard is the sponsor, Mary Lynn Campbell, president; Judy Humphrey, vice president; Judy Blake, secretary; Barbara Pierce, treasurer. New members receive their pinsRow I—Ruth Maher, Mary Lambie, Gloria Stup-perich, Donna Rosenberg, Linda Naugle, Crystal Luly, Carol Keith, Carol Green, Miss Goldsberry Row II—Kay Hussong, Diane Maggos, Mary Roades, Jane Burns, Sally Curvey, Tara Gwillim, Tarrie Davis, Judy Shakelford, Norma Minsker, Mary Beth Childers, Pat Moore, Alvina Riley, Judy Franklin, Louise Pope, Darlene Boyd, Dorothy Myers, Doris Wyatt Row III—Savilla Anderson, Virginia Adams, Joyce Hayes, Linda DeHart, Nancy Wilson, Wayne Ann Carroll, Ida Mae Elliott, Judy Fuller, Bobbye Cowgill, George Mendelsohn Row IV—Carol Johnson, Ronnie Bogart, Carol Donelson, Rodger Mathus, Karl Sittler, Harry Hazelton, Richard Heiens, Peter McAdams, Gary Graham, Harry Hershey, Jay Willis, Jim Bodenstein, Jim Gormley, Bob Diaz, Dave Handler, Bob Cleveland, Stephanie Roller LATIN CLUB The Latin Club, sponsored by Miss Goldsberry, is one of the most active organizations at Alton High. Members are initiated twice a year in colorful, interesting ceremonies. The club takes many trips to further their knowledge of the Roman language and civilization. Officers are elected twice a year and meetings are held twice a month. Which twin has the Toni?Row 1—Becky Parkins, Lou Ann Gowan, Connie Markley, Pat Deucker, Janice Richey, Joan McKelvey, Diane Lingenfeiter, Carol Pierson, Chris Alexander, Joyce Stockton Row 2—Sue McBrian, Carol Endicott, Nancy Dooley, Brenda Hartley, Marilyn Kenyon, Shirley Millering, Effie Gramates, Shirley Day, Carol Crawford, Helen Stone Row 3—Sandra Simpson, Terrill Chapman, Jackie Stassi, Rosemary Goeken, Phyllis Darr, Gwendolyn Beckham, Carol Jacobson, Shirley Foreman, Margy Kodros, Norma Nolan Row 4—Miss Liebig, Barbara Whetzel, Lois Eades, Betty Warren, Barbara Knight, Martha Berger, Ada King, Jean Jones, Mrs. Browning, Yvonne Wingert, Phyllis Hartnett F.H.A. Parties Dominate Year's Success “She’ll be washing dishes and baby clothes,” pretty soon, but F.H.A. has equipped her well for housework with a background of valuable programs answering such future questions as, “What’s for dinner, Ma?” or “What shall I wear to the Joneses?” F.H.A. is a branch of a national organization to further girls’ interest in home economics. The Alton Chapter this year received a plaque for outstanding work in Section Four of the state for the year 1954-55. Among their activities for this year were helping in the annual drives of the Salvation Army and Polio Fund, presenting rose bushes to churches, parks, and Alton High, and sponsoring an all girls assembly featuring a speaker.The reward of a thing well done is to have done it' "Hitch your wagon to a star" Future Farmers of America Row 1—Bob Harshbarger, John Thompson, Dwayne Johnson, Bill Cannon Row 2—Nelson Miller, Bill Yates, John Eales, Joe Schroeder Row 3—R o y Kortkamp, Floyd Buckner, Tyndal Colburn Row 4—B o b Cambron, Bill Wassman, Fredrick Raymond, Jim Col-man Row 5—R o b e r t Harris, Dick Kay Row 6—A I b e r t Oleson, D a r e I I Jenkins, Marion Springer, Bill Colman Row 7—G e n e Dunston, John Mitchell Row 8—Dewane Myers, Gerry Barnett, Tom Fessler Row 9—D avid Schaefer, Frank White, Jim Ele, Leo Hill, Al-den Colston Row 10—Boyd Y a t e s, Lloyd Johnson, Gene Lohr, Harold Byrd This club, sponsored by Mr. Glaeser, works on numerous agriculture projects which introduce new methods and further their knowledge on these subjects.Row 1—Dorothy Roemer, Nancy Kanyo, Judy Trump, Barbara Frohock, Judy Cover, Jim LaMarsh, Teresa Beck, Helen Bowns, Betty Costelli, Judy Green Row 2—Marilyn Kenyon, Linda Cunningham, Alice Barth, Ruth Maher, Judy Leonard, Sheila Schmidt, Elaine Zigrang, Jeanie Pensinger, Kay Schwaab, Judy Burgoyne, Donna Pointer, Miss Tibbetts Row 3—Marilyn Fessler, Mildred Dietzman, Barbara Notes, Gladys Butler, Clara Sauls, Sandy Borko, Phyllis Cooper, Janet Dehner, Eloise Parton Row 4—Carol Crawford, Myrna Phipps, Sandra Rench, Rachel Leimbach, Norma Min-sker, Lois Roberts, Pat Premer, Rosemary Goeken, Shirley Shoemaker Row 5—Beverly O'Connor, Judy Graham, Janet Wools, Mary Helen Yackel, Brenda Owens, Lucia Horn, Barbara Leonard, Carol Jo Rodgers, Trudy Plummer, Linda Naugle, Janet Dehner F.B.L.A.-Future Stenos learn to please Boss Stacks of letters and notes to transcribe are jobs for those who choose stenography as their profession. The members of the Future Business Leaders of America have business people speak at their meetings and films are shown. Several field trips to Alton businesses have increased their knowledge of the business world. They are sponsored by the National Education Association, with Miss Tibbetts as advisor. Anyone for the moon? Atomic Alo Scientific Minded Individuals Share Hobbies SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is composed of students who take an interest in outside work in the science courses. Each year many students take their projects Row Row Row Row Row Row to the Science Fair in St. Louis. Mr. Wools is the sponsor. 1— Savilla Anderson. Sue Willis. Ruth Maher. Virginia Adams, Carole Cousley 2— Mary Yackel, Norma Minsker, Marlene Lage-mann. Donna Huebener. Jim Bodenslein 3— Rodney Forcade. Janet Wools, Sieve Head, George Loveless 4— S 1 e v e n Mottaz, Martha Gunter, Kay Hussong. Edith Beckham. Nellie Clowers 5— C a r o 1 Johnson, Gloria Hine, Mary Lynn Campbell George Mendelsohn, Kelly Webb 6— Mr. Wools. Bob Yackel. Rodger Mathus. Mike Bresson. John Stewart, Ken Schoeck, Ken Krancher, J i m Carslens, Harold Kuhn Office Occupations Club Row 1—Carol Hyman, Mil dred Beach, Helen Petruzza. Barbara Klinke. Florence Rowland. Pat Graven Row 2—Doris Warner. Joyce Davis, Pat Pace. Opal Winson. Rosalie Williams, Zada Foley Row 3—Mr. Ely. Phil Ford, Don Crabtree. Alice Boedecker. Connie Dunbar, H a 1 1 e n e Cathorall. David Kin-cad. Jack Flynn Distributive Education Club Row 1 — Bill Webb. Lee Westbrook, Jim Allen. Don Sandidge Row 2—Mr. Ross, Sherry Huffsluller, M t r y Hartley, Jane Miller, Della Cope. Beatrice Voumard. Frances Bowman, Dan Kelly. Mike Milford Row 3 Marvin Loftis, Bob Metzger. Dave Ilch. Clyde Jones Row 4—Kenneth Funk, Vernon Deall. Ken Corbett, Wilbur Dyke-man, Bill Hardin. Dick Norman, Bob Glover, Marvin Van ausdall The Distributive Education Club, sponsored by Mr. Ross, provides opportunity for on-the-job training for those who plan to work in selling after graduation. Different sales techniques, attractive window display, courteous service, and efficient money management are studied to some extent by the group. This club is also valuable because of the actual experience its members receive in “dealing” with people. Office Occupations, called O.O. Club, is designed to accommodate students who do wish to do office work and receive credit for their on-the-job training. The Club is sponsored by Mr. Ely.El Circulo de Espanol The Spanish Club, which is sponsored by Mr. Howard, is composed of Spanish students who have above average grades. New members are initiated twice a year at a pot luck. The main project of the group this year was earning enough money to provide transportation to Peoria so the entire club could attend the convention of the Illinois Federation of Pan American Leagues. To accomplish this, they sold hot-dogs at a football game, had candy sales, and sold tamales in Upper Alton. Spanish Club brings Siesta Land North— Row 1—Lynn Menard. Diane Mercier, Gail Hildebrand, Sue Miller. Donna Schwartz Row 2—Mary DeFrates. Sue Duley. Barbara Malcolm. Edna Perez, Shirley Millering. Alice Water-house Row 3—Judy White, Barbara Lindsay. Janet Miller, Nancy Pelol. Terrie Chester. Carol Crawford Row 4 Mary Yackel, Sharon Lewis. Doran Chappee, Marqaret Barrows. Nancy Haynes. Marlene Laqemann, Judy Kerwin Row 5—Rosalie Kroger. Sandi Huff. Peggy Gallagher. Carol Johnson. Kay Gloss. Judith Rich axds. Shirlev Gottlob. Rose Celiz. Linda Wetzel Row 6—Judy Gaghen. Virginia Adams. Kathy Davis, Barbara Knight. Karen Mercier Row 7—Bob Christeson. Richard Tavernier. Bob Scott. Jim Brown. Dale Dintlemann, Mike Bresson. Tom Conroy, Garv Murray. Paul Rouseff, Dick Buchanan Row 8—John Fulk. Kenneth Krancher. Marvin Mondy, Mr. Howard. Gary Gantz, Ron Bogart, Jim Paynter Future Cosmetologists of America These girls learn all there is to know, well at least most, about hair styling, color, setting, and so forth. Valuable experience on actual customers make this club perhaps unique. All the necessary qualities of being a successful hair stylist are taught and aptly learned by the girls in Cosmetology. Later in life, when they actually become beauticians, they will not only know how to handle hair, but people as well. Row 1—Shirley Foreman, Helen Seago, Shirley Kirk Row 2—Betty Davenport, Sandra Rhinehart, Kathern Klunk, Judy Bowman Row 3—Lois Spaeter, Velma Anderson, Fay Coy, Darlene Voorhees, Irma Rizzotto, Clara Sauls Row 4—Rosemarie Mullikin, Nancy Blunk, Ruth Herring. Marcia Gill, Mary Bradshaw, Janet Spaet, Darlene Wilson Will there be another Rembrandt to emerge and take his place among the “great” in the field of art, from his training in the AHS art department? Whether it is making paper mache fantastiques or life-like portraits, Mr. Boley’s art students are given the fundamentals necessary for success. ART CLUB Row 1—Mr. Boley, Mr. Livengood, Joan Whittleman, Joan Chilero, Connie Doman, Bill McAfoos, Cheryl Wright, Yvonne Wingert, Sharon Jenkins, Nancy Sclieffel, Marilyn Butler Row 2—Jim Robertson, Alice Waterhouse, Waylen Jones, Carol Vorack, Karen Mercier, Evelyn Butler, Barbara Kochersperger, Pat Winans, Carole Cousley Row 3—Jerry Dorris, Carl Radliff, Gary Reid, Bob Bailey, Ronald Carter, Judy Blake, Jill GaylordGerman Club— Row 1—Susie Schaffner, Tom Head, Charles Hodgson, Malcolm McClain, Ed Bohn, Joyce Dunnagan Row 2—Gerald Brandt, Roy Boehler, Ted Norman, Mr. Elliot, Harlan Bacus, Steve Head, Ronnie Bogart The German Club, which is sponsored by Mr. Elliot, is an organization of students who are taking German and wish to learn more about German culture. An induction of new members is held once a year. GRANDCHILDREN, BEWARE of THESE Textbooks, pen, and ink will always remain in the realm of educators. The Future Teachers of America is composed of individuals who think that their main goal in life is teach the untaught. To some the small fry in the primary grades have the greatest potentialities, while to many others, students in high school and college seem to be at a more challenging level. Row 1—Sue Miller, Janice Richey, Barbara Pierce, Savilla Anderson, Mora Beneze, Carole Jacobson Row 2—Miss Sutherland, Marlene Lagemann, Donna Morgan, Pat Deucker, Missie Ferguson, Y v o n n e Anton, Kay Schwaab, Carol Green Row 3—Donna Crandall, Sonja Grady, Lois Erdmann, Jane Burns, Margie Baron, Ervin Steel Commercial Art Club- Row 1—Cheryl Wright, Margie Kodros, Joan Whittle-man, Connie Doman, Earlene Stilley, Barbara Strohkirch, Nancy Gent, Bette Lefler, Alice Waterhouse Row 2—Nancy Scheffel, Barbara Kochersperger, Don Lobbig, Pat Hensen, Elva Groshan, Sharon Jenkins, Pat Winans, Evelyn Butler Row 3—Mr. Livengood, Ron Carter, George Snyder, Bill McAfoos The Commercial Art Club is composed of students who are interested in pursuing :i career in Commercial Art. Mr. Livengood is their sponsor. The Pep Club was established to promote a better interest in sports, and to encourage ‘ School Spirit.” Dues are collected each semester to help pay for posters and decorations. This year the club went "all out” decorating the goal post, and making Red Bird signs for the conference games. PEP CLUB Row 1—Darlene Van Hoy, Linda Cunningham. Janet Allen. Earlene Slilley, Ruth Curry Row 2—Yvonne Wingert. Joyce Stockton, Barbara Ticmann, Betty Goings. Rosa Lee Tale, Roma Calhoun, Nancy Wahl. Judy Whiillcman, Loretta Mayfield. Nancy Campbell, Grace Doerr Row 3—Barbara Phelps, Judy Blake. Bev O'Connor. Judy Graham, Effie Gramales, Phyllis Darr. Janet Bolen. Katherine Glassy. Brenda Owens. Dee Ann Fowler. Kay Hagen Row 4—Judy Price, Janet Dehner, Judy Bayley. Emma Webb, Shirley Sloan. Judy Dalton. Carol Hamer, M y r n a Phipps, Sue Gabriel, Karen Miller. Juanita Evans. Irma Van Hoy Row 5—Theresa Aubrey. Sandy Burris. Sandy Rench, Eloise Parton. Earlene Linville. John Holland, Wilbur Oul-son, Mary Jane DeFrates, Lynn Menard, Barbara Pierce, Marilyn Fessler Row 6—Harry Hazelton, Alan Landers, Catherine O'Brien, Gerry Rousseau, Beverly Gibbs, Christine Alexander, Ruth Maher. Barbara Whet zel, Tom Conroy Camera Club Row 1—Mr. Carr, Barbara Emmons, Shirley Millering, Betty Warren, Barbara Knight, Karen Mercier Row 2—Freddie Francis. Harold Rhoads, Kathy Davis Row 3—Karl Sittler, Allen Klope, Bob Lawrence. Bob Willis, Stephen Schaefer Row 4—Tom Conroy. Leo Lanham, James McNeal, Jon Durr. Bob Yackel. Harold Kuhn The Camera Club is an organization emphasizing an interest in better photography. The members study new techniques and materials that can be used to improve their pictures. Mr. Carr sponsors the club, and offers assistance which is very valuable to the club members. RADIO CLUB Row 1—Jack Clark. Donald Haus-man. Martha Gunter. Richard Nickens Row 2—Paul Dilley. Dale Dinlle-man. Cliff Hogge. Norman Hunt. Mr. Willis Row 3—Ray Anderson, Arthur Me Donald. Mel Giberson. War ren Widdows. Harry Jordan The purpose and aims of the Radio Club are to encourage interest in advanced radio. This is achieved through the activities, discussions. and movies of the club. The basic idea of the club is to prepare the individual in such a way that he is able to get an amateur radio license.CAFETERIA WORKERS— Row 1—Joyce Admire, Dorothy Bell, Betty Hiller, Pat Bell Row 2—Ruby Cathorall, Ruth Schueler, Lee Westbrook, Glen Kasinger Row 3—Shirley Davis, Violet Davis, Sharon Butler, Jim Campbell, Jerry Elhaffer, Larry Elhaf-fer,Larry Hopper Row 4—Pat Varble, Larry Marshall, Shirley Foreman, Bill Admire Row 5—Diana Medlock, Ruth Peterson, Wesley Lohr, Don Hamilton, John Eales, Bob Lawrence, Glenn Kessinger The cafeteria assistants perform different tasks as replacing food, working at snack bar, and helping with the disposal unit. They receive their lunches free in return for these services. OFFICE ASSISTANTS The main job that these girls do is collect absence slips. They also run errands and help in any other possible way. One girl works at the switchboard and an O.O. girl works in the afternoon doing clerical work. Row 1—Margaret Rollo, Terrie Chester, Carol Nuzum, Gerry Rousseau Row 2—Donna Schwartz, Rachel Leimbach, Trudi Plummer, Sandy Rench, Judy Windsor Row 3—E m m a Webb, Carol Miller, Shirley Miller-ing, Janet Antrobus, Rose Marie Millikin, Sharon Schriner Row 4—Gene Tavlor, Ida Mae Elliott, Donald Cramer, Kenny Raymond, Lois Roberts, Lois Warner Office Assistants Row 1—Pat Henson, Christine Alexander, Barbara Kochersperger, Alice Gill Row 2—Gaynell Green, Darlene Van Hoy, Linda Cunningham, Francine Justice, Connie Doman Row 3—Shirley Gottlob, Judy Blake, Gwen Beckham, Ruth Curry, Marcia Gill, Jackie Griesbaum, Carol WolffbrandtClinic Assistants— Row 1—Judy Green, Virginia Adams, Barbara Schmidt Row 2—Diane Maggos, Barbara Dierstein, Jeannie Pen-singer, Donna Huebe-ner, Gail Hildebrand, Mrs. Macleod These girls run errands for the nurse. They tend the clinic while Mrs. Macleod is away. Another duty is to keep the clinic neat at all times. Future Nurses of America Ministering angels of the future, these girls are learning the basic qualities needed in the nursing profession through the Future Nurses of America. It has been said that nurses are quiet, gentle angels of mercy, giving hope and sustenance to their patients. The world has in the past, and will in the future, need young women of strong spiritual, mental, physical, and moral character. Throughout its existence this club has tried to develop these qualities in its Future Nurses, this year by sponsoring an orphan boy. With Florence Nightingale as their inspiration, and Mrs. Macleod as director, the girls have made progress toward the goal of nursing. Row 1—Diane Maggos, Virginia Adams, Gail Hildebrand Row 2—B a r b a r a Dierstein, Norma Hessenhaur, Add ic llch, Donna Huebener, Barbara Schmidt, Sandy Burris Row 3—Betty Lookiebill, Nina Gabriel, Dorothy Plegge, Norma Miller, Mary Beth Childers, Ruth Maher Row 4—Edith Beckam, Armelia Carmen, Naomi Wilson, Judy Franklin, Judy Kerwin, Mrs. Macleod Row 5—Connie Markley, Nellie Clowers, Theresa Aubrey, Marilyn Vogt, Linda Huebener, Eleanor Drake, Judy Spiess, Mary Lou LambieMiss Teter’s Assistants— Miss Teter’s Assistants are assigned to serve certain periods of the day, assisting in the efficient running of the office. They run errands and file cards, taking care of the office during Miss Teter’s absence. Their duties also include answering the telephone and meeting visitors. Row 1—Betty Grizzle, Marilynn Meyers, Roberta Stauffer, Sharon Selkirk Row 2—Bobbye Cowgill, Barbara Lindsay, Miss Teter, Darlene Goodwin, Janet Spaet Mr. Schmelzel's Assistants Row 1—Carl Radi iff, Boyd Milford, Fred Kirsch, Roger Mathus Row 2— Ed Stromsk®, Mike Bresson, George Moore, Mr. Schmelzel Mr. Schmelzel’s assistants are the boys who run errands, answer the phone, and other odd jobs. Row 1—Evelyn Butler, Carolyn Cushman, Nancy Braun, Carolyn Colman, Norma Cochran, Janet Wools, Christine Alexander, Beverly Simpson, Karen Mercier, Roberta Gner-ich, Juanita Evans, Theresa Aubrey, Brian Patterson Row 2—Charles Glaeser, Allen Klope, Charles Robertson, Norman Hunt, Bennie Ruedin, Terry Flint, Bob Elrod, Ralph Butler, Jerry Cover, Richard Dodge, Roy Haws, John Camp, Jim Bean Row 3—Larry Hill, Bill Cannon, John Thompson, Don Lobbig, Richard Wilk-ens, Jim Carstens, Dick Chester, Bill McAfoos, Jim Me-Afoos, Jim McKinley, Dick Rintoul, Jim Massey, Bob Erdmann PATROLRifle Club— Row 1—Bob Bean, Ruth Chadwick, Diane Mercier, Richard Nickens, Marvin Cooke Row 2—Mr. Wools, Randy Lind-blad, Harold Wittman, John Dickman, Jerry Cover The purpose of the rifle club is to emphasize safety and correct use of the rifle. It also attempts to increase the skill of the individual. Library Assistants Row 1—Gaynell Green, Marlene Lagemann, E a r I e n e Linville, Janice Richey, Barbara Dickenson, Mary Jane DeFrates Row 2—Janet Dehner, Mora Beneze, Kay Hussong, Linda Naugle, Judy Green Row 3—Kay Schwaab, Stanley Hunter, Phyllis Curvey, Suzanne Schaffner, Carol Johnson, Kenneth Raymond, Ruby Cannon Through the helpful efforts of the assistant librarians, the work of the library is made more efficient. These students devote much of their time to replacing books on the shelves, running errands, and keeping the library in order. Gym Assistants— Row 1—Miss Foster, Miss Walker Row 2—Phyllis Curvey, Mari-lynn Meyers, Wayne Ann Caroll, Salle Noble, Janet Tyler These girls assist in the gym office, helping to make the work in that office more effective, by grading papers and many other duties.Exploring our THEY KEEP DISTRICT 11 RUNNINC LIKE CLOCKWORK MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION ROBERT B. LYNN. M.D........................President of the Board CHARLES J. HEMPHILL. D.D.S. - ... Secretary of the Board H. R. CLARK, Attorney at Law ..... Director of Curriculum C. R. FREEMAN. Administrator, Alton Memorial Hospital, Director of Personnel B. T. HAYNES. Dennis Bros. .... Director of Public Relations MARY (. HERS1IEY (Mrs.) .... Director of Health and Safetj E. P. WATERHOt'SE. Purchasing Agent, Alton Box Board Co. Director of Building and Grounds C. B. RIPPLEY. Purchasing Agent, Millers Mutual Insurance, School Treasurei It is the purpose of the Board of Education to develop the total school program in terms of what is best for the student in the American way of life. The curriculum, the techniques of teaching, the materials used, and the atmosphere of the schools and classrooms are being set up, administered, and adapted in so far as possible to meet the needs and provide for the potentialities of the pupils. The Board of Education is diligently working to furnish the leadership and equip the schools with the supplies and materials necessary to realize the objectives sought in the education of the students of Alton.Superintendent DR J. B. JOHNSON Dr. Johnson has been serving the Alton School System for 27 years and has been instrumental in the improvement and expansion of Alton’s school system. This year Dr. Johnson was named a member of the Mid-America Jubilee Educational Institutions Committee for the Mid-America Jubilee. His chief goal is to see that we get a well-rounded education. Assistant Superintendent MR. EDWIN LEAMON This is Mr. Leamon’s third year in the post of Assistant Superintendent. He is frequently seen in the halls of A.H.S. where he performs any administrative duties that are necessary. Administrative Assistant MR. MACY PRUITT Mr. Pruitt is in charge of all Junior and Senior High School Curriculum. In addition to this, he has the important responsibility of recruiting new teachers for our evergrowing school system.Alton Senior High Principal— MR. C. C. DAVIS Years gently glide by . . . time swiftly sails on . . . our school grows in size and prestige ... all this under the capable leadership of our Principal, Mr. G. C. Davis. Mr. Davis is a leader whom we all admire for his undying faith in the Students of Alton Senior High School. He has led our school to what it is ... by correcting us when we are wrong . . . defending us . . . and praising us. . . . Yes, Mr. Davis is truly a leader to merit a wave of applause from the student body. Assistant Principal— MR. ANTON JUREZIZ The man always behind the students of Alton Senior High ... not pulling, but always pushing them on to greater heights in scholastic and extracurricular activities is Mr. Anton Jureziz, our assistant principal. He aids in counseling and has the responsibility of assigning students to classes, and is director of the adult academic Night School. Mr. Jureziz has a job that a few people would envy—but, as he handles everything else, he manages this in a capable, efficient manner. Administrative Assistant in Charge of Vocational Education— MR. C. R. WRIGHT Mr. Wright is familiar to all the students who have classes in the Olin Building. The number one Vocational man for School District 11, Mr. Wright makes sure the teachers and heads of vocational departments are all working along smoothly. A great deal of work goes into the job of counseling vocational students and administering the adult vocational evening school. In the office and out, everyone agrees that Mr. Wright does a good job.Administrative Staff-- The Administrative Staff is a very efficient group of men and women who are essential to the smooth functioning of the School District. Mr. Ready is in charge of the Elementary Curriculum. Miss Anthony is director of libraries. Mr. Wollerman, director of audio-visual education; Miss Williamson, art director. Mr. Fritz, director of music; Mr. Keil, school engineer; Miss Henry, director of home economics and lunch service; Mr. Norman, director of special education, counseling and guidance. OFFICE STAFF These ladies spend their day keeping the A.H.S. office running smoothly. They are efficient. They have to be. Typ-fng and filing for the “nerve center” of A.H.S. is not work for the ordinary secretary. Sandra Schriner, Mrs. Marcella Griffen, Darlene Brown, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Ferril, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Bean, Miss EckelmanAlton High SHIRLEY ASZMAN B.S. Ed., 111. State Normal GEORGE ABNER M.A., U. of Ky. RUTH BACHMAN A.M., Wash. U. EUGENE BAILEY M.A., Wash. U. JAMES BANKS M.A., Bradley U. ELMA BECKER Don Lux Beauty Acad., San Francisco EVERETT BELOTE B.Ed., W. 111. State College CLARA BLACKARD A.M., U. of 111 ROY BOLEY M.A., Col. State College of Ed. DOROTHA BOSKET M.S. in Lib. Sci. U. of 111. Cclestia Brandenburg B.S. in Pub. Health Nursing, St. Louis U. ARDyTHE BROWNING B.S.. 111. State College JOHN BRUNO A M., U. of 111. DOROTHY BUERKLE A.M., U. of Mo. JOHN BUERKLE LOYD CARR DOROTHY COLONIUS EDGAR COOK M.A., Wash. U. Ph.B., Shurtleff College A.B. Syracuse U. OPAL DAVIS B. S. in Ed.. W. 111. State CollegeFaculty KENNETH DENISON B.S., W. 111. State College THOMAS DOUGHERTY B.S., S. 111. U. NEWTON ELLIOTT A.M., U. of 111. HOMER ELY M.S. in Ed., 111. State Normal U. ELIZABETH FELDEWERTH B.S. in Ed., Central Mo. State College JULIA FOSTER A.M., Wash. U. ALICE GATES Ph.B.. Shurtleff College PAUL GLAESER A.M., Wash. U ANNA GOLDSBERRY A.M., State U. of Iowa MARGARET HALL A.B.. Shurtleff College JUNE HALLORAN B.A., Wash. U. SHERRILL HANKS M.A., in Ed.. Wash. U. FRANK HARLAN A M.. U. of Mich. RALPH HENDRIX M.C.S., Ind. U.Alton High RALPH KOBER A.M., U. of Mich. EDWIN KOERBER A.M., U. of Mo. LLOYD LEITER M.A., Columbia U. DONALD LEWIS A.M., U. of Mo. IRENE LIEBIG M.S., Iowa State College DALE LIVENGOOD B.S., Ind. U. RALPH McCLAIN M.A., Murray State College JEAN McCORMICK M.A., Ind. U. EVELYN MACLEOD R.N i DONALD MALONEY B.S.. Bradley U. JULIUS MARTI A.M.. U. of 111. DOROTHY MAXFIELD M.A.. Columbia U. LAVERNE MILLER R.N. LUTHER MYERS M.S.. Ind. U. LAURETTA PAUL M.A.. Columbia U. ALAN PERRY ELEANOR PERRY ELGIE POSEY B.S.. 111. State Normal U. A.B.. College of Emporia B.A., Culver-Stockton College GRACE REED M.A.. U. of 111.Faculty HERBERT ROSS B.S., W. 111. State College DORIS RUE B.M., Mac Murray College MILDRED RUTLEDGE A.B., Shurtleff College NEAL SCHMELZEL M.A. in Ed., Wash. U. MARY SIDEWELL M.S., Iowa State College CYRIL STUCHLIK M.A., U. of Neb. JEWELL SUTHERLAND M.A., Ind. U. DEAN TAYLOR M.S. in Ed., S. 111. U. DORIS TAYLOR M.S., W. 111. State College LEONA TETER DEWITT THOMAS FRANCES THOMPSON MARGARET TIBBETTS BETTY WALKER M.A.. U. of 111. A.M.. Wash. U. Central 111. Beauty M.A.. U. of 111. B.S.. Ark. State College Teachers College ROBERT WATSON WALTER WILLIS FLORENCE WOLLERMAN LEO WOOLS MARGARETHA ZELTMAN A.B.. Shurtleff College M.S., U. of 111. M.A. U. of 111. M.S.. U. of Texas B.S.. U. of III.Preparing and serving the meals constitutes a major job for these women. It’s amazing how much food is consumed during the five noon hours. The aroma of this food drifts through the halls each morning until all the students are interested in what’s cookin’ in the cafeteria. Mrs. Whittleman, Mrs. Strader, Mrs. Hughson, Mrs. Bruck, Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Ewing, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Penrose, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. K o h I e, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. Hock, Mrs. Smith Head Custodian—Mr. Jones The custodians, whose job is building maintenance, can often be found putting in new lights, shoveling snow, washing windows, and cleaning the building. When we return from our Christmas vacation and holidays, we always find the floors freshly scrubbed and the whole building a spotless and pleasant place to work. John Bennett John Brown Emil Budde James Crawford Ray Goldman Sam Hanson Charles Hunter Lawrence Metzler Lonnie Prewitt Otto Sheffel Mrs. Straube Everton Watson Competent Staff Cleans, Cooks for Alton High K BILL ACKERMAN VIRGINIA ADAMS JOHN ADNEY CHRISTINE ALEXANDER DAN ALEXANDER JIM ALLEN JOAN ANDERSON SAVILLA ANDERSON TOM ANDREWS YVONNE ANTON BOB ANTROBUS JANET ANTROBUS Seniors BETTY AZZARELLO JIM BAILEY JERRY BARNETT MILDRED BEACH TERESA CAROL BECK ALICE BOEDECKER RONNIE BOGART BILL BONOFRANCES BOWMAN HELEN BOWNS EARLA BOYD MIKE BRESSON JERRY BROCHE DARLENE BROWN KEITH BROWN JERRY BROYLES CARL BRUNNWORTH CHARLES BUCKNER EVELYN BUTLER GLADYS BUTLER JOHN CAMP BARBARA CAMPBELL BILL CANNON JIM CARSTENS DENNIS CARTWRIGHTHALLENE CATHORALL RUTH CHADWICK JOE CHAPPELL DICK CHESTER JACK CLARK DICK CLAYBOUR NORMA COCHRAN JIM COLE LOIS COLLINS BILL COLMAN SUE COLMAN ALDEN COLSTEN PAT COLSTON NANCY CONNOR TOM CONROY DELLA COPE KENNY CORBETTDORIS CARNEY CAROLE COUSLEY JUDY COVER FRANK CARVER DON CRABTREE DAVE CRAWFORD LINDA CUNNINGHAM WENDELL CUNNINGHAM RUTH CURRY PHYLLIS CURVEY HOWARD CZERNY DALLAS DALTON JOYCE DAVIS P. J. DAVIS VERNON DEALL MARY JANE DeFRATES BOB DEHNERPATSY DEUCKER MIKE DEWEY BARBARA DICKINSON JOHN DICKMAN BARBARA DIERSTEIN RICHARD DODGE CONNIE DOMAN JERRY DORRIS NANCY DOTSON CHARLES DREITH CONNIE DUNBAR SHIRLEY DYKEMAN WILBUR DYKEMAN JOHN EALES JIM EBBLER BOB ELROD BOB ERDMANNJUANITA EVANS LARRY EVANS RONALD FARNBACH KATHY FEARNO TERRY FLINT PHIL FORI) 7- RODNEY FORCADE WILBURN FORRESTER CURTIS FRANCIS SHIRLEY GIATRUS NANCY GALLAHER PAUL GARVER BOB GARVEY ROBERT GEORGEWITZ BEVERLY GIBBS ALICE GILL MARCIA GILLBOB GLOVER ROBERTA GNERICH JOE GODWIN ROSEMARY GOEKEN JOE GOODMAN DARLENE GOODWIN CHARLOTTE GORDON SHIRLEY GOTTLOB SONJA GRADY PAT GRAVATT CAROL GREEN JUDY GREEN KAY GREENWOOD DEE GRIFFIN ELVA GROSHAN PAUL GROSS MARTHA GUNTERCARLINE GUYMAN SALLY HAMER MAXINE HANSEL BILL HARDIN PAULINE HARPOLE MARY LOU HARTLEY PHYLLIS HARTNETT LARRY HAUCK RON HAUSMAN NANCY HAYNES JOANN HAZELVVONDER HARRY HAZLETON DONNA HEATON MELVIN HEFFRON MONTE HENDERSON RUTH HERRING JOYCE HERRONHARRY HERSHEY NORMA HESSENAUER LARRY HILL GARY HODGES FRED HOLLOWAY LUCIA HORN DONNA MAE HUEBENER KAY HUNT ED HURLEY SANDRA HUTCHINS DAVE ILCH LORRAINE JACOBS BILL JAMISON JANET JARETT GARY JENKINS JIM JENKINS ANNA JOHNSONLLOYI) JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON CLYDE JONES SAM JONES FRANCINE JUSTICE MARCHETA KEASLER CHARLES KELLY DON KELLY CHARLES KIDWELL ADA KING SHIRLEY KIRK FRED KIRSCH BARBARA KLINKE DON KOHLER JIM KOZOTOS KENNY KRANCHER HAROLD KUHNNORMA KUNZ SCHARDELLE KUNZ FRANCES KYLE MARLENE LAGEMANN MINNIE LAIRD JIM LAMARSH BILL LAMBERT ALAN LANDERS JIM LANGFORD CHRIS LA VICK BETTE LEFLER RACHEL LEIMBACH BARBARA LINDSAY DIANE LINGENFELTER EARLENE LINVILLE BILL LITTLE DON LOBBIGMARVIN LOFTIS GENE LOHR PATRICIA LUCKER BARBARA LYONS BILL McAFOOS MICKEY McBRIDE MELVIN McCANN MELVINA McCANN MAXINE McCLEARY betty McDermott JIM MCDONALD JIM McELYIA JOAN McKELVEY RICHARD McNEALY DICK McAFEE RUTH MAHER VIC MARQUISBILL MARTIN JIM MASSEY ROGER MATHUS LADELL MAXEY WILLIAM MAYHALL JEAN MEAD CYNTHIA MEDLER CARL MELLENTHIN LYNN MENARD DIANE MERCIER BOB METZGER MARILYNN MEYERS JANE MILLER SUE MILLER DERRY MILLS NORMA MINSKER TOM MONICALEMERY MONROE DALE MUELLER DEWANE MYERS DOROTHY MYERS TOM NALLEY CLAUDETTE NEEDHAM ELDON NEWT RUSSELL NICKELSON MARION NIRSCH TOM NOBLE DICK NORMAN TOM NORMAN JOHN NORTHCUTT DORIS NORVELL CATHERINE O BRIEN NORMA OLDHAM CAROLE OSBORNEWILBUR OULSON PAT PACE KENNETH FUNK EDNA PEREZ HELEN PETRUZA JERRY PHELPS EDDIE PORTER BILL POWERS MARY PURCELL CARSON QUINN CARL RADCLIFF JANICE REED ROSEMARY REINKE KAY RENO BENNY RUEDIN HERSHEL ROSE JACK RHOADESJANICE RICHEY BILL RILEY DON RINTOUL SHIRLEY RITTENHOUSE JOANN ROBERTS JUDY ROBERTSON DOROTHY ROEMER JERRY ROGERS PAT ROMANO GERRY ROUSSEAU FLORENCE ROWLAND JOYCE RUYLE DOROTHY SANDERS DON SANDIDGE TOM SANDIDGE SHIRLEY SAULS DAVID SCHEITER JOHN SCHENK NEAL SCHLOBOHM BARBARA SCHMIDT SHIRLEY SCHUMACHER JERRY SCOGGINS BETTY SCOTT MELVIN SHAW PAT SHINN KENNY SCHOECK SHIRLEY SHOEMAKER RONALD SHORT SANDRA SHR1NER JIM SCHUETES BOB SHUTTLEWORTH ARMENDA SMART ANEMONE SMITH ELIAS SMITHPRINCESS SNIPES GEORGE SNYDER DANNY SOKOLOWSKI MARY SONS MARY SOUTHWARD ED SPAETER RUTH SPEIGHT GEORGE SPRINGMAN ROBERTA STAUFFER ERVIN STEELE JOHN STEWART MARGARET STICE EARLENE STILLEY SANDRA STOBBS SUE STOBBS JERRY STONE SANDY STORMBUD STRADER BARBARA STROHKIRCH MARY J. SCHALLENBERG ROSALIE SUTHERLAND LYNNE SUTTON JUDY SWINNEY BILL TARRANT JIM TAYLOR PAT TAYLOR BILL THIELE JOHN TROUT JUDY TRUMP JANET TYLER LEROY UNTHANK MARVIN VANAUSDOLL DARLENE VAN HOY JERRY VAN VOORHISKEN VEITH GENE VELLOFF SUSIE VOSS BEATRICE VOUMARD RUTH WALLER BOB WARDEIN RUTH WARNER SUE WATERS MARY WATROUS EMMA WEBB MARILYN WEINMANN LEE WESTBROOK BARBARA WHETZEL JUDY WHITE JOAN WHITTLEMAN C. A. WILDERMAN CLIFF WILDERMANDAKLENE WILSON SUE WILLIS JESSE WILLIAMS PHYLLIS WILLIAMS ROSALIE WILLIAMS DEAN WILLIAMSON MARGARET WILSON JERRY WINDMILLER JUDY WINDSOR OPAL WINSON DELORES WOOD BOB YACKEL BILL YATES ED YINGST ERROL YOUNG PHYLLIS YOUNG JOAN ZERKOWSKYDAVE ACKERMAN CHARLES ADAMS JANET ALLEN RAY ANDERSON VELMA ANDERSON THERESA AUBREY GLENN BACUS HARLAN BACUS BOB BAILEY DARLENE BAILEY LILY BAKER WILMA BALDRIDGE CONWAY BARLOW MARGARET BARROW JUDY BARTON ANITA BAYLEY JUDY BAYLEY ROBERT BEAN DOROTHY BELL GWENDOLYN BELL MORA BENEZE MARY BENTLEY NANCY BLUNK EMMA BOCK JIM BODENSTEIN JOHN BOHN JANET BOLEN DAVID BOOTH DENNIS BOREN SANDY BORKO GARY BOTT JUDY BOWMAN MARY BRADSHAW NANCY BRAUNPAT BREMER CAROL BRIDGEMAN BOB BROWN DOUG BRUCE BARBARA BRUNNER GARY BRUNNWORTH MARILYN BRYANT JIM BURGOYNE JUDY BURGOYNE SANDRA BURRIS RALPH BUTLER SHARON BUTLER BOB CAMP MARY L. CAMPBELL RUDOLPH CANNON RUDY CARMONA ELOISE CARTON GUS CATANZARO RUBY CATHORALL HOWARD CAWTIIORN DON CHADWICK MARTHA CHAPMAN DORAN CHAPPEE SANDY CHAPPELL MARY B. CHILDERS BOB CHRISTESON EDWARD CLARK LYNDALL COLBURN DON COLLEY PHYLLIS COOPER BETTY COSTELLI BOB COX FAYE COY BARBARA CRAVENS CAROL CRAWFORD SHIRLEY DUNCAN JIM DUNSTON JOHN DURR NANCY DYKEMAN ALLEN EARLY CHARMAYNE ENGSTROM PAT EVERETT DAVID FABIANIC JUDY FARNBOCK LARRY FATCHETT DELORIS CRAWFORD KARI CRIVELLO EARLENE CUNNINGHAM RONNIE CURRY SALLY CURVEY CAROLYN CUSHMAN CAROLYN DALTON JANIS DALTON JUDY DALTON JO ANN DARNELL BETTY DAVENPORT GARY DAVIS KATHLEEN DAVIS MILDRED DAVIS SHIRLEY DAVIS TARRIE DAVIS CONNIE DAVISON JANET DEHNER DONALD DENBY BARBARA DEPPER CAROL DONALDSON JOHN DOOLEY BOB DIAZ MILDRED DIETZMAN ROSALIE DIXJERRY FAULKNER MARILYN FESSLER CHARLES FISHER JEAN FLA MM DELORES FLOWERS ZADA FOLEY JOYCE FONES SHIRLEY FOREMAN CARL FOSTER DEE ANN FOWLER WAYNE FRANCES BARBARA FROHOCK NINA LEE GABRIEL SUE GABRIEL JERRY GARVEY EDGAR GATER JILL GAYLORD NANCY GENT PEARL A. GERHARDT JOYCE GILL HENRIETTA GILLESPIE LA VON GILLIS CHARLES GLAESER CATHRYN GLASSEY ELIZABETH GLEN KAY GLOSS FELIX GONZALES BETTY GOINGS LOU ANN GOWAN EFFIE GRAMATES MAY GRANT ED GRAVEMAN MERLE GRAVES CHARLES GREEN KENNY GRINKEYMELVIN HENDERSON JIM HENDRICKSON PAT HENSON ROSIE HERD GARY HESTER GAIL HILDEBRAND GLORIA HINE DOUG HOEHN SHERRI HOGGATT JOAN HOLLAND BETTY GRIZZLE JUDY GRAHAM MABEL GROSHAN IRENE GVILLO MARGY GWILLIM DAVID HACKETTE DICK HAM CAROL HAMER CARL HAMMILTON DOREEN HANCOCK RIC HARD HANKS CAROL HANSEL GARY HARGRAVE JACK HARPOLE MELVIN HARRIS RUTH HARRIS MARKS HARTING VELMA HARTMAN RONALD HATCHER RONNIE HAWKINS STEVE HEAD MADELEINE HECKMAN BOB HENDERSON INETA HENDERSON T A DDV UPWniTR nNJOHN HOLLAND NANCY HOLLOWAY HAROLD HORSLEY NANCY HOWARD WAYNE HOWARD NEIL HOWES LYNDA HOWSER NANCY HUEBENER SANDI HUFF MARY HUMISTON FRED HUNT STANLEY HUNTER JUDI HURLEY KAY HUSSONG MARLENE JACKSON BETTY LOU JACOBS JOAN JACOBS CAROLE JACOBSON BOB JANSEN SHARON JENKINS DOROTHY JERASIIEN CAROL JOHNSON CLARA JOHNSON JEAN JONES LARRY JONES jim McKinley WAYLAND JONES NANCY KANYO ANTHONY KARDIS GLEN EASINGER JIM KEELING THERESA KEENE MARILYN KENYON WALTER KASSLER JANET KEIRNALLAN KLOPE KATHARYN KLUNK BARBARA KOCHERSPERGER MARGY KODROS KAY KORTE HENRIETTA KREITZER MARY LAMBIE JANET LANDISS LEO LANHAM RONALD LAPELLE BOB LAWRENCE ROSIE JELKS BARBARA LEONARD DARRELL LEONARD JUDY LEONARD FERN LEWIS RANDY LINDBLAD JIM LIVINGSTON DORIS LOCKHART ROBERT Me GIFFEN RONNIE LORCH GEORGE LOVELESS BOB LOWE DAVE LYNCH GEORGE LYNCH SHERMAN LYON DIANE MAGGOS CAROL MARSH DAN MANNS LARRY MANNS ALICE MANSHOLT JIM MARSHALL JUDY MARTIN PAUL MARTIN MIDGE MAYERRON MEAD ED MEANS DIANA MEDLOCK KAREN MERCIER MELVIN MEYER ALLAN MILFORD KAREN MILLER NORMA MILLER OPAL MILLER TOM MILLER BOB MILLERING JOHN MITCHELL MARVIN MONDY GILBERT MOODY DICK MOORE CHARLES MOORE DONA MORGAN TED MORKEL CAROL MUSGRAVE SAM MUSGROVE ROSE MARIE MULLIKEN MARION McADAMS PAUL McCANN CAROLYN McCREA JANE MCDONALD JOHN McELROY MARY LOCKHART ROBERT JONES glen McPherson CHARLES NASELLO LINDA NAUGLE NANCEE NEEDHAM KENNETH NEELY RICHARD NICKENS SALLY NOBLEBILL PATCHET ALBERTA PATTERSON BRIEN PATTERSON WILLIE MAE PATTERSON EDWIN PELOT RONNIE PENDT JEANNIE PENSINGER RUTH PETERSON WALTER PHAFF STANLEY PHILIPS MYRNA PHIPPS BARBARA PIERCE CAROL PIERSON MIKE PITCHFORD DOROTHY PLEGGE NORMA NOLAN BARBARA NOLES TED NORMAN VELMA OLDEN JERRY OLESON RUTH OLESON BEVERLY O’CONNOR PAUL OSBORNE BRENDA OWENS BOB PARKER TRUDI PLUMMER DONNA POINTER JEFF PREWITT JUDY PRICE ROGER PUETZ KENNY RAYMOND CHRISTINE REAMS WANDA REESE GARY REID SANDRA RENCHSANDRA RINEHART IRMA RIZZOTTO LOIS ROBERTS CHARLES ROBERTSON CHARLES ROBINSON CAROL JO ROGERS DAVID ROMANO JEAN ROMANO DONNA ROSENBERG PAUL ROUSSEFF ANNETTA RUEBLING DELORES RUEBLING LEWIS RUSSEL LA VONNE SANDERS KAREN SANNER CLARA SAULS STEVE SCHAFER SUZANNE SCHAFFNER NANCY SCHEFFEL JOHN SCHELDROTH EDGAR SCHMIDT SHEILA SCHMIDT RONNIE SCHMITT RUTH A. SCHUELER MARY SCHUETZ KAY SCHWAAB DONNA SCHWARTZ SYLVIA SCHWARTZ RONALD SCIFRES BOB SCOGGINS JERRY SCOGGINS BOB SCOTTHELEN SEAGO BOB SEARLES SHARON SELKIRK CAROL SELLIER DELORES SHAW DEE SHUTTLEWORTH BEVERLY SIMPSON ESSIE SIMS GARRY SITTON DON SLACK DON SLOAN SHIRLEY SLOAN BILL SNIDER JANET SPAET LOIS SPAETER PAT SPENCER EDDIE STEFFEN ROY STILLWELL ED STROMSKE JOYCE STOCKTON RAY STOCKTON GLORIA STUPPERICH WALTER SULLIVAN JOHN SYKES EUGENE TALBERT ESTER THEISEN DAVID THIES BENNIE THOMPSON JOYCE THOMPSON JUDY THOMPSON SHERRYL TIERNEY WAYNE TINSLEY DON TITE CHARLES TOWSE DON TROWBRIDGE CATHY TUCKER JERRY TUCKERBOB UNTERBRINK MARCELLA UNTERBRINK JOE URBANI BOB USHER JERRY VONDERHEIDT CAROL VORACEK DARLENE VOORHEES KAY VOLZ MARILYN VOGT LEWIS VAN ZANDT DOROTHY VAN ZANDT PAT VARBLE RONNY WADE LOIS WARNER BILL WALK ALICE WATERHOUSE PAT WATKINS ROBERT WATKINS MARGIE WATSEK DANNY WEEKS OLIVER WENZEL KAY WHITESIDE ALICE WHYERS DORENE WILDERMAN DICK WILKEN DAVID WILSON NAOMI WILSON PAT WINANS BILL WOLF IRENE WOODMAN PEGGY WOODMAN TERRY WREATH CHERYL WRIGHT WANDA WRIGHT DORIS WYATT CAROL YEMM ELAINE ZIGRANG GEORGE ADAMS VIRGIL ALEXANDER CAROL AFFLACK JIM ALDRICH BEN ALLEN ROBERT ALLEN DOROTHY ALRED LINDA AMBROSE CARL ARNOLD LINDA AVANTS RUSSELL BAIRD PHYLLIS BAKER SHERAIN BAKER PAUL BOLEN BARBARA BALENGER MELVA BANKS WILLIE BARBEE MARGIE BARON ALICE BARTH STAN BARTH JIM BEAN JIM BEATTY GWENDOLYN BECKHAM PAT BELL MERLE BEUTTEL JESSE BILLINGS JOHN BLACKMORE JUDY BLAKE JAY BLUNK BECKY BOEDEKER AUDREY BOOTHES PAUL BORMAN ROBERT BOSCHERT JUDY BOWERS DARLENE BOYD JERE BRADEN HUGH BRAMHALL GERALD BRANDT BOB BRAUERALBERT BROWN FRANCES BROWN JIM BROWN PAT BROWN RUTH ANN BRUCE DICK BUCHANAN JEAN BUNSE DONALD BURGER MARTHA BURGER JANE BURNS MARILYN BUTLER HAROLD BYRD DAVID BYRNES EDNA CALDWELL ROMA CALHOUN NANCY CAMPBELL WALLACE CAMPBELL BILL CANNON AMELIA CARMAN ANN CARROLL KENNETH CARTER SALLY CARTER PAT CARTER MARY CARVER ROSE CELIZ ALBERTA CHAPMAN TERRILL CHAPMAN NANCY CHAPPEE MAURICE CHAPPELL TERRIE CHESTER JUDY CHIOLERO JOAN CHIOLERO STEVE CHILDERS EUDINA CHRISTIAN BETTY CHRISTIAN CLARETHA CLARK JIM CLARK LAVETIA CLARK NORRIS CLARKCAROLYN CLAYTON BOB CLEVELAND NELL CLOWERS DELLA COCKRAN norama McDonald BUTCH CONNERS RON CONWAY MARVIN COOK JUDY COPELAND LINDA CORBY STEVE COUSLEY JERRY COVER BOBBE COWGILL SANDY COX JACK CRAIG DON CRANE LONNIE CRAVINS CAROL CRAWFORD DON CREAMER DONNA CRIVELLO DONNA CRANDALL LAURA CUNNINGHAM KATHY CURRY DALE DANIEL JOYCE DANSTON PHYLLIS DARR BOB K. DAVIS BOB L. DAVIS DONNA DAVIS GEORGE DAVIS MIKE DAY SHIRLEY DAY LINDA DeHART BARBARA DELEHANTY JANICE DENNIS WALTER DICK CARLENE DICKERSON EMILY DIERSTEIN PAUL DILLEY DALE DINTELMANNDAVE DOBBS FLORENCE DODD GRACE DOERR JUDY DOERR NANCY DOOLEY ANDREW DORSEY IDELLA DOUGLAS ELEANOR DRAKE SUE DULEY NANCY DUNBAR RONNIE DUNBAR ELSIE DUNCAN LOIS EADES LLOYD EAKEN BEVERLY EDWARDS JUDY EGGLEY JOANN ELKINS IDA MAE ELLIOT BARBARA EMMONS CAROL ENDICOTT LOIS ERDMANN CHARLES EVANS DENNIS EWING RODGERS FARLEY MARTHA FEHRENBACKER MAUREEN FERGUSON RICHARD FIELDS LOUIS FIN DAVE FISHER JIM FISHER ELAINE FONES PAT FORRESTER BETTY FOSS SHANE FOX FRED FRANCIS JUDY FRANCIS JUDY FRANKLIN JOE FRAZER SARA FREEMANKEITH FRYE GLENNA FULKS JOHN FULK JUDY FULLER BILL FUNKHOUSER JIM GABRIEL JUDY GAGHEN PEGGY GALLAGHER DONNA K. GALLAHER GARY GALLAHER GARY GANTZ HENRY GATER CARL GEISLER ADA GILLIS HAROLD GODAR BERTHA GOETZ MARIE GOODMAN MIKE GOODWIN RONNIE GOODWIN JIM GORMLEY GARY GRAHAM CAROL GREEN DONALD GREEN GAYNELL GREEN WANDA GREEN ELIZABETH GRIGSBY DONNA GRUBB JUDY GUSTINE TARA GWILLIM SYLVIA HACK FRANKLIN HAFFORD PAT HAGEDARN KAY HAGEN DAVID HANDLER JOAN HARPER BONITA HARRIS MORRIS HARRIS ROBERT HARRIS SHIRLEY HARRIS BRENDA HARTLEY RANDY HARTNETT DON HAUSMAN JACK HAYES JOYCE HAYES JERRY HEIDLER MARTHA HESSENAUER TOM HIATT LEO HILL PHYLLIS HILL BETTY HILLER SHIRLEY HINDERLONG BILL HOAGLAND MIKE HOEHN FRANCIS HOGAN SONDRA HOGGETT HAROLD HOKENSON GEORGE HOWELL NORMAN HOWELL BONNIE HUBER LINDA HUEBENER JACKIE HUGHSON CAROL HUMENICK JUDY HUMPHREY MARVIN HUNT BARBARA HUNTER ADDIE ILCH BRADY IVESTER BILL JACKSON DICK JAMISON MELVIN JEFFERY ELAINE JENKINS CATHERINE JENNINGS DICK JEWELL EUGENE JOHNSON GENE JOHNSON MABEL JOHNSON FRANCES JONES HARRY JORDANCAROL JORDEN DAVE KEASLER CAROL KEITH BILL KELLER ELLIS KEMP PAULINE KERR JUDY KEKWIN STERLING KETZEL ROCHELLE KRESS RALPH KLTNKE BARBARA KNIGHT TOMMIE KODROS ROSALIE KROGER GERHARD KUNCAR LOWELL KUNZ JEROME LACEY JERRY LAGEMANN JAMES LAYTON PAT LAYTON JUDY LENHARDT JOHN LEWIS SHARON LEWIS DONNA LITTLE NORMAN LOHR KEITH LONG BETTY LOOKEBILL SHARON LOOPER JOHN LOUK VERA LOWE CRYSTAL LULY JANE LUSK RAY LUTES BARBARA MALCOLM BERNICE MALONE JERRY MALONEY SANDRA MALONEY RICHARD MANKS VIRGINIA MARKED CONNIE MARKLEYDAVID MARSHALL LOUIS MARTIN JUDY MASSEY JEANETTE MAY LORETTA MAYFIELD LEO MEEDEN ROCCO MELETTI ELBERT MELETTI JOE MELOW GEORGE MENDELSOHN OKLAN MERDITH DAN MICHAEL ED MIDDLETON BOB MINSKER BOYD MILFORD CAROL MILLER DICK MILLER GARY MILLER MARY MILLER NELSON MILLER 0. J. MILLER SHIRLEY A. MILLERING MIKE MITCHELL TERRY MOFFITT PAT MOORE JEANNY MORRISSEY STEVE MOTTAZ JANEY MOYER MARIE MUELLER BONNIE MUNSON GARY MURRAY ELMER MYERS PETE McADAMS JIM McBRIDE SUE McBRIEN BOB McCORD WAYNE McCREA JAMES McNEAL norma McDonaldMIKE McOWEN CARL NASELLO KENNETH NELSON DON NOBLE TOM NOBLE CAROL NUZUM JUDY OHLEY JACK ORRILL SHELIA OSBORNE BOB OULSON JERRY OVERBEY BILL PARKER PHIL PARKER BECKY PARKINS JIM PAYNTER NANCY PELOT GERALD PE RICO DONNA PETRUZZA BARBARA PHELPS EARL PHILLIPS RONALD POINDEXTER LOUISE POPE BILL POWER TOM POWERS ANETTE RAGSDALE JOHN RAPP JUDIE RAWLINS LARRY REA JOHN REED HARRIETTE RENKEN JIM RENO HAROLD RHOADES JUDY RICHARD GRETTA RIDLESPRIGER ALVINA RILEY DICK RINTOUI WARREN RHOADES JO ELLA ROBBINSON BILL ROBINSONJOAN ROBINSON JIM ROBERTSON CAROL ROCHERSPERGER TED ROCK VERONICA RODGERS MARGARET ROLLA STEPHANY ROLLER GERTRUDE ROLLINS MARY ROLLINS FRANK ROMANO CHARLES ROWDEN PAUL ROWE GARY RUEDIN LARRY RUSH FRANK SANCHEZ ANITA SANDERS SAM SANTACRUZ LARRY SHENKEL GARTH SHERMAN JOE SCHROEDER JANET SCHUETZ JANET SCHULTZ JANICE SCOTT JUDY SEARLES JO ANN SECOR JUDY SCHACKLEFORD PAT SHINPAUGH SHARON SHRINER RICHARD SIMPSON RITA SIMPSON SANDRA SIMPSON PAULA SIMS KARL SITTLER SHIRLEY SKATES CHARLES SLOCUM ROSALIE SMART EDDIE MAE SMITH JUDY SNIDER GEORGEANNE SOKOLOWSKI PI RICHARD STAMM SANDRA STARKEY JACKIE GRISEBAUM BILL ST. CLAIR BOB STEINMANN JOHN STILLEY JUDY STIRITZ RUTH STOCKARD HELEN STONE JERRY STONER JIM STOTLER DEBBIE STREEPER PETTY TALLEY DICK TARRANT ROSALIE TATE RICHARD TAVERNIER ANITA TCHOUKALEFF BARBARA TIEMANN BOB THAXTON MIKE THIELE JOHN THOMPSON BOB TORRES JUDY TOWWATER GENE TAYLOR NORMAN TAYLOR FRED TRIPP JACK TURULEY NANCY TWITTY IRMA VAN HOY JEAN VINE JOANNE VANDERHEIDT ALICE WAGGONER NANCY WAHL SUE WALKER JULIE WARD DAVID WARNER BETTY WARREN DON WATKINS TOM WATKINSDICK WATSEK JOHN WALTERS WALT WEAVER STERLING WEBB TRUDI WEBER DONNA WELCH JIM WESTBROOK LINDA WETZEL LANNY WHITEHEAD JUDY WHITTLEMAN WARREN WIDDOWS HOWARD WILDERMAN RUTH WILDERMAN IOLA WILLIAMS JOAN WILLIAMS KENNY WILLIAMS ROBBIN WILLIAMS JAY WILLIS LORETTA WILSON NANCY WILSON BOB WITT GERALD WITTMAN JACK WITTMAN HAROLD WITTMAN CAROL WOLFBRANDT ETHEL WOODS NANCY WOOD WARREN WOOD DELL WOODARD DOROTHY WOODMAN BOB WOOFP JANET WOOLS SANDY WREATH JUNIOR WREN MARY YACKEL JENECE ZERKOWSKYSENIOR ACTIVITY LIST ACKERMAN, WILLIAM Baseball ADAMS, VIRGINIA Thespians Times Staff, Feature Editor F.N.A., Pres. National Honor Society Latin Club, V. Pres. Spanish Club Pep Club Science Club Clinic Helper Chorus ADNEY, JOHN Junior Varsity Baseball ALEXANDER, CHRISTINE National Honor Society Student Council Tatler Staff Dramatic Club Pep Club F.H.A. Sec. F.B. L.A. Office Assistant Patrol Chorus ALEXANDER, DAN Spanish Club Band ALLEN, JIM D. E. Club, Pres. ANDERSON, JOAN Debate Club Art Club ANDERSON, SAVILLA National Honor Society, Rec. Sec. Latin Club Science Club Times Staff Tatler Staff F.T.A. Camera Club Chorus Science Fair ANDREWS. TOM Current Events Club Pep Band Band Orchestra ANTON, YVONNE J. V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader French Club Pep Club Times Staff, Asst. Ed. F.T.A. Chorus F.H.A. F.B. L.A ANTROBUS, JANET ANTROBUS, ROBERT AZZARELLO, BETTY Pep Club Art Club F.H.A. BAILEY. JAMES Band Track Golf BARNETT, JERRY F.P.A. Pep Club BEACH, MILDRED O.O. Club Pep Club F.B. L.A. F.T.A. Chorus Office Helper Library Helper BECK. THERESA Pep Club F.H.A. Chorus F.B. L.A., Vice Pres. Switchboard Operator Office Assistant Band BELLITTO, FRANK BERG,OTTO F.F.A. BOATRIGHT, LARRY BOEDEKER. ALICE Chorus Patrol F.H.A 0.0. Club Pep Club F.B. L.A. BOESEWETTER, EDWARD Chorus BOGART, RONALD Latin Club Current Events Club, Pres., Sec. German Club, Pres. National Honor Society, Corr. Sec. Pro and Con Spanish Club BOLLINI, ROBERT BOURLAND, GABRIEL BOWMAN, FRANCES Pep Club F.H.A. D.E. Club Main Office Helper BOWNS. HELEN F.B.L.A. Chorus Pep Club BRESSON, MIKE Spanish Club Science Club Dramatic Club Deans Office Assistant BROCHE, JERRY Baseball BROWN. DARLENE Pep Club 0.0. Club Chorus Student Patrol Dramatic Club Office Helper Library Assistant Switchboard BROWN. KEITH Chorus Glee Club Dramatic Club F.F.A. Track BROYLES, JERRY BRUNNWORTH, CARL Office Helper BUCKNER, CHARLES BUTLER, EVELYN Student Patrol Art Club BUTLER, GLADYS Latin Club Band F.T.A. F. B.L.A. Science Club Tatler Staff CAMP, JOHN Student Council, Candidate for Pres. Boys’ Cabinet Track Pep Club CAMPBELL, BARBARA G. A.A. F.H.A. Chorus CANNON, WILLIAM F.F.A. Football, ’54 CARNEY, DORIS Chorus CARSTENS, JIM National Honor Society Capt. of 5-1 Patrol Science Club, Pres. Dramatic Club Student Council CARTWRIGHT. DENNIS F.F.A. Track, ’53 Baseball, ’55 Cross Country, ’54 CARVER, FRANK Football, ’54 Track ’55 CATHORALL, HALLENE 0.0. Club Cafeteria Assistant Gym Office Assistant CHADWICK, RUTH Librarian Rifle Club Gym Assistant CHAPPELL. JOE CHESTER, DICK Baseball, ’54-’56 Cross Country, ’53 ’54 Basketball, ’53-’56 Student Council Student Patrol Tatler Staff Pep ClubCLARK. JACK Radio Club Office Helper Careers Night Committee CLAYBOUR, DICK Football Student Council Tatler Staff Safety Council French Club Candidate for Student Council Election Pep Club Projector Operator COCHRAN. NORMA Pep Club F.H.A. Chorus Patrol COLEN, JAMES COLLINS. LOIS Dramatic Club COLMAN, CAROLYN Pep Club F.H.A. Chorus COLMAN. BILL F.F.A. Pep Club COLSTON. ALDEN F.F.A., Pres., Reporter COLSTON, PATRICIA F.N.A. Latin Club Chorus Student Council CONNOR. NANCY Chorus CONROY, TOM Baseball, ’56 FBLA Cross Country Spanish Club Pep Club Camera Club Science Club Football, ’53-’54 Track, ’53-’54 Student Council Times Staff Patrol Office helper Tatler Staff COPE, DELLA Deans Assistant D.E. Club CORBETT. KEN D.E. Club Track, ’54 COUSLEY, CAROLE Chorus, ’53-’54 Girls’ Council Pro and Con Times Staff, Editor Science Club, Sec. Latin Club, Pres. Brush and Palette Tatler Staff Library Assistant National Honor Society, V. Pres. COVER, JUDY Band Pep Band Times Staff F.B.L.A.. Sec. F.H.A. CRABTREE. DON Pep Club Concert Band Pep Band O.O. Club CRAWFORD. DAVID CUNNINGHAM, LINDA Maid to Homecoming Queen Pep Club F.B.L.A. Chorus Spanish Club Office helper Cheerleader, Capt., ’53 ’56 CUNNINGHAM, WENDELL J. V. Basketball, ’53 Cross Country, 54-’55 CURRY. RUTH Cheerleader, ’54-’56 Baton Majorette, ’53 Pep Club F.B.L.A. Homecoming Queen Maid F.H.A. Main office switchboard operator Gym office helper CURVEY, PHYLLIS French Club Jr. Red Cross Pep Club Office helper Gym helper Library assistant CZERNY, HOWARD Chorus DALTON, DALLAS Radio Club Chorus DAVIS, JOYCE F.H.A. F.B.L.A. 0.0. Club Chorus DAVIS. P. J. Chorus F.B.L.A. Pep Club Brush Palette 0.0. Club DEALL, VERNON Football, ’53-’54 Student Patrol Baseball, ’53 DeFRATES, MARY JANE National Honor Society Chorus Pep Club Spanish Club Latin Club, Vice Pres. Girls’ Council, Pres. Library Assistant DEHNER. BOB Cross Country, ’54-’55 Pep Club DEUCKER, PAT National Honor Society, Cores. Sec. Girls’ Council Student Council Patrol F.H.A. Pep Club Spanish Club F.T.A. Tatler Staff Chorus F.B.L.A. DEWEY, MIKE Pep Club Football, ’53 DICKINSON, BARBARA National Honor Society F.H.A. Science Club Spanish Club Girls’ Council, V. Pres. Office helper Library Assistant Pep Club DICKMAN, JOHN Rifle Club Track manager Careers Night Committee DIERSTEIN, BARBARA Office worker German Club F.N.A. Clinic Helper Pep Club Chorus Science Club DODGE, RICHARD Pep Club Patrol DOMAN, CONNIE Pep Club Chorus Brush Palette Spanish Club Junior Prom Committee F.B.L.A. Office helper DORRIS, JERRY Football Manager Football, ’54 Boys’ Cabinet DOTSON. NANCY 0.0. Club Main office helper DREITH. CHARLES DUNBAR, CONNIE National Thespians Tatler Staff Times Staff Office Assistant 0.0. Club DYKEMAN. WILBUR D.E Club Boys’ Glee Club Chorus Arc ClubDYKEMAN, SHIRLEY Chorus Pep Club Student Council EALES. JOHN F.F.A. EATON, STEVE Track, ’54, ’55, ’56 Chorus Football Pep Club EBBLER, JIM Football Basketball manager Band Times Staff Track Dramatics Club Radio Club Science Fair EDWARDS, MELVIN Cross Country, ’54-’55 ELROD, BOB Latin Club Student Council Chorus Student Patrol ERDMANN, BOB Student Patrol Chorus Science Club EVANS. JUANITA Chorus Pep Club Patrol EVANS, LARRY Cross Country, ’54 Latin Club FARNBACH, JOHN Football. 53. ’54, ’55 Manager of Football FEARNO, KATHY F.N.A. Pep Club Jr. Red Cross Patrol D.E. Club Chorus FLINT, TERRY Chorus Pep Club Patrol Latin Club FLYNN, JACK O.O. Club Band FORCADE, RODNEY Spanish Club Science Club FORD, BILL Radio Club Spanish Club German Club Science Club FORD, PHIL Chorus Baseball, ’55 Football, ’53 Pep Club FORRESTER. WILBURN J.V. Basketball, ’53 FRANCIS, CURTIS FRANKE, RONALD Band FRERICHS, MIKE FRISON, NATHANIEL Baseball FUNK. KENNETH D.E. Club GALLAHER, NANCY F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Pep Club Tatler Staff Office helper Nurse’s Assistant GARVEY, BOB Basketball, ’53 Golf, ’55-’56 GEORGEWITZ, BOB Pep Club GIATRAS. SHIRLEY Pep Club GIBBS, BEVERLY Times Staff Pep Club Dramatic Club Office Assistant Switchboard Operator F.T.A. Chorus F.H.A. GILL, ALICE F.B.L.A. Pep Club GILL, MARSHA F.C.A., Pres., V. Pres. Spanish Club GLOVER, BOB Office helper at Olin D.E. Club GNERICH, ROBERTA Pep Club Latin Club F.H.A. F.N.A. Dean’s office Assistant Patrol Student Council Clinic Assistant Chorus GODWIN, JOE Student Council Dramatic Club Student Patrol GOEKEN, ROSEMARY Pep Club F.B.L.A. F.H.A. Gym Office Assistant GOODMAN, JOSEPH GOODWIN, NELLIE Band Pep Club Prom Committee GORDON, CHARLOTTE 0.0. Club GOTTLOB, SHIRLEY Student Council Pep Club Spanish Club Girls’ Council F.H.A. GRADY. SONJA National Honor Society Tatler Staff, Organization Editor Student Council F.T.A., Treas. F.H.A. Jr. Red Cross GRAVETT. PATRICIA 0.0. Club GREEN, CAROL National Thespians, Sec. Girls’ Council Dramatic Club Play Latin Club. Sec. treas. F.T.A., V. Pres. Science Club Times Staff Tatler Staff, Co-Editor Dramatic Club Careers Night Junior Prom Committee National Honor Society Band, Sec. Science Fair GREEN. JUDY Student Council Taller Staff National Honor Society Times Staff F.B.L.A., Sec. Library Assistant Girls’ Council Chorus Clinic helper F.N.A. Maid to Dream Girl Pep Club Prom Committee GREENWOOD, KAY Library Assistant GRIFFIN, DELORICE Band Jr. Red Cross Student Council F.B.L.A. Head Majorette, ’55 0.0. Club Pep Club Chorus Office helper GROSHAN, ELVA Patrol Brush Palette Cafeteria Assistant GROSS, PAUL GUNTER, MARTHA Band Radio Club Latin Club F.N.A. Science ClubGUYMAN, CARLENE HAMER, SALLY Chorus Pep Club Prom Committee F.B.L.A. Gym Assistant HANSEL, MAXINE Chorus HARDIN, BILL Football, ’53 Track, ’55 D.E. Club Chorus HARPOLE. PAULINE HARRIS. KENNETH Art Club Pep Club HARTLEY. MARY F.H.A. Patrol D.E. Club HARTNETT. PHYLLIS F.H.A. Pep Club Dramatic Club F.N.A. Spanish Club HAUSMAN, RONALD HAYNES, NANCY F.T.A. Spanish Club Pep Club Chorus F.H.A. HAZELTON, HARRY Latin Club Science Club Radio Club Pep Club Debate Club IIAZELWONDER, JOANN F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Pep Club Chorus 0.0. Club HEATON, DONNA Office Helper Chorus Pep Club 0.0. Club HEFFRON, MELVIN HENDERSON, MONTE F.B.L.A. HERRING, RUTH F.H.A. F.C.A., Sec. Treas. Chorus HERRON, JOYCE HERSHEY, HARRY National Honor Society, V. Pres. Latin Club Chess Club Times Staff Latin Contest HESSENAUER, NORMA F.N.A. F.H.A. Pep Club Library Assistant Chorus F.B.L.A. HEWITT, BOB Baseball, ’53-’54 HILL, LARRY Patrol HOLLOWAY, FREDDY Football, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56 Basketball, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56 Cross Country. ’54 Pep Club Track, ’55 HOLMES, LARRY Basketball. ’53. 54. ’55. 56 HORN, LUCIA F.B.L.A. National Honor Society Tatler Staff Band HUEBENER, DONNA F.N.A., Pres. Times Staff Dramatic Club Science Club Clinic Helper Spanish Club F.H.A. Chorus Careers Night Science Exhibit HUFFSTUTLER, SHERRY Chorus F.N.A. D.E. Club HUGHES, ROY Track. ’54. ’55. 56 Cross Country, ’54 HUNT, KAY F.N.A. Chorus D.E. Club HURLEY ED Track, ’53 HUTCHINS. SANDRA French Club Office Occupations HYMAN, CAROL 0.0. Club ILCH, DAVE Latin Club D.E. Club Basketball, ’53-’54 INGRAM. LUTHER Track Choir JACOBS. LORRAINE Pep Club JAMISON. BILLIE Football manager, ’53 JARRETT, JANET 0.0. Club Band JENKINS, GARY Student Council JENKINS, JIM Football, ’53, ’54 Track, ’53 JOHNSON, ANNA F.H.A. JOHNSON. LLOYD F.F.A. Track, ’54 Chorus JOHNSON, MARY Latin Club F.N.A. JOHNSON, WILBUR JONES, BETTY JONES, CLYDE Basketball. ’53-’54 Cross Country, ’53 JONES. RONALD Pep Club Art Club Track JUSTICE, FRANCINE Office Assistant Pep Club Student Patrol Library Helper F.H.A. KEASLER, MARCHETA National Honor Society Art Club Student Council Pep Club Student Patrol KELLEY, CHARLES KELLY, DAN D.E. Club KIDWELL. CHARLES Track. ’54-’55-’56 Band Cross Country, ’54, ’55 KINCADE, DAVID KING. ADA F.H.A. KIRK. SHIRLEY Chorus F.H.A. F.C.A. KIRSCH, FRED Counselor’s office KLINKE, BARBARA 0.0. Club KOHLER, DON Art Club Football, ’53, ’54 Pep Club KOZATOS. JIM Track, ’53-’54 Football, ’53 Movie Projectionist KRANCHER, KEN Band Pep Band Spanish Club Science Club, V. Pres. Dramatic ClubKUHN. HAROLD Science Club Camera Club Dramatic Club KUNZ. NORMA Spanish Club Camera Club O.O. Club Office Assistant KUNZ. SCHARDELLE Spanish Club Camera Club 0.0. Club KYLE, FRANCES F.B.L.A. LAGEMANN, MARLENE National Honor Society Band Girls’ Council Latin Club F.T.A. Librarian Spanish Club Science Club Tatler Staff Library helper LAIRD, MINNIE D. E. Club F.N.A. F.H.A. Latin Club LAMARSH, JIM Student Council Band. Drum Major Times Staff F.B.L.A., Pres. Pep Band Dramatic Club Thespians LAMBERT, BILL Football. ’53 Track, ’53 Baseball, ’53 Chorus LANDERS, ALAN Thespians, Historian Football manager, ’53-’54 Pep Club Science Club Dramatic Club Times Staff Rifle Club Chorus Patrol LANGFORD. JIM Art Club LA VICK, CHRISTOPHER Football, ’54-’55 LEFLER. BETTE Homecoming Queen Dramatic Club F.T.A. Pep Club Student Council Art Club Chorus LEIMBACH, RACHEL Library Assistant Pep Club Latin Club F.B.L.A. Pro and Con Science Club F.T.A. Office helper Switchboard Student Patrol LINDSAY, BARBARA Student Council. Sec. Girls’ Council, Pres. Times Staff Pep Club, Sec.-treas. F.N.A., treas., V. Pres. Spanish Club. Sec. Dramatic Club, Sec. National Honor Society Chorus Thespians Dean’s office Assistant LINGENFELTER, DIANE Maid to Homecoming Queen F.H.A., Pres. National Honor Society Girls’ Council Thespians, Sec. Dramatic Club Pep Club F.N.A., V. Pres. Tatler Staff LINVILLE, EARLENE Cheerleader F.H.A. F.N.A. Girls’ Council Chorus Pep Club Dramatic Club LITTLE, BILL Band Student Council Times Staff LOBBIG, DON Art Club, V. Pres., Pres. Track. ’53 LOFTIS, MARVIN D. E. Club Patrol LOHR. WESLEY Dramatic Club F.F.A. Cafeteria Worker Track, ’54. ’55. ’56 McAFOOS, BILL Basketball, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56 Football, ’54 Cross Country, ’53 Boys’ Cabinet Student Council Brush Pallette. Pres. Track, '55 mcbride, mickey Student Council Times Staff Football, ’54 McCANN, MELVIN McCANN, MELVINA Chorus McDERMOTT. MONTIE F.N.A. Latin Club Chorus French Club Pep Club McDonald, jim McELYEA, JIM Band McKELVEY, JOAN F.H.A. Band Student Council Pep Club Tatler Staff F.B.L.A. Orchestra McNEALY, RICHARD MACAFEE. RICHARD Art Club MAHER, RUTH Band Tatler Staff Times Staff F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Pep Club Latin Club Science Club MALSON, BARRY MARQUIS. VIC Football MARTIN, BILL Band Basketball, ’54, ’55 Track Pep Band Football, ’53 Chorus MASSEY, JIM Student Council Captain of Patrol National Honor Society Senior Class President Chorus MATHUS, ROGER National Honor Society Student Council Pro and Con Latin Club Science Club Camera Club MAXEY, LADELL 0.0. Club MAYIIALL, BILL MEAD. JEAN PatrolMEDLER. CYNTHIA Spanish Club Pep Club Patrol Chorus Library Staff O.O. Club MELLENTHIN. CARL MENARD, LYNN Chorus Homecoming Committee Pep Club Spanish Club Student Council Safety Council, Chmn. Careers Night Committee Girls’ Council MERC1ER, DIANE Spanish Club, Sec. Band Pep Club Tatler Staff Rifle Club National Honor Society Orchestra METZGER, BOB D.E. Club Student Patrol Chorus MEYERS. MARILYNN Pep Club Latin Club Times Staff Tatler Staff Dean’s Office Assistant Gym Office Assistant MILES, FLOSSIE MILFORD, MICHAEL D.E. Club MILLER, JANE Band D. E. Club F.T.A. F.H.A. MILLER, JOHN MILLER, ROGER MILLER, SUE Student Council Girls’ Council, Sec. F.T.A., Sec.-Pres. Spanish Club. V. Pres.. Pres. Pep Club Times Staff MILLS. DERRY Chorus Boys’ Chorus MINSKER, NORMA Times Staff Pep Club F.N.A. Tatler Staff Band National Honor Society, Pres Science Club Pro and Con F.B.L.A. Latin Club MONICAL. TOM Student Council, Pres. National Honor Society, Pres. Cross Country, ’53, ’54, ’55 Track. ’54, ’55 Basketball, ’53 Boys’ Cabinet Times Staff, Sports Editor Tatler Staff, Sports Editor Band, V. Pres. Latin Club, V. Pres. Orchestra Career’s Night Chairman MONROE, EMERY Football, ’53, ’54, ’55 Track, ’53, ’54 Basketball, ’53 Baseball, ’55 Boys’ Cabinet MOORE, GEORGE Dean’s Assistant Baseball, ’53. ’54, ’55 Basketball, ’53, ’54 Cross Country. ’54, ’55 MUELLER. DALE Football, ’54, ’55 MYERS, DEWANE F.F.A., Sec. MYERS. DOROTHY Latin Club Chorus Pep Club NALLEY, TOM Cross Country, ’53 Basketball, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’5G Boys’ Cabinet Student Council NEEDHAM,CLAUDETTE NIRSCH, MARION NORMAN, DICK D. E. Club NORTHCUTT, JOHN NORVELL, DORIS Office helper D.E. Club O’BRIEN, CATHERINE Pep Club Chorus OLDHAM,NORMA Cheerleader F.H.A. D.E. Club Pep Club OSBORNE, CAROLE F.H.A. Student Council Art Club Pep Club OULSON, WILBUR Pep Club Chorus Boys’ Chorus PACE, PAT Pep Club 0.0. Club F.B.L.A. Chorus Student Council Nurses’ Assistant PEAL, JIM PEREZ, EDNA F.N.A. Spanish Club Chorus Pep Club PETRUZZA. HELEN 0.0. Club Orchestra Concert Performance PHELPS, JERRY PORTER, EDDIE Band PURCELL, MARY Dean’s Office Assistant QUINN, C. J. Band Pep Club RADLIFF, CARL Art Club Pep Club Baseball, ’54, ’55 Dean’s Assistant REED, CARL Football, ’53, ’54, ’55 Chorus Track, ’53 Baseball, ’55 Pep Club REED, JANICE Pep Club Chorus F.B.L.A. Maid to Dream Girl Girls’ Council F.N.A. REINKE, ROSEMARY RENO, KAY RHOADES. JACK Boys’ Cabinet, Pres. Football, ’54-’55 Baseball, ’54-’55 Pep Club RICHEY, JANICE Library helper F.T.A., Sec. F.H.A. Pep Club Spanish Club Chorus RILEY, BILL RINTOUL, DON Science Club Track. ’55-’56 Patrol RITTENHOUSE, SHIRLEY ROBERTS, JOANN Switchboard Nurse’s Assistant Pep Club Library Assistant 0.0. Club ROBERTSON. JUDY F.B.L.A.ROEMER, DOROTHY National Honor Society F.B.L.A. Main office helper Latin Club ROGERS, JERRY Spanish Club ROMANO, PAT F.H.A. Pep Club ROSE, HERSCHEL Band ROUSSEAU, GERRY Thespians Times, Feature Editor Tatler Staff Pep Club Dramatic Club, V. Pres. National Honor Society Office helper Library Assistant F.H.A. ROWLAND. FLORENCE F.N.A. Latin Club Chorus O.O. Club RUED1N, BENNIE Football, ’53-’55 Track, ’53 Band Pep Club Patrol Basketball manager RUYLE, JOYCE F.H.A. F.B.L.A. F.C.A. Chorus 1 SANDERS, DOROTHY Pep Club SANDIDGE, DON Football, ’53-’55 Basketball, ’53-’54 Track, ’54 Baseball, ’55, ’56 D.E. Club SANDIDGE, TOM Basketball D.E. Club SAULS, SHIRLEY Student Patrol SCHALLENBERG, MARY JANE SCHEITER. DAVID Pep Club Science Club Patrol SCHENK, JOHN SCHMIDT, BARBARA Latin Club Dramatic Club, Sec. Thespian, Treas. Pep Club Office helper Clinic helper F.N.A. Chorus Tatler Career’s Night Committee SCHOECK, KENNY Band Science Club Pep Band SCHRINER, SANDRA Patrol 0.0. Club SCHUETZ, JIM SCHUMACHER. SHIRLEY German Club, Sec., V. Pres. Band Cadet Band SCOGGINS. GERALD SCOTT. BETTY Chorus Pep Club SEEHAUSEN, FRANK SHAW, MELVYN SHINN, PAT F.H.A. 0.0. Club, Reporter SHOEMAKER, SHIRLEY F.B.L.A. Pep Club Chorus F.H.A. National Honor Society Times Staff SHORT. RONALD F.N.A. SHUTTLEWORTH, BOB SMART, ARMENDA SMITH, ALEX Basketball, ’54. ’55. ’56 SMITH. ANEMONE French Club Camera Club F.T.A., Sec. Library helper National Honor Society Tatler Staff SNIPES, PRINCESS SNYDER, GEORGE Baseball, ’54-’56 Football, ’54 ’55 SOKOLOWSKI, DANNY Tatler Staff Chorus Latin Club Spanish Club SONS. MARY 0.0. Club Camera Club, Pres. Chorus Latin Club Science Club SOUTHWARD. MARY 0.0. Club Career’s Night Committee SPAETER, ED Track, ’53 SPRIGHT, RUTH F.H.A. F.N.A. Chorus Band Pep Club Latin Club SPRINGMAN, GEORGE Dramatic Club Latin Club Thespians STAUFFER, ROBERTA F.B.L.A. Pen Club Office helper STEELE. ERVIN Current Events Club Dramatic Club F.T.A. Thespians STEWART, JOHN Art Club Dramatic Club Science Club Basketball manager Pep Club STICE, MARGARET Main office assistant F.B.L.A. STILLEY, EARLENE Cheerleader J.V., Capt. F.H.A. F.B.L.A. Twirler Pep Club Chorus Art Club STOBBS. SANDY Latin Club, Sec.-Treas. Pep Club Student Council F.T.A. Chorus Girls’ Council STOBBS, SUE Spanish Club Pep Club Dream Girl 55 Maid to Homecoming Queen Girls’ Council Chorus STONE, JERRY Band Student Council Tatler Staff French Club Science Club Pep Band Dramatic Club Thespians Orchestra Latin Club V. Pres. STORM, SANDY Band Chorus F.B.L.A. F.H.A. Pep Club STRADER, HERMAN STROHKIRCH, BARBARA Chorus Art Club, Sec Pep ClubSUTHERLAND, ROSALIE F.B.L.A F.H.A. SUTTON, LYNNE F.N.A. Pep Club Chorus Majorette SWINNEY, JUDY F.H.A. F.N.A. Spanish Club Pep Club Chorus F.B.L.A. TARRANT, BILL TAYLOR, JIM Football, ’54 Track, ’55 Dramatic Club TAYLOR, PAT Pep Club F.H.A. THIELE, BILL Golf, ’54- 56 Student Council Patrol TROUT, JOHN TRUMP, JUDY F.B.L.A. F.H.A. TYLER. JANET F.N.A. F.T.A. Debate Club National Honor Society Latin Club Patrol TYNER, ALFRED UNTHANK, HENRY VANAUSDOLL. MARVIN D.E. Club Baseball manager VAN HOY, DARLENE F.H.A. Pep Club F.B.L.A. Cheerleader Office Assistant Student Council VAN OHLEN, RUDY VAN VOORHIS, JERRY Golf, '55-’56 VELLOFF, GENE Baseball, 53-’55 Basketball, ’53-’55 Cross Country, ’53-’54 Pep Club VIETH, KENNETH Track, '54- 56 F.F.A. Football, ’53 VOSS, SUSIE Chorus Pep Club F.B.L.A. O.O., V. Pres. Dream Girl Maid VOUMARD, BEATRICE F.N.A. D.E. Club Olin office helper WALLER, RUTH Science Club German Club, Sec. WARDEIN, BOB Radio Club WARNER, DORIS O.O. Club WATROUS, MARY WATTERS, SUE 0.0. Club WEBB. EMMA Switchboard Student Council Tatler Staff Pep Club Clinic assistant Office assistant F.N.A. Girls' Council National Honor Society WEINMAN, MARILYN WESTBROOK, LEE Football, ’53 Student Council Patrol, Capt. Cafeteria Worker D.E. Club, V. Pres. Golf, ’54-’56 Times Staff Tatler Staff Pep Club WHETZEL, BARBARA F.T.A., Treas. Pep Club French Club F.H.A., Historian Chorus WHIPPLE, SHARON WHITE, JUDY Spanish Club, V. Pres. Tatler Staff F.H.A. Counselor’s Assistant WHITTLEMAN, JOAN Pep Club Chorus Brush Palette Jr. Prom Committee Spanish Club F.B.L.A. Office helper WILDERMAN. CLAUDE Football, ’53-’54 WILDERMAN, CLIFF Tatler, Co-Editor French Club, Pres., V. Pres. Science Club Dramatic Club, Treas. National Honor Society Band, Pres. Orchestra Pep Band Thespians, V. Pres. WILLIAMS. PHYLLIS Chorus Main office helper Dean’s Assistant WILLIAMS, ROSALIE 0.0. Club WILLIAMSON, ROGER WILLIS, SUE Debate Band Clinic Times Staff Thespians, V. Pres. Science Club, Sec. National Honor Society Corr. Sec. Spanish Club F.H.A. Dramatic Club Pep Club Girls’ Council Gym Assistant Tatler Staff WILSON, DAISY Chorus F.C.A. WILSON. DARLENE F.H.A. F.C.A Chorus WILSON, MARGARET French Club Top Club Band F.B.L.A. Dean’s office WINDMILLER, JERRY D.E. Club WINDSOR, JUDY Chorus Pep Club Student Council Dramatic Club Latin Club WINSON, OPAL Pep Club F.N.A. Library Staff Maid to Dream Girl Chorus 0.0. Club, Sec.-Treas. Student Council Red Cross Girls’ Council WOOD, DELLA WOOD, DELORES Pep Club YACKEL, ROBERT Science Club Tatler Staff Cafeteria worker Art Club Camera Club YATES. WILLIAM F.F.A. YINGST, EDMOND Basketball Manager Patrol Pep Club YOUNG, ERROL YOUNG, PHYLLIS French Club Chorus Pep Club Student Council ZERKOWSKY, JO ANNOur Advertisers TO ALTON STUDENTS: Without the cooperation of the business, industrial, and professional men and women of the Alton area, this 1956 Tatler would not have been possible. Because of increased costs of yearbook production, as in the case of everything else, we have been obliged to count more heavily upon their financial assistance. Without this advertising the subscription price of the Tatler would be almost prohibitive for the average student. Because of Alton’s citizens’ interest in you and your welfare, and our school in general, they have been generous in taking ads. They have also proved kind and considerate to our solicitors. Therefore, it behooves us to show these firms and friends the value of their advertising in reciprocal good will. Mention their ad in the Tatler when you patronize them; favor them with your cooperation in every way you can. i AND TO ALTON HIGH FRIENDS: The 1956 Tatler has served you again in presenting your valuable message to Alton students, alumni of the school, and citizens of the community. Because each Tatler lives and relives from year to year in one thousand homes in Alton, is seen this year and for many years to come, as a thoughtful reminder of your good will to the school, or a reminder to come in and buy your merchandise, or to employ your services. THE TATLER AD STAFFPRINTING COMPANY COMMERCIAL PRINTERS LETTERPRESS - OFFSET - LITHO 536 East Broadway Telephone 2-0044 Alton, Illinois Owned Operated by Adams in Alton for Nearly a Half-Century For Better Values It’s . . . 104 WEST THIRD PHONE 3-8851SINCE 1892 BUFF AND RED FACE BRICK ROMAN BRICK SPECTRA - GLAZE BUILDING UNITS LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE BLOCKS PRECAST LINTELS STONE BLOCK INSULUX GLASS BLOCK GLAZED TILE STRUCTURAL CLAY TILE ALTON BRICK COMPANY ALTON. ILLINOISGet Hep! Know II lint's Do in In Sports, School News, Society, Personal, or City, State, National or International News GET THE HABIT — READ — The Alton Evening Telegraph DAILY OVER 29,000 SUBSCRIBERS WM. DEE G. M. LAMMERS Office Phone 2-3132 Residence Phone 2-2261 DEE FLORAL COMPANY “Say It With Flowers” “Member Florists’ Telegraph Association” 2524 College Avenue ALTON, ILLINOISFirst National Bank TRUST COMPANY in Alio CAPITAL and SURPLUS $1,750,000 i THIRD AND BELLE STREETS • ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONGRADUATES HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THE ADVANTAGES OF ATTENDING A SMALL COLLEGE IN YOUR HOME COMMUNITY? While living at home you can go to college at the lowest possible cost. You will get higher calibre instruction — particularly for the freshman and sophomore years — than at a large university. You can have valuable personal assistance from your professors. You can be an individual rather than just one of a crowd. You will have ample opportunity for campus leadership. You will be educated in a Christian atmosphere for the best personality development. THESE AND MANY OTHER ADVANTAGES WILL BE YOURS AT SHURTLEFF COLLEGE “THE PIONEER SCHOOL”CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to CLASS OF 1956 from your MEMBE WEDGE BANK(jaAfict • liperiorlh, CARPET C9 1636 MAIN ST. •• A.A. GRAVES SONS-ALTON CERTIFIED GULISTAN DEALER DEALERS IN FINE BROADLOOM RUGS AND CARPETS COMPLETE CARPET WORK ROOM McGee - Roxbury - Art Loom - Firth - Downs TACKLESS CARPET LAYING ANCHORS FLOOR CARPET FLUSH TO WALLS WITH ROBERTS SMOOTH EDGE NO QUARTER ROUND 1636 Main Street Dial 3-8141 ALTON, ILLINOISSAVE WHERE SAVING PAYS H $1 OPENS AN ACCOUNT Germania Savings and Loan Association 617 EAST BROADWAY Telephone 2-0058 ALTON, ILLINOIS . . . Congratulations HUMBERT ROAD ALTON, ILLINOIS Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr i Compliments of KERR’S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr RILL’S HORRY CENTER 1636 Washington Avenue----Alton, Illinois HOBBIES FOR YOUNG AND OLD Meet at Bill’s Tonight for Your Kits and Hobby Supplies Headquarters for H. O. Railroads, Airplanes, Hobby Supplies and Accessories. Student Owned and Operated Bill Hardin, Mgr.DEALER IN HOLTON INSTRUMENTS LOVELESS MUSIC CO. 3414 Oakwood ALTON, ILLINOIS Phone 5-5081 GEORGE LOVELESS FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW . . HANLON HAEGELE MEN'S CHILDREN'S APPAREL 630 East Broadway QUALITY FOOD, GOOD SERVICE and IRX,N FRIENDLY SMILES ARE YOURS AT Mi GHENT jeweler SANDWICH SHOP 1714 Washington Ave. One Door North of Uptown Theatre ALTON, ILL. KLINKE ICE ANI) FUEL CO. Compliments of QUALITY FUEL THE ALTON WATER 6th and Oak Sts. COMPANY Phone 3-8814 TV NCff£5T£R We’re going with you After all, we’ve become old friends during your stay here. Whether you knew it or not, almost every day of your school year you’ve used a product made by Olin Mathieson, or one that Olin Mathieson helped make. Just read the list on the right, and you’ll see what we mean. Once you’re established in business or professional life you’ll probably hear a lot more about Olin Mathieson. A good many of you may have business with us. And a few of you may even come to work for us. There’ll be room because Olin Mathieson is growing. Here are the skills, facilities and resources of one of the country’s most rapidly expanding industrial organizations. You and the Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation will both be going forward, and we’ll meet each other often as we do. Meanwhile, we extend our heartiest congratulations and good wishes on your graduation. May the future bring you everything you’ve hoped for and worked for. OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION New York, N. Y. • New Haven, Conn. • Baltimore, Md. • East Alton, III. for industry CHEMICALS Industrial chemicals Petrochemicals Agricultural chemicals METAL PRODUCTS Brass and other non-ferrous alloys, fabricated parts and oluminum heot exchangers EXPLOSIVES Olin smokeless Ball Powder Industrial and military explosives Railroad torpedoes and fusees Compressed air coalbreaking equipment PACKAGING FILMS Olin Cellophane and Polyethylene film PAPER PRODUCTS Cigarette and other fine papers Cigarette filters Endless woven belts Flax fibers Kraft paper bags, multi-wall sacks and corrugated containers MISCELLANEOUS Frost southern pine and hardwood lumber Ramset powder actuated tools and fasteners Western kiln guns and ammunition Olin industrial dry cell batteries for agriculture COMPLETE FERTILIZERS NITROGEN FERTILIZERS PESTICIDES SANITIZING AGENTS SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS for the medical profession SQUIBB PHARMACEUTICALS Nutritionals Biologicals Glandular products Antibiotics Anaesthetics Pharmaceutical specialties SQUIBB VETERINARY PRODUCTS Antibiotics Other veterinary preparations consumer products WINCHESTER sporting firearms, ammunition ana gun preparations WESTERN sporting ammunition, skeet and trapshooting equipment SQUIBB household drug products and toiletries LENTHERIC perfumes and toiletries SUPER PYRO and PERMANENT PYRO antifreeze PURITAN automotive specialty products OLIN flashlights and dry cell batteries FROSTBRAND outdoor furnitureENRICHED BREAD ICE CREAM Compliments of PETERS GIFT SHOP Greeting Cards and Gifts IN RECOGNITION AND APPRECIATION Of “The Invaluable Service of the Public Schools to American Youth" Alton Chapter Order of DeMolay Tel. 2-4611 2510 College Ave. and ALTON, ILL. Alton Assembly No. 8 Order of Rainbow for GirlsDowntown Alton, 209 Piasa St.-Phone 3-8631 APPAREL FOR JUNIORS, MISSES, WOMEN Downtown Alton 709 Pioi» Si If it is Nationally Advertised We Have It We feature Fashion Magazine Apparel Compliments of WM. P. MORRISSEY Company CORDES MOTOR CO. PACKARD 2350 STATE STREET ALTON, ILLINOIS ELM STREET CLEANERS PICK-UP and DELIVERY Phone 2-1922 53 East Elm Street Alton, Illinois Compliments of LACLEDE STEEL COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE SCHIFF SHOE STORE 323 BELLE ST. ALTON, ILLINOISSCHAFFNER MUSIC CO., Inc. 528 Ridge Street DIAL 5-5711 ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments CROWN FIXTURE SUPPLY CO. Front and George Sts. TELEPHONE 5-5503 Alton, Illinois DUKE BAKERY 9th and Henry Sts. - - QUALITY PASTRIES - - We Specialize In WEDDING CAKES and PARTY CAKES BOYD’S SANDWICH SHOP Phone 2-2922 2427 College AvenueSPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. LUMBER — MILLWORK GLASS — PAINTS VARNISHES — ROOFING BUILDER'S HARDWARE CELOTEX INSULATING MATERIAL 1101 East Broadway Alton, Illinois ALTON MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL OFFERS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1956 H. J. JUNGK, Manager STREEPER FUNERAL HOME C. T. TRAVIS, DIRECTOR 2004 State Compliments of MISSISSIPPI VALLEY COAL CO. COAL BUILDING MATERIALS FUEL OIL Phone 3-8241 Phone 2-3161Compliments of Compliments of TATE Russell’s Shoe Store Hardware Supply Co. 2520 College 2518 COLLEGE AVE. WHERE ALL THE YOUNGER SET TELEPHONE 2-5031 BUY THEIR SHOES I)E LUXE CAFE BUCK’S Specializing In Paint Floor Covering Good Food and Courteous Service Store Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Brown, Props. GEO. F. HOERING 2519 College Ave. Phone 5-9880 ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM and TILE ALTON, ILL. 655 East Broadway Compliments of Compliments Jones Confectionery of 519 RIDGE MIKOFF GROCERY ALTON Compliments of Compliments HENDERSON BROS. of Shell Service Station THIES DRY GOODS CO. Elm and Alby THE CORNER OF PHONE 5-9737 COLLEGE and WASHINGTONCollege Avenue Market 3124 College ALTON WE DELIVER KEY TO GOOD GROCERIES Phone 3-6109 Best Wishes Class of ’56 Evelyn Derrell Smith Smith Funeral Home (Formerly Streeper Funeral Home) ST. PETERS ELECTRIC ANI) HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES - APPLIANCES PLUMBING SUPPLIES Complete Line of Kyanize Paints and Varnishes 2502 State Dial 3-8931 PHONE 2-9211 305 STATE LUKEN AGENCY, Inc. INSURANCE - - REAL ESTATE BRAMHALL PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTER 410 State Phone 3-6032 Alton, Illinois WILLIAMSON PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTSCompliments EDELMAN’S of Ben Franklin Store BOB DEL’S "Discount Given To All School Sinclair Service Station Authorized Clubs" UPPER ALTON NORTH ALTON 2528 College Alton, Illinois FRED C. WEBER AGENCY CAFE - - - FOUNTAIN Film Supplies - - Dairy Products Munson Greeting Cards REAL ESTATE - MORTGAGE LOANS INSURANCE Alton's Largest Magazine Section VIETH’S SWEET SHOP 624 EAST BROADWAY ALTON 2604 State Phone 5-9796 GODFREY FOOD SHOP Hurt s Laundry A COMPLETE MODERN MARKET Let Our Line Be Your Clothes Line Marge and Carl Rosa 2517 COLLEGE ALTON, ILLINOIS CENTRAL AVENUE T 0 D D HARDWARE CLEANING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES - HARDWARE GLASS - PAINT - TOYS and NOTIONS TAILORING REPAIRING 1413 Central Avenue PHONE 2-1312 Phone 2-3528 1718 Washington Ave. ALTONCompliments of a I FriendCompliments CARL PRICE INSURANCE AGENCY of Ohley Transfer Alton Phone 2-2621 1222 Adams Court Daily Trips to and from St. Louis INSURANCE AGENCY 2508 BROWN PHONE 2-1513 F. W. WOOLWORTH YOUR FAVORITE 5 AND 10c STOREWARDEIN PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS PHONE 5-5313 2510 STATE ST. ALTON LYONS GLASS SERVICE CO. WINDOW GLASS - - AUTO GLASS GLASS FOR FURNITURE and DESK TOPS - MIRRORS 2400 Belle St. ALTON Look for this Emblem when making purchases, and be assured of better service by better paid employees looking to a better tomorrow. RETAIL STORE EMPLOYEES UNION LOCAL 344 HORNSEY NEWS 2515 State — Phone 5-9732 News — Tobaccos — Magazines U. S. Post Office Sub-Station No. 2 BURJES- ROBERTS PORTRAIT STUDIO A. R. BURJES MRS. JAUNITA ROBERTS PHONE 2-6214 THEEN INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Phones 2-1665 or 2-0541 1703 Washington Alton, IllinoisHEAVEN TO SEVEN 2503 COLLEGE AVE. 5-1412 INFANTS AND CHILDRENS WEAR TO SIZE 14 ELM STREET MARKET FINE MEATS 51 East Elm Phone 2-6012 Rhodes Auto Body Shop Complete BODY AND FENDER Campbell Pharmacy REPAIRING — PAINTING State and Belle Across From Lincoln—Douglas Square Phone 2-0822 Compliments of TRY-FINER CLEANERS ALTON HARDWARE 2501 STATE STREET AND FAINT CO. PHONE 2-1911 Compliments of JOHN B. WALTERS FOR FINE DINING Shell Service Station The Riviera Room PHONE 2-9171 HOTEL STRATFORD STATE LOGAN Compliments of ALTON BOX BOARD CO. AND CONGRATULATIONS ANI) OUR WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE 1956 GRADUATING CLASS OF Alton Senior High SchoolALLEN and NIMMONS COMPANY MORTGAGE LOANS - - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 544 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. PHONE 2 9249 WEDGE Prescription Pharmacy ELFGEN BUILDING ALTON, ILL. WE DELIVER PHONE 2-9132 American Reprint Service Blueprints - - Whiteprints • -Photostats • - Engineering and Drafting Supplies 515 Ridge Street Telephone 2-4336 ALTON, ILLINOIS M. C. Gabriel Massey-Harris Farm Equipment Bulldozing — Ponds and Basement Digging PHONE 2-8953 RAY WEBER’S MID-CITY MARKET 1805 CENTRAL J. B. Distributing Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Phone 5-9347 554 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Novelties • Carnival and Picnic Supplies U. S. SHOP Cleaners and Hatters 28 W. Broadway Phone 3-8921 Complimentary Demonstration and Free Instruction In Complexion Care and Individual Make-up and Color Chart MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO VENITA M. HASEMEIER Room 310 205 W. Third Phone 2-6721Rockefeller Reauty Shop MILDRED ROCKEFELLER. Owner Phone 2-6534 for Appointment 102 West Third Alton. Illinois Wurlitzer Pianos - - Minshall Organs RCA Victor Webcor Hi-Fi Phonographs Olds, King, LeBlanc, Artley Band Instruments Gibson and Martin Guitars— Fender Amplifiers Phonograph Records, Sheet Music Instrument Repairing, Musical Instruction GOULI) MUSIC 551 E. Broadway 3-3213 7oyy uf MEN'S WEAR 16 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois The Bridal Sportswear Shoppe 2516 State St. Headquarters for Complete Bridal Service Also Lingerie, Hose, Gloves, Sportswear Phone 2-9813 Evening Appointments i Compliments of Firestone 512 E. BROADWAY PHONE 2-9229Best Wishes to the Class of '56 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. ALTON, ILLINOISQUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS SINCE 1883 JACOBY'S 627 - 633 EAST BROADWAY ALTON. ILLINOIS ALTON’S LARGEST AND FINEST CREDIT JEWELERS 215 W. Third ALTON TAKE ONE YEAR TO PAY NO MONEY DOWN ICE CREAMHicks Photo Studio 3418 California Ave. 3-6086 AUDIO — VISUAL CAMERA SUPPLIES CANDID WEDDING PORTRAITS Compliments of Joe Brandt Hardware 712 EAST BROADWAY Tel. 5-5213 Alton, 111. Telephone 2-6813 Camp Electric Heating Co. Electric Warm Air Heating Contractors Sales and Service WM. CAMP 1126 Milton Road Alton. Illinois Bernie’s Specialty Shops 2523 College Ave. Upper Alton Specializing In Pre-teens Juniors Ladies Wearing Apparel At Popular Prices Milton Road Cleaners SANITONE THE BETTER KIND OF DRY CLEANING We Specialize in Sweaters DIAL 2-9231 FOR DELIVERY 1120 Milton Road MILTON PHARMACY VOGU-E HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUNG FASHIONS 1855 1956Alpha Junior Chapter of THETA RHO EPSILON CONGRATULATES AND WISHES THE BEST OF I LUCK TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS CLASS OF 1956WHERE PRICES ARE ALWAYS LOWER Famous Diamonds - Watches • Silver Jewelry • Appliances and Cameras On Easy Terms “Home of Bonded-Notary Diamonds” ISSSKkMl imm JEWELRY COMPANY 212 W. 3rd St. ALTON North Alton BEN FRANKLIN STORE 2600 State Street Compliments of Dooley’s Service Station Ripley Music Shop 331 BELLE Cameras Records Compliments of Uptown Barber Shop ROGERS — RUSHING — CAPEHART 1650 WASHINGTON AVE. ALTON Compliments of ACME BOWLING ALLEY WE SALUTE OUR FUTURE CITIZENS Greater Alton Association of Commerce GREATER ALTON - - A Great Community With Greater Opportunitiesdress rightd you can’t afford not to The Sloppy Joe, Sloppy Jane era (maybe you’ve noticed!) is over-dead as the Stone Age. Now it's the neat look, the well-groomed, well-dressed look—sort of grown up! That makes Lytton’s your store: headquarters for what's right for class, newest for leisure, smartest for Big Evenings. So easy to afford at Lytton's. Our latchstring is always out . . . drop in! I yl I Oil Third and Piasa, ALTON Watt ELch Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO.H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE Coast To Coast Service LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOVING All Loads Insured • - Bonded Warehouse 1628 Washington Avc. - - Phone 2-2665 JOHN W. LEFLER BRICK CONTRACTOR Residential and Commercial 2632 Sidney Street Alton, Illinois Phone 3 8025 ROCKE POOLE PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Phone 3-3041 UNITED MEN’S SHOPS 1662 Washington THE STYLE CENTER 2526 College Avenue Phone 3-7423 Compliments of Godwin Office Supply Downtown Phillips 66 "ALTON'S COMMERCIAL STATIONER" 408 Belle St., Alton, 111 114 East Broadway - Phone 3-7756 Fishing Supplies - Keys Duplicated ALTON, ILL. CITY FUEL SUPPLY CO. Coal - Fuel Oil - Building Materials - Ready Mix Concrete Timken Oil Burners - Stokers Front and Ridge Sts. Phone 3-3544 ALTON, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF CAMPBELL PHARMACY PHONE 2-1831 24 W. Broadway Alton, Illinois WISEMAN, INC. NEW USED PLUMBING Heating Plumbing Supplies Stove Furnace Repair Parts 1128 E. Broadway Alton, 111. Phone 2-9294 ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service See us about any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7721 Compliments of ALTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL AUTO RADIATQR SERVICE CONTRACT WELDERS MODERN WELDED PRODUCTS CO. Job Welders Since 1916" Office Phone 3-6232 306 West Broadway ALTON, ILLINOIS Printers oj the 1956 “Tatter’’ HORNSEY PRINTING COMPANY “...has established an enviable record of service and quality craftsmanship in the field of institutional, commercial and industrial printing.’’ PLENTY OK PARKING SPACE KOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 701 Henry Street • Phone 3-7749 • Alton, Illinois 2GETTING ALONG At high school days draw to a close, you will realize a cherished goal and reward—your diploma. This reward you should accept with pride, for it has been hard-won by the constant vigilance and effort of a dozen years or more, and it represents one of your greatest achievements thus far in life. But what were the ingredients necessary for this achievement? Enthusiasm, honest effort, promptness, attention to detail—all of these in no small way have contributed. Other qualities, acquired along the way, have added their full measure, as you learned the importance of cheerful ness, of service to others, helpfulness, friendship, and staunch loyalty to your school, family, and friends. In brief, you learned the art of "getting along" with others. This ability to "get along" was not gained from a textbook. The extent to which you acquired this quality is the result of experiences with people and the degree to which you have tried to make these associations pleasant and helpful. You are now equipped with an education. But. how well you can apply what you have learned, how successful you will be, how you will be able to contribute to the success of your family, your community, or your place of employment. will also depend on how well you have learned the art of "getting along" with your fellow man. To be successful a business must learn to live with other businesses in a business world, in a community, and with people. The Alton area is prosperpous partly because many good businesses have been able to accomplish this purpose, and you, in the future, will need similar qualities to be equally successful. This ability to "get along." coupled with frankness of purpose, sincere earnestness of endeavor, and a humble and grateful attitude, adds untold strength to your formal education and will help establish your individual future success in this, the world's greatest nation—America. WENS M .0 3S jh v-T

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