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Q 41' El 1 f .--fi fra AA' ' ft' ,L,,, 1 ., , , 'TA "if ,gi Z-, Y'-V " ' Q A' 'Yx,Jf, f , ',!' 1g xf ,,, ,v 'f -Q f I ff - 121 x 'fl - ,X N? Q54 wbg51fM1.,1 z M WjWMTf"' 4 . 1 A. v1'f' r,,, g. ' ' ' 1, L1 ,Q iw " M ,ju ? ' ff' 355432 ggi 2 fi gP2f fg - g - - A fisffi- C1 'X ii 1? L ' ff f iTQ I f . 5 i?fS5E2sEQE5 ' , - -fi' 5?EgE Qff '-M Yjl Xl ff if gf! J 1 Q' , ,fyfff - f , f lf 1 .7' 5' ' kjik-, l X, ,f f if X f Ni'-fff 4 ff fi ilfflf X f Cf ff 5y2Lfgf : lj I V6j1.l4XXX 5 I ff 1' Q, 1 Kgh If x VF-7 jx Zlfififf I .X -.,' W ,ff Af :nf X Q ' X Q R A fx'-W i XX . , mf., , f . Wx , 1- H. .uw X N . X -a-' X , , . .. W 1, . iw X A A: B X X, Z X f , 2251 Mar! ? If-u ,v 31 f i f I 1 N . 1' V Y U 'JE S! 1- 54 ' 4g: ' Q 35, " ill- V Yi Y J -' ,g, . 511-Q 5 ,si " mfg 'ag Q: E ' E.. 53 -7 4 ,.-. A I Q1 Qs! g 1 I ls- 5 5 , :-aw Iris X v M,-1,4 .-.+L riff . Q-N FY .-L, x N f-1,-.M N 4, , .. bf, ,..,.- , ' QL , I ""'- 'aff gl xi no ,H :gl 6 . gin' Xig i - 5 i kr 11.75 . 5 7, L '.1'i q --.T ,isfw Q . vflklfkkmz ,V Q ,I -5 .. 2' S. i X X X L n T Xi N4 X FAITH On its third and final departure for America in the year 1620. the good ship Mayflower carried the Pilgrims through the vast and unchartered turbulent waters of the Atlantic on their hazardous voyage lu Plymouth Colony. Armed with slightly more than FAITH in themselves and God, they had left their homes and loved ones with a FAITH strong enough to sustain them through those first severe and trying winters in the new land -- an unwavering FAITH which was to huild homes, churches and schools, clear the land, till the soil. unite the people in a mutual inter- dependence, fashion the first colonies, and give birth to wiqlaw nation with a foundation firmly enrouted in A . History tells us that years later the same FAITH made possible the revolt against arrogant rulers, hav- ing its culmination in the Boston Tea Party which fanned the flames of insurrection and kindled the spark of revolution by a Declaration nf Independence. reconfirming their FAITH in the equality, liberties, and inherent rights of all men. Thus begun, with only unswerving FAITH as a ruling guide, America's boundless wilderness was ex- plored, her deep rlvers bridged, her fertile prairies and proud mountains spanned by rail and road, and a civilization reached still undrenmed of hy many nations uf the world. ' These things which today we take for granted were hard-earned by men of vision, courage. and FAITH. ln recent years the world has been beset hy two wars. and the upheaval and disturbed conditions that surround and follow such wide-spread catastro- phles provide the medium for distrustful thinking and a resultant lack of FAITH in other nations and other individuals. Yet, a moment's reflection on the past will show the greatness of America was built by the FAITII nf individuals in God, FAITH in themselves. and FAITH in those honest men around them. This "FAITH" of which we speak made strong communities, strong states, and a strong nation -- strong enough to survive the trials of time. But there is no standing still in the "America of Progress," and she will continue to progress through the vision, courage, and FAITH of her sons and daughters, May you be one of those who has and keeps that FAITH. owaus-u.u.mon sn... unw- 1- I Ulm ln' el- . -- Mmm EW YEARS OF PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION Ol"2LU0l" In presenting to the pupils and friends of Alton High School this Golden Anniversary edition of THE TATLER, it has been our purpose to make the book a true picture of high school life 1 its work, its play, its serious effort, and its harmless fun. This 50th Anniversary issue contains events of interest from May 1, 1954 to May 1, 1955. The pictures of high school life fifty years ago are repro- duced from the first edition of THE TATLER, issued in 1905. It is hoped that successive issues of the Annual will preserve a complete record of the life of the High School. ll if ETHE BOOK WITH PAST PRESE I X E f , Ml , D MX-X. " i 1 li-iii AISI!! J it wr? I, FN . f x T if f-S Q h T I, 431155527 ' T - Ti TV -gp D, E E TMNT ' AWE! N D 1 SJW: gil 0 QT -3:,.T.F M "4-:gi Nu V VJ 'ff' ff ? 'WX 3 uf , 2 -an .. Sf?-JJ Wm T3 XT ' - Lf Q -f - fx ---, 5 24.4, STUDENTS OF TODAY DEDICATE THIS ITS MEMORIES TO THE STUDENTS NT AND Furums OF .... ALTON g5p5fgIR,g5f5q'g,gCHOOL Q + - mm pq NVQ AQ .. Nb. WK' if W iw .- , , 9 7 an .. - - Q , v - 2' - 7 " P v 9 mn. wx 1 SQL m I ' if 1 A I X L f " 70---- It ' ' "'o"'l Z Q5 X -gt , ' 4 Want a lift? Day's End. Too Bad it isn't yours, Ioe ' ' -s iv - - n ,lawfi Yi.,- X , 7 V Q ' ' . uiet, rtist N A Work! Q -zti Q JTLMILK nc' 3'1" A W Q. W rg 3"-if Q 4f"'x sf, S Q A A QU-Wf V' 54 'A g , 5, ff ff - L7 Be Careful! Don't Strip a Gear! x-N n- ..--1--f Q 5 'U N. Future Einstein? Tungett at the Keyboard Vi if MIUNM Hey. it works! U SHVFT GEAQS 5232! kmv if Q51 Q! Q'7 4-f-M, -iii ' xmwu- s v ff 55 N. - - Q -. Q , ' , 5-,1-"' 0 ---- 'Thru th lp th t g ' Look Q f 113.1 .-:A ,9 ,., fa: H. ,Hn ' 1 fue. Q .. g:.'a'5.a? iofvf of fp ,Q w . W Q3 Q 'H K ' q.', W v s Q if I: ::n'9,':' 'f li 1. V .quit dn' 0, 1 M 0, ' .H ix cool cats and a couple of kittens. What'll you have? , 3,- Four Wolves He had a dark and roving eye! 6' f f 3. 9 ' Q 5 'Lv V UW v' Z 'WX ll - . , g X - 5 .-D-I H - 'f ',,lLl-,,, IIIIVN b iw-I: 7 1- J - , gf s Xf- Sh-broom Get your tickets here for interplan- etary travel! Boil and bubble, toil amd trouble Looks likx fun downt 1t7 sw. , Mi: ffvfrs .N -lm 2 ' A ww Y QM Q , n. eg fi Q wbgis , Sffiil-W as x ,1- S Q sg W A- E K , x X I New 1 N XM xxx . W3 X53 Qu 24 K X v 42' xg XQSQM b 4 -- J K 26 f A Z V C ,W Nl KX X x QC , ' ! H 1 :f ' 'K : " fx w 5 " ' f fi. Christmas comes in with a bang Thxs IS art? ffffllti, Timber! Mail and Fcmalc nv! 'Yu f kms as NX f fww P 'W Q 1 A4414 Y' pq Qin-'Q .. . In 1 454' 5 t v 'nag -1 gy ir kink' ' f T N 1 "' 1 ' " -:-':.,:a " s 9 . 1 ,. V L , L N . A x My 'ii af.-Q f ,s-532 "fn ' W "Camera Conscious" N- . , Q ag mww , . What are we gonna do? Ring around the rosy ! 1314 ,Q GX : ., il 31:2 bf gy -Qi I '41, V. 1 -- V . fe J ml V MN K X4 xi ? , - J W Q Why so qlum ,ul 'QXNX mm 4 X X r X X 1 .f J -.7 '-- i X 3 Fancy footwork. Valentino Style! Hey, ma, I can dance! xfllllffi LY ' W K A ' N WALL! L L 001 'f , TL DW! NT uw 2 , T T ,, ' Nl LL T 5 xl THE MEMORY OF PAST STUDENTS STILL LINGERS IN THE HALLS AND CLASS- ROOMS OF OUR TODAY. K Y X I+ 1 5 23 ei 5 " 2 1 iz l Dr. Hemphill, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Ready, Mr. Davis, Mr. Iohnson, Dr. Lynn, Dr. Middleton, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Hershey, Mr. Waterhouse. Standing: Mr. Rippley, Mr. Pruitt, Mr. Norman, Mr. Keil, Mr. Goedde. Board of Education Laying the cornerstone for one of the recently constructed buildings. The members of the Board of Edu- cation should be congratulated for the work they have done for Alton. These men relinquish time and effort without pay to serve on the Board. This year in addition to their other duties the board has had the job of overseeing a five million dollar building program improving the buildings of our school system. Superintendent MR. I. B. IOHNSON Under the direction of Mr, Iohnson, who has been Superintendent since 1947, we have grown into one of the best school systems in the state. His trademarks are hard work and a pleasing personality. Assistant Superintendent MR. EDWIN LEAMON Mr. Leamon is serving his second year at this post, He assists Mr. Iohnson in what- ever duties are necessary. l Administrative Assistant MR. MACY PRUITT Mr. Pruitt is in charge of Iunior and Senior High School Curriculum. He is a strong be- liever in firmness, fairness, and fun. Davis. Principal MR. G. C. DAVIS Mr. Davis, who is familiar to all students, is serving his third year as principal of A.H.S, He is more than willing to help students in any Way he can. Mr. Davis is always ready to listen to any constructive ideas a student may have. Assistant Principal MR. IUREZIZ Mr. Iureziz is responsible for as- signing students to classes. He has many other duties in assisting Mr. 5 - 4 Administrative Assistant MR. WRIGHT Mr. Wright is in charge of voca- tional education, He is familiar to all students who have classes at the Olin Building. LOUISE ANTHONY Director of Libraries. LEROY FRITZ Director of Music. BERNICE WILLIAMSON Director of Art. LLOYD NORMAN Director of Special Education. Counseling and Guidance. IANE HENRY Director of Home Economics and Lunch Service. RAYMOND READY Administrative Assistant in charge of Elementary Curriculum. LOYD CARSON Rural Supervisor. HORACE WOLLERMAN Director of Audio Visual Edu- cation. ELISE KOHLMANN Supervising Nurse. Administrative Staff The Administrative Staff is a very efficient group of men and women who are essential to the smooth running of the Alton School District. Mr. Ready is in charge of the Elementary Curric- ulum. Miss Anthony is director of libraries: Mr. Woller- man. director of audio-visual education: Miss William- son, art directory Mr. Fritz, director of musicg Mr, Keil, school engineer: Miss Henry, director of home econ- omics and lunch service: Mr. Norman, director of spe- cial education, counseling, and guidance: and Miss Kohl- man, supervising nurse. 'QNV . Nxt! + GEORGE ALBNER B.S., Eastern Kentucky State College: M.A.. University of Kentucky. RUTH BACHMAN A.B., Shurtleff Collegeg A.lVI., Washington University. EUGENE BAILEY B.A., Shurtleff College: M.A., Washington University. BANKS IAMES C. B.S.. Bradley University: IVI.S., Bradley University. ELMA BECKER Don Lux Beauty Academy, San Francis- co: Central E1 Kitzmiller Beauty College. Alton. Illinois. ZAE P. BIRKHEAD B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University: NLS., University of Illinois. CLARA BLACKARD A.B.. University of Illinois: A.M., University of Illinois. ROY E. BOLEY B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College: M.A., Colorado State College of Ed, D'OROTI'IA BOSKET B.Ed., Southern Illinois Universityg M.A. in Ed.. University of Illinois: NLS. in Lib. Science. University of Illinois. MRS. ARDYTHE BROWNING B.S.. Western Illinois State College. IOHN O. BRUNO A.B., Shurtleff College: A.M., University of Illinois. DOROTHY BUERKLE B.S.. Southwest Mo. State College: A.M., University of Missouri. LOYD T. CARR B.A., Washington University: IVI.A., Washington university. IEAN CASEBIER B.S.. University of Illinois. DOROTHY COLONIUS A.M., University of Chicago: Pl1,B., Shurtleff College. EDGAR A. COOK A.B.. Syracuse University. ETHELENE DAILEY R.N..City Hospital, St. Louis. KENNETH DENISON B,S.. Western Illinois State College. THOMAS DOUGI-IERTY B.S., Southern Illinois University. I-IOMER F. ELY B.M.E., Illinois Wesleyan Universitzl: n M.S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal versity. RALPH HENDRIX B.S.. Greenville College: M.S. in Ed.. Indiana University: M.C.S., Indiana University. ERNEST HOWARD B.A.. University of Texas: A.M.. University of Illinois ETHEL INGLES A.B., Greenville College. ' GEORGE INGLES A.B., Millikin University: M.A., Indiana State College. RAY L. IACKSON A.B., Salem College: A.M.. Colorado State College, Education. ADA KLUMP B.S.. University of Illinois M.S., University of Illinois RALPH W. KOBER B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University A.M.. University of Michigan. EDWIN W. KOERBER B.S., Southeast Missouri State College: A.M., University of Missouri. LLOYD C. LEITER B.S., Bowling Green University tOhiol: M.A., Columbia University. DONALD F. LEWIS Ph.B., Shurtleif Colle ez A.M.. University of lgflissouri MISS LIEBIG B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University: M.S., Iowa State College. DALE LIVENGOOD B.S., Indiana University. ELIZABETH FELDEWERTH B.S. in Ed.. Central Missouri State Col iegc. THOMAS I. FITZGIBBON B.S.. Western Illinois State College: M.S.. Western Illinois State College Ph.D., Bradley University. IULIA C. FOSTER A.B., Washington University: A.M., Washington University. ALICE M. GATES Ph.B., Shurtleff College. PAUL I. GLAESER P.Ed., Illinois State Normal University B.S.. University of Illinois: A.lVI., Washington University. ANNA GOLDSBERRY A.B., Illinois College: A.lVl., State University ol Iowa. MARGARET HALL A.B., Shurtlt-If College. FRANK H. HARLAN B.S. in Ed., University of Missouri A.M., University of Michigan. RALPH McCLAIN B.S., Murray State College: M.A., Murray State College. IAMES H. MCDONALD B.S. in Ed., Central Missouri State Col- lege. DONALD MALONEY B.S., Bradley University. IULIUS S. MARTI A.B.. University of Illinois: A.lVl., University of Illinois. DOROTHY B. MAXFIELD A.B., Mac Murray College: M.A., Columbia University. RAY MURFIN B.S., Northeast Missouri State College M.A., University of Michigan. FRANCES M. MUTZ R.N.. Providence Hospital, Kansas City. Kansas: Certified Public Health Nurse. St. Louis University. LUTHER L. MYERS A.B., Ball State Teachers' College: M.S., Indiana University. LAURETTA PAUL A.B.. Shurtleff College: M.A., Columbia University. ALAN PERRY B.S., Illinois State Normal University. ELEANOR PERRY A.B., College of Emporia. AGNES I. PILGER Normal College of American Gymnastic Union of Indiana University: B.S., Indiana University: NLS., Indiana University. ELGIE cPOSEY B.A.. Culver-Stockton College. IOSEPH I. RALLO B.S.. Shurtleff College: M.S., University of Illinois. GRACE ELLEN REED A.B., Shurtleff College: M.A.. University of Illinois. CELESTIA REIF B.S., in Public Health Nursing, St. Louis University. OPAL A. RENNER B.S. in Ed., Western Illinois State Col lege. HERBERT LEON ROSS B.S., Western Illinois State College. DORIS RUE B.M., Mac Murray College. MILDRED RUTLEDGE A.B.. Shurtleff College. FRANCES THOMPSON Central Illinois Beauty College, Alto MARGARET TIBBETTS B.E.. Illinois State Normal Univers M.A., University of Illinois. ROBERT WATSON A.B., Shurtleff College. CATHERINE WETTEROTH B.A.. Washington University: M.A., Washington University. WALTER W. WILLIS Ed.B., Southern Illinois University: M.S., University of Illnois. SHIRLEY WINTEROTH B.S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal U versity. FLORENCE WOLLERMAN A.B.. Illinois College: M.A., University of Illinois. LEO M. WOOLS A.B.. Arkansas College: B.S., M.S.. University of Texas. MARGARETHA ZELTMANN B.S., University of Illinois. h. ity: ni NEAL SCHMELZEL B.S. in Ed., Southern Illinois University: M.A. in Ed., Washington University. LOYAL E. SCOTT B.S. in Ed., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. M.A. in Ind.. Northeast Missouri State Teachers College: MARY? SIDWELL B.S. in Ed.. Southeast Missouri State College: M.S., Iowa State College. CHARLES B. STUDLEY B.S.. University of Illinois. IEWELL SUTHERLAND Ph.B.. Shurtleff College: M.A., Indiana University. MRS. DORIS TAYLOR M.S.. Western Illinois State College. LEONA B. TETER B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College: M.A., University of Illinois. DEWIII A. THOMAS A.B.. Missouri Valley College: A.M., Washington University. Office Workers Left to right: Miss Marta Richardson, Miss Ferril, Mrs. Loretta Edwards. 3 E sm-mg . ....... ..., . . Iune Kaufmann, Mrs. Doris Taylor, Mrs. Helen Cafeteria Workers Row 2: Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Lease, Mrs. Ervi Strader. Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Penrose. Row 1: Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Whittleman, Mrs. ng. Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Hock, Mrs, Hughson, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Kohle, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Bruck, Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. Smith. EMIL BUDDE MRS. ELVIRA KRNEIDER OTTO SHEFFEL IOHN BENNETT IOHN BROWN IAMES CRAWFORD LAWRENCE METZLER MRS. MAXLEY SMITH CHARLES HUNTER LONNIE PREWITT EVERTON WATSON SAM HENSON 'f-RM E ' N: The attractive appearance of the Alton High school building is due to the hard work of the custodian staff. They play an import- ant part in keeping the school clean, neat and orderly. Head Custodian MR. IONES S K1i'e 1905 SENIOR CLASS Colors - - Black and Gold. Motto - - "He conquers, who conquers himself." LILLIAN BAUER ROY BEALL MATIE BOWMAN MAMIE DOOLING COURTNEY ELLISON THEODOSIA ERBECK PHOEBE FISCHER CLASS ROLL IOHN HAGAR HERBERT SMITH FANNIE HOWARD ARTHUR SONNTAG LUCY IONES MARY ESTER SPARKS WALTER IUTTEMEYER WILBERT WARD REGINA LEYSER LULA WARNOCK MARGUERITE MCGINNIS ISABEL WOLF KATIE IPOWELL GRADUATION: anuary 21, 1955 Traditional Cane and Chain Raymond Neuhaus, president of the graduating class, presented the Cain and chain to Ioe Weaver, president of the 4-1 class. Eight gold alphas and twenty silver alphas were awarded. Karen Kelly and Diann Bosnak tied for valedictorian honors. ROW lt Tom Haynes, Diann Bosnak. Karen Kelly, Pat Lindlwlad, Donna lVl.ntch, Davi Ricllnrds, Tlwlina Paul. It-an Montgomery. Row 2: Kay Rosenberg, Carol Draper, It-aiwtte Brown, Indy Yancey, Carol Foster, Phyllis Eppcl, Lois Campbell. Row 3: Ronnie Rain, Ioan Riggi. Iohn Harris, All-cn Kunz, lim Percival, Indy VVhyte. Charles VVallarv, Gayle Bates, Karen Cooper, Ioann Boyer, David Waltrip, :Peggy Trogclon. Seniors anuary Graduates MARVIN GENE ADLER Senior Play: German Club V.P.: Chess Club: Camera Club. VIRGILENE ANDRUS Main Office: Chorus. WES ARNOLD Football Soph.: Camera Club: Latin Club: Dramatic Club: Dean of Boys: Student Council: Senior Play: Chess Club. GAYLE BATES Spanish Club, Sec., Tres.. Pres.: Art Club: Pep Club: National Honor Society: Girls Council: F.B.L.A.: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Office Helper: Library Assistant. ANN BEARD F.N.A.: Chorus: F.B.L.A.: Pep Club: Clinic As- sistant. MARGARET BEARDSMORE F.C.A. Pres.: Library Assistant: Office Assistant: Office Telephone Operator. ROBERT E. BERGESCH Track: Football: Pep Club. MART Y BLANKENSHIP Chorus: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Dean Assistant: Maiorette '52, '53, '54. DIANN BOSNAK National Honor Society. Vice-Pres.: Chorus Accompanist: National Thespians. Sec.: "Times" Staff. News Editor: Dramatic Club, Sec.: Senior Pla: F.T.A.: Pep Club: Latin Club: Girls Council. IO ANN BOYER F.H.A.: lunior Red Cross: F.C.A. IEANETTE BROWN Student Council: Patrol: Main Office Helper: Library Helper. RAMONA 1. Buns F.B.L.A.: Pep Club: F.H.A. LOIS MARIE CAMPBELL Band: Chorus: Latin Club: Dramatic Club: Art Club: Patrol: National Honor Society: Senior Play. BILL CHAMPLIN Patrol: Pep Club: Science Club. KAREN COOPER Spanish Club: Dramatic Club: Thespians. Hist.: National Honor Sciciet: F.B,L.A.: F.H.A.: Offfice Worker: Slenior Play: Pep Club. BEI I I COWGILL Office Assistant: Library Helper: Art Club. IEAN CRAWFORD Olin Office Assistant: Sec., Treas. of Cosmetology Club: F.N.A. GARY D. CRUTHIS Chorus: Camera Club: Spanish Club: Senior Play: Pep Club. CAROL FOSTER Chorus: Latin Club: Switchboard Operator. LARRY FROHOCK Band: Tatler Staff: Pep Club. ANN GEDDES Times Staff, Feature Editor: Dramatic Club, Vice President: Thespians: Girls' Council, Pres. '53: Pep Club, Treasurer: Chorus: Spanish Club: F.T.A. IOANNE GENT Chorus: F.B.L.A.: F.N.A.: Office Assistant lIVIainl: Nurses Office Assistant: Art Club: Pep Club: Senior Play iPrompterl. TOM GIATRAS Student Patrol. DICK GLEASON Clgorusi Track. '53, '54, '55: Cross Country '5 . '5 . PAQICREIIA ANN HAMILTON DONALD L. HANSEL atro. IOHN D. HARRIS Football, Soph.: Chorus: Camera Club: Senior Play. Seniors January Graduates NOR MA DAVIS Chorus: Spanish Club: Pep Club. MARY L. DOUGLAS F.C.A.: F.i-LA. CAROL DRAPER Times Staff, Business Mana er: Chorus: Girls Council: Latin Club: Iguture Nurses Club: Senior Play: Red Cross Represent- ative: Pep Club. IAMES EI-ILERS Student Patrol: Camera Club, V. Pres.: German Club: Chess Club: Football: Senior Play: Pep Club. DONALD A. ELLIOTT D.E. Club. PHYLLIS EPPEL National Honor Societ: Girls Council: "Times": Art Club: Nfain Office Helper: Latin Club: Pcp Club: Chorus: Student Council. TEDD FALLIKOS Football: Boys' Cabinet: Chorus: Main Office: Pep Club. Vice-Pres.: Tatler: Dramatic Club: Senior Play. BETTY L. FAULKNER F.B.L.A.: Chorus. IACK G. FISHMAN Track '50, '5l: Student Council: Senior Play. Seniors anuary Graduates IVIARIORIE ANN HARTLEY Patrol: F.H,A.: Chorus. BETTY ELAINE HAWKINS F.C.A.: Cafe. BOB HAWKINS DON HAYES Chorus: Times Stall: Patrol. TOM HAYNES National Honor Society: Spanish Club: Times Staff, Sports Editor: Football: Senior Play. RUTH ANN HOFFMAN Chorus: F.N.A.: Office Helper: F.T.A.: Spanish Club: Ir. Red Cross: Pep Club. HARRY HORSTMAN KAREN KELLY National Honor Societ , Pres.: Thespians. Sec.. Pres.: F.T.A.. Pres.: Science Club, Pres.: Latin Club, Pres.: Sec.-Treas. of Sr. Class: Best Thes- pian: Dramatic Club: Chess Club: Library Helper: Girls' Council, Sec. Treas.: Ir. Red Cross, Sea.- Treas.: Director Thespian Play: Debate Club: Times Staff. DOROTHY IEAN KENIG Chorus: F.B.L.A.: F.T.A. ALLEN RAY KUNZ Pep Club: Football: Senior Play: Track, PATRICIA LINDBLAD Student Council: Times Stall: Senior Play: Latin Club: French Club: Ir. Red Cross: Science Club: Girls' Council: Band: Debate Club: Chess Club: National Honor Society. CLIFFORD E. LUCK IACK LYERLA Track: Football: Patrol: Office Helper, Olin. DENISE MCAFOOS Art Club, Sec.: F.H.A.: Cheerleader: Football Queen: Red Cross: Pep Club, Sec.: Student Coun- eil. SUE McAFOOS Maid to Football Queen: Chorus: lr. Red Cross: F.H.A.: Main Office Assistant: Student Council: Pep Club: Library As- sistant. KATHIE MCBRIEN Times Staff: Spanish Club: Chorus: Main Office Assist- ant: Pep Club. IANICE McCLINTOCK F.H.A.: Spanish Club: Chorus: Switchboard: Main Office. WILLIAM EDWARD MANNS SHARON :PETERSON Red Cross: F.H.A.: F.C.A.: Chorus. TOISANN PEA Cosmetology Club, Sec. 6 Treasurer RONALD RAIN Football '52, '53: Track '53, '54, '55 Dramatic Club: Band: Chorus: Pep Club Thespian: Boys' Cabinet: Boys' Chorus. DAVI RICHARDS Dramatic Club. Pres.: Thespians, Vice Pres., Hist.: Latin Club. Pres.: Girls' Council, Pres.: Science Club, Pres: ational Honor Society, Vice President of Senior Class: N Sec.: Dream Girl '53: Debate Club: Band. IOAN RIGGI Spanish Club: Student Council: Iunior Red Cross: Chorus: Pep Club: F.H.A.: Senior Play: Girls' Chorus. RUSSELL RILEY Art Club. KAYE ROSENBERG lr. Red Cross: Chorus: F.B.L.A.: F.N.A.: Office Helper. ALICE RLINDELL Ir. Red Cross: Camera Club: F.N.A.: F.B.L.A.: Tatler Staff: Pep Club: Chorus: Brush 6 Palette Club: Office Helper. NANCY RUST Ir. Red Cross: Camera Club: Art Club: F.N.A.: Pep Club: Office Helper: Chorus: Senior Play iPrompterl. Seniors January Graduates DONNA MARCH National Honor Society, Corresponding Sec.: F.T.A., V. Pres.: Quill 6 Scroll: Editor-in-Chief '54 Times: Latin Club: Chorus: Senior Class Financial Committees Chair- man: Girls' Council. IOHN RONALD MEDLOCK Football: Track: Pep Club: Senior Play. Club: Chorus. SHIRLEY LEAN MILLER F.H.A.: F. .I..A.: Library Assistant: Pep Club: Chorus. JEAN MONTGOMERY National Honor Society: Tatler Staff: F.N.A.: F.B.I..A.: Ir. Red Cross: Band: Library Assistant: Girls' Council: Pep Club: Switchboard Operator: Dean's Office Helper: Student Council. IVIELBA IEAN MORRIS F.C.A.: F.H.A.: Chorus. CHARLES VALENTINE MORTEN RAYMOND WILLIAM NEUHAUS Football: Student Council: 1-2 President. IO-EDYTI-IE MARIE NISINGER Pep Club: Chorus: F.N.A.: Clinic Helper: F.T.A. THELMA PAUL National Honor Society: Spanish Club: F.B.L.A.: Pep Club: Switchboard Oper- ator: Chorus. Seniors January Graduates ARNOLD R. SANDERS, IR. Football '52, '53, '54: Track '52, '53, '54. RAMONA CAROLINE SCHEIBE Main Office Helper: Patrol: F.H.A. DICK SCHILDROTH Baseball. GLADYS LOUISE SCI-IUIVIACHER Chorus: F.H.A.: Senior Play. IOANN SHAKE Chorus: Cheerleader: F.N.A.: Pep Club: Brush and Palette: Nurse's Assistant: -Main Office As sistant: Red Cross Representative. ALLEN GENE SINCLAIR Spanish Club: Senior Play: Pep Club. EARLINE SMITH Chorus: Office Helper: Pep Club. RUDY SOWDERS NILA STEINMANN F.C.A.: F.H.A.: lr. Red Cross. RUBY STICE ROBERTA STOCKTON Chorus: F.H.A.: Gym Office Assistant: Cafeteria Worker. PEGGY TROGDON Girls' Council: Student Council: Ir. Red Cross: German Club, Treas.: Latin Club: Office Assistant: Pep Club: Chorus. GENE VANN CHARLES WALLACE DAVID ALAN WALTRIP t Sp 'h Clb' Dramatic Club: Science al'lIS U f Club: National Honor Society: Nationa Thespian Society: Student Council, ROBERT WARNER DON WEBBER Radio-Code Club. PAT WEBBER F.C.A.: Chorus: Pep Club: Gym Office Seniors june Graduates DON ALEXANDER Camera Club: Golf '53, '54, '55: Pep Club. IO ALLEN Gall. ALLEN BETTY ANDERSON BARBARA ANN APPONY Chorus. DAVID IRWIN ASH Varsity Football '52 ' 53, '54: Boys' Cabi net: Student Patrol' Escort to the ing queen: Caf Team. GERALD BAGLEY eteria Helper: All District Patrol: Pep Club: Tatler Staff: Librar Assistant: M. C.: Escort to one of Maids to the dream Girl DOROTHY BAILEY F .B. L. A. HAROLD BALL Chorus: Cafeteria Helper. Seniors January Graduates ILIDITH GAY WHYTE Latin Club: F.N.A.p Pep Club: Oflic A sit e s sant Assistant: Chorus: Brush 6 Palette Club. PATRIC WILLIAM WISEMAN D. E. Club. DALE G. WYATT Radio Club: Code Class. ILIDITH YANCEY Spanish Club: F.T.A.: Pep Club: Student Councl M Office Assistant: Student Patrol: Library Assistant Seniors june Graduates IANICE BARKLEY National Honor Society: Cheerleader: Pep Club. IUDITH E. BEAN Spanish Club: Pep Club, Treas.: Tatlet Staff, r anization Editor: Student Council, Candidate 0 Q for President: Chorus: Office Assistant: Girls' Council, Sec.: Careers Night: Library Assistant. MARLENE BEATTY Chorus: F.H.A.: Office Helper. EMORY BECK Art Club. MARIORIE BELCHER DOROTHY SUE BENTLEY D. E. Club. CAROLYN BEUTFEL Band: Latin Club, Treas. JOAN MARLENE BLUNK A F.B.L.A.: F.H.A., Historian: Cafeteria Worke D ' Off' A 't t BETTY BOSCHERT Chorus: F.B.L.A.: Main Office Assistant EDWARD BOESEWETTER ERROL DEEN BOSLEY Gergifrib Club, Pres.: Latin Club: Band: Dramatic STAN BOSOLUKE Baseball '53, '54, '55. MARY DELL BOI I National Honor Society: Latin Club: Chorus: F.N.A F.H.A.: Pep Club: lunior Red Cross. NORA JEAN BRADSHAW Chorus: F.T.A., Historian: Pep Club. RUSSELL DEAN BRADSHAW Basketball '53, '54, '55: Pep Club: Cro Country '53, '54, '55. GEORGIA LEE BRPCKER F.B.L.A.: Student Patrol. GESIEYIEYE BROCKMEYER RONALD BROOKS S DON CALHOUN LORETTA MAE CALLAHAN Chorus: F.l'l.A. DON CAMPAGNA Camera Club: Chorus: Science Club. CYNTHIA CAMPBELL French Club' Curr , ent Events Club: Dean's Office Assist- ant: National Honor Society: Library Assistant. IOAN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Chorus: F.B.L.A., Treas.: Latin Club: Debate Club: Science Club: National Honor Society Current Events Club. Treas. RICHARD PAUL CASNER CHARLES CHAMBLISS C lf- St d t Pr I 10. uen aro. EUGENE CHAPMAN IANICE CHAPPELL Student Council, Seniors June Graduates IACK 1 BROWN I Boys Cabinet, Dramatic Club: Pep Club: Cross Country Football: Golf Team. IANE BROWN IUDY BROWN I National Honor Society' FNA' Student C ouncilz Pep Club: lunior Red Cros Latin Club: Office Assistant: Tatlcr Sa Editorial Assistant: Gym Office Assis an SHARON KAYE BRUCE RONALD DALE BRYANT Radio Club. IACQUELYN BUCKSHOT DIXIE SUE BUTLER CAROL IUNE BURGOYNE F.H.A., Projects Chairman: Camera Club Sec. 6 Treas.: Iunior Red Cross: Fire P . revention Essay Award: Main Office Helper: Gym Office Helper. RICHARD CALDWELL tif tt Seniors June Graduates HAROLD DOUGLAS CHAIPPELL Band: Spanish Club: Camera Club: Student Councx: ovie O erator: Careers Night Committee: Pep Clubg Pep Band: ,lM. P Fanfares for Coronations: Bookkeeping for Open House. SUZANNE CHAPPELL Art Club, Vice President: Pep Club: Student Einugicilz Ir. Prom Decoration Committee: D. E. u . ELEANOR CLARKE BEBE CLAYTON Band: National Honor Society: F.N.A.: Latin Club: Gym Office Assistant. SHARI COLSTON F.C.A. PAT COPE Student Council: F.H.A.: F,N.A.: Latin Club: Science Club: Tatler Staff: Dean's Office Assistant: Careers Night Committee. THSEMAS COIPLEY ROBERT EUGENE COUSINS TOM 'CRAIN CAROLYN CECELIA CRAVENS Chorus: F.H.A.: F.N.A.: Camera Club: Dean's Assistant: Clinic Assistant: Tatler Staff: Pep Cluh: Iunior Prom Committee. IUANITA LAVERNE CREWS Library Assistant: usher to Football Queen. EUGENE CROUCH SHIRLEY CUNDALL IESSE THOMAS CUNNINGHAM Iunior Red Cross PERRY L. CURVEY BILLY GENE DARE F.F.A., Treasurer. PAT DARNEL F.C.A. L MARY LOU DAVIS Spanish Band. Club, Pres.: Times Staff: F.T.A SUSAN MARY EHLERT Latin Club. Pres: French Club: Band: Girls' Council Sec., Pres.: Student Council, Sec.: National Honor Society, Vice Pres. VICTORINE ELLIS F.N.A. VERA ENOS YVONNE ERTHAL School Patrol. IACK F. ERWIN Tatler Staff, Photographer: Camera Club, Pres.: Chess Club: Patrol: Careers' Night Committee: Times Photographer. IERRY FARMER Latin Club: Dean's Office Helper: Escort of Maid of Honor to Dream Girl: Iunior Prom Committee. ROINIIXIZIE FEHRENBACHER IEAN FLENNER DARLENE FLETCHER Office Helper. Seniors June Graduates ROBERT V. DENBY Latin Club: Dramatic Club: National Honor Society Treas.. Pres.: Chorus: Band: Soloist at Football Queen Coronation: Debate Club: National Thespians Society Treas., Pres.: Careers' Night Guide: Tatler Staff. TI-IIEODORE DENNIS WILLIAM DENOTHER F.F.A. Secretary. IANET KAY DICKERSON F.B.L.A.. Pres.: F.H.A.: National Honor Society: Chorus: Pep Club: Office Helper: Switchboard Operator: Ir. Prom Committee: Assembly Participation: Careers' Night Com- mittee. LARRY EBERLIN ROBERT EDSALL Student Council: Ir. Prom Committee: Es- cort to Dream Girl Maid. ARCHIE DUDLEY EDWARDS Track, '53, '54, '55: Cross Country '51. GARY EDWARDS CHARLES E. EHLERT Debate Club: Latin Club: Student Council, Vice Pres. Elect: Football '52: Track '54: Science Club. Seniors une Graduates PATRICIA LOUISE FLORY Latin Club: Iunior Red Cross: F.N.A., Vice Pres.: F.T.A., Vice Pres.: Band: Dramatic Club, Treas.: Thespians, Sec.: National Honor Society: Girls' Council, Vice-Pres.: Of- fife Worker: Pep Club: Clinic Assistant. PAT FONES RONALD G. FORBES D. E. C1-th. IANE FREELAND Tatler Staff: Chorus: Pep Club: Camera Club: Office As- sistant: Ir, Prom Committee. LEE ALLEN FRANKFORD Cafeteria Helper. CAROL FREEMAN lr. Red Cross: F.B.L.A.: Gym Assistant: Pep Club. GEORGE THOMAS GABRIEL IAMES H. GAITHER D. E. Club. IOHN M, GARNER Office Helper. t ROSIE GATER Chorus: Pep Club. BEVERLY ANN GEDNEY Brush E1 Palette: Pep Club: Library Assistant: Ir. Prom Committee: Assembly Participation: Gym Office Worker. TOM GIBSON Football '52, '53: Basketball '53: Track - '52, '53: Boys' Cabinet: Student Council. RALPH HARRY GISSAL Camera Club: Band: Student Patrol: Science Club: Span- ish Club. IANICE KAYE GLENN Chorus: Latin Club: Pep Club: F.H.A.: Library Assistant: lunior Prom Decoration Committee: Gym Office Helper. GLORIA GOBLE F.C.A.: Chorus. PATTI IO GOLENOR Chorus: Patrol: Brush .5 Palette: Office Assistant: lr Prom Committee. DANIEL I. GRAHAM DONALD LEWIS GREEN IUANITA CECELIA HAMMONDS F.H.A.: Pep Club. BOB HARLOW Iunior Prom Committee: Student Council. DAN HAUHE ROBERT LEWIS HEATON Baseball '54: D. E. Club. CHARLES HEMPHILL Student Council: Camera Club: Science Club. LOUIS MARIE HENDERSON Spanish Clu-b: F.T.A., Pres.: Chorus Library Assistant. EILEEN HESS Cafeteria Worker. IAY HIATT Latin Club: Science Club: Radio Club: Rifle Cl Vice Pres.: National Honor Society. LOIS HILL ub, Seniors June Graduates RUDY GREEN Football '52, '54: Latin Club: Pep Club: Student Cou cil: Science Club: Track '53: Art Club. BOB GREENWOOD DARLENE GREENWOOD BEVERLY GRINKEY DOROTHY GUEST F.H.A.: F.B.L.A.: Chorus. RONALD L. GIISTINE F.F.A.: Cafeteria Worker. NANCY GAIL HACK Student Council: F.N.A.: Office Assistant: Cheerleader German Club: Pep Club: Ir. Prom Committee: Careers Night: Ir. Red Cross. SHERRY ANN HAGERTY F.H.A.: Maid to Dream Girl: Maid to Football Queen: Pep Club, Sec.: Ir. Prom Committee. BOB HALBERT Seniors une Graduates WILLIAM E. I-IOFMANN GARY HOGGATT F.F.A.: Cafeteria Worker: Golf '53. IERRI HOGLE French Club: Switchboard Operator. ALXIN LgIglIS HOLLOWAY IANET IACKSON SALLY ANN IANSEN Band Majorette: F.Cfl.A. BERNEAN IOHNSON Student Council: Girls' Council: Secretary of F.B.L,A.: DEBHIS Office Helper: Chorus: F.H.A. ALFRED LEON IOHNSON Patrol: Latin Club: Football: Band. BOBBY IONES Football. I-IARMON IONES RONNIE IONES Track, Football, StudentICouncil: Dean's Office: Student Council Convention. ERICH DEIVIETRIOUS KASSLER Basebalg tGfrman Club: Beginners Radio Club: a ro . BRUCE KELLY LEWIS KENYON Football: Chorus. ADA KING ZEDDIE KING ROBERT R. KLALIS Camera Club: Student Council: Tatler Staff iPl1o tographerl: Patrol: Careers Night Committee: Ir Prom Committee. IACKI KOLESA French Club: Office Helper. THOMAS C. LEONARD Pep Club, Vice Pres.: Current Events Club, Pres.: Busi- ness Manager of Football: Business Manager of Track: Boys Chorus: Decoration Committee of Iunior Prom Decoration Committee of Senior Prom: Student Patrol. IANICE LINDLEY DAVID LOHR Student Council. EVA MAE LOOKIEBILL Latin Club: Tatler Staff: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Maid of Football Queen: Deans' Assistant: Girls' Council. NANCY CAROL LOVEIOY Skoielce Club: Chorus: Red Cross: Patrol: Office MARY MARGARET LUTES F.C.A.: F.H.A.: Pep Club. IAMES EDGAR MCBLIRNEY Debate Club: Latin Club: Taller Staff. Co-Editor: National Honor Society: Band, Pres.: Student Council: Science Club. DORIS MCCALE Frcnch Club: F.B.L.A.: Pep Club: Office Assistant. AERELLA MCCANN Seniors une Graduates DAVID W. KOSHINSKI Student Patrol. CHRISTENA KRAUSHAAR Cafeteria Worker. ANN KUHN German Club: Pep Club: Science Club. IACKIE KULP BETTY KERLEY F.B.L.A.: 0.0. Club. HELEN LANCASTER National Honor Society: Chorus: French Club: Dramatic Club: Science Club: Pep Club. BARBARA CAROL LANDISS Latin Club: lunior Red Cross: F.T.A.: Gym Office Worker: Band: Times Staff: Girls' Council: lunior Prom Committee. IIM LEAVELL Football '52. '53, '54: Baseball '54, '55: Boys' Cabinet, Vice President. SHANNON SUE LEDBETTER F.B.L.A.: F.N.A.: Pep Club. Chorus: Current Events Club: Clinic As sistant: Debate Club: F.N.A.: F.TA Seniors June Graduates ROBERT RICHARD MCCAULEY F.F.A., Pres. lunior Red Cross: Careers Night Committee. IRENE ELIZABETH McCLAIN F.H,A.: F.N.A.L Chorus: Pep Club. LQJREINIE LAVERNE MCDONALD atro . EDITH MCELROY F.H.A. DENNY MAGGOS Student Council: Pep Club: Dcan's Office As- sistant: Track: Chorus: Basketball '54. CAROL MALONEY Cheerleader: Pep Club: Chorus: F.N.A. BARNEY MARCHIS U Student Council: Camera Club, Pres., Vice Pres.: Sci- ence Club: Latin Club: Band: Careers Night Committee. MARGARET MARTIN N DONALD MASO German Club, Treas.: Patrol Captain. KAY VIRGINIA MAYHALL Cafeteria Worker. DANNY MEEDEN Chorus: Student Council: Baseball: Cross Coun- try: D. E. Club. IAMES MEISENHEIMER Iunior Prom Committee: Student Council. BEVERLY ANN METCALFE HERBERT L. MEYENBLIRG Football '52, '53. '54: Track '53, '54, '55. MARGARET MEYERS GERALDINE MICHAEL F.B.L.A.: F.N.A. IANIS MILLER Dramatic Club: Spanish Club, Vice Pres.: Switch- board Operatorg Maid to Dream Girl: Studs-nt Council: Dean's Office Assistant: Iunior Prom Committee: Pep Club. IOHN WILLIAM MILLS TONY NORMAN WILLIAM E. I. NORRIS Track, '53: Football, '53: Art Club. THOMAS E. NORRIS Cafeteria Worker. SAMUEL EUGENE NORVELL Student Patrol: D. E. Club: Baseball. '54. MARIAN NOVVLAN CAROLE O'NEIL SHIRLEY OSBORNE CARL OWEN German Club: Main Office Assistant: Band. JOYCE LEA PARRISH I F.C.A.: Dramatic Club: Office Helper Pep Club. Seniors' June Graduates BOCIEIBY A DEANNA MOORE , St d t Council: Debate Club: Pep Club: Home coming Decoration Committee: "Democracy" Speech Con rest Winner 2nd 6 3rd Place. MARYIN MOSBY BUD 1 Cafeteria Worker: Chorus. GARY DONALD MOYER Student Patrol: Track Manager: Basket ball Manager: Spanish Club. BOB L. MOZEE Track: Cross C try B k IOHN oun : as etball: junior Prom Committee MULLIKIN SHARON LEA NEEDHAM Chorus. LARRY NICHOLSON F tb ll B k tb n 00 31 HS e a : Track: Office Helper. LARRY D. NOBLE Track. SHIRLEY ANN NOLAN Latin Club' G r ' , eman Club. F.T.A.: Patrol: Office Assistant: Student Council: Iunior Red Cross: Debate Club: Careers Night Usher at Football Coronation. Ju VIC PARKER Chorus. ALLEN Seniors ne Graduates DEAN PARKS TWYLA PEEK GERALD PEEL Football, 52. TOM PENNING Studen Club' t Council: Boys' Cabinet: Times Staff: Pep unior Prom Committee Chairman: Dream I I Girl Candidate Escort. EDMUND A. PEREZ Football '52, '53, '54: Track '52, '53: Pep Club. RAY PERICA D. E. Club, Treas.: German Club, Pres. CAROL PETERS Latin Club: F.N.A.: Science Club: Band: Times Staff: Library Assistant: Clinic Assistant. BOB nPICI-IEE Golf '54, '55. ll KENNETH RAY PITCHFORD 1 CAROL-ANN PLAYEZ ain u ' French Club: Pep Club: Chorus L t Cl b. F.N.A.: lr. Red Cross: Office Assistant: Library Assistant. CHARLIE PLUNK Art Club: Pep Club: Basketball, Soph. IAMES POINDEXTER Track. VOLAR POSEY Iunior Red Cross: Chorus: F.T.A.: F.N.A Spanish Club. MARY LOU PREIDECKER Pep Club: Dean's Office Assistant. GLORIA LEAN PUETZ F.N.A.: ep Club: Chorus. :PAT RAY Brush 6 Palette. LOWELL W. REEVES MAURICE ROBINSON IANET ROBISON JIM ROCK HENRY RODGERS Tatler Staff: Radio Club: Rifle Club. JANE RODI BILL PATRICK ROLLINS Track: Football: Cross Country' Iunior Prom Committee BETSY ROMINE LOTTIE ROTH Pep Club: F.B.L.A, RUTH ROLINDCOUNT D. E. club. Seniors June Graduates GRA CE REXROAT Dramatic Club, Sec.: Thespians: Girls' Council: Nationa Honor Society: Latin Club: Band: Science Club. CAROL RICHARDS Tatler Staff: P.B.L.A.: F.T.A.: Chorus: Switch board Operator. IOAN RICHARDS Band: Pep Club: 0.0. Club. MARTA RICHARDSON gleaitxial Honor Society: 0.0. Club: Girls' Council SHIRLEY RIDER F.B.L.A.p D. E. Club: Pep Club. MARVIN RINGERING F .F.A. ALLEN ROBERTS GENE ALLEN ROBERTSON ESSIC ROBINSON Basketball '52, '53, '54, '55: Baseball '55: Cross Country '52, '53, '54. Seniors une Graduates PHYLLIS EUNICE RUSSELL Chorus: F.N.A.: F.l'l.A. ROSE RUSSELL Student Council: lunior Red Cross: Pep Club: Dream Girl: F.H.A. FRANK RYDER MARILYN SACKMAN Student Council: O. O. Club: F.B.L.A. SONDRA SASS National Honor Society: F.N.A.. Sec.: Latin Club: lr. Red Cross: Chorus: O. O. Club. Pres. DAVID A. SCHAEFER Cafeteria Worker: Science Exhibit '54, '55 FRED E. SCHAEFER ' - ra Club: Dramatic Club: Thespians: Science Club, Came Band: Pep Club: Pep Band. NORMA IEAN SCHAEFER DWIGHT SCHUETZ Pep Club: Basketball Manager. LESLIE WILBERT SCI-IWARTZ RALPH L. SCOTT Track '54: Cafeteria Worker: Dean's Office As- sistant. PATRICIA SEARLES F.C.A.: F.B.L.A.: Careers Night. IANICE JEAN SHAW F.B.L.A.: Chorus. IANICE SHEARBURN Chorus: Pep Club: Spanish Club. ROBERT L. SHINPAUGH Band: Orchestra: Latin Club: Times Staff: Science Club: Dramatic Club: Careers Night Committee. DICK SHIRACK Football '52, '53, '54: Track '53, '54: Patrol Captain. lunior Prom Committee: Student Council. SHERRY SIPPRELLE National Honor Society: Band: F.N.A.g Tatler Staff: French Club, Pres.. Treas.: lr. Red Cross: Science Club, Sec., Treas.: F.H.A. ROBERT RAY SMITH YVILLIAM LEE STIRITZ F.F.A., Sentinel. IAMES F. SUMMERS TOM W. SUTTON Basketball, Soph.: Track PAT TAVERNIER F.l'l.A.: F.B.l...A.: Pep Club: Chorus. GLENDA TALYOR Chorusg Pep Club. RITA TERLISNER Tatler Staff: Latin Club: Dean's O Assistant. IOHN WESLEY TERRY YXZONNE MARIE THOMPSON horus. IANET THORNHILL Main Office Assistant. Seniors June Graduates DON E. SMITH , F tb ll 52, 53, 54: Band: Track '52, '53, '54: Pp Club. HARLAND D. SMITH Thespians: Pep Club. MARGIE IO SPRINGER French Club: Pep Club: Chorus. IANETTE STADE F.H.A., Degree Chairman: Camera Club: Band: F.T.A Careers Night Hostess. IAMES ALFRED STAMPLEY Football: Baseball. THELMA STANKA Maid to Football Queen. CHARLES LEROY STEINHEIMER Office Assistant: Debate Club. WANDA STICE TINA LEE STILTZ Iumor Red Cross: German Club, Pres.: Debate Club: F.N.A.: Careers Night. Seniors une Graduates CHARLES TOSH Football '52, '53, '54: Bogs' Cabinet, Pres., Vice Pres.: ggiclent Council: Pep Clu : Baseball '5'5: Basketball '52, SUE TOWSE F.B.L.A.: Pep Club: Head Majorette: Band. DONNA LEE TRUITT F.H.A., Hist.. Projects Chrm.: F.B.L,A.: Chorus: Student Council: Office Assistant. JIM A. TUNGETT Football '53: Basketball '53: F.F.A. IAMES E. TURLEY Tatler Staff: Camera Club: Basketball Manager: Times Staff. IANICE TURLEY Girls' Council: National Honor Society. WLAN GERALD TUTT RO Student Council: D. E, Club, President: Office Worker. MARGARET TWII IY IPM TYREE Football '52: Basketball '52, '53, '54, '55: Cross Country '53, '54: Track '55: Boys' Cabinet: Dean's Office Assistant: Student Council. RITA URSCI-I F.c.A., F.H.A. IANIS ARLENE VIETH Student Council: Library Assistant, GRETCHEN WAGNER Band, Sec.: F.N.A.g Thespians, Vice Pres.: Times Staff: Science Club, Vice Pres.: Girls' Council: Dramatic Club: Quill 8 Scroll. IUDITH WALK Girls' Council: Spanish Club: Pep Club: Patrol: Library Assistant: Iunior Prom Committee. BILL WALKER MIKE I-IAMER WALTERS Football '52, '53, '54: Basketball '52, '53: Track '52, '53: Student Council,A Pres.: Band, Treas.: Pep Club: Boys' Cabinet. MAYBELLE WARNER Latin Club: F.B.L.A.: Pep Club: Office Assistant, IRENE WARR CAROLE WATKINS Band. CAROL LEA VVITZIG Maid to Dream Girl: Band. BOB WILLIAM WOOD DELLA WOOD LEOLA WOOD CAROLYN WORTHY F. H.A. MARLENE YINDRAK Office Helper: F.H.A., Secretary: Gym Office Helper. DENNIS YOST Student Council. BARRIE ZOLL F.H.A.. Pres.: Dramatic Club. Pres.: National Honor Society: F.N.A.: Band: Latin Club: Careers Night Committee. Seniors June Graduates DIANA WEAVER Girls Council: National Honor Society, Sec.: Thespians. Treas.: Dramatic Club, Vice Pres., Sec.: Current Events Club, Pres.: Science Club, Pres.: Co-Editor of Tatler' Latin Club: Dean's Office Ass't. Candidate for Student Council President: Careers Night Committee. CHARLES gOSEPH WEAVER Sophomore ootball: Baseball: Chairman of Iunior Prom: President of Senior Class: Student Coun- cil. Vice President: Movie Operator: Pep Club, IIM WEINMANNE IIMMY GEARID WILLIAMS SAMUEL E. WELLS Football '52, '53, '54: Track '53, '54, '55: Stu- dent Council: Chorus: Dramatic Club: Cafteria Worker: Pep Club. WILLIAM W. WIESS Student Council: Student Patrol: Camera Club, Treas.: French Club: Science Club: Rifle Team. SHREDA WILLIAMS SHARON WISE JIM DALE WHT Chorus: Office Worker: Iunior Prom. uniors RAMONA ABEL DAVE ACKERMAN VIRGINIA ADAMS IOHN ADNEY f I IA DAN ALEXANDER I 1 'bg IIM ALLEN . It LIA' IE IOAN ANDERSON HI, HARRY ANDERSON , SAVILLA ANDERSON TOM ANDREWS YVONNE ANTON IANET ANTROBLIS BOB ANTROBUS ADELENE ARMSTRONG " I Wiffwi 12f' R If R Ie " 11:1 ' Ui ff uf , gk 23' ENR E E f wr F S EX, BETTY AZZARELLO IIM BAILEY SHIRLEY BALDRIDGE BILL BANKS IERRY BARNETT MILDRED BEACH THERESA BECK FRANCIS BIERMACHER LARRY BOATRIGHT ALICE BOEDEKER RONALD BOGART BILL BONO OPAL BAST FRANCIS BOWMAN HELEN BOWNS ERLA BOYD IERRY BROCHE DARLENE BROWN KEITH BROWN IERRY BROYLES IANE CHILES SUE CHILES IACK CLARK DICK CLAYBOUR NORMA COCHRAN CAROL COLE IIM COLE LOIS COLLINS BILL COLMAN CAROLIN COLMAN ALDEN COLSTON PAT COLSTON NANCY CONNOR TOM CONROY IACKIE COOPER VELLA COPE KEN CORBETT CAROL COUSLEY IUDY COVER DON CRABTREE 4 Q 'Q nf. La i as ,14 4- O 1 T ' KK ng Mfr I -A ix ,ls -., In uniors CARL BRUNNWORTH GLADYS BUTLER IOHN CAMP BARBARA CAMPBELL NANCY CAMPBELL BILL CANNON DORIS CARNEY IIM CARSTENS DENNIS CARTWRIGHI FRANK CARVER HELLENE CATHORALE RUTH CHADWICK IUDY CHAMBERS IOE CHAPPELL DICK CHESTER A Jgzgiw xizgmfgggfn Y Q, ww 5 .. .T A XX 5. N A I , . figxgr' A 5, 'K I fffeffzfw I X N . X? ' "'xew xANA5fHX X C, 4 3' 3 3 is .:'.x A uniors DAVID CRAWFORD LINDA CLINNINGI-IAM RUTH CURRY PHYLLIS CLIRVEY HOWARD CZERNY DALLAS DALTON IOYCE DAVIS P. I. DAVIS LOIS DEEN MARY IANE DEFRATES BOB DEHNER PAT DELICKER MIKE DEWEY IOHN DICKMAN BARBARA DICKINSON BARBARA DIERSTEIN RICHARD DODGE MIKE BRESSON CONNIE DOMAN IERRY DORIS FRANK DORSEY NANCY DOTSON CHARLES DREITH SHIRLEY DYKEMAN IOHN EALES STEVE EATON IIM EBBLER MELVIN EDWARDS SAM ELFGIN BOB ELROD Bos ERDMANN 1uAN1TA EVANS LARRY EVANS MARY EXTROM KATHRQ FEARNO L!! Lag vffxsvx P 5 .L , wk? L , ,, L, .. I Gi Aw mwwr-A f: AEEwss's2p X , , if M N v I Ar' D uniors TERRY FLINT PHIL FORD WILBURN FORRESTER HOWARD FRANCIS A , IIRI .- RONALD ERANKE gi I :gg 2 ' - V - -.Af I I I - A hw x ,Ama , 5 KENNETH FUNK . 3 Q A f' I IONELL GADE -' ff A Ik A A ..rf':.R - ,A NANCY GALLAHER . 45' i 7 L , I PAUL GARVER Q I BOE GARVEY N., . gf I A 2 zQAeQ ., in .gp Y: W . .gf . , K , ,., -- L ' A f I -' , IOHN GEORGE :-- 43 - ,. A , M , V ' , ' I 51- ' A- .gg -We 1 ROBERT GEORGEWITZ . N L, 3, Z, A .:,. ,.,. G , A , A A A 4 -I ,AW if A 1.4 I A SHIRLEY GIATRES I 'yo J fx S N355 Lg A . A351 .... V: A A 2 '--: . 'I BEVERLY GIEES I .L I AI ALICE GILL it Q , Q-Q X EVELYN GILL MARCIA GILL BOB GLOVER ROBERTA GNERICH IOE GODWIN ROSEMARY GOEKEN IOSEPH GOODMAN CHARLOTTE GORON SHIRLEY GOTTLOB SONIA GRADY -ov RQ A TV I' A 2-.MW 'QCA ,Rv .,E',.f. XR ggi. Q L 'W' CAROL GREEN I A X DAVE GREEN q IUDY GREEN ,,., . ef I . fy 5 ' KAY GREENWOOD DALE GREER EIIII' , 1,' ' ' I ALLL I DELORICE GRIFFIN IANET GRUBE MARTHA GUNTER CARLENE GLIYIVIAN SALLY HAMER mf , , X 5 EYAQEEIEAA H . I H R E AX, fa., 5 I-,S ie I ,mx Ugg ,,. all I ., , I Rx . .- E W. A A l f ,F 1- sw ' f ' ' JZIQHTIXTD , 'VTRG .1 NRG: , , G. E, ..-.R f Am A N W KNAW L.5,,A RA '- E ffk ' - . .- , IMC' -Mm Q5 NE . -L , N kfz Q A . 1. R. .:5 ..f NWLZWQQ , SAEEAEAA: ., . L.,, ., W, fy I A 7 X is ' N , 51 'I is SY A , S' 5' .4 uniors MAXINE HANSEL BILL HARDIN PAULINE HARPOLE KEN HARRIS MARY HARTLEY PI IYLLIS HARTNETT HARRY HAZELTON NANCY HAYNES IOAN HAZELWONDER DONNA HEATON MELVIN HEFFRON IOYCE HERRON HARRY HERSHEY NORMA HESSENALIER LARRY HILL DIANA HILLER BARBARA HINTON LORETTA HOBBS LUCIA HORN DONNA HUEBNER SHERRY HLIFFSTLITLER KAY HUNT EDWARD HURLEY SANDRA HLITCHINS CAROL HYMAN DAVID ILCH I EVELYN INGRAM H, MAURICE ISSAACS ED IACOBS LORRAINE IACOBS BILL IAMISON IANET IARETT GARY IENKINS IIM IENKINS :fgjaiii - 2. lift- mr xg . 53' ,S my 'ig gg X T.. xg f .- A ,.,, 'J Qin. MWQNFK IIM KOZATOS KENNETH KRANCHER HAROLD KUHN NORMA KUNZ SCHARDELLE KUNZ ALICE KYLE MARLENE LAGEMANN MINNIE LAIRD HM LA MARSH ALEN LANDERS FAITH LANGE IIM LANGFORD CHRIS LAVICK BETTY LEFLER RACHEI LEIMBACK BARBARA LINDSAY DIANE LINGENFELTER EARLENE LINVILLE BILL LITTLE DON LOBBIG Fm! if I S X M .Q jj y 'cf , X F -. . uniors ANNA IOHNSON LLOYD IOHNSON MARY IOHNSON CLYDE JONES DEE IONES SAM IONES FRANCINE IUSTICE CHARLES KELLEY IOYCE HERRON MARCHETA KEASLER CHARLES KIDWELL DOROTHY KIEFER SHIRLEY KIRK BARBARA KLINKE DON KOHLER Wu M -wiv - ,I,. 5 S T f 53 H'LS, YY 1, Q KX 1 ,! uniors MARVIN LOFTIS WESLEY LOHR DEANNA LOUGH BARBARA LYONS RUTH MAHER SALLY MAHER LYNN MENARD VIC MARQUIS IIM MASSEY ROGER MATHUS WILLIAM MAYIIALL LADELL MAXEY IEAN MEAD CYNTHIA MEDLAR CARL MELLENTHEN I My ' --:,. N -Z ' ,... ,. ' . "-e f. 3 ' ggi ,I sf? I. , v If ,fi I 3 ' WM, f fi, . fm g, , I 5 .k , ,,., QP ,QM , - , , ,, I , 'QQM'f , A , III M.: X. . E XX 9 I 4 I 5 I ww KX X Q " 4, S ff I ij, V I Q , .f ff L 15' . f :':4Kg :-:-. ,.,,,.,., ,,.,., Z g ig '55 '55 '5 gg, K QL' Q W I W If W DIANE MERCIER BOB METZGER MARILYN MEYERS IERRY MIDDLETON FLOSSIE MILES BEVERLY MILLER IANE MILLER ROGER MILLER SUE MILLER DERRY MILLS NORMA MINSKER EMERY MONROE TOM MONICAL TOM MOORE DALE MUELLER DEVANE MYERS DOROTHY MYERS DICK MCAFEE BILL MCAFOOS MICKEY MCBRIDE DICK NORMAN TOM NORMAN IACK NORRIS DORIS NORVELL VICKIE NOTTOLI CATERINE O'BRIEN NORMA OLDHAM CAROL OSBORNE ILIDY OSBORNE MALIRICE ISSACS WILBLIR OLILSON PAT PACE IIM PEEL OSCAR PEEL EDNA PEREZ IERRY PHELPS EDDIE PORTER BILL POWERS MARY PURCELL C. I. QUINN uniors MELVIN MUCANN MILVINIA McCANN MAXINE MCCLEERY BETTY MCDERMOTT IIM MCDONALD DON MCELROY IIM MCELYEA BESSIE MCINTOSH IOAN MCKELVEY DICK MCNELLY TOM NALLEY CLALIDETTE NEEDHAM ELDON NEWT RUSSELL NICHELSON JIM NOBLE uniors CARL RADCLIFF FLORENCE ROWLAND IANICE REED KAY RENO DAN RINTOUL IACK RHOADES IANICE RICI-IEY BILL RILEY SHIRLEY RITTENHOLISE IO ANN ROBERTS MAXINE ROBERTS ILIDY ROBERTSEN DOROTHY ROEMER IERRY ROGERS PAT ROMANO IOI-IN ROMO HERSCHEL ROSE GERALDINE ROLISSEALI BENNIE RUEDIN IOYCE RLIYLE MIKE SANCHEZ DON SANDIDGE DOROTHY SANDERS TOM SANDIDGE DON SANDIDGE SHIRLEY SAULS MARY IANE SCHALLENBERG DAVID SCHEITER NEAL SCHLOBOHM BARBARA SCHMIDT KENNETH SCHOECK SANDRA SCHRINER IIM SCHUETZ SHIRLEY SCHLINIACHER Q IERRY SCOGGINS RUTH SPEIGHT BONNIE STAMM ROBERTA STAUFFER IOHN STEWART MYRTLE STEWART MARGARET STICE EARLINE STILLEY SANDRA STOBBS SUSIE STOBBS IERRY STOCKTON IERRY STONE SANDRA STORM RUSSELL STOLAR BARBARA STROHKIRCH ROSALIE SUTHERLAND LYNNE SUTTON IUDY SWINNEY IERRY TAYLOR PAT TAYLOR ANITA TEUTRINE Juniors BETTY SCOTT HARRY SCOTT MELVYN SHAW PAT SHINN SHIRLEY SHOEMAKER RONALD SHORT A WA RMENDA SMART ALEX SMITH ANEMONE SMITH DARLENE SMITH YNE SMITH GEORGE SNYDER DANNY SOKOLOWSKI MARY SONS ED SPAETER was w JMR? K NX 1-4 Q uniors BILL THIELE IOYCE THOMPSON WILBURN FORRESTER IUDITH TRUMP IACK TUNGETI' IANET TYLER ALFRED TYNER ALFRED TYNER DAVID ILCH LEROY UNTHANK DARLENE VAN HOY IERRY VAN VOORHIS MARVIN VANAUSDOLL GENE VELLOFF KENNETH VEITH aww? Vx S ribs H3 Digs wif 1 f 4 Q H ag ECS? SUSAN VOSS BEATRICE VOUMAID DAVE WALKER RUTH WALLER ROBERT WARDEIN DORIS WARNER MARY WATROUS SUE WATERS EMMA WEBB MARILYN WEINMANN LEE WESTBROOK CLAUDE WILDERMAN CLIFFORD WILDERMAN IESSE WILLIAMS PHYLLIS WILLIAMS ROSALIE WILLIAMS DEAN WILLIAMSON SUE WILLIS MARGARET WILSON MARGIE WILSON wx fx 1.5 W Wi x 1 uniors IERRY WINDMILLER ILIDY WINDSOR OPAL WINSON IUDY WHITE Q? IOAN WI-II'I"I'LIiMAN BARBARA WH ETZEL DELORES WOOD BILL YATES WANDA YEAGER I , Q JOAN YIERKOWSKY 55? I W . .K ,. 5 SHIRLEY mmm - EDMOND YINGST , ,.,, ...,.... I ' ":' ERROL YOUNG , 3 1 Q bb Q1 PIIYLLIS YOUNG STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT CANDIDATES John Camp, Tom Monical, Ierry Stone :.,,.,..,..,,,,,,M I.,O X ,II, M..., , U I 0 K I Sophomores VICTOR ABLE DAVE ACKERMAN CHARLES ADAMS IANET ALLEN IAMES ALLEN RAYMOND ANDERSON VELMA ANDERSON SUE APPONYI TERESA ALIBREY HARLAN BACUS GLENN BACLIS DARLENE BAILEY BOB BAILEY LILLY BAKER WILMA BALDRIDGE WALLACE BALLINGER CONWAY BARLOW MARGARET BARROW 1uDY BARTON yum BAYLEY -:-.Lf A is M, :.-1.1:-:5: 16 "?"Se12 ',,,Q L 11, Aga? my x ffw 'c f.. - ,' wyg W 1 . , 1 ., .ef il 5 M, . K fu 4 'aww if x 52:.5,: X 11 R - A ,- Ri, Y 'Rex gs T 19 6 4 :ma " E5 Mwgg Q .. , .:,.:.:-.:...,.. X ? X, ff Z. I 31 W 44 Oz , Q? x , 5' 1 A in? X., Q. ef: W W wif N533-Q5 .V A gg Q.-un' f lf -W LM ,. .A ,, A759 ' in i 5 K J, .bg X. L . , 2 ' f 'N Q. y ""x 'MW wif? gg, X. x :ggi 1 1 42555 si: J P5 755' ax 5 vm, x wwe M ' fi no wg-Y M. w ,x WC X Qi: 43555 svn' x N4 ,, . - XSS' if , Q- 'Sf 11 x 5' N we w N 1 if ,W .,,. S ,.:,, Eff Nw 'ew z 'Q 45, QM X A3535 .,1,q,, ' yy gy Q Q ,Q N, 1 1. X 1 N .,,,,.. 4 it 21 A -' 1. 3 5 7 gg :. ax 1 v . ,.,. .A . W v,,,,N5 al 3-RM .SEN W Sophomores ELAINE CUNNINGHAM BILLY CURTIS CAROLYN CUSHMAN CAROL DALTON IANICE DALTON IUDY DALTON DOROTHY DARNELL IO ANN DARNELL IANET DAVENPORT GARY DAVIS SHIRLEY DAVIS KATHLEEN DAVIS MILDRED DAVIS TARRIE DAVIS CONNIE DAVISON RICHARD DEAN DON DENBY IANET DEI-INER VALERIE DENNIS BARBARA DEPPER wx MILDRED DIETZMAN BOB DIAZ CHARLES D1xoN IOHN DOOLEY v WP? CAROL DON ELSON SHIRLEY DUNCAN IOHN DURR MARY BURTON ALLEN EARLEY DALLAS ELFGEN SHIRLEY ELLIOTT CLYDE INGRAM PAT EVERETT SHERRY EWING LARRY FATC HETT MARILYN FESSLER PAT FIELDS CHARLES FISHER DELORES FLOWERS ZADA FOLEY 4 is 15? if 'W .Y Sophomores DAVID HAM CARL HAMILTON CAROL HAMER DEAN HAMILTON LULA MAE HAMILTON DOREEN HANCOCK CAROL HANSEL GARY HARGRAVE IACK I-IARPOLE MELVIN HARRIS RUTH HARRIS BOB HARSHBARGER MARKS I-IARTIN VELMA HARTMAN DONALD I-IATCHER NANCY HAUSAFLIS LYNDA HOWSER RONALD HAWKINS DAVID HAYES STEVE HEAD 'Mefs4?Qi.w UQ, N k.3,'z,Y,-,lfaql if wiwg'1 f,2gX M Y W0 J x W X v -. r gk fc SM K . ,hi- nw, . . h ,-zu, ' 1 -1. sk Nxi ' Q x X .-h. SM ,, QQ' ,555 ai' ,Q U ., I A M ,.,. E WA pn - x, .M x A kg VM ff' R fxvveit' FFP? 'i Q-if gf :JY 'K ,Q u X Q Qs if -z Y 33241 K wwf f Q A an ,,,Q.' X2 Q51 fkii. - -, Nm x 1 V x 1 'x :ie fwx., a n .,.. Q.,- ffifwx ' ,sf - I x Q. Xffysg 5 , . - gg, g n ei- :L V K. fs' 'Wm . N"'6"'f-3"M ' " X T1 - is Sophomores IANETT LANDISS IERRY LANDON LEO LANHAM RONALD LA PELLE CAROL ANN LAW BOB LAWRENCE MARY ELLEN LAWSON BARBARA LEONARD DARELL LEONARD IUDY LEONARD FERN LEWIS RANDY LINDBLAD WILLIAM LIVINGSTON DORRIS LOCKHART MARY ALICE LOCKHART GEORGE LOVELACE KATHERYN LLICKER MARY LYLES DAVID LYNCH . MARION MCADAMS PAUL MCCANN CHRISTINE MCCREADY CAROLYN MCCREA IANE MCDONALD IOHN MUELROY SHARON MCGLIIRE IIM MCKINLEY GLEN MCPI-IERSON IOHN MCELROY DIANE MAGGOR DAN MANNS LARRY MANNS CAROL MARSI-I IAMES MARSHALL ILIDY MARTIN PAUL MARTIN MICE MAYER RON MEAD DIANA MEDLOCK LAURA MELETTI LINDA NALIGLE PALILINE NAYLOR NANCY NEEDHAM RICHARD NICKENS BOB HIGDON SALLY NOBLE NORMA NOLAN BARBARA NOLLS ROLAND NORDYKE PAUL NORMAN BEVERLY O'CONNOR VELMA OLDEY RUTH OLESON IERRY oLEsoN BRENDA OWEN IQLOISE PARTON BILLY PATCHET ALBERTA PATTERSON BRIAN PATTERSON WILLIE MAE PATTERSON Sophomores KAREN MERCER IRMA RIZZOTTO KAREN MILLER NORMA MILLER OPAL MILLER RALPH MILLER TOM MILLER ROBERT MILLARING ALLEN MILFORD IOHN MITCHELL MARVIN MONDY CHARLES MOORE RICHARD MOORE DONNA MORGAN TED MORKEL ROSE MARIE MLILLIKIN NANCY MLIRFIN SAM MUSGRAVE CAROL MUSGRAVES CHARLES NASELLO Sophomores EDWIN PELOT IEANIE PENSINGER RONNY PENT ERMA PETTERSON IERRY PHAFF MYRNA PHIPPS STAN PHILLIPS BARBARA PIERCE CAROL PIERSON MIKE PITCHFORD ROSALIE DIX DOROTHY PLEGGE TRUDI PLUMER DONNA POINTER WALTER PORTER IEFF PREWITT IuDI PRICE LINDA PYLE CAROL QLIILLIN SHIRLEY RAMSEY A TSW :fa KENNY RAYBORNE CHRISTINE REAMS WANDA REESE GARY REID MARY RHOADS HAROLD RICHARDS IERRY RICH STEVE RIGAS EDITH RILEY VRENDA RILEY IIM RIDDER CHARLIE ROBINSON CHARLES ROBERTSON LOIS ROBERTS CAROL IO ROGERS IEAN ROMANO DONNA ROSENBERG PAUL ROUSSEFF IRMA ROY ANNETA RLIEBLING SHARON SELKIRK CAROL SELLIER SUZANNE SCHAFFNER IOYCE SHAW IOHN SCHILDROTH DELORES SHUTTLEWORTH ESSIE SIMS BEVERLY THOMPSON DON SLACK DON SLOAN SHIRLEY SLOAN EDGAR SCHMIDT RONNIE SCHMITT RUTH SMITH BILL SNIDER PAUL SAMS LOIS SPAETER IANET SPAND IUDY SPEISS PATRICIA SPENCER Sophomores DELORES RUEBLING RICHARD RUSSELL LOUIS RUSSELL LA VONNE SANDERS CLARA SAULS KAY SCHAAB NANCY SCHEFFEL SUZANNE SCHAFFNER CHARLES SMITH SHEILA SMITH RUTH SCHUELER DONNA SCIIWARTZ MAY GRODAM SYLVIA SCHWARTZ STEVE SCHAEFER BOB SCOGGINS IERRY SCOGGINS BOB SCOTT FERN LEWIS BOB SEARLES - Sophomores BOB SPILLER ED STEFFENS ROY STILLWELL IOYCE STOCKTON RAY STOCKTON IACK STREEPER EDWARD STROMSKE GLORIA STLIPPERICH WALTER SULLIVAN IOHNNY SYKES PEGGY TAGUE BEVERLY TALLEY IEANETTE TEAGLIE SHERRYL TIERNEY BENNIE LOU THOMPSON IUDITH THOMPSON ESTHER THEISEN RONNIE LORCH CHARLES TOWSE DONALD TROWBRIDGE IERRY TROUT GERALD TUCKER ROBERT UNTERBRINK MARCELLA UNTERBRINK CHARLES VAN DOROTHY VANZANDT MARILYN VOGT IEROME VONDERHEIDT CAROL VORACEK RONNIE WADE BILL WALK LOIS WARNER ALICE WATERHOLISE ROBERT WATKINS MARGIE WATSEK moms wYA'rr DAN WEEKS ALICE WYERS Q SANDY RENCH OLIVER WENZEL mb 4- X-529 4 SW Vw Ig' Sophomores GERTRUDE WHYTE KAY WHITESIDE DORENE WILDERMAN RICHARD WILKEN CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS ICENDALL WILLMAN DAVID WILSON NAOMI WILSON PAT WINAS WILLIAM WOLFF LEON WOMMAK RED WOOD MELBA WOOD PEGGY WOODMAN BENNIE WORTHY TERRY WREATH CHERYL WRIGHT WANDA WRIGHT NANCY DYKEMAN CAROL YEMM MARY ZIGRANG STUDENT COUNCIL VICE-PRESIDENT CANDIDATES Dick Claybour, Ioan Holland, Bcb Diaz 9 , a 1 5 5 4 , A K. t -S I Q ,I as? TI? w gt? ,,,l,,,. - TS STP I Aa IN W I .xx fn f h , I N if i I Q tix I I 5 .Q 2 ' - 5 ff E M T T T S I I 'QI If Xl ' -Q x PRESENT CLUB MEMBERS ARE STILL PARTICIPATING IN ' FOUNDED BY PAST STUDENTS 1 Z ' Student Council Row 1: Ioan Riggi, Gayle Bates, Bob Christenson, Don Chadwick, Dick Claybour, Bill Mc!-Xfoos, Tom Penning, Charles Tosh, Bob Diaz, Dan Weeks. Row 2: Glen Bacus, Cheryl Wright, Iudy Bean, Ianice Chappell, Iohn Dooley, Torn Nalley, Iim Carstens, Ierry Stone, Bill Thiele, Bill Little, Iim M-eisenheimer. Steve Rigas, Lee Westbrook, Row 3: Emma Webb. Lynn Menard. Dee Griffin, Shirley Gottlob. Row 4: Ruth Ann Schueler. Irma Rizzato, Sandy Huff, Opal Winson,, Wayland Iones, Bob Iansen. Marian McAdams. Iim La Marsh, Sam Wells, Bob Elrod. Row 5: Susan Ehlert, Sandra Stobbs. Marcheta Keasler, Sonja Grady, Vic Belanger, Tom Monical, Ron Iones, joe Weaver, Mickey Mc- Bride, Mike Walters, Iohn Mullikin, Iim Ridder, Dave Lohr. Mr. Thomas. Let's get started on the campaign! Aren't you playing The Student Council which is Alton l'ligh's form of stud-ent government is composed of representatives from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The mem- bers meet once a week to discuss problems and im- provements for the students and school. Mr. Thomas sponsors the organization. This year the Council bought weights for the boys' gym classes, sponsored Homecoming, and helped solve many student and faculty problems. Every spring there is a colorful campaign and election of officers. The 1954-1955 officers as elect-ed last April were: Mike Walters, President, Charles Ehlert, Vice President, and Susan Ehlert, Secretary-Treasurer. Due to scheduling difficulties, Charles was unable to serve. so the Council selected Ioe Weaver as Vice President for the first semester and Tom Monical for the second semester. girls a little old to be with paper dolls? Row 1: Ann Geddes, Phyllis Eppcl, Carol Draper, Sue Miller, Row 2: Pat Lindblad, Gayle Bates, Davi Richards, Karen Kelly. lean Montgomery. Barbara Dickinson. Row 3: Iudy Walk, Sue Willis, Barbara Landiss, Grace Rex- roat, Pat Flory, Donna March, Bernean johnson. Miss Tcter. lane Chiles, Peggy Trodgcn, Carole Cous- Turley, Judy Bean. Girls' Council Boys' Cabinet The Girls' Council is a service organi- zation composed of 25 junior and senior girls. Members are nominated by the Eng- lish teachers and voted upon by the pre- sent Council members on the basis of character, leadership, and service. Miss Teter is the sponsor of the Girls' Council. The Boys' Cabinet, sponsored by Mr. Iureziz and with a membership of about 25 boys, serves the school in many ways. The members announce and work the scoreboard at the football games, run concessions at basketball games, take tickets at various school functions and keep the large bulletin board in the Col- lege Avenue entrance up to date. This year the Cabinet financed the purchase of a tape recorder. Row 1: Bill McAfoos, Tom Nalley, Iohn Camp, Bob Diaz, Mike Frerichs, Tom Gibson, Bob Ianson. Row 2: Zcddie King, Tom Monical, Ronnie Rain, Ed' Stromske. Danny Weeks, Mike Walters, lack Rhoades. Row 3: Icrry Dorris, Charles Tosh, Butch Tyree, lim Leavell, jerry Scoggins, Tom Pcnning. ley, Lynn Menard, Ianice National Honor Society The National Honor Society is a group of honor students who are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The scholarship requirement is an average of 90 or above. Dnly 59? of the 3-2 class, 107? of the 4-l class, and 1554 of the 4-2 class can be selected each year. Admission to National Honor So- ciety is one of the highest distinc- tions a student can win at Alton High and one for which every stu- dent should strive. Miss Gates and Miss Hall are co-sponsors. First Semester Officers: Donna March, Corresponding Secre- taryg Davi Richards, Secretary: Diann Bosnak, Vice Pres- ident: Karen Kelly, President. Second Semester Officers: Bob Denby, President: Susan Ehlert, Vice President: Diana Weaver, Secretary, Barrie Zoll, Corresponding Secretary. Row Row Row Row David Waltrip. Donna March, Davi Richards, Diann Bosnak, Karen Kelly Bob Denby, Susan Ehlert, Diana Weaver, Barrie Zoll, Gayle Bates. Bebe Clayton. lim McBurn-ey, Lois Campbell, Tom Haynes, Iean Montgomery, Phyllis Eppel, Thelma Paul, Sherry Sipprelle, Patty Flory. lay Hiatt. Deanna Lough, Norma Minsker, Helen Lancaster, Cynthia Campbell, Peggy Trodgen, Mary Dell Bott, Ianice Turley. lim Percival, Grace Rexroat, Pat Lindblad, Karen Cooper. Iudy Brown, Ioan Campbell, Marta Richardson. Row l: Diana Wveziver. Ann Kuhn, Cynthia Campbell, Miss Zeltman. Row 2: Tom Leonard, Toni Andrews, Ronald Bogart, Ervin Steele. Current Events Club The purpose of the Crackerbarrel Club is to pro- mote understanding of government, other nations, and social affairs. The club is open to all students who are interested in its aims. Activities include movies, guest speakers, panel discussions, and an annual picnic. The sponsor is Miss Zeltman. "Herd In this Enchanted Place" H954-55 lil! nur '--'--"""' gg . t st' i tt. X RN? 'NK X Q ' ' . .',s.,fi Temper! Temper! THESPIANS Row l: Bob Denby, Davi Rich- ards, Karen Kelly, Diann Bosnak, Karen Cooper. Row 2: Sue Willis, Pat Flory, Barbara Schmidt, D i a na Weaver, G r a c e Rexroat, Gretchen Wagner, A n n Geddes. Row 3: Fred Schaefer, David Wzxltrip, lim La Marsh, Ron.- nie Rain, Alan Landers. Dramatic Club and DRAMATTC CLUB Row 1: Diavi Richards, Ianis Miller, Karen Kelly, Gerry Rousseau, Diann Bosnak, Ann Geddes, Barbara Schmidt, Bette Lefler. Row 2: Helen Lancaster, Christine Alexander, Diane Lingenfelter, Beverly Gibbs, Indy Windsor, Barrie Zoll, Diana Weaver. Row 3: Ioyce Parrish, Virginia Adams, Clifford Wilderman, Sue Willis, -Patty Flory, Fred Schaefer, Darlene Brown, Grace Rexroat, Barbara Lindsay, Karen Cooper, Ianet Grube. Row 4: lim Percival, Bob Denby, Ronny Rain, Iim La Marsh, Bob Shinpaugh, lim Carstens. Members of the Dramatic Club are very interested in furthering their knowledge of Dramatic Arts. They present a play directed by Miss Rut- ledge, their sponsor. After a student has spoken 75 lines in a play, he is eligible for membership in the National Thespian Society. Troupe No. 126 sponsored by Miss Rutledge. New members are inducted semi-annually at a banquet at which time the Best Thespian Award is announced. Each semester a Thespian selects the cast and directs a one act play to be presented in an assembly program. Hernandds Hideaway. National Thespian Society Make Yourself Comfortable "The Trysting Place" was a liqht comedy given by the Thespians. The plot revolves around a hotel room in which several ro mances take place in hilarious confusion Dim, Dim the Lights! WX Rae N!!-W 3-wit At the Language Club Banquet. . .,,.s-. El Circulo de Espanol The Spanish Club, sponsored by Mr. Howard, initiates new members in the fall at a formal ceremony and in the spring with a potluck supper. They also hold a spring and fall picnic and a Christmas party with a pinata. During the Christmas season, they sing carols in Upper Alton. As a member of Illinois Federation of Pan American Leagues, the club sends delegates to the annual conven- tion. The students furnish entertainment for the Foreign Language Banquet in the spring. Row 1: Mary Lou Davis, Ianice Richey, Gayle Bates, Louise Henderson, Nora Bradshaw, Row 2: Sue Miller, Sharon Selkirk, Sue Waters, Iudy Swin- ney, Edna Perez, Volar Posey. Row 3: Diane Mercier, Carol Voracek, Ianis Miller, Iudy Price, Sue Stobbs, Linda Cunningham, Cynthia Med- lar, Margie Kodros. Row 4: Virginia Adams. Sue Willis, Pat Duker, Lynn Menard, Barbara Lindsey, Iudy White, Karen Mercier, Alice Waterhouse, Carol Crawford, Norma Nolan. Row 5: Bob Christeson, Conway Barlow, Mr. Howard, Mike Bresson, Kenny Krancher. Get Your Kicks on Route 66! Row Row Row Row Row Iudy Franklin, Nancy Murfin. Miss Goldsberry, Gayle Hildebrand, Linda Naugle. Ronald Bogart, Karl Sittler, Barbara Larcliss. Marlene Lageman, Carol Iohnson, Dave Fabianic, Bob Diaz, Dave Ilch. Bob Spiller, Roger Mathus, Robert Cleveland, Carol Donelson, Salley Curvey. Diane Maggos, Bebe Clayton, Norma Minsker. I-larry Hershey, Leon Iohnson. Iill Gaylord. Ianet Dehner, Waiida Reese, Mary Dell Bott, Mary Rhoades, Tarrie Davis, Donna Rosenberg, Norma Miller, Beverly Simpson, Gloria Stupperich, Lois VVarner, Carol Dalton. Savilla Anderson. Peter McAdams, lim Gormley, Ioyce Gill, Doris Wyatt, Myrtle Stewart. Virginia Adams. Societas Latina The Latin Club, sponsored by Miss Golds- berry, promotes understanding of ancient cul- ture ancl encourages the study of Latin. The organization went Christmas caroling and took part in the Foreign Language Banquet. R w 1: Earlene Stilley, Diane Lingenfelter, Nancy Blunk, Pat Cope, Rosemary Goeken, Darlene o Baile y. Row 2: Sally Maher, Katherine Klunk, Pat Shinn, Mary Dell Bott, Sherry Sipprelle, Ioan McKelvey, Barbara Whetzel, Sonja Grady. Row 3: Marlene Yindrak, Lou Ann Gowan, Evelyn Butler, Barbara Cravens, Shirley Foreman, Sheryl Tierney. Io Ann Darnell, Marilyn Kenyan. Row 4: Miss Liebeg, Fay Coy, Velma Hartman, Elaine Zigrang, Susan Gabriel, Carol Pierson, Wilma Balclridge, Pat Everett, Mrs. Browning, Miss Maxfield. Future Homemakers of America Distributing roses during the F.l'l.A. week. This is a club Whose main purpose is to further girls interests in home economics, and is for the improvement in homes and family living. They meet twice monthly and have speakers or demonstrations for special treats. Conferring a degree on the President. Row 1: Bill Dare, Bob Harshbarqer, Alden Colston, Lyndal Colburn, Dewane Myers, Keith Brown. Frank White, Dennis Cartwright. Row 2: Bob Cambron, lim Ell, Sam Santacruz, Leo Hill, Marion Springer, Ioe Schroeder, Bill Cannon, Otto Berg, Lloyd Iohnson. Row 3: Iohn Thompson, Ierry Basnett, Bob McCauley, Marvin Ringcring, Kenneth Vieth, Bill Yates, Harold Byrg, Iim Gabriel, Darrel Endicott. Future Farmers of America The members of this club have various projects with which they further their know- ledge of agriculture. Mr. Glaeser is the spon- sor of this Organization- "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down On Th How to clo it yourself. W Row Row Row Row Sue Towse, Ianet Dickerson, Iudy Green. Doris McCale, Lucia Horn, Linda Cunningham, Christine Alexander Sandra Burris Geraldine Michael, Georgia Bricker. Maybelle Wamer, Dorothy Guest, Helen Bowns, Linda Naugle Marilyn Fessler Wanda Reese, Sandra Storm, Rosemary Goeken, lean Pensinger Betty Boschert, Carol Cole, Gladys Butler, Mary Lynn Campbell 1m La Marsh Iudy Cover, Barbara Frohock, Carol Crawford. Future Business Leaders of America The F.B.L.A. is sponsored by the National Education Association with Miss Tibbetts as advisor. Business people speak at their meetings and films are shown. Members have participated in the installation of officers in two new clubs. Several field trips to Alton businesses have increased their knowledge of the business world. Each spring they attend the State Conven- tion and a formal banquet and dance are held at the Y.W.C.A. Row 1: - - oan Richards Ernestine Fones I , . ., Twyla Peek, Betty Anderson, lane Brown, Iackie Kulp, Dar- lene Greenwood, Beverly Grin- key. Row 2: 1 - Carole Watkins, Leola Wood, Sharon Bruce, Marilyn Sack- man.. Betty Kerley. Thelma Stanka, Carole O'Neal, Wanda Stice. Margaret Twitty, Io Allen. Margie Meyers. Row 3: - - Mr. Ely, Eugene Crouch. Larry Heaton, Betsy Romine, Shreda Williams, Larry Eberlin, Ron- nie Brooks, Sondra Sass, Marta Richardson. Office Occupations This is a club composed of students who receive on-the-job training in the field of business. They receive double credit for the subject and attend school in the morning only. In the afternoon they work in various offices in Alton. The group, under the supervision of Mr. Ely, holds its classes in the Clin Building. Distributive Education The Distributive Education Club is composed of a group of students who work afternoons in various business houses and receive school credit for their training. Mr. Ross is their sponsor. Row l: -- neth Pitchford. Row 2: - - Gaither, Mr. Ross. Row 3: - - Dave Weber, Bob Heaton Dick Tyler. Ray Perica, Sue Chappel, Rowlan Tutt. Ken Larry Noble, Dorothy Bentley Ruth Roundcount, Shirley Rid der. Shirley Huffstutler, m lim Clayton, Tony Norm in Sam Norvell, Ronnie Forbes Pro and Con This is the second year of Alton l'ligh's debating club. The organi- zation is sponsored by Miss Colon- ius. The members take part in vari- ous contests and have performed amazingly well, Row 1: Ann Kuhn, lanet Tyler, Miss Colcnius, Linda Naugle, Doran Chappee, Nancy Campbell, Christine Reams. Row 2: Shirley Nolan., Pat Lindblad, Tina Stiltz. Carol Cousley. Roger Mathus, Charles Stcinheimcr, Clifford Wilderman. Future Cosmetologists This organization consists of girls interested in Cosmetology as .a ca- reer. Tlieir class room study is aided by the practical training re- ceived through this club. The spon- sors for the F.C.A. are Mrs. Becker and Mrs. Thompson. Row 1: Marsha Gill, Pat Searles, Darlene Wilson, Daisy Wilson, Miss Thompson, Gloria Goble. Row 2: Sally Iansen, Sharon Colston, Ioyce Parrish. Ruth Herring, Mrs. Becker, Pat Darnell, Rita Ursch. Art Club Students interested in the Art De- partment have formed this club. Their objective is to further their knowledge of art and its history. Mr, Boley and Mr. Livengood spon- sor the Art Club. Row 1: Gayle Bates, Pat Henson, Pat Winens, Barbara Strohkirch, Cheryl Wright, Nancy Scheffle. Row 2: Ken Harris, Don Lobbig. lohn Stewart, Charles Blunk, Mr. Boley. ..i :yu .srl ..-can It F THQ me v .. 4-sm , tflltt :jf Q s 8 sn N H How to do it. Row Row Row Row Q- w, a f, 1 2: 3 4: . f Watch the sparks fly! Science Club The Science Club includes those students who have interest in outside work in the science courses. Many students take projects to the annual Science Fair held at Washington Uni- versity in St. Louis. Mr. Wools is the sponsor of the club. Iucly Bailey, Norma Minsker, Nancy Lovejoy, Diana Weaver, Carol Green Gretchen Wa , ' Q- ner, Pat Cope, Sherry Sipprelle. Bill Wiess, Helen Lancaster, Marilyn Vogt. Mary Rhoads, Ruth Waller, Marlene Lageman. Ann Kuhn. Donna Huebner, Gladys Butler, Rachel Leimback, Savilla Anderson, Sue Willis, Carol Cousley. Don Rintoul, Mr. Wools, David Shieter, Ianet Grube, Steve Eaton, Bob Shinpaugh, Roger Mathus, Alan Landers. Bob Yackel, Barney Machis, Bob Erclmann, Clifford YVilclerman. DEUTSCHERVERIEN The German Club, sponsored by Miss Wetteroth, is an organization composed of students taking Ger- man who are interested in learning more about German culture. They hold an induction once a year. Row 1: Shirley Nolan, Errol Bosley, Caro- lyn Beuttell. Riow 2: Margie Belcher, Ann Kuhn, Tina Stiltz, Ruth Waller, Barbara Dierstcin, Shirley Schumacher, Steve Head, Ronald Bogart. Susan Schwaffner. : Row 3: Carol Owen, Paul Norman, Al- vin Holloway, Don Mason, Peggy Trog- don, Miss Wetteroth. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The purpose of this club is to stimulate interest in the profession of teaching. Miss Sutherland is the sponsor of this national organiza- tion. The officers are: Louise Hen- derson, Pres.g Pat Flory, vice Presi- dent: Sue Miller, Sec.: Barbara Wlietzel, Treas.: Nora Bradshaw, Historian. Row 1: Louise Henderson. Donna March, Karen Kelly, Diann Bosnak, Miss Suth- erlancl. Row 2: Gayle Bates, Ann Kuhn, Ann Geddes, Mary Extrom, Barbara Landiss. Row 3: Marlene Lagemann, Nora Brashaw, Carol Iacobson, Barbara Pierce, Mora Beneze. Row 4: Carol Green, Don n a Morgan, Ianice Richey, Pat Flory, Mary Lou Davis Row 5: Sonja Grady, Barbara Whetzel, Ervin Steele, Anemone Smith. LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS This organization is composed of students who are interested in in- creasing their knowledge of th e French people and their customs. ln order to be in Le Circle Francais, students must maintain a high scho- lastic average. Miss Blackard is the club's sponsor. Row 1: Barbara Pierce, Carol Iacobson, Doreen Hancock. Row 2: .,,. Pat Lindblad, Kay Schwaab, Margaret Wilson, Margie Springer, Phyl- lis Young, Carol Playez. Row 3: Clifford Wildermzin, Indy Thomp- son, Elizabeth Glen, Sherry Sipprelle Anemone Smith. Pep Club The newly formed Pep Club is a very active organization. They have pep rallies, cheer at the games, ad- vertise the games and made the posters the basketball team jumps through at home games. Row l: Margi Kodros, Earlene Stillcy, Linda Cunningham, Gail Hack, Ianice Barkley, Yvonne Anton, Mae Lookiebill. Row 2: Alice Boedecker, Bev Gibbs, Diane Lingenfelter, Chris Alexander, Gerry Rousseau, Bette Lefler, Diane Hiller, ,Pat Romano, Edna Perez. ludy Swiney, Norma Hessanauen. Row 3: Norma Nolan, Ianet Dehner, Carol Crawford, Linda Naugle, Gail Hilde- brand, Nancy Murfin. lance Richey, Bar- bara Lindsay, lean Romano, Beverly O'Connor. Row 4: Marilyn Meyers, Iean Pensinger, Marcella Unterbrink, Alice Whyres, Bar- bara Schmidt, Susan Stobbs, Sue Mc- Afoos, Karen Cooper, Sue Miller. Row 5: Patsy Deucker. Sandra Storm, Sue Willis, Sue Towse, Opal Winson, Sherry Haggerty, Ann Geddes, Diann Bosnak. Row 6: Bob Edsal, Ron Rain, Margaret Wilson, Barbara Dickinson, Ann Kuhn, Ioan Riggi. Camera Club The Camera Club is composed of students who are interested in pho- tography. During the year, the club had a varied program including lectures on how to improve picture- taking and slides shown by mem- bers. Mr. Carr sponsors the Cam- era Club. Seated: Anemone Smith, Marilyn Vogt, Mary Sons, Sharon Selkirk. Row 2: Allen Klope, Gary Cruthis, Norm Beals, Marvin Addler, Bob Klaus, Bill Wit-ss, Wesley Arnold, lack Erwin. Row 3: Iim Turley, Iohn Harris, Bamie Mzirchis, Charles Hemphill, Ralph Gissal, Don Alexander, Mr. Carr. Radio Club Many phases of radio are studied by these students. Through prac- tice offered in this club some of the members h a ve obtained amateur radio licenses. Mr. Willis sponsors this organization. Row I: Bob Usher, Mr. Willis QVV9- QNVJ, Bob Spiller. Row 2: Martha Gunter tWN9HIXl, lack ClarkfVV9HIMl, Dallas Dalton, Rich- ard Nickens. Student Patrol Row lz David Koshinski. Dick Shirack, Nlarf uin Mosby, Francis Bierniacher. lorry Bag- ley, Ierry Middleton, Iames Allensworth, Sain Elfgen, Leon Iohnson. Row 2: Mary Lou Hartley, Dorothy Bailey, Carol Iacobson, Evelyn Butler, Ianet Bolen, Bennie Ruedin, Bob Cox, Bill Thiele, Wal- ter Kasslcr. Row 3: Don Mason, Bob Brown, Terry Flint, Marvin Loftis, Bob Erdmann, lim Carstens, Larry Hill, Don Rintoul, Erich Kassler. Row 4: Bob Elrod, Dick Chester. lim Mas- sey, Ralph Gissal, Dick Caldwell. Raw 1: Sharon Maguire, Iuanita Evans, Christine Alexander, Pat Deucker, Shirley Nolan., Shirley Osborn. Row 2: Georgie Bricker, Barbara Depper Bonnie Stamm, Sandra Schriner, Alice Boe- Clecker, Kathy Fcarno. Row 3: Tom Leonard, Richard Dodge, Nancy Blunk, Ianet Tyler, Elizabeth Glen, Myrtlz Stewart. Row 4: Don Lobbig, Dave Crawford, Lorei McDonald, Terry Flint, George Wilson Mildred Beach, Bob Elrod, Ken Harris Cynthia Medler. Cafeteria Assistants This service organization perf- forms different ,tasks such as food replacement, snack bar and disposal unit. In return for their services they receive free lunches. Miss Sid- well is their director. Row 1: Theresa Keene, Dorothy Bell, Ieai ette Tague, Christina Kraushaar, loyi Stockton, Della Wood. Row 2: Ruby Catheorall, Eileen Hess, Shar: Butler, Dorothy Plegge, Irene Gvillo, Shirli Davis, Helene Cathorall, Patsy Gravett. Row 3: Iaines Marshall, Conway Barlow, B1 Millering, Bob Lawrence. Torn Norris, Da Ash, Dave Schaeffer, Marvin Mosby, Ric ard Ianieson. Future Nurses of America The F.N.A. consists of girls in- terested in nursing as a profession. The purpose of this club is to learn the fundamentals and opportunities in the fields of nursing. Mrs. Mutz, the school nurse, is the sponsor of the organization. Row l: Virginia Adams, Diane Lingenfel- ter. Donna l-lucbner, Barbara Lindsey. Row 2: Gayle Bates, Pat Flory, Ioanne Gent, Carolyn Peters, Diane Maggos. Row 3: Ann Kuhn, Ianet Grube, IoAnn Shake. Indy Whyte, Barrie Zoll, Sherry Sipprelle, Pat Cope. Row 4: Bebe Clayton, Volar Posey, Mari- lyn Vogt, Indy Spiess, Gretchen Wagner, Indy Brown, Gerry Michael, Mary Dell Bott. Row I: Kathy Fearno, Phyllis Hartnett, Ruth Speight, Barbara Schmidt. Row 2: Minnie Laird, Norma Minsker, Ruth Maher, Barbara Dierstine, Earline Linville. Row 3: lean Iones, Naomi Wilson, Elva Groshan, Ruth Schuler, Mary Beth Chile ders, Gail Hildebrand, Ianet Tyler. Row 4: Barbara Leonard, Norma Nolan, Mary Lon Lambie, Carol Dalton. Mary Roades. Betty Grizzle, Nina Gabriel, Nancy Murfin. W Yfta Clinic Assistants These girls assist Mrs. Mutz in the Clinic. They run errands, ans- wer the phone and look after things while she is away. Row 1: Virginia Adams, Emma Webb, Diane Maggos, Indy Wliyte. Row 2: Pat Flory, Carolyn Peters, lganet Grubc. Donna Huebcner, Ann uhn, Mrs. Mlltl. Miss Teter's Assistants These girls assist Miss Teter in various ways. Each hour one girl is scheduled to run errands, answer the telephone, and attend :to the ef- ficient running of the office when Miss Teter is out. Row 1: Cynthia C am p b ell, Marilyn Meyers, I e a n Montgomery, Carolyn Cravens, Barbara Lindsay. Row 2: Margaret Wilson, Della Cope, Bernean Iohnson, Martha Blankenship, Genevive Brockmeyer. Mr. Schmelzel's Assistants The boys in Mr. Schmelzel's of- fice help him in many ways. De- pendability, accuracy of work, and good standing in the student body are the requirements. Seated: Wesley Arnold, Iohn Medlock, Ron Iones. Standing: Ierry Farmer, Harmon Iones, lim Tyree. Office Assistants These students assist the office by running errands, collecting ab- sence slips, and helping in any pos- sible way. One student works at the switchboard to place the calls to and from Alton High. Row 1: Iudy Brown, Betty Boschert, Fran- ces Bowman, Margaret Martin, Gerry Rousseau, Io Ann Shake, Sue McAfoos. Row 2: Margaret Beardsmore, Iudy Yan- cey, Charmayne lngstrom, Ierri Hogle Iackie Kolesa, Ianet Dickerson. Row 3: Norma Kunz, Sandra Schriner Beverly Miller, Mary Sons, Phyllis Cur- vey, Ruth Hoffman. Karen Cooper, Iudy Whyte. v Library Assistants The library assistants check out books, keep the library neat, ar- range bulletin boards, and perform other tasks to help the librarians. Seated: Louise Henderson, Iudy Green, Barbara Dickinson, Yvonne Anton, Susan Voss. Standing: Carolyn Peters, Doran Chappee, Anemone Smith, Kenny Raymond, Kay Husson, Ruth Ann Chadwick. Row l: Rudolph Cannon, ludy Bean, Mil- dred Beach. Opal Winson. Row 2: Laverne Crews, Earlene Linville, Marlene Lagemann, Carole Cousley, -Phyllis Curvey. Rifle Club The Rifle Club is sponsored by Mr. Wools. The Club belongs to the Greater St. Louis High School Rifle League. The members have had training in the care and hand- ling of a rifle before they ioin the club. Row I: Iay Hiatt, Richard Niekens. Raw 2: Mr. Wools, Bob Bean, Iohn Dyke- man, Ruth Chadwick, Bill VViess, Randy Lindblad, Henry Rodgers. I2 Q5 X K7 1' IX f X x X I ++, Q ff XII gay M wif 4 Tw J ,LI f X 4'-f Im. xg f 45'--:E I N I x -x O ,f . THE SPIRIT OF VICTORY IN IS STILL HERE AS IT WAS MANY YEARS AGO. I x X HQXQQS' . xx 'B' k . wir 'Si 3 wx 0 ..,:, N,.. A X' 5 QRS X . f I 'A ' , f X Q A x Q 5 Ai A 3. ,A ,X M, ,gil ,KN ES ggi-,R :,'115f1g,'5igi 2 V5-8 gg? iw 1 ffgifgz-Xfw fx A , + .2 , gk gm Q, wasp 'Kgf mx V., jul mg-3, ' ,,g,'m,e"1f si wg. , 1 1 A xg, hi: Q R x 5. fl VS V2:,m4f,i4 -X Sm Q K4 X kiwgxxxgs gg 355355 fbi Q, X iv! X 7 if ,E.yK51xR?J?iLg9g': RWM 11,53 fx ,Nigga gy it-,fq,w Mk Q -. YR. kg X Q ,K , , K x ..,, SX 1. X fag: 9512: fwiwfffl- as f wi . - I 1,"f"NW f Ekzifgf Q, Y, smfffi 52-55 ii,sfW?5 ."'t if f X f a 1 bi Xi X Lg X Ai, RMi5v?ggQx?35zEigiXgf3Kg?g5?s,g?i1L5J5,?,f53gik Q.xi,.2.,Rgiia ? iE -A .Jw V 5,0 i- X H S 'S Qi f nf? ' Y' KSQYPYLJ -V. 5 ,L 59?g'5QgX'KUl2w .6 5: my wi' 'bw V Q sam ,df wi A f Herb Meyenberg, Bobby Iones, Iohn Torrez, Bill Powers, Mike Walters, Dick Shirack, Row 1: Larry Nicholsen, Bob Diaz, Charlie Tosh. Row 2- Tom Leonard, lim Leavell, Mike Sanchez, Don Sandidge, lim Ienkins, Iohn Medlock, , Allen Kunz, Dan Weeks, Ben Ruedin. Row 3: Ron Iones, Arnold Sanders, Dale Mueller, Bussie Monroe, lim Stampley, Dave Ash, Vic Belanger, Ed lacobs, Don Smith. ,pw-"NYG tg, Q !""'t Trop: Coaches Studley and McClain Bottom: Coaches Posey and Willis Varsity The opening game of the football season saw Alton trample Bloom- ington 33-6. Our team went on to win the next four games, but we lost the remaining games to end the season with a 5 win - 4 lost record. Sf Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton September 17 - Here 33 Bloomington 6 September 24 - Here 20 McKin,ley 6 October 1 - Here 12 Quincy 6 October I5 - There H Granite City 7 October 22 - Here 9 Edwardsville 7 October 29 - Here 6 Collinsville 13 November 5 - There 6 Belleville 33 November 12 - Here 0 East St. Louis 34 November 25 - Here 7 Wood River 7 Cannonball Express Stretch! Kneeling: Mike Sanchez, Dave Ash, Mike Walters, Bob Diaz, Charles Tosh, lack Perez, lohn Medlock Standing: Dick Shirack, Vic Belanger, Don Sandidge, Bill Powers. Varsity Lineup 3 L Ei AX gs: , 1 X 1 ---- , A Lv vw "5 I f 'L ' .1 ' 5 .R .,:,., f ...'a 1:. 5 ., ff M., ws? 1 QQ S A ., Q , t ...,. 15 gn V A lqll W3 i "" .. M: --,-- . f.-. - A " L.--5:-,.: ALA K V K K Football Lettermen DAVE ASH VIC BELANGER ALLEN KUNZ MIKE WALTERS LARRY NICHOLSON UM LEAVELL IDHN MEDLOCK CHARLES TosH DICK SHIRACK ED IACOBS 1oHN TDRREZ ARNOLD SANDERS DON SANDIDGE BILL POWERS HERB MEYENBLIRG IACK PEREZ BOB IONES MIKE SANCHEZ BOB DIAZ RLIDY GREEN EMERY MONROE DAN WEEKS IIM STAMPLEY SAM WELLS .fiww ,WW-k,sx,, W v !'l'1 L... RCI A Good Mem is Hurd to Find" A'Damue, Ballerina, Dance "Let Mc Go, Lover!" unior Varsity ROW l: Frank Carver, Bill Cznmon, Bob Taylor, Cr-orgc Snyder. Bill Curtis, Bob Izmscn. Row 2: 'lom Conroy Wwltrr Kisslcr I1 k Rh 4 R , 1 ' , ec oacics, on Fisher, Charlie Smith, Harold Horsely, Gilh1tM di Al' ' ' ' ' er oo y, lan Earh. Boh Untnrhiink. Ralph Butler. Ierry Landon. R5 A V .:.:.. -' --.,:.. l 1 Q K Qim i T? .... , 59433 il' S amuap ww wfwrwvwv 'f-it 'M All .,,.1 f l' l' " ":'V x- .,., 1 X ':" S 2 ,, ...,,,,.. v .R V Q? , NJ' 3 1 l 'QQ me s l A """ W Q 5 is l'm sitting on top of the world. A 9 Q Q me i W X a, ..,, ,si m Varslty Basketball Team Coming tluluuglm to victory. Kneelinq: Diyk Clwstcr, Elias Smith, Bill lVluAfo0s, Gln-11 lVlcl'l1s'1'son. Hutch 'lqyrmt C V ll lf Fl lvolwson, lfssic Robinson, Standing: Coach Studlcy, Tom Nallcy, Larry Holmes. 10110 c 0 , tc eg Russell Bradshaw. Coach Posey, Dodge that guard, Eli! BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Going in for a LAY-UP. 1954-1955 - - December l - Roxana Here December IO - Gillespie There December ll - Mt. Vernon There December 17 - Wood River There December 18 - Collinsville Here December 28-29-30-Pontiac Holiday Tourna- ment. Ianuary 4 - Roxana There Ianuary 8 - Belleville Here Ianuary IO-ll -Hillsboro Invitational Tourna- ment. Ianuary 13 - East St. Louis There Ianuary H Granite City Here January 21 McLeansboro Here january 22 Edwardsville There Ianuary 28 Lincoln There january 29 - Chicago Heights There February 1 Highland Here February 4 - Wood River Here February ll Collinsville There February 12 Belleville There February I8 Granite City' There February 19 East St. Louis Here February 25 Edwardsville Here February 28 Regional Tournament March 5-7-8-12-Sophomore Tourney. Gillespie March 9 - Sectional Tournament March 16 - State Tournament The A.H.S. Redbirds captured a berth at the Illinois State "Sweet Sixteen" Tourna- ment for the first time since 1919. Although they lost out in the early stages of the game. the student body still considers our team tops in the state. ww Rm ff It Victory After the Po urnament. IUSSEL BRADSHAW ALEX SMITH GENE VELLOFF IIM TYREE LARRY HOLMES ESSEX ROBINSON QVW ELIAS SMITH ED JACOBS TOM NALLY ALEX SMITH DICK CHESTER BILL McAFOOS Flying Gone of thi- Alton Machine. VARSITY LINEUP Linda Cnnninglmni, lanicc Barkley, Vyonnv Anton, Gail Hack. Mae Lookin-bill. IUNIOR VARSITY Ruth Curry,iMzirilyn Fcsslcr, Nlzirgic Kodros lhlarlinc Linvillv nluscnll, BASKETBALL MANAGERS Charles Nasello, Dave Ackerman, Dwight Schuetz l IUMPl J. V. Team Row l: Alex Green, Bill Martin, Bob Diaz, Bob Ienscn, Bob Scott, Glen Mcljherson, Bob Scogins Row 2: Andy Miller, Charles Glaser, lim Hendrixson, Spenser Middlecoff, David Fnbianic Allen Earley, Lester Tison. Sitting: Kneeling: Standing: Carl Reed, lim Poindexter, Ed Hurley, Harry Anderson, Don Lobbig, Bob Herrick, Steve ' ' l'. Ehl K, B'll Webb. Eaton, Charles Kidwell, Mike Walters, Char es er 1 Glen Ivester, Iohn Dickman, Roy Hughes, Bob Blair, lim Kozatos. Maurice Robinson, Ron Rain. Tom Monical, Arnold Sanders, Frank Carver, Iohn Kassinger, Ken Veith, Sam Wells. Coach Stndley, Coach McClain, Ioe Ruyle, lim Ienkins, Dick lVlcFerrin. Bill Johnson, Ron Iones, Dick Gleason, Archie Edwards, Don Sandidge. Mike Sanchez, lim Ebbler, Busse Monroe, lim Barker, Vic Belanger. Track Swan Dive. Up and Over. Chattanooga Choo-Choo! Sitting: Marion McAdams, Dick Gleason, George Moore. Butch Tyree, Tom Moni- cal, Harry Scott, Charles Glaeser. Standing: Bill Snyder, Charles Kidwell. Mvlvin, Edwards, Archie Edwards. Larry Evans, Mikc Frvrichs, Coach Rallo. The boys who ran in the State Cross Country Run Cross Country Team Agn i N Lefr to right - - Lee Westbrook. Bob Pichee, Bill Thiele. Don Alexander. Bill Walker, Barry Malson. "sew ,W --4'.. Golf Team of 1954 Practice makes perfect In, for a birdie! They were doin' the Mambo. Takes two to tangle! Girls' Gym 4 5 3 '-2 , S ,w i K ix L38 X I f z :Q ' Made it! S MQ W J I W W T T Jw XM W T- ARE ENJOYED BY TODAYS STUDENTS WITH AS MUCH ENTHUSIASM AS OF THE PAST. I ' ' X Q' s it if 5 5 5 ETS. M , MS W .. --f-- ' - , 'S A x XX X' V . X K ., ak ' Nix N X M SX ,,17"' RN S i ,Q Ai , .sk ,, " my ' 'E . vi. Q S? E' ,B M" , 'S 2 n 131 A t ,..: . Qui' with: . .- .ix ""' N' 9 ' Vs -' ww, mi V' A ,-'igligxm ,,,..,J . -'W" Q W !' it-N K -r . A af' Q i ' . YQ' . ' A 'T-EQ I ' In 1904, the first TATLER STAFF was organized: and in the spring of 1905. the TATLER was published. The Golden Anniversary of the yearbook is commem orated with this issue. The staff puts in many hours of hard work, but they have a great deal of fun doing it. The staff con- FROM l9C 1 Pu sists principally of service on a voluntary basis. 5001, 5002 dollars that is. STAFF CofEditors .....,....... Diana Weaver 6 lim McBurney Photographers ,..,. lack Erwin, Bch Klaus, Carol Green Organization Editor ................,.. ludy Bean Business Staff ,..... ...... I im Turley. Mary Dell Bott, Sports Editor ....,..,............. Tedd Falukos lean Montgomery, Mae Lookiehill, Carolyn Editorial Staff Assistants .......... ....... P al Cope, Cravens, lane Freeland. Carol Richards. ludy Brown, Bnh Denby. Typists .... ,.... ........, R i ta Terlisner, Alice Rundcll Business Manager .................. Sherry Sipprelle Artist . ......,.......... Sonia Grady Circulation Manager , ............ .... G erald Bagley 51 iphotographersz - - Line U 1 Mr. Bailey. Sponsor. Taking mug shots. We .wg .15 5 -. ,fy ,,, L 50' O l955 u q ll? 4A 1f', 3. yiei i' M 5 F .W ig 4 H f Q N' 9 R P N, WL N L ,952 X , 'A 1 fs' w ,K 1 58' 5 Ag va. lv., iii aww B N Z3 my X, x 0"-fx 4 M .A 'Q Z if i "Q f , .-I i : , Nlll 3 ll 'lip X ,B JM H Y H 'xr , ,X 9' R K L . . N ii ,N ,im if E My 4 X N f W X X Busy Bc X X zivvrs. Chalk up another sale. Which picture will it be. Thi' one of y ou Or thc one of inc? Industry pvrsonified -M ,,,, 3 HIGH TIMES mln-n..mw4sx,..1.1-mxv 5 Mm, UM. r1.,.m,f smqm.,,s Alton High Times Editorial: Dunn Bosrmk. Donna March. Back: Carat! Drupcr, Tom Hlly'I1k'S. Ann Geddes. """"""'fQ -as-M , 7 . M. fur! ff 5, News: Ruth Maher, Phyllis Eppel, Carol Iohn- son, Effie Grainaiis, Alice Waterhotise. The Alton High Times is a bi-monthly pub- lication which gives full coverage of A,H.S. news. The Times is a self-supporting, non- profit organization and is financed through advertisers whom staff members solicit. The editor for first semester was Donna March: Carole Cousley was editor second semester. Feature: Kathy lVlcBrian, Carol Green, Pat Lind hlad, Mary Lou Davis. Sports: Tom Penning, Torn Haynes, Holi Shin paiugh. Business: Iiin LzilVlarsli, Carolyn Peters, Karen Kelly, Gerry Rousseau. A piuturc' of Hlicoricc sticks" in assorted shapes. I.:-A. A.H.S. Concert Band Oomfpa, oom-pa: Twccdle-tweedlct Wzitcli that slip-horn slip! Our drum major. who lends thc Marching Band, Bob Shinpaugh. Kneeling: Head Drum Majorcttc, Suv Towsc, Standing: Majorettes, Di-e Griffin, Lynn Sut- ton. Sally Ianscn, Cara-cn Ioncs, Vickie Nottoli. Martha Blankvnship. Mr. Muffin, Director of the A.I'I.S. Band. OBOES: TARRIE DAVIS CAROL ROGERS ILLITES: PATRICIA LINDBLAD LEON IOHNSON GRACE REXROAT IANE MILLER RODNEY FORCADE CAROL IOHNSON KATHLEEN DAVIS NANCY MIIREIN IANET LANDISS PICCOLO: MARTHA GLINTER B FLAT CLARINETS: CLIFF WILDERMAN BARBARA LANDISS CAROL GREEN MARGARET WILSON LOIS CAMPBELL IAMES BAILEY MARLENE LAGEMAN PATRICIA FLORY SANDRA STORM SUE WILLIS Band Personnel BEBE CLAYTON BARRIE ZOLL RUTH SPEIGHT JOAN BALLINGER NORMA MINSKER DONA MORGAN ELOISE PARTON IANET CRuEE KAY GLOSS NORMA MILLER ROBERT SPILLER SHIRLEY SCHuIvIAIcER ALTO CLARINETS: CAROLYN BEUTFEL EDDIE PORTER BASS CLARINETS: ELIZABETH RICHARDS RON FRANKE MARY LOU DAVIS MIKE WALTERS ALTO SAXOPHONES: IANET STADE DON CRABTREE ROBERT HENDERSON ANTHONY KARDIS TENOR SAXOPHONES: FRED SCHAEFER BARNEY MARCHIS TRUMPETS - CORNETS: STEVE RIGAS IAMES BODENSTEIN HAROLD CHAPPEL FRANK DORSEY KAREN MERCIER KENNETH SCHOECK ALAN EARLY ROBERT BEAN DONALD DENBY RICHARD NICKENS BARITONE SAX: IOHN STEWART FRENCH HORNS: IERRY STONE DIANE MERCIER GRETCHEN WAGNER TOM ANDREWS ROBERT DENBY LUCIA HORN CAROL IACOBSON :QA ,N It , M 3 113555 ' -'NNNW 4' Q, 0' - v x v W , wg M, . x ,. .v Y ' .N W. QP' r 5"..5 - Q! A "' "' 52 . Q., x. f f s Q ' N ' " 2' ' ' X S 51 r 2 H- N N ,Q . , .E X W, 0 Q, ' s LW' 'A in li 8 WM umm Q M S , 4- s xx? N is vxsi T' Q S i 8 x wx' N4 . -:SX if 3 . 5 ,gif R . 4 QM H' ALTON HIGH CHORUS The Alton High "good will ambassadors' deserve a great deal of praise for their ac- complishments this year. 4 The programs in which all members parti- cipate are: the annual Christmas Concert and the Iunior-Senior High School Festival. Small Choruses and ensembles are in con- stant demand by the community. They have carried the name of our alma mater to a good portion of the population of Alton. Ullloxyersl For ine? SENIORS Apponyi, Barbara Beatty, Nlarlene Brown, lndtth Cainpagna, Don Craxens. Carolyn Uenhy. Robert Enos, Vt-ra llenderson. Lonist McCann. Anrella Maloney. Carol Nleeden. Danny Mosby, Marytn VVt-lls. Sant Vvtlson, George Ball. llarold Belcher. Marjorie Boesewetter. Edward Bott, Nlary Dell Campbell. loan Copley. Toni Dennis. Theodore Utrkerson, lanet Glenn, Innice Guest. Dorothy Iohnson, Bernean Kenyon. Lewis Kuhn, Ann Lantaster. Ilelen Loyeioy, Nanev lVleClain, lrene MfYflrK', DCC Parker, Vtetor Playez. Carol Puett, Gloria Russel. Phyllis Sass. Sandra Shearbnrn, lattice Springer, Martorie Thompson, Yxonnt Witt, lint A.H.S. Chorus triumph at West Iunior. 1,-'lNll.-XRY KIR.-'lI7Il.-XTHS Beard. Ann Bosnak. Dtnnn Campbell. Lots Dans. Norma Draper, Carol Falnltos, Tedd Geddes. Ann llarrts, Iohn Kenig. Dorothy Nisinger, lo-lidythe Rain. Ronnie Riggi, loan Rosenberg, Kay Rust, Nanty Shake, IoAnn Sntith. Earlene Stockton. Roberta Trogdon. Peggy IUNIORS Adonis. Virginia Anderson, Sextlla Anton. Yxonne Bnldrtdge, Shirley Beaeh. Nltldred Beek. Theresa Bowns, llelen Brown. Darlene Carney. Doris Chiles, lane Chiles. Susan Cole, Carol Ann Collins, Lots Colston, llatrteia Eaton. Stephen Elrod. Robert Fearno Katherine lrllnt. Terry Ford. Phil Gihhs. Hexerly Gnerteh. Robeita llnflstntler, Sherry lngrant. Ext-lyn lohnson, Lloyd l.andel's Alan l.efler Bt-ue Ltnxtlle. lfarlene l.yons. Barbara Nltlntosh. Bessie Nlassey, lint Medler. Cynthia Mills. Derry - -:, it ta Reed. Carl Reed. lantee Richey. Ianite Rowland lllorentt Syhtntdt, Batbara Stohhs, Sandra Stohhs. Susan Sutton, Lynn Thotnpson. Bennie Lott VVtlson. Daisy Wandsot. Indy hvinson, Opal Yeager. VVanda Young. Phyllis Alexander, Christitle Boedeker Alter- llroxyn. Keith Connor. Nanny Cunningham, landa Cielney, llowatd Daxts, loyee Dans. laeqneltne llelltates. Mary lane lleneltet, Pat llietstetn. liathara llyketnan, Shirley llyltetnan, NVtlhtn' ' lnanita Pate, lla! lltti l lt lttans. llanter. Sally llansel, lfnnlit lleaton. Donna lletrlng. Ruth lloiltday. Ruby l.atnbett Bill landsay. l'lat'bat'a MtCann. Nlilxttta Mylletntott. Betty lVlenat'd, l.ynn Unison Vytllnn' Sltoetnalser. Shttley Sons. Mary Stewart, Myttle Sttlley. liatlnte Strohlttteh. Barlwata SOPllO.'lIORlfS Allen, Ianet Barton, Indtth Hayley. lttdy Belle, Gwendolyn liolen. Ianet Booth, David Borders, Nlaty Horl-to. Sandra Hotties. Sandia liradshaw, Marv Braun, Naney Brev. ner. l'latbar.t Btngoyne, Indith Bnttis Sandra Catnphell. Nlarx l,ynn Carter. Ronald lfaxythorn. lloveard Chappee. Doran Cooper, Phyllis Cf1':lxyfot'd, Carol lfraxetts. Hatlwara llnrxey. Sally llilshntall llartslyn Dalton Indy Darnell, Io Ann llehner, lane! Dennis, Valtetle Donelson Carol lit--iett llat lfwing, Sltvtry llessler, Marilyn litelds, llatritia lfoley. fada llahnel, Susan Llater. lidgar Klethatdt, llearl Gillespie. llenrtetta lltllts, l.aVon tilaeser, l'h.nli-s lllassey, Kathryn Glen, lfltlahelh Gotngs. lletty llrahatn, Indy lltantatas, lfllte llarttnan, Vt-ltna llendetson, Chatles llenderson, lneta llendrltltson. lantts lletd, Rosie ta... llollonay, Nantx llnrley, ltldtth llnssong. Kay Iaeltson. Matlene lefletson, lfxetett Ielks, Rosie Iohnson. Kflata Innes, lean Iones. Xyayland Kenn, lane! Kinney. Charlotte Kodtos, Matgaret l.atnl-te. Mary l,otnse latndiss, janet l.eonard. llathara lVl.tgntt'e. Shaton lVlarxh. l.atol lhlayer, Nllldred Millet. lohn lhltlltlttn, Roo- lNl.n-te Nangle. landa Naylor, l'anltne Needhatn, Nantet Noble. Salle Nolan. Nottna tlleson, Ruth ilu ens, Brenda l'atteison, Willie bla l'enstnget. lean lltette, llat'lvar.t llterson, Catol l'lnntntet. ilvtndl Pointer. llonna llttte, Indy Rt-id. Clary Renth. Sandia Riley. Verda Russel. Rttltatd Sanders. Iatyonne Sthaefer. Stephen Sthtntdt. Robert Sthnttdt. Sheila Sehttetz. Maty Stltwaalw. lxay htltwartl, Sylxta slant, tat... Slntttlt-north Ut-e Sttnpson. Hexerly Sims. lfsste Slarlt, Ilon Sperght, Ruth Spennet, lla! Storm. Sandia 5"'Vll"I'Itll, Gloria llntethttnlt. hlartell Vklatde, Ronnie XYallt, Hill w..t.-.-t.....,.-, Ala., XYlterIet. Nathaniel hhvoods lfleu Midnight Masquerade. Dream Girl Rose Ruyle was crowned Dream Girl of the 1954 Iunior Prom. Her maids were Vera Enos, Harriet Sheley, Ianis Miller. and Sherry Hagerty. Vera Enos Harriet Sheley Ianig Mill,-r escorted by escorted by escorted by Ir-rry Farmer lorry Bagley Tom Penning The Bvllc of thc Ball and hm' court Rosie Ruylv. Drezun Girl, Sherry Hagerty escorted by escorted by loc Wczlvcr, Bob Hdsull Chzlirmzm of the Prom. We'rc loyal to you Alton High, When you wish upon a star lVlum's the word. Homecoming Alton High had a Homecoming Football Game due mainly to the effort of the Student Council. The band performed during the half- time, and the Football Queen with her Special Maids were driven around the field in con- vertibles. Oskewawa! ML ,b,, - ing, then beauty is its own excuse for being. Denise McAfoos was crowned the Foot- ball Queen ol 1954. She was escorted to the throne by Mike Walters. The special maids were: Thelma Stanka, escorted by Vic Belanger: Sue lVlcAfoos, escorted by lim Leavellg Sherry Hagerty. escorted by Dick Shirack: and Mae Lookiebill, escorted by Charles Tosh. Betty Hausman, the Re- tiring Queen. was escorted by Dave Ash. Bob Denby sang, and Darlene Bailey danced in honor of the queen. The Queen of '5-l relinquishing the sceptei' to the Queen ot '53 L-. Pwllllliflll Ijl'0Lllllx'1'S. Hail to thc Qllva 3 ' Q 5 9' XL Iv -: fi 4 ll I f A. 5 f If -w f.,.w':sm.: Twinkle Toss. 1 'v "A, ' . 5 5' N-. Z QL: A 5 G T'-1 1 tank , . 7 . I'i0II1L'L'OIllillQ Court. I Wanta Be Kisse ik, ,f .rg-Qwqpm we QQ: ' s S-X dl Gabriel, Blow Your Horn The summer home of Miss Thelma 1Grace Rexroatj was the scene of extreme confusion. Miss Thelma brought niece QBarbara Schmidtj to the mountains to keep her away from Herb Brown Him Percivalj. Unknown to janet and I-lerb, Miss Thelma and Mr. Br-own Him La Marshl were ex-sweethearts. The play was further complicated by the zany antics of other members of the cast. They are: Karen Kelly, Barrie Zoll, Alan Landers, Bob Shinpaugh, Pat Flory, Bob Denby, Ronnie Rain, and Diana Weaver. Leaking Faucet. Busy Beaver f Surprise! A x Q4- eg. xl. , Q ,, ,, A. t iff . V E 1 X . After the show is over .N , Q- If xv . Q 3 in , 5 Y ww Anyone for tea? Senior Play UlVlr. lceboxf' a 3 act Comedy, was given by the Senior class of lanuary, '55, The cast included Gary Cruthis as the tight wad auditor of the 'ABlade": Ron Rain, star reporter for the "Blade": and Pat Lindblad, star reporter for a rival newspaper. THE SUPPORTING CAST INCLUDED Diann Bosnak lohn Harris Tedd Falukos lVlarvin Adler loan Riggi lobn Medlock lim Ehlers Carol Draper lt's for you. Tom Haynes Lois Campbell Gladys Schum mhz r Allen Kunz Bobby Milleit lack Fishman Karen Cooper Allen Sinclair SINCE 1892 BUFF AND RED FACE BRICK ROMAN BRICK SPECTRA GLAZE BUILDING UNITS LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE BLOCKS STONE BLOCK INSULUX GLASS BLOCK GLAZED TILE STRUCTURAL CLAY TILE IX ALTON BRICK COMPANY ALTON ILLINOIS PRECAST LINTELS ALTON TIRES SALES F. I. STOBBS SONS 435-37 East Broadway THE FAMOUS HAWKINSO ALTON'S LEADING N RECAPS TIRE STORE Phone 3-8868 For Better Values It,s . 104 WEST THIRD PHONE 3-8851 HM C5'I'ifi6 I Sm, . ARPE NCQ l656 MAIN ST A A GRAVE5 5150745 ALTON CERTIFIED GLILISTAN DEALER DEALERS IN FINE BROADLOOM RLIGS AND CARPETS COMPLETE CARPET WORK ROOM McGee - Roxbury - Art Loom - Firth - Downs TACKLESS CARPET LAYING ANCHORS FLOOR CARPET FLUSH TO WALLS WITH ROBERTS SMOOTH EDGE NO QUARTER ROUND 1636 Main Street Dial 3-8141 ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of STREEPER FUNERAL HOMES ALTON WOOD RIVER I PRINTING COMPANY LETTERPRE55 DFFSET LITHD COMMERCIAL PRINTERS 536 East Broadway Telephone 2 0044 Alton Illmons Owned 8 Operated by Adams m Alton for Nearly a Half Century 1 l 'Yi If T - N 4? Q Q s . . ' r - fx, First Natlonal ank CAPITAL and SURPLUS Sl 750 000 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS 0 ALTON ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ZFX? O O 8: TRUST COM PANY in Alton Get Hep! Know W hat's Doin, ln Sports, School News, Society, Personal, or City, State, National or International News GET THE I-IABIT -' READ -' The Alton Evening Telegraph DAILY OVER 29,000 SUBSCRIBERS WM. DEE G. M. LAIVIMERS Office Phone 2-3132 Residence Phone 2-2261 DEE FLORAL COMPANY "Say It With Flowers" "Member Florists' Telegraph Association 2524 College Avenue ALTON, ILLINOIS CGNGRATULATIONS an BEST WISHES from your WEDGE BANK d to CLASS OF 1955 ' 1 Comp liments of LACLEDE STEEL COMPANY . . . Congratulat I-IUMBERT ROAD ALTON, ILLINOIS 0 0 Compliments of PHIL REILLEY BUICK COMPANY O 0 KRAFT KORNER 908 State Street 210421 MODEL AND HOBBY SUPPLIES HO RAILHOADS ARTS AND CRAFTS HOURS D '1 - 11 . . 8 S d - 10 . 5 A335 W ,. ' I wi LW SAVE WHERE SAVINGS PAYS Sl OPENS AN ACCOUNT f I If . A o ermanla auin 96 anal Joan fifiociafion 617 EAST BRQADWAY Telephone 2-0058 ALTON, ILLINOIS l - 1 Q U l 1 7 Complimentary Demonstration and Free Instruction In COMPLEXION CARE AND INDIVIDUAL MAKE-UP AND COLOR CHART I I MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO J. B. STECK AGENCY VENITA M. HASEMEIER HARRY 1, STECK Room 310 205 W. Third Phone 2-6721 INSURANCE AT ITS BEST 701-702 First National Bank Bldg. EVERYBODY BENEFITS PHONES: 2-1506 - 3-9261 WHEN EVERYBODY GIVES TO OUR iv lk 6ommunify 6Ae:if I THEEN INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Phone 2-1665 1703 Washington Alton, Illinois 24 HOUR SERVICE PHONE 2-9563 Official QQ Service I-IAPER'S TOWING SERVICE Towing, Wrecker, Winch and Hoisting Service Cars, Trucks, 'Tractor Traillers, Buses BEAMS, TANKS, MACHINERY, Etc. MOVED, LIFTED, SET or HAULED LARGE or SMALL - LIGHT or HEAVY 601 Pearl St. ALTON, ILLINOIS ALTON MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL OFFERS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF TI-IE CLASS OF 1955 H. I. IUNGK, Manager CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE SCHIFF SHOE STORE 323 BELLE ST. ALTON, ILLINOIS AL. ERNST AGENCY INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS 1849 OLDEST AGENCY IN ILLINOIS 1849 516 Commercial Bldg. Alton, Illinois TEMPLE CLEANERS ENGRAVINGS , IN THIS AND HATTERS TATLER 28 West Broadway Phone-2-4488 , , , by , , , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE '55 GRADUATES ALTON PLUMBING 86 HEATING CORP. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS PLUMBING - - - HEATING - - - SEWERING Phone 3-5539 302 State, ALTON, ILL. T IIIIIIIIIII 4 li Q Metcalfe-Miller lin. Qlfllllfllllli 60009 Q smusrmuwiv uromunm H iw' Q 11' it l V I- L-' ' T 2?, BILL'S HOBBY CENTER 1636 Washington Avenue - - Alton, Illinois HOBBIES FOR YOUNG AND OLD Meet at Bill's Tonight for Your Kits and Hobby Supplies Headquarters for H. O. Railroads, Airplanes, Hobby Supplies and Accessories. Student Own-ed and Operated Bill Hardin, Mgr. Compliments Compliments of of TI-IE ALTON WATER MCCOY CGMPANY TRANSFER CO. o o o ,Ar if Lingerie . . I-IACK'S . . . Sportswear TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 2522 College Avenue 622 East Broadway DUKE BAKERY 9th and Henry Sts. Phone 2-2922 - - QUALITY PASTRIES - - We Specialize In WEDDING CAKES and PARTY CAKES SCHAFFNER MUSIC CO., Inc. 528 Ridge Street DIAL 5-5711 ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of THE GIFT SHOP GREETING CARDS and GIFTS KLINKE 604A E. Broadway :Phone 2-9012 MON, ILL, , ICE AND FUEL co QUALITY FUEL EVERYTHING MUSICAL 34 Years of Honest Efficient Musical Service Salgs and Rentals Phone SHEET MUSIC - - INSTRUMENTS 6th and Oak Sts. -We Repair Any Instruments- PLUMER - KREMER MUSIC CO. 219 East Broadway Dial 2-3542 Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr Compliments of KERR'S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr Verta Lammers Kerr WITH BEST WISI-IES IPSGIL 417 East Broadway Alton, Illinois The Store That Quality Built I 0 0 Compliments MISSISSIPPI VALLEY Compliments COAL CO. of COAL R. A. TI-IOIVIECZEK BUILDING MATERIALS PHILLIPS 66 FUEL OIL DISTRIBUTOR Phone 3-8241 0 0 FOR THE BEST IN PLASTERING AND BLOCK WORK - CALL - W. E. I-IENDERSCN SR., Contractor 1000 W. Delmar R. No. 2, Godfrey, Illinois Phone 3-3134 or 3-8172 Compliments of gy ig? PETE-RS GIFT SHOP GREETING CARDS AND GIFTS Compliments Tel. 2-4611 2510 conege Ave of ALTON, ILL. .Jia COCA COLA ' BOTTLING CO' FOR THE BRANDS You KNOW . . HANLON 8z HAEGELE SA, if MEN'S za CHILDRENS APPAREL 630 East Broadway CITY FUEL 86 SUPPLY CO. Coal - Fuel Oil - Building Materials - Ready Mix Concrete Timken Oil Bumers - Stokers Front and Ridge Sts. Phone 3-3544 ALTON, ILLINOIS WE SALUTE OUR FUTURE CITIZENS Greater Alton Association of Commerce "GREATER ALTON - - A Great Community With Greater Opportunities" BOYD'S SANDWICH SHOP 2427 College Avenue . . STYLE WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE . . TRU-VALUE DRESS SHOP 127 West Third Street Alton, Illinois DIAL 3-3122 I f LADIES wwf... I YOLTONQS PITTSBURGH PAINTS 'GLIDDEN'S SPREAD SATIN PAINT HARDWARE 1 HOUSEHOLD 5 GIFTS Phone 2-3916 State at Delmar Alton, Illinois Riverview Hat Shop 20 EAST BROADWAY PHONE 2-5021 IOHN GRAMATES, Prop. Compliments of RECORD CENTER PHONE 2-2762 DOWNTOWN ALTON 107-113 W. 4th ALTON -1-an .Q iffy-- HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUNG FASHIONS Compliments of Jones Confectionery 519 RIDGE ALTON DEALER IN HOLTON INSTRUMENTS LOVELESS MUSIC CO. 3414 Oakwood ALTON, ILLINOIS Phone 3-5081 GEORGE LOVELESS QUALITY FOOD, GOOD SERVICE and FRIENDLY SMILES ARE YOURS AT G H E N T SANDWICH SHOP One Door North of Uptown Theatre 1 C 1 i Compliments of the J essen Conservatory of Music PIANO AND ORGAN For Students of All Ages 2621 College Ave. Phone 3-7058 ALTON, ILL. WISEMAN, INC. NEW 8 USED PLUMBING Heating 8 Plumbing Supplies Stove 8 Furnace Repair Parts CORDES MOTOR CO. PACKARD 2350 STATE STREET 1128 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. Phone 2-9294 WEDGE Prescription Pharmacy ELFGEN BUILDING ALTON, ILL. AL-I-ON ILLINOIS WE DELIVER PHONE 2-9132 Compliments of BOB 8z DEL'S Sinclair Service Station NORTH ALTON ST. PETERS ELECTRIC AND HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES - APPLIANCES PLUMBING SUPPLIES Complete Line of Kyanize Paints and Varnishes 2502 St Dial 3-8931 Compliments of HOFFMAN FEED AND SUPPLY CO. 113 West Broadway ALTON, ILLINOIS FRED C. WEBER AGENCY REAL ESTATE . MORTGAGE LOANS INSURANCE 624 EAST BROADWAY ALTON F. W. WOOLWORTH YOUR FAVORITE 5 AND 1104 STORE ALLEN and NIMMONS COMPANY MORTGAGE LOANS - - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 544 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. PHONE 2-9249 DE LUXE CAFE Specializing In Good Food and Courteous Service Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Brown, :Pr p . 2519 College Ave. Ph 3 9886 ALTON, ILL. TRI-FINER CLEANERS 2501 STATE STREET PHONE 2-1911 STAN KA GARAGE THE TRACTOR AND AUTO DOCTOR WARDEIN PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment DRUGS Briggs-Stratton and Wisconsin Engines cms, Fan Belts and Pulleys - All sim .PHONE 3-5313 Phone 3-8889 State and Delmar 2510 STATE ST. ALTON W If X I WILLIAMSON 11 -1AA"'1 " 1 I .sll , PHARMACY A -"' 15 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS T 0 D D f mvl N . 1 Vey' Hg X CLEANING ,-5146 I 5,61 1 I 1 1 1 TAILORING 53 f 4 ' f,2'fu-- - 035 Yf-V Y. REPAIRING - is J E VVE L E R PHONE 2-1312 1718 Washington Ave. ALTON 1714 Washington Ave. ALTON, ILL. Compliments of Uptown Barber Shop ROGERS - RUSHING - CAJPEHART 1650 WASHINGTON AVE. ALTON I FOR TRICKS, IOKES AND GIFTS Dottie's Gifts 'N' Gadgets 613K East Broadway Alton, Ill. CIGARETTE LOADS IEWELRY EXPLOSIVE MATCHES NOVELTIES CAR BOMBS CARDS TRICKS OF ALL KINDS TOYS ACROSS FROM ELFGEN BUILDING ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service See us about any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-7721 Compliments of T A T' E Hardware Sz Supply Co. 2518 COLLEGE AVE. TELEPHONE 2-5031 EDELMAN'S Ben Franklin Store "Discount Given To All School Autlwrized Clubs" UPPER ALTON H. A. NEVLIN MOVING 8 STORAGE Coast To 'Coast Service LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE MOVING All Loads Insured - - Bonded Warehouse 2528 College Alton, Illinois 1628 Washington Ave. - - Phone 2-2665 RAIN on SHINE Fon QUALITY Compliments of RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND COMPANY RAIN GROCERY 911 Milton Road Phone 3-5944 ALTON, ILL. 906 E' Bf0adWaY Ioseph L- Rain VISIT OUR FURNITURE DEPARTMENT GOULDING'S X P31295 . 5 Our 103rd Year - jewelers In Alton O0X5x93ex,3f' XZQAZZ '. C5 5.90 , 556 I qgrofifdxoq dogs Cab 5oi0q,Q9x'960'i9el Nqoiixga f - as f YN oefoilee Seed TT CJQQ Q4 . 'WGA 1 AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE CONTRACT WELDERS MODERN WELDED PRODUCTS CO W ld 1916 P 36232 3 W tB d ALTON ILLINOIS PHONE 2 9718 NATIONAL PRINTING COMPANY TOM WATERS AUTO PAINTING BODY d FENDER REPAIRING ALTON ILLINOIS E El St 15 EAST BROADWAY I CROWN FIXTURE 86 SUPPLY CO F t dG g TELEPHONE 5 5503 "fob e ers Since " Office hone - 06 es roa way an ' 299 . m met Alton, Illi Comp iments ron an eor e Sts. Alton, Illinois ' ,'i'v, J , wir ik IN RECOGNITION AND APPRECIATION of "The Invaluable Service of the Public Schools to American Youth" Alton Chapter l Order of DeMoloy l and Alton Assembly No. 8 l Order of Rainbow for Girls ! 'ze -as LSL-3 , -lil - . SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. LLIMBER - MILLWORK GLASS - PAINTS VARNISHES - ROOFING BUILDER'S HARDWARE CELOTEX INSULATING MATERIAL 1101 East Broadway Alton, Illinois For the Discriminating Hostess For the Good Cook For the Sheer Love of Mouth Wlatering Goodness in Flavor and Taste Ask for . . Since 1881 Top Quality Meats , L X , - Y EN RICHED BREAD ALTOII ICE CREAM 1 l I is 1 1 - 7 - 1 AT SNIITI-PS SERVICE - FILL UP WITH TCP Brown and Washington Avenue PHONE 3-9442 Q Eldon L. Smith 5 I S- -- 45 '-XA WASHING AND SPRAY GLAZE POLISH eg IES? SHELLUBRICATION l i 117 MARKET ST. PHONE 2-0313 ALTON, ILLINOIS ROUTE 140 MacARTHLIR DRIVE PHONE 4-9009 COTTAGE HILLS, ILLINOIS BILL JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCIES LIFE -1 AUTO - FIRE .f HOSPITALIZATION JOHN W. LEFLER BRICK CONTRACTOR Residential and Commercial 2632 Sidney Street FOR FINE DINING The Riviera Room HOTEL STRATFORD Al Ill Ph 3 8025 BU RJ ES - ROBERTS BRAMHALL PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTER A. R. BURIES 410 St t MRS IAUNITA ROBERTS PHONE 2-6214 Ph 3 6032 Al Ill Compliments of CAMPBELL PHARMACY L :PHONE 2-1831 24 W. Broadway Alton, Illinoi EVANS PASTRIES 2611 State St. 1100 Milton Road ALTON, ILL. THE BLAIR AGENCY INSURANCE 200 W Thxrd ALTON PHONE 3 6122 1954 Is Our 60th Anmversary FRANKS SHOE STORES 313 Belle ALTON 22 E Ferguson WOOD RIVER Quality Shoes for the Entlre Famrly WHERE PRICES ARE ALWAYS LOWER Famous Diamonds Watches Silver Iewelry Applxances and Cameras On Easy Terms Home of Bonded Notary Dxamonds MEYER urwzfz JEWELRY COMPANY W 3rd St ALTON Comphments MIKOFF GROCERY Luddeke s and Nlcolet s Standard Servlce One Mxle North of Alton Compllments THIES DRY GOODS CO THE CORNER OF COLLEGE and WASHINGTON UNITED MENS SHOPS 1662 Washmgton THE STYLE CENTER Phone 3 7423 KRAMER ELECTRIC CO A WIDE ASSORTMENT OF ELECTRICAL GIFTS FOR GRADUATION PRESENTS 112 East Broadway ALTON. ILL I ,N In '. ' ' 9 I ' 9 - GODFREY ROAD, U.S. HIGHWAY 67 212 . . . of of ' Compliments I of Compliments of - PAYNE and CHADWICK Standard Service Station NATHAN MARCUS 941 College Ave. Phone 2-4613 I Rhodes Auto Body Shop Compliments I 0 I Complete BODY AND FENDER , W 1 I O Lou s Service Station REPMRING - PMNHNG 1312 CENTRAL AVE. State and Belle PHONE 3-9764 Phone 2-0822 M O N T I C E L L 'O WOMEN'S IUNIOR COLLEGE and THREE-YEAR HIGH SCHOOL Educating women for 117 years Liberal and Fine Arts, Dramatics, Radio, Television, Homemaking, Interior Decoration, Secretarial, Sports, Riding, Swimming SMALL CLASSES INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING Dormitories Sprinkler Protected Write or Telephone: FRANK M. TAYLOR, Director of Admissions MONTICELLO COLLEGE GODFREY, ILLINOIS Milton Road Cleaners Compliments of I SANITONE Russell's Shoe Store THE BETTER KIND OF 2520 College - DRY CLEANING We Specialize in Sweaters WHERE ALL THE YOLINGER SET BUY THEIR SHOES DIAL 2-9231 FOR DELIVERY 1120 Milton Road ALTON MEMORIAL SALES DEALER IN FINE MEMORIALS Granite - - Marble - - Bronze LARGE DISPLAY ROOM Compliments from ELI M. GREER, Realtor REAL ESTATE AGENCY 1106 Milton Road Milton Office Upper Alton Offi 2-9755 3-7504 El St. H y Phone 2-8421 ALTON, ILL. Compliments of Complime t HENDERSON BROS. of Shell Service Station Elm and Alby PHONE 3-9737 ALTON HARDWARE AND PAINT CO. ELM STREET MARKET' CARL PRICE INSURANCE AGENCY FINE MEATS INSURANCE AGENCY 51 East Elm 2508 BROWN Phone 2-6012 PHONE 2-1513 Godwin Office Supply "ALTON'S COMMERCIAL STATIONERN 114 East Broadway - lPh ne 3-7756 ALTON, ILL. I.. . - Compliments DOOLEY' S SERVICE STATION HEAVEN TO SEVEN 2503 COLLEGE AVE 5 1412 INFANTS AND CHILDRENS WEAR TO SIZE 14 LYONS GLASS SERVICE CO WINDOW GLASS AUTO GLASS GLASS FOR FURNITURE DESK TOPS MIRRORS 2400 B ll S ALTON Compliments of Broadway News Stand 4 E BROADWAY ALL LEADING MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS OONFECTIONS DIAL 3 9768 GODFREY FOOD SHOP A COMPLETE MODERN MARKET M ge d Carl R ALTON FLOOR SANDING SERVICE 1004 PHINNEY AVE PHONE 2 2141 CENTRAL AVENUE HARDWARE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HARDWARE Ct P 228 pl ALTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL MIDDLETOWN SHELL SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Ph 3 77 1813 Ce t 1 A ALTON ILL ' I - I , W I I I A I . - I 1 1 and A ' ' ' ar au osa e t. GLASS - PAINT 1 TOYS and NOTIONS 1413 en ral Avenue hone -35 I I A Com iments of ' I one -96 n ra venue 340-1,4 .funn Let Our Line Be Your Cloths Line 2517 COLLEGE ALTON, ILLINOIS PHONE 2-9285 24 HOUR SERVICE RALPH E. GISSAL Heating Service Hardware Fumaces - Gas 8 Oil Bumers - Stokers Sales and Service 919 BROWN STREET ALTON, ILL. - YQ I 1 l I l EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETY CLYDE R. WATSON ASSURED HOME LOANS 217 W. Third St. Phone 3-6474 ALTON, ILL. RAY WEBER'S MID-CITY MARKET 1805 CENTRAL HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY ALTON-WOOD RIVER LEADER IN REAL ESTATE SALES The Doctors Approve our fitting of Corsets and Supports - - experienced and trained woman fitter 1Authorized Dealer Stl. Comp and Co.l H. B. SANDERS Orthopedic and Surgical Supplies QBROADWAY and MARKETI WEDGE CAFE Specializing In GOOD FOOD and COURTEOUS SERVICE MR. and MRS. C. M. DUNN 600 E. Broadway Phone 2-6641 ALTON, ILL. I GOULD MUSIC CO. Electrical Organs - Solovox - Clavioline Wurlitzer Pianos - Band Instruments 'Hi-Fi Phonographs and Records Guitars - Sheet Music - Instrument Repairing Musical Instruction on all Instruments 551 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Phone 3-3213 or 2-9461 PITTS SHEET METAL CO. Distributors for GENERAL MOTORS FURNACES DELCO HEAT 815 Blair Avenue Alton, Illinois Phone 3'6054 Fumaces 1 Guttering Blowers 1 Spouting BINDLER DEPT. STORES FOR THE BEST IN IUNIOR FASHIONS AND YOUNG STYLING We 'Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps UPPER ALTON 1656 Washington Phone 3-6131 ELM STREET CLEANERS PICK'uP and DELIVERY Phone 211922 'CAFE 1 1 1 FOUNTAIN Film Supplies 1 1 Dairy Products Munson Greeting Cards Alton's Largest Magazine Section 53E tEl St t Alt ,I1l' ' , as m on VIETH'S SWEET SHOP TEX SUTTON 2604 Stat-e Phone 319796 J. 8z B. DlStflbutlHg' Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Phone 3-9347 l35.5 I955 5541 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois Novelties 1 Carnival and Picnic Supplies AIVIERICAN REPRINT SERVICE Blueprints 1 1 Whiteprints 1 1 Photo Copies Engineering and Drafting Supplies 515 Ridge Street Teleph-one 2-4336 ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of WM. P. MORRISSEY 8z Company Compliments of G E N T FUNERAL HOME ROCKE POOLE PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Phone 3 3041 2526 College Avenue E Compliments of JOHN B. WALTERS Shell Service Station PHONE 2 9171 STATE 6 LOGAN you re in for a surprise a very pleasant one too when you shop at Lyttons All the wonderful fashions that whet your appetite in the magazines are part of the Lytton scenery The surprise comes in with their tiny prices neatly scaled to school going budgets Stop visit you ll find it worthwhile! Third and Pzasa ALTON --w , o 0 seen isirfgzssys by and pay Us a ZIZZI' 2212221221: osscoosooo0lIOl0" aoaoo nlicoooonso U . noise 0ul0I::::: , ..uao www' ,fl XX I X ALTON'S LARGEST AND FINEST CREDIT IEWELERS 215 W. Third ALTON TAKE ONE YEAR 'TO PAY JOHN H. HELLRUNG Shoes I. . . AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Bags ' ' ' 615 EAST BROADWAY H0Si'e1'Y - - - ALTON, ILL. 7 al' :S C pl t of 123 W. THIRD LAUNDRY B U C K ' S Paint 8z Floor Covering C PI I Store of GEO. E HOERING M AR C AL ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM and TILE 655 East Broadway HOME IMP. CO. Downtown Alton, 209 Piasa St, - Phone 3-8631 APPAREL FOR IUNIORS, Compliments MISSES' WOMEN of Broadway and Main Drive In Produce Market If it is Nationally Advertised We Have lt We feature Fashion Magazine Apparel PHONE 2-9211 305 STATE C I- 011113 unents LUKEN AGENCY, Inc. of INSURANCE - 1 REAL ESTATE The Florentine Fair Ese Beauty Studio 1106 Milton Road lacross from Fire Deptj The Newest In Techniques Specializing In Cold Waving The Latest In Hairstyles Contour Hair Shaping PHONE 2-1619 9 'l SHURTLEFF COLLEGE TVl!V6lIl.f7'l5R . ' SQUIBB I Olln We're going with you After all, we've become old friends during your stay here. Whether you knew it or not, almost every day of your school year you've used a product made by Olin Mathieson, or one that Olin Mathieson helped make Just read the list on the right, and you'll see what we mean. Once you're established in business or professional life you'll probably hear a lot more about Olin Mathieson A good many of you may have business with us. And a few of you may even come to work for us. There'll be room, because Olin Mathieson is growing. When Olin Industries, Inc., merged with the Mathieson Chemical Corporation in August, 1954, they brought together the skills, facilities and resources of two of the country's most rapidly expanding industrial organizations. You and the Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation will both be going forward, and we'll meet each other often as we do. Meanwhile, we extend our heartiest congratulations and good wishes on your graduation. May the future bring you everything you've hoped for and worked for. OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION New York, N. Y. - New Haven, Conn. - Baltimore, Md. - East Alton, III. for industry CHEMICALS Industrial chemicals Petrochemicals Agricultural chemicals METAL PRODUCTS Brass and other non-ferrous alloys, tabricoted parts and heat exchangers EXPLOSIVES Olin smokeless Ball Powder Industrial and military explosives Railroad torpedoes and fuseos Compressed air cool- breaking equipment PACKAGING FILMS Olin Cellophane and Polyethylene film PAPER PRODUCTS Cigarette and other fine papers Cigarette filters Endless woven belts Flax fibers MISCELLANEOUS Frost southern pine and hardwood lumber Ramset powder-actuated tools and fasteners Western kiln guns and ammunition Olin industrial dry cell batteries for agriculture COMPLETE FERTILIZERS NITROGEN FERTILIZERS PESTICIDES SANITIZING AGENTS SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS for the medical profession SOUIBB PHARMACEUTICALS Nutritionals Biologicols Glandular products Antibiotics Anaesthetics Pharmaceutical specialties SQUIBB VETERINARY PRODUCTS Antibiotics Other veterinary preparations consumer products WINCHESTER sporting fire- arms, ammunition and gun preparations WESTERN sporting ammuni- tion, skeet and trapshooting equipment SQUIBB household drug products and toiletries LENTHERIC perfumes and toiletries SUPER PYRO and U.5.I. PERMANENT anti-freeze PURITAN automotive spe- cialty products OLIN flashlights and dry cell batteries FROST outdoor furniture V3 4- 1- 4 if-f K H A 5 ISM V 4 Ely W . Upgjg-3xf'if311'5g ,Vg 2 Am g Y' WTETW , - ":f2.5I',g:I.', Wi 'fffw - :,: - -L M , K 5- , ' ,.jgEg5j:5 , 3.-sf-3 , A .' 'tl' ' ' gx . - - W F F' , ,m. gk, qw M 5 1 1 'Bw ww N' A K ff W' f uf Q5 NCQ? W f F , S YN, ' Q Nw CLIIWLIQM5 HISTORY OF THE HIGH SCHOOL BUILDINGS OF ALTON The year 1866 marks the opening of the first public high school in the' city of Alton. It began in the basement of the Unitarian. Church on Third Street as a two year high school. There were only a few students who went to the school and only simple types of learning were used. After a few years, the people became more educational-minded and in 1886. a new building was completed on Tenth and Alton Streets. This was a brick structure three stories high containing twelve rooms: costing about 540,000 and. at that time, it was considered one of the 'finest in the state. The upper floor was given over to the high school in which a three year course was taught. After sixteen years the people of the city again thought they were getting behind the times and con- structed what was at that time the latest thing for the buildings of a high school. In 1902, he Roosevelt build- ing. costing S50,000, on Sixth and Mechanic Streets. was ready for occupancy. This building was unsur- passed by any in many of the larger cities. It had a gymnasium, auditorium, library, lockers for all students, shops for manual training and mechanical drawing. Musical instruction was made available, and athletic teams were started. This new building had three floors and a gymnasium and cafeteria below. The TATLER for 1905 states, "Who could wish for anything more magnificent?" It was a fine building, and served its purpose well: but as the number of students increased, the school building became too crowded. The citizens of Alton again responded and a new senior high school was erected. The new building was started in 1926. It is con- structed on a large tract of land north of College Avenue in Upper Alton. The building faces west and is divided into four main parts, the auditorium on the south, the gymnasium on the north. the main building in the center, and the work rooms and the engine rooms north of the main building and east of the gymnasium. The campus of Alton High School is very attrac- tive. On the south a large semi-circle of grass extends to College Avenue. Shrubbery and trees are planted along the walks from the cen.ter door to the street. On the west of the building, the lawn gradually slopes to a line parallel to the gymnasium and audi- torium and then becomes a terrace to the parking lot. On the other side is a hill on which the present East Iunior High School building now stan.ds. As soon as a new East Iunior Building can be completed on Wash- ington Avenue the present East Iunior building will be- come a part of the High School. North of this is the Olin Vocational Building. The football field is north cf this and is lighted for night football games. This is the last year for the present football field' to be used. The 1955-56 season will see Alton's home games played in the new Alton Public Schools Stadium on State Street. Y ., . .1 .- ,. , .J-K '. -r-, H '-, .-.- . l V 1 X. w 4 ' - -' 1 . . ,Q ,, ,L E, ., , ., 31 53, - A I J '34 H 'lid L 1 . , i. , ,.z J f ,, .,.f 4 . .. 3- - W ff-'Q fr-- I ' wzliv'-g Rv.. Q A 1ze4.1V:f.. .Y .v,' '15-5'1lf ' 'O Y -- ,,.,.. . .. , ,.,..- ,-,.,,.,' , . F , - 4 591, , ,, guy-4' -s, .. .. - 4 - QI' -.F -' -, ,5. ,, g.-ra.-' ' . 's.-.- V 1 wut. .1 3.- , ,, ., X ,. .4 ,U . J4 " A . 4,4 I, .... , ,sw . - - - 5 . l..1-2 1 x Q ,' " up U ,,, -1. f 1A x ' it-jiyr ' v v., . :HI X VV , . . J f '- : a vx. 1 , ' '- vl ,H ."' '.' , : ,,- , 3 . v-. E X KJ 1 l 1, . . nc' ' ' . 'r U' -1, ' . ' " Z' ". ' , . I., .-,s.. , ! ' .. x A ' Y 5 . - , A , V' W A Y " A gf I ' ., - '. . , W V . .. , , ' ,. '-1 e rp X- ' 1 ' -' 1--' - 1 A. A Y V -. . - ,-A"'.. rf. ,' 4 'a , gg- - . .-' F 1 1 l ,bx ? i . -.q . A.. E ,v I - ! r Y 4 ,V l ' ff 9 q '4 , Y 1 I I - --W, 1 l, V , ' 5? if ' 5 I ' f , 2 ,f- -I ,I Ivwf, f" ,T ai? A !Q,, 1 M45 xt + N:-lr fxf was I QL -1 ? 'i. E ZR ifu- 1 Q ZA! g J f'f-Z QE Q fi" fy if5f A fi- X!! f X Z ji ggi Jk - - ' , X ff . f 221 5623 vf f , , ?7ffJf f 1 -I Q x y V,,f ,,,, E vw-H, Effjfff f 5 ffxgtglifix' - ff! ' 7 Ei v ffff! ff ,,.,-1 74-1 ", 2 +-lg,-1 Wy , 22:1 r6f1rf .. 4 Q, .fl Z . '- Qlxinx 'ox X Q 2 . X FAITH On its third and final departure for America in ' the year 1620, the good ship Mayflower carried the Pilgrims through the vast and unchartered turbulent waters of the Atlantic on their hazardous voyage to Plymouth Colony. Armed with slightly more than FAITH in themselves and God, they had left their homes and loved ones with a FAITH strong enough to sustain them through those first severe and trying winters in the new land -- an unwavering FAITH which was to build homes, churches and schools, clear the land, till the soil, unite the people in a mutual inter- dependence, fashion the first colonies, and give birth to a new nation with a foundation firmly enrooted in FA ITII. History tells us that years later the same FAITH made possible the revolt against arrogant rulers, hav- ing its culmination in the Boston Tea Party which fanned the flames of insurrection and kindled the spark of revolution by a Declaration of Independence, reconfirming their FAITH in the equality, liberties, and inherent rights of all men. Thus begun, with only unswerving I"AITH as a ruling guide, America's boundless wilderness was ex- plored, her deep rivers bridged, her fertile prairies and proud mountains spanned by rail and road, and a civilization reached still undreamed of by many nations of the world. , These things which today we take for granted were hard-earned by men of vision. courage. and FAITH. In recent years the world has been beset by two wars, and the upheaval and disturbed conditions that surround and follow such wide-spread catastro- phies provide the medium for distrustful thinking and a resultant lack of FAITH in other nations and other individuals. ' ' Yet, a moment's reflection on the past will show the greatness of America was built by the FAITH of individuals in God, FAITH in themselves, and FAITH in those honest men around them. This "FAITH" of which we speak made strong communities, strong sies, and a strong nation -- strong enough to survive the trials of time. But there is no standing still in the "America of Progress." and she will continue to progress through the vision, courage, and FAITH of her sons and daughters. May you be one of those who has and keeps that FAITH. owlrouunnaus Anal, nn-n 1 1-. llillln --iwnmhmm , 0 ,

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