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: 'E'.f2v.w1Lz? . . ,5 My lkfffm, 0 W. , 1 ljuwm ... .... - I W 1 WW. W I f .1:,.,,g, I I gu'ff" " - X., NTP, .ll V !1"' M4291 I 326 V. '?' 1 :T fJ'M'I7Q"' v 31? 4 gf: , 'P LL ,,,,, A U. I, 7V V 55 ' y 3 'ifif W ,- -:gfmfii v53W'r'gl4'1 .11 4. wpiglgrgf' 1 I?i,x:l3n5bA:.p6,',, , W X ! Jf ff" N X NW! f",yiY' ,TJ 1 ,fflf ff .,,.g N !x XZHZ -'fxE5 ,WEW5 " lull '67 1 2 ' A X if XJ. v 1' . MB -V45 Y .......... .. 4 1 E , fl A , . 1' l" S.lI4f' ffl 7 f V 7 4 ' r 9 'X -, 5 9 o l 4 1 1 I la ll i I 4 f Vi 54 Q ,fl "4 I , I l S"I ' U 9 H-4+ M, I 5 5 K refienfing fAe ft""1'n E. I e A ,A.q 1. D I II .Anon Senior Scdoof 2200 College Avenue ALTON, ILLINOIS it 5 E I Q .. , S ,JS + , V 1 Q ' A 5' V ' 'H ,,.,i , AY, Q K ' -I , W gi 6 I 'Z x ' ' "" x ' M . H A ..,... - , ' L 5, . .. .- , ' 3'-1 H wmv - W Z::: F if -Y 3 , ,M " , f ', f:-ws:-: e ---- . -' MM: 2, K 'f ' A v w , f y Q' .... I 'I q ' --bv " ' - 7 , + . . ,,x. Pfifffgyigkh :MEN -A ::-. Q F is www' A , fi' X7 5 if ag xifbfk SVA 5:5 'jT,4ti . ' ' x . A x 'a2m,4 X4 W V 4 an, y fl ' ' I. lf ..,, Q af- WW 135 N ,N ,, vim .sf ibm 'H WM ,W - A ggi- V ,gi , f A ,E v af: in mf y Y W 4 All X' N 1' A 'fm ,w N' ' . . J . liff? Q, f 1. If I . ,355 -. xv lar f? A ' , sk V A my ,, 1,2 1l""'w 59 in 'Sum' Hmoswu-yi W , Qf Aw f "" wtf fi fl 1 i if N Eh, 19 '14 i A umm ,A 4 I P 1 . u 'I , E, 1, N 4: PE Z -fl EE J h 5 "' 3 -'I 1: :P "" xl .,, 5 .... , :. ig A .s A J .X f i 4F 3? " : In 7" . 7' ff-' 1 ' I If ff -T. f 'NMMA-M , lg amlaud W l , ff - ' ffl, ' Y M I is gk" " I, .gfywfuzwg - ' ' A 4.1 --' iv f' ,...-.,........,.4..f,. -m.....u...1.-......-. ..- ..,,....--.........i ,,,-,..---gf-'f -w-E... ,,.1 ,ff -A ..T.,v-- ..,.....':N..:ff..w-,..,,., ,... .N ,,.,,.-f.--..-.,.......s, ,.., ,,, ,f f Mu ggi :ggi Q 1 x ,4 4 ' 7, Fife 4 H, 1 fag S, V fgfiw , AW 1361 if fffr'5. Q fn.. WNW uf """' ??9 i 1'W" 'N wwf - wx bf Q www M fi Q -1 hmWmSWQ N' ' gawk. ,W wlvys .A M 'ffgfvw HfX,1MQnNe..w.,A..WW,f,, I V 4 M -X ...wMWmQ4w.w,we-gww,M.. A W " Q. A W wwafWN,.,,, . Y P x .wmww , " M , X ,7 ",. A Q , , P-11, . . ,.,,,,,. , 4 M X. ' mn, . X fwwwgs. E ' am N. ,..' 44"-yd,-als-FN' g 5-:Lvl-,fl ' N! ,,,.w-""'T:i1l1f'?"M ' in,-v""' ..-1493, M' I in L,-,QE .... -' -.:Qf5-TF ' ' l . . -Lf1'fr,"1 1 I . six PM , .. g,u ,F 'P ,-ff-"T"J l 'W-., :'1-. ,, QQ..-"f-"QM, -P'-1" ',,, -'- ' n' ,Aa . 2-ff-V ' E" a if 5 . , ..., A, I ,,,.r .. f-,yrf ' , f- .1 -ey, ., rw x :T-P ,JE g . ,, 21' ,f f . ' ,Q Hr- ..-"' I ,,":i,.-il-'N' ,rf Y - ' -" - -:.".. " - 1- zf ' ' " , .wi QQQL,-A ,f v ' "f .N ' iff. .-1' I tag, ?g'a I" ' 'lawn -V! f..-'fi' ' e Q I -,ff -fr - 1, I '- A ,.p" ' . ,ff " , ,. fr -" " ui-'f' Y ' .f ff,-v ,f-mfs ' -nz ' .-f -4 ,.f,,: - -- ' ,af ,-- .f,1f'f" ' DEDICATION It is to the memory of the late Franklin W. Olin that we wish to dedicate our 1953 Tatler. Because of Mr. Olin's characteristic ability to recognize the needs of the present, as well as for his prophetic in sight into the future, he made it possible through the Olin Foundation to provide a thorough industrial and vocational education to the girls and boys of Alton by granting funds for the construction of the voca tional school which bears his name. As the first year of the school's operation draws to a close we have had opportunity to observe the advantages of an enlarged and enriched curriculum for the students of Alton High and the values obtained by adults in attendance at evening sessions The F. W. Olin Vocational School stands today as a symbol of Mr. Olin's strong faith in the youth of our community and the memory of this remarkable man will serve as a challenge to us for many years to come. MR. FRANKLIN W. OLIN 1860 .... 1951 The building begins to show 't is size and form. This was an interesting development in the new building and man a y gaze was, directed toward it by students in study halls from the academic building. A Great Man s Dream B ecomes Reality Mr. Iohn M. Olin is addressing the students and visitors who have met to participate in the cornerstone layin Q program in the high school auditorium on November 8, 1951. An important part of the corner- stone laying program. A metal box containing the following items is placed in the cornerstone: a resolution of Clin Foundation authorizing the build- ing of the school, a copy of the an- nouncement of the gift, copy of the edi- torial concerning F, W. Olin from the Alton Evening Telegraph, a list of the names of the students expressing their thanks to Mr. Olin for the gift, a list of the Directors of the Foundation, a copy of the program of the laying of the cornerstone, a list of the contrac- tors. a copy of the invitation for the laying of the cornerstone, Alton Public School Directory, and a copy of the National Apprenticeship Program. Vocational-Industrial Education Comes To Alton High Members of the Board of Education administrative staff and architect make an inspection of the new building in an early phase of its construction At the speaker's stand is Mr. Iames O. Wynn of New York City, a director of the Olin Foundation, Inc. This is the occasion of the dedication program at the dedication of the Olin Vocational Building, November 6, 1952. A group of visitors at the "open house" in the Olin Building on the evening of its dedication. A view of the first-floor hallway. This window display was prepared by the class in Distributive Education. Projects of this kind are regular training for those students who are interested in window trimming and its application to commercial use. A corner of the foods department in the F. W. Olin Vocational Building Two future homcinakers are busy with "Operation Culinary." A "hair-do" and a manicure are applied to an Alton High co-ed by a fellow student in the class in cosme- N' tology. A section of the Cosmetology Department where girls are trained in the most important phases of beauty culture. A typical class room scene in the Printing Department. A complete shop equipped with presses and type-setting machine and other modern equip- ment make up the Printing Department. Two students in a printing class are setting type by hand preparatory to the completion of a typography as- Signment. A arts drawing. portion of a clas s in industrial A view of the drawing table s ready for a class in drawin 9 A View of the Wood Working Department. Boys are engaged in projects in one of the Wood Shop classes. 4 This display case shows a number of metal projects made by the class in Sheet Metal. I 1. 'M-WM M af' :Aw WNQNXWMRKXQ , AQ Misxlww its l A A group of boys engaged in individual projects in the Sheet Metal course f WM-.WW My 4 lVlr. Banks is obviously explaining a complicated drawing problem in this picture while the boys in the drawing class are diverted by the Tatler photographer. "Under the hood" in an Auto Mechanics Class. A precision welding job done by this trio. is being A view of the Welding shop with six bo ys engaged in class projects Future machinists busy at work in the Machine Shop. An intricate piece of work being turned on the lathe which invites ob- servation by four members of the Machine Shop class. Mr. C. R. Vlfright, Administrative Assistant in charge of vocational edu- cation is shown here in his office in the Clin Building. Mrs. Thelma Ran- dolph if: the office secretary. lllllllllllm . I i 1 li D These boys are operating the electric panel board in connection with their class in Electricity. hip. V A, ' P' Cfffxvvv S ' , jo"""A,f w 13, Q W an li ,Q .js .,-.-f fu -A V, F 2: X .Q . ,F Q M,,,.ff" . 5 ii,i fff ' J O tl 'A . K' P 'J3:r'F . A. N 43,91 W-1-..+ , , M? KWSN-xx, ..,. aff N- I K an . ww, ,. Nw , .. 2 W ww A W w W K ' qwmmqgr Q NNW X .. XY N X Y W X' if x W , 22 X Sv Na- isa b 6' Y ' fb Y N M x ik N sw X , X , X Y X V, ..., I I :'z..vy,, V AI , V .m.,...q,,.,,.Q:f' L . Iii N DR. R. B. LYNN, President aan! of gfcluca fion We are grateful to the public spirited men who comprise our Board of Education for their time and efforts in our be- half. Dr. R. B. Lynn, a prominent and successful surgeon is president, having served in that capacity for a time under the Alton District No. 151. In Iuly of 1952. when the new Alton Community Unit District No. ll went into operation Dr. Lynn was again elected as president, Mr. G. L. Davis, Purchasing Agent of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, is Secretary of the Board. Mr. C. R. Free- man, Administrator of Alton Memorial Hospital as a member of the Board is Director of Personnel. Mr. R. L. Goulding, President of E. H. Goulding Co. is Director of Building and Grounds. Dr. C. I. Hemphill, dentist, is Director of Health and Safety. Mr. Middleton, attorney, is Director of Curriculum. Mr. E. P, Waterhoiise, Purchasing Agent, Alton Box Board Co. is Director of Public Relations. This group of capable, conscientious, and hard working men not only gives a considerable amount of their energy and time to the formulation of policies needed for the present efficient operation of the Alton school system but are also engaged in anticipating the future educational needs of the youth of the community. This was clearly demonstrated by the presentation of their building program to the voters of the school district early in February and receiving from them a decisive and encouraging endorsement of all their proposals. We are justifiably proud of these men who are working steadily toward the progressive advancement of the educational system of Alton and who are so strongly motivated in their efforts for our own improvement and for those who will graduate from Alton High in the years which lie ahead. A MEETING OF TI-IE BOARD OF EDUCATION: Fi-om left to right: Dr. C. Hemphill, Mr. C. R. Freeman, Mr. G. L. Davis, Superintendent I. B. Iohnson. Dr. R. B. Lynn, Mr. R. I.. Goulding, Mr. Middleton, and Mr. E. P. Waterhouse. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS B, IoHNsoN B. Ed., Southern Illinois University M.A., University of Illinois Folmer Photo As we near the time cf graduation from Alton Senior High School and the end of our school days in the Alton system, believe it or not, we are beginning to have our reflective moments. Amd as we pause to think of what the schools of our home town have meant to us. we naturally think of the fun we have had - - even though we might have complained of a "tough" assignment now and then. We realize, too, in our more serious moods the many educational opportunities and advantages we have had which were denied our grand- parents, and even our parents. Consequently, it is in this connection that we think of the persons who were able to recognize our educational needs and who worked so diligently toward their attainment, When we consider individuals our thoughts turn to Mr Iohuson whom 'ill of us have known and respected during his years as Superintendent. We have had the o ortinit t ' PP 1 Y 0 observe that through Mr. Iohnson's administration, advancements have been made in every field of school activity, and with the intelligent and progressive support of competent men on the Board of Education, and an energetic administrative staff great strides hav b . . e een taken toward making the Alton school system and now the new community unit district. the best in the State of Illinois. Because of Mr. Iohnson's dynamic leadership and pleasing personality, his firm grasp of the knowledge of school operation and management. and his sincere. conscientious, and hard-working efforts toward the completion of a job well-done, we have no doubt that the Alton Unit District is destined to become an outstanding school system in the Nation. We are pleased to loin the many hundreds who have rad t d d . g uae ur- ing Mr. Iohns0n's superintendency in expressing our deepest gratitude for his contribution toward the educational advancement of our schools in general and toward our own, as students, in particular. Foliner Photo MR. IOHNSON MEETS WITH ASSISTANTS AND SUPERVISORS Left to right: Donald Keil, Horace Wollerman, Lloyd D. Norman, Elise C. Kohlmann, Raymond Ready, Macy Pruitt, P. L, Woods, B. Iohnson, E. M. Leamon, C. R. Wright, Bernice Williamson, Louise Anthony, Guy Duker, lane Henry, Loyd Carson. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF AND SUPERVISORY PERSONNEL The Administrative Staff of the Alton Community Unit School District is composed of competent men and women who are import- ant factors in the efficient and successful oper- ation of the schools. Mr. Keil is the school engineer: Mr. Wol- lerman is Director of Audio-Visual Education: Mr. Norman, Director of Counseling and Guidance: Mrs. Kohlmann, Supervising Nurse: Mr. Ready, Administrative Assistant in charge of Elementary Curriculum: Mr. Pruitt, Admin- istrative Assistant in charge of Iunior and Senior High Curriculum, Mr. Woods. Chief Custodian: Mr. Iohnson, Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Wright, Administrative Assist- ant in charge of Vocational Education: Miss Williamson, Director of Art: Miss Anthony, Director of Libraries: Mr. Duker, Director of Music: Miss Henry. Director of Home Econ- omics and Lunch Service: and Mr. Carson, Rural Supervisor. PRINCIPAL After serving as Assistant Principal of Alton High for the past two years, Mr. Davis was elevated to the Principalship when Mr. Pruitt became an administrative assistant to Superintendent I. B. Iohnson. In connection with his duties in his former position, we had opportunity to know Mr. Davis and to realize that the school would continue to be in strong and capable hands in his new position, As Principal of Alton High, Mr. Davis has demonstrated capable administrative leader- ship and a thorough knowledge of the many facets connected with the operation of a large high school. Since this is the first year of the operation of the F. W. Olin Vocational School. Mr. Davis has had the additional responsibility of coordinating the vocational and industnial curriculum into the academic and the arrange- m-ents of student class schedules. In extra curricular activities, Mr. Davis has given en- couragement to the development of stu-dent initiative and responsibility. Stern when the occasion demands it but kindly, tolerant, and considerate in his relationships with students and teachers are familiar characteristics of Mr. Davis. G. C. DAVIS B.S., Iames Millikin University M.S., University of Illinois DEANS off s W ,.-. il - ' Mr. Iackson has opportunity to meet and to know nearly all the boys .. f'if.ffl'ff" "'1 T "':',' ,' f I "i" f in school since, in his position as Dean of Boys, all absences are cleared through his office. During the course of a school year many problems of boys, of one kind or another, are ironed out by Mr. lack- son whose dominating motive is to do the right and fair thing for the boys and the school. As Director of Athletics. Mr. Iackson is kept quite busy in the ad- ministration of the athletic programs of the school. Miss Teter is responsible for the clearing of all girls' absences from school. In her counseling capacity, Miss Teter is deeply concerned with the solu- tion of any girls' problems during the year. Miss Teter has given. splendid service in the program of educational guidance as liason between college rep- resentatives who call at the school and the students who are planning to enter college. Miss Teter is sponsor of a strong service organization in the school - - the Girls' Council. LEONA B. TETER Dean of Girls RAY L. IACKSON Dean of Boys MR. IuREz1z, MR. HARLAN, MR. F1Tzc.1BBoN In Taylor student and the colleges. REGISTRAR her postition as Registrar Mrs. is responsible for the filing of grades in the permanent files sending of student transcripts to universities, and employers who Mr. Fitzgibbon, Mr. Iureziz, and Mr. Harlan have been engaged this year in carrying out an extended counseling and guidance program in the high school. Their services have proved an invaluable aid to many students in the solution of their educational and vocational problems. Because of their earnest and conscientious efforts, the students are better quali- fied to know their own abilities and limitations and to work in the direction for which they are suited best. The construc- tion of counseling offices last summer have aided the coun- selors in the conduct of conferences with individual students with a minimum of interruptions. COUNSELING demand them of job applicants. She is also in charge of the business office and is responsible for its smooth-running op- eration in the performance of many school duties throughout the year. Mrs. Taylor is friendly and helpful and has been instrumental in giving the same spirit to the atmosphere cf the office itself. MRS. DoR1s TAYLOR Registrar GEORGE ABNER elding S., Eastern Kentucky State College A., University of Ky. ELMA BECKER smetnlogy n Lux Beauty Academy. San Francisco I ntral and Kitzmillcr Beauty Colleges. Alton acuflg IRMA L. ALLEN English, lournalism BS., Culver-Stockton Col- lege M.A,, Washington U. ZAE P. BIRKHEAD Sheet Metal B,Ed., Illinois State Nor- mal University NLS., University of Illinois RUTH BACHIVIAN History, Government A.B., Shurtleff College A.M., Washington U. CLARA BLACKARD French, Spanish - A.B., University nf Illinois A.M.. University of Illinois s Q43 it N t fit S g Es tl Y' K GEORGE EUGENE BAILEY English. Speech. Drama B.A., Shurtleff College IVI.A., Washington U. ROY BOLEY Art' ' B.Ed., Eastern Illinois State College M.A., Colorado State College DOROTHY BUERKLE Shorthand, Typing IAME5 C. BANKS Drawing HS., Bradley University NLS., Bradley University IOIIN O. BRLINO Sociology, History A.B., Shurtlvff College A.IVI., University of Illinois B.S.. Southwest Mo. State College A.M., University of Missouri DORCAS L. CAMPBELL Biology Berea College A.B.. LOYD T. CARR English B.A., Washington University M.A., Washington University NELL IEAN CASEBIER Home Economics B.S., University of Illinois EDGAR A. COOK English A.B., Syracuse University IRENE V. DEGENHARDT English Ph,B.. University of Chicago NI.A.. Columbia University GCU. KENNETH DENISON Woodworking B.S.. Western Illinois State College ALICE M. GATES Mathematics Ph,B., Shurtleff College f MARGARET HALL Librarian HOMER F. ELY Office Occupations B.l'Vl,E., Illinois Wesleyan University M.S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal U. PAUL I. GLAESER Agriculture B,Ed,. Illinois Normal U. B.S., University of Illinois A.lVI.. Washington U. A.B., Shurtleff College FRKNK H. HARLAN Counseling B.S. in Ed.. University of Missouri A.lVI., University RALPH HENDRIX Business Education of Michigan B.S., Greenville College IVI,C.S., Indiana University M.S. in Ed., Indiana University SHIRLEY HOPPER Clothing B.S., Western Illinois State College ERNEST HOWARD Spanish B,A,. University of Texas A.M., University of Illinois ETHEL INGLES Shorthand, Typing A.B., Greenville College ELIZABETH FELDEWERTH Typin 9 B.S. in Ed., Central Mis- souri State College ANNA GOLDSBERRY Latin A.B., Illinois College A.M., Iowa State Univer- sity THOMAS I. FITZGIBBON Counselin EI B.S., Western Illinois State College NLS., Western Illinois State College EUNICE GROVER Industrial Sewing Instructor, Portnoy Gar- ment Co. Co-Ed Erock Co.. Hadley Vocational School, St, Louis. IULIA C. FOSTER Health, Physical Educa AB., Washington U. A.lVI., Washington U. MILDRED HALBRUEGGE Health. Physical Educa B.S.. Ursinus College 3' I g li 1.2.1--lf N "". - i ,,.,EA.,, ,A vi f I ' Q V, is fx 'NUS' wg RAY L, IACKSON Deon of Bovs, Athletic Dlrvntor A.B.. Salem College A.IVl,, Colorado State Col- lege, Iiclucation LLOYD C. LEITER Arrh. Drawing, Voc. Drnlling B.S.. Bowling Green Uni- versity lVl.A., Columbia University ANTON IUREZIZ. IR. I'i,S,. Universiiy of Illinois M.S.. University of Wis- eonsin DONALD F. LEVVIS English Ph.B.. Shurtlell College A.lVI.. Llnivernirv of Mis- souri 'GW ' 1 -Jw J ADA KLL lVI.iIhem:itirs BS., Llniversirv lVl.S.. Universitv IRENE LIEBIG llonir Economies B.Iicl.. Illinois State Nor- nl.ll Ilniversitv lVI.S,, Iowa Smile College IAMES ll. NIQIJONALD Auto IVIeehelnlL'S wlm' F 6lClfL f RALPH VV. KOBER Hiologv B.I-.du Illinois Stun- Nor- nml Ilniversitx' A.lVI,. Ilniversitv of Mich- ignn I-2AI.PlI IVIICLAIN Ilswlllh IIS.. lVIuir.w State College M.A., Nlurrilv Stole College B.S, in lid., Central Missouri State College DONALD MALONEY Elevtririty B.S., Br-nllev Ilniversllv IULIUS S. NIARTI Ilistory, Economies 4 . 5 ' AB.. University of Illinois A.M., University ol Illinois 'U DOROTHY MAXFIELI7 Home Economies A.B., lVlaCIVIurrny College IVI.A.. Columhin Ilnixersirv RAY MURFIN Band BS., Northeast Missouri Stare College M.A., University of Miehigan FRANCES IVI, MIITZ Sehool Nurse G.N., R.N,, Proxiclenee Ilospitul Certified Puhlie llvulth Nuremf. C- Muffy LUTIIER L, MYERS LALIRETTA G. PAUL Ilustory Engllsh AB.. Bull Smlc 'llcurlwrs 'hurthlf Colle Q A.B.. 5 ' g Cnlltgn' IVLA., Columlwm Llnxvcrsliy NLS., Imlizmn Unlversiry GRACE ELLEN REED CELESIIA REIF Iiusxnvsv Arithmetic Ilrzuctuul Nursxng AB., Slxurtlclf College BS. In Puhlnc Ilculth ll-'I.A.. llnlvvrmrv of lllinniu Nursing SI. Lrwuls ll. NIiAI. SCI I MELZEI. History. Geography I5 S lu Ilal Suulluurn lllmma Llulwrslly in VVushi1gtnn llnivcrsuy MARY SIDWIELL Interior Dcworntinn B.S.. Southeast Nlxssuurl Stalls: C-:III-ge NLS., Iowa Starr College CHARLES B. STIIDLIEY Physlcnl Eduunliun. Cuarhing BS., Llmvcreitv of Illinois IEVVELL IJ. SLI'I1IlERI.ANI3 Engllsh B.A.. Shurtlrff College M.A., Inclmna Llnivcrsltv DORIS TAYLOR Rcgistrzu' B.S., VVrsIcrn lllumls Slut? Cnllegc NLS. NVcswrn Illmous State College LEONA B. 'l'E'I"ER Dean of Girls. General Science rx Q Nmfh,-.we Mlswun Sure Cnllcgc ELEANOR PERRY ELGIE POSEY English Physical Educatlon, Coach- A.B.. College of Emporia ing B.A., Culver-Smflcton College OPAL A. RENNER DORIS RUE Englifih Ch-xml Dlrvftor BS.. University of Mis- I5.lVI., lVIaxlVIlu'r.1v College Sllllfl ,I ::. :g Q A ' , Q 5 I A ,gm .. LI' wwf' "Zin-1... .... .. . .. " '75 9 .F .,.,., .... ...,. I , I., L ,a!?2f,,xI,,,w-V K ,s '5":'D'. -ar.. ' A 1:1 A . .... , ZA A .... - . f Ymilf 1 - ' -W.-.A 7 wi K 2:2 IOSEPH l, RALLO Ilxstory, Drxvvr Eclucat B.S., Shurlleff Collrgv NLS., Llnivrrsltv of Illin IVIILDREIJ RLITLIEDG lfuqliSl1 A.H.. Shurtlcff Coll:-gc ww' Aw-wr' DEWl'l'T A. THOMAS hemazics ., Missouri Valley Col- ge I.. Washington U. ALTER W. WILLIS als ll. Southern Illinois niversity ., University of Illinois MARGARET TIBBITTS Shorthand, Typing B.E.. Illinois Slate Normal University M.A., University of Illinois SHIRLEY WINTERROTH printing B.S, in Ed., Illinois State Normal University ROBERT WATSON Machine Shop A.B., Shurtleff College LEO M. WOOLS Chemistry A.B., Arkansas College B.S., M.A., University Texas C-afllfty CATHERINE WETTEROTH English B.A., Washington Ll. M.A.. Washington Ll. BARBARA ZELLER Business Education B.A., Shurtleff College M.A., University of Illinois ROBERT B. WHITE Distrihutive Education B.S.. University of Illinois MARGARETHA ZELTMAN History B.S., University of Illinois OFFICE STAFF Any day in the week the high school office is one of the busiest places in the school. In the mornings, teachers check the bulletin boards and their mail boxes, and students enter for one pur- pose or another. All through the day the office staff is engaged in serving those who enter and in attending their office duties to which they have been assigned. We are grateful to them for their cooperation and helpfulness. Seated at desk in foreground. Mrs. Loretta Edwards: Mrs. Doris Taylor at typewriter: Mrs. Ruth Yindrak Starbuck at mimeograph: Mrs. Dolores Roos at switchboard. lr ' STAFF OF HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA The successful operation of the hlgh school caf- eteria is due in no small part to the efficient leader- ship and supervision of Miss Mary Slidwell in coop- eration with Miss lane Henry who is Director of Home Economics and Lunch Service in the Alton school system. Meal times may be irregular some- times at our own homes - - but they are never so in the high school cafeteria. The theatrical expres- sion "The show must go on" may be paraphrased "The lunch must go on!" Thanks to Miss Sidwell and her corp of efficient assistants, the lunch schedule is maintained and good food is provided five days in the week. MARY SIDWELL This group of women is devoted to the task of preparing and serving lunch for the students of both the East Iunior and Senior High Schools. Needless to say huge quantities of food are prepared daily. Because of skillful management and organization the serving d l'k clockwork and because the food is well-prepared and sold to the students procee s 1 e - and teachers at nominal cost the high school cafeteria has won the approval of all. First Row: Mrs. Penrose, Mrs. Whittleman, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Strader. Second Row: Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. Hock, Mrs. Bruck. Third Row: Mrs. Hughson, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. D-evitz, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Ewing. Iohn Bennett, William Smart, Emil Budde, Otto Sheffel, lames Crawford. O. B. Ioncs is in charge of the custodial staff. CUSTODIANS For "trouble shooting" and keeping the school clean, neat, and orderly the custodial staff plays an im- portant part in the operation of the school. "House- keeping" from day to day provides a steady grind of activities - - all cf which are responsible for the at- tractive appearancc of the Alton High School building. MRS. LuCY Coox Furnace Room EVERTON WATSON, ARTHUR MCDONALD .lm . up, 3.-J Lrjl ,. 17-' if , lx gf." W lj.fJ is-' X xl' Wil G Tj lr ' , x: gif to ill S r l " ,1 'W ' 1-A' f -.L 'f 'ill XR lj! Q 0 li OJ! ll,' IN ll JL, ' SENIORQICLASS QEFICERS , ' .Q ' 'il S L v 21 lxkfllj la V 23- Y V N XY .J lL' 'xv ' 'xl If 0 QD' - C, ,lf " ' L' WL, A ' l., lx P5 -' if ,Q ' , . 1 cl .' ' X fe' :xi ,' 1' hx- A1 X? 'lxhgelection of Senior Class officers is a tradi- tion at Alton High School. They are elected by both Ianuary and Iune classes and their main purpose is to serve as the link between student body and faculty. The principal and the deans depend on these officers to help them with many matters con- cerning the students. One of the chief functions of the class presidents is to receive the cane and chain in the commencement program. TOM MARQUIS, president of the june class BOB BAKER horus: Patrol: Foot- all: F.D.A, EDWYNA BAKER Girls Council: Stu- dent Council, 52: Tat- ler Staff: F.B.L.A.: Main Office Assist ant: Pep Club: Ir. Achievement. TWA CAROLYN BARKER Patrol: 4th Maid to Football Queen: Stu- dent Council. Seniors KATHY ACKERMAN F.N.A.: Chorus: Clinic Assistant: Student Council: Latin Club: LINDA ALDRIDGE Pep Club. Editor of the Times, 52, 53: National Honor Soc-iety lVp. 521: Girls Council fSec.j: Student Council: Chorus: French Club fTreas.l: Ir. Red Cross fSec.J: Cam- era Club QTreas.l: Achievement. BILL ALEXANDER Zonta Club: Iunior National Honor Society: Basketball: Span- ish Club: Patrol. EILEEN ANDREWS BARBARA ANTROBUS Chorus. IUNE BACON Spanish Club: Chorus IACK BACLIS Football 50, 51, 52. FAYE BALL Patrol. ALICE BALLARD F.H.A.: French Club: ment. MARY HELEN BARKLEY F.B.L.A.: Latin Club: Main Office Assist- ant: Library Assistant. Band: Ir. Achieve- LUCILLE BARKSDALE Phyllis Wheatley Y Teens: F.H.A. Seniors ROBERT BARNWELL National Honor Society: Senior Play: Chorus. BETTY SUE BARTLETT Student Council: Library Assistant: Red Cross: F.B.L.A.: French Club: Latin Club: Ir. Achievement. . LOWELL BELITTEL ANNA BERNT Latin Club. CHRISTINE BENTON Ir. Red Cross: Ir. Achievement. LOUISE BELL F.I-I.A.: Ir. Achievement: Girls Athletic Association. WILLIAM BECKI-IAM IIM BLAKE Football 50, 51, 52, CCapt.l: Track, 50: Boys' Cabinet: Lettermans Club: "l9" Club: Student Council: Student Patrol. IIM BOURLAND Baseball Sl, 52, 53. IAN BOOTEN GENE BOSAW Majorette 50, 51, 52. Track, Baseball. .film we . J S l , SHIRLEY BOPP IANICE BONNELL ROBERT BRANDS F,D.A. fSec.l: Stu- Latin Club: Chorus: dent Council: Ir. Red National Honor S0- Cross: Ir. Achieve- ciety. ITICUY. 9 inf 42 3 E si if 5 N is Q Q 2 li I ,S Q is Q yum' BQTLER F. B. L: A.: Chorus: Cafeteria Worker. 'xc I , ., MAXINE BUHS Library Assistant: Ir. Red Cross. DELORES BUDDE National Honor Soci- ety: Band: F.N.A.: Ir. Achievement: Code Class: F.'I'.A.: Chess Club: Stamp Club: Gym Office. Seniors RONNIE BRACHT WILMA BRICKER Office Occupation Club. BARBARA BRIDGEMAN F.I'I.A.: lr. Red Cross. PAULINE BROCKMEYER F,N.A.: F.H.A.: Ir. Achievement. DEAN BROWN Track: Baseball: Chorus: Student Patrol. IOYCE BROWN Office Occupation Club: Spanish Club: F.N.A.: Latin Club. MARION BROWN Pep Club: F.D.A.: Chorus: Ir. Red Cross. ORVILLE BROWN Tatler Staff-Photog.: Times Staff: Student Patrol: Camera Club, pres.: Ir. Achieve- ment. VELIVIA BROWN F.B.L.A.: F.I'I.A.: Ir. Achievement. VIRGINIA OLIVIA BUCHANAN CARROLL Big "AH: F.B.I..A. Office Occupations Seniors SHIRLEY CARR Office Occupations: Latin Cfub: F.B.L.A. HENRY CAIRNS Office Occupations: Big A: Cholusf' DONNA CAPPS F.H.A.: Office Occupations: Ir. Red Cross. RITA CANNON FRANK CAMPBELL ' Rifle Club: Student Patrol. REID CHILDERS Tatler Staff: Football 50, 51, 52: Boys C a b i n e tg Baseball: Basketball, Soph: Chorus: Student Patrol. SHIRLEY CHRISTOPHER F.N.A.: Nurse's Assistant: Dean's Assist- antg Ir. Achievementg Pep Clubg Latin Club. MARGARET CLARK F.H.A. PHYLLIS CLAYTON ORNEICE DONALD CHARLES CHARLES WAYNE COOK CLENDON COLEMAN COLLIER CONNOUR Baseball 52, 53. Phyllis Wheatley Y- Student Patrol. Teens: Library Assist- ant. Mis ALICE DANIEL BETTE DAVIS BOB DAVIS atler Staff: F.'I'.A.: F.H.A. Football: Trackg Car- ain Office Assist- ver High-Y. .tg Library Assist- ,tz Pep Club, Pres.: -Achievement. Seniors IAMES COPE Student Council: Spanish Club: Band. RO1N COWAN Trackih Student Patrol. IIM COX Track: Chorus: Spanish Club: Ir. Achieve ment. DICK CRANE Ir. Achievement: Smiley Hi-Y: Chorus Student Patrol, IOAN CRAWFORD Library Assistant: F.N.A. BILL CRESS JAUNITA CRUM Student Council F.H.A.: F.B.L.A.: Student Patrol: Library Assistant: Ir. Achievement. MARLENE CURRY IOHN CLISHMAN Basketball 52. 53: Baseball 51, 52, 53: Crcissi Country 51, 52: Student Council: Football, Soph.: Red 8 Gray Hi-Y: Big A: Golf: Chorus: Camera Club. DALE DICK National Honor Soci- ety: Office Assistant: Spanish Club: Chess Club: Stamp Club. SALLY DITTERLINE ffiiifw, Seniors PAT DOMAN D. E. Club: Library Assistant: Latin Club: Chorus: Ir. Red Cross. GERALD DOOLEY IAUNITA DOOLEY Latin Club: F.D.A.: Chorus: Library As- sistant. WANDA DOUGLAS Student Patrol: Gym ROBERT DRAKE Track. LOUIS DREITH Boys' Cabinet, Pres.: dent Council: F.D.A. Assistant: Football, 50. visa E IIM DLINAWAY National Honor Society: Tatler Staff, Cir. Mgr.: Student Patrol: WANDA DUNAWAY National Honor Society: Office Occupa- tions, Sec.-Treas.: Student Council: F.B.L. A.: Ir. Achievement, VELMA DUVALL D.E. Club: F.N.A.: Student Patrol: Chorus: Spanish Club. CAROL DYE Pep Club. Office. Big A, Pres.: Stu- Chairman: Dean's Ir. Achievement. BARBARA PAUL HAROLD EADES GORDON DYKEMAN DYKEMAN EARLY Chorus D.E. Club. Office Occupations Rifle Club. Ir. Achievement.. IAMES FIGGE GALEN FINES EUGENE J Clfibi Student FISHER unci . Seniors DANA EASTMAN Tatler Staff, Editor: National Honor So- ciety, Pres.: Thespians, Treas.: Dramatic Club: Student Council. 51, 52: Senior Play: Ir. Rotarian: Track Mgr., 51: Big A: Letterman's Club. NANCY EDE Office Occupations Club. V. Pres.: If Achievement. V CAROLYN EDWARDS Latin Club: D.E. Club: Chorus. IOANN EISENREICH F.H.A.: Student Patrol: Gym Office. TERRY ELLIOTT ALBERT EPPERHEIMER BILL FABIANIC Thespians, Pres.: Chess Club. Pres.: Radio Club, Pres.: Dramatic Club: Science Club, Pres.: Latin Club, Pres.: Band: Chorus: Red E1 Gray Hi-Y: Rifle Club. NANCY FAIRLESS ILMA FARNBACH Office Occupation: Main Office Assistant. CARMEN IOAN F ITZHLIGH National Honor Soci- ety: Football Queen, 52: Dream Girl, 52: F.N.A., V. Pres. C1 Pres.: Cheer Leader, 51-52, 52-53: Student Council: Girls Coun- cil: Latin Club: Clinic Helper: Chorus. FLEMING Seniors CHARLES FORD National Honor So 52: 53: Tatler Staff: Chorus: 52: Student Counci RICHARD FOSTER 1, 51, 52. D.E. Club: Chorus. FRANK FRANKFORD F.F.A.: Cafeteria Worker. IOHN FREEMAN MARCELLA FRY Chorus: F.H.A. CAROL FRYE Student Council: O Chorus: Pep Club. BESSLE FURLOW SHIRLEY GADDY ffice Occupations Club: Office Occupations Club: F.N.A.: Latin Club: Office Worker. MARY ANN GALLOWAY Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens: Chorus. ciety: Ir. Achievement, Baseball, 51, BILL GARVER DON GEHRKE MARY GENTELIN Thespians: Dramatic Camera Club: Science Club: Chorus: Camera Club: Office Worker. Club: Ir. Achievement 6 K S MARIORIE GOLENOR Chorus: Girls Chorus: Student Council: Of- fice helper: Patrol: F.N.A. TOM GRADY Track: Football. if W :rl 1 S st 1 Seniors RUTH GRAVES F.H.A. ELIZABETH GREEN Girls Council: Tatler Staff: French Club. V. Pres.: Student Council: Chorus: Pep Club: Ir. Achievement. HAROLD GREEN GENE GVILLO F.F.A., Sec. BEVERLY GUMM F.B.L.A., Pres.: Chorus: Student Council: Ir. Achievement: Maid to Football Queen: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Girls Chorus. HARRY GUSTINE Football, 50, 51: Cross Country, 52: Track, 50, 51, 52: Times Staff: F.F.A.: Cafeteria Worker: Student Patrol: Ir. Red Cross: Latin Club: Science Club: Senior Play. I ELLEN GWILLIM ' G Thespian: Dramatic Club: Band: Ir. Red ' Cross: F.B.L.A.: F.N.A.: Latin Club: Chess Club: Ir. Achievement: Pep Club. I qi PATRICIA HAKE BILL HALFORD VI HALFORD IACK HALL NANCY HARLOW IONA IANE NORMAN HAYES ball, Soph.: Stu- Big A: F.D.A. Band: F,B.L.A.: Of- HATTEN Baseball: Chorus. Crlouncil: D. E. fice Occupations: Pep F.H.A. , reas. Club: Big A. Seniors EARL HAZELWONDER F.F.A.: Patrol. CHARLES HEARN SHERRY HEATON Football, 51, 52: Basketball, 51, 52. 53: Track, 52, 53: Boys Cabinet: Student Council: 19 Club. IAMES HEIL Football, 50, 51, 52: Track. 52: Dramatic Club: Thespian: Times Staff, Adv. Mgr.: Senior Play: National Honor Society: Boys Cabinet: Student Council. SHARON HENDERSON Chorus: F.H.A. BETTY HENDRIX National Honor Society, Sec.: D-A-R Award: Girls Council: Head Majorette: Band, Treas.: Student Council, V. Pres.: Gym Office: 19 Club. BOB HENRY Science Club: Spanish Club: Patrol: Cam- era Club: Student Council. EUGENE HERREN Football, Soph.: Track, Soph. GERALD HERREN Football: Track. DON HILLER YVONNE HOLMAN Band: lr. Achieve- ment: Phyllis Wheat- ley Y-Teens. 5. .. V F EDMOND HORD Student Council: Band: Basketball: Baseball: Red 8 Gray Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Dance Band. BUDDY HOOK Student Council, Pres. Football, 50, 51, 52 Co-Capt.: Boys' Cab- inet: Track, 50: Let- terman's Club. ANITA HORN National Honor Sc ety: Tatler Sta Thespians: Drama Club: Band: F.B.L. Ir. Achievement: I in Club: Chess C11 'li .' X. ll 1.0 I 1 4 . .. fn- . A Seniors TED HRABAK Student Council: Cross Country: Baseball: Boys' Cabinet: Patrol. ROGER HULL :.tHr"""'5.. ETTY IONES CHARLOTTE IONES ROY KALIFMANN Science Club: Radio Club: Patrol: Iunior Achievement. . ' 1 19 Club: Band: Student Council: Dance Band: Dramatic Club: Science Club: Latin Club. GERALD HLITCHINSON CHARLOTTE ISAACS HAROLD ISAACS Chorus. IOYCE ISAACS Chorus: Main Office Assistant: Dean's Assistant: Senior Play: Student Patrol: Student Council: Camera Club: Library Assistant: Latin Club: Science Club. RUBY IACOBS Chorus. DON IOHANN RONALD IOHNSON IACK KEITH MAURICE KENNEDY Football, 50. 51: Track, 50. 51, 52: Chorus: Lctterman's Club: Science Club. Seniors HAROLD KILLEBREW PAT KIRKPATRICK Advanced Chorus: Tatler Staff: Iunior Achievement: Pep Club: Spanish Club. BERTHA KITZMILLER Office Occupation: F.B.L.A.: Ir. Achieve- ment: Pep Club: Chess Club. ROBERT KLASING IOHN KOLDITZ Patrol, Capt.: Football, Mgr.: Baseball, Mgr.: Chorus: Camera Club: Radio Club: Chess Club: Student Council. ARTHUR KosH1NsK1 Golf: Basketball, Mgr.: Ir. Achievement. CLAYTON KRUG F.F.A.: Spanish Club: Band. CAROLE IEAN LACHNER F.H.A.: Dean's Assistant. ANNE LAGEMAN Tatler Staff: Main Office A s s i s t a ri t: Chorus: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: F.T.A.: F.B.L.A.: Library Assistant: Times Staff, Typist. SONNY LAMB Spanish Club: lunior Achievement: Christ- mas Program: Golf. 53: Science Club. VERNON LANGER Ir. Achievement. IERRY LANTZ Football: Band: Chor- us: Basketball: Latin Club: Science Club: Dramatics Club: Ir. Red Cross. WILLIAM LAUCK I V.,k lg N DELORES LALIRCIELLZ National Honor E ety: Student Cou Chorus: Office A: ant: Pep Club. . -x X it A Q e R c, I- A .. SHI? 4321 , ,R .....,....N. ..., x,..x t .,,..... , . : ":: In vk..... "-:f - ws.,-N.-yy! b ENOLD LOHR MONTE LOVVE LeROY LUCK i: Office Occupa- Student Council. : lr. Achievement. Seniors JAMES LAux Student Patrol. DICK LAWRENCE FRANCES LAYTON F.B.L.A.: Office Occupations: Chorus: Student Council: lr. Red Cross: Camera Club: Ir. Achievement. VINCENT LEADY Ir. Achievement: Camera Club: Chess Club: Student Patrol. NANCY LEONARD Advanced Choir: Girls Chorus: Chorus: French Club: F.B.L.A.: Patrol. CHARLES LESSNER lr. Achievement. RUBY LEWIS Tatler Staff: Ir. Red Cross: F.H.A.: Chorus: Ir. Achievement, MARION LOBBIG ROBERT LOFTS National Honor Society: National Thes- pian Society: Tatler Staff: Chess Club: Camera Club: Dramatic Club: Latin Club: Dean's Office: Main Office Assistant. DONALD LUDDEKE French Club: Iunior Achievement. :Sm IACK LUSK Football, 51, 52: Crolf,i 52. 53: Band: Dramf atic C l u by Science Cl u br Lettermarfs Club: Student Patrol: 19 Club. Seniors DAN LUTES Football, 51, 52: Student Patrol: 19 Club: Student Council: Boys' Cabinet: Letter- I A mans Club: Senior Play: Football, Soph.. . ., V 50. ! I: 'f W-it BERNIE MALSON 'Q Golf. TOM MARQUIS Football, 52: Basketball, 50, 51, 52: Base- ball, 50, 51, 52: President, Senior Class, Boys' Cabinet: Red 8 Gray I-li-Y: Big A: W 4 ' ' Student Council, V. Pres. H ISADOR MARTIN LEROY MAY F.F.A.: Cafeteria Worker. ANN MAYHALL Office Occupations: Ir. Red Cross. ,Qigwem it ueii sr fr es E' GEORGE McCANN Student Council, Sec.: D.E. Club, Pres.: Student Patrol, Capt. MARCELLA MCCAULEY Main Office Assistantr Ir. Red Cross. LEO McDONALD Chorus. GLENN CAROL IULIA DON MEARSCH IERRIE MEAN McELYEA MCKINNEY McROBERTS Chorus. Chorus: Library As- F.l'l.A. sistant. Lt 1 : A Q18 M flwifefki l I " ,- g 'Si '31 SHIRLEY IUNE MOORE PATRICIA MONTAGUE Iunior Class, Pres.: lst MOORE F.D.A.: F.H.A. Maid to Dream Girl: F.D.A.: Ir. Red Cross: Chorus: F.T.A.: Stu- Ir. Achievement: Pep dent Council: Pep Club. Club. Seniors ELBA MEHRE F.H.A. ALICE MEISENHEIMER Chorus: F.H.A. ILINE MELLENTHIN F.H.A.: Latin Club: F.N.A. BEVERLY MIDDLETON Thespians: Dramatic Club: Spanish Club: Patrol: Main Office Assistant. DANNY MIDDLETON Office Occupations: Spanish Club: Iunior Achievement. BOB MILLER MARY MILLER Cafeteria Worker: F.N.A. KEN MILLS National Honor Society: Thespians, Sec.: Tatler Staff. Ad Mgr.: Chess Club: Dram- atic Club, Pres.: Camera Club, V. Pres., Pres.: Science Club: Latin Club: Band: Office Assistant. LE ROY MINOR Chorus. GEORGE MORRISON National Honor Soci- ety, V. Pres.: Nation- al Thespian Society. Pres.: Tatler Staff, Associate Editor: Chorus: Senior Play: Mixed Ensemble, 52: Track: Dramatic Club, Treas.: Camera Club, V. Pres.: Science Club. DAVE MUSGRAVE Football, 51, 52: Track 50, 51, 52: F.F.A.: Band, Pres.: B o y s' Cabinet. ,K 5 t 5 H: ' 21, g m: is . A W , sig:- 'i-. ma: ,. :xr Y 1 : " ' . 1 Ii . IACK MYERS RONALD MYERS RALPH NASH Basketball, Capt.: Track: Cross Country: Boys' Cabinet: Red 8 Gray Hi-Y: Office Assistant: Ir. Red Cross: Student Council: -E , A .,.. f f 5 C A ' A : ij ' A I. .gmwfy QVIJ 2 I 1 Patrol: Ir. Achievement. J . BARBARA NAVE AHS Times Staff, Bus. Mgr.: National :3 Honor Society: Girls' Council, Pres.: Tat- ler Staff: French Club. V. Pres.: Chorus: Student Council: Dean's Office Assistant: Ir. Red Cross: Ir. Achievement. BILLIE NELDER Office Occupations: Spanish Club. gy DALE NELIDECKER President of 4-2 Class: Basketball, 50, 51, 52: Football. 52: Baseball, 50, 51, 52: Cross Country, 51: Student Council: Boys' Cab- inet: Red 6 Gray Hi-Y: Big A: Senior ' Play. X , , , ei 2 IIM NEWBERRY Red 6 Gray Hi-Y: Dramatic Club: Chess Club. IERRY NEWBERRY Red 63 Gray Hi-Y. CLIFF NEWCOMB National Honor Society: Band: Latin Club, Pres.: Golf Team, 51, 52, 53: Science Club: Chess Club: Ir. Achievement. rr-'l0"'l"", DONNA NEWT CAROL NEWTON EDNA NICKELL IERRY PHIL NOLAN Chorus: Times Staff. F.B.L.A.: Chorus: Of- NIEMEIER lice Occupations. F.F.A.: Band. DICK PEIPERT .E. Club: Iunior chievement. Seniors MARY ANN O'BRIEN Cross: Student Patrol, HAROLD OLDEN ence Club. PATRICIA OSBORN MARIAN OLILSON F .H.A. LE ROY PACE KATHRYN PANOLIZIS BOB PARKER Chorus MARIANNE PAUL ' Club: Chess Club. MARION PAUL 0 Chorus Spanish Club PEREZ Chorus: F.H.A.: Ir. Achievement Ir Red F.F.A.: Student Patrol: Football 50 Sci Switchboard: Gym Office: FHA F.H.A., Pres.: F.T.A., Historian Main Of fice Assistant: Library Assistant Spanish National Honor Society: FFA Pres Band: Baseball, 53: Ir. Red Cross f' f, DAVE PEIRICK ANITA PEREZ MARGARET PAUL PERICA Seniors DICK PHELPS Football, Sopli.: Track, 51, 52: Cross Country: Band: Senior Play. CAROLYN PIGG Office Occupations. BILL PORTER . HELEN PREIDECKER F.B.L.A.: F.H.A.: Ir. Red Cross: Pep Club: Main Office Assistant: Dean's Office As- sistant: Gym Office Assistant. GEORGE PRIEST Band: Spanish Club: Track: Dance Band. BILL PULLEN Football. IOHN PURNELL National Honor Society: Tatler Staff: Latin Club: Track, Mgr., 51. GENE RAMEY Chorus: Baseball: Basketball: Science Club. MARVIN RECTOR OSCAR REED MARGARET RONALD FRANK RIDDER CHARLOTTE Chorus: F.F.A.: Track REYNAR RICHARDS Ir. Red Cross: D.E. RIDER F.B.L.A.: Dean's Of- Student Council. Club. fice Assistant: Main Office Assistant: Cho- rus, 5l: Pep Club. Seniors EMMA RILEY Student Council: Office Assistant: Latin Club: F.N.A.: Office Occupations: Chorus BEI I Y ROMAN ORAY ROSACK Office Occupations: Chorus: Big A: Deans Office Assistant. KENNY ROSS BILL RUBRIGHT Rifle Club: Football, Soph.: Tatler Staff: French Club: Science Club. CAROL RUNDELL F.B.L.A., V. Pres.: Ir. Red Cross: Chorus: Library Assistant: F.H.A.: Ir. Achieve- ment: Pep Club: Patrol: Big A: Main Of- fice Assistant. IOYCE RLITHSATZ Senior Play: Chorus: Library Assistant: Clinic Assistant: F.N.A., V. Pres.: Latin Club. MARY RUYLE Latin Club: Ir. Achievement. LEO SACCHI Band. CHRIST VILMA SALILS PATIENCE RAY RICHARD SARANDIS FHA.: In Achieve, SCALES SCHALLENBERG SCHWEGEL :udent Council: Cross ment. F.H.A., Sec.: Student Football, 50, 51, 52: ountry: Student Pat- Council: Phyllis Track, 52, 53. ml. Wheatley Y-T e e n s: Chorus: Ir. Achieve- ment. it 'F 'ts .R t .Si 5 vw' t Y it ' ff 3 III " Z Seniors DON SCHUDEL IOHN SCOGGINS Basketball, Soph.: Boys' Cabinet: Student Council, SHIRLEY SELHIME Office Occupations: Ir. Achievement. PRESTON SHAW BOB SHIRACK Football, 51. IUDY SIDNER Girls' Council: Thespians: Dramatic Club: Spanish Club: Chorus: 19 Club. NELLIE SLACK Chorus: Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens. CLAIRE SMITH French Club: F.N.A.: Chorus: Times Staff. DARDANELLA SMITH Dramatic Club: Thespians: National Honor Society: F.T.A.: French Club: Chorus: Girls' Council: Latin Club. ELIZABETH SMITH Girls' Council, Pres., 53, V. Pres.. 52: Dra- matic Club, V. Pres.: Band, V. Pres.: Tat- ler Staff: Student Council: Ir. Red Cross Treas.: F.N.A., Pres,, 51: 'Camera Club, Sec.: Lib r a r y Assistant: Nurse's Assistant. IIM SOKOLOWSKI National Honor Soci- ety, Press Tatler Staff Head Photog.: Senior Play: Chorus: Boys' Ensemble: Mixed En- semble: Boys' Cabi- net: Dramatic Club: Camera Club: Science DALE IAMES LEO STECK SPLIRGEON STATEN Basketball: T r a c k Senior Play: Chorus Club. V , ..... . ,,... -: . Vyx S E , . ., -.:. i it .Q Q ,V K., Asif? 35 A W Seniors CAROL STILLWELL Senior Class, V. Pres.: National Honor Society, Sec.: Student Patrol: Tat'er Staff: Latin Club: Library Assistant: Student Council: Senior Play: F.T.A., Pres. NANCY STRAHAN Office Occupations: Patrol: Ir. Achieve- ment. DOROTHY STOCKARD Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens: Chorus. DARLENE STROHKIRCH Ir. Red Cross. ETHEL STONER F .H.A. DOB STRADER TOM STUTHEIT Patrol: Ir. Red Cross. THELMA SULLIVAN Patrol. IEANNETTE SUTHERLAND F.N.A.: Clinic Assistant: Dramatic Club: Library Assistant: Spanish Club: Chorus. ANK SUTTON LARALENE SYKES GEORGIA MARTHA TALIL ROBERT 'us. F.N.A. TARRANT Chorus: Ir. Achieve- TAYLOR D.E. Club: Main Of- ment: Chess Club: Office Occupations: fice Assistant. Pep Club: Senior Play Dean's Assistant. Seniors SARAH TAYLOR RUTH TERLISNER I Tatler Staff: Spanish Club: F.B.L.A.: Gym Office Assistant: Student Patrol: Ir. Achievement. BOB TARRANT F.F.A., V. Pres: Student Council. BARBARA THOMPSON Main Office Assistant: F.N.A. CYNTHIA THOMPSON LOLIELLA THOMPSON Office Occupations, Pres.: Ir. Achievef ment: Cheerleader, Soph.: Latin Club: Main Office Assistant. LORETTA THOMPSON Office Occupations: Latin Club: Dean's Office Assistant. NORMA THOMPSON Chorus: F.B.L.A.: Play. FLOYD THACKER Ir. Red Cross: Senior Band: Carver Hi-Y. KENNY TILTON Track, 51, 52, 53: Football, 50, 51: Stu- dent Council. KAY TRAVIS National Honor Soci- ety: Dramatic Club: National Thespians, lBest Thespianj, V. Pres.: Girls' Council. Sec,: Times Staff, Makeup Editor: Tat- ler Staff, Art Editor: Band: Big A: Science Club: Senior Play. ROBERT TRAVIS Tatler Staff: Rifle Team: Senior Play: Science Club: Chess Club: Camera Club: Red E1 Gray Hi-Y: Student Patrol: Iunior Achievement: Track, 51: Baseball, 50. BILL TRUITT Ir. Achievement: Tat- ler Staff: Band: French Club: Dramatic Club: Science Club: Chess Club: Office Occupa- tions. WILLIAM TLIETKEN 'fif .1531- ' i Seniors IOANN TLINGETT MARLENE TLINGETT HARLAN VOUMARD D.E. Club. FLORENCE URSCH F.H.A. DELPHINE URSPRLING G.A.A. STEVEN VELLOFF National Honor Society: Student Council: Big A. IO ANN VOSS Chorus: 2nd Maid to Dream Girl: Student Council: Library Assistant: F.B.L.A.: Patrol: Pep Club: Science Club: Big A. SHIRLEY WAHLE National Honor Society: Spanish Club: F.B.L.A.: Main Office Assistant: Deans Assistant: Patrol. CAROLYN WALKER Spanish Club: Main Office Assistant: F.N.A.: Band. I IOYCE 7ALLENDORFF LA.: Chorus. JAMES WALKER Dean's Assistant. . . it t,lv'X"VX I , V, V ci K .mv ' X I 1 l SALLY WALKER SHIRLEY CAROLYN F.D.A.: Chorus: Latin WALTER WATKINS Club: Ir. Achieve- F.H.A. Student Council. ment. X V. Chorus: Advanced Chorus: Pep Club: Seniors Jo ANN WEBB Senior Playg Dramatic Club: National TreaS.: Cheerleader: Office Assistant: Q Clinic Assistant, Library Assistant: F.N.A.: Spanish Club. ROBERT WEBB ' Scph. Football, 50: Track, Sl, 52, 53. DIXIE WEBER KENT WEINRICI-I Y LELA MAE WELLING Office Occupations Club. RETHA WELLS WAYNE WESTERHOLD Football, 52: F,F.A. Reporter: Spanish Club. ERNEST WHETZEL Track. 51, 52, 53: Letterman's Club: Of- fice Occ. Club: Camera Club: Big A. NORMA WIGGER SANDRA IEAN RICHARD ROGER WILLIS PRISCILLA C. PORTER WILDERIVIAN WILLIAMSON WILLMAN WILSON National Honor Soci- Football. Student Patrol: I Qfyg Office Ocgupa- ba11:StudentCo1 tions Club: F.B.L.A.: Senior Playg Ch Student Councilf Red Cross: Spanish Clubg Iunior Achievement. Thespian Society: Senior Class, Sec.- 4 5 I x ion Seniors EVERETT WILSON Football: Band: Track: Hi-Yi Student Council. IEAN WILSON IAMES WILSON National Honor Society: Tatlcr Staff: Science Cluh: Patrol: Ir. Achievement: Radio Club: Office Assistant, BILL YAVORSKI Football: Track: Patrol. BILL YINDRAK D.E, Club: Achievement. CI IARLES YOUNG SHIRLEY ZIMMER National Honor Society: Times Staff, As- sistant Editorg Girls' Council: Library As- sistant: Chorus: Spanish Cluh: F.B.L.A.: EDITH ZLIIVIVVALT Deans Office Assistant: Senior Play. ALIUN class of 66, two gold alphas and seven silver. .Back row llcfltl to rights Dale L, Neudecker, Harold F. Olden, Iamcs R. Heil, Rohert W. Barnwcll, Steven V. Vclloff, gold alpha. HIGH ALPHA WINNERS - 9 students received alphis out of '1 Front lleft to rightl Ianice A. Bonnell, Carol M. Stillwell, gold alpha, Shirley M. Wahle, and Nancy E. Fairless. uniors ADMIRE, LARRY ANCELL, MARTHA ANTROBUS, TOM BACHMAN, DAVID BACLIS, HARVEY BAITY. CHARLES BAKER. IOYCE BARKER. IIM BARLOW. IANIi'I' BARTH, MERLYN BOSOLUKE, ROSE BRLINNWORTH, IRMA BAUSER, LELAND BECKHAM, BIDDIE BENEZE, IIM fe BOLTON, BONNELL. BOTORDOFF, LINDLEY, BREWSTER. BRACHT, BROEM IRMA TERRY FRANK ILIDY EMMA DON DOR BROOKS, BRESSON, BROWN. BROWDER, BUCHANAN. BURNS, BLITLI GRACIE VIRGINIA GERALDINE DOROTHY LYNDA ELIZABETH DAD X I If 5' 'K .2-fi ' I gffgijQ A 1 .,. -I 7, - Q ff 5 S aff?" A IIJ I if E351 - ,. 'N-gag KJ' -. , MMT iv ,Q . . - I ,M,, Inu: I 152 1' ,, V .az I 5 . nj A ,Q-, if W Q' If 'ff VL A ,Sqn is -. it n IOMBS. BOB DARE. EDWIN 5 K. 2 UQGQY I KV ' im? fa , I W. 5 I :if X ,Cm 2 , ,, 'f' sv sf IJ ,, H rj I Q: .xxx 9 4 is gsm I Hwy? J X I I , f I N , ," km ji CONWAY. IEANIE DARNELL. BE'I'I'Y COPE, COWSER, CRABBE, EUGENE BOB MAXINE DAVIS, DELEHANTY. DETERDING. IUNE SHIRLEY TERRY is ,Q Q. Q' nw If " " I V I - Sim , ' If . A mix Til' -Q . tw Ls I 'E uniors BUTLER, IAMES BYASSEE, DICK CAMPBELL, GERTRLIDE CARTWRIGHT, IAMES CARY, RICHARD CASE. IEAN CATHORALL, ELSIE CIIADWICK, SHIRLEY CHAPPELL. BARBARA CHESTER, RONNIE CHILDERS. MARILYN CHIOLERO, IERRY COCHRAN, IXIARGIE CALAME, BETTY WOOD, SHIRLEY Q 1 f A I rf 'W ' ' I xf l L ' I CRANE, V? CZERNY, X ANN 1 FRED DEUCKER. DICKERSON, moms HAZEL SL, 'f uniors DILLEY, WILLIAM DORRIS. RONALD DELICKER, BOB - DLILANEY, BEVERLY DLINBAR. BETTY DUNN. DICK DURHAM. WARREN EDSALI.. IUDY EDSALL. MAUREEN EDWARDS, ESTHER EDWARDS, IERRY EIDSON, BILL EISENREICI-I. IIM ELFGEN, MALCOLM ELLIOT, BRUCE EWIN. FAIRLESS, EDWINA IOAN FLYNN, FORD TOM DAVE R N X5 an ,gx - , . K . . R wk . -. .:,. A JV, Q u - ,... I W -' A . 9 I Q : , I Q L j gggi' pf, - 753552 , I X 5,3 .-.... 5 my Q Lfw '23 .,... 1 'uf if ,, ' 1:5 'K A I . i w - , I I I gee ' 5 fix' FARMER, FENNELL, FIELDS. SHIRLEY DON BOB FREIMAN, GOINGS, KEHR, BARBARA CAROL IOANN W3 .W A 2 In If IX-1 FLEMING NORMA GARVIN. MARTHA E FLOSS. GEORGE WARNER RUTH 3 Qwsgggw . Mwwfsg: .W?wwm:wXQ1w5w .-.- xc .QI vggxgfs 2, 5333 ixfi I' pf I ,,. WW' 1 .. is Y O 3 -QV" OSI-IAN, GUBSER, HAGERMAN. HALBERT, I-IALE. ED DOLORES BOB PHYLLIS LESLIE IAND, HATFIELD, HALISMAN. HAUSMAN, HAWKINS, ZA DA BETTY BETTY BOB BOB Juniors GERARD. ELAINE GIBBN, DANNY GIBBS, ILIDY GIBSON. MARY GLAESERiIACK GLENN, MARIAN GOLIKE, MARIE GOUND. VIRGINIA GRAVES. BILL GREEN, FRED GREEN. PIIYLLIS GRENZEBACII, PAT GREER, BILL GRIIVIES. DON GRISHAM, IANICE HOLMAN. ALFREDA HAWKINS DREANA HAM. MARLENE HAYES. DON uniors HEMPHILL, NANCY HENDERSON, DICK HENDERSON, PAT HICKERSON, CLATQEN HIC so , NA QF .. HILL. ED V HILL, LO HINEGAR Y HOAGLAN X E HOBBS, CL E HOEHN, GENE HOFFMAN, CHARLOTTE HOPKINS, ERNIE LAFAKIS, ANGELA HOWELL, SHIRLEY l-IURLEY, IO IONES. TOMMY . INGLES. SANDRA IOYCE, FRIEDA 'fx Q QI 6 mr- , ya INGRAM. RICHARD KALIFMANN. IuNE K1 - " . . -:. M L, 'KF A .vw ,E 'N I gs-,IAIQAS ,. Ai.. 5 , INQQQQ - ,Is C ..: it 'BQ' W- x , gl 5125 I 5 'Fx 5 A Si A I E 4 V I I3 K A2 M5 A L Q ' A is E I rg EX I If I I sr " , 'lf' 1 ,A - QSC ' f f 5.-If ,QS ,E if is I , ti? .,:. 'E .I A g Q' I I 'G , :yn - - Wm: Q Q' In A I If W , INLOW. ISBELL, IVESTER, IOH WAYNE PHYLLIS BILL WII GARRETT, KELLY, KENDALL, KID PAULINE BOB GEORGIA ANN MI I 'V i k-I li E 3 I F I We f Mm I ' .RI I .... DVM , fn . AWE A I ' at f . we I AS JN H 'F :,: .. X! , ' x 9 T S4 I , I' 1-:I f ,, , . ,er A uniors KING. BOB KIRK. LILLIAN KOEIINE, BOB KOGEL, IIIvI KDHLBR, BARBARA KYLE, LOUIS 1' HOWARD, MARY Q, wg ---. 1 . . 'S -lun wi A , 'I R' , Ry' Q 32 if Q I R , I I ik LBMONS. LANTZ, BOWERS, LINGEN I,TER, BARBARA IEANIE MYRA LIND N LUFT. LLIMPKINS, McCOY, - IVIcDKAN'IEL.'. DAVID ALFRED BOB PHILIP W. 'VXI ny! Rif' A cf me RM, f " 'M I RI sfffvil gyms IRI? II Q M . nv R3 W 3 f tg gg L NI V3 ' R 5 A2 . I I A v, 1. , I 3 Xa I If I BW K W Aff L M 'S -BB 'I ff, LAFAKIS, CATHERINE LANDISS, BEVERLY LANDRETH. ROBERTA N., LAWSON, PAT LEACH, MERRY LEE. RONALD LEMASTUS, MARTHA LEAMON. ED LOGAN. LONG, LOOPER. MARY DENNY SHIRLEY McFERREN, MACIAS, McINTOSH. RICHARD FELIX MARILYN ' 5334 ff uniors MACKEL, WILLIAM MCPHERSON. MARY MAHON, BETTE MALSON, ELINICE MARMINO, ANNA MASON, EVELYN MASSA. LEE MATHERS, CHARLES MATTHEWS. IOHN MERKLE, DAN MYERS, RICHARD MILLER, IACKIE PECK, PAT MILLER, WANDA MILLS, BOB I Wifi Qe Wwjpgfw ' 4 11.41 A ' I- I I fi .. , I YV ,ai if ,ji fiiqg Q , b ' 4 ? V523 - li Q . ff . A 5 f qw ' 3 My ,, ,. . I , 1- , . X , u MQ , 3 , x ,x wmiwwqyn qw X H W M ., ,,, fr 1+ Q ',""' :ii 5, " , c l: Inq pw f Q- Gi gh , if? W T ,gb R at 54 5 B V5 x I 575 I SSS 1 ,F .aww ...,,, , A ARM, fa, ii fi 'Q , f .,..1 , f I- Q , ,, Q - E QP-4 L Q 03 I in , ' 5 R Us 3 'jg I 6 R . ,I MILNER, MONTGOMERY, MOORE, MORRIS, PHYLLIS DARLEEN SONDRA DON MOYER, MOYER, MURPHY, NAPP, BILL IOAN KAREN RICHARD 9 , - Ig zf:g.g:-:Q N t gg Qs, .. . .... ' 'mi 2- :I I ff , 3 'M I in . Q v .' - - y V ,A 1? -Kgqffbr, 'Fi .s T15 -1 , X ' 1 1 ' 5:53537 J ig ,,I-Nga Q S' W A mm S N, 3 Tig-'55 3? 5 - ,, M M 4, 3 S3 u 45 Q I E? 'Qs ,F I, , , iw Q03 Q is x PWR Q Y ff' gm I A - V u, I I , I W fl I 2:L ,..., 2 1' 115' .-.- ij ' we -v.1 - S .a.::E?Ef:e?:aEz,,::ee:s"Ezqg,: ' ww ,gk is - G sv 'la Ag Ng fin N Q? I I W 121: 35 M7 wr- fx ' I . , 'X 38 3, , nm ,, , ,,,:. , ,x,, , , ,g 0 I ,gm Y , , Y i r .,,:, ...,. : Jef 'A A if Q 5' , M , uf I w, , ,,.,f A if AX MORRIS, ED NICHOLS, ROGER . ., LF. ,, 9. 4-M y , , . IW Sf ....,, 2 'Wag K Q is M 1 5- 552 LEA MORROW. SALLY NOLAN. IIM MOSEI MAR NORM CHARI -' 1 I 5 1 55, fp 45 5 I H I ax, ' 813' M M . A, .,.,, 1 .... A1 W5- J .I4 3 ui I 5 I ,NI :I ww, I I Z I 1 Q . PHILLIPS. PINTA, POINDEXTER, SARA IOAN IOE PREWITT, PRUITT. PRYOR, KEN DOROTHY DELMER mis ..,..,.,, , .f , Wk Q9 Q. il M , X V264 5 gg, I Mfg may I I I I I AX .jpg I 9 3 ' 1? JNNF.. POLLARD, IEAN PRYOR. CAROL FROHOCK. DOROTHY REEDER, GLORIA uniors NORRIS, YVONNE NORTHCUTT, ANDREW OARE, DAVE OLDHAM. IACKIE O'NEAL, EILEEN OSBLIRN, GARY OSTENDORPH, LOIS PARKER, DIANE PAYNE, HELEN MILLER, REASIE PEEK, GERALD PEEL, GALEN PERKINS, PRISCILLA PHILLIPS, MARIORIE PHILLIPS, NORMA PARNELL. PRLIIETT SYLVIA BONNIE REID. REIS. DICK MYRNA ', ,fin Af ' I 'U VL! I I tv , -47' 3-1- I I I If NM ff . A f. I f, 'JL A I II 1 ,f X .II I 1 f I .I ' 'xv REYNOLDS, IANE 1 RHOADES, HARRY A f "' N " RHOADES, IUNIOR .....,L, ' 'AY ,,,, figa RICHARDS, THOMAS GERALD RINGERINC, MARGARET NIL - I ' 5 RITTENHOUSE, IOE ROBERTSON. SANDRA ROMAIN, CHARLES ROMO, DOLORES ROSACK, KENNY lll , LV ROSE. BILL ff , Q, H . ROSE, NANCY 2 I ' 'Q ROLISSEAU, IANICE H E ROWDEN. RALPH ' - . ' RUYLE' IOE ::E::,.. , fly, ,,.,. A .3 ,. ' 1'- I1 .Q . ,-IN I . RUYLE. SANDERS. SAUNDERS, SAWYER, SCHAFFNER. IUDY CHUCK IEAN DON ROSELLEN sCHuETz, SCHWAAB, SCOTT. SCHAFFER, SHEEP, DON SHIRLEY DEAN RICHARD LEONARD ,X x SCHREIBER, SUE SHIVE. CHARLES 53 AI 46 SCHLIE DIC' SHOEM1 MARII 4 I I .I KJ ul I x ,- F15 I EMS -u Q fi I .s uniors SIDDENS, WANDA SIEG, GRETCHEN SITZE, WENDELL SMITII. CAROL SMITH. EDDIE SMITH, IANE SMITH, LARRY SMITII, ROXI SPELVER, NANCY STAUFFER. IOYCE - 5'rAnxm, BELILAII 35- STAMPER, Louis ' STEELE, Dom SCALES, STERLING I STEWART, ALBERTA FEWART, STEWART. STICE, STIRITZ, STONE, ST. PETERS, STUART GENE KAY IACK ARNOLD IIM DON RHODA LLIMPE, SVITAK. SWAN, TCI-IOLIKALEFF, TAGLIE, TALLEY, TATE I IRLEY EDNA KAY SYLVIA IERRIE MIKE ANN f Q X N. swf E' Sf I if u New I uniors TAYLOR, BARBARA TALLMAN. CHARLES THIES, IOHN THOMAS, PAT THOMPSON. KATHLEEN TIDWELL, RUTH TITCHENAL, NANCY TODD, MONICA TOLLE, SHIRLEY TOWSE, IEAN TROUT, SANDRA TRUITT, MARY ANN TURNBULL, RAE TURNBULL, RUTH TURNER. CAROLE - YW 4" 5? It + 1 f A , 3 H Q gf 25 IA .VYI 1 .,, v 1" TURNER, TURNER. TURNER, TWITTY, CECIL DON IOANNE EUGENE VANATA, VANAUSDOLL, VALIC-HN VICARI. RONNIE VIVIAN ALLEN ROSELEE ,Mg Q .-: 1: , -'AQ" ' , .. , ' if Ei W 5' I TYSON, TYSON. UTLI CLAUDETTA LORETTA DO' VINYARD. WALKINGTON, WARI' GERRY STAN GED M, . kv A Q ,1 lag? i WOELFEL, COLMAN, WOODBURY, MARY ALICE TED YATES, YORK, YOUNG, LOU ANN DICK DOROTHY E Q zf. ,,-Q I Q WILLIAMS. NANCY YOUNGER. CLAUDETTE IN fx ' ' 'i9'm,33-1 " I 1 V 1 V R WOODS, DON ZUMWALT. DAVE 'M I f llI1l0I'S GAVELLAS, KATHERINE WARR, DOROTHY WATERS, MARY WEBB, BOB WEST, KEN WHITE. SHIRLEY WIENEKE, BOB WIGHTMAN, RONNIE WILLIAMSON, BOB WOODMAN, DIANE WILLIAMS, NORMAN NVILLIAMS, ROMA WILLIAMS, RUTH WINKLER, IUDY WINSHIP, DON YATES. DON A nwb- m N I QQ, .qfgtigiqv 1, . mr-x 'I-X EFS X 'mf Lx Q ff E 1 ' ., . - I 1 5 --:lg , J QQ? ,, 1 ffff, I ' . ' I H- ,Msg Q JI' 3' ,maxi I .pwffwiffrg ,effx ' 'Ulf If X nw 39 V -A-XS - '- 1 25 ' FSA 'f' s 4 . 5 .Swiss QI I - My fjyf ' N , ' , ,gif , ' N X I :Q-" X AKA A 1 355 . z Clif f 55535. YQ, . A mf ' A fl 'ff SW V- . ' J I , Jil :WS , b Q ,.,: , . 1 3 A I ., I . . 'Ugg A I Q i Q33 Sf, I MX 51 by 1 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sophomores Rosalie Brantley, Pat Bishop, Gayle Bates, lack Brown, Emory Beck, Harold Ball, Diann Bosnak, Martha Blankenship, Margaret Beardsmore, Wesley Arnold, Marvin Adler. Shirley Briggs, Marlene Blunk, Marie Bono, IoAnn Boyer, Virgilene Andrews, Dorothy Bailey, Ann Beard, Marjorie Belcher, Lois Allen, Betty Lou Anderson, Iudy Bean. Marlene Beatty, Georgia Bricker, Carolyn Beutel, Gail Allen, Io Allen, Ianice Barkley, Ro-bert Bergesch, Errol Bosley, .Edward Boiswetter, Nora lean Bradshaw. Bob Basden, Ioan Ballinger, Betty Boschert, Dot Bentley, Stow Bosoluke, Gary Breitweiser, Archie Edwards, Clay Bailey, Dion Alexander. Carl Baker, Vic Belanger, Dave Ash, Wayne Bradshaw, Russell Bradshaw, Guy Beets, Gerald Bagley, Ronald Brooks, Tom Arras. First Row: Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: . Q Ramona Buhs, Karen Cooper, lean Crawford, Betty Cowgill, Carolyn Cravens, Carol Burgoyne, Shari Colston, lane Brown, Eleanor Clark. Loretta Callahan, Georgia Cross, Lois Campbell, Kaye Bruce, Susie Chappell, Dick Conner, Iohn Camden, Tom Crain. Bebe Clayton, lanice Chappell, Ioan Campbell, Rodger Brown, Ronald Campbell, lim Crowe, Don Campagna, Thomas Copley. Shirley Buchanan, Don Calhoun, Iackie Bucksh-Dt, ludy Brown, Mary Dell Bott, Harold Chappell, Ronald Bryant, Charles Chamohss. Norma Calvey, Dixie Butler, Ieanette Brown, Dorothy Carlton, Cynthia Campbell, Louise Carmean, Genevieve Brockmeyer , Pat Gope. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sophomores Pat Darnell, Pat Erb, Patricia Flory, Norma Davis, Loudenc Dunning, Vera Enos, Pat Fones, Ernestine Fones, Carol Draper, Phyllis Eppel, Betty Faulkner, Shirley Cundall, Tedd Falukos, Susan Ehlert, Mary Lou Davis, Katherine Dean, Ianet Dickerson, Laverne Crews, Ora Lee Cole, Shirley Dancy. Billy Denother, Charles Ehlert, Robert Denby, Perry Curvey, Eugene Crouch, Tom Cun- ningham, William Champlin, lim Clayton, Paul Copeland, William Passon. Donald A. Elliott, Iim Ehlers, Phil-ip Davis, Ronnie DeSherlia, lerry Farmer, Gary Cruthis, Richard Finim, Delmar File, lack Fishman, Lawrin Davis. Billy Gene Dare, Bob Edsall, Gary Edwards, Iack Erwin, Rodger Cross, Larry Eberlin, Ierry Conner, Ronnie Fehrenbacher, Theodore Dennis. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row Gail Hack, Ianie Freeland, Ann Gedney, Ianice Glenn, Sherry Hagerty, Darlene Gravctt Dorothy Guest, Rosie Gater, Iuanita Hammond. Carol Freeman, Ann Geddes, Carol Foster, loanne Gent, Darlene Greenwood, Gloria Goble. Ronald Fabes, Rudy Green. Alvin Louis Holloway, Don Lewis Green, Larry Frohock, Dolores Gilfin, Pansy Geisler, Beverly Grinkey, Eileen Hess, Bob Halbert, Tom Gibson. Gloria Hancock, Shirley Gillis, Ralph Gissal, Tom Giatras, lim Gaither, Bob Harlow, lohn Harris, Dale Green, Ronald Gistine. Pat Hamilton, Delores Harris, Tom Gabriel, Lee Frankford, Melvin Ham, Richard Gleason, Iohn Garmer, Don Hansel. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Sophomores Ianet Iackson, Lois Hill, Ioydell Iones, Karen Kelly, Ruth Hoffman, Louise Henderson, Susie Hearn, Iuanita Harrison, Ada King. Betty Hawkins, Patsy Hewett, Gerry Hogle, Sally Iansen, Dorothy Kenig, Betty Kerley, Bernean Iohnson, Shirlee Huffstutler, Della Hiller. Marjorie Hartley, Harry Horstman, Dan Hauhe, Louie Kenyon, Harmon Iones, Ian Hyman, Bill Hofmann, Robert Iones. Charles Hemphill, Bruce Kelly, Iohn Kaufman, Bob Hewitt, Bob Heaton, Leon Iohnson, Tom Haynes, Charles ensen. , t X ., , xg .,.v. X First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Carol Maloney, Linda Lyles, Christina Kraushaar, Iacqueline Kulp, Ian Lindley, Nancy Lovejoy, Helen Lancaster, Ann Kuhn, Ruth Malson. Iackie Kolesa, Susan Lidster, Barbara Landiss, Shannon Ledbetter, Zeddie King, Erich Kassler, Larry Heaton, Shirley King, Pat Kortkamp. - lack Lyerla, Clifford Luck, David Lohr, Denny Maggos, David Koshinski, Don Leach, Raymond Mackeldin. Ioseph Madison, Gary Hoggatt, Mary Lutes, Pat Lindblad, Mae Lookiebill, Ken Kopsie, Allen Kunz, Donald Lynn. William Manns, Richard Lamparter, Wayne Harst, Ronnie Iones, Iim Leavell, Bob Klaus, Tom Link, lay Hiatt. First Row: Second Row: Third Rowz Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sophomores Irene McClair, Shirley Nolan, Margie McHatton, Bernice Meyers, Beulah Middleton, Margaret Martin, Ioyce Ann McDonald, Gary Moyer, Beverly Metcalfe, Aurella McCann. Shirley Mitts. Katherine Nordyke, Iean Montgomery, Donna March, Melba Morris, Shirley Miller, Bill McCare, Ianice McClintock, Mary Io Mueller, Kay Mayhall, Io Edythe Nesinger, Dee Moore. Ianie Nichola, Doris McCabe, Denise McAfoos, Sue McAfoos, Margie Meyers, Larry Noble, Iohn Mills, Bob Maetin, Iames Meisenheimer, Robert Nichols, Danny Mceden, Iohn Meidlock. Hannah Maria Matlock, Kathie McBrien, Bob Moble, lim McBurney, Eric Newberry. Larry Nicholson, Herb Meyenburg, Tom Meyer, Ray Neuhaus, Iohn McClain, William Norris, Marvin Mosby. Ianis Miller, Barney Marchis, Don Mason. Bob McCauley, Tom Norris, Mike Milford, Iohn McSwain, Boby Mozee, john Mullikin, Charlie V. Morten. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Fifth Row: . Davi Richards. Ioan Richards, Marian Nowlan, Shirley Osborn, Carol Ann Playez, Carol Richards, Gloria Puetz, Mary Preidecker, Marta Richardson. Carolyn Peters, Rosie Lee Patterson, Carol Orven, Grace Rexroat, Sharon Peterson, Toisann Piea. Ioan Riggi, Thelma Paul. Marvin Ringering, Samuel Norvell, Ray Perica, Sherry Needham, Shirley Ridder, Marylou Meyers, Ella Reed. Russell Riley, lim Percival, Iames Poindexter, Ronny Rain, Lowell Reeves, Tom Penning, Iohnnie Reed, Bob Pichee, lim Reed. Allen Parks, Edmundo Perez, Iay Robbins. Charlie Plunk, Kenneth Pitchford, Lionel Perry, Nelson Pollard, Victor H. Parker. First Row: Setonzl Row: Thirrl Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sophomores Frankie Ryder, Marilyn Sackman, Alice Rundell, Earline Smith, IoAnn Shake, Kaye Rosen- berg, Nancy Rust, Harriet Sheley, Phyllis Russell, Ianice Shaw. Gladys Schumacher, Ramona Scheibe, Olada Rousseff, Pat Searles, Sherry Sipprelle, Rose Ruyle, Iane Rodi, Ethel Seago, Ian Shearburn, Elise Eyster. Sondra Sass, Martha Satterfield, Fred Smith, lack Sims, Bill Rollins, Henry Rodgers, lim Rock, Fred Schaefer, lack Schrurich, Richard Schildroth. Betsey Romine, Henry Sedgwick, Ralph Scott, David Schaefer, Leslie Schwartz, George Robinson, Gene Robertson, Bob Smith, Allen Sinclair, Ianet Robison, Emma lean Rushing, Ruth Roundcount, Essix Robinson, Maurice Robinson, Bob Shinpaugh, Kenny Robertson, Delmar Sexton, Dick Shirack, Arnold Sanders. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Doris Quigley, Ianice Turley, Laura Stockard, Lois Talhert, Margie Springer, Barbara Spring, Delous Stamm, Ianette Stade, Roberta Stockton, Helen Strader. Twyla Peek, Tina Stiltz, Wanda Stice, Rita Terlisner, Donna Lee Truitt. Ianet Thornhill. Nila Steinmann, Ruby Stice, Bob Tedrick, Rudy Sowders, lim Turley. Yvonne Thompson, Margaret Twitty, Charfotte Thompson. Eleanor Turner, Koralie Travis, Peggy Trogdon, Iohn Torrez, Iames Stampley, Bill Stiritz, Dick Tyler, Iim Summers. Thomas Raglin, Gerald Peel, Iuanita Soden, Glenda Taylor, 'Pat Tavernier, Thelma Stanka, Sue Towse, Charles Steinheimer, Dale Steele. lim Tungett, Charles Tash, Betty Tarrant, Rowfan Tutt, Iohn Terry, Bill Tucker, Iohn Talbert, Ioe Twichell, Tom Sutton. ,i- ,-1-1 Sophomores First Row: Second Row: v Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Vclar Mae Posey, Sharon Wise, Bob Wood, Billy Walker, Iim Witt, Marlow Woods B ' Z ' ' ' arr1e oll, Carolyn Worthy, Ianis Vieth, Iudy Whyte Patti Io Cvolenor. Florence Patterson, Ioyce Parrish, IoAnn Zerkowsky, Irene Warr, Iuanita Whiteside, Ella Wood, Leola Wood, Della Wocd, Mary Winters, Lenora Workman. Shreda Williams, Pat Webber. Carole Watkins, Carol Lea Witzig, Bob Warner, Mike Walters, Gene Vann. Maybelle W D' ' arner, lana Weaver, Marlene Ymdrak, Iudy Yancey, Beatrice Ann Whorl. David Waltrip, Pat Wiseman, Sam Wells, Dale Wyatt, Ioe Weaver, Butch Tyrie, Dave Weber, Iudy Wall, Rita Ursch. Charles Wallace, Eugene Watt. Allan Roberts, Ierry Wendle, Bill Willis, Wiess, W. W., Eau'-Weissmfluh, Denny Yost, Tillman Wilson, George Wilkson. f . pu .rx y ' 155 -, ,aw gm 1 l-i'- i- .9 'C CH UISTEIBUTTUE spucnvvou v --...M hw NNN,- .,., ltklvx 4' --Q.. . :ff Q ' I' , ., N , Chaz,-r f h V I I ff , if L I ,. I , " .- 'V if' ' . ' ., n . 1. fm. ' , iff " 'V 1 "K N. -Ha.-. f A :L Q f a 1 Unk IP, 1 J '. . ' , .69-uf! A 'ig t. - Ii ' L '-an I . f 5 ' , ' .R - Y . Q' . - .Jig 4 ' ' 5 XX ' -,Q f , ,jk , 2 XX ,u . . ' , ' '- - W ' 1 vv V- "7 I F1 I , s " QW if f" k hvi"5"'4- ...- x 1' 5 , "ia0 'R u Y ' - Q km- ..,: .f.. . 1 i .I iffy 5 5' J .::' if I 5 ,, X , ,, E' 1,-,fi Q. .L ...4 f. 1 1. - 1 5, 5 i. I' i SURVEYING the ACTIVITIES PCL H161 Miss Rutledge is making-up Ieannette Sutherland. Row 1: The Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club was founded in 1923 for th and expressing interest in and its functions. e purpose of creating drama Tryouts for membership are held once a semester and admittance to the club is based upon the person's interpretation of roles, his enuncia- tion, and diction. One three-act play is presented each year by the Dramatic Club. T . . . his is an opportunity for the mem- bers to experience the various jobs necessary to put a play into produc- tion. Members help with lighting. p r o p s, make-up and prompting. These are a few of the minor things, necessary as well as acting, that make a play a success. Miss Mil- dred Rutled ge is the club sponsor. Ken Mills, Bev Middleton Elizabeth Smith I , , eannctte Sutherland, Linda Lingcn felter, Pat Thomas, Anita Horn Row 2: lack Lusk, lim Sokolowski, Dana Eastman, Ted Woodbury, Iudy Sidncr George Morrison. Row 3: Bob L ft.-, B'll o s i Fabianic, Dardanella Smith. 3, 'fa S New Inductees: Ellen Gwillim, Pat Thomas. Beverly Middle- ton, Iudy Sidner, Ken Mills, Dardanella Smith, Harvey Bacus, Bob Lofts. National Thespian Society The Thespian Society -is a National organization started in Alton Senior High in l932: The Alton troupe number is 126. The Society is an honorary one and only those who have done the required dramatic work are eligible for mem- bership. New members are inducted twice yearly at a banquet at which time the Best Thespian Award is announced. Each semester the Thespian Society sponsors a one-act play given as an assembly program, A Thespian selects the cast and directs the play. The troupe also holds a faculty candy sale to raise money for its treasury. Miss Mildred Rutledge is troupe sponsor. Row l: Ellen Gwillim, Pat Thomas, Beverly Middleton, Indy Sidner Ken Mills Dardwnclla Smith, Harvey Bacus, Bob Lofts. Row 2: Miss Rutledge. Kay Travis, Margaret Ringering, Anita Horn Iody Webb own Fleming, Ted Woodbizry, George Morrison, Dana Eastman Bill T'db1EiIllC iii" ' 4 A ' damned Spof . QW comes wa.Yp4Lm+ N as . QZ, EQ-I L QM HQ 4 3 V WA f1.a 1. ,. ..,-,.. W V Q if y i V ff AA ' Tk ,A21fE f ,-,f: 2 .Q11f l -'Q 1 7 XFX 1 L':' Ei H gg , 3? HW? 2 f :, . E 9 5 mi mg s w'e , 1 - ,iii x g W h ' .fr , ' -Ak, V S Asif?-98' CNN: V l55f4L54, Ken MHYS3 Hcwuemi I?Jac,us,am,5 EAU Fc,B3o.v-.ic w,.,,n,, ,A I - , 4, , 1952, riff? Q W D, - . X' . X B he if if A A 1 W :N V FX' at Q 3 Y 13' af 7:54 T35 -S552 X ' fzf WT wi ,K 4. f 'f f ' YN 'va - K 5 5 Uonq' CYl5:hOneL, Hawk! Ldhy 4hevw 'HS fume +0 sfo I '1- Fovrnly Cwcfe, C9515 , , 'ef-1 40 v1L9p,+ ysvgaw . TGC, Wood I3 Q H d V 'M U my Sidney, M135- U 62 90, Pcx+ThcmQs, George Mownsgna 43,6 row, Ellen Gwmllur-1, Dano. E, Ury, Beverly Middlgfo J 5 B I "'S+MQh,El.mbe+h simm, omiglnjilgdhz SUHq"""i"1cl, Jack G-laesev, wha+ we ww ' suffe '50 be bea,U',' fu' of O yoj-ionzl PeLosf Vome I Gone- PVR 903+ 3+ Her vofcef G od Uvnm C BQIJVQQ ? Ho vespo vw-Sex D65 ? c ' ' v 5 Cl UB 'f ALTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL IANLIARY 1953 CLASS Presents UIANUARY THAW" A Play in Three Acts by VV'illiam Roos Based Upon the Novel by Bellamy Partridge ALTON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM MONDAY, IANUARY 19, 1953--8:00 P. M. Cast In Order of Appearance Marlene Curry Frieda ............................. ................ Herbert Gage Sarah Gage .... Paula Gage .... Marge .Gage ...... Barbara Gage .,,....... George Husted .,........,, Ionathan Rockwood ....... Mathilda Rockwood ...... lim Heil Edith Zumwalt . Carol Stillwell Io Ann. Webb Charlo-ette Rider . Harry Gustine Robert Barnwell Ioyce Isaacs Mr. Loomis .................. . Dale Spurgeon Uncle Walter .......... Dale Neudecker Matt Rockwood ,,,,.,,...............,........... Dick Phelps Porter Wilson Carson .........................,.................... enior THE SCENE: The living room of an old house in Connecticut. The 'Gage family, after restoring it to its Colonial state, have just moved in. THE TIME: The present. SYNOPSIS , ACT ONE--Scene One: A morning in Iune, Scene' Two: Evening of the same day. ACT IWO-Scene One: Next September tEarly morningl. Scene Two: The following Ianuary QLate afternoonl. Mr. Gene Bailey, Director ACT THREE-Early next morning. First Row! Edith Zumwalt, Carol Stillwell, Marlene Curry, IoAr1n Webb, Charloette Rider, Ioyce Isaacs, Maxine Buhs, Carol McKinney, lim Heil. Second Row: Harry Gustine, Bob Barnwell, Dale Spurgeon, Dick Phelps, Mr. Bailey, Dale Neudecker, Porter Wilson. Ffa, Iim gets a "face lifting" from Mr. Bailey! Mr. Harlan spreads it thick on Dale. Breakfast with the Gage-:'s. Good-night, Dick Mr. Ray Murfin, Band Director Throughout the year the Alton High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Ray Muffin, participates in many school activities. A football game wouldn't be complete without the band's half-time show. Then there is the pep band seen at the basketball games. The band always presents two outstanding concerts a year, in addition to appearances be- fore student assemblies. They also participate in graduation exercises in Ianuary and Iune. The band elects officers each year. They are as follows: Dave Musgraves, President: Elizabeth Smith, Vice-President: Roger Hull Secretary: Betty Hendrix, Treasurer. Mon ,S7c!z0o! Kano! lgcldfied TWIRLERS Seated: Nancy Harlow. lean Towse. Standing: Kathleen Thompson, Martha Blankenship, Betty Hendrix, Ian Booten, Sally Iensen. BATON n muiew syn Concerf ana! para e Y X n - . A review of the marching band last decoration day. Standing: Everett Wilson. Merlyn Barth, Ierry Niemeier. Bucky Hord, Dick Phelps. Dick Glassey. Errel Besley. Seated: Harold Chappell, Nancy Hemphill, Bill Truitt. Anita Horn, lean Montgomery, Larry Frohock. Top: Galen Peel, Gary Breit- Weiser. Standing: Dave Musgraves, Marion Paul, Priscilla Perkins, lim Mcliurney, George Priest, Ronald Brooks, Terry Bonnell. Ronnie Rain. Scateiiz Lee Sachi, lack Lusk, Doris Dueker, K a t h le e n Thompson, Amelia Holman, Helen Strader, Bob Denby. N V L .X . - wi-J' lv. 1- fl ,, 7 'L Q KWLQ -nyfm . , 1 31 ..'.vk 'MAN MMM. 'WM 'vif 211-HQ TWT" .' ' v - "' ., gg' ' N X'i 1 ,? fiEi5fgQgg'w 32. ...W ww - R. fj , ,Q , , 6. V3 :Q Y, N Q 1 ' f' K. 3 ' I 3 3 'f 5 x f ,,,:F xklmf, fr VHLIJ' Y ,, ifi, A .Q 1 ' if 9 SW QQ? - S: . Q l 2 FL w X Q Q if f .L , A fi ' fs nr? .gg . R ef - 4' ' Q ff isa? X. L2 .X 5 Wv13vyfY ,W. ff? Wg, 15 yt A ' V 95 I K QT, A f 4 1, my . F ' x I 'P .A 'QM I kb xw 2 k is , . . . A . 4 V-Adi., . ' K 'QR . a,1'J 1 X , ,S ff ' , Kg ' K 6 by an iff ,f1, , 1 N, XY ' yu x f ! .3 ' ' . 1 A . ' W. - f - 1,5 . . , . , . l , L . .I . .. K S rt! VW MRS. DORIS RUE, Director All smiles, Mrs. Rue receives her reward. VOCAL MUSIC PERSONNEL Kathy Ackerman. Linda Aldridge. Gail Allen. Rita Ahlemeier, Virgelene Andrus, Barbara Antrobus, Robert Bateman, Robert Barnwell, Betty Boschert, Dianne Bosnak, Ianice Barkley, Ianice Bonnell, lean Bradshaw, Indy Brown. lrma Brunnworth, Robert Ballinger, Marlene Beatty. Gracie Brooks, Harvey Bacus, Carl Baker. Robert Baker, Ann Beard, Wayne Bradshaw, lrma lean Balton, Elizabeth Burns. joe Burton, Gertye Campbell. Rita Cannon, Shirley Chadwick, Maxine Crabbe, Aim Crane, Loretta Callahan, Ioan Campbell, Richard Cary, Eleanor Clarke. Gary Cruthis, Mariorie Cochran, Richard Crane. Bette Calame, Carolyn Cravens, Marlene Curry, Ianet Dickerson, Beverly Du- laney, Warren Durham, Theodore Dennis, Carol Draper, Norma Davis. Terry Deterding, Esther Edwards, Edwina Ewin, Vera Enos. Phyllis Eppel, Elise Eyster. lucly Edsall, Ianice Freeland, Robert Fahrig. Carmen Fitzhugh, George Floss, Dorothy Frohock, Betty Faulkner, Bill Fabianic, Robert Fields, Richard Poster, Marian Glenn. Patti Io Golenor, Ianice Grisham, Rosie Gater. Richard Gleason. lanice Glenn, Mary Ann Galloway, Ann Geddes. Elizabeth Beverly Gumm, Dorothy Guest, Susie Hearn. Betty Hatfield. Shulee Huffstutler, lohn Harris, Louise Henderson, Nancy H Hill. Gene Hoehne. Ruth Hoffman. Alfreda Holman, Richard Ingles, lim lngram, Harold Isaacs, loyce lsaacs, Bill Iohnson. Green. Donald Hayes. ickerson, Eddie Ingram. Sandra Ruby Iacobs, Lillian Kirk, Maurice Kennedy, Pat Dirkpatrick. Dorothy Kenig, Betty Kerley. Ada King. Ann Kuhn. Merry Leach, Nancy Leonard, David Luft, Bette Mahon, Robert Mills, Sandra Moore, Don Morris. Karen Marias. Iune Moore. George Morrison. Carol McKinney, Shirl McAfoos. Aurella McCann, lanice McClintock. Carol Maloney, Beverly Metcalfe, Bobbie Moore, Melba Morris, Mary Myers, ham. lainie Nichols, lo-Edythe Nisinger, Barbara Nave. Donna Susan Lidster. Murphy, Felix ey Miller, Sue Ruth Maison, Sharon Need- Newt. Yvonne Norris. Katherine Nordyke. David Oare. Ioyce Parrish. Sharon Patterson, Sharon Peterson. Gloria Puetz, Anita Perez, Thelma Paul, Helen Payne. Mariorie Phillips, Volar Mae Posey, Bonnie Pruiett, Carol Richards, Vlada Rousseff. Alice Rundell, Indy Ruyle, Gene Ramey, Oscar Recd, Dick Reid, Margaret Ringering, Kenny Ross, Carol Rundell, Ioyce Ruthsatz, Gloria Reeder, Marta Richardson, loan Riggi, Nancy Rust. Sandra Suss. Marilyn Shoemaker. Grace Sioer, Earline Smith, Barbara Spring. Alberta Stewart. Laura Stockard. Shirley Schwaab, ludv Sidner. Gretchen Sicg. Claire Smith. Dardanella Smith, lames Sokolowski, Dale Spurgeon, Dorothy Stockard. Rhoda Stuart, Frank Sutton, Gladys Schumacher. lanicc Shearburn, Nancy Spelver. Roberta Stockton, loAnn Shake. Lois Talbert, Glenda Taylor. Yvonne Thompson. Donna Lee Truitt, Martha Taul. Norma Thompson, Nancv Titchenal, Peggy Trodgen. Ruth Turnbull, Carole Turner. Cecil Turner, lerry Tague. Ann Tate, Beatrice Thomp- son, Loretta Tyson, Delphine Ursnrung, loAnn Voss. Ronnie Vanata. Rosalie Vicari, Robert Worthey. Retha Wells. Bob Wieneke. Porter Wilson. Queen Esther Wheeler, luanita Whiteside, George Wilson, Shirley Zimmer. A. H. S. CHORUS Alton lligh's "good will ambassadors" deserve the utmost in praise from the stu- dents. faculty. and school board. ln the past year. the members of our choruses have combined. carrying an important phase of the public relations of A.H,S. and the Alton Public School System. Singing for different clubs, business organizations. and at dinners, they have carried the name of our alma mater to a good portion of the population of Alton. The constant demand of public organization keeps Mrs. Ric, the choir, and mired ensemble ion stantly practicing for performances. The choir and mixed ensemble are made up of advanced members of the chorus. These two groups carry on the Alton High music tradition, by providing entertainment for many civic organizations. Some of the maior performances of the 1952-Sl season were: Sth Annual Christmas Concert, G.A.A.C, dinner. Coni- munity Chest Dinner, and the Olin ln- dustry Super X Emblem Dinner. Many. many other minor performances were given throughout the year. 5 . it 3 I i Il ' lt 7 . Q ii .,. U4 A SUMMARY OF THE 1952-53 SEASON The chorus hvgnn its wr-asmr of mninr pi-rftwrivmiiccs wnv hnrk on llvcv1i1l'w1' IO. with .t lun-.nttifnl showing in thc Sth Annual Christmas Cumrrt, The hurtlcn of this program was mrrtccl hy tht' rhnir, who produced lwraiutllul trvtr qualities and well Sust.tint'd pitch. A Sprcttil muitc prograni was pt'cSCntCtl for the mid-tcrm grud- nntmn on Inmmry 13, nwmhe-rs of thc gracluntmn class participated, Thr- ncwt important progruin was the G.A.A.C. rlrnnrr on February l7, This prngram shu"'ml thr xvrsratility of tht- rhorns in prcscnting A xnricrl prngram. Thr cxtrcmcs of thc beautiful "Dr-cp River" whtfh affords n1nrx't'lmis tfmnl qtmlllirs .Intl ths rmlsmg gmctv of thc' hnvs' numhvr, A'Thc-rc is Nothm' Likr n Dame". Thr chorus nt-wt prcscntcd n program .i' thc Cmnnutnity Chest rlinnvr, Frhrunry 25. and the Olin lndustrirs Supcr X dinner un Mnrfh ll, hath of thvsv prngrmns prrscntccl tht- snmr- high qtmlitv nf musrtfil cniuvinvnt for the .iurlrrm'r'. 'l'hc Spring Clmrlls Frstixnl. which int-lndr-d all Svnmr high thorns mvinht-rs :intl tht' innmr hrghi. romhinrd sarrcrl, spiritual, :incl thc lirvht stvlr' of muvfv x--tw .lnotlicr hcuutxftxl progrnni whirh was presented Ttrcsduv, March 17. As tht-rr final pcrforrnnncc zu mlmir rtsntposvrl entirely of gradu- ntrnq srniors prrsentccl thc musirnl portmn of the prngrnni for thc lime- grmlnatinn. i ALTON HIGH COMBINED CHORLISES Mitchvll Pctruzzn plays "Ava lVl,irin nt Cliristnms Conccrt. 5,63 N S ' w S.. I ALTON HIGH CHOIR FIRST ROW: Dianne Bosnak. Dorothy Stoekarcl. Ioycc Isaacs, Martha Taul, Bob Wieneke, Kenny Ross, Iim Ingram, Iim Sokolowski. Don Hayes. Gene Ramey, Mary Ann Galloway, Beverly Dulaney, Shirley Schwaah. SECOND ROW: Retha Wells, Elizabeth Green, Iune Moore. Nancy Titchenal, Peggy Trogden, Warren Durham, George Floss, Frank Sutton, Porter Wilson, Maurice Kennedy, Dick Reid, Felix Macias, Cecil Turner, loyce Ruthsatz, Margaret Ringering, Mariorie Cochran. THIRD ROW: Carol McKinney, lanice Bonnell. Barbara Antrobus. Anita Perez, Marilyn Shoemaker, Shirley Zimmer, Pat Kirkpatrick, Dick Crane, David Luft. Bob Fahrig, Bob Bateman, Dale Spurgeon. Bob Barnwell, Kathy Ackerman, IoAnn Voss, Betty Hatfield, Carol Rundell. FOURTH ROW: Carmen Fitzhugh, Beverly Gumm, Nancy Leonard, Delphine Ursprung, Sandra Ingcls, Merry Leach, Dardanella Smith, Dorothy Frohrxck, Claire Smith, Barbara Nave, Linda Aldridge. Marlene Curry, ludy Sidner. Carole Turner, Ann Geddes, Rhoda Stuart, Gretchen Seig, Indy Edsall, Norma Thompson. Accompanists, Elizabeth Burns and Dianne Bosnal: GIRLS' AND BOYS' ENSEMBLES UPPER GROUP: Gail Allen, Kathy Ackerman. Linda Aldridge, Rita Ahlemeier, Virgelene Andrus. Barbara Antrobus. Betty Boschert, Dianne Bosnak, Ianice Barkley. lanice Bonnell, lean Bradshaw. Iudy Brown. Irma Brunnworth. Marlene Beatty. Gracie Brooks, Ann Beard, lrma lean Bolton. Elizabeth Burns, Gertye Campbell. Rita Cannon. Shirley Chadwick, Ann Crane, Loretta Callahan. loan Campbell, Eleanor Clarke. Marjorie Cochran, Marlene Curry. Carolyn Cravens, Bette Calame, Ianet Dickerson, Beverly Dulaney. Norma Davis, ludy Edsall. Esther Edwards. Edwina Ewin. Elise Eyster, Phyllis Eppel. Vera Enos, Betty Faulkner, lanicc Freeland, Carmen Fit:- hugh, Dorothy Frohock, Mary Ann Galloway. Ann Geddes. Elizabeth Green. Beverly Gumm, Dorothy Guest, Ianice Grisham. Patti lo Golenor, Marian Glenn. lanice Glenn, Rosie Gates. Shirlee Huftstutler, Ruth Hoffman, Alfreda Holman, Susie Hearn, Betty Hatfield. loyce lsaacs. Sandra lngels, Ruby lacobs, Dorothy Kenig, Betty Kerley. Ada King, Ann Kuhn, Part Kirkpatrick. Lillian Kirk, Nancy Leonard, Susan Lidster, Merry Leach, Carol McKinney, Shirley Miller, Betty Mahon. Sandra Moore, Karen Murphy. Yvonne Morris. Sue McAloos. Aurclla McCann, lanice McClintock, Carol Maloney. Ruth Malson, Beverly Metcalfe, Bobbie Moore, Melba Morris. Mary Myers, Iune Moore. Barbara Nave, Sharon Needham, lanie Nichols, Io-Edythe Nisinger. Yvonne Norris. loyce Parrish. Sharon Patterson, Sharon Peterson. Gloria Puetz. Anita Perez, Bonnie Pruiett, Volar Mae Posey. Marjorie Phillips, Helen Payne. Thelma Paul, Margaret Ringcring. Carol Rundell, loyce Ruthsatz. Carol Richards. Vlada Rousselt, Alice Rundell. ludy Ruyle, Gloria Reeder, Marta Richardson, loan Riggi. Nancy Rust, Sandra Suss, Marilyn Shoemaker, Grace Sipes, Earline Smith. Barbara Spring. Alberta Stewart, Laura Stockard. Shirley Schwaah. ludy Sidner, Gretchen Sieg. Claire Smith. Dardanella Smith. Dorothy Stockard. Rhoda Stuart, Gladys Shumacher. lanice Shearburn. Nancy Spelver. Roberta, Stockton, loAnn Shake. Lois Talbert. Glenda Taylor, Yvonne Thompson. Donna Lee Truitt. Martha Taul. Norma Thompson. Nancy Titchenal, Peggy Trogden, Ruth Turnbull. Carole Turner. lerry Tague. Ann Tate. Beatrice Thompson. Loretta Tvson. Dt-lphine Llrsprucig. loAnn Voss, Rosalie Vicari, Retha Wells. Queen Esther Wheeler. luanita Whiteside. Shirley Zimmer. LOWER GROUP: FIRST ROW: Richard Gleason. Warren Durham. Harvey Bacus, Bob Fields, lim lngram, Gary Cruthis. George Morrison, lim Sokolowski. Don Morris. Wayne Bradshaw. Oscar Reed. SECOND ROW: Terry Deterding, George Wilson, Eddie Hill, Dick Crane, Porter Wilson. lohn Harris. Dick Reid. Gene Ramey, Felix Macias. THlRD ROW: Ted Dennis. Bob Vvieneke. Bill lohnson. Bill Fabianic, Malirice Kennedy, David Luft, David Oare. Bob Barnwell, George Floss. Bob Fahrig, Richard Ingram. FIRST ROVV: VVand.i Dunaway, loan Crawlord. Pat Cope, Eugene Cope, Eleanor Clark, Susie Chappell, Richard Cary, Rita Cannon. Gayle Hates. Eddie Hill, Martha Ancell. SECOND ROYV: Gary Hendrix, Lillian Kirk. Zettie King, Karen Kelly. loyce lsaacs, Altreda Holman, Betty Hendrix, Pat Grenzehach, Elizabeth Green. Charles Ford, Carmen Fitzhugh, THIRD ROVVI Franklin Ryder, Ruse Rulye, Thomas Norris, Raymond Newhaus. Karen Murphy, Dee Moore, Denise McAtoos, Carol Stilwell, Evelyn Mason, Francis Layton, Denny Long. STANDING lN BACK: Tillman VVilson, Porter Wllstvn. Everett Wilson, Peggy Trngden, Nancy Titchenal, Ianice Veith. David Waltrip. Bill Eidson. Susan Ehlert, Pat Lindhlad. Dolores Laurcialla. Elizabeth Smith, Don Stliudel. Denny Yost, S'l'ANDlNG AT RlGll'l" lamcs Figge, George lVlcCann. lhlr. Thomas, Tom Nlarquis. Bud Hook. Student Council ll .8 B-st" N 4 Y A een. lx ,Q i " R Q f ,., , -'lwilf ' if " 1 5' af 5251, The Student Council is Alton Higl1's form of student government. Representatives from each home rncum meet once a week to discuss prohlems and im- provements for students and school. lt is the duty of eatli representative to collect ideas for discussion from the members of his home room. The S.C.'s services include: handling the monte:-:sions at foothall games. selling pennants and stickers, sponsoring the homecoming and etc. Each February the llriior Class nominates candi- dates for president and vice president. The entire student hotly enters into a Colorful campaign and election. The 1952-F3 officers are: Buddy Hook, pres'dent. Tom Marquis and Betty Hendrix. vice presidents. Nancy Titchenal and loyce Isaacs sell 'ATiny Timsu to the students. Bishop, ludy Sidner, Shirley Zimmer. SECOND ROW: Sandra Ingles, n , o , v Girls Council The Girls' Council is a service organization comprised of 25 Iunior and Senior girls. Members are nominated by the English teachers and voted upon by the present Council membership on the basis of character, leadership, and service. Projects of the Girls' Council this year were as follows: a dinner for the new out-of-town-girls starting school at AHS, selling pom poms at foot- ball games, presenting baskets at Christmas time for needy families, selling Alton High caps, usher- ing at different functions around school, polishing the trophies, and purchasing material for bulletin boards for the school. Boys Cabinet The Boys' Cabinet is a service organization composed of 25 boys. Services performed for the school, include the following: Announcing and keep- ing score at football games, taking tickets at various school activities, and selling concessions at basket- ball games. The cabinet also holds social events each year, including the annual Steak Fry. Presi- dent for first semester: Iim Heil: Second semester: Louie Drieth. The Sponsor is Mr. Davis. GIRLS' COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Ann Geddes. Pat Nancy Titchenal, Dardanella Smith. Linda Aldridge, Barbara Nave, Eliza- beth Smith. Kay Travis, Betty Hen- drix. THIRD ROWS Linda Lingen- felter. Carmen Fitzhugh. Margaret Ringering, Edwyna Baker, Elizabeth Green, ludy Eclsall, Miss Teter. Pat Thomas, Kathleen Thompson, Merry Leech. BOYS' CABINET FIRST ROW: Cecil Turner, Butch Tyree, Ronnie Vanata. Zettie King. SECOND ROW: lim Sokolow- ski, Buddy Hook, Dave Musgraves. Dale Neudecker, Louie Drieth. Ted Hrabak. lim Eisenreich. THIRD ROW: Ralph Nash, Reid Childers, Dick Byassee, Iim lit-il, Denny Long. lohn Scoggins, Alex Christian. l I r 5 Row 1: Sterling Scales, Iane Brown, Ioan Ballinger, Marianne Paul, Phyllis Isbell, Sandra Ingelf Lillian Kirk, Norma Davis, Ianice McClintock. Ruth Hoffman, Gayle Bates. Row 2: Iune Bacon, Marjorie Cockran, Nancy Titchenal Margaret Ringering, Nancy Hickersor Charlotte Hoffman, Ioanne Turner, Myrna Reis, Ioan Riggi, Mary Lou Davis Ianice Barkley, Monica Todd, Row 3: Mr. Howard, Merlyn Barth, Gary Breitweiser, Tom Haynes. Dave Waltrip, Kay Stewar Thelma Paul, Iean Saunders, Linda Lingenfelter, Lynda Buchanan Dolores Gubsei Ann Geddes. Row 4: Harold Chappell, Ted Woodbury, Bill Eidson, Iudy Sidner, Karen Cooper. Martha Blanker ship, Doris Deucker, Bill Alexander, Richard Cary, Spanish Club The purpose of "The El Circulo de Espanol" is to acquaint the members of the Spanish classes with Spanish customs and ways of living. The student, if he has a "B" or above average, is eligible to join after completing one semester of work. Meetings are held weekly in Room 109. Officers are elected each semester and members are inducted semi-annually. The sponsor is Mr. Ernest Howard. The King and Queen of the Carousel: Dale Neudecker and Pat Scoggins Row 1: Row 2 Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: I 1 Barrie Zall, Diann Bosnak, Miss Ann Goldsherrv, sponsor. Susan Ehlert, Karen Kelly Kathleen Thompson. Delores Budde, Shirley Nolan, Sally Morrow, Iudy Whyte, Betty Calame. Carol Draper, lrma Brunnworth, Bebe Clayton, Ruth Turnbull. Donna March, Maybelle Warner, Davi Richards, May Lookiehill, Patty Flory, Barbara Landis, Diana Weaver, Gretchen Sieg. Phyllis Eppel, Carolyn Beuttel. Rita Terlisner, Dardanella Smith, lim lVlcBurney, Sondra Sass, Bob Denley, Mary Del Bott, Grace Rexroat, Ioan Campbell, Carolyn Peters, lim Percival. Warre D h n ur am, Barney Marchis, Charles Iensen, Terry Deterding, Phil Davis, lack Glaeser, Bob Shinpaugh, Bill Fabianic. Latin Club Societas Latina promotes understanding of ancient culture and friendship among Latin students today. Their activities included par- ticipation in the annual convention of the Iunior Classical Society, a Latin week tour. and a joint sponsorship of the annual Foreign Language Banquet. Officers for the first semester were: President ...,,,,.....,,,,, Vice-President .,,,.,.. Karen Kelly .. ..,,,..,...,, Pat Lindblad Secretary-Treasurer ......,,,. Kathleen Thompson Officers for the second semester: President ...,.,e........i. Vice-President ..,.,,.,i Secreta ry-Treasu re r Susan Ehlert Vx ,, . ,,,, Diann Bosnak Q29- ,, .. ...., Barrie Zoll Prospective Me Treatment"l mhers Go Through the Regular Row 1: Shirley Wahle, Carol Stillwell, Linda Aldridge, lim Sokolowski, George Morrison, Betty Hendrix, Ianice Rousseau. Row 2: Dardanella Smith, Sandra Wildersnan, Wallda Dunaway, Carmen Fitzhugh, Shirley Zimmer, De'ores Laurciella, Kay Travis, Barbara Nave, Nancy Titchenal, Sandra Ingles, Anita Horn. Ianice Bonnell, Norma Philips, Delores Budde. Row 3: Ken Mills, Marion Paul, Bob Lofts, Robert Barnwell, lim Dunaway, Bill Fabianic, lim Heil, Dale Neudecker, Dale Dick, Charles Mathers, lim Wilson, lohn Purnell, Bill Alexander. National Honor Society The National Honor Society is not only an hrnorary scciety, but also a service club, Membership is based upon four basic principles: scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The scholarship requirement is a high school average of 90 or above. Admission to National Honor Society is one of the highest distinctions a student can win at Alton High and one for which every student should strive, Miss Alice Gates and Miss Margaret Hall are co-sponsors. WE Q Retiring president Dana Eastman presenting the gavel New Officers: Ianice Rousseau, Corresponding Secree to incoming president lim Sokolowski. tary: George Morrison, Vice-President: lim Sokolowski President: Betty Hendrix, Secretary. E Row l: Larry Smith, Merlin Barth, David Luft. Sally Morroxv, Nancy Lovejoy, Diana VVeaver, Karen Kelly, Diann Bosnak, Rae Turnbull, Susan Ehlcrt, Betty Calame. Row 2: Charles Norman, Maurice Kennedy, Bob Travis, Bill Fabianic, Doris Deucker, Bill Rubright, George Morrison, lim Sokolowski, Mr. Leo Wools, sponsor. The Science Club is an organization for students who have special interests in science. At the meetings of this club members work on projects for the Greater St. Louis Science Fair and other experiments. ln Ianuary, the Science Club went to a "How to do it" meeting in Edwardsville. The purpose of this meeting was to give the stu- c'ents ideas on what projects they could make for the Science Fair. Alton students always make a good showing at the Science Fair, which is held every spring in St. Louis. The club sponsor is Mr. Leo Wools. chairman of the science department. Science Club Mr. Wools igniting zinc and sulfur I Row lx Miss Casebier, Marianne Paul, Alice Ballard, Barry Zoll, Patience Scales, Ruth Ann Grav Denise McAfoos, Donna Truitt. Row 2: Miss Liebig, Mary Ann Truitt, Beverly Grinkey, Iean Bornes, Ianet Dickerson Sally ans4 Gladys Schumacher, Nila Steinman. Row 3: Miss Sidwell, Mrs. Truitt. Melba Morris, Elba Maher, Pat Cope, Ieanette Stade Ada K11 Row 4: Miss Maxfield, Karen Cooper, Betty Calame, Sue McAfoos, Margaret Twitty Shirl Miller, Anneal Pierson. Claudetta Tyson. Row 5g Mrs. Hopper, Iune Mellenthin, Berneice Meyers, Velma Brown, Pauline Brockmeyer Gei vieve Brockmeyer. Future Homemakers of America Superintendent Iohnson does the spade work for the Rose Planting Ceremony in connection with the celebration of F.H.A. Week. The Future Homemakers of America is a club whose main purpose is to further girls' interests in home economics, and for the improvement in homes and family living. The club meets every first and third Monday of the month. The national organiza- tion was organized in 1936, while the club started at Alton High School in 1948. The officers for 1952-53 are: President, Mari- anne Paulz Vice-President, Mary Ann Truitt: Sec- retary, Patience Scales: Treasurer, Ruth Graves. The chapter mother is Mrs. Howard Truitt. The ad- visor of the club is Miss Irene Liebig. ,t Row: Bob Tarrant, Iohn Adney, Iohn, Eales. Bill Coleman, Russell Stotlar, Alden Colston, Harold Neece, Ioe Cannon, Lloyd Iohnson. and Row: Marion Paul, Ronnie Iones, Don Holbert, Ierry Barnett, Dewayne Myers, Bill Stiritz, Albert Straube, Gary Hoggatt, Ronnie Fehrenbacher, Tom Flynn, Ronnie Ballinger, rd Row: Clarence Stoner, Wayne Westerhold, Earl I-Iazelwonder, Paul Copeland, Dave Bachman, Richard Cary, Ed Dare, 'tom Antrobus, Ronnie Gustine, Don Herring, Tom Seiner, Bobby lVlcCauly, Paul Norris. rth Row: Dave Musgrave, Bill Willis, Bill Dencther, Darrel Endicott, Bill Iohnson, lim Cartwright, lack Laux, Marvin Ringering, Tom Raglin, Bill Dare, Gene Gvillo, Ed Groshan. Future Farmers of America 4-1 Membership in the Future Farmers of America enrollment in a vocational Agricul- the successful operation of a project some phase of agriculture. is based upon ture Class and connected with four degrees in the F.F.A., namely, There are Greenhand Farmer. Chapter Farmer, State Farmer, and American Farmer. The F.F.A. enters in all livestock and grain con- tests in the Alton section. It also enters in parli- mentary procedure, soil judging, and public speak- ing contests held yearly. The motto of the F.F.A, is: "Learning to do, Doing to learn Earning to live Living to save." Mr. Paul Glacscr is sponsor of the F.F,A. if Marion Paul and Oscar Reed exhibiting Ed Groshan's swine proiect. Big Business!! First Row: Second Row: Third Rowz Fourth Row: Fifth Rowz Office Occupations Club The Office Occupations Club is composed of a group of Seniors who work afternoons downtown in offices and who receive school credit for their training on the job. Activities of the club include an all-day trip to St. Louis, field trips to local businesses, and an Employer-Employee dinner. Bill Truitt was elected President of the state Office Occupations Association. at their annual convention at Springfield in February. Officers of the club were: First Semester: Louella Thompson, president: Nance Ede, vice-president: Wanda Dunaway, secretary- treasurerg and Emie Whetzel, reporter. Second Semester: Frances Layton, Bill Truitt, Sandra Wilderman, and Bob Taylor. Homer F. Ely is the club sponsor. fFrontJ Ierrie Means, Sandra Wilderman, Carol Frye, Nancy Harlow, Oray, Rosack, Ann Mayhall. Shirley Carr, Nancy Ede, Lela Welling, Billie Nelder, Wilma Bricker. Bertha Kitzmiller, Carol Newton, Ioyce Brown, Olivia Carroll, Frances Layton, Emma Riley, Carolyn Pigg, Louella Thompson. Ilma Farnbach, Nancy Strahan, Robert Taylor, Bill Truitt, Arnold Lohr, Shirley Gacldy. Shirley Selhime. Gordon Early, Danny Middleton, Homer F. Ely Qsponsorl, Ernie Whetzel Henry Cairns. lst 2nd 3rd 'ith Future Business Leaders Row: Carol Ann Goings, Iackie Kulp, Esther Ed- wards, Edwina Ewin, Marion Glenn. Lillian Kirk. Row: Lou Ann Yates, Marilyn Shoemaker, Eileen O'Neal, Margaret Reynar, Pat Searles, Claudette Tyson. Row: Thelma Paul, Dorothy Pruitt, Carol Pryor, Wanda Miller, Marilyn Childers, Nancy Rose, Beverly Grinkey. Row: Ramona Buhs, Iane Reynolds, Virginia Gound, Darleen Montgomery, Barbara Taylor, Sylvia Tchoukaleff. lst Row: Shirley Chadwick, lanice Grisham, Iean Towse, Carol Newton, Grace Sipes, Ioan Moyer. Row 2: Norma Thompson, Kay Stewart, Aim Tate. Pat Thomas, Nancy Hickerson, Karen Murphy. 3rd Row: Sandra Moore, Bertha Kitzmiller, Nancy Harlow, Ann Preidecker, IoAnn Voss, Beverly Gumm, Carol Rundell, Maybelle Warner, Doris McCale. 4th Row: Karen Cooper, Edwina Baker, Betty Sue Bartlett, Ruth Terlisner. Distributive Education Bottom Row: Don Gilleland, Pat Doman, Carolyn Ed- wards, Sally Walker. 2nd Row: Paul Dykeman. George McCann, Georgia Tarrant, Floyd Thacker. 3rd Row: Dick Peipert, Frank Ridder, Roger Willis, Bill Yinclrak. 4th Row: Harlan Voumard, Gary Hendricks, Ioe Poindexter. Sth Row: Dick Foster, lim Halford. Bottom Row: Shirley Bopp, Louie Dreith, Velma Duvall, Marion Brown. 2nd Row: lack Hall, Iohn Freeman, Pat Moore, loyce Wallendorf. 3rd Row: Bob Baker, Monte Lowe, Ron Garry, Ron Cowan. 4th Row: Mr. White, Bill Tuetkin. Sth Row: Iuanita Dooley, Charles Boatright, Ed Corbett, Shirley Montague. RADIO CODE The Radio Club was organized to give the stu- dents at Alton High the opportunity to become licensed amateur radio operators. The members are able to become familiar with the fundamentals of the radio. To receive a license the operator inust receive at least fifteen words a minute and pass an exami- nation. Mr. Willis is the adviser. Left to righti Ronald Bryant. lay Hiatt, Mr. Willis, Tom Link, Delores Budde, Tommy Iones, Galen Peel. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to create an interest for those students who have taken French and who are interested in the French people and their customs. Miss Blackard is the club sponsor. ROW l: Harriet Sheley, Elizabeth Cvreen. Bar- hara Nave, loan Moyer. lanet Barlow. Iackie Kolesa. ROW 2: Alice Ballard, Kenny West, Sherry Sipprelle, Dardanella Smith. Pat Grenzebach, Larry Eberlin. Cynthia Campbell, Doris McCabe. Helen Lancaster. Geraldine Hogle. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The F.T.A., sponsored by Miss Iewell Suther- land, was organized for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the interests of students along the lines of teaching. These students, visited schools. teachers' Special Education courses, and acted as ushers of the Math Convention. The interest stimulated by this organization has resulted in many Alton High Students taking up the teaching profession. ROW l: Gail Bates. loan Ballinger, Monica Todd, Lillian Kirk. Irma Brunnworth, Marianne Paul, Shirley Nolan. Carol Stilwell, Miss Sutherland, spon- sor. ROW Z: Donna March, Ruth Hoffman, Harriet Sheley. Ianette Stade, lean Saunders. Iudy Gibbs, Dolores Budde. ROW 3: Myrna Reis, Dorothy Kenig, lune Moore. Alice Daniel. Carolyn Worthy. loAnn Shake. Dardanella Smith. ROW 4: Louise Henderson, Ioyce Isaacs. Gretchen Seig, Doris Deucker. Virginia Bresson. Members not in picture: Reasie Miller, Merry Leach, Volar Posey. Marjorie Cochran, Sandra lngels. Margaret Ringering, Nancy Titchenal. Nora Brad- shaw. lack Glaeser, Diann Bosnak, Karen Kelly, Carol Richards. IUNIOR RED CRGSS The lunior Red Cross. under the ahle leadership of Miss Margaretha Zeltman. has accomplished many things this year. They have filled about 48 Red Cross boxes which were sent to other countries. macle nut cups and tray covers for Scott Air Base. and supported other Red Cross activities. ROW I: Volar Posey. Rae Turnhull, Pat Lind- hlad, Kathleen Thompson, Ruth Turnhull. ROW 2: Ieanette Schmidt, Tina Stiltz, Gerry Vineyard. Bette Calame. Patty Hory. Sandra Wiltler- man. ROW 31 Bill Tucker. Eileen lless. Marcella McCauley. Ann Beard, Carol Freeman, llelen Prei- decker. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club was organized to henefit all the students interested in photography, ln the past year the cluh had a program which included n num- her of very interesting lectures on how to take better pictures with your present camera. The cluh teaches the new enthusiast the funclanientals of taking good pictures. Photography is an ever-growing hobby of students all over the country. Mr. Koher sponsors this organization. ROW l: Ken Mills. Boh Lofts. lim Snkolowslci. ROW Z: Barney Marchis. lack Erwin. Orville Brown. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club is the place where hcginners learn to play chess and members improve their ability. All classes of players enjoy themselves hecause they can find competition in their own class. Mr. Ralph Koher. the club sponsor. arranges matches and has helped make the club a success. ROW l: Karen Kelly. Eric Newberry. lack Kauffel, Bill Fahianic. ROW 2: lack Erwin, Dale Dick, lohn Kolditz. Ken Mills. Bob Lofts. RED AND GRAY HI-Y The purpose of the Red and Gray Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school, high standards of christian character, The officers are: Bill Eidson, president: Iohn Matthews, vice presidentg Ronny Vanata, secretary: David Loft, chaplain: and Bill Graves, sergeant at arms. FIRST ROW: Ierry Chiolero, Dick Dunn, Bob Edsall, Merlyn Barth, and Gene Stewart. SECOND ROW: Bob Travis, Ron Rain. lack Miller, Chuck Saunders, Wayne lnlow, lohn Mat- thews, Bill Eidson, and Bill Graves. THlRD ROW: lim Meisenheimer, Tony Nor- man, Bill Fabianic. Dave Loft, Don Yates, Dick Schudel. Bob Koehne, and Dave Ford. CARVER HI-Y The George Washington Carver Hi-Y is a group of boys gathered together to develop a sense of community responsibility and to better their know- ledge of civic problems and the christian ways of life. As well as having varied social activities the group takes part in such Hi-Y activities as the youth congress and student government programs. FIRST ROW: Floyd Thacker, Iohn McSwain. Tillmon Nelson, Everett Wilson, Alfred Lumpkins. SECOND ROW: Robert Davis, Albert Charles- ton, Rodger Cross. William Rollins, Charles Miller. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS These students are assigned to different tasks such as food replacement, snack bar, and the dis- posal unit. ln return they receive free lunches. Miss Mary Sidwell is their director. FlRST ROW: Edith Zumwalt, Elsie Cathorall, Ethel Stone, Shirley Delehanty. Anna Mae Marmino. Carol Pryor, Dorothy Pruitt. SECOND ROW: Marie Golike. Aldyth Thomp- son, Iuanita Sodens. Marlene Blunk, lean Bornes. Darlene Gravett, Harold Ball. THIRD ROW: Emma Rushing, Mary Waters. Iudith Butler, Florence Llrsh, lim Ingram, Harry Gustine, Don Morris, Sam Wells. FOURTH ROW: Roberta Stockton. Marion Oulson. Shirley Lewis, Gene Gvillo, Paul Norris, Ronald Gustine, Clarence Stoner, Gary Hanlon, Charles Taylor. Cafeteria workers not in picture: Wanda Duna- way, Lelia Mae Welling, Virginia Mueller, Dick Henderson. Kay Mayhall, Della Hillar, Ann Whorl. Delle Wood, Ella Wood, Frank Frankfort, Tom Morris, Rose Bosoluke, Iack Stice. 45 P' FURTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The F.N.A. Consists of girls interested in nurs- ing as a profession. The purpose of this cluh is to learn the fundamentals and opportunities in the fields of nursing. Our F.N.A. is very active. The girls help each vear with the T. B. program and assist in the clinic. This year the girls have heard student nurses and many other interesting speakers tell about hospital life and procedures. Regular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Mrs. Frances Mutz. the school nurse, is the sponsor of this organization. Top Group: ROW I: Ioyce Baker. Martha Lemastus. Car- men Fitzhugh. Beverly Landiss. ludy Winkler. ROW 2: Ann Beard. Susan Liclster. Sally len- sen. Carol Maloney. Gloria Putz. Ruth Warner. Elizabeth Burns. ROW 3: Margie Belcher. Carolyn Craveus, Gail Haf". Shannon Ledhetter. Shirley Christopher. Barbara Thompson. ROW '12 Sandra Sass. Mary Dell lones. Ianive Rousseau, Phvllis lshel. Rosellen Shaflner. Sandra Ingles, Betty Calame. Center Group: ROW l: ludy Whyte, loan Shake. lean Mont- gomery, Gayle Bates, Ruth Hoffman. ROW 2: Tina Stilz, Marjorie Myers. Ilat Flory, Mary Logan, Charlotte lanes. ROW 3: Barrie Zoll, Ieanette Sutherland, De- lores Budde, Ellen Gwillim, Pearlie Owens. ROW 4: Gloria Reeder, Ann Tate, Sandra Robertson. Pauline Brocltmeyer, In Ann Wchh. Kathy Ackerman. CLINIC ASSISTANTS ROW l: Carmen Fitzhugh. Mrs. Mutz, Bev- erly Landis. ROW 2: Shirley Christopher. lo Edith Nis- i'iger,. Kathy Ackerman, Betty Calame. leanette Sutherland, loAnn Shake. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Due to the fact that we have enlarged our lib- rary facilities, the assistants have a more responsible position in the operations that provide quick. court- eous. and reliable help for all students who are in- terested in gaining more knowledge through the read- ing lacilities which our school system offers. They are under the direct supervision of Miss Hall, our librarian, They check out the books, keep the library neat, arrange the bulletin boards so that they are interesting. and do other jobs to assist the librarian. Upper Group: ROW ONE: Carol Rundell, ludy Winkler, Io- Ann Voss, Carole Turner. Ieanette Sutherland, Shirley Zimmer, lanice Rousseau. ROW TWO: Norma Phillips, Virginia Buch- anan, Barbara Taylor, Sylvia Tchntikaleff. Elizabeth Burns. Betty Calame, Vlada Rousseff. Beulah Stamm. Dorothy Pruitt, Sondra Moore. Center Group: FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Truitt, ludy Brown, Carol Playez, loyce Wallendorf. SECOND ROW: ludy Gibbs. Margaret Beards- more, Marion Paul, Carol Stillwell, luanita Crum. OFFICE ASSISTANTS This group of students has volunteered to spend part of their time in the office. Their duties con- s'st of collecting absence slips, running errands, and helping in any way possible. Four students are as- signed to each period. ROW lr Mary Waters, lean Saunders, Delores Gubser. Myra Bowers, lim Wilson, Kenneth Mills. ROW 2: Gail Hack. leanette Acord, Mary Helen Barkley, Barbara Kohler, Patty Osborn. Martha Garvin. ROW 3: Shirley Howell. Elaine Gerard, lean Case. Marilyn Childers. Alice Colman, Pat Lawson. ROW 4: Karen Cooper. Donna March, Darda- nella Smith, Shirley Farmer. lo Allen. Betty Haus- man. ROW 5: Delores Laurciella, Barbara Thompson. Bill Graves, Teri Falul-cos, lim Eisenreich. DEAN OF GIRLS' OFFICE ASSISTANTS At the start of each semester Miss Teter selects students who have requested upon their schedule a desire to he of service as her assistants. These girls take messages to students. act as hostess in the absence of Miss Teter, and do various other helpful duties. In recognition ol their fine work Miss Teter regards these girls highly. SEATED: Shirley Christopher. Ianice Rousseau. Pat Thomas, Rosellen Schalfner. STANDING: Margaret R'ynar, Ioanne Turnsr Doris Williams. DEAN OF BOYS' OFFICE ASSISTANTS Each year Mr. Ray lackson selects a group of boys to assist him in his office. Their duties con- sist ol answering the telephone, running errands. and taking care of business while the dean is out. De- pendahility. accuracy of work, and good standing in the student body are the requirements. ROW I: lerry Farmer, lack Bacus. Ioe Ruyle. ROW 2: Bob Lofts, Eugene Fisher, Reid' Childers. Tom Marquis. STUDENT PATROL The Alton High Student Patrol is a service organization of over sixty volunteer students. who seela to help the student body have better order in the halls and on the campus. Mr. Kober is their sponsor. FIRST ROW: llelt to righlj Earl Hazelwoncler. Ronald Vanata, Ted Hrahak. Edwin Hill, Bill Yavorski. Richard Byassee, Nancy Leonard, Gretchen Sieg. Marjorie Golenor. SECOND ROW: Bill Alexander. Myra Bowers. Betty Mahon, Gracie Brooks, Wanda Douglas, Tl-tel' ma Sullivan. ludy Bean, Iackie Oldham, EQ, ,fx 1 ' -Q--fi ff ii 'p' A' A Lji 9 I' 'vs , . ,J f" , . Y is IIM HEIL IIM SOKOLOVVSKI, BARBARA NAVE Pre: Boys Cahinct Prem. National Honor Society Pres Girls Council MARIANNE PAUL BUDDY HOOK, MARION PAUL Pre-Q F H A Co-Captain, Fnolhall Team Prri F F A LOUIS DRIETH. Prrs., Boys' Cabinet 1-P' " mm nsfii. - 2-4 A 2 RALPH NASH Basketball Captain BEVERLY GUMM, Pres., F.B.L.A. LINDA ALDRIDGE DALE NEUDECKER, I1 nary Class President Q X , 'x f .fi M DQS' LEWIS vw X xLv,xA K 'vb V Q .. ,, 609 vm Sowobowsvu C9909 SNA BQWNQOQ, -I 909066 Q0 wv0"'Q '50 K 49 QW L-av AKFAXJAXY Q. Q, Xk Q. Q., xf X Q0-X' if Qpxxfv YL QD YYY +0 Y av qoxXI,O' 'DCA CDVM 0+ sa 'Bow Y vm-X O LVVVEEK4 919 XA 196 YW-Q05 Q30 1 il 9.9690 Qou Pew 0 QQXN, 0 15 'if 0-RNS We M6 U1 9-Oy 51 ,Jim-,,-M xvx,v3Q,xA, V-ucf, vi 900 V- Ax NA ee .x H. A 'V A O W v . O-9 XE? OQQX1 B wg 2? 69-NOV' Qu Yiwu TIMES typist, Ruth Turnbull, is the key to neatly getting the copy ready for the Adams Printing Co., however when its time to work on the mailing list she is assisted by typists, Nancy Leonard and Delores Laurciella. At extreme left is feature writer, Iudy Edsall, and at extreme right Retha Wells, exchange editor, who trades school publications with 30 schools. Her assistants are Myrna Ries and Alice Colman. . ,...gM,k Feature writers and photographer Don Hayes lkneelingj try to dope out something new and different for each issue. Standing are: lack Myers, Sally Walker, Shirley Christopher, and Mrs. Irma Allen fsponsorj, while lack Hall, Pat Lawson, Alice Daniel, and Gertye Campbell are seated. QMarjorie Cochran absent., jkia ia ur . ALTCDN HIGH TIMES Linda Aldridge, Managing Editor of the TIMES and the sponsor, Mrs. Irma Allen, frequently discuss problems that the TIMES has in common with larger newspapers. Circulation Manager Donna March instructs a few of the staff members before they start out on their rounds to distribute and sell the TIMES. Right to left are: Willie Hearn, Bill Porter, Earl Hazelwonder, Dick Strebel, Alice Daniel, Carol Goings, Marianne Paul, and Io Hurley. Cox have other matters to discuss. ALTON HIGH TIMES, a bi-weekly publication, gives the students of AHS a full coverage of what is going on in the school. The TIMES carries not only the news but offers reader interest through features, editorials, and a full coverage on. sports. In eight of the TIMES sixteen issues, the SCI-IOLASTIC ROTO is a pictorial supplement. The TIMES, a self-supporting, nonfprofit organization is financed through advertisers. whom staff members solicit at the first of the semesters, and through single copy sales, not only at Alton High but also at East and West Iuniors. Outside money-making projects for the year include the calling in of athletic scores to the St. Louis daily papers by Harry Gustine, Charles Mathers, and Orville Brown. A com- mittee, headed by Ruth Turnbull has reported to the LADIES' HOME IOURNAL what Alton High's reaction is to dating, teen-age driving, parental attitudes and manners. This information compiled with data from other schools is featured on the Sub-Deb page of the magazine. Some first semester staff members check last min- te make-up details before the TIMES goes to press. eft to right are: Frank Campbell, Kay Travis, fmake- p editor,J Barbara Thompson, Shirley Zimmer fasso- iate editorj, Mrs. Irma Allen fsponsorl, Linda Aldridge editorl and Donna Newt. Charles Connour. freportersj. v.. fd 'IBN Like practically every business organization, the TIMES has the problem of making financial ends meet. Linda Lingenfelter, reporter, seems interested in what Business Manager Barbara Nave and Advertising Manager Iim Heil are doing, but Sports Writers, Harry Gustine and Sherry Heaton, and Reporter Iim While waiting for the TIMES to come off the press, staff members relax and visit. Left to right are: Orville Brown, fphotographerj, Ted Hrabak, lim Dun- away, Dale Dick, Ken Prewitt, Charles Mathers, and li av" 1' f ' fa 1 J 'sw 'i 5 lf? I mm gc JR ,H in QYMZS AQ-1.34 . ,,,MmWx W 0 i E V V ' jam !! K The STEAM ROLLERS 3 4 J '4 Q X 5 Siem ,'4'. Qnuugn Hanna-r, Buuuv Hoag Wm 2-mmm., vw? WN W 5 S I . , Q. 'fifF?"Hf-,i Mamma Cuaox cm, Susan Manton 1 4 xx .al :ii . Eggs Rf-rn Cnmuou Eacozr, B05 DSWIS g gm S . Jo Gun Leounsm W Esqm,DnLc Neunscocsn. 'T XJR'-q Q BEVIQLY Gum'-A Reno Cummins CARLEY Bdkkig E3w21',Jn-1 Bgqgg 1 'VO A rvrfgy M I C' f L L l" gl I ,,.:"' .eff 115-' MW" ' '-Joofza M jf . V , , . ,.-'1-J It 'fflf ,U " I-ffwgbq' f f ' " A If f v f' f . 1 -e- gi. 4 -.fdxigz jig. f:1.,w,f'i1'JaQ-5v.fs-?f' ,Le flfifffl , ,X I Xl . 'Q Alton 6 .........,,,.... I o Alton 39 ,.,.. ff...Q..,i4.Q ,.... southwasf' 0 Alton 24 ......... ,,,,..,. 6ranite,f.5Q94-i,,4fQ, Alton 20 ..... ,,...... M t. Vernon 14 Alton 7 .,.,.... Collinsville 13 Alf0I1 19 ...... ........ E dwardsville 25 Alton 7 ...... ........ B elleville 13 Alf01'l 0 ...... ....,.,. E ast St. Louis 12 AlfOI'1 6 ...... ........ W ood River 6 Left to right: Bob Hausman, Dale Neudecker, Reid Childers, lim Heil, Louie Kyle, Richard Schwegel, lim Barker, Dave Musgraves, Tom Marquis, Vic Ballinger, Buddy Hook, and lack Lusk. First Row: Coach McClain, lim Barker, Dave Musgraves, Buddy Hook, Don Winship, Sherry Heaton Tom Marquis, lack Lusk, Bob Hausman, Iim Leavell, Bob Davis, and Coach Studleyl Second Rfow: Bob Bergesch, Galen Fines, lim Ellers, Reid Childers, Bob Hawkins, Danny Lutes, lack Bacus. lim Eisenreich, Denny Long, Felix Macias, and Louie Kyle. Last Row: Iim Heil, Dale Neudecker, Iohn Matthews, Dave Ash, Vic Ballinger, Ierry Lantz, lim Blake, Dick Schwegel, and Gerald Herren. ' Sli ms- L .. V ' QE? '.'. ,,., 1 SW: W is N x I' x ww ,A Q , 3 at .wkjkfi -A X , if Q ri, S t r . 'wfiff' A 4 . A ,Q V -if .9 K x 1 14 Q-.ff V , Q ww 6 Q 4 , - W X' J f S 1 . ' M K . 0 iq 71 22 at 37 is ,E X 5 B2 K6 . , , q Q Q xg -QXE E? Q, .x Si' up ,i va ' w, s Q X 1 - x 'Ll fi J f E V A J 'Q ' V '35 'TY WV .aj s , E . .1 1. W A MQBM. 4 , I "?,NN.. QW. X- .wi A K- ,, , S4 f .. Q2 34, ?1 763 6555 if Sf 93 R H K, .1 - gg? , xg 4 tgiu ryky 32 F at , C tw A 5-v '?Q QF "ww xr 19 Q sr' M X X y , mb ' Qi Ng 13 in 5i,iA V K w , V 5 V Q McKINLEY Alton, who won 6 to 0, made the games only T. D. in the second quarter. Quarterback lim Eisen- reich threw a flat pass to fullback Sherry Heaton who sprinted 47 yards to pay-dirt, SOUTHWEST In the second non-conference game, Coach Stndley sent his entire 33 man squad into the line- up. Six Birds, Hook, Wilson, Neudecker, Heaton, Davis, and lVlusgraves scored a touchdown apiece. GRANITE CITY At Granite City four Redbirds tallied a T. D. apiece. The balanced scoring featured Heaton, Wil- son, Long, and Hook wifh a touchdown being picked up in each quarter. MT. VERNON Every play was a thrill from the opening minute to the final second of the Alton, Mt. Vernon game. It was the Rams game, l4 to 13, until the final 15 seconds when Mt. Vernon's big lim Stokes was ordered out of the game on a costly foul that gave Alton the ball. Alton went on to win the game in the final two seconds. lim Eisenreich, Alton quarterback, threw a long pass to end Alex Christian to set up the T. D. in the last two seconds. l l eff Dale Neudecker goes up for a pass as Bob Davis comes in to help. it Upper Left: Upper Right: Sherry Heaton Dale Neudecker Lower Left: Lower Right: Coach McClain Coach Posey Right: Buddy Hook carries as Sherry Heaton leads interference. SEASON SUMMARY COLLINSVILLE Collinsvillels Kahoks came to Alton all fired up and left with AltOn's first loss of the year. Sherry carried the ball for Altons only score in the third quarter. Alton did well in every department except the scoring one. EDWARDSVILLE Edwardsville was losing the ball game up to the final minutes of the game when they got the ball and drove to a touchdown with time running out. BELLEVILLE Alton lost their third straight game when Belle- ville put the freeze on the ball to protect their I3 to 7 lead. Heaton scored the Alton only touchdown while Bellanger kicked the extra point. EAST ST. LOUIS East St, Louis came to Alton and almost had a scare thrown into them by the Alton Redbirds. The high scoring East Side team was held to I2 points by the Alton defense, This was the lowest score East Side had been held to up to this time. VVOOD RIVER The Wooci River game was played on a Sat- urday afternoon in place of the annual Thanksgivinq Day game. Alton could not move the hall at all. Wood River scored first and threatened to score again before the game was over, Alton scored in the latter part of the game to keep it from being a Wood River victory. The season record for the Redbirds was four wins, four losses and one tie. We could not have upper Left, Upper Right: had a more even season. Tom Marquis Everett Wilsoii LOWE! Left: Lower Right: Coach Studley Bob Hausman Left: Hey! I've got it. Everett Wilsoii is brought down trom behind. TEAM CAPTAINS lim Blake and Buddy Hook were team captains of the Redbirds this season. lim Blake was a guard and a three letter man. He won the All-District award as line- man and was put on the Telegraph All-District team. Buddy Hook was a two letter man and a swift half back. He was one of the better backs in this area and a real threat at all times. Left to Rig?-153' ,' K lack Lusk lim Blake Felix Macias erry Lantz Reid Childers 'i Dave Ash Dave Musgraves Bob Hawkins Globe Democrat Player of the Week Sherry Heaton was chosen player of the week in a poll sponsored by the Globe-Democrat Sherry, a real ball handler on the team this season, was a two year lctterman. He was placed on the Telegraph All-District team, and had the honor of being the best puntcr in this area. Altx Christian Inn hisenreich Buddy Hook lim Barker Bob Davis im Heil Louie Kyle Danny Lutcs garfefdaf BASKETBALL SEASON The Alton Redbirds started the season out with wins over Hillsboro and Edwards- ville. They then lost to Roxana in the Madi- son County Tournament. Collinsville was beaten by Alton for one of their few losses of the season. Mt. Vernon defeated the Red- birds by 2l points: Alton, then went on a winning streak, won their next three games from Belleville, Granite City, and Lawrence- ville. They were then beaten by Carbondale and East St. Louis, but they came back to take Gillespie by one point. VARSITY TEAM MEMBERS First Row Dick McFerrm Charlie Manar Sherry Heaton, and Capt. Ralph Nash. Second Row Roland Banks Iohn Cushman, Richard Henderson, Cleveland Hammonds, . , "'s 'Q' CHEER LEADERS Left to Right: Ioarin Webb. Helen Payne, Ioan Shake, Linda Lingenfelter, and Carmen Fitzhugh. Ralph Nash goes up for a shot as Charles Manar of Alton and Gregor and Barton of Edwardsville look on. Iohn Cushman goes up for a shot as Charlie Manar and Dick McFerrin come in to his aid. Edwardsville defeated Alton, but the boys re- turned to heat McKinley and Wood River. Roxana, Collinsville. Granite City, Belleville, and East St. Louis all conquered the Red Birds before Mt. Carmel was defeated. Alton then lost to Roxana and Edwards- ville before winning their last two games from Wood River and Westerii. lu the Regional Alton defeated Roxana iii their first gaine 61-54 hut lost to Edwardsville 67-4l. 3 , 1 , i 1 'K A W 1g44ff2lQ 4 ., 43 E 3 Q1 Q , 'A tt' if i t sf' 9 ,sf . ':i'ir i:" ,-"'1 Ss? Ak :M wa as Mig ,A ,tti t aas, Left Top to Bottom: Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Dick McFerrin gets the ball as team-mates Ralph Nash Iohn CL man and Charles Manar gather around. Tom Marquis, Cleveland Hammonds, and REDBIRDS SCHEDULE Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton -McKinley -Wood River -Roxana 62-Collinsville 6l-Granite City 48-Belleville 47-East St. LOUIS 65-Mt. Carmel 53-Roxana 63-Edwardsville 69-Wood River 45-Western Ralph Nash HA? 'Se :tivo Dale Neudecker goes up for a rebound and Manar gets ready to help if needed. team-mate Charhe INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Nlarquis ., 13 Nash ,,I,,I,, Hammonds Cushman . lVIcFerrin Manar . Banks ....., .,.,. 3 4 Heaton Spurgeon Ncudecker FGA FG 11 140 12 26 3-I 15-I 23 44 17 3 t to ri ht: Dale Spurgeon, Roland Banks, Iohn Cushman, Dick 9 McFerrin, Charles Maliar. ik 9. a2Q aussi! Track Dale Spurgeon clears the high jump bar. First Row: Bob Blair, Hob Wclvlv, Guy ,l'0II'f'll 'Smu ll .. , .Q "I'fjllfLlIIl, luck Ulzwscr. llnrry lzlltlklklh and Terry Kcslmcr. Middle ROW: luck Fislmmu. Kcnuy Tilton, llcxx Hale. llcmly Long, l'lfu'ry Gusliuc. l'lI'IllL Whctzcl, Arnold Szmdcrs, and Slwrry Hcnton. Back Row: Clarcnuc Thobhs, lack Dr xl ' ' '- cs cr, Mgll1flLC Kennedy. Dizk l" ' Spurgvou, Di k M' ' ' helps, lim Heil, Dala- C LE'L1I'lIl, and Ed Morris. 5 BEST RUNNERS IN DISTRICT Art Pahl, Troy: Les I-Iale. Alton: Alan Brown, Wood River: lim Greene, Wood River: Bill Murphy, Troy. Cross Country The Cross Country Team of the past year did very well. The boys on this team won seven straight firsts before coming in sixth in the state meet. The Alton boys scored a record low point mark in the Southwestern High School Athletic Conference Cross Country Meet just before they went to the State Meet. LES HALE Winner of five of the six meets in the season and fourth place in the State Meet. lst Row: Dick McFerrin, Coach Rallo, Les Hale. 2nd Row: Iolm Cushman, Roland Banks, Dick Phelps, Ted Hrabak, Harry Gustine. The Rifle Club Again this year Alton High has entered a Rifle Team in the Greater St. Louis Rifle League because of lack of local competition. Alton has been holding its own over the years and hopes to do so again this year. It is a relatively unknown sport in the school because all of the matches are away. The team is sponsored by Mr. Leo M. Wools who has spent much time and effort to help make it a good club. Row 1: Bob Travis, Merlin Barth, Bill Rubright, Dave Luft. Row 2: Bill Cress, Iohn Dickman, Fred Czerny, Vivian Vanausdoll. C h a rl e s Steinheimer, lack Miller. Cliff Newcomb Bernie Maison Art Koshinski lack Lusk f X25 Q9B?3m ZP. I Cluckwisex Don Tutt slides in for an attempted run as lim Bourland backs away from the plate. Catcher Greagor of Edwards- ville tags lack Hill of Alton at the plate. An attempt to pick lack Ash off second base. lst Row: Gene Rainey, Albert Iunn, lack Ash, Bill Graves, Bill Edison, lim Bourland, and Wayne Cook, 2nd Row: Eddie Hill, Paul Becker, Ice Rittenh Dave Ford, Alex Christen. and Gene Kuhn. 3rd Row: Don Tutt, Don Harrison, Tom Marquis, Iim Eisenreich, Dale Neudecker, lack Hill, and Bill Dickerson. w-I, Baseball r 'Nil Girls' Physical Education Girls' physical education classes not only offers different s o t p r s and games, but also teaches a girl good sportsmanship and proper care and development of the body. The girls are ably instructed by Miss Foster and M' iss Halbruegge. You first. Crossed again. The ball's over there! That one didnt qo over A tossed ball During the winter months indoor games, such as volleyball, basketball, table tennis, shuffleboard, and badmin- ton, are played. Many of the sports learned during school years will be played after the girls are out of school. A physical education class on the march from e dressing rooms to play a game of soft ball , if 5.05 W 7 gummwi--"W-visas' imIaf'?i -Z3fQ,bx,X4 Dale Neudecker Bob Shirack Dale Spurgeon Edwyna Baker Nancy Harlow Bob Travis Anita Horn Marlene Curry THEY WERE CUTE THEN! lim Sokolowski Ieanette Sutherland lim Blake Marjorie Golenor Iune Moore Kay Travis Wayne Cook Iohn Purnell Frank Sutton Darlene Strohkirch Charles Ford Dana Eastman Shirley Zunner Ralph Nash Ted Hrabak Ioyce Ruthsatz .gi an ww 3 ,gif 4ri"w- fi Xiggir MY HOW THEY'VE CHANGED! . Gene Rainey . Kathy Ackerman . Betty Hendrix . Indy Sidner . Barbara Thompson . Roger Hull . Barbara Nave . Elizabeth Green . lleftj Pat Kirkpatrick . Ierry Lantz Alice Daniel Bertha Kitzmiller Orville Brown lim Dunaway lim Cope lim Dunaway lim Wilson Don Hayes frightl Bill Truitt Ruth 'llerlisner Iohn Cushman Ruth Terlisner Nlargaret Reynar Reid Childers Clara Smith Carol Frye Shirley Christoph Charles Brown CI' Grand March at Dream Girl Dance: Candidate for A'Dream Girl" Pretty, Prettyllg The victors hold their spoils: Big wheels? jAanL5 .70 Our ..!4c!uerfi5er6 For our advertisers and friends: Again this year, we of the Tatler Staff wish to express our deepest ap- preciation for your willing and helpful cooperation in advertising in the 1953 Tatler. While, to many people, the yearbook is only a collection of pictures of school events, to us of the staff it is something more - it is a responsible business enterprise. Needless to say, it costs very much to produce this book, but with your cooperation, we have been able to produce another yearbook which will pass through many hands, for many years, serving not only as a reminder of school, but will also indicate your name, which signifies your good will to the school and an invitation to everyone to patronize your estab- lishment. Again to our advertisers, "Thanks a million." The 1953 Tatler Staff Kramer Electric Co. .... . Central Sales ........................,. 'YT ' ' .. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Acme Bowling Alley ..,........... Adams Printing Co. ............. . Allen and Nimmfons, Inc. ....... . Alton District Auto Dealers Alton Banking and Trust Co. Alton Box Board Co. ,.......... . Alton Brake Service .............. Alton Building and Loan Ass'n. ..................... . Alton Brick Co. ..................... . Alton Evening Telegraph ...... Alton Hardware 6 Paint Co. Alton Heating and Plumbing Alton Refrigeration Co. ....... . Alton Skelgas .......................... Alton Stone Bros. Co. ........... . Alton Texaco Service .. .... .. Alton Tire Sales ....... ...... Alton Y.M.C.A. ..................... . Alton Y.W.C.A. ................... . American Reprint Service ...... American Taxi Service .......... Becktold Company ............,..... Belcher and Morehead .. Bmdler s Store ........................ Blair ' Agency ...............,.......... Blocks Ice Cream ................ Boyd's Sandwich Shop Bramhall Press ...v.................... Brandenburgefs ............ Ipe Brandt Hardware .. Broadway Malt Shop .,.. Brown-Hornsey Printing Buck's Paint 8 Floor Covering ................ Burt's Laundry ,............. Campbell-Degenhardt Pharmacy ................ Carls Shoe Store .................... Carson Iewelers. Inc. ......,.... . Challacombe. N. N. Co. .....,. . City Fuel 5 Supply Co. ....... . Community Coal 8 Ice Co. Coney Island Restaurant ........ Copes Barber Shop ................ Cordes Motor Co. ................. . Cnivello's Confectionery ........ Dan's Brake Service .... Dee Floral Co. ..................... . Dennis Bros. ............ ............... . Emil H. Dick Drug Store .... Deluxe Cafe ............................ Edelman's Ben Franklin Store .,................................ Elm Street Cleaners ...... Elm Way Drive In ........,..... Evers Paint 6 Wall a er P P Store ..,.......... .......r........ ..... Evans Pastries 8 Delicatessen Firestone .................................. First National Bank 8 Trust Company .......................... Thomas I. Fleming ................ Ford Hopkins Drug Store Germania Savings 8 Loan Gent Funeral Home ......... Ghent 'Sandwich Shop ....... Gately s .,...............,.,.........v...... Gibson Furniture. Inc. ..... Ginter-Warclein Co. .,...... . Godwin Office Supply ........,. Gould Music Co. .............. . E. H. Goulding's EY Sons Co. W. T. Grant Co. ................. . Green Lantern Restaurant E. M. Greer Agency ............ Greater Alton Association of Commerce .................... Grosheim Insurance Agencv .. Hanlon 5 Haegele .........,........ Haper's Towing Service ........ Harry F. Hemphill Agencv .. Henderson Bros. Service Sta. W. 1. 8 R. A. Herb .............. Hildebrand's ............................ Hoffman Feed 8 Supply . Home Bldg. 6 Loan Ass'n. of Alton .......................... Hotel E1 Restaurant Meat 8 Supply ........................ Hughson Insurance Agency ., lack's Standard Service .......... Ioiner Hardware 6 Electric Company .......................... Iolmson Insurance Agency Iones Confectionery .............. Katherine K-Shop .................. Kelley 6 Mayer Food Market Kerr's Drug Store .................. Kraft Korner ............................ Krug Dry Goods ....... Laclede Steel Co. ......., . Don Leach Grocery ......... Luer's Bros. Packing Co. ...., . Lytton's .................................... Maneke Iewelers ........... Mauls Shoe Store ......,............. Maurie 6 Gales Service ........ Metcalfe-Miller Co, ............... . Meyer-Hurwitz Iewelry Co. .. Mikoff Grocery ...................... Mid-States Finance Co. ....... . Miller's Grocery ............. Milton Greenhouse ....... Milton Pharmacy ......,,............ Mineral Springs Hotel .......... Modern Welded Products Morrissey-King ..................,..... Monticello College ....... National Printing Co, ........,,. . H. A. Nevlin Moving and Storage ............. I. I. Newberry Co. ...... . Noll Baking Co. ................... . E. C. Norton Insurance ........ Nottoli Bros., Market ............ Olin Industries. Inc. ............. . 168 168 170 171 Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Fly Leaf Peters Gift Shop ................. . Rock Poole Pharmacy .......... Record 'Center ........................ Reeder 8 Sons ...................... Phil Reilley Buick Co. ......... . Ridge Street Con fectioncrv Retail Clerks Local No. 344 River View Hat Shop .,........ Roloff Meat Market .............. Russe11's Shoe Store ................ Russell Venetian Blind Co. ,. Ben Ruyle ................................ Schaffner Music Co. .. ..... Schiff Shoe Store .....,.. ........ Selhime's .................................. Sears, Roebuck 8 Co. ........... . Spieth Studio ................ ........ Square Deal Shop ...... ........ Shearburn's ............... ........ Smith's Service .......,.. ..... . 'fig Shurtleff College ..............,... Snyder's .................................... Springman Lumber Co. ......... . Standard Oil Co. ................... . Stanka Garage ............ ........ I. B. Steck Agency ................ St. Peters' Electric ................ C. A. Stickler Insurance ........ Paul F. Davis 8 Sons, Stop Ea Shop Market .............. Stratford Hotel ........................ Streeper Funeral Home .......... Tate Hardware ............ ........ 170 170 170 '7 172 177 172 183 169 183 183 183 17 172 172 169 166 174 165 179 173 178 166 174 145 173 173 173 174 174 173 157 Temple Cleaners ........ ........ Towne Shop, Inc. ................. . Tru Value Dress Shop ........ Try Finer Cleaners .............. 173 175 Todd Dry Cleaners .............. 165 165 175 176 Uptown Barber Shop ............ 176 Vogue ........................................ 176 Walnut Grove Dairy .......,..,. 184 Walter's Shell Service ....,,.... 176 Wardein Pharmacy .........,,,,,,, 184 Weber, Fred C. Agency ...... 184 Wedge Pharmacy ..................,, 184 Wells Tire Co.. Inc. ............ 177 Wick's Service Station .......... 177 Wi1liamson's Pharmacy ........ 177 Windmill Cafe- .....,,,.,...,,.,.,,,,.. 177 Wiseman, Inc, ............,.,,..,,,,., 175 WOKZ, Inc. .... ........ 1 75 Woo1worth's . ...............,..,.,,,..,, 175 Yolton's .................................... 175 Youngs Dry Goods Co. ........ 142 Ll U ALLEN and NIMMONS, H Compliments of Inc, ACME INSURANCE BOWLING ALLEYS zoo E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. PHONE 2-92-19 llhms PRINTING X. Yvvx- A f Ag comPANY Qigfff "CREATIVE PRINTERS" 11 VV 536 East Broadway H Telephone 2-00414 ALTON, ILALINQIS For Better Values It's . . . H E Il fl 104 WEST THIRD PI-IGNE 38851 - I 42 - x "V f K r XX X' ,Q x-x- - Q Q -x-u- - x x x-Q-x-Q-1-L-1-1-Q-Q-h - - -n-x-1-s-1- -x-1-s- -4- - - -x R v ' LX V I . a MJ BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS X1 I ' I. K 1 L' X VX x WV' C-Yfx 9 ., fx ,ATN Y xi x A -'K xi kk ' 3 Q X - X V ?2':' , 'N-S 'ik f, is -INN 'Eg Qi- , gs, . . . Growing With gx ixux VR? 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IuN, Secretary LTON BUILDING 86 LOAN ASSOCIATION Incorporated 1904 'W 620 East Third Street Y Alton Illinois U FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON REAL ESTATE A I X b I COMPLIMENTS OF ' fx M. Sf . A E1 I x N XJ xx N N , X Y r ld il Q 51 f I I IX' , . STANDARD OIL COMPANY . QINDIANAQ Zigi Qi j ' Alton Hardware 8z GREEN LANTERN Paint Co., Inc. RESTAURANT' 210 Market Street if if 0 0 2504 - 2506 College Avenue TRY OUR SMALL STEAK PHONE 2-3641 ALTON, ILLINOIS George Walker - - Roberta Walker ALTON PLUMBING 86 HEATING CORP. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS PLUMBING - - - HEATING - - - SEWERING Phone 3-5539 302 State. ALTON, ILL. Get Hep! Know W hat's Doin' O O In Sports, School News, Society, Personal, or City, State, National or International News GET THE HABIT -1 READ - The Alton Evening Telegraph 1 3'H-X-3-I-H13-3'1'Y-3-3-I-3-3-1-I-3-3"H'Y-5-3'3-3"1"3-'I-3-3'3'3-3-3-3-1-3'H"3"l-5-3"l"3'T 1 -146- QQQQ-L-LqlqKu-L-Q1Q.-KmQ-KQQ-QQQQQQQ-QQKQKQQQK-KnQqQ-KQQQKQQ-Amlql-QQQQKQLQQQQ-Q-QQQ-QQKQQQ Q Q- -Q-Q- -Q- -Q-is ui-l-L-l-K-K-K-K-I -ll- -l-l-i- -l-K- - - -K-K- -1- . -K- -K-K-ll-K-l- -K Compliments from ELI M. GREER, Realtor REAL ESTATE AGENCY 1106 Milton Road ALTOHN, ILL. Compliments of GROSSHEIM'S INSURANCE AGENCY 206 E. BROADWAY Henderson Brothers Service Station FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW . . . HANLON 8z HAEGELE MEN'S APPAREL 630 East Broadway Elm B Alby BATTERIES - - FIRESTONE TIRES SHELL PRODUCTS - SHELLLIBRICATION Road Service - Car Washing Phone 3-9737 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS , 'V .f"' A 1,1 YL, W: iff I, ljtfiv V ,--" L N N '- ' La: V' 'l ""I Vf ALTON TIRE. I, ' A uf- F. J. STOBBS SONS Lf V , " .vly ffl ,,1',v,J'i Lum' V" F 'Fi' I 435-37 East Broadway Phone 3-8868 TI-IE FAMOUS HAWKINSON RECAPS Rf ALTON'S LEADING TIRE STORE 1 13 T ' Q ' E T T ' ' A ' A xy-113113 311313 -147- Q' .! .1 .1 L 5l-K- -1-K-K-l-K-l-K-K-K-i-K-K-K-l-K-l-l-K-l-i-l-K--K-l-l-K-K-K-K-K-l-K-K-K-l-ll-K l K K l K l 1 .1 .! .! .! 1 .1 .1 .! .1 .! .! .1 .1 1 .1 .! .1 .1 .1 .1 .l 1 L .! 1 ALTGN REFRIGERATION Co. ALTON SKELGAS Authorized FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service SALES and SERVICE See us about any Household Appliance 1654 Washington Avenue and Commercial Equipment PHONE 2- ALTON 550 rut Broadway Joial 3-7721 My WF' A A AXI SERVICE Nr' ne 3-5559 roa Alton, Ill1no1s J . fkffffw fy .l 1 .! . .! .! .! .! .1 l ' K df' .! .! .l .! .l .! .1 .! .l .! .1 .l .! .! .l .! .l -1 Olive at ul .! .l .l 1 .! 1 J .! My , fd' C3 3115125 AND BIND for the 1953 TATLE12 by BECKTOLD COMPANY if Beaumont St. L Tel. IEfferson 1100 ING ouis, Mo. Sho-es . . Bags . . . Hosiery . . , Cp f' al' 5 123 W. THIRD 3'1-3-3"Y'5"'3-3"3"l-3-3"'3-5'3"3-3'3'3-5-3-3-3-5- 'I-3-3"3-3-3-5-3-1"1-3'3-3-3-3"3 3 3 3 3 5 5 .I fi' I jgfl 'f 14, , ff V 14, KAN!! Iv Lf rl ' A g ' L' fig' 1 JI Sei' ,If ' I If Ill' . I J., I I., ' Q.: . IAI:'roI:qI' ILLINOIS , ' Ii? " II ' 1-I ---- L-I--Q-- DIAIVIONDS WITH A REPUTATION Where You Get the Most for Your "Diamond Dollars" We Carry a Complete Selection of BULOVA, BENRUS, AND ELGIN WATCHES You'lI Always I Find the Newest Designs at STONE BROS. Phone 2-7113 Amer Bfgllfllflt SCIYTVIVGC'-1' ' ' Belcher and Morehead mdladntl I ,Iwfisefpnntsn fIIIIIJI:q,Copies SCFVICQ Station .lfleigineunjirn A I Pxipplves V ' I I A I I. I .- f ' I , I 1 f Compjments of f I I . T T A f , I mag SV e elgphoqe 24336 Kelly-Springfield Tires and Tubes I' I I ' I' E 2' , fe I- ' ' - - .' 218 Williams si. ALTON 7 I ' K U J i Q J' I I !- I. 7 I I' ll I Yl f I I I I I I I I I' l 1 E f I I I J I I I I I I I' HILDEBRAND S Compliments of Fashions in Flowers HARRY F. HEMPHILL 224 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS Dorothy Huskinson Hildebrand Go don M'Ies H'1debrand P P 1- 24 Houn SERVICE Official qi! sam PHONE 2-9563 . 3 1- HAPER'S TOWING SERVICE Q Towing, Wrecker, Winch and Hoisting Service Cars, Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Buses 2.- BEAMS, TANKS, MACHINERY, Etc. i MOVED, LIFTED, SET or HAULED I., LARGE or SMALL - LIGHT or 'HEAVY a, 601 Pearl si. ALToN, ILLINOIS I T :i:n:.i:SI:r:n:r:Itn:2I:1I:I - - -I-I-I-if BE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT THF ALTON Y M C A Alton Texaco Service 2 WEST THIRD ST You May Iom Co Ed Clubs H Y Groups and SKY CHIEF GASOLINE Take Trips EXPERT MARFAK LUBRICATION ITLIILDING ACTIVITIES INCLUDE With Moto-Sway Action Gym, Swimming, WI0fk-Ouf ROOIII Table Tennis and Craft Shop Lou if DALES 443 E' Broadway Phone 3-9629 ARTHUR E. BRUBAKER, Gen. Sec'y T 'iiZI Z T T E "" ""T"""' SQZI ' 'SZ E A A A TJIDIDZTF3 AHS Open I-louse: Time out for refreshments before the next assembly: Candidates for football queen smile for the camerag Scene from the language clubs' annual spring dance. I E I I 31, 'KID 3 I 0 l 0 ' o .. . . I 3 3 I 3 X 3 3"l-3"3-1-3-3'3-3"3-3-5'3- y- -5-3-3-5-I,- -3- - up - - -3- bhl-K-K-K-K-l-K-l-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-6K-K-l-l-iuK-K-K-K-K-K-K-l-K-K-l-K-l-l-l-l- -K--K-l-i- K-K-K-l K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I BINDLER'S STORE THE BLAIR AGENCY DRY GOODS - - SHOES WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS 1656 Washington Ave. Phone 3-6131 . . . INSURANCE . . 200 WEST THIRD ALTON BOYD S SANDWICH SHOP WM 3 MT ZTXM CM complxments you for pI'OVldlI1g another year of fme cxtxzenshlp Keep up the good work at school or on your job Amerxca needs your youthful xmag lI13tlOIl and energy ul 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J, 9 1 2 . J Q ' L Z 1 ' ' 1 ' ' A 1 1 , 1 , hi 0 I1 ' J 1 , 1 1 . i . 1 I -I 1 -' ' 1 1 1 1 ...........::::::. ,L .. . 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'if i 1 1 x-Q-Q-Q-L-L-1-t-ws-x-L-L-Q-1-L-x-1-L 1-1-1-Q-E-iq-OQ-Q-Q-t-Q-1-Q-Q-5-f.L1-x-s-x-Q-LVa-L t - . L , . . , 1 BUCK,S . p ll-D enha -, ESCRI P A MACY Paint Sz Floor Covermg WE FEA RE 1 4 I Qt T Smile 1. Pres ' tions O L L: 2. Sick m Supp Q 5. GEO' F' HOERING' Mgr' 3. ' s smetics L- T 24 W L d QEON, 1 f 655 East Broadway es ca way L- P ones 2-1831 3-9857 if 'I L - L LET OUR PHONE LINE - - - A . g ' f BE YOUR CLOTHES LINE - - QP f . ' X f -L.. L Buhifg, ' -'- I' L L I L L I ox L LAUNDERERS and DRY . W I in In M Il ' lull '- llletc Ife Illlller Eu. SPORUNG GOODS 408 East madulau Elton, Illinois THE Y W C A L I U U I L L iNv1TEs L Y-TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS f L L RECREATION: L L L CLUB GROUPS: L L 1 L I Spanish and Costume Design E u T0 IOIN IN: Swimming, Badminton. Basketball Y-Teens and Young Adults CLASSES: TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE: L A Lecture Series f T EOR 1NEORMAT1ON ABOUT THESE L AND OTHER ACTIVITIES f T PHONE 3-7774 1 I L I T x x x-x-x-i-x- -T-x-s-x-x-w-x-x-x-5-x-T-m-x-x-T-x-5 -x-m-T-T-a-x-T-1-m-w - -x-1-T-T-3-w-T-w L.: 1 .9 5 , 1 1 1 1 1 I K- rx f g..g..g.m-Q,..Q.g..g.. -g...g.g.g.g-Q.Q.g..g.g.g..g..g K " I Ze I Nationally Advertised Diamonds - Watches Alt0n's Largest Credit Jewelers WI ll ll! ' 215 W. THIRD ST. ALTON Cornplzments o CITY FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY COAL FUEL OIL BUILDING MATERIAL READY MIX CONCRETE Front E3 Ridge Sts Phone 3-5544 WITH BEST WISI-IES CENTRAL SALES Dupont A I ilbsoqo B d E3 C I ma Way entra 417 East Broadway Alton ALTON ILL The Shore That Quality Built , I ,f ," I ' 1 ' -IW v A I I l . I I . W., . 1-1- if I I Q I 1 R 1 I hi, x r " KX -4 I ' f 1 L N , , ' X, v 3 L Q! X, 1 .I -- - - 1 It 1 1 1 1 . .Q . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 IV 1, , 5 I I9 , 1 P .' 1 , 1 1 f' 1 J 1 u! , ., N 1, 1 4 KJ" 'AL V ' NA r- i se f - A - ' f wi If- gf V 1 w I . 'i x ' ix V vi 1 I , I I 1 , A ,g -1, 1 4 1'- 1 1 - ,. -E I qwvi- , ' L 1 if J 1 1 , 1 I . N! v 1 1 1 1 -154- y ,., I 1 luk-lg QQQI-ah-Q--Kun KQKQQQKQQ-KQQQKQQ QQQQQQKQ -.KQQ 1 0 ' I X I J , . N' Chauacombe CO' 'Community Coal 8z Ice Co C151 Il TI PLUMBING AND HEA NG 300 Shamrock St. 558 East Broadway I EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS ALTON, ILL. Phone 4-4270 l Compliments of U Coney Island Restaurant ARCHIE COPE'S U THE BEST PLACE TO EAT B 18 East Broadway Room 503 ALTON First National Bank Building FOR APPOINTMENT CALL 2-1111 H2133 iid I 2 Girls' school: boys herel: Meandering along to that after-lunch class: More cool comfort: Let's make our own wardrobe! I iyx xx g . ' I ,, ii .A gl-K-L-.g.',3 I- :C .x. - ha. -L.-I. ,.g.1. ul .. .- W 5 vel' Y' 0 .L x I ,'X I 4- X ' em N he N U :ix s ' . r r J wb I. " g I X A 2350 ST REET I AL r e , ILLINOIS I 'I I I I I -e When You Gamble In Traffic E You Bet Your Own Life ul I DAN'S BRAKE SERVICE BEAR FRAME ALIGNMENT I I I BRAKE SERVICE GUARANTEED I 905 west Ninth Phone 3-5211 I I I K-l-l-i-K-K-l-K-K-K-l-K-K-l-K-l-l-l-l-K-K-K-I "BILL" CRIVELLO'S CONFECTIONERY 349 Bluff Street Phone 2-5912 ICE CREAM and MALTS BRING YOUR BUILDING PROBLEM TO US GINTER-WARDEIN CO. Lumber - Millwork - Paints - Roofing Insulation 450 Front St. Alton, Illinois Phone 3-3588 .I - I IWM. DEE I .I .I I ' r 1,7 Qffice Ylgonelg-58132 JV A if ff I I ' , 1 f -gr .V -,I .' 'lik-vm, ,. .1 I ' .I . I sl .I I ,, . I. , I G. M. LAMMERS Residence Phone 2-2261 C' , F. C, Neil x ,V I 'fe . Tf 'fs H Q f EEEu FLbRAL COMPANY K, ',,f f C .I f C K f , X 1 I 4 f k TDK .ft I I - g.,-'W' we js.. -.1 ' ' 'J f I ' 5 I' "Say It With Flowers" Q' -j ' ' sl I ' ,. 1 I-JI, J . .I , , f'- f I , I .,. I I I I ff J , 5.-AX, . Member Florists Telegraph Association Iii- F Rf' ' I C", Q rl I .I .I I .I .I 2524 College Avenue .I .I Ly- -3-3-5-3-3-3-3-5-3-5-3-3-3-3-3-5-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 -3-3-3-3-5-3-3-5-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 'Z fi . 2- -'A L! ff . ALTON, ILLINTOIS . V -3-5-yi' I I, Z F l l 1 I 1 .l .l I .l I '- -5-l- CC1,'1Z Compliments o I . .'-4-3 I QR I 1 .! . 1 I 1 , A 1 W I GODWIN POR FABLE TYPEWRITERS EVERYTHING MUSICAL Sales and Rentals b GOULD MUSIC CO. OFFICE AND SCIZIOOL SUPPLIES Excrythmq for the Student PHONE 33213 ALTONS COMMERCIAL STATIONER 551 East Broadway Alton, Illinois Alton Illmoxs Compliments of fMrc12ow'f32O1NN B- FUNERAL HOMES O5 LQ! ML,t,v4,lfL -LO-v-CQAv cm X, Y' -L LSL! . --Q ti. 3- L XJLAJV L L ULSL. LAN SIX,-cxk -A 0 xx' - 'xfkl MVNXWL' ST 4-L ySI..kc,1V41V,.L,, Lo .I .! V! , J ' s s 1 ' I I .l ' - I 1 X ' u! 1 X E! . 1 Y I -! . .! 3 I ' . . u ' ' i I .! .! .! .I .! .I .! I .! .! I ,, .! - -.--..,,:,, 4 T 'I,llk- Lx ALTON U S WOOD R ER ZF?E 'EZ2 L3NQ52EF3 I Q i L X 7 X RELI I E DRUGGIST I :lt x J' X . 1 l . S I 4 5 I.Q..I..'.Q-'..-m-K.g..g. ,. . ..g.g.g.:, nQ ..g.g.g Km ...g.g.g.g.g. - - .. - - -1- .g.g. .. - .. - ..g. .. - X. X I A - H, K DRUGS DE LUXE CAFE I I Specializing In T 0 H 3,9231 Good Food and Courteous Service g f' roadway and Washlngton Mr and Mrs R W Brown Props I I Alton Hlmols 2519 Colleqe Ave Phone 3 9886 I AL 1' ON ILL Elm Street Cleaners V fTexl Sutton EDELMAN S Ben Franklln Store DRY CLEANING THAT SATISFIES DELIVERY SERVICE UPPER ALTON Tel 21922 2528 College Alton HIIUOIS 52 East Elm St Alton Illinois Compliments f HOFFMAN FEIIID HUGHSON AND SUPELY CQ INSURANCE AGENCY PI-IOINE 2 9758 113 West Hx'Oaclxya'S1 1703 Washington Alton Ill ALTQN ILLINOIS If I ' HoME 3 I-BUILDING Sc LOAN ASSOCIATION ' Q INSURED ACCOUNTS . . REAL ESTATE LOANS 0 Broadway at Piasa St. Alton, Illinois HARRY L. MEYER, Pres. I-I. EDWARD MEYER, Sec'y - . . . . I , . f- 1- ' , f 1 . . 1 , L I L f L I T i' T rl L 9 ' L L Q ' I I' A L I 1- Q o p I L I a ' 'Q L I . . f I - - I ' T 1' L L L L I o 1 uf, T I ' ' I i' . - ' P . - - ' 1 I .. fl ' - f- I ,. I , I P u L 1 I gh ' L - 'f .L ' , - I Q! I 1' . ' - I I' A .- . I if x, I A. r I v ' T il I ' . Lf "' .F kr X L ya ' , v ' ' 4- J I x fu 1 J ' 'A . I , i- 1 I I V -. I I T y f I. ,. . I 1 - . , L 5. ' I 5 I r- I L L I ' I. L I T T i' I - I' T I 7' I I-3 I I-0 I -158- nip Y' . o 5 o R JP N n Il' X "' D 1 S rl P . I -1.1.g.Q..gL.g.g..g..y.g.g.r-g.'-g.4.1.g.g.Q.Q-Q.g.Q.I..1.g..g.g..g.g..g.g.g.g.g..x-g.g..g.g.g.1..g.Q. I , A 1 Q Y, A, .dw f 1 - ,S I O xv P' 9 ' 3 Q , - Elm 'ay Dr'Ye-In Y' spd' 1 . 1 V. 6 1 Ac 12 bg gf I andxlx Q X, ' xx dunnfsanvxca W. 2,2 . ,.- CORIVJERX M and HENRY -N :Y x-N' sxhx s X? fl Evers Paint 8: Wallpaper Store Phone 2-7289 1112 Milton Road ALTON. ILLINOIS BUY PAINT FROM A PAINTER 'X' L In . sl, ' Compliments of II EVANS PAsTR1Es it-gsfgng sl DELICATESSEN STORES 512 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois 26 State St. Phone 2-9421 Phone 2,9229 ALTON. ILL. TIRES - AUTO SUPPLIES - RADIOS FORD HOPKINS Rexall Drug Store 119 West Third Street ALTON'S DOWNTOWN REXALL STORE NM' 'D Juf-fm' I eww? 1 rx U 'glw UJQJILI5 MPM .N ' 'w .fi - 1.MF'y A A Q V 4 QMXMYY I - ' xx 'S .JL 'JISJ in -I CE 5 'mv' I 'if NJ-NJ I tj U il LUER'S ' QJWNI' I foibw For 'The M1051 Delicious Meat if ik' I"l'l'I'I'3"l'l'3'3'5"3"3'I'3'3'3'I-l'I'l'5'3'' 3 3 I 3 I I I I 5 3 I 5 3 3 I I I I 5 I 3 -159- Nuvt.. I A. ALL. I UJ., 'ii' X., 3 QLIUVJ .-Qg1-Ku-l1lzl1lzK1KenK:Q1QgK1Q lg1Q1K1Knl1Q1Kxln lu-zgluniz nl-aqua-Az lu-lin -nl Q1Qgl1Q11zlgQu-QpnK1Q H M I i 3- I- I T HI i "! L !- !- I K Q !- E U a- L 1 5 L , ,, 5 ru . , Q ,- zz ' E 1 S Q 5' E 1' 5 P' N W T " E S A I P' 5 Q Q- n Q- E 8 Q Z' e -' n 5 E 'I Q' E 1' 'U fw '- 5 3 No 5 L un 5 I S . 'z il 2 rg g "1 P U1 'z on f S 5 S 3 I " ' i' 0 Q Q ,, U g I-1 Q G- I rf f '-3' E 'K L 3 Z Ig! !- I 5 2 Q 1 X , L I '- I fl fa L Q E T- 2 1 ,, 1 ff- A -' r T u ' , .: 2' . , a I .- '- -L- EG Q 97 Q' " U A ' .Q " 1 . I 1-5-x-x-x-x-m-x-u-s-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- -x-s-x-x-m-x- -x-x-s-3-xys-L-5-x-5-s-x-5-1-xi -m-f- -x-x-xi -x-m-xii-x-xi- -x '- -5-xi if i -x-x-s-x-x- .X '- -- r' 'Q . ' 'xg Q, 5 L K . X . - B xx u ' -. "U X 'k 'k -' X. THOMAS J. FLEMING -1 X Plumbing and Heating Contractors Compliments of "' GENT Telephone 3-8875 214 East Broadway ALTON, ILL. 'L N if L Q SAVE WHERE SAVING PAYS OPENS AN ACCOUNT 69' MQ Q MIMBIIZ 2 5 S' 5 wnnnms 7 sm' 2 .mn 5 'Rl on 2 fin all l a alllllgtf an Oall .'I.'IOCl6lfl0l'l 617 EAST BROADWAY ALTON ILLINOIS -. -g.L-L.Q..g.g...1.g.g.L-g..g.Q-Q.g.g-g..g.1-L.g.1.g-1-l.g.g. -g.1-g-g.1..1.Q...L.g-1...g.-g..g..s..Q-',.-x- FUNERAL HOME I az' SN? IQ 'v- x, -7,- : X . K' 1 ll, . In I' L L L Y S 1 . I ' N Q 1. f Tx L, . I A 1, f L. . I ' I' I . I. SN. ., Y' s, L , . ,Q .' I I I L . L- I Complzments o ALTON DISTRICT AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION Bll0W H011 EY I I L . I L . L I L I ' L " . 0 ' ' . , L- I 1 ,- . , A' ' , L . I I . L , , Q . L I I . L - L , I 1' L L I L , L L L ' I ,- L L f I, L QL, K., XLMLHQ, gli, L f l f I ff Q' fx A -w da ,L , , L f ' ' . . I. L . ' N LLL HLLIK 'll 1 v,.- rv-'N-L'n!ffu'k r L I -1 I I " 1. ,af a 1 , L 5 L- " "'L' ' I I ' L L L L L I T 0 161 LX R I 'X K -,X C js. , ,N ' LB' X, 3 l Y A s Q fx - g-- A li 4 ' .l 'TL 1 I i, I I , ' . :fs ,4 'vxii ,C A QQ: xg 1 glzlg 1gK1K1K1gK1Qnn 15glungl1QxlxQu-Q-QQLQKQQQK1KQQQA7 W 0 n , A , ' - ' , -1 t , 4 s l X -' -vw fr' 4' as 4 . HQ s ' 31 . ' A' ' ' f' z - U .4 x , F N I. 3 ', m 1,3 '-- W : x Y J' r-' 5 H FQ- ' , A . . ' H4 I X E . ill is P1 S 15 ,ax I ov Q , Cn .I V4 . , CE. DP S' -- ,- U 3 - 4 o- .I i Q U 0 l '- V S 2 71 V l ' W o' H 191- T 'M I 2 Q. , ' K , f 9 " ' i V E2 -L '- . , E, O Q 3 !- " TQ "1 . '- ' X Ef N UQ I. ' Ii S ' ' '- ' a' ff, I Q' - . - ' ' 5 cu. L U7 'X L EQ, '. , I : 'U 0 I ff " 1 N 1: 5 gd '- ' x U1 "1 1- - I ro U5 3 L , - it ff H 5 g I -4 Q O T ' i o cn 5' 0 " nv 23' 5 3 Q I i .- Q ,- "' Ui S : I U' 3 "1 D' U' I ' IQ, D' 1-1 O ' r : E U1 'E m eq ::' - D- I 3 E? fn it 3. 2, E V 5- cn 'U rf "' : l D' Cn r-4 1-r F P-i D' 2 I ' EZ' rv 1' U' ' O 3 4' f f Q, Z m 2 rv , :s Q Q 1, , PU Q- UQ U7 .. ti L , a-' If 5 5 '1 L 0 I i 3 IT' I, 5 CQ S '-1 5,3 T 1 H' 3 M 2 5 i I E i 3 GE 3: 5 i L '- -- I O rn L I I f .! L I I 1-3-3-5-3-yny-y-3-q-3-5-3-513-3-3-3-3-y-5- - a Prize winner in Halloween painting contest: Refreshments at the Thespian Christmas partyg Science Fair winners of last year: Fifth hour stampede. x. vi... .. Jr , , ' ,, fu, F B, I . A . vs: If if I N, X -.x ff, ,X 'w 5 ' . e , 1 I I K K 1-K-l-k-K-K- l l--K-K-K-I K-1-K-K-K -K-l-K-K-K-K-K-l-i-K-l-l- -l-k--k- -K-k- -Q-1-L-. "L 4 'f' ,R R f sf' x X ., -f 'X ' si 1 ' V K I K I QUALITY FOOD, GooD SIERVICE 1 .R - . A 1 1 and r FRIENDLY SMILES ARE YOURS AT G H E N T Sandwich Shop One Door North of Uptown Theatre W. T. GRANT CO 205 West Third Street ALTON. ILLINOIS "KNOWN FOR VALUES" Y Y f GOULDING'S ww Our IOIst Year - Iewelers In Alton O got! Vg?-TYAXQ. QXDCGQYS RYCWEQWZNJ Yevabgi Qkggiass 306 G S P5 , 6309 'QM I 038 uw at gt VI . ' Si QQQX... W E SA LUTE OUR FUTURE CITIZENS Greater Alton Association of Commerce "GREATER ALTON - - A Great Community With Greater Opportunities W. J. and R. A. HERB GENERAL CONTRACTORS 2508 BROWN STREET TELEPHONE: 3-3026 ALTON, ILLINOIS -5-3-ye,-yu -3-3-3 -3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-5-5-3-5-3-5-3-3-3-3-3-y-y-3-3-q-3- -163- hrs f A L K K l l:Q-QnQ-lu-l-nlnQ-KgQ-l-L-Q-QQQ-Il-AQK-.lnK-Qu-Q-Q-IKgQ.-l-Qgl-Q-.Q-K-pl-K-Q-K Q-Qnd-K-Q.-Q-K X T I -Of I , I f , ' T I T 'Af Lf I I WE HANDLE U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED UI, MEAT FOR CITATEIPIONS . J 4 , lv ,I I, .f ' , I C- FOR GOOD EATING CALL FOR IOHNNIE'S SQUARE filfs an BUTTER STEAKS AT BETTER EATING PLACES ,fl Q I .,,. ...I 4- .4 ,J .NN "Q FI LLL T EI --fr: . 12555453 2 .GZ C...L A2 I I J 'Wy -Ar? -If i' X A ici? ,diy L.. 1 ga If Y 1 3 Q I SEMO rsugsxl SPECFED. .. -..L " cu , We ass th ur m ,f , -. 'N ' -' A ' who! th- LII C2 wg 'MJCXJ ' ,Elf ' for you an family. Ni' THE HOTEL 8. RESTAURANT MEAT SUP Y A A I T ALTQN, ILLINOIS A Q ' v T Hs. L Q Ls F ' ' T I ' - :Q 5 3333IXXXBEHXXBXTBXTXBBXXXTTNTXX33BT-T-E"T'X"3"X"3""x-T -164- O' f 1 L, L I L L L L L L L L I L L L L L L I L I L I L L L L L L I 'T L L L L L L L I L f i- ,- I '. L I L I ,- I ,- T ,- ,. T ' I L I L I L I L L Y L L L f L I I L L I f' I L L L I L L L ,li no A L in I L- I f -II.I..I.I.I..Q.g..g.g.g.g.g.I..g..I.g.I..I.I.I.g I-I-I-K-k-l-K-k-l-t-K-K-k-t-k-K-i-l-l--K-I-I-I-I-I-I v I " Compliments of ' i Joiner Hardware Sz i JACK'S Electric Co., ' -I STANDARD SERVICE MOREN IOWER' Pm' E RQAD SERVICE PAINTS - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES I phone 2,8813 HOUSEHOLD NEEDS, ETC. Q I 1 1 I STATE E BELLE ALTON, ILL. WE DELIVER I .! 1 1 1 I Compliments of GREETINGS .1 I Jones Confectionery KATHERINE K SHOP 1 ETNA C. CAROTHERS I E 519 RIDGE jack Turner Night phone 3-3204 Phone 2-4569 1113 Milton Road ' 205 West Third Street 1 ALTON sl . 1 .l l .! .1 COMMERCIAL BUILDING ROOM 205 .1 bg Compliments of T 0 D D CLEANING TAILORING REPAIRING PHONE 2-1312 ,Mm 1718 Washington Ave. ALTON 1 2555525552552E55Ef22EE5f5252SsSs2 I1 I' '11 H221sgsg552Qagsisgzgsgfgsfsfefsif' - 1 .51 " -1 .1 5zgzg:2:35515:515:5:5E5E5EgE5ErEr5rE3iEg. ' r:::r:r:3:g:3:f:5:-: 1:3:5:5:5:5:g:5:3:5:5E555E5SrErE5Eg5j' v I5I5zftg:::::511I5:gg:g:y:3:::i:f:f:::3:::5:: " A :!:!gIg:::::::::::::g:g:g:5:f:f:3:3::, I 55355555151522155EgE5E5E5E5E5EErE" 'frE3E5Eg5g1 ..:E: E5235555555E5E555E5E353555fErEfEffr1' -1 ':2sE55555s5sg:, I:- '-5?5zis5sfsg:::,1... .1 - I 1' g.,,.E:5:?:E:2:fE1fE5255b. JUSIEIEIEIEIZ' "f:f:1:?. 157575 11' f' '5I52ESEIifE1515:3:f:15I:?:2:'7' .4 'I:5:I:I1152:2:3-i!ES2HR22f:'cf:1:5:3:5. 45:25-' 'FEI ':-'-:2:fr3:34f5f5f15I515:3'5:-:"' .1 I BILL JOHNSON .1 5 JOHNSON I INSURANCE AGENCY .1 .1 I LIFE, AUTO, FIRE, GROUP HOSPITAL APPAREL FOR IUNIORS, 1 MISSES, WOMEN 1 117 Market ALTON, ILL. 1 phones 2,0313 , 2,0167 OPEN AND UNDER 21 CHARGE I 'L-3"3-1"1'3'Y-5"'3-3"1'Y"3"1-H"'Y'X'Y'X-3"1"X'Y'1'1"3-I 3'Y"1-Y-3"f'I-3"'3"'5'1"3"1'1-I-I-H"1'I'Y S , -165- L-.Q-AQQQIQQ-K-K-.QqQ-Q1Q-Q-1-.kv-I-KQK-l-K-nlnf I1KmQ-K-inKgiqqqh-Qui-LQQQQ-Q-Q-Ll-Q-K.-Q-A-l-K Compliments of KELLY 8L MAYER F0011 Market MID - STATES 'AWE HAVE IT: WE'LL GET IT, OR IT ISN'T IN TOWN" I ,h I l 656 E. Broadway 25 College Ave. 5 'V X fPhone 3-3411 ALTON ILL' ei VME - 1' ' I A - 'M' , 7 fi X M Speed B. Kerr ordon C. Kerr A' 160- 5 ' 5 4 Complinfe of fd' RR'S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr Verta Lammers Kerr I-I. F. OHLEY C. B. IVIACDONALD .'I'IEl'bH HMHCII SQUARE DEAL SHOP n e SERVICE THIRD AND plASAoALTON Radio - - Sound - - Television DIAL 3-9411 -X I 720 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY 'I V, A V X 309 Piasa Street X. v - Phone 3-5511 T A ALTON, ILLINOIS X"'3"V'3-X"5"X"1-3'U-X"V'X-3'1-1-X'3-X"X-X'3-X-I-'V'3'X'1"'3"3'3"'3-1 -3-X" i"'1'3"'X-5"N"'l"3-I"b'3 --166- ,5- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I t-K-K-K-k-K-K-l-k-k-t-k-K-K-k-t-k-k-k-t-t-k-k-g-t-g-x-Q-1..g.r.g..g.t.y-s-g-g-.t..L.t.y..g.t-g-g Q Compliments of KRUG'S DRY GOODS Kramer Electric Co. -EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL- l12 Ea t Br d S oa way 2606 State Street Phone 2-4680 ALTON. ILL. bwbflv wktw 014421 ALTON ILL. DON LEACH MARKET IRVIN H MANEKE EWELER KNOWN FOR QUALITY I ELGIN WATCHES PRISCILLA DIAMONDS Groceries Meats Poultry Produce Phone 2 5511 1117 Mllton Road WE DELIVER 1714 Washington Ave ALTON ILL MAUL S BROWN BILT SHOE STORE MAURIE 8z GALES SERVICE AIR STEP ROBLEE FOR MEN SELBY ARCH PRESERVERS Mann and College Phone 3 9860 Buster Brown Shoes for Chnldren Official Boy and G1rl Scout Shoes ALTON ILL west 3rd Sr Phone X3'3'321 Complzments o LACLEDE STEEL COMPANY J . 1 ul 1 1 1 1 1 u! Q 1 1 . ul .L 1. i 1 .1 ' ,. , . 1 x It A -I 1 A . 1 1 Q I j . , . Q! , 1 1 3 , , J . 1 I , A ', I 1 X 1 1 9 , 1 .Q 9 1 1 -I - 1 - . 1 1 l - 1 -! . . . I - , ' ' 1 I . -i 121 . - ' X I .1 K " - , luv X 1 N . 3 M .I X xx 1 , 1 5 -A X X J X O X X N. I X . S .. I ' - Q . X O x .. 1 - ' ' f I -. 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I I f I A ENRICHED BREAD nu, MORE PROTEIN In XX Xl X X f I ICE CREAM i 'gCqni 1irEents o PHIL REILLEY BUICK COMPANY j 51x-V-ynxunj-n gy-xx un 1 1 1 -q-q-3-3-3-y-j- :nj 113:31 an 1 N I , 7 I I z 4- ' 1 XL 44 I ll L L xl ik iff V f L r K Ln.'v , sf f fu p f f X I 1' Lf lv L X Q, L if Si? -168- T151 . f , XI. k.X-, -' v - .IX IM Thbh-bh hhbpgbh-phbhb-b hhQphp--Qhh.hpb -pQ-bhh .1 ' U J 'V 5 I i 4 T 3' MILTON GREENHOUSES Q K' Y T C0if'Plime'1'S?f X, JOE SCHROEDER, Rm. 4 . .5 , A I b X I l V cuT FLOWERS - . POTTED PLANTS E I MILEER'S GROCERY FUNERAL DESIGNS .bi I K We Telegraph Flowers Everywhere I 1 S X 2518 STATE STREET I -1 V " ALTON, ILLINOIS Telephone 2-1732 1204 Milton Road -I I .L .! .1 1 .! .! .! .! I SELHIME'S A A I .! .! i - CURB SERVICE - , j I il STEAKS AND CHICKEN .! .! I ROUTE 11 1 NORTH ALTON X J . i ' O M We JS Q I ' QUES O GOOD INTIN i TH A R IS' W H RE I T ik NA O P Y 1 f i is E R WA I v AL ' N, ILLINOI I i 1 of KL? LQP N I TH RADUAT F THE C S OF 195 .l .! L l I i .! 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I ' ' A15 ' uses AN oun Plzonucr ' A I I " 4 Olln lndustrles, Inc., wlth headquarters at East Alton, llllnols ls one . , ' ' - of Amerlca's largest producers of sporting arms and ammunltlon, x 5 A f brass d b ss products Ileph , clgarette and oth tl flax ix pap d y cell batterles, fl shllghts, lndustrlal expl slves blasting A p all oad torpodoes and tusees, polyethylene, roller skates, plne and he dwood lumber for furniture and constructlon, powder- actuated tools and fasteners, and Is the parent of such brand names and empanles as WINCHESTER . . . WESTERN AMMUNITION . . . WESTERN IRASS . . . ECUSTA PAPER . . . BOND . . . HARWID . . . RAMSET . . . FROST PINE . . . and the EQUITAILE, COLUMBIA, LIUERTY, EGYPTIAN, TEXAS and WESTERN POWDER COMPANIES. MM -, f , , J frj ,wig , 226 I 110 Mjfwwfi 7 . ,Zami ' mf g.g.g.g. .g.5..g.?i34 ,5., .1 . 4..g.u,.g.1,!Z,.g.g.g7g.g..Q. I ffpifwvf If 14227-J , WTLAJA J AIM 4' i 'K 5 I Compliments of J Russell's Shoe Store .! . 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Complete Line of 2- L f Kyanize Paints and Varnishes m I 2502 stare . Dial 3-8931 iq, ' L L ' 1 T . - il . 1- I 1' The Riviera Room L HOTEL STRATFORD ll I L L L L L L L L L I Compliments of I' T T , TATE L Hardware 8z Supply Co. L 2518 COLLEGE AVE. i I I' L L L I L L L I . . X4 N S WASHING AND SPRAY GLAZE POLISH SHELLLIBRICATION -3-3-3- -3-yn Q3-3-3-3-3-3-N-ja,-5-3-yi,-3-3-3-5-3-3-A-3-x-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-5-3-3-3-3.3-3-3 - 173 -- FOR FINE DINING " ' I' - f L L L L L L L L L L L L L L I -n C ,J I-A 4 I .. A-4 SD 9' Q' :I ..q.g.g.. -g.g..g.Q..g.-L...q.g..g..g q..g.g..g.Q.g...q.Q.g..g...g.g..g..g.Q..g..Q..g.q.g..g.s,.Q..Q..m..1.g. 1 SPRINGMAN RLUMBER co. 1 1 1 LUMBER - MILLWORK GLASS - PAINTS VARNISHES - ROOFING BUILDER'S HARDWARE CELOTEX INSULATING MATERIAL 1101 East Broadway Alton I111no1s PHONE 211188 C. A. STICKLER INSURANCE AUTO - LIFE - FIRE Agent State Farm Insurance Companies I I I I 1642 MAIN ALTON : I Paul F Davls 8z Sons STOP AND SHOP MARKET BROWN AND WASHINGTON ALTON www PORTRAITS IN THIS ANNUAL f Made By SPIETH STUDIO 9 JN 45 V D OLNEY ILLINOIS p Q Q I . , L - I 1 1 1 1 iz I 1 I I I 69 0' I I 1 T5 we 1 T I J ei 15 XI I . OJ g I 051 A I I 1 'I XJ Q PW 0112 951 Q L 1:2 ik if inf O Q! xi 0 A ed' f L, J 1 F- fi' I 1 3 1 X 5-3-3-3"3'1'X'3-1-5-3'3-3'I-S-I"3'3'I"3'I'3-1"'t"3-3"3-X'-3'X-1 I-3"1"'X"3'3"3"'X"I'3'5""3'T -174- P I L L L I. l 1' I J f .. I' 'Ala' ,ff 7'ff1','Jff'-f ,4,",' fl .,g',g -'-x-1--k-1-s-1-k-1-L-s-L-s-L-1-Q-1-Q-1-L-1-1-Q-1-1-1 1 1-Q s-1-l-i-L-x-1-L-k- - - - -1-L-k- -1- wi ffff yr!!! f,!l.,f-l, ki, 1 l f""'f'f'f1f 'ff-f"f'. 'ff' .a 1 ' -1 Q TEMPLE CLEANERS ' f f a , I 1 J I A 1 I ' 4 I 1 I I. 4 H r NEW 8 USED PLUMBING ' 1 1 Heating 8 Plumlflng- Supplies f ! . , . 1 28 West Broaoway' Phone 2-4488 Stove pfvnqcelikfbiiupgtmki , ,P I I 4 3 1 . ,,,' - ' ,E CONGRATULATIONS To THE 1128 E. Broadway " Alma, 111. E '53 GRADUATES phone 2,9294 1 .! .l .! .! Q AM FM 1 1570 K C 100 MC l ,, Compliments of Malia 1 NUK A .,S'f.1za.. L F. W. WOOLWORTH Q HOTEL STRATFORD Q ALTON, ILL. 1 1' l 1 .r f - -1 1' ff' Q .11 'l J A 'S 7171 1 ,LE V 1 l ' 7 J f li A . 'l dj M I fi ilfiffj 'ff lj 1 LU 013.1 H T. I ' - J . - 1 5,3 325' .Ml 1 4,1 U N PHARMACY Q , H9 - F91 S Wow' , J 1l?HSCRlPTIONS .1 ,- ' 5 -1 A, -E PIT 1 , s Qjzilxlnn Area's Complete, Modem -1 ,' i A . , 'l I MPA NQ12-F3916 p Par VI. U ini 'ffffm' 1 .f 'ij JA 1+ , af Q 1 8f"'Milton Road I s D1 J' 1M 51-U. AJ' AIM" 1 tate at emar h, Illsfs, , iixuf, , H 1 -E . , A-jf i . ln' 1 , I ff ' I 1 .H ' - I L I . STYLE WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE . . 1 1 TRU - VALUE DRESS SHOP 1 J E DIAL 3-3122 3 1 127 West Third Street Alton, Illinois - 175 - I -5-3- '3"3'3"3'X'3'3-3-3'X'3'1-3'1'3"3"5'3"3'3'3'3-3-3'3'1'3'3'3-3-3-3-1"3"!"1'5'3'3-3-3'3-1'3 1 1 1 1 11 -fn- -in --1. QUIK -in g - -Q-1.1. .Q-Q..g.g.g-Q Q Q , f ' ' -K - -g.. .g.g..g..q Tom Marquis receives cane and chain from Dale Neudeckerg Pfinters Devils!: Friendship Day at AHS: Gabriel, blow that horn! UIQ 2501 STATE STREET " PHONE 2-1911 ,AXA , X Compliments of Uptown Barber Shop ROGERS - RUSHING - CAPEHART 1650 WASHINGTON AVE. ALTON "ALT'ON'S FASHION CORNER" QEEYlSDEEZEEEE32EEE P3 -176- Compliments of WALTER'S Shell Service Station PHONE 2-9171 STATE E1 LOGAN 1 X11-1H515-3-I-511-X-I-31311-313-3-5-3-31113-3-Y'3-1"l-1-3"1-1-Y-3"3'3'1 1 L-g-Q-k- -1-L-Q-L-K- -I-l-K-I-K-K-K-K-K-K K-K-l-l-l-K-l-K-K-K-l- -K-K-K-K-l-k-I-K-K-K-K-QI-K ' A Compliments of WINDMILL CAFE Wick's Service Station OOOO FOOD FOR GOOD 'HEALTH COLLEGE AND WASHINGTON PHONE 2-6131 PH -97 ONE 3 82 1711 WASHINGTON AVE. J L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L I I J X xV K- I, I-X I ' I - J' I xx. M I WILLIAMSON PHARMACYfv"-""Q'5Li f PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS - 3 I ' ' ' WELLS TIRE CO., Inc. KRAFT CORNER . AN, l GOODYEAR TIRES 908 ate Street ff' bl' I - f 2 0 EXIDE BATTERIES ,.,1,f" In 44? vucANIzING 'fl ' J MQIEL MID HOBBY ', N ROAD SERVICE pf- I-HUPPLIES J!! A, 1' ' f0 . f H O RAILROADS ARTS AND CRAFTS - Try Our Easy Pay Plan - HOURS: Daily - 11 a.m. - 8 p,m. Saturday - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. PHONE 3-3131 1 1 1 833 E, BROADWAY ALTON P' L L Jaw. L ! I?' fu L I . L I I L L L L L L I 1' fl' L L L L L L L L L L L I I' L I I' L L L I F L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L I 3 xzmzs 31-j-nj131j1jzj131j:I3qjzX1j1x13Qxgxsnj-3 ry-xxxzxqxzjxxuyuxxjxjzjryixuqqyggmgwgxgwi- - 177 - i i Q X' A ' x Q Q Q Q un QQQQ ' Q1 Q as QQQQQ QQ.. 1 on un :QQ u-QnQu-Qp-QQQQQQQ-AQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQF-QQQQQQQ Q Q Q , CHART YOUR FUTURE NOW WITH Q U. COMPETENT ADVISERS The Faculty members of Shurtleff College beheve that a personal touch does much to and the educatxonal progress of every student SERVING ALToN SINCE 1827 Skurfkf Co! eg W On the Palisades o the Majestic Mississippi" -Q I I e 5 x 1 x x x-x-x-x 322 -178- .4-'xg Sweet Musick A tense mom ' M al . , ,J sn g LX Lrg A 'x.., .-mggrxf' fs' :Y iE6I1gi8Tu'EQ.Jns Nl R 5 , ' 6- ,J ' Fr Ft' I ,pfli X' .. 5 K','I,,' Ei , SA 1 ec- Ae 'N-1 A qw 'J ff' """ ef" uxfxx x g, 'Sp X " .' I xv' NX g gh -. ' . 5 ' 0 ' V' X t 0 s I ! .- . - n 1, Q5- 1- A w X .A W x,,,-zf',4 U HUMBERT ROAD Y, f X:-' Amfgmrgl 1L4,rNo'ISqfQ ix? I , 'X In is- I r Up HV," V4 II4, . f' 'iv Y sw AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE Q, A CONTRACT WRDERR, V-, K. MODERN WELDED PRODUCTS CO "fob Welders Since 1916 Office Phone 3-6232 306 West Broadway ALTON, ILLINOIS I' I. I !. I Q' 'X R-, ' l. - , A .. L , - sw. I . F 1'- ,, L !- I I rl I I ?i4 Zi6SZ12EEZEE0E "1-I'3'l-3- -3'3'1'3 -179- J,! ,r L,- wgf . I al. ll 1 L, 0 4 i 'l AL, Aoi Q 1 I 1 '-KKKKKKKKKLLKK llkkklk KK KKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKK K I V.: Vi 1 If I 1 4 I rl gl' Fe Us , '4 oe N' oo 'K IJ P on i aio , X Wonfzcef 0 Women's Junior College ond Two Yeor High School , K K Egiubating Women for 114 Yelors A' li 1' XR X K I YO li, lllx N X , ix . 13 K lx X K ' ,i 'X T 2' l i, x X X' Hx X x K I 1 K, L g I Liberal and Fine'Arts, Music, Dramatics, Homemaking, Interior Decoration, Segretarial, Sports, Riding, Swimming I 1 l , I -Q , ,I . -v n ,M 0 ,J ,V ' -l ffyx - ix ', . 'fav-4'.. l V ' AQ " ,smgfni QLASSES - - INDIVIDUAL COUNSELINGO -5 t I . A'. A Y' A I f , l H ' w 1 an -' PLIRMITORQLES SPRINKLER PROTECTEDl K- L' is ' ." I I ' I ,' W j " V' 71 .f I I fs I U V Hy, K Q 1 O ' ,, x O " 1 ' , ' I , , N ' li Lv, 1 Y 4 ' l il-. ' 1 ' l Ik l , ' X iv Y ' , 'l , . U- We ll. M VL I: ' 1 J W Write or Telephone Wendel H4 'Bailferb Director of Admissions J x XJ. V x I MONTICELLO COLLEGE ll ALTON, ILLINOIS 1 5 jx rx-qxjrxzjzyi txnynpxun -31 1 1 uqzyz 13131 1 1 aj:X1313xy-313-,rj-q1j1ynj131j13 j j 1 -ISO- l-K-l-K-K-K-K-K- -K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-l-K-K-K-K-l-l-inl-K-K-l-K-K-K-K-K-l-K-l-K-K K K K K f SINCE 1892 BUEE AND RED FACE BRICK I X . K I X I X ROMIANI BRICK X X. SPECTRA- GLAZE BUILDING UNITS , - LICHTWEICHT CONCRETE BLOCK . wx., 1. N I ,-'IPRE-CAST LINTELS H W I STONE BLOCK INSULUX GLASS BLOCK GLAZED TILE STRUCTURAL CLAY TILE FIRE BRICK ,dw pity! V Q! ALTCJN BRICK COMPANY -181- 1 L . RJ, . -. .' , 5 5, 'J , , .4 F A X H, ' ' - 1 - -v f . T . x, E9 ll Qx My . wwjjbfg W WfffMff'1il flaw 9 Qjfvg 5 M' 'Q'::Tf'f2y-fi. 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