Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1952

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 136 of 182
Page 136 of 182

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Page 136 text:

Band Accompaniment CARSON, BEVERLY Iunior Red Cross YfTeens Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. F.N.A. Nurse's Assistant F.T.A. Pep Club Times Staff Big A CARTWRIGHT, SHIRLEY Spanish Club CATHORALL, HELEN Cafeteria Worker CATHORALL, MARIE Student Patrol Cafeteria Worker Gym Office CHAMBERLAIN, BARBARA Spanish Club F.B.L.A. Chorus CHAPPELL, MILDRED Office Occupations Club Student Council CLARK. ALBERTA Chorus F.T.A. F.N.A. Camera Club Pe-p Club COLBURN, DONALD F.F.A. Band COLLEY, GERALDINE F.H.A. CONNER, LOUISE Chorus F.A.A. F.N.A. F.H.A. Spanish Club lub Pep C Iunior Achievement COPE. DELORES Latin Club Iunior Achievement Y-Teens Office Occupations COVER, DARLENE Patrol COWGILL. ALBERT Patrol Student Council CROWE, EMILY Dist. Ed. Club CURVEY, THOMAS Student Patrol DAVIS, EVALENA Chorus Cheerleader Pep Club G.A.A. Tatler Times Iunior Iunior Staff Staff Achievement Red Cross DAVIS, PATRICIA Office Ocmipations Club National Honor Society Y-Teens F.N.A. Latin Club Spanish Club Chorus DENNIS, AUDREY IUNE Chorus Phyllis Wheatly Y-Teens DEUCKER, SHIRLEY Dist. Ed. Club DICKERSON. BILI5 Baseball DIETSCHY, SHIRLEY Office Assistant Times Staff, Business Mgr. National Honor Society Big A Spanish Club Student Council Girls' Council Activities DRESLER, IACK Football Track Basketball, Mgr. DUELM, SHIRLEY Iunior Red Cross Y-Teens Latin Club Spanish Club F.N.A. Girls' Council National Honor Society Times Staff Big A DUNKEL, PAT Big A. Vice Pres. Chorus Latin Club Office Assistant Student Council Iunior Red Cross Dist. Ed. Club, Sec.,-Treas. Girls' Council Iunior Achievement DUVALL, ESTHER Chorus Spanish Club Office Occupations Club G.A.A. Y-Teens EALES, ROBERT F.F.A. Reporter lOffice:rl EDGELL, BOB Baseball, '50, '51, '52 Basketball, '50 Football. '49 Chorus Student Council, Sec. ' Council Sec Boys . - National Honor Society, Pres. Tatler Staff EDWARDS, EMERY Patrol ELDER, VERONICA Spanish Club Y-Teens French Club Band National Honor Society F.T.A. F.N.A. Office Assistant ELFGEN. SUZANNE "19" Club Latin Club Band Girls' Council Times Staff Tatler Staff National Honor Society Office Assistant EMMONS, IEAN Chorus Spanish Club Y-Teens Student Council ENOS, SHIRLEY Spanish Club F.B.L.A. EVANS. RONNIE Big A Future Dist. of America Student Council FERGUSON, SAMUEL Football Track Carver Hi-Y FESSLER, GERALD Pep Club Student Council Student Patrol FIGGE, CHARLES Student Patrol Pep Club Track FINLEY, DICK Band Movie Operator FISCHER, PAUL Student Patrol Basketball Mgr. of June Graduates FLEMING, SPENCER Band Hi-Y Iunior Achievement FLETCHER, DONALD Times Staff Patrol FOSTER, ELAINE French Club Latin Club F.T.A. National Honor Society Office Assistant FOWLER. IOHN GERALD Football Track FREELAND, IAMES F.F.A. Magic Club FUNK, KEITH Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Tatler Staff FURLOW, DOROTHY MAE Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens Brown lug FURTWENGLER, DALE Football Track Lettermens' Club Movie Operator GABRIEL, NANCY F.H.A. Pep Club Tatler Staff National Honor Society Gym Office GAGHEN, SHIRLEY National Honor Society Y-Teens, Sec. Spanish Club, Pres. F.T.A. Student Council Times Staff Girls' Council GITTLEN, PHYLLIS Office Assistant Times Staff Editor National Honor Society Spanish Club Girls' Council "l9" Club GOEBEL, LOIS Iunior Achievement F.B.L.A. Y-Teens F.N.A. GOFF. LIONEL Band Latin Club GOINGS, HELEN Chorus GRAVEMAN, RUTH Office Occupations Student Council Latin Club Y-Teens GREER. CAROL Chorus Spanish Club Times Staff Latin Club GRIFFIN, CHARLOTTE Chorus Spanish Club GWILLIM, CLARENCE Football Future Dist. of America HAGGARD. DAVID Radio Club Band Office Occupations Club, Reporter HAIR, IANE Big A, Sec. Band Times Staff French Club Iunior Achievement Student Council Y-Teens HALEY, MARGARET Y-Teens F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Latin Club Band Second Maid to the Football Queen HARMAN, DORIS Band F.B.L.A. HARPER, NORMA Chorus Latin Club F.N.A. G.A.A. Science Club HARRAWOOD, LESLIE Patrol Chorus Red 6 Gray Hi-Y Baseball HARRIS, NORMA Latin Club HARRIS, WILLIAM Spanish Club Office Occupations Club Chorus Iunior Achievement HARRISON, DONALD Basketball, '50, '51, '52 Football, '50 Track '50 Chorus Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Student Council Boys' Cabinet Office Assistant Big "A" Tatler Staff HASTINGS. IUDITH French Club Girls' Council Latin Club Library Assistant Times Staff HENDERSON, BOB GENE Big "A" Future Dist. of America HENDERSON, IEWELL MAE French Club Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens HENDERSON. IOAN ALICIA Chorus Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens, Vice-Pres. I-IENSON, WAYNE E. Football, '49 Football Manager, '51 Basketball, '49, '50 Student Council "l9" Club HILL, IACK Basketball, '50, '51, '52, Capt Baseball. '50, '51, '52 "l9" Club Boys' Cabinet Student Council, Pres. Cross Country HOFF, IOYCE Chorus Latin Club Office Occupations Club HOPKINS, CYNTHIA Tatler Staff Office Assistant National Honor Society Latin Club Iunior Achievement Y-Teens HOOK, VIRGIL DEAN Football Track Boys' Cabinet, Pres. Lettermens' Club Student Council HOWARD, DOROTHY E. Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens

Page 135 text:

IOHNSON, CHRIS Patrol IONES. CARL Baseball 49-50-51 Senior Class Pres. F.F.A., Treas. LOWERY, BILL Football Track MACLEOD, ROBINA F.N.A., Vice-Pres. F.H.A. Science Club MAGGOS. HELEN Band Latin Club F.B.L.A. Student Council Tatler Staff Times Staff lunior Red Cross MALONEY, FRANK Football Patrol Student Council Senior Play MALSON, BILL Student Council Latin Club Golf Team 50 George Williams Ili-Y Science Club Senior Play Football MANNS. MORRIS Football Band Track Varsity Club MASON, ROBERT Smily Hi-Y McCANN, BIRDELLA Spanish F.H.A., Pres. Chorus MEYER, CHARLOTTE AN Library Assistant Tatler Staff Girls' Conference 49 MILNER. LAVONA Chorus ADAMS, IANE Chorus French Club Dean's Office Assistant ADMIRE, SHIRLEY French Club Pep Club Camera Club Iunior Achievement ALLEN, BETTY Chorus Office Occupations Club ASH, IOHN Baseball 50-51-52 Boys' Cabinet BAKER, BARBARA French Club, Sec, "19" Club BAKER, BEVERLY French Club, Treas. "19" Club BARBER, RUTH Office Occupations Club G.A.A. F.B.L.A. BARNETT, MARIORIE Band F.H.A. Iunior Achievement 1 lf.-mac, L. , A 'z zrvg' -img -wif if . fi 1' Activities of january Graduates MURDOCK, DAVID Latin Club Pep Club NICOLET. B1LL Football 49, 50. Sl Basketball 48, 49 Baseball 49, 50, 51 Track 49 Senior Play NOVVLAN, VERA G.A.A. F.H.A., Sec. ONTIS, MARY ANN Spanish Club PARIS, ALIDREY Spanish Club F.H.A. Student Council Chorus Science Club Vice Pres.. Senior Class PARKINS. EVALYN Spanish Club Student Council G.A.A. PRATT, NORMA Spanish Club Library Assistant RAIN. IOSEPH Football 49, 50, 51 Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Chorus 49, 50, 51 Student Council 49 Latin Club Senior Play RAY, NORA MAE F.N.A. F.B.L.A. RAY, ROSETTA Student Patrol F.H.A. G.A.A. Library Assistant Chorus Y-Teens Student Council Girls Conference 50 Senior Play RICHARDS. IACKIE Chorus F.N.A. RIDDER. BILL F.F.A. RIGAS, DORIS Latin Club F.B.L.A. Senior Play Library Assistant Chorus Pep Club Student Council National Honor Society Gym Office SANDERS, BETTY Latin Club Chorus Science Club SCHNEIDER, IOYCE Student Council Office Helper Library Helper Latin Club Nurses Club F.N.A. Science Club SCHUETZ, FREDRICK Student Council SELHIME, FREDDIE ' Patrol STANKA, DOROTHY Latin Club Library Assistant Chorus STICE, RICHARD Student Council STOBBS, DWIGHT Football '49 Basketball '49 Spanish Club Band Office Assistant Dean's Assistant I9 Club Boys' Cabinet Times Staff Tatler Staff Science Club Dramatic Club Student Council Pres. Sophomore Class STROMSKE, THOMAS Football Boys' Cabinet 19 Club Sec. C1 Treas. Senior Class Big "A" Student Patrol Activities of june Graduates BARROW, IUANITA Band French Club BECKER, PATRICIA Band Thespians Dramatic Club Girls' Council Times Staff National Honor Society Office Assistant " 19" Club BECKER, PAUL Band Chorus National Honor Society Baseball Boys' Cabinet Dramatics Tatler Staff Times Staff BECKERT, LAWRENCE Spanish Club Golf Team Lettermens' Club National Honor Society BENEZE, CAROLE F.N.A. BETHANY, EDGAR Baseball BLACK, EDWARD Band Rifle Club Stage Hand BORMAN, MARILYN Chorus BORNES, WILMA Chorus Cafeteria Worker BRADSHAW. IO ANN Y-Teens BREITWEISER, SHIRLEY Chorus Office Occupations Club National Honor Society BURCH, NINA Chorus Office Occupations Club BURGER, BEVERLY Girls' Council, Vice Pres. Office Assistant "19" Club Dramatic Club, Sec. Spanish Club Iunior Achievement F.B.L.A. BURNIESTER, IANE F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Band TARRANT, LOUISE Student Council Spanish Club Chorus F.H.A. Senior Play Pep Club- TOWNSLEY, IANE Dean's Office TRUSTY, IACK Student Patrol Office Helper VEITH, IOYCE Girls' Conference Library Assistant Student Council Y-Teen Seniors Senior Play WADE. WILLIAM Latin Club WEBBER, IO ANN Spanish Club F.B.L.A. WEBER, ELLA Chorus ' WILHELM, GUIDO Student Patrol Latin Club Science Club Office Host ' National Honor Society A Valdictorian WILLIAMS, IETTIE F.B.L.A. Library Assistant Alton High Times WILLIAMS, IOSEPH Latin Club WILSKE, IUDITH Latin Club Band National Honor Society Senior Play BURTON. NORMAN Movie Operator Baseball Code Class Radio Club BUSHNELL, IANICE National Honor Society French Club Office Occupations Club F.B.L.A., Treas. BLITTRY, BONNIE Chorus Latin Club Office Occupations Club CAPEHART, MELVIN National Honor Society National Thespian Society Treas. Dramatic Club, Pres. Radio Club, Pres. Rifle Club, Pres. Science Club Football Student Council Latin Club Tatler Staff, Co-Editor Iunior Achievement

Page 137 text:

Activities of June Graduates HUTCHISON. MARILYN IOAN KLII-'IN, GENE Band Football, '49, '50, '5l Chorus Basketball, '49, '50, '51 F.T.A. Tatler Staff, Advertising Mgr. Girls' Council Student Council Y-Teens Lettermens' Club Latin Club IOHNSON, BETTY LOUISE Boy's Cabinet Chorus Biq "A" F.N.A. Office Assistant F.B.L.A, Times Staff Dxstributive Education Club LAFIKES' Bn.-LIE JUNE IOHNSON. ORIRLLE D. F-TgA- , Band National Honor Society, Track D Sec., girias. - ramatic' u Carve' H' Y National Thespian Society, IONES, IRMA Vlfs Pm, Spanish Club Chorus F01-'A' Pep Club F.N.A. Iunior Hed Cross, Vice Pres. Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens Chorus IOUETT, IACQUELINE F.B.L.A., Sec., Treas. Chorus F.N.A. Latin Club Y-Teens Clinic Worker Red Cross Council KASSINGER, NANCY Chorus F.H.A. KAUS, DOROTHY Iunior Achievement, Sec. Latin Club Dramatic Club Treas. Thespian Pres. Band Y-Teens Girls' Council National Honor Society Student Council F.B.L.A. Office Assistant Sec.-Treas of Senior Class Times Staff KELLER, LOUIS Spanish Club KELLY, PATRICIA Library Assistant KING, BARBARA Student Council Red Cross Council Sec. Girls' Council Pres. Y-Teens National Honor Society Latin Club F.T.A. Office Assistant Times Staff KIRK. GLYNN Iunior Achievement Track Camera Club Garver Hi-Y KODROS, FLORENCE Girls' Council Office Assistant French Club KOLESA, MARILYN BARBA Chorus Student Council RA First Maid to Football Queen LUCHT, CHARLES KORTKAMP. BARBARA IO Student Patrol Majorette, '50, '5I, '52 Library Assistant F.T.A. KRINARD, GLORIA GAY F.T.A. Spanish Club Dramatic Club Student Council Band National Honor Society Pep Club Office Assistant LASSWELL, IACK KEVEN Science Club Intramural Sports LAUX, GAILE PHYLLIS Library Assistant Office Assistant Y-Teens lunior Achievement Chorus LAWSON, RONALD LEE Red and Gray Hi-Y Golf Team, 'Sl-'52 Tatler Staff Pep Club LAYTON. CAROLYN LOUISE Office Assistant Chorus Iunior Achievement F.N.A. Camera Club Latin Club LENHARDT, RODGER DALE Dramatic Club LEONARD, IO ANN Girls' Council F.B.I...A. Spanish Club National Honor Society F.N.A. Dean's Assistant Student Oouncil lunior Red Cross Office Assistant Dream Girl '51 Football Queen '51 Y-Teens Latin Club LINDLEY. SHIRLEY Latin Club F.N.A. Y-Teens LONG. CAROL Chorus Spanish Club LOWERY, SHIRLEY Tatler Staff F.N.A. Thespians, Pres. Dramatic Club Office Assistant Clinic Assistant French Club Times Staff Girls' Council National Honor Society National Honor Society LYNN, ANN Chorus French Club Tatler Staff Student Council Latin Club McAFOOS, OLIVER Student Council, Vice-Pres. Office Occupations, Pres. Big A McGLASSON, ROBERT Student Patrol MCINTOSH, EVELYN Band F.H.A. F.T.A., Vice Pres. Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens McMILLAN. BOB Basketball Boys' Cabinet Red 6 Gray Hi-Y MACIAS, MICHAEL Football '50, '51 Track '51 Chorus MADISON, NORMA IEAN Brown lug Phyllis Wheatley Iunior Red Cross MALLORY, MARILYN Spanish Club Chorus MARSH, IANICE Tatler Staff Latin Club Chorus Girls' Ensemble '51 Y-Teens Red Cross F.B.L.A. MASON, ALMA Chorus F.H.A. Iunior Achievement MASSEY. DICK Student Council Dist. Ed. Club Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Boys' Chorus MATTHEWS. DONNA KAY Maiorette Iunior Red Cross MAXEINER, HERBERT Chorus Patrol Band Dramatics MEDLER, ROLAND Future Distributors Club Track Manager Iunior Achievement MEEDEN, MARY Band Latin Club, Sec.-Treas. F.B.L,A. National Honor Society Office Occupations, Vice P MEISENHEIMER, PAT F.N.A. Latin Club Chorus Clinic Assistant Dean's Assistant MILLER. ALBERT F.F.A. MILLER, CAROLYN Chorus Latin Club Times Staff F.T.A. MILLER, DONALD Carver Hi-Y MILLER, MARY Spanish Club G.A.A. MONTROY, PHILLIS Office Occupations Club G.A.A. MOORE, MARSI-IA National Honor Society French Club, Vice-Pres. Latin Club Girls' Council F.N.A. Times Staff Tatler Staff Office Assistant Y-Teens "l9" Club Student Council IBS. MORRIS, MARLINE Band Latin Club F.T.A. MUELLER, DORIS Cafeteria Worker MYERS, MARY IANE Latin Club Clinic Assistant F.N,A. Iunior Achievement Student Council NOBLE, GEORGE Future Distributors NORMAN. DOROTHY Chorus Spanish Club F.T.A. Student Council OLDHAIVI, RUSSELL Future Distributors OSBLIRN, CONNIE F.I-I.A. OTEY, ALONZO Track Football Carver Hi-Y PARKER, IOCELYN Chorus Spanish Club F.T.A. Pep Club Dramatic Club PAUL, MAURICE Student Council F.F.A., Pres. Cafeteria Worker PREWITT, ANN Chorus French Club, Pres. 6 F.T.A. Girls' Council Y-Teens Student Council Library Assistant PRUETT, ELSIE Y-Teens Cafeteria Worker Patrol Iunior Achievement Distributive Ed. Club Chorus PRUIETT, GLENDA Cafeteria Worker Student Patrol French Club lunior Achievement Y-Teens F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Chorus Office Assistant REXROAT, VIRGINIA Science Club F.T.A, Spanish Club Y-Teens Office Assistant Pep Club Nurses Assistant Library Assistant Iunior Red Cross RIPPLEY, GEORGE V. Pres Football Track ROBLEY, SHIRLEY F.N.A. Science Club Dramatic Club Camera Club F.T.A. Iunior Achievement Nurses Assistant Chorus ROSE, VIVIENNE Band Latin Club Iunior Achievement

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