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' mul we fl,fL,Q I 952 o Presented By THE TATLER STAFF .xdhon .sznior ,MQA SCAOOK 2200 College Avenue Altoll, Illmoxsi reefingzi ,MA cjfue you fAe 1952 jafdfr HIGH SCHOOL LIFE . . . broadened by the ADMINISTRATION . . . exe- cuted in CLASSES . . , supplemented with URGANIZATIONS . . . spirited by ATHLETICS and MUSIC . . . punc- tuated with STUDENT LIFE . . . all of which combine to make profitable and happy years at Alton High. Afzon if . Wk? fm WMS ww my I t Was Good To Get Back Again To Sit Un the Sunny Side of the Building 5: 'bhp wif M ima, Mr, Pruitt and Kenny Mills take Old Glory inside for the night. This group of girls are enjoying the rays Waiting for the bell to ring for the next of an Qctober sun. class. To Renew Campus Friendships This attractive winter scene is a reminder of the unusually heavy November snow storm. Because of the abnormally heavy snowfall on Alton's hills it was impossible for approximately two-thirds of the students to come to school: consequently, school was closed for most of two days. The scene on the opposite page compensated somewhat for the severity of the weather. To Ubserve the Progress of the New Building An impressive program dedicated to the Cornerstone laying of the F. W. Olin Voca- tional School was held November 8, 1951, at 2:30 p.m. Mr. john M. Olin, President of Olin Industries, Inc.: Mr. C. L. Horn, President of the Olin Foundation: and lvlr. C. Schlosser, President of the Board of Education, participated in the ceremony at the site. Laying the Corner Stone The Beginning of the Brick Laying Iob Preparing for the Corner Stone Another jam session by the group of stud- ents before entering the building for class sessions. Here class room problems - - that difficult test and that tough teacher - - are discussed. But more often the topic is likely to be - - What are your plans for tonight, kid? Emil vi QA ws Q l sw, X All Out for the Snake Dance This cheering section is only a portion of the large assemblage which met on the eve of the annual Thanksgiving game with Western Military Academy. 7Twas a chilly night so Mr. Iohnson and Mr. Thomas are standing close to the bon fire, In the light of its cheery glow a rous- ing pep rally was held and blood pressures mounted in anticipation of the Western- Alton football classic. To Cheer the Red and Gray Large crowds flocked to Alton Highs football field to see the Redbirds in action and to View the clever marching band dem- onstrations at the half. Alton students were keyed for a colorful football season from the opening game and a fine spirit of team loyalty was in evidence throughout the en- tire season, The scene below is from the Western- Alton game, the only major day-time game. Raincoats and umbrellas are better indicators of the Weather at this game than the Wes- tern game, a year ago during the time of one of winter's worst blizzards. 41 gig? HPainting the Windiow is the title ol? this prize window painting which was snapped by the Tatler photographer in October. To encourage artistic talent and to channel the Halloween spirit into construc- tive rather than destructive lines the window drawing plan has been worked out through the art departments of the public and pa- rochial schools of Alton. Busy students, for several weeks in advance of Halloween, plan and draw sketches of their proposed window drawing. Then just before Hallof ween teams are organized and assigned to paint windows in the business districts throughout the city. Alton businessmen who cooperate in the enterprise are to be commended for their cooperation. XL! at' To Express the Halloween Spirit In Art Death and the Bat Man is the title of this Weird drawing which ranked among the winning paintings, A'The Spirit of Halloween is p e r c h e d dreamily on top a huge pumpkin which is flying through space on the Magic Carpet. Ghosts in a Country Churchyardn with a small boy whistling to keep his spirits up is the theme of this picture. J 5 R z , l Mr. Boley's art classes gave the Alton cam- This is one of the attractive scenes enclosed pus a Christmas atmosphere when they in the huge frame which looks like a Christ- placed these large figures of the Nativity mas card which was a part of the Christmas scene on the College Avenue side of the program. building. Cynthia Hopkins and Marilyn Brooks are looking at the Christmas greeting of faculty members which were hung on the faculty Christmas tree in the office. To Take Part In Christmas Festivities The Yuletide season is felt keenly at Alton High and is demonstrated in a variety of ways. Classrooms take on a festive air with Christmas trees and decorations and the tempo of the Christmas spirit increases daily to its highest pitch on the last day before Christmas vacation. Visions of sugar plums dance through many a head that finds it increasingly difficult to concentrate on lesson assignments. The season is highlighted by the annual Christmas program with tableaux and song to impress each student at Alton High with the beauty and joy of the Christmas season, Students who participated in the Christmas program in an informal pose at the conclusion of the affair. mi To Eat and To Be Gay In the Ca eterza Lunch time finds the high school cafeteria a beehive of activity. Lines of students to the serving tables and groups of students at the tables - all engaged in the very im- portant function of gratifying keen appe- tites - provide plenty of action. But with the well organized kitchen staff and the aid of cafeteria assistants the large group of students are served smoothly and efficiently. The cafeteria likewise becomes a pleasant center for conversation and chatter between bites. is Wx -N- Marilyn Kolesa serves her fellow students at the Snack Bar which is in charge of Mrs. Cartwright. Miss Sidwell is busy at one of her cafeteria tasks - presiding at the cash register. Heavy, heavy, hangs over the head of Mr. Willis, popular science teacher. Need- less to say, the tray was not dropped! ,L ,v V fi ,f I , 1 1j,'j W0 X .ff if f Al' ff L f JV' v ,y ' 'I lifV.11 , f.ff7g if I ffliw-4fll'il' . 'l M r Zfyfl J 3' W ' l 11,47 . ohn Wright points out a defective motor part in his AC'id1llac to Ronnie Bracht. Both boys are students in the class in automobile mechanics To Work In the Shops The most popular courses among the boys in Alton High are those dealing with the vocational and industrial arts, The tedium of an academic class room devoted almost entirely to subject matter is relieved in the industrial education classes. by the opportunity for the boy to do something with his hands. To take an automobile apart and to see what makes it Htickn, to work on metal and Wood projects, and to draw a house plan are interesting phases of the class work. With the opening of the new F. W. Qlin Vocational School next September a more comprehensive course of study will be offered in this field. This program should make Alton outstanding in subject offerings among the schools of lllinois. Coach Don Faurot of the University of Missouri, speaker at the annual football banquet, poses for his picture between two trophy winners chosen as players of the year, A class in metal shop under the direction of Mr. Iureziz is shown here work ing at the vises in filing down a metal part. v,,, . A little horse-play for the photographers benefit during a serious occasion -- the taking of skin tests in the drive to discover traces of tuberculosis among Alton High student. And To Have Fun, Frolic, and Dance 'AThe Hunter and the Rabbit proved to be one of the most clever novelty stunts to be uncorked by Mr, Duker for his band per- formance at football games this season. A few Alton High coeds who participated in the huge Halloween parade sponsored by the Greater Alton Association of Commerce. k 1 ,iw ,f x-ff ,. Alton High students who like to dance have enjoyed the dances sponsored by the Dcmolay and Rainbow at the Masonic Temple on Washington Avenue. The photograph shown here was taken at the Demolay-Rainbow Christmas dance held on December 25. A couple demonstrates the fun in dancing lim Heil in the left foreground seems to be while another couple near the Christmas tree doing quite well in providing vocal enter- is devoted to a serious discussion. tainment for his partner. Athletics, providing the greatest amount of competition for all . . . designed for build- ing, for encouraging, and for maintaining health . . . in body, mind, and spirit . . . arous- ing enthusiasm, team work, and the greatest of all, loyalty. .x4fALfic:i FOOTBALL - - Kickoff To Athleti P Standing: li. V. Halt, Walter Willis, Ioe Rallo. Sitting: Anton Iureziz, Roger Grove, Ray Iackson C lfOgIfafIl The Alton High eleven under the back- field coaching of Roger Grove and line coaching of Ioe Rallo was sufficient evi- dence that football power was again on the upward path. Starting off in fine stride under the one letter coach Roger Grove, the Redbirds gained victory number one from lVlcKin'ley behind the touchdowns of Nicolet and Buddy Hook. Defense proved exceptionally strong and held the Bugs to only 52 yards via both ground and air. It may have been that the Alton boys had their mind on the Illinois, UCLA game up at Champaign as the host Maroons and their deceptive T formation romped through the Birds for 31 points. Altons only score came in the 4th quarter when Bill Nicolet bulled over from the 2 yard stripe and then converted. The Alton men began the conference season by upsetting the Warriors of Granite City with an 18-12 defeat. Virgil Hook, lack Dresler, and Everett Wilson all figured in the scoring. With one conference victory under their wing the Birds were out to get the Oilers. But Fred Scharfs boys came to Alton with a strong defense and a sharp passing attack that held Alton to a 6-6 tie. Virgil Hook scored Alton's only TD and the ali important extra point failed. The down-hearted fans received a sec- ond jolt when the Redbirds dropped the most exciting game of the season to Ed- wardsville Tigers by the score of 20-19. The extra point was again the difference between victory and defeat. It seemed as though the Redbirds were down and out when they came home from East Side on the short end of a 27-13 score. Alton's scoring came in the fourth quarter when Buddy Hook scored from the four and was followed 4 plays later by brother Virgil. With Bill Hart toting the mail like a madman the Birds got back into the win- ning column by downing Belleville 12-6. Hart and Dresler snapped the Maroons seven game winning streak, Hart scoring from the fifteen and Dresler on a 35 yard jaunt. The Redbirds gained the second place spot in the conference by shaking Collins- ville 13-0. Virgil Hook and Bill Hart scored on long runs and Nicolet converted. Climaxing a hard fought season the Birds drove through the mud to a 19-O victory over W.lVl.A. Alton passes scored l3 of the 19 points. Iack Dresler, continu- ing to play good ball, caught all 3 point passes, two from Nicolet and one from Gene Kuhn. CONFERENCE STANDINGS East St. Louis .................... 4 l 0 Alton ,.,............... ..... 3 l l Belleville ........, ..... 3 2 0 Collinsville ..... ..... 2 3 0 Wood River ..... ..... 1 3 1 Granite City .................... 1 4 0 SCORES Alton 13 McKinley Alton 7 Champaign Alton l8 Granite City Alton 6 Wood River Alton 19 Edwardsville Alton 13 East St. Louis Alton 12 Belleville Alton 13 Collinsville Alton 19 W.M.A. Total 120 102 Oral Scrimmage Session. Round Man Rallo Rides Roughshod Football Perspective H J From Upper Left: Clockwisej MORRIS MANNS - Center PAUL FLUCK - Center DAN WELLS -- Tackle IIM ROWSE - Quarterback EVERETT WILSON - Halfback IIM BLAKE - Guard GALEN FINES - End DALE FURTWENGLER - Quarterback IACK DRESLER, - End DANNY LUTES - Tackle Alton Varsity Letters Are The 1 ,f ,fvvqfs A XYZWGY. 'mv' ' ,wr ,wwf , sv-,fn-PM '-P91 mu .Nm , 6 M 5. da, 131.3 4,4-, 4+ i ' Agile, 4 4,1 ,+ x ,111 W, , 'Qi' , fvifp ,Y r 4 s ,ff yr. 1 X afau :fig , my we xiii? ff , ,i ? M ff :gg ' ff ii IVZ T EEZ 'Ei B 1 55 ff' 5 if ws jg I Q Q C R 3 Zhi 55 1: 5 it M N E 'WSH A Vw ,M fi Y 43 3 W' N aa R Q W My Q wi 35. in MK 1 3 M' wQ Z A WE' 'H X i 1 up QV Q QW W xi vm K W wmxwg , Z ' we . , an X :W Q X M 5 min ix: QQ 1 Q Q X53 W Q X Q. 5, Q f' M W N335 Q gfiwv 8. Jw me 3, A Wt 3 M WL fm 'N QQ ,, 'Jn 2 5333 J Q, gm , M2 xxx N k wh :ww 2 iifffm 3 gg., , Muffy VE fl., 'QQ lf! Q 15 Q V92 N ' F1952 Q W 59 asf' air fy K, f f ,H , fir if 0 435 wwf: N ifzg xv W r r V K X ax f X K . A, . M um 'X U f, I fgzfbgjq V f y,w3+1 . , -. W Mm ' ' ..., 1 g p .2 ' -:vw A . -z,a3i,,:Eg'2gEf ?T ' x'w , 'l- yg '-1 5125'I':Ig:,,I: vw: -- . f W wif . s:,-..: 11. -114 ww iii! , .. 543 s M, .., , slum 2W1wmzS?' ' K 'V . 'wwf-3fW a'-E ,wr ,L , N Ziw ?56iwgfZ?'w??2f3 , wh :hw 5, M fwfffzwgw ,. fzmfw, K Wi b 5 ?'fgEE?i?1'i2jg2'?,wfiZ- .Mwffgf ,mg M: ,w?'f1'f2z'w N favs W 2 , ,: ww 4, fy Q N, H Mfg A a 'gmmy lf, ' .,.. , if ' ' 'MEM ugh, 2fwf2ffQ,l,Qz ,Wx 2 MfvzQ ,mz2PfW5',YWQ2t'W ' 'I M:39,w4-W, gmyffs' Mgiew' gyg,Myg,gMghi,1m3ff , VWmWza9Zmf1ef?:'inew . 2: ' f:,f2f'Gfa?i:w ww UW QFrom Upper Left: Clockwisel BILL HART - Halfback IOE RAIN -- Guard GENE KuHN - End VIRGIL I-IooK -- Halfback SHERRY HEATON - Halfback SAM FERGUSON - Halfback REID CHILDERS - Guard BOB FREEMAN - Guard BILL NICOLET - Fullback BUDDY I-IooK - Halfback SEASON RESUME By winning a two-thirds percentage of games played this year, the sophomore foot- ball boys finished the season with a four and two record. Coach Willis's crew started the season by knocking over Ierseyville and Wood River and then falling to the Bethalto Var- sity. The Sophs then stopped Belleville only to be halted in a one sided match with East Side. They closed the season by defeating Granite City by one touchdown. Redbird Sophomore Squad Offers 525 fa' Jig, E, gaffefdaf in euiew The '51-'52 edition of the Redbird Cagers, by winning 12 games and losing 14, for a seasons average of .462, wound up with just a fair season. During the campaign the Alton men pounded the hoops for 1,385 points, to come up with a game average of 53.3. Ralph Nash contributed the most points to this total by dropping in 396 markers in the seasons play. A lack of height was probably the main factor in Alton's record. Next year's team, on the other hand, should have an abundance of height, coming up from the sophomore squad, and from such returning lettermen as Ralph Nash, Tom Marquis and Roland Banks, The Redbirds started off the season with a rush, downing Hillsboro 51-50 and McKinley 49-34. ln the Madison County Tournament, Alton was forced to the consolation bracket after being defeated by Roxana 45-43. They defeated Bethalto but then lost to Wood River for the consolation championship. The following week the Redbirds defeated the Madison County Champs, but then went into their longest slump of the season, dropping five in a row. Two of these defeats came from New Trier and Rushville in the Pontiac Holiday Tournament. Wood River, still proving unbeatable, started off the New Year in a bad way for the Redbirds, 47-44. All through the season Southwestern Con- ference foes Collinsville, Edwardsville, Wood River and East Side were the toughest foes. Nine of the fourteen defeats came at the hands of these four teams. Coach Hales crew won two games from Belleville and Granite City in conference play. Don Harrison fights for rebound against Wood River Hill and Marqus await the outcome Somebody seems to have missed this on+ Redbirds Post Good Season 1951-'52 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Hillsboro McKinley Roxana Bethalto Wood River Roxana Collinsville East St. Louis New Trier Rushville VVoocl River Belleville Edwardsville Gillespie Granite City Maplewood .......Collinsville East St. Louis .......Wood River Roxana .......BelleVille Edwardsville Granite City Maplewood Western Collinsville ALTON HIGH CHEERLEADERS: from the top around the circle: Ann Crane, Iudv Iordan, Carmen Fitzhugh, Evalina Davis, Iody Webb. ,- 3 :ik M wfxm-g'2:,,frgr: '??f Maw' 5 . V O -flu v - 7 A ' A ' AL V 4 if , 1 sz win ..,I',. ,.. N ' 3. igRf,,z X .,., 7 ,R Dyqvvx ,wx 1- ' nfl' 4 P is W5 A ' Q , X ' lg f ' 5 1 V-' iv g4i,y 'L -A F Q I '. Q ww' ,ig .. ., A:-,M.::' V . y I ' ' X x Av ,iw 'gf' . -Y X x MM,Zi,',6 :.:,.,E- V. V 3 A 1 f t in wa Msllff ' 5' H fl 1 X 1 , , X I g 5xKgH,fQl,4p1 ., . ..5,:5:,f: 0 - A 1, qu ff S A3 Q ' in ., y M' , 1 V il 1 ix .-',', MS, A r x N . A fji, ' 6 ' 4 2 ix, h q I , Rf ,v ' YQ ljvfjsa ' fp QQ, . W M YY A W, L. M , H V. :- , ...,,., Z , ' W ' - 7 345893 2455 KV' K 55275 'MA w',., X K 1 fi-'z'f3L1 Z R it . gg., f A zffgj ffifigsilljf, ' f ef ., V fwfggxfffffi auvaffgxw-Q 'Aix :W MW? ,M- , f ,JM ,wx - ,' ,rw fw V KA A 4 'BQAJPVH A431 f f-Qt, . we if Sophomore Team Kneeling: Eddie Hill, Don Utley, Dick lVlcFerrin, Dick Henderson, Cleveland Ham monds, Denny Long. Standing: Kenny Prewitt, Iunior Rhodes, Ronnie Wightman, Chris Bristow, George Floss, Charles Sanders, Robert Worthy. fWayne Inlow and Albert jun not shown.J SGPHOMORE TEAM WINS GILLESPIE TOURNEY Sophomore basketball this season gave evidence that basketball at Alton High is on an upward swing The tall, fast team has proved its strength by winning 17 of their 23 games. They lost to Collins- ville, Wcod River, Gillespie, Granite City, East Side and Roxana. Scoring a total of 1,320 points. this team has left their opponents who scored 943 points, far behind them in totals, In a somewhat similar manner to the varsity team, this sophomore crew could have won three more of the 6 games they lost if the games could have been called at the half. They seem to lack the ability to withstand the pressure that comes in the final quarters. Don Utley holds the honor of out-scoring his teammates, pounding the nets for 268 points. Four other boys scored over 150 points in the season's play. Climaxing the season the sophomores came home with two trophies from the 16-team Gillespie Fresh- man-Sophomore Basketball Tournament. Alton won easily their first two games over Carlinville 65-17, and Gillespie 62-48. The last two games toughened up a bit, but they moved past Edwardsville 57-45 and then went into the final against Hillsboro. Edwardsville led at the half 28-28, but Alton with the help of Eddie Hill, who scored 18 points, moved on to win. Ironically the sophomores ended their season by defeating the same team they beat in the opening game of the season - Hillsboro. This victory en- abled the Iunior Birds to capture the tournament and bring home two trophies. A combination of throws by Rabbit lun and Wayne Inlow spelled victory in. the sudden death second overtime 66-64. SOPHOMORE RECORD Alf0I1 .......... ......,. H illsboro Alt0l'1 .......... ........ R oxana Alffvfl .......... ........ Co llinsville Alf0H .......... ........ E ast Side AIYOII .......... ........ W ood River Alf0I1 .......... ........ B elleville Alton -------... ........ E dwardsville Alton ---------- ........ G illespie All70n -----.-... ........ G ranite City Alton -------..- ......., M aplewood Alton .......... ......., Co llinsville Alfnn ---------- ........ E ast Side Alton ....,... Wood River Alton -.-------- ........ R oxana Alton ---------- ........ B elleville Alton ---------- ........ E dwardsville Alton ---------- ........ G ranite City Alton ........ Cahokia Alton .W, M, A, All0n Carlinville Alton Gillespie Alton Edwardsville Alton ---------- ........ H illsboro lack Ash Nails His Man. Alton Redbirds Break The most amazing record of all 51-52 Allen High sports was established last season by the Redbifd base- ball squad. Only an eight-run first inning at Tom Connor field in Peoria against Pekin kept Alton from coming home as Illinois' number 1 prep baseball team. Although the Redbirds won 19 games and lost only two. they were unable to capture the Southwestern crown. Battling all the way, Alton fought its way through the district and sectional, right up to the State. Fine pitching performances were turned in all season. by Mille Farley, Dan Pelhank, Iohn Ward', and Carl lones. In the heartbreaking final game 3,500 fans saw the Redbirds go down 11-5 to the Pekin Chinks. In the first game of the State Tournament against LaSz1l'e-vPeru the Birds established 4 new state records: l. Most runs by a team in one inning, tlll 2, Most hits in one game H75 fcr the most bases. 1291 3, Most runs by a team in one game. tl6l 4. Largest winning margin. U61 Graduation has taken a large number of last year's squad, especially from the pitching staff. If these openings can be filled this season, perhaps our number 2 ranking ball club will be No, 1. Front Row: lack Ash, lack Hill, Tom Marquis, Paul Becker, Bob Edgell, Carl Icnes, lim Eisenreich, Don Tutt, Monte Holliday. Second Row: Danny Pelhank, Mike Farley, Don Harrison, Dale Neudecker, Barton Burger, lim Brown, Don Cvibson, Bob Kuhn. Third Row: Alex Christian, Bill Dickerson, Norman Williams, lim Bourland, Gene Ramey, Don Wilson, Leigh Lawrence, Bill Nicolet, john Ward, Reid Childers, Charles Ford. 'htm Four Records At State Tourney 1951 BASEBALL RECORD Bethulto O ,,,,.,,,,,Y.,,,,,,..,,...... Alton 5 Ierseyville 3 ,.,.,,,,, ,.,...... A lton 8 Belleville 0 ......... ..,,...., A lton l Edwardsville O ......... .,,,,,,,, A lton 7 Granite City 6 .....,,., ......... A lton 5 Ierseyville O ...,....Y ....,.... A lton 9 Roxana 2 ,,,,,,,, ......... A lton 12 Collinsville l ,.,,,,,, ......... A lton 6 E, St. Louis 0 .....,,, .,,,..... A lton 4 Western Military 5 ........ ......... A lton 11 Wood River 9 .....,,,,,,.,,.............. Alton 7 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT lerseyville O ..........,,........,,,,v,,. Alton 15 VVood River l ......,.. ,,,,,,,,, A lton 5 Granite City 5 ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,......Y..... Alton 8 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Staunton 4 .............,,,,,,,,....... Alton 5 Belleville 2 ,,,,,,,.............,,,,,,,, Alton 3 STATE TOURNAMENT LaSalle-Peru 2 .............,..,........... Alton 16 Waukegan O ....,,.. .....,,,, A lton 3 Pekin 11 .,i,,,,,, .,,,,,,,, A lton 5 A Few of the Athletic Trophies VV'on 1951-1952! Upperz Second Base Capers: Monte Holliday Sneaks In. Lower: lack Ash Stretches a Single into a Doubl First Row: Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Rowz Ed Schaeffer, lack Shockley, Bob Cutfcrth, Ed Oettle, Bill Wilson, Ken Trabue, Bob Fowler. : Harry Gustine, Iohn Light, Sam Ferguson, Buddy Hook, Kenny Tilton, Maurice Kennedy Clarence Thobbs. Bud Cosby, Dale Spurgeon, Harold Frazier, Bill Hart, Charles Anick, Nat Wilson. George Morrison, Iim Cox, Esau Taylor, Iim Furgeson, Ronnie Cowan, Bob Webb, Gene Warner, Iohn Purnell. Mgr., Everett Wilson, Dan Wells. George Priest, Wesley Pruitt, Ernie Whetzel. Tracksters Pound Cinders for Fair Season Handicapped by a lack of a home track and unable to practice or hold track meets the Alton High cinder- men, under t make a fair showing last season. Last year's squad was made up principally by seniors who graduated. Iohn Light, a 440 man: Bob Cutforth and Carl Gillin, dash men: Bill Wilson, a miler: and Charles Anick and Bob Fowler, weight men, amassed the he direction of Coach Grove managed to major portion of points for Alton. 1951 TRACK SCHEDULE Hurst-Bush - 32 Schools Alton - Sth Western - Triangular Alton - lst Ierseyville - Triangular Alton - lst Wood River - Conference Relays Alton J 4th Wood River - Quadrangular Alton - 2nd Roxana - County Meet Alton - 4th Dupo - Invitational Alton - Llth Granite City - Quadrangular Alton - 3rd Granite City - District Meet Bob Fowler Qualified for State Meet Belleville - Alton 2nd Granite City - Alton lst Granite City Conference Track Meet Nat Wilson Clears the Bar' Alton -- 5th Cross Country For the first time in several years Alton High has again entered cross country competition. Cross country was added to the school's sports calendar in an effort to condition basketball players and de- velop distance men for track. Completing the year's schedule for five cross- ccuntry meets the Alton Harriers ran up a record of a first, a third, two fourths, and an eighth. Since this is the first year that Alton High athletes have participated in this sport, their record is a reasonably good one. Coach Halt's hill and dale team consists of Leslie Hale, lack Hill, Dick Phelps, Richard Mc- Ferrin, and Roland Banks. From this group only lack Hill will graduate, indicating that Alton High can expect a good team of two-milers for next fall. Golf Golf, like cross-country is another one of the newer sports at Alton High. Last year's golf team entered in two main meets. The district golf meet in Belleville was won by the Redbirds, which gave them an opportunity to go to Champaign for the State meets. Larry Beckert, Bill Malson and the Lawson brothers, Ken and Ron, returned from the Belleville district meet with a first place plaque. ln taking first place, the team had a low of 340. VVhen the team traveled to the State Tourna- ment they failed to qualify for the' final rounds. Cross Country: Upper Group: Iack Hill, Leslie Hale, Roland Banks, Richard McFerrin, Dick Phelps. Golf Team: Lower Group: Larry Beckett, Ronnie Lawson, Bill Maison, and Ed Hummel, Girls, Physical Education Games and stunts suitable lor parties are practiced and tried in physical edu- cation classes. Individual activities such as tennis, badminton, shuffle board, ping- pong, and archery are stressed in Junior and Senior classes in order that students will enjoy these sports after graduation. The girls' athletic program also includes hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball, archery, and golf. The Development of Balance: Balancing Empty Candy Boxes. Lung Power! Passing a Slip ol Paper Patience and Poise! Balancing 25 Round by lnhaling on Straws. Toothpicks on a Coke Bottle. Wy Guiding, advising, improving . . . placing the subjects of their concern in the proper field for consideration and study . . . pointing out the looph-oles and rectifying them . . . iorienting the new students . . . coordinating the many phases of school life . . . offering consultation and help when necessary . . . working in the s'tudent's interests . . . throw- ing light upon the shadows . . . as mirrors in ia telescope . . . then Administration. .xdclminiafrafion Y ,KM Vi? -f2 'Iw-ww-ww! W 1 , 1?E,WS 33352 IWW MR. C. I. ScHLossER, President these men for their efforts in our behalf. And we hope that this expression of our appreciation will serve as another measure of the public recognition of their valuable services. Since the members of our Board of Education are business and professional men we sent Mr. lack Folmer our com- mercial photographer, to their offices where each is shown seated at his desk. Although sitting behind a desk is hardly illustrative of the activities of all of these men in their work. at least, we have taken you into their respective places of business. The Board President, Mr. C. Schlosser is a Certified Public Accountant with offices at 115 Market Street. The Secretary and Finance Director of the Board is Mr. H. Edward Meyei' who is Secretary and Manager of the Home Building and Loan Association located at Broadway and Piasa, Two of the Bc-ard members are in the medical pro- fession: namely, Dr. F, A. Morrison, Oh- stetriciang and Dr. R. B. Lynn, Surgeon, both of whom have offices in the Elfgen building at Broadway and Henry, Mr. Cv. L. Davis is Purchasing Agent for the Owens-lllinois Glass Company at 1625 E. Broadway. Mr. R. L. Goulding is President of the E. H. Goulding Company located at 206 West Third Street. Mr. E. L. l-lull is President of the Community Dairy with offices at 3332 East Broadway. OCLI' of g76!lflC6lfl0l'l Every community, among its citizen- ship, possesses individuals and organizations of individuals that are motivated by the principles of altruism to serve unselfishly for the betterment of their communities. The individuals among these groups man- age to find time, in addition to their pers- onal duties, to spend both time an.d effort to aid the other fellow. It is unpleasant to think of what a community would be like without those men and women who desire to help with any worthwhile enterprise. Standing amcng this group, in our opinion., are the seven members of the Alton Board of Education. Elected by the citizens of the school district, these men serve' as the rep- resentatives of the people in a legislative capacity in the determination of school poli- cies. Theirs is a time-consuming job in not only meeting the problems of the present, but in anticipating the educational needs of Alton's boys and girls for the future. As we finish twelve years in the Alton school system, we graduating seniors wish to thank MR. G. L. DAVIS MR. R. L. GOULDING DR. ROBERT B. LYNN MR. I-I. EDWARD MEYER Sec: Superintendent of Schools I. B. IoHNsoN B. Ed., Southern Illinois Universi M.A., University of Illinois MR. E. L. Hurr ffl! DR. F. A. MoRR1soN W Since his arrival in Alton in V929 Mr. B, Iohnson has served the educational systzm of the city in a varied capacity ranging from class room teacher and athletic coach to principalships cf several schools in the city and , 1947, His as a valu- finally to the superintendency since October experience in these fields has not only served able guide in his present duties but he has received a sympathetic understanding of the problems of serve Linder him, those who As Superintendent, Mr. Iohnscn has assumed a tre- mendous responsibility as head of an expanding school system devoted to meetirg the educational needs of Alton's boys and girls of the immediate present as well as for those of the future, I-low well he has succeeded with the aid of a cocperative Board of Education and his adminis- trative assistants in planning for the future may be seen today in the addition of new buildings and an expanded curricula and services which are the result of planning several years ago. As we seniors leave to pursue our education, elsewhere or to take our places in business or industry we have a feeling of gratitude to Mr. Iohnson and his assistants as well as to the people of the community in which we live. SCHOOL in capital letters, has been our life for the past twelve years, and we are deeply appreciative to Mr. Iohnson for his energetic and conscientious contribution to- ward making them worthwhile. lPhotos on these pages hy Folmer Studio Left to right: C. R. Wright, Raymond Ready, B. lohnson, Superintendent: E. M. Leamon, L. D. Norman. Administrative Assistants It has been said that the age in which we are living is an age of specialization. There is plenty of evidence at hand to support this contention and the administrative staff at Haskell House is no exception. ln order to carrv out the many facets of his administrative duties Mr. Iohnson is given able support by his assistants. Mr. Ready as Assistant in charge of Cur- riculum brings to his position a wealth of educational training and experience. In his position enriched educational program is especially well qualified for he has demonstrated his ability to achieve a widened and Mr. Leamon, Assistant in charge of Buildings and Grounds. his duties and has been very busy a result of the extended building program. Mr. Wright, in charge of Vocational Education. has had many years of experience in this field' before coming to Alton two years ago. When the F. A. Olin Vocational School opens next Septem- ber he will be directly responsible for setting up the enlarged program in vocational subjects. Mr, Norman, as Visiting Principal, has the responsibility of pupil attendance in the Alton system and the enforcement of the school attendance laws. Folmer Photo Principal Mr. Macy Pruitt, Principal of Alton Senior High School, timed his taking over the adminis- trative reins of the high school three years ago with the appearance of the present graduating class at Alton High. No stranger to Alton High was Mr. Pruitt, since he had served here in sev- eral capacities before becoming Principal. But since he was new as Principal and we were new as students we feel some special bond' of friendship with him. Mr. Pruitt has steered us through the passage, and in doing so has been most helpful and considerate. In Mr. Pruitt we have always found a patient and cheerful adviser who has given freely of his time and abundant energy to any of us. In ar- ranging class schedules and in cooperating with us in the fullfillment of the needs of any individual student Mr, Pruitt has been helpful. The three F's':: firmness, fairness, and fun are some of the valuable contributions of Mr. Pruitt to the three R's of education in Alton High. MR. IAcKsoN, Miss TETER, AND MR. DAVIS MACY PRUITT A. B., University of Missouri M. A., University of Missouri Administrative Staff as other duties helpful to Mr. Pruitt. Mr. Iackson and Miss Teter as deans are primarily concerned with the check- ing of attendance records as well as meeting the problems of their respective students. The delegation of duties among the members of this staff is responsible in a large measure for the smooth opera- tion of the school. As Assistant Princi- pal, Mr. Davis is responsible for the assignment of students to classes as well Xl' X XGA N GCI! f RUTH BACHIVIAN History and Government A.B., Shurtleff College A,M., Wzishington U. IOHN O. BRLINO Sociology, History AB., Shurtleff College A.IVI., University of Illinois IAMES C, BANKS Drawing B,S., Bradley University IVI.S,, Bradley University DOROTHY BUERKLE Shorthand, Typing B.S.. Southwest Mo, State College A.M., University of Mo. CLARA BLACKARD French, Spanish A,B., University of Illinois A,lVI., University of Illinois DORCAS L. CAMPBELL Biology A.B., Berea College ROY E. BOLEY SHIRLEY BROWN Art Clothing B. Ed, Eastern Ill. State Western as College College IVI,A., Colo, State College DOROTHY E. COLONIUS EDGAR A COOK English, Speech English Ph.B., Shurtleff College A B Syracuse University M,A,, U. of Chicago Ll. C. DAVIS Assistant Principal B.S., Millikin University NLS., University of Illinois IRENE V. DEGENHARDT Enfvlish Pl1,B., University of Chicago IVI.A., Coluinhia University KENNETH DENISON Wood Shop, Drawing B,S., Western Illinois Stat Colleqc GUY IVI. DUKER Instrumental Music B.S., in Mus. Ed., University of Illinois A,IVI., University of Illinus HOMER F. ELY Office Occupations, Distrihutive Education B.lVI.E.. Illinois Wesleyan University IVI,S. in Ed., Illinois State Normal University ELIZABETH FELDEWERTI-I Typing, Shorthand B.S. in Ed., Central Missoiiri Stitt College IX' . Q C-' P -A N7 . 1 xo '9 gr 1 HCM f JULIA C. FOSTER LEROY E. FRITZ ALICE M, GATES Hygiene. P, E. Instrumental Music Mathematics A.B.. Washington U, B.S.. Western Kentucky Ph,B., Shurtleff College Teachers College M.A., Peabody College for A.M., Washington U. Teachers ROGER GROVE MILDRED HALBRUEGGE MARGARET HALL Hygiene, P. E. Hygiene, P. E. Librarian B.S., Mich. State College B.S., Ursinus College A.B., Shurtleff College RALPH HENDRIX Bookkeeping, School Accounting B.S.. Greenville College M.C.S., Indiana University NLS. in Ed., Indiana University LOUISE C. HITCHCOCK Vocational Home Economics B.S,, University of Missouri M,S., University of Missouri ERNEST HOWARD Spanish B,A., Llnixersity of Texas NLA., University of Illinois PAUL GLAESER Vocational Agriculture B.Ed., Illinois Normal U. B.S., University of Illinois A.M., Washington U, E. V. HALT Hygiene, P. E. B.S., Ind. State Teachers College lVl.S,, Ind. State Teachers College ANNA GOLDSBERRY Latin A.B., Illinois College A.M., State U. of Iowa FRANK H. HARLAN Counseling HS. in Ed., University of Missouri A,M., University ol Mich. GEORGE W. INGLES Civics A.B., Millikin University M.A., Indiana State College ETHEL INGLES Typing, Shorthand A.B., Greenville College RAY L. IACKSON Dean of Boys. Athletic Director, Geography A.B., Salem College A.M.. Colorado State College of Educat'on . 1 H47-6-. C-Muff, ANTON IUREZIZ, IR. Wood and Metal Shop B.S.. University of Ill. M.S,, University of Wis. l' ' , DONALD F. LEWIS English Ph. B., Shurtleff College A.IVI., University of Mo. ADA KLUMP Mathematics B.S., University of Illinois IVLS., University of Illinois IULIUS S. MARTI Social Studies A.B,, University of Illinois A.M., University of Illinois RALPH W, KOBER Biology B. Ed., Ill. State Normal University A.M., University of Mich. DOROTHY MAXFIELD Foods, Homemaking A,B., INIacIVIurray College M.A.. Columbia University EDWIN W. KOERBER Biology B.S.. Southeast Missouri State College A.M,,University of Mo. IAMES H. McDONALD Auto Shop B.S, in Ed., Central Mis- souri State College FRANCES M. MUTZ School Nurse LUTHER L. MYERS Social Studies LAURETTA G. PAUL English ELEANOR PERRY English IOSEPI-l I. RALLO Driver Education GRACE ELLEN REED LLOYD G. LEITER Drawing, Voc. Drafting B.S.. Bowling Green U. M.A., Columbia University IACQUELYN R. MUNDY Typing, Clerical Practice A.B.. University of Colo. G. N., R. N., Providence Hospital Certified Public Health Nursing A.B., Ball State Teachers' College lVl.S., Indiana University A.B., Shurtleff College IVI.A., Columbia University A.B., College of Emporia B.S.. Shurtleff College lVl.S,, University of Illinois Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic AB., Shurtlefl College lVl.A., University of Illinois ' I . lit ATA: .. V LL ' 's VJ v, Ju -. ' J ii- ' V ' l Xvs r X' X , it V956 if acuffy OPAL A, RENNER English B.S., University of Mo. MARY SIDWELL Family Living B,S., Southeast Missouri State College M.S., lowa State College DORIS RUE Vocal Music MILDRED RUTLEDGE English B.M.. MacMurray College A.B., Shurtleff College IRMA L. ALLEN English B.S.. Culver-Stockton College M.A., Washington U. DEWITT A. THOMAS Mathematics A.B., Missouri Valley College A.M., Washington Llniversity MARGARET TIBBETTS Typing, Shorthand B.E., Illinois State Normal University M.A., University of ROBERT WATSON Illinois Vocational Machine Shop College of Wooster Shurtleff College university of lllinois VVALTER W, XVILLIS Physics Ed. B.. Southern lll M.S., university of LEO M. WOOLS Chemistry ino's University lllinois A.B.. Arkansas College B.S., M,A., Universi ty of Texas MARGARETI iA ZELTMAN Social Studies B.S., University of Illinois IEWELL D. SUTHERLAND English B.A., Shurtleff College M.A,, Indiana University NEAL SCHMELZEL Social Studies B.S. in Ed,. Southern lll. University M.A, in Ed., Washington University DORIS TAYLOR Registrar B.S., Western lll. State College M.S,, Western lll. State College ISABELLE SCHVVERDTMANN English A.B., Washington U. A.M., Washington U. LEONA B. TETER Dean of Girls, General Science B.S., Northeast Missouri State College M,A., University ol Illinois Cffice Staff Perhaps no office force has more varied duties than one which has charge of a high school office. Here a continuous parade Of students, teachers, and visitors are before the counter to receive attention of some kind while the workers themselves, at the same time, are attempting to carry out duties to which they have been as- signed. Under the leadership of Mrs. Taylor, in spite of frequent changes in office personnel, the high school office is operated efficiently and pleasantly. MRS. DORIS TAYLOR, Registrar, Qseatedl is ex- plaining some points of procedure to the office assistants MRS. DOLORES R005 and MRS. LORETTA EDWARDS. Cafeteria Staff Seated: BEULAH STRADER, JOSEPH- INE BROOKS, ELIZABETH PENROSE, AMY IEWELL, ANNA KUHN, OTILDA PuR- CELL. Standing: ANN MOUNDS, BERTHA CARTWRIGHT, DOROTHY COX, HILDA RICHARDS, CLARA LEWIS, EDNA Huon- SON, ANNA EWING, LIDA WHITTLE- MAN. Without any doubt the busiest place at Alton High between' the serving hours Of eleven to two o'clOck is the high school cafeteria. Serving students from both the junior and senior high schools makes this department big business. Therefore, for the efficient operation of the cafeteria a large staff of competent women employees is necessary. .aw 5 Building Maintenance Mrs. Lucy Cook Arthur McDonald, Everton Watson, Engineers - Monie Hohnebehn, Rexford Smart: O. B. Iones, Head Custodian: Emil Budde: Bert Tackwell, Custodians. V W g k i A A. - ':: Q23 -51 - f 15 H . , V Si 1 xii .Q we Jak . I , Q .iz A E rr rg . .,., . ---. . -:t:.:r ..:,- . ' ' '- i. '2 . 5 ' 'ff wt The neat and attractive ap- pearance of Alton High is due in no small part to the efficient custodial staff under the direc- tion of Mr. O. B. Iones. The sweeping and scrubbing of flcors, dusting, wash room maintenance, floor polishing, cafeteria, gymnasium, and shop care are only a part of the harried duties of the staff. The members of the staff are busy all day, until noon on Satur- days, and during the three sum- mer months. As a result of their efforts the school is usu- ally spic and span and ready for Hcompanyf' x. Ww- its ? Sw e 1' 95521 I JM' IANUARY CLASS OFFIICERS CARL IONES, President: AUDREY PARIS, Vice-President: TOIVI STROMSKE, Secretaryffreasurer january Graduates LIFE'S SCHOOL Once, upon an evening dreary: I was wrestling, wrestling, and weary With some geometric problems I had never seen before: Problems that all toil resisted, Though I gropingly insisted, And all mental powers enlisted, As I never had of yore: But the problems, all unravelled, Lay there calmly, as before - - Only this, and nothing more! Quite distinctly I remember: It was in the bleak December, And I was a humble member Of the Senior Class of yore: Eagerly I wished the morrow When I hoped that I might borrow Demonstrations from a classmate When in swampy paths before: Yes , l whispered, just once morel' As I sat, some rule repeating, All my brain in madness beating, While my heart and throat were meet- inq, And my wan eyes scanned the floor, While I wearily sat napping, Suddenly I heard a tapping, And I knew someone was rapping, Rapping gently at the door: OhI I cried, if some assistance Brings this stranger to my door, He is welcome, evermorel ln he came, on invitation: HHere, I thought, His my salvation: He will have the demonstration, As he always has, in store! - For 'twas he whose kind assistance Helped me often in the distance, Though I half feared more resistance To my plea than heretofore: And I shrank from it on seeing What a troubled brow he bore, And the wearied eyes he wore! But at last my soul grew stronger: Hesitating then no longer, Friend, said I to him, 'Amost truly Your forgiveness I implore, But it is my one salvation That I make this application, So have you the demonstration? - Here he bent his head and swore, No, I came to get assistance On those problems, too, he swore Only this and nothing more! Long I sat there, madly yearning, All my soul within me burning, Longing, thinking things no student Ever dared to think before: O begone all demonstration! How I wish my education, And the hour of graduation Were a memory of the yore! How I long to look back, thinking They will bother me no more 1 Free from care forevermorelu E. P., '52 January Graduates NORMA ANDERSON WILLIAM BECKI-IAM MARILYN BROOKS BARTON BURGER NANCY BYASSE PEGGY CLAYTON LALIGI-ITON COLILSON BOB DARR PAT DAVIS PHYLLIS DAVIS MILDRED DILBACK DONNA DUNBAR DOB FREEMAN DON FRENCH PAT GAVIN BOB GROSS ROBERT HANSEL HERBERT HATTEN January Graduates DALE HILL IOAN HUGHSON ESTHER HURLEY CARL IONES BILL LOWERY HELEN MAGGOS FRANK MAHONEY BILL MALSON MORRIS MANNS PEGGY MEANS CHARLOTTE MEYERS LAVON MILNER DAVE MURDOCK VERA IOYCE NOWLAN MARY ANN ONTIS AUDREY PARIS EVELYN PARKINS NORMA PRATT january Graduates IOE RAIN NORA MAE RAY ROSETTA RAY WILLIAM RENKEN IACQUELINE RICHARDS DORIS RIGAS IOYCE SCHNEIDER EILEEN SCHUETZ KEITH SCHLIETZ DOROTHY STANKA DWIGHT STOBBS TOM STROMSKE LOUISE TARRANT TOM LIFERT IOYCE VIETH BILL WADE IO ANN WEBBER GLIIDO WILHELM anuary Graduates IETTIE LOU WILLIAMS JOSEPH A, WILLIAMS IUDITH KAY WILSKE THE HIGH SCHOOL ON THE HILL It was not so many moons ago, In a school 'on a beautiful hill, That some Seniors worked-as they must, you know In the most engaging will, And these Seniors lived with no other thought But to pass on Commencement Day! They were so great, and they were so straight. In that High School on the hillg And they worked with a zeal only Seniors feel, Did these Seniors, every clay: With a zeal that all the students in school We1'e envying them, they say. And that was the reason, some days ago, In the High School on the hill, The Powers that Be said this class must go - 'I hey were far too wise to be still, There was nothing more for them left to know They must pass on Commencement Day. For the moon never beams without bringing them dreams Ol the wonderful students they are: And the stars never rise but they think just how wise They have been to have climbed up so far And so all the night-time, they dream in their pride Of their greatness - - such greatness as no class beside Even reached in its life-time, they say, In the High School on the hill! JUNE CLASS OFFICERS VIRGIL Hook, Vice-President: DOTTIE KAus, Secretary-Treasurer BOB EDGELL, President June Graduates MARY ABBOTT IANE ADAMS SHIRLEY ADMIRE BETTY ALLEN RAY ALLEN IACK ASH BARBARA BAKER BEVERLY BAKER RAMON BAKER RUTH BARBER MARIORIE BARNETT IUANITA BARROW CAROLE BEACOM PATSY BECKER PAUL BECKER LARRY BECKERT CAROLE BENEZE LOIS VON BERGEN June Graduates EDGAR BETHANY ED BLACK MARILYN BORMAN IOANN BRADSHAW SHIRLEY BREITWEISER BOB BRYANT f.'1'f, , . V BOB BULL NINA BURCH BEVERLY BURGER IANE BURMESTER NORMAN BURTON IANICE BUSHNELL DON BUTLER BONNIE BUTTREY DWIGHT CAMPBELL MELVIN CAPEHART BEVERLY CARSON SHIRLEY CARI WRIGHT June Graduates HELEN CATHORALL MARIE CATHORALL BARBARA CI-IAMBERLAIN DAVID CI-IAPPELL MILDRED CHAPPELL RONALD CI-IAPPELL ALBERTA CLARKE ROBERT COBB IIM COCI-IRAN DON COLBURN GERALDINE COLLEY BENNIE COOK LOUISE CONNOR DELORES COPE ALBERT COWGILL TOM CURVEY EVALENA DAVIS PAT DAVIS June Graduates ALIDREY DENNIS SHIRLEY DEUCKER BILL DICKERSON SHIRLEY DIETSCHY IACK DRESLER SHIRLEY DUELM PAT DLINKEL ESTHER DUVALL ROBERT EALES SHIRLEY ANN EALY BOB EDGELL VERONICA ELDER SUSIE ELFGEN IEAN EMMONS SHIRLEY ENOS RONALD EVANS SAM FERGUSON GERALD FESSLER June Graduates SPENCER FLEMING CHARLES FIGGE RICHARD FINLEY DON FLETCHER PAUL FLUCK ELAINE FOSTER I f, --fix X X, K .tr N I- r I v . 1 x IAMES FREELAND KEITH FUNK DOROTHY FENNLOW DALE FLIR I WENGLER BILL GABRIEL NANCY GABRIEL SHIRL ji, EN X PH CEI L F L X I f f 0 g W LIONEL GOFF . HELEN Gomes IOAN GOLDSBY June Graduates RAYMOND GOODMAN RUTH GRAVEMAN CAROL GREER CHARLOTTE GRIFFIN CLARENCE GWILLIM DAVID HAGGARD IANE HAIR MARGARET HALEY DORIS HARMON NORMA HARPER LESLIE HARRAWOOD NORMA HARRIS DON HARRISON IUDY HASTINGS WILMA HEFFRON BOB HENDERSON IOAN HENDERSON MARY ANN HENDERSON June Graduates SHIRLEY HENSON WAYNE HENSON IACK HILL WILBLIR HINTON JOYCE HOFF VIRGIL HOOK CYNTHIA HOPKINS DAVID HOWELL EDWIN HLIMMEL MARILYN HUTCHISON DENIS JACKSON DOROTHY IACKSON IOAN IENKINS BETTY IOI-INSON FRANCES IOHNSTON IRMA IONES IACKIE JOUETT NANCY KASINGER June Graduates DOTTIE KAUS RUBY KEENE IOSEPI-I KEETON LARRY KELLER LOUIS KELLER PAT KELLY ALIDREY KENIG BARBARA KING GLYNN KIRK FLORENCE KODROS IOANN KODROS MARILYN KOLESA BARBARA KORTKAMP GLORIA KRINARD GENE KUHN BILLIE LAFIKES ANNE LAGEMAN KEVIN LASSWELL June Graduates BILL LAWRENCE GAILE LALIX RONNIE LAWSON CAROLYN LAYTON HAROLD LEDBETTER DALE LENHARDT IOANN LEONARD SHIRLEY LOWERY CHARLES LUCHT ANN LYNN OLIVER MCAFOOS BIRDELLA MCCANN KAY MCCARTY OPAL MCCLENDON ROBERT McCORMICK ROBERT MCGLASSON EVELYN MCINTOSH BOB MCMILLAN June Graduates MIKE MACIAS ROBIN MACLEOD NORMA MADISON MERILYN MALLORY IAN MARSH ALMA MASON DONNA KAY MATTHEWS HERBERT MAXEINER IIM MAYHALL RONALD MEDLER MARY MEEDEN PAT MEISENHEIMER MARY IANE MEYERS CAROLYN MILLER DONALD MILLER MARY MILLER PI-IYLLIS MONTROY MARSI-IA MOORE June Graduates DORIS MLIELLER GEORGE NOBLE DOROTHY NORMAN RUSSELL OLDHAM CONNIE OSBURN ALONZO OTEY IOCELYN PARKER MALIRICE PAUL SALLY PENNING ELSIE PRUEITT GLENDA PRUEITT ANN PREWITT BARBARA RADCLIFFE CAROLE REINHARDT VIRGINIA REXROAT RONALD RITTENHOLISE IOHN ROBERTS RONALD ROBERTS June Graduates SHIRLEY ROBLEY STEVE ROGERS VIVIAN ROSE IIM ROWSE CAROLE SUE RUEDIN PAUL RLINDELL DON RUSSO VIRGINIA RUYLE LELAND SACKMAN MARIORIE SANDIN IOY SAUVAGE CAROL SCI-IAEFER JOANN SCI-IEMMER SALLY SCHLOBOHM VERNON SCI-IMIDT -magma. SCHRUMPF CHARLES SCHWAAB FRANCES SCHWAAB june Graduates AL SCHWEGEL PAT SCOGGINS DELORES SEARLES PAT SCHAEFFER BILL SHAKE IEANETTE SHIRACK NELLIE SHORT CONNIE SILVELIS CAROL SIMMONS NORMAN SINCLAIR ROSALIE STAMM MELBA SMART BOB SMITH DAVID SMITH OLIVER SMITH CARL SOLOMAN BEI I Y STALIFFER IULIA STEVENS June Graduates CAROLE STEVENSGN IVAN STEWART IOYCE STEWART KAY STOBBS KENNETH STOLZE IANE STOUDER IACK STRADER VIRGIL STROHBECK MARY SWIFT BILL TARRANT ' BILL TAYLOR cg EsAu -frzwgion ., ft , . ., 4 1 Q ff ' 5 I I P ,,. ,lxl , 'r. , 1 I I EULA TAHQLCIR' V dx TEMPLE X L. ' I lf ,J A IANIC?-3 TOLLEY I 4 a ir 'L xl 1 ' f Q ,P ' I 4 CHARLES TRPAITOR I MARSHALL 'IEUDLDR MARY TUETKEN I June Graduates DICK TLIHRO LEROY TUNGETT TOM TURNBULL MARION VAN FOSSEN NANCY VOSS PAT VOUMARD MARY LOIS WALLACE ROBERT WALTER IIM WALTERS 0 ys .' ANN WEAVER YQ C9 09' O' NP ,I '-may Q' 'Sy.EA?7x5iz Qs'-' R-G . fx .D4 .fs 'T-7 5!x:FQ!5QQEAXQiRcq,-b,.,.f-1 ffo W',,v'X '4'-A1 tl 5, ge, fy X- mcg A - Yu- wav: 'yo A 9' 1 . 6 X 0- C' cd' ,V 1 ep. YNOK A M00-i.. ru 1 .. 'v.wY...-MX of X 00? ha'-U' x . . C 'J' 4- ,Y -' I xgpvjnal Ybvl 5' if I Y' -v V E, NEs,wsB1s ' ' 'xo-fi A , - I Q I.. . ELL'A WEBEIE 'X , DQNACLD WEGMAN DAN WELLS SARAH WETSTEIN BILL WIENEKE June Graduates KAYE WIGI-ITMAN DUDLEY WILLIAMS LLOYD WILLIAMS IEAN WILSON SHIRLEY WINSHIP GERALD WITT CHARLES WOODS RUTH WOODS SHIRLEY WOODMAN IOI-IN WRIGHT OLEN YATES DAVID YOUNG IIM ZIEKE W s if I 1 I AU REVOIR! Q We could j'oin Romeo in saying, Parting is such sweet sor- row . . since we leave the attractive campus and halls of AHS with mixed feelings. Although the three years spent here are the culmination of many hours of hard work we can remember more easily the many happy hours spent here. We have increased in both knowledge and stature and have gained .many valuable friendships. To graduate means to leave our happy environment and to lose the opportunity to meet our friends in the class rooms, cafeteria, halls, and on the campus. But time has caught up with usand we must move on to conquer different fields of activity. So to the faculty and to our friends among the under- classmen we say au revoir, adios, auf wiedersehen, and good-bye. D- -1111 Juniors THE 1uN1oR CLASS The Iuniors of the 1951-52 school year entered Alton Senior High School as sophomores, and quite naturally, they were lack- ing in the usual color - - green - - often attributed to the first year students in any high school. Therefore, from the very beginning the present Iuniors began to make a good showing in the extra- curricular activities of AHS. This year the Iuniors have been active in all types of activities. In athletics, dramatics, and music, this group of students has been most successful. Tatler photography was done by two outstand- ing student photographers from the Iunior class with the assistance of one sophomore. The Iunior class contributed the president of the Student Council for next year. The Iuniors, come next Septem- ber, will step into the shoes of the Seniors and will be certain to carry on the work of their predecessors. POME Oh, it's fine to be a Iunior And lord it o'er the rest: Of all the classes in the school The Iuniors are the best. The Seniors are too dignified, The Sophomores are a pest: But for all around work The Iuniors are the best. In all they're called upon to do The Iuniors stand the test: They sing, and act, and write news, too- The Iuniors are the best. T f - .QM J 2 ' 1 ,L Y If you want a bright and pretty girl Or a boy with a manly chest, Iust come to Alton High School The Iuniors are the best. N. E. B., '26 KATHLYN ACKERMAN LINDA ALDRIDGE BILL ALEXANDER BARABARA ANTROBUS JUNE BACON RICHARD BAILEY FAYE BALL ALICE BALLARD EDWYNA BAKER CAROLYN BARKER MARY HELEN BARKLEY LUCILLE BARKSDALE ROBERT BARNWELL BETTY BARTLETT BOB BEATY juniors CHRISTINE BENTON ANNA BERNT LOWELL BEUTTEL IIM BLAKE IANICE BONNELL IAN BOOTEN CHESTER BOOTH SHIRLEY BOPP FRANK BOSOLUKE IIM BOURLAND ROBERT BRANDT WILMA BRICKER PA LILINE BROCKMEYER CHARLES BROWN MARION BROWN ORVILLE BROWN VIRGINIA BUCHANAN DELORES BLIDDE MAXINE BLIHS IUDY BUTLER RICHARD CALDWELL ORNEICE CALENDON RITA CANNON DONNA CAPPS SHIRLEY CARR OLIVIA CARROLL JOYCE CARTER ALBERT CHARLESTON REID CHILDERS SHIRLEY CHRISTOPHER Aa' 1 Juniors LE VERNA CLARK CHARLES COLLIER CHARLES CONNOUR WAYNE COOK FRANCES COPE IAMES COPE ED CORBETT GERALD CORRIGAN BUD COSBY RONALD COWAN IIM Cox RICHARD CRANE IOAN CRAWFORD IUANITA CRUM MARLENE CURRY IOHN CUSHMAN PANSY DALTON ALICE DANIELS BETTY DAVIS LILLIAN DAVIS SALLY DITTERLINE GERALD DOOLEY IUANITA DOOLEY IUANITA DOUGLAS LOUIS DREITH IIM DUNAWAY WANDA DUNAWAY PAT DURHAM VELMA DUVALL HAROLD EADES Juniors GORDON EARLY IACK EAST DANA EASTMAN NANCY EDE CAROLYN EDWARDS IOANN EISENREICH TERRY ELLIOT DOLORES EMMONS VIRGINIA ELIBANKS WILLIAM FABIANIC BOB FAI-IRIG NANCY FAIRLESS ILMA FARMBACI-I NANCY FARMER GALEN FINES EUGENE FISHER CARMEN FITZHLIGH JOAN FLEMING CHARLES FORD RICHARD FOSTER FRANK FRANKFORD WILLIAM FRANKLIN IOHN FREEMAN MARCELLA FRY CAROLE FRYE SHIRLEY GADDY MARIORIE GOLENOR BILL GARVER MARY GENTELIN DON GILLELAND juniors RICHARD GONZALES THOMAS GRADY IAMES GRAMATES RUTH GRAVES ELIZABETH GREEN BEVERLY GLIMM HARRY GUSTINE ELLEN GWILLIM BILL HALFORD IIM HALFORD IACK HALL ROOSEVELT HALL NANCY HARLOW NANCY HASLER IONA HATTEN MARTHA HAYMES EARL HAZELWONDER SHERRY HEATON JIM HEIL DELORES HENDERSON SHARON HENDERSON GARY HENDRICKS BETTY HENDRIX BOB HENRY GENE HERREN GERALD HERREN RICHARD HERRING IOYCE HILLER BUDDY HOOK EDMOND HORD juniors P 4 ANITA HORN TED HRABAK DONALD HULL ROGER HULL CHARLOTTE ISSAACS HAROLD ISSAACS IOYCE ISSAACS RONALD IOHNSON CHARLOTTE IONES IUDY IORDAN ROY KAUFMAN MAURICE KENNEDY HAROLD KILLEBREW PAT KIRKPATRICK BERTHA KITZMILLER ROBERT KLASING CLAYTON KRUG CAROLE LACHNER SONNY LAMB VERNON LANGER DELORES LAURCIELLA IIM LAux RICHARD LAWRENCE FRANCES LAYTON VINCENT LEADY NANCY LEONARD CHARLES LESSNER RUBY LEWIS MARION LOBBIG ROBERT LOFTS juniors ARNOLD LOI-IR DONALD LUDDEKE IACK LUSK DANNY LLITES GEORGE McCANN MARCELLA MCCAULEY VIRGINIA MCDANIELS CAROL MCKENNY TONY MAGGOS BERNICE MALSON TOM MARQUIS LEROY MAY ANN MAYHALL LORETTA MEDLOCK ALICE MEISENHEIMER IUNE MELLENTHIN BEVERLY MIDDLETON DANNY MIDDLETON BOB MILLER MARY I. MILLER KENNETH MILLS VIRGINIA MITTS SHIRLEY MONTAGUE IUNE MOORE PAT MOORE MARLENE MORRIS GEORGE MORRISON IOE MOXEY DAVE MUSGRAVE JOHN MYERS Juniors RALPH NASH BARBARA NAVE BILLIE NELDER DALE NEUDECKER IIM NEWBERRY CLIFF NEWCOMB CAROL NEWTON IERRY NIEMEIR PHIL NOWLAN GERALD O'BRIEN HAROLD OLDEN PATTY OSBORN MARION OULSON LEROY PACE BOB PARKER MARIANNE PAUL MARION PAUL DICK PEIPERT ANITA PEREZ PAUL PERICA DICK PHELPS CAROLYN PIGG GEORGE PENKOWSKI ALLEN PLUMB BILL PORTER HELEN PREIDECKER GEORGE PRIEST BILL PULLEN IOHN PURNELL GENE RAMEY r,f' Ll' 1 ,tg .revs . y -fr, J -4, , f' I ' f. 'JA' I I ifz' N ,. ' g I ,.Q.rk-A1 K I X: 5. Z, '41-I-, -.yd l 5 ,, . , 1- , ff f ' Jumors ' ' ' ' L I A .N ' In MARVIN RECTOR OSCAR REED MARGARET REYNARD EUGENE RHODES CHARLOTTE RIDER EMMA RILEY MARY ROBBINS NORMA RODGERS HAZEL ROGERS BETTY ROMAIN ORAY ROSACK KENNY ROSS CAROL RUNDELL IOYCE RUTHSATZ MARY RUYLE LEO SACCHI CHRIST SARANDIS VILMA SAULS PATIENCE SCALES RICHARD SCHWEGEL IOHN SCOGGINS DON SCHUDEL GARLAND SHEFF BOB SHIRACK NELLIE SLACK CLAIRE SMITH DARDANELLA SMITH ELIZABETH SMITH IAMES SOKOLOWSKI CHARLES SOPER vw 9.96 1 'Rx A I 'W . . 61' 1 Z If ang LYJI4-0 .,Q'v -nl-,vftucf n-0' Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Sophomores UPPER GROUP Ieanette Acord, Leland Bouser, Barbara Bazzell, George Abel, Shirley Baker, Ioyce Baker, Evelyn Allsman, Martha Ancell, Tom Antrobus. Iackie Abbott, Emma Brewster, Myra Bowers, Gracie Brooks, lean Barnes, Vera Boyd. Dorothy Browder, Vesta Boyd, Eugene Bealon, Robert Bateman. Harvey Bacus, Terry Bonnell, Pat Bryles, Larry Admire, Charles Baity, David Bachman, Ianet Barlow, Virginia Bresscn. Biddie Beckham, Iim Beneze, Iim Barker, Merlyn Barth, Don Bracht, Bob Blair, LOVVER GROUP Marjorie Cochran, Alice Colman, Iimmy Crawford, Danny Butler, Dick Byassee, Bob Combs, Dale Clark, Phyllis Clayton. Iean Case, Elsie Cathorall, Shirley Chadwick, Ronnie Chester, Ierry Chiolero, Ronald Coffler, Geraldine Brown, Ann Crane, Ruth Cantrell. loseph Burton, Crawford Bealon, Bob Cowser, Eugene Cope, Iames Cartwright, Marilyn Childers, Bob Chase, Barbara Chappell, Maxine Crabbe, Doris Broemser, Gertrude Campbell, Irma Brunnworth, Elizabeth Burns. Betty Calame, Richard Cary, Lynda Buchanan, Betty Io Bruce. Row Row Row Row Sophomores UPPER GROUP Iune Davis, Shirley Delehanty, Elroy Dawson, Edwin Dare, Willis Emery, Charles Flint, Donald Fennell, lake Edwards, Tom Flynn, Bob Drake. Shirley Farmer, Ieanie Conway, Hazel Dickerson, Ioan Fairless, Catherine Elmore, Edwina Ewin, Esther Edwards, Demona Duncan, Warren Durham, David Ford. Malcolm Elfgen, Doris Deucker, Maureen Edsall, judy Edsall, Betty Dunbar, Beverly Dulaney, Nyla Drutis, Betty Darnell, Bob Deucker, Ronald Dorris. Ronald Davenport, Terry Deterding, Bruce Elliot, Alfred Czerny, George Floss, Bill Eidson, Iim Eisenreich, Dick Dunn, Bob Fields. LOWER GROUP Row Qjm'Geisler, Norma Fleming, Tom Garney, Fred Green, lack Glaeser, Ted Grove, Bill Q ' Graves, Martha arnin. Row Iudy Gibbs, Mari s , Delores Gubser, Marion Glenn, Virginia Gound, Katherine f Cgytfllas, roll ings, Phyllis Greene, Ianice Grisham. Row 3:f a d Frazliei b Hagerman, Dorothy Frohock, Ioyce Fulks, Marie Golike, Elaine' Gerard, N Pat nzebach, Don Grimes. Row 4: l fsdewyhan, Cleveland Hammonds, Iuanita Harrison, Zada Hand, Bill Greer. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Sophomores UPPER GROUP Bob McCoy, Lillian Kirk, Shirley Martin, Eunice Malson, Catherine Lafikes, Angela Lafikes, Anna Mae Marmino, Frieda Ioyce, Valorie Iones. Beverly Landiss, Iudy Lindley, Shirley Looper, Martha Lemasiers, Pat Lawson, Ada Lawson IoAnn Kehr, Minnie Kidwell, Bobby Kelly, Bob Koehne. Ronald Lee, Denny Long, Linda Lingenfelter, Iune Kaufmann, Merry Leach, Barbara Kohler William Mackel, Mary Logan, Catherine McClendon. Iohn Matthews, Henry L. Martin, Iim Kogel, Bob King, Louis Kyle, David Luft, Lee Massa LOWER GROUP Don Hayes, Pat Henderson, Wilburta Iohnson, Phyllis Heath, Duana Hawkins, Kay Hine- gardner, Nancy Hickerson, Shirley Howell, Nancy Hemphill, Mary Howard. Dick Henderson, Ed Leamon, Imogene Iones, Alfreda Holman, Sandra Ingles, Io Hurley Charlotte Hoffman, Willian'i Iohnson, Bob Kite. Richard Huelner, Eddie I-Iill, Betty Housman, Louise Hill, Ruby Halliday, Phyllis Isbell Ernie Hopkins, Robert Hawkins, Wesley Hall. Richard Ingram, Robert Iohnson, Bob Housman, Leslie Hale, Alfred Lumkins, Gene Hoehn Terry Keshner, Bill Ivester, Wayne Inlow. v xslt 11114 , J P :Xin Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Sophomores UPPER GROUP VVgincla Miller, Felix Macias, Ioan Mayor, Melvin Mitchell, Bette Mahon, Iackie Miller Phillip McDaniel, Phyllis Milnor. Sondra Moore, Sally Morrow, Bill Moyer, Richard Myers, Don Morris, Robert Mills Darleen Montgomery, Marilyn Mclntosh. Louise McGrady, Charles Mathers, Sara Mitchell, Bob McGinnis, Galen Peel, Ed Morris Richard McFerrin. Gerald Peek, Dick Porter, Paul Pace, Richard Napp, Leo Meeden, Charles Norman. LOWER GROUP Allen Northway, Diane Parker, Marjorie Phillips, Lois Ostendorph, Pearlie Mae Owens Virginia Mueller, Shirley Mae Porter, Priscilla Perkins, Leroy Parkerson. Patricia Peck, Sylvia Parnell, Helen Payne, Karen Murphy, Yvonne Norris, Norma Phillips Shirley Middleton, Iuanita Nalley, Ioe Poindexter. Ray Porter, Timothy Patterson, Harry Otey, Iackie Oldham, Sara Phillips, Eileen O'Neal Rogers Nichols, Andrew Northcutt, Iames Nolan. Y v y -.y F75-Osgl A mall. 1 A yf . . ,C . -guy , I L, 4 I, A 4,1 - ,, 79, QJ Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Sophomores UPPER GROUP Shirley Schwaab, Ieanette Schmidt, Ianice Rousseau, Rosellen Schaffner, Iudy Ruyle, Dolores Romo, Sandra Robertson, lane Reynolds, Dorothy Pruitt. Ray Petruzza, Don Schuetz, Kenneth Rosack, Ken Prewitt, Richard Schudel, Don Ragsdale, Lin Prideaux, Bonnie Pruiett, Sue Schreiber. Harry Rhodes, Ioe Rittenhouse, Bill Rose, Don Sawyer, Ice Ruylc, Dick Reid, Ralph Gerald Rowder, Bill Rubright, Dean Scott. Margaret Ringering, Chick Sanders, George Rider, Charles Romain, Ronald Schindewolf, Thomas Richards, Myrna lean Reis. LOVJER GROUP Grace Sipes, lane Smith, Nancy Spelvcr. Rhoad Stuart, Indy Siclner, Gretchen Sieg, Shirley Stumpe, Ioyce Stauffer, Roxie Smith. Kay Swan, Kay Stewart, Edna Svitak, Wanda Siddeus, Marilyn Shoemaker, Barbara Taylor, Sylvia Tchoukaleff, Gilbert Skipper, Iim Stone, Alberta Stewart. Richard Shaffer, Harold Segrest, Ethel Stoner, Beulah Stamm, Carol Smith, Leonard Sheff, Sterling Scales, Charles Tallman, Arnold Stiritz. Gary Seger, Charles Shine, Wendell Sitze, Eddie Smith, Larry Smith, Mike Talley, Don Steele, Albert Straube. ,, .- 1 f. N 1' yi, ejyaf 1 IM. If' ADL! A x fl dlp, lgllt 1 i rl 1 J 'Y :yi Row Row Row How Row Row Row Row J l Ml i,f47w J 3'i7 I ll ',f , ophomores i T L4 J lvll' UPPER GROUP Carolyn Thornhill, Carole Turner, Ioanne Turner, Ruth Turnbull, Iudy Winkler, Rae Turnbull, Ruih Warner, Dorothy Wane, Tessie Wocdards. Kathleen Thompson, Monica Todd, Pat Thomas, Nancy Titchenal, Genny Vinyard, Rosalee Vicari, Sandra Trout, Mary Ann Truitt, Iohn Thies, Leo Telkamp, Gene Stewart, Edna Webb, Shirley Tolle, Ruth Tidwell, Loretta Tyson, Eugene Twitty, Ronny Vanata, Don Turner. Allen Vaughn, Iames Terry, Claudette Tyson, Mary Waters, Vivian Vanausdoll, Icrry Ann Tague, Aldyth Thompson, Cecil Turner, Gene Warner, Frank Watrous. LOWER GROUP Dorothy Young, Edna Wiser, Claudette Younger, Diane Wooclnian., Shirley Vv'lii1e, Dick York, Kenneth West, Don Yates, Betty Webster. Margie Wilken, Bernice Wilburn, Nancy Williams, Don Winship, Danny Woods, Karl Whetzel, Iack Young, Bob Worthy. LouAnn Yates, Rcma Williams, Doris Williams, Shirley Wood, Iuanita Wright, Ronnie Wightman, Robert Webb, Bob Williainson, Don Wood. Donald Wehrman, Ted Woodbury, Norman Williams, Wylie Yeoger, Stanley Walkington, Bob Waneke. Activities . . . fascinating side shows to the main tent of Education . . . dramatics, vocal and in- strumental music, language clubs, social organi- zations, publications . . . many of them outside the classroom but teacher inspired . . . all doing things worthwhile yet unlike work but fun . . . rounding out the curricula, stimulating student initiative and cooperative enterprise . . . all these make up Alton's activities. .xdcfiuifiefi Q- lack Hill Presides in an Assembly First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Standing: Student Council Alton Highs form of student government is the Student Council Representatives from each home room meet in parlimentary manner and discuss problems and improvements for students and school. ln this way students and faculty leach agreements on many of the problems presented. Mr. DeWitt Thomas is the sponsor. This organization performs many regular services around school, plus others for bene- fits of students, such as concessions at sports activities and promoting school spirit through pep rallies. The President and Vice President are elected once each year from the Iunior classes. The whole school enters into the campaign and election, with the outcome unknown until announced, usually by the Alton High Times on Friday following the election, This year the victors were: Presicient, lack Hill, Vice- President, Oliver McAfoos. Officers elected for next year, following a colorful campaign, are: Buddy Hook. Presi- dent: and Tom Marquis, Vice-President. Oliver McAfoos, lack Glaeser, Charles Ford, lerry Fessler, Dana Eastman, Richard Cary, Terry Keshner, Ioyce Vieth. Sherry Heaton, Carcl Iones, Elizabeth Green, Iudy Edsall, Maureen Edsall, Shirley Farmer, Helen Paine, Dorothy Norman. Denise McAfoos, IoAnn Leonard. Pat Scoggins, Sally Penning, Marjorie Sandin, Sandra Roberts, Emma Riley, Claudette Younger. Kenny Prewitt, Louie Dreith, Ronny Vanata, Gene Kuhn, Steve Veloff, Priscilla Wildinan, ludy Yancey. Buddy Hook, Ichn Scoggins. Cecil Turner, Ronnie Wiglitiriaii, Marshall Tudor, Charlie Traitor, Eddie Smith. lack Hill, Bob Edgell, Fred Shuefz, Mr. Thomas, Barbara Nave, liddie Hill, Millie Chappell, Dave Murdock. Girls' Council First Row: Shirley Gaghen, Pat Scog- gins, Mary Tuetken, Shir- ley Dietschy. Second Row: Bev Burger, Phyllis Gitt- len, lo Ann Leonard, Ann Weaxfer, loan Goldsby, Patsy Becker, Indy Hast- ings, Marsha Moore. Third Row: Ann Prewitt, B a r b a r a King. Dotty Kaus, loyce Schrumpf. Fourth Row: C a r ol e Stevenson, Miss T e t e r, Florence Kodros, Kay Stobbs. Boys' Cabinet F'rst Row: Dave Musgraves, lim lleil, Louis Dreith, Tom Strom- ske, Virgil Hook. lim Blake. Second Row: Buddy Hook, lim Eisen- reich, Dan Lures. Sherry Heaton. Denny Long, Ed Hill. Third Row: lack Hill, Tom Marquis, Ralph Nash, Bob McMil- lan, Don Harrison, Bob Hamer, Bob Edgell. M-vm Tv? 1:-wr Girls' Council The Girls' Council is composed of girls from the Iunior and Senior classes who stand ready to do service for the school. Membership is deter- mined by recommendations from the English teachers and a vote of the older members of the club. This year the project of the organization was to provide glass table tops and lamps for the office of the Dean of Girls. As a money-raising project the girls sold small booklets called School Daze. Other activ- ities included cleaning the trophies and ushering at school functions. The council meets twice monthly and new members are elected each semester. This active organization is sponsored by the Dean of Girls, Miss Leona Teter. Boys' Cabinet The Boys' Cabinet is a service organization of 25 male students. The Cabinet serves the school by announcing football games, working at basketball games, and posting the bulletin board. The cabinet often spon- sors or contributes to other activities that serve the school. The approximate membership of 25 is sustained by accepting members to fill the ranks of graduate members. New members are elected to the Cabinet on the basis of character, service and leadership. The social activities of the Boys' Cabinet include various trips to sports events and an annual spring steak fry. Officers are Virgil Hook, president: lim Rowse, vice-president, Bob Edgell, secretary-treasurer. The sponsor of the Boys' Cabinet is Mr. G. C. Davis, Assistant Principal. 40 pb? KH E k The Staff Picnic Last Fall hixilril: lane Slounler. Shirley l.owl'ry. Bob Lofts. Ian Nlarsli, Charlotte Myers. Mel Capeharl, lcvyne Srliruinpf. Ann Lageman, Gene Kuhn. Don Harrison, Paul Becker, Kay Stubbs, Mary Tut-rkin, Susie Elfgen, Cynthia Hopkins. Marsha Moore. landing: Kaye VVightnian. Nancy Gabriel, Ronnie Lawsin Dwight Stubbs, Dirk Nlassev. lim Solcolrswski. 7952 flaky High. photog The editorial staff supervises all the phases 'of the Siu! The TATLER is the official yearbook of Alton The staff is made up almost entirely of Seniors which numbers about thirty students. Mr. Don Lewis is faculty adviser to the staff. There are four main divisions of the staffg namely, editorial, advertising, sales, and raphy. yearbook production. They recheck work done and try to keep things run, ning smoothly. The advertising staff solicits ads from business, industry, and some professional men and women of the community. The sales staff has charge of the campaign to obtain the sub- scriptions of the student body to buy TATLERS. The photographers take all of the group and snap pictures for the yearbook. All of these differ- ent groups work together when there is special pressure of work on one group, Mr, Don Lewis, sponsor, Iane Stouder and Mel Capehart, Co-Editors. Photographers: Don Hayes, Bob Lofts, Iim Sokolowski. EDITORIAL STAFF Co-editors lane Stouder and Mel Capehart seldom had this entire group at their meetings, but for the benefit of their inclusion in their classification this picture was taken. The members of the Editorial Staff are as follows: Paul Becker, Charlotte Myers, typist: Melvin Capehart, Iane Stouder, Mary Tuetken, Marsha Moore, Kaye Stobbs, Nancy Voss, typistg Kaye Wightmzin, typist: Shirley Lowery, and Ioyce Schrumpf. ADVERTISEMENT STAFF Advertising Manager Gene Kuhn is shown presenting the finer points of advertising solicitation to his staff. The members of the advertising staff are Carol Sue Ruedin, Ann Lageman, Ronald Lawson, Gene Kuhn. Dwight Stobbs, Susie Elfgen, and Ian Marsh, Helen Maggos, a member of this staff, was not pre- ent when the picture was taken. SUBSCRIPTIONS STAFF Keith Funk, Manager of the Subscriptions Staff, is explaining the financial arrangements for the selling of subscriptions to the 1952 Tatler to his staff which includes Keith Funk, Evalina Davis, Nancy Gabriel, Ann Lynn, Carl Soloman, Cynthia Hopkins, Don I-Iarrison, and Bob Edgell. ,,.. 'uf l Q' 1 1 flaw- Phyllis Gittlen , managing editor of the TIMES for two successive . ,, semesters, and faculty advisor Mrs. Irma S. Allen, have led the staff in successfully turning out the news of the school. ALTON HIGH TIMES Ioyce Schrumpf and Bill Rerkin fol Associate Editors Marsha Moore and Shirley Gaghen work diligently on editorials, assemb- lance. and re-writing of student and teacher news, as well as taking care of other tasks of general management. ln the financial department, Shirley Dietschy, business manager, balances the books and keeps intact all the material for the mailing list to exchange journalists and advertisers, while advertising manager, Susie Elfgen, p'ans the advertising layout prior to solicitations of ads. Pat Sco , C ara King can usually be found at their best be- tween 3:30 and 5:30 on Tuesday nights when they meet wi,h the editors and advisor to make-up the dummy and write h ggins, Shirley Duelm and Barb eadlines. The Al ., C - p ica ion, gives a wide coverage of all school news as well as amusing features, timely editorials, full sports coverage, and personality and human interest columns. Every fall dele- gates are sent to the annual convention of the Illinois State High School Press Association in Urbana. At this meeting. round-table discussions and lectures on different phases of journa'ism are attended' by the delegates. One of the Times Stuff' . 1 s most outstanding projects this past year was the 8-page Special Sports Issue put out at the close of football season and prior to the opening of basketball. The effectiveness of the advertise- ments which used student photographs was given special citation by Don- ald E. Brown, Director of ISHSPA and comments and information tribute to the scheme were found in the April and May issues of SHOLASTIC EDITQR, the national magazine for all student publications. Other worthy outside projects were the calling in of scores by Paul Becker and Dwight Stobbs of all AHS athletic events to the two St. Louis dailies. Another special project was carried out by Carol Schaefer in connection with the Ladies Home journal. and the Editor Phyllis Gittlen pictures and comments of AHS students to the SCHOLASTIC . ROTO, a two-year old supplement which is distributed with the TIMES once each month. ton High Times 'i bi weekly ubli t A Q ' l ' F .l ' d papers on the morning of distribution. f.eH ' af t' we .si at 191153 S ,Q Q? TFM j 506551,-w,...wLi', ,qw Xwwrsfexwm 3 4' m7Rtw9 ','1 4,j,,,,-f' pi,,L,-' Xqmm . ma'wwltx wfmm SCQH1 Kid N mum: 'Yu Uh'x'a'X BW 'Mi?'V' . ,ELXXHSQXTB Svukux' lump B K , PX RA R kgs ' 7 4 X, ,V fi'-Q 7, ,xx img? Weir 5. Zigi 3 5 M., in ,A,,- H , gg Vw tre- r mp EZ si 3 kwa ' .2 MY. Fxfmli fu Yf ., X 41 x,,f,wnd Y, 'rf ,. ,',,,-. .,...- ,.- ,. ww. 5, E QA 4 H, ,W 1 Q, 63,554 , 1 mes 1 Rael? marinus Pkms WW,- 5q,g 'Q gr fm .L-4 'N-4 'Shy 'sv-N Q w w ' f x ,- 3 fs K Q x x Q K1 L Q ,W L s TQ!-X:-3 'Yu Kmiuck '15 fiagaw ffwxulym'-1 ,ffw ivan:-' W, N. '.: First Row: Esau Taylor, Dianne Bosnak, Sally Morrow, Irma Brunnworth, Carmen Fitzhugh, Kathy Ackerman, Rosellen. Schaffner, Anita Horn, Ioyce Baker, Kathleen Thompson. Dick York, Terry Bonnell, Marvin Adler, Elaine Foster, Elizabeth Burns, Nancy Hemphill, Beverly Landiss, Indy Edsall, Ellen Gwillim Warren Durham, Andrew Northcutt, Wesley Arnold, Pat Grenzeback, Merry Leach, Martha Lemastas, Gretchen Seig, Betty Calame, Diane Woodman. Fourth Row: Bob Lofts, Bill Taylor, Phillip Davis, Terry Deterding, Peggy Trogdeu. Iudy Whyte, Donna March, Lois Campbell, Delores Budde, lack Cvlacser, Edmond Morris, Bill Fabianic. Lou Ann Yates, Dardanella Smith, Second Row: Third Row: lp ,ul-'ffl - g 1'z A ' Latin Club 'fffjjj lf.fTf'Trj,! C fffiid- v The purpose of this club is to en- courage the study of Latin, promote friendship among fellow Latin students, and to increase interest in the Roman culture, civilization, and form of gov- ernment. Some of the events in which the group regularly participates are the Iunior Classical Society meetings, to which Alton High School played host last fall, the initiation-potluck for thc members, the Foreign Language Ban- quet in the spring, and more recently Christmas Caroling at hospital and nursing homes. Terry Bonnell hands out scrolls at induction. il 1 t 3 , , My xt- .. X m rg, 5 :,1 , f I . , Q is , tg 3 Alton High Is Convention Host The Iunior Classical Society of Illinois held its State Convention students serving as hosts. A large delegation of students and teachers in the State participated in the one-day program. The scenes convention theme, 'lWe Invoke The Muses . From left to costume have a chat in the hall: Miss Goldsberry is g a Visiting school presents a Roman drama: a girl from Alton High Misses pose on the steps: and the final scene Ei ,i Qi Z5 Q, ,, 'H' , October 6, l95l, with Alton from many high schools some high lights of the 'ind lack Glaeser, in Roman to a group of her students: that the Romans could dance: four setting. E3-.. A A mi: nnn...:,.. w1 Row 1: Mr. Howard, Irina Iones, Ieanette Sutherland, Tommy Haynes, Bob Koehne, Sandra Wilder man, Lillian Kirk, Nlarianne Paul, Gloria Krinard. Row 2: Louis Keller, Bev Carson, Carolyn Wzilker, Beverly Gunm, Martha Haymes, Ann Geddes Martha Blankenship, Iudy Yancey, Charlotte Hoffman, Nancy Hickerson, Janice Grisham, Io Ann Turner, Gertrude Campbell, Jocelyn Parker. Row 3: George Priest, lim Cope, Robert Bateman, Bill Alexander, Shirley Zimmer, Shirley Cart wright, Carol Greer, Shirley Duelni. Thelma Paul, Iudy Sidner, Merilyn Mallory Iody Webber, Pat Bryles, Tonica Todd, Linda Lingerfelter, Peggy Clayton. ROW 4: Harvey Bacus, Ronald Coffler, Doris Duecker, Louise Connor, Veronic Elder, Ruth Terlisner Pat Kirkpatrick, Karen Cooper, Shirley Wahle, Shirley Enos, Kaye Stewart, Sterling Scales, Nancy Williams. ROW 5: Merlyn Barth, Ted Grove, Ted Woodbury, Dorothy Norinon, Shirley Gaghen, Pa? Scoggins Dale Dick, Danny Middleton. King Kenny Lawson and his Queen, Evelyn Broyles, are shown in their majestic regalia at UThe Carousel, Spanish - i 'El Circulo Espanol consists of students selected mainly on a scholastic basis. The student must have a HB average in order to be eligible to join after his first semester. The purpose of the Club is to make students ac- quainted with the Spanish customs and people. Regular meetings are held every week with most sessions being spoken in Spanish. Mr. Ernest Howard is the club sponsor. Row 1 Beverly Baker, Ann Prewitt, Barbara Baker, Alice Ballard, Row 2 janet Barlow, jane Stouder, Shirley Lowery, Iudy Hastings, Nancy Leonard, Iuanita Barrow, jewell Henderson. Row 3 Linda Aldridge, Ann Lynn, Carol Schaefer, Elizabeth Green, Elaine Foster, Barbara Nave. Le Cercle Francais The French Club is an organiza- tion comprised of French students and former French students who are inter- ested in obtaining further knowledge of French customs and ways of liv- ing. Miss Clara Blackard, who spend a year teaching in England, is the spon- sor. Many of the meetings are held at the members' homes because of sched- ule difficulties. In September the club sold candy at the first football game of the season. Prior to the Thanksgiving Day game the members sold Alton High pennants as a money raising project. On December 18, a group of the membership gave a party for some of the youngsters at the Alton Childrens Home. The largest and most popular pro- ject for the year is the large dance held in May with the Spanish club. Also in March the Foreign Language Ban- quet was held jointly with the Latin and Spanish clubs. Qfficers this semester are: Presi- dent, Ann Prewitt, Vice President, Barbara Nave: Secretary, janet Barlow: and Treasurer, Linda Aldridge. ar A if The Carousel These scenes are from The Carousel , an activity presented by the Spanish and French Clubs late last year. For the past two years the organizations com bined their efforts to produce a Spring extravaganza cf this type. unuun--- wggyeimg -, 9 l fax Row l immy Wilson Roy Kaufman lack Lusk, Kenny Mills, Gene Ramey, Bill Truitt, Cwrol Schaefer Virginia Rexroat Melvin Capehart, and Mr. Wools. Row 2 Mike Talley Ed Leamon Vlerlin Barth, Bill Fabianic, and Bill Taylor. Science Club The Science Club was organized several years ago for the benefit of students who were especially interested in science. At the regular meetings of the organization each student is per- mitted to engage in any kind of chemi- cal experiment which appeals to his interest. Some of these activities in- clude a deeper concentration on some experiment which had begun in the chemistry class. ln the fall of the year a number of the members begin working on a project which will be shown at the an- nual Science Fair held each spring in St. Louis. This affair, which attracts science students from the high schools of the St. Louis area is well attended by the Alton students. For the past few years, members of the local club have received awards at the St. Louis affair. Mr. Leo Wools, chairman of the science department, is sponsor of the club. upper Picture: Will it explode, lVlerlin7 Lower Picture: Roy and lack give il lesson in the lost art of glass blowing. Row Row Row Row Row 1: Iackie Iouett, Shirley Duelm, Bev Carscn, Shirley Ioan Robley, Ioyce Ruthsatz, Ellen Gwillim, Marsha Moore. 2: Mary jane Myers, IoAnn Webb, Robin Macleod, Elizabeth Smith, Velma Duvall, Veronica Elder, Darlene Sykes, 3: Florence Kodros, Elizabeth Burns, Martha Lamastus, Charlotte Iones, Sandra Robertson, Nyla Drutis, Ieanette Sutherland, Norma Harper, Louise Connor, Kathy Ackerman. 4: Shirley Christopher, Alberta Clarke, Beverly Landiss, Kay Swan, Ruth Warner, Claire Smith, Ioyce Isaacs, Betty Calame, Pauline Brockmeyer, Margie Wilkin, Kay Stobbs. 5: Kathleen Thompson, Ioyce Baker, Delores Budde, Shirley Lowery, Margie Haley, Iackie Temple. Future Nurses of America The E.N.A. consists of girls in- terested in nursing as a profession. Their purpose is to create an under- standing of the fundamentals of the nursing profession and to give assist- ance to the school during the school year. Some of the activities of the org- anization include assisting in the T. B. program, helping in the clinic, dental inspection, first aid, and taking temp- eratures, The girls take numerous field trips through local hospitals and have heard many interesting speakers on the subject of nursing. Regular meetings are held each month with their sponsor, Mrs. Frances Mutz. Top Right: A ' Elizabeth Green and Kay Stobbs use the eye chart, Lower Right: One of the posters announcing the pend- ing T.B. skin tests. First Row: Nancy Gabriel, Pat Thomas, Mary Ann Truitt, Ierry Vinyard, Iody Webber. Second Row: Iuanita Crum, Margie Barnett, Louise Connor, Alice Ballard, Marianne Paul, Carol Beneze, Rosalie Vicari. Third Row: Dorothy Markel, Shirley Miller, Wanda Douglas, Geraldine Colley. Future Homemakers of America he V The National Organization of the Future l-lomemakers of America was organized in 1936. The local club started at Alton High School in 1948. To be eligible a girl must have had some course in Home Economics. The purpose of the club is to encourage the girls to improve their homes for better living. One of the club's activities is serving organization banquets in the school cafeteria. The biggest project is serving at the A.E.A. Annual Christ- mas Dinner Party. The meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month. Miss Dorothy Max- field is the sponsor. Upper Left: Two Future Homemakers prepare a meal in. foods. Lower Left: Three of the girls pose with dresses they have made in clothing, First Row: Williarn Iohnson, Laurin Davis, Marvin Ringering, Charles Geisler, Harry Gustine, Paul Norris, Charles Schwaab, Ronald Ballinger, Gerald Wendle. Second Row: Robert Eales, Tommy Flinn, Paul Rundell, Earl Hazelwonder, Wesley Hale, Clayton Krug, Don Colburn, Leroy May. Third Row: Edwin Dare, Toni Antrobus, Gary Hogyatt, Albert Straube, Iames Freeland, Ioseph Cannon, Robert Chase, Iames Cartwright, David Bachman, Ronald Gustine. Fourth Row: Crawford Bealon, Albert Miller, Leroy Pace, Richard Cary, Ralph Rowden, VVayn.e Wester- hold, Ronald Stilwell. Fifth Row: Donald Herring, Ronald Schindewolf, George Rider, Clarence Stoner, Marion Paul, Ierry Neimeier, Maurice Paul. Sixth Row: Iames Cochran, Frank Frankford, Leo Meeden, Dave Musgrave, Leslie Hale, Harold' Olden. Seventh Row: lim McLaughlin, Virgil Strohbeck, Gene Gvillo, Donald Hull. Ed Groshan. Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America is an organization to help young men of high school age learn more about their chosen vocation of farming. Club projects with animals, grain, and build- ings for animals help further their knowledge. These projects are often entered in the FFA. fair held in dif- ferent cities each year. Last fall the boys held a pest con- trol contest. The boys were divided into two teams, team one was headed by Bob Tarrant and team two was headed by Earl Hazelwonder, The boys received points for different pests depending upon the difficulty in catch- ing or killing them. The more diffi- cult the pest was to kill the more points were given. Throughout the year, groups of boys attend judging contests in near- by communities. Many of the boys entered these contests. Mr. Paul Glaeser, the Vocational Agriculture teacher, sponsors this org- anization. Upper Picture: MCIiil7L'I'f-2 of the Future Farmers pose be- fore a display of ribbons won by F.F.A. nienibers. Lower Picture: The Future Farmers receive some practi- cal experience in class. gp' s ' MX M.. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3: Carol Schaefer, Anita Horn, Sally Morrow. Linda Lingenfelter, Gloria Krinard, Shirley Robley, Shirley Lowery, Marjorie Sandin, Dottie Kaus, Ioan Fleming, Ioan jenkins, Billie Lafikes. Margaret Ringering, Dardanella Smith, Io Ann Webb, Bev Burger, Patsy Becker, Ann Crane, Pat Scoggins, Iocelyn Parker, Melvin Capehart, Terry Bonnell, George Morrison. Kay Travis, Bill Taylor, Merlin Barth, Bill Fabianic, Dana Eastman, Bill Garver. Dramatic Club Tryouts are held once or twice a year for Dramatic Club. Candidates who are chosen for membership are selected for interpretations of roles, enunciation, and diction. One play is presented each semes- ter by the Dramatic Club. Members help with lighting, props, make-up, and prompting in addition to acting in plays. This club was founded in 1923 for the purpose of creating and ex- pressing the interests in drama and its i function. A lf 'Q Miss Mildred Rutledge is spon- 3 , sor of the Dramatic Club. Cast of Ghost Wanted , a three act comedy- mystery play presented by the Dramatic Club last October. Row l: Gloria Krinard, Dana Eastman, Shir- ley Lowery, Billie Lafikes, and Ann Crane. Row 2: Miss Mildred' Rutledge, director, Marj- orie Sandin, Ioan Ienkins, Iudy Iordan, and Terry Bonnell. Row 3: Bill Taylor, lim Heil, Bill Fabianic, Melvin Capehart, George Morrison, and Bill Garver, Row 1: Billie Lafikes, Shirley Lowery, Ioan enkins oan Fleming Dottie Kaus Patsy Becker Pit Scoggins. Row 2: Larry Keller, Dana Eastman, Terry Bronnell Bill Gxrvei Ann Crane im Heil Melvin Capehart, George Morrison National Thespian Society The National Thespian Society was started in Alton High in 1932: the Alton troupe number is 126. Those who have done the required amount of dramatic work are eligible for mem- bership. New members are inducted twice yearly at a banquet at which time the Best Thespian is announced. Each year two Thespians pick a cast and direct a one act play for as- sembly. They also hold a faculty candy sale to raise money for their treasury, Miss Mildred Rutledge is the troupe sponsor. Upper Group: The induction ceremony of the National Thespians. Lower Group: The newly inducted members are as fol- lows: Seated: Bill Garver, Dana Eastman. Ann Crane, Melvin Capehart, and Iim Heil. Standing: George Morrison, Shirley Low- ery, Billie Lafikes, Ioan Ienkins, and Terry Bonnell. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: '1'lQ'5 1159450 wi .-H-1' Gunn -if Qumran, N X ,U ' ,W ,-........1e1-a -. ,U Glenda Prueitt, Edna Webb, Barbara Bazzell, Sarah Wetstein, Loretta Medlotk Nancy Leonard, Margie Haley, Doris Rigas, Dottie Kaus, Peggy Clayton, Donna Dunbar Ani.a Horn, luanita Crum. Bev Burger, IoAnn Leonard, Nancy Harlow, Virginia Eubanks, lody Webber, lane Burmester Beverly Gufnm, Ioan Fleming, Helen Maggos, Frances Layton, Ellen Gwillim Shirley Zimmer. Miss Tibbetts, Sancra Wilderman, Mary Helen Barkley, Shirley Enos, Doris Harmon Edwynna Baker, Grace Sipes, Carol Newton, Bertha Kitzmiller, Cynthia Thompson Ann Lageman. Carol Simmons, Lois Goebel, Iudy Butler, Wanda Dunaway, Velma Brown, Shirley Wahle Iackie Iouetl, Ioan Hughson, Rosalie Stamm, Shirley Woodman, Norma Thompson Kaye Wighlxnan. l Future Business Leaders of America The Future Business Leaders of America comprises a group of students business education. The interested in program this year included demonstra- electric mimeograph and tions of the comptometer. A trip to the business schools of Alton and St. Louis was taken to acquaint students with the educational facilities in the area. Talks on good grooming and business psy- chology were given at two of the meet- ings. The project for the year was the purchase of a record player for the business education classes. A candy sale was held to make money for this project. Miss Margaret Tibbetts is faculty adviser of this organization. Upper Left: Several of the F.B.L.A. members are shown operating the mimeograph machine. Lower Leftz luanita Crum and Carol Ann Newton are busily typing. Mr. Homer Ely and members of the Future Distributors First Row Elsie Pruett, Shirley Deucker, Virginia Ruyle Carol Reinha dt Second Row: Emily Crowe, Betty Iohnson, Ruby Keene Russel Oldham George Hobel Third Row Bob Henderson, Dale Furtwengler, Clarence Gwillim Dick Finley Roni eMedler Dick Temple Fourth Rowz Dick Massey, Ronnie Evans, Pat Dunkel Dale Lenhardt Future Distributors of America The Future Distributors Club is composed of members of the Distribu- tive Education Class all of whom are employed 'part-time in business or in professional men's offices. The purposes of the club are to provide both social and educational benefits to its members. Club meetings are held in the classroom with several outside social events during the year. Field trips to various wholesale and retail establishments in the area are arranged including one all-day trip to St. Louis each year. Outside speakers are featured at regular club meetings. Dick Massey and Ronnie Evans were presidents of the organizaf tion for the two semesters this ear y . Mr. Homer F. Ely is sponsor of the club. OFFICE OCCUPATIONS Upper Picture: Mr. Ely. Shirley Brietweiser, Mildred Chap- pel, Steve Rogers. Delores Cope, Mary Meeden, Betsy Allen, Ruth Graveman, Nina Burch, and Ianice Bushnell. Lower Picture: Ioyce Hoff, David Haggard, and Pat Davis give a demonstration which doesnt seem to interest Esther. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America is a national organization which is devoted to the purpose of stimulating interest in the profession of teaching. ln the Alton club, meetings are held the second Thursday of the month and a program explanatory of some phase of the teaching profession is presented. Through the help of Mr. Raymond Ready, Administrative Assistant in Charge ot Curriculum, the iuuior and senior mem- bers of the club were able to spend one day in different elementary schools in order to learn something about teaching at first hand. The officers this year are as follows: President, lane Stouder: Vice President. Evelyn Mclntoshi Secretary, Pat Scoggins: Treasurer, Elaine Foster: Librarian, Shirley Gaghen. Miss Iewell Sutherland is the sponsor of the organization. The mem- bers are: First Row: Irma Iones, Pat Scoggins, Elaine Foster, Irma Brunworth, uloria Krinard, lane Stouder, Evelyn Mclntosh, Seeonzl Row: Ioyce Isaacs, Veronica Eld- er. Doris Deuclter, Iocelyn Parker, Cvretchen Seig, Shirley Howe, Billie Lafikes. Third Row: Reasie Miller. Barbara King, Kay Stobbs, Bev Carson. Merry Leach, Carolyn Miller, Alberta Clarke, Barb- ara Kortkamp. RADIO CLUB The Radio Club has grown consider- ably in the last three years. It is Com- prised of students who are sufficiently in- terested in radio to spend time after school. Mr. Willis, the sponsor, conducts the club much as a class except that it is more informal, ln the past, membership has been limited, but tliis year less equip- ment is being built and more time is spent in siudying the many phases of radio work. The members are from left to right: Al Czerny, Merlin Barth, Bill Taylor. lim Wilson. Roy Kaufman, Bob Deucker, Iohn Koldttz. Bill Fabianic. Nlr. VVill.s. Dale Wyatt, Donny Weber, Bob Travis, and David Luft. THE AMERICAN IUNIOR RED CROSS The American Iunior Red Cross org- anization of Alton High is made up of a representative from every home room. These representatives are chosen at the be- ginning of the year. Officers are elected ,ind committees are appointed. The proieft around Alton High is the Red Cross campaign. The Iunior Red Cross takes charge of this at Alton Ilieh and collects the money and distributes the Red Cross pins and membership cards, Some projects for the year were as fol- lows: making favors for the State Hosf pital at Christmas. and making scraphoolas of Alton, Miss Margairetha Zeltman is faculty adviser to this organization. The members are as follows: First Row: Sandra Robertson, S y l v i a Tchoulaleff. Betty Dunbar, Barbara Nave, El.:abeth Smith, and Marjorie Sandin. Second Row: Kathleen Thompson, Ianice Marsh, Sarah Wetstein, Carol Schaefer, Albert Straube. lim Ruwse, Miss Zelt- man, and Donna Dunbar. Thirtl Row: Doris Deucker. Pat Grenze- hach. Alice Colman, Pat Voumarcl. Shirley Bopp, Donna Matthews, Billie Iune Lafikes, Norma Thompson, Bev- erly Carson, Iaekie Iouett, and Rosalie Stamm. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is not only an active service club of Alton lligh School, but also represents a high goal attained by only a few. Although grades are one main factor in selecting members. service about school. character, and leader- ship are other important principles con- sidered by the faculty members. To be- come eligible a student must have a grad: average of 90 or above. and no grade of any course. A grade of D eli- tninates membership until one is a 4-Z. Only fue percent of the 3-2 class, ten percent of the 4-I class, and fifteen per- cent of the fl-Z class are selected each sem- ester. Assistants for the ntain office, Deanls offices, and the clinic are chosen from honor students and consequently one was a chance to render service to his school by holding one of these offices. Miss Alice Gates and Miss Margaret Hall are Co-Sponsors. F in First Ron: Billie Lafikes, Kay Stobbs. Bob Edgell, Shirley Gaghen, ludy VVilskc. Second Rout: Carol Schaefer, Doris Rigas, M a r g o r i e Sandin. loyce Schrumpf, Shirley Lowery, Carol Stillwell, Elaine Foster, Barbara King, loan Goldsby, Ann VVeaver. Third Rout: Pat Scoggins. Carole Steven- son, Shirley Brxetweiser. Pat Davis, Gloria Krinard. Phyllis Gittlen, Cynthia Hopkins, Nancy Gabriel, Shirley Duelm, Fourth Row: Patil Becker, Suzanne Elf- gen, Patsy Becker, Veronica Elder, Pat Vtfeaver, Marsha Moore, Mary llluetkin, Shirley Dietschy, lanice Bushnell, Mary Meeden. Fifth Row: IoAnn Leonard, Dottie Kaus, lane Stourler, Charles Lltcht. Melvin Capehart, Guido Vlflilhelm, Larry Beck- ert. Maurice Paul, David VVeaver, Marshall Tudor, David Murdoch. Bob Lofts snaps a football perspective. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club was formed many years ago to further the interests of the students of AHS in photography. The club teaches students newly interested in photography the fundamentals of this pop- ular national hobby, Composition, print- ing, developing, slntple portraiturc, and lighting are discussed to make picture tak- ing for the beginning photographers easier. Mr, Kober is the sponsor. First Row: Dick York. Bob Coney, Carlo Schaefer, Kay McCarty, Alberta Clarke, Elizabeth Smith, lim Sokolowski. Second Row: loyce lsaacs, Shirley Bob- ley, Orville Brown, Linda Aldridge. Third Rout: Bob Lofts. Bill Moyer, Kenny Mills, Mike Talley. Iohn Koldttz, IUFLE CLUB Alton has no local competition, but is entered in the greater St. Louis Rifle League, Since rifle shooting is not a spectator sport, the majority of the matches are fired in St. Louis. Alton has been holding its own and has shown much imf provement over the years. Mr. Leo Wools gives much time and effort to the spon- sorship of the club. Members are: First Row: Iohn Dickman, Bill Rubright. Melvin Capchart, Bob Travis, lack Young, lohn Thies, and Merlin Barth. Second Row: Larry Beclcert, Ed Black, Bill Taylor, Gene Ste W a r t, Fred Czerny, Bill Fabianic, David Sm th, David Luft, and the sponsor, Mr. Wools, Those not present for the picture are: Bob Bull and Richard Herring. Mel Capehart, President of the Rifle Team, reloads during a practice session. RED AND GRAY HLY The Red and Gray Hi-Y clubs are affiliated with the Southern Illinois Hi-Y Council, the Area Council, and with the National Hi-Y Fellowship of the Young men's Christian Association of America. The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards tsl Christian character. Any male student of Alton High School who subscribes to the stated pur- pose of this organization is eligible to membership. Officers are Don Tutt, President: Tom Nlarquis, Vice President: Dale Nue- decker, Treasurerg Ralph Nash, Secretary: antl Don Harrison, Chaplain. Members are: Merlin Barth, lack Fishman. lack Hill, Dale Neudecker, Don Tutt, Tom Marquis, Don Harrison, Dick Massey, Bucky Hord, Bill Taylor. CARVER HLY The purpose of the Carver Hi-Y is to promote, maintain and extend through- out the community the ways of christian character, This motto constitutes the organization, Like every successful organ- ization, Carver has its president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and other branch leader, who are nominated by maj- ority vote. Some of its functions are taking part in all Hi-Y activities, such as the youth congress and other useful activities. The lighter functions of Carver are recreation, which consists of parties, dances, table tennis, basketball, and swimming. To be eligihle for this enjoyahle and entertain- ing program there is only one require- ment, which is to be a student of Alton High. First Row: Albert Charleston. lames Gray, Clarence Thohbs, Orville lohnson, Mr. Richard lohnson. Shrcomi' Row: Iames Alexander, Esau Tay- lor, lolln Davis. Roy Porter, Cvuyland Terrell, Alfred Lumpkin, Spencer Flem- ing, Robert lohnson. Third Row: Cleveland Hammonds, Rich- ard McFerrin, Harry Otey, Lloyd Wil- liams, Carl Soloman, Simeon Miller, Nlelvin Huff. STUDENT PATROL The Alton l-ligh Student Patrol is an organization of students who are willing to give up their time to be of service to the school. Their job is to be at regular stations during the five noon periods and assist in maintaining order in the halls and auditorium. Over sixty students he- long to this organization. A captain is in charge of each one of the five groups, Mr. Kober is the sponsor. These people have responsible jobs and really appreciate the fine cooperation they get from the student hotly. CENTER PICTURE - First Row: Romenell Williams, Carol Rundell, Cynthia Thompson, Frank Mal- oney, George lVlcCann. Second Rom: lohn Kolditz, lo Voss, Ann Mayhall, Fred Selhime, Bob Baker, Ronnie Chappell. Third Row: Bolo Bull, Delores Hender- son, Charles Figge, Harry Fessler. Gorden Belcher. LOWER PICTURE f First Row: lune Koulman, Virginia Muel- ler, Phyllis Heath, Nancy Strahan, Betha Kitzmiller, Nancy Leonard, Shirley Wahle. Second Row: Iackie Oldham, Every Ed- wards, Ronnie Stillwell, Ierry O'Brien, Eugene Fisher, Velma Duvall. Third Row: Tom Stutheit, lim Dunaway, Michall Talley, Margie Golenor, Bob Travis. Fourth Row: Shirley Howe, B a r lm a r a Lemons, lerry Fowler, Ruth Terlisner, Earl Hvelwonder llarr Gustine, Bill . 1 .. ' , y Taylor. Swv 'V 5 ,9l'E.L.' ' MVK. L51 PHYLLIS WHEATLEY Y-TEENS The Phyllis VVheatley Y-TSC s is a' filiated with thc Y.Vtf.C.7X. Smal ev '1'1 are planned each mouth. The organization often has ioint tlisrussons with o,hcr Y- gronps, Delegatcs are chosen from thc' group to attriql conferences anri slzmni -' taxnkis. The purpose of this club is to lrarn to live hy living. Service to the rommunity is sircsscd, F rs! Row: loan llCntlcrso'w, Lillian D v's, Nancy VVilliams, lcwrll llenclcrson. Nell lic Slack, Ur'eifr Lflriitlfm, ratirntt' Sealrs, Eula Taylor. 'ii-i-ond Row: IoAnn Bradshaw, lfvelyn Nlclntosli, Nlaxinr Crabbe, R thy llollif clay, Catherine Mcclentlon, Audrey Dennis. Opal McClc'nclon, Vera lloyd, Loretta Tyson. Tliirtl Rini: Dorothy Furlow, Clautlrtta Tyson, hlary Lo-yan, Norma Iran lVlatl.- son. Caiherean Claris, Lucille Barksclale, ljernire VVilburnn, Dorothy Howarcl, Iran Wilson, Lillian Kirk, Dorothy Young, lrma Ioncs, Fourth Row: Pearlic Mae Owens, Vesta Boyd, Aneal Pierson, Emogrne loncs, lu. a .uicvt-ns. Dorothy Storkaril, Yvonne llolman, Shirley Gowens, luanita Har- rison. Betty Gray, l2cas.e Miller. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The Library Assistants are those girls wit-rtt-cl by Miss llall to hrlp In tht- toi iligh Library. The girls arc as- signed there during their free hours in- stead ol going to a sturly hall. Duties inclutlr thc' filing ol rartls, returning books to shelxes. keeping thc bulletin boards up to date and anal other relatecl Llutits. Last Christmas the girls sent a box ol clothing and toys to Korea. One of the girls usually takes cart' of the library during the summer under thc supervision of Miss Louisc Anthony, Dir- ector of all the public school libraries in Alton. Fin! Row: Kaye Vvightynan, Merry Leafli. Grctchrii Srig, Dorothy Frohork, Norma Phillips. Ianire Rousseau, Carol Run- zlt-ll, Barbara Kortlcamp. gwtoml Rout: Donna Dunbar, P ll y l l 1 5 llealh, lrancttr Conway, Doris Rigas, lanet Barlow. Sandra Ingles, Ann Lagef man, lane Stonnler, Shirley Zimmer. Ieanrtte Sutherlanxl. Carol Stillwcll, Ann Pu-witt. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS 'l'he rafetrria assistants are a group of about forty students who serve the school through thc raleteria. During thrir extra tuna' tary Carry out such duties as replacing foocl, helping in the disposal unit, cleaning tables, and assisting at the sna.k bar. lln return for thcir work they gtrt free meals,l Miss Mary Stilwell is thixr clirrctor. First Row: Bonnie Pruiett, lerry 'l'ague, Beverly Mrtcallc, Shirley liowlrr, Donna i.iailu'.vs, lfilern Srhuetz, Geraldine Iulatliews, Slurlry llarris, Scrofiii Row: Wilillzi Bornes. lrannrtts' Miller, Elsie Calhorall, Marie Cathorall, Florence Ursch, Hazel llirkcrson, Doris Mueller, Marie Golike, Altlyih 1'homp- son, Yvonne Morris, Donna Capps. Third Row: Indy Gravett, Margie Will son, lviargic lfvrown, uartauei Cmucii. llelrn Cathorall, Marilyn Kolesa, lim liigrain, Indy liuilrr, Carolyn Pigg. Fourth Row: Barbara Tlioinpson, Virgil Strohhrtk. Dozialtl liull, Harry Gustine, Lronarrl Sheff, Eugene Gvillo, Robert liales, Keith Scheutz, Leroy May, VVantla Dunaway. OFFICE ASSISTANTS This group of students has provided J valuable assistance to the efficient op- eration of the main office. Four students are assigned each period by the National Honor Society for the purpose of collect- ing absence slips, running errands, and assisting in any way possible. First Row: Marjorie Sandin. S h i r l e y Lowery, Elaine Foster, Patsy Becker, Cynthia Hopkins, Ann VVeavcr, Pat Scoggins. Srcomi Rumi Guido Wilhelm, Sue Schrie- ber. IoAn-1 VVebb. Phyllis Clayton, Car- men Fitzhugh, Shirley VVahle, Suzie Elfgen, Marilyn Brooks, Marsha Moore, Ann Lageman. Tfrrzl Row: Dale Dick. Don Luddeke, Bill Carver, Paul Norris. Morris Manns, Emma Riley, Georgia Tarrant, Louella Thompson. DEAN'S ASSISTANTS The assistants to Miss Leona 'lvetcr are assigned, at their request, to serve during certain periods in the day in thc dean's office. They assist in several ways in the work of thc office: running errands, filing, receiving visitors to the office, and attending to any duties delegated to them during the time she might be absent from her office. First Row: Helen Priedecker, Margaret Ringering, Pat Meisenheimer, Loretta Thompson, lane Adams. Second Row: IoAnn Leonard, Phyllis Isabelle, Miss Tctcr. Eunice Malson, Barbara King. DEAN'S ASSISTANTS Each year Mr. Ray Iackson, Dean of Boys. selects a group of boys who are willing to give their time to help him in his office. Their job is to answer the telephone, run errands, take care of busi- ness when he is away, and to do general office work. The boys must be depend' able, accurate in their work, and of good standing in the student body. Mr. Iackson with Iim Eisenreich, Bob Darr. lack Hill, Bob lVlcMillan, and Dwight Stobbs. d f'ne roi of sin ers each year. Besides having different Mrs Doris Rue director of Alton High School s chorus is consistent in pro ucing a 1 g up - g groups that sing for various organi ations around the city of Alton the chorus gives several concerts a year, The first concert they give was the Christmas concert at which they sing old and new Christmas carols The chorus also sings for assemblies and at graduations. One of the r most outstanding public appearances was on the nigtt of March 18 when the high school chorus participated with other choruses ALTON IUSTLY BOASTS OF HER WELL-TRAINED WARBLERS CHORUS PERSONNEL Kathy Ackerman, Linda Aldridge, Barbara Antrobus, Iune Bacon. Harvey Bacus,, Robert Baker, Robert Bateman, Crawford Bealon, Paul Becker. Nlartha Blankenship, Diane Bosnak, lanice Bonnell, Ioe Burton, Marilyn Borman, Vesta Boyd, Patricia Bryles. Gracie Brooks, Dorothy Bowder, Irma Brunworth, Elizabeth Burns, Robert Barnwell, Dean Brown, Gertrude Camp- bell, Alberta Clarke, Alice Colman, Ann Crane. Betty Calame, Shirley Chad- wick, Margie Cochran, Maxine Crabbe, Ieanette Conway, Eugene Cope, Rita Cannon, Peggy Clayton, Richard Crane, Marlene Curry, Lillian Davis, Warren Durham, Evalena Davis, Terry Deterding, Beverly Dulaney, Doris Depper, Ronnie Dilks. lune Davis, Nyla Drutis, Velma Duvall, Barbara Dykeman, Esther Edwards, lean Emmons, Edwina Ewin, Maurine Edsall, lack East, Iudy Edsall, Bob Fahrig, Robert Fields, Tommy Flynn, Bob Free- man, Carol Grye, Bill Fabianic, Richard Foster. Dorothy Frohock, Shirley Farmer, Paul Fluck, Donna Finch, George Floss, Shirley Gillis, Marion Glenn, Elizabeth Green, Margie Golenor, Shirley Gowens, Don Grimes. lanice, Grisham, Beverly Gumm, Mary All Galloway, Bill Garner, Ioan Henderson, Gene Hoehn, loan Hughson, Betty Hatfield, Shirley Howell, Marjorie Harris, Nancy Hickerson, Alfreda Holman, Bob Hamer, Ed llummel, Sandra Ingles, Charlotte lsaacs, loyce lsaacs, Archie Ingram, Richard ln- gram, Iackie Iouett. Kathleen Iohnson, Robert lohnson, Ruby Iacobs, loan Ienkins, Nancy Kasinger, Lillian Kirk, Pat Kirkpatrick, Maurice Kennedy, Frances Layton, Ruby Lewis, Ann Lvnn, Martha Lemaster, Nancy Leonard, Billie Iune Lafikes. Merry Leach, David Luft, Kathleen McBrien, Donna March, Dick Massey, lune Moore, Karen Murphy, Alma Mason, Sara Mitchell. Don Morris, Opal McClendon, Bette Mahon, lerrie Means, Wanda Miller, Robert Mills. Sandra Moore, Carol McKinney, Felis Macias, Mike Macias, lanice Marsh, Alice Nleisenheimer, Carolyn Miller, George Morrison, Barbara Nave, Carol Ann Newton, Dorthy Norman, Yvonne Norris, Peralie Owens, David Oare, Gerald O'Brien, Ann Prewitt, Robert Parker, Anita Perez. Norma Phillips, Iocelyn Parker, Helen Payne, Roy Porter, Bonnie Pruiett, Diana Parker, Thelma Paul, Io Ann Pfeiffer, Marjorie Phillips, Gene Ramcy Doris Rigas, Rosetta Rav, Gloria Reeder. loc Rain, Dick Reid, Myrna Reis. Ianice Rousseau, Carol Rundell, Oscar Reed. Margaret Ringer- ing, lim Rowse, Patience Scales. Ieanette Schmidt, ludy Sidner, Claire Smith, Dardanella Smith, lim Sokolowski, lane Stouder, Dale Spurgeon, Kay Stobbs, Frank Sutton, Gretchen Seig, Connie Silveus, loyce Stewart, Ruby Stice, Dorothy, Stockard, Robert Stockton, Edna Svitak, Kay Swan, Shirley Schwaab, Lorraine Scott, Grace Sipes, Nancy Spelner. Dorothy Stanka, Al- berta Stewart, Roberta Stockton, Rhoda Stuart, lerry Togue, Eula Taylor. Willie Thompson. Peggy Trogelon, Louise Tarrant, Guylan Terrell, Norma Thompson, Ruth Tidwell, Mary Ann Truitt, Carole Turner, Loretta Tyson, Martha Taul, Nancy Titchenal. Dick Temple, Iackie Temple, Delphine Urs- prung, lo Ann Voss, Rosalie Vucarrie, Ioyce Wallendorf, Retha Wells, Sarah Wetstein, Bill Wieneke. Bob Wieneke, Roger Vtfillis, Porter Wilson, Dan Wood, Shirley Woodman, Robert Worthey, Iutly VVhyte, Pat Webber, Shirley Zimmer, Edith Zumwalt. This chorus in a finale number with the photographer stationed in the upper wings on the stage in the auditorium. ADVANCED CHORUS Row I: Kay Stobbs, Ann Prewitt, Doris Rigas, Charles Brown, Dirk Temple, George Morrison, Gerald O'Brien, 'llom Flynn, Ieanette Sutherland, Edith Ziimwalt. Ioan Henderson, Mrs. Doris Rue. Rom 2: Iackie Iouett, Elizabeth Green, locelyn Parker, Shirley Vvooclman. Oscar Reed, lim Sokolowski. Bob Fahrig, Guyland Terrell, Ronnie Dilkes, Alice Mcisen- heimer, Diane Bosnalc, Dorothy Stanl:a, Louise Tarrant, Billie Iune Lafikes, Row 3: Opal McClendon, Dorothy Norman, Sarah, Wetstein, Ianice Marsh, lean Emmons. loan Ienkins, Bob Hamer, Bob Parker, Mike Mat'ias, Bob Freeman, Dick Crane, Warren Durham, IoAnn Voss, Alma Mason, Carol Rundcll, Peggy Clayton. Row 4: Indy Sidner, Clara Smith. Barbara Nave, Iackie Temple, Eula Taylor, lean Wilson, Dardanella Smith, Carol McKinney, Nlarlene Curry, Nanc Kasin 'r , Y gl ' Ieanette Schmidt, Linda Aldridge. lane Stouder. Frances Layton, Iudy Edsall, Carol Frye, Carolyn Miller. Row 5: Ann Lynn, Ioan llughson, lack East, Paul Pluck, Dick Massey. Eddie Hummell, Archie lngram, Frank Sutton, lim Rowse, Paul Becker Dale Spnrqeon Bob Bornwell, Maurice Randell, Porter Wilstmn, Rosetta Ray, Norma Thombsoni Margaret Ringering, Velma Duvall. SOPHOMORE - IUNIOR CHORUS Row l: Retha Wells, Ierrie Means, lo'ce Wall d f, B b F' l y en or o ie ds, Donald Cvrimes, Don Morris, Roy Porter, Bob Wortliy. Mrs. Doris Rue, Ann Prewitt, Mary Ann Truitt. Row 2: Edna Svitak, Shirley Chadwick, Shirley Zimmer, Shirley Schwaab, Beverly Delunay, Norma Phillips, Sandra Ingles, Anita Perez, Gretchen Seig, Sara Mitcht-ll. Wanda Miller, Nancy Hickerson. Sandra Moore. Row 3: Martha Lamastus, Nancy Tichenall, Loretta Tyson, Betty Mahon, Pat Kirkpatrick, Shirley Farmer, Terry Deterding, Bob Mills, Bob Baker, Nanc S elner Y P v Ianice Russo, Marjorie Cochran, Mary Leach, Bonnie Prniett, Betty Calame, Helen Paine. Row 4: lrma Brunworth, lanice Grisham, Delphine Ursprung, Nancy Leonard, Ruth Tidwell, Grace Sipes, Myrna Reis, Nlartha Taul, Maureen Edsall, Shirley Baker, Shirley Tolle, Kathlyn Ackerman, Bernice Wilburn, Charlotte Isaacs, Ianice Bonnell. Row 5: Ruth Warner, Shirey Gowns, Elizabeth Burns, Bob Wieneke, Dick Reid, David Orr, Bill Wieiieke. Bill Fabianic, David Luft, Crawford Bealon, Bob Bateman, Dick Foster, Carol Turner, Afreda Hollyn, Maxine Richards, Shirley Howell, Kay Swan. ADVANCED CHORUS Pianists: Ann Prewitt, Kay Stobbs. Directorz Mrs. Doris S. Rue. ROW 12 lanice Marsh, Ann Lynn, Ioan Hughson, Doris Rigas, Dean Brown, Dick Temple, George Morrison, Gerald O'Bricn, Tommy Flynn, Ieanette Sutherland, Diane Bosnak, Ioan Henderson. Row 2: Baillie Iune Lafikes, Iackie Temple, Iackie louett, Elizabeth Green, Iocelyn Parker, Ioyce Wallendorf, lim Sokolowski, Bob Fahrig, Ronnie Dilks, Alice Meisenheimer, Edith Zuniwalt, Dorothy Stanka, Louise Tarrant. Row 3: Opal Mcclendon, Dorothy Norman, Sarah Weftsteiii, lack East, Paul Eluck, Dick Massey, Bob Hamer, Bob Parker, Mike Macias, Bob Freeman, Dick Crane, Porter Wilson, Warreii Durham, Alma Mason, Carol Rundell. ROW 4: Iudy Sidner, Clair Smith, Barbara Nave, lean Emmons, Ioan Jenkins, Eddie Hummel, Archie Ingram, Paul Becker, Dale Spurgeon., Bob Barnwell, Iudy Edsall, Margaret Ring- ering, Velma Duvall. HARD WORK AND REAL PLEASURE CHARACTERIZE CHORUSES iffy This scene and those which follow show the Alton High chorus groups in regular prac- tice. The boys, here, are show- ing a lot of feeling. Definitely, the song being sung in this scene is NOT UDames - judging by the languid expression on the boys' faces. Mrs. Rue accompanies on the piano while Bob Hamer bursts into melody in a solo part. A test for opening the mouth for fullness of tone. Open wider, please! Elizabeth Burns, accompanist for the chorus, is a dependaple and conscientious worker. ff N .,f, ,V ffklulilk' qjlzx' JW C , V4 lf, .lu:,lMi-.4'fMx.g yxlfnu' A T its Twirlers form Pyramid in Honor of Football Queen. Donna Matthews Kathleen Thompson Betty Hendrix Nancy Harlow Arnold Lohr Janelle Booten 50l'I,CQl'f Presenting the Band GuY M, DUKER, Director LEROY TUNGETT, President DEPR1Es'r JOHNSON, Vice-President DOTTIE KAUS, Secretary DAVE WEAVER, Treasurer OBOE Doris Harmon Ted Woodlbiiry FLUTE Ed Black Betty Hendrix Toni Turnbull Linda Lingenfelter Bill Fabianic Shirley Porter Pat Lindblad ALTO CLARINETS Margaret Haley Kay Travis BASS CLARINETS Carol Schaeffer Roger Hull Dayi Richards ALTO SAX Lin Prideaux Indy Winkler Billy Hart TROMBONES Gloria Krinard Iuanita Barrow Marion Paul Inn Cope George Priest Ioe Poindexter Clarence Thobhs Priscilla Perkins Fred Smith STRING BASS lack Glaeser Its Name Speaks for Its Fame CLARINETS Depriest johnson Lionel Goff Dolores Budde joyce Schrumpt Suzy Elfgen Spencer Fleming jane Burmester Patsy Becker Elizabeth Smith Carolyn Walker Philip Davis Dick York Albert Charleston Mary Logan Marlene Morris Beverly Landiss Ed Morris Lois Campbell Rae Turnbull joyce Baker Catherine McClendon Kenneth Mills Geraldine Vinyard Dorothy Young Sarah Taylor TENOR SAX Dottie Kaus Floyd Thacker BARITONE SAX Timothy Patterson BASSOONS Marjorie Sandin Clif Newcomb Elaine Gerard CORONET Carl Solomon Bucky Hord Dudley Williams Everett Wilson Dick Phelps jerry Niemeier Merlyn Barth Gilbert Skipper Nancy Hemphill Anita Horn Billy Truitt Richard Dunn Larry Frohock Ieanne Montgomery HORNS Mary Meeden Leo Sacchi Carole Stevenson jack Lusk Doris Deucker Yvonne Holman Katherine Thompson Helen Strader BARITONES Dave Musgrave Vivienne Rose Terry Bonnell Ronnie Rain BASSES Leroy Tungett Tony Maggos Galen Peel Elijah Miller PERCUSSION Marjorie Barnett Ellen Gwillini Dave Weaver Bill Eidson Charles Norman Dick Caldwell TYMPANI Marilyn Hutchison DRUM TRIO lack Glaeser Dave Weaver Morris Manns Band Lcaves for East Side. Top Panelz Ball and Bat. Lower Panel: Community Chest: GIVE sup- . erimposed on Red Feather leaps form T019 Panel: Band in Marching Formation featherj. Lower Panel: YELL Formation. - - 1 - - ' ' Rl 5523 E'W ZYdJ'1WWW.3'i E1 52 if MWYEZHVQAMWW 7iX1i'i 'h 91... .a 5 ' ' EM? mmib EEF Alton High Twirlers are stepping along in a characteristic pose - and thcy're all in step tool Upper Panel: Big Sail and a Little Boat Upper Panel: 'AClap Formation. Formation. Lower Panel: Sing Formation. Lower Panelz Step Formation. 'il ELI 3 'ull A f In A '.L 2ff2 wie xzwfifxi tgfitwii LW1 'Qi Y . - .- la MM ml , A J 1, rk M . .,,.. ,X ..,. y Alvll : XM, 1-:j...i,: , :':j. w vagina k 'mga gg 37V',m,,k,1g,h-, W il ,jf tamgmgig , A . fwvfra X A , gm x ,f I V I W igs, ,. E 0 ,,,,,, I W R f ' M I Y M ., VF n' 'k135'4S ' as fm A 4 W' ,, ik rv :za ' ' ' - ' , Q og --'- gg Amxgg , ' F A , 1 'ffift:Q+ flfemh,g gx .,.xiQ . W- , L4 Y' 0- jglfaf, lmtxwvlwwwwg. ., aim WM- W -V X ff - f at at . W- . 'EA 'i ' rf? W.. -f.. W' .4 mil ilikiuy Gf!,.7g mann 1 Q2 t..,,,,:e.. Q. ,Al-ligv ,,,,,, I wr ,,, F g Q 1. Q Q Q H Eta gat MN L22 ' ' Ze 'eg 155 Q get e F F fa it lag! , was iq- QRQQ Ling J il 'za 'Q 5 f-,Q is 3 ' X f 1 M , QQYQS Q-gi iql.,.a7'oW , me if3'h'g'l 1ti all .Q 3 E F Qmiii if M,.f,,wwe:: ' fs if 36529. A ' ,Jig Qc. E 3 nm' w,W , swim, af , .iff 4 u1'ml4, f The Tatlcr photographer invaded the Band Room one clay ind caught these shots of an unposed practice session The scene shown here indicates the serious business of vsh pping a band selection. into form for public Band Pactice With Tooting Horns anc L . V 1, 15 -,X c,L:c -'LL!4,f6i'f 'k acc 11 :Mfr Q puff: a t'.,.Cl-W4 'fLA7 Lfifcfi ,ce f' - 443 Zta' ZZLQ GAA yryzlud-t ,1u,,,L , 977. 0.-ZLA.fzL? C f tiki, 1 Cvckl,-I JL, .3 A 5 LA a.,gl- 0 Lfclwv D, ijrwtfti I 4-f',lE J! igy B ,jc cf LQV44' VVoodwind Wt1ggei'y might he the title of this selection because of the clziriuets in the foreground. The Alton baud boasts an unusually strong woodwind section. and really goes to town on the uhove named com- position. A Directors Eye View from the podium of the dnector is shown here ing played by the individual, perfect timing and capable direction a make of musical sound by the Alton High band Rolling Drums Is Both Work and Fun Brass Bzidinagen is the selection played in the scene with emphasis being given by the brass section which does a fine job with this num- bm- -v-24.22 . Q 1564, 'jiqvzi-.f1'v , -nl' 1 QTY 13 ., :B ngfl is fQ.42f.:.:: hon M331 ' . IQ Q I 'Q gtg: ?1St54' afffwzhtw W 4342 223 . 6 K 1 gd oft . 'W g's'a5Q53s2z'555T gm, 1 oi Atv m-Q z 'f ' , 'Haig' Q54 3119 N ,Q fl, .. ,u,',! EIEXE 1 u fi -. 5 Tv' fi L1 -films? 23? ,'3't'iYE5'?!.!fg E51 .iiw ,gba fi -. 40 ' ' . V,51i,'i VI' nX1 f.-X ' , N ,4H:gm3X' 1 ,' ' 5'-yfqef' 'Q Eliza! 'aQQf5T. ' .' 1-' Ai' wc, 'Z Q ..-SW . R ,' . K ....,.u..?gQ?Q i 53.23 1'-5' V'Y '5 B' R22 ag5'gf.1Vf',5 5 fizffi? . V ,4e:,1xy,k,'- f gf - -:aygf 15:1 .fiiigy , sip K' 1. 8.1, hfsrgzl M Q 2 ,Q in Hifi GJ ,wx ,, f 3265 wg ,ns .1 V ' J J, 4 'Q liifiski gif'-4 fig S' Jug' . f X A ' 'l9 ' A V fy . wi fx 5 ff .qi QQ! -' r ix 1 4 ' 'viii sig 59 5 naw- 4 Qiiwgii 51,1 5253. in - f - 5 Q' f 0 .J -3 1 25 3: 15.1259 fd,qQ.. u ,sw V , K 1 ' Rx-I U- - ,gp 5 X 3 L9 6 gnu. 0 H' k fi Q' 1 , , fy sg.. QQ wo? ' 53232 , 635233, 5222, Wviii In 5 , H fit' 93,21 L gn 4 Rf? 301' 'gui 5 ed , 'NVQ i 'Q. Ag Ya' I ,QL fgfgiii f , f K ,H LW 'zu 5. Z 5 wgam wi ,Til W DMM E1 ,Wi Qs, 660 I . f mix 24 ae? nvnli' A 5'2Yr'4f: ' ,Ho L. , 'MMS' fr, 'K Q 5 :ff 1152? X Af1'u 'mu bor-xi' ii' Q2 si? 4. kgS:'l5'f?i2nxTpofn'1f?'. 4 iff 2 '21 ' Ewf-:Wish mb on aw NP fix '21'Es12EW??i9M .'.2'ff.21 1 23 -fx, -vw ' 1 . V 521525 .-LZ Hwgf? f '. -'Ring fi'S39'f1H:1,: , ' , 52 Q36 s'3,iNg'gk .- Q -, A 1'-' V 51.5124 ' - ,v 5 .- Dai! - 'L 8049 1 V i .6i,:..t ,, A xavlggig .. as ' no ne, ' Fei? Q 8 K b Q., 2 n g , KN 1 xg, J, Q. 5 ,wx 5 Q N120 aww , 1 wi! lx' - ww- . ,q be no .wc Htsxa 9 .. ZW J u 71 1111! W '1-'n w . wt? ff: aj wi- Rxiv 31533 A 'Q sf 9 fi m ci' ' 'iw 45:3 is ,x gg, ? .g5X ' if-.E M' g 155, as-'. 4 - - . fa if M2222 w , ffffi, if 1 'Q -4 'SS 'L 2' - W ' '4'.R ' XB: 3.93 1 A ,Ao N' 1. 2- ia- 4, 53...+: V-' , 2' 3 ' J. s ' ' f ,gf 53: 1 :My N V - , -S1 SF ui ew V .M 1 g a an f ' -' ' ,miifssszlzaif-' , , Q ' S2 'Pfn11u. , ' -fix Nu if : Q 3 Q. Egg.- 1.25 ,ig .X 'kg Egg 1...'s, , I . 4: ,fj 1 1 , , 1 1 K 4 5: , x-. t,s..m k 'if' - Q., . ff: W f5 A . , -, ' V f-us, 0 J 5-Q my V W 6? If f.. 7 1 Q fi -11? - .pw ew- . '3'T? I 'wif 4.36: .Q Mu.. pgqhisihif Von 00 3 f 5445015 ,f agen 4 I ueew - 5 7Z6oa1fet' f if ui gee ' ik , 0 14 1 Yi ,Y X 1 'QA 5 5 Ni fi Q. . .- 9 ' g iv ,fn 9, U Vzftm N ,yi '. Q N- ., A, Y '.,Wv'5 ' a J L2 Y' iw, , , ,I fiwpmxi 15215 ,aim ' lgghvn , E, ,!3gmg':Kg..SA- 'I g ,ti 4 gf' Fai? U , . K K Ei' 2 ',',. . - HH: ' K 1222228 V K NS, , A asf? 62251. if z-,. , G 335. 'K 6,2 Q X-,fem QQ 0 s as :X 1, 'f' K A ., '-L W vp .. zifiiif-Q..:.i'-1 if f '3T'53'3'5 'W' ' 3 1. 13:2-L-Y Wh ,155 5. 'lv ipivnauf '. I 2 ' ' -X79-3 ' '. Qu' , 315-72, . J 4 - 'H sun ,' x essence rg Q K1 'L 115 K Qoof pvnv: . v s N lx f Q.. e Q . . -1 . s 9..,' M 'fy ,.. 1.16 3 ax:3'q,,,ufQtX21'gg gigs. :H 2 3,5154 v'5P-,1H.a,ux,- . 0, Q'it.3n?..A,tg,.,, 2, ., ,, A : I Z K up 4 Q . 5-5 fX 1'X 'i1 'V H' - me K'mi':3 Q . ' ff QM? z-vat V5 ' .15 W ,.. -.,sni+iz: '55ggf::3,,5,,V S25 f,z,g, ? syix .,'ggg:, zgzggggzwt. . rv . - a,,m,A,,,mf,.,, Q I, I W aunt' 5. 0Jcg., f if rf ww Q D., gg- 157- , gtg, N., fa V f , H 1,1-1 'Q ' - 'n 'F in ' 5 1' dv . ' 'ff z 2 ' 8 his is ' '20 hr- Q- aw 'G'--2 :af 1 1' , 2-az we-.:.s:5 .sm 1 - .Q-ww -mg Qs . 99 f . 'fx ' ' f . iw, 09' - , ,. ' Af 'ss Q ?wfi:5X'3 f 5 2391 3 4.5f4'f A A' 5 6 n , 1 -Li ,E .W . .. -.vqf i3 '.Wi?.1- ' '59 ft K fits:-1 2 - 22322 S Mxg-' . W'-' 100- ' ik'-15303: T H YQ 3 5fi'?5Zf?Qi WW In cw gs fm wg Nu. M . V. le ,f-16' , ,WA ' Ni- .15 EEQTQY' 1 'ge 4 4 5-1?-, 's'N'J Nfu, Ou ,, ,M . Y, 1 'ina 45, Q, 7 3 sf 'bc Q' 'V 'f F3 ' 2 'A , ,- ., b 1,9 1 112,419 ifiizr' glsn ' qu' 'ngoo .P fn' VO 1' !fa Q. 2 .s.L.Z - .1V ,v Q' 1 gf- !! W, . , f' ,iv C 1 , ifalffi SSE 1' 1 ,Q Hif- r f ff? we ada wloa M ' 0 5 t Ya? 'W' 1 s - f si 3:65 2 100 s,'a,v X ,J ' 'l'i: ' , ? vp agp: Qt., rg . Huff .kia I' ' fume M 5. A A-H lg 'Y Wi? gggiiif ' 222 150' -zz, fk ,y,Y1?Q3 W ffudwq panda M im, 4 'Slam-Yftavfi Q55-'i fi'4'9' i ,amsbmif 2, sfif' 55-1... , .r . ,.,. Y. . Qqrufk an f ..f 4 Q w ,- ,, 4, gh K . nw, Q., Hg, 4 is ogg? :Mn P '.,?3?5p'f ,251 Q' at um t N, f qu ,Xu p. 1 H446 ll 1. fy' Il WMD 01' 5 N 4 . 4 x X f.-'iigfgv gain, its ..' ,M . 'G Nbffy Ulu nl 'Qi' ,, M f. t3213'.v..12:-ft , '31 2 Dzeolez Sciaeeddlefnfiw' AH W sf 5iA'3iS' x1:t, 'BTI- Wfevzqawt Wesley ,, siggzj f I -11' LK5' 515' ' '.'lillDi'LIlik1. ill ll!! -IQ XIII Vt 51.1 Bill Nicolet Crowns Queen lo Ann Pomp and Pageantry Plus Feminine The Reigning Queen and Her Ladies - in 1 Waitiiig Ioyce Schniecler, Marilyn Kolesa, Retiring Queen, Mziry Bill Nicolet and Io Ann Leonard Lou Carter. Approach the Throne Queen lo Ann Leonard, Mzirgaret Haley, Audrey Paris. KN 9 Ab Mu-M .V a 'mls Q anuary Graduate s At Annual Dance Senior Week. for the January graduates, is a week that is devoted to a continuous round of festiyity in celebration of the com- pletion of twelve years cf school work. Trips to St. Louis, parties, and the annual dance are highlights of this memorable week. A fea- ture cf the Senior Prom decorations was a hig 10-foot clock which Mr. Boleys art stu- dents had painted. The theme of the prom was entitled very appropriately Turn Back the Hands of Tune. All dressed up and looking mighty happy are these two couples: Tom Stromske, Phyllis Gittfen, Rhoda Stuart and Bob Hamer. Streamers of crepe paper, flowers, pretty girls, wearing pretty dresses, a smooth floor, good music A- all add up to a good time for the gallant swains. Ffh. ' !' ff LZA WWf' VLC '2W V B January Commencement Play 'ATHE FIGHTING LITTLESH The members of the Senior class displayed their dramatic skill in the presentation of their class play, The Fighting Littlesn, to a large and appreciative audience in the high school auditorium, Friday night, Ianuary 18, 1952. The hilarious comedy based on the complicat- ing situations Which arise in family life was portrayed in a superior manner under the cap- able direction of Mr. Ed Young. Five members of the cast posc for the Tatler photographer. Scenes from the play and a Hill Billy Troupe. Activities of January Graduates IANUARY ALPHA WINNERS Honor graduates who were awarded alphas at graduation exercises in Ianuary. Seated: Gold Alpha. Guido Willieliii. Silver Alphas: Iudith Wilskc'. David lVlurcloch. lnitliey Malson, Second Row: Doris Rigas. Peggy Ann Clayton, Helen Nlagqos, Helly lc: Sanders, Audrey Paris Ienkins. Third Row: loan Hughson. Evalyn Parkins, Charlotte Meyer, Donald Dilks. Two were ahsent when the picture was taken, lanies Ciilhert and Ann llalleli. HIQCKIIAM RICIIARD Football lHliI.CllliR, GORDON Rr-rl 31 Cirav lil-X BFNHZE. Magix' ISOYN ERS, Refi 23 BROOKS, Lilxrary Olfice Senior BURGIQR. Footha Haselma Patrol Magix' Senior noniini' Cluh, Prev QLENN v lxray lli-H lVlARll.YN Awsislaul Aswisraiil Play BARTC DN ll ll Clulv Play BYASSEE, NANCY Ijaiin Club Studen HI9.. Office Senior i Clninnil Club Ass Naam Play CLAYTON PEGGY l'.B.I..A., Pres. Spanish Cluh Chorus COULSON, l.AVV'l'0N Big-A Football 'ldinies Slafl lJAVlQ, CART. IDA l'.l'.A. VIS, PllYI,I,IS Big-A l.aKin Cluh Student Patrol Girls' Cmiiivil Stlicleul Couni il Y,'lleL'i1'4 Senior Play Iunior Aeliieveinen! DILKS, RONNY iioothall Bovs' Chorus Chorus Science Club IDUNBAI? DONNA I.-hun v Asxislanl Gun Offiw Oifnv A-,Romani F.H.I..A. lunifn Ili-rl liiuxx l'RliliMAN A 15013 Boys' c,,.ima C.l1oru', Srieiuw' f,lnn Spanish Linh lioothall 49-50 51 l.erlei'iiieii's fflulu Red XF Gray ll:- ljlvx Senior . ' liRliNCll, IJONALIJ Nlmii' Upeiaioi Spanish Clulx f,lvc'c'rl4'a4lel' CLAVIN. PAT Spanish Clnh GROSS, ROBERT Patrol ll,'XlVl.liR. ROISIEIFI' lm-ii hall llovs' lfuwinlwls' fflnnus lrai I. lIA'l l'liN. llliRl5llR'I' Nlaqia Cluls KIIIQIISON, IOAN C,lunus li.l5.I-UA-. Girls ltuseinlilr l,.liiu f.luh lliniui' Rell Liu-as Senior Play IIURLIZY, l'1S'l'IIlil2 IIZN H-lull l7.B.l,.A,, Sri. KINS. IOAN Chorus l7.ll.A., Pres. Draniaiii' Clulw, Pile. Latin Club Senior Play Pep Club Tliespians lice IOHNSON, CHRIS Patrol IONES. CARL Baseball 49-50-51 Senior Class Pres. F.F.A., Treas. LOWERY, BILL Football Track MACLEOD, ROBINA F.N.A., Vice-Pres. F.H.A. Science Club MAGGOS. HELEN Band Latin Club F.B.L.A. Student Council Tatler Staff Times Staff lunior Red Cross MALONEY, FRANK Football Patrol Student Council Senior Play MALSON, BILL Student Council Latin Club Golf Team 50 George Williams Ili-Y Science Club Senior Play Football MANNS. MORRIS Football Band Track Varsity Club MASON, ROBERT Smily Hi-Y McCANN, BIRDELLA Spanish F.H.A., Pres. Chorus MEYER, CHARLOTTE AN Library Assistant Tatler Staff Girls' Conference 49 MILNER. LAVONA Chorus ADAMS, IANE Chorus French Club Dean's Office Assistant ADMIRE, SHIRLEY French Club Pep Club Camera Club Iunior Achievement ALLEN, BETTY Chorus Office Occupations Club ASH, IOHN Baseball 50-51-52 Boys' Cabinet BAKER, BARBARA French Club, Sec, 19 Club BAKER, BEVERLY French Club, Treas. 19 Club BARBER, RUTH Office Occupations Club G.A.A. F.B.L.A. BARNETT, MARIORIE Band F.H.A. Iunior Achievement 1 lf.-mac, L. , A 'z zrvg' -img -wif if . fi 1' Activities of january Graduates MURDOCK, DAVID Latin Club Pep Club NICOLET. B1LL Football 49, 50. Sl Basketball 48, 49 Baseball 49, 50, 51 Track 49 Senior Play NOVVLAN, VERA G.A.A. F.H.A., Sec. ONTIS, MARY ANN Spanish Club PARIS, ALIDREY Spanish Club F.H.A. Student Council Chorus Science Club Vice Pres.. Senior Class PARKINS. EVALYN Spanish Club Student Council G.A.A. PRATT, NORMA Spanish Club Library Assistant RAIN. IOSEPH Football 49, 50, 51 Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Chorus 49, 50, 51 Student Council 49 Latin Club Senior Play RAY, NORA MAE F.N.A. F.B.L.A. RAY, ROSETTA Student Patrol F.H.A. G.A.A. Library Assistant Chorus Y-Teens Student Council Girls Conference 50 Senior Play RICHARDS. IACKIE Chorus F.N.A. RIDDER. BILL F.F.A. RIGAS, DORIS Latin Club F.B.L.A. Senior Play Library Assistant Chorus Pep Club Student Council National Honor Society Gym Office SANDERS, BETTY Latin Club Chorus Science Club SCHNEIDER, IOYCE Student Council Office Helper Library Helper Latin Club Nurses Club F.N.A. Science Club SCHUETZ, FREDRICK Student Council SELHIME, FREDDIE ' Patrol STANKA, DOROTHY Latin Club Library Assistant Chorus STICE, RICHARD Student Council STOBBS, DWIGHT Football '49 Basketball '49 Spanish Club Band Office Assistant Dean's Assistant I9 Club Boys' Cabinet Times Staff Tatler Staff Science Club Dramatic Club Student Council Pres. Sophomore Class STROMSKE, THOMAS Football Boys' Cabinet 19 Club Sec. C1 Treas. Senior Class Big A Student Patrol Activities of june Graduates BARROW, IUANITA Band French Club BECKER, PATRICIA Band Thespians Dramatic Club Girls' Council Times Staff National Honor Society Office Assistant 19 Club BECKER, PAUL Band Chorus National Honor Society Baseball Boys' Cabinet Dramatics Tatler Staff Times Staff BECKERT, LAWRENCE Spanish Club Golf Team Lettermens' Club National Honor Society BENEZE, CAROLE F.N.A. BETHANY, EDGAR Baseball BLACK, EDWARD Band Rifle Club Stage Hand BORMAN, MARILYN Chorus BORNES, WILMA Chorus Cafeteria Worker BRADSHAW. IO ANN Y-Teens BREITWEISER, SHIRLEY Chorus Office Occupations Club National Honor Society BURCH, NINA Chorus Office Occupations Club BURGER, BEVERLY Girls' Council, Vice Pres. Office Assistant 19 Club Dramatic Club, Sec. Spanish Club Iunior Achievement F.B.L.A. BURNIESTER, IANE F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Band TARRANT, LOUISE Student Council Spanish Club Chorus F.H.A. Senior Play Pep Club- TOWNSLEY, IANE Dean's Office TRUSTY, IACK Student Patrol Office Helper VEITH, IOYCE Girls' Conference Library Assistant Student Council Y-Teen Seniors Senior Play WADE. WILLIAM Latin Club WEBBER, IO ANN Spanish Club F.B.L.A. WEBER, ELLA Chorus ' WILHELM, GUIDO Student Patrol Latin Club Science Club Office Host ' National Honor Society A Valdictorian WILLIAMS, IETTIE F.B.L.A. Library Assistant Alton High Times WILLIAMS, IOSEPH Latin Club WILSKE, IUDITH Latin Club Band National Honor Society Senior Play BURTON. NORMAN Movie Operator Baseball Code Class Radio Club BUSHNELL, IANICE National Honor Society French Club Office Occupations Club F.B.L.A., Treas. BLITTRY, BONNIE Chorus Latin Club Office Occupations Club CAPEHART, MELVIN National Honor Society National Thespian Society Treas. Dramatic Club, Pres. Radio Club, Pres. Rifle Club, Pres. Science Club Football Student Council Latin Club Tatler Staff, Co-Editor Iunior Achievement Band Accompaniment CARSON, BEVERLY Iunior Red Cross YfTeens Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. F.N.A. Nurse's Assistant F.T.A. Pep Club Times Staff Big A CARTWRIGHT, SHIRLEY Spanish Club CATHORALL, HELEN Cafeteria Worker CATHORALL, MARIE Student Patrol Cafeteria Worker Gym Office CHAMBERLAIN, BARBARA Spanish Club F.B.L.A. Chorus CHAPPELL, MILDRED Office Occupations Club Student Council CLARK. ALBERTA Chorus F.T.A. F.N.A. Camera Club Pe-p Club COLBURN, DONALD F.F.A. Band COLLEY, GERALDINE F.H.A. CONNER, LOUISE Chorus F.A.A. F.N.A. F.H.A. Spanish Club lub Pep C Iunior Achievement COPE. DELORES Latin Club Iunior Achievement Y-Teens Office Occupations COVER, DARLENE Patrol COWGILL. ALBERT Patrol Student Council CROWE, EMILY Dist. Ed. Club CURVEY, THOMAS Student Patrol DAVIS, EVALENA Chorus Cheerleader Pep Club G.A.A. Tatler Times Iunior Iunior Staff Staff Achievement Red Cross DAVIS, PATRICIA Office Ocmipations Club National Honor Society Y-Teens F.N.A. Latin Club Spanish Club Chorus DENNIS, AUDREY IUNE Chorus Phyllis Wheatly Y-Teens DEUCKER, SHIRLEY Dist. Ed. Club DICKERSON. BILI5 Baseball DIETSCHY, SHIRLEY Office Assistant Times Staff, Business Mgr. National Honor Society Big A Spanish Club Student Council Girls' Council Activities DRESLER, IACK Football Track Basketball, Mgr. DUELM, SHIRLEY Iunior Red Cross Y-Teens Latin Club Spanish Club F.N.A. Girls' Council National Honor Society Times Staff Big A DUNKEL, PAT Big A. Vice Pres. Chorus Latin Club Office Assistant Student Council Iunior Red Cross Dist. Ed. Club, Sec.,-Treas. Girls' Council Iunior Achievement DUVALL, ESTHER Chorus Spanish Club Office Occupations Club G.A.A. Y-Teens EALES, ROBERT F.F.A. Reporter lOffice:rl EDGELL, BOB Baseball, '50, '51, '52 Basketball, '50 Football. '49 Chorus Student Council, Sec. ' Council Sec Boys . - National Honor Society, Pres. Tatler Staff EDWARDS, EMERY Patrol ELDER, VERONICA Spanish Club Y-Teens French Club Band National Honor Society F.T.A. F.N.A. Office Assistant ELFGEN. SUZANNE 19 Club Latin Club Band Girls' Council Times Staff Tatler Staff National Honor Society Office Assistant EMMONS, IEAN Chorus Spanish Club Y-Teens Student Council ENOS, SHIRLEY Spanish Club F.B.L.A. EVANS. RONNIE Big A Future Dist. of America Student Council FERGUSON, SAMUEL Football Track Carver Hi-Y FESSLER, GERALD Pep Club Student Council Student Patrol FIGGE, CHARLES Student Patrol Pep Club Track FINLEY, DICK Band Movie Operator FISCHER, PAUL Student Patrol Basketball Mgr. of June Graduates FLEMING, SPENCER Band Hi-Y Iunior Achievement FLETCHER, DONALD Times Staff Patrol FOSTER, ELAINE French Club Latin Club F.T.A. National Honor Society Office Assistant FOWLER. IOHN GERALD Football Track FREELAND, IAMES F.F.A. Magic Club FUNK, KEITH Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Tatler Staff FURLOW, DOROTHY MAE Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens Brown lug FURTWENGLER, DALE Football Track Lettermens' Club Movie Operator GABRIEL, NANCY F.H.A. Pep Club Tatler Staff National Honor Society Gym Office GAGHEN, SHIRLEY National Honor Society Y-Teens, Sec. Spanish Club, Pres. F.T.A. Student Council Times Staff Girls' Council GITTLEN, PHYLLIS Office Assistant Times Staff Editor National Honor Society Spanish Club Girls' Council l9 Club GOEBEL, LOIS Iunior Achievement F.B.L.A. Y-Teens F.N.A. GOFF. LIONEL Band Latin Club GOINGS, HELEN Chorus GRAVEMAN, RUTH Office Occupations Student Council Latin Club Y-Teens GREER. CAROL Chorus Spanish Club Times Staff Latin Club GRIFFIN, CHARLOTTE Chorus Spanish Club GWILLIM, CLARENCE Football Future Dist. of America HAGGARD. DAVID Radio Club Band Office Occupations Club, Reporter HAIR, IANE Big A, Sec. Band Times Staff French Club Iunior Achievement Student Council Y-Teens HALEY, MARGARET Y-Teens F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Latin Club Band Second Maid to the Football Queen HARMAN, DORIS Band F.B.L.A. HARPER, NORMA Chorus Latin Club F.N.A. G.A.A. Science Club HARRAWOOD, LESLIE Patrol Chorus Red 6 Gray Hi-Y Baseball HARRIS, NORMA Latin Club HARRIS, WILLIAM Spanish Club Office Occupations Club Chorus Iunior Achievement HARRISON, DONALD Basketball, '50, '51, '52 Football, '50 Track '50 Chorus Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Student Council Boys' Cabinet Office Assistant Big A Tatler Staff HASTINGS. IUDITH French Club Girls' Council Latin Club Library Assistant Times Staff HENDERSON, BOB GENE Big A Future Dist. of America HENDERSON, IEWELL MAE French Club Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens HENDERSON. IOAN ALICIA Chorus Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens, Vice-Pres. I-IENSON, WAYNE E. Football, '49 Football Manager, '51 Basketball, '49, '50 Student Council l9 Club HILL, IACK Basketball, '50, '51, '52, Capt Baseball. '50, '51, '52 l9 Club Boys' Cabinet Student Council, Pres. Cross Country HOFF, IOYCE Chorus Latin Club Office Occupations Club HOPKINS, CYNTHIA Tatler Staff Office Assistant National Honor Society Latin Club Iunior Achievement Y-Teens HOOK, VIRGIL DEAN Football Track Boys' Cabinet, Pres. Lettermens' Club Student Council HOWARD, DOROTHY E. Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens Activities of June Graduates HUTCHISON. MARILYN IOAN KLII-'IN, GENE Band Football, '49, '50, '5l Chorus Basketball, '49, '50, '51 F.T.A. Tatler Staff, Advertising Mgr. Girls' Council Student Council Y-Teens Lettermens' Club Latin Club IOHNSON, BETTY LOUISE Boy's Cabinet Chorus Biq A F.N.A. Office Assistant F.B.L.A, Times Staff Dxstributive Education Club LAFIKES' Bn.-LIE JUNE IOHNSON. ORIRLLE D. F-TgA- , Band National Honor Society, Track D Sec., girias. - ramatic' u Carve' H' Y National Thespian Society, IONES, IRMA Vlfs Pm, Spanish Club Chorus F01-'A' Pep Club F.N.A. Iunior Hed Cross, Vice Pres. Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens Chorus IOUETT, IACQUELINE F.B.L.A., Sec., Treas. Chorus F.N.A. Latin Club Y-Teens Clinic Worker Red Cross Council KASSINGER, NANCY Chorus F.H.A. KAUS, DOROTHY Iunior Achievement, Sec. Latin Club Dramatic Club Treas. Thespian Pres. Band Y-Teens Girls' Council National Honor Society Student Council F.B.L.A. Office Assistant Sec.-Treas of Senior Class Times Staff KELLER, LOUIS Spanish Club KELLY, PATRICIA Library Assistant KING, BARBARA Student Council Red Cross Council Sec. Girls' Council Pres. Y-Teens National Honor Society Latin Club F.T.A. Office Assistant Times Staff KIRK. GLYNN Iunior Achievement Track Camera Club Garver Hi-Y KODROS, FLORENCE Girls' Council Office Assistant French Club KOLESA, MARILYN BARBA Chorus Student Council RA First Maid to Football Queen LUCHT, CHARLES KORTKAMP. BARBARA IO Student Patrol Majorette, '50, '5I, '52 Library Assistant F.T.A. KRINARD, GLORIA GAY F.T.A. Spanish Club Dramatic Club Student Council Band National Honor Society Pep Club Office Assistant LASSWELL, IACK KEVEN Science Club Intramural Sports LAUX, GAILE PHYLLIS Library Assistant Office Assistant Y-Teens lunior Achievement Chorus LAWSON, RONALD LEE Red and Gray Hi-Y Golf Team, 'Sl-'52 Tatler Staff Pep Club LAYTON. CAROLYN LOUISE Office Assistant Chorus Iunior Achievement F.N.A. Camera Club Latin Club LENHARDT, RODGER DALE Dramatic Club LEONARD, IO ANN Girls' Council F.B.I...A. Spanish Club National Honor Society F.N.A. Dean's Assistant Student Oouncil lunior Red Cross Office Assistant Dream Girl '51 Football Queen '51 Y-Teens Latin Club LINDLEY. SHIRLEY Latin Club F.N.A. Y-Teens LONG. CAROL Chorus Spanish Club LOWERY, SHIRLEY Tatler Staff F.N.A. Thespians, Pres. Dramatic Club Office Assistant Clinic Assistant French Club Times Staff Girls' Council National Honor Society National Honor Society LYNN, ANN Chorus French Club Tatler Staff Student Council Latin Club McAFOOS, OLIVER Student Council, Vice-Pres. Office Occupations, Pres. Big A McGLASSON, ROBERT Student Patrol MCINTOSH, EVELYN Band F.H.A. F.T.A., Vice Pres. Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens McMILLAN. BOB Basketball Boys' Cabinet Red 6 Gray Hi-Y MACIAS, MICHAEL Football '50, '51 Track '51 Chorus MADISON, NORMA IEAN Brown lug Phyllis Wheatley Iunior Red Cross MALLORY, MARILYN Spanish Club Chorus MARSH, IANICE Tatler Staff Latin Club Chorus Girls' Ensemble '51 Y-Teens Red Cross F.B.L.A. MASON, ALMA Chorus F.H.A. Iunior Achievement MASSEY. DICK Student Council Dist. Ed. Club Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Boys' Chorus MATTHEWS. DONNA KAY Maiorette Iunior Red Cross MAXEINER, HERBERT Chorus Patrol Band Dramatics MEDLER, ROLAND Future Distributors Club Track Manager Iunior Achievement MEEDEN, MARY Band Latin Club, Sec.-Treas. F.B.L,A. National Honor Society Office Occupations, Vice P MEISENHEIMER, PAT F.N.A. Latin Club Chorus Clinic Assistant Dean's Assistant MILLER. ALBERT F.F.A. MILLER, CAROLYN Chorus Latin Club Times Staff F.T.A. MILLER, DONALD Carver Hi-Y MILLER, MARY Spanish Club G.A.A. MONTROY, PHILLIS Office Occupations Club G.A.A. MOORE, MARSI-IA National Honor Society French Club, Vice-Pres. Latin Club Girls' Council F.N.A. Times Staff Tatler Staff Office Assistant Y-Teens l9 Club Student Council IBS. MORRIS, MARLINE Band Latin Club F.T.A. MUELLER, DORIS Cafeteria Worker MYERS, MARY IANE Latin Club Clinic Assistant F.N,A. Iunior Achievement Student Council NOBLE, GEORGE Future Distributors NORMAN. DOROTHY Chorus Spanish Club F.T.A. Student Council OLDHAIVI, RUSSELL Future Distributors OSBLIRN, CONNIE F.I-I.A. OTEY, ALONZO Track Football Carver Hi-Y PARKER, IOCELYN Chorus Spanish Club F.T.A. Pep Club Dramatic Club PAUL, MAURICE Student Council F.F.A., Pres. Cafeteria Worker PREWITT, ANN Chorus French Club, Pres. 6 F.T.A. Girls' Council Y-Teens Student Council Library Assistant PRUETT, ELSIE Y-Teens Cafeteria Worker Patrol Iunior Achievement Distributive Ed. Club Chorus PRUIETT, GLENDA Cafeteria Worker Student Patrol French Club lunior Achievement Y-Teens F.N.A. F.B.L.A. Chorus Office Assistant REXROAT, VIRGINIA Science Club F.T.A, Spanish Club Y-Teens Office Assistant Pep Club Nurses Assistant Library Assistant Iunior Red Cross RIPPLEY, GEORGE V. Pres Football Track ROBLEY, SHIRLEY F.N.A. Science Club Dramatic Club Camera Club F.T.A. Iunior Achievement Nurses Assistant Chorus ROSE, VIVIENNE Band Latin Club Iunior Achievement ROWSE. IAMES Football, '49, '50, '51 Track Chorus Boys' Cabinet, Vice-Pres. Student Council Iunior Red Cross RUEDIN, CAROL Tatler Staff F.T.A, Latin Club French Club RLINDELL, PAUL F.F.A. RUYLE, VIRGINIA Chorus F.D.A. SANDIN. MARIORIE Band Chorus Student Council Iunior Red Cross, Pres, National Honor Society Dramatic Club Office Assistant SALIVAGE, IOY French Club Y-Teens Iunior Achievement l9 Club SCHAEFER, CAROL French Club, Treas. Band Times Staff National Honor Society, Corresponding Secretary Iunior Red Cross, Pres. Dramatic Club Science Club Camera Club Y-Teens Pep Club SCHLOBOHM, SALLY Library Assistant Pep Club SCHRUMPF. IOYCE Band French Club, Sec. Latin Club Y-Teens F.N.A. Girls' Council. Vice-Pres. Tatler Staff, Music Editor Times Staff National Honor Society Library Assistant SCHWAAB, CHARLES Band F,F.A. SCHWAAB, FRANCES Chorus Pep Club F.I'I.A. Iunior Achievement SCOGGINS, PAT Chorus Y-Teens, Pres. Stundent Council Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas. Dramatic Club Thespians, Sec. F.T.A., Sec. Office Assistant Times Staff Girls' Council, Sec.-Treas. National Honor Society lst Maid to Dream Girl Iunior Red Cross Library Assistant Activities of June Graduates SEARLES, DELORES Office Occupations F.N.A. F.B.L.A. F.I-LA. SHIRACK. IEANETTE Library Assistant Y-Teens - Iunior Achievement Latin Club SHORT, NELLIE Spanish Club SILVELIS, CONNIE LOU F.B.L.A. Chorus SIMMONS, CAROL Spanish Club Y-Teens F.B.L.A. SINCLAIR. NORMAN Radio Club, Vice Pres. SMART, MELBA IEAN F.N.A. Chorus SMITH, DAVID Radio Club Spanish Club Rifle Club, Sec, SMITH. OLIVER Football SOLOMAN, CARL Band Dance Band Spanish Club Tatler Staff Carver HI-Y STAMM, ROSE MARY F.B.L.A. F.N.A. Iunior Red Cross Student Patrol Clinic Assistant STEVENS, IULIA MAE Latin Club Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens STEVENSON, CAROL Band National Honor Society Girls' Council Student Council Iunior Red Cross Y-Teens Latin Club STOBBS, KAY National Honor Society, Vice-Pres. Girls' Council, Pres. Tatler Staff, Organization Editor F.T.A. F.N.A. Latin Club Chorus Student Council Y-Teens STOUDER, IANE ELIZABETH Tatler Staff, Editor Chorus National Honor Society F.T.A., Pres. French Club Library Assistant Latin Club lunior Red Cross STRADER, IACKIE LEE Track Times Staff TAYLOR, ESAU Hi-Y Football Track lunior Achievement Band Latin Club TAYLOR, EULA Chorus Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens Student Council TAYLOR. WILLIAM Dramatic Club Hi-Y Latin Club Radio Club Science Club Rifle Club Student Parol TEMPLE, DICK Chorus Football Red 8 Gray Hi-Y Student Patrol Boys' Glee Club Future Distributors Movie Operator TERRELL, GLIYLAND Carver Hi-Y Chorus Track Football TOLLEY, IANICE Student Council F.N.A. TRAITOR, CHARLES Student Council TUDOR, MARSHALL Student Council National Honor Society Office Assistant TLIETKEN, MARY Girls' Council National Honor Society Latin Club lunior Achievement Y-Teens Tatler Staff Office Assistant F.T.A. TUHRO, DICK Band Chorus Track Baseball TUNGETT, LEROY Band TURNBULL. TOM Band Student Council TUTT, DON Baseball Football Basketball Chorus Red s Gray Hi-Y TWITTY, EMMA F.B.L.A. F.N.A. VANFOSSEN, MARION Dramatic Club VON BERGEN, LOIS F.N.A. VOSS, NANCY Tatler Staff F.B,L.A. Band Big A VOUMARD, PAT Cafeteria Worker WEAVER, ANN Girls' Council, Sec.-Treas. National Honor Society Latin Club Y-Teens Iunior Achievement, Sec. Office Assistant uean s Assistant Student Council Science Club WEAVER, DAVID band National Honor Society Science Club WEAVER, MARY PATRICIA National Honor Society Ottice Assistant WEBB, AGNES Student Patrol WEGMAN, DONALD WETSTEIN, SARAH F.B.L.A. Chorus lunior Red Cross Y-Teens WELLS, DANIEL Football, '50, '51 Track, '51 Latin Club Lettermens' Club Times Staff WIENEKE, BILL Chorus WIGHTMAN, KAYE Tatler Staff Student Council F.B,L.A, Library Assistant Y-Teens WILLIAMS, DUDLEY Band WINSHIP, SHIRLEY Maid to Dream Girl Y-Teens Office Assistant WOODMAN, SHIRLEY Chorus F.B.L.A. G.A.A. Cafeteria Worker WOODS, CHARLES Student Patrol Magic Club WOODS, RUTH French Club Y-Teens WRIGHT, IOHN Football Chorus YATES, OLEN Latin Club ZIEKE, IAMES Magic Club junior Red Cross Acme Bowling Alleys ...... Adams Printing Co. ......... . Alton Banking 8 Trust Co. A'ton Box Board Co. ..... . Alton Building E1 Loan Alton Brick Co. ............. . Alton Creamery .............. Alton Evening Telegraph Alton Heating 8 Plumbing Alton. Lithographing Co. .. Alton Refrigeration Co. .. Alton Shoe Repair ............ Alton Tire Sales ............ Alton Venetian Blind Co. Alton-Wood River Auto Dealers ......... ........ ....... Becktold Company ...... ....... Belcher and Morehead ...... Ben Franklin Store ...... . Bindler's Store .............. . Block's Ice Cream .....,.... Boyd's Sandwich Shop .... Bran.denberger Iewelry Co. Brandt Hardware Co. Broadway 6 Main Market Brown-Hornsey Printing Corp. ................................. . Buck's Paint 8 Floor Covering ............................ Burt's Launderers 8 Cleaners Carson Iewelers .................... Carter Bros. Tractor E1 Equipment Co. .,............. . Central Electric Shop ............ Central Tire Service ............ Challacombe, N. N. Co. .,..... . Chappell, Lessner, 5 Berger City Fuel and Supply Co. Cloverleaf Golf Course .......... Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ........ College Inn .............................. Cordes Motor Co. .......... ...... . Dan's Brake Service ..,........... Davis Ice Cream Co. ........... . Davis, Paul F. 6 Sons ....... Dee Floral Co. ..........,, ..... . Drapery Service Co. ............. . East End Hardware .... .,,.... Elm Street Cleaners .. Elm Way Drive-In ...... Ernst Clothes Shop ...... .i..... Evans Pastries .............. Firestone Store ........................ First National Bank 8 Trust Co. ......................... . Fleming, Thomas I. ............... . Florentine Beauty Salon ........ Ford-Hopkins ................,......... Fredman Brothers ........ ...... Gabriel, M, C. .......... ..... . Gate1y's .......................... ...... Ghent Sandwich Shop ........,,.. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Gibson Furniture ..... ........ Gifts and Gadgets .................. Ginier-Wardein .... ................ Godwin Office Supply .......... Gould Musical Co, ................. . Gouldings, E. H. E1 Sons ,....... Grand E1 Princess Theatres Grants ........................................ Greater Alton Association of Commerce ,................. Greer. Eli, Real Estate ........ Grossheim Insurance Agency Hanlon and Haegle ................ Haper's Towing Service ........ Harris Market ........................ Henderson Brothers ................ Hildebrand s .............................. Hoffman Feed E1 Supply Co. Home Building C1 Loan Ass'n. Hotel and Restaurant Meat Supply .............................. Hurst Potato Chip Co. ........... . Imming Furniture 8 Skelgas Irene K. Alteration ............,... Iack's Standard Station ........ Jones Confectionery ................ jones Sweet Shop .................... K. and A. Barber Shop .......... Katherine K. Lingerie Shop .. Kelley and Mayer Food Market .............................. Kerr's Drug Store .......... ..... Kramer Electric Co. Laclede Steel Co. .......... .... . L. 6 L. Refrigeration .............. Luer Bros. Packing Co. ....... . Luken Agency, ln.c. ............... . Lytton's ...................... Maneke Iewelry ...... Metcalfe-Miller ........................ Milton Green Houses ............ Milton Road Cleaners ............ Mid-States Finance Co. ......... . Mikoff Grocery ...................... Mineral Springs Hotel ............ Modern Welded Products Co. Monticello College .................. Morrissey-King .....,.................. N E Mar Shos . . y p ............... . National Printing Co. ........... . Nevlin Moving 6 Storage Nitsche's Drug Store ............ Nelson Burton Bowl Inn .. Nolls Bakery ........................ Noll Insurance Co. ........,...... . Norside Cycle Co, ............... . Nottoli Bros. Market ............ Office Machines Exchange Orris, I. F. Co. .............i,...... . Owens-Illinois Glass Co. .............................. Fly 137 143 159 159 159 159 165 165 157 157 157 162 162 162 139 162 162 162 162 161 160 160 160 160 160 160 160 160 158 158 158 158 159 159 159 138 158 157 158 163 163 163 163 163 164 169 169 165 157 165 169 140 169 169 169 169 166 -leaf Paul's Barber Shop ....... Pepsi-Cola ................... Peters Gift Shop ....... Photo Art Shop .................... Rain Grocery .......................... Rain and Rain Food Market Record Center .......................... Reeder, W, 6 Sons ............ Rice's Grocery ....,................,.. Ridge Street Confectionery Rock Poole Pharmacy ............ Roloff's Market .........,............ Rust Grocery Store ....... Sawyer, E. A. .............. . Schaffner Music Co. ..., . Selhime's ..............,........ Shearburn's ..................,.. Shurtleff College ............,....... Smith's Service Station .......... Snyder's ....................,,.............. Spieth Studio .,,....................... Springman Lumber Co. .......... Square Deal Shop ......... St. Peters Electric ......... Stahl, I.G.A. Market ..... Standard Oil Oo. ...... . Stanka Garage ........... Stickler, C. A., Insurance ...... Stone Bros. Iewelry ................ Stop and Shop Market ,......... Stratford Hotel ........................ Streeper Funeral Home ........ Superior Carpet Co. ............. . Superior Carpet Cleaners ...... Tate Hardware Co. ...... . Titchenals Market .............,.... Todd Cleaners ........................ Tom Mills Auto Parts ,......... Towne Shop ............................ True-Value Shop .........,, Uptown Barber Shop ........,... Uptown-Starlight Theatres Vogue .... ..................,........ Walnut Grove Dairy .........,.. Walter's Shell Service ............ Wardein Pharmacy .............. Weber, Fred C. Agency .,.... Wedge Pharmacy ...,...........1.. Wells Tire Sales ..............,..... Western Cartridge Co. ....... . Wick's Service ........,,..,,,,,,,,.. Williamson Pharmacy .,........ Wilton-Hughson. Agency Windmill Cafe ....,........,.,,,,,,,,. WOKZ, Radio Station Woolworth, F. W. Co. Yolton's .........................,, Y. M. C. A. ...... . Y. W. C. A. .... . Young's ........... 166 141 166 166 166 167 166 166 144 167 167 167 144 147 145 145 138 170 150 144 168 171 171 171 148 172 171 171 168 168 168 172 150 150 171 171 175 175 175 175 175 173 173 173 173 173 173 173 176 174 176 175 176 176 176 176 176 139 139 139 .l'.A'f'.f'.l's,, .!.7'.f.7'.f.V'.!.V'.AV'.A7' .A'!'.f.V'.4 f'.A'!'.!.7'.6'.7'J.7'.!' A!Zf.Q7.Cf'.f7.!7JYZf.AfJ7J7'ff.Cf.CfZf.!?J7J7.CfZfA'f.4fZf.Cf' W Q NM 5? . J' If ,I I J' ' A f J I -A .J XV X A I Ifjw, I ' 7- g ' J J CONGRATULATIONS HUMBERT ROAD ALTON ILLINOIS BROADWAY AND MAIN DRIVE IN FRUIT AND PRODUCE MARKET WQ LEQQBLE ,:IIIIII,I I,II II,II,IIEIIIiOIIIIIOIIIIIIIEIIIIIIII:II,IIIIIIIOI be 'si U ' ly . . A ' .D T H LYTTON s Q 1: ' hot dog. 5' -.0 I 'V ' ' fe 's oo . 1 A ' 'Q won er if the ave an in I in ussian Wo fhoun I 3 is '5 o 'I v A . I' y say she's real 4 gg p g on the dog ,J , ce she dnscovered 4 129, those new styles at I Mx cg iQlg,,x5 Q X ' . rn' '.,f'.'.2, I ,,. . pg, 'A fwfr ' 'IFR .wz4f'- ,'z,'-J, 2 5w'gP7'Q 3,l' 45.'4SF1?!'3' 99 72' f f tzfs0Ag2Wi.x4.x4', ': ., ' xg-,Q il. v ,,' 'QV :iff 4 1 t' v ' I mx- Orgzjbgbaae ,gf r 3 I 14 xsx tm' yi I t I k . 1-, 1' X 1 gr- -. '.. - L3 . lg Y lh d yfh 9 'N for men? .A'f'.!7.5fJ7J7.4f.5f!7.!7J7A'f.!?'.4fJ7.5f'..ff.ffJ7.ffJ7J7'J7.L'f'.A'.fA'f'.A'f'.!.7'.!.7'.A'fJ.V'.f.V'.f.7'.4'f'-f.7'.f' 138 .A'!' 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K Lf If fffffffffffff ' 139 .!7JfZ'!'.ffJZA'f'J7JZA'!'.4fA'fJ7.A'fJ7J.7J777J7'J7J7J7A'f.f7'.A !'.6!J.7J7'.A'!J7J7J7'.5'7JJJ7'.A'f'.A7'.A'fJ.7f 1 v Thomas J Flemmg ' Q Q n 0 PLUMBING d HEATING STORES CONTRACTORS P 7 9 E ALTON TIRES AUTO SUPPLIES RADIOS I 1 ph 2 1619 THE FLORENTINE BEAUTY SALON HAIR STYLING PERMANENT WAVING HAIR CUTTING COLD WAVING p 25 C11g8M E Al FORD HOPKINS BUTTER KRUST BREAD DRUG STORE 119 West Thlrd Street ALTON, ILLINOIS ICE CREAM ALTON'S DOWNTOWN REXALL STORE .Eff J .f.7J' .A'!J:, ,,.!:,.A'!'.!' -C ..... .A7'.f.7'-.47'..f' . lg , 'Z , V 1 v - . A . , ,fl xff fxz f fffffffff rfxffffff fff .f A'- 1 ' - ' 11 1 1 S I, I 'MJ Ixzcomp iments of, .1 ' I . 1 4 A' 'Q' 1 ' 1 1 . , . 1 S N , na . , V S 3 I5 4 'A an 1 ' lr E 11 -. 1 Q 512 E. 'Broadway ' I i ALTON, ILL. Telephone 3-8875 1 1.. K.. hone -922 ZH B d y y LL iq X . - 1 . S 1- 1.- - 3 Q . : 1 1' ' 1 f 1 1 'T ' S 1 S Tee one - I X 1 X Specializing In I 1 ' ' 1 and E 1 1 Pro rietors 28a o e e a1n Mr. and Mrs. . A. Faires Upper ton, III. , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 gf' 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 140 -1.7 Elm Way Drive-In FOUNTAIN and CURB SERVICE c E1dHy I Compliments of .1 I A EVANS PASTRIES PHONE 2-9421 2611 STATE ALTON ILL ERNST 1662 Compliments of CLOTHES SHOP Washington Avenue ALTON, ILLINOIS 1 1 1 1 1 1 IIIZIYIC CUSTOM-MADE -11-r 1 i::: g:: 1 L 1 I . 1 1 A 25-4 WU!-FU ALUMINUM AWNINGS ALUMINUM STORM SASI-I SPACE SAVING FOLDOORS ALTON VENETIAN BLIND CO. 603 St. Louis Ave. EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS TILE - - PLASTIC - - ASPHALT E3 RUBBER Phone Office 4-3922 PEPSI COLA Compliments of BOTTLIN G COMPANY 141 .A'f'.!.7'.A'!'.f.7'.!.7'..A7'.ff.l7A'f'.!7'.CfZZ.CfJ7C4A'f!.7JZCfffJ7'.CfJ?'.Cf'.Cff.7 J7' S f Q 3 3 3 Q I Q 5 1 3 3 3 Q I Q S 3 Q Q 3 3 Q Q Q 1 y Q IZ.- ZfA'fZf'J.7Zf'Zf'.!7Zf!7.CfJ.7lfZf.ifZf'.f7J7ZfJ?J?Zf'.l7Zff .A'!'.!.7'.f.77.7'.!.7 .f.7'.f.7'.A!'..A'f'.A!'.A'f'.f' .f.7'.f.7'.A'1 f.7.7'.!.7 .475 fdaj .Each nf IF WE CAN BE or ANY HELP - 1u+sT WHISTLE ' we 44,4466 That is the spirit of e ery rson ss ia e with th a e A ff graduates are concerned . . 'Zz . . . You are about to embark upon a new vent rf , . ome of 'u I . . f . . attend the college of your choice . . . while so f 111 e ge in the occupa tion of your choice . . . Thats our wonderf American way of life Nothing is predetermined, excepting ONLY that the success or failure of a business or an individual depends upon the human element . . . OUR MACHINE AGE HAS NOT CHANGED THAT ONE BIT . . . Whatever your ambition, if you have a BURNING DESIRE to do the things you have the ABILITY to do, your chances for success are excellent . . . Of course, all along your path of progress, there may be problems One, for example, such as securing many of the commodities you need from day to day . . . That is where we come in . . . For nearly a half century now, tens of thousands of people have solved that problem at Gately's . , . As a consequence, many people think of us as merchants who make available to their customers the things they need on a year-to-pay budget plan . . . . . But we think of our business as that of HUMAN HELPFULNESS . . . The following sets forth only one of the many reasons , . . Mr. Robert Seidel, Vice President of R. C. A. Victor, Director of American Standards Association and Vice President of the National Founda tion of Retail Credit, said - and we quote: 'If most people didn't buy on in stallment basis, few could afford to buy for cash . . . A new refrigerator would cost about 33,000 . . . A new radio of today's 519.95 quality would cost about 5750.00 - because that's what they cost before they were mass produced . . . Mass production is impossible without mass sales - and mass sales are impossible without the extensive use of consumer credit . . . And so, we repeat, if we can be of any help IUST WHISTILE We'll be Iohnny-on-the-spot . . . at every stage along life's highway' It's Smart . . . It's Thrifty . . . and it's mighty Convenient to buy everything on one account at a GATELY DEPT. STORE .,... J 3 , Q Z f I X X . ,S . f 'II 2 . . . . Q t 'C ment Stores . . . We ar ' y SQ is fa as 41' ' 7- 50 l X ,I g 4. f ' ' E 142 J.7'J'J .4'!:f.7 .f:f'.f.7'.f.7'.!:f'.A'f'.A'!Z7' .A'!J.7 .!.7:47'-I.7'JA !'-f.7'.f.7:l' .A'l A' ff7' 'A'ff AZ!! 'Aff' ff:!'.A7 IA7f fA77.7' 'TAVJ' 'A .A7J x,-f' n n n FREDMAN BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. HOUSE OF BARGAINS THE STORE WITH THE RED FRONT QUALITY FOOD, GOOD SERVICE WITH BEST WISHE5 and FRIENDLY sM1LEs 7. ARE YOURS AT ,wuuZ2?w hob G H E N T f Sandwich Shop 417 E. B oadway - - Alto One Door North of Uptown. 'Theatre HA GOGD PLACE TO BUYH gui .aj jfs ' - 663943 OJ ' Wg, C64 First National Bank G: TRUST CIDMPANY in Alton Capital and Surplus 81,250,000 THIRD AND BELLE STREETS 0 ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDE INSURANCE CORPCRATION , 143 J7' 'N Qu 144 Q .!'.!'.!'.f'.!'.!7'.f'.!7'.fJ'.f'.!'.!'.f'.!'.!'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'J'.f'.f',, ,,,,,, ..f',,,J'-f:,J'J'.f' ,,, J',,J'.f'.!'.!'.f'.f'.54'f'.f'J'.f'J'!'.!'.f'J'..f'J'..l'.!'.!',,v.f',,.f',,,,.f' ,I -- S 2 Q Lal as X U rn I 'J he Q X 3, 'T' ou 4 ' 21 0 Us Z r-1 ox P5 5 U .. F11 U1 U1 Cl 1-' '- m U U ... X N ' PU C P1 ' I' 2 'N' - U1 S 5 H 0 rp Q' m 3, P CH 1 T1 Z S -A fu n 0 Q so L' 2 .. 9 70 U X N rn 'Q o Q 'I' 4: -1 - o 'G fn :U Q H 2 5 -V PU E71 3 if fb 5 if X U1 Q : ul 3, f U 5 cn E U1 B :I O -' -. '4 Q 5 fo :Q Q: V1 F' 70 .- F' 'V Q7 v-4 X G1 Ei fv cn 3, E, 2 CD L11 H 5 9 'Q 7' 5 , Q g 2 H E cn 0 S11 X cu OO FH Q O Q 'U . 9 3 H ' 5 U1 X Z EE 3, Q 2 cn F' U: X, 4 ,-3 F' X 3 r-I ' -1 7:1 'U 5 'I F71 1 5' :V 5 X Q . gg U1 2' -. O U, 3, 2 0 ... 3 N uw 5 m f- P4 E - E .fx E 8 3 F' fn pg Q, -1 ET C5 4 Q Q E U3 fn 'ff S U' 9 gs X Q. F11 m ,, .3 2 sn 57 U1 G3 E 'C :E 2 s m 2, E O rn rn U 3 g r L11 -4 in in fe I -4 E S gn - Q '41 Z I Il U1 U V' B to 5 E o V-Q 0 rn ffl 2 L ' 3, 4 U2 CZ D11 U P ' ,..j 2 Z ' FP :S ,1 M 5 E2 ffl 2 21 3 fn 22 3 5 cv S Q no 5 F' 3 P ru m E N-f PF 3 E Z Q2 5 Q'- S EE if ff Q -I E' U' Q' If Q N 4 H 3 cb O Z E1 0 5 U3 D QI Z m ws Q' 5' 0 51 I E Cv-Pg 3: 93 - rn 3 2 U, 2 E U1 K' ... cn F E ? .!.7'.l.7'.f.7'.f' -- !' -ff' A-YJ' ---ff' AAI A-A -ff' --:!'.!'.f'A- -:ff -ff' -'ffl' .A7'.!'.fJ'.!'.f'.!'.!' .5 I Q O FU U Eli U2 E S O 'FU G 9 .f.77.7'-4'f'.!:f'.!.7'.f' .!7'.A'!:f' 2350 STATE STREET ALTON, ILLINOIS When You Gamble In Traffic You Bet Your Own Life DAN'S BRAKE SERVICE REAR FRAME ALIGNMENT BRAKE SERVICE GUARANTEED 906 W. Ninth Phone 3-5211 Compliments of Davis Ice Cream Bar 1644 Washington Ave. ALTON, ILLINOIS FAMOUS FOR FINER FOODS Paul F. Davis 8z Sons 317 State Street ALTON, ILLINOIS WM. DEE Office Phone 2-3132 G. M. LAMMERS Residence Phone 2-2261 DEE FLORAL COMPANY Say It With Flowers Member Florists' Telegraph Association 2524 College Avenue ALTON, ILLINOIS f 0' 1 , V I CONGRATULATIONS TO COLLEGE INN Godfrey, Ill. N M Ompli 'S f THE 1952 GRADUATING CLASS J ACME BOWLING ALLEYS Gwen Mills Kathryn Motley Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q Q Q .!.7 .A7'.A9S ---X 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 ADAMS PRINTING COMPANY LETTER PRESS . . . OFFSET-LITHO phone W4 fain fmmerfiaie Sefwice 2-3344 of 2-2512 536 E. BRO All ALTON, ILL. G- SELHIME'S ROUTE 111 NORTH ALTON 0 CURB SERVICE 0 STEAKS AND CHICKEN SCHAFFNER MUSIC CO., INC. DIAL 3-7953 ALTON, ILLINOIS 146 1 1 .f.7A'f'.A'f .f.7'.f.7'.A'f'.f.7'..A'!'.!7'.f' 1 ' ' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q X Q Q Q Q Q Q bf A ffff .A'!'.A'f'.A'!'.!.7 .f-VJ' .A'f'.f.7'.!.7'.A'f'.A'f'.f' ,,vv J' , , , .!.7 ' , , , .A'f'.A'f'.A'f'.Z. ! .A f'..AIf'.Af'.A'f'.f.7'.!7 .A'!' v- v-, -ff ' vvv- v- I Compliments Compliments of of CLOVERLEAF Barton EI Berger GOLF COURSE Ronald Chappell OUT COLLEGE AVENUE Charles Lessner ON FOSTERBURG ROAD 1f.Q,a0v.,v. Q Compliments of MW FUEL SUPPLY co. H A o1L -SBLIILDING MATERIAL E. , K az S REA? MZ CONCRETE Front 6 Ridge Sts. Phone 3-3544 jafv , I omplimen QM X Compliments 0 , E. A. game: SAW R PAINTING - - DECORATING I -A 247' ':A'f'.!' S 4 1 -txs -- -:,. x Q . : , l ---:9. 147 Nix 'Q I , . I ,I W I M. C. Bus GABRIEL EXCAVATING - BLILLDOZING ' . S5-K 1-,ff ' 5512! VJ ,WL Q 2 .5 aa 'kb I . lx X It 'J 1' Q . 3, MIA Q .Z'.f'.f.7'..f.77.7'.f.7'.!.7'.!.7'.f.7'.!1'f7J f.7l'f.!3 J7'-J' I I ,Z I IQ . X I I Q I I ' 4 'AA J7J.7'.!ffA'CA'f!.7'.4'!77'.A'!'.A7'.A'fJ77.7'.K77.Z'1 J.7'.A77' 1 V '- If I , Q .. I MASSEY HARRIS FARM EQUIPMENT RYDAY PRICES ' M , E V Alton, R. R. No. 1 Fosterburg, Ill ' f . . No. 1,-'Alton Phone Al 2 8953 STERBURG, ILL. X' fl, X Wm ww-non EI E I, -.4 I .1 3 Y W , , N , , Ir ,xi . If .R7 'TD' I A K Qi.. lin! , X in :I , 0 Trifj KQIW I .f ' , ' . 5xf'!' J Q 3 NTRAL TIRE SERVICE fn' 1 , JD: ' pd N ,Lf ,f M! W. GRATIAN J f f, A Qi C jr 'x ,fwydf Q 4,4 ,. fbwr if ir 'k Broadway and Central ALTON, ILLINOIS - --.Z-- - 148 .ff.ffJ7f7f7'.CfffJ7'Z'f'.f7!7.d'fJ.7Iff7J7.A'ff7CfffY A A A A A A A .f' A A A A A A A A - -1 I 1 1 Q Compliments of N. N. Challacombe Co. 5 Centr,aNl Ellectric PLUMBING AND HEATING 5 R. H, LANGEN DIAL 2 3131 J 511 Ridge St Alton, Illinois 558 E. Broadway Alt Illinois 5 zfpzpgy it Nationally Advertised l Diamonds - Watches S SU UH EASY TERMS 4 N ' fa 1 Lg ' -' 215 W. THIRD ST. . 'f, x xrljjfgqgg-,gsm 169 . ifwo-f'0ff?l4S,JWg,Mf',..,,Q5Lg.,0T9:' mlgy, 5 iii' 9' i ll X 1 Nuff!! 3:9 l . I . Q 1 IRR f Q f FARMOMNTV Ui ,f fl lfgiltffl 4 . CARTER BROS. TRACTER 81 EQUIP. CO. 1 HLWAY 67 ALTON, ILL. Q JN 149 .f'.A'!'.f.7 .A'fJ' .!.7 .A7'.f7'.A7'.!7'.A7'.f'.7'.A'KZ'.Z'r .!.7'.f' J Compliments of Belcher and Morehead HARDWARE, INC' Service Station DOWNTONVN BUSINESS MENS 712 H ISAST BROADXIVAY FREE PARKING LOT Wilnamw Str t ALTON ALTON, ILL, ALTO' .A'f'.A7' .f.7'.f'.f?7' .A7'J' J' .!'.7'.A'A'f f'l.7' SUPERIOR CARPET C0 SPECIALISTS IN FINE CARPETING NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS FIRTH - GULISTAN - DOWNS HARDWICK 8 M GEE A. A. GRAVES C SONS D' I 3-8141 1636 Main Dial 3- ATED AT SMITI-I'S SERVICE ELDON and PAUL WASHING AND' SPRAY GLAZE POLISH GREASING - - CHANGE wage? J:f.A'!'.!.7'.f.7 .!' .A'f'.A7'.A'!' ,. . A , 1 50 .A'f'.f.7J' .A'!'.f TI7.7' ' .A'!'.!.7'.f'.!' 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Je --- ,,,, ..f.:f 151 x x : : : I I 1 S : I : I J I M W W f'V ff I 4 --- - , ,,- ,.,,,,,v,,.,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,, ,, , 4 AMTGIXUSH E ERZIEIPAIR BUCK'S ' - -ray oar V 'rn Mama Paint 8z Floor Covering fx' 5 ff' QQNE XY SERVICEJ St01'e I J if K ,f ' J 1 1 XL. ' 8l4EBd f O 'X GEO F. HOERING, Mgr, MELVIN L. THOMAS Al Ill 655 E B oa wa ALTON - WOOD RIVER DISTRICT AUTO DEALERS ASS'N. ALTON TIRE SALES F. 1, STOBBS' SONS 435-37 East Broadway Phone 3-8868 THE FAMOUS HAWKINSON RECAPS ALTON'S LEADING TIRE STORE J7'.f7ZfJ7!.7lfZf.f7Z'f.CfZfJ7Zf!7lfJ7Z'fZ'fJ7'.!7'.!7A'!'f ff ,,,.A'f',.A7'.!.7' .f.V'.A'f' .!:f'.!',,.A7',,, ,, .A7'.f.7' .f.7'.A'f' if 2' d Y Compliments of I S U I 152 -f' ---I Compliments of ALTON CREAMERY REFRIGERAITION CO. Authorized Distributors of Sggljgiegce BUTTER CHEESE and CREAMO S e us about any 'Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment ALTON ILLINOIS E D. I 3, 721 WM H. FELDWISCH P e 'd nt Louls G IUN Sec etary ALTON BUILDING 86 LOAN ASSOCIATION td E tTh'dSt FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON REAL ESTATE , , , .!:!'.A'!'.A'!'.f:!'.f.7'.f.7 .!:f'.f7'.f' .Aff J' .!.7' .A'f.Cf.ff.ff.A'f.ff.ff.A'f!J'.A'f!7.ff.f7J7!.7f7.A'f.A'fJ:!' 4 V5- WM 'E . Ge ep' p S . 't C'ty tt t. . GET THE HABIT R E A D THE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 153 .A7'.f' Q' AAAI' AA-XAAAAA A x -,F is 1'- e - 'A . I' A i Y' 2 2' , 51 - , Ca I ff cn Q E 1 : 3 , g X M P ' Qi . I W Q m . 1 - gi B' 3 CD '-I 'X ' 2 3 3 '-1' 1 W Z Q YR ON ru I '5 rv Q T 5- EDJ ' : Q Z: U 1 ' E f 2 Q, 5, 1 3 gl S H- Q' ' 'S I . A 5 3 E' Z- B 1 E Q-A B- E Q N U1 1 2 ' sn , 3 H S l E 5 Q O r-3 2 ' I3 5 U ' 5 D, .I 2 2 0 Q I N Q Q. Ig- 1 S N 3 2 4 V Q :X T 4 CD an R :I ' : 5 v- N 3 2 Xl X .A7'.f' .A7'.f.7'.Cf'.f.7 .A'!'.A'!'.f.7'.!:f'..!' .3 J RWORLDS LARGEST CYLINDER PAPERBOARD MACHINE YE .QQ X N ' i' xj' .Ji One of the four modern paperboard machines in our 3 N-, - Altpn plant, manufacturing quality packaging mater- Q y , X X ia used for boxes, shipping containers, fiber cans Q gf'f 6 X .,, 5 wallboards throughout the middle West, J N l 'l Clpances are that something you ate, wore or bought J X . f N: Q ' u this very week came to you packaged in Alton Board, 1 s' ' Q Q Q O xx' T- Y A xy X ,X .gl X . 3 Q ,I Y - made right here in your own neighborhood. MUN HUX HIIAHII IIIIMPANY X 'R Q Pj Alton, Illinois P W S i 4X. 154 .!.7'.!:!' .!:f'..!:!'.!:f'.f.7'.f.7'.A'!'.A'!'.!I!'.f' .f.7 .f' f , - I A .fl'.A7:1Z7'.f7'.f.7 .A'f'.A'f'.f'6'.Z'r V5 ff u E SINCE 1892 BUFF AND RED FACE BRICK ROMAN BRICK SPECTRA GLAZE BUILDING UNITS LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE BLOCK PRE-CAST LINTELS STONE BLOCK INSULUX GLASS BLOCK GLAZED TILE STRUCTURAL CLAY TILE FIRE BRICK ALTON BRICK COMPANY . ..., fl! I5 1 I I 1 I Q . x l 1 55 J.7'J.7'J7'J7'J7'J7'J.7'.A'f.f7'.A'l'.A'f.A'f'J.7.A'!'J7'.!.7'J.7'.A'fJ.7'.f7'.f7'.A fJ.7'.A'fJ.7'J.7'.f.7'J.7'J.7'J.7'J'.7'J.7'.A'f'J.7'J.7' .A'f.!.7'.A'fJ7'J7'J7'J7'J7'.!7'J7'J7'.A'f'J.7.A'f'.A'!'.l7'J.7f ..A'!'.!' .f.7'.A'!' J7A'l'.!' J' .A'!'.A'!'.!.7J.7J' J' .!.7J.7J' .A'!'.A'f'.A'!'.!.7'.A'!'..A !'J7'.A'!' BEST W'ISHES FROM WEDGE BANK . . . GROWING WITH ALTON FOR 49 YEARS 156 ..f.7'.f.7'.f..7'.f:f'.A f' , J: , , ..A'f'.A'f'.!.7'.!' .!.7.Cf.A'f'.Cf'.A'f.AB!'f.!.7.Cf.Cf.Cf.A'f.ff!7'.!7A'f.!.7'.Cff .1 .A'!'..!' - -fl--- .A'!'.!' , J.7'J', P ,Q i- , , J7 ' , , , lf ' , , , ..A .fA'!' .f.7'.A'!'.A'f'.!.7'.A'!'.!.7'.A'f'.!.7'.A'f'.f.7'.!.7'.f' .A'!'.A'f'.A'f'.!I'f'.f.7' Compliments of W. T. GRANT' CO. ELI M. GREER Real Estate Agency 205 West Third Street ALTON, ILLINOIS 1106 Milton Road KNOWN FOR VALUES PHONE 317504 X WE SALUTE OUR FUTURE CITIZENS Greater Alton Association of Commerce GREATER ALTONLA Great Community ,with Greater Opportunitiesf' H. A. NEVLIN MOVING 8 STORAGE in Coast to Coast Service - LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE SPORTING cooos MOWNG 408 East Bmadzuau Hllun. Illinois All Loads Insured 'i Bonded Warehouse' PHONE 2-2665 1628 Washington Avenue - -,- .... - --.,C - 157 , -,, ,vv ,,, .A7 ' P x 3 1 3 s -- ?.l- M, A T, E 1 1 KELLY 31 MAYER Kra.mer Electric Co. 1 Food Market I -EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL- 1 1 WE HAVE IT: WE'LL GET IT. 1 1 OR IT ISNT IN TOWN H2 E. Broadway 1 1 2511 College Ave. Phone 3-3411 ALTON' ILLINOIS 1 I . . . ' 1 . . u.. X- ,tj 1 N b . 1, Q1f'lS,f.-I-N A' ffl' ' fl!J , ,5 rx..-i. .1 V I. Z! 1 ' U Speed B. Kilt v, 11 L I 7 CH! :gl-gl' Gordon C. Kerr 1 '-.1 l1,!C I. - nga ,t , R Y D ,. N I. ', - Q ' Ll V f, ,' ,Compliments of I 1 7l'.jfJ' ff ,HX 1 1 ,131 wr 1,1109 1'KERR's DRUG STORE . ' A JF? 1 1 - 1 J ' E ' Gail P. Kerr Verta Larnmers Kerr 1 IRVIN H MANEKE Milton Greenhouses IOE SCHROEDER, Prop. 1 I -1EwELER- E CUT FLOWERS, POTTED PLANTS, 1 ELGIN WATCHES FUNERAL DESIGNS 1 1 PRISCILLA DIAMONDS We Telegraph Flowers Everywhere Telephone: 2-1732 1204 Milton Road 1 ' , , ll. 3 1714 Washmgton Ave Alton l ALTON' ILLINOIS 1' Bran ygdloqsnj Q l x 1 W -guy, Compli entgjgldg JMWJ' ' M k'e 'p- if.,-Qnf-4.Clv-'-old-H' LACLEDE STEEL COMEANY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 158 C' -M 13' AAAA A -A---A -AAA ff !! -AAA fffff ff ff ff fff g ' I 1 . . 1 Glnter - Wardeln Co. I Compliments of : LUMBER . MILLWORK I 1 GIFTS 8z GADGETS GLASS ' ROOHNG I 1 INSULATION . PAINT I 1 SEWER TILE , I TEL. 2-7441 I 1 1 PHONE 3-3588 l ELM E ALBY ALTON Q I 450 FRONT ST. ALTON, ILL. , 1 I 1 I 1 W. I. GODWIN EVERYTI-IING MUSICAL I 1 I PORTABLE TYPEWRITER I I 1 S2125 and Rentals GOULD MUSIC' CO. g 1 1 Everything for the Student 1 Office and School Supplies PHQNE 3-3213 Q 1 ALTONS COMMERCIAL STATIONER S 1 1 Alton, Illinois 551 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. I 1 I 1 S 1 S I Compliments Q I if if at I L 8z L REFRIGERATION I I COMPANY , I 315 Belle St. Alton, Illinois ASK FOR I I 4 Authorized KELVINATOR Sales 8 Service I I 1 DIAL 3-7776 I 4 I 1 L U E R ' S I ' I ' I 1, , 1 Compliments of Q 1 1 I ' FOR THE MOST DELICIOUS MEAT! I 5 LUKEN AGENCY, INC. g I E x X 305 STATE STREET , Q af if if g Q ALTON, ILL. I : K I I.!.7'.f.7'.A'LfZfYf.f:f'.Z'.l'.A'!'.A'f'.f.7'.!.7'!Z'f'.CfZ'fZ!'.!7ZfA'f!YZfJ7J7'.f7ZfJ7A'fZfJ7Zf.f7JYZ'fZff .5 i A I I I I Compliments of I I I 0 I Hurst Potato Chip Co. I : WHEN IN NEED OF POTATO CHIPS E CALL 3-6513 2606 East Broadway Alton, Illinois I IRENE K ALTERAITION SHOP Irene Keeney, Prop. I I I I I I Q ALL TYPES ALTERATIONS I ' Specializing In Formals and Wedding Gowns Bridal Veils 8 Maids Hats I I I I 16625 Washington Ave. Phone 2-8142 I I I : Compliments of I I ' Jones Confectionery I I I 519 RIDGE I ALTON I I b Compliments of I K sl A BARBER SHOP I 515 RIDGE STREET K , ALTON IMMING FURNITURE AND SKELGAS G A S SALES AND SERVICE 1654 Washington Ave. ALTON, ILL. Compliments of JACK'S STANDARD SERVICE ROAD SERVICE Phone 218813 lack Tu 1-11 er Night Phone 3-3204 STATE 6 BELLE ALTON, ILL. Compliments of JONES SWEE'T SHOP 2503 College' Plione 3-9659 ALTON Katherine - K Shop LINGERIE BLOLISES, SKIRTS, BRASSIERS, GIRDLES, HOSE 503 Commercial Bldg. Tel. 2-9011 .!.7'.!.7'.A'f'.f.7'.A'l'.f.7'..A'f'.f.7'.f.7'.Af'.f2f'..f.7 .f.7'.f.7'.A7'.!.7'.A'!'.f' J7'.A'f.A'!'.A'f'J7'J.7'J7Z f.Cf'.A'f'.A'f.!7'.!:fJ7'..A'fJ.7' .f-7'.f.7'.f:f:A'7'.!.7:f'.7'.A'!J.7'.A'!'.A'f'.f' .A'!J.7'.f.7:f.7'.A'7'.f.77.7 .f'.f7'.A'f'.!7J7f7A'fL'!J?'.f7'.A'!J.7!7Z7J7'Zf'.A'!'.f.7 .A'f' .A'!7.7' --A WE HANDLE u.s. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEAT FOR CHAMPIONS .: qxK iv 1' A ff .f eff! . .. J. p I ' J' a Xa 1A in Aw 1. The very best mer- chandise obtainable. 2. To charge a mini mum broker's commis sion instead of large profits. 3. Our 16 years experience a Our merchandise is care- chef enables us to supply yo fully SELECTED and with the p p merchandise so thoroughly INSPECTED hat yo ll p f We assur y th t ur mer- chandise hl e and healthful f y d your family. THE HOTEL 8. RESTAURANT MEAT SUPPLY ALTON, ILLINOIS . v .,....,,. ,v 161 A X X j Compliments of 5 4 , , for the brands you know.. rosshelm s Insurance 1 S A enc 3 g Y Hanlon 84 Haegele 5 ' 4 4 206 E. BROADWAY ' X 4 4 1, 24 noun SERVICE PHONE 2.9563 4 A N Henderson Brothers 1 OFFICIAL - I - SERVICE . . 'I' Service Station E Haper's Towlng Servlce ELM 8 ALBY ' TOWING, WRECKER, WINCH a , HOISTING SERVICE BATTERIES - FIRESTONE TIRES 5 Cm Trucks, Tram! Trailers, Bum SHELL PRODUCTS-SHELLUBRICATION 1 Beams, Tanks, Machinery, Etc. Road Sewifle ' Cal' Washing X M d, Lifted, St or Haulecl 1 4 Larglevzr Small - - Light or Heavy Phone 3 9737 5 601 PEARL ST. ALToN, ILL. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS I 4 4 . 5 Compliments of Q HFASHIONS IN FLOWERS Q HOFFMAN FEED Q 224 E. BRQADWAY AND SUPPLY CO. 5 4 K 3 4 Dorothy Huskinson Hildebrand 113 West Broadway Q Gordon Miles Hildebrand ALTON' ILL' Q S S 4 I-I O M E , 4 BUILDING 86 LOAN ASSOCIATION 5 0 INSURED ACCOUNTS 0 ' 0 REAL ESTATE LOANS 0 1 4 Broadway at Piasa St. Alton, Illinois 4 HARRY L. MEYER, Pres. H. EDWARD MEYER, Sec'y. 1 .f.!'.1 .f'.f'.!'.f.f'.f'.f'.A'!.7'.!'.!'..A f.'.7'..f'.f'.!'.f'.f'.f'.f'.ff'.fJ'.f'.!'.f'ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Q J cv ,X A S 'I 7-L A I 4 , 1 11? MILTON ROAD CLEANER 1' 'AQZQJQQ 524142 A ff 'I' ' f if I eff 1120 Milton Road APPROVED 7, Z1 For the Beauty Treatment of Your Garments 81, Q! Use the Sanitone Method of the III J S Better Dry Cleaning -I K R I 5552192 242 S DIAL 2-9231 'I' 7 I I I ?'2L . -7 ' ,A I , , , IF' RI I X Co lim If-Lb toy MIKOFF GROCERY ' X I ' ' I X 1 -7 f 50 EAST ELM ST. I - - I 1 'JJ A I GROCERIES MEATS I S I PANT FRESH VEGETABLES E I I M Qpoadwav DIAL 2-3733 I 1 I .X JA ON, ILL. ALTON, ILL. E x I Q I I E I ALTON MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL I I Q OFFERS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO I I X THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1952 , I X H. ILINGK, Manager E I 3 I X I I Q I I AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE CONTRACT WELDERS I I I MODERN WELDED PRODUCTS CO. f job Welders Since 1916 I I I Office Phone 3-6232 306 West Broadway I ALTON, ILLINOIS I I .f'.f'..C4'f'.f'.f'J'J'.f'.f'.f'.f'.!'.f'-f' ..f:f'.f'.!'.!'..f'.! .f:f'.f'.f'.f'.f'-f'-.!'.f'.f'.!'.!'..f'.f'.f'.!'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.!'.f'.!'.f'..f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.!'.f'.!'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.!'.4'Clif' I 163 Vlk-fm., L M ,go-,.e,J. U JMU' om ,I I ff ee f'f-2aZ'!A1'1 k Zl- --,-.,----------------, ---v ,,,,,, ,, .f' .f.7ff.V'.A'f'.f'.f.7'.A'f'..4'f'.A'f'.A'f'.!.'7'.!..7'.!' MONTICELLO Women's Junior College ond 2-Year High School g Z' l Educating Women for 113 Yeaisfdggsyx -r w ll W7 Liberal and Fine rgiclfalgliyoxfxmllraiufiics, Homemaking, , - tl4a i9ffgI? 1d1ng, Swimming. I I I ,I I o I ljflll 9 l ,Nl L W lj! SMALL CLASSES - INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING DORMITORIES SPRINKLER PROTECTED Write or Telephone Wendel H. Baker, Director of Admissions MONTICELLO COLLEGE ALTON, ILLINOIS PAAAAAA AAAAA 164 N 1 1 S ' AA.A7.'f.QgC'.7.7'.f'AAA JJ!! A.!7'.!' .AVAA-.A'f'.f.7A.A'f'.A7'A.f'AA AAJ.7'.f.7'-- l l I 1 S l l .A7'.f.77.7 .J.7'.!.7 .f' .A'!7:!'.f.7'.!.7'.f.7' !.7'.f:f!.7J7'..A'f'.A'fA ff77.7'.A'fA'!!.7'..A'7J.7'.f .Cf'.!:f'.f.7!7A'fJ7CfCfJ7J7'.CfJ.7A7'.A'fJ.7Cff7J7J.7.!:l'.A'ff.7'.!:!7.7J.7'.A7'.!.77.7'.f.7J.7J'.7 .A fJ' 52 Years Before the First Issue of TI-IE TATLER GOLILDING'S WERE DOING BUSINESS as Ulewelers In Alton Selling Diamonds - Watches - jewelry - Clocks GO U L D I NGS dv x S Q ESTION OF GOOD PRINTING ' ANSWER IS ALWAYS HERE ATIONAL PRINTING CO. 15 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of GRAND AND PRINCESS THEATERS NITSCHE'S DRUG STORE 639 E. BROADWAY THE REXALL STORE PRESCRIPTIONS - - MAGAZINES - - FOUNTAIN SERVICE .!.7'.!.7J7:A'!'.!' .A'f'..A'f'.A'f'.A'.fA7' .A'f'..A'!'.f.7'.A'f'.4f'.f' .f:f'.f..7'..A'f'.47'.f.7Jf' .f.7'.f.7 165 ,,, ,.., .ff ,,,,,,,, ,-, f J' J. UNION AND INSURED J. F. ORRIS CO. BRICK CONTRACTOR 2453 Henry St. Alton, Ill. I. F. ORRIS I. C. SMITH Telephone 3-5490 Telephone 2-2447 Compliments of 5 PETERS' GIFT SHOP TEL. 2-4611 2510 COLLEGE AVE. ALTON Compliments of R PAUL'S BARBER SHOP 117 West Fourth Street X ALTON, ILLINOIS 3 Paul Hawkins Paul Williams 5 PHOTO ART SHOP ' Photographs Taken Any Where Any Time F S CAMERAS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES l Phone 4-6923 I ll8 N. Wood River Ave. Wood River, Ill. X Carl Kayser George Strasser 1 I 1 RAIN OR SHINE FOR QUALITY RAIN GROCERY 906 E. Broadway Ioseph L. Rain ALTON, ILL. HALF SOLES RUBBER I-IEELS W. J. REEDER Sz SON' YOU WILL NOT BE ASHAMED TO WEAR SHOES WE REPAIR 5 R Compliments of 5 R RECORD CENTER I . IX 4 PHONE 2- 6236121 1 e, , 13 Wm' R ' 16 E. B OADWAY ALTON I 1 1 R I ---- --- x 166 E,gc,,,,14fus,!fA.g4,, ' AX, 75,51 md f ! ' bm --A--' '--- , I fl Z I I IO 1 Coy- .rr . .E- A ' ' . . f ,, . A X xi4C.z,ZzJ ,cj XM LZ Q do dj I Compliments of M Z , , . Home Owned Rldg Street Confectlonery ' A ' F6OD1 MARKET and Operated for 74 Years, 518 RIDGE STREET X I1 E RE' My MEAT MARKET' 5 Ro PM acvjyyif ROLOFF'S A 70 'CAV' 5 -ug ... 1 FINE FOOD FOR 2526 C LEGE AVENUE FINE FOLKS DUPLICATING PLANOGRAPI-IING LITI-IOGRAPHING BLACK and WHITE of COLOR - Alton Lithographing 86 Printing Co. 1 1 434 E. BROADWAY V ALTON, ILLINOIS 1 I PHONE 2-8313 1 ALTON PLUMBING 86 HEATING CORP. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 1 1 1 ' PLUMBING - HEATING - SEWERING 1 1 1 1 Phone 3-5539 302 State Street - ALTON 1 A'!'.f.7'.4'!'.!.7:f:f .A'!'.A'f'.A'f'.f.7 ..f:f'.f:f'.!' .A'f'.A'f'.f:f.f.7''.Z7'.f.7'.f''.Zf'..C7'.A'!'.!Il'.!:!'.A'!'.!:f'.!:f'.fS'7YZ!Zf!7lflfJYlf'.Cf'.Cf'ZfJ7l!ZfJ7ZflfZffZCflfZf.CCf '-77 5 I 167 wi' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 146' .A7'.!' -EKW7' 6 'QM 1 1 X X I f qi X I r X ' .f'.f'.f'.!'.f'.7'.Z'A.: J' J ' . ffffffffffff .ff fffffff ff!!! IAMOND WIKTH A REPUTATIO v X 3 Where You Get the Mostqaf Your Diamond Dollars 3 X We Carr a Com Ie e Selcc ion of S g BULOVA, BENQUS anzii tELGINt WATCHES 3 I g I S You'LL ALWAYS 3 H I FIIIQISE I X DESIGNS AT X g S g STONE BROS. Q I Phone 2-1113 Q I I I A-A I : 3 I Fon FINE DINING Q X Complime of Q i S STM, AND SHOP The Riviera Room 3 X Q MARKET HOTEL STRATFORD Q 3 S E I ' A' E X vp .A , S F , X 1 I , 9 .ff . - ' YV . A ' SIB?-If I 'fy if' PORTRAITS IN THIS ANNUAL 1 ' , Nlade By 3 Q 1 SPIETH STUDIO 1 3 I OLNEY, ILLINOIS 1 Q I Q E S . 3 Q . 168 .f.7'.f.7'.!.7'.!.7'.!:!'.!C!'.f.7'.!Z!'.f.7J' J7KffffJ'J7'.!?J7CfJYAf!7!YJ7ZfZfC!'.CfJ7ZfK!J7Cf.ffZf 3 Q N. E. MARY SHOPS X S IN ALTON SINCE 1922 Q 1-w 2'f1Qfz I S - V igtlrxgf Ninth 8 Alby Streets Phone 2-1567 S UPHOLSTERING, TAILORED Q SLIP COVERS AND REFINISHING r I n I E N0fSld0 Cycle Company I Hours - - 8 a,m. till 9 p.m. 1 r E Insurance Agency AUTHORIZIZI3r iEHYllVaI'l:N DEALER I Repairs - Repainting - Captiring E 649 E, BROADWAY New and Used Bikes ' GEORGE MosEMAN, Prop. : IN THE LUER BLOCK ALTON, ILL. 2516 State Street AIIOH, I DIAL 3-7135 E , Compliments of X 1 Compliments of OFFICE MACHINES I EXCHANGE I ' . Your Exclusive Royal Typewriter and E Nottoll Brothers National Adding Machine Dealers I PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS I ALL MAKES : 1001 HIGHLAND AVE. PHONE 2-8442 I 704 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois r X 5 r E NELSON BURTON BOWL INN r n 5 , OWNERS - Fat Harrison, Opal Nicolet, Tony Corfiatis r n n 5 , PHONE 'I-9231 EAST ALTON, ILL. I r -- Y- - 169 KffYZfCfZCff'.f7L7Z'!Z'!7?A'f .!7JYJ7l:fZ'fJYJ7ZfJ7J7f .A'f!.77.7'.!'.A7' .A7'.A'f'.l:!'.A'f'.A7' .A7'.A7'.l.7'.!.7'.f.7'.f.77.7'.A'!'.Af'.!.7'.A'!' .f7'.!'.A'f'.f.77' Svhurtleff Qlnllvgv Alton Illinois Has a Welcome for 1952 Alton Hlgh Graduates Scene fron1 Bdusic Ileparunenth presentation of HI'Iansel and Greteln FOR INFORMATION CALL THE REGISTRAR 3-5431 3 Q Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q Q Q 170 .AL-'Zf.5fJ7lf'lfZflf.CflfZflf.CfJ7Zf.C!'JYJ?lf'.!7J7!.EZf'.!.7f A fffffffffffffffff ffff A A' A-A 'A ffffffffffffffffffffffffff I I wg fsfjlev C-B-jrIaCP0'1ald ST. PETERS ELECTRIC E Er BC I AND HARDWARE , I SQUARE DEAL SHOP HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES - APPLIANCES E SERVICE PLUMBING SUPPLIES I RADIO - SOUND - TELEVISION , Complete' Line of : Dial 319411 Kyanize Paints and Vamishcs I 720 E' Bmdway Akon' mimis 2502 Snare Dial 3-8931 E I I PHIONE 2-1188 I I I STAN KA GARAGE ' GENERAL AuTO REPAIRING C' A- STTCKLER S INSURANCE , Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment AUTO M LIFE - FIRE : Briggs-Stratton 8 Wisconsin Engines I Agent, State Farm Insurance Companies X PARTS fa SERVICE Q 1642 MAIN ALTON Q 3-8589 STATE E DELMAR Q I I S S omp iments o C I f 5 TATE SPRINGMAN 5 Hardware 8: Supply Co. LUMBER CO' , I 2518 COLLEGE AVE. g TELEPHONE 2-5031 0 , I LLIMBER - MILLWORK I I GLASS - PAINTS g VARNISHES - ROOFING I BUILDERS' HARDWARE E CELOTEX ' 'ritchenars Malrket INSULATING MATERIAL I I o S OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY I 7:30 a'm' - 9:00 pm' 1101 East Broadway I ALTON, ILL. , 2900 BROWN STREET I I E -eil W I W CGMPANY l l I STANDARD GIL is N J ax j ' I ' rl I STREEPER FUNERAL HOMES Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3 Q 3 Q Q S Q Q Q 3 Q S Q Q Q Q X D RIVER OO W .f.77.7f.7 .!'.7'J.7'J' .A7 '.A7.Z'f'.A7'.A7'.f.7'.lC7'.A'!' .f.7'.!' .A7'.!Sf'.A7'.A7'.A'!' .!.7'J:!'.!.7'J.V .f.7 .!' .A7'.A'f' ' . Q, , .-J ' Q J I I JJ' I 4 . f' K ' . 1' ,Y Q ff' ,' , ,Q -J ' 10 , 1 . , , 'Q QQ ' Wood River, inois Comp iments o ,A7'.A7'.f'.f'.A'f'.Af'.A'fJ' .A'f'.f'.f.7'..!:f'.f' ,v- ,,, ,, ALTON , Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S 3 Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q S 2 7 1 I .7 :!YCflf'.!YZfJ7'.ff'Zff7J7!7J7Z'fJYCfZfJ7!777f7ZfJ7Z!' VOC U 5 9W Wardrein Pharmacy WALTER S SHELL P1zEscR1PT1oNs SERVICE STATION PHONE 2-9171 STATE E1 LOGAN .!.7J7'.A'!Z'7'.A'f!' .!'.7'.f.7'.!.7 .f.7'.A'f'.A7'.A'f!.7'.f.7SlZ!'.f' AIton,s Fashion Corner Compllments of 7 4 DRUGS Ph 3 5313 2510 St 1 S ALTON, ILL. Fred C. Weber Agency REAL ESTATE - - MORTGAGE LOANS INSURANCE 624 E B d y AI Ill WEDGE Prescription Pharmacy ELFGEN BUILDING ALTON, ILL. COMPLIMENTS UPTOWN THEATER STARLIGHT DRIVE - IN S s I .Eff .A'!:A'!'.A'ff7.A'!'.A'f'..A'! .!.7'.A'f'.f.7'.f.7'.A'!'.f.7'Z'fJ7J7Zf!7J7CfJ7ffl'fA'fZf!7J?'.f7Zf!7f.7J7J7Zf.I7'.fY.!.7'.!-7'.f.7 .f.7'.!-7' -I-7:A'!'.A'f'..A'f'.f.V'.f.V'.!.7'.l' JU' 5 91 Qx x Q K l.1f5- - ' I fp ,f A 1 c ff 1 1 ,- ' . -fi 5 75 ,ig 1:51353 . 1 , ,.-f'.:.:gE5E5?1r!' . .1 y- Efiiiii - I A A 1 I 0 0 D . s. y. n', ' 1 1 Products of Olin Industries have been part and parcel of the epic growth of America from the time of the first Win- chester rifle in 1866 and the storied Buffalo Bill Model 1873, to the present. Winchester SUPER SPEED and Wes- tern SUPER-X shot shells fthe worlds original and finest long range shot shellsl are a modern example of the superiority America recognizes in all of Olin Indus- tries' many products. i . Cf, lull? OUR PARTNER has been PROGRESS . . . since 1866 l OLIN INDUSTRIES, IN . Products of Divisions, Subsidiaries, Affiliates: WINCHESTER: Firearms, Ammunition, Flashlights, Dry Cell Batteries, Roller Skates. WESTERN: Brass, Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel Silver, Copper, Ammunition, Traps and Targets, Blasting Caps. BOND: Flashlights, Dry Cdll Batteries. EQUITABLE, COL- UMBIA, LIBERTY, EGYPTIAN, TEXAS, WESTERN: Railway Fusees and Torpedoes, Black Powder, Dynamite, Blasting Powdler. THE ECUSTA PAPER CORPORATION: Cellophane, Cigarette Paper, Fine Papers. THE HARWID COMPANY: Polyethylene. - 1 Q .lI'17.f'..fJ'.f'J '.f'.l:!'.f .f' J'J'.f'.f '. L J' J'J'.l'J'.Cf'J'.!'.!'.!'.!'.f'.!'.f'..!'J'J ' ,, ff!!! , ffl!!! 1 I I Q . V Compliments of S Q X T M'll A t P I t I 3 Uptown Barber Shop Om I S u 0 ar S Q E 401 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. Q S ROGERS - RUSHING - CAPEHART 3-3568 S E 1650 Washington Ave. ALTON 1 r . ' ' 1 S g I g T 0 D D ' 1 Q I CLEANING . , TAILORING ' E REPAIRING S g oowmwn Anon 209 Pnasn 51. Phone 2-1312 S I APPAREL FOR 1718 WASHINGTON AVE. Q 1 1uN1ORs, MISSES, WOMEN E I OPEN AND UNDER 21 CHARGE X ' 1 I I E 1 ' 1 E WILLIAMSON PHARMACY j PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS ' I I I AP' I E al ' s S , FAIL Q ' T' X S I I I I I . . . Style Without Extrauagance . S : b g Y Q Tru-Value Dress Sho I 1 I I 127 WEST THIRD STREET ALTON S 'S DIAL 3-3122 Z I I S x 175 ' .41 S I COMPUMENTS WILTON - HUGHSCN Q AGENCY, INC. S S OF INSURANCE 5 I I Q Ph 2 1665 - 2-4294 Q E W I C K ' S 1707 wasmgron A ALTON, ILL. 3 I I I I S X Q WINDMILL CAFE ISQJLIICC 105 FIC Q Q GOOD FOOD FOR S 2 GOOD HEALTH fzdfv W :gl P 5 S 4 till S Q PHONE 2 6131 Q Q HOTEL STRATFORD Q 3 1711 WASHINGTON AVE. ALTON ILLINOIS : 3 I Q I I I S ' X Q COIVIPLIMENTS , I X Wells Tlre Co., Inc. Q 2 'Wh GOODYEAR TIRES I X F. W. WOMWGRTH EXIDE BATTERIES S vuLCAN1zING I 3 ROAD SERVICE I I I D I Y O L T O N ' S Q Q Ph 3 3131 : Q DELMAR AT STATE Z ALTO'N, ILLINOIS 833 E B d y Al Illinois I S T 1 2 3916 Q M -----,a,.---- - guru? ll, I9 4944. 0424, w J 7,10-U, f,l...4. ,.....,f.4,4,.ff,,,64,A,wL' .'0 y J f '-'F Gaii-L.,-..4,,.,fl:,g, ,awu4.7,,,,,,.. If J'L'7 ' .nag 454' 47.44 ,7,..-,aAJ4ff.!I, sf?- LZJL ff j44j,gi4sL- Qf,,.f.?.f'f.'r f X l X. X X X j H 'gi it KX ' Q ge ' -X Q Nb J' I-eg: X. I Egg ,gig ,S 4 .e, 'M'-gm. 5:53 F 45 F 5 - 'Q Q .Ex X 1-3 XJ? X AV.-1 f . J 5, .. U Ae. :. i ff- X L- , X li. I, ' L .jp f ' Y i f ' i, 3,4 nh! , R V- fx I gig! If , X X WT XA - Q . 'fx v 4,.,s' . . , 1 be , . f 1 -A t t s , . f E. .. 9 Q. , . 39 vi l, I ,,.,,,. A ,,,, W, ,,,,,, ,7,,,..,..,,,,. ,,,V,,,IW, I- ' 'F -' ' A W fl as-1f.v-If , , r f A L4 1 x i 3' .fx - A V Q ,M x 'N ' m,,. .. .... H f ' 'gg C, Il I up T -41 -.Ez -if ff E 'Y ,L', .-, - 1 - f ,f-Q ,, Q I , f-L L, f f - J f OPPORTUNITY . I . X 'fx 'N ' I 5 ,Y 4 .ei , .- i,:,'lYl -Y ,Q l V - .et A This year you are being graduated froml schocqli fQ.,Q?,1. f vis 1? ' Xi-so Af 3- , 2 2 f ble sed-blessed s no ot er group in t e wor l' 4 N 7 3 44-:?::-,frgflggig i , i T' US: 'ink iw ,ix todzy. You have een blesssd withzzmoft pnkized Q 5 ' , X y -EQ C ., - 5 In as ' -oppo tunity-t e oppor umy o an f 010,439.1 V 1- Q' ., ' W Edflscefgigrii the o portunity to study, to learn. pi 'I' if if . rtfjgpg -w' f .N '1 ' . . l 1-2f 'e:,9 N 39 . ' f ' 5 , X. -S . You now have tlle opportunity of choosing your 'IQ' it III llllllu gg i' M ' is W 'l ' Q5 ' f H - 1 future profession or job-the opportumty to eye- ifl' 'YE -- , U11 If X- f - , f iifiv. t K5 X f if Mfg 2 f,-il Q press your views oothers freely-the opportumty Qyth g gl , X , E, f1i. JlL P4 J . ' to worship in th church of your choicefthe QQ... QQ' me HX Q' 'L f X ' -A A Cfs f' opportuntty to li e in peace and freedom -the ight'-7 Qiiqiejgafaglb N agy!-,I.iJm . L fl... Z . -Z - i opportumty to dd what you will with your life. I is 5 ag . A .CW - 6' In j wipe . Men have worked hard and long to build the slsvigl, Q, QC ' ' La : ' , hiv . Nr American syste of free enterprise that you fs ,. X Y - 3 ' - : . .' mbprfw, A H might have your choice of work and the highest ' V - 2 ' 7 - X ' -, L ' . - ' , -T . XX, standard of livin ever attained by man. 3 'QL ' Vg. 3514? l a 3 D 1' X l ' . fx' '14 ,L K ' ,K 1 .ij-3 1 , ' 'Os' ' . Q A , Q 3' ' 1 , Ni x X Sl Men have also f ught, bled, and died that you 332:42-I , '. 1 .'l '4Qnf . i ,, N. nf 'fl' N M 'Nil' li ' fg f might start with hese advantages-the opportu- A, -2545 .1 if fi A5 ,iq Z J ul I 'fl 2 ' l nity of living in merica and being an American. 1-' F' ,,f,i pk!-lf iifrr A l , f o y if , l ' ,,' ff' . . JA. ,- 5 1 ', 'mg ,T ,l ,,-, Owens-Illinois along with other industries in the iff. 13 iq 1 lf, '7 5' N 5 Q: ,,5' Q .,.4E - ,uf be wwf ' I X XXI ' i ' Alton area believ in America, what it stands for ' 12237 - C, .4 - n ' ,Zigi 1 ,ga ' in Q Q I 1' X . and the right of lfie Lndividualdto have fretedom gh,-4:1 531 6993 P , . 4 'ff . X. f ' 'fr K-N, d L 't ., ou .iw V , w 5, A-. fi h , I ' A ' C3 Q L X 'J iiilay ibiggirmienzixqii mtliexfiggoliileeof ihiejeniximiltijstlxiiez 5 '31 , M s ' mg X ' Ll '1i, ek i N V Mi ' QV d' d ' hl t t bu inessw ic ' ' Z ' Q ' ' i -4 K fx X X f 5' 36, ' 22f.tli'biKes0l'lgA Efiffeglitiiss :nd oppofm- -Y, iii-Fe.-A Qgmge ' IQ'-2? ,, . ,. .' Q, .:. A nity for all. M1133 1, r A VA EJ' 9 XX o 51 H e ,-1-.L -A QT- 2- ,.--A e Hr do e- -1 X X ' , , - tt , -eg.. 5, k,. ,.i. 9 ,A I r f y, f x ,s s WEQAJ - if N Owens-Illlinois Glass Company Q5 e '51 ' ' A u gl ff Q Q .. ,I e -2 . . . 1 - ,- i'se . X l at 5 r-1 miufwfnuy ...Z 1 f 5 ,W 4Alton,Ill1no1s ? 7 l, , 2 f N 1 by 2 hiv-P't W -mf 4' V ex E . Y l fe Mia ,ill n ex 1 'se Yifilwwg 3 , i e s t l , ' Wai' h , f-v X. my sf' ' 'W -ser is f . . Y f, f-- 'IH' Q xill l ' w - 11?TQ'Q: Xi l -9 l i X 4' 1 ' ' ., .Null 'Q - 'yy , -X Q ll Y .gggg,f9-f ' X ix, N X, -if it X f i i 9 it ' as l lt tl is 2 w. . it .on i . f leee .-.-: X e , r .5 W W esse ' 2 1 pg, ' - C 1 is f 1 sf i Q it o f 4 . 1 - he fees. A by fe A V A N XXX.. 1 Nfl lf Yu e ' 1 '21 A SN? . or 1 h is ' ll 5 me M - f W m? , , ,l ,P - -:.-.n l i . , ,A I 5 Q l I 4 10,9 idii lliltznja ' ig' I ly I -Y Y I 7 ,211 l . X L! f , f, 'f, iQ'5ee,'-f Q , l ' Fl f' W 'TQ ' 1-Eeiii,-5 EQVW I, If ,A im , 5+ R Q , fe cjjykgfwy avi Av . , f N Eggs - wif ' If 1 A flillffff - ' if -A-' ' - '-'if , ' ' Gif . --'Q' 'J :-Sars: FsQ'2af',,v - Neff'-.swf .. - ,f .2-.E .ESQ 'e if A l 6548 e - . 1 'K' e. Q-SET A ' ls-4 T ' ,1 H .I 'gi fsf jf' -gm a c .,,e Ti -' .. 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N ew.vqll '--:Afton 2 f 'TN J e ,.-U f 1' , 1 NW 5 Q . .Ili --e - F f ,, MN' I 1 VL w 'r I hill f .ffm WN l Egg iv' ' X , I 1.1 ' fl 'NW f X R 'V I ff Ht, 2 of f , I' Wulf! 9 f i. N9 -' A 'S' lf. i-!-Q 5 ' ll' ' L-J f' ff' .W WK? M. hh 'RTl1l Xf w, v' mxtixw x 24223:-A -133' fx JB jy l y v e WH ml? J -,. gigexelti S- a t t. . M t - ' ,f f J if f -. fm . - -fs e i s if ' 1 - Q ,Cf ' g l llll l ' 'llil 3 , - . I , -L, , -1 ,A I Q ,QQ 'wM?054.L,4A?x ,,,-eat E, ff of Zllifff was 135 . v 1 .ty f, - 14,9 V, I 5' f 1 I ' Q .- A M . 11+ . , - fi., ,f f ' +,f. l all QP77 4 isq 1,-rl , X - 4.r,f6,5, O - 'fi 91 A. pig e ., ef,-W e rf Y-M M: W ,,. . -'wa--' ,- '-'ggl ' 4 .11 li K lil 'Ui 'l I ,i i .J ,lv mit jfua ,Amid 0 V . f 1' f ,.--m hH -MM-Fw-Q RFHF, A

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