Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 97 of 184
Page 97 of 184

Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 96
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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 98
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Page 97 text:

'Pu I' f1n

Page 96 text:

Alton Iliglr School C orus 1111- 1'1111111s. 1111c11 1' 1111- K111'l'l'11l1Il 111' Mrs. 1711115 R1ll', II1llL11' lllllllf' 111111111' 1111111-111.1111'1-s. .X1111111u 1111-111 w1-11- 1111- 1.1111-11:11.x f.4PI1ll'l1, ,Xw1111111x lllilllllllli, ZIIIC1 1111- 111911 811111111 RVNIII' 1'1'11u1.1111. 11.111 11.11 1111- 111:.11111.1111111 111 15111111 1ilXll 111 Nm: 111111 11!111-1' 111-111111' s1'11111111 111 1111- 1111111 x'1:11'1- 111111411 21111111 .Xny s111111-111 111111 X'l1L'1l1 11111-111 Illllf' ,111111 1111- 1'11111'11s, xx-1111 1111- j11111111' 111u11 1111111111-5 1l1Y1IlE 1 1111- 1411111111 111 1111- 111111-115, My-1, R111- 15 111-1121111-11 f'IlC1l 31-111' 111' Llll 1Ill'1'1'LlN1Il! 1111111111-1 111 1111111111-1' Say If WM Mask CIIIURUS PERSONXHI, M1111 111 lII1IJ1'IllS 111 Rll11lf' .X1'1i1'lIl12lI1. I11llC11l .X1f1I41l1!1', B1'1ty .x111'Il, N11111111 Bllkllk, R11111-1't 1511111-1', R11111'1't 11llI'IlXVl'11, I:lkI1I11't'S 15:1x11-1', 1111111 B1-1'1x1-1', l11li1'l' 131111121-11, .I:11111'1' B1111111-11. fXI111'i1y11 B11-1111111. B1111 B11w1'1', S1l1l'11'1' Bl1'11XV1'151'l'. 1",v1-1y11 1i1'11y11's, 1,111 1i1'11w11, judx' Bl1111'1', H1'I1I'1' l1Zl1l'IlS, Ri1:1 CXIIIIIKJII, B111'11:11':1 111141111111-1'111i11. Di:-11 c1lLlI11', I.11l11Sl' 111111111-1, 1, 1'1':111c'1s C.11p1'. C1z11'1111- C,11x. 1'11y111s D1111'-.X1'c'0111p41111s1, 1'.x':111'1111 Duns, .'Xl1C11'l'f I7l'I1Il1N. M:11'j111'11- DLDIIILIII, 1.11 DKDIIIZIII, Xv211'l'1'I1 D111'11:1111. XYl'1IIl1l DLlX'2l11, Joe' E11111-rt, Je-1111 1i1111111111S, B111 I'12l1311lIl1l'. H1111 1'1'1'1'II1llI1. 31111011111 111 . 1 11111111 F111-, S111l'11'X I'.l'X'Q'. B111 fiz11'x'1-1', Mary L1111 f1111ss1111-x'1-1', Mz11'u:11'1-1 c111'IlIl, I-1111111 f11!1ll2S, KI111o1'11- I 1111-- 1 11111, 1211211111-111 G11-1111, Bf'Yf'I'1y C1l1II1I11, X11111111 HlllkIJi'T, 1111111 HL1Q11SfJIl, SL111f' 111111, Ec1d11- 11l1Il11Ill'1, .X1'1'1111- 111- u1':1111. 0111- 1552165 111111 f'Il1'i1IlS, Fwd 1111115011 V1'r111c1' 0hnsc111, Irma 11111-5, Bz11'11111'z1 111'1111x, 21111111-11111' , . 1 . , 1 . , . , . ,. KI11111-11, X:1111'y KllS1UHl'F, .'X11dfl'Y K1-nig, xIill1l'1C'l' K1-nm-dy. L11C1111- I.z1c1-y, B11111- J11111' Lz1Fi141-T, 1 C 11'o1v11 Luv- 11111. 151111101-S LHYIOII, Nancy L1-11nz11'd. X'1I'Q1Il1l'l KICDQU111-15, 11211-111 x1l'K1HUl'f', BI1C1l2lf'1 Xfnrim. J11111C1' x12ll'S11, xxllllkl BIHSOII, R1C11z11'd Mz1sS1'y, .-X11C1' NIl'1S1'Ilhl'1II11'l', Ca1'o1y11 511111-1, Cf'Ol'24' Mo1'1'1s1111, Bz11'1J:11':1 Xzivv. C3101 .X11111' N1-w1011, Doro1113' N01'111:111, c:l'l'fi1d U'Br11-11, Mary' .X1111 O'B1'11-11, :xT111Il P1'14'f'7, f1I'111:lTl PU1'11'14, .-X11n1- Pre-- witt. f111'Ildll 1'1'1111-11, 1'l1s11- 1'1'111-11, G1-111- R1l111f'f'. Oscar R1'11d, Ch:11'111111- R1d1'1'. xI2ll',1Ul'11' R1d1-1', fyfilfx' R11sz11'14, K1-11111-111 Rum, lI:11'111 li1l1ldl'11, Fdwzwd Sl'112l1'111'l', lI1'ilI'lIlt'1l1' S1'111111d1. F1z1r11'1fs S1'11XK'2ill1J. P111 S1'11:u111s, 1111111111- S11Y1'1l5, -11111 S11k11111ws141. E511-11:1 Sons. c112l1I'1' S111it11, C1'111'u1:1 I.1-1- S1ll111l, f11lLlI'11'I1t' S1J1'1l1'l'l', X11111111 Sp111'u1-1111, lJ11111111x 9t1111k:1, AI11511- S11-wz11't, NI:11'11y11 Sl1I11', KIQ1111- S10l1L11'l', J1-11111-111- SllI1l1'l'1LlI1C1. 1"1':11114 S11111111, I,1111ix1- 11-111- 1:1111. xilllkllldl v1illl1, -I:11'11111-11111- '11-111pl1-. R11'11z11'd '1'1'111p11-, K1-11111-111 1I.l'll1Jll1', 115-11 1111.1 111111111Ja1111, -l11x1'1- XXQI1' 11-11d111'f. H1111 xx'1'1N'I', 15111 V111-111-111-, PUl'tl'I' 1N'11s1111, c1I4OSSIIlZlIl YN'c111c111111'y, 5111111-1' Z11111111-1: A299 P1 GP O F? F- 01 .v-, Y . x sms-

Page 98 text:

Memorfks V - NllKll'I1I lift' iii Alton High. ssocizatt- Editor Lrwis Purncll :md Editor- in-Cfhivf W't'slt'x' Pruitt Coriipzirt' tht' nt'w lay- out of tht' lfl5l 'lizttlt'r with lzist yt'1tr's vditiou with Itlttwilty Sponsor, Mr. Don Lcwis. 1951 M Tlfk STAFF rfcultir t'ntt'rprixt' :it .Xltozi St'iiior High Svhool it'tIu1rt'w tht' t'o-opvrittlxt' t'llort ol gi lgirtrt- ttgtil, ning with tht'ir ztppoitititiviit in Klux' ol' tht'ir x't'z11'. tht' lit'u Ntztll t'UilNlill'l'N tht- Nt'lt't'tion ol zi and plum ai rough tlmtimy ol tht'ir ptihlitwititm will t'omt' oil' tht' prtwx UIll'yl'21I' lz1tt'r. lfpoii tht'ir l:t'xt't with ohNtz1t'lt'x to ovt'rt't 'VIH' IJr"I2gir:itioii ol' tht' 'l'XlI,l',R is am t'xtrz1-t'ur- whifh N livqm- I junior tht'mt' which rt'tut'ti to whool in St'ptt'mht'r. at Nt'llt'Cll1lt' ix wt up for tht' thrt't' t'hit'li Clivixiotts of tht' watt' hook work tht' taking ol' pit'turt's. tht- tolititzition ol'11Clx't't'tiQitiQ. :mtl tht- wlling of f-llllNi'l'llJllflllN. 'l'hiN work i'0llllIlllt'x through tht' ytuir tmtil tht' t'oii1plt'tt':l Cllllllllly it turt1t'cl oxt'r to tht' prititvi' ht' April I. 'llit' t'iitirt- prot't'w it it long grind. l'rt'ttut'ntly mit' :incl prohlvms to ht' Nolwcl. Hut t'ztt'h t'hztllt'iigt' is mt't and tht' iit'w 'II-X'I'l,l'lR joint tht' nizxiw vclitioiis which prt't't'Clt'd it in dt'pit'ting lliotoumplifix ci1'USIllQlll xvlllllllllllf' :intl Holm St'hutlt'l post' with llI1'Hll1t'I'N of tht' mthstiiptioiis atztll' Dtil'll'lll' fumwzilt, Phyllis Lztndiss, Daisy Lou l"1'ol1trt'lx, and Sztlvs Nlzttiztgvr, Bill VVilStvn.

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