Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 29 of 184
Page 29 of 184

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Page 29 text:

Anmmlsrnnlvs Asslsnms 5 our Hearted Men R.-wxioxn Ri-.,-xm' Adniinistrzitiw- Assistant in Clhztrgs- ol Curriculum A. Ii.. Indiunzi Linixt-rsity A. NI.. Indiunzi Ifiiivt-rsity' Mr. Rc-udy is unothr-r It-:ids-r in our syst:-in who has sc-rv:-d wr-ll in his cduczitionzil czipucitic-s. Cloniing to .Xlion in thi- full of 1925, Mr. Rc-andy was tr-:aching principal at Horzict- Nlzinn School for thrcm- yc-urs he-forc hc- wus appoint:-d its principal of Roost-vu-lt for St'Vt-Iilccll yf-urs, und, for threw- yt-zirs of that pt-riod, was in chztrgt- of Hlllll' boldt school. Ht- wus uppointt-d to his prr-sf-nt position fin- yt-urs ago---it post in which hr- has dt-nionstrzitr-d his zihility to zichie-vc Il wide-ning and cnrichc-d cducutionnl progruni in thu- puhlic schools. Mr. R4'2ldf'.S 4-vc-rrcourtc-ous nizinnf-r, his fini- spirit of hr-lpfulnf-ss, und dcvotion to any 1-nte-rprisc which would In-nc-Fit our school Syst:-ni haw- won thc- rc-spf-ct of tht- studc-nts und tr-zichcrs zilikc, His kindly' inspiration and guidance- sf-rw us at chnllc-ngv for all to do th:-ir In-st. J.. H. M. I.i-1.-xxiox Aclniinistrativc .-Xssistzint in Cliurgt- ol' Buildings and Grounds li. Lfnivcrsity of Illinois NI. Linivcrsity of Illinois Mr. Lt-zunon is coniplcting his sc-cond yvzir in his prcse-nt position, :ind hus dont- at ve-ry rliicicnt jolm of taking curx- of thx- IIIZIIIIIVIIIIIICI' :ind thc opt-ration of thc buildings und grounds of the- .-Xlton school systcni. Hr- is thc "troul1l4- shoott-r" which is no sinzill rt-sponsiliility with thc lnrgc nunilic-r of schools with tht-ir he-ating, pluniliing :ind 1-lr-ctric prohlc-ins in addition to thc niziny things which go wrong in huilding inuintc-nzincc. of industrial zirts and two yr-zirs :is principal of tht- Sc-nior High School, Mr. Le-anion tuught shop und cozichcd thrcc ye-urs :xt I'ztlc-s- tins-, Illinois, taught industrial arts :ind cozicht-d ut Rn-dnion, Illinois, for two yt-urs und was principal of tlir- high school the-rc for tr-n ye-airs. Nlr, LPZIIIIUII-S tzxll figurt- is il we-lcoinc onc in thu- hulls of .X. II, C. R. XYRIGIIT Adiiiinistrativc .-Xsslstfllll in Chzirgc of Vocational Education B. lYt-ste-rn Illinois Stzitc Collcqa- Nr-w to thf- .-Xlton systcni this ye-nr is Slr. Wright, who hrings to his position hc-rc a we-alth of lmoth trndn- and s-ducational 1-xp:-rif-ncv for the- setting up of a coniplr-tc vocational program in thc Alton schools. Bt-side-s training nt Brzidlcy and Iowzi unive-rsitie-s, Xlr. YYright rccf-in-d se-vc-n yi-urs tradm- Q-xp:-i'ir-rico he-forp e-ntt-ring coll:-gc. At Dr-- catur hm- supcrvist-d tht- Hnr Production 'lrziining Progrnin and was niorc rc-ct-ntly, for four yn-ars, Statc Sup:-rvisor of ilirndr- :ind Indus- try und:-r tht- Sturt- Board of Voczitionul Education Mr. Wiright hus taught in thc- vocational fic-lds in high schools in Brinifie-ld, Nlolinf-, Decatur, and Dundz-t-. Illinois. Xlr. IYright hats dont- an good jolt in onc yn-nr in st-tting tip at progrzini which would lu- niort- thorough upon coniplr-tion of thc- Olin Yocutionzil School. Bcforf- Corning to .Xlton wht-rc hc has sf-rvcd two ye-urs :is tr-:ichcr

Page 28 text:

SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS swf W' ' li onxsox c xt ll mu N mu IN X IHXKINITX ot lllm 1 1 nx mn H no cn 11 1 n 11 1 1 I xx 11 111 c on sc mo ms 4111 mm 5 m N lx 14 s 1 I f x QI N1 4 vw ' N III fu two xx nn md e 1 1 Ihr n to Hor 1 lrm is PIIIIL p I X 1 on as P1111 131 Ol Om Nt tr I' NI 11111411 fm UDL N1 II and I0 lhf' S9111 S1111 Ss rl 'JOIN Ill! Il C IIIU Ild I nm 1 lm n 1 4 s I HIIXIIN md ss K I I I 1 N 1 7 IH I 1 Q 1 1 nwn N d 11 pxrsrm xlltx 1' 1 N 111 ,ll I rd 161111 nxtendmz throug 0 U Ill 1 umm xv 1 xr r 1 1 tha studsnti dl ichr x 1 14 f Q U bid UI md1f'fnHm w .uc Con m ul 1 mon 1 Y 4 Jus md Qlrli m Xlton 1118 1 1 I .x J. -1 f IS. Ii l.. Sm I 'rn Ill' i L' ' ity KI..f..L' ' 'ois In fJ'lUl7f'1', 10-V, B111 B, Joh ic htm d 1 tl - irq l'llIl2 of ilu' .Xltcm vdufzu- tio 1 lzxddvr wlmvn hm- uns zxpprinte-d Sup-1'ints-nd-nt of Srlmuls, l'1ilIl2lXiI1g 41 'idw , vxl -n 'r- in thu- .-Xlt VI 1 si " hi? n1'1'iv:1l in Alum ' 1929. Hi: Hit ' dui' wr-rv 411 R11osAx'r'lt whvre- hm' taught 111111111111 tlnining :md lll2lIh!'IllilliK'S :md vm lvmkz-llmll fufgmll. .Xft-' gn f'4'!il'-9 lrgwu- uf :nb Anne- In 1-mnplw-tv civexwv' 1's'qx1irr'111'r1ta, T11 l'l'lLll'Ill'd tu Rm 'vm-ll to L1-11111 Le-11:-rail scix-xlvv :md to rcm4'l1 lmgnkvllmzill 1 d otlmll for " Y"ill'S. Hr' 'als thx-n zxppc' t' l'L1Cl1iI1Q-p'iI ripul of Clgxm Bsirton School for thru- yvxirs. ' ' - uc' liz 2" AA Xi :sl fm' HU' ye-zlrf, 0 .I'h if ' C4121 f ' -fur, J lg J 4 ' ' ' 'I AOI' High Svlmolasprimipulfo1'th1-ew yvzirs. In 19-47 hw sc'1'x'w'd om- month as g1ci111i11iSI1'zxtix'f' zlssistxmt in Chzxrgt' of buf ni bvfc '1' his up, ' t ' t tn thu- SllPl'l'A A f- Wy. D1 K' U M 1 Joh ,U N lldII1iY1iNIl'i tiun, 11dx':I14'n'I11vr1IQ hum- hm-n rnzadr- in 1-vm-V3 fivld of gvxoolz ' ' " fl 'ith Ihr' wh :lf-In-.mltv-d supp.n't of th- Bn: rd of lidllllllillll lllld thx' Quin inist1.stix4' .ILHQ Sul 51: I-ill stridu haw- bm-n made' tmsurd IIl2llxiIlH the' .Xltcn .yst -m thn- lwst in tln- sum: KI 3 jwh , K pl:-.Lina :md Ylllilllr' 1 ' ,' plus his lldllf'l'Y'l1l'l' to 11 duilY Inrrgra 111 of hard wurk halve' hm-H1 in IILIIIIVIIILII ' R va f"' A ' ' .h ut thi- vntilr- f-duc'z1tiunz11 px' Qrurxx. YV I M1 Joh ' '- In " tllv fe-1-ling 111411 thu' iI1l'l'l'SlS jf ' ' . ' ld tv. " 'ri of .Xllnn zxrm' in Strong and sy111pz1t'1'tic' hands. Conv what 1111131 f 0 Cl. 2 . ' ' , 'I ' " fidlx that Nfl: 111111 ,i w'll ln- guidf-d by what ii rieht und that tha- im 'IXVSI4 uf thv I 1.1 1 A , ' 1 are '. lmsim' ru N' fn.

Page 30 text:

PRINCIPAL ll 5 5' A 6 MACY PRLITT A B UHIWCTSIIV of MISSOUFI NI A Unncrsltx of MIQSOUYI Shortls after he was graduated from a small Mlssourx high school and stlll nn h1s teens Mr Pruitt our prln cxpal began h1s teachmg career ln the rural schools of the Mlssourl Ozarks After four years of teachmg the 'K R s there Mr Prultt spent a wear as an 1nstruct0r at the UHIVCTSIIV of MISSOUFI He came to Alton 1n the fall of 1930 as a teacher of soclal SCICHCP Mr Pruxtt was appoxnted Dean of Boys 1n 1942 and served through 1949 Roosevelt jumor Hugh called hlm to xts prmcxpalshlp for the next two years Last year he returned to Alton Hxgh as prmclpal Mr Prultts teachmg and admmlstratxve expenence and extra currxcular sponsorshlp of the Tlmes staff Student Councll and Boss Cabmet have given hlm an excellent background as skipper of the good shlp -X H S Mr Pruitt s naturallx cheerful dlSp0SlII0l'l and sunm smxle are seldom seen gllmmfflng even on the dull daxs Bemg the guiding llght over the rough shoals m the educatlonal sea for thxrteen hundred students and over SIXIN facultx members IS a responslbnlm wh1ch requlres kindness falrness firmness, tolerance, and understand me He possesses these qualltles and ln thelr appheatxon has won the respect and admlratxon of us all Even though he has mam lmportant responslbllmes he alwaxs finds tlme to gnve to smaller detaxls and problems of the hlgh school studc nts .v . . . . ., . I ,, .vi . v . . A . .. . .. . v ' Q ' , . . K s - ,V . - . A . ' . ' s . , . v. . Q . . S, . ,, x 1 . . . . y 7 ' . 9 ,

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