Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 104 of 184
Page 104 of 184

Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 103
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Page 104 text:

x 1 -1 Y , K 5 , 1 'F!'1! ,XA M TIN Cl ll? Scflolae Dies F115! R11:1: 111.111 C111l1lfl1y. Nl111x ll1'l1'11 l3.11l11l1x, lI.1111l 511llu1ll, Al.1111111 li1111111'll. IJ 3111111111 131111: Judy IILISIIIIHN, P111 lJ.1x'1N, lilllllll l111111', l'.11 IJ111l1.1111, U1-111 lliu. RKPNI' 'l'l11'11l 1611311 11111111 Slf'Yl'I1NUIl, l,1111t1.1 X11-cll111l1, Y11u1111.1 Xliltx, ll1'l1'11 Xl.1uu11x, Slllllll. fl:1111l111 Kllllrr. Y l'11111!f1 111151: llNVIIl l'1.1ll111cl. .l.Il1f' 5t1111cl1'1'. hm N111l1l11, Xl.11x Xl1'11l1:11 X1.111 N D l1'11111112. lJc11t11- Kllllx. 1"1'f'l1 l1'11:1: 5t1'll.1 ll:11111l11111, l'.1I ll--.1cll1'N. sllxll' lflfu1'11, l..1 XX.1111l.1 ll1ll11u. l w1111cl. Xl.11wl1:1 Xl111111'. lllllll 111-clnlrx. 171111 111111: IJUII NN'111Nl1111, K1-11111-tl1 Xlillx, KI.1111lx11 lf1lx1.111l1, AI11I111 I'11111--ll, lllw .N'1111111ll1'11:1: N1.11l11111 'l1111u1'11, l',11 lJ11111.111, .I11.11111.1 lJ111l11. l'11ll vl.1lll1I. X11111:.1 l'lll1'I1 flhlllllll, C'.111111'11 l'11fl111ul1, 111111 l5111lcl11. lS.11l1.11 .1 liluu 11. ,lf.1111 Xl.1l.111111N. X1x11-11111 l 1111l YN11l11111111, lJ.11cl.1111'll41 X.1ll. -I.11l111 -I11111'1t, 5.1ll5 511l1.11.1 ll.11l11x1, l1lIl.1I 5l111 lx111111, X1111.1 ll11111 ll.111111. l,1,1111.1 l111111111N1111 1- 'l'l 3111 l1'11g1: X111111 H11111. YM111 I1 lJ111l1.11111 l".1.1 1 'l.1xl111 r" f 5A"x , 1 R11111111 AI.11lM1111, lilllll li111l11.11f. 111111u1.1 l,11 xlllllll marbio luck x1.1111 11-1111, ' C Aki g AXCXQ Cb:-1-H m,h.'l f'1"1f'f l1'1 13 11111121 XI1111 1111 l'x.11l1'1 X1l,11111.111, R113 1 ll 1ll l11I I 111 llf l111l1 N1:z1l1, ll.1111l1l 111.111 I f IJ1 l 11111 1111 Nwll,l'.111:1.1-Il111l1 J , I l "3 x1 11 1 11111111111 1111.11111111.111,111.11 N? 'L " l1:tf X1xx1111:.l1. -.,..-0-'Y' 1.1. 1 ..1.11 .11 f7111 111 lllf lI"lXl 4VlQ.1lll!.1lll1llX 111 1l11 1l1111l 1l1 l 11111 f.llIl1, 11 111111111111-cl ln D X11 f111ll1111x 1I14l 51111 51l1x1111l1111.111 xllflll 111 l11l1l 111111 1 1111111l1 111ml K 1ll1111 111 1l1111-1l 1'.11l1 X1'lIl1'Nl4 11 X1-11 .:111N1, Il11' tlllll 1.1l1i1N 11..111X 111111 111 lll'lI1 A cl1x1 l1 ll 111 111111111.1111111 111 1l11' .1111x11 llxl Y 1 11I 1l11 l.1llQl1.1Ql' 111 1l11' .1111l1'111 lx11111.1111.

Page 103 text:

6 RIS' 6000611 801' ' 648105 7 VI'l'14- Qlmlrlcil. NIJf'IlNUTl'd hx Xfiv I.:-r-1141 'IR-lvl. 'HMA limb, Clzlbirn-I ix crmlilmlllm- m 1 lx c'ru11Im-f-d uf Inv rltx'-mxv Qiflx who Qin' muvh rfwpwt it hm Quin:-d in pmt xc 11 X fIXll' ofIlle'iI'IiII1f'trwhvlptflf chfml f,llIlC'IiUIl Nrrlmwtll- fwrqzulivzxtifm. Nmnmf mf IIl1'iI' rr pun 1h1l1t1 X an ly. Thx' IIlf'IIll71'IkN zxrv IQIIOXXII fur th'-ir milling- rhf- tz1kiIlQ Hin tifkf-tx :xt hm 1 wiv to tzxvklv :my job that might pr:-wut iw-lf. play. Lilllllblllllillg Ihr' ibrwtlu Hlq wrw- in uxhv-rx at pl ay .md Nm-ll czmdy .at fvfthf- lIK'lllNl'hfPUlN,J1IldfVIJl'I1I1Il' Ill: 141 mx 1111 ffymlmll and lmxlutlmll guxmw, NIM-tingx im- C'UIlll'xxiHll. 'HMA illxldlllllifrll uf 11-xx 11111111 mm 111-Id mmm' zz uf-1-k md 111 xx lIl4'IIllN'!'N gml I-lwlvql In-rx xs.1xlhr-nlml rf-ufrlt pmjf tl ni tha C 'hmm --.wll N1'lll4'NI"I'. .M JI mfiul Nifll'liIll'. ilu- fr-llfm frm lt llll ll1f m Nl'lX1'x HIHW' in Ll xsllilv with Ill: lr' 51 lfflll Servzke With a Smile l'irsI Rum l.iml.n llim-:mdm-I Inman X1.xl,1H1ux, In Xl.nmr1e- X--nnfmuxx I.-x m!.m-rfivh-um-1 Scroll!! Rum IH-uux Wimix.-1 l'hx I-Iix hilllvn Xl.u1lxn Xmlu-xx l'hxl!i- lhlv Ke-nI.n Ilmnl KLA: lim I.xlllll.1l1 Ihird Row: Iivxvxlx Hume-1 Xrm Shu:-1' Ximguriv- Hr-m-:kv N4-xrlm UNH km xml-IM fullrlh Rim llllivfn-1111:-x luuifn- Nhvruuf-fl Nvxnmm- hilllmlu IM:-xhm l'r..Iu.1 k Ruxrlfvlu lxrvln' 14 ffegwhg fland first Rum llillx lfrnff HM' his:-Il I'-.,IwX14Nl11l.m NL:-Hx Hz-.num .lim K-mm NL-urnd Rum: Nr- l'1u1!r lb'-.m IH-ui: Yiruil Hn-UR Rumi l.nH.xrxI1 H111lw.mL.Im Iur1xXf.umgu1x Third Row Luk Hil! li111I'411ml1 KM! H1-.n:l.mci Dull HHN-'ra Hill Vllwm l'.nul H:-fkrz Fourth Rum lfvmi i'.nxvz'u- Hub lxuhn lim H.1Hr'L lwm Ilnlxm-N Krll Inxlllzr Hilu' lixrlr-X llim Km.-i-I wr 1-lwuln'r'1- xxllln NIV. linux

Page 105 text:

lirxl R1111 1.11111.1 111111-41112111 N1-2111 N1111:1 X111111 111-111111.m 1.11111 X1 11-' 11- 15111-111 1111111111 X11.1 X1.1X1111 X1111.1 N111111, X111111-1 121111 1111111-11.1 Xl11.11111 51.-10nd R1111 N,111111.1 1811111-1111.111. X1111.1 1'1'11'l. .1111 N111111-11111111-1. N111I11- f11-41-11- 1111., .I11111 YNV1111, X1.11111.1 11.111111'-. 111111- 101111-'.. 411111 511111111111x11:, Third R1111 111111 f11111'1.11111, f11.1'f111 111.-11.111, 1...- 11111.-.1 R,1111..1..1 11.-1.11. 1111111 NI1'11.11I 111-1111 l..111111. 51111111 f11:.v 111111, 11111 X11'x.111111-:. Fourth R1111 1J.111' 111111 X1,1: 111511 111-- 111,111. 151111 1511111-1. 1'x1'111,11 11111-11 11,1:'.1:,1 11.1111111, X,11111 111-11.1:11. 1'.1111.111111 11 -1'4 1 Fifxh R1111: 511-11' 1-41111-1-. 111111 15:1-1-::..111 1111114111 1"11-11111. ,I11111111 111111: 1J11:.111 M1111111. 111111 1l1'1111. l11-11:x1- 1'111-11 N11- 1.111111- 1.11111.11., S dll! Il C108 Soafb of rfze Border 1111-111111111111-111 1111'S1jt11l1N11f,111111x 111 111.11111 11111 1111111-111 111-111-1 .111111.1i1111 11 111111 1111 9111111 11 l'11N 1111111 .111c1 XXQIXX 111 1lX'11lQ, 1111- 5Il.1111N11 c-11111. x1111111111'1'11 111' XI111 .ll1111 81114111 111111 11111111 111111 11.11 2111-11X11f'11111'1111111-11 111 1ll111l"1' 1111- 1111111111111 1,11111111'11u1'111 1111- 51 lfirsl R1111 -I1-.1111-llr 51111143 1.11111 1111-111. 11111.1 .I1111w. 11.1111.11.1 l11.1111111'11.1111. 111.111 1.11111111111. -I11 X1111 1.1'1111.1111. 1'.1I 111111, 1'1-uu1 11.11 11111. Sgr-ond R1111- l111111.1 111111.11111 11111111- 1-11111111. 111111 X81-111111, 141-11'1I1 Xl11111I1-- 11111. C.11111111 11.11111-1. 1,11111-1- I.111.1111, 5111111'1 1,1111x, Third R1111 S11:1111.1 X11IJ1111.1111 -1..11-- 1111 1'.11l11'1, N1111I1f1 1f.111I1'. 1.N1111'1 1J111.1I1. 11111111111 X111111.111,5111111'1l.11111114111 I1111 1111, XM11111- X11-11111111111 1"0url11 Rum 5111111-1 11.11111-11, X1-1111111.1 131111-1. 1,I11.1111-111 1'1-11-111111, S11-11.1 11.111111- 111114 N11-111111 11.11111 1L1'11-111 11111:1-1, N1111f 11-1 1311-1-1111, N11-111111 X1.1ll1111, 111

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