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N A ' ,' ..-v -1 ' GA X-ra: x XA ' "fr In' X' - V Y qv f' 'Gi ,, A '- l-f- ipfya' my 2 ,. X' ,. " . K , 'fy'-, Q.. ', X' ,X X, bFtieFXa?j -1. X. . ' 417' 'iift . ""'?:. , , . , qw "gl ' X "u'1"'X'f2Q: Z WX fum XF XX 52 B." '1',,P, M12-,"-'-,Q .,,X -' : "' H W-1:1 L 1 I -, 'X ,G 'Xflfrlf' -'X A lffffvy 1. X -.X ?'3, T,. . "f" ' 0 ' A -1 1 'K , .X Q22 'VL 'X Xi"'5Q?'f:1i'X "" 'I X ' X - ' XI : IUX 'f- LL, , YW- 'P . ' f ' - - Q X! X 1 ' 1:1-J" V - x ., .3 X X , ge , VX1 X X. ,gw,1,, , -, X - - -My XFX X X' ,X H sm ,5 ,, - .Lx 'V--'Q Q , - f 1 - X 1, X9X 1L.x , X ff' .'X1'e,,w M, -A X I , X X. ' -2.4 '. ,' .-ax ' ae- XX -X M ' ,X lv , X ' .X X Wig ' X. , at 2 A a i j" ,Q ,.Q55 'xX,-x -ZA 4g g- Q ,,' .1, ,l:g,X N gl , ' . 3 I, A b ,1L"' 5n, ,X 'V - ., ,X 1 . Q 3 ,EX Xt' f X' 11. 'X 1 X we X ,X X X T899 f i ' ff '--nw! ,fieiragzii ,.-'-M-fl 1-,JX ,XX XX: , Q , Xe , I .1 X- , X. X, mm -X . , .ws 3-5224'3'fJ'g':li4l'4l"l?111'tG7 Wm X' 9ii'5!5'X r' ' PM I' ': 1- ' ' 5 I Q - - X ll' .?' A ' f . - ' ' ' x' ' F 'r ' 22QQiii':4"':'4a'X'f'ki 1 Xin,-XfQ. 2 ' 9 f a-1 X X , 4-' " - ' r 2, ,fi ' 5 'XF .9'1'? g1 2531- i, : .f X'PXf , ls " ' 1 L A - ml, 4 X .2 X -,.-:AX gi ' Q f ,A X , XI X -X X V 6' , ,X, V . X Y . ' 2 X e V 'g V.- f K ,1glEm'- X , X , . 1 ' 1 Ijri, Q .ini grf.. 5 . -X , -,X f , ff ' X A : r,pf:X2X NLQNXN, X-1 X. . x , . X, X. A ,,..f" X X . , ff .f-fx 3. J., E . v 'TX . 1 " EL - Q 1 X-, v- gag - ' -, Q '- XX -- X- , X .ME ' ' X 'L ,fr-' X' TF JMU ' XX X .Xf ' 1 X-fa X X H 'f X X N X-H'-W E J J! ' N 'X . X X f 'F .. XMX XQ X D ,X N 'iw ' - ,."1mXX 1W5ggxlQ1""31 ' is X. ' f ' My A.,-gaifgfiz a XX I X"' H+ -,,', XX L1 ,, -'X X 5 w, X5-1,3 55 3 90 93 i ' 'af' " L,-' , , gy, 5 .x.5.55 ?f:.qg! xg 'Vk. X4v . ,31. in i X il I Y' 4 Rifn X l," Y-A -K Y , , Y- r ' . eil 'I -4 . ' X :T .gf-ful 5 Xt, .24 -'.,X K ,fm Xfe,..v . .X , , ,, fy H44 -.f- AX, , . 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FALL-WE RETURN TO BEGIN A NEW YEAR clfofunzs 44, U3ulln1HsJ fly gzffsz .f5'hzff cgfforz .fgznioz .gwcgoofl cqfforz, A Picturesque Tour Through the Three Seasons FALL With fall came the dawning ol a new semester. With fall came the joys and sorrows of another thrilling football season. It also brought new students bewildered at the en- tanglement of room numbers and the maze of hallways. The corridors of Alton High again rang with the laughter of the students anxious to renew old acquaintances and buckle down for another year's work. WINTER Winter was soon upon us in all its majestic beauty. Inside the snow-covered building sat the industrious students deeply engaged in the year's work. The winter contained many happy events including dances, plays, basketball games, and a wide variety of ac' tivities. 'r A '-gr' 3 D .-3' ' .rv-H . Q I-i F! 14 W., W it xl Lf" is 'J lq: , .I I C l 1 I . 4 ..-- 4 -'Q-1' v " . 7 in "hi, A ' 327'--llv. I f A At Alton High, Conducted By the Tatler Staff of 1948 SPRING Basketball season ended. and in its place appeared many ambitious track candidates. The band concert, the reappearance of students on the campus, and the open windows were sure signs of the approaching spring. It brought hopes and plans of graduation: it brought the completion of another memorable year at A. H. S. PEOPLE The people of a school compose its very life-blood. The school board administration and faculty are all of equal importance in providing the youth of our community with the best education possible for the modern day. ' Come with us now as we journey through the year . . . rvf if f ff 1 A 2f g pf2l QfsiF 1 . .,' ...A-5 ' . psza,-ff ,, .Mg 'WQfzt'5f- " " H, N, " - 1.41 , .: 4: 2 Aw? f J ' ' 'ya if 2-' f Q ' X -Qi v " f' 4, wg .. 6 4 QQ? -X 45' 1 vdsmxv-if N 3 A '39 an f f 9 'L M R 9 F I 4 :Y N Q an 35 W fn ,ae 1 A 'if , 2159! ' R' f S' 2 ff' ,J 3 ' A 1' 'A YJ? D, ,.",. T4 555,-41-, cw' r 3 'LST'-H fl ,gl M, 'A A f -Q" -.:' f f 'iw .. - . LL,' iifs If , Q -X W M ,YH 3 X .i .V .5 .,,q A H M 1- 1' W' - , --.'I 'Li'- '41 K' -' 4" ' fs-2-i1,,x.' 'P -, - 1 . . . 'Q' I jg.. sf'-ai? 'A'1"s LT lr' Q' . 3 1 X . ' 1 - fy , s P z 17 'Ji , V A xi " 1 S , . ' 5 lf re? : . , N, 1 ,,5g,,7H,f,,: y . , w x 5 , h + 1 x xi 'S J... "1 ' ,JP 0 1 . 0 , . 44' ' 1 ,.'75fW3E ,M uw 4 53 X E ,J . , ,-. , . , .. - -9' . A fT'f"4!f',- -. .-vgsi. Y' J if LA . wif- ,wifi 153:19 , 'mf' "4 .4 fl Q A . 4' 337312 ' fa. Q. 2 nf., 1 . 'J 5 4.5, I - 1, Q if 4,4-,L rv, . -Q .. x'-' NHf4"X"' .. :FW nsefili iris 4, 'f Xi X . ag, 42 J 5? V . V : ,., ,, . LV l if ff'Agff"if ,f A ' Six - ' f 'VT' A j fx 1:5 :lr -H 'Eff f'xf vi" ., . , - ,Q-Qsi-,f - ff ' . , M. , ,., fl ." if KM Q L, nw v 'ff v-Liv-"5"?e X vvrl it K M1 .1 . ,. ,mi RFE". ff 'Y' 1 Nga- -me ' V iff-..P gf' E' . - rrf. W, K' , uf 355. +1 - t 25. lf ' ff ., , ww " x t'm,'- V. ,, E, in . 'l ' , .V+- Q K ' M.. 53 I' f gf -X an fw- 52s5'5?FxL5f5?iQiW -1: gizgmx- in ,ff . 'grey .w' '.- ', U ul , A i sl, '45, V , , . ' L1 nvxa gQgxi,"fj'i3x A W ' . . 5 f2f,,,:+- w , .ff wegfxggw .swf , Ari, -- i--. Z ' . wawv ' 4 J X Y V -. . H' "1 A,",c h , ts-A 'f in .NA1 H xwgx ':13""'f..nJSg'fw', - s , Q1 I M' 'fl " f ag," if I f -. ,?1-QM ,f F fl- ffl - V TK 1 N, ii: iv 1 jf' But Uur Deans Uffer Friendly Advice The beginning of each seme 'ter brings students who are laced with inconvenient study schedules and who wish their program cards changed. Miss Tibbetts does her part in helping the girls adjust their cards. Mrs. Persing gives kindly Counsel to two new students who are entering our school for the first time. The boys seek the assistance of Mr. Harlan when having pro- gram difficulties. And Mr. Leamon's Door is Always Upen to Us Early this fall Mr. Leainon was appointed principal of Alton High School to succeed Mr. B. Iohnson who became superintendent of schools: Mr. l.QE1Il10ll has proved himself to be fair and square in all of his dealings with students, He is always willing to aid those having difficulties. During the Noon Hour on Sunny Fall Days We Gather on the Campus Gut campus has always been one admirable beauty and a favorite place spend leisure time. Half the fun of going to school . . - Why can't it be like thi E- all the time? KA ' Uur Parents Came to School During E- Education Week It was a new experience for all when our parents came to school one evening to see the students and teachers carry on two class hours in a normal manner. Al- though there was at first an at- mosphere of uncertainty, the visit proved successful and beneficial from both social and educational standpoints. Heredity sure runs strong in your family, Scotty! The art room was crowded with parents learning to make plastic jewelry which they wore home on their coat lapels, Mr. Wools and his class kept curious parents interested with chemical experiments. The G. A. A. Initiate Their Candidates and the National Honor Society Sponsors Packing Overseas Christmas Packages The G.A.A. new look? The National Honor Society took over the joh of supervising the Collection of gifts for unfor- tunate children in Europe under the auspices of the World Festi- val for Friendship. The project was very successful as the photos here reveal. It meant a merrier Christmas fo 1' ou 1' European friends. The Art Class takes time off to pack a Christmas hox .... . . . .and it goes to Europe Via Miss Gates' Room. S -3 We Begin Taking Tatler Pictures and Also Uur Banquets Get Under W ay We begin our trips to the Tatler Rogues Gallery. "Our boys sure look purty all dress- ed up for their once a year appearance in front of the camera"' Food and Con- versation go hand in hand at the Quill 8 Scroll banquet. The Girls' Gym Classes Take Advantage of the Nice Fall Weather .. .., n I. Q t in ., I I h . . , y , , , . P , ,, , . V. - - 'C-nn' K A, ,A I ,. .. MISS FOSTER TAKES ROLL ON THE TENNIS COURTS E I GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Fourth Row: luanita I-Ielmkamp, Marie Montague, Margie Powell, Norma Elam, Treva Reeder, Dorothy Bertels, Marcella Baldridge, Mary Moss. Third Row: Martha Bower, Noma Elam, Mary Lou Baker, Barbara Iohnson, Mary Vir- ginia Williams. Second Row: Shirley Eckelman. Marcella Cummings, Minnie Burnett, lane Dale, Barbara Duncan, Delores Shoemacher. First Row: Arlynn Waechter, Roberta Owens, Martha Webb, Elizabeth Hill, Ioyce Schafer, Barbara Newcome. There is Plenty of Excitement at N ight Games These pictures show Alton High in action. There is little wonder why the Alton crowds re- ceived so many thrills when attending th e s e hard-fought fo o t b all games. Becker and Scroggins move in for the kill. A hush fills the Alton stands as disaster strikes on the field- Moore arrives too late l as a Kahok is grounded. THE 1947 FOOTBALL SOUADS FIRST TEAM Back Row: Iohn Graves, Harry Gaghen, Bob Whipple, Bill Riggs, mgr., Don Horney. Middle Row: Gary Edsall, George Georgeoff, Tom Speight, lack Terlisner, Ed Barton, Nick Bavas. Gliver Rose, mgr. Front Row: Ioe Scroggins, Evan Dean, Don Newcome, Bob Becker, Gene Frazier, Elmo Tudor, Tom Dunphy, Harold Sparks. SECOND TEAM Back Row: Carl Daniels, Bob Iohnson, Bob Pullen, lack Showers, Bob Moore, Iames Stromski, Gene Hicks, Bill Rhodes. Middle Row: Orville Link, Louis Doman, Ioe Gordon, Alvin Wyman, Frank McAtee. Roland Nickens, Bob Busse. Front Row: Kenny Pruitt, Charles Ross, Ralph Von Bergen, Dick Pruitt, Pete Perica, lim Bateman. lack Russo, Charles Gray. A Few of the Seasonls Highlights ,F .. . lt's mine l l loe Scroggins attempts to block a Western pass: however, Alton High was not successful in blocking a Western victory. The end of the game brought a 6-O defeat for Alton High lt's mine l l At the annual football dinner the boys pre sent Coach Iackson and Coach Stavros with gifts in appreciation of their efforts during the SQZISOH. FOOTBALL SCORES Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton .Alton Alton Alton Alton McKinley Collinsville Granite City Madison Edwardsville Wood River East Side Belleville W. M. A. The Boys End the Season With a Big Feed At the end of the football season every fear, our gridiron heroes are rewarded by the school with a banquet. These fellows show heir delight, and, may we add, their appe- ites, too. Tell another story, Nickl Trays were loaded with turkey. The table groaned with food. The boys groaned too, by the time they "' it it all away l l lk Everybody enjoyed lim Rices cartoons lich were featured at the banquet. Annual Coronation of the Football Queen FOOTBALL QUEEN AND ESCORTS Maids: Audrey Milill, Shirley Scoggins, Pauline Young, Queen: Emmie Lou Peters, Crown Beureri Carlee Chester, Angie Koclros. Escorts: Don Newcome, George Georgeolf, Gary Eclsall - Football Captain, Bob Becker. Evan Dean. 6? CANDIDATES FOR FOOTBALL QUEEN N Stnntlinq: Pauline Young, Angie Kodros, Shirley Scoggins, Carlee Chester. Seated: Audrey Miliff. The Dramatics Class does a bit of iuclying. Amateur sculptors exercise their Jilities by modeling clay figures, The Art Class visits Monticello to e and hear about the Missouri Art ihibit. Many Students are Interested in Fine Arts i 1 1 XViutcr .nrrivc and covcrs ou c an in p u s with a ivluiikot of x n 0 w Thu' le El v c s aim lmumiirv cf hull imxw fnllun vi L' t i m ta x'.'i11tcl"s icy blast. Hlimicr tin' snow drifts thc lwlussomq em- s I c c p i n g IDI'k'1llllil1g tlwi drumls uf simshim and Iunc. Down in thc husl of tha-ir quict thcyic kcvping Thrills from tin tiimstinfs wild SLIIIIINCI'-Sllllgj tum-' -Hnrrivl Spoffoix JF 4 K . .. V 10,51 ,L . , Y A ,. H g Q, ...Af lx .. HUNTER THE 1947- 48 BASKETBALL SQUADS FIRST SQUAD Back Row: lack Stauffer, Gene Hicks, Harry Gaghen, Howard Nash, Don Ingram, manager. Front Row: Tom Dunphy, Bob Becker, Wayne Fisher, Iim Mitchell, Don Kuhn. 191 Our basketball team had a discouraging season. They could have easily given up many times. but the opposing team never found the game a pushover. Each member did his best: and. as a bocly, they had a fine spirit of team-work. So, the students of Alton High salute youl THE 1947- 48 BASKETBALL SQUADS SECOND SQUAD First Row: Iames Conley, Dewey Alexander, Stanley Ioy, Frank McAtee, Dvuqht Sum mer, Eldon Williams, Kenny Pruitt. Second Row: 'Carl Mayer, Everett Hurley, Al Whyers, lack Showers, Alvin Harper Rrly Windmueller, Harold Eberlin, Third Row: Cecil Andrews, Raymond Murray, Kenny Lawson, Tom Holmes Allin Lobbig. THE 1947-1948 BASKETBALL SCORES Alton Highland 40 Alton Wood River Alton Roxana 49 Alton Madison Alton Belleville 64 Alton Belleville Alton Granite City 53 Alton Roxana Alton Edwardsville 70 Alton Edwardsville Alton Sparta 60 Alton Madison Alton Edwardsville 53 Alton Granite City Alton Roxana 46 Alton Collinsville Alton East St. Louis 38 Alton Wood River Alton Collinsville 79 Alton Greenville Alton Wood River Attendance at Um Games Was Good These fellows worked hard and. as a re- sult, eleven qualified for varsity letters. They were: Bob Becker, Tom Dunphy, Wayne Fisher, Don Kuhn, lim Mitchell, Howard Nash, Harold Ebcrlin, lack Stauffcr, Gene Hicks, Harry Gaghen, and Don Ingram, mgr. Gaghen racks up two more points. Which Way do we go from here, Gene? Action in Basketball lim Mitchell plziccs another through thc lmslect. Y? lVlUVllf UPERATQRS-Sccoml Row: Dick lohnson, Richzircl Collins, Rlfllilftl Scynmrc First Row: Kenny Pruitt, Utho Trick, larry Seymore We Do W ark Sometimes - - -A Our classes are production lines of fu- ture engineers, chemists, dress-designers, etc. Probably more important, they develop personalities. Such virtues as patience, precision, and accurateness are born and developed. Here wie also share the companionship of our fellow-students and learn to he good citizens through working together. Daydreaming is a good escape from mathematics. The latest creations straight from Alton High. Creating the world's greatest fire ex- tinguisher - - HZO. The Ianuary graduates had a series of fine parties. This one took place in 216 and, judging from appearance, it must have been a wonderful success? Get off my toes, George! The Thespians had a small party at the home of Paige Waggoner, the president. Coke, and candy were served as refresh- ments, while gifts were exchanged among the members. Hey kids. look what l've got! Miss Tibbett's office help enjoys an in- formal coke party after school. Heres the photographers: look this way. girls! Christmas Time is Party Time Lfisifl f The Senior Play and Its Cast The senior play cast pose in their gradu- ating robes for a photograph. Frank Ballard puts make-up on Winnie Luedeeke who played her part well as the young daughter of a mountaineer. 11 Leland Kreid was kept busy interrupt- Here we have Gabriel and his Country- ing love scenes in "Gabriel, Blow Your cultured family. Gabe isn't lazy 1 merely Horn." "overseeing" the work. Plays and Parties The Cast of last winteris Thespian play, Three's ai Crowd." Wheat! Another party for the Seniors? hey must have had some gay times. A scene from "But Fair Tomorrow," put on by the Dramatic Club last winter, The i ,NI f cast of "But Fair Tomorrow L. 'le ey flaky Terry Burch, David Lauck, Paul Clark. Editor does a little planning with the business manager and one of the staff. 34 fn A LeVona Duelm, Iune Doerr, and Frances Oliver. LeVona types while Iune and Frances look on. Marge Foster, Anne W8tEfhOl1SQ. Richard Alexander, Iudy Iohnston. Mary Feldwisch. Looking over returned proofs. Lower left: Ioan Brueckner, lean Holland, Margaret Manns. Efficiency plus-as another letter is sent out. lane Neudecker K Lewis Doman ltfi Lewie dictates: fl' f X F Ianie types. 5fa!f Some of the stall look over the yearbook, Standing: VVilliani Riee, llrnest Thayer. Seated: Robert Whiiuple, Carlee Chester. lack Bdleman. The artist draws the attention of many adniirers. Darlene Perkins Williani Kaplan, Kenny Burge, Robert Carter. Sending photos to the engraving com- pany is certainly tiring. lsn't it Bill? Ianet Sparks, Adah Ruth Smalley, lean Richards, Bill Edgell. Lower Right: Bnsyl Busy! Busyl Iris Phleger, Shirley Seoggins, Robert Becker, Inez Phleger. i""'rSf?l Leland Kreid is our Photoqranher gi My .K 5 ,mg .,,j 5 K IP A." r 'Vt' Student Council Third Row: Mary Connour, Innc Ncudccker, Carolyn Emons, Lovcllc Gibson, Kenny Burgc, Belly Iczxn VVilliniuson, Cnrlcc Chester, Ioann Bruockncr, Inckic Bridges, Don Buxton, Ilrnassr 'I'hnyur, Lynn Christian. Second Row: Put Moorc, Innct Spnrks, Adah Ruth Smalley, Shirley Scoggins, Rosnlic Pcriczx, Pm llziily, liarharu Frohork, Katherine Tchoukaleff, Shirlvy Willil2!ll1S, Viola Neuhaus, 'Marilyn l-lvmiricks. Betty McDonald. First Row: Gerry Rushing, Angie Kodros, Margo Higgins, Mnrrha Hunt, Bob Becker, Richard Alexander. Don Hunt, Garry lidsull, Dale Timmcrmcicr, Inna Migct, Dick Pruett, lim Springgnlc, Damon Ioncs, Harold Sparks. Times Staff Third Row: Thane Olshy. Gene Gelzinnis. Sandra Voss, Pat Bray, Betty Lou Carr. Rohcrtn Cogun, Mauriuc Mcdhurst, Don Ingram. Second Row: Martha Lcc VVi-hh. Marjorie Goss, Betty Guthrie, Bcity Pruett. Marilyn Mihill. Mary Connour, Ivan Troqdvn, Inns Freeman. Miss VVilliams. First Row: lola Franklin. Cvcrry Rushing. Betty Nicolet. Margaret Ash. Delores VVall, Viola Ncuhnus. I ? 1 Phyllis Wheatley Y-Teens 1ScatcdJ-liula Iohnston. Roxalana McCoy. Luv lissycv Iohnson. Dovic Amos, 1StandingQ Iosvphinc Green, Zctna Johnson, loan Conly, Mary Clark. Grass Wi Hollaway, Forcstinc Bateman, Bctty Lon Boa, Birdie Henry. Margin' Ballard. L... Magic Club SBCOHG Row: lack Edelman, Iixn Turner. Bob Schaeffer, Mr. Bruno. First Row: Don Metzgcr, Don VVatson, Inn Strnif. lliaxns, Clara W, , rx ffliw ,J fA5tx'!V"f.. Q 3' llxafwialali .EA 'S-12 5lx'ig,if'-ff wshun I H .fghon .jwlgA Clriafmari dfiemdfg "CHRISTMAS TABLEAUXH With winter comes Christmas, and we all look forward to our annual Christmas program. This year it consisted of eleven picture scenes presented as tableaux. Be- hind the curtain was the buzz and mumble of excited actors: but, as the curtain raised, the coughs and whispers faded into a hushed silence. After all the worrying, the tableaux were a success. Here are three scenes which will help you remember Christ- mas of "47". "Under The Mistletoe" with Iunnita Helmkamp and Leland Kreid. "Christmas Dinner" with all eyes intent on the pudding. "The Carolersn left us in a joyful Christ- mas spirit. 7 Third Row: Thespians Ti-rry Hnrcli. Frank Ballard, Irving Wliittcii, Roger Trout, l.ynn Christian. lirncst Tliayvr, Iolinny Grason, Second Row: Ianvt Sparks, Allah Ruth Smalley. Paige VVaggonvr, Nancy Horn, Iam- llyr-rs. llarlmra First Row: licckvr. IL-an 'l'rogden. lola Franklin, Vivicnnc Jennings. Viola Nculiaiis. Susan Icnnings. r Third Row: Second Row: First Row: 10' Dramatic Club Roqvr Trout. Iolinny Grason, Ernic Tlmycr. lim Turner. lVlonrv Iacolny. Iiin Striiif. Tcrry Burch, Vivicnnc Icnnings, Carlcc Clicstcr, Barbara Bcckvr, 'lllianc Olslwy, Dora Ann Drew, Dorothy Ican Elfgvn, Dolores Siadc, Ioan Hanci. Flo Ioan Clark, Ianc liycrs, Ioann Briicckncr, Nancy Horn. Ioan Bcdcll, Martha Recd. Lynn Christian, Viola Ncullans. Sarah Richards, Susan Icnnings, Nancy Vinc. Adali Ruth Smalley. Gerry Rushing. Iola Franklin, Ianct Sparks. Sliirlvy Scoggins, llclori-s Roady, Marybcllc lVlcGuirc, Ivan Trogden. 4 Commercial Club Second Row: Bvtty In-nn VVilliamson, Sully Betts, Lic Vonu Duelm, 'Mary Louise Moss, Belly Cox, Rolvcrtzi llanwnwooci, Bcity Kzwgel, Dorothy Arincs, lime Frccimin, Roberta Owvns, Virginia VVvmllv. Numa Elam. Ross Marie Short, Nomn Elam. Ioaim Hrucckner. Io lfliznlwth Hill, Ivan Hinriulis. First Row: Nita Croikvll. Marthzi Rumi. Ivan Holland, Batty Pructt. Norm.i lleneke. Smiley H1-Y Second Row: Puul Wzii'nl, Mr. Disney, advisor, Don Loire, Nordell Hill. First Rowx Roger 'l'ronl', Gem' Gclziuriis, luck Roberts. Dick Iohnson, Bill Bcurdsmorc. Girls' Council Third Row: Miss Tilwlwtts Ladviscrj, Susan Icnnings. Nlarilyn Miliill, Paigc VVagqom'r. Charlottv lliglglllll, Vivicmic Icmmgs. Second Row: Sarah Richards, lanct Sparks, Ioan Hanci. Iam' Bycrs, lVlartl1a Hunt, Bcity llrucll. Gcrry RllSl1lI1Q, Mill'glllI'Lxt M4lllllS. First Row: Adllll Ruth Smalley, Carlcc Cllcsivr, Icalmc BcDcll, Norma liciirkr, lVlilI'ylWL'ilL' lVlagi1il'c. 2 'X .Lgwli .... Hg AQ-EA mil' .ruff--. lu 3 i.N'f5 1415 1Q1.63f3,hg.'li- 2627 gi25Q.14ii4'm 4 Q if 5.41 1 5.2411 1.51, 55.1 ' i c1'5"J 341"5r,,,sa"lkLQ:4,,zgQ,c?ffifoi5fZ l-in Nigg 36 S M fsa sfcf mg 93155 r--eww :Pd ,, , ,, V' l Ra X ru .ng ae. Science Club Second Rows liranccs Pmrgcr, Terry Burch. Ross Chambliss, Ernie Thayer. First Row: lim Struif, Iim Turner. Carroll Barlow. Tcc Bicrmachcr, Kcnny Burgc. lack Edclman, Bill Fones. Fred Rosenthal. Mr, Wools. 1- 619 Club' Third Row: Ed Downes, lirank Bn-ll, Don Hunt, Dick Alexandcr, Bob Bvckcr. Tom Dunphy. Second Row: Patte Kochcr, Ieannc Lutz, Nick Bnvas. Shirley VVen1pcn. Margaret Manns. First Row: Marilyn Mihill, Nancy VVinkler, Carolyn Emons, Martha Hunt, Mary Tclmoukalcff Rifle Club First Row: Bob Carlton, Don Mt'Kinncy, Eugene Hook, Roland Nickens, Second Row: Robert Collins, Bill lioncs, Nelson R. McRcynolds. Rodncy Connor. French Club Third Row: Royce Adams. Lucille Haas, Louise Arsht, l"la1'rivt Collins, Evelyn Brcvfoglc, lVlzn"cnu lilfgcn, Nnmy Vnu Second Row: Barbara Bomkamp. First Row: Ioycc Turner, Nlary Lou Shafer, Norma Nlorgan, Viviennc Icnnings. Ium' Nickcll. Champion Volley Ball Team Vivian Drury. Bcity Conway, Virginia Fisher, Marcvlla Buldridgv, Slmirlcy Edwards. Royalty at Alton High School VIOLA NEUHALIS The gifts they received are: a radio, 2 pairs of shoes, an Elizabeth Kent cosmetic kit, 2 Prixie bracelets, 2 dresses, a flash bulb camera, Princess Teen bracelets, a fountain pen, I sweater, 6 pairs of hose, and 3 orchids. The girls also received a free modeling course at Patricia Stevens in Saint Louis. They had access to the 'Chase Club, Zodiac Room, and the Crystal Terrace during the day. At twelve that evening, like the story of Cinderella, the girls and their escorts were taken home in the Black and White Cab which had been at their disposal all day. PRINCESS TEEN This year two of our fair young maidens received the distinguished honor of being crowned "Princess Teen" on the Gil Newsome sponsored program of the same name, broad- cast from KWK. The girls received various gifts which are shown in the picture. A suite at the Hotel Chase and a Black 6 White Cab were at their command for the day. The big- gest thrill of the day was perhaps that both girls were allowed to choose a fellow whom they named as "Prince Teen." Carlee Chester was "Princess Teen" on November lst. Viola Neuhaus was "Princess Teen" on November 15th. CARLEE CHESTER Fifth Row: Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: National Honor Society Iim Struif, David Lauck. Iucly Iohnston, Martha McBurney, Kenny Barge. Leland Krcid. Lewis Doman, Maurice Medhurst, Norma Moore, Normagene Wliite, Paige Waiggoiit-r. Dick Vancil, Bill Edgell. Ernest Thayer, Bill Rice, Pauline Iouctt, Margo Higgins. Norma Bcnecke, Bonnie Sue Hendricks, Ilota Weiiirich, Betty Pruett. Bill Kaplan, Margaret Manns, Rosemary Tiepel, Barbara Henderson. Mary Ann Levora. Shirley Wempen. Mary Connour, Ioann Brown, Ioan Hanei, La Vona Duelm. Bob Cox, Norma Elam, Iune Stock, Martha Reed, Rose Marie Short, Shirley VVisr-man Iune Freeman, lean Trogdcn, Frances Oliver, Carlee Chester. Ruth Eccles, Ethel Burley. Betty Io Rollins, Vivienne Icnnings, Maryhelle McC-uire. Gerry Rushing. Delores Stadc, Adah Ruth Smalley. Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: uill and Scroll Iudy Ionhston, Sandra Voss, Viola Neuhaus, Kenny Burge, Bill Kaplan, David Lauck. LaVona Duelm. Marjarie Goss. Marilyn Mihill, Marge Foster, Martha Mcllurney. Lewis Doman, Terry Burch, Ernest Thayer, Bill Rice. Betty Pruett, Norma Benecke, Margaret Manns, Darlene Perkins, Ioann Brueckner. Iune Doerr, Ruth Eccles, Mary Connour. Adah Ruth Smalley. Delores Stade, Martha Reed, Frances Oliver, Maryhelle McGuire. Gerry Rushing, Carlee Chester, Ianet Sparks, lean Trogden, Iune Freeman, lane Neudecker. ,dam Jshgl 52 OBOE Ernest Thayer Ianice Williziiiisoii FLUTE Susan Iennings lane Byers lim Turner Gen Roy E-FLAT CLARINET Monte Iacoby B-FLAT CLARINET William E. Rice Ianet Sparks Carlee Chester Don Buxton Gerry Rushing Marybelle McGuire Thane Olsby Gene Gelzinnis Shirley Spatz Mike Howard Tom Wiediiiaii Shirley Sumner Wilma Privett Gerald Bachman Louis Hoover Myra Riley Donald Bradshaw Robert Spencer Nordell Hill r I 8l"50l'll'lQf of ALTO CLARINET Barbara Becker BASS CLARINET In-an Hairawoocl ALTO SAXAPHONE Marilyn Lampert Earl Hill Charles Vxfilliams TENOR SAXAPHONE Bob Graves Iames Conley BARITONE SAXAPHONE Rudy Davis BASSOON Roberta Cogan Harold Sparks .,0l'LCeI"i I'- gu y .ibn Aer, .lireclor HORN TR OMBONE Ross Chambliss Charles Musgraves Don Peel Cecil Andrews Tom Macias CORNET Paul Clark Delwyn Tanney Don Kuhn Arthur Pitts lim Springgate Beverly Beck Charles Crockett Iames Keiclel Gale Ehlers Don Gerard Ronnie Owens Iames Bateman BARITONE Everett Hurley Shirley Cogan Raymond Bonnell Paul Mceden Barbara Stockdale Kenton Waecllter Spencer Dunham Lee Iacobson Howard Boker Boyd LalVlarsh BASS Bill Riggs Calvin Day lim Struif Byron Davis Tom Keeney Gary Camp STRING BASS Ilota Weinrich Nancy Horn PERCUSSION Sarah Richards Nina Iones Dora Ann Drew Iohn Grascn Lynn Christian Dean Iacoby 5746 Clwm DIRECTED BY Miss FERRELL THE MUSIC DEPARTMENTS OF OUR SCHOOL Alton Senior High School is proud of its two musical organizations-the band and the chorus. The band is under the direction of Guy Duker, who has done an excellent job of directing it for the past five years. The chorus is directed by Vivienne Ferrell, who has been with us for two years. The band gave an annual spring concert along with a concert during the Yuletide season. ln the springtime, the band, which is classified under class AA, entered the district contest, and for two consecutive years has won a first division rating, advancing to state. Also several individuals obtained a first with their solos and ensembles. Under the leader- ship of Guy Duker, the band has steadily increased in size until it now has a membership of eighty--five and it will probably increase even more in the future. The chorus participated with the band in giving a Yuletide concert. The chorus has given the students of Alton High several very fine assemblies, especially their presentation of Stainers 'ACrucifixion" at Easter. We are sure the chorus is doing a fine piece of work and they are to be congratulated. Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Rowz Latin Club lim Gumm. Iames Wilsoxi, Margie Benecke, Barbara Stockdale, lane Dale, Marilyn VVandling. Beverly Goltz, Shirley Spatz, lerry Hoyt, Maurice Sfarbuck. Barbara Becker, Delores Sinclair, Barbara East, Alyce Gissel, Barbara Duncan. Mary VVilliams. Arlyn Waechter, Marilyn Hendrickson, Florence Wilscii, Gordon Smith, Tee Biermacher. Nancy Horn, Sarah Richards, loan VVenzel, Pat Miles, Carol Combs, Io Ann Thompson, Martha Watson, Ann VVollerman, Nancy Kodros, Eunice Shelly, Caroll Barlow, Charles Musgraves. Raymond Bonnell. Margie Neuhaus. Marilyn Andrews, Scvelia Allen, Eleanor Sherwood, Susan Iennings, Viola Neuhaus, Math Roth. Bob Carlton, Harold Sparks. 'M lm., ,517 51. 'i4 OUR OFFICE PERSONNEL Rita Ottmer, Mrs. Ieanne Theen and Mrs Mildred Watson Winter is the Time for Social Events Kenny entertains the girls imitating Charles Lnughton "Mutiny on the Bounty" at ' National Honor Society lncli lion. After the Induction Ce moiiy, members of the Nanci Honor Society eiiioycd refre: ments in the cafctxwiu. laminry grads hold ei po wow nt one of tlicir numerm pnrtieS. And We Have Classes, Too! The Home Ee students seem to enjoy their own cookingl Quiet! Serious operation in progress as biology students dissect some frogs. "The Bearded Lady!" Shirley applies make-up in Drama class. Fun at Alton High Thcros nothing wrong v the ceiling. It's only one of games at ax party of l llarlow's class. The hard-working mcmlw of the Tatler Staff have a least. Kenny tries to figure out C of lim Struif's magic rope trim nt thc Tailor staff party. Crowds, Crowds and More Crowds The crowd calms down during the half to purchase refreshments, and relax from the excitement of the game. Cur cafeteria has long been overcrowd- ed. The tables are covered with books and food. The remaining space is just enough V to allow students to purchase their lunches lim after waiting in line. W Oh well, that's life! 1 If this photo could produce sound you would quickly recognize it is one of our home basketball games in the pitch of ex- 4 citement. The games were well attended throughout the season. 'K Student Talent Show One of the most OlllHI?lI1Clll1gJ lzlfll' turus was this II1l1SlC2ll qulnici. Tlwy arc, loft to right: Clmrll-s Willizuxxms, Inmcs Conley, CillZU'll'!i Conlvy, Earl Hill and Iohn Gmson, 'l'l1C Burlwer Shop Qllfll'lCf uns com- posvd of Riclmrd Iulmson, Roger Trout, Donald liuxton, and Gcnv Gclzinuis. Anotlwl' act lluutllrvcl lfrom lvl! to riglxtl David XfVlSL'lTlilll, Chnrlvs Mus- gmves, Iolm Dirtschy, Izxmcs llntclnmm and Rolwrt Rulvright. The Donkey Basketball Game Uur Student Council put oil il donkey hziskethnll grime during the close of winter. The stutlczit participation put the crowd in at puddle of laughter, These are some of the best pictures tuken. Come on horsey - - Whozi l l l Nlzirge Foster spent the eve- ning chasing her faithful steed around the gym. Nick Barrels poses for ai shot, his arm wrapped securely around his nssinine friend. Darlene and Delores show the boys the technique of good clonkeymanship ? ?? V .1 1 M A , wary . X 'QLKE 'Tw ' f . "WW""' X Q i? S 'V Q' - '1' ,. 1- 8 I . f 5 fn V H 4 N 3. Sylvw' A ' fu, K Ji , P . " n K I. Ks u v 4 , . 5 K w ? , M QQ, X , B , wgiq-7 gg X - f xii 'S 5- Lgs L of . '-A . 5 . - cl 5 , , V 1 x ' . Q 1 , 'A N 41 'ET 55- ' -H Q -, " x , , 1 .L Q 555125,-' ' Q ' ..., . sg ..X. A . X . X F . - M fb i -. if ,W Q ,Q 4 'Q Q X A y .fwggw gi Q wif P '1ff4fV::wvJi ' f X zgiamxzmmiff f Y' X X .-.1. P 251335 ' K X ., , , Q ::E'T.51,iY'1r:,-ii J 41:52 4, 2521 eg 'fiflwi 1 Q - .. fm-f ff , 1-?sG,aL::- uf- 1. igi ,111 gulf 5 ' 651513 ' fm, 5 X Wfxffffff Q M i:5 wg A ::: ' ,- f5a?"YQiffa5fSfi'w5'fl-any ff M: XI !'9:?e?5:Q!uY7',:Qf : V- f QQ? :ff aiiigfii F514 Q , QQSW -'sax g,s?:w:,gsz:-1.. N 2 - 1 o - ' l,. , 7,4 , ,., t. ,t, -, A 1 'SSO 'vu -'af' 431 M av 'N . 0 . 'L ,J 2-, li Az ' 32' s. X. 35-Y' .5 . ig ' - -4 ' :Rs Q :V A 2- ' .nf ,s 3 , 4 1 Q .gx.,.,... N. 3' 51.1 . X X N ., I' f -. Q... A Q ,,Q,.,g, . .X 5 Q ' s N X ' M 3 K...sf.. . .A S-.. ,. , EWS A. 1 4 M ,.fw"'5""M ,M-.f..v.. ,.,. x W 5 fa QS ? ,M ,.. Q. . we .Q xx -h Yi wmw-amf ns-NLEFSQHMLAS Sai? -J H ug: t 'whiz ' Q , - 4 "7 5 sg 'L 'T1'J'1 f. - 'Q 4 ' I , , Ns K 6 x, Y is Y ,?3J,l A 1 'Q K N , K- X -,xg .xg ,QA ?- .. 5 3A1,gvQ.M.ivM ,fi-Rigs. -gg ...Eg gy ,A 5, .flj Q, . , . , sk , , .. . A f A, ' f--Aww. , ,- .MM-M-Q . WH. . .. X IT 'Q . ' H n . I-V ' L .1 A H.. , K . ' ,. 3 '. 1 . 2 H. ' 5 f wswf.:rvf5ig,,:,' . wx f 1 . My ' . ,4fgg1,fnw.'fv,:, 3. . in 3, s I X K ' A -4. an X H, awww - 1 0 Q c - . n 1' . ' 1 f f S, Jw". . gig L Q, af H , . - w ,,,.,,., . Wi., ws, wx ' " il 1 'Q 'Sm f,.4 'Mtg uw f . . 45' 'l'a. 1 N 1 L x Q I x gli ,Q 4 'N I fi Future Farmers of America Third Row: Rolicrl Mitlvr. Cllctns Keene. Donald Baker. Louis 'l'uvtk:n. Russell Scliuvtz, llill Nornilin Hill Golikc. Second Row: Ralph Von licrgcii. Lanny Downing. Robert Ginivvs. Dale Ugden, VVa'yric Dunn. First Row: Mr. Gliu-avr. Curtis Qnlson. Burdcrtc Hzizclwciiclvr. Riuhard Gvillo, Iolin Clinnilicrs. Allicrt Cvolilw. QL? dm y . -. , ,- Home Economics Club Second Row: Ruth Foster, l'm1'lm1'.i lVlans. Pauline Tuclkcn, Violin Carter. Shirlcy Bnilcy. First Row: Nikkic Vulloff. lla-tty Cox. luzinita Brooks, lioliliic llilly. Blenna Nowlzin S7 Camera Club Second Row: Thane Olshy, Monte Iaeohy, Gene Celzinnis. Gerald Myers, lim Turner. Ernest Thayer. First Row: lack Martin, Gerald liaeus, Roger Trout, Sarah Richards, Dora Ann Drew. Spanish Club Fourth R ow: Ann Hallek, Iackie McCoy, Monte Iacohy, General Roy, lim Struif, lim Turner, Thane Olshy. Third Row: Mary Harshbarger, Shirley Brown, lean Upchuch, lane Glass. Margaret Shipman, Barhara Hardin, Marina Catanzaro. Iackie Hand, Betty Io Rollins, Norma lean Short. Second Row: Iosephine Greene, Carol Ballard. La Ruth johnson, Alta Mason. First Row: Marilyn Hendricks. Carolyn Emons. lean Richards, Betty Dietschy, Rosemary Frye. 3 4 W Q 5'l Librar Assistants Y Third Row: l.ois Simpson. Gordon Smith, Miss Hall, lack Martin. Second Row: Iimniru Helmknmp, lean Bnhs, Mary Moss, Norma Helwig, Beverly Goltz, Ioan Shiriick. Betty IDL-Witt, Rosemary Forsee. First Row: Eleanor Sherwood. Sandra Voss, Shirley Spntz, Marilyn Hendricks, Charlotte Sawyer, It-ani Arnold, limlwairii Arnold, Betty Smith, Lois Gittlen, Izickie Hand. Evelyn Shnttlewortli. ' C 9 Big A Fourth Row: Dwight Sumner. lfdinnnd Phelps. Orville Link, lim Stromski, Don Horney, Olive Rose, Put Sawyer, Ciirl Nlziyer, Ernest rllhaiyer. Third Row: Billie Longfellow, Norma Slemer, lorry VVieneke, Carlie Shephard, David Glnsshreimer, Second Row: Miiry Ann Floss, Anne Wziterlioiist-. Shirley Pelot, Ioan Shirzick, l5zii'lmrn Arnold, Beverly Goltz, Norma May, Sandra Voss. First Row: Miss Snider. Put Bray, Margie Foster, Ioan Hanoi. Don Hunt, Mr. Cook. Red and Gray Hi-Y Third Row: General Roy, Iaincs Taylor, Monte lacchy, Miekuy Jennings, Allan Chase. Second Row: Don Bowels, lloh Bockstruck, lake Long, Douglas Rector. First Row: lioh Williaiiis. Harold Berg, Ronald Mottziz. Ierry Hcschell. Cafeteria Helpers Fourth Row: Gene Clayton. llill Golike, Gene Fisher, Gerald Myers, Bob Carter, Dick Ili'uett. Louis Tut-tkcn. lfverett l.yerla. Uon Ingram. Third Row: llat Gibson, Elizabeth Hill, Dorothy Iohnson. Barbara Reynar, Beryle Fulks. VVilma Reed, lerry Hurst, Dwight Stohhs, Earl lVh1eller. Second Row: Roherta Copeland, M'arilyn Hendricks, Nicolene Vellolf, Mary Virginia Williziiiis, Eileen Foil, hach. Eva Hoekstra, Bolw VX7eher, Leon Colson, Kenneth Clark. First Row: Don Bertier. Betty Starhnck. Margery Iacobs, Alice Oulson. Ruth Hinderhan. Delores Fnlhey, John Ruylc. Harold Ingram. Bob Nichols. Student Patrol Fourth Row: Sally Howe, Leroy Fessler, David Fcster, Wayne Dunn, Mickey lennings, Don McCormick, Bob Iolmson, Iohn Chambers, Virginia Speight. Third Row: Fred Schreiber, Florence Duvall, Ronald Nickens, Bill Beardsmore, Beatrice Lcvell, Ronnie Mottaz, lack Fessler. David Oehler, Keith Bacus, Lavon Sitze. Second Row: Bill Bopp, Tom Schreiber. Dale Eisenreicb, Fred Bray, Hershel Bean, Oliver Rose, Paul Ward, lack Martin, Charles Gray. Gary Willis. First Row: loan Hagarman, Bill Kaplan, Dick Burch, Betty Sheff, Darlene Bierbaum. Arwanda Flat, Darla Henson, Ierry Acord. George Washington Carver I-Ii-Y Third Row: Mr, E. McGill, Stanley loy, Calvin Day, Clarence Turner, Rudolph Davis. Second Row: Edward Gillespie. Eugene Iones, Donald Bradshaw, Charles Willianiis, Earl Hill, Tom Nolan. Lloyd Disney. Fir st R 0 w: Edward Huff, lohn Graves. Damon Iones. The Mardi Gras of 1948 The king, Nick Bavas, sits on the throne with his chosen queen, Marry Tchoukaleff. That sure is a mighty sad clown sitting before them. Some ofthe Crowd gathered around in small groups uneoneerned about their ridiculous costumes. Lower left: "Happy" Metzger and "Smiley" Gelzinnis made excellent clowns and were dressed appropriate to the occasion. Lower right: Harold Sparks and Pat Baity swing gi mean Charleston at the Nlardi Gras, f - ,,,,,,, .w...., Our New Student Council Officers IACK STAUFFER, Vice-President and HARRY GAGHEN, President This spring the junior class nominated the following candidates for student council officers for 1948-49: Harry Gaghen, lack Stauffer, Dorothy lean Elfgen, Carl Mayer, Viola Neuhaus, and Marlene Tate, After a spirited and well-organized campaign, Harry Gaghen and lack Stauffer emerged as President and Vice-President, respectively. The 1947 Letter Men ri he r f ,' f X S fi 3 f ya fs , N N 1 I vim ,U R, A ,gt Back Row: Carl Mayer, Chas. Conley, Bob Becker, Eugene Hook. Front Row: Oliver Rose, Roy Oller, Evan Dean. A new face was seen this year on the Redbird oval. lt belonged to Pete Stavros, the new track coach. Coach Stavros proved that he was well qualified for this position bv running boys who were in tip-top condition. His chief aim throughout the season was to train personally each boy in the event or events for which the boy was best suited. Returning veterans who set the pace for the younger inexperienced athletes this year were: Oliver Rose, Carl Mayer, and Roy Oller in the dashes: Evan Dean in the 880: Charles Conley in the mile: and Bob Becker whose specialty was the hurdles. It was up to these boys to help Coach Stavros field a winning squad. The Redbirds had a fine schedule this past season of ten meets. They were as following: April 8, at Edwardsville: April 17. at Granite: April 21, at Edwardsville: April 24, Conference Relays at Belleville: April 29, at Roxana: May l, at Dupo: May 4, at Wood River: May 8, District at Granite: May 17. County Meet at Rox- ana: and May 22. Conference Meet at Granite. J D le 1948 lid? f EDITOR TERRY BURCH ASISTANT EDITORS IANET SPARKS ROBERT WHIPPLE MARY FELDWISCH IEAN RICHARDS SHIRLEY SCOGGINS ANNE WATERHOUSE CARLEE CHESTER ADAI-I RUTH SMALLEY IUDY IOHNSTON PI-IOTOGRAPHER LELAND KREID CIRCULATION STAFF ROBERT CARTER. Manager WILLIAM EDGELL WILLIAM KAPLAN INEZ PHLEGER IRIS PHLEGER LOUIS DOMAN TYPISTS IOANN BRUECKNER JEAN HOLLAND MARGARET MANNS LE VONA DUELM IANE NEUDECKER PAIGE WAGGONER BUSINESS MANAGER DAVID LAUCK ADVERTISING STAFF WILLIAM RICE. Manager ERNEST TI-IAYER PAUL CLARK ROBERT BECKER MARGERY FOSTER RICHARD ALEXANDER IACK EDELMAN ART STAFF KENNETH BURGE, Editor IOAN BRADLEY FRANCES OLIVER RAY HARRIS DARLENE PERKINS IUNE DOERR FACULTY ADVISOR BERNICE WILLIAMSON The People They don 't all look alike They a'on'l all dress alike They don 't all belong to the same gang They don? all take the same subjects But they THE PEOPLE... make up our school Cur Board of Education R. L. COULDING G. I.. DAVIS IE. K. ELFGEN L. I. MISEGADES . W TTD D R KXINDDYCFXNY v' Y' """'-'H 01,110 fgrincilaa A EDWIN LEAMON, Principal ffin RALPH KOBER, Assistant Principal Chairman of the Science Department ? lll' Clfll 'E-T' 1 JF' F -nv?" 'El' 60 Q l'I'II VON DER Alllf CLARA Nl. ULACKARD IVIARGARIYI' BRAZHI. HARRY l70UI.IfR BIiRNADO'I"l'Ii Su. 1.11 .'C.:rn.v 1..1v13Jl1.1yv ffuglhlr fWnl1.n1iA.:I I7r.m'1m1 RfJHliR'I'SON f'l1.1lrnmn of Drp.:r1rm'n f.-vr1rm'rn ml 2I'IIY li. VUIAHNILIS x Q Y 4 - DORCAS CANIPBHLI- UURUTHY I.. VVILLIA 1f,.,,1..1. mzomerg xx. lNL,I.I-,:- Smnu, f.MmM', cam' M. DUKIZR flv.nrnx.m -'I IJ.-p.nrrm-'nr :XIXIIVIU Cfunlx fuuvlr vw 4 v Q 4 X V ffl:.nrm.m uf H.'p.:r1rm'rnf I.liO M, xvwo1.s 1sl.lzAB1s'1'r1 R,IfliI.IJXVIiR'l'H UHWR WW' ADA V- N-UW' Sknhlhli Cnmnhllluml .Yu1:1l.S4'1cI1u' A1.:lln'r1x.1l:-Q ALICE M. GATES .'U.rll1-'nmtux NVINIFIZHIH lVlO!ilil.l1 ANNA A. KQULDSUIERRY NIARGARH1' HACKMAN FRANK II. HARLAN f'l"""""" "I l3f'I"""'H"'f AUAIX:-'fr1.1ru 5 Inrlgllugv Cnnxnlurrml Cfuurrs.-Inf MARY li. Sl DWELL Cnfctcrm Nfgr. 156 "-U' lll' fdfll Mlmlzlu v, l2U'l'I,IiI7LZli RlI'I'Ii l,. LIEAMON as. VIVIENNE FIERRELL IRIZNH V. Dl2CfIiNHARD'I' 1uL1A ct. l10s'1'12le lfnulish ldrrigrmgr Musimw English Pllyxirnl lfalzzcaiicm mmi xi Hmm' BERNIU5 '5' W'LU-"NWN 1.-xl1m5T'rA cp. ra-x11L LLRACE fi. RLED MfWGARfi'V U- 'VIEW Hum.. 1H,,,l,,,HN Aff Englnlz Con1rnur.1.1l DVW' "f UNIX , f.f1.mn1.m nf Dufmrlrnrrit Ch,gifm,m .uf ff.wmn1yf.,,1 C.h,urnx.m ul D.-p.1rrm--ur 1 R D M lla RTI' ll I.l, Mx Y 1. 9 me " --wffw--nf Icom-1u'l' L. x1A12I,mv A klpfbt , n A H Plf if QU ' ' I' ' ' I ' ' I f4 fld UVTXN I UI UNI V. MARK-NUI'IMVZUIIMFNNN .s.,.f..1 sffl-n.-.- l ' 3 ' ALMA s. PERSINK 'S"""' 'X"""' fff'-"H"-'f' UI DVI'-'ffff'-"" l,OllISIi C. l'Il'I'CIIkIOCK EDGAR A. czwox f54""'N-"-'f llurm' lfummrrms lfnylrslx PAlll.A CRISWIZIJ, lfurvzrrzrrriaxl PAUL GLAESIQR Ind11sr1'y and Vomliurls IULIUS S. MART! Sm-inl S4i1'n1'U Ml' C-aCllAg J-. Qi 5? C- Aff PATRICIA GARVER IOHN ZIMMERMAN EIUWIN KOERBER lfnglish Vctrr.m's Traming . ummm A '-F T , 4 V 5' . 4 A JA FLORENCE RICHARDSON WILLIAM PETERS Study Halls S1'i1'm'1' WILDA HUGHES ROBERT WATSON English lmlusfrn-Q and Vomtinns DOROTHY BARRETT IOIIN BRUNO PETE STAVROS English Sofia! Science Physiral Edufatinn IULIA SNIDER LAWRENCE GRAVES IEVVELL SUTHERLAND I.-lngu-rg-' Srudy Halls English RAY L. IACKSON Chairman of Ihr Athlviir Dvpartmvnl Boys' Cuunsrlur NORMA LEE BENECKE National Honor So- ciety: Girl's Council: Commercial Club. Treasurer: S p ani s h Club: Times Staff. ROBERT E. BURNS Smiley Hi-Y. LEWIS DOMAN Tatler Staff: Nation- al Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Sci- ence Club: George William's Hi-Y: Sen- ior Play: Football and Track. GEORGE FREDERIKK GEORGEOFF Student Council: Lat- in Club: Senior Play: F-cotball. BONNIE SUE I-IENDRICKS National Honor So- ciety. BILL HUEBNER Seniors - - anuary Cl-ass IOAN BRADLEY VERNON BRANDT Tatler Staff. ALBERT COOPER Latin Club: Dramatic C l u b 2 Thespians: Treasurer: S t u d e n t Patrol. DONALD EDWIN DUNCAN GENEVA GRANT Home Economics Club BETTY IANE HENRY National Honor So- ciety: G. A. A.: Stu- dent Patrol. VIVIENNE RUTH IENNINGS National Honor So- ciety: Girl's Council. Vice -Pres.: Student Council: Dramatic Club: Thespians: Lat- in Club: French Club, Pres.: Senior Play. LOUISE DAVIS Student Council: 4-2 Class Treasurer. HOWARD DUNNAGAN Latin Club: Student Patrol: Red and Gray Hi-Y. RAY HARRIS Tatler Staff. NQRMA JOYCE HERMES Home Ec. Club. Secy. GERALDINE IONES HAROLD BROOKS Red and Gray Hi-Y: Student Patrol: Movie Projectors Club. GLORIA DITTERLINE DELBERT GARY EDSALL WILLIAM THEODORE BROOKS WANDA DOW DY RICHARD FRANKE Red and Gray Hi-Y, Latin Club. Pres.: Boys' Cabinet. Pres.: Student Council Vice-Pres.: Football: Baseball: Track. STELLA NANCY HARRIS. G. A. A. BARBARA HOLLOWAY ROBERT KINCADE ALLINDA HAYES IAMES CARLETON HOPKINS George Williams Hi-Y, Pres. MARILYN KRANZ :Y LELAND FRANCIS KREID Quill 6 Scroll: Na- tional Honor Society Vice-Pres.: Tatler Staff Photographer: George Williams Hi- Y: Times Staff: Sci- ence Club: Student Patrol: Senior Play: Senior Class Vice- Pres.: Latin Club. LOIS MEYER JANE NEUDECKER Student Council: Quill and Scroll: Spanish Club: Student Patrol: Tatler Staff: Senior Play: Commercial Club. ROBERT EUGENE PIPER george Williams Hi- HOWARD SKELTON DALE TIMMERMEIER Student Council: Senior Play Seniors - - January Class BILLY LOGAN Student Patrol IIM M. MIDGET Boys' Cabinet Vice- Pres.: Student Coun- cil DONALD E. NEWCOME Red and Gray Hi-Y: Student Council: Tat- ler Staff, '46: Football '46-'47: Track '46-'47. BEI I Y MARIE PRUETT National Honor So- ciety, Pres.: Quill 8 S c r o l l Secy-Treas.: Times Staff: Girls' Council: S t u d e nt Council: Commercial Club Pres.: Latin Club Library Assistant. VVEBSTER SMITH CURTIS LEO TWICHELL WINIFRED IWILA MAURICE ALLEN LUEDECKE MARKHAM MEDHURST French Club Pres.: Commercial Club. National Honor So- Iunior Class Pres.: ciety: Student Patrol: Girls' Council: Stu- Debate Team: Times dent Council: Dra- Staff: Senior Play. matic Club. MARILYN GEORGE BEI IY L. NASH MIHILL MCPHERSON Latin Club Latin Club: Quill EJ Scroll: Big "A" Pres.: Girl's Council Pres.: Times Staff Editor: Student Council Secy- Treas.: "l9" Club: So- phomore Class Secy.: Senior Class Secy.: Senior Play. MARY PACE RUBY MAE PEAL HOWARD OREN Home Ec. Club Latin Club. PHELPS Latin Club: Big "A" BETTY IO BARBARA IEAN MARY LOU ROLLINS SCHELM SCHAEFER Spanish Club Pres.: Student Council: Girls Council: National Honor Society: Senior Class President. MARY STARKEY BEI I Y STITES EARL EUGENE STROHBECK RONALD DOROTHY THEON CLARENCE TICKNER TALLYN VAN HOY National Honor So- ciety: Latin Club: Stu- dent Council: Presi- dent of Freshman Class. Home Ec. Club Treas. Senior Play. Seniors - - January Class LOIS VANN Senior play. RONALD K. WILSON Red and Gray H Pres: Baseball. AUDREY MILLIF PAIGE WAGGONER National Honor So- ciety, Secy.: Dramatic Club: Thespians Pres.: Girls' Council Secyn Commercial C l u b 2 Quill S1 Scroll: Tatler Staff: Student Coun- cil: Library Assistant. NANCY WINKLER "l9" Club: Big Secy.: French Club: Cheer Leader, 45-46: Student Council: Pep Club. SHIRLEY Bos WEIGLER HARRY WILLIAMS WARNER PAULINE YOUNG BARBARA PAUL YouNG Spanish Club: Foot, FROHOCK ball Queen, 1947. if 1 ,Q Q 5' I W- ,--1.1 A 1 - ., A., ,, , 'A fy Ages, .Q ff K V K K . ,gif pk ri 'L A ' . 52'W? l - " 1' Q ,xl Q .1 KKKKKK, .krr ' gg? ' 5 KK 4 4 - dr-4' X 6' W . k Q 'K 4 '-4 ,K , , W ' 1 hx-K 4 fy b - Q , fx ' mf - , Q ' an ' K - K 4 ox YK z .v Q A . ' Q .1 "7 M V J. H1 , K , , Q., M ff Q ff-,sf KM W gh -ve.,. .,, 5 W KX. , Q j f -'W' vw ax - ,gf ,.i: - A W fa X mfg P' . N ,Q MWf"' M 1 s ,A , . K K,4 ..,k K ,gin ,K I , , .AK K-r .. :K-K A '?7"'F'h ' - fx ' MJ , ' V 'V' Wei H . ga , , .H H-w gl , N' 0 -- N K 1 K as . " I . 'Q Q f .. 1'W"T E ,Q , 0 ' f-. 4 , 1 , L ', gd L 1 , A an , lm , . , 2181! ' ' . 4.-. . ' Y' . ' 14 I . - , ' 1 A 1 ' .cl . 21 A ,E Q di . ' V wt '. ns 9 r' D- ,Q 1" ' ' A . 4 11, 1 N , A K ax -5 16.2, .V yr I 1 , 5 K V . ,. . 7 f 'k in 5 5 AM WQQYJQV- 'iff Q g g My ' 4.1 n Q44 if X ., WL , wvi New K ,W -A r ws KJ KKK W WK A K ,nn .L sw X f gr f ff ,Ar y fig M' " K vw, 1- V K K xx 4 i K K ' Vgkg-' ' 1, ' ,KK .. 'A KJ-fmk K 'w - if-IK KK K K K .yin Q, ' KU!! fffia ' 1 he ' 3, ,, 2 J' f Q , . A K. KK K KK Kg, if , N. . ,rw , :ELK X-.K N :wh ,N fi K Xi 'I rv V f- f .m k .. ' .VZ 3 '39 , - ., K qv v .,, , M!! T 4.35. X ,Q-its KK , K : 4 ,9 Q W . I 4:34 K ,, ,B 1, AQ w -I ,,. .Ng V, T-'C ' K 1, .4 K Kxd. 1 Q., . 4 X ' H- 2515-.X gaagg K .-. , 4 ' Nw. ug' , -' 4..- . s, ' . - 'A 1' A Nr q M . wk 3 my s KD ' T K Kira.: 1 ' , .ff Q? Q . 3 ,Ki 'V - ' Q? F ' . X .LL 14 ff 1 ,f3t! g '31 K . -,Ki KK M K , ' 1 - 'H - 55. fn f . '-'Evil RICHARD ALLEN ALEXANDER Student Council Secy- Treas.: "I9" Club Secy.: Tatler Staff: George Williams Hi- Y: Vice-Pres. of Sen- ior Class '48: Base- ball. MARGARET ANN ASH Latin Club: Times Staff: Chorus. FRANCES ELNORE BANKS Phyllis Wheatly BE'I'I'IE LOU BEA Phyllis Wheatly Girl Reserves: "Y Teens" SALLY BETTS Commercial Club: "Y Teens": G. A. A.: Chorus. DALE RICHARD BRUCE Seniors - - June Class IUANITA ALLBRITTON EUGENE AUSTIN LAURA BARKSDALE WILLIAM E. BEARDSMORE Boys' Cabinet: Smi- ley Hi-Y: Student Pa- trol: Latin Club: Pres. Iunior Class. IMOGENE BRATTON IOAN BRUECKNER S t u d e nt Council: Times Staff: Tatler Staff Typist: Y-Teens Commercial C l u b President: Dramatic Club: Quill Ev Scroll: Thespian Play. DALE E. AMISON KEITH R. BACUS Student Council: Lat- in Club: Glee Club: Student Patrol: Pep Club. EDWARD BARTON BOB BECKER Student Council,Vice- Pres.: Boys' Cabinet. Vice-Pres.: Freshman Class, Pres.: Sopho- more Class, Pres.: Iunior Class, Vice- Pres.:"l9" Club Secy. Vice-Pres.: George Williams Hi-Y, Vice- Pres.: Tatler Staff: Times Staff fSportsl: City Hi-Y Council: Football, '45-'46-'47: Basketball, '45-'46-'47 Baseball, '45: Track. '45-'46-'47-'48. BILL BROADNAX IACK AUSHN BUCHANAN IOHN ANICK SHIRLEY DEANE BAILEY G.A.A.: F.H.A. Sec- retary Future Home- makers of America. FORRESTINE BATEMON H o m e Economics: Phyllis Wheatly. FRANCIS DRISCUL BELL George Williams Hi- Y: "l9" Club: Student Council: Band. DELORES BROWN Commercial C lu b : Latin Club. IEAN ANNETTE Buns Commercial Club: Li- brary Staff. DOROTHY MAE ARMES Commercial Club Home Economics MARGIE BALLARD Phyllis Wheatly Secy. MARLAND BATES GUY BARTI-ILE'I'I' ELMER BROWN Student Council. TERRY BURCH Chorus: Student Pa- trol: Dramatic Club. President: Thespians, Secretary: Latin Club: Tatler Staff Editor: Quill and Scroll: Na- tional Honor Society: Science Club, Vice- President: President of Senior Class. fr? MQ' WV'- Af., "bn use ., 5 ,L ,M i 1 1 H 1,1113- j 'sh-4,11 15 45 s , A If mx Seniors - - June Class KENNETH ALLEN FRANCIS E. BURGE, IR. BURGER Student Council, Art Science Club, Advisor: National Honor Society, Vice- Pres.: Quill C1 Scroll: Science Club, Presi- dent: Stamp Club: Red and Gray Hi-Y: Tatler Staff. Art Edi- tor. VIOLA LAZEL IAMES ROSS CARTER CHAMBLISS FLO IEAN CLARK Latin Club: Dramatic Club: Commercial Club. BETTY EILEEN COX Commercial C l u b : H o m e Economics Club Pres.: Y-Teens. NITA CROCKETT Commercial C lu b . Vice-Pres.: Y-Teens: G.A.A. RODNEY CARROLL DERRICOTT Red and Gray I-Ii-Y. Latin Club: Camera Club: Band. MARY CLARK Phyllis Wheatley LOUIS COX Not Graduating ORVILLE DARR BETTY LOU DEWITT Chorus: G.A.A. ETHEL DELORES BURLEY National Honor Soci- ety: Latin Club: Stu- dent Council. BETTY LOU CARR Times Staff: Latin C 1 u b : Commercial Club: Dramatic Club. DARWIN MIMA IOE ANN CHANNEY CHAPPELL G.A.A.: Commercial Club: Chorus. PAUL IMMANUEL CHARLES CLARK DONALD CONLEY Student Council: Tat- George Washington ler Staff: Band: Bas- Carver Hi-Y: Track. ketball. ANITA CRAGMILES GENE DAUGHHETEE Student Patrol. IEANNE DILBECK Latin Club. BETTY IANE CRAIN 'MARY CATHERINE DAVIS IUNE MARIE DOERR Tatler Staff: Quill and Scroll: Latin Club: Inter - Club Council Pres.: Y-Teen Pres. 6 Vice-pres.: G.A.A. ROBERT BRUCE CARTER Tatler Staff, Circula- tion Manager: Cafe- teria Assistant. CARLEE IEAN CHESTER Band: Latin Club: Girls' Council: Tatler Staff: Quill and Scroll: National Honor So- ciety: Debate Team: Student Council, Pres: Thespian Pres.: Dra- matic Club Treas.: President of Sopho- more Class: 4th Maid to Dream Girl: and Maid to Football Queen. ROBERTA COPELAND Student Council: Stu- dent Patrol: Cafeteria Assistant. LUCILLE MAE CRAIN G.A.A. EVAN BENEDICT DEAN George Williams Hi- Y: Student Council: Alton High Times Sports Editor: Big-A: Track: Football. VERNARD DOOLEY -'Q Q EDWARD THOMAS DOWNES "l9" Club: Smiley Hi- Y: Alton High Times: Student Council: Big- A: Track. MARVIN EBKER Student Patrol. EUGENE ELMENDORF RUTH MARILYN FOSTER Home Economics Club JEAN GARLAND Latin Club: Girl Re- serves: G.A.A. HELEN MARIE GOLDMAN Seniors - - June Class GEORGE DREITH Latin Club: Track. RUTH ELAINE ECCLES Spanish Club, Pres.: Quill and Scroll: Na- tional Honor Society: Student Council: Girls' Council: Times Staff: Pres. of Sopho- more Class. Q LARRY EVANS LEVONA MAY DUELM G.A.A.: Library Staff: Commercial C l u b : Tatler Staff: Quill C1 Scroll: Honor Society Secretary. IACK G. EDELMAN Tatler Staff: Student Patrol: Camera-Club: Science Club, Vice- President: Magic Club. Vice-President. MARY LEE FELDWISCH French Club Secy.: Latin Club: National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Tatler Staff: Times Staff As- sistant Editor: Pep Club. IOLA IEAN KENNETH L. FRANKLIN FRANZ Latin Club: Student Council: Dramatic C l u b : Thespians: Times Staff: Commer- cial Club: Chorus. FRANK ' LESLIE MONROE GENTELIN GIBSON, IR. "l9" Cl b: Student Track' Patrol Cajptain: Foot- ball: Basketball: Base- ball: President of Freshman Class. ALBERT LOUIS RICHARD GOLIKE GOODPASTURE F.F.A.: Track. NANCY MAE DUTY Chorus: Latin Club: Times Staff. CLARENCE WILLIAM EDGELL Tatler Staff: Quill 8 Scroll: Honor Society: Latin Club. MARY ANN FLOSS Spanish Club: Big A: Times Staff: Pep Club BETTY JANE FREEMAN EDWARD GILLESPIE George Washington Carver Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Magic Club, Secy.-Treas. RALPH ERNEST GRAVEMANN CHARLES ELZA EALES NORMA RUTH ELAM Commercial Club: Stu- dent Council: Nation al Honor Society. MARGERY FOSTER Tatler Staff: Cheer Leader '45-'46: Span- ish Club: Student Council: Pep Club: Big "A" Secretary. K. DON GALLIHER Student Council. BETTY LOUISE GILLSON Pep Club: Homemak- ing Club. JOHN MURRAY GRAvEs Carver Hi-Y. Vice- Pres.: Band: Football: Track. Q Q i 4 ROBERT LEE GRAVES Band. RICHARD GVILLO F.F.A.. Secy. NATALIE IEANETTE HAWK RITA CAROL HEYNE Y-Teens. IEAN ELIZABETH HINRICHS G. A. A.: Y-Teens: Commercial Club Sec- retary: Chorus. DON G. HUNT S t u d e nt Council: Spanish Club: "l9" Club President: Big A Vice-President: Foot- ball: Track. Seniors - - June Class CLEVELAND GRAY Spanish Club: George Washington Carver Hi-Y. PATRICIA ANN HALE Y-Teens. GILBERT S. HEIL MARGO HIGGINS National Honor Socie- ty: Girls' Council: Student Council: Lat- in Club: Commercial Club: Treasurer of Ir. Class. IEANIE HOLLAND Commercial C l u b Vice-Pres.: Y-Teens: Tatler Staff, Typist: G.A.A.: Chorus. MARTHA M. HUNT Girls' Council, Secy.- Treas.: " 19" Club Pres.: Chorus: Stu- dent Council. IOSEPHINE GREENE Spanish Club: Y-Teen Club. IOI-IN KENNETH HAMBY Latin Club: Smiley Hi-Y. HAROLD HENDERSON IO ELIZABETH HILL Commercial C l u b Treas.: Times Staff.: G.A.A. President. ALICE LOUISE HORSTMAN Y-Teens. FRANCIS CECIL HURD Times Staff BETTY RUTH GROSS Y-Teen, Pres. ARDRICK ARDEAN HAMMON BIRDIA LEEN HENRY Phyllis Wheatley Y- Teens. MARRY HILL FRANKLIN EDWARD HUFF Carver Hi-Y, Vice- President. MERLE HUTCHINSON ELIZABETH LOUISE GUTHRIE Chorus: Student Council: Spanish Club: Times Staff. ROBERTA HARRAWOOD Spanish Club: Com- mercial Club. HELEN IRENE HERREN Commercial Club. RUTHIE MARIE HINDERHAN Library Assistant: Cafeteria Assistant: Student Patrol: Com- mercial Club: G.A.A. IACK HUMM RUBY IACOBS 'S 'M' an A an fb' Q 1 ROBERT IACOBY Science Club. PAULINE MARIE IOUETT National Honor So- ciety: Commercial Club. MYRTLE KEENE FLOYD EDWARD LAMPERT VIRGINIA LEE LEWIS IEANNE LUTZ "19" Club Pres.: Lat- in Club. Seniors - - June Class VIOLA IEFFERSON BARBARA IOHNSON ROBERT MEADE KESINGER IAMES FREDERICH IOHNSTON BETTY ANN KAEGLE Y-Teens: Latin Club: Commercial Club. PATTE KOCHER "l9" Club: Student Dramatic Club: Stu- Council: Latin Club. dent Patrol: Baseball. WILMA LORENE LAMPERT ORVILLE E. LINK Big A: George Wil- liams Hi-Y: Football: Basketball. IOSEPH MALONE Football '47. DAVID LAUCK National Honor So- ciety: Tatler Staff Bus.-Mgr.: Quill and Scroll: Track: Magic Club. PHYLLIS MARIE LOY BETTY IACKLYN MACKAY Girl Reserves. 1uD1TH ANN 1oHNsToN National Honor Socie- ty: Tatler Staff: Quill and Scroll: Spanish Club: Big A: Pep Club. WILLIAM JOSEPH KAPLAN Snanish Club: Stu- dent Patrol Capt.: Na- tional Honor Society: Tatler Staff: Quill 8 Scroll. ANGELA ANN KODROS Student Council: Commercial C l u b 3 Chorus: 4th Maid to Football Queen: Pep Club. IEAN LENGACHER C h o r u s: Dramatic: Volleyball Team. DONALD E. LOITE Smiley Hi-Y. MARGARET MANNS Girls Council, "l9" Club. Vice-Pres.: Na- tional Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Stu- dent Council: Tatler Staff: Spanish Club. LEE ESSYE JOHNSON Phyllis Wheatley Y- Teen, Vice-Pres. IO ANN KEASLER Commercial C1 u b : Pep Club. DONALD KUHN Band: Times Staff: Latin Club: Student Council: Basketball: Baseball. HOMER CALVIN LEAKE GEORGIA LOUISE LONGUST BARBARA MANS H o m e Economics C I u b : Commercial Club. 51' gif-fl y -rv- ,F- Q !U' ,F 1 MICHAEL MARIN Spanish Club: Hall Patrol. LEVERN IAMES McCOY MARTHA ANN McBURNEY Girls' Council: Stu- dent Council: Quill and Scroll: National Honor Society: Edi- tor of Times: Secy. of Senior Class. BARBARA MILES Chorus: Times Staff. HAROLD MUGGIE Track. FRANCES LORAINE OLIVER National Honor So- ciety? Quill 6 Scroll: Tatler Staff: Latin Club. Seniors - - June Class IOYCE MARTIN ROXALANA MCCOY Phyllis Wheatly Y- Teen. Pres. BARBARA IEAN MCGLASSON Spanish Club: Com- mercial Club. PHILLIP WM. MATHUS DELBERT McDANIELS NELSON R. McREYNOLDS Rifle Club: Capt. of Rifle Team '47-'48: Pres. of Rifle Club '47-718: Rifle Team '47-'483 Track '47-'48. NORMA MAY Big"A' ': Spanish Club MARYBELLE McGUlRE Latin C l u b 3 Dra- matic Club: National Honor Society: Dra- matic Club. Secy. Girls' Council, Pres.: Band: Times Staff: Quill and Scroll. NELSON W. MCREYNOLDS MELVIN WENDELL PAULINE MOODY MITCHELL MEZAROS French Club. - Student Patrol BETTY IRENE IEAN YVONNE RUTH MARIE NICOLET NOTSON OEHLER Times Staff: Latin Student patrol' Club. IUANITA O'NEAL ALICE MAE SHIRLEY ANNE OULSON PELOT Spanish Club: Glee Librarian: Hall Pa- Club. trol: Student Council: Big "A": Cheerleader '46-'47-'48: Pep Club. LLOYD WILLIAM McCOURTNEY Band. DON McKINNEY Rifle Club: Rifle Team: Baseball '47- '48. MARY FRANCES MILLER VERLIN MOORE SHIRLEY MAE OLDEN Girl Reserves: Tatler Staff: G. A. A. PETE PERICA, IR. Football: Baseball. 0,0 QW gem I af, , .silil 4, , rfflw if -3 ROSALIE PERICA Commercial Club: Student Council. IRIS IRENE PHLEGER Tatler Staff. MARY POOLE IEANNINE CHARMAINE RICHARDS Tatler Staff: Spanish Club Secretary: Lat- in Club: Chorus. SHIRLEY ANNE ROETTGERS Chorus: Valliers Cap- tain. DELMAR R. SCHRUMPF. IR. Student Patrol: Cam- era Club. Seniors - - jrme Class DARLENE YVONNE PERKINS Tatler Art Staff: Quill and Scroll:. PHYLLIS PIERSON Commercial Club: Y- Teens Secretary. FRANCES LOUISE PUETZ G.A.A.: Chorus: Stu- dent Council. WILLIAM NELSON RIGGS Latin Club: Student Council: Red and Gray Hi-Y: Band: Football Manager. ELIZABETH EMMA RUCKMAN Glee Club. ORVILLE A. SCI-IUETZ LUCILLE ANN IOSEPI-I HURLEY INEZ PHLEGER PERSCI-IA CHARLOTTE PEARL PIGGOTT Girls' Council: Com- mercial Club. ROBERT REED IACK MITCHELL ROBERTS Smiley Hi-Y Presi- dent: Student Council. GERALDINE RUSHING Spanish Club: Student Council: Girls' Coun- cil, Vice-Pres.: Na- tional Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Times Staff: Dramatic Club: Band. SHIRLEY ANN SCOGGINS Chorus: Student Coun- cil: Gi rl s ' Council: Tatler Staff: Thes- pians Secretary: Latin Club President: Span- ish Club Vice-Presi- dent: Dramatic Club President: Dream Girl '47: lst Maid to Foot- ball Queen. PFAFF Student Patrol. ARTHUR PITTSJR. Latin Club: Band, Secretary: Carver Hi- Y, Sergeant at Arms: Track. MARTHA REED Y-Teens: Commercial Club Secretary: Na- tional Honor Society: Quil and Scroll: Dra- matic Club: Student Council: Times Staff: Chorus. DOLORES ROADY Latin Club: Chorus: Dramatic Club: Stu- dent Council. WANDELL SCHURER IEANNEAN SELLIER Tatler Staff. RUTH POLLARD WILLIAM E. RICE Band Vice-President: Student Council: Chorus: Spanish Club: National Honor So- ciety: Quill and Scroll: T a tl e r Advertising Manager. MAX ROSENTHAL ROLAND SCHLOBOHM BETTY LOUISE SI-IINPAUGH QF' 1 ROSE MARIE SHORT National Honor So- ciety: Commercial Club: Spanish Club: Chorus: Y-Teens. PHYLLIS IEAN SMITH DELORES IUNE STECK National Honor So- ciety: Spanish Club. OLIVER TAYLOR George Washington Carver Hi-Y: Track. DON THURM HERBERT E. VANAUSDOLL Seniors - - June Class EVELYN IOYCE MARGARET IUNE ELLOISE SHUTTLEWORTH SINCLAIR SITTON Commercial Club. BILL SOLTERMAN Student Patrol. DON G. STEPHENSON Science Club Secre- tary: Radio Club. MARY TCHOUKALEF F Spanish Club: " l 9' Club: Big "AH: Mar- di Gras Queen '48. JAMES RICHARD TRIBBLE KENTON WAECHTER Band. IANET SPARKS Band President: Latin Club Pres. E1 Secy.- Treas.: Dramatic Club Vice-President: Thespians: S t u d e nt Council: Girls' Coun- cil: Tatler Staff: Quill and Scroll: 3rd IVl7aid to Dream Girl '4 . CALVIN DENNIS STINE ROSE MARY TEIPEL Spanish Club: Chorus: National Honor So- ciety. PAULINE ELIZABETH TUETKEN H o m e Economics Club: Y-Teens. DELMAR WALKINGTON Chorus: G. A. A.: Commercial Club: Pep Club. CAROL IULENE SPENCE SHIRLEY SULLIVAN Spanish Club: Com- mercial Club. ERNEST THAYER Dramatic Club: Thes- pians Treasurer: Tat- ler Staff: Quill and Scroll: Band, Treas- urer: Chorus: Nation- al Honor Society: Student Council: Lat- in Club: Science Club Secretary: Camera Club: Big A: Cheer- leaders, Captain: Track. MARGARET IOYCE TURNER Latin Club: French Club: Student Coun- ci. ANNE WATERHOUSE Cheerleader '46-'47: Big A: Tatler Staff: Pep Club: Student Pa- trol. ADAH RUTH SMALLEY National Honor So- ciety, Pres.: Quill 6 Scroll, Pres.: Girls' Council: Thespians. Vice-Pres.: Dramatic Club, Secretary: Lat- in Club. Pres.: Tatler Staff: Student Coun- cil:French Club: Vice- Pres. of 3-2 Class: Chorus: Times Staff: Asst. Editor. DOLORES STADE National Honor So- ciety: Quill and Scroll Vice-Pres.: Times Staff: Dramatic Club: Latin Club, Vice- President. PAULINE TARRANT NELLIE FRANCES THOMAE IARIS ANN TUTT Big A: Cheerleader '46-'47-'48: Pep Club. EDNA WATERS 'Q 'D K -no Wi Q 3311... V1 Seniors - - June Class MARTHA LEE WEBB Cv. A. A. Vice-Pres.: Chorus: Times Staff: Home Economics Club. SHIRLEY WEMPEN National Honor So- ciety: "l9" Club: French Club. SHIRLEY VVILLIAMS Latin Club: Camera Club: Chorus: Pep Club: Student Coun- cil. SHIRLEY ANN WEBER Y-Teens: Commercial Club. VIRGINIA LEE WENDLE Latin Club: Y-Tccns Secy.-Treas. BETTY IEAN WILLIAMSON G.A.A. Treas.: Com- mercial Club: Chorus: Student Council. ILOTA ROSE WEINRICH National Honor So- ciety: Latin Club: Band. ROBERT LEE WHIPPLE Tatler Staff: Football GARY M. WILLIS Student Patrol: Base- ball. MARY ELLEN WELCH Commercial Club: Y- Teens. IACK WIDGER DONALD WUELLNER TWILA WELLING IACKIE WIENEKE Big A: Chorus: Cheer- leader '47-48. ELLSWORTH LEO BAILEY. ILINIOR Red and Gray Hi-Y, President: Student Council: Boy's Cabi- net. President: Foot- ball. Seniors - - June Class Football: Track. SENIORS OF THE IUNE CLASS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THIS BOOK: MARGARET BATY ILIANITA BRUCE IMOGENE BRUNAUGH EARL BYR-D WAYNE DAVIS RANDALL DAWSON ROBERT HAMILTON THELMA HARVEY IEANNE HLITCHINSON DONALD INGRAM RICHARD MELLENTHIN ROBERT MOORE DONALD MORRIS FRANCES SINKS GERALD STEMM ELMO TUDOR DONALD WATSON GRACE WILLIAMS DOLORES WOOD ALANIN DOWNING THOMAS DUNPHY CHARLES EIDSON IOHN FESSLER WAYNE FISHER ROSEMARY FORSEE CHARLES MURRAY CURTIS OULSON WILLIAM PACE FRED ROSENTHAL RUSSEL SCHUETZ IOE SCROGGINS WILLIAM DARKINS ROBERT DLICHEMIN WILLIAM' RHOADES FRANK CATES Juniors I' 'in 'QQ W1- -iiv ' -:zu Q, T1 wr 'Qi- 1 E 2 ROYCE BARBARA ADAMS ARNOLD NICK HERSI-IEL BAVIS BEANE WAYNE BILL BEI-INEN BELL DOROTHY VERNON BERTELS BIERBALIM DOLORES ARNOLD BARBARA BECKER ETTA BENEZE KATHRYN BLACKARD COLLEEN BOGLEY BILL BEETS LEROY BENNINGTON BOB BOCKSTRLICK MARCELLA BALDRIDGE IEANNE BE DELL HAROLD R. BERG BARBARA BOMKAMP 'll' VVILBUR BOOHER CLARA BROOKS DON BLIXTON MLIRIEL CHA I 'FELL 'R N ig 2' ' A Xi LEOLA BOPP HAZEL BROOKS NELSON BLIZAN SHIRLEY CHAPPEL uniors DON BOWERS HELEN BROWN IANE BYERS ALLEN CHASE MARTHA IIAT BOWER BRADY IOANN DICK BROWN BLIRCH PATRICIA BOB CALAIVIE CARLTON LYNN IIM CHRISTIAN CHLIRCHICIHI ww, l?" mrs, in fin A 1. QPU' I ur'-Q, 'Ph 1 ff qi:- 1 JACK CLARK RICHARD L. COLLINS ALICE COONS GENE DAVENPORT PATSY COCHRAN IEAN LOUISE CONLEY DOROTHEA COPE MARGARET DAVENPORT Juniors YD GLORIA COLE DALE CONNER BOB COX EUGENE DAVIS DELORES COLLIER MARY CONNOUR BARBARA CRAWFORD EILEEN DEUCKER HARRIET COLLINS BETTY CONWAY CHARLES D CROCKETT VIRGINIA DODSON KAY DOMAN RUTH DYKEMAN MARLENE ELFGEN CAROL EWING DORA ANN DREW ROGER EDWARDS EDNA MAE ELLIS WANDA FEARNO Juniors VIVIENNE DRURY BETTY EDWARDS LORAINE ELLIS ALBERT FINCH SALLY DUNCAN DALE EISENR EICH CAROLYN EMMONS CLARABEL FINES WAYNE DUNN DOROTHY ELFGEN ALICE EVANS HELEN FINES qw-- ibn 'QP 'x"'P PM Quin-fu " in its ..4ii.. KN 'E' Juniors wwf'-f sf-V51 EUGENE FISHER IUNE FREEMAN BILL GASNELL HELEN GILLESPIE fix. IOE FLIPPO EDNA FRENCH GENE GELZINIS LOIS GITTLEN DAVID FOSTER ROSEMARY FRYE RICHARD GENTRY IANE GLASS 1, A6 GENE FRAZIER CATHERINE GABRIEL NORMA GILL DAVE GLASSBRENNER GINGER LEE FRAZIER CLELA GOFF SHIRLEY GILLEN MARY GOLDMAN BEVERLY IOHN GOLTZ GRASON IACKIE IOAN ' HAND HANEI FRANK ILIANITA HALIVERSBLIRK HELMKAMP NORDELL DANIEL HILL HOCHSTUHL fi!- Juniors EDWARD GREENE BARBARA HARDEN BARBARA HENDERSON CLARA MAE HOLLOWAY ,pn-SQ. 'M-Ov' IIMMY GUMM ROGER HARFORD MARILYN HENDRICKSON DELORES HOLMES SHIRLEY HALE EDWARD HATTEN EARL HILL EUGENE HOOK 19- 'Y 4 , . 'DI' . ,-15-' . I T-1 i 19 Qi: in -Q :IBF--.I H Qs Juniors ARLENE HOPKINS LOIS HUBBS MONTE JACOBY EULA JOHNSON SHIRLEY HARD ROSEMARY HUDGEONS MICKEY IENNINGS DAMON JR. JONES NANCY HORN JIM HUDSON SHIRLEY IENNINGS LA VAUGHN IONES DON HORNEY EVELYN HYNDMAN SUSAN JENNINGS IACK KELLER MIKE HOWARD ALICE JUNE IACOBS DICK IOHNSON DARLENE KNIGHT DOROTHY KRAMER HERBERT LAND WILLIAM LEWIS BETTY LOVELL CHARLES IR. KROTZ IOAN LEESON MARGARET LINAKER YVONNE LOWE J uniors OLGA KUDELKA IO ANN LEFLER AUDREY LINCOLN LARRY LLIMPKIN STANLEY LAGEMANN RITA MARIE LESEMAN BILLIE LONGFELLOW MERNA LYNCH MARILYN LAMBERT MARY ANN LEVORA BEATRICE LOVELL FRANK McATEE I Juniors BILL MALONE BRUCE MENARD PAT MOORE VIOLA NEUHAUS MILDRED MALSOM BARBARA MELTON MARY LOUISE MOSS GENE NIEMEIER BARBARA MARTIN DONALD METZGER RONALD MOTTAZ .THOMAS NOLAN IACK MARTIN GENE MILLER LMERNELL MUELLER I- I AYRIVIIDA NORMAN CARL MAYER NORMA ANN MOORE VIRGINIA MYERS VIRGINIA NORMAN DALE OGDEN BERNICE PARKS DONALD POTTER SARAH RICHARDS RAY OHLEN RAY PARTON MARGERY POWELL MYRA RILEY uniors THANE OLSBY DONALD PEEL NANCY PRATT PHYLLIS RISTER NIELAN PAINTER DEAN PEYTON BOB PULLEM IEAN IO ANNE PARRISH BARBARA PHILLIPS CAROL READY BARBARA ROBERSON ROBERTSON Juniors OLIVER ROSE PAT SAWYER NORMA SCHELLE IOAN SHIRACH CHARLES ROSS DONNA SHADE EARL SCI-IMIDT MEG SHIPMAN WANDA IEAN RLICKER BOB SCHAEFER BETTY MARIE SCHMITT LOIS SIMPSON ADA MAE RUSSELL NORMA IEAN SCHAFER CHARLIE SHEPPARD BOB SIMS IACK RUSSO DON SCHEITER ELEANOR SHERWOOD DOLORES SINCLAIR NORMA SLEMER DAVID SPOONER GLORIA STONE MARLENE TATE LOIS SMALLEY IAMES SPRINGATE ELDON STOTLAS IACK THOMPSON uniors KJANN SNHTH IERRY STATEN IIM STRUIF MARIORIE TOSS SHIRLEY SPATZ IACK STAUFFER DWIGHT SUMMER OTHO TRICK TOM SPEIGHT ROSIE STEVENS DELWYN TANNEY IEAN TROGDEN Juniors ROGER TROUT NANCEE VINE PAT WEGMAN ELDON WILLIAMS f IIM TURNER SANDRA VOSS IRVING WHITTEN MARY VIRGINIA WILLIAMS IEAN UPCHURCH DELORES WALL TOMMY WIEDMAN FLORENCE WILSON DICK VANCIL VICTOR WALTER MORRIS WIGGER DON WINANS NICOLENE VELLOFF ALTA WEBB IIM WILLARD SHIRLEY WISEMAN juniors MARTHA ADA MAY WOODS VVYMAN ak' 'A' 'A' wid Space id for your Q4ufogralaL5 S Sophomores mph, 'mm R . iii 5 'K George Alder, Norma lean Allred, Georgia Bacus, Gerald Bacus, Pat Baity, Dorothy Baker, Harold Baker. Lavonne Baker, Carroll Badlow, Rebecca Baker, lim Bateman. Pat Beary, Beverly Beck, Sybil Beck. Lotus Bertels, Don Bertier, Darlene Bierbaum, Eva Birkenmeyer, Bill Boehn. Howard Baker, Velma Booher. William Bopp, Ioyce Bowman, Martha Ann Boyle, Alvah Breitweiser, Evelyn Breyfogle, Iackie Bridges, Carolyn Brown. Robert Brown, Shirley Brown, Floyd Bryant, Minnie Buenett, Marlette Burt, Bus Calhoun, Bill Clark. Suzanne Clark, Gene Clayton. Carol Combs, Virginia Cox, Barbara Delaney, lane Dale, lola Davis. 'VN L Sophomores loan Davidson, Gerald Dean, Carley Decker, Kathryn Deloney, Darlene De Wanz, Shirley Ditterline, Dorothy Donelson. Delores Douglas, Donnie Dowdy, Harold Dudley, Betty Dietschy, Barbara Duncan Spencer Dunham, Florence Duvall. Barbara East, lack Eccles, Betty Edwards, Noma Elam, Alinetta Elrod, Bill Enos, Keith Epple. lack Eubanks, Neil Feathersone. Eileen Feilback, Lester Finch, Larry Finley, Awanda Flatt, Iohn Fluck. Eldon Fulks, Larry Foster, Billie Freeman, Marcella Furtwengler, Leota Gaffney, Claire Galloway, Donald Glenn. Lovell Gibson, Pat Gibson, Alyce Gissal, Gary Goble, Lois Grady, Bill Gratian, Edith Graves. Sophomores Ray Graves, Evelyn Greer, Lucille Haas, Tom Haag, Delores Hagen, Eddie Hall. lack Holladay. Eleanor Hamilton, lean Harrawood, Bill Harris, Bill Hartley, George Harvich, Norma lean Helwig, Nadine Henderson. Marilyn Hendricks, Charles Herring, Max Hickerson, Donald Hill, Ieanette Hill, Mary Lou Hill, Margie Hinrichs. Eva Mae Hockstra, Shirley Holland, Verla Holland, Elinor Horstman, lerry Hoyt. loanne Hubbard, Barbara Huffstutler. Shirley Hunt, Everett Hurley, Marjorie lacobs, Dean Iacoby, Dorothy lohnson, Ioan lohnson, Wanda lohnston. Zetna lohnson, Nina lones, Patricia Kasinger, Tommy Keeney, Bonnie Sue Keith, Clara Kendall, Ieannine Kumpl. Sophomores Charles Laun, William Lageman, Patricia Lamporter, Marybelle Lane, Betty Lauderdale, Norman Laux, Kenneth Lewis. Walter Lintz, Mary Lloyd, Roger Lock, Dorothy Long, Ida Long, Ieanette Luft, Elizabeth McKinney. Bill McCoy, Iackie McCoy, Twyla McCracken, David McGarvey, Merle McRevey, Ed. Maguire, Lucille Mason. Sharon Mayhall, Margaret Mayhall, Norma lean Medhurst, Paul Meeden, Pat Miles, Ican Miller, Iames Moore. Marilyn Morris, Charles Musgraves, Gerald Myers, Doris Nailor, Shirley Nelder, Barbara Newcome, Sammy Nichols. Iune Nickell, Roland Nickens, Betty Noble, Blenna Nowlan, David Oehler, Patty Ohley, Vera Olden. Sophomores Roberta Owens, Ronald Owens, Anna Lee Pace, Iuanita Parish, Ronald Parsons. Alberta Peal, Loretta Pelhank. Rolland Pelot, William Poppins, Nancy Powell, Douglas Shelton, Leroy Reddish, Delores Redman, Wilma Reed. Treva Reeder, Iames Richards, George Rigas, Marlene Riley, Delores Roberts, General Roy, Bob Rubright. Sally Rust, Charlotte Sawyer, Io Ann Sawyer, Clifford Seago, Vivienne Silvester, loyce Schafer. Ella Mae Schmidt. Tommy Gent, Delores Schumacher, Donald Stafford, Muriel Shanks, Bette Sheff, Eunice Sheley, Norma Shelley. lack Showers, Bettye Simpson, Bill Skeele, Ioanne Slocumb, Harold Sparks, Virginia Speight. Leona Spurgeon. Sophomores Catherine Staples, Maurice Starbuck, Barbara Stockdale, Dorothy Sumner, Iames Taylor, Paul Thomas, Don Thompson. IoAnn Thompson, Marybelle Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Marjorie Thomasson, Betty Tundall, Stella Ursch, Edna Varble Ralph Von Bergen, Harold Wadlow, Arlynn Waechter, Alice Wagenfeldt, Mary Beth Walker, Bill Walter, Marilyn Wandling. Iohn Warble, Martha Watkins, Mary Lou Webb, Bob Weber, Iune Weber, Ioe Weigler, Patsy O'Neil. Iohnny Wilson, Phillip Wells, Bob Welch, Ierry Wieneke, Cora Winkler, Tillie Wickenhauser, Billy Williams. Ioan Willis, Ianice Williamson, Ioan Wenzel, Gene Wendle, Audrey Wetzel, Barbara Whittaker, Mary Ann Whyers. ,wi Pqsnz' ,,A ' gs: 77-I W ' ge . V' ' E Q- ,F ij 1, . .A iv' fa- "CI" Xa! 'Wir .qt .Q AJ v u our ,Q ,X We if 8 iv 4 7 Q Y.. , .,- D 'tn 'Fi W ltt, , 'V' 43-1 S112 i 7. Q A' 9 Si Y' . 'si ' T., A f I Q..-.. 4-'R J 'law . ' bw ' . , - A fi V I 7? i 4. it L M- ., 7 ,x .ts fi' T' C- vga' 6? ET ' X' -E 5 ., af , . .k,U, . X Sophomores 'G -me , K Qg " "" E gag flllgiwdgz XM A I i 'se ,-., f-22572753333 mx X 'lx ,.'-- 1 --:, if' K f Albert Whyers, Martha Weinman, Charles Williams, David Wiseman, Bill Walters Elizabeth Woods, Elmer Whutzler. Imogene Schumacher, Delores Smith, Ann Hallek. 'kiri' The entrance to the Gym. The Advertising Staff descend upon Mr. Dee of the Dee Floral Co., in Upper Alton, who gives them an advertisement for the Tatler. 'k'k'k jo Our .fdoluerfid em The students of Alton High School Wish to express their ap- preciation to the businessmen of the Alton Area who have made the publication of this 1948 Tatler possible. 119 if 4 U -'. '. . 'WJ' ,' X.. !"'i- Q v f . 'T "'f'51' L'f ILV P dbx " A - . . Q , .Q , N, 'XX T- - I-,,4L4,:N T-if 7 affisi' ' .1 ' . 90, xv . N- 10, DNDA B!-'gfw S. 48 .I , xx V W i'lIfl -A Wdmxrlh I IA' .X::--ulx WLAN' dxlll 1 9 sb Q 0 --. UL xi Sff 1 fl Aw N . Nl, Y Wngul ul . . J- JM if 2.24 I -.Lk I Xsyfmu llgibkfdihsx MMM xy llll- Y L. E LQ., ,,,,v:. -X if M of we 1- 9, . 1 'U' v JLMLAXLQK lv ' . STURDY GROWTH Since. as a llttle tot you trudged to school on that memorable flrst day. you have not only grown tn physical stature. but by your own consistent and persistent efforts. you have. like the sturdy oak that sprung from an acorn. made notable growth ln mental stature. ' Your life and the world is full of records. Bhslcally. they represent success or failure. but: facing the world after graduation. you have the assurance that your record thus tar has been crowned with success. This means you have been honest. industrious. dependable. loyal and steadfast ln duty to your school and your assignments. These character traits. if continued. should carry you far. Owens-Illinois takes this opportunity to congratulate you on your attainment thus far and wlshesyou a future record ln which you can take just pride. as we at Owens- Illlnols take pride in our record of seventy-five years of steady. sturdy growth and continued improvement in employee relations and community respect. Owens-Illinois Glass Comnanv I l l MONTICELLO A Iunior College for Young Women Offers You an Opportunity to Complete the First Two Years of College in An Atmosphere of Culture and Refinement LIBERAL ARTS PROGRAM FULLY ACCREDITED SPECIAL EIVIPHASIS - - MUSIC AND ART "Ask the Alton girl who goes to Monticello" 122 COMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN TAXI CO. 1304 E. BROADWAY - - ALTON, ILLINOIS DIAL - - 2-4216 RADIO DISPATCHED CABS J ,mf Iam, my The Better College of Beauty Knowledge Offers You NIGHT AND DAY CLASSES TRAINING ON MODERN EQUIPMENT Call or wrIte Edward Kltzmlller Ir Owner 215 a Market Alton Illmols 6 ' er C C 9 O O Q TRAINING APPROVED LINDEI2 G, I. BILL 123 COMPLIMENTS OF .fdffon lidfricf .xdufo laughs Adociafion 124 CONGRATULATIONS 1007 E. SIXTH ST. ALTON COMPLIMENTS OF Wood River Ave. 63 Edwardsville Rd. Wood River, Ill. 125 siwfrff any Offers a program based upon giving the student a general background of culture for successful living and an undergraduate preparation which will permit him to take his place as a prominent layman or to pursue studies in a specialized field. Graduates of Alton High School are invited to parti- cipate in this program. 1 O COMPLIMENTS OF Alton Box Board Company BROWN MOTOR LINES, INC. and CITIZENS COACH CO., INC. appreciates THE PATRONAGE OF THE STUDENTS. MAY WE CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU BETTER AND WITH MORE SERVICE .... Hourly Service to St. Louis 1000 Watts 1570 Kilocycles ,Zahn Sufi... Studios and Offices on Mezzanine Hotel Stratford 128 AHEAD LIE SHOALS . . . AND TREMENDOUS GOALS Today America has the job of giving its way of life new length, breadth and lustre. And what a job it is! Problems aplenty. But problems produce resourcefulness-offer incentive for still other far-flung goals. The people of Olin Industries have a zest for what's ahead The 've always fos made metal alloys to do myriad jobs on 'planes, trains, ships and motor cars roll from our mills. Each nightfall sets thousf ands of 'our flashlights to winking . . . and sturdy batteries pull radio entertainment out of the air for folks far from power lines. ' Y ' l tered -free enterprise. Th.ey'll , Ji i not now rest on their oars. We of Olin Industries are busy F supplying more and better exf plosives for the expansion of - Today, the people of Olin Indus- 9- ' tries are proud of the protec- - tion, comfort and pleasure that their present products offer to millions of Americans. But, they iii? transportation arteries, land re- clamation and water power pro- jects. Improved firearms and ammunition for sportsmen are coming from our plants. Tailor- OLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. Protection, Comfort And Well-Being. are prouder still of the fact that of all that they have to offer, than ingenuity, integrity and good, old fashioned hard work. I Contributing to Your I nothing is in greater abundance EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS Products of Divisions, Subsidiaries, Affiliates WINCHESTER ARMS, AMMLINITION, FLASHLIGHTS, BATTERIES, ROLLER SKATES, HEAT EX- CHANGERS . . BOND FLASHLIGHTS, BATTERIES, WESTERN AMMUNITION, TARGETS, TRAPS . . WESTERN BRASS, BRONZE, PHOSPHOR BRONZE, NICKEL SILVER, COPPER . . EQUITABLE, COLUMBIA, LIBERTY AND WESTERN COMMERCIAL EXPLOSIVES, BLASTING CAPS, BLACK POWDER, RAILWAY FUSEES AND TORPEDOES. Qfnonlern ann! Comladffe in gferg ibefaif LETTER PRESS OFFSET- LITHO Adams Printing Company "We A P P R E C IA T E your Business" 011, 1110 Qwdgakmgumdwzlefd -- in Manufactured by RUSSELL-IIIILLEH IllIlLII'lG C0. lllton, III. 130 fx f ,puff ' P "7 ' iilnni: af ALT QMCIN ls MEMBER CORPORATION IIlTEBl'lIlTI0l'lIll 5HOE CDIIIPHIW WOOD RIVER 'TANNERIES 131 ongrafufafiond TO THE CLASS OF 1948 To you, the class of 1948, on whose shoulders so much responsibility rests for the growth and progress of your community in making it a better place in which to live, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you success and prosperity in the fields you have chosen. Thrifty Drug Alton, Illinois 132 In Alton LOOK TO LYTTON'S newly modernized HIGH SHOPS featuring nationally famous Wearing Apparel BOYS SHOP GIRLS SHOI Se ond floo Th d fl o Lyumfs Zzzey cf' gffymy lllT0ll EVEIIIIIG TELEGRIIPH The Home Newspaper 4-Y- LOCAL NEWS ASSOCIATED PRESS ASSOCIATED PRESS WIREPHOTO BEST FOR SPORTS NEWS if if REACHES 24000 HOMES DAILY 133 COMPLIIMENTS OF C. B. NEUDECKER PLASTERING CONTRACTOR ALTON, ILL. DIAL 2-2871 2637 GRANDVIEW 109 YEARS OF STYLE LEADERSHIP IN ALTON Specializing in Clothes for High School and College S T U D E N T S Men's Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes . . . lst and 2nd floors Specialized Ladies Shop . . . 3rd floor Smart Apparel for Men, Women and Boys 1 HHARTMANNVSXX Home of Hart Schaffner 8 Marx Clothes 134 Offnce Phone 2 3132 Resxdence Phone 2 2261 Member Flornsts Telegraph Assoclatlon 2524 COLLEGE AVE ALTON ILL Commumty Dalry DIAL 2-2426 3332 E. BROADWAY "Say It With Flowers" 135 Getitat . . . 'llwfvi . . in Alton Phone 3-8851 All lovely things in truth belong To him who best employs them. -Christopher Morley Alton Face Brick O BEAUTY 0 COMFORT I DURABILITY 0 ECONOMY 0 FIRE SAFETY ALTON BRICK COMPANY 136 HUDSON RESTAURANT Prop COMPLIMENTS OF Streeper Funeral Homes ALTON WOOD RIVER 460 EAST BROADWAY IAMES E. HUDSON 137 UNION BUS DEPOT FOSTER'S DRUG STORE Travel Agents PH ON E 3-9241 230 E BROADWAY ALTON ILL COMPLIMENTS OF srsr 054 PCPSI Cola BOttllI1g Company - IIIPUIJI 2521-23 E. Broadway n, inois 138 ALTON HIGH SCHOOL for BETTER EDUCATION FISCHER LUMBER CO. for BETTER BUILDING MATERIALS FISCHER LUMBER COMPANY 400 St. Louis Avenue East Alton Congrafufafiond TO THE ENTIRE STAFF WHO PRODUCED THE 1948 TATLER AN ANNUAL WORTHY OF THE HERITAGE ESTABLISHED WITH THE FIRST ISSUE BACK IN 1905 Sincere Thanks TO ALL WHO CONSTITUTE AND PROMOTE THE EDUCATION.AL SYSTEM IN ALTON MAY SUCCESS CROWN YOUR SINCERE EFFORTS TO GIVE THE BEST TO YOUTH THROUGH OUR GREAT AMERICAN INSTITUTION - - THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Alum Glhapirr Gbrilvr nf Evillllnlag An American Organization for Youth - - To Build Character and Good Citizenship "Success is the Ability to Get Along With Some People and Ahead of Others" 139 HUlUHRD'l.UEl.l.5 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES for SUCCESS to the 1948 GRADUATES from THE LITTLE THEATRE EMIL H. DICK PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST BROADWAY and WASHINGTON Sn cler's 140 ALTON SKELGAS SERVICE I FW QEICZZB 1,1 1654 Washington Ave. Dial 2-2765 GIVE A GRADUATION GIFT from GOULDINGS Jewelers in Alton Since 1852 DIAMONDS - - WATCHES - - IEWELRY Silverware - Pen and Pencils - Billfolds 206 WEST THIRD ST, WISEMAN, INC. 1128 E. BROADWAY ALTQN, ILL. Plumbing, Heating and Building Materials COMPLIMENTS OF A M E S 110 W. THIRD ST. 141 QWIW-'IW L A Il N D E R E R S RUG CLEANERS FUR STORAGE Phone 3-8877 909 East Broadway Alton, Illinois fzfem ' CANDIES BAKERY and FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 3-3641 204 W. Third St. Princess Ice Cream 86 Lunch 1624 E. Broadway Sandwiches of All Kinds Lunch and Fountain Service Phone 3-9837 Prop., Iames S. Oris Home Bowling vqlleqd 2977517 52 WWE COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Serv - All B. F. Sales Goodrich Co' Stores , 217 Plasa St. Broadway 86 Henry FOR HOME IMPROVEMENTS SEE SER - VAL 143 VETERANS FLIGHT TRAINING Fly Free Under Your G. I. Bill WALSTON AVIATION PHONE 4,8698 CIVIC MEMORIAL AIRPORT CONGRATULATIONS ELI M. GREER Real Estate Agency We Are at Your Service in Your Selection of a Home PHONE 3-7504 OFFICE 1305 MILTON ROAD ALTON, ILL. QUALITY COUNTS ALWAYS GOOD NU'WAY ICE CREAM 3200 EAST BROADWAY RIVERSIDE DRIVE IN fOn the Riverfront by the Damj Delicious Hamburgers, Chili, Barbecues and Fish Sandwiches SOFT DRINKS - - FOUNTAIN SERVICE "An Ideal Place to Meet Your Friends" 144 HOTEL STRATFORD Home of the Riviera Room Catering to PARTIES - BANQUETS - SPECIAL OCCASIONS RUDY MELETTI Continental Store AUTO SUPPLIES - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TOYS - PAINTS - HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS Quality At Low Price 2416 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. DIAL 3-3413 COMPLIMENTS OF powder pu! Eaufy Suzan 202 EAST BROADWAY ALTON Phone 2-2111 KLINKE ICE 86 FUEL 611 OAK STREET ALTON, ILL. 145 COMPLIMENTS OF GARDEN GATE TEA ROOM THE HOBBY HOUSE "Everything for Your Hobby" MODEL TRAINS - BOATS - PLANES RACERS and HANDICRAFT TOOLS Phone 3-8106 A 3702 WESTERN ALTON, ILL COMPLIMENTS OF PAUL F. DAVIS 86 SONS HOME OF FINE FOODS Wholesale and Retail DOWNTOWN ALTON AT 317 STATE ALTON FLORAL 607 East Bnoadway Member F. T. D. Flowers Anywhere LEO WILLIS Dial 2-4111 Res. 3-8617 COURTESY - SERVICE 146 W. A. GOSS WATCH REPAIRING W. F. POWERS JEWELRY Complete Line of IEWELRY AND REPAIRING 2507 STATE DIAL 2-5011 UPTOWN THEATRE COM PLIMENTS OF CAMPBELL BROS. COLLEGE AVENUE NEWS STAND 2503 College MAGAZINES NEWS TOBACCO CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '48 We wish you all the success possible, now that you are entering the world as young men and women, HH' J E NVE LE 2 DIAL 37422 - 203 STATE ST 147 WILLIAMSON PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone 2-1619 E112 Elllnrentinr Eeauig Salim Specializing in Hnair Styling Permanent Waving - - Hair Cutting and Cold Waving Proprietors 2528A COLLEGE E1 MAIN Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Faires UPPER ALTON, ILL. We Give Eagle Stamps Lemay Furniture and Appliance Co. Home of Dignified Credit Telephone 2-1278 State Street at Fourth Alton, Illinois SUPERIOR RUG CLEANERS CLEANING - BINDING - SIZING REWEAVING and ALTERATION OF RLIGS 1632 Main Phone 3-8141 148 MAUL'S BROWNbilt SHOE STORE 121 W. 3rd St. SHOES FOR THE FAMILY We - Fit - X-ray Alton's Most Beautiful Iewelry Store . . . eilucbon li IEWELER - WATCHMAKER Nationally Advertised Merchandise Alton High School Iewelry 312 BELLE STREET DIAL 2-2722 WHEN IT'S A QUESTION OF GOOD PRINTING THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS HERE . . . NATIONAL PRINTING COMPANY HARRY A. WATKINS, Prop. 15 E, BROADWAY ALTON, ILL Alton Mineral Springs Hotel OFFERS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF TI-IE CLASS OF 1948 H. I. Itmgk, Manager 149 LIGGETT DRUG COMPANY, Inc. Tel. 2-1741 Alton, Illinois IF You want a career wiitlm a bright future, you7ll find it through Business Training at LAKE VIEW COLLEGE Broadway at Market Dial 2-1241 RAIN 86 RAIN GROCERIES 1 MEATS - PRODUCE State at Elm E. G. Campbell Tent and Awning Co 100 CENTRAL AVENUE ALTON, ILL. 150 TEEN-AGE DEPT. Y-Teen Clubs for girls Saturday Night Dances Special Interest Groups Camp and Conferences If HEALTH EDUCATION DEPT. Senior Life Saving Swimming Classes Dips Social Dancing Classes Badminton, Tennis COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES W. SPOONER, JR. .I-ob Printing 2105 Fairmount Ave. Dial 3-7628 Alton, Ill. HOME BUILDING 86 LOAN ASSOCIATION SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - - REAL ESTATE LOANS Broadway at Piasa Alton, Illinois 151 Wells Tire Co. , Inc YQOOIKWEAR 'N-RTIRES VULCANIZING EXIDE BATTERIES ROAD SERVICE Phone 3-3131 833 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. ' 755211 - ' . J Q fi-'if' H ' ' X ' f. Lie, 5 5 viii, : , -lm 1 - L -:left - . , L? . I ' A ,234 A ' ':'lf 5" ,.: A-. :f5A I t L, I C.,-Fiizw-,N ,ML , , ,. L2 -.ii -P' J2f igggi f.52:l:a -' " ,M-"x 1 :feel iiiii 'K-an 0 THE EXAMINATION COUNTS 41 I Dm - .W Wi-amerby ogx-L-9691 E -rxg-Ds T 206 W. 3rd St. Phone 2-2923 SPRINGMAN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER - MILLWORK GLASS - PAINTS VARNISHES - ROOFING BUILDERS HARDWARE CELOTEX INSLILATING MATERIAL Broadway and Cherry Sts. Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF Central Illinois School of Beauty Culture -.0.. Telephone 3-641 l -L01 401 HENRY STREET ALTON, ILLINOIS CENTRAL TIRE SERVICE W. E. Gratian 'A' i' 'A' Telephone: 3-5612 'A' i' il' Broadway and Central Alton, Illinois Uptown Bakery 41 BEST HOMEMADE BREADS CAKES AND ROLLS Phone 3-8711 I. C. HAMER FOOD MARTS Best Line of B I oyd s Groceries ' Sandwich Shop Meats Vegetables 2427 College Ave. 3400 Brown St. 1904 State St. Phone 3-9432 Phone 3-7757 ALTON, ILL. A L T O N ' S Newest Store For Smart LADIES APPAREL 216 State PHOTOS OF STUDENTS IN THIS ANNUAL TAKEN BY C. TRAVIS STREEPER 3021 Edwards St. Phone 2-3161 Elsnefs Store DRY GOODS SHOES 1656 Washington Ave. Phone 3-6131 We Give Eagle Stamps WE SELL PETERS' SHOES USE .feaubi 8 elcwk aiflgu Alton, Illinois The Safest and Shortest Route between ALTON and ST. LOUIS Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. COIVPPLIMENTS OF KERR'S DRUG STORE Gail P. Kerr Verta Lammers Kerr Kerr C D LA and ALL POPULAR FLAVORS IN SODA WATER Pelot Bottling Co. Phone 2-2631 413 Ridge St ROCll PO0LE PHIIRIIIIICV The REXALL Store Phone 3-3041 2526 College Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF BLACK'S CONFECTIONERY 1652 Washington Ave. Phone 3-9637 135 BURT'S LAUNDERERS and DRY CLEANERS Waterfllepellent Service, Minor Alterations Slogan: "Let Our Phone Line Be Your Clot'hes Line" Phone: 318941 Address: 2517 College COMPLPMENTS OF ALTON LOCKER SYSTEMS CO. 1862 East Broadway ALTON Complete FROZEN FOOD PROCESSING 8: STORAGE L YOLTON'S Delmar at state ALTON, ILL. Hardware - Paints . Pipe-fittings - Plumbing FEED . GARDEN SEEDS ST. CIN GROCERY "COMPLETE LINES OF FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES Dial 2-1222 2800 Hillcrest Alton, Ill. 156 COMPLIMENTS OF EDELMAN'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE Upper Alton 2528 College Alton, Ill. ALTON TIRE SALES F. I. STOBBS' SONS 435 - 37 E, Broadway Phone 3-8868 THE GENERAL TIRE THE FAMOUS HAWKINSON RECAPS "Alton's Leading Tire Store" N. N. CHALLACOMBE COMPANY PLUMBING and HEATING Office Phone 2-3131 558 East Bnoadway Alton, Illinois 0CCl'C0fa 0l'l'll96ll'ly Alton, Illinois 157 Wm. H. Feldwisch, President Louis G. lun, Secretary Jglmlsgl: 2 Al.'l'0N BUILDING 8 LOAN ASSOCIATl0wg INCORPORATEDIBDA 620 EAST THIRD STREET ALTON ILLINOIS FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON REAL ESTATE COMPLIMENTS OF 9 llNc.J ALTON, ILL. COMPLIMENTS OF LUER BROS. PACKING COMPANY 725 E. Broadway, Alton Sweet Home Brand Products "If it comes from Russell's - - It's Right" Otto G. Sanders 8 Sons SHOES FOR THE FAMILY GROCERTES in all Widths and sizes MEAT'S VEGETABLES RUSSELUS SHOE STORE Phone 16675 2520 College Ave. 2324 Humbert St. Alton, Ill. UPPER AIJTON, ILL. 158 WARDEIN PHARMACY TODD'S PRESCRIPTIONS CLEANING TAILORING REPAIRING Phone 3-5313 Phone 2-1312 2510 State St' Alum' In' 1718 Washington Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF ILLINOIS RESTAURANT UPTOWN BARBER SHOP Rogers - Capehart - Rushing 1650 Washington Ave. Alton, Ill. NORTHSIDE SHELL SERVICE Paul Watts, Proprietor State and Delmar COMPLIMENTS OF "THE BRIGHT SPOT" COMPLIMENFS OF RUDY'S GIFT' SHOP RIDGE WAY DIAMONDS CONFECTCIONERY Phone 3-9738 Broadway at Henry Alton, Ill. 518 Ridge Street GOULD' MUSIC CO. Musical Instruments Accessories Instrument Repairing 412 E. Broadwlay Alton 313213 Phonograph Records Pianos Sheet Music COMPLIMENTS OF N ORSIDE THEATER STATE at ELM NITSCHE'S DRUG STORE 639 E. Broadway "The Rexall Store" Prescriptions - Magazines Fountain Service co1v1PL11v1ENTs or DE LUXE CAFE MIKOFF BROS. GROCERY 50 E. Elm Street FRESH VEGETABLES FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Springfield, 111. S. Raymond Tingley, Dist. Mgr QUALITY MEP-TS 2356 sum sf. Alton, Ill Delivery Phone 2-3733 Phone 3-6912 COMPLIMENTS OF SELHIMES RANCH HOUSE Route l11 - - North Alton Curb Service DRIVEJN SERVICE HAMBURGERS and BARBECUQES Route-111 Fresh and French-Fried Shrimp PHOTO-ART SHOP Portraits - Copies - Pfhioto Finishing Commercial Photographers Photographs Taken Anywhere at Anytime 118 Wood River Ave. Wood River, Ill. TRY FINER CLEANERS Curtains - Drapes - Vault Storage Chair Covers 2501 State Street ALTON, ILL. COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY F. HEMPHILL UPPER ALTON DEPARTMENT STORE ,SCHOOL COATS - SWEATERS SPORTING GOODS 2525 College Avenue Phone 3-8543 W. T. GRANT CO. "Known for Values" 205 W. 3rd St. Alton, Ill. HILDEBRAND'S "Fashions in Flowers" 224 E. Broadway Dorothy Huskinson Hildebrand Gordon Miles Hildebrand COMPLIMENTS OF TATE' HARDWARE 8z SUPPLY CO. 2518 College Avenue Telephone: 2-5031 COMPLIMENTS OF K R U G ' S MEN'S, LADIES and CHILDREN'S WEAR 2606 Stnate St. S. S. KRESGE COMPANY Sc and 10'c Store COMPLETE LUNCH and SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Air Conditioned for Your Comfort Ladies' Free Public Lounge Kresge Building Third and Piasa KLUMP OIL CO., Inc. 1125 Belle St. Ask About Our Customer Dividend Plan COMPLIMENTS OF HENDERSON BROTHERS SERVICE STATION Corner of Elm and Alby Phone 3-9737 NOLL INSURANCE AGENCY 649 E. Bvoadway Alton, lu. In the Luer Block Alton, Ill SEE HESKETT' COMPUMENTS OF MACHINE and ENGINE COMPANY ALTON FEED COMPANY For General Machine Work Automotive and Mill Supplies Phone 2-1212 ALTON REF RIGERATION COMPLIMENTS OF AUTHORIZED FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service See Us About any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East ,Broadwlay Dial 3-7722 BAKER'S CLEANERS 24 E. Broadway Phone 2-1251 DON A. KELLY FOOD MARKET "We have it: we'll get it or it isn't in town," 2511 College Avenue Phone 3-3411 IRVIN H. MANEKE Watch Repairing and Iewelry 1714 Washington Ave. Alton, Illinois VlCH'5 31? RF.. 2.13 R E Featuring IARMAN Shoes for Men IOHNNIE WALKER Shoes for Men VICTORIA CROSS Shoes for Women PETERS Shoes for Children ALTON PLUMBING 8L HEATING CO. Plumbing, Sewering, Steam and Hot Water Heating Electrical Supplies and Appliances Telephone 2-2511 302 State St. Alton, Ill. COMPLIMENTS OF ALTON WATER CO. KAY ESSEX BEAUTY SERVICE PURE, FILTERED, 445 East Third and SOPTENED CITY WATER Phone 2-2866 OPPSET MIMEOORAPHINO WARNSING PHOTO COPY BARBER SHOP ALTON DU PLICATING COMPANY Quintin Warnsing Mark C. Headley 1709 Washington F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 113 West Third Alton, Illinois TRU-VALUE SHOP Phone 3-3122 127 W. Third St. Alton, Illinois BUCK'S Paint 8z Floor Covering Store Geo. F. Hoering, Mgr. 655 E. Broadway SHOE MARKET DEPT. STORES Wood River and Alton sugar and spice 'n everything nice "the newest first" myrtle k. paul millinery - accessories Alton Young Men's Christian Association 2 West 3rd Street MEET YOUR FRIENDS A'T THE 6 6 Y 99 104 east broadway dial 3-5721 loin Today MILLER LIME Sz CEMENT COMPANY , Building Materials and Coal f- Paints, Glass and Hardware SMART APPAREL Phone 2-1231 519-521 Belle St. Alton, Ill. for WOMEN and 'CHILDREN 112 W. Third St. W. C. CLARK Sz CO. ELM WAY DRIVE-IN FOUNTAIN Exclusive and Rugs and Draperies CURB SERVICE 329 Belle Alton, IH' Corner Elm and Henry St. COMPLIMENTS OF THIRD ST. SHOE REPAIR SHOP 311 Belle St. ALTON W. I. GODWIN PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Sales and Rentals Everything for the Student Office and School Supplies Dial 3-31 13 Alton Illinois GINTER-WARDEIN CO. LUMBER - MILLWORK GLASS - ROOFING INSULATION - PAINT COM PLIMENTS OF BRAMHALL PRESS LETTER PRESS and SEWER TILE OFFSET PRINTING Phone 3-3588 410 State St. 450 Front St. Alton, nl. Across from Public Library N E W B E R R Y ' S KNOWN FOR VALUES 3rd 8 Sta-te St. Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF SCHIFF'S SHOE STORE 107 West 3rd St. Alton, Ill. LOWERY BROS. HARDWARE 1636 Washingtvon Ave. "If it can be had, we have it" SPORTING GOODS - - PAINT - - HOUSE WARES COMPLIMENTS OF R. 86 R. CONSTRUCTION A An Ideal Gift for the Graduate BULOVA - ELGIN - HAMILTON or WESTFIELD WATCH or A FINE DIAMOND RING BRANDENBERGEITS 215 Piasa St. I u.--..-....--.------------- I' """""'-' -"-'--- 'I - I I I I SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOUK STAFFS . .. I I I .I OUR ADVERTISERS Acme Bowling Alleys ............ Adams Printing Co. ............. . Alton Banking 6 Trust Co ..... Alton Box Board .........,.......... Alton Brick Co. ..................... . Alton Bldg. 6 Loan Assn. ..... . Alton District Auto Dealers Assn. ........................... ........ . Alton Duplicating Co. ........... . Alton Evening Telegraph ...... Alton Feed Co. ....................... . Alton Floral ............................ Alton Laundry Co. ..... ....... Alton Little Theatre ................ Alton Locker Systems Co. Alton Plumbing 6 Heating .... Alton Refrigeration Co. ......... . Alton Tire Sales ...,.............. Alton Water Co. ....... ...... . American Taxi Co. .... . ....... Ames .......... . ................. . ..... .. Baker's Cleaners .................... Black's Confectionery . .......... . Block's Ice Cream ...,............ Boydfs Sandwich Shop .......... Bramhall Press ........................ Brandenberger's Iewelry -1 ....... . Bright Spot ...................... ........ Brown Motor Lines 8 Citizens Coach Co. ........... . Buck's Paint Store .................. Burt's Laundry ........................ Campbell Bros. News Stand .... Cam bell E. G. Tent 6 P v Awning Co. ....................... . Central Illinois School of Beauty Culture ........................ Central Tire Service .............. Challacombe Plumbin 6 9 Heating .................... . ............ Clark, W. C. E1 Co. ............. . Coca Cola Bottling Co. ......... . Community Dairy .................. Davis, Paul F. fs Sons .......... , De Luxe Cafe ........................ Dee Floral Co. ..,.......... ....... . DeMolay .................................. Dick's Drug Store .................. Edelman's Ben Franklin Sto Elm Way .......,,.................... Elsner's ....................,.,...,,,.... F8 Fischer Lumber Co. ............... . Florentine Beauty Salon ........ Foster's Drug Store ................ Franklin Life Insurance Co. Garden Gate Tea Room ........ Ginter-Wardein Co. .........,...... . Godwin. W. I. ....................... . Goodrich, B. F. Stores ...,...... Goss, W. A. Watch Repairing Gould Music Co. ...............,... . Goulding's .............. ..,........ Grant s ................... .,.... Green s ...... . ................... ....... Greer Real Estate ........ ........ Hamer Food' Maris ...... ........ Hartmann s ............................ .. Hemphill, Harry F. ............... . Henderson Bros. Service Sta... Heskett Machine 8 Engine Co. Hildebrand's ............................ Hobby House .......................... Home Building 6 Loan Assn... Hotel Stratford ....,................... Howard-Wells Appliance Mart Hudsons Restaurant ................ Hudson s .................................. Illinois Restaurant .................. Indianapolis Engraving Co. Intemational Shoe Co. ......... . Kay Essex Beauty Service .... Kelly Food Market .............. Kerr's Drug Store .................. Kitzmiller Beauty College ...... Klinke Ice 6 Fuel .................... Klump Oil Co. ........ ........ . Kresge's .................. ........ Krug's .................... ........ Lake View College ..... ....... Lemay Furniture 6 Appliance Co. ..................... . Lewis 8 Clark Bridges .......... Liggett Drug Co. ................... . Lowery Bros. Hardware ........ Luer Bros. Packing Co. ......... . Lytton's .................................... Maneke Iewelry ............ ........ f Maul s Shoes ............................ Mikoff Bros. Grocery ............ ,Miller Lime and Cement ........ Mineral Springs Hotel ............ Monticello College .................. Myrtle K. Paul ...,......... ....... National Printing Co. ............. . Newberry's ...................v.......... Nitsche's Drug Store .............. Noll Baking 6 Ice Cream Noll Insurance Agency Norside Theatre ...................... Norside Shell Service .............. Nuedecker, C. B. ................... . Nu-Way Ice Cream ................ O- Owens-Illinois Glass Co... 12 Parkway Drive-in .................. Pelot Bottling Co. ................. . Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. ......... . Peter's Nut Shop .................... 167 147 160 141 161 164 144 153 134 161 162 162 161 146 151 145 140 137 149 159 166 131 163 163 155 123 145 162 162 161 150 148 154 150 166 158 133 163 149 160 164 149 122 164 149 165 160 142 162 160 159 134 144 121 125 155 138 142 Photo Art Shop ..............,.... Powder Puff Beauty Salon . Princess Ice Cream 8 Lunch R. E1 R. Construction .... . ..... . Rain 8 Rain ........................ . Ranch House Drive-in ......... Ridge Way Confectionery . Riverside Drive-in ............... Rock Poole Pharmacy ........ Rudy Meletti's Continental Store ,.,,,.,.....,........ ............ Rudy's Gift Shop .... ........... Russell-Miller 'Milling Co. .. Russell's Shoe Store ........... Schiff's Shoe Store ............. Schoenbom Iewelry .........,... Selhime's .....,.... ..................... Serv-All Sales Co. ............ . Shearbum's Ice Cream Co. Shoe Market Dept. Store Shurtleff College .................. Skell Gas ............... .... Smartwear ......... Snyder's ................ -------- - - Spooner, Charles W. ........ . Springman Lumber Co. St. Cin Grocery ................... Streeper, C. Travis ............. Streeper Funeral Homes ..... Superior Rug Cleaners ........ Tate Hardware 8 Supply Co Third St. Shoe Repair ....... Thrifty Drug ........................ Todd's Cleaners .......... ..... Tru-Value Shop ................... Try Finer Cleaners ............. Upper Alton Dept. Store ..... Uptown Bakery .................. Uptown Barber Shop ......... Uptown Market .........,......... Uptown Theatre ...... ..... Viclc's Shoe Store ....... ..... Vggue ,,,,,,,,,,,,,... ....,,..... . .. Walnut Grove Dairy .......... Walston Aviation ................. Wardein Pharmacy ............ Wamsing Barber Shop ...... Weatherhy, Dr. E. W. ...... . Wells Tire CO. ..........---------- - Western Cartridge Co. ...... . Williamson Pharmacy ....... Wiseman Plumbing 6 Heating WOKZ ................................. Woolworthf s ......... ..... Yolton's .......... ....- Y. M. C. A. ...... .... . Young's ................. ----- Y. w. c. A. ....... .... . Another year of memorable events has passed into the sands of time. This Tatler has been made possible through the work and efforts of a very efficient staff lead by a more efficient advisor, Miss Williamson. The staff played its part well. Dont forget them! Your Editor: Terry Burch 168 lex' 'Au J, . 1 . , Q ,, -X., Y 5 .-lv -y. X. Q ,- .. .,,. 5 .N. . 19... - 1"-. .P-..,L ugf X, . 1 -xf .1 -, V ' 1 W .1 K . Ll - A. in . . ' .g 'LM ,A '-pl 31" 5. F. wan' 55" ' '1 3 1:41-' +. -' - , J, 1 V, .yy -14-,,H,f ax J.-li.. V -ES., ,.. - V , ,,. -.-,I-,, , ., Al ff' 1-, Li Y-2 "QQ-31, 'H . .' TJIK . LT. - - .4 ,.! f',' .' 'ff' 'L ' ff- A ' x I.: f . , 4 Lv Q, . , . , . 1 .fff . . 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A At A ' , ,I,rr'1 J .I . ,IAA-55:5 II.I n wf'I X ' ' .w'?,'f'AJg .AA A . EAEEHAA. X We .,-AA W . I X . . 1 -.1 A A M' ' A ' -:v--51 f A ' "r ' ' A Aw- .A AIA ma Sf A2344 A FA . J ,gr 1 gr f. ' ---f-- AAA, :V -"-1 A. .A , . --AL ' 1-P - A I M 224 'A P ,-A' I , . f .,',..,.,.-wx " I A-If .' :iii ' ,. riffff-. ff A A . , A. -" -3 'A-yi? 5,511 ' EN .1 D T. A ' :E QQ - A-:av if . 5 'i A ga? ,Q ..,- -A -. 51' II: ,4:g'5gg.!u- X 4 +I' , In F" '1 Ms A -1' A I ..Aig',AfgA.Af"' P!ggggAA:1f:zvii!1 a".A f? A 15 .' g? . . f' -- --' - i 2 ""' L-""'a,, - ' . 'A - -.-. A-Ae -A-Ewa " W . 1 I "' 'R W, .I A II 1- 'A--A A " I , , , l ,,yfAvfFI "A-LW A. Q., " A I . IIAIIAIAI III fx: Ig nf II ? Ia I-ri! ur: I IJI A I In , I iq' ,- I. ,II1 ,I qw-5,4 , I .In . g", KI' wg P 'H Iflf III XI- N4 , .1 I I I, H mm I. A. A . .I 'A .g.a5rf53wgi J , I E N A 5 z , AI 1 ,. 4 -fr in 'Aa AAA I A I A x. A , f . . , 4. A A 24 'l " Wk 'A .1 -X T'-5 1'-Q 1' A ' 'Ju v I I A AAN . Y' " 1 1'-. 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Suggestions in the Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) collection:

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