Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1946

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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'1- ' AMP WZMWWMQMMQ -. oicygyus X , J x -C , x --q 1 N5 xv gglfkjjfwwg , EJAWWA Wgmwffi' E 1,9MjGQfTf' iw MMXQKKG Egg Qfwfwgigfyw Q NNW My Ky E WQQQZMW Mm jwmi 5, Q o K ,JMMWLWK 7 piffgbg 'dogg Q Eff 2 S? fv:f3 if 2fme w0 MQOQEQM ybofgym 4,5 KW2 Q , VZWQMZMQQSQLM is ix N L9 Q 1 , V og? . Q Q A 5fff,MZq.Le QQ-Mlm, 4, ,n Q2F,, . A, , M 0. Q34-Daw PQMWWWQEQWQQ WWW My QXWMMQ , Mail M wx QQ-EQ? Wflwflww nfwngfyf 25,32 504355 1Yf5'i69J, XS' cPWm4WW.Q. 'f'V JW-few-J-K nd ' . ,QfN.q1f QmijMi'ZiH7, X M wgffzif MM iQS?fsf jpg! jf giylpgff fwQw!WyQaw2fS MQW lyffigw VA? xMQw , f f a ,iff-f-c4 7 M ,JM ' f :J ,J j , 4 . f . !yTi,f fyxlffjifw-VJ My .ff 6 , rx N 'pls f' v-J ' f X, A' f f '. J A!! ,L,f'f! f'!0-Efydvk 'Q XXX, 1 'fry V BC' fi 1 ' ,f f f fe, iff. MX ff A if J 1 ' ' V I 'A ' N, Nj IJ 1 ,V 4X 5 V IX gush v ,f i L54-r .f5 5 55-27 1 H I K , ' .Q Q kj!! jjj 'vjmdy W jf K g yr an -Q .ff if sv N f xxx -'N YJ KJ J ff 'f 3 X1 N O! l . 'Cx' , ' RI . 8.1, .V X XX, V X fx U X V15 x k X f-,lx 2 ,P fxipbf 1 XV 3 1 ,QQ flu' , C bi X' NN- , Ay V .. ' Q Q J . ' U fu -, ' ' jg 1, Q ,fi ,fgk I. K' , X X 'ri jg' J sl k' L .J Xb Q FN' . A , ' fx' XL' A X A J L jj gtg . -1 .f 1 djs, J bv 5 lj X ,IV ,' x Q A f JV' Mr ff 1. J, VE' y- .x KJ j V ' Ju N, ff, - X - 955, , il Nfl in ,fy X - E3 f f v , K ' fi YV 'x J N ' 'X E055 ' A .f K MA!! Q-f 'K X 1 X ' - - 1 'J j ' , J 3 M, S X - M , y , X .5 --X, ,f PM J, M X N. N, K A 3 'X 'N - M x X , 'X ANN, 'w 3X S3 5 , X A J - X H39 , N R J ox s 1 1 W X ifw ff I LEO GREEN Editor CAROL ROBERTSON FRED NOIQTON PAUL HARRAWOOD EUGENIA XVILLIS PHIL HOVDA QIANIS TILLM AN CHARLES TOMLINSON Auiftarzt Eiiilorf EUGENE SHULTZ RODNEY BAILEY Pfootagraplwrf HOWARD EICHEN Circulation Nfanager RUSSELL PU LLEN A.r.ri.rtant Circulation Manalger XVANDA XIII'-IYARD GAIL BATES LUIS TERLISNER liypiftf JOHN KAY Bufinemr Manager DEANE LEONARD Advertifing Manager WM , BULL VERNON PENNING Asfiflant Aa'1ierti.ring MdIZdc!I6VJ RUTH BIEREAUM Art Editor HOWARD DAVIS MARILYN ROBERTS PHYLLIS SCHAFER JACKIE HAWK IMOGENIL OLIVER SHIRLEY DOMAN IMOGENE TROUT HARRY LOU MIDDLETON A.f.ri.rtant Art Eafitorx BERNICE WILLIAMSON Faculty Advifor S., N 17 aw. ,ei Q eM,g?'M'5 we W X ME' wk, ,N wits, E' 4 1 if , 3 ' K ,- . 'L 1f Sh M y ' qei g M ,, 3, , 'ff aku? , 3 A .M-YAQL Ui Q ?v ., i ff- , 1 ewgga f . fflfff, :af'z Q, w fmkfi 'NQTQZK' rl kv, bwf.. ,, . ANZ K, Jw? by Fi wf'f.4f 7 in AVA, . ,Y Www f +f-Arym aw, W' '1 ,, A-V2 'Sw M5 Tir , W' .4 M i ff . Iwi , M Q. f+,+?5 -M mgyh, , if W A--1 9' 4 4 , 5 f.f4 MV, ,V I f in 7 5,2 elf Aw 'f 'Az ,Ln X., f f Wff w K, ,, ,, I f f , ,V , .- I, fi A 4, W, .L u f Av J, , 1 'X ' N f ' ' 4 ' F 4 ,wh ,Ay , ,M ,- 'RM ye, fd W va fx' if A fx , A iff 1 1 5 f , ,Y 71, 1 X, y ffff '11' A 34 fy W , af M ,uf 1 ff my Q J 'lf I A Qt 7,132.1 r- ' , 4 ! 1 .M 7 l Z, ,Q '1,,u 7 7' 01 ,Q as on :ii Q19 ! -ii-'Teil . '- g , . 'ms ay: . ,QQ .. I, G ,sh 1 A ,J 1 ' firfsf '.M'jA 'A ,. W Ml ,, Liv' ' 'Hr z B, 3 4' .xq ' , . f . N, g -f - Q P'- ,rx , V Af . , Q- 1. 'ffMi. W, ,.' , , .4 ,, W ,N W A... W H. Wi -6155? mx , M, VN. r Ls ,F , in . ' fmli ii u n ' j v w - f1 4 my A I 'yas 2 'Y 'jflhlflif H ' ,f W ff J -7 M51 A Qw2kwMgmwww 'f1 awwwwwMWMf 1, , , i 1 N, af 4 V ' H 1.-4, 'WH 7 M if , K f K H',,enfu4E?flg1ff ii'Zw' r K - my v a'Al 4 1,,..,r 1 4 ml af , W f lf? ,Y ' 5 ' 4 fl k X U ' 1 L 1 L, Mfi' A 4' . mm, if ' , 1 'PQ f ' ,JM 4- 32 A ,,,,,, , H V H -' , P ., ' M i L , , ,. V f v , in 4' ' Y ,A '-'- 1 WSFZZW V W , ,wsww M V ws' 152322, Nwfwf i.,,,s,4srfw -1,LH,m,,M , , N 1 L Tw 'L M 2' , , ff, ' . . . ,g L ' ,, fig , ,MMJVE-5,-af .,, j,, ,,qlm?,,W6 gr,i.W 7, , , V. H. M., ,Hai V, 17 , ,h A ' f . . , ,. 14, A K-, A Vg- ,aw L If ,. , A 'L 5 , Am If w .. 'fww A jak? 4' 5 I . A . 3 M N ,, 1 , lf Q gg , , , , , 4 . .. W , S ax ' x ,FV 2 5, -. in 9 ' - f. L I P ' ' K WZ 7 - ,,,.i K 1 1 J 'Y .911 emoriam EVA MAE STREEPER ArJ2.rIcml Editor of the 1945 Taller September 25, 1927--October 25, 1945 Eva Mate will always be remembered by us for her sunny disposition, her cheery smile, her vitality, and her willingness to help others. Into the few short years that were alloted to her, she crowded more of worth-while living, more of service to others, and more of sunshine and the joy of living than most people experience in it life time. It was destined that she should tarry with us only 21 few short years, but our lives have been enriched by the privilege 0fll2lVl1lg known her. 14 Q if Q2 332-- .fdclmin izifrafion PARMER L. EWING BERTRAND L. SMITH .Yzzpwjfzfamlent of .fcbaolr Afrirfmzr Szzperifztcndefzf Board of Education L. Miscgudcs, Dr. F. A. Morrison, R. L. Gouiding, B. L. Smith, Arrirffzfzt jluperifztemfefzt, R. H. Richards, Pre.rm'euf, P. L. Ewing, Szzpwlfztenffwzt, E. K. Eifgcn, Dr. H. E. Mirlcllctoii, M. NV, Ackcr, H, mm .O . Q ' A , .it is 'fix 5 x -1 2 g.' , ' - E H e J f : X I I My S . 'X Q , 'I ' Q n G x - ' 3 ' Y 'LH-Q ' ' , 0. .' Q 5 1 -c f W of 1:11.- ,Q a.. . V ?VVl no ' ' ,K 'i v LV 'o 4 x if I A 7' . ' - 1' ' ' 1 W 511 . . 135- 'E ' ' 0. . uf 'A my ., s ' 'W K 1 'K gf ,X - 'MQ' K 35 V9 .4 V 7 fk 'P 3 V., U4 Y I U ,4 :lv ,. ,- . 6' H : 'V I-' Q' -' -. ' +0 ' . , M Q .Mg Q? . 3, . 1 O 5 fu K N M' , . W :A Q 'ir . ,K g4,f?,M My 'Y L, M an ix: 4 1 5 1 s Jf, ' A group of diichargefl .ft'l'L'jC67I2E7Z coming bark to .fL'f700! again. Rffurnecl Servicemen One by one Alton High School boys laid down their pencils and took up their gunsg one by one they left football and basketball victories to their younger bro- thers and went out to light a far more important battle'-ea battle fought so that those little brothers could stay in school and learn the right way of life. Alton High is proud of those boys, and she is proud to welcome them back. lt is no easy task to come back to reading about foreign lands after seeing them or to studying the mechanism of machines you have driven. Our returned veterans are to be highly commended in their decisions to finish school and are to be wished the best of luck in all that they undertake. The seriousness of their purpose and the business-like way that they are concentrating their efforts on earning a diploma have had a leavening effect upon our entire studentibocly. ' ' fi. . '. ,f1',a K . Www ff f y f i.W ' 4. ,Iii , , ,1 A, M' f f f df 4 4 V 7 V al , y y, L, V r, ,, , I H I Q A . 125 ,fan VL I 4 wr, fa 'f. , .wwf rw, firm hm W4 M, il f M1 ev -,V ' A ' ' , . L . ., QW ffk -4 -H kin, . ,4 kllk 7 ,fhiy 'af,' ,515 ay ,f VLA MA x . M frm, My W A 5 , Y A I , ,y , , V ,,,, V' A , N A , ,pi 1 , f ff, M , I , Hg, -'T f.-.'j.ff!.- Q .nf 3 ' 1 , Q49 wif' if 'xp 4,2-ip , ,WV 4 fm., Q A YA I M V 42,9 SH xg J- ' 4 wt-,f jr, ag'.,,,, fw3,5'- f , Wd V ww X 'O if f 'rang' Vw., M k , 7 A N xN. ,!6:, M, ,,W 5 , A w: L M M W: 7VVVV 45 my ' ' P 'Xf 'mS f-!Ef.i NW -'. W ,M ' V W ff' W ,gf ,, M N.,x +fii'4 fy ,N I a Q vw' , N swf , I 'wifi R., N4 ' Q A Bmw in V , ,Em I ,ww 8 -,,x4 Mu.:gi,MK an i .. F A Nr, I fl ml J '55 M, H X'-W 5 ' ' Q25 , W 5 FM -1 ,jf V , T ag M , I Mix A , Mi ,, ffm MM , W V - 4 wi - S mfs ww -W Y .' ' ' , ,if ,, M , Q 4 .,,,V ,M ,,k, yr V in My ,W v if f, ,7 .K , . ,, inn? imwmi W H 32' ' ,am H ' Wk' Mk : kNA'NA'L my -2 1915 7 I f'vw,.,, V A' 1 , 2 ,im I .fx msakim 'A ,Wf- Wfs, gk 1 1 if X' 1 'M .., ,KX s 2 '-i ' 1,1 4' V I , yy, 5 , 'ik . X ' -... M X X xx -.1 sr, F X ' Q i . ' 1 . A Q x ' 'T N ' ' f lu z gh fi - 'o 3 ' Q-. I' , ,H '4 ' NM A, 9 .7 1, gk-r ' I 'qj-g,g ,E-if ' - -11, T45 an-vs! ' M. Y 3 . n,,,h1,,'.4 .K 'S',f, -' . ..-. K. I .KV Y J . 1, . ' X-.fl Ni 1 7 2 ,. , f . . N K 1. , n , . 9111 a Y ZVQWJ' . , 5 V, 6 'IWW Z . f 1 , ' ff ' ' -.rg 'K 1 ,'v'l ' - a - wh' 1 aff' ff' ' nf . ,ia ui Rf X Mr . 'Z ,f Qfgaka, 69? 8 - Q' u yx- c it it , Q, . ,p qi, , 'V m v, . f.. , Q , k' 1 Rx w X rw Q .Ms -mf -4 QQ, 1 A 'I d X 'Nw' 'bf 1.2 ,, 1 'M' HQ, N yi X37 r 'KX , -' V, f f.y:,L 4 f YL 5 1 'ww V N guna 'ffx ,,,,. , N, 'fi' 4 V' 4.42 ' in 1 , A ,,, V -,, f ., R A mi. . Q J. B. Johnson Mr. Johnson is the inspiring and tireless leader around Whom all our school life functions. l-le enjoys Working with students and strives daily to add to their interest and morale. His ollice is always open to any student who seeks counsel or advice, and no problem is too small to merit his attention. Being young, just thirty-nine years of age, he appreciates student problems and is willing to give his aid to any one who asks for it. During the short time that Mr. Johnson has been here, he has made remarkable progress in furthering the development of our school. As this is Mr. Johnsons first year as principal of Alton High School, we, the stud ts, want to welcome him and to wish him the greatest of continued success. JAMEs B. JOHNSON, Principal B.A., Southern Illinois State Teachers College, M.A., University of Illinois 'Q .S-'EW' MW WY? 21.42 my, 4 .EPWKR .RZE'v Jiwbm, eand . . . . arc always avzxilzlblc to thc: students for counsel and advice MARGARET D. TIBBETTS, Dean of Girly B.E., Illinois State Normal Univcrsiryg M.A., University of Illinois MACY M. PRUITT, Dean of Boyf A.B., University of Missourig M.A., University of Missouri 6 X. QRS! GRACE E. REED A.B., Shurtleff Collegeg M.A., University of Illinois Commercial . djirrgfffaff A TON WZ UREZIZI. JR. BS., University of Illinois M.S., University of Wisconsin Plryrical Education, Health ELSIE L. BEAN B.A., Western Illinois State Englifb fi Vlh' DOROTHY L. XVILLIAMS BS., Southeast Missouri State Collegeg MA., Columbia Uni- versity Blnirzefr CLARA M. BLACKARD A.B., Universitv of Illinoisg M.A., University of Illinois Iirerzcb, S'pani.fb LUTHER L. MYERS A,B,, Ball State Teachers College M.S., Indiana University foriology, U. .Sf Hirfory f QQQJFACULTY GEORGE W. INGLEs JEAN G. SMITH A.B,, Millikin Universityg A.B., University of Michigang M.A., Indiana State College B,S., University of Minnesota Arhleric Coaclz Library GUY M. DUKIZR MILDRED RUTLEDGE BS., University of lllinoisg A.B.,Shurtleff College M.S., University of Illinois Engljhfh lnitrumorztal Marie ' LOUISE C. HITCHCOCK IOLA YV. JONES BS., University of Missourig A,B., MacMurray College M.A., University of Missouri Encglirla Home Economicr, Clothing ,ns DLIROTIIX' R. BUERKLE B.A,, Sourliwcst Missouri Stzltc Collage, MA., Univcrsity ol Missouri Bll.l'jll6.I'.l' L. lVlARGARI.i'l' I-IACKMAN. Ali., Wcslcyain Collsgu BIl.l'I71t'.l'.lk ADA F. KLUMP B.S., University ol Illinois, MS., University ol Illinois Nlizffufzmziim' -.1 THE FA Liao M. NVooi..s HA., Arlczinsus College, M.S., University ol Texas l'lw.ric.i', Clwwzzhriffv MAME G. Biziiviyiiiiz HS., Northeast Missouri Srzltc Tczichcrs College Gwlmll .Skiwzce . l.oRiiN K. FRIQIQMAN BA., Wusliington University, MA., Washington University Biufoxigy Ama? fi? CULTY EI.IZAI3liTH R.FELDWIiRTII BS., Central Missouri State Tcziclicrs College Boalzkeepjntg Giioimu C. RITCHIER lllinois Suit: Normal Univcrsiry M6flIz,l7lf6'LI! IJIIIIVIIIKQ LAURIETTA G. PAUL A.B., Sliurtlcil' Collcgcg MA., clillllllllilkl University II!I4Q!I.l'f? W Biff MARY E. SIDWELI. BS., Southeast Missouri Sraitc CQollcgcgM.S.,lowziSraitcClollcgc lfoaili' JULIA L. Srsimian BS., Sourliczlst Missouri State ilollugcg MA., Unixcrsity of Missouri ..Ypf112j.i'l1 ANNA A. Goimsnisiznv ILA., Illinois College, MA., Sturm Unixcrsity of lowzi Latin V Uvuvi A I 4 .IIswI:I.I. D. SUTIIIERLAND PILB., Shurtlcll' Lollcgcg MA., Illkllilllll University Itirlglifb EI.I.I2N M. MACIIIN AB., ffcntrzll Collcgcg MA., University of Iowa Inztin EDXVIN M. LIzAMoN HS., University of Illinuisg MS., Univcrsitx' of Illinois llfaoifzz 'ark RALPH XV. KOBER A,B., Illinois Stzltc Normal Uiiivcrsityg MA., University nl Michigan A.r.I't. l'rjf1cZpul, Bjafolgxy BERNICE E. XVILLIAMSON I-LB., University of Illinoisg MA., Cciliiinbizi University Art FI.oImNcE M. GAI.I.IsY AB., Illinois Collcgcg M.A., Univcrsiry of Illinois Ezzgfirlv f 1 fl Q Q,,9'THE FACULTY .2f -..f .IANE V. HENRY' A.B., Sliurrlclf College. M Clolumhizi University Cfzfctemz Tmifzifzg IQAY L. ,IACKsoN A.B., Salem Collcgcg M Clolorzulo Stiitc College Director of Atlileliff AI.IcIz M. GATES PlI.l'5., Sliurrl- fl Ciollcgc Mdff76777dfjfJ' ,I I lf I HORACII M. XXIOLIICRINIAN Plyll., Sliurtlcff Collcgcg MA. Cnluiiilwizi Uiiivcrsiry A111I'1'iI'.1l1 Gif !'6I'lIll7t'?.7f DOROTHY E. CULONIULI A., l'li.l3,, Slinrtlclli Cullcgu, MA I liiivursity uf' fihlfilgil .S'j1ecc'fI, 1912171111 XVARD P. STAI.I.INGs IRS., SlIIII'Ilcll'CfullL'i1u M.e1tlvIf112f1tic.f RUTH VON DER AIII3 A.B., Shurtlcff Collegcg M.A Washington University Hirtory DOROTHY PALMER A.B., Washington University Modern Hirlwjy ROY C. GWIl.LIM HS., Shurtlelf Collegeg MS., University of Illinois Pbyrirr, Geometry - a THE FACULTY JULIUS S. MARTI A,B., University of Illinois Economist, U. .Sf Hirtwjy JULIA C. FOs'rER AB., Washington Universityg MA., Washington University Plqyriml Ellzzmfion, Health EDWIN W. KOERBER B.S., Cups Girardeau Teachers Collcgcg MA., University of Missouri Biology DORIS S. RUE MacMurray College Choir WILBUR I. ROSIENKRANZ A.B., North Central Collcgeg M.S., University of Minnesota Clwemimjy EDGAR A. COOK A.B., Syracuse University Englirb MARGARET BRAZEL B.A., Oklahoma University M.S., Oklahoma University Englixb IRENE V. DEGENHARDT PlI.B,, University of Chicago M.A., Columbia University English DORKJTIIX' FAY Regiftrzzr THE FACULTY DERREL W, BUTTS MORRIS Hljsfi ALMA PERSING ROBERT L. HARLOW Machine .Ylmp Imtruftor BE., Western Stare Teachers A.B., Baylor Universiryg M.A,, Ph.B., Shurrleff College-g M.A Cgllggq M,A,, Columbia Uni- Northwestern University University of Illinois versity Special CUIHZIKZU7' Hiftwjf Director of Vocational Edu- ratjon am! lndzzrfrial Arif FRANK H, HARLAN A.B., Univcrsirv of Missourig CARRIE E. MCDANIELS MAR.l0R1E KREIDER XVESLEY PERCIVAL MA., University of Michigan Oberlin College Affiftant Regirtrar Chief Engineer ljwfgnnel jrmly Hallir THE CUSTODIANS Mr. Millcner, Mr. Claxton, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Cook, Mr. Hurley I 'MQW i 7 -fb dfllflafy 6 gl Cl,JlflCLf06 Roger Krinard, Mary Ann Eccles, Berry Sue Russel, Don Schrimpf January 1946 Class Officers ROGER KRINARD ........,,....,.......... President MARRY ANN ECCLES ..... Vice-Prefiderzt DON SCHRIMPF .... ........ S ecremry BETTY LSUE RUSSELL . ..... Treasurer DONALD ALLRED BONNIDEL BROOKS ' 'Bonnie National Honor Society V.-Pres., French Clubi Treas.g Student Council, Senior Play. MILDRED CONYEAR VIRGINIA MAE EBBERT Ginny Latin Club, National Honor Society, Times Staffg Quill and Scrollg Spanish Clubg Girls' Council, Minute Maids, Pres. GWENDOLYN FRANCES HINRICHS Gwen Pep Club, Girl Reserves. CHARLENE RODNEY LEE BAILEY STELLA BLASIOLI LA VERNE ASH Rod G. A, A- V,p,c Charlie Tatler Staff, Camera Library Staff. Student Council, Girls' Club. Council Pres. 5 Spanish Clubg Senior Play. DONALD HOWARD BROOKS MARJORIE EILEEN CORDER French Clubg G.A.A.g Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Girl Reserves, Pres.g Senior Play. MARY ANN ECCLES 'iSqueak Student Councilg Girls' Council ,V.-Pres. g Minute Maids, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Quill and Scrollg Times Staff, Latin Club, Sec., V.-Pres. of Senior Class. DOYLE EUGENE JOHNSON Big Boy George Williams Hi-Y, Senior Play, Football. S.g PHYLLIS BOWER Latin Club. CHARLES BURK VIRGINIA LEONA MARCELLA JUNE Chuck CHESSICK CLAYTON National Honor Society, Jeannie Porky Quill and Scroll. BILLIE LOUISE FRANKLIN F. MARVIN DUNCAN CORN DUNCAN Dunk Bill Red 8: Gray Hi-Y, Cam- George Williams Hi-Y Spanish Club, National era Clubg Senior Play. Honor Society, Big A, V.-Pres.g 19 Clubg Pep Club, Cheer Leader, '44- '45. ESTELLE LILLIAN DENNISON DUTTON PETE EDWARD FLETCHER FOSTER, JR. FUCHS, JR. French Club, Girl Re- HDCUUYU Basketball, '44. SCFVCS. ETHEL KUDELKA Cafeteria Council. George Williams Hi-Y 19 Clubg Travichei Big A, BETTIE EILEEN LAGEMANN Cafeteria Council. EDWARD LUDDEKE Handsome Ed Big A, Pres.5 19' Club, Sgt. at Arms George Williams Hi-Y V.-Pres., Football, '44 '45i Tflflk, '43, '44, '45 . I E 1 S BERTHA LUEDECKE ' ' Bert' ' French Club, Vice Pres., Arr Club, Girl Reserves, Sec., Senior Play. SHIRLEY Mooruz Happy Latin Club. VIVIAN REED ROSE LUKEMAN Girl Reserves, Pep Club, CommercialClubgG.A.A. RUBY MORTEN Student Council, Senior Play. ROBERT LEWIS REIS ' 'Bob' ' Band, George Williams Hy-Y, V.-Pres., Student CouncilgCity Hi-Y Coun- cil. DON SCHRIMPF PATSY RUTH Boys' Cabinet, National - at Honor Society, Pres. Spanish Club, Pres. George Williams Hi-Y: Pres., Travicheg City Hi- Y Council, Senior Class, Sec. ROBERT EDMOND TIMPE ' 'Bob' ' French Club. KENNETH DALE TITCHENAL Kenny Smiley Hi-Yg French Club, Pep Club. ROBERT LAVERNE MCGHEE Maggots George Williams Hi-Y, Footballg Basketball, Track. DOROTHY JEAN MOSSBERGER Dot Girl Reserves, French Club. CHRISTENA LOUISE RINER .-Cris.. BETTY ANN MEYERS DIANA MIKOFF Girl Reserves, Vice Pres., Cafeteria Council. Spanish Club, G.A.A.g Pep Club. VERNON H. PENNING ' 'Henry' ' Band, Red Sc Gray Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Tatler Staff, Pep ClubgDramatic Club, Thespians, Camera Club, Senior Play. BETTY SUE RUSSELL Hsue.. Big A , French Club, Big A, Treas.g 19 Pres., Student Council, Sec. 5 Dramatic Club, Sec. , 19 Club. BUD WESLEY TAYLOR Bud Glee Club. BLANCHE VOILES Club, Sec., Senior Class, Treas. ROBERT A. THOMPSON Bob Latin Club, Pres. JUANITA WARNER Band. RUSSELL PULLEN ' 'Russ' ' Tatler Staff, Choir. LEONARD EUGENE SCHEIBE FRED H. TICKNER,JR Tick George Williams Hi-Y Sergeant-ab Arms, Band Pep Club, Football Track. CARROLL GLYNN WELLS Student Council, Track f I i 2 NORMA COLLEEN LOIS EILEEN NORMAJEAN WCOFF PHYLLIS SUZANNE GEORGE MORROW WHITTLEMAN WILKINS Jeanie HARFORD LU' S. NWO National Honor Sociutyg French Club. French Cluhg Big Af 1 Bandg G.A.A, IDELLA BROWN PAULINE CEPPENATI DONALD FAH! E EUGENE KOHLHAS ROGER KRINARD 19 Cluhg Pup Cluh. January Graduates Without Pictures uulwlucpu MILES KATHRYN Iwaxlin JAMES sc3HoT'rERs , . . . Pfmucucix , . . 1,015 MI'IC,HELl, 1 L x1R,c,lL st.oTT L DONALD PETl1Rb , , L Mltmmu M1rc,HrL1.L BERNARD PRICE MAIWJRIL s1t,LLR BURTON Mcmwczon XXVIIAIJIAM REYNKJLDS RAYMOND SKELTQN tours ouulm LDWARD SCHARTH PATIRIUA SMITH The Gmma' Md7'Cl7' jfznzzmjf .Yenior Pram une I9 6 Qfadwfw Phil Hovda, Melba Lee, Leo Green L- + ,. ' , - I If V, fl MIR, -Q f u 5 June 1946 Class Oiiieers LEO GREEN. . , . , , . , . . , . . ...,. . . . .Prcfident MELBA LEE. . . . . . . .Vice-Prefjdmt PHIL HOVDA .... ...,. X ecretaq-Trmmrcr Clubg Pep Clubg Senior Play. EVELYN BAKER HAROLD BEETS GERALDINE BOKER MARY BROOKS Art Club. JUNE LEE AIKEN IOLA LOUISE CATHERINE Asemo Jo AZZARELLO GARNETI' D. French ClubgCommercial ARNOLD G.A.A. BOCKHOLDT Latin Clubg Student Buck 5 Patrolg ChoIr. RENUS LELAND BAKER Slim Boys' Cabinetg Student Councilg Footballg Bas- kctball. DON BECK Big A, Pres. BOB BOYD ' 'jose' ' ' 19 Clubg Baskctballg Baseball. LESLIE ROBERT , BROWN I J lim ,ffiifffe 0' 9 M Q . ' 0 ELLA LUCILLE GAIL BATES R BARBER Teelee seem Quill and I , Babs Scrollg Latin Clubg Com- ' Choirg G.A.A.g Com- mercial Club. mercial Club. I 1 I r v l J' el - of K' wflijtwf f ' 1 GL L. E A RUTH BIERBAUM GRACE BLACKBURN St , 1 Ruthie y Latin Club, Sec.g Quill V and Scroll 5 National Hon- ' I or Societyg Tatler Staffg X Art Clubg Senior Play. xc ig - if jf if DONALD EUGENE ROSEMARY GEORGE WILLIAM BRADFISCH BRANGENBERG BRAY ' Rosie Slim I 5 JACQUELINE ERVIN BUDDE WILLIAM BULL LUCILLE .BRUCE Beau Jackie Tatler seem Smiley Hi- Latin Club. Y, V.-Prcs.g Student Councilg Student Patrol, Capt. 5 Traviche, V-Pres.g City Hi-Y Council, Sec.- Treas.g Track Team. 7 Z.. C, IRENE BALLARD BETTE JAYNE French Club, Colored CANNON Choir. Shoffy Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Pres., Choir. JEAN R. CONRAD JOAN CRESSWELL Jeannie Joanie National Honor Society, Girls' Council, Times Staff, Spanish Club, Choir, G.A.A., Senior Play. DEWEY DAVIS George Washington Car- ver Hi-Y, Pres., Choir, City Hi-Y Council, V.- Pres. DORIS DESHERLIA ROSEMARY EGELHOFF National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Pep Club, French Club,Choir, pian- ist, Student Council. Art Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society. GEORGE MERRILL DAVIS National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Band. MARY JANE DILLEY Latin Club. HOWARD HENRY EICHEN Ike Student Council, Pres., 19 Club, Traviche, Boys' Cabinet, V.-Pres., Band, Tatler Staff, George Williams Hi-Y, Pres., Football, Baseball Basketball. LINTON CHAMPLIN MARIE CROWE MARIAN DAVIS i JANE CHESTER ..Pug.. Band, Choir, Latin Club, G.A.A., Pep Club, Foot- Ball Queen, 19455 4th Maid to Dream Girl, '45. DARLENE SUE CUNDALL Cuddles Art Club, Spanish Club, Student Patrol, Choir. BOB DAY Band, Times Staff. SHIRLEY DOMAN HAROLD Shorty DUNNAGAN Tatler Staff, Quill and Smiley Hi-Y. Scroll, Art Club, Senior Play. CHARLES DAVIS JANE EVANS EMONS ' 'Janie HDOCH Cheerleader, '45, '46. 19 Club, Pres., Big A , Baseball, Football. Q5 BOB CHURCHICH George Williams Hi-Y. DOROTHY CAHILL Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. JUDITH DEAN Judy Student Forum, Com- mercial Club, National Honor Society, Times Stalf, Choir. YVONNE EDELEN ' 'Bonnie' ' JACK WINFIELD FARLEY Red and Gray Hi-Y, Pres., Latin Club, Senior Play. uv'-5 'ii 45-f ,U , of 1, E? ' uv ,: .4464 4.4 sf ' FREDA FEDERMEN ROY FERGUSON BETTY DEANE MARCY FISCHER National Honor Society. FIELDS Girls' Council, Quill and G.A.A. Scroll, Pep Club, Sec'y, Commercial Club, Stu- dent Council, 4th Maid to Football Queen, '45, Maid to Dream Girl, '45- WILLIAM ROSELEAH FRANKEL MALVIA FRANKLIN RUTH GENT FITZGBRIQLD Mal G.A.A., Student Patrol. Wlllw student Council, Choir, Football. Big A, Sec., Pep Club. VIRGINIA LEE VIRGINIA GRAY LEO RICHARD GREEN RODNEY GQODYE-,AR Student Council, Latin Pres.ofSenior Class,Stu- GIPLESFIE Gmny Club, G.A.A., Choir, dent Council, V.-Pres., Rod Commercial Club, Nat- ional Honor Society. Girl Reserves, Sec. Boys' Cabinet, Pres., George Williams Hi-Y, Pres. , Traviche , National Honor Society, V.-Pres., Quill and Scroll, Tatler Staff, Editor,Times Staff, Football. FRED L. GARNER MARY PATRICIA HAI-I-ORAN Phyllis Wheatley Girl Girl Reserves, Spanish Reserves. Club, Choir, Library Asst. MARY HARPER Boys' Cabinet, Football, '45-'46, I PAUL HARRAWOOD Spanish Club, Pres, Band, Pres,, Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Na- tional Honor Society, Track. BERNICE FISHER Bennie G.A.A., Minute Maids Girl Reserves. MARCELLA EVELYN GROSS Marcie Spanish Club, Choir. ELBERT GROSSHEIM ONEEDA HELEN HARRIS West Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. RUSSELL HARRIS DORIS JUNE HARTER COLENE HAIFIELD JACQUELINE'HAWK JOHN HALE National Honor Society, uskect -lacklc I U ,FIOQY H Dramatic Club, Thes- G.A.A., Girl Reserves. Tatler Staff, Art Club, Big A ,I 419 Clllbi piansg Spanish Clubg PCP GCQI'gC WIIIIHIUS H1'YQ Minute Maids, G.A.A., I-lflfl Club- Senior Play. 1. 1 V fi M X 5 f f Q f A 1 , f 4 UA f U40 .3s. ' an it z f , Q arm GLEN HENDERSON, JR. Smiley Hi-Y. HATTYE LVONNE HICKMAN Slim Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reservesg Choir. DOROTHY MAY HOWARD Latin Clubg Girl Re- serves, V.-Pres. MARJORIE LUELLA HYNDMAN Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. BETTY LOU JARRETT Jerry Lou Times Staffg G.A.A.g Latin Clubg Pep Clubg Quill and Scrollg Nat- ional Honor Society. SHIRLEY ANN HENDRICKS French Club. DONNA ANN HIRTMAN Times Starfg Quill and Scrollg Thespians, Pres.g Dramatic Club, Treas.g Camera Clubg Spanish Clubg National Honor Societyg Banclg Choir. YVONNE HOYT Girl Reserves, V.-Pres.g Inter-Club Council. EVELYN ROSE HEALEY Eve CYRUS JOHNSON k..Cy.. SHIRLEY MARIE HENDRICKS Times Staff, EditorgQuil1 and Scrollg Dramatic Club, Pres.g Thespians, V.-Pres. 5 National Honor Societyg Co-cttesg Latin Clubg G.A.A., SeCy.- Treas.g Choirg Minute Maids, Sec.g Senior Play. EVERETT LEE HOOK Student Councilg Rifle Club, V.-Pres. DELLA ELAINE HUCK National Honor Societyg Minute Maidsg G.A.A.g Latin Clubg Art Clubg Cafeteria Councilg Choir. JIM SCHAEFER HELEN M. JOHNSON Blondie ELDON W. HENSON CARL E. HERZOG Hotchy Red and Gray Hi-YQ French Clubg Footballg Traclcg Baseball. RUTH ANN HORMAN G.A.A.g Commercial Club. DOROTHY HUNT ' ' Dottie' ' National Honor Society, Sec.g Student Councilg Spanish Clubg Choirg G.A.A. ANNA HOCKSTRA HELEN LAVERNE JOHNSON Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. Band. PHIL HOVDA Student Councilg Tatler Staffg Boys' Cabinetg Quill and Scrollg Senior Class, Sec.-Treas.g Foot- ball '44 and '45. HOWARD DAVIS Howdy Traviche, Sect.-Trcas.g George Williams Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Armsg Tatler Stallig Senior Play. RALPH PHILLIPS IGO Red and Gray Hi-Yg Track, Mgr. NORMA JUERGENSEN Latin Clubg Pe Clubg National Honor Society. ff, r Z E 5 ,H M ......w.f ,Q Q, JOHN PAUL KAY .Jays Smiley Hi-Y, Pres., Tra- viche, V.-Pres., Tatler Staff, Thespians, Pres., Pep Club g Dramatic Club, V.-Pres., Student Coun- cil, City Hi-Y Council, Student Patrol, Capt., Senior Play. MALCOM LEE KIN DIG Mal Boys' Cabinet, Student Council, Band, Chorus. DARLENE LAGEMANN VIRGINIA MARY ANN LAWRENCE Ginny Art Club. VERA RUTH LUTES Latin Club. LOUIS HENRY KARLAS Rifle Club. THOMAS DARREL KING ' 'Dolly' ' Spanish Club, Track Team, Senior Play. MARY HELEN LAGEMANN Jerk Cafeteria Council, Girl Reserves. idx BILL L WSON Bil jo George Williams Hi-Y, Pres., Big A , Tra- viche, V.-Pres. , Pep Club, Co-Pres. ,City Hi-Y Coun- cil, Pres., Basketball, Senior Play. CARLTON WILLIAM LUTZ Big A , 19 Club, Dramatic Club,Traviche, V.-Pres., George Wil- liams Hi-Y, Latin Club, Camera Club, Movie Op- erators. BETTY JACQUELINE KENNETH KENNEDY LUCILLE MICKOFF KASINGER Frog National Honor Society Choir, Student Patrol. MILDRED KNIGHT Red Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves, Band. HOWARD LAMBERT Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, V.-Pres., French Club, Stamp Club, Pres., Smiley Hi-Y, Treas. , Stu- dent Patrolg City Hi-Y Council. M MELBA LEE Mclb National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Girls' Council, Secy.-Treas., Times Staff, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Band, Pep Club, V.-Pres., Senior Class, 3rd Maid to Football Queen '45. . ,Q HARVEY HERSAL LYERLA Spanish Club. Student Council. LOUIE KOELLER HDOCV. Boys' Cabinet, Football. KENNETH R. LANDIS EDWIN DEANE LEONARD National Honor Society, Spanish Clubg, Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Dramatic Club, Thespi- ans, Student Patrol, Sen- ior Play. Q ...Q ROBERT ROSS LYNCH Spanish Club. CHARLES KRUSE Rifle Club. MAE LANHAM National Honor Society DOROTHY LIPPOLDT . .DOF . National Honor Society JANE LYoNs jake G.A.A., Girl Reserves Pep Club. E 2 - 1 , XV ' X7 l OUIS MARY , VIRG Bones ARTIN M S NE ed an H'- HDCHY I-Oy 1 f Pres.g T gBask p nis Club. ' M XM ' R. GE cELROY ADA Dx RIES GORDON GOLDIE ' ac M A N McCLANAHAN. X ORMICK r lub. - X aklcu Bud ati lub. n lubg Pe Baseball. RALPH VIRGIL BERNICE JANE ROGER MCMANUS IRENE MeMILLAN MCKINNEY MCMAHAN Ozzie Mac Pete ' Mac Boys' CabinetgTraviche, Commercial Clubg Dra- Cafeteria Councilg Bandg V.-Pres.g George Wil- matic Clubg Thespiansg Pep Club. liams Hi-Y, V.-Pres.g 19 Clubg Pep Clubg Big A g Student Coun- Cheer Leader, '44-'45Q cilg Camera Clubg Latin Dream Girl, Jr. Prom, Clubg Movie Operators. '45g 2nd Maid to Foot- ball Queen ,'45. PEGGY SUE FRANCES TROUT BETTY MASON BETTY JAYNE McOWAN CN0t graduating MELOW DOROTHY NICOLET NORMA J. JEAN NOLAN CHARLES FREDERIC Dramatic Clubg G.A.A.g NHEMEYER cholfg Phyllis Wheatley NORTON Latin Club. Norm Girl Reserves, Pres. Spanish Clubg Tatler Choirg Student Councilg Cheer Leader, '45, '46, Staffg Red and Gray Hi- Yg Traviche, V.-Pres.g Movie Operators. W' HARRIET MIDDLETON Harry Lou Girls' Councilg National Honor Societyg Quill and Scrollg Art Clubg Tatler Staffg 19 Club, V.- Pres. BARBARA ANN MILLER Student Forum, Sec.- Treas.g National Honor Societyg Girls' Council, Sec.-Treas.g Times Staff, Co-Editorg Quill and Scrollg Student Council, Treas.g French Club, Pres.g Big A g Com- mercial Clubg Pep Clubg Cheerleader, '45-'45g Sen- ior Play. DELORIS EVELYN MCNELLY HORACE NAPP Bud MARY JANE NICKELL Niclc' ' Latin Club. S up , mf f L A fyrr j I V. WW 1 ' Q ,3 'pi ' ,f X- 1 1 W ' ' W X, . , jf WM . 43,5 1g .,! X 'fffi am i , WWE' 54 55, 25 4 V I SIMON OLIAN George Williams Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Times Staff, Football, Track, Basketball. PAUL EUGENE OWENS ' 'Buck' ' DORIS RICE Spanish Club, Choir, Times Staff, Student Council. Y -fr la' 5 1 ,, MARILYN ROBERTS Commercial Club, Arr Club, Tatler Staff, Stu- dent Council, Big A , Choir, Pep Club, Cheer Leader, '42-'43-'44-'45. BETTY RHOADS Senior Play. 5 r f IMO GENE .OLIVER C ES JO ANNA OULSON BETTY OWEN Imo H NTIS, Student Council. Tatler Staff, Quill and Cul- - Scroll. t atr Movie MILDRED PERICA Latin Club, G.A.A., Pres., National Honor Society, Commercial Club. ,f 1' . a 1 i4,r BILL 'RICHARDSON 1 J .X , p, I 4 ' I fr -f 'I 1 5 CAROL BETH ROBERTSON Tatler Staff, Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Dra- matic Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, French Club, Sec. PHYLLIS SCHAFER National Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll , Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Pres., Times Staff, Student Council, Senior Play. Ope s. ETHEL PERSCHA Spanish Club. ' 0 , N fl' I N ok ,CKTHERINE DORA Q RILEY G.A.A. ,IUANITA ROSS Girls' Council, V.-Pres., Student Council, 19 Club, Camera Club, Latin Club, V.-Pres., National Honor Society. CONNIE SCHENK Times Staff, Co-Editor, National Honor Society, and Scroll, Sec., Quill Girlsf Council, French Pres., Dramatic Club, Club, Latin Club, Stu- Council, Camera dent Club, Sec. ELSIE PESTNER French Club, Spanish Club, Library Asst. FRANCES ROBERTS National Honor Society, French Club, Treas., Pep Club. DON RUEDIN MELVIN SCHIEN Mel Basketball, Track. DOROTHY PURDY LLOYD ROBERTS Jack Smiley Hi-Y. BETTY RYAN Spanish Club, Commer- cial Club, Girl Reserves, Chorus, G.A.A., Pep Club, Cheer Leader, '45- '46, National Honor Society. ORVILLE SCHUETZ ' 'Pete' ' M? 5 A 2 QQ: V , as DOR'OTHY SHAW MARCELLA MARY LOU Phyllis Wheatley Girl SHEARBURN SHERMAN Reserves. Cnot graduatingj Glee Club, Student Patrol. CLARENCE SMITH WILLIAM SMITH MARY SNYDER Red and Gray I-Ii-Y, B111 Commercial Club, Cafe- Sec. Spanish Club, Traviche, teria Council. V .-Pres. , Thespians, Dra- matic Club, George Wil- liams Hi-Y, Treas., Mo- vie Operators, Red and Gray Hi-Y, Treas. HARRY M. TATE MARCELLA DON TEMPLE Red and Gray Hi-Y, TAYLOR POP Football, Track. ELLEN THOMPSON Commercial Club, Sec., National Honor Society, Times Staff, Chorus. WANDA VINYARD Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. JANIS TILLMAN National Honor Society, Pres., I9 Club, Pres., Quill and Scroll, Girls' Council, Student Coun- cil, Treas., Times Staff, Commercial Club, Pres., Latin Club, Pep Club, Co-Pres., Co-Pres., Jr. Class '44-'45, D.A.R. Award, Ist Maid to Dream Girl '45, lst Maid to Football Queen '45 NANCY VOEGE Commercial Club, Nat- 19 Club, Girls' Coun- ional Honor Society, c'il, Pres., Student Coun- Quill and Scroll, Pres., cil, Latin Club, Pres., Tatler Staff. Camera Club. Red and Gray Hi-Y, V.- Pres., Football, '44, '45 '46, Track, '45, '46, Base ball, '46. BERNARD TITCHENAL Bernie Smiley Hi-Y, Pres. Stamp Club, V.-Pres. Camera Club, Pep Clubl' MARY LOU VOLZ French Club. FAYNE SHUMWAY Commercial Club, Treas., Girl Reserves. MYRTLE STEVENS Myrt Commercial Club, Cho- rus, French Club. LOIS TERLISNER Latin Club, Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, National Honor Society. CHARLES TOM LI N SON Chuck National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Sec.- 'lreas., Student Council, Sec., Smiley Hi-Y, V.- Pres., George Williams Hi-Y, Pres., City Hi-Y Council, Spanish Club, Pres., Tatler Stalfg Tra- viche, V.-Pres. g Pep Club, Student Patrol, Dramatic Club, Track '45, '46, Senior Play. CARRIE WARD Duke G.A.A., V.-Pres., Stu- dent Council. LAVERNE SIDDON S WILMA STITES LatinClubgCameraC1ub, Girl Reserves, Treas.g Chorus. JULIA THOMAE IMOGEN E 'I ROUT Emmie Tatler Staff, Dramatic Club, Thespians, Choir. MARTHA VALENTINE WARE Boston National Honor Society. E Z JACK WEBER ROBERT WIGGER ,IEANETTA MARIE WESTON Pud Phyllis Wheatley Girl Reserves. EUGENIA AVYNE HARRIET LEE WETSTEIN CHARLES E. WHITTEN Latin Clubg Cafeteria Council, Pres.g Student Patrolg Movie Operator. GLENN DALE WHYERS Clem SALLY WILLIS CORADELLE RICHARD LLOYD Smilcv Hi,Y- WILLIS WILSON WILSON .leanie Spanish Club, Pres.g Red Chorusg Dramatic Club, and Gray Hi-Yg Student Sec.g Thespiansg Tatler Councilg Basketball. Staffg Pep Club. MARY ELLEN THOMAS GENE ROSIE NELL JOSEPHINE GERALDINE YOUNG WORLEY WARNER ZELLER BAKER Capt. of student Patrolg HT. G. G.A.A.g Aft Clubg smb- 'J0 Jerry Library Asst.g Girl Re- blers. G.A.A.5 Camera Club. Library Asst.g Chorusg serveg Chorusg Student Co-cttes. Council. BARBARA PAT DUCHEMIN WILMA STITES SAMUEL NOLAN PAUL HEITZMAN French Clubg Pep Club. ' o ie Chorusg Girl Reserves, Trcas. 1 1 , x . Z ROBERT ASTROTH JOHN ATTAWAY MARY BARNARD VERA BUIS EVERETT CLARK ERNESTINE CLEMONS JOHN CRUZAT IVADEAN DANIELS KENNETH DICKERSON DOREEN DUDLEY June Graduates Without Pictures MARIAN EVERETT NORMA JEAN FISCHER LUCIEN FOSTER PAULINE GERDT JACK GREENBERG EDWARD HANLON ROBERT HATFIELD HELEN HOWARD JOAN, KELLY JAMES LOQVRY MELBA MITCHELL JEANNE MOSELEY KENNETH NOWLIN DORISXISCATES CLYDE SEARLES ROBERT SHOWERS JAMES SPARKS EILEEN STOECKEL DEAN TARRANT I ,,,, MARVEL TAYLOR AUGUST TIEMAN ' .JUANITA WATKINS in XDALE WICKENHAUSER 'vw ROBERT WATKINS ROLAND WILHELM DAISY WILLIAMS H. R. WILLIS JAMES YOUNGBERG VIQLLIAM LIDSTER , 5? III' J . :ff If , NIJ! T? W 'gt 3:30 at A. H. S. I www m3.q11.w..4.f,,-dw :-l:'.i R4'jf4AA AA aaa of 7947 l 1 Russell Ealey, Harrison Farley Betty Rives, Joan Stockdale Junior Class Gflicers HARRISON FARLEY ........,,........., .... P refidenf RUSSELL EALEY ..... ...,. V ice-President JOAN STOCKDALE. . ........ .Yecretmjf BETTY RIVES ...., ..,.. T reafurer MASON ABRAHAM DELORES ALLRED FRANK ' BALLARD MARY LOU BLACK ANITA BOYLE LORETTA BROWN ING REBECCA WILMA ADNEY ALLEN GEORGE ROMONA ARMBRUSTER BAILEY I S f ' , X5 . D N BETTY R D ATTERSHELL If J GLORIA MARY KAY BEARDSMORE BEAYERDELL J I X, I RAY ff X- WALTER BOYER BREYFOGLE ' 5, . . I 1 DORIS DEBORAH BUZAN BURTON BETTY ALLEN LENA BALDWIN BONA BATTERSHELL BILL BBDELL ANNABELLE BROWN PATSY CARRIGER BILL ALLEN JANE BALLARD GEORGE BENEZE MARILYN BLEEM ALICE JANE BROWN MARCELLA CASON A. 'Mn' 0 '7 HOMER CHAMBERLAIN JEFF COMES LOUIS DEWITT RUSSEL EALEY HARRISON FARLEY ELAINE GALLAGHER H A RRIET CLEVENGER DONALD CORNELL GENE DCOLEN WILMA ELHOFFER BETTY FEATHERSTONE STANLEY GEABES ROBERTA COGAN fi CHARLES DANIELS BOB DOWNING JOHN ELLIOT VIRGINIA FINES FRANCES GOLDMAN X- COPJZEIKN XX I TOMMY DEAN DONALD DUNCAN BETTY ERTHAL DORIS FISHER LEON GROSHANS Y' fe JA IN QX PAT DERRICOTT VIRGINIA DUN KEL BETTY FAIRLESS MURIEL FRANKEL VERA HAGEN 4 A aw 17 -7 4 4 J f,,, v af-I KM we 491' EDWARD HAGERMAN NATALIE HAUNERSBURK CLARA MARETTA HINTON GRACE HUBBARD MARTHA JOHNSTON 0 . DOROTHY '- I KEITH I . J EDWARD HAGGARD SARAH HAYES DOROTHY HOFFMAN THOMAS HUNT ROBERT JULIEN DOLORES KING LOUIS HANEI NORMA HEADLEY DELORES HOLLAND MARIAN HYNDMAN ROBERT KARLAS BETTY KIRDNER JEANNE BILLIE HARRIS HAUSAFUS DON ALICE HESSE HINDERHAND BETTY JEAN HOLT HORSTMAN ALICE MARCELLA JOHNSON JOHNSON STELLA GLENN KEEN KEIRLE D CHARLO Sava EK AMER I :S Y 14 9 1 if Q 3 2 ' M 2 MW MARION KUNZ JEANETTE LEIMBACK JUNE MAGUIRE SHIRLEY MEANS JIM MIDGET JERRY MOORE BEVERLY LANE JEANNE LOCK FAY MALONE MARJORIE MYERS LOIS MEGOWEN GENEVA MOORE GINGER LANSFORD JEANNE LOIRE In A . WI JANICE MEYERS EDNA LOU MILLER JEAN MORROW SHIRLEY LAUGHLIN BOB LONG GMXX E JEN ALINE MEYERS LEAH M OR IJ! if MAURLYN LAUX DON LONG MARY ANN MEISTER JIMMY MILFORD TED MOODY JEAN McKEE uf ,ff , , EDWARD EDNA MARGARET MCKENZIE MCMAI-IAN NELDER O M ,P ff 4 9 GAR!! J . HY 1 PERKINS P T ILPS I DE ES Y BETTY RL OINT PRIVETT W ,Q-'15 A 1 , 00 4213 THELMA BETTY HERB REYNOLDS RIVES ROSE ANASTASIA DON MARY LOU SARANDIS SANDERS SCHAFER AMI DON NEWCOME PARS HARRISO? 0 RUTH PIGGOTT SHIRLEY RANDS DORIS ROSE BARBARA SCOTT BETTY ANN NICKELL MARY ANN PENNING DON PLARSKI LOIS RENNER GORDON RUBENSTEIN MARCUS SESSELL A EUGENE V SHULTZ MARIAN SOLTERMAN JAMES ST. CIN WARREN SEEHAUSEN BLANCHE UFERT BILL VOSE ALICE SICKMIER JAMES SPARKS WILLIE STINNETT MA RJCRIE TITCHENAL HAROLD UFERT ELAINE WADE NANCY SKIPPER LEWIS STARBUCK JOAN STOCKDALE JULIA TALLE Y MA RIIORIE VEIT DOROTHY WARDEN CONNIE SMITH M KRJORIE SFECK JEAN sm UIF JOYCE TALLEY MARILYN VOLLMER WANDA WEBER JACKIE SMI III ANASTASIA SARANDIAS PAT SUTTON NELLIE Tl-IOMAE JOHN VON BEROEN CARAITA WILSON ww V? ---may ya ' EI: . ' GEORGIA WEIGLER EVA WESTBROOK DICK WILSON BOB WEIGLER STERLING ZIMMERMAN LAVONA WEIHE SUZANNE WIDEMAN JACK WINANS RAY YOUNG CECIL ZUMWALT TULA WEIHE MARY HELEN WIEDMAN ZOE ANN WINKLER EMMA LOU ZIEGENF USS f WIN IFRED LUEDECKE GAI C HARRIET w1LD AUDR EY WOOD MARVIN LOBBIG BETTY HOGGAT HOWARD WIELAND PAT WILLIAMSON ROSELLA WALTON BETTY GREER ELSIE SCHUTZ MG' ----...,,.-....,,,,.,,wAW,.,,, WJ, f J l , ,kg -.... af ,RI yhr, '35 '- 4 15 2 , 1 er A ,wer A un ii' E M W. ,MM I ,Mu x ,V Miiiiiazlzeii SZ M ww 4 I w,,A.,,, WM LAv,,,. . A v,.,, W, ,WM7 5. fi ,lt 1 g , ' K, . V I I r V l I s . w 1: 232 . rf 4 K Q1 vwk'L'A, ali 7 rf.. 1 is 'H+' . HM f . 1 1 I f 1. H Y' f !,, . ,f I -.f f J I I 4 . I U1 If' I 4 o , ' I Cymru of 7948 1 I Q lfif y6.4.of:w,b ffiffffy Wo wyinfw Zfhlgwiua Gary Edsall Mihill, Ruth XQ 3? SS XJ , X Sf U X, Sophomore Class Ofiicers 1 4 YEDSALL ..,...,,.................... P d H ECCLES .................,....,, V' P d XS? A ILYN MIHILL ....,..,.. ...... S ecre 3 T x X, lf .X , First raw: Xecond row: Thaw! row: Fourth row: Fifth row: Sixth row: 2 iw Eugene Auston, Rita Almsread, Dick Alexander, Wanda Applegate, Margaret Ash, Dale Amison, Nida Armstead. Q A Keith Bacus, 'lack Bailey, Louise Baker, Melrose Bake13,i 'll Batvgon, Edward Barron, Malenda Lou Barker - s Stanley Bays, Bill Beardsmore, Bob Becker, Norma Beck, Shirley Bailey, Frank Bell, Norma Benecke. lui 5 Earl Eales, Sally Vernon Bierbaum, Kenny Burge, Francis Burger, oanga ley, Lee Brooks. ' yrs, M 'lx -I Delores Brown, Elmer Brown,Joannc Miles, BeBtxxIi951Q3rl:,bsi!rCzfGTRocns hambli , Joanne Chappell. o A Vai. ' , , Q Carlee Chester, Mary Clark, Flo jeanxClark, Paul lar , CW li -Q ,H Arlene Coons. I Mrs 5' Q, t ,WA W 44' 1!Vl-,iff 4 i 1 wxy-lk.l ' 1 - .. v ff A 1 in ' A ' WAN I' i J , , 2. - ,, JA' Ah A -4 1 finlxi 0 ,411 v Y k f Z ',ff ',L,i L J fl.3,,L, .lf 4,9 1 1 I M, , .2 Ayyf LJ. ,Cf ,Zi Henan., t., , , ,' gk F , l M HW fa 1 ,AE F iff! jdell Ci? Fr Cis a Copelanel, Betty Cox, Wil1nalGo,x,tBill Covvlanrll Nitgkcroekett, avne Davis, Evan Dean, Rodne Derricott Gloria Bitterline io-I Doman f , Y , , I S7 Q 7 7 6 Va o ey .., 7 K, V 1' hir uf: o s n Dunnagan, Dorothy Duvall, June Doerr, OrvilleiDarr, Lolfise lglvisuqx 1, M M M as M M ccles, Edelman. Be ty Lo CXVIIC, Nancy Duty, Jean Dllbaclc, Bob uchemin, Marvin Eblcer, Ruth Fifth ro . Gary Edsall, Norma Elam, Norma Elrod, Larry Evans, Mary Feldvvisch, LeRoy Fcssler, John Fessler, aw: Allan Fields, George Flippo, Mary Ann Floss, Margery Foster, Dale Frakes, lola Franklin, Emma jean Fretz. 'l X Firm' C 21I'l E WA in Frohock DoiothVG1ll1qos Don G1ll1her ean J , L i . 1 r , 1 ,J 4 Garner, Shirley Gentry. 4 Q A 4 Second row: George Georgeoff, Homer Gernigin, Betty Gillson, Helen Gilmore, Bill Graham,iGen h Grant, Betty Gross. 1 ite fi A' o 115 -. y -1 Y -R i. i 3 5, al 4' l If' ig glitz .ff 27' u .Ax IJ Third raw: Betty Lou Guthrie, Pat Hale,Jean Henricks, Rita Heyne, Ruth Hintlerhan, Norma Herw Bonnie Sue Hendricks. jig X fm? Humm, Bob Hamilton. ' Fifth row: Roberta Harrawood, Bfrdia Leen Henry, Jack Hamby, Marthzl Hunt, Stella Harris, Marg Fourth rawg Ruth Harris, Jeannette Hawk, Bob Higgins, Alice Horstman, Barbara Holloway, Higgins, Ardean Hammon. .Yixth row: Jean Holland, Elizabeth Hill, Shirley Hurd, Don Ingram, Lee Essye johnson, Barbara Y bg, johnson, James Johnston. N R. 1 1 - ,, 9 1 AY. 'C l ix Q s 5 , K X . A y Y X , Q X ,S fa 1 U Y Y Firit faux' Judy Johnston, Pauline Jollrff, 20h aco y, Yi i' ne Jernfiigs, Parte Koeher, Myrtle Keene, Joan Kessler. ' X' 1 g V Second rouz' William Kaplan, Marilyn K anzgx - e ash Koegel, Ro ert Kine' de ,on It Kuhn Lucielle Lawrence!-L il 7-pl Tbim'rou'.' ean Len aeher, Robert Lore ,' oan-.Luk ,l qwutz, elson Me erioldsllliwwdi A 555. lliinney, zlilelson McRenolds.l2 NL ' 'W- ' ,,, A Fourth raw: Dorene McKinney, LaVern MCC 'ffl tl McCourtney, Barbara MeGlasson, Mary Bell McGuire, Betty Mackay, Joseph a 'V Fifth row: Delores Maloney, Margaret Ma11E4,wlj?1ila, Marco, Twila Marcum, Phillip Matthus, Gerald Mawhee, Norma Ma , FJ .Yixtb raw: Lois Meyer, Barbara Miles, ' J n Milxblhuline Moody, Norma Morgan, Mary Ann Mossberger, Dorothy Moxey. 'w L in if 3 A 1 TQ-4 dlfllnl .4 L ffFir.rt row: . vi N 5 'Xecand rom' wr. Thin! row: Thr J' frau- Margie Naley, Betty Nash, Jane Neudecker, Betty Nicolet, Darlene North, ean Notson, Frances Oliver. Juanita O'Neal, Bill Pace, Nan Patterson, Ruby Peal, Shirley Pelot, Darlene Perkins, Rosalie Perica. Phyllis Pierson, Charlotte Piggott, Bob Piper, Oren Phelps, Iris Phleger, lnez Phleger, ga Fifth row: ,Yjxflv row: I 9 .t Z2-'E Fourtl1rou'.' Ruth Pollard. Mary Poole, jim Pratt, Betty Privctt, Louise Puetz, Jean Richards, Bill Riggs, Delores Roadv. Betty! Rollins, Fred Rosenthal, Elizabeth Ruckman, Geraldine Rushing, Robert Sciles, Barbara Schelm, Pat Schneider. Shirley Scoggins, Rose Marie Short, Earl Strohbech, Margaret Sinclair, June Sitton, Adah Ruth Smalley, Bill Soltgrman. Fin! row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: Fifth row: Sixth rozcn' janet Sparks, Carol Spence, Dolores Stade, Mary Starkey, June Steek, Don Stephenson, Ethel Stevenson. Dennis Stine, Charles Stroud, Shirley Sullivan, Leonard Tague, Dorothy Tallyn, Pauline Tarrant, Lois Taynor. Mary Tehoukaleff, Rose Mary Teipel, Jack Terlisnes, Ernest M. Thayer, Betty Ruth Theen, Wilma Theisen, Pauline Tuetken. jaris Ann Tutt, Leo Tvvitchell, Betty Ursch, Ken Waeehter, Paige Waggoner, Delmar Walkington, Shirley Warner. J... , . Anne Waterhouse, Edna Mae Waters, Martha Lee Webb, Shirley Weber, llota Weinrich, Mary Welch, Twila Welling. Shirley Wempen, Dorothy White, Mary K. Williams, Shirley Williams, Betty Jane Wil- liamson, Gary Willis, Doris Woolf. N xl 5,2 ' J., -Y Tl h V .1 V .U J ,F Kuwait A -:f: 2 ,.1. 1 Pauline Don Anita V Wandell Eunice Young Hunt Heinz P 33 PSCheurer Homin A Q A f sv m A Q l -if 42 w Ray Parton Harry Gaghen Joan Hanei Barbara Henderson 2-1 Class OH:1cers JOAN HANE1 .,.....,.....,.. . , ,... Prefident RAY PARTON ..,....,.. .... V ice-Pmridcnt BARBARA HENDERSLJN ,... ..,..., 5' ecrermy HARRY GAGHEN ...., . . .Treasurer 1-2 Class Gflieers CARL MAYER .... ,,.,... P resident EUGENE HOOK. . . . , , .Vice-Preficlent VYIOLA NEUHAUs. . . .,.,. Secretary ROGER TROUT ,... . . .Trcaxznfcr Roger Trout Eugene Hook Carl Mayer Viola Neuhaus Our January 2-1 and 1-2 Classes , b l . i Third rozv: Rav Voss, Lucien Bavas, Bill Malone, Ray Parton, Albert Finch, Earl Schmidt, Richard Collins. Sec01ztlr01z'.' Vic Walters, Theodore Beach, Eugene Hicks, Nelson Buzan, Eugene Niemeyer, Charles Headley, 'Iimmie Springgate. TZvim'rozr.' james Trout, Ronald Manning, Robert Jacobs, Melvin Thornhill, Bob Schaefer, Bob Bocksrruck. , 'Q i, kr' Tlvird mum' Erma Slanker, Alver Comer, Julie Schenato, Angie Gentelin, Freida Bess, Rosemary Frye, Jeanne BeDell, Virginia Fischer. S6C0lZ6l'7'01L'.' Faye McGeffen, jackie Aulabaugh, Alta Webb, Sarah Reguso, Betty Savvyers, Viola Neuhaus, Virginia Frazier. Firrtrozv: Leona Bopp, Frances Raye, Carol Ewing, Eleanor Sherwood, Dorothy Bertels, Alice Evans, Erma Sherfy. Dur January 2-1 and 1-2 Classes Tbj1'!ll'0ZL'.' Dale Strong, Eugene Tungett, William Spiker, Tom Speight, Tom Spadd, Roger Trout, Irving Wlhitten, Alvin Weiiimzln. .Ycrandrazw Gene Gelzinni onald Metzger, Dick Johnson, Larry Lumpkin, Gene Frazier, David Glassbre V , V m Gent, Joe Flippo. First razor Harr ff' , Bflflfhillips, Henry Tutt, Charles Scoggins, Bob Myers, Dale Ontis, Dean P y q, A akillgglllzirtl, John Duvall. 'nv' 'f ' Ev, if 2 . abr ,J gg X is Iii '- +1 4 lj M lik 37 i A , tl vi . . --' 5 Fourth row: Clyde Schreiber, Lynn Christian, Charles Lindley, jack Rudy, Bill Lewis, Richard Gentry, Don Hanie. Tbimlrozv: Arlene Hopkins, Evelyn Warner, Joanne Smith, Norma Erwin, Margery Arnold, Lucy Campbell, June Brooks, Shirley Schmidt, David Upchurch, Eugene Hook. .ferondrawx Vernell Mueller, Barbara Phillips, Mary Goldman, Audrey Bates, Jackie Hund, Dale Ogden, Howard Nash, Paul Noe. Film' four: David Lynch, Patty Wegman, Patsy Cockran, Shirley Hale, Delores Hale, jeckie Atkins, Billie Longfellow, Barbara Arnold, Bob Canham, Everett Lyerla. ...aa Q.-1 5. , s 2 'i b V,- Q... t f , fry' l .if Tliml row: Winnie Walkington, Shirley Chappell, Norma Myers, Don Raper, Bob Williams, Glen Crain, ,lerry Bushnell, Leslie Waggoner, .james Kiedel. St f07ItlfU1l'.' Edna Epperheimer, Loeya Siddis, Arlene Horns, Florence Lutes, Betty Camphell, .lack Thompson, Gene Fisher, Pat Sawyer, Bill Lucas. Fzrrf four Pat Ontis, Dorothy Stites, Virginia Myers, Mary Williams, Merna Lyneh, Virginia West, Margery Nolan, Helen Jacoby, Armida Norman, ,lean Eaton, Mary Rohtlenhouse. lm 'lsJl'iZ Third rout' Barbara Henderson, Lois Smalley, Virginia Dodson, 'Iune Freeman, Norma Goble, Jean Trogdon, Norma Moore, .Ioan Hanei, Martha Bower, Xeroml muy' Nancy Pratt, Shirley Wiseman, Susan Jennings, Ruby Geither, Marietta Hatten, Shirley Gillen, Lorraine Ellis, ,lean Roberson, Margery Powell. lizrrt row: Doris Meisenheimer, Pat Moore, Mary Ann Leyora, Doris Smith, Delores Holmes, Carolyn Maekleton, Helen Fines, Marie Duncan, Mariory Craine. Tliml row: Floyd Sanchez, Herbert Sand, Ronald Elholler, Donald Gilles, Carl Mayer, Eldon Statler, Roger Edwards, Jim Rice. .Ymmd muy' .Ioe Massalone, Herbert Varble, Harold Oldham, George Manns, Dale Eisenrieh, Sanford Hovda, lim Hudson, Charles Rexford, Kenneth Oryitt. ff c F ' S l Fin! row: Eugene Davis, Neil Chester, Bob Sims, Charles Sheppherd, Eldon Williams, Ed Hatten, BobCarlton,,laclc Willxa fuson, Our udica rganiza fiona . This year Alton High School can boast of the best musical department in its history. Under the very capable leadership of Mr. Guy Duker, the band has turned in some outstanding perfor- mances, appearing at football games, plays, graduation exercises, and assemblies. The band also attended the District Band Contest at Highland, where it Won 2nd place honors. Mrs. Doris Rue, our choir director, has also greatly improved our choir this year. Some lovely performances have been given for special assemblies, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and graduation exercises. Much praise is due to our music department this year, and we are hoping that in the years to come, it vxill steadily maintain the high standard that it has already set up. X The Trombone Section of the Band '33 if in 1 1 2 -, : if ff 7 l AA'5 QV Al 1 i f K ' 1' W 'W ' -2 W t tf, 1 J A we 'f R M5 JH , Q . , f V , K 1 W ,, tex it In N- xi A 'lVix, 9 na.: fm if W f f , Q I I V ? , 4 I .s g 1? 'Z ,Y ? 5 ' I , , N53 VAAV,.f:- fu . '2 A fi, , a. N.: - .Q 5. 7 .Q L '41, NG E., . f H J Y. E ff 5 1 ' 2 .+, Y Wray 432016 940 4,4- 4 Jag Zan A 4 gk in ggif f' M waz If 255 1 x ' f V 114 in ' ' ' ff' 1 'V i Q V 1 Q1 vw 8 ,',.'ff 5V, :Jfi92'?'2' A ' I - ,f .mg 'I-13 W , , V V vw ? e-'iff y f ' .iff Q.. , .. 'Q , V' aiiax 1 1-aww 2 f I wbjfj' w lic ,MW f, -.., 1' 'S -2 X, 'wwf K Q ai wa 'r rf, W . .V Q A nl' i, , ,ww , , . , 5 ' .1-Trim'-Wlzl' ' Z -ff il f , v it ik Zhagrfig if if li L' 'L if: V' .Sf D W , , A 1!Pfff2f 3fH'4'FW73'f ,- f live-fggfzf, t. Www'- hir. .sz . um., fjj' 15153. . ' , '5ga'im,' 'V -fzllfif gy ,ymwilff ww' ' 1 X H 55 .f if TA , A ' 36, L X 4 hw ,, . 34' , ,, , 5, WH - M3353 'Nr sz Q. 1. ,, M ,, , , rf 4 ,G im, if 2 E A Zh V ,.,,.: , f fea- W Av ' M f will 'WL um 'Wm fffwww- Lf.- aff,-rw-W1-pwmqWmm,.wm.vm RAY L. JACKSON Director of Atbleticr, Football Coach, Bqyr' Counrellor Mr. Ray Jackson, our director of athletics, has achieved an enviable record during e seventeen years that he has coached our football teams. Five championship teams have been coached by Mr. Jackson, those of1933, 1934, 1935, 1939, and 1944. The teams of1933, 1935 and 1939 were undefeated. All of his other teams since 1931 have managed to finish in the upper division, with only one ex- ception, and Jackson-coach rd teams have defeated Western Military Academy the last fourteen times. He has developed such all-state football players as Sonny Schuessler, Leroy Harrison, Archie Kodros, Victor Schwartz, Joe Naughton, and Bob Astroth. A record such as this naturally rates him as one of the outstanding coaches of the state. He was appointed Boys' Counsellor last year in addition to his coaching duties. The boys of Alton High School are indeed fortunate to have a man of Mr. 'Iackson's experience and understanding to assist them in solving their problems. Bob Astroth and the junior Chamber of Commerce Trophy Bob Astroth Wins the Junior Chamber of Commerce Trophy A group ot' athletic iutlges at the Junior Chamber of Commerce's Animal Banquet chose Bob Astroth, football captain of the '44 and '45 teams, as the outstanding player of the Alton-Wood River district and presented him with a handsome traveling trophy for this achievement. We pay tribute to Bob for bringing this honor to himself and to Alton High School. 5:,,,ii,.ff 3........., The opening of the 1945 grid season found the Redbirds with only six returning lettermen. Only one of these was a backheld man. Nevertheless, with Jackson's efficient coaching the team took shape into a powerful squad. The first game was lost to Gillespie because some of the players had not yet found the position on the team where they could be of the most service. Charging the defeat up to good experience, Alton came back molded into both a strong offensive and a strong defensive team. Madison, Ed- wardsville, and Wood River fell in quick succession. Then came the toughest game of the year with East St. Louis. As usual, Alton was handicapped with much lighter-weight players, but their fighting spirit made up for this. The boys played a great game, but in the last few minutes of play, East Side scored the winning touchdown, and Alton was defeated by just 6 points. The Red- birds then easily overcame Belleville and went on to play Collinsville. Again the breaks were a- gainst them, and they lost by 1 point in the last 3 minutes of play. In the last conference game of the season, the Alton team conquered Granite City. Then came the big Thanksgiving Day game with Western Military Academy. It will be remembered as one of the coldest games ever played on Turkey Day. Both teams remained scoreless until late in the game, when a pass play set up a touchdown for Alton. Western was again defeated, 6 to O. If we look back on the 1945 squad's achievements, we are able to see what a wonderful team it was. lts conference record was marred only in about 5 minutes of play in the East Side and Collins- ville games. Taken as a whole, our 1945 football team is one we can all be proud of. Tenrenerr on the bench at E.:iu'ardwille ,CJ-oofgaf Jeffermen Homer Russo Center Don Plarski Hezlfbezek Simon Olian, Mgr. Bill Bowman Hezlfbezck Phil Hovda Guard Harry Tate End Renus Baker End Louie Koeller Fullbezck Sept. 2.8 .... Oct. 5 .i.i Oct. 12 ..,. Oct. 19 .... Oct. 26 .... Nov. 2 .... Nov. 9 .... Nov. Nov. 16 .... 22 .... FOOTBALL ...Alton... 0 ,,,Alton,..32 ...A1ton...19 ...Alton . .32 ...Alton...14 ...A1ton...38 .,.Alton...13 ...Alton...35 ,.,Alton,,, 6 Eldon Henson Center Gene Johnson Tackle de 1945 SW, CORES iillespie .... flaclison ..,,... .... idvvardsville .... .... Vood River ..,. .,.. last St. Louis .... .... ielleville ....... .... iollinsville ..... ..,. iranite City .... ..,. V.M.A. ..... Rod Gillespie Guard Bob McGhee Guard Dale Wickenhauser Tackle ' Bud Payiiter End ' Ed Luclcleke 'End Bob Astroth, Capt. Quarterback Harrison Farley Quarterback Leo Green Guard Don Temple Halfback Jim Schotters End The 1945 Football ,Queen amd Her Cazm' Wm l Football Captain Bob Astroth, ,lane Chester, 1945 Football Queen, and jane Johnson, crown bearer. Dale Wickenhauserg Melbzt Leegllim Schottersgjzmis Tillmang Bob Astroth, Captpzing Jane Chester Queeng Jane johnson, crown bearerg Louie Koellerg Irene MeMil1ang Gene johnsong Marcy Fischer 'vi .M me-1 AW: Q Q., K ,, 35 ks, ' Q: 4. my fm, 5 S ,fi 'A ,W w ef . 1-'Q A ff. tt W af ,... it? : ,. H A 1 Q M 5 ,Q , 3 .S i422, 'X ga. ,,i- A 9441 ? .... ,. ww: Wi QW W i .ag F - mv iv 4 Eggs,- ,L EQ U W 5 V at '- 2-mf , ' A W , I I L5 , fy 'Q ml f I fa f 5- , - 5 , H f gg if ,M ia . K ,,. ,,,, L: x 1,4 . Q, fl A 3 it HE ff ' Q ' f E W . Wg. Q . ffm Wf eg ' .Y L h if A 'A w M051 N '1 i if P f Q 'L , , 4. 3 , 7 5 ? M Q, 12+ 'm i 1 'Q 'E ,K', 1 7 A ' J. ,. 5- ang W Wm, 54, L N Q uv f SQA , vi K , 'Vg 9 4 ffm' Coach Irzglef bamlazgcf Bob Boynfy ankle Coach Ingles Much of the credit for a successful basketball team goes to the Coach, who has to be Well-liked and know how to shape the boys into good basketball players. This fits George Ingles very well. He spent much of his time working with the players, instructing them in good sportsmanship and in playing the game. In the last two years Coach Ingles has given Alton two of the best basketball teams it has ever had. We all extend our congratulations to him and hope that his teams may be as successful in the future as these have been. KCLJLHIACLKK .S7lflI'l'll'l'lCLl y The team, inspired with a never-say-die spirit, ended its season with a slight let-down from last year. The Hilltoppers' few defeats did not stop their fans from supporting their team. Anyone who saw the Alton team play saw an exciting game with plenty of sportsmanship and team work. The Redbirds were handicapped at mid-year when two of their main players, Schotters and Mor- wood, graduated. However, with Coach Ingles' eflicient coaching the teams showed great improvement. Al- though Alton did not win all of its games, any team who played them knew that they had been in a tough basketball game. Those boys who played on the squad deserve much credit for the time and energy which they spent while they played for our school. BASKETBALL SCORES Nov. 30 -f Gillespie ,....... .36 -ff Alton ..., .31 Dec. Highland .... Alton Dec. Staunton. . . ..,., Alton Dec. Greenville. . , Alton Dec. Granite City. Alton .....,. Dec. Collinsville . .. . Alton. . . . . .. Dec. Gillespie ,,.,., . . Alton ...... . Ilan. East St. Louis Alton Jan. Roxana ,.,,...... Alton Jan. Madison ......,.. Alton jan. Wood River. . Alton ...... . Jan. Belleville .... Alton Jan. Roxana ....., 43 Alton Jan. 5 Edwardsville . Alton Feb. Granite City. Alton Feb. Collinsville ..,. . Alton Feb. East St. Louis .... Alton Feb. Madison ..... Alton Feb. Wood River. . Alton Feb. Belleville .... Alton Feb. Edwardsville . Alton JIINI EVOUNGBERG, Bmlactball Manager For three years the spirits of the basketball team have been bolstered byjim Youngberg. In his sopho- more year, jim took over the job of managing the team. Some of his jobs were: keeping the uniforms sorted, taping ankles, and carrying water and towels to the boys during time out periods. Jim deserves a great' deal of credit for a job well done. Jim Youngberg 6 FIRST SQUAD Back raw: Left to right Y-Mel Sehien, Bob Halford, Bill Reinhardt, Jerry Henson. Front raw: Burt Morwood, Bob Boyd, Jim Schotters QCapt,D, Bob Astroth, Howard Eiehen. SECOND SQUAD Left torilghtx Phil Evans, Gordon Rubenstein, Eddie Downes, Bob Showers, Paul Clark, Wayne Fischer, Asst. Coach, Joe Astroth, Ed Wiley, Jr. Gibson, Don Rainey, Bill Wohlcrt, Bud Paynter, Bob Decker. K E241 Q Hd? J sig if 4,-ou. ,nn-pq, 'X T f Q ,K 3513 '22 f M . ze ' 1 , A I 3 W 2' fn w f Q s N' ,pwwfwu eg 9 V, ,rw V, Basketball Lettermen of the 1945-46 Squad MEI. SCHIEN BURT MORWOOD JERRY HENSON JIM SCHOTTERS QCapt.D Center Forward Guard Center HOWARD EICHEN RED SIMPSON BOB HALFORD BOB BOYD Guard Center Forward Guard BILL REINHARDT BOB ASTROTH BUD PAYNTER DEAN TARRANT Forward Forward Forward Guard , JLJXJ-. fc 'Gres Track N ' w x , X j' :li P' V 1 i bl X Nl' '- Q 6 3 77 fac ' . l ch' re s to be given to Co ch Jureziz for the way the track team Was developed after his n r H1 army. After a Dark-age period during his three years absence, he again helped h ea recognition in the Southwestern Conference District. Beginning his work as the 1 t,trac of snovv left the cinder path, he conditioned the squad for its nine meets during March A r is year it was Coach Jureziz's plan to develop each boy personally in the event or events for W ch the boy was best suited. He was fortunate in having a large number of sophomores in addition , many of last season's group. Although conditions prevented a track team last season, it never- t ss provided a conditioning and experimental period out of which were to grow this season's tracksters. I I 5 X -'Q 1 J T x Bob Stouder, Everett Hook, Marcus Sessel, Gail Schumacher, George Beneze, jeg Combs. The Rzfle Team The Rifle Team, under the very capable sponsorship of Mr. Wools, has given a good account of itself this year. Early in the fall, the team joined the Greater St. Louis Junior Rifle League, com- posed of teams from Webster Groves, Cleveland, C. B. C., Beaumont, St. Louis, and Alton High School. The Rifle Team played hve rounds and emerged with a .200 per cent average at the end of the final round. Gail Schumacher scored the highest average for Alton. Considering the stiff competition that a team encounters in this league and that our team has the opportunity to practice only one evening a week, its record is very good. A fine future is predicted for the boys next year. ,ww 7225 W-Q uw-B-vunuud' .J J! Some of our male students recline in the shade. It takes 2l1Of of wind. Bam! Ojficerr' Vernon Pcnning, Secrctaryg June Chester, V-President and Paul Harrawood, Pres. 55-1-- Stanley Gcahcs puts finishing touches on Christ mas camel. Boys discuss vocation problems with Mr. Butts Dorothy Shaw curves in Art. 4' n -W, 525 if F 'sf HMM N 4 4 'Qu 1324- -My 'ISIS m , nI fw -wr. gg , 41 if 2 . sg. ii m m Q ONOR X X K I lil-----. NAnoNAL X 7 x . SOCI THE PHOTOGRAPHERS Our two photographers spent a great deal of time taking the pictures for the Tatler. We believe that this year our book has great- er variety and quality of pictures than ever before. Gene and Rod have really done a good job. THE ART STAFF The art staff has con- tributed much toward the success of the book. They are responsible for the many clever posters that were seen in the hall ad- vertising the various Tat- ler drives. They also as- sisted in the assembling of the book and they pre- pared the end sheet. Shirley Doman, Harry Lou Middleton, Imogene Trout, jackie Hawk, Ruth Bierbaum, Phyllis Schafer, Marilyn Roberts, ImoGene Oliver. -P The Tafler Smjjf THE EDITORS It was through the efforts of our editors that the Tatler was assembled. They arranged the contents and took care of writing the different articles ofthe book. 4- Phil Hovda, Paul Harra- vvood, Leo Green, Eriitowin- Chief, Fred Norton, Carol Robertson, Janis Tillman, Eugenia Willis 4-Gene Shultz ? Rod Bailey -P 'SM 'jeanC0nrad, Zoe Ann Winkler, Barbara Miller, Alice Hindcrhan, Ellen Thompson, jean Collins, Patsy Williamson, Connie Schenk, Adah Ruth Smalley. The Timex Smjf Jean Conrad, Marjorie Corder, Donna Hirrman, Gail Weinrich, Alice Hinderhan, Shirley Hendricks, Melba Lee, Connie Schenk, Virginia Ebhert, Edna Miller, Mary Ann Eccles, Marjorie Veit. Melba Lee, Marjorie Myers, Simon Olian, Marjorie Veit, Judie Dean, Barbara Miller, Miss Galley Csponsorj, Bob Astroth, Connie Schenk, Donna Hirtman, Shirley Hendricks. wil' Student Council Buck row: Mary ,lane Dilley, Rose Mary Ott, Charles Sheppard, Billie Lou Hausafus, Don Temple, Bill Rice, Bud Manns George Benezc, Gary Edsall, Charles Tomlinson, Kenny Burge. Mzddle row: Connie Schenk, Barbara Miller, Malvia Franklin, Alice Hintlcrhan, Geneva Moore, Martha Reed, Janis Myers, Marcy Fischer. . Bottom row: Rosemary Eggelhoff, Mary Ann Meister, Martha Hunt, Carlton Lutz, Harry Tate, Betty Stites, Ruth Eccles, Mary Ellen Young. Ruolio Club Back row: Merrill Davis, Bill Newton, Ral h Day, Donald Stevenson. Front row: Ivan Whitzel, Bob McRevey, BOE Lanham, George Beneze, Jeff Combs, Mr. Wools, sponsor. George Welliomy Hi-Y Back row: Bob Reis, Ray Young, Dick Wilson, Don Schrimpf, Fred Tickncr, Ed. Wiley. Front rows jack Greenberg, Bill Lawson, Marvin Duncan. George lffizfloingtofe Cezroer Hi-Y Bark row: John Cruzat, Wesley Baker, John Attaway, Samuel Nolan, Oliver Taylor, John Graves Middle row: Robert Franklin, Edward Davis, Melvin Huff. Front row: Mr. Bill Ashley, sponsor, Fred Edwards, William Shaw, Alphonso Holman, Dewey Davis Smzley H z- Y Back row: Iohn Elliot, Bill Moss, Homer Chamberlin, Gene Austin, Howard Lambert, Louie Hanei, Rav Boverhlaclc Roberts lHaroltl Steiner. i 1 Franz row: jeff Combs, Glen Henderson, Charles Tomlinson, Bill Bull, john Kay, Dick Miller, Kenneth Titchenal. Ei ei Red Q7 Gray Hz-Y Back raw: Fred Green, H. R. Willis, Don Peters, Fred Norton, George Armbruster, Herb Mansholt, Clarence Smith. Front row: George Beneze, Don Temple, Frank Duncan, Bill Reynolds, Glen Keirle, Mason Abraham. Girly' Athletic Auocmiion ' Bark mul: Annabelle Brownajosephine Azzarello, Betty Jarrett, Rita Ottmer, Elizabeth Hill, Louise Puetz, Miss Foster Front raw: Martha Bower, Virginia Massalone, Mildred Perica, Stella Blasioli, Carrie Ward, Betty jean Williamson. Rijle Club Bark row: Charles Kruse, Nelson McReyn0lcls, Bill Schueler, Everett Hook, Marcus Sessel. Middle row: Gail Schumacher, Bob Stouder, Ivan Wctzel, Gene Hook. Front f011'.' jet? Combs, Tim Turner, George Bencze, Bob Bockstroek, Charles Headley. Girls' Council Firft raw: Shirley Rands, Betty Rives, Marilyn Bleem. Second row: Nancy Voege, Marjorie Veit, Juanita Ross, Melba Lee, Mary Ann Eccles, Barbara Miller, Rosemary Egelhoff. Third raw: jean Conrad, joan Stockdale, Harry Lou Middleton, Charlene Ash, Virginia Ebbert, Janis Tillman. ,, . Boys' Cabznez' Fmt raw: Malcolm Kindig, Don Plarski, Louie Koeller, Roger Kririard, Don Schrimpf, Bob Boyd, Bud Paynter, Ozzie Mc- Manus, Jim Midget. .Yerond ruuz' Phil Hovda, john Gaghen, Leo Green, Howard Eichen, Harrison Farley, Bill Bowman, Rodney Gillespie, Gail Weinrich, Alton High Girl Refervef Third row: Margie O'Neal, Betty Wallace, Phyllis Schafer. .l'erm1ilrow: Mary Lou Kelly, Dorothy Mossbergcr, Betty Keagel, Betty Gross, Estelle Fletcher, Yvonne Hoyt. Fmt raw: Margie Riggi, Marge Hanei, Dorothy Riggi, Dolores Woolf, Betty Meyers. ' Pliyllif Wheatley Girl Reservef Seroml row: Irene Ballard, Mary Clark, Frances Banks, l-lattye Hickman, Imogene Bratten,1lewel Fleming, Lora Barkdale Firrrt faux' Fiji joy, Alvina Smith, jean Nolan, Clara Hinton, Margie Ballard. ,Quill om! Soroll Tlim! rozv: Shirley Hendricks, Deane Leonard, Ruth Bicrbaum, Leo Green, Phil Hovda, Paul Harrawood, Chuck Tomlinson, Melha Lee, Phyllis Schafer, Gail Bates, Gene Shultz. .Yeroml row: Patsy Williamson, Edna Lou Miller, Harry Lou Middleton, Imogene Oliver, Janis Tillman, Barbara Miller, Connie Schenk, Carol Beth Robertson, Lois Tcrlisner. Fin! row: Mary Ann Meister, Shirley Doman, Marjorie Veit, Wanda Vinyard, Donna Hirtman, Marcy Fischer. .. - iq Q N orionol H onor Society Fourth roux' Don Long, Boh Long, Don Schrimpf, Charles Burk, Harrison Farley, Leo Green, Merrill Davis, Gene Shultz, Paul Harrawood, Roger Krinarcl, Chuck Tomlinson, Russell Ealey. Tl1in1'rouu' Norma Whittleman, Della Huck, Virginia Ehhert, Shirley M. Hendricks, Phyllis Schafer, Ruth Bierhaum, .lean Struif, Janis Tillman, Dorothy Hunt, Wanda Vinyard. Xerond row: Judy Dean, Patsy Williamson, Betty Roberts, Rosemary Egelhofl, Mildred Periea, Doris I-larter, Mary Ann Meister, Carol Beth Robertson, Shirley Rands, Betty Rives, Billie Lou Corn, Marjorie Veit, Bonnidel Brooks, Firrt roux' Marjorie Myers, Martha Ware, Mae Lanham,Jean Conrad, Mary Ann Eccles, Harry Lou Middleton, Connie Schenk, Melba Lee. Donna Hirtman, Barbara Miller. I i IIN' Tl96JI7f6l7Z.f Buck row: Homer Chamberlin, jim St. Cin, Deane Leonard, Shirley Hendricks, john Kay, Donna Hirtman, Imogene Trout, Bill Smith. Front raw: Doris Harter, Irene McMillan, Eugenia Willis, Carol Robertson, jeanne Harris, Mary Ann Meister, Marjorie Veit, Patsy Williamson. Dramatic Club Irene McMillan, Donna Hirtman, Howard Lambert, Joan Stockdale, Connie Smith, Patsy Williamson, Connie Schenk, Bill Smith, jean Struif, Carol Robertson, Vernon Penning, Carlton Lutz, Deane Leonard, Gail Schumacher, jim St. Cin, John Kay, Frank Ballard, Marjorie Myers, Imogene Trout, Dorothy Nicolet, Doris Harter, Chris Riner, Shirley M. Hendricks. yr ' l M fl Q l bb gy fb 1 ' f l fy My l l ll, Q M 'l wg ' ' Wi A W Will Homer gct Caught? DONT TAKE MY PENNYH The models pargulc. Xlhicing for Cues. Novcmlwcr '45 Homer was :1 lzuly! Here you ure, Ernie. just bcfurc thc 8:15. Latin Club Back raw: Dolores Stzule, Elaine Watle, Zoe Anne Winkler, Alina: Meyer, Frances Oliver, Mary Lou Black, Flo Jczlnc Clark Clzirlce Chester, Freil Rosenthal. .Yemrzd row: Mz1rguretAnnAsl1,.laxnet Slmrlqs, lVlz11'goHiggins,Ji1nicc Meyers, Alicejune BI'0VVl1,'lLl2ll1lI2lROSS, Adah Ruth Smalley Betty Lou Curr, Melhu Lee, Constance Schenk, Shirley Scoggins. Frwzt mum' Shirley Hendricks, Nancy Voegc, Keith linens, Mary FelnlwisCh,.Iohn Cruzut. The Latin Club enjoys 21 ten after an induction of their new members. French Cine Fmt mum' Shirley Hendricks, lrene Ballard, Connie Schenk, Pat Strout, Margie Corder, Bertha Luedecke, Bonnidell Brooks Frances Roberts, june Aiken, Mary Lou Volz, Marilyn Volmcr, Shirley Wempen. Semnd row: Pat D3c:hCIIllI1, Kenneth Titchennl, Howard Lambert, Barbara Miller, Chris Rincr, Carol Robertson, Shirley O'Don nell, Virginia Fines, Nancy Winkler, Mary Lou Schafer. l King and Queen of Nlezrdi Gnu Ball Bob Boyd and Mary Ann Penning Conf! Jester, Don Fable Q3 , Sptmifln Club Fin! ww: Mary Ann Floss, Pauline Younghlean Struif,Jeanne Harris, Margie Fosterhloan Cresswell, Mary Wiser, Elsie Pestner Marcus Sesscl, Chuck Tomlinson, Howard Lambert, Dolores Aldred, Norma Bennecke. .Ycmml raw: Barbara johnson, jean Conrad, Mary Pat Halloran, june Collins, Judy Johnson, Suzanne Wideman, Lorraine Hill, X Norma May, Rose Mary Teipel, Rose Marie Short, Pat Sutton,-Iune Maguire, Bill Rice, Kenny Mitchell, Miss Snidex ,I J CSponsorD. f X Thin! raw: Don Hunt, Simon Olian, Mary Ann Eccles, Nita Boyle, Betty Townsley, Lois McGowen, Shirley Sullivan, rjorie 5 Myers, Doris Buzan, Delores King, Margaret Manns, Betty Guthries, Ruth Eccles, Deane Leonardbkty n y. l .1 Ulfgxr Firtt faux' Second mun- Tbird row: XY S Student Patrol ei, ,- Homer Chamberlain, Albertine Halbert, Barbara Higgins, Leah Minor, Virginia Massalone, Margie Riggi, Bates, Nelson Buzan, Elmo Tudor, Harold Brooks, Bill Beardsmore, George Beneze, Don Ingram. Mary Mason, Betty Mason, Mary Lou Volz, Jean Notson, Dorothy Nordyke, Howard Wieland, Bob Kesinger, Gilbert Heil, Leland Krcid, Gary Edsall, Floyd Lampert. Bill Logan, jim Pratt, Betty Henry, Ann Waterhouse, Vernon Brandt, Roberta Copeland, Bob Becker, Bob Lanham, Natalee Hauversburk, LeRoy Fessler, Delmar Schrumpf, Noble Watkins, Harry Gaghenhlunior Gibsonhlack Winans, Glen Bierbauin, Ardean Hammond, Charles Murray. ,ft X I X o x , Z5 A. - i 0 ebb ,. 1 we ff ,P N rw! -Lx A , V 'X f' 'fan D Movie Opemtorf Evan Dean, Renus Baker, Louis Doman, Fay Malone, Jim Schaefer, jack Winans. Cezfeteriez H elperf Fourth row: Don Bernard, Larry Lodge, Albert Golike, Harvey Lyerla, jack Buchanan, Alvin Weinman. Third row: Mary Snyder, Della Huck, Barbara McGlasson, Rosselle Walton, Audrey Wood, Mary Mossburger, Betty Gilson Second raw: Mary Helen Lageman, Betty Lageman, Diane Mickolf, Angie Kodros, Barbarajohnson, Betty Erthal, Ruth Hinderhan Pint raw: Dick Pruett, Everett Lyerla, Johnny Ruyle, Jerry Meyers, Lewis Teutkin. Big HA Burk raw: Norma May, Don Beck, Don Saunders, Bill Lawson, Ed Luddckc, Ozzie McManus, Carlton Lutz, Barbara Scott. From' row: Marilyn Mihill, Barbie Miller, Malvia Franklin, Marjic jones, Betty Rives, Mary Tchaukalelf. f'19 Club Back row: Bert Motwood, Charles Emons, Bob Astroth, Bill Wolhert, Golly Hale, Don Plarski. Front row: Nancy Voege, Janis Tillman, Jeanne Harris, Irene McMillan, Harry Lou Middleton, Charlotte Kramer, Betty Sue Russell, Phyllis HarfOrd. Tmviclae Third raw: Bill Smith, Denny Foster, Bill Bull, Don Schrimpf. .llerandrf1u'.' Howartl Eiclien, 'lack Greenberg, Glen Keirle, Bill Lawson. lim! raw: Howard Davis, Whitey Austin, John Kay. Libmfy Affirmntf Firft row: Barbara Higgins, Leah Minor, Geraldine Baker. .S'emr1dmu'.' Richard Seymour, Dave Reno, james Ray, Stella Blasiuli, Elsie Pestner, Betty Owen, Carrie Ward, Paige Waggoner. Third row: Miss Smith, Jim Pratt, Bill Logan, Webster Smith, Thomas Hunt, Mary Lou Sherman, Barbara Frohock, Doris Fisher, Betty Pruitt, Dizie Vahn, Bernice Fisher, Fred Schreiber, Norma Beck, Albertin Halbert, Hattye Hickman, Betty Cannon. ,Z W'-cr... , i . , . SCENES FROM OUR 1945 CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Tlm.fl1cplwril.r.'Eldon Hcrisoiiniul KCIH1Cfl1rl-lfCl1Cl12ll. Tlw llfire Men on Cumelr: Bill Allen, Paul Harrawood, Frank Ballard The Hfiire Men Taking G1j1.r.' Bill Allen, Paul Harm- uir1qe!.r.'.lcan Trogclon, Mary Ann Eccles, Mary Fclclwisch, Nancy Vocgc wood, Frank Ballard. ,lanis Tillman. Mary amlfa.fcj1b.' .lean Conrad and Peru Fuclib, Cfwzr Boy: Richard Seymour, Bob Cox, Chzirlcs HC1lkllCy, Bob Bockscruck -M32 V Ng? Yi 2. -w f qgi , K fff fs ? 6 193' ' 1 f ' f??55fifwL wgazii wi QIGJ5 if R2 :.V gm! qw R Lf, ,J . .1 Q , , , ,. Sw -2 S5575 -1 as K ,m. , ef ei: xg I W W .Q ' f Q f Qi n 1 I V, ,Y . A Q I A flmw 1 ,xii A , 0 2 X an Iwfmnh .WH 2154 A -1 if i., . ,. ,,, if f . ,.,w.,:-,L f i .1 , . 1' 397 1 Y 2 mi ax 5 :ybi if A V f , . . . Y : X, 2 ,gk-.f :ng x ..,, .' ig- -9 I, :,. 5 fkxf? .. ,L 5 ,- e i: fa q, - Q Q ,fi , ,+V M ey le wi 5 :gf 9 Hs- f wa W .. gg J X .W , 4 F 4 X wi.. J, Lf, I iw 1 u 2 A T 'J '1 an G? if slr J' ,wif K-Pai' - A fs Av 3 Q A P' 'W 'ws-V M A Www my nur ,, mf: 1 e 7.-, si- ws-nu 3? 54 ,Q , 5 2 . '15 QL' LJ T . . ., F, 5. 'P ws? -A 5 m L ,X :- , A Qur uerfifi em Bill Bull and John Kay sell advertising space to a returned veteran, Mr. Edsall, who recently opened a jewelry store. .gn .x4laIarecia fion Few students of Alton High School realize how much they owe to the merchants and businessmen of the Alton area who advertise in this book. This volume of the Tatler could not have been published Without their generous and cheerful financial support. ln ap- preciation, we, the 1946 Tatler staff, urge the students of Alton High School to express their thanks by patron- izing our advertisers. 23- QPECIAL EMPHASISAA-MUSIC AND ART MONTICELLO A Junior College for Young Women Offers You An Opportunity to Complete the First Two Years of College in An Atmosphere of Culture and Refinement LIBERAL ARTS PROGRAM A FULLY ACCREDITED-A Convenient Transportation Facilities for Day Students Ask the Alton girl who goes to Monticello 128 Q 23, ALTON SENIOR HI-Y A PROJECT OF THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION of Alton, Illinois THE HI-Y PURPOSE: TO CREATE, MAINTAIN, AND EXTEND THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY HIGH STANDARDS OF CHRISTIAN CHARACTER. OFFICERS THE ALTON AREA HI-Y COUNCIL President ..... .................... B ill Lawson Vice-President. . ..,.............. Dewey Davis Secretary-Treasurer .... ....... B ill Bull FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER CHAPTER President .....,. Alphonso Holman Vice-President. . ..... Dewey Davis Secretary .... ..... R obert Franklin Treasurer .......,...... Bill Shaw Sergeant-at-Arms. . . Walter Wright Sponsor. .......... William Ashley Program Chairman. . ,John Cruzat President ......,.... Bob Franklin Vice-President ...... William Shaw Secretary ........... Dewey Davis Treasurer ..... ...... W esley Baker Sgt.-at-Arms .... Alphorfso Holman Sponsor. . ..,...... William Ashley Program Chairman. . .John Cruzat GEORGE WILLIAMS CHAPTER President. . ....... William Lawson Vice-President .... Marvin Duncan Secretary ............ Robert Dale Treasurer ......... Jack Greenberg Sponsor ......... Lester E. Cherry Program Chairman . . . . . . . .Donald Schrimpf President ............ Bill Lawson Vice-President. . . . . ..Don Barnard Secretary .............. Bob Dale Treasurer .............. Bill Smith Sgt.-at-Arms ....... Howard Davis Sponsor. ........ Lester E. Cherry Program Chairman. Jack Greenberg GEORGE H. SMILEY CHAPTER President. . .......... John P. Kay Vice-President ........... Bill Bull Secretary ............. Jeff Combs Treasurer ...... Charles Tomlinson Sgt.-at-Arms. . ........ Dick Miller Sponsor .... . .Rev. M. E. Whitford Program Chairman. ...... Bill Bull President. . ..... Bernard Titchenal Vice-President. .Charles Tomlinson Secretary ............ Louis Hanei Treasurer ....... Howard Lambert Sgt.-at-Arms ....... Eugene Austin Sponsor ..... .Rev. M. E. Whitford Program Chairman. . ..... Bill Bull RED AND GRAY CHAPTER President. . ......... Gail Weinrich Vice-President ..... . . .Don Temple Secretary ........ Mason Abraham Treasurer. ...... Herbert Mansholt Sgt.-at-Arms ....... George Beneze Sponsor .............. Fred Green Program Chairman. .Bill Reynolds President ....... Herbert Mansholt Vice-President ........ Glen Kierle Secretary ......... Clarence Smith Treasurer .......... .. .H. R. Willis Sgt.-at-Arms ....... Don Newcome Sponsor .............. Fred Green Program Chairman. .... Ralph Igo V s , ...f 1827 f- 1946 Administration and Science Building SIZE ALONE IS NOT THE OUTSTANDING FACTOR IN CHOOSING A COLLEGE, BUT THERE IS MUCH TO BE SAID ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES OF BEGINNING ONE'S TRAINING IN A COLLEGE WHERE INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION AND INTEREST CAN BE CULTIVATED. SHURTLEFF COLLEGE PLACES THE EMPHASIS ON INCREASED SERVICE AND OFFERS ACADEMIC TRAINING IN A CHRISTIAN ATMOSPHERE WHICH GIVES DIRECTION AND PURPOSE. ----I-ADAVID ANDREW WEAVER President fn Tolman Hall for Women 130 Sihurtlvff Glnllrgr THE PIONEER SCHOOL .3 . rVfM ' V MM f, , ,xM, I f X Q ' 1 V f 4 lx .J VN '. f Cy ff U -, ffafMElfeIcAXr BEA UTY FLOUR jgwf ev fy X l ! L xf V ',i,,,s...5...s .,... If W E ? 5 wlmfaf? BLOOMS N, 3 ENRICHED YOUR ' at ',,V 1 VITAMINS OVEN 5 i AND IRON E , 5 ll 22-fr-'naw -I 1 52 I , 4 K1 0' ' i MVA, U LL- ILLER MILLING co. go! An Alton Institution Since 1857 L ' ' All 1 ely things in truth belong G ci I T h m who best employs them. I -Chri er Morl 'K' S ' -+- W I Qi! l lk-TON FAcEs J W 1-som:-:ons f 4' DURABILITY , HDI. ' fy I 6- 4' FIRE SAFETY 1, ,,1MFnee M.'l'0N EH CUMPMIY 131 Whang Destructive Marauders with Super-X .22 POW0l'l Marauding pests take a heavy toll of game. You can protect game from its natural enemies, and get a lot of good sport at the same time, by going after pests with SUPER-X 22 cartridges. A bob-cat, coyote or wolf is tough but he'll go down and stay down when you whang him with SUPER-X power. Available in Short, Long and Long Rifle with solid and hollow point bullets. , mm ru: Lone mme: .22 yy Man,I Didn't Know a .22 r .s ,J . .e Gould Be S9 Accurate!f' Q Qi Vinn That's what you'll say, too, the first time you do some serious shooting at ' a target with Western XPERT 22 car- tridges. They find the center of the by ' 22 --IA 1: 1-i 1f'f1122.,'55-Qzgfvfs. .f Q ltr ,uggex - 1 X if bull's-eye just as if they didn't know hp 'T' wx 44 - how to go anywhere else. When you ' consider their cleanliness, because they WV ,I-,,,1xwR-.4p,A4wf'-W ffjTNl'ml sfo' are smokeless and non-corrosive, there '6?M,,,,tw'l HO' A isn't a better buy in ammunition. Avail- tlfwll I-,K able in Short and Long Rifle. 'fi , I X A f X ' --4'.u1:' XPQTE fp?-'4c li' AccunAcY AT NO EXTRA cost WESTERN CARTRIDGE GOMPARY Division of OLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS 132 JJM . I 0 1 ff J. E, A1 '- r vAf? 1 ' J I ,.' ' if L '. - . 'I , f' , 'AIOTYEAHWUFSTYLELEADERSHIPINALTON C 1 I V iii I -' AA ful. Specializing in Clothes for KJ P ' 'Lumix' lj ' vff M X ,, ' High School and Collegei' I L 5 W ' U T S- STUDENTS Y MN U, MUnL,1PLQg Men's Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes . . . lst and Znd floors L4 H Specialized Ladies' Shop . . . 3rd floor HARTMANN'S1l-J: Home of Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes A ,fl ff f ' I IA' if ' H ill? 'I WV Vx 2 JW 4 I ,, f I I hi F ' rl ' 1 AW' ff zffffv I s 'Q COMPLIMENTS OF 1'5f..,r0L1l Pepsi-Gola Bottling Jlompany 2521-23 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois bali I 133 .5 M fi QW! ' , L is I. I f 1 , A . I fl! , 1 ,If if . 0550 5 ND UI - 1 ' , gil ' j ,Lf THE STORE FOR LAD AND DAD ' fl' NIICER THINGS FOR LADIES TOO! I I' 1' if f ' i lr ,' If If I-I , f if I. sf, j 9 I , ,., . I 'x I 1 yn I , 1' ' 1 JERSEYVILLE ALTON DECATUR YM. N. N' S N I ,' 1 J J , H ' iz A+? L1FE's MORE FUN ' W rg WHEN You DRINK . . . NY X 5 Bw 5 J X 4 1 71 Contains Vitamin If I BOTTLED IN ALTON BY BIISTER BOTTLIIIG WORKS Phone 2-1641 134 1, In c W, ' f 4 1-1-' f ' Office Ph e Q43132 yy Reeiaenee Phone 2-2261 Meheiie Ifr Seq It Wifi alumna MEMBER FLORISTS TELEGRAPH ASSOCIATION I I+ 6 2524 COLLEGE AVE. ALTON, ILL. I. ,X I J 1 'l COMPLIMENTS OF J Your Neighborhood Shell Dealers U 2 if 1, N5 I , I 1 HIEL olLs 135 D 0wens-Illinois Glass Company 5 , . V we padding para e M XJ Your accomplishment in graduating gives you the advantages f Life's Span. From time immemorial change and progress has ken place as the Passing Parade of each generation has moved ross the centuries. Neither we, nor you, nor anyone can stop vphange, stop time, or progress. For you to stay ahead of the Passing Parade will require the most diligent effort and hard work. ,You have gained the first step by completing school and staying ahead of those who fell by the wayside: your second step of accomplishment in the world is about to commence. Ebeing one of those more likely to succeed in the Passing Parade Owens-Illinois also realizes that change will occur. Our re- search facilities are continuously working on improvements in order that we may continue to be the leaders of the glass industry. So long as you progress and stay ahead of the Passing Parade of Time, you will share a common fellowship with us. Many of those who graduated ahead of you have made progress with Owens-Illinois --perhaps someday you will also be one of these. il? J ,-'p-I , O M cmzzus concn comrnnv I' w ' i Of jf . N W 'qwmwfe ' THE PATRONAGE OF THE STUDENTS. MAY WE CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU oi, My . BETTER AND WITH MORE SERVIC WR 'X 11 'X - ALT QNKING 1 f lfi' 3 II4. L-df. TRUS OJQLTE ini ilmnunimd MEMBER FEDERAL nsrosrr INSURANCE coneorwrxon If J 4 Ne- , THE WEDGE BANK O Q 3 xc? J-M X 'G Q J ,Hb ALTON HIGH scHooL I' , fra for I ,f BBETTER EDUCATION :Jr - G jx I iv qk 9 N, I If I-'ISCHER LUMBER CO. for BETTER BUILDING MATERIALS , . 'A' FIS'GllER- LIIMBER CDMPMIY 400 St. Louis Avenue East Alton gd gel' il . . ' ' . ff , If T , ok 1176 YJ ,a JM I fm Q' 139 A I 1 I 3 -5 , fl X5 J 'X ALTDN EVENING TELEGRAPH 742 dqdlne Nedldfdfldl 'A' ir LOCAL NEWS ASSOCIATED PRESS BEST Pon sPoR'rs NEWS if 'A' il Reaches 23000 Homes Daily -1- rx, .K ' B+., . MQ 4oa... J A' ' A 5 Ss. H0000 FO0D .feflfze TRI-0lTY 0RO0ERY 00MPMlY 140 U3 'Y oy ' COMPLIMENTS OF , ff - , PAIIL F. DAVIS 81 SDNS HOME or FINE FOODS Wholes le and Retail Q45-S-lL mf A O DOWNTOWN AT W 317 STATE STREET I ALTON, ILLINOIS ir Phone: Dial 3-5554 or 3-5555 to arrange delivery service XX l I rf GRADUATION is the end of a A U H , long road-the beginning of a new X One. Light the way with a Sparkling diamond that Says, Success and i Congratulations to the young gradu- ate. me jewehg Sfore Z2 E. Broadway, Alton, Ill. Phone 2-3231 141 rg - ff- ' ull I ' ' j'5ff,'w' A L INTERNATIGNAL SHOE CUMPMIY f' I I 3 I s 1 1 I I 1 X t ' 'Vi is ,- ' 3 f . I I , K - f 1 li x ,K A 1 I Q I 0 Increase Your Investmerit 1n America 1 ' Buy More United States Savings Bonds! 'k ir ir MUNICIPAL BUND 00RPORATION 301-303 Commercial Building ALTON 142 W' 'EW' Qowxww fwwwwfw' Qr+ Wfffg dwmi Vg? Tb 5 -.', . --x- - XQXX Y . 6 X Q PRINCIPIA extends congratulations xx? 'i to the class of 1946 M0155 Kjgyfg, fzfy gjfiyf ALTON'S LARSEEERQ-IiQiE1Xff?SJTSSEV'PLETE NEEDS FOR THE FAMILY, HOME, CAR EVERY - DAY - LOW - PRICES 143 Pere Marquette Hotel-Lodge ff M J '--LZ ' X e NX. I I VT- :Lf ' f' ' ig? Qs if f' X ' will -:- A W - ' S oi 1- . - V ' N-Tiff 54? ' U Ug,u ,Egy..'fg1 name.. ,,...i1rsigig, .5 ,W 7 1 e p.iiw.1. . gmh fiefg f .ef 2952313 fl o f 5 ...., ,- 1141 .5 5 4312. Fir.. ' ,mfs , f f- lik e , f 4 X -e 1 I I-,ygw-1:.x.1e1:nvf' g4,gg.2.i. , -as 1 . . 33.51 ig., W, .. f N- MU xg.. w ' 'I 9 . Q 4 O 3 F. Snlulv. PERE MAROUETTE STATE PARK The Most Beautiful Park in Illinois . . . 26 Miles from Alton on Route 100 Rates: Single 36.005 Double 310.50g Twin Beds 5511.50 per day. American Plan QINCLUDES MEALSJ . OPEN THE YEAR 'ROUND Boating - Fishing - Hiking - Horses available April to November DINING ROOM OPEN TO PUBLIC FOR ALL MEALS 1 Breakfast 75cg Luncheon 85cg Dinner 51.75 Sunday Dinners-Noon and Evening 31.75 We also cater to Banquets, Receptions, and Dinner Parties It is advisable to make reservations for Dinner MR. AND MRS. STANLEY R. GILL, Lessees WHEN QUALITY COUNTS WE GET THE WORK lPHONEL 3-3457 mfing C92 976545451115 prinifing 0. 112 WEST BROADWAY ALTON, ILT-LINOIS ENGRAVING DONE BY Indianapolis Engraving Company, Inc. INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA 144 0 ff 1 , ifffffiffffiwf fgfifbif ,ff Cmmmmmm porfnoy garmenff Qinpang . V, xv 7 . 'ivigisa M, JryJ gT!,,!y v3 Y.f W- 2 SM ' 11 ,V 'WK JVM We wf?1fj aff Y 7f,' 'f,3MfQ6f5i'! ,f ffl! ff W jf XV!! f C 'flying a,. .Xi 'ky gyafyypgif mg srnc Pin ruuzn nom 55X N X ALTON A W0 RI R , x 9 1 f 5 ALTOII TIRE SALES F. J. STOBBS' SONS 435-37 E. Broadway Phone 3-8868 GENERAL TIRES THE FAMOUS HAWKINSON RECAPS ALTON'S LEADING TIRE STORE 11 ff Boyd's QFormerly Len'sJ 2427 College Avenue BUSH SERVICE MOBILGAS AND MOBILOIL ir -- C A R S -- Painted, Dent Work Finished, Waxed, Polished, Motor Cleaned, Mobile Wax, Simonized or Macit Battery Charged, Tires Repaired, Brakes Relined, Minor Repairs made, Mobile Lubrication, Greased including Radiator, Battery and Tires checked. ROAD SERVICE. ir We call for and deliver your car A Complete Line of Mobile Products A 2722 Brown St. Alton, Ill. Alton Building and Loan Association WM. H. FELDWISCH, President Louis G. JUN, Secretary FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON REAL ESTATE 620 East Third Street Alton, Illinois C2t:lIQTI.lCiI ' 0 Since 1852 A1ton's Leading Jewelers 0 FEATURING 1 MULTI-FACET C98 FACEITJ' and 58 FJHYET DIAMONDS r . Eegyirji zgjlyglbz-QQAmeriian Gem Soci 'Y I . ' , Pl K an 1 I' ,ff ' , 3 H. V psf F Vf!!ua,f fl J ,jf I ,V 1' ff. ' , 'iff' A ' P1 I ' 1 lj! f V jf I V IV ' ' . ,gu LI son PHA Mncv ' ' :jf J ESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS C if! f ' A I- J' f I i bf if pf s , ,JJ Q ,VI COMPLIMENTS OF .9 J in First National Bank and Trust Go. THIRD AND BELLE STREETS Capital and Surplus S1,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LAGLEDE STEEL GUMPMIY 147 VW? , 4 ff, L I I YERSNXXBR WRYR It 1 4 V 5 3 M ' ' A E5 N f is s With the curtailment of Governmental purchases we will whole- heartedly attempt to increase the supply of Sweet Home branded Bacon, Hams, Lard, and assorted Sausage items. We appreciate the tolerant attitude of our many loyal customers during this emergency. LIIER BMS. PASOIISING GUMPMIY 'Q IN APPRECIATION To Alton High School Students, Order of DeMolay, Sororities, Fraternities and other organizations, for their support during our period of organization. 'k , GEURGE FRIES ufzeqenfd of fzfnqffun 04cAe4Z'4a Music that Satisfies, As styled by Fries My ,pawn Y. W. C. A. SATURDAY NIGHT GIRL RESERVE DANCE COMMITTEE CLUBS sponsoring dances open open to all high to all high school students school girls 148 9 K X A 3 I 5 1- , N' . '-VN S E E -A W COMPLIMENTS OF 3, FA 1 ' R X3 Y, Q Eehy Rau Q X N B 1 , ., ' X, Q BREAD AND ICE CREAM 1,3 iton Baking 81 Ice Cream Company 3 3 wk: I 5 O ESX N COMPLIMENTS OF I xl ., X i -m..Vi1lage Inn Elsah , Illinois X 3 Alton 2- 1021 ,X A S rr NS W M X I N 5 FOR YOUR SCHOOL PARTIES! G I FREQQH ff-fr M Tender and deIlClOLlS merxca s avorl , donuts? They're delivered fresh every . AUP Super Markets igigpliihington ' Ml, Cju., g'4V M I M fd WHEN IT'S A QUESTION OF GOOD PRINTING . THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS HERE . . . NATIDNAL PRINTING GDMPMIY HARRY A. WATKINS, Prop. - 15 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. 149 A-' 'I Air 5 ! , 1 X ' J I I I A Q! KN ' Complete Line of A ,V I V , Photographic Supplies ID Q' , I s as' 1 . Q . ,VX 1 If, ' 'ER-Yr , - , I 1 AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES-' SAL I , ff 1 7 ssl BELLE sr- - - Auron, ILL I l I 7' fl X TWO PROGRESSIVE INSTITUTIONS N 1 ffigg f' f II ' I 1. ALTON COMMUNITY CHEST 2. ALTON HIGH SCHOOL IF Alton V Surgical Appliance You want a ar r BUSINESS TRAINING LAKE VIEW 00LLEGE Broadway at Market Dial 2-1241 Company Broadway and Market COver Sander's Drug Storey TRUSSES CHILDREN and ADULTS ABDOMINAL BELTS, ELASTIC HOSIERY, ETC. 150 DEDICATED X ffm TOALL OJ, A ' 1 AMERICAN YOUTH Who made the Supreme Sacrifice WORLD WAR II They fought a good iight They finished the course They kept the faith And won their crown of righteousness Let us who live be found worthy of this great heritage Tis not your posterity but your actions that will perpetuate your memory -Old Proverb Alina Qlhapter Ether nf ?lBe2JllInlag An American Organization for American Youth to help Build Character and good Citizenship l,,,fWl1f Aoigifflivi TS if L' f fd Blq k s Confectionery 1652 Washington Avenue Phone 3-9637 Go'-c 960-4014 1f 'f0' ,,L..f'f , eN.4,6fsf4-4 VL I fl-44 1 ACME' Plownimf ALLEYS ff A 2 BQ1W'L FOR HEALTH COMPLIMENTS OF 32 REGULATION ALLEYS CN Phone 3-9619 329-A East Broadway Y Telephone 3-7751 151 wi My H .nelninger . UPIUWN Hnlniv BEST HOMEMADE BREADS, .Q ' l . 9 s CAKES AND ROLLS. X M Fourth and Pidge Sts. f .Q 5 'v we 1 Xt .' ,T 1 . it J N at 1 X I A .Q - Dial 2i2182 Alton, I11 I Compliments of Wood River Ave. KL Edwardsville Rd. Wood River, Ill. USE H .feau1JLZ0la21k : I I Alton, Illinois The Safest and Shortest Route between ALTON and ST. LOUIS 'Q' Alton's Most Beautiful Jewelry Store 7 .ihwiion 5 JEWELERfWATCHMAKER Nationally Advertised Merchandise Alton High School Jewelry 312 Belle St. Dial 2-2722 Alton 7 de Mineral Springs G 'I- Hotel OFFERS bf Eorl Mercier ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1946 H. J. JUNGK, Manager k Q4 - M9 ff' M LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS FUR STORAGE RUG CLEANERS Fefe? CANDIES BAKERY and FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1 Phone 3-8877 909 East Broadway Alton, Illinois F Phone 3-3641 204 W. Third St. . Ramey 0oaI Service BAIlEY'S Dealer in -A- K COAL and coma: G R O C E R I E S CHRIISTCEPHER a fl d CFran lin ountyj oun SPECIALTY M E A T S 'A' Try CHRISTOPHER STOKER COAL Phone 2-4125 Two Sizes 'A' H' B' RAMEY E' L' RAMEY 2021 Central Ave. Alton Phone 3-7341 154 X' N' 1 1 QQ! ,Q If 3- 'I l VA! V 7, slifmgman 0 r ' VM 5 1 JM 'A-I I t 1 Lumber Company gf A J' If QR A ,f I U Q 3 L,k I LUMBER - MILLWORK COMPLIMENTS OF GLASS - PAINTS VARNISHES - ROOFING H ' 77 BUILDERS HARDWARE CELOTEX U f INSULATING MATERIAL ' C Broadway and Cherry Sts. ' is Alton, I111no Wells Tire Go., Inc. A ffm. Af YA ' 1,-f ' - fr: 'Lf 'F' 'xxxrlnzs Nqv X ' x, ' A Q' l noon, YEAR I REILLEY BRCS Ghewwlel' S and SERVICE V U L C A N I Z I N G EXIDE BATTERIES R O A D S E R V I C E Phone 3-T187 Phone 3'3131 912 E. Broadway 833 E. Broadway Alton, I11. 155 ,V x V I If 14, ' J' . f. 4, 1 W, f ' Hill!! vi .fl I ffl PJ fa f I , if ' f 11 ,1L.rf.r11f I gffbbin . J i pw tv 'V eEg2Q.xUarn1rbeII I ' Burt's Laundry 1 lent end Awning Co. and Dry Cleaners Rl 0 Telephone 3-8885 1oo CENTRAL AVE. , ALTON, ILL. ' 3 an wi 3 - ow ' ' e Our Phone Line Jbe Your Clothes Line' ' l 1 I 2517 COLLEGE AVENUE Phone 3-8941 16N-.1 Ei E M E KTS AND Q FINEST S H O E S T O R E BEAUTIFUL SHOES W. Third Phone 3- 7822 U . ,LN und 2 ..,,,.,-I ff 'ir Central Tire Service W. E. GRATIAN - I 4 1 f L I 1 Telephone: 3-5612 I 931 East Broadway ALTON, ILLINOIS 156 , .Vx COMPLIMENTS OF nehnlkkngdhhge City Fuel 81 Sguppiy COMPLIMENTS OF c0Illp2lIly Central Illinms School of High Grade COAL and CGKE Beauty Culture FUEL OIL SAND Q CEMENT Telephone READY MIXED CONCRETE Q , , 401 Henry Street Alton 111111013 ALTON, ILLINGIS -f gs-F 'Ei YAQIL-LQAI Kgiijtji-51 0 ENNl2MWB OS 157 Y 1 OWN LENSES WE GRIND OUR 1 f - Q- SAVES YOU BOTH TIME AND MONEY 623 E. Broadway Across from the Wedge Bank SPECIALISTS IN EYE CARE I. C. HAMER FOOD MARTS GROCERIES MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES 3400 Brown St. 1904 State St. Phone 3-9432 Phone 3-7757 ALTON, ILL. 8.4. RED ROCK S zfffmyw 14,9 W. cuLA sv-A . DI-Clif . and GA M ' 6,GkL2ob ALL POPULAR? EVTIEING IN SODA W ' Q M ?ox Washington I Phone 3-923-1-N Pelot Bottling Go. Phone 2-2631 413 Ridge St. 1-2702- sner S fore O. 3 . .. . O EEQQWEQE L D R Y G O O D s 7 SHOES THE Rik' . EXAMINATION COUNTS 1656 Washington Ave. Phone 3-6131 D11 ,atherlxy ' O , T O fM E QS T 206 W. 31-d sf. Phone 2-2923 We Give Eagle Stamps jwk ?npH 4 f 0 Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr 62 gf, . 5 iq! COMPLIMENTS OF 4 lu! KERRS DEUJG STORE N-..'. ,L V Gail P. Kerr Verta L. Lammers L 63 3f'Ww ,jg JVVJK , 1 A, V O ' +- my 159 4' jifuf' fy, y W2 ff fffifmf' V lc Zicsigisf . ,WT E! EXJFJUL STM? ry M n v ,J J f PWA Lnrtkiu' OFJWGE4. 1 ld,-fgwneirz-ytl I Di?1 k 7 j I I . . ' 2501Uftafe g,4 Tdtonarg iagrdiydfilnu., my X JM!! fi fl f ff JL, WIJY gf xg-aofiuo ysggi XJ' vX5a:ldvmnlTghop ff 'fx ff f f tw, JP' Fil' ,JL .M J ,Lf l 9 ff ,Pl , lr! J L 1-1 1 N C5115 F COMPANY 1 I ff See Us For A Complete Line of Sporting Goods ,sf Sdeen Marked Coalj UPPER ALTON , DEPARTMENT STORE 9th gland Piasa Alton, 111. 2525 College X, DON A. KELLY FOOD MARKET We have it 3 we'1l get it or it isn't in town. 2511 College Avenue Phone 3-3411 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 113 West Third Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF SCHIFF'S SHOE STORE 107 West 3rd St. Alton, Ill. Congratulations on your Graduation Best Wishes for Future '9AV 939ll0O OZSZ HHOLS HOHS S. IHZ.LEIM SSOLIS 1911.98 S.ISZI.Sd .mam noA gg dn apis 311311 eq H,noA qnq 'umop episdn eq Maui sgql, TRU-VALUE SHOP Phone 3-3122 127 W. Third St. Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF WALZ MOTOR CO. Oldsmobile and Mack Truck Dealer 321 E. Broadway Phone: 3-6678 u LUMBER + MILLWORK GLASS - ROOFING INSULATION PAINT CARTER BROS.L FORD MERCURY SEWER TILE I LINCOLN-ZEPHYR . GINTER-WAR CO. 4 Phgne 3-5531 Phone 3-35 X I 450 Front St. A 1 1400 E. Broadway Alton, I N. N. CHAL MBE COMPLIMENTS OF COMP E.8:M. te Lunches Sand hes of All Kinds Plumbing V ating Office Ph n 3131 Chic Southern Style , ood Coffee 558 t B dway 2612 state Alto Illi is Alton, lu. UNION DEPOT T 1 , COMPLIMENTS OF lm rave e vzce All Bus Lines Air L EDELMAN S RANKLIN ST E FOSTE D G STO 528 College Ave. 230 East Broadwa Phon A u11y Servin the XR Pourt neration . . COMPL TS OF BAKER LEANER T Y' 24 E. adwa h 2-1251 DEPT. C Gately Bldg., Third St. , 162 y freaw I ROCK S 511 agar 5 1 sxxov roR wonfn f C. SERVICE ST ' E S Zu' JIM S 5 w S 2 :E CHNEIDER, I n 9-ii QLEW -f ww F 5 Phone 3-9797 tawdrlhnllllll E55 xy - 1' FASHIONS THAT LIVE 2029 College AMOD, IN FABRICS THAT LAST , 7' 'fe RUDY'S GIFT SHOP 0 H O T E L DIAMONDS S T R A T F O R D ALTON'S FINEST Broadway at Henry Alton, Ill. G' 0 Threde's Fresh Gasoline fDireci .from Refinery ln Tenk Cers H 4- G R E E T I N G S ! 5 Dam sn.-rj ' T1-11135 DRY GOODS CO. I l Best by A 'I TI-IREDE AUTO co. x , its 1664 Washington Avenue Phone 3-3012 Front and Alby Sts. Alton, Ill. 'I'ODD'S 7 SHOE STORE s 211 Piasa Street CLEANING ,I-,ln FEATURING TAILORING REPAIRING JARMAN Shoes for MEN JOHNNIE WALKER Shoes for MEN Y Phone 2-1312 1 '118 Washing ton Avenue VICTORIA CROSS Shoes for Women PETE RS Shoes for Children 163 a,f,fl!f,g,,-M ' VIZ 6 , .fu owu KLINKE ICE 8: FUEL COMPANY I. 6th and Oak Streets Phone 3-8841 i 15 J COMPLIMENTS OF KELLER 8: SON QUALITY GROCERY ' Phone: 2-1012 W Elsah, Illinois 1 , , Q I 1 ' yi- ,, . 1 ' f ,i'S.S.KRESGEC PANY, 1' U! 1y,,fE. MARY 4 1 I 'f'5c and ,199 tore J, I ff! ff , I, I .X it ff ' J 26 Years in Alton Aj,-f 3- w COMPLETE LUNCH ,H t 'f 1 ' AND ' - ' . U h 1 - ,' som FOUNTAIN SERVICE!! 4 Y ST. ogtermg , l I f I- ip overs ,fAir Conditioned for Your Comlort Draperies f I , jllhdies Free Public LO'-11126 Custom Built Furniture ' J flilresge Building Third an iasa Ninth and Alby Phone 2 1567 gtg? EDWARD OTT JEWELER 223 Market St. . road I xx AUTHORIZED e L 1 'i A Alton, IH. Hamilton and Elgin i Dealer ll f s ar spice in everything nice . the west first LET US REPAIR YOUR SHOES Ab rtle k. paul 3? ilinery - accessories W' J' REEDER 8' SON 1663 Washington Avenue 104 east broadway dial 3-5721 164 V AM I s xx Telephone 3-7141 THOMAS J. FLEMING asc 'ix W. 1. GODWIN Cf? PORTABLE TYPEWRIT Sales and Rentals COMPANY Everything for the Student Plumbing and Heating Office and School Supplies Contractors Dial 3-3113 214 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. Alton Iuinois .l,.m l, 1 .1 A , I f ..,-f xt , V 4 I GRAND and PRINCESS THEATERS W. T. GRANT CO. Known for Values 205 W. 3rd St. Alton, Ill. I SMART APPAREL ' for WOMEN AND CHILDREN 112 W. Third St. Figuring on Buying a New Car? We Recommend Bank-Auto Agent . Automobile Finance ' THRU Your Local Bank Let Grossheim write your Auto Finance Insurance . . . Call GROSSHEIM INSURANCE AGENCY ORGANIZED 1912 206 E. Broadway Phone 3-8895 SEE HESKETT MACHINE and ENGINE COMPANY For General Machine Work Automotive and Mill Supplies Phone 2-1212 HII.nDEBRAND'S HFASHIONS IN FLOWERS ZZ4 E. Broadway Dorothy Huskinson Hildebrand Gordon Miles Hildebrand yx , .pf 1321 1 R. , 1 X ALTON REFRIGERATION . J fl, P NMPARS COMPANY A, -I , If All 'nd vlgglfyl deal AUTHORIZED VA' . J U J' N T. BROWN, II'l.C.t ,nj See 61l1y.B. Broadway Alton, 111. if S FRIGIDAIRE Sales and Service See Us About any Household Appliance and Commercial Equipment 550 East Broadway Dial 3-T122 ALTON PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. PLUMBING, SEWERING, STEAM AND HOT WATER HEATING ELE RICAL SUPPLIES AND APPLIANCES Telephone 2-2511 State St. Alton, Ill. COMPLIMENTS OF BRAMHALL PRESS LETTER PRESS and OFFSET PRINTING 410 State St. Across from Public Library 1 UCK 'S aint 8: loor Covering , Store EO. F. HOERING, Mgr. ' 655 E. Broadway DAVIS MUSIC CO. RALPH GOULD COMPLETE MUSIC HOUSE Phone: 3-3213 412 E. Broadway AITPS-N . s-GNN -X PU , FILTERED tsl? - 1212. SOFTENED CTTX W'A l E'R 11-11-N I DE LUXE ESTAURAN T JUST GOOD FOOD RAYMOND ZIMMERMAN DOROTHY SCHULTZ Managers 2519 College Ave. Dial 2-1642 , ,M ww-- fvivqm' J' The New Nash 6 ' H 1 I SM-Es as 0O.mprqyMj:-:nts CRAIG AIIII SERVICE f' I 1614 Bozza Street Alton, IIIinois 47.1 CROWN I I I MMER-KREMER SHOP ' GLASSWARE EVERYTHING MUSICAL of Distinction DINNERWARE Dial 2-3542 UNUSUAL GIFTS eso E. Broadway Dial 2-3816 219 E' Broadway Compliments of HIllEII'SI EIEHIHM OUR A 84 P Super Markets ,.,....4..........,, Acme Bowling Alleys .,.,..,.... Alton Baking and Ice Cream Co.. . . . Alton Banking and Trust Co .,........ Alton Brick Co, ..,................,. , . Alton Building and Loan Association ,.... Alton Laundry Co. ................. , Alton Plumbing 8: Heating Co.. . . Alton Refrigeration Co ......... Alton Surgical Appliance Co.. . . Alton Telegraph ....,,,,... Alton Tire Sales .,,. .,.. Alton Water Co. . . , Bailey's Grocery ...,. Baker's Cleaners ....... Black's Confectionery ,... Block's Ice Cream ..,... Boyd's Sandwich Shop .... Bramhall Press ...... , . , Bright Spot ...,,,.,.. Brown,John T., Inc.. , , Buck's Paint Store .... Burt's Laundry .,,... Bush Service Station ,......,.,..,.... Buster Bottling Works, ...,......,...., . , Campbell, E. G., Tent and Awning Co.. . . Carl's Shoe Store ,...,., . .,......,.... , Carter Bros. Motor Co. .,...,.....,.... . . Central Illinois School of Beauty Culture ..,. ...,. Central Tire Service .......,............. Challacombe Plumbing and Heating Co .,.. Citizens Coach Co. ..,.....,.,.....,.,. , . City Fuel and Supply Co.. . . ..., ... . Coca-Cola Bottling Co .,.. .,.. Community Chest, ...,,.... . . Craig Motor ...,.............. Crown Gift and China Shop .... Davis Music Co .... ,..., . . , . , Davis, Paul F., and Sons .,.. Dee Floral Co .,..,.,.,... DeLuxe Restaurant ...,. DeMolay ,.........,. Dennis Bros ...,,..... Dick Drug Store ...,........, E. and M. Restaurant .......... Edelman's Ben Franklin Store .,,. Edsall Jewelry Store ....,.,....,. Elsner's .................,........ Fleming Plumbing and Heating Co. . . . First National Bank and Trust Co ..... Fischer Lumber Co, ....,...,..,., , Foster's Drug Store ,.,..,....,... Fries', George, Orchestra . . . . , Gatley's ..............,.... Ghent's Sandwich Shop .,,.. Ginter-Wardein Co. ..... . Godwin, W. I. ........ . Gould1ng's, ..,...,......,.. . Grand and Princess Theaters ,.., Grant, W. T., Co ........,... Green's ..,...............,... Grossheim Insurance Agency ..., Hamer Food Marts .,...,....,. Hartmann's. .........,.,..,...., Heskett Machine and Engine Co.. . . Hildebrand s ..............,..,. Hudson's ,....., .... , ......... Hyndman Ice and Fuel Co. . . . . Indianapolis Engraving Co .... International Shoe Co ....... Keller and Son ....,.,.,.. ADVERTBERS Kelly's Grocery ....,......,.. Kendrick and Lindblad. . . Kerr's Drug Store ,,..., Klinke Ice and Fuel Co .... .....161 .,..,158 ...H159 .,...164 Kresge, S. S., Co .... .......,... , ..,.164 Laclede Steel Co. . ,.,....,..,..... ..... 1 47 Lake View College of Commerce ,... ..... 1 50 Lewis and Clark Bridges .......... ..... 1 52 Luer Bros. Packing and Ice Co. .... ..... 1 48 Mary, N. E.. ,.....,......,..... . .,.., 164 Melling and Gaskins Printing Co.. , , ,. . . .144 Mercier, Earl .... f .........,..... ..... 1 53 Mineral Springs Hotel ....,...,. Monticello College ....,.. Municipal Bond Corp. ,...... . National Printing Co .,,. ..,.... .....153 .....128 .....142 ,...149 Noll Baking and Ice Cream Co ..... .,.. 1 51 Noll Insurance Agency ....,.,. Ott, Edward-jeweler ,.., Owens-Illinois Glass Co.. . , . Parkway Drive-In. ,...,., Paul, Myrtle K ....... Pelot Bottling Co. ...,.,. . . Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co ...,.... Pere Marquette Hotel-Lodge ..,. Peter's Nut Shop ....,......,. Plummer-Kremer Music Co .,.. Poole's Pharmacy .....,.... Portnoy Garment Co ..,. Principia, The . ,....., Ramey Coal Service ..... Red and White Stores ..... ......164 .,..,...164 136-137 ..,...152 .....164 ...,.l58 .....133 .....144 ....154 ...,.167 ..,..16O .....145 ..,..143 ,....l54 .....153 Reeder Shoe Repair. ..,..,......., ,..., 1 64 Reilley Bros .,.. .,,.,...,,.,..,.., , . . , .155 Reininger Dyeing and Cleaning Co .... , .,,.. 152 Richard's ......... , . , ....... , .... ..... 1 63 Ripley Music Shop .........,. Rock Spring Service Station, , . . . Rudy's Gift Shop ..........., Russell-Miller Milling Co.. . . . Schiff's Shoe Store .....,..,. Sears, Roebuck and Co.. . . Sessel's ............... Shell Oil Co., Inc ...., . Shurtleff College ..,,.. Snydet's ,...,.,....,... Springman Lumber Co.. . . . Stratford Hotel .......... Streeper Funeral Homes. -, . , . Thies Dry Goods Co.. . , Threde Auto Co. .... , . Todd Cleaning .,...... Tri-City Grocery ....,.. Tru-Value Dress Shop ......., Try Finer Cleaners ........,..,. .,...150 ...H163 .....163 ,..,.131 .....161 .,..,l43 .....l34 ...M135 .....13O ..,..16O ...N155 ...,.163 .....145 .....163 .....163 ...M163 ...,.14O .....161 , .... 160 Upper Alton Department Store .... ...,. 1 61 Uptown Bakery . ..,.......,.. . . Vick's Shoe Store .,... Village Inn ........ Vogue ......,,.,.... Walnut Grove Dairy .... Walz Motor Co .... .,.... Weatherby, Dr. E. W ..... Western Cartridge Co.. . . , Wells Tire Co .... ...,., Wetzel's Shoe Store, . . , . Williamson Pharmacy ,... Woolworth Co., F. W .,.. , Young's ...... ,........ Y. M. C. A. ........ . ..,,.152 .....163 .,.,.149 . ..,. 148 ...,.159 ,....16I .,..,159 .,...132 .....155 ,..,.161 .....147 .,...161 .....139 .....129 Y. W. C. A. .... ..,.....,....,.....,..,.,,......., 1 48 G6 '1b Melling 8a Gaskins Printing Co. ,Aww C-My-M 3, A ...,, , ,, , A N .- .. A ,,.W,2 ' .1 f . ' - T . ' V , A ' ' - ' . ' ' , ' , - A , ... , -fw-ff-M7LuC7 4'i J' W Mf0f ?f ,OXQWQ EWWQWXJW J lV Q . 6 H Mx WJ . , X, A VM .W .fr ff Wx' WN ,WYNJ5 jf' ,fi 1, -4:5 142 . - .19 .4 .4 . l , Q, 'R-Qiq' .!i - ,v . 11.193 -Q-Z. - ' M -. 'L ' 1 -. . 'I 1 sv -.39---4,1 A if - ' ' : gg A u , J ' ws ' '- ,1 4 Q: 5 W W ,ff ,MQQMQQ S gms ' X3 xg ' R f rv L. A! A g W7 V' Q , X, 1 4, W QWM, Q N A Gd ,lf VT' M p My ',,. I . . wfq , Q? U52 if . ' I 0 0 Q ' ':fff' A ,V V ,, D V , ' Q A'1 Wjfjw Makwm , Q5 'iff 46 , H WW Wi? SX ff' .JW , MW Qlfiygwifym WML ,QM Lfjjjjww gg Q if 1 X J, wwf Migjuw Q f M257 2 NSS? k2W,. My WMM va few wmWGW25 W W W fo W W5 K Q QW ' Qf5WQfW 5'f QVWMW Wwpiwf 5?-Q3 f Qowdrflv wg Ubjgmffijfiww ,W 2-fbi MW ,W Gfmgzwy WZQW LMQJ PM yn U Am 2'3,mfUf7K ,W 1259 22,Z? gifgilgm MM 2315 5 WW My ME ESX! mf' Sfywwg, QMXQYMJ. XX ,sg Qfwfkjjgs, My Qymwfdjljjgfggyy semen, SICDQ URES!! E ,XWEVQ jig . if HUM? M , QW Q W w: WW

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