Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1945

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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iff! -mv ,.-W.,--WW rw, l. , ' T' L 2 The 19115 Ito Senior 'F 1 72 196. ' "1 Egyglx V 'X . .af 1 'x,,1" fs, is 'km 1' 1 " 'Nl' "V V' Mffifa .f 'h .1 .Q ,, W..f':!wfb"f 1' , -' k, -+55 . , ., -K 72' X ww XAII6 ill A6 w 7' 'Z -.4 1 qtl Qi' Qf 51911 5 fhooli I I Kari! ri, ,MU ffl f N '.,,., ,J Ehis Book g fass fl .fY'l 0 1,111 QUT xv H, , 1 ' , . , . .' 'f 'J "-'ll ML. '1'f' 'V MN ,Pg Q.. A .,r,. Sanleu w ,l ,N -K -sf ig 'ut .I wifi ffgfr iw .4' -!L,v ., ,- " 'f 1 , Q, - 4J"i"fq7+5, Yfqwr'-I 'J-i1'5i,Li-w? 3 3 n,g?f:-5.594 - 4fE-y.4 'ffxzix' . "' 17" le-lf' 'lf' ' - -if-1 'nf 'WAI g.ffJ,1,.w,'xf55?!'Tp,. JF. E .It ff -1 I . . , "-'ff-if! , ww-ga. '-'41, 'ff f' ,,f f.,,.f .' -he . PI. Q I, If. I. . .- II -ffk ,r .., ug ,I QIM. - A IIII , f-' 'S f .Q -gf gi- --P755 , 'qi-f '- .., -24 ', .mg ,. A . .. , , . . .wk b , .. . ff fl-AJP n 4 L I H -Est' .5564-N f ' 4 .yy I.,.,4J - h- Q ,N rr. I,xII-- ,IW . I. II,j-- I I , F I -II, I I?I,I'I . I ,I1- I I . .I 1 If-II' CIA: 4 Y II 1 Hy- If: IV! . IIII ,-III .f I A III r, 'A ' 1 ' I ' 24 .IIN -II fb Q-LL,.g' ,. Y Q7 .51 . 1. v . H1 t f N -'f 1.454 y: Y.. 'f P 3 ' f A . fy . .5 4. s"?f' 'm'i"'4 ' 'Z 4 ' , j 3 5 F .- ' -'S .r ' ,' - ,. 'fi ', ' M, ,I -51 ,L 4.14- I 4. I Q ,YI , , , , mg aI Agfvl, . K K + . - af"-,J ,1-emi .. ,qv-'11--'P+ 'Af , .- A ' ' W- . . ,- , W ' up '-'ff -y '1-1 - '- Q, 2 R V ' ' ' "' . Y' '--', HT:-1' '--'e J,"'P"-f,-4,5 Pill'-E. fl "' --',3- -,-P Q f . f 1- V 'nf' w uv. 'mf-, ,1w!"irA- f.'Y,-31751. 1:1- f a, - .1 ff A 1 gre- 3 wr. 12 fffiwa-Q '1 'TZ If ' E .JL , J. .M 4 ' J 'J 1 .' " ' M" . 'vi V-A1-'fa-A 'III I, .II- I Ik II .. I ,Q Ae - I I X R gs. , 3 ...if .I Q, In my l1IIgw,,..,3 11 '-'- '1. ,- ' - f- . - 1 f- -f '1 ., . tw r , Aw Iflggw-In .I I- j'sI If .1 I I I I I I I I AI I V - I, iIIIIII.,If- 5:4 I hy.. +1337 ff. fir . 1.6 -Vw "" T. 2 ' '1 ,.-- 4. ' '-it -'N - '- -A: , 'La-,li '-. R 4" -4, x w , ': ,' ' kr " , W' -' w ' .. " 4 ,' 5,- 'MIA' - -,g -' ' - .fr ,iq ' . . -'il-. I I II-v III , 1 I I IL -IF: II .Ir V'-:IIIII .I P A..I 'III II I I I 142' ,.x.'g,. ' ' , .. - L -. - ' , - - 4' N.-Q4 H-' -' V "' Q Q I:IIIIIII,I ,.I , II . III. IIA . , I 7N..- I I I4 I - I ...f ,,. .,., , , . .. ,. , , .- " , ' - an I ,I , , ' I 'I 1 . - ' .3 ' ' .P - 4' ja I . 'Q I ' ix V l. '-Q ' 6 I wir Q H, ' - . ' f- .U - 5 , , o- ' W- E' -. I -T 1 I ' L., 1 ' II-A . .V 1. I -. , ' :Q V A A .5- -.4 - M Ifli' 5 ., r "'- 1 3 x Q ' . r Y - - ', M' IJ' - H 7 ' ' 'Q53 ' F- ' vfz' I 4 .Q , 1 -5' .. ,, -- w..- " Lf ' f A Ijr' , I K v WX . 5.113 E1 - -W . v , X .III 1 :I I , 'X - 1, '- ' WL' . - 5 " lg r 1 A I.. 5 ' EH- 1 - ,r,, ' f "K, , , 1- f"- -5, . .. 'l 'S' 1' M' V-1-'xl' hi Ty. 14.4 I I - " ' I 'gn' I 'T III I ' ' ' v ' -. - ' ' 5' , ' '1-1: I ,- I V 'I .' .Igu--.I.3 ' Q .4 ., -H ag? .A 12,494 ', -' V1 '1,,,.. -ht, A - , V V' V 1. . , . J v,-A . .- . f ' , 5' -. . ' ' ' r , '. "' - . . , , 1-f' 1 ,qw -A A. l , , ' - ' " ' 4 ,, ' . , I Y, ,Q . Il-, 1 ,' ,euj -I I I4 F :- I+ - rm. , A V , 1 f. - J . f V., -.r .ljrv I 1 IA' I Iyz ' ' IL '.' I I FII S- II V4 I.:1.IIIIIIIII, +I. IJ. : I.IIII4 2143-51 iiriil fx - 'N fe- , 4' ' , " of AVL. rw if" y"' -:W 'N . .L . ' . "1 : A'-ff' ' - -V ' -'f g Y FI Eff - --12 ,- V "-' x 1 -:I . -V IQ, AI Q, ,.f 4, Q.-. -J, ' 1 - " ' V: o , gg . . is .' w.-:pf 1' Q--, V , . QI IA A I ,. I , . I -II , ,I ., -l x ' .JN - Ugg. .rv -, 1? if F QI " , ,L -' ' . - -3-57 ,- 7 4 --,,,,,' 'uf Lf f. -' .H K". ,7 -,P--f' 13-7 . 'g , , M. I I I I III I ,I .,,I Q,-1, I.. . . I .I ,W -,, 1 W, --,,- va I ,'. L' V I-my g :Q Q.,-png-rg, :-:ia --ff f ... V' - '. 1-5 fi " J- F'-'W "X ,a-J' "'- 'Y' -11, 5 ,.r,-4' ' 3- V 1 ff M 1' ' -"f N51 "Jw 'L - 'I 3 4L,.- I ,. U 1 L+ in 'Q ., L.s-,,,,..,t- ,--, .-,J-w 1' -.- gs 41 L , -, .U--ff., , ff - wff- J , , , . , , Lf in V-, V , F.. V4 .- P' f - --fl., V ' i-f'i' '5 2-9572! 1:,f" ' H, ,, , ff- -Half' 1,713 -V-.TF -ji fi'-L - , 155 :-!'LT'- ' I - 1- ': , J' "' , . Y - . "H 1? R541 vi ,Mk .- . ' "- . 5 S -1. , -1 4 -7 ' V ' . ,Y ... A IIIIII.-' ,, . .- -'FII Kdiulgz .II,'H,.' I . U I . v I 5, Q in ' , P2 as . I1 if J R fi e pr' ff .--lv' c Sunmrs pludgg nllugmncu In the Hug nr Clmnxncncunmc From the Editors Notebook "The youth of today shall be the adults of tomorrow" is often heard in our everyday life, but let's forget the present and future for a while, and look into the past-over our school days at Alton High. Lest we forget our beautiful setting of green, let us hark back to our sophomore year when we were learning the fifty-odd trees and shrubs which add their beauty to our campus the year 'round. We are proud of our terraced lawns and stately building, our home for the past four years. Her halls, which were a rendevous for countless friendships, and her rooms of learning where we gained our store of knowledge to make us better AMERICAN citizens, will live forever in our minds and hearts. On starry nights we trekked up the north hill to the playing field and cheered our boys on to victory. Later in the season, the gym resounded with our shouts for valiant teams adding glory to the name of our Alma Mater. We had fun in our organizations Cespecially on initiation nightsl meanwhile learning that our teachers were really human and shared our joys and sorrows. Our capable principals, Mr. Hanna and Mr. johnson, were ever on the alert for our welfare and safety, and many were their trials and tribulations while guiding us along the proper path. We have often been called "The Hilltoppersn due to our geographical location, but to us, the seniors of Alton High, it means the very "tops" in everything. BILL JACKSONYEdiI0f W, e""f'jg.,'g 'f f..j54n?3" . as so Nature pamff mmpzar in winter bmw' 413-5 545' 4 ,xv ! ,fx -rf, -T w A ol 5 Q., 5 .Its IV fi mul.. 'L I I I . AX.. ,.,,. ,f, W, I , I,,,,7m5EW ..,. km , I Ig? A I The Tail er Stajjt of 19 45 ll l e jf! Yerlillriizifl-55 giii li, XVILLIAM RAY JACKSON Editor JACK CHRISTIAN EVA MAE STREIIPER NANCY MCDOW MARILYN EWING EMILY HARRELL Afyixtant Editorf XVILLIAM SANDERS Art Editor LUCY WALKER BETTY CRESSWELL FLORA WIMMER Auiftanf Art Erlilorur HAROLD WILKIIN Bzuineu Manalger FRED SEAVEYL Arlvertifing Mana ger HUBERT CUMMINGS Affiytant ,Aa'vcrtiJing Mana gr PAUL MCGARVEY Circulation Manager RICHARD MILFORD Anistant Circulation Manager THOMAS ARMSTRONG DONALD JACOBY Pbotograpberx , BETTY DANIELS DOLORES RATHGEB Typixtur- , BERNICE WILLIAMSON Faculty Advifor breaigb reef entrance .fi . ...IJ 19 ' ,Ania ' 'sqm i ,Ig ZU6 67Zf61" d. Fear yearf later we Cgraelaare df wee L, . fawly A f1f6.S'l77!2671 -- s'e1fzZ01f.s', wiflv ow eyes' 072 the fzzfzmfc C. C. Hanna To make decisions according to the hest educational ideologyg to meet the daily prolwlems with charitalwle iudgmentg to he featless and stand hy solid convicf tionsg to make prolitahle use of time and opportunityg to adjust to eireumstancesg to aspire greatly and work cheerfullyg to impute worthy motivesg to he generous in praise and appreciation ol' othersg to extend intelligent sympathy to those in distressg to make timely and constructive suggestionsg to give without expectation of returng to cultivate quietness, gentility, dignity, and poise these are the practices that have made him a great character, a successful principal, an outstanding educator, and .1 helpful friend. C. C. Hanna Om' Pmzcjpezl "None hut himself can he his parallel." W allege Avenue 6772707766 in fpifiiecg rf' ' 1 , uk -nu.. 4 1 .n 1 qv-..-.-3 . 5. - , . ,..v,r 1.-'gc-.---ou . . - .n 1- A 9...1"qp--1,-,E- VET! 1124. I 3 ,w Q, ' ,af 'Ag U- 1 5-4 pg,: 4' 3- .gg Msgewg. A :Lg SSW? x:ll3,,J Duns! f H gg?:3W , -me-WA I .I f,t 1 I .Xe I ', 4 J. B. Johnson Om' Actin g Principal "Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others." J. B. Johnson Willing to work each day to carry on the policies previously establishedg interested in making and accepting constructive sugges- tionsg most alert to educational trendsg no problem too big or too small not worthy of some satisfactory solutiong cognizant of faults as well as of meritsg ambitious to observe each niche of the building as many times a day as possibleg eager to improve conditions wherever possibleg possesses a natural magnetic personalityg is nonpreju- diced in his thinking-these are the qualities that are contributing to the success of our new friend Mr. Johnson. inf imipiif in the fail! 5- u. f 4 .if .. 9 - I 7 .QQ I4 ,Pm A .fn :il 4 1 , U I n . a S, , . Y X 1 v TZ, -.1 43- , W ,E , 4 ,, if . 9 ' , - f'- .- A N 11--f ' ul ! 1 v - I K Il.: J ',- - V or gi' 'vf' 'Q .4 4 H, 1 f. 'Q gk 4: S 'T vi L' 'fin' in . f 'Q Y '.A fx' 'Y' . U 1 -, ' ., , . L . . 4. . - . ',, - . -1 Rx . 0 ,Z rig lr' A , A f . ' 1 . . A K 'f: 1 MQ, , U , N , is D , K . Y z ,.,", :J-ivy. W'- ' ' . r K' 'Juv an ' -ff , , . .1 A V . ,,,, ,As . .1 'X ,g 4 ,I. ' .x , ,y x ,,:.,q - ". -, '. S ' f.u": -.Jw 1 ijt!! Qty-fe' -.. ,r4 M' . . Q- . I 1 f 4 J , - - . , ' .. '. - - . 2 K jf ai," Auf: jgwl XJ-x Xf ' :- fzqftg-Q:vt4113.wx' , - , ,V . - . . 'fl x,xJ7'.,,:', ,-IN.. I . - .U 3-I I - nv., f' 1.1 ' 1 JR' . , , . K Q , 'fs x f'., Z. ' . , . . ,, -ww -A , ' "API"-a '4 nf ' ,Q I- H . , I '-g , p " ' ' ' x QQ' ,'rx gm- full, ,V "Ls . - 1, f - . ' - . .rev ' V- .. V - 1 ' X Q Q, g, .E my x u.. . .W . A .kt . rc. -. ' M , . - -Mex -'--' ' ' - ' ' ' H , T 1 an ' " f ' .. 5 if 2 ' K- ' " ' " 4 1 '1 ' 1 Q ' ' ' .. 5.3-1 I . , -. . We dedicate our Memorial Board The Alton High School pays tribute to the glorious living and dead soldiers, who have left these halls not so very many years ago to accept tasks of heroic proportions as simply as they once accepted their daily assignmentsfwho have gone out into the unknown, wherever duty has called them, on the land, in the air, on the sea, to give even their last full measure of devotion, if need be, for a cause in which they put their trust: to preserve a democratic way of life which they had been taught to love in this high school-to preserve, not only for themselves but for all of us, a free country, dedicated to the task of securing liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of its citizens. "We have a job to do," they said, proudly. "We're the only ones who can do it," they added, their eyes shining. "We won't be back until it's done." Since their going, there has been no faltering, no turning back, only firm resolve and steadfast purpose to complete the job which they have so gallantly undertaken. The school pays tribute to their simple courage, their devotion to the call ofduty, and their supreme sacrifices, in some instances, for some of our boys and girls will never come back in body, but transfigured by our memories into something greater than we knew them, they will come back as they have come back today. In our memories we see them as we saw them when they were high school boys and girlsibut greater. To us they will always be young and heroic. Our memories of them will ever glow with a sacrificial liht, for to us they have shown a great love, the greatest of all love-they have laid down their lives for us. What tribute can we pay them for this? Our words are inadequate and empty, except as they make us remember them as we are remembering them now. From "A Teacher's Tribute" by Miss Lauretta Paul mf Azlmmivmfozff ,A " lsl11RTRfxND I., SMITH PARMER L. EWING ,1,,j,f,,,,f ,y,,l,,,-j,,,,.,,Affm .S1rpuz'n1m1f1'w1t of .Sffwofr The wen who guide the fzztzmfc of our .s'cb00l.s' Our lilnulry encourages quiet study I 4 ,Xu , WEL In our lazfzomfofy clmfex we lmwz experimenmrimz. Dissecting il specimen in ll Biology Class In our clmmr we .rfrive to improve our windy. Quiet Study in LII1 English Class We came to Jaboolg ow day becgim I S Hlilld'-K t!n::u5 Q 1fyv m?a ' if 531 dv -4 A - U , 5 1 "V A l . 'lllllli-+5 agjlllll 5. R Ill " ' llll ,, . l ru 8 L . -. . x. A 'J' A . , , VH :HM 2 pk M S 1. M ., PSG M HT ' . WR"'16'p-v'f"Y .1 '- , .V 1ll . Mrs. Bivens, our dean of girls, is well known and loved by all students for her under- standing, kindness, and co- operation. Not only do girls come to her to obtain pass cards and absence slips, but they also COIHC to her with their troubles, because they know that she will do her best to solve them. are me the timmy! MARGUERITE BIVENS Dean of Girl: mf fiends amd advisory MACY PRUITT Dean of Boyf Mr. Pruitt, our dean of boys, is wise, efficient, and well- liked by the student body for his understanding and ability to meet the many situations which arise daily. The boys take their problems to him for his unbiased judgment and sincere advice. ,IAM-, Hlawln' llzruclw' of.S'clwo! l.1n1clw.r Rvru Ama llfriofjv lm.: A SNYDlzR .S-lhlllflfl IN'I,xnllc BliIlYlN1l'LR C fw1m1l .Ycmzfv l.U'l'Ill,R fYlYIiliN llnfwjy Omffx I,9AR'l'llUl.UMICVV .Ytw1r1'qnlj1lqv ADA Kl.lvMl- Af141fl'c'lllxIIlL'.l lnumc Hl'I4CIlL'0CK Clatlmzg Am! here if mf malty' 1: 6 l 'lv' -1-' il ,,,.kg wwe " I .ov' 1 ALL, NANCY LOW RY E11gli.rl1 MARGUEMTE BIVENS Enlcglifb JULI Us MART1 Meclrafzical Dmwizzg MACX' PRUITT H Artery HELEN OVIERMAN Bjalapy DOROTHY COLONIUS .Ypeefb LYD1A HACKNIAN Sterzograplgf LAURETTA PAUL Erzglixb hey me zfiemily and belpfzzl Mll.l7Ill42ID Ru'r1.lamna I:'r1'glf,sl1 WARN S'l'Al.l,lNus Mf1tfu'f1mti4'.r A l.ll 1-z GA'1'1as Mfzlllwmrflfj HORACI-1XVOILICRMAN f,ll'lL'.l' li, Il, CQ,xMvm:l,l. l'l31'.an1r l,mucN l:RI'.l'lMAN f,4l1L'llll.lflf'V l'nanNlc rg xvll.l.lAM5UN Art LQHURUIE Rl'I'c'ulcR M t't'!PrIlIjfrl! I ,l'rlIl'fl1KQ ELLIQN M.-XL'lIIN Latin IX1ARUAR Ii'I' T1 111115115 .SyL't'I'L'fz1I'fzI! .yL'jL'l1Cc' W MAE B1iRN1c1: Boomlin CfWl'1l.f GR M11 R 111519 Nlfztfwzmzfmn' BON Bnow N mm, Wm, M1 WE ,T my Book kL't'f7fl1KQ Lli'I'llA H ,xn1..x N H iffwjy Juw1i1.1. Su'1'111a1zL.fxN1u ljzzqlixfv 1 RAY L.,l,1cK5oN Direftor of f1fl1lcfic.f hey helped zu wifb wmf pffojeozif- lnlxl, ljI,hI'.NIl um! NNN Gunn Ill sun I :Mm l'mrmz Ivey alia! not 6LI6J'61"f mix mf wmf jobksw- lfuiqfl a lf ffn'ls'Cfwf1 1411111 llflliffl 1 ff mx. lhwxw , lfuliifz 1 ff 3 l1l,1x,xulu rn Ulu I KINN .NVIIITIU Q,,y, l.lbl11l'111lI C 1' vm lg WP J N5 42 5' MARY HELIiN SMITH Stzmfy Hulk CLARA BLACKARD l',i"l'lZC1J ...-A...-5 MYXRY SIDWELL H 0ll.l'L'!70ltl Arif GUY DUKER Bum! , ' H RUTH ELLIOTT xiii Biology if 1 a s ,IA W DOROTHY FEssLE1z A.Sk.ff.ffrlllf Kegjfrnzr DOROTH Y F A Y Regiftnzr S0 b61f'6,J to them - 6 think ZLEEQXW6 az Jwell fzzczzlziaf! Mus. Flil.l7NVlSL'll Mus. NIAGUIRH Mus, l3l':D11:1,1, Much crulir is Lluc thcsu Indies who cams every Tucs- dny to msnst wuth thc sale of War BOl1LiSllI'lLl Stamps. We bozzglvf War Bomb ami Smmpy evwfy Tzze.s'affq v Izvcrvunc IUIIILJLI thu MarchofD11nqsfo1'tI1p lwcncht of the lnfammlc PLIFQIIYSIS caunpzugn. We C0lZfWbZlfL'6! gL'7ZUl'0Zl.5'ZJf to the Nlmfcb Qf Dimef January 1945 Class Officers P1'eJident.'-f-GWEN HUISH Vice- P7EJfli6lZf.'4DON JANSEN .S'6Cl'6'f!Il'jl-TF6HJllI'6V.'7NO E L TU RN E R 14 f.-'-- Q' ,kq. 3 4 a saw a a 4 a Q June 1945 Q , aaaa b q 1 ,, Class Officers a Prefidentf-JIM KOENIG VfCE'Pf6Jjd6Hf,'fLAXXERNE GELZINNIS Secretmjy-Trmf1zrer.'-JIM POLLARD we re OW Seniors L. 4' s .vgw iflr -. 'xi ii- Q1 - P g " 5 1 QF' ' .I , ' FI J lfil .V ' ' . ,. .,. ' ,E 41 " .1 iortfvlvi 5 . " ,f Q .-W' - ww. N .M D ., I ff' . V 1 U A F SAM AIKMAN BERNIECE ALLEN FORREST. AUSTIN DARDANELLA George Williams Hi-Y, Smiley Hi-Y, Travicheg AYER5 Band. Senior Play. BILL ALLEN THOMAS K. HAROLD MARJORIE T. ARMSTRONG BRUNAUGH BISHOP WANDA JANE BROWN Minute Maidsg G. A. A., Girl Reserves. MILTON BOPP Smiley Hi-Y, Pres.g Boys Cabinet, Band, Sec.gTra vicheg Student Council Tatler staff, camera Club? Spanish Club, Rifle Club Pres. JACKIE BROWN WILMA BELANGEE Red and Gray Hi-Y, Student Council, Minute Band. Maids, Student Forum, Choir. GERALD LEE BROOKS Big A, Pres., Student Council, Football Team. M. MILTON BUZAN Smiley HiY, Treas.g Na- tional Honor Society, V. Pres., Boys' Cabinet, Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Traviche, Band, Senior Play, Football Team. Camera Club, Sec., G. A. ISABEL BORMAN AVIS BAYES DELORICE ARMBRUSTER National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Thes iansg Dramatic ClubgQu5l and Scroll, Latin Club,Times Staff. SYLVIA ANDREWS National Honor Societyg Girls' Council, Student Forum, Pres., Spanish Club, Latin Clubg Dra- matic Club, Thespians. STELLA BLASIOLI ANITA LOIS BROWN G.A.A. SENIORS...POSSESSORS OF ALL WISDOM THOMAS BONNELL Latin Club, Pres, g Smiley HiY. MARGARET CARRIGER National Honor Societ g G.A.A.g Minute Maidls, Pres g Latin Club, S an- ish Club, Camera Cilub, V. Pres. HARRY BRUCE MARCELLA BUTLER MABEL BROWN MARCELLA French Club, G.A.A.g CLAYTON Senior Play. ORVILLE COMBS JUNE ROSE CLARKE WILLIS CUSHING DOROTHY LOUISE CARR Spanish Club. E AND KNOWLEDGE ALTON HI HAS elf' 'N R ROBERT CHAPPELL EUNICE CAMPBELL MERRILL COX CHARLOTTE CULP WARREN CHAPPEE ELSIE DUNN 1. MARILYN L. EWING National Honor Societyg Quill and Scrollg Tatler Staffg G.A.A.g Student Forumg Dramatic Clubg Thespiansg Latin Clubg Camera Clubg Minute Maiclsg BandgTimes Staff. BETTY CRESSWELL Tatler Staffg Art Club, Pres.g G.A.A.g Times Staffg Quill and Scroll. FRANK DUNPHY Big "A"gFootba1l Teamg Basketball Teamg Track Team. NELSON EALY JOHN K. CHRISTIAN Thespiansg Dramatic Clubg Scribblersg Tatler Staffg Student Council. PAUL DRAKE RUTH MAXINE EISENRICH G.A.A.g National Honor Societyg Alton High Rifle Club. DUANE CLAYTON DONALD ANDREW DAVIS George Williams Hi-Y, Pres.g Big Ag 19 Clubg Student Council. FLOYD EBERLIN HUBERT 'CUMMINGS Senior Play. MARCELLA CALAME THOMAS DITTERLINE LOIS ELAINE ELFGEN Commercial Club. OFFER. YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL A SENIOR SHIRLEY EVERMAN ORAN LEE FULLER ANN FREEMAN UNA FOWLER RAE JEAN GENT Student Council. Girl Reserves, LA VERNE ROBERT GILI. MARY GRANT EDWARD GILBERT ROBERT GREDING GELZINNIS Times Staff, Editorg Na- tional Honor Societyg Quill and Scrollg Girls' Council, Pres.g Student Councilg G.A.A., Pres.g Minute Maidsg Dramatic Clubg V. Pres. of Senior Class. Art Clubg Tatler Staffg it x . x Lqlxz BUT ---- YOU CAN'T TELL HIM MUCH! P faqs 'K 5 KX L... f ,sl FRANK GOSS Boys' Cabinet, V, Pres., Smiley Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms, Student Council, Alton Hi Times, Quill and Scroll, Football Team. GEORGE HARVEY PHYLLIS HENDERSON G.A.A., Choir. VIRGINIA HUGHSON Student Forum, French Club, Commercial Club. JOHN GILLENWATER RUTH HINNERS RICHARD .IAEGER Rifle Club, Smiley Hi-Y, Stamp Club, V. Pres. DOROTHY HELMKAMP G, A. A., Commercial Club, Treas. CONWAY GRAVES Quill and Scroll. ALICE HUBBS VIRGINIA HICKERSON Commercial Club. GWEN HUISH National Honor Society, Pres., Latin Club, Pres., Minute Maids, Scrib- blers, V. Pres., Girl Re- serves, Pres. of Senior Class. A SENIOR BOY'S MARY HALBERT LAVERN HENDY EVA JEAN Z Minute Maids, G.A.A., HICKERSON Big "A", Sec., Student Chgif, Council, Sec. JOHN HAILER WILLIAM JACKSON National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, V. Pres., Latin Club, V. Pres., Spanish Club, Pres., Tat- ler Staff, Editor, Camera Club, Pres., Stamp Club, Pres. , Conservation Club, Student Council, Senior Play. VERA MODIENE JOHNSON Minute Maids, V. Pres., Student Forum, G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Latin Club, Library Assistant. PEGGY GREENE Big "A", V. Pres., S-Fanish Club, National onor Society, Choir. LORAINE HANSER Camera Club, Commerci- al Club, G.A.A., Girl Reserves. MARY HUTCHINS Camera Club, Sec., Quill and Scroll, G.A.A. , Latin Club, Times Staff, Lib- rary Assistant, Senior Play. EMILY HARRELL National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Tatler Staff, Library Assistant, Minute Maids, Spanish Club. EARNEST PLEA KENNETH JONES BILL KRAMER Student Forum, "19" Club, Senior Play. CHARLES GOLIKE PHYLLIS HOWARD Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Student Forum, Student Council, Big "A", Senior Play. GLEN HESS SHIRLEY MAE HAWK National Honor Society, Sec.-Trcas. ,Camera Club, Pres., Times, Exchange Editor, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, Latin Club, G. A. A., Office. DORETHA JOY DOROTHY KNIGHT x 'A K- l G . N- ,A b HQ' 1 V 5,16 1' If Y 'vs- REJECT ME FROM THE INFANTRY! V36 IB, 5 fa- JIM KOENIG Smiley Hi-Y, Pres. g Boys' Cabinet, V. Pres. 5 Dram- atic Club, V. Pres.gThes- pians, Prcs.g "19" Club, Pres.g Big "A"g Quill and Serollg French Clubg Travicheg Pres. of Senior Classg Senior Play. EILEEN KREIDER Quill and Scrollg Times Staff. CARL E. LEGATE Honor Societyg Latin Clubg Student Councilg Red and Gray Hi-Y. ROBERT LEONARD ENID KRUSE Student Council. EDGAR LEWIS JANE ANN LINKOGLE Girls' Council, V. Pres.g Student Council, Sec.g Latin Clubg National Honor Societyg Commer- cial Clubg Officeg Senior Play. BERNIECE MILES KARL KEASLER MARY LOY NORMAN LOIRE ORA MASON A SENIOR GIRL DAVID MOHLER RUTH MEANS RICHARD VIRGINIA MOODY French Clubg Minute Maidsg G.A.A.g Girl Re- servesg Senior Play. JAMES ELLIS MAN N Red and Gray Hi-Y, Sec.g Latin Clubg Student Council g Quill and Scroll g Times Stalfg Rifle Clubg Football Teamg Basket- ball Teamg Track Team MITCHELL CAROLYN MILES Latin Clubg Big "A"g Thespiansg Dramatic Club, Treas.gTimes Staifg Quill and Scrollg Student Forumg Choir. MARY LOUISE KELLY Quill and Scrollg Times Staffg Girl Reservesg Stu- dent Council g Latin Club. JOHN LEMP Red and Gray Hi-Y. BETTY LANDIS Commercial Clubg French Club. TED MILLAS Football Team WILLIAM KINCADE MARY LOU LEADY Girl Reserves. PATTY jo LEE Student Forumg G.A.A.g Student Council. MARY BETH MONTGOMERY 'S DREAM "AT LAST! VIRGINIA MAUL ROBERT MEYERS RICHARD EVAN MILFORD Tatler Staifg Quill and Scrollg Movie Operatorsg National Honor Societyg Senior Play. Do1.oREs JEAN MA1.soN Am. ,r 7? 5- , ., 'C of f X Q.-r p-w G A -fe QV an " W P, LL THAT WORK IN GYM IS PAST! 'll E W S ? Q gf f' Q51 B ha. DORIS MAYNARD Honor Society, Latin Clubg G.A.A.g Minute Maids. PATRICIA ANN MARSHALL Student Forum, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Library Assist- ant. LORNA MAE PARISH RODGER PENNING CHARLES NEUDECKER Big "A' ' g Student Forum, V. Pres., Football Team Track Team, Senior Playi HELEN NASH Student Councilg G.A A. Minute Maids 5 Commer- cial Club. ROBERT PARKER ROSE PHILLIPS NANCY McDOW ' Tatler Staff. . MILDRED MILLIFF Arr Club. MARVEL MAYHALL NEAL ' IPETITT Boys' Cabinet, Student Council, George Wil- liams Hi-Y, Sec.g Foot- ball Team, Basketball Team. PAUL MCGARVEY Smiley Hi-Y, V. Pres., Student Council, Pres,g Boys' Cabinet, Pres., Football Team, Basket- ballTeam,Baseball Team. HERBERT PEEL Smiley Hi-Y. JACQUELINE OLSBY Choir, Girls' Councilg Student Councilg Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas.g Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Pres., Thespiansg Camera Club, "I9" Club. WILMA PAYNTER Student Councilg Student Forum, Latin Club, Girl Reserves. ,1oYcE Moomr Minute Maids, Sec.- Treas.g G.A.A.g Girl Rc- serves. MARY ANN MCCASKILL French Club, Pres., Na- tional Honor Society, Pres., Student Council, Senior Play. JIM POLLARD Boys' Cabinet, Student Councilg George Wil- liams Hi-Yi Sec. of Senior Class. RICHARD POTTER Latin Club, National Honor Society. REMEMBER OUR EVENTFUL YEAR? CHAMPIONSHIP IONA RICE ALLAN PERRY CLYDIA PHILLIPS LEITHA MAE PAYNE LEONA PELOT JAMES RICE NORMA ROBERSON ELIZABETH PHIPPS RAY ROBINSON EVELYN REEDER Spanish Club. c an W? ' L G , 5 sr ' 35. .. + " W " TEAMS! An! ,LTQ XO 110 i ' 455:54 E SADIE H AWKINS DANCE, r ii, 5' . .,:Q- - E .. ' ,.?:. A WILLIAM REYNOLDS MARTHA THOMAS SNYDER HELEN STEWART DON SCHLUETER Student Patrol, Band. DELORES SEAGO Camera Club, Latin Club, Student Forum, Student Council, Library Assist- ant. THE INEV JACK SPAULDING VIRDIA MAE TATE SHACKLEFORD BILL SUHRE Smiley Hi-Y, N. H. S., Quill and Scroll, Times Staff, Traviche. MARILYN SHEPPARD Girls' Council, Pres., National Honor Society, Sec., Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Commercial Club, V.Pres. JOSEPH C. SMITH Student Council, George Williams Hi-Yg Basket- ball Team, Track Team, Baseball Team. NATHAN SUTTON Thespians, Dramatic Club, Chorus, Smiley I-Ii-Y, Traviche, Student Council. EUGENE STIFEL WILLIAM SANDERS Latin Club, V. Pres., Art Club, Camera Club, Dra- matic Club, Quill and Scroll, Thespiansg Smiley Hi-Y, Business Mgr., Times Staff, Tatler Staff, Band, Chorus. DOLORES RATHGEB Spanish Club, Commer- c1alClubgNational Honor Society, Tatler Staff, Stu- dent Council, Quill and Scroll. MINNIE STINNETT Art Club. BETTY SCHRUMPF EDITH SONS ELDON LEE SMITH Smiley Hi-Y, Student Council, Football Team. PAUL SMITH Band. ROBERT SCHMITI' EVA MAE STREEPER Tatlcr Staff, G. A. A., Commercial Club, Art Club, Student Council, Camera Club,Senior Play. ITABLE THANKSGIVING VICTORY, THE JUNE TURNER Latin Club, Minute Maids, G.A.A., National Honor Society, Camera Club. GENE THEISON FRED R. SEAVEY Quill and Scroll, Pres., National Honor Society, French Club, Stamp Club, Pres., Student Council, Tatler Staff, Movie Oper- ator. ROBERT THAYER Band, Pres., Dramatic Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Smiley Hi-Y, Times Staff, Business Mgr., Movie Operator, Track Team, Senior Play. CHRISANTY TCHOUKALEFF Latin Club, V. Pres., Girls' Council ,Sec.-Treas. CHARLES TAYNOR Football Manager. CHARLES TAYLOR Rifle Club. NOEL TURNER Student Council, Nation- al Honor Society, Art Club,S anishClub, Latin Club, Cllioir, Student For- um, Senior Play, Sec.- Treas. of Senior Class. Ava.. ... l ' X Exit. w SQ Q I M Q-1 xf W, .. 'Q' 1 552 FACULTY-STUDENT "STAMP-EDEN? AND xb- 4 Z. Q Q' N Q -A K. BE EUGENE ULLRICH Band, Spanish Club. ROSEMARY WOOD GEORGE WALKER George Williams Hi-Y Big "A", Football Teami MARY WILSON LOUISE WHITTEN ROBERT VASSIER ANN VOSE Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Student Forum, G A. A., Times Staff, Chorus, Band. CARL VOLLMER LUCY WALKER ROBERTA WILLIAMS Hall Patrol. ALICE WATERBURY Girls' Council, Sec.- Treas., Latin Club, Sec.- Treas., Camera Club, Scribblers, National Honor Society, Senior Play. TOM WARD Quill and Scroll, Sec., Art Club, Tatler Staff, Art Ed., Choir. RICHARD WOOD FLORA MARIE WIMMER French Club, Sec., Dram- atic Club, Pres., Thespi- ans, Art Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, V. Pres., "19" Club, Football Queen, Tatler StaH', Senior Play. HAROLD WILKEN Traviche, Thes ians, Dramatic Club, Smiley Hi-Y, Treas., Quill and Scroll , Tatler Staff, Track Team, Senior Play. BENTON WOODS PAT VINE National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Times Staff, Bus. Mgr., French Club, V. Pres., G.A.A., V. Pres., Camera Club, Sec., Student Council: Thespians, Dramatic Club, V. Pres., Leaders Club. DOROTHY VOUMARD Commercial Club, Latin Club. JEAN WELD Commercial Club. JOAN MCGINNIS National Honor Society, Girls' Council, Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, Pres. LAST BUT NOT LEAST SENIOR WEEK WITH WALTER WETSTEIN DORIS KRUG WILLIAM YOUNGBERG LENA MAE SIMS PEGGY OLIVER Hall Patrol. FRANKLIN MEYERS ROBERT YUNGCK Spanish Club, Pres., Red and Gray Hi-Y, Pres., Student Council, Football Team. HARRIET PATRICIA Smiley Hi-Y, Sec., Stu- INGI-ES dent Council, Traviche, G.A.A., Minute Maids. Boys' Cabinet. VIVIAN WILSON MARY PUCKETT Lf E PROM AND GRADUATION EXERCISES Xi K K..-ff' A L.. L. SO HERE'S TO YOU, THE CLASS OF '45 QUINDARA KENNETH MIHILL MARY HATTEN DON NEVINS JEAN MARIE DONALD JACOBY VADDOCK Football Tcamg Scni- I-'OEI-I-KE Thcspians, V. Prcs.g or Play. French Clubg19Club, Travichcg Dramatic V. Pr:s.g National Club, SCC.g "19" Honor Society, V. Clubg Camera Club, Pres. ScC.g Boys' Cabinetg Smiley Hi-Yg Senior Play. BOB HOEFERT EUNICE HENRY BETTY CHAMPLIN BETTY JEAN AMMA READ Student Council. CHARACTER ROMANKO G. A. A.g Spanish HATFIELD National Honor So- Clubg Girl Reserves. Hall Patrol. cicty. JOAN MARIE MARTHA DONALD PAUL LORETTA EVELYN PAUL E. HAWK WILHELM National Honor 50, JENNINGS REINHARDT MITCHELL National Honor So- Library Assistant. cietyg Latin Clubg Latin Clubg Student Band. ciety. Stamp Club. Forumg Girl Reserves. YO 'LNNUARY CLASS lS..xl,, Dmzlx lil uc Klsl'lu.l R, Nl'II'l'.'X lixoomrzu, l'n1,l. CQ.xN.fx1n', XVIRUINIA ll,-xml-.1.x, I3m"1'Y ling lCnN.x lf,-xv, lfmun l"u4.x.m, l':VlnIAYN ciOl'lAlI, Mfxlu.-xN HAWK, l3uN.'xl.lm ll.-um, lJolm'lHY ANSI-.N, DUN 'II.NNINtis, l',1x.l 1 N ljmmxmm, QQRALI, UIIRIJ,-UN, IIANNIZ I Kllu.,'xN, fXl.l.lN.N l.AN4.IlORN'l', .'xl.Ill'. M,1xR'l'Z, IDAN Mll.1,l4.k, .'XlcNol,lm PIAII, RI-.VI-1I.l..'X Sum'l"l', Ylazm.-x1.1.11 514111, Wll.l,l.'xM XYl.lDNlI'.Il, Rs,,'x'ln.'x YL Nm 1-:,'loANNL The llamlnry Class Prom and Graduation Exercises U'RE ONE OF ALTON HIGH'S BES ' Seniors Witluollt Pictures JUNE CLASS BI.UI'0RD, El.lll'IR'l' l3u.'xNm4:Nlx1sms, EVFRTETT c:lIAl'Plil,l,, IMUGICNIC Co1.1.1Ns, Dmuwm' c1RlIZA'l', EUNICE Hm.l.lwNu, l31a'l"rY .lOllN5ON, W.u1m:x,1. Lucnrr, Roman Mfws, 'IACK Runnin, W11.1,1,-xm lhmnlaR'raoN, Pm' RUIQUIN, Pfwl, S.xwx'1zR, Pun. Sumo, MARY Sl-1ARI.liS, Bli'I"I'Y Slllilfl-' l31f:'r'l'Y SKINNICR, ITDNA TuoMvf.oN, IYIARY Wmzlfz, CZOLIN XVATSUN, Cg1,liND0l.A XVILSON, ll,-xeQvl51.1N1f Wmixxmm, M.xu-golzllc Yoummsnuou, Su1u1.m' The Defense School Willis at the lathe. "Pop" Milton operates a Shaper Boh tloes some fancy cutting Guess who? Mt. l-lesh instructs Using the cutting torch Using L1 hcnch lathe "Pop" Checks out some tools Mt. Hesh and Mt. Smith Chzulie llrvant and the new Mt. Btvnnt, Ernie Lilc and Mr school' hus XX"llISOl1 Am! have me OW fzmiozff -- l ' uf .QV mx- June 1946 Class Officers .IANICE TII,I.MA Calif Inn... ., .. .A XVAYNE SN .S T .......Ln G CH CHARLENE JUNE LEE ASH AIKEN JOHN JUNE ATTAWAY ALBERS RUTH DON BIERBAUM BECK DON 1.ucn.1.E BROOKS BARBER E E R U P J PHYLLIS RENUS BOWER BAKER AL BONNIDEL BELANGER BROOKS BOB JO ASTROTH AZZARELLO CHARLES AILEEN BURK BROWN FRANKIE ROBERT BROCK BOYD RODNEY GERALDINE BAILEY BAKER U N I O R S , D O N ' T JACQUELINE RAYMOND BRUCE BROWN ERWIN MARY BUDDE BROOKS CATHERINE ASARO ,WJ if EMARY BRANGENBURG GLEN BIERBAUM FEEL S IDELLA BROWN LESLIE BROWN 5 I I ,T Q9 fs' 5 4' iql-Z" 1 ov... Q Ls. r if .qv A 'w 'G' Kb 5 "?. 'I 1 :Q gf Q51 W 5' X .Q '7 m. ! Q 9 45 E' BLUE! THERE'S ONLY ONE MORE YEAR FOR 44' 'TGP 6 A -43? R .. kia in -ur ---f 15 GERALDINE BOKER BILLIE LOU CORN MARIE CROWE HOWARD DAVIS YOU. MARIAN DAVIS GEORGIA DAVID HAROLD GAIL BEETS BATES JEAN LEROY CONRAD CHAPPELL JACK VIRGINIA CHAMPLIN CHESSICK SHIRLEY MERRILL DOMAN DAVIS S T U D Y , 0 R BOB JUDY DAY DEAN FRANK VIRGINIA DUNCAN EBBERT RICHARD IRENE BAKER BALLARD DARLENE MILDRED CUNDALL CONYEAR EVERETT MARJORIE CLARK CORDER PAT MARVIN DU CHEMI DUNCAN N O T T O S T U D Y LUTHER IVADEAN DISERENS DANIELS MARY ANN ROSEMARY ECCLES EGELHOFF 'T' I iw Q New G3 Y7' P A if-"'-K HUX NO' -ul'-W? 'few' Ci? L if fi """ I AT IS THE QUESTION. WHETHER 'TIS Ni' 'STC '35 awww 40' Wh Ma!! 1!""V 'Qt' DOROTHY JANIE YVONNE BETTY JACK SHAW EVENS EDELEN FIELDS FARLEY MALVIA DENNY ESTELLE MARCY PETE FRANKLIN FOSTER FLETCHER FISCHER FUCHS ROSELEAH NORMA JEAN DON MARTHA BILL FRANKEL FISCHER FABLE BEGNEL FITZGERALD VERA JACK MARJORIE RODNEY MARCELLA GILBERT GREENBERG GILLEN GILLESPIE GROSS ff W NOBLE WISE AND STUDY HARD. OR I LEO PHYLLIS BOB SHIRLEY JOHN GREEN HARFORD HERMES HENDRICKS HALE BOB LUCY EVELYN PAUL DOROVI' HY MAN HUNT HATFIELD I-IURLEY HEALEY HERTZ 'S' x . 'X : f A is INV 'Q A Q M. X. .S L A, fm 'F .. if v, DUMB AND HAVE A GOOD TIME its is ., E,4 A . ',,:: an 4-'T i v x SQ? 1 gg X L .4-V' 3 if Emlx 4' by ,v..c,-h,,M MYWMMM P M . D AVONNE rg GLEN HOYT HENDERSON CARL DORIS HERZOG HARTER SHIRLEY ANN AL HENDRICKS HEINEMANN EVERETT DELLA HOOK HUCK A Y E A R F R O M RALPH HELEN IGO JOHNSON CHARLES BETTY KRUSE KASINGER CDLENE HATFIELD MARY HALLORAN DOROTHY HOWARD DONNA HIRTMAN NOW GENE JOHNSON MALCOLM KINDIG JACKIE WARREN HAWK HARRIS BILL RUTH Howrss HORMAN MARGIE RICHARD HYNDMAN HARRIS HOWARD HAITYE EICHEN HICRMAN M O S T T H E NORMA JOHN JUERGENSEN KAY ROGER MILDRED KRINARD KNIGHT ,Q S-:r'I' 'v 'Q' , ca 52 I K ' 6' ..... BOYS IN I 'TG' my , , ,"'-I -r""7y I . " 3 V fl: .V I . - 'f "6 OUR I-:W-'W Af 'milf W LASS WILL BE HELP A X., fa'-4' 4-1' 2 fir Iva.. NGN' npw-lf 5 v. ING mvffvfm EUGENE JANE KOHLHAS LYONS BERTHA CARLTON LUEDECKE LUTZ HOWARD ALLEYENE LAMBERT LYERLA MAE EDDIE LANHAM LUDDEKE U N C L E S A M . VIRGINIA HERB MASSALONE MANSHOLT GRACE DOROTHY BLACKBURN MERRELL TOMMY ROSE KING LUKEMAN DARLENE BILL LAGEMANN LAWSON HARVEY DOROTHY LYERLA LIPPOLDT IRENE DEANE MCMILLAN LEONARD Y O U ' D N E V E R BETTY DALE MEYERS MINOR -NIILBURN BARBARA MITCHELL MILLER HORACE NAPP MELBA LEE LEE LAUX HARRY LOU MIDDLETON DREA LOIS MITCHELL BE'I'I'Y MASON M X .lx . 39 wk A xg ' R - 'A bw. 1:7 X -fm pw' Ce' ,, 9' its Hip ws X g u A .lm-,N ' 4 Q 4316 , pn sw HOW MANY FUTURE EISENHOWERS OR TF ,QS as 43. LUCILLE MICKOFF DOROTHY MOSSBERGER GOLDIE MCCORMICK MARY JANE NICKELL NIMITZS BETTY MELOW BETTY JARRETT CLIFF MATHUS RALPH MCKINNEY SHIRLEY MOORE PA UL OWENS WE VERNON PENNIN G DORIS RICE A DOLORES MARTIN RUBY MORTEN BURTON MORWOOD BETTE OWEN VE IN MILDRED PERICA DON PETERS HOMER MARY MATHUS MASON BETTIE GORDON LAGEMANN MCCLANAHAN MELBA EVADA MITCHELL MCCANN SIMON DOROTHY OLIAN NICOLET T H I S C L A S S BOB DELORES PULLEN PELOT BETTY JUANITA RHOADS Ross 174 7 an 'lil Q5 lv . st 'Wk 3 x WWW my -M ...df B ,,.d5- i' 3 THEY'LL GRADUATE JUSTf up ii A x A ql"?' ' Q' -1 -iw 5 flbsm W" W' WY IN TIME TO "HE .49 BETTY ROBERTS BETTY SUE RUSSELL MARILYN ROBERTS MYRTLE STEVENS SET THE LONNIE SILVEUS BERNARD TITCHENAL DON RUEDIN ROBERT SHOWERS CONNIE SCHENK GEORGE STUPPERICH RISING MARY SNYDER FRED TICKNER CATHERINE RILEY BETTY RYAN CLARENCE SMITH DORIS SCATES SUN LEONARD SCHIEBE PHYLLIS SCHAFER BOB REIS a WI A S T in FAYNE SHUMWAY WAYNE SNELL FOR THE MARCELLA SHEARBURN KENNETH TITCHENAL CRIS RINER VIVIAN REED DON SCHRIMPF WILMA STITES JAPS!H! DICK SHERWOOD PATSY STOUT if yt W ' lik, AEA -Q wr.-ff ., "23tf il' 6' THEY ' -M1 4x'.I' NYY, im., G-'C an W ' .. - 3-'srl Q AM 1' I HAVE A BRIGHT AND PROMISIN gf, I . ., V . A ' K'-17144 WY' QV www' 5 Y . A H ii ':::, , N Q if K A 'T .1 .. . H ' HARRY LOIS DON MARCELLA BUDDY TATE TERLISNER TEMPLE TAYLOR TAYLOR CHUCK NANCY ROBERT BLANCHE JIM TOMLINSON VOEGE TIMPE VOILES VAUGHN JUANITA GLENN CORADELLE H. R. EILEEN WARNER WHYERS WILSON WILLIS WILKINS BOB NORMA DICK NORMA JEAN ROLAND WIGGER WHITTLEMAN WILSON WOOFE WILHELM FUTURE----THIS CLASS OF FORTY-SIX CARRIE CARROLL EUGENIA PAUL SALLY WARD WELLS WILLIS HARRAWOOD WILLIS JOSEPHINE CHARLES HARRIET JUANITA BERNICE ZELLER JUNGK WETSTEIN WATKIN S MCMAHAN U ,J cuffs ,.':'.1w-Q K"' 59 'zz' X"'r 15.4 x A 3 G 44 5 W ' " Q ag is-i ga 4 4'-1 -f 4- cv ya, Xxx A .GAL W' Lf 'SJ R BEST WISHES GO WITH YOU.. .20 .Q .J VN gy 1:7 if LL 31 . -I M 4 , 111' Juniors an ' IMOGENE BILL MARY LOU JANICE GORDON ROBERTA TROUT RICHARDSON MARSH TILLMAN RUBENSTEIN COGAN CARL WACILNUZLDT Iuly 26 l92SfNOVcmbCf 30 1944 I eeznnot .rqy nml I will not rely Tlvezt lve Z5 deem' -lve if juft ezzzeey. He lun zvmzeleffeel into an zmknozrn lem! Anel le I ny Jreumifzg lmzz zefjv air It needy mmf be .fince lve lingenf tlfere Andvyou O you :elm the uildefz yearn For the ale!-lime Jtep and live glen! reflrrn W Tllinlz o him ezring on af dem' In tlfe loze 0 there af the laze 0 hem' Think 0 lwim Jtill df the mme I .rqyx He if not eleezelfbe ix jzut ezmqy. Zin Memoriam lfV2ll1 ez elweuy mrjle, ,ami L7 wezre af flue lmml, f I I f f f I , ' ' f ' f '. f , jamef Hflviteomb Riley Am! bare are Ozzy Sapbamozfef - ' . 0 June 1947 Class Cfficers Prefident ......,.....,.... SHIRLEY RANDS Vive-Prafidwzt .... ...,.. G AYE XVIMMER .S'ew'e1mjy-Trmfzmr. . .... HARRISON FARLIEY 0 ' ' :J ' ' ' L - in - 1 rr A 4 - - - I in .- Af,..,-1' ,aww A. -- AW A sit" ,af get W K V ' we , re 'Q i ii f ll e i in K 5' Q Q 0 , i ag.. if , . ,gg , N g L ' . I , is , is K. A ,, -- Ai Y is 5' ,i , A K " 1 ltrs . A 5 X 1 e, f wi A 5 fi .. 4,9 ,. , fi r , M F3 V i f H ,, 5 MSS., i j. ll 5135 ' l 'kr ..,,...fes i ti 4 ::. , '57 . A 5 Q 'ei fi. i Q... W 75 We 1. , w ig 2 wk Q In Eire- X - , y 1"ir.i't mia .' .llroml faux' Tflmz' faux' 170111112 raux' lfiftli l'01t'.' ,Yj.x'1'fv rozrx' Xvaml ll Bill Allen, lola Arnold, Mason Ahrahain, Dolores Allred, George Arnilwruster, Applegate, Mary Beaverdell. V Anita Boyle, Bill Beets, Annahelle Brown, Walter Breyfogle, Alice 'lane Brown, George Beneze, Melinda Barker. ' ' . 1 ' Ramona Bailey, Ray Boyer, Mary Lou Black, Ted Bertier, Betty Browning, Theodore Brooks, June Barton. '. , V Bona Battershell, Don Barnard, Marilyn Bleeln, l3ett sl1ellfBill BeDell, 'lane s. Ballard, Marcella Cason. V Ll ' I V' z - 1 Shirley Carlton, jeff Comhs, Patsy Carriger, Frances Con r, Cl' Qh-?1lTll7CI'lZIl11,J02lIH Cresswell, ,lane Colvin. - - v " x 1 ,I r, 2 Tommy Dean, Dorothy Davidson, Rohert Downing, Helen Diincan, jroyce Dooley, Louise Davis, Walter DeBrunner. 4 ' PM L 1" 1 ,"' J io' ...J 3 14 vll,vf,4,.4.L-Q ff" 4.4,-.-L L wi' 'lx GFW 'CZ' 1 A 1 . . Q 1 ,gil .- .Q Qyx f N ,.4 'G X 5' --ff QQ' x ur' 1 3 ' all fx P 1 Kr' If., Aga lvzwf I'lIH'.' Dmmlll IUHIICJII, Gloria Dittcrlinc, Kcnncrh Dirickscm, Wilma IQIIMHL-V, Clmrlus Iflwrlin, . -s Nmn'1n.1 lflrml, ' mlm lflliorr, K I qXx.S'1t0Il1fl'lll1,' Plnlllp Izvnm, lk-try' f'cnrl1crstonu, liulw lidwgmls, Curry Iidsull, Dons Fxshcr, Cmorgc Y l'llp1 u Nmmz V1 un ll! Q w, '4"cA:. xi., llyllfrl mu: Muriul Vlumkcl, HLll'I'iSOl1 F111'Iux', fflglinc Gnllzlhcr, Lcroy Fcsslcr, Ruth Gum, Fl'illlCL'S ,X Uulnlllmn, Riclnml Franke. Q . , . ,. , . - . , . . . . Yi I-nnrlff ron: Cmwgc Crcorgcoff, X IVQIIHLI CIVLIY, llxll Cifilhillll, Dgmc C1ockcn,'Illn Cvcl11lwc1'l1ng, Norma 1 HulLllcy,'lc1lI1 Hl3I'SfI1l.ll1. lqffrlf l'lIIl" Dnrullmy IPIUHVIIILIII, fX1.lI'gLll'CI Hickuy, Dun Hcllrung, 31111111 HAlf'L'S, Norma HCI'IIlQ'S, Louis lvl N, ll.1m'i,'Ic11l1y HtlXX'AlI'ki. .xl.Yfl' 1'un.' liilllu ll-rn Hglmlsnflls, Thon1.1s Hum, uXllwc1'ti11c Hnllwrr, Marilyn Hurshuy, Francis Hurd, X Nalzllcc Pl1llIX'Cl'SlWllI'k, .lynn Huebner. A F 3 .,...g ...J , . Vi we ..--s. i H? C W f ' '-u-Q av , ' 'fig g hm K' -E5 X fm rg, . : mf.. . , X3 2 lv t si K WE 2. 31 . , ' if W lfirft roizu' Sccorzd raw: Tlwird raw: Ifourflz rout' Ififffw rouz' .Slixflr faux' -. 1 A " G... 'N-'S' r if , ? W 5 xxx gm 92' W K., im: 'K , 1. 'W 5 X xi lr ma .P ef 5- .wil 5, + A7 N 1'- Q o W' , Z D il in Q sri 46 W 5 A E, 5 ff. A Q ' r .si N N ar . I 'fi , . Y Ieunne Harris, Vera Hagen, Don Hesse, Bmlmrat Holloway, Bette Holt, Alice Hintlerhzin, Bette Hoggutt. Grace Huhlutrtl, Shirley Hurd, Wilma Hock, Fred Ingram, Delores Hollzintl, Allintlii Hayes, Marjorie Jones. Mzircellajohnson, Vivienne Jennings, Leland Kreid, Dolores King, Marilyn Krnnz, Butltlv Kohler, Charlotte Kramer. Beverly Kusinger, Dorothy Keith, Marian Kunz, Glenn Keirle, Marv Lou Kelly, Albert Lziuclc, Rosalie Luczis. Stella Keen, Dellner Lziulvscher, Vern Lutes, Georgia Longusr, Don Long, jenn Lock, Winnie Luetlecke. Maurlvn Laux, Marvin Lolwbig, Beverly Lune, Karl Lenip, Shirley Laughlin, Charles Lynch, Clzlrettzl Lnnsfortl. ' of? w 407.5 '-425. av - G ,A K Z vurrvv A w , Q " t Q i K ,f,-2 Q , ii ' 4 . .an . an ur if . -- V xii 6 1. fi s.. Q sa x G. Q L K E ,V L w-- im : K r as 1 , Y' 5 W , 54 ,ff f-f ii' lm L ! i . K L WT 5 3 fc:- ' L 4? 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IUIJ' om 5tockLl1lL in . OfI5..Al'1lSfllSi2l Surnndms MITQIL QILCL R01 md I1 f 011 IIN Ou C1 f t m um Qgx Stiritz, Eznl 9t1oI1IwLL M mx 9Lv Szxffw mn l1l'llL, S t Lgg 1 Ph1l1p Qnuth BLttv Stircs, Put Qurton Mm Qtxc LX Piper, Bum P1uLrr Don Plush -s , 4 f... 1. 1,5 , 0-3.4, i i fx I . 5' ' ur. ' "Z, I F K 0 Qs' L -f l , w W I bs '55 Sr fe- 'i Q...- .gqlf '25 Q- ,, 6 Q. 'JV 5 an 'nv 6 .fo A Xia I i .' . an g 4291 'vi E ox n.X.a'L,s.. i U- f-Q4 Muff ln-if mu-5 1..n'ol Iiqili liolwrtsoii,XVclNStci'Sl11itl1, l3CfIf'Tl5XX'IlSlCf',NlJI'll1.l Tlioinusson, l.coTwiCl1cll l,ois T.lynor, liliinclic Ulqrt. .Miwlifi-n1f'.' llill Yosc, Mgirioric Ycit, .lolin Yon llcrgcn, Marilyn Yollincr, Dick Wilson, l,.lXl0l1Ll Wcilic, Nolwlu Watkins, il'ffml1wn'.' Dororliy W.n1lcn, Howgml xvlL'lilllLl. Zocflnn Winkler, Bill Wolilcrt, Gaye Xvllllllwl' lxnln Wliitscll, Georgia Wuiglcr. lfnnrrli l'llHl.4'l1lCk Winans, Put Williamson, Ronnlil Wilson, Allilmy Wooil, Gcnc XvlCliCl1l1LlllSCI', Pant Wunxul, fi.ll'llAl Wilson. lvfflf rung' Dolores Wooil, G.11l Wqinricli, lililinc Wgulc, Hnrolil Winson, Wumlai Rosc Wclwur, 17.111 lnngck, Mui' l,ou Young. ,Slvlli mum' lfnnngilu Zicgciilnss, Harold Brooks, lNl.1i'ioricO'Nc11l. v 1 RAY JACKSON Director 0f Atbleticf GEORGE INGLES Bmketball Coach Joe Naughton, the Redbird's star left end, was chosen as one of the four best ends in the state of Illinois. He was the only player from the South- western Conference to receive this honor. Joe is one of the best all-round players that Alton has ever had. His greatest job was that of pass-catching and place-kicking. By catching passes for touchdowns and kicking the conversions, Joe was one of the highest scoring ends ever seen in this conference. He had a total of 53 points. As you can see, Joe well deserved the honor of All-State, and Alton High is very proud of him. E Our Coaches "A team is only as good as the man who coaches it" has often been wisely said. For a team only becomes championship caliber when the players have been Carefully selected and long and patiently taught by expert coaches. Since Alton this year has had the unusual record of two conference championships, the credit should go to the men who coached these teams. To Ray Jackson, our Director of Athletics, a winning team is a habit. He has produced so many championship teams during his years at Alton that it is taken for granted that Alton High's football team will always be a strong contender for southwestern conference honors. To George Ingles goes the credit for our first southwestern basketball championship in 21 years. He worked hard and long to bring this honor to us. Alton High School is indeed fortunate to have these men as coaches. JOE NAUGHTON ur bampimf jmck the bleachers ' I ' 2 Q: 1 3 'QN +5'Q?'w 5SH' J ' Y If . s 0 I 'Q ' wi t ,f 's,. , ,lj 1, D 0 6 , ' Xi- Q!! . - in ymwwfxf wi 1' . ar ir 'Y A ,, vw ski A 3 Q .hi A X 2 ' ,Q ' ' .qqfn ' , "iff ,, 4? 4' ' X A 4 X, If 1 ,f ,X ' X. J. . ,S i' 5 f - U2 ,pw I Alton.. ....24 Alton ...,A,.. 20 Alton .,.,.... 24 Alton ........ 14 Representatives from the Boys'Cz1lwinet shine the trophies from the trophy cases. 1944 SCORES OFlALTON HIGH FOOTBALL GAMES Benld .......,.,....... O Alton ........ 14 Belleville ,... . Edwzlrclsville ..., . . O Alton ......,. 13 Collinsville. A . . Wood River. . , .... O Alton ,.....,. 14 Granite City. . . East St. Louis. . . ., .21 Alton ........ 41 Madison. . . . , Alton .... . . .25 Western ..., ,... , 12 We celebrate our Thanksgiving victory with ll snake dance through Upper Alton l 4 'sry -V 4, 4 . 2 , 1 , 27" 1 , Q . Qu' ' 4 as XX L j,,, :fX 1 I 3 ' 1 ! ' ' SA ' 9 S ati, 5 :LJ Q-I K, Q x g x ,ff,y ' I, r q Q Q ,, ,, 3 'P A X E X ' 'ff- ' ve W- 1 ,1 I fi is 4 . x at ' , v I J 3 at , Q X' 1? X gk K . KN. Q. QAM X x RMK NW X ,Mg lr: M 1151 Udijy ' ml 94 , M 'R f , A mr u ' - m - X , is ,, , B u. fl ,f x g ' 3 7 i Q T .WX - , ,-,fy .T up 4, s A t gi' ii 74 3 I Q ms 'r , ' 1 5, Q Q 'FA' an JW fix W . A " 5-M'QffwN R sh s' L V L XL' 2' FN K , ' wig 1 ws ' U Y ,Q LETTER MEN Tun MILLAS, Fnllback JIM SCHOTTERS, Tackle DON JANSEN, Fulllmclz Bon ASTROTH, Qzzarterbnck DALE XVICKENHAUSER, Tnfkfe PHIL HOVDA, Guan! EVERETT BRANGENBURG, Guard NEAL PETITT, Center PAUL MCGARVEY, Halflmfk CHARLES TAYNOR, Mgr. HOWARD EICHEN, Guan! if Sign Q 9 J . v-an-j 3-my ng. A , p Mr- fwr' - 1 'vlrr F -.azt- -L LJ INDIA... H in V -9 ., . 'Tn LETTER MEN was 33.1 'Ll-'a"if"' Q5 Qs' nv. Nh .-'. I Q , fb .W ,-'N if sw. , .,Q -.,.,fs Af, .MA CIIARIJCS NliITlllCCKl1lR, lllzffburk 'Im MANN, Fm! ELDON SMITH, lhflfbfffk lin lmlmlucxrz, Ifml PAUL RUIQDIN, Nfgr. Rolwm' Gll,l.l1ISl'll'I, Gmml FRANK Gam, Tlnklv JIQRRY Buooxs, lim! KEN MIIIILI., I'l.r!fbm'k FRANK DUNPIIY, Canter Y 4. .I-. A., L 4 A Alton scores against East St. Louis DkJ11'IllI1SCl1 oH'f'o1' Ll run. Our' chcur lundcrs. McG111'wy :mtl Astrotlm gut thuir mzm Eldon Smith gains some ytmlngc. We stop Western. FLQRA XVIMMIZR, 1944 1'V00th11flQl1:'c'r1 e Cffozwe mf 1944 Football Queen THE 1944 FOOTBALL QUEEN AND HER COURT l.vft to riglfr: Null Pcritt, Marilyn Sheppard, Paul MCG2lfX'C5', L11 Vcrnc Gclzinnis, Don -Izmscn, Flora Wimmur, Cill'Ol'lOhllS0l1, rrau'r1-hmrrr, Avis Bayes, Eldon Smith, Leona Pclor, Evcrctt Brzmgcnburg. Ms. . 'S -xv if., Lg fi J Q 5 1 fimig W i X. , 1:9- 3 ifr t,A ' W 61 swf Qffijiz , ff.:-qw . - in R' xr W Q fin .. A. . W. ,ef ' W ,M ,Q I , .',,1 if fy 3 yn f . qw- 4 "L' 'xf"f7' W as 'vi we Y A NH MA, .f. W U N ef '-'+ f ,. A .A i f' 1 J' l if 1' -'l I l 550 5. . V -r FIRST TEAM lvrir mir: Ilulw xlsrmrli, liurmii Morwood, Howard Eichcn, 'lim Younglwcrg. 81101111 mzzz' lirxmk Duiipliy, 'loc Smirl1,'Iim ScI1orrurs,'loc NQlllgl1f0I1, Wnync Snell, LeRoy Cllgippcll. BASKETBALL SOUAD I-mf amz-3 liulw Asrrurli, .loc Smith, Lclloy Chappell, 'lim Sclmrrcrs, .loc Nilllgllfilll, Wnyiic Sncll, lfruiiik Dunplmy, Burr Murwoud, Howard Ifichcn, .lim Youiiglwrg, lNlLll1ilgCI'. S'rimnlzw1r.' Phil lixxim, Gcixild Hunsmm, llolw Showers, Floyd Carroll, Bill Wolilcrt, Bill .lClllill1S, Bill Rcinlmrdt, Bob Halford, Bill Bowman, Howard Wiclancl, Edward Wiley. Bon As'rRoTn NEAL PisTiTT JIM Yotmonuno Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton 'Alton "Alton if Alton lcrscvvillc Greenville St. Louis U. Gillespie.. Collinsville Staunton. . Matlison. . Marion. . Flora Mnttoon. . . CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS JOE NAUGIITON IIIM SCHGTTERS Ll5RoY Cimiiiii The sqllllzl :lolz SMiTu FRANK DUNPHY BURTON lVlORVVOOD XVAYNH SNI lL 1944 BASKETBALL SCORES 19 Alton Greenville .. 14 'Alton - Wootl River Alton East St. Louis 30 Alton Belleville Alton Belleville . 31 Alton East. St, Louis Alton Gillespie. . '56 Alton Granite City. . Alton Wootl River. 38 Alton Wood River. . Alton ciI'1ll1lfC City. Bl Alton Etlwzlrtlsville. . . . Alton Roxana . SO Alton Roxana .... Alton Edwardsville 1 Alton Collinsville "Alton Granite City 18 Alton Madison . "Alton Wootl River 'Cliristmas Holiday Tourney. "Regional Tourney. i GIRLS' SOCCER CHAMPIONS llctty Owen, Daisy Williams, Phyllis Slmfcr, Ruth Bicrlmuin, Dorothy Nicolcthlunc Luc Aiken. 1 if X YA H inali- !"s'Lfv','1k', l0N'-pNaN4 E VN livu Ya 23 T 8.wvs-yy-F Our nciglihoring athletes on thc other hill, thc mcinhcrs of thc East 'junior foothnll squad, will provide Alton High with its stars of tomorrow. Miss Colonius' Class practices make-up. ln Chemistry class. "Oh what a Beautiful Shirley Hawks dog, Senior Morning." class mascot, dons his cap and gown. The trombone section. ln the hleachers. Uptown. Examining Miss Gates' chart showing how many points everyone has. The French Cluh poses for the photographer. "QS" x- The EfZirorfB1LL ACKSON 01 camera to Don and Tom. f TypiytfBETTY DANIEI,S ,xxx 22353 Emi at nga Q93 .gj I be drier Smjjf Bill mounts L1 few faculty pictures. Pbotogmpl1er.rfD0N .IACOBY and TOM ARMsTRoNG i Mr. Streeper explains a few of the line points of the new Betty types ll few Business letters asking merchants for ads Adzfcrtifing MdUdlQ6V7'FRED SICAVEY Fred looks over 21 few contracts. WK Ant. Art Editnr BETTY CREsswELL Ant. Adv. Mfqr. U gi., K5 HUBERT CUMMINGS Amt. Editar EVA MAE Snxmspun JUQWQ Plclllqls mg wut WWW um Bi TOUR A.l'.l'f.l'flI7lf Eflitwtr Emily, Betty, and Nancy Eva Mae and Hubert pick Emu' HARRELL identify the pictures on out 21 few posters for the NANCY McD0w Panels, hulls. f 1945 Tlw BIlIl!ll'I.l Aliulfzrqw' HARm,n Winer-iN Hc lwrulcc zlll prcvious Tntlcr ruumls lm' thc .iimmunt ul aulvcrwisiiig written for tlic 1945 Tnilcr, !1.f,rrmn1t Ifmlfflzlzrnf fllmzulqw' Ruiifxim lNlll.lORD luzmfu' flflzvmr llivxiwlclz Wii,i.iMimN l,lll'l'll!zlIlfllI Minmiqrr llwi, lN'lcG.fxRvi-:Y Paul, Riclmr-il xml Mlm XX1llimNm Llunlx mu thc. girculntiim rccurils. The Tntlcr is il Hs -ll-out" with 4 1 wailing list, liyfiml D0l.i1iu4,s RA I in ,il ii liulmu Ivpcs ll lcvs "l U U K" X flrl llllllflll' llil.l, SANimll.izx llill Siimlcrs wurkimg un thu umlsliuur of rliis lwunkl Arif. flrf lfffllnlii l7i.onA XVIMMICR 1.111 Y XVALKICR flint. lllrflllll' 'ACK lIlRl5'l'lAN D C 'Z -no -Q- S-...Q J . ca ' Q. ,Q- Q a R is' . lAlCls. mounts plmtogmplis. lilmtx, Lucy, xml lNl.ll'llf'Il .'l.r.rr. Iffliror mount sumu senior picrurcs lxl.-XRILYN lfwmc to put in the case in flu li lll lfiizrf pfzmlr Don Jansen, LaVerne Gelzinnis, Pat Vine, Miss Galley, Boh Thayer, and Shirley Hendricks make "tlum1ny." tSlL'C0!1t1f7zII1Cf.' Charles Burk, Eileen Kreitler, and Bolw Day cheek Circula- tion lists. Thin! p11m'f.' Dorothy Collins, De- lorice Armlwruster, and Donna Hitt- man. Fozzrtlv pmzvls Betty Sheff, Marjorie Cordet, Ann Vose, and Carolyn Miles, reporters. The Times Stall' "Times" staff reporters Collect their news for publication in the Alton High Times. The editorial staff of the "Times" compiles the reporters' news and "writes up" the headlines. First Semester Rifle Club - Ferct Picture Second Semester CIPIIOMAE K. ARMRTRONOA A A A A A A A A A A lffzptuirl ..,.. A A ....,,., TnOMAs K. ARMSTRONG Stamp Club - Second Picture Bum. 'IAcmON A A A Al'rcAridez1t. A A A A A A A A , AEUOIQNE SHULTZ Fruan Sr:Avm'A A AVice-l':'e.ridu1fA A A A .AAAA BILL 'IACKSON liucuml-1 Suu1.'rzA A AXccrctfzrv-TrcururrrA A A A .HOWARD LAMBERT RICHARD IIAIQOIARA A A A A A A.S'ergeunt-ut-Armnr A,AAA A A AAAAA AAAAA R ICHARD JAEOILR Student Forum - There! Picture SYr,vlA ANDRIQXNS. A AAAAA Prefidnzt A.AA A A A A A A A A A A AAAAAA SYLVIA ANDREVV5 CHARLEA N15Um5cK1:RA A AVice-Prefiderzt . A A A A A A A .CHARLES NEUDECKER BARBARA M1I.LERA A A A A ASecretary-Treafurcr ,AAA AA.,.. B ARBARA MILLER The Choll Thu Buss Scctlcm Thu PIFLISS Suction The Saxo- plume Suction M., wx 1 6 0 V Q ,QT , . X . wx . -4" yd 'TT .j"fN. as L g x x, x x af f ,N.?N shy a- V ay' Xvnfx :V -y Wfviffi-41 1 2 3 4 A National Honor Society - Firft Picture First Semester GWHN HUIsIIA A Mll.'I'lJN BLIZANA A SIIIRIAIQY HAWK DoN JANSIEN A ..,. A LAXIIQRNIQ GIsLzINNIs A A lion TllAYl:Ili .....,. IDUROTHY KNmH'rA A liuNIcIs CAMPHIQIAIAA A lDORli'I'HA .loYA A A A CIAYIIIA PHlI.IAlvsA LAVHRNI: GIQIAZINNISA A A AA .... A A A A A A JANIL LINIcooLIzA AA ALICIQ XVA'I'IaRnURYA A MARliAl!li'T CARRIGIQR XVIRIEINIA IinmsR'rA A A SHIRLEY HIaNuRIcIcsA Second Semester A A A A APreAridmt ..., A A A .MARY ANN MCCASKILL A A A AVice-Prerideut .,,, .... A A A A AIIILAN LoIsLLIcIa A A A A A A A A A A A AXecretiiry-TreuAruru'A ...,. ,.,.. .e.,.. Iv 1 ARILYN SHEPPARD Alton High Times - Second Picture A A A AA AA A A A ..,c.... Editor ,.....,,..,.. AA AA ,... LAVERNIS GELZINNIS A A A A AAArAriAi-mizt Editor A A ,,... SHIRLEY HENDRICKS A A A A A A A A A A ABuArn1eArAr Mui1u1gerA A A A A A AAAAAAAA AAAA A A A A A A APAT XIINE Phyllis Wheatley - Third Picture ADoRoTHY KNIGHT Prenderzt AAAAA A A A AEUNICE CAMPBELL A A ADORETHA JOY ACLYDIA PHILLIPS Vice-Prefiilrizt ..A. A A .Secretary ..... A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAATrei1J'urer AAAAAAA AA Cafeteria Helpers -Fourth Picture Girls' Council - Fifth Picture A A APreJidentA A A AAAAA A A A A AAAAA A .MARILYN SHEPPARD Vice-PreJidentA A A A A AAAAAAA DOROTHY COLLINS A A A A A A A A A Afecretury-Treasurer AAAA A A A A A A A ACHRIsANTY TCHOUKALEFF Minute Maids - Sixth Picture AA A .A AA AA APrefiilentAAA AA AA AA AA AA AA A AVIRo1NIAEnnIzRT A A AAAAA Vice-Prexident AAAAAA A A APA'rsY CARRIGER A A Ajlecretury-TreuJ14rerA A A A A A .JOYCE MooDY ,age :V M-V ,l 5' 2 -355 4 .4 5 50 1 A ft mmf? X! 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CRIS RINER MAliIl.YN SIII4IfI1ARnA A A A A .Vice-Preriilerzt ,,,, .... ..,... P A T XVINE CRIA RINICR A A A AAA5'ecretuIjv .... ..... ..., ....... F L o RA XVIMMER l3f,NNll,lfl. llliililkx A A A A A A A A A ATm1AI'11I'erA A A A A A A ..... A A A ABIQRTIIA LuL:DIscIcI-3 AVIS l3AYsAA AA A JANIL-II: TIIAIAMANA A FAYNIE SIILIMWAYA A A LOUISIE WIII'r'I'IcNA ljOliU'l'HY c:Ol.l.lNS, A PAT YINII: AA AA A SIIIRIAI-LY HIiNl7l!lL'KS MARJURIII CoRnIzRA A l3Ii'r'I'Y ANN lVlI'1YI'lR5 BliIi'l'llA LIIIaImIccIcIc YVONNIS Hm"I'A A IIM KOIENIG AAAA A JIQAN LoIaI.LRIAA 'IANIS TIIAIAMAN A Commercial Club - Second Picture AA AAAAAAAAAAPreAI'1ilef1t A... .,... A A A A A A A .Vice-PreAI'1iIer1tA AAAAAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A AAAAA .Secretary AAAAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AAAA Treururer AAAAA A A A A A A A G. AA A. - Third Picture AA A AA AAAA Pl'6.fill6'l1f AAAA AAAAA A A A A A AVice-PreAI'iile11tA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AAS'ecI'efi1Ijv-TI'eaAI'1n'erA A A A A A A A A A A A A A Girl Reserves - Fourth Picture AAAA l're.r1i!e11t AAAA A AVim'-PI'L'.I'icfe'l1tA A A A AA AA A A.S'ecreti1IjvA A A A A A A A A AA ATreuAI'urerAAA AA AA AA AA "19" Club - Fifth Picture A A A A AAAAA A APreAI'ideI1t AAAAAAAAA A A A A A A A A A A .Vice-l'reI'iilc11t AAAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A.S'ecI'rtmjv-TI'euAI'lm-r AAAA A A A A A A A A Movie Operators - Sixth Picture A A A .IIANICE TILLMAN .MARlLX'N SIIEPPARD A A .ELLEN THOMPSON DoRoTrIY HIRLMKAMP A A ADoRoTIIY COLLINS AAAAAAAAAAPAT X'1NE ASHIRLILY HENDRICKS A AMARJORIE CORDER ,DOROTliY HOWARD AA AAVIRGINIA GRAY A A AYVONNE HOYT A A A A A A AJIM KOENIG A A A .JEAN LoIaLLx1s A A ARIANIS TlLI.MAN Q B l l 8 I5 6 '5 41, 1 5 1 nf? First Semester FLURA WIMMHR4 IAQK CuRls'l'1AN. Bum. KRAMER .A., PAUL McGARvm'. l:I.0RA WIMMIQR4 IANH LlNKUGl.l'I RUmf:R'r THUMI-s4UN. Hum, Ac'RsUN .,,. Dramatic Club - Perot Picture 4 4 4 4 4 .PreJ'iu'c'11I4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ..,.. Vice-Pmrielfilt ..,...., 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4eS'ecretufjy-Treuollrer4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Student Council - Secoucl Picture 4 4 4Prc.fide11.f ......,, 4 4 4 4 4 4 .ViCc'-PI'c.fiefc1Il4 4 4 4 4 44.Yecreturr-Trou.n1mr .... .4 4 Latin Club - There! Picture 4 4 4 Prexidcnt. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 .Vice-Proficient .... 4 4 4 4 MAIQY' ANN Iit'c1.las. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 45'ecrete1fjr-Trmxlmr4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 IQUUIQNIL SuUl4'rz4 4 4 HARRISUN FARLIQY DUN LUNU4 4 lion LONG. 4 DUN .IANMQN ..4. IM KU:-:Nm 4.,... I AUI. MCGARVIEX' 4 DUN Scm,Ula'r1aR. 4 4 IUHNNY KAY.. 4 4 Conservation Club - Fourth Picture 4 4 4.444Pre.r1elcut.44 4. 4 .Vice-Pro.rieler1!4 4 4 .,,. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4. 4. ....Secretury.444.4 44 .,,... Treu.f11rer44.4444.44.444. Boys' Cabinet- Fzfth Picture .4 .4 4.4444.4Pre.r1e!er1t.44.44.444 4. 44 4 .4 44 .Vice-Pre.rieler1t44.44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ..Sit'C7'C'l'cllfV-Tf0d.l'IlfL'I' .... 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Hall Patrol - Sixth Picture 4 4 .44.4 .44.. 4 zh hour ,..444..444444. 4 4 4 4 4 45th hour. 4 Second Semester 4 4 .JACKIE OLsBY 4 4 .44. PAT XVINE 4. 4 .JOHNNY KAY 4 4 .XVAYNE SNELL .HOWARD EICHEN 4 .MARY HALBURT 4 4 4 4IoAN MCGINNIS 4 4 .JUANITA Ross .RUTH BUERBAUM 4 .EUGENE SHU1.Tz 4HARR1sUN FARLEY 4.....DoN LONG 4444Bon LONG .PAUL MCGARVEY 4 4444 FRANK Goss 4 4 .WAYNE SNELL 4 4 4 4DoN SCHLUETER 4 4 4 4 4 .JOHNNY KAY X . l F First Semester DON QIANSEN ..,. BILL JACKSON. . . SHIRLEY HAWK, .. DON SIIRIMPIT. , . SHIRLEY RANDS, . . WILLIE S'flNNE'l'T. . BE'I"rY CRESSWELL. . EVA MAIS STREEPER ..... LUCY XVALKER ......, HUIIEIIT CUMMINGS. Quill and Scroll - Ferft Picture . . . . . .Pre.rident. . , . , . . ,Vice-Prefielerzt. . . . , . . ..... ..... S ecreturjr-Treumrer ...... . . . . , Spanish Club - Second Picture . . , . ..I.. ..,,... P rczrzelctzt ...... .,,., , . . . . . , .... Vfft'-lJl'C.l'jl!Cl1f. , . . . . , . . , . , . . . , . ..S'ecr'et1nQy-Treasurer. . . I . , . . Art Club - Third Picture ...,.,..........Pre.Iident........,.. ., . . . .lffff-P7'U.fftl't'7lf. . I . . , . . ,Secretuljv . . . . , . .Treu.Iurer. . . Second Semester . . .FRED SEAVUY ,....BILL 'IACKSON . .lJL' XVALKHR ..,,BI1.1. ,IACKSQN I .XVILLIIC S'I'INNE'rT ,, ., .llfxcxzlz OIAI31' . .l3Iz'I4'I'Y flRl5SSWliLl, EVA MAE S'I'IzI5EI1ER .... .Lucy XVALKER l-lulxum' CLIMMINGs '50 L 6 - 2 First Sexmsrur IMI KIIIIANII. WAIIYNIA SNIIAIAIA VII AN K :X1IiYI'IlN rX1ll.'I'UN Iilfz xx DUN D-xvls lion RILIN IIIIIN CI-xc.III Nl l.IAn Glu-AIIAN LI-:ROY CAIIAIII I I I HA RA WIIAIAIN lux IAIIIAIII Dow l'IA'I'IcIzs BIIAI. SMITII Smiley Hi-Y - Fim' Picture Second Semester A ATOM AImsI'RoNu A A .... DUN A-xcnnx' .RICHARD tl.-XIEGER A A A A A A .,.. A ,HA-xIzoI.1a XVILKISN A A Al'I'cAriIlw1fA A A A A Vim" Pl'c'AI'f1fz'11I'A A A.S'I'I'r'vfmjv. A A A ,Tm1.vlm'r. A A - Secomi Pjctmfe A ,.., A A A A A A ADIIN ScIIRIMvIf A AA ASA-IM AIKMAN A A , Allon RIZIS A .Luo GIQIZIIIN ATOM Hlauzou George Willizznls Hi-Y A A A A ,PI'c'.I'fzlL'1IIA A A A VIH'-PJ'I'Al'21fz'Ilf A A.SI'I'1'vtI11j1'A A A A A AT1'mAnlm'1'A A A A A AASMQQIQIll!-,lt-f1rw.r ,,.. A A A A A A A A A A A A Red and Gray HijY - Thin! Picture A A Al'rm'11fn1tA , A A A .... A A A AH. RA XVILLIS A A AI"in"l'1'vAI'i1fw1fA A A A A A A A A A A A A A ,JACK F,xRI.I2Y A.S'vm'fmj1'A A A A ADON PIQTI-:Rs A .T1'mAr1m'l'A A A A ,BILL SMITII WL, R 5 ' '-- DRAMATICI CLUB PRODUCTIUN - Hilrccn Stockings" lJ.m.mJl71mum.u, H10 wlmlu LIISI. Hull S.:mh1x nlmrx xxullm rluvlu. Du mrmwlmllyg, Inns. Dont In hu' wx 'Mm luwlw :mum UU! .al I'.1fxx. ,Num ILi.1l1,uImw1L-1410. DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY - aAnd Came The Spring" Quit the quarreliuf Artie Shaw No. 2. Charmed, 1,111 sure. Say now. Breakfast. Whatcha lookin' nt???? Am I intruding???? XVhnt's Cookin'????? Touching, ain'r it???? Choo! if 01fe1f...we go home - 41' 'ST 'fpgw ' S . . SPM 1 I 1 9 3 V, fm- ww fa 1 , ,4 gif ........., ,f 5 ' U Qwawm 4F""""" if 9 Q Q o F x Christmas Cheer. Poor Hike." Forrcst Austin sucks quiet study. Is it good???? Miss Mzichins Latin Class. Avis and Eldon. You show 'cni, Pctc. Don't Cut yourself, Hzu'i'y Lou! Lconzt and HCICIILH No coaching, PLEASE Thtcc Favorites. CLIVCLUI there! Spanish Club initiation no doubt. Out Maestro. wx,--33? Ei 1 F5 1 4 g N' I s , I A I 'P Qian 'gf' 321 Q fi? I iw tri ,f The Commercial Club entertains. Memorial Assembly. Itlella instructs thc French Class. Quill and Scroll banquet. Was it that funny???? Our excellent Cafeteria staff. A. H. S. carving talent. Add two cups of flour and stir Oncw twofthrece fourrff' well. TOOT!! TOOT!! Class in First Aid. Two little Hours. ls there a doctor in the house??P? sq, N -A91 tl' s 5uS,x b, X NN 'W-Q 4 w 9 1 .si ,Pt 'MJ x sp. Y Q l 5Tx."'3' s . f UR ADVERTI ER ii A LA wh A . Af' if ,gli '53 .DV ,S MA! 1 wg V lf.. I f Mm 5511 ii LJ 7-1Q.Qg ,.,M.,,,,,, Commencememi' Webster defines commencement as the beginningfto start. You of the SeniorfClass have now attained that place. You will now commence to face li e. We offer our congratulations on your academic achievements. You have learned a great deal and your experiences have been broadened to equip you for the future. But it's not what you've learnedo r where you've been, but where you're going that counts. So, as you commence to live, what are you looking for in the years ahead? What do you want from life? We believe all right-thinking Americans desire several things: First, a family 5 second, a steady solid job to provide for the future security of that family. If you have these things, you will become a respected citizen and a credit to your community. We in Owens-Illinois talk about these things because we know about security. We have spent years of hard creative work building and expanding a solid secure business with a future. Here in Alton, Owens-Illinois has the largest glass container plant in the world and over one-third of the individuals in this plant have been with the company from ten to sixty years. The record speaks for itself 3 it means these people have found security in Owens-Illinois' programs of group insurance, retirement income, vacation plans, suggestion system, recreation facilities, safety, ideal working conditions and the considerate and fair treatment of each individual. Owens-Illinois and its people take just pride in the achievements being made through improved equipment, technique and scientific research to improve the manufacture and secure the future of Duraglas containers. Owens-Illinois, like you, is just commencing on a new era. We have in common our past training and experience and a promising future lies ahead of us both. ,j W, -f, off fr c W - em . 0 Mwfryy , K A N NQ if E E L tt K 'B--Fmvm ala 104 7... .- , 1. Q r . I' -'. 'Nil ! - -v-u..a Alf. .1 P ,, - . A . i 'Wu .411 I b H f- , 0 DA 'I xx 4 " 'v M, ' .H 4 , D... A n "Ax mi' , 't If - ,fr lt 'I 4 1 S ml 0 .....,, Ru L z." Q l N1 x Si . M sq vm.: ," 'fs 'hi mom un lvulsnonwqvy -O4--- Ex v?'5 Q. G'.r5f'.s, "F ff? 255+ ... .i"fG"x' Q-PS -giiv ' W. nv,- 5 .Len 4 H5555 f "l'u1 'yt Q., b I zu f RIUQ 4 . Q, if 'Q f 'A I vii- , ,- ADMINISTRATION BUILDING SHURTLEFF COLLEGE is continuing to serve the Alton area and the Baptist Churches, as it has for more than a century, pro- viding thorough scholastic training in a Christian atmosphere. SHURTLEFF COLLEGE offers an opportunity in the field of liberal arts and in pre-professional courses which compares favorably with other small colleges. ALTON AREA youth constitute a large percentage of the student body and many Alton citizens are alumni of Shurtleff. Inquiries .rbould be tzddreffed to the Dean SHURTLEFF COLLEGE ALTON, ILLINOIS GIRLS, DORMITORY 106 INi'?22If7'L'R These two famous brand names, appearing on ammunition, guns and other products listed below, stand for dependable quality. Since early in 1942, the vast production facilities of the mills and factories of Western Cartridge Company and affiliated companies have been turning out enormous quantities of ammunition, Garand rifles, 30 caliber M-1 Carbines and many other wartime products and materials. When the war is won and we return to peacetime production, these two famous brand names will be identifying marks of quality on products available for civilian use. AMMUNITION FLASHLIGHTS SHOTGUNS BATTERIES RIFLES ROLLER SKATES TRAPS AND TARGETS BRASS RAILWAY FUSES BRONZE RAILWAY TORPEDOES PHOSPHOR BRONZE DYNAMITE NICKEL SILVER BLASTING POWDER COPPER BLASTING CAPS WESTERN CARTRIDGE COMPANY East Alton, I11. Division of CLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. 107 COMPLIMENTS OF M Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 2521-23 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois ,if DQ-'T """-' ' BUT 5 Jw-rf .775 3571 3302 MONTICEL O COLLEGE Monticello College, founded in 1835 as a non-sectarian institution for higher education of young women, has been accredited for over thirty years by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges as a junior college. Monticello's location in suburban Alton, Illinois, makes it possible for graduates of Alton High School to continue their education and prepare themselves for higher responsibilities in the home and the community in which they live. If you would like to know more about Monticello's educational program it s in print and ready for you. Write for Catalogue T today. 108 30mg DAX fl, 5ecy0f! 'qfakau nlaerf 01' MU' "' 106 YEARS OF STYLE LEADERSHIP IN ALTON Specializing in Clothes for High School and College S T UD E N T S Men's Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes . . . lst and Znd floors Specialized Ladies' Shop . . . 3rd floor :elFARTMANN's fs Home of Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes 'f I Thu O 4 2 3 fi 2 2 2 E3 Z :U E fn E f I .-.,...,-,...,f..-., ....,..-,.....Tf" El' h wg 2' ff 1.6 g,., m 'f 'nt' 3 hi IE ! up E 152 "I -E h a fc 1 5 is isuzg Q Q 9. Xxx. gmqmwxbi Ii "fl Us 4 H hd 5 2 2 E l-' 5 E E E 0 Q 5 Q g su C! rn cn ru nr- :F 33 gl-I gn:- gf." gm Qsu QE gc- Qu:- I-I Z Q Q 9 109 When it's a Question of GOOD PRINTING the answer always is here! Ph D 1 2-2311 NATIONAL PRINTING COMPANY HERMAN L. WILKEN, Proprietor 15 EAST BROADWAY ALTON ILL INTERNATIUNAL Sll0E CUMPANY ll- ENGAGED IN WAR PRODUCTION 'K ALTOII BOX BOAllIl CUMPMIY All lovely things in truth belong To him who best employs them. -Christopher Morley Alton Face Brick 4' BEAUTY 4' COMFORT 4' DURABILITY 4' ECONOMY 4' FIRE SAFETY ALT0ll BRICK GUMPMIY 111 LIFE'S MORE FUN WHEN YOU DRINK . . . Contains Vitamin B-1 BOTTLED IN ALTON BY BIISTER BDTTLING WURKS Increase Your Investment in America Buy Mme United States Savings Bonds! 72? 'lk' ik il? 'iff Tix' S? il' if if? MUNICIPAL BOND 00RPORATION ALTON 112 Seas Y THE STORE FOR LAD AND DAD NICER THINGS FOR LADIES TOO! JERSEYVILLE ALTON DECATUR Office Phone 2-3132 Residence Phone 2-2261 fbee 4lafmJ6 --sm, az wah mmm" MEMBER FLORISTS TELEORAPH ASSOCIATION 2524 COLLEGE AVE ALTON, ILL. 113 Your Neighborhood Shell Dealers SHELL N 'if' FUEL OILS 0ITIZEN'S GOACH GUMPMIY rqppaeciaie THE PATRONAGE OF THE STUDENTS. MAY WE CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU BETTER AND WITH MORE SERVICE. 561,161 WWW IN ALTO Phon ALTON BANKING MID TRUST 00 ffyff ALTON HIGH SCHOOL for BETTER EDUCATION 13,63 FISCHER LUMBER CO. for BETTER BUILDING MATERIALS Wir FISGHER LIIMBER CUMPANY 400 St. Louis Avenue East Alton COMPLIMENTS OF STREEPER FUNERAL Il0MES 116 Qaa.. "GOOD FOOD" feflfze TRI-CITY GRGGERY COMPANY Complimentr of vzAF1'Ze1gd - I 45 ,- 4 Q -1 .H ff " -L . G O U L D I ' 0 Since 1852 A1ton's Leading Jewelers 0 FEATURING MULTI-FACET C98 FACETJ and 58 FACET DIAMONDS Registered Jeweler - American Gem Society 117 Erhiratrh TO THOSE MEMBERS OF Qltun Qllbapter Qbrher of Bejillulap Who have made the Supreme Sacrifice KEITH ROBERT ON GILBERT H ON WESLEY R TS RICHARD VE OR ll Past an' ent Members fi h the enemy on HO ALTON'S FAMILY THEATRES UPTOWN AND GEM ME OF ALL BIG PICTURES Phone 3-7032 lift, Ontiriue to g h tth ld War ron 'U'Bi ou ewor I May we be w thy of their Sacrifice, Co e and De- termination ring free- om and a la g Peace to a nkind ,YC ter is e by-product of 5 I X5 i -L fi I SQDQD 2-5 COMPLIMENTS OF A it Black s Confectionery 1652 Washington Avenue Phone 3-9637 ROCK POOLE PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Phone 3-3041 2526 College Avenue 118 5,7 fb ix ffl CJ!! COMPLIMENTS OF lf Q M I 'Q 5,9--I V! ' ,ff J 2 2 4 fi ,EA-ca-1:49 5264.22 Alton's Most Beautiful Jewelry Store M S O 'VI' S Q6 J ' JEWELER-WATCHMAKER Nationally Advertised Merchandise Alton High School Jewelry Telephone 3-T151 312 Belle St. Dial 2-2722 Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr Bill Burt Laundry CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS 2517 College Avenue Call 3-8941 COMPLIMENTS OF KERR'S D R U G STORE Gail P. Kerr Verta L. Lammers 119 PARK WA Y DRIVE-IN FOOD and FOUNTAIN SERVICE Wood River Ave. and Edwardsville Rd. Wood River, Illinois cum and ALL POPULAR FLAVORS IN SODA WATER Pelot Bottling Go. Phone 2-2631 413 Ridge St. H SAVE v 0 S OP AND Reininger Dyeing 8: Cleaning Company Your Big Department Store EVERYTHING for the FAMILY - HOME - CAR EVERY-DAY-LOW-PRICES F th and Ridge Sts. Sears, Roebuck and Co. our 309 Piasa Alton, Ill. Dial 2-2182 Alton, Ill. 170 Alton Surgical Appliance Go. Broadway and Market C0ver Sander's Drug Storey TRUSSES ' CHILDREN and ADULTS ABDOMINAL BELTS, ELASTIC HOSIERY, ETC. QXXX5!X9i!iiS!i!QJ xr 5.4-Ei'--L 51: ,A glix ' I I iff '-siiifli ' AC. THE EXAMINATION COUNTS nr. ..w ofegafhei rby 0 T 0 M E CLS T 206 W. 3rd St. Phone 2-2923 IIEILLEY BRUS Ehemnlef SALES and SERVICE Phone 3-7787 912 E. Broadway HPIUWN HHKEHY BEST HOMEMADE BREADS. CAKES AND ROLLS vieixsxxxms comms. 'z. 3 'E 4. COMPLIMENTS OF First National Bank and Trust Co. THIRD AND BELLE STREETS Capital and Surplus S1,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF Eddy R044 Alton Baking 81 Ice Cream Company ALTON TIRE SALES F. J. STOBBS' SONS 435-37 E. Broadway Phone 3-8868 GENERAL TIRES THE FAMOUS HAWKINSON RECAPS "ALTON'S LEADING TIRE STORE" 122 WILLIAMSCN PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS LACLEDE STEEL COMPANY The Army, Navy, and Lend-Lease demand for our products have necessitated shortages to our domestic trade. We appreciate their tolerant understanding. LIIER BROS. PACKINC CCMPANY Alton Building and Loan Association FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON REAL ESTATE sf: it 620 East Third Street Alton Illinois 123 WE GRIND OUR OWN LENSES SAVES YOU BOTH TIME AND MONEY 623 E. Broadway Across from the Wedge Bank SPECIALISTS IN EYE CARE EMI L H. DICK EVERYTHING IN DRUGS Broadway and Washington Phone 3-9231 ALTON'S NEWEST AND FINEST SHOE STORE BEAUTIFUL SHOES 123 W. Third Phone 3-7822 Pam' CANDIES BAKERY and FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 3-3641 204 W. Third St. ACME BDWLING ALLEYS 'D "BOWL FOR HEALTH" 32 REGULATION ALLEYS Phone 3-9619 329-A East Broadway SPRINGMI-HI LIIMBER 00. LUMBER - MILLWORK GLASS - PAINTS VARNISHES - ROOFING BUILDERS HARDWARE CELOTEX INSULATING MATERIAL Broadway and Cherry Sts. Alton, Illinois Wells Tire Co., Inc. VULCANIZING EXIDE BATTERIES ROAD SERVICE Phone 3-3l3l 833 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. Qwbiwyg LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS FUR STORAGE RUG CLEANERS Phone 3-8877 909 East Broadway Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF 110 W Third St. Shearburngs IC E C R E A M IF You want a career with a bright future You'11 find it through BUSINESS TRAINING LAKE IIIEW GDLLEGE Broadway at Market Dial 2-1241 USE Lewis 81 Clark Bridges Alton, Illinois The Safest and Shortest Route Alton Mineral Springs Hotel OFFERS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1945 H. J. JUNGK, Manager Mll. GAR 0WllEll: Can you spare your car? If so this is the best time to sell it. We take care of all details with the O.P.A. for you. We pay highest cash price for cars and more for extra equipment. You may see new cars before you think feDon't get caught with a High-Price used carsLet someone have it who needs it now and can't wait. Sell to us and we'll give you prefer- ence on a new Dodge or Plymouth when they arrive-and it may not be too long. IIUEFERT BRUS, IHC. 1020 E. Broadway Dial 2-2512 COMPLIMENTS OF Coca-Cola Bottling Go N. N. CHALLACOMBE COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Office Phone 2-3131 558 East Broadway Alton, Illinois TRU-VALUE SHOP Phone 3-3122 127 W. Third St. Alton, Illinois ,GRAND and PRINCESS THEATERS CITY FUEL 8: SUPPLY CO. High Grade Coal and Coke Fuel Oil Sand - Cement - Stone Ready Mixed Concrete Alton Illinois F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 113 West Third Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF C. A. PARRISH, Manager METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. 200 W. 3rd St. Alton, Illinois TREAT YOUR CREDIT AS A SACRED TRUST THE CREDIT BUREAU 225 Market St. Alton, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF Y. W. C. A. Telephone 3-7774 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THE HoME NEWSPAPER LOCAL NEWS ASSOCIATED PRESS BEST FOR SPORTS NEWS -- Reaches 23000 Homes Daily -- "ALTON'S FINEST CREDIT DEPARTMENT STORE" Edrmcr The Home of Cheerful Credit ALTON CREAMERY Alton, Illinois Alton Brand Butter S. S. KRESGE COMPANY Sc and l0c Store COMPLETE LUNCH AND SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Air Conditioned for Your Comfort Ladies Free Public Lounge Kresge Building Third and Piasa N. E . M A R Y 25 Years in Alton FOR NEW CARS Upholstering and a good deal Slip Covers See Draperies JOHN T. BROWN, Inc. Custom Built Furniture 1610 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. Ninth and Alby Phone 2-1567 , COMPLIMENTS OF BRAMHALL PRESS Commercial Printer SMART APPAREL for 417 East Broadway WOMEN AND CHILDREN 112 W. Third St. ll J VI c K , S E11-IcI'I3asE1'IS?r1:eE FEATURING JARMAN Shoes for MEN JOHNNIE WALKER Shoes for MEN VICTORIA CROSS Shoes for Women PETERS Shoes for Children W. T. GRANT CO. "Known for Values" 205 W. 3rd St. Alton, Ill. COMPLIMENTS OF SCHIFF'S SHOE STORE 107 West 3rd St. Alton, Ill. CARTER BROS. Mercury - Ford Lincoln Zephyr Phone 3-5531 1400 East Broadway Alton, Ill. LUMBER - MILLWORK COMPLIMENTS OF GLASS - ROOFING INSULATION F PAINT MEDICAL-DENTAL SEWER TILE 5 CREDIT BUREAU GINTER-WARDEIN CO. 2 Phone 33588 FOURTH FLOOR COMMERCIAL BLDC. 450 Front sf. Alton, 111. ALTON ILL' ALTON . AN PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. FOSTESEFSIISIO NERY PLUMBING, SEWERING, STEAM AND HOT WATER HEATING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND APPLIANCES Telephone Z-2511 302 State St. Alton, Ill. STUDIO HOURS OPEN DAILY 10 A. M. T0 7 P. M. SATURDAY 10 A. M. T0 9 P. M. Phone 2-3861 404 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. W9..QLQ1,Hl5 "Peters"--Better Shoes Make Better Students DON A. KELLY FOOD MARKET We have itg we'll get it or it isn't in town. 2511 College Avenue Phone 3-3411 COMPLIMENTS OF J. H. WALTERS 610 East Broadway Lan ham? AINTS 'WALLPAPER Opp Bridge 506 E Broadway ALTON. ILLINOIS NOLL INSURANCE AGENCY 649 E. Broadway In the Luer Block Alton, Ill. WAR BONDS AND INSURANCE are a hard combination to beat CALL GROSSHEIM INSURANCE AGENCY 206 East Broadway Phone 2-1414 UNION BUS DEPOT SEE Travel Service HESKETT MACHINE and ENGINE COMPANY All Bus Lines Air Lines FOSTER'S DRUG STORE 230 East Broadway Phone 3-9241 For General Machine Work Automotive and Mill Supplies Phone 2-1212 EL SNER'S STORE DRY GOODS SHOES 1656 Washington Ave. Phone 3-6131 COMPLIMENTS OF HILDEBRAND'S HFASHIONS IN FLOWERS" 224 E. Broadway Dorothy Huskinson Hildebrand Gordon Miles Hildebrand HOTEL STRATFORD ALTON'S FINEST Telephone 3-7141 THOMAS J. FLEMING ALL THE NEW STYLES SLACKS, SPORTS SHIRTS By Wilson Bros. ERNST CLOTHES SHOP 118 West 3rd St. COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Contractors 214 E. Broadway Alton, Ill. An Ideal Gift for the Graduate A BULOVA, ELGIN, HAMILTON or WESTFIELD WATCH or A FINE DIAMOND RING BRANDENBERGER'S 215 Piasa St. Sy EMO? FOR WOMEN 9. X 4m S is ii 4'3- Zigs eg?-S-ix QTRTE-A 5 ngwallhlllll 75 xv UFASHIONS THAT LIVE IN FABRICS THAT LAST" BOYD'S SANDWICH SHOP CFO:-merly Len'sj 2427 College Avenue 132 ALTON WATER CO. PURE, FILTERED AND SOFTENED CITY WATER COMPLIMENTS OF BAKER'S CLEANERS 24 E. Broadway Phone 2-1251 EDWARD OTT STOLZE LUMBER CO JEWELER 223 Market St- Complete Building Service Haller and Acton WTHORIZED U Wood River, Illinois Hamzltgrgaaid Elgin Phone 4-4368 4' FRIENDSHIP! HYNDMAN ' FUN! f FITNESS! ICE 8: FUEL COMPANY CGreen Marked Coalj 9th and Piasa Alton, Ill. ARE YOURS THROUGH Regular Use of a Y. M. C. A. Membership Come in Today! AL'roN REPRIGERATION COMPLIMENTS OF COMPANY AUTHORIZED F R I G I D A I R E Sales and Service See Us About any Household BEN FRANKLIN STORE 2528 College Avenue Appliance and Commercial Equipment Upper Alton, Ill. 550 East Broadway Dial 3-'I722 519 . 0 je. 1 fed flee 1 iq 1 1 1 .lf Wee' ff - I l l ilev UML w4L,lf'fyQH,vi,l li , irl . ,ff 'ee A O D D ' s wALz MOTOR OO. QANING Dealer with TAILORING OLDSMOBILE REPAIRING AND Phone 2-1312 1718 Washington Avenue MACK TRUCKS AND BUSES 321 E. Broadway Phone 3-6678 BUCK'S DE LUXE Paint 8: Floor Covering RESTAURANT Store GEO. F. HOERING, Mgr. 655 E. Broadway Just Good Food JOHN A. GREER, Manager 2519 College Avenue DAVIS MUSIC COMPANY EVERYTHING MUSICAL Dial 3-3213 UPPER ALTON DEPARTMENT STORE SPORTING GOODS AND INFANTS WEAR 2525 College Avenue WALNUT GROVE DAIRY Office Phone 3-7764 Stores Located at E. G. CAMPBELL TENT and AWNING CO. 811 E. Broadway Dial 3-7764 2604 State si. Dial 3-9759 1805112 Central Ave. Dial 3-9868 Telephene 33313 24 E' Lerene'W' R' Dial M259 100 central Ave. Alton, 111. 1644 Washington Ave. Dial 3-9859 202 Smith, East Alton Dial 4-7274 LET US REPAIR YOUR SHOES W. J. REEDER 8: SON 1663 Washington Avenue KLINKE ICE 84 FUEL COMPANY 6th and Oak Streets Phone 3-8841 Threde's Fresh Gasoline Direct from Refinery in Tank Cars "Best by a Dam Site" THREDE AUTO CO. Phone 3-3012 Front and Alby Sts. Alton, Ill. sugar and spice 'n everything nice "the newest first" myrtle k. paul millinery - accessories 104 east broadway dial 3-5721 PHINHNH W,,,2,a,e.,m,, ,,,,i,,7,,i,,.,,, e- APHON e 3-3457 Medan? .sf Qeakaa Puma? Ga. 112 WEST BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS ENGRAVING DONE BY Indianapolis Engraving Company, Inc. INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA OUR ADVERTISERS 125 Acme Bowling Alleys ..... Alton Baking and Ice Cream Co. . . Alton Banking and Trust Co. . Alton Box Board Co ....,, Alton Brick Co. .,.... . Alton Building and Loan Association Alton Creamery ....... Alton Laundry Co .....,, Alton Plumbing 8: Heating Co. . Alton Refrigeration Co. . . Alton Surgical Appliance Co. , Alton Telegraph .... Alton Tires Sales .... Alton Water Co. . . Baker's Cleaners . . Black's Confectionery . Boyd's Sandwich Shop . Bramhall Press . . . Brandenberger's . . . Brown, john T., Inc. . Buck's Paint Store . Burt's Laundry ....... Buster Bottling Works ..... Campbell, E. G., Tent and Awning Co. Carl's Shoe Store ....... Carter Bros. Motor Co. .... . Challacombe Plumbing and Heating Co. . Citizens Coach Co ....... City Fuel and Supply Co ..... Coca-Cola Bottling Co. . Credit Bureau, The . Davis Music Co. , . Dee Floral Co. . . DeLuxe Restaurant . DeMolay ...... Dick Drug Store ..... Edelman's Ben Franklin Store . Elsner's ......... Ernst Clothes Shop ...... Fleming Plumbing and Heating Co. . First National Bank and Trust Co. . Fischer Lumber Co. .... . Foster's Drug Store .... Foster-Flannery Studio . Gatley's ..... Ginter-Wardein Co. . . . Goulding's ...... Grand and Princess Theaters . Grant, W. T., Co ..,.. Green's .....,. Grossheim Insurance Agency . Hartmann's ....... Heskett Machine and Engine Co. . . Harland ......,. Hilclebrand's ...... Hoefert Bros., Inc. . . Hudson's ...... Hyndman Ice and Fuel Co. . . Indianapolis Engraving Co. . International Shoe Co. . . Kelly's Grocery . . . Kendrick and Lindblad . Kerr's Drug Store . Klinke Ice and Fuel Co. . . 135 Kresge, S. S., Co. ..,, . 129 Laclede Steel Co. .,..,. . 123 Lake View College of Commerce . . 126 Langham's ....... . 131 Lewis and Clark Bridges . . . . 127 Luer Bros. Packing and Ice Co. . . 123 Mary, N. E ....... . 129 Medical-Dental Credit Bureau . . . 130 Melling 8: Gaskins Printing Co. . . 135 Metropolitan Insurance Co. . . 128 Mineral Springs Hotel . . . 127 Monticello College . . . 108 Municipal Bond Corp. . . . 112 National Printing Co .... . 110 Noll Baking and Ice Cream Co. . . 119 Noll Insurance Agency . . . . 131 Ott, Edward-Jeweler . . . 133 Cwens-Illinois Glass Co. . . 105 Parkway Drive-In . . . 120 Paul, Myrtle K. . . . . 135 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. . . 108 Pelot Bottling Co. . . . 120 Peter's Nut Shop . . . 124 Poole's Pharmacy . . . 118 Red and White Stores . . 126 Reeder Shoe Repair ..... . 135 Reilley Bros. ....... . 121 Reininger Dyeing and Cleaning Co. . . 120 Richard's ........ . 132 Russell-Miller Milling Co. . . 109 Schiff's Shoe Store ' . . . . 130 Sears, Roebuck and Co . . 120 Sessel's ...... . 113 Shell Oil Co., Inc. . . . 114 Shearburn's Ice Cream . . 126 Shurtleff College . . . . 106 Springman Lumber Co. . 125 Stolze Lumber Co. . . . 133 Stratford Hotel . . . . 132 Stree er Funeral Homes . . . 116 Threge Auto Co. . . . . 135 Todd Cleaning . . . . 134 Tri-City Grocery .... . 117 Tru-Value Dress Shop . , . . 128 Upper Alton Department Store . 134 Uptown Bakery .... . 121 Uptown Theater .... . 118 Vick's Shoe Store . . 130 Vogue ..... . 122 Wadlow's ..... . 131 Walnut Grove Dairy . . 134 Walters,J. H. . . . 131 Walz Motor Co. . . . . 134 Weatherby, Dr. E. W. . . 121 Western Cartridge Co. . . 107 Wells Tire Co. . . . . 125 Williamson Pharmacy . . 123 Woolworth Co., F. W. . . 128 Young's ..... . 115 Y. M. C. A .... . 133 Y. W. C. A .... 'iv Mclling 8: Gaskins Printing Co ......128 PM :M . ,va- Qxfnlailp ,l W 1-':'A Mr, , A ' '.f.f, -, . sz' , . 1 rx..-. ' . I ,.,1:'EQ - 'M 'JP f' ff- f9'?':e2 ?' 'v 'W 4.k'n'L TR c"'a3i:3. f n Liza? ' Lcwf.. f fads, .., , -1.1 x W:':'AiIif '-1.-S4 'fllfu +P - 'v V '1"" ' . .' qv r .I , --JL' o ,1 A- V 1 1 "v A . M.-3 ' Q-' 1 ff . , H-L.3 . . . -J , . ,. Y 1, . 4. , Sl ' . 11. JMX' 3 5 I- 3 W3 . L,.' ' 5' ' , i 5.519 rp,- V. A . ' ' u - - UU, lv W' fx mmf r 4. MJ' eg , H ,.-mlllil no "'x f l ' f he 12 lton Sem X-11-1 1:31111 J.. I wld E, 1 If KJ, ryftg I VAN-. 'Q' A . i g if XAII6 ill -.H - V ,-., ,.,...4..,. , U.. ,:.,.,...,.., .,.......,.,,,, asf, 1 11 F' ' dun- - f-v--, 4.- QQIIQ Df gi Lqlghn 5Cl100lf ,.. -- -".awr,...,..-Q..,.., TM, ,,,4,,,,,,, .,..f.--b.-f r'?v4'fWi , W ,K ,f Zihig Book f css J 1 ,',f,,,Q'.' Y, lv I km H124-V vi' 1 A Q, W, gl .V 5 Q1'+f5', -If X' K yqx WI- . 'N ffff wav ff A , f1l'ci'7'!', "WW grail -'L 1 Vu X f ' 'E ' ri . K wfww R 4,!x.f 34 .1 Sdmlerl

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