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 :;V; - ■ , - THE 19 4 1 KL LJa i$ A COLLECTION GATHERED FROM CAFETERIA YARM camdi i o r.n iP f: i r i F l• - 1 AT-HLETIC II J COLLECTED c Jg DAILY ALTONTATLERALICE GATES Dedication The 1941 Tatler Staff takes pleasure in dedicating this volume of The Tatler to Miss Alice Gates, one of our faculty who has served our (and her) Alma Mater faithfully for more than twenty years. Miss Gates has taught several different subjects during this time but Math is the subject through which many of our school have learned to know her. Miss Gates has a sense of humor which is mixed with her work in Math in such a way that pupils feel at home in her classes. Her desire to help each pupil succeed is as sincere for the one who tries and succeeds in part only as for those who make A grades.3ln jflemonam 'f' During our present school year the Supreme Architect of the Universe has called to the life immortal two of our custodians— Leslie Thompson Leon Jenkins Mr. Thompson helped install our heating system and upon completion of the building the Board of Education selected him to serve as head of the custodian staff. His work was carried out efficiently and effectively for nearly thirteen years. Mr. Jenkins became one of the two firemen whose duties were to keep us warm in winter and our campus presentable in summer. Both of these men were faithful in their work and all of us shall carry in our memories a thought of appreciation for these two who did their part in making our school life more pleasant.OUR fACULTY DUR f€ATUREV ADVERTISERSThis is the way Our building appears From Humbert StreetW. R. CURTIS Superintendent Board of Education L. J. Misecades J. J. Beeby R. H. Richards Dr. Groves Smith, President W. R. Curtis Dr. H. E. Middleton M. W. Acker Hugh Horstman, Secretary In his twentieth year as superintendent of the Alton Public Schools, Mr. Curtis has had much to do with getting our new junior high building under way on the hill west of the pit. It will be a much needed addition to our school system as is evidenced by our 7:45 to 4:30 school day in our present building the long day made necessary because of the crowded conditions in our present senior high building. The extra duties of a building program together with his regular duties have made a very busy year for Mr. Curtis.C. C. HANNA Principal Mr. Hanna in his eleventh year as principal ran into his most difficult year in school work, but not from administrative angles. Laid low by ill health early in the fall our principal was hospitalized for a month, but the surgeon's skill returned Mr. Hanna to us and the second semester of the school year has found him as busy as ever before. Our Deans DINSMORE WOOD Dean of Boys—Civics Assistant Principal CAROLYN WEMPEN Dean of Girls—-Mathematics Neither Mr. Wood nor Miss Wempen have been called upon this school year to settle as many serious disciplinary problems as one would expect in a school the size of Alton High, yet both have been kept very busy with their other duties. Both the Boys’ Cabinet and Girls' Council have been active around school this year and the more active these organizations are the busier our deans have been.4 Ellen Julia Coulter Clerk Dorothy Gates Registrar Resigned—March 31, 1941 Dolores Martin Registrar Since April 1, 1941 Ellen Machin Latin Dorothy Colonius English Leah Ridgely Latin, English John Bruno History English Commercial Geography Ada Klump Math Alice Gates Math Jewell Sutherland English Mary Sidwell Household Arts Bernice Williamson ArtVernon Hainline Manual Arts Bon O. Brown Commercial Subjects Arithmetic Nancy Lowry English Mildred Rutledge English Jennie Cates U. S. History L. M. Hackman Commercial Louise Hitchcock Household Arts Clara Blackard French English Marvin Ihne Civics Commercial Geography Luther L. Myers Sociology History Sponsor of The Tatlcr Frieda Perrin English Jane Henry Household Arts Cafeteria Manager Macy Pruitt U. S. History Sponsor of the Times Wm. F. Clark CommercialIrene Degenhardt English Lily Williamson French, German Spanish Antone Jureziz Woodwork Track Coach Assistant Basketball Coach George Ritcher Mechanical and Machine Drawing Frieda Voss Librarian Maybelle Sheppard English and Commercial Olga Bartholomew Commercial Julius Marti Mechanical and Architectural Drawing Economics C. S. Porter Music Robert Harlow Social Science English Modern History Robert P. Geddes History Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Wilbert Bailey CommercialRalph Kober Science Ernest W. Deason General Science F. Herold Harlan Science Max E. Thompson Science, Math L. K. Freeman Science James F. Stage Science Letha McCausland Modern History Socia' Science Ward P. Stallings Math Lauretta Paul English Marguerite Huebner English Millard Berry General Mechanics Rex Hogan Music Louise Wiseman Gym Norma Lee Wightman Clerk Ray L. Jackson Football Coach—Gym Supervisor of Physical Education Athletic Director Commercial Geography William Hickman Art Dale Walraven Woodwork Mechanical Drawing Joseph J. Dickman CommercialHere we present A most familiar view Of our building Frank Travis Bill J. Reed Sam Moore Stan Koenig Max Olson Dick Schaller Class Officers January June FRANK TRAVIS President, January Class STAN KOENIG President, June Class SAM MOORE Vice-President, January Class MAX OLSON Vice-President, June Class BILL J. REED DICK SCHALLER Secretary-Treasurer, January Class Secretary-Treasurer, June ClassGloria Alberts Mary Aldinger Frances Allen Betty Aulabaugh June Anglin Wendell Aulabaugh Betty Ash Calvin Austin Evelyn Ashmore Craig Beane Richard Ballinger Dolores Bell Albert Batchelor Audrey Bernard Harold Beach Pauline Berry Barbara Blair Herman Bockstruck. Seniors ALBERTS, GLORIA -Glee Club ALLEN, FRANCES French Club ANGLIN, JUNE—French Club, Quill and Scroll, Tatler Staff ASH, BETTY -Thespians, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, “Poor Dear Edgar," Student Council, Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Girls’ Council, Band, Glee Club, Student Forum, French Club AULABAUGH, BETTY -Camera Club, Cheer Leader, Student Forum, National Honor Society ♦ AUSTIN, CALVIN Student Council BATCHELOR, ALBERT—Glee Club BEANE, CRAIG—Football, Thespians, Basketball, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, “You Can't Take It With You," Student Council BELL, DOLORES—Latin Club, Student Forum, Stamp Club, Girl Reserves ♦ BERNARD, AUDREY—National Honor Society, Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Glee Club, Student Forum BLAIR, BARBARA—Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Creative Writing Club BOCKSTRUCK, HERMAN—Track Manager.BODE, WENDELL Student Forum, National Honor Society, German Club BONNELL, MYRA National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Times Stiff, French Club, Latin Club, Creative Writing Club, Glee Club BOWER, JACK Choir, Dramatic Club, Band, Orchestra BOWMAN, VERLENE— Student Council, National Honor Society, Student Forum, Glee Club BRANDEL, JUNE—Tatler Staff, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, National Honor Society, French Club BREYFOGLE, ROGER — Orchestra, French Club, Camera Club, Quill and Scroll, Tatler Staff, National Honor Society, Red and Grey Hi-Y, Student Council BRUCE, BOB—Football, Boys’ Cabinet, Smiley Hi-Y, Student Council BRUNE, KENNETH Band + BRYANT, GENE—Latin Club, Smiley Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Student Council BUHMAN, DORIS Band, National Honor Society BULLOCK, DONALD Band, Student Patrol BUND, MARY ANN Student Forum, Latin Club. Seniors Wendell Bode Alan Boettger Myra Bonnell June Brandel Jack Bower Sylvia Brandt Floyd Bowman Donald Brewer Verlene Bowman Kenneth Brune Roger Breyfogle Gene Bryant Bob Brown Ralph Budde Bob Bruce Doris Buhman Donald Bullock Mary Ann BundAlice Calhoon Ruth Carey George Carman Norma Caswell Carl Carter Katherine Chamberlain Betty Lou Casey Bill Chew John Cassella Ivan Clevenger Allen Clark Delmer Cline William Clark Dorothy Cooper • Fred Clausen Ralph Corwin Marilyn Coulter Thomas Culp vYr Seniors CAREY, RUTH—Glee Club CARTER, CARL—Football, Hi-Y CASSELLA, JOHN—Smiley Hi-Y, "The Milky Way' CASWELL, NORMA Band, Glee Club, German Club CHAMBERLAIN, KATHERINE Latin Club CHEW, BILL—Football, Student Council, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, "You Can't Take It With You" CLARK, ALLEN Boys’ Cabinet, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Times Staff, Smiley Hi-Y, Student Forum, Student Council, Art Club, "The Milky Way" CLEVENGER, IVAN—National Honor Society, Orchestra COOPER, DOROTHY--Glee Club.DAVIS, JULIA National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Times Staff, French Club, Band, Glee Club DAVITZ, HOMER Student Forum, “You Can't Take It With You" DAWSON, BETTIE —Girls’ Council, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, National Honor Society, Times Staff, Student Forum, French Club, Dramatic Club, "Poor Dear Edgar," Student Council ♦ DEMPSEY, MAJORIE JANE Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Times Staff, Dramatic Club, Thespians, French Club, Latin Club, Orchestra, "320 College Avenue" DE SHERLIA, KENNETH Track DIAL, GENE Radio Club DICKERSON, JAMES Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Times Stiff, Dramatic Club, Smiley Hi-Y, Creative Writing Club, Student Council, Student Forum, "June Mad" DINGERSON, ALTI-VENE Latin Club, French Club, Home Economics Club, Orchestra DOLES, TOD Tatler Staff. Seniors Irene Dale Marguerita Davidson Julia Davis Elmer Dehner Pearl Davis Majorie Jane Dempsey Kenneth DeSherlia James Donelson Gene Dial Daisy Diuguid Doris Dorworth Tod Doles Homer Davitz Bettie Dawson James Dickerson Altivene Dingerson Lillian Douglas Bill Drake N TLEXON Jim Dressler r , Paul DM ommun J . Y pv I .-Mter Hrbert Bob Emmons m V uBfi HfiRSCHlEL El k) V W -- U V l D»THA EBWARD j hk KEL Em) )v . Ay Mary Grace Ellison V MARllA't RDMAN C A CARL EmERICK Leo Fergus Y] 0, J RussJll Evpfos fc ernaVd Fis iAN HA euFlemi Jean Floss ie Pearl Ferguson Beatrice Ford Seniors ELLISON, MARY GRACE Latin Club, French Club, Dramatic Club, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Times Staff, Orchestra, National Honor Society, "You Can't Take It With You," “June Mad," “320 College Avenue," "Elmer” EMMONS, BOB Art Club, Tatler Staff, Camera Club ERDMANN, MARILYN -German Club, Student Council EVENS, RUSSELL Student Council FERGUSON, LEO Orchestra FLEXON, JOHN—Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Student Forum, Times Staff, German Club, Red and Gray Hi-Y FLOSS, JEAN—Tatler Staff, French Club, Thespians, Dramatic Club, “June Mad," "320 College Avenue" FORD, BEATRICE National Honor Society.FRANCIS, CARL—Student Forum, Art Club, Tatler Staff FUNK, BETTYE Glee Club, Times Staff GAINES, RUTH ANN Glee Club, Student Council, French Club GELZINNIS, LEOLA— Times Staff, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll GESCH, DOROTHY Glee Club, National Honor Society, Orchestra GIBSON, BOB National Honor Society, French Club, Smiley Hi-Y, Boys' Cabinet ♦ GILL, LA VERNE Colored Glee Club ♦ GORDON, WILHELM IN A -Colored Glee Club GRAY, NORMA JEAN—Glee Club, Student Forum GREEN, FRED Quill and Scroll, Student Forum, Student Council, National Honor Society, Times Stiff, “Milky Way" GROSH, EUGENE—German Club, National Honor Society. Seniors Carl Francis Bettye Funk Leola Gelzinnis Dorothy Gesch Ruth Ann Gaines Virginia Ghent Doris QARy Bob Gibson LaVerne Gill NORMaJEAGoLVnG,„ Fred Green Wilhelmina Gordon Clarence Graves JGEne Grosh f Mabel Hagerman Dan Hair ‘ ZctJfiHAMILTON, RUTH E. -Student Forum HECHLER, JUANITA -Glee Club HEGGEME1ER, ARLEEN German Club, French Club, Glee Club, National Honor Society HEINE, EDNA MAY Glee Club HENDRICKS, JAMES Latin Club HERSMAN, MARGARET Glee Club, Student Forum, Student Patrol HEUER, BOB -Smiley Hi-Y, German Club, Student Forum, Band, Tennis, “The Milky Way” HOMM, VIOLET Glee Club JENNINGS, MANSFIELD National Honor Society JOHNSON, ANN—Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, National Honor Society, French Club. Seniors Donald Halford Ruth E. Hamilton Freda Hanson Bart Hellrung Juanita Hechler Erwin Hellrung Arleen Heggemeier James Hendricks Edna May Heine Violet Homm Frances Hendy Eileen Hoover Margaret Hersman Wallace Hyndman Bob Heuer Mansfield Jennings Ann Johnson Joseph JohnsonKENNEDY, DALE, Art Club KING, PATTY—Dramatic Club, Thespians KLINE, ORVILLE Tatler Staff- KLINKE, LAWRENCE Radio Club, Student Council, National Honor Society KODROS, ANNA Art Club, French Club, Dramatic Club, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Girls’ Council, Student Forum, Times Staff KOENIG, STAN President of Senior Class, Smiley Hi-Y, National Honor Society, French Club, Tennis Team, Student Council, "You Can't Take It With You", Times Staff KOHLER, ANN Latin Club, National Honor Society, Glee Club ♦ KOLK, ALICE Dramatic Club, Art Club, "June Mad" KORTE, HELEN Student Patrol, Student Forum LAND-GRAF, DAVE Thespians, Dramatic Club, Times Staff, Student Forum, Glee Club, “Poor Dear Edgar" LANE, TED Student Council. Seniors Eleanor Jones Jene Keener Dale Kennedy Patty King Lyle Kesinger Orville Kline Sevilla Kessinger Lawrence Klinke Althea Killion Alice Kolk Anna Kodros Helen Korte Stan Koenig Ruth Kranz Ann Kohler Dave Landgraf Ted Lane Ethel LanhamEarl Leady Jim Lefler Bill Lewis Lloyd Lucker Betty Lodge Harry Luddeke Faye Long Phoebe Luedecke Valda Longfellow Laurence McClintock Grace Luer Bernard McCoy Warren McArdle Patricia McGuiggan Matt McCaskill Kathleen McLaughlin Bonnie McOwan Anna McPherson Seniors LODGE, BETTY Student Council LONG, FAYE-Glee Club LONGFELLOW, VALDA Glee Club, Cheer Leader LUDDEKE, HARRY —Boys' Cabinet, Hi-Y, "The Milky Way," Football LUEDECKE, PHOEBE Student Forum, Glee Club LUER, GRACE -Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Art Club, German Club, Student Forum, Times Staff, Quill and Scroll, Dramatic Club McCASKILL, MATT—Football, Basketball, Track, “Milky Way" McGUIGGAN, PAT Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Times Staff, Orchestra, Latin Club, French Club McLAUGHLIN, KATHLEEN National Honor Society, Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Glee Club, Girls' Council McOWAN, BONNIE—Dramatic Club.MAIN, BETTY Home Economics Club MARCH, DAVID -Student Council, Wrestling MATHUS LUCY French Club, National Honor Society MEISENHEIMER, BILL German Club, Band MEISENHEIMER, MARY Student Patrol, Glee Club MEISTER, MARY LOU Times Staff. Student Council MEYER, FELICIE National Honor Society MEYER, LOIS Student Council MILFORD, MARY French Club MILLER. ELIZABETH -Glee Club, German Club MILLER, MARY Latin Club, National Honor Society, Glee Club MITCHELL, KATHRYN Home Economics Club, Creative Writing Club MOHLER, EILEEN—Art Club, Glee Club, Band MONFORT, JACK Camera Club, Glee Club MOORE, SAM Smiley Hi-Y, Student Council, Thespians, Dramatic Club, “320 College Avenue," “June Mad," “Junior's Mustache," Band, Orchestra. Seniors Betty Main David March Lucy Mathus Walter Melton Bill Meisenheimer Felicie Meyer Mary Meisenheimer Lois Lee Meyer Mary Lou Meister Mary Miller Mary Middlecoff Kathryn Mitchell Mary Milford Eileen Mohler Elizabeth Miller Jack Monfort George Montgomery Leonard (Sam) MooreVlVM.N ' ORR o Mossman I'M Mary Mueller Helen Mullens RY NlEDERNHOFER Bonnie Oden wen Max Olson Norma Paisley Kenneth Murray George Newcomer Barbara Oulson Lora Jean Paris Homer Osborn Charles O. Parish Evelyn Parker Lucian Patterson Seniors MORRIS, VIVIAN Student Forum, Band, Girl Reserves MOSSMAN, LEO Glee Club MUELLER, MARY Times Staff, Dramatic Club, German Club, Glee Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, "You Can't Take It With You MURRAY, KENNETH Radio Club NlEDERNHOFER, HARRY Smiley Hi-Y, Band ODEN, BONNIE National Honor Society, German Club, Glee Club OLSON, MAX German Club, Band, Smiley Hi-Y, Boys’ Cabinet, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, "You Can't Take It With You" OWEN, DOROTHY Times Staff PAISLEY, NORMA—Glee Club PARIS, LORA JEAN—French Club, Art Club, Glee Club PARKER, EVELYN—Glee Club, Choir PATTERSON, LUCIAN—Basketball, National Honor Society.PETERS. KENNETH Football, Smiley HiY PITTS, BETTY Student Forum, “The Milky Way RADCLIFF, MARGARET Art Club, Student Forum, Times Staff RAIN, JACK — Student Council RAWLINS, JEANNE French Club, Glee Club, Choir READY, HAROLD—National Honor Society, German Club, Band, Glee Club REINHARDT, ELWOOD Glee Club, Choir REED, BILL J. Football, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Track, Tennis Team, “The Milky Way," Tatler Staff RICE, BETTIE Student Forum RODGERS, JEAN French Club ROBERTS, WESLEY— Glee Club, Camera Club, Student Forum ROSS, DOSIA National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Thespians, “320 College Avenue,” “Poor Dear Edgar,” “Ycu Can’t Take It With You” RUSSO, NORMA -French Club, Girl Reserves. Seniors Lillian Penning Kenneth Peters George Peterson Margaret Radcliff Robert Peterson Jack Rain Betty Pitts Jeanne Rawlins Don Pruiett Bettie Rice Harold Ready Jean Rodgers Elwood Reinhardt Roberta Roberts Bill J. Reed Wesley Roberts Dosia Ross Norma RussoClara Sampson Albert Sanders Dick Schaller Jacob Schneider Mary Schoppet Ed Schrimpf Garrett Schmoeller Helen Schultz Robert Schneider Herbert Short Priscilla Scott Charles Simpson Olin Scott Mildred Skelly Aileen Shea Patty Sheppard Ralph Sheppard Durand Smith Seniors SCHALLER, DICK—Red and Gray Hi-Y, Latin Club, French Club, German Club, National Honor Society, Student Council SCHMOELLER, GARRETT -Tennis Team, Smiley Hi Y SCHNEIDER, JACOB- Boys' Cabinet, Smiley Hi Y SCHRIMPF, ED—National Honor Society, German Club SCOTT, OLIN Student Council SIMPSON, CHARLES—National Honor Society SHEPPARD, PATTY—Art Club, Dramatic Club, Thespians, French Club, National Honor Society SMITH, DURAND Student Council, Latin Club, Smiley Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Thespians, Boys' Cabinet, National Honor Society, "Poor Dear Edgar," "You Can't Take It With You.”SPARKS, SUE Quill and Scroll, Times Staff, Dramatic Club, Thespians, French Club, Girls' Council, National Honor Society, “Archie Comes Home," “You Can't Take It With You" STORK, JACQUE French Club, National Honor Society STUART, BOB French Club, Art Club STORM, BENNO Dramatic Club, Thespians THOMASSON, LELAND—Art Club THOMPSON, BERNADINE— Cheer Leader TRAVIS, FRANK Boys’ Cabinet, National Honor Society, Student Council, Smiley Hi-Y TROTTER, BILLYE Student Council, Glee Club TUGGLE, BILL Smiley Hi-Y, German Club. Seniors Marthadell Sondles Sue Sparks Dorothy Springgate Bob Stuart Richard Stamper Benno Storm Jacque Stork Genevieve Stratton Bill Stephenson Bernadine Thompson Virginia Straube Vivian Tillman Melvin Tague Frank Travis Leland Thomasson Billye Trotter Bill Tuggle Evelyn UrsprungV Alvina Von Bergen Martha Vanausdoll Bette Mae Walker Ann Waterbury George Walter Harvey Waters Maurice Walter Lois Watkins Joe Wannamaker Sue Wenzel Kenneth Webb Betty Westbrook Betty Weber Maurice Wetzel Rosemary Weil Clay White Vincent White Gilbert Whitten Seniors VON BERGEN, ALVINA—Home Economics Club, Band WALKER, BETTE MAE—Home Economics Club, Girl Reserve WANNAMAKER, JOE National Honor Society ♦ WATERBURY, ANN— Camera Club, Latin Club, Times Staff, National Honor Society, Student Forum, Band, Girl Reserves WATERS, HARVEY—“Milky Way," Wrestling, National Honor Society WATKINS, LOIS— Student Council, Girls’ Council, French Club, Art Club WEBB, KENNETH—Track WEBER, BETTY—French Club, Art Club + WEIL, ROSEMARY—National Honor Society, Latin Club, Choir WESTBROOK, BETTY French Club, Glee Club WETZEL, MAURICE—Student Forum, German Club WHITE, CLAY Student Council, Band, Orchestra WHITTEN, GILBERT—Student Council.WILKENING, WILMA Glee Club WILSON, MELVIN -Smiley HiY, Student Forum, Band WIMMER, OLIVER Band, Glee Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, “Archie Comes Home," "You Can't Take It With You" WISEMAN, CLYDE Dramatic Club, Student Forum, Student Council WOOD, EDWARD Football, National Honor Society, Boys' Cabinet, Dramatic Club WOOD, EILEEN—Latin Club, Student Forum ♦ WUELLNER, FRED Band YEAKEL, WARREN Student Forum, Art Club YOUNG, BOB Tennis Team, Times Staff, Band. Seniors Margarettee Weese Wilma Wilkening Leona Williams Clyde Wiseman Patricia Williams , Raymond Wolffbrandt Melvin Wilson Edward Wood fj Oliver Wi $«e Warren Yeakel Richard Young Bob Young tl 00 Eileen Woo Marjorie YostSeniors Without Pictures Bob Albrecht James Applegate Johnny Barattini Frankelene Blockburger Tom Bennett Melvin Bradshaw Bernard Bensman James Brenner Ray Block Ancel Clark Harry Bromaghim Louis Coatney Marion Buckshot Mark Cobb Marvin Champlin Jack Dalton Paul Compagno Dennis Darr Frank Coontz Lloyd Davis Lamar Craig Warren Elsner Edgar DeLong Carl Emerick Lawrence Ducommun Maxine Fenwick Jerome Elhoffer Victor Frye Roy Fenwick Frances Fuller Eugene Fleming Bill Gaines Vernon Franklin Harold Golike Ellis Gaston Godfrey Goolsby Lindon Glass Leone Heinemann Donald Golike Mary Jane Huber Maurice Heinemann Leona Hunter Raymond Heyen Ben Jacoby Willie Hooper Charles Koehne Pauline Johnson Verna Krill Walter Kelly Ralph Laux Herman Kochersperger Clyde Mawhee Rodger Lenhardt Evelyn Means Vesta Long Ernest Meszaros Chester McElrath Dycus Murray Roscoe Mikoff Ed Patterson Julius Moore Albertha Pelot Orval Moxey Kathryn Russell Clayton Phillippy Bert Sawyer Paul Phillips Nevel Sawyers Howard Rayford Laura Segraves Richard Schenke Harry Shamhart Bill Schotters Bill Spillman Lee Schwerdtfeger Harold Sunderland Ray Spurgeon May Sutton Richard Stamper Gloria Toro Mildred Stouder Elma Ullrich Paul Townsley Ted Vambeketes Ray Trogdon Charlotte Vohs Richard Turner Lora Wahle Irene Vonnahmen Kenneth Walkington Donovan Wadlow Eileen Wagner Bud Ward Marie Ward Edwin Whitten Tom Watts Alex Wright William Wilkinson John Westover Maxine Williams Edward Wonnacott Hilda Worthy Virginia WhiteJuniors Bill Alberts Bob Albrecht Ruth Alexander Bill Ash Frances May Ballinger Vera Ballinger Mildred Ann Bolton Fred Bauer Gordon Bauer Martha Beeler Carl Belcher Virginia Bensman Gordon Bentley Frances Bernard Bette Binkley Mildred Bodger Harlan Boedeker Carl Bracht Nick Brown Walter Brown Regina Bruce Jim Buck June Burger Marcella Burroughs Barbara Bushby Glodine Butler Homer Campbell Edward Carriger Harold Chamberlain Mary Chessick Peggy Chappell Maurice ChappellJuniors Norman Cochran Jim Coleman Valda Combs William Copeland Robert Copley Elizabeth Cundall Stella Cruzat Edwin Dodson Don Durborow Theresa Duncan Marcella Dunn Pony Eagle Joan Emons John Evans Richard Evans Violet Evers Jean Fable Harry Fessler Veda Fichtel Jim Fields Jack Fisher Grace Fish Elsie Flippo Peggy Fones Wilma Ford Bill Foster Reva Foulks Geraldine Frasier Peggy Gallay Roberta Gibson Irvin Goldfarb Shirley GoodrichJuniors Bob Graham Betty Jane Graves Winifred Gray James Griffin Glova Halford Patricia Halsenberg Mary Lou Halsenberg Bob Hamelmann James Hamilton Ruth Hamilton Bette Hanke Jackie Harford Margaret Harris Marjorie Harris Henry Hassman Helen Henry Emma Jane Hickerson Don Hinrichs Kathleen Holland Dorothy Holt Elwood Hughey Marcella Hughson Betty Huff Melvin Huish Dolores Humphrey June Humrichouse Thomas Hoering Beverly Jameson Ettamae Johnson Kenneth Johnson Virginia Johnson Ray JonesJuniors Marcella Kaus Edna Keen Harold Keener Clarence Kennedy Wilma Ketchum Martha Lee King Jean Krinard Margaret Krohn Lyda Mae Kunz Bob Landau Audrey Lattin Betty Lattin Eleanor Laux Rosalie Lefler Antonia Lenhardt Dick Lenhardt Lorene Lewis Earl Linkogle Norwood Lippold Richard Little Louise Lock Velma Lyons Marian McAdam Lucille McCaskill Jean McCullough Emmett Malone Wilbur Maxeiner Dorothy May Leo Mercurio Luella Medhurst Martha Middleton Fern MinorJuniors Dorothy Mitchell Harry Modes Matt Monks Eileen Nelder June Nixon John Noble Lillian Northern Bertha Olian Dominic Panapinta Fred Paris Clarence Perisho Clayton Phillippy June Phillips Dorothy Pitts Marion Ray Charles Rayborn Virginia Rhea Martha Lee Reinhardt Arlene Renken Edith Rhoads Paul Richey Kay Riggs Alfred Robinson Dorothy Russell Charles Ryrie Edith Schenke Mary Frances Schmidt Kenneth Schlueter Bob Schrimpf Doris Schwartzbeck Otto Schwegel Juanita Scott Bernadine Searles Agnes SharkeyJuniors Kenneth Show Norma Lee Simpson Gene Sims Verdell Sims Betty Jeanne Smith George Smith Jack Smith Leland Smith Louise Staubitz Patricia Strahan Norma Stephenson George Sweeney June Taylor Harold Tickner Frances Tillinghast Mary Tolle Norma Lee Twichell Vic Unterbrink Esther Ursch Marjorie Ursch Moreland Voss Patty Walter Lora Ward Donald Warner Lula Warren Eugene Watson William Wells Dorothy Welsh Dorothy Jane White Leo W illis Shelby Willis Edith Wilson Ethel Winston Mildred Winston June Wohnlich Harold Wright Herman Yost Betty Youngberg Betty Young Ed YungckSophomores Hilda Alexander Mary Lou Armstrong Ruth Aulabaugh Gene Bailey LaVerna Baker Geraldine Barnett Bill Baum Sydney Bears Charlotte Beets Helen Beuschel Marjorie Biddison Dave Bland Clinton Bonnell Katherine Bruns Violet Bryant Pete Caires Carl Campbell Danny Carhart Norma Chappell Mary Lucile Chism Marcella Clayton William Collins Luvear Conley Carles Copeland Betty Cunningham Clyde Dehner Jack Dick Capitola Diuguid Mildred Doerr Rosemary Doyle Naomia Durborow George Edwards Bob Eyler Dorothy Fay Margaret Fiola Norma Ford Don Foster Eva Gabriel Earleen Gaines Virginia Lee Garver Eileen Georgeoff Bill Glass Dixie Lee Glazebrook Betty Lou Gleiber Francis Gotay, Jr.Sophomores Marjorie Graul Ada Graul Olin Gray Carmella Graziana Peggy Hanby Ruth Hargiss Ed Harvey Virginia Hatfield Marjorie Herzberger May Hendricks Alice Hesse Clara Hock Margaret Horstman Jessie Hosey Phyllis Hull Jack Jacoby Stanley Leonard Lorraine Lodge Kenneth Love Leroy Lumpkin Lois Lutz Jean McClanahan James McCoy John Meisenheimer Virginia Meszaros Miriam Meyer Alice Misegades Thelma Mitchell David Morgenroth Edgar Newell Irene Nisbett Virginia Noonan Opal Osborn Margaret Osterman Sonna Lou Parker Marian Parkes Maxine Peel Laveda Perry Lila Peterson Sophomores Dorothy Phillips Charis Poole James Reinhardt Maurice Roberts Jane Rodgers Joanne Rouleau Don Russell Eileen Sawyer Rachel Schaeffer Jimmie Schmitt Eileen Schneider Paige Schreiber Betty Searles Vera Lee Sevier Thelma Sherman Nell Shine Dorothy Sims Martha Smalley Werner Soltermann Alice Staehle Roy Staples Bill Stone Milford Tallyn Virginia Tomlinson Bob Tucker Jean Turner Eva Waggoner Mather Waltrip Margaret Warner Mary Watson Marilyn Weber Isabelle White Kenneth Whiting Shirley Wightman Janet Williams Marion Willis Delphene Wilson Kathryn Wilson Joyce Wilton Bill Winkler Lois Wiseman Naeoma Wooldridge Ralph WoolardOur gymnasium Each school year Most certainly is A very busy place „ o 37 35 30 •r? 3"- ; - o 79 wf ▼ 4V k -J$ -A e fV- ' -v f £ e ?c W „4fM » • • ’ i 3 yf o 79 ) 5 Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton Alton FOOTBALL—FIRST SQUAD Maurice Roberts, Robert Metz, Kenny Peters, Bob Hammelman, Ed Wood, Craig Beane, Jack Naughton, Eugene Grosh. Carl Platter, Maurice Pfeifer, Bill Chew, Jim Buck, Bud Glass, Kenny DeSherlia, Jim Coleman, Ted Vambcketcs. Ray Platter, Bill Schottcrs, Frank Harrison, Ray Block, Bob Bruce, Max Olson, Bill Ash, George Smith, Harry Luddcke. FOOTBALL-SECOND SQUAD iale Aulabaugh, Emmett Malone, Eugene Seville, Clayton Phillippy, Dave Bland, Walter Brown. row] Fred Brown, Allen Clark, Gene Gould, Kenneth Johnson, Joe Waidc, Gordon Bauer, Charles Lawson. im Dickerson, Jack Dick, Bill Alberts, George Coles, Harold Tickncr, Louis Oden, Kenneth Kokos, BillConncrly. FOOTBALL SCORES 1940 ............................13................Collinsville.......................... 0 ............................13................Granite City...........................0 ............................ 7...............Madison............................... 0 ............................. 6...............Edwardsville..........................27 ..............................7...............Wood River.............................0 6................East St. Louis........................25 ............................20................Belleville............................12 ...............................7...............Western Military Academy...............0 Alton 79 Opponents 64 2 Won 6 LostCraig Beane Ed Wood, Captain Bob Bruce Ted Vambeketes "Jug" Taylor, Mgr. Bill Ash Football Season of 1940 Robert P. Geddes, Assistant Coach Ray L. Jackson, Coach Football practice got under headway for the Redbirds on September 5, as the first two days of school were given over to issuing equipment. Coach Jackson and his assistant Geddes were faced with such tasks as developing new ends who could receive passes on offense and do their part on defense since we couldn't keep the Stallings-Schwartz ends combination of ’39. There were other line problems such as a new center and guard and tackle positions to be taken care of. Ted Vambeketes and Bill Gaines, regulars from '39—Ray Block, Bill Ash, Bill Chew, and Craig Beane, four boys who had considerable sub-experience in ’39 came through together with a “find” in Maurice Pfeffer to give us our seven regular line men. Ed Wood and Matt McCaskill were regular backfield men carried over from '39 and from the group of Kenny Peters, Bob Bruce, Football Lettermen Ray Block Carl Platter Harry Luddeke Bill Chew Bill Gaines Carl Platter Carl Carter, Ray Platter, and Harry Luddeke, the two to work with Wood and McCaskill were selected. Gridiron activities were scheduled to begin on our field against Central of St. Louis, but about ten days before the game Central cancelled and Alton was unable to get an opponent lined up for the season’s opener on September 27, and the Redbirds got their test under fire with Collinsville on October 4, when the Kahoks were forced to bite the dust in a 13-0 Redbird victory. This game was played at home to a good sized crowd. October 11, the Redbirds journeyed to Granite City to be guests of the Happy Warriors for an evening. Granite proved to be the perfect hosts and Alton tucked its second straight 13-0 victory under her belt. October 18 found the Redbirds guests of Madison and our boys found Madison to be one of the toughest foes met and defeated during the season. The two teams played a scoreless tie until late in the game. In fact the crowd had become settled to a scoreless tie when the Redbirds pushed over a touchdown and point, thus adding Madison’s scalp to theirKpnny Peters Jack Naughton Jim Buck Ray Platter Maurice Ppeffer Matt McCaskill season's list of victories on a 7-0 count. Edwardsville's Tigers dropped into the Redbirds nest October 25, and before the game was many minutes old they proved that the pre-game dope of line and backfield Tiger power had not been overrated. The Tigers lost no time in scoring three touchdowns but in the second half the teams played on equal terms. Final score favored the Tigers 27-6. This season Wood River was more certain than ever that it was their year and when the Redbirds arrived there on November 1, they found over 3,000 spectators on hand, many of whom were from Alton. This game proved to be a battle but once the Redbirds produced a touchdown the Oilers were softened and we were content to defend our 7-0 score. Into Alton rolled the East Side Packers on the evening of November 8, to try their hand at mauling our Redbirds for the tie we held them to in '39, when the two schools shared conference honors. The game was still in its infancy when Packer power packed over a touchdown, then another, and still a third. In the second half the Redbirds again stayed on even terms with theiropponents but the final whistle showed a 25-6 victory for East Side. The final game of the conference season was played at Belleville on November 15. The Maroons had played a rather bad season but had shown power in their last two games preceding the game with the Redbirds. The Altonians were respectors of Maroon power but went to work with vengeance and built up a touchdown lead. Before the smoke of battle had cleared, the Redbirds had scored a total of 20 points to the Maroons 12. Conference play finished with Edwardsville and East St. Louis in a tie for first and second place with the Redbirds taking third place with 5 victories and 2 defeats. Turkey Day brought the Army from Western Military to the Redbirds field in the final game between the two schools. Western's season record was not so good—2 wins, 2 ties, and 3 defeats. They had scored 32 points during the season to their opponents 93 while the Redbirds had scored 72 points to their opponents 64 and had won 5 while losing 2. This far the dope favored the Jacksonmen but McCaskill was definitely out of the Alton lineup due to a leg injury. This was sufficient to give the Army a slight edge since it deprived the Alton backfield of half of their experienced pass tossers, an asset in scoring plays during the season. The game was played under ideal weather conditions and the teams battled on even terms until late in the final quarter. Not many people in the stands expected anything other than a scoreless tie. Then “Scrappy" Carter went into the Alton backfield and on the first play that Redbird flea-flicker lateral struck like double geared lightning and when Western downed Carter who had received the ball from Wood who had received it from someone else the ball was short of Western's goal by only a couple of yards. On the next play Kenny Peters successfully negotiated an end run with proper Redbird blocking and Vambeketes used his educated toe with Wood holding and "Happy Days" were here again for Alton High. Western couldn't recover any drive and the game soon ended to a 7-0 tune. This made ten victories in a row for the Redbirds in 12 starts under Coach Jackson. It made the 14th win for Alton High to 12 for Western with two ties in a series that began in 1904-'07-'08 then each year from 1912 to 1939 with the exception of 1917 and 1918. The only parting glory for Western is that during this time they scored a total of 256 points to 210 for Alton High. This traditional game has been brought to an end by the rule of the State Athletic Association which does not recognize or permit transfer students to participate in sports in the first year in their new school. This rule would block so many Army men that Western felt they could not continue the game. This season ended high school football careers for Vambeketes, Block, Gaines, Beane, Chew, Wood, Peters, Bruce, Luddeke, McCaskill, Naugh-ton and Carter. "All Conference" honors were won by Vambe-ketes and McCaskill. The 1941 season will require many new faces, but with Ash, Pfeffer, the Platter brothers and Buck from the letter men a nucleus for the 41 season is assured. ■ ★ ★ ★ : A = » FIRST SQUAD First row: Homer Campbell, Lucian Patterson, Ed Patterson, Bill Schotters, Jack Naughton, Maurice Pffefer. Second row: Gale Aulabaugh, Craig Beane, Fred Bauer, Tracy Beck, Ray Platter. SECOND SQUAD First row: Tracy Beck, Jim Buck, Harold Tickner, Jim Moore, Joe Hallam. Second row Fred Bauer, Joe Nasello, Carl Platter, Joe Waide. Basketball Season of 1940-41 Robert P. Geddes, Coach Basketball opened officially on December 6, when the Redbirds played host to Gillespie, but our boys were too nice about it and Gillespie grabbed the opener 22-13. The Alton cause was not lost as a result of this first game for a new comer to Alton High Bill Schotters fitted well into the Geddes and Jureziz machine. Then the two Patterson boys- uncle and nephew by the way—were on hand together with Campbell, Antone Jureziz, Assistant Coach Naughton, Beane, Pfeffer, Cole, Aulabaugh and Ray Platter. The next week found both games played away from home. The Redbirds traveled to Jerseyville and treated their host just like Gillespie had treated us the week before, only worse, and the final score found A’ton winn'ng 31-7. On Friday night of December 13—yes, Friday the 13th -the boys moved to Granite City. Just a few shortmonths before the Happy Warriors had won the State Championship of Illinois, but the Redbirds could not afford to worry about either Friday the 13th or the opponent. When the final whistle was blown the Happy Warriors were sad warriors for we had won 38-34. The week of December 16 found our boys at home, but a loss and a win were our lot. On Tuesday night, Litchfield dropped into town and showed us the smoothest working offense and the best defense so far in the campaign. When the smoke of battle cleared we were on the short end of a 36-28 score. The week was brought to a whirlwind close, however,when the Redbirds played one of their best games of the entire season in defeating the Oilers from Wood River. The local boys gathered a first quarter lead and held on to it for the entire game. Wood River, seemingly badly beaten as the fourth quarter started, came through in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter and gave us a terrible scare but the boys from our Alma Mater tossed in a final field goal to win 21-19. Christmas vacation found the boys of the hardwood court in the Mt. Vernon tournament but we had too much Christmas spirit of the giving type left over and gave away too big a lead in the first half. We outplayed Johnson City by a wide margin in the second half, yet we were unable to close the gap and lost 34-23. January 7 resumed Conference play and we defeated the Collinsville Kahoks on our floor 36-34 in another game that made our hearts go into high gear. On Friday night of the same week we journeyed to Edwardsville where they turned their Tigers loose upon us and they proceeded to claw us into a 37-27 defeat. The next week saw us meet defeat at Madison in a game that could have gone to either team but near the close of the game the Madison 5 grabbed a four point lead and matched us point for point in addition. They won 28-24. Belleville came here on Friday night in an attempt to win a conference game—something they had not been able to do. They were disappointed, however, when the Redbirds triumphed 32-22. Graduation exercises set the East Side game up to Thursday night and they seemed to enjoy it. Using a shifty and tricky offense they got away to a nice first half lead but the Redbirds came close to upsetting the Packers in the second half. We lost 32-28. On Saturday night our boys were guests of Decatur in their new gym. The game was played before nearly 4,000 Decatur fans. The trip, the new gym, the crowd and the Decatur quintet all conspired to help in a Redbird defeat by a 34-23 count. The next week saw only one game played—we were host to Granite City and this second time we met the State Champs we were not even courteous enough to let them use the ball except in rare instances. The final score— Alton 32 and Granite 14. It was our widest margin in a conference win. The next week we tried our luck in the Oiler's den and at times the Summers coached crew were pushed plenty hard, but winning two basketball games in one season from the Oilers was too big a task and we lost the game 22-17. Our next game was at Collinsville and the Kahoks showed power when they pinned the season's worst defeat on us 44-26. Undismayed our Redbirds bounced back into the win column the next game when they spilled the Tigers 24-17 in a thriller for Alton fans but a heartbreaker for Edwardsville since this defeat cost them the Conference Championship and gave them a tie with Wood River. In the closing games of the season Madison again gave us a 4 point drubbing, this time on our floor 27-23. However, the Redbirds dropped in on Belleville the next night and after a tough battle came out victors when a late Belleville rally fell 4 points short and Alton won 30-27. In the season's final Conference game the Red-birds visited the Packers of East Side and were shooting for a victory. However, our sights didn't work so well and we lost 39-20. Our Conference record for the season was 7 wins and 7 losses. We scored 378 points to opponents 396. This is our best Conference basketball record in several years. In non-conference games during the season exclusive of the tournament at Wood River we scored 118 points to our opponents 133. For the season, including tournament play we scored 529 points to our opponents 565. Alton had hopes of getting by Troy this year in the Wood River tournament and possibly even getting into the final game to be assured a game at least in the next round a week Liter at Collinsville. The officials said we fouled too many times and Troy made 18 charity shots out of 36 attempts, which enabled them to squeeze by in a 36-33 win. Our 1940'41 basketball season thus ended as it began, in defeat—but many prospects come upfrom the second team next fall and hopes are held for still an improved team next year. . The boys who have played their final basketball for Alton High are: Bill Schotters, Ed Patterson, Lucian Patterson, J. Naughton, Craig Beane and Harold Cole. Ed Patterson stood fourth in Conference scoring and Bill Schotters set a mark of 80 per cent in shooting free throws—two swell records. Ed also won an "All Conference" selection landing in a tie with Volz of Edwardsville for third place selection. Campbell and Schotters received honor-able mention. SECOND TEAM SQUAD IN BASKETBALL Antone Jureziz, Coach This last season the Redbird seconds played fifteen games and while they did not win as many games as they lost yet they scored during the season only 4 points less than their opposition. This year Coach Jureziz set out to develop his men on defense just as much as offense in the belief that a well drilled man is needed in defense as well as offense. The first team squad next year is certain to be stronger because of this year's experience given to Beck, Buck, Tickner, Moore, Hallam, Nasello, Carl Platter, Waide, Meisen-heimer, and others. j - ★ ★ 1940-41 Basketball Scores Alton 13. Gillespie 22 Alton 31. 7 Alton 38 . Granite City 34 Alton 28 36 Alton 21. Wood River 19 23. Johnson City 34 Alton 36 Collinsville 34 Alton 27. Edwardsville 37 Alton 24. Madison 28 Alton 32. Belleville 22 Alton 28 East St. Louis 32 Alton 23. Decatur. 34 Alton 32. Granite City 14 Alton. 17. Wood River 22 Alton 26. Collinsville 44 Alton 24 Edwardsville 17 Alton 23. Madison 27 Alton 30 Belleville . 27 Alton 20. 39 Alton 33. 36 529 565 Won.... 8 Lost..........12Firj? rojrf: Joe Nassello, Carl Platter, Ray Platter, Walter Brown, James McFarland, Joesph Waide, i, Gilbert Whitten, Keith Robertson. d row: Harvey Veit, Bob Graham, Jim Buck, Harold Tickner, Harry Fessler, Trez Thompson, Third row: Jimmy Fields, Kenny DeSherlia, Jimmy Moore, Frank Harrison, Lindon Glass, Lucian Patterson, Gerald Dickerson, Lonnie Miller, Bill McFarland, Herman Bockstruck. Fourth row: Bob Nickols, Nick Brown, Ed Wood, Bob White, Ed Dodson, Jack Smith. Track Antone Jureziz, Coach High hopes had been held for a big season in track this year as a follow-up to last year's beginning but it was expecting a little too much to put track over as a winner in the second season of a revived sport. The boys were further handicapped by the junior high building program which pretty nearly did away with our practice field. The squad this year has been made up of nearly twice as many boys who were interested enough in track to come out as were out last year. While not winning any meets at the time our book goes to press the boys have been in a meet somewhere each week since early in April. No meet has been entered in which we failed to score points. Good efforts and reasonably good results have been turned in during the season by many of the squad. May next year be a bigger and better year for track. Tennis The squad had trouble getting any practice but played anyway. Koenig and Flexon lost their doubles match in the Belleville Tournament on May 2. Tuggle and Young the next day each won from their opponent in singles play but lost in their third round of play as they had drawn byes in first round play. The boys with more practice hope to get some wins in the Conference meet and expect to meet Granite, Belleville and Collinsville in inter-school contests. First row: Bill Tuggle, Bob Young, Leland Thomasson, David Morgenroth. Second row : John Flexon, Stan Koenig, Jack Fisher.This building is Our usual meeting place On Wednesday mornings The Tatler Staff of 1941 First row: Orville Kline, business manager; Dolores Humphrey, editor; Luther L. Myers, adviser. Second row: Ed Yungck, staff photographer; John McPherson, advertising; Tod Doles, advertising; Carl Francis, art editor. Third row: June Brandel, assistant editor and typist; Margaret Harris, assistant editor; June Anglin, assistant editor and typist; Jean Floss, assistant editor. Fourth row: Ed Harvey, advertising; Bill J. Reed, advertising; Roger Breyfogle, advertising manager; Bill Ash, advertising. ★ ★ Times Staff The Alton High Times was first published in 1923. Since this time, its purpose has been to promote scholarship; to preserve school tradi- tion; to encourage sportsmanship; to support school activities; to provide practical experience OFFICERS First Semester Barbara Blair............................Editor Pat McGuiggan Assistant Editor Mary Lou Meister Assistant Editor Jim Dickerson.....................Sports Editor Fred Green............................Business Manager John Flexon..... Advertising Manager in journalism; and to increase loyalty to our school. The Times is published eighteen times per year, at intervals of two weeks. It is supported by subscribers and advertising. OFFICERS Second Semester Audrey Bernard.......................... Editor Betty Ash.......................Assistant Editor Mary Lou Meister Assistant Editor Stan Koenig.........................Sports Editor Don Owens..............................Business Manager John Flexon...........................Advertising Manager Quill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll is a journalistic honor society, international in scope. The Lovejoy Chapter, a charter member of the organization, was established April 4, 1927. Students eligible for membership must have done creditable work on either of the school publications. The Times or The Tatler. The purpose of the Quill and Scroll is to instill in students the ideal of scholarship; to advance OFFICERS First Semester Fred Green..............................President Barbara Blair......................Vice-President Sue Sparks..................Secretary-Treasurer the standards of the profession of journalism by developing better journalists and by developing a high code of ethics to promote exact and dispassionate thinking, clear and forceful writing. Further, it has been the purpose of this chapter to take on some school project each year. The features this year have been the induction of new members, the banquet and the annual party with the National Honor Society. OFFICERS Second Semester Sue Sparks..............................President John Flexon........................Vice-President Kathleen McLaughlin...........Secretary-Treasurer ★ •¥■ ★TIMES STAFF First row: Leola Gelzinnis, Patsy Halsenberg, Barbara Blair, Myna Bonnell, Moreland Voss, Betty Ash, Bettie Dawson, Sue Sparks, Audrey Bernard, Ann Johnson. Second row: Allen Clark, Gordon Bentley, Julia Davis, Betty Youngberg, Mary Grace Ellison, Ann Waterbury, Dorothy Owens, Mary Mueller, Mary Meister, Bob Young. Third row: John Flexon, Fred Green, Jim Dickerson, Jim Coleman, Dave Landgraf, Charles Ryrie, John Meisenheimer, Don Owens, Don Durborow, Stan Koenig. QUILL AND SCROLL First row: Mary Mueller. Barbara Blair, Myra Bonnell, Moreland Voss, Bettie Dawson, Sue Sparks, Betty Ash, Audrey Bernard. Second row: Leola Gelzinnis, Roger Breyfogle, Julia Davis, Ann Johnson, Mary Grace Ellison, Dolores Humphrey, Dorothy Holt, Jean Krinard. Third row: Fred Green, Jim Dickerson, Bill Ash, John Flexon, Allen Clark.¥ ★ ★ National Honor Society The Alton Chapter of the National Honor Society has been organized for fifteen years. During this time it has grown and prospered. The original Chapter of twelve members has grown to an organization having a membership of sixty or more and graduating about half of this number each semester. One of the original sponsors. Miss Cates, who helped organize the Chapter in the beginning, is serving alone as sponsor, the other original sponsor. Miss Cartwright, died in 1939. The purpose of this organization is chiefly to recognize scholarship, as football and basketball recognize ability in athletics, and the language clubs recognize ability in their separate languages. In addition to this, the Chapter tries to develop the leadership and character of its members by rendering various services to the school and to the members of the Chapter. Membership is based on the four cardinal virtues of the Chapter, scholarship, leadership, character and service. There are certain points under each of these virtues that must be considered. Under scholarship the candidate must be in the upper third of his class; under leadership come the initiative, executive ability, and influence of the candidate; under character is dependability, industry, honesty, and personality; under service— the service to other organizations, to the school, and to the teachers must be considered. The OFFICERS First Semester James Dickerson.........................President Patty Sheppard.................... Vice-President Betty Ash...............................Secretary faculty advisors prepare a list of those in the upper third of the class who are eligible. This list is then presented to the rest of the faculty who rate the candidates on leadership, character, and service. The high rating candidates are then installed at a public ceremony each semester, but not over 15% of the graduating class may be installed. Meetings are held once a month, the third Monday in the school month. During the meeting, business is transacted and speakers are heard on various subjects. The Chapter holds several social affairs each semester. A banquet for graduating members and a joint party with the Quill and Scroll have regular features. This year the president started a series of Chapter parties and dances. This year there were two main service projects. A poll of the graduating seniors was taken to determine how many were going to college, where they would like to go, what they would like to study, where they would like to live, and if they were not going to college what type of work they would like to take up. The Chapter sent for catalogs from the schools in which the students were interested. The other project is a system of student loan scholarships for Chapter members. In 1936 a fund was started for the student loan scholarships, but this shall be the first year for granting the scholarships. OFFICERS Second Semester Roger Breyfogle......................... President Craig Beane.........................Vice-President Eugene Grosh.............................Secretary ★ ★OLD MEMBERS OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: Ann Waterbury, Julia Davis, Barbara Blair, Myra Bonnell, Bettie Dawson, Betty Ash, Audrey Bernard, Dorothy Gesch. Second row: Allen Clark, Fred Green, Bonnie Oden, Ann Kohler, Doris Buhman, Clyde Mawhee, Dick Schaller, Roger Breyfogle, Eugene Grosh. Third row: Ed Wood, Ed Schrimpf, Mansfield Jennings, Wendell Bode, Harold Ready, Jim Dickerson. NEW MEMBERS OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY—First row Agnes Sharkey, Rosemary Weil, Verlene Bowman, Moreland Voss, Mary Mueller, Mary Grace Ellison, Sue Sparks, Dorothy Holt, Jean Krinard, Beatrice Ford. Second row: Oliver Wimmer, Gordon Bentley, Jim Coleman, Mary Chessick, Leola Gelzinnis, Ann Johnson, Arleen Heggemeier, Dosia Ross, Jacque Stork, Mary Miller, Felicie Meyer, Betty Aulabaugh. Third row: Lucian Patterson, Lawrence Klinke, John Flexon, Craig Beane, Charles Ryrie, Bob Schrimpf, Stan Koenig, Bill Chew, Bud Glass, Gene Bryant, Durand Smith, Bob Gibson, Max Olson.  ★ ★ Girls Auxiliary Counci This organization observed the anniversary of its first decide of service to Alton High School on January 11, 1938. During these years the Council has been prominent in all the affairs of high school life. Its members are representative girls, chosen from the leaders of the student body. During its existence many services have been performed for the school by this organization, OFFICERS First Semester Anna Kodros.............................President Lois Watkins ......................Vice-President Agnes Sharkey.................Secretary-Treasurer as its purpose is to serve others. Miss Caroline Wempen has been the faculty sponsor since the organization was formed. In addition to its routine service, the council was chiefly responsible for sponsoring the first discussion of a student council which was later turned over to Miss Paul. OFFICERS Second Semester Betty Ash.............................. President Lois Watkins Vice-President Sue Sparks....................Secretary-Treasurer Boys Cabinet The Boys' Cabinet was founded in January, 1928, when boys who had acted as guides for freshmen, organized a service club. There were eleven charter members. The purpose of the Cabinet is to serve the school and to encourage beneficial activities among the boys. The Cabinet members are always ready to assist in school projects in any way they can. They sponsor the high school excursion each year, manage the score board at football games, act as gatemen at athletic OFFICERS First Semester Bill Ash. President Ed Wood. Vice-President Bob Gibson....................Secretary-Treasurer contests and as ushers at other school functions. Each February they assist new students by explaining the school activities and individual programs, and by acting as guides. New members are chosen to the Cabinet at the beginning of each semester, and officers are chosen at the beginning of each semester. The Cabinet is one of the oldest and most prominent clubs in school. Mr. Wood is the sponsor of the club. OFFICERS Second Semester Bill Ash .....................President Ed Wood. . Vice-President Bob Gibson...........Secretary-Treasurer ± ★GIRLS' AUXILIARY COUNCIL—First row: Alice Misegades, Antigone Kodros, Agnes Sharkey, Betty Ash, Bettie Dawson, Lois Watkins. Second row: Dolores Humphrey, Moreland Voss, June Humrichouse, Olga Netzhammer, Sue Sparks, Martha Middleton, Cecila Wood, Paige Schreiber. BOYS' CABINET—First row: Ed Wood, Craig Beane, George Smith, Bill Ash, Jim Coleman, Jacob Schneider, Durand Smith. Second row: Allen Clark, Ray Platter, Bill Gaines, Jim Dawson, Bob Gibson, Carl Platter. Third row: Bill Alberts, Max Olson, Bob Bruce, Jim Buck.National Thespians ♦ ★ The National Thespians is sponsored by the Alton High School Dramatic Club and is an honor society of high school dramatics. To be eligible a candidate must be a member of the Dramatic Club and have either performed, creditably, seventy lines in a play or have taken an active part back stage. Organized in 1932 with eight members, the Alton Chapter has grown to twenty members the second semester. The aims of the society are to develop a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramatics; to assist directors and students in the presentation of plays; to stand as a reward for excellence in high school dramatics; to acquaint directors and students with progress of dramatics in other high schools; and to bring about a closer relationship between the troupes. OFFICERS Second Semester Dosia Ross..................... Jean Floss Mary Grace Ellison OFFICERS First Semester Dosia Ross . . . . President Sam Moore............................ Vice-President Jane Dempsey.............................. Secretary President Vice-President Secretary Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club, sponsored by Miss Mildred Rutledge, is one of the most active of the elective clubs in the school. In order to become a member the students must try out or show some ability to act. The purpose of this organization is to give the students a chance to show their dramatic ability and arouse a desire for the students to take part in the school activities. Any student who wishes to become a member has at least two or more chances to try out during the school year. This organization presents two three act plays OFFICERS First Semester Jane Dempsey............................President Mary Grace Ellison................ Vice-President Edward Wood...................Secretary-Treasurer during the year. During the 1940 and 1941 year, the club presented "Poor Dear Edgar" and the Pulitzer Prize Winner "You Can't Take It With You," which were well attended by students and adults. In addition to the long plays the club presents at least two one-act plays for an assembly program. The play given the second semester was written and directed by the students. The Dramatic Club also sponsors the local chapter of National Thespians. OFFICERS Second Semester Mary Grace Ellison.....................President Jean Floss........................Vice-President Sue Sparks...................Secretary-Treasurer ★ THESPIANS First row: Jean Floss, Dosia Ross, Mary Grace Ellison, Betty Ash, Winifred Jennings. Second row: Ed Wood, Bill Foster, Craig Beane, David Landgraf, Benno Storms, Durand Smith. DRAMATIC CLUB First row: Patsy Halsenberg, Martha Middleton, Olga Ntetphammer, Dosia Ross, Mary Mueller, Mary Grace Ellison, Sue Sparks, Bettie Dawson, Betty Ash, Winifred Jennings, Louise Staubitz. Second row: Vic Saunders, Don Durborow, Oliver Wimmer, Ed Buzan, Nick Brown, Bill Foster, Sidney Bears, Marjorie Cosh, Earleen Gaines, Jean Floss, June Humrichouse, Eleanor Laux, Jack Bower, Keith Robertson. Third row: Ed Wood, Jim Coleman, Jim Dickerson, Clyde Wiseman, Craig Beane, Durand Smith, Bill Chew, Max Olson, Dave Landgraf, Benno Storms. » ★ — ■ ■ ■■ ■ --------------------------------------------- ; ■»  ★ ★ Der Deutsche Verein Der Deutsche Verein was organized in 1934. The purpose of the club is to promote an interest in German culture as it is found in the literature and language of the country. Second semester students with a grade of ‘‘A'" or "B" are eligible for membership. The club participates in the annual Language Club Banquet and also joins with the French and Latin Clubs from time to time to present various speakers. OFFICERS First Semester Mary Mueller Tom Hoering Bonnie Oden Norma Caswell President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer OFFICERS Second Semester Bob Schrimpf . President Harold Ready. Vice-President Arleen Heggemeier. Secretary Tom Hoering Treasurer Societas Latina The Societas Latina was organized in 1939. Its purposes are to stimulate an interest in the language, life, and customs of the Roman Empire; to increase the appreciation of the debt that the English language and modern civilization owe to Rome; and to promote friendship among the students of the language. OFFICERS First Semester Jim Coleman.............................President Edwin Buzan........................Vice-President Edith Wilson. Secretary Membership in Societas Latina is open to all Latin students and to those who have taken two years or more of the language and have maintained an acceptable grade. The Sponsors are Miss Ellen Machin and Miss Leah Ridgely. OFFICERS Second Semester Martha Beeler........................President Bertha Olian....................Vice-President Jim Coleman...........................Secretary ♦ GERMAN CLUB First row: Elizabeth Miller, Lucille Phillips, Moreland Voss, Mary Mueller, Arleen Heggemeier, Marilyn Erdmann, Norma Caswell. Second row: Lyda Mae Kunz, Eugene Grosh, David Hoffman, John Flexon, Maurice Wetzel, David Bland, Grace Luer, Bonnie Oden. Third row: Bill Tuggle, Bob Schrimpf, Craig Beane, Max Olson, Wendell Bode, Harold Ready, Tom Hoering, Tom Hutchinson. LATIN CLUB First row: Marjorie Ann Graul, Eileen Wood, Alice Misegades, Jean Krinard, Dolores Bell, Martha Beeler, Bettie Dawson, Dorothy Holt, Dorothy White, Katherine Chamberlain, Lora Ward. Second row: Marjorie Biddison, Ann Kohler, Edith Wilson, Jean Rodgers, Katherine Wilson, Joanne Rouleau, Ann Johnson, Altivene Dingerson, Ann Waterbury, Audrey Bernard, Marcella Kaus, Margaret Harris, Betty Jane Groves. Third row: Milford Tallyn, Harold Chamberlain, Ed Buzan, Jim Coleman, Mather Waltrip, Stanley Leonard, Gene Bryant, Durand Smith, Emma Jane Hickerson, Kay Riggs, Betty Hanke. ★ ★ Radio Club The purpose of the Alton High Radio Club is to give students interested in radio, sufficient technical training to enable them to obtain their Federal Radio Operator's License and Station License. In order to obtain these, the applicant must be able to send and receive the Continental Morse Code at the rate of 13 words per minute and make a grade of 75 per cent or higher on an examination on radio theory and laws given by the Federal Communication Commission. The club has thus far trained twenty students who have obtained their licenses. The club is sponsored and taught by Mr. Stage. Russell Eaton and Clarence Wenzel received their licenses this year. OFFICERS 1940-’41 Gene Dial...............................President Silas Smith........................Vice-President Dale James..............................Secretary Russell Eaton Sergeant-at-Aryns Le Cercle The French Club was organized shortly after our school was established in the present building. This club tries to encourage French students to be more observant of the French people and their language apart from the classroom. Throughout the year members learn French OFFICERS First Semester Betty Ash......................... President Bertha Olian..................Vice-President Agnes Sharkey......................Secretary Mansfield Jennings.................Treasurer Francois songs and give short plays and other programs at the meetings. Outside of the meetings the club sells refreshments at football games and helps prepare an annual Language Club Banquet. The sponsors are Miss Clara Blackard and Miss Lily Williamson. OFFICERS Second Semester Betty Ash.......................... President Bertha Olian.................. Vice-President Agnes Sharkey.......................Secretary Mansfield Jennings..................Treasurer RADIO CLUB First row: Silas Smith, Bill Wilkinson, Jack Taylor, Russell Eaton, Bob Butler. Second row: Clyde Mawhee, Harvey Estes, Paul Richey, Wilbur Maxeiner, Bill Haggard. FRENCH CLUB First row: Nina Wallace, Joyce Wilton, Jean Howard, Lois Paul. Freida Spence, Peggy Gallay, Sue Sparks, Mildred Doerr, Mary Lucille Chism, Virginia Hatfield, Marjorie Harris. Second row: |une Humrichouse, Doris Schwartzbeck, Mary Milford, Julia Davis, Jean Krinard, Myra Bonnell, Barbara Blair, Bettie Dawson, Audrey Bernard, Dorothy White, Margaret Harris, Velma Lyons, Mary Lou Armstrong, Eileen Yaeger. Third row: Eunice Reiss, Betty Hovey, Patsy Halsenberg, Dick Schaller, Arlene Renken, Janet Williams, Mary Hamilton, Dorothy Russell, Betty Youngberg, Ann Johnson, Altivene Dingerson, Agnes Sharkey, Dolores Humphrey, Betty Ash, Lila Peterson, Norma Russo, Kathleen Fahrig, Jean Meyers, Lois Watkins. Fourth row Richard Little, Ray Staples, Edwin Dodson, Bob Fox, Carl Hershey, Jim Coleman, Eugene Bailey, Mansfield Jennings, Stan Koenig, Arleen Heggemeier, Mary Grace Ellison, Ruth Gordon, Lois Wiseman. Red Gray Hi-Y OFFICERS First Semester Edwin Busin............................President John Flexon. . . . . Vice-President Leonard Sturgeon.......................Secretary Shelby Willis. . Treasurer Bob Schrimpf. Sergeant-at-Arms The purpose of Hi-Y is: “To create, main- tain and extend throughout the school and com-munity, high standards of Christian character." The four planks in the platform are: Clean speech, clean scholarship, clean sports, and clean living. The Hi-Y, a national organization, is a group of OFFICERS Second Semester Jim Coleman...........................President Bob Schrimpf.................... Vice-President Vic Unterbrink........................Secretary John Flexon...........................Treasurer Ray Platter....................Sergeant-at-Arms high school boys who are seeking for themselves and their fellow students the highest standards of conduct for life. This affords an opportunity for developing leadership among its members, emphasizes things worth while, and aids in forma-tion of friendships. Smiley Hi-Y Sam Moore. Bill Ash...... Bob Gibson John Cassella. Max Olson OFFICERS First Semester President . Vice-President .....................Secretary ......................Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor......... OFFICERS Second Semester Durand Smith.......................... President Stan Koenig.......................Vice-President Bob Gibson.............................Secretary Bill Ash...............................Treasurer Garrett Schmoeller..............Sergeant-at-Arms . Mr. Freeman — : ★SMILEY HI-Y—First row: Jim Dickerson, Garrett Schmoeller, Bob Heuer, Max Olson, Bob Gibson, Durand Smith, Stan Koenig, Bill Tuggle, Harry Niedernhofer. Second row: Allen Clark, Melvin Wilson, Bill Ash, Bill Bryant, Gene Bryant, Jacob Schneider, Jerry Purcell, Bob Fox, Clarence Perisho. Third row: Kenneth Peters, Bud Ward, Matt Monks, Jim Buck, Jim Dawson, Tracy Beck, Bob Bruce, Bill Schotters, Ray Block. RED AND GRAY HI-Y—First row: Jack Fischer, Gordon Bentley, Emmett Malone, James Hamilton, Jim Coleman, Shelby Willis, Roger Breyfogle, Don Hindricks. Second row: Jack Naughton, Clayton Phillippy, Leonard Sturgeon, Carl Platter, Bob Schrimpf, Nick Brown, Bob Graham, Bob Hamelman, Vic Unterbrink. Third row: George Smith, Homer Campbell, Clyde Wiseman, Ray Staples, Charles Ryrie, John Flexon, Bill Alberts, Harry Modes, Ed Buzan. ★ ¥ ★ Art Club The purpose of the Art Club is “to promote all worthy art activities within the school.” It was organized by nineteen members on October 31, 1931. Believing that a small club with strict admission requirements would make a better working organization, the following rules were adopted: OFFICERS First Semester Eileen Mohler...........................President Grace Luer.........................Vice-President Reva Foulks.............................Secretary Bob Emmons Treasurer (1) All candidates must have had one year of Art in high school. (2) All candidates must have a grade of B. (3) All candidates must receive a majority vote in the Art Club. The pin is in the shape of an artist’s palette and has three colored stones on it. OFFICERS Second Semester Don Durborow.............................President Leland Thomasson....................Vice-President Lois Watkins............................ Secretary Matt Monks Treasurer Student Forum The purpose of the Student Forum is to create the interest of students in local, national, and international affairs, and in social, political, and economic problems. Any student is eligible for membership in the Student Forum, but good scholarship is desired. Moreland Voss John Flexon. . . Wendell Bode Sponsor. . OFFICERS President ..........Vice-President ...............Secretary Miss Jennie Cates ART CLUB First row: Lora Jean Paris, Reva Foulks, Eileen Mohler, Doris Baldridge, Grace Luer, Betty Weber, Bettie Dawson, Lois Watkins, Virginia Hatfield. Second row: Bob Stuart, Ellis Gaston, Bob Gissler, Dan Hair, Bob Emmons, Dennis Darr, Carl Francis, Don Durborow, Allen Clark, Dale Kennedy, Harold Chamberlain. Third row: Leland Thomasson, Eldon Groves, Ward Neikirk, George Smith, Rodger Yenny, Wilbur Maxeiner, Bud Ward, Matt Monks, Kenneth Schlueter. STUDENT FORUM First row Martha Beeler, Jean Krinard, Dolores Bell, Mary Mueller, Bettie Dawson, Audrey Bernard, Betty Ash, Verlene Bowman, Dorothy Holt, Helen Korte, Katherine Hartmann. Second row: Gordon Bentley, Maurice Wetzel, Lorene Lewis, Arlene Renken, June Humrichouse, Phoebe Luedecke, Dolores Humphrey, Agnes Sharkey, Edith Wilson, Emma Jane Hickerson, Ann Water-bury, Martha Lee King, Moreland Voss, Betty Aulabaugh, Carl Hershey, Grace Luer. Third row: Vic Unterbrink, Fred Green, Allen Clark, Jim Coleman, John Flexon, Clyde Wiseman, Wesley Roberts, Dave Landgraf, Gene Bryant, Ebert Grimes, Homer Davitz, Wendell Bode, Jim Dickerson. ♦ ★ oj l X Student , The tudent Council of the Alton High School was organized in Marcel of 1938. It is an all-school governing body, the members of which are elected each semester from the home rooms, each home ' room being entitled to one representative. The president and vice-president of the organization are elected by the school-at-large and hold office for one year. The secretary and the treasurer are elected by the home room representatives from their own number at the beginning of each semester. The local student council is a member of the District, State, and National Student Self Government Associations. The local council is honored this year by having its president of 1940-41, Bill Ash, elected to the Collinsville District presidency for 1941-42. Council The Convention of the Collinsville District of Student Councils of the State of Illinois will convene in Alton in the fall of 1941 with the local group acting as hosts. The Student Council has as its oath: “I will strive for better student government ideals and for the uplift of the association and school, both alone and with others; I will obey and respect the laws and do my best to incite a life obedience and respect in others. I will strive to quicken the sense of responsibility among the students at large, so that we may transmit our student government inheritance, not less and worse, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us. And this I promise." Miss Paul is the sponsor. 194041 OFFICERS AND MEMBERSHIP OFFICERS First Semester Bill Ash.................... Lois Watkins................. Allen Clark................. Calvin Austin................ MEMBERSHIP First Semester Gale Aulabaugh, Athel Aldridge, Faye Angel, Calvin Austin, Craig Beane, Tom Bennett, Roger Breyfogle, Bob Bruce, Gene Bryant, Jim Buck, Charles Burk, Allen Clark, Gene Dial, Marilyn Erdmann, Russel Evans, Earlene Gaines, Virginia Garver, Bob Gibson, Fred Green, Mansfield Jennings, Lawrence Klinke, Roger Krinard, Ted Lane, Betty Lodge, Lois Lee Meyer, Harry Modes, Victor Morgan, John Noble, Virginia Noonan, Nevel Sawyers, Dick Schaller, Olin Scott, Ray Spurgeon, Ray Staples, Marvin Swaim, Charles Tibbits, Bob Tucker, Ted Vambeketes, Bud Ward, Jim Wempen, Clyde Wiseman, Ed Yungck. OFFICERS Second Semester Lewis Oden......................... President Ed Yungck......................Vice-President Agnes Sharkey.......................Secretary Bill Chew...........................Treasurer MEMBERSHIP Second Semester Gale Aulabaugh, Jene Anderson, Jim Blair, Marjorie Biddison, Jim Coleman, Elmer Dehner, Jim Dickerson, Don Foster, Bob Gibson, Lindon Glass, Ada Graul, Edward Hagerman, Robert Hatfield, Ben Jacoby, Clarence Kennedy, Floyd Kennedy, Martha King, Stan Koenig, Ted Lane, Jim Lefler, Douglas Lady, Betty Lodge, Valda Longfellow, Charles Mason, Alice Misegades, Miriam Meyers, Matt Monks, Stuart Nickell, Carl Platter, Jack Rain, Eileen Roberts, Fred Schmitt, Paige Schrieber, Jim Sentenne, Dick Schaller, Virginia Straube, Tracy Tibbits, Billye Trotter, Robert Tucker, Bill Tuggle, Lois Watkins, Jim Wempen, Clyde Wiseman. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ★STUDENT COUNCIL, First Semester—First row: Jim Wempen, Dick Schaller, Betty Lodge, Virginia Garver, Marilyn Erdmann, Faye Angel, Lois Watkins, Earleen Gaines, Virginia Noonan. Second row: Roy Staples, Athel Aldridge, Roger Breyfogle, Fred Green, Lawrence Klinke, Ted Lane, Bub Ward, Allen Clark, Olin Scott, Ray Spurgeon, John Nabb. Third row: Paul Richey, Mansfield Jennings, Jim Buck, Bob Bruce, Bill Ash, Craig Beane, Harry Modes, Bob Tucker, Clyde Wiseman. STUDENT COUNCIL, Second Semester—First row: Billye Trotter, Ada Graul, June Anderson, Betty Lodge, Martha Lee King, Ed Yungck, Agnes Sharkey, Bill Chew, Lewis Oden, Valda Longfellow, Paige Schreiber, Alice Misegades, Miriam Meyer, Marjorie Biddison. Second row: Fred Schmitt, Charles Mason, Eileen Roberts, Virginia Straube, Floyd Kennedy, Gale Aulabaugh, Stuart Nickell, Stanley Koenig, Bud Glass, Jim Blair, Bill Tuggle, Jack Rain. Third row: Edward Hagerman, Billy Jackson, Douglas Lady, Dick Schaller, Jim Dickerson, Carl Platter, Bill Ash, Bob Tucker, Matt Monks, Jim Sentenne, Clyde Wiseman, Bob Gibson, Clarence Kennedy. ★ BAND MEMBERS Gene Bailey, Martha Beeler, Alan Boettger, Bill Broer, Nick Brown, Bill Bryant, Bob Butler, Edwin Buzan, Pete Caires, Jack Calvey, Ancel Clark, Maurice Clark, Kay Clifton, Maxine Cochran, Violet Evers, Jack Fisher, Don Foster, Earleen Gaines, Bob Graham, Truman Grason, Jim Griffin, Don Hinrichs, Melvin Huish, Harry Hutchinson, Tom Hutchinson, Dan Hair, Betty Hanke, Norma Hill, Herbert Hoover, Jack Jacoby, Barbara Klauser, Marybelle Knier, Dorothy Korte, Jean McClaushan, James McCoy, Bill Meisen-heimer, Alice Misegades, Veva Mohler, Georgia Penning, Henry Raymond, Kenneth Richter, Keith Robertson, Darrel Rose, Joanne Rouleau, Jimmie Schmidt, Bob Schrimpf, Bernadine Searles, Karl Schaffner, Doris Schwartzbeck, Alice Staehle, Alberta Storm, Patricia Strahan, Bill Thompson, Vic Unterbrink, Vera Waterman, Eugene Watson, Clarence Wenzel, Maurice Wetzel, Clay White, Harold Wilhelm, Marietta Wilhelm, Kathryn Wilson, Betty Young, June Zimmerman, Louis Zimmerman. GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Bob Griffin, Dave Landgraf, Mansfield Jennings, Wesley Roberts, Matt Monks, Keith Robertson, Winifred Jennings, Helen Schumaker, Juanita Hechler, Ann Kohler, Virginia Harmon, Veda Fichtel, Arleen Heggemeier, Martha Lee Reinhardt, Norma Caswell, Virginia Scott, Jeanne Rawlins, Bonnie Oden, Jack Bower, Leo Mossman, Eileen Huebner, Juanita Sheets, Wilma Wilkening, Dorothy Holt, Audrey Roos, Phoebe Luedecke, Virginia Thomas, Dorothy Cooper, Gloria Alberts, Martha Reid, Joyce Wilton, Rosemary Weil, Edith Wilson, Eileen Mohler, Kathleen McLaughlin, Edna May Heine, Audrey Bernard, Dorris Watts, Betty Ash, Karl Hanna, Harold Chamberlin, Carl Belcher, Oliver Wimmer, James Hamilton, Bill Baum, Harvey Veit, Martha Waltrip, Kenneth Whiting, Reidner Duvall, Wilma Ford, Mary Alma Mueller, Nell Shine, Peggy Storm, Faye Long, Betty Griesbaum, Eleanor Riley, Winifred Gray, Margaret Harris, Mary Thompson.GIRLS’ CHORUS First row: Mary Carter, Anna Bono, May Hendricks, Naomia Durborow, Wilma Keffer, Noel Turner, Mary Thompson, Joy Show. Second row: Wilma Kittinger, Alice Day, Verna Metcalf, Betty Wilkey, Lucille Potts, Vera Johnson, Verla Halbert, Maxine Peel, Fadra Coates. Third row: Delphene Wilson, Arlene Renken, Wilma Frye, Irene O'Donnell, Virginia Stewart. Fourth row: Esther Northcutt, Lois Selkirk, Cecelia Wood, Eunice Hanbaum, Eunice Reis, Anita Brown, Anna Mai Freeman, Rex Hogan, Director. COLORED GIRLS’ CHORUS First row: Helen Johnson, Berneice Johnson, Elvira Ballinger, Lula Warren, Wilda Hyndman, Dons Ballinger, Frances Ballinger, June Taylor, Helen Byrd. Second row: Maydonna Mitchell, Marion Stewart, Rosie Gilchrist, Juanita Edwards, Jewel Davis, Roberta Gordon, Wilhelmina Gordon, Ruth Davis, Mary Lou Dupee, Jamesetta Winston. Third row: Edna Keen, Rose Marie Hickman, Regina Bruce, Olive Leatus Williams, Geneva Scales, Mary Lois Bratton, Ruth Alexander, Bettye Searles, Stella Cruzat, Leona Williams, Mildred Winston, Geneva Mitchell, Choice Smith, Lucille Bradshaw, Bertha Tate, Ethel Winston.On the hill East of the pit Our building standsAlphabetical List of Advertisers Pagp Acme Bowling Alleys.......................101 Allen, G. I. and L. E......................95 Alton Baking (s' Ice Cream Co..............95 Alton Banking (s' Trust Co................ 84 Alton Box Board Co........................ 88 Alton Brick Company........................86 Alton Chapter of DeMolay..................102 Alton Creamery Company.....................83 Alton Evening Telegraph....................83 Alton Floral Company.......................84 Alton Laundry Company..................... 94 Alton Mineral Springs Hotel.............. 100 Alton Refrigeration Company...............102 Alton Tent (s' Awning Co...................84 Alton Tire Sales.......................... 87 Alton Water Company........................83 A (s' P Grocery............................105 Auerbach's, Edwardsville, 111..............114 Baker Service Station......................92 Bob's Band Box Cleaners................... 106 Block Ice Cream Company...................107 Brandenberger, Jeweler....................112 Brice-Landau Motor Co...................... 83 Broadway Motor Company.....................91 Brown, John T., Inc........................96 Buck’s Paint (s' Floor Covering Store 92 Bund’s Cigar Store........................103 Burt Laundry..............................101 Buster Bottling Works......................90 Campbell Barber Shop..... 84 Carl's Shoe Store......................... 91 Carter Bros. Motor Co., Inc...............108 Challacombe Plumbing (s' Heating Co........98 Citizens Coach Company.....................86 Collbey's Drive In........................ 112 Colonial Dairy............................ 109 Community Dairy...........................110 Compliments of a Friend....................82 Dee Floral Company........................100 Degenhardt Pharmacy........................92 Dick Drug Store............................97 Drake, Sid—Tires.......................... 92 East End Grocery.......................... 92 Eisner's..................................100 Evans Clothing Company.................... 92 Firestone Home (s' Auto Supply Co..........H2 Fischer Lumber Co......................... 92 Fitzgerald Bottling Company...............108 First National Bank (s' Trust Co...........96 Fleming Plumbing (s' Heating Co........... 98 Gately Credit Dept. Store................. 84 Ginter-Wardein Company....................103 Goulding’s, Jewelers.......................96 Hamer, I. C., Food Marts...................87 Hartmann, Louis J., Clothiers..............96 Heskett Machine Company...................109 Pago Hudson, Jeweler............................ 94 Hyndman Ice (s' Fuel Company....... 109 Indianapolis Engraving Company..............80 J (s' R Motor Supply Company............... 93 Kelly Grocery......................... . . 100 Kendrick 6t Lindblad....................... 99 Kerr Drug Store............................ 94 Klinke Ice (s' Fuel Company. . 100 Kramer Electric Company.................... 98 Laclede Steel Company......................113 Lake View College of Commerce..............110 Len's Sandwich Shop........................100 Lindley Service Station....................104 Luer Bros., Packing 6? Ice Co.............. 90 Mary, N. E.................................109 Meitner, J. W., Service Station............104 Melling (s’ Gaskins Printing Company.......114 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co..............92 Meyer-Schmidt Grocery Co...................106 Modern Welded Products Co.................. 93 Monticello College......................... 82 Noll's Bakery..............................106 Odelta’s Beauty Salon...................... 93 Pelot Bottling Company.....................110 Poole, Rock, Pharmacy......................113 Princess Cafe.............................. 93 Principia College...........................85 Reeder Coal (s' Ice Company............... 103 Reilley Bros., Chevrolet....................94 Reiss Studio...............................108 Ross Hardware Company......................100 Rubicam Business School.................... 99 Savidge Service Station....................104 Sears, Roebuck and Company. . . Ill Sessel’s................................... 89 Shell Oil Company..........................104 Shurtleff College......................... 78 Springman Lumber Company...................102 Steck Insurance Agency.....................Ill Stratford Hotel............................112 Streeper Funeral Homes..................... 88 Swain Service Station......................104 Todd Cleaning (s' Dyeing Co................103 Threde Auto Company.........................97 Tri-City Grocery Company...................112 Uptown (s' Gem Theatres....................110 Veath, F. H., (s' Sons.....................105 Vogue......................................106 Wadlow's Shoe Store.........................97 Wells Tire Co., Inc........................102 Western Cartridge Company.................. 76 Wickenhauser, J. W.........................100 Williams Construction Co....................98 Williamson Pharmacy........................108 Young's Department Store...................107 Y. M. C. A................................. 97The Most Accurate Low Priced 22 For All-Around Shooting . » . You want your bullets to hit right where you aim, no matter what you shoot at:—tin cans, targets or other objects! And they will if you shoot Western XPERT .22’s! They’re the most accurate .22 cartridge ever sold at the same price as ordinary .22’s! Smokeless and non-corrosive. Have greased lead bullets. Your dealer can supply you. WESTERN CARTRIDGE COMPANY EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS Made in Your Own Used All Over The World 76 mmunity--Calendar SEPTEMBER 3— First day of school. Miss Ridgely and Mr. Walraven, new teachers. 4— Football practice started. 18—Each club in school had a speaker in the first assembly program. Learned loyalty song. 25—Miss Arlite Smith, 3 years an A.A.U. Diving Champion gave a program on diving and swimming. 27—Activity Tickets issued. Opening football game didn’t come off. OCTOBER 1— First Tatler pictures taken. 2— Assembly on the football field. 4—Magician performed in assembly. Alton beat Collinsville 13-0 in opening game. 8— First report cards issued. 9— Take It Or Leave It program in assembly. Miss Colonius was Mistress of Ceremonies. 11—Alton High 13, Granite City 0. 15 Sophomore Tatler pictures taken. 16—Holiday observed because of National Conscription. 18- Madison 0, Alton 7- 23— “Poor Dear Edgar." 24— Holiday — Teachers’ Institute. 25— Holiday — Edwardsville 25, Alton 6. 30—Democratic Rally. 31 Republican Rally. Wood River 0, Alton 7. NOVEMBER 1—School Election. Mr. Roosevelt won. 4—Judge Bales spoke in assembly. 8—East St. Louis 27, Alton 6. 11—Armistice Day — brrr—cold. 13—Dean Shelburne spoke in assembly. 15—Belleville 12, Alton 20. 18— National Thespians Banquet. 19— Kathleen McLaughlin crowned Football Queen. 20— Rev. Krebs spoke in Thanksgiving assembly. 21 Holiday Thanksgiving. Western 0, Alton 7. 22—Holiday. 26— Mr. E. C. Taylor addressed language students. 29—Band Boosters presented Amateur Contest. DECEMBER 3— Assembly- Know Your Money. 13—Student Council Dance. 16— Football letters — Band. 20—Christmas Assembly — School dismissed — Smiley Hi-Y Dance. JANUARY 1941 2—School resumed. 7— Counselors meeting — Honor Society Induction. 8— Assembly — Mr. Hanna. 13 Honor Society Banquet. 17 Senior Play. 19— Baccalaureate. 20— Exams. 21— Exams. 22 More exams. 24— Commencement. FEBRUARY 17— Swiss Family Lyceum. 28— Donkey Basketball Game. MARCH 15—District Music Contest — Granite City. 22— Ames Iowa Glee Club. 28 Dramatic Club Play—“You Can't Take It With You.” APRIL 4— Student Council Dance. 11— Spring Vacation. 15—Back to School. 18— Boys’ Cabinet Spring Party. 19— State Music Contest — West Frankfort. 25— Mr. Hogan left for army service. MAY 1 National Thespian Banquet. 6—Language Club Banquet. 9— High School Excursion. 29— Senior Play. Tatler distribution—we hope! 30— Memorial Day. JUNE 8— Baccalaureate. 12— Senior Prom. 13— Commencement. 77COMMUTE TO COLLEGE Shurtleff College offers you • Better Equipment • Stronger Faculty • More Varied Curricula • Simpler Tuition Plan Than at any time in her history Come up and talk things over ' PresidentJanuary Class Prophecy Our star gazer friend recently wrote a book prying far into the future. These startling facts were revealed by the stars themselves: Calvin Austin has finally recovered from his tenth consecutive broken leg. Richard Ballinger is peddling gum wrappers in the “No Stickum in the Streetum” campaign. Dolores Bell is head waitress in the Gum Hotel. Tom Bennett is test pilot at the Godfrey airport Bernard Bensman is night watchman at "Sloppy Joe’s." Barbara Blair and Myra Bonnell are competing for top honors on the “Quiz Kids" program. Melvin Bradshaw is a deep sea diver for the Pearl Oyster Firm. James Brenner is running a dime taxi-cab. Kenneth Brune is still taking the College Prep-English course at Alton High. Marion Buckshot is working at the new Hosiery Department in Haskell’s. Alice Calhoon is a bubble dancer at "Tim and and Mabel’s” in Elsah. Carl Carter is still blowing—the foam from Bluff City. Betty Lou Casey is writing a book called "Why I Hate Hitler?" John Cassella is begging for pennies in front of Campbell's newstand. Marvin Champlin is teaching how to correctly unwrap caramels to his Sunday school class. Allen Clark has a contagious disease called— running off at the mouth. Ivan Clevenger has Rhett Butler’s part in the latest Silly Symphony. Louis Coatney is selling non-skid jitterbug shoes. Ralph Corwin is head picket against Casey’s Coal House. Marilyn Coulter is happily married and living at 100 Paradise Street. Jack Dalton is the new wild man with Ringling Brother’s Circus. Julia Davis is Alton's proud winner of the National Typing Contest. Pearl Davis, an up and coming journalist, is a reporter on the Jerseyville Daily Blah. Jane Dempsey and Matt Monks are planning to be married when Matt gets promoted to chief grocery boy. Jim Dickerson is a hen-pecked husband—-“Hi, Humrichouse." Doris Dor worth is a wealthy widow in New York. Lillian Douglas is a teacher at Alton High. Lawrence Ducommun has just made his fifth unsuccessful attempt to fly to the Moon. Jerome Elhoffer is a famous movie idol— Robert Taylor's rival. Warren Eisner was Ambassador to Japan but was recalled because he didn’t take Japanese at Alton High. Carl Emerick has changed his name to Emery and has gone into the fingernail business. Bob Emmons is the “AT" photographer on the New York Times. Russell Evens is a professional yardman. Ada Fay is a licensed motorcycle racer and holds the Women’s National Championship. Maxine Fenwick is working at Melling’s. Roy Fenwick is a fifth columnist. Leo Ferguson is a tester of Beauty Rest Mattresses. Bernard Fishman has opened a pawn shop and is in competition with Whittle's. Hazel Fleming has opened her own barber shop and is doing quite well. Victor Frye is running a skunk farm in Nebraska. Frances Fuller is married and has ten little ones. Doris Gary is head of a home for old maids and other cats. Dorothy Gesch has followed in her father’s footsteps, and is a famous preacher. Donald Golike is a bachelor, and very eligible at that. Harold Golike mounts rings for a living. Betty Goodwin is a well-known dress designer in Paris. Godfrey Goolsby is still breaking Dosia Ross's heart. Norma Jean Gray has been having a lot of trouble lately with her false teeth. Fred Green is a radio announcer. Ruth Hamilton has finally married "Pinky” and is contented at last. Freda Hanson is a famous naturalist. Leone Heinemann has dyed her hair black with a silver streak down the middle. Bart Hellrung is Bob Bruce’s stand-in on the Paramount Picture Lot. Margaret Hersman is an old maid with two cats and a canary. Bob Heuer has been voted No. 1 "Glamour Boy" of 1951. Willie Hooper has just written a song, "Willie, Willie, Willie." Eileen Hoover is running a pet shop that specializes in roaches. Wallace Hyndman is a Man-About-Town. Ben Jacoby has developed a new breed of “ant eater." (Continued on Page 81)80Ja nuary Class Prophecy - - continued Althea Killion is a hostess in an army camp. Pat King is married and supporting Bill by working at Newberry's. Anna Kodros has just donated her services to the Red Cross in Greece. Charles Koehne is driving a nitre-glycerine truck. Alice Kolk has taken Ginny Simm’s place and is singing with Benny Goodman's band. Ruth Kranz is a confirmed Socialist in Russia. Verna Krill is head of the nurses at Memorial Hospital. Ralph Laux is planning to graduate from Shurtleff within the next ten years. Rcdger Lenhardt is manufacturing white blackboards in Budapest. Vesta Long owns her own floral shop and is married to a banker. Harry Luddeke enjoys his new job as caretaker at Monticello. Grace Luer and Bill Harms have set THE date. Matt McCaskill is night watchman in Fairmount so he can keep an eye on Kaye. Bernard McCoy is an interior decorator, doing all the Alton homes. Pat McGuiggan received orchids for graduation from college- from the same fellow, too. Bonnie McOwan is still spending most of her time in Block's. Thomas Maher is milking cows on a farm in Kentucky. David March has a good position at the Glass Works. Lucy Mathus is a stewardess on a luxury ship at sea. Clyde Mawhee has completed his P. G. course at A. H. S. and is posing for sketches of Superman. Evelyn Means is teaching baby talk to babies. Ernest Meszaros is selling hats in Panama. Lois Lee Meyer has bought out Blair’s Insurance Agency. Roscoe MikofF is a top-notch wrestler. Mary Milford is head of the Literary League in Alton. Kathryn Mitchell is a milkmaid for the Elm Dairy. Julius Moore is a hash slinger at “Sloppy Joe’s." Sam Moore and Anita Faye are happily married and have a little Moore. Vivian Morris is driving a Buick convertible these days. Orval Moxey is a butcher boy at Tri-City. Dycus Murray is still running for sheriff of Madison County. Kenneth Murray is a famous ballet dancer. Charles Parish was running a show on Broadway, but it flopped. Albertha Pelot has developed a new rule in marble playing. Lillian Penning is taking washings, to support her good-for-nothing husband. George Peterson was voted “Most likely to succeed” in his college class and lived up to the standard. Robert Peterson has just wrecked his new Ford coupe for the third time in one week. Betty Pitts has just finished posing for the famous picture, titled, "Nothing." Don Pruiett has just finished digging the sewer at the Forkeyville WPA project. Howard Rayford is a jail turnkey at Medora. Bill J. Reed is still making frequent trips to East Side. Kathryn Russell is writing "Advice to the Lovelorn" in the Globe. Bert Sawyer is running Souris's Restaurant. Nevel Sawyers is sifting sand for spinach. Richard Schenke hasn’t passed his driver’s test yet. John Schneider is married and has an even dozen. Ed Schrimpf is still using his father's oil trucks to call for his dates. Helen Schultz is working in a needle factory trying to get the point. Laura Segraves sits home and polishes hubby's brass buttons. Harvey Shamhart is Master of Ceremonies at Tune Town. Patty Sheppard is famous for her designs of artificial fingernails. Ralph Sheppard is head bellhop at the Mineral. Charles Simpson is cultivating a new type of seaweed. Marthadell Sondles is head waitress at Block’s. Benno Storm is Dean of Know-It-All University. Harold Sunderland has completed his best seller, "How to Raise a Baby in Ten Easy Lessons." May Sutton is working for the Salvation Army decorating Xmas baskets. Bernadine Thompson has invented a new type of bladeless knife without a handle. Frank Travis is running for a Third term of anything. Elma Ullrich is a mannequin for Tru-Value. Charlotte Vohs is trying to figure out the easiest way to scrape a potato. Donavon Wadlow is a Methodist Missionary, in Persia. Ellen Wagner has developed a cure for spring fever. Lora Wahle is a professional flirt and doing quite well, too! (Continued cn Page 83) 81Compliments of a Friend MONTICELLO . is completing her 103rd year of educational service. In these 103 years many Alton girls have enjoyed her campus--have become her devoted alumnae. preparing for her 104th year of training young women. In this year, too, Alton girls will be among her student body--and among its leaders. ........invites you to learn of her educational program which combines the best of the old and the best of the new. Please write or telephone : Director of Admissions MONTICELLO COLLEGE Alton, Illinois 82January Class Prophecy - - continued Kenneth Walkington is Running these days. Maurice Walter is putting a non-corrosive finish on bobbie pins. Bud Ward is taking in sewing to help support his large family. Harvey Waters is still a drip or something or. Kenneth Webb is inviting flies into his parlor! Sue Wenzel is now posing for "Jantzen” ads. John Westover is a balloon salesman in Manchuria. June Class Gloria Alberts is librarian at the Jennie D. Hayner library. Bob Albrecht still ushers at the State Theatre. Mary Katherine Aldinger rents hair ribbons for a living. Frances Allen is engaged to be married. June Anglin and Ralph Show are married. James Applegate is selling soleless shoes. Betty Ash is a career woman. Evelyn Ashmore is a contortionist holding exhibitions for the Y.M.C.A. Virginia White has been very busy lately remodeling old nursery rhymes. Maxine Williams is buyer for the Baby's department at Sear's. Edward Wonnacott is selling Japanese lanterns to the Chinese at a great profit. Hilda Worthy is a graduate nurse at Barnes. Alex Wright is still very popular with the girls. Warren Yeakel is Santa Claus' first helper at the North Pole. Marjorie Yost is “Typical Outdoor Girl of 1951." Prophecy Betty Aulabaugh is following brother Paul, by doing Red Cross work. Wendell Aulabaugh is a stock broker in New York. Johnny Barattini is a shoe shine boy on Third Street. A1 Batchelor can't find a girl to suit him. Harold Beach has visited Ireland twice to kiss the Blarney stone. Craig Beane and Mary Grace Ellison are living on the Beane farm. (Mr. and Mrs. Beane.) (Continued on Page 85) Alton Creamery Alton, Illinois Brice-Landau Pontiac Co. mm PONTIAC PACKARD ALTON BRAND BUTTER Front and Alby Alton, Illinois ALTON WATER CO. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH The Home Newspaper PURE FILTERED ★ Local News - - Associated Press and ¥ ★ BEST FOR SPORTS NEWS SOFTENED CITY WATER ¥ ★ --Reaches 18,000 Homes Daily-- 83“cV)he edge (Banh ” “ALTON’S FINEST CREDIT DEPARTMENT STORE” OATELYS The Home of Cheerful Credit Compliments of JACK CAMPBELL BARBER SHOP 1716 Washington Ave. (NEXT DOOR TO TODD’S) Alton CALL Tent £5? Awning Co. (c n ta ty AWNINGS For TENTS and TARPAULINS ANYTHING IN FLOWERS GYMNASIUM MATS 111 W. Broadway Phone 1304 Leo Willis, Proprietor Phone 180 555 E. Broadway 84June Class Prophecy - - continued Audrey Bernard is a grass skirt dancer in San Francisco. Pauline Berry is working as ticket-taker at the Norside. Ray Block is happy with his "Mouse." Frankelene Blockburger is married to that cute fellow she went with way back in high school days. Herman Bockstruck is an organ grinder in Honolulu. Wendell Bode still plays second fiddle to John Hartnett. Alan Boettger is still trying to figure out whether it's more crowded in the city or in the spring. Charles Bogar is holding hands with Billye Trotter at home now instead of in assembly. Jack Bower is Mr. Stage's assistant in Physics. Floyd Bowman is a professional football player. Verlene Bowman recently substituted for President Roosevelt by speaking when he had laryngitis. June Brandel bought Thrifty Drug Store at a cut-rate. Sylvia Brandt has started a bigger and better cap and gown factory for high schools and kindergartens. Donald Brewer and Harry Bromaghim are batchelor farmers who come to town only for the fair, circus, and drawing days. Roger Breyfogle's theme song is "Just Molly and Me and Baby makes Three." Bob Brown has chosen the career of a motorcycle cop. Bob Bruce is a milkmaid at the Godfrey Creamery. Gene Bryant after searching for the “Girl of his Dreams” has finally found her. Ralph Budde is a dentist in Chinatown. Doris Buhman is still working at Parkway. Donald Bullock is designing false teeth for chickens. Mary Ann Bund is still denying that she's going steady with Smithy. Ruth Carey is check-girl at Acme Bowling Alleys. George Carmen is running a filling station. Norma Caswell and Ellis have the little girl they saved coupons for. Katherine Chamberlain is a torch singer in Paris. Bill Chew is still a confirmed woman hater? ? ? ? Ancel Clark is a famous musician. William Clark is the villian in the Little Theatre Movement. Fred Clausen is office boy for Henry Ford. (Continued on Page 87) PR I NCI PI A extends congratulations to the class of 1941 8JCA11 lovely things in truth belong T To him who best employs them. --Christopher Morley | Ilian tface Q Uck BEAUTY COMFORT DURABILITY ECONOMY FIRE SAFETY Alton Brick Co. Citizens Coach Co. Appreciate THE PATRONAGE OF THE STUDENTS. MAY WE CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU BETTER AND WITH MORE SERVICE. Special rate to students on chartered busses 86June Class Prophecy - - continued Delmer Cline is a bus driver for the “We get you there or Bus-t" Co. Mark Cobb is now raising corn down on the farm. Paul Compagno is head of the City Service Club. Frank Coontz is still being pestered by swains who want to meet his beautiful sister. Dorothy Cooper is seeing the world the hard way hitch-hiking. We expect her return in 1970. Lamar Craig still wishes he were Hedy's sister. Thomas Culp is soda water boy duringtheball games at Sportsman's Park. Irene Dale is a “cigarette girl" in a New York nite club. Dennis Darr has joined the Army to get away from it all. Marguerite Davidson owns a hamburger spot at Honolulu. Lloyd Davis is elevator boy at Stix but hopes to go higher. Homer Davitz is fiddler for the “old timer's" barn dance. Bettie Dawson has just married a wealthy polo player and is now following the ponies. Edgar DeLong has joined the National Board of Firemen. Kenneth DeSherlia has gone to California and it's not to get a sun tan either. Altivene Dingerson is a nurse at Jacksonville State Hospital. Daisy Diuguid is champion “rolling pin thrower." Tod Doles quit his job because he had to climb two steps to get to work. James Donelson is master of ceremonies at the Uptown. Bill Drake is a barber at Stratford. Jim Dressier is Winchell's man Friday. Paul Ducommun is selling a famous brand of cigars. Walter Ebbert is still peddling apples. Bertha Edwards is the kiddies best friend at telling bedtime stories. Mary Grace Ellison has the leading role in "Craig's Wife." Marilyn Erdmann is a hostess at an Army Camp. Jonnie Pearl Ferguson is modeling clothes in a large department store in Godfrey. Eugene Fleming is manager of the State theater. John Flexon is a well-known singer in New York and Paris. Jean Floss is operating a boarding house for eligible old bachelors. (Continued on Page 93) ALTON TIRE SALES F. J. STOBBS' SONS 435-37 E. BROADWAY PHONE 805 SKID SAFE DUAL lO GENERALS THE FAMOUS HAWKINSON RECAPS "ALTON’S LEADING TIRE STORE’’ I. C. HAMER FOOD MARTS Groceries, Meats, Fruits and Vegetables 3400 BROWN STREET 1904 STATE STREET 2260 - PHONES - 1584 87COMPLIMENTS ALTON BOX BOARD COMPANY STREEPER FUNERAL HOMES Alton Wood RiverFootball Queen First row: Bettie Dawson, Betty Weber, Kathleen McLaughlin, ‘jJueen, Marcia Wilson, flower girl, Alberta Schnelle, 1939 ueert, Betty Ash, Patricia Sheppard. Second row: Lois Watkins, Harry Luddeke, Craig Beane, Ed Wood, Vic Schwartz, Carl Carter, Bill Gaines. SesseVs An Illinois Institution Decatur ALTON Jerseyville 89LCER’S The Home of Quality Meats 1881 “A Cavalcade of Progress” 1941 90c A R L SHOES ALTON’S NEWEST AND FINEST SHOE STORE FOR MEN AND WOMEN COMPLIMENTS OF BROADWAY MOTOR CO. YOUR CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH DEALER 512 E. Broadway Phone 323 Walter Joehl, Proprietor 123 W. THIRD PHONE 4263 91BUCK’S Paint Floor Covering Store 655 E. Broadway Phone 1856 Hotne Owned Oul-of-dic-HUli-Kcnt District 647 E. BROADWAY Compliments of EAST END GROCERY A. TAVLOS, Prop. Phone 2684 1322 E. Broadway Alton, 111. DEGENHARDT PHARMACY mm PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS 24 W. Broadway Alton, 111. Fischer Lumber Co. (Successor to Hale Lumber Co.) Alton High School for better education Fischer Lumber Company for Better building materials EAST ALTON ATLAS TIRE AND BATTERY HEADQUARTERS George Baker STANDARD SERVICE 2700 Brown Phone 993 Compliments of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. ALTON OFFICE C. A. Parrish. Manager P. L. Hutchins, Asst. Mgr. C. E. Price. Asst. Mgr. F. Sasek R. H. Harrison O. E. Clark W. Lavender L. Hickerson L. E. Wilkcy A. P. Ready H. L. Rice I. L. Smith O. W. Weaver C. Wade C. Marsh H. Ussery D. R. Schrumpf V. Lynch O. M. Theis J. J. Filardo G. G. Moore J. M. Kennett E. C. Opel SID DRAKE TIRES CUSTOM BUILT WEBSTER CERTIFIED TREADS FOR YOUR WORN TIRES SEIBERLING TIRES 1214 E. Broadway Phone 583 92June Class Prophecy - - continued Bernice Ford is a famous dress designer. Carl Francis is the new "Petty." Vernon Franklin is busy painting the town red. Bettye Funk is Jack Elwell’s tiger woman. Bill Gaines is still waiting for his Sheppard girl. Ruth Ann Gaines married Bob and is now ready for a divorce. Ellis Gaston is playing the lead in "The Shiek of Araby." Leola Gelzinnis is the fire chief’s assistant. Virginia Ghent is writing a column on "Advice to the Lovelorn." Bob Gibson is playing second fiddle in the Philharmonic Orchestra. LaVerne Gill is a cartoonist on the Wood River Weakly. Lindon Glass has stolen Craig Beane's wife and they are out gunning for each other. Wilhelmina Gordon is a well-known blues singer. Clarence Graves is running a date bureau. Ebert Grimes is Fred Astaire's stand-in. Eugene Grosh is still crazy about Betty Ash but she won't give him a tumble. Jack Gross is raising garlic to be used on April Fool’s Day. Mable Hagerman is cashier in a bank in Seattle. Dan Hair and Lavelle have their fourth boy. Arleen Heggemeier is a concert pianist. Edna May Heine is "Martha Carr”—1981— Advice to the Lovelorn. Maurice Heinemann is selling hats in Japan. Erwin Hellrung is spiking punch in Portland. James Hendricks is publishing a book on how to drive a car. Frances Hendy is secretary to Mr. Clark Gable. Raymond Heyen is a justice in the Supreme Court of Alton. Violet Homm is making her third attempt to swim the Pacific. Mary Jane Huber is the manager for her dancing sister. Leona Hunter is having a sweet time working her way to the top. Mansfield Jennings theme song is still "Every Sunday Afternoon." Ann Johnson is a costume jewel designer. Joe Johnson has gone to Latin America to better foreign relations—he says. Pauline Johnson and her usher have finally set the date. Eleanor Jones is a lady in waiting to the queen of Afghanistan. (Continued on Page 95) J R Motor Supply Co. Most Complete Auto Supply Store in Alton Territory 402 Belle St. Phone 878 Odelta’s Beauty Salon GABRIELEEN, EX-CEL-CIS and NEW RAY PERMANENT WAVES EX-CEL-CIS COSMETICS Odelta B. Rhoades, Prop. 102 E. Broadway Phone 3858 FOR A REFRESHMENT and GOOD SANDWICH HOME MADE CANDY Princess Confectionery 1654 Washington Ave. Modern Welded Products Company MANUFACTURERS OF TANKS, STACKS. STEEL DOORS, GRATINGS, RACKS, ETC. General Electric and Acetylene Welding Portable Equipment Automobile Radiator Service 306 West Broadway Phone 2103 Alton, Illinois 93Speed B. Kerr Gordon C. Kerr Reilley Bros. Compliments of ¥ ★ KERR'S DRUG QUeotodet STORE SALES and SERVICE Gail P. Kerr Verta L. Lammer3 ¥ ★ 912 E. Broadway Phone 972 "ALTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY STORE” Jin cl son s LAUNDERERS JEWELER - WATCHMAKER DRY CLEANERS mm FUR STORAGE RUG CLEANERS HEADQUARTERS for ¥ ★ SCHOOL JEWELRY Phone 173 mm 909 East Broadway Charge Accounts Welcome Alton, Illinois mm 312 Belle St. Phone 1435 94June Class Prophecy - - continued Jene Keener has added another room for her oration medals. Walter Kelly is digging in Egypt for the missing link. Dale Kennedy is defending his country from the Martians. Lyle Kesinger and Virginia Noonan are still that way. Sevilla Kessinger is working at Luly’s as head cashier. Orville Kline owns controlling interest in the Steel Mill now. Lawrence Klinke is a coiffeur in New York. Herman Kochersperger just invented a new style in toupees. Stan Koenig has taken the place of Jimmie Stewart as “America's number one Dream Man!” Anna Kohler is Mary Beth Hughes's closest rival. Helen Korte is trying to get a bill passed to outlaw schools. Dave Landgraf and Eileen Wood are still at it. Ted Lane has worked himself up to a corporal in the army. Ethel Lanham is conducting a ccoking school at the Grand Theater. Earl Leady has finally become chief mechanic at the Ford plant. Jim Lefler has taken over Tony Galento’s place. William Lewis is driving the Godfrey school bus. Betty Lodge is a Home Service Advisor. Faye Long is happily married to her “Dream Prince." Valda Longfellow has given up her job at the dime store to keep house for ‘Chuck.’ Lloyd Lucker has joined the navy. Phoebe Luedecke has been doing a lot of “Reid-ing" still. Warren McArdle is the new “Lone Ranger” on the radio. Laurence McClintock is office boy at Western Union. Chester McElrath runs an Escort Bureau. Kathleen McLaughlin is quarantined with chicken pox this time. Anna McPherson is the head of a swank dress shop. Betty Main has established a “Beauty Shoppee" for dogs—and we don’t mean men. Bill Meisenheimer and Elizabeth Miller have settled down in a snug cottage. (Continued on Page 99) G. I. Allen, D.D.S. COMPLIMENTS OF L. E. Allen, D.D.S. Alton Baking Ice Cream ★ Company 1610 Washington Ave. Alton, Illinois FRONT and GEORGE STREETS 95GIVE A GIFT From GOULDING'S Since 1852 Alton’s Leading Jewelers DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE PEN AND PENCIL SETS CHINA GLASSWARE --OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT- JOHN T. BROWN, Inc. mm Plymouth and DeSoto Sales and Service mm 1610 E. Broadway Alton, 111. “Yes, it’s true! Brown Gives the Best Deal!” LOUIS J HARTMANN 103 'Ifea’iA. af Qo-nti+tuo-ui. Service. to the Men and Boys of Alton HART SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES STETSON HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES 96 COMPLIMENTS OF First National Bank and Trust Co.EMIL H. DICK EVERYTHING IN DRUGS UUGb LOUTS r couui »INUI X. SH01 STORi mm Broadway and Washington Phone 33 “Peters”--Better Shoes Make Better Students. THREDE’S FRESH GASOLINE Direct from Refinery in Tank Cars “Best by a Dam Site” FRIENDSHIP! FUN! T TNESS! ARE YOURS THROUGH REGULAR USE OF A Threde Auto Co. Phone 909 Front Alby Sts. Alton, 111. YMCA MEMBERSHIP COME IN TODAY! 97These contractors are making possible a new junior high school-- a much needed building. Building by WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION CO. Electric work by KRAMER ELECTRIC COMPANY Plumbing by CHALLACOMBE PLUMBING HEATING CO. Heating by FLEMING PLUMBING HEATING CO. Telephone: Main 2681 N. N. Challacombe Thomas J. Fleming Co. Company PLUMBING and HEATING PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS 558 East Broadway Office Phone 1131 214 E. Broadway Alton, 111. Alton, Illinois KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. COMPLIMENTS OF Authorized GE Dealers ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR J. E. Williams Lighting Fixtures Wiring Supplies Construction Co. 6914 Dartmouth Ave. REFRIGERATORS University City, Mo. ELECTRIC RANGES Construction Contractors RADIO -- WASHERS on the new junior high school VACUUM CLEANERS Alton Wood River 112 E. Broadway 29 E. Ferguson Phone 2024 Phone 1265 98June Class Prophecy - - continued Mary Meisenheimer won the cherry pie baking contest. Mary Lou Meister is showing the Monti girls how to vamp. Walter Melton is selling "Pearly White" tooth powder. Felicie Meyer has a cafe in Paris. Mary Miller has just passed chemistry. Eileen Mohler is a famous New York artist. Jack Monfort is a cabby in Central Park. Leo Mossman is singing in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Mary Mueller is engaged but we are not good enough to tell which one she chose. Helen Mullens has gone to Niagara—again. Stuart Nickel is Elsah’s chief of police. Harry Niedernhofer has traded his car for a less snappier model. Bonnie Oden has settled down with her wise man. Max Olson is still trying to get HER to say "yes." Homer Osborn is head of the “Brotherhood of Hoboes of America.” Barbara Oulson is a tight-rope walker. Dorothy Owen, a career gal, lives with Ash in Chicago Norma Paisley is a representative for a famous cosmetic. Lora Jean Paris has opened a “Paris" fashion shop. Evelyn Parker owns a sweet shop. Ed Patterson and Lucian Patterson are coaching —football. Clayton Phillippy wishes the play would go on forever. Paul Phillips is a bus driver. Margaret Radcliff is a seamstress in Moro. Jack Rain is going steady with a little miss in Kane. Jeanne Rawlins is an opera singer. Harold Ready is a janitor at Roosevelt Jr. High. Elwood Reinhardt has a job at a day nursery. Betty Rice is working in China. Roberta Roberts has taken Simon Simone's place. Wesley Roberts has traded in his "Southern Accent." Jean Rodgers has a taster job at a spinach factory in Moro. Dosia Ross is still "Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma,"’ but that's as far as she has gotten. Norma Russo is trying to revive bicycles built for two . . sounds romantic. Albert Sanders has just bought the Brooklyn Bridge. (Continued on Page 101) Kendrick Lindblad Quality Glasses Rubicam School offers Thorough preparation for Secretarial, Stenographic and Accounting positions. Efficient Placement Service without charge to employers or to Rubicam Graduates. Summer Classes in Shorthand and Typewriting. Individual and Group Instruction Day and Evening Classes Jirul adS 3Kend iic£{ .optometrists] w ' OPTICIANS. x Broadway ALTON ILL. „ , . . I 4933 Del mar Blvd. 3 Schools in 3469 g Grand Blvd. Saint Louis (7701 Forsythe Blvd. £'£,(More than 1000 Rubicam Graduates were placed in positions last year) 99DON A. KELLY FOOD MARKET We have it; we’ll get it or it isn't in town. 2511 College Ave. Phone 2933 LEN’S SANDWICH SECE 2427 College Ave. Office 1500-Phones-Res. 650 “SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” DEE FLORAL CO. Member Florists Telegraph Association KLINKE ICE 8c FUEL COMPANY 2524 College Ave. Alton, 111. 6th Oak Streets Phone 222 Alton Mineral Springs Hotel Chas. E. Ross HARDWARE and FEED Offers its Congratulations to the Graduates of the Classes of 1941 4M 1636 Washington Avenue H. J. Jungk, Manager Alton, Illinois J. W. Wickenhauser PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES SHEET METAL and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ELSNER’S STORE DRY GOODS SHOES Phone 26 643 E. Broadway Alton, 111. 1656 Washington Ave. Phone 2914 100June Class Prophecy - - continued Dick Schaller's pulse is still going like that about Marilyn Weber. Garret Schmoeller is “lip-stick tester" for an important firm. Bob and Jean have adopted Jake Schneider. Mary Schoppet is a shoe shine girl. Bill Schotters is still crazy about basketball, and as much a woman hater as ever. Lee Schwerdtfeger owns a saurkraut factory. Olin Scott is a confirmed bachelor after six marriages. Mildred Stouder is engaged to a counterfetier and they are doing quite well. Genevieve Stratton is collecting sea shells to make pearl buttons for hubby’s shirts. Bob Stuart and Irene Mohler are enjoying themselves in Bob’s new convertible, seeing America last. Leland Thomasson still has a crush on Lora Jean. Vivian Tillman recently won the Nobel prize for inventing a new method of eating peas. Gloria Tovo just started her own nudist colony. Paul Townsley has a patent on his idea of how to take the squeak from heartaches. Ray Trogdon is a well-known news commentator. Billye Trotter is married to C. Bogar, and they arc doing their cooing at home instead of the halls at A. H. S. Bill Tuggle and Nell are doing quite well, still. Richard Turner is a famous R.A.F. sharpshooter. Evelyn Ursprung is looking for the Fountain of Youth. Ted Vambeketes hasn’t given the girls a break, yet. Martha Vanausdoll is a sub-deb in Bethalto. Alvina Von Bergen decided to leave the farm and come to the fair metropolis of Alton to win fame and fortune. Irene Vonnahmen is conducting revivals in a tent on the river front. Bette Mae Walker runs a restaurant from which she sends the proceeds to America for the American War Relief. George Walter is now—guess what—the President of the Liars Club. Joe Wannamaker is very happy with Jean Rodgers who has finally said, "Yes." Marie Ward is doing quite well with her new dress shop on Fifth Avenue. Ann Waterbury just completed a new invention—a buttonless, zipperless shirt. Lois Watkins and Ray couldn’t make a go of their marriage, so they have separated. Meantime Lois has been seen a lot with Rodger Yenny, a high school flame. (Continued on Page 103) Acme BILL BURT Bowling Alleys LAUNDRY CLEANERS (-X5 and LAUNDERERS "£ uul{a'i JiealtU" • • t ' 32 Regulation Alleys 2517 College Avenue 1 Call 21 PHONE 3655 329-A East Broadway 101SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. Wells Tire Co., Inc. LUMBER - MILLWORK GLASS - PAINTS VARNISHES - ROOFING BUILDERS HARDWARE VULCANIZING CELOTEX AUTO RADIOS INSULATING MATERIAL EXIDE BATTERIES ROAD SERVICE Broadway and Cherry Sts. Phone 3000 Alton, Illinois 833 E. Broadway Alton, 111. The America of tomorrow depends upon the character of its youth who will be its future citizens. FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS ELECTRIC RANGES ♦ ★ AIR CONDITIONING DeMOLAY BELIEVES: Commercial -- Water Coolers “That a clean mind in a clean body is the best equipment BENDIX WASHERS for a clean manhood upon IRONRITE IRONERS which clean citizenship de- DELCO STOKERS pends." KITCHEN CABINETS ALTON CHAPTER ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. ORDER 01- De.MOLAY AN AMERICAN INSTITUTION IN THE SERVICE OF YOUTH FRIGIDAIRE - SALES - SERVICE 550 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois “Alton’s Largest Electrical Appliance Store" 102TODDS CLEANING -- DYEING TAILORING Phone 2229 1718 Washington Avenue Wm. F. Bund BILLIARDS ••••• •••• ••• •• • Phone 1913 650 E. Broadway Alton, 111. Reeder LUMBER - MILLWORK - GLASS Coal Ice ROOFING - INSULATION - PAINT Company SEWER TILE ORIENT COAL Ginter-Wardein Co. PURE DISTILLED WATER ICE Phone 59 Phone 292 Front and Langdon Alton, 111. 103COMPLIMENTS OF Shell Oil Company MAKERS OF Super Shell Gasoline Lubricating Oils and Fuel Oils W. F. LINDLEY SERVICE STATION Phone 2746 Bill Meitner MILTON ROAD 3410 College Ave. Alton, 111. SWAIN SERVICE STATION SAVIDGE Phone 2899 F. C. SWAIN. Prop. 24 Hour 2600 Amelia St. Wrecker Service Alton, 111. SERVICE STATION 1813 Central Avenue Telephone 2853 104“Shop and Save at the A P Super Markets in Alton 401 PIASA 1719 WASHINGTON Low Prices Every Day -- Self Service19 COMPLIMENTS OF VEATH SONS Athletic Equipment Reconditioners CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS 105At Your Service” PHONE 1 93 ODORLESS DRY CLEANING 207 E. Broadway Alton 106Qei 9t At 104 WEST THIRD STREET ALTON, ILLINOIS ICE CREAM 107CARTER BROS. MOTOR CO., Inc. ( photographs Mercury - Ford In This TATLER Lincoln Zephyr by the Phone 272 lu'iss Stitiun 1400 East Broadway 224 East Broadway Alton, 111. Hires Root Beer WILLIAMSON PHARMACY Lucky Club Cola ♦ REGISTERED PHARMACISTS Squeeze ORANGE ALWAYS IN CHARGE ♦ ★ FITZGERALD BOTTLING CO. We Feature QUALITY and LOW PRICES 605 E. Ninth St. Phone 2018 FOUNTAIN SERVICE 108June Class Prophecy - - continued Tom Watts decided to end it all—yeah he was a swell kid. Betty Weber is a New York hairdresser's model. Margarettee Weese runs a gym for "Debs” in Alton - business is poor. Rosemary Weil is a well-known stilt walker. Betty Westbrook is introducing 6 inch heels. Maurice Wetzel is living off the land. Clay White writes a gossip column. Vincent White manufactures shoe polish. Edwin Whitten is a race track owner. Gilbert Whitten is a papa—the 15th time. Wilma Wilkening is a companion to a rich old woman. William Wilkinson is a prize fighter. Patricia Williams is corresponding with a marine. Melvin Wilson is definitely tied up. Oliver Wimmer is President of Shurtleff. Clyde Wiseman has been head radio announcer at WJZD for 2 years. Ed Wood is still running quarterback plays at Alton High—now playing in his second childhood. Eileen Wood would like to say yes for Dave but poor Dave just ain't got the nerve to ask for her hand. Richard Woodcock is THE stage hand at Ritz. Eugenia Wooldridge is the new postmistress at Williamson's. Fred Wuellner is the new water boy for the WUELLNER Construction Company. Bob Young is still taking vitamin Yxk—a new growth producing pill. Richard Young is growing old fast—sitting in a glass house by the side of the road waiting for the world to go BYE-BYE. Jokes When five years old William Schotters had been taught that Sunday is not a day for play, but one to be set aside for the worship of God, and rest. Naturally, his mother was surprised and shocked one Sunday morning to find him sailing his toy boat in the bathtub. “William! Don't you know it is wicked to sail boats on Sunday?" she demanded. “Don't worry. Mother," replied William calmly, "this isn't a pleasure trip. This is a missionary boat going to Africa." hr —o— Mrs. Wiseman (at table): “Clyde, I wish you would stop reaching for things. Haven't you a tongue?" Clyde: “Yes, Mother, but my arm's longer " , SEE Heskett Machine Engine Co. FOR GENERAL MACHINE WORK Automobile and Mill Supplies Phone 329 HYNDMAN N. E. MARY ICE fe? FUEL CO. 19 Years in Alton UPHOLSTERING ¥ ★ SLIP COVERS GREEN MARKED COAL DRAPERIES ★ CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE “Franklin County’s Finest’’ Ninth and Alby Phone 1567 109 4th and Ferguson Wood River, 111. Phone W. R. 9COMMUNITY DAIRY Pasteurized Homogenized Vitamin D Milk HULL BROS. Phone 908 LAKE VIEW COLLEGE of COMMERCE Offers thorough preparation for Secretarial, Stenographic, Accounting and Comptometer Positions “We place our Graduates in good Positions” PHONE 1884 Broadway at Market Alton, Illinois ALTON’S FAMILY THEATRES AND 1 ' j: “HOME OF ALL BIG PICTURES” Phone 2650 Game., S uted DRINK RED ROCK COLA AND ALL FLAVORS ★ Pelot Bottling Co. 413 Ridge St. Phone 853 Alton, 111. lio SHOP AND SA VE 9 Uula ice of all KinJU SEARS J. B. Steck Agency Harry J. Steck Your Big Busy Department Store Phone 1506 EVERYTHING FOR THE Room 503, First National Bank Building FAMILY, HOME, CAR ★ EVERY-DAY-LOW-PRICES INSURANCE SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. 309 Piasa - -Alton, 111. IllFor “Good Food” Let the TRI-CITY GROCERY COMPANY Serve You Collbeys Drive-In In Riverside Park Opposite the Great Alton Dam Just the Spot to Enjoy TASTY SANDWICHES and COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE An Ideal Gift for the Graduate A BULOVA - ELGIN - HAMILTON or WESTFIELD WATCH or A FINE DIAMOND RING ®nuibatk'rgi'r’s 215 Piasa St. Firestone Home and Auto Supply Store Everything for the Home and Car 32 W. Broadway Across from Lincoln-Douglas Square Alton, 111. WHEN YOU THINK OF HOTELS MAKE IT fiintpl S tratfnrii Alton’s Choice Excellent Banquet Facilities 112Jokes “And what is your opinion of the Grand Can' yon?" “Just gorges." -----o----- Yenny: “Say, you can’t take that girl home! She’s the reason I came to the party.” Buck: “Well, you’ve lost your reason.” -----o----- Aggie: “Don’t act like a baby.” Kenny: “I can’t help it. I was born that way.” ---------------------o----- Judge: “I’ll fine you today, but if you speed again, you'll go to jail.” John Flexon: “I get it—fine today and cooler tomorrow.” -----o----- “Listen!" roared the cavalry sergeant to the rookie who had been tossed for the fourth time, “When I tell you to stick on that hoss, you remember, that’s orders from headquarters!” "Sorry, sergeant—the horse gave me orders too —from hindquarters." -----o----- Mr. White: "Here are two quarters for your savings bank.” Vincent: “I’d rather have a fifty-cent piece." Mr. White: “Why?” Vincent: “It won't go through the slot.” Miss Perrin: "Look here, you've printed an announcement of my death in your paper!" Editor: "We ll fix that up. We’ll put your name in the birth column and give you a fresh start." -----o----- Ed Yungck: "When are you going to give me that dime you owe me?" Leroy Lumpkin: "Next week." Ed Yungck: “But that’s what you told me last week.” Leroy Lumpkin: "Sure, I'm a man of my word. Do you think I’d say one thing one week and something else the next?" -----o----- Tod Doles: “I’ve added these figures ten times." Teacher: “That's fine. Good boy." Tod Doles: “And here are the ten answers." -----o----- Stallings (sharply): “Johnnie, did you take a bath on Saturday?” John McPherson: “Not me, teacher, if there’s one missing, somebody else must have taken it." Miss Bartholomew: “I've paid 50c a week for ten years into a Lonely Heart Club. Do you think I'll ever get anything out of it?" Miss Colonius: “Sure—a tombstone." COMPLIMENTS OF ROCK POOLE PHARMACY ★ c£)he cIiexall Store ★ Phone 2044 2526 College Avenue 113Jokes Salesman: "Why sir, if you buy this stove, you will save Y i on your coal.” Scotchman: "All right. I'll buy two of them." Bryant: o "Wanta bite of apple?" Weber: "I'd rather have a kiss." Bryant: "Okay, you kiss it and I'll eat it." Harlan: “There’s a mouse in my room . . . what shall I do?' Clerk: Make him come down and register." Traffic Cop: "Don't you know this is a one way street?'" Phoebe Luedecke: "Yessir but I’m only going one way!” Eileen Wood: “Don't try to kiss me or 111 call Auntie." Dave Landgraf: "Why not your father or mother?" Eileen Wood: "Oh, they're not as deaf as Auntie.” The Newest in LADIES and MISSES APPAREL SIZES 9 TO 52 WE SPECIALIZE IX FORMALS AND BRIDAL OUTFITS WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS AUER 126 N. Main H’S Edwardsville, III. l III When. Quality Gaunt . 'We Qet 7he. 'WoA.Jz" lx n 112 WEST BROADWAY Phone - - - 3457 i n ALTON, ILLINOIS 114 ★ AUTOGRAPHS ¥ ★ Melling Gaskins Printing Co.v v' rJfe- A A’ - • v5t: m "v. • r?r ism ' ttf) , r% AM W fMCJh w 0 4 ' X] • % w « ■ ■• ' v ' . ; s£ i 'V ., - ;- =r- «VJfcftc- -A3- A AV Xi -rrr s r'V£ W . g.- %t M ' Mi 'MT-, r x. ••'jC :-9 -i S Hi IS Mj ,V ■ KV i I A W m N? W- % ;v r = f KVY T -T5 rv • S X 'Xnsc; '• n it mk »'- '•»V :k V .-v' ' mat9nA - M .K. . y%, SL ■ . jSSt V.l ' .m «■ m ft t V M 5? .c-» pm :M0 i V x iV {A - » } r r V 11M . w . 5 7- rxl - ft a m V ' - c Hgt ■. -» •- ssr. u ' -3 rA [

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