Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL)

 - Class of 1938

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Alton High School - Tatler Yearbook (Alton, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 42 of 144
Page 42 of 144

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Page 42 text:

SCC see I see SCC SCC see I see JANE DIXON peddlang nosegays to the vasators of the Alton Dam saght JUNE DONAHUE as manufacturang confetti for New Years Exe celebrataons MAXINE DOWNS sax ang string for the want of anythang else to do RICHARD DRESCHER as the father of the famous Drescher twins who haxe toured Europe astounding audaences with thear paano duets The talent comes from thear mother s sade BLANCHE EALEY throwang peanuts to her traaned anteaters whale saalang through the aar on her flyang trapeze ANNETTE EATON they finally got rad of Kate Smath and now thas lattle gal as goan places KATHRYN ELWELL sangan the tatle role an Grandpa Meets Grarmv at Muray Opera CLARENCE EMMONS as the great Mogul of Cottage Halls PAULINE ERBE as flag wavang for the D A R RUTH EVANS tapping away on a typewrater to the tune of her saxth True Confessaon RAY FANSLER as a married man Yappee' ' BILL FANSLER as Charlae McCarthy s stand an an has latest Goldwyn extravaganza The Pmmg Knot LAVERNE FESSLER lavang the lafe of a monkfeyl an the walds of Elsah LAWRENCE FIELDS carvang has anataals on a publac bualdang Tch' Tch' DOUGLAS FISK peddlang bacycles from door to door for Angell Ear Fask Inc LAVERNE FREEMAN has anaugurated auto gyro servace from Alton to Grafton and back agaan for a lattle less than ten cents per round trap the dafference amounts to Mr Horner s davy GEORGE GHENT was recently appoanted dog catcher for the caty of Fosterburg CHARLES GIBSON has won a cup from Barnum E? Baaley carcus for sellang jo jo the Dog faced Boy to the publac MARY GILDERSLEEVE as a crackfedj saleslady an Moskans haberdashery DARWIN GILL as re wratang Websters dactaonary on has own terms MARY GISSLER as sponsoring an extra curricular class at A H S for young garls How to Effectavely Nag Unapprecaatave Husbands ELLEN GOULD an Reno lanked wath rumors of the fifth divorce suat of Baby Le Roy The Robert Taylor of 1950 CLIFFORD GRAHAM has hatch haked to Moscow to play fiddle for the Great Bazaar of 1950 CARROLL GREER has become a bug fiend and now runs a chaan of food supply stores for WALTER GREGORY has opened a booth at Youngs department store for the sale of flavored lead pencals for chewang another woe to the Old Guard school teacher MARJORIE GRISSOM as a traan stewardess badang her tame some where between New York and Los Angeles MARGARET HANNA has cast asade famaly tradataon and has become Hollywood s chaef exponent of the glamour garl She has daed her haar and as revered as the emancapator of the dash water blonde BETTY HARFORD has opened a boarding house for kicked out debutantes GILBERT HARTMAN as stall tryang to beat Barney Oldfield s record on has new one wheeled gravaty defyang una cycle AGNES HAYES as runnang a hotel at the North Pole for the benefit of women who vant to be alone CATHERINE HAYES as readang reports from the Nataon al Stock Yards over radao stataon S T Y N K Nameoka GEORGE HAYS as sellang an oragan al brand of Dark for photographer s dark rooms VERNA HEEREN as marooned on Mt Everest the only woman to exer reach the top HAZEL HENDERSON has starred up the local Manastera al Allaance wath her swang versaon of Onward Chrastaan Soldaers MILDRED HENDERSON was reported lost Whale Bualdang Castles In Spaan ats stall rasky busaness EANNE HERZLER as a professaonal cynac spreading her lattle rays of sunshane paece work HERBERT HICKMAN was xoted Publac Heart breaktr No 1 by the Unated States Department of justice PAULINE HIGGINS as a tight rope walker EDWARD HOFFMAN has become Altons most prolafac Wampy GLORIA HOLLAND as swangan down lafe s haghway as a bcspectacled laborate soap box speaker 7. . I . - . ' V z a ' 1 I I I . , . . i 1 E. a . . . 1 I - . . ' a 1 fs a ' ' . . I . , L , . . , , , , . I . 4 . . . - v 11 ' 2 9 K , K C! , 1 1 hungry moths and grasshoppers. I . ' . ' l . ks . 11 is ii I M , K . Y . . . ,, . .. S J , ' .. I . . . . ' 1 a , 1 . ' . Vriv- 1 7 . , . 1 R , . . . , j a ' , a . on . , . , I , , 2 ' I . 1 . , . , a , , ,

Page 41 text:

Mamma Zaao. mls lo H50 Madame Zemo as a world famed exponent of metaphasacs The TATLER has spared no expense an enlastang her serx aces for her accurate forecasts She looks beyond the present anto the future to 1950 see HOWARD ALEXANDER as the Casey jones of the Illanoas Termanal EVELYN ANGELL wath za marcel and lapstack and ancadentally she s a bookkeeper LAWRENCE AUTREY grayang around the temples stall a P G at A H S AUTHER BADGLEY countang the bracks an the brac a brac around Alton Hagh MARIE BARBER surrounded by all the comforts of home JACK BARTON an Madason Square Garden where he has aust hat has opponent so hard that he smashed the elusave electron whach scaentasts have been tryang to catch at a das advantage for years see NICK BAVAS sadeburns hangang an the Louvre daspl ay of classac Greek art FRANCIS BECK stall wonderang af that deck of cards really dad come out of has nose LOIS BECK has opened a home for dasjoanted drum majors LOUISE BILLINGS panang away her lafe as house mother an the Pew Pew Sororaty House at Landenwood College DONALD BODGER actang as a professaonal watness for hat and run cases an St Louas EILEEN BRADSHAW laughang for Gracae Allen on her new Grape Nertz program see NORMAN BREDEN as Mayor of Grafton and as anstatutang a drastac reform program FOREST BREYFOGLE has patented a devace whereby lonely garls need not be lonely an the back rows of the Uptown ROBERT BROWN changang laght bulbs on the Great Whate Way CONSTANCE BRUEGGEMAN doublang for The Shadow Speaks radao program but her real occupataon as doang Baby Snooks monologues FREEMAN BRUNAUGH as engaged an the campaagn of makang Malton Heaghts a lattle hagher BILL BUND has stated an a recent artacle an Scrabbler s magazane that he attrabutes all of has success as chaef porthole swabber of the Norm andle to has days of wandow washang at the Bund Smoke Shop IVA BUNSE as a popular abstract poet lavang an Greenwach Vallave her latest work as Lafe Laved Laver an ode EARL BURLESON as the famed author of the North Alton News column an the Alton Evenano Telescratch MURIEL CANNON as a war nurse waatang for the raght war JEAN CASE as 1a graduate of Dorothy Lamour s Learn How to be A Savage school and she s goang strong LAVERNE CASEY as selland paneapples an Hawaaa VIRGINIA CASEY as head of the P T A CLoco 681 faghtang for 1a ten day school week e BILLY CASSELLA an has glory a Republacan admanastrataon at last He as well rewarded by has party too and as now Farst Cuspador Cleaner of the Unated States Senate HOMER CLARK as huntang dandylaons an Afraca HARVEY COLLINS as press agent for the 1950 equavalent of Sally Rand KEITH COOK refereeang games for the fourth basketball team GRACE COONTZ andorsang toothpaste ads and posang for jaro Fabry drawangs IOLA CORDER as devotang her entare energy to nature and ats forms HOWARD CRANE as at last the man who can beat Uncle Pete Fatzgerald an the race for sheraff of Madason County see BILL CRANE has anspared Deems Taylor to wrate the dafhcult and vaolent opera The Loves of a Bard Lake Crane GLEN DALTON as the oraganal whate headed boy HELEN DAVIS teachan them northern gals thahs somethan an a southern d wal HOWARD DEAN has a local abode for outcasts and dogs BOB DICKERSON as makang plans for has thard attempt to swam the Atlantac Ocean Past experaence has found has course blocked wath blonds and acebergs DAVID DISHER dryang dashes after danang on a dash of has favorate dash 2 , , G ,L , Q fzr . . . . 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 f 1 ' ' 1 . I .... 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . ' n 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . ,uc . . . . 1 1 1 D , , . - 1 . 1 ' ' 1 . - 1 bb 'W 1, 1 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 ,,. D 1 1 1 . I-e 1 1 '. f' 1 1 ' . ' 1 1 ' . 1 I .... 1 1 , 1 . K I I u . I C I . 1 1 . 1 .

Page 43 text:

SCC SCC see 52? SCC SEB SCC LUCIEN HOLMAN has become Harlem s Fats Waller He IS known as Harlem s Mass a Muscle Hole man Get at? BETTY HOWARD 15 ra1s1ng asparagus for Hemz C583 Baby food KENNETH HOPKINS 15 workmg qu1lt block des1gns for a natlonal needle work magazme DAVID HORN knockan em dead wlth h1s ampersonatxon of Jammy Durante HUGH HORSTMAN 15 the famous Huey the peanut vendor 1nc1dentally he sells Ponta acs on the s1de AGNES HUCK as belng awarded a copy of the new book Tlus Vegetable World for ralslng the bxggest beet 1n Godfrey townshlp MARJORIE HUFF croon1ng a lullaby to Tarzan Jr 1n the top of a poplar tree DOUGLAS HUISH has scaled the pOllt1C3l he1ghts to become Cheese of Polace of Dogtown HELEN HUNTER pav1ng the streets of Par1s DAVID JACOBY 15 a hlghly respected tonsorlal art1st Ca hemj A neon Slgn amad many at reads OSCAR JAEGER S school for Jxtterbugs and z.an1es all padded cells reserved JAMES JOHNESEE IS pa1nt1ng murals for the local Veterans of Future Wars bualdmg and are they cute' BERNICE JONES IS the head ofa mul order house that SPCCIIIIRS in false teeth DOLORES JONES fOW1Dg her own boat across the Engl1sh Channel TOMMY JONES looklng at the scrapbook of h1s h1gh school career Them was the days EVELYN JOUETT has anstalled publ1c finger bowls along Altons busmess dastract for passers by She was awarded a medal for bemg a publ1c benefactor by the Amerlc an Leglon HERMAN JUNGK as the notor1ous publlsher of Lat1n ponxes for second year Caesarltes EVELYN KINGERY has establlshed a beauty parlor 1n Yellowstone Park for the bears DELMAR KIRCHHOFF buy1ng a thousand sweepstakes tackets EVELYN KRUSE do1ng a d1fI1cult dance routxne wath Fred Asta1re ID h1s old age ROBERT LAHLEIN model1ng red flannels an a full page full color spread 1n the latest MARGARET LASLIE w1nn1ng a ple eatmg contest at the Jersey County fa1r MILFRED LAU the great k1dda1r 1n a spasm He IS laugh1ng hamself to death at one of has own jokes DORIS LAUX as a professlonal mourner on the pay roll of Streeper s Funeral Home EUGENE LAUX as composlng addltaonal verses to Mznnze the Moocher NORMA LENHARDT beang crowned ueen of the May atop the Emp1re State Bu1ld1n MARTHA LOGAN has anvented a new golf club that can be converted 1nto a plow af necessary thus a1d1ng farmers greatly CHARLOTTE MCCURDY the perennaal debutante IS about to drop three peas off her peuter plated kmfe at a famous soc1ety d1nner now an progress BETTY MCDOW 15 the mgenue of the Golden Rod Show Boat She recently made a sup er collosal stupendous success an the famous play No Mothef to Guade Her BETTY McKEE has dlscovered Edna Wallace Hoppers secret of prolonged youth ESTHER McKEE has settled down on her thousand acre parrot reserve HARRY MCINTOSH IS a mus1cal vartuoso and 15 seekmg 1nsp1rat1on to wrate a composltxon to be called The Tunes Drrge OPAL MCPHERSON IS the notoraous mystery aboard the S S ueen Fann1e Sh sh sh sh sh' DONALD MAREING lishmg for a mermaxd off the Florada coast LUCY MARSHALL IS at last buryxng the old apple tree DON MEISENHEIMER as a home spun phllosopher telllng about has days down an O alton Illmolse He s got the country IH convulslons ERNEST MEYERS takang lessons from a noted expert fHomer ClarkJ on how to evade a cop and how to talk h1m out of a t1cket 1f the evasaon faaled LOUIS MILLER 15 a l1v1ng person1f1cat1on of R1p Van W1nkle He went to sleep 1m med1ately after graduataon and st1ll rests an peace VINCENT MONZEL has never come out of h1d1ng sxnce the 1938 Tatler was publlshgd Un the w1lds of Machlganl KENNETH MOORE selhng art15c1al finger naals and eye lashes to the football heroes RUTH MOORE coachlng her llttle ones to follow 1n thelr fathers footsteps RICHARD MUSGRAVE takmg up EIHSUCIHS theory where E1nste1n left off MARY MARTIN 15 an msurance collector for her husband s clrents That personal touch you know JAMES NORVELL 15 the grandstand hero of the Maln street pm ball team o I T 9 1 1 1 . 1 5 1 'S ' . . . . I ' l 2' . 1 c " 4 I 4 i .. 1 1 . 1 ' 1 ' . L ' ' X . . - . 1 K T K ' ' . 2 ' ' ' ' ' ' 2 . 2 . ' 1 . 1 7 K Se1arsfRoebuck catalog. , , . 1 1 ' I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . f . 1 1 f ' , c . . . 2 r . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 2 . . . . . 1 , ' 1

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