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1975 ALTON HIGH SCHOOL ALTON, MISSOURI Shana Johnson, editor Kristi Johnson, co-editor Laurel Young, business manager Mary Jo Chronister, proofreader Jeff Smith, Sam Dallsueam, Susan Lance, Ronald Orr, Wynsleen Cooke, and Jim Thompson, photog- raphers Brenda Ledgerwood, typists Robyn Elder, Brenda Ross, Diane Walters, and JoAnn Hollis, staff members. Mrs. Tinsley, advisor. INTRODUCTION 1 ADMINISTRATION 11 ACTIVITIES 37 ATHLETICS 93 FAVORITES 113 ORGANIZATIONS 127 JUNIOR HIGH 163 ELEMENTARY 175 ADVERTISERS 199» •MR. THOMAS LUKE — PRINCIPALSCHOOL BOARD AND SECRETARIES The Board of Education is as follows: Dale Johnson, President Wayne Johnson, Vice-President Joe Stubblefield Jeff Griffith Norman Hollis Vernon Orr Mrs. Judi Mills is secretary to the principal. Mrs. Ruth McGary is the superintendent secretary and secretary of the Board. Mrs. Dorothy Cline is bookeeper and treasurer of the board.MR. WILLIAMS — ENGLISH AND SOCIAL STUDIESMR. HEISKELL —MUSICMR. HALL —HISTORY DEPT.MR. STRAIN — VO. AG. DEPT.MR. FUCHS —MATH % ■MRS. MINICH — HOME ECONOMICSMR. VIOLET-ARTMISS MINICH — FRENCH AND SPEECHMR. EHRHARDT —BUILDING TRADESMR. WILLIAMS —OCCUPATIONAL EXPERIENCEJANITORS AND COOKS KEEP US OPERATING Mr. Bob Owens, Mrs. Margaret Presley, and Mr. Russell McGary maintained cleanliness and kept things in working order. Those who helped prepare our lunches are as follows: Cora Farris, head cook; Margarite Peace, Margie Sisco, Thelma Bates, Alfie Jackman, Bertha Wright, Lorene Clark, and Martha Warren.KEEPON TRUCKIN' BUS DRIVERS. Left to right: Troy Earls, Lloyd Roberts, Dorlas Chronister, Glen Jenkins, Sam Presley, Dean Dawson, Herb Williams, Chester Warren, Theo Williams, Cecil Allmon, Raymond Von Allmon, Otto Deckard, John Baker. Bus Mechanic: Bill Roberts.A.H.S. ISTHE CENTER From speech and FFA contest, to basketball and baseball season, the school year begins and ends in a flourish of activity. Teenage energy finds an outlet through work in extracurricular activities. Girls' basketball, softball, and track were added to the list of activities this year;, the girls did very well in their first season.Success in these activities sparked enthusiasm throughout the student body. This enthu- siasm was reflected through the support given to the per- formers . School spirit was at an all time high at A. H. S. in '75.“ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" CAST Mike Garske - Mr. Spenaozo and Mr. Hoskins Gary Andrews - Dr. Harper and Mr. Witherspoon Todd Owens - Mr. Gibbs and Lieutenant Rooney Glen Turner - Jonathan Brewster Stan Denten - Officer Kline Ginny Minich - Abby Brewster Joe Ewan - Officer Brophy John Miner - Dr. Einstein John Owens - Officer O'Hara Elizabeth Reaves - Martha Brewster Todd Bennett - Teddy Brewster V alerie Loughridge - Elaine Harper Sam Dallstream - Mortimer BrewsterPUPPETEERSPERFORM Amid the springtime turmoil students in Miss Minich's Speech Class took time out to present a puppet show to the elementary students. The speech students made their puppets, and organ- ized the show with the help of Miss Minich. Students who participated in the show are as follows: Brenda Ross Mary Barton Lori Shehorn Marilyn Judd Richie Wallace Polly Fanning Cathy Swift Carol McMahanDRAMA CLUBACTRESSES PERFORM "To Burn A Witch” was a one-act play presented by the Drama Club. Brenda Brinkley, Wynsleen Cooke, Elaine Ewart, and Starlet McMahan showed their act- ing talent giving the play for a one-act play festival and for a presentation at a PTA meeting.Speech Contest at Rolla provided Alton students with a chance to show their speaking ability. Members of the debate team were Scott Dozier, Brenda Ross, Dennis Thompson, and Joe Ewart. Valerie Loughridge received an average rating in story telling. Wynsleen Cooke participated in Dramatic Reading and also received an average rating. Todd Bennett took a superior and two average rat- ings. His outstanding performance was in Public Speaking.SPEAK OUT The annual Fun Follies at A. H. S. were the main event in November. Every year this program is presented to raise funds for the student coun- cil. THE ANNUAL FUN FOLLIESPROGRAM AT A.H.S. Several door prizes were pre- sented and cash prizes were given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win- ners.WELCOME BACK TO A.H.S. The A.H.S. students enjoyed the back-to- school party sponsored by the student council.STUDENTS ATTEND ASSEMBLY ON SAFETY Sgt. Weaver visited A.H.S. again this year and showed a film on motor- cycle safety.BARNWARMING 1974: WE HAD A HOT This was the first Barn warming some students had attended. They enjoyed learning to square- dance . Even though they may have felt lost at first, they soon learned how to do the dances and put their knowldedge to good use! SWING YOUR PARTNER! Barnwarming is a unique party held each year by the FFA chapter. Unlike other parties, it consists of square- dancing and relay races, as well as the crowning of a queen. The interest is high and activity is abundant. Each person can get involved in some part of the activity. This involvement makes Barnwarming one of the year's successful events.TIME IN THE OLD BARN THAT NIGHT The queen candidates and their escorts participated in "interest- ing" activities. After being blindfolded, tey fed each other chocolate pudding. After the queen, Debbie Strain, was crowned, she was given a crown, and FFA jacket, and a kiss! The teachers also got involved. They entertained stu- dents by running relay races. The fact that the women's team won indicates their ability to blow up balloons, run fast and sit down hard!PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAM The State Cham- pion Parliamentary Procedure Team is as follows: Rick Judd, Herb Palmer, Rick Cowens, Junior Crews, Dennis Thompson, Roger Shelton. It took a great deal of practice and work on the part of the team to achieve this level of perfection. After competing in local, regional, and district contest, the team finally got the chance to prove the superiority they had accomplished by win- ning the state cham- pionship. Mr. Strain and Mr. Crownover also deserve a great deal of credit for their work with the team.TAKES STATE CHAMPIONSHIP The' Dairy Team which con- sisted of Roger Shelton, Her- bie Palmer, Rick Judd, and Ricky Cowens qualified for State this year. The Field Crops Team placed 1st at District and 6th place at State. The team con- sisted of Dennis Johnson, Keith Carmicheal, Charles Clemens, and Mike Johnson. The Soils Team also quali- fied for State. Dennis John- son, Ricky Clemens, and Tony Brewer consisted of the team. Bob Haddock was a District winner in Public Speaking. He took 4th place at State.F.F.A. TEAMS EXCELS The Livestock Judging Team consisted of Rich- ard Todd, Jim Scott, Charles Clemen, and Ricky Cowens. The Meats Team con- sisted of Mac Roberts, Brent Mauldin, Keith Austin, and Donny Coo- ley. The Farm Management Team, which qualified for state, consisted of Glen Johnson, Richard Todd, and Kenny Judd.AT DISTRICT CONTEST The State Farmer Degree winners were Richard Todd, Ricky Cowens, and Micheal Roberts. The Farm Mechanics Team which qualified 6th place at district were Den- nis Thompson, Junior Crews, and Sam Dalls- tream.F.H.A. TAKES ANACTIVE STAND During F. H. A. Week the girls sponsor a Tea for faculty, F.H.A. members, and parents. In the spring they organize a Walkathon for Cerebral Palsy. The girls also sponsor a Christmas party and Valentine dance. In April the annual F.H.A. banquet was held. The theme was "A Time to Begin.”DANCING ANDROMANCING The 1975 Sweetheart Ball proved to be a great success. The dance is an annual event sponsored by the F. H. A.CHRISTMAS SEASON IS Participating in area parades the Marching Comets won top honors in their division. MARCHING SEASONEveryone has a chance to excel in band because of the many different instruments. This year Todd Bennett received a 1 rating at District Music Contest and a II at State. The clarinet quartet received a II rating at District.EVERYONECHRISTMASTIME AT Christmas activities included a program given by the music department. Band and Chorus enter- tained the student body with songs reflecting the Christmas spirit. Smaller children were entertained when Santa Claus visited the child development class.ALTON HIGH SCHOOLPRACTICE On March 22 the music department attended district contest. The boys' chorus received a II rating. Ratings for vocal solos are as follows: Mike Chronister, I at district and a I at state: Danny Simpson, I at district and a II at state; Ginny Minich, II at district; Joann Hollis, I at district; Elizabeth Reaves, I at district and a III at state; and Bob Hieght, II at district.This year's art contest was held at Willow Springs, Mo. Those entering were Nathan Arnold, 4th place in poster contest; Lori Shehorn, 4th place in fashion; Tom Wong, Honorable Mention in collage; Juanita Deiter, 2nd place in poster; and Norman Turner, 4th place in crafts. ART DEPARTMENT BETA CLUB SPONSORS Where were you in '62? On Friday night, October 24, the Sen- ior High Beta Club recaptured memories of the "bobbie socks and saddle oxford days” by sponsoring the Sock Hop. Christa Trantham and Susan Lance entertained everyone by blowing bubbles.SOCK HOP John Owens and Brenda Ross were crowned Mr. and Miss Teen Angel. Nancy Rackley and John Mark Wil- liams warmed up with "the stroll," while Mary Jo Chronister and Mac Rob- erts rocked along with Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids. Susie Ruff and Dennis Thompson had their own party by sharing a soda from the foun- tain. vSCIENCE CLUB VISUS The Science Club went on a trip to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky this year. They spent the night at Mammoth Cave National Park Lodge; then, they made a four mile hike throughout the cave. After taking the tiring hike, the students and sponsors began the 10 hour trip home.SCIENCE FAIR PROVES TOBE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE A requirement of Advanced Science class is that students must take a project to the Science Fair at Rolla, Missouri. This year the Fair was held April 4 and 5 at the University of Missouri, and nine students from Alton displayed projects. Science Fair competition was very stiff. There were many interesting and highly technical projects on display. Empha- sis seemed to be placed on means of conserving energy and other resources. The Fair was very much a learning experi- ence. Four students from Alton received awards for their projects. They are as follows: Sandy Thompson, second in Behavioral Science: Shana Johnson, second in Microbiology and a Cura- tor's scholarship; Roger Shelton, Honorable Mention in Chemistry; Sam Dallstream, Honorable Mention in Chemis- try. Mary Jo Chronister, Debbie Barton, Junior Crews, Dennis Thompson, and Scott Dozier also took projects to the Fair.A LOT OF FUN With only two days to decorate the Juniors did not have time to fool around. They busied themselves turn- ing the elementary gym into a spring- time gatden.74-75 JR.-SR. PROM: "YOUAND ME AGAINST THE WORLD" On April 26, the Junior Class hosted the 1975 Jr. Sr. Prom. The setting was spring-like with birds and bees in the air! Shana Johnson and Ernie Esch- rich were crowned prom Royalty for the 1975 prom.. . "AND THE BAND Music was provided by Brahman of Iron- ton. Couples showed their appreciation by dancing or just sitting and listening. Another asset was the refreshments which were ele- gantly served.PLAYED ON"SENIOR TRIP—DESTINATION: Steward Beach was unan- imously the favorite spot visited during the senior trip. Bay fishing was also an experience the group will never forget. Debbie Bar- ton, Mrs. Williams, Ginny Minich, and Mrs. Hall seem to have had enough fishing for one day!GALVESTON, TEXAS After a 16-hour bus ride the seniors enjoyed a tour of Marine World, a fishing expedition, and an opportunity to play football on the beach.FUN IN Accompanying the seniors to Texas were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Williams. Mr. Williams shocked several of his group with his unpredicted striptease show on the beach.THE SUN Mr. Hall retired to the sickroom after approxi- mately ten minutes of bay fishing. Sea sickness did not interfere with Ricky Cowens' fishing, however. Each day Mr. Hall out- lined the day's plans before leaving the Holiday Inn. The seniors returned home tired and happy with lots of sand, shells, and memories.GRADUATION — A MILESTONE Commencement Monday, May 12, 1975 - 8:00 p.m. Kirt Hufstedler Mary Alice Young Processional "Pomp and Circumstance" Invocation Inspirational Thoughts Ms. Marilyn Minich "Time In A Bottle" Danny Simpson Benediction Recessional Kirt Hufstedler "Climb Every Mountain" Mary Alice YoungIN THE LIVES OF SENIORS Fifty-three seniors gradu- ated from Alton High School on May 12, 1975. Com- mencement was met with mixed feelings from the class; they experienced the happi- ness of attaining a goal, the sadness of parting with' friends, and the anticipation of the future. Honor graduates were Ginny Minich, Shana Johnson, Judy Johnson, Elizabeth Reaves, and Mary Jo Chronister.AWARDS DAY Art - Sandy Thompson and Mary Jo Richardson Drama - Acting - Ginny Minich History - Shirley Cheever Stage Craft - Kevin Owens Business Education - Lynn Duncan and Judy Foreign Language - Kristi Johnson Johnson Drivers Education - Debbie Stubblefield, Sally Agriculture - Richard Todd and Ricky Cowens Presley, and Cheryl Cockman Home Economics - Jan (Rackley) Crowell Leadership - Ginny Minich Student Council - Shana Johnson Girls' Chorus - Jo Ann Hollis School Spirit - John Owens Boys' Chorus - Richard Todd Citizenship - Nathan Arnold Band - Mary Jo Richardson Sportsmanship - Gail Anderson Betty Crocker Award - Elizabeth Reaves English - Shana Johnson, Ginny Minich, and Judy FHA Girl of the Year - Ginny Minich Johnson Acree Scholarship - Sandy Thompson School Paper - Elaine Ewart Runner-up Degree - Judy Johnson Y earbook - Shana Johnson Auto Mechanics Award - Fred Palmer Photography - Jeff Smith Runner-up Auto Mechanics Award - Ricky Physical Education - Carol Good and Debbie Deckard Stubblefield T-3Pep Club Awards Physical Education - Kevin Owens and Glen Baseball - Ricky Judd % Turner Basketball - Mark Barton Science Award - Shana Johnson Girls' Basketball - Gail Anderson Science Scholarship - Shana Johnson Volleyball - Rosey Taylor Library - Ernie Eschrich Math - Elizabeth Reaves Softball - Tina Dale SERVICE MERIT AWARDS Kevin Owens Dan Simpson Rick Judd Rick Cowens Dennis Thompson Junior Crews Roger Shelton Herb Palmer Dennis Johnson Shana Johnson Todd Bennett Ginny Minich Mary Jo Chronister Gail Anderson Mary Bradshaw Debbie Barton Mike Chronister Sandy Thompson Bob Haddock David Anderson Judy Johnson John Owens Susan Lance ££,. L fc tao- 7?cc , j zZy , 7 'S,C€tfJtS. ' " U, JU- 'rt%z. Y 6 - r'Ms ' Sis . i s si'..' u-lyjJs-X t u r SIS? - O' : W -7kt;S77% . U ZilS - -c aZZAiti cn6 ?Z Z'U- ' - dvlt, - tf rc Z j’rXjP' dZ id ZiZ' ts t’. s'sneur gtr S---mCOMET 'A' TEAM COMESALIVE IN 75 Basketball players are as follows: Mark Barton, David Anderson, Ernie Eschrich, Danny Good, Tim Cates, Mike Chronister, Ricky Judd, Danny Simpson, Joe Johnson, Richard Todd, and Scott Dozier. OPPONENTS COMETS Gainsville Koshkonong Summersville Mountain Grove West Plains Eminence Couch Tourney Thayer Couch Willow Springs Alton Tourney Winona Doniphan Couch Winona Thayer Summersville Naylor Cabool Mammoth Springs Big Springs Conf. Tourn. Winona Eminence Couch Couch Van Buren Regional Tourn. Hartville 56 47 41 61 47 62 38 45 43 58 62 61 2nd 48 54 47 46 48 51 3rd. 37 58 44 42 50 61 56 94 54 45 43 74 52 109 49 61 50 55 2nd. 35 99 49 54 53 47 52 46 48 49 66 53ALTON INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT In the Alton Invitational Tour- nament, three trophys were given. First place wnet to Thayer, Doniphan won second, and Alton received third. The Couch cheerleaders won the cheerleading trophy. ND BIG SPRINGS CONFERENCE The Big Springs Conference Tournament was held at Couch this year. The Comets played the Couch Indians for the championship. Although the Comets were defeated, they were proud of their second place trophy.Members of the 'B' Team are as fol- lows: Cliff Sisco, David Stubblefield, Mark Barton, Tom Johnson, Keith Carmichael, Tony Brewer, Paul Young, Tom Wong, Ulen McGary, Brian Eschrich, Richie Wallace, Ricky Clemens, Ted Simpson, Dennis John- son, Randy Callahan, Randy Shehorn, Greg Barton, Mike Campbell, Jeff Simpson, and Coach: Ted Hall. They had a good year with a record of 10-7.CHEERLEADERS PUSH Susie Ruff was captain, and Rose Taylor was co-cap- tain.FOR COMET PRIDE - This year's cheerleaders were Laurel Young, Brenda Brinkley, Christa Thrantham, Vicky Simp- son , and Brenda Ledgerwood. The cheerleaders brought spirit to A. H. S. by arousing interest on and off the court.The 'B' Team Cheerleaders are as follows: Donna Brown, Leann Johnson, Karen Sands, Debbie Stubble- field; Captain, Pam Whitten, Susan Newman, and Tina Dale; Co-captain.The Comet Baseball team had a very suc- cessful year. They were Big Springs Confer- ence Co- Champs. Their record for the year was 12 wins 7 losses. BASEBALL TEAMWAS A HIT!!! Members of the baseball team are: Coach Hall, Joe Ewart, Mike Jett, Uel Tusher, Richie Wallace, Jeff Simpson, Ulen McGary, Johnny Williams, Rick Arnold, David Ander- son, Rick Judd, Larry Rowe, Ted Simpson, Mark Barton, Tom Johnson.Varsity volleyball members pictured above are as fol- lows: Susan Lance, Mary Barton, Christy Trantham, Patti Rackey, Rose Taylor, Brenda Ross, Gail Ander- son, Regina Cates, man- ager; Lori Shehorn, score- keeper; and Miss Dorothy Good, Coach. Junior varsity members are: Debbie Strain, Susie Good, Shelia Dethrow, Valorie Loughridge, Diane Walters, Susie Thornton, Nancy Rackley, Loetta Winkler, Velma Redburn, Scharlette Lane, and Coach Good.A GOOD YEAR FOR GIRLS SOFTBALL The Girls Softball team were as fol- lows: Loetta Winkler, Gail Anderson, Susie Good, Susan Lance, and Jeanny Burton, Tina Dale, Diane Walters, Vicki Simpson, Brenda Ross, Debbie Strain, Susie Thornton, Scharlet Lane, Kelly Janes, Valorie Loughridge, Nancy Rackley, Patty Rackley, Jo Richardson, Rose Taylor, Mary Barton, Coach Good (Not Shown) Lori Shehorn, scorekeeper. The girls had a great year with 9 wins and 1 loss. Diane Walters was keeping score while Regina Cates helped manage the team.The members of the "A" Team are as follows: Mary Barton, Rose Taylor, Debbie Strain, Christi Trantham, Susie Thornton, Gail Anderson, Mary Jo Richardson, (Not Shown) Brenda Ross, and Coach, Dorothy Good. The girls basketball team began its first season with success. They played a number of games and gained experience as the season progressed.TO A GOOD START The members of the 'B' Team are as follows: Patty Rackly, Nancy Rackly, Starlet McMahan, Lori Shehorn, Donna Brown, Susan Lance, Susie Good, Coach, Dorothy Good.FRESHMAN BASKETBALL — ON THE WAY UP Members of the Freshman Basket- ball team are as follows; Randy Shehorn, Fletcher Bales, David Stubblefield, Paul Young, John Williams, Jeff Simpson, Bill Cates, Brian, Eschrich, and Michael Jett.MR. AND MISS A.H.S.AND COURT mmem i i i Mr. and Miss A.H.S. 1974-75 were Junior candidates Rose Taylor and Len Cranier. Shown at left are: Sophomore candi- date, Paula Johnson and Ted Simpson. Below at left are: Jeanie Burton and Randy Shehorn, Freshman candidates. The Senior class candidates were Jo Richardson and Mark Barton.QUEEN, AND HERCOURTACTIVITIES Each class decorated a section of the hall. The Freshman Class won a $10 prize for the best decorations. Mr. Violett, Sandy Thompson, and Mary Jo Richardson worked very diligently on the stage setting for Homecoming Royalty. The finale of the week was a one-point victory for the Comets in the Homecoming Game.MR. ANDMISS VALENTINE Velma Redburn and Danny Palmer from the Freshman class were crowned Mr. and Miss Valentine at the Sweetheart Ball. Dancing and enjoying, they reigned throughout the evening.Sweetheart Ball candidates are as follows: Eighth grade, Becky Dorris and Kerri Vehawn; Sophomores, Glenna Simpson and Greg Barton: Juniors, Carol Good and Micky Broomhead; Seniors: Andrea Lane and Brent Mauldin.MR. AND MISS SANTA CLAUS Candidates were as follows: Senior: Elaine Ewart and Jeff Smith. Junior: Candy Wilson and Leonard Cranier. Sophomore: Cheryl Cockman and Dennis Johnson. Freshman: Marilyn Judd and Brian Eschrich. Mr. and Miss Santa Claus were from the 8th grade class - Vicky Campbell and Tony Rudd.Candidates for F.F.A. Sweetheart were: Senior: Debbie Barton escorted by Ricky Cowens Junior: Susie Ruff escorted by Richard Todd Sophomore: Joann Hollis escorted by Sam Dallstrream Chapter Queen was Debbie Strain escorted by Kenny Judd.WHO'S WHO Top left: Most likely to Succeed, Shana Johnson and Todd Bennett Top right: Cutest, Rose Taylor and Ricky Cowens. Bottom left: Most School Spirit, Susie Ruff and John Owens. Bottom right: Best All aournd, Elaine Ewart and Ernie Eschrich.CLASS FAVORITES Top: Sophomores, Gina Cates and Greg Barton. Seniors, Elaine Ewart and Rick Cowens. Bottom: Juniors, Martha Van Winkle and Mac Roberts. Freshmen, Leann Johnson and John Miner.BAND Band members as follows: Glen Turner, Ginny Minich, Judy Johnson, Lynn Duncan, Mary Barton, Susan Newman, Eliza- beth Williams, Sandy Thomp- son, Chris Trantham, Jo Richard- son, Brenda Ledgerwood, Mac Roberts, Laurel Young, Kathy Dills, Sherri Brewer, Susan Dor- ris, Elizabeth Reaves, Glen John- son, Susie Ruff, Pam Whitten, Regina Cates, Shana Johnson, Tina Dale, Kathy Murvin, Wyn- sleen Cooke, Cheryl Cockman, Larry Rowe, Diane Walters, Tammy Watkins, Norman Turner, LeAnn Johnson, Marilyn Judd, Nathan Arnold, Mike Garske, Norma Johnson, Tammy Simmons, Kevin Newman, Terri Dozier, Todd Bennett, Bev Smith, and Mary Jo Chronister. Band officers are as follows: Den- nis Thompson, President; Jo Chronister, Vice-President; Sandy Thompson, Sec.; Susan Dorris, Treasurer.BETA CLUB Beta Club officers are as follows: Mike Chronister, President; Jo Chronister, Vice-President; Judy Johnson, Secretary; Kristi John- son, Treasurer. Beta Club members are as fol- lows: Glenna Simpson, Wynsleen Cooke, Mike Chronister, Susan Newman, Brenda Ledgerwood, Pam Whitten, Susan Johnson, LeAnn Johnson, Jo Chronister, Susan Dorris, Donna Barton, Kathy Dills, Cynthia Watson, Cheryl Leu, Cheryl Cockman, Vicki Simpson, Elaine Ewart, Susie Ruff, John Williams, Brenda Brinkley, Elizabeth Wil- liams, Sam Dallstream, Beverly Smith, Jo Richardson, Diane Walters, Debbie Stubblefield, Judy Johnson, Laurel Young, Kristi Johnson, Sandy Thompson, Robyn Elder, Terri Hickman, Elizabeth Reaves, Glen Johnson, Gail Anderson.CHORUS Chorus members are as follows: C. Turner, N. Arnold, N. John- son, D. Sisk, K. Fanning, T. Simmons, K. Orr, K. Austin, M. Johnson, S. Lance, P. For- rester, S. Ruff, D. Stubblefield, J. Castlebeny, J. Scott, T. Wong, U. Tusher, P. Fanning, M. Chronister, J. Williams, K. Newman, M. Stark, C. Swift, R. Smith, B. Watkins, M. She- phard, R. Shehorn, R. Wallace, P. Young, B. Brinkley, C. Garske, T. Gates, V. Lough- ridge, C. Lindner, P. Holmes, L. Woods, J. Simpson, M. Campbell, M. Lance, J. Miner, R. Hensley, M. Garske, M. Broomhead, E. Reaves, R. Cal- lahan, T. Brewer, B. Hight, R. Todd, J. Hollis, B. Eschrich, D. Simpson, C. Watson, J. Swift, D. Banon, J. Heiskell, director. Boys Chorus officers are as fol- lows: Danny Simpson, President: Mike Chronister, Vice-President; Kelly Morris, Secretary; Mike Campbell, Treasurer. Girls Chorus officers are as fol- lows: Susie Ruff, President; Joann Hollis, Vice-President; Dessie Bay, Secretary; Brenda Brinkley, Treasurer.DRAMA CLUB Drama Club officers are as fol- lows: Sandy Thompson, Presi- dent: Sam Dallstream, Vice- President; Laurel Young, Secre- tary; Susie Ruff, Treasurer. Drama Club members are as fol- lows: D. Walters, V. Simpson, C. Wilson, B. Watkins, A. Lane, E. Ewart, T. Bennett, J. Miner, G. Andrews, B. Brinkley, R. Dallstream, C. Garske, ]. Burton, T. Dozier, P. Rackley, R. Elder, T. Hickman, K. Dills, M. Barton, R. Shelton, J. Swift, P. Fanning, M. Stark, D. Lane, W. Cooke, J. Hollis, E. Reaves, S. Ruff, E. Williams, D. Van- Winkle, S. Thornton, C. Mob- ley, M. VanWinkle, T. Casey, L. Shehorn, V. Loughridge, G. Cates, M. Chronister, L. Young, B. Ledgerwood, R. Arnold, S. Dallstream, R. Johnson, K. Owens, J. Johnson, J. Owens, M. Richardson, S. Lance, S. Thompson, T. Owens, S. Dorris. Mr. M. Violet is sponsor.FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA F.H.A. officers are as follows: Ruih Hensley - Historian; Brenda Brinkely - Parliamenta- rian: Paula Johnson - Devo- tional Leader: Judy Johnson - Vice-Pres.; Shirley Cheever - Pres.: Norma Johnson - Song Leader: Brenda Watkins - Sec. and Treas.; Sherry Austin - Recreational Leader; Lynn Dun- can - Reporter. F.H.A. Members are as fol- lows: T. Smith, ?. Judd, K. Brown, K. Shearer, K. Wong. D. Orr, J. Williams, L. Stew- art. T. Watkins, K. Janes, M. Judd, S. Willard. D. Austin, C. Wilson, R. Dallstream, P. Simpson, B. Lance, Mrs. Minich, D. Goode, P. Johnson, R. Hensley, D. Barton, N. Johnson, B. Watkins, S. Aus- tin, L. Duncan, V Redbum. B. Upton, S. Lane, W. Cooke, G. Cates, J. Johnson, S. Cheever, B. Brinkley, R. Dallstream, N. Palmer, E. Ewan, D. Brown, M. Stark, M. Lance, C. Lind- ner, B. Minich, K. Bradshaw, S. Wilson, R. Littles, K, Mur- vin, S. Lester, E. Tillman, R. Banon, D. Banon, V. Rack- ley, C. Cockman, N. Rack- ley, V. Campbell, J. Hollis, S. Melton, B. Johnson, J. Brown. Ginny Minich was a national F.H.A. officer. She made several trips to Washington D.C. to confer- ences concerning F.H.A. Debbie Banon also showed outstanding ability by becoming a regional officer.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA F.F. A. officers are as follows; Michael Roberts, Sentinel; Kenny Judd, Treasurer; Ricky Cowens, Vice-President; Junior Crews, President; Glen Johnson, Secretary; Sam Dallstream, Reporter, Mr. Crownover, Spon- sor; Mac Roberts, Assistent Sentinel; T. Roberts, Assistent Vice-Presi- dent; D. Thompson, Assistent Pres; E. Williams Assistent Treasurer; R. Todd, Assistent Reporter; and Mr. Strain, Advisor. F.F. A. members are as follows: L. Robardie, D. Crabtree, D. McCLanahan, E. Bettis, D. Palmer, G. Andrews, Mr. Crownover, M. Roberts, K. Judd, R. Cowens, J. Crews, G. Johnson, S. Dallstream, Mr. Strain, H. Palmer, M. Roberts, M. Barton, B. Mauldin, R. Cunningham, M. Parrott, S. Cheever, J. Barton, L. Woods, D. Cooley, P. Wong, C. Sisco, S. Warren, D. Miller, M. Johnson, J. Brotherton, R. Smith, K. Carmichael, J. Warren, B. Haddock, J. Swift, R. Johnson, W. Stevens, M. Barton, J. Hollis, D. Strain, E. Williams, R. Austin, J. Owens, J. Hollis, L. Hollis, J. Wheeler, D. Barton, T. Parrott, B. Cates, U. McGary, D. Stubblefield, P. Young, T. Brewer, T. Johnson, B. Eschrich, E. Willard, R. Buckner, D. Rackley, J. Wheeler, P. Forrester, B. McClanahan, R. Arnold, L. Johnson, K. Newman, R. Cle- men, S. McMahan, T. Deckard, D. Braw- ley, R. Bettis, R. Hollis, L. Florence, C. Nichol, N. Barton, R. Todd, S. Blankenship, U. Tusher, J. Johnson, R. Judd, V. Upton, P. Holmes, R. Williams, G. Crabtree, B. Sands, P. Fanning, M. Broomhead, D. Kirk, J. Scott, D. Johnson, M. Campbell, L. Rowe, D. Anderson, R. Callahan, R. Shel- ton, J. Scott, J. Sisco, D. Barton, B. Dieter, B. Thompson R. Johnson, M. Chronister, D. Barton, K. Austin, J. Smith, J. Roy, T. Cates, G. Barton, D. Good, R. Deckerd, P. Rackley, J. Williams, C. Clemen.PEP CLUB Pep Club officers are as follows: Sandy Thompson, President: John Owens, Vice-President; Judy John- son, Secretary; Susan Dorris, Treasurer. Pep Club members are as follows: Christa Trantham, Mike Parrott, Mickey Broomhead, Brian Eschrich, John Owens, Sam Dallstream, Roger Shelton, Laurel Young, Terri Hickman, Jeannie Burton, Judy John- son, Joann Hollis, Susan Dorris, Lori Shehorn, Che- ryl Cockman, Robyn Elder, Gail Anderson, Eliza- beth Reaves, Susan Lance, Patti Rackley, Brenda Ledgerwood, Kathy Dills, Velmas Redburn, Scarlett McMahan, Elizabeth Williams, Gina Cates, Debbie Barton, Rose Taylor, Vicki Simpson, Brenda Brink- ley , Rose Chaney, Carol Garske, Debbie Lane, Wynsleen Cooke, Susie Ruff, Sandy Thompson, Diane Walters, Nancy Rackley, Paula Johnson. Sponsors are Mr. Violet, Mrs. Little, and Mr. Fuchs.SCIENCE CLUB Science Club members are as follows: Shana Johnson, John Owens, Mike Campbell, David Anderson, Diane Walters, Sandy Thompson, Mary Barton, Roger Shelton, Tom Johnson, Fred Palmer, Mac Roberts, Glen Johnson, Kathy Dills, Tony Brewer, Keith Carmichel, Ernie Eschrich, Jr. Crews, Carol Good, Jo Chronister, Mickey Broomhead, Susan Dorris, Laurel Young, Sam Dallstream, Starlett McMahan, Elizabeth Williams, Todd Bennett, Carol Mobley, Patti Rackley, Brenda Ledger- wood. Sponsors are Mrs. McKissick and Mr. Fuchs. Science Club officers are as follows: Carol Good, Secretary; Fred Palmer, Treasurer; David Anderson, President; Roger Shelton, Reporter.STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council members are as follows: Todd Bennett, Brian Eschrich, Kristi Johnson, John Miner, Mike Campbell, Sandy Thompson, Shana Johnson, Joe Johnson, Pam Whitten, Renee Dallstream, Cheryl Cockman, Lynn Duncan, Debbie Barton, LeAnn Johnson, Glen Turner, Dennis Johnson, Danny Simpson. Student Council officers are as follows: Glen Turner, Secretary: Shana Johnson, Vice-President; Debbie Barton, Treasurer; Todd Bennett, President.YOUTH FOR CHRIST Youth For Christ officers are as follows: Ricky Cowens, President; Nathan Arnold, Vice-Pres- ident; Norma Johnson, Secretary; Lynn Dun- can , Reporter; Elizabeth Williams, Treasurer. Youth For Christ members are as follows: Deb- bie Barton, Lynn Duncan, Mike Johnson, Mike Chronister, Darlene Barton, Elizabeth Wil- liams, Terri Hickman, Pearl Williams, Roberta Barton, Vanessa Rackley, Donna Bar- ton , Beverly Johnson, Ranette Johnson, Jackie Swift, Valerie Loughridge, Ruth Hensley, Jo Rose Williams, Elaine Ewan, Brian Eschrich, Brenda Brinkley, Paula Johnson, Mac Roberts, Ricky Cowens, Norma Johnson, Nathan Arnold, John Williams, Debbie Strain, Richard Todd, Tony Brewer, Christa Trantham, Dennis John- son , Cheryl Cockman. Mr. Orr and Mr. Strain, Sponsors.YEARBOOK STAFF Yearbook staff members are as follows: Jo Chron- ister, Robin Elder, Brenda Ledgerwood, Kristi Johnson, Laurel Young, Diane Walters, Joann Hollis, Shana Johnson. Yearbook Staff officers are as follows: Laurel Young, Business Man- ager; Shana Johnson, Editor; Kristi Johnson, Co-Editor; Mrs. Tinsley, Sponsor.PAPER STAFF Paper Staff members are as follows: Coby Nichol, Todd Bennett, Benita Williams, Diana Poe, Susie Ruff, Brenda Watkins, Gary Andrews, Mary Stark, Mike Johnson, Nina Palmer, Elaine Ewan, Carol Garske, Brenda Brinkley, Lynn Duncan. Sponsor is Mrs. Tinsley. Paper Staff officers are as follows: Susie Ruff, Editor: Elaine Ewan, Feature Wreiter, Lynn Dunacn, typist; Todd Bennett, Editor; Brenda Watkins, Feature writer; Brenda Binkley, Typ- ist. tvPHOTOGRAPHERS School photoographers are as follows: Jeff Smith, Susan Lance, Ronnie Orr, Wynsleen Cooke, Sam Dalls- tream, and Jim Thompson. fint i cru 'i 6h aTy Ui y n ru - OCe T JZtjAc -JANICE ALFORD ANDREA LANE PRESIDENT RICKY COWENS VICE-PRESIDENT TERRI CAMPBELL SECRETARY SHIRLEY CHEEVER TREASURER DAVID ANDERSON NATHAN ARNOLD SHERRIE AUSTIN DEBBIE BARTON MARK BARTON SCOTT BLANKENSHIP MARY BRADSHAWMARY JO CHRONISTER CHARLES CLEMEN DONNIE COOLEY GARY CRABTREE SAM DALLSTREAM RICKY DECKARD LYNN DUNCAN MARY ELLIOT ERNIE ESCHRICH ELAINE EWARTPATTI FORESTER SHARON FULTNER JUDY GAMBLIN DANNY GOOD BOB HIGHT ROD HOLLISJOE JOHNSON JUDY JOHNSON NORMA JOHNSON SHANA JOHNSON KENNY JUDD RICKY JUDD DALE KIRK BRENT MAULDIN TERRY McINTIRE GINNY MINICHSHERRY MOWERY FRED PALMER IAN RACKLEY ELIZABETH REAVES JO RICHARDSON MIKE ROBERTS TOMMY ROBERTS JOHN ROY BOB SAND DANNY SIMPSON JEFF SMITH SANDY THOMPSONSeniors ready to be turned loose upon the world - twelve years of hard work - now where? college entrance exams. SAT's and dorm applications (attach photo here) - making the rounds on interviews - joyous celebrations and just a touch of nostalgia - we made it (finally) Sponsors: Mr. Wendell Williams and Mr. and we're on our way! Kenneth Hall RICHARD TODD GLEN TUNE GLEN TURNER DEBBIE WILLIAMS CAROL WILLIAMS VICKI WOODSSENIOR ACTIVITIES JANICE ALFORD: Chorus 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10; F.H.A. 9 Historian, 10 Reporter, 11; Comet News Staff 10, 11 Editor; Youth For Christ 10, Drama Club 10; Volleyball 9. DAVID ANDERSON: Band 9, 10; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Science Club 11, President 12; F.F.A. 12; Student Council 9, 10; Student of the Month; Service Merit Award; Class Vice-President 9; Most Athletic 11; Shapeliest 10, 11. NATHAN ARNOLD: Band 9, 10, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 12; Mixed Quartet 9-1; Double Quartet 9-1; Beta Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Youth For Christ 10, 11, 12 Co-chairman. SHERRY AUSTIN: Chorus 10; F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 12. DEBBIE BARTON: Youth For Christ 10 Treasurer, 11 Chairman, 12; Pep Club 11, 12; F.F.A. 11, 12 Asst. Sec- retary 12; Student Council 12 Treasurer; Who's Who Among American High School Students 11; Bamwarming Candidate 11, 12; Miss Santa Clubs Candidate 9; F.H.A. 9 Reporter, 10 Vice President 11 President, 12 Regional Secretary; Science Club 11; F.H.A. Girl of the Year 10, 11; Class Treasurer 11. MARK BARTON: Band 9. 10; F.F.A. 9, 10, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12. SCOTTIE BLANKENSHIP: F.F.A. 9, 10. 12; Basketball 9; Baseball 9, 10. MARY BRADSHAW: Chorus 9; F.H.A. 9; Starlight Ball Candidate 11; Homecoming Queen Candidate 12. TERRI CAMPBELL: Volleyball 9, 10, 11; F.H.A. 9, 10; Publications 11, Typist for School Paper; Senior Class Secretary; Chorus 9, 10; A.H.S. Candidate 11. SHIRLEY CHEEVER: F.H.A. 9, 11, 12 President; F.F.A. 11, 12; Senior Class Treasurer. MARY JO CHRONISTER: Drama Club 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9. 10, 11; Science Club 12; Beta Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Vice President; Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Vice President; Vocal Sextet 9, Marching Award 11; Paper Staff 10; Year- book Staff 10, 11, 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students. CHARLES CLEMEN: Track 9, 10; Music 9; Secretary Vo-Tech School 9, 11; Baseball 9. DONNIE COOLEY: F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12. RICKY COWENS: F.F.A. 10, 11, 12 Vice President; Class Vice President 12, Class Favorite 12; Youth For Christ 12 President, Basketball 9; Baseball 9, 10, 12; Who's Who Cutest 12. SAM DALLSTREAM: F.F.A. 9, 10, 11 Reporter, 12 Reporter; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 10, 11, 12 Vice President; Science Club 11, 12; Chapter Star Farmer 10; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Photographer 10, 11, 12; Baseball 12; Basketball 9; Who's Who Among American High School Students. RICKY DECKARD: F.F.A. 9, 10; Starlight Ball Candidate 11. LYNN DUNCAN: Band 9, 10, 12; Cheerleader 9; Chorus 9, 10; F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, lCf, 11; A.H.S. Candidate 10; Vocal Sextet 9; Youth for Christ 11, 12; Student Council 12; Paper Staff 11, 12. MARY ELLIOTT: Wittiest 9. ERNIE ESCHRICH: Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Boys Double Quartet 10-1; Class President 9, 10, 11; Chorus 10; Science Club 10, 11, 12. ELAINE EWART: Majorette 9, 10; Band 9; Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12; F.H.A. 9, 12; Beta Club 12; Paper Staff Sports Editor 12; Youth for Christ 12; Best All Around 12; Pep Club 9; Debate and Speech 11; Miss Santa Claus Candidate 12; Class Favorite 12. PATTI FORESTER: Volleyball 9, 10; Chorus 12; F.F.A. 11, 12. JUDY GAMBLIN: F.H.A. 9. DANNY GOOD: F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12. REX GRIFFIN: Wrestling 9, 10; Tech School 11, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Weight Lifting 11. BOB HEIGHT: Football 9, 10; Wrestling 9, 10; Baseball 11; Boys Chorus 12. JOE JOHNSON: Band 9, 10; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; A.H.S. Candidate 10; Class Treasurer 10.SENIOR ACTIVITIES CONTINUED: JUDY JOHNSON: Band 9, 10 Librarian, 11 Vice President, Head Majorette 12; Chorus 9, Vocal Sextet, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Secretary; B Team Cheerleader 10; A Cheerleader 11; Beta Club 10, 11, 12 Secretary; Youth For Christ 11; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; F.H.A. 9, 10, 11 Treasurer, 12 Vice President; Yearbook Staff 11; Miss Santa Claus Candidate 10; Service Merit Award. NORMA JOHNSON: Band 9, 10, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 12; Vocal Sextet 9; Youth for Christ 10, 11, 12 Secretary; F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 12 Song Leader. SHANA JOHNSON: Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 10; Science Club 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12 Vice President; Band 9, 10, 12 Secretary and Treasurer; Pep Club 9; Yearbook Business Manager 10, Co-editor 11, Editor 12; Most Likely to Succeed 9, 12; Student of the Month; Homecoming Candidate 11; Barnwarming Candidate 10; Majorette 9, 10, 12;' Clarinet Quartet 9-1, 10-1; Service Merit Award; Freshman Class Secre- tary; Scholastic Award 9, 11; Class Favorite 9; Society of American High School Students. KENNY JUDD: Band 9, 10, 11; F.F.A. 10, 11, 12 Treasurer; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9. RICKY JUDD: Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Chorus 10. ANDREA LANE: Drama Club 12; Science Club 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10; An Club 9, 10, 11; Class President 12. BRENT MAULDIN: F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12; Sweethean Ball Candidate 12. GINNY MINICH: Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 11 Secretary 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Beta Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Safety Club 9; Science Club 11; Student Council 9, 10; Drama Club 9, 10, 11 Reponer, 12; Home- coming Candidate 10; F.H.A. 9, 10 Treasurer, 11 Regional Historian, 12 National Officer; Class Treasurer 9; Clarinet Quartet 9-1, 10-1, 11-1; Vocal Solo 10-11; 11-11 Vocal Sextet 9, 10; Vocal Quanet 11; Youth For Christ 10, 11, 12; Scholastic Award 9, 10, 11; Crisco Award 11; F.H.A. Girl of the Year. FRED PALMER: Science Club 10, 11 Treasurer, 12; An Club 9, 10, 11. JANET CROWELL: F.F.A. Sweethean, Homecoming Candidate 9; A.H.S. Candidate 9; Pep Club 9, 10; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Sweethean Ball Candidate 9; Band Carnival Queen 12. ELIZABETH REAVES: Band 9 Librarian, 10 Librarian, 11, 12; Chorus 9, 12; Concen Choir 10; Drama Club 9, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; District Music Contest Vocal Solo 2 rating; Youth for Christ 11; F.H.A. 11; Beta Club 12; District Music Contest Brass Sextet 10. MARY JO RICHARDSON: Band 9, Majorette, 10 Majorette, 11 Drum Majorette, 12, Drum Majorette; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Sophomore Pilgrimage 10; Miss Valentine Candidate 10; Yearbook Staff; Drama Club 12; Saxophone Quanet 11-111; Who’s Who Among American High School Students; Pep Club President; Girls Basketball A Team 12. MIKE ROBERTS: F.F.A. 9, 10, Seminal, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Baseball 9. JOHN ROY: Band 9, 10, 11; F.F.A. 9, 10, 12. DANNY SIMPSON: Band 9, Chorus 9, 10, 11 President 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; State Ensemble 9, 10; State Solo 11; Service Merit Award 11; Youth for Christ 11; Teenager of the Month 12. JEFF SMITH: F.F.A 9, 12; Pep Club 11; Baseball 12; Darkroom 10, 11, 12. SANDY THOMPSON: Band 9, 10, 11 Reporter, 12 Secretary; Marching Award 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Presi- dent; Varsity Cheerleader 9, 10, 11 Captain; Drama Club 10, 11, 12 President; Best Actress 11; Beta Club 10, 11, 12; Science Club 12; Student Council 11, 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; Who’s Who Most Talented 12. RICHARD TODD: Band 9, 10; F.F.A. 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Boys Chorus 12; Baseball 9. GLEN TURNER: Science Club 12; Band 12; Freshman Basketball 9; Student Council Secretary 12; Chorus 12. TERRY WILLARD: Baseball 9, Football 9, 10; Weight Lifting 10; Swimming 10. DEBBIE WILLIAMS: Safety Club 9; F.H.A. 9, 11; Volleyball 9, 10, 11.Junior Crews Presideni Mike Chronisier Vice-Pres. Susie Ruff Secretary Susan Lance Treasurer Martha VanWinkle Reporter JUNIORS PUSH Rhonda Adams Gail Anderson Ricky Arnold Keith Austin Judy Barton Ken Barton Mary Barton Bennie Bay Dessie Bay Todd Bennett Robby Blankenship Brenda Brinkley Micky Broomhead Randy Buckner Tim Cates Tammy Casey Rose Chaney Rick Clement Ken Crabtree Rod Coleman Stanley Dent Juanita Dieter Kathy Dills Scott Dozier Robin Elder Randy Elliott Polly Fanning Warren Faust Jean Ferguson Carol Garske King Gould Carol Good Leonard Granier Lyndon Granier Terri HickmanON THROUGH Anita Johnson Glen Johnson Jim Johnson Ron Johnson Kristi Johnson Debbie Lane Brenda Ledgerwood Carla Linder Bob McClanahan Starlett McMahan Don Miller Carol Mobley Pat O’Neill John Owens Kevin Owens Herbert Palmer Nina Palmer Mike Parrott The Junior class was lucky to have Coach Hall and Coach Presley for their sponsors.THETHRILLOF Tom Parrott Diana Poe David Rackley Patti Rackley Mac Roberts Brenda Ross Norman Russell Jim Scott Roger Shelton John Sisco Randy Sisco Janet Sisk Dwayne Smith Mary Stark Tim Stevens Jackie Swift Rose Taylor Barbara ThompsonSENIOR RINGS! Bobby Thompson Dennis Thompson Debra Tune Jerry Walker Brenda Watkins John Wheeler Benita Williams Elizabeth Williams Neta Williams Richard Williams Candy Wilson Tom Wong Juniors concentrate on ordering Sr. rings. Juniors know their way around - study but not too hard - keep the phone lines busy planning the next weekend - if it’s sophisticated, the Juniors are on to it - activities abound - planning the senior prom - the next ones ours! - senior rings are coming - only on year to go . . .Kelly Morris President Larry Rowe Vice-President Sally Presley Secretary Glenna Simpson Treasurer Mark Barton Reporter CANDY SALE FILLS Bill Allmon Dennis Barton Dewayne Barton Greg Barton Jim Barton Lois Bay Robert Bettis Tony Brewer Janet Brown Scott Brown Randy Callahan Mike Campbell Keith Carmichael Regina Cates Cheryl Cockman Jan Conrad Robert Cunningham Renee Dallstream Randy Deckard Alan Deering Sheila Dethrow Susan Dorris Joe Ewan Kevin Fanning Liz FlorenceSOPH. TREASURY Rocky Good Diane Goode Crystel Gould Bob Haddock Paul Haden Rita Hand Ruth Hensly Janice Hollis Joann Hollis Reta Hollis Dennis Johnson Donna Johnson Mike Johnson Paula Johnson Ricky Johnson Tommy Johnson Mary Jo Lance Sue Lester Cheryl Leu Valorie Loughridge Ulen McGary Carol McMahan Chester Morris Thomas MowerySOPHOMORES GET Brenda Odom Nancy Rackley Ray Reaves Vicki Simpson Ted Simpson Elaine Tillman Christy TranthamWITH IT Uel TuShei Henrietta Uminn Virgil Upton Deloris Van Winkle Richie Wallace Diane Walters Gary Warren Sammy Warren Janice Williams Laurel Young Sophomores Learning their way around - getting their own wheels - mixing studies and socializing - meeting at the drug store after classes but still burning the midnight oil - gaining poise and confidence getting to know the school, the people, the vital statistics necessary for sur- vival.FRESHMEN LEARN David Stubblefield President Tammy Watkins Vice-Pres. Debbie Stubblefield Secretary Tina Dale Treasurer Charlotte Adams Gary Andrews Donna Austin Ronna Austin Fletcher Bales Donna Barton Kathy Barton Twana Barton Carthel Bettis Edwin Bettis Kathy Bradshaw Dale Brawley Sherry Brewer Jim Brotherton Brenda Brown Donna Brown Jenny Burton Rhonda Campbell James Castleberry Billy Cates Wynsleen Cooke Lynn Conner Delmar Crabtree Tim Deckard Ban Dieter Terri DozierTHEIR WAY AROUND Brian Eschrich Rebecca Fultner Janie Gamblin Mike Garske Susie Good Deba Goode Zee Gould Donna Hill Lonnie Hollis Patrick Holmes Kelly Janes Michael Jeff LeAnn Johnson Larry Johnson Marilyn Judd Charlotte Lane Rita Littles Danny McClanahan James Miller John MinerKathy Murvin Rhonda Murphy Bill Muse Don Naquin Kevin Newman Susan Newman Coby Nichol Terry Norman Karen On Todd Owens Danny Palmer Lester Rackley Larry Rebardie Velma Redbum Beth Reeves Vernon Reinmuth Karen Sands Jerry Scott Karen Shearer Lori Shehom Randy Shehom Melanie Shephard Tammy Simmons Jeff Simpson Jimmy Sisco Bev Smith ONE DOWN Donna SmithTHREE TO GO Ricky Smith Tom Stevens Debbie Strain James Thompson Richard Tune Carin Turner Barbara Upton Jimmie Warren Cynthia Watson Joe Wheeler Eugene Willard John Williams Lori Williams Kary Wilson Loetta Winkler Lonnie Woods Pam Whitten Paul Young Freshmen Looking for room 104 - hitting the books (hard!) - hurrying down unfamiliar halls - looking for room 104 - staring at the seniors - learning new names and faces - winding up in the girls' gym when you were headed for the auditorium - maybe going through a little bit of hazing? - only four more years to go - looking for room 104 . . .DO YOUROWN THING Students at A. H. S. express them- selves in their own way. Each student projects his own personality. Blended together they make up the A. H. S. stu- dent body.SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL Seventh grade bas- ketball players are as follows: Mark Warren, Joe Thornton, Jeff Thompson, Ronnie Johnson, Ted Honeycutt, Fred Odom, Glen Cheever, Doug Carmichael, Brient Leslie, Hoby Bee- dle. Top row left: Kirt Hufstedler, Randal Barton, Jerry Wilk- erson, David Reaves, Coach Presley, Mike Poe, Bruce Simpson, Glen Earls, Glen Andrews. The seventh grade won 1st place in the Jr. High Invitational tournament.JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL Jr. High cheerleaders are as fol- lows: Shelly Broomhead, Rose Dallstream, Lisa Garcia, Barbara Lance, Dena Orr, Debbie On, Tracy Hollis, and Beth Johnson. Eighth grade basketball are as follows: Chuck Swift, John Ring, Ronald Orr, Jeff Barton, Edward Casey, Mike Rackley, Tony Rudd, Larry Bridges, Terry Till- man, Ronnie Davis, Randal Jen- kins, Troy Earls, Jack Poe, and Coach Presley. STUDENT COUNCIL BETA Student Council members are as follows: Billy Ross, Alice Morris, Kay Presley, Jeff Barton, Shelly Broom- head, Billoy McBenge, Barbara Lance, Terry Till- man, Pam Rudd, Sheila Melton, Rose Williams, Terri Strain, Mr. Hayden is sponsor. Beta Club members are as follows: Tammy Case, Becky Daves, Beth Johnson, Jo Rose Williams, Barbara Lance, Pam Simpson, Shelly Broomhead, Becky Donis, Debbie Orr, Terri Strain, Vicki Campbell, Diana Crews, Kathy Myers, Pam Rudd, Gay Newman, Kathy Uminn, Meredith Miner, Suzanne Rodgers, Glenda Corlew, Kay Pres- ley, Sheila Melton, Rose Williams, Tracy Hollis, Ronald On, Barbara Minich, Mike Rackley, Gerald Crites, David Reaves, Keny Vehawn, Troy Earls. Mr. Cunier is sponsor. CLUBR. HIGH VOLLEYBALL BAND Jr. High volleyball players are as follows: Pam Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Barbara Lance, Pam Rudd, Becky Dorris, Vicki Campbell, Gay Newman, Shelly Broomhead, Rose Dallstream. Miss Dorothy Good is coach. Jr. high band members are as follows: Pam Simpson, Sheryl Willard, Barbara Lance, Tina Campbell, Debbie Orr, Beth Johnson, Cathy Shearer, Dena Orr, Paula Jett, Jill Stephens, Alice Morris, Tammy Smith, Tammy Case, Patty Pierce, Rita Smith, Kay Presley, Teni Strain, Brenda Lewis, Shirley Lane, Jo Rose Williams, Glen Earls, Troy Earls, Tracy Hollis, Russell Clapp, Linda Murvin, Jeff Thompson, Becky Dorris, Chuck Swift, Randal Jenkins, Russell Bennett, Gerald Crites, Bruce Simpson, Kirt Hufstedler, David Reaves, Janet Thompson, David Dale, Terry Thompson, Barbara Minich, Lisa Simpson, Gay New- man, Wesley Conrad, Eric Gann, Beverly Johnson. Drum major and majorettes are as follows: Rose Dallstream, Becky Daves, Shelly Broomhead, Kelly Broomhead, Vicki Campbell.Tony Rudd President Mike Rackley Vice-Pres. Rose Dallsueam Sec. and Treas. Vicky Campbell Reporter EIGHTH GRADE Shirley Allmon Jeff Barton Roberta Barton Jo Dan Bates Eddie Bell Denise Bell Robbie Bradshaw Larry Bridges Shelly Broomhead Karen Brown Steve Buckner James Burmingham Edward Casey Dalene Coin Diana Crews David DaleEIGHTH GRADE Ronnie Mary Jane Dieter Rebecca Dorris Troy Earls Ruth Elliot Dennis Ewan Candy Fuson Ray Ginder Tim Hand Johnny Hollis Randal Jenkins Paula Jett Beth Johnson Brenda Johnson Dale Johnson Carl Kirk Barbara Lance Billy McBenge Christy McClurg Sheila Melton Barbara Minich Phil Mowery Linda Murphy Gary Newman Keith Newman Jane Nichol Dena Orr Randal On Patti Pierce Jack Poe Vanessa Rackley Johnny Ring Thomas Ross Leroy Russell Kathy Shearer Lisa Simpson Pam Simpson Dennis Sisco Ricky D. Smith Where’s Those Report Cards Eighth Grade Play Cast Terry Tillman, Jo Rose Williams, Mrs. Bartholomew, Sponsor Sherry Willard, Becky Donis, Chuck Swift, and Pam Simpson.Tammy Smith Linda Stewart Chuck Swift Ricky Taylor Terry Thompson Terry Tillman Christine Uminn Kerry Wehawn Randy Walker Cheryl Willard Jo Williams Michael Williams Rose Williams Cherri Wilson Chris Wong EIGHTH GRADE ■ Alice Morris President Jill Stephen Vice-Pres. Kay Presley Sec. and Treas. Tracy Hollis Reporter SEVENTH GRADE Glen Andrews Barry Bales Darlene Barton Randal Barton Rocky Barton Hoby Beetle Russell Bennett Terry Bennett Danny Bettis Phillip Bettis Darlene Biggs Craig Blankenship Kelly Broomhead Jerry Brown Elvin Buckner Karen Buckner Kathy Buckner Esther Burmingham Tina Campbell Donnie Caruthers Douglass Carmichael Cathy Carpenter Tammy Case Glen Cheever Russell Clapp Judy Conner Wesley Conrad Glenda Corlew Gerald Crites Becky Daves Pat Devore Glen Earls Joe Fish Eric GannLisa Garcia Rhett Granier Roben Henry Teddy Honeycutt Kin Hufstedler Chris Janes Beverly Johnson Ronette Johnson Ronnie Johnson Randy Judd Crystal Kimbrough Shirley Lane SEVENTH Brient Leslie Brenda Lewis Vera Littles Banon McMahan Brian McBenge Kathy Myers Meredith Miner Linda Murvin Mary Naquinn Fred Odom Debbie Orr Michael Poe GRADESEVENTH GRADE Pearl Williams Phyllis Williams Rebecca Woods Elaine Rackley David Reaves Derrick Rebardie Warren Rebardie Michael Redbum Sheila Roberts Suzanne Rogers Billy Ross Pam Rudd Bjuce Simpson David Simpson Deborah Smith Rita Smith Terri Strain' Joe Thornton Jeff Thompson Janet Thompson Janice Tillman Sheila Tillman Kathleen Uminn Mark Warren Jerry Wilkerson Tammy Willard Kathy WilliamsJR. HIGH FACULTY Junior High Faculty is as follows: Katherine Reaves, Remedial Eng- lish; Ralph Orr, Reme- dial Reading; Eddie Cur- rier, Social Studies; Sarah Braswell, Reme- dial Classes; and Robert Haden, Math.Gene R. Johnson Elementary Principal ELEMENTARY Carolyn Johnson Elementary Secretary Not Shown: Paula Burns Kay DeSpain Deedee Gum Elementary Secretary Justine Johnson Elementary LibrarianFACULTY Mary Vaughn School Nurse Hilda Bowerman Elementary Music Keith Combs Elementary Physical Ed. Electa Smallwood Remedial Reading Lucille Hines Elementary Art Don Woods Remedial MathMRS. CYPRET'S KINDERGARTEN Melva Barton Jeanine Caldwell La Vonda Cockman Jamie Cotton Barbara Deckard Christina Eccles Jamie Fa Isom Wally Fuson Teddy Gann Le Ann Gullixson Angela Hower Justine Johnson Lisa Johnson William Lamer Cindy Melton Jill Nash Christopher On Patty Palmer Jason Roberts Angela Simpson Kristi Strain Bill Tillman Melissa Uminn Joey Van Winkle Kevin Wiggs Mrs. Lorrene CypretMRS. OESCH'S KINDERGARTEN Kelly Wallace Jenney Wheeler Charles Wilcox Tricia Wynn Patti Barton Penny Barton Terri Blankenship Troy Bradshaw Barbara Campbell Julie Case Eugenia Crabtree Lee Wayne Dunham Douglas Ewan Jacqueline Halladay Steven Hanline Roben Hollis Mark Holman Sherri Littles Karla Loughridgge Lisa McClanahan Lisa Melton Tina Miller LaRhonda Parrott Christopher Russell Cheryl Russo Lisa Shaw Mark Sisco Jeff Tillman Audy VermillionMRS. HILL'S FIRST GRADE Donna Baker Melody Bacon Pamela Bennett Jeanette Childers Janie Crews Jane Deckard Thomas Ford Leasa Gullixson Morris Jenkins Michael Johnson Patrick Lafferty Richard Lamer Jill Miller Joyce Newman Nancy On Stephanie Phenix Robin Smith Tina Smith Marlin Spoor Jeffrey Trantham Deborah Tripp Bryan Watson Philip Wilkes Steven Williams Vonda WoodsMRS. FISHER'S FIRST GRADE Woodrow Bareton Patricia Brown Michael Baty Cynthia Clayton Deborah Connell Junior Deckard Shelly Deckard Anthony Elliott Bobbi Jo Gum Rebecca Haddock Robert Hutton Nancy Johnson Christopher Johnston Koral Kimbrough Douglas Lane Benita Lynch Stacy Mills Dennis Odom Gary Redbum Susan Smith Edward Stewart Kevin Thompson Billy Tillman Christie Wall Lisa WilcoxMRS. WATKINS' FIRST GRADE Viola Ballenger Teresa Bettis Keith Campbell Jim Chambers Skip Daves Rose Haddock William Hollingshad Terry Honeycutt Terry Lunyou Myron Murphy Edward Muse Susie Neldon Debbie Norris Barry Palmer Rebecca Rogers Stephen Schwartz Cindy Turner Elizabeth Turner Warren Turner Rowe Mary Wheeler Robert Wilcox K'mberly Willard f ose WilliamsMRS. COOKE'S SECOND GRADE Debbie Wilcox Leroy Williams Terry Williams Kevin Barton Shawn Board Christy Chaney Joseph Crites Derrek Crump Pamela Cunningham Paul Davis Savanna Dobbs Candra Elliott Jeanine Elliott Anita Gann Weldon Halladay Steven Hebrock Shawn Hitt Denise Jett Robert Johnson Chloette Layman Malik Mitchell Helen Palmer Jeffery Peace Sherry Smith Rodney Spoor Thomas Tripp Tammy Tune Edward WarrenMRS. RICHARDSON'S SECOND GRADE Nicholas Atkins Stacey Blankenship Jennifer Chronister Mary Ann Chronister Donna Corp Anthony Crossland Mary Sue Deckard Steven Ford Norman Hollis Kimberly Leu Rachel McDonald Nathyan Murphy Kenneth Murvin Laurie Ann Nash Jessie Palmer Sonya Pitts Kristy Presley Richard Reinmuth Larry Joe Russell Lisa Russo Stanton Simpson Jason Sisco Allen Thatch Dean Tillman Stacey Wainscott Scott Woods Valerie Woods Pamela Zimmerman Donna WrightMRS. JOHNSON'S THIRD GRADE Jackie Andrews Mark Atkins Annette Barton Michael Barton George Baker April Blankenship Norma Jean Chambers Douglas Cooper Robby Coin David Connell Billy Cunningham Debra Fultner Patricia Guffey George Harris Misty Hill Christi Holman Jerald Holman Shawn Kimbrough Christine Murvin David Oesch Irma Rackley Chris Reed Mary Sand Roger Shaw Andy SiscoMRS. KOONTZ'S THIRD GRADE Jeffrey Barton Everett Birmingham Tina Booker Patricia Cockman Eugene Conner Belinda Deckard Cunis Haney Brent Holman Donnette Johnson Allen Krieg Pamela Lamer Cynthia McCarver Rebecca McDonald Valeria Morse Blaine Naquin Randy Parrott Mark Rackley Dayrl Reece Sonya Roberts Donnita Simpson Tracy Simpson Theresa Simpson Randy Sisco Rocky Smith Tammy Smith Vicky Stairs Vickie Todd Lisa Vest Wesley Wall James Watkins Tina Wilson Mrs. Hazel KoontzMRS. KERNODLE'S FOURTH GRADE Keith Andrews Debbie Baker Brandon Bell Loretta Bettis La Don Blankenship Alvin Campbell Kevin Carmichael Orby Clayton Lisa Craft Tommy Dozier Joe Hollis Mark Johnaon Ben Kembrough Coleen Lafferty Debora Lester Steven Lunyou Russell Me Benge Shelly Miller Kimber Roberts Nanette Rogers Jerry Michael Ross Steve Ross Eddie Shields Kristy Simpson Jeff Strain Robin Thatch Billy Tripp Shellie Warren Jerry Wheeler Alice Williams Dennis Williams Kelven Williams Lawrence Williams Mary Alice Williams Tommy Williams Mrs. Sarah KemodleMRS. REESE'S FOURTH GRADE Paula Bales Bevin Barton Joey Barton Billy Davis Rita Davis Joe Dale Elliott Mary Haddock Mike Hollis Scotty Hollis Dru Johnson Frankie Johnson Jerry Johnson Kent Lewis Teresa Murvin Randy Newman Kristy Nichol Becky Norris Maureen O’Neill Dennis On Billy Joe Palmer Sherri Parrott Kelly Phenix Robin Redbum Glenn Roberts Chrisie Sisco Tina Sisco Terrill Story Charles Turner Treva Warren Kelly Willard Rodney Willard Leon Williams Michelle Williams Vince Woods Michael Wright Mrs. Jane ReeseMRS. IVEY'S FIFTH GRAGE Roxene Adrian Dean Barton Kelley Batey Glenda Brandon Ricky Buckner Billy Campbell Terry Deckard La Donna Ford Marsha Ford Stephen Guffey Elizabeth Kambouris Cara Kimbrough Bobby McClurg Sondra Morris Travis Phenix Patty Rudd Tricia Sisco Brenda Sisk Pauline Stewart Nina Tusher Julie Watson Kelly Wiggs Caroline Wilcox Sherie Willard Christena WilliamsMRS. CHRONISTER'S FIFTH GRADE Eugene Barton Lea Ann Barton Lisa Brown Jody Campbell Kevin Campbell Corina Carroll Cheryl Clayton Michael Craft Kimbei Dozier Kay Ginder Kevin Jenkins Danny Jett Lora Johnson Jim knott Rhonda Lewis Brian McDonald Kent Newman Larry Pierce larry Poe James Quinn Melinda Rackley Shelia Reece Robert Richard Sonya Simmons Angela Tillman Mrs. Beulah ChronisterMRS. JOHNSON'S FIFTH GRADE Kevin Bacon Jesse Barton Patsy Bates Glennette Booker Jeff Broomhead Patricia Buckner Pamela Campbell Jeff Cates Tina Clemen Tammy Coin Barrylyn Cooke Angela Cooper Brent Crump Dean Dale Vicky Daves Juanita Dieter Connie Ebersole Katherine Gann Chris Haney Linda Johnson Jeff Hollis Shelley Layman Allen Leu Tommy Melton Joe Nichol Rocky Sisco Terri Smith Michele Stacel Marlene Stewart Colleen Taylor Mrs. Margaret JohnsonMR. HUFSTEDLER'S SIXTH GRADE Allen Adams Angela Atkins Angela Baker Mike Brown Lesa Chronister Jim Dandurand Lora Eschrich Barry Ewan Marlas Ford Junior Good Pat Haddock Joe Henry Jeff Holman Allen Johnson Melody Lance Paul McCall Richard Morris Ray O’Neill Sharon Reece Theresa Ross Renee Russell Leanda Simpson Randy Simmons Missy Stevens Patricia Stewan Keith Tune Tommy Thompson Charlene Turner Charles Uminn Tony Watson Brenda Wilcox Perry Willard Kenneth Williams Rita Williams Sidney WilliamsMRS. WICKSTROM'S SIXTH GRADE Rebecca Achord Wayne Adrian Tammy Amick Bob Barton Molly Bennett Richard Bennett Martha Bettis Bessie Cooke Willie Crews Kris Cypret Payton Haden James Hollis Keith Holmes Kelly Johnson Wendy Johnson Diana Lane Randall Leslie Kim Miller Steven Mills Mack Millsap Robin Morris David Owens Sharon Pierce Rose Sand Pattie Sisco Denford Smith Tim Smith Lorraine Stemen Elizabeth Thatch Pam Thompson Rhonda Thompsom Keith Tranthan Mike Tusher Randy Warren Greg Watson Mrs. Wickstrom Mrs. Hall (first semester)MRS. BALE'S SPECIAL EDUCATION Larry Adams Linda Brandon Lisa Conner Wayne Crews Rickey Folsom Herman Holmes Cunis Mowery Larry Nash Michael Nash Susie Neal Ricky Odom Jimmy Reed Tony Smith Angela Trimmer Douglas WrightELEMENTARY KINDLES BICENTENNIAL SPIRITEIGHTH GRADERS GRADUATEMRS. BARTHOLOMEW RETIRES Mrs. Katherine Bartholomew, Junior High English teacher, will retire at the end of this school term. Mrs. Bartholomew has taught school thirty years. Twenty-five of those thirty years have been in the R-IV School District.SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Record those moments too precious to lose Portraits Weddings Commercials ED SANDERS Photographer 908 Porter Wagoner Blvd. West Plains, Mo. 65775 Phone 417 256-5738Farm, Business, Residential BOB'S FLOOR COVERING W. T. BARTON REALTY Expert Installation Free Estimates Home 778-7381 Office 778-7652 Alton Missouri Phone 778-6215 Alton Missouri WHITTEN’S FEEDER Pigs and Cattle TRANTHAM GROCERY JOE B. 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Horse Trailers, Stock Trailers Gooseneck Trailers, Flatbed Trailers -■Mi DUSTY SHAW Thomasville Missouri LIMOUSIN The Beef Breed Import That is Winning the Carcass Cross-Bred Shows Come See Our Purebred Limousin Bull 205 Day Weight 724 lbs. 365 Day Weight 1136 lbs. at LITTLE MISFIT FARM Rte 2 Alton Telephone: 764-2260 or 2242 ’•PEG” SHAW ’•DUSTY"ELEVEN POINT RANCH, INC. "DICK" "DUSTY" Shaw Thomasville 764-2260 or 2242 The Very Best in Hereford Beef Animals At Your DoorCompliments of DETHROW FEEDER PIGS Alton Missouri WALLACE-OWENS STORES, INC. Alton Compliments of ALTON SALE CO. Missouri Five Locations Alton West Plains Corning, Ark. DUTCH OVEN DRIVE-IN Thayer Ava Henny-Penny Chicken by the Basket or a Tubfull Home of the Duke and Dutches Burger 703 S. Sixth Street Thayer Missouri YOUNG'S PRODUCE r Feed - Seed Fertilizer Limestone Phone 778-7261 Alton Mo.°$4w JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN JOHN W. TAYLOR 1620 Sylvan Drive Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901 (314)785-3040 Taylor Yearbooks — Demoulin Caps and Gowns Finest Graduation Accessories ALTON MOTEL Air Conditioned - Television Room Phones Your Hosts - THE CHRISTIE’S (AC) 417 - 778-7275 233Compliments of ARTHUR FRANKS SERVICE STATION Thomasville CENTRAL OZARKS LIVESTOCK AUCTION MARKET, INC. j ATHLETIC GOODS, INC. Mo. 315 College Springfield, Mo. 65805 Compliments of RICHMAN OIL Owners: RUSSELL CHESTER RAY D. LEDGERWOOD JIM L. REESE Phone: 265-6131 West Plains Mo. West Plains Mo. ALTON HARDWARE Hoover Moore's Paint Speedqueen Wallpaper Philco School Supplies Sunbeam Builder's Supplies Winchester Sporting Goods Daisy Plumbing Goods Lawnboy Spray Material Alton MissouriA YEAR'S WORK — A YEARBOOK Robyn Elder Brenda Ross Brenda Ledgerwood Kristi Johnson Mary Jo Chronister The 1974-75 Yearbook Staff would like to thank every merchant who bought an advertisement in the COMET Jim Thompson Jeff Smith Wynsleen Cooke Diane Walters Shana Johnson Susan Lance Ronald Orr Joann Hollis Laurel Young Mrs. Tinsley Sam Dallstream Business Editor . 

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