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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 FAVORITES 11 ACTIVITIES 31 ADMINISTRATION 81 SENIORS 109 CLASSES 127 JR. HIGH 139 GRADES 153 ADVERTISEMENTS 173 staff COMET ALTON HIGH SCHOOL ALTON, MISSOURI terti barton, editor; suzy crigler, co-editor; kelly millsap, becky chronister, business managers; david strong, danny braswell, photographers; steve Wallace, johnny cotton, darkroom; mrs. tinsley, advisor other members, gloria blankenship, david crutcher, janie dethrow, debbie guffey, diane hill, judy hollis, van holmes, debbie hutson, patricia latham, debbie mayes, dianne melton, glenna mitchell, juanita newman, judy ross, lisa ross, debbie shepherd, saundra smallwood, dayid stogsdill, ramona waller, johnnie walker, reta warren, becky larsen, lisa redburn. I PEOPLE: There are many types of people who make up our school. There are some who are serious, some are funny, and some are crea- tive. Regardless of personality, these people have made AHS what it is. 45EFFORT: Putting forth a continuous attempt to do one’s best.SPIRIT: Student activities create enthusiasm which promotes chool spirit. 9MEMORIES: These are some of the unforgettable moments to trea- surer of our days gone by. 10Diane Hill David BartonMr. and Miss AHS Attendants SENIOR Glenna Mitchell and Keith Ledgerwood SOPHOMORE Kelly Millsap and Steve Wallace FRESHMAN Jan Rackley and Danny Good 13Homecoming Attendants Senior - DEBBIE HUTSON Freshman - JAN RACKLEY Sophomore - PAMELA SPRINGER Crown Bearer and Flower Girl - RANDY NEWMAN and SHERRI PARROTHomecoming Queen and Court Queen and Attendants. LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Hutson, Jan Rackley, Queen Diane Hill, Pam Springer, Randy Newman, Sherri Parrot.SM Bob Wright tries for two more points, Gary Dotson jumps for the ball, Homecoming Snaps Candidates with their escorts,Class FRESHMEN Shana Johnson and Mark Barton JUNIORS Lisa Ross and Johnny Cotton Favorites SOPHOMORES Cindy Tomek and Danny BartonMr. and Miss Santa Claus GLEN JOHNSON GAIL ANDERSON 21Valentine Royalty MR. and MISS VALENTINE Gail Anderson and Glen Johnson Mr. and Miss Valentine Candidates, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Warren and Janet Mobley: Van Holmes and Debbie Hutson; Pete Gum and Lisa Ross; Dan Heiskell and Kelly Millsap; David Crowell; Glen Johnson and Gail Anderson; Judith Wiggs and Robert Ollar; Pat Hartley and Bob Sessions; Jan Rackley and Bobby Wright; Becky Chronister ana Jim Dorris. Gail and Glen led the first dance.Sweetheart Ball Judith Wiggs is trying to fix the throne. Mary Dallstream, Beverly Lane and Linda Van Winkle worked hard to cut out heart shaped tickets. F.H.A. decorated the cafeteria with hearts and streamers. The Joe Juana band played at the dance. Everyone had a great time at the Sweatheart Ball. David Stogsdill MOST TALENTED Kathy Smith Who’s Who in AHS Grover Crews and Debra Guffey - BEST ALL AROUNDJaunita Newman and Danny Braswell BIGGEST FLIRT 32 The Cheerleaders and Pep Club cheered the boys on to several victories. The cheerleaders and pep club put on skits at pep rallies. Lisa Ross leads a chant. AHS CheerleadersLEFT: Lisa Ross. CENTER FRONT: Lynn Duncan, Janie Dethrow, Mary Dallstream, Juanita Newman. RIGHT: Sandy Thompson. Cheerleading sponsor - Miss Robinson. 33 AHS cheerleaders in their true state.OPPONENTS COMETS Jummersville 49 51 Coshkonong 47 116 ■Jeeley ville 60 64 Vest Plains 58 56 :ouch Inv. Tourn. 3rd Mammoth Spring 54 52 Thayer 52 63 Eminence 70 95 lartville 55 51 an Buren 79 48 Willow Springs 40 69 abool 60 65 Winona 48 71 Mton Inv. Tourn. 1st Winona 36 49 Hartville 49 55 Couch 45 49 Naylor 65 69 Gainesville 55 80 Couch 65 58 Thayer 52 69 Big Springs Conf. Tourn. Eminence 38 76 Van Buren 57 56 Mammoth Spring 56 63 Liberty 66 61 Regional Tourn. 2nd Thayer 55 64 Liberty 63 72 Ava 66 55 Conference Games 34Comets Varsity Basketball Team J. D. Barton, Jr. Bob Wright, Soph. Dennis Johnson, Sr. Randy Johnson, Jr. Grover Crews, Sr. Keith Ledgerwood, Sr. Dan Heiskell, Jr. Gary Dotson, Sr. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Griffin, Randy Johnson, Bob Wright, Dennis Johnson, J. D. Barton, Robbie Johnson, Keith Ledgerwood, Dan Heiskell, Gary Dotson, Coach Snelling. David Crowell, Jr. Robbie Johnson, Sr. Coach Snelling Coach Griffin 35“A”Is Alton, “A" Team, and Action Gary and David grab for the ball. J. D. attempts a shot. Soap and Towel game a success. Keith L. goes for two. Comets Have Conference Record of 4-2 Now Keith let go of him !!!Comets Win First in Alton Invitational Tourney Joe Gamblin - Manager, David Crowell, Bob Wright, Dennis Johnson, J. D, Barton, Keith Ledgerwood, Coach Snelling, Coach Griffin, Robbie Johnson, Gary Dotson, Dan Heiskell, Randy Johnson, Grover Crews, Steve Ruff - Manager. Ledgerwood puts one up. A lay up by Dan H. Comets are number one!Jr. Varsity Basketball D. Anderson M. Barton D. Bridges L. Williams C. Miller R. Johnson FIRST ROW: Joe Gamblin - Manager, Ronnie Smith, Joe Johnson, Tom Roberts, David Anderson, Danny Simpson, DeanCockman, Steve Ruff - Manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Snelling, Danny Barton, Larry Williams, Dennis Bridges, Mark Barton, Ricky Johnson, Frank Tillman, Coach Griffin. li Dennis Bridges takes the ball out.Comet “B” Team Bob Wright attempts a free shot. The Comet "B" team has had a very success- ful season. In the Big Springs Conference Tourney they beat Couch, 40-31, to take first place. They also received a trophy for their Conference record 6 wins and 0 loses. Below is the Homecoming tip-off. Tough Games, Tough Breaks but Dennis Johnson practicing batting. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Griffin, Wayne Lunyou, Dennis Johnson, Gary Dotson, Robby Johnson, Keith Ledger- wood, Danny Heiskell, Dwight Brawley, Pete Gum, and Coach Snelling. SECOND ROW: Danny Barton, Randy Johnson, Tommy Roberts, Ricky Judd, Danny Simpson, Gary Tillman, David Anderson, Richard Todd, Ricky Cowns, and Jon Friend,the Comets Never Gove Up! Wayne uses Pucker Power for running! BASEBALL SCORES AHS Opponent AHS Opponent 8 Eminence 3 6 Koshkonong Conference 4 10 Couch 12 Tournament 6 Van Buren 5 6 Koshkonong 3 2 Summer sville 5 4 Summersville 3 Winona 4 Winona 17 1 3 41Alton versus Winona Mr. Griffin Mr. Snelling HEAD COACH ASSISTANT COACH 42The Ups and Downs of the Alton Comets JoAnn makes a pass at Judith. Alton B Team Alton B - - 32 Winona B - - 19 won Alton B - - 21 Van Buren - - 14 won Alton B - - 30 Summersville 10 won Alton B - - 12 Eminence - - 34 Alton B - - 21 Liberty - - 19 won Alton A Team Alton A - - 22 Winona A - - 15 won Alton A - -9 Van Burenn - 33 Alton A - - 23 Summersville 15 won Alton A - - 6 Eminence - - 31 Alton A - - 13 Liberty - - 22 Miss Robinson - Volleyball Coach 43Individual Skill and Team STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Robinson, Coach; Joyce Kelso, Judy Hollis. Joann Williams, Judith Wiggs, Katie Blankenship, Ruth Johnson, Gloria Blankenship, and Ramona Waller. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Beth Sabblefiel and Debbie Guffey.Combine for an Enthusiastic Team KNEELING: Miss Robinson, Coach, SITTING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Williams, Terry Campbell, Juanita Newman, Janie Dethrow, Patti Forrester, Anita Strain, Michele Smallwood, Shirley Andrews, Debbie Williams, Edna Miller, Victoria Wallace. Stretch it a little bit more, Shirley. This is not a ballet class, Edna. 45Pep Club FIRST ROW: Sandy Thompson, Lynn Duncan. SECOND ROW: Terri Barton, Mary Richardson, Shanna Johnson, Judy Ross, Jane Dethrow, Jaunita Newman, Lisa Ross, Mary Dallstream, Cindy Tomek, Debbie Guffey, Cathy Cates, Saundra Small- wood. THIRD ROW: Beth Stubblefield, Michele Smallwood, Jan Rackley, Judy Johnson, Phyllis Morris, Deann Thompson, Jane Wong, Diane Hill, Christy Bates, Pam Springer, Debbie Gwaltney, Kelly Millsap. FOURTH ROW: Norman Wheeler, Claud Williams, Harold Stogsdill, Shelia Buriss, Glenna Mitchell, Becky Chronister, Dennis Warren, Becky Larsen, Shirley Andrews, Mary Chronister, Jinny Minich. FIFTH ROW: Judith Wiggs, David Stogsdill, James Cheever, Kathy Sims, Suzy Crigler, Debbie Hutson, Steve Wallace, Van Holmes, and Johnny Cotton. PRESIDENT Suzy Crigler 46 VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Glenna Mitchell Deann Thompson TREASURER Kathy SmithComets Victory 47 Pep Club UrgesFIRST ROW: Duane McGary, Bill Young, Suzy Crigler, Terri Barton, Saundra Smallwood, Gary Dotson, David Crowell, Mr. Walker. SECOND ROW; Steve Wallace, Deanne Thompson, Diane Hill, Dan Heikell, Keith Ledgerwood. THIRD ROW; Mary Dallstream, Jerra Pennington, Debbie Shepherd, Glenna Mitchell, Judy Ross, Becky Chronister. FOURTH ROW: Rachel Hendricks, Gene Morris, Kathy Smith, Kelly Millsap, Pam Springer, Jaunita Newman. FIFTH ROW: Mary Gibson, Teresa Cypret, Debbie Guffey, Danielle Cline, Lisa Ross, Pete Gum. Beta Club PRESIDENT - Saundra Smallwood VICE-PRESIDENT - Terri Barton SECRETARY - Suzy Crigler TREASURER - Dean ThompsonBeta Club Sells Pizza at Ballgames The Beta Club sold pizzas at the Conference Tourney to raise money to go to the Beta Convention in St. Louis. Suzy Crigler, Saundra Smallwood, Jaunita Newman, Lisa Ross, and Kelly Millsap were the regular workers.FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES Shana Johnson, Danny Simpson, Ginny Minich, and David Anderson OFFICERS: PRESIDENT - Gene Morris VICE-PRESIDENT - Dwight Chronister SECRETARY - Saundra Smallwood TREASURER - Mary Dallstream SPONSOR - Mrs. Hufstedler Student Council 1972 SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Steve Wallace, Sheila Frost, Ricky Johnson, and Kelly Millsap JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Judith Wiggs, Deann Thompson, Pete Gum, and David Crowell 50 SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Phil Colley, Debbie Shepherd, Terri Barton, and Grover CrewsScience Club FIRST ROW: Van Holmes, Judy Ross, Chris Bates, Kathy Cates, Dean Cockman, David Stogsdill, David Strong, Scott Hand, Deann Thompson, Duane McGary, David Crowell, SECOND ROW: Jane Wong, Becky Larson, Johnny Cotton, Dennis Warren, Debbie Gwaltney, Jane Dethrow, Saundra Smallwood, Mike Gray, Dan Braswell, Glenna Mitchell, Mike Springer, Jaunita Newman, Dan Heiskell, Suzy Crigler, Debbie Guffey, Gary Dotson, Terri Barton, Mrs. McKis- sack, Pete Gum. THIRD ROW: Pam Springer, Dianne Hill, Becky Chronister, Lisa Ross, Jim Dorris, Debbie Hutson, J. D. Barton,’Keith Ledgerwood, Kelly Millsap, Kathy Smith, Steve Wallace, Phil Colley, Don Garske. PRESIDENT 52 Jim Dorris VICE-PRESIDENT Becky Chronister SECRETARY Debbie Hutson TREASURER Johnny Cotton REPORTER Steve Wallace SPONSOR Mrs. McKissackDuane McGary won 3rd in Math. Becky Chronister won 1st in Medicine and Health. Steve Wallace and Phil Colley won 1st in Behavioral Science, also an Army award. Debbie Shepherd and Reta Warren won an honorable mention in Botany. Grover Crews won an hono- Debbie Hutson won 2nd in Microbiology. rable mention in Botany.FIRST ROW: Coach Griffin, Bob Wright, Dean Cockman, Scott Hand, Gene Morris, Johnny Cotton, Johnny Walker, Larry Williams, Dennis Warren, Steve Wallace, David Morris. SECOND ROW: Ginny Minich, Sandy Thompson, Kathy Smith, Glenna Mitchell, Debbie Hutson, Lisa Ross, Phyllis Morris, Becky Chronister, Caroline Arnold, Beth Stubblefield, Pat Mitchell, Michele Smallwood, Linda Van Winkle, Judy Hollis, Ramona Waller, Debbie Williams, Shirley Andrews, Jo Ann Williams, Joyce Kelso, Janet Mobley, Teresa Cypret, Sheila Frost, Lorene Warren, Clara Cooley, Anita Strain, Gloria Blankenship, Victoria Wallace. Safety Club Officers PRESIDENT Joyce Kelso 54 VICE-PRESIDENT Ramona Waller SECRETARY Vicki Wallace REPORTER Beth Stubblefield TREASURER Gloria BlankenshipJoyce Kelso, president is deep in thought. Safety Club meetings are quite enjoyable. Safety Club 1972 Safety Club made money this past year by sel ing boxes of light bulbs. They also arranged some safety assemblies.Future Farmers of America FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terri Mclntire, Gary Webster, Richard Cunningham, Gary Thompson, Brent Mauldin, Donny Cooley, Herbert Tune, Gary Shipman, Curtis Walthan, Ricky Hutson. SECOND ROW: David Morris, Carson Bates, Mr. Don Reins, Karl Hufstedler, Eugene Miller, Robert Ollar, Grover Crews, Danny Barton, Robert Wiggs, Mr. Darrell Strain, Jim Barton, Jimmy Palmer. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Smith, Gary Crabtree, Bob Weiss, Roy John- son, Jeff Smith, Ricky Judd, Joe Heotis, Harold Stogsdill, Joey Myers, Mike Springer, Johnny Dieter, Doug Myers, Lonnie Duncan, Danny Good. FOURTH ROW: Sam Dallstream, Mike Roberts, Randy Johnson, Joe Allen Johnson, Douglas Rackley, Jerry Poe, Dennis Foulks, Ricky Deckard, Glen Deckard, Franklin Tillman, Jerry Davis, Kelly Shehorn, Billy Williams, Larry Latham, Buddy McCall. FIFTH ROW: Mark Barton, David Barton, David Elliott, Louis Dieter, Roger Smith, Kenneth Moore, Scotty Blankenship, Bobby Wright, Tommy Johnson, Mike Gray, Don Hensley, Dennis Johnson, Johnny Cotton, Arvel Fanning Dale Woods. SIXTH ROW: Carlin Miller, John Seley, Dennis Williams, Richard Bay, Lynn Barton, Bill Dieter, Freddie Palmer, Jerry McClanahan, Duane Brawley, Gary Castleberry, Billy Hardwick, Wayne Deckard, Dean Cockman, Billy Young, Owen Alford, Charles Alford.Pictured here is the Jr. Hi. F.F.A Jan Rackley was chosen F.F.A. Sweetheart. Robert Ollar, Eugene Miller, and Dale Woods received a I rating at District and a II at State in Farm Manage- ment. Dennis Johnson is working very hard Grober Crews, Gary Hall, and Dale Woods received a I at District and at State in Farm Mechabics. The Parliamentary Procedure Team: Ricky Johnson, Mark Barton, Bill Young, Lynn Barton, and Joe Johnson received a I at District and a II at State.FHA Students enjoy squaredancing at the barnwarming. Candidates for Mr. and Miss Santa Claus were - FIRST ROW: Patricia Latham, Judith Wiggs, Rhonda,Rackley, Debbie Barton, Tammy Gasey. SECOND ROW: Phil Colley, Robert Ollar, Glen Johnson, Dennis Lineberry, John Owens. Candidates for FFA Sweetheart were Jan Rackley, Freshman: Pam Springer, Sophomores; Judy Ross, Junior; and Debbie Hutson, Senior. Debbie Barton was chosen Girl of the Year 1971-72. Shirley Andrews was elected as First Vice- President of Region A. Danielle Cline was elected as Parliamen- tarian of Region A.FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Minich - Sponsor, Phyllis Morris - Recreational Leader, Janice Alford - Historian, Ruth Johnson - Song Leader, Dianne Melton - Secretary, Danielle Cline - Treasurer, Judith Wiggs - President, Shirley Andrews - Vice-President, Debbie Barton - Reporter, Patty Campbell - Parliamentarian, Rhonda Rackley - Devotional Leader. SECOND ROW: Edna Miller, Mary Frances Houghtling, Susan Lance, Dessie Bay, Juanita Dieter, Terri Cooke, Becky Larsen, Katie Blankenship, Jerra Pennington, Sharon Pennington, Terri Hickman, Carol Good, Mary Bradshaw, Kathy Brown, Dorris Lathem. THIRD ROW Sally Bates, Carol Garske, Donis Williams, Anita Johnson, Rose Taylor, Marilyn Crews, Patricia Lathem, Carolyn Crews, Debbie Guffey, Jackie Swift, Rosalee Chaney, Brenda Brinkley, Shelia Burnus, Lynn Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Judy Smith, CJois Sisco, Terri Campbell, Marcia Blankenship, Judy Johnson, Jenny Minich, Norma Johnson, June Stogsdill, Judy Gamblin, Shirley Cheevers, Tammy Casey, Nina Palmer Dawn Stemen, Barbara Larsen. All Students enjoyed seeing incom- ii F. H. A. members attend classes dressed in their eye-catching initia- tion attire.Art Club Enjoyed David Crutcher, Kathyrn Morris, Mrs. Combs, Sponsor; Jane Wong, Lisa Ross, Dan Braswell, Kathy Smith, Steve Wallace, Scon Hand, Suzy Crigler, Johnny Walker, Johnny Cotton. NOT AVAILABLE FOR PHOTOGRAPH: Debbie Guffey, Norman Wheeler, Debbie Hutson, Becky Chronister, Van Holmes, Dennis Warren, Tom Johnson, David Crowell, Robbie Johnson, Becky Larson, Mary Dallstream, Sandra Taylor, Judy Ross, James Cheevers. Debbie Hutson had a plaster cast impression of her face made by several of the club members. Talents prevailed when the merchant’s windows were painted during the Christmas Season.a Very Busy Year The 1971-72 Art Club was very active. Their float, "Visions of Sugar Plums, " won the second prize of $15 in the Alton Christmas Parade. The Annual Alpha Rho Tua Art Schow, held April 28 and 29 was sponsored by Alton's Club. The group also spent an evening at West Plains. The club trea- sury paid the expenses. Once again this year the downtown windows were painted to enhanse the Christmas feeling. Contribu- tions were made for the art work. A fun but busy year went by just a little too fast. Everyone enjoyed Mrs. Comb's wit while making candles to sell. ART CLUB OFFICERS: Becky Chronister, Secretary: Kathy Smith, Treasurer; Steve Wallace, President; Debbie Hutson, Reporter; Van Holmes, Vice-President. The Art Club spent several days building a float to enter in the Alton Christmas Parade. It won second prize. 61Alton Does Well; Art Club Alton was host to the 5th annual Alpha Rho Tau Art Fair. Eight schools participated; they were Salem, Houston, West Plains, Willow Springs, Cabool, Liberty, Gainesville, and Alton. A business meeting was held on the first day of the show to elect new officers and to decide which school would host the show next year. The judge of the art fair was Mr. T. R. Baker, Professor of Art, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas. All who attended felt proud to see Alton's work and to see the good job that was done. Six ribbons were given, they were, 1st, 7 pts., 2nd, 5pts., 3rd, 3 pts., 2 honorable mentions, 1 pt. each. A special a- ward was also given; there were seven that were awarded; Steve Wallace received the only special ribbon from Alton. Steve Wallace served as President of the Regional Alpha Rho Tau Art Club for the school year 1971 and 1972. The exhibit was opened to the public. Above is a fall length view of the displayed art work. Alton school accumulated the most points of all the schools. 62Was Host to SCA Art Fair Above are the Alton winners. They are from Left to Right: Grover Crews, Sandy Taylor, Debbie Guffey, Becky Larsen, Debbie Hutson, Becky Chronister, Kathy Smith, Steve Wallace, and Bill Deiter. Steve Wallace and Debbie Guffey tied for high points in the art show. Each had 25 points. They worked very hard to win the trophies. Mrs. Combs, Alton art instructor, and Alton Art Club sponsor, receives Alton's trophy for the school with the most points. 63Freshman Basketball SECOND ROW: Dennis Lineberry, Ronnie Smith, Tommy Roberts, Rodney Hollis, Danny Simpson. THIRD ROW: Jonathan Friend, Sam Dallstream, Richard Todd, Joe Johnson, Danny Good. KNEELING: Steve Ruff, Joe Dale Gamblin.Speech Department Enters Sandra Taylor received an "A" rating on her humorous reading. "A Telephone Conversation”. At the Dis- trict Speech Festival at Rolla. Judy Ross received an "S" rating on her Dra- matic reading on Our Town. Danielle Cline entered Storytelling in the District Speech Festival. She chose ”A ghost Story" by Mark Twain. She received an "A ” rating.District Speech Festival Dwight Chronister entered Radio speaking and After dinner speaking in the District Speech Festival. Jim Dorris entered Extemporaneous speaking in the Dis- trict Speech Festival. Phil Colley received an "A" rating for poetry read ing. His reading was some selected poems by Mark Twain. Lisa Redburn and Becky Larson entered duet acting with a cutting from "A Street Car Named Desire.""I worked in dirt all my life, but some how it looks different when you think of being buried under it. Speech Department Presents One Act Play The Breaking of Bread Casts Rebel----------------------------Bob Sessions Yankee------------------------Dennis Foulkes You shoot now. Now what will we do? We both missed. This play was presented at the Oregon County One-Act play Fes- tival April 17th and won an "S” rating at the District Speech Fes- tival at Rolla April 22nd. 67Then on to West Plains ON PIANO, RIGHT TO LEFT: Cathy Smith, President: Pete Gum, Vice-President; Juanita Newman, Secretary; Kelly Millsap, Treasurer STANDING: Ricky Johnson and Dan Heiskell, Sergeant in Arms,AHS Marches in Thayer Parade Alton won first place in the West Plains parade. Pictured here with the trophy is, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Heiskell, Shana Johnson, Sandy Thompson, Mary Richardson and Christy Bates. 70FIRST: Scott Hand, Nathan Arnold, Robert Wiggs, Dennis Lineberry, Carson Bates, Duane McGary, Ken- neth Janes, SECOND ROW: Gene Morris, David Stogsdill, Van Holmes, Dennis Foulks, Dale Johnson, Lonnie Duncan. THIRD ROW: Johnny Walton, Karl Hufstedler, Dennis Warren, Norman Wheeler, Jerry Blankenship, Don Hensley. AHS Sings Out for Boys’ Boys’ Chorus Officersand Girls’ Chorus FRONT ROW: Teresa Cypret, Joyce Kelso, Edna Miller, Berda Russel, Marcia Blankenship, Norma Johnson, Sherry Austin, Doris Williams, Ramona Flowers, Pat Van Winkle, Barbara Tune, Ginny Minich, Beverly Lane, Joyce Gray. SECOND ROW; Patsy Barton, Vicki Deckard, Cindy Tomek, Debra Guffey, Patsy Frost, Jo Ann Williams, Pat Latham, Terri Barton, Kathy Cates, Barbara Wilcox, Laura Reeves, Sheila Frost, Clara Cooley, Gloria Blankenship, Carolyn Crabtree. TOP ROW: Brenda Barton, Loretta Tune, Betty Ben- net, Terry Campbell, Shirly Andrews, Kathy Brown, Mary Bradshaw, Doris Latham, Lynn Duncan, Janet Mobley, Carolyn Johnson, Shelia Bell, Judi Johnson, Beth Stubblefield, Ruth Johnson. PRESIDENT - Debbie Guffey VICE-PRESIDENT - Terri Barton SECRETARY - Beverly Lane TREASURER - Cindy Tomek REPORTER - Joyce Kelso Girls’ Chorus OfficersChorus Sings Out HUH? Another one of Terri's Sing it Dennis, famous replies. HASHIMOTO! Right David? DO RE ME" NOT DO RE SEEto Rolla for Music Contest Solo by Debbie Guffey received a 2 rating. Karl Hufstedler received a 3 rating on his sousaphone solo. Boys chorus received a 2 rating. The clarinet quartet was proud of their 1 rating. £l [ UMt I LJ CDUNTRYAlton Music Department Goes The freshman girls sextet received a two. Girls quartet was proud of their one rating. A two was received by the girls chorus. The boys double quartet received a one. Girls trio received a two rating.Students Receive AwardsDAVID ANDERSON Baseball NATHAN ARNOLD Band Chorus DANNY BARTON Baseball Service Merit Award DEBBIE BARTON FHA Girl of the Year J. D. BARTON Basketball Band MARK BARTON Band TERRI BARTON National High School Excellent Award Chorus Service Merit Award Yearbook Award CHRISTY BATES Band GLORIA BLANKENSHIP Volleyball KATIE BLANKENSHIP Volleyball SCOT BLANKENSHIP Baseball GARY CASTLEBERRY Baseball BECKY CHRONISTER Service Merit Award Advance Science Award DWIGHT CHRONISTER Speech Service Merit Award Auto Mechanics Award MARY JO CHRONISTER Band PHIL COLLEY Service Merit Award 1971-72 RICKY COWENS Band GROVER CREWS Basketball National High School Excellence Award Agriculture Award Science Scholarship SUZIE CR1GLER Service Merit Award Band Spanish Award TRESEA CYPRET Biology Award Scholastic Award Service Merit Award MARY DALLSTREAM Cheerleading Award Service Merit Award JANIE DETHROW Cheerleading Award BILL DIETER Boys'P.E. Award LOUIS DIETER I Dare You Award Runner-up Auto Mechanic Award JIM DORRIS Baseball GARY DOTSON Baseball Award Basketball Award Math Award English Award LYNN DUNCAN Band Cheerleading Award DEBBIE GUFFEY Chorus National High School Excellence Award Chorus Award Service Merit Award Art Award PETE GUM Band Baseball JEANNIEHEBROCK I Dare You Award DAN HEISKELL Band Baseball Basketball BEVERLY HENSLEY Service Merit Award Chemistry Award JUDY HOLLIS Volleyball KARL HUFSTEDLER Band Chorus DEBBIE HUTSON Girls'P.E. Award DENNIS JOHNSON Baseball Basketball JOE JOHNSON Band RANDY JOHNSON Basketball Baseball RICKY JOHNSON Band ROBBIE JOHNSON Art Award RUTH A. JOHNSON Volleyball Award Girls' Athletic Award Library Award SHANA JOHNSON Band Scholastic Award Service Merit AwardAwards KENNY JUDD Band RICKY JUDD Baseball JOYCE KELSO Volleyball Award Service Merit Award KEITH LEDGERWOOD Basketball Baseball Service Merit Award Citizenship Award Boys' Athletic Award DENNIS LINEBERRY Band Chorus WAYNE LUNYOU Baseball KELLY MILLSAP Band Service Merit Award GINNY MINICH Band Award Service Merit Award Scholastic Award GLENNA MITCHELL Betty Crocker Award Journalism Award PAT MITCHELL Business Education Award GENE MORRIS Chorus Accounting Award English Award National High School Excellence Award Service Merit Award Scholastic Award JUANITA NEWMAN Cheerleading Award Band Award MARY JO RICHARDSON Band JUDY ROSS Band Award Journalism Award Speech Award ROBERT OLLAR Service Merit Award Agriculture Award LISA ROSS Cheerleading Service Merit Award BOB SESSIONS Chorus Baseball DANNY SIMPSON Band Chorus KATHY SMITH Band John Phillip Sousa Award Service Merit Award SAUNDRA SMALLWOOD Student Council Award Service Merit Award Library Award ANITA STRAIN Volleyball Award DAVID STRONG Service Merit Award BETH STUBBLEFIELD Volleyball SANDRY THOMPSON Cheerleading CINDY TOMEK Chorus Award Sophomore Pilgramage Service Merit Award LINDA VAN WINKLE Home Ec. Award STEVE WALLACE Yearbook Award Service Merit Award VICTORIA WALLACE Scholastic Award Typing Award DENNIS WARREN Chorus Award RETA WARREN Citizenship Award Shorthand Award JUDITH WIGGS Crisco Award Service Merit Award ROBERT WIGGS Chorus Service Merit Award JO ANN WILLIAMS Volleyball Award Safe Driver of the Year LARRY WILLIAMS Band DALE WOODS Carpentry Award Vocational Award BILLY YOUNG Band 79Yearbook Photography Steve Wallace and Johnny Cotton work hard to develope pictures. Yearbook Photographers Danny Braswell David StrongADMINISTRATION Superintendant Alton High School AHS’ SuperintendentThis Year’s Active School Board Hardin Franks, J, Q, Clary, Leroy Chronister, Philip Jett, and Robert J. Clark. Amos Gum, Wayne Johnson, Hardin Franks, J. Q. Clary. Assistant secretaries, Mrs. Freda Whitten and Mrs. Judi Mills. Mrs. Dorothy Cline, school secretaryMrs. Hufstedler helps Lisa Ross with a schedule problem. The counselor's office is always filled with students needing advice about sched- uling and higher education. Giving this advice is Mrs. Marianne Hufstedler, the AHS counselor. Counselor Gives Needed AdviceSteve Wallace and Johnny Cotton produced many of the pictures seen in this book. Co-editor Suzy Crigler and editor Terri Barton Terri Barton was this year’s editor. The 1972 Comet Staff work hard, under the supervision of Mrs. Maxine Tinsley to make this yearbook enjoyable to you. Yearbook Staff Kelly Millsap and Becky Chronister served as business managers. 86Publications Class Works on Annual and Paper 87 Johnny Walker and Ramona Waller work on yearbook pages. Lisa Ross and Rita Warren are business managers for the school paper. Reta Warren discusses her class page.Comet News Staff David Strong and Danny Braswell, school photographers. Debbie Shepherd and David Crutcher, typist. Co-editor Glenna Mitchell and editor Judy Ross. Mrs. Maxine Tinsley was sponsor. She worked ver) hard to see that we had ir teresting papers. The paper staff worked very hard to put out a paper interesting to our many readers.Articles and Annual Pages Are Turned Out From Publications Class Publications class listens for ideas on planning articles. 89 Students look for ideas on drawing up their yearbook pages.P.E. Department Strengthens Our Students to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenge P. E. is a course enjoyed by all student at AHS.In AHS not only mental but physical develop- ment is stressed. Miss Patricia Robinson, the Girls' Physical Education Department head, teaches P.E. fundamentals. Her classes include Jr. and Sr. High P.E. and Volleyball.English Is an Indispensable Skill From a very simplified viewpoint the English Department is concerned with one thing - the student's ability to read and write. Because these abilities are important to every high school student, practice in the basic skills leading to these abilities are introduced and carried through English I, II, III, and IV, which is a more advanced class. The English Department was complete with Mr. Wendell Wil- liams, teaching English I, Mrs. Lovie Guffey, teaching English II, and Mrs. Maxine Tinsley teaching English III and IV.History and Geography Courses Taught Here!! t Mr. Kenneth Hall teaches various social studies courses. In these courses students learn about history, current events and map reading skills. Mr. Hall teaches American history, world history, and world geography.Music Department Strives for Perfection The Music department consists of students interested in vocal or band. They also participate in concert work, marching and contest work. We are also pleased to have back with us this year, Mr. Jim Heiskell, music director.Spanish Is New Addition to AHS Curriculum Miss Busian This year Spanish was added to the AHS cur- riculum. Foreign language is an important asset to a high school student. Miss Alice Busian teaches beginning Spanish to Jr. and Sr. High school students. Maybe some Spanish verbs will soak in this way !!! This is the best way to study Spanish !! ! 95Home Economics Is Fun! Mrs. Betty Minich The homemaking department strives to pro- duce homemakers who can make a home a place to rest, to find comfort, companionship, understanding and love. It is headed by Mrs. Betty Minich. 96AHS Students Learn Scientific Procedure Through Labs and Class Work Kelly Millsap and Gary Dotson conduct a chemistry lab experiment. Mrs. McKissick The science department is headed by Mrs. Kara McKissick. Mrs. McKissick teaches biology, chemistry, physical science, general science, and advanced chemistry and biology. In these courses, students learn scientific procedure through classwork and labs. Gary Shipman studies hard ???Business Department Mrs. Schell Millsap The business education department offers courses in typing, shorthand, bookkeeping and clerical practice. These courses will aid students in personal and business life. Students type hard to get good grades. 98Mike Gray and Debbie Gwaltney use libri resources. '(trJpZ' David Elliot helps boys in finding library material. Library Is Vital Part of High School Life The library is a vital part of any high school. The library at AHS is equipped with many helpful resources. Mrs. Ellen Smoot is in charge of the library and its stu- dent staff.Students Learn Math Skills The curricular of the math department at AHS includes general math, Algebra I and n, geometry and trigonometry. The math department strives to give all students a basic knowledge of math. Is there a tack in this seat? Mr. Walker Algebra II class listens while being lectured. 100Vo-Ag Teaches The vocational agriculture department is headed by Darrel Strain and Don Rains. These courses teach boys about crops, animals, and construc- tion of farm equipment. Vo-Ag courses offered are Vo-Ag I and n, Welding, Advanced Weld- ing, Leadership, Ag. Economics, Advanced Livestock Corps, Small Gas Engines, Farm Construction, Supervisory Depts., Visitation. Boys work on their Vo-Ag projects. Mr. Rains Many Farm Skills Mr. Strain Ricky helps cut a pipe. 101Drivers’ Education Is Helpful This year drivers education was in- structed by Mr. Ray Snelling. The students were taught in a Ford Galaxy 500 donated by Gum's Ford Motor Company. Mr. Ray Snelling, Instructor Kathleen JohnsonStudents work on their individual art projects. AHS Art Department Cultivates Artistic Ability i Mrs. Combs Mrs. Combs helps boys with their art assignment. Through art classes students learn art funda- mentals, such as mixing colors and drawing basic shapes, and how to work with various mediums. Also, students learn about famous works of art and the artists who made them. Heading Art Department is Wendy Combs, who teaches Art I and II and Jr. High Art. 103Auto Mechanics Prepares Boys for Future Jobs Mr. Bartholomew helps Glen Blankenship and David Brown. Mike Gray and Van Holmes work on their project. Our Auto Mechanics course is one enjoyed by senior boys of AHS. This is a three hour course which includes lecturing and shop work. It is instructed by Mr. George Bartholomew.Boys Learn Carpentry Skills In Building and Trades, boys gain prac- tical work experience while learning carpentry. Each year this class builds a house, in which they do all the work. This course is taught by Buck Gwaltney. Carpentry students work on house. Mr. Gwaltney 105Mr. Cook Teaches Remedial Adult Education Added This year an adult class was started in the Alton School system. This class, under the direction of Mr. Roger Williams, has given opportunities to many veterans. Mr. Joe Cook taught general business and our remedial class.BUS DRIVERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Raymond VonAUman, Don Duncan, Pick Dozier, Russel Muse, Chester Warren, Vernon Orr, Herbert Williams, Millard Erheart, John Baker. FRONT ROW: Glen Jenkins, Gordon Castleberry, Dorlas Chronister, Theo Williams, Dorris Shehorn. Bus Drivers and Janitors Help AHS 107 JANITORS: Mac Warren and Dow LanceLunchroom Crew Keeps Busy TOP TO BOTTOM: Imogene Todd, Verbal Baker, Hazel Littles, Bertha Wright, Thelma Bates, Lorene Clark, Marguerite Peace, and Cora Faris.SENIORSSeniors Have Busy Year! CLIMAX: We have finally reached our ultimate goal . . . GRADUATION! We now enter the world as young adults, going our separate ways. The Senior Class Sponsors are Miss Busian and Mr. Hall. Senior Class Officers are; SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Guffey, Treasurer; Becky Chronister, Sec- retary. KNEELING: Gary Dotson, Vice-President; Doyle Frost, President.CARL ANDREWS RUSSELL ARNOLD TERRI BARTON GLEN BLANKENSHIP MARILYN BOOKER DAN BRASWELL DAVID BROWN BECKY CHRONISTER DWIGHT CHRONISTER PHIL COLLEY GROVER CREWS LOUIS DIETERJIM DORRIS GARY DOTSON DAVID ELLIOT DOYLE FROST BILLY GANN MIKE GRAY DEBRA GUFFEY DANNY HARRIS JEANNIE HEBROCKDENNIS JOHNSON ROBBIE JOHNSON RUTH JOHNSON PATRICIA LATHAM KEITH LEDGER WOOD GLENNA MITCHELL DON MOBLEY GENE MORRIS JIM PALMERClass of '72 DEBBIE SHEPHERD MIKE SPRINGER DAVID STOGSDILL SANDRA TAYLOR LINDA VAN WINKLE RAMONA WALLER RETA WARREN NORMAN WHEELER DALE WOODSSenior Activities RUSSELL ARNOLD: FFA - 9,10,12; Band - 9,10. TERRI BARTON: Pep Club - 9,10,11,12; Cheerleader - 9,10,11; Yearbook - 11 (co-editor), 12 (editor); Beta Club - 11,12 (vice-president); Science Club - 10,11,12; Chorus - 9,10,11,12 (vice-president); Sextet - 11, 12; Trio - 12; Student Council - 11,12 (historian); Miss Valentine Candidate - 11; Paper Staff - 12; FHA - 9; (devotional leader), 10 (songleader); Band - 9; Most Energetic - 11,12; Most Popular - 12. DAN BRASWELL: Basketball - 9; Track - 9; Band - 9,10,11; Pep Club - 9,10,11,12; Art Club - 11,12; Sci- ence Club - 11,12; Safety Club - 11; Yearbook Staff - 12; Paper Staff - 12; School Photographer - 12; Paper Staff. BECKY CHRONISTER: Student Council - 9; Beta Club - 10,11,12; Pep Club - 9,10,11 (reporter), 12; FHA - 9,10; Art Club secretary - 11,12; Safety Club - 12; Yearbook Staff - 12 (business manager); Cheerleader - 9; Homecoming Candidate - 9. DWIGHT CHRONISTER: FFA - 9,10; Class President - 11; Student Council - 12 (vice-president), 12. PHIL COLLEY: FFA - 9,10; Science Club - 12; Student Council - 12. GROVER CREWS: Basketball - 9,10,11,12; FFA - 9,10 (vice-president), 11 (vice-president), 12 (president); Student Council Representative - 12. JIM DORRIS: Science Club - 10,11,12 (president); Class President - 9; Band - 9,10,11; Baseball - 9,10,11; Basketball - 9,10,11; Track - 9. GARY DOTSON: Basketball - 9,10,11,12; Baseball - 9,10,11,12; Student Council - 9; Beta Club - 11,12; Track - 9; Science - 12. DAVID ELLIOT: Basketball - 9,10,11; Library - 10,12; Baseball - 9,10; Track - 9; FFA - 10,11,12. DOYLE FROST: Chorus - 11; Senior Representative - 12; Student Council - 9,10,11. MIKE GRAY: FFA - 9,10,11,12; Pep Club - 11,12; Science Club - 11,12; Art Club - 12. DEBRA GUFFEY: Paper Staff- 9,12; Yearbook Staff - 11,12; Glee Club - 9,10; Basketball - 9; Pep Club - 9, 10 (reporter), 11 (treasurer), 12; FHA - 9,10,11 (songleader), 12; FTA - 9; Beta Club - 10,11,12; Homecom- ing Candidate - 9,11; Miss AHS Candidate - 10; FFA Sweetheart - 10; Slacks Queen - 11; Miss Santa Claus - 11; Class Favorite - 11; Sophomore Pilgrimage - 10; Miss Valentine - 10; Cutest - 9,11,12; Best All Around - 9,12; Most School Spirit - 9; Most Talented - 9; Chorus - 10,11,12 (president); NHS - 9; Science Club - 10, 11 (reporter) 12; Art - 12; Trio - 12; Sextet - 11,12; Volleyball - 11,12; Class Secretary - 10,11; Class Treasurer - 12. DANNY HARRIS: FFA - 10,12. JEANNIE HEBROCK: Volleyball - 9; Chorus - 10,12; DECA - 11 (secretary). JUDY HOLLIS: FHA - 9,10; Volleyball - 10,11,12; Safety Club - 10,11,12; Yearbook and Paper - 12. VAN HOLMES: Band - 9,10,11; Chorus - 12 (vice-president); Track - 9; Pep Club - 11,12; Art Club - 11,12 (vice-president); Paper and Yearbook Staff - 11,12. DEBBIE HUTSON: FHA - 9,10; Pep Club - 9,10,11,12; Cheerleader - 9,10 (alternate) 11; Art Club - 10,11,12 (reporter); Class Treasurer - 10; Safety Club - 12; Chorus - 9; Homecoming Candidate - 12; FFA Sweetheart Candidate - 12; Wittiest - 12; Class Favorite - 12. DENNIS JOHNSON: Basketball - 9,10,11,12; Class Vice-President - 9; Baseball - 9,10,11,12; FFA - 10,11, 12. ROBBIE JOHNSON: FFA - 9,11; Wrestling - 9; Pep Club - 10; Art Club - 12; Basketball - 11; Baseball - 10, 11,12. RUTH JOHNSON: FHA - 10,11; GAA - 10,11; GSL - 10,11; FNA - 11; Chorus - 12. PATRICIA LATHAM: Basketball - 9; FHA - 10,11,12; Pep Club - 10; Chorus - 11,12. KEITH LEDGERWOOD; Basketball -9,10,11,12; Beta Club - 9,10,11,12; Science Club - 9,10,11,12; Band - 9,11; Baseball - 9,10,11,12; Track. GLENNA MITCHELL: Volleyball - 9,10,11,12; FHA - 9; Student Council - 9,10,11; Pep Club - 9,10,12; Beta Club - 10,11,12; Science Club - 12; Miss AHS Candidate - 12; Safety Club - 12; Class Favorite - 9; Friendliest - 12; School Paper - 12 (co-editor). DON MOBLEY: FFA - 9,10,11,12; Track - 9. GENE MORRIS: Beta Club - 11,12; Safety Club - 11,12; Student Council President - 12; Chorus - 9,12. JIMMY PALMER: Band - 9,10,11; FFA - 9,10,11,12. JERRA PENNINGTON: FHA - 10,12; Beta Club - 11,12; Chorus - 12. FRANK RHODES: FFA - 10. STEVE RUFF: FFA - 9,10; Baseball - 9,10; Basketball - 10,11; Safety Club - 10; Track - 9,10. DEBBIE SHEPHERD: Cheerleader - 9; Pep Club - 9,10; Class Reporter - 10; Safety Club - 10,11,12; Chorus - 11; Beta Club - 11,12; Student Council Representative - 12; Yearbook - 11,12 (typist); Paper - 11,12. 115MIKE SPRINGER: FFA-11,12; Science Club-12. DAVID STOGSDILL: Pep Club-11,12; Paper Staff-11,12; Science Club-12; Band-9,10,11; Most Talented-11, 12; Safety Club-11,12; Chorus-12. SANDRA TAYLOR: FHA-9,10,11; Art Club-12. LINDA VANWINKLE: Safety Club-10,11,12. RAMONA WALLER: Volleyball-10,11,12; Safety Club-11,12 (vice-president); Yearbook and Paper-12. RETA WARREN: Volleyball-10; Safety Club-10,11,12; Paper Staff (business manager)-12; Chorus-11; Student Council Representative-10. NORMAN WHEELER: FFA-9,10; Basketball-9.10,11; Baseball-9,10,11; Pep Club-10,11,12; Safety Club-11; Art Club-12. DALE WOODS: FFA-9,10,11,12; Safety Club-12. Here are two of the three "Fantoms". Mr. Hall is played by Doug Myers, Miss Busian is played by Debra Guffey, and not pic- tured is Dowe Lance, played by Frank Rhoades. Senior Day Skit Is — “To Tell the Truth’’ Ah! Here is one of the three panelists. It is Peggy Cass, played by Kathryn Morris. 116 It's time for a commercial with Dale Woods and Debbie Guffey.Senior Day Is Hilarious! Kitty Carlisle, played by Jerra Pennington, tells that she voted for No. 1. The panelist by her is Bill Cullen, played by Louis Dieter. Moderator is Gary Moore, played by Gene Morris. What an ending! No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3, all claim to be the "Fantom". Let's don't get violent, Mr. Hall! (Persons no pictured are: Keith Ledger- wood as Orsen Wells, Peggy Barton as girl in com- mercial, and Dan Braswell as boy is commercial.)VALEDICTORIAN - Debra Guffey SALUTATORIAN - Gene Morris We have waited twelve long years for these moments!Great Day Finally Arrived! David Stogsdill and Debbie Shepherd tred the last steps of their high school life. Keith Ledgerwood Checking in caps and gowns after commencement exercises couldn't be done fast enough. 119 Nothing like singing at your own graduation. Senior trio - Gene Morris, Terri Barton and Debbie Guffey.Jr. Sr. Prom Theme Is “Age of Aquarius" Prom Royalty is Jim Dorris and Becky Chronister. You had better watch out, Diane and Tommy! Music for the Prom was provided by "Muzzy Link."Everyone Had Fun Mr. Roger Williams and Mr. Don Rains spike the punch as Mr. Robert Walker keeps a sharp lookout. 1211972 Jr.-Sr. Prom Got 'cha! Un-huh! You're on Candid Camera!Was Creat!! They could have danced all night! 123 Stop whispering sweet nothings in Becky's ear, Jim! Rheumatism bothering, you, Dennis?Juniors Decorate for PromDavid Morris is ready to catch the roll of crepe paper Joe might drop. Crepe Paper Deann Thompson and Saundra Smallwood work seriously on prom decorations while Harold Stogsdill and Dan Heiskell have fun. Was Everywhere!! 125Retiring From AHS School System This year three members of the Alton school system retired. In October Mr. Dan Pitts retired from many years service as grade school janitor. At the end of school, a party was given to honor retiring teachers, Mrs. Ellen Smoot and Mr. Lloyd Thomas. Mrs. Smoot has been librarian at Alton High for nine years. Mr. Thomas has been Jr. High Science teacher these past two years. Shown are Mr. Thomas, right; Mr. Pitts, below; and Mrs. Smoot, r- CLASSES ‘Not All Learning Takes Place in a Classroom!! Juniors Work Hard Dwight Achord Charles Alford Cindy Austin Kaye Bailey David Barton Victor Bates Georgia Bay Richard Bay Lynn Bettis Ronnie Bettis Gloria Blankenship Katie Blankenship ✓ V Carolyn Crabtree Carolyn Crews Marilyn Crews Suzy Crigler David Crowell David Crutcher Dwight Brawley Carson Bridges Gary Castleberry Danielle Cline Dean Cockman Johnny Cotton Maiy Dallsneam Wayne Deckard Peggy Frost Joe Dale Gamblin Kathy Gould Pete Gum Scotty Hand Billy Hardwick Dan Heiskell Rachel Hendricks Joe Heotis Diane HillThey Sell Magazines Ann Huddleston Randy Johnson Ruth Johnson Tommy Johnson Joyce Kelso Becky Larson Larry Latham Wayne Lunyou Mary Jane Mauldin Debbie Mayes Dianne Melton Patricia Mitchell Janet Mobley David Morris Teresa Mounger Robert Ollar Lisa Ross Eugene Miller Judy Ross Glee Russell John Seley Jeff Simmons Van Sisco Jerry Simpson Saundra Smallwood Kathy Smith Roger Smith Allen Stevens Anita Strain David Strong Deann Thompson Loretta Tune Donald Van Winkle Johnnie Walker Victoria Wallace John Walton 130Class of V3 OFFICERS; LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Judy Ross - REPORTER; Ruth Johnson - TREASURER; Joyce Kelso - SECRETARY. SITTING: Johnny Cotton - VICE-PRESIDENT; Robert Ollar - PRESIDENT. Dennis Warren Bob Weiss Judith Wiggs Jo Ann Williams Jerry Davis Harold StogsdillSophomores — Class of '74 Jerry Blankenship Carl Brawley Dennis Bridges Tricia Brown Deborah Buckner Patty Campbell Owen Alford Caroline Arnold Danny Barton Lynn Barton Carson Bates Christy Bates Monty Casey Kathy Cates Clara Cooley Teresa Cypret Gerald Glen Deckard Vickie Deckard Janie Dethrow Billy Dieter Johnny Dieter Lonnie Duncan Arvel Fanning Dennis Foulks Carolyn Johnson Kathleen Johnson Glen Dale Johnson Ricky Johnson Roy Johnson Beverly Lane 132Sophomores — Class of '74 Karen Murphy Joey Myers Rose Neal Jaunita Newman Jerry Poe Raymond Rackley Doris Latham Jerry McClanahan Duane McGary Carlin Miller Kelly Millsap Phyllis Morris Michele Smallwood Barb Smith Pamela Springer Beth Stubblefield Cynthia Tomek Gary Thompson Rhonda Rackley Joann Reinmuth Suzie Rudd Berta Russel Kelly Shehorn Joyce Sisco Lillian Valladares Patricia Van Winkle Steve Wallace Lorene Warren Robert Wiggs Barbara Wilcox Billy Williams Dennis Williams Doris Williams Larry Williams Jane Wong Bob Wright 133Bill Young Barbara Wilcox Kelly Millsap, Ricky Johnson, and Don Garskey getting ready to receive candy. Mr. Wendell Williams, sponsor overseeing the distributing of the candy. REPORTER - Mary Gibson; TREASURER - Monty Casey; SECRETARY - Bill Young; VICE-PRESIDENT - Cindy Tomek; PRESIDENT - Danny Barton. Sophomores Receiving CandyFreshmen — Class of '75 Debbie Barton Jim Barton Mark Barton Patsy Barton Ann Becker Sheila Bell Janice Alford David Anderson Shirley Andrews Nathan Arnold Sherry Austin Brenda Barton Betty Bennett Marcia Blankenship Scottie Blankenship Mary Bradshaw Cathy Brown Sheila Burrus Terri Campbell Shirley Cheever Mary Jo Chronister Donnie Colley Ricky Cowens Gary Crabtree Jerry Crass Richard Cunningham Sam Dallstream Ricky Deckard Lynn Duncan Debbie Edwards Donna Edwards Ernie Eschrich Becky Fanning Patricia Farris Patricia Forester Johnathan Friend 135Freshmen — Class of ’75 Rodney Hollis Annie Jene Johnson Judy Johnson Norma Johnson Shana Jonnson Joe Johnson Patsy Frost Sharon Fultner Judy Gamblin Danny Good Joyce Gray Rickie Hutson Kenny Judd Ricky Judd Sharon Krieg Barbara Larsen Dennis Lineberry Brent Mauldin Buddy McCall Terry Mclntire Edna Miller Ginny Minich Kenneth Moore David Morris Freddy Palmer Rhonda Puccetti Janet Rackley Mary Jo Richardson Tommy Roberts Michael Roberts Gary Shipman Danny Simpson Jeff Smith Ronnie Smith Dawn Stemen Vickie Stevens 136Freshmen — Class of 75 Gary Webster Carol Williams Debbie Williams Randy Wilson Frank Tillman Sandy Thompson Charles R. Todd Glen Tune Glen Turner Curt Walton OFFICERS: Ernie Eschrich, PRESIDENT; David Anderson, VICE-PRESIDENT; Shana Johnson, SECRETARY; Ginny Minich, TREASURER. 137Junior High Robin Elder and John Owens SHAPLIEST Suzie Ruff and Zane Friend FRIENDLIEST Gail Anderson and Glen Johnson CUTESTKristy Johnson and Dennis Warren MOST POPULAR Who’s Who Cristy Trantham and John Owens BIGGEST FLIRT 141Junior High Beta Club ROWONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Thompson - President; Gail Anderson - Secretary; Kristi Johnson - Treasurer; Scott Dozier - Vice-President. ROW TWO: Mark Barton, Zane Friend, Glenn Johnson, DeWayne Barton, Robert Cunningham, ROW THREE: Brenda Watkins, Regina Cates, Elizabeth Williams, Tammy Casey, Susie Ruff. ROW FOUR: Diana Walters, Susan Lance, Richie Wallace, Kenneth Pierce, Larry Rowe. ROW FIVE: Karen Johnson, Sally Presley, Terri Hickman, Neta Williams. ROW SIX: Benita Williams, Elaine Tillman, Brenda Brinkley, Patsey Frost, Kathy Dills. ROW SEVEN: Susan Dorris, Vicky Simpson, Mary Houghtling, Sheila Dethrow, Brenda Ledgerwood. ROW EIGHT: Paula Johnson, Christy Trantham, Laurel Young, Cheryl Cockman, Mary Barton. Junior High Student Council BOTTOM TO TOP: LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE; Dennis Thompson - President. ROW TWO: Larry Rowe, Cheryl Cockman - Reporter; ROW THREE: Glenna Simpson, Zane Friend. ROW FOUR: Scott Dozier - Vice-President, Kristi Johnson - Secretary, John Owens - Treasurer, Brenda Ledgerwood. 1427th Grade Basketball ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenny Pierce, Mike Campbell, Greg Barton, Brian Flower, Dennis Johnson, Tommy John- son. ROW TWO: Zane Friend, Mark Barton, Larry Rowe, Kirby Johnson, Gilly Williams, Tony Brewer, Kelly Morris, c“'h’ 8th Grade Basketball ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Keith Austin, Dennis Thompson, Norman Russell, Tim Cates, Ricky Arnold, Bennie Bay, Tommy Wong, Mike Parrott, Tommy Parrott, Glen Johnson. ROW TWO: Rodger Shelton, Mac Roberts, John Owens, Scott Dozier, Milton Pierce, Bobbie Thompson, Randy 3uckner, Mike Chronister, Ronnie Johnson, Dewayne Smith, Coach Ray Snelling. 143Jr. High Cheerleaders STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laurel Young, Kristi Johnson - Captain, Christa Trantham. KNEELING: Cheryl Cockman, Mary Houghtling. ON FLOOR; Gail Anderson, Co-Captain, Brenda Ledgerwood. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susie Ruff, Susan Lance, Kathy Dills, Carol Good, Brenda Ross, Elizabeth Williams, Glenna Simpson, Nancy Rackley, Gail Anderson, MIDDLE ROW: Shirley Andrews - Scorekeeper, Debbie Williams - Manager, Anita Johnson, Brenda Buckner, Rita Hollis, Liz Florence, Faith Thompson, Lois Bay, Renee Dallstream, Cherrie Mclntire, Sally Bates, Terry Hickman, Robin Elder, Miss Robinson. ON FLOOR: Judy Smith, Clois Sisco, Carol Mobley, Rosey Taylor, Kristi Johnson, Mary Barton, Brenda Ledgerwood, Mary Houghtling, Janice Hollis. 144Junior High Teachers Mrs. Katherine Bartholomew ENGLISH Mrs. Arah Franks HISTORY Mrs. Sarah Braswell REMEDIAL Mrs. Linda Currier MATH Mr. Thomas SCIENCE Not Shown 1458th Grade Gail Anderson Ricky Arnold Keith Austin Kenneth Barton Mary Beth Barton Bennie Bay Dessie Bay Todd Bennett Rob by Blankenship Brenda Brinkley Mickey Broomhead Danny Brown Dennis Buckner Randy Buckner Tammy Casey Tim Cates Roselie Chaney Mike Chronister Dale Conner Terry Cook Kenneth Crabtree Junior Crews Juanita Dieter Kathy Dills 1 Scott Dozier Brenda Earls Lois Edwards Robin Elder Billie Foster Louise Frost Carol Garske Carol Good King Gould Diane Harrison Terri Hickman Mary Houghtling 146Dale Huff Anita Johnson Glen Johnson Jimmy Johnson Karen Johnson Kristi Johnson Rickey Johnson Ronnie Johnson Susan Lance Brenda Ledgerwood Carla Lindner Shelby McCall Bobby McClanahan Edwin Mclntire Carol Mobley Donna Morris Wesley Moore John Owens Diana Poe Nina Palmer Hubert Palmer Mike Parrott Tommy Parrott Sharon Pennington Milton Pierce Randy Puccetti David Rackley Patti Rackley Mac Roberts Richard Robertson Brenda Ross Susie Ruff Norman Russell Rodger Shelton Michael Shepherd Clois Sisco 1478th Grade Timothy Stevens June Stogsdill Jackie Swift Rosey Taylor Barbara Thompson Bobby Thompson Kathy Sisco Johnny Sisco Randy Sisco Dwayne Smith Judy Smith Mary Stark Dennis Thompson Debra Tune Rosetta Vance Martha Van Winkle Jerry Walker Brenda Watkins Candy Wilson Benita Williams Elizabeth Williams Richard Williams Ray Wiser Tommy Wong CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT - Susie Ruff VICE-PRESIDENT - Gail Anderson SECRETARY - Robin Elder TREASURER - Elizabeth Williams NOT SHOWN Neta Williams Reta Blankenship Vicki Hartley John WheelerJunior High Autographs7th Grade Dennis Barton DeWayne Barton Gregory Barton Jimmy Barton Mark Barton Lois Bay Robert Bettis Tony Brewer Janet Brown Mike Campbell Regina Cates Michelle Clark Cheryl Cockman Billy Cockrell Kenny Combs Larry Cook Robert Cunningham Renee Dallstream Lynn Deckard Randy Deckard Sheila Dethrow Susan Dorris Kevin Fanning Elizabeth Florence Brian Flower Gerra Foster Zane Friend Rocke Good Diane Goode Crystel Gould Rita Hand Tommy Harrison Ruth Ann Hensley Janice Hollis Reta Hollis Donna Johnson 1507th Grade Dennis Johnson Kirby Johnson Michael Johnson Paula Johnson Ricky Johnson Tommy Johnson Deanna Lynn Krieg Mary Jo Lance John Larson Jason Lee masters Sue Lester Cheryl Leu men McGary Cherrie Mclntire Bill J. Mayes Donna Mayes Chester Morris Kelly Morris Lewis Payne Kenneth Pierce Sally Presley Robbie Puccetti Nancy Rackley Donna Robertson Larry Rowe Glenna Simpson Vicki Simpson Clara Sisco Clifford Sisco Analene Smith Janet Stogsdill Cathy Swift Elaine Tillman Christa Trantham Sara Tune Norman Turner 151Diane Walters Sammy Warren Brenda Welcher Gilly Williams Janice Williams Laurel Young 7th Grade Vel Tusher Virgil Upton Deloris Van Winkle Doyle Wallace Richie Wallace Dale Walker NOT SHOWN Faith Thompson Brenda Buckner Wendell Stevens Jo Ann Plunkell Nancy Adams PRESIDENT - Susan Dorris; VICE-PRESIDENT - Kelly Morris; SECRETARY - Paula Johnson; REPORTER - Laurel Young.¥ 1 ELEMENTARY I dElementary | Mr. Gene Johnson PRINCIPAL Mrs. Norma Helen Johnson TEACHER'S AIDE NOT SHOWN Mrs. Carolyn Johnson SECRETARY Mrs. DeeDee Gum TEACHER'S AIDE Mrs. Justine Johnson LIBRARIAN 155Faculty Miss Ruthene Thompson Mrs. Hilda Bowerman SCHOOL NURSE MUSIC TEACHER Mrs. Paula Bums SPEECH THERAPIST Mr. Mike Violet ART TEACHER Mrs. Electa Smallwood BASIC SKILLS 156 Mr. Don Woods BASIC SKILLSDanny Bettis James Bradshaw Donnie Caru titers Wayne Crews Jaine Gamblin Debra Goode Bobby Huff Clifford Moore Susie Neal Lester Rackley Tony Smith Richard Tune "Now I know that word," says Donnie Caruthers as George Lester points it out. Special Education 157Jackie Andrews Annette Barton Michael Barton April Blankenship Edward Bradshaw Jeri Bratcher Robbie Coin Douglas Cooper Debra Fultner Patricia Guffey George Harris Pamela Lamer Robert LeMasters Ronnie Lineberry Cynthia McCarver Randy Parrott Mark Rackley Jimmie Reed Sonyia Roberts Roger Shaw Donnita Simpson Theresa Simpson Lanna Smith Elizabeth Stewart Vickie Todd James Watkins Stanley Watson Kindergarten Mrs. Cooke’s Class Mrs. Marion Cooke Mrs. Porten’s Class Mark Atkins George Baker Jeffery Barton Walter David Barton Tina Booker Patricia Cockman Eugene Conner Billy Cunningham Misty Hill Brent Holman Christi Holman Jeral Holman Donnette Johnson Allen Kreig David Oesch Irma Rackley Vance Sisco Tammy Smith Mrs. Juanita Porten Kindergarten 159Mrs. Hill’s Class Paula Bales Deborah Baker Bevin Barton Joey Barton Jeffery Bates Brandon Bell Thomas Dozier Joe Dale Elliot Donald Hertzog Joseph Hollis Michael Hollis Kimberlin Hurtad Sidney Myers Randall Newman Billy Joe Palmer Glenn Roberts Kimber Roberts Jerry Michael Ross Steven Ross Eddie Shields Kristy Simpson Jenniffer Stogsdill Charles Ray Turner Alice Williams Kelven Williams Mary Alice Williams Tommy Williams First Grade 160Mrs. Fisher’s Class Michelle Williams Vincent Woods Michael Wright Frank Young Lucille Fisher Keith Andrews LaDon Blankenship Calvin Bradshaw Cynthia Burke Bobby Collier Carvey Cook Lisa Conner Rita Davis Sylvia Harrison Scotty Hollis Jerry Johnson Debora Lester Kent Lewis Dennis Orr Sherri Parrot Leo Risenhoover Chrisie Sisco Rocky Smith Sherrise Spoor Terrill Story Tina Walker Rodney Willard Dennis Williams Lawrence Williams First GradeRoxene Adrian Jesse Barton Patsy Bates Kelley Baty Glenda Branden Corina Carroll Jeffery Cates Barrylyn Cooke Angela Cooper Dean Dale Terry Deckard Judy Dieter Connie Ebersole Marsha Ford Kay Ginder Stephen Guffey Jeffery Hollis Larry Dean Huff Kevin Jenkins Linda Johnson Sam Leemasters Allen Leu Sondra Morris Kent Newman Renita Parrot Lawrence Pierce Larry Poe Sonya Simmons Terri Smith Colleen Taylor Mrs. Nan Hall Second GradeMrs. Richardson’s Class Dean Barton Eugene Barton Lea Ann Barton Glennette Booker Patricia Buckner Ricky Buckner Jody Campbell Kevin Campbell Pamela Campbell Tammie Coin Kimbel Dozier Ty French Darren Friend Katherine Gann Daniel Jett Shelly Layman Lillie Leemasters Ruben Leemasters Rhonda Lewis Ricky Mays Tommy Melton Debra Moore Bonita Parrott Melinda Rackley Greg Simpson Rockie Sisco Jeff Strain Angela Tillman Julie Watson Sherri Willard Second Grade Mrs. Christine RichardsonMrs. Koontz's Class Eddie Alexander Angela Atkins Martha Bettis Willie Crews Lesa Chronister Kris Cypret Joe Harrison James Hollis Jeff Holman Randal Ledie Tammy Lineberry Mack Millsap Theresa Ross Renee Russell Dewayne Simpson Leanda Simpson Thelma Sisco Denford Smith Tim Smith Lorraine Stemen Elizabeth Thatch Charles Thompson Pam Thompson Rhonda Thompson Keith Trantham Randy Warren Greg Watson Belinda Welcher Brenda Wilcox Kenneth WilliamsMrs.Chronister’s Class Rebecca Achord Wayne Adrain Tammy Amick Angela Baker Susan Barton Marty Bates Molly Bennett Richard Bennett Mary Bradshaw Michael Brown Gary Cook Bessie Cooke Lora Eschrich Marlas Ford Meada Goode Jr. Keith Holmes Lisa Huff Allen Johnson Third Grade Kelly Johnson Melody Lance Paul McCall Steve Mills Renee Morris Robin Morris Sharon Pierce Ronald Powell Melisa Stevens Randy Simmons Danny Smith Tommy Thompson Charlene Turner Michael Tusher Anthony Watson Mrs. Buelah ChronisterMrs. Fraley’s Class Glen Earl Andrews Berry Bales Randal Barton Terry Bennett Leslie Brient Elvin Buckner Wendy Burke Tamara Case Judy Conner Pamela Sue Crass Patricia Devora Glen Earls Eric Gann Tracy Hollis Kirt Hufstedler Beverly Johnson Randal Judd Jonathan Kirby Brenda Lewis Vera Littles Greg Morris Derrick Rebardie Billie Ross Debra Smith Terrie Strain Tony Thorton Sheila Tillman Reni Walker Vickie Williams Tammie Willard Rebecca Wood 166Mrs. Cypret's Class Walley Thompson Pearl Williams Darlene Barton Hoby Beedle Russell Bennett Phillip Bettis Darlene Biggs Craig Blankenship Jerry Blankenship Kelly Broomhead Karen Buckner Tina Campbell Glenn Cheever Gerald Crites Lisa Garcia Timothy Harrison Kris Janes Ranette Johnson Shirley Lane Alice Morris Anita Morris Kathy Myers Debra Orr Michael Poe Elaine Rackley Warren Rebardi Sheila Roberts Bruce Simpson Rita Smith Jill Stephens Janet Thompson Jeff Thompson Fourth GradeJeff Barton Roberta Barton Eddie Bell Steven Buckner Darlene Coin Diana Crews David Dale Rose Dallstream Becky Doris Troy Earls Chevron Frost Paula Jett Beth Johnson Brenda Johnson Dale Johnson Barbara Lance Keith Newman Dena Orr Ronald Orr Tina Parrott Patty Pierce Jack Poe Mike Rackley John Ring Kathy Shearer Pamela Simpson Tammy Smith Charles Swift Richard Taylor Terry ThompsonJoe Dan Bates Denise Biggs Robbie Bradshaw Larry Bridges Shelly Broomhead Vicky Campbell Edward Casey Sandra Daily Ronnie Davis Mary Jane Dieter Ray Ginder Tim Hand Johnny Hollis Randal Jenkins Melinda Johnson Leslie McBinge Sheila Melton Bobby Minich John Morris Linda Murphy Gay Newman Venessa Rackley Tommy Ross Leroy Russell Lisa Simpson Dennis Sisco Ricky Smith Dee Springer Alice Jane Stogsdill Terry Tillman Fifth Grade Mrs. Mary Lou WilliamsDonna Austin Donna Barton Kathy Barton James Castleberry Billy Cates Jerry Cook Tina Dale Timothy Deckard Marty Friend Mike Garske Kelly Janes Rita Littles Kevin Newman Susan Newman Karen Orr Danny Palmer Larry Rebardi Vernon Reinmuth Melanie Shepherd Tamela Simmons James Sisco Dinah Smith Debbie Strain Debbie Stubblefield Carin Turner Bonnie Welcher Pammy Whitten John Mark Williams Lonnie Woods Paul Young Sixth Mrs. Grade Wickstrum’s ClassMr. Orr’s Class Ronna Austin Fletcher Bales Carthel Bettis Dale Brawley Sherrie Brewer Jeff Burke Rhonda Campbell Wynsleen Cooke Joey Daily Terri Dozier Brian Eschrich Becky Fultner Zee Gould Donna Hill Patrick Holmes Marilyn Judd Lee Krieg Rhonda Murphy Billy Muse Karon Shearer Jeff Simpson Jimmy Sisco Bev Smith Ricky Smith Tom Stevens David Stubblefield Tim Thompson Tammy Watkins Cynthia Watson Mr. Ralph Orr Sixth Grade 171Jimmy Bates Charles Bettis Kathy Bradshaw Brenda Brown Lynn Conner Delmer Crabtree Bart Dieter Susie Good Lonnie Hollis Carl Johnson James Leemasters Danny McClanahan James Miller Barbara Upton Mr. Koontz’s Class Mr. Herbert Koontz Sixth Grade 172WALLACE OWENS STORES, INC. Four Locations Compliments of McCALLON'S MEN'S WEAR West Plains Missouri Compliments of BILLY JOE'S PACKAGE STORE Alton Missouri WEST PLAINS GLASS Alton, Thayer, West Plains and Ava North Highway 63 Phone 256-3600 256-3600 West Plains Missouri - Congratulations - atiom oumecL Ly uto iissociate store tit family £to KENNETH and LOVELLA COLLEY P. O. Box 385 Alton, Missouri 65606 Phone 778-6115 175LEDGERWOOD LUMBER BOB LEDGERWOOD, Owner - Phone 778-7291 Complete Building Supplies Alton, Missouri Compliments of Compliments of BREWER AUTO AND GMC SALES INC. SOUTH SIDE DX Alton Missouri Compliments of Thayer Missouri LUCKY DOLLAR STORE Thayer Missouri IMPERIAL BOWL N. Highway 63 Phone 256-2842 Open Play Hours Daily, Saturday, Sunday Brunswick Automatic Pin Setters Compliments of DR. J. PUTNAM, D. D. S. West Plains Missouri BAWLING West Plains Missouri Compliments of VERA ANN SHOP West Plains MissouriCompliments of DICK and JO BOYD MFA INSURANCE Alton Missouri Compliments of DICK and JO BOYD FOX TROTTING HORSES Thomasville Missouri Compliments of DR. JOHN TAYLOR, D. O. THAYER CLINIC Thayer Missouri Compliments of D. A. 'S HAIR STYLING Alton Missouri Compliments of BOB'S FLOOR COVERING Alton Missouri Compliments of J. R. ROCKWELL BUILDERS Couch Missouri Compliments of modeoday Ladies' Ready-to-Wear RUBY L. PAYNE - Proprietor West Plains Missouri Compliments of B H CAFE "Private Dining Room and Sleeping Rooms for Rent" BUD and HELEN Alton Missouri FARMERS PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans to Farmers and Ranchers DALE JOHNSON Assistant Vice-Pres. Alton, Missouri 778-6260 CARTER FUNERAL HOME LELAND and MARY FRAN CARTER West Plains, Missouri Phone 256-4141 Thayer, Missouri Phone 264-7242 Salem, Arkansas Phone TW 5-3332 Compliments of A DIVISION OF TINDLE MILLS INC. "Manufacturer of Thayer's Finest Feeds" Thayer MissouriCompliments of JOPLIN BROS. MOBILE HOMES West Plains Missouri Compliments of OZARK DRIVE-IN Mountain View Missouri Compliments of GRAVES SHOE STORE Mountain View Missouri Compliments of DORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY Dorris Insurance Agency Alton Bank Building Alton OZARK DOCTORS Compliments of Missouri Alton Missouri Compliments of JOYCE AUTO SALES OGDEN'S GROCERY Wilderness Missouri Compliments of Highway 63 CURTIS DEPARTMENT STORE West Plains RELLET LANDIS ABSTRACT CO. Missouri Mountain View Compliments of BANK OF MOUNTAIN VIEW Missouri 204 West Main Street West Plains Missouri 178 Oak and Second Mountain View MissouriWEST PLAINS BANK West Plains Missouri YOUNGS PRODUCECompliments of Compliments of BUTLER FURNITURE West Plains Missouri Compliments of BEST SHOE STORE Thayer Missouri OLD BROTHERS’ Compliments of GARRISON FURNITURE STORES 114 Washington Street Doniphan Missouri Compliments of DEPARTMENT STORES in ROY D. 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Sixth Thayer Missouri Member of FDIC Jiafo , 7 104001 THAYER BANK "A Full Service Bank" Thayer Missouri CRIGLER FARMS Registered Duroc Hogs Phone 778-7393 Compliments of DON HANCOCK State Representative Jefferson City Missouri Alton Missouri Compliments of RICHMAN OIL COMPANY West Plains Missouri RICHARD BROTHERS Compliments of DR. AND MRS. GARY LACK South Missouri's Only Complete Downtown Shopping Center West Plains Mountain View Thayer Missouri Compliments of Compliments of SIMPSON SUPPLY PAUL BALL INC. Alton Mis souri West Plains Missouri Compliments of WILLIAMS COIN O MATIC Compliments of WEST PLAINS VETERINARIAN SUPPLY Alton Missouri West Plains Missouri STRAIN FEED STORE Dixie Feeds for All Your Livestock Needs Alton, Missouri Phone 778-6311 Best Wishes to All the Students and Faculty of R-4 WALLACE - VIOLA - NORMANCompliments of TITLE COMPANY Alton Missouri Compliments of DAVIS BRO. STATION Alton Missouri Compliments of PARROTT'S SHOE CENTER Alton Missouri Compliments of A. D. ROPERS West Plains Missouri SELEY GROCERY GAS GROCERY AND FEED Phone 764-2501 Thomasville Missouri Compliments of ALTON LOCKER PLANT Alton Missouri H H AUTO PARTS Alton Missouri WILBURN’S GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORE Compliments of WEST PLAINS MUSIC STORE West Plains Missouri Compliments of COMMUNITY CABLE COMPANY West Plains Missouri Alton Missouri Compliments of ALTON MOTEL Alton MissouriCompliments of BASSET'S FLOWERS West Plains Missouri Compliments of MISS CARR'S STYLE SHOP West Plains Missouri Compliments of PEACE MOORE MILL West Plains Missouri Compliments of KNOWLES CHEVROLET West Plains Missouri Alton Compliments of COUNTRY KITCHEN Mis souri Compliments of MARTIN DRUGSTORE Thayer Missouri Compliments of STERLING'S STORE West Plains Missouri Compliments of DR. T. J. 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